Weblist 42G - November-December 2012

Weblist 42G: November-December 2012

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Welcome to our (probably) last list of 2012. We had hoped to have this ready about a month ago but we were delayed by long and noisy remodeling in our home as well as the need to get a new computer when our older one was damaged and started to die. Of course with a new computer came upgrades in software and in some cases made the old software completely unusable. So a new skill set was used.

This list is composed of many new pieces as well as "old stock" in which we reduced (sometimes drastically) prices. Highlights include numerous Holy Land City coins with a long run of Neapolis pieces, nice but inexpensive British minors and a large group of slabbed Palestine Mandate coins. Starred items should have images. If you need images of other coins we will try to accomodate


*53845 philistia. 5th-4th century b. silver hemi-obol (.12g). head of roaring lion left with protruding tongue/facing head of bes. incuse. rare, especially so nice.. gitler & tal xxviii.6hoa. ef. $600

*53940 yehud coinage. before 333 bc. ar half-gerah (.27g). bearded male head right wearing crown/falcon with wings spread, head right. h-1059v, tjc-16cv. choice vf. $750

54310 YEHUD COINAGE. Ptolemy I. 302-294 BC. Silver 1/4 Obol (.12g) . Crude male head to left/Eagle with wings spread standing left. TJC-29v, Hen-1078. Fine. Rare. $2250

*53944 alexander jannaeus. 103-76 bc. Æ prutah (2.41g) . lily flanked by paleo-hebrew "yehonatan the king"/anchor, "of king alexander",legend v arient. hen-1148, tjc-nv. vf. $300

*52873 herod the great. 40-4 bc. Æ 8 prutot (5.53g) . military helmet with cheek pieces & straps, flanked by palm branches/tripod supporting ceremonial bowl, dated year 3 to left and monogram to right. h-1169 (486), tjc-44. vf, obv a bit o.c.. $400

*53945 herod the great. 40-4 bc. Æ prutah (2.95g) . palm branch with objects to either side/aphlaston , flanked by date (year 3) . hen-1172, tjc-47. vf+. $549

*50536 herod the great. 40-4 bc. Æ pruta (.96) or perhaps lepton . inscription in two concentric circles, king herod/large anchor within circle surr. by row of y design or lily flowers. h-1174, tjc-61v. gvf, rev. bit o.c.. $240

*53950 herod the great. 40-4 bc. Æ 2 prutot (2.98g) . cross with open diadem/ tripod table, flanked by palm branches . hen-1178a, tjc-49v. gd fine. $250

54313 HEROD THE GREAT. 40-4 BC. Æ Prutah (1.50g) . King Herod legend in irregular lines/Tripod Table in circle. H-1184, TJC-54b. VF, obv. o.c.. $240

54316 VALERIUS GRATUS, Procurator under. Tiberius. 15-26 AD. Æ Prutah (1.47g) . Vine leaf on tendril, Tiberius above/Caesar Year 4 flanks kantharos with scroll handles. H-1337, TJC-325. VF. $250

*53841 jewish war (first revolt). 66-70. silver shekel (13.46g) . omer cup, "shekel of israel" around, "year 2" above/sprig of 3 pomegranates, "jersualem the holy". ex patrick tan collection. h-1358 (659), tjc-193, ajc-8. good vf. $5750

54659 JEWISH WAR (First Revolt). 66-70 (year 3). Silver Shekel (13.57g) . Shekel of Israel around chalice with pearled rim, "Year 3"/Jerusalem the Holy around sprig of 3 pomegranates. Top points to twixt Mem & He. H-1361, AJC-18v. Nice EF, couple of lights pits in obv field. $6000

54168 JEWISH WAR, 1st Revolt. 66-70. Æ 1/8 Shekel (4.45g) . Year 4, lulav branch flanked by etrog on either side, palm branch divides inscription/Chalice with pearled rim, "to the redemption of Zion". Hen-1369, TJC-214a. Nice VF. $650

*53955 bar kochba revolt. 132-135 . Æ small bronze (4.09g, 17mm . palm branch, "eleazar the priest"/bunch of grapes, "year one of the redemption of israel". hen-1380a, mil-147. ch. vf+, green-brown patina. $1200

*53827 legion x countermark. 1st century ad. Æ15 (3.46g) . "x" countermark on sidon Æ coin. bust right/war galley left, date hnp? year 158, 47/48 ad.. ros-4, 10. coin & c/m gd fine. $190

54752 ABILA, Faustina Jr. wife of Marcus. Aurelius. Æ15 (1.68g). Her draped bust right/Bunch of grapes, Year 226 = 162/163 AD. Ros-5b, Spijk-6. Fine. $150

*53959 aelia capitolina. hadrian. 117-138. Æ22 (8.77g). laureate bust right/ hadrian, as founder, plowing right. mesh-2. vf. $900

54825 AKKO-PTOLEMAIS. Hadrian. 117-138. Æ19 (7.08g) . Laureate bust right/Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia.. Ros-49, Kad-107. VF. $240

54737 AKKO-PTOLEMAIS, Caracalla. 198-217. Æ26 (12.09g) . Laureate bust of Caracalla right/Turreted Tyche standing left in tetra-style temple holding rudder and cornucopia, COL (PTOL) above which seems to be scarcer than R-57 with city name in ex.. Ros-58, Kad-144. F-VF, grainy. $175

54755 ASCALON, Domitian. 81-96. Æ23 (10.66g). Laureate bust right/Tyche stg on prow hldg standard and aphlaston, altar to r, dove above date (189 = 85/86 AD). Ros-114, BMC-121. VF. Ex Superior May 1990 #6976 @$220! $120

54756 BOSTRA, Faustina Sr., wife of. Antoninus Pius. Æ14.5 (1.82g). Draped, veiled bust right/Laurel-wreath, around three ears of corn. Ros-12, Kind-11. EF, clipped fine. $90

54753 BOSTRA, Julia Mamaea, mother of. Severus Alexander. Æ22 (5.80g). Her draped bust right/Bust of Cit y-goddess left, wearing turreted crown, cornucopia behind shoulder. Ros-46, BMC-32. VF, bit porous. $90

54826 BOSTRA, Philip I. 244-249. Æ29 (17.40g). Laureate bust of Philip right/ Draped bust of Zeus-Ammon right wearing Kalathos. Ros-50, Sp-56. VF. $300

