Weblist 39F - November 2009

Judaean Coins, Roman Coins, World Coins


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Welcome to our 2nd of what we hope will be regular twice monthly Fixed Price Lists on our website. As usual there are not photos included but we'll gladly try to provide photos of any items on the list wherever possible. Please note that beginning on November 12th for 5 to 7 days or so it will be difficult for us to provide this service as we will be busy with the paperwork associated with the closing of our auction.

Among the highlights of this list is a nice selection of Judaean coins from two new collections plus from our inventory. From one of the collections we are also offering a few Jewish reference Roman coins as well as very nice Tyrian silver coins. The Roman section contains the aforementioned Jewish reference coins as well as some rare, albeit low grade, coins of Mark Antony, Augustus and Vitellius. Also being offered are some nice 4th century coins including an exceptional silver Siliqua of Valens.The world section contains a 1/8 pattern penny of Anticosti Island, an exceptional large bracteate of Halberstadt, 5 Israeli gold coins including a Bank Proof offered at the lowest price in many years and nice runs of Japanese and Mexican crowns. Also listed is a neat box taler of Lombardy from 1849, two Lion Dollars, 2 nice Palestine 100 mil coins, two incredibly high priced Peruvian 8 Reales and a nice group of Russian coins. Happy Hunting.

As usual all coins will be sold to the first order received. Postage is extra and almost all coins are one of a kind.


50542 *Judaea. Samaria. 4th Century BC. AR Hemiobol (.24) . Winged griffin with long horn r, two letters above, all in square border/Stag with long horns crouching r., head turned to left, letters above, all in square border. SC-63. GVF/F. $330

50547 *Judaea. Samaria. 4th Century BC. AR Obol (.66) . Facing head of Hercules with beard and long hair/Draped male figure stg l., holding scepter. SC-115, CS-77. VF/VG. $350

51354 ---Samaria. . 4th Cent. BC. AR Hemi-obol (.27) . Male head right with long hair/Lion's head facing with open jaws and protruding tongue. SC-163. Toned F+, bit grainy, minor flan chips. $150

50753 ---John Hyrcanus I. 135-104 BC. AE Prutah (2.16) . Hebrew legend. Strong and clear/Double cornucopia. As H-454, no monogram visible. aVF. $60

25158 ---Judah Aristobulus. 104-103 BC. AE Prutah . Double cornucopia/'Yehudah the High Preist & the council of the Jews.' H-465. F-aVF. $120

51368 ---Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BC. AE Prutah . Anchor, 'Of King Alexander'/Star of eight ray. H-469, AJC-Ca. VF. $45

51369 ---Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BC. AE Lepton . Anchor, 'Of King Alexander'/Star with eight rays. Biblical Widow's Mite. H-471. VG-F, with handles. $22

51375 ---Herod the Great. 37-4 BC. AE 8 Prutot . Tripod, bow,date, year 3 and monogram 'Of King Herod' around/Military helmet with cheek pieces. H-486. F/VG. $125

51068 ---Herod the Great. 40 BC-4 BC. AE 2 Prutot (2.31) . Cross surrounded by open diadem/Tripod Table flanked by two palm branches which appear not to be touching. AJC-8a, TJC-49, H-490a. aVF. $150

50594 ---Herod I, the Great. 40-4 BC. AE Prutah (1.46) . Crossed surrounded by closed diadem/Tripod Table. H-491, TJC-51, AJC-10. Fine. $165

50755 ---Herod the Great. 40-4 BC. AE Prutah (1.86) . Cross surrounded by closed diadem/Tripod table. flan a bit irregular and obverse a little off-center. Still much better than most seen. . H-491, AJC=10, TJC-51. VF. $150

50536 ---Herod I (the Great). 40-4 BC. AE Pruta (.96) or perhaps Lepton . Inscription in two concentric circles, King Herod/Large anchor within circle surr. by row of Y design or Lily flowers. H-499, TJC-61v. GVF, rev. bit o.c.. $300

50597 ---Herod I, the Great. 40-4 BC. AE Lepton (.82) . Eagle stg r.. Said to represent gold bird above the entrance to Temple in Jerusalem/Cornucopia BACIA HPW . 1st Jewish coin with graven image. H-501, T-66, A-23. GVF. $400

50600 ---Herod Archelaus. 4 BC- 6 AD. AE 2 Prutot (2.72) . Double Cornucopia, adorned w. grapes, HPW HC, (inscription outward)/War Galley with oars, etc. . H-503, T-70b, A-3b. aVF. $300

