Minilist 2016-04 - April 2016

Ancient and World Coins

After a short hiatus of a few months we are back to issuing mini-lists. We hope to be able issue another one or two this spring although most of our time will be spent writing our spring auction. This list contains coins, tokens and medals almost all of which we have offered previously but we have reduced the prices drastically in most cases.

The photograph accompanying each item is the actual item being offered. It is not a stock photo. Please note our new shipping charges. Postage is extra on all orders. Please add $7 to orders under $100, $9 to orders up to $300, $15 for orders up to $500, and $20 for orders over $500. Orders to CANADA please add at least $20. Overseas orders will be sent a pro-forma invoice and will be sent via registered or priority mail international at buyer's risk.

28661 *Judaea, Agrippa I. 37-44. Æ Prutah (2.57g) Canopy with fringes ΑΓΡΙΠΑ ΓΑCΙΛΕWC/ Three ears of barley growing between 2 leaves, flanked by date LS H-1244, AJC-11 aF $20

54951 *Judaea Antonius Felix, Procurator under Claudius, 52-59 AD. Æ Prutah (2.66g). Two oblong shields and two spears crossed/6 branched palm tree, BPIT (for Britannicus, younger son of Claudius, LΙΔ ΚΑΙ = YEAR 14 = 54. H-1348, AJC-29 aVF $50

55717 *Campania, Neapolis. 325-241 BC. Silver Didrachm (7.41g). Head of nymph right, behind is Artemis-Hekate (head & arm on flan)/Man-headed bull right, being crowned by Nike, small monogram below SG-308, SNG Cop-419 Fine+, but a bit o.c., curved obv. scr. $275

57015 *Calabria, Tarentum. 302-228 BC. Silver Diobol (.75g) (or Obol). Head of Athena right, wearing crested helmet/Hercules standing right, strangling Nemean Lion. As Vlasto-1316 Fine, some oxidation $65

55936 *Thrace, Apollonia Pontika. 350-300 BC. Silver Diobol (1.18g). Facing head of laureate Apollo/Anchor, A to left, crayfish to right. MH to left (sim. to SNG Cop monograms 1, 2,) SNG Cop-461, Ch. VF, touch o.c. $89

55928 *Thrace, Istros. 400-350 BC. Silver Tri-hemi-obol (1.30g). Inverted Heads/Sea-Eagle on dolphin, ΙΣΤΡΙΗ above, monogram below. BMC-14, SNG Cop-200. VF, a tad grainy. This small denomination is seldom encountered $120

55690 *Thessaly, Larissa. c. 340-320 BC. Silver Drachm (5.96g). Head of nymph 3/4 to left/Horse left, grazing, with foreleg raised about to lie down, plant below, AIΩN in ex. The horse "left" type is at least 10 times rarer than the horse right type! SNG Cop-123 Nice VF, a bit off-center $250

54197 *Boeotia, Thespai 146-127 BC Æ14 (4.06g) Veiled female head right (Arsinoe?)/Lyre surmounted by shield, all in laurel-wreath. SG-2461, BMC-15 Dark VF/F. Seldom offered $30

52232 *Bithynia, Herakleia Pontika. 394-364 BC. AR Trihemiobol (.65 g). Head of Hercules left/ Legend above and below club. SG-3769. VF/F, but porous $45

53994 *Seleukid Kings, Antiochus VII. 103-76 BC138-129. AR Tetradrachm (13.75g). His bust right/Eagle standing left on beak of galley, club (Tyre) left, monograms and date (176 BC). SG-7094. SNG-Israel 2011f F/VF, porous. Toned $150

55778 *Hispania, Carteia. Germanicus and Drusus. Struck under Tiberius. 14-37 AD. Æ18.5 (4.14g). [GER]MANICO - ET DRVSO Head of Fortuna to right/CAESAR[IBVS IIII VIR C]ART Rudder. Ex Frank Sternberg purchased by "AK" in1976. RPC-123, Gd Fine $60

55786 *Macedonia, Koinon, Claudius 41-54 AD. Æ24 (8.85g). Head of Claudius to left ΤΙ ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΣ - [ΚΑΙΣΑΡ] / ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΩΝ around Macedonian shield. RPC-1612, SNG Cop-1334 VG/F, porous $60

55785 *Achaea, Patras, Claudius. 41-54 AD. Æ 25.5 (8.76g). [TI CLAVDIV]S CAESAR AVG GERMANICV[S] Head of Claudius to left/ [C]OL 'Äì A A -PATR / [X]-XII Legionary eagle between two standards. Ex F. Sternberg, purchased by A.K. in 1973. BCD-545, RPC-1256, SNG Cop-170 VF, a few flat areas, obv. o.c. and somewhat porous. Both legion X and Legion XII were sent to Judaea to help quell the first Jewish revolt by Vesapasian and Titus. $125

