Auction 44B - December 4, 2014

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Auction Sale #44B

This auction is now closed. Please see our prices realized.

Closing Date and Time:
Thursday, December 4, 2014
Midnight Mountain Standard Time

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1. All bids are per lot as numbered in this catalog.

2. Payments are strictly cash (cash, check, money order, bank draft, bank wire or approved credit card) in US dollars. See Term #9 for credit card terms. All checks must be written in US dollars on a US bank. We do not accept payment via PayPal. Bidders are responsible for any and all bank charges for bank wires etc.

3. Auction sales are not approval sales. The bidders assume responsibility to pay for all lots bid on. Lots may be returned for reasons of improper description only within 3 days of receipt. Lots examined prior to the sale may not be returned for any reasons except authenticity. Late payers forfeit any return privileges. 4. All materials are guaranteed genuine, unless noted otherwise.

5. Bid sheets must be signed.

6. We reserve the right to reject any bid.

7. Title does not pass until lots are paid for in full.

8. Postage, insurance & handling are extra. A minimum of $5 per shipment will be charged.

9. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted for payment. However an additional 5% is charged, to help cover our costs, for use of card in auctions and mailbid sales. Please note if you use a credit card and are a new customer, we must be able to confirm your billing address.

10. Digital photos or scans are available for most individual lots in this sale via email without charge. We prefer that you ask for this service well before the end of the sale.

11. All lots with six (6) or more items are sold as is, and are not returnable.

12. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt unless arrangements are made prior to the close of the sale. All invoices over 30 days overdue are subject to an interest charge of 1 1⁄2% per month.

13. There is a $25 charge for bad checks.

14. In case of tie bids, the earliest bid received will win the lot.

15. Phone, fax, mail and email bids are accepted. Phone bids should be confirmed in writing. All email bids will be confirmed by a return email. We will also try, via email, to confirm receipt of bids received by any other method.

16. Estimates are just that, estimates. Lots, may and do, sell for above and below estimate. Please bid what the lot is worth to you. High bids will be reduced to 5 to 10% over the 2nd high bid whenever possible.

17. Bidders are responsible for errors in bidding, so please check your bid sheet carefully.

18. There are no buyer's fees in our sales. The only additional fee charged is for shipping or for use of a credit card or a bank wire.

19. All overseas packages will be shipped via registered or express mail at buyer's risk. Shipments of books will be very expensive to overseas addresses.

20. Bidders not known to us must provide us with satisfactory credit references or pay a (refundable of course) 25% deposit.

21. Prices realized will be published shortly after the sale and will be mailed to all consignors, subscribers and competitive bidders. Others may receive a copy for $5 plus a stamped self-addressed envelope or check our website for free.

22. Slabbed (encapsulated) coins, notes, medals or tokens certified by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS may not be returned.

23. The minimum acceptable bid on any lot is at least 60% of the estimate. In some cases it may be higher than that, but it will never be higher than estimate. We have made every effort to make our estimates con- servative and realistic. In the case of lots with precious metals, bids must be the "melt" value of the item at the very least. As we write this, gold is about $1210 per ounce and silver around $17 per ounce. Both markets have been very volatile lately. If in doubt, please ask us.




Telephone Bids will be accepted until 9:00 Mountain Time

Fax & email Bids will be accepted until Midnight Mountain Time

Bids left on our Voice Mail System (Answering Machines) will be accepted until Midnight Mountain Time

We will stop answering our phones at 9:00 PM Mountain standard time on December 4, 2014 or as soon as our phones stops ringing for 10 minutes. However you may still leave bids on our phones via voice mail, via Fax or via email until midnight. This should make it easier for anybody who wants to bid on the last day, the last hour or even the last minute to do so. As always winning bids will be reduced to one advance over the 2nd high bid. No one is guaranteed to be the last bidder as the auction is automatically extended 10 minutes after 9:00 PM everytime we are on the phone. We will stop answering the phone when the phones stop ringing for 10 minutes. However you still may leave bids via email, voicemail or fax.

We suggest you bid above estimate if you want an item, as high bids will be reduced to one bidding increment over the 2nd high bid. Our bid sheets offer several bidding options that can save you money, optimize your bids and see that you get the lots that your really want. If you are unsure of your bidding strategy, please give us a call or contact us by email and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

There is a minimum bid of at least 60% of the estimate on each lot. However in some cases the reserve may be higher than 60% of the estimate although it will never be higher than the estimate. We will always try to make reserves and estimates reasonable and in line with today's market. Of course in many cases lots may be offered so infrequently that our estimates are just educated guesses.

We take seriously the commitment to reduce bids. We do not reveal the high bid on any lot, however we will tell you if you are the high bidder at the time of your request. Usually more than half of all successful bids are reduced and over 75% of successful bidders have at least one of their winning bids reduced. We believe that the best strategy to being a successful bidder is placing your bids early and not waiting until the last minute. We believe the best bidding strategy is to bid early, knowing that winning bids will be reduced to the next bidding increment over the 2nd high bid. It's a successful auction when everybody is satisfied with the results: the consignors, the bidders and the auctioneer. Many of our consignors have been consigning material to us for 30 or more years, others have been buying material from us for as long or longer and are just now disposing of their collection or of parts of their collection. And more than a handful of the successful bidders in our sales of the past few years have been bidding (and buying) in our sales since the 1970s. We must be doing something right.

There are no buyer's fees in our sales. You are charged only for the amount of your winning bid plus a postage and shipping charge. If you want the convenience of using your credit card or sending us a bank wire, we do charge a small fee to help cover our costs. There are only a few coin dealers who still do not charge a buyer's fee. Some companies charge a 15 to 20% buyer's fee, plus a consignor fee as well!

LOT VIEWING SCHEDULE   (back to top)

NATIONAL COIN AND CURRENCY COVENTION. (Formerly the PCDA show). N ovember 20-22, Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare, 5440 North River Road, Rosemont, IL 60018. Table #604

Aurora, Colorado Show. November 29th. Radisson Hotel - I-225 & Parker Road, 3200 South Parker Road, Aurora, Colorado. 9 AM to 3 PM. This hotel was formerly known as the Red Lion Hotel.

We should have most lots from our auction at both shows. However we will not be bringing heavy, bulky lots or books unless specifically asked.

From November 10th until the close of the sale either Rita or I will be available in our office for questions about the sale or particular lots. Our usual office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5:55 PM Mountain time. As the closing date draws near we will expand our hours. If you call and we don't answer, please leave a message with the best time to return your call and we will try to get back to you at your preferred time. Of course you can email 24 hours a day and we will return the email as soon as we can. Please note that Bill will be away from the office from Tuesday November 18th through Monday November 24th. He'll be available part of the time via his mobile phone at 303-910-8245 while Rita will be manning the phone at our office at 720-981-0785.

We will confirm all email bids within 24 hours of receiving your bid. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us. Email bids received between 9 PM and Midnight on December 4th will be confirmed sometime the next day. We do not confirm bids received via mail or fax unless specifically asked to do so. However if we have your email on file we will try to do so. When sending us a bid sheet via regular mail, fax or as an attachment, please write carefully on your bid sheet. And a short description is always helpful to avoid mistakes.

No information will be available about the results of the sale until bids have been checked and invoices have been written. This usually takes 3 to 4 days. We will not be answering the phones until that information is ready. We hope to have the phones open by Monday 8th or Tuesday December 9th at the latest.

Please note that this entire catalog is also up on our website, or will be very shortly. Our website address is There you will find, not only everything that is in this catalog, but color images of both sides of more than 90% of the lots in the sale.

As many of you are aware we no longer issue printed Fixed Price Lists via mail (with the possible exception of an Israel/Palestine list in 2015). However we have occasional offerings of coins, medals, tokens, paper money, numismatic books, odd & curious money and more. We hope to resume a weekly schedule in the very near future. These lists will be available either via an email and/or on our website. If we have your email address we will send you an email reminder when a new list is up or the list will be included with the email. Of course if you don't want to receive these reminders, just let us know and we will remove your email address from our notification list. If you don't have an email account or access to the internet at home I suggest you jog yourself down to your nearest public library and use their computer. We have also reopened our Vcoin Ancient Coin Store at en/stores/ rosenblum_coins /140/Default.aspx?store_display_type=ancient.

HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014 FALL AUCTION 44B   (back to top)

This may be the smallest auction we've held in more than 20 years but it is probably the best auction in terms of rarities offered that we've ever had. As usual our consignors come from around the world but two collections form the backbone of this sale.

One collection contains numerous high grade and/or rare coins from such countries as Angola, British West Africa, East Africa and other African counties. The other collection consists of many very rare coins, banknotes, medals and tokens of Israel, Palestine and the various civilian internment camps of World War II. It also includes Ottoman Empire material that circulated in the Holy Land in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Ironically some of the Egyptian coins from this collection belonged to the collector of the African coins who sold them in the 1990s.

As usual our sale begins with ancient coins and although there are less than 100 coins being offered there are some coins of more than passing interest. Included in this section is a very rare portrait coin of Agrippa I, a high grade Lucius Verus piece from Neapolis in Samaria, a rare early silver stater from Tyre and numerous silver denarii of Rome including one of Vitellius plus a Vespasian Judaea Capta denarius with a weeping Judaea under a palm tree rather than the usual trophy.

The rarities begin in earnest with the world coins which include early Algerian coins, a rare early crown of Angola, numerous rare coins of British West Africa including an off-metal 2 Shilling and a 1946-SA penny and some seldom seen high grade coins of Burundi. The (British) East African selection is especially impressive with high grade and rare coins in abundance plus numerous error pieces. In addition pieces from Cameroon, Chad, Comores and Djibouti are offered as well as the only coin issued by the Central African Empire. The Egyptian coin section, while small, is very impressive including 3 very high grade one year type silver coins from 1920 struck at the Heaton mint in England.

Those Egyptian coins are part of what we call "The Philadelphia Collection". Mr. "Philadelphia" was a life-long collector and his collection is truly impressive. We started selling coins to him in the early 1970s and we helped him build his collection for the next 40 years. In the early years he was purchasing inexpensive, but always high grade, coins and banknotes. As his business grew he bought more expensive rarities but even when he was spending many thousands of dollars for a note or a coin he was also buying inexpensive tokens and notes to fill out his collecting "needs".

While there is little doubt the rarities in this sale are some of the most exciting items we've had over the years Mr. Philadelphia was always looking an unusual kollel note or adding untold varieties to his collection of small-change tokens.

Among the Israeli coins being offered are a choice uncirculated 1948 25 Mil piece, a Uniface striking of the same coin, 2 different 25 Pruta Specimen coins, 3 extremely rare Pruta pattern coins struck in 1954, a (perhaps unique) 500 Pruta pattern in bronze, a few Israeli errors and two different 1960 Eight Grain patterns perhaps the rarest of all Israel coins.

The Palestine coin section is equally impressive starting off with numerous late 19th century tokens issued by both Jewish and Christian settlers. No doubt the highlight of this listing is the extremely rare 1927 Double Proof Set with it's original red leather case. Also included are numerous rare date and high grade coins including a mint state 1931 100 Mil coin which is the most difficult of all regular issue Palestine coins to acquire. There are even four error coins of Palestine, one of which comes accompanied by a letter from the Royal mint admitting their mistake.

The world coin section concludes with a nice run of Lodz Ghetto pieces including a 20 Mark "error" coin with an inverted "N", one of only a handful known. There are a number of better Turkish pieces offered plus a medal awarded by the Boy Scouts of America to the Connecticut politician Abraham Ribacoff.

The paper section may be even more impressive than the coin section with 3 different Cypress canteen chits, numerous notes from such notorious places as Buchenwald, Dachau, Flossenburg, Mittelbau, Oranienburg, Sachsenhausen, Amersfoot, Gross-Rosen, the Lodz and Warsaw Ghettos and the Displaced Person's camp at Scheinfeld.

An handful of Egyptian notes are available including an early "sphinx" note in high grade and some high denomination notes with nice pedigrees.

The Israeli banknote listing includes numerous trials, specimens, printers proofs, color trials, provisional notes and just plain rarities. We offer a set of 5 fractional notes all with matching serial numbers, a very rare 100 Pruta "inverted signature" note, two different "tintype" metal trials of the proposed 1955 nots and a most astonishing group of material, including internal correspondence, from the American Bank Note Company. Specimen notes are offered from Israel's first five paper money issues, that is 1948, 1952, 1955, 1958-60 and 1968. I believe that is the first time that has occurred in an American auction (and perhaps worldwide). We offer error notes, specimens of the very rare "Tel Aviv Waad notes" and two exceedingly rare unaccepted trial stage proofs for the proposed "shekel series" of notes.

The Palestine Currency Board selection is as exciting if not more so. Specimens, printer's proofs, trial notes, a presentation note and just plain high-grade issued notes are offered. One of the notes was actually printed in error after the demise of the Palestine Currency Board! Many of the notes are the plate notes from Raphael Dabbah's fabulous book The Currency Notes of the Palestine Currency Board. That book is also being offered in lot 456.

Part of "Mr. Philadelphia's" library is next up followed by our usual selection of medallic Judaica. He collected not only rare state, commissioned and presentation medals but his collection of off-metal strikes, patterns, trials and errors is among the finest in the world. The sale concludes with a diverse group of Kollel notes, financial documents (share warrants and certificates) and some Holocaust related material. Also in this section are signed letters from Arthur James Balfour, Alfred Dreyfus and David Ben Gurion. In addition are signed photographs depicting Golda Meir with Richard Nixon, Shimon Peres, Yitzchak Rabin and others.

For most of the lots from the Philadelphia collection we have been able to follow the trail so to speak and we have given the pedigree details wherever possible.

Auction 44B   (back to top)




*1 John Hyrcanus I. 135-104 BC. Æ 1/2 Prutah or Lepton (.89g). Palm branch flanked by four lines of Hebrew/Lily, small "A" monogram to left. Hen-1134, TJC-C, Sofaer-66. VF, centered, nice green patina. A choice and attractive example of an uncommon coin. $175

*2 Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BC. Lead Prutah token (2.62g 15.6mm). "King Alexander" in Aramaic in 3 lines in border of dots/"King Alexander" (in Greek) around inverted anchor in circle. H-1155, Sofaer-270. Nice centered VF for type. One of the nicest we've handled. $225+

*3 Mattathias Antigonus. 40-37 BC. Æ Prutah (1.65g). Paleo-Hebrew inscription, retrograde, within wreath/Double cornucopia adorned with ribbons, ear of barley between horns. H-1164. TJC-40, Sofaer-441. F-VF, well centered. Nicer than usual. $75+

*4 Herod I, the Great. 40-4 BC. Æ Lepton (1/2 Prutah) (1.43g). Anchor within Greek legend, "King Herod"/War Galley with oars sailing left. Minted in Jerusalem to commemorate the building of the great port at Caesarea Maritima. H-1191, Sofaer-53, TJC-65. F/VF, obv off-center. $150+

*5 Agrippa I. 37-44 AD. Æ21 (7.68g). His diademed bust right/Tyche standing left, right hand on rudder, left holding branch, LZ (yr 7), "Caesarea by the port of Sebaste". Hen-1246, RPC-4985, Sofaer-165. VG. A truly rare coin with a bust of Agrippa. Long pedigree. Ex. Jonathan Herbst coll (Superior 12/95), WMR 28c, Stock of Matt Kreuzer, Amphora, and John Jeneck. $1250+?

*6 Agrippa II. 56-95AD. Æ12 (1.58g). Laureate bust of Domitian right/Cornucopia, Year 25, "King Agrippa" in Greek. H-1322, TJC-15, Sofaer-215. Gd Fine. Cute little coin. $200+?

*7 Neapolis in Samaria, Lucius Verus. 161-169 AD. Æ23 (10.77g). Laureate bust right, AYT[OK] KAI AYP OV HPOC CЄB/Statue of Zeus Helioplites facing, holding whip in right hand, 2 grain ears in left, foreparts of bulls flanking, [ΦΛ] NЄACΠOΛ Є CYPIAC ΠAΛAICTI, Year 4. Ros-22v, Sofaer-61v. Gd VF, green patina. Exceptionally nice. $600+

*8 Neapolis in Samaria, Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. Æ15.5 (4.97g). Laureate bust right/Bust of Sarapis right. Ros-72v. F/VF, rev. a bit off-center. Scarce, 1st I can recall offering. $100+

*9 Neapolis in Samaria, Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253 AD. Æ24 (9.54g). Radiate bust left/Nemesis standing facing looking left, extending hand at winged griffin seated at column left, resting foot on globe with wheel behind her feet; on right Victory carrying Mt. Gerizim. Ros-117, Sofaer-231. VG/VG+. Very rare. I believe this is the first time we've offered this coin. Ex-Shoshana collection but incorrectly described in catalog. $100+

*10 Nysa-Scythopolis in Samaria, Elagabalus. 218-222 AD. Æ27 (9.15g). Laureate bust right/Zeus seated left on high-backed throne holding Nike in right hand and scepter in left. Barkay-68, Spijk-39, Sofaer-44. VG, rough. Rare, only the 2nd we've had, the other also low grade. Ex Shoshana collection. $125+

*11 Philadelphia in Arabia Petraea, Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ15 (4.38g). Laureate bust of Elagabalus right/Bust of Asteria right, the mother of the Tyrian Hercules who only appears on coins of this city. Ros-49, Spike-47, Sofaer-47. VF, desert green patina. $125+

ANCIENT GREEK COINS   (back to top)

*12 Apulia, Arpi. 275-260 BC. Æ20 (7.57g). Bull butting right/Horse prancing right. SNG Cop-607, SG ANS-640. Fine, some green encrustation. $50+

*13 Campania. Neapolis. 325-241 BC. Silver Didrachm (7.41g). Head of nymph right, behind is Artemis-Hekate (head off-flan)/Man-headed bull right, being crowned by Nike, small monogram below. SG-308, SNG Cop-419. Fine+, but a bit off-center, curved obverse scratch. $325+

*14 Thrace. Apollonia Pontika. 425-385 BC. Silver Half Obol (.43g). Anchor, "A" in right panal/Swastika with 4 fields of two strokes. SNG Stancomb-32v. VF, obverse a bit off-center. Good metal for this rare issue. $200+?

*15 Thrace. Istros. 400-350 BC. Silver Drachm or Stater (6.00g). Inverted Heads/Sea eagle on dolphin, Γ between them. Usually the letter is underneath the dolphin. A letter between the two is rare and we have found only one example of Γ (a gamma) between the eagle and dolphin offered in many years. SNG BM Black Sea-230, BMC-4ff. VF, but struck on small flan, thus off-center. $150?

*16 Aegina. c. 480-457 BC. Silver Stater (12.14g). Turtle/5-part incuse square. BMC-85ff, SG-2594v. VG, but well centered and well struck, with a banker's mark on turtle. This coin was in an NGC slab but has been removed. They had graded it VG, Strike 4/5, Surface 3/5. A decent and affordable 5th Century BC coin. $225+

*17 Mysia. Parium. 5th Century BC. Silver Drachm (2.21g). Facing Gorgoneion head/Cow standing left, head reverted ΓΑ above, PI below, ivy leaf below that. BMC-27. VF, reverse a touch porous. $150+?

*18 Ionia. Phokaia. Late 6th Century BC. Silver Obol (.77g). Head of Griffin left/Incuse punch. SNG von Aulock 2118. Toned VF. Ex Freeman & Sear stock. $90

*19 CariaN Islands. Rhodos, Teimostratos, magistrate. c. 31 BC - 60 AD. Æ35 (27.15g). Radiate head of young Dionysos right, wearing ivy wreath/Nike standing right on prow, holding aplustre. RPC-2749, Cop-886, BMC-376. VF, typical minor flaws. Nice large bronze coin. Ex Harlan Berk stock, ex Kirk Davis stock (at $550!). $350

*20 Cilicia, Seleukeia ad Calycadnum. 2nd Century BC. Æ23 (7.42g). Head of Athena right wearing crested helmet & necklace, ΣA behind/Nike walking left, holding wreath in right hand, 3 monograms before. SNG Cop-201. aEF. An attractive example of a seldom seen coin. $75

*21 Phoenicia, Tyre. 450-400 BC. Silver Stater (12.57g). Dolphin over waves, murex shell below, legend above/Owl standing right, head facing, crook and flail over left shoulder, entire design within incuse square. BMC-26, 227-1. Rough in spots but basically VF and very rare. We can recall only one other stater of this type being offered in auction this century and that had a very deep test cut. The type with Melqarth riding a hippocamp is seen far more often. $1250+

*22 Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy IV to Ptolemy VIII. 221-140 BC. Æ22 (7.43g). Diademed head of Ptolemy I right in dotted border/Female head (Libya?) right, cornucopia below chin. SNG Cop-442, SG-7882. Fine, some encrustation and light scratches. $100+


Also see lots 7 to 11 above

*23 Thrace, Mesembria, Gordian III & Tranquillina. 238-244 AD. Æ27 (12.54g). Facing busts ΑVΤ ΚΜ ΓΟPΔΙΑΝΟC ΑΥT CΕΒ ΤΡΑΝΚKΛΛ ΙΝΑ/Homonoia standing left holding corn-ears and staff. SGI-cf.3798, Mouchmov-4003. GVF, nice green-black patina, small flan crack. Davisson Auction 28, #295. $100+

*24 Sikyonia. Sikyon, Nero. 54-68 AD. Æ20 (6.74g). NE KAI ZE-YC - EΛEYΘEPIOC Laureate head of Nero to right/ΕΠΙ Γ IOY ΠΟΛYAINOY ΔA Rider on horseback to right, CI below horse. BCD-354.1, RPC-1239. VG-F, rough. In AD 66 Nero journeyed to Greece, where he gave a series of musical and athletic performances much criticized by ancient historians. Struck to commemorate the Freedom of Greece in AD 67, the obverse legend assimilates the emperor with Zeus Eleutherios ("the liberator"). Ex stock Münzen und Medaillen Basel 1969. $140

*25 Mysia, Cyzicus, Domitian. 81-96 AD. Æ19 (3.18g). ΔΟΜΙΤ KAICAP CEB ΓEPMANIKOC Laureate head of Domitian to right/K-[Y]/Z-I Torch. Very rare. Only a few examples known. RPC-II, 882. Fine, tan patina, pitted. $115

*26 Lydia, Sardeis, Nero. 54-68 AD. c. AD 65. Æ15 (1.90g). ΕΠΙ ΤΙ ΜΝΑCEOY CAPΔIANΩΝ Head of Heracles to right/CE-BACTH Nike to left, holding wreath and palm. Rare. BMC-64, RPC-3010, SNG Cop-504. Nice VF with high relief portrait. Light flan crack. $100+

*27 Lydia, Tralleis, Nero. 54-68 AD. Æ15 (4.16g). ΝΕΡWΝ [ΚΑΙΣΑΡ], bare head of Nero to right/KΑΙΣ-ΑΡΕWN four ears of corn. BMC-125, RPC-2657, SNG Cop-692. Fine, heavy green patina. $100+

*28 Phrygia, Aizanis, Agrippina Junior, Augusta. 50-59 AD. Æ17 (2.78g). ΑΓΡΙΠΠΙΝΑΝ CΕΒΑC[Τ]ΗΝ, draped bust of Agrippina to right/AIZANI-TΩ[Ν], diademed and draped bust of Persephone with corn-ears before. BMC-91, RPC-3102, SNG Cop-91. Fine, porous with tan and brown patina. $115

*29 Phrygia, Ancyra, Nero. 54-68 AD. Claudius Artemidoros, ca. 55-60. Æ19 (4.19g). ΝΕΡΩΝΑ ΚΛΑ[ΥΔΙΟΝ ΚΑΙCΑΡΑ ΑΝ]ΚΥΡΑΝΩΝ, bare head of Nero to right/ΕΠΙ ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΥ - [ΑΡΤΕΜΙ]ΔΩΡΟΥ ΙΕΡΕΩΣ, Zeus standing to left, holding anchor and scepter. RPC-3108, SNG Cop-135. Dark Fine, some smoothing, reverse flan crack. $140

*30 Phrygia, Apameia, Vespasian. 69-79 AD. Plancius Varus. Æ25 (9.75g). ΑΥΤΟΚΡΑΤΩΡ ΚΑΙΣ[ΑΡ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ ΟΥΕΣΠΑΣΙΑΝΟΣ], laureate head of Vespasian to right/ΕΠΙ ΠΛΑΝΚΙΟΥ ΟΥΑΡΟΥ ΚΟΙΝΟΝ ΦΡΥΓΙΑΣ ΑΠΑΜΕΙΣ, bunch of five corn-ears. Rare. BMC-150, RPC-1389, SNG Cop-210. Fine, obverse a touch off-center. Slightly porous. $110

*31 Cilicia, Augusta, Livia wife of Augustus. 14-29 AD (yr. 11). Æ17 (3.98g). Diademed and draped bust right in beaded border/Helmeted bust of Athena right, wearing aegis. Rare. SNG Lev-1242, RPC-4011.5 (this coin. VF, glossy dark green patina. Ex CNG Sale 106, #181 (January 2005 @$185 + buyer's fee). $175+

*32 KINGS of COMMAGENE. Iotape, wife of Antiochos IV. 38-72 AD. Æ25 (12.95g). Diademed and draped bust of Iotape right/Scorpion within wreath. RPC I 3858, SNG Cop-5, SGI-5514. Dark Fine. $100+?

*33 Syria, Seleucis & Pieria, Antioch, Philip I. 244-249 AD. Bi Tetradrachm (11.81g). Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right/Eagle standing right, wings spread, ANTIOXA SC in ex. Year 3. Prieur-375, SNG Cop-264. Toned VF, light porosity. Good silver for such a late issue. $100+

*34 Syria, Cyrrhestica. Beroea, Macrinus. 217-218 AD. Silver Tetradrachm (12.71g). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right/Eagle stg, head left, wreath in beak, palm to left, winged animal between legs. Bell-88, Prieur-889. Ch. VF, but on small flan. Ex CNG Sale 149, #269. Ex Garth Drewry collection. $140+?

*35 Roman Egypt, Nero. 54-68 AD, year 5. Silver Tetradrachm (13.02g). Laureate head of Nero right, ΝΕΡ ΚΛΑV ΚΑΙΣ - ΣΕΒA ΓΕΡ (AYTO), Roma seated to left, holding Nike and sword in scabbard; date in right field. Curtis-156, Milne-177, Emm-132. Toned VF, bit grainy. Very rare, we can find no record of this coin being offered in auction anywhere this century! Purchased from Rigö Münzhandlung, Konstanz 1964. $550+?

*36 Roman Egypt, Nero. 54-68 AD, year 10. Silver Tetradrachm (12.55g). ΝΕΡΩ ΚΛΑV ΚΑΙΣ - ΣΕΒA ΓΕΡ, radiate head of Nero to right/ΑΥΤΟ-ΚΡΑ, bust of Sarapis to right; right in field, L I (= year 10). C-159, M-222, Emm-133. Toned VF, flan crack, bit grainy, struck on an oval flan. $150+

*37 Roman Egypt. Nero. 54-68 AD, year 13. Bi Tetradrachm (12.67g). ΝΕΡΩ ΚΛΑV ΚΑΙΣ [ΣΕΒ ΓΕΡ AV], radiate bust of Nero with aegis, LIΓ year 13 to left/ΘΕΟΣ - ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ, radiate head of Augustus to right. Curtis-65, Milne-251, Emm-113. GF/VF, rev. a bit off-center. Ex Münchner Münzhandlung K. Kress 106, Munich 6 Dec 1957, 111. $150+


*38 C. Terentius Lucanus. 147 BC. Silver Denarius (3.45g). Head of Roma right, crowned by Victory standing right, X behind/The Dioscuri galloping right, C TER LVC below ROMA in ex. Terentia-10, SR-93. Toned VF, a few marks in field. A very unusual obverse with Victory crowning Roma. $120

*39 C. Antestius. 146 BC. Silver Denarius (3.22g). Helmeted head of Roma right, C Antesti behind head/Dioscuri galloping right, dog running right below horses, ROMA in ex. Antestia-1, SR-95. VF. An uncommon but popular type sought after by dog lovers worldwide. $120

*40 P. Aelus Paetus. 138 BC. Silver Denarius (3.70g). Head of Roma right, X behind (X partially off-flan)/Dioscuri galloping right, P PAETVS below, ROMA in exergue. Aelia-3, SR-110. Nice VF, obverse a touch off-center. Uncommon. Ex Ancient Coin Art inventory. $120

*41 M. Tullius. 120 BC. Silver Denarius (3.89g). Helmeted head of Roma right, ROMA behind/Victory in quadriga right, holding palm branch, wreath above, "X" below, M TVLLI in exergue. The mark of value X and the symbol (wreath) are seldom found on the reverse of Republican coins. Tullia-1, SR-155. Toned VF, oval flan. $130

*42 Appius Claudius Pulcher. 111-110 BC. Silver Denarius (3.86g). Helmeted head of Roma right, quadrangular device containing circle behind/Victory in triga, lead horse looking back, CL T MANL Q VR in exergue. Claudia-2, SR-176. Nice VF, obverse a touch off-center due to being struck on a short flan. $130

*43 L. Flaminius Chilo. 109-108 BC. Silver Denarius (3.83g). Head of Roma right, X (partially off-flan) below chin, ROMA behind head/Victory in biga right, holding wreath, L FLAMINI below (CILO) in exergue. Flaminia-1, SR-179. VF. $100+

*44 M. Herennius. 108-107 BC. Silver Denarius (3.83g). Diademed head of Pietas right, Q before, PIETAS behind/Amphinomus advancing right, carrying his father, M HERENNI on left. Herennia-1, SR-185. VF. A popular type showing a son saving his father from the erupting Mt. Etna. $140

*45 C. Fabius C.f. Hadrianus. 102 BC. Silver Denarius (3.76g). Veiled & turreted bust of Cybele right, •C behind head/Victory driving biga right, C. Fabi • CF in exergue. Fabia-15, SR-200 note. Toned VF, some minor porosity problems not effecting design. $150+

*46 L. Titurius L f Sabinus. 89 BC. Silver Denarius (3.82g). Head of Tatius right, SABIN behind, palm below chin/Tarpeia, buried in shields, fighting off 2 soldiers, star within crescent moon above, TITVRI in exergue. Tituria-4, SR-251. Fine, a bit off-center. $100+

*47 Q. Antonius Balbus. 83 BC. Silver Denarius serrate (3.75g). Laureate head of Jupiter right, SC behind/Victory in quadriga right, control letter Γ below, (Q AN)TO BALB in exergue. Antonia-1, SR-279. VF, a touch off-center. The obverse marking S C shows the issue was struck ex senatus consulto, that is, by special decree of the Senate, and presumably forms part of the preparations to resist the return of Sulla. Balbus was subsequently defeated at his post in Sardinia by Sulla's legate, L. Philippus, and died in the battle. This was the first use of a serrated denarius in more than 20 years; it than became more common for the next 20 years. $135+

*48 L. Marcius Censorinus. 82 BC. Silver Denarius (3.78g). Laureate head of Apollo right/The satyr, Marsyas, walking l, right arm raised, carrying a wine-skin over left shoulder, column behind. L CENSOR. Marcia-24, SR-281. VF, a tad wavy. $120+

*49 L. Marcius Philippus. 56 BC. Silver Denarius (4.11g). Head of Ancus Marcius right, lituus behind, ANCVS below/Equestrian statue on Aqueduct (the Aqua Macia), PHILIPPVS on left. AQVAM in arches. Marcia-29, SR-382. Nice toned VF. $175+

*50 Mn. Cordius Rufus. 46 BC. Silver Denarius (3.81g). Conjoined heads of the Dioscuri r, wearing laureate pilei surmounted by 2 stars RVFVS III VIR/Venus standing left, holding scales and scepter, Cupid on her shoulder MN CORD IVS to right. Cordia-2a, SR-440. aVF, bit rough, slightly rough. Ex CNG Auction 79 (September 2008), #1004 @$150 (+ buyer's fee). $150+?

*51 Octavian (later Augustus). Struck during the Summer of 37 BC. Silver Denarius (3.68g). Bare hd of Octavian right, IMP • CAESAR • DIVI • F • III • VIR • ITER • R • P • C around/Simpulum, sprinkler, jug & lituus, COS ITER ET TER DESIG. SR-1544, RSC-91. Fine, slightly bent flan, some flat spots. Scarce. $250?

*52 Germanicus, issued by his son Caligula. Died 19 AD. Æ As (10.51g). Bare head left, GERMANICVS CAESAR TI AVGVST F DIVI AVG N /C CAESAR DIVI AVG PROM AVG PM TR POT IIII PP around large SC. SR-1821, RIC-35. VF, nice dark green patina, but somewhat porous. $100+

*53 Claudius. 41-54 AD. Æ As (11.23g). Bare head of Claudius left, TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG PM TRP IMP PP/Minerva advancing right, brandishing spear & holding shield, SC. SR-1862 , RIC-116. VF, nice green-brown patina. Perhaps some old cleaning under toning. $100+

*54 Vitellius. 69 AD. AR Denarius (3.19g). Laureate head righ/Vesta seated right holding scepter and patera. SR-2200, RIC-107, RSC-72. Nicely toned VF, the obverse being very well centered. $900+

*55 Vespasian. 69-79 (75-79) AD. Silver Denarius (3.31g). Laureate bust right/Jupiter standing and facing, sacrificing from patera over altar & holding scepter, IOVIS CVSTOS. Uncommon. RIC-II, 849 (124(a), SR-2295, RSC-222. VF. $150

*56 Vespasian. 69-79 AD. Silver Denarius (3.21g). Laureate bust of Vespasian right/Judaea, as bound captive, seated right on ground at foot of palm tree, IVDAEA in exergue. SR-2297, H-1480, RIC-II, 4 (16), RSC-229. Nice choice VF, well-centered with some discoloration on reverse. This should not be confused with the much more common type where Judaea is seated next to a trophy. This is a rare coin! $1000+

*57 Vespasian. 69-79 AD. Silver Denarius (3.02g). Laureate bust right, IMP CAESAR VESP AVG/Winged caduceus, PONTIF MAXIM . SR-2306, RSC-390, RIC-II, 696 (84). Fine, flan chip at 6 o'clock. Seldom offered type. $100+

*58 Vespasian. 69-79 AD. (72-73). Silver Denarius (3.13g) of Antioch. Laureate bust right/ Victory standing right, crowning standard and holding palm, VICTORIA AVGVSTI. RIC-1557 (R2), RSC-618, RPC-1929. Fine, a bit grainy but a very rare Judaea Capta issue. $350+?

*59 Divus Vespasian (by Titus). 79-81 (80 AD). Silver Denarius (3.42g). Laureate head of Vespasian right/SC on circular shield supported by 2 capricorns, back to back, globe below. RIC-II, 357 (63), SR-2569, RSC-V-497. Nice toned VF. $150

*60 Titus, as Caesar under Vespasian. 79-81 (77-78) AD. Silver Denarius (3.33g). Laureate bust right/Pair of oxen under yoke, left, COS VI. RIC-II, 951(197), SR-2440, RSC-97. Toned VF. $175

*61 Titus. 79-81 (80) AD. Silver Denarius (3.31g). Laureate bust right/Ornamented semi-circular diadem on draped seat or table, 3 crescent-like objects above, AD TR P IX IMP XV COS VIII P P. RIC-II, 124 (24a), RSC-313, SR-2514. Toned VF, a few light scratches. Scarce. $200+?

*62 Domitian, as Caesar under Titus. 81-96 (80) AD. Silver Denarius (3.36g). Laureate head of Domitian right/Corinthian helmet on draped table. RIC -II, T-271 (T51), RSC-399a. Toned VF. $200+?

*63 Domitian. 81-96 (81 AD). Silver Denarius (3.36g). Laureate head of Domitian right/ Throne with triple deck and corn-ears. RIC-II, 3, RSC-554a. Nice VF, scarce. $200+?

*64 Domitian. 81-96 (81 AD). Silver Denarius (3.18g) Laureate head of Domitian right/ Tripod surmounted by dolphin TR POT COS VIII PP. RIC-II, 102 (27). RSC-594, SR-2750. VF. $200+?

