Auction 43B - November 14, 2013

Ancient and World Coins

Auction Sale #43B

This auction is now closed. Please see our list of prices realized.

Closing Date and Time:
Thursday, November 14, 2013
9:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time

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TERMS OF SALE   (back to top)

1. All bids are per lot as numbered in this catalog.

2. Payments are strictly cash (cash, check, money order, bank draft, bank wire or approved credit card) in US dollars. See Term #8 for credit card terms. All checks must be written in US dollars on a US bank. We do not accept payment via PayPal. Bidders are responsible for any and all bank charges for bank wires etc.

3. Auction sales are not approval sales. The bidders assume responsibility to pay for all lots bid on. Lots may be returned for reasons of improper description only within 3 days of receipt. Lots examined prior to the sale may not be returned for any reasons except authenticity. Late payers forfeit any return privileges.

4. All materials are guaranteed genuine, unless noted otherwise.

5. We reserve the right to reject any bid.

6. Title does not pass until lots are paid for in full.

7. Postage, insurance & handling are extra. A minimum of $5 per shipment will be charged.

8. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted for payment. However an additional 3% is charged, to help cover our costs, for use of card in auctions and mailbid sales. Please note if you use a credit card and are a new customer, we must be able to confirm your billing address.

9. All lots with six (6) or more items are sold as is, and are not returnable.

10. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt unless arrangements are made prior to the close of the sale. All invoices over 30 days overdue are subject to an interest charge of 1 ½% per month.

11 There is a $25 charge for bad checks.

12. In case of tie bids, the earliest bid received will win the lot.

13. Phone, fax, mail and email bids are accepted. Phone bids should be confirmed in writing. All email bids will be confirmed by a return email. We will also try via email to confirm receipt of bids received by any other method.

14. Estimates are just that, estimates. Lots, may and do, sell for above and below estimate. Please bid what the lot is worth to you. High bids will be reduced to 5 to 10% over the 2nd high bid whenever possible.

15. Bidders are responsible for errors in bidding, so please check your bid sheet carefully.

16. There are no buyer's fees in our sales. The only additional fee charged is for shipping or for use of a credit card or a bank wire.

17. All overseas packages will be shipped via registered or express mail at buyer's risk. Shipments of books will be very expensive to overseas addresses.

18. Bidders not known to us must provide us with satisfactory credit references or pay a (refundable of course) 25% deposit.

19. Slabbed (encapsulated) coins, notes, medals or tokens certified by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS may not be returned.

20 The minimum acceptable bid on any lot is at least 60% of the estimate. In some cases it may be higher than that, but it will never be higher than estimate. We have made every effort to make our estimates conservative and realistic. In the case of lots with precious metals, bids must be the "melt" value of the item at the very least. As we write this, gold is about $1300 per ounce and silver around $22 per ounce. Both markets have been very volatile lately. If in doubt, please ask us.

Please see below for new bidding rules for the last day of the sale.




Telephone Bids will be accepted until 9:00 Mountain Time

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We will stop taking bids after 9:00 PM Mountain standard time on Thursday November 14, 2013 or as soon as our phones stops ringing for 10 minutes. However you may still leave bids on our phones via voice mail, via Fax or via email until midnight. This should make it easier for anybody who wants to bid on the last day, the last hour or even the last minute to do so. As always winning bids will be reduced to one advance over the 2nd high bid.

We suggest you bid above estimate if you want an item, as high bids will be reduced to one bidding increment over the 2nd high bid. Our bid sheets offer several bidding options that can save you money, optimize your bids and see that you get the lots that you really want. If you are unsure of your bidding strategy, please give us a call or contact us by email and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

There is a minimum bid of at least 60% of the estimate on each lot. However in some cases the reserve may be higher than 60% of the estimate although it will never be higher than the estimate. We will always try to make reserves and estimates reasonable and in line with today's market. Of course in many cases lots may be offered so infrequently that our estimates are just educated guesses.

We take seriously the commitment to reduce bids. We do not reveal the high bid on any lot, however we will tell you if you are the high bidder at the time of your request. Usually more than half of all successful bids are reduced and over 75% of successful bidders have at least one of their winning bids reduced. We believe that the best strategy to being a successful bidder is placing your bids early and not waiting until the last minute. We believe the best bidding strategy is to bid early knowing winning bids will be reduced to the next bidding increment over the 2nd high bid. It's a successful auction when everybody is satisfied with the results: the consignors, the bidders and the auctioneer. Many of our consignors have been consigning material to us for 20 or more years, others have been buying material from us for as long or longer and are just now disposing of their collection or of parts of their collection. And more than a handful of the successful bidders in our sales of the past few years have been bidding (and buying) in our sales since the 1970s. We must be doing something right.

There are no buyer's fees in our sales. You are charged only for the amount of your winning bid plus a postage and shipping charge. If you want the convenience of using your credit card or sending us a bank wire, we do charge a small fee to help cover our costs. There are only a few coin dealers who still do not charge a buyer's fee. Some companies charge a 15 to 20% buyer's fee, plus a consignor fee as well!

LOT VIEWING SCHEDULE   (back to top)

Denver coin exposition. october 25-27 2013. National Western Complex "Expo Hall". 4655 Humboldt Street, (I-70 and Brighton Blvd. Exit), Denver, CO. Friday and Saturday 10 am - 6 pm and Sunday 10 am-3 pm.

We should have all lots from the auction with us at this show and we will be there for all public hours. If you are heading to the show and have gotten lost or can't find our tables, call us on our mobile phone number at 303-910-8245.

dawn meeting. november 1, 2013. We plan on attending the meeting and will bring most any lot that you ask us to bring. If you don't ask us to bring it, we will NOT bring it.

From October 28th until the close of the sale either Rita or I (usually both of us) will be available in our office for questions about the sale or particular lots. Our usual office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 6 PM Mountain time. As the closing date draws near we will expand our hours. If you call and we are not in, please leave a message with the best time to return your call and we will try to get back to you at your preferred time. Of course you can email 24 hours a day and we will return the email as soon as we can.

We will confirm all email bids within 24 hours of receiving your bid. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us. Email bids received between 9 PM and Midnight on November 14th will be confirmed sometime the next day. We do not confirm bids received via mail or fax unless specifically asked to do so. However if we have your email on file we will try to do so. When sending us a bid sheet via regular mail, fax or as an attachment, please write carefully on your bid sheet. And a short description is always helpful to avoid mistakes.

No information will be available about the results of the sale until bids have been checked and invoices have been written. This usually takes 3 to 4 days. We will not be answering the phones until that information is ready. We hope to have the phones open by Tuesday November 19th or if we don't hit any snags, perhaps sometime on Monday the 18th.

Please note that this entire catalog is also up on our website, or will be very shortly. Our website address is There you will find, not only everything that is in this catalog, but color images of many more items than are in this printed version of the catalog.

As many of you are aware, we no longer issue printed Fixed Price Lists via mail (with the possible exception of an Israel/Palestine list later this year). However we have occasional offerings of coins, medals, tokens, paper money, numismatic books, odd & curious money and more. We hope to resume a weekly schedule in the very near future. These lists will be available either via an email and/or on our website. If we have your email address we will send you an email reminder when a new list is up or the list will be included with the email. Of course if you don't want to receive these reminders, just let us know and we will remove your email address from our notification list. If you don't have an email account or access to the internet at home, I suggest you jog yourself down to your nearest public library and use their computer.



Telephone Bids will be accepted until 9:00 Mountain Time

Fax & email Bids will be accepted until Midnight Mountain Time

Bids left on our Voice Mail System (Answering Machines) will be accepted until Midnight Mountain Time

HIGHLIGHTS OF 2013 FALL AUCTION 43B   (back to top)

Welcome to our last auction of 2013. With this auction we are now (hopefully) back on schedule and are planning to have two auctions per year, one in May and the 2nd in November. Family obligations and the realities of "upgrading" our computers, cameras, software and scanner the past few years messed up our schedule. We hope that those problems are in the past, but as they say, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry". They, in this case, was the great Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Because of the need to get back on schedule, some of the photographs that we had hoped to have in the print version of the catalog did not get included in the catalog. Those pictures will hopefully be on our website. If you need to see an image of an item or a better image of an item, please let us know as soon as you can as it might be very difficult for us to supply you with an image during the last few days of the auction.

As usual our sale begins with a very good listing of ancient Jewish and Holy Land coins with special emphasis on the tiny silver coins used in the Holy Land in the 5th through the 3rd centuries BC. Rare Philistia, Samarian and Yehud coins abound although in some cases photographing them was a problem. We also have a very nice grouping of Herodian coins as well a number of better Bar Kochba pieces and the enigmatic Minimas of Caesarea coins. That section concludes with a nice listing of Holy Land "City Coins", some in much better condition than usually seen.

For coins in this section we have tried to use the catalog numbers associated with Coins of the Holy Land: The Abraham and Marian Sofaer Collection at the American Numismatic Society and the Israel Museum. This is the long-awaited book that the late Ya'akov Meshorer started in the last century and was delayed numerous times for various reasons including Abe Sofaer buying new coins or better specimens of coins he already had. Also the ill health and the (much too-soon) passing of Dr. Meshorer certainly delayed the publication process. But the book was published this spring and it was worth the wait. The book is especially important for the quality of city-coins photographed. While Rosenberger, Kadman, Spijkerman and others laid the groundwork for this field, the examples cited in their works left much to the imagination. Not so with this publication. We finally have, in this two-volume work, one place to see what that coin should really look like. We suggest you contact the ANS directly to acquire the book as we are trying to get out of the book business. Of course we haven't forgotten other references and in almost all cases one of the standard catalog numbers are also used to describe the coins.

Our Greek section, while small, has a number of interesting items including a couple of "tooth" coins from Akragas, attractive tetradrachms of Alexander the Great and Athens and some very nice coins from the Seleucid Kings and Phoenicia. Two very nice Tyre tetradrachms issued under Trajan are listed as well as the conclusion of a collection of mid-3rd century AD Roman Antoniniani from the Antioch mint. The ancient section concludes with two rare Arab-Byzantine coins, one from Tabariya (Tiberias) and the other from Baysan (Nysa-Scythopolis).

For the first time in a few years we have a section devoted solely to gold coins. The gold section consists of 4 medieval coins from India and a long run of Israeli coins containing most of the gold issues from 1960 until 2000! Our world coin section is highlighted by a number of items from Southeast Asia including some very scarce French Indo-China coins, a French Indo-China Die Collar, a rare token from Netherlands East Indies with text in both French and Chinese and a few rare 19th century Thai tokens. Our listing of the coins of Palestine is one of our most comprehensive in a number of years. I believe all 59 coins are listed, either individually or in groups. Also we have more than one of many of the key dates sometimes certified and sometimes "raw".

Also of particular interest is a rare Jehovah Taler from Sweden and a group of items pertaining to the renowned medallic sculptor Victor David Brenner. Brenner, of course, was the designer of perhaps the most famous and well-known portrait of Abraham Lincoln that we Americans see most everyday on our "penny". Or as numismatists are quick to point out, our cent. We listed the item in the coin section although the one "medallic" item is a medal made 100 years after his birth. The lot also contains a "Catalogue" of some of his medals and plaques from a 1907 NYC exhibit and "more importantly to us" a 1907 signed and handwritten letter concerning a numismatic topic.

Throughout the section are many other scarce and interestings coins, tokens and medals including numerous jetons with nautical themes. Another very rare item is a silver bracteate of Lezak the White (1202-1227) of Poland with the legend in Hebrew. Until a few years ago this coin was virtually unknown and it was unlisted in any of the usual "Hebrew Coins" of Poland including Gumowski and Friedenberg. A few other unusual items that might whet your appetite include a "Magic Square Amulet Coin of Mercury" on a Russia Rouble, some rare tokens from Australia and New Zealand, a previously unknown (at least to us) lead Crusader token of Jerusalem, a popular, scarce and high-grade condor token of Daniel Mendoza, a very rare 30 Lepta Ionian Islands coin and a medallic item pertaining to Vigo Bay and listed by Betts in his book, American Colonial History Illustrated by Contemporary Medals.

No doubt the foremost highlight of this sale, and certainly of our paper money section, is Lot #454, a Ming Note from China. While certainly not the world's rarest or most expensive note, it is most likely the most famous piece of "paper money" in the world. When the Ming Dynasty seized power in China from the Mongols in 1368 they tried to reintroduce bronze coins to the populace. However, there was not enough metal available for this, and paper money, made of mulberry bark, was produced from 1375. Paper money continued to be issued for another 20 to 25 years, but inflation quickly eroded its value. The experiment did not last long and before the end of the century the Mings ceased issuing the notes. The effect of inflation was so devastating that paper money was regarded with suspicion for many years and it was not until the 1850s that a Chinese emperor dared to issue paper money again. But these are considered the world's first paper money issued almost 300 years before paper money was introduced into Europe. And they are huge, our example is more than 8 1/2 x 13 inches and is certified by Paper Money Guaranty Corporation. The "slab" that the note is housed in is more than just a certification of authenticity but serves to protect the note. When we first saw the note in the summer of 2012, we had no doubt about it being genuine and an examination by one of the world's leading authorities on counterfeit detection of banknotes confirmed our belief. We added the PMG certification as an added protection for the note and for the next owner of this historic piece. Even if you don't collect paper money, you might want to consider this most famous and important banknote. Like an Athenian owl, a denarius of Julius Caesar or a St. Gaudens double eagle, the Ming Note is a true milestone in the paper money field.

Other paper money highlights include numerous "non-paper" silk, cloth and linen items from Bielefeld and of course numerous concentration camp, Ghetto, Displaced Persons and Prisoner of War notes from World War II. Notes are being sold from Asperg, Buchenwald Dachau (4 notes!), Nordhausen, Sachsenhausen, Amersfoort, Westerbork, the Lodz (Litzmannstadt) Ghetto and the Warsaw Ghetto among other places. Other items that merit mention include Konversionkasse notes, stock certificates from Blechhammer which is more infamously known as Auschwitz, a Bond of Islamic Unity Fundraising note, quite a number of Anglo-Palestine Bank notes, a very rare Bishlik "Trail" cardboard note issued by the Jewish community in Palestine in the last years of the Ottoman Empire and one of the most sought after US Colonial paper items, a Massachusetts Treasury Certificate with the vignette of a Continental soldier with a raised sword surrounded by a rattlesnake. Near the end of that section is an awarded "Service Star Wallet" for a World War II Syracuse, NY soldier.

Our Judaic and Holy Land section always contains scarce, unusual and seldom offered items and this auction is no exception. Numerous Biblically related European jetons begin the section including a silver Noah's Ark jeton. Lot # 574 is a rare "False Shekel" in silver from "Year Two". Another rare item is a Frankfurt synagogue medal from 1882 which I can't recall ever having. Other 19th and early 20th century items include medals or tokens of Aaron, the Birmingham Hebrew Social Club, Rison Le-Zion Colony, Rabbi Isaac Elechonon Spektor, the Great Synagogue in Cape Town and a number of medals pertaining to the "Dreyfus Affair". Also in the medallic section are a number of scarcer US Jewish merchant tokens, a silver medal of the 1st Maccabi games, a rare 1934 Tel Aviv Levant Fair medal, a silver Hadassah badge, two Leopold Loew medals from Hungary and a couple of very large Albert Einstein medals. A couple of other items in that section deserve mention. Lot 611 is what we believe is a 1953 Trial or Pattern telephone token in copper-nickel plated copper and is perhaps unique. The other is an Israel Defense Forces medal in silver presented to Robert Margrave, a munitions expert. We've never seen this medal engraved before or ever in silver.

Our officinal state medal section offers numerous rarities, engraved items and non-standard medal issues. Among the items offered are: a silvered Tel Aviv trade fair medal, an awarded B'nai B'rith commissioned medal, two medals inscribed and presented to Baroness Bethsabee de Rothschild, a Shavit Til (1st Rocket ship) medal in silver, an unknown (at least to us) commissioned Terra Sancta medal in silver, a rare awarded Economic Conference medal, 4 different Jerusalem Restoration medals (Mayor's Medal), 3 different Raphael medals, a very rare inscribed Shin Bet medal, the Persian coronation medal, a rare Sinai Campaign medal and two rare official state Mossad medals which we have never seen or heard of.

The paper section contains numerous topical postcards, some scarce ones being offered individually while others being offered in group lots. I would suggest a careful reading of the group lots of postcards and miscellaneous paper because no doubt there are a few gems in these lots. Most of the postcards are housed in high-quality archival protective holders.

As usual we end the sale with items from the Holocaust. We begin with more than 20 medallic lots including a number of rare commemorative medals, many of which are listed in Severin Szperling's A Catalog of Holocaust Medals, while others are unlisted by him but perhaps will be in a 2nd edition or an addendum. The remaining lots contain mostly paper items associated with the Holocaust including postcards, notgeld, documents, letters, propaganda, a taxation chit, "ransom money", payment vouchers, receipts, work books, ID cards, community tokens, a "miracle child" passport and the infamous yellow star.



Telephone Bids will be accepted until 9:00 Mountain Time

Fax & email Bids will be accepted until Midnight Mountain Time

Bids left on our Voice Mail System (Answering Machines) will be accepted until Midnight Mountain Time



Please note that we have used Sofaer numbers when cataloging many of the ancient Jewish coins. These are from the long-awaited new two-volume "Coins of the Holy Land "recently published by the ANS. This book will soon become the standard go-to catalog for this series.

*1 Philistia, Ascalon. 5th-4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.62g). Bearded male head right/ Facing standing owl, palm branch to right, "Aleph - Nun" in lower right, all in incuse square. Similar to Gitler-Tal III.6o. Toned Fine, porous. Extremely rare. $1200+?

*2 Philistia, Gaza. 5th-4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.58g). Crude helmeted head of Athena right/Owl standing right, head facing, ΑΘΕ to right, olive spray & crescent to upper left. Gitler-Tal 1Xo. Gd/VF, somewhat porous. Reverse is very nice. $300

*3 Philistia, Gaza. 5th-4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.68g). Helmeted head of Athena right/Owl standing right, head facing, ΑΘΕ & Mem to right, olive spray & crescent to upper left. Gitler-Tal V21O, H-1014. F/VF. Again, a very nice reverse. $450+

*4 Philistia. c. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.62g). Bearded male head, with oriental hairstyle bunched in back/Forepart of bull right within dotted border, all in incuse square. Gitler-Tal XX4Oa (same dies). F/Ch. VF. The obverse struck from a rusty die, probably after the G-T example. Rare. $300+ [reverse]

*5 Philisto-Arabian. 4th Century BC. AR Obol (.43g). Head of Athena right/Owl standing right, ΑΘΕ to right, something to left. SNG ANS-19. This is ex Lot #1 from our Sale 43A where we graded it, VG/VF. Nice reverse. The coin was sent to NGC for certification and encapsulation. Because of its size, it is not slabbed but it now comes with a NGC Certification as a "Plated Obol, ancient forgery". VF, Strike 4/5, Surface 2/5. That is a fourrée. Our consignor tells us that in a private conversation with David Vagi of NGC, Mr. Vagi told him that this was the first fourrée of this type that he had seen. Rare? Ex Harlan Berk. $75+?

*6 Samaria. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.69g). Persian king seated right on throne, smelling a flower and holding a scepter (?) in left hand/Persian king standing right raising right arm and holding a scepter in left. SC-14, Sofaer-91-92, CS-37. F/VF, bit oxidized. The Sofaer collection has 2 specimens of this coin. Our example is not as nice as #92, but much nicer than #91. $350+

*7 Samaria. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.69g). Lion crouching left, head facing in square, two letters above right/The same, but very weak. SC-69, Sofaer-82. Toned VF/aVG, reverse porous. $200+

*8 Samaria. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.36g). Persian king, walking to left, holding 2 lions by their hind legs/2 male figures walking l., carrying pole over shoulders from which hangs an animal, another animal standing left between 2 figures. SC-130, CS-59, Sofaer-144. aF. $275

*9 Samaria. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.67g). Janiform head, head-dress decorated with animal head/Stag crouching right, head turned back. SC-144, CS-81, Sofaer-189. Dark toned VF, bit off-center. Rare so nice. $650+?

10 Samaria. 4th Century BC. Silver-plated Obol (.46g). Bearded male head right/Lion's scalp facing. SC-161 (but plated). VF/F. $225

*11 Samaria. 4th Cent. BC. Silver Hemi-obol (.27g). Male head right with long hair/Lion's head facing with open jaws and protruding tongue. SC-163. Toned F+, bit grainy, minor flan chips. This coin sold for $75 in our Sale 43A. It now comes with a NGC Photo Certification as Choice VF, Strike 3/5, Surface 4/5. However because of its small size NGC would not encapsulate the coin. $100+?

*12 Samaria. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.65g). Round female head facing with small earrings (and necklace)/Lion's head facing. SC-166, 219. aVF, bit o.c. Scarce type. $450

*13 Yehud Coinage, Persian Period. Before 333 BC. AR Obol or Gerah (.46g). Obverse unstruck (should be head of Athena right)/Owl standing, "YHD" in ancient Aramaic to right, small lily to left. Reverse is toned sharp and clear, thus a nice VF. TJC-6v, H-1050v, Sofaer-2v. $220

*14 Yehud Coinage, Persian Period. Before 333 BC. Silver Obol (.51g). Bare male head right (very faint)/Owl standing to right, head facing, "yhd", to right, olive spray to left. H-1056 (RRR), TJC-13. Fair/Choice VF. Great reverse on this very rare coin. $550+

*15 Yehud Coinage, Persian Period. Before 333 BC. Silver 1/2 Obol (.26g). Head of Persian king right wearing jagged crown/Falcon with spread wings looking right, yhd (retrograde) to right. H-1059a, TJC-16c, Sofaer-15. VG/aVF, bit porous. The reverse is exceptionally strong and well-centered. $350?

*16 Yehud Coinage, Persian Period. Before 333 BC. Silver 1/2 Obol (.29g). Head of Persian king right wearing jagged crown/Falcon with spread wings looking right, yhd (retrograde) to right. H-1059a, TJC-16c, Sofaer-15. VG/F+, bit porous. $225+

*17 Yehud Coinage, Persian Period. Before 333 BC. Silver 1/2 Obol (.23g). Similar to above, but nicer. H-1059a, Sofaer-15v, TJC-16c. VF, bit porous. Nice for this rare issue. $550+?

*18 Yehud Coinage, Macedonian Period. After 333 BC. Silver 1/2 Obol (.21g). Facing head/Owl standing right, head facing, partial legend. H-1069,TJC-22, Sofaer-19. F/VF. Obverse mostly off-center, reverse partially off-center. $150+?

*19 Yehud Coinage, Macedonian Period. 333-302 BC. Silver 1/2 Obol (.33g). A large pellet or an egg-shaped object/Duck standing to right, head turned back. TJC-27a, H-1075c. VF, obverse off-center. This is a very rare type that is seldom offered for sale. $250+

20 John Hyrcanus I with Antiochus VII, Sidetes. 132-130 BC. Æ Prutah (2.87g). Lily/Anchor. H-1131, Sofaer-4. Gd Fine. $50

*21 Herod the Great. 40-4 BC. Æ 8 Prutot (7.38g). Military helmet, flanked by palm branches, two straps hanging down/Tripod holding ceremonial bowl, date (year 3) to left and monogram to right, "Of King Herod" around. H-1169, Sofaer-1, TJC-44. Well centered VF, a few flat areas. Very attractive coin and well above average. $850

*22 Herod the Great. Æ 8 Prutot (7.43g). As above, but nicer. H-1169, TJC-44, Sofaer-1. Well centered VF, surfaces tad rough, but a very nice coin. $1100? [reverse]

*23 Herod the Great. Æ 8 Prutot (8.27g). A third, as above. H-1169, TJC-44. F-VF, green patina. Nice, heavy example of this popular coin. $300

*24 Herod the Great. Æ 2 Prutot (4.03g). Poppy on stalk/Winged caduceus, year 3. H-1171, TJC-46, Sofaer-12. VG-F, heavy green patina. The patina will probably make this coin difficult to photograph, but it is a nice coin. $300 [reverse]

*25 Herod the Great. Æ Prutah (2.59g). Palm branch with objects to either side/ Aphlaston, flanked by date (year 3) to left and small monogram to right. Hen-1172, Sofaer-15, TJC-47, AJC-5. VF. $275+ [reverse]

*26 Herod the Great. Æ Prutah (1.88g). Similar, but "O" added to field at left. H-1172av, TJC-47b, Sofaer-16. F/VF, reverse a touch off-center, but all important details on flan. Very rare subtype. $500+? [reverse]

*27 Herod the Great. Æ Lepton (.63g). 3-line legend in wreath, "King Herod"/Anchor within laurel wreath. Weight is about half the average weight of the Prutah of this series, indicating that this is most likely a lower denomination! Hen-1173, TJC-60, Sofaer-41. VF/aF, dark green patina. $350

*28 Herod the Great. Æ Prutah (1.06g). "King Herod" in uneven lines/Anchor in circle decorated with stylized lilies. H-1174v, TJC-61v, Sof-42. Nice VF, with flan "handle". $200+

*29 Herod the Great. Æ Prutah (.99g). "King Herod" legend (in Greek)/Anchor in circle of dots. TJC-62v, H-1175v, Sofaer-49. VF, with 2 extended flan "handles" giving one a true picture of how ancient Jewish coins were made. Rare type. $550+? [reverse]

*30 Herod the Great. Æ Prutah (.90g). Retrograde "Herod the Great "in 3 lines/Anchor in circle. H-1177, TJC-61cv, Sofaer-44. VF. Attractive. $450 [reverse]

*31 Herod the Great. Æ 2 Prutot (3.16g). "King Herod" around cross with closed diadem/Tripod table, flanked by palm branches. H-1178, Sofaer-20, TJC-48. VF, flan a touch irregular. $300

*32 Herod the Great. Æ 2 Prutot (2.86g). Similar to above, but with an unusual arrangement of letters on obverse.. H-1178, TJC-48v, Sofaer-20v. Fine. $275

*33 Herod the Great. Æ Prutah (1.66g). Anchor/Double cornucopia. H-1188v, TJC-59a. aVF. $150

*34 Herod the Great. Æ Lepton or Half Prutah (.62g). "Herod", above and below cornucopia/Eagle standing right. H-1190, Sofaer-56, TJC-66. VF. This is the first coin issued by a Jewish ruler with a graven image which may represent the golden bird Herod placed above the temple in Jerusalem. $350 [reverse]

*35 Herod the Great. Æ Lepton or Half Prutah (1.02g). Another, as above. H-1190, TJC-66. Nice VF. $300? [reverse]

*36 Herod the Great. Æ Lepton or Half Prutah (1.05g). "King Herod" around anchor/ War galley. H-1191, Sofaer-53, TJC-65. VF, bit off-center. $275 [reverse]

*37 Herod the Great. Æ Lepton or Half Prutah (.93g). Another, but nicer. Nice VF+. A nice well-centered example of this popular type. $350+ [reverse]

*38 Herod Archelaus. 4 BC - 6 AD. ÆPrutah (1.65g). Crested helmet with cheek straps, caduceus at bottom left/Bunch of grapes on vine, with leaf at left. H-1196, Sofaer-81, TJC-73. Nice VF-EF, but irregular flan. $450

*39 Herod Archelaus. Æ Prutah (2.43g). Error. Similar, but highly irregular shaped. Struck with long "flan handle". H-1196v, Sofaer-81ff,TJC-73av. Nice VF+. $600+ [reverse]

*40 Agrippa I. 37-44 AD. Æ Prutah (2.62g). Umbrella-like canopy/3 ears of barley, LS = Year 6. H-1244, TJC-120, Sofaer-153. Nice VF, well-centered. Common coin in uncommon condition! $225+?

*41 Agrippa II, Roman Administration under Claudius. 54-95 AD. Æ22 (10.03g) of Caesarea Maritima. Laureate head of Claudius right/Inverted anchor in wreath. Very Rare. H-1263, Sofaer-89, TJC-356, RPC-4848. VF, a bit porous. $500+? [reverse]

*42 Agrippa II, Roman Administration under Nero. Æ24 (11.24g). Laureate bust of Nero right/Veiled Agrippina II, seated left, holding branch & cornucopia. H-1271, Sofaer-90, TJC-359, RPC-4680. VG. $275

*43 Agrippa II. Æ12 (1.68g). Laureate bust of Domitian right/Cornucopia, Year 25' "King Agrippa" in Greek, ET KE BA AŒì. H-1322, TJC-157, Sofaer-215. VF. High grade for this cute little coin. $450+ [reverse]

*44 Pontius Pilate, Procurator under Tiberius. 26-36 AD. Æ Prutah (2.19g). LIN (LIZ) in wreath, year 17/Lituus, unusual legend around, CPIOYKΛΙCPC. Very crude example. TJC-333v, H-1342c, Sofaer-38ff. F-VF. $225+ [reverse]

*45 Pontius Pilate, Æ Prutah (2.19g). LIZ (Yr 17) in wreath/Lituus, unusual legend around, CPIOYKΛΙCPC. Crude example. TJC-333v, H-1342c, Sofaer-44. VF/F. $400+ [reverse]

*46 Jewish War (First Revolt). 66-70 AD. Year two. Æ Prutah (2.22g). Amphora with broad rim and two handles, "year two"/Vine leaf on small branch' "the freedom of Zion". Crude irregular issue. H-1360b, TJC-198v, Sofaer-11ff. VF, but flan flaw leaf side. $350? [reverse]

*47 Jewish War (First Revolt). 66-70 AD, Year two. Æ Prutah (2.45g). Similar to above. H-1360b, TJC-198v, Sofaer-11ff. VF. $350 [reverse]

*48 Jewish War (First Revolt). 66-70 AD, Æ Prutah (3.18g). A third, similar to above. Crude irregular issue. H-1360b, TJC-198v, Sofaer-11ff. VG/F. $350? [reverse]

*49 Jewish War (1st Revolt). 66-70, year 4. Æ 1/8 Shekel (5.62g). "Year four" around lulav branch flanked by etrog on either side/Chalice, "the redemption of Zion". Hen-1369, Sofaer-44. F-VF. Purchased from Spink circa 1980 for £70 with their tag included. $100+? [reverse]

*50 Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135 AD. Silver Zuz or Denarius (3.04g). Undated, attributed to year 3. "Simon" within wreath/Fluted jug, handle on left, willow branch on right. H-1418, Mild-79. Toned EF, on slightly irregular flan. Light traces of under-coin visible on both sides. Purchased from Spink circa 1980 for £200 with their tag included. $500+ [reverse]

*51 Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135 AD. Silver Zuz or Denarius (3.20g). Undated, attributed to year 3. Bunch of grapes in 3 lobes, "Simon" around/Two upright trumpets, "for the freedom of Jerusalem". H-1431, Mild-166. Struck over a Roman denarius of Vespasian or Titus with the letters, "AESV" clearly visible. Choice toned VF+. Purchased from Spink circa 1980 for £300 with their tag included. $600+ [reverse]

*52 Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135 AD. Undated attributed to year 3. Æ Middle bronze, 25 mm, 12.17g. "Simon" across fields, beneath palm tree/"for the freedom of Jerusalem" around vine leaf. H-1437, Mild-103, Sofaer-144. aVF, green-brown patina, but very light oxidation. Purchased from Seaby circa 1980 for £60 with their tag included. Also included in this lot is a Prutah of Agrippa I (umbrella/barley type) which was also sold by Seaby. $100+? [reverse]

*53 Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135 AD. Undated attributed to year 3. Æ Small bronze, 19.5mm, 4.20g. "Simon" across fields, beneath palm tree/"for the freedom of Jerusalem" around bunch of grapes. H-1440, Mild-158, Sofaer-168. aVF, green-brown patina, but some oxidation. The ancient "caph" which should be below the shin and mem on the bottom right of the reverse is missing. Is this from a worn die? Or the oxidation? Purchased from Seaby circa 1980 for £60 with their tag included. Also included in this lot is a Prutah of Alexander Jannaeus of the anchor/star type which was also sold by Seaby but perhaps earlier because their tag uses a Reifenberg reference number. $100+? [reverse]

*54 Judaea Capta, Titus. 79-81 AD. Æ25.5mm (14.10g) of Caesarea Laureate head of Titus right/Trophy, Judaea sits mourning to left, shield to right. H-1449, Sofaer-13, TJC-384. aVF. $300+ [reverse]

*55 Minimas of Caesarea. 1st Century AD. Æ12.5mm (1.01g) (1/2 Prutah). Hd. of emperor right imitating a Roman coin/Vine Leaf. TJC-379. VG. Rare, I can't recall seeing this before. The jury is out on what these coins were, when they were struck and why. Meshorer in his Treasury of Jewish Coins (p. 183-184) suggests that these "imitations"of Jewish coins were struck in Caesarea by the initiative of their mint. He persuasively argues that if these were struck during the Jewish War against the Romans that some of these coins would certainly have shown up in hoards found at or near Masada. But they are found in Caesarea instead. And most of the types, but not all, have a Roman side and a Jewish side. If they were coins struck by the Jews during the Jewish War they would have had two "Jewish" sides. Of course it is possible that these might be two entirely different issues. $400+ [reverse]

*56 Minimas of Caesarea. 1st Century AD. Æ 12.5mm (.93g) (1/2 Prutah). Palm branch/ Unstruck. TJC-370v. Fine. Rare. $325+ [reverse]

*57 Minimas of Caesarea. 1st Century AD. Æ 12.5mm (.79g) (1/2 Prutah). Cup/Lulav between 2 etrogs, struck with broken die. In imitation of TJC-214. Unpublished? Rare? aF. $850+? [reverse]

*58 Bostra in Arabia Petraea. Diva Faustina I. wife of Antoninus Pius. Died 141 AD. Æ18 (4.04g). Draped and veiled bust right/Tyche standing, head left, holding scepter and resting left hand on hip. Sp-11, Ros-7, Sofaer-14. F/VF. $200+

*59 Caesarea in Samaria, Hadrian. 117-138 AD. Æ22 (8.87g). Laureate bust right/ Tyche standing left, wearing turreted crown and short chiton, right foot on prow, left hand holding a standard, right hand a human bust, crouching figure below. Ros-23, SNG ANS-769, Sofaer-28. Nice VF, green-brown patina. $90+ [reverse]

*60 Caesarea, Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. Æ24 (9.42g). Laureate bust right, legend reads "--A VANDE--"/Eagle, head left, with wings outspread with wreath, SPQR in wreath, "CEAS" to right. Ros-95v, Kad-97/98v, Sofaer-86ff. Crude Fine. $140+

*61 Caesarea, Volusian. 251-253 AD. Æ23.5 (13.94g). Laureate bust of Caracalla right/ Tyche stg l, with mantle over left arm, holding parazonium in left, human bust in right, right foot on prow. Ros-179, Kad-216. Gd Fine. Rare not in Sofaer. $150+ [reverse]

*62 Caesarea, Volusian. 251-253 AD. Æ24 (12.38g). Laureate and draped bust right/ Nike advancing left, holding wreath and palm. Ros-186, Kad-225, Sofaer-172. VF, or nearly so, with nice desert green-brown patina. Uncommon. $200

*63 Caesarea, Volusian. 251-253 AD. Æ23 (11.77g). Slightly bearded radiate bust right/ Emperor on horseback right, carrying spear. Ros-187, Kad-228, Sofaer-175. VF. $200+?

