Minlist 22 - November 2013

High-grade Roman coins, world coins, and 4 interesting gold pieces

We are taking advantage of a short lull in between the hectic activity of issuing our Auction 43B and the closing of the sale on Thursday November 14th. Our "webmaster" is out of town for his real job so we're hoping we can get this up on our website by ourselves. If not this will be sent as an attachment to the announcement of the list or as part of an email itself. We have already have photos of some of the items and they are indicated with the use of an *. We can supply those to people on request and we can try to produce photos of other items on request. However we are having difficulty at the moment producing photos so please be patient. Eventually the photos will be up on our website unless we sell them first.

There coins are part of the many very nice coins and other items we have purchased in the past two weeks. This list is highlighted by some very high-grade Roman coins as well a handful of world coins and a four interesting gold pieces thrown in. We have many more new purchases in stock and hope to have them listed on future mini-lists or perhaps even a full-blown list. Our next mini-list will be up either just before Thanksgiving or the week after Thanksgiving depending upon our work load.

Gold Coins

*55588 Ionia. Miletos. c. 600-550 BC. Electrum Hekte 1/6 Stater (2.23g). Lion reclining left, looking right/Double incuse punch. Fr-412, SG-3443v. VF. Obverse struck with worn die, virtually illegible. $399

*55591 Ceylon. Anonymous, Chola Invasion Period. c. 990-1070. Gold Kahavanu (4.41g). King seated right, legend below raised arm "The fortunate Lord of Ceylon"/Standing king with symbols. MNIS-825, Fr-1. EF. $325

55589 Germany. Cologne, Archbishop Dietrich II of. Möörs, 1414-1463. Goldgulden (3.39g). Arms on cross/Shields of Mainz, Trier and Palatinate. Fr-797, Saurma-2704. VF, small lamination (possibly mount removal). $525

*55592 argentina. Tierra del Fuego, Julius Popper. 1889. 1 Gramo. TIERRA DEL FUEGO 1889, POPPER across granulated field/EL PARAMO UN GRAMO, granulated field representing a miner's pan, crossed pick and hammer. AU 864 AG132. KM-TN5, Fr-2. NGC AU details, mount removed. Julius Popper was a Romanian Jewish adventurer who emigrated to Argentina in the 1880's and soon moved to Tierra del Fuego in the extreme south of the country where he created a vast feudal type estate and produced a machine for extracting gold from the mines. In 1889 he issued this coin (plus a larger 5 gramo coin and stamps). According to Daniel Friedenberg (Jewish Minters and Medalists page 4-5) Popper's gold coins, "are the only gold coins ever issued by a Jew before the emergence of modern Israel". $1250

Roman coins plus a Greek-Imperial coin

*55561 Rome. Vespasian. 69-79 AD. Silver Denarius (3.53g) . Laureate bust right/Pax standing left holding olive-branch and caduceus. RIC-9, RSC-94g, BMC-21. Nice Toned EF. Rare, so nice. Ex Fierstein and John Jacobs collections. $1060

55562 Rome. Antoninus Pius. 138-161. Silver Denarius (3.51g). Laureate bust right/Fortuna standing left holding cornucopia and rudder set on globe. RIC-179, RSC-263. Irregular flan, otherwise choice EF+. $450

*55563 Rome. Antoninus Pius. 138-161. Silver Denarius (3.84g). Laureate bust right/Annona standing left holding corn-ears over modius left and anchor. SR-4067v, RIC-175, RSC-284. EF. $415

*55564 Rome. Antoninus Pius. 138-161. Silver Denarius (3.29g). Laureate bust right/Winged thunderbolt on draped throne (pulvinar of Jupiter and Juno?). SR-4079, RIC-137, RSC-345. EF. $445

*55565 Rome. Antoninus Pius. 138-161. Silver Denarius (3.47g). Laureate bust right/Libertas standing left holding abacus and cornucopia. RIC-150, RSC-940. Choice EF. $500

*55566 Rome. Antoninus Pius. 138-161. ÆÆ Sestertius (28.20g) 33mm. Laureate bearded bust right/ Honos, togate, standing and facing, head left, holding branch and cornucopia. RIC-772, SR-4179. Sharp EF, pretty. Slightly smoothed patina. $875

*55567 Rome. Divus Antoninus Pius. Struck 161 by Marcus Aurelius. Silver Denarius (3.49g). Bare head of Antoninus Pius right/Eagle standing right, head left, on garlanded altar. RIC-431, SR-5192, RSC-155/6. Mint State. Fully lustrous gem. $595

