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Greek Coins

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Inventory#: 55928 [Greek Coins]
Thrace. Istros. 400-350 BC. Silver Tri-hemi-obol (1.30g) . Inverted Heads/Sea-Eagle on dolphin, ΙΣΤΡΙΗ above, monogram below. BMC-14, SNG Cop-200. VF, a tad grainy. This small denomination is seldom encountered $85

Inventory#: 55719 [Greek Coins]
PISIDIA. SELGE. 400-300 BC. Silver Trihemiobol (.78g). Gorgon head, with long hair, facing, but tongue not protruding/Head of Athena right, spear head behind.. BMC-28, SNG Cop-253. Toned F/VF, typically porous. $65

Inventory#: 57560 [Greek Coins]
Seleukid Kingdom, Antiochus III, the Great. 223-187 BC. Æ21 (6.29g) Head of Apollo 3/4 face to left/Apollo standing left, holding bow & arrow. Struck at Seleukid on Tigris mint. Hoover-503 (R3), SC-1177. G-VG. Rare type usually seen in low grade such as this. $75

Inventory#: 57953 [Greek Coins]
Danubian Celts, Northern Bullgaria. Imitating types of Alexander the Great. Silver Tetradrachm (15.92g). 3rd Century BC. Head of young Heracles right in lion skin headdress/Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter, circled monogram above monogram in left field. As BMC-190, Göbl OT 579/8. Toned VF and scarce. $350

Inventory#: 55249 [Greek Coins]
Sicily, Himera. c. 460-450 BC. Silver Tetras or1/4 Obol (.18g). Bearded Male Head right/3 Pellets. Le Rider Pl. 24, #39, NAC, 46, 193 F/VF, grainy. Very Rare $150

Inventory#: 57956 [Greek Coins]
Macedonian Kings, Philip II. 359-336 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (14.35g) of Pella. Laureate head of Zeus right/Warrior on horseback left; star below raised foreleg. Le Rider 103, SNG ANS 357. Struck c. 354-348 BC (lifetime issue). EF on slightly tight flan. $600

Inventory#: 56924 [Greek Coins]
Baktria. Indo-Greek Kingdom. Menander I. c. 155-130 BC. Silver Drachm (2.42g). Diademed bust of Menander right/Athena Alkedimos advancing left, holding shield and thunderbolt; monogram to right. SNG ANS-774-781, Bopearachchi Ser. 13B. GVF. $125


Roman Republic Coins

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Inventory#: 55965 [Roman Republic Coins]
Rome. Septimius Severus. 193-211 AD (205). Silver Denarius (2.54g) . Laureate bearded bust right/Annona stg fcg, head L., holding grain ears over modius & cornucopia. PM TRP XIII COS III PP. RSC-472, RIC-198. Toned VF, rev. a bit porous. $70

Inventory#: 55865 [Roman Republic Coins]
L. Marcius Philippus. 56 BC. Silver Denarius (4.05g) . Head of Ancus Marcius right, lituus behind, ANCVS below/Equestrian statue on Aqueduct (the Aqua Macia), PHILIPPVS on left. Marcia-28-29, SR-382. Toned F-VF, bit off-center. $75

Inventory#: 55945 [Roman Republic Coins]
Nerva. 96-98 AD. Silver Denarius (3.36g) . Laureate head of Nerva right, IMP NERVA CAES AVG GERM P M TR P II/Two clasped hands, IMP II - COS IIII P P. SR-3031, RIC-48, RSC-96. VF. $250

Inventory#: 55242 [Roman Republic Coins]
Rome Republic, Anonymous After 211 BC Æ Triens, 22mm, 7.66g. Head of Minerva right in crested Corinthian helmet, 4 pellets above/Prow of Galley right, 4 pellets below, ROMA above Cr-56/4, SR-911 VF, tad porous, one pellet on each side bit off flan $50

Inventory#: 57108 [Roman Republic Coins]
Rome, Republic. T. Cloulius (or Cloelius). 98 BC. Silver Quinarius 1,55g). Laureate head of Jupiter right/Victory crowning trophy on head of seated Faulish captive, T CLOVLI between Q in ex. SR-212, Syd-586, Cloulia-2. Toned F-VF, bit porous $60

Inventory#: 53263 [Roman Republic Coins]
Rome Republic. Anonymous. c. 86 BC. AR Denarius (3.66g). Laureate head of Apollo right, thunder-bolt below/Jupiter in quadriga right. SR-266, Syd-723. Nice VF. $80

Inventory#: 57568 [Roman Republic Coins]
Rome. c. 200 BC-200 AD Gold Bulla or amulet (.11g of 18 K). c. 7 x 12mm, very thin gold. Bulla are typically round seals or (in Latin) "a bubble". A knowleagble numismatist thought it was more likely an amulet. Supposedly from Borenstein collection $70

Inventory#: 58197 [Roman Republic Coins]
Bohemia. Death of Marcus Curtius. 1535 (362 BC). 24mm Sulver Medal by Concz (4.07g) . Draped bust of Curtius left/Curtius on horseback left, about to leap into chasm in the Roman Forum.. Katz-216. Gd VF, toned. chased, 2 light scr’s on forehead. Ex RBW collection, Ex Lanz 33 (30 April 1985), lot 239 $400

Inventory#: 57159 [Roman Republic Coins]
Rome Republic. C. Claudius Pulcher. 110-109 BC. Silver Denarius (3.40g) . Helmeted head of Roma right/Victory in biga right C PULCHER in ex. (only tops of letters visible). SR-177, Claudia-1, Syd-569. Toned F, grainy. $45


Roman Imperial Coins

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Inventory#: 54635 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Rome, Hadrian. 117-138. Silver Denarius (3.16g). Laureate bust right/Victory alighting right, holding trophy with both hands. Scarce reverse. SR-3527, RIC-101, C-1131 Ch. VF $250

Inventory#: 55958 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Diva Faustina Senior, wife of Ant.. Pius. Died 141 AD. Silver Denarius (2.55g) . Draped bust right DIVA FAUSTINA/Ceres stg., left raising r. hand and holding torch in left, CONSECRATIO. SR-4593, RIC-382b, RSC-165a. GVF, nicely toned. $89

Inventory#: wmr-101 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Septemius Severus. 193-211. (197 AD). Silver Denarius. Laureate head right/Providentia standing left, holding rod and scepter, globe at her feet. SR-6356, RIC-491, RSC-592. Ex A. Lynn collection. $85

Inventory#: 55971 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Julia Domna, wife of Septimius. Severus. (194 AD). Silver Denarius (2.75g) . Draped bust of Julia Domna right/Venus stg. r., back turned towards spectator, hldg apple & palm, resting on column VENERI VICTR. SR-6608, RIC-536, RSC-194. Lightly toned VF. $80

Inventory#: wmr-102 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus. Silver Denarius (3.72g). Another as above, but struck on a thicker planchet. VF, lightly cleaned. Ex Clayton collection. $80

Inventory#: wmr-103 [Roman Imperial Coins]
JULIA DOMNA under Caracalla. (312 AD). Silver Denarius (3.33g). Draped bust right/Cy- bele standing head left, resting left arm on column, hldg drum & scepter, lion at feet to left. SR-7104, RIC-382, RSC-137. Nice VF+. $85

Inventory#: 57717 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Rome. Caracalla, as Caesar (197 AD). 198-217. Silver Denarius (3.17g). Bare-head bust right M AVR ANTON CAES PONTIF/Lituus, apex, bucranium (unusual rendering) & simpulum. DESTINATO IMPERAT. SR-6672, RIC-6, C-53. VF, small flan. $90

Inventory#: 55978 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Julia Maesa, Grandmother of Elag-. abalus & Sev. Alexander. (218-220 AD). Silver Denarius (1.89g). Draped bust right/Pietas stg. l., sac. over altar & holding box of incense PIETAS AVG. SR-7754, RIC-263, RSC-29. Nicely toned VF. $65

Inventory#: 55972 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Caracalla. 198-217 AD (205 AD). Silver Denarius (2.88g). Laureate bust right/Felicitas standing left, holding short caduceus & cornucopia FELICITAS AVGG. SR-6799, RIC-127, RSC-64. Nice EF. $90