*64 Dium in Decapolis. Elagabalus. 218-222 AD. Æ20 (7.29g). Bust right/Hexa-style temple with pediment and central arch. Scarce. Ros-9, Sp-10, Sofaer-10. aF/F. $225

*65 Dora in Phoenicia, Antoninus Pius. 138-161 AD. Æ24 (12.99g). Laureate bust right/Laureate bust of Doros right, LCZ = 207 = 143/144 AD. Ros-35, INJ-9, #41. Sofaer-36. VF/VF+, nice green patina. $425+ [reverse]

*66 Dora, Julia Domna, wife of Septemius Severus. Died 217 AD. Æ21 (9.03g). Draped bust right/ Veiled bust of Tyche right, EΞC = 265 = 201/202 AD. INJ-9, #45, Sofaer-40, Ros-unl. Rare type. Fine. I don't believe we've ever offered this coin before! $250 [reverse]

*67 Gadara in the Decapolis, Crispina, wife of Commodus. Æ19 (4.84g). Her draped bust right/Bust of Zeus right, ΓMC = 243 = 179/180 AD. Ros-68, Sp-67, Sofaer-69. Nice VF+. $450 [reverse]

68 Gaza in Judaea, Vespasian. 69-79 AD. Æ23 (9.89g). Laureate bust right/City-goddess, wearing turreted crown, arms outstretched, holding ears of corn & palm branch. ΓAZ to left, mem below, LΠA to r. 130 = 69/70. Ros-49, Sofaer-48. VG/aVF. $85+

*69 GAZA, Hadrian. 117-135. Æ28 (12.95g). Laureate bust right/Io and City-goddess standing & clasping hands, Mem between them, year 4 = 193 = 132/133 AD. Yr 4 indicates 4th year after Hadrian visited city. Ros-68, BMC-25, Sofaer-60. Fine, nice green patina. $85+?

*70 Gaza, Marcus Aurelius & Lucius Verus. 161-169 AD. Æ19 (5.49g). Confronted busts of Aurelius on left & Verus on right, both laureate and bearded/Male figure (Apollo) standing left, holding on long branch, pouring libation over flaming altar, "Mem" in field at left. Ros-102, Sofaer-133. As BMC-97. Fine. $275+ [reverse]

*71 Neapolis in Samaria, Domitian. 81-96. Æ19 (7.67g). Laureate bust right/Palm Tree, LAI = year 11 = 82/83 AD. Ros-5, SNG ANS-963, Sofaer-4. Nice Fine. $100+

*72 Neapolis, Faustina Jr., wife of. Marcus Aurelius. ΠΘ = 89 = 160/161 AD. Æ30 (10.99g). Bust of Faustina, Jr. right/Veiled goddess, standing, both hands extended holding a wreath, flanked on either side by long-legged bird. BMC-60, Sofaer-55, Ros-unl. Gd Fine, very rare type. We haven't had this coin since at least 1995 and perhaps we've never had it. $325+ [reverse]

*73 Neapolis. Commodus. 177-192 AD. Æ15 (2.47g). Laureate bust right/Apollo standing resting right hand on club and holding bow. Ros-27, ANS-986, Sofaer-68. F-VF, scarce. Only 3rd we can recall having and this is the nicest of the 3! $200? [reverse]

*74 Neapolis. Elagabalus. 218-222 AD. Æ18 (6.91g). Laureate bust right/Winged Nemesis, standing left, right hand to lips (cult secrecy), wheel to left. Ros-52 (but without countermark), Sofaer-112. VF. $140+ [reverse]

75 Neapolis, Elagabalus. 218-222 AD. Æ 18.5mm (6.25g). Laureate bust right/Bust of Sarapis right. Ros-47, BMC-106, Sofaer-115. G-VG/VG-F. $75+

*76 Neapolis. Julia Maesa. Grandmother of Elagabalus & Severus Alexander. Died 225 AD. Æ20 (6.20g). Draped bust right/Tyche standing facing, looking left and holding cornucopia and rudder. Ros-58, Sofaer-122. VF. Scarce, seldom seen. I believe this is the first time I've had this coin. It is very nice and nicer than other examples offered for sale or published including the Sofaer example. $150+ [reverse]

*77 Neapolis. Julia Maema, mother of Elagabalus & Severus Alexander Died 235 AD.. Æ13 (2.61g). Draped bust right/Cultus-statue, resembling Ephesian Artemis standing flanked by stags. Sofaer-126, unlisted in other references! aF. Very scarce, I can't recall ever offering this coin before. $150+

*78 Neapolis, Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. Æ 15.5mm (4.97g). Laureate bust right/ Bust of Sarapis right. Rare, 1st I can recall offering. Ros-72v, Sofaer-131. F/VF, rev. a bit off-center. $100+?

*79 Neapolis, Philip I. 244-249 AD. Æ27 (14.00g). Radiate bust right/COL SERG NEAPOL in 3 lines, with a vine leaf at the end of the 2nd line. Ros-unl, SNG ANS-1016, Sofaer-163. G/VG. $90 [reverse]

*80 Neapolis, Trebonianus Gallus. 251-25 AD3. Æ 25.5mm (14.54g). Laureate bust right/Mt. Gerizim, supported by eagle, with spread wings and head left. Ros-113, BMC-148, ANS-1031, Sofaer-217. Fine. $120 [reverse]

*81 Neapolis, Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253. Æ25 (13.78g). Laureate bust right/Mt. Gerizim between star & crescent, ΕΠΙCHMO NEωKOP OY in 5 lines in laurel wreath. Ros-11, Sofaer-221. VG/F-VF. $275+?

*82 Nysa-Scythopolis in Samaria, Gabinus. 65-55 BC. Æ19 (5.12g). Wreathed head of Gabinus right, ΓAB behind/Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm branch. Ros-1v, Barkay,-3, RPC-4825, Sofaer-6. VG+. A rare coin, albeit in low grade. The type is usually seen with only 2 letters behind the head. $100+

*83 Nysa-Scythopolis, Caligula. 37-41 AD. Æ19.5 (6.61g). Bare head left/Dionysus standing left, resting left arm on thyrsus (spear), year 103 = 39/40 AD. Ros-4, Barkay-7, Sofaer-8. Fine. Scarce. I believe this is the first we've offered, at least via auction, since our 1995 Sugar Sale. $150+ [reverse]

*84 Nysa-Scythopolis, Gordian III. 238-244 AD. Æ21 (6.86g). Laureate bust right/Zeus seated left, holding eagle in right hand, ΔT in ex. Spijkerman-56, Barkay-95, Sofaer-69. VF. Scarce type, seldom offered. I believe this piece is nicer than any of the published specimens. $200+

*85 Caesarea Panias in Galilee. Marcus Aurelius. 161-180 AD. Æ25 (13.50g). Laureate bearded bust right/Pan, standing, head left, playing flute, leaning against tree, crossed legs, PO B -172 = 168/169 AD. Ros-11, INJ-8, #6, Sofaer-5. Fine. Scarce type which I don"t believe we've ever offered via auction. $300+?

*86 Caesarea Panias, Plautilla, wife of Caracalla. Died 211 AD. Æ20 (9.27g). Draped bust right, hair coiled flat in back of head/Pan, standing to front, head left, playing flute, leaning against trunk, legs crossed 204 = 200/1 AD. Ros-33, INS-8-27(a), not in Sofaer collection. aVF, bit off-center. The only other one we can recall selling was a VF specimen which sold for $450 in our Auction 40E. $300+?

*87 Petra in Arabia Petraea, Commodus. 177-192. Æ16.5 (4.01g). Laureate bust of Commodus right/3-line legend in wreath. Ros-18, Spijkerman-26, Sofaer-25. VF. Very rare type, only the 2nd we've had (and the nicest). Ex Kirk Davis & Amphora inventory. $350+

*88 Philadelpha in Arabia Petraea, Pseudo-Autonomous. 1st Century AD. Æ15 (2.59g). Helmeted head of Athena right, spear behind shoulder/Date and legend in wreath AMV = 141 = 78/79AD. Sofaer-1, Ros-5, RPC-II, 2108. Nice VF. Philadelphia is the modern day Ammon, capital of Jordan. Rare, I believe this is the first of these we've ever had! $250+ [reverse]

*89 Philadelphia, Commodus. 177-192 AD. Æ15.5 (3.51g). Bare-headed bust right/ Bust of Pallas-Athena right, wearing crested helmet. Sp-34, Ros-43, Sofaer-36. Fine. $200+ [reverse]

*90 Philadelphia, Commodus. 177-192 AD. Æ 19.5mm (4.70g). Laureate bust right AVTK AIC KOM/Bust of turreted Tyche right, ΦΙΛΑΔΕ ΛΦ•ΚΟI CVΡ. Reverse legend slightly different than that Spijkerman. Sp-38v, Ros-38, Sofaer-39. VF/Ch. VF. Rare type, especially so nice. $550 [reverse]

*91 Philippopolis in Arabia Petraea, Philip I. 244-249 AD. Æ29 (19.60g). Laureate, draped and cuir bust right/Roma seated left, holding eagle supporting 2 figures and resting on spear. Spijkerman-3, Ros-2, Sofaer-3. Fine. Scarce. $325+

*92 Philippopolis, Philip I. 244-249 AD. Æ19 (3.76g). Laureate bust right ΑΥΤΟΚΚΙΜΙΟΥ ΛΙΦΙΛΙΠΠΟCCEB/Helmeted head of Roma within wreath, S-C to either side. Sofaer-6, INJ-9, #5. F-VF. Extremely rare. Unlisted in Spijkerman, Rosenberger or BMC. I don't think I've ever offered this coin before. $1100+

*93 Sepphoris in Galilee, Trajan. 98-117 AD. Æ14 (2.74g). Bust right/2 ears of barley bound together by their stalks. Ros-6, BMC-17, Sofaer-4. F/VF, fields a touch rough. $80+

94 Sepphoris, Trajan. 98-117 AD. Æ14 (2.12g). Another as above, but a bit nicer. Ros-6, BMC-17, Sofaer-4. F/VF. $100+

Also see Lots 152 and 153 for two related coins.

OTHER ANCIENT COINS   (back to top)

Greek, Greek-Imperial, Rome, Byzantine and Arab-Byzantine

*95 Sicily, Akragas. 4th Century BC. ÆTetras (16.86g) Tooth-shaped coin. Eagle standing left/Crab, Dots on bottom. Hoover-126, SNG ANS-1017, SNG Cop-61. VF, difficult to photograph because of lack of contrast, but very nice example of a rare coin. $300+?

*96 Sicily, Akragas. 4th Century BC. Æ Hexas (7.50g) Tooth-shaped coin. Eagle standing left/Crab, 2 dots on bottom. Hoover-128, Calciati I, p. 146, 7, SNG Cop-63. VF, olive-green patina. This may be difficult to photograph because of its color, but it is a nice example of a rare coin. $300+?

*97 Sicily, Himera. c. 460-450 BC. Silver Tetras (1/4 Obol) (.18g). Bearded male head right/3 Pellets. Le Rider Pl. 24, #39, F/VF, grainy. Very Rare. A similar, but nicer, piece in NAC, 46, 193 sold for the equivalent of US $475 (plus a buyer's fee.) $250+

*98 Sicily, Leontinoi. 475-466 BC. AR Obol (.75g). Lion's head facing/Ear of barley ΛΕ ΝO, 2nd line of letters transposed. Hoover-687v, SG-828, ANS-213ff, BMC-19ff. Fine, grainy. $75+ [reverse]

*99 Sicily, Syracuse, Gelon. 485-478 BC. Silver Half-Obol? (.35g). Head of Arethusa right/ Wheel of four spokes. If this is 1/2 Obol it seems to be unpublished. cf. SNG-ANS-116. Grainy F-VF. $250+ [reverse]

100 Sicily, Syracuse. Late 5th Century BC.Æ Hemilitron (6.34g). Head of Athena in Corinthian helmet left/Hippocamp left. SNG ANS-426ff. Fine, nice olive-green patina. $75+

101 Sicily, Syracuse, Hieron II. 275-215 BC. Æ15 (3.01g). Female head left/Pegasus flying left. SNG ANS-1020, Hoover-1551 (Denomnation C). VF, dark green patina. This is a bit dark and won't photograph well, but it is an attractive coin. I've seen the female head on this coin variously described as "Female", "Arethusa" and "Persephone". $75+

*102 Sicily, Syracuse, Roman Rule. After 212 BC. Æ20 (6.59g). Laureate head of Zeus right/Tyche standing left, holding rudder and scepter, prow behind. SNG ANS-1061, SNG Cop-907. Fine+, green-brown patina, but porous. Rarely seen. $125+? [reverse]

*103 Macedonian Kings. Alexander II, the Great. 336-323 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (17.20g). Head of Hercules, with features of Alexander, clad in lion's skin right/Zeus seated left on throne holding eagle & scepter, Athena Promachos to left. Struck at Amphipolis in Macedonia just after his death in 323-320 BC. Price-109. Attractive EF, some dark areas on reverse. $650+?

*104 Boeotia, Thebes. 387-374 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.46g). Boeotian Shield/Amphora in incuse square, Δ-Ι to either side, small pellet above. BMC-25. Toned VF. $140+

*105 Boetia, Thebes. 387-374 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.51g). Boetian shield/Amphora in incuse square. SNG Cop-262. Fine. $140+?

*106 Boetia, Thebes. 387-374 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.19g). Boetian shield/Amphora in incuse square. SNG Cop-262. Fine. $125+

*107 Attica, Athens. 393-300 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (17.10g). Head of Athena right wearing crested ornamented helmet with 3 olive-leaves/Owl standing right, head facing, crescent & olive-twig behind, (ΑΘΕ) right, only bottom portion of letters visible. SG-2537, SNG Cop-63. Toned VF, light porosity. No test cuts! $400+

*108 SELEUKID KINGS of SYRIA, Seleukos I. 312-280 BC. AR Drachm (3.43g). Laureate head of Zeus right/A quadriga of horned elephants harnessed to a chariot, in which stands Pallas right, fighting, monograms above. cf. BMC-26, Spahr-101. Toned VF, light porosity. Purchased from Seaby circa 1980 for £115 with their tag included $150+? [reverse]

*109 Seleukid Kings, Antiochus VIII (Grypos). 121-96 BC. Ascalon mint. Silver Tetra-drachm (13.21g). Bust right/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, palm-branch in background, Dated H9P = 198 = 115/114. SG-7147ff, SNG Israel-2607, VF, scratches, porous. $600 [reverse]

*110 Phoenicia, Aradus. 349-338 BC. Silver Stater (10.25g). Bearded male head right/ Prow of galley right, 3 rows of waves below, letters above, figure of Pataikos on prow. BMC-63, Hoover-34 similar. Nice F+/VF, small banker's mark on cheek. An above average example of this coin struck just before Alexander the Great's conquest. Purchased from Spink circa 1980 for £140 with their tag included. $300+? [reverse]

*111 Phoenicia, Tyre. 450-400 BC. Silver Obol or 1/16 Shekel (.48g). Dolphin left/Owl standing, head facing, holding crook and flail all in dotted border and in slightly incuse circle. BMC-8. VF, tad off-center. $200+

*112 Phoenicia, Tyre. After 126 BC (33/34 AD). Silver 1/2 Shekel (6.02g). Laureate head of Melkarth right/Eagle standing on thunderbolt facing left, club to left, PNΘ = 159 = 33/34 AD (Year of the Crucifixion). Cohen DCA Rare, RPC-4693. Fine, chip at 12 o'clock. Scratches in field. Very rare date. $1100+? [reverse]

*113 Phoenicia, Tyre. After 126 BC (36-37 AD). Silver Shekel (13.88g). Laureate bust of Melkarth right. Shekel of Tyre. 30 Pieces of silver/Eagle standing left, palm branch under wing, club in left field (P) EB = 162 = 36-37 AD. KP in right, "Jerusalem" type. BMC-206, Pr-1426, RPC-4666, H-1620. F-VF, typical "crude" for this late type. $700+

*114 BAKTRIA, Indo-Greek Kingdom. Philoxenos. c. 125-110 BC. Æ18 (8.35g). City goddess standing left, raising hand and holding cornucopia, monogram at feet to left/Humped bull (Zebu) standing right, letter below. MACW-1960, SNG ANS 1208. Choice VF, light porosity. Purchased from Seaby circa 1980 for £85 with their tag included. $100+ [reverse]

*115 Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy II, Philadelphos. 285-246 BC. Æ46.5 (78.56g). Head of Zeus Ammon right/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, looking back, wings open. SNG Cop-141. Fine/VG, a bit rough especially on reverse with a flan crack at about 7 o'clock on obverse & correspondingly on reverse. A huge coin and rarely seen. We have no record of ever offering this coin before. $300+

116 Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy III, Euergetes. 247-221 BC. Æ13 (1.47g). Head of Alexander the Great, clad in lion's skin right/Eagle standing left. SNG Cop-188. Dark Fine, minor porosity. Nice coin but no contrast, thus impossible for us to photograph. $75+?

*117 Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy VI, Philometer. 180-145 BC. Æ22.5, 10.02g. Head of Alexander the Great right, clad in elephant's scalp/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt. SNG Cop-291. Fine. $60+? [reverse]

*118 Phoenicia. Tyre, Trajan. 98-117 AD. (year 17). Silver Tetradrachm (14.22g). Laureate head right, eagle standing right beneath bust, club below left/Tyche of Antioch, holding ears of wheat and poppy-head, river-god Orontes swimming right below. Prieur-1500, BMC-30. Nice VF+. $450 [reverse]

*119 Phoenicia, Tyre, Trajan. 98-117 AD (year 14). Silver Tetradrachm (13.89g). Laureate head right, eagle standing right beneath bust, club below left/Laureate head of Melqart right, lion's skin around neck. Prieur-1514, BMC-21. Nice VF. $350+ [reverse]

*120 Roman Egypt, Alexandria, Vespasian. 69-79 AD. Bi Tetradrachm (11.12g). Laureate bust right, LB = Year 2/Eirene standing left, holding corn and cornucopia EI PH NH. Curtis 252, Emm-203, Milne 388. Fine, encrustation, irregular flan. Scarce type. $75+

*121 Roman Egypt, Alexandria, Quintillus. 270 AD. Bi Tetradrachm (8.03g) of Alexandria. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right/Eagle stg. right, head back, wreath in beak, L A (year 1) in field. Milne-4296, Emm-3907, Cur-1725. VF, fields a touch rough. $450+

*122 ROME, Livia, mother of Tiberius. Died 29 AD. 22-23 AD. Æ Sestertius (17.63g). Carpentum right, drawn by 2 mules, SPQR IVLIAE AVGVST in 3 lines above/TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST PM TR POT XXIIII around large SC. SR-1738, RIC-51. VG, rough, but scarce. $125+

*123 Titus. 79-81 AD. AR Denarius (3.14g). Laureate head right/Throne with round back, on which are corn-ears. SR-2514, RIC-24a. Toned VF. $200+

*124 Trajan. 98-117 AD. AR Denarius (3.03g). Laureate bust right/Hercules, nude, standing facing on pedestal with club and lion skin. BMC-85, RSC 234, RIC 49. Toned F-VF. $60+

*125 Faustina Junior, wife of Marcus Aurelius. 161 AD. Silver Denarius (3.13g). Diademed and draped bust right/Twin sons (Commodus & T. Aurelius Fulvus Antoninus) "playing" on throne, SAECVLI FELICIT. SR-5260, RIC-712, C-191. VF. Uncommon and popular. $100+

*126 Caracalla. 198-217 AD. Silver Denarius (3.48g). Laureate bust right/Virtus stg right, foot on helmet, holding spear and parazonium. SR-6869, RIC-112. VF, small flan crack. $60+? [reverse]

*127 Elagabalus. 218-222 AD. Silver Denarius (3.20g). Laureate bust right, with horn on top of his head, signifying divine power/Elagabalus, in priestly robes, standing right, sacrificing over altar and holding cypress branch, star in field. SR-7542, RIC-131. Toned VF. $100+?

126 Caracalla. 198-217 AD. Silver Denarius (3.48g). Laureate bust right/Virtus stg right, foot on helmet, holding spear and parazonium. SR-6869, RIC-112. VF, small flan crack. $60+?

*127 Elagabalus. 218-222 AD. Silver Denarius (3.20g). Laureate bust right, with horn on top of his head, signifying divine power/Elagabalus, in priestly robes, standing right, sacrificing over altar and holding cypress branch, star in field. SR-7542, RIC-131. Toned VF. $100+?

*128 Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. Silver Denarius (3.03g). Laureate bust right/ Mars advancing right, holding spear and shield. SR-7882, RIC-246, C-161a. Choice toned EF. $300+

*129 Gordian III. 238-244 AD. Silver Antoninianus (3.91g). Radiate bust right/Providentia standing left, holding globe and transverse scepter. SR-8634, RIC-18, RSC-196. Choice EF, lightly toned. $75+

130 Gordian III. Bronze As (15.09g). Laureate bust right/Jupiter standing facing, head right, resting on scepter & holding thunderbolt. SR-8780, RIC-298b. Fine, nice portrait. $65

*131 Philip I. 244-249 AD. Silver Antoninianus (4.82g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right (PM in obverse legend indicates Persicus Maximus)/Pax standing left, holding olive-branch and scepter. Commemorates peace treaty with Persia. SR-8941, RSC-113. VF, but slightly oxidized. $100+

*132 Philip I. 244-249 AD. Silver Antoninianus (3.83g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right. (This type struck in 249 is usually seen with Philip II, thus scarce!)/Felicitas standing left holding long caduceus and cornucopia. SR-8950, RSC-155. VF-EF, flan cracks. $125

*133 Philip I. 244-249 AD. Silver Antoninianus (3.39g). Radiate bust right, unusual obv. legend IMP C M IVL PHILIPPVS PF AVG PM/Spes advancing left, holding flower and lifting skirt. Most likely Antioch mint. SR-8967, RIC-70. Gd VF and scarce. $100

*134 Philip I. 244-249 AD. Silver Antoninianus (4.09g). Radiate bust right/Victory standing left, holding wreath and palm. SR-8972, RSC-235. Choice EF+, broad flan. $100+

*135 Otacilia Severa, wife of Philip I. Silver Antoninianus (4.07g) of Antioch. Bust of Otacilia Severa right, crescent behind shoulders/Concordia seated left holding patera and double cornucopia. SR-9147s, RIC-143. GVF. $100+

*136 Philip II, as Caesar. 247-249 AD. Silver Antoninianus (4.33g) of Antioch? Radiate bust right/Jupiter standing left, holding thunderbolt & scepter, legends ends ConservatI indicating branch mint, most likely Antioch. SR-9238ff, RSC-13a. RIC-214. Nice EF, minor porosity. Both RSC and RIC tentatively attribute the coin to Antioch. Sear only lists the more common "Conservat" reverse legend. $200+

*137 Philip II, as Caesar. 247-249 AD. Silver Antoninianus (3.93g). Radiate bust right/ Philip II, in military attire, standing left, holding globe and spear. SR-9240, RSC-48. EF, struck a bit softly on reverse. $100+

*138 Philip II. 247-249 AD. Silver Antoninianus (3.59g). Radiate bust right/Mars advancing right, carrying spear and trophy over shoulder, Γ in field to right. SR-9277, RSC-88, RIC-223. Ch. EF on broad flan. $140+

*139 Herennius Etruscus. 251 AD. Silver Antoninianus (4.56g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right, 4 dots below bust/Pudicitia seated left, drawing veil from face and holding transverse scepter. SR-9525, RSC-35a, RIC-159b VF, some weak areas. $100+

*140 Hostilian, as Augustus. 251 AD. Silver Antoninianus (4.35g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right, dot below bust/Roma seated left, holding victory and spear, shield at side. SR-9583, SR-45a, RIC-204. EF, touch porous reverse. Rare. $250+

*141 Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253 AD. Silver Antoninianus (3.87g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right/Hexa-style temple containing seated statue of Rome. SR-9648, RIC-90, RSC-110. aEF. $100+

*142 Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253 AD. Silver Antoninianus (4.70g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right, IIV below bust/Hexastyle temple containing seated statue of Rome, IIV in ex, SAECVLLVM variety. RSC-111a, SR-9648. Toned EF, bit porous. $100+

*143 Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253 AD. Silver Antoninianus (3.46g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right, IIV (?) dots below bust/Felictas standing left holding long caduceus and cornucopia, IIV in ex. SR-9628, RIC-82 (S), RSC-34k. EF, minor porosity. $135+

*144 Gallienus. 253-268 AD. AR Antoninianus (3.94g). Radiate head right/Valerian and Gallienus, in military attire, face to face, one with spear & globe, the other with Victory and transverse spear. RIC-455, C-1312, SR-10414ff. VF/EF, obv a bit oxidized. $75+?

*145 Diocletian. 284-305 AD. Silvered Follis (11.05g) of Alexandria. Laureate bust right/ Genius standing left holding patera from which liquid flows & cornucopia, ALE in ex, no letters in field with reverse legend GENIO POPLI-IROMANI. RIC-unlisted? Toned EF-AU. Very attractive and presumably rare. $150+

*146 Jovian. 364-375 AD. Æ1 (8.33g) of Thessalonica . Bust right/Jovian standing front with Victory & labaram inscribed with a Chi-Rho, •TESΓ• in ex. RIC-237, SR-4085v. aVF, but areas of porosity. $75+?

*147 Procopius. 365-366 AD. Æ3 (2.55g) of Constantinople. Bust of Procopius left,/ Emperor standing facing, head right holding labarum & shield, small object at feet left CONSOB in exergue. SR-4124, RIC-17a. VF, but obverse legend difficult to read. $125+ [reverse]

148 Byzantine, Constans II. 641-668 AD. Æ Follis of Syracuse (4.41g). Constans & Constantine I standing/Large M, Heraclius and Tiberius standing on either side. SB-1110. Nice Fine, green patina. A scarce coin depicting 4 different emperors overstruck on an earlier follis. $75+?

*149 Byzantine. Nicephorus I. 802-811 AD. ÆFollis (1.81g) of Syracuse. Facing bust of Nicephorus, wearing crown, holding cross ΔΕC (Despot) to right/Facing bust of Stauracois. SB-1613, Spahr-354. F, bit rough, nice olive-green patina. $75+?

*150 Byzantine. Anonymous Follis, Attributed to Nicephorus III. c. 1078-1081 AD. Æ Follis (5.36g). Nimbate bust of Christ facing, raising right hand and holding Gospels/Ornate cross on floral ornaments. SB-1189, Class I. VF, thus much nicer than usually seen. This coin was Lot #94 in our sale 42A where it sold for $90. $75+?

*151 Byzantine Andronicus II. 1282-1328 AD. Æ Trachy. Flower or 6-pointed Star/ Andronicus standing, large "B" in each hand. SB-2393. VF on ragged flan. David Sear suggests that this is a 6-pointed star, but the late Chris Connell described it as a 6-petaled flower and I concur. Rarely offered for sale. Ex Chris Connell collection. $150+?

*152 Arab-Byzantine. Imitation of Byzantine Follis. 7th Century AD. Æ Fals (18mm, 3.84g). Constans flanked by his 2 sons/Large M, Tabariya = Tiberias. Rare. INJ-10, p.39 #17, SNAT-283-295, Sofaer-44. Fine. Very scarce. $500?

*153 Arab-Byzantine. Baysan (Nysa-Scythopolis). 7th Century AD. Æ 1/2 Follis (3.69g). Sophia & Justin seated/Large K-, mint name to left (at Baysan). Album-3510 (99), Sofaer-83. VF, green patina. $1000+?


For gold medals of Israel see Lots 618, 623, 639, 641, 644, 647, 648 and 662

*154 India, Chandellas of Bundelkand, Sallakshana Varam Deva. c.1097-1110. Gold 1/4 Stater (.93g). Four-armed Lakshimi seated cross-legged & facing/Legend "Srimad Hallak shana varmma Deva". MNIS does not list this denomination. M-NIS-403ff, Fr-204. Gd Very Fine. $150+ [reverse]

*155 India, Gahadavalas, (Rathors) of Kanauj. Govindachandra. c. 1114-1154. Gold Stater (4.20g). Four-armed Lakshimi seated cross-legged & facing/Legend "Vinda Chandra Deva". MNIS-490, Fr-213. Gd VF. $175+

*156 India. Western Chedi, Kalachuris of Tripuri, Gangeyadeva. 1015-1041. Gold Stater (3.77g). Four-armed Lakshimi seated cross-legged & facing/Legend "Srimad Ga - ngeya De - vah". MNIS-411. Fr-219. Nice VF. An attractive, well-centered example of this popular type. $150+ [reverse]

*157 India. Cholas of Tanjore. Raja Raja. 985-1014. Gold Fanam (.44g) or 1/8 Kahavanu. Tiger seated right, bow behind, facing two upright fishes/2-line legend, "Yuddha Malla". Scarce. MNIS-726, Fr-286. VF. I have seen this piece also listed under ancients. $175+

*158 Israel. Theodore Herzl. 1960/5720. Gold 20 Lirot. Bust left in inset at upper right, emblem of state & it is no legend/twenty Israel lirot 1860-1960 in both English and Hebrew around emblem of state. Fr-1, KM-30, G1. Choice BU. $475

*159 Israel. Chaim Weizmann set. 1962. Gold 50 & 100 Lirot. Bust left within rectangle/ Menorah. 10th Anniversary of his death. KM-40, 41, Fr-2, 3. Nice Proofs, light hairlines in field of 100 pounds and a few small nicks on 50£. 2 coins. $2000+

*160 Israel. Bank of Israel. 1964. Gold 50 Lirot. Double Cornucopia. 10th Anniversary Bank of Israel. KM-44, Fr-4. Choice BU. $725+

*161 Israel. Bank of Israel. 1964. Gold 50 Lirot. Rare, low mintage. Only about 800 minted. Fr-4a, KM-44a, Y40. Choice Proof. $2250+

*162 Israel. Victory. 1967. Gold 100 Lirot. Western Wall in Jerusalem/Olive leaf around sword within star-like design. KM-50, Fr-5. Choice Proof. Probably the most popular Israeli gold coin. $1600

*163 ISRAEL. Jerusalem Reunification. 1968. Gold 100 Lirot. City view/2ndTemple as seen on a Bar Kochba Sela. KM-52, Fr-6. Choice Proof. $1200?

*164 ISRAEL. Shalom. 1969. Gold 100 Lirot. Helmet & olive-branch/Stylized Shalom KM-54, Fr-7. Choice Proof, a few very tiny field marks. $1100+

*165 ISRAEL. Let My People Go/Freedom. 1971. Gold 100 Lirot. "Freedom" Gold Commemorative. KM-60, Fr-8. Choice Proof, a few very tiny marks in field. $1125

*166 Israel. 25th Anniversary. 1973. Gold 50, 100 & 200 Lirot. Last page of Declaration of Independence with signatures. 3 piece set. KM-72-74, Fr-9-11. Choice Proofs. $2200?

*167 Israel. David Ben-Gurion. 1974. Gold 500 Lirot. Fr-12, KM-82. Choice Proof. $1200?

*168 Israel. Bonds. 1975. Gold 500 Lirot. 25th Anniversary of Israel Bonds Program. Geometric Design. KM-83, Fr-13. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*169 Israel. Loyalty. 1978. Gold 1000 Lirot. Restoration of Life. 30th Anniversary. KM-93, Fr-14. Choice Proof. $575

*170 Israel. Peace Treaty with Egypt. 1980. Gold 5000 Lirot. 32nd Anniversary. KM-105, Fr-15. Choice Proof. $1000?

*171 Israel. Jabotinsky. 1980. Gold 500 Shekel. KM-115, Fr-16. Proof. $1000?

*172 Israel. People of the Book. 1981. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 33rd Anniversary. KM-113, Fr-17. Choice Proof. $1000?

*173 Israel. Baron Rothschild. 1982. Gold 10 Sheqalim 34th Anniversary coin. KM-120, Fr-18. Proof. $1000?

*174 Israel. Qumran Caves. 1982. Gold 5 Sheqalim. Holyland Sites. KM-125, Fr-19. Choice Proof. $450+

*175 Israel. Valour. 1983. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 35th Anniversary. KM-133, Fr-20. Choice Proof. $1000+

*176 Israel. Herodion Ruins. 1983. Gold 5 Sheqalim. Holyland Sites. KM-132, Fr-21. Choice Proof. $450+

*177 Israel. Kinsman. 1984. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 36th Anniversary. KM-138, Fr-22. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*178 Israel. Scientific Achievement. 1985. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 37th Anniversary. KM-150, Fr-24. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*179 Israel. Capernaum. 1985. Gold 5 Sheqalim. Holy Land Sites Series. 2,633 minted. KM-154, Fr-25. Proof. $450+?

*180 Israel. Art in Israel. 1986. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 38th Anniversary. KM-166, Fr-26. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*181 Israel. United Jerusalem. 1987. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. 39th Anniversary. KM-179, Fr-28. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*182 Israel. 40th Anniversary - 1st Knesset Meeting. 1988. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 40th Anniversary. KM-179, Fr-30. Proof. $1000+?

*183 Israel. Promised Land. 1989. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 41st Anniversary. KM-201, Fr-32. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*184 Israel. Jaffa Harbor. 1989. Gold 5 New Sheqalim. Holy Land Sites Series. KM-204, Fr-33. Choice Proof. $450+?

*185 Israel. Archaeology. 1990. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 1,815 minted. Rare and very popular yellow gold issue. 42nd Anniversary. KM-214, Fr-34. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*186 Israel. Sea of Galilee. 1990. Gold 5 New Sheqalim. 1,935 minted. Holy Land Sites Series. KM-211, Fr-35. Choice Proof. $450+?

*187 Israel. Immigration to Israel. 1991. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. 2,236 minted. 43rd Anniversary. KM-230, Fr-36. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*188 Israel. Dove and Cedar Trees. 1991. Gold 1 & 5 New Sheqalim. Holyland Flora and Fauna Series. KM-342 & 222, Fr-38 & Fr-38a. Choice Proofs. $650+?

