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Auction Sale #45A

This auction is now closed. Please see our list of prices realized (pdf).

Closing Date and Time:
Thursday, July 16, 2015
Midnight Mountain Time

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TERMS OF SALE   (back to top)

1. All bids are per lot as numbered in this catalog.

2. Payments are strictly cash (cash, check, money order, bank draft, bank wire or approved credit card) in US dollars. See Term #9 for credit card terms.All checks must be written in US dollars on a US bank. We do not accept payment via PayPal. Bidders are responsible for any and all bank charges for bank wires etc.

3. Auction sales are not approval sales. The bidders assume responsibility to pay for all lots bid on. Lots may be returned for reasons of improper description only within 3 days of receipt. Lots examined prior to the sale may not be returned for any reasons except authenticity. Late payers forfeit any return privileges. 4. All materials are guaranteed genuine, unless noted otherwise.

5. Bid sheets must be signed.

6. We reserve the right to reject any bid.

7. Title does not pass until lots are paid for in full.

8. Postage, insurance & handling are extra. A minimum of $5 per shipment will be charged.

9. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted for payment. However an additional 5% is charged, to help cover our costs, for use of card in auctions and mailbid sales. Please note if you use a credit card and are a new customer, we must be able to confirm your billing address.

10. Digital photos or scans are available for most individual lots in this sale via email without charge. We prefer that you ask for this service well before the end of the sale.

11. All lots with six (6) or more items are sold as is, and are not returnable.

12. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt unless arrangements are made prior to the close of the sale. All invoices over 30 days overdue are subject to an interest charge of 1 1⁄2% per month.

13. There is a $25 charge for bad checks.

14. In case of tie bids, the earliest bid received will win the lot.

15. Phone, fax, mail and email bids are accepted. Phone bids should be confirmed in writing. All email bids will be confirmed by a return email. We will also try via email to confirm receipt of bids received by any other method.

16. Estimates are just that, estimates. Lots, may and do, sell for above and below estimate. Please bid what the lot is worth to you. High bids will be reduced to 5 to 10% over the 2nd high bid whenever possible.

17. Bidders are responsible for errors in bidding, so please check your bid sheet carefully.

18. There are no buyer's fees in our sales. The only additional fee charged is for shipping or for use of a credit card or a bank wire. Our bank charges $15 for a wire fee, your bank may also charge one.

19. All overseas packages will be shipped via registered or express mail at buyer's risk. Shipments of books will be very expensive to overseas addresses.

20. Bidders not known to us must provide us with satisfactory credit references or pay a (refundable of course) 25% deposit.

21. Prices realized will be published shortly after the sale and will be mailed to all consignors, subscribers and competitive bidders. Others may receive a copy for $5 plus a stamped self-addressed envelope or check our website for free.

22. Slabbed (encapsulated) coins, notes, medals or tokens certified by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS may not be returned.

23. The minimum acceptable bid on any lot is at least 60% of the estimate. In some cases it may be higher than that, but it will never be higher than estimate. We have made every effort to make our estimates con- servative and realistic. In the case of lots with precious metals, bids must be the "melt" value of the item at the very least. As we write this, gold is near $1200 per ounce, silver around $16 per ounce and platinum near $1100 an ounce. Both markets have been very volatile lately. If in doubt, please ask us.

Please see below for new bidding rules for the last day of the sale.




Telephone bids will be accepted until 9:00 Mountain Time Fax & email bids will be accepted until Midnight Mountain Time.

Bids left on our Voice Mail System (Answering Machines) will be accepted until Midnight Mountain Time.

We will stop answering our phones at 9:00 PM Mountain time on July 16, 2015 or as soon as our phones stops ringing for 10 minutes. However you may still leave bids on our phones via voice mail, via Fax or via email until midnight. This should make it easier for anybody who wants to bid on the last day, the last hour or even the last minute to do so. Most winning bids will be reduced to one advance over the 2nd high bid.

However we reserve the right to not reduce bids for those who have contacted us on closing day to see what they would have to bid on a lot but have not placed a competitive bid on that lot until after 9 PM. We feel that at least one bidder took an unfair advantage in our last sale. And we reserve the right to contact the 2nd high bidder in that case and give him the opportunity to beat that bid.

We suggest you bid above estimate if you want an item, as most bids will be re- duced to one bidding increment over the 2nd high bid. Our bid sheets offer several bidding options that can save you money, optimize your bids and see that you get the lots that your really want. If you are unsure of your bidding strategy, please give us a call or contact us by email and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

There is a minimum bid of at least 60% of the estimate on each lot. However in some cases the reserve may be higher than 60% of the estimate although it will never be higher than the estimate. We will always try to make reserves and esti- mates reasonable and in line with today's market. Of course in many cases lots may be offered so infrequently that our estimates are just educated guesses.

We take seriously the commitment to reduce bids. We do not reveal the high bid on any lot, however we will tell you if you are the high bidder at the time of your re- quest and if not what you need to bid to be the high bidder at the moment. Usually more than half of all successful bids are reduced and over 75% of successful bidders have at least one of their winning bids reduced. We believe that the best strategy to being a successful bidder is placing your bids early and not waiting until the last minute. We believe the best bidding strategy is to bid early, knowing that winning bids will be reduced to the next bidding increment over the 2nd high bid. It's a successful auction when everybody is satisfied with the results: the con- signors, the bidders and the auctioneer. Many of our consignors have been con- signing material to us for 25 or more years, others have been buying material from us for as long or longer and are just now disposing of their collection or of parts of their collection. And more than a handful of the successful bidders in our sales of the past few years have been bidding (and buying) in our sales since the 1970s. We must be doing something right. 2015 is our 45th year in business.

There are no buyer's fees in our sales. You are charged only for the amount of your winning bid plus a postage and shipping charge. If you want the convenience of using your credit card or sending us a bank wire, we do charge a small fee to help cover our costs. There are only a few coin dealers who still do not charge a buyer's fee. Some companies charge a 15 to 20% buyer's fee, plus a consignor fee as well!

LOT VIEWING SCHEDULE   (back to top)

COLORADO SPRINGS COIN SHOW: JUNE 25 TO JUNE 28. FREEDOM FINANCIAL SERVICES EXPO CENTER, 3650 North Neveda Avenue, Colorado Springs CO 80907. Thursday June 25th is dealer set up and the hours are 2 to 8. We should be there by 3 or so and stay until at least 6 to 7 depending on foot traffic. Friday and Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM, Sunday 9 AM to 4 PM. We will be there all public hours. If you make a right when entering the hall our tables should be a few tables down on the right.

We plan to have all lots from the auction with us at this show and we will be there for all public hours. If you are heading to the show and have gotten lost or can't find our tables call us on our mobile phone number is 303-910-8245.

From June 22nd until the close of the sale either Rita or I (usually both of us) will usually be available in our office for questions about the sale or particular lots. If we don't answer the phone, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can. We have a number of appointments that we must take care of during late June and mid-July. Obviously we will not be in the office while we are attending the above coin show.

Our usual office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5:55 PM Mountain time. As the closing date draws near we will expand our hours. If you call and we don't answer, please leave a message with the best time to return your call and we will try to get back to you at your preferred time. Of course you can email 24 hours a day and we will return the email as soon as we can.

We will confirm all email bids within 24 hours of receiving your bid. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us. Email bids received between 9 PM and Midnight on July 16th will be confirmed sometime the next day. We do not confirm bids received via mail or fax un- less specifically asked to do so. However if we have your email on file we will try to do so. When sending us a bid sheet via regular mail, fax or as an attachment, please write carefully on your bid sheet. And a short description is always helpful to avoid mistakes.

No information will be available about the results of the sale until bids have been checked and invoices have been written. This usually takes 3 to 4 days. We will not be answering the phones until that information is ready. We hope to have the phones open by Monday July 20th or Tuesday July 21st at the very latest.

Because of circumstances beyond our control this has been a very difficult and long process in producing this catalog. There are no images in the printed version of this catalog. Our website contains color images of virtually every lot and we can even try to send you more images, via email, if you so desire. We do apologize for this. This catalog is being sent out two months late with about half as many lots as we would have like to list. It was just impossible for me to work at a more productive pace.

What the future holds as far as auction catalogs go is still up in the air. Suffice it to say we plan to continue in the business for at least another few years. How we conduct our auctions, web-lists and shows is unknown at this time.

We hope to continue having two auctions a year as we have enough material of our own and of others for a few more sales at the very least. Finding the time to do that is the difficult thing at the moment.

We plan to attend the DAWN (Denver Area World Numismatists) meeting on July 3rd and will bring selected items from this auction to the meeting. Pleaes contact us by July 2nd if you will be at the meeting and want us to bring something from the auction. We will not bring anything unless it is specifically requested.

HIGHLIGHTS OF 2015 SUMMER AUCTION 45A   (back to top)

We've already given our mea culpa about the late date of the sale, the lack of photographs in the printed version of the catalog and the amount of lots in the auction. However no apology is needed for the quality of the material being offered. Among the ancient coins offered are a number of rare tiny coins of Samaria and Gaza and some rare and high grade coins from the Bar Kochba Revolt. High and/or rare coins from Gadara, Joppa, Skotussa, Mytilene, Alexandria are offered along with two different coins with what is believed to be the head of Cleopatra VII in a countermark. An exceptionally well-centered Judaea Capta denarius and coins from the collection of the well-known Washington DC numismatist Bill Porter round out this section.

The world coin section is highlighted by the 2nd part of the Philadelphia Collection and high grade and rare coins of Egypt, Israel and Palestine are being offered. Included in these listings are three high grade 1948 25 Mil coins, the exceedingly rare 1960 Eight Grain Type I Agora, proof Pruta coins, error coins and some rare 21st century Israeli gold coins. From a different collection is an incredibly rare 1954 100 Pruta struck on an off- metal. Is it a pattern minted in Bern or an error minted in Tel Aviv? It's the first we've ever seen! The Palestine coins and tokens from this collection have numerous scarce and desirable pieces from five 19th century tokens, many key dates in high grade and a Proof single which is seldom avail- able.

Other highlights in the world coin section include some very rare and/or high grade African coins from Eritrea, Ethiopia, French Equatorial Africa, German East Africa, Guinea, Italian Somaliland and some remarkable pat- terns from Madagascar. In addition we offer eight rare and high late 18th and early 19th century coins of the Gold Coast as well as the exceedingly rare 1952 Proof set from Libya with a nice pedigree.

The world coin sections ends with a group of Lodz Ghetto tokens, a Swedish "Jehovah" 4 Mark silver coin US trade "box" dollar, and a long run of US merchant tokens. In addition to the "box" dollar there are 3 hand-en- graved love tokens on 19th century silver crowns.

The World Paper section again is full of rare and seldom seen notes including a well-worn (and partially burnt) 1st issue Cyprus canteen chit from the Sylvia Haffner collection as well as the nicest 2nd issue set of 3 Cyprus Canteen notes we have ever seen. Other concentration camp and related highlights include notes from Buchenwald, Flossenburg, Nordhausen, Oranienburg, Sachsenhausen, Westerbork, Lodz and the Warsaw Ghetto.

The Israeli paper section has numerous rarities, specimens, trials and proofs. A few lots deserve special mention including a matched numbered set of 1948 carpet notes which we sold to "Mr. Philadelphia" nearly 30 years ago, a very high grade Neeman-Eshkol 100 Pruta Inverted signature error fractional note, a high grade and "slabbed" 50 Pound Bank Leumi note, a 1955 Bank of Israel Specimen set, a group of 23 different notes in a 1955 Bank of Israel Progress set of trial and proofs and a group of vignettes from the American Bank Note Company archives used on Israel Bonds in the early 1950s. In addition are 4 different Israeli errors as well a group of rare Six-Day War POW notes.

While the Palestine section doesn't have the block-busters of the last sale we do offer one of the very few known Palestine Currency Board errors which has a nice pedigree and is similar to the one in Rafael's Dabbah's book. We should know as we bought both of them at the same time more than 20 years ago. Also being offered are two high grade one pound notes, a nice 10 Pound note and 3 Anglo-Palestine Registered checks.

The paper money section ends with the last of the large lots of Lodz Ghetto notes that we have been offering for the past few years, a run of chits and coupons from Lodz and the only book in the auction. It's the actual handwritten manuscript of David Atzmony's classic Russian Paper Money Catalog, This original piece of research is dedicated to one of the great paper money enthusiasts of all time, Yasha Beresiner, who was given the book by Atzmony in November of 1974 who signed it for Yasha.

Our medallic Judaica section as always has numerous rare and seldom seen items. Lot 294 is a silver "Feather Jew" medal by Christian Wermuth from the famed Arthur Polak collection and the first in silver we've offered in at least 35 years. Other highlights in this section include an 1782 Edict of Toleration Medal, a medal of Alberto Cohn, an 1878 Vercelli Synagogue medal, a hand-engraved 1904 (on a British 3 Pence?) silver Bar Mitzvah? love token, 2 Boris Schatz items, a 1937 Benno Elkan Marriage medal, an exceedingly rare gold medal issued by the Iranian Jewish Community in 1966 and numerous Holocaust related medals including a huge one of Raoul Wallenberg. Two unusual amulets are in this section, one which we believe the late Bill Spengler found in the mid-east, the other a large unidentified piece.

Our state of Israel medal section contains more than a handful of rare patterns, test strikes, trials, off-metal strikes or errors and unlisted items.

Our miscellaneous paper section is, as usual, a selection of various items that don't quite fit anywhere else. Included in this section are numerous different Kollel notes some offered individually and others in groups. Perhaps the highlight of the section is a hand-written letter, with the original envelope, from Henrietta Szold address to a prominent attorney in Pennsylvania.

The sale ends with a small listing of Holocaust related notgeld, some very rare anti-semitic propaganda overprints and other documents and memorabilia.


ANCIENT COINAGE   (back to top)

*001 PHILISTIA, Gaza. 5th-4th Centuries BC. Silver Hemiobol or 1/2 Gerah (.33g). Helmeted head of Athena right/Owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind, AΘ(ΕΘ). (Rarity 2!) Hoover-10, 573, Gitler & Tal-V10HOc, H-1015 but 1/2 Obol. Choice VF/EF, obv. bit o.c. Exceptional. $425+

*002 Judaea. Samaria. 4th Century BC. Silver Hemi-obol (.23g). Dolphin right in dotted border/Facing head of lion. Unpublished variety of Meshorer-Qedar 172 (lion head) and IC3 (dolphin). Gemini-VI, 265. Toned F/VF+. $750+?

*003 Judaea. Samaria. 4th Century BC. Silver Obol (.54g). Head of satrap right, wearing Persian tiara/Female head right, wearing cap. SC-185, Sofaer-169. Toned VF. The description is from Samarian Coins by Meshorer and Qedar. The coin in Sofaer which is the same type describes the figure on the reverse as a young male head wearing a tiara without a chin piece. It's definitely a different type of head piece than the figure on the obverse is wearing. Either way a nice well-centered coin. $450+

*004 Judaea. Samaria. 4th Century BC. Silver Hemi-Obol (.32g). Ram's head left/Dolphin jumping left. Unlisted in Meshorer-Qedar (SC), 1st published in INR, 2007 #16. Sofaer-236. VF. $600+

*005 Judaea, Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135 AD, year 1. Small bronze (8.00g). Palm tree with seven branches and 2 clusters of fruit Eleazar the priest/Bunch of grapes with small branch and leaf, Year 1 of the redemption of Israel. Hen-1380, Sofaer-22, Mild-150. EF. High grade & heavy! An exceptionally heavy example of a year one Bar Kochba coin. $750+

*006 Judaea, Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135 AD. Year one. Æ Small bronze (4.27g). 7-branched palm tree, with 2 dates and retrograde inscription Eleazar the Priest/Bunch of grapes, Year One of the Redemption of Israel. Hen-1380a, Mild-148, Sofaer-26. EF on oval flan. Rare this nice. $1250+?

*007 Judaea, Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135 AD. Silver Zuz (3.18g) or Denarius. Shimon around bunch of grapes/ For the freedom of Jerusalem around two trumpets. Overstruck, traces of undercoin visible. (Perhaps a denarius of Hadrian). H-1431, Mild-166, AJC-60. VF, toned. Ex CNG 27 Lot 775 (September 1993). $1100+

*008 Judaea, Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135 AD, attributed to year 3. Small bronze (4.48g). Palm Tree, Shimon/Bunch of grapes, for the freedom of Jerusalem. M-158, Sofaer-168, H-1440. VF, obverse bit off-center. This was part of a large collection of Bar Kochba bronze coins from Israel we purchased in early 2003. $250+

*009 Judaea, Judaea Capta, Domitian. 81-96 AD. Æ26 (14.64g) of Caesarea. Radiate head right/7-branched palm tree with two bunches of dates. Hen-1458, TJC-394, Sofaer-33. Nice VF. Well-centered. $500

*010 Gaba in Galilee, Sabina, wife of Hadrian. Æ17 (4.91g). Bust right/Male figure, standing, head left, holding mantle and scepter, ZOP = 177 = 116/117 AD. Ros-13, Sofaer-27. VF. Scarce this nice! $325+

*011 Gadara in the Decapolis, Gordian III. 238-244 AD. Æ20 (6.47g). Radiate bust right, AYT K M AV ANT ΓΟΡ∆ΙΑΝΟC. High grade for issue!/The three Graces; ΠΟΜΠ above; in exergue, ΓΑ∆Α (Gadara); around, ∆Τ (304 - 240/1 AD). Ros-92, Sofaer-101. aVF, brown-green desert patina. A very nice example of this popular reverse type. $450+

*012 Joppa in Judaea, Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. Æ19 (7.28g). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right/Athena standing right, holding spear and shield. ΦΛΑ clear to left. Ros-11, Sofaer-21. Fine. Very rare! I have no record of ever offering this coin either by auction or from stock. $425+

*013 Calabria, Brundisium. Æ Semis (20mm, 7.23g), 200-89 BC. Laureate head of Poseidon right/Taras seated on dolphin left, holding Nike and lyre. SG-601, BMC-14, SNG Cop-727. F-VF, somewhat porous under heavy dark green patina, which might make it tough to photograph, but a very nice and seldom seen coin. $100+

*014 CALABRIA. Tarentum. 302-228 BC. Silver Diobol (.75g). Head of Athena right, wearing crested helmet/Hercules standing right, strangling Nemean Lion. As Vlasto-1316. Fine, some oxidation. Scarce. The weight of this coin would make one think it was an obol rather than a diobol but the oxidation has probably reduced the original weight. $100+?

*015 Sicily, Katane. c. 415-412 BC. Silver Tetrantes or Trionkia (.22g). Laureate head of Apollo right/Kithara (lyre), 3 dots around. Hoover-595.F/F+, bit grainy. Very rare. We have found only one other similar example of this coin offered in the past 15 years. This example is much nicer! $250+?

*016 Thessaly. Skotussa. 480-450 BC. Silver Drachm (5.87g). Forepart of horse prancing left/EK O around corn grain in husk, all in incuse square. SNG Cop-250, BCD-279. GVF, some discoloration obverse. Despite the discoloration, still a very attractive coin from an uncommon locale. $550+

*017 LESBOS. Mytilene. c. 454-427 BC. Electrum Hekte (2.47g). Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet/Confronted steer heads within incuse square. Scarce reverse. Bodenstedt Em. 35. aVF. Ex CNG 67, 8/22/04 #659. This exact coin is listed as sold by Kirk Davis on Vcoins @1450! And I have not seen this coin listed for sale at any major auction in the US or Europe for 10 years! $1150+?

*018 Syria. Seleucis and Pieria. Antioch. Pseudo-autonomous. 1st century BC. Æ Tetrachalkon (23.5mm, 11.07g). Laureate head of Zeus right; with a countermark of the head of Cleopatra VII (?) right within oval incuse/Zeus Nikephoros seated left, date in ex., but hard to see because of c/m on obverse. DCA-384ff, RPC-4216ff. VF/aF. While the attribution of c/m to Cleopatra is somewhat speculative the evidence seems to fit. Countermarked bronzes with the head of Cleopatra VII are known for Antioch, Chalkis, Seleukia and Laodicea. See Lot #19 for another Cleopatra VII countermark. $350+?

*019 SYRIA, Coele-Syria. Dynasts of Chalkis. Ptolemy. c. 85-40 BC. Æ19 (5.33g). Laureate head of Zeus right;countermark of Cleopatra VII (?) right/Eagle flying right. Attribution of c/m to Cleopatra is speculative, but the evidence seems to fit. Countermarked bronzes with the head of Cleopatra VII are known for Antioch, Chalkis, Seleukia and Laodicea. BMC-20, 2, Lind. III-1230. Fine. For a similar c/m please see lot #18. $100+

*020 Baktria. Indo-Greek Kingdom. Menander I. c. 155-130 BC. Silver Drachm (2.42g). Diademed bust of Menander right/Athena Alkedimos advancing left, holding shield and thunderbolt; monogram to right. SNG ANS-774-781, Bopearachchi Ser. 13B. GVF. $175

*021 Troas. Abydos, Nero. 54-68 AD. Æ17 (3.11g). [ΝΕΡΩΝ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ]. Laureate head of Nero to left/A B Y around cult statue of Artemis of Ephesus. Very rare. RPC cites only two examples, unlisted elsewhere? RPC-2291. VG, rough. $120+?

*022 Lydia. Sardes. Germanicus and Drusus. c. 23-26 AD. Restruck under Asinius Pollio, proconsul, circa AD 28-29(?). Æ27 (14.02g). [ΔΡΟΥΣΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΓEPM]ANIKOΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΣ ΝΕΟΙ ΘΕΟΙ ΘΙΛΑΔΕΦ[OI] Togate figures of Drusus & Germanicus seated side by side on curule chairs to left/ ΓΑΙΩ ΑΣΙΝΝΙΩ [ΠΟΛΛΙΩΝΙ ΑΝΘΥΠΑΤΩ] wreath enclosing KO[INOY] / AΣ[IAΣ]. BMC-106, RPC-2995, Cop-518. F/VG. Typically seen in low grades such as this. $90+?

*023 Phrygia. Aizanis, Agrippina Junior, Augusta. 50-59 AD. Æ17 (2.46g). Draped bust of Agrippina to right ΑΓΡΙΠΠΙΝΑΝ CΕΒΑC[Τ]ΗΝ/Diademed and draped bust of Persephone with corn ears before AIZANI-TΩ[Ν]. BMC-91, RPC-3102, SNG Cop-91. Fine, porous, with tan patina. $100+

*024 Phrygia. Aizanis, Claudius. 41-54 AD. Æ19 (4.80g). Laureate head of Claudius to right ΚΛΑΥ[ΔΙΟΣ Κ]ΑΙΣΑΡ/Zeus standing to left, holding eagle and scepter. BMC-79, RPC-3096, SNG Cop-87. VF, somewhat rough planchet. $90+?

*025 Pamphylia. Side, Domitian. 81-96 AD. Æ19 (4.25g). Laureate head of Domitian to right ΔΟΜΙΤΙ[ΑΝ]ΟΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ/Athena advancing left, with spear & pomegranate; on shoulder, shield; at feet, snake; CΙΔ-ΗC. RPC-II, 1527, SNG Cop-415. Ch. VF, some light oxidation under glossy green patina. Very attractive. $150+

*026 Syria. Seleucis & Pieria, Tyre, Trajan. 98-117 AD (Struck 103-111). Silver Tetradrachm (13.86g). Laureate bust right, eagle standing right and club below bust/Laureate bust of Melqarth-Hercules right with lion's skin right. Because of both the club and the presence of Melqarth, Preiur attributes this type to Tyre. Prieur-1495, McAlee-455, SNG Cop-193 (Antioch). aVF, die imperfection obverse. $100+

*027 Roman Egypt. Claudius. 41-54 AD. Æ Diobol (9.18g) of Alexandria. Laureate head right, uncertain date, year 10 or 11/Winged caduceus (kerykeion) between 4 grain ears. Traces of silver which could indicate that this coin was found with a hoard of tetradrachms. Emm-78, RPC-5182. F-VF. Uncommon type. $100+

*028 Ancient Roman (or perhaps Greek) sling shot. ND (c. 1st BC - 1st AD?). Lead, c. 20.5 x 38 mm, 46.07g). Thunderbolt design on one side, somewhat encrusted. $75+?

*029 Rome, Republic. L. Marcius Philippus. 56 BC. Silver Denarius (3.73g). Head of Ancus Marcius right, lituus behind, ANCVS below/Equestrian statue on Aqueduct (the Aqua Macia), PHILIPPVS on left, AQVAM in arches. Marcia-29, SR-382. Nice toned VF. Similar to one that sold for $165 in our December auction. $150+

*030 Rome, Claudius. 41-54 AD. Æ Quadrans (2.52g). Modius, TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG/PON M TR P IM COS DES IT around large SC. SR-1683, RIC-84. F-VF, somewhat rough but attractive green-brown patina. $75?

*031 Rome, Vespasian. 69-79 AD. Silver Denarius (3.23g). Laureate head right/Judaea mourning right, hand in left hand, trophy behind, IVDAEA in exergue. Hen-1479, RIC-2, C-226, SR-2296. Struck 69-70 AD. A well-centered aVF example and among the earliest Judaea Capta coins struck. $450+?

