Minilist 31 - March 1, 2014

Modern and medieval coins and jetons

Welcome to our 31st Mini-List in the past 14 months. This lists consists of modern and medieval coins and jetons. All have been photographed some better than others. Please bear with us as I experiment with a new camara and a new technique.

There will be no mini-list during the week of March 10th as we will be away for a week to 10 days to recharge our batteries. We plan to put up a mini-list of inexpensive ancient coins when we return and then spend most of the next month working on our auction catalog.

We have a nice mix of consignments for our first auction of 2014 but we are still accepting interesting consignments. If you are thinking of disposing of part or all of your collection please contact us.

*51455 *Armenia. Hetoum I and Zabel. 1226-1270. Silver Tram. (2.72g). King and Queen standing, cross between them, star on cross, & dot to right/Lion walking right, holding a cross with left paw. AC-333v, B-856b. Nice VF, some flat areas. $85

*51799 *Austria. Salzburg, Leonhard von Keutschach. 1516. Batzen. Half-Length bust of St. Rupert facing slightly left, holding salt cellar and crozier/Date above conjoined coats-of-arms of Salzburg and Keutschach. Probszt-111. F-VF. $50

*51789 *Austria. Tirol, Leopold I (the Hogmouth). 1692. 3 Kreuzer (Groschen) of Hall. Bust right/ Crowned ornamental shields, date divided by crown. KM-1356, Her-1436. Choice EF. $45

*53431 *Austrian Netherlands. Maria Theresia. 1764. Kronenthaler. Brussels mint (Head mm). Dav-1282, KM-21. VF, adj marks. $120

*55489 *Belgium. Brussels, Jacques Madoets. 1680. Copper Jeton 32mm, 5.92g. Crested shield of the Madoets. (Jacquest Madoets was the 50th Intendant of the Canal)/King & Queen in boat, Commemorating the marriage of Charles II & Louis-Marie d'Orléans.. Dug-4434, Mitch-2775, Feur-14328. VF/F. $150

*55452 *Ceylon. Dharmasoka. 1200-1202. Æ Kahavanu (4.16g). Standing king "Sri Dha(r)mmsoka Deva"/Standing King. Nice high grade coin. He was the infant puppet of general Ayushmat. MNIS-842. GVF. $59

*55453 *Ceylon. Parakrama Bahu II. 1236-1271. Æ Kahavanu (4.30g). Standing king "Sri Parakrama Bahu"/Standing King. Nice high grade coin, much nicer than the usual "dumpier" style. MNIS-845. EF. $55

*55609 *Danzig. Gdansk. Free City. 1923. Silver 1/2 Gulden. Ship at sea signifying Danzig's status as a most important Baltic seaport for centuries. Now part of Poland. KM-144, Y-7. Golden toned unc., a few bagmarks. $160

*53598 *Dominican Republic. 1975. 10 Pesos. Taino Art. 8680/Depicts ancient figurine "Pueblo Viejo Mine". Y-35, KM-38. Proof. $40

*55610 *El Salvador. Republic. 1925. 1 Colon . 400th Anniversary of San Salvador. Jugate Alvarado and Qunionez busts left/Flags flank arms. KM-131, Y-30, EL-15. Nice lightly toned unc. $299

*55305 *El Salvador. San Salvador. ND (Late 19th Cent?). "8" 29mm CN Token. Large Radial "8"/"P. P. & C. SAN SALVADOR" Attribution unconfirmed, but seems likely. Rular-unl?. Nice VF. $99

*53596 *Ethiopia. Menelik II. EE1189/1897 AD. 1/4 Birr. Scarce right leg raised type. Y-19, KM-14. Fine. $65

*55306 *Europa Federation. Europino Coinage. 1952-HM (Hamburg). 2 1/2 Europinos (= 1/2 Dollar). Bust of Dwight D. Eisenhower right/Torch. Bruce-X11, Kenny-19. PL BU. $39

*54053 *France. Antwerp, Siege Coin. 1814. 5¢ Gun Money . LL = Louis XVII. Cr-3.4, KM-4.1. F/VG, scratches. $60

*55493 *France. Burgandy. 1707. Copper Jeton 31mm, 9.34g. Arms COMITIA BVRGVNDIÆ/Ship right, 2 stars above, date ex, CERTA DUCUNT SIDERA. Feur-9829, Mitch p.1124. Nice VF. $100

*55308 *France. Lille, City Siege Coin. 1708. 10 Sols . Crowned circular shield, crossed scepters behind. Issued during 3 month resistance to/English Forces. X S - PRO - DEFENSIONE VR RIS ET PATRIÆ 1708 in 6 lines. KM-6. Crude VF. $115

*55309 *France. Lille, City Siege Coin. 1708. 10 Sols. Crowned circular shield, crossed scepters behind. Issued during 3 month resistance to/English Forces. X S - PRO - DEFENSIONE VR RIS ET PATRIÆ 1708 in 6 lines. KM-6. Crude VF, but bold. $115

*53811 *Germany. Mainz. Dietrich III v. Erbach. 1434-1459. Bi Heller (.28g). Arms of Mainz and Julich. Bracteate type. Saurma-2503. Choice VF. $65