*189 Israel. Law of Israel. 1992. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 44th Anniversary. 2,125 minted. KM-227, Fr-39. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*190 Israel. Paralympic Games. 1992. Gold 5 New Sheqalim. Barcelona Olympics. Only 1629 minted. KM-229, Fr-40. Choice Proof. $450+?

*191 Israel. B'nai B'rith. 1992. Gold 5 New Sheqalim. KM-236, Fr-41. Ch. Proof. $450+?

192 Israel. Roe & Lily. 1992. Gold 1 & 5 New Sheqalim. Holyland Flora and Fauna Series. 1,888 minted. KM-231a & 233, Fr-42 & 42a. Choice Proofs. $650+?

*193 Israel. Land of Tourism. 1993. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. 45th Anniversary. 1, 994 minted. KM-242, Fr-43. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*194 Israel. Revolt & Heroism. 1993. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. 1,583 minted. KM-249, Fr-47. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*195 Israel. Hart and Appletree. 1993. Gold 1 and 5 New Sheqalim. 2-piece set, low mintage, only 1,679 minted. Wildlife Series. KM244/246, Fr-45-46. Choice Proofs. $650+?

*196 Israel. Environment. 1994. Gold 5 & 10 New Sheqalim. 46th Anniversary. Only 1,407 minted. KM-254-255. Fr-47-48. Choice Proofs. $1450+?

*197 ISRAEL. Binding of Isaac. 1994. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. Based on Rembrandt's 1634 Amsterdam paining. 1,209 minted. KM-258, Fr-49. Choice Proof. From the popular Biblical Arts series. For another Binding of Isaac item, please see Lot #567. $1100+?

*198 Israel. Leopard and Palm Tree. 1994. Gold 1 & 5 New Sheqalim. Wildlife Series. 1,355 minted. Fr-50-51, KM-260, 262. Choice Proofs. $650+?

*199 Israel. Medicine in Israel. 1995. Gold 5 & 10 New Sheqalim. Only 1,147 sets minted. 47th Anniversary. KM-265-266, Fr-52 & 53. Choice Proofs. $1450+?

*200 Israel. Victory over Nazi Germany. 1995. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. 1,742 minted. Fr-54, KM-269. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*201 Israel. Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty. 1995. 10 Gold New Sheqalim. 1,451 minted. KM-280, Fr-59. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*202 ISRAEL. Solomon's Judgement. 1995. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. Biblical Arts series. Based on a 13th century work from the book "Miscellany" by Rabbi David Kimhi (Radak) from France, ca. 1280 AD. Only 961 minted. KM-283, Fr-56. Choice Proof. $1100+?

*203 Israel. Port of Caesarea. 1995. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. Only 927 minted. Attractive representation of an ancient ship. KM-289, Fr-57. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*204 Israel. Fox and Vineyard. 1995. Gold 1 & 5 New Sheqalim. Wildlife series. Only 837 minted. KM-275, 277, Fr-58-59. Choice Proofs. $750+?

*205 Israel. Yitzhak Rabin. 1996. Gold 20 Sheqalim. 1,999 minted and seldom offered. KM-299, Fr-60. Choice Proof. $1800+?

*206 Israel. 3000th Anniversary of Jerusalem. 1996. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. 1,641 minted. 48th Anniversary. KM-285, Fr-60. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*207 Israel. Miriam and the Women. 1996. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. Biblical Arts Series. Based on a picture from the Golden Haggadah printed in Barcelona circa 1320. Only 855 minted. KM-296, Fr-62. Choice Proof. $1100+?

*208 Israel. Nightingale & Fig. 1996. Gold 1 & 5 New Sheqalim. Wildlife Series. Only 775 minted. KM-291 & 293, Fr-63-64. Choice Proofs. $850+?

*209 Israel. 100th Anniversary of Zionism. 1997. Gold 10 New Shekel. Herzl leaning over balcony. 1,326 minted. 49th Anniversary. KM-302, Fr-95. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*210 Israel. Lion and Pomegranate. 1997. Gold 1 & 5 New Sheqalim. Wildlife Series. Only 742 minted. KM-307 & 309, Fr-66 & 67. Choice Proofs. $850+?

*211 Israel. 50th Anniversary. 1998. Gold 10 & 20 New Sheqalim. Large Flag. 2 popular coins depicting the flag of Israel. 2, 390 minted. KM-312/313, Fr-69-70. Choice Proofs. $2750+?

*212 Israel. Stork and Fir Tree. 1998. Gold 1 & 5 New Sheqalim. Wildlife Series. Only 553 minted. KM-321 & 323, Fr-71 & 72. Choice Proofs. $850+?

*213 Israel. High Tech in Israel. 1999. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. Only 751 minted. 51st Anniversary. KM-327, Fr-73. Choice Proof. $1150+?

*214 Israel. Millenium. 1999. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. Dove as "2000" with olive branch, and they shall beat their swords into plowshares. 1,859 minted. KM-333, Fr-74. Choice Proof. $1000+?

*215 ISRAEL. Wild Goat and Acacia Tree. 2000. Gold 1 & 5 New Sheqalim. Holy Land Wildlife Series. Only 600 of each minted. KM-348/350, Fr-80/81. Proofs. $850+?


*216 A potpourri of miscellaneous numismatic items. 1) Tiger Tongue, silvered 18th century ingot used in SE Asia (probably Laos or Cambodia) 118 mm, 106.5 grams with nice marking; 2) 8 Reale Cob of Mexico City, low grade and most likely sea salvaged. 27.49 grams, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from Big Blue Wreck Salvage Co.; 3) British East India Co. 1808 X Cash recovered from the Admiral Gardnar Wreck, this also with a Big Blue Wreck Certificate; 4) Austria, Grodig POW Token, 2 Heller Zinc AU, C-1679a; 5) Roman Empire 4th Century AD Constantine era Æ3; 6) Mexican city 4 Reale cob, spade shaped and somewhat corroded from the ocean. 8.69 grams. Difficult to attribute with certainty but the cross looks like a flowered cross only found on coins of Mexico city, the weight is much heavier than a 2 Real and a 4 reale that is corroded could easily have this weight; and 7) US 1868 2 Cents, VG-Fine and cleaned. An eclectic group of 7, the first two being scarce, most low grade. Sold as is, no returns. $100+?

*217 Magic Square Amulet Coin of Mercury. Mercury carrying a banner (which looks like a large pipe wrench), "Mercure" and 5-pointed star above/A large square containing more than 81 numbers or symbols all punched in, with names or words etched on the 4 sides around them, plus various symbols around the edge. Hand-engraved and punched on a Russian Ruble struck in Brussels in the 1897-1899 period. A magic square is a series of numbers arranged in an equal number of cells constituting a square figure, the enumeration of all of whose columns, vertically, horizontally and diagonally will give the same sum. This type is said to be from a "cult" of Christian Kaballasts. Certainly unusual. For another amulet see Lot 576. $100+? [reverse]

*218 Afghanistan, Zabul. 9th to 10 Century AD or Saffarid, Ya'qub bin al-Layth 861-879 (AH 247-265)? Silver drachm or Jital (3.31g). Sanskrit legend above seated bull left/ Horseman right, holding spear, "Adl" in front of horseman. MACW-1586, Album A1402 (S). aEF. Mitchiner is "inclined" to attribute this coin to the Kingdom of Zabul, while Album believes the coin to be struck at or near Kabul by Ya'qub or his governor. The legends don't mention either the place of issue or the issuer. Still, a very high grade for this scarce coin. $75+

*219 Algeria. ND 1940s? Casino token? 1 F. above "Kursaal" on both sides. Brass 23mm. VF, some nicks. $75+?

*220 Annam. (Vietnam) Tu Duc. ND (1848-53). Silver 1 1/2 Tien. Silver Bar Coinage. "Tu Duc nien tao" (made in the Tu Duc era). Design on edge/"Gia tien nhat quan" (monetary value one Quan). KM-481, Schr-340. VF, hole at edge in middle. $175+?

221 Armenia. Group of Silver Trams. Hetoum I and Zabel (1226-1270) (10), Oshin (1308-1320) and Levon IV (1320-1342). All have been identified by either Bedouikian and/or Nercessrin numbers with their legends written out. VG-VF, average Fine. Our retail price on these is $585. Please note that the identification was not done by us but by someone who knows Aremenian coins far better than I. 12 coins. Sold as is, no returns. $350+?

*222 Australia. Melbourne, James Nokes. ND. Half Penny Token. Legend/Seated figure of Britannia with wand and olive branch. Rare type, seldom seen so nice. Andrews-407, KM-Tn-186. Ch. EF+. Nokes issued two half-penny tokens, this type is 2 to 3 times as scarce as the other type. Not pictured in Krause (and described incorrectly). With die breaks on legend side which seem normal for other images we've seen. Rare! $600+

223 Australia. Melbourne, Thrale & Cross. 1851. Half Penny Token. Legend around legend in four lines/Kangaroo right, Melbourne above, legend below. Ren-55, A-584, KM-Tn254. VF, a few rim nicks. KM values in VF at $750! $200+

*224 Australia, QEII. 1992 Dollar. KM-175. Barcelona Olympics depicting a female javelin thrower on reverse. BU. $65

*225 Australia, Internment Camp Token. WWII. ND Penny Token. Camp-1261, KM-TN1.1, Feller Au-970a. VF, but cleaned. This is the first we've offered in auction in more than 10 years. $140+

*226 Austria, Boleslaweic. ND (18th Century). Silvered (12.38g) c. 45 x 52mm heart shaped amulet. Grace standing forward, head held by two angels, B•V•M•BOG. to left, EN BEF GENS to right/Angel at right holding scythe about to be beheaded by man at left? Looped at top for wearing with three projections around. See Hirsch Auction #290, Lot 1727 for a similar medal that sold for over $400 US. $200+? [reverse]

*227 AUSTRIA, Holy Roman Empire. 1742. Maria Theresia Satirical, Æ 40mm Medal, (17.44g.) Commemorating the War of the Austrian Succession. DIE ENT BLOSTE KONIGIN VON UNGARN, Maria standing nude, stripped by Cardinal de Fleury and Louis XIV of France, saying "J'ai gagne" (I won) / DIE : KONIG : VON : UNGERN : ZIEHT : EIN : BEIIJERSCHE : HOSE : AN, Maria donning the Imperial pants with the help of a maid, saying "Vous avez perdu" (You lost); Louis XIV of France standing to left, his crown loose. Montenuevo 1746. There were two successive satirical medals dealing with Maria Theresia. The one issued in 1743 seems to come up for sale more often. EF, a few spots. $75+?

*228 Austria. Franz II (I). 1831-A. 20 Kreuzer. One year type with ribbons forward across neck. Cr-506, KM-2146. VF/VF+. $60+ [reverse]

*229 Austria. Sigmund Freud. 1956. Æ 67mm by A. Guzman. Head of Freud left, "1856-1939"/Serpent & winged Oedipus. Struck for his 100th birthday by International Association of Psychoanalysts. Scarce. As struck with a few minor spots. $150+ [reverse]

230 Belgian Congo. Congo Free State. 1888/87. 5 Centimes. Y-3, KM-3. Nice Brown Unc. $50+

*231 Belgium. Brussels. Anonymous Local Coinage. 1235-1280. AR Denier (.53g). Windmill type Cross of Brabent/Bridge or gangplank. SCMF-7369, dw-98. Nice VF. This coin sold in our sale 42A for $175. Unfortunately the bidder never paid for the coin (and others!). $150+

*232 Bulgaria. Ivan Stratsimir. 1356-95. AR Grosh (.87g). Bust of Christ holding Gospels/Ivan enthroned holding scepter and mappa. Youroukova-107, CME-388. Fine, a few flat areas. $60+

*233 Cambodia. Norodom I. 1860. 10 Centimes (9.96g). KM-43.2 (missing from latest edition of KM), Bruce-X3, Y-3. Restrike, choice Red & brown Unc. A couple of nicks. Reflective surfaces. $200+?

*234 Cambodia. Norodom I. 1860. 2 Francs. Restrike. KM-47.2 (old), Bruce-X7, Y-7, Lecompte-68. Toned EF, a local issue struck from Werden's original dies. Ex Richard Margolis inventory with his tag included. The 2 Franc denomination is scarce and is seldom seen, which Lecompte prices at 360€ in Sup (EF). $200+? [reverse]

*235 Canada. Victoria. 1858. 20 Cents. One year type. A couple of rim nicks, but otherwise a nice type coin. Y-4, KM-4. Nice toned VF+. $200+? [reverse]

*236 China, Empire, Kung-up Board of Public Works. ND (1851-61). 100 Cash. Large square hole cash coin. Cr-2-8. Nice VF. $100+?

*237 China, Fukien Province. ND (1851-61) 20 Cash. Cast Brass. Cr.10-10, Ding-2517. VF, some nicks. $100+?

*238 China, Fukien Province. ND (1851-61) 20 Cash. Cast Brass with 4 characters on rim. Cr.10-12, Ding-2520, Schjöth-1591. VF, some nicks and oxidation. Seldom seen. $100+?

239 China, Kiangnan Province. (1898) Dragon Dollar. Y-145a.1. Nice VF, with two obverse chop marks, one about 2 o'clock and the second near the center of the coin. A few minor scratches. $200+?

*240 China. Republic. Year 3 (1914). Dollar. Yuan Shih-Kai "Fat Man Dollar". Vertical reeding. Y-329. Nice Toned VF. From an old collection and purchased in the 1970s by the former owner. $100+

*241 Crete. George of Greece. 1901. 5 Drachmai. Bust right/Arms. One year type. Y-9, KM-9, Dav-118. Nice Fine. $140+

*242 Crimea, Caffa. (Genoese Trading Colony). (c. 1289-1390?) Golden Hoard Tatar Coinage. AR Denga (.89g). Genoese castle/Tamgha, Arabic legend. MWI-2358. VG/F-VF, reverse a bit off-center. Very scarce coin. $125

*243 Crusaders. Achaea, John of Gravina. 1318-33. Bi Denier Tournois (.65g). Cross pattée/Annulet on each side of castle, M below it. CCS-56 (R). F-VF, some weak areas. $75?

*244 Crusaders. Antioch, Tancred. 1101-1112. Æ Follis (4.22g). Bust of St. Peter facing/Greek legend in four lines, "Lord, help your servent Tancred". CCS-3a, Schl. II, 6. VF. High grade for this Type I coin. $175+

*245 Crusaders. Cyprus, Hugh I. 1205-1218. Bi Denier (.53g). Cross, crescents and pellets in 1st & 4th quarters, pellets in 2nd and 3rd/Gateway with three battlements and door. CCS-12. aVF, small chip. $175+

*246 Crusaders. Epirus, Philip of Taranto. Bi Denier Tournois (.51g). Cross pattée, with fleur-de-lis at the beginning and end of legend/Castle tournois. CCS-111b. VF, a bit grainy but basically full legends! $75?

*247 Crusaders. Jerusalem (?). 11th-12th Century? Lead Token 12mm, 1.42g. Jerusalem cross/David's Tower. Nice VF/F with scrape at bottom of tower on reverse. Our attribution to Jerusalem is somewhat theoretical and is based on the appearance of what we believe is David's Tower on the reverse. Other lead tokens of the Crusaders have been attributed to Caesarea and Acre. See MWI-2420-2433, Israel Numismatic Journal #13 and Metcalf-1229ff. $75+?

*248 Crusaders. Tripoli, Raymond II & Raymond III. 1137-1152, 1152-1187. Bi Denier (.86g). Cross, pellets in 3rd and 4th quarters/Large crescent & eight-pointed star, with pellet between each ray, and series of pellets below crescent. CCS-8, Schl. IV, 4. VF, flan split, scrape on reverse. With old tag (from Spink?) included. $100+

*249 Cuba. Republic. 1915. 20 Centavos. High relief star with course reeding. Y7, KM-13. VF. Scarce, KM values this at $150 in this grade. $75+?

*250 Cuba, Republic. 1916 20 Centavos. Y-7, KM-13.2. BU. Rare this nice. $125+

*251 Curacao. c. 1880. J. J. Naer Co. "J.J.N."/1 Stuiver. Scholten-1409, KM-Tn2, Rulau Cur-13. Gd Very Fine. A rare Jewish Merchant Token. $100+

*252 Danzig.1653. Gilt Æ63 mm, (57.23g) by J. Hoehn, on the visit of the Polish king John II Casimir (1648-1668) in the city of Gdansk. Concordia standing with two hearts in right hand and holding in his left hand the coats of arms of Poland and Danzig, above hover two angels in clouds and holding a crown/Crowned eagle above a city view of Gdansk, open sea with ships in the background, above Jehovah in Hebrew, date in legend around. Dutkowski-Suchanek-577a. VF-EF. Rare. $200+?

*253 Denmark, Christian IV. 1645 4 Skilling. Crowned 4 monogram of Christain IV/ Jehovah in Hebrew between Jusus and Judex in Latin, date below. KM-133.1, Hede-150, Needleman-61. VF, weak in spots. Always popular. We sold a Fine in 2007 for $90. This is nicer. $100+

*254 Denmark, Christian VII. 1771 1 Skilling. KM-616 variety. VF, a few rim bumps reverse. The 1771 skilling was struck with a frozen date from 1771 until 1785 at Copenhagen, Altona and Kongberg. Krause lists 7 varieties and pictures the most common. This is not the common variety as the K & M in the reverse legend are much farther apart than the one in Krause. $50+?

*255 Denmark, Christian X. 1912 2 Kroner. Y-40, KM-811. Death of Frederick VIII and Accession of Christian X. BU. Nice grade. Krause values this at $150 in Unc. and $240 in BU. That seems a bit high, but this is still a nice coin and should be worth our estimate or more. $90+?

256 Denmark, Frederick IX. 1959 2 Kroner. Y-62, KM-838.2. Nice AU, key date. $40+

*257 France, Early Feudel Period. 11th to 13th Century. Silver Denier (.66g). In imitation of Charles the Bald types. Melle. Legend around cross/MET ΛLO in two lines, with an annulet between the Λ and L. SCMF-3862, Poey D'Avant 2457. F-VF, but small piece missing. $75+?

*258 France. Burgandy. 1707. Copper Jeton 31mm, 9.34g. Arms COMITIA BVRGVNDIÆ/Ship right, 2 stars above, date ex, CERTA DUCUNT SIDERA. Feur-9829, Mitch p.1124. Nice VF. $100+

*259 France. Poitou, Cardinal Richelieu. 1636. Copper Jeton 28.5mm, 6.57g. Bearded bust right/Ship under sail, right, date in ex. hoc dvce tvta. Feur-9003, Mitch-3125ff. F/VF. A scarce jeton of a popular subject. $75+

*260 France, Louis XIV. 1643-1715. A French Style Jeton of Lazarus Gottlieb Laufer, 1663-1709. Brass 29mm (3.77g). Elderly bust of Louis XIV/Crowned French shield. Mitch-1791. Choice EF. $40+?

*261 France. Lillie, City Siege Coin. 1708. 5 Sols. Crowned circular shield, crossed scepters behind/X S - PRO - DEFENSIONE VR RIS ET PATRIÆ 1708 in 6 lines. KM-5. Crude VF. Issued during 3 month resistance to English Forces. $120+?

*262 France. Lillie, City Siege Coin. 1708. 10 Sols. Crowned circular shield, crossed scepters behind/X S - PRO - DEFENSIONE VR RIS ET PATRIÆ 1708 in 6 lines. KM-6. Crude VF, but bold. Issued during 3 month resistance to English Forces. $120+?

*263 France. Lillie, City Siege Coin. 1708. 20 Sols. Crowned circular shield, crossed scepters behind/X S - PRO - DEFENSIONE VR RIS ET PATRIÆ 1708 in 6 lines. KM-7. Crude VF+, but bold. Issued during 3 month resistance to English Forces. $140

*264 France. Louis XVI. Constitutional type. 1791, L'An-3. 30 Sols (1/4 Ecu) of Paris. Bare head left, fox left privy mark below/Winged genius of France standing right, inscribing tablet set on column to right, harp privy mark. KM-606, Cr-91. Toned VF-EF, usual light adjustment marks on reverse and a couple of minor spots of porosity obverse. $175+

*265 France. 1st Empire, Napoleon as Emperor. (1808)-BB (Strasbourg). 5 Centimes. Large "N" within circle within wreath/Denomination, mint-mark, sheaf of wheat in circle. KM-689, Cr-149. VF, but for rough rim. One year type which was an "Essai" that circulated. $140

266 France. c. 1820-1830 Silver 34mm medals by Armand Auguste Caqué. A series on French kings, with the bust of the king on the obverse and a legend giving key details of his life on the reverse. Kings represented are: Clotaire III, Childebert II, Dagobert II, Thierry II, Louis V, John I, Charles VIII, Louis XII, Francis I, Henry II and Charles IX. 11 silver medals, toned EF. Individually these usually sell for $60 or more each. $400+

*267 France, Pierre Antoine Victor Delanneau. 1835 Æ 51mm by E. Gatteaux. His bust left/8-line Latin legend. Delanneau was a defrocked priest, an activist in the French Revolution, a teacher, author and a free mason. Forrer 2, 207. EF, die break on reverse from about 2:30 to 9 o'clock. $50?

*268 France. Emile Zola Homage Medal. Bronze, 1898. 59 mm, by Alexandre Charpentier. Robed and bearded bust right of French writer and controversialist/Radiant sun over 6-line excerpt from Zola's Dreyfus Case exposé J'Accuse", "The Truth is running and will not be stopped". Zola's protests derailed the official cover-up of the wrong done to Captain Alfred Dreyfus, falsely accused of espionage for Germany amid great public hysteria and anti-Semitism. Struck by Paris Mint, Bronze on edge. Reddish-brown, somewhat spotted. Scarce. In our last auction a similar medal sold for $125 in spirited bidding. That was the first we had offered since at least the mid-1990s. For other related medals, please see Lots 582 and 585. $100+

*269 French Colonies. West Indies. ND (1779). Stampee. Large Crowned C counterstamped on blank planchet. Probably circulated in the New Orleans area as well as the Caribbean. KM-2, Breen-699, Cr-10. VF, but flan crimped. $55

*270 French Indo-China. 1942 1/4 Cent. KM-29, Y-V31, Lecompte-23. Scarce Vichy issue. Zinc. Light porosity which is normal for these zinc issues, but otherwise choice EF-AU. $100+?

*271 French Indo-China. 1944 1/4 Cent. KM-29, Y-V31, Lecompte-25. Vichy issue. Zinc. VF, but corrosion, which is normal on this zinc issue, but is heavy at about 4 o'clock obverse. Extremely rare date seldom offered for sale. $250+?

*272 French Indo-China. 1921 1 Cent. Y-4, KM-12.2, Lecompte-84. The scarce San Francisco mint product (without the A). Attractive glossy brown EF and seldom seen. $200+

*273 French Indo-China. 1895-A 10 Centimes. Y-6a, KM-2a, Lecompte-136. Nice aVF. Scarce date, seldom offered, I have found no record of this being offered this century! Much rarer than KM indicates, our consignor states that he paid $750 in 1983! $500+?

*274 French Indo-China. 1939 (a) 10 Centimes. Nonmagnetic with dots by date. Y-21a, KM-21.2, Lecompte-180. EF, some toning. Scarcer than above. $200+

*275 French Indo-China. 1939 (a) 10 Centimes. Nonmagnetic without dots by date. Y-21a, KM-21.1a, Lecompte-179. EF, some toning. Scarce. $100+

*276 French Indo-China. 1899-A 20 Cents. Y-15, KM-10, Lecompte-201. Nice EF, light toning over proof-like fields. Full nose! Ex Donald Young inventory. $200+

*277 French Indo-China. 1913-A 20 Cents. Y-15, KM-10, Lecompte-212. Choice toned EF-AU, over proof-like fields. Full nose! Ex Donald Young inventory. A really impressive looking coin. $200+

*278 French Indo-China. 1920 20 Cents. Y-15a, KM-15, Lecompte-218. One year type, without fineness or mintmark. Choice toned AU. Very attractive. $150+

*279 French Indo-China. 1896-A 50 Cents. Y-8a, KM-4a.1, Lecompte-258. 1st date of short type. Toned VF+, couple of dings. $100+

*280 French Indo-China. 1896-A Piastre. Y-9a, KM-5a.1, Lecompte-278. EF, several nice chopmarks. $150+?

*281 French Indo-China. 1899-A Piastre. Y-9a, KM-5a.1, Lecompte-281. Nicely toned VF, with a few nice chopmarks on each side. $150+?

*282 French Indo-China. 1901-A Piastre. Y-9a, KM-5a.1, Lecompte-284. Lightly toned EF/AU, underlying luster visible under the attractive golden toning. $100+

*283 French Indo-China. Die Collar for FIC 1939 20 Cent coin. The large and heavy collar has a "T" at 10 o'clock (for Paul Turin) and "20¢ Indo-Chi" at 2 o'clock. Also with this coin is a 1939 20 Cent Copper-Nickel coin in Choice BU. The coin is Y-22a, KM-23a.1, Lecompte-247. The die collar (c. 3 1/4 x 1/2") is perhaps unique, the coin is rare in this grade. $750+?

*284 Germany. Kempten, Free City. 1517. Half Batzen. 3-fold arms, CAMPIDONENSIS, date/MON • NO • CI_VITATIS *, crowned double eagle, "K" in shield below. Schulten-1591. EF, lightly toned. Exceptional condition. $100+

*285 Germany. Saxony. Ernst and Albrecht. (14)82. Fürstengroschen. Shield with lion and arms of Landsberg "82"/Shield of Chur-Sachsen. Frey-232, Saurma-4400, Lev-I-185. Nice VF. Early dated coin. $250+

*286 Germany. Saxe-Weimar, Wilhelm IV. 1772. 1/4 Taler (Death Commemorative). Obelisk with ribbons/2 arms from clouds tying 4 arrows together below a crown. Merseb-3886, KM-79. Gd Fine. Attractively toned. Seldom seen. $225

*287 Germany. Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp. Frederick III of Denmark. 1649. 1/16 Thaler. Large bust right, titles in legend/VIRTVT GLORIA MERC. 1649 around XVI I. REICH HS DA in circle. KM-93. aVF. Scarce. $100+

*288 GERMANY. Schweinfurt. 1622. 1 Kipper Pfennig. Eagle on shield, S-M, 16-22 to either side, monogram above. Uniface. Rare, unlisted in most catalogs. Ch. AU. $100+

*289 Germany. Group of 4 coins. Prussia Wilhelm II 1901-A 2 Mark 200th Anniversary Kingdom. Y-128, KM-525; 1913-A 2 Mark 100th Anniversary Defeat of Napoleon Y132, KM-532; and 1913-A 3 Mark, 25th year of Reign. Y-135, KM-535. Also in this lot is a German Empire 1916-A Y-1, KM-17. 4 silver coins, the first with light toning over hairlines, the 2nd toned EF, the last two choice to gem Uncirculated. 4 coins. $120+

*290 Great Britain. William III. 1700. Farthing. Bust right/Britannia seated next to shield. Unlisted (?) variety, with the final "A" being unbarred (an upside down "V"). KM-483.1, S-3557. VF, but porous. This date is often seen with various differences in the reverse lettering. We haven't seen this one before. $55+?

*291 Great Britain, George III Contemporary Counterfeits. 1770s. A 13-piece lot of various 1/2 Penny counterfeits or "Bungtown" copies used both in Great Britain and Colonial America. All seem to be different, some with slight differences, others much more so. Weights range from 72.9 grams to 146.9 grams. Various grades from Good or so to almost VF, average VG-F. A great lot for the collector of these most interesting numismatic coins. Sold as is, no returns. $600+?

*292 Great Britain. Daniel Mendoza Halfpenny Token. 1790. Bare headed bust left under * D • MENDOZA" /2 boxers, "Fashionable Amusement", "1790" below. Edge reads spence x dealer x in x coins x london x D & H-785, Great Jewish Portraits, P. 130. See Jewish Medals pages 59-61. Rare, 1st we've offered in 15 years. Mendoza was the most famous of the great British fighters of the late 18th and early 19th century and more than anyone help elevate boxing from just brute force to an art and science. Choice Red and brown AU-Unc. A very close examination reveals a light cleaning. The "The Token Book" prices this at £1000. $650+

*293 Great Britain, Middlesex, Lord George Gordon. 1793. Half Penny Conder Token. His bust left/Britannia seated right, cap of Liberty falling. Rouse Britannia, Edge spence X... R&B Unc, some spots. D&H-775. Gordon was probably the most prominent 18th century Englishman who converted to Judaism. This is ex Lot 241 from our Auction 40E. Previously purchased from the inventory of Davisson's. $250+

294 Great Britain, George III. 1804 Bank of England Dollar. Struck over Spanish Colonial 8 Reale of Charles IV with a rectangular countermark ("TiV")? on the back of George's head. C. H. K. on truncation and top leaf points to the middle of the E above George's head. KM-Tn1, S-3768. Toned Gd VF, with parts of the legend of the original coin visible on both sides. Countermarks with the head of George III are found on Bank of England dollars but we have been unable to find another example of this countermark. $450+?

*295 Great Britain. George III. Apprentice Boys of Derry. 1814. WM 41mm by W.S. Mossop. Bust of George Walker slightly left, Defender of Derry 1688/Soldiers before a coastal garrison flying British flag, beyond a ship at sea NO Surrender above. BHM-855, Eimer-1060. VF, looped, some nicks. Seldom seen. $90+?

*296 Great Britain. 1820 Advertising token of John Ashby, Stockbroker. 1820's. Æ 35mm. Bull with face of Nathan Mayer Rothschild, legend/Bear, with face of Moses Mocata, list of fixed holidays. Neumann-26474, Mitchner-5790, See Friedenberg page 50. While some might consider this an anti-Semitic token, Friedenberg believes that it is a tribute to the financial genius of the English Jews. VF, some rim nicks, a bit of light oxidation. $200+

*297 Great Britain, E. Moses & Sons. 1853, Calendar Medal. WM 41mm. Head of Wellington left/Calendar for 1853, listing the Sundays through the year. Moses & Sons were Jewish merchant Tailors in London. They issued a series of advertising tokens and medals in the 1850s, those from 1853 on had a bust of Wellington commemorating his passing on September 14th of 1852. Eimer-183. EF, pieced at top for wearing. This is the first 1853 medal that I can recall offering for 15 years. $50+

*298 Great Britain. ND (1890s?). Brass 24mm. "Louis Silberberg, London, 194 Fleet Street &19 St. Martin's Le-Grand"/"Sole Agent for Schreckenstein's Bremen Cigars & Tobacco. Cigars Tobacco & Fancy Snuffs, Wholesale & Retail". Bell (1994)- Supplement 2800 (1st ed. 232, 3). Nice AU. This is ex Lot #616 from our sale 40E where it sold for $66 on a tie bid! $60+

*299 Great Britain Pair of tokens. 1) ND (1890s?) B. Hyam, Clothiers. Half Penny Token. Bust left/"B. Haym, 63 Lord St. Liverpool"/"Manufacturing Clothiers, Half Penny Token", Three garments. Todd-page 20. Brass 30mm. F-VF; 2) 1823 Æ23 mm Token. Isaac Earlysman Sparrow around bust of man with cap left/Ironmonger Bishopsgate London around Hot Air Balloon. Fine. Sparrow was so taken with the idea of the Hot Air Balloon that he spent 50 Shillings (a large amount of money in the 1820s) to have someone take him up for a ride. Two British tokens from our past sales, the first ex Lot 389 from our Sale 37D, the second Lot 174 from our Sale 40J. $50+

*300 Great Britain, Victoria. 1899-B Trade Dollar. Y-T1, KM-T5, Dav-407. EF, cleaned. About 5 very nice and interesting chopmarks on obverse. $100+?

*301 Great Britain, Victoria. 1900-B Trade Dollar. Y-T1, KM-T5, Dav-407. VF, a few nice chopmarks. $100+?

*302 Great Britain, Edward VII. 1902-B Trade Dollar. Y-T1, KM-T5, Dav-407. Au-Unc. $100+?

*303 Great Britain, Edward VII. 1909-B Trade Dollar. Y-T1, KM-T5, Dav-407. Toned EF, 2 nice obverse chopmarks. A rather late date for a chopmarked coin. $100+?

*304 Great Britain. Edward VII. 1904. 3 Pence. Y-C55, KM-797. Ch. toned P-L Unc. Maundy issue? I'm not sure, but certainly choice and attractive. $50+

*305 Greece, Paul I. Group of 1954 coins. 50 Lepta Y-41, KM-80; 2 Drachmai Y-42, KM-82 and 5 Drachmai Y-44, KM-83. 3 choice BU coins. KM values the 3 in BU @ $360. $175?

306 Hungary, Regency. 1939-BP 50 Filler. Y-41, KM-509. BU. The key date, this is the scarce business strike and NOT the Proof restrike. $50+

307 Iceland. Republic. 1974. 500 & 1000 Kronur. 1100th Anniversary of 1st Settlement. KM-20 & 21, Y-22 & 23. 2 BU coins. $50+

*308 Iceland. Republic. 1974. 500 & 1000 Kronur. 1100th Anniversary of 1st Settlement. KM-20 & 21, Y-22 & 23, PS-2. As above but a Proof set in original case with certificate. $85+?

*309 India, Kidara. A group of 4 very base staters. All with standing figures on both sides. No gold is apparent on any of these coins which weigh between 6.21 and 6.56 grams each. Group of 4 VF coins. Sold as is, no returns. $100+?

*310 India. Cholas of Tanjore. Rajaraja or Rajendra. 1012-1044. AR Kahavanu (4.28g). Tiger seated right, bow & torch behind, umbrella above facing 2 fish, torch behind/Reverse as obverse. MNIS-741. VF. In a CNG sale of June 2005 a similar piece sold in sale 69, #1982 @$275 +. $150+

*311 India. Pair of East Indian Company copper coins. 1808 (10) X Cash of EIC KM-319, Cr-43 and 1858 1/4 Anna (date above ribbon). See The Uniform Coinage of India 1835 to 1947 by Paul Stevens and Randy Weir, page page 86. 2 coins, the first technically Unc., but seemingly sea-salvaged with light porosity, the 2nd second a nice R&B Au-Unc. $75?

312 ionian Islands. British Administration. 1857. 30 Lepta. Rare date. Cr-25, KM-35, Prid-16. Toned EF. KM lists 1848 as rarest date but we believe they are wrong and that this is rarer. No dot after date (as are all of this date). $600+?