*032 Rome, Gallienus. 253-268 AD. Æ Sestertius. (17.77g). Laureate and draped bust right/Pax standing facing, head left, holding branch and scepter, S-C to either side. SR-10481, RIC-231. Fair but identifiable. Ex Bill Porter collection. Very rare even in this grade. $100+

*033 Rome, Claudius II, Gothicus. 268-270 AD. Æ Antoninianus of Cyzicus (3.90g). Radiate and cuirassed bust right, 2 dots below/Two captives seated at base of trophy VICTORIA - E GOTHIC, nothing in exergue. SR-11381, RIC-252v. VF, a bit porous. This commemorates Claudius' victory over the Goths at Naissus in Moesia, the victory which gave him his name Gothicus. Ex Bill Porter collection. A scarce and important coin. $75+

*034 Rome, Maximianus. (284-305, 306-308 AD). This an abdication issue struck in his 2nd reign c. 307 AD. Æ Follis (8.40g.) of London. Laureate and cuirassed bust right IMP MAXIMIANVS PF AVG/Genius stg and facing, holding patera and cornucopia, PLN in ex. GENIO - POP ROM. RIV-6, 86, as SR-13444 but different obverse legend. Gd VF, nice patina. Ex Bill Porter collection. $100+

*035 Rome, Constantine I, the Great. 307-337 AD. Æ Centenionalis (22mm, 2.37g) of London. Laureate head right, Victory advancing right holding trophy in right hand, branch in left, trampling seated captive below, PLON and crescent in ex. SR-16280, RIC-7, 289. Gd VF, small flan flaw. This commemorates his victory in the Danube against the Sarmatians in 322 AD. Ex Bill Porter collection. Very attractive. $90+

036 Rome, Constantinopolis Commemorative. c. 334-335 AD. Æ Centenionalis (2.08g) of Siscia. Laureate, cuirassed and helmeted head of Constantinople left holding spear/ Victory standing left on prow, holding spear and shield •BSIS• in exergue. RIC-8, 241. VF. Ex Bill Porter collection. $50+

*037 Rome, Constantine II. 337-340 AD, as Caesar 317-337 (this 323-324). Æ Centenionalis of London (2.96g). Helmeted and cuirassed bust left/Globe on altar inscribed VOT IS XXX in 3 lines, PLON in ex., BEAT TRA NQ***NQLITAS around. RIC-7, 287, SR-17149. Nice VF. Ex-Bill Porter collection. $60+

*038 Rome, Valens. 364-378 AD. Æ Centenionalis (2.39g) of Siscia. Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right/Emperor advancing right, head left, dragging captive and holding labarum, •BSISC in ex. RIC-9, 5b, SR-19744. A bit grainy, otherwise aEF, light earthen patina. Ex Bill Porter collection. $60+?

*039 Rome, Procopius. 365-366 AD. Æ3 (2.44g) of Constantinople. Bearded bust left/ Procopius in military attire, standing, holding labarum and resting on shield, Chi-Rho in upper field to right, CONSA in exergue. Small indeterminate object at emperor's feet to left. SR-19883, RIC-17a. VF/F, nice green patina. Somewhat ragged flan, a bit rough on the reverse but a decent portrait! $100+?

*040 Rome, Gratian. 367-383 AD. Æ3 (2.58g) of Siscia. Bust right/Emperor advancing right, dragging captive and holding Chi-Rho on standard, control marks M to left and P with star above to right and •SISC in ex. RIC-9, 14c, SR-20065. Choice EF, a few weak spots. Very nice coin! $75+?

*041 Rome, Valentinian II AD. 375-392. Æ4 (1.16g) of Siscia. Bust right/Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm BSIS . in ex. RIC-9, 39a.2, SR-20357. Nice VF. $75+?

*042 Rome, Aelia Flaccilla, wife of Theodosius I. Died 386 AD. Æ2 (4.77g) of Antioch. Diademed bust right/Victory seated right, inscribing Christogram on shield set on column, T in field to right, ANTE in ex. SR-20616, RIC-9, 61 (R). Nice VF. $75+

*043 Byzantine, Tiberius III. 698-705 AD. Æ Follis of Syracuse (4.68g.). SB-1395. Facing bust, holding spear and shield, no legend/Large M between two palms, monogram above, SCL in ex. F+/aF but porous, traces of undercoin. Not particularly nice but an opportunity to purchase a rare coin at a reasonable price. $100+

*044 Byzantine, Nicephorus I. 802-811 AD. Æ Follis of Syracuse (1.31g). Facing bust of Nicephorus with short beard, wearing crown and cross to left/Facing bust of beardless Stauracius. SB-1612, Spahr-351. Nice VF, struck on a short flan which is typical for this issue. 1st we've offered in about 10 years. $80+?

*045 Byzantine, Leo V, the Armenian. 813-820 AD. Æ Follis of Syrcause (2.38g). Facing bust of Leo with short beard holding cross potent/Facing beardless bust of Constantine, cross at left K O N around. SB-1638 Spahr-372. Choice VF+, green patina, short flan as usual. A wonderful coin! $100+

*046 Byzantine, Michael II. 820-829 AD. Æ Follis (2.90g). Facing busts of Michael (on left) and Theophils both wearing crown with cross on top/Large M, cross above, Θ beneath. SB-1652. Overstruck over a Syracuse Follis. Somewhat rough but otherwise decent F+. $60+?

*047 Byzantine, Theophilus AD. 829-842. Æ Follis of Syracuse (2.72g). Facing bust/ Large M. Nice coin with pretty green patina, overstruck over another Syracuse Follis. VF. $100+


Belgium. Louis Jacobs. 1847 Æ 55mm by Hart. Bust of the famous lawyer, legend around/7-line legend within circle of dots, legend around that. EF, a few rim nicks. $40+?

*049 Belgium. Clotilde Kleeberg Samuel (1866-1909) by (her husband) Charles Samuel. 1909 Silver 52 x 65mm plaquette. Her bust left within circle, branches name and dates below/10-line legend below. Niggl-994, Jewish Medals in Belgium, #24, page 44. Some nicks. She was a French pianist, her husband Charles was a well-known medallic sculpture from Belgium who studied under the famed Charles Wiener. A scarce medal in bronze, and rare in silver! $100+

*050 Belgium. Emile Bernheim. 1975. Æ 48 x 71mm bronze by J. Debast (?). A plaque in (a bit tattered and torn) box. His bust partially to left/7-line incused legend. Bernheim was a long-time Industrialist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and visionary who was the founder of a business school which had as its motto - Growth in sale and profits are our means. Better living standards around the world must be our aims-. EF, first we've seen. $40+?

*051 Crusaders. Achaea, Philip of Tarento. (1306-13). Bi denier tournois (.58g). Cross pattée/Castle tournois with steep tall spire, F to each side. CCS-28. VF. $100+?

*052 Crusaders. Epirus, Philip of Taranto. 1294-1313. Bi Denier of Lepanto (.98g). Cross pattée/Castle Tournois. CCS-111a. Struck before 1306. F/GVF, very nice reverse. Minor porosity. $100+?

*053 Egypt. Abdul Hamid II. 1293/17 (1891). Gold 10 Qirsh or Piastres. First year of type with El Ghazi (Victorious) to right of toughra. Fr-21a, Y-B22, KM-282. EF. $225+

*054 Egypt. Abdul Hamid II. 1293/20-W (1895). 20 Qirsh or Piastres. Y-22, KM-296, Dav-18. Toned EF+/AU. $350+

*055 Egypt. Abdul Hamid II. 1293/22-W (1897). 20 Qirsh or Piastres. Y-22, KM-296, D-18. Toned EF+/AU. $350+

*056 Egypt. Muhammad V. 1327/6H 20 Qirsh. KM-310, Y-33, Dav-19. Lustrous AU-Unc. A few tiny rim nicks. Ex 26G #434. $75+

*057 Egypt. Group of coins. Abdul Mejid 1255/1 20 Para. KM-227 toned Unc.; Abdul Aziz 1277/4 4 Para KM-240 2 pieces 1 red Unc, the other R&B Unc. and 1277/9 20 Para KM-246 EF; 1277/15 c. 1875. Silver Qirsh. Local type with flower, KM-250a, Y7. BU and 1277/10 (1870). 20 Para. Y6, KM-247a. AU. 6 coins, all high grade. $200+

*058 Egypt. Group of coins. Abdul Hamid: 1293/4 1 Qirsh KM-277 Toned EF; 1293/13 5/10 Qirsh KM-691 Unc; 1293/17 2 Qirsh KM-293 Unc. Mohammed V 1327/2-H 1/10 Qirsh KM-302 Unc; 1327/3-H 1 Qirsh Unc. and 1327/2-H 2 Qirsh Ch. Unc. 6 high grade coins. $175+?

*059 Egypt. Group of coins. British Protectorate. 1917 1/2 Millieme KM-312 Ch. R&B Unc (2); 1 Millieme 1917-H KM-313 BU; 2 Milliemes 1916-H KM-314 BU; 10 Milliemes 1917-KN KM-316 BU; 2 Piastres 1916, 1917 & 1917-H (2) KM-317 all BU and 20 Piastres 1917-H KM-322 Lustrous AU. 10 high grade coins, some with easily removable PVC residue, the last Ex 27F #620 (ex Charles Mitton collection). Sold as is, no returns. $200+

*060 Egypt. Group of coins. Fuad I. 1920-H. 1 year types. 2, 5 & 10 Piastres. Y44-46, KM-325-327. EF, Lustrous AU and Fine. All 3 one year type coins struck at the Heaton mint, the first two ex Herb Drapkin collections from our Auction 30C, Lot 450 & 451. $250+

*061 Egypt. Group of coins. 1/2 Millim 1924H; 1932H; 1 Millim 1932H; 2 Millim 1929BP & 2 Piastres 1937, 1933 5 Piastres; KM-349, Y67; 1956 50 Piastres (Suez Canal Silver Crown) KM-386 Y-99 and 1966 1, 2, 5 & 10 Millim all Proof. 11 coins, all unc., BU or Proof. Also included in this lot are 2 1950s era brass military canteen tokens in EF (5 & 10 Mils) used during the Sinai War with Israel. 13 pieces in lot. Sold as is, no returns. $200+

*062 Eritrea. Umberto I of Italy. 1890-R. 2 Lire. Crowned head right. Scarce two year type. Y-3, KM-3, Gill page 199. Choice EF-AU. $375+

*063 Ethiopia. Menelik II. EE 1888-A (1896). 1/4 Birr. Crowned bust right/Lion walking left, left leg raised. Very rare, only 200 pieces minted. Y-7, KM-3, Gill page 104. Toned VF/EF. $750+

*064 Ethiopia. Menelik II. EE 1892-A (1899). 1 Birr. Crowned bust right/Lion walking left, right leg raised. Chaplain type. Y-10, KM-19, Dav-30. Ch. AU, lightly wiped. $475

*065 Ethiopia. Haile Selassie. EE-1923 (1930). Silver Coronation Medal. 41mm. Distributed to visiting dignitaries attending the coronation of Haile Selassie. Gill-S9a, Bruce-X10. VF, mount removed. A genuine example per a personal conversation with Dennis Gill. $175+

*066 Ethiopia. L'American Club. ND. Brass 21mm 5¢ token. in center/Stylized lion of Judah right within a circle, L'American Club in Aramaic and English. Gill-Tk7, TC-343729. Nice Unc, somewhat toned. $125+

*067 France, Normandy, Richard I, the Fearless. (943-996). Silver denier (.98g). + RICΛRDVS (S being sideways) around cross pattée, pellet in each angle/+ ROTOMΛGVS (S sideways) around monogram. Touen mint. Duplessey (Feudal)-18. Toned VF. Richard was grandfather to English kings Harthacnut and Edward the Confessor and grandfather to Aethelred II (the Unready) and Cnut the Great. $100+

*068 France. Louis XV (1710-1774). "Love Token" on Ecu. Elaborate TM or perhaps TH with border on reverse. A heavy duty intact broach with hook on obverse. With bandeau type Ecu, privy mark seems to be a poppy in full bloom, struck from 1743-72 at Reims. KM-512, Dav-1331. For other love tokens on crowns, please see #128 and #170 under Mexico and Spain. It is much more common to see "love tokens" hand engraved on smaller coins than large silver crowns. $150+?

*069 France. Fernand Widal. 1929? Æ 68mm by A. Maillard. His bust facing left/Figure of science holds torch aloft, book and lab equipment above, legend below listing some of his accomplishments. Georges Fernand Isadore Widal (1862-1929) was an Algerian-born Jewish physician and bacteriologist. Among his major accomplishments was instituting a vaccine against typhoid fever in 1888 and discovering a method for the serological diagnosis of typhoid fever (which was named after him) in 1896. He also did important work in many other fields of medicine. Scarce to rare. The last (and perhaps the only) time we offered one was in our sale 26A of February 1996 where a similar item sold for $60. $60+

*070 France. Marcel Marceau. 1970. Silver-plate copper 72mm by Jaq. Martin. His high relief bust left/Marceau's famous "Bip the Clown" character and the most famous "mime" in the world for the 2nd half of the 20th century. Marceau was born Marcel Mangel in 1923 in Strausbourg, the son of a Kosher butcher who was murdered at Auschwitz. He and his brother changed their name to Marceau, after a French Revolutionary general, when he entered the French Resistance during WWII. His first use of Mime was not on the stage but in real life in order to keep Jewish children quiet while he helped them escape to neutral Switzerland. For that, and other acts during WWII, he was awarded the Raoul Wallenberg award by the University of Michigan in 2001. Only the 2nd we can recall offering. In 2003 we sold a non-silvered example for $50. Toned, a few marks in field. $50+

*071 French Equatorial africa. French Colony. 1943. 10 Centimes. One year type in aluminum-bronze. World War II Free French issue. Struck in Pretoria, South Africa but never released for circulation. KM-4, Gad-6, World War II Remembered #1204 (page 127). BU. Coert Steynberg designed this coin. He also designed the Krugerrand. $500

*072 German East Africa. Wilhelm II. 1913-J. 1/4 Rupie of Hamburg. Helmeted bust left/Denomination, date and mint mark within wreath and legend. Y-13, KM-8. Nicely toned Unc. $250+

*073 German East Africa, Local Issue. 1916-T. Bronze 20 Heller of Tabora. Crown with ribbon. Obverse Type A. Large Crown/Denomination in wreath. Reverse Type B, pointed tip on both "Ls". Scarce type. Y-10, KM-15. VF. $125+

*074 German East Africa, Local Issue. 1916-T. Bronze 20 Heller of Tabora. Crown with ribbon. Obverse Type B, Small Crown/Denomination in wreath. Reverse Type B, pointed tip on both "Ls. "High grade" for type. Y-10, KM-15. Virtually as struck, some red remains! $150+

*075 Gold Coast, British Outpost. Token Coinage. 1796 Silver 1 Tackoe (Taku). Crowned GR monogram in wreath, date divided by crown/Arms. Cr-1, KM-1, KM-T1, Vice-9a. Proof, somewhat mishandled. Very rare, only 24 proof coins were struck by Matthew Boulton at the Soho mint for presentation purposes. $950+?

*076 Gold Coast, British Outpost. Token Coinage. 1796 Copper (or bronzed copper) 1 Tackoe (Taku). Crowned GR monogram in wreath, date divided by crown/Arms. Cr-1a, KM-Pn-1, Vice-9B. Proof Pattern. Choice brown reflective surfaces with a small spot near the top of the crown and a light scratch on the other side keeping this from the gem category. I believe this is from our November 1980 NICE Auction. Lot 167 and ex Bill Barrett. Only 75 pieces were struck. $600+

*077 Gold Coast, British Outpost. Token Coinage. 1796 1/4 Ackey. Crowned GR monogram in wreath, date divided by crown/Arms. Cr-2, KM-2, KM-T2, Vice-7a. With Parliment spelled incorrectly. Deeply toned with purple highlights. Proof. Small scratch to upper right of shield and some light hairlines on other side. Extremely rare, only 22 pieces proof pieces were struck with the Parliment error. $1250

*078 Gold Coast, British Outpost. Token Coinage. 1796 1/2 Ackey. Crowned GR monogram in wreath, date divided by crown/Arms. KM-4, KM-T4, Vice-4. With Parliment spelled incorrectly. Choice toned Unc., with proof-like fields. Very rare as are all the Gold Coast coins. $1400+?

*079 Gold Coast, British Outpost. Token Coinage. 1796 (struck 1801) 1/4 Ackey bronzed copper pattern. Crowned GR monogram in wreath, date divided by crown/Arms. With the correct spelling of Parliament thus can be dated to 1801. Choice Proof with die crack though the A of the word ACT and extending to the elephant's tusk making us believe that this may be one of the last, perhaps the very last, pattern struck with these dies. KM-PN3, Vice 8b. Only 90 pieces were struck and only a handful have been offered at auction this century. We believe that this is ex Lot #278 from our 1981 NICE II Auction. However the photo is so small that we cannot be sure. $750+?

*080 Gold Coast, British Outpost. Token Coinage. 1796 (struck 1801) 1 Ackey Pattern in bronzed copper. Cr-4a, KM-Pn7v, Vice -2b. Although dated 1796, this was struck in 1801 as can be evidenced by the correct spelling of the word Parliament. Reddish-brown proof with small flan flaws at about 7 o'clock on the monogram side as noted by David Vice. An extremely rare coin, only 200 pieces struck. This looks (at least to us) nicer than the Baldwin specimen sold in 2013 that brought more than $1400. I believe this is ex Bill Barrett inventory. $1000+

*081 Gold Coast, British Outpost, George III. 1818 1/2 Ackey. Silver 25mm. Laureate bust of George III right/Arms supported by natives to either side. One year type. Cr-5, K8, Vice-6. Nice toned EF, light scratch in field in front of face. Ex "Format" List 29 #2331. Seldom offered. $500+

*082 Gold Coast, British Outpost, George III. 1818 1 Ackey. Laureate bust of George III right/Arms supported by natives to either side. One year type. Silver 33mm. Dav-36, Cr-6, KM-9, Vice-3a. Choice Toned Proof. Only 550 pieces struck as such. Very rare. I believe this is ex Bill Barrett. $3250+

*083 Great Britain, England, Birmingham, Biggs'. 1792 Half Penny, (29mm, 11.70g). Bust to left, ornament below General Elliot/Large fleur de lis, date below, BIRMINGHAM HALFPENNY. PAYABLE AT HENRY BIGGS MOORE STREET on edge. D&H-70. EF, with hints of red and a few minor spots. $40+?

*084 Great Britain, England, Middlesex. 1796 Half Penny. Lion crouching left holding a shield, C. JAMES above, ENGRAVER below/Tiger standing left, ROYAL MALE TIGER 1796. SPENCE X DEALER X IN X COINS LONDON on edge. D&H-344. (31mm, 12.44g). The obverse of this token was struck with dies that were usually larger than the planchet many times resulting in the word engraver entirely missing from the token. It is rare to find both C. JAMES and ENGRAVER visible (although the top or bottom of some letters are missing) on the token. Because of the Coin Dealer connection this scarce token is always popular. Brown EF, some marks in the field. $200+

*085 Great Britain, England, Walthamstow. British Copper Company. 1811 1/2 Penny. (29mm, 9.78g). Laureate bust right, VINCIT AMOR PATRIÆ (The love of country exceeds everything)/Britannia seated left, BCC under shield. Withers 590-608. GVF/VF. Nice portrait. $40+

*086 Guinea, Republic. 1962 Proof Set. Consisting of 1, 5, 10 and 25 Francs in Proof. KM PS-1 (old) consisting of Y-4 to 7, KM-4 to 7. 4 gem proof coins. The 1 Franc has a plain edge, the 5 Francs has a reeded edge and the two largest denominations have incuse lettered edges. DNW sold a similar set in their February 2015 auction for more than $1000 (before the buyer's fee). Krause used to list this proof set but they no longer do, although as can be seen by these coins and the DNW offering, the proofs do exist. Designed by Paul Vincze. $500+

*087 Isle of Man, Onchan. World War II Internment Camp. ND (1941) 1/2 Pence. Legend, denomination/Triquetra at center. Feller IM-2241, Camp-5541, KM-TN23. The British used this camp to house mainly German Internees, as they were the enemy during WWII. In reality most likely the majority were German Jews who were escaping persecution by the Nazis. The 1/2 Pence is the scarcest denomination. aEF. A slightly nicer one sold for $500 in our last auction. $250+

*088 Israel. 1948. 25 Mils. Y-1, P-1, KM-8. Aluminum coin. Nice Au+, no actual wear but enough marks in the field to downgrade the coin a bit. Still much nicer than 99% of these coins. $200+

*089 Israel. 1948. 25 Mils. Y-1, P-1, KM-8. Aluminum coin. Nice Au+, no actual wear but enough marks in the field to downgrade the coin a bit. Still much nicer than 99% of these coins and a few less marks than lot 88 above. $250?

*090 Israel. 1948. 25 Mils. Y-1, P-1, KM-8. Aluminum coin. Nice Au+, no actual wear but enough marks in the field to downgrade the coin a bit.. Still much nicer than 99% of these coins. A third and perhaps the nicest of the three. $275+?

*091 Israel. 1949. 25 Mils. KM-8, P-2. Open Link. Unc. Not quite as nice as the BU that sold for $200 in our last sale but close. A few minor marks but no wear. I believe we sold this in January of 1978. $100+?

*092 Israel. 1949. 1 Pruta with pearl. Proof. KM-9., P-3b, Y-2. A gem. Struck at the ICI mint. From our Sale 26a Lot 680 and from a Mid-west collection. $350+?

*093 Israel. 1949. 5 Prutot with pearl. Proof. KM-10, P-5a, Y-3. A gem but for a couple of minute nicks on the wire rim on each side. Struck at the ICI mint. From our Sale 26a Lot 681 and from the same Mid-west collection as the coin in Lot 92. $350+?

*094 Israel. 1949. 25 Pruta with pearl. Y-6, KM-12, P-12. Proof. Wire rims and mirror-like surfaces. Unfortunately some minor imperfections due to improper storage. $200+?

*095 Israel. Error Coin. 1949. 25 Pruta with pearl. Y-6, KM-12, P-12. Struck with a plain edge. VF. This piece obviously slipped past quality control as it has seen circulation. I have a very vague memory of having a similar piece many years ago but I can't recall when or where. Our consignor usually kept very good records of when he bought something and how much he paid, but for this piece he had nothing written down. Rare and, perhaps unique, but I have no idea of value. $100+?

*096 Israel. Group of Pruta series coins. 25 Mils 1949 Closed link BU (these coins were struck on polished aluminum sheet metal, so they all look cleaned but this is how the closed link coins were struck), 10 Pruta 1949 with pearl and without pearlboth proof-like or perhaps proof. Both with wire-rims and mirror like surfaces. We believe that both are proof, but are slightly impaired due to improper storage. 3 coins, all much in demand because of their method of striking. $400+?

*097 Israel. Rare, unlisted non-magnetic coin. (1954) 5714. 100 Pruta Copper-Nickel. Extremely rare non-magnetic coin. P-22 (unlisted variety or error), KM-18.1. According to Krause-Mishler this is probably an error minted in Tel-Aviv but possibly a pattern minted in Bern. No doubt this was struck from dies made for the regular issue nickel-clad steel but where or why it was struck remains a mystery at this time. BU. Slabbed by NGC as MS65. However they did not note that the coin is non-magnetic. Use of a magnet shows that it is. Extremely rare. I believe this is the first that we've ever offered and I can't find a record of any other offered for sale in any American or European auction! $500+?

*098 Israel. Sommerfin Ship Tokens. (1959-60). A complete set of 24 Bakelite tokens. 5, 25, 50 & 100 Agorot in red, yellow, light blue, green, white & dark blue (or purple). See Sylvia Haffner (1970) page 360. The last two colors rare. The dark blue or purple tokens are rare and at one time we thought that Haffner was mistaken in listing those, but when seeing these tokens next to the light blue ones, even a somewhat color blind person like this cataloger can tell the difference. I believe this is the 1st complete set of 24 we've offered since 2001 and it was many years before that when we had offered a previous one. Ex Samuel Halperin collection. $100+

*099 Israel. Shoham Maritime Services Ltd-Haifa. ND. 1960s. Plastic or Bakelite Tokens. A set of 15 of the 21 officers tokens (type without hole). All 7 colors are represented. Green 5 & 20; Gray (or silver) 5, 20 & 100; red 5 & 20; blue 5 & 20; pink 5, 20 & 100; white 20 and 100; and yellow 20. Plus an almost complete set of the crew tokens (type with hole) missing only the 5 Agorot in yellow. It's been about 15 years since we've offered a group of so many different Bakelite tokens. See Sylvia Haffner (1970) page 359. $75+?

*100 Israel. 1960. EIGHT GRAIN 1 AGORA PATTERN. Type I. Israel's classic rarity. After the ICI mint in Birmingham struck the trial pieces, the Bank of Israel committee did not approve of the left ear of corn which depicted 8 grains, they wanted that ear to show 10 grains. On this specimen the leaf joins the stalk at a point 1.10 mm from the bottom of the stalk on the left, while the grains are fat and wide. On the reverse the numeral 1 is 9.50 mm on right edge and 1.80 mm wide at the mid point, while the merchaott (") is large and between the two characters in a very large date. This is only the 3rd known Type 1 eight grain pattern, the other two reside in the Kagan-Maremba collection which was donated to the Jewish Museum (and later sold). See Haffner (1970, pages 70-71), Magnus-Kagan (1988 pages AG-3 and AG-4), KM-PN1. Uncirculated with minor marks on denomination side. This is most likely from the ICI mint archives. Obviously of extreme rarity and perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity. The only other Type I piece offered in the US was the Rafael Ellenbogen specimen which Ray bought for $7500 in 1974! This is ex Lot 488 from our Sale 35D where it sold for $5750 in very active bidding. In our last auction 2 different type two patterns sold for $9000 each! $5000+

101 Israel. Group. Agorot Series varieties. 1 Agora 1962 LD Re-engraved, 1962 LD Shadow variety, 1962 Different Die and 1966 Small Planchet; 5 Agorot 1961 ICI Die; 10 Agorot 1961 Patcha (Apostrophe) VF; 1/2 Lira 1963 Small Animals and 1 Lira 1963 Flat 1. In addition this lot also includes coins identified by the collector as 5 Agorot 1962 1 Blossom, 1962 1 Blossom, 1973 Incuse Small Frame and 10 Agorot 1960 Small Frame. I can't confirm these last 4 coins are what the collector says they are. The other coins are as described. 12 coins, all but the "patcha" Unc/ to BU. Sold as is, no returns. $75+?