*55312 *Germany. Nürnberg. 1773. Silver Kreuzer. City View. One year type/Garland above 3 ornate shields. Cr-21, KM-367. Au-Unc.. $89

*55282 *Germany. Saxe-Weimar, Wilhelm IV. 1772. 1/4 Taler (Death Commemorative). Obelisk with ribbons/2 arms from clouds tying 4 arrows together below a crown. Merseb-3886, KM-79. Gd Fine. $200

*55447 *India. Cholas of Tanjore. Raja Raja. 985-1014. Gold Fanam (.44g) or 1/8 Kahavanu. Tiger seated right, bow behind, facing two upright fishes/2 line legend, "Yuddha Malla". Scarce. MNIS-726, Fr-286. VF. $175

*55425 *India. East India Co., William IIII. 1835 (b). 1 Rupee. KM-450.1, Cr-874. VF, bit grainy. $60

*55431 *India. Sailana, Princely State. 1908. 1/4 Anna. Jaswant Singh with portrait of Edward VII. One of the scarcest type coins with a portrait in the entire Indian series. Y-5, KM-15. Fine. $65

*55284 *Ionian Islands. British Administration. 1857. 30 Lepta. Rare date. KM lists 1848 as rarest date but we believe they are wrong! No dot after date (as are all of this date). Cr-25, KM-35, Prid-16. Toned EF. $650

*50526 *Ireland. James II. Gun Money. August 1689. Shilling . Bust left. Made from cannon, church bells etc/Crown, legend, date written as Augt 1689. S-6581C, KM-24. GVF+, slight roughness. $180

*52234 *Italy. Fosdinovo. Maria Maddalena Centurioni-Malaspina. 1667. Silver Luigino (1.85g). Draped bust right/Crowned coat-of-arms; rosette above; •A• below. Cammarano 71. Toned VF. $75

*55318 *Italy. Papal States. Pius IX. 1850-VR. 20 Baiocchi. Bust of Pope left/Value and date within wreath. KM-1337, Cr-173. Ch. toned VF+. $120

*55196 *Italy. Papal States, Pius IX. 1866/AN XX1. 1 Lira. Bust left. KM-1377.3, Cr-173. VF/EF. $80

*55773 *Mexico. Republic. 1863 Zs Mo. 2 Reales of Zacatacas. Better date. Y-S23, KM-274.12. Lightly toned EF. $59

*54887 *Mexico. Prisoner Peso? ND, after 1920. On Type II Peso . "JENARO 4N? CONTREY -385-160 87 1906. Some sort of trench art or perhaps a Prisoner Peso. Unusual. Hand-engraving is sharp and clear, coin is identifiable as to type with a tiny hole for wearing (A dog tag?) $115

*55772 *Mozambique. Portuguese Colony. 1938. 10 Escudos. One year type. Crowned round shield. Y-10, KM-70. aEF. $45

*55612 *Niger. Republic. 1968. 10 Francs . Facing Lion. KM-8.1, Y-7. Gem toned Proof. Gorgeous toning $65

*55392 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1933. 100 Mils . Semi-key date. Y-7, KM-7. Fine. $100

*55300 *Portugal. Pedro, as Prince Regent. 1676. X Reis of Lisbon. Crowned arms/Large X, with 4 annulets in angles, all in inner circle of dots and legend around. KM-99, Vaz-PR.55. VG. $95

*56162 *Portugal. Joao V. 1750. 400 Reis or Cruzado Nova. Davenport lists this coin as a crown even though it's smaller than most crowns. (36mm). Short type. KM-179, Dav-1628. VF. $99

*54264 *Serbia. Peter I. 1915. 50 Para Type with designer's name under bust and struck in coin die, alignment which is unpriced as such in KM and considered Rare. Y19, KM-24.3. BU. $55

*50529 *Spain. Charles VII, as Pretender to the crown. 1875. 5 Centimos . Bust right/Arms.One year type. KM-669, Y66. VF+, dipped so color is orange. $50

*54023 *Spanish Netherlands. Namur (now part of Belgium). Philip V. 1709. Liard. Crown above various shields of Philip's territory/Crowned arms divides date. Two year type. KM-2, GH-372-3a. F+, bit o.c, with flan crack. $47.50

*55298 *St. Thomas & Prince. Portuguese Colony, Joao as Prince. Regent. 1813-R. 20 Reis . Short type. Cr-51 (Mozambique), KM-A1, Vaz-St. 04. VF, but somewhat porous. $60

*55165 *Straits Settlements. George V. 1920. 1 Cent . Square. 3 year type in high grade. Y-30, KM-32. R&B Unc. $40

*54241 *Switzerland. 1826. Batzen . Bear in ornate shield, denomination as Batzen. Some of the undercoin visible. KM-194.1, Cr-88. Au-Unc., flan flaw. $50

*55614 *Venezuela. Republic. 1925. 12 1/2 Centimos. 1st and scarcest date of type. Unusual denomination. Y-28. VF+. $99

End of Sale.