Inventory#: 57347 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Julia Mamaea, mother of Severus Alexander, murdered 235 AD (228). Æ Sestertius (16.56g). Her draped bust right IVLIA MAMAEA AVGVSTA/Felicitas stg., fcg., head l, legs crossed, hldg caduceus in r. hand & resting l. arm on column FELICITAS PVBLICA SC. SR-8228, RIC-676. GVF, slightly small flan. $90

Inventory#: 56100 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Rome. Maximinus I. 235-238. Æ Sestertius (18.23g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right IMP MAXIMINVS PIUS AVG/Salus seated left, feeding serpent arising from altar SALVS AVGVSTI SC. RIC-64, SR-8338v (diff obv legend). VF, but flan flaw at 9 o’clock. $100

Inventory#: 56105 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Gordian III. 238-244 AD. Æ Sestertius (19.76g). Laureate bust right IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG/Apollo seated left holding a laurel branch & resting left arm on lyre PM TRP V COS II PP S-C. RIC-303a, SR-8730v, C-262. Nice VF, a few minor flan cracks. $150

Inventory#: 57350 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Maximinus I. 235-238 AD (236-238). Æ Sestertius (22.23g). Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG GERM/Pax standing left, holding olive-branch & scepter PAX AVGVSTI SC. SR-8332, RIC-81. VF. $125

Inventory#: 57117 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Roman Empire, Nero Claudius Drusus (by Claudius). Died 9 BC. Brass Sestertius (29.52g). Bare head of Drusus left NERO CLAUDIUS DRUSUS GERMANICUS IMP /Claudius (or Drusus?) seated left admidst arms TI CLAUDIUS CAESAR AUG PM TR P IMP PP SC. SR-1897. Fine, pitted $150

Inventory#: 56238 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Rome. Vespasian. 69-79. Silver Denarius (3.28g). Laureate bust right/Pax seated left, holding olive-branch, l. hand at side PON MAX TR P COS VI. RIC-90, SR-2301, RSC-366. Gd Fine.

Inventory#: 56240 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Rome. Titus, as Caesar under Vespasian. 79-81 (77-78). Silver Denarius (3.33g). Laureate bust right/Pair of oxen under yoke, left, COS VI. RIC-(V)-197, SR-2440, RSC-97. Toned VF. $100

Inventory#: 56145 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Rome. Nerva. 96-98. Silver Denarius (2.85g) . Laureate bust right IMP NERVA CAES AVG PM TRP COS III PP/Fortuna stg. left, holding rudder and cornucopia FORTVNA AVGVST. RIC-16, RSC-66, SR-3025. aVF/F, light toning, nice portrait. $75

Inventory#: 57119 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Roman Empire, Sabina, wife of Hadrian. Died 137 AD(136). Silver Denarius (3.35g). Diademed and draped bust right SABINA AUGUSTA/Venus standing right,holding apple, drawing out fold of drapery from shoulder VENERI GENETRICI SR-3924, RIC-396, RSC-73 VF $75

Inventory#: 57570 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Roman Empire, Diva Faustina Sr. (wife of A. Pius). Died 141 AD, this after 147. Silver Denarius (3.28g). Draped bust right DIVA FAVSTINA/Aeternitas or Juno stg. facing, head left, raising r. hand, hldg scepter AETERNITAS SR-4574, RIC-344 (Pius), RSC-26 Ch. aEF $90

Inventory#: 57740 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Rome. Julia Maesa, Grandmother of Elagabalus & Severus Alexander, died 223 AD. Silver Denarius (3.59g). Draped bust right IVLIA MAESA AVG/Fecunditas standing left, hand over child, holding child FECVNDITAS AVG. SR-7749, RIC-249, RSC-8. VF. $65

Inventory#: 57958 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Rome. Julia Mamaea, mother of Severus. Alexander. Died 235 AD. (231 AD) Silver Denarius (2.91g). Diademed and draped bust right/IVNO AVGVSTAE Juno seated left holding flower and child in swaddling clothes. SR-8211, RIC-341, RSC-32. Nice EF. $100

Inventory#: 57968 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Maximinus I. 235-238 (236, Rome). Silver Denarius (3.08g). Laureate bust right/Maximinus, in military attire, standing left between two standards, touching standard with right hand and resting on spear with left hand. PM TRP II COS PP. SR-8312, RIC-3, RSC-55. Lustrous virtually mint state. Uncommon so nice. $120

Inventory#: 56284 [Roman Imperial Coins]
Roman Empire, Victorinus. 269-271 (270-71). Cologne mint. Æ Antoninianus (3.06g). Radiate bust right IMP C VICTORINVS PF AVG/Pax standing left, holding olive-branch & scepter, PAX AVG, V in field at left, star to right. RIC-118, SR-11175 aEF with sharp & clear portrait $90


Roman Colonial Coins

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Inventory#: 55778 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Hispania, Carteia. Germanicus and Drusus. Struck under Tiberius. 14-37 AD. Æ18.5 (4.14g). [GER]MANICO - ET DRVSO Head of Fortuna to right/CAESAR[IBVS IIII VIR C]ART Rudder. Ex Frank Sternberg purchased by "AK" in1976. RPC-123, Gd Fine $40

Inventory#: 56038 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Moesia Inferior . Marcianopolis, Diadumenian. 217-218. Æ20 (4.25g). Bare head right [M] OPELLIOC - ANTW(NEINOC K]/Dikaiosyne-Nemesis (or Aequitas) w. scales & cornucopia stg, at her feet wheel, MAPKIANO - ΠOLEITΩN. AMNG-793. Pretty VF, dark green patina $100

Inventory#: 55628 [Roman Colonial Coins]
ROMAN EGYPT. NERO. 54-68. Bi Tetradrachm (12.14g). Radiate head of Nero right/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt with palm branch behind, date to l, L -IA = 11 = 64/65. C-83, E-118, M-228. Toned VF, couple of spots of porosity. $100

Inventory#: 55761 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Roman Egypt. Nero. 54-68, year 13. Bi Tetradrachm (12.19g). [ΝΕΡΩ ΚΛΑV ΚΑΙ]Σ ΣΕΒ ΓΕΡ AY Radiate bust of Nero with aegis to left; year 13 to left/ ΔΙΟΣ [ΟΛΥΜΠΙΟΥ] Laureate bust of Olympian Zeus to right. Scarcer date according to Emmett. C-186, M-262, Emm-135. VF, a very few weak areas. $110

Inventory#: 55662 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Roman Egypt, Philip II, as Caesar. 247-249. Bi Tetradrachm (13.63g). Bare-headed cuirassed bust right/Tyche, naked to the waist, seated l., rudder in r. hand, cornucopia in left, LΔ = year 4 = 246/247. C-1404, E-3610, M-3673. VF. Ex-Keith Emmett collection. $100

Inventory#: 55824 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Pamphylia. Side, Domitian. 81-96 AD .Æ19 (4.25g). Laureate head of Domitian to right/ Athena advancing left, with spear & pomegranate; on shoulder, shield; at feet, snake. RPC-II, 1527, SNG Cop-415. Ch. VF, some light oxidation under glossy green patina $90

Inventory#: 57720 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Syria. Antioch, Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253 AD. Bi Tetradrachm (12.86g). Laureate head of Emperor right/Eagle standing on thunderbolt, head right, wreath in beak Γ between legs.. BMC-632, Prieur-661. VF+. Ex WMR Auction 31E #182 $100

Inventory#: 57766 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Roman Egypt. Alexandria, Tiberius. 14-37 (Year 5). Æ Obol (4.29g) 19mm . Bare head right/TIBEPIOY, hippopotamus standing right; LΕ Emmett describes as Hippo left, presumably that is a typo.. Milne-36, Emm-62(5), RPC-5092. Dat-101. VF. $125

Inventory#: 57976 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Roman Egypt, AlexandriaHadrian. 117-138. Diobol (9.98). Laureate head of Hadrian right/Eagle standing right, wings closed, head turned back, wreath in beak, year 19. BMC-822, Emm-1123 (Rarity5), Geissen-1152. VF, some light tooling evident. A very nice example of an extremely rare coin! $325

Inventory#: wmr-50 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Roman Egypt, Alexandria. Aurelian. 270-275. Bi Tetradrachm. (6.45g). Laureate bust right/Nike advancing right. Year 4. Emm-3946, Milne-4378. VF, green highlights which are NOT bronze disease. Very rare date. $125