*102 Israel. 1960. Theodore Herzl. Gold 20 Lirot. KM-30, Fr-1. BU. Israel's first gold coin and until December 1974 the only one legal to own in the United States. Ex 35B #109 from the Emmanuel Rubin collection. $325+

*103 Israel. 1971 Freedom (Let My People Go) 10 Lirot Bernie Die (Open Mem. Proof. SI-2b, KM-59.2. Rare, an estimated 70 to 80 pieces struck. The two characteristics that distinguish this coin from the Kretschmer mint Proofs is that the Mem is open and the legend is further away on the obverse of the Berne coin as compared to the common Kretschmer mint coin. Ex W. P. Andrews Inventory. A similar piece sold for $600 in our Fall 2014 Auction. $500+

*104 Israel. 1982 3 Piece Set. Qumran Caves. 1/2 and 1 Shekel in Silver and 5 Shekel in gold. 1st BU, the last two Proof. KM-121, 122 & 125. This was the first issue of the Holy Land sites series. $325+

*105 Israel. 1983. Herodion Ruins set of 3 in case. Holy Land sites series. 1/2 Shekel Silver BU, 1 Shekel silver Proof and 5 Sheqalim Gold Proof. KM-126, 128 and 132. 3 choice to gem coins in original case. $325+

*106 Israel. 1986. Akko set of 3. Holy Land sites series. 1/2 New Shekel Silver BU, 1 New Shekel silver Proof and 5 New Sheqalim Gold Proof. KM-168, 169, & 170. 3 choice to gem coins in original case. $325+

*107 Israel. 1988. Caesarea 3-Piece Set. 1/2 and 1 New Shekel in Silver and 5 New Sheqalim in gold. 1st BU, the last two Proof. KM-188, 189, 190. The gold coin is Fr-31. Part of the Holy Land sites series. $325+

*108 Israel. 1989. Jaffa Lighthouse 3-piece set. 1/2, 1 and 5 New Sheqalm. KM-202, 203 & 204. 1 BU & 2 Proofs. 1st 2 coins are silver, the 3rd is gold. In case of issue. $350+?

*109 Israel. 1990. Sea of Galilee set of 3. The last issue of the Holy Land sites series. 1/2 New Shekel Silver BU, 1 New Shekel silver Proof and 5 New Sheqalim Gold Proof. KM-209, 210 and 211. 3 choice to gem coins in original case. $325+

*110 Israel. 1991. 4-Piece Wildlife Series. Dove & Cedar tree. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim in silver, 1 & 5 New Sheqalim in gold, 1st BU, other 3 Proof. KM-220, 220A, 221 & 222. I believe this is the first set we've offered since 1998. This was the first issue of the Holy Land Wildlife series. In case of issue. $500+?

*111 Israel. 1993. Tourism 3-piece set. 1, 2 & 10 New Sheqalm. KM-240-242. 1 BU & 2 Proofs in case of issue. 1st 2 silver, 3rd gold. Anniversary issue. 1st we've offered since 1998. $700+

*112 Israel. 1996. 3,000th Anniversary of Jerusalem (City of David) 3-piece set. 1, 10 & 30 New Sheqalm. KM-284-286. BU & 2 Proofs in case of issue. The 1st & 3rd coins are silver, the 10 Sheqalim is gold. The 30 New Sheqalim coin is the largest and heaviest coin issued by Israel and contains 5 ounces of pure silver. This is the first set we've offered since 1998! $850+

*113 Israel. 1996. 3-Piece Miriam & the Women Biblical Art set. 1, 2 and 10 New Sheqalim. KM-293-295. 2 silver coins, 1 gold, 1 BU, 2 Proofs. Based on the Golden Haggadah. Only 855 of the gold coins minted, this is one of the key gold coins. $1000+?

*114 Israel. 1999. High-Tech in Israel Anniversary Commemoratives. 1, 2 and 5 New Sheqalim. The first PL BU silver, the second Proof silver and the third Proof gold. KM-325, 326 & 327, A-42/42A and Fr-73. In case of issue. I don't believe we ever offered the 3 pieces in case of issue with certificates before. $700+

*115 Israel. 2006. White City of Tel Aviv. World Heritage Sites. 10 New Sheqalim gold coin. Fr-99, KM-421. Very low mintage, only 383 pieces struck. Gem Proof with original case. I don't believe we've ever offered this coin before! $900+

*116 Italian Somaliland, Italian Colony. Reform Coinage. 1925 5 Lire. One year type. Crowned bust of Victor Emanuel III right/Crowned shield. Y-7, KM-7, Gill page 208. Nice BU, very light golden toning evident, more so on the reverse. $1000+

*117 Italian Somaliland, Italian Colony. Reform Coinage. 1925 10 Lire. One year type. Crowned bust of Victor Emanuel III right/Crowned shield. Y-8, KM-8, Gill page 208 Unc., but some bagmarks evident on obverse. Still very rare this nice. $850+

*118 Italy, Capua. Atenolfo, Prince of Benevento. 877-901. Æ Fraction of a Follaro (12.5mm, .62 g). Horseman right with staff/A/N/PRI. Biaggi-544, MIR-544. VG-F, usual clashing of dies and some porosity but very rare. $200+

*119 ITALY, Sicily (Normans). Roger II, as Count and Duke. 1105-1130. Æ Follaro (17mm, 4.57 g). Messina mint. Struck 1127-1130. Roger standing facing, holding sceptre and globus cruciger/Christ enthroned facing. MIR-19 (R2), MEC 14, 162; Spahr 53 (note); Biaggi 1216. Nice VF. The weight of this coin is more in line with a single Follaro than a Doppio (double) although it should be noted that Biaggi lists this (at a lower weight) as a double. Scarce this nice. $300+

*120 Italy, Sicily. William I. 1154-1166. Æ Kharruba? Dirham Fraction (10mm, 0.56 g). Palermo mint. Struck 553/4 AH (1196-1197 AD). King William the Magnificent in Arabic in three lines across field; lis in center of second line/Mint and date around eight-rayed star. MIR-436 (R2), Biaggi-1774 (R), Spahr 96, MEC 14, 291. F/VF, some porosity and like virtually every specimen of this that I've seen, the coin is not round. $100+

*121 ITALY, Sicily, Palermo. William II the Good. 1166-1189. Silver Tercius Apuliensis (16mm, 0.86 g). Palm tree with dates; W and RX monogram across upper field /+ TERCI7 APVLENSIS I. The king William the second (in Arabic) in three lines. MIR 440 (R2), Biaggi-1776 (R2), Spahr-112; MEC 14, 397. Good VF/VF, the reverse a bit crystalized which is usual for this rare issue. A very unusual denomination! $300+

*122 Jordan, King Hussein. 1393 AH/1973. Silvered 40mm with crown and loop above. High-relief bust of King Hussein 1/2 left wearing military cap half left all within Arabic legend/ Map depicting colored enamel flags of Jordan and Iraq as they attacked Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Numerous small nicks on medal indicating that this medal was awarded and worn. The 3-star Iraqi flag was used in Iraq from 1963 through 1991 and in Syria from 1963 to 1972. $50+

*123 LIBYA, Idris I. Five-Piece Proof Set, 1952. KM-PS1. Proof set with denominations of 1 Millieme through 2 Piastres. Mintage of only 32 sets. BRILLIANT PROOF. A few of these very rare coins have minor spots. This is from "Format's" List 47, #2283. Krause prices the complete set at $510 (they've had this at the same price for many years). However they list the individual coins for a total of $2500. That price seems to be much more in line for the value of this set as we have found 3 auction records of this set since 2009 at 3,100 (Australian dollars), $1900 (US) and £2000. All of those prices are before the buyer's fee. An extremely rare and in demand Proof set for collectors of northern African and Arabic coins. $2250+

*124 Madagascar. 1665 Bronze 41mm Medal by Mauger. Bust of Louis XIV right/Ox standing left in front of tree, COLONIA MADAGASCARICA above, date in Roman numerals in exergue. Lec-3, Gad-1. A few marks but otherwise as stuck. Scarce as such. $500+

*125 Madagascar, Ranavalona III. 1883 5 Francs. 37mm Aluminum "Fantasy" crown in aluminum. Lec-22, Bruce-X2c, As Dav-514. Small lettering type. Choice Unc., with reflective proof-like fields under light toning. A similar coin sold for $3200 (plus buyer's fee!) in a Stack's Bowers Ponterio sale in August of 2014. $450+?

*126 Madagascar. Ranavalona III. 1883 10 Centime Pattern in bronze. 30mm. Lec-5, VG-4006, Bruce X-1. Choice red and brown Unc. Scarce. $300+

*127 Madagascar, Ranavalona III. 1895 5 Francs pattern in silver. Crowned facing bust/ Crowned heart "18 R 95" all on rose. Dav-517, Lec-37, Bruce XM-3. An extremely rare pattern crown struck by Pinches and Co. by the order of Dr. Reginald Huth. Only 25 pieces struck. Choice toned Unc/proof-like Unc. Some pimples and scratches on Ranavalona's face. We have found only one other piece that has been offered this century. UBS sold one in 2003 for 1400 Swiss Francs (plus buyer's fee). That coin also had minor flaws as this one does. Exceedingly rare, the patterns with a cross or an R on the reverse are encountered more frequently than this type. $1750+

*128 Mexico, Republic. Love Token on 19th century Silver 8 Reales. Perhaps HAF hand-engraved on reverse of the classic 8 reales. A heavy-duty intact broach with hook on obverse. For other love tokens hand-engraved on crowns, see Lots 68 and 170 under France and Spain. $150+?

*129 Palestine. Mikveh Israel Token. (1879) 1 Piastre. Haffner CC-4a. Narrow 1. Nice VF and comparable to the one that sold for $1000 in our Fall 2014 auction! This is ex 33E, #841 and is from the Ya'akov Meshorer collection. $500+

*130 Palestine. Mikveh Israel Token. (1879) 1 Piastre. Haffner CC-4a. Narrow 1. VF, some scratches on both sides but not very noticeable. A slightly nicer one sold for $1000 in our Fall 2014 auction! $450+?

*131 Palestine. Templer Token. ND c. 1880. 20 Para Brass. Type 1 without "Consummark". CC-13a. VF, Ex 21A (Feb. 1991) #618. A slightly nicer one brought $150 in our sale 44B. The Templers were a German Protestant Lutheran congregation who settled in and around Jerusalem in the latter part of the 19th century. They should not be confused, but usually are, with the Knights of the Templars who fought in the Crusades. $100+

*132 Palestine. Templer Token. ND c. 1880. 40 Para. Type 2. Brass with Consummarke. Haffner JTM-CC-13B. Choice VF. This is much nicer than the one that sold for $125 in our sale 44B. Ex 21A (Feb. 1991) #620. The scarcest denominations of all three Templer token types are the smallest (5 Para) and largest (40 Para) denominations. $100+

*133 Palestine. Zichron Yakov (or Jacob). (1885). 1 Piastre token. Haffner CC-17a. Struck in Paris and used at this early Jewish settlement (partially sponsored by Edmond Rothschild), they also circulated in Jaffa, Haifa and nearby Arab settlements. The tokens from this settlement are much scarcer than the ones issued at Mikveh Israel. Decent VF-VF+, a few marks and a rim ding. $750+

See Lot 166 for a Puerto Rican token often confused with a Palestine token

134 Palestine, British Mandate. 1 Mil. 1940. Y-1, KM-1. Sharp reddish-brown Unc. The key date of this denomination. $100+

*135 Palestine. Group of 3 red uncirculated 1 Mil coins. 1939, 1941 and 1944. $75+

*136 Palestine. 2 Mils. 1945. Y-2, KM-2. Choice Au-Unc., red & brown. A couple of minor spots and one tiny scratch keep us from calling this Unc. Ex Pine Tree Auction, Walter Breen Sale, Lot 662. $75+?

*137 Palestine. 2 Mils. 1946. Y-2, KM-2. Mostly brown choice Unc., with hints of red. The key date for the two mils and a very nice coin. $100+?

*138 Palestine. 5 Mils. 1927. Y-3, KM-3. Gem Proof-like, light toning over almost proof surfaces. Extraordinary! $100+?

*139 Palestine. 5 Mils. 1941. Y-3, KM-3. Choice BU. As nice, or perhaps nicer, than the one that brought $225 in our December auction. Key date and very nice! $200+?

*140 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1937. Y-4, KM-4. Choice Unc., light golden toning, one tiny spot. $200+?

*141 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1942. Y-4, KM-4. Copper-Nickel type. BU., lightly toned. Some easily removable PVC. $180+?

142 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1942. Y-4a, KM-4a. Two-year World War II bronze type. Nice red and brown unc. Very attractive and nicer than the one that brought $100 in our sale 44B. Ex Sale 26A #774. $100+?

*143 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1943. Y-4a, KM-4a. The scarcer date of this two year World War II bronze type. Brown unc., with hints of red. $125+

*144 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1927. Y-5, KM-5. First year of type. Nice Unc. All 20 Mils are difficult to find in high grade. $100+

*145 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1934. Y-5, KM-5. Nice AU/EF. A key date in high grade. As nice or nicer than the one in our Sale 44B that sold for $275. $300+

*146 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1934. Y-5, KM-5. Nice AU/EF. A key date in high grade. As nice or nicer than the one in our Sale 44B that sold for $275. Another as above. $300+

*147 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1935. KM-5, Y5. Light toned AU. Ex Steven Marcus collection. $125+

*148 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1940. Y-5, KM-5. Semi-key date. Nicely toned EF. Scarce. $125+

*149 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1940. Y-5, KM-5. Semi-key date. Nice AU, a few marks. Nicer than above. $175?

*150 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1941. Y-5, KM-5. PCGS AU53. The lowest mintage of any Palestine coins (except of course for the 1947 issues). This is among the nicest we've offered. Over the past few years we've sold a PCGS AU50 for $500 and a NGC AU55 for $600. This is nicer than the AU50 and virtually as nice as the AU55. $500+

*151 Palestine. Proof 50 Mils. 1927. Y-6, KM-6. Only 68 pieces struck. Extremely rare and seldom seen as individual pieces. Brilliant Proof surfaces under light toning. Somewhat splotchy toning at around 1 to 2 o'clock on reverse. $750+

*152 Palestine. 50 Mils. 1933. Y-6, KM-6. Nice Unc. Some minor marks but a very nice coin. Semi-key date. $75+

*153 Palestine. 100 Mils 1934. Y-7, KM-7. Key date. Choice toned Au-Unc. We see a couple of very tiny marks but little, if any, wear is noticeable at even the very highest points of the coin. While not brilliant, this coin is virtually as nice as the 1934 100 Mils which brought $3500 in our last auction! $500+

*154 Palestine. 100 Mils. Y-7, KM-7. Group of 3 BU coins. 1939, 1940 and 1942. A few bagmarks on each, but still a nice group of mint state coins. $250+

*155 PALESTINE. 1930s Cafe Werner, Haifa. Complete set of 6 copper-nickel tokens. 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 Para. VF-EF. Haffner JTM-MT-6. We believe that the copper-nickel tokens show up less frequently than the bronze tokens. $350+

*156 Palestine. Spinney & Sons. ND (1930s?). Brass 26mm token. one piaster in trade/62421. Large hole in center as issued. JTM-11. Near EF. Scarce. A small group appeared in the market in 2008 which this is part of. Before that they seldom were seen and that group has been dispersed. This was sold to our consignor for $170 in the summer of 2008. Some scratches at bottom of "one Piaster" side. $100+

*157 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1942 10 Pfenning Pattern. KM-TN5v, Camp-4751bv. Type 2. Struck in an alloy of 50% silver and 50% copper. (2.13g). We believe this is a pattern made under order of Nazi authorities. However this is a controversial issue and some think these are fantasies because there are different die characteristics on this than the issued coin. That reasoning makes no logical sense because patterns are by definition "a test strike" and not the final product. Toned Unc. A similar piece sold for $500 in our Sale 44B. Sold as is, no returns. $250+

*158 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1942 10 Pfenning Pattern. KM-TN5v, Camp-4751bv. Type 2. Struck in bronze or copper (2.39g). See our explanation of the above lot for our reasoning why we think this is a legitimate pattern. Red and brown Unc. Rare. This was sold by the late Arnold Shay. Sold as is, no returns. Nicer than the specimen that sold for $500 (on a $200 estimate) in our last auction. This is #304 from our Sale 40J. $250+

*159 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 5 Mark. Aluminum. (.94g). KM-Tn2, Camp-4752b, Feller PO-573b. Thin flan variety. Virtually as struck, AU-Unc, lightly toned. This is among the lightest of all 5 Mark coins we have encountered but certainly within the tolerance. $100+

*160 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 10 Mark (3.51g). Aluminum. KM-Tn3, Camp-4753b, Feller PO-574b. Nice EF, bit spotted. Thick flan variety. From the Steven Marcus collection and ex Lot #631, from sale 36C. $75+?

*161 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 20 Mark Aluminum (6.82 g). KM-TN4, Campbell-4754, SB-1026, Feller PO-575. Nice EF, a few nicks but scarce so nice. $200+

*162 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Group of 5. 1943 5 Mark. Aluminum. (1.22g). KM-Tn2, Feller PO-573b. Camp-4752b. EF+, a bit dirty. Very high grade. Thin Flan variety; 2 different 1943 10 Mark Aluminum (3.50g and 3.44g) thick planchet types. KM-TN3, Franquinet page 65, Feller-PO-574b, Camp-4753b. Choice EF. Plus a pair of 1943 10 Mark "Souvenir" coins. 1) 8.98 grams, Cast with "souvenir" below "Mark" and traces of another word between the two. Fine. 2) 10.30 grams. With "souvenir ©" below "Mark". EF. A struck counterfeit of much better quality than the first. 5 total pieces in lot including 2 copies made for the tourist trade, both clearly marked as such. $200?

*163 Poland, People's Republic. 1978 100 Zlotych. Janusz Korczak, Proof Pattern (Proba) in silver. KM-Pr335, Szperling SZ-3 p. 199. In red plastic case of issue. The case is somewhat scratched and dirty, the coin is choice to gem. $95+

*164 POLAND, Republic. 2010. 65th Anniversary of Liberation of Auschwitz. 2 Zlote Brass depicting 3 prisoners and the infamous slogan Arbeit Macht Frei KM-712 and Silver 10 Zlotych depicting barbed wire fence and the slogan. KM-713. 2 choice coins. The first mint state, the 2nd struck in Proof. Szperling addendum M12. $75+

*165 Portugal. 1980. Jacob Rodrigues Pereira. Æ 80 mm by Humberto J. Mendes. Bust of Pereira left, his name above and dates of his life 1715 - 1780 in two lines to left/Long 16-line legend within wreath. Pereira was born in Portugal to a Crypto-Jewish (Marrano) family but when they moved to Bordeaux in 1741 they reverted back to their Jewish roots. He was one of the pioneering educators of deaf-mutes in France and was one of the first people to teach non-verbal deaf people to speak. Portugal issued a 100 Escudos coin depicting him in the 1980s for the International Year of Disabled Persons. I don't believe I have ever had this medal which was struck on the 200th anniversary of his death. $40+?

*166 Puerto Rico. BARCELONETA, Balseiro & Georgetti, bronze (1/4) Quarter Centavo, c. 1890. B.&G. initials above five-spoked wheel, rev. value, 21 mm, VF . Extremely rare, perhaps less that 10-15 pieces known.

This piece, and its companions with values for one centavo and half centavo, have traditionally been attributed to the German firm of Breisch & Co, from Württemberg, who established a base in Jaffa, Palestine, in 1884, where it had been presumed that these pieces were valued at a quarter, a half and one piastre. However, the late Edward Roehrs, Ovidio Dávila, Felix R. Fumero, Peter Preston-Morley and others have reported that the tokens have nothing to do with Palestine and were in fact issues that should be attributed to Balseiro y Georgetti, an industrial agricultural concern formerly known as Florida Agricola, acquired by the sugar baron Eduardo Georgetti (1866-1937) and his father-in-law, Rafael Balseiro (1833-1902), sometime shortly after 1888.

Georgetti's sugar refineries, at Central Plazuela in the town of Barceloneta, had their own dock at which barges were loaded to transport sugar to waiting ships moored in the bay and specimens of these B & G tokens are reported to have been found in Puerto Rico over the past 40 years. Most of the above information was gathered by Peter Preston-Morley of DNW Auctions for a half centavo token sold in 2012 for well over $500. The present piece is from the "Lake Pearl" Collection, Heritage Auction (Long Beach), 9-10 September 2004, lot 14335 which we purchased on order for Mr. Philadelphia. At that time it was believed that the token was from Palestine. In 2002 we sold another 1/4 B & G token which was not as nice as this from the Sam Halperin Collection. Sam related to us that he purchased it in Jerusalem around 1970. $400+

*167 Scotland, Glasgow. 1813 One Penny Token. (34mm, 18.27g). Phoenix Iron Works. Factory/Justice standing between bale and cask. Oblique milling on edge. Withers 1350-54, Davis-1. Close to EF, some red remains. $60+?

*168 South Africa. Pair of Tokens. 1) Brass 22mm D & K in center, D. N. C. above and Good For below/6 d. DNC stands for Durban Navigation Collieries and D & K for the owners Duchan & Kleinman TC-245073, Similar to Maynard N-13 (page 116) but D & K rather than D & D. 2) J. W. Irwin, Capetown Bronze 25.5mm J. W. Irwin in center and Tea Merchant and Grocer, Capetown around/Coat of Arms of the Cape Colony, Dape of Good Hope, 1879 below. Maynard C-155. No denomination listed but known to be 1/2 Penny. 2 tokens issued by Jewish merchants in South Africa. Both VF, the Irwin token has light corrosion. $50+

*169 South Africa, Orange Free State. M. Hersch, Thaba'nchu. Set of 4 tokens. 6d, 1/-, 2/- & 2/6. Nickel bronze. VF, with some nicks. These very rare tokens were cast and probably circulated in the 1950s when Hersch would buy skins and hides from Africans who would then usually use the tokens to buy other products at the store. Ex WMR 25H #1035. Unlisted by Maynard and Theron, they are listed in the online Token Catalog as TC 244925, 926, 928 and 930. Jewish Merchant tokens. $100+

*170 Spain, Isabella II. Love Token on 1854 Spanish 20 Reales. Perhaps AMB hand-engraved on reverse of this silver crown. A heavy-duty intact broach with hook on obverse. For other love tokens hand-engraved on crowns, see Lots 68 and 128 under France and Mexico. $150+?

*171 Sweden. Karl IX. 1605. 4 Mark. Half-figure of Charles IX above/Jehovah in Hebrew within rays at center. Reverse especially strong. SM-35, KM-15, Needleman page 299, #39. GVF. $1200+

*172 Switzerland, Confederation. 1974 Set of 4 Proof coins. 5 Rappen, 20 Rappen, 1/2 Franc and 2 Francs. In cellophane as issued. KM- 26, 29a, 23 & 21a.1. 4 coins with Krause 2014 catalog value of $280. 1974 was the first year that Switzerland produced actual Proof coins. $200+

*173 Turkey. Group. 1) Mustafa III AH 1171, 82 (c. 1768), Silver Piastre KM-321 Nice golden toned EF; 2) Selim III 1203/1 (c. 1789) KM-504. EF; 3) Abdul Mejid. 1255/4 (1842-3). AR 1 1/2 Kurush. KM-654, Cr-269. Choice Toned AU: 4) Republic. 1923/44 (1967). Gold 50 Kurush. Head of Kemel Ataturk/wreath. KM-853, Fr-107. PL BU; 5) Muhammad V. 1327/7 (1915). 10 Kurush. Y-C50, KM-771 El Ghazi type. BU and 6) 1 Kurush 1327/3 KM--748 AU. 6 high-grade coins. $300+

*174 UNITED STATES, Silver Trade "Box" Dollar (38mm, 21.39g). 1877. The reverse has been skillfully hollowed out and fashioned into a small, hinged container or locket. VF, toned, a few nicks on edge. An extremely well crafted box dollar.

Popular myth holds that box dollars were used to smuggle opium into the United States from China. But that is just a myth as opium was still legal in the US in the 19th century and these coins could only hold a small amount of opium. It's a good story, but these box dollars much more likely served as lockets, holding pictures of loved ones. Such keepsakes were popular souvenirs at the 1893 Colombian Exhibition. A similar piece, probably from the same craftsman, sold in a CNG E Auction in March of 2014 for $360 plus buyer's fee. We hope our photograph does this piece justice. Our piece came from a Henry Christensen auction of the 1960s or 70s. $300+?

*175 United States, New Jersey. Bamberger's. 1912. Æ Cast 74mm Medal. View of Building/Legend. Struck for the 19th Anniversary of this famed Newark, NJ, Department store which became one of America's largest and eventually was bought by Macy's. When your cataloguer was still a suburban NJ kid, a trip by bus to downtown Newark and roaming the aisles of Bamberger's was a special treat. F-VF and nicks. We've had this medal at least twice previously. Both of those were silvered and it's my impression that this "was" silvered but most of that has eroded away. $50+?

*176 United States, University of Chicago. ND (1917 and after). Æ 60 x 82 mm. The Rosenberger Award Medal. 2 graduates in front of building/Eagle, legend. By Fred Gorred. The Rosenberger Award is a prestigious award and a rare medal and is not given every year. It was established in 1917 by Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Rosenberger in recognition of achievement through research, in authorship, in invention, for discovery, for unusual public service, or for anything deemed of great benefit to humanity. Among the most well-known (at least to me) recipients are Yehudi Menuhin and Toni Morrison. $50+

*177 United States. 1939 Æ76mm by Jeno Juszko. Facing bust of Alexander Schwarcman, his name above, Creator of Synthenol to left J/J/ 1939 in two lines to right/ Legend in panel below view of trees and fruits, Castor oil replaces tung oil. In 1946 he was awarded the Schoellkopf medal for work in other oils. I can't recall ever seeing this medal before. $40+?

*178 United States. 2012. Arthur Welsh by Alex Shagin. Æ 59mm. Facing view of Welsh in smaller circle, his name and 1881-1912 above and around • Wright Brothers Pilot & Instructor, • Pioneer Jewish Aviator•/A bi-plane flying over clouds and Welsh taught me everything I know General Henry Hap Arnold. The medal was commissioned by the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington and struck by Medallic Art Co. Welsh was a Jewish immigrant (born Laibel Willche) from Kiev, Ukraine (then a part of Russia) who first lived in Philadelphia and then went to Washington DC after the death of a relative. He joined the US Navy in 1901 and later, after watching an Orville Wright flight demonstration, decided to become a pilot. He joined the Wright Brothers in 1910 and for two years was one of their top instructors teaching, among others, Henry Arnold, who became Commanding General of the Army Air Forces in World War I. He died while piloting a plane two weeks after his boss Wilbur had died. This is the first of these that we have seen or even heard of. For another medal of Alex Shagin please see Lot #332. $50+?

The following 30 or so lots are mostly part of a collection of American Merchant tokens, mostly from Jewish merchants of the early 20th century formed by a collector in New England. Many of these are rare with known examples numbering less than 100.

