Minilist 2015-02 - February 2015

Ancient, medieval and modern Coins along with a few tokens and medals

List #2015-02

Welcome to our 2nd web price list of 2015. This list consists of ancient, medieval and modern coins along with a few tokens and medals. Many new purchases are listed along with old stock at reduced prices. Every coin is pictured!

We hope to have one more web list out before we begin to write our spring auction catalog which will feature part 2 of the Philadelphia Collection.

56774 *JUDAEA. PHILISTIA, GAZA. 5th-4th Centuries BC. Silver Hemiobol or 1/2 Gerah (.33g). Helmeted head of Athena right/Owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind, AΘ(ΕΘ). (Rarity 2!). HGC-10, 573, GT-V10HOc, H-1015 but 1/2 Obol. Ch. VF/EF, obv. bit o.c. Exceptional. $490

56543 *JUDAEA. PHILSTIA. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.62g). Bearded male head right wearing "Oriental" hair style/Forepart of bull right in dotted border, all in incuse square. Gitler-Tal, XX40o. Fine/Choice VF. $255

56542 *JUDAEA. SAMARIA. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.54g). Head of satrap right, wearing Persian tiara/Female head right, wearing camp. SC-185. Toned VF. $459

54727 *SAMARIA. NEAPOLIS, SEVERUS ALEXANDER. 222-235 AD. Æ15.5 (4.97g). Laureate bust right/ Bust of Sarapis right. Scarce 1st I can recall offering. Ros-72v. F/VF, rev. a bit o.c.. $85

54757 *SAMARIA. NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS. CALIGULA. 37-41 AD. Æ19.5 (6.61g) . Bare head left/Dionysys standing left, resting left arm on thyr sus (spear), year 103 = 39/40 AD. Ros-4, Barkay-7. Fine. $120

55132 *GALILEE. CAESAREA PANIAS, PLAUTILLA WIFE OF CARACALLA. Died 211 AD. Æ24.5 (13.87g). Draped bust right/Tyche seated right, holding ear of barley, Δ to left, C to right = 204 = 201 AD. Ros-30, INS-8, 26, Sofaer-23. Gd Fine & rare. $300

55133 *ARABIA PETRAEA. PHILIADELPHA. ELAGABALUS. 218-222. Æ15 (4.38g). Laureate bust of Elagabalus right/Bust of Asteria right, the mother of the Tyrian Hercules and she only appears on this city's coins. Ros-49, Spike-47. VF, desert green patina. $110

54636 *MACEDONIA. (THRACO-MACEDON?) AIGAI (AEGAE) ALEXANDER I. 500-480 BC. Silver Hemi-obol (.30g). Goat's head right, with dotted truncation/4 part incuse square. Extremely Rare, perhaps unpublished. S. Weber-1841 (sim). Choice VF+. ee Gemini, IX, #14 @$1100+ $599

53252 *MACEDON KINGS. ALEXANDER THE GREAT. 336-323 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.34g). Head of Alexander clad in lion's skin right/Zeus seated left, holding eagle. SG-6713ff. Toned aF. $249

28348 *MACEDON, ROMAN TIMES. GAIUS PUBLILUS QAESTOR. c. 168-167 BC. Æ22 (9.72). Helmeted hd of Roma r/3 line legend in oak wreath. SNG Cop-1318. VF, green patina. $50

52934 *THRACE. THASOS. 5th Century BC. AR Hemiobol (.29g) 7.31mm. Dolphin right, two pellets/ Quadripartite incuse square. LeRider-10. Fine, bit grainy. $65

55719 *PISIDIA. SELGE. 400-300 BC. Silver Trihemiobol (.78g). Gorgon head, with long hair, facing, but tongue not protruding/Head of Athena right, spear head behind.. BMC-28, SNG Cop-253. Toned F/VF, typically porous. $85

53993 *PHOENICIA. TYRE. 126 BC-65 AD (86/85 BC). AR Shekel (13.14). Laureate bust of Melkart right/Eagle stg l., on club, date AM (?) year 451 to left, Delta to between legs, Phoenician Aleph right. BMC-134. VF, but porous. $600

56535 *PTOLEMAIC EGYPT. PTOLEMY II. 285-246 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (13.47g). Diademed head of Ptolemy left/Eagle standing left, on thunderbolt, H above club in field to left. Tyre Mint. Svor-637, SNG Cop-478. Toned F-VF, obv. bit off-center. $200