51376 ---Herod Archelaus. 4 BC - 6 AD. AE Prutah . Bunch of grapes on vine,' of Herod'/Tall helmet with crest and cheek pieces, 'Ethnarch'. H-505. Nice VF. $125

51070 ---Herod Archelaus. 4 BC - 6 AD. AE Prutah . Bunch of grapes on vine, small leaf at left/Tall helmet with crest & cheek straps, unp. variety with E almost above in legend. H-505v, AJC-6v, TJC-73v. Fine. $240

51378 ---Agrippa I. 37-44. AE Prutah . Umbrella or canopy with fringes 'King Agrippa'/Three ears of barley, L-S = year 6. H-553. Decent Fine. $50

51379 ---Agrippa I. 37-44. AE Prutah . Umbrella or canopy with fringes 'King Agrippa'/Three ears of barley, L-S = year 6. H-553. Gd Fine, flan flaw rev. $50

51081 ---Agrippa I. 37-44 AD. AE Prutah (3.05) . Canopy with fringes/3 ears of barley, LS = Year 6. H-553, AJC-11, TJC-120. Nice VF. $175

51377 ---Agrippa I. 37-44. AE Prutah . Umbrella or canopy with fringes 'King Agrippa'/Three ears of barley, L-S = year 6. H-553. Nice VF. $150

50606 ---Marcus Ambiblius under Augustus. 9-12 AD. AE Prutah (1.97) . Ear of barely, CAESAR/8 branched palm tree, w. 2 bunches of dates. LMA Year 41, 11 AD. H-638, A-5, TJC-315. GVF. $175

51380 ---Pontius Pilate, Procurator under Tiberius. 26-36. AE Prutah . 3 ears of barley/Ladle, year 16, 29-30 AD. H-648. F-VF, bit o.c. Nice green patina. $59

51381 ---Pontius Pilate, Procurator under Tiberius. 26-36. AE Prutah . Lituus surrounded by legend/LIZ= Year 17 = 30-31 AD. Reversed Z!. H-649a, AJC-V, 23b. F-VF. $90

50719 --- Jewish War (First Revolt). 66-70. AE 1/8 Shekel (6.35) . Chalice with pearled rim, 'To the redemption of Zion/Lulav, flanked by etrog on either side, 'Year Four'. H-670, TJV-214, AJC-30. Ch. VF+. $775

51382 ---Bar Kochba. 132-135 (Year 2?). AE Middle Bronze . 7 branched palm tree, 'Shimon'/Vine Leaf, 'Year Two of the Freedom of Israel'. . H-708?. Fair. $50

50959 *Samaria. Caesarea, Elagabalus. 218-222. AE22 (9.36) . Laureate bust right/Tyche standing left in tetra-style temple with arch and pediment. Ros-70, Kad-81. aVF, desert green patina. $100

50619 *Arabia Petraea. Petra. Hadrian. 117-138. AE21 (5.96) . Laureate bust right/Bust of Tyche right. Sp-8, Ros-7. VF. $300

50808 *Umayyad. Filistin (Jerusalem) mint. After 695 AD. AE Fals (2.81_ . Arabic Kalima, palm tree in reverse margin/. SNAT-21. Decent Fine. $50


50612 *Sicily. Syracuse. 5th Cent. BC. Cut Tetradrachm . Arethusa/Biga. Cut in half once and one half cut again/2 pieces in lot, 3/4 of coin. $175

51345 *Macedon Kings. Philip II. 359-336 BC (315-294 BC). AR Tetradrachm (13.91) of Amphipolis . Laureate head of Philip right. These late issues of Amphiplis may be early Celtic imitations/Naked jockey on horseback right bearing palm branch, below, dolphin below left foreleg. SNG ANS-807ff. VF, porous. $250

51346 *Thrace. Lysimachos. 323-281 BC (288-281). AR Tetradrachm (16.32) of Amphipolis . Head of Alexander the Great right/Athena seated left, holding Nike and resting arm on shield, caduceus in front, monogram behind. SG-6815. VF, tooled, metal peeling. $375

51383 *Phoenica. Tyre. After 126 BC (105/104 BC). AR Shekel of Tetradrachm . Laur. head of Melqarth right. The Shekel of Tyre, 30 pieces of silver type./Eagle with closed wings stg l., club to l., BK = year 22, monogram (as used a year later). H-917, BMC-102ff (diff monogram). Nice VF. $695