*179 United States. Alabama, Cohn & Goldberg, Elmore AL. Bronze 32mm. Only at Cohn & Goldberg L. Co. around Elmore ALA./Good for 50 cents in Merchandise. NM-106. Rarity 9. Fine. Alabama trade tokens are notoriously rare, this one from a Jewish merchant even more so. Ex 40E #481 @$400. $300+

*180 United States, Alaska. Aluminum 24mm. Louis Rotman Selavik, Alaska/Good for 25 cents in trade. AU. Scarce. Ex 40E #482 @$80. $50+?

*181 United States, Arizona. Brass 21mm, with cut-out triangle (as made) in center. Sam Cohen, Mesa AZ/Good for 5 cents in trade. VF+. Ex 40E, #483 @ $75. $50+?

*182 United States, California. Advertising Token. c. 1890s, Light tan Vulcanized Rubber (?) 38mm. Call For Paul Friedmans Peach and Honey. It's Delicious in 4 lines/Drink Cunningham Whiskey Paul Friedman San. Fran. Cal. in 5 lines. Scarce. It is is thought that this store was damaged beyond repair by the 1906 SF earthquake although Friedman continued in the wholesale liquor business through at least 1910. In 1908 his daughter married Irving Steinman, the son of a former Jewish mayor of Sacramento, Benjamin Steinman. Irving was also a numismatist and was active in both the Pacific Coast Numismatic Society and the ANA! We sold a similar token last spring but that was dark red. $75+?

*183 United States, Connecticut. Brass 32mm.Open an Account Pay Weekly HYMAN'S Inc. Clothing Outfitters for man, woman and child in 7 lines/Hyman's Inc. 18-22 Church St. New Haven, Conn. Good for $1 on $10 purchase or more. VF, but some nicks and discoloration. Ex 40E, #488 @$80. $50+?

*184 United States, Delaware. Aluminum 24mm. L.A. Levy, Dover Del/Rye Whiskies. Fine, discoloration and uneven planchet with nicks. Not particularly nice, but very rare. Ex 40E, #489 @$40. $30

*185 United States, District of Columbia. Aluminum 28mm. E.S. Levy & Co. Boys' Shop around 10 Premium Tokens/View of US. Capitol, United States Capitol in 2 lines below. VF-EF. Nice pictorial token. Rare. We've had one other of these tokens which we sold once in 2010 and then again sold the same token last year. $100+

*186 United States, Moscow, Idaho. Aluminum 25mm. David & Ely Co. Ltd. Dependable Merchandise 1913 Moscow, Idaho/Good for 10 cents in Merchandise. Pinnock, rarity 3 (Uncommon). VF+/VF, scratch to left of "1". Ex 40E, #491 $30. $25

*187 United States, Chicago, Illinois. 1903. Bronze 31mm. Chicago Centennial Sept. 30., 1903 Stock Yard Day. with 1803 1903 in two lines in circle/Schwarzschild & Sulzberger Co. Souvenir Packers. New York, Chicago, Kansas City USA all around an S&S monogram in center. VF, neatly holed (as made?) at top. "ANA" scratched in obverse field. Ex 40E, #492 @$75. $45+

*188 United States, Granite City, Illinois. Cohen Foods, 2501 Illinois, Granite City, ILL. in five lines/ Good for 1¢ in Trade. Aluminum 15mm. Lustrous Choice AU. Part of 40E, #493. $30

*189 United States, Indianapolis, Indiana. Bronze 32mm.Two Little Tailors, Eph. Levin, Prop. 115 So. Illinois Street Indianapolis, Ind/We will accept this for $1.00 to your credit on any suit or overcoat except on semi-annual sales. One only accepted on each sale. VF. Ex 40E, #494 @$45. $30

*190 United States, Hornick, Iowa. Aluminum. 22mm. Elkin & Raskin, Hornick, IA. /Good for 10 cents in Merchandise. Nice AU. Ex 40E, #495 @$30. $25?

*191 United States, Portland, Maine. Brass 38mm.Good at Silverman's. 235 Middle St. Portland, ME. Your Credit is Good with Us/ Good for $1.00 on any Mens suit or overcoat or Ladies suit or cloak. VF. Ex 40E, #501 @$80! $50+?

*192 United States, St. Paul, Minnesota. Aluminum 32mm. Use your Credit at Goodman's Jewelers 94 E. 7th St. St. Paul. Minn./This coin worth $2.50 on $25 Purchase or 10% on any other purchases. VF-EF, but discoloration. Ex 40E, #504 @$40. $30?

*193 United States, St. Paul, Minnesota. ND. Advertising token. Bronze 33mm.This coin entitles you to $ 1,000,000.00 worth of Good Luck. Friedman Bros. Tailors 345 Roberts St. St. Paul in 8 lines within wreath/ Why be Poor? above and You have the Capital below, the Minnesota capital building. VF. Scarce? I don't think I've seen this before. $40+?

*194 United States, Gunnison, Mississippi. Aluminum 38mm. One of Each Order Gordon Mostkoff & Co. We save you $ Dollars $ all we ask is a trial Gunnison, Miss/Good for $1.00 on each cash purchase of $20.00 or over . VG, has been bent and straightened, with nicks and scratches. However all the legend is very clear and readable. Rare. Gunnison is a very small town in northwestern Mississippi. Ex 40E, #505 @$40. $30?

*195 United States, Montgomery City, Missouri. Jewish Merchant Token. Aluminum 35mm.Gouldman & Meyer Montgomery City, MO./Good for $1.00 in Merchandise. VF, but holed not quite in the center of the token. Ex WMR 40E, #506 $35. $25+?

*196 United States, Reno, Nevada. Brass 21mm. Sam Goldstein Reno Nev/Good for 12 1/2 cents in trade. GVF. Ex 40 #510 @$45. $30+?

*197 United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aluminum 35mm.Jos. E. Levy "Your Classy Tailor" 3151 Frankford Ave. Phila. Next Door to Allegheny Theatre/Good for $2.00 on Suit or Overcoat. Nice EF. Ex WMR 40E #517 @$75. $50+?

*198 United States, Elk Point, South Dakota. Aluminum 28mm. Silverberg Merc. Co. Elk Point, So. Dak./ Good for 25 cents in Trade. VF, with a slight wave. Ex WMR 40E #520 @$40. $30+?

*199 United States, Delmont, South Dakota. Gelfand Brothers, Delmont S.D./ Good for 50¢ in Merchandise. Aluminum Octagonal 28mm. The Gelfand family, like the Silverberg family (see lot above), had stores in a number of small towns within a few hundred miles of Sioux City, IA. Many of the Gelfands were buried in either Mt. Carmel or Mt. Sinai. EF, but some dirt. Ex 43A #624 @$50. $30+?

*200 United States, Carmine, Texas. Aluminum 23mm Octagonal. O. Eichler Carmine Texas/Good for 10 cents in trade. VF, but for notch about 8 o'clock. We've seen an image of a 25¢ token from the same merchant and it also has a "notch" so this is the way they may have been manufactured. Ex 40E #521 @35. $30+?

*201 United States, Salt Lake City, Utah, Brass 21mm. Frumkin's 139 Main St. Salt Lake City/ Good for 12 1/2 cent Cigar. VF, but corrosion. Perhaps buried in dirt for a time. Uncommon. Ex 40E #522 @$50. $30+?

*202 United States, Roanoke, Virginia. Aluminum 38mm.Absolutely Dependable is our Kind. Oak Hall. M. Rosenberg & Sons "Thru-the-Blok" $1.00. Roanoke, Virginia/ Good For $1.00$ on a purchase of Ten Dollars or More. VF, but for small attempted piercing on obverse and some light scratches on reverse. Ex 40E, #524@$60. $45+?

*203 United States, Spokane, Washington. Brass 35mm. Souvenir of Wein's Clothing House. Jos. W. Wein. Prop. 515 Sprague Ave. Spokane, Wash/In Wein We Trust 1909 around Indian head left. VF, possibly cleaned at one time. Very scarce. Nice large size pictorial token. Ex 40E #525 @$125. $80+?

*204 United States, Monongah, West Virginia. F.K. Lowe's Meat Market. Monongah, West Virgina/ Good for 10 Cents. Bi-Metallic (Aluminum (?) inside brass). Schenkman-160-10a. VF. Ex 40E, #526 @$35. $25+?

*205 United States, Wisconsin. Milwaukee? Aluminum EF or nearly so and rare. Round 28mm. Katz's Tavern 1902 S. 68th St./Good for 5 cents in Trade. The lists two tokens, TC-148526, Johnson K-4 @26mm and TC-41653, Johnson #39 from West Allis (Milwaukee county) @27mm. $40+?

206 United States. Merchant Tokens. A group of tokens. Liebsohn's Department Store Hartley, IA,Good for $1.00 in Merchandise; Gouldman & Myer Mongomery City, Mo. Good for 10 cents in Merchandise; Sam Goldstein, Reno, Nevada, Good for 12 1/2 cents in Trade; A.A. Wiesner Hays, KS Good for 1.00 in Trade; Idaho Mayer Bros, Kellogg 25 cents in Trade and Ostdiek & Spiesman, St. Maries Good for 5 cents in Trade; Goldblatt Bros, 1/2 cent Chicago, IL (and locations in other mid-west states as well) and S. A. Cohn 1 Cent, Hazleton, PA. 8 pieces, VG to Unc. but the Missouri token with small hole in center, the Goldstein token with corrosion. Some scarce and rare tokens in this group. $75+

207 United States, Merchant Tokens. North and South Dakota. Schatz, Red & White Store, New England, NDGood for 10 cents in Trade Aluminum 21mm; Berg Bros. Genl Mdse, Cooperstown ND/Good for 25 cents in Trade Aluminum 25mm; E. Wieland, Delmont SD, 31mm Aluminum and Gelfand Bros. General Merchandise, Delmont SD Good for 25 cents in Merchandise Octagonal Aluminum 26 mm. 4 better tokens, EF or better, the Berg Bros piece somewhat oxidized. $35+?

208 United States, Group of Merchant Tokens. SA Cohn & Bro., Hazleton, PA Good for 1 Cent; Lieberman's Bakery, Massillion, Ohio Good for 5¢ Loaf of Bread (this still exists and according to "Urban Spoon" still makes great donuts); Sacks Bros., Jasper Minn. Good for 10 Cents; Weingarten's Big Food Stores, (Houston, TX) Good for 10¢ in trade; Goldblatt Bros. (Chicago, IL) Good for 1/2 Cent; Feltmans Coney Island (Brooklyn, NY) 5; J. L. Hirsch Co., Poseyville, Indiana. Good for 10 Cents; and Malisko's Cafe, Hazleton, Penna. Good for 30¢. 8 tokens. VF to AU, some scarce. $75+

209 United States, Group of Merchant Tokens. Solberg's Place, McIntosh, Minn. Good for 5 cents;Silverberg Bros., Mapleton, Iowa, Good for 50 Cents; J. F. Isaacs Pastime, Cody, Wyo. Good for 20 Cents;W. H. Brower, Spokane, Wash. Good for 5 Cents; Schatz Red & White Store, New England, N. Dak. Good for 50 Cents;Market St. Ry. Co., Samuel Kahn, Pres., San Francisco, Good for One Fare; Moise Klinkner Telephone token, San Francisco; Silvers, Oakland (Cal), Good for $2.50; and J. J. Gans and Bro., Los Angeles, Good for 5 Cents. 9 tokens. VF to AU, some scarce. The Isaacs and Gans tokens probably the "best". $75+

210 United States. A group of tokens. Royal Coin Co. New York & Reverse Mass 1942-1952 S. Albert Eisenberg, President, Jerome M. Eisenberg, Manager with facsimile of Mass. Shilling on reverse (This company, now called Royal-Athena Galleries, still exists with offices in NYC and London. They deal mostly in antiquities, but still have a strong inventory of ancient coins and Jerry Eisenberg is still the major domo); Feltman's Coney Island "25"; Jerome Wolk and Brother Fur Mart, Pittsburgh PA; Morris Greenstein, Wilkes-Barre PA Pharmacist Good for 5 cents in Merchandise; Dreyfus Hotel, Providence RI "For Servicemen Only - 50 Cent Discount"; Abe Goldman Monarch Buffet 630 W. Madison St. (Chicago) This check and 10 cents good for a 15 cents Whiskey. Aluminum Oval; Halperin Bros. Co. Good at Cigar Counter & Restaurant "Good for 50 cent in Trade" (Chicago); Stein's, Maple Lawn, Alex. KY 5 cent. Scalloped Aluminum. 8 different tokens, some scarce. VF-AU, most EF or better. Ex 40E, Lot 530 where it sold for $220 on a $100 estimate. $120+?

211 United States. Group of Merchant Tokens. A group of tokens. California: Moise Klinker Co, San Francisco & Market St. Ry .Co; Samuel Kahn President Good for One Fare San Francisco; Idaho, Pitkin & Rowland, Nampa Good for 10¢; Bouquet Cigar Store, Boise Good for 5¢ Nugget, Weiser, IDAHO Good for 5 Cents, Aluminum square; National Fiddlers Festival 1963 Idaho; Silber & Steiner's Mankato, Minn. Good for 25 cents; Nebraska,Burr. Genzlinger & Klein Good for 5¢ (Fiber); Deshler, Boyer & Koerwitz Good for 5 cents; Fremont, Gumpert's Good for 5 cents; Seattle, Washington Keiter & Bernbaum Good for 5 cents in Trade' holed as made and Olympia, Washington, Weidner's Rummy Club Good for 5 cents. 12 western tokens, most scarce and VF or better. $100+?

WORLD PAPER MONEY   (back to top)

212 A Miscellaneous group. 1) Egypt. P24b. 1 Pound. 1950. Saad signature. Farouk portrait at right. Arabic serial numbers only. aEF; 2) United Nations, UNESCO Specimen. Jan. 1956. 99¢. In French and English. Unc; 3-7) Germany, WWII Reich's Credit Treasury notes PR-135 to 139, Kroll 185-189. 50 Pfennig, 1, 2, 5 & 20 Reichsmark, VF (pinholes) to Unc; and 8) Hong Kong, Chartered Bank. P-79c $100 Dollars 1 January 1982. Fine. 8 notes, sold as is, no returns. $100+

*213 Austria, United Nations, International Refugee Organization (IRO) Austrian Operations. 1, 5 & 10 Units, green, red and blue. Camp-7360-7362, SB-181-183, Feller AS-1680-1682. The complete 3-note set. VF-EF. The two largest denominations are from our Auction 29C, the 1 unit was sold to the collector later in a private sale. $500+

*214 Cyprus, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. (The Joint). Cyprus Canteen Chit. Campbell-5510, Feller CY-1870, Haffner (1970) page 330, Schwan-Boling 241 (page 388). 1st issue, 1 Shilling. This is Sylvia Haffner's plate note that was partially destroyed in infamous fire of 1973-1974. VG, but about 20 to 25% of the note is burnt. This is the rare 1st issue which had the legend '" or for exchange for cash in Jerusalem" which the British found objectionable and was soon recalled and replaced by a 2nd issue. We originally purchased Mrs. Haffner's collection from World Wide Coins of Atlanta in (I believe) the fall of 1974 and subsequently sold her set of Cyprus canteen chits to the late Samuel Halperin. We then sold the set of 3 notes for Sam in our sale 31C to "Mr. Philadelphia". The other two notes in this series from her (and Halperin's) collection were sold in our sale 44B. This 1 Shilling note is extremely interesting because it has three faded but partially readable, additional purple hand stamps indicating that this was cashed at the Anglo-Palestine Bank, Jerusalem Branch. It also has a hole punch at left most likely indicating that it was cancelled when it was cashed. $1500+

*215 Cyprus, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. (The Joint). Cyprus Canteen Chits. Campbell-5513-15, Feller CY-1875-1877, Haffner (1970) page 331, Schwan-Boling 241-243 (page 388). 2nd printing of 2nd issue, 1, 2 & 5 Shillings. All stamped cancelled. All Unc. The notes show no wear, folds or stains although to be perfectly accurate a couple of the corners may not be perfect. Incredible condition, I cannot recall seeing these notes in anywhere near this condition before. There are three major differences between the two issues of the rare Cyprus Canteen Chits. #1 is the legend which, at left in English and at right in Hebrew, reads: Good for purchase in the canteens as it deletes the phrase or for exchange in Jerusalem. As we can see from the lot above, some notes were exchanged in Jerusalem. Type 2 also adds the word Cyprus in both English and Hebrew to the legend to the very top of the note. In addition the prefixes in front of the serial number are in Hebrew (aleph, bet and gimel) in this type while they use English A, B and C in type 1. The first printing of type 1 had serial numbers 1 to 6000 while the 2nd printing had serial numbers 6001 to 12000. From the range of serial numbers one would think that these notes are common. They are not. They are extremely rare and even more so in this condition. Ex Samuel Halperin collection and 31C, Lot 834. $3000+

*216 Czechoslovakia, Holleischen (Holysov). A Flossenburg subcamp located near Prague. Camp 4099, PS-110, Feller CZ-198. 9 Pfennig, pink with tab at left attached and 2058 printed on tab. Unc. We can only recall having a couple of Holleischen chits with tabs that had a number printed on them. However this is the first I can recall with the tab at left. $40+?

*217 Egypt. Palestine Liberation Bonds. ND. 1950s. A set of 6 large (c. 4 1/2 x 9") coupons issued by King Farouk with denominations of 50, 100 Piasters, 5, 10, 50 & 100 Pounds Pounds. The coupons have an elaborate framework and a portrait of King Farouk at top center. At the upper left is the seal of The Society of the Nile Valley for the Liberation of Arabic Palestine in a red circle. Unc., with counterfoil. The counterfoils all have staple holes along the edge. From our Sale 23F, lot #703. I believe this is the first set that I've offered since 2006 when a set sold for $150 in active bidding. $125+

*218 France. French Resistance Anti-Hitler Propaganda note. Added to a French 20 Franc of 1943 (P-100) is the head of Hitler, taken from a German stamp, cleverly tucked inside of a noose held by the French fisherman. This was done by cutting a small slit in the back of the note so that the neck of Hitler could fit into the noose of the fisherman. See World War II Remembered page 739. Note is VG with tears at bottom. In our sale 43A we sold a similar but slightly nicer note for $110 with a second bidder at over $100 also! $75+?

*219 Germany, Konversionkasse Fractional Certificate. Small Format. 50 RM, 1 September 1935, Interest due 1 July 1936. Kroll-222. Series A, EF, with hole punch at left of embossed seal at bottom. Printed on watermarked paper. c. 6 1/4 x 8 1/4". $75+?

*220 Germany. 1937 $1000 3% Konversionkasse 10-Year Bond. Kroll-295 (page 24), Schwan-Boling #231 (page 485). 1 June 1937. Rare. EF, but for tears at upper lower left corner and center at top. $60+

*221 Germany, Buchenwald Concentration Camp. C-3947d, PS-73d, Feller GE-145a. .50 Reichsmark with SS Ko. Rottleberode overprint in blue (or perhaps violet). Nice EF, but parts of upper left corner missing from being close to fire, also slight browning along right edge. Still very presentable. Ex 35B #611. $75+

*222 Germany, Flossenburg Concentration Camp. C-3972b (1), Feller GE-188a, Haney FL 12a. 1 Reichsmark in blue with narrow Ä (2mm). Choice EF, small cut on right edge, light pencil graffiti (erasable) and light stains on back. $400+

*223 Germany, Nordhausen (Mittelbau) Concentration Camp. C-4021, P/S-135. .01 Mark, Series P. 2 pieces, one is Au-Unc with small spot, the other aEF. In our opinion, Series P is the scarcest of the 3 series known for this denomination. $75+?

*224 Germany, Oranienburg Concentration Camp. C-4037a, F/F GE-102a. 10 Pfenning with watermark (1933). VF-EF, with two holes punched, thus canceled. Stain at top margin most likely from being taped in album This was the Nazis 1st Concentration Camp. Scarce. $300+

*225 Germany, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. .50 Reichsmark, tan paper with type 1 star and printer's mark K.L. Sh. 6.43. 999 000 Druck: Möller, Oranienburg. (printer's name in italics). Feller GE-290a, Camp-4061a(1), Haney Sa-1b. Printed on very thin paper with tab attached at top. VF+, 2 staples holes in tab. $300+

*226 Hungary, Jewish Community of Budapest 1948. Feller HG-520v. 5 Forint overstamped on 5 Pengo Tax Receipt issued by the Pesti Izraelita Hitkozseg. With 2 imprinted signatures of the communities directors and another signature of the tax collector at bottom. VF+ and filled out. These were technically tax receipts but it is very likely that they were also used as currency. What is most unusual about this lot (and the following) is that the denominations were changed to indicate the post-war Forints rather than the Pengos used during the war (and before). Interestingly the printed legend on the left reads Any changes makes this receipt invalid, although it certainly seems to be an official change. VF and no doubt rare. $75+

*227 Hungary, Jewish Community of Budapest 1949. Feller HG-521ff. 15 Forint overstamped on 15 Pengo. As above but Steve and Ray Feller do not list this denomination. In addition the new date is 1949 and the tax collector is different. In the mid 1990s I believe we had a few similar notes. Unfortunately I cannot find any images of these. Equally as rare. $75+

*228 Israel. Fractional Currency. P-6, FC-1, SOI-B1a. 50 Mils (1948) Carpet note. Series Aleph/Aleph. אא Almost EF. Nice bright original orange note. $200+

*229 Israel. Fractional Currency. P-7, FC-2, SOI-B2a. 100 Mils (1948) Carpet note. Series Aleph/Dalat. דא Decent Fine. $125+

*230 Israel. Fractional Currency. P-6, FC-1, SOI B1a. 50 Mils and P-7, FC-2, SOI Ba, 100 Mils Orange and green carpet notes. Both notes with serial number 000072, the first Series Aleph Aleph, אא the second Series Aleph Bet אב. 2 choice Unc. notes. Our collector purchased these in January of 1986 and we believe they should stay together as a matched pair. As nice or nicer than a matched numbered set that sold for over $3000 in our sale 44A. $2000+

*231 Israel Color Trial. P-6 50 Mils Blue Carpet Note, signed by designer Otto Wallish but not obliterating the note. The "note" is printed on oversized white paper with "Sample" in Hebrew overprinted. Rare. This is not the issued color. Ex 35D, #833 at $2850. As FC-1, SOI B-1p variety. Unc. $2000+

*232 Israel, Color Trial. P-6, FC-1, As SOI B1p. 50 Mils Blue Carpet Note (1948), signed by designer Otto Wallish at bottom right of paper not on the printed part of the note which is printed on white paper. The issued color of this note was orange. See Lot #228. This is ex lot #1034 from Sale 33E where it sold for $2600. In April of 2013 Spink sold a similar note for about the same price when figuring in the buyer's premium. $2500+?

*233 Israel, Color Trial. P-7, FC-2, As SOI B2p. 100 Mils Blue Carpet Note (1948), signed by designer Otto Wallish at bottom right of paper, not on the printed part of the note. The note is on white paper. The issued color of this note was green. See Lot #229. This is ex lot #1035 from Sale 33E where it sold for $2600. $2500+?

*234 Israel. P-7, As FC-2, SOI B-2p variety. 100 Mils reddish-brown Carpet Note. Color Trial, signed by designer Otto Wallish but not obliterating the note. The "note" is printed on oversized white paper with "Sample" in Hebrew overprinted. Rare. This is not the issued color. Unc. Ex 35D, #834 at $2850. $2000+

*235 Israel. Fractional Currency. P-11, FC-4, SOI B-6. 100 Pruta (1952). Zagaggi-Kaplan. Green/Black. Series Bet/113. EF-AU. Ex Lot 954 from sale 28F. $175+

*236 Israel. Fractional Currency. Inverted Signature Error. P-12d, FC-4D, SOI B7d. ND (1952). 100 Pruta, error with Neeman's signature inverted. Choice AU, with some slight evidence of aging. Very Rare. This is nicer than the one in our sale 44B. I believe this is the nicest we've offered at auction in more than 20 years. $3000+

*237 Israel. Fractional Currency. P-13d, FC-5d, SOI B8d (unlisted variety). 250 Pruta, Gimel Series. EF. The Menorah is visible with the naked eye. This happens in less than 1% of cases. RARE. This is the first we've offered via auction in more than 5 years. Ex 28F, #861. The menorah should be visible on our website image. $75+

*238 Israel. Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-14a, BN-1, B6a. (1948). 500 Mils Series B. F-VF with edge splits at central vertical fold. Looks even nicer because of the bright original gray color. $125+

*239 Israel. ND. (c.1950). A group of 4 Vignettes for Israel Bonds from the American Banknote Company Archives. 1) Large (c. 9 x 6") black and white with a group of workers (farmers, laborers, scientists, mother & child) with a menorah, cog and farm machinery in the background; 2) another large vignette, this more allegorical in nature than #1 with a woman studying with a pastoral scene in the background on the left and a man (Moses?) sitting with two cherubs and an eagle with a river and city behind and the state of Israel logo in the center; 3) Small (c. 2 x 2 1/2") black and white logo of the state of Israel; and 4) a slightly larger (3 1/4 x 3 3/4") and slightly different logo. 4 items, the first three black and white and various hues of black and white while the last is green. All with American Bank Note Company and control numbers printed on face with pencil numbers on back. A rare and important lot. I can't recall ever offering anything similar. $850+?

*240 Israel, Bank Leumi. P-19a, BN-6, BLI-B1a. 500 Prutah, Series E. (1952). Nice EF. This is from our special banknote list of late 2007 and (I believe) came out of a Cleveland, Ohio collection. Nice original color. $500?

*241 Israel, Bank Leumi. P-22a, BN-9, BLI-B4a. 10 Pounds, Series J. EF. Nice bright original color thus scarce. $350+

*242 Israel, Bank Leumi. P-23a, BN-10, BLI-B5a. 50 Pounds. PMG EF-40 Exceptional Paper Quality. A very rare note, especially in this state of preservation. We are not big believers in the slabbing of paper money and we thought long and hard about taking this out of the slab especially because we see no folds in the note. There are slight corner bends and a counting crease however. Obviously bright original color as well. $6500+

*243 Israel. Dan Bus Company. Tel-Aviv. 1953-. The united emergency issue of the combined Ihud-Regev and Hamaavir Coop. Society. 5 Prutot. Group of 22 pieces. H5 & 5a, P/S-66 & 67. Wide and Narrow Shield types. All, or almost all, different. Nine wide shield tokens, but most are on beige paper which is unlisted by Haffner VF to Unc., mostly VF, the scarcer narow shield tokens (13 pieces) are Fine to Unc., most being EF to Unc. Ex Lot 876 from our Sale 38C at $100 and previously from the Samuel Halperin collection. $100+

*244 Israel, Bank of Israel. P26, BN-13, BOI B4 (unlisted variety). 5 Lirot SPECIMEN. Unc. Specimen א & 00000 in black across face. 1955. Unlisted in the Banknote Book. Ex 29C #965. $250+?

