Minilist 2015-03 - March 2015

Ancient and World Coins

This is our 3rd "Mini-List" of 2015. It's a little smaller than our last list but we wanted to get something out quickly before we begin working on our spring auction catalog which will highlight part 2 of The Philadelphia collection. As usual, all items are photographed. Almost all of the coins and tokens have been listed before but we have reduced the price of most!

Please keep in mind that when we are writing auction catalogs, and price lists for that matter, we tend to ignore the phones for hours at a time. We suggest leaving a message or sending us an email.

55805 *Sikyonia. Sikyon, Nero. 54-68. Æ20 (6.74g). NE KAI ZE-YC - EΛEYΘEPIOC Laureate head of Nero to right/ΕΠΙ Γ IOY ΠΟΛYAINOY ΔA Rider on horseback to right; below horse, CI. In AD 66 Nero journeyed to Greece, where he gave a series of musical and athletic performances much criticized by ancient historians. Struck to commemorate the Freedom of Greece in AD 67, the obverse legend assimilates the emperor with Zeus Eleutherios ("the liberator"). BCD-354.1, RPC-329. VG-F, rough. EX M & M Basel, 1969 $100

55820 *Mysia. Cyzicus. Domitian. 81-96. Æ19 (3.18g). ΔΟΜΙΤ KAICAP CEB ΓEPMANIKOC Laureate head of Domitian to right/ K-[Y]/Z-I Torch. Very rare. Only a few examples known. RPC-II, 882. F, tan patina, pitted. $89

55811 *Lydia. Tralleis, Nero. 54-68 AD. Æ15 (4.16g). ΝΕΡWΝ [ΚΑΙΣΑΡ] Bare head of Nero to right/ KΑΙΣ-ΑΡΕWN Four ears of corn.. BMC-125, RPC-2657, SNG Cop-692. Fine, heavy green patina. $75

55797 *Phrygia. Aizanis, Agrippina Junior, Augusta. 50-59 AD. Æ17 (2.78g) . ΑΓΡΙΠΠΙΝΑΝ CΕΒΑC[Τ]ΗΝ Draped bust of Agrippina to right/AIZANI-TΩ[Ν] Diademed and draped bust of Persephone with corn-ears before. BMC-91, RPC-3102, SNG Cop-91. Fine, porous, with tan and brown patina. $89

55812 *Phrygia. Ancyra, Nero. 54-68 AD. Claudios Artemidoros, ca. AD 55-60. Æ19 (4.19g). ΝΕΡΩΝΑ ΚΛΑ[ΥΔΙΟΝ ΚΑΙCΑΡΑ ΑΝ]ΚΥΡΑΝΩΝ Bare head of Nero to right/ΕΠΙ ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΥ - [ΑΡΤΕΜΙ]ΔΩΡΟΥ ΙΕΡΕΩΣ Zeus standing to left, holding anchor and scepter. RPC-3108, SNG Cop-135. Dark Fine, some smoothing, rev. flan crack. $115

55802 *Phrygia. Apameia, Vespasian. 69-79 AD. Plancius Varus. Æ25 (9.75g). ΑΥΤΟΚΡΑΤΩΡ ΚΑΙΣ[ΑΡ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ ΟΥΕΣΠΑΣΙΑΝΟΣ] Laureate head of Vespasian to right/ΕΠΙ ΠΛΑΝΚΙΟΥ ΟΥΑΡΟΥ ΚΟΙΝΟΝ ΦΡΥΓΙΑΣ ΑΠΑΜΕΙΣ Bunch of five corn-ears. Rare. BMC-150, RPC-1389, SNG Cop-210. Fine, obverse a touch off-center. Slightly porous. $80

55793 *Phrygia. Cadi, Claudius. 41-54 AD. Meliton Asklepiadou. Æ17 (4.41g). ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟC KAICAP Laureate head of Claudius to right/ΕΠΙ ΜΕΛΙΤΩΝΟΣ] ΑCΚΛΗΠΙΑΔΟΥ / ΚΑ-ΔΟ/ΗΝΩΝ Zeus standing to left, holding eagle and scepter. BMC-16, RPC-3063, SNG Cop-249. F, a bit porous, (typical) oval flan. $100

56045 *Cilicia. Augusta. Livia wife of Augustus. 14-29 AD (yr. 11). Æ17 (3.98g). Diademed and draped bust right; bead and reel border/Helmeted bust of Athena right, wearing aegis. Rare. SNG Lev-1242, RPC-4011.5 this coin. VF, glossy dark green patina. Ex CNG Sale 106, #181. $125

56789 *Commagene Kings. Iotope, wife of Antiochus IV. 38-72 AD. Æ25 (12.95g). Diademed and draped bust of Iotape right/Scorpion within wreath.. RPC-I, 3858, SNG Cop-5, SGI-5514. Dark Fine. $69

