Auction 42F - July 12, 2012

Ancient and World Coins

Auction Sale #42F

This auction is now closed. Please see prices realized.

Closing Date and Time: Thursday, July 12, 2012 9:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time

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1. All bids are per lot as numbered in this catalog.

2. Payments are strictly cash (cash, check, money order, bank draft, bank wire or approved credit card) in U.S. dollars. See Term #10 for credit cards terms. All checks must be written in US dollars on a US bank. We do not accept payment via Paypal. Bidders are responsible for any and all bank charges for bank wires etc.

3. Auction sales are not approval sales. The bidder must assume responsibility to pay for all lots bid on. Lots may be returned for reasons of authenticity or improper description only within 3 days of receipt. Lots examined prior to the sale may not be returned for any reason except authenticity. Late payers forfeit any return privileges.

4. All materials are guaranteed genuine, unless noted otherwise.

5. Bid sheets must be signed.

6. We reserve the right to reject any bid.

7. Title does not pass until lots are paid for in full.

8. Postage, insurance & handling are extra. A minimum of $5 per shipment will be charged.

9. In some cases we may have duplicate lots of identical description and these may be substituted to under bidders.

10. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted for payment. However an additional 3% is charged for use of said card in auctions and mailbid sales. Please note if you use a credit card and are a new customer, we must be able to confirm your billing address. For those of you overseas this may be difficult so we ask that you include a numismatic reference.

11. Digital photos, scans, black & white or color copies are available for most single lots in the sale. Photos, scans and black and white print copies are $1 per item, while color copies are $2 per side. Payable in advance, please. In most cases digital images sent via email are free. Please do not wait until the last week to ask us for these.

12. All lots with 6 or more items are sold as is and are not returnable.

13. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt unless arrangements are made prior to the closing of the sale. Late payers forfeit any rights of return. All invoices over 30 days overdue are subject to an interest charge of 1 1/2% per month.

14. There is a $25 charge for bad checks.

15. In case of tie bids, the earliest bid received will win the lot.

16. Phone, fax, mail and email bids are accepted; phone bids should be confirmed in writing. All email bids will be confirmed by a return email, otherwise no confirmation will be sent unless you ask us to.

17. Estimates are just that, estimates. Lots may, and do, sell for above and below estimate. Please bid what the lot is worth to you. High bids will be reduced to 5 to 10% over the 2nd high bid when possible.

18. Bidders are responsible for errors in bidding, so please check your bid sheet carefully.

19. There are no buyer's fees in our sales.

20. All overseas packages will be shipped via registered or express mail at buyer's risk. Shipments of books will be very expensive to overseas addresses.

21. Bidders not known to us must provide us with satisfactory credit references or pay a 25% deposit.

22. Prices realized will be published after the sale and will be mailed to all consignors, subscribers and competitive bidders. Others may receive a copy for $5 or check our website.

23. Slabbed (encapsulated) coins graded and certified by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS may not be returned for grading reasons.

24. The minimum acceptable bid on any lot is at least 60% of the estimate. In some cases a reserve may be higher than that, but it will never be higher than the estimate. We have made every effort to make the estimates realistic and conservative. In addition, no bids on coins and medals of precious metal lots will be accepted that are below the melt value of the item. For our auction purposes we are defining precious metals as being silver, gold, platinum or palladium. The price of gold as we write this is more than $1625 per troy ounce and silver is almost $29 per troy ounce. As you may be well aware, the markets are in a state of turmoil and these prices will probably be different when you read this and different again when the sale closes. We have listed a minimum bid for most gold lots.

If viewing the catalog online is sufficient for you, please let us know so that we can cut down on the number of catalogs that we have printed and mailed out. If you are an active, competitive bidder and wish to continue to receive printed catalogs, we, of course, are more than happy to continue sending them to you. But please note we will be reducing our mailing list significantly before our next auction.


We will stop taking bids after 9:00 pm Mountain time on July 12th, 2012 or as soon as our phone and/or fax stops ringing for 10 minutes. Please do not wait until the last minute and get shut out. In every sale, a number of bidders cannot get through on the last night. No matter when you call, you cannot be guaranteed to be the last bidder because the sale will extend for at least 10 minutes after your call. But once it is over we will not answer the phone. If time is running late and the phone is busy, I strongly suggest sending us an email or a fax with your bid or bids.

Please note that at the present time we are having difficulty with our mobile phone service. Although we hope to have this resolved before the end of the sale we strongly suggest that you try to call us on our office phone at 720-981-0785. Because of this problem you may leave bids up until 8 AM the next day via phone, email or fax. However we will not answer the phone nor return your call to discuss your bids but you may leaave your bids in case you couldn't get through.

We suggest you bid above estimate if you want an item as high bids will be reduced. Our bid sheets offer several bidding options that can save you money, optimize your bids and see that you get the lots that you really want. If you are unsure of how to use these options, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to explain them to you.

Please keep in mind that in some cases there may be unpublished reserves set either by the consignor or the cataloger and no bids of less than 60% of estimate are considered. In some cases the reserve is higher than 60% of estimate but in no cases is it more than the estimate. We do not have a call back service, but after placing your bids you may contact us to check on your bids. And we take seriously the commitment to reduce bids. We do not reveal the high bid of any lot, but if you have placed a bid on a lot, you may contact us after your bid has been placed and we will tell you if you are the high bidder.

Usually well over 1/3 of all successful bids are reduced and over 75% of successful bidders have at least one of their winning bids reduced. We believe that the best strategy to being a successful bidder is placing your bids early and not waiting until the last minute. And because we reduce the high bid to no more than 10% over the 2nd high bid whenever possible, we think it makes sense to send in your bids early with the confidence that your bid will be reduced if at all possible. It's a successful auction when everybody is satisfied with the results: the consignors, the bidders and the auctioneer.

NO BUYER'S FEES   (back to top)

There has been quite a bit of discussion lately about companies that charge what some say are excessive buyer's fees. We do not charge any buyer's fees in our sales. You are charged only for the amount of your winning bid plus a postage and shipping charge. If you want the convenience of using your credit card or sending us a bank wire, we do charge you a small fee to help cover our costs.

LOT VIEWING SCHEDULE   (back to top)

Memphis International Paper Money Show. June 8-10, Memphis, TN. This is before the catalogs will be mailed but we will have most lots available for viewing at that time.

Colorado Springs coin show. June 29-July 1, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Colorado Springs. 2886 South Circle Drive (I-25 & S. Circle). I believe the public hours are 9 to 6 Friday, 9-5 Saturday and 9 to 4 on Sunday. We should have most lots available for viewing at this show.

Dawn meeting. July 6th. (Tentative). If there is a meeting and if we go we will bring requested lots to this meeting.

We will have most lots in the sale available for viewing at our bourse tables during the shows. However, we will not be bringing bulky, heavy or cumbersome lots. If there is something you would like us to bring, please let us know and we will make every effort to bring it. We may be able to arrange individual private showings, at locations of our choosing, at other times.

We plan to have the majority of the material in the sale in our office, Monday through Friday from June 18th until the close of the sale, if you need a more detailed description of any of the lots. However, please contact us as well in advance of the close of the sale as possible in order that we can provide you with as much information as we can. We will be happy to return your call if we cannot provide you with the information you require when you call, fax or email.

We will confirm all email bids received within 24 hours of receiving the bid. If you do not receive a confirmation please contact us. Please mark your email as bids, auctions or something similar so that our filter will recognize it. We do not confirm mail or fax bids unless specifically asked to do so. Please write clearly on your bid sheet. If possible, in addition to the lot # and your maximum bid, a small description is most helpful.

No information will be available about the results of the sale until all bids have been checked and invoices written. This should take 3 or 4 days. We will not be answering the phone until that information is ready. We hope to have the phones open by Tuesday July 17th and perhaps the day before.

HIGHLIGHTS OF AUCTION 42F   (back to top)

Although this auction has the fewest number of lots we have had in many many years the scope of the auction and the total value of the material will make this (we hope) one of our highest grossing sales of all time. The great majority of the lots in this auction are photographed. However if you would like to see a photo of a lot that we have not done please let us know and we will try to supply you with a digital image of the item. Unfortunately we are no longer equipped to mail out paper photographs.

While there is no gold section in this auction there are many gold coins and medals being offered. Please see lots 131. 166, 192-202, 475, 494, 496, 508, 511-513, 515-528, 536 &537. In addition lots 147 & 149 are Axumite coins and both have a tiny trace of gold inlay still intact.

Our ancient Jewish section is among the finest we've offered in many years and includes quite a number high grade and/or rare examples of the tiny silver coins that circulated in the Holy Land in the 4th and 3rd Centuries BC. We also have available quite a few scarce Herodian issues including coins of Herod the Great, Herod Antipas and Agrippa II. Bidders should also take notice of 3 silver shekels and one silver half shekel of the Jewish War Against Rome (First Revolt) as well as numerous Bar Kochba silver Zuzim and bronze coins. The small city coin section is highlighted by a bronze of Capitolias, a large medallion from Neopolis and a seemingly unpublished coin of Sebaste.

Offerings of other ancients are small in number but contain some highly desirable coins among them 4 Shekel of Tyres, including a Fouree and one struck in the year of the crucifixion as well as a rare half shekel of Tyre. Four Roman Egyptian coins include two drachms of Hadrian and the Roman Republic and Imperial coins include a number of Jewish reference coins including the famous Fisci Ivdaici Sestertius of Nerva. Also being offered are a handful of scarce silver Roman coins minted in Antioch. Are Axumite coins ancient or early medieval? We have seen them listed as both and we have listed as both in prior catalogs. For this sale we have listed a handful of them in the medieval and modern section.

World coin highlights includes numerous better grade European medieval coins and tokens from Australia and New Zealand as well as a number of better copper Jetons listed under Belgium, Malta, Netherlands and the US. The US piece is listed by CW Betts in his American Colonial History Illustrated by Contemporary Medals opus. Listed throughout the world section are Internment Camp and Ghetto tokens mostly from the New York collection. See offerings under Australia, Ireland, Isle of Man and Poland. We also have for sale a silver "touch"piece of Queen Anne and an almost complete set of Dassier's Kings and Queens of England medals. As usual our Israeli section will offer a number of rarities including the extremely rare 1962 Weizmann Gold Proof set struck without the Mem. Less than 10 sets were made and this is the first that we've ever offered for sale. We also have the pleasure of listing all gold coins of Israel issued prior to the year 2000 as well as the very rare 1971 Let My People Go Berne die 10 Lirot silver proof. Also up for bid is a nice run of 18th century coins of Malta, a number of early Palestine tokens as well as a "Discover" Lot of 3 paper "tokens" or tags used at the Zichron Jacob settlement. Again not a huge number of world coins but certainly a diverse offering consisting of many items seldom seen.

The highlight of this auction (and our next as well) is the The New York Collection. The New York Collection features one of the most comprehensive collections of World War II concentration camp, internment camp and Displaced Person money ever assembled and by far is the best collection we've ever offered. (They will be more items offered in our next sale). When we first started handling this material in the early 1970's there was very little reference material in print. Arlie Slaybaugh had written a small pamphlet and Albert Pick and Carl Siemsen has published their first book on the material. Occasional articles could be found in such publications as the International Bank Note Society Journal, the Journal of Israel Numismatics, The Shekel and a short-lived organization, the Judaic Synagraphic Collectors Association, published a number of articles circa 1980 and promised more but soon dissolved.

But since the early 1990's research has increased dramatically. We have relied on a number of these great works to catalog this collection. References used include Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money of the 20th Century (2nd edition) by Lance Campbell, Das Lagergeld der Konzentrationslager und D.P.-Lager 1933-1947 (2nd edition) by Pick and Siemsen, World War II Remembered by Fred Schwan and Joe Boling, Silent Witnesses: Civilian Camp Money of World War IIby Ray and Steve Feller and Das Geld des Terrors by Han-Ludwig Grabowski. The website maintained by David Frank is also a great source of information. Please keep in mind that the images in early books are in black and white and your cataloger has been accused of being somewhat color-blind. Or perhaps his mother taught him wrong. In addition to the New York collection we have superb selection of Proofs, trials, artist drawings and specimen notes of Israel including a "slabbed" set of Anglo-Palestine Bank Provisional Color Trial Specimens.

The Medallic Judaica section is also smaller than usual but has some highly interesting and unusual items including two British "Cabbage" Society tokens, an Hungarian Jewish Community token which I cannot recall ever seeing, numerous charity tokens and early 20th century American Jewish merchant tokens. Also being offered is a large bronze plaque that hung in the main synagogue in Berlin until being damaged during Kristallnacht in 1938. It survived and after various stops is being offered by us again after we sold it in 1997. Other highlights include a 3 piece set of Paul Vincze medals on the 300th Anniversary of the Resettlement of Jews in Great Britain and a 3 piece set of Albert Einstein medals. Both of these sets contain a rare gold medal. Also being offered in this section is one of the rarest of all 1973 25th Anniversary of Israel medals, a rare "Star of Love" gold medal by the renowned Israeli artist Agam. Among the state medals listed are a nice run of gold medals, a rare Israel Liberata pattern in bronze, two Yad Vashem Medals and the exceedingly rare Bar-Ilan University Presentation Medal.

Our Judaic and Holy Land paper section, as well as our Holocaust section, are both highlighted by numerous items from the New York Collection containing documents, books, chits and other memorabilia from those sad times of the 20th century.



*1 philistia, gaza. 5th-4th century bc. silver obol (.55g). helmeted head of athena right/ owl standing, head facing, crescent to left, aoe to right, mem in the field between legend and owl. gitler &tal v. 21o, hen-1014. vf, obverse a bit off-center. $250+

*2 philistia. 5th-4th century bc. silver hemi-obol (.12g). head of roaring lion left with protruding tongue/facing head of bes incuse. gitler & tal xxviii.6hoa. ef. one of the more magnificent "tiny" coins of the holy land we'ver had. rare, especially so nice. $750+

*3 samaria. 4th century bc. silver obol (.76g). bridled horse walking right, two letters at upper left, all in square/winged sphinx, with head of bearded persian king right, all in dotted square, letters on either side of wings. sc-27. f/vf+. obverse is a bit grainy, reverse is choice and just a tad off-center. $500+?

*4 samaria. 4th century bc. silver obol (.52g). lion crouching left, head facing in square/ same, but with two letters above right. sc-69. f/vf. the reverse is very nice! $300+

*5 samaria. 4th century bc. silver obol (.85g). helmeted head of athena facing/lion attacking bull right. sc-102. toned vf/f, a bit grainy. scarce. $450+

*6 samaria. 4th century bc. silver obol (.76g). palm tree flanked by two climbing goats/ helmeted male head to left, legend to left. sc-110. avf and very rare. $550+

*7 yehud. persian period, before 333 bc. silver obol or gerah (.40g). helmeted head of athena right/owl standing right, looking to front, lily in field, yhd to right. tjc-7, hen-1057v, (426). vg/f, porous. very rare. $750+?

*8 yehud, persian period, before 333 bc. silver half-obol or half-gerah (.22g). head of persian king wearing crown right/falcon, wings spread, head right, yhd retrograde. tjc-16c, h-1059d (429). vg/ch. vf. obverse bit off-center and slightly porous, reverse is exceptionally nice. $450+

*9 yehud, persian period, before 333 bc. silver half-obol or half-gerah (.22g). head of persian king wearing crown right/falcon, wings spread, head right, yhd retrograde. tjc-16c, h-1059d (429). choice vf, obverse somewhat off-center. $750+

*10 yehud coinage, persian period. prior to 333 bc. silver hemi-obol or half-gerah (.33g). lily/falcon, "yhd" to right, wings spread, head right. h-1060, tjc-15. vf, a bit clipped. very rare, amongst the earliest uses of the lily as a symbol of jerusalem. $1000+

*11 yehud, macedonian period. c. 333-302 bc. silver hemi-obol (.15g). facing head/ "yhzqyh" to right of owl standing right, head facing, feathers of the head form a beaded circle. as h-1069, tjc-22v. vg/choice vf. obverse basically blank, reverse nice but a bit off-center and almost all details on flan. $600+

*12 yehud. ptolemy ii. before 261 bc. ar 1/4 obol (.21g). head of ptolemy i right/eagle with spreads wings standing left, legend to left. tjc-32, h-1087. choice vf+. an outstanding example of this coin. $1500+

*13 john hyrcanus i. 135-104 bc. ae prutah (1.35g). hebrew legend. "yehohanan the high priest and the council of the jews" within wreath, topped by greek a/double cornucopia. h-1132, tjc-a. ch. vf/vf. obverse has complete and fully centered legend, reverse a bit off-center. included with this lot is a neatly hand-written 2 x 2 with both the paleo-hebrew and modern hebrew legends! $100+?

*14 judah aristobullus i. 104 bc. ae prutah (1.86g). "yehudah the high priest and the council of the jews" in block letters within wreath/double cornucopia. hen-1143 (45), ajc-ha8. nice vf/f, with full legend. $100+

Please keep in mind that there are absolutely no buyer's fees in our auctions

*15 alexander jannaeus. 103-76 bc. ae prutah (2..41g). lily flanked by paleo-hebrew "yehonatan the king"/anchor, "of king alexander" hen-1148, tjc-nv, legend variant. vf. $350+

*16 alexander jannaeus. 104-76 bc. ae prutah (1.84g). error coin! star of 8 rays/ inverted anchor. the obverse has been at least double-struck and perhaps triple-struck! fine. scarce as such. $100

*17 alexander jannaeus. 104-76 bc. ae prutah (2.78g). paleo-hebrew, "yehonatan the king" between the rays of a star with 8 rays within diadem/"of king alexander" around inverted anchor. h-1150, tjc-k. choice vf, nice green patina. flan is slightly irregular but virtually every letter is sharp and clear! $100+

*18 alexander jannaeus. 104-76 bc. lead prutah (5.95g) or token. "king alexander" (in aramaic) within border of dots/"king alexander" (in greek) around inverted anchor in circle. h-1155, ajc-da3. vf for type (high grade for this!). $375

*19 john hyrcanus ii (or possibly judah aristobuus ii). 67, 63-40 bc. ae prutah (1.76g). error coin. "yonatan the high priest and the council of jews"/incuse obverse struck on reverse. hen-1159, ajc- he2 (plate coin), tjc-s46 (plate coin). vf. $100+

*20 mattathias antigonus. 40-37 bc. ae 8 prutah (14.31g). paleo-hebrew "mattatayah the high priest and council of the jews" around and between a double cornucopia/"of king antigonus" around ivy wreath tied with ribbons. h-1162, tjc-36. gd fine, somewhat porous. these large bronze coins are notoriously struck on "bad metal". this example is well above average. $125+?

*21 herod i, the great. 40-4 bc. ae 8 prutot (6.23g, 22mm). military helmet, flanked by palm branches, two straps hanging down/tripod holding ceremonial bowl, date (year 3) to left and monogram to right, "of king herod" around. h-1169, tjc-44. vg/f+, but on rough planchet. $200+?

*22 herod the great. ae prutah (1.75g). palm branch with objects (leaves?) on either side/"king herod" around aphlaston, flanked by date (year 3). h-1172, tjc-47. choice vf, nice green patina, flan flaw which does not affect the devices or legend. $350+

*23 herod the great. ae prutah (.93g). "king herod" in uneven lines/anchor within circle decorated with stylized lily flowers. h-1174, tjc-61. nice vf, probably the nicest we've seen. $600+?

*24 herod the great. ae 2 prutot (3.50g). "king herod" around cross with closed diadem/ tripod table, flanked by palm branches. h-1178, tjc-48. vf, nice green patina. $400

*25 herod the great. ae prutah (1.53g). "king herod", cross within closed diadem/ tripod table in circle. h-1180, tjc-51. f-vf, typically somewhat irregular flan and a bit crude. $300

*26 herod the great. ae prutah (1.10g). small closed diadem, inscription a bit incomplete (as usual)/tripod table. hen-1183, tjc-54b. f-vf. a scarce little type that usually is seen in poorer condition. $375+

*27 herod the great. ae prutah (1.57g). "king herod" in irregular lines/tripod table in circle. h-1184, tjc-54. vf, scarce on a usual irregular flan. $400

*28 herod the great. ae half prutah or lepton (.93g). "king herod", above and below cornucopia/eagle standing right. h-1190, tjc-66. vf. this is the first coin issued by a jewish ruler with a graven image which may represent the golden bird herod placed above the temple in jerusalem. $300+

*29 herod the great. ae half prutah or lepton (.92g). "king herod", above and below cornucopia/eagle standing right. h-1190, tjc-66. choice vf+. exceptionally nice. $450+

*30 herod the great. ae half prutah or lepton (.99g). "king herod" around anchor/war galley sailing left within circles. h-1191, tjc-65. avf, weak in places, somewhat off-center. scarce. $300+

*31 herod antipas. 4 bc - 39 ad. ae 1/4 unit (14mm, 5.14g). tibe piac within wreath/ legend around upright reed and date. (year 24, 20/21ad). h-1201, tjc-77. fine (and rare). judging by the photo, the shoshana specimen was perhaps a tad better (or perhaps not) and it sold for over $1600. $550+

*32 agrippa ii. struck under nero at caesarea paneas. ae21 (5.65g). temple with female figure seated left/female figure standing in temple. h-1270 (578), tjc-354, rpc-4846. vf, green-brown patina, a bit off-center. this rare coin is the only one issued in the name of claudia, nero's daughter who died a few months after her birth in 63 ad. unfortunately all but the last few letters of her name are off the flan on this example which is still much above average. ex our auction 36c #81. $500+

*33 agrippa ii. 50-95 ad. ae16.5 (half denomination) (5.37g). laureate bust of nero right/ 5-line legend. h-1274, tjc-130. f/vf. issued to commemorate agrippa's refounding of caesarea paneas as neronias. $300+

*34 agrippa ii. 50-95 ad. ae25.5 (16.48g). laureate bust of vespasian right/tyche demeter stands left, wearing kalathos, holding grain ears in right hand and cornucopia in left, crescent in upper left field. year 26 = 74/75 ad. hen-1282 (similar but this coin has a crescent), tjc-158a. ch. vf, attractive green-brown desert patina on this large bronze. $600+

*35 agrippa ii. 50-95 ad. ae16 (4.50g). laureate bust of domitian right/nike-victory stands right, left foot on helmet, writing on shield, year 24 (83/84 ad). hen-1317, tjc-152. choice vf, nice green patina. $350+

*36 agrippa ii. 50-95 ad. ae16 (2.69g). bust of domitian right/palm-tree, "year 25, king agrippa". hen-1320, tjc-156. choice vf+, but ragged flan. $450+

*37 agrippa ii. 50-95 ad. ae19 (5.11g). laureate bust of domitian right/crossed double cornucopias, winged caduceus between them. h-1325, tjc-163v. ef. scarce, nicer than the shoshana example. $1350+

*38 agrippa ii. 50-95 ad. ae11.75 (1.58g). laureate bust of domitian right/cornucopia, year 25," king agrippa" in greek. h-1322 (609), tjc-157. gd fine. a cute little coin. $225+

*39 valerius gratus, procurator under tiberius. 15-26 ad. ae prutah (1.83g). "julia" in two lines in wreath/year 3 flanks three lilies in bloom. h-1335, tjc-321. vf, flan irregular. $200+

*40 pontius pilate, procurator under tiberius. 26-36 ad. ae prutah (2.14g, 16 mm). lis (retrograde z) year 17, 30/31 ad. hen-1342a, tjc-333b. vf. there is a theory that the last digit of the date is really an s making this year 29, but that is probably not the case. this is more likely just a die cutter's error. $375+

*41 pontius pilate, under tiberius. 16-26 ad. ae prutah (1.91g). lh (year 18) within wreath/lituus, irregular legend. h-1343b, tjc-334d. fine. scarce. i can't recall seeing this die before. $250+

*42 jewish war, 1st revolt. 66-70 ad. (year 2). silver shekel (13.54g). omer cup, "shekel of israel, year two"/three pomegranates on stem, "jerusalem the holy". h-1358 (659), ajc-8, tjc-193. choice well-centered ef, die crack to left on pomegranate. very attractive, with light toning. ex ed waddell inventory. $4500+

*43 jewish war, 1st revolt. 66-70 ad. (year 2). silver shekel (14.67g). omer cup, "shekel of israel, year two"/three pomegranates on stem, "jerusalem the holy". h-1358 (659), ajc-8, tjc-193. nice well-centered ef, but some black deposits mostly on chalice side. $3500+

*44 jewish war, 1st revolt. 66-70, year 2. ae prutah (2.22g). amphora with broad rim and two handles, "year two"/vine leaf on small branch, "the freedom of zion". hen-1360b, tjc-198v. crude irregular issue. nice vf $300+

*45 jewish war, 1st revolt. unstruck pruta (17mm. 3.61g). unstruck cast flan with large central pellet. vf? uncommon. $150?