*65 Nerva. 96-98. Silver Denarius (3.39g). Laureate head right IMP NERVA CAES AVG' Äî P M TR P COS II P P/Justitia seated right holding branch and scepter IVSTITIA - AVGVST. RIC-6, RSC-99. VF. $160

*66 Nerva. 96-98 (Sept.-Dec. 96) AD. Silver Denarius (3.59g). Laureate bust of Nerva right/ Salus enthroned left, holding corn-ears S ALVS PVBLICA. RIC-9, RSC-132, SR-3035. Toned VF. $160

*67 Antoninus Pius. 138-161 AD. Silver Denarius (3.84g). Laureate bust right/Annona standing left holding corn-ears over modius left and anchor. SR-4067v, RIC-175, RSC-284. EF, well-centered, flan a bit ragged. $375+

*68 Antoninus Pius. 138-161 AD. Silver Denarius (3.29g). Laureate bust right/Winged thunderbolt on draped throne (pulvinar of Jupiter and Juno?). SR-4079, RIC-137, RSC-345. Choice EF, wonderful portrait. $400

*69 Antoninus Pius. 138-161 AD, (158-159 AD.) Silver Denarius (3.14g). Laureate bust right/Temple of Divus Augustus containing cult-statues of Augustus and Livia. RIC-290a, RSC-804, SR-4107ff. VF, some porosity on reverse. $150+

*70 Diva Faustina, wife of Antoninus Pius. Died 141 AD. Silver Denarius (2.89g). Draped bust right DIVA FAVSTINA /Aeternitas standing left, holding phoenix and raising skirt, AETERNITAS. RIC-3, 347, SR-4576, RSC-11. VF+. $125+?

*71 Marcus Aurelius, as Caesar. 161-180 (143 AD). Silver Denarius (2.62g). Bare head right/Juventas standing, facing, head left, dropping incense on candelabrum & holding patera IVVEN TAS. SR-4785, RIC-423a (Pius), RSC-389. EF/GVF, a bit porous. Great obverse portrait! $150+

*72 Marcus Aurelius. 161-180 AD. Silver Denarius (3.05g). Laureate bust right/ Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia TR P XXI IMP IIII COS III. RIC-171, RSC-882. Nicely toned VF, rev. a touch porous. $125+

*73 Divus Antoninus Pius. Issued by Aurelius and Verus in honor of Antoninus Pius. Struck 162 AD. Silver Denarius (3.13g). Bare head of Pius right/DIVO PIO, altar-enclosure, with double panelled door and horns visible above. RIC-441, RSC-357, SR-5196. Toned F-VF, ex Hans Schulman auction 5-6-63 #340. Attractive with an old pedigree. $100+

*74 Lucius Verus, with Marcus Aurelius. 161-169 AD. Silver Denarius (3.15g). Laureate bust right L VERVS AVG ARM PARTH MAX/Pax standing left, holding olive-branch and cornucopia PAX AVG TRP VI COS II. RSC-127, RIC-555, SR-5352v (different reverse legend). VF, lightly brushed. Ex Wayne Sayles inventory. $120+

*75 Lucius Verus, with Marcus Aurelius. 161-169 AD. Silver Denarius (2.84g). Bare-headed bearded bust right/Mars standing right, resting on spear and shield TR P IIII IMP II COS II. SR-5355, RIC-515, RSC-229. Toned EF. $160

*76 Lucilla, wife of Lucius Verus, daughter of Marcus Aurelius. Struck 166-169 AD. Silver Denarius (3.15g). Bust right/Venus standing, facing, head left, holding Victory and resting left hand on shield. RIC-786, RSC-89, SR-5492. Toned VF, nice portrait but reverse a bit off-center. $135+

*77 Commodus. 177-192 AD (184). Silver Denarius (3.12g). Laureate bust right M COMMODVS ANTON AVG PIVS/Aequitas standing left, hldg scales & cornucopia, globe at feet PMTRP VIIII IMP VI COS IIII PP. RIC-73, RSC-446, SR-5669. Nice VF, light toning. $100+

*78 Septemius Severus. 193-211 AD. Silver Denarius (3.46g). Laureate head right IMP. C. AEL. SEP. (P)ERT. AVG COS.II/Fortuna standing left holding rudder and cornucopia FORTVN REDVC. RIC-377, RSC-174a. EF/VF+. Scarcer type struck at Emisa. $150+

*79 Septemius Severus. 193-211 AD. Silver Denarius (3.07g). Laureate bust right/ Victory seated left on shield, resting another shield on knee and holding palm in left VICTORI AEBRIT. (An unusual and rare arrangement of reverse legend). SR-6385, RIC-335, C-731. Ch. EF+, lightly toned. Commemorates Roman success in northern Britain, although Severus did die in York in 211. $425+

*80 Septemius Severus. 193-211 AD (193). Silver Denarius (3.30g). Laureate, bearded bust right/Virtus (or Roma) standing left, holding Victory and spear VIRT AVG TR P COS. RIC-24, RSC-752, SR-6386. Toned VF+, exceptional portrait. $125

*81 Caracalla. 198-217 AD (205 AD). Silver Denarius (3.24g). Laureate bust right/ Felicitas standing left, holding short caduceus & cornucopia FELICITAS AVGG. SR-6799, RIC-127, RSC-64. Ch. EF, lightly toned. $125

*82 Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus. (207 AD). Silver Denarius (2.89g). Draped bust of Julia Domna right/Isis standing right, left foot on prow, nursing infant Horos, rudder resting against altar behind SAECVLI FELICITAS. SR-6604, RIC-577, RSC-174. Nice EF, a touch off-center. $115

*83 Julia Paula, wife of Elagabalus. Divorced 220-221 AD. Silver Denarius (2.73g). Draped bust right IVLIA PAVLA AVG/Concordia seated left holding patera, resting left arm on throne, star in left field CONCORDIA. RIC-211, RSC-6a, SR-7655. Lightly toned VF. $100+

*84 Julia Soaemias, mother of Elagabalus. Murdered 222 AD (220). Silver Denarius (2.77g). Draped bust right IVLIA SOAEMIAS AVG/Venus seated left holding apple & scepter, child standing right, at feet, arms raised VENVS CAELESTIS. RIC-243, RSC-14, SR-7720. GVF/VF, nice portrait. Scarce. $125+?

*85 Julia Maesa, Sister of Julia Domna, grandmother of Elagabalus and Severus Alexander. Probably died 225 AD. Silver Denarius (2.90g). Draped bust right JVLIA MAESA AVG/Pudicitia seated left, drawing out veil from shoulder with right and holding scepter in left. RIC-268, RSC-36, SR-7756. Lightly toned nice VF. $125

*86 Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD (231-235). Silver Denarius (2.91g). Laureate, draped bust right IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG/Fortuna stg. left, holding rudder and cornucopia FORTVNAE R EDVCI. RIC-232, RSC-64. EF. A scarce coin with both an uncommon obverse legend and a rare placement of the letters on the reverse legend. $175+?

*87 Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD (226). Silver Denarius (3.60g). Laureate, draped bust right IMP CM AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG/Emperor, wearing toga, standing half-left sacrificing out of a patera, over tripod-altar and holding scroll. RIC-55, RSC-289, SR-7899. Choice AU/EF, the obverse perfectly centered and lustrous, the reverse a bit toned and a tad off-center. $175+?

*88 Maximinus I. 235-238 AD (235-6). Silver Denarius (2.94g). Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right/Victory advancing right holding wreath and palm. RIC-16, RSC-99a, SR-8317. Choice VF. $125

*89 Gordian III. 238-244 AD. Æ Sestertius (19.19g). Laureate bust IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG/Apollo seated left holding a laurel branch & resting left arm on lyre PM TRP III COS II PP S-C. RIC-301A, SR-8730, C-240. VF/Gd. Fine. Light flan crack reverse. Ex Davissons 28, #290. $150+

*90 Philip I. 244-249 AD. Silver Antoninianus (3.02g). Radiate bust right IMP PHILIPPVS AVG/Roma seated left, holding Victory and spear, shield at side ROMAE AETERNAE. RSC-164a, RIC-106. GD VF, slight doubling of portrait. This type with the obverse legend IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG is fairly common. However it is almost never seen with this shorter obverse legend. Certainly a desirable piece for the specialist. $150+?

*91 Quintillius. 270 AD. Æ Antoninianus (2.05g). Radiate bust right IMP CM AVR CL QVINTILLVS AVG/Concordia stg left, sacrificing over altar and holding double cornucopia CONCORDIA AVG Δ in exergue. RIC-13, C-17, SR-11436. Near VF, sharp portrait, a bit weak in parts of legend. Quintillius reigned for a little more than 2 months after the death of his brother Claudius II. This is the first coin of his we have offered in more than 20 years! $120?

*92 Diocletian. 284-305 AD. Silvered Antoninianus (3.11g). Radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right IMP CC VAL DIOCLETIANVS PF AVG/Diocletian, standing right, receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter standing left TR between them IOVI CONSERVATOR IAVGG, palm branch XXI in exergue. RIC-289, C-280. A seldom seen coin from the Tripolis mint. Ch. EF, some silvering remains, more so on obverse. $125+?

*93 Julian II, the Apostate. 360-363 AD. Æ1 (27mm, 8.22g). Bust right/Bull standing right, 2 stars above, eagle at right, PCONST• in exergue. RIC-320. Arles mint. VF, brown-green patina, a tad rough. $100+

*94 Heraclius, with Heraclius Constantine. 610-641 AD. Æ 40 Nummi (Follis) (23mm, 4.82g,). Syracuse mint. Struck 630-637. Countermaked on uncertain issue: crowned facing busts of Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine; cross above/Monogram and barred SCs. SB 884. Decent VF for this crude counterstamp coin with a nice portrait of Heraclius still visible and the RH monogram on the reverse very sharp. $75+?

*95 Constans II. 641-668 AD. Æ Half Follis of Carthage. Facing bust/Large cross dividing C-T above and X-X below, star above the cross. SB-1061 (scarcer type without pellets). F/VF. $75+?

*96 Constantine V. 741-775 AD. Æ Follis (3.37g) of Syracuse. Bearded Constantine V on left and beardless Leo IV on right standing and facing cross between their heads/Leo III, bearded and standing and facing holding cross potent. SB-1569. Spahr-333. Somewhat diamond shape with beautiful dark green patina. Ch. EF. $150+?


97 A Collection of FAO Coins: Red Album #1 consists of 45 coins from 33 countries. Green Album 1975 consists of 38 coins from 14 countries. 83 BU coins. 2 sets, the first being scarce. Sold as is, no returns. $200+

*98 A group of World Coins and a medal. Coins from Colombia, Egypt, France, Great Britain, Italy, South Korea, Monaco, Morocco, Pakistan, Netherlands, Peru, Nicaragua and Thailand. 1976 Æ 61mm cast medal honoring Hubert Seaby the famed British Numismatist. By M. A. Holloway for J.P. Gaust. 22 Twentieth century coins, mostly unc., but some not, the medal and Morocco 1365 5 Franc are the two best items. Sold as is, no returns. $25+?

*99 Algeria. Selim III. AH1216 (c.1801). 1/2 Budju. Arabic inscriptions both sides with clear and sharp date. Irregular flan as usual, but well centered and strongly struck. Cr-67, KM-45. VF+. Scarce this nice. $200+

*100 Algeria. Mahmud II. AH1245 (1829-30). 1 Budju (Tugrali-rial). Lec-17, Cr-117, KM-79. Fine. One year type and very scarce. $250+?

*101 Algeria. Mahmud II. AH1237 (1821). 2 Budju (Zudj Budgu). Arabic legends, both sides. Cr-120, KM-75, Dav-1. VF. The only Algerian coin listed as a crown by Davenport! $100?

*102 Angola. Portuguese Africa. 1783. 10 Macutas. Crowned arms/Denomination within wreath. One year type issued under Maria I and Pedro III. Cr-22, KM-24, Dav-6. Dark toned VF. Very rare. The last auction record we can find is one that sold in Germany for €1400 (+ buyer's fee) in 2008. At that time that was more than $2000! A bit smaller than the average crown but this is 36mm in diameter and certainly falls into the definition of a crown, being between 33 and 50mm. $1000+

*103 Angola, Portuguese Africa. 1789. 8 Macutas. Crowned arms/Denomination within wreath. Cr-30, KM-34. Choice VF. Better date of 2 year type issued under Maria I alone. Another rare coin that is seldom seen. $375

*104 Angola. Portuguese Africa, Republic. 1923-KN. 50 Centavos. Short type. Y-17, KM-65. EF-AU. The only Portuguese colonial coin bearing a foreign mintmark. (King's Norton). Rare. $400+

*105 Australia, Internment Camp Token. WWII. ND Penny Token. Camp-1261, KM-TN1.1, Feller Au-970a. AU, but rim nicks. Purchased from us in May of 2007. $100+

*106 Australia, Internment Camp Token. WWII. ND 3 Pence Token. Camp-1262, KM-TN2.1, Feller-971a. Choice brown EF. Purchased from our special list in May of 2007. Almost as nice as one we sold in our Fall 2007 for $220. I haven't offered an example since then. Purchased from us in May of 2007. $150+

*107 Australia, Internment Camp. ND. WWII. 1 Shilling. Camp-1263, KM-Tn3, Feller AU-972. Brown AU, tiny rim nick. Scarce. We sold a brown EF, with a few spots for $325 in our sale 42F. Before that we hadn't offered one since 2001! KM prices this at $300 in XF40! $225+?

*108 belgian congo, Congo Free State. 1887. 2 Francs. Y-7, KM-7. Ch. AU. 1st year of type. $300?

*109 belgian congo, Leopold II as King. 1909. 10 Centimes. Y-13, KM-13. Ch. BU. A scarce one year type that is seldom seen so nice. $375

*110 Belgian Congo. Leopold II as King. 1909. 20 Centimes. Y-14, KM-14. Ch. BU. Scarce one year type, especially so nice. 2 mint state examples have sold at auction in the past few years and both brought at least $500 (before the buyer's fee was added!) $425+

*111 british west africa. George V. 1913. Half Penny. Y-8, KM-8. Nice toned EF. Rare date that is "unknown in unc" according to specialists, so this is a choice example. $350+

*112 british west africa, George V. 1922-KN. Half Penny. Y-8, KM-8. VF/EF, minor lamination obverse. Exceedingly rare coin despite mintage figures. According to David Vice, "most of these were melted down or sold as scrap". Very few left King's Norton mint! $750+?

*113 british west africa. Edward VIII. 1936-H. 1/10 Penny. Y-18, KM-14. Nice Unc. Only year of type, struck at 3 mints, this Heaton mint piece is the rarest of all. $300+

*114 british west africa. (East Africa) Edward VIII. 1936-H. Penny. A mule, struck with obverse of East Africa 10 Cents and the reverse of a BWA Penny. Y-21, KM-17. Toned EF. The last auction record we find of this coin in this grade was in 2012 when a similar piece sold for $400 (before buyer's fee). $375

*115 british west africa, George VI. 1938-H. 1/10 Penny. Y-22, KM-20. Choice lightly toned Proof, a few spots. KM indicates that the 1938 Proof is rarer than the 1938-H Proof. However, from our research, the 1938 is a far more common coin than this is. First year of type. In the last 10 years we have accounted for 3 1938 Proofs that sold at auction and only one other 1938-H. $225+

*116 british west africa, George VI. 1942 1/2 Penny. Y-23, KM-18. Ch. unc., slightly dirty. Error, with two overlapping punched holes, the 2nd 50% offer-center. $135+

*117 british west africa. George VI. 1946-SA. Penny. Y-24, KM-19. Toned VF-EF. Struck at the South African mint in Pretoria. This is the rarest of all regular BWA pennies. $600

*118 british west africa. George VI. Blank Flan. ND. Shilling. With security edge for KM-23. Toned. Ex. Major Fred Pridmore collection. $150+?

*119 British West Africa, George VI. 1938-KN 2 Shilling. Error, Pattern or trial strike. Silver-plated 80% copper, 17% zinc and 1% nickel weighing in at 11.29 grams while the issued piece weighs 11.31 to 11.37 grams and is nickel-brass (5.5% nickel). Similar to KM-24 but unlisted as such. Perhaps this is Vice FT-311 which he records as "silver" but also states, "Reported to exist but not examined". Unc., but some nicks in field. $500+?

*120 Burundi, Kingdom. 1962 5 Francs in Silver. Independence Commemorative. KM-1a. Light toned Proof. Very Rare. We have seen only other example put up for auction this century. (In May of 2003 Ira and Larry Goldberg sold one for $375). None have surfaced until this example. In the 2015 SCWC the catalog price for a Proof-60 is $2250! $550+?

*121 Burundi, Kingdom Medallic Coinage. 1966. 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 Francs. Bruce XM1-XM5. Billon. 50th Anniversary of the Reign of Mwambusta IV. Portrait of late King. Lot of 5 coins. All choice Proof-like. Scarce and seldom offered as a set, especially so nice. $375+

*122 Burundi, Kingdom Medallic Coinage. 1966 100 Francs. Bruce XM-9. Coronation of Ntare V. Choice Proof, golden toned. 33mm and 10.30 grams. $100+

*123 Burundi, Kingdom Medallic Coinage. 1966. 100 Francs. Bruce XM-9. Coronation of Ntare V. Toned matte unc., a couple of marks in the field. Purportedly the KM plate coin (possibly from a 1990s book). This coin is larger and heavier than the coin above. 33.5mm and 11.62 grams. Perhaps a pattern or trial strike. $75+?

*124 Burundi, Kingdom Medallic Coinage. 1966 500 Francs. Bruce XM-10. Coronation of Ntare V. Choice Proof, golden toned. Seldom seen. Westfälische (WAG) sold one in 2010 for €100 plus buyer's fee. $140+?

*125 Burundi, Republic. Error 1971 5 Francs. Struck 50% off-center. Y-2, KM-16. Earlier this year a similar piece but struck only 15% off-center sold for €70 (+ buyer's fee) in a Schulman auction. $125+

*126 Cameroon, French Mandate. 1924 50 Centimes. Y-1, KM-1. BU. KM values these at $250 in MS63. This should be worth that and possibly more. $225+

*127 Cameroon, French Mandate. 1925 1 Franc. Y-2, KM-2. Choice BU. KM values this at $285 in MS63. $250+

*128 Cameroon, French Mandate. 1925 2 Francs. Y-3, KM-3. BU. KM values this at $500 in MS63. The 3rd of 3 coins that would make an outstanding addition to a type set. $450+

*129 Cameroon. National Society of Cameroon. ND (1919-45). 50 Centimes brass token. KM-Tn-3, Lecompte-25. Choice AU, some toning. $500+

*130 Cameroon, Republic. 2003 6,000 CFA Francs. Bi-Metallic coin with copper-nickel center within a brass ring. Head of president Paul Biya and map of country/Map of Africa and head of elephant. Bruce-X27. Choice BU. Catalog price of $60 in MS-60, this is nicer than that. $50+?

*131 Central African Empire. 1978 100 Francs. Y-3, KM-3. This is the only circulating coin of Central Africa as an empire under the Dictator Jean-Bedel Bokassa. While they were supposedly not released for circulation almost all of these rare coins did circulate and basically it's only found in mint state as an Essai. VF+. $250+?

*132 Chad, Republic. 1970 100 Francs. Y-7, KM-1. Robert F. Kennedy commemorative. Only 975 pieces minted. Nice Proof, as issued. $300?

*133 Chad, Republic. 1970 1000 Francs. President Francois Tombalbaye facing bust/ Arms. 37mm tin pattern with plain edge. Tombalbaye was president of Chad from 1960 until 1975. Unc., but a few rim nicks. This piece seems to be unlisted anywhere. $325+?

*134 Chad. Officer's Mess Token. ND. Brass 18mm. "Chad Officers Open Mess •" around central space/"10" in center, "APO 10" above. Lustrous EF-AU. We have never seen either this token or the one listed below. $75+?

*135 Chad. Officer's Mess Token. ND. Brass 21mm. "Chad Officers Open Mess •" around central space/"5" in center, "APO 10" above. Lustrous Au-Unc. We have never seen either this token or the one listed above. $75+?

*136 China, Republic. Taiwan. 4 Piece New Taiwan Dollar Coin Set. Contains 1 Chiao 1955, 2 Chiao 1950, 5 Chiao 1954 and 1 Yuan 1960 in cellophane holder. 4 coins, the first three one year types. Presumably a private issue as this is unlisted in Krause. $?

*137 China, People's Republic of China Proof Set 1982, KM-PS9, seven coins plus medal. All are Proof in the original mint folder. Scarce. $500+?

*138 Comoros, Societe Anonyme de la Grande Comore. ND. (1915) 25 Centimes token. Aluminum 26mm. KM-TN-1, Gadoruy-4, Lecompte-21. EF, a bit of verdigris, some nicks. Scarce. $300+

*139 Comoros, Societe Anonyme de la Grande Comore. ND. (1922) 25 Centimes token. Brass 26mm. KM-TN-1a, Gadoruy-4, Lecompte-20. BU, thus rare. $500+?

*140 Comoros, Societe Anonyme de la Grande Comore. ND. (1915). 0.50 (1/2 Franc) token. Aluminum 21mm. KM-TN-2 Gadoruy-5, Lecompte-23 BU, thus rare. $500+?

*141 Djibouti, Chamber of Commerce. 1921 5 Centimes Token. Aluminum 19mm. KM-Tn-5, Lecompte-91, Gadoury-12. Type with horned deer standing left, to left of tree. VF-EF, but some corrosion spots. $90?

*142 Djibouti, Chamber of Commerce. 1920 10 Centimes Token. Zinc 23.5mm. KM-Tn-2, Lecompte-92. EF, some oxidation which is usual for a 95 year zinc piece from this part of the world. $150+?

*143 Djibouti, Chamber of Commerce. 1921 50 Centimes Token. Bronze 23mm. KM-Tn-9, Lecompte-96. Type with horned deer standing left, to left of tree. Nice VF. $175

*144 East Africa, East Africa and Uganda Protectorates. 1909 1/2 Cent. Y-2a, KM-6a. One year type in copper-nickel. Choice BU, a couple of minor spots. $135+

*145 East Africa, East Africa and Uganda Protectorates. 1907 1 Cent. Y-3, KM-5. Two year aluminum type. BU! No corrosion which makes this very scarce indeed. Thick planchet. $150+

*146 East Africa, East Africa and Uganda Protectorates. 1908 1 Cent. Y-3, KM-5. Two year aluminum type. Thick planchet. BU but for spot of corrosion at around 4 o'clock. Corrosion on aluminum coins in East Africa (or anywhere in Africa for that matter) is typical. Not the ideal environment for this metal. By the way, it has been speculated that this thick planchet 1908 coin is a pattern. $100+

*147 East Africa, East Africa and Uganda Protectorates. 1906 25 Cents. Y-7, KM-3. Choice BU, light toning. KM does not offer a price valuation any higher than MS60 and this is much nicer than that. $120+

*148 East Africa, East Africa and Uganda Protectorates. 1906 50 Cents. Y-8, KM-6. Lightly toned EF-AU, but with unfortunate light staple scratch across back of Edward's neck and throat, as well as one on the reverse. Still much nicer than most encountered. $140+?

*149 East Africa, East Africa and Uganda Protectorates. 1911 50 Cents. Y-13, KM-9. 1st year of type with George V facing left. Nice lightly toned unc. $175+

*150 East Africa, East Africa and Uganda Protectorates. 1913 50 Cents. Y-13, KM-9. Head of George V facing left. Choice lightly toned EF-AU. Just a hint of wear on high points of coin. Very attractive. $175+

*151 East Africa, East Africa and Uganda Protectorates. 1918-H 50 Cents. Y-13, KM-9. Head of George V facing left. VF. The second scarcest date of this type. Actually it has the lowest mintage but the 1919 is more highly valued. See the lot below. $350+?

*152 East Africa, East Africa and Uganda Protectorates. 1919 50 Cents. Y-13, KM-9. Head of George V facing left. Good Fine, toned with edge knock. The key to the type. Rare in any grade. (Baldwin's sold a VF last year and said that might be the finest known!). This is ex Format List 27, #4131 at £400 where they noted it was the first they had handled. $400+

*153 East Africa, British Colony. 1920-H 1 Cent. Y-14, KM-12. Another coin that is virtually a one year type. Many 1921 coins were minted but they were not released for circulation which also seems to be the case for the 1920 1¢ without mintmark. Lustrous BU under light toning. A few insignificant spots. $400+?

*154 East Africa, British Colony. 1920-H 5 Cents. Y-15, KM-13. Another one year type, this was struck only at the Heaton mint. Choice toned AU, small spot near R of George. $350+

*155 East Africa, British Colony. 1920-H 10 Cents. Y-16, KM-14. Another one year type which was struck only at the Heaton mint. Choice unc., under light golden toning. A bit weak on obverse near "Ten" which seems typical of the very few mint state coins that I have seen. $850+?

*156 East Africa, British Colony. 1920-H 25 Cents. Y-17, KM-15. One year type. Lightly toned unc., small darker area in front of face. $175+

*157 East Africa, British Colony. 1920-H 50 Cents. Y-18, KM-16. One year type (struck at two mints). An extremely rare coin that is seldom seen. This coin was on List #17 of Format (Birmingham, England) in November of 1981. (It may have come from the personal collection of David Vice). They described it as a little weakly struck on the obverse, otherwise Choice BU. They had it priced at £1000 and the coin was then sold to an American collector for $2500 or so. We have acquired it from him. Fully lustrous. $3500+?

*158 East Africa, British Colony. 1920-H Florin. Y-19 KM-17. One year type, struck at 3 mints. (For accuracy there were supposedly 2 coins with a 1921 date struck, only one of which is known.) Golden toned unc with luster under the toning. As typical with this coin the "H" is barely visible but we think we see one of the vertical lines under heavy magnification. Of course it would even be a rarer coin if it had no mintmark or an A mintmark. $400+

*159 East Africa, British Colony. 1925 1 Cent. Y-20, KM-22. By far the rarest date in the series. VF and a bit porous. $100+

*160 East Africa, British Colony. 1921 10 Cents. Y-22, KM-19. Choice almost fully red unc. The key date for this type and for all post-1920 Ten cent coins. And rare this nice. We have seen two other unc coins offered but one was mostly brown, the other a bit more red but not like this. One being offered by a fellow dealer with "much original red" was listed at $165! $150+?

*161 East Africa, British Colony. Error Coin. 1942 5 Cent. Y-28, KM-25.3. Struck without central hole. Nice red and brown unc. In 2010 Spink sold a similar piece, but not as nice as this one, for £400 (plus buyer's fees) and called it "very rare and the only year this error was made". $175+

*162 East Africa, British Colony. Error Coin. 1941 10 Cents. Y-29, KM-26.1 Reverse Brockage. Ex Major Fred Pridmore Collection. Nice VF and the only East Africa brockage coin that I am aware of, although presumably others exist. A great pedigree. $150+

*163 East Africa, British Colony. Error Coin. 1941 10 Cents. Y-29, KM-26.1. Hole punched off-center. Au-Unc., some red remains. $120+

*164 East Africa, British Colony. Error Coin. 1941-I 10 Cents. Y-29, KM-26.1. Struck without the central hole. Nice EF, mostly brown but some reddish highlights and a small spot of verdigris just above the "o" in Georgvs. This was the last year of the thick heavy type and this coin weighs in at 11.94 grams, more than a 1/2 gram more than normal, due no doubt to the central hole not being punched. $120+?

*165 East Africa, British Colony. Error Coin. 1943-SA. Ten Cents. Y-29, KM-26.2. An unusual "double error". The entire coin has been struck off-center about 15% or so, thus making the rim bend over the edge. In addition, the central hole is off-center as well but is still in the center of the coin. However the central hole is not entirely round and is somewhat oval in shape . See Lot 168 for a similar style hole. Mostly brown choice EF. We've only seen a few other off-center strikes of East African coin despite spending 35+ years looking for such errors for this collection. $300+

*166 East Africa, British Colony. Error Coin. 1951-H 1 Cent. Y-32, KM-32. Struck without central hole. Brown EF. $100+

*167 East Africa, British Colony. Error Coin. 1955 5 Cents. Y-38, KM-37. Central hole punched off-center. VF. Another rare error. $100+?

*168 East Africa, British Colony. Error Coin. 1956 10 Cents. Y-39, KM-38. Central hole punched off-center and not punched out round. The shape of the hole is almost like a triangle or, if held a certain way, like an igloo or a tent. Choice Brown EF+ $120+

*169 East Africa, Post-Independence Era. Error Coin. 1964 5 Cents. Y-41, KM-39. Central hole punched off-center. Red unc. One year type and last year of any coins being struck by East Africa, although the 3 countries that were born with the demise of East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, did not begin issuing their own coins until 1966. I've seen a few other off-center errors of this date and this is by far the nicest. $75+

*170 Egypt, Abdul Hamid II. 1293/33H (1907). 1 Qirsh. Y18b, KM-292. Choice Proof, hints of toning. Ex WMR #33c, Lot 490 @$110, ex World Wide Coins of California inventory. $125+

*171 Egypt, Abdul Hamid II. 1293/27 (1901). 5 Qirsh. KM-294, Y-20. Lustrous BU. Ex WMR 40J, #163 @$100. $100+

*172 Egypt, Abdul Hamid II. 1293/10 (1884-W) 20 Qirsh. Y-22, KM-296, Dav-18. Choice AU this seems to be nicer than the Steve Album example which sold for $250 (plus buyer's fee) in May. Ex WMR 39E #237 @$220. $250

*173 Egypt, British Protectorate with Hussein Kamil as Sultan. Error Coin. 1916/1335. 10 Milliemes with off-center hole. Y-38, KM-316. VF-EF. Nice error, seldom seen. Ex WMR 34E, #410 @$100. We have seen very few British occupation Egyptian errors ever. This is only the 2nd off-center hole one we can recall in the past 20 years. $125+?

*174 Egypt, British Protectorate. Hussein Kamil. 1335AH, 1916. Group of 3 choice coins. 5 Piastres Y-40, KM-318.1; 10 Piastres Y-41, KM-319 and 20 Piastres Y-42, KM-321, Dav-20. 5 Piastres is Choice "white" BU, other two are toned, the 10 Piastres dark, the 20 Piastres is golden toned. The two larger pieces are from the Chuck Mitton collection. 300+ [image b] [image c]

*175 Egypt, British Protectorate. Hussein Kamil. 1917-H 10 Piastres. Y-41, KM-32, Haffner-27. BU. Ex WMR 37a #417, ex Karl Stephens inventory. $100?

*176 Egypt. British Protectorate with Fuad I as Sultan. AH1338, 1920-H. 2 Piastres. KM-325, Y-44. 1 Year type. BU! A few minor field marks, but fully lustrous. This is scarcer than the below two lots. Ex Chuck Mitton collection. WMR 27F, #621 @$300. $350+?

*177 Egypt, British Protectorate with Fuad I as Sulatan. 1920-H/1338 5 Piastres. Y-45, KM-326. BU with peripheral golden toning. Scarce one year type. Ex 34E, #412 @$225 $250+

*178 Egypt, British Protectorate with Fuad I as Sultan. 1920-H/1338 10 Piastres. Y-46, KM-327. Nice Unc., a few minor marks in field, light golden toning. Scarce one year type. Ex WMR 34E #413. $250+

*179 Egypt, King Fuad I. 1923/AH 1341 10 Piastres. KM-337, Y-54. Choice toned Uncirculated. Ex WMR 33C #493 @$70. Probably worth quite a bit more in today's market. $125+?

*180 Egypt, King Fuad I. AH1341/1923 20 Piastres. KM-338, Y55, Dav-21. Unc. Toned. Ex WMR 27F #633. $300+?

*181 Egypt, King Fuad I. 1933/AH 1352 10 Piastres. Y68, KM-350. BU, a very few minimal marks in field. Light toning. k $75

*182 Egypt, King Fuad I. AH1348/1929-BP 20 Piastres. KM-352, Y-69, Dav-22. Choice lustrous unc, a few minor marks, some golden toning near edge. Struck at Budapest. Pretty coin! Ex Chuck Mitton Collection, WMR 27F, #642 @$250 in very active bidding. $325+

*183 Egypt, King Farouk. 1939/1358 AH. 5 Piastres. KM-366, Y-84. Toned Proof. Rare. Ex Claude Amsellem collection. Ex WMR 27C, #344 @$175. $250+?

*184 Egypt, King Farouk. 1938/AH1357. Gold 50 Piastres. Military bust left/Legend. One year type commemorating the Royal Wedding. KM-371, Y-89, Fr-37. BU, a few usual bagmarks. Ex 35B, #102. Ex Dennis Gill. $225+

*185 Egypt. Arab Republic. 1980/AH1400. Gold 5 Pounds. Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty. Head of Anwar Sadat left with dove of Peace. KM-517, Fr-66. Choice Proof. Only 125 minted. 1st we've offered since we sold this one in our sale 37D. $1150+

*186 Ethiopia, Peoples Democratic Republic. 1981 50 Birr. International Year of Disabled Persons. Piedfort in case of issue. KM-P3. Choice Proof. With Royal Mint certificate. Seldom offered. $125+

*187 France, Early Feudal. Counts of Melgueil, Anonymous Bishop of Maguelonne. c. 1080-1120. Bi Obol (.39g). RAMVNDS Square crosspiece/NAIDONA 4 annulets layed out as a cross. Boudeau-754, PA-3844 (85,18), Roberts-4336 similar. Choice VF, a touch porous, but nice and round. Not a rare coin, but seldom found this nice. $90+?

*188 France, Early Feudal. Counts of Melgueil, Anonymous Bishop of Maguelonne. c. 1080-1120. Bi Denier (.74g). RAMVNDS Square crosspiece/NAIDONA 4 annulets layed out as a cross. Boudeau-755, PA-3842-3 (85,17), Roberts-4336. Toned aVF. A companion coin to above. $60+

*189 Germany, Darmstadt, ND. Æ18 mm token. "Gebr, Rothschild•Darmstadt" around blank center/Large "3". Beaded circle around both sides. Brown EF, a few marks in field. Ex 20E (1990), Lot #409 where it sold for $50. I can't recall offering one before or since. $50+

*190 Germany. Federal Republic. 1981. Medical Nobel Prize Winners, Emil von Behring; Paul Ehrlich and Robert Koch. 3 x Æ 50mm medals inserted for wall display into a 220 x 80 mm mahogany plaque. With original sleeve pack (shows wear) and booklet with historical background about each doctor (in German). An advertising promotion series issued by Hoechst AG of Frankfurt am Main. 3 unc medals. Ex 28c #599. $40+?

*191 Great Britain, 1830. The Thomason Medallic Bible. Elijah Fed by Ravens at the Brook Cherith. WM 73mm. Like all medals in this series, the obverse features a Biblical scene while the reverse has a long inscription of the Biblical event. BHM-1468. EF, some scratches in field but nice. $50+

*192 Guinea, Republic. 1970 9-Piece Unlisted Proof Set in "leopard-skin-like" case. 100 Francs KM-9.1, 200 Francs KM-10 & 11, 250 Francs KM-12, 13, 14 & 21 and 500 Francs KM-15 and 16. All low mintage Proofs. The SCWC values these coins at over $450 although the set itself is unlisted. In most cases these coins were issued in both 1969 and 1970. The 1970 coins are the scarcer of the coins. $300+?

*193 India, Republic. 1969 (B) 4 piece mint set for the centennial of Mahatma Gandhi's birth. 20 & 50 Paisa, 1 and 10 Rupees. In green vinyl wallet. SCWC lists MS11 with these same 4 coins, in a blue plastic case. $75+?

*194 India, Republic. 1969. 9 piece proof set in original blue wallet type holder. All with B for Bombay mint. KM PS7. Contains 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 & 50 Paisa and 1 and 10 Rupee coins. In previous editions of the SCWC this was listed as PS10. Scarce. $150+

*195 ionian Islands, British Administration. 1857. 30 Lepta. Rare date. Cr-25, KM-35, Prid-16. Toned EF. KM lists 1848 as rarest date but we believe they are wrong and that this is rarer. Ponterio sold an EF in 2010 for $600 (plus fee). This is just as nice. $500+

*196 Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. 1335 SH (1956). Silver 37mm (22.94g). Conjoined busts of Shah and his wife (at that time) Shahbanou Saroya left/3-line Farsi legend under crown within wreath. Toned VF/EF, some porosity. $40+?