56239 *Rome. Vespasian. 69-79 (75-79). Silver Denarius (3.31g). Laureate bust right/Jupiter standing and facing, sacrificing from patera over altar & holding scepter IOVIS CVSTOS. Uncommon. RIC-124(a), SR-2295, RSC-222. VF. $119

56240 *Rome. Titus, as Caesar under Vespasian. 79-81 (77-78). Silver Denarius (3.33g). Laureate bust right/Pair of oxen under yoke, left, COS VI. RIC-(V)-197, SR-2440, RSC-97. Toned VF. $135

56241 *Rome. Titus. 79-81 (80). Silver Denarius (3.31g). Laureate bust right/Ornamented semi-circular diadem on draped seat or table, 3 crescent like objects above TR P IX IMP XV COS VIII P P. RIC-II, 124 (24a), RSC-313, SR-2514. Toned VF, a few light scratches. Scarce. $150

56243 *Rome. Domitian, as Caesar under Titus. 81-96 (80). Silver Denarius (3.36g). Laureate head of Domitian right/Corinthian helmet on draped table. RIC -II, T-271 (T51), RSC-399a. Toned VF. $149

56244 *Rome. Domitian. 81-96 (81 AD). Silver Denarius (3.36g). Laureate head of Domitian right/ Throne with triple deck and corn-ears. RIC-II, 3, RSC-554a. Nice VF, scarce.. $149

56245 *Rome. Domitian. 81-96 (81 AD). Silver Denarius (3.18g). Laureate head of Domitian right/Tripod surmounted by dolphin TR POT COS VIII PP. RIC-II, 102 (27). RSC-594, SR-2750. VF. $149

55951 *Rome. Antoninus Pius. 138-161 AD, 158-159 AD. Silver Denarius (3.14g). Laureate bust right/Temple of Divus Augustus containing cult-statues of Augustus and Livia. RIC-290a, RSC-804, SR-4107ff. VF, some porosity on reverse. $119

56790 *Rome. Diva Faustina, wife of Antoninus Pius. Died 141 AD.. Silver Denarius (2.89g). Draped bust right DIVA FAVSTINA /Aeternitas standing left, holding phoenix and raising skirt, AETERNITAS. RIC-3, 347, SR-4576, RSC-11. VF+. $89

55959 *Rome. Marcus Aurelius, as Caesar. 161-180 (143 AD). Silver Denarius (2.62g). Bare head right/Juventas standing, facing, head left, dropping incense on candelabrum & holding patera IVVEN TAS. SR-4785, RIC-423a (Pius), RSC-389. EF/GVF, a bit porous. Great obverse portrait! $119

55961 *Rome. Marcus Aurelius. 161-180 AD. Silver Denarius (3.05g). Laureate bust right/Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia TR P XXI IMP IIII COS III. RIC-171, RSC-882. Nicely toned VF, reverse a touch porous. $100

56791 *Rome. Lucilla, wife of Lucius Verus, daughter of Marcus Aurelius. Silver Denarius (3.15g). Bust right/Venus standing, facing, head left, holding Victory and resting left hand on shield. RIC-786, RSC-89, SR-5492. Toned VF, nice portrait but reverse a bit off-center. $99

56253 *Rome. Septemius Severus. 193-211 AD (193). Silver Denarius (3.30g). Laureate, bearded bust right/Virtus (or Roma) standing left, holding Victory and spear VIRT AVG TR P COS. RIC-24, RSC-752, SR-6386. Toned VF+, exceptional portrait. $100

54634 *Rome. Septimius Severus. 193-211. Silver Denarius (3.07g). Laureate bust right/Victory seated left on shield, resting another shield on knee and holding palm in left.. SR-6385, RIC-335, C-731. Ch. EF+, lightly toned. Commemorates Roman success in northern Britain, although he did die in York in 211 $350

56792 *Rome. Septimius Severus. 193-211 AD. Silver Denarius (3.46g). Laureate head right IMP. C. AEL. SEP. (PERT. AVG COS.II/Fortuna standing left holding rudder and cornucopia FORTVN REDVC. Scarcer type struck at Emisa.RIC-377, RSC-174a. . EF/VF+. $119

55973 *Rome. Caracalla. 198-217 AD (205 AD). Silver Denarius (3.24). Laureate bust right/Felicitas standing left, holding short caduceus & cornucopia FELICITAS AVGG. SR-6799, RIC-127, RSC-64. Ch. EF, lightly toned. $90

56158 *Rome. Julia Soaemias, mother of Elagabalus. Murdered 222 AD (220). Silver Denarius (2.77g). Draped bust right IVLIA SOAEMIAS AVG/Venus seated left holding apple & scepter, child standing right at feet, hands raised VENVS CAELESTIS. RIC-243, RSC-14, SR-7720. GVF/VF, nice portrait. Scarce. $100

56257 *Rome. Severus Alexander. 222-235 (231-235). Silver Denarius (2.91g). Laureate, draped bust right IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG (Rare obverse legend)/Fortuna stg. left, holding rudder and cornucopia.. RIC-232, RSC-64. EF. $129