55551 *PTOLEMAIC EGYPT. PTOLEMY IV TO PTOLEMY VIII. 221-140 BC. Æ22 (7.43g). Diademed head of Ptolemy I right in dotted border/Female head (Libya?) right, cornucoia below chin. SNG Cop-442, SG-7882. Fine, some encrustation and light scratches. $95

53265 *ROME. AUGUSTUS. 27 BC - 14 AD. Silver Denarius (3.24g). Bare head of Augustus right/Young heifer right. SR-1593, RIC-475. VG-F. $240

55570 *ROME. SEPTEMIUS SEVERUS. 193-211. Silver Denarius (3.40g). Laureate bust right/Victory, flying left, holding open wreath with both hands over shield set on base.. RIC-150, RSC-454, SR-6333. Choice toned EF. Attractive. $350

56706 *ROME. ELAGABALUS. 218-222. Silver Denarius (2.99g). Laureate bust right/Elagabalus in priestly robes, stg. l, sac. over tripod-altar, hldg branch, star above. RIC-146, SR-7549, RSC-276. VF, irreg. flan. $60

56043 *MOESIA INFERIOR. MARCIANOPOLIS, ELAGABALUS & JULIA MAESA. Æ28 (13.62g) Pentassarion. Confronted bust of Elagabalus & Julia Maesa /Liberalitas standing left holding cornucopia & tessera (counting board). Very rare reverse. AMNG-969. VF, brown-green patina, a bit rough.. $100

55840 *MYSIA. CYZICUS, GORDIAN III. 238-244 AD. Æ21 (4.81g). Laureate bust right/Serpent around torch. BMC-269. Fine. $45

55841 *MYSIA. CYZICUS, SALONINA, WIFE OF GALLIENUS. c. 253-268 AD.. Æ24 (5.99g). Bust of Salonina left CΑΛΩΝΕ ΙΝΑACCB/Artemis holding two torches advancing right. SNG Cop-142v (Head right). VF/F, tan patina. $75

56539 *PHOENICIA. TYRE, HADRIAN. 117-138. Silver Tetradrachm (12.57g). Laureate bust right/Eagle standing on club, head left. The scarcer of two types cited by Prieur (about 4 to 1). Prieur-1526. F-VF, bit grainy. $195

55617 *ROMAN EGYPT. CLAUDIUS. 41-54. Æ Diobol (9.77g). Laureate bust right/Eagle stg. r., head left, on thunderbolt, L -IΓ = 13 = 52/53 AD. Emm-80, Milne-128. VG+/VG, but decent portrait. $49

55628 *ROMAN EGYPT. NERO. 54-68. Bi Tetradrachm (12.14g). Radiate head of Nero right/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt with palm branch behind, date to l, L -IA = 11 = 64/65. C-83, E-118, M-228. Toned VF, couple of spots of porosity. $150

55747 *ROMAN EGYPT. NERO. 54-68, year 10?. Æ Tetradrachm (7.06g). ΝΕΡΩ ΚΛΑV Κ[ΑΙΣ] ΣΕΒ [ΓΕΡ AV] Radiate head of Nero to right./ΠΟΠΠΑΙΑ ΣΕΒΑΣ[ΤΗ] ] Bust of Poppaea to right; perhaps year 10. C-138, M-217, Emm-128. F/VG, reverse scratches. $85

55750 *ROMAN EGYPT. NERO. 54-68, year 11. Bi Tetradrachm (13.22g). ΝΕΡΩ ΚΛΑV [ΚΑΙΣ - ΣΕΒA ΓΕΡ] Radiate bust of Nero to right/[ΑΥ-]ΤΟΚΡΑ Eagle standing on thunderbolt with palm to left; simpulum to right, in left in field, L IA (= year 11). Scarce with simpulum. C-97, M-237, BMC-166, Emm-118v. Toned F+. $185

55757 *ROMAN EGYPT. NERO. 54-68, year 13. Bi Tetradrachm (13.14g). [Ν]ΕΡΩ ΚΛΑV ΚΑΙΣ ΣΕ[Β ΓΕΡ AV] ] Radiate bust of Nero with aegis to left; year 13 to left/ΤΙΒΕΡΙΟΣ - ΚΑ[ΙΣΑΡ] LaureateLaureate head of Tiberius to right. C-175, M-256, Emm-134. VF, some flat areas. $185