*46 jewish war, 1st revolt. 66-70 ad. (year 3). silver shekel (12.92g). omer cup, "shekel of israel, year three"/three pomegranates on stem, "jerusalem the holy". h-1361 (662), tjc-202. nice ef, somewhat flat edge at around 5 o'clock. shekels of year 3 are scarcer than year 2. $5000+?

*47 jewish war, 1st revolt. 66-70 ad. (year 3). silver half shekel (6.22g). omer cup, "half of a shekel, year three"/three pomegranates on stem, "jerusalem the holy". h-1362 (663), tjc-203a. toned vf, but oxidized and rough surfaces. half shekels of the jewish war are scarcer than full shekels. this is the first year 3 half shekel we've offered in more than 3 years. the consignor purchased this from zurqieh in june of 2005. $3500+?

*48 jewish war, 1st revolt. 66-70 ad. year 4. ae 1/8 shekel (5.13g). omer cup, legend around, "for the redemption of zion"/lulav between 2 etrogs. h-1363 (670), ajc-30av, tjc-214av. letters shaped a bit differently than meshorer examples. vf, flan a bit irregular, nice green brown patina. ex our sale 36c #111. $350+

*49 jewish war, 1st revolt. 66-70 ad. year 4. ae 1/8 shekel (4.98g). omer cup, legend around, "for the redemption of zion"/lulav between 2 etrogs. h-670, ajc-30av, tjc-214av. letters shaped a bit differently than meshorer examples. choice vf, nice green patina, flan a bit chipped. ex our sale 36c, #112. $350+

*50 bar kochba revolt. 132-135 ad. year one. small bronze (4.81g, 17mm). bunch of grapes, "year one of the redemption of israel"/7-branched palm tree, "eleazar the priest". hen-1380, mild-150, tjc-224, but seemingly a different die as the ayin to the far left of the palm is tilted in a different direction. vf, surface deposits with underlying reddish-brown patina. accompanied with a photographed and signed certificate of authenticity by david sear. $900+?

*51 bar kochba. 132-135 ad. silver zuz or denarius (3.22g). bunch of grapes, "shimon"/ palm branch, "year 2 of the freedom of israel". hen-1394 (image, not description) (695), mild-40. toned aef, traces of legend from original roman denarius visible on both sides. much nicer than a specimen that sold for more than $825+ in the recent shoshana sale. $750+

*52 bar kochba, 132-135 ad. year two, middle bronze (12.91g). palm tree, "shimon"/vine leaf, "year two of the freedom of israel". h-1408ff, mil-unpub. irregular issue. vf. $850

*53 bar kochba. 132-135 ad. year 2. small bronze (4.75g). palm tree, "jerusalem"/ bunch of grapes, "year two of the freedom of israel". h-1410 (710), mild-153, tjc-266. fine, a bit rough. scarce type. ex our sale 34e, #88. $200+

*54 bar kochba. undated, attributed to year 3. silver zuz or denarius, (3.29g) . "shimon" within wreath of eight almonds with medallion at top/"for the freedom of jerusalem" around palm branch. mild-91, hen-1420, tjc-279a. ch. vf+, trace of undercoin visible. $1000+5

*55 bar kochba. 132-135 ad. silver zuz or denarius. (3.3g). bunch of grapes, "shimon"/fluted jug, palm branch, "for the freedom of jerusalem". h-1433 (732), mild-156. toned vf. ex our sale 36c #128 and ex george fisher collection. $600+

*56 bar kochba. 132-135 ad. silver zuz or denarius. (3.27g). bunch of grapes, "shimon"/3-stringed lyre, "for the freedom of jerusalem". h-1435 (734), mild-218. toned gvf, flan flaw at about 8 o'clock on obverse and correspondingly 10 o'clock on reverse. ex our sale 36c, #130 and previously from the george fisher collection. $800+

*57 bar kochba. 132-135 ad. middle bronze (4.59g). palm branch in wreath, "for the freedom of jerusalem"/lyre with 3 strings, "shimon". h-1436 (735), mild-32. af. this scarce middle bronze type is almost always found struck on small planchets like this. ex our auction 34e, #94. $200

*58 bar kochba. 132-135 ad. undated or year three. medium bronze (10.90g). vine leaf, "for the freedom of jerusalem"/palm tree, "shimon". mild-100, h-1437 (736), tjc-292a. fine or more accurately f/vf, but a bit porous. ex lot 96 from our sale 34e. $200

*59 bar kochba. 132-135 . ae middle bronze (11.04g). palm tree, "shimon"/vine leaf, "for the freedom of jerusalem". h-1437, mild-114. choice vf. rare, mildenberg lists only 3 examples (one of which is cast) and this is much nicer than the example shown. $1400?

*60 bar kochba. 132-135. undated, attributed to year 3. ae small bronze (4.44g). "jerusalem" across the field, 7-branched palm tree/"for the freedom of jerusalem", bunch of grapes. h-1439 (738), mild-156. vf/f, green-brown patina. ex imperial coins. $200

*61 judaea capta, titus. 79-81 ad. ae23 (12.65g). laureate head of titus right/trophy, judaea sits mourning to left, shield to right. h-1449 (745), tjc-384. vg-f, well centered. struck at caesarea. ex cng inventory. $100?

*62 judaea capta. domitian 81-96 ad. ae23 (9.99g). laureate head of domitian left/minerva in flowing gown advancing left, holding trophy in right hand and shield and spear in left. h-1455 (749), tjc-392. fine. $75+

63 Group of 3 coins. Bar Kochba Middle Bronze Palm Tree/Vine Leaf; Judaea Capta Titus/Trophy, a bronze struck at Caesarea H-1449; and bronze Judaea Capta of Domitian with palm tree on reverse and a countermark on neck. Similar to H-1458 (746), TJC-394a. 3 coins, Gd to VG, all a bit rough, the last rare. $250+?

*64 aelia capitolina, antoninus pius 138-161 ad. ae22.5 (9.83g). laureate bust right/ bust of sarapis, wearing modius. mesh-28, ros-12. vf, scratch across head, mottled green-brown patina. scarce. $450+

*65 aelia capitolina, elagabalus. 218-222 ad. ae23 (11.84g). laureate bust right/ emperor on horse-back right, holding sword in left hand and raising right hand, wine jar in ex. (barely visible). mesh-128, kad-137 and not in rosenberger. f-vf. rare type which i cannot recall offering before. $750+

*66 capitolias, elagabalus. 218-222 ad. ae25.75 (8.18g). draped, laureate and cuirassed bust right/tyche standing left in tetra-style temple, foot on river-god (?). dated : pk (122 = 217/18 ad), to each side. sp-25a, numismatic legacy of the jews-177, (this coin). ch. vf. coins of capitolias are amongst the rarest of all holy land city coins. we have had less than 10 pieces in all our years of handling jewish coins and i believe this is the first of elagabalus we've ever offered. $1250+

*67 gaza, julia domna, wife of septemius severus (died 217 ad). ae20 (8.50g). bust of julia domna right/io and city-goddess standing and clasping hands, city symbol "mem" between them, year 263. ros-150. vf, heavy green patina. very scarce, i have no record of offering this coin in at least 17 years! $250

*68 gerasa, hadrian. 117-138 ad. ae15 (2.77g). laureate bust of hadrian right/bust of artemis-tyche right, quiver behind shoulder. sp-7, ros-9. nice vf, pretty green-brown patina. $375+

*69 gerasa, commodus. 177-192 ad. ae19 (6.06g). laureate bust right/tyche wearing crown, seated left on rock, upper body turned right, holding ears of barley, half-figure of river-god swimming left. sp-22, ros-27. nice vf. $250

*70 neapolis, domitian. 81-96 ad. ae24 (17.07g). laureate bust of domitian right/4-line legend within wreath, year 11 = 82/83 ad. ros-1, bmc-1. nice vf. scarce. $600+

*71 neapolis, antoninus pius. 138-141 ad. ae medallion 33mm, (22.31g). laureate bust right/mt. gerizim, consisting of 2 masses, ravine in center, leading to roadway. shrine at top. year 88? ros-9, bmc-23. f/gd fine. a rare and attractive coin. a similar, but a bit nicer, coin in the shoshana sale sold for over $3800! $2000+

*72 neapolis, elagabalus. 218-222 ad. ae20 (8.12g). laureate bust right, with countermark of a (?) on neck/mt. gerizim showing the colonnade, stairs, roadway, shrines, temple and altar. ros-39, ans-1003, bmc-99. fine, seldom offered with countermark. $75+

*73 sebaste, commodus. 177-192 ad. ae26 (11.97g). laureate bust right/demeter holding torch and riding serpent-chariot of triptolemos who stands on left, dated 216 = 191 ad. demeter is seeking her daughter kore-persephone in the underworld. vg-f. unpublished? exceedingly rare reverse type, see meshorer's city coins of eretz-israel, page 44 #116 for a similar reverse with caracalla on the obverse. i cannot find another example of this coin! $750+?

*74 sebaste, commodus. 177-192 ad. ae21 (8.96g). laureate bust of commodus right/ turreted bust of tyches right, date at end of legend, 215 = 190/191 ad. ros-12, sng-ans-1076 sim. choice vf. nice green patina. i cannot recall offering this coin before! $250+

*75 sebaste, caracalla. 198-217 ad. ae23.5 (11.53g). laureate bust right/hades in galloping quadriga right, looking back and carrying persephone in arm, eros flying above. "the rape of persephone". ros-22. nice vf, pretty green patina. i can recall only one or two other specimens of this coin that we've had in the past 17+ years. and this is by far the nicest. $300+

*76 tiberias, trajan. 98-117 ad. laureate bust right/city-goddess, standing on prow of galley, head left, holding rudder and cornucopia. year 81 = 99/100. ros-5, sng cop-1099. nice vf+, legends a tad weak in spots. high grade for this coin and much nicer than the 2 published specimens cited. $650

*77 tiberias, hadrian. 117-138 ad. ae19 (5.00g). laureate bust right/nike standing left, holding wreath and palm-branch. ros-14. fine, ex amphora inventory. $75+


*78 spain. obulco. 120-20 bc. ae dupondius (43.74g), 38mm. female head right/plow and grain-ear. burgos-1391. f/g+, rim nick. $100+

79 Apulia, Arpi. 3rd Century BC. Pair of bronze coins. Bull butting right/Horse prancing right. 19mm and 21mm. Both VG-F, or later. As SG-570. Not particularly high grade, but scarce and seldom offered. $75+

*80 sardinia (sardo-punic). 3rd century bc. under carthage. ae15 (5.01g). head of tanit left/horse galloping right. avf, nice green patina, but somewhat porous. very scarce. $75+?

81 Sicily, Syracuse. 357-344 BC. AE Trias (17mm, 3.12g). Female head left/Dolphin leaping right above scallop-shell. SG-1187, SNG ANS-417. Obverse overstruck over something. SNG ANS dates this to about 405 BC and identifies the female head as Arethusa. Gd Fine, bit rough. $75

*82 sicily, syracuse. reign of hiketas. 288-279 bc. ae20 (7.51g). head of persephone, wreathed with corn, left/galloping biga right. sg-1209, lind, ii-580. vf/fine, attractive. $75+?

83 Sicily, Syracuse. Reign of Hiketas. 288-279 BC. AE22 (8.98g). Laureate head of Zeus Hellanios left/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings open. SG-1211, SNG ANS-809. Fine, heavy green patina and a bit rough. $100?

*84 sicily, syracuse. roman rule. after 212 bc. ae20 (6.59g). laureate head of zeus right/tyche standing left, holding rudder and scepter, prow behind. sng ans-1061. fine+, green-brown patina, but porous. rarely seen. $175+?

85 Sicily, Syracuse. Roman Rule, after 212 BC. AE19 (6.41g). Head of Persephone right/ Demeter standing left with long torch and scepter. SNG ANS-1090, Lind-II, 606. VF, but a bit porous. Seldom offered. $60+?

*86 epeirote republic. 238-168 bc. silver drachm (4.44g). head of zeus dodonaios right wreathed with oak/eagle standing right on thunderbolt in oak wreath. sg-1996, sng cop-119. vf. $150+

*87 ionia. teos. 5th century bc. silver tetartemorion (.31g). griffin seated right/incuse square. gvf+. very nice little coin. $225+

*88 seleukid kings, antiochus iv (175-164 bc). ae27 of antioch. head of isis right/ eagle standing right, legends to either side. sng israel-981, hoover-644, sg-6986. gd. fine, somewhat scarce. $75

*89 phoenicia, tyre. 450-400 bc. silver obol or 1/16 shekel (.47g). dolphin left in circle of dots/owl standing, head facing, holding crook and flail, all in dotted border and in slightly incuse circle. bmc-8. choice vf. $250+

*90 phoenicia, tyre. after 126 bc. fouree shekel (silver-plated copper). 10.55g. crude bust of melkarth right/eagle standing on thunderbolt left. crude vf, silver plating peeling from reverse, obverse is decent. rare as such. only the 2nd i can recall having. $500?

*91 phoenicia. tyre. 126 bc-65 ad (82/81 bc). silver shekel (14.01g). laureate bust of melkarth right/eagle standing l., on club, date em (year 45) to left, delta to right, phoenician aleph between legs. bmc-136ff, cohen-r2. toned vf, minor porosity. $1450

*92 phoenicia. tyre. 126 bc-65 ad (86/85 bc). silver shekel (13.14). laureate bust of melkarth right./eagle stg l., on club, date am ? (year 49?) to left, delta between legs, phoenician aleph right. bmc-134. vf, but porous. $875

*93 phoenicia, tyre. 126 bc-65 ad (33/34 ad). ar shekel (14.47g). laureate bust of melkarth right. year of crucifixion (prieur r4, cohen scarce)/eagle stg l., on club, pno (= year 159 = 33/34 ad.) left, kp to right, "9" between legs. bmc-204, pr-1423, rpc-4663, h-1620. vf. $2500+

*94 phoenicia, tyre. after 126 bc (46/47 ad). ar half shekel (6.43g). laureate head of melkarth right/eagle standing left on t-bolt, club to left, pob, year 172 = 46/47 ad. rare date (cohen r2). h-1621v, unl in rpc, bmc. vf, bit oxidized. in an email, ed cohen, author of dated coins of antiquity, told me that this is only the 2nd of this date he has verified! $1000+

*95 elymais kings. uncertain king. kamnaskires iv-vi (?). late 1st cent. bc to 1st cent. ad. bi tetradrachm (15.37g). bust left with long pointed beard, star in crescent above anchor behind/crude male bust left, legend around. while crude and blundered, this is a nice example of an early type. sgi-5884v. toned. vf/f. $350

*96 ptolemaic egypt. ptolemy i. 323-283 bc. ar tetradrachm (14.06g). head of alexander the great right/athena alkidemos stg. right. sng cop-25ff. f+, bit porous. $400

*97 roman egypt. hadrian. 117-138 ad. ae drachm (24.69g). bust laureate, draped andcuirassed right/alexandria kissing the emperor's hand to welcome him in her city; he stands, left, laureate and togate, holding scepter in left hand; alexandria, wearing elephant-skin headdress, steps right towards the emperor, grasps and holds wheat ears and poppy in her left hand; l - i e in left and middle field. commemorates hadrian's arrival in egypt in 130 ad. emm-964, dat-1610. gvf. rare reverse type. $600+

*98 roman egypt. hadrian. 117-138 ad. ae drachm (24.71g). laureate bust right/ triptolemos driving biga of serpents right, liz (year 17) above. milne-1364. emm-1060, bmc-687. fine. a very scarce type. $350+

*99 roman egypt. maximus caesar. 235-238 ad. year 3. ae tetradrachm (12.73g). bust right/bust of zeus ammon right. m-3246, emm-3339, unlisted by curtis, koln and bmc. vf, obv. porous. scarce. $100+

Please ensure that your bid sheet arrives before the closing date. Thanks.

*100 roman egypt. gallienus. 253-269 ad. ae drachm (11.48g). laureate bust right/ eagle standing left, head turned back. lib = year 12. very rare. m-4112, e-3842, koln-2926. avf, bit rough. an extraordinary rare coin. seldom offered. $1000+

*101 rome. cn. lucretius trio. 136 bc. silver denarius (3.88g). helmeted head of roma right, "trio" behind/disocuri galloping right, cn lvcr below, roma in ex. sr-114, lucretia-1, craw-237/1a. vf. $140

*102 t. quinctius flamininus. 126 bc. silver denarius (3.90g). helmeted head of roma right, xvi monogram below chin, apex behind/discouri galloping right, t-q divided by macedonian shield below, roma in ex. sr-143, quncitia-2, craw-267/1. choice toned vf+. $175

*103 anonymous. c. 86 bc. silver denarius (3.66g). laureate head of apollo right, thunderbolt below/jupiter in quadriga right. sr-266, syd-723. nice vf. $150

*104 l. aemilius lepidus paullus. 62 bc. silver denarius (4.08g). veiled diademed head of concordia right/togate figue of l. aemilius paullus standing left touching trophy to left of which stands king perseus of macedon and his two sons as captives. sr-366, aemilia-10, craw-415/1. toned vf on slightly oval flan. $140

*105 m. aemilius scarus & p. plautius. hypsaeus. c. 58 bc. silver denarius (3.95g). king aretas kneeling right beside camel, presenting olive branch rex aretas in ex./ jupiter in quadriga left, brandishing thunderbolt, scorpion below horses, legends above, to right and in ex. sr-379, hen-1441 (740), aemila-8. vf+ a touch off-center. judaean related, this was struck to commemorate the defeat of aretas iii who was a supporter of john hyrcanus ii against his brother judah aristobulus ii. $150

*106 a. plautius. 55 bc. silver denarius (3.87g). turreted head of cybele right/ "bacchius the jew" (presumably judah aristobulus) kneeling right besides camel, with palm branch in hand. bacchivs in ex, ivdaevs on right. sr-395, hen-1443, crawford 431/1; sydenham 932; plautia 13. near vf, toned, small banker's mark or bump on obverse. one of two judaean-related roman republic coins.. lot 105 is the other. $150

*107 sextus pompey. 43-36 bc. ae as (13.60g). laureate head of janus with features of pompey the great/prow of galley right. pivs above, imp below. sr-1394, cr-479/1. nice fine, nice green patina but rough surfaces. $100

*108 p. clodius. 42 bc. silver denarius (3.99g). laureate head of apollo right, lyre behind/diana lucifera standing right, holding long lighted torch in each hand, bow & quiver at shoulder. sr-492, claudia-15, craw-494/23. toned vf, obverse slightly off-center, softly struck in spots. scarce late republican type. $140

*109 augustus. 27 bc-14 ad. silver denarius (3.85g). laureate bust right/caius & lucius caesars standing and facing with shields & spears between them, simpulum to left and lituus to right between the spears. sr-1597, ric-207, rsc-43. toned vf, slightly off-center. although the denarius of tiberius is usually considered to be the "tribute penny" of the new testament, there are numerous other people who believe that this denarius of augustus is more likely to be the "tribute penny". included among them are harvey shore (celator, january 1996), michael grant, the well known british historian of rome and greek, and dr. peter lewis of australia. $400+

See Lot #32 for a coin issued in the name of Claudia, Nero's daughter.

*110 vespasian. 79-81 ad. silver denarius (3.47g). laureate head right/mourning judaea sits right to right of trophy, head resting on hand, ivdaea in ex. h-1479, sr-2296. toned vf, irregular flan, small flaw on reverse. $400+

*111 vespasian. 69-79 ad. ae sestertius (22.05g). laureate head right/jewish captive sitting right at right of palm tree, emperor standing left. ivdaea capta sc. ric-427, hen-1504. vg-f/g-vg, porous. a low grade example of a very rare coin. the obverse isn't bad, with a clear portrait of vespasian & most of the legend visible. reverse is weak but enough parts of the emperor, the captive and the palm are visible to ascertain the type. when tilted a certain way, "capta" and "sc" are visible and parts of the letters in ivdaea. $400+

*112 vespasian. 69-79 ad. ae as (12.13g). laureate head right/victory standing right on galley, holding wreath and palm, victoria navalis sc. hen-779 (4th ed)., sr-2355. avf, heavy green patina. while not specifically mentioning judaea, it is generally assumed that this type was struck to commemorate roman naval victories at joppa and tiberias during the jewish war. hendin listed this type in his 4th edition and discusses the general type in the 5th edition. $125+

*113 divus vespasian. 69-79 ad. silver denarius (2.83g). laureate head right/victory advancing left, placing shield on trophy, a mourning jewess sits left below, ex - sc in field. a judaea capta issue struck under titus 80-81. h-1586 (772a), ric-59a (titus), sr-2565. f-vf, but a bit rough on reverse. $200

*114 divus vespasian. 69-79 ad. silver denarius (3.26g). laureate head right/victory advancing left, placing shield on trophy, a mourning jewess sits left below, ex - sc in field. a judaea capta issue struck under titus 80-81. h-1586 (772a), ric-59a (titus), sr-2565. avf, but also rough. less wear than the above lot, but a tad rougher. $150+

*115 nerva. 96-98 ad. (struck 97 ad). ae sestertius (27.02g). laureate head right/palm tree, sc, fisci ivdaici calvmnia svblata. full legend! struck to commemorate the "method" of collecting the jewish tax and likely the tax itself according to the talmud. sr-1603b, ric-82, sr-3044. nice vf, green patina, light smoothing, a tad rough on reverse with full legends. ex dr. stephen gerson collection where it sold for $27,600. an example in the recent shoshana collection sold for more than $77,000. while the specimen being offered here is not quite as nice as that one, the shoshana piece is certainly not 5 times nicer than this one. ex patrick tan and stephen gerson collections. $14,500+

*116 sabina, wife of hadrian. died 136 ad. silver denarius (2.78g). draped bust right/ venus standing right, drawing out fold of drapery from shoulder and holding apple. sr-3924, ric-396, rsc-73. toned vf, slightly irregular flan. $140

*117 clodius albinus, as caesar (193-195 ad). 195-196. silver denarius (2.59g). bare head right/minerva standing left., holding olive branch & resting on shield. sr-6144. f/af, but somewhat porous. very nice portrait. scarce ruler. $150+

*118 caracalla. 198-217 ad. silver denarius (3.48g). laur. bust right/virtus stg right, foot on helmet, holding spear and parazonium. sr-6869, ric-112. vf, small flan crack. $75+

*119 geta, as caesar. 209-211 ad. silver denarius (3.31g). draped bare-headed bust right/ nobilitas standing right, holding scepter and palladium. sr-7184, ric-13a, rsc-90. nice vf, flan crack. $95

*120 elagabalus. 218-222 ad. silver antoninianus (5.61g) of antioch. radiate head right/ mars advancing right holding spear & trophy. very rare with this obverse legend. (imp caes antoninus avg). ric-120, sr-7491v (but a different obverse legend). ef. $225+

*121 philip i. 244-249 ad. silver antoninianus (4.10g) of antioch. radiate bust right/emperor, veiled, standing left, sacrificing over tripod and holding wand. ric-iv, 75b (r), rsc-13. sr-unlisted. ef and seldom seen. $175+

