Minilist 2016-02 - January 2016

Ancient Coins

2016 Minilist #2 - Ancient Coins

This is our second minilist of 2016 and contains more than 100 ancient coins. The order that we list ancient coins is as follows: 1) Ancient Jewish and Biblical coins along with Holyland city coins, 2) Ancient Greek coins listed by traditional geographic locations mainly from west to east (and alphabetically within each region), 3) Greek Imperial/Roman Colonial coins listed geographically like Greek coins and then by emperor within each city, 4) Roman coins listed chronologically and then by denomination (from highest to lowest) and 5) other ancient coins including Byzantine, Islamic and Axumite. There are hundreds of dealers who sell ancient coins and there is no "one way" to list ancient coins. Just different ways.

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, "all coins are guaranteed genuine". The great majority of the coins below are being listed by us for the first time. A handful may have been offered in previous auctions or Fixed Prices Lists but without photos.

We have begun working on our spring Auction which is tentatively scheduled to close on May 12th. More details will follow as the date approaches. We will be taking consignments until about the 1st of March. Please contact us before shipping material to us. We are mainly looking for individual coins with a value of $200 or more and at the moment we could use a nice collection of ancient coins to help highlight the sale. We already have hundreds of items that have been sent to us.

Ancient Jewish and Holyland City Coins

57542 *Judaea, John Hyrcanus I. 135-104 BC. Æ Prutah (2.20g) Yehohanan the High Priest and Head of the Council of the Jews/Double Cornucopiae, pomegranate. Ex Herb Kreindler with his tagH-1137, Sofaer-159v, AJC-Sb2 VF $139

57541 *Judaea, John Hyrcanus I. 135-104 BC. Æ Prutah (2.34g) Yehohanan the High Priest and Head of the Council of the Jews/Double Cornucopiae, pomegranate.Ex Herb Kreindler with his tagH-1141, AJC-Kv, Sofaer-128v Ch. VF+/VF (rev oc) $119

57329 *Judaea, Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BC. Æ half-Prutah or Lepton (.94g) YEHONATAN THE HIGH PRIEST & THE COUNCIL OF THE JEWS/Double cornucopia adorned with ribbons, pomegranate between horns, border of dots Hen-1145, Sofaer-301 VF, obverse a bit o.c. $69

57539 *Judaea, Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BC. Æ Prutah (1.76g) Yehonatan the High Priest and the Council of Jews in cursive script within wreath/Double cornucopia, pomegranate in center. Ex Herb Kreindler with his tag includedH-1146, Sofaer-359, AJC-Gb VF/F $95

57537 *Judaea, Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BC. Æ Prutah (2.44g). Lily, Yehonatan the King/Inverted anchor of King Alexander. Ex CNG 9/94, Heavy & well-centered example of a better prutahH-1148, Sof-214, AJC-A, TJC-N VF, with flan handles $145

57538 *Judaea, Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BC. Æ Prutah (1.12g). Star of 8 rays, Aramaic legend King Alexander/Inverted Anchor. Ex Herb Kreindler inventory. A very nice example H-1152, Sof-238, AJC-Cd. VF+/F. Well centered $75

57540 *Judaea, John Hyrcanus II. 67, 63-40 BC. Æ Prutah (1.82g). Yonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews in highly stylized square letters /Double cornucopia, pomegranate in center. Ex Herb Kreindler . H-1159a, Sofaer-392v, AJC-Ha2v EF/VF $149

57330 *Judaea, AgrippaI. 37-44 AD. Æ Prutah (1.99g). Umbrella-like canopy with fringes, OF KING AGRIPPA in Greek around/3 ears of barley (L)S (year 6). H-1244, Sofaer-154. VG-F, bit o.c. $30

57328 *Judaea, Marcus Ambiblius, Procurator under Augustus. 9-12 AD. Æ Prutah (2.18g). Ear of grain curved to right KAICA POC (of Caesar)/Palm tree, L ΛΘ (Year 39). Hen-1329, Sofaer-3, TJC-313, AJC-3 F-VF $49

57331 *Judaea, First Revolt (The Jewish War). 66-70. Æ Prutah (2.53g) . Amphora with broad rim and two handles YEAR TWO (April 67 to March 68)/Vine leaf, THE FREEDOM OF ZION. Hen-1360, Sofaer-11 aVF, some weak areas $60

