Minilist 21 - October 17, 2013

22 ancient and modern coins

Finally after a long break working on our Fall Auction Catalog, we are publishing this late in the week Mini-List just so you all know that we are still in business. Only about 22 coins but none have been listed on any of our mini-lists. Or at least we don't think so.

We hope to be mailing our Auction 43B in the mail on Tuesday and it should be up on our website sometime next week as well. All our auction coins will be on display at our bourse table at the Denver Coin Show October 24-27.

50125 Boetia. Thebes. 387-374 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.41). Boetian shield/Amphora in incuse square. SNG Cop-262. aVF. $125

52828 Phoenicia. Tyre. After 126 BC (173 = 47/48 AD). AR Shekel 24.07 mm, (13.06g). Head of Melkarth right/Eagle stg l, right foot on prow, palm branch over shoulder, club to left, date above, KP & Monogram to right. H-1620, RPC-4672A (supp), Prieur-, BMC-. F/VF, obv bit o.c. "Jerusalem" type Shekels. 30 Pieces of silver, Shekel of Tyre. Rare date, 1st published in 1998 and only 2nd we are aware of. $575

54628 Phoenicia. Tyre. After 126 BC (after 19 BC). AR Half Shekel (6.21g) . Laureate head of Melqart right/Eagle standing left on t-bolt, club to left,date unreadable, but KP monogram clear. "Inexpensive" "Jerusalem type" temple tax coin. H-1621. aF. $400

54697 Persia. Successors of Darius I. c. 450-330 BC. AR Siglos (5.39g). Half-length figure of great king holding spear and bow , punch mark behind/Oblong punch, with a couple of banker's marks. SG-4682. Fine, well centered. $65

54199 Rome. Tiberius. 14-37. Æ As (10.55g) . Lauread head left/S-C to either side of caduceus. SR-1771, RIC-59. Choice VF. $350

54632 Rome. Vespasian. 69-79 AD. Ephesus mint. Silver Denarius (3.30g). Laureate bust right/Turreted and draped female bust right PACI ORB TERR AVG. Rare provincial series coin. SR-2274, RIC-334, RPC-821. EF, with excess metal from misstrike. $550

51725 Rome. Clodius Albinus, as Caesar (193-195). 195-196. AR Denarius (2.59). Bare head right. Very nice portrait/Minerva stg l., hldg olive barnch & resting on shield. SR-6144. F/aF, but somewhat porous. $75

54634 Rome. Septimiius Severus. 193-211. Silver Denarius (3.07g). Laureate bust right/Victory seated left on shield, resting another shield on knee and holding palm in left. Commemorates Roman success in northern Britain, although he died in York in 211 SR-6385, RIC-335, C-731. Ch. EF+, lightly toned. $400

53973 Rome. Geta, as Caesar. 209-211. Silver Denarius (3.31g). Draped bare-headed bust right/Nobilitas standing right, holding scepter and palladium . SR-7184, RIC-13a, RSC-90. Nice VF, flan crack. $75

52151 Rome. Mariniana, wife of Valerian and probably the mother of Gallienus. Æ Sestertius (12.29g). Draped bust right/Peacock standing, tail in splendor, head right. Very Scarce denomination. SR-10073v, Cr-7. VG, scr's in field. $140

52153 rome, Delmatius, as Caesar. 335-337. Æ 3/4 (1.63g). Laureate bust right/2 soldiers standing either side of standard E OSIS in ex. RIC-7,256, SR-3931v. GVF, tad rough. $89

53808 France. Henry III. 1578-9 (Rennes). Franc d'Argent (13.72g) . Bust right, "9" below = Rennes mint. Henry as King of France and Poland/"H" with cross of Fleur-de-lis. Duplessy-1130. Gd Fine. $220

53809 France. Henry IV. 1599. 1/4 Ecu of Navarre . Fleur-de-lis cross/Crowned arms of France and Navarre. Duplessy-1238. Crude aVF. $175

53438 France. Louis XIV. 1695-I. Half Ecu Aux Palms. Limoges mint. Wolf under bust. Overstruck over previous coin. Gad-185, KM-295. VG/aVF. $300

54221 France. Napoleon III. 1866-BB. 20 Centimes. Y-27.2, KM-805.2. Lustrous AU. $45

53817 Germany. Freiburg im Breisgau. After 1387. Rappen (.18g). Head of Eagle left/Bracteate. Wielandt-64. VF. $55

27529 Germany. Saxony, Ernst, Wilhem, Albrecht & Margarete (14)75. AR Half Groschen. Shield with lion, date as λ7/Arms/Unlisted by Frey in this denomination. Saurma-4396. Ch. VF. $150

55532 Germany. Salomon Herman von Mosenthal. 1877. Æ58mm by A. Scharff. His bust left. (1821-1877)/Muse of Dramatic literature with mask & dagger. Dramatist & poet, born in Hesse-Cassel. Wurz-6411, Hauser-7682. As struck. $275

53443 Germany. Weimer Republic. 1931-F. 10 Pfennig. Y-41, KM-40. Unc. $75

54210 Great Britain. Victoria. 1897. Penny. High Tide reverse. Y-34, KM-790, S-3916B. Ch. R&B EF+. $100

27892 Palestine. British Mandate. 1933. 100 Mils . ANACS AU DETAILS, NET EF45. A Better date, but ANACS inflated the grade on this coin. Y7, KM-7. Cleaned. $100

54297 Palestine. British Mandate. 1942. 100 Mils . Light golden toning. Y-7, KM-7. ANACS MS61. $100

End of Sale.