*122 otacilia severa. wife of philip i. silver antoninianus (3.79g) of antioch. bust of otacilia severa right, crescent behind shoulders/juno standing left, holding patera and scepter. sr-9152, ric-127, rsc-20. choice toned ef. $100+

*123 philip ii, 247-249 ad. silver antoninianus (4.41g) of antioch. radiate bust right/ aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia. sr-9258, c-1. gvf, scarce. $100+

*124 philip ii, 247-249 ad. silver antoninianus (4.20g) of antioch. radiate bust left/felicitas standing left holding long caduceus and cornucopia. sr-9270, ric-235, rsc-39. vf, but somewhat pitted field. scarce. $75+

*125 trajan decius. 249-251 ad. silver antoninianus (3.96g) of antioch. radiate bust right/ aequitas standing left with scales and cornucopia, legends ends in avgg. sr-9367, ric-iv, 45 (r), rsc-9b. aef, struck on oval flan, some parts of legend flat but overall an attractive coin which is seldom seen on the market. $125+

*126 hostilian, as caesar. 251 ad. silver antoninianus (3.39g) of antioch. radiate bust right, dot below bust/aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia. sr-9553, ric-194b, rsc-4c. gvf, tad porous. very scarce. $175+

*127 trebonianus gallus. 251-253. silver antoninianus (4.06g). radiate head right/ roma seated l, holding victory and spear, shield at side. iiv in ex .antioch mint. sr-9647, ric-89. ef, tad rough obv. another scarce & attractive coin from the antioch mint. $100+

*128 volusian. 251-253 ad. silver antoninianus (4.54g) of antioch. radiate bust right/ felicitas standing left, holding long caduceus and cornucopia. felictas pvbl. sr-9746, ric-205, rsc-32. choice ef. scarce and very attractive. $100+

*129 volusian. 251-253 ad. silver antoninianus (3.59g) of antioch. radiate bust right, dot below bust/victory standing right on globe, holding wreath and palm. sr-9774, ric-iv-238a (r), rsc-126b. gvf, a bit porous. another rare issue of antioch. $100+

*130 salonina. wife of gallienus. silver antoninianus (3.34g) of antioch. bust of salonina right on crescent/pudicitia standing left, drawing veil from face & holding transverse scepter. no officiana marks in field. sr-10648, ric-24. ef. $100+

*131 byzantine. constans ii. 644-668 ad. gold solidus (4.48g). facing bust of constans with long beard, holding cross and long mustache/cross potent on 3 steps, officina i(?) constantinople mint. sb-956. ef. minimum bid $450. $550+

*132 byzantine, leo v. 813-820 ad. ae follis (4.25g). facing busts of leo (on left) and constantine on right/large ak with pellet in between and cross above. sb-1635. nice vf, a bit off-center and slightly porous. $75

See Lots 146 to 149 for 4 Axumite coins


*134 anglo-gallic. aquitaine: edward the black prince. 1362-72. hardi d'argent of poiters (.96g). half-length figure of the prince/long cross divides legend. elias 205b. avf, natural split on reverse. ex s. george tucker, sold by owl (the late john barton) 10/81, #154. $250

*135 anglo-gallic. france: henry vi. 1422-1453. ar grand blanc aux ecus (3.11g) . shields of france and england, name above/latin cross, fleur-de-lis to left, leopard to right. leopard mintmark above (rouen mint). elias 287. vf. $350

*136 argentina-united states. nd. ae 26.5mm. head of "argentina" left. "republica argentina libertad" around/eagle "10 d" below, "united states of america" around. like $10 gold coin. unlisted counter or token. choice glossy, mostly red unc. $100+

*137 armenia. hetoum i and zabel. 1226-1270. ar tram. (2.72g). king and queen standing, cross between them, star on cross, & dots to right/lion walking right, holding a cross with left paw. ac-333v, b-856b. nice vf, some flat areas. many people consider armenian coins to be a legitimate crusader-type coin. $75+

*138 armenia. hetoum i and zabel. 1226-1270. ar tram. (2.80g). king and queen standing, cross between them, dot on cross/lion walking right, holding a cross with left paw. ac-334v, b-930v. choice vf. crusader-related coin. $75+

*139 australia. melbourne, annand smith & co. nd. penny token. legend/brittania seated left on rock. this reverse is from dies prepared for 1806 soho penny. km-tn16.2, sk-24. ef, some red. a few small nicks. issued 1849, the first australian token! $250

*140 australia. melbourne, fenwick brothers. nd. penny token. legend around a flagstaff and signal station/head of queen victoria left in beaded circle. ren-130, a-120, km-tn-66. vf and rare. $300+

*141 australia. melbourne, robison bros. 1862. penny token. 34mm. thick planchet. legend within circle, another outside of circle/vine branch, legend around. ren-455, a-463, km-tn205. vf+, some verdigris reverse. $300+

*142 australia. melbourne, t. stokes. 1862. penny token. legend in 3 lines, thomas stokes maker melbourne around/australian arms. large letters. a-508, ren-526, km-tn-221.2. ef, tiny rim nicks. $225+

*143 australia. melbourne, thrale & cross. nd. half penny token. legend around legend/australia above, seated britannia left. ren-556, a-585, km-tn255. f-vf, some rim nicks. $250

*144 australia, internment camp. nd. wwii. 1 shilling. camp-1263, km-tn3, feller au-972. brown ef, a few spots. 1st i've had since 1995! $250?

*145 austrian netherlands. maria theresia. 1775. kronenthaler. brussels mint (head mint mark). dav-1282, km-21. vf, some light adjustment marks both sides. $100+

*146 axumite. anonymous. c. 340-425 ad. ae unit (15mm, 1.24g). draped bust right, wearing headcloth, normal legend, but missing "i" "king of habasat"?/legend, "may this please the country" around central cross in circle. mh-52, macw-382ff. f-vf, rev. a bit o.c. $120+

*147 axumite. wazena. early to mid 6th century. ae unit (16mm, .98g). half length bust right, wheat stalk in front/cross crosslet, with a touch of the original gold inlay intact. mh-120, macw-420. f/f-vf. $125

*148 axumite. gersem. c. 600 ad. ae unit (16mm, .84g). facing crowned bust holding two cross-scepters/greek-style cross with flared arms in a diamond-like circle of dots, "he conquers through christ". mh-148, macw-429-430. nice fine/fine+. scarce type. $150+

*149 axumite. armah. c. 630-650 ad. ae unit (17mm, 1.15g). crowned and draped full-length figure of armah seated right holding long scepter/cross connected to ring of wheat stalks by stem, a touch of gold inlay visible. mh-153, macw-423-427. avf. $150

*150 bahamas, grand bahama club. c. 1950. set of 4 c-n tokens. 4 1/2d, 9d, 1/9 and 3/6 shilling. grand bahama club around sailfish/grand bahamas value above sailfish, with value. byrne-27, rulau bms 20-23. aef. $50+

*151 belgium. brussels. nd. ae jeton (32.5mm). crested arms of d'armstorff. two men in ship approaching land/ two figures flanking arms. dug-4343. vf. a magnificent view of the ship. pierre-josse d'armstorff was treasurer of brussels in 1660s.. $65+

*152 belgium, brussels. 1678 ae jeton. sailing ship along canal blown by the wind, shields above/legend with date in chronogram. dug-4392, mitch-2766. issued for leonard van der noot who was in his 4th term as intendent of the brussels canal. nice vf, some planchet flaws. this seems to be the scarcer of two similar types issued for van der noot. a similar piece was sold by jean elsen for `db250 in 2009. $100+

*153 belgium. brussels. intendant of brussels canal. 1697. ae jeton (29mm). crowned shield of brouckhoven with two supporters and date below/ship, with three masts, sailing to left. rare. dug-4649, mitch-2804. brown ef. $220+?

*155 brazil, pedro ii. 1872 ae 29mm bust left/arms of brazil and portugal, legend around. mint visit of pedro ii to portugal. red and brown au-unc. scarce? $50+?

*156 bulgaria. ivan alexander. 1331-1371 (after 1355). ar grosh of turnovo (1.57g). emperor & saint to either side of standard/christ standing, facing forward. 2nd issue. exceptional condition. vf+. $50+

*157 bulgaria ivan stratsimir. 1356-95. silver grosh (.83g). bust of christ holding gospels/ivan enthroned holding scepter and mappa. youroukova-107, cme-388. vf. $75

158 Bulgaria. Ferdinand I, as Czar. 1913. 2 Leva. Bust left/Value and date within wreath. KM-32, Y-29. Choice toned Unc. $50+

Winning bids are reduced to no more than 10% over the 2nd high biid

*159 china, hupeh. nd (1909-11). dragon dollar. y-131. nice toned au, lots of luster underneath. popular dragon type. $400+

160 China, Kwangtung. Group of coins. 10`A2 (1890-1900) Y-200 3 coins (VF, AU, unc); 10`A2 Year 18. Y-425 2 coins (AU & unc); 20`A2 (1890-1908) Y-201 4 coins (VF, EF, toned unc and BU); 20`A2 Year 2 Nice Unc, Year 7 EF, Year 8 VG & Lightly toned unc., Year 9 EF, Year 10 Gd VF, Year 11 (2 unc) Y-423 and Year 18 Toned VF+. Y-426. 18 silver coins. $125+

161 China, Yunnan. Group of silver coins. 10`A2 (1911) Y-255 VF; 20`A2 Year 38 Y-493 3 coins VF-VF+ and 50 Cents Y-257.2 Fine. 5 silver coins. $50+

*162 china, people's republic. 1980 group of proof olympic coins. wrestlers, equestrian, soccer players in ancient garb, skier with snowflake design, woman figure skater, biathlete, speed skater. 7 choice proof coins struck in brass, the first 30mm, the others 35mm. scarce and in demand. $175+?

*163 china, people's republic. 1980 20 yuan proof. 1980 olympics wrestlers silver proof. km-34, y-18. $75+

*164 china, people's republic. 1980 30 yuan proof. 1980 olympics equestrian silver proof. km-35, y-19. $75+

165 China, People's Republic. 1980 30 Yuan Proof. 1980 Olympics Soccer Players in ancient garb. Silver Proof. KM-36, Y-20. $75+

166 Colombia, Republic. 1827 RU 1 Gold Escudo. Fr-72, KM-81.2. F/VF, obverse scratches in field. Minimum bid $150 $175+

*167 crusaders. antioch, bohemond ii, minority. 1149-1163. ar denier (.85g). bare head right, roundish head with sharp eye/cross pattee. ccs-23. vf+. $200+

*168 curacao. jesurun & co. c. 1880. 1 stuiver. "j & co"/"1 stuiver". km-tn1, sch-1408, rulau cur-5. jewish merchant token. toned ef. in our sale 40e we sold a similar ef for $110. $95

*169 cyprus. under venice, girelamo pruiuli. 1559-1567. bi (mistura) carzia. cross, hiefron prioli dux/rampant lion, s marcus venetus. old tag included. paolucci-914 (r). fine. seldom seen. $75+?

170 Denmark. Christian IX. 1888. 2 Kroner. 25th Anniversary of reign. Y-15, KM-799. BU. $80+

*171 east africa. george vi. 1950. ten cents. y-34, km-34. choice vf+. error, well misplaced center hole. the actual hole is virtually on top of where the hole should be making it look like an "8". $150+

*172 france. carolingian, charles the bald. 840-877. ar denier (1.57g) of orleans. gratia d-i rex around royal monogram/avrelianis civitas around cross. mec-877, scmf-1421. toned choice ef+. $425+

*173 france. aquitaine, william x. 1126-36. ar denier (.88g) of bordeaux. 4 small crosses in circle/cross. duplessy-1020. toned aef. $75+

*174 france. besancon, anonymous archbishops. c. 1300. bi denier (.87g). hand with two fingers raised/cross. p.a.-122.8.. avf. $70+

*175 france. henry iii. 1578-9 (rennes). franc d'argent (13.72g). bust right, "9" below (= rennes mint)/"h" with cross of fleur-de-lis. duplessy-1130. gd fine. henry as king of france and poland $300+

*176 france. henry iv. 1599. 1/4 ecu of navarre. fleur-de-lis cross/crowned arms of france and navarre. duplessy-1238. vf, small clip at about 8 o'clock on obverse. $250

*177 france. napoleon, as premier consul. republic. an-12l (bayonne). 5 francs. bare head right/5 francs, within wreath, "republique francaise" and date around. km-659.9, cr-145, dav-82. fine. early portrait crowns of napoleon are always in demand. sc., struck only year xi & 12. this struck in 1804.. $200

*178 germany. nordlinger. 1650. klippe silver medal or 1/8 medallic taler. noah's ark, dove flying left with branch above. on peace of westphalia/crowned double eagle with nordlinger coat of arms. pax in nummis-1154, sim fr-1796 in gold. vf, mount removed. $400+

*179 germany. westphalia. jerome napoleon. 1812/09-b. 1/6 taler. unlisted overdate. struck at brunswick. cr-11. au-unc. this type is seldom seen so nice. the unlisted overdate makes it an even more desirable coin. $375+?

*180 germany goetz medal. (england). sinking of lusitania. 5 may 1915. bronze 55mm (english propaganda copy). ship sinking, date as 5 may instead of 7 mai/people lined up at ticket window buying tickets from "death". goetz had been supplied the wrong date (5th instead of the 7th) of the sinking and the british quickly claimed that the wrong date proved that the germans had planned to sink the ship themselves. opus-156v. ef. this is bronze, not iron! $60+

*181 great britain. henry vi. 1422-61 (1445-54). ar groat (3.79g). facing bust, leaf-pellet issue, leaf on breast, pellet to each side of crown/long cross. s-1915. vf, light scratch. very attractive coin. $325

*182 great britain. anne in the name of james iii. undated (probably 1701-1710). silver 16.5mm (2,67g) "touchpiece". ship, legend/st. michael slaying the devil. gd fine and pierced for suspension. a touch-piece was a coin, or in this case a silver jeton, which was handed by the monarch to a patient suffering from the "king's evil", a form of scrofula or tuberculosis. the practice had its origin in a belief in the power of the kings to cure diseases. presumably charles i was the first monarch to claim this power and anne was the last. they are all pierced as they were hung around the neck of the afflicted person. struck possibly from dies by norbert roettiers. spink sold a similar example of this piece in march of 2008 for `a3480 ($960) plus a buyer's fee/ $350+

*183 great britain. anne (after union with scotland). 1709. half crown. octavo on edge. s-3604, km-525.1. toned vf. $600+

*184 great britain. george ii. 1731 set of 34 medals of the kings and queens of england by j. dassier. william i through george iii (stuck later), missing richard i, but including the oliver cromwell piece as well as one for caroline. one of the most important and magnificent works by jean dassier who was perhaps the most important 18th century medalist. the george iii medal by j. marrian (bhm-997), the others eimer-526. this is kind of a mongrel set as the majority are struck 41mm original medals but 12 are slightly smaller cast medals. the medals feature a bust of the emperor on the obverse and a stylized tomb on the reverse with the exception of the dedicatory medal for george ii. most are choice ef, a few have edge bumps or minor nicks. this set comes with an impressive pedigree. a short letter accompanies this set from john c. porter, who worked for art kagin at the time, to george fuld, the well known civil war token authority who has been involved in numismatics for 60+ years. the letter in a kagin's envelope (from their st. louis offices!) to george fuld. $1750+

*185 hungary. bela iii or stephan iv (imitative of justin & sophia byzantine coins). 1162-1163 or 1172-1196. ae bracteate follis (2.50g). kings bela and stephen enthroned/ seated madonna with child. an unusual type which was probably struck during time of manuel i's invasion of hungary. rethy-98, hus-72. ef, green patina. $75

*186 hungary. bela iii or stephan iv (imitative of justin & sophia byzantine coins). 1162-1163 or 1172-1196. ae bracteate follis (2.94g). as above, but a bit nicer. rethy-98, hus-72. choice ef+. $90

*187 hungary. bela iv. 1235-1270. ar denar (.45g). tower of bastion between two lilies, with half moon below/hebrew "tsadi" in circle of flowers. h-306, r-241, jewish minters and medalists page 17. toned vf. one of a series of medieval and early modern coins struck by jewish minters in hungary. a similar coin sold for $85 in our last auction. $75

*188 ireland, curragh internment camp. 1940 1 pence brass uniface token. feller ir-1650, campbell-5550. vf+, cleaned. scarce. $100?

*189 isle of man, onchan. world war ii internment camp. nd 1/2 pence. legend, denomination/triquetra at center. feller im-camp-5541, km-tn23. the british used this camp to house mainly german internees, as they were the enemy during wwii. in reality most likely the majority were german jews who were escaping persecution by the nazis. choice ef-au, this is the scarcest of the 3 denominations and the first intact piece we've offered in more than 11 years! in our sale 39d a choice ef piece with two holes sold for $335! $250+

*190 isle of man. onchan wwii internment camp. nd. 1 pence. triquetra at center. cambell-5542, km-tn24, feller im-1421. au-unc, with die break at about 5:30 on the denomination side. we have seen the 1 pence token with and without the die break. we do not know if the die was replaced after the die broke or the die was still in use until the last of the tokens were struck. $125?

*191 isle of man, onchan. world war ii internment camp. nd. 6 pence. triquetra at center. camp-5543, km-tn25, feller im-1422. au-unc. scarce in this grade. $200+?

*192 israel 1962. exceedingly rare. "mem-less" gold weizmann set. 50 & 100 lirot proof gold coins struck by the berne mint but without the mem. km-40 & 41, fr-2 & 3, haffner g2/g3. no more than 10 sets exist. i believe i may have seen a set sometime in the late 1970s or early 80s. the only recent record of one of these sets selling in auction is a 2011 sale of stack's where the coins sold for $12,000 (+15%). 2 nice proofs, a few minor marks in the field. in box of issue. an incredible opportunity to purchase one of the true rarities of all modern gold coins! see the shekel vol v, #2, p. 20 where sylvia haffner first makes mention of these. interestingly, she was first made aware of their existence after someone saw the picture of the coins in the 2nd edition of her book and saw that they did not have mems. she said that the pictures were obtained from the igcmc. in the first edition of her book only one coin had a mem. $12,000+?

*193 israel. gold coins of israel i. 1960-1978. 1960 herzl bu, 1962 weizmann set of 2 both proof, 1964 bank bu and proof, 1967 victory proof, 1968 jerusalem proof, 1969 shalom proof, 1973 3 piece 25th anniversary proofs, 1974 ben-gurion proof, 1975 bonds proof and 1978 loyalty proof. 15 gold coins, 13 choice proof, the other two choice bu. in beautiful capital plastics lucite holder, gold on blue. contains israel's rarest non-error gold coin (the bank proof), her first gold coin (the 1960 herzl) and two of the most popular and sought after gold coins, (the victory and the jerusalem). minimum bid $17,000. $18000+

*194 israel. gold coins of israel ii. 1980-1987. 1980 jabotinsky, 1980 peace, 1981 people of the book, 1982 rothschild, 1982 qumran caves, 1983 valour, 1983 herodian ruins, 1984 kinsman, 1984 kidron valley, 1985 science, 1985 capernaum, 1986 art in israel, 1986 akko, 1987 jerusalem reunified and 1987 jericho. 15 choice gold proof coins. in beautiful capital plastics lucite holder, gold on blue. minimum bid $11,500. $12,500+

*195 israel. gold coins of israel iii. 1988-1992. 1988 40th anniversary, 1988 caesarea, 1989 promised land, 1989 jaffa, 1990 archeology, 1990 sea of galilee, 1991 aliya, 1991-2-piece dove and cedar, 1992 2-piece roe & lily, 1992 law of israel, 1992 paralympics and 1992 b'nai b'rith. 14 choice gold proof coins. in beautiful capital plastics lucite holder, gold on blue. some scarce coins in this group. minimum bid $8750.. $10,000+

*196 israel. gold coins of israel iv. 1993-1995. 1993 tourism, 2-piece hart & apple tree set, revolt & heroism; 1994 2-piece environment set, 2-piece leopard & palm tree set, binding of isaac, 1995 2-piece medicine set, 50th anniversary of victory over nazis, 2-piece fox & vineyard set, solomon's judgement and peace with jordan. 16 choice gold proof coins. in beautiful capital plastics lucite holder, gold on blue. some rare and popular coins in this group. minimum bid $11,000. $12500

*197 israel. gold coins of israel v. 1996-1999. 1996 3000th year of jerusalem, 2-piece nightingale & fig set, miriam & the women, yitzhak rabin, port of caesarea; 1997 100 years of zionism lion & pomegranate 2-piece set; 1998 2-piece 50th anniversar set, noah's ark; 1999 high tech, 2-piece stork & fir tree set, the millennium and stars over the holyland. 16 choice gold proof coins. in beautiful capital plastics lucite holder, gold on blue. some rare and popular coins in this group. most of these coins have mintages less than 1000. minimum bid $15,000. $17,000+

*198 israel 50th anniversary gold 10 and 20 sheqalim 1998. 2 proof coins, fr-69/70, km-312/313. 2 scarce gold coins. we've had lots of people asking for these (especially the larger piece) and this is the first we've offered in almost 7 years. in case of issue. minimum bid $2825. $3000+

*199 israel. wild goat and acacia tree. 2000 .1 & 5 new sheqalim gold coins. km-348 & km-350, fr-80/81. 2 proof coins, both with very low mintages. km lists the mintage as 700, but our information suggests that the mintage is really only 600 of each! the first we've had in 10 years & the first we've offered at auction! in original case. minimum bid $750 $950+

*200 israel. rachel and jacob. 2005. 1 shekel gold coin. km-405, fr-91. proof. regular "non-error" type in olivewood case of issue. we've only had this once before, where we sold one via private treaty for $125. we've seen them for sale for $150.. minimum $100 $120

*201 israel. rachel and jacob error coin. 2005. 1 shekel gold coin. km-405a, fr-91a. proof. "error" variety. the arabic "a" in the word israel was omitted by the die engraver. rare. we've only had this once before, where we sold one via private treaty for $200. we've seen them for sale for $250. in olivewood case of issue. minimum bid $140. $175+

202 Israel. 2007-2008. Set of 3 miniature gold coins. 2007 Moses & 10 Commandments, 2007 Abraham and the Angels and 2008 Isaiah with Wolf and Lamb. KM-437, 438 and 440, Fr-102, 103 & 107. 3 gold Proofs in one olivewood case labeled "Biblical Art Gold Coins". Scarce, 1st we've offered. Minimum Bid $300. $350+

*203 israel. large size artwork for the 1949 5 pruta coin in black on cardboard and signed below by otto wallish, the designer of the coins. as the accepted design with the word "specimen" under the written hebrew word "prutot", cardboard is c. 7 3/4 x 9", the "coin" is c. 153 mm. very rare. (see # 376-386 for paper money proofs by wallish).$3500+

*204 israel. large size artwork for the 1949 10 pruta coin in black on cardboard and signed below by otto wallish, the designer of the coins. as the accepted design with the word "specimen" under the written hebrew word "prutot", cardboard is c. 8 x 9 1/8", the "coin" is c. 159 mm. very rare. (see lots 376-386 for paper money proofs by wallish). $3500+

*205 israel. (1948) 5708 25 mils. km-8, p1. ef, some scratches evident on this aluminum coin. israel's 1st coin! the only one dated during its first year! also included in this lot is another, that in vf. . $200+

*206 israel. (1948) 5708 25 mils. km-8, p1. nice uncirculated, a few field marks. israel's 1st coin! the only one dated during its first year! rare in such a high grade! $500?

*207 israel. 1948 25 mils uniface. km-8, p1b. with 3 raised dots on blank side. vf+, some discoloration. rare, 1st we've offered since 2003. $400+?

