Minilist 8 - March 11, 2013

Israel Gold Coins 1980-1987

Minilist 8: ISRAEL GOLD COINS 1980-1987

Welcome to our 8 Mini-List of 2013. This is our 2nd listing of Israel Gold Coins. All coins are one of a kind. Please note that the images are from our digital library of coin images and not necessarily the coins described below. However the coins we are offering are as nice, or nicer, than the stock images.

Peace Treaty with Egypt. 1980. Gold 5000 Lirot. 32nd Anniversary. KM-105, Fr-15. Choice Proof. $1025

Jabotinsky. 1980. Gold 500 Sheqalim. KM-115, Fr-16. Choice Proof. $1025

People of the Book. 1981. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 33rd Anniversary. KM-113, Fr-17. Choice Proof. $1025

Baron Rothschild. 1982. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 34th Anniversary coin. KM-120, Fr-18. Choice Proof. $1050

Qumran Caves. 1982. Gold 5 Sheqalim. Holyland Sites. KM-125, Fr-19. Choice Proof. $515

Valour. 1983. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 35th Anniversary. KM-133, Fr-20. Choice Proof. $1050

Herodion Ruins. 1983. Gold 5 Sheqalim. Holyland Sites. KM-132, Fr-21. Choice Proof. $515

Kinsman or Brotherhood. 1984. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 36th Anniversary. KM-138, Fr-22. Choice Proof. $1050

Kidron Valley. 1984. Gold 5 Sheqalim . Holy Land Sites Series. Key to the series, only 2601 minted. KM-142, Fr-23. Proof. $515

Scientific Achievement. 1985. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 37th Anniversary. KM-150, Fr-24. Choice Proof. $1050

Capernaum. 1985. Gold 5 Sheqalim . Holy Land Sites Series. 2633 minted. KM-154, Fr-25. Nice Proof. $515

Art in Israel. 1986. Gold 10 Sheqalim. 38th Anniversary. KM-166, Fr-26. Choice Proof. $1050

20th Anniversary of United Jerusalem. 1987. Gold 10 New Sheqalim . 39th Anniversary. KM-179, Fr-28. Choice Proof. $1050

Jericho. 1987. Gold 5 New Sheqalim. Holyland Sites. KM-182, Fr-29. Choice Proof. $515

Capital Plastic Holder for Israel Gold Coins. 1980-1987. Set II. Space for 15 gold coins, Jabotinsky to Jericho Deep blue, with gold lettering. In box. These holders are difficult to locate and seldom seen. $75

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