57536 *Judaea, First Revolt (The Jewish War). 66-70, (year 4). Æ 1/8 Shekel (5.84g). Lulav flanked by etrog on either side, Year Four/Chalice with pearled rim, to the redemption of Zion. H-1369, Sof-44, AJC-30, TJC-214 VF, somewhat rough field. (Ex CNG March 1995)$175

57535 *Judaea, Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135 (Year 2). Æ Middle Bronze (10.75). Palm Tree, SMA (Shimon in 3 letters) across field/Vine leaf, Year Two of the freedom of Israel. Traces of undercoin visible at 1 o'clock or so. H-1408, Mild-54 VF $290

55118 *Arabia, Bostra, Commodus. 177-192. Æ13 (1.26g). Laureate, bearded bust of emperor right/ Bust of turreted Tyche right Ros-24, Sp-29 Gd Fine $180

54745 *Samaria, Neapolis, Domitian81-96 Æ25 (16.25g). Laureate bust right/4 line legend, LEI = Year 15 = 86/87 AD. (Usually seen dated year 11). Ros-2, RPC-2223, Sofaer-9. F/aVF, some verdigris. Ex Shoshana collection.$75

54732 *Samaria, Neapolis, Julia Domna, wife of Sept. Severus. Æ26 (8.01g). Draped bust right/ Turreted Tyche standing left in tetra-style temple. Scarce. Ros-28, BMC-84, Sofaer-72 VG, irregular flan. porous. Ex-Shoshana collection. $75

Ancient Greek coins

56174 *South Gaul, Volcae, Tectosages. 2nd-1st Century BC. Silver Drachm (2.98g). Head left/ Cross with symbols De la Tour-3231 G-VG/Fine $59

56918 *Apulia, Arpia. 215-212 BC. Æ Uncia 13mm (2.73g). Head of Athena left/Bunch of grapes. SNG ANS-646 F/VF, brown patina $75

57153 *Calabria, Taras.c. 500-473 BC. Silver Litra (.58g). Scallop-shell/Dolphin right, scallop shell beneath SG-227, BMC-1,60ff aVF, some oxidation. $45

57152 *Sicily, Syracuse, Hieron II. 275-215 BC. Æ18 (6.40g). Head of Poseidon left/Trident-head between 2 dolphins SG-1223, BMC-2, 603. Nice portrait aVF/F $60

57103 *Illyria, Dyrrhachion (colony of Coryra). After 229 BC. Silver Drachm (3.37g). Cow right suckling calf, head right above name of magistrate ΣΩΣΤΡΙΩΝ/Square containing duble stellate pattern Cf. A Maier, "Die Silberpr√§gung von Apollonia und Dyrrhachion," NZ XLI (1908), 356-7 (second magistrate VF. $75

56835 *Thessaly, Thessalian League.196-146 BC. Æ19 (5.34g). Laureate head of Apollo right/ Athena Itonia advancing right, hurling spear and holding shield. Rogers-37a. VF, but patina peeling in places. $60

57561 *Thessaly, Peumata. c. 300-286 BC. Æ13 (1.34g). Head of a nymph right, wearing wreath of oak/Monogram; Thessalian helmet right. Rare, seldom seen locale and coin. SNG Cop-198, Rogers 442. aVF, bit rough $119

57562 *Thessaly, Phalanna. 400-350 BC. Æ13 (2.12g). Helmeted head of Ares right/Horse galloping right. Seldom seen coin. Rogers-457. F-VF, obv. o.c., tad rough. Ex BCD collection, with his tag. $60

57563 *Thessaly, Scotussa (Skotussa). Late 4th-early 3rd Cent. BC. Æ18.5 (4.33g). Helmeted head of Athena or Ares right/Hoarse prancing right. Seldom seen coin. Rogers-546, SNG Cop-258. VF/F, but porous. Ex BCD collection, with his tag.$119

57567 *Thessaly, Scotussa (Skotussa). 300-190 BC. Æ15 (2.57g). Thessalian helmet/Ram standing right on club. Ex BCD collection with his tag. Animal on the reverse has also been called a sheep, horse and a hound. Rogers-548 aVF, bit rough. Scarce little coin. $119