54740 CAESAREA, Trajan. 98-117. Æ22 (7.92g). Laureate bust right/Nike in gown adv. left, holding wreath and palm branch. Ros-21, Kad-224. Nice VF, green-brown patina. $140

54747 CAESAREA, Diadumenian. 217-218 AD.. Æ25 . Bare headed bust right/Bust of Sarapis right. Ros-67, Kad-78. F-VF, rev. a bit o.c. $120

54743 CAESAREA, Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253. Æ23.5 (13.37g). Laureate bust right/Tyche stg l, hldg parazonium inl, human bust in r., r. foot on prow, river-gold at r. below. Ros-162, SNG ANS-850. F-VF, light tooling. $100

54738 CAESAREA, Volusian. 251-253. Æ23.5 (13.94g). Laureate bust of Caracalla right/Tyche stg l, with mantle over l. arm, hldg parazonium in left, human bust in r., r. foot on prow. Ros-179, Kad-216. Gd Fine. $175

54744 CAESAREA, Volusian. 251-253. Æ23 (12.39g). Laureate bust of Volusian right/Winged Nike advancing left holding wreath and palm branch. Ros-186, Kad-225. VF. $150

*54179 capitolias, elagabalus. 218-222 ad. Æ25.75 (8.18g). draped, laureate and cuirassed bust right/tyche standing left in tetra-style temple left, foot on river-god (?). dated : pk (122 = 217/18 ad), to each side. sp-25a, numismatic legacy of the jews -177, (this coin). ch. vf. $1000

*53826 dium. elagabalus. 218-222 ad. Æ20 (7.29g). bust right/hexa-style temple with pediment and central arch. scarce city-coin. ros-9, sp-10. af/f. $200

54748 ELEUTHEROPOLIS. Caracalla. 198-217. Æ28.5 (19.05g). Laureate bust right/ Tyche standing left within tetra-style temmple, holding a small bust in r. hand & cornucopia in left. Ros-18, . aVF. Rare, esp. this nice. $175

54736 GABA, Antoninus Pius. 138-161. Æ23 (10.31g). Laureate bust right/Warrior standing, head left, holding spear and sword, ZIC = year 217 = 158/159 AD. Ros-15, SNG ANS-904. VF. Scarce. $120

54827 GADARA, Commodus. 177-192. Æ25 (10.33g). Laureate head of Commodus right/ Laureate bust of Marcus Aurelius right, dated year 243 = 179/180 AD. Ros-65, Sp-62. VF, touch porous. $325

54749 GAZA, Hadrian. 117-135. Æ28 (12.95g). Laureate bust right/Io and City-goddess standing & clasping hands, Mem between them, year 4 = 193 = 132/133 AD. Yr 4 indicates 4th year after Hadrian visited city. Ros-68, BMC-25. F., nice green patina. $100

54735 GERASA, Hadrian. 117-138. Æ19 (5.64g). Laureate bust of Hadrian right/Bust of Artemis-Tyche right, quiver behind shoulder. Sp-7, Ros-9. F-VF, obv. bit o.c. Brown patina. $119

54715 NEAPOLIS. Domitian. 81-96. Æ16 (16.96). Laureate bust right/4 line legend in wreath, LAI = Year 11 = 82/83 AD. Ros-1. aVF/VF, attractive green patina. Nicer than the Shoshana example. $140

54745 NEAPOLIS. Domitian. 81-96. Æ25 (16.25g). Laureate bust right/4 line legend, LEI = Year 15 = 86/87 AD. (Usually seen dated year 11). Ros-2, RPC-2223. F/aVF, some verdigris. $90

54722 NEAPOLIS. Domitian. 81-96. Æ21.5 (7.61g). Laureate bust right/Palm tree, with two bunches of dates, 4 line legend including date LAI = 11 = 82/83 AD. Ros-5, SNG ANS-963. VG/F. $75

54728 NEAPOLIS. Domitian. 81-96. Æ20.5 (7.64g). Laureate bust right/Palm tree, with two bunches of dates, 4 line legend including date LEI = 15 = 86/87 AD. Ros-5ff, SNG ANS-963ff. F/VF, bit porous. Unlisted date?. $90

54730 NEAPOLIS. Domitian. 81-96. Æ23.5 (12.67g). Laureate bust right/Crossed cornucopias, LAI = Year 11 82/83 AD. Scarce, only 2nd I can recall having. Ros-5ff, SNG ANS-963ff. F/VF, bit porous. Unlisted date? $120

54723 NEAPOLIS. Domitian. 81-96. Æ16 (3.96g). Laureate bust right/Two ears of grain on 1 stalk, LEI = year 15 = 86/87 AD. Usually seen dated year 11. Ros-6. F, porous, obv. o.c.. $90

*54172 neapolis, antoninus pius. 138-141 ad. Æ medallion 33mm, 22.31g. laureate bust right/mt. gerizim, consisting of 2 masses, ravine in center, leading to roadway. shrine at top. year 88?. ros-9, bmc-23. f/gd fine. $2000

54750 NEAPOLIS, Marcus Aurelius. 161-180 AD. Æ21 (7.38g). Laureate bearded bust right/Goddess, standing to front, looking left, wearing long chiton. Ros-17. VF, light porosity. $100

54724 NEAPOLIS. Commodus. 177-192. Æ19.5 (3.95g). Laureate bust right/Ares standing wearing crested helmet with shield and spear. Ros-25, BMC-79. VF. Scarce, 1st I can recall having. $175

54717 NEAPOLIS. Domitian. 81-96. Æ15.5 (1.99g). Laureate bust right/Apollo standing resting right hand on club and holding bow. Ros-27, ANS-986. F-VF, scarce. Only 2nd I've had? (The last from the Sugar collection in 1995). $149

54732 NEAPOLIS. Julia Domna, wife of Sept. Severus. Æ26 (8.01g). Draped bust right/Turreted Tyche standing left in tetra-style temple. Scarce. Ros-28, BMC-84. VG, irreg. flan. porous. $100

54731 NEAPOLIS. Julia Domna, wife of Sept. Severus. Æ19.5 (3.57g). Draped bust right/Nike walking right. 1st I can recall having.. Ros-29. F/F+. Scarce. $120

54733 NEAPOLIS. Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ22 (8.50g). Laureate bust right/Turreted Tyche standing left in tetra-style temple. Ros-45. VF, brown-green patina. $119