56054 *Syria, Seleucis & Pieria, Antioch, Trebonianus Gallus & Volusian 251-253 Æ30 (17.72g). Laur. draped bust of Gallus facing right, confronting radiate, draped cuirassed bust of Volusian/Tetra-style temple of Tyche, river-god Orontes swimming at feet; above, ram leaping right, head left; ΔE above. BMC-656v, SNG Cop-293 VF, brown surface, somewhat porous $50

55620 *Roman Egypt, Nero. 54-68. Silver Tetradrachm (12.49g). Laureate bust of Nero right/Emperor seated left on throne, with feet on a step-stool, LE = year 5 = 58/59 AD. Curtis-112, Emm-120 VF, but porous $150

55634 *Roman Egypt, Trajan. 98-117 Æ Diobol (8.68g). Laureate bust right/Eagle standing left, LI -E in field, year 15 or 111/112 AD. Emm-651 (R5), Cop-256 F/VG but rough field. Very rare type. $45

55657 *Roman Egypt, Hadrian 117-138. Bi Tetradrachm (11.32g). Laureate bust right, crescent in field to right/Tyche standing left, holding rudder & cornucopia, LS = Year 6 = 121/122 AD. Emm-901 (R3), M-1010, Curtis-unlisted date. Fine, grainy. Scarce date $125

55659 *Roman Egypt, Antoninus Pius. 138-161. Æ Drachm (23.06g). Laureate bust right/Tyche standing, head left, wearing kalathos and holding rudder and cornucopia, LE = year 5 Emm-1685, M-1716 VG $35

55242 *Rome Republic, Anonymous After 211 BC Æ Triens, 22mm, 7.66g. Head of Minerva right in crested Corinthian helmet, 4 pellets above/Prow of Galley right, 4 pellets below, ROMA above Cr-56/4, SR-911 VF, tad porous, one pellet on each side bit off flan $60

54635 *Rome, Hadrian. 117-138. Silver Denarius (3.16g). Laureate bust right/Victory alighting right, holding trophy with both hands. Scarce reverse. SR-3527, RIC-101, C-1131 Ch. VF $250

51725 *Rome, Clodius Albinus, as Caesar (193-195). 195-196. Silver Denarius (2.59). Bare head right/Minerva stg l., hldg olive barnch & resting on shield. SR-6144 F/aF, somewhat porous but with a very nice portrait $100

55571 *Rome, Caracalla 198-217. Silver Denarius (3.23g) Laureate bust right/Moneta standing left holding scales and cornucopia. RIC-224, RSC-165, SR-6821ff. Ch. toned EF, small die break rev. $125

54457 *Rome, Philip II. 247-249. Silver Antoninianus (3.59g). Radiate bust right/Mars acvancing right, carrying spear and trophy over shoulder, Γ in field to right. SR-9277, RSC-88, RIC-223 Ch. EF on broad flan $120

56279 *Rome, Trajan Decius. 249-251 AD (250 AD). Silver Antoninianus (3.99g). Radiate bust right IMP CMQ TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG/Victory with wreath and palm branch, running left VICTORIA AVG. RIC-29c, RSC-113a, SR-113a EF, bit weakly struck on rev. $60

53801 *Anglo-Gallic, Aquitaine: Edward the Black Prince. 1362-72. Hardi d'argent of Poiters Half-length figure of the Prince/Long cross divides legend. El-205b aVF, natural split on reverse. Ex S. George Tucker, sold by Owl (J. Barton) 10/81, #154 $140

55304 *Annam. (Vietnam) Tu Duc. ND (1848-53). Silver 1 1/2 Tien Silver Bar Coinage. "Tu Duc nien tao" (made in the Tu Duc era. Design on edge Gia tien nhat quan" (monetary value one Quan). KM-481, Schr-340 VF, hole at edge in middle $125

52408 *Australia, Melbourne, G. & W. H. Rocke. 1859. Penny Token. Crowned lion in center of legend, no stop after G/Seated justice left with scales, scale pans level with 1st stroke of E. The scarcest of the 4 varieties. Ren-459, A-466, KM-Tn206. EF, couple of small rim bumps reverse. $150

54207 *Belgium, Brabant. Johann III. 1312-55. Silver Esterlin. 4 lions in shield/Cross. DeMay-193, de Witte-350 VF $35

51758 *Bolivia, Republic.. 1852 1/4 Sol (Quartilla). Llama standing right in plain field, POTOSI below/Mountain peak, date below, starts above. One year type. Struck slightly soft in center, but much nicer than most Y1, KM-111 Toned Unc. $69

52128 *Bulgaria. Ivan Stratsimir. 1356-95. AR Grosh (.87). Bust of Christ holding Gospels/Ivan enthroned holding scepter and mappa. Youroukova-107, CME-388. Fine, a few flat areas $30

54218 *Denmark, Gluckstadt. Christian V. 1694 8 Skilling. Crowned Monogam/Denomination and date KM-80.2, Hede-127a VF+, but edge flaw $75