56766 *ROMAN EGYPT. VESPESIAN. 69-79 AD. Æ Drachm (23.25g) Alexandria. Laureate head right/ Bust of Nike right, LΓ = year 3. Milne-414, Emm-288. aF, brown patina, smoothed, scratches. $165

54306 *ROMAN EGYPT. ALEXANDRIA, VESPASIAN. 69-79. Bi Tetradrachm (11.12g). Laureate bust right, LB = Year 2/Eirene standing left, holding corn and cornucopia EI PH NH. C-252, Emm-203, M-388. Fine, encrustation, irregular flan. $80

55632 *ROMAN EGYPT. DOMITIAN. 81-96. Æ Obol (8.10g) Year 3 . Laureate head right/Bust of Alexandria right, wearing elephant-skin head-dress. Milne-473, E-278. Fine, bit porous . $85

56767 *ROMAN EGYPT. DOMITIAN. 81-96 AD. ÆDiobol (6.17g) Alexandria. Laureate head right, /Eagle standing right with closed wings, (year 3?). Milne-475, Emm- 281 (R5), RPC-II, 2492. aF, scarce. $99

55643 *ROMAN EGYPT. HADRIAN. 117-138. Bi Tetradrachm (12.13g). Laureate bust of Hadrian left/ Bearded bust of Nilus right, wearing lotus-bud crown, cornucopia over shoulder, LE NNEAKΔ = Year 19 = 134/135 AD. C-456, Emm-875, M-1450. Nice toned VF. $215

56772 *ROMAN EGYPT. MARCUS AURELIUS. 161-180 AD. Æ Diobol (7.99g) Alexandria. Laureate head right/Tyche standing left holding rudder and cornucopia, Year 16. Emm-2258, SNG Cop-543. VG. Very scarce. $165

56773 *ROMAN EGYPT. TRANQULLINA, WIFE OF GORDIAN III. 238-244. Bi Tetradrachm (13.03g) Alexandria . Draped bust right /Homonoia standing left, holding cornucopia, LΕ = year 5. Milne-3420, Emm-3449. VG/G, rough, but very rare. $325

55656 *ROMAN EGYPT. PHILIP I. 244-249. Bi Tetradrachm (11.72g) . Laureate and cuirassed bust right/Eagle stg. left, head right, wreath in beak, L B = year 2 = 244/245 AD. C-1335, E-3480, M-3561. VF, bit grainy. $100

54493 *BYZANTINE. ANONYMOUS, ATTRIBUTED TO THE PERIOD OF BASIL II & CONSTANTINE VIII. (976-1028). Æ Follis (9.03g) . Facing bust of Christ/4 line legend with winged apparatus above and below JESUS CHRIST KING OF KINGS. SB-1818. aVF, bit grainy. With old Baldwin's tag $50

50684 *ARAB-BYZANTINE. No Date (14-50 AH). AD 635-670. Æ Fals (4.84). Standing Emperor/Angular M. . F/VF. $40

55467 *GHAZNAVIDS. MAHMUD. AH 388-421 (998-1030). Silver Dirhem (2.04g). Kur Ghazna ? (395?). MWI-768. aVF. $60

56344 *ALGERIA. MUSTAFA III. AH1183 (1769). 1/4 Budju . Arabic legends both sides. Strongly struck with clear and sharp date. Cr-34a, KM-27. VF, but some corrosion. $119

56333 *ALGERIA. SELIM III. AH1217 (c.1802). 1/4 Budju. Arabic inscriptions both sides with clear and sharp date. Cr-64, KM-42. VF. $90

56341 *ALGERIA. MAHMUD II. AH1245 (1829). 1/6 Budju (Tugrali-ness-flik). One year type. Lec-12, Cr-105, KM-77. Fine. $59

56342 *ALGERIA. MAHMUD II. AH1245 (1829). 1/3 Budju (Tugrali-batlaka). One year type. Lec-16, Cr-112, KM-78. VF. $99

56343 *ALGERIA. MAHMUD II. AH1245 (1829). 1 Budju (Tugrali-rial). Lec-17, Cr-117, KM-79. Fine. One year type. Very scarce! $320