*245 Israel, Bank of Israel. 1955 Specimen Set. P24s-30s, BN11-15, BOI B1as, B2as1, B3as2, B4as2 and B5as2. 500 Prutah, 1, 5, 10 & 50 Pound. All notes with 000000 serial number twice, and specimen across the face and back. In two corners of the front and back an oval overstamp Specimen De La Rue & Co. No Value and in the bottom margin of each note Specimen No. 39. All 5 notes Choice Unc. A rare set of Israel's most attractive notes. $1500+

*246 Israel, Bank of Israel. 1955 Progress set. P24-P28, BN-11-15. 500 Pruta, 1, 5, 10 and 50 Pounds. A magnificent set. 500 Pruta: 7 pieces, including close to the final accepted design but without serial number, date, signatures and titles, with extra large bottom margin and watermark. 2 uniface virtually completed back including watermark and flower on front, 3 slightly different stages of the back with the green print only one of which has the flower and the underprint from the front, plus a note with the underprint from the front included: 1 Pound: 3 pieces. Virtually accepted back design (some slight deviations) and the underprinting of the front and partial underprinting of the back, all on watermarked paper; 5 Pounds: 3 pieces, one with virtual accepted back design with front underprinting including flower; another with partial underprinting of the back design and a third with the back similar to above but with partial underprinting of the front including the flower, all on watermarked paper; 10 Pounds: 3 notes, one is a virtualy complete and accepted back design with underprinting of the front design including the flower, this note with extra large top margin which has a notch taken out of it, the second with underprinting of the back and the third with underprinting of both the front (with flower) and the back and 50 Pounds: 7 notes. A virtual completed and accepted design but without the denominations, date, signatures and tiles and with extra wide right margin (the colors are not quite the same as the accepted design), 2 more or less completed back designs (both slightly different with the front showing the underprinting (slightly different) with the flower, 2 notes showing the underprinitng on the back (again slightly different) but each depicting the security line differently on the front which is blank, and two more with the back similar to the above but the front shows the underprinting and the flower. 23 notes VF to Au-Unc, many with control numbers (mostly in pencil). A remarkable lot showing the progression in design of this, the most beautiful of all Israel banknotes. All the notes have the Menorah watermark designating that the process of completing these notes was in the final stages. This is ex Lot #1036 from our Sale 33E and is most likely unique. It is a companion set to Lot 388 from Sale 44B. $5000+

*247 Israel. Group of 3 Shoham Sherutey Hayam Consumption Vouchers. 1) 50 Prutah, Bet 13638. Hire Your Deck-Chair and Pay with Consumption Vouchers. JTM HT-4A; 2) As JTM-HT-4E. 500 Prutah. Added overprint in English and Hebrew, For Crew Only and blank on the reverse. No doubt a crew only note would be printed in much less quantity than a passenger note and 3) Similar but 100 Agora (1 Lira). 3 VF notes. Ex 33C 1317, 1318 and 37D #979. Scarce. $200+

*248 Israel. Shoham Sherutey Hayam Consumption Vouchers. 100, 200 and 250 Prutah, all Series Hay #7891. HT-4B, C, & D. The first two have, Remember your Family and Friends! Postcards obtainable at the Bar. Cables - Acceptance in Purser Office and the 250 Pruta has Your favourite tune will be played by the Band. Ask for it! 3 Au-Unc chits, with matched serial numbers. Rare as such. See Sylvia Haffner's Judaic Tokens and Medals pages 266 and 267 for more information. This is the only set I can remember with matched numbers. Ex Lot 938 from Sale 37D and from the Samuel Halperin collection. $150+

249 Israel. Group of banknotes. 1958 series P-29 1/2£ (2). P-30c 1£ brown (2), P-31 5£, P-32d 10£ brown; 1968 series P-34b 5£ Red, P-35b 10£ green; 1973-1975 Series P-38 5£ 1973 (6), P-39 10£ (4), P-41 100£ 1973 (3); Shekel Series P-46a 500 Sh. 1978, P-47a 100 Sh. 1979, P-48 500 Sh. 1982, P-49a 1000 Sh. 1983 (Rarav), P-49b 1000 Sh. 1983 (Harav), P-51a 5000 Sh. 1984, P-51a 10,000 Sh. 1984 and P-54a 20 NIS 1987. 29 notes, 22 of which are unc. Two each of P-39 and P-41 as well as P-49a, P-50a and P-51a have some degree of circulation from VF to AU. $60+

*250 Israel. Group of items. 1). P-33e, BN-20d 50 Lirot 1960 Brown Serial numbers unc.; 2) Uncut sheet of 3 1000 Sheqalim Maimonides with error spelling Rarav. BNS-6, P-49c. Unc. In folder and envelope of issue; 3) Another sheet with the correct spelling Harav BNS-7. P-49d, BN-36a also in folder and envelope of issue; 4) P-50b, BNS-7. Uncut sheet of 3 5000 Sheqealim 1984 Eshkol notes in folder and envelope of issue; 5) Uncut sheet of 3 10,000 Sheqalim Golda Meir notes. BNS-8, P-51b. In folder and envelope of issue; 6) BNS-17 People of Thought and Deed. Set of 6 Banknotes in folder of issue as released by the IGCMC and 7) P-58b, BN-43cff 50 New Sheqalim 1998 50th Anniversary of Israel sheet of 3 uncirculated notes in deluxe hard plastic case of issue. A neat group of notes, mostly in hard to find sheets in original folders and cases of issue. $250+

*251 Israel, 1967 Six Day War. Prisoner of War notes for Syrian prisoners captured near the Golan Heights. Camp Canteen, Military Command for Prisoners of War. 2 complete sets of three notes. Yellow, bottle of lemonade, Green, Bottle of Juice and Blue, cracker or cookie. One each with overstamps and without. The overstamps have an Arabic seal of a Syrian Army unit plus another 3 line Arabic box. Most researchers believe the ones with overstamps are fantasies either applied after the war or during the war as a gag. All are scarce to rare, the ones without the overprint are rare and only the 2nd set we can recall offering. In our sale 39D, Lot 642 (with one VF note) sold for $1500. This set contains six unc. chits which were purchased from Nielsen-Porter, Inc in the spring of 1975. Campbell 5565-5575. $1000+

*252 Israel. (1967) Six-Day War Sabbath Script. Group of six chits. Includes 4 unvalidated chits, c. 3 3/8" x 2 1/2" pale green cardboard chits, for peppermints, fruit toffee, biscuit and non-alcholic beer. In addition this lot contains validated chits (a triangle over stamp), with IDF symbol in center and Sadhe to left and Dalat to right and a 4 digit serial number below for beer and mints. See Haffner CT-11. Seldom offered. $200+

*253 Israel. Shaare Zedak Hospital Meal Chits. 1970s? Jerusalem. 17 different pieces, all identifield. Scarce as such. For use by students, volunteers, managers and nurses. Average EF. $75+

*254 Israel, Signed notes. P38, BN-25, BOI B15 5 Lirot. 1973 AU and P39, BN-26, BOI B16 10 Lirot. 1973. Unc. Both with actual signatures of the signers of the note in in ink. Moshe Sanbar (in English) and David Horowitz in Hebrew. Ex Auction 33E, #1109 & 1110. $50+

*255 Israel. Error Note. P-39, BN-26, BOI B16. 10 Lirot 1973. Montefiore note, with mismatched serial numbers in the center of serial number, 1505240833 at top, 1505210833 at bottom. EF. Ex 36C, Lot 835. This is a different error than below $150+?

*256 Israel. Error Note. P-39, BN-26, BOI B16. 10 Lirot 1973. Montefiore note, with mismatched serial numbers. Unc.3605016682 at upper left and 2605016682. Rare. This is ex Lot #1026 from sale 28C where it brought $260. This is a different error than above. $200+

*257 Israel. Error Note. P-45, BN-32, BOI B22. 10 Sheqalim, Herzl note of 1978. Mismatched serial number, the number at the top left (on the back) is 5684200967 while the number at lower right is 5684200965. This is ex lot 838 from Sale 36c where it brought $325. A different error than below. $300+

*258 Israel, Error Note. P-45, BN-32, BOI B22. 10 Sheqalim, Herzl note of 1978. One of the numbers in the lower right serial number has shifted upwards. Unc. It is our belief that perhaps one sheet of these notes exist. Purchased from us in July of 2005. A different error than above. $200+?

*259 Israel, Bank of Israel. Sheqel Series. P-46d, BN-33b, BOI-B23d. 50 Sheqalim 1978,with 4 black bars on back. David Ben-Gurion on face with the Golden Gate on back. EF, but with very small singe mark on top margin. $65+

*260 Italy, Campo Concentramento P. G. #54. 2, 5 & 10 Lire. Campbell 6018-6020. Even though the note uses the term Concentramento this is really a POW note as the initials P. G. are for Prigionieri di Guerra (Prisoner of War). The 2 Lire is orange, the 5 is bluish the 10 is tan. VF. Very scarce. This from our Auction 31C, Lot #933 and is the only notes we have seen from this camp. $200+?

*261 Italy, Mestre Prisoner of War notes. c 111 x 69 mm, printed on gray-green cardboard. .50, 1, 2, 4, 10 & 20 Lire. Campbell-6353-6358. 6 EF-Unc. notes which are considered by most to be fantasies. Still scarce and seldom seen. Over the past 20+ years we have offered only one single note from this camp. Sold as is, no returns. $150+

*262 Italy, Cremona Concentration Camp. Camp 6459-6465, F/F IT-760a-766a. 1/2 to 50 Lire. Complete set of 7 notes, Au (but some notes show signs of mishandling on left edge), all overprinted with Star of David and unsigned. The use of the Star of David on these notes is the ultimate Catch 22. Jews were issued these notes in exchange for their belongings and money. Notes for non-Jews did not have the Star of David. However to be used in the camp canteens, they had to be signed and the notes that had the Star of David on them were never signed. It should be noted that some researchers believe that these are fantasies. It is the opinion of others, including us, that the reason that the notes were "not remembered" was because they did not circulate as we mentioned above. The only "wear" on these notes (and most others that we have seen) is mishandling. Please note that Cremona notes with signatures and without the overprint are much rarer than the ones with the Star of David. Sold as is, no returns. $250+

*263 Netherlands, Westerbork Concentration Camp. Error Note. C-4174b, Feller NE-473a. 100 Cents, Series AA. Mis-cut with extra large right margin and left edge of note cut off. Unc. This was Lot #964 from our Sale 33C. $200+?

*264 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. Error note. P-7c. PCB B2c 1 Pound 20 April 1939 with mismatched serial numbers. The serial number W684821 is at lower left and in the upper right is the number W68473?, the ? indicating the last digit is only partially printed and is unclear. This is ex Lot 489 from our Auction 24D. What we wrote when describing this note in that catalog (May 1994), "one of only 2 known. Ex Ted Uhl, Ex Phil Parks. F-VF, some mildew, blue rejection marks." For the other known note see page 394-395 of Rafael Dabbah's epic Currency Notes of the Palestine Currency Board. That note has the serial number W684820 at lower left and the same number as this at the upper right. If my memory is to be trusted, I believe I purchased both notes from Phil Parks, a collector of paper money error notes, earlier that year. Phil had most likely bought these from Ted Uhl before the mid 1980s because Uhl passed away during that time. I cannot recall seeing another since. $1500+?

*265 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. P-7c. PCB B2c 1 Pound 20 April 1939. Series T. VG-F, probably washed at one time. Decent note with no tears. A scarce series. This is ex lot #1015 from our sale 32C. $375+

*266 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. P-7d, PCB B2. 1 Pound, 1 January 1944. Series B/1. Choice EF, but for very small flaw on left margin. Original bright green color. I believe this came from our March 1993 auction. A similar note sold for $1500 in our Fall 2014 sale. $1250+

*267 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. P-7d, PCB B2d. 1 Pound 1, January, 1944. Series B/1. Choice EF, Vivid original green color. A better date, in high grade and slightly nicer than the above note. From our sale 25C, Lot #662. $1250+

*268 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. P-9c, PCB B4c. 10 Pounds, 1939. Series B. Nice VF, one light sign of aging on back. Purchased from us in the 1970s or 1980s. $1500+

*269 Palestine, Anglo-Palestine Co. Registered Check. 18 August 1914. 10 Francs. Pay against this cheque to myself. Fine, with filing holes. At the beginning of WWI, the crumbling Ottoman Empire was in economic shambles. In order to raise money for the war effort taxes were raised throughout the empire. The towns of Tel-Aviv and Jaffa were especially hard hit and circulating money was in short supply. Therefore the outlawed Anglo-Palestine Company had leading members of the Jewish community sign and personally back "circulating checks". Ex WMR 26A, #998. $200+?

270 Palestine. Anglo-Palestine Co. Registered Check. 190- (but first series August 1914), 20 Francs. Pay against this cheque to myself. I can't make out the Hebrew signature, but name seems like Barsich or something similar. VF, with filing holes of course, and very rare. This ex Lot 523 from our Sale 20E and is from the Morty Zerder collection. $300+?

*271 Palestine. Anglo-Palestine Co. Registered Check. 1914. 100 Francs. 2nd Series. Haffner JTM CC-12g, Dabbah Chapter 2, The Shekel Vol. 23, #6, pages 3-5. Choice VF with two filing holes, thus one of the nicest of these circulating "checks" that we have seen. Pay this cheque to myself, signed by two people (on both sides) one of whom is Krause. Ex Lot 414 from our sale 23D. $250+?

*272 Palestine. Tel Aviv Council. 1915. 1 Bishlik Cardboard Token, Gimel Series. See Haffner CC-12c, Dabbah pages 36 & 37. Unc, without serial number and with one handwritten signature of Abraham Etkind. Officially issued notes contained two signatures and handstamped serial numbers. Included with this note is a signed and notarized statement by Etkind in 1977 swearing that he signed these paper tokens in 1915. With his signed photograph as well. This was originally consigned to us in 1996 by the late Samuel Halperin. $300+

*273 Palestine, Negrin Grocery. 1940s? Jews' Street, Old City Jerusalem. 7 different tokens paper tokens. 1-100 Mils. Scarce. c 2 1/4 x 2 1/2'Äù. Ex Lot 32E #1208. $75+

*274 Palestine. Group of paper Merchant tokens. 1) Noah Zagaggi Grocery Tokens. JTM-MT-28. ND (1940s). 5, 10, 20, 50 (2 different colors) & 250 Mils. 5 tokens, the first four unc., the 250 Fine. Zagaggi was the father of Israel's first comptroller General (Mordechai Zagaggi's signature is on some of Israel's fractional currency) and his store was near the Bezalel Studio's in Jerusalem; 2) Another set of Zagaggi tokens 5, 10, 20 & 2 different 50 Mil tokens EF to unc., all with Noah Zagaggi's handwritten signature on the face; 3) Kalman Sik Store. A group of 7 different colored paper tokens, 1/4, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 & 100 Mils. See Ellenbogen Sale Lot #175 (1976) for a similar lot, but that was missing the 20 Mil token; 4) Malal Village Coop. 1930s-1940s? CO-17B 5, 10, 30 & 50 Mils c 2 1/2 x 1 3/4", all unc with the 30 Mils having a 3 line legend and a signature on the reverse and CO-17c 2 Mils also unc. 22 paper tokens, some scarce. $75+?

*275 Palestine. Mishmar Hamifratz Ltd. Haifa, 1942. Printers Proofs or Specimen Set of 4 chits. 1) 1 Mil, black print, red background on yellow cardboard; 2) 5 Mils, black print, red background on gray cardboard; 3) 5 Mils black on gray without any background color, nor symbol and 4) 2 Mils black print, red-brown background on green cardboard. All 4 with 000000 serial numbers on reverse. #2 has a few small pieces missing and #3 is a bit mis-cut. EF-Unc. Extremely rare (#3 is perhaps unique). See Haffner (1971) page 352, #14. the only denomination she depicts and lists is the 2 Mils although the font on the back is different. Pick & Siemsen in Emergency Money of World War II make mention of the specimen 1 and 5 Mils and speculate that they never arrived in Haifa! The first three chits are from our Sale 26A (Lot 1393) while the last was purchased from our inventory at the 1995 New York International show . $150+

*276 Palestine. Carmel Station Bus Co. Ltd, Haifa. 1942-. Haffner #3 , Pick-Siemsen #9c 1 Mil, Grey-black print, without serial numbers. Fine and very rare. Missing in most collections including the famous Ray Ellenbogen collection. This is ex Lot #1199 from Sale 31C and is the only one we've offered in at least 20 years and probably much longer. $100+

*277 Palestine. Cafe Tzines. 1940s. MT-7. 2 Mils token c. 1 1/4 x 1 1/4". The Cafe was located at #1 Rines Street in Tel-Aviv. This is the Haffner plate example and the only one I can recall seeing. EF and rare. Ex 38D #800. $50+

All lots available for viewing at our bourse table in Colorado Springs, June 25-28.

*278 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 50 Pfennig. 15 Mai 1940. C-4201a, Feller PO-560a. Group of 93 many with consecutive numbers. Almost all notes are unused and uncirculated but some may show minor signs of aging or other faults due to being improperly stored for almost 70 years. I believe that less that five show any real circulation. Sold as is, no returns. $1500+?

*279 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1 Mark 15 Mai, 1940. Camp-4202b, Feller PO-561b. 45 notes consisting of runs of 10 and 22 with consecutive serial numbers, plus others with 3 and 4 consecutive numbers. All with prefix A. Notes are all unused but some may show minor signs of aging or other faults due to being improperly stored for almost 70 years. A few have corner bends. Sold as is, no returns. $800+

*280 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 5 Mark, 4 mm Orange serial number. Feller PO-563b, Camp 4204a(2). A group of 18 notes with consecutive serial numbers 100083 to 100100.Notes are all unused but some may show minor signs of aging or other faults due to being improperly stored for almost 70 years. Some have corner bends. Sold as is, no returns. This is the last of a hoard kept by a child of a Lodz survivor. $1250+

*281 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Group of Three. 50 Pfennig, red serial numbers. C-4201a, F/F PO-560a, 1 Mark C-4202b, F/F PO-561 with prefix and 20 Mark C-4206-1, F/F PO-565a. 3 notes, all Unc! Ex 38C, #581 $100+?

*282 Poland, Litzmannstadt, Lodz Ghetto. A Group of 3. 1) 20 Mark Campbell-4206a, Feller PO-565a1, Type without watermark and 1 line under o in number; 2) Chit for 1 additional lunch overstamped in red FREI. Campbell 4237g, Feller PO-620g and 3) 3 part coupon for 2 Kilograms of vegtables. As Campbell 4220a, Feller PO-601a. All unc, the last two unissued remainders and the last a tiny portion of the bottom right corner is missing. $100+?

*283 Poland, Litzmannstadt, Lodz Ghetto. A 3 part, with perforations, coupon for 4 kilograms of potatoes. Control #37. As Feller PO-603d, Campbell 4221d. Unc and unused but for "17" in pencil on back. Sold in one of our very early sales for $105 $100+?

*284 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Group of chits. All unused. 1) Tschulent-Bäckerei. Nr. 12 (Sabbath Stew) As Campbell-4227, Feller PO-609a; 2) 10 dkg. Hefe (Yeast) Campbell-4235, Feller PO-618 and 3) a receipt for a Half Container (of what?). Scarce group. $100+

*285 Poland, Litzmannstadt, (Lodz Ghetto). A Group of 3 items. 1) Script. "Zus-Mittag" (Additional lunch), over printed MUSTER in purple or blue. As Camp-4237a, Feller PO-620a; 2) Another similar one but the overprint is much thicker and 3) but an additional two line red overprint for KOHLRABI 50. As Camp-4237e, Feller PO-620e. All 3 are unissued remainders in Unc. Both Campbell and Feller list the #3 item as white. We believe our example is tan. $125+

*286 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto) Children's Food Card. 1944. Yiddish printed card in Hebrew letters, issued by Mordechai Chaim Rumkowsky, the Eldest of the Jews, date Eiyyar 5704 (April to May 1944). The text reads, You are being requested to arrive at the shop at #10 Cegana (probably a workshop) on Tuesday to bring food....and a sack and a large pot. A 3 line German hand stamp, says, "Der Aeteste der Juden in Litzmannstadt / Arbeits-Ressort / Druckerei, Stempelbabrik u Schildermacherie". (Labor Department, printing, handstamp and shield making factory). aEF on green cardboard. Very rare. Unlisted by Feller, this is ex Sale 40J, #737. $300+

*287 Poland, Litzmannstadt, (Lodz Ghetto). 1943. Kitchen Department Coupon. Unused. Unc. I can't recall seeing any other item similar to this and it may have been used for inter-office ordering. Also in this lot is a Natzweiler Concentration Camp. 1942. Payment receipt for 20. 40 Reichsmarks. All documents from Naztweiler are very rare. It was the only concentration camp in France. The first item is from sale 25H (#1149) and the second from 27C (#798). $100+?

*288 Poland, Litzmannstadt, (Lodz Ghetto). Unlisted small chit for 1 serving of soup. 15 Pfennig. c. 36 x 23mm in pink with black print. Similar to Feller PO-600c but for color and the place for use was - Volks-K.3 Telegraphenstr.2. Perforated on 3 sides. This sold as Lot #66 for $60 in one of our very early sales and I can't recall seeing one since. $75+

*289 Poland, Warsaw Ghetto. 50 Groszy blue on tan chit. The design on this note is very symbolic. A barbed wire fence separates 18 Stars of David (for Chai or Life) and an SS symbol within flames. Feller PO-685, Camp-4251. Au-Unc, small flaw near right bottom. Ex 37D, #723. It's unusual to see a note from the Warsaw Ghetto being offered singly. Usually they are only available as a set. $300+?

*290 Poland, Zawiercie. 1914. Emergency Loan Society. Group of 3 private issue notes. 5, 10 & 20 Kopeck. Each with handstamp on front and printed list of 13 names on the back, including those of Rosen, Ginsberg, Weitzen, Rosen, Frenk, Feldberg and Haberman. EF-Unc, minor signs of aging. Jablonski 1901-3. Scarce set of early Jewish privately issued cir culating money. This is ex lot 1152 from our sale 30C and are the only notes from here that I can recall ever offering. $150+

*291 Russian Paper Money Catalogue. 1769-1927. David Atzmony was the 'father' of Russian currency. This is his original manuscript of his catalogue covering Russian currency 1769 to 1927. Handwritten by Atsmony almost entirely in Russian with some notations in manuscript Hebrew as well. It is a black soft-cover exercise book filled with 200 pages of data. The book is dedicated to Yasha Beresiner and signed and dated by Atzmony. on November 4th 1974. Cover is cracked and torn in places and some of the pages are bent and some signs of moisture damage. But as an original piece of research from the doyen of Russian paper money research and given to one of the giants of world paper money enthusiasts, this is a remarkable item. I would think that this would be a valued item both for it's historical importance and it's original research. $50+

*292 United States. WWII Propaganda note. On a Facsimile of a US One Dollar note, the back has a 3-line legend in Italian, "The American have always made empty promises, breaking them like soap bubbles". The Nazis air-dropped this note in northern Italy. SB-401 (P. 397). VF, small tear at bottom. $75+


MEDALLIC JUDAICA   (back to top)

In addition to the medals and tokens listed below there are many lots in Part One of this catalog that could have been listed here. They are: 1-12, 26, 31, 48-61, 69-70, 85-115, 122, 129-166. 168-169, 171, 173 and 175-211. In addition all the paper lots from 212 to 292.

*293 Christian Kabalist Amulet. After 1518. c. 38 mm cast brass or perhaps bronze. Various names of Jesus around his portrait and Biblical quotes. The back has the names of archangels and permutations of the Tetragrammaton. Schrire's Hebrew Magic Amulets #42. VG-F, original loop broken off. $75?

*294 Feather Jew. ND (c.1694) Silver 42mm(28.56g) by Christian Wermuth. Jew with feathers in cap and carrying a large sack on his back and a smaller money bag in his hand. Long legend around and continuing on back implying that Jews pimp for the rulers and the cuckolded husbands are rewarded by public office. The inscription is a mix of German and Latin. Lettered edge which translates to: It is a fact that eveyone should watch carefully his own wife. Jewish Medals page 9-11, 111, Kirschner-11, Berlin Jewish Museum (Moritz Stern) #222. Bruno Kirschner, Henry Grunthal, Antoine Feil, Arthur Polak and Daniel Friedenberg are just a few of the many who have commented on the meaning of this medal. VF. This is the Arthur Polak specimen and is extremely rare in silver. I believe it's been 35 years or more since I've last offered this medal in silver. In our Sale 42F a lower grade cast bronze piece brought more than $500! $3000+

*295 False Shekel. ND, but likely early. (c.17th-18th century?). Cast silver 29.5 mm (10.71g). Perhaps an unpublished mule of Kisch Type 3. A smoking urn without handles with a broad base and bowl and numerous spelling errors on obverse, the one that is most obvious is the 3" on the right instead of a "lamed." The reverse has four off-shoot branches at right. Kisch C2/C3. F-VF and a bit porous. It's possible that this was removed from jewelry. Rare, and perhaps unpublished! $50+?

*296 JOSEPH AND HIS BROTHERS. 1772 Brass 29.5 mm (5.77g) by Johann Christian Reich. Joseph addressing his kneeling brethren/List of grain prices in 11 lines topped by the date 1771. Kirschner-XII (exception), Neumann-32608. Reich was the infamous maker of the Korn Jude medals and while this medal does not depict the Korn Jude, the reverse is very similar to some of his Korn Jude medals that listed prices of grain on one side and the Korn Jude on the other. This lists prices of grain on one side and a Jew on the other. This medal should not be considered anti-Semitic in nature, but certainly is Jewish related. VF, a few die breaks obverse and a bit of discoloration on the reverse. I believe we've only offered this medal once before in brass. See lot below for another medal by Reich. $150+?