*208 israel. 1948 and 1949 25 mils. pair of coins. 1948 vf, 1949 open link type. ef. $100+

209 Israel. 1949 250 Pruta (1949-H) and 500 Pruta, both struck in silver. KM-15a & 16, P-26 and P-27. Both unc., in custom Capital Plastics type holder. $50+

210 Israel. Group of 6 scarce varieties: 1 Agora 1961 Wide Date (2), 5 Agorot 1962 Small Date (2) and 10 Agorot 1962 Small Date. 6 Uncirculaated coins. $100+

*211 israel. henrietta szold. 1960/5721. 1 lira. key to the hanukkah series. y-27, km-32. choice proof. $75+

212 Israel. 1958 - 1975. Group of Purim & Hanukkah coins: 1961 Purim BU & Proof, 1962 Purim BU, 1958 Law Proof, 1963 North African BU, 1972 Russian BU, 1973 Babylonian BU and 1975 Dutch BU. 8 choice coins, the last 3 silver. $60

213 Israel. 1958 - 1983. Group of Hanukkah coins: 1958 Law Proof, 1960 Degania BU & Proof, 1960 Szold BU (2), 1961 Heroism BU & Proof, 1962 Italian Lamp BU & Proof, 1976 American Lamp BU, 1978 French Lamp BU, 1979 Egypt Lamp BU, 1980 Greek Lamp Proof, 1961 Polish Lamp Proof and 1983 Prague Lamp BU. 15 coins, 5 silver, all choice. Sold as is, no returns. $125+

214 Israel. 1958-1964. Commemorative Coinage in Capital Plastics Holder. Purim Half-Shekels 1961 & 1962; 1 Lira Hanukkah coins Law, Degania, Szold, Heroism, Italian Lamp and North African Lamps; 5 Lirot silver Anniversary coins, Menorah, Exiles, Herzl, Bar Mitzvah, Negev, Seafaring and Museum. All choice BU. $300+

*215 israel. isaiah and the wolf and the lamb. 2007/5767. 1 & 2 new sheqalim. 12th in the biblical art series. km-429/430, h-40/40a. proof-like bu and proof. 2 scarce coins. $150+

*216 israel. moses and the parting of the red sea. 2008. 13th in the very popular biblical art series. 1 & 2 new sheqalim. km-444/448, h-40/41. proof-like and proof 2 piece in case of issue. $150+

*217 israel. s. y. agnon. 2008. 1 & 2 new sheqalim. 1st in the nobel prize winner series. km-439/445, np-1/1a. proof-like bu and proof. in case of issue $150+

218 Israel. 1970 Mikveh Israel 10 Lirot Anniversary Commemorative, with slightly double struck obverse, KM-55, A-13b. The doubling his especially apparent on the "0" of the 10 in the denomination. BU, scarce. $50+

*219 israel. 1996 anniversary coin. 30 new sheqalim. three millenium, the city of david: jerusalem. km-286. choice proof. israel's largest coin containing almost 5 ounces of silver. in original case. $200+

*220 israel. 2008/5768. 60th anniversary. 1 & 2 new sheqalim. km-441/446, a-51/51a. proof-like bu and proof. the proof is becoming increasingly difficult to find. in original case of issue. $175?

221 Israel. 1958-1967. Group of 5 Lirot Silver Anniversary coins: 1958 Menorah BU, 1959 Exiles BU & Proof, 1960 Herzl BU & Proof, 1961 Bar Mitzvah Proof, 1962 Negev BU, 1964 Museum BU, 1965 Knesset BU & Proof, 1966 Life Proof and 1967 Eilat Proof 12 silver crowns, all choice with the exception of the Exiles BU which has bagmarks which are typical of the issue. $350+

222 Israel. 1978 - 1984. Group of silver Anniversary commemoratives: 1978 Mother & Child BU & Proof, 1980 Peace Proof, 1981 Book BU, 1982 Rothschild BU & Proof, 1983 Valour BU and 1984 Kinsman BU. 8 choice silver commemoratives. $200?

*223 israel. 1971. "berne die" 10 lirot. let my people go in proof. the rare type with the "open" mem and the legend away from the rim. only 80 pieces struck. in custom plastic holder also containing the common jerusalem die specimen. km-59.1 & km-59.2. this is ex lot #387 from our sale 35b ($650). we haven't offered one since and that was the first we offered since 1996! $700+

*224 israel. 2007/5767 olympics-judo special issue commemorative. 1 & 2 new sheqalim. km-426/427, si-27/27a. proof-like bu and proof. $120+

*225 israel. 2008/5768. military reserves special issue commemoratives. 1 & 2 new sheqalim. km-442/447, si-28/28a. proof-like bu and proof. in case of issue $150+?

226 Israel. Pidyon Haben Silver Crowns. 1970-1977, 8 choice Proof coins. PH-1A-7A, 8. KM-56, 57, 61, 70, 76, 80, 86 & 89. A complete set of this ever popular series. $250

227 Israel. Wildlife Series. 1991 Dove and Cedar Tree. 1 and 2 New Sheqalim. BU and Proof. KM-220/221, HLW-1/1a. The first issue of this ever popular series. All these coins are becoming very difficult to locate. $75+

228 Israel. Wildlife Series. 1992. Roe & Lily. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. BU & Proof. KM-231/232, HLW-2/2a. $75+

229 Israel. Wildlife Series. 1993 Young Hart & Apple Tree. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. KM-243/245, HLW-3/3a. BU & Proof. $75+

*230 israel. wildlife series. 1994 leopard & palm tree. 1 & 2 new sheqalim. bu & proof. km-259/261, hlw-4/4a. among the two hardest of the series to locate. $75+

231 Israel. Wildlife Series. 1995 Fox and Vineyard. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. BU & Proof. KM-274/276, HLW-5/5a. $75+

232 Israel. Wildlife Series. 1996 Nightingale & Fig. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. BU & Proof. KM-290/292, HLW-6/6a. $75+

*233 israel. wildlife series. 1997 lion & pomegranate. 1 & 2 new sheqalim. pl & proof. km-306/308, hlw-7/7a. perhaps the hardest of the series to acquire. $90+

234 Israel. Wildlife Series. 1998 Stork & Fir Tree. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. PL & Proof. KM-320/322, HLW-8/8a. $85+

235 Italy. Aquileia. Antonio II Panciera di. Portogruaro. 1402-1411. AR Denaro. antonius + patriarca around arms/aqv.ile.gen.sis around eagle with wings spread and head left. Biaggi-191. Group of 5, mostly VF, a couple slightly clipped. $200

*236 italy, campobasso. nicholas ii of monforte. nd (1459-1463?). ae denier tornese (1.05g). castle between two rosettes (or two lis?)/cross. mec 14, 940-41, biaggi-537 (r3). biaggi dates this coin to 1422. fine, a bit rough. rare $150+

*237 italy, merano. counts of tyrol. sigismondo 1439-1490. silver grosso or tirolino (1.13g). si gis mun dvs around 2 superimposed crosses/comes tirol around eagle. biaggi-1206 (r), saurma-819. this was probably struck before 1477 when sigismund moved his mint from merano to hall, 6 miles east of innsbruck. vf/f. not often seen.$75+

238 Italy, Naples. Charles VIII of France. 1495-96. AE Cavalo (1.17g). Crowned shield/ Cross. MEC-14, 1047, Biaggi-1286. VG-F, somewhat porous. Scarce. $100?

*239 italy. naples & sicily. ferdinand iv. 1798 p ap. 20 grana. head right/crowned arms, date in legend, value below. cr-55. choice bu, small flan flaw. a spectacular coin! $450

*240 italy, salerno. anfuso. prince of capua, 1135-1144. ae follaro (1.35g). capua mint. figure advancing right, holding sword and shield/ pseudo-cufic legend; cross below. cni xviii 1-3; travaini, monetazione type 203; mec 14, 188. good fine and very rare. $125+

*241 italy, sicily, roger ii. 1130-1154. ae follaro (2.28). capua mint. struck circa 1130-1140. st. stephen standing facing, raising hand in benediction and wearing nimbus crown; s, s(t) across field / cross patt`8ee within crescent; stars around. mec-144, 192, bi-556 (r3). f+, a bit crude. very rare. $150+

242 Italy, Sicily, Manfredonia or Messina. Mid-13th century. Group of AE 8 Denaros. Crowned M, mandfridvs around/rex sicilie around cross with pellets in angles. Biaggi-1112v, MEC-14, 621ff. Biaggi lists them as being from Manfredonia, while MEC attributes these coins to Messina. 8 coins VG-VF. Sold as is, no returns. $125+

*243 italy. tassarolo. livia centurioni oltremarini. (wife of philip spinola) 1666. silver luigino. her bust right. obv legend begins liv ma./crowned arms with fleur-de-lis. var-995.1, km-52.1. toned ef, touch of porosity . $75

244 Italy. Venice. Antonio Venier. LXII Doge. 1382-1400. Silver Tornesello. Cross/Lion. B-2857, Pao-7. VF. $50

*245 italy. enrico fermi. 1977. ae61mm by stefano johnson. bust of fermi right and his name, along with two high relief vertical lines/modernistic design. fermi was among the leading (perhaps the leading) scientist in nuclear physics which led to the first atomic bomb. after winning the nobel prize for his work in nuclear physics in 1937, he and his family fled to the us because his wife laura was jewish and his life was beginning to feel threatened by mussolini. he died in 1954 at 53 from cancer due to his exposure to radiation. $50

*246 japan. meiji. year 4 (1871). 5 sen. 53 rays, late variety. y6.2. toned gvf. $60+

*247 jordan. wildlife conservation series. 1977. 2 1/2 dinars and 3 dinars rhim gazelle and palestine sunbird. y-23 & y24, km-31 & 32. 2 choice silver proof coins. $90+

*248 malta. 1565 ae jeton. relieved by the spanish fleet and victory over the turks. galley sailing left, carrying a trophy of arms/knight on horseback left, date below (tall numbers). van loon-i, 69/2, feuar-13732, barnard, 192-20. f/vf, somewhat crude as all seem to be. a similar piece sold for 130`a3 in a dnw sale of 2003. $100+

*249 malta. antonio manoel de vilhena. 1728. 4 tari. his bust right/crown above ornate shield. km-170 similar. avf. both the obverse and reverse are different than km-170. the obverse bust divides the legend at top and is slightly different than the km example. on the reverse the t & 4 are at around 3 and 9 o'clock instead of being near the top shield. the bottom left quadrant of the shield is also different. from our limited research it seems that this variety is much scarcer than the one that km pictures. $300?

*250 malta. ramon despuig. 1737. 2 tari. crown above arms of despuig which divides value/maltese cross, star in angles. km (5th edition) erroneously lists as copper, but this is silver. km-201, restelli-21. avf. $200+

*251 malta. emmanuel pinto. nd. silver 5 tari. large armored bust left/crowned arms. km-221. fine. $75+

Winning bids are reduced to no more than 10% over the 2nd high biid

*252 malta. emmanuel pinto. 1741. scudo (12 tari). bust left/crowned shield. one year type with legend around shield. km-224, cr-14. f/vf. $200+

*253 malta. emmanuel pinto. 1764. scudo (12 tari). bust left/crowned shield. one year type without legend around shield . km-273, cr-14v. f/vf. $125+?

*254 mauritius. george v. 1912. one cent. y-6, km-12. choice mostly brown unc, with red highlights. $80+

*255 mexico. ferdinand vi. 1752 mo. half real. crowned arms/pillars. km-67.1, cr-13. ch. ef. $150+

*256 mongolia. wildlife conservation series. 1976. 25 & 50 tugrik. argali ram and bactrian camel. y-37 & 38, km-36 & 37. 2 silver proof coins. $90+

*257 netherlands, dodrecht. 1588. on the defeat of the spanish armada. ae jeton. dutch family of 4 kneeling in thankful prayer left/spanish galleon on rocks. dug-3188, mitch-2451, eimer-60, mi, 147/116. vf, although somewhat rough obverse field. among the most popular of all dutch jetons and avidly sought after by dutch and english collectors. $150+

*258 netherlands, dodrecht. 1593 jeton. the dutch recapture of getruidenberg. the dutch town of gheerdenberg beseiged by sea and by land/mountain citadel of aornus: with the army of alexander the great beneath and his men scaling the cliffs. dug-3324, mitch-2487. nice vf. a similar piece sold in kunker's sale #116 (lot 4244) for $120`db $100+?

*259 netherlands. dodrecht. 1606. ae jeton (27mm). a ship with seven sailors representing the seven provinces/rose above 4-line legend. refers to dutch defeats at hands of the spanish commander spinola. mitchner-2541a. vf+/vf, irregular flan. $75

*260 netherlands, utrecht. 1593. ae jeton. shield of the province of utrecht/several towns in the countryside split by a canal with boat traveling, belgia above. dug-3326, fe-15004, mitch-2489. nice aef, some doubling of letters. $75+

*261 netherlands, zeeland. 1691 ae jeton. on the dutch need to defend against spain. legend around crowned shield of zeeland/damaged ship at sea, rudderless and with broken mast, deserted by its crew. dug-3516, mitch-2520. f-vf, some obverse adjustment marks. scarce. $75+

*262 netherlands. zeeland. 1762. 1/8 silver ducat or daalder. standing knight with crowned shield at feet/crowned arms of zeeland, legend and date. 1st date of type. km-98, cr-h15. au-unc, uneven flan. $275

*263 new zealand. christchurch, alliance tea co. 1866. penny token. legend, y of company level with d of new zealand. type 1 legend. km-tn.1, a-7, sk-13. vf. $200+

*264 new zealand, auckland, h. ashton. 1858. half penny token. "new zealand" above seated justice, date below/legend. ashton half pennies are scarcer than pennies. sk-25, km-tn4, a-19. brown ef. $200+

*265 new zealand, auckland, h. ashton. 1862. penny token. legend, t of tailor not over t of trimmings/equity with scales. 1862 is a much scarcer date than 1863. sk-27, km-tn-5, a-21. vf-ef, a few rim nicks. $200+

*266 new zealand, christchurch, s. clarkson. 1875. penny token. legend, use of of the word "builder" instead depicting foliage. type i/seated justice, date below. seldom seen this nice. km-tn13, sk-76, an-65. mostly brown unc., couple of minor field marks. $275+

*267 new zealand, auckland, t. s. forsaith. 1858. penny token. legend/seated liberty. rarity 5. scarce. ren-138, km-tn19, a-130. vf, a few minor nicks. $275+

*268 new zealand, christchurch, t. w. gourlay & co. nd. penny token. oven (?) in center of legend/long saw in center of legend. type 2, saw handles 2 1/2 mm high. sk-156, km-tn23, a151. avf and very scarce. cud at 7 o'clock as usual for this token. $250+

*269 new zealand, auckland, morrin & co. nd. penny token. legend around palm tree, lowest fronds about equal/justice holding scales above two standing figures clasping hands, head of justice under a. sk-383, km-tn56.2, a-387. vf, but heavy rim bruise. km catalogs this at $1500 in fine, $2500 in vf! $325+

We'll be happy to try to answer questions you have about any lot or bidding procedures

*270 new zealand, christchurch, edward reece. nd. penny token. long legend, w of wholesale under dw of edward/seated male figure and plant within legend. sk-439, km-tn-62. nice vf, a few minor nicks. $250+

*271 palestine. mikveh israel. (1879) 1/2 para. haffner cc-4b. vf. extremely rare. in our sale 40j (fall of 2010) a vf example sold for $850 on a $500 estimate. that was the first we had offered in more than 15 years. $500+

*272 palestine, zichron jacob. nd (c. 1885). haffner cc-17b. 1/2 piastre. aef. extremely rare denomination. we've only offered the 1/2 piastre a handful of times in the past 20 years. $600+

*273 palestine. zichron jacob. (1885). 1 piastre token. haffner cc-17a. struck in paris and used at this early jewish settlement (sponsored by edmond rothschildand named in memory of his father jacob), they also circulated in jaffa, haifa and nearby arab settlements. the tokens from this settlement are much scarcer than the ones issued at mikveh israel. ef, a few nicks. one of the nicest we've ever had. see lot below. $500+

*274 palestine. zichron jacob. discovery lot! 3 paper tokens, a one piastre metal token and a letter that explains the lot. the february 1924 letter from hg lauft (?), po box 248, jerusalem was addressed to a mr. hyman and enclosed 3 paper "tags" each with its own serial number and "zicron-jacob" above in english and hebrew above and/or on the back. each token is signed. according to the letter these wine tags were called "saghtuts" and were each of the value of 2 1/2 paras or 1/16 of a piastre or 1/5 of the metal(?). the letter continues "and 3 cardboard tickets appear to have originated at our wine cellars but i believe that the committee of the colony was concerned in the issue. but either it was thought to be less open to the charge of illegality to make them seem to come from the wine cellar or it was done because the latter had a better" (perhaps he meant credit rating). the three tokens are generally vg-f, the 1 piastre token is vf+ but with some stains and the letter is decent. perhaps a unique opportunity to purchase these heretofore unknown paper tokens. by 1924 palestine was under the british mandate but no coins or currency had been issued and it's no surprise that "necessity" money was used. $1000+

*275 palestine, women's league for palestine. 1920s? pinback celluloid button, attached to a blue and white ribbon, "executive member" printed in gold. we can find no record of this group but believe it may have been based in philadelphia. $125+

*276 palestine, british mandate. 10 mils 1941. y-4, km-4. lightly toned unc., a few minor spots and a die break extending from the "lamed" in the hebrew word for mils. key date, in high grade! $150+

*277 palestine. 10 mils 1943.the key date of the 2-year world war 2 bronze type. y-4a, km-4a. choice reddish-brown au. $100+

*278 palestine. 20 mils 1927. y-5, km-5. lightly toned choice unc. all 20 mils are at least scarce in uncirculated. $100+

*279 palestine. 20 mils 1940. y-5, km-5. vf, once lightly wiped. a semi-key date which is becoming more difficult to locate. $75+

*280 palestine. 20 mils 1944. y-5a, km-5a. vf-ef, rim nick. the key date of the two-year world war ii bronze type. $125+

*281 palestine. 50 mils 1931. y-6, km-6. nice vf. key date. $90

*282 palestine. 100 mils 1934. y-7, km-7. toned gd fine, full rims, a touch of detail in leaves. a key date. $150+

*283 palestine. 100 mils 1942. y-7, km-7. lightly toned au, with luster peaking through toning. very attractive. $100

284 Palestine. (1938). Haganah Tokens. A group of 3, containing Haffner types A, B & C. (See page 357 of her 1970 book). 3 EF tokens. $50?

*285 peru. charles iv. 1807-jp. 2 reales of lima. bust right/arms. cr-74, km-95. toned vf. $50+

286 Poland. Sigismund I. 1509. Half Groschen. Crown, legend and date around/Eagle, legend around. Gum-480. F-VF, some weak spots. $50+

*287 poland, miesco ii. 1173-1202. ar bracteate. king standing with palm-branch, "bracha" in hebrew to right. gumowski hebrew-70, jmm-12ff. this is the type where the "resh" and the "chaph" run together and look like an english "y". vf, but for natural hole and a small portion broken off. rare. this is ex lot #301 from our sale 40j. $250+

*288 poland, litzmannstadt. (lodz ghetto) 1942 10 pfenning (.94g), magnesium. km-tn1, camp-4751a, feller po-571.g-vf, rim nick. the scarce 1st type, which was withdrawn because the nazis thought these looked too much like the german coins. because there is absolutely no contrast in this coin, it's doubtful if this will photograph well or at all. $100+?

*289 poland, litzmannstadt, (lodz ghetto). 1942 10 pfennig (.74g), type 2. magnesium. camp-4751b, km-tn5, feller po-572. this is the smaller type that replaced the larger 1st type offered in lot #288. fine, usual corrosion. $75+

*290 poland, litzmannstadt, (lodz ghetto). 1942 10 pfenning. km-tn5v, camp-4751bv. type 2. struck in brass (1.99). we believe this is a pattern made under order of nazi authorities. however this is a controversial issue and some think these are fantasies because there are different die characteristics on this than the issued coin. this reasoning makes no logical sense because patterns are by definition a pattern and not necessarily the accepted design. it is not the final product. au, some encrustation. rare. it's been many years since we've offered a brass pattern. sold as is, no returns $250+?

*291 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz ghetto). 1943 5 mark. aluminum. (1.55g). km-tn2, camp-4752b, feller po-573b. thick flan variety. choice au. the thick flan variety is much more difficult to find. since we started keeping track and identifying this variety we have had about 3 times as many thin flans than thick flans. among the nicest we've seen. $125+

*292 poland. lodz ghetto (litzmannstadt). 1943. 5 mark magnesium. 1.01 grams. magnesium pieces are much scarcer than aluminum examples. km-tn2a, c-4752a, feller po-573a. aef, thus nice. $175+

*293 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz ghetto). 1943 10 mark. aluminum. (3.41g). km-tn3, camp-4753b, feller po-574b. thick flan variety. nice au-unc., but cleaned. $100+

*294 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz ghetto). 1943 10 mark magnesium (1.68g). km-tn3a, camp-4753a, feller po-574a. choice ef+. among the nicest we've ever handled. $150+

*295 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz ghetto). 1943 20 mark aluminum (6.85g). km-tn4, camp-4754, sb-1026, f/f po-575. nice vf, with the security triangle a bit weak, but clearly visible. $150+

*296 russia, siberia. catherine the great. 1771-km 2 kopeks. cr-4. f/vf somewhat rough. probably struck from rusty dies which is usual for this date. $100+

*297 russia, siberia. catherine the great. 1770-km 10 kopeks. cr-6. huge copper coin, large clip between 4 and 6 on obverse and cut rim around 12:30. otherwise vf, a bit porous. $150?

*298 russia. ussr, alexander boris goldenweiser. 1975 ae60 mm by i. s. komschilow. bust right/dates, legend around piano. struck for his 100th birthday. director of moscow conservatory niggl-2980. as struck. $100?

*299 saudi arabia, kingdom. 1946 "love" token on 1 rial. y-20, km-18. on the reverse somebody has hand engraved a turban clad man warming his hands over a barrel, with "saudi arabia 1946" in two lines in english below. host coin in basically unc. presumably done by an american or british employee of an oil company working in saudi arabia after world war ii. $50+

*300 seychelles. wildlife conservation series. 1978. 50 & 100 rupees. squirrel fish and white-tailed tropical bird. y-39/40, km-39/40. 2 choice silver proofs. $90+

*301 sudan. wildlife conservation series. 1976/1396. 2 1/2 & 5 pound . shoebill stork and hippopotamus. y55/56, km-70/71. 2 silver choice proof-like bu coins. $90+

*302 switzerland. fribourg. 1471-1492. ar fünfer (.81g). eagle over castle/cross. hmz 2-246. aef. $175+

*303 thailand. bullet money. nd (1809-24). 1 baht. rama ii, "krut". with chopmarks on each flat end, thus unusual. cr-20. vf. $50+?