*313 Ireland. Republic. 1947. Six Pence. Irish Wolfhound. Y-13a, KM-13a. Choice Toned Unc. $50+

*314 Isle de Bourbon. French Colony. 1781-A. 3 Sols. Crown above 3 fleur de lis's/legend. Cr-2a, KM-2. Nice aVF. These are islands about 500 miles east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean (later Mauritius and Reunion). $160

*315 Israel. Mil - Pruta Series. 5708 (1948). 25 Mil Aluminum. P-1, KM-8, Y-1. VF. The only coin dated to Israel's first year. $100?

*316 Israel. Mil - Pruta Series. 5709 (1949). 25 Mil Aluminum. Closed Link, P-2a, KM-8, Y-1. BU. Usually found with many bagmarks and looking "harshly cleaned". This is exceptional and, with only a few marks, is one of the nicest we've seen in 42 years of buying and selling Israeli coins! $75+

*317 Israel. Error. 1962/5722. 1 Agora. Small date variety. KM-24,1, Y-22. EF. Edge clip. $25+

*318 Israel. Henrietta Szold. 1960/5721. 1 Lira. Key to the Hanukkah Series. Y-27, KM-32. Choice Proof. $75+

*319 Israel. 1963 5 Lirot Seafaring Anniversary Commemorative. KM-39, A-6.a Choice Proof. $150+

*320 Israel. 1963 5 Lirot Seafaring Anniversary Commemorative. KM-39, A-6.a Choice Proof. Another, as above. $150+

*321 Israel. Albert Einstein. 2005/5765. 1 New Sheqel. Special Issue Commemorative on the 100th Anniversary of his Theory of Relativity and 50 years after his death. The obverse features a computer-like view of his head facing left. KM-396, SI-25. PL. $50

*322 Italy. Ancona. Autonomous coinage. c. 1250. AR Denaro (.78g). Cross/V C•S in two lines, within circle, legend around. Biaggi-33 (Rare). Toned aEF. Seldom seen so nice! $70

*323 Italy. Aquileia. Antonio II Panciera di Portogruaro. 1402-1411. AR Denaro. antonius + patriarca around arms./aqv.ile.gen.sis around eagle with wings spread and head left. Biaggi-191. A group of 10. VF or so, a few clipped. We sell VFs for $75 and we've seen similar pieces sell in Europe for $100 or more. A nice wholesale lot. $400+

*324 Italy. Brindisi, Conrad II as King of Sicily. 1254-1258. Æ Denaro (.70g). CVR monogram/Cross, +IER ET SICIL +. Biaggi-484 (R), MEC-594, Spahr-173. F-VF, weak in places. $50+

*325 ITALY, Castro. Pierluigi Farnese, Duke, 1545-1547. AR Quattrino (.92g). St. Savinus standing facing/Arms. CNI-83/90. The illegitimate son of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese (later Pope Paul III), Pierluigi Farnese owed most of his titles and offices to his father's position. Upon becoming Pope, Paul made Pierluigi Duke of Parma, Piacenza, and Castro, as well as Captain General of the Church. His scandalous and ruthless reputation, however, led to his assassination by various Counts and Marquises. His coins are the only ones from this city in the Apulia region of southeastern Italy. F-VF, some weak spots. Very scarce, only the 2nd coin I can recall having from here. $75

*326 Italy. Sicily, Messina, Frederick II, HRE. 1197-1250 (c.1225). Æ Denaro (.43g). Bust left/Cross, 3 pellets in 2 quarters. Better type, nicer than MEC example! Biaggi-1257, MEC-14, 545, Spahr-113. F/VF, ragged flan. $50+

*327 Italy, Venice. Andrea Dandolo. 1314-1354. Silver Soldino Nuovo (.49g) (New Soldino). Doge with banner left/Lion with halo left. Biaggi-2821, Paolucci-5. F-VF, a bit rough in spots but more than decent, centered and full legends. A small number of Achaean Crusader coins of Robert of Tarento were struck in imitation of Venetian Soldino but those were billion types usually weighing just less than a gram. Venetian types were good silver, weighing around a 1/2 gram. $100+?

*328 italy. Papal States, Rome. Benedict XIV. 1756 - year 17. Silver Doppio (2) Giulio (1/5 Scudo). Bust right, BEN•XIV•PON•M•A•XVII/Radiant seated female (Church seated on cloud), MDCC LVI. KM-974, CNI-346, Ber-2743. Toned VF. With old tag from Italian dealer. $115

*329 Italy. Papal States. Pius IX. 1856-XR. 5 Baiocchi. Legend around Papal arms/Value and date within wreath. KM-1341b, Cr-171a. Choice toned VF-EF. 1st year of type and scarce in VF or better. Mintage of only 3,440. $90+?

*330 Italy. Victor Emanuel III. 1928-R (Rome). 10 Lire. * FERT * on edge. Y-68, KM-68.1. Toned VF-EF. $90+

*331 Italy. Victor Emanuel III. 1936-R (Rome). 50 Centesimi. Scarce nickel type. Magnetic. Y-80, KM-76. VF. This is basically the only collectible date of this type as the two other dates only have mintage of 20 and 50. $100+?

*332 Korea. Government Tithe Office. ND (1883). 5 Mun. Kyun Yok Ch'ong. Cast as made with tab still attached at top from mold. KM-151s. EF. $75+

*333 Malta. Emmanuel Pinto. ND. Silver 5 Tari. Large armored bust left/Crowned arms. KM-221. Fine. Ex lot #251 in our sale 42F where it sold for $100. $90+?

*334 Mexico. Philip V. 1735/3. 2 Reales, Pillar type. Pillars to either side of crowned globe/ Crowned shield. Scarce overdate. KM-84. VF+, a few scrapes over globe, small edge flaw above H in "Hispan". $140+?

*335 Mexico. Charles III. 1761 Mo M. 1 Real. Crowned shield flanked by "R" and "I"/ Crowned Pillars (with both royal and imperial crowns) flank crowned globe. Cr-32, KM-77. VF, cleaned, but not harshly so. $75+

*336 Mexico. Charles III. 1769 Mo MF. 8 Reales. Crowned shield flanked by "MF" and "8"/ Crowned Pillars (with royal and imperial crowns) flank crowned globe. KM-105, Cr-35, EL-70. Nice VF+. $350

*337 Mexico, Charles IV. 1790 Mo FM 2 Reales. KM-90, Cr-73.7. The one year type with Charles IIII legend rather than Charles IV. A few strange countermarks and/or trench art on this coin. One the face is a circle of 15 dots surrounding another dot and below that a symbol of some kind or perhaps just a defect. On the reverse is another area of corrosion or some kind of a countermark? Fair. $25+?

*338 Mexico. Charles IV. 1799 Mo-FM. 1/2 Real. Armored bust right/Crown above shield flanked by pillars. KM-72, Cr-73.5. Nice AU, lightly brushed. $90

*339 Mexico, Fernando VII. 1814 Mo 2/4 Senal (1/4 Real). KM-64, Cr-95. Legend around crowned monogram flanked by mintmark and value/Arms in wreath. VF. An unusual denomination. $60+

*340 Mexico, Republic. 1883 Zs/Za S 50 Centavos. Y-14, KM-407.8. Toned VF, scarce overdate. $50+

*341 Mexico, Republic. 1873/2 (?) Ga-C. Balance Scale Peso of Guadalajara. KM-408.3, Y-15, Elizondo-988. Toned EF, with some original luster. About 4 to 5 very nice chopmarks on each side. $250+?

*342 MEXICO. Republic. 1904-Zs FZ. Un Peso. Liberty Cap. Y-20, KM-409.3. Toned Au-Unc. A very nice coin with just a hint of wear on the eagle's breast. $75+

*343 Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1915. 2 Centavos. Reduced size, 20mm, Zapata issue. One year type. Y-30, KM-420. Ch. 50-60% red BU, very tiny scratch to right of denomination. $120

*344 Mexico, Estados Unidos. 1914 5 Centavos. Y-31, KM-421. BU, a few spots on this last date of type one which was struck in magnetic nickel. $75+

*345 Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1915. 5 Centavos. Y-32, KM-422. Choice red and brown glossy BU, small spot. $165

*346 Mexico. Zacatecas, Ahualulco. Florentino. Cuervo. 1877. 1/8 in brass 22mm. FLORENTION CUERVO 1877 around AM monogram/HA Del Carmen around 1/8, oak and laurel wreath. Rulau Zac-1ff, Grove-1469, but not pictured in either reference, unlisted in brass by Rulau. He also cross references type to Eklund but it is NOT listed there. VF. $150+?

*347 Mexico. Prisoner Peso? ND, after 1920. On Type II Estados Unidos Peso. "JENARO 4N? CONTREY -385-160 87 1906." Some sort of trench art or perhaps a Prisoner Peso. Unusual. $100+?

*348 Mozambique, Portuguese Colony. 1936 10 Escudos. Y-7, KM-67. One year type. Nice lightly toned EF+. $75+

*349 Netherlands. Holland, Confiscation of Church Property. 1584. Copper Jeton 30mm, 4.98g. The angel of the Apocalypse throwing a millstone into the sea/The destruction of Babylon. New-34302, Dui-2988, VL-1, 334. VF. In 2007 Jean Elsen sold a similar piece for almost $200 (plus a buyer's fee!). A scarce Biblical-related jeton. $150+

*350 Netherlands. Maurice, Prince of Orange. 1590. Copper Jeton 30mm, 5.79g by Gautier van Bijlaer. Soldiers disembarking from barge/7-line legend including date in Roman numerals in legend. This commemorates the famous victory in capturing Breda from the Spanish, when Prince Maurice smuggled seventy soldiers into the city hidden in a peat barge. They attacked the guards and let Prince Maurice and his army enter the city. Some reports state that the medal was awarded to the victors. Mitch-2480, VL-V, 409, Dug-3255. VF, museum number in Indian ink. $100+

*351 NETHERLANDS EAST INDIES. Sumatra, G. De Montbrun & Co. Brass 50 Cents Plantation Token. Gallia Serdang, ND, struck circa 1890-1897, text in French & Chinese. A few very light marks, otherwise choice BU. Tokens from here are seldom seen and this seems to be a very rare denomination and not in the Lansen collection. An unusual instance of a French language token from the East Indies! $250+?

*352 New Zealand, George VI. 1942 6 Pence. Y-10, KM-8. Scarce date. Choice lightly toned AU. $85+

*353 Nicaragua, Republic. 1939 50 Centavos. Y-20, KM-19.1. Nice Unc. The first date of this type and very scarce so nice. $50+

*354 Palestine, British Mandate. 1 Mil 1937. Y-1, KM-1. Brown AU/EF, some spots. A semi-key date and much nicer than usually seen. $50+?

*355 Palestine. 1 Mil 1940. Y-1, KM-1. Choice brown EF. The key date. $65+

*356 Palestine. 2 Mils 1945. Y-2, KM-2. PCGS MS63 Brown. Semi-key date. Pretty with hints of red. $120+

*357 Palestine. 2 Mils 1945. Y-2, KM-2. PCGS MS64 RD. Semi-key date. Choice, mostly red. $150+

*358 Palestine. 2 Mils 1946. Y-2, KM-2. PCGS MS64 BN. Key date. Choice, hints of red in devices. $175?

*359 Palestine. 5 Mils 1934. Y-3, KM-3. Key date. Choice EF-AU, but unfortunate rim bump above T in Palestine. Still a much nicer coin than usually encountered. $40

360 Palestine. 5 Mils 1939. Y-3, KM-3. Gorgeous toned Unc., with a tiny rim nick above P in Palestine and a few spots. $25

*361 Palestine. 5 Mils 1941. Y-3, KM-3. Key date. Nice toned AU. This is the scarcest of all 5 Mils and is seldom seen nicer than VF. $75+?

362 Palestine. 5 Mils 1944. Y-3a, KM-3a. PCGS MS63 RB. WWII, 2 year type. $50+

*363 Palestine. 5 Mils 1946. Y-3, KM-3. BU, very tiny rim nick above last letter in Arabic Palestine. We list a normal Unc. @$50, this should be worth more. $50+

*364 Palestine. 10 Mils 1933. Y-4, KM-4. Toned EF. Key date in high grade. $75?

*365 Palestine. 10 Mils 1937. Y-4, KM-4. Toned EF, thus scarce. $75?

*366 Palestine. 10 Mils 1940. Y-4, KM-4. BU, but spotted, typical for this date. $75+

367 Palestine. 10 Mils 1941. Y-4, KM-4. Key date. Nice VF. $25

*368 Palestine. 10 Mils 1941. Y-4, KM-4. PCGS MS62. Key date, very difficult to find this nice. Choice, but for some minor spotting. $250

*369 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1943 Y-4a, KM-4a. World War II bronze type. Glossy brown EF-AU. Seldom seen this nice. $75+

*370 Palestine. 20 Mils 1927. Y-5, KM-5. PCGS MS64. This is the first date of issue and the scarcest date. All 20 Mils are hard to find in high grade! $425+?

*371 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1933. Y-5, KM-5. EF/Nice VF+, a few nicks. Semi-key date. We've been selling VFs for $75 recently. $75+

*372 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1933. KM-5, Y-5. Lustrous choice AU, minor rim nick, light toning. A semi-key date, seldom seen this nice anymore. $150+?

*373 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1934. Y-5, KM-5. Nicely toned EF. A key date and scarce so nice. $175+?

*374 Palestine. 20 Mils 1934. Y-5, KM-5. PCGS XF-45. One of the two key dates for this denomination and seldom seen this nice. $400+

*375 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1940. Y-5, KM-5. EF. Semi-key date. $125+?

*376 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1941. Y-5, KM-5. Nice VF+, with a few nicks, thus a net VF. Rare date, the lowest mintage of all Palestine Mandate coins. $150+

*377 Palestine. 20 Mils 1941. Y-5, KM-5. NGC AU55. The lowest mintage of any Palestine coin (except of course for the 1947 issues). This is among the nicest we've offered. Last year we had a PCGS AU50 that we sold for $500. This is a bit nicer. $600+?

*378 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1944. Y-5a, KM-5a. Nice VF. Another scarce date. $125+

*379 Palestine. 50 Mils 1931. Y-6, KM-6. Fine plus. The key date. $50+?

*380 Palestine. 50 Mils 1934. Y-6, KM-6. VF, a key date. $60+?

*381 Palestine. 50 Mils. 1940 Y-6, KM-6. Nice Unc. Very tough date in this grade. $100?

*382 Palestine. 100 Mils. 1927 Silver, Y-7, KM-7. Toned AU. $75

*383 Palestine. 100 Mils. 1931. KM-7, Y-7. Toned Fine. This is the single hardest coin to find to complete a 59 piece Palestine set. $150+?

*384 Palestine. 100 Mils. 1931. Nicer than above. F-VF, lightly cleaned. Key date. $200+?

*385 Palestine. 100 Mils 1931. Y-7, KM-7. NGC EF45. Scarce this nice. Usually only available in Fine or so, although last year we sold a PCGS AU55 for more than $2000! This should be worth at least half of that! $1000+?

*386 Palestine. 100 Mils. 1933, Y-7, KM-7. Choice EF. Semi-key date. $225+

*387 Palestine. 100 Mils 1933. Semi-key date. Y-7, KM-7. Toned, somewhat spotted choice AU. $300+

*388 Palestine. 100 Mils 1933. Y-7, KM-7. NGC AU58. Semi-key date, difficult to find so nice. We sold a similar piece about a year ago for our estimate. $425

*389 Palestine. 100 Mils. 1934, Y-7, KM-7. Silver. VF, key date. $250+?

*390 Palestine. 100 Mils 1935. Light toning with an almost satiny look. Y-7, KM-7. Unc. $100+

*391 Palestine. 100 Mils 1935. Y-7, KM-7. PCGS MS64. As nice or perhaps nicer than a PCGS MS65 that sold in the fall of 2012 for $575 + 15% buyer's fee. Gem, satiny surfaces $275+

*392 Palestine. 100 Mils 1940. Y-7, KM-7. PCGS MS63. Fully lustrous, a few very minor marks are the only thing keeping this from grading higher. $175+

*393 Palestine. 100 Mils 1942. Y-7, KM-7. PCGS MS62. Lustrous. $150+

394 Palestine. Group of 1 Mil coins. Y-1, KM-1. 1927 Ch. R & B Unc.; 1935 & 1944 VF; 1939, 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1946 EF or betters. 8 coins, a few with spots. $60+ in retail value. Sold as is, no returns. $40+?

395 Palestine. Group of 2 Mil coins. Y-2, KM-2. Complete set of five dates, 1927, 1941, 1942, 1945 & 1946. All EF or better, a few with spots, one with a small scratch. Our retail price is $100+. Sold as is, no returns. $65

396 Palestine. Group of 5 & 10 Mil coins. 5 Mils 1927 Fine, 1935 toned EF, 1942, 1944. 10 Mils 1927 F, 1934 F, 1935, 1939, 1942 C-N EF, 1942 bronze and 1946 EF. 11 coins, VF except where noted. Retail value $100+. Sold as is, no returns. $70?

397 Palestine. 20 Mils. Group of 3 coins. 1927 Fine, 1935 VF and 1942 VF, but some corrosion. The 20 Mil denomination is the scarcest of the 7 denominations, 1st two coins are copper-nickel and Y-5, KM-5, the third is bronze and Y-5a, KM-5a. $50+

398 Palestine. 50 Mils, group of 6 silver coins. Y-6, KM-6. 1927 Ch. EF, 1933 F-VF, 1935 AU, 1939 EF, 1940 VF and 1942 VF. More than $175 in retail value, one semi-key date and 3 high grade coins in this lot. Sold as is, no returns. $125+

*399 Palestine Group of Certified 100 Mils. Y-7, KM-7. 1) 1935 ANACS MS-63, 2) 1940 NGC MS-62 and 3) 1940 NGC MS-63. 3 nice slabbed silver coins. The two NGC coins are somewhat splotchy toned (not mentioned) but are nice and accurately graded. The 1935 is ok but probably no better than a 60. Sold as is, no returns. $400+?

*400 Palestine 100 Mils. Pair of coins. 1935 Gd Very Fine and 1940 Toned Unc. Y-7, KM-7. Pair of silver coins, the 2nd in high grade and attractive. $125

*401 Palestine 100 Mils. Pair of coins. 1939 Gd Fine and 1942 Nice golden toned Unc. Y-7, KM-7. Pair of silver coins, one in high grade & attractive, a few minor bagmarks. $125

*402 Palestine. ND (1932?). The National (Masonic) Grand Lodge of Palestine, gilt with green enamel. c. 50 x 42mm, trilingual (English, Hebrew, Arabic) with symbols of 3 major religions at top. Haffner MA-38. Ex NASCA Wayte Raymond Sale, Part I (Dec. 1977) Lot #2178 and our sale 43A #436. $75+

*403 Peru, Ferdinand VII. 1809 ME-JP. 8 Reales. KM-106.1, Cr-96, El-74. Toned aEF/EF, a few flan flaws as usual, Nice coin. $250+?

*404 Peru, Ferdinand VII. 1823 ME-JP. 8 Reales. KM-117.1, Cr-101, El-92. Toned F/VF. The 2nd scarcest date of this type. $150+?

*405 POLAND. Leszek the White. 1202-1227. Silver Bracteate, ND. Krakow Mint. HP-16. Double arch, pointed tower atop, lily under each arch, "Bracha" in Hebrew below/Incuse mirror image of obverse. Haczewska-Paszkiewicz-16, Unlisted by Gumowski, who did not list any "Hebrew" coins of Leszek. NGC Photo Certificate AU-55. Small piece broken off at about 9 o'clock. An extremely rare coin that was unknown just a few years ago when a handful of these coins were discovered. $1750+?

*406 Poland. Republic. Lodz Ghetto Commemorative. 2004-MW. 20 Zlotych. Silhouette on wall/Child with pot. Y-498. Ch. Matte Unc. $60

*407 Poland. Republic. 2008-MW. 20 Zlotych. Flames, shattered wall. 65th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto/Tree, Star of David, wall in background. Y-636. Proof. $60

*408 Portugal, Joao V. 1750 400 Reis (Cruzado Nova). KM-179, Dav-1628. An unusual crown for a number of reasons. First of all it's small, 36mm, and secondly it's light, only 14+ grams, so it looks like a 1/2 crown but is listed by John Davenport as a crown. In addition the coin was issued in the first 3 years of John's reign, 1706-1708, then a few were issued in 1717 (an exceedingly rare date) and then again 33 years later in John's last year. VF, lightly oxidized. $100?

409 Saint Thomas & Prince, Portuguese Colony. 1929 10 Centavos. Y1, KM-2. One year type. BU. $50+

*410 Saudi Arabia, Countermarked Coinage. (13) "65" Countermarked on 1 Ghirsh of 1344. Y-C21, KM-31. Nice VF, rim nicks. An official countermark issued in 1946 in an attempt to break money changers' monopoly on small coins. $50+

*411 Sierra Leone. British Colony, Sierra Leone Company. 1796. 1 Cent. Lion standing, AFRICA in exergue/Black hand on right, clasping white hand on left. Sierra Leone was a colony of freed and runaway slave,s as well as, ex-British soldiers. KM-1, Cr-1, Vice-10. NiceVF+. $100?

*412 Southern Rhodesia, Elizabeth II. 1954 Penny. Y-36, KM-29. Brown EF. A one year type. $75+

*413 Spain. Castile & Leon, Juan I. 1379-90. AR Real (3.37g) of Seville. Crowned iohn/ Royal coat-of-arms in quatrelobe; roses and S (mintmark). MEC-613, CC-440. VF, bit rough. $200+

*414 Spain. Barcelona, Charles II. 1687. Croat or Real. Large bust of Charles left/Long cross with annulets and pellets in 2 angles each, BAR CINO (CIVI) 1687. KM-45, Vicente-142. Nice EF+, bit off-center. $175

*415 Spain. Joseph Napoleon. 1808 - AI. 20 Reales of Madrid. Bare-headed bust left/ Crowned arms. Uncommon date. Cr-92, KM-551.2, Dav-308. Cleaned Fine, bumps. $175+

*416 Spain. Isabella II. 1852. 1 Real of Seville. Bare-headed bust right/Crowned arms. 7-pointed stars below. KM-598.3, Y-19. BU, light obverse planchet lamination on side of face and neck. $135+

*417 Spain. Alfonso XIII. 1891-PGM (91). 1 Peseta. Y-80, KM-691. Nice toned EF. $60+

*418 Spain? ND. Æ27 mm. Crowned Spanish arms, HISPAN ET IND REX M 4 R F M/ Double headed eagle over arms. We presume an 18th or 19th century jeton or token but seemingly unlisted. VF. $?

*419 Spanish Netherlands. Philip IV. 1638. Copper Jeton 30mm, 6.01g. Philip IV on horseback right/A ship on rough seas. Dug- 3929; VL, II, 237. Fine. $75+

*420 Spanish Netherlands, Brussels. Philip IV. 1650. Æ Gigot (1.68g). St. Andrew's cross, crown above, fleece below, "angel's face" above & legend/Crowned shield of Philip IV. KM-55.3, GH-338.3. Nice Fine. $75+

*421 Spanish Netherlands. Jean-Balthazar de Visscher. 1684. Copper Jeton 30mm, 5.88g. Crowned shield of Visscher who was Intendant of the Brussels canal & later Baron of Celles/A three-masted ship sailing left. Dug-4500. VF. $60+

*422 Spanish Netherlands. Middelberg. Dutch Siege of Sluis. 1603. Copper Jeton 31mm, 5.98g. Sailing ships in action. Siege of Sluis & Death of Admiral Fédérigo Spinola/ Galleys in retreat. Admiral Joos de Moor had blockaded the Spanish squadron commanded by Spinola in Sluis. Spinola was killed in the action trying to break-out. Dug-3551. EF. $200+?

*423 Spanish Netherlands. Zeeland, Middelberg. 1603. Copper Jeton 30mm, 5.93g. Crowned shield of Zeeland/Sailing ship with masts left. Proclaiming the superiority of Zeeland on the seas. Dug-3561. VF, bit off-center. $100+

*424 Spanish Netherlands. Namur (now part of Belgium). Philip V. 1710. Liard. Crown above various shields of Philip's territory/Crowned arms divides date. One year type. KM-37, GH-372-3b. VF. Krause values this at $130 in VF. $75+

*425 Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus. Erfurt. 1631 Riksdaler. "Jehovah" in Hebrew in flaming sun, "A Domino Factvm est istvd" in 2 lines over arabesque/11-line legend with date in Roman numerals on last line, and arabesque above and below. Dav-4544, KM-5, Ahlström-21c. Toned VF, a few rim bruises and flat spots. Struck to commemorate the victory of Sweden in the German city of Erfurt. Both KM and Davenport price this and a similar variety with a 12-line reverse legend as being of similar rarity. However this piece appears with less frequency than the variety listed as Dav-4545. $1250+

*426 Sweden. Carl XI. 1685. Ore of Avesta. Crowned arms at center C • R • S above, 16 to left 85 to right/Crossed arrows, crown above. Large copper coin. KM-246b, SM-354. VF, but rough flan with two "bites" out of it. $140

*427 Switzerland. Geneva, Pacification of Geneva. 1738. Æ 55mm by J. Dassier. Two allegorical females in front of building/Two allegorical figures around arms. Nice EF. $75+

*428 Switzerland. Solothurn. 1798. 20 Batzen. Crowned, oval arms within sprigs, value below/"S" entwined in cross within circle, date below. KM-57, Cr-25, HMZ-844b. Choice toned VF. $150+?

*429 Switzerland, Confederation. Albert Einstein. 1979 5 Francs. Struck for the centennial of his birth. Depicts his bust. KM-57, Y-62, Flower-59. Choice Proof. $50?

*430 Switzerland, Albert Einstein. 1979 5 Francs. Struck for the centennial of his birth, showing his famous formula E = MC2. KM-58, Y-63, Flower-60. Proof. $50?

431 Switzerland, Albert Einstein. 1979 5 Francs. A pair of coins as above. KM-58, Y-63, Flower-60. Proof. $100?

432 Switzerland. 1979. Albert Einstein. 2 different 5 Franc commemoratives. Y-62 & 63, KM-57 & 58, Flower 59 & 60. 2 Nice BU coins. $25

433 Switzerland.1979. Albert Einstein. As above but five of each of the 5 Franc commemoratives. Y-62 & 63, KM-57 & 58, Flower 59 & 60. 10 Nice BU coins. Some with easily removable PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $100?

*434 Thailand, Rama V Khaotree Mines Token ND (1880), Brass 32mm. Head of Rama V left/Legend around blank center. Struck to mark the opening of the Khaotree Mines. Very scarce and popular token with the obverse very similar to the silver Baht of his reign. LeCompte-2. This token is also found in copper and bronze but this brass version is probably the rarest and was priced by LeCompte in 2007 at 1100€ in Superb (EF). Nice EF, some marks and discoloration. See Lot 435 below. $750+?

*435 Thailand, Rama V Khaotree Mines Token ND (1880), Copper 32mm. Similar to above. LeCompte-1? Red AU-Unc., some surface marks. See #434 above $200+?

*436 Thailand, Rama V. 1900. 34.45 mm; 18.60 gms. Silver-Plated Bronze Medal Commemorating the Cremations of the Five Princes and Princesses at Thung Phra Mane (the Royal Cremation Grounds). Five-tiered and three-tiered umbrellas side by side, inscription "Cremations at Phra Mane Grounds, RS119"/Pavilion of Princess Lamon Phraya Sudarat at centers, emblems and crowns of the princes and princesses. MTRE-Pg.94/.5. EF RARE. A slabbed NGC AU-58 sold in the spring of 2012 for $400 plus buyer's fee. $300+

*437 Tibet. ND (ca.1904). Tangka = 1/2 Sho (4.38g). Old Y-13.5, KM Y-E13.4. VF. Krause catalog price at $120 in VF! $75+?

*438 Tibet. ND (1912-22). Tangka = 1/2 Sho (4.61g). Old Y-13.8, KM Y-F13.5. Choice EF/AU. One of the nicest early 20th century Tibetan coins we've seen. $75+?

*439 Turkey, Abdul Mejid. 1255 (1839) 10 Para with mx countermarked in oval circle of dots on toughra side. Coin VG, countermark nice VF. There are a number of different countermarks on Ottoman coins of the mid to late 19th century. Many were "countered" in Greece or on Greek Islands. Some others were struck by ethnic communities in various areas of the Ottoman Empire such as Jewish or Armenian communities. I am not familiar with this MX couuntermark. $50+?

*440 United States (Great Britain. Anne.) 1702. Brass 25mm (4.04g). Expedition to Vigo Bay by J. G. Lauffer. Bust left/View of Vigo Harbor with ships burning and attacking a fort "the fleet having been burnt, the American treasures are intercepted". Betts-95, Mi-239/23. Spotted VG/Gd. Fine. Seemingly this piece is seldom found much nicer than this. An important Colonial American medal. $100+

441 United States, 1893 Columbian Exposition. Columbus Bust/Administration Building. Dark Æ (Pot metal?) 69mm and thick, 208.4g. This extremely high relief medal was engraved by A.O. Ameis. It has a light coating of lacquer which was probably applied during production to preserve the medal and inhibit corrosion, although there are some minor flaws and nicks on both sides. Also on the reverse fields are several pits from the casting process. Eglit-135. EF. $75+

*442 United States, Victor David Brenner Lot. 1) Victor David Brenner signed letter. December, 22, 1907. 1 Page c. 8" tall. Hand-written autographed letter sent to "Frederick J. Wait, Esq. My dear Sir. Many thanks for your kind note. I have promised Mr. Brick some replicas of those that are in the Museum, so as to show the reverses of them and I may give them to charity at the same time. With sincere compliments of the season, very truly yours. VicD. Brenner". On a letterhead from 624 Madison Ave at 59th Street, New York. Brenner, of course, was the designer of the Lincoln cent and his portraits of Lincoln are among the more sought after items in US numismatics. Our consignor purchased this from Robert Batchelder of Ambler, PA, for more than $350 in the 1980s. Batchelder was among the leading autograph and paper ephemera dealers in the country during the 1960s to the early 1990s. 2) Catalogue of Medals and Plaques by Victor D, Brenner, Exhibited at The Grolier Club, March 7 to March 23, 1907. c. 7 x 4 1/2" 33 page book, with cardcover. Forward by F. D. Millet and a 6-page article by Brenner himself on the art of the medal followed by a listing of the 54 medals and plaques at the exhibit. Contents are nice, cover exhibits some tears, wear and aging. Certainly uncommon. This is Lot #627 from George Kolbe's December, 1979 auction which I believe was held in conjunction with the New York International Numismatic Convention; and 3) Victor David Brenner/Abraham Lincoln.1971 AE 64 x 48mm medal commemorating the centennial of the famous sculptor's birth. Bust of Lincoln right from his plaque of 1907/Bust of Brenner left, legend below. Unsigned. Smedley-24. As struck. An interesting lot for the Brenner collector. The autographed letter is rare and is especially important because of the subject matter. The catalogue is seldom seen and has a nice little numismatic literature pedigree. The medal honors both Brenner and his most famous subject. And you can add that cent in your pocket to this group. $400+?

*443 United States. Pair of Tokens. 1) Pawnbroker token in zinc! 24mm, with stereotypical "Jewish" face on obverse and Pawn broker symbol and Good Luck on reverse. 2) Silver Masonic Penny Shekel token from Sterling, Colorado. This last is a double Sterling issue as it is from the town of Sterling in northeastern Colorado and is marked Sterling in incuse letters to note the silver content. As I write this the town of Sterling, has just been flooded as the South Platte River has overflowed its banks as the result of the massive rain that hit Colorado for five days in mid-September. Two better, Jewish-related, tokens. The first VF-EF, the 2nd F-VF. $40+?

*444 United States. Mt. Sinai Hospital. 1919 Æ 76mm by A. Weinman. 3 Allegorical figures representing a surgeon, a physician and a nurse/Long legend commemorating the Mount Sinai Hospital Unit who served during World War I. Struck by Medallic Art Co. There is a blank space on the bottom of the reverse for a name to be engraved. Scarce? $75+?

*445 United States. New York, NY, Guttag Bros. advertising token from famous Coin Dealers. Æ 29mm. Woman and boy looking at a coin and a book, "Coin Week - Originated 1923" in 3 lines in exergue/Legend. Henry and Julius Guttag were legendary NY coin dealers in the 1920s and 1930s and issued a series of advertising tokens. (Since their is no denomination, some call them medals). Struck by Medallic Art. Co. Julius Guttag's Latin American collection is still one of the most useful books in our library. Irwin Guttag, Guttag's son, was a prominent philanthropist in the NYC Jewish community. Nice EF. $50+

*446 United States. Cohn-Hall-Marx Company, 25th Anniversary Medal. 1937 Æ 76mm by Julio Kilenyi, struck by Roberts Co., Attleboro (MA?). Legend on plaque between 2 trees/Various scenes relevant to this textile manufacturer. Lawrence Marx was very active in Jewish Philanthropic Societies in NY until his death in 1938. Julio Kilenyi was a Hungarian born American sculptor and medallic artist. In 1909 he moved from Hungary to Buenos Aires. Later he moved to New York. $100+?

*447 United States. 1939 Swann-Abram Hat Co., Louisville, KY. Wear Swann Hats - They are guaranteed. 1939 Lincoln Cent in encasement. The encasing was officially altered by the Swann-Abram Hat Co. from a Good Luck Swastika type token. The swastika as a Good Luck symbol was used on many tokens up to the early 1930s in the US. By 1939 the symbol became associated with Nazi Germany and Americans, especially Jewish-Americans, no longer wanted to use it. Part of swastika from the original token is visible. VF, Rare. $50+?

*448 United States. c. 1940 Æ 32mm Commemorative Medal. View of Boeing 247 left, "Newark Airport Serves America"/"City of Newark, New Jersey Mayor Meyer C. Ellenstein'" around state seal of New Jersey. Newark Airport was the first major airport in the USA and during the 1930s was the busiest commercial airport in the world until La Guardia Airport was opened in December of 1939. It is still the busiest of all New York area airports. Ellenstein was Mayor from 1933 until 1941, thus this was probably struck during the airport's heyday. Ellenstein was Newark's first and only Jewish Mayor. As struck. $40+?

*449 United States. 1974 Æ 73mm by Laszlo Ispansky. "Spring Wind", Bare-breasted young woman left/"Autumn Wind", Shirtless young man. Society of Medalists #89, Alexander page 211, #1. As struck. $100+?

*450 Vietnam, Democratic Republic (North Vietnam). 1945 20 XU, Y-1, KM-1, Lecompte-1. VF-EF, some flaws due to being struck from rusty dies. Rare. This coin is 23mm as issued, 2014 Krause image is the wrong size. $100+?