51384 *Phoenicia. Tyre. After 126 BC (106/105 BC). AR Half Shekel . Head of Melqarth right/Eagle standing left, club to left, AK (year 21) to left, monogram to right. Used to pay Temple Tax in Jerusalem. H-918, BMC-218. Toned VF. $675

50975 *Ptolemaic Egypt. Ptolemy IV Philopator. 221-205 BC. AE35 . Head of Zeus-Ammon right/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, cornucopia in front, I between legs. SNG Cop-202. VF. $60

50978 *Ptolemaic Egypt. Ptolemy IV Philopator. 221-205 BC. AE38 (43.21) . Head of Zeus-Ammon right/Eagle left, looking right, on thunderbolt, on left shoulder cornucopia, E between legs. SNG Cop-225. Fine. $55

50707 *Parthia. Orodes I. 90-77 BC. AR Drachm (3.76) of Rhagae . Bearded bust with crooked nose left, trial with 8 pointed star/Archer seated right. . Shore-123, Sell-31.6. F, scr's. $60

50704 *Parthia. Volgases III. 105-147 AD. AR Drachm (3.65) of Ecbatana . Diademed bust left with pointed beard/Archer seated right. . Sellwood-78.5, Shore-415. VF. $60

50711 *Parthia. Vologases IV. 147-191 AD. AR Drachm (3.61) of Ecbatana . Bust left with square cut beard, wearing tiara with ear flaps and hooks on crest/Archer enthroned right, left shown as , below box A, top line on reverse in Aramaic. Sell-84.131, Sh-434. Crude F-VF. $60


50789 *Syria,Seleucis & . Pieria, Antiochia ad Orontem. Time of Nero. 54-68. AE19.5 (5.58) . Turreted head of Tyche right/Ram leaping r., looking back, star & crescent above, date below Year 105 (56/67). The star on the reverse of this coin could refer to the Star of Bethlehem. See http://www.eclipse.net/~molnar/. RPC-4290, SGI-5187 (type). Nice Fine. $75

51393 *Roman Egypt. Tacitus. 275-276. AE Tetradrachm (9.83) . Laureate bust right/Eagle standing right, head turned back, wreath in beak, year 1.. C-1835, Emm-3974. Choice EF. $sold

51394 *Roman Egypt. Maximianus I. 283-305. AE Tetradrachm (8.52) . Laureate bust right/Eirene stg l., holding olive-branch and scepter, year one. C-2064, Emm-4113. Choice EF. $sold


51430 *Roman Republic. L. Julius Bursio. 85 BC. AR Denarius (3.98) . Bust of young male deity right with attributes of Apollo (wreath), Mercury (winged hd) & Neptune (trident), control mark behind/Victory in quadriga right, numbers above, L IVLI BVRSIO in ex. SR-268. Toned VF. Unusual type. $140

50611 *---L. Porcilius L.f.. c. 80 BC. AR Denarius (3.40) . Laureate head of Jupiter right/Juno Sospita walking r., with spear and shield, snake at feet. SR-306, Cr-379/1. Toned VF, horn silver. $250

51386 *---M. Aemilius Scarus & P. Plautius. Hypsaeus. c. 58 BC. AR Denarius . King Aretas kneeling r. beside camel, presenting olive branch Rex Aretas in ex./Jupiter in qudriga l., brandishing thunderbolt, scorpion below horses, legends above, to right and in ex.. SR-379, Hen-740v, Aemila-8. aVF. A Jewish reference coin issued during the battles of the brothers Hycanus and Aristobulus $175

50792 ---Q. Fabius Maximus. 127 BC. AE Quadrans (2.61) . Head of Hercules right/Prow right Q M (XA) above, pellets before. SR-1158, Craw-265/3. Fine. $75

51387 *Mark Antony. 32-31 BC. AR Denarius (3.59) . Radiate head of Sol/Mark Antony, as priest, stg. right holding lituus. SR-1474, RSC-13a. VF/F, scr's on around stg figure. $350

51388 *Augustus. 27 BC - 14 AD. AR Denarius (3.67) . Laureate head right/Caius and Lucius Caesars stg. and facing, shields and spears in between them. SR-1597, RSC-43, RIC-207. Toned aVF, obv. oxidation. $249

50627 *Augustus & Agrippa. c. 12 BC. AE Halved Dupondius (7.29) . Head of Agrippa left wearing crown. Struck at Neumausus/Crocodile right, palm tree behind. Halved in ancient times.. SR-1731, RPC-625. VF. $150