*304 turkey. republic. 1978. 150 lira. rare variety with lettered edge. km-918.2. proof. $100+

305 United States. Group of small cents. 1857 Flying Eagle G-VG, but large rim nick near "T of United; 1863 Indian Head (2) Gd & VG; 1864, 1865, 1887 and 1888 VG to VF. 7 coins, a few better dates. Sold as is, no returns. $40+

*306 united states. 1599 jeton. naval expedition to brazil, the capture of st. thomas and successes of admiral frank van der does. two termini (or gods) placed on a map of the islands of bommel and thiel, "jehovah" in hebrew between them, latin legend/ship in full sale to right, latin legend. maurice, prince of orange, sponsored the expedition where van der does was to die of a plague along with many of his troops. this jeton compares van der does to jason and his sailors to the argonauts. betts-20, van loon i, 519, dug-3472. vf and rare. baldwin's sold a avf example last september for `a3540 and a vf example in may of the same year for `a3800. those are the only two examples that i can find that sold in major auctions in the past 10 years. $350+

*307 united states, new york. 1863 civil war token of geo. d. schmidt. rare variety struck over a felix kosher kitchen token. ny-630bn-1ao. vf+, but some marks in field. the die cutter for this token must have failed spelling as the last name of the proprietor seems to be spelled scumt. $100+

*308 united states. 1907 charles william eliot, president of harvard. ae 80mm by leon deschamps and struck at the french mint in paris. high-relief bust of eliot left, legend around, artist's name below/entrance gate to harvard yard, logo of university below. `c6 and "bronze" on edge. in original green box, with red plush insides. scarce. a similar example, sans box, was for sale on ebay for well over $200 in 2011. $120+

309 United States. 1963. Dimitri Mitropoulos AE 57mm by William Zorach. Facing bust of the famed Greek-born Conductor with his name and dates 1896-1960 below/"The Dimitri-Mitropoulos International Music Competition Award____New York City". Space left for a name. Niggl-3326. $30+

*310 zaire. wildlife conservation series. 1975. 2 1/2 zaires & 5 zaires. mountain gorillas & okapi. y-8/9, km-9/10. 2 silver proof-like bu coins. $80+

*311 zambia. wildlife conservation series. 1979. 5 & 10 kwachay. kafue lechwe and taita falcon. y-18/19, km-18a/19a. 2 choice silver proof coins. $100+

WORLD PAPER MONEY   (back to top)


*312 australia, camp hay internment camp. feller au-910a, campbell-121a. 6 pence 1 march 1941. blue, series c. the great majority of the camp hay internees were german jews who were transported from internment camps on the isle of man to camp hay, also known as camp seven. the notes were designed by one of the inmates, george teltscher, who was an experienced artist and designer and made these perhaps the most attractive and interesting of all world war ii prisoner money. humor, "secret" messages and the names of the internees are all part of the notes. barbed wire around the border of the note reads, "we are here because we are because we are here..." which was the camp theme song. the ram in the center of the note has the name eppstein (the camp leader's name) hidden in its wool. hidden in the 25 sheep on the back of the note are names of 25 of the internees. please see feller pages 106-111 for more information on these most interesting notes. uncirculated and extremely are. the first we have offered in more than 20 years and by far the nicest. $7500+?

*313 austria, mauthausen concentration camp. 1 reichsmark. orange. type 1, with "konzentrationslager mauthausen" above top line and overstamp in center including date of 15 july 1944. printer's mark kl m 1/2-4-43-. feller as-230v, campbell-4077av, grabowski ma-2b. with black dot below "e" of mauthausen and "l" in triangle handstamped in corner of back side. vf, a few minor stains. both campbell (no image) and feller list the note as brown and feller's picture certainly is brown. grabowski pictures and lists the note as orange. extremely rare. we've only offered two mauthausen notes via auction in the past 17+ years (or longer). 3 years ago we offered a vf type 2 which sold for $3000 and in 2001 we offered a very low grade type 1 which sold to mel steinberg for $450. $2500+?

*314 czechoslovakia, holysov (holleischen), a subcamp of flossenburg concentration camp. camp-4093, feller cz-192. 3 pfennig. block of 4, with tabs at right. unc. scarce as such. holleischen was located near prague, thus we have it listed under czechoslovakia even though the main camp of flossenburg was in germany. $75+

*315 czechoslovakia, holysov (holleischen) camp-4096, feller cz-195.6 pfennig. block of 4. unc. scarce as such. $75+

*316 czechoslovakia, holysov (holleischen) camp-4103, feller cz-202. 40 pfennig. block of 4, with tabs at both bottom and right, the right containing the block number "2704". unc. scarce as such. $100?

*317 czechoslovakia, theresienstadt. 1 to 100 kronen. complete set of 7 notes. cam 4111-4117, feller cz 650-656. moses holding the 10 commandments. au-unc., the 100 kronen note has a couple of tiny tears at top, a few others have very light stains. . $125

*318 czechoslovakia, theresienstadt. 1 to 100 kronen. complete set of 7 notes. camp 4111-4117, feller cz 650-656. 7 unc. notes. nicer than above.. $150+

*319 french north africa. camp-2339, feller fr-421, 5 francs world war ii. green and red. at left is a bearded man, at right "camps de prisonniers" which translates to prisoners of war. however, in addition to military prisoners the, vichy government also interned conspirators, suspected conspirators, anti-nazis, french resistance members and stateless and paperless jewish `8emigr`8es. one can imagine humphrey bogart and claude rains, after foiling the nazi attempt to capture paul henreid, being interned at one of these many harsh camps in northern africa. fine. $150+

*320 french north africa. camp-2340, feller fr-422, 10 francs world war ii. blue and red. vf and much scarcer than above. it's been more than 17 years since we've offered one in these by auction. $200+

*321 germany. p-unl. gutschein des kriegschiffes "hindenburg". 50 pfenning, 1 & 5 mark. 23 february 1919. 3 au-unc notes with round handstamp at lower left. scarce. $150+

*322 germany, konversionkasse. 50 reichsmark 28 august 1933. p-203. series a. ef, pinholes, small bottom margin tear and minor graffiti on back. rare. this is the first issued 50 reichsmark 1933 that we've offered since at least 1995. konversionkasse were the notes given to the german jews, in exchange for all their property and german marks, who were lucky enough to escape germany in the early hitler years. the notes often exhibit pinholes because refugees typically pinned them to the inside of their cloths during their journey. in almost all cases when they arrived at their destination and tried to exchange the notes at banks, they found them to be worthless. $325+

*323 germany, konversionkasse. p207, sb-211. 5 reichsmark.1934. unc. lot of 6 notes, with consecutive serial numbers. series a 0904227 to 0904232. no pinholes or wear. notes are a bit wavy, but as issued. scarce as such. each punch-holed at bottom "entwertet" (cancelled). there is some speculation that these may have been issued, used, returned for redemption and then cancelled. however that seems highly unlikely. first of all, very few of these notes were ever redeemed and second, if they had been somehow carried by an `8emigr`8e, they would undoubtedly show some wear and most likely have pinholes. it's more likely that these were simply printed and never used. $150+?

*324 germany, konversionkasse. p-208, sb-212. 10 marks, 1934. pair of consecutive numbers, series e 1648115 & 1648116, both hole-punched "entwertet". both unc. $50+

*325 germany, konversionkasse. p-211 50 reichsmark, series d. 1934 overprinted over 1933. a group of 5 consecutive numbers, 0455310-0455314, all with typical pinholes, otherwise choice ef-au. no doubt these were carried by one emigrant leaving germany. $200+?

*326 germany, prisoner of war money. camp-3754g. 2 reichmark, prefix, with red overstamp "oflag xiii b". oflag xiii-b was a german army, world war ii prisoner-of-war camp for officers, originally in langwasser near nuremberg. in 1943 it was moved to 3 km south of hammelburg, lower franconia, bavaria, germany. choice au-unc and scarce. $100+

*327 germany, oflag vii-a. german pow camp in southern germany used for polish officers. camp-3812-3816. 10 & 50 pfennig, 1, 2 & 5 marks. all uncirculated and all with serial numbers 00000, thus most likely specimens. all very scarce to rare as such. there is also a 1 pfennig note in this series but that was printed without a serial number which may be why no specimens were produced. extraordinary rare set that we have never seen before! $1500+

*328 germany, world war ii. large (c. 8 1/2 x 11 1/2") green ration card for germans in occupied poland. this ration card was to be used by members of the german armed forces when on holiday or business trips to general government occupied areas and enabled them and their guests to have meals at restaurants, cafeterias, casinos and other places that served only germans. ist i can recall seeing.. unused and unissued. $125+?

*329 germany, buchenwald concentration camp. .50 reichsmark. "m" with slanted legs and without "aussenkommando". feller calls this type i, while campbell calls this type 2. pick-siemsen (and grabowski) consider the slanted and straight legs notes as separate types, rather than varieties. feller ge-140b, camp-3951b, ps-59. unc. scarce. $150+

*330 germany, buchenwald. 1 reichsmark. type without "aussenkommando"and with "straight" m. feller ge-141c, c-3952. ef+, no real wear but minor signs of aging and handling, small tiny tear at bottom $100+

*331 germany, buchenwald. 2 reichsmark. type without "aussenkommando" and with slanted m. feller ge-142b, camp-3953b. ps-71. unc and scarce as such. $200

*332 germany, buchenwald. 3 reichsmark with straight m. camp-3954a, feller ge-143a, ps-68. unc., a couple of minor stains on back. the 3 reichsmark is the scarcest of all buchenwald denominations and is especially so in this grade. $300+

*333 germany, buchenwald. 0.50 rm. type with "aussenkommando" printed across face, and "ss-ko. rottleberode" in red as well. feller ge-145a, camp-3947c, ps-73c. au, stain on back and signs of aging along margin. $100+

*334 germany, buchenwald. 1 reichsmark. type with "aussenkommando" printed across the face and and "ss-ko. rottleberode a5" in black, handstamped in two lines. feller ge-146b, camp-3948e. vg, tears at edges and folds and evidence of tape repair (which has fallen off). this overstamp with the addition of "a5" is uncommon. $75+

*335 germany, buchenwald. 1 reichsmark. type with "aussenkommando" printed across the face and "waffen ss k.l. buchenwald arbeitslager sonneburg-west verwaltung" overstamped in red in four lines with a overstamped signature in purple below that. in the upper right corner "entwurf" is handstamped in black. feller ge-146gv, camp-3948gv. neither of those books, nor grabowski, mentions "entwurf" which translates as design and possibly can connote a specimen or a trial or perhaps it was meant to cancel the note. this waffen-ss overstamp is extremely rare and i cannot recall handling it before and the added "entwurf" is one of only two that i know of. vg-f, with minor tears along edges. $500+

*336 germany, buchenwald. 1 reichsmark. type with "aussenkommando" printed across the face and "waffen ss k.l.weimar-bu. aussenlager meuselwitz" overstamped in black (or perhaps purple) in three lines. as feller ge-146gv and camp-3948gv, but neither of those references mentions this overstamp. grabowski only mentions this on a 2 rm note. nice vf and of extreme rarity. we have never seen this overstamp before! $500+?

*337 germany, buchenwald. ss bus card. c. 2 3/4 x 1 7/8" pink. for 15 pfg. see feller ge-150 for a 2 rm multi-ride card (20 rides). "ss = gem. buchenwald / omnibus / 58 15 pfg." in 3 lines. the exact use of these is unclear, but buchenwald had many sub-camps and it's possible the nazis made the inmates pay for the trip between sub-camps. perhaps a more likely use would be for a bus trip for guards to and from buchenwald. it would make sense that if one bought a 20 ride ticket he would save money per trip. vf, but bottom right corner fold which may have been repaired and small tear at bottom. exceedingly rare. feller prices his at $500. $300+?

*338 germany, dachau concentration camp. 0.50 reichsmark in pink with printer's mark n 1285/v. 100/x. 44. no prisoner number. au-unc. unissued with date "9. april 1945" handstamped over serial number. camp-3961, grabowski da-3f, feller unlisted. it's not surprising that the note shows little evidence of handling as dachau was liberated by us army troops on april 28, 1945. extremely rare in this grade, i don't think i've had this note in any condition in many, many years. $2000?

*339 germany, dachau. 1 reichsmark in very pale green with printer's mark vi/100 x. 44. 1285 and prisoner number "78675" (?) in pencil and date 28. ii. 1944 also handwritten. camp-3962b, feller ge-181c, grab. da-4f. au-unc. another extremely rare note which i haven't offered since at least before the mid-1990s. $1500+?

*340 germany, dachau. 4 reichsmark in pale green. printer's mark n 1285/iv. 50/s.44, with prisoner number 16671 and name written out which may be sinik (?) and hand stamped date of 20. iv. 1945. camp-3965c, feller ge-184c, grab. da7e. there is a 3-line handstamp on the back which is partially obscured by a brown paper repair. i can't quite make out the wording but it has do with food and work. fine, tape repaired and some light stains. extremely rare, i cannot remember ever offering a 4 rm note! campbell wrote in 1993 that there were only three 4 rm notes known, one for each type. there have been at least two more discovered since then, the grabowski plate note and this one. campbell and feller picture the same note, the meyer specimen which was donated to the houston holocaust museum. $3000+?

*341 germany, deggendorf. post wwii displaced persons camp for jews. camp-3916, feller ge-1846, ps-186. 10 dollars nd (1945). vf, some stains. extremely rare denomination, missing in most collections. i have offered only one in auction since 1995. that one, in about the same condition, sold to the late mel steinberg as part of a complete set! $750+

*342 germany, ernst heinkel (oranienburg) camp. 0.50 mark white or beige paper. campbell-unlisted, ps-144, feller ge-301, grab. he-1. this forced lamp camp used sachsenhausen prisoners as workers. au, on thin paper and perforated on all sides. extremely rare. we can recall having this note only once before. in our sale 31c (spring 2001) we sold an ef example to the late mel steinberg for $1050. perhaps he then sold it to the late charlton meyer because that note is now the plate note in feller. all genuine notes from here are very rare. $1250+

*343 germany, feldafing. post wwii displaced persons camp for jews. camp-3925, feller ge-1855, ps-203. 10 dollars. virtually uncirculated. no wear or folds, a couple of the corners are a bit bumped. extremely rare. we've only offered this note one other time in the past 17 years, an ef with some foxing and a spot sold in 1998 for $425. $750+

*344 germany, flossenburg concentration camp.1 reichsmark in blue with wide "a" in prämienschein. type 2 . camp-3972b (2), feller ge-188b, grab. fl-12b. choice au-unc. an extremely high grade for this note. $500+

*345 germany, langenwerke a. g or langensalza. a subcamp of buchenwald which was in operation from september of 1944 until the camp was liberated by american troops in april of 1945. camp-3959, feller ge-175. 1 reichsmark in blue. this factory was associated with junkers flugzeug-und motorenwerke. g-vg, with tape repairs. extremely rare. this note and the plated examples in campbell and feller have been cut in half, presumably to cancel them. campbell does not list a color but believed that only 4 to 6 pieces were extant. feller pictures and describes the color as tan. grabowski pictures 4 different denominations, all in different colors and all with a rarity scale of rrrr. of extreme rarity. $1000+

*346 germany, neuengamme. receipt for money. 1941. neuengamme was a subcamp of sachsenhausen. this receipt was for 40 marks, sent from prague and dated 31, october 1941. sent to wenzel fleissig. vf, pencil notations on back. $75+?

*347 germany, nordhausen (mittelbau) concentration camp. nd. 0.05 reichmark in black, series i. feller ge-251. camp-4022, grab. mi-2. choice vf, minor stains. an exceedingly rare denomination and only the 2nd i can recall offering since the mid 1990s or before. a vf sold in our sale 37a for $2300! $1750+?

*348 germany, nordhausen (mittelbau). nd. 0.10 reichsmark, green. series h. feller ge-252, camp-4023, grab. mi-3. ef+, light stain on face. another very rare note. i have no record of offering a series h in at least 17 years, nor any .10 rm in anywhere close to this grade during that time as well. series was unlisted by pick-siemsen. $500+

*349 germany, nordhausen (mittelbau). nd. 2 reichsmark red, series j. square period after denomination and * before serial number on back. camp-4027a, feller ge-256a, grab. mi-7a. there are two kinds of layout of the serial numbers on the back of the note. one has "no." followed by the serial number and this with the asterisk preceding the number. to the best of my knowledge grabowski is the only reference that mentions this and he pictures the no. type which is also the pick-siemsen note. he doesn't picture this type but does mention it. we have not sold via auction a 2 rm mittebau note since the spring of 2001 and i can find no record of ever selling a series j. fine, some soiling. very rare. $500+

*350 germany, nordhausen (mittelbau). nd. 5 reichsmark, blue series g, with round period after the denomination and no. preceding the serial number on back. camp. 4028b(1), feller ge-257c, grab. mi-8c. vf and very rare. we sold a similar one (but with square period) in our sale 39d for $2000. before that we have only sold a very low grade example in 2001. "serie g" in large letters. there is also a variety with the "serie" in small letters. $1750+

*351 germany, oranienburg concentration camp. hitler's 1st concentration camp which operated from 1933-1935. campbell-4036, ps-1. feller ge-101. 5 pfennig. green. depicts camp behind barbed wire fence. nice unc. on watermarked paper. very scarce. in our sale 39d we sold a similar piece for $800. $750+

*352 germany, oranienburg. c-4037a, f/f ge-102a. 10 pfennig with watermark (1933). ef+ (tiny fault at upper right corner), with one large hole punched, thus canceled. in the past we've offered cancelled 10 pfennig notes, but always with two holes. (see lot below) i vaguely recall seeing this note with the large hole many years ago. the 10 pfennig is the only denomination that i can recall seeing cancelled. some people, including this cataloger, believe that these "cancelled" notes were in actuality specimens and the first printings of any notes for use at oranienburg. thus the first notes for the first concentration camp! $ 350+

*353 germany, oranienburg. c-4037a, f/f ge-102a. 10 pfenning with watermark (1933). unc. with two holes punched, thus canceled. pencil graffiti on back. $350+

*354 germany, oranienburg. camp-4037a, ps-2a, feller ge-102a. 10 pfenning with watermark (1933). no punch holes, thus issued note (?). unc. $350+

*355 germany, oranienburg. 50 pfennig brown with watermark. feller ge-103b, camp-4038, ps-1. unc. this is the variety that says konzentrationslayers instead of konzentration-slagers, a deliberate attempt by the designer of the note, a fervent anti-nazi by the name of horst-willi lippert, to publicize to the world what the nazis were eventually going to do. unc., and extremely rare. the last we offered, in the fall of 1997, sold for $600. $1000+

*356 germany, oranienburg. 1 mark, maroon. camp-4039, feller ge-104, ps-4. choice au-unc with just one very light, barely noticeable corner bend. the last we offered was a vf example that sold for $650 in the spring of 2001. another extremely rare note in high grade! $1000+

*357 germany, ravensbrück concentration camp. camp-unlisted, feller-unlisted, ps-unlisted. 0.50 rm, "prämienschein über ravensbrück" with type 2 triangle overprint. ef. the standard references list this type 2 triangle only on the one rm. all notes from ravensbrück are rare, this extremely so. listed in das geld des terrors by hans-ludwig grabowski, ra-6c (rrr), but not pictured. i know of one other piece! $1500+

*358 germany, ravensbrück. feller ge-275, camp-4053b. grab-ra7d. 1 reichsmark. prämienschein type with type 2 triangle overprint. ef+, with tiny fault at left margin. rare. $1000+

*359 germany, ravensbruck canteen card. camp-4051, feller ge-285. a partially used card, for inmate #19868, for use in the camp canteen. with handstamped signature of two officials. the cards had an original face value of 6 marks. this woman (ravensbruck was for women only) had only 2.10 marks left. avf and rare. this is the only concentration camp that issued a card such as this and this is the only one we have seen. campbell pictures (in black and white) an intact card and describes it as green-pink, feller pictures a well used and tape-repaired card which they describe as grey-green and pink. ours is the same color as the feller example and nicer.and i would describe this example as pale green with black print. grabowski pictures two different examples. one is green-gray (it's the campbell example) and another example which is pink. and thus solves the mystery. of extreme rarity. this is ex lot #711 from our sale 32e $600+?

*360 germany, sachsenhausen concentration camp. 0.50 reichsmark on tan paper with type 1 star and printer's mark k.l. sh. 6.43. 999 000 druck: m`9aller, oranienburg. (printer's name in italics). feller ge-290a, camp-4061a(1), grab. sa-1b. aef, some minor stains, top left corner miscut and light pencil graffiti on back. $400+

*361 germany, sachsenhausen. 1 reichsmark in blue with type i star and printer's mark 7.44. 500000 druck: m`9aller, oranienburg (no space in 500000). camp-4062-(2)(a) (unlisted variety), feller ge-291b, grab. sa-2a (probably). ef-au and extremely rare. i cannot recall ever offering this note before. feller describes it but does not picture it, campbell does not list it at all and grabowski pictures a much lower grade example but does not describe the 500000 correctly. that note, now in the collection of wolfgang haney, is the specimen also pictured in pick-siemsen. $600+

*362 germany, sachsenhausen. 1 reichsmark in green with type 1 star and printer's mark 7.44. 500000 druck: m`9aller, oranienburg (no space in 500000). camp-4062-b(1) (sim), feller ge-291d, grab. sa-2d. ef and rare. i have no record of offering a green 1 mark note in 12 years! $500+

*363 great britain, operation bernhard. forgery of english `a35 note, 16 september 1938. camp-4065, p-335a, feller ge-310. london, peppiatt signature. virtually unc., but a few pinholes. one of the nicest operation bernhard notes we've ever seen! i believe this is lot 837 from our sale 25h $200?

*364 great britain, operation bernhard. forgery of english `a310 note, 10 june 1937. camp-4066b, p-336v, feller ge-311b. bristol, peppiatt signature. vf, bottom margin ragged, slightly browned. exceedingly rare. bristol is one of the rarest of the branch-issued white notes and i can recall offering another. $2000+?

*365 great britain, operation bernhard. forgery of english `a320 note. p-337a, camp-4067b, feller ge-312b. `a320 7 june 1937, london with signature of k. o. peppiatt, ef with small notch (as made) at right and small tear on bottom margin. the `a320 and `a350 forgereis are the two scarcest denominations. $150?

*366 great britain, operation bernhard. forgery of english `a350 note. p-338a, camp-4068b, feller ge-313b. `a350 15 may 1937, london with signature of k. o. peppiatt. ef, pinholes. nice grade. the 20 and 50 pound notes are the two scarcest denominations of operation bernhard notes. $175+

*367 great britain. wwii propaganda note. sb-192 (page 165), arabic text on the back of a facsimile of a 1 pound english note. 10 lines of arabic text below a heading on this note made by the axis. these notes may have been "released" in egypt with anti-british and probably anti-semitic messages. vg, tears. $100?

*368 hungary, jewish community of budapest 1944. feller hg-520. 5 pengo "tax receipt" issued by the pesti izraelit. a hitkozeg. with 2 imprinted signatures of the community's directors & 2-line handstamp on bottom. ef, although filled out. some minor pencil graffiti. these were technically tax receipts but it is very likely that they were also used as currency. scarce this nice. the last we had, a repaired vf, sold for $110 in 2007. for a related item from the budapest jewish community, see lot #547. $100+

*369 isle of man, metropole internment camp. also known as the "s" camp and located on the waterfront in the capital city of douglas. feller im-1410, camp-5360, sb-483. 1/2 penny on cloth-lined pasteboard with a 31mm circle in the center. black on bright blue, the back in gray-green on white. ef-unc. we've never offered this before. $750+?

*370 isle of man, metropole. the "s" camp. feller im-1411, camp-5361, sb-484. 1/2 penny on cloth-lined pasteboard with a 31mm circle in the center. black on gray, the back in brown on white. ef-unc. we've never offered this before. campbell and wwii remembered list this as black on gray, while feller lists (and pictures) as violet on dull pink! $750+?