57564 *Thessaly, Scotussa (Skotussa). 300-190 BC. Æ22 (6.50g). Head of bearded Hercules wearing lion skin headdress to right/ ΣΚΟΤΟΥ ΣΑΙΩΝ in 2 lines. club to left. Ex BCD collection with his tag & that of Frank Kovacs who he bought it from in 1980. Rogers-549, BMC-4, SG-2222. Fine, porous. Very rare. $350

57565 *Thessaly, Thebai. 3rd Century BC. Æ19 (5.46g) Dichalkon. Veiled head of Demeter left, wearing grain wreath/ΘΗBAIΩN around from upper left, horse trotting right; monogram below. Rogers-552 aF, porous. Ex BCD collection with tag.$65

57104 *Arkadia, Megalopolis. 234-146 BC. Silver Triobol (2.21g) . Laureate head of Zeus left/Pan seated left on rock, holding lagobolon (quiver w. arrows), eagle at l., MEΓ, Δ to right. SG-2719, SNG Cop-255. Toned VF, bit o.c. $149

56983 *Achaean League, Arcadia, Antigoneia (Manteneia). 3rd-2nd Century BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.00g). Laureate head of Zeus right/Large AX monogram, E to left, Y to right, AN below. BMC-102. Scarce locale F-VF/F $100

56179 *Pontos, Amisos. 3rd - 2nd Centuries BC. Silver Drachm (4.20g). Head of Athena (or Hera) in stephanos left/Owl standing, head facing, with outspread wings. SNG Cop-129 VF, some encrustation. Rev. a touch o.c. (usual) $100

56181 *Mysia, Parium. 5th Century BC. Silver Drachm (2.36g). Facing Gorgoneion head/Cow standing left, head reverted ΓΑ above, PI and bucranium. BMC-19. VF, small flan. $165

56927 *Lydia, Maeonia, Pseudo-autonomous (Hadrian)117-138. Æ17 (2.38g) Laureate bust of a young Herakles right /Bow in quiver, club and bee. SNG von Aulock 3008, BMC 3. VG $75

57105 *Caria, Rhodes. 400-333 BC. Silver Hemidrachm (1.52g). Head of Helios, slightly to right/Rose. SG-5042ff F-VF $119

56837 *Pisidia, Selge. 2nd-1st Century BC. Æ13 (3.43g). Bearded bust of Hercules right, club at shoulder/Winged thunderbolt, Σ - E to left & right, bow to right. BMC 47-48; SNG Cop 263; Lind-1353; SG-5491. aVF, bit o.c., nice patina $35

57560 *Seleukid Kingdom, Antiochus III, the Great. 223-187 BC. Æ21 (6.29g) Head of Apollo 3/4 face to left/Apollo standing left, holding bow & arrow. Struck at Seleukid on Tigris mint. Hoover-503 (R3), SC-1177. G-VG. Rare type usually seen in low grade such as this.$110

56914 *Pergamene Kingdom, Eumenes I. 263-241 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (14.79g) Laureate head of Philetairos right/Athena seated left, resting hand on shield SG-7218v. Fine, but rough $249

56553 *Parthian Kingdom, Mithradates III87-79 BC. Silver Drachm (4.12g). Head of king wearing tiara left/King as archer right, Ekbatana mint Sell-3016 (OrodesI). Nice VF $119

A Few Greek Imperial/Roman Colonial Coins

56047 *Macedon, Philippi (?), Tiberius. 14-37. Æ18 (3.66g). Bare head right TI AVG/Founder plowing right with two oxen RPC-1657, SNG Cop-283 (Mysia, Parium) aVF, bit o.c. $75

55777 *Cilicia, Syedra, Tiberius. 14-37 AD. Æ15.5 (3.64g). TIBE[RIOC] Laureate head of Tiberius to right/C]YEΔ-PE-WN Goddess standing to left on basis, holding patera and scepter. Rare. RPC-3405, SNG France 629. F-VF, bit porous $90

56018 *Roman Egypt, Claudius II Gothicus. 268-270. Bi Tetradrachm (10.36g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right/Eagle stg. right, head left, holding wreath in beak, date field to right, LA = year 1 268/269 AD. Curtis-1670, Emm-3878, M-4225 Nice VF+ $59

55677 *Roman Egypt, Aurelian. 271-275 AD. Bi Tetradrachm (9.19g). Laureate and draped bust right/ Eagle standing right, wings open, wreath in beak, L-Δ = year 4 = 272/273 AD. Curtis-1779, Emm-3929, M-4389. VF, die break obscures 2nd A in legend. $60

