Minilist 17 - July 18, 2013

Ancient and Modern

After a hiatus of a few weeks our mini-lists resume for the next 3 weeks before taking a few weeks off for the annual ANA show in Chicago. Almost all items are photographed but if you would like to see an image of a non-photographed coin just let us know and will try to provide it for you.


53849 *Judaea. Agrippa I. 37-44 AD. Æ Prutah (2.84g). "Of King Agrippa" around umbrella-like canopy/Wheat ears, LS = Year 6 (41-42 AD). Hen-1244, TJC-120, AJC-11. VF with distinct flan handle. $200

55019 *Judaea. Roman Administration under Nero. Agrippa II, 56-95 AD. Æ24 (11.24g). Laureate bust of Nero right/Veiled Agrippina II, seated left, holding branch & cornucopia. H-1271 (579), TJC-359, RPC-4680. VG. $275

54989 *Judaea. Jewish War (First Revolt). 66-70, Year two. Æ Prutah (2.45g). Amphora with broad rim and two handles, "year two"/Vine leaf on small branch, "the freedom of Zion". Crude irregular issue. H-1360b, TJC-198v, CHL-11ff. VF. $375

55003 *Judaea. Gaza, Marcus Aurelius & Lucius Verus. 161-169 AD. Æ19 (5.49g). Confronted busts of Aurelius on left & Verus on right, both laureate and bearded /Male figure (Apollo) stg left, holding on long branch, pouring libation over flaming altar, "Mem" to field at left. Ros-102, As BMC-97. Fine. $299

55389 *Syria, Commagene. Iotape, wife of Antiochos IV. 38-72. Æ26 (16.98g). Her diademed and draped bust right/Scorpion within wreath. RPC-I, 3858, SNG Cop-5. Fine, but rough. $119

55848 *Phoenicia. Tyre, Trajan. 98-117 (year 14). Silver Tetradrachm (13.89g). Laureate head right, eagle stg. right beneath bust, club below left/Laureate head of Melqart right, lion's skin around neck. Prieur-1514, BMC-21. Nice VF. $390

55847 *Phoenicia. Tyre, Trajan. 98-117 (year 17). Silver Tetradrachm (14.22g). Laureate head right, eagle stg. right beneath bust, club below left/Tyche of Antioch, hldg ears of wheat and poppy-head, river-god Orontes swimming right below. Prieur-1500, BMC-30. Nice VF+. $450

55277 *Roman Egypt. Quintillus. 270 AD. Bi Tetradrachm (8.03g) of Alexandria. Laureated, draped and cuirassed bust right/Eagle stg. right, head back, wreath in beak L A (year 1) in field. Alexandria mint. Milne-4296, Emm-3907, Curtis-1725. VF, fields a touch rough. $475

54317 *Rome. Trajan. 98-117. AR Denariius. His laureate bust right/Victory, naked to waist, standing left, leaning on column, holding wreath and palm.. BMC-227, RSC-425, RIC-194. Choice EF+. Scarce reverse type. In specially designed colored case with pictures statues of Trajan and Plotina to either side by Capital Plastics. $275

54318 *Rome. Julia Maesa. Grandmother of Elagabalus and Severus Alexander. AR Denariius. Her draped bust right/Pietas standing left, sacrificing over altar and holding box of incense. SR-7754, RIC-263. Choice toned EF+. In specially designed colored case with pictures statues of her grandsons to either side by Capital Plastics. $225

55365 *Rome. Philip I. 244-249 AD. Silver Antoninianus (3.39g) . Radiate bust right, unusual obv. legend IMP C M IVL PHILIPPVS PF AVG PM/Spes advancing left, holding flower and lifting skirt. Most likely Antioch mint. SR-8967, RIC-70. Gd VF and scarce. $119

55367 *Rome. Aurelian. 270-275 AD. Æ Antoninianus (4.40g). Radiate bust left IMP AURELIANVS AVG/Aurelian, togate, stg. r., hldg short sceptre, clasping hands with Concordia standing, l, Γ in ex. SR-11515, RIC-391. VF+, but some weakness in strike, esp. on rev. $49

55366 *Rome. Probus. 276-282. Æ Antoninianus (4.06g). Helmeted bust left with spear and shield VIRTUS PROBI AVG. Ticinum mint/Seccuritas stg. l, leaning on column, legs crossed, hand raised to head, I to l., VIXXI in ex. RIC-527, C-618. Ch. Au-Unc, virtually as struck. $119