*371 isle of man, onchan. world war ii internment camp. half crown (2/6). c-5371, feller im-1425, sb-492. with tower of refuge at left. unc. on watermarked and slightly wavy paper. no overstamps or notations on back. this camp, along with others on the isle of man, was the ultimate in government bureaucracy and a classic case of catch-22. the great majority of internees were german jewish refugees escaping the nazis in germany. but germany was the enemy and they were considered german nationals, thus they escaped the german concentration and death camps on the mainland, only to be interned at their destination. very scarce, only the 2nd i can recall offering in auction in 17+ years. $600+

*372 isle of man, onchan. feller im-1426, camp-5372, sb-493. 5 shillings in red. uncirculated on watermarked paper and very rare. i cannot recall ever offering this (or the note below) in auction. $700+

*373 isle of man, onchan. feller im-1427, camp-5373, sb-494. 10 shillings in green. uncirculated on watermarked paper and very rare. i cannot recall ever offering this (or the note above) in auction. $750+

*374 isle of man, peveril internment camp. feller im-1441b, camp-5382b, sb-502. 1 penny, orange, series b. serial number 1486, signature at right. vf, 1st i can recall offering. $500+

*375 isle of man, peveril. feller im-1443, camp-5384, sb-504. 1 shilling, purple (?), series d. serial number 7, signature at right. ef, 1st i can recall seeing. feller lists two varieties, one in purple, one in lilac. frankly, we don't know the difference. $600+

*376 israel. anglo-palestine bank. provisional series. p-1s. 500 mils 1948 color trial specimen note in red and red brown with serial number 000000 and handstamped specimen (in hebrew). c. 6 1/2 x 5" on slightly thicker paper than the issued notes. pmg-65 gem uncirculated exceptional paper quality. included with this lot is a copy of an english translation of a 1955 hebrew letter from yisrael kragman, a member of the knesset, attesting to his knowledge of the trial printings of the anglo-palestine provisional notes "under the scrutiny of the security and information agencies, and inspected by leo kaufman (kadman) and the artist of the notes, otto wallish...". for other lots of otto wallish, please see lots 203-204 and the next ten lots. $3000+

*377 israel. anglo-palestine bank. provisional series. p-2s. 1 palestine pound 1948 color trial specimen in red with serial number bet 000000 and handstamped specimen (in hebrew). c. 6 1/2 x 4 1/4" on slightly thicker paper than the issued notes. pmg-65 gem uncirculated exceptional paper quality. included with this lot is a copy of an english translation of a 1955 hebrew letter from yisrael kragman as described in lot 376. $3000+

*378 israel. anglo-palestine bank provisional series. p-3s. 5 palestine pounds 1948 trial specimen in red with serial number bet 000000 and handstamped specimen (in hebrew). c. 6 1/2 x 4 1/4" on slightly thicker paper than the issued notes. pmg-65 gem uncirculated exceptional paper quality. included with this lot is a copy of an english translation of a 1955 hebrew letter from yisrael kragman as described in lot 376 $3000+

*379 israel anglo-palestine bank provisional series. p-4s. 10 palestine pounds 1948 color trial specimen note in red with serial number 000000 and handstamped specimen (in hebrew). c. 7 x 4 1/2" on slightly thicker paper than the issued notes. pmg-64 choice uncirculated. included with this lot is a copy of an english translation of a 1955 hebrew letter from yisrael kragman as described in lot 376 $3000+

*380 israel. anglo-palestine bank provisional series. p-5. 50 palestine pounds 1948 proo specimen trial note in red with serial number 000000 and handstamped specimen (in hebrew). c. 8 x 4 3/4" on thick paper as above. the 50 pound provisional note was never issued and is only known in proof, thus pick #'s this as p-5, rather than p-5s, although pmg calls it p-5s. pmg-65 gem uncirculated exceptional paper quality. included with this lot is a copy of an english translation of a 1955 hebrew letter from yisrael kragman as described in lot 376 $7500?

Winning bids are reduced to no more than 10% over the high bid whenever possible.

*381 israel. 100 mils (1948) small format proof in green on thin paper without serial number in purple. "specimen" in hebrew handstamped across center. as p-6, signed by otto wallish under printed area, c. 109 x 120 mm. unc. and very rare. $4000

*382 israel. 50 mils (1948) large format proof in orange on heavy cardboard with serial number. as p-6, signed by otto wallish under printed area, c. 133 x 178 mm. unc. and very rare. $3500?

*383 israel. 50 mils (1948) large format proof in blue on heavy cardboard, the printing on the blue background is not fully aligned. without serial numbers. as p-6, signed by otto wallish under printed area, c. 109 x 167 mm. unc. and very rare. $3500?

*384 israel. 50 mils (1948) large format proof in green on heavy cardboard with serial numbers. as p-6, signed by otto wallish under printed area, c. 109 x 120mm. unc. and very rare. $3500?

*385 israel. 50 mils (1948) small format proof in blue on thin paper without serial number. the printing on the blue background is not fully aligned. as p-6, signed by otto wallish under printed area, c. 109 x 120 mm. unc. and very rare. $4000

*386 israel. 50 mils (1948) small format proof in brown on thin paper without serial number. the printing on the brown background is not fully aligned. as p-6, signed by otto wallish under printed area, c. 109 x 120 mm. unc. and very rare. $4000

*387 israel, anglo-palestine bank. 500 mils (1948), large proof artwork for the face of the note in gray and black with slug in light and dark gray, on heavy cardboard. c. 6 x 10 1/2" and very rare. as p-14. $5000+

*388 israel, anglo-palestine bank. 1 pound (1948), large proof artwork for the face of the note in blue and black with slug in light and dark blue, on heavy cardboard. c. 6 7/8 x 10 1/2" and very rare. as p-15. $5000+

*389 israel, anglo-palestine bank. 5 pounds (1948), large black on white proof artwork for the back of the note in black with slug in orange and yellow on heavy cardboard. c. 6 1/2 x 10 1/2" and very rare. as p-16. $3250+?

*390 israel, anglo-palestine bank. 5 pounds (1948), large proof artwork for the face of the note in brown and black with slug in yellow and brown on heavy cardboard. c. 6 3/4 x 11" and very rare. as p-16. $5000+

*391 israel, anglo-palestine bank. 10 pounds (1948), large proof artwork for the face of the note in red and orange with slug in red and yellow on heavy cardboard. c. 6 1/8 x 11" and very rare. as p-17. $5000+

*392 israel, anglo-palestine bank. 50 pounds (1948), large proof artwork for the face of the note in purple and black with slug in blue and purple on heavy cardboard. c. 7 x 11 1/2" and very rare. as p-18. $10000+?

*393 israel. 1955 specimen set. bank of israel. p24s-30s, bn11-15. 500 prutah, 1, 5, 10 & 50 pound. all notes with 000000 serial number twice, and specimen across the face and back. in two corners of the front and back an oval overstamp "specimen de la rue & co. no value" and in the bottom margin of each note "specimen no. 37". all 5 notes unc. a rare set of israel's most attractive notes. a similar set sold in our sale 41e for $2250. $2000

*394 israel. p-25a, bn-12 1 lira 1955 upper galilee landscape. series zayin. unc. $75

*395 israel. half israeli lira 1958. large proof artwork in green with outline in pencil. this design shows a worker with a sledge-hammer and hills behind. the worker with the sledge-hammer became the accepted design of the 5 lirot note in this series, but both the color and the hills in the background became part of the accepted design for the 1/2 lira note. signed by the designer m. shamir at the bottom right. c. 5 3/4 x 9" on cardboard. $3250+?

*396 israel. 5 israeli lira 1958. large proof artwork in blue with outline in pencil. this design shows a worker with a sledge-hammer (as above) and a factory behind. this is close to the accepted design but the 5 lirot note was printed in brown, while the 1 lira was printed in blue. signed by the designer m. shamir at the bottom right. c. 5 1/2 x 9 1/4" on cardboard. $3250+?

*397 israel. 50 israeli lira 1959, large proof artwork in in pencil. this design shows a boy and girl (alan and alma) which was the accepted design. however the issued note was dated 1960, while this is dated 1959. signed by the designer m. shamir at the bottom right, with a slug in pink and brown. c. 7 1/8 x 10 1/2" on thin cardboard. $5000?

*398 israel. p46c, bn-33a. 50 sheqalim ben-gurion. 1978. 2 green bars on back. unc. becoming very difficult to locate in true unc. ex 35b lot #672 sold for $425! $350+

*399 israel. p46d, bn-33b. 50 sheqalim ben-gurion. 1978. 2 black bars on back. unc., but for counting crease at upper right. this is ex lot 673 from our sale 35b. $175+

*400 israel. p47b, bn-34a. 100 sheqalim jabotinsky. 1979 with two red bars on reverse. unc. ex lot 675 from sale 35b $75

*401 israel p58, bn-43c. 1998 50 new sheqalim s. y agnon. unc. israel's 1st commemorative banknote, issued for the 50th anniversary, in special cover of issue. $45

402 Israel. BNS-16. Visionaries of Israel. 7 notes in folder of issue. Chaim Weizman 5 Sheqalim, Theodore Herzl 10 Sheqalim, David Ben-Gurion 50 Sheqalim, Ze'ev Jabotinsky 100 Sheqalim, Edmond Rothschild 500 Sheqalim, Moses Maimonies 1 New Sheqalim and Levi Eshkol 5 Sheqalim. Various dates 1978-1985. All Unc., but a few of notes show minor handling faults. $50?

*403 israel. bns-18?, p-cs-3. 25, 50, 100 and 200 new sheqalim vertical format. 2001 & 2002. in folder with matching serial numbers. very scarce. i can recall having this set only once before. we sold a set on an internet price list in the fall of 2007 for $200. $175+

*404 italy, cremona concentration camp. camp 6459-6465, f/f it-760a-766a. 1/2 to 50 lire. complete set of 7 notes, au-unc, all overprinted with star of david and unsigned. the use of the star of david on these notes is the ultimate catch 22. jews were issued these notes in exchange for their belongings and money. notes for non-jews did not have the star of david. however to be used in the camp canteens, they had to be signed and the notes that had the star of david on them were never signed. it should be noted that some researchers believe that these are fantasies. it is the opinion of others, including us, that the reason that the notes were "not remembered" was because they did not circulate as we mentioned above. the last set we offered in the spring of 2009 sold for $500. $400+

*405 lithuania, kovno ghetto. 5 rubles december (?) 29, 1941. a crude note which is partially hand written and partially hand stamped. somewhat similar to feller li-533, but on tan paper. (seemingly unlisted in any other references). kovno also known as kaunas, kowno or kauen was a center of lithuanian jewish learning from the middle of the 19th century until world war ii. isaac elhanan spektor (see lots 448 & 449) was known as the "kovner rav". the ghetto was established in the late summer or fall of 1941 and before the ghetto was liberated in 1944, 95% of the jewish community had been murdered. holocaust era items from this ghetto are extremely rare. this is the first kovno ghetto item of any kind we have offered since 1999! vf. $750+?

*406 netherlands, amersfoort concentration camp. camp-4146b, ps-36, feller ne-440a. 10`a2 1.1. 1944. with a period after no. and, without watermark. unc. the last we've sold was in our sale 38c where a similar example sold for $450. $300+

*407 netherlands, amersfoort. camp-4142, feller ne-441v. 25`a2 1.1. 1944. with period under the serial number and without watermark. unc. feller doesn't seem to list this note which just may be a proofreading mistake. rare. $300+

*408 netherlands, amersfoort. camp-4148b, feller ne-442a. 1 gulden. 1.1. 1944. with period after no. of the serial number and without watermark. vf, a few stains. rare. $200+

*409 netherlands, amersfoort. camp-4149b, feller ne-443a. 2 1/2 gulden. 1.1. 1944. with period after no. of the serial number and without watermark. unc and very rare. it's been more than 17 years since we've offered any 2 1/2 gulden better than vg in auction. $750+

*410 netherlands, amersfoort. camp-4145, feller ne-444cv. 5 gulden 1.1. 1944. with period under no. of the serial number and without watermark. avf, a minor stain or two and very rare. we haven't offered one in auction in more than 17 years! $750+

*411 netherlands, herzogenbusch (vught) concentration camp. feller ne-461, camp-4163. 1 gulden, black on red. vf, with small holes punched (seemingly to cancel the note, as both the feller and the david frank plated specimens have the same holes). extremely rare. i have offered notes from this camp on only a few occasions. back in the late 1970s or early 1980s i had one that i either bought from or sold to the late jack veffer. and i may have bought and sold one note at a memphis paper money show some years back. see lot #564 for a related item from this camp. $2000+

*412 netherlands, westerbork concentration camp. 10`a2 series cc without watermark. 2 notes with consecutive serial numbers, 3898-3899. feller ne-470a, camp-4171b, sb-1151a. 2 uncirculated notes. this is the first time i can recall ever seeing consecutive serial numbers on concentration camp currency! $200+?

*413 netherlands, westerbork. c-4172 (a) 1, sb-1152a, feller ne-471b, ps-169. 25`a2 series bb, with watermark. filled "0" in no. unc. i cannot recall ever offering this 25`a2 series bb note with a filled in "0" and a watermark. very low serial number (0053). $100+

*414 netherlands, westerbork. camp-4173b, feller-ne-472a. 50`a2 series aa without watermark. this is the scarcest denomination of the 4 issued. choice au-unc. no folds or wear, just a light mishandling. we've only offered a 50`a2 note this nice a handful of times in the past 15 to 20 years. $100+

*415 netherlands, westerbork. camp-4174a, feller-ne-473b. 100`a2 series cc with watermark. unc., albeit with a small ink smudge under the date at left. i have no record of offering a 100`a2 cc note with a watermark in uncirculated in more than 17 years! $100+

*416 palestine, palestine currency board. p-7c 1 pound 20 april 1939, series j. nice fine, some discoloration on back. scarce series. the last we had was in 2002! $750+

See Lot 274 for heretofore unknown paper tokens from Palestine!

*417 poland, auschwitz concentration camp. 1 reichsmark in pink or red. feller po-121, camp-4190a. all auschwitz notes are rare, but this pink narrow type is among the rarer issues and is the first i can recall offering in almost 14 years. f-vf, some stains and light pencil notations on back. $1250+

*418 poland, auschwitz. feller po-121b, camp-4190b. 1 reichmark in blue with printer's mark "kl/101-8, 44/ type 3. on the back is a red overstamp "mannenlager birkenau" as well as a dark blue overstamp reading "ing u. ba meister a. juno (last letter unclear) tiefbauunternehmen celle" in 3 lines and what looks like handwritten initials. campbell and feller mention the "mannenlager" overstamp but make no mention of an additional stamp such as this one. grabowski pictures a note with both the mannenlager overstamp and the overstamp that is seen on the cigarette ration card in lot# 419 below, as well as a handwritten prisoner number and a signature. our example seems to indicate a civil engineering company named celle. vf. $1500+?

*419 poland, auschwitz cigarette ration card. feller po-135, camp-4195. partially used. this card, literally a smoker's card for use in the prisoner's canteen #1, was issued to prisoner "b 11042" in block #5. 8 stubs remain for january 12 though february 28th, most likely indicating that this prisoner was murdered sometime after january 6th, just 3 weeks before the camp was liberated by soviet troops on january 27th. the back has the handstamp "(deu)tsche lebensmittel gmbh". black print on orange. f-vf, with small tear. grabowski pictures one in green. the plated feller example is gray (perhaps a black and white photograph was used) and the used coupons were hole-punched. on this example they were removed. of extreme rarity, the first we can recall seeing. $500+

*420 poland, gross-rosen concentration camp. 1 reichsmark in blue with printer's mark kl1o1 - 8.44/500 000 and with round purple handstamp in center. feller po-221v, grab. gr-17b. neither cambell or pick-siemsen list this type at all, feller mentions the general type but without the handstamp or service mark. grabowski mentions the type but does not picture it. all notes from this camp are extremely rare. we've only offered one very low grade note (twice) from this camp and that was more than 10 years ago!. this au-unc. note is in extremely nice condition and exceedingly rare. $2000+

*421 poland, litzmannstadt. (lodz ghetto). set of matched serial number notes. all numbered 000224 and overprinted "entwertet". 50 pfennig, 1 mark, 2 mark, 20 mark and 50 mark. feller po-560-562, 565-566, campbell 4201-4203, 4206-4207. all unc., but the notes were kept together with a paper clip and thus the 4 smaller denominations have faint to very faint paper clip impressions while the 50 mark note has a paper clip stain. the 3 larger denomination notes are on watermarked paper. these "specimens" are extremely rare. i vaguely remember seeing similar notes some 25 or so years ago. i cannot recall ever seeing matched numbered sets. however we do know that lodz ghetto pattern coins (or tokens) were made on order for nazi officials so, it is not surprising that similar notes were made. another very rare set of notes. $1000+

*422 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz). 1 mark specimen note. orange serial #000000 with hole punch (thus cancelling the note). feller po-560b, camp-4201b. unc. it's been many years since we've sold a similar note. $100+

*423 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz). 5 mark, 4 mm orange serial number. feller po-563b, camp 4204a(2). overstamped entwertet. unc., but for faint paper clip impression. $100+

*424 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz). 10 mark, red serial number. feller po-564b, camp-4205ba. au and printed slightly off-center, thus with a large right margin and no margin at all at left. rare as such. $200+

*425 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz). 50 pfennig, overprinted to make 3 postal chits of 20, 10 and 20 pfennig. feller po-582, camp-4214. vg and very rare. please see israel numismatic journal vol. ii, no. 3-4, page 56 to 60 for a discussion of this note. please note there are fantasies that divide the note into two 25 pfennig chits or 3 chits divided 15, 15 and 20, but 20/10/20 notes such as this are considered genuine by all authorities. $250+

*426 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz). scrip. c-4221c, feller po-603c. 3 kilograms kartoffeln (potatoes). unnumbered, unissued remainder. unc. $50+?

*427 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz ). ration card for 1/2 dose (can) of meat. feller po-610b, camp-4228b. on orange card (both feller and campbell call it brown). unissued, with one hole punched at left and insignificant pencil markings on both sides. au and very scarce. i can't recall seeing this before. $65+

*428 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz). unused kitchen ration card. pink, c. 4 1/4 x 3 1/4". space to be punched 14 times. german on front, german and yiddish on reverse. feller po-623b. au-unc., not filled in. $100?

*429 poland, schildberg pow camp. a camp in southeastern poland that was used by the nazis to house norwegian officers. it is the only known camp to house norwegian pows. the camp was opened in 1940 and at first held polish pows and was called stalag xx1-a but in 1943 it was converted to oflag xxi-c to hold norwegian officers. each note has a crowned h7 (for haakon vii) in the center and a handwritten serial number at left and a handwritten value at right with the signature of h. nissen on the bottom. i have read that the notes were designed by hartvig nissen who had been a banker in civilian life.

Each denomination has one corner torn off (different corner for each denomination) which I would presume would be to validate them or to indicate that they had been used. I have seen images of another complete set as well as a third .0.40 and all have the same corner cut off for each denomination. There is no indication of the denominations and I have seen speculation that they were issued in marks, while others have suggested Ores or Kroners. This is a .0.40 mark (?), with the left top corner torn off and serial number 508. EF. I have seen a total of 8 notes, the 3 listed here and images of 5 others. This is the highest serial number that I have seen. Campbell-3890 which is the only one that he lists but he speculates that "Other denominations probably exist". $500+?

*430 poland, schildberg pow camp. .0.s80 mark?, serial number "15", au-unc, with upper right corner cut off. $500+?

*431 poland, schildberg pow camp. 1.60 mark?, serial number "79", vf with bottom right corner cut off. there is some light pencil graffiti on the face of the note and on the back, 7 lines of text showing various army rank symbols and their names (in english!). $500+?

*432 poland, sokolka ghetto. feller po-640, camp-4241, ps-28, grabowski so-1 (rrr). 0.91 reichsmark. extremely rare, 1st i can recall ever offering. sokolka is in bialystock in ne poland and only issued this one note in this most unusual denomination. according to the dealer who sold this, this is nicer than the example pictured in feller which he had sold to charlton meyer. unc. $3000+

*433 poland, warsaw ghetto. nd. 5- 50 groszy. camp. 4246-4251, feller po-680-687, ps page 25 note. 6 unc notes. blue notes printed from hand-engraved wood or linoleum plates, the large denomination has 18 stars (18 meaning "chai" or "life"), a barbed wire fence and an ss symbol. this is a somewhat controversial issue due to its crudeness but we believe they were an issue produced in the ghetto post office but never released. steve and ray feller thoroughly discuss the ghetto and these notes on pages 88-94 in their book silent witnesses. this is the complete set, the last we offered was in our sale 39d where a similar set sold for $1100 in very spirited bidding. $900+

*434 united nations, international refugee organization (iro) austrian operations. 1, 5 & 10 units, green, red and blue. camp-7360-7362, sb-181-183, feller as-1680-1682. 3 vf to vf+ notes. $750+

*435 united states. original a. jacob's sons. new york, ny, a firm which imported and manufactured musical instruments, watches and jewelry. "100" at upper right and left corners made to look like a $100 note, but in actuality is their address on chatham st. images of george and j. jacobs with their facsimile signatures. vignette of indian and buffalo in center. fine on thin paper. a very scarce jewish merchant advertising note. this is ex lot #16877 from heritage's csns sale of 2004 where it sold for $333. $150+

*436 united states. wwii propaganda note. on a facsimile of a us one dollar note, the back has a 3-line legend in italian, "the american have always made empty promises, breaking them like soap bubbles". the nazis air-dropped this note in northern italy. sb-401 (p. 397). f-vf. this is ex lot ho-17a from our fixed price list 35a of 2005. $75+

*437 united states. wwii propaganda note. as above, but first two lines of text on the back are in two parallel horizontal lines with the 3rd line angled as in the normal variety. sb-401v. vf. rare. this is the first of this variety that we have seen or even heard of. $150+?

*438 united states. anti-semitic propaganda dollar. sb-402 pages 397-398. the shekel vol. xxviii, #4 page 31. a german propaganda note, dropped over paris in october of 1943. at first glance, it looks like a us $1 bill, but the note "opens up" and is filled with typical nazi anti-semitic garbage, singling out morgenthau with a yellow star in the center. all in french. ef-au or better (just one tiny corner fold). probably the nicest we have seen. $150+

*439 united states. nazi propaganda note. an oversize german propaganda piece dated 1943 and using the design and colors of a united states small-size gold certificate, right down to the treasury signatures. the reverse is printed in german, russian and slavic (?). uncirculated. sb-412 (p. 397-398). ex lot #16427 from heritage's csna sale of may 2004 where it sold for more than $600. please note that it is likely that these notes were fantasies printed after the war. sold as is, no returns. $150+



In addition to the medals and tokens in this section there many lots in Part One that certainly should appeal to collectors of Jewish and Holy Land material. Please see Lots: 1 to 77, 90 to 94, 105-106, 109-115, 137-138, 144, 167-168, 178, 187 through 234, 245, 247, 271- 284, 287 to 295, 198, 306 & 307 and virtually all of the paper money lots 312 to 439.

*440 feather jew. nd (c.1700). bronzed lead or pewter 42mm by christian wermuth. jew with feathers in cap and carrying a large sack on his back and a smaller money bag in his hand. long legend around and continuing on back implying that jews pimp for the rulers and the cuckolded husbands are rewarded by public office. the inscription is a mix of german and latin. jewish medals page 9-11, 111, kirschner-11. nicely done bronzed cast, fields somewhat tooled but still attractive. this is one of the most infamous of all anti-semitic medals and the first we've offered in many years. bruno kirschner, henry grunthal, antoine feil, arthur polak and daniel friedenberg are just a few of the many who have commented on the meaning of this medal. vf. $200+

*441 cabbage society. purim token. 1796 1 penny conder token. "purim 1796" around leaf/"cabbage society" around head of cabbage. edge = course milling over, an asylum for the oppressed of all nations. d&h-227a. friedenberg, in his jewish medals (pp. 82-84), speculates that the use of purim relates to the political nature of the maker of this token, thomas spence. this could be true, but more recent research indicates another likely "jewish connection" in the fact that "cabbage" was the term used by jewish tailors in london at that time for the left-over material that they used to dress up for the annual purim bash." ef+, much red luster. the last we had was in our sale 38c where a specimen, but not as nice as this, sold for $450. $450+

*442 cabbage society 1814 brass two pence token. "1814" in wreath/" cabbage society" around head of cabbage. engrailed edge. friedenberg, page 83, d&w-104. a companion piece to the above lot. see our discussion of the possible meaning in lot #441. ef, a few scratches, mostly on date side. we've only offered this token twice since 1995. $200+

*443 25th anniversary of israelite loan institute hamburg. 1841. ae 45mm by hans friedrich alsing. one of the two jewish medals of hamburg that alsing did in 1841. (see lot 444 below). bee hive, legend/legend. coins reveal-151. vf, a few scratches and many rim bumps. ex guido kisch collection. 38c lot #638 $100+

*444 jewish home for aged, hamburg. 1841. ae22 by alsing. bust of salomon heine left/view of the home. heine, was not only the principal factor in getting this hospital built, he was the uncle of heinrich heine. an important jewish medal of the first part of the 19th century. coins reveal #150. vf+, a few minor marks in the field. see lot 443 $40+

*445 pair of false shekels. both white metal about 31mm. two different kisch type "d" false shekels, d12 and d13. both vf or so with rim bumps. $50+

*446 hungarian jewish community token. marczali (marcali), a village in hungary, where a jewish community was founded around 1820. nd (circa 1875-1900?) 10 (kreuzer) brass 1.5mm. "marczali/i.h.k." in two lines/"10". i.h.k. stands for "izraelita hitk`9azseb" or the jewish community. toth and zombori-5b. originally published in the tams journal vol. 30, #2, april 1990 pages 47-51 and reprinted in the shekel vol. 23, #4, pages 29-32. this remains the most comprehensive listing of hungarian jewish tokens. vf and extremely rare. 1st i can recall ever seeing. $200+?