*197 Ireland, Curragh Internment Camp, WWII Metal token issue. 1940. Campbell-5550-5553, SB-211-214, Feller IR-1650-1653. 1 & 6 Pence, 1 and 2 Shillings. Set of 4. VF-EF. Ireland was officially neutral in WWII, thus combatants on both sides were interned at the Curragh Camp about 35 miles southwest of Dublin. We sold a similar set (VF-VF+) in our sale 39D for $650. We haven't had a set since. This was purchased from our 2007 special list of money used in concentration camps, ghettos, DP camps, internment camps, gulags and pow camps and formerly resided in an east coast collection. $500+

*198 Isle of Man, Onchan. World War II Internment Camp. ND (1941) 1/2 Pence. Legend, denomination/Triquetra at center. Feller IM-2241, Camp-5541, KM-TN23. The British used this camp to house mainly German Internees, as they were the enemy during WWII. In reality most likely the majority of inmates were German Jews who were escaping persecution by the Nazis. The 1/2 Pence is the scarcest denomination. aEF. The last we had, in EF-AU, sold for $425 in our Sale 42F. Before that we sold a choice EF, but with two holes for $335. We sold this, and the two lots below, to our consignor at the 2008 ANA convention in Philadelphia. $300+

*199 Isle of Man, Onchan. World War II Internment Camp. ND (1941) 1 Pence. Triquetra at center. Cambell-5542, KM-TN24, Feller IM-1421. Nice EF, with die break at about 5:30 on the denomination side. We have seen the 1 Pence token with and without the die break. We do not know if the die was replaced after the die broke or the die was still in use until the last of the tokens were struck. $100+

*200 Isle of Man, Onchan. World War II Internment Camp. ND (1941). 6 Pence. Triquetra at center. Camp-5543, KM-TN25, Feller IM-1422. Choice EF+, some spots on side with denomination. $150+

*201 Israel. 1948. 25 Mils. KM-8, P-1. Israel's first coin and the only one dated 5708 (1948), in her first modern year of existence. BU and thus rare. One of the nicest we've ever offered. From the Yaakov Meshorer collection. Lot 586 from our sale 33E. $750+

*202 Israel. 1948. 25 Mils Uniface. KM-8, P1b. VF, with 3 raised dots on blank side. Rare. From the SJ Altman collection. Ex Lot 655, Sale 30C. $300

*203 Israel. 1949. 25 Mil.s KM-8, P2. Open Link. BU. "Perhaps the nicest of these we've seen in many years". That's what we wrote in 1999 when we sold this coin (29c #578). The words still ring true. Frankly this is one of the nicest we've ever had. $100+?

*204 Israel. 1949. 25 Mil Half Link. KM-8, P2c, Y-1. Unc, struck on closed link planchet, with normal bagmarks. Ex 29C, #583. $75+

*205 Israel. 1949. 25 Mils "No Link". Y-1, P-2c variety. EF-AU. Scarce and seldom offered. Struck on the shiny planchet normally associated with the closed link type. The last we had was a slightly nicer one that sold for $140 in the spring of 1999. We sold this to our consignor before 1995. $100+

*206 Israel. 1949. 25 Mil Copper Pattern cut pieces. 3 pieces cut up but making up nearly 3/4 of a whole coin. Ex JJ Van Grover, Ark Auction, The Yitzhak Avni collection Lot 480 @$800! Incorrectly described in that catalog as 1948. See Lot 208 below for further explanations of these patterns. $750+

*207 Israel. 1949 25 Mil Copper Pattern cut pieces. 4 Pieces cut up but making up nearly 1/2 of a whole coin. Ex JJ Van Grover, Ark Auction, The Yitzhak Avni collection Lot 479 @$375? Incorrectly described in that catalog as 1948. See Lot # 208 for further explanations of these patterns. Lot 479 is only described as being one piece, while the Lot 478 is described as being 3 pieces so it's possible that this lot combines both lots. According to his inventory our consignor bought this and the lot above and below in 2008. He did not purchase these from us but perhaps from Van Grover himself. The ANA convention was held in Philadelphia that year and JJ did not pass away until the following summer. $500+

*208 Israel. 1949. 25 Mils, clipped and showing only the center and left quadrant. Ex JJ Van Grover, Ark Auction, The Yitzhak Avni collection Lot 481 @$325! Incorrectly described in that catalog as 1948. Sylvia Haffer in her landmark 1970 work A History of Modern Israel's Money describes and pictures similar pieces on pages 68 and 69. These were pieces dated 1949 testing various metals, including aluminum, brass, copper and pewter. When the experimenting was done, most of the test strikes were cut into pieces and discarded. Some obviously escaped the trash can. This and the above two lots are the first that we've offered in many, many years. $300+

*209 Israel. Specimen Coin. 1949. 25 Pruta with pearl under the bar and the word specimen in capital letters between the denomination and the date. BU. Extremely rare. See Haffner (1970) page 70 and Magnus (1988) page PR-5. Only about 20 pieces exist, this is the Harry Altman specimen and had resided in that collection since at least 1970 until we sold it to "Mr. Philadelphia" in the fall of 1998. Ex WMR 28F, #548. $2500+

*210 Israel. Specimen Coin in Aluminum. (1.03g). 1949. 25 Pruta with pearl under the bar and the word SPECIMEN in captial letters between the denomination and the date. BU. Exceedingly rare. See Magnus (1988) page PR-5. This is most likely from the ICI mint archives and is only the 2nd piece known. We sold the other known piece to a collector about 40 years ago for $5000. Some minor handling marks, but otherwise choice Proof-like. Should be worth a substantial bid. Unlike the issued coin, this has a reeded edge. Ex WMR 35D, #483 @$3500. $3500+

*211 Israel. 1949. 250 Pruta without pearl. PROOF. KM-15, P-24. Unlisted by either Krause or Haffner in Proof, but this is without doubt a true Proof strike that was struck at the MBL (Heaton) mint in Birmingham. The majority of the Proofs of the 1949 issues exhibit only some of the qualities of Proof coins. A few years back we sold a run of Israel Pruta Proofs from the ICI mint, but this coin was not in that group. A truly rare coin, this is the only 250 Pruta without pearl we have seen. Choice to Gem Proof. Ex Lot 458 37D and ex Julian Leidman, this coin sold for $1650 in very spirited bidding on an estimate of $750. $1000+?

*212 Israel. (1949) 39mm 500 Pruta pattern in copper. The same design (the obverse) on both sides, a branch with 3 pomegranates in the center and Israel above in Hebrew and below in Arabic. Plain edge. EF. This is the only piece that we have seen and it is perhaps unique. We sold it at the same time as we sold Lots 215, 216 and 217 in 2006. $3000+

*213 Israel. 1951 (with 1949 coins). 10 Piece Bank Leumi "Muffin Tin" set. KM-MS2. A very nice set with 10 choice coins. Small print, thick Menorah variety. According to Krause-Mishler this is variety 2 of the Muffin tin sets. However it should be noted that the earliest pictures of "Muffin Tin" sets show this "small print, thick Menorah" variety. Ex Art Kagin. As always, some tape to keep the coins from slipping out. $125+

*214 Israel. 1951 (with 1949 coins). 10 Piece Bank Leumi "Muffin Tin" set. KM-MS3. Another very nice set with 10 choice coins. Small print, thin Menorah variety. According to Krause-Mishler this is variety 3 of the Muffin tin sets. They could be right. As always, some tape to keep the coins from slipping out. $125+

*215 Israel. (1954) 25 Pruta Pattern. An extremely rare rejected coin-medal pattern of 1954. 19.5 mm Copper-nickel. A cluster of grapes with a vine leaf, in ancient Hebrew script Year one for the redemption of Israel/A cluster of grapes with tendril and vine in modified form, The renewal of Israel's mint and below the Hebrew dates 3892 and 5715.

One of four extremely rare patterns that were commissioned in 1954, this is only the second time that we can recall this one ever being offered in auction. The only other one we can recall offering in auction was Lot 433 in our Auction 34E where a similar piece sold for $4000 in very spirited bidding. This (and the others) were minted at the Utrecht mint on direct order of the Israel Government Printing Office. Arie Kindler, the eminent numismatist and the former director and curator of the Kadman Museum, wrote (The Shekel Autumn 1968) "In 1954 a suggestion was made to issue a series of coin-medals to commemorate the renewal of minting activity in Israel. The matter was informally discussed at the Advisory Committee for the Design of Coins, Commemorative Coins, and Banknotres... Mr. S. Golan...dealt with the matter..." "The late Dr. Leo Kadman, who was a member of the committee ...showed me a number of sample strikings". Although no official decision was ever made, the patterns were rejected so, "as to not conflict with the government plans for an imminent issue of commemorative coins". That imminent issue took place four years later in 1958!

Choice Proof-like Unc. Of extreme rarity. Only the second time this has ever been offered in public sale. We sold this (and the patterns listed below in lots 216 and 217 and in lot #212) via a private treaty sale with Mr. Philadelphia in 2006! $3000+

*216 Israel. (1954) 50 Pruta Pattern. An extremely rare rejected coin-medal pattern of 1954. 24mm Copper-nickel. Vine-leaf hanging from branch with tendril, For the Freedom of Jerusalem, all within a border of dots/Vine-leaf hanging from a branch on which hangs a small bunch of grapes, The Renewal of Israel's mint' and in 2 lines 3892-5714 all within a border of dots. BU, as struck. Exceedingly rare, we have never offered it in any auction. This piece was sold privately to our consignor in 2006. See our discussion of the 1954 patterns in our descripiton of lot #215. $3000+

*217 Israel. (1954) 100 Pruta Pattern. An extremely rare rejected coin-medal pattern of 1954. 26 mm Copper-nickel. Palm-tree with seven branches and two bunches of dates, Jerusalem in ancient Hebrew all within a border of dots/Palm-tree with seven branches and two bunches of dates, The Renewal of Israel's mint and in 2 lines 3892-5714 all within a border of dots. Choice BU, as struck. Exceedingly rare, only the 2nd we can recall offering in auction. We sold a similar coin in "The Los Angeles Sale" in September of 1981. Perhaps this is the same coin? This piece was sold privately to our consignor in 2006. For more information on this and the above two lots see The Shekel I, #3, p. 5-6, IX, #5, p. 4ff and XII, #2, p. 13 as well as our discussion in lot 215. $3000+

*218 Israel. Utrecht Die. 4714 (1954). 100 Pruta. Scarce variety, wreath away from edge. Y-10a, P-23, KM-18. EF, probably lightly cleaned at one time. Still a decent example of the scarcest Pruta series coin. $150+

*219 Israel. 1 Agora 1960 Large Date. KM-24.1, A1-1a. EF/VF. Scarce variety, this is nicer than most seen. "Mr. Philadelphia" purchased this in January of 1973 for $225. Not from us, but if I remember the handwriting probably Bob Nielsen or Charlie Porter or both of them. $200+

*220 ISRAEL. 1960. EIGHT GRAIN 1 AGORA PATTERN. Type II. After the ICI mint in Birmingham struck the trial pieces of the 1 Agora coin, the Bank of Israel committee did not approve of the left ear of corn which depicted 8 grains, they wanted that ear to show 10 grains. On this specimen the leaf joins the stalk at the bottom and the grains are thin and narrow. On the reverse the numeral 1 is 9.00 mm high on right edge and 1.40 mm wide at the mid point, while the merchaott (") is small and above the two characters in a very large date. This is only the 5th known Type 2 Eight grain pattern, 2 others reside in the Kagan-Maremba collection which was donated to the Jewish Museum (and resold a few years ago) and the other two are in Israel, at least one in the Kadman museum. I believe there are only about 10 eight grain patterns know in 4 different types. See Haffner (1970, pages 70-71), Magnus-Kagan (1988 pages AG-3 and AG-4), KM-PN2. Uncirculated with minor marks on denomination side. We very strongly believe that this and the following lot are from the collection of the ICI mint. Of extreme rarity and perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity. Our research indicates that this is the only type II Eight grain pattern that has been offered for sale via auction in the US. It is Ex Lot 489 from our sale #35D where it sold for $6000 and we had 3 bids of $5450 and more in that sale. The illustrates this exact piece. $5000+

*221 Israel. 1960. Eight Grain Pattern. Israel's Classic Rarity. Unpublished type. Similar to Kagan Type II obverse as leaf joins the stalk at the bottom. However the reverse is different. The numeral "1" is 9.00 mm high on the right edge and 1.5mm wide at the mid-point, the merchaott (") is small but to the right of the characters in the large date AND in addition the coin has an inverted reverse, that is, it was struck rotated 180 degrees between the obverse and the reverse position. While this is called coin die axis, Israel coins were, and continue to be, struck with medal die axis. Sylvia Haffner Magnus in Israel's Money and Medals writes that there are 8 pieces known, 2 of Type I, 4 of Type II and 1 of Type III (mule of I and II). That is a total of 7. She does not account for the 8th piece which she said was in the hands of a private collector. Since 1988 two other patterns have been uncovered. This piece was purchased by an Israeli collector from a now deceased collector. Is this that piece? Or is it a different piece? When we sold this in 2003 we believed that it was only the 3rd time that any 8 grain pattern has appeared in auction in the United States. In 1974 a Type I piece sold to Ray Ellenbogen in Pine Tree's Promised Land Sale for $7500. Two years later that same piece sold in the Rafael Ellenbogen sale. Our piece is EF and most likely unique. Our estimate is very conservative. When we sold this piece in our sale 33C (Lot 594 @ $6000), it was the first time we had ever offered an eight-grain pattern in auction. It was an honor to be selected to sell this classic Israeli rarity and it is an honor now. $5000+

*222 Israel 1969 1 Lira. Spectacular Double Clip Error. Neat. Unc. Ex 39D, #406 where it brought only $35. Frankly I think it's worth more than that but we'll keep the estimate low. $35+

*223 Israel. 1972 10 Agorot Off-Metal Error. KM-26 type. The issued type is aluminum-bronze, this example is magnetic and is 15% nickel and 85% copper. From the Lake Pearl Middle Eastern Collection where it was called a pattern. Possibly, but this piece has some marks in the field and is EF-AU. Perhaps a purposely made test strike in off-metal for possible future use in vending machines. This piece weighs 3.12 grams which is significantly less than the listed weight Iin both Krause-Mishler and Haffner of 5.00 grams. Very rare.

This cataloguer was intrigued by the large difference in weight and he went to weigh about 20 other 10 Agorot pieces in aluminum-bronze. They all weighed between 4.18 and 4.26 grams. Where did 5.00 grams come from? I don't know. The early books on Israeli coins (Israel's Money by Leo Kadman and Israel's 20 Years Catalog of Coins and Currency by Fred Bertram and Robert Weber) listed the weight as 4.2 grams. In Sylvia Haffner's 1st edition of her book in 1967 she listed the weight at 4.5 grams (?) but in her 2nd edition published in 1970 she listed the weight at 5.00 grams and all references since than (including KM and The Sheqel) have listed the weight as 5 grams. $150+?

*224 Israel. 1950. Aluminum 2 Prutot Bus Token. Drom Yehudah. Steering Wheel/ Denomination. Haffner-6. During the 1940s and early 1950s there was a shortage of small change in both Palestine and later Israel. When bus companies raised their fares from a set 5 to 10 mils (later prutahs) to an uneven denomination, they issued small tokens to be used as change (obviously good only on their lines). All the tokens were paper, with the exception of this one issue. EF. Scarce. See other tokens in lots 404 & 405 under Israel Paper and in Lots 427 to 433 under Palestine Paper. $50+

*225 Israel. Bank of Israel. 1964. Gold 50 Lirot. Rare, low mintage. Only about 800 minted. Fr-4a, KM-44a, Y40. Choice Proof, but for small flaw to the left of the State of Israel emblem. This is ex Lot #57 from our Sale 21D. $1000+

*226 Israel. 1971 Freedom (Let My People Go) 10 Lirot Bernie Die (Open Mem) Proof. SI-2b, KM-59.2. Rare, an estimated 70 to 80 pieces struck. 1st we've offered in an auction in more than 10 years. The last sold for $600 in 2003 and we sold one privately for that same amount a few years later. The two characteristics that distinguish this coin from the Kretschmer mint Proofs is that the Mem is open and the legend is further away on the obverse of the Berne coin as compared to the common Kretschmer mint coin . This coin is ex Lot 73 from 18F and before that was 397A from the April 1980 Preger & Oppenheim sale. $600+

*227 Israel. Noah's Ark. 1998. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. Biblical Arts Series. Noah reaching out from Ark and releases a dove. Only 744 minted. KM-319, Fr-70. Choice Proof. Only the 2nd we've offered via auction. The last we sold was in the summer of 2013 where a dealer paid us $1050 for one which was buying for resale! $1050?

*228 Israel. 2011. 1 New Sheqel. Elijah in the Whirl Wind. KM-487. Biblical Arts Series. Choice Proof-like BU. $75?

229 Israel. Large collection of trade coins and tokens. 1949 to 1985. 59 Pruta series coins including 10 Pruta 1949 w/p, 25 Pruta 1949 w/o/p, 50 Pruta 1949 w/p, 50 Pruta 1954 milled edge, 250 Pruta 1949 w/p (2), 250 Pruta 1949-H silver (2), 500 Pruta 1949; 105+ Agorot-Pound series coins including 1 Agora 1960 DD, 1962 SD Re-engraved, 1962 Different Die, 1963 inverted reverse (3), 2 off-center strikes, 5 Agorot 1962 SD (2), 1964 (3), 10 Agorot, 1961 ICI die, 1962 SD and numerous other minor varieties and minor errors; and 86 AINA, INS and IGCMC tokens including 29 AINA and INS overstruck tokens from the Syliva Haffner collection (Ex WMR 26g, #1221), 41 IGCMC Seasons Greetings tokens 1966-1985 plus 15 AINA tokens 1973-1985. Over 250 coins and tokens, most uncirculated with some duplication. Sold as is, no returns. $150+

230 Israel. Large Collection of Israel Commemorative coins. 1958 to 1996. Contains the following coins: Half Shekel Purim 1961 & 1962 Proof; Hanukkah coins - 1958 Law BU & Proof, 1960 Degania BU & Proof, 1960 Szold Proof, 1961 Heroism Proof, 1962 Italian Lamp Proof, 1963 No. African Lamp Proof, 1972 Russian Lamp BU & Proof, 1973 Babylonian Lamp BU & Proof, 1974 Damascus Lamp BU & Proof, 1975 Dutch Lamp BU & Proof, 1976 American Lamp BU & Proof, 1977 Jerusalem Lamp BU & Proof, 1978 French Lamp BU & Proof, 1979 Egyptian Lamp BU & Proof, 1980 Greek Lamp BU & Proof, 1981 Polish Lamp BU & Proof, 1982 Yemen Lamp BU & Proof, 1983 Prague Lamp BU & Proof, 1984 Theresienstadt Lamp BU & Proof, 1985 Ashkenaz Lamp BU & Proof, 1986 Algerian Lamp BU & Proof, 1987 English Lamp BU & Proof, 1988 Tunisian Lamp BU & Proof, 1989 Persian Lamp BU & Proof and 1990 Cochin Lamp BU & Proof.

Anniversary coins include: 1958 Menorah BU, 1959 Exiles BU & Proof, 1960 BU & Proof, 1961 Bar Mitzvah Proof, 1962 Negev Proof, 1963 Seafaring Proof, 1964 Museum Proof, 1965 Knesset Proof, 1966 Life Proof, 1967 Port of Eilat Proof, 1968 Jerusalem Proof, 1969 Shalom BU plain, BU Koph & Proof, 1970 Mikveh Israel BU & Proof, 1971 Science BU & Proof and Star BU, 1972 Aviation Proof, 1973 25th Anniversary BU & Proof, 1974 Language BU & Proof, 1975 Bonds BU & Proof, 1976 Strength BU & Proof, 1977 Brotherhood BU & Proof, 1978 Loyalty BU & Proof, 1979 Motherhood BU & Proof, 1982 Rothschild BU & Proof and 1985 Scientific Achievement BU & Proof.

Also included in this lot is a complete set of Judaic Art coins in both BU and Proof, 1991 Kiddish Cup, 1992 Shabbat Candles and 1993 Spice Box. In addition the following special issue coins are in this collection: 1967 Victory Proof, 1971 Let My People Go (Freedom) Proof, 1974 David Ben-Gurion BU & Proof, 1982 Qumran Caves BU, 1984 Kidron Valley BU & Proof, 1995 FAO BU & Proof and the 1996 Yitzhak Rabin BU & Proof coins.

Finally the collection also has these Pidyon Haben commemorative coins: 1970 Proof, 1971 Proof, 1972 BU (2, one with star, one without) & Proof, 1973 Proof and 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977 BU & Proof coins.

More than 115 coins, many in their original holders as issued. Most coins are silver, this collection contains both the Szold and Seafaring Proofs (the key early coins). If you've been meaning to start a collection of Israeli commemorative coins this may just be the way. Some with easily removable PVC. Sold as is, no returns. $1250+

231 Israel. Group of 8 coins. 1949 25 Mils "Closed Link" on typical "shiny" scratched planchet, 2 each 1971 Freedom BU and Proof 10 Lirot commemorative coinskjj, 1972 10 Lirot Aviation Anniversary commemorative coins BU, 1982 and 1982 Sheqalim Proof Hanukkah coins (Yemen and Prague Lamps). 8 coins, the last seven silver commemortive issues. The 2 Proof Freedom coins have easily removable PVC residue from being in original holders too long. Sold as is, no returns. $125+

232 Israel. Group of Pidyon Haben silver commemoratives. 1970 Proof, 1972 Proof, 1974 3 BU, 1 Proof and 1975 Proof. 7 silver crowns, all 10 Lirot except the last which is a 25 Lirot. All as issued but some coins have easily removable PVC residue from being in original holders too long. Sold as is, no returns. $150+?

233 Israel. Pidyon Haben lot. Contains 6 (5 different) Pidyon Haben sets in boxes with certificates. Each set consists of 5 silver coins or medals. 1970 (2 sets), 1971, 1972, 1973 and the 1982 Pidyon Haben medal set. 30 silver coins and medals. $400+

*234 Italy, Naples. Charles II of Anjou. 1285-1306. Bi Denaro Regale (.60g). Facing crowned bust/Voided cross fleurée. Biaggi-1631, MEC-14, 689. aVF and a little porous but a nice example compared to others we have seen. The obverse is very similar to English pennies of the same time period. $100+

*235 Italy, Sicily. Henry VI with his wife Constance F'Altavilla. 1195-1196. Silver Denaro (1.02g). HE INERATOR Cross with star in 2nd and 3rd quarters/C INERPATRIX over an AP monogram. Struck at Brindisi. Biaggi-434, MEC-14, 485, Spahr-30. Good toned VF, well centered with some porosity. $100+

*236 Italy, Sicily. Frederick II, as Holy Roman Emperor. 1197-1250. Silver Denaro (.65g). + O,[ERATPR around FR monogram in center/+ REX SICILIE around cross. Struck at Brindisi in 1221. Biaggi-446, MEC-14, 537, Varesi-90, Spahr-109. Nicely toned VF, well centered, legend entirely on coin. $100+?

*237 Italy, Sicily. Frederick II, as Holy Roman Emperor. 1197-1250. Bi Denaro (.60g). F IM PERATOR Voided long cross pattée/RI ER ETS ICL Facing crowned head over long cross pattée. Struck at Brindisi in 1239. Biaggi-455, MEC-14, 549, Spahr-121. Nice VF, well centered with a touch of porosity. $125+

*238 Italy, Sicily. Frederick II, as Holy Roman Emperor. 1197-1250. Bi Denaro (.99g). Head of King right/Eagle standing and facing, head right. Struck at either Brindisi or Messina in 1243. Biaggi-459, MEC-14, 559, Varesi-96, Spahr-126. aEF. Choice and well-centered, good strike with entire legend sharp and clear. Scarce as such. $125+

*239 Italy, Venice. Giovanni Soranzo. 1312-1327. Bi Quararolo (.42g). + IO SPAN.DVX around V.N.C.E. in field/+ S.MARCVS around cross with 4 lilies. Biaggi-2806, Paolucci-5. F-VF, light porosity, bit clipped. Both the references cited above list this coin as a Rarity 5. The silver and gold issues of this Doge are much more common than this base coin! $125+

*240 Italy. Republic. 1968. 8 Piece Mint Set. In original packaging by La Zecca Mint of Rome. Seldom seen set, the 20 and 500 Lire coins are very scarce in mint state. KM-MS1. BU. Catalog value $140. $100+?

*241 Morocco, King Al-Hasan II. 1979/AH 1399. 50 Dirhams. 50th birthday commemorative. KM-76, Y-65. Gem frosted Proof. In case of issue. Only 500 pieces struck. $120?

*242 Palestine. Mikveh Israel Token. (1879) 1 Piastre. Haffner CC-4a. Narrow "1". Good VF. Ex Lot 602 from Pine Tree Auctions 1985 Walter Breen Sale. $350+?

*243 Palestine. Mikveh Israel Token. 1/2 Piastre. Haffner CC-4b. VF. Extremely rare. Much rarer than the above piece. Ex Pine Tree Auctions 1985 Walter Breen Sale. $600+

*244 Palestine. Templar Token. ND c. 1880. 20 Para Brass. Type 1 without "Consummarke". CC-13a. EF, but some spotting on denomination side. The Templars were a German Protestant sect which broke away from their church and moved to the Holy Land in order to live a more "Biblical" way of life. We presume these are also "Paras" rather than Piastres although later tokens issued by Briesch & Co, which was a Templar trading House in Jaffa, specifically said "Piaster". $100+?

*245 Palestine. Templar Tokens. ND c. 1880. 10, 20 and 40 Para, brass, type 1 without Consummarke. JTM-CC-13A. The first two are VF, the 40 Para is EF. They are (in order) Ex WMR 25H #724, 36C 597 & 598. The first being ex Jonah Shapiro, the last two from the collection of Stephen Marcus. $300+

*246 Palestine. Templar Token. ND c. 1880. 40 Para. Type 2. Brass with Consummarke. Haffner JTM-CC-13B. Good Fine but light scratches. Ex Pine Tree's 1985 Walter Breen Sale. $100+?

*247 Palestine. Templar Token. ND c. 1880. Nickel-Lead, 20 Para, type 3 with Consum marke. Haffner JTM CC-13c. EF, but for an oxidation spot on rim near the "E" of "Central". Usual light porosity. Nicer than most type 3's encountered. Ex WMR 20E, #396 @$200. $225+

*248 Palestine. Templar Token. ND c. 1880. 40 Para Nickel Lead Type 3, with consummarke. JTM-CC-13C. Choice lustrous. EF-AU. "By far the nicest nickel-lead type we have ever seen." We said that in September of 1995 and it is still true. We haven't had one nicer than VF since! These usually come with moderate to heavy corrosion, this is just a tad porous. The nickel-lead is the scarcest of the three types of these tokens and the 40 Para along with the 5 Para are the scarcest denominations. $250+

*249 Palestine, B & C Templar Token. Breisch & Co. 1/4 Piastre. Haffner CC-14B. See The Shekel 3, 3, page 4; 11, 2, page 3 and 22, 2, page 26. VF, a tad porous as almost all are. Extremely rare. Ex WMR 34E, #553. $250+

*250 Palestine, B & C Templar Token. Breisch & Co. 1 Piastre, rectangle brass token. Haffner CC-14D. See The Shekel 3, 3, page 4; 11, 2, page 3 and 22, 2, page 26. VF. Some spots of porosity. Extremely rare. We sold a similar piece in our sale 32E for $400. Before that, I believe it was this piece that we sold in the early or mid-1980s! From the Lake Pearl Middle Eastern Collection. $325+

*251 Palestine. Jerusalem, Hotel. Jaffa. c. 1880-B. CC-15B 1/2 Piastre. VF, but some discoloration and porosity. Rare. First we've had in more than 6 years! The hotel was a Templar Society institution which was built in 1867 by Drisko Brothers and the tokens were issued by E. Von Hardegg, They are among the scarcest of all 19th century Palestine tokens and are usually found with at least porosity, corrosion or discoloration. Ex WMR 38C #295 @$400. $500+?

*252 Palestine. Zichron Yakov. Token ND. (1885). 1 Piastre. 1 Piastre Haffner CC-17a. Gd. VF. The tokens from this settlement are much scarcer than the ones issued at Mikveh Israel. This is ex 27C, Lot 541 and before that resided in the late Samuel Halperin's collection. $450+

*253 Palestine. Zichron Yakov. Token ND. (1885). 1/2 Piastre. Haffner CC-17b. This is a much scarcer denomination than the 1 Piastre. F-VF, clipped with some minor flan flaws. Very rare with an excellent pedigree. Our WMR 33E, lot #846 and before that the Yaakov Meshorer collection. $350

*254 Palestine. 1927 Cased Double Proof Set. KM-PS1. We estimate that of the 34 sets produced in 1927, less than 12 have survived in private hands. 14 (2 of each denomination) choice coins. The bronze coins are choice red, the copper-nickel coins are lustrous under light toning and the silver coins are brilliant under heavier, but attractive, toning. The 14 coins are housed within a red leather cover case with the gold embossed inscription Palestine Currency Board 1927. An extremely rare item that is seldom seen, much less offered. I believe that this is the 1st offered in public sale since we sold the Howard Berlin set for just over $10,000 in 2002. A similar set sold privately about 2 years ago for about that price. This set is much nicer than that set. Perhaps the Holy Grail of Palestine coins and one of the most sought after of all Middle Eastern proof sets, this is missing in most collections. For those collectors of Palestine, Israel, Arabic, British Commonwealth, coins with more than one language (3 on these coins, Hebrew, Arabic and English) and coins with holes, this is one of the true rarities. See Howard Berlin's The Coinage and Banknotes of Palestine, 1927-1947 pages 45-47 for even more information. $11,000+ [case]

*255 Palestine, British Mandate. 1927-1946. Complete 59 piece date set in blue Israeli-made album. Fine to EF, mostly VF. The album itself is in nice condition with the cellophane in between pages largely intact. $1000+

*256 Palestine. 1 Mil 1940. Y-1, KM-1. Sharp red & brown Unc. The key date. $150+?

*257 Palestine. 2 Mils. 1942. Y-2, KM-2. Choice reddish-brown Unc. $40+

*258 Palestine. 2 Mils 1945 Y-2, KM-2. Nice Red and Brown Unc. Attractive key-date coin. $100+?

*259 Palestine. 2 Mils. 1946. Y2, KM-2. Nice Red and Brown Unc. ICG-MS-64 RB. Key date in high grade. Ex WMR 561 from 34D. At the time of the slabbing ICG was a Colorado-based group. Since then ICG and ANACS have basically traded names and the Colorado group is now ANACS while ICG is headquartered in Tampa, FL. $100+

*260 Palestine. 5 Mils. 1927. Y-3, KM-3. Choice lustrous BU, 1 tiny spot. $50+?

*261 Palestine. 1934. 5 Mils. High grade key date. Y3, KM-3. Nice Unc, lightly toned. Evidently this coin was struck during the last days of this die as there are a few die breaks visible on the obverse. $125+

*262 Palestine. 5 Mils 1939. Y-3, KM-3. BU. $50+?

*263 Palestine. 5 Mils. 1941. Y-3, KM-3. ANACS MS65. We sold this from our January 1995 Fixed Price List. A very nice choice lustrous coin. $200+

*264 Palestine. 5 Mils. 1942. Y-3a, KM-3a. Short two year World War II bronze type. Choice mostly red BU. Despite what the SCWC would lead you to believe the 1942 5 Mil bronze coin is much scarcer than the 1944 piece in high grade. $75+

*265 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1927. Y-4, KM-4. 1st date of type. BU, a few spots but basically very nice. $70+

*266 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1933 Y4, KM-4. Toned Unc. One of the toughest dates to find this nice. I believe this is comparable to the Berlin example which brought $330 in our sale 32E. $350+?

*267 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1934 Y4, KM-4. Nice Unc. One of the key dates in high grade. Luster underneath light toning, a few minor spots and a very small mark under the Arabic "9". The nicest we've had in many years $200+

*268 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1935. Y-4, KM-4. Unc, Perhaps the most underrated of all dates in uncirculated. Light toning, a few spots. Ex WMR 26A, #768. $250+

*269 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1937. Y-4, KM-4. Choice golden toned Unc. Purchased from our Fixed Price List 22B in March of 1992. Still one of the nicest examples of this hard to find coin we have seen. $200+

*270 Palestine. 10 Mils 1940. Y-4, KM-4. Ch. lightly toned Unc., a few minor spots. $100+

*271 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1941 Y4, KM-4. Lightly toned Unc. Another key date in high grade. $200+

*272 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1942 Y4, KM-4. Copper-Nickel type. Choice lustrous BU! Among the nicest we've ever seen! $200+?

*273 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1942. Y-4a, KM-4a. Two year World War II bronze type. Choice chocolate brown Unc., with underlying luster. Very attractive. $100+

*274 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1943. Y-4a, KM-4a. 2 year World War II type. Recut "3" in date or a 1943/1942 overdate. VF. either way, scarce as such and one of the few I can recall seeing. Purchased from our Israel 1997 Stock List 27A. $75+?

*275 Palestine. 10 Mils. 1946. Y4, KM-4. Choice Unc., just a couple of minor spots. For some reason both the 5 Mils and 10 Mils of this date are frequently found more spotted than other dates. This example has far fewer spots than most we have seen. $100+

*276 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1927. Y-5, KM-5. First year of type. Choice Unc., luster under light toning. All 20 Mils are difficult to find in high grade. $150?

*277 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1933. Y5, KM-5. Lightly toned AU. A super coin with just a few marks in the field. Ex WMR 37D #528 @$250. The owner of the Mandates Mint, all-time finest registry set was the under bidder on this lot. $200+

*278 Palestine. 20 Mils 1934. Y-5, KM-5. Lightly toned EF. One of two key dates for this denomination and in high grade to boot. From Pine Tree's 1985 Walter Breen Sale. $200

*279 Palestine. 20 Mils 1935. KM-5, Y5. Choice lightly toned unc! A beauty. A bagmark on the reverse and a light die break from about 2 o'clock to 3 on the obverse. Ex WMR 30F #774. $250

*280 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1935. Y-5, KM-5 PCGS MS64. Golden toning. From the Lake Pearl Middle Eastern Collection where it sold for $240 plus buyer's fees. $275+

*281 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1940. Y-5, KM-5. Nice Unc, a few minor marks in field. Underlying luster under some light toning. From Pine Tree's 1985 Walter Breen Sale at $500! $300+

*282 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1941 Y-5, KM-5. EF/AU with a few scratches on obverse. From Pine Tree's 1985 Walter Breen Sale, Lot #709. $250?

*283 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1942. Y-5a, KM-5a. 1st year of two year World War II type in copper. Choice red and brown Unc. A few spots on the reverse and a light scratch extending from below the "E" in Palestine to the last Arabic letter. Ex Lot #710 from Pine Tree's Walter Breen Sale September 1985. $150+

*284 Palestine. 20 Mils. 1944. Y-5a, KM-5a. 2nd year of two year World War II type in copper and by far the much scarcer of the two dates. Choice mostly brown Unc., but red highlights near most of the lettering make this a very attractive coin. $400+

*285 Palestine. 50 Mils. 1931. Y6, KM-6. BU, some bagmarks, especially on the reverse. This is the hardest date of the 50 Mils to find in uncirculated. I believe this is the Berlin specimen which we sold in November of 2002. $300+

*286 Palestine. 50 Mils. 1933. Y-6, KM-6. Nice BU! Semi-key date in high grade. Some very minor spotting and a couple of insignificant bagmarks keep us from labeling this choice, but this is much nicer than most we have seen. $200+

*287 Palestine. 50 Mils. 1934. Y-6, KM-6. Nice BU! A key date in high-grade! Should be worthy of a substantial bid. A spot or two on the obverse and some reverse bagmarks keep this out of the choice category. $250+

*288 Palestine. 50 mils. A group of 5 BU coins. 1927, 1935, 1939, 1940 and 1942. Minor bagmarks on a few coins and the 1940 has light, but easily removable, PVC residue. The 1940 is an underrated date this nice. $250+? [image b]

*289 Palestine. 100 Mils. 1927. Y7, KM-7. Choice Toned Unc. Pretty coin. Ex WMR 25C #504. $120+

*290 Palestine. 1931. 100 Mils. Y-7, KM-7. Uncirculated. A few minor marks keep it from being called choice but it is very nice mint state. Lightly toned on date side, more so on reverse. The hardest single coin to find in high grade in the entire Palestine series. This is one of the nicest we've ever had. A collector who saw this at our table at the Chicago ANA said he had been looking for this coin "all his life" and wanted to buy it right then and there. But it wasn't for sale then, but it is now. Worthy of a substantial bid. $4000+?

