Minilist 11a - April 29, 2013

Ancient Judaean and Roman Coins

We were out of the office for about 10 days enjoying visits with family in Arizona and California where we experienced almost perfect weather for most of the time while Colorado was having a typical Rocky Mountain spring occurrence, mostly cold and snowy weather. When we returned good weather had resumed in Colorado and we spent the past few days doing some much needed yard work before the next snow predicted for the 1st of May.

Since we missed two lists we expect both this list (with 44 coins) and next week (modern and medieval) will have more than the usual of number of offerings. This list contains Judaean, Holy Land City coins and Roman coins.


55020 Philistia, Ascalon. 5th-4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.62g). Bearded male head right/Facing standing owl, palm branch to right, "Aleph - Nun" in lower right, all in incuse square. Gitler-Tal III.6o similar. Fine, porous. Extremely rare. $1250

55021 Philistia, Gaza. 5th-4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.58g). Crude Helmeted head of Athena right?/Owl standing right, head facing, ΑΘΕ to right, olive spray & crescent to upper left. Gitler-Tal 1XO. G/VF. $300

55023 Samaria. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.69g). Persian king seated right on throne, smelling a flower and holding a scepter (?) in left hand/Persian king stg. r., raising right arm and holding a scepter in left, בדיחבל BDYHBL . SC-14, CS-37. F/VF, bit oxidized. $390

55025 Samaria. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.36g). Persian king, walking to left, holding 2 lions by their hind legs/2 male figures walking l., carrying pole over shoulders from which hangs an animal, another animal standing left between 2 figures. SC-130, CS-59. aF. $279

55028 Samaria. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.65g). Round female head facing with small earrings (and necklace)/Lion's head facing. SC-166. aVF, bit o.c. Scarce type. $460

53991 ALEXANDER JANNAEUS. 103-76 BC. Æ Prutah (1.92g). Yehonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews in Paleo-Hebrew within wreath/Double cornucopia adorned with ribbons, pomegranate between horns, border of dots. H-1144, TJC-Q. VF, some flat spots, rev. o.c. $50

53987 ALEXANDER JANNAEUS. 103-76 BC. Æ Prutah (2.18g). Yehonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews in Paleo-Hebrew within wreath/Double cornucopia adorned with ribbons, pomegranate between horns, border of dots. Hen-1145, TJC--P, AJC-E. Gd Fine. $45

53988 ALEXANDER JANNAEUS. 103-76 BC. Æ Prutah (1.20g). Yehonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews in Paleo-Hebrew within wreath/Double cornucopia adorned with ribbons, pomegranate between horns, border of dots. Hen-1145, TJC--P, AJC-E. Gd Fine, some flat spots. $45

54978 Herod the Great. 40-4 BC. Æ 8 Prutot (8.27) . Military Helmet, flanked by palm branches, two straps hanging down/Tripod holding ceremonial bowl, date (year 3) to left and monogram to right, "Of King Herod" around. H-1169, TJC-44. F-VF, green patina. $300

55115 Herod the Great. 40 - 4 BC. Æ Prutah (2.61g). Palm branch with objects on either side/Legend around aphlaston (a stern ornament also known as aplustre), flanked by date (Year 3). Hen-1172, AJC-5. Fine. Uncommon. $110

54896 Herod the Great. 40-4 BC. Æ Lepton (.63g). 3 line legend in wreath, King Herod/Anchor within laurel wreath. Weight is about 1/2 the average weight of the Prutah of this series, indicating that this is most likely a lower denomination!. Hen-1173, TJC-60. VF/aF, dark green patina. $369

54897 HEROD THE GREAT. 40-4 BC. Æ Prutah (1.06g). "King Herod" in uneven lines/Anchor within circle decorated with stylized lily flowers. H-1174,v TJC-61v. Nice VF, with flan "handle". $220

54987 Agrippa I. 37-44 AD. Æ Prutah (2.62g). umbrella like-Canopy/3 ears of barley, LS = Year 6 . . H-1244, TJC-120. Nice VF, well-centered. $239