Inventory#: 56018 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Roman Egypt, Claudius II Gothicus. 268-270. Bi Tetradrachm (10.36g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right/Eagle stg. right, head left, holding wreath in beak, date field to right, LA = year 1 268/269 AD. Curtis-1670, Emm-3878, M-4225 Nice VF+ $35

Inventory#: 55786 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Macedonia. Koinon, Claudius. 41-54 AD. Æ24 (8.85g). ΤΙ ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΣ - [ΚΑΙΣΑΡ] Head of Claudius to left./ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΩΝ around Macedonian shield. RPC-1612, SNG Cop-1334. VG/F, porous. $50

Inventory#: 55785 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Achaea. Patras, Claudius. 41-54 AD. Æ25.5 (8.76g). [TI CLAVDIV]S CAESAR AVG GERMANICV[S] Head of Claudius to left/ [C]OL – A A -PATR/[X]-XII Legionary eagle between two standards. BCD-545, RPC-1256, SNG Cop-170. VF, a few flat areas, obv. o.c. and somewhat porous. Ex F. Sternberg, purchased by A.K. in 1973. Both legion X and Legion XII were sent to Judaea to help quell the first Jewish revolt by Vesapasian and Titus.. $120

Inventory#: 55811 [Roman Colonial Coins]
Lydia. Tralles, Nero. 54-68 AD. Æ15 (4.16g). ΝΕΡWΝ [ΚΑΙΣΑΡ] Bare head of Nero to right/KΑΙΣ-ΑΡΕWN Four ears of corn. BMC-125, RPC-2657, SNG Cop-692. Fine, heavy green patina. $60


Ancient Jewish and Biblical Coins

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Inventory#: 50473 [Ancient Jewish and Biblical Coins]
Judaea, Yehud. Hellenistic Period. Ptolemy I 305-282 BC AR 1/4 Obol (.15 gram). Diademed head of Ptolemy I right/Eagle w. wings spread, half turned left, stg on thunderbolt, YHDH in paleo-Hebrew. Ex Gemini H-438, TJC-438 Fr/Nice VF, struck from worn die $300


Byzantine Coins

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Inventory#: 58086 [Byzantine Coins]
Vandals. Gelimer. 530-533. Nummus or 2 1/2 Nummi Æ11 (.85g) . His bust right, Found in El Djen, Tunisia/Monogram of Gelimer. MEC-30, BMC-5, Hahn-25. VG/F+. 275


Ancient Jewish and Biblical Coins

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Inventory#: 55785 [Ancient Jewish and Biblical Coins]
Achaea. Patras, Claudius. 41-54 AD. Æ25.5 (8.76g). [TI CLAVDIV]S CAESAR AVG GERMANICV[S] Head of Claudius to left/ [C]OL – A A -PATR/[X]-XII Legionary eagle between two standards. BCD-545, RPC-1256, SNG Cop-170. VF, a few flat areas, obv. o.c. and somewhat porous. Ex F. Sternberg, purchased by A.K. in 1973. Both legion X and Legion XII were sent to Judaea to help quell the first Jewish revolt by Vesapasian and Titus.. $120

Inventory#: 57542 [Ancient Jewish and Biblical Coins]
Judaea. John Hyrcanus I. 135-104 BC. Æ Prutah (2.20g). “Yehohanan the High Priest and Head of the Council of the Jews"/Double Cornucopiae, pomegranate. H-1137, Sofaer-159v, AJC-Sb2. VF. Ex Herb Kreindler with his tag. I bought this from Herb Kreindler in August of 1995 and sold it a month later to a collector in Ann Arbor, Michigan. More than 20 years after that I bought the coin from a different collector in Ann Arbor. $120

Inventory#: 57537 [Ancient Jewish and Biblical Coins]
Judaea. Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BC. Æ Prutah (2.44g). Lily, “Yehonatan the King”/Inverted anchor, “of King Alexander”. H-1148, Sof-214, AJC-A, TJC-N. VF, with flan handles. Heavy & well-centered example of a better prutah. Another coin that passed through me in the mid-1990s, purchased from CNG, and then to two different collectors in Ann Arbor and back to me more than 25 years later. The "handles" show how this coin was made more than 2100 years ago. $120

Inventory#: 54951 [Ancient Jewish and Biblical Coins]
Judaea. Antonius Felix, Procurator under. Claudius, 52-59 AD. Æ Prutah (2.66g). Two oblong shields and two spears crossed/6 branched palm tree, BPIT (for Britannicus, younger son of Claudius, LΙΔ ΚΑΙ = YEAR 14 = 54. H-1348, AJC-29. aVF. $40

Inventory#: 56734 [Ancient Jewish and Biblical Coins]
Judaea. Joppa, Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. Æ19 (7.28g). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right/Athena standing right, holding spear and shield.ΦΛΑ clear to left . Ros-11, Sofaer-21. F. $250


World Medals

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World Medals

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Inventory#: 58197 [World Medals]
Bohemia. Death of Marcus Curtius. 1535 (362 BC). 24mm Sulver Medal by Concz (4.07g) . Draped bust of Curtius left/Curtius on horseback left, about to leap into chasm in the Roman Forum.. Katz-216. Gd VF, toned. chased, 2 light scr’s on forehead. Ex RBW collection, Ex Lanz 33 (30 April 1985), lot 239 $400


Jewish-related Exonumia

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Inventory#: 52841 [Jewish-related Exonumia]
Judaea. Agrippa II. 56-95. Æ11.75 (1.58g). Laureate bust of Domitian right/Cornucopia, Year 25,” King Agrippa” in Greek. H-1322, TJC-157. Gd Fine. $125


World War II-related paper

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Inventory#: 39e833 [World War II-related paper]
Croatia. Stara Gradiska Concentration Camp. A subcamp of Jasenovac. February 1944 Meal Card. c 3 1/2 x 2 1/2" yellow cardboard. The Stara Gradiska camp, located about 80 Kilometers east of Zagreb, was a sub-camp of the infamous death camp of Jasenovac where the Croat Nazis, the Ustasas, murdered approximately 150,000 Jews, Serbs, Gypsies and others. Uncirculated and unused. Unlisted in Feller. Ex WMR 39E #833 @$600. $250

Inventory#: jw-31 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Dachau Concemtration Camp. 1 Reichsmark in very pale green with printer’s mark VI/100 X. 44. 1285 and prisoner number “37596” and date 31/I 1945 (?) also handwritten. Camp-3962b, Feller GE-181c, Grab. Da-4f. EF, one light vertical fold and a couple of minor spots. $2,000

Inventory#: jw-32 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Dachau Concentration Camp. 2 Reichsmark. Printer’s mark V/100 X.44. 1285. C-3963b, Feller-GE-182b, Grab-Haney DA-5e. Prisoner number 61265 and hand written date 12. 3. 1945. Gd VF, with extra strip of paper added on back to repair ragged left edge. $2,400

Inventory#: jw-30 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Dachau Concentration Camp. 3 Reichsmark in beige with printers # IV/50 X. 44 1285 and prisoner’s number 67543. C-3965a, Feller-GE-183, Haney-Grabowski DA6d. Nice EF, with a few stains, the most notable being under the serial number and correspondingly on the back. Scarce denomination. $3,600

Inventory#: jw-15 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Flossenbürg Concentration Camp. Feller GE-186, Camp-3972a, Haney Fl-2. 1 Reichsmark, Type 1. Nice VF. Tan. $400

Inventory#: jw-16 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Flossenburg. C-3972b2, SB-1522, PS-87a, Feller GE-188b, Haney FL-12b. 1 Reichsmark in blue. Type 2, with wide “Ä” in Prämienschein. Nice AU. $350

Inventory#: jw-37 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Nordhausen (Mittelbau). ND. .10 Reichsmark, Green. Series F. Camp-4023, P/S-137, Feller-GE-252, Grab.-Haney Mi-3. F-VF. Scarce. $320

Inventory#: jw-38 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Mittelbau (Nordhausen) Concentration Camp. .25 RM, Series B, orange. It looks red to me but all the major references call it orange. Feller GE-253, Camp-4024, Grab-Haney Mi-4. F-VF. $780