*451 Vietnam, Democratic Republic (North Vietnam). 1946 1 Dong, Y-3, KM-3, Lecompte-5a. Type 1, medal alignment. Bust of Ho-Chi Minh. Toned EF, obverse scratch. Aluminum 33mm. 2014 Krause reverse image on this coin is too small. Scarce. $100+?


*452 2 rolls of Short snorter notes. Each roll consists of 14 notes from a 2002 mission, class or training. Starting from 8/13/02 at the "Pig Lab" through December 18 "Mission Complete". Some of the notes have notations such as "Nutrition Starvation"' "First Casualty" and "Final Examination". The notes are an interesting mix of contemporary notes and WWII issues. Basically the same countries are represented in both rolls although some are different types. An interesting group. $50?

453 A Group of mostly World War II era paper. About 28 notes from various places around the globe. 14 of the notes are short snorters, notes signed by various people traveling or serving together. The short snorter notes are from Brazil, Burma (2), China, Egypt (2), Greece, India, Indo-China, Iran (2), Italy (2) and the Philippines. (Some of those are actually Japanese Invasion notes signed by allied troop members.) Also 14 other world notes, some military issues. The group is virtually all low grade, Fair to VF, mostly VG, some with tape those are mostly short snorters. A great lot for the military collector. $50?

*454 China, Ming Dynasty, Board of Revenue, P-AA10 (S/M-#36-20). 1 Kuan (1000 Cash), 1368 - 1399, printed on mulberry bark paper and stamped with the Red Seal of Emperor Hung Wu. Extremely rare and popular example of the world's first paper money. It's been more than 30 years since we last sold a Ming note. PMG VF-25, Net with internal damage noted for edge tears and thinning of the body of the paper. Attractive with nice color. In addition to PMG certifying this note, the world's leading expert on detecting counterfeit paper money verbally told us it is genuine. If someone wanted to own just one world banknote, this would be it. Very large, more than 13 x 8 1/2". For more information on this rarity please see page IV in our introduction. $3000+ [back]

*455 Confederate States of America. P-56, Fr-CS63. 50 Cents. 6 April, 1863. Head of Jefferson Davis right at center. Choice VF with very tiny pinhole and a partial red handstamp on back. $50+?

*456 Confederate States of America. P-68, Fr-CS68. $10 17. Feb., 1864. M T. Hunter at lower right. Small stain on back, otherwise VF+, with nice color. $75+

*457 Confederate States of America. P-71, Fr-CS65. $100, 17 November 1864. Lucy Pickens at center, GW Randolph at lower right. F-VF, small pinhole at the bottom, pencil graffiti on back which is erasable. $100+?

*458 Czechslovakia, Holleischen (Holysov). A Flossenburg subcamp located near Prague. Camp 4091-4107, PS-102-118, Feller CZ-190-206, Grabowski Ho 1-17. 1 Pfennig to 5 Mark. 17 Unc chits. A complete set including the elusive 5 Mark. It's been 5 years since we've last offered a complete set of these chits. $250+

*459 France, Diedenhofen. WWII, Rochling Iron and Steel Company Work Camp. 3 cardboard notes, 10 Pfennig, .25 Mark and 1 Mark (acutally 2 pieces printed together). Campbell 4122-4123 and 4125b, Feller Fr-411a, 412 and 414d Unc. All dated 8 August 1942. Considered fantasies by most authorities. Sold as is, no returns. $100+?

*460 France, Diedenhofen. WWII, Rochling Iron and Steel Company Work Camp. 4 cardboard notes, .50, 1, 1.50 and 2 Mark. Campbell 4129-4132 (1.5 Mark note is not perforated) Feller Fr-413b, 414v, 415b and 416. Unc. All dated 13 August 1942 at bottom and on beige paper. Considered fantasies by most authorities. Sold as is, no returns. $100+?

*461 France, Houilleres du Basin du Nord Pas-de-Calais, Bruay. This was a French POW camp that was run by private companies. This particular issue was for coal mines that used German POWs, some of who worked there until 1950. Group of 3 notes; 1, 2 and 10 Francs. The first two Fine, the 3rd aVF. Campbel 2205, 2206 & 2212. SB page 112. I don'tthink we've ever offered these before. $90+?

*462 France, Sains-Les-Bains (Jura). 10 Francs Emergency note of 1 July, 1940. There was a serious lack of cash after the fall of France in June of 1940 and many communities issued their own emergency paper money. PS-115, SB-571. Black "10" on Red seal of city, with swastika below. Unc. Rare, 1st we've seen. $75+

463 Germany. Post World War I Era. Encased Postage. Both on 10 Pfennig stamps. 1) T. Rubinstein, INH S. Freund of Solinger, Stahlwaen. Yellow and black on bright orange; 2) Müser-Bräuof Langendreer, Dortmund. Red, blue and white. As made, both stamps encased in celluloid. Scarce. $75+?

*464 Germany, Bielefeld. 100 Mark, 15 July 1921. Black on beige or white with black embroidered border (small tear one corner). Cloth, linen or silk. A devil, food vendors, naked women, buildings leaning over, a Rabbi at left and more. Circular handstamp in center of the note. Printed on one side only. $35+

*465 Germany, Bielefeld. 100 Mark, 15 July 1921. As above but with much fancier black and gray and goldish embroidered border. Cloth, linen or silk. A devil, food vendors, naked women, buildings leaning over, a Rabbi at left and more. Circular handstamp in center of the note. Printed on one side only. $50?

*466 Germany, Bielefeld. Cloth notgeld. 500 Mark, October 1922. Anti-Semitic vignettes. See The Shekel, Vol.XVIII, #4, p. 39. Unc. $50+?

*467 Germany, Bielefeld. Black on orange or yellow velvety cloth. 50 Goldmark, 15 December, 1923. Scarce. $75+?

*468 Germany, Bielefeld. Cloth notgeld. 1 Million Mark 1 Feb. 1923. Red, orange and yellow. Various images of the devil, soldiers and women. Scarce. $50+?

*469 Germany, Bielefeld. Cloth notgeld. 3 Million Mark, 1 August 1923. Black and light blue on off-white. Some staining on this note. I cannot recall seeing this before. $40+?

*470 Germany, Bielefeld. Cloth notgeld. 10 Million Mark, Cloth notgeld. 9 September 1923. Red, gray and black on off-white. $40+?

*471 Germany, Bielefeld. Sheet of 12 silk notgeld notes, both face and back as the issued notes were sewed together. 50 Pfennig, 9 April 1922. Scarce sheet, one note has a "worm" hole and the cloth is somewhat ragged at top and bottom. Stamped on back "Zum Eingang absefertig". $250+?

*472 Germany, Bielefeld. Sheet of 15 silk notgeld notes, both face and back as the issued notes were sewed together. 50 Pfennig, 2 April 1922. Scarce sheet, the cloth is somewhat ragged at top and bottom as usual. Purple, red and black, two woman at center sitting under tree, others to left and right carrying bags, labeled "100,000" and "Sorge". Stamped on back "Zum Eingang absefertig". $300+?

*473 Germany, Bielefeld. Group of cloth notes. 10 Pfennig Green 1 April 1919, Series D; 10 Gold Pfennig Red 6 Nov. 1923; 25 Pfg. 1 April, 1919 Orange Series C; 25 Pfg. 1 April 1919, Red & black, Series B; and 1.05 Goldmark 8 November 1923 this depicting the hyper inflation in Germany after WWI. 5 cloth or linen notes. $75+?

*474 Germany, Bielefeld. An uncut sheet of the face and back of silk 25 Mark, 2 April 1922. In green, orange and purple. The scene seems to be "crippled" people with crutches going into hot springs pool and coming out not needing crutches. This seems to one of the scarcer Bielefeld issues. Fringe at sides. $40+?

475 Germany, Konversionkasse. P-199 5 Mark 1933 Series C; P-200 10 Mark 1933 Series C; P-207 5 Mark 1934/1933 Series C; and P-208 10 Mark 1934/1933 Series C. 4 notes, the 5 Mark 1934/1933 is nice Uncirculated, without pinholes, the other 3 are nice EF or better with the usual pinholes. $150+?

476 Germany, Konversionkasse. 5 Marks. 28 August 1933, with overprint 1934 at left. P-207. EF, with usual pinholes at left. $60+?

477 Germany, Konversionkasse. P-200, SB-202. 10 Reichsmark. 1933 Series A. AU, but without pinholes This is the scarcer 1933 issue without the overprint. $60+?

*478 Germany, Konversionkasse. P-209, Kroll-213. 30 Reichsmark, 1934/1933. Series A. Choice AU, with usual pinholes. Very rare denomination that is seldom offered especially this nice. A similar note in our last auction sold for $325! $250+

*479 Germany, Konversionkasse. 50 Reichsmark 28 August 1933, overprint 1934 at left. P-211. Series E. Nice EF, usual pinholes. Scarce series for this denomination, especially so this nice. $100+?

*480 Germany, Konversionkasse. 100 Reichsmark 28 August 1933, overprint 1934 at left. P-212. Series A. aEF, pinholes. Scarce, the last we offered, in 2009, sold for $120. $100+?

*481 Germany, $1000 3% Konversionkasse 10 Year Bond. Kroll-295. 1 June 1937. New Series M. 1st we've offered in a number of years. This is listed in Schwan-Boling as #243 (page 485) but at the time of publication it was unconfirmed. Nice, minor edge tear with some very slight handling. $100+?

*482 Germany, Oflag XIII-B WWII POW Camp. Camp-3754g. 1 Reichmark, prefix, with red Overstamp "Oflag XIII B". Red triangle in middle. Oflag XIII-B was a German Army World War II Prisoner-of-war camp camp for officers, originally in Langwasser near Nuremberg. In 1943 it was moved to 3 km south of Hammelburg, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. Nice Unc ., but for small stain on back and scarce. I believe we've only offered this once before. In our sale 42F a similar note (but described as a 2 RM) sold for $175 on $100 estimate. $100+

*483 Germany, Oflag II-C. WWII POW camp. C-3766b.2. 50 Fenigow Series AIII. POW camp near Woldenberg, Germany. SB page 483. Nice EF and scarce. 3 out of the last 4 we had sold for $140! POW camp near Woldenberg, Germany. $140?

*484 Germany, Oflag II-C. WWII POW camp. Similar to above but an unlisted variety. C-3766v 50 Fenigow Series AI. SB page 483. Campbell lists two sizes of notes from this camp, the first type of notes are .c. 5 x 50mm and the 2nd type c. 55 x 35mm. This is definitely the smaller size but this series is unlisted as such. $175+

*485 Germany, Oflag II-C. WWII POW camp. C-3768a. 2 Mark Series B. SB page 483. AU, with a handstamped monogram (KS?) on back. Seldom seen. We offered a similar note but Series A in 2004. $150+

*486 Germany, Oflag II-C. WWII POW camp. C-3769a 5 Mark. a with a KS in circle handstamp and another script mark on back. Campbell lists the color as gray, but it is not gray. I was going to call it blue. However I've been told I'm color blind, so I asked my wife who said it is black. Virtually EF and scarce. It's been 10 years since we've offered this note and that one was black also. $350+?

*487 Germany, Oflag II-D. WWII POW camp near Grossborn. C-3791, SB page 483. 10 Groszy. Series A. Nice EF+, tiny reverse stain. Since 1995 we've offered an example of this note only 5 times. The previous 4 have sold for between $120 and $135. $125

*488 Germany, Oflag VII-A. WWII POW camp. C-3812, SB page 483. This camp was located near Murnau in southern Germany. 10 Fenig 1944. Red on off-white. AU. Uncommon. $90?

*489 Germany, Asperg. C-3903, SB-303b, Feller GE-1706c. 1 Mark. This holding camp for suspected Nazis at the end of WWII was also known as Hohenasperg and Interniertenlager 76. 10 March 1947 overstamped over 10.2.1947. The notes are very crude. They were typewritten and than overstamped. VF, small stain at left. This is ex-lot #989 from our sale 33E where it brought $75. We had three notes in that sale (all sold at the same price) and those are the only ones I can ever recall offering. The other two are listed below. The buyer of those has consigned all three to this sale. $75+

*490 Germany, Asperg. C-3903, SB-303b, Feller GE-1706c. 1 Mark. As above, this is lot 990 from same sale. VF. $75+

*491 Germany, Asperg. C-3903, SB-303b, Feller GE-1706c. 1 Mark. As above, this is lot 991 from same sale. VF. $75+

*492 Germany, Buchenwald Concentration Camp. 2 Reichsmark. Type without Aussenkommando and with slanted M. Feller GE-142b, Camp-3953b. PS-71, Grabowski BU-15. Nice EF-AU or better. No wear, but somewhat mishandled. $100+

*493 Germany, Buchenwald Concentration camp. 3 Reichsmark with slanted M. Camp-3954b, Feller GE-143, PS-72, Grabowski Bu-16. The 3 Reichsmark is the scarcest of all Buchenwald denominations. EF-AU or better. No wear, but somewhat mishandled. Low serial number 6005. $200+

*494 Germany, Dachau Concentration Camp. .50 Reichsmark in orange or tangerine with printer's mark III/100 V.44 1285. Feller GE-180 (similar but this color and printer's number unlisted), Camp-3961 similar, Grabowski- Da-3c.The pencil notation on the back gives the details of the prisoner, "Piotr Obriwin #83928 born on 10 January 1918". VF, a few minor stains and hole punched at the denomination. Most Dachau notes give the prisoner number on the face of the note and sometimes the back as well; this gives his name and number on the back. Very rare. $750+

*495 Germany, Dachau Concentration Camp. .50 Reichsmark in orange or tangerine with printer's mark III/100 V. 44 1285. Similar to above. Issued to prisoner number 74249, with small hole punched under the prisoner number and date of 30. Sep. 1944 handstamped below that. Nice aEF. Rare. $1000+?

*496 Germany, Dachau Concentration Camp. 1 Reichsmark pale Green with hole punched at left and printer's mark II/100-XL.43-1285. Feller GE-181a, Camp-3962 similar, but unlisted printer's mark with this denomination, Grab. Da 4b. Issued to Prisoner #49520. VF+, minor stains. Prisoner number on face only. Another extremely rare note. $1250+

*497 Germany, Dachau Concentration Camp. 1 Reichsmark green. As above but issued to Prisoner #50533. Name written on back which is possibly Szusbak. Would be VF, but for unfortunate missing portion extending to the left and above the "hole punch". Still rare and desirable. $500+?

*498 Germany, Nordhausen (Mittelbau). Concentration Camp. ND. .10 Reichsmark Green on watermarked paper. Series G. Feller GE-252, Camp-4023, PS-137, Grab. Mi-3. aVF. A very scarce this note in any grade and in any series, we have not offered a Series G note since the fall of 2000! $425+

*499 Germany, Mittelbau (Nordhausen) Concentration Camp. 1 Reichsmark, green, Series O' on watermarked paper, without printer's mark but with star before serial number on back. Feller GE-255c (actually similar because that note does not have a visible serial number), Camp-4026b,1, PS-140, Grab-Mi-6c. VG. I can only recall selling two Series O notes in the past 18+ years. In November of this year we sold a nice VF (a few stains) for $1075. That was the first we had offered in more than 15 years! $300+?

*500 Germany, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. .50 Reichsmark. tan paper with type 1 star and printer's mark K.L. Sh. 6.43. 999 000 Druck: Möller, Oranienburg. (printer's name in italics). Feller GE-290a, Camp-4061a(1), Grab. Sa-1b. Printed on thin paper with tab attached at top. VF+, 2 staples holes in tab. $500+?

*501 Germany, Blechhammer (Auschwitz). 1942. 1000 RM stock certificate for the Upper Silesia Hydrogenation Works, a chemical-products plant. Issued with 20 coupons, this is accompanied with a sheet of 15 coupons. This plant used Jewish slave laborers from the nearby Blechhammer Concentration Camp which was established in 1942. Two years later, Blechhammer was renamed Auschwitz when it became part of concentration camp there. Signed by a German bank official on back. EF, one horizontal fold at center. $100?

*502 Germany, Blechhammer (Auschwitz). 1942. 1000 RM stock certificate. Issued with 20 coupons, this is accompanied with a sheet of 14 coupons. This also contains a Lieferbarkeit Bescheinigung which seems to be the receipt for the purchase of the bond. VF-EF, a few light folds and some signs of aging. $100?

*503 Germany, Blechhammer (Auschwitz). 1943. 1000 RM stock certificate. As above but with a different date and 16 coupons attached. A bit nicer as there are no folds but minor creasing and bends at some of the corners. $100+?

*504 Germany, Blechhammer (Auschwitz). 1943. 500 RM stock certificate. Issued with 20 coupons, this is accompanied with a sheet of 16 coupons. Nice AU. $100?

*505 Germany, Kreuzburg Civilian Internment Camp. 1944. Receipt for 220 Reichs-marks to the account of A. Zeman, Internee #16594 W. Interestingly the receipt is dated November of 1944, but it's for monies received from April to July of that year. Kreuzburg was originally an internment camp in Silesia for British civilians working in Germany at the outbreak of WWII. Later American and New Zealand citizens were interned there. Histories of the camp that I have read have said that in many cases "it was a short journey to a concentration camp". I believe the short journey was both figuratively and literally. I don't believe we've ever had a document from here. Fine, somewhat soiled, with edge tears and light tears at folds. Rare? $50+

*506 Germany, Workers Ration Card. 1942. For Slave laborers for the week of November 9-15, 1942 in orange with black print. Given to special technicians that due to their skills were taken out of camps and stayed in barracks which were located near the Aeg Kabel, Werk, Oberspree (the AEG Cable plant in Berlin) as noted on the back of each coupon. The technicians stayed in barracks located within the plant's area. There are 26 coupons, 7 each for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus 5 coupons for soup, Monday through Friday. All coupons handstamped with date on front. Unused. VF-EF. Rare. This is most likely Lot 789 from our sale 39d ($130) which was Lot 785, Sale 35D ($120) and the only one I can recall seeing. Our archives show a yellow card but that just may be because of our software. Although the consignor of this is NOT the person who bought the lot, the few stains are in the exact place as on this document. Interestingly, the founder of AEG was Emil Rathenau, a Jewish businessman who is immortalized on a medal which we've offered occasionally. His son, Walter, a politician, as well as a businessman, was murdered by Nazi hooligans in 1922. Eventually the business was Aryanized by the Nazis and used by them during the war. $100+

*507 Germany-occupied poland, World War II. Large (c. 8 1/2 x 11 1/2") green ration card for Germans in the General Government areas. This ration card was used by members of the German Armed Forces when on holiday or business trips to German-occupied areas of Poland and enabled them and their guests to have meals at restaurants, cafeterias, casinos and other places that served only Germans. Unused and unissued. Scarce. $100+?

*508 Germany/Russia. WWII. A group of 21 different leaflets printed by the Russians urging German soldiers to surrender. Back in 1999 we sold a group of 12 similar (?) leaflets for $150. When used by a German soldier it would be a safe-conduct Pass giving him protection. Or so they said. Various conditions, some with tears but a decent lot of WWII propaganda. See Lot #553 for a similar group aimed at Russian soldiers. $200+?

*509 Hungary, Jewish Community of Budapest 1948. Feller HG-520v. 5 Forint overstamped on 5 Pengo Tax Receipt issued by the Pesti Izraelita Hitkozseg. With 2 imprinted signatures of the community's directors and another signature of the tax collector at bottom. VF+ and filled out. These were technically tax receipts but it is very likely that they were also used as currency. What's most unusual about this lot (and the following) is that the denominations were changed to indicate the post-war Forints rather than the Pengos used during the war (and before). Interestingly the printed legend on the left reads Any changes makes this receipt invalid, although it certainly seems to be an official change. VF and no doubt rare. $100+

*510 Hungary, Jewish Community of Budapest 1949. Feller HG-521ff. 15 Forint overstamped on 15 Pengo. As above but Steve and Ray Feller do no list this denomination. In addition the new date is 1949 and the tax collector is different. In the mid 1990s I believe we had a few similar notes. Unfortunately I cannot find any images of these. Equally as rare. $100+

*511 India, The Bond of Islamic Unity Unlimited. 10, 000 Rupees. Uniface fundraising note?' Greetings' above 5-line Indian text, serial number above. In black, green and red on beige page. With printed signature of "Jdd Mubaruk" at lower left. Nice VF. We've never seen this. Rare? Not exactly sure what this is but my guess is that its a fundraising note issued in what is now Pakistand but was then (pre-1947) British India. $200+?

512 Israel. Dan Bus Company, Tel-Aviv. (c. 1953) A group of three 5 Prutot small change paper chits. The consignor labeled them consecutive numbers, however they are Series F17, #'s 3041, 3043 and 3045 so not consecutively numbered. Wide shield, red star. Haffner H-5 (p. 340), Bar Zeev DA-1A. 3 Uncirculated paper tokens. $25?

*513 Israel. P-13a, FC-5b. Fractional Currency (1953). 250 Pruta, Aleph Series with Menorah (visible under ultraviolet light) right. Unc. Printed off-center with virtually no margin at left. $100?

514 Israel. P-13b, FC-5a. Fractional Currency 250 Pruta (1953). Aleph Series, without Menorah. Choice Unc. $65+?

*515 Israel. P-14a, BN-1. 500 Mils, Anglo-Palestine Bank (1948). Series B. Nice F+. $75

516 Israel. P-16a, BN-3. 5 Palestine Pounds, Anglo-Palestine Bank (1948). Without series letter, thus uncommon. Nice VF $85+?

*517 Israel. P-16a, BN-3. 5 Palestine Pounds, Anglo-Palestine Bank (1948). Series A. VF. $75+?

*518 Israel. P-16a, BN-3. 5 Palestine Pounds, Anglo-Palestine Bank (1948). Series A. aEF, much original crispness remaining. $175+?

519 Israel. P-16a, BN-3. 5 Palestine Pounds, Anglo-Palestine Bank (1948). Series B. VF. $75+?

*520 Israel. P-17a, BN-4. 10 Palestine Pounds. Without series letter. F-VF. A decent note without any problems. $150?

*521 Israel. P-17a, BN-4. 10 Palestine Pounds. Series A. VF, but very light marks on note. $150?

*522 Israel. P-17a, BN-4. 10 Palestine Pounds. Series B. aVF. $150?

*523 Israel, Bank Leumi. 5 Pounds ND (1952). P-21a, BN-8. Series S. VF+. $75+

*524 Israel. P-45, BN-32. Error note. 10 Sheqalim, Theodore Herzl note of 1978. One of the numbers in the lower right serial number has shifted upwards. Unc. It is our belief that perhaps one sheet of these notes exist. $125+?

525 Israel. P-46a, BN-33c. 50 Sheqalim, 1978. A lot of 99 uncirculated notes depicting David Ben-Gurion on face. Pick values these at $2 each. Sold as is, no returns. $90+

*526 Korea. P-39a. 5 Yen. ND (1945) Man with beard at right. Issued note. Nice AU. This note appears as a specimen on a more regular basis than as an issued note such as this. $75+

*527 Netherlands, Amersfoort Concentration Camp. 25 Cent, 1 January 1944. Yellow, without watermark, with period under the "o" preceding the serial number and without star after serial number. C-4142, Feller NE-441a (variety?), Grabowski Af-2 (but unlisted variety without the star after serial number). Choice AU (just slight evidence of paper bend). Bright, full color. Scarce variety which is not shown on $450+

*528 Netherlands, Amersfoort. 25 Cent, 1 January 1944. Yellow, without watermark, with period under the "o" preceding the serial number and without star after serial number. C-4147b, Feller NE-441a, Grabowski Af-2a. Nice Unc., but stained, especially on back. $250+?

*529 Netherlands, Amersfoort. 1 Gulden, 1 January 1944. Green, without watermark, with the period after the "o" and star after the serial number C-4148b, Feller NE-442a, Grabowski Af-3a. VF. $200+

*530 Netherlands, Amersfoort. 1 Gulden, 1 January 1944. Green, without watermark, with the period after the "o" and star after the serial number C-4148b, Feller NE-442a, Grabowski Af-3a. VF+. Nicer than above. $300+

*531 Netherlands, Westerbork Concentration Camp. 10 Cents, Series AA without watermark. Camp-4171b, Feller, NE-470a, PS-168, Grab. We-1. Unc, very scarce as such. $70+?

532 Netherlands, Westerbork. 10 Cents, Series BB. 2 pieces, one with watermark, the other without watermark. Campbell 4171a & 4171b, Feller NE-471a & 471b. 2 notes, the "with watermark" note is Fine, the other note is EF, but a bit stained on face. $50+

*533 Netherlands, Westerbork. 10 Cents, Series BB without watermark. Camp-4171b, Feller, NE-470a, PS-168, Grab. We-1. Unc, very scarce as such. $70+?

*534 Netherlands, Westerbork. 10 Cents, Series BB without watermark. Camp-4171b, Feller, NE-470a, PS-168, Grab. We-1. Gem Unc, and even nicer than the above note, although the color is not as vivid as the above lot. $85+

535 Netherlands, Westerbork. 10 Cents, Series CC without watermark. Camp-4171b, Feller, NE-470a, PS-168, Grab. We-1. Nice EF-AU, evidence of a couple light bends and very light minor stains. $50+

*536 Netherlands, Westerbork. 25 Cent, Series AA without watermark. Feller NE-471a, C-4172b (2), PS-169, Grab We-2. Choice AU. Really no wear just very slight hints of handling. It's been quite awhile since we've offered this note in this nice of a grade. $50+

*537 Netherlands, Westerbork. C-4172 (b) 1, SB-1152A, F/F NE-471, PS-169. 25¢ Series BB, without watermark. Filled period in "o" in No. Gem Unc., thus scarce. $75+

*538 Netherlands, Westerbork. C-4173a, SB-1153b, PS-170. 50 Cents, Series AA. Virtually a full watermark. VF. The 50 cents is the scarcest of the four denominations and to find it with a such a full watermark is truly difficult. In 2003 we sold a similar note, with perhaps a slightly fuller watermark, for $150. $85+?

Please ensure that your bids arrive before the close of the sale.

*539 Netherlands, Westerbork. C-4173b, Feller NE-472a, PS-170. 50 Cents, Series AA. Unc. The 50 cents is the scarcest of the four denominations and to find it so nice is truly amazing! I can find only one instance of having a 50¢ Westerbork note in Unc since 1995 and that was series BB. $150+?

540 Netherlands, Westerbork. Camp-4174a, Feller-NE-473b. Pair of 100¢ notes with watermarks. Series AA & Series BB. The first Fine, the 2nd VF. $85+?

*541 Netherlands. WWII under Nazi occupation. A blank application for Dutch citizens to join the SS and help fight Anglo-American terror? c. 3 3/4 x 5 1/2" printed on both sides. The Netherlands was occupied by the Nazis for up to 5 years and the Dutch had one of the highest levels of collaboration with the Nazis of any occupied country. VF. $50?

*542 Palestine. 1915. Tel Aviv Council.1 Bishlik "Trial" Cardboard Token, Gimel Series. See Haffner CC-12c, Dabbah pages 36 & 37. Unc, without serial number and with one handwritten signature of Abraham Etkind. Officially issued notes contained two signatures and handstamped serial numbers. Included with this note is a signed and notarized statement by Etkind in 1977 swearing that he signed these tokens in 1915. Also in this lot is a 1939 British Passport issued to Etkind and assorted copies of articles about Etkind. The Bishlik note is Ex Franz Frankl collection, the passport is from NASCAs May 1979 Stanley Yulish collection (Lot 3928) where it sold for $45. In our sale 26G (Nov. 1996) we sold a similar Bishlik piece for $375. Over the years we've had a handful of these paper tokens but this is only the 2nd "trial" that we can recall offering. They were quickly withdrawn from circulation by the order of the Ottoman government. Etkind later became an accountant with Bank Zerubabel but his signature never appeared on any of their bonds or shares. Our consignor paid $350 for this in 1980! $350+?

*543 Philippines. P-89c. 1 Peso 1941 (1944). Serial# E6400312E. F-VF. This is a Naval Aviators Note which were notes that were in packets that US Naval Aviators carried with them in the event that their planes were shot down. While Pick doesn't value these notes very high, it seems that the market does, as the prices I have seen are in the $175 to $200 range. $150+?

*544 Poland, Danzig War Bonds. 1941. Set of 5 bonds 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 Reichsmark with vignette of a crane used in a medieval port, called a Żuraw, over the Motlawa river. Printed by Giesecke & Devrient of Leipzig and Berlin. 5 bonds, unused but a few have corner bends, folds or curls. We've seen the 3 smaller denominations for sale occasionally but never the high denominations. I don't believe these are listed in either Schwan-Boling or Harold Kroll's Financial Instruments of Nazi Germany. Rare? $200+?

*545 Poland, Litzmannstadt, (Lodz Ghetto). 10 Pfennig post office chit printed on back of postcard. 17 April 1942. As Feller PO-581a3, Cap-4211c.1, Grab. Li-10c, but on perforated card stock. The 10 is larger than the other print in the 1st line. We've had similar notes before but can't recall if we've had this one on perforated card stock, although we have offered perforated chits of other types. VF, slightly soiled and extremely rare. $400+

*546 Poland, Litzmannstadt, (Lodz Ghetto). C-4203, PS-11, Feller PO-562. 2 Mark. G-VG, limp, with rough edges and splits along folds. This is the typical condition for this note which is very rare in Fine or better. $40+?

*547 Poland, Litzmannstadt, (Lodz Ghetto). 20 Mark, 15 May 1940. One line under o in No. Camp-4206a (1), Feller-565a. A group of 8 Unc notes. $300+?

*548 Poland, Litzmannstadt, (Lodz Ghetto). PS-15, C-4207, SB-1007, F/F PO-566b. 50 Mark with red serial numbers. Rare denomination. VF, but written in pen at left This mark Bill is used by Jews in Poland plus a small tear repaired at right and a small flaw. As we've mentioned before, we have a difficult time differentiating between red & orange but we believe that the serial number on this note is more red than orange. In either case this is the scarcest of all regular issue Lodz notes. A F-VF, without the problems mentioned sold for $525 in our last sale. $400+?

There are no Buyer's Fees in our Auctions!

549 Poland, Litzmannstadt, (Lodz Ghetto). A group of 4 low grade notes. 1 Mark F-VF, 5 Mark VG, 10 Mark G-VG, and 20 Mark VF but stained. 4 notes, the middle two scarce but with tears and faults. $60+?

*550 Poland, Litzmannstadt, (Lodz Ghetto). Lottery Ticket 1944. Issued by the Illness Emergency Committee for 2.50 marks. Has circular violet handstamp on the back for Arbeits-Ressort and gives the same address as on front: Betrieb 68-75, Sulzfelder-Tr.15 as well as a serial number on the counterfoil. With the message, If you help the lot of the sick, it will help you a thousand times over. Feller PO-622, unlisted by Campbell and Grabowski. aEF with the exception of the left edge of the counterfoil where the ticket was ripped from a booklet. This ticket is #7989. We have had a number of these tickets over the years and all have had serial numbers from 7950 to 7990 or so. It seems likely that perhaps only one book survived. $100+

*551 Poland, Warsaw Ghetto. ND. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 50 Groszy. Campbell 4246-4251, Feller PO-680-687, Grab. WS 1-6, PS page 25 note. 6 Unc notes. Blue notes printed from hand-engraved wood or linoleum plates, the large denomination has 18 stars (18 meaning L' Chaim, to life), a barbed wire fence and an SS symbol. This is a somewhat controversial issue due to it's crudeness but we believe they were an issue produced in the Ghetto Post Office but never released. Steve and Ray Feller thoroughly discuss the Ghetto and these notes on pages 88-94 in their book Silent Witnesses. The complete set of 6 notes about as nice as we've seen. The 5 Groszy has a faint hint of a bend. $1000+

*552 Poland, Wolowin Ghetto. WWII Era Unused receipt or voucher, with a red circular handstamp of the Judenrat or Jewish Council in both German and Polish. Wolowin is a town about 12 miles east of Warsaw situated on the railroad line between Warsaw and Bialystock and was an important trading center in the 19th and 20th century until World War II. At the outbreak of WWII, Jews made up about 1/4 of the population and Russians were another significant minority. Most of the Jews were killed either directly by an Aktion or later after they were moved to Treblinka and/or the Warsaw Ghetto. Most of the Russians were able to escape westwards before the Red Army occupied the city. I don't believe we've ever offered an item from this city before. Unc. $50+?

*553 Russia/Germany. Anti-Semitic, anti-Communist "Surrender" Leaflet/Safe-conduct pass by Nazis and aimed at Russian soldiers. All in Russian except for one section in German which was meant to be the safe-conduct pass and protected the Russian soldier from the Nazis. Or so they said. In black and white except for a red hammer and sickle falling on a Russian. EF, a bit faded. For similar items aimed at Russian soldiers, see Lot #508. $35+?

*554 Serbia. P10a. 10 Dinara, 2 January 1893. VF. An uncommon note. $75+

*555 United Nations, International Refugee Organization (IRO). Austrian Operations. 10 Units. Campbell-7362, Feller AS-1682. EF. $400+

*556 United States, Massachusetts Treasury Certificate. March 1, 1781 VF, some splitting at folds. This is listed as MA-10 in Anderson's The Price of Liberty. It has a rarity rating of R-4, indicating that 76 to 200 pieces are known. Perhaps the single most sought after piece of fiscal paper from the American Revolutionary period due to its elaborate engraving and the vignette of a Continental soldier with a raised sword surrounded by a rattlesnake. The entire engraving for this piece was done by Nathaniel Hurd, a contemporary of Paul Revere. In the past this bond was often attributed to Revere, due in part to the Sword in Hand vignette which is very similar to Revere's that was used on Massachusetts Colonial notes, and also due in a likely larger part to the power of wishful thinking. F-VF, with additional manuscript signatures an notations on both sides. A few tape repairs on back but face is nice. $150+?

*557 United States (Germany), Post World War II Barter Money. Frankfurt am Main. Series 1947A. SB-629 1 Unit. VF-EF, some discoloration. Rare. Barter unit notes were printed and used to facilitate trade between relatively well-off American soldiers and the German civilian population which had very little of anything. We have never offered one of these notes before, although about 6 years ago we purchased a collection which consisted of almost every issued note. Unfortunately we found out that they were all stolen from one collection. We've seldom seen these notes come up in auction. $100+

*558 United States, MPC. P-M26. Dollar, Series 481. (1951-54). aVF. $75?

559 United States, Military Payment Certificate. P-M46. 50 Cent, Series 591. (1961-). VF, a few very tiny holes at left. $75?