51389 *Drusus,son of Tiberius. Died 23 AD. AE As (9.98) . Bare headed bust left/Legend around SC. One of the few coins struck in his lifetime. SR-1794, RIC-45. F, bit o.c., some scr's. Nice green patina. $89

51390 *Vitellius. Jan-Dec. 69 AD. AR Denarius (3.02) . Laureate head right/Tripod with dolphin above, raven below.. SR-2201, RSC-111, RIC-109. VG. Low grade but rare. $200

51385 *Vespasian. 69-79. AR Denarius . Laureate bust right/Mourning Jewish captive seated right below trophy, IVDAEA in ex. H-759, SR-2296, RIC-15. Toned Fine. $150

50883 *Marcus Aurelius. 161-180 (175 AD). AR Denarius (2.52) . Laureate bearded bust right/Victory seated l., hldg patera and palm. S-4910, RIX-312. aVF/F, ragged flan. $95

51391 *Septimius Severus. 193-211. AR Denarius (3.09) . Laureate bearded bust right/Two captives seated back to back at foot of trophy. RIC-63, RSC-365. Toned aVF. $60

50645 *Julian II. 360-363. AE I (7.84) of Antioch . Bust right/Bull standing right, 2 stars above ANT in ex., . SR-4072, C38, RIC-8, 216. Fine, bit rough. $75

51352 *Jovian. 363-364. AE 3 (2.77) of Rome . Bust right/VOT V MVLT X in wreath, ASIRM in ex. RIC-8, 118, SR-4087. F-VF, rev. is rough. $49

51347 *Valentinian I. 364-375. AE3 (2.42) of Cyzicus . Bust right/Emp. stg., facing head right, holding standard and victory on globe, SMKA in ex. . RIC-9, 10a (Rare). Nice VF. $59

51392 *Valens. 364-378. AR Siliqua (1.71) . Bust right/VOT/X/MVLT/XX in four lines within wreath; ANT in ex.. RIC-9, 34. Ch. EF, obv. flan crack. $499

51349 *Valens. 364-378. AE3 (2.53) of Aquileia . Bust right. 2nd period (367-375)/Emp. adv. right and dragging captive with r. hand and holding standard with Chi-Rho at top, •smaqs in ex. RIC-9, 11b, SR-4117. VF, green patina. $49

51350 *Valens. 364-378. AE3 (2.95) of Aquileia . Bust right. 2nd period (367-375)/Victory advancing left, •smaqp in ex. RIC-9, 12b, SR-4118. Nice VF. $49

51348 *Valens. 364-378. AE3 (2.06) of Siscia . Bust right/Emp. adv. right and dragging captive with r. hand and holding standard with Chi-Rho at top, ASISC in ex. RIC-9, 6b, SR-4117ff. aEF, sm. area of obv. corr. $55

51351 *Valens. 364-378. AE3 (2.33) of Siscia . Bust right. 2/Victory advancing left, sisc in ex. RIC-9, 4b, SR-4118. Nice VF. $49

51353 *Gratian. 367-383 aD. AE4 (1.71) of Aquileia . Bust right/vot v mvlt x in 4 lines in wreath, smaqs in ex. RIC-9, 36a. GVF. $75


51330 *Argentina. Tramway Medallion . ND. CN30mm, looped as made . Trolley Car. Tramway Society/Conductor and worker clasping hands. Scalloped edge. . VF. $22

51428 *Armenia. Hetoum I. 1226-1270. AE Kardez (3.54) . King seated on wide bench with legs crossed/lCross with crescents in angles. Unusual type with king seated as such. Nec-363. VF. $75

50691 *Austria. Franz II HRE (Franz I Austria). 1830-C (Prague). 20 Kreuzer . Bust right with short hair in wreath/Eagle. KM-2145, C-183c. Toned EF. $18

50566 *Austria. Franz Joseph I. 1896. 1 Coruna . /. KM-2804, Y35. Ch AU. 45

51357 Austria. Alfred Grünfeld. ND (1910). AE45 x 51mm by F. Joseph Drouot . Grünfeld at piano/Grünfeld was a Pianist and Composer who born in Prague in 1852 and died in Vienna in 1924. He was one of the first pianists to have his work recorded for phonograph records. Niggl-768. EF. $50

51356 *Austria. Joseph Unger. ND. AE 50mm by Scharef . Bust left/Legend. He was a lawyer, jurist and politician. . EF. $37.50

50573 *Austria. Republic. 1963. 25 Schilling . Prince Eugen von Savoyen/5, 931 minted in Proof. Y-109, KM-2893. Proof. $60