Inventory#: jw-39 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Nordhausen (Mittelbau). ND. .50 Reichsmark, Black. Series U. Camp-4025b1 sim, P/S-139b, as F/F GE-254bv, Grab-Haney Mi-5b. F-VF. This is a type with the period before the 5 on the front and the hyphen between the ä and the s on the back as listed by Grabowski/Haney and seemingly unlisted by Campbell and Feller. $380

Inventory#: jw-41 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Nordhausen (Mittelbau) Concentration Camp. C-4026b(1), Feller GE-255c, Grab.-Haney Mi-6c. 1 Reichsmark in green. Series P. No printer’s mark on back, with * before serial number. VF+, a few stains (especially at upper left corner), with much original crispness still apparent. $400

Inventory#: jw-40 [World War II-related paper]
Germany. Nordhausen (Mittelbau). C-4027a, Feller-256a, Grab.-Haney Mi-7b, PS-141. 2 Mark Series L. Type with square period after denomination and No. before serial number on back. VG, with tape repair on back to hold the tear at the vertical fold intact. $250

Inventory#: jw-47 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Oranienburg Concentration Camp. 1 Mark, maroon. Camp-4039, Feller GE-104, OR-4b. Maroon with man at left using a spade to dig a hole. Nice VF and very seldom offered. $800

Inventory#: jw-43 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Ravensbrück Concentration Camp. .50 RM on beige paper. Camp-4052, F GE-270. With round SS handstamp on face reading “ Frauen Konzentrazionslager Ravensbrück Verwaltung” (about fully visible) and on back “Arbeitsstelle” at top and printer’s mark “E0101” both printed. EF. $1,200

Inventory#: jw-42 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Ravensbrück Concentration Camp. 1 Reichsmark. Type I with round handstamp and printer’s mark E0101. Feller GE-271, Camp-4053a, Haney Ra-4b. Fine with approximately 15% of the note at bottom and left missing. Printed on thin paper, round handstamp on face very weak but 3 line “W. Lewald. Abt. Klesgrube Fürstenberg/Meckl.” black handstamp on back very strong. $600

Inventory#: jw-35 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. .50 RM Tan, type 2 with star made of 8 wedges and printers name in italics below. Camp-4061a2, F/F GE-290b, Grab-Haney Sa1a. VF, with slight tear at top of vertical gold and tiny portion of top edge missing. Sachsenhausen notes with the wedge type star are much scarcer than type 1 in tan $480

Inventory#: jw-33 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Sachsenhausen Concentation Camp. Campbell-4062a2b, Feller-GE-291c, Haney Sa-2c. 1 Mark Type 2 star (8 small wedges), Printer’s mark K.L. Sh. 7. 44 500000. Blue. Nice VF+. $350

Inventory#: jw-34 [World War II-related paper]
Germany, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. 1 Mark Type 2 star (6 pointed star). Green. Printer’s mark K.L. Sh. 7.44. 500,000. C-4062b-1, Feller-291d. Grab-Haney Sa-2d. VF, a few small edge tears. Extremely rare. Ex 26D, #807. $420

Inventory#: l7 [World War II-related paper]
Italy, Udine. Camp Concentramento Internati Civili. Campbell 6583-6587, Feller 820-824. .50, 1, 2, 5 & 10 Lire. All the notes have handwritten serial numbers, a handstamp of the Camp Commander (Pozzi?) and a hand written signature over that. The four lower notes are stained and well circulated (no better than Fine with 2 Lire having a corner torn. The 10 Lira closer to white in color and nearly EF. Almost all Italian Concentration camp, POW camp and Civilian camp (such as this) notes are somewhat controversial and most are considered fantasies such as this. Sold as is, no returns. $100

Inventory#: l9 [World War II-related paper]
Italy, Cremona Concentration Camp. 2, 5, 10, 20 & 50 Lira with Star of David and 50 Lira without star. Campbell 6461-6465 & 6472. Feller IT-762a-766a & 768b. The overprinted and unsigned notes did not circulate while the signed notes did circulate. Like almost all Italian Concentration Camp notes these are considered fantasies by many. The 50 Lire with the signature is VG-F, the others are Au-Unc. Sold as is no returns. $180

Inventory#: jw-51 [World War II-related paper]
Netherlands, Amersfoort Concentration Camp. 10 Cent 1 January 1944. Campbell Type 2 with six-pointed star after serial number and No. preceding serial number. Printed on watermarked paper. Campbell-4146a, Feller NE-440b, Haney A1b. Choice AU (light teller’s fold at upper right). $280

Inventory#: jw-52 [World War II-related paper]
Netherlands, Amersfoort Concentration Camp. 25 Cents. Yellow, without watermark, with period after the “0” preceding the serial number and with six-pointed star after serial number. Campbell Type 2. Campbell-4147b, Feller NE-441a, Haney Af-2a. Unc. $280

Inventory#: jw-49 [World War II-related paper]
Netherlands, Amersfoort Concentration Camp. 1 Gulden. Green, without watermark, with period after the “0” preceding the serial number and with six-pointed star after serial number. Campbell Type 2. Campbell-4148b, Feller NE-442a, Haney Af-3a. Unc. $380

Inventory#: jw-50 [World War II-related paper]
Netherlands, Amersfoort Concentration Camp. 2 1/2 Gulden. Blue, with watermark, with period after the “0” preceding the serial number and with six-pointed star after serial number. Campbell Type 2. Campbell-4149a, Feller NE-443b, Haney Af-4b. EF-AU. $925

Inventory#: jw-54 [World War II-related paper]
Netherlands, Herzogenbusch (Vught). 10 Cents.Blue on Orange.1 November 1943. Campbell-4153, Feller NE-450, Haney Hb-7. VG, two small edge tears at top and bottom of diagonal vertical fold and small flaw at upper right near serial number. Herzogenbusch was the only concentration camp in occupied Western Europe. $2,600

Inventory#: jw-55 [World War II-related paper]
Netherlands, Herzogenbusch (Vught). 25 Cents.Blue on Orange.1 November 1943. Campbell-4154, Feller NE-451, Haney Hb-8. F-VF, two small holes near the black border at top and a few tiny rust spots near the bottom of the note. $3,200

Inventory#: jw-10 [World War II-related paper]
Poland, Litzmannstadt. Post Office Chit.d C-4213a, PS-27, IJN-8, Feller PO-581b1 10 Pfennig. 15, May 1944. With sideways “A”in upper left corner. Rather than being printed on tan or yellow paper as Feller lists, this seems to be beige. Unc., but a few areas of discoloration. $450

Inventory#: jw-12 [World War II-related paper]
Poland, Litzmannstadt. Post Office Chit. C-4213a, PS-27, IJN-8, Feller PO-581b1 10 Pfennig. 15, May 1944. With sideways “A”in upper left corner. Printed on tan card stock. Unc., but a few areas of discoloration. $450


World Coins

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Inventory#: 56644 [World Coins]
Egypt. Abdul Aziz. 1277/4 (1864). 10 Qirsh or Piastres . 1 year type without flower/. Y-10, KM-257. Toned VF. $140

Inventory#: 57193 [World Coins]
Mauritius. Crown Colony. George V. 1911. 1 Cent . Y-6, KM-12. Nice R&B unc. $75

Inventory#: 57502 [World Coins]
Reunion. ET DE BOURBON, Louis XVIII. 1816-A. 10 Centimes. Crowned monogram, LOUIS XVIII ROI DE FRAN/ISLE DE BOURBON 10 CENT. One year type. KM-A1, Cr-21, Lec-26. aF. $59

Inventory#: 57441 [World Coins]
Seychelles. British Crown Colony. George VI. 1943. 10 Cents. Y-1, KM-1. BU. A few tiny bagmarks on obverse but eldom seen this nice. $99

Inventory#: 57862 [World Coins]
Southern Rhodesia. British Colony, George VI. 1937. 6 Pence. Crowned bust left/Crossed Axes. One year “Emperor” right type. Y-13, KM-10. BU $80

Inventory#: 57385 [World Coins]
Portuguese Guinea. One year type. 1933. 5 Centavos . Liberty head left/Denomination and date. Y-1, KM-1. Nice R&B unc. $245

Inventory#: wmr-37 [World Coins]
Portuguese India. One Year type. 1871 3 Reis. Crowned Arms. Y-1, KM-1. Choice brown unc., with hints of red. $175