55568 Rome. Diva Faustina Senior. Died 141 AD (this coin struck after 147). Silver Denarius (3.43g). Veiled and draped bust right/Ceres standing left, holding long torch and supporting fold of drapery. RIC-362, RSC-104, SR-4584. Lustrous sharp EF, nice portrait. $425

55569 Rome. Lucius Verus. 161-169 AD. Silver Denarius (3.65g). Laureate bust right/Fortuna seated left holding cornucopia and rudder. RIC-586, RSC-111, SR-5350. Choice toned EF. $435

*55570 Rome. Septemius Severus. 193-211. Silver Denarius (3.40g). Laureate bust right/Victory, flying left, holding open wreath with both hands over shield set on base.. RIC-150, RSC-454, SR-6333. Choice toned EF. Attractive. $400

*55571 Rome. Caracalla. 198-217. Silver Denarius (3.23g) . Laureate bust right/Moneta standing left holding scales and cornucopia. RIC-224, RSC-165, SR-6821ff. Ch. toned EF, small die break rev. $195

*55572 Rome. Julia Domna, mother of Caracalla. died 217 AD. Silver Antoninianus (4.98g). Diademed & draped bust right on crescent/Venus seated left, right hand extended holding cornucopia in left. The double denarius (Antoninianus) was introduced with her coinage in 215 AD.. RIC-388a, SR-7098, RSC-211. Superb EF. $400

*55573 Rome. Macrinus. 217-218 AD. Silver Denarius (3.30g). Laureate, draped older bust of Macrinus right/Jupiter standing left, holding thunderbolt and scepter. RIC-73, SR-7338, RSC-33b. Superb toned EF, small die break reverse. $525

*55574 Rome. Maximinus I. 235-238. Silver Denarius (3.28g). Laureate bust right/Pax standing left holding olive-branch and scepter. RIC-12,RSC-31, SR-8310. Ch. EF, lightly toned. $269

*55575 Rome. Aurelian. 270-275. Bi Antoninianus (4.61g) of Siscia. Radiate bust right/Togate Aurelian standing right, clasping hands with Concordia stg. left, XXIQ in ex.. RIC-244, SR-11522. Ch. EF, well-centered. $249

*55576 Rome. Tacitus. 275-276. Bi Antoninianus (3.90g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right/Emperor standing right holding scepter receiving globe from Jupiter also holding scepter, Δ¢ in field XXI in ex.. RIC-210, SR-11771. Ch. EF, well-centered. $325

*55577 Rome. Tacitus. 275-276. Bi Antoninianus (3.95g) of Gaul. Radiate bust right/Felicitas standing left holding caduceus & cornucopia, Δ¢ to l., A to r. Ex Boyd collection with his tag indicating he bought this from Spink in 1893. RIC-63, C-143, SR-11817ff. Nice EF. $290

*55578 Rome. Maximianus. 286-305, 1st Reign. Bi Antoninianus (4.49g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right/ Maximianus standing right receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter standing left, S in field between them, XXI in exergue. RIC-V, 621, SR-13117. Ch. EF, some silvering. Virtually FDC. $135

*55579 Rome. Constantine I, the Great. 307-337. ÆÆ Follis (4.07g) of Trier. Radiate bust right/Sol standing left, right hand raised, holding globe in left, T to left, F to right, PTR in exergue. RIC-VI, 870, SR-16060. Ch. EF+. $190

*55580 Rome. Constantine I, the Great. 307-337. ÆÆ Centenionalis (3.43g) of Trier. Laureate bust right wearing consular robes and holding eagle-tipped scepter/Altar inscribed vot is xx in 3 lines, surmounted by globe with 3 stars, *ptr* in ex.. RIC-VII, 358, SR-16177. Ch. EF. $120

*55581 Rome. Licinius I. 308-324. ÆÆ Follis (3.42g) of Nicomedia. Laureate head right/Jupiter standing left, holding Victory of globe, leaning on scepter, eagle at feet, Γ° in field to right, SMN in exergue. RIC-6, 69a, SR-15215. Choice EF. $120

*55582 Rome. Licinius I. 308-324. ÆÆ Follis (3.90g) of Alexandria. Laureate bust right, obverse legend has spelling of Licinnivs/Genius stg. l, modius on head, holding head of Sarapis in r. hand & cornucopia in l, N to l, A to r, branch at feet ale in ex.. RIC-6, 160a, SR-15167. GVF. $80