560 United States, MPC. P-M47. 1 Dollar, Series 591. (1961-) Fine, some spots. $60+

*561 United States, Service Star Wallet. World War II. 3 items related to Robert H. Klein of Syracuse, NY. 1) A star taken from the service flag of First English Lutheran Church in 1947 in a presentation folder; 2) Klein's War Department ID issued 8/21/42 presumably his induction day, which includes his photo and fingerprints; and 3) his Seine Section, Com Z, Class B Pass dated 8 December 1944. 3 items in this lot, the first given to him 2 years after the war is in nice EF condition, the other two, which he probably carried with him during his service time. are aged in a much lower condition. $50+?

*562 United States. 1993-1995. USAFE Special Activities Gasoline Purchase Coupons. The US Air Force in Europe. A complete and unused book of 24 coupons (for 24 Liters) of gas. Each coupon is for one liter and is red or pink on a blue background, the cover is yellow. Scarce? $?

*563 Uzbekistan. P-18c. 5000 Tengas. AH1337 (1918). Blue-green and red on face. Brown-black and red on back. Nice VF for this crude note. $75?

564 Yemen Democratic Republic. P-9a 10 Dinars. ND (1984). Unc. Very attractive note with sailboat on face. $50+



In addition to the lots in this section, there are many lots in part one that could have been listed below. Among them are: 1-94, 109-110, 112-113, 152-153, 158-215, 225, 229, 243-

248, 251-253, 268, 292-293, 296-299, 315-321, 354-402, 405-407, 425, 429-433, 439, 442-448, 458-510, 512-525, 527-553, 555, 557 and 561. Also lots 712 to 735 are Holocaust related medals!

*565 Moses, Joachimstahl Medal. ND. 16th-17th Century or perhaps later. Silver 37mm, 16.54g. Attributed by some to Jerome Magdeburg. Nicely cast medal. Bust of a horned Moses facing left, MO-ISE to either side and the same in Hebrew on his shoulder, German legend around/Hebrew quote from Exodus in 4 lines in square and German legend on all four sides. See Jewish Medals page 93, Katz-146. As nice or nicer than a similar piece in our sale 42A that went for $275 in very spirited bidding. $200+ [reverse]

*566 Biblical Judaea Capta Jeton by Hans Krauwinkel. ND. c. 1600. Æ28.5 (4.18g). Bust of Vespasian right/Captive Jewess weeping to right of palm tree, emperor stands to left, IVDAEA CAPTA above. Friedenberg page 94, Coins Reveal #86, Newmann-32533, Mitchiner-2230. Gd F/VG. Probably the most popular of all Krauwinkel, and perhaps even Biblical, Jetons. $120+?

*567 Biblical Jeton. Binding of Isaac. Brass 29.5mm, 3.99g. Angel in clouds stopping Abraham from slaughtering his son Isaac, PLACVIT DEO OBEDIENTIA (Obedience pleased God)/Crowned French arms with wreath. See Feuardent 11582, Newmann-36636. Toned VF, some planchet flaws. This is likely a mid-17th German copy of a mid-16th century French Jeton. For a modern gold coin depicting the "Binding of Isaac" see Lot# 197 $50+ [reverse]

*568 Biblical Jeton. 1715. Silver 30mm. Paris Mint. Ark of the Covenant, carried by four Levites, 2 angels above/CONVENTUS CLERI GALLICANI M•DCCXV• in 4 lines, in wreath. Mitchner-3311, Feuardent-3953. VF. Biblical related jetons in silver are seldom encountered. Mitchner priced this at £95 in 1988! $100+? [reverse]

*569 Jewish Priest with High Altar. 1737 French Jeton. Æ29, 6.96g. Bust of Louis XV right/Jewish Priest to left of Smoking Altar. Mitch-3515, Feu-2495. Nice VF, some red in devices. $50+ [reverse]

*570 Noah's Ark Jeton. 1742. Silver 29mm, 7.12 grams by Francois Marteau. Head of Louis XV right/Noah's ark at sea, dove flying above. Feu-2056, Mitch-3507ff. Very scarce. Nicely toned VF+. Only the 3rd we've offered in silver, one sold for $250, the other for $285! $150+? [reverse]

*571 Joseph and his Brothers. 1772 White Metal 31 mm by Johann Christian Reich. Joseph addressing his kneeling brethren/List of grain prices in 11 lines topped by the date 1771. Kirschner-XII V (exception), Neumann-32608 similar. EF, some scratches above the "brothers". Reich was the infamous maker of the 18th century Korn Jude medals and while this medal does not depict the Korn Jude, the reverse is very similar to some of his Korn Jude medals that listed prices of grain on one side and the Korn Jude on the other. This lists prices of grain on one side and a Jew on the other. This medal should not be considered anti-Semitic in nature, but certainly is Jewish related. We've offered this medal twice in the past (once at $140, once at $150) but those were brass or copper, this is a white metal! $100+ [reverse]

*572 Moses and the 10 Commandments. ND. Early 19th century? Silver 27mm. Moses in clouds, facing left, holding the tablets with 1st 3 commandments written below/ Long legend with commandments 4 through 10. In German. I believe I've had a similar medal many years ago and thought that was attributed to Loos. Toned EF. $75+? [reverse]

*573 Aaron. (1827) Paris. Brass 32 mm by Barre. Bust of Aaron 3/4 to left/Ark of the Covenant. Plain edge. See The Shekel Vol 24, #2, pages 3-5. VF, but porous. One of a series of 3 medals done in the late 1820s commemorating Moses, Aaron and King David at the Paris mint. This is probably the scarcest and only the 2nd brass example we've offered in more than 18 years! $200+?

*574 False Shekel in Silver. ND. 36mm, 20.52g. An unusual, and most likely very rare, dated silver False Shekel. Shekel of Israel' around chalice with pearled rim and "Year 2" above/3 pomegranates buds within "Jerusalem the Holy". Rare, similar to Kisch Plate I, IV and F1 as among the very few False Shekels using Hebrew, although it should be noted that the reverse legend is missing the ancient mem. Cast. VF. $200+? [reverse]

*575 Birmingham Hebrew Social Club Great Britain. 19th Century. Brass 26mm, 1 Penny token. Birmingham Hebrew Social Club. Scarce to rare. Toned VF. This is ex Lot #597 from our sale 41E and was part of the late Bob Schoenwalter's collection. $100+ [reverse]

*576 Silver "Christian" Amulet. ND. 39mm. Magen David, with Hebrew legend around and within pertaining to the Second Pentacle of Mars/The legend is from the Magus, a primary source for ceremonial magic with influences from Alchemy, Astrology, and the Kabbalah. Toned EF. Included with the lot is a fuller description of the meaning of the legends. Uncommon. For another Kabbalistic medal see lot #217. $50+

*577 South American Jewish Token. Colombia. I. E. Rubinstein & Son. ND. 5 Cent CN Token. I. E. Rubinstein & Son - R. C. San Andres/Vale 5 Cents. Rare Jewish South-American item. Rulau SAP-12, Bernal-22. aF, corrosion. In our November auction we sold a nice VF for $250. $175+?

*578 Frankfurt Synagogue Medal. 1882 by Louis Dietrich. WM 35.5mm. View of a corner of the new synagogue, Hebrew legend, "How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwellings, O Israel!" (Ma Tovu)/8-line legend in German concerning the inauguration of the new Orthodox synagogue just 3 days before the beginning of Rosh Hashanah. The synagogue was also known as the Boerneplatz synagogue because of its location. It was destroyed during Kristallnacht in November of 1938. This rare medal was listed in the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906. It is not mentioned in the 1971 Encyclopedia Judaica. However a picture of virtually the exact corner depicted on the medal can be seen in Volume 7, page 90. Nice lustrous EF, with a number of small rim nicks most likely due to a very high rim. While I may have had this medal in the past I cannot recall when. An Israeli dealer was (is?) offering a much poorer example of this medal for '€1000! Extremely rare. $400+? [reverse]

*579 Rishon Le-Zion Colony. 1882. Æ28. Magen David & below that a Torah scroll, the left frame showing people at prayer at the Western Wall, while the right frame shows a farmer sowing seeds, if i forget thee o jerusalem let my right hand forget its cunning/A panoramic view of the colony. JTM-EP-53, See the Shekel Vol. V, #4, p. 18. EF/VF with a few nicks, bumps & scratches (more so on reverse) and original loop attached. Still much nicer than usually seen. $350+ [reverse]

*580 Rabbi Isaac Elchonon Spektor. 1896. Æ28. Bust of the rabbi half right and gaon the rav yitzhak elchonon spektor/His grave, legend. Spektor was a famous Lithuanian Rabbi and was among the most influential Jews of his time in helping influence the Russian government to better their treatment of Jews. F-VF, but surface marks giving us the impression that this may have been a pocket piece carried for many years by a follower of the Rabbi. Shekel 18, 3, 29-30. $200+? [reverse]

*581 Talmud Torah and Synagogue Medal. ND. Ahavot Shalom in the Bronx. Brass 33mm. The School Building with legend around/Scroll, Magen David above, legend all around. Lustrous Au-Unc., with a spot on one of the letters (shin) in obverse legend. The last we offered sold for $110. $75+ [reverse]

*582 The Dreyfus Affair. Group of 4 small medallions. 1) Æ 29mm Bust of Dreyfus in military uniform half right/Bust 3/4 left of the attorney Fernand-Gustave-Gaston Labori who defended Dreyfus in court; 2) Another but this silvered; 3) Another, similar to #1 but Æ 23 mm; and 4) Zola/Picquart 31mm silvered (and toned) Æ medal depicting the busts of 2 supporters of Alfred Dreyfus. All 4 with original loop attached, the last scarce which we can't recall ever offering before. For other related Dreyfus lots, please see lots 268 & 582. $250+? [reverse]

*583 The Grandmother by Boris Schatz. 1904. Æ 46.5 x 70.4mm rectangle uniface plaque. A portrait of a grandmother knitting, "Grandmother" in Hebrew below. Schatz was the founder of the Bezalel School. His signature is at upper right. Cast as made, a few handling marks. $140+

*584 South Africa Synagogue. 1905 Aluminum 38mm. Great Synagogue Cape Town Consecrated 13 Sept 1905 around (in Hebrew) Koph, Koph Holy Israel/Front view of the synagogue and 5665 in exergue. Fine, many nicks, a few rim bumps and a hole at top for wearing. And this medal was certainly worn. The oldest and largest synagogue in Africa was also known as the "Garden Shul" as the congregation was founded in Cape Town's botanical gardens. Despite its condition this is a very desirable medal. I believe I've had it before but I cannot find a record of it in our computerized records which go back to 1995. See Coins Reveal #158 for a stick pin commemorating the opening of the synagogue which was given to those attending the consecration. Presumably this medal was given to donors. $250+? [reverse]

*585 Dreyfus Prosecutor. 1906 Æ 50mm by Baffier. Bust of General Mercier left/ Long legend. Mercier was the French prosecutor in the infamous Dreyfus trial. This medal pays homage to him as it is mentions the Traitor Dreyfus on the obverse and the reverse legend refers to the trial. As struck. For related Dreyfus lots, see lots 268 & 582. $150+? [reverse]

*586 Isaac Benesch & Sons, Baltimore, MD, good luck swastika token for Jewish merchant. c. 1920. Æ 33mm. "Good for $2 on a purchase of $25'"/"We invite you to open a charge account" around swastika. Benesch & Sons are mentioned in the book "Jewish Baltimore: A Family Album" as among the mainstays of the Jewish furniture stores in Baltimore during the 1st part of the 20th century. Choice EF-AU, lustrous with a few nicks. Scarce, especially so nice. $60+? [reverse]

587 Buffalo, NY, pre-Prohibition, Buffalo Distilling Co, good luck swastika token for Jewish merchant. Æ 32mm. This token advertises "Canadian Type Four-Cee 4-C Whiskey" which was a brand name of the Buffalo Distilling Co. (1895-1918) owned by Gustav Fleischmann, the younger brother of Charles & Max Fleischmann, founders of the Fleischmann Yeast Company. EF. 1st we can recall ever offering. $60+?

*588 Canadian Synagogue Token. ND 26mm. Anshe Sholom Synagogue, Hamilton, Ontario. "Anshe Sholom Synagogue Founded 1856" around Magen David/"Good Luck Coin -Hamilton - Ont." around "A Token of Appreciation" in 4 lines. VF. Scarce, 1st I can recall seeing in many, many years. $60+ [reverse]

589 Los Angeles, CA, Kline Clothing Co, good luck swastika token for Jewish merchant. c. 1920s. AE 33mm. "Good for $1 on charge accounts of $15 or more". The 1920 census for Los Angeles lists both Joe and his wife Rose, who were the proprietors of this business, as Jewish immigrants from Russia/Poland. This is for their store at 309 So. Spring Street in Los Angeles. There is another token for the same store when it was located at 326 S Broadway. The Spring St. address seems to be from mid-1920s, while the Broadway address is from later in the decade. $60+?

*590 New York, NY, Edwin Cigar Co, good luck token for a free "Edwin Junior" cigar from Jewish merchant. 1920s - 1930s. Æ 32mm. The 1913-1914 Brooklyn/Queens Directory listed Max and Sadie Rosenblum (no relation to me) as owners of Edwin Cigar Co. By 1931 they had moved their business to York, PA. Rosenblum was the son of Hungarian-Jewish immigrants. By the mid-1930s he was identified by the New York Post as "Rosenbloom" when the FTC ordered him to stop claiming that his cigars used "Havana" tobacco. Choice EF+ and scarce in this grade. $50+? [reverse]

*591 Esther de Boer-van Rijk. 1923 Æ 41mm. Unsigned. High relief bust of the actress left/High relief bust of her as Kniertje in Heijermans' play Hoop van Zegen (Hope of Blessing) left. Polek-69. This was struck on the 50th anniversary of her first portrayal in this Dutch play. She ended up playing this role over a thousand times. Rare. $100+ [reverse]

592 North Topeka, KS, Eagle Shoe & Clothing Co, good luck swastika token for Jewish merchant. 1920s.Æ32mm. The Eagle Shoe Co. was owned by Gersh Galitski. Both Gersh and his son Simon are listed in the 1910 census for Topeka as native Yiddish speakers from Russia and Simon was buried in the Topeka Jewish cemetary. "Good for One Dollar on a $10 Purchase or Over". Nice EF. Scarce? $60+?

*593 Arnold Mendelssohn. 1929 Bronze oval c. 54 x 64mm. His portrait slightly to the right/11-line legend with loop and red and white cord as made. Niggl-3305 (II). Mendelsohn, a composer, conductor and music teacher, was the grandnephew of Felix Mendelssohn. This is the only medal that I know of him. $100+

*594 Adamant Suits for Boys Watch Fob. 1920s-1940s?, c. 26 x 43mm. Broadcasting Adamant Suits for Boys 55 5th Ave, NY For Wear and Tear and Extra Pair' above and below a young man in suit/Long legend by Samuel Rosenthal & Bros. New York. Scarce. I can't recall seeing this before. $50+? [reverse]

*595 Brenham, TX, Sam Fink, 25 cent token for merchandise from Jewish merchant. c. 1930. Aluminum 28mm, 8-sided scalloped. The Texas Jewish Historical Society provides a burial record in Brenham, TX, for one Sam Fink, born 9/12/1891, died 1/14/52. TX-1993. Fink issued tokens in 5 denominations. Nice VF+. $50+? [reverse]

596 Jewish Merchant Token. Aluminum 21mm. Morris Greenstein. ND. Good for 10¢. Morris Greenstein, Pharmacist, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Choice EF. There is also a 5¢ 19mm aluminum token for Greenstein. This is the nicest we've seen. Ex Lot 728 from our Sale 39D. $30+?

*597 Pair of Jewish Merchant encased cent Good Luck TokenS. New Jersey. The New I.W. Goldberg Furniture Store,114 Broad St. Bridgeton, NJ. Encased 1946 Cent and Morris's Women's Wearing Apparel & Furs, 364 Springfield Ave, Newark NJ. with 1927 Encased Cent. Both Keep Me and Never Go Broke horseshoe type encasements. VF-EF and VF. 2 scarce pieces. Ex Lot 535 from Sale 40E. $80 [reverse]

598 Jewish merchant token. Portland, OR, Miller Clothing Co, good luck swastika token for Jewish merchant. c. 1930. Æ 32mm. Good for $1 on one suit or overcoat. The store was located at 3rd and Alder St. First opened by Henry Miller, his son Alex joined the firm in 1890 and in 1898 moved to the 3rd. Ave address. According to the Oregon Jewish Museum, the store had the first push-button elevator in Oregon. VF. Uncommon. $60+?

*599 South African Award Medal. 1930. Royal Order of Buffalos. Roll of Honor Breast Badge. Awarded to L. Goldstein by the District Grand Lodge of Transvaal. Impressive 14-karat gold badge with blue, white red and gilt enameling, Latin legend, topped by "Africa" purple ribbon and Roll of Honor on top. No doubt very scarce as an award medal to a Jew. Perhaps rare. $75+

600 Jewish merchant token. Taylor, TX, S. A. Melasky, 25 cent token for merchandise from Jewish merchant. c. 1930? Aluminum 26mm. Seth Asher Melasky was born in Taylor in 1878 and was buried in Beth Israel Cemetery in Austin TX. A J. Melasky from Taylor issued Good For Tokens and a J. S. Melasky from Sandoval, Texas also issued tokens. TX-1973. Choice EF+, a few dings. $30+?

*601 Rosenblum Tokens, Cleveland, Ohio. Group of 3. 1) Æ 25mm, Bust right of Max Rosenblum, It's easier to pay the Rosenblum Way 321 Euclid Ave'/Legend around horseshoe, around swastika; 2) Encased 1936 Lincoln Cent, One Account Outfits the Family; 3) Encased 1955-D Lincoln Cent, Rosenblum's Family Clothiers. Max Rosenblum (no relation to me), born December 5, 1877 in Austria-Hungary, was a department store owner and owner of the Cleveland Rosenblums, one of the original members of the American Basketball League (ABL). He was also President of the Welfare Association for Jewish Children for 15 years. 3 different tokens, the first and last EF or better, the 2nd VF. I can't recall ever offering these 3 tokens at one time before. The first is Lipscomb CL 4890. The encased pieces are scarcer than the earlier token. $50+?

*602 1st Maccabi Games. 1932. Silver 25mm. Ancient Hebrew with lion and modern immigrant holding Maccabi banner flank pedestal with Menorah at top and Maccabi symbol, date below/Replica of ancient Bar-Kochba Sela with ark in Temple. Toned VF/EF with some nicks. Original loop neatly removed. Very rare. $250+? [reverse]

603 Jewish Day-Century of Progress.1933. Æ 32mm. Moses carrying commandments/Magen David, legend. Tokens were issued to celebrate Jewish Day at the 1933 Chicago Fair. This is a group of 3 uncirculated but lacquered bronze pieces. $50+?

604 Pair of Merchant tokens from Beresford, South Dakota. 1) Redeemable at Bierbaum Rexall Drugs Prescription Specialists Beresford, S. Dak/Good for 5¢ on any Purchase. 2) Redeemable at Bruehler and Bierbaum Your complete Rexall Drug Beresford, S. Dak./Good for 5¢ on any Purchase. Both round aluminum tokens, the first 25mm, the 2nd 26mm. The first EF, the 2nd VF. Bierbaum is possibly Jewish. $40+?

*605 Tel Aviv Levant Fair. 1934. Brass 68mm by M. Murro (of Bezalel fame). Flying camel right springing from city shield, Levant Fair Tel-Aivv 1934 in English, Hebrew and Arabic around/Various fruits, grains and workers tools around a center which has a 3-line engraved legend, Ford Motor Co. U.S.A. - Distributors : L. - Glueckman & Co. See Lot #642 for another medal with the same motif. The idea of the flying camel logo, which is still used in Tel-Aviv, supposedly came about from a remark made by the Arab mayor of Jaffa who said that the fair would come about when camels flew. The Fair is considered one of the prime sparks in the remaking of Tel Aviv into the modern city it is. VF, some nicks and scratches on this large and rare cast medal which I cannot ever recall offering. $250+? [reverse]

*606 Volunteer Fire Brigade shield. 1930s-1940s. c. 40mm. Fireman's helmet marked with small Magen-David and a pair of crossed axes with long handles, below that (filled with red enamel) HaMa'avir (i.e. HaMa'avir Transportation Cooperative Society). We presume that this badge was specially made for the (most likely) very few HaMa'avir drivers who joined the Volunteer Fire Brigade of Tel-Aviv. Ex Lot 739 from our sale 39D @$75. $75

*607 Award Medal to Leslie Goldberg Tailors'. 1940. Silver 50mm. City and Guilds of London Institute Department of Technology; Technological Examination/Various shields around center shield. Edge inscribed Leslie Goldberg Tailors'. Cutting & Tailoring Division 1, Section A, 1st Prize 1940. Virtually as made and toned. The City & East End of London at that time was still a center of the Jewish rag trade. Certainly uncommon. $125+

*608 Jewish War Veterans. 1940. New York. Irregular shaped watch Fob type. Building above legend and banner around logo/Uniface, but for "Benj. Harris Co. Inc, 228 Bowery, NY". Made for annual convention in Monticello. Rare? Ex 40J #575. $60+

*609 Silver Hadassah Badge. ND. 40mm (8.17g) silver filgree Star of David with 3-line Hebrew legend (for your continued support of hadassah) in the center, wreath of 6-pointed star, flowers around and in a hanger below XL. The back is stamped Palestine and St. .925 (or possibly .935). In our Sale 38C a similar badge, but with VVV on the hanger, sold for $75. I would presume that these were given to large donors to Hadassah or long-time members or employees of Hadassah (the Woman's Zionist Organization of America) but am not sure if the Roman numerals are for the number of years someone was a donor or member. Hadassah was founded in 1912, 40 years after that was 1952 and if made that year, the back would surely say Israel not Palestine. It should be noted that one of the small hooks at the hanger is missing. $60+?

*610 Lot of Miscellaneous Judaica. 1) Jewish Social Studies: A Quarterly Journal Devoted to Contemporary and Historical Aspects of Jewish Life. 100 plus pages. October 1942, some tears, stains and cuts on cover, contents mainly VF or better; 2) Searching for the Messiah/Everlasting love 70mm tombac medal SM-90; 3) JNF Charity box in blue and white, without key. Probably about 1950; and 4) These Lights are Holy a silver plated brass menorah, with 8 candle holes, two lions flanking crowned shield. Early 20th century? Sold as is, no returns. $50+?

*611 1953 Trial or Pattern Phone Token. Discovery Piece? 1st we have seen or are aware of. Similar to the 1st telephone token introduced in Israel in but this is in Copper-nickel plated copper. Both Slyvia Haffner (1970) and Pinchas Bar-Zeev ( list a similar copper token and our first thought when seeing and discovering that it was plated copper that this was that was just a plated example of the 27mm token as listed by Haffner. However our copper-nickel example weighs 6.48 grams more than a full gram (7.56g) less than a circulated copper piece we have in stock, the letters on the obverse are of slightly different size and this piece is clearly thinner than the copper token. It is struck much nicer than what we are accustomed to seeing and the date is clearly 5713. (Haffner had mistakenly listed the dated as 5715). Before we acquired the token it had resided in a highly esteemed and advanced collection of tokens in the United Kingdom. As Haffner pages 326-327, Bar-Zeev PT-2 unlisted variety. Lustrous Unc., a few minor bruises. Rare. $125+? [reverse]

*612 Israel Defense Forces Presentation Medal. 1962. Silver 61mm. As Jewish Tokens and Medals MM-12. In the center the emblem of the Zahal (IDF) and 14 emblems of the various divisions of the Armed Forces/A four-line legend Presented to Mr. Robert N. Margrave Israel, November 1962. We have had un-engraved similar medals in bronze previously but cannot recall ever seeing an engraved medal (silver or bronze) nor a medal this size as the bronze medals were 59mm. Margrave was a US State Department, Munitions expert and adviser to the IDF. Rare. With a custom olive wood presentation box. Ex Presidential Antiques, Auction #62, 1997 where it sold for $214.50. $250+? [reverse]

*613 Joint Campaign Medal. 1962 Æ73 mm Medal with Jewish War (First Revolt) Shekel design on one side and engraved "To Jacob Lowy, General Chairman, 1962 Joint Campaign From Members of the First Montreal Mission" in 5 lines on reverse. Similar to JTM EP-60. With cardboard box of S. Kretschmer & Sons. For another medal awarded to Lowy, see Lot #656. $100+ [reverse]

614 Lyndon B. Johnson/ADL Dinner with the President medal. 1965. Æ 57mm. His bust. Legend. By Ralph Menconi. EF. No doubt a limited issue. See The Shekel Vol. XII, #4, page 36. I believe that his is Lot 752 from our Sale 39D. $25

*615 Senior Auditor's Medal. 1965. Silver 31 mm. Only 150 pieces were made to be given to participants at the International Convention in Jerusalem. Haffner JTM-EP62. As struck, toned. $50?

616 Gavel, for the Opening of the New Knesset. 1966. c. 8 x 2 /34" wood with silver plate around with 5-line legend, Presented to A. Dunnett, Editor of The Scotsman, on the occasion of the Opening of, Israel's New Permanent Home of Parliament, Jerusalem Capital of Israel August 30th, 1966. Most likely rare and presumably personal copies of the gavel were made for all attendees. $200+?

*617 Iranian Jewish Community. 1966. Bronze 29.5 mm medal commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Shah's reign and issued by the Iranian Jewish Federation. Bust of Shah left/Menorah, Hebrew legend. BU, reverse spot. A similar piece sold for $125 in our last auction. This may be the nicest example we've ever had. $100+ [reverse]

*618 Private Bar Mitzvah Medal. 1968. Gold 23mm (.900). Bar Mitzvah boy left, German legend/3-line Hebrew legend, Magen David. "Personal Momento". Unc. Struck in Germany. Contains more than .3140 ounce of actual gold weight. As we write this that means there is over $400 of gold in this medal. $450+

*619 Genesis. ND (1972). Æ 57mm by Brian Watkins. In stylized form, the shaping of the land masses floating in the ocean, below in a concave portion, in Hebrew "In the Beginning"/ Very stylized symbolizing the formation of the waters. JTM-BM-1a. Scarce. One of only two medals issued by the Maccabi Mint. Attractive and low mintage. $75? [reverse]

*620 Exodus. 1973. Silver 57mm by Brian Watkins for the Macabee Mint. JTM-BM-2B. Stylized view of 10 commandments/Stylized parting of the Red Sea. The 2nd and final issue of the Macabee Mint. Only 100 silver pieces were struck. This is the first we've offered in silver since May of 2005 when a similar medal sold for $225. $150+? [reverse]

*621 Lead Die Trials for the Exodus Medal. By Brian Watkins. 75-77 mm. One each obverse and reverse lead die trials made for inspection by Maccabee MInt principals. JTM-BM-2. The Maccabee Mint was founded in 1970 by a group of Judaica collectors to strike Biblical medals. Unfortunately they ceased operations after only two medals. In two boxes. Ex Carl Rosenblum collection. $60+

*622 Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty. 1977. Silver 38mm. Busts of Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat, PEACE TALKS in English, Hebrew and Arabic, Jerusalem Nov 19th-21st 1977 in 3 lines/EGYPT - ISRAEL above doves and flags of Egypt and Israel. Edge reads, "00073 .999 F.S. CANADA. Randolph #6 (Shekel, Vol. 38, #1, p. 22). This is one of the rarer medals issued to commemorate this event. Choice toned Proof. $40+?

*623 Agam's Star of Love Medal. 1978 Gold 36mm. Tiny Hebrew, French and English legend, Star Of Love, Etoile D'amour around field composed of nine raised "keels" that form Star of David in apparent motion as the medal is turned under light/Menorah, 30 Years State Of Israel. #193 of a very limited mintage. 22-Karat gold. Some light marks on Menorah side. $1800+?

*624 Leopold Loew/Synagogue at Szegedin. 1978? Silver 43mm, 36.39g. Bust of the famous Hungarian Rabbi left, "Low Lipot" to the left, "1811-1878" to right and his signature below/Synagogue at Szegedin (in Hungary). Loew wrote the first history of Hungarian Jews and was the most important non-Orthodox rabbi in 19th century Hungary and was the father of another important Hungarian Rabbi, Immanuel Loew. Why this medal has the dates of 1811 - 1878 is unclear, as Loew died in 1875. Some handling marks, a rim bump, and lightly wiped, resulting in hairlined fields. I cannot recall ever seeing this medal before. See lot #625 below. $125+?

*625 Leopold Loew/Synagogue at Szegedin. 1978? Silver 43mm, 72.16g. Bust of the famous Hungarian Rabbi left, See above for a description of the medal and the Rabbi. This is double the thickness of the above medal, thus possibly a piefort issue. Some handling marks, a rim bump, and lightly wiped, resulting in hairlined fields, but overall nicer than the above medal. (See 624 above). $225+ [reverse]

*626 Albert Einstein. 1979. Bronze 93mm by Allen Sloane. Bust of Albert Einstein right/ A small sailboat under the night sky. Flower-56. No more than 25 of these were made, all hand cast by the "lost wax" process. Rare, only the 3rd we can recall seeing. The example in Harry Flower's collection sold for $150 in 2001 and in our Sale 38D in 2008 another example sold for $170. $150+?

*627 Albert Einstein. 1979. Bronze 94mm by Ramos de Abreus for A. Gravarte of Lisbon, Portugal. High-relief portrait of Einstein facing slightly to the right/Legend. Flower-57. Cast as made, a striking-high relief medal. We've only offered this once before when we sold Harry Flower's specimen in our Sale 31C for $100. $100+?

*628 Counterstamped Hanukkah coin. "1979 International Year of the Child" on 1977 10 Lirot Jerusalem Lamp BU coin. In special case, with handstamp with the same inscription. I can't recall seeing this before. $25? [reverse]

*629 Double Spiral of Life. Bronze "Magen David" by the Craig Schaffer. ND (1970s?). c. 5 x 5" Star of David in deluxe padded case by Alef Judaica. A stunning and unusual medallic sculpture by an artist who has used this similar design to create a Menorah. $50+?

*630 Gershom Seixas. 1975 Jewish American Hall of Fame Medal. Silver trapezoid by Gerta Wiener. Bust of the "Patriotic Rabbi"/Jewish patriots marching with menorah and Torah. "Sold Out" on the JAHF website. The last we offered went for $75 in the Fall of 2009. 205 pieces minted. $75+

*631 TOURO SYNAGOGUE. 1977 Silver Trapezoid Medal by Victor Reis. The 9th in the Magnus Museum's Jewish American Hall of Fame Series. View of the outside of the synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island/Torahs and George Washington's famous quote, "The United States gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance." Rare. The last we sold went for $75. This one includes the case of issue. 180 pieces minted. $75+

*632 GOLDA MEIR. 1978 Silver Medal by Gerta Weiner. The 10th in the Magnus Museum's Jewish American Hall of Fame Series. Her facing protrait/Group of People. Struck to commemorate her 80th birthday. I can't recall offering this medal in silver since 1995! In case of issue. 245 pieces minted. $100+?

*633 JONAS SALK. 1980 Silver Medal by Hal Reed. The 12th in the Magnus Museum's Jewish American Hall of Fame Series. Salk with microscope/2 boys playing ball, a third with crutches, holds balloon and looks on. The medal is listed as sold-out on the JAHF website. 1st we've had in quite some time. In case of issue. 110 pieces minted. $75+

*634 REBECCA GRATZ. 1981 Silver medal by Greta Wiener. Struck to commemorate the 200th birthday of this educator, philanthropist and heroine of Walter Scott's Ivanhoe. The 13th medal in the Magnus Museum's Jewish American Hall of Fame Series. Sold out on JAHF website. In case of issue.110 pieces minted. $75+

*635 Jewish-American Hall of Fame Medals. A group of 3. 1973 Haym Salomon Bronze 57mm round by Paul Vincze, Gold Meir 1978 Bronze and Emma Lazarus 1983 Pewter. The last two, the familiar 45mm trapezoid shaped by Gerta Wiener, come with cases. The first, one of the few JAHF medals that is round, is from NASCA's May 1978 sale. $120+? [reverse]

*636 Jewish-American Hall of Fame Medals. A group of 4. 1973 Haym Salomon Bronze 57mm round by Paul Vincze, Gershon Seixas 1975 Bronze by Wiener, 1980 Jonas Salk by Hal Reed and Emma Lazarus 1983 Pewter by Wiener The last three, the familiar 45mm trapezoid shaped. The first, one of the few JAHF medals that is round, is from our 1981 Los Angeles Sale, the Seixas is from NASCA's May 1978 sale, the Salk from Johnson & Jensen's November 1982 sale comes with the box as issued. 4 better medals, all difficult to locate. $120+? [reverse]

Israel official state, commissioned and presentation medals

*637 SM-1e. Medal of Liberation with Plugs. 1961, Bronze 61 mm. Both Kagan and the IGCMC catalog list this medal as 59mm. I believe they are both wrong as every specimen that I have been able to track has been 61mm. This is logical as both the regular copper and silver issues are also 61mm. The plugs are evident on the medals because the died were drilled but more medals were needed and rather than prepare new dies, the holed dies were reused resulting in the "plug" issue. 553 minted. See lot below for silver version. $50+ [reverse]

*638 SM-1f. Medal of Liberation with balloons. 1961, Silver 61mm Plugs, only 386 minted. The silver pieces are more properly called balloons, rather than plugs. Type 2 with the chain at the bottom of the reverse connected to the Hebrew legend. Zechovoy mint. Lightly toned and scarce. Much rarer than the bronze plug variety, this is the first we've offered in four years. $150+ [reverse]

*639 SM-12g, h &j. Bar Mitzvah Gold Set. 1961. Set of 3 gold medals. 27, 22 and 19mm. Bar Mitzvah boy reading from Torah/Symbols of the 12 tribes. 3 choice 18 karat gold medals. $1250+

*640 SM-14a. 2nd Bible Contest. 1962. Silver 59mm. Scarce. Nice Unc. $150+?

*641 SM-21e, f & g. Liberation Gold Medal Set of 3. 1971 19, 22 & 27 mm Liberation Gold Medals. Man, woman and child planting tree/Inset of Roman Judaea Capta coin. Choice BU. One of the most popular of all Israel gold medals. $1250+

*642 SM-33. Tel Aviv Trade Fair. Silvered 59mm. Map of the world/"Flying Camel" left, the symbol of trade fair and Tel Aviv itself. Rim and edge are both bumpy, likely from the silvering process. We have never seen or heard of a silvered example and it is possible that this is unique. With wood, felt and metal display stand. See Lot #605. $50+? [reverse]

643 SM-35e. Masada. 1977 Silver 59mm. Scarce large size silver medal. One of the more underrated and seldom seen large state of Israel silver medals. We've only had a handful of these medals in the past 20 years. In our Sale 41E a similar example sold for $175! $130+?