*447 industrial expo in oscar schindler's home town in czechoslovakia. 1894. ae41 mm medal by abraham for 1894 industrial exposition in zwittau. allegorical figure with symbols and large column at left/6-line legend in wreath. proof-like bu. zwittau was the birthplace of the famed oscar schindler. $50

*448 rabbi isaac elchonon spektor or spector. 1896. ae28. his bust half right, the rabbi and gaon the rav yitzhak elchonon spektor/his grave, legend. shekel 18, 3, 29-30. f, looped as made. spektor was a famous lithuanian rabbi and was among the most influential jews of his time in trying to persuade the russian government to better their treatment of jews. this is lot #757 from our sale 37d where it sold for $150. see the shekel xviii, #3, 29. $150

*449 rabbi isaac elchonon spektor or spector. 1896 ae 22. as above but in this smaller size. f/vf with original loop. this is ex lot #738 from our sale 35b and is the only small size piece i can recall offering. $175?

*450 bronze (?) ladies ring. c. 20mm with magen david in center surrounded by pellets. found in italy, this is probably from the jewish community in morocco. vf. $50?

*451 aleppo syria jewish community charity token. nd (c. 1900) ae18mm (.30g). brass bracteate token. "101" flanked by a "bet & kaf " and "in righteousness shall thou be established" above, all in hebrew. see the shekel vol viii, #4 for an article by meshorer on these. crudely made but a nice example. vf+. $50?

*452 aleppo syria jewish community charity token. nd (c. 1900) ae18mm (.30g). crudely made, ef. even nicer than above and very strongly struck. one edge is straight. $65+

*453 chevra kadisha (charity) token. nd. late 19th century thin brass token. "sade-dalet, koph-hey" bracteate type. jtm-cc-16. choice vf+, a bit crude, but much nicer than most. $50+?

*454 charity token. nd (c.1900?). uniface bracteate type 20mm (.46g). 3-line hebrew legend, "this is for charity", plus a dalat and a pe which could translate to perhaps 4 prutot or 4 mites or perhaps 4 times. see the shekel vol. 9, #1, page 32 for a small article by ya'akov meshorer on this. vf and very rare. 1st i can recall offering. $250+?

*455 silver amulet. (c 1900?) 45 mm, 5.05 grams with loop as made. on thin planchet with 6 lines of hebrew text. presumably from north africa or yemen. toned vf. $150+?

*456 jewish merchant token. (1898-1930). j. cohn, 2871 greenwich st., (san francisco, california). brass 21mm "good for 5`a2 return bottle". album sfo-80 c104 (1 to 5 known), kappen-540. very rare. choice ef. $75+?

*457 jewish merchant token. (1900-1915). s. b. levy & j. d. shea, 525 pike st., seattle (wa). brass 43mm "good for 5`a2 in trade". this was a bar. scarce. vf+. $40+?

*458 jewish merchant token. (1900-1918). weinstein's liquor store & tavern, 1121 s. crawford ave., (chicago, il). brass 23mm "good for 15`a2 in drinks". vacketta wf-16-25. nice ef. rare. crawford avenue was renamed pulaski in 1926 ,so this obviously pre-dates that. $50+

*459 jewish merchant token. levi bros., stuart, nebraska. early 20th century. brass 20mm, "good for 5`a2 in trade". ef. scarce, 1st i can recall offering. see lot below for companion piece. $50+?

*460 jewish merchant token. levi bros., stuart, nebraska. early 20th century. brass 23mm, "good for 10`a2 in trade". ef. scarce, 1st i can recall offering. see lot above for companion piece. $50+?

*461 Jewish Merchant Token. Massachusetts. Brass 32mm. "Benj. Goldstein Inc. 17 Elm St. Springfield. This coin is worth $2.00 on purchase of $20.00 or more"/
"We invite you to open a charge account. Good Luck" around a Swastika. EF, with original gilding, some scratches. In our sale 40E we sold a similar Good for $1 token from the same merchant in much poorer condition for $90. This piece should be worth at least that. $90+ [image]

*462 jewish merchant advertising token (1921). aluminum 30mm. struck for the opening of the tietz department store in cologne. legend around an aerial view of the tietz department store/legend around a 5-line inscription extolling the new store. herman tietz opened his largest department store in 1921. when the nazis took over germany in 1933 his stores were aryanized. scarce. $50?

*463 korn jude medal. 1923 bronze 38 mm. the modern day korn jude piece by fritz hornlein. kirschner-30. a "fat" man sitting on bushel of corn/7-line legend. ef, spot $25+

*464 sports medal, boxing. silver 27 x 36 mm with loop as made. boxer at left, "morris weisen" in banner at right, "b5" or "g5" engraved in oval below. back is blank except for "sterling" engraved. $30+

*465 jewish orphanage dedication in argentina. 1927. silver-plated bronze c. 35 x 28.5mm by gottuzzo and piana, with loop as made. view of the building, 2-line spanish legend below/4-line inscription commemorating the dedication by argentine president marcello de alvear. an attractive and scarce little medal which i believe we may have offered once before. toned ef. gottuzzo and piana were argentina's leading medalists during this time. $75+

*466 hanukkah lamp. nd (1926-1940?). c. 8 x 9" (including shamos) brass hanukkah menorah. candle holders spell out ivriah, which a jewish woman's organization founded in 1926 to increase registration in jewish schools. while the name ivriah was also a chilean zionist organization from around 1950 and can also mean "hebrew women", this lamp is strikingly similar to one in the jewish museum catalog on hanukkah lamps attributed to the 1920's us group, although this one has a shamos. $50+?

*467 south african award medal. 1930. royal order of buffalos. roll of honor breast badge. awarded to l. goldstein by the district grand lodge of transvaal. impressive 14-karat gold badge with blue, white red and gilt enameling, latin legend, topped by "africa", purple ribbon and "roll of honor" on top. in original case. no doubt very scarce as an award medal to a jew. perhaps rare. $100+

*468 chinese-jewish athletic medal. 1934. silver shield shaped about 27mm with original loop attached at top. menorah in center, flanked by shanghai, tientsin, harbin and inter betar. 19-34 to either side of menorah and betar in hebrew directly below it. on the reverse in two lines, "broad jump 2nd". betar was a zionist youth group operating mostly in eastern europe and eretz-israel, but obviously in palestine as well. harbin, shanghai and tientsin had the 3 largest jewish communities in china during the 1st half of the 19th century. prior to the rise of hitler these were mostly refugees from russia, but beginning in 1933 jews from germany (and later poland) fled hitler and traveled to china. over the years we've very occasionally offered jewish related tokens and medals from china, but they have been few and far between. vf, rare. $250?

*469 a relic of kristallnacht. seder with the rabbis. a very large bronze plaque (c. 12 1/2 x 7 1/2"), the design taken from the famous painting by moritz oppenheim. this plaque hung in the main synagogue in berlin until the infamous kristallnacht (night of broken glass november 10th, 1938), when the synagogue was stormed. that night it was pierced by 3 bullets, and spirited away by one of the congregants. it was later repaired with lead and it eventually made its way to jerusalem. of utmost rarity. this is lot 1351 from our sale 27f where it sold for $2000. before that it belonged to ed baruch, a prominent collector and dealer in israeli numismatics in the 1970s and 1980s. ed purchased this in jerusalem. see the shekel #16, 6, 3 for an article by ed about this plaque. a rare opportunity to purchase an important piece of judaica which was saved from the nazis. $1500+

*470 moshe j. olgin. celluloid pinback button. 1878-1939. 19 mm, black on white. his bust facing. olgin, who was born in russia, was a jewish communist writer who wrote for the jewish newspapers "forward" and "freiheit". he followed the communist party line (although not living in his native country) till the day he died. scarce, this is ex lot #515 from our sale 38d and the only one we can recall seeing. $35

*471 two items. 1) association of jewish ex-servicemen & women lapel pin. enameled white, blue and gold. legend around lion of judah in star of david and 2) silver spoon with a menorah and "israel" in hebrew at top. hallmarked and probably made circa 1948. $75+?

*472 jewish community center. albany, ny. "good for one towel." aluminum 19.7 mm. nd. c.1950? choice ef. in our sale 33c we sold a vf piece for $35. $35

*473 i. l. peretz. celluloid pinback button. 1952 commemorating the 100th birthday of this famed yiddish writer. black on white. $25+

*474 jewish national fund 1952. bronze 22.5mm. golden anniversary. bunch of grapes, 1902-1952, "keren kayemeth l'israel" in hebrew/israel, "1952 shekel zahav" in english and hebrew. zahav means "golden" in hebrew. struck for the 50th anniversary of the jnf which was founded on 29 december 1901. brown au-unc. scarce, the first we've offered since the spring of 2006. $50+

*475 300th anniversary resettlement of jews in great britain. 1956. gold, silver & bronze 38mm medals in case of issue. oval busts of oliver cromwell & menassah ben israel/seated woman holding scroll & tablet. by paul vincze. unc, as issued. the bronze and silver medals are well known, although uncommon, the 9 karat gold medal is very rare and is only the 3rd we can recall offering. with certificate which was machined signed by paul vincze certifying that this was #3 of 100 sets struck. haffner ep-64a &b (gold unlisted), the shekel 14, 3, 30, eimer-2097b (the gold unlisted!). $750+

*476 shalom aleichem celluloid pinback button. 1959 for the 100th anniversary of his birth. his bust facing, his name above in yiddish and the dates 1959-1969. we sold a similar button a few years ago for $35. $25+

*477 isaac ilitch levitan. 1960 bronze 64 mm by shklovsky. facing bust/6-line legend. levitan was a russian jewish landscape artist. this was struck for the centennial of his birth. ef, tiny nick. first we've offered in more than 10 years. $40+

*478 lieutenant-colonel amichai levy. 1967. gilt bronze 66mm by b. duvivier. french superior war school medal. large building, clouds above, latin legends/levy's name, title and dates, eagle and torch. $40+

*479 beth shalom synagogue. 1969. wedgwood plate, white on blue commemorating the 50th anniversary of this elkins park, pa synagogue which was designed by frank lloyd wright and was wright's last project. in original box of issue. a four-line "gold" legend on the back describes the plate. scarce. see lots 487 &488. $45+?

480 Jewish-American Hall of Fame Group of 5 medals. 1969 Judah Magnus, 1971 Louis Brandeis, 1972 George Gershwin, 1974 Herbert Lehmen and 1975 Gershom Seixas. 5 bronze Trapezoid medals. The JAHF website lists the Magnus @$100, the Brandeis @$125, the Lehmen @$50 and is sold out of the other two. A group of 5 popular medals. This is one of the longest running continuous series of medals issued in the US. $225

481 Jewish-American Hall of Fame Group of 4 medals. 1984 Isaac B. Singer, 1988 Uriah P. Levy, 1993 Leonard Bernstein and 1998 Titanic. 4 bronze Trapezoid medals. The JAHF website lists these medals at $400. $160+

482 Jewish-American Hall of Fame Group of 4 medals. 1979 Levi Strauss, 1980 Jonas Salk, 1981 Rebecca Graetz and 1982 Isaac Stern. 4 bronze Trapezoid medals. The total price for the 4 medals on the JAHF website is $485. $160+

*483 benjamin disraeli, the first earl of beaconsfield. 1970. silver 38mm. his bust partially to left/6 lions. toned unc., 1 troy ounce of silver. this comes in at least two dates. see lot below. i believe that this may be the scarcer of the two dates. $35+

484 BENJAMIN DISRAELI. 1971. Silver 38mm. His bust partially to left/6 lions. Toned Unc., 1 troy ounce of silver. As above, but the later 1971 date. $35+

*485 25th anniversary of israel. 1973 silver 50mm by clara weinerth for art mint. 7-branched candelabra flanked by "25th anniversary of israel" and "1973" in english and hebrew with artist's signature below/david ben-gurion addresses the first meeting of the knesset under a portrait of theodore herzl, with declaration of independence below, with lettering and signatures incuse. choice sterling silver proof. edge reads "the glory of israel will not fail" in english and hebrew flanked by magen david's. #0034. extremely rare. i have no record of offering this medal since at least the mid-1990s and may have had this medal perhaps only once before. there were numerous medals produced to commemorate israel's 25th anniversary, this is among the rarest. $250+

*486 25th anniversary paperweight. 1973. issued by the israel ministry of tourism. c. 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 inches depicting the megiddo roaring lion. on the back is a (mostly) english description of the design along with the official 25th anniversary symbol. $25+?

*487 israel's 25th anniversary. 1973. wedgwood plate. c. 4 1/2" blue plate with white design around edge, white symbol of israel and gold 1948-1973. in original box of etruria & barlaston of england. see lot 479 and 488. $40+?

*488 wedgwood plate. 1973? c. 4 1/2" blue plate with with white design around center and "zion" in hebrew within a magen david. in original box as above. $40+

Bids are accepted via mail, fax, email and telephone

*489 max reinhardt. 1973. silver 40mm by bodlak. his facing bust/theater in vienna. toned unc. $35

*490 hebrew benevolent society of charleston sc. (1974). silver 40mm. struck to commemorate francis salvador, the first jewish patriot of the american revolution known to have died for his country. a scene depicting the ambush of salvador by indians and tories/figure of a skeleton representing the angel of death within hebrew and english legend. in plastic case of issue. see the shekel, vol. xiii, #3, p. 13-15. unc. rare. $75+?

*491 ford motor co. 1975. ae 60mm. 5-line hebrew legend which says something like, "to abrasha (russian style diminutive of abraham), on your departure from "mem het yod lamed" (the initials of an organization which the recipient likely was leaving) with affection and respect from your friends at work,tel-aviv 31 march 1975). all in wreath, with "ford" in circle at top center/blank, but for 2-line hebrew legend at bottom. as struck but a couple of rim nicks. probably part of a retirement gift for an employee of a company which had some kind of working relationship (at the very least) with the ford motor company. given henry j. ford's anti-semitic feelings in the 1920s-1940s, this is interesting. $40+

492 Golda Meir. 1970s? Lapel Pin. Gold on silver? Her bust facing. By the Golda Meir Club, Woman of Valour, signed by Michael Ende, Jerusalem. EF. $25

*493 judaic heritage society. 1970s, 3 rectangle plaquettes relating to jewish life. 1) the synagogue, 2) the menorah and 3) the ten commandments. all by rina rotholz. part of a series of 18 (chai) pieces issued by the judaic heritage society. seldom seen. $45+?

*494 agam's star of love medal. 1978 gold 36mm. tiny hebrew, french and english legend, star of love, etoile d'amour around field composed of nine raised "keels" that form a star of david in apparent motion as the medal is turned under light/menorah, 30 years state of israel. #193 of a very limited mintage. 22-karat gold. we've had this medal in silver a few times, but i believe that this is the first time we've offered the gold medal. as struck with a few light hairlines. minimum bid $2000. $2250+

*495 dan hotel. (1978) bronze 59mm. "30 years israel and dan hotels" in english and hebrew around view of buildings/view of 5 different dan hotels. in box of issue. scarce, 1st i can recall offering. $50+?

*496 albert einstein. 1979 set of 3 medals by max leognany for unesco. bronze 59mm, sterling silver 30mm and 22 karat gold 23mm. his bust slightly to the left/3 of einstein's equations overlay an outline of his bust. flower-48. the 4th in the unesco series of "anniversaries of great men", the first 3 being, michelangelo, rubens and aristotle. rare, in case of issue with certificate. very rare and only the 2nd i can recall offering, the only other one being harry flower's set in the early part of this century. struck at the french mint in paris. minimum bid $475 $575+

*497 israel numismatic society of mass. 1981 39mm, gold-plated bronze, #15 of only 55 struck. yitzhak avni memorial medal. see tokens & medals issued by ins by harry flower page 25. it's been many years since we've offered one of these by auction. $50?

*498 worms synagogue 950th anniversary 1984. silver 39.5 mm. view of synagogue and the raschi chapel, 1034-1984/hebrew & german legends. the worms synagogue was built in 1034 and desecrated in 1615. in 1624 the building was restored and the rashi chapel was added by david joshua oppenheim. the entire building was destroyed during kristallnacht but was rebuilt by the germans in 1961. a stunningly beautiful medal. choice toned proof. $50+

*499 maccabi, st. petersburg. nd. 35mm. probably gilt aluminum, with red hanger attached. maccabee symbol in center, maccabi. st. petersburg, east asian federation in russian around the outside with two magen david's. scarce, 1st we've seen. $40+?

*500 miracle of the soviet exodus. 1990 silver 38mm hanukkah medal. family of 4 looking left, flag, legend and date/hanukkah menorah, legend and wreath. choice frosted proof. a scarce and seldom offered medal. $60+?

*501 bess myerson 2001 jewish american hall of fame medal. silver trapezoid by alex shagin. facing bust of her, quotation at left/myerson in swimsuit with crown after being named miss america. low mintage and scarce. the jahf used to list these at $100, but they are now sold out. $75+

*502 rabbi elimelech of lizansk. nd (2002-2003). silver 39mm. rabbi's grave/ rabbi's name and legend "mentioning his name causes divine help for all who act accordingly." rabbi elimelech was the leading disseminator of hasidic teachings in poland, galicia and hungary. choice proof, #248 of a limited number minter. in case of issue. issued at $72. $65+?

503 Rabbi Elimelech of Lizansk. ND. Bronze 39mm. As above, with certificate but no box. $25+?

*504 350th anniversary jewish life in america. 2004. ae76 mm by dana krinsky. nyc skyline like a menorah and george washington's quote "gives to bigotry no sanction...."/a group of men, women & children on a journey to liberation, "proclaim liberty....". jahf offers this for $150 on their website. in pouch of issue. $75+

*505 rabbi levi yitzchak. nd. gold on silver (.999 silver) 39mm. ram on altar, hebrew legend around/3-line legend, with signature of rabbi levi yitzchak of berdychiv (the berdichever), a famous hasidic rabbi of the 18th century and known as the "defense attorney" for the jewish people. choice proof. in capsule with plastic stand. the berdichever died in 1809 and this medal was minted in 2009-2010 to commemorate the 200th year of his death. rare. 100 silver medals were struck, but 90 were melted down and of the remaining 10, 5 were plated with "select gold plating" of 14-karat gold. this is one of those 5. issue price $199. $100+?

506 Rabbi Levi Yitzchak. (2009-2010). As above but in bronze. 39mm. Ram on altar, Hebrew legend around/3-Line legend, with signature of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdychiv (the Berdichever), a famous Hasidic Rabbi of the 18th century and known as the "defense attorney" for the Jewish people. Only 250 medals minted. $25?

state of israel medals

state, commissioned and presentation medals

*507 sm-1 pattern. 1958 10th anniversary pattern bronze medal 27mm. similar to the gold medal of the same size but a bronze pattern. lettered edge reads israel government approved issue 1948-1958. (although this was not the approved issue). israel's money and medals mention patterns in 42 and 45mm but not in this size. as struck, but somewhat toned. only the 3rd i can recall offering. see the next lot for the issued medal $250+

*508 sm-1 judaea capta-israel liberata. 1958 gold 27mm. design taken from ancient judaea capta coin on obverse and israel liberated on reverse. choice bu. israel's first gold medal. see above for a bronze pattern of this medal. minimum bid $850. $925+

*509 sm-3a b'nai brith.1961 silver 35mm. low mintage early medal. zechovey mint (sterling on edge). as struck with very light and appealing toning. $90

*510 sm-5a hadassah without inscription. 1960. silver 35mm. zechovoy mint without either "silver" or "sterling" on edge. according to sedaka (igcmc catalog #1) only 250 were struck like this. very rare. a few nicks and marks. $250+?

*511 sm-12g, h & j bar mitzvah gold set. 1961. set of 3 gold medals. 27, 22 and 19mm. bar mitzvah boy reading from torah/symbols of the 12 tribes. in deluxe presentation set with clasp and metal plate for a name to be engraved. minimum bid $1300. $1500+

*512 sm-12t 1981 bar mitzvah gold medal. 1981. 900 fine gold. 13mm. proof-like bu. minimum bid $90. $100+

*513 sm-21e, f & g liberation gold medal set. 1971 19, 22 & 27 mm liberation gold medals. man, woman and child planting tree/inset of roman judaea capta coin. choice bu. one of the most popular of all israel gold medals. in case of issue. minimum bid $1600. $1750+

*514 sm-22a. united jewish appeal (uja). 1963. silver 59mm. this is among israel's rarest of all state medals, with a mintage of only 764 and depicts immigrants disembarking from a ship. the key to the early 59mm silver medals. $250+

*515 sm-38b. rothschild 1966 gold 35mm medal. proof. raised cameo portraits of edmond and james rothschild/3 symbolic figures. designed by the late great paul vincze. minimum bid $1700. $1850

*516 sm-56d. bat mitzvah gold medal.1981. 900 fine gold. 13mm. proof-like bu. minimum bid $90. $100+

*517 sm-57d. wedding medal. 1981. gold 13mm. .900 fine gold. ch. p-l bu. minimum bid. $90. $100+

*518 sm-64e shema israel. 1980 gold 13 mm medal. .900 fine gold. hear o israel, the lord our god the lord is one. ch. p-l bu. minimum bid $90. $100+

*519 sm-69b. honor thy elders gold. 1982 18 mm. "they shall bring forth fruit in old age"/cross-section of tree, "for as the days of a tree shall be the days of my people". 18 karat gold, choice pl bu. minimum bid $175. $200+

*520 sm-71b. retirees gold medal. 1982. 18mm. "and the strength of days bring understanding" in english and hebrew/large tree with symbolized roots and fruits. ch. bu. minimum bid $175. $200+

*521 sm104b. 1988. 40th anniversary gold 22 mm. only 1615 minted. minimum bid $250. $285+

*522 sm-105c. anne frank gold medal. 1989. 18mm. her facing bust/hand, barbed wire, "jude", "remember holocaust" to either side. choice bu. very scarce in gold. szperling sz-4, page 242. minimum bid $200, $235+

*523 sm-109a. a star born out of jacob. 1989 gold. offeq-1. 18mm struck to commemorate israel's first satellite. choice bu. minimum bid $175, $200+

*524 sm-141b. in memory of the concentration and death camps. 1992 gold 30 mm (15 grams, 18 karat). figure of six children (symbolizing the six million who were murdered)/electrified barbed wire fence, names of 6 death camps. szperling sz-49, page 85. bu. rare and low mintage. minimum bid $725. $800+

*525 sm-187b. 3000th anniversary of jerusalem. 1995 gold 30mm. scarce depicting king david playing the harp/panoramic view of old and new jerusalem. minimum bid $725. $850+

*526 sm-190-sm-190c. yitzhak rabin memorial 4 piece medal set. 1995. cn38.5, t70, silver 50mm and gold 30mm. bust of rabin slightly to left/dove, state emblem, idf and palmach emblems, english and hebrew legends. all in plush green case of issue and rare as such. i have no record of ever offering a complete set such as this and i believe i have only offered the gold medal once before. minimum bid $800. $900+

*527 sydney 2000 olympic games, set of 3. gold 30.5mm, silver 50mm, bronze 70mm. the gold with a mintage of only 650 is struck in proof. koala bear wearing a traditional israeli pioneer hat/logo of the israeli olympic committee. scarce. in case of issue. minimum bid $700. $800+

*528 25th anniversary of operation jonathan (entebbe). 2001. set of 3 medals in olivewood case of issue. bust of jonathan right/ 3 airplanes heading into entebbe terminal. jonathan netanyahu led the mostly successful rescue of hostages held by terrorists. all but 4 of the more than 100 hostages were rescued successfully but jonathan (the brother of benjamin) was killed. bronze and silver 40mm and gold 30.5mm. less than 500 sets were made and i believe this is the first that we've offered for sale. 3 proof medals in olivewood case of issue. minimum bid $700. $750+

*529 cm-6. pablo casals. 1962 bronze 59mm. this medal was presented to participants & guests and not offered for sale. as struck. 449 medals were struck, 150 in bronze and 299 in tombac. the last bronze medal we offered was last year where an example sold for $175. $150+

*530 cm-8b. tourism. 1966. tombac 59mm. rare only 400 pieces minted. $100

*531 cm-12. 66th zoa convention 1st in israel. 1963 bronze 59mm. presented to participants in the 1st convention in israel, it was never offered for sale by the igcmc. scarce and seldom offered. $75+

*532 cm-26. yad vashem. 1965, tombac 59mm. also known as the righteous among gentiles, this is, perhaps, the most sought after of all israel commissioned medals. 50 pieces were struck and awarded to members of the martyr's and heroes remembrance authority commission and no further medals will be struck. virtually as issued. szperling sz-7, page 133. this is ex lot 703 from our sale 38d. $400

*533 cm-26a. yad vashem. 1965, silver 59mm. as above. no mintage figures are known for the silver pieces but they are much rarer than in tombac. this is ex lot #704 from our sale 38d where it sold for $950 and it's only the 2nd piece we've had in at least 17 years. it is our understanding that the silver pieces were minted "as needed" until 1980 and after that copper-nickel pieces were struck for the same purpose. szperling sz-7, page 133. $850+

*534 cm-35. tefahot bank. 1968. tombac 45mm. seldom offered. our list price is $175. $150+?