54739 NEAPOLIS. Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ18 (6.91g). Laureate bust right/Winged Nemesis, standing l., right hand to lips (cult secrecy), wheel to left. Ros-51v (no N in field), Mesh-138v. VF. $175

54718 NEAPOLIS. Julia Maesa. Grandmother of Elagabalus & S. Alexander. Æ20 (6.20g). Draped bust right/Tyche standing facing, looking left and holding cornucopia and rudder. Ros-58. VF. Scarce, seldom seen. $140

54746 NEAPOLIS. Julia Maesa. Æ13 (2.61g). Draped bust right/Cultus-statue, resembling Ephesian Artemis standing flanked by stags. Unp? rev as Ros-55. aF. $175

54727 NEAPOLIS, Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. Æ15.5 (4.97g). Laureate bust right/Bust of Sarapis right. Scarce 1st I can recall offering. Ros-72v. F/VF, rev. a bit o.c.. $120

54721 NEAPOLIS, Philip I. 244-249. Æ27 (15.67g). Radiate and draped bust right/ Hygieia stg r., holding serpent, Asclepius seated left, lighted torch between them, Mt. Gerizim above. SNG ANS-1012, BMC-126. VG/F, porous.. $100

54725 NEAPOLIS, Philip I. 244-249. Æ28 (11.94g). Radiate bust right/Marasays on l., stg r., holding wine skin, raising arm at eagle stg. on r., with wings spread hd. l., supporting Mt. Gerizim, (COL) l, SERG r.. Ros-77, SNG ANS-1010. Fine, bit porous. $110

54726 NEAPOLIS, Philip I & Philip II. 247-249. Æ26.5 (10.67g). Jugate laureate busts right/Eagle, with head left, supporting Mt. Gerizim, COL between Mt. & eagle! R-89ff, ANS-1020v, BMC-130v. F-VF, green-brown desert patina. $175

54751 NEAPOLIS, Philip II. 244-249. Æ27 (14.00g). Radiate bust right/COL SERGV NEAPOL in 3 lines. Ros-unl, SNG ANS-1016. G/VG. $119

54734 NEAPOLIS, Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253 AD. Æ23.5 (13.60g). Radiate bust right/On right, helmeted female stg l., hldg scepter behind lighted altar, looking at Victory carrying Mt. Gerizm over raised arms. Ros-114. aVF. Rare, 1st I can recall having. $175

54741 NEAPOLIS, Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253 AD. Æ24 (9.54g). Radiate bust left/ Female figure on left, placing hand on small animal on column, foot on object, Nike on right supp. Mt. Gerizim, wheel between them.. Ros-117 (Scarce). VG/VG+. $120

54719 NEAPOLIS, Volusian. 251-253 AD. Æ20.5 (6.57g). Radiate and draped bust right/Mt. Gerizim surmounted by temple and altar. Ros-124, SNG ANS-1041. aFine. $80

54713 NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS, Gabinus. 65-55 BC.. Æ20 (5.50g). Wreathed head of Gabinus right/Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm branch. Rare, almost always found in low grade. Ros-1, Barkay, RPC-4826. VG/F, green patina. $140

54757 NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS, Caligula. 37-41 AD. Æ19.5 (6.61g). Bare head left/ Dionysys standing left, resting left arm on thyrsus (spear), year 103 = 39/40 AD. Ros-4, Barkay-7. Fine. $190

54712 NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS (Beit-Shean). Time of Claudius. 41-54. Æ18 (7.67g). Bust of Dionysos right, countermark of head right on neck/Inscription in wreath. Countermark Howgego p. 128, #123. Rare, 1st we've had!. Ros-5, Barkay-10. F/VG. $235

54710 NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS (Beit-Shean). Nero. 54-68. Æ23 (10.53g). Laureate head right/Turreted Tyche standing left, holding ivy-berries & leaning on scepter, Year 130 = 66.67 AD. Ros-7, Barkay-12. VF. $175

54711 NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS (Beit-Shean). Commodus 177-192. Æ22 (6.42g). Laureate head right/Dionysus, walking left holding bunch of grapes and pedum (pastoral staff of Apollo).. Ros-24, Barkay-36. VF, though weak in spots. $190

54714 NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS, Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ27 (9.15g). Laureate bust right/ Zeus seated left on high-backed throne holding Nike in r. hand and scepter in l. Rare only the 2nd we've had, the other also low grade. Barkay-68, Spijk-39. VG, rough. $140

54742 PANIAS (CAESAREA PANIAS) Plautilla, wife of Caracalla. Æ20 (9.27g). Draped bust right, hair coiled flat in back of head/Pan, standing to front, head left, playing flute, leaning against trunk, legs crossed 204 = 200/1 AD. Ros-33, INS8-27(a). aVF, bit o.c.. $325

54760 PELLA, Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ30 (10.26g). Laureate and draped bust of Elagabalus right/Apollo (?) stg left, holding bow and branch within temple with 4 columns, PELLIAION, yr 282 = 219/220. Spijk-14, Ros-unl. aVF, dusty green patina. $390

54759 PHILADELPHA, Pseudo-Autonomous. 1st Century AD. Æ15 (2.59g). Helmeted head of Athena right, spear behind shoulder/Date and legend in wreath AMV = 141 = 78/79AD. Ros-5, RPC-II, 2108. Nice VF. $285

54754 SEBASTE, Commodus. 177-192. Æ20 (7.41g). Laureate bust right/Bust of Tyche wearing kalathos and veil, CY = 265 = 191/192 AD.. Ros-12v (diff. date). Gd Fine. $100


*52230 thrace. istros. 400-350 bc. ar stater (4.68g). inverted heads/sea-eagle on dolphin. sg-1669. vf, but a bit porous. $125

*51346 thrace. lysimachos. 323-281 bc (288-281). ar tetradrachm (16.32) of amphipolis. head of alexander the great right/athena seated left, holding nike and resting arm on shield, caduceus in front, monogram behind. sg-6815. vf, tooled, metal peeling. $250

*51750 phokaia. phokis. 48-421 bc. ar hemidrachm (2.85). facing head of bull/ head of artemis in shall incuse square right. bmc-31, sg-2348. toned vf/f, light porosity. $175

*52226 ionia. teos. 5th century bc. ar tetartemorion (.31g). griffin seated right/incuse square. gvf+. very nice! $200