56367 *ANGOLA. PORTUGUESE AFRICA, COUNTERMARKED COINAGE. (1837) on 1763. 1/2 Macuta (over 1/4 Macuta). Crowned arms c/m officially doubled the value of original coin. KM-49.1 (over KM10). C/M VF, host F+. This coin is ex Brunk collection and is the KM plate coin. $80

56379 *ANGOLA. PORTUGUESE AFRICA, REPUBLIC. 1921. 1 Centavo. Scarce one year type. Y-12, KM-60. Reddish unc. $139

52397 *AUSTRALIA. MELBOURNE, HIDE & DE CARLE. 1857. Penny Token. Legend above crowned lion standing left in center/Justice seated left, date below. Ren-220 (?), A-230, KM-Tn104. Ch. VF+. a few minor bumps. $75

56402 *BELGIAN CONGO. CONGO FREE STATE. 1887. 10 Centimes. 1st year of type. Y-4, KM-4. Choice Red & Brown unc. $140

56410 *BELGIAN CONGO. CONGO FREE STATE. 1906. 5 Centimes. 1st year of two year type. Y-9, KM-9. BU, a few minor spots. $100

56417 *BELGIAN CONGO. ALBERT I. 1911. 20 Centimes. Second date of 2 year type. Very scarce in high grade. Y-19, KM-19. Ch. BU, tiny spot. $90

56290 *BELGIUM. ANTWERP. 1565. Æ Jeton (27mm, 4.41g). Ship, with broken mast, in stormy seas, "1565' in field/Female figure advancing left, with anchor in left hand and right hand raised. Struck during the unfavorable conditions in the Netherlands.. Dug-2407, New-34141, v Loon I, 71. Gd VF, scarce. $80

56291 *BELGIUM. BRUSSELS. 1687. Æ Jeton (29mm, 4.63g). Arms of the van Heusden family, lions at either side holding flags of Cleves and Heusden, date in ex/Ship with 3 masts sailing left, legend around. Van Heusden was the 55th intendant of the canal. . Dug-4534, Mitch-2795, New-35075. VF, a bit porous. $60

51791 *BOHEMIA. PRAGUE, LEOPOLD I, THE HOGMOUTH. 1698-GE. 3 Kreuzer (Groschen) of Prague. Bust right/Crowned double eagle, BO for Bohemia in legend. KM-590, Her-1465. Toned VF, small ed. cut at 6 o'clock. $35

55602 *BOLIVIA. PHILIP V OF SPAIN. 173 (6 or 8). 1/2 Real of Potosi. Jerusalem Cross/Monogram of Philip V. Last digit of date is only partially on flan. KM-27a. VG/F. $45

55601 *BOLIVIA. PHILIP V OF SPAIN. 1721-P. 1 Real of Potosi. Cross of Jerusalem, castles and lions in quarters/Crowned pillars of Hercules and waves, value above, clear date and P mintmark below. KM-28. VG, neatly made hole. $45

56485 *BRITISH WEST AFRICA. GEORGE V. 1917-H. 2 Shillings . /. Y-17, KM-13. Toned EF/AU. $140

56493 *BRITISH WEST AFRICA. GEORGE VI. 1938-H. 1/10 Penny. Second most difficult date to find especially this nice. Y-22, KM-20. BU. $55

56498 *BRITISH WEST AFRICA, GEORGE VI. 1946-SA. Penny. Struck at the South African mint in Pretoria. This is the rarest of all regular BWA pennies. Y-24, KM-19. Toned VF-EF. $475

56504 *BRITISH WEST AFRICA. GEORGE VI. ND. Blank Flan for Six Pence. With security edge for either KM-22 or KM-31. Ex Fred Pridmore collection. Toned. $159

56515 *BRITISH WEST AFRICA. GEORGE VI. 1952-KN. 2 Shillings. Last year of type. Y-34, KM-29. BU. $100

56519 *BRITISH WEST INDIES. ANCHOR MONEY. 1822. 1/4 Dollar. Crowned anchor/Arms. Both the 8 and the first 2 in date seem to be recut. . Cr-3, KM-3, Prid-10v. EF, lightly cleaned. Struck for use in both the West Indies and Mauritius. Also saw use in Canada $90