54658 JEWISH WAR (First Revolt). 66-70 (year 3). Silver Shekel (14.19g) . Shekel of Israel around chalice with pearled rim, "Year 3"/Jerusalem the Holy around sprig of 3 pomegranates. Top of pomegranate points to Yod. H-1361, AJC-18v. Toned EF/Ch. EF, obverse a bit o.c. $5900

54998 Aelia Capitolina In Judaea, Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ23 (9.00g). Laureate bust right/Tyche standing left, with scepter, behind her legionary standard topped by boar, legend diff. than Meshorer COL AEL -- CPF. Mesh-131v. F, clipped flan. $300

51876 AKKO-PTOLEMAIS in Phoenicia. Claudius. 40-54 AD. Æ13 (3.21). Bust of Zeus right/Club between legends and wreath. Struck 49/50. Ros-45, Kad-91. F/VF. $35

54755 Ascalon in Judaea, Domitian. 81-96. Æ23 (10.66g) . Laureate bust right/Tyche stg on prow hldg standard and aphlaston, altar to right, dove above date (189 = 85/86 AD). Ros-114, BMC-121. VF. Ex Superior May 1990 #6976 @$220! $100

52820 BOSTRA in Arabia Petraea. Diva Faustina I. wife of Antoninus Pius. Æ18 (4.04g). Draped and veiled bust right/Tyche standing, head left, holding scepter and resting left hand on hip. Sp-11, Ros-7. F/VF. $215

54999 Caesarea in Samaria, Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. Æ24 (9.42g). Laureate bust right, legend reads "---A VANDE---"/Eagle, head left, with wings outspread with wreath, SPQR in wreath, "CEAS". Ros-95v, Kad-97/98v. Crude Fine. $149

55122 DORA in Phoenicia, Trajan. 98-117. Æ15 (3.30g.). Laureate bust right/War Galley, POE (partially off-flan) = 175 = 111/112 AD. Ros-28, Mesh-20. VF, bit o.c. $119

54748 Eleutheropolis in Judaea. Caracalla. 198-217. Æ28.5 (19.05g) . Laureate bust right/Tyche standing left within tetra-style temple, holding a small bust in r. hand & cornucopia in l.. Ros-18, . aVF. Rare, esp. this nice. $15

55125 GABA in Galilee, Diadumenian (Caesar). 217-218 AD. Æ20 (7.13g). Bare-head, draped bust right/Warrior standing left. Rare. 1st I can recall having or seeing. Ros-20. Fine. $215

55126. Gadara, in the Decapolis, Claudius. 41-54. Æ16 (4.68g). Bare-headed bust right/Turreted bust of Tyche right, In front LHP = 108 = 44/45 AD.. Ros-21, Sp-16. Ch. VF. Much nicer than most seen. $215

54749 GAZA in Judaea, Hadrian. 117-135. Æ28 (12.95g) . Laureate bust right/Io and City-goddess standing & clasping hands, Mem between them, year 4 = 193 = 132/133 AD. Yr 4 indicates 4th year after Hadrian visited city. Ros-68, BMC-25. F., nice green patina. $85

54955 NEAPOLIS in Samaria, Domitian. 81-96. Æ19 (7.67g) . Laureate bust right/Palm Tree, LAI = year 11 =82/83 AD. Ros-5SNG ANS-963. Nice Fine. $119

54956 NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS in Samaria, Gabinus. 65-55 BC. Æ19 (5.12g) . Wreathed head of Gabinus right, ΓAB behind/Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm branch. Rare. Ros-1v, Barkay,-1 RPC-4826. VG-F. $140

54957 PANIAS (Caesarea) in Trachnitis, Syria, Marcus Aurelius. 161-180. Æ25 (13.50g) . Laureate bearded bust right/Pan, standing, head left, playing flute, leaning against tree, crossed legs, PO B -172 = 168/169 AD. Ros-11, INJ-8, #6, Fine. Scarce type. $350

53864 PELLA in the Decapolis. Commodus. 177-192. Æ23.5 (11.48g) . Laureate bust right/Tyche seated right on rock, holding reed of corn, river-god swimming below, dated 246 = 182/3. Ros.8, Spjk-7. Gd. Fine, green-brown patina. $525