55683 *Roman Egypt, Diocletian. 284-305 AD. Bi Tetradrachm (7.85g). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right/Eagle standing right, wreath in beak, palm branch in background, L - I - year 10 = 294 AD. Curtis unlisted, E-4042, Datt-5821 aEF and rare. $150

Ancient Roman Coins

Struck at Rome unless noted otherwise

57568 *Rome. c. 200 BC-200 AD Gold Bulla or amulet (.11g of 18 K). c. 7 x 12mm, very thin gold. Bulla are typically round seals or (in Latin) "a bubble". A knowleagble numismatist thought it was more likely an amulet. Supposedly from Borenstein collection $90

57107 *Rome, Republic, M. Calidis, Q. Caecilius & Cn. Fulvius. c. 117-116 BC. Silver Denarius (3.87g). Helmeted head of Roma r., XVI monogram below chin, ROMA behind/Victory in biga right, holding wreath, moneyer's names below in in exergue. SR-160, Syd-539, Calidia-1. Ch. toned VF+ $145

57159 *Rome, Republic, C. Claudius Pulcher110-109 BC Silver Denarius (3.40g). Helmeted head of Roma right/Victory in biga right C PULCHER in ex. (only tops of letters visible) SR-177, Claudia-1, Syd-569. Toned Fine, grainy. $69

57108 *Rome, Republic. T. Cloulius (or Cloelius). 98 BC. Silver Quinarius 1,55g). Laureate head of Jupiter right/Victory crowning trophy on head of seated Faulish captive, T CLOVLI between Q in ex. SR-212, Syd-586, Cloulia-2. Toned F-VF, bit porous $119

57109 *Rome, Republic. C. Vibius C.f. Pansa.90 BC Silver Denarius (3.91g). Large laureate head of Apollo right, PANSA behind, symbol below chin/Minerva in quadriga right, holding trophy and spear. D VIBIUS CF in ex. SR-242, Vibia-2, Syd-684.VF, flat struck in places. See below for a similar coin $100

57110 *Rome, Republic. C. Vibius C.f. Pansa. 90 BC. Silver Denarius (4.11g). Smallish laureate head of Apollo right, PANSA behind, symbol (3 dots?) below chin/Minerva in quadriga right, holding trophy and spear. D VIBIUS CF in ex. SR-242, Vibia-1, Syd-684. Lite toned EF, sl. o.c. See above. $149

57111 *Rome, Republic. M. Plaetorius M. f. Cestianus. 67 BC. Silver Denarius (3.98g). Helmeted bust of deity r., wearing wreath of laurel, corn, poppy, bow and quiver over shoulder, cornucopia under chin CESTIANVS behind/Eagle standing right on thunder-bolt, head left. SR-349, Syd-809, Plaetoria-4. Toned aVF/VF, some rev. marks $175

57113 *Rome, Republic. L. Marcius Philppus. 56 BC. Silver Denarius (4.01g). Diademed head of King Ancus Marcius r., lituus behind ANCVS below that/Equestrian statue right on arcade of 5 arches AQUA MR in arches PHILIPPVS left. SR-382, Syd-919, Marcia-28. VF, rev. light scr's. See lot below. $139

57114 *Rome, Republic. L. Marcius Philppus. 56 BC. Silver Denarius (2.85g). Diademed head of King Ancus Marcius r., lituus behind ANCVS below that/Equestrian statue right on arcade of 5 arches AQUA MR in arches PHILIPPVS on left SR-382, Syd-919, Marcia-28. Gd Fine. See coin above. $100

57115 *Rome, Republic. T. Carisius. 45 BC. Silver Denarius (3.57g). Bust of Victory right, SC behind/ Victory driving quadriga right, T. CARISI in ex. SR-450, Syd-985, Carisia-3 Toned F-VF, bit o.c. $175

57116 *Roman Empire, Augustus. 27 BC - 14 AD. Struck at Lyons. Silver Denarius (3.63g). Laureate bust right/Gaius and Lucius Caesars facing each, 2 shields & spears twixt them, lituus & simpulum above. SR-1597, RSC-43 Gd Fine, lite scr's. This is the alternate Tribute Penny coin, although Tiberius denarius (see 56997 below) is more likely.$149