56679 *DENMARK. CHRISTIAN IV. 1645. 4 Skilling . Crowned "C4" monogram, value in legend/Jehovah in Hebrew, "Justus" above, "Judex" below. KM-133.1. F-VF/VG, rev. corroded. Not particularly nice, but it's close to impossible to find coins with Jehovah in Hebrew under $100 anymore. $60

56550 *DJIBOUTI. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. 1921. 50 Centime token. Horned deer to left of tree. KM-Tn9, Lec-96. VF. $125

56606 *EGYPT. MAHMUD II. 1223/28 (1834). 1 Qirsh or Piastre. 2 year Billon type. Cr-146, KM-182. Choice VF. $110

56604 *EGYPT. MAHMUD II. 1223/31 (1837). 20 Para. Silver type. Cr-164, KM-178. Toned VF. $100

56612 *EGYPT. ABDUL MEJID. 1255/13 (1850). 10 Para. Exceptional example of the key date!. Cr-205, KM-225. Ch. toned EF+. $165

56643 *EGYPT. ABDUL AZIZ. 1277/4 (1864). 5 Qirsh or Piastres. One year type without flower, with retragrade regnal year on reverse. Y-9.1, KM-253.2. Nice toned VF. $245

56662 *EGYPT. BRITISH PROTECTORATE/HUSSEIN KAMIL. 1916/AH 1335. 5 Milliemes. Error coin. Central hole not punched out! Y-37, KM-315. VF. $115

56664 *EGYPT. BRITISH PROTECTORATE/FUAD I. 1920-H/AH 1338. 5 Piastres. Scarce one year type. Y-45, KM-326. Toned EF-AU. $220

56686 *ETHIOPIA. MENELIK II. EE1889-A (1897). 1/100 Bir. Crowned bust right. One year type. Y-1, KM-9. Unc., some red. $175

56689 *ETHIOPIA. MENELIK II. EE1889-A (1897). Gersh (1/20 Bir). Crowned bust right/Lion walking left, left leg raised. . Y-5, KM-12. Ch. toned unc. $95

56690 *ETHIOPIA. MENELIK II. EE1889-A (1897). Gersh (1/20 Bir). Crowned bust right/Lion walking left, right leg raised. . Y-18, KM-13. VG-Fine. $110

56691 *ETHIOPIA. MENELIK II. EE 1895-A (1903). Gersh (1/20 Bir). Crowned bust right/Lion walking left, left leg raised. Y-5, KM-12. BU. $85

56692 *ETHIOPIA. MENELIK II. EE 1895-A (1903). 1/4 Birr. Crowned bust right/Lion walking left, left leg raised. Y-7, KM-3. VF. $65

56693 *ETHIOPIA. HAILE SELLASE I. EE1936 (1944). 25 Cents. One year type, round. Y-33, KM-35. R&B unc. $75

53803 *FRANCE. CAROLINGIAN, CHARLES THE BALD. 840-877. AR Denier (1.57g) of Orleans. GRATIA D-I REX around royal monogram/AVRELIANIS CIVITAS around cross. MEC-877, SCMF-1421. Ch. EF+. $200

53438 *FRANCE. LOUIS XIV. 1695-I. Half Ecu Aux Palms. Limoges mint. Wolf under bust. Overstruck over previous coin. Gad-185, KM-295. VG/aVF. $175

55226 *FRANCE. 1ST EMPIRE, NAPOLEON AS EMPEROR. (1808)-BB (Strasbourg). 5 Centimes . Large N within circle within wreath. One year type which was an "Essai" that circulated/Denomination, mint-mark. sheaf of wheat in circle, Bit rough on rim. KM-689, Cr-149. VF, but for rough rim. $125

56697 *FRENCH SOMALILAND. FRENCH OVERSEAS TERRITORY. 1949. 1 Franc. Two year type aluminum coin. Very scarce so nice. Y-1, KM-4. Choice BU. $135

56698 *FRENCH SOMALILAND. FRENCH OVERSEAS TERRITORY. 1948. 2 Francs. 1st date of two year type aluminum coin. Very scarce so nice. Y-2, KM-5. Nice BU. $75

56699 *FRENCH SOMALILAND. FRENCH OVERSEAS TERRITORY. 1949. 2 Francs. 2nd date of two year type aluminum coin. Very scarce so nice. Y-2, KM-5. Choice BU. $110