*644 SM-38b. Rothschild. 1966 Gold 35mm medal. Proof. Raised cameo portraits of Edmond and James Rothschild/3 symbolic figures. Designed by the late great Paul Vincze. $1500+?

*645 SM-42c. EL AL. 1977. Silver 59mm. Designed by Ben Shahn, this is one of the most attractive of all Israel medals. Dove of Peace/Stylized Hebrew Alphabet. Scarce in the large silver size especially this variety as it is one of the less than 400 without the dates 5738-1977 on the edge. In our sale 40J we sold one for $140. $130+?

*646 SM-138b. Everlasting Covenant. 1991 Silver (.999) 50mm by Agam. A multicolored rainbow with a spiral in the background adorns the medal's obverse. The words "Everlasting Covenant" appear in Hebrew and English. The reverse depicts a map of the world within a circle, with Jerusalem at the center. The words "The world is built by love" appear in Hebrew and English, as well as the author's signature. Bar-Zeev (371.2) values this at $100. Seldom seen or offered. $75+

*647 SM-141b. In Memory of the Concentration and Death Camps. 1992 Gold 30 mm (15 grams, 18 karat). Figure of 6 children (symbolizing 6 million who were murdered)/ Electrified barbed wire fence, names of 6 death camps. Szperling SZ-49, page 85. BU. Rare and low mintage. $600+?

*648 SM-187b. 3000 Anniversary of Jerusalem. 1995 Gold 30mm. Scarce, depicting King David playing the harp/Panoramic view of old and new Jerusalem. $600+?

*649 CM-1. B'nai B'rith. 1959 Bronze 61mm, with name of participant. Without edge inscription. Minted by Kretschmer and awarded to delgates. Only 100 minted as such. This was presented to Benjamin J. Shoolman. This is the first "named" B'nai B'rith medal that I can recall seeing and is undoubtedly very rare. I believe Shoolman was a Boston area attorney who was involved in the B'nai B'rith for at least 25 years. A few minor marks and a small rim bump or two. $100+? [reverse]

*650 CM-2A. "Rothchild" family 1st Harp. 1959. "Silvered" Copper 61mm. This example was inscribed to "Bethsabee de Rothschild" who later founded and financed the Batsheva Dance Company to foster the art of dance in Israel. Baroness de Rothschild was a sponsor of the International Harp competition, as well as foundations for science and technology in Israel. She was a daughter of Edourd Rothschild of the French branch of the family. Only 200 copper medals were minted so this medal is rare whenever found. It is even more so as it it silvered, it is named for the recipient and the recipient was a member of the famous Rothschild family. Somewhat mishandled with some nicks and "fingerprints". Unfortunately we do not have Rothschild's fingerprints on file to see if they are a match! For another medal from the same collection, please see Lot #659. $200+? [reverse]

*651 CM-6. Pablo Casals. 1962 Tombac 59mm. This medal was presented to participants & guests and not offered for sale. As struck. 449 medals were struck, 150 in bronze and 299 in Tombac. It's been more than 3 1/2 years since we've offered a tombac example. $100+? [reverse]

*652 CM-7 Shavit "Till". 1962 Silver 59mm. The very rare commissioned medal which was awarded to the scientists who worked on Israel's first satellite. The obverse has a beautiful black background, while the reverse is one of only two Israel medals which depict David Ben-Gurion's signature. (See Lot 674 for the other). With edge inscription marked "Silver .935" thus the extremely rare Hecht mint issue with only 130 medals struck! A few marks in the field. I cannot recall ever offering one with "silver" on the edge. $450+? [reverse]

*653 CM-18a. Masada. 1965, Copper 35mm. Presented by Professor Yigal Yadin to Masada excavation volunteers, this scarce medal has to the volunteer on the edge. Toned, a few nicks. First we can offering since 2000! $100+ [reverse]

*654 CM-19. Terra Sancta. IGCMC unlisted. 1964, Bronze 59mm. As the regular issue (SM-29) but with the added incuse legend visite de s.s. le pape paul vi 5.1.1964. Only 620 minted. Struck for the visit of Pope Paul VI to Israel. $75+? [reverse]

*655 CM-19. Terra Sancta. Unlisted variety in silver. 1964, 59mm. As above but rare variety. We have never seen or heard of this in silver. Perhaps unique. $350+? [reverse]

*656 CM-33. Economic Conference. 1968. Silver-Plated Tombac (?) 59mm. This rare uniface medal is mounted on an olive-wood plaque (as issued) and awarded to conference delegates by Prime Minister Levi Eshkol. Presented to Jacob Lowy. This is only the 2nd specimen of this medal we can recall offering in the past 18 years (and probably much longer) and is the first "named" medal. This was presented to the Canadian Jacob Lowry who was born in 1908 in Bardejov, Czechoslovakia, He was a real estate developer, community leader and bibliophile who died in 1990 in Montreal. The great majority of "named" medals turn up with signs of mishandling. However this piece is basically "as issued" which would make sense as Mr. Lowy had one of the most well-known collections of Judaic books of the 20th century. Also see Lot #613. $450+?

*657 CM-39. Jerusalem Restoration. 1969 Tombac 59mm. Also known as "The Mayor's Medal for Official Awards". This is a gilt engraved medal dated 10 January 1985 and is accompanied by a plush olive-wood case. $200+? [reverse]

*658 CM-39. Jerusalem Restoration. 1969 Tombac 59mm. This is the variety that says, with Compliments of Teddy Kollek in Hebrew, with his Hebrew signature. $75+ [reverse]

*659 CM-39. "Rothschild" Jerusalem Restoration MedaL. 1969 Tombac 59mm. As above, but engraved "To Mrs. Batsheva de Rothschild for her contribution to the Israeli dance" by Teddy Kollek and dated 24 July 1978. Somewhat mishandled and some spots. For another engraved medal awarded to Baroness Rothschild, please see Lot #650. With wood and plastic (or glass) case as presented to Ms. Rothschild. $300+? [reverse]

*660 CM-39a. Jerusalem Restoration. 1969. Silver 59mm. Variety that says, with compliments Mayor Teddy Kollek in English, with his English signature. Very rare. We have only offered this once since we've been computerized (1995). That was in our Sale 28C where it sold for $750. I believe that this is the same example from that sale. $600+? [reverse]

*661 CM-61 Raphael. 1973 Tombac 59mm. The official commissioned medal for the Raphael which is the Authority for Development in Means of Fighting and presented to employees upon completion of 25 years of service. An extremely rare medal and the first I can recall offering since our sale 38D where one sold for $465. That was the only other we've offered since at least 1995. Somewhat discolored. See Lots 664 and 671. $400+ [reverse]

*662 CM-68e. Diamond Industry. 1974 35mm gold medal. Building/stylized Menorah. Proof-like BU. Type I. $1450+?

*663 CM-69. Bank of Israel. 1974, Tombac 59mm. Issued for the Bank to commemorate their 20th Anniversary and never offered for sale to the public. This is ex Lot #657 from Pine Tree Auction's, Raphael Ellenbogen sale of May 5, 1976 where it sold for $160. $75+ [reverse]

*664 CM-75 Raphael Prize Medal. 1975 Tombac 59mm. Presented by the Authority for Development of Weapons. Extremely rare, I have no record of ever offering this medal previously. $500+? [reverse]

665 CM-83A. Jewish Communities Conference, Let My People Go. 1976. Silver 59mm. Scarce and popular. The last time we had one in auction was in 2004. $120+

666 CM-85a. 1976. Mateh Yehuda Township. Silver 59mm. Scarce. We've only offered this via auction once since 1995 or before. $120+

667 CM-86a, United Jewish Appeal. 1976, Silver 59mm. Scarce and popular. The last we offered was in 2005 and it brought $130. $120+

668 CM-95a. Oil Refineries. 1978. Silver 59mm. Scarce. Seldom offered. $120+

*669 CM-106. Shin Bet Medal. (1972). Engraved and presented to Yehudah Arbel. Silver-plated Tombac 59mm. Type with Menorah & Hebrew legend "General Defence Services" to the left/"Shield and "unseen protector of Israel". Struck to honor members of Israel's Intelligence Service. Extremely rare and the first I can recall being presented and engraved. Arbel was an important Shin-Bet officer and played an major part in Jerusalem's defense after the Six-Day War. A few pages of documentation taken from a History of Israel's Intelligence Community is part of this lot as well. Presented to Arbel in late 1972 as this is dated "1972" but with the Hebrew year 5733 thus after the Jewish New Year. Toned, with a few rim bruises. $500+? [reverse]

*670 CM-113a. The Persian Medal - Iran-Pahlavi Coronation Medal. 1969 Silver 45mm. Designed by the Shamir Brothers and minted by the Merkur Bank in Germany. This medal was minted to commemorate the Shah and the anniversary of his "Bloodless" Revolution. All the medals were minted exclusively for the Iranian Royal household which was in exile at the time. I cannot recall ever offering this medal in the past. $300+? [reverse]

*671 CM-116. Raphael Retirement. 1982 Tombac 59mm. Emblem, legend/Olive-branch and word, legend. Commissioned by "Raphael" to present to their members who retire. Raphael is the Authority for Development of Weapons in Israel. While the mintage figure is unknown, this is very rare and is only the 2nd I can recall offering. In sale 38D a similar medal sold for $200 on a reduced bid. See Lots 661 and 664 for other Rafael related medals. $200+? [reverse]

*672 Mossad Medal. Bronze/Tombac 59mm. 5-line legend to the right of state emblem/12-line legend to the right of olive branch. With State of Israel logo in English and Hebrew to either side of Menorah on edge (An official Israel State Medal). With plush olive-wood Israel case which has had its name-plate removed. Extremely rare, I cannot recall seeing this, or the medal listed below, ever offered for sale. $250+? [reverse]

*673 Mossad Medal. Silver 59mm. 5-line legend to the right of state emblem/12-line legend to the right of olive branch. Numbered with State of Israel logo in English and Hebrew to either side of Menorah on edge (An official Israel State Medal). Extremely rare, I cannot recall seeing this, or the medal listed above, ever offered for sale. $350+? [reverse]

*674 PM-1a. Sinai Campaign. Silver-plated 80mm. This rare medal weighs 221 grams and while no bronze shows through on the engraving, bronze is apparent under some of the high points of this medal thus making it likely that this is the PM-1a variety. These medals were presented by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to the French pilots (or possibly to French Generals) who took an active part in the Sinai campaign and the mintage figures are classified and unknown. Designed by the Shamir Brothers. A few handling marks, but overall nice and rare. See Lot 652 for the only other medal with Ben-Gurion's signature. $450+?

*675 PM-4. Medical Society of Israel. 1962, Bronze 59mm. Rare, issued upon the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the society. Haffner listed the mintage as 500 but that seems high to us. The last we offered brought $150. $100+

*676 Six Memorial Medals to Fallen Soldiers. CM-11A Remembrance Day 1963 Bronze 59mm; CM-11B Remembrance 1969 Tombac 59mm; CM-62A Remembrance Day 1973 Tombac 59mm; Israel Memorial Day 1978 Bronze 59mm which were given out to families of fallen soldiers from Defense Minister E. Weitzman; 1995 Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers; and Ramat-Gan 1975 Bronze 59mm medal for fallen soldiers. Six 59mm bronze or tombac medals, some scarce. $150+


In addition to the lots listed below, we suggest you check out lot numbers 442, 458-510, 512-525, 527-553, 555, 557 and 561 above for more Jewish or Holy Land related paper.

677 The Eternal Jew. 1846 by Eugene Sue. Small 208-page 2nd edition hardcover book in German. With library sticker from German Library in Sandusky, Ohio. Well used, stained and pencil notations inside. We've seen similar books on the internet for sale at around $100. $50?

*678 Nazareth, Looking Towards the Plain of Esdraelon. Original steel engraving drawn by W. H. Bartlett, engraved by R. Wallis. ca 1850. Good condition. Hand-colored. c. 8 1/4 x 6 1/4". Matted, ready to frame. $50+

*679 Wady Shoeib - Jethro's Valley. Original steel engraving by Harry Fenn, engraved by C. Cousen. c. 11" x 8. Published by D. Appleton & Company, New York. Matted, ready to frame. $50+

*680 Group of 3 engravings. 1) Valley of Sychem and Jacob's Farm; 2) Bethany; and 3) Well at Nazareth. 3 prints, the first 2 colored lithographs by W. H. Mc Farlene for W.R. McPhun & Son of Glasgow, Edinburgh & London. The 3rd is a black and white engraving from Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and Egypt, Volume II. There are 3 mattes included but these would need to be re-matted to be framed. $75+?

*681 Old hand-colored (?) Print of 9 old Testament images. A Priest, a High Priest, a Levite, a Table of Shew Bread, an Ark, a Golden Candlestick, an Altar of Incense, an Altar of Burnt Offering and a Laver. Engraved & Printed by Illman & Sons. VF, colorful. $40+?

*682 Pair of "Synagogue" Postcards. 1898 & 1906. Two postcards dated 8 years apart both sent to Mrs. J. Dreyfuss from her husband Jack. Greetings from Schmiehem (Baden, Germany). Each depicts various scenes from this town including a synagogue. I believe Jack's wife was Rebecca as in the later card he writes, "My Darling Reb.". In 1898 they lived in London, by 1906 they had moved to Hove in Sussex. 2 cards. $100+?

*683 Anti-Semitic Postcard. 1901. Multi-colored card featuring a scene from the Leipzig Fair. Depicts 3 Orthodox Jewish peddlers dressed in layers of mismatched clothing, with their typical cases of merchandise hanging at front and part of their goods shown in a rack above. They are consulting on how to survive the hostile Fair. Captioned below using the Yiddish term Jüd'n (pronounced Yiden) "We are righteous Jews, we are an ancient race, a gentle race which even precedes Abraham." Postally-used, sent from Leipzig to Berlin. A similar card, from 1898 sold for $200 in our Sale 38C. Nice EF? $100+

*684 Old-New Synagogue, Prague. A colored post card made in 1908 by Naki Reich of Prague and postally-used in 1911. One of Europe's most famous synagogues, it is also its oldest active synagogue and was completed in 1270. At one time it was called the New Synagogue because the "Old Synagogue" was built before that but was torn down in 1867 and replaced with a Sephardic synagogue. Thus it is now knowan as the Old-New Synagogue. The synagogue survived major damage during the Nazi era as the Nazis wanted Prague to become a museum to an extinct people. It is also said that the body of the Golem lies in the attic of the synagogue and when a Nazi soldier approached it in 1938, he died and the synagogue was left alone after that. VF or better, a few stains. Rare? $100+

*685 A group of 7 postcards. Happy New Year Boy and Girl c. 1910; Happy New Year 1911, flowers, sent by Ignatz Gross to Mr. & Mrs. Nemath, 176 E. 101 St. (New York) City; Happy New Year, c. 1915 a couple with a child and old man; "Greetings from Theresienstadt", a postally-used undivided back color card from the Austria-Hungary empire long before the Nazis arrived; Sarah Bernhardt (as Angelo) undivided back card with inscription, "May God bless you and the devil take you, Your bachela friend"; Israel Armed Forces, postally-used card sent to Rabbi Andrew Klein in Kearny, NJ. with message seemingly in Polish; and a British anti-Semitic card (c. 1910?) with a "Jewish type" complaining about losing 9 pence. 7 cards, a few used, the last 3 probably scarce. $100+?

*686 Group of 15 different black & white or sepia postcards. 3 Jewish woman of Tunisia; 3 men leading a crowd in Jerusalem; 4 "Jews at Wailing Wall"; a 1921 "Orthodox Jew of Jerusalem"; 1909 Polish Jew praying in Krakow; Young Jew sitting at window (or behind bars) in Morocco; postally-used 1911 view of Jewish Quarter of Oran (Morocco); Jewish women washing clothes in stream, Tozeur, Tunisia postally-used 1907; "Jewish types, Jerusalem"; 2 boys and man walking in the old city; "Prayers at the wall of Lamentations"; "Jewish type" Polish or Russia; real photo of two Jewish men, one holding chicken, postally-used in Czechoslovakia in 1938, unfortunately stained (mounting removal?) on address/message side; Jewish money changer in Libya, postally-used in 1922; 2 Jewish boys sneaking a smoke ;and a Samaritan Rabbi with Torah. 15 cards, 3 postally-used, all first quarter of 20th century, except the 1938 Czech card. Various grades but mostly decent, the 3 used cards probably the most valuable. $300+?

*687 Kollel Galizien. Austrian Kollel. 1913 for 109 Piastres (1 Gold Napoleon). Signed and sealed, Serial #493. The reverse has notations, handstamps plus a Turkish revenue adhesive stamp. aVF. This is ex-Lot #160 from NASCA's December 1976 Alexander Goldstein Collection Auction where it sold for $135. Scarce. $100+

*688 Munich Synagogue Postcard. 1917. Postally-used with Bavarian stamp showing various buildings in Munich including the synagogue which was destroyed by the Nazis in 1938.. $45+?

689 A group of miscellaneous paper items. 1) Swedish Zionist Contribution note. 1913. Nicely printed form, with yellow outline and Magen David with "Zion" in blue at top. Mr. M. Tarschis (?) contributed 5 Kronor for "Zionisten" on April 24,1913, with Scandinavian Zionist handstamp at bottom center. VF; 2) Meyer Kauffmann Textile Works. 1920. 5 Pfennig paper script. VF, with manuscript on front, perhaps Kauffmann's signature. This Jewish merchant also issued porcelain notgeld during the same period. He is the only Jewish merchant to issue both paper and porcelain as far as I know. Scarce; 3) Jewish National Fund. 1950. $1 Contribution for "land for the Extension of Kfar Bnai Zion". Nice colored vignette on front, the back has a list of Awards for those who contributed as well as a statement as to what Bnai Zion is. EF, without receipt at left and some stains on back; and 4) Austrian 1920 50 Heller anti-Semitic notes, issued by the Anti-Semitic Bund depicting newspaper being burned. 4 scarce Jewish interest paper items, the first and 3rd being very scarce. $100+

*690 A group of postcards. Yemenite Jew smoking pipe (Real Photo) corner fold & one small piece of corner missing; Old Rabbi (French North Africa); North African Jewish shoe-maker; Moroccan Jew; Young Jewish girl from Beirut; Young Jewish Girl from North Africa; Two young boys sneaking a smoke holding books; Happy New Year with a young girl; "A Wandering Jew" a postally-used card from France in 1908 and Jerusalem View - Entrance to Church of the Sepulcher. This las was issued in conjunction with 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. 10 cards, most at least scarce. All are probably pre-1920, all unused but the last. Most are nice. except the first. Sold as is, no returns. $100+?

*691 Group of 3 better color postcards. 1) North Africa (Libya?) Jewish money changer. Vertical view. Unused but unfortunately creases, corner bumps, etc; 2) North African Jewish Woman in home attire; and 3) postally-used (sent from Casablanca to Marseille in 1911) view of a young Jewish woman from Tangiers. 3 better color postcards from the first quarter of the last century, the last two in decent condition. $100+

*692 Warsaw Poland Soup Kitchen ticket? 1919 Post World War I. Small (c. 1 1/2 x 2") blue on thin beige paper with Polish & Yiddish legend translating into Meal for Strangers and with an address at #8 Twarda (Street). The image is of a man eating soup. On the back is handstamped "1 Paz 1919". Scarce. We had this item in our sale 26G back in 1996. It did not sell and was returned to the consignor. We'll try again. We've never seen another. $75+?

693 Der Jude: Eine Monatsschrift. The Jew: A Monthly. Edited by the famed philosopher Martin Buber. 4 issues from 1920-1921 published by Jüdischer Verlag of Berlin. All contain thoughts on politics, history, philosophy and other ideas. Most of the well known German Jewish writers of the period appeared in its pages. All four issues are card covered and are in poor but readable (in German) condition. $?

*694 Narinsky Postcards. 1921 series. Shlomo Narinsky (1885-1960), an artist-photographer, an illustrator and a painter, came to Israel in the second Aliyah wave, and was part of the social circle of David Ben-Gurion and Yitzhak Ben-Zvi. In the early 20th century, he photographed landscapes and people from the early days in Eretz-Israel. His wife, Sonia Narinsky, was his Studio's partner and a photographer herself. He was born in the Korsakov district of South Russia (today's Ukriane), studied painting and photography in Paris and Berlin in the first decade of the 20th century before moving to Jerusalem. This lot of 12 nice sepia or black and white photographs that he did for the Jamal brothers is split evenly between photographs of old men and famous sites. Lot consists of numbers 3, 6, 10, 22, 24, 43, 48, 64, 71, 76, 77 and 109 in a series. $75?

695 A large group of miscellaneous paper items mostly from Ottoman or British Mandate Palestine. Most are at least slightly identified. 1) Personalities on post cards all related to Judaica, includes Herzl, Bialik, Ben Gurion, Ahad Haam, Pinsker, sepia colored or black & white (20 cards); 2 ) "Notice of Receipt" 1924 Jerusalem from package sent from Haifa and 1938 Jerusalem with handstamp of the German Counsel in Jerusalem. These two items are probably similar to "Return Receipts" that the USPS issues; 3) Wireless Telegraphy Ordinance Receiving licenses, 2 pieces both on 1924 forms, one for 500 Mils used in 1938, the other for 750 Mils and used in 1941, both stamped Tel Aviv; 4) The Palestine Village Bank Ltd, Jerusalem, four page savings passbook, dated 11 JUNE 1934; 5) Palestine Electric Corp. 1933 document for 500 ordinary shares; 6) Temporary Shore Leave Pass, Frontier Control Service. 1946 with handstamp of Tel-Aviv Port Control. Unused; 7) Committee Of The Colony Rehovot Near Jaffa letterhead dated (in Hebrew calendar) 1889, handstamp at top stating when document was received, handstamp at bottom "Vaad Colony Rehovot". The manuscript Hebrew text appears to be a purchase order; 8) Township Of Tel Aviv 1925 dated business license, handstamp of township, folds & file holes to left; 9) 1945 Electricity Cooperative, 3 style of payment receipts, about 34 total each with a Palestine 10 Mil revenue adhesive; 10) Kadimah Motor Car Service receipt from 1928 for trip from Tel to Jerusalem; and 11) Hevra Kadisha Undertaker for the Jews of Jaffa and Tel Aviv, 1926 receipt with organization's handstamp. About 65 items in lot, advertised at $300 plus in a recent listing. Sold as is, no returns. $125+?

*696 Group of 9 different color postcards. Jewish Woman of Bethlehem; 3 Jerusalem Jews with prayer books; Inside a North African Jewish home; Praying at the Wall; another similar, but different with caption at bottom; Jerusalem rabbi with prayer book; Morning Prayer (in Polish), Grandpa (?) teaching child; Jewish woman in Tunisia; and vertical view of Samaritan Grand Rabbi with Torah. 9 color postcards, all unused from first quarter of the 20th century. Various grades but most decent. $200+?

*697 Jewish Ghetto, Vilna, Lithuania Postcard. Mulit-colored real photo, pre Nazi-Era. A street scene in the Ghetto. The picture side is nice, the other side is stained with faults. I believe this is rare. $50?

*698 Russian-Jewish Lottery, Ozet Land Cultivation Company. 1929 50 Kopeks. Tractor at center/List of rules, regulations and prizes. This was designed to "assist" in the Jewish Settlement project in the USSR including relocation and was part of the Soviet plan of eliminating as much as possible the existing Jewish culture and creating a new Jewish Communist Culture. The inscription is in five languages: Russian, Yiddish, Ukranian, Armenian and Georgian. In my opinion this is much scarcer than the lots listed below. The prizes included trips to US cities and the results were published in Russian and Yiddish papers including some in the US. Predominantly black at center with date on the front of the tractor. Series 2? $65+

*699 Russian-Jewish Lottery, Ozet Land Cultivation Company. 1930 50 Kopeks, 3rd issue (?). Predominantly red on face. Different style than previous lot. VF, pinhole. $45+

*700 Russian-Jewish Lottery, Ozet Land Cultivation Company. 50 Kopeks 1932 4th series. Smaller than the above two lots with a tractor at left and a factory worker at right. EF or better, but small stain in bottom margin at left. $40+?

*701 Albert Einstein Autograph. 1935. His full signature penned across a Luxembourg 3 Franc stamp promoting the International Aid for Intellectuals. The program was instituted to help "intellectuals" who were forced to flee their native countries because of the rise of Nazism. Obviously Einstein was already in the US by this time but he lent his signature to the cause. Fine? Also included in this lot is a 1955 Israeli stamp with tab issued upon his death. $50?

702 A large group of Israeli and Jewish related paper items. 1) 2 1973 commemorative copies of the 1948 Israeli Declaration of Independence in white and blue tubes; 2) Beth Hatikvah "House of Hope" color postcard from the City of Hope, Duarte, CA. 3) "Happy New Year" in Hebrew and English postcard. Unlike similar cards, this is a US made item, not European; 4) German Documents from Breslau 1931-1933 concerning Jews; appear to be legal letters or receipts; about 60 items stapled together at side: 5) Reicshbund Jüdischer Frontsoldaten E.V. of Berlin (in red across top: Kreigsopfer Abteilung) (Jewish Soldier's War Victim's Department) letterhead with all German message; red crayon marks one paragraph, three of four items on a list, seems to cross out a paragraph, and underlines last paragraph. The RJF's prime purpose was to fight anti-Semitism in Germany and point to the sacrifices German-Jewish soldiers gave to their country during WWI. All activities of the Reichsbund were outlawed by the Nazi government in 1936, and in 1938 it was completely dissolved. Undated. 6) Bezirks-Rabbinat Durkheim Frankenthal handstamp on typed German letter dated 14 July 1936 to Dr. Ernst Steckelmacher about Salomon Koppel. Steckelmacher was the Rabbi of Ludwigshafen who died at the Majdanek Concentration in 1943; 7) About a dozen document about Jews. 1900 - 1940 or so, most in German or Hungarian and about schooling and 8) About 5 Austrian documents given to Jews from the the early 1900s seemingly includes a business license and an Award for Citizenship among others. 80 plus items, many in low grade, but some no doubt important. Especially useful to those who read German. Sold as is, no returns. Probably close to $300 in retail value. $125+?

703 Theodor Herzl and Sigmund Werner's letters. 1938. Dr. Sigmund Werner ein Mitarbeiter Herzl's, edited by Josef Fränkel and published by the Zionist Publishing House in Prague in 1938. 46 page cardcover book with inscription by the editor Fränkel in 1938. Cover is stained and has slipped from the contents. Werner was one of Herzl's closest and most trusted aides and was at his side when he died. He later returned to Moravia to practice dentistry but was a strong supporter of Zionism until his death in 1928. $25+?

704 Casablanca Envelope. 1939. Even before the famous movie starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid, Claude Rains et. al made it well-known in America, Casablanca was a place through which Jews, and others, traveled while escaping the continent. This is a registered envelope sent from E or C Schroeder who listed his return address as the S. S. Colombus, Pier 86, New York but mailed the letter from Casablanca to Mr. H. P. Goppelt in Saginaw, Michigan. It is our assumption that Schroeder was writing to Goppelt, who may have been a relative, about his intention of moving to the US and perhaps to stay with Goppelt. There was an H. P. Goppelt in Saginaw who was in the wholesale food business. $45+?

*705 Postcards and Advertising Cards. 2 different advertising cards from M. H. Moses & Co., 871 Eighth Ave. (NYC), each showing two young girls (different images and different colors). This was a tea, coffee and spice store which was listed in the 1885 NYC business directory. An unused, but handstamped commemorative card from 1949 on "Dr. Herzls Remains Laid to Rest in Jerusaelm". Plus two postally-used "leather" postcards from the first decade of the 20th century. One has definite anti-semitic tone to it with a Jewish type and "Business before Pleasure" caption and the other possiby so with somebody holding a gold bar and the other saying, "I'm from Missouri, Show Me". 5-piece lot, the Herzl card and the first leather card probably the two best items. $100+? [705b] [705c] [705d] [705e]

*706 Marriage Certificate. Ketubah. 1944. A blank and very colorful Ketubah for the Union of American Hebrew Congregations in 1944. Mostly in English, but some Hebrew with attractive vignettes. EF. In envelope with a few tears and stains. (The envelope, not the certificate). $40+?

*707 Italian Campaign to resettle Zion. 1948. A contribution receipt for the resettlement of Israel with a Magen David at top center, plus a soldier with a flag, a map and a Magen David in a shield all as an underprint. This is a receipt for 600 Lire, dated 19 May 1948, just after Independence Day. In Italian and Hebrew. VF, a small stain at bottom. We offered two of these in the mid-1990s and haven't seen once since! $50+?

*708 Neve Yahar (Neve Yahra) - Bemahavak (Bmavak). 1948-1949. Group of colorful paper tokens, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Pruta & 1 Lira from 1948 and 200, 500 Pruta and 5 Lirot from 1949. The Bemahavak (In struggle) were survivors of the Holocaust from Central Europe who formed a colony at Neve Yahar and were the first Moshav (Collective) to issue necessity tokens after the 1948 War of Independence. Neve Yahar was on the grounds of the former German Templar Colony of Waldheim who had issued metal tokens some 80 years previously. The 10 tokens are VF or so, all with a central hole and seldom offered as a set. An article from The Numismatist July 1980, pages 1600-1605 is included. $50+?

709 A large group of miscellaneous paper items from Israel proper. Some are philatelic, some are "numismatic" related while others are historical or similar. Most are identified to some extent. 1) 1950. Military censor Handstamps on cut-outs from four documents; 2) Road to Jerusalem First Day Cover, 1949, signed by designers, the Shamir Brothers (who also designed paper money for Israel); 3) Halvaah V'hisachon Jerusalem payment booklet with 2 panes of two coupons for .75 pruta payable July 1965 thru 1967, other panes removed as cover is dated 1959 thru 1968; 4) Palestine Electric Corp. agreement for 50 ordinary shares of stock in the corporation, dated 1953 with embossed British Ten Shillings and Israel 250 Pruta revenues (See lot #695 for another document from the same corporation); 5) 20 Money Orders Stamped by Ellern's Bank Tel Aviv and cashed by Kestenbaum Manufacturing Ltd; all dated 1956; condition varies; the values are 4000 pr 2 Lira, 3 Lira, 4 Lira ALSO five consecutively numbered mint money orders each with a 20 Pruta value; condition varies; 6) Eleanor Roosevelt. 1964 First Day Cover signed by designer. M. Krup on a cover and stamp honoring her; 7) 1950 (BI-#04 27-28) FDC (w/o tab) signed by designers (designers M Shamir & G. Shamir) & with their handstamp; 8) Israeli Organization Of Former Nazi Prisoners, letterhead with printed note, dated 5722 (1962). Letterhead is in both English and Hebrew; 9) 4 black on red Bank Labels, Ellern's Bank, Ashrai Bank of Tel Aviv, Palestine Kupat Am Bank and an Ottoman Bank (?); Ben Gurion Fund Raising note, 1975 500 Lirot extra large note, marked in Hebrew FORGERY. 3 pieces. 37 items in lot, advertised at $300 plus in a recent listing. Sold as is, no returns. $125+?

*710 Zeev Jabotinksy Re-Burial Certificate. (1964) c. 8 3/4 x 12 1/4" ornate document given to an attendee at the burial of Jabotinsky in Israel in 1964 (some 24 years after his death). "In accordance with the Decision of the Israel government to fulfill his will and testament this verifies that "Isaac Gurion" (?) has been honored and is a member of the honor guard next to the coffins of Zev Jabotinsky and his wife Yoanna". With 3 hand written signatures of Menachem Begin, Aharon Props (aka The 1st Beitari - the first follower of Jabotinsky) and Joseph Klarmann (an activist and member of the Rescue Committee during the Holocaust. Very ornate with symbols of Israel and the Irgun, slightly fading. Jabotinsky and David Ben-Gurion were mortal enemies and it wasn't until after Ben-Gurion was no longer prime minister that the government allowed Jabotinsky's body to be moved to Mt. Herzl for burial. We've had similar certificates before (but not in more than 10 years) and this is the first that also has signatures of other attendees along the frame as well as cancelled Israeli stamps. Our consignor bought this from the late Franz Frankl in March of 1978. Mr. Frankl (and I) were founders of the long lamented Judaic Syngraphic Collectors Association. If he hadn't passed away so long ago the organization may have flourished. Rare. $100+?

*711 Israel Baby Food Company Limited. 1965. Share Certificates (3) and Debentures (4). All dated 1 January 1965. 7 certificates, each group is consecutively numbered. Unused but minor edge bumps and small corner folds. All issued to Meyer Adleman and Fannie Adleman for this now defunct company. I cannot recall ever seeing these before. $75+?


There are a number of lots in earlier sections of the catalog that could just as easily be listed in this section. Please check out Lots: 225, 268, 406-407, 458-462, 466, 475-510, 527-541, 543-553, 555, 557, 561, 565, 571, 582, 585, 684, 688-689, 702, 704, 706 and 707.

I'm often asked, "why do people collect this stuff"? There is really no correct answer but most people seem to collect them to use as teaching tools in homes, schools, synagogues and churches. Many people donate them to local or national museums. (Although don't get me started on the fact that many museums never display donations). There are people who still deny the existence or the magnitude of the Holocaust and these are weapons to use against them

*712 Stutthof Concentration Camp. 1975. Æ 70mm by Wiktor Tolkin of Poland. View of the monument at the Stutthof Concentration Camp commemorating the deaths at the camp/A triangular badge against a striped inmates uniform surrounded by names of the nationalities of those imprisoned and murdered there. SZ-15, page 51. Struck for the 30th anniversary of the liberation of the camp. The first I can recall offering. $90+? [reverse]

*713 Pope John Paul II - 1st visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau. 1979 Silver 35mm by Jerzy Jarnuskiewicz for the Polish State Mint. His bust left/The monument of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration and Extermination camp. Proof. SZ-22, page-58. Scarce, only the 2nd I can recall offering and the 1st in 10 years. In a small blue plastic frame (slightly cracked.) $65+? [reverse]

*714 35th Anniversry of Majdanek Commemoration & Welfare Assn. 1980 Æ 58mm, brass with dark patina as made. By Jolanta Slomianowska. Monument of the Majdanek Concentration Camp/Boy peaking out from behind barbed wire. Issued on the 35th anniversary of the liberation of the Majdanek camp by the Museum in Majdanek, Poland. SZ-24, page 60. We've only had this medal once before and that was the smaller 56mm size. According to Szperling only 180 total pieces were struck in both sizes. $75+

*715 Theresienstadt Concentration Camp. 1980. CN-35mm. Logo of the Terezin Memorial depicting the main entrance gate, "Remember Terezin" in Czech/Inside a box, the letter T against a burning torch. SZ-27, page-63. Struck by Wilhelm Pieck in the former Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany). Seldom offered. $50?