*53260 seleukid kings. antiochus vii. 132-129 bc. ar tetradrachm (16.63g), antioch mint. head of antiochus right /athena stg. left, holding nike in right hand, monograms to left and right. spahr-1862. gd vf+. $399

*53853 phoenicia. tyre. 126 bc-65 ad (33/34 ad). ar shekel (14.47g). laureate bust of melkart right. year of crucifixion (pr, r4, c-scarce)/eagle stg l., on club, pno (= year 159 = 33/34 ad.) left, kp to right, "9" between legs. bmc-204, pr-1423, rpc-4663, h-1620. vf. $2500

54824 PHOENICIA. Tyre. After 126 BC (36-37 AD). Silver Shekel (13.88g) . Laureate bust of Melkart right. Shekel of Tyre. 30 Pieces of silver/Eagle standing left, palm branch under wing, club in left field (P) EB = 162 = 36-37 AD. KP in right, "Jerusalem" type. BMC-206, Pr-1426, RPC-4666, H-1620. F-VF, typical "crude" for late type. $800

*53960 phoenicia. tyre. after 126 (46/47 ad). ar half shekel (6.43g). laureate head of melkart right/eagle standing left on t-bolt, club to left, pob, year 1 72 = 46/47 ad. rare date (cohen r2). h-1621v, unlisted in rpc, bmc. vf, bit oxidized. 3rd known? $900

*54304 elymais kings. uncertain king. kamnaskires iv-vi (?). late 1st cent. bc to 1st cent. ad. bi tetradrachm (15.37g). bust left with long pointed beard. star in crescent above anchor behind/crude male bust left, legend around. while crude and blundered this is a nice example of an early type. sgi-5884v. vf/f. $300

54303 PTOLEMAIC EGYPT. Ptolemy I, Soter. 323-319 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (12.16g). Diademed head right/Eagle standing l., on thunderbolt, P above monogram in left field. SNG Cop-70. Svo-255. F/VF, but obverse corroded & porous in parts. $200

*50978 ptolemaic egypt. ptolemy iv philopator. 221-205 bc. Æ38 (43.21). head of zeus-ammon right/eagle left, looking right, on thunderbolt, on left shoulder cornucopia, e between legs. sng cop-225. fine. $45

*52950 ptolemaic egypt. ptolemy vi. 180-145 bc. Æ28 (15.39g) of paphos. head of cleopatra i as isis right, hair in formal curls and wreathed with corn/eagle stg. l., on thunderbolt, monogram to left. sg-7903, sng cop-284. fine. $75


*49525 thrace. anchialus. septemius severus. 193-211. Æ26 (11.63). laureate bust right/homonoia stg. left holding cornucopia and patara. sng cop-433. vf, hard green patina. $100

*51586 roman egypt. hadrian. 117-138. Æ drachm (24.69). bust laureate, draped, cuirassed right/alexandria kissing the emperor's hand to welcome him in her city; he stands, left, laureate and togate, holding scepter in left hand; alexandria, wearing elephant-skin headdress, steps right towards the emperor, grasps and kisses his right hand, and holds wheat ears and poppy in her left hand; l - i e in left and middle field. commemorates hadrian's arrival in egypt in 130 ad. emm-964, dat-1610. gvf. $550

*50468 roman egypt. gallienus. 253-269. Æ drachm (11.48). laureate bust right/ eagle standing left, head turned back. lib = year 12. m-4112, e-3842, koln-2926. avf, bit rough. very rare. $850


*53263 republic. anonymous. c. 86 bc. silver denarius (3.66g). laureate head of apollo right, thunder-bolt below/jupiter in quadriga right. sr-266, syd-723. nice vf. $110

*53265 augustus. 27 bc - 14 ad. silver denarius (3.24g). bare head of augustus right/young heifer right. sr-1593, ric-475. vg-f. $350

*54199 tiberius. 14-37. Æ as (10.55g). laureate head left/s-c to either side of caduceus. sr-1771, ric-59. choice vf. $375

*53979 vespasian. 69-79. Æ sestertius (22.05g). laureate head right/jewish captive sitting right at right of palm tree, emperor standing left. ivdaea capta sc. ric-427, hen-1504. vg, porous. $300

54828 ANTONINUS PIUS. 138-161. Silver Denarius (3.48g). Laureate bust right/ Clasped hands holding caduceus between two grain stalks. SR-4078, RIC-136, C-344. Virtually as struck. $575

54829 ANTONINUS PIUS. 138-161. Silver Denarius (4.18g). Laureate bust right/ Salus feeding snake at altar. RIC-181, RSC-218. Ch. EF. $475

*51725 clodius albinus, as caesar (193-195). 195-196. silver denarius (2.59). bare head right/minerva stg l., hldg olive barnch & resting on shield. sr-6144. f/af, but somewhat porous. very nice portrait $150

54830 JULIA DOMNA, wife of Septimius Severus. Died 217 AD. Silver Denarius (3.31g). Draped bust right/Pietas sacrificing left at altar. SR-6601, RIC-574, C-156. Choice AU. Super coin. $485

*53973 geta, as caesar. 209-211. silver denarius (3.31g). draped bare-headed bust right/nobilitas standing right, holding scepter and palladium. sr-7184, ric-13a, rsc-90. nice vf, flan crack. $85

54831 SEVERUS ALEXANDER. 222-235 AD. Silver Denarius (3.03g). Laureate bust right/Mars advancing right, holding spear and shield. SR-7882, RIC-246, C-161a. Ch. toned EF. $325

53907 PHILIP I. 244-249 AD. Silver Antoninianus (3.55g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right/Hexastyle temple containing seated statue of Roma. RIC-86b (R2), SR-8963v. EF. $165

53912 HERENNIA ETRUSCILLA, wife of Trajan Decius. Silver Antoninianus (4.08g) of Antioch. Bust right on crescent/Aequitas standing left holding scales and cornucopia, legend ends AVGG. SR-9491, RIC-64 (R), RSC-3d. EF, weakly struck at 2:00 obv. $200

54833 DIOCLETIAN. 284-305 AD. Silvered Follis (11.05) Alexandria. Laureate bust right/Genius standing left hldg patara from which liquid flows & cornucopia, ALE in ex, no letters in field. Toned EF-AU. $169

54832 CONSTANTINE I, THE GREAT. 307-337. Æ Follis (4.56g) of London. Laureate bust right/Sol standing left, raising r. hand and hldg globe in left, PLN in ex, T to left, F to right. SR-16046, RIC-6, 121a. Choice EF. $150