*297 Edict of Toleration Medal. 1782. WM 45 mm (with copper plug-as made) by Reich. Bust of Joseph II of the Holy Roman Empire right, Imperial Tolerance in banner under bust/Catholic, Protestant & Jewish Figures. This medal was struck to honor Joseph, an enlightened Catholic leader of his time who granted religious liberties to Protestants and to a lesser extent to Jews. Rare & important. EF, some nicks and scratches, but lustrous and one of the nicest of these that we have seen. This medal was commissioned by Dutch Jews to commemorate the visit of the Emperor to Amsterdam in 1782. (Polek-12). It is considered one of the earliest & most important Jewish Emancipation Medals as well as a collectible and important Protestant Reformation medal (Whiting-533). See Friedenberg-p. 36-37, Encyclopedia Judaica X1- 1171 and Coins Reveal #123. Ironically the medalist, Johann Christian Reich was the medalist for the infamous anti-semitic Corn Jude Medals of the 1790s. (He was also the father of John Reich, a famous designer of early US coinage). $250+?

*298 Jewish Amulet from Afghanistan. 18th/19th Century (?) Silver 31mm Amuelet. 42 letters of G-d's name. Crude, with loop removed and somewhat damaged. I believe this is from the Bill Spengler collection. Bill was a diplomat and an official of the US foreign service who spent many years working in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. When time permitted he roamed the bazaars, flea markets and shops hunting numismatic treasures. $110+

*299 Belgium Anti-Semitic Medal. 1820. cast WM 33mm. A vessel containing the Host, the consecrated wafer used in celebrating Catholic Mass with 3 crowns above, Latin legend Blessed Sacrament of the Miracle, and Brussels below/5 line legend commemorating the anniversary in 1370. In 1370 a number of Jews were accused of desecrating the host and after a - show-trial - they were burned alive in Brussels. Numerous medals were struck in 1670 commemorating the event and even in 1820 (450 years later) a number of small medals like this were struck. 50 years later in 1870 on the 500th anniversary of the event feelings had changed, the popular mayor of Brussels was Jewish, another medal was struck defaming those who wanted to promote the intolerance. Jewish Medals in Belgium #8 (p.22), Kirschner V (p.31), Jewish Minters and Medalists pages 31 & 32. VF, but porosity and nicks. Rare. 1st we can recall ever offering. $100+?

*300 Alberto Cohn. 1855. Cast WM 55mm. Temple vessels, Hebrew legend around/Six line Italian legend in honor of Cohn. Cohn was Baron Rothschild's almoner. (The person who distributed Rothschild's gifts to the Jewish community). Cohn was born in Bratslavia in 1814 and died in Paris in 1877. Berlin Jewish Museum (Stern) 106, Great Jewish Portraits p. 136, Jewish Encyclopedia list of important medals. VF, rim bumps and bruises. Rare. I believe I've only offered this medal once or twice in the past and none in more than 20 years! $100+?

*301 Benjamin Disraeli. ND (c. 1876). Bronze 34mm Watch Fob. His bust 1/2 left, Benjamin Disraeli - Earl of Beaconsfield, KG /Arms. Choice VF, with loop attached. as made. The portrait is similar to the one used on his "death medal" struck in 1881 $50+?

*302 Vercelli (Italy) Synagogue. 1878. Silvered 47mm (39.18g). Front view of the synagogue, I Muggia below/7 line legend in Hebrew and Italian. Struck for the inauguration of the new synagogue in this northern Italian city. Berlin Jewish Museum (Stern) -176. Great Jewish Portraits p. 136, Coins Reveal #157. VF, but rim bumps and some marks in the field. Extremely rare. I cannot recall ever offering this before. $1250+

*303 Moses Montefiore. 1884 WM 41mm by A. D. Loewenstark & Sons. His bust right surrounded by Hebrew legend, Happy are all who fear God and walk in his way 1884/Long legend in English commemorating his 100th birthday from his friends around the world. Eimer-1707, BHM-3166, Great Jewish Portaits-85, Shekel-18, 3, 31. VF, holed with rim bumps, slight corrosion. One of the more important Jewish medals of the 19th century. Many of the WM examples have been holed as the owners felt honored to wear them. $100+?

*304 Rishon LeZion Colony. 1892. Æ28. Magen David & below that a Torah scroll, the left frame showing people at prayer at the Western Wall, while the right frame shows a farmer sowing seeds, if i forget thee o Jerusalem let my right hand forget its cunning/A panoramic view of the colony. JTM-EP-53, See the Shekel Vol. V, #4, p. 18. Rishon LeZion founded in 1892 was the first "modern" Jewish settlement in Eretz-Israel. The Hebrew legend contains the date of 1882 and for many years this medal had been identified as being from 1882. (The two sources mentioned above date it to 1882). However recent research indicates that this medal was struck in 1892 on the 10th anniversary of the formation of the colony. VF/F, part of original loop broken off. $100+

*305 Amulet or Astrolabe. ND. Brass 105mm with hole in center. Hand-engraved with Hebrew letters on both side. Neither the consignor nor I are clear as to the date or origin of this "medal". An astrolabe is a very ancient astronomical computer for solving problems relating to time and the position of the Sun and stars in the sky while an amulet is an object that (hopefully) gives protection against evil, danger, or disease. $50+

*306 Johannesburg Jewish Guild. ND. c. 27mm. Elaborate and colorful enameled badge in dark blue, light blue, gold and white. Johannesburg in banner above, Jewish Guild in banner below. A lion and a springbok flank a shield with a Magen David at center. Made by McAllum of Capetown. $40+?

*307 KEREN KAYEMETH (JNF) MEDAL. c. 1902 AE26.5 mm by N Glichenstein with original loop attached. Woman in field with sheep/Boy playing flute under olive tree. Toned EF. A Pendant given to contributors to the Jewish National Fund. Coins Reveal #170. Scarce. With original loop as made. $50+

*308 Hand-engraved "love" token. 1904. On a silver 19mm coin Mazel in Hebrew/ Nov. 4th 04. Holed at top. VF. I would think that this was a handmade Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift rather than for a wedding. November 4, 1904 was a Friday. $150+

*309 The Grandmother by Boris Schatz. 1904. Æ 46.5 x 70.4mm rectangle uniface plaque. A portrait of a grandmother knitting, Grandmother in Hebrew below. Schatz was the founder of the Bezalel School. His signature is at upper right. Cast as made, a few handling marks. See Lot #312 below for another Schatz work. $100+

*310 ADVERTISING TOKEN FOR OPENING OF GRANDS MAGASINS. 1910. Leonhard Tietz in Brussels, Belgium. Aluminum 29mm. View of the building within legend/Large T and legend. L Tietz was the nephew of Hermann Tietz, the founder of the first department store in Germany and a prominent German Jewish merchant. The Tietz family in Germany issued a number of different tokens and medals, but this is one of the scarcest. Tietz had his store confiscated by the Belgium government after WWI because of his German nationality. In 1933 all the Tietz firms in Germany were "Aryanized". This is a nice proof-like EF, with some marks in the field on both sides. I can only recall offering one other of these tokens! $75+

*311 Austrian Jewish Merchant Advertising Token. Rare (?) variety. Brass 24mm. Jacob Rothberger. ND. Vienna. Building/Legend. While the legend mentions Kleider Magazin or "dress magazine", the company was a clothing manufacturer and the reference to magazine probably meant a catalog. For many years it was the leading clothing manufacturer in Vienna. It was "Aryanized" in 1938, and the building was heavily damaged during the war. In the mid-1890s, some members of the Vienna city council had objected to this large "Jewish fortress" being directly across from St. Stephen's church. While we've offered similar tokens in the past 20 years (5 or less) this one is different because the text is in block letters rather with serifs as the other examples have been. EF $60+?

*312 Boris Schatz Plaque. ND (c. 1925) 70 x 70mm bronze. Titled (in Hebrew) "Khatsot" ie the Midnight Penitential Prayer. Designed by Schatz, the founder of the Bezalel Art School in Jerusalem, although likely struck in Austria. I don't think we've ever offered this before. See Lot 309 above for another Schatz work. $50+

*313 Federation of Jewish Philanthropic Societies of New York City. 1926 Bronze 38mm. Menorah, 91 in One, within two circles of legend/1916-1926, Charity My share for 1926 Lucky Piece. Virtually as struck, some minor discoloration. One of the scarcer Jewish charity tokens of the 1920s. We offered a similar medal (and nowhere near as nice) in copper-nickel in 2005. That piece sold for $60. See The Shekel #38, Vol. 4, p. 30. $50+

*314 Canadian Jewish Charity Token. ND. (1920s?). AE 34mm. Building in center, 25¢ to either side, Souvenir below, B & SS & NZ Home for the Aged Montreal, around/Keep Me-Good Luck. Do not cast us off at our old age in Hebrew & English, Facing head of elderly man and woman. VF+, a few nicks. This is only the 3rd I can recall offering in the past 20 years. The last we had, which was discolored and spotted, sold for $75 in spirited bidding! Interestingly while English and Hebrew were used, French was not! $60+?

*315 Jewish Merchant Token, Mapleton, IA. Silverberg Brothers/Good for 25¢ in Trade. Aluminum 26mm. Ferguson 610; Henderson 662. BD, Early 1930s. The Silverberg Bros (Marcus and Abe) had 15 department stores in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota. Or perhaps I should say that they had 15 department stores which issued tokens. The stores shut down in 1934 during the depression. Both brothers and other family members are buried in the Jewish Mt. Carmel Cemetary in Sioux City, IA. Choice EF+. See Lots 179 to 211 for many more Jewish merchant tokens. $40+?

*316 Marriage Medal. 1937 Æ 125mm by Benno Elkan. Man and woman hugging within wings with German legendIch lasse dich nicht los du hast mich denn gesegnet around/7 branched menorah with Benny und Sophie Levy Zum 15.11.1937 on base and Oberrat der Israeliten Badens around. A large and heavy cast bronze medal with engrailed edge. Elkan was one of the most important and prolific medalists of the 20th century. Born in Germany he moved to England in 1933. One of his most famous "Jewish" medals is the one honoring Rabbi Joseph Herman Hertz on his 25th anniversary as chief Rabbi of Great Britain. The text of this medal is in German and the question we have, is did Benny and Sophie marry in Germany or were they lucky enough to have escaped to England and begin their life together in a more inviting atmosphere. Elkan had emigrated to Britain in 1933. $450+?

*317 The Jewish Orphanage Norwood. Pair of items. 1).1937 Gilt Æ 28mm. Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Their conjoined busts left/View of a building. The Jewish Orphanage Norwood Patron HM King George VI. BHM-4360 (Rare); 2) The Jewish Orphanage, Norwood. ND. Brass 28mm token. Legend around Magen David around Mazel in Hebrew/Legend around horseshoe around legend. Pair of items from this London Jewish Orphanage. The first VF or better but the gilding peeling, the 2nd VF. The first item is rare (we haven't offered one in more than 20 years), the second, a fundraising token, is seem more often but still only the 3rd we've offered in these past 20 years. $50+

*318 Agudat-Israel. 1937. Æ 33mm. 3rd Congress (25th Anniversary). The Agudat (sometimes Agudath) - Israel movement was an ultra-Orthodox political party founded in 1912. This medal is symbolic, important and rare. A map of Erertz-Israel, ending at the Dead Sea, with rays projecting westward over the Mediterranean, on the right a Kaph & Gimel monogram (the Great Gathering or Knessiah Gdola) and the Hebrew legend, The third Great Gathering in Jerusalem 5697)/Kaph & Gimel again, Sela (Shekel) in Hebrew below and a palm tree to either side, Agudat Israel below. JTM EP-1. A very rare medal. (Haffner priced it at $125 in 1978). We haven't offered this in more than 20 years. It has been speculated that because the medal has the word Sela (the ancient Shekel) this may have also been used as a receipt for a donation similar to Zionist Shekels. VF, a few marks. $200+

*319 Sigmund Freud. 1939 AE 90mm by R. Duboc. His bust right/Legend in French & his signature. Part of a series entitled The Great Discoveries in Psychoanalysis by Robert Laffont and Claude Tchou. Cast as made. EF, a few minor rim nicks and some discoloration. Rare, this is only the 3rd I can recall offering. In 2010 a similar medal sold for $300! For another medal of Freud see Lot # 321 below. $75+?

*320 In Memory of the Six Million Victims Medal. 1952. Æ 59mm by Monti. In high relief a male figure rising from a heap of corpses in a concentration camp, lifting the 10 Commandments/2 hands, clutching a Menorah, in the background a cemetery. Unc, scarce only 500 pieces minted by Stefano Johnson of Milan, Italy. Haffner HO-6a, Szperling SZ-4, p. 130. The last we offered sold for $125 in our sale 44A! $75+

*321 Sigmund Freud. 1956. Æ 67mm by A. Guzman. Head of Freud left, 1856-1939/ Serpent & winged Oedipus. Struck for his 100th birthday by International Association of Psychoanalysts. Scarce. As struck with a few minor spots. See lot 319 above for another Freud medal. $150

*322 Boris Pasternak. Bronze 59mm by W. Schiffer. 1960 High relief bust facing a tad left, B.L. Pasternak above, 1890-1960 below/ Large balalaika right across field which is divided into 3 scenes; in depression in center of field is a key (Scene from Dr. Zhivago). Pasternak was the great Russian-Jewish writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1958 but was forced to decline it by the Soviet government. This is only the second I can recall offering. A similar medal sold for $75 in our sale 43A. As struck. $50+

*323 Iranian Jewish Community. 1966. Gold 40 mm medal commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Shah's reign and issued by the Iranian Jewish Federation. Bust of Shah left/Menorah, Hebrew legend. We've offered this medal in silver and bronze, but this is only the second large gold medal we've had. Exceedingly rare. EF, with handling marks as they come. $4000+?

*324 Jewish-American Hall of Fame. 1969-1974 (missing the round 1973 medal). The first five trapezoid medals (Judah Magnes by Victor Reis, Albert Einstein by Robert Russin, Louis Brandeis by Gerta Reis Wiener, George Gershwin by Russin and Herbert Lehman by Jacques Scheiner) in both bronze and 5 each silver and bronze medal. The silver medals have matching serial numbers and 4 of the five bronze medals do, while the fifth has a additional prefix. The mintage of each of these medals is low. The Einstein medal, the most popular, has the highest mintage of 810 bronze and 290 silver. I believe this is currently the longest continuos running series of medals struck in the US. If you wanted to purchase these medals from the JAHF it would cost you $1695 and you would still be missing the Judah Magnes medal in silver. In case, partially damaged. 10 total medals. $500+

*325 Mauthausen Concentration Camp. 1970. Æ 95mm cast medal. For the 25th Anniversary of the Liberation of the camp. 5. V. 1970 Mauthausen in 3 lines above XXV against a background of barbed wire, KL • Mauthausen 1945 5.V. in 3 lines below/NEVER AGAIN in German, Polish and French. Szperling-90, page 45. Some flaws on rim, probably as made. Rare? I can't recall ever seeing this medal before. $100+?

*326 Israel Police Award Medal. 1980 Uniface Brass 60mm. In 8 lines incused legend ISRAEL POLICE with best wishes and regards Commander MOSHE TIOMKIN Chief of Tel-Aviv Police District. Oct. 1980 all within wreath tied at bottom with emblem at top. There is a person named Moshe Tiomkin who is still active in Tel-Aviv politics and defense. I presume this is the same person or his son. $120

*327 Gratitude Medal of Jews of Belgium to Jewish members of Resistance after WWII. (1980.) AE 59 mm by I. Janchelevici. 3 birds flying over landscape/Legend around 1940-1945. Jewish Museum of Belgium #57 (page 59,), Szperling SZ-2 (p. 128). (The edge is marked FISCH FONSON not FISH FONSON). Rare. In our sale 38c a similar medal sold for $150! $120+

*328 35th Anniversry of Majdanek Commemoration & Welfare Assn. 1980 Æ 58mm, brass with patina finish as made. c. 80 grams. By Jolanta Slomianowska. Monument of the Majdanek Concentration Camp/Boy peaking out from behind barbed wire. Issued on the 35th anniversary of the liberation of the Majdanek camp by the Museum in Majdanek, Poland. SZ-24, page 60. We've only had this medal a few times in the past. According to Szperling this was struck in both 56 and 58mm and in various weights but only 180 pieces total were made. $65+

*329 Raoul Wallenberg. 1982. Huge (113 mm 4 1/2" ) Æ medal by Marika Somogy, #23 of only 100 medals struck. His bust 3/4 to left/Wallenburg in front of a brick wall using his cape to protect men, women & children. Wallenberg, as a representative, of the Swedish government, saved well over 10, 000 Hungarian Jews by setting up safe house as the Nazis set about to rid Hungary of her Jews. Among the people saved by Wallenberg were the sculptor's parents and her husband. Rare. See The Shekel, 16, 1, 26-27, 30. Szperling SZ-2, page 226. Rare, this is only the second I've offered in at least 20 years. The last we had was in 1997. In 2007 Coin Galleries sold a similar medal for $640 (plus buyer's fee). $350+

*330 Mikve Israel Emanuel Synagogue. ND (1982?). AE45mm. View of this famous synagogue in Curacao built in 1732. Uniface. Scarce. Probably struck for the 150th Anniversary of the founding of this synagogue. The last we offered was in the fall of 2010 when a similar medal sold for $110. This comes in a plastic box, which may or may not be the issued case. $85+?

*331 Worms Synagogue 950th Anniversary. 1984. Silver 39.5 mm. View of Synagogue and the Raschi chapel, 1034-1984/Hebrew & German legends. The Worms Synagogue was built in 1034 and desecrated in 1615. In 1624 the building was restored and the Rashi Chapel was added by David Joshua Oppenheim. The entire building was destroyed during Kristallnacht but was rebuilt by the Germans in 1961. A stunningly beautiful medal. Choice golden toned Proof. See The Shekel #39, Vol. I, p. 16-17. $50+

*332 Albert Einstein, by Alex Shagin. Cast Æ 59 mm. Bust of Einstein partially right with a small raised box at about 7 o'clock with the initials AE/Various implements related to Einstein including E = MC2, 1879-1955 and a violin. The violin was Einstein's favorite instrument. Similar to Flower 79 but for size, the square box and the edge inscription. On the edge is inscribed A. Shagin 1988. I don't believe we've ever offered this medal before, although in our sale 29F we sold a similar medal but without the small box and with 1989 on the edge. For another medal of Alex Shagin please see Lot #178. $100+

*333 Shoah. 1989 Cast Æ 70mm by Jolanta Slomianowska. Struck in honor of the Jewish Communities in southeastern Poland which were destroyed during the Holocaust. Monument depicting shadows of human beings, on the left a Polish inscription, In each handful of ashes I search for my relatives 1989 and on the right the names of various towns, Zamosc, Budezyn, Belzec, Majdanek, Sobibor, Krepiec 1942/Star of David and a Menorah. Szperling-38, page 164. According to Szperling only 30 of these piece were made. The only other one we had was one we sold in 2003 for $135. $100+

*334 45th Anniversary of the Liberation of Forced Labor Camps. 1990 Silver-Plated bronze 65mm by Phillippe Laine for Pichard-Balme. Monument of the victims with German inscription Cemordet Karfreitag 1945 (They killed on Good Friday against a background of barbed wire and the date 1945-1990/French legend in 4 lines, 45th Annivesary of the Liberation of the Nazi Germany Forced Labor Camps. SZ-45, page 81. Scarce. In our sale 42A a similar medal sold for $135. (Szperling translates the obverse legend as Big Friday. However I believe a more accurate translation is Good Friday. $90+?

*335 Mauthausen and Gusen. ND. Cast Æ 90mm. Mauthausen Gusen in two lines, 1940 1945 in two lines at bottom. In the background a guard tower and 3 human shapes/Roses lying on the group and They took away our lives, we give you our memories in Polish. Szperling-85, p. 121. Gusen was a sub-camp of the notorious Mauthausen. More than 1/2 of the 67,000 plus prisoners there were killed. This is the first time we can recall seeing this medal. $90+

*336 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. 1993 50th Anniversary. Silvered Bronze 70mm designed by Anna Januszkiwicz. Part of the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes Memorial in Warsaw, a group of people against the background of the burning Ghetto, around the rim WARSAW 19.IV.1943 - 19.IV.1993 in Hebrew and Polish/Legend in Hebrew, English Yiddish and Polish, Union of Jewish Combatants in Poland. Szperling-12 (p. 17). Scarce $60+

*337 LIBERATION OF FLOSSENBURG CONCENTRATION CAMP. 40th Anniversary 1995 Æ 67mm, struck at the Paris Mint. Statue of Christ, surrounded by a legend, and dates 23 April 1945 to left and 23 April 1995 to right/Monument to the victims against a background of barbed wire and a guard tower. French legend to the deportees and commandos of Flossenburg. SZ-52, p.88. This is only the second time we've offered this medal. In our Sale 43a in February of 2013 a similar medal sold for $120. $90+?

*338 LIBERATION OF THE STUTTHOF CONCENTRATION CAMP. 1995 Silver-plated steel 40mm by Anna Beata Watrobska-Wdowiarska. The monument commemorating the victims at Stutthof, Polish legend, For the Memory, not for the Vengeance, our shadows do ask/Stutthof 9V 1945 in 3 lines in center and The 40th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Concentration Camp. SZ-56, p. 92. Stutthof was the longest functioning Nazi concentration camp. More than 100,000 people were imprisoned there including over 43, 000 Jewish women. About half lost their lives there. I believe this is only the second time we have offered this medal. In our sale 43A a similar medal sold for $100. This example comes in (a somewhat battered) cardboard presentation folder. $50+?

*339 Mission in Memory of Holocaust Victims. 1999. 2 different Silver-plated bronze 70mm medals. Each has a common obverse of Sigmund Nissenbaum delivering a certificate to Pope John Paul II with a legend around. One of the reverses depicts an outline of a map of Poland, Jewish gravestones and a list of concentration camps in Poland, legend around, the other a view of the old city of Jerusaelm. Szperling-52, page 178. This medal is among a small series of medals issued by the Nissenbaum Family Foundation in Warsaw. Only 140 pieces of each of these medals by Roussana and Andrew Nowakowski were minted. In 2005 we sold a similar set for $200. I believe that is the only other time we've had these medals. $200+?

*340 60th Anniversary of the Liquidation of the Lodz Ghetto. 2004. Issued by the Lodz Branch of the Polish Numismatic Association and struck by the Polish State Mint. Set of 5 medals. All 38.6mm. Depicts a replica of the original 20 Mark Ghetto coin with an outer ring/Logo, 1944-2004, 60th anniversary of the liquidation Lodz Ghetto-Polish Numismatic Association, Branch in Lodz in Polish. Silver, bronze, silver-plated, gold-plated and aluminum. SZ-23 (p.31). See The Shekel XXXVII, #6, p. 14-16. Rare, only 30 sets can be assembled as the mintage of the silver medal is only 30. The most common is the bronze medal which has a mintage of 200 and the mintage of the others is 50 each. This is ex Lot 776 from our sale of 38c and is the only set that I have seen. $250+

*341 Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. 2007. 60th Anniversary of Museum. 1947-2007. Silver-plated copper. 38mm. View of camp gate and wall of Auschwitz/Legend Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. SZ-81, page 117. Scarce, From our Auction 38C, Lot #778. $40+


SM-1a Medal of Liberation: Off Metal Strike. 1958 10th Anniversary Pattern in Brass 27mm. Similar to the gold medal of the same size but this is in brass and has a plain edge, rather than a lettered one. Rare. This seems to be unlisted anywhere but the A similar one sold for $210 in our sale 44B. I believe we sold this to the consignor before 1995. $200+

*343 SM-1f. Medal of Liberation with Plugs. IGCMC unlisted. 1961, Silver 61mm Plugs, only 386 minted. The silver pieces are more properly called balloons, Type 2 with the chain at the bottom of the reverse connected to the Hebrew legend. Zechovoy mint. Lightly toned and scarce. Much rarer than the bronze plugs variety. This is ex 28F #1180 and is from the Phil Sperber collection. $100+?

*344 SM-2. Medal of Liberation Pattern. 1958. Copper 35mm. Numerous scratches on both sides, which is also typical of the Copper 61mm pieces. Very rare. This is ex 30F #1331 from the Herb Drapkin collection and is the only one we've offered in at least 20 years! $400+

*345 SM-2b - Variety. UNIQUE VALOUR MEDAL PATTERN or test strike. 35mm (23.01g) silver medal, sword and olive branch. Uniface with evidence that the other side was '"ground down". Lettered edge with State of Israel in both Hebrew and English. Rare. This is from the Morris Bram collection and was Lot 1207 in our Sale 26A. See the lot below from the same collection as well as lot # 353. $200+

*346 SM-2b - Variety. UNIQUE VALOUR MEDAL PATTERN or test strike. 35mm (19.98g) silver medal, depicting a lion on pedestal/Uniface. Small hole drilled to invalidate the medal. Lettered edge with State of Israel in both Hebrew and English. Rare. This is from the Morris Bram collection and was Lot 1103 in our Sale 27C. See the lot above from the same collection as well as lot #353. $200+

*347 SM-3. B'nai B'rith unlisted variety or error. Copper 61mm (101.2g) on dull planchet with plain edge. 1959. This medal, which despite the 1959 date has the 10th Anniversary logo at the top of the obverse, is unlisted by either Haffner or the IGCMC with a plain edge. Also included in the lot is a slightly heavier (104.1g) shiny planchet medal with a State of Israel in English and Hebrew on either side of a menorah on the edge. The dull planchet was most likely struck at the Zechovoy mint, while the Kretschmer mint is the likely mint for the shiny planchet medal. We have only seen one other dull planchet medal with a plain edge before. It is rare. Ex Herb Drapkin collection. $50+?

