Minilist 6 - February 25, 2013

25 items for the 25th of February

After a hiatus of a few weeks due to our very successful Auction 42A our Monday Mini List returns. 25 coins, all with photographs. The items are either new or the prices are new.Happy Hunting.


54517 *JUDAEA. Alexander Jannaeus. 104-76 BC. Æ Prutah (1.84g). Star of 8 rays, Error coin. obverse double or triple struck/Inverted anchor. H-1152a. Fine. $65

54899 *JUDAEA, Herod Archelaus. 4 BC - 6 AD. Æ 2 Prutot (2.28g) . Double cornucopia with parallel horns turned to right, /War Galley facing left, "Ethnarch", letters arranged differently, some retrograde, some upside down. H-1194a, AJC-3d, TJC-70d. Nice F-VF. $200

54662 *JUDAEA, Pontiius Pilate, Procurator under Tiberius. 26-36 AD. Æ Prutah (1.64g) . LIS (retrograde Z) in wreath. Year 17 - 30/31 AD/Lituus . H-1342a, TJC-33b. F.VF, one flat edge. $125

54178 *JUDAEA, Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135. AR Zuz or Denarius, 3.11g . "Shimon" within wreath of eight almons with medallion at top/"For the Freedom of Jeruslaem" around elongated lyre, traces of previous coin. Ex Superior Galleries 12-9/10-1989 (Jascha Heifitz Collection II), Lot 2904. . Mild-99 (Rare), H-1424, TJC-272a. VF. $970

50485 *Judaea Capta. Titus. 81-96. Æ23 (11.12) . Head of Titus right, with countermark of head in rectangular tablet on neck. Reverse is blank. TJC-381c sim., H-1446a sim. Coin Fr/pr, cm Fine. $175

54844 *AELIA CAPITOLINA in Judaea, Antoninus Pius. 138-161. Æ24.5 (11.21g) . Bareheaded bust of Pius righr/Bareheaded draped bust of Aurelius right. Mesh-12, Ros-24. F-VF, fields a tad rough. Well-centered, entire legend readable. $300

54907 *BOSTRA in Arabia Petraea. Bostra, Marcus Aurelius. 138-161. Æ17.69mm (2.75g) . His bare-headed cuirassed bust right/Bust of turreted Tyche right. Sp-20, Ros-16. Nice VF. $269

54909 *CAESAREA in Samaria. Marcus Aurelius. 161-180. Æ26.5 (12.54g) . Bareheaded bust right/Bust of Sarapis right. Ros-32, Kad-38. Ch. VF, nice green patina. $150

54910 *CAESAREA in Samaria. Trajan Decius. 248-251 AD. Æ27.5 (19.32g) . Laureate draped bust right/COL - PR. FL. - AVG. FC - CAES ME - TR P S in 5 lines. Kad-160. Unlisted in other references. VG-F. $150

55000 *CAESAREA in Samaria, Volusian. 251-253 AD. Æ24 (12.38g) . aureate and draped bust right/ Nike advancing left, holding wreath and palm.. Ros-186, Kad-225. VF, or nearly so, with nice desert green-brown patina. Uncommon. $210

54934 *SEPPHORIS in Galilee, Trajan.. 98-117. Æ14 (2.12g) . Bust right/2 ears of barley bound together by their stalks. Ros-6, BMC-17. F/VF. $119

54933 *TIBERIAS in Gallilee, Trajan. 98-117. Æ19.5 (4.83g) . Laureate bust right/Palm branch between interlaced cornucopias, across field, date Year 81 = 99/100.. ANS-1102, BMC-14, R-, Kind-. VF. $95

51579 *BOETIA. Thebes. 379-371 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.45) . Boeotian shield/BO - I either side of kantharos, club above, object to right all in incuse square. SG-2396ff. F, obv. o.c., porous. $90

53993 *PHOENICIA. Tyre. 126 BC-65 AD (86/85 BC). AR Shekel (13.14) . Laureate bust of Melkart right./Eagle stg l., on club, date AM ?(year 451 to left, Delta to between legs, Phoneician Aleph right. BMC-134. VF, but porous. This is the the famous Shekel of Tyre or 30 Pieces of Silver. $700

51878 *NABATEAN KINGS. Aretas IV. 9 BC-40 AD. Æ14 (1.95) . King Aretas standing left, letter behind/Queen Shuqalit standing left, legend behind. Mesh-97, ANS-1435. F/VF. $25


51604 *BELGIUM. Brussels. Anonymous Local Coinage. 1235-1280. AR Denier (.53) . Windmill type Cross of Brabent/Bridge or gangplank. SCMF-7369, dw-98. Nice VF. $150

54591 *CANADA. Victoria. 1901. Large Cent . Last year of issue/Very light scratch across cheek. Y-5, KM-7. R&B unc. $60

52747 *EGYPT. Occupation of Napoleon. 1203/14 (c.1800). AR Para (Billon silver) . Scarce type/. KM-145, Cr-63a. VF for type. $100

54485 *GERMANY, Brandenburg, George Wilhelm. 1624 (z). 1/4 Taler . Half-length figure in robe right, Cross on heart mm (Ernst Pfaler as warden) in legend/Crowned Shield, 2-4 to either side on shield. "2" is overstruck over a zero or another 2. KM-86.7. VF. $75

54876 *GERMANY, Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm II. 1792. Silver 27mm by A. Abramson . Armoured bust right/Genius with a raised r. hand & cornucopia, stands at altar, Prussian eagle in front. Homage of Ansbach and Bayreuth to FWII. Hoffman-83. Toned VF+. $75

54209 *GERMANY. Schaumburg-Lippe. Wilhelm I Friedrich Ernst. 1763. 2/3 Thaler . /Type with "Fein Silber" added on reverse . Cr-13, Dav-946A, KM-17. Toned VF. $350

54700 *MEXICO. Philip V. 1735/3. 2 Reales, Pillar type . Pillars to either side of crowned globe/Crowned shield. Overdate. KM-84. VF+, a few scrapes over globe, small edge flaw above H. $125

54671 *PALESTINE. British Mandate. 1945. 2 Mils . Semi-key date in high grade! Y-2, KM-2. R&B Unc. $100

54477 *PHILIPPINES. Republic. 1982. 25 Piso . Conjoined bust of Ronald Regan and Ferdinand Marcos right/Arms. Y-91, KM-235. PL BU. $40

54673 *SWEDEN. Gustav VI Adolph. 1952. Silver 31mm Prize Medal . Bust of David Davidson 3/4 right. He was Sweden's first economic professor/Beehive, wreath and legend. EF. $50

End of Sale.