*53801 anglo-gallic, aquitaine: edward the black prince. 1362-72. hardi d'argent of poiters . half-length figure of the prince/long cross divides legend. ex s. george tucker, sold by owl (john barton) 10/81, #154. el-205b. avf, natural split on rev. $220

*53802 anglo-gallic. france: henry vi. 1422-1453. silver grand blanc aux ecus. shields of france and england, name above/latin cross, fleur-de-lis to left, leopard to right. leopard mintmark above (rouen mint). el-287. vf. $300

52787 AUSTRIA. Franz Joseph. 1849-C (Prague). 6 Kreuzer. /Cr-202c, KM-2199. Ch. Unc, light toning. $45

53431 AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS, Maria Theresia. 1764. Kronenthaler. Brussels mint (Head mm). Dav-1282, KM-21. VF, adj marks. $120

*54207 belgium. brabant. johann iii. 1312-55. silver esterlin. 4 lions in shield/cross. demay-193, de witte-350. vf. $80

53998 BELGIUM. Liege. John Theodore of Bavaria. 1752. Silver Plaquette (14 Lirards). Legend around crown arms, date below/Legend around oval shield. Cr-5, KM-152. Nice VF+. $60

54000 BOHEMIA. Wenzel (Wenceslas) III. 1305-1306. Silver Prager Groschen. 2 circular lines of legend around central crown/Lion walking left. Saurma-392. F/Gd Fine, minor clipping. $75

*51758 bolivia. republic. 1852. 1/4 sol (quartilla). llama standing right in plain field, potosi below/mountain peak. one year type. struck slightly soft in center, but much nicer than most. y1, km-111. toned unc. $100

*53672 bolivia. republic. 1859 pts fl. sol. llamas beneath trees/bust of bolivar left. error, all a's on obverse and reverse are inverted v's. y-8, km-134.1. vf, obv., softly struck in center as usual. $50

52128 BULGARIA. Ivan Stratsimir. 1356-95. AR Grosh (.87). Bust of Christ holding Gospels/Ivan enthroned holding scepter and mappa. Youroukova-107, CME-388. F, a few flat areas. $45

*52231 crusaders. antioch, bohemond ii, minority. 1149-1163. ar denier (.85g). bare head right, roundish head with sharp eye/cross pattee. ccs-23. vf+. $165

54758 CRUSADERS. Jerusalem, Baldwin III. 1143-1163. Bi Denier (.92g). REX BALdVINVS around cross pattee/dEhIERVASALEM around Tower of David. CCS-2, Met-147. Nice EF. $219

*54218 denmark. gluckstadt. christian v. 1694. 8 skilling. crowned monogam/ denomination and date. km-80.2, hede-127a. vf+,but edge flaw. $120

*53355 denmark. christian x. 1912. 2 kroner. death of frederick viii and accession of christian x. y-40, km-811. bu. $70

53598 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. 1975. 10 Pesos. Taino Art. Depicts ancient figurine "Pueblo Viejo Mine". Y-35, KM-38. Proof. $40

54285 EQUATORIAL GUINEA. Republic. 1980 (1980). 25 Bipkwele. Bust of TE Ngoko right/Value and arms. Scarce two year type (the other date virtually unseen). KM-52, Y-23. BU. $55

*53806 france. besancon, anonymous archbishops. c. 1300. bi denier (.87g). hand with two fingers raised/cross. p.a-122.8, . avf. $50

53807 FRANCE. Lorraine, Leopold I. 1726. 30 (XXX Deniers). Crowned cross in field of eagles/Cross of Lorraine, within 3 monograms and eagle in field. B-1586, KM-75. VF. $60

*53803 france. carolingian, charles the bald. 840-877. ar denier (1.57g) of orleans. gratia d-i rex around royal monogram /avrelianis civitas around cross. mec-877, scmf-1421. ch. ef+. $350

*53808 france. henry iii. 1578-9 (rennes). franc d'argent (13.72g). bust right, "9" below (=rennes mint). henry as king of france and poland/"h" with cross of fleur-de-lis. duplessy-1130. gd fine. $245

*53809 france. henry iv. 1599. 1/4 ecu of navarre. fleur-de-lis cross/crowned arms of france and navarre. duplessy-1238. crude avf. $189

*53438 france. louis xiv. 1695-i. half ecu aux palms. limoges mint. wolf under bust. overstruck over previous coin. gad-185, km-295. vg/avf. $400

53387 FRANCE. Louis Philippe. 1831-A (Paris). 5 Francs . /. KM-735.1. VF. $40

53498 GAMBIA. Wildlife Conservation Series. 1977. 40 Dalasis. Aardvark. Y-18, KM-18. PL BU. $50

54320 GERMANY. Baden, Friedrich I, as Grand Duke. 1861. Kreuzer. Bust of Leopold right/Legend. Leopold Memorial commemorative. Cr-143, KM-244. Brown EF, some lamination. $37.50

54321 GERMANY. Baden, Friedrich I, as Grand Duke. 1868. Kreuzer . Arms/Legend. 50th Anniversary of Baden's Constitution. Cr-144, KM-251. Ch. Brown EF. $49

54322 GERMANY. Bavaria, Maximilian II. 1856. Kreuzer. Arms/Date and denomination. Cr-226, KM-422. Nice Unc., sm die break. $35

54323 GERMANY. Bavaria, Maximilian II. 1863. Kreuzer. Arms/Date and denomination. Cr-229, KM-473. Light toned Unc. $24

54324 GERMANY. Bavaria, Maximilian II. 1863. Kreuzer. Arms/Date and denomination. Cr-229, KM-473. Light toned Unc. $24

54325 GERMANY. Bavaria, Maximilian II. 1863. Kreuzer. Arms/Date and denomination. Cr-229, KM-473. Light toned Unc. $24

54326 GERMANY. Bavaria, Ludwig II. 1870. Kreuzer . Arms/Date and denomination. Cr-252, KM-487. Toned Unc. $24

54045 GERMANY. Brunswick-Luneberg-Celle. George II Wilhelm 1692 JJJ. 2/3 Thaler. Crowned arms/Horse romping left. KM-346.1. VF/F. $75

54327 GERMANY. Frankfurt, Free City. 1853. Kreuzer . Eagle, head left/Date and denomination. Cr-24, KM-312. BU, Flan flaw, near bottom of reverse. $37.50