55895 *Roman Empire, Augustus. 27 BC - 14 AD.Silver Quinarius (1,64g). Bare head left AVGVST Victory standing right crowning trophy P CARISI LEG. Minted at Emerita Augusta (Merida, Spain) SR-1642v, RIC-1b Toned VG/G, porous. Scarce denomination. $100

56997 *Roman Empire, Tiberius. 14-37 AD. Silver Denarius (3.45g). Laureate bust right/Livia or Pax seated right PONTIF MAXIM. SR-1763, RIC-26, RSC-16 Fine, mount mark on reverse. Most likely "The Tribute Penny" coin, Ex the late Mark Bir with his tag. $350

55994 *Roman Empire, Agrippa (by his grandson Caligula). Died 12 BC. Æ As (8.57g). Head of Agrippa left wearing rostral crown M AGRIPPA L F COS III/Neptune standing left, holding dolphin and trident S-C to either side SR-1812, RIC-58 F+, but porous $119

57165 *Roman Empire, Claudius. 41-54 AD (42), Æ Quadrans (3.00g). Hand holding scales PNR between pans TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG/PON M TRP IMP PP COS II around large SC. SR-1866, RIC-91. VG-F, porous $25

57117 *Roman Empire, Nero Claudius Drusus (by Claudius). Died 9 BC. Brass Sestertius (29.52g). Bare head of Drusus left NERO CLAUDIUS DRUSUS GERMANICUS IMP /Claudius (or Drusus?) seated left admidst arms TI CLAUDIUS CAESAR AUG PM TR P IMP PP SC. SR-1897. Fine, pitted $199

56238 *Roman Empire, Vespasian. 69-79 (75). Silver Denarius (3.28g). Laureate bust right/Pax seated left, holding olive-branch, l. hand at side PON MAX TR P COS VI. RIC-90, SR-2301, RSC-366 Gd Fine $135

56251 *Roman Empire, Domitian. 81-96 (88 AD). Silver Denarius (3.58g). Laureate head of Domitian right/Minerva advancing right with javelin and shield, IMP XIIII COS XIIII CENS PPP. RIC-109, RSC-234. Choice VF $159

57569 *Roman Empire, Domitian. 81-96 (92-93). Silver Denarius (3.66g). Laureate head right IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM PM TRP XII/Minerva av. r., with javelin & shield. IMP XXII COS XVI CENS PPP RSC-280, RIC-171, BMC-200. Choice VF+, well centered & well-struck $119

57545 *Roman Empire, Hadrian. 117-138 (c. 119) Æ Sestertius (28.11g). Laureate bust of Hadrian right HADRIANUS AVG COS III PP (Scarce variety with laur bust)/Hadrian and Felicity clasping hands FORTVNAE REDVCI SC. He holds scroll, she holds cornucopia. RIC-761, SR-3601v. C-793, BMC-1518ff Fine $119

57119 *Roman Empire, Sabina, wife of Hadrian. Died 137 AD(136). Silver Denarius (3.35g). Diademed and draped bust right SABINA AUGUSTA/Venus standing right,holding apple, drawing out fold of drapery from shoulder VENERI GENETRICI SR-3924, RIC-396, RSC-73 VF $100

57546 *Roman Empire, Antoninus Pius. 138-161 (144). Silver Denarius (3.21g). Laureate bust right ANTONINVS AVG PIUS PP TR P COS III. Modius containing corn-ears and poppy, ANNONA AVG SR-4050, RSC-33, RIC-62a. VF $119

57547 *Roman Empire, Antoninus Pius. 138-161 (149). Silver Denarius (3.65g). Laureate head right ANTONINVS AVG PIUS PP TR P COS XI/Aequitas standing left with scales and cornucopia COS IIII. RSC-240,RIC-177. VF/GFine $80

55952 *Roman Empire, Antoninus Pius. 138-161 AD, 149 AD. Silver Denarius (3.08g). Laureate bust right/Annona holding two corn-ears with right hand and resting left hand on modius, set on prow RIC-176, RSC-287 VF, flan flaw & some light obverse scratches. $85

57548 *Roman Empire, Antoninus Pius.138-161 (153). Silver Denarius (3.31g)Laureate bust right ANTONINVS AVG PIUS PP TR P XVI/Annona standing left, holding corn-ears, modius set on prow to right RSC-290, RIC-221, SR-4068v VF $99