Inventory#: 57422 [World Coins]
Saint Thomas & Prince. Portuguese Colony. 1948. 50 Centavos . One year type in high grade/. Y-5, KM-8. Gem BU. $145

Inventory#: 57635 [World Coins]
South Africa. Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek. 1897. Shilling . Bust of Paul Kruger left/Value divides date in wreath, Z. AFRIK. REP. above. Y-4, KM-5. Nice unc., a few marks. $275

Inventory#: 57646 [World Coins]
South Africa. Union of South Africa. 1930. 1//4 Penny (Farthing). Crowned bust of George V left/Wheat sprig and berries divide birds within circle. Y-11a, KM-12.2. Choice chocolate Brown unc. $275

Inventory#: 57632 [World Coins]
South Africa. Zuid Afrikaansche Republik. 1895. 3 Pence . Bust of Paul Kruger left/Value divides date in wreath, Z.A.R. above. Key date. Y-2, KM-3. EF, some light marks. $150

Inventory#: 57837 [World Coins]
Southern Rhodesia. George V. 1932. Shilling Bust of King left/Bird Headdress. 1st year of issue. Y-5, KM-3. Choice BU, small spot behind head. $120

Inventory#: 57817 [World Coins]
Sudan. Abdullah Ibn Mohammed. 1304/5 (c.1892). Silver 20 Piastres or 20 Ghirsh. Border of double crescents on both sides. Y-8, KM-7.1, Dav-63. VF+. Much higher silver content than usually seen on this coin! Most Sudanese crowns of this period are very base in nature. $135

Inventory#: 57949 [World Coins]
Tunisia. Mahmud II. 1250 (c. 1835). 4 Kharub (1/4 Piastre). Cr-74, KM-88. Toned VF. A seldom offered very attractive type. $90

Inventory#: 57988 [World Coins]
Tunisia, Abjdul Mejid (with Muhammed Bey). 1274 (c. 1859). 4 Kharubs. KM-135, Cr-121. Choice AU. Luster under light toning. Short two year type $125

Inventory#: 57948 [World Coins]
Tunisia. Mustafa IV. 1222 or 1223 (c. 1807-1808). 8 Kharubs (1/2 Piastre) . Extremely Rare 2 year type. KM-76, Cr-64. Gd Fine. $350


World War II-related paper

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Inventory#: jw-9 [World War II-related paper]
Poland, Lodz. Litzmannstadt Ghetto. Chit for one mid-daylunch for night work. Series I/N. Feller PO-620f, Campbell-4237f. VF, tiny tear. $60

Inventory#: jw-14 [World War II-related paper]
Poland, Lodz. Litzmannstadt Ghetto. Script. Good for lunch. An attached pair with serial numbers, Series S. II. Campbell-4237a, Feller PO-620a. Printed on tan paper. Issued pair, but not distributed, VF+ but with rough left edge. Unusual because most of these that we have seen are for an "additional lunch". $150

Inventory#: jw-7 [World War II-related paper]
Poland, Lodz. Litzmannstadt Ghetto. 2 Mark. 15 Mai, 1940. Campbell-4203, Feller PO-562. VG-F, small tape repair. One of the two rare denominations and actually quite decent looking for this note which is typically found ragged looking. $150



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Inventory#: wmr-46 [Tokens]
Mauritius. ND Brass 26mm. 5 Rupee Token. SUN INTERNATIONAL TOKEN above MAURITIUS below around Rs5/Palm Tree, sail boat and seashore 5 Rupee Token below. The Token Catalog ( lists a 2 Rupee (TC-253250) and a 5 Rupee (TC-180809). This denomination is unlisted but we will send it in shortly. Presumably used at the Sun International Resort, possibly used as a gambling token. EF, some rim nicks. $40

Inventory#: 57389 [Tokens]
Reunion. French Overseas Department. 1920. 5 Centimes Bank Token. Aluminum Hexagon 18mm. Demonitized in 1941. Y-3, KM-Tn-1, Lec-47. EF. $315

Inventory#: wmr-20 [Tokens]
West Congo, West Congoles Corporation Ltd. ND. 50 Francs Brass, 31mm. TC-376422 (similar). BU, a few handling marks. $45


World Coins

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Inventory#: 55467 [World Coins]
GHAZNAVIDS. MAHMUD. AH 388-421 (998-1030). Silver Dirhem (2.04g). Kur Ghazna ? (395?). MWI-768. aVF. $45

Inventory#: 57385 [World Coins]
Portuguese Guinea. One year type. 1933. 5 Centavos. Liberty head left/Denomination and date. Y-1, KM-1. Nice R&B unc. $135

Inventory#: 56343 [World Coins]
Algeria. Mahmud II. AH1245 (1829). 1 Budju (Tugrali-rial). One year type. Very scarce!. Lec-17, Cr-117, KM-79. Fine. $200

Inventory#: 57382 [World Coins]
Nigeria. Federal Republic. Error. 1973. 10 Kobo in Lead. Off-Metal strike in Lead with security edge as regular issue. Somewhat damaged, probably as made. KM PN-2ff. F-VF. Format 245 $125

Inventory#: 57678 [World Coins]
South Africa. Union of So. Africa, Dominion. 1928. 2 1/2 Shillings . Crowned bust of George V left/Shield divides date, denomination at bottom “2 1/2 Shillings”. Y-21a, KM-19.2. Light toned AU. $240

Inventory#: 58002 [World Coins]
Tunisia. French Protectorate with Muh’d. al-Amin Bey. 1364/1944. 10 Francs. Rare two year type/. Y-55a, KM-269, Lec-341 . Ch. BU, lightly toned. $325

Inventory#: 57094 [World Coins]
Morocco, Yusuf 1331 Paris (1912). 2 1/2 Dirhams (1/4 Rial). One year type in very high grade. Y-31, Lec-155. Choice BU. $450

Inventory#: 57837 [World Coins]
Southern Rhodesia. George V. 1932. 2 Shillings. Bust of King left/Sable Antelope. 1st year of type. Y-6, KM-4. Choice toned Unc $125

Inventory#: wmr-26 [World Coins]
Tunisia, French Protectorate, Ali Bey (in his name) AH 1304 (c. 1886). 8 Kharub KM-205, Y-5. Lightly toned unc. 150

Inventory#: 57947 [World Coins]
Tunisia. Selim III. 1215 (c. 1800). 8 Kharubs (1/2 Piastre). KM-73, Cr-60. Toned VF. A rare type coin! $125

Inventory#: 57406 [World Coins]
Saharawi, Arab Democratic Republic 1992. 1000 Pesetas/10 Ecu. European Community. Knight on horse and King/National Arms. Low mintage. KM-10. Gem Proof $49 $39

Inventory#: 57388 [World Coins]
Reunion. French Overseas Department. 1896. 1 Franc. One year type. Y-2, KM-5, Lec-46. Toned EF. $200

Inventory#: 57249 [World Coins]
Mozambique, Portuguese Colony. 1945. 1 Escudo. One year type, rare this nice. Y-14, KM-74. Choice red & brown BU. $145

Inventory#: 55353 [World Coins]
Crusaders. Cyprus, Hugh I. 1205-1218. Bi Denier (.53g). Cross, crescents and pellets in 1st & 4th quarters, pellets in 2nd and 3rd/Gateway with three battlements and door. CCS-12. aVF, small chip. Ex Paul Edis collection. $100

Inventory#: 56635 [World Coins]
Egypt, Abdul Aziz. 1277/10 (1870). 40 Para. 36mm copper type, with rose at right. Very rare. Y-4a, KM-249. F/VF. Struck in Cairo. Rough crude planchet which is typical of these Cairo mint products. Virtually a one year type, as only 325 total pieces of 2 other years were minted, but none circulated. $450

Inventory#: 55110 [World Coins]
Hungary. Bela IV. 1235-1270. AR Denar (.47g). Facing bust, REX BELA/Eagle standing left, head turned right with open wings. R-246, Hus-313. VF.