54328 GERMANY. Frankfurt, Free City. 1853. Kreuzer . Eagle, head left/Date and denomination. Cr-24, KM-312. Unc., but weakly struck on obverse. $37.50

54329 GERMANY. Frankfurt, Free City. 1860. Kreuzer . Eagle, head left/Date and denomination. Cr-25, KM-357. Light toned Unc. $30

*53817 germany. freiburg im breisgau. after 1387. rappen (.18g). head of eagle left. bracteate. wielandt-64. vf. $55

53811 GERMANY. Mainz. Dietrich III v. Erbach. 1434-1459. Bi Heller (.28g). Arms of Mainz and Julich. Bracteate type. Saurma-2503. Choice VF. $50

54144 GERMANY. Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Adolph Friedrich IV. 1764-IHL. 1/6 Thaler (1/4 Gulden). Bust right/Arms. Cr-23, KM-62. Toned VF, some flaws. $40

54292 GERMANY. Nassau, Duke Adolph. 1861. 1 Kreuzer. One year type. Cr-55. Unc. $24

54334 GERMANY. Prussia, Wilhelm I. 1871-A. Pfenning. Arms/Value and date. KM-480, Cr-161. Ch. mostly red unc. $35

*27529 germany. saxony, ernst, wilhem, albrecht & margarete (14)75. ar half groschen. shield with lion, date as "7"/arms. unlisted by frey in this denomination. levinson-i-140, saurma-4396. ch. vf. $150

*27530 germany. saxony. ernst and albrecht. (14)82. fürstengroschen. shield with lion and arms of landsberg 82/shield of chur-sachsen. frey-232, saurma-4400, lev-i-185. nice vf. $250

54800 GERMANY. Empire. 1873-C. 20 Pfenni. Y-12, KM-5. VF, splotchy toning $24

51952 GERMANY. Empire. 1875-B (Hannover). One Mark Silver . KM-7, Y-17. EF. $25

54222 GERMANY. Empire. 1875-F (Stuttgart). 1 Pfenning. Y-1, KM-1. Reddish unc, couple of minor spots. $35

*53443 germany. weimer republic. 1931-f. 10 pfennig. y-41, km-40. unc. $89

54801 GERMANY. 3rd Reich. 1939-G. 5 Mark. Bust of Hindenburg right/Swastika. Key date. Y-97.5, KM-94. EF, lightly wiped. $37.50

54802 GERMANY. Federal Republic (W. Germany). 1965-F. 1 Mark. Difficult to find so nice. Y-110, KM-110. BU. $30

54803 GERMANY. Democratic Republic (E Germany). 1949-A. 5 Pfennig. Difficult to find so nice. Y-2, KM-2. Unc. $35

54804 GERMANY. Dem Rep (E Germany). 1950-E. 10 Pfennig. Y-3, KM-3. EF. $49

GIBRALTER - For 3 tokens see the end of the list under tokens

*53797 great britain. henry vi. 1422-61 (1445-54). ar groat. facing bust, leaf-pellet issue, leaf on breast, pellet to each side of crown/long cross. s-1915. vf, light scratch. $269

*52212 great britain. anne (after union with scotland). 1709. half crown. octavo on edge. s-3604, km-525.1. toned vf. $500

54810 GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1841. Silver 2 Pence. Maundy Money. Y-B12, KM-729. Ch. toned unc. $35

54813 GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1857. 4 Pence. Maundy Money. Y-D12, KM-732. Toned VF+. $37.50

54811 GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1839. 3 Pence. Maundy Money. Y-C12, KM-730. Ch. toned Au/Unc. $75

54814 GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1878. 4 Pence. Maundy Money. Y-D12, KM-732. Toned Au-Unc, some spots. $45

54807 GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1883. Half Penny. S-3956. Y-17.3, KM-754. Nice EF. $45

54808 GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1889. 4 Pence. Maundy Money. Y-D27, KM-773. EF+. toned. Light hairlines. $25

54815 GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1890. Half Crown. Y-24, KM-764. Ch. Toned AU, very light hairlines. $50

54809 GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1894. "Silver" Penny. Maundy Money. Y-A41, KM-775. Toned Unc. $25

*54210 great britain. victoria. 1897. penny. high tide reverse. y-34, km-790, s-3916b. ch. r&b ef+. $119

54812 GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria. 1899. 3 Pence. Maundy Money. Y-C41, KM-777. Ch. toned Unc. $37.50

54818 GREAT BRITAIN. Edward VII. 1904. 3 Pence . Maundy issue? Y-C55, KM-797. Ch. toned P-L unc. $59

54819 GREAT BRITAIN. Edward VII. 1909. 3 Pence. Y-49.1, KM-797. Toned Au-Unc. $49

54822 GREAT BRITAIN. George V. 1914. 6 Pence. Y-66, KM-815. Ch. Unc, light toning. $35

54820 GREAT BRITAIN. George V. 1922. 3 Pence. Y-65a, KM-813a. AU. $25

54817 GREAT BRITAIN. George V. 1924. Penny. Y-61.1, KM-809. Brown Unc., touch of red. $25

54821 GREAT BRITAIN. George V. 1926. 3 Pence. Y-65a.1, KM-827. Toned Unc. $30

53931 GREECE. Paul I. 1954. 2 Drachmai. 1st year. Y-42, KM-82. BU. $75

*50526 ireland. james ii. gun money. august 1689. shilling. bust left. made from cannon, church bells etc/crown, legend, date written as augt 1689. s-6581c, km-24. gvf+, slight roughness. $200

54834 ITALY. Victor Emanuele III. 1914. 2 Lire. Bare-headed bust of king right/ Standing Queen driving quadriga left. Y-51, KM-55. Ch. BU. $125

*53363 italy. 1923-r. 1 lira. y-65, km-62. nice unc.. $60

*52011 lithuania. sigismund i of poland. (15)13. ar half groschen (1.22g). knight charging left/eagle. gum-507. ch. toned ef-au, somewhat softly struck. $60

53501 MALAWI. Wildlife Series. 1978. 5 Kwacha. Crawshay Zebras. Y15, KM-15. PL BU. $40

*53837 malta. ramon despuig. 1737. 2 tari. crown above arms of despuig which divides value/maltese cross, star in angles. km (5th edition) erroneously lists as copper, but this is silver.. km-201, restelli-21. avf. $220