57585 *France. Marcel Marceau. 1970. Silver-plate copper 72mm by Jaq. Martin. His high relief bust left/Marceau's famous "Bip the Clown" character and the most famous "mime" in the world for the 2nd half of the 20th century. Marceau was born Marcel Mangel in 1923 in Strausbourg, the son of a Kosher butcher who was murdered at Auschwitz. He and his brother changed their name to Marceau, after a French Revolutionary general, when he entered the French Resistance during WWII. His first use of Mime was not on the stage but in real life in order to keep Jewish children quiet while he helped them escape to neutral Switzerland. For that, and other acts during WWII, he was awarded the Raoul Wallenberg award by the University of Michigan in 2001. Only the 2nd we can recall offering. In 2003 we sold a non-silvered example for $50. Toned, a few marks in field $50

55364 *Germany, Augsburg, Buckhard von Ellerbach. 1373-1404. Silver Hand Heller (.59g) Hand/Cross, with dot at each arm. Bonhoff-1926, Reichmann-2070, Saurma-1438. Nice EF for type $50

53817 *Germany, Freiburg im Breisgau. After 1387. Rappen (.18g). Head of Eagle left. Bracteate type. Wielandt-64 VF $45

55282 *Germany, Saxe-Weimar, Wilhelm IV. 1772 1/4 Taler (Death Commemorative). Obelisk with ribbons/2 arms from clouds tying 4 arrows together below a crown Merseb-3886, KM-79 Gd Fine $150

54428 *Great Britain. Contemporary Counterfeit. 1771. 1/2 Penny (9.37 grams, 144.60 grains) Probably a Colonial American "Bungtown" copper rather than a British Evasion piece. Well centered Fine $65

55712 *Great Britain, Cornwell. ND (1873) Brass 27mm one Sack token. "St. Issey, S[amuel] Tregaskis", around " One Sack"/Ship at Mill Station. Mayne/Williams -7 F, usual piercing $35

27876 *Great Britain, 200th Anniv of Stratford Jubilee. 1966. Gilt silver 35mm by P. Vincze Shakespeare in oval, flanked by actor & actress/David Garrick in circle, legend. As struck $25

55110 *Hungary, Bela IV. 1235-1270. AR Denar (.47g). Facing bust, REX BELA/Eagle standing left, head turned right with open wings. R-246, Hus-313 VF $50

56444 *Israel, Seafaring Commemorative. 1963/5723 5 Pounds. 15th Anniversary KM-39, Y-35 Proof $175

55318 *Italy, Papal States. Pius IX. 1850-VR 20 Baiocchi. Bust of Pope left/Value and date within wreath. KM-1337, Cr-173 Choice toned VF+ $100

52011 *Lithuania, Sigismund I of Poland. (15)13. Silver Half Groschen (1.22g). Knight charging left Eagle Gum-507 Ch. toned EF-AU, somewhat softly struck $49

26296 *United States, Happiness of Home and Hearth. ND (1910). Æ 70 mm by Isidore Konti Mother, father & two children FELICITAS DOME FOCIQVE (Happiness of Home and Hearth)/Allegorical Woman walking right. THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME. 2nd of short-lived Circle of Friends medallic series. Alexander COF-2.1 VF, niks $70

57587 *United States, Society of Medalists. (SOM). (1973) Æ 73mm by Mico Kaufman. Youth - War and Sacrifice, 87th issue. Young, self-absorbed young man playng guitar/Infantryman carrying dead comrade, the two forming a peace symbol Alexander SOM-87.1. With original brochure. $35

57586 *United States, 1974. Inspiration Æ56 mm. Two part medal by Frank Eliscu. Featuring Pegasus who is shown on the obverse being released from the hand of God; the two inside surfaces show Man capturing Inspiration; and the reverse shows Man and Inspiration in harmony. The unusual medals breaks apart (but can be put back together) to reveal the two inner surfaces, convex and concave images of the same design. $75

57588 *United States, Society of Medalists. (SOM). (1975) Æ Oval 65 x 84 mm by Frederick Shrady, Prison Walls - Flight of Soul, 91st issue. Stylized prisoners behind bars, to left and right, COURAGE HOPE/Stylized bird in flight PRISON WALLS CANNOT CONTROL THE FLIGHT OF THE SOUL. Alexander SOM-91.1. One of the few none round SOM medals. With original brochure. $35

57589 *United States. David Schwartz. 1991. AE71 x 71 by Alex Shagin. His bust slightly left/Air Ship. Unc, #9 of only 500 made. Schwartz was a successful business man from Zagreb who gave up his business to fulfill his life long dream of building a rigid airship from aluminum. In the 1890's he finally succeeded but spent years trying to get a government to financially back him. Finally in 1897 the German government said yes, and Schwartz was so surprised he died immediately from shock. Later his widow sold the plans and rights to Count Zeppelin. Otherwise the airship may have been known as The Schwartz. In original but a bit battered box. See The Shekel 24, 6, 25. $100

End of Sale.