*291 Palestine. 100 Mils. 1933. Y-7, KM-7. Nice choice Au-Unc. A semi-key date in high grade! Light even toning over the entire coin with only a couple of marks on reverse. $250+

*292 Palestine. 100 Mils. 1934. KM-7. BU (a couple of tiny scuff marks to the left of the lower leaf). This has even a lower mintage than the 1931 and is seldom seen this nice. Ex WMR 26G Lot 779 as part of the Bill Harkins collection. One of the nicest we've handled. $500+

*293 Palestine. 100 Mils 1935. Y7, KM-7. Nicely Toned Unc. A nice match with the 1927 coin above in lot #289. $100+

*294 Palestine. Error. 1927 5 Mils. The coin was turned over in the press and restruck so that a reverse image can be seen on the obverse (in addition to the obverse of course) and an obverse image on the reverse (in addition to the reverse of course). A most interesting error. Included with this coin is a 1973 letter from J C Hill of the Royal mint commenting on the coin in which he said that "this coin has been turned over accidentally and restruck ." Palestine coins were struck at the Royal Mint where errors were very uncommon. This and the following 3 lots are probably the most I've seen in one collection. The fact that this coin has been affirmed by the Royal Mint makes this coin even more desirable. This is ex WMR 25H #579 where it sold for $275. $300+ [letter]

*295 Palestine. Error. 5 Mils 1946. Double holed error. Y-3, KM-3. VF+. $75+

*296 Palestine. Error. 10 Mils 1935. Double holed error. Y-4, KM-4. BU. The 1935 10 Mils coin is very common in lower grade but exceedingly rare in BU. To find this coin with a double hole is certainly exciting. Ex WMR 21A #299 where it sold for $235! $250+

*297 Palestine. Error. 10 Mils 1943. Double holed error. Y-4a, KM-4a. aVF, a few minor rim bruises. The fourth Palestine error in this collection. $50+?

*298 Palestine. Counterfeit. 1935 100 Mils, Brass. As Y-7, KM-7. Weighs 9.36 grams as opposed to over 11.6 grams for a genuine coin. Cast and corroded. Ex WMR 27C, #588. I don't believe I've ever seen another like this. Sold as is, no returns. $50+?

*299 Palestine. Holyland Token or Souvenir 1 Mil. 1927 (or 1967). 8.93 grams. Type 2. Seven leafed olive branchOne Mil and Historical Holyland Coin (1927)/Palestine in English, Hebrew and Arabic, 1927 (but 1967 in Arabic), Souvenir of the Holyland & Struck in 1927 in Arabic. Haffner (1970) p. 270-271, Bruce-X-Tn2. Red & Brown Unc. Although Haffner and Bruce believe that this was struck in 1927, we have found no record of this being offered or written about until 1968. (The Shekel Vol. I, #2, page 36 Summer 1968). If one reads the Arabic date under the western date of 1927, the Arabic date reads 1967 not 1927. However the Arabic date in the outer legend does read 1927. Could this just be an engraver's error or was this token actually stuck in 1967 rather than 1927? Red and brown AU, purchased from Robert Westfall (who labeled it a Pattern) possibly circa 1970. This is of the heaviest Holy Land tokens we have recorded. In our sale 32C we offered an example that weighed 9.05 grams! A type I sold for $900 in our last auction. $500+?

*300 Palestine Countermark Coin. 2 Mil 1942. Y2, KM-2, with a "T" in an oval countermark on both sides of the coin. If my memory serves me correctly (and that's no sure thing), I handled a similar item many years ago, well before I was computerized enough to know how to keep records. There are two likely reasons for the countermark. 1) Either it done by a merchant or 2) as a membership token or pass. The later seems more likely as this was sometime during or just after World War II. And we believe the source of this token to be an Islamic country in the Middle East. In any case, most interesting and scarce. Coin VF, C/M EF. This is WMR 36C # 604 where it brought $160. $150

*301 Palestine. Palatin Hotel (Tel Aviv). ND. c. 1930. Haffner JTM CC-5B. 5 Piastres. AU, with luster visible through toning.This is ex Lot 444 from our Sale 39D where it brought $360 in competitive bidding. At that time we said it was the nicest we've had. We haven't had once since, so that still is the case. $350+

*302 Palestine. Haifa, Cafe Werner. ND. c. 1935. Complete set of 12 tokens 5 to 50 Mils in both bronze and Copper Nickel. JTM-MT6. These were issued by Tzui Werner for use in his restaurant on Herzl St. in Haifa. VF-EF. Scarce. The last time we offered a complete 12 piece set was in our sale 40J where we had two bidders over $900, before that it was 8 years earlier in our sale 32E (Fall of 2002) when a similar set sold for $700 in very spirited bidding. This set was lot 454 in our April 1995 sale where it brought $400. $700+

*303 Palestine. Spinney & Sons. ND (1930s?). Brass 26mm token. one piaster in trade/62421. Large hole in center as issued. JTM-11. Near EF. Scarce. A small group appeared in the market in 2008 which this is part of. Before that they seldom were seen and that group has been dispersed. $75+?

*304 Palestine. Spinney and Sons. ND (1930s?). Unlisted countermark. One Piaster. NO CASH VALUE W countermarked over One Piaster in trade/FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY W countermarked over 62421. CC-11v. GVF. The Spinney & Sons token is scarce by itself, it is very rare with this countermark. We sold this to our consignor in the summer of 2008 and is unknown to us anywhere else. $200+

*305 Palestine, British Mandate. ND (1920s-1940s). Police Buttons. Two different size buttons, both with large British crown and PP for Palestine Police. Ex WMR 30C #1054. (See Lot # 501 for related police buttons). $50+

*306 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1942 10 Pfennig (.76), Type II. Magnesium. Feller PO-572, Camp-4751b, KM-TN5, Franquinet-p.63. VG-F, with corrosion as usual. Scarce, hopefully a photo will show detail as there is very little contrast to this piece. (See Israel Numismatic Journal, I, 1963, pages 81-84). $75

*307 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1942 10 Pfenning. KM-TN5v, Camp-4751bv. Type 2 similar. Pattern struck in an alloy of 50% silver and 50% copper. (2.17g). We believe this was made under order of Nazi authorities. However this is a controversial issue and some think these are fantasies because there are different die characteristics on this than the issued coin. That reasoning makes no logical sense because patterns are by definition "test strikes" or "trials" and not the final product. Toned Unc. Sold as is, no returns. Ex WMR 23F #719. $200+

*308 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1942 10 Pfenning. KM-TN5v, Camp-4751bv. Type 2 similar. Pattern struck in copper (2.31g). We believe this was made under order of Nazi authorities. However this is a controversial issue and some think these are fantasies because there are different die characteristics on this than the issued coin. That reasoning makes no logical sense for the same reasons mentioned above. Toned EF, some handling marks. Sold as is, no returns. Ex WMR 23F #720. $200+

*309 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 5 Mark. Aluminum. (1.18g). KM-Tn2, Camp-4752b, Feller PO-573b. Thin flan variety. Nice AU. Exceptional, one of the nicest we've seen. From our special 2007 list of related "camp" money. $100+

*310 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 5 Mark. Aluminum. (1.59g). KM-Tn2, Camp-4752b, Feller PO-573b. Thick flan variety. A bit dirty, but otherwise a nice EF. Ex WMR 29C, #808. $75+

*311 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 10 Mark (2.61). Aluminum. KM-Tn3, Camp-4753b. Nice EF, bit spotted. Thin flan variety. Ex WMR 36c Lot 630. Ex Stephen Marcus collection. $75+

*312 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 10 Mark (3.48g). Aluminum. KM-Tn3, Camp-4753b. Heavy, thick flan variety. EF, but field marks. Purchased from us at the 2008 Philadelphia ANA convention. $75+

*313 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 10 Mark Pattern in lead. c. 35 x 39mm. (35.40g). Ex WMR 23F, #724 , this is only the 2nd of these that we recall seeing. VF and very rare. Franquinet page 67. $400+

*314 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943 20 Mark Pattern in lead. c. 58 x 45 mm. (100.5g) Ex WMR 23F, #725 , this is only the 2nd of these that we recall seeing. VF and very rare. Franquinet page 67. There are holes pierced in the upper left and lower right (away from the coin design) of piece as made. $400+

*315 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Error 20 Mark 1943. KM-TN-4v, Campbell-4754v. Type with inverted N in word IN. Rare, only the 2nd time we have handled this rarity (LA Sale 1981 at $300) and one of only 3 to 5 known to exist. The coin is VF, but with numerous scratches on both sides including where the triangle security mark should be. The coin weighs 6.69 grams, just slightly under the average of 6.77 grams in Steve Feller's 1988 survey and certainly reasonable considering the condition of the coin. This is ex WMR 30C #819. Our consignor (in 2000) purchased this coin along with a number of other genuine Litzmannstadt collectibles from a Ghetto survivor. See The Shekel XVI, #2, page 34 and XXI, #3, page 14. Because this coin lacks the "security triangle", it would at first seem logical to assume that the coin is counterfeit. However we also know that this obviously was not the die used for the regulation strikes because this has the inverted N. We know that a different die was obviously used on the issued coins to correct the error. This then may have been a "trial strike." Unfortunately our photo of the coin in our Los Angeles sale is not sharp enough for us to see if that example had the security triangle or not. Sold as is, no returns. $250+?

*316 Portugal, Republic. 1987. 4 Piece Proof Set. The Golden Age of Portuguese Discoveries. Series 1 - Africa Unveiled -1434-1488. Gil Eanes, Nuno Tristao, Diego Cao, Cabo Boa. KM-639a, 640a, 641a and 642. 4 Silver 100 Escudo commemorative coins. Cased, as issued. KM-PS7 $125

*317 Singapore, Republic. 1972. Six piece Mint set in original orange wallet. Year of the Rat. KM-MS7. $75+?

*318 South Africa, Union under Great Britain. 1951. 9 piece cased Proof set. KM-PS23. Original blue case is somewhat scuffed but not terribly so. The coins are choice. This was the only proof set issued by South Africa in 1951. $200+?

*319 Turkey, Abdul Hamid II. 1293/1(1876-7). 20 Para. Y26, KM-717. EF, scarce two year type. Very attractive coin. Ex WMR 35B #268. $100+?

*320 Turkey, Mohamed V. 2 Piastres 1327/2 Edirne, KM-790, UNC, lightly toned and attractive. Scarce mint visit coin. The last we had was in 1997 when we sold an AU example for $90. This is nicer. From the Lake Pearl Middle Eastern Collection. $100+

*321 Turkey, Muhammad V. 2 Piastres 1327/3 Kosova, KM-796. Choice toned Proof-like Unc. This is ex WMR 34E, #650 where it brought $130. Before that it resided in the stock of World Wide Coins of California. $125+

*322 Turkey, Muhammad V. 2 Piastres 1327/3 Manastir, KM-802. BU. Another very scarce mint visit coin. The only other one we've had in the past 20 plus years was an AU that we sold for $125 in 1997. This is nicer. From the Lake Pearl Middle Eastern Collection where it brought $120 plus buyer's fees. $125+

*323 Turkey, Muhammad V. 5 Piastres 1327/1 Bursa. KM-786, choice toned UNC, prooflike surfaces. Very scarce type from the city visit series. We haven't offered this coin in at least 20 years. From the Lake Pearl Middle Eastern Collection. $140+

*324 Turkey, Muhammad V. 5 Piastres 1327/3 Kosova. KM-797, lightly toned UNC. Another scarce mint visit coin. We have no record of offering this coin in more than 20 years. From the Lake Pearl Middle Eastern Collection. $140+

*325 Turkey, Muhammad V. 1327/9 (1917) 20 Kurush. KM-780, Y-51. Unc., weakly struck in some places and some marks in field, but still much above average. Scarce so nice. Krause only prices to EF. $75?

*326 TURKEY. Republic. 1992. 5000, 50,000 & 500,000 Lira. 500 years of Jews living in Turkey in Peace and Harmony. Only 485 pieces of gold coin were minted. KM 1016-1018, Fr-138. Proof. Ex 40J, #415. I believe this is only the 2nd set we've offered. $500+?

*327 Uganda, Republic. 1981 500 Shillings. Facing bust of Dr. Milton Obote/Elephants. Wildlife series. KM-23. Choice BU in original blue case of issue. Only 700 pieces minted. $175+

*328 Uganda, Republic. 1981 500 Shillings. Facing bust of Dr. Milton Obote/Elephants. Wildlife series. KM-23a. Choice Proof in original blue case of issue. Only 700 pieces minted. $220+?

*329 United States. 1912? Brass Amulet. 39mm. "Dedicated to the Restorers of the Magian Science A.M. 5915" around triangles and Hebrew in the center on one side/various symbols in and around a large square with Masonic symbol in center and with Hebrew and the same AM 5915 at the bottom. Magian means magic users but presumably they stayed away from using the word magic for some reason. AM 5915 is the year of the world but obviously not in the Jewish calendar because it is 5775 now. Bishop Ussher in the 1600s said the world was created in c. 4003 BCE so 5915 - 4003 = 1912 CE. EF, some nicks. Thomas Elder, the well known early 20th century coin dealer, issued a number of similar medals and it's possible that this is his issue, or one that copied his. $50?

*330 United States. 1945-1946. Nuremburg War Trials Badge. A red, white, blue and black enameled badge worn by US delegation members to the Nuremburg War Crimes Trial held after WWII. An extremely rare Holocaust item. This is lot 174 from our March 1989 auction where it sold for $225. It also includes a 14 page publication of the International Military Tribunal with a handwritten note on the front from (R. I. Hicks?) the Chief Protective Office of the US Military Zone on 16 May 1946 attesting to the fact he witnessed the trial of the Nazi Grand Admiral Erich Raeder (Hicks spelled the name incorrectly). Also part of this lot is a one page letter entirely in Hebrew on the letterhead of the Central Jewish Historical Commission of Poland dated 30 April 1947 and written from Lodz. Rare. $350+

*331 United States, Connecticut. Boy Scout Award Medal to Abraham A. Ribacoff. ND (Possibly 1956) Æ 67mm. In Recognition of Your Service to the Boy Scouts of America above logos and engraved in banner below Abraham A. Ribacoff/10 line legend, titled The Scout Oath and then the familiar "On my honor...'" oath. Ribacoff was a lawyer and politician from the Great State of Connecticut. (And I say great state because that's where my wife of 47+ years Rita was born). Over the years he served in the state legislature and later as a Congressman, as a Senator, as a Governor and as a member of John Kennedy's cabinet. I'm not sure if he was ever a Boy Scout but on February 14, 1956 he gave a speech to the Boy Scouts in Stamford, CT and presumably he was given this medal then. A rare important award medal to an important Jewish-American politician of the mid to late 20th century. $100+?

*332 United States. ND. "Push out" Dollar, with loop and ring. 35mm, 26.22 grams and 12mm thick at highest point. This is not an original coin but an interesting piece of exonumia or jewelry. They are variously known as "Repousse" coins or "Pop Out" coins as well. $35+?

333 United States. Group of tokens and medals. Harry Truman, Abraham Lincoln, George & Ira Gershwin, San Francisco Mint, U.S. Frigate Constellation (supposedly struck from parts of ship), Thomas Edison, AllState Distributors, Inc. (2 1969 25 years of service medals), Illinois 1 1/2 Mil sales tax token, 2 White House/Bureau of Mint medals, American College of Cardiology 1974 25th Anniversary medal, Mary Lasker US mint medal, Advertising medal of Royal Coin Co. using Pine Tree Shilling, 1933 Chicago World's Fair Egyptian Pavilion elongated Penny, JFK 1963 20mm brass medal, 2000 Philadelphia/ANA medal commemorating the First Steam Coinage, 1980 20th Anniversary of Coin World and 1979 75th Anniversary of NY subway system. 19 medals and tokens, almost all in mint state. Sold as is, no returns. $35+

WORLD PAPER MONEY   (back to top)

*334 Croatia. Stara Gradiska Concentration Camp.A subcamp of Jasenovac. February 1944 Meal Card. c 3 1/2 x 2 1/2" yellow cardboard. The Stara Gradiska camp, located about 80 Kilometers east of Zagreb, was a sub-camp of the infamous death camp of Jasenovac where the Croat Nazis, the Ustasas, murdered approximately 150,000 Jews, Serbs, Gypsies and others. Uncirculated and unused. Unlisted in Feller. Ex WMR 39E #833. $500+?

*335 Cyprus, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. (The Joint). 1 Shilling canteen chit. Feller CY-1875, Campbell-5513, Haffner (1970) page 331. Schwan-Boling 241 (page 388). This is the Type 2 note which is similar to Type 1 but reads, Good for purchase in the canteens' and removes the notation that they could be exchanged for cash in Jerusalem to appease the British authorities. Extremely rare, seldom offered. a VF, with a few minor rust spots. Ex WMR 31C, 833. $600+?

*336 Cyprus, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. (The Joint). 2 Shillings. Feller CY-1871, Campbell-5511, Haffner (1970) page 330, Schwan-Boling 241-243 (page 388). This is the Sylvia Haffner plate note but unlike the 1 and 5 Shillings notes which were damaged in a fire, this note just has lots of wear. This is the rare 1st issue which had the legend Good for purchase in the canteens in Cyprus or for exchange for cash in Jerusalem which the British found objectionable and was soon recalled and replaced by a 2nd issue. Of extreme rarity and importance with an impressive pedigree. After purchasing Mrs. Haffner's collection, we sold this to the late Samuel Halperin (who unfortunately passed away this past Spring). Sam consigned it to us for our spring 2001 sale and it sold to "Mr. Philadelphia" as part of lot 832 in our sale 31C. All Cyprus Canteen Chits are extremely rare and desirable even in low grade. $750+?

*337 Cyprus, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. (The Joint). Feller CY-1872, Campbell-5512, Haffner (1970) page 330, Schwan-Boling 241-243 (page 388). 1st issue, 5 Shillings. This is the Sylvia Haffner plate note with the bottom portion of the note missing due to fire damage. However enough of the serial number remains that we can see that this was her note. Fair to good with defects noted. See the description of the above note for more information for this note which has the same pedigree as that lot. $600+?

*338 Czechoslovakia, Holleischen (Holysov). A Flossenburg subcamp located near Prague. Campbell 4091-4107, PS-102-118, Feller CZ-190-206. 1 Pfennig to 5 Mark. 17 unc chits. A complete set including the elusive 5 Mark. This is lot 383a from Sale 38d where it sold for $500. We've only had one set since. $300+

*339 Czechoslovakia, Theresienstadt. 1- 100 Kronen. Complete set of 7 notes. C 4111-4117, Feller CZ 650-656. Moses holding the 10 Commandments. 7 notes, uncirculated, some notes show evidence of counting creases or mishandling. $100+?

*340 Egypt, National Bank of Egypt. P-11. 50 Piastres. 18 August 1918. Sphinx at left. Choice EF. A beautiful note and exceedingly rare so nice. See Haffner (1970) page 194. Ex WMR 31C Lot #838. $1250+ [image b]

*341 Egypt, National Bank of Egypt. P-15. 50 Pounds, undated and unsigned Uniface Specimen. Tombs in front of caravan. Hole punched SPECIMEN at lower right where signature of Governor would be. VF or better but for tear in lower margin and handwritten "33" in upper margin. $1250+

*342 Egypt, National Bank of Egypt. P-17d. 100 Pounds 3 April, 1945. Nice vignettes. Citadel of Cairo with camel in front at left, Mosque at right with small sailing boat and island of Philae on back. Nice VF+, with no graffiti which is unusual for large size notes from the Middle East. Ex Smythe Memphis Auction June 2005, Lot 4619 where it sold for $525 plus 15% buyer's fee. $500+ [image b]

*343 Egypt, Egyptian Government Currency Note. SPECIMEN 5 Piastres 27-5-1917, P-158, Wabha signature. Specimen only issue, purple front and green back, fictional serial number 800115. Choice UNC, an exceptional example of this rare little type. From the Lake Pearl Middle Eastern Collection. Lot #13533. ($475 + 15%). $500+ [image b]

*344 Egypt. Group of notes. P-28 25 Piastres 1957, Series 57. EF, tiny pinhole; P-31 5 Pounds 1959, Series 202. Choice Au-Unc (just a light counting bend); P-32 10 Pounds 1958, Series 34. Unc; P-164 5 Piastres Series C/3 EF-AU and P-175a 10 Piastres Series P/10 with 3 pyramids as the watermark Au-Unc. 5 high grade notes, the first three with a facing portrait of Tutankhamen at right. $150+

*345 Estonia, Pernau. 1860. Four Emergency Banknotes issued by B. Jacoby. 10, 20, 25 and 30 Kopek. All cancelled with a handwritten X across the face and the signature of R. Jacoby at lower right. The notes have a round handstamp with a fancy RJ logo. These 4 notes, printed on colored cloth, are all low grade (VG-F). All have handwritten and barely visible serial numbers on the back and a few seem to have been repaired. Earlier this year two similar notes, but issued by B. Jacobi with the denomination stated as Copeks sold in the Money of the People Auction as part of the Neil Shafer collection. See The Shekel Vol. XXXVIII, #1, p. 43 for a similar note. Pernau is a city north of Riga and B. Jacoby was among a number of Jewish (and non-Jewish) merchants who issued these emergency notes (called notgeld in the 20th century) around that time in that area of Europe because of the scarcity of small change. These are from WMR 27c Lots 1140-1143. $750+? [image b]

*346 France, Ministry of War General Issue. 1 Franc, Series A. C-2010a, SB-801a, Feller Fr-420. VF-EF. These were used in French camps for German POWs after WWII. This was purchased from us in the spring of 2007 from our Special List of "camp" money. I believe it is the only issued note that I've ever had. $60+ [image b]

*347 France, Ministry of War General Issue. 1, 5, 10 and 50 Francs. C-2010a-2013a, SB-801a-804a, Feller Fr-420-423. specimen notes with serial number as A 0, 000, 000. AU but all 4 notes have hinge remnants. Very rare, the only notes from this POW camp, with the exception of the lot above, that I can recall offering. From our Special 2007 list. $500+

*348 Germany, Konversionkasse. P-209, Kroll-213. 30 Reichsmark, 1934/1933. Series D. Choice EF-AU, one horizontal fold and one small pinhole. We have no record of ever offering this note in any series but Series A. See lot below. Very scarce.

Konversionkasse were the notes given to German Jews, in exchange for all their property and German marks, who were lucky enough to escape Germany in the early Hitler years. The notes often exhibit pinholes because refugees typically pinned them to the inside of their clothes during the journey. In almost all cases when they arrived at their destination and tried to exchange the notes at banks, they found them to be worthless. Basically they were promissory notes, with the promise being broken. $250+

*349 Germany, Konversionkasse. P-209, Kroll-213. 30 Reichsmark, 1934/1933. Series E. No wear, one light mark perhaps from a paper clip. We have no record of ever offering this note in any series but Series A. See lot above. Very scarce. $275

*350 Germany, Konversionkasse. P-211 50 Reichsmark, Series A. 1934 overprinted over 1933. A group of 3 with consecutive numbers, A-0738259 to A-0738261. 3 choice EF notes, each with one light vertical fold but no apparent pinholes, thus scarce as such. $150+?

*351 Germany, Konversionkasse. Consecutively numbered notes. P-211 50 Mark 1934 overprinted on 1933. Series C, #420122 - 420125. Nice AU with pinholes (the first note has a tiny cut in upper margin). The pinholes are all in the same place indicating that these notes were carried by one person to his destination. Lot 51 from our June 1986 auction. $150+?

*352 Germany, Buchenwald Concentration Camp. 2 Reichsmark. Straight legged M in RM. C-3953a, Feller GE-142a. Choice Au-Unc (just very light evidence of handling). Rare so nice. Ex WMR 40J #470 @$240. $200+

*353 Germany, Buchenwald Concentration Camp. 3 Reichsmark, Vertical M in RM. C-3954a, Feller GE-143a. Choice Au-Unc. The 3 Reichsmark is the scarcest of all the Buchenwald denomations! Ex WMR 40J #471. $250

*354 Germany, Buchenwald, Concentration Camp. C-3954b, P/S-72, Feller GE-143b. 3 Reichsmark, Type 2, variety with slanted M in RM. The 3 RM is by far the scarcest denomination of Buchenwald notes. EF and seldom seen this nice. Ex WMR 26G, # 801. $150+?

*355 Germany, Dachau Concentration Camp. 2 Reichsmark. Printer's mark V/100 X.44. 1285. C-3963b, Feller-GE-182b, Grab-Haney DA-5e. EF. Prisoner number 46958. Printed on thin paper and extremely rare. This is ex Lot 308 from our March 1989 sale (at $350?). Since then we can recall offering this note only once. In our sale 36c a similar note (VF with small tear) sold for $1150. $1000+

*356 Germany, Flossenbürg Concentration Camp. Feller GE-186, Camp-3972a, Grab-Haney Fl-2. 1 Reichsmark, Type 1. aVF. Tan, which is much scarcer than the blue issue. Nice grade for issue. Ex WMR 39D, #614. $400+

*357 Germany, Flossenbürg Concentration Camp. C-3972b2, SB-1522, PS-87a, Feller GE-188b, Frab-Haney FL-12b. 1 Reichsmark in blue. Type 2, with wide A in Prämienschein. Unc. The note is in a holder with the signature of the late Holger Rosenberg attesting to the authenticity of this note. Holger, who died much too young in early 2001, was Germany's leading authority on world banknotes and specialized in concentration camp notes. Rare so nice. This is ex Lot #996 from 33E where it sold for $325. I believe this is the nicest one we've ever offered. $400+

*358 Germany. Nordhausen (Mittelbau) Concentration Camp. C-4026b, Feller GE-255c. 1 Reichsmark, Series N. On watermarked paper, variety without a printer's mark with an 8-pointed star preceding the serial number. AU, a few very light stains, narrow left margin and a larger right side margin. Truly rare so nice. This is ex lot 803 from our Sale 27c of May 1997. $500+?

*359 Germany, Oranienburg Concentration Camp. Hitler's 1st Concentration camp. Campbell-4036, PS-1, Feller GE-101. 5 Pfennig. Green and printed on watermarked paper. Depicts camp behind barbed wire fence. Unc. Ex Lot 940 from WMR 29C. The last two of these that we've offered in uncirculated have fetched at least $800 a piece. $700+

*360 Germany, Oranienburg Concentration Camp. C-4037a, Feller GE-102a. 10 Pfenning on watermarked paper (1933). EF with two holes punched, thus canceled.The 10 Pfennig is the only note that we can recall seeing cancelled. Usually there are two holes punched but occasionally we encounter ones with only one hole punched. It's possible that these 10 Pfennig notes with cancellations were actually specimens or proofs. Ex WMR 23B, Lot 528. $300+

*361 Germany, Oranienburg Concentration Camp. C-4037a, Feller GE-102a. 10 Pfenning on watermarked paper (1933). Unc. From WMR 30c, Lot #915. $400+

*362 Germany, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. C-4062a (b), Feller-GE-291c, Grab-Haney Sa-2e.1 Mark Type 2 star (8 small wedges). Blue. Au-Unc. Scarce, seldom offered. Ex WMR 30c, #917 where it sold for $350. $400+?

*363 Germany, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. ND. 1 RM Green, with type 1 (6 pointed) star. Camp-4062-b (1), Feller GE-291d. VF, upper right corner a bit rounded. Rare. Another scarce note. Ex WMR 30c #918 @$230. $300+?

*364 Germany, Berlin Jewish Community Token. ND (1946?). 10 (Pfennig?) paper token. Magen David within circle reading Judische Gemeinde with a 10 in each corner of chit. Blue on tan paper. VF. We've had similar pieces in various colors in the past that have sold from $120 to $400. Scarce. $100+?

*365 Great Britain, Operation Bernhard Forgery. P-337a, Camp-4067b, Feller GE-312b. £20 7 June 1937, London with signature of K. O. Peppiatt, aEF with small notch at right and the right margin is a bit rough. The notch on the right was purposely made to look like a genuine British note and it's possible that the rough right edge was also done with the same intent. The 20£ and 50£ forgeries are the two scarcest denominations. A similar, but perhaps slightly nicer, note sold for $150 in our sale 42F. $125+?

*366 Israel. P-6, FC-1. SOI-B1. 50 Mils Orange Carpet Note. Color Trial, signed by designer Otto Wallish. The "note" is printed on c. 5 1/2 x 71/4" white to tan cardboard. We have had a similar Color Trial before, but that was overstamped "sample" and in a different color. This is without overprint in the issued color! Unc and extremely rare. Ex WMR 35D, #835. $2000+

*367 Israel. P-7, FC-2, SOI-B2. 100 Mils Green Carpet Note. Color Trial, signed by designer Otto Wallish. The "note" is printed on c. 5 1/2 x 71/4" white to tan cardboard. We have had a similar Color Trial before, but that was overstamped "sample" and in a different color. This is without overprint in issued color! Unc and extremely rare. A companion to the above lot. Ex WMR 35D #836. $2000+

*368 Israel. Group of 5 Fractionals with matching serial number #00025. Pick 6, 7, 9, 11 and 13b, Haffner FC-1, 2, 3a, 4 and 5a and SOI B1, B2, B4, B6 and B8b. 50 Mils orange carpet Series A/A, 100 Mils green carpet Series A/B, 50 Pruta Red/Black, Zagaggi-Kaplan signatures Series Bet, 100 Pruta Green/Black Zagaggi-Kaplan signatures Series Bet and 250 Pruta Aleph Series without menorah. 5 choice uncirculated notes all with serial numbers 00025 (the two carpet notes have an extra 0 in front). In our previous sale we sold a pair of carpet notes with close serial numbers for $1550 each. In years past we occasionally offered the two carpet notes with matched serial numbers but not by auction in at least 20 years. However I cannot recall ever offering or even seeing five different fractionals with the same serial number. The rarity of the carpet notes is self-evident but both the 50 and 100 Pruta notes are also rare in uncirculated. These notes were purchased from W. P. Andrews Co., Inc. of West Orange, NJ in late 1985. I was the W of W. P. Andrews although I was never part of the company. My dad, Carl, started the company in the 1960s as a chemical consultant with offices in Thomas Edison's last laboratory building in West Orange. He named the company after his 3 boys. $3000+ [image b]

*369 Israel. Inverted Signature Error note. P-12d, FC-4D, SOI B7d. ND (1952). 100 Pruta, error with Neeman's signature inverted. AU, no folds or wear, but rust stains and some slight evidence of handling. Very rare. This is ex Lot P117 from our Fall 1994 Sale 24H/I where it brought $1300. $1000+?

*370 Israel. Anglo-Palestine Bank Ltd., Emergency Provisional Issue. 16 May 1948. P-1, APB B1a. 500 Mils. Purple on white. Unc and Very Rare. This and the following 3 lots were printed in the spring of 1948 in the event that the regular issue notes that were being printed by the American Bank Note Company were not ready in May of 1948 when the new country became independent. The notes were printed in almost complete secrecy by the Shoshani Printing House in Tel-Aviv in April of 1948. The ABNC notes were ready and most of these were destroyed in October of that year. Bidders will be given the opportunity to bid on each note separately with an option to buy the complete set. The last set that we offered was in Auction 30c when the four notes sold for $7500. $1500+

*371 Israel. Anglo-Palestine Bank Ltd., Provisional Issue. 16 May 1948. P-2, APB B2a. 1 Palestine Pound. Green on white. Unc and Very Rare. See Lot #370 for a longer description. $1500+

*372 Israel. Anglo-Palestine Bank Ltd., Provisional Issue. 16 May 1948. P-3, APB B3a. 5 Palestine Pounds. Brown on white. Unc and Very Rare. (There seems to be evidence of a very light paper clip at top). See Lot #370 for a longer description. $1500+

*373 Israel. Anglo-Palestine Bank Ltd., Provisional Issue. 16 May 1948. P-4, APB B4a.10 Palestine Pounds. Blue on white. Unc and Very Rare. See Lot #370 for a longer description. $1500+

374 Israel. Anglo-Palestine Bank. The complete set of Provisional notes. If the bid for this lot exceeds the sum of the 4 lots (370 to 373) listed above, the notes will be sold as a group to the high bidder for this lot. $6000+

*375 Israel. Anglo-Palestine Provisional Trial Specimen. P-5 variety, APB B5 variety. 50 Palestine Pounds, 1948. Serial Number 000000, No Series. Black on White, with "Trial" handstamped in Hebrew. Similar to the listed (and pictured in The Banknote Book) note but without the numeric values to the left and right. Unc. Very rare. This is ex Lot #1030 from 33E. A more likely description of this note than "variety" is a Proof or a Trial or even a Progress note because the '"final" known issue of this note does show the numeric values. Very rare, this is known only in Proof or Specimen. No notes are known with serial numbers. $2000+?

376 Israel. American Bank Note Company Uniface Proofs, Process notes and internal correspondence associated with both the Anglo-Palestine and Bank Leumi issues. One of the more impressive group of notes that we've ever offered in auction. In our Sale 32C we offered these notes individually and then again as one lot. Since most of the competitive bids were as a group, we are offering this as one lot only. In 40+ years of handling Israeli paper money, we have never seen anything like this before. Ex WMR 32C #981.

*376-1) Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-14, BN-1 500 Mils Uniface Front Proof. Unc, accepted Gray color, without the underprint.

*376-2) Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-14, BN-1 500 Mils Uniface Back Proof. Unc, accepted Gray color, without the underprint.

*376-2a) Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-14, BN-1 500 Mils. Grey Underprint Proof note. Front and back, showing only the unprinted portions of the note. Rare. Both Proofs with two holes punched.

*376-3) Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-15, BN-2. 1 Palestine Pound. Uniface Front Proof. Au-Unc, Accepted Blue color, without the underprint.

*376-4) Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-15, BN-2. 1 Palestine Pound. Uniface Back Proof. Au-Unc (slightly dirty in lower right quadrant), Accepted Blue color, without the underprint.

376-5) Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-15, BN-2. 1 Palestine Pound. Green Underprint Proof note. Front and back, showing only the unprinted portions of the note.

*376-6) Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-16, BN-3. 5 Palestine Pounds. Uniface Front Proof. Au-Unc. Accepted Brown color, without the underprint.

*376-7) Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-16, BN-3. 5 Palestine Pounds. Uniface Back Proof. Au-Unc. Two holes punched. Accepted Brown color, without the underprint.

376-8) Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-16, BN-3 5 Palestine Pounds. Brown Underprint Proof note. Front and back, showing only the unprinted portions of the note.

*376-9) Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-17, BN-4. 10 Palestine Pounds. Uniface Front Proof. Au-Unc. Two holes punched. Accepted Red color, without the underprint.

*376-10) Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-17, BN-4. 10 Palestine Pounds. Uniface Back Proof. Au-Unc. Accepted Red color, without the underprint.

376-11) Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-17, BN-4 10 Palestine Pounds. Gray Underprint Proof note. Back only, showing only the unprinted portions of the note.

*376-12) Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M. P-19 BN-6. 500 Prutah. Uniface Front Proof. Au-Unc. Two holes punched. Unaccepted Gray color, without the underprint.

*376-13) Bank Leumi. P-19 BN-6. 500 Prutah. Uniface Back Proof. Au-Unc. Two holes punched. Unaccepted Gray color, without the underprint.