*55583 Rome. Constantine II. 337-340. ÆÆ Follis (2.99g). Laureate,draped an cuirassed bust left/Camp-gate, with two turrets, star above, *smkγÁ* in ex. RIC-7, 47, C-165. Sharp EF. $140

*55584 Rome. Constans. 337-350. ÆÆ Follis (1.67g) of Siscia. Laureate bust right/2 soldiers either side of standard with Chi-Rho at top, ESISU in ex. RIC-8, 100. A glorious coin, virtually mint state, dark patina, perfectly centered. $100

*55585 Rome. Constantius II. 337-361. ÆÆ Follis (3.22g) of Trier. Laureate bust left/Camp gate with two turrets, star above, PTRE in ex. RIC-7, 506. Choice EF, black patina, exceptional portrait. $100

55586 Rome. Arcadius. 383-408. AR Siliqua (1.63g) of Trier. Pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right/Roma seated left on cuirass, holding Victory on globe and reversed spear; TRPS in ex. RIC-9, 106b, RSC-27a. Nice lightly toned EF. $470

*55587 Thrace. Anchialus, Gordian III. 238-244. ÆÆ26 (14.24g). Confronted busts of Gordian III at left and Tranquillina at right/Demeter standing left, holding grain ears and long torch. Varbanov-684v. Near EF, dark green and brown patina. $365

World Coins

55601 Bolivia. Philip V of Spain. 1721-P. 1 Real of Potosi. Cross of Jerusalem, castles and lions in quarters/Crowned pillars of Hercules and waves, value above, clear date and P mintmark below. KM-28. VG, neatly made hole. $47

55602 Bolivia. Philip V of Spain. 173 (6 or 8). 1/2 Real of Potosi. Jerusalem Cross/Monogram of Philip V. Last digit of date is only partially on flan. KM-27a. VG/F. $47

55590 Bulgaria. Ivan (John) Alexander & Michael. 1331-1355. AR Grosh or Ducat (1.40g). Christ standing, arms raised/The joint rulers (father & son) holding standard in center. Design too big for coin as usual. CME-387. VF, flat spots. $55

55593 Costa Rica. Counterstamped Coinage. Type IV. ND (1846). 1 Real (2.46g). Host coin is mountains/Tree. This is countered over a Spanish-American Cob. Much of the under-coin is clearly visible especially the cross. KM-47. Fine. $269

55594 Costa Rica. Counterstamped Coinage. Type III. ND (1845). 2 Reales. "Costa Rica" and Female head c/m/Legend around tree c/m. Struck over Spanish 1812 2 Reale (C-90). KM-40 over Spain C-90. Fine, both c/m and original coin clearly visible. $185

55595 French Guiana. Louis XVIII. 1818-A. 10 Centimes . Crowned monogram. The earlier of two one-year types. Lots of silvering intact. KM-A1, Cr-4, Gad-30. Toned EF, a few lite scr's under toning. With an old European ticket $89

55598 Italy. Naples, Neapolitan Republic. (1648) GA/C Henri de Guise. Pubblica (3 Tornesi). Crowned ornate shield with SPQN in center. HEN DE LOR DVX REI N around/3 wheat stalks & olive-branch tied together, PAX ET VBERTAS. Siege coin issued for short-iived revolution against Spain (December 1647 to April 1648). KM-88. Crude F, prob. clipped or struck near end of revolt. 4.22g instead of 7+ grams. $90

55596 Japan. Meiji. Year 29 (1896). 1 Yen. Dragon/"Gin" Countermarked right. Y-28a.5. Ch. BU, a few bagmarks. $210

55604 Mexico. Philip V. 1747 Mo M. Half Real . Crowned Arms/Pillars. Last year of type. KM-66, Cr-2. Nice F-VF. $49

55603 Mexico. Ferdinand VI. 1754 Mo M. Half Real . Crowned Arms/Pillars. KM-67.1, Cr-13. Toned aEF. $85

55606 Mexico. Revolutionary Coinage. Guerrero, Taxco. 1915. "Gold with Silver" Peso. National Arms/Liberty Cap. KM-672. Nice AU for typically crudely struck coin. $130

55597 Russia. Nicholas I. 1837 . Ruble . Crowned double imperial eagle/Crown above value and date. St, Petersburg mint. Lettered edge. Cr-169.1, Dav-283. Toned VF. $135

End of Sale.