55368 *Byzantine. Constans II. 641-668 . Gold Tremissis (1.38g). Bust right/Cross potent on base VICTORIA AVC4S around, CONOB below. SB-984. VF, bit crimped & wavy, but nicer than usual. $220

55390 *Byzantine. Nicephorus I. 802-811. Æ Follis (1.81g) of Syracuse. Facing bust of Nicephorus, wearing crown, holding cross ΔΕC (Despot) to right/Facing bust of Stauracois. SB-1613, Spahr-354. F, bit rough. $99

54846 *Arab-Byzantine. Imitation of Byzantine Follis. 7th Century AD. Æ Fals (18mm, 3.84g) . Constans flanked by his sons/Large M, Tabariya = Tiberius. Rare.. INJ-10, p.39 #17, SNAT-283-295. Fine. $375

55030 *Arab-Byzantine. Baysan (Nysa-Scythopolis). 7th Century AD. Æ 1/2 Follis (3.69g). Sophia & Justin standing/Large K-, mint name to left. Album-3510 (99). VF, green patina. $1000


55369 *Andorra. Charlemagne. 1960. Silver 50 Dinars. Half-length figure of Charlemagne facing left/National Arms. Part of a Medallic series. KM-XM-1. Proof. $75

55356 *Crete. George of Greece. 1901. 5 Drachmai. Bust right/Arms. KM-9, Dav-118. Nice Fine. $149

55347 *Crusaders. Antioch, Tancred. 1101-1112. Æ Follis (4.22g). Bust of St. Peter facing. Type I/Greek legend in four lines, "Lord, help your servent Tancred". CCS-3a, Schl. II, 6. VF. High grade for type. $195

55353 *Crusaders. Cyprus, Hugh I. 1205-1218. Bi Denier (.53g). Cross, crescents and pellets in 1st & 4th quarters, pellets in 2nd and 3rd/Gateway with three battlements and door. CCS-12. aVF, small chip. $195

55352 *Crusaders. Tripoli, Raymond II & Raymond III. 1137-1152, 1152-1187. Bi Denier (.86g). Cross, pellets in 3rd and 4th quarters/Large crescent & eight-pointed star, with pellet twixt each ray, & series of pellets below crescent. CCS-8, Schl. IV, 4. VF, flan split, scrape on rev. $119

55361 *French Colonies. Colonial Canada and US. 1739-E (Tours). Bi Sou Marques (24 Deniers). Large "L crown above, 3 Fleur de lis, legend around/Crowned monogram. Used in both Colonial US and Canada, listed in Red Book and Breen. Breen-454 (Very rare), Vlack-77. Toned VF, but bit porous, tad clipped. $119

55364 *Germany. Augsburg, Buckhard von Ellerbach. 1373-1404. Silver Hand Heller (.59g). Hand/Cross, with dot at each arm. Bonhoff-1926, Reichmann-2070, Saurma-1438. Nice EF for type. $99

55355 *Great Britain. William III. 1700. Farthing. Bust right/Britannia seated next to shield. KM-483.1, S-3557. VF, but porous. $69

55363 *Isle of Man. British Dependency. 1733. Penny. Eagle and child on cap of maintenance. Issued by James Stanley, 10th Earl of Derby/Triskeles divides IDJ (Jacobus Darbiensis Penny). KM-5a, Prid-13. Fine. $44

55360 *Italy. Papal States, Rome. Benedict XIV. 1756 - year 17. Silver Doppio (2) Giulio (1/5 Scudo). Bust right, BEN•XIV•PON•M•A•XVII/Radiant seated female (Church seated on cloud), MDCC LVI. KM-974, CNI-346, Ber-2743. Toned VF. With old tag. $119

55287 *Italy. Umberto I. 1885-R (Rome). 2 Lire. Rare date. Y-29, KM-23. GF. $75

55293 *Italy. Victor Emanuel III. 1928-R (Rome). 10 Lire. • FERT • on edge. Y-68, KM-68.1. Toned aEF. $90

55357 *Korea. Gov't Tithe Office. ND (1883). 5 Mun. Kyun Yok Ch'ong. Cast as made with tab still attached from mold. KM-151s. EF. $90