50552 *Austria. Republic. 1966. 25 Schillings . Death of Ferdinand Raimund/. Y-115, KM-2899. Choice Proof. $42.50

50575 *Austria. Republic. 1966. 50 Schilling . National Bank Sesquicentennial /. Y-116, KM-2900. Proof. $45

50576 *Austria. Republic. 1967. 50 Schilling . Centennial of Blue Danube Waltz/. Y-118,, KM-2902. Proof. $45

51422 *Bolivia. Philip V. 1741P P. 2 Reales Cob . Cross of Jerusalem, castles and lions in quarters/Crowned pillars of Hercules and waves, value at top, clear date. KM-29a. VG/F. $119

51363 *Canada. Quebec, Anticosti Island. 1870. 1/8 Penny Pattern . Helmeted head of Roman soldier left, date below/Value in wreath, 'A' at top. Attributed to Anticosti Is by Scott Stamp & Coin Co. in 1890.. Bruce X-PN-1. Reddish brown unc. $150

51397 *Chile. Ferdinand VII. 1811 FJ. One Real of Santiago . Bust of Charles IV right/Arms. KM-65, Cr-66. VG-F, holed at top, obv. scr.. $18

51359 *Colombia. Republic of Nueva Granada. 1846-UE. Half Real . Softly struck in centers as usual/Popayan mint. KM-96.2, Cr-142. Toned VF. $49

51360 *Colombia. Republic of Nueva Granada. 1849. 2 Reales . /. KM-105, Cr-156. Nice toned EF. $75

51429 *Crusaders. Jerusalem, Baldwin III. 1143-1163. AR Denier (1.01) . Cross with large pellets around/Tower of David in circle of large pellets. CCS-10, Sch.III,22. aVF. $sold

51398 *Cuba. Republic. 1897. Souvenir Peso . Head of Liberty right, star below 97 baseline/Type II, struck at Providence RI. Bru-X-M2, Y-1. EF, but cleaned. $160

51418 *Cuba. Exile Issue. 1965. Souvenir Peso . Struck for the Agency for Cuban Numismatists in exile sponsored by Alpha /66, a group of anti-Castro Cubans. Silver reeded edge type. Br-X#M4. Proof. $75

51419 *Cuba. Exile Issue. 1965. Souvenir Peso . Struck for the Agency for Cuban Numismatists in exile sponsored by Alpha /66, a group of anti-Castro Cubans. Silver plain edge type. Br-X#M5.1. Proof. $75

51343 *Czechoslovakia . Prague. ND (1920's?). Brass 25mm token . National Association of Hoteliers in Prague/Beer Bottle Deposit check. . VF. $25

16765 *Denmark. Dag Hammarskjold. 1961. AE69mm by Philip Kraczkowski . Bust/Legend/Scarce. . EF. $35

51431 *England. Hampshire, Portsmouth. 1797. Half Penny Conder Token . Neptune standing in his chariot. Commemorates defeat of Spanish fleet/Long 7 line legend with pursued spelled correctly. D&H-74. VF, rim nicks. $25

51400 *England. George III. 1807. Half Penny . Laureate bust right/Britannia seated left. C-20, KM-662, S-3781. R&B Au-Unc., small spot above head. $150

48973 *England. Sir Francis Chichester. 1967. Silver 57mm . Bust left. Designed by Paul Vincze and issued by Spink/Neptune kneeling left before a globe on which are two boats, legends. Chichester was the first to sail around the world single handed.. Eimer-2113. Proof. $49

51427 *France. Charles VI, the Foolish. 1380-1422. AR Blanc dit Guenar . Cross, crowns and fleur de lis in angles/Arms, with 3 fleur de lis, legend around. Paris mint. Dup-377c, SCMF-2981. Nice EF. $125

51399 *France. Consulship. L'AN 11-K (1802-3). 5 Francs of Bordeaux . Hercules with 2 maidens/Legend and wreath. KM-639.5, Cr-138, D-81. Fine. $sold

51395 *France. French Mint Medal. 1817. AE 41mm by Masson . High relief bust of the playwright Alexis Piron left/Legend. Gallery of Great Men. . Plain edge. Ch EF+, lite scr. rev.. $75

51364 *France. Napoleon III. 1866-BB. One Franc . Strasbourg mint/. KM-806.2, Y-30. Gem BU. $199

51332 *France. Dance Club token. ND. Brass 27mm . Dancing couple/'Palasis des Danses' around '34 Sda Stretta'. . VF, scratches. $35