Inventory#: 57037 [World Coins]
Morocco, Moulay al-Hassan I. AH-1310 Fez 1 Falus. Short, scarce type formerly listed as 2 1/2 Mazunas by Yeoman & 1/4 Mouzouna by Lecompte. High grade for type. Y-1, Lec-45. VF-EF, few rim nicks. $250

Inventory#: 57034 [World Coins]
Morocco, Moulay al-Hassan I. AH-1310 Fez 1/2 Falus. Short, scarce type formerly listed as Mazuna by Yeoman & 1/8 Mouzouna by Lecompte. High grade for type. Y-B1, Lec-15 EF $350

Inventory#: 56876 [World Coins]
Kenya. Double Error. 19-- (1978-91). 10¢ on 5¢. Struck in Aluminum not in Nickel Brass. 10 Cent die used on 5 Cent Flan. KM-18, Y-15 over KM-17, Y-14. Off metal strike, using either the wrong die or wrong size flan. Rare as such $100

Inventory#: 57603 [World Coins]
Axumite. Anonymous. c. 400-470 AD. Æ13 (.66g) . Crowned bust right, holding cross-tipped scepter (Mitchner attributes to Kaleb & successors)/“May this please the country”, Greek cross )with central gold inlay) within circle.. MH-76, MACW-406ff. Gd Fine. $100

Inventory#: 58198 [World Coins]
Crusaders. Jerusalem, Baldwin III. 1143-1163. Billon Denier (.86g . Cross Pattee balovinvs rex, central tongue in B, X has annulet ends/Tower of David, +Æ IERVSALEM annulets are at top of tower ends. CCS-18, Metcalf Group 3. VF. $115

Inventory#: 51798 [World Coins]
Netherlands. Holland, Philip the Fair. 1499. Stuiver. Shield of Austria-Burgandy/Ornamented long cross in qutrefoil, mm in center, date. Ex David Cervin collection with his ticket. Lev-III-271a, Fr-, GH-120-6. VG-F, weak in spots, date is clear. An affordable pre 1500 dated coin with a nice pedigree. $90

Inventory#: 56730 [World Coins]
France. Burgandy, Hugh V.. 1305-1315. Silver Denier (.97g). “DUX” on banner/Cross, with shamrock (?) in 2 angles. Boudeau-1214, SCMF-5785. Gd Fine, some flat areas?. $60

Inventory#: 56642 [World Coins]
Egypt. Abdul Aziz. 1277/4 (1864). 5 Qirsh or Piastres. One year type without flower. Y-9, KM-253.1. VF+. $145

Inventory#: 57617 [World Coins]
Italian Somaliland. Italian Possession in Africa. 1910-R. 1/4 Rupia. 1st year of two year type. Y-4, KM-4. Nice VF+ $100



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Inventory#: 52333 [Tokens]
New Zealand. Christchurch, Alliance Tea Company. 1866. Penny Token. Legend, Y of Company level with D of New Zealand. Type 1 Legend. KM-Tn.1, A-7, Sk-13. VF. $150

Inventory#: 56743 [Tokens]
Comoros. Societe Anonyme de la Grande Comore. ND (1915). 25 Centimes Aluminum token. SOCIETE ANONYME DE LA GRANDE COMORE/BON DE REMBOURSABLE 25¢. Lec-21, Gad-4, KN-Tn-1. EF, some porosity. Very scarce, seldom offered $150

Inventory#: 55489 [Tokens]
Belgium. Brussels, Jacques Madoets.. 1680. Copper Jeton 32mm, 5.92g . Crested shield of the Madoets. Jacquest Madoets, the 50th Intendant of the Canal./King & Queen in boat, Commemorating the marriage of Charles II & Louis-Marie d'Orléans.. Dug-4434, Mitch-2775, Feur-14328. VF/F. $100


Gold Coins & Medals

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Inventory#: 54919 [Gold Coins & Medals]
Israel. Bank of Israel. 1964. Gold 50 Lirot . Rare, low mintage. Only about 800 minted. Fr-4a, KM-44a, Y40. Choice Proof. Hand selected by a very picky collectors many years ago. $1,750

Inventory#: 55041 [Gold Coins & Medals]
Israel. Capernaum. 1985. Gold 5 Sheqalim. Holy Land Sites Series. 2,633 minted. KM-154, Fr-25. Proof. $459

Inventory#: 55052 [Gold Coins & Medals]
Israel. Dove and Cedar Trees. 1991. Gold 1 & 5 New Sheqalim. Holyland Flora and Fauna Series. KM-342 & 222, Fr-38 & Fr-38a. Choice Proofs. $665

Inventory#: 55058 [Gold Coins & Medals]
Israel. Land of Tourism. 1993. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. 45th Anniversary. 1, 994 minted. KM-242, Fr-43. Choice Proof. $950

Inventory#: 55059 [Gold Coins & Medals]
Israel. Hart and Appletree. 1993. Gold 1 and 5 New Sheqalim. 2-piece set, low mintage, only 1,679 minted. Wildlife Series. KM244/246, Fr-45-46. Choice Proofs. $665

Inventory#: 55063 [Gold Coins & Medals]
ISRAEL. Binding of Isaac. 1994. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. Based on Rembrandt's 1634 Amsterdam paining. 1,209 minted. KM-258, Fr-49. Choice Proof. From the popular Biblical Arts series. $1,075

Inventory#: 55066 [Gold Coins & Medals]
Israel. Fox and Vineyard. 1995. Gold 1 & 5 New Sheqalim. Wildlife series. Only 837 minted. KM-275, 277, Fr-58-59. Choice Proofs. $750

Inventory#: 55062 [Gold Coins & Medals]
Israel. Leopard and Palm Tree. 1994. Gold 1 & 5 New Sheqalim. Wildlife Series. 1,355 minted. Fr-50-51, KM-260, 262. Choice Proofs. $665



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Inventory#: mh-3 [Books/Literature]
Ancient Greek Coins by G K. Jenkins. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1972. 310 pages, 20 color plates, 635 black & white illustrations, dark blue cloth over heavy boards, dust jacket. As new. The original edition in the "World of Numismatics Series" $60

Inventory#: mh-3a [Books/Literature]
Ancient Greek Coins by G K. Jenkins. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1972. 310 pages, 20 color plates, 635 black & white illustrations, dark blue cloth over heavy boards, dust jacket. As new. The original edition in the "World of Numismatics Series" $60

Inventory#: mh-1 [Books/Literature]
Collecting Confederate Paper Money: A Complete and Fully Illustrated Guide to All Confedrate Note Types and Varieties by Pierre Fricke. Edited by Stephen Goldsmith. 2005, First edition. New York: Smythe. 800 pages, almost all with illustrations and 12 color plates. Hardcover. as new. $75

Inventory#: mh-2 [Books/Literature]
Alexander of Macedon 356-323 B.C.: A Historical Biography by Peter Green. University of California Press. 1991 reprint of 1970 edition. 617 pages, 12 maps and a new preface. As new with a protective and a dust jacket. This is the first edition that was published in the USA. Green describes his Alexander as "not only the most brilliant (and ambitious) field commander in history, but also supremely indifferent to all those administrative excellences and idealistic yearnings foisted upon him by later generations, especially those who found the conqueror, tout court, a little hard upon their liberal sensibilities." $25

Inventory#: mh-4 [Books/Literature]
Spectacle Entertainments of Early Imperial Rome by Richard C. Beacham. 1999 Yale University Press. 306 pages with dust jacket. As new. 28 black and White illustrations. The presentations in the theater, gladiatorial combats, chariot races in the circus, animal hunts, triumphal processions, and other public entertainments of early imperial Rome served as tangible expressions of Roman ideology and power from the founding of the Empire through Nero. $25

Inventory#: mh-5 [Books/Literature]
The Oxford Illustrated History of Roman Britain by Peter Salway. Hardcover 563 pages, new with dust jacket. 270+ b/w illustrations 34 in color plus 10 maps. Many images of coins included plus discussions of pre-Roman coins and the later decline of the use of coinage. $35

Inventory#: mh-6 [Books/Literature]
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. Vol. v. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Part iii. Macedonia. London: Oxford University Pressfor British Academy. 1976. Plates XLI–LXVIII; 2195–3312. As new.