55296 *Malta. Emmanuel Pinto. 1761. XXX (30) Tari. Crowned Arms, unbroken legend below arms/John the Baptist stg. with banner in right hand, lamb lying at right, value in exergue. Dav-1601a, KM-265.2, Cr-19. Nice Fine. $350

53840 *Malta. Emmanuel Pinto. 1764. Scudo (12 Tari). Bust left/Crowned shield. One-year type without legend around shield. KM-273, Cr-14v. F/VF. $100

54836 *Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1950. 5 Pesos. SE Railroad Commemorative. KM-466, Y66. Light toned unc., some surface marks. $49

55297 *Mozambique. Portuguese Colony, Joao VI. 1820. 40 Reis . Shield within globe/Crown divides beaded circles, value flanked by rosettes, date below. Cr-55, KM-19. Nice VF. $85

51796 *Netherlands. Holland, Philip the Fair. 1499. Stuiver. Shield of Austria-Burgandy/Ornamented long cross in quatrefoil, mm in center, date . Ex David Cervin collection, via Schulman. Lev-III-271a, Fr-, GH-120-6. VG-F, weak in spots, date is clear. Early dated coin. $135

55359 *Netherlands. Wilhelmina I. 1895. 25 Cents. Bare head left/Value and date in wreath. Rare date. KM-115, Y-21. Gd Fine. $119

55354 *Norway. Christian V. 1670. 2 Skilling. Rampant lion left/. KM-92. VF. $190

55343 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1941. 5 Mils. Key date. Y-3, KM-3. Nice VF. $45

55339 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1931. 50 Mils. Key date. Y-6, KM-6. aVF. $100

55370 *Palestine. Edward VIII Medallic Issue. 1936 (1984). Silver Crown. Bust left//Palestine coins. Richard Lobel Issue (250 pieces made). Bruce -XM1b. Proof, a few marks. $140

55415 *Poland. Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943. 5 Mark (1.64g) Aluminum. "GETTO", 6 pointed star and date/Denomination, legend. Thick flan variety. KM-Tn2, C-4752b, F/F PO-573b. Choice AU. $125

55416 *Poland. Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943. 5 Mark (1.54g) Aluminum. "GETTO", 6 pointed star and date/Denomination, legend. Thick flan variety. KM-Tn2, C-4752b, F/F PO-573b. aEF. $75

55417 *Poland. Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943. 10 Mark (1.71g) Magnesium. "GETTO", 6 pointed star and date/Denomination, legend. . KM-Tn3a, C-4753a, F/F PO-574a. Nice EF. $85

55341 *Spain. Barcelona, Charles II. 1687. Croat or Real. Large bust of left/Long cross with annulets and and pellets in 2 angles each, BAR CINO (CIVI) 1687. KM-45, Vicente-142. Nice EF+, bit o.c. $175

55348 *Spain. Joseph Napoleon. 1808 - AI. 20 Reales of Madrid. Bare-headed bust left/Crowned arms. Uncommon date. KM-551.2, Dav-308. Cleaned Fine, bumps. $199

55340 *Spain. Isabella II. 1852. 1 Real of Seville. Bare-headed bust right/Crowned arms. 7 pointed stars (Seville mint). KM-598.3, Y-19. BU, light obv. flan crack. $159

55362 *Sweden. Carl XI. 1685 . Ore of Avesta . Crowned arms at center C R S above 16 to left 85 to right/Crossed arrows, crown above. Large copper coin. KM-246b, SM-354. VF, but rough flan with two bites out of it. $145

55391 *Switzerland. Neuchatel, Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia. 1800. 2 Kreuzer. Crowned Arms/Cross, SUUM CUIQUE 1800 Cr. 2. Under Prussia from 1707-1806, 1814-48, Fr. 18106-14. Sch-23, Cr-28, KM forgot to list. Toned VF, sl. bend. $60

55342 *Transylvania. Principality, under Maria Theresia. 1764. Greschl . Unusual denomination. Crowned arms (7 towers in field)/Date and denomination in cartouche. Cr-3, KM-643. Gd Fine. $80

55398 *US/Great Britain. Anne. 1702. Brass 25mm (4.04g). Bust left. Expedition to Vigo Bay by J. G. Lauffer/View of Vigo Harbor with ships burning and attacking a fort, "the fleet having been burnt, the American treasures are intercepted." Betts-95, Mi-239/23. Fine. $159

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