51333 *France. Brothel Token. ND. Brass 22mm . Strutting rooster 'Piece de Publicite'/'Aux Belles Poules 32 Rue Blndel'. . Ch. EF. $25

51425 *Germany. Halberstadt. Gero von Schermbke. 1160-1177. AR Large Bracteate (.86) . St. Stephen seated facing on throne/Gorgeous toning, large size. Sig Bonhoff-475. As struck. $350

50578 *Germany. Prussia, Wihelm II. 1905-A (Berlin). 2 Mark . /. Y-120a, KM-522. EF. $40

26801 *Germany. Prussia, Wilhelm II. 1913-A. 2 Mark . 1 year type. 25th Anniversary of reign./. KM-533. AU. $30

50579 *Germany. DDR (East Germany). 1984-A (Berlin). 5 Mark . 150th Anniversary Death of von Lutzow/. KM-98. BU. $60

51365 *Greece. George I. 1883-A. 50 Lepta . Short type in high grade/. Y06, KM-37. Nice, light toned AU. $239

51401 *Hong Kong. British Colony. 1865. 1 Mil . Square holed coin, without hyphen between Hong Kong/One Wen. One year type. Y-1, KM-2. 75% red Unc. $150

48910 *Israel. Seafaring. 1963. 5 Lirot . Anniversary Series./Ancient Galley/Modern Steamship.. KM-39, A-6. BU. $190

51374 *Israel. Bank of Israel. 1964. Gold 50 Lirot . Rare, low mintage. Only about 800 minted. Fr-4a, KM-44a, Y40. Proof, light scratches above cornucopia. But still nice. $1250

51344 *Israel. Knesset. 1965/5725. 5 Lirot . Anniversary Commemorative/. KM-45, A-8a. Proof. $17

51373 *Israel. Jerusalem Reunification. 1968. Gold 100 Lirot . City View/Old Temple/.6430. KM-52, Fr-6. Proof. $825

51370 *Israel. Kidron Valley. 1984. Gold 5 Sheqalim . Holy Land Sites Series. Key to the series/2601 minted, .2497. KM-142, Fr-23. Proof. $360

51371 *Israel. Akko. 1986. Gold 5 New Sheqalim . Holy Land Sites Series/2800 minted, .2497. KM-170, Fr-27. Proof. $350

51372 *Israel. Jericho . 1987. Gold 5 New Sheqalim . Holyland Sites/.2497. KM-182, Fr-29. Proof. $350

51366 *Italy. Lombardy, Revolutionary Provisional Gov. 1848-M. 5 Lire Box Thaler . Neatly done, two piece screw together. On the inside of one of the halves, very faint portraits of 3 men can be seen. We presume the portraits our of 3 leaders of the Revolution. C-22.a, Dav-206. Ch. Toned EF. $299

51331 *Italy. Biraghi Dairy MilkToken. 1966. Silver 32mm 500 Lire (?) . Facing head of contented cow, legend. Very late use for silver token/Child, 500 and date below, legend around.. . EF. $35

50899 *Japan. Meiji. Year 21 (1888). 1 Yen . Dragon, date and denomination. /Value and denomination, surrounded by wreath. . Y-A25.3, Oka-17. EF, lightly clnd. $60

50900 *Japan. Meiji. Year 22 (1889). 1 Yen . Dragon, date and denomination. /Value and denomination, surrounded by wreath. Gin countermark left. Y-28a.2, Oka-18v. Choice EF, riny rn. $60

50901 *Japan. Meiji. Year 23 (1890). 1 Yen . Dragon, date and denomination. /Value and denomination, surrounded by wreath. . Y-A25.3, Oka-19. Nice VF. $35

50902 *Japan. Meiji. Year 24 (1891). 1 Yen . Dragon, date and denomination. /Value and denomination, surrounded by wreath. . Y-A25.3, Oka-20. Toned EF. $42.50

50904 *Japan. Meiji. Year 26 (1893). 1 Yen . Dragon, date and denomination./Value and denomination, surrounded by wreath. . Y-A25.3, Oka-22. Toned EF. $45

50908 *Japan. Meiji. Year 30 (1897). 1 Yen . Dragon, date and denomination./Value and denomination, surrounded by wreath. . Y-A25.3, Oka-26. EF, cleaned. $42.50

50938 *Japan. Meiji. Year 39 (1906). 1 Yen . Dragon, date and denomination./Value and denomination, surrounded by wreath. . Y-A25.3, Oka-32. EF. $75