376-14) Bank Leumi. P-19, BN-6 500 Prutah. Brown Underprint Proof notes. Front and back, showing only the unprinted portions of the note.

*376-15a) Bank Leumi. P-20, BN-7. 1 Pound. Color Proof. Two holes punched (5-pointed stars). Accepted Green color. With Color Proof Only printed in red across bottom of face. "25" handwritten on front and back top margins, with added handwritten signature (& notation 1£) on back. Au, a couple of staple holes.

*376-15b) Bank Leumi. P-20, BN-7. 1 Pound. Color Proof. Two holes punched (5-pointed stars). Unaccepted orange color. With Color Proof Only printed in red across bottom of face. 3 handwritten on front and back top margins, with added handwritten signature (& notation I£ 0.500) on back. I'm guessing that orange was originally intended to be the color for the 500 Prutah note, then it was changed to the £1 and eventually not used at all. Au, staple holes and paper clip impression.

*376-16) Bank Leumi. P-20, BN-7. 1 Pound. Color Proof. Two holes punched (5-pointed stars). Unaccepted brown color. With Color Proof Only printed in red across bottom of face. 9 handwritten on front and back top margins, with added handwritten signature (& notation 50£) on back. Au, staple holes. This became the accepted color for the 50 Pound note.

*376-17) Bank Leumi. P-20, BN-7. 1 Pound. Color Proof. Two holes punched (5-pointed stars). Unaccepted Gray color. With Color Proof Only printed in red across bottom of face. 29 handwritten on front and back top margins, with added handwritten signature (& notation £. 10) on back. Au, staple holes and very light paper clip impression. This became the accepted color for the 10 Pound note.

*376-18) Bank Leumi. P-20, BN-7. 1 Pound. Color Proof. Two holes punched (5-pointed stars). Unaccepted Green color. With Color Proof Only printed in red across bottom of face. 21 handwritten on back top margin, with added handwritten signature (& notation £. 0.500) on back. Also Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M. Issue Department two line handstamp appears. Au, staple holes and very light paper clip impression. This became the accepted color for the 500 Prutah note.

*376-19) Bank Leumi. P-20, BN-7. 1 Pound. Color Proof. Two holes punched (5-pointed stars). Unaccepted brown color. With 9 handwritten on front and back top margins, and added handwritten signature and date 9/6/51 on front and back. Au, staple holes. This became the accepted color for the 50 Pound note. There is also a small piece paper which may be associated with this proof that says, in manuscript and typing, "9" "1960 Brown" "2800 Green" "F13257" "50£" in 5 lines.

*376-20) Bank Leumi. P-20, BN-7. 1 Pound. Color Proof. Two holes punched (5-pointed stars). Accepted olive-green color. With 25 handwritten on front and back top margins, and added handwritten signature and date 9/6/51 on front and back. Au, staple holes. Also a small piece of associated paper with, in manuscript and typing, "25" "N1702 Olive" "1970 Brown" "F13239" "1£" in 5 lines.

376-21) Bank Leumi. P-20, BN-7. 1 Pound. Group of 5 Gray and white working Uniface Proofs. Includes a front and back with no notations, a front with OK, date and other notations in bottom margin as well as a handstamp and date on back and two backs with notations one which says 1st Proof N.G. and initials, another which remarks on irregular top-edge. Au-Unc, most with two holes punched, some with paper clip impressions. Also Gray Underprint Proof notes. Front and back, showing only the unprinted portions of the note. Both notes, AU, with pencil notation, 6/27/51 and initials. Both with paper clip impressions.

*376-22a) Bank Leumi. P-21, BN-8. 5 Pounds. Color Proof. Two holes punched. Almost accepted brown color. Pencil notation front saysNG see reverse for color in 5 lines; another color proof with accepted brown color. Pencil notation on top front margin says NG on letter 7/11 7/13/51 and in body of note OK 7/3/51 in 3 lines; still another color proof. Two holes punched. Accepted brown color. All 3 Au-Unc.

*376-23a) Bank Leumi. P-21, BN-8. 5 Pounds. Front Color Proof Paste up. Accepted brown color. with bank name, serial numbers, signatures and legends (except for center guilloche) pasted on, all on cardboard, with 5 in top margin of cardboard.

*376-23b) Bank Leumi. P-21, BN-8. 5 Pounds. Back Color Proof Paste up. Accepted brown color with legends (except for center guilloche) pasted on, all on cardboard. No doubt one of the final steps to the production of this note.

376-24) Bank Leumi. P-21, BN-8. 5 Pounds. Gray Underprint Proof notes. Front and back, showing only the unprinted portions of the note. With ink notation, 6/20/51 and initials; another pair but without the notations. 4 pieces in lot.

*376-25) Bank Leumi. P-21, BN-8. 5 Pounds. Group of 6 Gray and white working Uniface Proofs. Includes 2 Fronts, one with notations in front margin and 4 backs, all with notations. 2 of the backs are stapled together, while the other backs have ink notations in bottom margin, one which says OK for text, the other ok for center counter' Au-Unc, all with two holes punched.

376-26) Bank Leumi. P-22, BN-9. 10 Pounds. Uniface Front and back Proofs. Two holes punched. Unaccepted Gray color, without the underprint; Another front proof with Extend to line up at bottom in pencil apparently is referring to the line of text below the center gullioche. Plus 3 10£ underprint proof notes, a front and back in orange and a back in gray.

376-27) Plus an American Banknote Company Archive Group. An impressive group of correspondence and working "Proofs" and photos used for the Bank-Leumi series of notes. Includes 16 photos (4 each 500 Prutah, 1, 5 & 10 Pounds), all with notatons, some saying Patched up by customer. Also included are 10 mostly different ABNC (Chicago) envelopes, some with notations concerning the making of these notes, plus a letter from the office of the First Vice President (of the ABNC) conccerning a color proof.

This is a magnificent lot for the serious collector and researcher of Israeli banknotes. $20,000+

*377 Israel, Anglo-Palestine Bank. P14, BN-1, APB B6a. 500 Mils Series A. Choice crisp EF. Bright and original, a very attractive exceptional note. $500+? [image b]

*378 Israel, Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-16, BN-3, APB B8a. 5 Pounds. ND (1948). Series A. Nice EF, with most of original crispness remaining. $125+

*379 Israel, Anglo-Palestine Bank. P-16, BN-3, APB B8. 5 Pounds. Redeemed and cancelled by the Bank Leumi in Tel Aviv on 6 September 1953. Stamped on both sides, with 3 punch holes. VG. Scarce. I sold this many years ago and this is the only one that I can recall seeing. $50+?

*380 Israel, Anglo-Palestine Bank Specimen. P-17s, BN-4, APB B9as. 10 Pounds. ND (1948). SPECIMEN printed twice on face and twice on back with 000000 serial numbers twice on face as well. Two hole punched as issued. What makes this SPECIMEN so unusual is that there is a red handstamp on the upper right face of the note reading Return to Record & Specimen Dept. in a red rectangle. On the back upper margin is F12709 which is no doubt an American Bank Note Company control number. Unc and very rare as such. Ex-WMR 23F #470. $350+

*381 Israel, Anglo-Palestine Bank Specimen Set. P14s-18s. BN1-5, APB B6-10as. (1948). 500 Mils, 1, 5, 10 & 50 Pounds. All notes with 000000 serial number, specimen across the face and back twice and with two holes punched. This is the only way to get a high grade 50 Pound note. All Unc., but with very minor signs of aging. In our sale 36C a similar set sold for $4000 on a $2500 estimate and 4 years later a set sold in 40J for $8500 on a $3500 estimate. We haven't offered one since December of 2010. $3500+ [image b] [image c]

*382 Israel, Bank Leumi. P-21a, BN-8, BLI B3a. 5 Pounds ND (1952). Series V. Nice Au-Unc., slight counting crease at lower right keeps this out of uncirculated class. A rather scarce series especially so nice. In our Sale 37D we sold a similar Series V note with a serial number 20 numbers higher for $175. $150+

*383 Israel. Bank Leumi Specimen Set. P-19a-23a. BN6-BN10, BLI B1as-B5s. 500 Prutah, 1, 5, 10 & 50£. All Unc. From ABNC archives. All with serial number 000000 twice across face, and specimen twice each across face and back. All but the 1 Pound have an ABNC control # on upper left margin and the 500 Prutah is series H. Rare. The last Bank Leumi specimen set I can recall offering was in sale 36C where a set sold for almost $3000. This is ex lot 1133 from sale 27F and is ex-Samuel Halperin collection. $2500+ [image b] [image c]

*384 Israel. Bank Leumi Tintype Metal "Plate or Die". From the American Bank Note Company Archives (ABNC), this metallic piece measures about 9 7/8 x 5 1/4" and has a black border along the sides and bottom and the rest of the plate is in various shades of black, gray and beige. At top in red is written F-13595 Bank of Leumi - Israel 7/26/54. The body of the Proof depicts 4 different scenes of Israel including a building and a harbor. The tintype shows some marks and scratches but is in decent condition and I would consider it very rare. Ex 39E #514. See Lot below for a companion piece. $500+

*385 Israel. Bank Leumi Tintype Metal "Plate or Die", along with two Proof Printings from the plate. From the American Bank Note Company Archives (ABNC), this metallic piece measures about 9 7/8 x 5 1/4" and has a black border along the sides and bottom and the rest of the plate is in various shades of black, gray and beige. At top in red is written F-13595 Bank of Leumi - Israel 7/26/54. The body of the Proof is a large building in the center and two images of life in Israel on each side. The images are the same as above but arranged differently. The tintype shows a few marks and scratches but is nicer than above. In addition, this lot includes two printing Proofs from the plate, one a positive impression and one a negative one. An exciting companion to the above lot and with the two printings, no doubt rarer. Ex 39E #515. See lot above for a companion piece. $500+

*386 Israel, Bank of Israel. 1955 Specimen Set. P24s-30s, BN11-15, BOI B1-B5. 500 Prutah, 1, 5, 10 & 50 Pound. All notes with 000000 serial number twice, and specimen across the face. The larger denominations are the scarcer red serial number variety and the 50 Lirot note has Specimen across both the face and the back. All Unc and very rare. This is ex lot 862 from Sale 30c and from the Herb Drapkin collection. Since that sale we have offered a number of 1955 specimen sets that have the Thomas De La Rue overstamp and a Specimen number in the margin but except for the set in the album in lot 387 we have not seen or offered a set since then. $2000+? [image b]

*387 Israel, Bank of Israel. 1955 Specimen Set in presentation album. P24s-30s, BN11-15, BOI B1-B5. 500 Prutah, 1, 5, 10 & 50 Pound. All notes with 000000 serial number twice, and specimen across the face or back. The notes are mounted in a special blue Thomas De La Rue & Co leather presentation album with the Israel State emblem on front. The notes seem to be pressed or pasted in the album (as made and issue) and thus the front of 3 notes are visible and the backs of two. It is not recommended that the notes be removed from the album as this album no doubts lends great rarity to this lot. Only album like this that we have seen. Extremely rare. Ex Samuel Halperin collection as sold in sale 31C, Lot 911. $1500+ [image b]

*388 Israel, Bank of Israel. 1955 Trial Specimen Set. P24-P28, BN11-15, BOI B1-B5. 500 Pruta, 1, 5, 10 and 50 Pounds. The almost completed design. All the notes seem to be as accepted with the exception that the serial numbers, dates, signatures and titles are missing. The five and ten pound notes have wide right margins. VF-Unc. This is ex Lot 1037 from our sale 33E where it sold along with a large group of progress notes. $2500+? [image b]

*389 Israel. Error or Trial note. P-32, BN-19. BOI B9. 10 Lirot 1958. An unlisted unfinished note or an error. No serial numbers, no signatures but no hole cancellations. Hole cancellations are usually a sign that the note was not intended for circulation. This uncirculated note thus is more likely an error which slipped by the inspectors. We sold this to the consignor in January of 2004. I can't recall seeing another. $300+

*390 Israel. P-33a, BN-20, BOI B10a. 50 Lirot 1960, with Boy and Girl. Black serial numbers. Series Vav. 38 notes with consecutive numbers 344637 to 344673. EF to Unc. The black serial number was the first color introduced and is the scarcest in high grade. $1000+?

*391 Israel. P-33b, BN-20a, BOI B10b. 50 Lirot 1960 (introduced Feb. 1965), with Boy and Girl. Red serial numbers. Series Nun. 8 AU notes with consecutive numbers. 872439 to 872446. $200

*392 Israel. P-33c, BN-20b, BOI B10c. 50 Lirot 1960 (introduced December 1966), with Boy and Girl. Blue serial numbers. Series Resh. 8 uncirculated notes with consecutive numbers. 985113 to 985120. $250+?

*393 Israel. Error note. Mismatched Serial Numbers. P33d, BN-20c, BOI B10dv. 50 Lirot.1960, Green serial numbers, which do not match. Series Vav/2 with serial numbers 607660 at upper left and 60660 at lower right. EF, rare. Ex WMR 27C #834 @$350. $300+?

Any questions? Please ask before December 4th so we'll have time to answer.

*394 Israel. P-33e, BN-20d, BOI B10e (introduced September 1969). 50 Lirot 1960, with Boy and Girl. Brown serial numbers. Series Yod/2. 16 uncirculated notes with consecutive numbers. 596242 to 596257. $300+

*395 Israel. 1958-1960. Bank of Israel Specimen Set. P29s-33s, BN16-20, BOI B6-10as. 1/2, 1, 5, 10 & 50 Lirot. The first four 1958, the last 1960. All with black 000000 serial numbers twice on the reverse and Specimen in red on both the front and back of the notes. Another extremely rare set of Specimens. All unc. $1500+

*396 Israel. 1968 Bank of Israel Specimen Set. P-33-37, BN-21-24, BOI B11as-14as. 5, 10, 50 & 100 Lirot, with red SPECIMEN across face and back and 00000000 in black on back. Au-Unc to Unc and very rare. The 1968 set is seldom seen in Specimen. I believe I may have sold this around 1990 and it may have been the last one we had! $1500+

*397 Israel, Error Note. P-37d, BN-24c, BOI B14d. 100 Pounds 1968. With brown serial numbers but without the watermark at left. Rare as such. Printed on genuine paper with security mark. Unc. We sold this circa 1990 and don't believe we have seen another. Rare. $500+?

*398 Israel. Error Note. P39, BN-26, BOI 16a. 10 Montefiore note, with mismatched serial numbers. 3605014315 at upper left and 2605014315 at lower right. We have seen errors of this type on the 1958 and 1968 but seldom on this series. Au-Unc. Ex Lot 953 from sale 26G. $150+

*399 Israel. Late 1970s. Trial Stage Proofs for Shekel notes. There were numerous proposed ideas that were sent to the Bank of Israel as they prepared for the change-over from the Lira system which had been in use since 1960 to the Shekel system which was to go into effect in February of 1980. This lot consists of two proposals sent to the special committee at the Bank of Israel. The first measures about 170 x 75 mm and is black on white showing a central motif of a seven-branched Menorah at the center with 7 Magen-David stars above which was Herzl's idea for a Jewish National Flag. Each corner has a stylized Magen David, a large 1 is at left and denomination is written out in the center. The blank back has a couple of dots on it. The 2nd note is obviously a color trial for the same note. It's a bit smaller (c. 157 x 68mm) and is in various shades of blue, white and black. The back of this note has black stuck to each corner as it apparently was removed from an album and a couple of light water marks on the left face. These proposals were not accepted and we presume few or any others exist. (We've never seen another). Of extreme rarity and a must in any collection of Israel Trials, Proofs, Specimens or other paper rarities. $1500+ [image b]

*400 Israel, Error Note. P-46a, BN-33C, BOI B23a. 50 Pound 1978 Ben-Gurion. The watermark (portrait of Ben Gurion), which is supposed to be on the blank strip to the left, overlaps the main body of the note. We've included a regular note for comparison. 1st we've seen. Rare. Unc. Ex WMR 38D #447. $150+?

*401 Israel. Bank of Israel. P46d, BN-33b, BOI B23d. 50 Sheqalim. David Ben-Gurion. 1978. 4 black bars on back. Unc. Ex Lot #1086 from sale 33E. From the Sol Riveles collection. Scarce. The last we sold at auction brought $175. $150+

*402 Israel. Tel Aviv Waad notes. 1948. 50 and 100 Mil, overstamped with Hebrew numbers "Bet, Tet, Lamed" (Void). Presumably these are specimens as there are no serial numbers as there are on issued notes. The 50 Mil brown note has a couple of rust stains (from a paper clip) and a couple of pin-holes, while the blue 100 Mil note has the same pinholes (they were probably pinned together) but no rust is visible. Apart from the faults mentioned there is no apparent wear on either note. These notes were issued because of the lack of small change and the need to give change when residents of Tel-Aviv paid their taxes in 1948 and 1949. In August of 1949 the coupons were recalled because the government had issued both fractional currency and coins. From our summer 1988 sale (Lots 677 and 678) where they sold for $205 each. In the 26 years since we last offered this pair we cannot recall seeing another pair of specimens. $650+

*403 Israel, Emergency Small Change Tokens. Hamkasher-Magen David Adom, Jerusaelm. 1953. 3rd issue. 5 Prutot. Group of 10 pieces, yellow, pink, white and green. All different. Haffner #10c, P/S-unlisted. VF to Unc., most very high grade. During the 1940s and early 1950s there was a shortage of small change in Palestine and later Israel. When bus companies raised their fares from a set 5 to 10 mils (later prutahs) to an uneven denomination, they issued small tokens to be used as change (usually good only on their lines). Please see Lot #224 and 427 to 433 for others. Ex 38C #883. $150+

*404 Israel. Emergency Small change tokens. Darom Yehuda. c. 1950. Haffner-6a, PS-47 1 Pruta, 2 pieces, one with red serial numbers, one without numbers and H-6b, PS-48 2 Prutot with blue serial numbers. 3 Unc pieces. Ex 32E #1225. Scarce so nice. $100+?

*405 Israel. Shoham Maritime Services Ltd-Haifa. 10 & 20 Pruta paper ship tokens. See Haffner (1970) p. 368 and Pick-Siemsen (Emergency Money of WWII) 72 & 73. The 10 Pruta token has a black box before the serial #, while the 20 Pruta has No. before the number. Both Au-Unc. The paper tokens are much scarcer than the plastic tokens. $50+?

406 Israel. Uncut sheets in Presentation Covers. 3 different sheets of 3. 1 New Shekel Maimonides 1986. P-51Ab, BNS-11, 5 New Sheqalim Levi Eshkol 1985. P-52c, BNS-12 and 10 New Sheqalim Golda Meir 1985. P-53d, BN-13. 3 different sheets of 3 in presentation cover and original envelopes. $60+

407 Israel. Stamps and Covers. 1981 to 1986. A mostly philatelic lot containing 9 blocks or sheets, 125 First Day Covers and 78 singles mint stamps (most if not all with tabs). All counts are approximate. Also included are two Souvenir sheets of the 1958 Israel £5 notes, one with a stamp and a cachet commemorating the 1985 Florida International Coin Show. In addition there is a 1982 Kolor - Or catalog of Israeli stamps. A neat lot for the specialist. For another philatelic lot please see Lot #626. $75+?

*408 Italy, Renicci Civilian Concentration Camp. ND 5 Lire. Camp-6556, Feller IT-806. VG, soiled and repaired. Of extreme rarity. Ex Leo Better Sale (Haifa, Dec. 1972) at $460! Ex 28F, Lot 995. In our sale 38C we sold a different type of 5 Lire from Renicci. This and that are the only two that we can recall seeing. Neither Feller or the website show an image of this note but this is similar to the type shown in Campbell. $150+?

*409 Netherlands, Amersfoort Concentration Camp. Feller plate note and ex collection of Charlton Meyer. C-4148a, PS-38, Feller-442b. 1 Gulden 1 January 1944. Type with Serial number (No.) followed by 6-pointed star and with watermark. Choice Unc. Scarce this nice. From our experience this watermarked note is much rarer than the non-watermarked type and I believe I've only offered, via auction, two high-grade examples in the past 20 years. This piece (34E, #743) and a AU-Unc example in 39D. $450+

*410 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. Dabbah Plate note. P-6cff, 500 Mils 20 April, 1939. Series L. Specimen. Cancelled perforated along lower center of the note. Series L 500 Mil notes were never issued as circulating notes but were printed in error from old plates in 1948! In the upper margin is the pencil inscription HH2376 23/3/48 2335 and then in the far right corner 60C. Uncirculated but mounting trace on back. Printed in error on 23 March, 1948 by TDLR and reported to the PCB the following month. See Dabbah Chapters 4 and 5 for the fascinating story about these errors. This note is pictured on page 227 of Dabbah but the photo there shows a purplish tint to the border. In reality the tint is not there. We purchased this (and the following 5 lots) from Mel and Jeremy Steinberg in January of 2003 and sold it our client later that month. Of extreme rarity . $5000+? [image b]

*411 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. Dabbah Plate note. P-7a, PCB B2a, 1 Pound 1st September, 1927, Printer's Proof with serial # A000000. AU, but for notations as follows. On the face in the upper margin in pencil CA 85/105 1927 and on the back in pen approved subject to amendment in script specified in Board's letter of 7/6/27 followed by the signature of the Board's chair, P. Ezechiel. See Dabbah pages 112 & 113 for photos of this note. Another extremely rare, seldom seen, important note. $7500+? [image b]

*412 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. Dabbah Plate Note. P-8a, PCB B3a, 5 Pounds 1st September, 1927, Printer's Proof with serial # A000000. On the face in the upper margin in pen is the notation approved, subject to Board's letter of 4/8/27 followed by the signature of the PCB secretary, H. C. Ransom. See Dabbah page 120 for a photo of this note. Another extremely rare, seldom seen, important note. AU but for small smudge on bottom margin that is mostly visible on back of note. $7500+? [image b]

*413 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. Dabbah Plate note. P-9a, PCB B4a, 10 Pounds 1st September, 1927, Printer's Proof with serial # A000000. On the face in the upper margin in pen is the notation approved, subject to Board's letter of 4/8/27 followed by the signature of the PCB secretary, H. C. Ransom. See Dabbah page 120 for a photo of this note. Another extremely rare, seldom seen, important note. AU but for a few small spots on back, a barely noticeable tiny tear on bottom margin and a corner fold. $7500+? [image b]

*414 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. Dabbah Plate Note. P-10a, PCB B5a, 50 Pounds 1st September, 1927, Printer's Proof with serial # A000000. On the face in the upper margin in pen is the notation approved, subject to Board's letter of 4/8/27 followed by the signature of the PCB secretary, H. C. Ransom. See Dabbah page 120 for a photo of this note. Another extremely rare, seldom seen, important note. AU but for a a tiny tear in right margin and an even smaller "tic" above the "a" in "Ransom". All 50 Pound Palestine Currency Board notes, whether issued, specimens or proofs, whether in high grade or put together with tape are extremely rare. $20,000+ [image b]

*415 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. Dabbah Plate Note. P-11b, PCB B6b, 100 Pounds 30th September, 1929, Printer's Specimen with serial # A000000. On the face in the upper right margin in pen is the notation 65/1. Unlike other specimens (see Lot above), this note is punched with 3 holes and not perforated with the word Cancelled. See Dabbah page 221 for a photo of this note. Dabbah speculates that 65/1 indicates the plate or print number. Another extremely rare, seldom seen, important note. AU, but for some green stains indicating this was probably removed from the press before the ink was dry. Tracing of mounting can be seen on the back. All 100 Pound Palestine Currency Board notes, whether issued, specimens or proofs, whether in high grade or put together with tape are exceedingly rare. It is very possible that this is a unique specimen and perhaps even a unique type of specimen. It is the only similar note pictured in Dabbah. $45,000+? [image b]

416 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. The above 6 lots consisting of 2 specimens and 4 printer's proofs for all 6 denominations as one lot. We purchased these as a group as offered to us and we sold them to our client intact as a group. All Dabbah plate notes. If the amount bid on this lot exceeds the total bid for the above 6 lots, we will sell the lots to one bidder. $90,000+?

*417 Palestine. Palestine Currency Board. 1 September, 1927 5 Pound Presentation note in Blue. Dabbah Plate Note. Thomas De la Rue cancelled red circular overprint and 3 punched holes. Stained in margins and some roughness on bottom margin. Ex Lot 922 from our sale 29F where it sold for $15,000. Ex Stanley Yulish collection. When we had this at that time we believed this to be a color trial note (the blue was used for the 10 Pound note). However, thanks to the magnificent 2005 opus of Raphael Dabbah, Currency Notes of the Palestine Currency Board, we learned that this is one of a series of presentation notes approved by the Currency Board on 15 September 1927. See Dabbah page 228 for explanation and page 229 for the image of this note. I believe we originally sold it to Stan Yulish at the Cincinnati ANA show in 1980. $20,000+

*418 Palestine, Palestine Currency Board. 5 Pounds 20 April 1939 Uncolored Die Proof, marked in pen at lower right D724 2/5 (1939) with signature. P-7c. See Dabbah page 166 for a very similar note. Basically Unc., but slight evidence of handling. Very rare. We sold this to our client in July of 2003 and I believe I purchased this at the Memphis Paper Money show the month before. $2500+

*419 Palestine. P-6c, PCB B1c. 500 Mils, 20 April, 1939 Series E. Choice EF, Bright original purple. Well centered and just one very light center fold. $1250+

*420 Palestine. P-6d, PCB B1d. 500 Mils, 15 August 1945, Series J. Choice AU, bright original purple color. A scarce date in very high grade, one of the nicest known. Ex Lot 945 from Sale 31C. $2000+ [image b]

*421 Palestine. P-7c, PCB B2c. 1 Pound, 20 April 1939. Series R. Nice EF, vivid original green color. Ex Sale 25d, Lot 661 where it did not sell but we sold this from stock in December of 1995 at the NY International Show for $525. Previously this was in the stock of Mel Steinberg. A very attractive note. $1250+ [image b]

*422 Palestine. P-7c, PCB B2c. 1 Pound, 20 April 1939. Series W. Original green color. Unfortunate graffiti in guilloche at right 19 47 in two lines with the 47 being crossed out with two horizontal slashes. Also stained along the lower margin which can be seen on the back. Still a decent collectible note. $400+? [image b]

*423 Palestine. P-7d, PCB B2d. 1 Pound, 1, January 1944. Series B/1. Nice EF, vivid original green color. A better date, in high grade. Purchased from us in the spring of 1992 for $325. Ah, the good old days. $1250+ [image b]

*424 Palestine. P-8b, PCB B8b. 5 Pounds. 30 September 1929. Series A. Crusader's Tower at left. VF, but for usual graffiti on front of note. Bright original orange color. Ex Lot 752 from Sale 34E. $2000+ [image b]

*425 Palestine. P-8d, PCB B3d. 5 Pounds, 1 January 1944, Series E. aVF, but light graffiti and some light stains. A better date. Ex Lot 347 from our Fall 1989 auction. $2000+ [image b]

*426 Palestine. P-9c, B4c. 10 Pounds, 7 September 1939. Series B. Nice AU, but for some unfortunate graffiti on reverse, "18•" on upper right corner on back and very slight browning along one edge. Ex 33E #1165 @$2000. This is the first we've offered in auction in any grade since the spring of 2008. $2500+ [image b]

*427 Palestine, WW II. Emergency Small Change Bus Tokens. Hamaavir, Tel-Aviv. 1942 and later. 1 Mil Tokens, Haffner #9, Pick/Siemsen-32-34. A collection of 11 seemingly different pieces F to Unc, mostly EF or better. Pick and Siemsen do a very good job in cataloging these elusive chits. Frankly I wish my command of German was better than it is. Ex 38C #879. According to Haffner (1970) these tokens weren't transportation tokens but were used as change on the bus lines because of the shortage of 1 mil coins when the bus lines began raising their rates during World War II. However, Pick and Siemsen (Emergency Money of World War II) at least hint that they were also probably used as transportation tokens as well. It seems logical that if one accumulated 7 mils worth of small change tokens that one could and would use that 7 mils for paying the fare. The Philadelphia collection contains one of the largest and most varied holdings of these. Also see lots 224 and 404 & 405. In addition, more will be offered in our Spring 2015 auction. $125+?

*428 Palestine, WW II Emergency Small Change and Bus Tokens. Hamkasher-Jerusalem. 1942. 1st Issue. 1 Mil. Group of 6 tokens. At least 4 different colors including an unlisted orange with black print plus one that looks (and we're a bit color blind) blue or pale green rather than purple or black. VG to Unc. H #10, P/S 24-27. A neat lot. These are rare in high grade. Ex 38C #880. These were intended to be used as both small change tokens and as bus tokens as they all say Partial Fare. $150+

*429 Palestine. WW II. Emergency Small Change Bus tokens. Hamkasher-Jerusalem. 1942. 1st Issue. 2 Mil. Group of 11 tokens. Various colors and shades of colors and different reverses. VG to Unc., five of which are Unc. H #10a, P/S 28-32. These are rare in high grade. Ex WMR 38c #881. $175+?

*430 Palestine, World War II Emergency Bus tokens. Hever Cooperative Society, Ltd.-Haifa. 1942 and later. 1 Mils. White on black or gray. Group of 5 tokens. All with different reverses. Haffner #11, P/S-3. VG to AU, mostly VF. Unlike most of the paper tokens that both Haffner and P/S list, these were issued strictly to pay the fare as the legend reads, Ticket for One Mil Fare. This ex 38c, #891. $100+

*431 Palestine, WWII Emergency Bus Tokens. Hever Coop. Society, Ltd. - Haifa. 1942 and later. Group of 3 Proofs, all cancelled. Two 1 Mil, One 2 mils. H-11, 11a, P/S-3-5. The serial numbers of these tokens are 0, 7000, 80000. EF-Unc. A very neat lot. This ex 38C #885. $75+? [image b]

*432 Palestine, World War II Emergency Bus tokens. Hever Coop. Society, Ltd. - Haifa. 1942 and later. 2 Mils, Group of 5. 4 are pink with black print, one is almost a pale orange in color. F to Unc, mostly better grade. All with at least slightly different backs, one hole punched cancelled and one with serial #5000. Haffner #11a, P/S-5. A good lot, the 2 mil tokens are much scarcer than the 1 mil pieces. Ex 38C, #886. $100+

*433 Palestine, WW II Emergency Small Change token. MT. CARMEL AND AHUZA, Haifa 1942. As H15, PS-2b 2 Mils, but orange with black print. VF, a few stains. Scarce, This is ex lot 890 from 38C and was the first we had offered since about 2001. We haven't offered one since selling this. This has a different reverse than Haffner shows, one with a fancy No. Haffner listed this as a yellow token (and in her article in The Shekel Vol. XVII, #1 pages 3-14 added and additional variety in red) and Pick & Simesen call it roter (perhaps reddish). I admit I'm somewhat colorblind but my wife isn't. So perhaps there are also yellow and/or red tokens around but this is definitely orange. $40+

*434 Poland, Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp. Campbell-3979v, PS-90v, Feller-PO211c. 1 Reichsmark, type without serial number, but with printer #B/0496. VG, tape repaired, corner missing. Very rare. Notes from Gross-Rosen, which held one of the largest populations of female prisoners, mostly Jewish, are extremely rare. In the past 20 years we have offered only two different notes. This is the 3rd time we've offered this note and in our sale 42F we sold a high grade and previously unknown known Gross-Rosen note. This variety is unlisted in Campbell, Pick-Siemsen and Haney-Grabowski but is listed in Feller. The example pictured in Feller (page 37) is also a low grade note with a small piece missing. This note came to us, via an intermediary, from a Holocaust survivor in Israel in the late 20th century. Ex Lot 31c, #869. $400+?

*435 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Quittung Post Office Overstamp. Camp-4214, PS 16-18, Feller PO-582. 50 Pfennig Overstamped on the reverse with 20/10/20 in black to be used as change at the Post Office. Unc. See Israel Numismatic Journal Vol. II, No. 3-4, page 56 to 60 for a discussion of this note. Please note there are fantasies that divide the note into two 25 Pfennig chits or 3 chits divided 15, 15 and 20. However 20/10/20 notes such as this are considered genuine by all authorities. Ex 27C #872. In our sale 42F a VG example sold for $400. $500+?

*436 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). Quittung Post Office Overstamp. Camp-4214, PS 16-18, Feller PO-582. As above, 50 Pfennig Overstamped on the reverse 20/10/20, but in purple. To be used as change at the Post Office. Unc. Ex 27C #873. $500+?

*437 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 50 Pfennig. 15 Mai 1940. C-4201a, Feller PO-560a. Group of 40, many with consecutive serial numbers. Notes are all unused but some may show minor signs of aging or other faults due to being stored for almost 70 years. A few have corner bends. Sold as is, no returns. These lots of Lodz notes (437-441) with consecutive numbers may be never available again as so many have been dispersed over the years. $1000+

*438 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 50 Pfennig. 15 Mai 1940. C-4201a, Feller PO-560a. Group of 62 with consecutive serial numbers, 863433 to 863494. Notes are all unused but some may show minor signs of aging or other faults due to being stored for almost 70 years. A few have corner bends. Sold as is, no returns. $1250+?

*439 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1 Mark. 15 Mai, 1940. Camp-4202b, Feller PO-561b. 99 notes with consecutive serial numbers A 352102-352200. With torn (original?) wrapper. Notes are all unused but some may show minor signs of aging or other faults due to being stored for almost 70 years. A few have corner bends. Sold as is, no returns. $1250+

*440 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 5 Mark, 4 mm Orange serial number. Feller PO-563b, Camp 4204a(2). A group of 15 notes some with consecutive serial numbers. Notes are all unused but some may show minor signs of aging or other faults due to being stored for almost 70 years. A few have corner bends. Sold as is, no returns. $1000+?

*441 Poland, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 5 Mark, 4 mm Orange serial number. Feller PO-563b, Camp 4204a(2). A group of 25 notes with consecutive serial numbers 100054 to 100078. Notes are all unused but some may show minor signs of aging or other faults due to being stored for almost 70 years. A few have corner bends. Sold as is, no returns. $1500+

*442 Poland, Litzmannstadt, (Lodz Ghetto). Feller Plate Note. Unfinished note, missing serial numbers and second printing on back. 50 Mark as Campbell-4207, Haney Li-7, no serial numbers, no inscription on back with the exception of the 50 twice on the design and only partially printed on the very large wide margin. The note is 190 x 87mm instead of the 167 x 87mm of the issued note. The extra part of the note is a large beige (once white?) border on the left. Feller PO-566 and pictured on page 69. The note is only Good at best with a small piece missing out of the right lower corner, very frayed margin and what looks like a tape removal mark at the top. It is on issued watermarked paper and the diagnostic "security" mark is correct, thus there is no question that this is a genuine note and it obviously circulated. Of extreme rarity, it is the only error of this type that we know of. It is ex Lot #749 from our Nice III of November 1982 and Lot 1176 from our Sale 33E (@$300) in December of 2003. An important note with a long pedigree. $300+

*443 Poland, Litzmannstadt, (Lodz Ghetto).. Block of 4. Similar to Campbell 4237d (we guess, the picture is black) and Feller PO-620. For additonal lunch (Zus Mittag), all overprinted with a red 50 and Muster (Specimen). Rare as a block of 4. Series XIV. Unc. Ex-26G, #986. $100+?

*444 Poland, Litzmannstadt, (Lodz Ghetto). 1941. Quittung (Receipt) for 25 RM from Ghetto Nutrition and Economy Department. From Mr. Julius Muller of Mark-Meissen Street, (a Christian outside of the Ghetto?) to be transferred to Juden F. Rosenblatt as first payment of 4 with handstamp of The (Litzmannstadt) Mayor, Ghetto Authorities. From what we can make out of this, Rosenblatt was a comparatively lucky person who was able to rent his flat to someone who actually paid some rent. c. 7 x 6 3/4" printed in black on green paper, some trimming on left edge. Rare, 1st I've seen. Ex 31C, Lot 1224. $100+?

*445 Poland, Warsaw. Sugar Coupon. 1916. Emergency World War I Money. For 275 grams of Sugar. Good in the 14th District of Warsaw. In German, Polish and Yiddish. Issued by the Jewish Community of Warsaw presumably sometime after the Germans entered Warsaw. Hand written endorsement on back. Date is handwritten on front of coupon. No doubt rare. F-VF. Ex 38D, #757. Emergency paper money for WWI is much scarcer than that of WWII. $75+?