57549 *Roman Empire, Antoninus Pius. 138-161 (160). Silver Denarius (3.25g). Laureate bust right ANTONINVS AVG PIUS PP IMP XXIII/Fortuna stg right holding rudder on globe & cornucopia FORTVNA COS IIII. RSC-383, RIC-300a, BMC-976 Fine $49

57570 *Roman Empire, Diva Faustina Sr. (wife of A. Pius). Died 141 AD, this after 147. Silver Denarius (3.28g). Draped bust right DIVA FAVSTINA/Aeternitas or Juno stg. facing, head left, raising r. hand, hldg scepter AETERNITAS SR-4574, RIC-344 (Pius), RSC-26 Ch. aEF $119

56155 *Roman Empire, Marcus Aurelus(as Caesar 139-161). 161-180 (145 AD). Silver Denarius (2.83g). Bare-head right AURELIVS CAESAR AVG PIL F/Spes advancing left, holding flower and lifting skirt COS II RIC-431 (Pius), RSC-103, SR-4783. Gd. VF, toned. Light obv. scr., flan crack $119

57121 *Roman Empire, Marcus Aurelius (By Commodus). 138-161 (180). Silver Denarius (2.02g) Bare head of Marcus Aurelius right DIVVS M ANTONINVS PIVS. Great portrait!/Eagle stg. left on thunder-bot, head right CONSECRATIO SR-5976 VF-EF, flan crack $100

57292 *Roman Empire, Marcus Aurelius.161-180 (169 AD). Æ Sestertius 23.16g). Laureate bust right M ANTONINVS AVG TR P XXIIII/Salus standing left, feeding snake arising from altar & holding scepter SALVTI AVG COS III SC SR-4998, RIC-964 VG/F, obv. scrapes. Nice green patina $60

55963 *Roman Empire, Commodus177-192. Silver Denarius (2.87g). Laureate bearded bust right/Roma standing left, holding Victory and spear P TR P VII IMP VI COS III PP RSC-843, RIC-43 VF/F, rough reverse. $75

57122 *Roman Empire, Commodus. 177-192 (187) Æ Sestertius (26.13g). Laureate bust right M COMMODVS ANT P FELIX AVG BRIT/Hilaritas stg l. hldg brach & palm HILARIT AVG PM TR P XII IMP VIII COS V PP SC. RIC-497, C-213. SR-5754ff. Nice portrait, rare reverse legend, old Seaby ticket included. VF/F $145

57550 *Roman Empire, Septimius Severus.193-211 (201 AD). Silver Denarius (3.47g). Laureate head right SEVERVS PIUS AVG/2 captives seated to either side of trophy. PART MAX PM TR P VIIII. For victory over Parthians in 198-AD RSC-370, RIC-176 VF+/VF $80

57551 *Roman Empire, Septimius Severus 193-211 (201 AD). Silver Denarius (3.23g). Laureate head right SEVERVS AVG PART MAX/Severus in military attire, standing left, sacrificing over tripd-altar & holding spear RESTITVTOR VRBIS. SR-6357, RSC-599, RIC-167a. Toned VF, flan crack $75

57552 *Roman Empire, Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus. c. 198 AD Silver Denarius. (3.26g). Her draped bust right IVLIA AVGVSTA/Cybele seated left on throne flanked by 2 lions & hldg. branch & resting on drum MATER DEVM. SR-6593 RIC-564, RSC-123. Toned VF, light tooling obverse $69

57554 *Roman Empire, Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus. c. 204 AD Silver Denarius. (2.92g). Her draped bust right IVLIA AVGVSTA/Pietas stg l, dropping incense with right hand over lit altar to left, box in left hand PIETAS AVGG SR-6600, RIC-572, RSC-150 Toned EF $90

57555 *Roman Empire, Caracalla. 198-217 AD (202 AD) Silver Denarius (3.13g). Laureate bust right ANTONINVS PIVS AVG/PART MAX PONT TRP V 2 captives below trophy. Scarcer variety without COS in legend. RSC-178, RC-63, SR-6854v (no COS) EF, rim clipped $80

57571 *Roman Empire, Plautilla, wife of Caracallawho had her murdered c. 211-212 AD. Silver Denarius (3.12g). Draped bust right PLAVTILLA AVGVSTA/Pietas stg. left, hldg scepter & child. PIETAS AVGG SR-7072, RIC-367, RSC-16. VF/F, a bit rough & ragged $65