55010 Petra in Arabia, Caracalla. 198-217. Æ29.5 (13.65g). Laureate bust right. No countermark!/Tyche seated left in distyle temple with pediment which contains a pellet, she holds trophy & stone (?). Sp-45v, ANS-1370. VF, flan cut, a few flat spots. Rare. $525

55133 Philiadelpha inArabia. Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ15 (4.38g). Laureate bust of Elagabalus right/Bust of Asteria right, the mother of the Tyrian Hercules and only appears on this city's coins. Ros-49, Spike-47. VF, desert green patina. $215

55013 Philippopolis in Arabia. Philip Senior. 244-249. Æ19 (3.76g). Laureate bust right ΑΥΤΟΚΚΙΜΙΟΥΛΙΦΙΛΙΠΠΟCCEB/Helmeted head of Roma within wreath S-C to either side. Extremely rare. Unlisted in Spinkerman, Rosenberger or BMC. . INJ-9, #5. F-VF. $1100

55014 Rabbathmoba in Arabia, Septimius Severus. 193-211. Æ22 (8.38g). Laureate bearded bust right, with round countermark of male head right on neck/Turreted Tyche standing right with scepter. Sp-16 similar but unpublished with c/m. VG/G. $150

28934 SEBASTE in Samaria, Julia Domna, wife of Septemius Severus. Æ25 (10.05). Her bust right ivlia domna avg/Kore standing facing, hldg torch and ears of grains, cista mystica to l. collse cebaste. SNG ANS-1079v, Mesh-119v. VF. $200

55008 Sepphoris in Gallilee, Trajan. 98-117. Æ14 (2.74g). Bust right/2 ears of barley bound together by their stalks. Ros-6, BMC-17. F-VF, fields a bit rough. $95


53262 REPUBLIC. M. Aemilius Scarus & P. Plautius Hypsaeus. c. 88 BC. AR Denarius (3.19g) . King Aretas kneeling right in front of camel/Jupiter in quadriga right. Refers to the battles of the brothers Aristobulus and Hyrcanus in Judaea. SR-379, H-1441 (740). VG. $90

53979 VESPASIAN. 69-79. Æ Sestertius (22.05g) . Laureate head right/Jewish captive sitting right at right of palm tree, emperor standing left. IVDAEA CAPTA SC. RIC-427, Hen-1504. VG, porous. $250

52039 TRAJAN. 98-117. AR Denarius (3.50). Laureate head of Trajan right/Mars advancing right carrying spear and trophy PMTRP COS VI PP SPQR. RIC-337, RSC-270. Toned F-VF. $75

52052TRAJAN. 98-117. AR Denarius (3.03g) . Laureate bust right/Hercules, nude, standing facing on pedestal with club and lion skin. BMC-85, RSC 234, RIC 49. Toned F-VF. $75

54366 TRAJAN. 98-117 AD. Silver Denarius (3.08g) . Laureate bust right/Mars advancing right holding spear & trophy. RSC-271, RIC-340. Toned F, bit grainy. $75

52040 HADRIAN. 117-138. AR Denarius (3.30) . Bare-headed bust of Hadrian right/Moneta stg. left holding scales and cornucopia. RSC-963, RIC-256, SR-3507v. Decent F. $50

54855 FAUSTINA, JR., under Marcus. Aurelius. Died 175-176 AD. Æ Sestertius (22.41g). Draped bust of Faustina right/Juno stg. left, with three children IVNONI LVCINAIE. SR-5277a, RIC-1649. F/VG, bit porous. Scarce type. $90

55111 Commodus. 177-192. Æ Sestertius (21.14g). Laureate bearded bust right/Mars standing left, holding branch and spear. SR-5767v, RIC-543. G-VG, porous. $45

54371 ELAGABALUS. 218-222. Silver Denarius (3.20g). Laureate bust right, with horn on top of h is head, signifying divine power/Elagabalus, in priestly robes, stg. r., sac. over altar and holding cypress branch, star in field. SR-7542, RIC-131. Toned VF. $100

54705 JULIA MAMAEA, mother of Severus Alexander. Silver Denarius (3.05g) . Bust right/Vesta standing left, holding Palladium and scepter.. SR-8217, RIC-360. EF. $100

End of Sale.