*446 Poland, Warsaw Ghetto. ND. 5- 50 Groszy. Campbell 4246-4251, Feller PO-680-687, Grab. WS 1-6, PS page 25 note. 6 blue notes printed from hand-engraved wood or linoleum plates, the large denomination has 18 stars (18 meaning "to life"), a barbed wire fence and an SS symbol. This is a somewhat controversial issue due to its crudeness but we believe they were an issue produced in the Ghetto Post Office but never released. Steve and Ray Feller thoroughly discuss the Ghetto and these notes on pages 88-94 in their book Silent Witnesses. The complete set of 6 notes in uncirculated. The last set we had sold for $950. $900+

447 Poland. P-102 50 Zlotych. Uniface Counterfeit. Only the reverse of the note is printed and it is overstamped twiceFalsch and once each with Emisslonasban and with a Nazi swastika. EF. Scarce? Ex Lot 883 from 27C and is the only one I've ever seen. $25+?

*448 Turkey. P-87 5 Piastres 1332/6 and P-97 20 Piastres 1332/4. 2 Uncirculated notes. Both notes are also listed in Haffner (1970) on page 182 as T4 and T6. Ex 36c, #898. $50+

*449 Turkey. 1334/28 (28 March 1918). British Military Counterfeit. 10 Livres. P-110x, 2nd emission stamping. Type with "10"s in left border of back facing out instead of in. Au-Unc., with light staining along some of margins (probably as made to help fool the public). Ex lot 899 from our sale 36C where it sold for $90 in close bidding. $75+?

*450 United nations, Scheinfeld Displaced Persons camp. 10¢, 50¢ and One Dollar. 1946. C-7430-7432, Feller GE-1810-1812. The small and large denominations are AU or better, the 50¢ is aEF. Each note has a round handstamp on the English side. This camp was mostly for Lithuanian Displaced Persons from Regensburg Concentration Camp. Scarce. $300+

*451 United States, Rochester, NY- Jew Davids Bank. 50¢ Advertising Note promoting E. Taylor's Hebrew Plaster, guaranteed to cure everything from spinal disease to hand tumors. VF, with some pinholes, engraved by W.L. Ormsby of New York City, a well known bank note engraver. I can't recall offering this note before. In January 2002 Heritage Auctions sold a similar piece, although probably not as nice, for $862.50. This note, from a time when ethnic sensibilities had not yet reached the refined state (or at least most are muttered behind closed doors) we now enjoy, is truly a piece of living history. Vlack-3100. $500+?


452 Berlin, Howard M. The Coins and Banknotes of Palestine Under the British Mandate, 1927-1947. 2001 Hardover, as new and The Coinage of the Palestine Mandate by Richard J. Trowbridge, 2nd edition. 1971. Cardcover, slightly used, tear at binding. 2 books, both of which discuss both coins and banknotes. The Berlin book is the best one stop guide for both coins and banknotes of Palestine from the view of a serious collector, researcher and author. The Trowbridge pamphlet gives basic information and would make a good checklist to carry around to shows. Berlin makes no attempt to value the coins or notes, the Trowbridge valuations are 40+ years out of date and have no meaning. He was (is?) a southern California coin dealer specializing in British and British colonial coins. $40+

*453 Burke, Bryan. Nazi Counterfeiting of British Currency During World War II: Operation Andrew and Operation Bernhard. 1987. HC, #323 of 1000 copies printed. Long out of print. As new. Plus the 1981 English reprint published by Jorgen Somod of Denmark of Report on Forgery in Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp which is the December, 1945 report by Julius Sem and Joseph Meyer for the Czechoslovak Ministry of the Interior. The Burke book has long been considered the definitive study of the Nazi plan to bankrupt England. The last Burke book we offered, in our sale 33C, brought $125 on a $40 estimate. $125+?

454 Campbell, Lance. Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money of the 20th Century. 1989. 1st edition in hardcover. Long out of print, this book was a boon to collectors and spurred more research and further books on the subject including the 2nd edition 4 years later. We have not offered a 1st edition in hardcover in at least 20 years. New. $35+

455 Campbell, Lance. Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money of the 20th Century. 1993. 2nd edition cardcover. Campbell's much expanded and revised 2nd edition. The pricing and rarities scales were better refined after 4 years of input and research. Virtually as new although we saw a few (and very few) pencil marks in the book. $35+?

*456 Dabbah, Raphael. The Currency Notes of the Palestine Currency Board. 2005. Hardcover, 423 pages with both dust jacket and slip cover. This is the definitive work on the subject and is among the best books written on any numismatic subject this century. The results of years of research, it has color illustrations, documented facts and figures and a great feel of telling the "hidden" stories. I believe that this is the first that we've ever offered at auction. It received the 2005 Award as the best numismatic research from the Israel Numismatic Society. (It should be noted that almost all other awards of the INS are for research on ancient coins!). Almost as new, but some cover bumps. $200+

457 Feller, Ray and Steve. Silent Witnesses: Civilian Camp Money of World War II. 2007 Port Clinton, OH. Card cover with color images throughout. In my opinion this is by far the best and most comprehensive book on the subject. At least until the 2nd edition which I've been promised will be out this century and perhaps even this decade. Hard to locate. Some bumps to the cover and slight evidence of use. Signed by both authors, a unique father and daughter team. $35?

458 Fisher, Krysia, ed. A Brief Encounter with Archives. 2005. Cardcover. Published for an exhibition at the Center for Jewish History in New York City for the 80th anniversary of the Yivo Institute for Jewish Research. Profusely illustrated with glimpses of Jewish history. Even a few numismatic items are pictured such as a Jewish Colonial Trust Share Certificate, some "charity" coupons and a few other items. Slightly used but decent. The cover depicts a couple of red roses with a 3rd about to bloom which is very reminiscent of an Anne Frank medal minted in the late 1960s. $20+?

459 Franquinet, Guy with Dr. Ing. Peter Hammer, Hartmut and Lothar Schoenawa. Litzmannstadt...A Chapter of German Monetary History. Crailsheim 1994. HC. Basically a new copy, rarely if ever used. In English and German. Somewhat controversial. $25+

460 Friedenberg, Daniel. Great Jewish Portraits in Metal. Introduction by Cecil Roth 1963 CC New York. One of the three important books that make up the "Friedenberg Trilogy" from the 1960s. Many of the medals pictured in the book were commissioned by Samuel Friedenberg and are monuments to historic and important figures in Jewish history. Some roughness on binding and cover, but seldom opened. $25+

461 Haffner, Sylvia. Israel's Modern Money and Medals 1917-1970. 1970 Hard Cover 366 pages, Tarzana, CA. This was originally titled The History of Modern Israel's Money 1917-1970. (Her first edition was published in 1967). But a second printing has this title, with the subtitle now A History of Modern Israel Money and it is now the Offical Guide of The American Israel Numismatic Association, Inc. No matter what you call it this, it is the best book ever published on the subject although Israel is now 3 times as old as it was in 1970. Loose binding, some minor stains and collectors notes on some pages. It's easy to use and has quality photographs. Later works by Sylvia Haffner, some listing her as editor some not (but she was) do not list items struck or used before 1948. The IGCMC and/or the Bank of Israel helped in the production and financing of the book and thus only official issues were listed. I still use my copy at least as much as my 1988 "Haffner". $25+

462 Haffner, Sylvia. Judaic Tokens and Medals. 1978, New York. HC, 402 pages. Published by AINA. Out of print, rare and very useful. #300 of 1000 numbered copies that were printed. Basically new, with handwritten dedication from Sylvia Haffner to the owner of the book. As nice as any we have ever offered. $75+

463 Haffner, Sylvia. Judaic Tokens and Medals. 1978, New York. HC, 402 pages. As above but #450. Hand made plastic cover that was added to help protect book. Binding broken and tape and stains from the plastic cover. Despite the defects noted, this is a good working copy of this book. Our copy in my library is falling apart and is at least the 3rd that I've had. $50+

464 Kindler, Arie. Coins of the Land of Israel. Collection of the Bank of Israel. 1974 English edition. HC, with slightly torn dust jacket. Much nicer than most we have seen possibly because the owner did not collect ancient coins. Also in the book is a letter from Rafael Aldor for the publisher apologizing for the late publication and delivery of the book. $25+

*465 Krause, Chet and Cliff Mishler, edited by Colin Bruce. Standard Catalog World Coins Deluxe ANA Centennial Edition. 1991, 19th edition. Two Hardcover green volumes with gilt lettering. Slightly used but not heavily, the slip cover shows some bumping and a tear at upper left and Volume one is bumped at the bottom. One of the last issues to not break down the listing by century so this is probably the best one stop listing of 18, 19th and most of the 20th century. The quality of the paper and the photographs is far superior to the card cover editions. We still use our copy quite often and because these were well made they do stand the test of time. The last two we've offered sold for $60 and $90. $60+?

466 Magnus, Sylvia Haffner (ed.). Israel's Money and Medals. 1988. This was the last of four editions (and 3 supplements) that was published by Arnold Kagan. Loose-leaf with hard-cover and probably as nice as any you are likely to find. The first page has fallen out but all other pages are there with very little damage noted. The idea behind the loose-leaf book was great, further editions could be bought just for the contents and the cover would remain. The execution, unfortunately was poor, for two reasons. #1, no more editions were published and #2, the holes in the pages were too small for the metal rings. Pages would constantly fall out. Luckily this book was hardily used and when it was it was done very carefully. The last "good" book on Israeli government issued coins, medals, tokens and banknotes in English. $40+?

*467 Schwan Fred and Joe Boling. World War II Remembered: History in Your Hands - A Numismatic Study. 1994 HC Port Clinton, Ohio. Indispensable. A monumental work. New in original shrink wrap. One of the most influential and important numismatic books of the past 25 years, it's publication has spawned numerous other works on topics raised in this work. The last we sold via auction was ten years ago when a copy sold for $70. We see used copies of this book for sale for $75; this is still in its original shrinkwrap. $100+

468 Stahl, Zvi. Jewish Ghettos' and Concentration Camps' Money (1933-1945). 1990. Translated from the Hebrew by Rebecca Sternberg of London. A good introduction to this field, with many plates plus good and informative text. This was one of the first efforts to appear in English to do justice to the field. I presume it is long out of print. We haven't offered one for sale in almost 5 years! A few bumps on cover, otherwise as new. HC without dust jacket as issued. $35+

*469 Sultan, Jem. Coins of the Ottoman Empire and The Turkish Republic: A Detailed Catalogue of the Jem Sultan Collection . 1977, Thousand Oaks. A cased two volume set which is the definitive English reference on these fascinating coins. #115 of only 1000 books published with a dedication to a previous owner from the author. As new. Seldom offered. Jem Sultan was the pen name of collector/dealer/researcher Bill Holberton. Also included in this lot is The Ever Victorious: A Beginner's Guide to Ottoman Empire Numismatics a card cover self-published book by the same author. Published in 1971 with a handwritten dedication to a former owner of the book by Holberton. Ex lot #220 from sale 32E where Bill Spengler purchased this from us for $126. The present consignor bought it from us for $155 in our auction 35D where it was lot #363. The consignor from Sale 32E was from New Jersey, Bill Spengler lived in Colorado Springs when he bought and later consigned us the book and the buyer from 35D was from the Philadelphia suburbs. Where will this book end up next? I do believe the underbidder in our previous two sales was the same collector from Israel! $125+

470 Group of 3. 1). Banknotes and Coins of Israel, a catalogue issued by the Bank of Israel Currency Department, 2nd edition, 1990. Cardcover and barely used, this lists all official "trade coins" and currency through 1989; 2) Take Notes: People and Places on Banknotes of Israel by Yigal Arkin. 2001 Hardcover 2nd edition. Bilingual in English and Hebrew, this is a great introduction to the banknotes of both Palestine and Israel. Profusely illustrated with fascinating stories and background on all of the notes; 3) Jewish Paper Money in Russia by Dmitri Kharitonov. 2003 cardcover published in Prague in English and Russian. Fully illustrated in color with valuations (low) in two grades. This covers the turbulent period of 1917-1920 and is the only English language reference for these notes that I am familiar with. $40+

471 Group of Important public auction catalogs. Many of these auctions were held in New York City at the same time as AINA or other conventions were being held. Some of the finest and most important collections of Palestine, Israel and other Judaic numismatic material were offered there and the attendees and bidders were the leading collectors and dealers of the time. The excitement in the auction rooms was electric. Pine Tree Auctions: 1) 1974 The Promised Lands Sale. This sale contained many Israel and Palestine rarities as well as US Colonial coins and notes and ancient Jewish coins. Collector has handwritten the winning bids on most of the lots. 2) 1975 The Altman-Haffner Sale. In addition to Mrs. Haffner's collection of Israeli and Palestine material, this sale also offered US Colonial coins and notes, George Washington medals, 8 reale plate coins from the Calbeto collection. The collector has written in some prices realized and the prices realized sheet is enclosed, card cover is loose. 3) March 1976, The Abraham Cohen Collection. Ancient Jewish coins as well as gold and silver Israeli coins and medals. Prices realized included as well as the same written in. Abe Cohen owned the Roslyn Bar and Grill in Denver, Colorado. Known as "Pine" Cohen, he was rough and gruff and a Denver institution. 4) May, 1976. The Raphael Ellenbogen Collection. This sale was the first in the US to offer an extensive collection of paper chits, tokens and kollel notes as well as other rarities. Collector has written in prices realized. 5) Walter Breen '85 Greater New York Sale, September, 1985. In addition to US Colonial Coins and Paper, other US coins in all metals and coin scales, the sale was also very strong in Judaic medals and tokens as well as Palestine coins. I was the cataloguer for much of this section of the auction and our Philadelphia collector attended the auction and bought many of the coins here. He circled the ones that he bought.

Nasca Auctions: 1) The Alexander Goldstein Collection December 1976. This sale contained numerous rarities including both a single and a double cased Palestine Proof set and two crisp 50 Pound notes from the Sylvia Haffner collection. The notes were "crisp" because they survived a fire in the offices of World-Wide Coins of Atlanta, GA. 2) The Sidney Olson Collection, August 1978. Sidney Olson was one of the legendary collectors of Israel and Palestine material and this sale offered a plethora of rarities including a Palestine double proof set, a 1 mil 1947 Palestine coin, numerous rare and early Palestine tokens and a 100 Pound Palestine Currency Board note. 3) The Tel Aviv Collection Sale, December 1978. In addition to coins and medals this sale also had numerous 19th century maps of the Holy Land, Hanukkah menorahs, other ceremonial objects and some Bezalel items. 4) The AINA '81 Sale, April 1981. Sale included a tremendous selection of Jewish ceremonial objects, early Jewish related medals and tokens as well as a great offering of Palestine and Israel currency and Israel gold coins and medals. Also in that auction was a collection of Ottoman Empire Jewish community tokens, the same group offered in lot 584 in this auction.

Also in this group are the following 3 auction catalogs. 1) Ark Auction Co., The Itzhak Avni Collection April 1980. J. J. Van Grover was Ark Auctions and I believe the late Moe Weinschel helped him catalog the sale. In addition to a vast offering of Israeli coins and medals in both gold and silver, the sale also contained some early Judaic medals and tokens, trade coin errors and, the highlight of the sale, the original art work of the Shamir Brothers for the 1958-60 Israeli banknotes. Our collector bought some of the lots in this sale but the catalog contains no hand written notes. 2) The Los Angeles Sale: A Judaic Numismatic Auction. September, 1981. This was my only Judaic public auction and was held in conjunction with the Los Angeles Coin Convention which was sponsored by southern California Israel Numismatic Societies. I offered some early miscellaneous Judaica, concentration camp notes, early Judaic medals and tokens, a Palestine double Proof set, a 1947 Palestine one mil and a myriad of other rarities. 3) Heritage Auctions, The Ray Epstein Collection of Israeli Coins and Medals, January 2001. Mostly officially issued state of Israel coins and medals in silver and gold, some of which are extremely rare. Our collector circled two items which he bought.

These auction catalogs contain a treasure trove of information about Israel, Palestine and Judaic numismatic items. The are a must in any serious collector's library. We use our copies of these catalogs routinely when we are researching and writing an auction catalog. 12 catalogs, a few with prices realized. Sold as is, no returns. $150+


medallic judaica

There are many other coins, tokens and medals in part one that could be listed here. Among them are the following lots: 1-11, 21, 56, 58, 105-107, 170-185, 189-191, 197-233, 242-315, 319-326, 329-331, 333-471.

*472 Battle of Tunis/Judaea Capta Unusual cast mule. After 1535. Æ35 mm (14.28g). Bust of Alfonso il D'Avalos, Marquis of Vasto and Captain of the Armada of Naples in the Battle of Tunis right/Judaea Capta scene as on Roman Sesterius of Vespasian. Highly unusual mule of an Italian-Spanish commander and the classic Judaea Capta coin. At the Battle of Tunis the European forces of Charles V of Spain, Naples, Sicily and many others defeated the Ottoman forces of Suleyman the Magnificent. Perhaps the Jewish connection was that this took place after Jews were expelled from Spain during the Inquisition. Perhaps a more likely explanation is that 2000 or more Jewish slaves were oarsman for the Ottoman navy and probably perished as well. Of course many of the European ships were being rowed by chained Protestants shipped in from Antwerp. Highly unusual. Cleaned, but not unattractive. $50+?

*473 King David Playing the Harp. Hans Krauwinkel Biblical Jeton. ND (1590s?). Æ28.5 (5.00g). King David kneeling left playing the harp, tree behind him, HK in exergue/ Winged Angel standing upon a globe holding a winged hour-glass and a skull with flowers, crucifix to left, anchor to right. Mitchner-1629. F-VF. A rare Krauwinkel Biblical jeton that I cannot recall ever offering. $100+?

*474 Sacrifice of the Lamb on the Altar. 1664 Brass 29mm (5.25g). French Biblical Jeton. Crowned shields of France and Navarre/Two men lifting up lamb for sacrifice on altar, two woman behind, Latin legend, "Season all your offerings with Salt" from Leviticus II, 13. Feuardent-2575, Newmann-29898. VF. Scarce. We sold a lower grade example in the 43A (almost two years ago) for $80. $100?

*475 David receiving Goliath's Sword. 1710 Silver Jeton 30mm (8.16g). Abimelich (the Grand Priest) giving David Goliath's sword/4-line Latin legend within wreath. Struck for the 1710 Assembly of the French Clergy. Feuardant-3951, Mitchner page 1091. Toned VF. Scarce. $100+?

*476 Jewish Priest with High Altar. 1737 French Jeton. Æ29, 6.96g. Bust of Louis XV right/Jewish Priest to left of Smoking Altar. Mitch-3515, Feu-2495. Nice VF, some red in devices. $45+?

*477 Jewish Priest with High Altar. 1737 French Jeton. Silver 29mm, 6.38g. As above and as Mitch-3515, but in silver. Feu-2494. EF. The only silver jeton of this type we can recall offering was in our sale 27C (Spring 1997) when a similar piece, but not as nice, sold for $75. $75+

*478 PILGRIM'S Amulet or Talisman. ND. Perhaps 18-19th century. Brass 29mm (18.37g). Bust of Jesus left/5-line Hebrew legend. See Jewish Medals page 90, and G.F. Hill's The Medallic Portraits of Christ. With original loop as made plus an additional hook which was added later. We've offered many varieties of this medal over the years but I can't recall seeing this variety before. Obviously a previous owner wore this medal. Fine. $40+?

*479 Aaron. (1827) Paris mint. Silvered 32 mm by Barre. Bust of Aaron 3/4 to left/Ark of the Covenant. Plain edge. See The Shekel Vol 24, #2, pages 3-5. VF. A decently made cast medal. 3 Biblical medals were made at this time by the Paris mint, Moses, King David and this one of Aaron. This is probably the scarcest of the 3, even as a cast piece. $50+?

*480 100th Anniversary of the Edict of Toleration. 1881. Æ 30mm. Bust of Joseph II right, name above, wreath below/8-line legend "1781" below. The legend refers to the 100th anniversary of the Edict proclaimed on17 October 1781. The Edict gave expanded liberties to Protestants and to a lesser extent to Jews. VF, some spots and minor bumps and scratches, original loop attached. I believe it's been many years since I last offered this medal. Unlisted in many modern references but it is listed in the Jewish Encyclopedia which was published between 1901 and 1906. $100+

*481 Moses Montefiore. 1884. Silver 41mm by A. D. Loewenstark & Sons. His bust right surrounded by Hebrew legend, Happy are all who fear God and walk in his way 1884/Long legend in English commemorating his 100th birthday from his friends around the world. Eimer-1707, BHM-3166, Great Jewish Portaits-85, Shekel-18, 3, 31. Lightly toned silver proof, light hairlines in field. I believe this is the first time we've had this in silver since we sold one in our Sale 32E for $1000 in 2002. One of the more important Jewish medals of the last 150 years. $850+?

*482 Alfred Dreyfus. 1890s. Gilt bronze 29mm medal, looped as made. Bust of Dreyfus/Bust of Labori. Attorney Labori defended Alfred Dreyfus, a young Alsatian-French officer of Jewish heritage who was wrongly accused of espionage and sent to Devil's Island. Dreyfus was eventually exonerated, thanks in good part to the brave intervention of Emile Zola who publicly and stridently accused the upper strata of the French military of anti-Semitism and obstruction of justice in the case. Lustrous EF, light scratches in field. Scarce. $75+

*483 Aleppo Syria Jewish Community Charity Token. ND (c. 1900) Æ 18mm Brass Bracteate token. 101 flanked by a Bet & Kaf and in righteousness shall thou be established above, all in Hebrew. See The Shekel Vol VIII, #4 for an article by the late Y'akov Meshorer on these. Crude VF+. Scarce. This is ex lot 792 from Sale 34E and we had purchased this from Dr. Meshorer in the fall of 2003. He had bought this from the son of the Rabbi of Aleppo. A better little token with a nice historical pedigree! $40+

*484 English Zionist Medal for the Coronation of Edward VII. 1902 Silver 41mm (46.27g) by R.N. (possibly R. Neal). Conjoined bare heads of Queen Alexandra and King Edward left, Hebrew legend above, the same in English below 1902 5622 Struck by the English Zionist Federation on the Occasion of the Coronation of King Edward VII/ Prophet with followers on mountain looking toward Zion in the distance, Angel of the Lord and Hebrew legend And there is hope for thy posterity above. In the wings of the angel is a Magen David. See The Shekel Vol. X, #6, p. 14. British Historical Medals (Brown) -3832. EF and a few spots. Very rare in silver. I'm not sure I've ever offered it in silver. If so, it's been more than 25 years! $600+?

*485 English Zionist Medal for the Coronation of Edward VII. 1902. As above but in Aluminum or White Metal. 41mm (11.17g) by R.N. (possibly R. Neal). See The Shekel Vol. X, #6, p. 14. British Historical Medals (Brown) -3832. VF+, some scratches in field, mostly on the obverse. $400?

*486 Theodore Herzl. c. 1904. Death Plaque by Boris Schatz the founder of the Bezalel school. Almost 4" x 2" silvered (or silver) shell. Depicts mourning Jews as the main theme; miniature images of a Magen David and Herzl in the corners. On the bottom, engraving of the El Maleh Rachamim prayer on behalf of the great Minister in Israel, Binyamin Ze'ev, known as Theodor Herzl in 4 lines. I cannot recall offering this before. See The Shekel XVII, #2, p. 27-28 in which Manfred Anson, one of the most prolific collectors and researchers, says this is the most famous work of Schatz. $100+

*487 THEODORE HERZL. c. 1904 by Boris Schatz. Cast Bronze Uniface c. 70 x 58mm. Bust of Herzl facing left, on right Moses looking towards the Promised Land, below in Hebrew if you will it, it is no legend. See The Shekel Vol XVII, #2, page 27-28. Boris Schatz was the founder of the Bezalel School, the art school closely aligned with Zionism, and this is, in our opinion, his most spectacular and important work. EF and very rare. He died on a fund-raising trip to the US in Denver, Colorado in 1932. The last we offered, in 2010, sold for $775! This piece seems to be taken out of a larger plaque. $500+?

Most lots will be available for viewing at the PCDA show Nov.20-22 in Rosemont IL

*488 Emil Rathenau. 1908. Silvered 39 x 59mm medal with original loop. By. Hahn. Struck for the 70th birthday of this famous German-Jewish Industrialist (founder of AEG). His son Walther, who took over the company in 1915, was a minister under German Chancellor Josef Wirth and was murdered by Nazi hooligans in 1922. Nicely toned EF, with a few light scratches behind head and some discoloration among the letters. $100+?

*489 Jewish Merchant Token. ND, Early 20 Century? J. H. Brandeis of Prague. Æ 23mm. Inscription around double headed eagle/Galanterie und Spielwarren = Halle. EF. Scarce. Ex 35B #744 @$80. $75+

*490 Jewish Legion. Royal Fusilier World War I Silver Service Medal, awarded to Jewish Legion Member Private A. Katz, The standard 36mm silver award medal with bust of King George V left on the obverse and on the reverse a British soldier on horseback stomping on the German Imperial shield with the dates 1914-1918. The edge reads J-5621 Pte A. Katz R.Fus. Orange, blue, white and black original ribbon attached by bar at top. Choice Toned EF+. We seldom offer these. Jewish Legion members were organized under the Royal Fusiliers. The last we had, probably not quite as nice, sold for $220 in our sale 40J. For a companion piece, see lot below. $150+?

*491 Jewish Legion. Royal Fusilier World War I bronze Victory medal. 36mm. Awarded to the same Pte. A. Katz with the same edge inscription as above. This depicts a winged Victory on the obverse and the legend The Great War for Civilisation 1914-1919 in 4 lines on the reverse, with the original orange, blue, black and white ribbon attached. See above for a companion piece and bid on the lot below to keep the pair together. $100+?

492 Jewish Legion medals. If the bid on this lot exceeds the sum of the above two lots, the medals will be kept together and sold to the high bidder on this lot. $250?

*493 Mendele Mocher Sforim. Æ c. 19 x 28mm oval medallion with original loop. His bust partially right, name in Hebrew and dates 1836-1917 to left. Scarce, only the 4th I can recall having. Sforim was the grandfather of Yiddish literature. The last two we had sold for $90 and $100. Unfortunately this piece has some obverse spots. Otherwise EF. $50+?

*494 San Remo Conference Medal. 1920 Bronze 93 mm by C.J. van der Hoef. Commissioned by the Dutch Zionist Assn. to commemorate the San Remo decision which called for a Jewish State. A rabbi and a laborer facing each other, dated 3830-5680 (70-1920 AD) below/Legend around Star of David with Zion in Hebrew in center, emblems of the 12 tribes. EP-13a, Polak-66. Cast as made. Scarce. In our sale 42A (Winter 2012) a similar medal sold for $475, and earlier this year we sold one for $325. $300+

*495 San Remo Conference Medal. 1920. As above but silver 29 mm. EP-13d, Polak-66. EF. Rare in silver. The last we offered, in our sale 42A, brought $300. It is thought that some, if not all, of the silver medals were presented to various dignitaries and others in the Zionist movement. $200+?

*496 San Remo Conference Medal. 1920. Bronze 29 mm with original loop as made. VF+, some nicks as most likely a previous owner of this wore it. JTM EP-13, Polak-66. $50+

497 San Remo Conference Medals. If the bid for this lot exceeds the sum of the high bids for the above 3 lots, the medals will be sold as a group. $500+?

*498 Josef Trumpeldor. 1922. Silver plated bronze plaque by Boris Schatz. 71 x 43 mm. Trumpeldor was the 1st Jewish officer in the Russian Imperial Army. Later he established an agricultural settlement at Migdal and then in 1915 he left that to aid Jabotinksy in the formation of a Jewish military unit. He later helped establish the Jewish Legion and was killed in the Arab attack in Tel-Hai. He was one of the great Zionist leaders of the early 20th century. This plaque by the founder of the Bezalel school is very scarce. The only other ones we've seen were one that we sold in our Los Angeles sale of September 1981 and later sold in our Sale 32E in the Fall of 2002. (Lot 895 for $300 in very active bidding). And this past spring we sold a similar piece (with an original, but battered box) for $500. See Great Jewish Portraits in Metal page 70. $400+

*499 Rabbi Meyer Moritz Kayserling. 1929 Æ 59mm by Aladar Gardos. Bust of the esteemed Rabbi facing just slightly left. On the occasion of his 100th birthday. Kayserling was born near Hanover in Germany and in addition to his Rabbincal duties was also an historian who wrote extensively on the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula, including their role in the discovery of America. He later was an influential Rabbi in Switzerland and then in Pest for the last 30 or so years of his life. VF, somewhat porous, thus most likely a later after cast. I can't recall offering this medal previously. Jewish Minters and Medalists page 90. Earlier this year a nicer piece brought over $500 in a European auction. $375+?

*500 Moses & 10 Commandments. ND. Silver 35mm with loop. Moses holding staff and tablets/Zion (in Hebrew) within a Magen David. Crudely made and most likely hand-engraved. Highly unusual. VF. $50?

*501 Tel Aviv Municipal Police. An extraordinary trio from the mandate period. A badge and 2 different metallic buttons, all with the Tel-Aviv Municipal symbol (a gateway on the shore and a lighthouse on the sea, both of the buttons with with T.A.M.P. (Tel Aviv Municipal Police) in English and Hebrew. Ex 30C #1058. I believe that was the only time I ever offered these and I haven't seen them since. $100?

*502 Rich's Department Store. 1942. Bronze 58mm. View of building with name Rich's1867-1942 andCommemorating the SeventyFifth Anniversary of Rich's Inc. around the outside and in 4 lines below the building Southern Institution Morris, Emanuel and Daniel Rich Founders Friendship, Honor, Service above and below American eagle with flags. The store was founded in 1867 by Morris (born Mauritius), an Hungarian-Jewish immigrant, and his younger brothers joined in the business in the next 17 years. In actuality it wasn't a Southern institution as much as it was an Atlanta institution because it really didn't expand out of Atlanta until the 1960s. Eventually the sons and grandsons of the founders ran the store including one named Richard Rich. Rich's is now gone, all the stores have become Macy's. We've had this medal at least once before but none in at least 20 years! $45+?

*503 Litzmannstadt Ghetto Metal Tag. c. 1 3/4 x 1 3/4" square metal "dog-tag" with chain-hole at top. 48 (barely visible) on reverse, while the front is bisected with dull-green paint and 195 J is painted in bold black. Rare, the only one we have seen. We are not sure of the exact purpose of this tag but the J would no doubt stand for Jew or Jewess. This is ex lot 1249 from our Sale 30C. The consignor at that time guaranteed that it was from the Litzmannstadt Ghetto as he had purchased it from a very reliable source in the Survivor community in Israel in the late 1990s. $125+

*504 Italian Holocaust medal. 1945. 32mm CN. Celebrating defeat of Nazis, struck by Jewish community of Milan. Menorah/Streak of lightning splitting axe with swastika. JTM HO-4. Unc. $50

*505 Silver Hadassah Badge. ND. 40mm (7.55g) silver filgree Star of David with 3-line Hebrew legend(for your continued support of Hadassah) in the center, wreath of 6-pointed star and flowers around. The back is stamped Israel and St. .925 (or possibly .935). With large pin on back for wearing. We have had 2 similar items in the past. In Sale 38c we sold one with a hanger reading VVV for $75. In our sale 43b we sold one with a hanger reading XL for $75 also. That one read Palestine on the back. This one was clearly made in 1948 or after. $60+

*506 QATAMON MEDAL OF MERIT. 1948. Silver 28mm. The first medal of merit given to Israel Army peronnel. Struck in May of 1948 and presented in July of 1949 to those soldiers who took part in the conquest of Qataman (the wealthy Arab suburb of Jerusaelm). In the center the Citadel of David and the Jewish Agency Building, around the rim in Hebrew If I forget thee O Jersalem let my right hand be forgotten/4 line Hebrew inscription and date 1.5. 1948. With original loop as made. See The Shekel Vol V, #1, p. 15. JTM-MM-20. EF. Scarce, 1st we've offered in more than 11 years. The last we offered in the spring of 2003 brought $120. Probably the first medal of the state of Israel. $100+

*507 Revisionist Pin. (1948-49). Shaped as a shield with map of Greater Israel inscribed "Homeland and Freedom" which was the logo of Begin's Heirut Party. With large bold Hebrew Het (Heirut) which appeared on the party's ballots until the Likud Party was established. Scarce. We have sold similar pieces (in 2003 and 2004) for $80 and $30. $50+?

*508 Complete Set of City, Municipality and Settlement Medals as listed by Haffner. CM-P1 to CM-P11. In her book Judaic Tokens and Medals (page 16) Syliva Haffner lists 11 of these large 59mm. uniface bronze medals. Each has a a shield, coat of arms or something that signifies the city on its obverse. They are much scarcer than the small 35mm medals that cities and towns issued. The 11 known medals are Afula, Akko, Bat Yam, Givataim, Haifa, Herzilya, Kiryat Ono, Menashe, Migdal Ha'emek, Natanya and Petah Tikva. This is ex lot 538 from 38D where it sold for $120. $100+?

*509 Dan Bus Company Group. 1950s. A group of 5 items used by a Dan Bus Company driver in the early 1950s. Our consignor (in 2005) acquired them from the driver's family. 1) Driver's pin. A thick heavy pin with a large Dalat & Nun in center and and Shin Alef Tzadi below which was the abbrevation for Sherut Autobusim Tziburi (Public Bus Service). Below that is Dan's 1st emblem; a pair of wings with a wheel in between. On the back the original pin had fallen off and a pin is soldered to replace it; 2) Similar to #1, but thinner and lighter. Original pin replaced as well; 3) 31mm pendent with loop as made. In a shield abbreviations for DAN and SAT as above, all in large wings of a wheel in the outer frame of the piece. The reverse shows an old bus with Merkavim Ltd. inscribed in English below and Hebrew above. Merkavim was Israel's first bus factory; 4) Controller's clasp. DAN at center, wings and wheel below, and presumably the controller's ID number (1) below. Above is Controller in Hebrew. The clasp on the back has partially broken off. Scarce?; and 5) Conductor's Pin. Similar to above but larger and slightly different shape and design, with number 208 below and Conductor in Hebrew. Pinback removed on back. Ex Lots 776 to 780 Sale 35B. $175+

*510 Bar Kochba Cufflinks. ND 27mm set of cufflinks made from a replica of a year 3 Bar Kochba Sela (Tetradrachm). Machine made on silver looking base metal. Seems to be very similar to Not Kosher F711.4.3 with the reverse being off-center like the Hendin example. Frankly I have no idea of value.

*511 Weizmann Institute of Science Award Medal. ND (1959). Huge (127.2mm and more than 2 pounds) cast bronze by Robert Berks. Plain edge, but Medallic Art Co. Records indicate it was cast by them. High relief bust of Weizmann within a sunken inner circle. In incuse below is his last name and 1874 - 1952. Reveled edge has Hebrew and English inscription Weizmann Institute of Science/Uninscribed cartouche below tree of life and incuse rim inscription in English and Hebrew Weizmann Award. Also in this lot is a 50mm silver medal of the same design but the back in uniface with a screw in center indicating this may have been removed from a wooden award plaque. Weizmann was Israel's first president, an ardent and influential Zionist in the first half of the 20th century and a chemist and scientist when given the time. Berks (1922-2011) was an extremely prolific and important American sculptor who is responsible for hundreds of sculptures and monuments. Two of his best known works are a bronze statue of Albert Einstein on the ground of the National Academy of Science in Washington DC and a head of John F Kennedy in the lobby of the Kennedy Center. He did very few medallions although one in particular comes to mind. That is for the American Jewish Committee's Herbert Lehman Award Medal. I've never offered the large medal before although we did sell the small silver medal about four years ago for $75. $300+?

*512 So-called Victory Medal. Iraq or Syria? 1967. Æ40 mm, enameled in blue, green, black, red and gold. Soldier with rifle, map of Israel/For victory over Israel, 6 day war. With black, green and red ribbon. I believe this was produced in Syria although the origin is a bit cloudy. This is ex lot 832 from 34E. $40+?