50941 *Japan. Taisho. Year 3 (1914). 1 Yen . Dragon, date and denomination. One year type/Value and denomination, surrounded by wreath. . Y38, Oka-35. Toned Unc/AU. $75

51402 *Mexico. Charles IV. 1805 Mo TH. 8 Reales . Armoured bust of Charles IV right/Pillars and Arms. Devices strongly struck, legends weak in places. KM-109, Cr-81. VF or better for devices. $75

51403 *Mexico. Ferdinand VII. 1810 Mo HJ. 8 Reales . Armoured bust of Ferdinand VII right/Pillars and Arms.. KM-110, Cr-111. Toned aVF, but two X's scr. on obv.. $35

51404 *Mexico. Ferdinand VII. 1812 Mo HJ. One Real . Armoured bust of Ferdinand VII right/Pillars and Arms.. KM-82, Cr-108. Fine, holed. $15

51405 *Mexico. Republic. 1863 Go YF. 8 Reales of Guanajuato . Cap and Rays/Facing Eagle. KM-377.8, Y-19. BU. $85

51406 *Mexico. Republic. 1889 Zs FZ. 8 Reales of Zacatacas . Cap and Rays/Facing Eagle. KM-377.13, Y-19. BU, but a few bagmarks and rim bumps. $49

51361 *Mexcio. Republic. 1894-Ca MM. 8 Reales of Chihuahua . /. KM-377.2, Y-19. Light toned AU, sm rb. $35

51420 *Mexico. Republic. 1902 Zs FZ. Peso of Zacatacas . Eagle/Cap and rays. KM-409.3, Y-20. Nice lite toned Unc. $59

51416 *Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1912. Caballito or Horse Peso . Pretty slabbed coin/. Y-42, KM-453. NGC MS62. $260

50525 *Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1921. 2 Pesos . Centennial of Independence /. KM-462, Y-51. Toned EF, trns. $60

51426 *Mongols. Genghiz Khan. AH6930624 (1206-1237). Bi Dirhem . No Mint or date/Struck in the name of the 'Kaqan'. Mitch-1495. aVF, crude as stuck. $60

22466 *Morocco. Tangiers. ND. 25 Centimes . Health club token, Brass. 23mm, Octagonal, clip as made.. Gad-unlisted. Nice VF. $140

51328 *Netherlands. West Friesland. 1647 ?. Lion Dollar . Standing knight looking right/Rampant Lion left, Lily mintmark after date. Last digit of date weak due to overdate? . Dav-4870, KM14.2, Del-836. Type. F-VF. $140

51329 *Netherlands. Zeeland. 1616. Lion Dollar . Standing knight looking right/Rampant Lion left, . Dav-4872, KM-16,Del-839. Type. F-VF. $140

51337 *New Zealand. New Zealand Railway. ND. Aluminum 29mm . Token or check/#54. . VF. $25

51358 *NORWAY. Oscar II. 1846. 1/2 Speci Daler . Bust right/Arms. Cr-103, KM-316. Toned VF. $275

51417 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1934. 100 Mils . Key date in high grade./Some underlying luster under toning. Y-7, KM-7. NGC AU-58. $375

50518 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1940. 100 Mils . Scarce this nice/. Y7, KM-7. BU. $140

51407 *Peru. North Peru. 1838-MB. 8 Reales of Lima . Coat of Arms, legend. date below/Liberty standing. KM-155, El-176, C-151. Choice toned Unc. $425

51408 *Peru. Republic. 1841 MB. 8 Reales of Lima . Coat of Arms.;egemd. date below, fineness writen out as 10 Ds, 20Gs/Liberty standing. Short two year type. KM-142.8, El-147, Cr-132-1b. Gem toned unc. $500

51409 *Poland. Nicholas I of Russia. 1840-MW. 10 Groszy . Imperial Eagle/ Denomination and date in wreath. C-113a. Nicely toned VF-EF. $35

51410 *PUERTO RICO. Alfonso XIII of Spain. 1896. 10 Centavos . Bust right/Pillars and Arms. 1 year type. Y-2, KM-21. VF. $70

51334 *Poland. Gas Meter Token. ND (1920's?). Alum. 21mm . Small shield in large shield/'Gas Automat' in two lines. . VF, corr.. $12.50

51339 *Portugal. Piedense S. Coopeative. 1893. Brass 1/2 Liter of Milk . 34 x 28 mm. 'S Cooperativa Piedense Leite Fundada em 4-3-1893' around clasped hands/'682' incuse. Oval Token. . EF. $25