57556 *Roman Empire, Geta. 209-211 AD, as Caesar (this 202 AD). Silver Denarius (3.06g) Bare-headed, draped bust right P SEPT GETA CAES PONT/SECVRIT IMPERIII Securitas enthroned left holding globe, SR-7200, RIC-20, RSC-183 aEF, flan flaw $90

56275 *Roman Empire, Geta, as Caesar. 209-212 (203 AD). Silver Denarius (3.37g) Draped and cuirassed bare-headed young bust of Geta right P Sept Geta Caes Pont/Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus and cornucopia. FELICITAS PVBLICA RIC-9b, RSC-38, SR-7173 Lightly toned VF $90

57557 *Roman Empire, Elagabalus218-222 AD (218 AD). Silver Antoninianus (4.88g). Radiate, draped cuirassed bust right IMP CAES M AVAR ANTONINVS AVG/Roma std left, Victory in right hand, scepter in left, shield at side PM TRP COS PP SR-7493, RIC-1, RSC-126 VF+/VF $90

57558 *Roman Empire, Elagabalus.218-222 AD (221-222). Silver Denarius (2.51g). Laureate, draped bust right with horn at top signifying divine power IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG/Elagabalus sacrificing at altar left, holding cypress branch, star in field SVMMVS SACREDOS AVG. Unusual reverse legend SR-7549, RIC-146, RSC-276 Toned VF, somewhat rough $95

56258 *Roman Empire, Severus Alexander.222-235 (225 AD). Silver Denarius (3.16g). Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right/Jupiter enthroned left holding Victory and spear IOVI VLTORI. RIC-144, RSC-95, SR-7873 Choice VF $100

57553 *Roman Empire, Julia Mamaea, mother of Severus Alexander(232 AD). Silver Denarius (2.96g). She was murdered c. 235 AD. Diademed and draped bust right IVLIA MAMAEA AVGVSTA/Fecunditas weated left, extending hand to child standing before, elbow on chair FECUND AVGVSTATE SR-3208, RIC-332, RSC-6 VF+ $90

57348 *Roman Empire, Julia Mamaea, mother of Severus Alexander, murdered 235 AD(228) Æ Sestertius (19.13g). Her draped bust right IVLIA MAMAEA AVGVSTA/Felicitas standing facing, head left, legs crossed, holding caduceus in right hand & resting left arm on column FELICITAS PVBLICA SC SR-8228, RIC-676 VF/aVF $119

57352 *Roman Empire, Maximinus I. 235-238 AD (236-238). Æ Sestertius (18.90g). Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG GERM/Pax standing left, holding olive-branch & scepter PAX AVGVSTI SC SR-8332, RIC-81 Ch. VF/VF $165

57572 *Roman Empire, Gordian III. 238-244 (241-243). Æ Sestertius (17.60g). Laureate, draped & cuir. bust right IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG/Sol standing right, raising right hand & holding globe in left. AETERNITATI AVG SC SR-8702, RIC-297a. Nice EF $240

54375 *Roman Empire, Gordian III. 238-244. Bronze As (15.09g). Laureate bust right/Jupiter standing facing, head right, resting on scepter & holding thunderbolt. SR-8780, RIC-298b. Fine, nice portrait $69

55990 *Roman Empire, Philip I. 244-249 AD (248) Silver Antoninianus (3.77g). Radiate head right/ Stag walking left, SAECVLARES AVGG.V in ex. SR-8958ff, RIC-20, RSC-185 VF. This commemorates the 1000th anniversary of Rome.$119

56277 *Roman Empire, Trajan Decius. 249-251 AD (250-251). Silver Antoninianus (3.87g). Radiate bust right IMP CMQ TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG/Dacia stg. left, holding standard with wolf head at top DACIA. RIC-12b, RSC-25, SR-9368. EF, Lightly toned fully struck on large flan. Ex Colosseum Coin Exchange inventory (who graded in FDC!). A very nice coin.$100

57293 *Roman Empire, Trebonianus Gallus251-253. Æ Sestertius (23.18g). Laureate bust right IMP CAES C VIBIVS TREBONIANVS GALLVS AVG/Salus standing right feeding snake held in her arms SALVS AVGG SC. SR-9678, RIC-121a aVF, but grainy. Usual squarish flan $75