*54032 malta. emmanuel pinto. nd. silver 5 tari. large armoured bust left/ crowned arms. km-221. fine. $80

*53839 malta. 1741. scudo (12 tari). bust left/crowned shield. one year type with legend around shield . km-224, cr-14. f/vf. $200

*53840 malta. 1764. scudo (12 tari). bust left/crowned shield. one year type without legend around shield . km-273, cr-14v. f/vf. $130

54240 MEXICO. Ferdinand VII. 1818 Mo JJ. 8 Reales. Bust right/Crowned arms between pillars. KM-111, Cr-121. Toned F/VF, a few old scratches under obverse toning. $119

*54108 mexico. ferdinand vii. 1821 mo jj. 8 reales. bust right/crowned arms, pillars to either side. km-111, cr-121. f/vf. $120

54836 MEXICO. Estados Unidos. 1950. 5 Pesos. SE Railroad Commemorative. Lightly toned. KM-466, Y66. Light toned unc., some surface marks. $55

51736 MONACO. Principality . 1966. 10 Franc. 10th Wedding Anniversary of Prince Rainer and Queen Grace (Kelly). Conjoined busts/Arms. Bruce S-M1. PL-BU. $40

54006 MOROCCO. French Protectorate. Mohmmad V. 1953/1372. 100 Francs. One year type. Y-52. BU. $35

*27787 nepal. bhatgaon, ranajit malla. ns 842 (1722). ar mohar. similar to km-71, but dated 842/. km-71v, walsh 55,4. gd fine. $75

*51798 netherlands. holland, philipp the fair. 1499. stuiver. shield of austria-burgandy/ornamented long cross in quatrefoil, mm in center, date. lev-iii-271a, fr-, gh-120-6. vg-f, weak in spots, date is clear. ex david cervin collection, via schulman $140

*53834 netherlands. zeeland. 1762. 1/8 silver ducat or daalder. standing knight with crowned shield at feet/crowned arms of zeeland, legend and date. 1st date of type. km-98, cr-h15. au-unc, uneven flan. $230

54779 PALESTINE 1927. 2 Mils . 1st year of issue. Very choice. Y-2, KM-2. PCGS MS64 Red & Brown. $75

54773 PALESTINE. British Mandate. 1927. 5 Mils. 1st year of issue. Gem. Y-3, KM-3. PCGS MS65. $88

54775 PALESTINE 1927. 10 Mils . 1st year of issue. Y-4, KM-4. PCGS MS63. $75

54776 PALESTINE 1927. 10 Mils . 1st year of issue. Y-4, KM-4. PCGS MS64. $105

54786 PALESTINE. 1927. 20 Mils . 1st date of issue. Scarcest denomination and all 20 Mils are scarce in high grade. Y-5, KM-5. PCGS MS64. $450

*27892 palestine. 1933. 100 mils. anacs au details, net ef45. a better date, but anacs inflated the grade on this coin. y7, km-7. cleaned. $125

54790 PALESTINE. 1933. 100 Mils. Semi-key date. Difficult to find so nice. Y-7, KM-7. PCGS AU58. $400

54791 PALESTINE. 1934. 100 Mils. Key date. Y-7, KM-7. PCGS AU50. $425

54777 PALESTINE. 1935. 10 Mils. Very difficult date to find in Mint State. A few minor spots otherwise Gem. Y-4, KM-4. PCGS MS64. $225

54792 PALESTINE. 1935. 100 Mils. Choice lustrous very nice coin. Y-7, KM-7. PCGS AU58. $110

54794 PALESTINE. 1935. 100 Mils. Choice. Fully lustrous obverse, light toning reverse. Y-7, KM-7. PCGS MS64. $265

54793 PALESTINE. British Mandate. 1935. 100 Mils . Gem, satiny surfaces. Y-7, KM-7. PCGS MS64. $300

54771 PALESTINE. 1939. 1 Mil . Very nice. Y-1, KM-1. PCGS MS64 Red. $90

52799 PALESTINE. 1940. 50 Mils. Light toning. Y-6, KM-6. ANACS MS-60. $100

54795 PALESTINE. 1940. 100 Mils. Y-7, KM-7. PCGS MS62. $175

54796 PALESTINE. 1940. 100 Mils. Y-7, KM-7. PCGS MS63. $200

54837 PALESTINE. 1941. 10 Mils . Key date in high grade! Y-4, KM-4. Nice toned unc. $170

54778 PALESTINE. 1941. 10 Mils. Key date, very difficult to find this nice. Choice+ but for some minor spotting. Y-4, KM-4. PCGS MS62. $275

54173 PALESTINE. 1942. 100 Mils. Y-7, KM-7. Toned Unc, light scr. $100

54797 PALESTINE 1942 100 Mils. Light golden toning. Y-7, KM-7. ANACS MS61 $119

54798 PALESTINE. 1942. 100 Mils . Lustrous. Y-7, KM-7. PCGS MS62. $160

54799 PALESTINE. 1942. 100 Mils . Lustrous. Y-7, KM-7. PCGS MS62. $160

54774 PALESTINE. 1944. 5 Mils. WW II type. Y-3a, KM-3a. PCGS MS63 Red & Brown. $60

54780 PALESTINE. 1945. 2 Mils. Semi-key date and pretty. Y-2, KM-2. PCGS MS63 Brown. $145

54782 PALESTINE. 1945. 2 Mils. Semi-key date. Choice mostly red. Y-2, KM-2. PCGS MS64Rd. $185

54781 PALESTINE. 1945. 2 Mils. Semi-key date. Choice to Gem. Y-2, KM-2. PCGS MS64RB. In our opinion this is a more attractive coin than above. $220

54772 PALESTINE. 1946. 1 Mil. Last year of issue. Very attractive. Y-1, KM-1. PCGS MS63 Brown. $42.50

54783 PALESTINE. 1946. 2 Mils. Key date. Y-2, KM-2. PCGS MS64 Brown. $175

54784 PALESTINE. 1946. 2 Mils. Key date. Y-2, KM-2. PCGS MS64 Brown. $175

54234 POLAND. Sigismund III. 1622. 3 Groschen. Bust right/III above arms, eagle to left, knight on horse to right, date and then 3 lines of text. Gum-1138. VF+. $50