*348 SM-6b. 1960. Bar Kochba Bronze Pattern with plain edge. 35mm. (23.48g). In our sale 44B we sold a similar bronze pattern from the same collection but with a lettered edge for $300. This should be worth at least that or perhaps evenmore. According to our records the pattern without edge lettering is rarer than the lettered variety and this is the only one we've offered for sale via auction. Ex 30F, #1342 from the Herb Drapkin collection. $300+

*349 SM-21? Unlisted Liberation Trial Strike which was struck on a blank intended for a sporting award. Bronze 33mm (12.22g) and thin (c. 2 mm in diameter). Bronze 35mm trial pieces are known but this is a bit smaller (thus part of the legend is missing) while it is holed as made. Very rare, perhaps unique, and unknown to this cataloguer before we sold it in 2001 (31E Lot #1267) when it was consigned to us by an Israeli collector. This lot is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity from Liderman, a well-known Tel Aviv coin dealer. $200+

*350 SM-21b Liberation variety. A Pattern, Presentation Piece or Error. As SM-21b Liberation 1962 Silver 35mm with matte finish and edge reads Israel in English and Hebrew rather than State of Israel. The matte finish is not that unusual, about 1/2 of the examples we have examined have matte finishes, the others brilliant, but none we have seen have this edge inscription. Haffner (1970), the IGCMC book and all say the edge should say State of Israel. In Israel's Money and Medals (1988) Haffner also says this, but ends her paragraphThe 35 mm. silver is marked Israel in Hebrew and English. Since this is not true with any other piece we have seen, perhaps she meant,A 35 mm silver..... An examination of our inventory reveals only medas that say State of Israel". Perhaps this is that unique piece. Ex 32C #1192 from an east coast collection which consisted of many rare state medals. $200+

*351 SM-21f Pattern or Error. Liberation (1971) Gold 22mm. As the regular issue but struck with a plain edge. BU as struck. Haffner (1988) mentions that a few gold sets have been found without the milled edge and they are of the highest rarity. Neither Sedaka (IGCMC) nor Bar-Zeev ( mention this issue. Of extreme rarity. I believe we sold this gold medal and the one listed below to our consignor in a private sale in June of 2005. $750+?

*352 SM-21g Pattern or Error. Liberation (1971) Gold 19mm. As the regular issue but struck with a plain edge. BU as struck. Haffner (1988) mentions that a few gold sets have been found without the milled edge and they are of the highest rarity. Neither Sedaka (IGCMC) nor Bar-Zeev ( mention this issue. Of extreme rarity. A companion to the above medal. $750+?

*353 SM-29b UNIQUE (?) OVERSTRIKE (or Pattern. TERRA SANCTA . Silver 35mm. 28.77g. AINA logo over-struck over reverse legend. Milled Edge. Ex Morris Bram collection. Our belief is that this is possibly a pattern for the 1979 AINA tour medal which had a lettered edge as did the regular issue state medal. I cannot recall any similar medal with a milled edge. As this came from the personal collection of Morris Bram, founding president of AINA, I think our beliefs have a high degree of possibility. This is ex Lot 1107 from our auction 27C and is the only one we've ever seen or heard of. See lots 345 and 346 above. $200+

*354 SM-87d. And There Was Light. 1985 Gold 38mm by Ya'akov Agam. 1985. Agam's magnificent medallic work. We sold this to our Philadelphia collector in the summer of 2000. Ex Carl Rosenblum collection. $1500+?

*355 SM-105, 105b and 105c. Set of 3 Anne Frank medals 1988. Antiqued bronze 30m, silver 27mm and gold 18mm. Her facing bust/Hand, barbed wire, Jude and Remember Holocaust to either side. Choice BU. The gold is very scarce. Szperling SZ-4, page 242. $200+?

*356 SM-107 Israel Liberated/Judaea Capta. 1988 Platinum 30mm (half ounce pure). Similar in design to Israel's first medal, this features a woman joyfully lifting her child, while a farmer plants a tree to the right of a palm tree with Israel's 40th anniversary logo on the bottom, while the reverse depicts the reverse of the Roman Judaea Capta coin. Struck for Israel's 40th Anniversary. Proof. While 1250 of these were minted, they are seldom seen, I believe this is the first I've offered since 1999! With original red case as issued. $600+?

*357 SM-108, 108b & 108d. Priestly Blessing. 1988. Tombac 59mm, Silver (.935) and gold (18k) medal. These medals depict the Priestly hands and the legend May the Lord Bless You one of the most meaningful prayers of Judaism. This set of 3 medals is among the most popular of all Israel state medals. We can not recall every offering the gold medal in auction before. $160+

*358 SM-118, 118a, & 118b. Wedding Anniversary Medal. 1990. Tombac 59mm, Silver (.935) 37mm and 18 karat gold 18mm medals. The tombac medal has an inset pearl, the silver an inset amethyst and the gold an inset ruby. I don't believe we've ever offered a set of these 3 medals before. $175+

*359 SM-190. Yitzhak Rabin Memorial 4 piece Medal Set. 1995. CN38.5, T70, Silver 50mm and Gold 30mm. Bust of Rabin slightly to left/Dove, state emblem, IDF and Palmach emblems, English and Hebrew legends. All in plush green case of issue and rare as such. Rare. 4 medals, SM-190, SM-190a, SM-190b and SM-190c. $500+

*360 SM-, Simon Wiesenthal - Nazi Hunter. 2006. Bronze and Silver (Sterling) 50mm, Gold (14 k) 30.5mm. His bust, his name 1908-2005 and Justice and not Vengeance is English and Hebrew/Flower, barbed wire, Stars of David and I did not forget you in English and Hebrew. SZ-6 (page 250). By Meir Eshel to honor the man who brought more than 1100 Nazis to justice. In original case of issue with certificate. We've never offered the silver or gold medals before and only can remember having bronze medal once. Rare, the maximum mintage of the gold medal is 120 pieces. $450+

*361 SM-. 40th Anniversary of Reunified Jerusalem. 2007. Gold 30.5 mm (17 grams, 14 karat) and Silver 50mm (62 grams of pure silver). Stylized 40 which is the logo of the official celebration of the 40th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusaelm/The Western Wall. Only 150 of the gold and 400 of the silver were issued and the Israel Coins and Medals Corporation no longer lists them for sale. Both in proof-like BU with plush cases. We've never offered them for sale before. $400+

*362 Paratroopers Medal. ND (2007). Silver 40mm. The Paratroopers wings insignia on a red background, above them, the Brigade's traditional slogan "Follow Me". On the bottom are words from a poem by Hanna Senesh " The voice called, and I went, I went, because the voice called."/The snake, the emblem of the Brigade, airplanes from which "drop" the words of the Paratroopers Hymn by Ehud Manor. .999 silver, #047 on edge. 1st I can recall seeing. Only 360 were minted in silver and seemingly this issued is sold out. Issue price $141? $75+

*363 CM-6. Pablo Casals. 1962 Tombac 59mm. Issued for the third International Violoncello Competition. This medal was presented to participants & guests and not offered for sale. This weighs 96 grams and thus is one of only 299 medals struck as such. Haffner did not distinguish between the bronze and tombac issues of this medal, but the IGCMC did. A few minor splotches. Ex Lot 806 from sale 39d. $60+

*364 CM-6a. Pablo Casals. 1961 Silver 59mm. Extremely rare, only 20 pieces minted, all for the personal use of Pablo Casals. A few minor marks and light hairlines. When I offered this for sale 15 years ago I wrote "I can find no record of this medal being offered in the US previously." And I don't believe another has been offered via auction since! This is the only one that we have ever handled. One of the rarest of all commissioned medals. This is lot #1385 from our sale 30F and is from the Herb Drapkin collection. $500+

*365 CM-18b, Masada. 1965, Copper 35mm. Presented to IGCMC employees, very rare, only 200 struck. Virtually as struck. Edge has State of Israel in English and Hebrew with a Menorah between the languages. Ex 30c #1112. $75+

*366 CM-44a. Trial Pattern in Aluminum. Zim Israel Navigation Company. 40 mm (the finished piece is 45 mm). Double Struck on both sides. Rare, Only one we've seen. Spotted. In our sale 44B last December we sold two similar aluminum patterns for $250 each. Ex Lot 35D, #1037 and came to us from an advanced collector in Israel. $175?

*367 CM-63a. TEST STRIKE OR PATTERN. SHAARE ZEDAK HOSPITAL CENTENARY. 1973. Bronze 45mm with edge reading Israel in both English and Hebrew. The issued commissioned medal was struck in 45mm silver and 59 tombac. I don't believe we've ever offered this medal even as an issued piece, much less a pattern. The only other pattern that we know of is in the Kagan-Maremba collection. Haffner mentions, a bronze 45mm test strike exsists. However it is unlisted in both the IGCMC catalog and Ex 36C #1108 where it sold for $385 in very spirited bidding. $350+

*368 CM-. Bank Hapoalim Tel Aviv-Yafo. 1990 Silver 34mm. Official Award Medal. Symbol of the Bank/Stylized view of Tel-Aviv. 352.2. IGCMC #26124343, but unlisted in Laroff updates in The Shekel. Scarce and seldom seen, it was never offered for sale by IGCMC, but only by the Bank. One of a series of 3, the other two honor banks in Jerusalem and Haifa. Ex 39E #756. $50+?

*369 PM-1a. Sinai Campaign (The French Generals' medal). Silver-plated 80mm. This rare medal weighs 221 grams and while no bronze shows through on the engraving, bronze is apparent under some of the high points thus making it likely that this is the PM-1a variety. These medals were presented by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to the French pilots (or possibly to French Generals) who took an active part in the Sinai campaign and the mintage figures are classified and unknown. Designed by the Shamir Brothers. A few handling marks, but overall nice and rare. One of only two Israel medals that show Ben-Gurion's signature. A similar, but lighter, medal sold for $500 in our Sale 44B. $400+


In addition to those listed below all the paper lots 212-292 could have been included here.

*370 Rothschild Note. 1835. London and Vienna. A 2nd of Exchange for 3485.25 Florins to the order of N.M. Rothschild, Esq. There are numerous handstamps and manuscript signatures (including one of Rothschild) on both sides of this "check" which indicates that the first was "not paid". VF. Neat, interesting and no doubt scarce. This from our Sale 28c (#1241) and originally came to us from a consignor in Budapest. See #371. $150+

*371 Rothschild Note. 1835. London and Vienna. Similar to above, this is a 1st of Exchange for 4, 000 Florins payable to the order of N.M. Rothschild esq. While this doesn't have quite the number of signatures as Lot 370 above, it does contains that of Sir. Rothschild. VF. Ex Lot 1242 from Sale 28c via Budapest as well. $150+

*372 Warsaw Kollel Note. 1913. 170 Piastres. With handwritten serial number of 301. Handstamps of Kollel and handstamp signatures at bottom. Similar to Meshorer-Olson #15. VF. Ex Lot 1277 from sale 26G. I believe, but am not sure, that this is ex Harry Warshaw collection. $75+

*373 Kollel Zibenbirgen. November 1914. A note for 436 Turkish Grush (4 gold Napoleons), signed & sealed by the Zibenbirgen & the Siladi of Romania. The owner of this note could buy goods for 436 Grush and payment was promised to arrive in March of 1915. Due to the war, the payment was delayed, with an additional compromise note, tied by a special Kollel handstamp, dated 13 years later in 1927. Eventually was to be paid in Egyptian Ghush, but it was than converted again into the new Palestine Mils, and payments were made as late as 1932. This extraordinary note was in circulation for 18 years through Turkish, Egyptian and Palestine monetary systems and is perhaps the highest known value. Of utmost rarity. This is ex lot 1033 from sale 26D where it sold for $200! This is amongst the most interesting of all Kollel notes in that it spent so many years as a circulating "banknote". $200+

*374 Kollel Zibenbirgen. 218 Grush, #370,with seal of Kotel Kotel Ma'aravia. Ex Lot 27C #1155 from the Samuel Halperin collection. $75+

*375 Ration Card. 1916 Lida in Poland (now in Belarus). In Yiddish, German and Polish. c. 9 1/2 x 8 7/8 inches. #1568, for August through December of 1916. Blue or green. This is the first potato ration card from Lida we have seen or offered. Pink ration cards for bread (much smaller) seem to be more common. Fine or better. During WWI Jews made up a substantial portion of the population of Lida. Various accounts list the percentage as between 40 and 80%, a lesser amount in the surrounding district but still a significant portion of the residents were Jewish. When the Germans invaded in WWI they used both Jews and non-Jews as slave-laborers, thus these rations cards became important means of currency. $125+

*376 Jaffa Town Committee. 1916. Receipt #56. For 29 Rotels of Matzah, equal to 144 Bishliks or 3 British Pounds in Gold. Oval handstamp. Scarce. All in Hebrew, notations on both sides. Scarce. This is ex Lot 1162 from our Sale 27C ($65). Ex Samuel Halperin collection $75+

*377 Henrietta Szold signed Letter. 1917. Remarkable autographed letter signed as president of Hadassah, 4 pages 6½ x 5¼ in. inches, on a folded lettersheet, Waco, Texas, 31 December 1917. Written to Judge and Mrs. S. J. Strauss in Pennsylvania only weeks after the Balfour Declaration was issued. Accompanied by the original envelope with Szold's return address care of Hadassah. The letter contains not only personal and friendly details to a couple she no doubt was acquainted with but lays out her reasoning why it was important the Jews have a homeland in Palestine. Minor fold splits and a few contemporary ink smears on one page, otherwise about fine.

Szold was a (1860-1945) U.S. Jewish scholar and Zionist leader, born in Baltimore, Maryland, the daughter of a rabbi. She founded the Jewish women's organization Hadassah in 1912 and served as its president until 1926. In 1933 working with Hadassah in Palestine, she ran Youth Aliyah which rescued some 22,000 Jewish children from Nazi Europe. Szold lived the rest of her life in Palestine and died in Jerusalem on 13 February 1945. This is Lot 593 from Goldberg's Coin and Collectibles Auction #49 of November 2008 where it sold for more than $3500. S.J. Strauss was a Pennsylvania judge and early Zionist leader. $2500+?

*378 Matzo Money. 1918. WWI. Vienna, Austria. Unused for 1 Kilogram of Matzo (12 times) issued by the Israel Cultural Society. Unc., but slight discoloration. $60+

*379 Kollel Note. Kollel Hateinmanim. (Jews of Yemen). 1918, 60 Piastres. Rare, only one I can recall seeing. VF, but tear at top. Signed by Avraham Hayyim Alandaf. See Meshorer-Olson #11. Ex 29C #1283. $75+?

*380 Interesting collection of documents of an eastern European Jew and his family who emigrated to Palestine. Includes a marriage certificate with handstamp of the Jewish communtiy and signed by Rabbi M. Levy; a graduation diploma of Mordechai Rosengarten from the German Technical School in Prague; a certificate of Accomplishment; a shipping Manifest; letters; other documents; a Power of Attorney letter; receipts; a certificate issued in Vienna in 1921 to Marie Goldstaub; a 1948 ration card (?); a Polish receipt; and an Immigration document. About 25 different documents dating from 1919 to 1971 in the following languages - Bosnian (?), Hungarian, Polish, German, Dutch, Greek, Russian, English, French, Italian, Czech and some manuscript Hebrew and perhaps one or two more. The condition of some of the documents is nothing to write home about but for those with an interest in Jewish European history of the 20th century this is a fascinating lot. $50+

*381 Zionist Shekel Early Report. 1919. A Hebrew typed memo with Hebrew and English letterhead of The Provisional Committee of the Jews of Palestine from Jaffa to Mr. Z. Shapira who was in charge of the Zionist Shekel matters in the Zichron Yaakov Colony. Please inform us how many Shekels were sold and transfer the funds to the Anglo-Palestine Company to our account as we must transfer the funds to London...yet we beg you to keep on vigorously in distribution of the Shekels in your settlement...' Signed in hand "A. Zifroni" on behalf of the committee with a 2 line Hebrew handstamp. An early and no doubt scarce document. Ex Lot 974 from our Sale 35B. $50+

*382 group of Kollel notes. 1) Reissin Prushim, Jerusalem. 1922, for 218 Piastres. Nice handstamp depicting Western Wall; 2) Inter-Kollel Transaction note. 1901. By the United Jewish Aschkenasim Kollel to the Karlin Kollel. This rare VF note pays 248.15 gold Napoleons out of a total of 368.27 due. All in Hebrew; 3) Central Committee Knesseth Israel of the United Jewish Aschkenasim. 1646.35 Turkish Piastres to be paid to Kollel America as per it's agreement with the Hallukah. Fully signed; 4) Talmud Thora, Etz-Chaijm of Jerusalem. 1912. A handwritten notation confirming the receipt of 100 Gold Napoleons, which will be returned when Hallukah funds arrive. Handstamps; 5) Bukovina Kollel. 1939. 3 Rottel Matzo for Pesach received for a 3 person family, in great need and 6) Kollel Chessed-'EL. 1880s. An early printed illustrated Kollel note with oval illustration of Jerusalem and the wall on top and Biblical quotations all around the frame. A bit aged, but sill nice. A nice group of 6 different kollel notes that were purchased from our auctions from 1997 to 2000. $250+?

*383 Immigration from Palestine to the United States. 1923. Declaration of Alien about to Depart for the United States. A US printed form presented to American Consulate in Jerusalem by Haim Elgort, born 1894 in Kiev, a citizen of Russia, holder of a Palestine passport who wants to emigrate to the US to join a Brooklyn relative. With his photo and signature, with revenues, handstamps and other signatures. Scarce $75+?

*384 Goldman Sachs & Co. Original Check. 1924. Handsigned by an official from the Vienna Bank Association. With numerous handstamps on both sides of check. Reverse also has a 400 Kronen Austrian revenue stamp. Goldman Sachs the famous (and at times infamous) investment banking firm was founded in 1869 by Marcus Goldman. The firm moved from their location at 60 Wall Street to a 12-story premise at 30 Pine Street in 1920. This check has the 30 Pine Street address. VF, some staple holes. Scarce? First I can recall ever offering $40+?

*385 Jerusalem. Pair of paper Matzah Tokens. 1924, Issued by Aliyah Office in Jerusalem. One on blue cardboard, the other other on beige. EF, Rare, only ones we can recall seeing. One is dated 2 April, 1924 while the other is dated the next day. Ex 27C, #1175. From the Samuel Halperin collection $50+

*386 Stock Certificates. Palestine and Israel. Lot of 3. 1) Alexander Eliash, Bankers Jerusalem. 1935. 100 Palestine Pounds, Specimen with 10 coupons attached; 2) Otzer Le-Israel (1951) unissued with five coupons attached and 3) Kupat Am Bank, 1956 issued for 30 shares. The first very scarce which we've sold for as much as $90 in the past, the third is the latest date of certificate from this bank that we have seen. The first two with no folds and only minor signs of handling, the 3rd is folded. $75+

*387 B'nai B'rith Share Certificate. 1937. Hebrew and English printed certificate of the B'nai B'rith Palestine Housebuilding Fund Ltd., Jerusalem. For 1 Preference Share. Signed by two directors and the General Manager Yesayahu Press. Press (1874-1955) was a famous Jerusalem educator, geographer, historian and author who was so admired that a street in Jerusalem was named in his honor while he was still alive. Dated 23 May 1937. Very Scarce, VF. This is lot 970 from our sale 35B where it sold for $100. It was the first B'nai B'rith certificate of this kind that we had offered. A year later another one came up but we haven't seen once since. $100+?

*388 Kofer Hayishuv. Group. 1930s-1940s. 7 different vouchers, Darom Yehudah receipt with large handstamp, 7 receipts, with attached revenue stamps including 2 each from Banks and the Government of Palestine in the spring of 1948 (pre-State) and a group of 14 stamps, most if not all being revenue stamps. 29 item lot. Neat. Ex #1265 from our Sale 28C. $75+?

*389 Tel-Hai Revisionist Fund. 1940. 50 & 100 Mils Special illustrated contribution notes on 4 x 5" paper showing a portrait of Herzl within a Magen David. These were issued for the 36th anniversary of his death, which happened at the same time as Tel-Hai week during 20-27 Tamuz 5700 (August 1940). A neat lot of two. Ex 30F, #1521. $50+

*390 Zionist Shekel Proclamation. 1946. (February) Addressed to the entire Yishuv in Eretz-Israel and published by the Board of the Zionist Organization, National Committee for the Shekel in Eretz-Israel concerning the upcoming Zionist Congress to be held in Basel later that year. This Congress, the first after the Holocaust and it was to deal with major aspects of great historic importance concerning Eretz-Israel, Holocaust survivors and the continuous battle for a free Jewish State. Jews, take an active part in our people...war effort...contradict the false claim that Zionism is not supported by the vast majority of Israel...prove that most of our brethren hope for Zion. Join the flag! Prepare for the Congress of Decision, Purchase the Shekel!' c. 7 1/2 x 12 1/4" mimeograph, with single pin hole at top (stuck to a public board). Very rare. Ex Lot 981 from Sale 35B at $120 in very active bidding. $100+

*391 War of Independence. 1948. Paper token for 1 Gallon of Petrol. Issued by the Emergency Committee of the Petrol Department, Tal, Aviv. To be used only at Socony Vacumn Gas Station on Dizengoff street in Tel-Aviv. On the back is a 3 line lined boxed hand-stamp, Token Valid only if date is handstamped 1 June 1948. This token was used just two weeks after David Ben Gurion's Declaration of Independence, while the very young state was under heavy Arab attack. Fine, with two holes punched. Scarce. Ex 32E #1199. $75+

392 A group of letters. 1940s through 1970s most early 1950s. 14 different typed Hebrew letters written by some well-known Israel personalities including Ben-Zvi, Pinchas Sapir and Levi Eshkol among others. $50+

*393 Dan Canteen Tokens. 1960s? A set of 4 paper tokens for coffee and tea. 1) Coffee c. 1 1/4 x 1 1/2" red print on green cardboard with serial number on reverse; 2) Coffee Triangular, same color as #1, w/o serial numbers; 3) Tea c 1 1/2 x 1 1/2" black print on gray cardboard with serial numbers on back along with "19" or "61" handwritten in ink and 4) Tea Triangular, black print on pink cardboard without serial numbers. 4 chits. EF to Unc. I cannot recalll ever offering these before. Back in the mid 1970s they were sold by Nielsen-Porter Inc. $50+

*394 Levi Eshkol. 1968. A signed photo of Eshkol as Prime Minister along with a letter from the Prime Minister's office confirming the signed picture in the original envelope from the Prime Minister's Office sent to an admirer in Alberta, Canada. Ex Lot 1398 from our sale 29c. $50+

*395 Yaacov Agam. 1980. Message of Peace/Solfege. c. 9 1/2 x 6 1/2". Under the Message of Peace image is a French 4 Franc stamp along with a postmark dated 4 October 1980 with his signature and it is also hand signed by him (3 times in 3 different colors). On the reverse is his work Solfege plus a 6 paragraph description of both this work and the theory of his art. Agam is a comptemporary artist who uses colors and kinetics to create unique and popular images. He was born at Rishon Le-Zion and was schooled at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. This limited edition piece was produced by Spadem of Paris in 1980 and is lot #1583 from our sale 27F and is from the Herbert Bernhard collection. $75+

*396 Group of Financial notes. 1) Kwit (Receipt). Poland 1883 from a Polish Jew, Israel Chaima. For 591.50 Zlotych. These receipts, with a revenue stamp on reverse, are proof that that bearer has paid off his debt. Note that word Kwit is similar to the word quittung, which was the word used on the Ghetto Money of Lodz 60 years later; 2) Imprinted Rothschild Check. 1899, Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co. Ltd. who were bankers to the Rothschild brothers of Paris with British embossed stamp and French adhesive. Many handstamps and manuscript notations; 3) Petah Tikveh 1912. Receipt for 123.88 Frances, Rubber stamp on reverse. Rubber overstamp on obverse and reverse and 4) Anglo-Palestine Check. 1922. Jerusalem. Large sized check entirely in Hebrew. Large size Magen David in underprint at center. For 1000 Egyptian Grush, to be paid to Ha-Kfar Ha'IIvrii, Jerusalem (The Hebrew Village). With two adhesive revenues. Meshorer-Olson picture numerous different Anglo-Palestine checks but don't list this one. 4 different and scarce items. From various auctions of ours from 1995 through 2003. Mostly VF $125+

*397 Group of Kollel items. 1) Talmud Thora, Etz-Chajim of Jerusalem. 1911 25 Gold Napoleons. A one year IOU or obligation note, payable to the bearer on demand. With Hebrew/Yiddish Paid, handstamps and a most unusual handwritten notation on reverse (in Hebrew), to pay R Sowalsky and his wife 40 Francs as long as he lives. Large Hebrew/Latin oval handstamp on front and 3 signatures. Neat & no doubt scarce; 2) Romanian Kollel 1920s. Unused with blue print on beige paper from this Kollel which was headed by Admor M.M. Friedman and Admor Grand Rabbi David Twersky; 3) Yeshiva Mea Shearim, Jerusalem. Two handstamps and vignette of Western Wall. For Dormitory housing for 80 students; 4) Sedjera. 300 Franc advance, all in French, repayable in 1912. Sedjera is the settlement where Ben-Gurion worked soon after he immigrated to Palestine from Poland. This is the only item that I can recall ever offering from there; 5) Kollel Schomre Hacomtoh. For the Holy Land in Jerusalem, from United Countries and Untied States, 1932. Kollel letter addressed to Jerusalem Jewish Community about registration of a Jew who passed away (about his grave, prayers etc) signed by the Kollel Chief and 6) a 1979 Hanukkah voucher from the same Kollel for food products worth 130 IL to be given to a needy student of the Yeshiva Karlin with a bilingual handstamp concerning the funds received from the US. An exciting lot. All these items came out of our auctions 28C and 28F in 1998. $150+