Inventory#: mh-7 [Books/Literature]
The Early Paper Money of America by Eric P. Newman. 1990. Iola. 3rd Expanded edition. Hardcover. Very Good/None. 482 pages, illustrated throughout in color and b&w. Pictorial paper boards, no dust jacket as made. New.. $50

Inventory#: mh-10 [Books/Literature]
The Twelve Caesars by Michael Grant. Charles Scribner's Sons. 1975. Hardcover, 1st edition. 282 pages with dust jacket. 4 maps and 38 illustrations with many of those being coins. Professor Grant was a prolific author on Roman history and almost always used coins to help him tell the story. That should not be a surprise as he received awards from both the Royal Numismatic Society (where he served as president) and the American Numismatic Society and wrote a number of books on numismatics. Almost as new but dust jacket shows minor wear and a small tear and one corner is somewhat bumped. A plastic cover now protects the dust jacket and the book $50

Inventory#: mh-11 [Books/Literature]
From Alexander to Cleopatra: The Hellenistic World by Michael Grant. Charles Scribner's Sons. 1982. Hardcover 319 pages, with dust jacket. As new. With 10 maps and numeorus illustrations many of coins. 1st Edition. $30

Inventory#: mh-12 [Books/Literature]
Roman Coins and Values. By David Sear: Millenium Edition Volume III. The Accession of Maximus to the Death of Carinus AD 235-285, Spink London, 2005, 528 pages, illustrated throughout, valuations, cloth, dust jacket. New. $45

Inventory#: mh-13 [Books/Literature]
The Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. Collection, May 20-22, 1996, catalogue by Bowers & Merena, 352 pages, 1348 lots, blue leatherette, bookplate signed firm principals and cataloguers (Bowes, Merena, Bagg, Borckardt, Pollock, Plasencia), prices realized list in pocket on the rear board. As New. The hardbound edition. The section of the collection offering patterns, copper, and silver through the 10 cent denomination. Numbered copy #466. Two things abot this catalog stand out to me. One is that I don't think that any of the coins were slabbed and two the buyer's fee was "only" 10 percent. The highlight of the auction was the sale of a 1913 Liberty Head Nickel for $1, 350,000 and with the juice a total of $1, 485,000. to Jay Parrino of Kansas City. $70

Inventory#: mh-14 [Books/Literature]
Greek Gold: Jewelry of the Classical World by Dyfri Williams and Jack Ogden. 1994 Harry Abrams. Published in conjunction with an exhibit held at the British Museum in 1994 and at the Metropoloitan Museum of Art in NYC in 1994 & 1995. As new, large size hardcover with dust jacket. $60

Inventory#: mh-15 [Books/Literature]
Medals of the United States Mint: The First Century 1792-1982 by R.W. Julian, edited by N. Neil Harris. 1977. Personally signed from Bob Julian to Neil Shafer. Hardcover 424 pages. $125

Inventory#: mh-16 [Books/Literature]
Sotheby's: The Nelson Bunker Hunt Collection, Important Greek and Roman Coins. June 21 and 22, 1990. New York. Hardcover deluxe auction catalog of 903 ancient coins. Some creases on dust jacket, otherwise as new. This was the first of at least 4 sales from this collection. $40

Inventory#: mh-17 [Books/Literature]
United States Gold Coins. An Illustrated History, by Q. David Bowers, 1984, 415 pages, well illustrated, quarto, red leatherette. As New. The history as shown by the Eliasberg collection anonymously sold in 1982. This is the 1984 2nd printing published by Bowers and Merena successor to Bowers and Ruddy. $30

Inventory#: mh-18 [Books/Literature]
Roman Mythology by Stewart Perowne. 1969 Hamlyn Publishing Group. 141 pages, lavishly illustrated Hardcover with dust jacket. Virtually as new with just light pencil graffiti on title page. $35

Inventory#: mh-19 [Books/Literature]
Money of the American Colonies and Confederation: A Numismatic, Economic & Historical Correlation by Philip L. Mossman. American Numismatic Society, 1992, 314 pages, quarto, red cloth, dust jacket. New. $50

Inventory#: mh-20 [Books/Literature]
The Celtic World by Barry Cunliffe. 1993, 294 pages Hardcover with dust jacket. As new but for slight evidence of a bump a lower end of binding. Lavishly illustrated in both black and white and color. Many coins are included. $25

Inventory#: mh-21 [Books/Literature]
New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology. Translated by Aldington and Ames. Introduction by Robert Graves. 1968 edition by Prometheus Press. 500 page hardover with dust jacket. As new. $50

Inventory#: mh-22 [Books/Literature]
Egyptian Mythology by Veronica Ions. 1968 edition 140 pages, hardcover with dust jacket. Over B&W illustrations, 24 color images. As new. Paul Hamlyn Publishing Group, UK $50

Inventory#: mh-23 [Books/Literature]
Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins by Walter Breen. New York: FCI/Doubleday, 1988. Original black cloth; dust jacket. xiv, 754 pages. Well-illustrated throughout. Almost as new. Perhaps the greatest single attempt to discuss all U.S. coinage, including colonial and private coinages, in a single volume. While some have focused on the text's occasional errors and the volume's production problems, it would be tough to name another reference work that includes so much solid information. As a personal aside this is the book that I refer to when I need to research a US coin. $100

Inventory#: mh-24 [Books/Literature]
The Nelson Bunker Hunt Collection, Highly Important Greek and Roman Coins - Hunt Part II. Sotheby's, December 1, 1990. llustrated with actual-size black and white photos above their descriptions, with scattered colour plates of enlargements throughout. All coins with detailed description on 1-2 pages. Choice silver and gold Roman and Greek coins. Very Important sale. Small bruise at bottom right corner. $40

Inventory#: mh-25 [Books/Literature]
United States Gold Patterns by David W. Akers. 1975, Western Publishing Co. 115 pages illustrated throughout in color and black and white in processed maroon leather cover. As New. $40

Inventory#: mh-26 [Books/Literature]
THE HISTORY OF UNITED STATES COINAGE AS ILLUSTRATED BY THE GARRETT COLLECTION by Q. David Bowers. 1988, 5th printing. 572 pages, well illustrated, black leatherette. As New. The history of U.S. coinage as seen through the collection consigned to auction by Johns Hopkins University and which realized 25 million. $35

Inventory#: mh-27 [Books/Literature]
The Coinage in the Name of Alexander the Great and Philip Arrhidaeus by Martin Jessop Price. Published jointly by the Swiss Numismatic Society and the British Museum, 1991. 2 volumes, 637 pages, 158 plates, matching red cloth, dust jackets, housed in cardboard slipcase. New in original shrink wrap. The standard reference on the coinage in the name of Alexander the Great. Out of print and scarce. $450

Inventory#: mh-28 [Books/Literature]
Greek Imperial Coins and Their Values: The Local Coinages of the Roman Empire by David R. Sear. Spink, 1982, 636 pages, 1750 illustrations, black cloth, dust jacket. New. 1991 printing. Still the most comprehensive single volume guide to these wonderful. And affordable as well. $40

Inventory#: mh-30 [Books/Literature]
The Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins: A Complete Guide to the History, Types and Values of Roman Imperial Coinage by David Van Meter. A catalog of all Major Types Issued from 27 BC through 498 AD. 1991 Laurion Numismatics. Almost as new, card cover, large size. 334 pages, over 1000 images and listing 8,160 coin types this is the most comprehensive one volume book on Roman coins every published. Some bumping on cover but probably never used. A great book. $30

Inventory#: mh-31 [Books/Literature]
1. Ancient Greeks. 2. Ancient Romans. 2 hardcover books in the Oxford Profiles, Expanding the Classical Tradition Series by Rosalie F. and Charles F. Baker III. 1997 & 1998 both Oxford Univ. Press, NY. 254 and 267 pages per volume. Intended for young readers persumably meaning teenagers. As new. $60

Inventory#: mh-32 [Books/Literature]
The Money Makers International by W. Kranister. 326 pages, 1989 Black Bear Press. Hardcover with black dust jacket. A fascinating, beautifully produced and color-illustrated international history of banknotes. The countries examined specifically are Australia, Austria, China, England, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and the US. General sections address the production of banknotes, the arts of design and engraving, technical equipment, and forgery and counterfeiting. $35

Inventory#: mh-33 [Books/Literature]
The Ancient Romans by Chester G. Starr. 1971 264 pages, cardcover. Oxford Univ. Press. Illustrated in both b&W and color some of which are coins. A number of maps are also included Professor Starr was a University Professor at both the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan. As new, but book has slight "bend" to it. $35