*716 Stutthof Concentration Camp. 1982 Æ 70mm. Facing head of Prisoner against a background of a collage of prisoner numbers and triangles with letters noting nationalities imprisoned at the camp/Museum of Stutthof 1962-1982, stripes of prisoner uniforms and triangle with "P". Stutthof was the longest functioning Nazi concentration camp. More than 100,000 people were imprisoned there including over 43,000 Jewish women. About half lost their lives there. SZ-29, page 65. By Wiktor Tolkin, struck at the Polish State Mint in Warsaw. This is only the 3rd I can recall offering, and the first since 2009. $85+ [reverse]

*717 Liberation of Auschwitz. 1985 Copper 60mm. Building with main entrance and railway to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp, above in Polish "Never Again"/"40th Anniversary of Liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Camp" around symbol. SZ-39, P.75. Struck by the Auschwitz Commemoration and Welfare Association. $60? [reverse]

*718 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz. 1995 Æ 80mm by Josef Stasinski. A rose blooming on the railroad to the camp, broken barbed wire to either side, WYZWOLENIE (Liberation) above and 50 Lat (years) below/A group of prisoners, a guard tower and prisoner numbers and Polish legend around, "For your suffering - Our love". Holed just above the flower. A large irregularly-shaped cast medal. SZ-55, page 91. We've only had this medal once before and that was a silvered bronze piece. Both that medal and this were holed. $75+

*719 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Concentration Camps. 1995. Sterling Silver 42 mm by Gyorgy Kiss. BP mintmark (Budapest, Hungary). "In Memory of the Liberation of Concentration Camps 1945-1995. Hungarian Auschwitz Foundation" in English and Hungarian with broken barbed wire fence in center/Candles of Remembrance. Proof-like and rare in silver. Szperling SZ-58 page 94. $85+

*720 Westerbork Concentration Camp. 1995. 50th Anniversary of Liberation. Silver-plated bronze 35mm by J. Gilbert. A portion of the 102,000-stone memorial symbolizing the number of Dutch Jews who perished in the Holocaust, 1945-1965 superimposed on bottom/Legend, a piece of barbed wire. SZ-70, page 106. Reverse 1. Struck by the Begeer Mint for Camp Westerbork Remembrance Center. I can't recall offering this medal before. In official Begeer mint pouch. $50+ [reverse]

*721 Westerbork Concentration Camp. 2000. 55th Anniversary of Liberation. Silver and bronze 35mm by J. Gilbert. Obverse similar to above but 1945-2000 superimposed on bottom/Legend, a piece of barbed wire. SZ-70, page 106. Reverse 2. Struck by the Begeer Mint for Camp Westerbork Remembrance Center. I can't recall offering this medal before. In official Begeer pouches with certificate. 2 medals in lot. $100+?

*722 Westerbork Concentration Camp. 2002. 60th Anniversary of the first transport at Westerbork. Silver and bronze 35mm by J. Gilbert. Obverse similar to above but, 1942-2002 superimposed on bottom/Legend, a piece of barbed wire. SZ-70, page 106. Reverse 3. Struck by the Begeer Mint for Camp Westerbork Remembrance Center. We've offered this set once before but with the wrong description. In official Begeer pouches with certificate. 2 medals in lot. $100+? [reverse]

*723 Westerbork Concentration Camp. 2004. Silver and bronze 35mm by Chantel Niels. A memorial flame/"Camp Westerbork Transport 19 May 1944" and barbed wire. SZ-74, page 110. Struck by the Begeer Mint for Camp Westerbork Remembrance Center. I can't recall ever offering these before. In official Begeer pouches with certificate. 2 medals in lot. $100+?

*724 Gratitude Medal of Jews of Belgium to Jewish Members of Resistance after WWII. 2004. Bronze and Silver-plated bronze 59 mm medals by I. Janchelevici. 3 birds flying over landscape/Legend around 1940-1945. Jewish Museum of Belgium #57 (page 59, SZ-2, page 128). Only the 3rd and 4th (in any metal, any issue) I can recall having, This is a 2004 official restrike by Fibru Europ Medailles. $200+

*725 Italian Holocaust medal. 1945. 32mm CN. Celebrating the defeat of Nazis and struck by the Milan Jewish community. Menorah/Streak of lightning splitting axe with swastika. Designed by Pagani and Mistruzzi. JTM HO-4, Szperling-3 (page 129). Unc. $50+

*726 40th Anniversary of the Deportation of Hungarian Jews. 1984. Bronze 68mm. Behind a barbed wire fence, a group of Jews in line, under the supervision of an armed Hungarian guard, waiting to be loaded into cattle wagons (behind) for transport to concentration camps/In the center, a seven-branched menorah, and 1944-1984 & "Yizkor" in Hebrew. Around the rim in Hungarian, "Hate killed them - Love to Preserve their memory". Sz-29, page 155. As struck, but for a few tiny rim nicks. By the Hungarian State Mint in Budapest. There are two versions of this medal, this is the bronze cast issue. Both are scarce and we've only had each a few times in the past. $85+ [reverse]

*727 American Gathering and Federation of Jewish Holocaust Survivors. 1985 Bronze 50mm by Karen Worth and Michael Schwartz. Liberty Bell and a shofar within legend/A broken Star of David made from barbed wire. SZ-31, page 157. Struck by the Roger Williams Mint. Scarce, only the 2nd we can recall offering. $75? [reverse]

*728 Memorial to Jewish Citizens Murdered in Lublin. 1991 Æ 69mm. Group of gravestones of Jews killed in Lublin and surrounding area during WWII, "Let God Remember" in Hebrew below/Mausoleum in Lublin, "Sara and Manfred Frenkel Foundation Lublin 1991" in Polish. Rare, only the 2nd we've offered, only 100 cast by Jolanta Slomianowska. SZ-42, page 168. $160+? [reverse]

*729 Mission in Memory of Holocaust Victims. 1999. Silver-plated bronze 70mm. Sigmund Nissenbaum delivering a certificate to Pope John Paul II, legend around/An outline of a map of Poland, Jewish gravestones and a list of concentration camps in Poland, legend around. SZ-52 (reverse 1), page 178. This medal is among a small series of medals issued by the Nissenbaum Family Foundation in Warsaw. There two different reverses known. Both were minted in a quantity of 140 in silver-plated bronze. We can recall only having one of each in the past. Rare. $150+ [reverse]

*730 Jedwabne. 2001 Silvered Bronze 70mm. Struck in the memory of the Jews from Jedwabne and the area, 60 years after. Fire, people, Magen David, legend/Flames, corpses, etc. A private issue by The Nissenbaum Family Foundation and struck by the Polish state mint. Scarce. SZ-54, page 180. First we've offered in 5 years and only the 3rd we've had. All have sold for at least $120! $145+? [reverse]

*731 Janusz Korczak. 1990. c. 75 x 108 mm. Cast, as made. Facing bust of Korczak in front of tablets of the Ten Commandments, "1878-1942" and "Janusz Korczak " below and "Patron Szkoly" above/Legend and 1990 below. Korczak was the educator who accompanied his students to the Nazi Death camps. Rare? I can't recall ever seeing this medal before. Issued by the The Special Trade School in Ponzan. Unlisted in Szperling, but will be listed in an addendum or 2nd edition. $150+? [reverse]

*732 Lidice tragedy Medal. 1997. Silver 30mm. Shield, 1997 above, Lidice above/ Cross, wreath, 10.6.1942. Struck for the 55th anniversary of the Lidice Tragedy. As issued and rare. I believe only 38 pieces of this silver medal were struck. Lidice is a village in the former protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia. In the spring of 1942 members of the Czechoslovak Exile Government assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, the acting governor appointed by Hitler. In retaliation the Nazis entered the village of of Lidice and executed all the men (192), along with 71 woman. The rest of the women (198) were sent to Ravensbruck, while 98 children were sent to be "re-educated" by the Nazis. No more than 16 children survived the war. After the war Lidice was rebuilt, becoming both a symbol of Nazi terror and the heroism of the Czech resistance. With certificate attesting to .925 fine silver. Choice toned proof-like with perhaps some hairlines under toning. Rare, only 2nd we can recall offering. $75+ [reverse]

*733 Group of commemorative pins. 1991 Babi Yar 50th Anniversary of the massacre pin; 4 Ravensbruck enameled pins, one larger Buchenwald-Ravensbruck pin, Sachsen hausen 1965 pin and a Theresienstadt stick pin. 7 pins, all different (2 of the Ravensbruck pins are similar but with different pin backs), all but the first and last with some enameling. Sold as is, no returns. $200+

*734 60th Anniversary of Liberation of Concentration Camps. 2005. Æ 73mm by Renee Mayot. Issued by the Association for the French Resistance. Trees growing out of a globe, barbed wire and inmates striped uniform to left, French legend, "Finally! Land that we can revive and love"/Dove flying with olive branch and legend commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Liberation of Concentration Camps and the victory over the Nazis. I can't recall ever seeing this medal before. Unlisted in Szperling, but will be listed in an addendum or 2nd edition. $150+?

*735 French Holocaust related Medal. 1979 Æ 72mm. Facing bust of smiling man wearing bow-tie/Jewish prisoner, wearing striped concentration camp uniform with 6-pointed star, nimbly stepping through barbed-wire fence. "1979 Bronze" with cornucopia on edge and "signed" by the artist with a trident, a vertical line and an "M" at about 4 o'clock on the obverse. We have spent many hours trying to identify the subjects and/or the medalist but have so far failed. The man on the reverse looks like a mime and we thought it might allude to Marcel Mareau, the famous French mime. And while both his parents were in concentration camps (his father died at Auschwitz in 1944), Marcel was never in a camp although he did work with the Resistance during the war and served as a liaison officer with George Patton's army. A most unusual and, so far, unknown Holocaust medal unlisted and unknown to Szperling. $40+? [reverse]

*736 Borkum, Germany Anti-Semitic Postcard. "Greetings from Borkum". Borkum was a small island in the North Sea which was known for its popular seaside resort. It was also famous or infamous "as the only spot on Earth without a Jew". Scene at upper left shows German crowd singing with hands raised and glasses full, while scene to the right shows a group of 7 Jewish "types" being refused admission to a hotel. This features 5 verses of the Anti-Semitic "Borkum Song" which was played at the end of each performance by a local band and joined in by the German crowd. "Here at the land of German islands, there is a true German spirit...thus those of our kind come here with the seaside boardwalk only Germans can be...our motto is 'Germany for Germans'. Hence, those who come with flat feet, crooked noses and curly hair, can not enjoy the beach, but must be out! Be out! Be out!". There were a series of similar postcards that can be dated to around 1900, this unused card has a divided back so it was printed in 1904 or later. VF-EF, light (erasable) pencil graffiti and a hint of a stain. Rare. $75+?

737 Austrian Anti-Semitic Notgeld. 1920. Loich 50 Heller. Depicts an Austrian householder dismissing a Jewish peddler (with long nose) from his house. At the left are thorns, at the right a snake with a caption, "Out with loans sharks and illegal hawkers" perhaps meaning thorns should be uprooted and snakes be killed. Printed in green and black. 13th edition (Auflage) is printed on reverse. Unc. $50+?

*738 Arnstadt Anti-Semitic Notgeld. 1921. 11 notes (4 different types) from an anti-Semitic notgeld set of 10 Pfennig notes. There are 6 notes in the series, Au-Unc. $50+?

*739 Joint Boycott Council. "While Nazis rule don't buy German Goods", Joint Boycott Council. Black print on red label. This movement was sponsored by the American Jewish Congress. These labels were made to put on envelopes and postcards. With glue, mint. $25+?

*740 Affadavit swearing to be Jewish. Undated. A Nazi "Application for Police Inquiry" in Polish and German for Marjen Krxywnowska (?). She was born in 1923 in Eich-stadt and was a Jewess who spoke Hebrew at home. Shows her fingerprint with a purple Nazi handstamp at bottom. We've had similar items previously in which people would "swear" they weren't Jewish, but I can't recall seeing this. It's clear that a Nazi officer filled out the form because her signature is unlike the manuscript writing on the rest of the form. Very unusual. $50+?

*741 Jude Star. Large cloth yellow Star badge which German Jews were forced to wear. This is cut from a piece of larger yellow cloth, which no doubt contained other yellow stars. The yellow "star" badges used by Jews in Alsace as well as Bohemia-Moraiva were of this type and this could well be from there. Our consignor, a long-time collector of similar items, said this is a "Czech remainder". That makes sense in that the Nazis claimed that Sudetenland, and then all of Czechoslovakia, was part of Germany. 1st we've offered in quite some time. $200+?

*742 "J" Stamped Cloth ID Card. 19 January 1939. Issued to a Jewish woman. Gray cloth, with photo (showing left ear prominently displayed), fingerprints and the new middle name of Sara. These special gray fabric ID cards were printed and used after the Nazi Law forced all Jews to add Israel or Sara as their middle names. There is a large J on the front cover. c. 8 1/4 x 5 3/4" to be folded once to fit in a large pocket. Faded and with rust spots so that it's difficult to read the full name of this woman. It may have ended up in a washing machine. Rare. Only the 4th or 5th I can recall offering $300+? [reverse]

*743 Pidion Hefachot = Ransom Money. ND (1940s?) In French and Hebrew. 5 Dirham "3 X 2 3/4" paper token issued by the Jewish Community of Rabat, Morocco. The original value of 5 Dr. (Dirhams) crossed out and replaced with 10,00 inserted in manuscript. Many German and French Jews fled Europe to Morocco which had an old and large Jewish community dating back to Roman times. Some ended up in Moroccan run camps not much better than the concentration camps of Europe. This was part of a community effort to rescue Jews behind bars and barbed wire. Rare. VF. Ex lot # 1105 from our sale 25H (at $100) and only one I can recall seeing. $125+

*744 The Ship St. Louis, The "Voyage of the Damned" Related Item. 1940 Postcard. The inability of the Jews on the ship St. Louis to disembark in Havana, the US or any of the chosen destinations was a great propaganda victory for the Nazis. A Nazi official was heard to proclaim that, if nobody would accept them as refugees who could blame the Nazis for the fate of the Jews. The 1939 voyage of the St. Louis contained 937 Jews who were supposedly sailing to their new home in Cuba and eventually to the US. However Cuba would not let them dock and neither would the US. As they sail back to Europe they are cheered by the fact that the governments of the England, the Netherlands, France and Belgium had all agreed to let a portion of the passengers land there. How many survived the war and weren't killed in concentration camps is a matter of debate. Those who landed in the UK obviously were better off. I have seen estimates ranging from 224 to over 600 people who were killed during the war. The picture side of the postcard shows the S. S. St. Louis, captioned "F. G. O. Stuart, 1940" in the bottom left margin, the text on the postally-used card says, "My Dear Sister - I soon lost sight of you all. Not yet sailing yet, it still rains. We are not able to rest any more til we get to NY..." The postmark is only partially readable but it does say May 2nd, Liverpool. VF with a few flaws. $50?

*745 Mr. Farmer? Anti-Semitic and anti-FDR pamphlet. Addressed to farmers and probably issued before December 1941. Vile anti-Semitic and anti-New Deal small tract. Unsigned of course. $50?

*746 After Mein Kampf? 1941. Movie Poster. See the Picture Hitler Fears..../Wanted for Murder, Adolf Schicklgruber (Alias Hitler). Philadelphia. The reverse depicts Hitler's "fingerprints", all with a swastika. Scarce. Some tears at corners and along edges. Two-piece lot, one is nicer than the other. $50+?

*747 Lublin Judenrat Self Taxation Chit. ND (1941). Lublin, located in eastern Poland, was the capital of the Lublin District. It was known as a center of Jewish cultural activities with theater, plenty of newspapers, political parties and dozens of Jewish organizations. On the eve of the war there were about 40,000 Jews in the town (about 1/3 of the population). The local Ghetto was established in late March of 1941 with over 34,000 Jewish inhabitants, its walls being closed on 24 April 1941 and only special workers and Labor Groups with specific permits were able to get out for a short while. The Jewish Social Aid system in the Ghetto was known as the Jüdische Soziale Selbst Hilfe and in October of 1941, the Nazis approved a request of the Judenrat to charge 50 Grozy for each Food Card in order to finance the local Epidemic Hospital. In April of 1942 1 Zloty was charged for administrative purposes. These chits are known in 2 values; 1 Zloty and 5 Zlotych. We offer a 5 Zlotych chit which is printed in black on pink perforated paper and inscribed Rada Zyd W. Lublinie - Oplata 5 Zl that is the "Judenrat of Lublin". It has about a 1/4 of a handstamp in the lower left corner. The chits were handstamped in the center of blocks of 4, thus each and every one should have 1/4 of a handstamp. This is Lot #867 from our Sale 38D where it sold for $850 on a $500 estimate. $450+

*748 Jewish Community of Lemberg. 1942. Receipt for 2.50 (Marks?) dated 7 November 1942. Lemberg is in the Ukraine where it is known as Lwów and in Polish Lvov. Before the war there were 110,000 Jews in the city. In September 1939 the Soviets occupied the city as per their non-agression pact with the Nazis. In June 1941 the Germans entered the city and started murdering Jews. The Ghetto was established in November of that year and by January of 1943 the Judenrat was dissolved. We had a few Holocaust-era documents from Lemberg in the mid to late 1990s but have never seen this. $50+?

*749 Ghetto Kielce Judenrat Payment Voucher. April 16, 1942. Voucher #768. In Polish and German and issued by the Jewish Aeltestenrat in Kielce for its workshops. The Kielce Ghetto was founded in April of 1941 and by the end of the year, there were 27,000 people there, due to an influx of Jews from Vienna, Poznan and Lodz, among others. The Ghetto was brutally liquidated in August of 1942. Most were transported to Treblinka, where we know what was in store for them, while the tenants of the orphanages and hospitals were murdered on the spot. 2000 of the healthiest young men were transported to 3 labor camps. When the Red Army liberated the city in January of 1945, only 2 Jews had survived the war. After the war Kielce was known for a cruel pogrom by the Polish citizens against Jewish survivors who had returned to the city. 42 Jews were murdered on 1 July 1946. This voucher promises 1.8 Zloty from Kleminski (?) (operator of the workshop) and was to be paid the next day in Ghetto cash to (forced laborer) Pollak. We've had similar vouchers in the past but they were all from about a month earlier. This is the latest date that we have seen. $150+?

*750 Amsterdam Jewish Weekly. Extra Edition, 14 July 1942. A special emergency edition of this newspaper, this as a one-page broadside saying that the "Security Police" had arrested 700 Jews in Amsterdam this week and would send 4000 to concentration camps if 700 more didn't turn themselves in. (I'm not exactly sure of the translation, Google is using very stilted language. Unfortunately my friend Jeff Young, an American living in the Netherlands, passed away 3 1/2 years ago.) The broadside has the names of A. Asscher and D. Cohen at the bottom who were the leaders of the Amsterdam Jewish Community. I presume this edition is very scarce. I can't recall seeing it before. $100+?

*751 Nazi Propaganda. Anti-Semitic, anti-Communist & anti-British stamp. Green 1/2 Penny Postage Revenue stamp depicting George VI left. On the crown above the king's head is a Star of David, at the bottom the "D" in 1/2 d. is actually a hammer and sickle, in the flower at the upper right is another Star of David. The Nazis actually printed 6 different denominations of this stamp. For those who want to know more about this stamp and other propaganda, see the website We've had this or a similar stamp before but I think it's been quite awhile. $75+?

*752 Auschwitz (Alwernia) Death Notice. July 7, 1943. The outside of this handwritten telegram has a German stamp with a postmark from Auschwitz (see Simon, page 125, type 5), while the inside has the details about the death of Josef Grabowski (?) with "Alwernia" handstamped twice. While we've had "death notices" that have been typed and/or been on a form before, I can't recall seeing something like this. $100+

*753 Herzogenbosch Formula "Thank You" Card. 1943. This card was sent by a Jewish inmate name Pimethel to the Jewish Committee in Amsterdam acknowledging receipt of a package, although it is doubtful he was allowed to keep the contents. Simon page 61. At the top left the camp is called Auffangslager which translates to detention camp, later cards substituted the word for transfer-camp instead. $40?

*754 Refugee Settlement in Palestine. c. 6 x 3", Raffle Ticket from a Fund-Raising dinner held in NYC on April 2, 1944 and sponsored by the Order of the Sons of Zion (B'nai Zion). Many Jewish groups in the US attempted to help their brethren settle in Palestine. This unused and intact ticket was for $1 and presumably many, many people attended and bought more than one ticket as $500 in US War Bonds was to awarded. How many survived in this condition? Probably not many. In our Sale 42F we sold a similar one (previous serial number) for $120 on a $40 estimate! This is only the 2nd we can recall seeing. Unc. See World WarII US Savings Bonds and Stamps by Schwan,Smulczenski, Downy and Watson for a great read on the subject. $50+

*755 HASAG. Work Booklet for Polish Forced Laborer Tadeusz Kosiechiak. Kosiechiak worked at two different locations for the Hasag, beginning one job in November of 1944 when he wasn't quite 14 and another in August of the same year. HASAG was one of the main armament factories for the Nazis and was run by Paul Budina, a Nazi official since the early 1930s who most likely committed suicide in April of 1945. Two types of "employees" worked there: Jewish concentration camp prisoners whose pay went directly to the SS and non-Jewish Polish citizens who were paid a pittance and from most sources were in reality slave laborers. The booklet is in remarkably good condition and represents only the 2nd item from this notorious factory that I can recall offering. In our last auction we offered a similar work book that was written in German and Polish; this is trilingual with Russian being the 3rd language. $75+?

*756 Stutthof Concentration Camp Letter sheet. November 13, 1944 sent from Karl Pacha, #85756, Block 14 to Maria Wossolly (?) with Stutthof, Danzig cancellation over a Hitler 12 Pfg. stamp. This letter sheet, or perhaps lettersheet, has the address of the sender and the recipient on the outside and when unfolded the contents of the letter inside. See Simon page 39 (bottom) and page 40 (top). Without any censor stamps or cancels of any kind. Perhaps that was because the letter was going to another part of the Reich or perhaps because the Nazis were getting sloppy. Only a few inmates were allowed to write letters and never Jews. About 50,000 Jewish women were brought to Stutthof in 1944, almost all were gassed, the remaining died during a January 1945 Death March to the west. The camp would close about 2 1/2 months after this letter was sent. Well aged, with tears and some soiling. Very rare, I can't recall having an item like this before. Consignor told me he paid $200 "years ago." See Lots 712 and 716 for medals about this camp. $150+?

*757 Package sent to Theresienstadt from Portugal. 1944 A red receipt for a package sent to somebody in the Theresienstadt Ghetto. On red card c. 6 1/4 x 5" with Portuguese and Theresienstadt postal handstamps as well handstamps of "Abl lestenrat der Juden Fuer" and "Theresienstadt Prot. Bohemen Maehren". Fine. Rare? $50+

*758 Berlin Jewish Community Tokens. 1) ND "10" (Pfennig?) paper token in dark blue on beige paper. Magen David within circle reading Judische Gemeinde with a 10 in each corner of chit; and 2) a token for 1 glass of "Starkbier" (strong beer) for 1.40 RM, missing top right corner. 2 scarce items. This is ex Lot #1191 from our sale 32E where it sold for $120. $75+

*759 Berlin Jewish Community Token. ND (1945?). Similar to #1 in the above lot but orange on beige paper, with "Westmark" hand stamped across chit and hand written inverted V at lower left. Scarce. Perforated on all 4 sides. We have seen these chits in various colors. EF. $60+?

*760 Displaced Persons Identity Card. 1945-46? c. 3 x 2"". Issued to Ivan Goldman by the Allied Expeditionary Force as a "D. P. Index Card" which we understand to be an I.D. Card. Printed across the face is "Not a Pass". On the back is a purple handstamp and indicates that the place of issue was Zagreb, Yugoslavia. EF+. With ink manuscript signatures and notations. Scarce. $75+

*761 Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons Camp. 1946. Acknowledgment "form" letter. 5 November, 1946, an official acknowledgment to Miss R. Rosen of Montreal, Canada, of the receipt of 1 package, with handstamped signature of J. Rosensaft, the chairman of the Central Jewish Committee at Bergen-Belsen which became a DP camp after it was liberated and remained so until 1951. The most famous of the many thousands murdered there was Anne Frank. In March of 1945 alone 18,000 Jews were killed there. VF, some edge tears. Items from Bergen-Belsen (there was no currency) are scarce and seldom are for sale. $50+

*762 Dachau Visitors Pass. When American troops liberated places like Buchenwald and Dachau they were shocked at the horror that they saw. Thousands of barely living survivors, among the remains of tens of thousands victims. US troops took control of these camps and were charged with turning them into livable DP camps because the great majority of survivors had no place to return to. This unused, but aged, Visitors Pass was one attempt to help control the comings and goings of perhaps well-meaning, but nonessential personal. We had a similar Pass, but not as nice, in our last auction that sold for $35. I can't recall another. c. 6 7/8 x 8 1/4" on yellowish paper. $35+?

*763 Leipheim Displaced Person's Camp. Leipheim, a former airfield where the Messerschmitt was mass produced, became a DP camp in the American zone in southern Bavaria after the war. It operated from 1945 until 1949 or 1950 (I've read different accounts) and had as many as 3,150 residents at one time and was under the supervision of the UNRRA, the United National Relief and Rehabilitation Association. This is work card #13 for Aleksander Ganc with a real signature and a handstamp of the UNRRA, Leipheim. c. 4 1/2 x 2 7/8", with hole punch at left. On beige cardboard and only slightly aged. I cannot recall ever having an item from Leipheim. $75+

*764 "Miracle Child" Passport: Jewish Boy survivor of the Holocaust. 1948. "Temporary Travel Document in Lieu of Passport for Stateless persons and persons of undetermined nationality". Issued by the Military Government for Germany to Leibel Schiper who was born in Poland on 5 July, 1940, to Avriam (?) and Hinda. Dated 18 March, 1948. Valid for France on route to Palestine, good for a single journey with manuscript notations. It looks like he arrived in Haifa on the 16th of April of that year just a month before Independence Day. Despite the hostilities between the British and the Jews of Palestine, they could not ignore the poor boy, hence he was permitted "to remain permanently in Palestine as an immigrant". Somewhat soiled but intact. Leibel traveled on the SS Endeavour. Truly a miracle that a Jewish-born boy in Nazi occupied Poland was able to survive and land in freedom, all before the age of 8! A fascinating and no doubt rare document. Should be worth a substantial bid. A similar item sold for $450 in our sale 35D. $300+?

*765 Autographed letter from the author of Ten Days to Die. 1950. An autographed one page "note" signed by Michael A. Musmanno. The letter was sent to Mary Margaret McBride who was a radio interview host and writer. Her popular radio shows spanned more than 40 years; she is also remembered for her few months of pioneering television, as an early sign of radio success not guaranteeing a transition to the new medium. She was sometimes known as "The First Lady of Radio" and was extremely popular. In 1949 when celebrating her 15th anniversary of being on the radio, the celebration was held at Yankee Stadium the only place big enough to hold the 75,000 people who wanted to celebrate with her. I have read that she always asked those who she had interviewed to write her a short note.

Michael A. Musmanno was the author of "Ten Days to Die: the authoritative and dramatic story of Hitler's mad finale told for the first time in this sensational account drawn from direct eye-witnesses", who in 1947, served as a presiding judge for the Einsatzgruppen Trial in US military court at Nuremberg. The Einsatzgruppen were first Nazi police intelligence units that worked with the German Army. They later became mobile SS murder squads that traveled with German forces. It is estimated that they were responsible for killing 1.25 million Jews and hundreds of thousands of Soviets including POWs. Rare. $100+?

End of sale.

This sale closed November 14, 2013. The following prices realized are provided as a courtesy to our bidders and customers. All prices are in US Dollars. We are not responsible for typing, layout or display errors. Please see the Auction #43B page for full item descriptions and images. * Denotes tie bid.

Lot# -- Price Realized
11 -- $85
16 -- $200
37 -- $275
41 -- $400
49 -- $110
50 -- $700
51 -- $1200
52 -- $175
53 -- $160
62 -- $160
63 -- $175
64 -- $185
65 -- $350
66 -- $185
68 -- $75
72 -- $325
73 -- $150
74 -- $175
76 -- $160
80 -- $100
85 -- $350
86 -- $245
88 -- $200
95 -- $225
104 -- $98
105 -- $100
107 -- $350
108 -- $150
110 -- $300
111 -- $165
112 -- $875
113 -- $500
114 -- $66
122 -- $140
123 -- $175
125 -- $100
126 -- $60
127 -- $75
135 -- $100
136 -- $260
139 -- $110
142 -- $75
145 -- $165
146 -- $45
147 -- $125
150 -- $45
151 -- $160
154 -- $160
155 -- $135
156 -- $165
158 -- $400
185 -- $875
191 -- $425
201 -- $900
202 -- $950
207 -- $950
216 -- $165
217 -- $250
218 -- $90
221 -- $275
222 -- $360
223 -- $120
226 -- $150
227 -- $75
228 -- $40
230 -- $50
231 -- $100
233 -- $230
234 -- $360
235 -- $200
236 -- $100
237 -- $100
238 -- $225
239 -- $700
240 -- $100
241 -- $155
242 -- $250
244 -- $150
248 -- $60
249 -- $90
252 -- $1000
253 -- $150
255 -- $60
259 -- $45
268 -- $180
269 -- $50
270 -- $60
271 -- $250
272 -- $250
273 -- $500

Lot# -- Price Realized
274 -- $600
275 -- $100
276 -- $220
277 -- $220
278 -- $200
279 -- $110
280 -- $150
281 -- $150
282 -- $325
284 -- $100
288 -- $65
289 -- $75
290 -- $34
291 -- $360
292 -- $750
293 -- $225
294 -- $325
296 -- $125
297 -- $35
298 -- $60
300 -- $90
301 -- $85
302 -- $130
303 -- $100
305 -- $200
306 -- $30
307 -- $50
308 -- $100
310 -- $165
311 -- $75
313 -- $45
314 -- $125
316 -- $70
318 -- $57
319 -- $126
320 -- $126
325 -- $75
328 -- $95
329 -- $70
332 -- $125
333 -- $65
335 -- $50
336 -- $290
340 -- $55
342 -- $50
349 -- $120
351 -- $225
353 -- $35
355 -- $60
356 -- $75
357 -- $110
358 -- $135
361 -- $60
362 -- $50
363 -- $50
369 -- $90
370 -- $350
371 -- $50
372 -- $175
373 -- $300
374 -- $375
375 -- $95
376 -- $300
377 -- $600
378 -- $80
381 -- $100
382 -- $60
383 -- $200
384 -- $200
385 -- $750
388 -- $320
389 -- $150
391 -- $173
392 -- $175
393 -- $94
396 -- $48
397 -- $65
398 -- $90
400 -- $90
401 -- $140
403 -- $300
404 -- $160
406 -- $40
407 -- $40
411 -- $150
414 -- $115
422 -- $150
423 -- $60
424 -- $60
425 -- $1200

Lot# -- Price Realized
426 -- $95
427 -- $70
428 -- $115
435 -- $175
437 -- $75
438 -- $140
439 -- $75
441 -- $52
442 -- $500
443 -- $35
444 -- $85
445 -- $35
448 -- $40
450 -- $200
453 -- $65
454 -- $8500
455 -- $40
456 -- $70
457 -- $110
458 -- $160
459 -- $85
460 -- $85
463 -- $140
464 -- $50
465 -- $65
466 -- $155
467 -- $75
468 -- $130
469 -- $85
470 -- $130
471 -- $250
472 -- $400
473 -- $425
474 -- $60
478 -- $225
479 -- $110
480 -- $100
481 -- $60
482 -- $160
489 -- $50
490 -- $50
492 -- $100
493 -- $120
497 -- $500
505 -- $50
507 -- $80
508 -- $175
514 -- $85
515 -- $85
517 -- $75
518 -- $175
519 -- $80
520 -- $150
521 -- $150
522 -- $185
523 -- $65
525 -- $70
526 -- $75
533 -- $50
534 -- $60
535 -- $60
537 -- $55
538 -- $75
539 -- $125
541 -- $100
542 -- $300
544 -- $140
545 -- $400
546 -- $30
547 -- $325
548 -- $475
549 -- $100
551 -- $900
553 -- $25
554 -- $50
556 -- $210
557 -- $150
558 -- $75
560 -- $60
561 -- $60
563 -- $50
565 -- $250
567 -- $60
568 -- $150
570 -- $200
571 -- $100
572 -- $45
573 -- $150
574 -- $285
578 -- $875

Lot# -- Price Realized
580 -- $175
581 -- $50
582 -- $400
584 -- $650
586 -- $70
587 -- $90
588 -- $125
589 -- $42
590 -- $50
592 -- $60
594 -- $65
595 -- $40
596 -- $20
598 -- $60
599 -- $375
602 -- $450
605 -- $200
606 -- $50
608 -- $50
609 -- $75
611 -- $180
612 -- $250
613 -- $90
616 -- $140
619 -- $100
620 -- $225
626 -- $150
627 -- $110
628 -- $35
630 -- $75
632 -- $110
634 -- $75
635 -- $120
640 -- $94
642 -- $50
643 -- $160
645 -- $150
646 -- $50
649 -- $200
650 -- $300
652 -- $450
654 -- $55
655 -- $500
656 -- $600
657 -- $275
659 -- $375
660 -- $400
663 -- $75
665 -- $150
666 -- $140
667 -- $150
668 -- $120
669 -- $500
670 -- $375
672 -- $275
673 -- $600
676 -- $120
683 -- $110
689 -- $100
690 -- $75
692 -- $45
698 -- $40
699 -- $30
700 -- $25
701 -- $400
710 -- $65
712 -- $100
714 -- $75
715 -- $35
716 -- $55
718 -- $75
719 -- $55
720 -- $35
721 -- $110
722 -- $130
727 -- $120
728 -- $160
729 -- $165
733 -- $150
735 -- $55
738 -- $30
741 -- $425
742 -- $275
744 -- $50
746 -- $50
748 -- $50
750 -- $80
752 -- $100
753 -- $60
760 -- $75
761 -- $50
762 -- $35