57123 *Roman Empire, Valerian I. 253-260 (254-255) Antioch mint.Silvered Antoninianus (4.61g) Radiate bust right IMP CP LIC VALERIANVS AVG/Pietas-Securitas standing left holding scepter and resting on column PIETATI AVGG SR-9956, RSC-155, RIC-219. EF. Rare so nice & silvery! $175

56998 *Roman Empire, Gallieneus. 253-268 Silvered Antoninianus (5.44g).Radiate bust right/Hercules standing right, right hand on hip, left hand on club. RIC-673, SR-10415, C-1320a. Nice toned EF $100

56284 *Roman Empire, Victorinus. 269-271 (270-71). Cologne mint. Æ Antoninianus (3.06g). Radiate bust right IMP C VICTORINVS PF AVG/Pax standing left, holding olive-branch & scepter, PAX AVG, V in field at left, star to right. RIC-118, SR-11175 aEF with sharp & clear portrait $125

56842 *Roman Empire, Aurelian. 270-275 Billon Antoninianus (3.41g) Radiate draped bust right IMP AVRELIANVS AVG /Aurelian receiving globe from Jupiter IOVI CONSER, S in ex. Serdica mintSR-11542, RIC-260 EF/VF $119

56286 *Roman Empire, Severina, wife of Aurelian(275) Ticinum mintBi Antoninianus (4.14g). Diademed & draped bust right, crescent behind SEVERINA AVG. /Concordia standing left, holding two standards, TXXY in ex. CONCORDIAE MILITVM. RIC-8. aEF. Scarce type without officina mark in field $100

57573 *Roman Empire, Probus. 276-282 (278-280). Silvered Antoninianus (4.52g). Radiate,helmeted, cuirassed bust left IMP PROBVS AVG/Probus on horseback left, right hand raised, holding scepter in left, S below. ADVENTVS AVG. SR-11953, RIC-157. EF, but for some corr. spots $65

56289 *Roman Empire, Carinus. 283-285. Silvered Antoninianus (3.04g). Radiate and cuirassed bust right IMP CARINVS PF AVG/Fides stg. left, holding two standards, FIDES MILITVM, KAE in ex. RIC-253, SR-12344, C-28 Ch. EF. virtually full silvering remains! Rome mint. $120

57566 *Roman Empire, Constantine II, as Caesar.(317-337). 337-340 (this 325-326). Silvered Centenionalis (3.42g). Laureate cuirassed bust left, CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB CAES/Camp-gate with 2 turrets, star above. PROVIDENTIAE CAESS, SMALB in ex. RIC-7, 36, SR-17257. Toned Choice EF+. Struck at Alexandria. $85

57543 *Roman Empire, Constantine II, as Caesar317-337. 337-340 (327-328). Silvered Antoninianus (2.91g) Laur. head left/Jupiter stg.left,hldg globe & scepter, crescent to l, A to r, SMAL in ex (Alexandria mint) SR-17133, RIC-7, 26 Toned EF $75

57544 *Roman Empire, Constantine II, as Caesar317-337. 337-340 (327-328). Silvered Antoninianus (2.96g) Laur. head left/Camp-gate, * above, wreath to left, A to r., SMAL in ex (Alexandria mint) SR-17258, RIC-7, 42 (R4) Ch EF+, but flan crack $110

55856 *Roman Empire, Julian II. 360-363 AD (361-363) Æ3 (2.91g) Cyzicus mint. Helmeted bust left, holding spear & shield dn fl cl ivli-anvs pf avg vot x mvlt xx in 4 lines in wreath CVZI in ex RIC-VIII, 130, SR-4074v Fine, heavy dark patina $29

A couple of Axumite Kingdom coins

57288 *Axumite, Anonymous. c. 400-470 AD Æ14 (.98g). Crowned bust right, holding cross-tipped scepter/May this please the country around Greek cross with central gold inlay within circle. MH-76, MACW-406ff. Gd Fine. (Mitchner attributes to Kaleb & successors) $125

57289 *Axumite, Anonymous. c. 400-470 AD. Æ15.5 (1.21g). Crowned bust right, holding cross-tipped scepter/May this please the country around Greek cross with central gold inlay within circle. MH-76, MACW-406ff. Gd Fine. (Mitchner attributes to Kaleb & successor. VF, irregular flan, some green verdigris, otherwise nicer than usually seen. $149

End of Sale.