Inventory#: mh-34 [Books/Literature]
Hannibal's War by John Peddie. Forward by Professor Richard Holmes. 1997, 232 pages. Hardcover with dustjacket. John Peddie questions the role of the war-elephant, Hannibal's choice of route over the Alps, re-examines the purpose of the campaign and suggests the purpose of the campaign was not so much the destruction of Rome but the re-conquest of Sicily. 1st edition, as new but for some wear on dustjacket. $20

Inventory#: mh-35 [Books/Literature]
Warfare in the Ancient World, edited and introduced by General Sir John Hackett. With Illustrations by Peter Connolly. 1989 Hardcover with dust jacket, 256 pages, Facts on File, New York. As new. Warfare in the Ancient World offers a complete, authoritative, and accessible record of how war was waged in antiquity. Coverage extends to all regions of the ancient world and includes period-by-period analyses of all facets of warfare, including the organization, tactics, armor, and weaponry of armies. Out of Print. $35

Inventory#: mh-36 [Books/Literature]
Ancient Coin Reference Reviews by Dennis J. Kroh. 1993, hardbound first edition. Inscribed by the author "Special hardbound editon. #7 of 20 signed Dennis J. Kroh 41 January 1994" in his distinctive elegant handwriting. 107 pages, large format. This book covers hundreds of references of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins including those that are utilized as standard references today. This is still used as THE standard reference for numismatic literature! I don't think I've ever seen a signed hardbount edition. As new $100

Inventory#: mh-37 [Books/Literature]
The World of the Romans by Charles Freeman, advisory editors Dr. JF Drinkwater and Dr. Andrew Drummond. 1993 Oxford University Press New York. Large format hardcover with dust jacket, 192 pages, numerous vivid illustrations (including coins) and many, many maps. Virtually as new but some handling visible on dustjackt. $20

Inventory#: mh-38 [Books/Literature]
The Penguin Encyclopedia of Classical Civilizations edited by Arthur Cotterell.1993 Penguin Books. 290 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. This survey of the age that laid the foundations of modern Europe and Asia takes a global multicultural approach to the ancient world by including Asian, African, and South Asian societies as well as Athens and Rome. As new. $30

Inventory#: mh-39 [Books/Literature]
An Atlas: The Coinage of Alexander the Great by L. Müller Followed by a Supplement Containing the coins of Philip II, III and Lysimachus. Translated by L. A. Naughton.1976 Attics Books reprint of plates and tables of Muller original with English language summaries and explanation how to use it. Cardcover, 49 plates with line drawings, symbols, monograms etc. Out of print and difficult to find. Used, some wear no serious defects. Before there was Price there was Müller. $25

Inventory#: mh-40 [Books/Literature]
Money: A History edited by Jonathan Williams. 1997 British Museum 256 pages cardcover. 1st edition published in conjunction with January 1997 exhibition at the British Museum. Among the authors of the 9 chapters are Andrew Burnett, Joe Cribbs and Ute Wartenberg. An authoritative history over four millennia and across different cultures. Includes many maps, illustrations and of course pictures of coins. Evidence of being read once but a very nice copy. $20

Inventory#: mh-41 [Books/Literature]
The Arthur S. Dewing Collection of Greek Coins edited by Leo Mildenburg and Sylvia Hurter. New York, 1985 ANS. Ancient Coins in North American Collections No. 6. 2 volumes (1 of text, 1 of plates), 194 pages, 142 plates, 5 indices. Orange cloth with matching slip case. This two volume work catalogues 2970 coins of the Dewing collection at Harvard University with an excellent representation of Syracusan decadrachms and other Italian coinages. A must have reference. As new. $75

Inventory#: mh-43 [Books/Literature]
The Emperor and the Coinage: Julio-Claudian Studies by C.H.V. Sutherland. Spink London, 1976, 135 pages, 10 plates with descriptive text, red cloth, dust jacket. Near new but for bumps on the corner. $40

Inventory#: mh-44 [Books/Literature]
Coinage in the Roman Economy: 300 B.C. to A. D. 700 by Kenneth W. Harl.1996 John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. Part of the Ancient Society and History Series. As new, with dustjacket. 30 pages of plates containing 267 pictures of coins. As Mike Markowitz said for CoinWeek 5 years ago: "Harl’s book is a scholarly work intended for academic readers. It assumes a basic familiarity with ancient history, but it’s also an accessible source for the kind of information that collectors of Roman and related coins need to know, to understand exactly what it is that we collect with such passion." $50

Inventory#: mh-46 [Books/Literature]
Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of United States Half Cents 1793-1857 by Walter Breen. 1993 American Institute of Numismatic Research, South Gate. Hardcover, 501 pages, leatherette with gold lettering face and spine. Well illustrated including many on beautiful plates. As new. A color plate titled "The Master at Study" conceived and designed by the late Jack Collins is almost worth the price of the best book on the subject. $50

Inventory#: mh-47 [Books/Literature]
Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of Early United States Cents 1793-1814 by Walter Breen. In collaboration with Del Bland, edited by Mark R. Borckardt. 857 pages, 334 plates. Large Hardcover with laminated blue cover. 2000 Bowers and Merena, Wolfboro NH. As new. $110

Inventory#: mh-50 [Books/Literature]
United States Patterns and Related Issues by Andrew W. Pollock III with a foreward by A. David Bowers. 1994 Hardcover, Bowers and Merena Galleries. 510 pages blue leatherette with gold borders, lettering face and spine. As new, first edition, $65

Inventory#: mh-52 [Books/Literature]
Archaic and Classical Greek Coins by Colin M. Kraay. 1976 University of California Press, printed in Great Britain. Hardcover 390 pages, 1110 coin photos on 64 plates. As new $110

Inventory#: mh-53 [Books/Literature]
Sotheby's: The Nelson Bunker Hunt Collection, Important Greek and Roman Coins. June 19 and 20, 1991. New York. Hardcover deluxe auction catalog of 1066 ancient coins. Some creases on dust jacket, otherwise as new. This was the fourth of the sales from this collection and perhaps the rarest. $40

Inventory#: mh-58 [Books/Literature]
The Coinage and History of the Roman Empire by David L. Vagi. Volume One: History (638 pages) and Volume Two: Coinage (656 pages). Covering more than 550 years. The Imperatorial Age: 82 to 27 B.C; The Roman Empire 27 B.C. to A.D. 480. Amos Press. 1999. As new hardcovers with tight binding and clean pages. Almost new dust jacket with virtually no wear to edges and corners of covers and spine. Volume 1 has price information and codes on 1st blank page. Scarce first edition of this award winning publication $85

Inventory#: mh-60 [Books/Literature]
Roman Coins and their Values - The Millennium Edition Volume One - The Republic and the Twelve Cesars 280 BC - 96 AD by David R. Sear. Spink, London, 2000. Hard Cover, gilt title on spine, dust Jacket. 532 pages. Extensively illustrated with more than 1200 illustrations. NEW Copy $45

Inventory#: mh-61 [Books/Literature]
The Roman Emperors: A Biographical Guide to the Rulers of Imperial Rom 31BC - AD476 by Michael Grant. 1985 Charles Scribner's Sons. 1st US edition. 367 pages with dust jacket. Professor. Grant starts each section with a picture of the emperor many times as depicted on a coin. As new though the in side of the dust jacket exhibits some slight signs of aging $35

Inventory#: mh-62 [Books/Literature]
Roman Coins & Their Values. Volume 2. The Accession of Nerva to the Overthrow of the Severan Dynasty by David R. Sear. Spink, 2002, 696 pages, 1500+ illustrations, prices in both pounds and dollars, cloth, dust jacket. The latest edition. New. The second volume in what now is now a five volume set. $45



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Inventory#: 57382 [Errors]
Nigeria. Federal Republic. Error. 1973. 10 Kobo in Lead. Off-Metal strike in Lead with security edge as regular issue. Somewhat damaged, probably as made. KM PN-2ff. F-VF. Format 245 $125

Inventory#: 56876 [Errors]
Kenya. Double Error. 19-- (1978-91). 10¢ on 5¢. Struck in Aluminum not in Nickel Brass. 10 Cent die used on 5 Cent Flan. KM-18, Y-15 over KM-17, Y-14. Off metal strike, using either the wrong die or wrong size flan. Rare as such $100