51421 *Russia. Paul I. 1798-EM. Kopek . Crowned Monogram/Denomination and date. Cr-94.2. VF. $42.50

51411 *Russia. Nicholas I (type of Alexander I). 1826/5 C b . 20 peks . Imperial Eagle, date/Crowned 20 Kopecks and mm in wreath. Closed 2.. C-128,J-(I)-425. Toned VF+. $49

51414 *Russia. Nicholas I. 1830 C b . Rouble . Eagle with wings down and short ribbon 'Rouble Coin'/Legend 'FineSilver 4 Zolotniks 21 Dolyas' & mm in wreath. J-V, 1040, C-161, D-282. VF. $225

51412 *Russia. Nicholas I. 1833 C b . 20 peks . Imperial Eagle with mintmasters initials/Crowned 20 Kopecks, date and mm in wreath. Cr-165, J-III-436. VF. $28

51413 *Russia. Nicholas I. 1833 C b . 20 peks . Imperial Eagle with mintmasters initials/Crowned 20 Kopecks, date and mm in wreath. Cr-165, J-III-436. Toned aEF. $49

51362 *Russia. Nicholas I. 1844-CHb Kb. Rouble . Two headed Eagle with wings up/Legend. Cr-168.1, Dav-283. Toned EF-AU, but reverse scratches. $149

51415 *Russia. Alexander I. 1851 C b A. Rouble . Imperial Eagle/Imperial Eagle, legend around. St. George without cape. J-VI, 1127, C-168.1, D-283. Toned aEF. $175

51338 *Russia. Soviet Union?. ND. 24 x 32mm aluminum . Pharmacy token. For Eye drops/Rectangle, 3 line legend, '39' and '470' incuse. . EF. $15

51432 *SAN MARINO. Republic. 1936-R. 5 Lire . Bust left within beaded circle/Plant divides value above plow. Y-9, KM-9. BU. $49

51433 *SAN MARINO. Republic. 1938-R. 5 Lire . Bust left within beaded circle/Plant divides value above plow. Last year of type. Y-9, KM-9. Choice toned unc. $55

51424 *Spain. Philip IV. 164(2)?. 12 Maravedis . XII counterstamped over 8 Maravedi coin to revalue it/Original coin is undated 8 M. of Philip III. Nice. VF. $95

51423 *Spain. Philip V. 1719. 4 Marvedis . Crowned arms, PHILIPP V DG HISPAN REX/Crowned, reclining lion holding globe & sword VTRVMQ VIRT PROTEGO. KM-304. Nice VF for type. $55

51367 *Spain. Isabella II. 1852 - Seville. 1 Real . 7 pointed star mm = Seville/Arms without pillars on reverse. KM-598.3, Y-19. Gem, lite toned BU. $185

50529 *Spain. Charles VII, Pretender. 1875. 5 Centimos . Bust right/Arms.One year type. KM-669, Y66. VF+, dipped so color is orange. $59

51335 *United Arab Emirates. Ras Al-Khaima. ND . 1/2 Riyal Token . WM 24mm '•Ras Al-Khaima Hotel• around 1/2 in English/Same in Arabic. . EF. $25

51355 *United States. Four Chaplains. 1965. Silver 39mm by E.P. . the heroic sacrifice of the four chaplains febru ary 3, 1943. 4 chaplains/Parying hads. The Four Chaplains were four United States Army chaplains who gave their lives to save other soldiers during the sinking of the USAT Dorchester during World War II. They helped other soldiers board lifeboats and gave up their own life jackets when the supply ran out; 230 of the 904 men aboard the ship were rescued. The chaplains, who all held the rank of lieutenant, were the Methodist Reverend George L. Fox, the Jewish Rabbi Alexander D. Goode, the Roman Catholic Priest John P. Washington and the Reformed Church in America Reverend Clark V. Poling. . Proof. $75

51396 *United States. Albert Einstein. 1971. Silver 40mm by J. DiLorenzo . His bust 3/4 right, name, dates & symbols. 'Sterling' on edge/9 line legend above eagle. 'Great American Triumphs' Series.. Flower-26. As issued. $35

51340 *Yugoslavia. Croatia. ND. 25 Novcic Dali . WM24mm token/. . EF. $25

51341 *Yugoslavia. Jagodina. ND. 40 Para . P. J. Klefis/Brass 24.5 mm. . EF. $25

51342 *Yugoslavia. Jagodina. ND. 1 Dinar . P. J. Klefis/Brass 28 mm. . EF. $25

End of List.