56793 *Rome. Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD (226). Silver Denarius (3.60g). Laureate, draped bust right IMP CM AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG/Emperor, wearing toga, standing half-left sacrificing out of a patera, over tripod-altar and holding scroll. RIC-55, RSC-289, SR-7899. Choice AU/EF, the obverse perfectly centered and lustrous, the reverse a bit toned and a tad off-center. $129

56012 *Rome. Gordian III. 238-244 AD. Æ Sestertius (19.19g). Laureate bust right IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG/Apollo seated left holding a laurel branch & resting left arm on lyre PM TRP III COS II PP S-C. RIC-301A, SR-8730, C-240. VF/Gd. Fine. Light flan crack reverse. $119

56794 *Rome. Philip I. 244-249. Silver Antoninianus (3.02g). Radiate bust right IMP PHILIPPVS AVG/ Roma seated left, holding Victory and spear, shield at side ROMAE AETERNAE. RSC-164a, RIC-106. Good VF, slight doubling of portrait. This type with the obverse legend IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG is fairly common. However it is almost never seen with this shorter obverse legend. Certainly a desirable piece for the specialist. $110

56795 *Rome. Diocletian. 284-305 AD (Tripolis). Silvered Antoninianus (3.11g). Radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right IMP CC VAL DIOCLETIANVS PF AVG/Diocletian, standing right, receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter standing left TR between them IOVI CONSERVATOR IAVGG, palm branch XXI in exergue. RIC-289, C-280. Ch. EF, some silvering reamains, more so on obverse. $89

56796 *Rome. Julian II, the Apostate. 360-363 AD. Æ1 (27mm, 8.22g). Double Mariorina. Diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right/Bull standing right, 2 stars above, eagle, wreath in beak at right, PCONST • in exergue. Arles mint. The eagle (of Jupiter) may represent lingering pagan feelings at the Arles mint. RIC-320, SR-19148. VF, brown-green patina, a tad rough.. $99

56797 *Australia. Internment Camp. ND WWII. Brass 1 Penny . Brass with hole. Camp-1261, KM-T1, Feller AU-970a. AU, but rim nicks. $75

56798 *Burundi. Republic. ERROR. 1971. 5 Francs . Struck 50% off-center! Y-2, KM-16. unc. A spectacular but inexpensive error. $100

56799 *Cameroon. Republic. 2003. 6000 Francs. Bi-Metallic coin with copper-nickel center within a brass ring. Head of president Paul Biya and map of country/Map of Africa and head of elephant. Bruce-X27. Choice BU. $35

56800 *Central African Empire. 1978. 100 Francs. This is the only circulating coin of Central Africa as an empire under the Dictator Jean-Bedel Bokassa. While they were supposedly not released for circulation almost all of these rare coins did circulate. KM-8. VF+. $199

56801 *Chad (Tchad). Republic. 11970. 100 Francs. Robert F. Kennedy commemorative. Only 975 pieces minted. Rarer than KM indicates, almost never offered for sale. Y-7, KM-1. Proof. $100

56802 *Djibouti. French Colony. 1921. 5 Centimes token. Type with horned deer standing left to left of tree. Aluminum 19mm. KM-Tn-5, Lec-91. VF-EF, some corrosion spots. $69

56803 *Djibouti. French Colony. 1920. 10 Centimes token. Zinc 23.5mm. KM-Tn2, Lec-92. EF, some oxidation which is usual for a 95 year zinc piece from this part of the world. $110

56804 *Djibouti. French Colony. 1921. 50 Centimes token. Type with horned deer standing left, to left of tree. Bronze 23mm. KM-Tn9, Lec-96. Nice VF. $129

56805 *Germany. Darmstadt. ND. Bronze 18mm token. Gebr, Rothschild' Darmstadt around blank center/Large "3". Beaded circle around both sides. . Scarce? Brown EF, a few marks in field. $35

56806 *Israel. Biblical Art Series. 2011/5772. 1 New Sheqel. Elijah in the Whirlwind.1800 minted. KM-487, H-44. Ch. P-L BU. $60

56812 *Jerusalem. Pilgrim's Amulet or Talisman. ND (18-19th century?). Brass 29mm (18.37g). . Bust of Jesus left/5-line Hebrew legend. See Jewish Medals page 90, and G.F. Hill's The Medallic Portraits of Christ. With original loop and additional hook. Fine. $35

56807 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1940. 1 Mil . The key date!. Y-1, KM-1. Sharp R&B Unc. $150

56808 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1942. 2 Mils. Y-2, KM-2. Ch. reddish-brown unc., a few spots. $30

56809 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1927. 5 Mils. 1st date of type. Y-3, KM-3. Choice lustrous BU, 1 tiny spot. $37

56810 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1939. 5 Mils Y-3, KM-3. BU. $39

56811 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1927. 10 Mils. 1st date of type. Y-4, KM-4. BU, a few tiny spots but basically very nice. $55

End of Sale.