56700 *FRENCH SOMALILAND. FRENCH OVERSEAS TERRITORY. 1948. 5 Francs. One year type aluminum coin. Very scarce so nice. Y-3, KM-6. BU. $75

56701 *GAMBIA. BRITISH COLONIAL. 1970. 8 Shillings. Bust of QEII right/Hippopotamus. Y-7a, KM-7a. VIP Frosted Proof. $195

56751 *GERMAN EAST AFRICA. GERMAN EAST AFRICA COMPANY. 1911-J. Rupie of Hamburg. Helmeted bust left/Denomination, date and mintmark within wreath and legend. . Y-15, KM-10. Ch. AU, lightly brushed. $155

56753 *GERMAN EAST AFRICA. GERMAN EAST AFRICA COMPANY. 1916-T. Brass 20 Heller of Tabora. Crown with ribbon. Obverse Type B. Small Crown/Denomination in wreath. Reverse Type B, pointed tip on both "L's". Y-10a, KM-15a. Ch. EF for type. Very nice for local issue! $165

56294 *GREAT BRITAIN. DANIEL MENDOZA CONDER TOKEN. ND (1790s). Half-Penny. Bare headed bust left under * D • MENDOZA */ pair of breeches on fire Pandoras Breeches. Plain edge. Rare type. D&H-787, GFP-p. 130. Chocolate. Brownn EF, a few nicks. $525

56296 *GREAT BRITAIN. DANIEL MENDOZA CONDER TOKEN. 1796. Half-Penny. Bare headed bust left under * D • MENDOZA */Two boys at a turnstyle, Little Turnstyle Halfpenny 1796. Plain edge. D&H-789. EF/AU, light obv. porosity, red on reverse. $440

56775 *IRAN. MOHAMMED REZA PAHLEVI. SH 1344 (1966) . Gold 40mm medal. Bust of Shah left/Hebrew legend around menorah. Struck by Iranian Jewish community for the 25th anniversary of the Shah's reign. EF, with handling marks as they come. Extremely rare, only 2nd I can recall offering!. $4499

56444 *ISRAEL. SEAFARING. 1963/5723. 5 Pounds. 15th Anniversary. KM-39, A-6a. Proof. The key to the early Israeli commemoratives with ancient ship on one side and modern steamer on the other. $199

56551 *ISRAEL. SAMSON AND THE LION. 2009/5769. 1 New Sheqal. Biblical Arts Series. KM-463, H-43. Choice Proof-like. $59

56554 *ISRAEL. JONAH IN THE WHALE. 2010/5770. 1 New Sheqal. Biblical Arts Series. KM-475, H-42. Choice Proof-like. $59

56555 *ISRAEL. MENACHEM BEGIN. 2010/5771. 1 New Sheqal. Nobel Prize Winner Series. KM-478, NP-2. Choice Proof-like. $59

56552 *ISRAEL. 63RD ANNIVERSARY COIN. DEAD SEA SCROLLS. 2011/5771. 1 New Sheqal. Ibex standing in front of Dead Sea/. KM-481, A-54. Choice Proof-like. $59

56172 *ITALY. NAPLES, CHARLES II OF SPAIN. 1687. Silver Tari (5.54g). Crowned shield/Globe with raised date, crown above crossed fasces and cornucopia. KM-104. EF, light adj marks and porosity rev.. $185

56298 *KOREA. Late 19th to Early 20th Century. Brass charm or Amulet (38mm, 22.42g). "Bu Gui Bok Rok Baek Ja Chun Sun" (Wealth, nobility, happiness, a gift for a 100/ sons, a 1000 grandsons). See Stack's Bowers & Ponterio Sale #178 (Hong Kong Aug. 2013) where a similar piece (identified as Mandel 67.4, KCBC-9-310) in similar condition but "twice pierced with loops and chain attached" brought $550 plus a buyer's fee.. Mandel 67.36. VF. $175

55296 *MALTA. EMMANUEL PINTO. 1761. XXX (30) Tari . Crowned Arms, unbroken legend below arms/John the Baptist stg. with banner in right hand, lamb lying at right, value in exergue. Dav-1601a, KM-265.2, Cr-19. Nice Fine. $300

54240 *MEXICO. FERDINAND VII. 1818 Mo JJ. 8 Reales. Bust right/Crowned arms between pillars. KM-111, Cr-121. Toned F/VF, a few old scratches under obverse toning. $70

End of Sale.