Minilist 9 - March 18, 2013

Cleaning out the Closet

Welcome to our 9th Mini-List of 2013 and the first attempt to clean up items that have been sitting on shelves and in our closet. They won't sell just sitting there. so we're going to go through shelves in a haphazard way Some of these have been sitting there for years; others come from recent purchases that we've never gotten to. We have photos of items marked with an asterisk (*). On other items of $35 or more we will try to accommodate those who ask.

ANGOLA, Peter II. 1697 20 Reis. KM-1. VF, some softness in center and light porosity. Nice coin. Krause states that these were minted for use in Brazil but also circulated in Angola. However they do not list the coin under Brazil. Scarce denomination. $150

AUSTRIA. Hans Hirsch. 1938 Æ 70mm by A. Hartwig on the 50th birthday of this Austrian physican. Bust left/Uniface. $25

* 52440 AUSTRIA. Alfred Grunfeld. 1922 Æ64.5 mm by Josef Prinz. His bust right/Harp, musical score, legend. Struck for his 70th birthday. Niggl-769. Grünfeld was a Pianist and Composer who born in Prague in 1852 and died in Vienna in 1924. He was one of the first pianists to have his work recorded for phonograph records. $100

12705 FRANCE. Jean Bodin. 1984. Æ75mm by Revol. Bust 1/2 l, (A political writer and Economist)/Fisherman etc, around map of France. #8 of 100 and ex Daniel Friedenberg collection. $30

GERMANY, ND. C. 24 x 32mm blue porcelain medalet with small hole at top. Depicts a wine-maker with tools of his trade, and bunches of grapes behind him. "WINZER" in a banner below. $10

* 26302 GERMANY, Arnold Mendelssohn. 1929 Bronze oval c. 54 x 64mm by? His portrait slightly to the right/11 line legend with loop and red and white cord as made. Niggl-3305 (II). Mendelsohn, a composer, conductor and music teacher was the grandnephew of Felix Mendelssohn. This is the only medal that I know of him. $100

* 54229 GREAT BRITAIN. The Thomason Medallic Bible. 1830. WM 73 mm. Noah building the Ark/Long legend. BHM-1468/7, Eimer-1238. VF, some typical corrosion. $40

54810 GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1841. Silver 2 Pence . Maundy Money/. Y-B12, KM-729. Ch. toned unc. $25

* ISRAEL. 1948 25 Mils Uniface. KM-8, P1b. With 3 raised dots on blank side. VF+, some discoloration. Rare. This coin sold for $625 in our Auction 42F but unfortunately the successful bidder, formerly a good customer and friend, never paid for the coin nor responded to our repeated tries to contact him. $550

* 54567 ISRAEL. 1st Coin! 5708 (1948). 25 Mils. Only coin dated in Israel's first year. Y-1, P-1, KM-8. EF, a few light scratches. $200

ISRAEL, Paperweight. 1981 for the 11th Maccabiah Games, July, 1981. A white plaque about 3 x 2" with two enameled logos, one from the "US Committee Sports for Israel, Inc" which is in red, blue and silver depicting a Magen David and another in red, white, blue and silver, "Maccabiah Games-Israel USA". $20

* ISRAEL. CM-8, Tourism Award. 1962 Bronze 59mm. Two men carrying a large bunch of grapes on stick and Hebrew legends/A pair of hands holding grapes, an orange a pomegranate and a goblet of wine. Only 505 minted. $50

* ISRAEL, Sinai Medal. 1975. Bronze 73 x 102mm. Map of Sinai and Port Said area, legend around. Given to the Swedish FN Battalion (a UN group) who served in the Sinai from June to December 1975. $30

ISRAEL, Aircraft that Made History. 2001 Bronze 50mm. Airplane flying over the old city of Jerusalem, "1948 Auster" in English and Hebrew/Eagle (?) and "His Wings Shall Fill the Breadth of the Land" (from Isaiah) in English and Hebrew. Bronze 50mm, Proof-like from a series. $25

ISRAEL. 1964 10 Agorot. KM-26, A10-5. Large date variety. A partial roll of 30 BU coins. $15

ITALY, Vatican. 1964 Pair of Medals commemorating Pope Paul VI and his visit to Israel in 1964. 1) 50mm Bronze, Bust of Pope just slightly to the right/St. Peter facing forward, St. Peter's basilica at left, 3 crosses on hill to right. Latin legend concerning a traveler returning to the Holy Land. Obverse by Lorioli and Varisco, reverse unsigned. 2) Silvered 50mm, Bust of Paul left, same reverse as previous. Obverse by Cost-Affer. $30

NETHERLANDS, Wilhelmina. 1938 2 ½ Gulden. KM-165. VF-EF. $20

* NETHERLANDS, Jacques Schulman. 1980 AE 69mm by William Vis. Struck for the 100th Anniversary of this venerable numismatic firm. Legend at right, view of building at Keizersgracht 442 where the store and offices of the company were located/Legend at right indicating 4 generations of numismatists, two emblems at left, one for 1880-1902 when the company was located in Amersfoort, the 2nd for 1902-1980 when the company was located in Amsterdam. Jacques was a cousin of the flamboyant Hans Schulman who had his offices in New York City. The company, no longer owned by the Schulmans, moved their headquarters earlier this year back to Amsterdam. $35

PALESTINE, British Mandate. 1927 1 Mil. Y-1, KM-1. Slabbed, ANACS MS-62 Brn. $20

52239 POLAND. Sigismund I. 1509. Half Groschen . Crown, legend and date around/Eagle, legend around. Gum-480. F-VF, some weak spots. $45

54595 SWEDEN. Oscar II. 1876 ST. 25 Ore . /. Y-20, KM-738. aVF. $15

UNITED STATES. Christopher Colombus. 1992. Bronze 57mm by Paul Vincze. His bust, legend below and around/2 indians, 2 settlers, ship in background. As struck for the Magnes Mint. Scarce, seldom offered. "007" on edge, but we cannot confirm that this is from the James Bond collection. $35

UNITED STATES. 1961. Civil War Centennial Medal. Silver 64mm by Joseph E. Renier. Facing busts of Ulysses Grant and Robert E. Lee/Legend, flag and logs. In box with brochure. $20

* 49038 UNITED STATES. FIDEM Medal. 1986. Copper 79.5 mm by Guy-Charles Revol. Various impressions of medals from earlier Fidem Congresses in Europe/Legend commemorating the 50th Congress held in Colorado Springs in 1987 with Garden of the Gods to either side. Revol is from Portugal. #303 of 500. As struck. $35

UNITED STATES, Los Angeles. 1978 Æ40mm. Convention of International Numismatics Annual Medal. The C.O.I.N. logo/map of Europe and "Europe 1978" above and below. As struck. $10

UNITED STATES, Lion of Israel Medal1965. Bronze 75mm By Elizabeth Weistrop for the Judaic Medal Society of Half Moon Bay, CA. and struck by the Medallic Art. Co. Moses holding 10 Commandments, "Hear O Israel etc"/Lion of Israel. While we occasionally offer this medal in a 35mm size, but seldom in this large bronze size. The last we had, sold for $70 a year or so ago. $50

48476 URUGUAY. Cerveceria del Uruguay. ND. Aluminum 27.5. Cervecerias del uruguay s dad a ml around montevideo/vale por "1" barril vacio. 1 empty barrel.. Rulau-unlisted . Unc. $20

End of Sale.