Minilist 4 - January 2013

15 Coins of Ancient Africa

Our fourth mini weblist of 2013 contains 15 coins of ancient Africa. Some are coins we've offered before but with lower prices, while others are items that are brand new to us. For ordering instructions and postage rates please click the link above. US postage rates have risen once again. We have maintained our current rates for a number of years but we will be raising our rates within the next week. Take advantage of the old postage rates and order quickly. All items are one of a kind.


54303 *Ptolemy I, Soter. 323-319 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (12.16g) . Diademed head right/Eagle standing l., on thunderbolt, P above monogram in left field. SNG Cop-70. Svo-255. F/VF, but obverse corroded & porous in parts. $169

50978 *Ptolemy IV Philopator. 221-205 BC. Æ38 (43.21) . Head of Zeus-Ammon right/Eagle left, looking right, on thunderbolt, on left shoulder cornucopia, E between legs. SNG Cop-225. Fine. $40

52950 *Ptolemy VI. 180-145 BC. Æ28 (15.39g) of Paphos . Head of Cleopatra I as Isis right, hair in formal curls and wreathed with corn/Eagle stg. l., on thunderbolt, mongram to left. SG-7903, SNG Cop-284. Fine. $65

52067 *Ptolemy VI. 180-145 BC. Æ29 (21.02g) . Head of Zeus-Ammon right with diadem, in dotted border/Two eagles stg left on thunderbolt, cornucopia in front.. SNG Cop-309. Fine, porous. $40


54306 *Vespasian. 69-79. Bi Tetradrachm (11.12g) . Laureate bust right, LB = Year 2/Eirene standing left, holding corn and cornucopia EI PH NH. C-252, Emm-203, M-388. Fine, encrustation, irregular flan. Low grade, but scarce. $95

52147 *Maximus Caesar. 235-238, Year 3. Æ Tetradrachm (12.73) . Bust right/Bust of Zeus Ammon right. Unlisted by Curtis, Koln and BMC. M-3246, Emm-3339. VF, obv. porous. $80

50468 *Gallienus. 253-269. Æ Drachm (11.48) . Laureate bust right/Eagle standing left, head turned back. LIB = year 12. Very rare. . M-4112, E-3842, Koln-2926. aVF, bit rough. $800

54607 *Aurelian and Vabalathus. 271-272. Potin Tetradrchm (8.20g) . Laureate bust of Aurelian, year 1/Diademed bust of Vabalathus, year 4. Emm-3914, Cur-1738. VF, rough in spots. $40

54293 *Diocletian. 284-305. Potin Tetradrachm (8.41g) . Laureate bust right/Zeus stnading left, holding patera and scepter, eagle at feet, LH = Year 8. C-2047, Emm-4087. VF, bit porous. $45


54833 *Diocletian. 284-305 AD. Silvered Follis (11.05) Alexandria . Laureate bust right/Genius standing left hldg patara from which liquid flows & cornucopia, ALE in ex, no letters in field. Toned EF-AU. $155

54298 *Constantine II, as Caesar. 317-337. Æ Follis (3.07g) . Laureate bust left/Camp-gate with 2 turrets, wreath to left, star above, (S)MAA (Alexandria) in ex.. RIC-VII-42. Nice VF. $45

54300 *Constantius II, as Augustus. 348-361. Æ Centenionalis (4.24g) . Radiate bust right/Soldier advancing left, spearing fallen horseman, ALEX in ex. Alexandria. SR-4003. VF, ragged flan, bit o.c., weakly struck on parts of reverse. $49


54061 *Wazebas II (Ouazebas). 350-400 AD. Æ Unit (15mm, 1.27g) . Draped bust right wearing headcloth, grain ears at left and right/Small draped bust right, in field of gold inlay.. MH-54, MACW-391-395. VG, rev. bust faint, but 30% or so of gold inlay intact. $80

54064 *Anonymous. Mid 5th Century AD. Æ Uniit (16mm, 1.18g) . Crowned and draped bust right, ribbon (looks like 6) behind, holding cross/Greek Cross in circle, legend around, "May this please the country" . MH-76. Nice Fine. $75

54059 *Wazena. Early to Mid 6th Century. Æ Unit (15mm, .89g) . 1/2 Length bust r, w. whet stalk/Cross crosslet,with a touch of the original gold inlay intact. MH-118, MACW-420. G/VG. $75

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