Minilist 18 - July 28, 2013

Odd and Curious Money

Selections from our inventory, mostly from Africa and ex Mark collection or inventory. We have a very large selection of Odd & Curious and related monies. This field is also called, Traditional Money, Primitive Money, Weird stuff etc. We will be brining quite a bit of material to the ANA show August 13-17 in Chicago. Bring your car and stop by table #1250.

Please note that most of these items are heavy and postage will be higher than usual.

OC-1. Welle Tribe Neck Ring.  Congo. Rattle Iron type. c. 10 x 9 inches. $75

OC-2. Curled End Bracelet. Yoruba Tribe of Nigeria. Broad, square body with curled back ends holding circular ring or rings. Etched and punched designs over outer surface.

A) c. 2 ¼" in diameter. $25

B) c. 3 ½" $50

OC-3 Hollow Legband. Mbole Tribe, Zaire. c. 8 inches, with 3 3/4" inch hole in center. Weighs about 2 pounds, 14 ounces. Used in dowry price. $90

OC-4 Copper Dowel. Songo Tribe, Zaire and Angola. Rods with a thickened center and ridges at both ends are thought to have been used as bullion or possibly as money in the period 950 AD. to the mid 1500s. c. 9 to 10 inches. $39

OC-5 Stirrups. Nigeria and Mali areas. c. 17th-18th century. Used in slave Trade. C. 8 x 3 ½ x 7". The set of 2. $125

OC-6 TAJERE. Nigeria, Fulani Tribe. (also called Losol, Sasoreng, Saka or Taje). Long Iron Bar with thick center. Average about 9 ounces and 15 inches. Opitz page 332, Quiggin page 87. $35

OC-7 Katanga Cross. One of the most famous of all African Primitive Monies, these were made by pouring copper into molds made in sand. Used to buy almost anything including slaves and brides (14 to buy a bride). Opitz page 12. c. 9 x 9" $75

OC-7a Small Katanga Cross. c. 7 ¾ x 7 ¾" $70

OC-7b Large Katanga Cross. c. 11+" x 11+", with magic marker (or something similar) graffiti. $110

OC-8 Bochie. Twisted Manilla, Ibo Tribe, Central Nigeria. (See Ballarini, The Perfect Form 2.11). They were used as currency and in a bride price. C. 4" in diameter, with knot $45 

OC-8a. Bochie, Similar but smaller without knot. C. 3 inches. Much scarcer than above. $75

End of Sale.