Minilist 5 - February 4, 2013

Israel gold coins, plus Japanese, early-modern Europe and Trajan Decius

Our fifth mini-list of 2013 and first for February is highlighted by Part One from a collection of Israel gold coins. In addition 3 mid-19th century Japanese silver rectangular coin, 1 high grade early-modern European piece and a decent portrait coin of Trajan Decius from the Holy Land port city of Caesarea. Almost all are one year types.

54929 *SAMARIA. Caesarea, Trajan Decius. 248-251 AD. Æ21 (7.14g). Laureate bust right/Sarapis standing, right hand raised, holding scepter in left.. Ros-117, Kadman-131. Gd Fine. $150

54891 *GERMANY. Kempten, Free City. 1517. Half Batzen. 3 fold arms/Crowned double eagle, "R" at bottom. Schulten-1591. EF, lightly toned. $125

FR-1 ISRAEL. Theodore Herzl. 1960/5720. Gold 20 Lirot . Bust left in inset at upper right, emblem of state & it is no legend/twenty israel lirot 1860-1960 in both English and Hebrew around emblem of state. Fr-1, KM--30, G1. Choice BU. $500

FR-2,3 ISRAEL. Chaim Weizmann set. 1962. Gold 50 & 100 Lirot . Bust left within rectangle/Menorah. 10th Anniversary of his death. KM-40, 41, Fr-2, 3. Nice Proofs, light hairlines in field of 100£ & a few small nicks on 50£. $2300

FR-4 ISRAEL. Bank of Israel. 1964. Gold 50 Lirot . Double Cornucopia. 10th Anniversary Bank of Israel. KM-44, Fr-4. Choice BU. $835

FR-4A ISRAEL. Bank of Israel. 1964. Gold 50 Lirot . Rare, low mintage. Only about 800 minted. Fr-4a, KM-44a, Y40. Choice Proof. $2225

FR-5 ISRAEL. Victory. 1967. Gold 100 Lirot. Western Wall in Jerusalem/Olive leaf around sword within star-like design. KM-50, Fr-5. Choice Proof. Probably the most popular Israeli gold coin. $1675

FR-6 ISRAEL. Jerusalem Reunification. 1968. Gold 100 Lirot. City View/Old Temple. KM-52, Fr-6. Choice Proof. $1340

FR-7 ISRAEL. Shalom. 1969. Gold 100 Lirot . Helmet & olive-branch /Stylized Shalom שלום. KM-54, Fr-7. Choice Proof, a few very tiny field marks. $1325

FR-8 ISRAEL. Let My People Go/Freedom. 1971. Gold 100 Lirot. "Freedom" Gold Commemorative. KM-60, Fr-8. Choice Proof, a few very tiny marks in field. $1325

FR-9,10,11 ISRAEL. 25th Anniversary. 1973. Gold 50, 100 & 200 Lirot . Last page of Declaration of Independence with signatures. 3 piece set. KM-72-74, Fr-9-11. Choice Proofs. $2530

FR-12 ISRAEL. David Ben-Gurion. 1974. Gold 500 Lirot. Fr-12, KM-82. Choice Proof. $1490

FR-13 ISRAEL. Bonds. 1975. Gold 500 Lirot . 25th Anniversary of Israel Bonds Program. Geometric Design. KM-83, Fr-13. Choice Proof. $1225

FR-14 ISRAEL. Loyalty. 1978. Gold 1000 Lirot . Restoration of Life. 30th Anniversary. KM-93, Fr-14. Choice Proof. $725

54928 *ISRAEL. Capital Plastic Holder for Israel. Gold Coins. 1960-1978. Set 1a. Spaces for 15 gold coins, including the rare Bank Proof. Deep blue, with gold lettering. In box. These holders are difficult to locate and seldom seen. This holder contains no coins as if you couldn't tell from the price. $99

54888 *JAPAN. Tempo. (1837-54). Bu, Ichibu. Cr-16. EF. $69

54889 *JAPAN. Kaei. (1853-65). Shu, Isshu Gin. Much nicer than usually seen. Cr-12. Choice EF+. $45

54890 *JAPAN. Meiji. ND (1868-69). Shu (Isshu Gin). Nice coin. Cr-12a. Ch EF, small clip. $45

End of Sale.