*398 Group of Kollel items. 1) Etz Chajim Kollel. 1913. 234 1/2 Grush. For repairing the special study for Rabbi Daniel of Grodna. Directed to a local philantropist "R. Sheinfinel", Signed; 2 & 3) American Kollel Pair. 1916. for 101 Turkish Pounds, plus a different printed confirmation voucher, affirming that funds were actually received from the Support Committee of New York; 4)United Jewish Ashkenazim, Jerusalem 1901. To a Jerusalem Rabbi, "The Ran"ah" for 4 gold Napoleons or 436 Grush. With 3 signatures; 5) Bukovina Kollel. Jerusalem, 1929 For 19 Piastres. With counterfoil and signature of recipient; 6) Kollel Romania-Bahush. 1938, Jerusalem. 250 Mils for a family of 5 and 7) Kollel Sh'arei Torah of Krementchug. 1913. Hebrew and partly Russian printed note of this Central Ukraine Kollel which was related to Chabad Lubavitchers. This kollel was based mostly upon Ethrogim (for Sukkot) trade. Dated Adar 5673 for 20 Kopeks. The text states that the income from the Ethrogim trade was for financial support of the local Yeshivah and the purchasers will also enjoy the merit of Tzedakah. With official circular handstamp of the Gabba'im of Kollel Sh'arei Torah of Krementchug. This city was captured by the Nazis on 9 September 1941 and more than 20% of the cities 40,000 Jews were murdered. A varied and exciting lot of 6 items, mostly VF-EF or better. From various auctions of ours from 1997 to 2002. $200+

*399 Group of Kollel items. 1) United Jewish Ashkenzim, Jerualem, 1901. By Seidel Bardaki, a relative of the late Yehoshua Bardakei, the Chief Rabbi of the Ashkenzic Community. 109 Grush, 3 signatures; 2) Kollel Shomre-Hachomot. Early 1900s. Hungarian-Austrian-Yugoslavian Community. Official Kollel Voter Card issued for Rabbi Chaijm Elisha allowing him to take part in the elections of 40 Rabbis, treasures and other Kollel officials, handstamp on either side; 3) American Kollel. 1916. 92 Turkish Pounds, as downpayment on funds expected from American donors. Received from the Central Committee of Knesset-Israel to be distributed among the poor Kollel members. Signed and handstamped; 4) Tif'erett Jerusalem (Jerusalem's Glory) 1937 on a 1920s printed Kollel note for $5 received in Jerusalem from the Bronx as Passover Charity (Kimcha Di Pascha). Serial number at top and manuscript notation on reverse. This Kollel was related to Rabbi Meir Ba'al HaNess and 5) Early 20th century.Temporary Receipt in Hebrew, Yiddish and English for an everylasting fund of the sheltering home of tiferet zvy, for the poor Karpate Russia of kollel Munkacs in Jerusalem. A scarce piece, first I can recall seeing. 5 better items, VF+ or better. From our auctions 27F, 28F, 29C and 32E (1997 to 2002). $150+

*400 Group of Kollel items. 1) Kollel Warsaw. 1915 For 70 Piastres. With nice oval handstamp showing the Western Wall at lower left with pencil notations on back tracing the financial transactions. (See Meshorer-Olson #15); 2) Kollel Shomre Hachomot. 1930. The Czechoslovakian-Austrian-Hungarian Community of Jerusalem. Official Kollel postcard with bilingual titles and back printed message (in Yiddish) about donation for Jewish National Fund; 3) Kollel Vilna, Lita, Zamut, Kurland & Leipland. 1938. Unusual letter confirming receipt of 12 Palestine Pounds as their part of the African Fund incomes. Signed by Rabbi S. Blazer of the Kollel, franked with Palestine stamp and pretty Kollel handstamp, attached is the original list of donations received from the Fund, with what looks like the original paper clip; 4) Kollel Sh'arei Torah of Kremaentchug (Ukraine). 1913. Hebrew and some Russian note of this central Ukrainian Kollel which had strong ties to the Chabad Lubavitchers. Dated Adar 5674 for 25 Kopeks. The text states that the income from the sale of Ethrogs (for Sukkot) was for the financial support of the local Yeshiva and the purchaser would also enjoy the merit of Tzedakah. See The Shekel Vol XVIII, #1, page 22 for a similar note, but this has a circular handstamp of the Kollel at left. Krementchung was captured by the Nazis on 9 September 1941 and more than 8000 Jews from the city were murdered; and 5) Kollel Shomere HaChomot. 1913 Austria-Hungary. For 60 Grush to be paid by the Kollel to Jechiel Mayer not later than the Summer of 1915. Handstamps on both sides. The note was NOT PAID, perhaps due to WWI, until the mid 1920s. Eventually after 13 years he received 57 Ghrush and not 60 Grush. Mr. Mayer was evidently a very patient man. Another nice group of unusual Kollel items, mostly EF or better. From various auctions of ours from 1997 to 2007. $150+

*401 A group of miscellaneous (mostly) paper ephemera. 1 & 2) United Jerusalem. 1968. 2 items celebrating the 1st anniversary of the united city as well as the 20th anniversary of Israel. A 4 x 5" blue/white silk ribbon showing the Wall and the Citadel distributed to visitors at the Presidential house and an almost 4 x 6" official invitation from Mayor Teddy Kollek in Hebrew and French to the main ceremony; 3) War of Independence. 1948. Entrance Permit to enter Jaffa. Issued by the State of Israel, Military Governor for Jaffa Area to Joseph Seltzer, an army medic of the IDF Medical Services. With photo, signatures, handstamps etc., Good for 2 weeks only. Jaffa, in spite of being "totally occupied" by Israeli troops, still had some nests of resistance hence the caution; 4) War of Independence National Loan. 1948. Official flyer issued by the just born state of Israel advocating the purchase of the National Loan to finance the war as well as the operation of the various departments of David Ben Gurion's provisional government. Printed in Hebrew, Woman of Israel! The National Loan saves the blood of your sons and daughters...and bring supplies in time, hence helps prevent disaster. The National Loan is like a transfusion which saves souls of Israel. Purchase and ask others to Purchase . A bold, yet naive appeal, with Israel beginning it's fight for her very existence. Black on orange paper; 5) Menachem Begin. 1976. Signed and dated invitation for a joint meeting of the IDF Disabled Veterans and the Municipality of Bat-Yam for the 50th Anniversary of the city. The guest of honor was Begin, the host Yitzchak Volker, the mayor of Bat Yam, who had been an active member of the Irgun. Signed and dedicated at lower left "Kol Hakavod!" (Well Done)" and by the Mayor at lower right. A vertical fold as this was no doubt put in someone's shirt pocket, still decent VF and rare; Also in this lot is a Jewish Agency WWII Ration coupon for 4 gallons of Benzine,a free ride voucher issued by the Aliyah Department probably for a child Holocaust survivor and a chit for 25 Mils of Passover Matzo for the poor issued by the Council of the Sephardic Community of Jerusalem. A nice lot of 8 items, from various auctions of ours from 1996 through 2007. $150+?

*402 A group of miscellaneous paper ephemera. 1) May-June 1948. Block of 4 Water Ration tokens for private usage. Issued by the Jerusalem Municipality/Water Supply Department each token 1 1/2 x 1/2 blue on white paper (the National colors) with horizontal perforation & shifted vertical perforation; 2) a 1 3/4 x 2 in. gray-bluish token on white paper for 240 water cans; 3) Aliyah Permit to Mizrachi Rabbi. 1935. On the bilingual letterhead of Mizrachi World Central to the Jewish Agency requesting an Aliyah certificate for Rabbi Avraham Sterrn, a member of the Mizrachi Presidency of Hungary. Rabbi Stern was a Zionist activist in his Yeshiva and was a Field-Rabbi in the Hungarian Army and as such managed to get a license from the authorities to form a Zionist Regiment to protect the Hungarian Jews and their property during World War I. Approved and signed by Yitzhak Greenbaum (a Signer of the Israeli Declaration of Independence); 4) War of Independence Haganah ID Card. 1948. Issued to Uri Albert. Allowing him free admission/entry to the occupied territories in Tel Aviv. No photo, but illustrated Haganah logo on the back. Issued on 21 May 1948 valid until 22 May 1948 (two days) but then extended until 4 April 1949; 5) Aliyah Certificate. c. 1935. Issued by the Jewish Agency, Jerusalem. Unused, virtually as new with some signs of aging along edges; 6) War of Independence National Loan. 1948. Official flyer issued by the just born state of Israel advocating the purchase of the National Loan to finance the war as well as the operation of the various departments of the provisional government. Printed in Hebrew, The IDF is loyal to the people. Are the people loyal to the Army? Did each and every one of our people do his duty and purchase the National Loan intended to finance the Army. Did you purchase the National Loan? Black on orange paper; 7) Irgun. Revisionist Contribution Receipt for 2 Pounds. Irgun's symbol (Greater Israel and a hand holding a rifle, with Rak Kach (the sole solution)) and legend on greenish paper. AU and 8) Yechiel Kadishai Letter. 1981. On official "State of Israel, Prime Minister's Office" letterhead about some parliamentary matter, signed in hand "All the best". Kadishai was a Zionist revisionist, who was born in Poland. He immigrated to Eretz Israel as a baby. He was a member of the Beitar Youth Movement and joined the National Military Organization (Etzel) in 1940. He volunteered for the British Army (1942). After demobilization in 1946 he remained underground in Europe and was active in the Bericha and in the Etzel in Europe. Returned to Israel in 1948 on the Altalena. Entered business and later became a representative of Beitar in South Africa. Secretary of Herut in the Knesset (1956-67 and 1970-77). He was head of Menachem Begin's private office when he was a minister in the government (1967-70) and when he was prime minister (from 1977). Was considered his right hand man and closet personal confident. He passed away at the age of 90 in November of 2013. An important and historical lot representing history of Eretz Israel for almost 50 years. $200+

*403 A group of checks, notes and receipts. 1) General Orphan's Home for Girls, a 1915 charity note in Hebrew and Yiddish asking for contributions for Passover; 2) a 1940 South African Kollel note for 240 mils, with a nice Hebrew/English handstamp on the reverse; 3) a nice "contribution card" depicting "orphans praying at the Wailing Wall" and asking for "Yahrzeit" contributions. (1930s?); 4) Anglo-Egyptian Bank Ltd Check. 1926. Payable to Dr. M(oshe) Wallach for 100 Pounds, stamped duplicate, original unpaid. Dr. Wallach was the founder of the Shaare Zedak hospital and one of the most important and influential figures in Eretz-Israel for more than 50 years; 5) Jerusalem Ashkenazi Committee. 1920, Self-Taxation slip. with bottom voucher attached. To be paid in Egyptian Grush by each and every member of the Ashkenazi Community of Jerusalem; 6 & 7) German Templers in aid of the JNF. 1931. Certificate of Dispatch for a 30 Kilo box of printing machines from Berlin to the JNF in Jerusalem, through agent Paul Aberle of Jaffa, Handstamped, "abt. Palastina" plus a JNF boxed handstamp and a 1931 Paul Aberle document sent to JNF Jerusalem about the same shipment; 8) Breisch Co. Invoice. 1913. Jaffa-Jerusalem, with Ottoman Revenue Stamp, to the German Consulate in Germany. The Breisch Co. is numismatically significant because they issued tokens in Jaffa in the 1880s: 9) War of Independence Coupon for Supper. 1949. For use between 18:00-21:00, dated 29 January 1949. Official IDF issue with boxed handstamp, "Town Major, Natanya Area, Sub-Office Herzliya". "Public Kitchen, Soldier's Card Only" with personal details about the soldier in manuscript on the reverse. This soldier was injured during the fighting; 10) Anglo-Palestine Check Delivered by Convoy from Jerusalem. 21 June 1948. Official Jewish Agency, check for 3057.836 Pounds to be paid to Hasneh Insurance Co of Tel-Aviv. Signed in hand by the treasurer and chief accountant of the Jewish Agency and hand-stamped. Franked with 10 Mils Revenue stamp (showing map of Eretz-Israel). Delivered to Tel Aviv by the 2nd Convoy which left Jerusalem on June 21st. Has Anglo-Palestine Bank Tel-Aviv Clearing hand-stamp 6 days later. Punched at left and 11) A 1884 check for $2.25 from D. Cohn to Sol Israel from Tombstone (AZ) territory, with vignettes of a mining scene and a sailing ship. (A sailing ship in Arizona!). A great lot. $200+

404 A group of cooperative tokens and related financial documents. 1) Habayit Hakahol Workers Coop. 10, 15 and 20 Agorot. VF. Early 1950s. Five sets of chits, 15 in all. See Pine Tree Auctions, Ellenbogen Sale May 1976, Lot 149; 2) War of Independence Taxation in Aid of Soldiers. July 14, 1948 Loan & Savings Worker's Coop. Society of Haifa Deposit Certificate for 22.900 Pounds franked with a Kofer Ha-Yisuv 5 Mil Tax Stamp and a Yishuv Committee in aid of the Drafted Soldiers" hand stamp. Hole punched at right. VF; 3) Kofer Hayishuv, Haganah Self Taxation Pair. 1938-1948. A) 1938. Early official receipt issued by "The National Secretariat, Presidency of the Defense Committee". Issued to "Keem Bank" for 33 "Rings and Jewelry" donated by the public and collected by the bank. (Each donor, of course, received the Kofer Hayishuv ring as a token of appreciation) and B) 1948. Check issued by the Loan & Saving Society of HaPoel Hamizrachi, Tel-Aviv for 100 Palestine Pounds. Has rare circular "Kofer Hayishuv duty paid" handstamp on face and Anglo-Palestine Bank handstamp on both sides. Dated 12 May 1948 just before Israel declared itself a state. Both documents entirely in Hebrew; 4) Cooperative Restaurant Ltd. - Tel-Aviv. CO-5. 100 Mils (the 2nd zero in 100 has been added by hand!). due to lack of small change please use this token as substitute... possessor...may recive food or cash if available.... F-VF, this is the Haffner plate example!; 5) Kfar bitzaron Cooperative. CO-15. Issued by the Consumer Cooperative of Kfar Bitzaron in the 1940's. 100 Mils. Haffner Plate Specimen. VF, spots. This is the only denomination known and is rare; 6) Ramot Meir-Rehovot Cooperative. CO-27c. 500 Prutot with overprint 29 Feb. 1954 and overprint and signature on the back.(Only one I can recall having; 7) Shelev United Transportation Cooperative. CO-30 50 Mils 1948. EF+. This is the Haffner plate note! Ellenbogen (which was the most comprehensive collection of it's kind ever offered in the US) did not have an example!; 8) Tsarchania Borochova Quarter Cooperative. CO-34. .500, 1.000, 2.000 and 5.000 Lirot, Two of each denomination. Yellow, green, blue and red stamps; 9) Egged Bus Co. Set of 20 paper tokens, Eight pieces of 8 Agorot, Six pieces of 16 Agorot, two pieces of 24 Agorot and four 58 Agorot tokens. All 20 with consecutive numbers. CO-6a; 10) Tel Aviv Employee's Coop. Set of 7 chits 1 to 100 Mils. CO-8. Missing from the Ellenbogen sale. VF or better; 11) Moledet Coop. 5, 10 and 50 Mils in blue, green and red. As CO-18 but different colors. Another group of rare tokens not in the Ellenbogen sale; 12) Qiryat Hayyim Merchants' Coop. CO-26a. Complete set of 9 pieces, 1 through 500 Mils unc. used for commodities and 13) another complete set of 9 tokens (1 to 500 Pruta) for use at the restaurant by Hagana volunteers. A fantastic lot of 79 paper tokens mostly purchased from our auctions from 1988 through 2008. In some cases these were the only times we ever offered some of these tokens. $300+?

*405 A trio of items. 1) "Rassco" Share Certificate. 1965. Rassco Rural and Suburban Settlement Co.Ltd. 10 Preferred Ordinary Share. Signed, handstamped. VF; 2) Attractive Bill of Exchange. 1945. The Imperial Bank of Iran "Sole" Bill of Exchange issued in Baghdad, Iraq for 425 Palestine Mils to be paid to the Palestine Trade Catalogue of Tel-Aviv. With Iraqi adhesive at front right and Palestine adhesive on back, both with official handstamps, plus various handstamps of the Barclay's Bank of Tel-Aviv on both sides and 3) Bank Leumi Le-Israel. Stock Certificate. 1975 Certificate for 18 Shares of stock. Red Seal at left, two large handstamps in Hebrew (Cancelled). The rest of the text in English and Hebrew. VF. 3 interesting items from sales of ours 2003 to 2005. $100

*406 A group of items: 1) Halvaah Vehisachon, Jerusalem Coop. Society, Ltd. Deposit Certificate for 5 Palestinian Pounds and dated 1928. In Hebrew, English and Arabic, with only the center Hebrew portion filled out. Signed with Halvaah Vehisachon handstamp in English and Hebrew at bottom center. Illustrated by Bezalel in yellow and brown. Fine, some stains and tears in outer margin but not in the body of the Certificate; 2) Kollel Chabad. (Lubavitchers). ND (c. 1930). Hebrew English (mostly Hebrew but part of the letterhead is in English) letter issued by the Congregation in Jerusalem with a special appeal on behalf of the Lubavitcher Admor about a special Shofar program where each and every Chabad member would a get a Rabbi Meir Ba'al Hanes Shofar: 3) 1st Day in Palestine. 1945. Two vouchers, listing (in Hebrew) the few clothes given to Holocaust survivor Dr. Mazur of Lodz on 31 October 1945 when her immigrant ship docked in Jaffa. "1 dress....2 pants...1 undershirt...1 towel..." With two offical English handstamps, "Department of Health, Jaffa, Quarantine Office". The 2nd voucher was given later that same day to the same Dr. Mazur listing only "1 short coat" with the same handstamp and manuscript data. Was Dr. Mazur to spend the 1st day (and more) in Eretz-Israel locked in the Jaffa Port Quarantine?: 4) WWI Bishlik Note Pair. 1917. 2 notes to be cashed by the Immigration Committee of Eretz-Israel, which supported and helped families in which the head of the family had been deported by the Turkish Ottoman Authorities (mainly to Egypt). A) June 1917 for 34 Bishlik & 2 "Metalics" for milk supply to the committee; B) July 1917 for 5 Bishlik as aid support to the Levy family. Both notes signed with hand written serial number on reverse; 5) War of Independence. I.D.F Cigarette Rationing Card. April 1949. (c. 3 x 1 3/4"). Hebrew printed on orange cardboard with IDF triangle unit handstamp. Given to Osnat Stern (Female!). No doubt extremely rare, due to strict army order printed on top, Soldier!, if you do not use this card-Destroy it. VF and obviously not destroyed; 6) Litzmannstadt Ghetto. 1943 Postcard. Sent from Litzmannstadt, but stamped Zuruck, (Returned). Most likely this was censored by Ghetto authorities before it got into German system and 7) a 1917 Voucher for 3 Kilograms of Matzo issued by a Talmud Torah in Jerusalem. An interesting and scarce group of items highlighting Jewish and Holy Land history in the first half of the 20th century. From various auctions of ours from 1997 through 2009. $200+


There are a number of lots in earlier sections of this catalog that certainly could be listed here. Please see lots 31, 70, 87, 157-164, 212-227, 251-252, 260-263, 275, 276, 278-289, 292, 296-297, 299, 310-311, 316, 320, 325, 327-329, 333-341, 355, 360, 375, 398 to 406.

We are often asked, "why do people collect this stuff?". There is really no one answer to that. Most people collect them to use as teaching tools in homes, schools, synagogues, churches and museums. There are people who still deny the existences or the magnitude of the Holocaust and these are weapons against them.

*407 AUSTRIAN ANTI-SEMITIC NOTGELD. 1920. Loich 50 Heller. 14 notes. Depicts an Austrian householder dismissing a Jewish peddler (with long nose) from his house. At the left are thorns, at the right a snake with a caption, "Out with loan sharks and illegal hawkers" perhaps meaning thorn should be uprooted and snakes be killed. This lot contains 14 of the 16 different series issued, missing only Series 7 and 12. Au-Unc. Certainly a lot very difficult to duplicate. We've sold individual notes for $65 to $90 each! This from our Sale 37A, Lot 1216 where it realized $360. $350+

*408 Austrian Anti-Semitic notes. 1920 Set of 3. 10, 20 & 50 Heller. Issued by the Anti-Semitic League of Austria. All with burning newspapers on the obverse and anti-Semitic quotes on reverse. See The Shekel Vol. 18, #4, page 28. 3 unc. notes. About the nicest set we've seen. $60+

*409 ANTI-SEMITIC NOTGELD. BREMEN. 1921 50 Pfennig. Issued on German Day, this note is known as the Elders of Zion and features 5 Jewish businessmen sitting around a table, "conspiring to gain control of global economics", Nice EF-AU and one of the scarcer of all German anti-Semitic notgeld pieces. See The Shekel Vol. XVIII, #4, page 21. Scarce denomination. $120+

*410 ANTI-SEMITIC NOTGELD. BREMEN. 1921. As above but a complete set of 4 notes, 50 Pfenning, 1, 2 and 5 Marks. Nice EF-Unc. See The Shekel Vol. XVIII, #4, page 21. Ex Lot 1221 from Sale 37A. $500+?

*411 German Anti-Semitic overprint on the back of a 1922 1000 Mark P-76 type note. The nasty image on back of the note shows a stereotypical Jewish type with long beaked nose standing at a radio microphone and giving a speach. I believe I may have seen this overprint once but I can't recall when or where. Possibly used as a propaganda leaflet in the 1932 German election and known to some as The Speaker. Unlisted in The Shekel or by Lindman. VF $150+?

*412 Brakel. 1922. 2 Mark Anti-Semitic notgeld. Both the original blue note and the olive green which replaced the blue note. The blue note depicts a man chained to a pillory which, according to sexually psychopathic Streicher (who published the primitive anti-Semitic Die Stuermer) personifies Jewry. The notes were received with so much disfavor that they were quickly withdrawn and replaced by a note with a row of houses in the background, which was seemingly less disgusting. 2 unc., notes but the blue one has a tiny tear in upper margin. See The Shekel XVIII, #4. Ex Lot 1004 from our sale 34E. $50+

*413 Anti-Semitic "Propaganda" Note. Printed on the back of a 1 Million Mark note of August 1923. As Lindmann-13, ( Zu Werbezwecken Verwendete Banknoten des Deutschen Reiches) this is one of a series of notes which laments the highly inflationary period and the death of "Maria Reichsmark" and blames, Jews, speculators and capitalists. Among those listed as responsible for the "death" of the Reichsmark as listed on the back is "Moses "M" Mark. VF. A similar note sold for $100 in our sale 44A. $100

*414 Concentration Camp Prisioner Armband (18 x 4") This black and white printed armband reads: "Strassenbau-Kompagnie 17" in two lines and was worn by prisioners who worked on the Camp streets. It was authorization or permission that they could be on the streets and were not to be shot. Almost new condition. Rare? We've never seen it before. Ex Rosedale collection from Ira and Larry Goldberg Auction #61 (Nov. 2010) Lot 300 at $470 plus buyer's fee. $400+

*415 Hungarian Orthodox Jewish Ration Chits or Vouchers. All have a series number at left, and a serial number at right and the round red handstamp of the Miskoiczi Jewish Community in the center. Group consisting of the following chits: 1 1/2 filler 1930 green, 3 Filler 1930 purple, 3 Filler 1936 purple, 3 Filler 1937 green, 6 Filler 1930 orange, 12 Filler 1927 beige (2 diff types), 12 Filler 1938 pale pink, 12 Filler 1940, 30 Filler 1932, 40 Filler 1942 and 64 Filler 1942. The 6 Filler has a perforation cancel, while one of 1927 12 Filler pieces has an additional black handstamp and is holed (a cancel?) in the center. 12 different chits, EF-Unc. Issued by the Orthodox Jewish Community of Miskolcz. In 1941 there were 15,000 Jews in this city one of the more important Jewish centers in Hungary after Budapest. About 90% of the city's Jews were murdered during the war. This is the largest group of these vouchers that we've ever offered. Eleven are ex Lot 826 from 39D and one is ex lot 1002 from 35B. $500+

*416 500 MILLION MARK ANTI-SEMITIC ANNOUNCEMENT. 1943. Vienna. An unusual inflation banknote-like message based on a reminder that in the inflation, due to Jewish Speculations, a kilogram of bread cost 500 Million marks after WWI. This was printed as an announcement for a traveling anti-Semitic show in Vienna in 1943 and 1944. See The Shekel, Vol. XVIII, #4, page 44. Unc. In 1996 we sold a much lower grade example for $190. Seems to be unlisted in Lindman probably because the "note" was to be used as an announcement or advertisement for the exhibit. In the spring of 1942 this exhibit took place in Berlin and a number of Jewish rebels attacked the exhibit under the command of Herbert Baum, who had escaped a slave labor camp, and fought against the Nazis as part of the Berlin underground resistance. Most of the members of the group were arrested within a week or two. Baum was tortured and died in mid-June. A scarce item. $250+

*417 Transport Order to Sachsenhausen Oranienburg Concentration Camp. An "Illness Sheet" for Albert Wollin of Altdamm, Poland, from the state hospital, documenting an occupational accident on 24 May 1943, with the official doctors' signatures and stamps. In German. Prospective end of illness is stated as 15 June 1943. On the back in red pencil, an SS officer has written "Transport!" on 12 June and signed with the SS insignia. Two stamps for "Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen Oranienburg…" are at the bottom of the document. Fine or better with two holes punched at left for filing. I can't recall seeing anything like this before. $150+?

*418 Litzmannstadt. 1943. Cased Metal Worker's ID Card. A printed formula ID card issued to then 23 year old Heinrich Sosnowski, with his photo (showing his left ear, as per the the Nazi racial theory to identify Jews). He was worker #J20 716 numbered both on the card and the metallic case. The back gives the specific firm which he was "employed" by J. John on Adolf Hitler Street. The metal case has a special hole (in the metal) so that the card could be hung around his neck. With lucid plastic cover on both sides, protecting the paper. Extremely rare. Ex 31C, #1226 $150+

*419 Marmosszighet "Note". 1944. Printed in Hebrew on both sides and issued by the local Society of Yeshivah Students who used to pray and learn the Mishna in memory of those who had departed and financed their studies, at least partially, by special donations received from relatives and others. This note is for the student Yehuda Tavi Wieder to pray for 30 days until mid March 1944. The city was taken from Hungary and annexed to Romania in September of 1940 and the name changed to Szighet. A Ghetto was opened in April of 1944 with about 13,000 Jewish inhabitants who were eventually transferred to Auschwitz in four different transports. The Ghetto was short-lived as it was liquidated before the end of May that year. Thus this note was in use for about a month before the local Ghetto was opened and perhaps 2 1/2 months before the entire community ceased to exist. Issued by the Yeshivah's Gaba'im of the Bet Midrash Machazikei Torah, with 18 lines of Hebrew text on the reverse. VF, some minor stains. A rare item from a rare locale. Ex 33E #1559. $75+

End of sale.