Minilist 20 - August 27, 2013

Recent Purchases

A couple of handfuls of new purchases from the recent ANA convention in Chicago highlight our 20th mini-list of 2013. This is a Fixed Price List and coins will be sold to the first person who orders. We hope to have another short mini-list in about a week which will focus on paper money. Then, we can't promise anything until November as we begin work on our Fall auction.

55557 *Judaea. Mattathias Antigonus. 40-37 BC. Æ 8 Prutot (13.91g). "Mattatayah the High Priest and Council of the Jews" around and between double cornucopia/"Of King Antigonus" around ivy wreath. H-1162, AJC-U4, CHL-420. Ch. VF+, rev. a touch off-center. Among the nicest we've ever had. $750

55560 *Judaea. Valerius Gratus, Procurator under. Tiberius. 15-26 AD. Æ Prutah (2.24g). TIB KAI CAP within a wreath/ΙΟΥ ΛΙΑ (Julia) and LΔ (Year 4) around palm branch. In old L.N. Ohan envelope from Jerusalem (Old City), Jordan (pre Six Day War). H-1338, CHL-26. aVF. $75

55559 *Judaea. Aelia Capitolina, Elagabalus. 218-222 AD. Æ32 (16.37g). Bust of Elagabalus right/She-wolf, nursing twins, PF in exergue. Scarce large coin. Mesh-117, CHL-101, Ros-73. aF, bit rough. $199

55548 *Ptolemaic Egypt. Ptolemy III, Euergetes. 246-221 BC. Æ34 (35.11g). Head of Zeus-Ammon right with diadem, in dotted border/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, cornucopia to left, monogram between legs, all in dotted border. SNG Cop-175. Nice VF. $119

55549 *Ptolemaic Egypt. Ptolemy IV Philopator. 221-205 BC. Æ41.5 (66.96g). Head of Zeus-Ammon right/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, cornucopia in front, ΔΙ between legs. SNG Cop-199, SG-7841. VF/F, some obv. encrustation. $199

55550 *Ptolemaic Egypt. Ptolemy IV Philopator. 221-205 BC. Æ26.5, (13.22g). Head of Zeus-Ammon right/Eagle on thunderbolt left, wings open. SNG Cop-230. VF. $145

55551 *Ptolemaic Egypt. Ptolemy IV to Ptolemy VIII. 221-140 BC. Æ22 (7.43g). Diademed head of Ptolemy I right in dotted border/Female head (Libya?) right, cornucoia below chin. SNG Cop-442, SG-7882. Fine, some encrustation and light scratches. $110

55552 *Ptolemaic Egypt. Aradus (?), Ptolemy V, Epiphames. 180-145 BC. Silver Didrachm (6.99g). Diademed head of Ptolemy I right /Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, P to left, I to right (year 110 = 150/149 BC) & monogram to right. SNG Cop-557v, Svo-1218. Toned VF, touch rough. $299

55553 *Ptolemaic Egypt. Ptolemy VI, Philometor. 180-145 BC. Æ35 (38.95g). Head of Zeus-Ammon right with diadem and floral ornament, all in dotted circle/2 eagles standing left on thunderbolt. SNG Cop-304. VF/F.$175

55554 *Egypt. Ptolemy VI, Philometor. 181-146 BC (year 220). Æ23 (8.78g) of Citium, Cyprus. Bust of Zeus Ammon right/Eagle left on thunderbolt, flower to left, LKC above, ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ. BMC-60. aVF/F, file marks reverse. $119

55546 *Roman Egypt. Antoninus Pius. 138-161, year 21. Æ Drachm (23.12g) 32mm. Laureate bust right/Nils reclining left, head right, crocodile on rock below. M-2369, Emm-1618. VG/Fine. $99

55547 *Roman Egypt. Salonina, wife of Gallienus. Died after 268 AD? Bi Tetradrachm (10.42g). Draped bust right/Eagle standing, wings open, Year 15 to right. C-1642, M-4189, Emm-3854. VF, but somewhat porous. $49

55555 *Byzantine. Justin II. 565-578 AD. AR Siliqua (.91g) of Carthage. Helmeted facing bust/FELIX RES PVBL in 3 lines. SB-392. VG-F. Coin has been broken and glued back together. $100

55556 *Byzantine. Constans II. 641-668. AR Half Siliqua (.53g) of Carthage. Facing bust with short beard/PAX, pellets, cross. Minted on the conclusion of peace with the Arab government in Egypt. SB-1050. Toned VF, light tooling rev. $239

55558 *Bulgaria. Republic. 2003. 10 Leva . Bust of Dimitar Peshev & Star of David. Struck for 60th Anniversary of the rescue of Jews in Bulgaria/Lions holding shield, legend, date and denomination. In original capsule with leaflet. KM-275. Proof. $125 (We have two pieces available)

55539 *Great Britain. George III. 1820 . Crown. Laureate head right/St. George slaying dragon. LX on edge. KM-675, S-3787. Nice toned VF+, sm. rev ed. bump. $349

55540 *Great Britain. Victoria. 1844. Crown . Young head left/Crowned Shield, Cinquegoil Regnal yearVIII. S-3882, KM-741. Fine, rim bumps, scratches reverse. An affordable example of a very popular and elusive crown. $169

55542 *Germany. Lubeck. Free City. 1752-JJJ. 48 Schilling (Couranthaler). Crowned Imperial Eagle, large 48 in circle on eagle's breast, oval shield of mayor below/City shield in baroque frame, short point at base divides J.J. and J. KM-168.5, Dav-2420D. EF, lightly wiped. $285

55541 *Netherlands. Gelderland. 1639 (?). Lion Daalder. Armored knight looking right above lion shield. No + after FEL/Rampant lion left. KM-15.2, Dav-4849. Fine, but many scratches. Lion Dollars were among the first coins used by Europeans in what is now the United States/ $130

55545 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1941. 5 Mils. Key date. Y-3, KM-3. Toned VF. $40

55538 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1942. 10 Mils. Copper-Nickel type. Y-4, KM-4. Ch. BU, a few spots. $175

55543 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1933. 20 Mils. Semi-key date. Y-5, KM-5. Nice toned VF. $75

55544 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1940. 20 Mils. Semi-key date. Y-5, KM-5. Toned EF, a few spots. $110

End of Sale.