*513 six Day War Key Chain. 1967. Dedicated to Israel's Air Force, with its insignia of a raised sword surrounded by an olive branch, between 2 wings and a Magen-David in center, captioned Air Force in Hebrew. On the reverse, the official logo of the State of Israel. In blue and silver. Ex 32E #990. $40+

514 Miscellaneous Judaica. 1968 59mm Shekel Co. medal with helmeted Rabin and Dayan at Western Wall; 1967 Dayan 50mm medal in Dutch!; Complete 9 piece Historical City-Coin medals in bronze 45mm; Israel Museum Bronze 45mm; 50 AINA and IGCMC Seasons Greetings tokens; 6 different 1990 CN 30mm Wildlife of Israel medals in Gem BU; 13 Israeli and/or Jewish related pins; 3 elongated pennies; 5 Roger J. Merritt personal tokens; Magnes Museum wooden tokens, 3 wooden prutahs (1969) and 1 wooden shekel (1968); Two 1938 1/2 Mil Hagana Defence tokens; Six miscellaneous trade coins; and 14 other miscellaneous tokens and medals. A nice array of material, a few of which are scarce or need further research. The first item listed is among the scarcest of Israeli issued private medals. Sold as is, no returns. $100+

*515 israel's fight for freedom. 6 Silver 36mm medals, David Ben Gurion, Peace, Theodore Herzl, Chaim Weizman, Anne Frank and Zeev Jabotinski. All Proof, 3 have 12 tribes reverse, one a Menorah, Anne Frank has a broken rose bush and the Peace Medal, the word Peace in various languages on one side and Pax surrounded by 3 doves on the other. In custom plastic holder. This is the first set we've offered since our Sale 33E in the fall of 2003. $60+?

*516 Munich Olympics 1972. 75mm bronze medal which depicts on the obverse a hurdler and OLYMPIAD XX MUNCHEN 1972 around it/a hand engraved legend reading, Dr Shaul Ladany Israel 50 KM Gehen within a wreath. I know little about the medal including who made it and when. However I do know quite a bit more about the person who the medal is inscribed to.

Shaul Ladany is an amazing person with an incredible story. Space does not permit us to relate more than a few highlights of his story but he was a double survivor, 1st surviving the Holocaust as a child inmate at Bergen-Belsen Concentration camp and then as a member of the 1972 Israeli Olympic team surviving the Palestine terrorists who murdered 11 Israeli Olympians and coaches. At first he was among those listed as dying, so it's possible that this medal was engraved with his name with that in mind. He set and still holds the world record in the 50-mile walk, and the Israeli national record in the 50-kilometer walk. He is also a former world champion in the 100-kilometer walk. He was for many years a professor at Ben Gurion University and I believe is still a professor emeritus. He's been a visiting professor at universities world-wide and is an active collector of medals. His autobiography, KING OF THE ROAD - FROM BERGEN-BELSEN TO THE OLYMPIC GAMES has just been republished in English by Gefen. $30+ ?

*517 Yom Kippur War. (1973). Silvered Bronze 59mm. Combination of a Mirage and Skyhawk fighter planes and the emblem of the Israel Air Force surrounded by a wreath/Their horses hoofs shall be counted like flint and their wheels like a whirlwind. (Isaiah 5, 28). Below is the emblem of the Air Force Squadron which stopped the Syrian Army a few kilometers from the Jordan River; below this Yom Kippur War and the date. See The Shekel VII, 3, 20. Scarce, seldom offered. Ex 34E, #846. Unlisted in Judaic Tokens and Medals. Presented to members of the squadron who stopped the Syrian Army just short of the Jordan River. $50+

*518 Shelter Rock Jewish Community. 1976. Silvered Æ 56mm. Shelter Rock J. C. Sanctuary Builders and April 24, 1976 around logo of Menorah and 12 tribes (like the reverse of the State of Israel Bar Mitzvah medal)/ And Let Them Make Me a Sanctuary, That I May Dwell Among them in 4 lines. The Shelter Rock Jewish Community is a Conservative Synagogue in Roslyn, NY and presumably built a new building in 1976. These medals were no doubt given to donors to the building fund. Despite dealing in Israeli-related and Jewish numismatics since 1971 and traveling to the New York area more than 100 times for business since then, we cannot recall ever seeing this medal. A few nicks and evidence of handling. $25+?

*519 Shell copy of Bar Kochba coin. ND. 1970s? Brass 16mm (.92g) replica of the reverse of a year one Bar Kochba small bronze with Year one of the redemption of Israel around a bunch of grapes. The piece was stamped on a thin flan and the other side is just an intaglio impression of the obverse. As Hen-1380. Not listed in Not Kosher but basically this machine made piece is not trying to fool anyone. I can't recall seeing this before. $25+?

520 Large Lot of Judaic Medals, tokens, exonumia and paper tokens. Includes SM-2a Valour 59mm silver medal; CM-21a Hebrew University Silver 59mm; SM-38a Rothschilds Silver 45mm; SM-29b Terra Sancta Silver 35mm in original box; 3 Liberation C61mm medals; SM-3 B'nai Brith, Admission token to S. R. Guggenheim Museum; 2 False Shekels; 2 plush olive-wood boxes for 59mm medals; 1977 39mm Begin/Sadat Peace talk medals struck by Interbranch International Mint of Montreal, Canada 2 pieces in silver, 1 in bronze in 2 cases; 1968 20th Anniversary/David & Goliath medal by Paul Vincze for Isnumut of Jerusalem 57mm CN in box of issue; 4 Israel-Canada Friendship medals in card of issue; 4 pieces of Kibbutz Meggido (JTM-76) cardboard tokens; 10 & 25 Agorot, 1 & 10 Lirot all Unc.; Ihud-Regev 3 Mil Transportation token and 6 pieces Hamaavir Coop Society 1 mil token (all these paper tokens are VG or so); Abba Eban/UN medal by Gilroy Roberts in Sterling Silver Proof; 9 large size (c. 59mm) privately issued Israeli medals; SM-6 Bar Kochba 59mm; 4 different 45mm bronze medals by Kretschmer including Herzlia Gymnasium, Shalom Alecheim, Mendele Mocher Sforim. and Chaim Weizman/United Israel Appeal (the first 3 uniface); plus about 60 other medals, tokens, pins, Wooden Life Dollars, cufflinks and other items. Sold as is, no returns. Some better items in this lot. $300+

*521 World Jewish Congress. 1984. Æ51 mm medal with large ribbon for wearing attached to loop at top. Large Magen David superimposed with globe and Presidents Council World Jewish Congress around/7-line legend beginning with Presented in honor..., Then in 3 lines, Edgar M. Bronfman, President World Jewish Congress 5744 (date in Hebrew). I cannot recall seeing this medal before. I certainly have no record of offering it in 20 years. $40+?

*522 Howard Cosell Medal. ND. (1986?) Æ 76mm. The Howard Cosell Center for Physical Education around circles of 4 athletic events, soceer, running, diving, basekeball (?)/The Hebrew University of Jerusalem around Hebrew U. logo, The Howard Cosell Center for Physical Education and blank space (for name) above Trustee. Yes, that Howard Cosell, the bombastic sportscaster who changed the way sports were covered in the US. Hated by some, he was outspoken and loud. His work for the Hebrew University in Israel was less well-known (at least to me) but very important. He was one of the creative forces behind the Annual Sports Torch of Learning Award Dinner in memory of the Munich Eleven and his endowment fund still helps the University through the Cosell Center. The Cosell center was founded in 1986, it is now is called the Howard and Mary Edith Cosell Center so it is probable that this medal is from the early years of the Center. I cannot recall ever seeing this medal. $50+?

*523 David Schwartz. 1991. AE71 x 71 by A. Shagin. His bust slightly left/Air Ship. Unc, #9 of only 500 made. Schwartz was a successful business man from Zagreb who gave up his business to fulfill his life long dream of building a rigid airship from aluminum. In the 1890s he finally succeeded but spent years trying to get a government to financially back him. Finally in 1897 the German government said yes, and Schwartz was so surprised he died immediately from the shock. Later his widow sold the plans and rights to Count Zeppelin, otherwise the airship may have been known as The Schwartz. Only the 3rd we can recall offering, the last in 2010. In original but a bit battered box. See The Shekel 24, 6, 25. $100+

*524 Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. Æ 38mm by Mercanti & Payne. Bust of The Lubavitcher Rebbe to the right/Flame, open book, globe, building & English & Hebrew legends. Official United States mint medal. In the past these have sold in our auction for as high as $85! In original cellophane packaging. $45+?

*525 Lidice tragedy Medals. 1997. Silver and (perhaps) a silvered alloy 30mm. Shield 1997 above, Lidice below/Cross, wreath, 10.6.1942. Struck for the 55th anniversary of the Lidice Tragedy. Both as issued and rare. Only 300 pieces of the alloy medal were made and 38 of the silver, which is hallmarked and comes with a certificate. Lidice is a village in the former protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia. In the spring of 1942 members of the Czechoslovak Exile Government assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, the acting governor appointed by Hitler. In retaliation Hitler ordered the execution of 10,000 Czechs. Instead the Nazis entered the village of of Lidice and executed all the men (192), along with 71 women. The rest of the women (198) were sent to Ravensbruck, while 98 children were sent to be reeducated by the Nazis. No more than 16 children survived the war. After the war Lidice was rebuilt, becoming both a symbol of Nazi terror and the heroism of the Czech resistance. This is ex lot #1100 from our sale 33C. $75+

*526 1998 30 Euro Medallic 35mm silver Coin. Struck for the 50th Anniversary as a partner in European trade. Flags of Israel and Germany 1948-1998/Symbols of the cities of Pardess Hanna Karkur in Israel and Halver in Germany, legends. Proof, as issued with certificate of issue. Only 500 minted. I can't recall ever seeing this before. $40+?


This section is highlighed by the finest selection of patterns and trial strikes of Israel medals that we've ever offered at one time.

*527 Israel's 10th Anniversary Pattern Medal. 1958 Æ 27mm. Menorah in 0 of stylized 10 and word Israel below/ Tenth Anniversary Israel 1948-1958 with 4 Magen Davids around map of Israel. The edge reads Israel Government Approved Issue 1948-1958 exactly as the edge inscription for the issued gold and silver medals. Struck by John Pinches mint. This was lot #198 from our sale 20A and I believe it came from the Morty Zerder collection. This was the first that we can recall selling. Since that time we have had a few more but not many. Nice, but a spot above the aleph in the word Israel. $400+?

*528 SM-1a Off Metal Strike. 1958 10th Anniversary Pattern Brass 27mm. Similar to the gold medal of the same size but in brass and with a plain edge, rather than a lettered one. Rare. This is ex lot 1070 from our sale 37A where it sold for $375. This seems to be unlisted anywhere but the See below for a similar item. $350+

*529 SM-1a Off Metal Strike. 1958 10th Anniversary Pattern Silver-plated Medal 27mm. Similar to the gold medal of the same size but in plated silver with a lettered edge. Rare. I believe I sold this to the consignor sometime in the late 1980s and I believe it's the only one we've handled. $350+

*530 Medal of Liberation Pattern. 1958. As SM-1, Silver-Plated Bronze 42.5 mm, 62.08 grams, plain edge. EF, a couple of small rim bumps. In 1998 we said it was only the second we could recall seeing. 16 years later that is still the case. Ex 28F #1177. See the Shekel Vol IV, #3., p. 26 for a description of a similar one. (Unfortunately The Shekel used a wrong picture). Haffner mentions that the patterns exist in her 1988 work. Ex Phil Sperber collection. Rare and important. $500+

*531 SM-1C Reverse Uniface Pattern in Copper-Nickel. 61mm. Extremely rare, we have seen only two others in 43+ years of handling Israel medals. Haffner mentions that this exists (page SM-1b-a of Israel's Money and Medals). However it is unlisted in either her earlier work or the IGCMC catalog. Of extreme rarity, probably with a mintage of 3 to 5 pieces. We sold this privately in the summer of 2008, in our Sale 38D a similar piece with a similar die break sold for $675. I believe that there was one in the Kagan-Maremba collection. Exceedingly rare. $500+?

*532 SM-1E. Liberation with Plugs. 1960. Bronze 61mm. Plugged and polished (as issued). Only 533 made. The modern side depicts a double plug. Ex 26A #1236. $50+

*533 SM-1f. Medal of Liberation with Plugs. IGCMC unlisted. 1961, Silver 61mm Plugs, only 386 minted. The silver pieces are more properly called balloons. Type 2 with the chain at the bottom of the reverse connected to the Hebrew legend. Zechovoy mint. Lightly toned and scarce. Much rarer than the bronze plugs variety. $100+

*534 SM-3 B'nai B'rith Pattern in Bronze. 1959 Bronze 35mm. Extremely rare, only the 3rd we have seen, probably less than 5 struck. Unc, some discoloration. This is ex lot 1333 from our sale 30F and I can't recall offering one since. I believe this is ex Herb Drapkin collection. $300+

*535 SM-5a. 1960. Hadassah without inscription. Rare sub-variety. Silver 35mm. Zechovoy mint without either silver or sterling on edge. According to Sedaka (IGCMC catalog #1) only 250 were stuck like this. Very rare. Ex WMR 40J #681. $250

*536 SM-5a. Hadassah without inscription. 1960. Bronze Trial strike. 35mm. A bit discolored. This is ex 30F #1336 and previously part of the Herb Drapkin collection. V ery rare, only the 2nd I can recall seeing and the first I can recall offering but obviously for the 2nd time. In 30F we also had pattern of SM-5b the Hadassah medal with inscription but that was sold to another collector. $300+

*537 SM-6b. Bar Kochba Bronze Pattern. 1960. 35mm. (23.41g). Rare, lettered edge. Ex 30F, #1341 @$375. Ex Herb Drapkin collection . $300+?

*538 SM-8. 1959. 1st Harp Competition. Silver 35mm. As struck. Rare variety without either silver or sterling on edge. Unmentioned by Haffner, Sedaka or Bar-Zeev as such. Unc., but a few marks and light fingering. Ex 40J #683. $150+

*539 SM-8. 1st Harp Pattern in bronze. 1959, 35mm. A bit discolored, with marks in the field. Plain edge and very rare. Ex 30F #1346 and ex Herb Drapkin collection. I believe we've offered only one other piece in the past 20 years! $350+

*540 SM-22a. United Jewish Appeal (UJA). 1963. Silver 59mm. This is among Israel's rarest of all State medals, with a mintage of only 764 and depicts immigrants disembarking from a ship. The key to the early 59mm silver medals. Lightly hair-lined under toning with a few more significant flaws visible from about 12 to 1:30 on the ship side of the medal. Ex Lot 269 from W. P. Andrew's Fall 1985 Mailbid Auction. $100+?

*541 SM-29b. Terra Sancta (Pilgrims) Pattern or Trial Strike. (1963) Bronze 35mm. An extremely rare pattern. This is ex Lot 667 from sale 38D. The only other we can recall offering was in the Fall of 2000 when a similar piece sold for $375. A few obverse handling marks. Haffner (1988) mentions that a bronze 35mm test strike exists. $400+?

*542 SM-43. Keren Hayesod Trial Piece. Brass 32mm. Plain edge. Unlisted by Haffner, IGCMC or Bar-Zeev and possibly unique. A bit dirty but exceedingly rare. Ex lot 1268 from our sale 31E. This is the only one that we can recall seeing. $175+

*543 SM-44a. Rehovot-Weizmann Institute Trial Pattern in Aluminum. 39mm, 9.68g. (The finished piece is 45 mm). The obverse shows the main design but not the legend, the reverse is the final design but without the border. See the lot below for a companion piece Rare, only one we've seen and unlisted anywhere. Ex 35D, #1026. $175+

*544 SM-45a. Keren Kayemeth (JNF) Trial Pattern in Aluminum. 39mm, 9.86 g. (the finished piece is 45 mm). Both sides seemingly show most of the final design with the exception of legends and some flat areas. Edge flaw to left of tractor. See the lot above for a companion piece. Rare, only one we've seen and unlisted anywhere. Ex WMR 35D, #1027. $175+

*545 SM-47. 25th Anniversary Brass Trial Strike or Pattern. 35mm (11.57g) with plain edge. Haffner (1988) mentions that "a brass trial strike exists". One of only three known to this cataloguer. This is ex lot 1108 from sale 27C and ex Morris Bram collection. 9 years later we sold a similar trial in 36c which was sold to an Israeli collector. A third was part of the Kagan-Maremba collection. This is the size of the platinum medal. Rare. $200+

*546 SM-48. arthur rubinstein Trial Strike or Pattern. 1973 Æ 59mm. As SM-48 with the famous portrait of Rubinstein by Picasso but with the following differences. 1) 1973 date on the reverse (instead of 1974 when the medal was released) and 2) an impressive incuse portrait on the obverse. This is ex 36c, 1093 and it sold for $550. We sold one in our Spring 1999 sale for $475. That had a small rim nick, this does not. In 2006 I wrote that "only 6 made, this is the 3rd we know about". I have to admit now that I am not sure where I got the information that 6 were made. It's possible that the information came from my Dad because it was his medal that I sold in 1999. Extremely rare and one of only 3 that we are aware of. $400+

*547 SM-137. Marc Chagall's King David. 1991. Set of 5 medals. Tombac 70mm, Silver 26 and 50mm Gold 18mm (18k) and 38mm (22k). SM-137, 137a, b, c and d. All in original cases. The obverses depict a color lithograph of King David with his harp taken from Chagall's tapestry which hangs in the Knesset and the reverse a 7-branched menorah. Scarce as a group and the first time I can recall ever offering them as such. Contains more than 1 ounce of gold and more than 2 ounces of silver. All 5 in their original cases. $1450+?

*548 SM-141b. In Memory of the Concentration and Death Camps. 1992 Gold 30 mm (15 grams, 18 k.). Figure of 6 children (symbolizing the 6 million who were murdered)/Electrified barbed wire fence, names of 6 death camps. BU. Rare and low mintage. Szperling SZ-49 (p. 85). Ex George Fisher collection. Ex 38C #830. $450+

*549 CM-2c. 1st Harp. 1960. Unlisted by ICGMC. Tombac 59mm. Unknown mintage, but scarce. As struck. This is Lot 923 from our sale 34E. $75+

*550 CM-6. Pablo Casals. 1962 T59mm. This medal was presented to participants & guests and not offered for sale. This weighs c. 96 grams and thus is one of only 299 medals struck as such. Magnus did not distinguish between the bronze and tombac issues of this medal, but the IGCMC did. A few minor marks. This is ex lot 924 from 34E where it sold for $75. $75

*551 CM-7. Shavit "Till" Trial? 1962 Silvered Bronze or Brass 59mm. Presented to Yehuda Hufr (?). Plain edge, 120 grams. A few handling marks. Because this medal was hand etched to the recipient after the striking, one can easily see the bronze (or brass) showing through. There are a few other dark spots throughout the medal. According to Haffner, the brass medals were actually trial pieces..the edges are blank. If this is one of these, the published mintage is 3. These medals were presented to the scientists who worked on Israel's first rocket. IGCMC does not list either brass or silvered brass thus lending credence to the trial pieces theory that Haffner wrote about. This is ex lot 1387 from our Sale 30F. Ex Herb Drapkin collection. $600+

*552 CM-7a. Shavit "Till" Trial. 1962. Brass 59mm. This a trial piece, with blank edges and some handling marks. Someone has tried to scratch out the word, presented on the reverse of this medal. Of the highest rarity. This brass and the silvered-brass piece in Lot # 551 above are unlisted by IGCMC and most certainly are trials. Haffner's listed mintage of 3 seems low but both are no doubt extremely rare. This is ex 28F #1205, Ex Phil Sperber collection. $600+?

*553 CM-10. Third Israel Festival. 1963 Bronze 59mm. Only 200 total in both bronze and silver-plated. Rare and seldom offered. We believe that the un-plated bronze pieces (as this is) are rarer than the plated examples. This is ex 28C #1191. $100+

*554 CM-13. Bank of Israel 10th Anniversary. 1964. Silver 30mm. Only 492 pieces minted. Lightly handled as are all we have seen. Proof. With original case. The obverse of this medal has the same design as the 1964 Bank Gold coin, a double cornucopia at the upper fight and the Hebrew legend to the lower left, 10th Anniversary of the Bank of Israel. We've only offered this medal via auction three other times since 1995 and this is the first we have seen with the original case. $100+?

*555 CM-18a. Masada. 1965, Copper 35mm. Presented by Professor Yigal Yadin to Masada Excavation Volunteers, this scarce medal has to the volunteer on the edge. Some minor marks. Even though the mintage is higher for this than CM-18b (see below) we've offered it fewer times than CM-18b. Ex 29C, #1218. $100+?

*556 CM-18b. Masada. 1965, Copper 35mm. Presented to IGCMC employees, very rare, only 200 struck. Virtually as struck. Edge has State of Israel in English and Hebrew with a menorah between the languages. Ex 29c #1219. $100+?

*557 CM-26. Yad Vashem. 1965, Tombac 59mm. Also known as The Righteous Among Gentiles, this is one of the most sought after of all Israel Commissioned Medals. 50 pieces were struck and awarded to members of the Commission and no further medals will be struck. Virtually as issued, with one small spot below the two n's on the reverse legend. Szperling SZ-7, page 133. This is 30F #1404 and ex Herb Drapkin collection. We've only offered 3 tombac medals over the past 20 years. $350+

*558 CM-29. Unique Trial Strike. Error. 1967 Israel-Canada Friendship. CN3 9mm. Caph instead of Nun in Hebrew word State of. State of Israel appears in both English and Hebrew with a Menorah between the two languages. In the mid 1960s Robert Weber, as head of the North American Division of the IGCMC, conceived the idea of an Israeli medal to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Canada's Confederation. He convinced his bosses to let an American Company, The Franklin Mint, strike the medal and for the American artist Oscar Harris to design it. Everything was going ok and as the first trial came off the press Mr. Weber happily showed it to his boss (I believe a Mr. Brin). A look of horror came across Mr. Brin's face as it he looked at the obverse as he noticed the spelling error. The dies were soon fixed and all other trial pieces were destroyed. I believe this is the only one. It was also the last medal that the Franklin mint struck for Israel. It's easy to see how this error came about. For those unfamiliar with Hebrew, and for those of us who struggled learning Hebrew as children, the difference between a Nun and a Caph is small indeed. The word State of Israel in both English and Hebrew is tiny on this medal. Haffner always listed this medal as commissioned or as a presentation medal but the IGCMC listed it as an official state medal. Interestingly all other State Medals have State of Israel on the edge of the medal not on the surface. In 1968 Robert Weber joined with Fred Bertram in writing Israel's 20 Year Catalog of Coins and Currency. This is ex WMR 32C #1197 and I believe the error shows clearly in our blow up photo! $150+?

*559 CM-35. Tefahot Bank. 1968. Tombac 45mm. Seldom offered. The last we sold, from our list 40C, was for $175. $140+

*560 CM-37. EL AL. 1969. Silver 59mm. Designed by Ben Shahn, this is the official presentation medal marking the 20th anniversary of the airline. 95 pieces were struck and it should not be confused with the more common SM-42c which has the dates 1977 and 5738 on the edge. This is serial #46 of only 95 minted. Lightly toned. This is only the 4th we've offered in 20 years and the first since the fall of 2005. That sold for $385! $200+

*561 CM-44a. Unfinished Pattern in Brass. Zim Israel Navigation Company. 33 mm (8.02g) (the finished pieces are 59mm 98 grams in tombac and 45mm 47 grams in silver). Double struck on both sides. A most unusual piece. Rare. This is ex 35D, #1038 and is the only piece like this we've seen. $175+?

*562 CM-45. Bank of Israel Medal Presented to Morris Bram. 1971 Tombac Medal. Obverse shows symbol of 6 agorot series coins and Bank of Israel in English and Hebrew, plus MORRIS BRAM in incuse/Panoramic view of Jerusalem. Rare and no doubt unique. Ex 28C #1194. Morris Bram was the founding President of AINA in 1967 and for most of its first 20 years continued as a President. He was certainly AINA's hardest worker and when he died in 1987 there was little doubt that his presence was missed. Morris and I had our differences over the years but we had numerous shared passions, not the least of which was our love for America, for Israel, for Judaic numismatics, for good Scotch and the New York Yankees. This lot is an important piece of AINA history. $100?

563 CM-62a. Remembrance Day. 1973. Tombac 59mm. Very few of these medals have made the way to collectors as they were awarded to families of slain Israeli military. As struck but rim bruise at about 12:30. In addition, a 1978 59mm unlisted Remembrance Day medal is also included in this lot. These were given out for fallen soldiers from Defense Minister E. Weitzman. This is ex lot 940 from 34E. $75+

*564 CM-66 (Unlisted variety) 8th Zimriya. 1973. Silver-Plated 59mm and unlisted as such. No doubt rare? Ex 35B #897 and the only one I can recall seeing. $40+

*565 CM-80a. CHAGALL-6TH HARP COMPETITION. Tombac 59mm. Rare, only 201 minted. Another extremely rare medal, only the 2nd one we've offered in ten years. We've only handled two of these medals in the past 20 years but we've offered both twice. In 1995 we sold one for $200 and then it was placed in our auction 33C where it sold for $250. This is 36C #1111. $150+

*566 CM-82b. Brass Pattern or Test Strike. Chess Olympics. 1976. Brass 35 mm. Plain edge (21.79 grams). An extremely rare medal, I believe that this is the only one we've ever offered. The only other piece known to us resided in the Kagan-Maremba collection. This was lot 1113 in 36C and sold for $425 in very active bidding. $350+

*567 CM-106B. Shin Bet Medal. (1973 and later). Silver-plated 59mm. Type with Menorah & Hebrew legend General Defence Services to the left. Haffner lists this as coming in tombac, however the three other pieces I have seen published (or perhaps this is one of the three) have also been silverplated. Of extreme rarity. This is ex 32E #1084. $550+

*568 PM-1a. Sinai Campaign (french generals). Silver-plated 80mm. This rare medal weighs 199 plus grams, there is no bronze showing through the inscription on the reverse. These medals were presented by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to the French pilots who took an active part in the Sinai campaign and the mintage figures are classified and unknown. A few handling marks, but overall nice and extremely rare. Also see Great Jewish Portraits in Metal page 139. This is ex 30F, #1456 and is from the Herb Drapkin collection. $400+

*569 PM-4. Medical Society of Israel. 1962, Bronze 59mm. Rare, issued upon the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the society. Haffner listed the mintage as 500 but that seems high to us. $90+

*570 PM-5. Dentistry School. Off-Metal Strike. 1964, Brass 38mm (20.57g). Struck for the dedication of the school. The piece was struck in bronze not brass but this trial or test pattern was obviously struck in a different metal. This ex 29c, #1226 and ex Harry Flower collection. It is the only brass example that I can recall offering. Incidentally Sylvia Haffner (both in her 1970 and 1988 books) described the medal as 33mm and approximately 30 grams. The issued medal, or perhaps all that I can recall seeing, is actually 38mm and 20-21 grams. The only article I found in a quick perusal of The Shekel was by Dr. Nat Gitlin (Vol. V, #1, page 4) in which he gave Haffner's measurements. In her 1970 work Mrs. Haffner credited the picture used to Dr. Gitlin so perhaps his example was 33mm. Anyway this is an off-metal strike in the correct size. I would be interested to hear from anybody who has a 33mm example in any metal. $125+

571 Group of 12 Commissioned Medals. Bronze or Tombac. B'nai B'rith, Hebrew University, Public Transportation, Ashdod Port, Hod Hasharon, 4th Bible, 4th Harp, WIZO, Tel-Aviv Museum, 5th Harp, Metal Working and Mateh Yehuda. CM-20, 21, 23, 27, 28, 38, 40, 43, 46, 56, 71 and 85. A few with minor imperfections, but basically as issued. Our retail price is $85+. The Tel-Aviv Museum piece is the scarcer variety without serial numbers and the 5th Harp is a low mintage piece with only 838 struck. Sold as is, no returns. $75?

572 Group of 24 Israel State Medals. An almost complete set of Historical City-Coin Medals in both silver and bronze. CCM-1 to CCM-9, CCM-1a to CCM-9a (missing CCM-8a). Ashkelon, Acre, Tiberias, Beit She'an, Avdat, Caesarea, Jaffa, Jerusalem in both bronze and silver and Lod bronze. Also in the lot are SM-21b (silver 35mm), SM-35d, SM-37, SM-37a, SM-38a, SM-45a and SM-47a, ie. the Liberation-2 silver, Masada tombac, Israel Museum bronze and silver, Rothschilds silver, Jewish National Fund silver and 25th Anniversary Silver. 24 total medals, including 12 45mm silver, 11 45 mm bronze or tombac medals and 1 silver 35mm medal. A few of the silver medals are beautifully toned. Sold as is, no returns. $350+

573 Group of 8 Israeli State and private medals. All bronze or tombac 59mm medals except where noted. SM-2, 21a, 36, 42, CM-38 and 3 privately issued medals. Valour, Liberation-2 (Silver 59mm), 3rd Bible, El-Al Airlines, 4th Bible, Levi Eshkol/6 Day War (as AM-1 but larger size), Theodore Herzl-Knesset and 10th Anniversary of Israeli Aviation. 8 medals, all different. 1 Silver. Sold as is, no returns. $75

574 Group of 8 Israeli State medals. All bronze or tombac 59mm medals except where noted. SM-6, 29, 38, 39, 42, CM-20, 34a and 38. Bar Kochba, Terra Sancta, Rothschilds, Sinai Campaign, El Al Airlines, B'nai B'rith, Stoke-Mandeville Invalid Olympics (Silver-Plate) and 4th Bible. 8 medals, all different. Sold as is, no returns. $40+?

575 Group of 8 Israeli State medals. All bronze or tombac 59mm medals. SM-13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, & 20. Casals, 2nd Bible, Shavit Rocket, Kadman Numismatic Museum, Council of Synagogues, American Jewish Congress, 2nd Music & Drama and 2nd Harp Contest. 8 medals, all different. Sold as is, no returns. $40+?

576 Group of 8 Israeli State medals. All bronze or tombac 59mm medals. SM-2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 & 11. Valour, Tel Aviv Jubilee, Hadassah Hospital, Bar Kochba, International Council of Local Authorities, International Press Institute, Pentecostal Conference and Beni-Beraq. 8 medals, all different. Sold as is, no returns. $40+?

577 Group of 8 Israeli State medals. All bronze or tombac 59mm medals. SM-21, 22. 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28, Liberation-2, UJA, Hebrew Union College, Ghetto Uprising, Tower and Stockade, ZOA, 3rd Israel Festival and First Settlers year. 8 medals, all different. Sold as is, no returns. $40+?

578 Group of 8 Israeli State medals. All bronze or tombac 59mm medals. SM-29, 30, 31, 33, 34, 35, 41 and 42. Terra Sancta, S. S. Shalom, Immigrant Blockade Runners, Tel Aviv Trade Fair, Chess Olympics, Masada, Balfour Declaration and El Al Airlines. 8 medals, all different. Sold as is, no returns. $40+?

579 Group of 8 Israeli State medals. All bronze or tombac 59mm medals. SM-29, 31, 38, 41, 42, 43, 46 and 47. Terra Sancta, Immigrant Blockade Runners, Rothschilds, Balfour Declaration, El Al, Keren Hayesod, Jerusalem-Knesset and 25th Anniversary. 8 medals, all different. Sold as is, no returns. $40+?

580 Group of 16 Israeli State medals. All bronze or tombac 59mm medals. SM-2, SM-5, SM-6, SM-23, SM-29, SM-32, 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 (2), SM-46 and SM-47. Valour, Hadassah Hospital, Bar Kochba, HUC, Terra Sancta, Histadrut Israel, Masada, 3rd Bible, Rothschilds, Sinai Campaign, Jewish Legion, Balfour Declaration, El Al Airlines (2), Jerusaelm-Knesset and 25th Anniversary. 16 medals, most different. Sold as is, no returns. $40+?


In addition to the items listed here, basically the entire World Paper section lots 334 to 451 and the Numismatic Literature section 452 to 471. We do not have a special section devoted to the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. Instead those lots are listed with other material. Please see Lots 333-339, 346-365, 408-409, 427-444, 446-451. 453-455. 457, 459, 467 and 468.

*581 map of ancient palestine. c. 10 1/2 x 13 1/2 in. Mostly black on light brown with areas divided by red, blue, yellow and green. Nice map with 6 illustrations by H. Warren around and engraved by JB Allen. Map drawn and engraved by J. Rapkin. Folded horizontally at center, as made. Ex WMR 25D, #956. (We believe this to be ex Jonah Shapiro). $75?

*582 Minsk Kollel Note. 500 Piastres. 1885. Extremely rare. Ex Preger, Bat Yam Sale (@$210). The Ellenbogen sale did not contain a note from Minsk and there doesn't seem to be one published in the Olson collection. Ex 26G, #1274 where it sold for $120 despite our placing the wrong photo in the catalog. We have no record of selling a Minsk Kollel note before or since. $125+

583 Matzo Receipts. 1888 Jerusalem. A hardbound booklet containing about 40 receipt leaves, each consisting of 3 receipts for a total of 120 or so bound together in a modern cloth binding. These were receipts that were given to members of the Kollels in Jerusalem, which they used to receive Matzo at distribution stations before Passover. A rare early Kollel related item. Ex 30F #1484. $200+

*584 Ottoman Empire Jewish Community Tokens. This lot consists of 13 paper tokens issued by various Jewish communities and merchants in Ottoman Turkey in the later part of the 19th century. Most of these tokens are illustrated and described by Kenneth MacKenzie of New Jersey in The Shekel Vol. XIII, #3 page 3-5 and this group consists of MacKenzie #1) Society to Care for the Sick Shemirat Holim Orta 5 Kayydi Paras Cinco; #2) & #3) K.K. Ets Hayyim Orta 10 and 20 Paras; 4) Shomerim Aboker (Guardians of the Morning) 10 Paras; 5) Kahal Kadosh 10 Paras; 6) K. K. Koskon Chyh 10 Paras; 8) Orta 10 Koshi (not Paras?); #9) K.K. Mayo 10 Paras, a token of the Holy Congregation in Haskeu; #10 Kahal Kadosh Ma'Äôalim 20 Paras; #11) K. K. Kastoria 20 Paras; 12) K. K. Eliago 20 Paras; and #13)K. K. Koskon Chyh 40 Paras. 13 pieces, most of which have numbers or markings on the back. All are plate notes from Ken MacKenzie's article. This is ex Lot #360 from sale 20A, March 1990. Very rare. I can't recall seeing another lot like that. Ex Kenneth MacKenzie, ex William Barrett. $5000+? [image b] [image c]

*585 THEODORE HERZL PHOTOGRAPH, signed by Mrs. Herzl. ND. c. 1900. c. 5 1/4 x 8 1/2" photograph on hard cardboard by C. Pietzner. A somber Herzl with arms folded. The back has a two-line inscription to Jacob De Haan and his wife from Mrs. Herzl. This is an official card of the famed Pietzner photographers and the back lists the addresses of his studios in various places in Austria and Germany. The back has tape and tape removal remnants. Rare? De Haan was a Dutch banker and a delegate to the 1st Zionist conference in Basel. This photo was found in a book on Herzl's life that was purchased by the consignor in a Toronto used book store in the 1970s and interestingly the two De Haan daughters who survived WWII settled in Toronto after the war. It is probable, although we have no other proof, that this photograph came from one of those two sisters. Fold at bottom right of cardboard, but not on the photograph. Ex 37A. #1116. $75+ [back]

*586 Jewish Colonial Trusty. 7, Decmber, 1900. Share Warrant of £1. Among the most attractive and desirable of all Eretz-Israel financial documents, each corner has a vignette of turn of the century (last century!) life in Eretz-Israel. They depict, clockwise from upper left, the Western Wall, a farmer sowing sees, a factory and the loading of goods in a harbor. The JCT, founded by the Zionist Org. to raise funds, became the holding company of the Anglo-Palestine Company. Interestingly this document was redeemed after 1955 by Bank Leumi. Meshorer-Olson #34. The JCT was founded in 1899, this is one of the earliest dates we've seen. Minor tape repair but basically a very nice VF. Ex 21A, #764. $100+?