53762 ROMANIA. People's Republic. 1955. 10 Bani. Y-99b, KM-84.3. EF. $50

54761 SARAWAK. Rajah C. Brooke. 1870. Half Cent. Y-6, KM-5. Fine. $15

54764 SAUDI ARABIA. Abd Al-Aziz ibn Sa'ud. AH1344 (1926 AD). Girsh. 1 year type. Y-5, KM-6. VF+. $25

54765 SAUDI ARABIA. Abd Al-Aziz ibn Sa'ud. AH1370 (1951 AD). 1 Riyal. Y-20, KM-18. Toned Unc. $20

54265 SERBIA. Peter I. 1904. 2 Pare . One year type. Y-13, KM-23. VF-EF. $15

54762 SEYCHELLES. George VI. 1951. 10¢. Scalloped type. Y-8, KM-8. BU. $25

54763 SEYCHELLES. George VI. 1951. 25¢. 1 year type. Y-9, KM-9. Nice Unc. $30

54767 SLOVAKIA. Republic. 1941. 20 Korun . 1 year type. Two saints. "Single Bar Variety". Y-S27, KM-7.1. Unc. $35

54766 SLOVAKIA. 1942. 5 Haliervov . Y-S19b, KM-8. Nice toned Unc. $25

54768 SOUTHERN RHODESIA. George VI. 1938. Half Penny. Y-8, KM-15. BU. $25

53366 SO. RHODESIA. 1940. 2 Shillings. Y-20, KM-19. EF, lightly wiped. $50

*28371 spain. castile, alfonso x1. 1312-1350. ar cornado (.76) of coruna. crowned bust left/castle, scallop below. cay-1193, cc-286. f-vf. $40

*28368 spain. castile & leon, juan i. 1379-90. ar real (3.37) of seville. crowned iohn/royal coat-of-arms in quatrelobe; roses and s (mintmark). cc-440. vf, bit rough. $200

*50528 spain. isabella ii. 1858-ba. 1 real. her bust right/arms. 8 pointed star. km-606.1, y27. choice toned ef+. $50

*53822 spain. barcelona, philip iii. 1612. 1/2 real (1/2 croat). bust of philip l/cross, reverse legend reads barcinovitas. c&c-type 42, km-11. vf. $60

*53369 spain. alfonso xiii. 1891-pgm (91). 1 peseta. y-89, km-691. nice toned ef. $59

53833 SWEDEN. Karl XIV Johann. 1819. 1/4 Skilling. KM-595, Cr-122. R&B AU, weakly struck in spots, but no wear on crown. $50

51948 SWEDEN. Oscar II. 1875. 25 Ore. KM-738, Y-20. aF. $30

54769 SWEDEN. Gustaf V. 1940. 2 Kronor . Variety with Serif "4". Y-51, KM-787. Toned Unc/BU. $25

54770 SWEDEN. Gustaf VI. 1962. 5 Kronor. 80th Birthday of Gustaf VI Adolf. Y-86, KM-838. Ch. Unc. $30

54241 SWITZERLAND. Bern. 1826. Batzen. Bear in ornate shield, denomination as Batzen. KM-194.1, Cr-88. Au-Unc., flan flaw, Some undercoin visible. $50

54194 SWITZERLAND. Zurich. ND (1827-42). 3 Haller . Round shield with wreaths/ Value within frame. KM-180. Ch. Toned Unc. $40

*53280 thailand. rama v. nd (1876-1900). baht. uniformed bust left/arms. y-34. toned vf. $60

*25908 togo. central african states. 2003. 6000 cfa francs. bimetallic, bare-breasted girl/elephant, map of africa. low mintage. km-21. bu. $60

*25914 togo. central african states. 2003. 6000 cfa francs. bimetallic. pres. gnassingbe eyadema/elephant, map of africa. low mintage. km-22. bu. $75

*50161 turkey. republic. 1960. 2 1/2 lira. scarce in unc. stainless steel. y115, km-893.1. bu. $40

*54245 turkey. republic. 1978. 150 lira. rare variety with lettered edge. km-918.2. proof. $90

54278 VENEZUELA. Republic. 1936. 5 Bolivares. Y-24.2. Light toned EF. $60


52421 AUSTRALIA. Melbourne, Thrale & Cross. 1851. Half Penny Token. Legend around legend/Kangaroo right, Melbourne above, legend below. Ren-55, A-584, KM-Tn254. VF, a few rim nicks. $225

*52401 australia. melbourne. nd. half penny token. legend/seated figure of britannia with wand and olive branch. rare type, seldom seen so nice. ren-402, a-407, km-tn-186. ch. ef+. $600

*54033 curacao. j. j. naer co. c. 1880. 1 stuiver token. jjn/1 stuiver. sch-1409, km-tn-2, rul cur-13. gvf. $100

*53616 france. satirical token of napoleon iii. 1854-w. 10 centime moudle. hand-engraved prussian helmet. ef. $50

*53612 france. longuyon. nd. 5 francs notgeld. societe alimentaire de l'est (eastern food society). scarce denomination. ge-1.2. vf-ef. $49

*53900 germany. nördlingen. 1650. klippe silver medal or 1/8 medallic taler. noah's ark, dove flying left with branch above. on peace of westphalia. crowned double eagle with nördlingen coat of arms. pax in nummis-1154, sim fr-1796 in gold. vf, mount removed. $400

54816 GIBRALTAR. British Colony. 1810. 1 Quart Token Coin. Payable at Robert Keeling & Sons. Variety without dots. KM-Tn 3.2, Prid-23. F/VF. $40

54805 GIBRALTAR British Colony. 1910. Two Quarts token issue, Large Date. Payable at Robert Keelings and sons. KM-TN4.1, Prid-18. Fine. $30

54806 GIBRALTAR. British Colony. 1810. Two Quarts token issue, Small Date. Payable at Robert Keelings and sons. KM-TN4.1, Prid-19. F+. $35

*54835 malta, relieved by spanish fleet & victory over turks. 1585. Æ jeton. galley sailing left, carrying a trophy of arms/knight on horseback left, date below (tall numbers). a similar piece sold in a dnw sale in 2003 for 130£. van loon-i, 69/2, feuar-13732, barnard, 192-20. f/vf. $115

54011 POLAND. Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1943. 5 Mark Aluminum (1.57g). KM-Tn2, Campbell-4752b, F/F PO-573b. aEF, but encrustation. $75


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