*587 Eliyahu Honig Ashkenazim Kollel. 1902. A handwritten note signed by Eliyahu Honig, the Jewish Postmaster of the Ottoman Post Office of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem. It states that 5 gold Napoleons were received for Turkish postage stamps and purchased by the Committee. See The Shekel Vol XVIII, #1, pages 13-23 for a fine summary in English by Sidney Olson about Kollel notes and page 19 for a reference to Honig's signature as well as Meshorer-Olson #5. Scarce. VF, stain, torn and repaired. This is ex 31E #1340. $70+

*588 Arthur James Balfour. Letter. (1848-1930). British Prime Minister (1902-1905) and statesman. As Foreign Secretary under David Lloyd George, he authored the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which stated " His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people". Manuscript Letter signed as Prime Minister on stationery engraved "10, Downing Street, Whitehall, S.W.," 2 pp, 7¼ x 4¾ in., Dec. 5, 1904. Marked "Private / Dictated" in pencil at the top. To Herbert Samuel (1870-1963), MP since 1902, later Viscount Samuel, who submitted a memorandum in 1915 suggesting that Palestine become a homeland for Jews and who was the first High Commissioner for Palestine. Balfour acknowledges Samuel's letter and adds, I may have to communicate with you again upon the important topic to which it refers' I have received your communication and am considering it. Was the topic a home for the Jewish people more than 10 years before he made his views public? No doubt rare. Ex Ira and Larry Goldberg Sale 61, #304. $750+?

*589 Anglo-Palestine Co. Share Warrant. 13, January, 1905 for one ordinary share. 10 dividend coupons attached by staple. £1 of £50,000 issued. Signed by Joseph Cowen. See Endorsements on back handstamped on top and added information was added reflecting the company by 1936 was the Anglo-Palestine Bank. Meshorer-Olson #36. Ex 22C #311. $75?

590 Anglo-Palestine Co. Ltd. Debenture. the Jewish National Fund. 1908/ (# 121) for deposit of 1,000 Francs in the Anglo-Palestine Co. Ltd. which was set up by the World Zionist Org. Includes 36 coupons for interest payments, 1909-1926. Very elaborate border with pictures of ancient Jewish coins. Handstamped Annulled across face and across coupons, with cut-cancel at bottom. Manuscript date and signature at top in pencil. This was lot 780 in our sale 21A. Since then we've offered this debenture a handful of times but I believe this is the only Annulled one we've had. Scarce. $75+?

*591 Alfred Dreyfus. Dreyfus was the Jewish artillery officer in the French army, falsely accused and convicted of treason in 1894. The Dreyfus Affair became a cause célèbre when Dreyfus was championed by Emile Zola and other intellectuals. Dreyfus was exonerated in 1906 and restored to his rank of major in the French Army. Autograph Letter signed "A Dreyfus," one page, in French, 6¾ x 5 in. Thursday, (not dated) but in pencil ( Oct. 1909). To the widow of Emile Zola (he died of carbon monoxide poisoning in 1902), congratulating her on the marriage of Denise Emile-Zola, Zola's daughter by his mistress, Jeanne Rozerot (they also had a son, Jacques), to Maurice Leblond, who was secretary to French Prime Minister Georges Clemençeau. Mme. Zola, who had no children, had adopted her husband's two illegitimate children and given them her husband's name.

Dreyfus writes that he (and his wife) were delighted at the good news of Denise's wedding and they send best wishes for her happiness with Leblond, whom Dreyfus knows. He sends deepest thanks for a portrait of Emile Zola which Mme. Zola sent him and says that he has decided to include it in the first volume of his letters, and also thanks her for her letters which are going to enrich his collection. Included is a print-out of an article about the wedding of Denise Emile-Zola which appeared in The New York Times on November 1, 1908. Ex Ira and Larry Goldberg, Sale 61 #306. $1250+?

*592 torat chaim (Yeshivah Hagadoleh) kollel note. 1910? 5 Gold Napoleons. VF, rare. A few handstamps and manuscript signatures on face and a two-line manuscript notation on back. Similar to Lot #189 in R. Ellenbogen Collection sold by Pine Tree Auctions in May of 1976 for $250; we sold one in our 41E sale for $140. This is P32 from our Fixed Price List 27A of 1997. $125+

*593 Talmud Thora Kollel note. Etz-Chaijm of Jerusalem. 1912. 50 Gold Napoleons, One Year I.O.U. Obligation note, payable to the bearer on demand. Hebrew/Yiddish paid handstamps and notations on reverse indicating that this note will be fully cashed with an eight days notice. Scarce. Ex 27C, #1149. $50+

*594 Galicia Kollel Note. 1913 for 125 Piastres. Siegel der Oestralizeian. Fine. Scarce. From our 1997 Fixed Price List 27A. Numerous handstamps and handwritten signatures and notations. See The Olson Collection #13 for a similar piece from this same Austria Kollel. Tears at left border. $100?

*595 Kollel Note. Wohlin Habbad. 1913 for 5 Rubles contributed by Sh. Tchertkov. Signed by Dov Meir Eisenstein with bilingual handstamp of the General Education Institute for Children of Jerusaelm. Hand stamp with Kottel. A scarce Lubavitcher item. VF. Ex 33c #1280. $50+

*596 Palestine, Tel Aviv Paper Token of 1914. 1 Beshlik, Series Gimel. Judaic Tokens and Medals CC-12c, Dabbah page 36-37. Fine, small tear and very rare. These tokens were issued in 1914 (in other denominations and in Francs as well) to help relieve the hardship on the Jewish population during the early days of World War I. Most of the older Jewish community in Palestine at that time was extremely poor and had relied on donations from Jewish communities in Europe to survive. During WWI it became extreme difficult to get funds from Europe to Palestine and thus some of the more recent comparatively well to do Jewish immigrants went to imaginative ways to help their brethren. To avoid provoking the Ottoman authorities the notes said that they would be good for food and groceries although in actuality they were used in all everyday commerce. Nevertheless in January of 1915 the Ottoman authorities ordered the population to stop using them and ordered them all destroyed. This is ex Lot 681 from our Sale 23F. $150+?

*597 Warsaw Kollel note. 1914. 27 Piastres. An extremely rare note in EF (with pencil notations on reverse). Since most of these notes are usually seen falling apart, a note in this condition is amazing. Ex 26G, #1278 @$200. See Meshorer-Olson #15. $200+

*598 Kollel Wilna and Zamout. 1914 (Kislev 5675) for two Gold Napoleons (218 Turkish Ghrush). Printed in black on white paper with decorative frame. Signed in hand by Yitzhak Schepjetzky and Zalman HaChoen Rubin. EF and rare. Ex 32C #1306. As Meshorer-Olson #12. $60+

*599 Happy New Year in Hebrew on large size $5 Federal Reserve note of 1914. P-359b, Fr-874. St. Louis. Burke and Houston signatures. The Hebrew is handstamped in purple in a diagonal from the bottom left of Lincoln's portrait. F-VF, minor stains. $5 would have been a nice size gift in the early 20th century. $150+?

*600 Matzoh Money of Dr. Moshe Wallach. Paper Token. (c. 3 1/2 x 2"). ND WWI. JTM-CC-3. Unc. During WWI this token was given to poor as alms at Passover. Addressed to Schlomo Elba, Joseph Solomon, Siminowitz Bros and R.L.Kuperschmidt asking them to supply the bearer with 1/2 rotel (the weight) of clean matzoh for the price of 15.30 Grush. Dr. Wallach destroyed the tokens which were returned to him, thus all that survived were rare. Unc. (See the Shekel Vol, 3, #3, pages 6 & 7 for even more information by the well known Dov Genachowski). This uncirculated token is #730 and does not have seal of Dr. Wallach and thus is either a trial note or one that Dr. Wallach forgot to handstamp. I believe that every other one we have seen, either in person or via photo, have had this handstamp. I believe that all I have seen have had serial numbers in the 700s. $100+

*601 Matzoh Money of Dr. Moshe Wallach . Paper Token. (c. 3 1/2 x 2"). ND WWI. JTM-CC-3. Unc. See above for description of similar token. This uncirculated token is #735 and does have the seal of Dr. Wallach. $100+

*602 Knesseth Israel Halukkah Trio. 1915. 3 different forms of the same basic design with minor changes in the frame and the No. printed in the upper left of each note. 1) To the Managers of the General Committee of Knesset Israel, Kindly pay (Rabbi's widow) 8 Shillings (4 gold Napoleons) on behalf of the Kollel Horodna, signed by the Kollel Manager, Modechai Gershon Weinberg. 2) For 10 Shillings (5 Napoleons) to Rabbi Israel Eisenmann, signed by Weinberg & the recipient and the 3rd (this without a serial number) for 30 Egyptian Grush (6 Schillings) to Joseph Shumel signed by Nachman Yitzhak. A scarce trio of Horodna Kollel notes. Ex 30c, #1153. $75+?

*603 Rabbinical IOU from Tiberias. Written in Sephardic/Hebrew manuscript with 10 Para Ottoman fiscal stamp tied by oval Hebrew/Latin handstamp of Rabbi Haymin Issachar Abolafia, Rabbincal Court, Tiberias. Also seen are the handstamps of Rabbi Jacob Waeknin of Tiberias as well as the Central Committee of the Sephardic Jewish Community of Tiberias, plus two more faint handstamps that we can not make out. Two numbers are present at top, 94 and 25. Perhaps one is the date, the other the amount due. Certainly this is from well before 1925 as the Ottoman Empire was no longer in existence at that time. Fine. Scarce. Ex WMR 37a, #1171. $60+

*604 Matzoh Money. 1916. Warsaw Poland. Good for 225 Gross or 17 1/2 Pounds of Matzoh. Used to raise funds for the Jewish Community, with vignette of school or community building at center. Green on off-white paper. Unused and uncirculated with just minimal signs of aging. Ex Pine Tree's Walter Breen Sale, September 1985, Lot 590, Ex 37a Lot 1170 and ex Steven Marcus collection. See The Shekel Vol. XII, #6 p. 8-9 for an excellent article on this note by Dr. Paul Federbush . $100+

*605 Multi-Kollel Certificate. 1916. Addressed to American Jewry with 10 different Kollel Cachets, signed by 17 Kollel Chief Rabbis & 7 members of Jerusalem Rabbincal Courts and a special address signed and sealed by Grand Rabbi Chaim Berlin (aka Hanatziv). c. 10 x 16". VF, and rare. Signed and sealed on both sides. One of the most elaborate Kollel item we've ever had. This is 31C #1105 where it sold in competitive bidding for $330 on a $100+ estimate. The previous year we offered a similar one, but if I recall not quite as nice, and it sold for $140. I believe those were the only 2 we've ever had . $150+

*606 American Kollel Pair. 1916. One for 4260.15 Francs plus a blank printed voucher which is a confirmation slip, affirming that funds were actually received from the Support Committee of New York. Scarce. Ex 27C, #1157. $50+

*607 Haboneh Share Certificate. 1921 Share Certificate. (Anglo-Palestine Building Co. Ltd). 5 July 1921 for 25 Shares of £1 each. Purchased by Isaac Leon Goldberg of 3 Allenby Road, Tel Aviv. Meshorer-Olson #47 which is certificate #219. Our example is #215 and issued to the same person who was a leading figure in the Zionist movement and a participant in the first 12 Zionist congresses. EF or better and scarce. I believe this is the only one we've had. We noticed another in an auction held about a year ago and that was issued to the same Mr. Goldberg who apparently was a large stock holder. $75?

*608 Anglo-Palestine Co. Share Warrant. 31 December 1923 for one ordinary share. 10 dividend coupons attached by staple. £1 of £120,00 issued which has been overstamped to read 1,000,000 shares. A later style than in lot 589 but also signed by Joseph Cowen. Large red seal at lower left and British 3 Shillings embossed revenue in orange at left. See Endorsements on back handstamped on top and added information was added reflecting the company by 1935 was the Anglo-Palestine Bank. Unlisted in Meshorer-Olson. Ex 19H, #320 and I believe ex Harry Warshaw collection. $60+

*609 Zionist Shekel. 1925. Eretz-Israel. Hit'Achudut Labour Party. In various shades of green, purchased on 2 Nissan 5685 (the year in perforations). Issued for members of the World Zionist Labor party Hit'Achdut by its Eretz-Israel branch. Hebrew/English/Yiddish text on both sides with red serial number at upper right. VF. Ex 35B #977. $50+

*610 Zionist Shekel. 1928. Eretz-Israel. Dull blue on white, Hebrew text on both sides, Eretz-Israel at upper left, purchased in Tel-Aviv for 40 Mils on 27 March 1928. Both the amount and the date handstamped in purple. EF, a few minor stains. Ex 35B #978. $50+

*611 Kupat Ashrai Share Certificate. 1930s? For 100 Palestine Pounds. Unused with 10 coupons attached. c. 17 x 9 1/2". EF This historic document was printed by Hamadpis Liphshitz in Jerusalem in the 1930s and has an ornate border around it with 10 unused coupons attached. It is printed in Hebrew and English. This was issued by a society of Polish Orthodox Jews who were not necessarily Zionist although their intent was to build their community in Eretz Israel. We've had a couple of these in the past but this one that we sold in May of 2003 remains the nicest. I believe that this later became the Kedem Credit Bank. $100+

*612 Bank America Palestina Ltd. Share Certificate. 1930s. Unissued, with coupons. Handstamped #000. Stains and a few minor folds. Rare? 1st and only one we've seen. I haven't been able to trace the history of this bank other than to know that it was incorporated in Palestine in 1929. This is the only item from that bank that we have offered and we could find no similar item nor information about this bank online. In The Shekel Vox XIII, #2, pages 3 to 9, Dov Genachowski provided a check list of banks in Palestine 1920-1948. He doesn't mention Bank America Palestina, but #16 on his list is the American Palestine Bank Ltd. Genachowski mentions that despite its name it was founded by German Jews. Ex 26G #1294. $75+?

*613 Hachshara Ltd, Specimen Share Certificate. 1930s. Overprinted Specimen in both Hebrew & English. This company was formed as an agricultural settlements with Jewish immigrants from Poland, Russia, Romania and Austria. The company headquarters was on Rotschild Blvd. in Tel Aviv. Nice with counterfoil attached but unfortunate stain on back. Perhaps from coffee. This is the only item that we can recall offering from this company. Ex 26G, #1298. $35+?

*614 Belgo-Palestine Bank Ltd. Share Certificate. 1930s. English and Hebrew legends. Unissued, with Specimen written in pencil in Hebrew across face. With signatures of the directors in both English and Hebrew. Stains and a few folds. Ex 26G #1296. #69 in Genachowski's list of banks, it later merged with the Palestine Corporation. Scarce, I believe this is the only item I've offered from this bank. It elicited strong bidding in 1996. $50+?

*615 Mother and Son from Poland to Palestine. 1935. Passports of Jakob Benjamin Sztern and his mother Sara Golde Sztern along with a Government of Palestine Identity Card as well as a 1941 Volunteer Fire Brigade Card. His passport had his photo and shows via hand and adhesive stamps that he traveled through Hungary, Yugoslavia and Greece. His mother's passport was issued a year later but it has no picture. Her passport shows that she made the journey solely to go to Palestine and has a single journey stamp to certify that. She traveled through Romania on her journey and was given permission to be a resident in Palestine immediately upon arriving there. Her son's passport does not show his arrival in Palestine but we know from the other 2 documents that he did arrive there. His well-used, with an indecipherable date, ID card shows that he had changed the spelling of his last name to Stern, his race was Jew and he was a driver. His Fire ID card (both ID cards have the same photo) was issued 1 Jan. 1941 and he has now shortened his name to Benjamin Stern. A group of documents showing a successful immigration to Palestine before the horrors of WWII had arrived in Poland. $100+

*616 Romanian Kollel. 1936. Halukka note of this Kollel for funds received from the Central Committee (in NY) through Rabbi Nachum Ethrog of Saffad. #67, dated Eyyar 5696 (May 1936) for 225 Mils given to Moshe Greenberg as allowance for his family of 5 people. Printed in dark bluish-black on white framed paper. VF and scarce. The style of this Kollel note is much more modern than most. Ex 34E, #988. $40+

*617 Mizrahi Bank Ltd. 1937. Share Certificate for 1 Egyptian Pound. With a beautifully colored ornate frame. Issued to Shmuel Rubinstein of Tel-Aviv. Background in light blue with red seal. Printed by Goldberg, Jerusalem. Ideal for framing. Colorful and attractive. Mizrahi Bank was the bank of The National Religious Party. A few light folds and minor staining on reverse, otherwise a nice EF. Ex 31C #1119. $75

*618 Zionist Shekel. 1937. Czechoslovakia. Light blue on off-white, Czechoslovakia at lower right. Purchased in Bratislava (now in Slovakia) for 10 Kronen on 27 May 1937. Hebrew/ Yiddish/English text on both sides, blue serial number at lower left. The amount and the date are handwritten. Scarce locale for this date. In less than 2 years Czechoslovakia would be invaded by the Nazis. Ex 35B #979. $65

*619 Beit-Am (The People's House). 1938 Share Certificate. For 1 share. Signed by Eliyahu Golumb (Commander of the Haganah) and Zeev Gluskin (1st signer of the establishment of the Jewish Brigade). EF, a very minor stain. In Hebrew and English and with two important signers. Scarce. Ex 30F, #1519. This is the only one I can recall ever having. It actually sold in our Sale 29F but was returned by the bidder although I don't have any note as to why. $125+?

*620 1st Ghetto in Occupied Poland. 1940. An 11 3/4 x 7 3/4" typed document of the Jewish Community of Petrikau addressed to the Commissar of the city. It requested daily passes for 10 Jewish residents of the Ghetto to be able leave to reach stores outside of the Ghetto. This extraordinary document lists the names and addresses of the 10 people who would work as selectors or sorters from the formerly Jewish stores now outside the Ghetto. Handstamped in red with Der Aelteste Rat der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde in Petraikau and signed by a member of the Aelteste Rat (later changed to Judenrat). It has a an adhesive received stamp in the lower right and a few manuscript German notations, probably meaning that the passes were given out (or perhaps not) and extended to March of 1940.

Piotrkow Trybunalski (Petrikau in German) was located in mid-Poland about 25 KM south of Lodz and was captured by the Nazis on 5 September 1939. The Pogroms started the same day: murders, kidnappings, robberies, rapes, forced drafts for slave labor, etc. On October 8, 1939 a special decree was published announcing the foundation of the Ghetto (which became the First Ghetto in Poland). The entire Jewish Population (20,000+ about 1/3 of the city) was ordered to walk out of their homes and to gather in the Ghetto with their bed cloths only and to to wear a Yellow Star at all times (subject to immediate death). They were ordered to hand over almost all of their money, gold, jewelry, etc to city officials. The Ghetto itself was liquidated during October of 1942 and most were transported to the Treblinka Death Camp, while about 2000 with Work Cards or Books were placed in 3 forced labor camps and later sent to Auschwitz and other camps. Only about 1400 of the original 20,000 residents survived. An exceedingly rare item. I can recall offering only 2 other items from this Ghetto. Twice we had Work ID cards, the last in 2002. This is ex 30F, #1579. $200+

*621 Litzmannstadt Ghetto Special ID Card. c. 7 x 5 1/2" folded once to fit in a pocket. In German, printed in black on buff cardboard paper. Issued by Der Aelteste der Juden in Litzmannstadt (Eldest of the Jews) and issued only to members of the Judenrat and chiefs of major departments and services in the Ghetto, i. e. the most important Jews in the Ghetto. Consists of two parts, the ID and a Supporting log with a printed notation that the ID is only valid with the Supporting log. With spaces for the holder's photo and personal details including his title. This card enabled the holdera free reign in the every every hour even during long as proper details are filled out in the Supporting log and the area is in fact related to his responsibility. Printed name of J. Rumkowski, Vorsitzender (Chairman). This unused card was most likely a trial printing and must have been replaced quickly as Mr. Rumkowski's used the name of Chaim, usually printed Ch. rather than J. Both the ID and the log show three tiny holes at center as they probably were attached together. EF, a few stains and no doubt extremely rare. Ex 35B #999. $250

*622 Theresienstadt Thank You Card. 1944. Parcels sent to Theresienstadt had to be picked up at the camp post office and receipt acknowledged. At the time they accepted the package, the recipient was handed a thank you card which he or she filled out and it was then sent to the sender of the parcel verifying receipt of same. This on buff paper, dated 19 July 1944 from Robert Braun and sent back to the sender in Vienna. Signatures, handstamps and German postal stamp with Hitler. Obviously the relatives or friends who received such signed cards presumed that the inmate was still alive. Simon page 86, type 4 and Feller page 88. Ex 35B #1011. $50+

*623 David Ben-Gurion Letter. 1945. Autograph letter signed in Hebrew to "Gruenbaum" (Yitzchak) updating him concerning the gravity of the political situation in London. In Hebrew, green ink on paper. Two pages. Taped repair to lower margin. 8" x 6½", London, September 20, 1945. Ben Gurion makes three points:

1) President Truman's recommendation to Prime Minister Attlee that 100,000 certificates for immigration to Palestine be made available immediately, has been rejected.

2) The British Government has decided to continue the policy of the White Paper with the adjustment that just 1500 Jews per month be allowed entry to Palestine (this decision will be formally announced at the meeting of Parliament on October 9th, 1945).

3) Friends inside the Government have opined that this decision is not final. In light of the situation, Ben-Gurion advised that all talks with the British Government be suspended, that Ch(aim) W(eizmann) tender his resignation in symbolic protest, and that the Government handle Aliyah itself. Finally, Ben-Gurion summons the Zionists of England to a special meeting to be held Monday next (Chol ha-Mo'ed Sukoth). Ben-Gurion was Chairman of the Jewish Agency Executive, and Greenbaum was a member of the Jewish Agency Executive; he later became Israel's first Minister of the Interior. See Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. VII, 943-944. English translation included. A very rare and important letter. Ex Ira and Larry Goldberg Sale #44, Lot 4551 (February 2008). Prior to that ex-Kestenbaum & Co, June 2007 Lot 205. $5000+?

*624 Collection of cigar and cigarette related items as sold in Palestine & early Israel, mounted in an album. Mainly overseas brands as featured on carton covers, cutouts, including matchbox covers, Palestine mandate revenues etc. Approximately 450 pieces. Mostly obsolete brands. Ex 27c #1298 where it sold for $150. A really neat ephemera collection. $150+?

*625 Bank leumi credit certificate. Green. 1948. For five years. SPECIMEN. With 10 coupons attached at bottom. The signatures of two people are on both the upper portion of the certificate as well as each coupon. One of the signers is Elizer Kaplan, a signer of many of Israel's early notes. The underprint of the entire document depicts facsimiles of ancient Jewish coins which unfortunately probably won't be visible on the scan. Due to the color and Kaplan's signature this certificate somewhat resembles the 100 Mil Carpet note. Unc., but bottom is a bit ruffled. A major rarity! $375+?

626 About 125 Israel First Day Covers. 1960s. All cacheted, many topics, many with multiple stamps or souvenir sheets. Neat Lot. This is ex 37A, #1135 where it sold for $125 on a $75 estimate. For another Philatelic lot, see #407. $75+

*627 David Ben-Gurion. Hand written letter, date 9.7.65. Signed by the late Israeli Prime Minister, on line 8 x 4 1/2" paper, lower right corner torn. Ex 26G, #1130. $225+

628 LETTER FROM AVRAHAM HARMAN, ISRAEL AMBASSADOR TO US, TO REHAVAM AMIR, JEWISH AGENCY FOR ISRAEL. 1965. Details a hoped for plan to help implement Israeli studies in Hebrew and Jewish schools in the United States. Harmon's main point seems to be that the Jewish Agency should not finance Jewish education in the US, but stimulate and lead it. An extremely important document. All who are in the education fields will find this fascinating. Amir, by the way, was one of the few brave Jewish parachutists who went behind Nazi lines in occupied Europe during the war. 3 typed pages, signed by Harman on last page. Interestingly this letter does not have a secretary's initials at the end and as it begins "my...secretary is on leave" so we can assume that Harman typed it himself. Ex 26A, #1461. $60+

629 6 Day War Grouping. 1967. Maps, pamphlets and booklets including Military Maps. 9 items (1 duplicate) brought back from Israel by an American volunteer in Israel just after the war. A neat lot. Ex 30F #1145. $35+

*630 Golda Meir & Richard Nixon. Black and white Photo Signed "Golda Meir" as Prime Minister of Israel and " Richard Nixon" as President of the U.S., 8 x 10 in. Both signed in blue ink; Golda Meir's signature is a little light but clear. The photo was taken on the White House grounds by photographer James Pickerell. While the photograph is undated, both Nixon and Meir seem to be smiling and neither seems as harried as they would be later in their terms. We do know that Golda Meir did visit Nixon at the White House in 1969. Ex Ira and Larry Goldberg's Sale, Lot #113. $350+?

*631 Signed Photograph. Shimon Peres and Henry Kissinger. Black and white photo of the two men standing with unidentified woman. Perez autograph at top. Ex 32C #1251. $40+?

*632 Signed photo of President Ezer Weizman. Colored photograph of Ezer Weizman with his autograph at the bottom. 4 people in background. Probably taken between 1993 and 2000 when he was President. Before entering politics he had been a military pilot and commander and served in the British Army, the British Air Force and later a member of the Irgun and then the Israeli Air Force. He was a nephew of Chaim Weizmann and a brother-in-law of Moshe Dayan. Pasted on cardboard. Ex 32C #1252. $35+?

*633 Signed Photo. 1994? Color photograph of Yitzchak Rabin and King Hussein of Jordan walking down a street with a bevy of people behind them with the signatures of both at the bottom. Presumably taken in 1994 after the signing of the Israel-Jordan Peace pact. Rabin was assassinated in November of 1995 and Hussein died of cancer in 1999. Accompanying this photograph is a letter on the letter head of the Institute of Documentation in Israel dated May 1, 1996, signed by Tuviah Friedman, director of the Institute, certifying its authenticity. Acquired in the summer of 1996 via a private treaty sale. $350+?

*634 Signed Photo. 1994? Color photograph of Itzchak Rabin with Shimon Peres, Hosnai Mubarak and Yasar Arafat. The photo depicts left to right Peres, the Russian Foreign Minister, Rabin, Mubarak, Arafat and the Egyptian Foreign Minister standing in front of a curtain. Rabin's signature is above. Accompanying this photograph is a letter on the letter head of the Institute of Documentation in Israel dated May 1, 1996, signed by Tuviah Friedman, director of the Institute, certifying its authenticity. Acquired in the summer of 1996 via a private treaty sale. $350+?

*635 Anti Shimon Peres Quartet. 1996. 3 Anti-Peres election propaganda "banknotes" published by the Zo Artzeinu (Our Land), who according to our source are an extreme right wing group. 1) Arafat and Peres, the back shows Arafat, with the legend, Arafat, President of the Palestinian State with the Temple; 2) designed like the Sharrett 20 NIS note (1st type) with Peres portrait on the back and anti Peres quotations from Sharrett and Rabin and 3) similar to #2 but in different colors and different quotations. Also included in this lot is a small size red & white 5-page accordion style leaflet titled Peres's Book of Fantasy, containing anti-Peres cartoons and published by the Likud Party (with their website address included). A nice lot of political material from the important election campaign that followed the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Peres may be the last of the original "founders" of Israel still alive and at least until earlier this year still active. Over the years he has been a prominent member of 5 different political parties, has been both Prime-Minister and President, a Nobel Prize winner and a member of the Knesset for most of the time between 1959 and 2007. Putting aside Israeli politics, anybody who has been in the public eye that long has made both his share of friends and his share of enemies as well. Ex 30C #1222. $50+

End of sale.

This sale closed December 4, 2014. The following prices realized are provided as a courtesy to our bidders and customers. All prices are in US Dollars. We are not responsible for typing, layout or display errors. * Denotes tie bid.

Lot# -- Price Realized
2 -- $300
3 -- $75
5 -- $875
7 -- $520
9 -- $125
14 -- $225
15 -- $95
16 -- $275
23 -- $100
33 -- $175
34 -- $90
35 -- $330
36 -- $100
37 -- $125
38 -- $120
39 -- $175
40 -- $125
41 -- $120
42 -- $130
43 -- $110
44 -- $135
45 -- $145
46 -- $100
47 -- $160
48 -- $110
49 -- $165
50 -- $175
51 -- $250
52 -- $100
53 -- $61
54 -- $800
56 -- $900
57 -- $60
59 -- $105
65 -- $140
66 -- $110
67 -- $250
68 -- $285
75 -- $115
77 -- $80
82 -- $80
83 -- $63
88 -- $100
91 -- $120
94 -- $75
98 -- $35
99 -- $140
101 -- $115
103 -- $290
104 -- $275
106 -- $125
107 -- $135
108 -- $250
109 -- $415
110 -- $440
111 -- $280
112 -- $525
113 -- $215
114 -- $375
115 -- $255
116 -- $85
118 -- $90
119 -- $400
120 -- $850
121 -- $350
122 -- $64
123 -- $51
124 -- $90
126 -- $210
127 -- $250
128 -- $450
133 -- $325
134 -- $110
135 -- $110
136 -- $12
137 -- $900
144 -- $90
146 -- $100
147 -- $250
148 -- $140
149 -- $225
150 -- $150
151 -- $325
152 -- $340
153 -- $600
154 -- $500
155 -- $850
156 -- $250
157 -- $5000
158 -- $375
160 -- $135
161 -- $235
162 -- $180
163 -- $120
164 -- $170
165 -- $275
166 -- $165
167 -- $80
168 -- $110
169 -- $60
170 -- $120
171 -- $85
172 -- $230
173 -- $600
174 -- $750
175 -- $275
176 -- $600
177 -- $600
178 -- $450
179 -- $110
180 -- $600
181 -- $75
182 -- $650
183 -- $250
184 -- $375

Lot# -- Price Realized
186 -- $110
188 -- $70
191 -- $75
192 -- $285
194 -- $90
195 -- $450
196 -- $45
197 -- $350
198 -- $500
199 -- $110
200 -- $275
201 -- $1100
202 -- $600
203 -- $200
204 -- $200
205 -- $250
206 -- $1900
207 -- $1400
208 -- $300
209 -- $3500
210 -- $8750
211 -- $1500
212 -- $3000
213 -- $175
214 -- $175
215 -- $3000
216 -- $3000
217 -- $3000
218 -- $150
219 -- $300
220 -- $9000
221 -- $9000
222 -- $260
223 -- $675
224 -- $40
225 -- $1200
226 -- $600
229 -- $200
230 -- $1550
233 -- $260
235 -- $75
239 -- $125
240 -- $60
*242 -- $1000
243 -- $1200
244 -- $150
245 -- $400
246 -- $125
247 -- $350
248 -- $360
249 -- $350
250 -- $1250
251 -- $500
252 -- $1100
253 -- $1500
*254 -- $38,000
255 -- $1375
258 -- $75
259 -- $65
261 -- $150
263 -- $225
264 -- $150
266 -- $500
267 -- $250
268 -- $325
269 -- $450
270 -- $100
271 -- $250
272 -- $1000
273 -- $100
274 -- $75
275 -- $100
276 -- $150
278 -- $275
279 -- $800
280 -- $750
281 -- $850
282 -- $360
283 -- $175
284 -- $400
*285 -- $6000
287 -- $400
288 -- $155
289 -- $165
290 -- $11,000
291 -- $240
*292 -- $3500
293 -- $70
294 -- $6300
295 -- $600
296 -- $975
297 -- $600
298 -- $50
299 -- $1300
300 -- $100
301 -- $350
303 -- $75
304 -- $225
306 -- $100
307 -- $500
308 -- $500
309 -- $100
310 -- $65
312 -- $120
313 -- $2500
314 -- $2500
315 -- $425
316 -- $125
318 -- $130
319 -- $75
320 -- $100
321 -- $115
322 -- $105
323 -- $120
324 -- $120

Lot# -- Price Realized
325 -- $80
327 -- $110
328 -- $140
329 -- $110
330 -- $825
332 -- $75
333 -- $100
*335 -- $2000
336 -- $3500
*337 -- $2000
338 -- $240
339 -- $180
340 -- $2800
341 -- $1750
342 -- $1350
343 -- $1400
344 -- $150
345 -- $1300
348 -- $180
349 -- $300
350 -- $150
351 -- $150
352 -- $150
*354 -- $200
355 -- $2750
356 -- $325
357 -- $350
358 -- $500
359 -- $1000
360 -- $300
361 -- $450
362 -- $600
363 -- $850
365 -- $180
368 -- $3850
369 -- $1500
374 -- $14,000
375 -- $2750
376 -- $50, 000
377 -- $400
378 -- $80
379 -- $35
380 -- $800
381 -- $12,000
382 -- $180
383 -- $7000
384 -- $300
385 -- $300
386 -- $3250
387 -- $4500
388 -- $3500
389 -- $475
392 -- $250
393 -- $340
395 -- $2750
396 -- $4400
397 -- $500
398 -- $425
399 -- $5000
400 -- $90
401 -- $180
402 -- $4500
403 -- $150
404 -- $60
406 -- $90
408 -- $150
409 -- $550
416 -- $205,000
417 -- $25,000
418 -- $5500
419 -- $2000
420 -- $5500
421 -- $1600
423 -- $1500
424 -- $2750
425 -- $3300
426 -- $7000
427 -- $200
429 -- $200
430 -- $120
431 -- $100
432 -- $150
433 -- $75
434 -- $700
435 -- $700
436 -- $375
437 -- $750
438 -- $975
439 -- $1500
440 -- $725
441 -- $1175
442 -- $650
443 -- $100
445 -- $75
446 -- $1800
447 -- $90
448 -- $75
449 -- $110
450 -- $180
451 -- $1000
452 -- $50
453 -- $220
454 -- $70
455 -- $35
458 -- $25
459 -- $25
461 -- $25
463 -- $40
466 -- $140
467 -- $110
468 -- $50
469 -- $185
470 -- $40
471 -- $275
472 -- $175

Lot# -- Price Realized
473 -- $125
474 -- $100
475 -- $145
476 -- $75
477 -- $120
479 -- $100
480 -- $140
481 -- $775
482 -- $85
483 -- $45
*484 -- $650
485 -- $250
486 -- $60
487 -- $750
488 -- $100
489 -- $55
492 -- $325
494 -- $375
495 -- $250
498 -- $300
499 -- $475
500 -- $60
502 -- $35
504 -- $70
506 -- $175
507 -- $50
510 -- $50
511 -- $250
514 -- $100
515 -- $60
516 -- $80
*517 -- $66
518 -- $35
520 -- $250
521 -- $40
522 -- $50
524 -- $35
526 -- $35
527 -- $400
528 -- $210
529 -- $400
530 -- $725
531 -- $700
532 -- $90
533 -- $90
534 -- $400
536 -- $450
537 -- $300
539 -- $450
541 -- $400
542 -- $250
543 -- $250
544 -- $250
545 -- $250
546 -- $450
547 -- $1275
549 -- $75
550 -- $55
551 -- $850
552 -- $850
554 -- $75
557 -- $350
558 -- $550
560 -- $425
561 -- $450
562 -- $255
564 -- $90
566 -- $450
568 -- $500
570 -- $125
574 -- $24
575 -- $24
576 -- $24
*577 -- $24
578 -- $24
579 -- $24
580 -- $40
581 -- $100
582 -- $180
583 -- $200
*584 -- $5000
585 -- $225
586 -- $187
588 -- $600
589 -- $120
590 -- $67
592 -- $100
593 -- $40
595 -- $45
596 -- $360
598 -- $50
599 -- $110
601 -- $80
602 -- $60
605 -- $340
607 -- $110
608 -- $95
611 -- $100
612 -- $200
613 -- $110
614 -- $200
615 -- $130
616 -- $30
617 -- $80
*618 -- $65
619 -- $145
620 -- $675
621 -- $450
625 -- $275
629 -- $40
630 -- $375
633 -- $250
635 -- $65