*535 cm-47b exchange national bank. 1972. silver 45 mm. scarce with stylized menorah and us flag, commemorating "the first american bank in israel, 1970." scarce only 1505 minted. $100

*536 cm-68e diamond industry gold medal. 1974 35mm gold medal. building/stylized menorah. proof-like bu. type i. minimum bid $1650. $1750+

*537 cm-79e international hobby expo. 1975. gold 22mm. scarce. 22-karat gold medal. choice bu. almost a 1/4 ounce of pure gold. minimum bid $380. $400+?

*538 raoul wallenberg. 2003. bronze 59mm. facing bust of raoul wallenberg, english and hebrew above and below/his signature below 3 crowns of sweden and above swedish consulate in budapest seal, "visas for life budapest 1944-45" in english and "visas for life" in hebrew. scarce modern israel state medal for one of the true righteous gentiles. for another wallenberg see lot #584.. $50+

*539 pm-11. bar-ilan university medal. 1955? bronze uniface 59mm. at the upper right is a stylized bet-alef which is also a microscope and a portion of the microscope in the form of a torah scroll, in the center is a view of a building on the campus and at the lower left is bar-ilan university in english and hebrew. this is an un-named medal in a plush olivewood presentation box. awarded medals were given to "founders" of this american university in tel-aviv. in the early 1970s to be named a "founder" would cost $10,000. see the shekel 5, 4, page 14. while i believe i have had this medal before, i cannot find a listing in any of my records. very rare. sylvia haffner added this to her listing of presentation medals. see the shekel 18, 4, p. 31. $250+?

540 Pair of silver medals: SM-1a Israel Liberata 1958 Silver 38mm and SM-90a Searchers for the Messiah 1986 Silver 26mm with enamel silk-screen color reproduction by Moshe Caste. 2 popular silver medals. $60+


For other Jewish related paper see almost all of the World Paper Money Lots #312 to 439 plus most of the lots in the last section of the auction 550 to 585.

*541 share certificate of hermon, societe industrielle et agricole en palestine. 1906. three pastoral scenes by e. loevy, a woman with a bowl of fruit on her head, two farmers plowing a field with oxen and a woman with a vase on her head. the hermon society was a paris-based organization whose purpose was to raise funds to support agriculture and industry in eretz-israel. meshorer-olson #37. certificate is lithographed in orange and brown and contains all 30 coupons as issued. unused and unissued. extraordinary condition. while we have offered this certificate in the past, those have been in poor condition. this is as issued with the exception of a few folds so that it folds into a reasonable size. a similar item sold for $225 in our last sale. $150+?

*542 keren hayesod sacrifice bonds. 1922. a complete set of 5 specimens for the palestine foundation fund. $25, $50, $100, $500 & $1000 bonds, each with a vignette of theodore herzl at the top center. "for the upbuilding of palestine as a homeland for the jewish people". each bond has "specimen" stamped in red plus another handstamp that says "return to issue room: to be held for reference". from the american banknote company archives. presumably only one of two sets known. i don't believe we've ever offered a keren hayesod sacrifice bond, issued or not. if so, it's been many years. ef and extremely rare. $1250+

*543 mizrahi bank ltd. 1924. share warrant #11219 to 11221 for 3 shares of 1 egyptian pound each. with a beautifully colored, in blue, black and orange-brown, ornate frame and a bilingual red seal 8 coupons attached. printed by goldberg, jerusalem. ideal for framing. scarce. some tears in margin and at fold but not in body of warrant. a similar item, but for only one share, sold for $110 in our sale 42a. $100?

*544 palestine citzenship order. 1936. for david engellsher, a jew from lodz, poland which is his application for citizenship. with his photo tied to order by purple hand stamp of the high commissioner for palestine. in english, hebrew and arabic. avf, some signs of aging and very slight tears at a few of the folds, but decent condition. we sold a very poor example in the spring of 1999 for $40. $75

*545 henrietta szold signed letter. a small typed hebrew letter on her letterhead "henrietta szold, jerusalem" in two lines and dated 17 april 1938 to the new bezalel society thanking them for a gift. the letter was torn from a two-hole notebook and shows the holes as well as the tears but is otherwise ef. her hebrew signature is below. also included in this lot is the 5 lirot 1973 note depicting szold and signed in both english and hebrew by moshe sanbor as governor of the bank. szold was born in 1860, one of 8 daughters of a baltimore rabbi and most well known as the founder of hadassah, the largest jewish organization in american history. also includes a one page biography of her. $50?

546 Keren Kayemeth Le Israel. Checks. A group of 6 checks from October 1939. All cancelled with different overstamps and embossed bank stamps and all but one with an adhesive revenue stamp on the back. VF or so. Sold as is no returns. $100?

*547 milk coupon for passover. nd. (1940). c. 1 7/8 x 1 7/8" yellow with purple handstamp. "milk, kosher for passover". interestingly the word milk is in hungarian (tej), the remainder in hebrew. accompanying this lot is a copy of a letter from the polish consulate in budapest certifying the coupon. very scarce. ef+. $100?

*548 pidion hefachot = ransom money. nd (1940's?) in french and hebrew. 5 dirham "3 x 2 3/4" paper token issued by the jewish community of rabat, morocco. the original value of 5 dr. crossed out and replaced with 10,00 inserted in manuscript. many german and french jews fled europe to morocco which had an old and large jewish community dating back to roman times. some ended up in moroccan run camps not much better than the concentration camps of europe. this was part of a community effort to rescue jews behind bars and barbed wire. rare. vf. ex lot # 1105 from our sale 25h (at $100) and only one i can recall seeing. $200+

*549 zionist shekel from krakow, poland. no date but probably 1945. i am reasonable certain that type of shekel was for use in 1945. it was definitly made after 1939 and most likely could not have been used until after the war. purchased by ignasz helsinger (?). the locale for shekel, combined with the date, make this a very scarce item. vf. $100?


There are a number of lots in earlier sections of this catalog that just as easily could have been listed here. Among them are:110-115, 144, 188-191, 245, 288-295, 312-320, 322-375, 404-415, 417-440, 447, 462-463, 469, 498, 500, 522, 524, 532-533, 538, 544 and 547-549.

*550 soviet jew radeck. anti-semitic overstamped on a 1000 mark 1922 german note (p-71). radek was a jewish radical & supporter of lenin who was sent to germany to help a revolutionary group there. the nazis used him as a propaganda tool against all jews, calling him the "greatest capitalist in russia". similar to lind-28, see the shekel, xviii, 4, 43. vf and rare. we haven't offered one in 15 years or so! $150+?

*551 "don't buy from jews" overprinted (in german of course) on the back of a 1000 mark note of 1922 (p-76). vf, a bit stained. scarce, unlisted by lindman. i can't recall seeing this before. $125?

*552 nazi propaganda book about oranienburg (owned by a jewish nobel laureate?). 1933-1934. konzentrationslager oranienburg a 246 page book that attempted to show the world that oranienburg was a place where contented communists, etc. were rehabilitated. illustrated. the first blank page has a written pencil notation, "from lib. of otto stern nobel laureate". otto stern was a contemporary of einstein (1888-1969) who left germany in 1933 while at the university of hamburg and emigrated to the us where he was associated with the carnegie institute of technology and the university of california at berkeley. he was awarded the nobel prize for physics in 1943. binding is scuffed and somewhat torn, contents more than ok. with laid in english descriptions of some of the illustrations. published by sa-sturmbannführer schäfer from the sa standarte 208, commander of the first german concentration camp. very rare book which is seldom seen. $100+

*553 the ship st. louis, the "voyage of the damned" related item. 2 postcards and a 1935 menu/postcard. the inability of the jews on the ship st. louis to disembark in havana, the us or any of the chosen destinations was a great propaganda victory for the nazis. a nazi officially was heard to proclaim "that if nobody would accept them as refugees who could blame the nazis for the fate of the jews." this group consists of two postcards of ships of the hamburg-america line, one from the albert ballin in 1928 which was named after a jew who had been on the personal staff of kaiser wilhelm and then became instrumental in the rise of the shipping company and one of the st. louis from the early 1930s. the 3rd item is a menu from the st. louis in 1935 which displays the nazi swastika.

The 1939 voyage of the St. Louis contained 937 Jews who were supposedly sailing to their new home in Cuba and eventually to the US. However Cuba would not let them dock and neither would the US. As they sailed back to Europe they were cheered by the fact that the governments of the England, the Netherlands, France and Belgium had all agreed to let a portion of the passengers land there. How many survived the war and weren't killed in concentration camps is a matter of debate. Those who landed in the UK obviously were better off. I have seen estimates ranging from 224 to over 600 people who were killed during the war. $50?

*554 german, red "j" jude passport. 1938-1939. for max elias, with his "new" middle name of "israel" added in. adhering to the new nazi law that all jewish men were to be given the middle name "israel" and all jewish women "sara" and the photo highlights his left ear since it was also part of the nazi "thinking" that the left ear of jews was markedly different than aryans. the passport was issued on 20 july of 1938 and was good for one year. mr. elias was in the netherlands two days later and seemingly traveled between there and england at least once during that some month and then settled in great britain on 21 october 1938 with the stipulation that he not remain for more than one month or enter into any employment "paid or unpaid". this provision was then extended until february 22, 1939 and then again until july 22nd of that year. that is the final notation in this 32 page passport (plus cover). remarkably good condition. $300+

*555 "j" stamped id card. 19 january 1939. issued to a jewish woman. gray cloth, with photo (showing left ear prominently displayed), fingerprints and the new middle name of sara. these special gray fabric id cards were printed and used after the nazi law forced all jews to add israel or sara as their middle names. there is a large j on the front cover. c. 8 1/4 x 5 3/4" to be folded once to fit in a large pocket. faded and with rust spots so that it's difficult to read the full name of this woman. it may have ended up in a washing machine. rare. only the 3rd or 4th i can recall offering. $450+?

*556 krakow judenrat postcard. krakow was one of the most important and influential jewish communities in europe and was a center for jewish learning for many hundreds of years. at the outbreak of wwii about 1/4 of the cities 240,000 residents was jewish. the nazis established the ghetto here on 3 march 1941. this is an unused, but franked and canceled postcard from the judenrat in krakow dated 26 june 1941 with a hebrew overstamp over the german occupation stamp, plus the german overstamp reading, "delivered by the judenrat" .ef+. i can't recall seeing this item before. $35+

*557 warsaw ghetto charity coupon. 20 groszy, 1941. issued by centos (or ztos) which was a social welfare organization for residents of the ghetto and funded by the american joint distribution committee. inscribed in polish & yiddish (hebrew letters) "centos" quittung auf choesh fon kind 20 gr. 1941" (literally the month of the child). during this month a special exhibition of children's arts and crafts was held in the ghetto and funds were raised from the sale of these coupons. in green on white paper and hand-stamped at right. extremely rare. we sold a similar chit in our sale 39e (serial number 67176) for $300. this # 67179. see the lot below for an extraordinary strip of 3. all the pieces known to this cataloger (less than 10) have numbers in this range and i would guess that one small sheet of these survived. $250+?

*558 warsaw ghetto charity coupon. 20 groszy, 1941. an extraordinary strip of 3 chits. in our sale 26d we sold a pair of two for $600. this remarkable strip of 3 is most likely unique. see lot above. $750+

*559 lublin judenrat self taxation chit. nd (1941). lublin, located in eastern poland, was the capital of the lublin district. it was known as a center of jewish cultural activities with theater, plenty of newspapers, political parties and dozens of jewish organizations. on the eve of the war there were about 40,000 jews in the town (about 1/3 of the population). the local ghetto was established in late march of 1941 with over 34,000 jewish inhabitants, its walls being closed on 24 april 1941 and only special workers and labor groups with specific permits were able to get out for a short while. the jewish social aid system in the ghetto was known as the judische soziale selbst hilfe, and in october of 1941 the nazis approved a request of the judenrat to charge 50 grozy from each food card in order to finance the local epidemic hospital. in april of 1942 1 zloty was charged for administrative purposes. these chits are known in 2 values, 1 zloty and 5 zlotych. we offer a 5 zlotych chit which is printed in black on pink perforated paper and inscribed rada zyd w. lublinie - oplata 5 zl. that is "judenrat of lublin". it has about a 1/4 of a handstamp in the lower left corner. the chits were handstamped in the center of blocks of 4, thus each and every one should have 1/4 of a handstamp. this is lot #867 from our sale 38d where it sold for $850 on a $500 estimate. $600+

*560 amsterdam judenrat: joodsche raad voor amsterdam. 10`a2 pink chit received as an administrative payment for a permit to travel for the period from 18 may to 21 may 1942. with ox no. 429 at upper right and the printer's legend model 56 k, xix, 3308 10,000 k91 on the bottom. vf and very rare. this is ex lot #1408 from our sale 31e (fall of 2001) where it sold for $400. it is pictured on page 56 of silent witnesses although in black and white. extremely rare. we've had similar chits only a few times over the years. $400+

*561 mauthausen death notice. 1942. sent to frau hedwig krzenski-kriscski informing her that her husband viktor had died 3 days earlier of a lung disease and had just been cremated. the last paragraph informs her that for .72 rm (about 20`a2) she could receive a death certificate. in the early 1940s most of what the nazis regarded as the polish intelligentsia were sent to the mauthausen concentration camp where the great majority died. scarce. $75+

*562 anti-semitic leaflet. wwii. "sagacity sam says". nazi anti-semitic propaganda leaflet which was dropped on u.s. soldiers. according to the website, there were at least 5 different sagacity sam leaflets even though one of the leaflets says that there are 10. this one has a vignette of "sagacity sam" and begins, "you can be certain that after this war more jews will have millions than ever before". two adhesive strips on back and tiny tear, otherwise ef. according to the psy-war society these leaflets were dropped after d-day. i can't recall offering one before. $50+

*563 rations chits for belgium jews. a sheet of 33 small chits, all dated "26-7-1943" (july 26, 1943) with a large "jood" and a magen david added in the center. unused in purple and pink. jews were very involved in various underground activities in belgium. perhaps the single most significant resistance operation carried out by the jewish undergound was an attack on a deportation train on april 19-20, 1943 which contained a transport of jews from mechlen camp in belgium heading to auschwitz. this was the only recorded instance of an armed attack on a train taking jews to their death. ef, unused. $75?

*564 herzogenbusch formula "thank you" card. 1943. this card was sent by a jewish inmate named pimethel to the jewish committee in amsterdam acknowledging receipt of a package, although it is doubtful if he was allowed to keep the contents. simon page 61. at the top left the camp is called auffangslager which translates to detention camp, later cards substituted the word for transfer-camp instead. also see lot #411 $50+

*565 auschwitz to dachau payment card. 1943. on pink-orange thick card, with large watermarked reichsbank. transfers 5720.96 rm as payment from auschwitz to the city bank of dachau, to be paid to the experimental institute dachau works. 1943. rare. what this remarkable document seems to be doing is moving wealth stolen from auschwitz victims to fund medical experiments at dachau! $100+

*566 theresienstadt ghetto bank savings bank. 1943. c. 4 1/4 x 5/ 7/8" 4 page on grayish cardboard. issued to clara david (?). her place of residence and work place detailes are below. the inside of the book has two listings of accounts, on the left was the deposit that the inmate could use, that side was blank. on the right is a list of deposits which were "gesperrtes" or locked. ms. david made deposits in june, july and august of 25 kronen each and then the deposits stopped. was she able to escape or was she transported earlier than most to the east and to the death camps? we don't know. what we do know is that theresienstadt was the nazi "show camp" that was used to make a film and show the danish red cross how well they were treating jews. once that visit was done (summer of 1944), theresiestadt had no further use for the nazis and inmates were transported to the death camps. we have had a few of these bank books in the past and i believe all of them had their first deposits in june of 1943 as this one also has. this is in the nicest condition of all that we remember as it was only in use for two months. feller cz-662. $500+

*567 theresienstadt bank deposit slip. 1943. a registration slip to the same account as the above book. dated march 1943 but the month has been overstamped with red angled lines. there is no amount of money listed on the slip so this must have been issued prior to the bank actually existing. we have seen one other similar slip which was dated february 1943. the slip, or perhaps a control card, has a faint magen david overprint in orange in the center. scarce? $100+

*568 dacahu concentration camp. metal triangle. reddish brown with "h" in center and 2243 above and various hallmarks on back. the red triangle indicated that prisoner #2243 was a political prisoner. the metal tags were used in the early days of the concentration camps before the nazis became more "efficient" in their methods. these tags could easily be removed from clothing and made escape easier, and probably more importantly they could be placed at the end of a stick and be used as a weapon. ex auction 38d, lot 864 @$400. $300+

*569 lidice by v. zizka. 1943. moving story, in english, of the nazi massacre of the menfolk of the czech town of lidice, and the world's response to the news. 84 pages illustrated with black and white photographs. lidice is a village in the former protectorate of boehmia-moravia. in the spring of 1942, members of the czechoslovak exile government assassinated reinhard heydrich, the acting governor appointed by hitler. in retaliation, hitler ordered the execution of 10,000 czechs. instead the nazis entered the village of of lidice and executed all the men (192), along with 71 women. the rest of the women (198) were sent to ravensbruck, while 98 children were sent to be "reeducated" by the nazis. no more than 16 children survived the war. after the war lidice was rebuilt, becoming both a symbol of nazi terror and the heroism of the czech resistance. card cover, spine broken, somewhat soiled but decent reading copy. $25+

*570 hungarian jewish slave laborer id booklet. front marked with zs signifying jew in hungarian. this book was for a jew in a hungarian slave labor battalion. i believe the name is bela katona. the back cover has general rules for all laborers. rare. this is the only one i can recall seeing. an extremely rare item which is even missing in the budapest holocaust museum. ex lot 874 from auction 38d where it sold for $500. $500+

*571 refugee settlement in palestine. c. 6 x 3", raffle ticket from a fund-raising dinner held in nyc on april 2, 1944 and sponsored by the order of the sons of zion (b'nai zion). many jewish groups in the us attempted to help their brethren settle in palestine. this unused and intact ticket was for $1 and presumably many, many people attended and bought more than one ticket as $500 in us war bonds was to awarded. how many survived in this condition? probably not many, 1st i can recall seeing. unc.! $50+

*572 jewish brigade pow. 22 may 1944 letter written by shlomo slodash, a captured member of the british jewish brigade, in stalag 344 pow camp, sent to a relative elisheva slodash in tel-aviv. written in german with both german and british censor handstamps. the only reason that the germans didn't murder captured jews serving in allied military units was fear of reprisal. vf and scarce. $50+

*573 a love letter from naztweiler. 1944. natzweiler-struthof was the only concentration camp in france. the camp was established because of large amounts of granite deposits in the area and the need for slave labor to work the deposits. but the camp was also used to construct gas chambers and for medical experimentation on both living people as well as skeletons of jews from auschwitz. the camp closed in the fall of 1944 as the allies were approaching. prisoners were "death marched" toward dachau. this touching letter, with appropriate nazi censor marks is from michel choll (or perhaps tholl) to his wife kathryn in luxembourg. the letter is on an official nazi letter sheet. see simon pages 66 & 67. a translation in english is included. we've only offered one item from naztweiler in the past 17 years. $150?

*574 behind the wire: concentration camp at auschwitz by o. augustyn. booklet with line drawings of the concentration camp and published in krakow in 1945. 24 pages with pink cardcover. well-used with signs of aging. purportedly no copy of this is at the library of congress nor the us holocaust museum. $35+?

*575 rich man's war-poor man's fight. world war ii propaganda flyer. obverse shows english and us high denomination banknotes, while the reverse shows rows and rows of gravesites, all but one with a cross. one has a magen david. f-vf, tiny hole in center as a result of folding. very scarce. i can only recall offering this flyer once before. a similar example sold for $120 in our 30f auction in the fall of 2000. in the lower right corner of the back "* 1319/2 45" indicating that this was probably printed during the last year of the war. the phrase "rich man's war-poor man's fight" was first used during us civil war in the 1860s. $125+

*576 berlin jewish community token. nd (1945?). "10" pfennig paper token. magen david within circle reading judische gemeinde with a 10 in each corner of chit. orange on beige paper, with "westmark" hand stamped across chit and hand written inverted v at lower left. scarce. perforated on all 4 sides. we have seen these chits in various colors. ef. $100+

*577 displaced persons identity card. 1945-46? c.. 3 x 2"". issued to ivan goldman by the allied expeditionary force as a "d. p. index card" which we understand to be an i.d. card. printed across the face is "not a pass". on the back is a purple handstamp and indicates that the place of issue was zagreb, yugoslavia. ef+. with ink manuscript signatures and notations. scarce. $100+

*578 hagibor labor camp (prague, czechoslovakia). 1945. food ration card. in german and czech. issued to julie behounek. hagibor was a camp for christians who were related to jews either by marriage or birth. c. 5 x 3 1/2", pale green card, with black print. hagibor had a long history with the jewish community and from 1911 until 1943 housed a nursing home. there was a jewish sports club there called club hagibor which participated in numerous international maccabi games. when the nazis occupied czechoslovakia and prague, most of the jews living there were deported to concentration camps and murdered. until 1944 the jews that survived were allowed to gather in hagibor which became a safe harbor and an unofficial ghetto. but in 1944 hagibor was transformed into a work camp where partners from jewish mixed marriages were forced to work under the ss. it's also possible that some of the inmates may have been jews or children of mixed marriages. after the war, hagibor became a detention camp for various refugees, mainly german. since the "velvet revolution" in 1989. hagibor has again become a home for the jewish community, including some survivors of the shoah. rare. f-vf. $100+

*579 post world war ii czech inquiry for birth certificate. september 1945. from the jewish central registration office in prague for ruzena bienenfeldova. it's lets mrs. bienenfeldova know that although the birth of rudolf was recorded, the actual document and the book of records of the birth had been destroyed by the nazis and a new document can only be issued after the restoration of the registration book. in our sale 29f we sold a daily pass issued to rudolf bienenfeld in april of 1945 who had that time been a resident of the theresienstadt ghetto. the pass was for him, accompanied by an armed policeman to provide daily maintenance to water pumps. at that time we wrote that we had hoped that bienenfeld survived the war. probably he did survive and marry or perhaps only his wife did or perhaps this is his mother asking for the certificate. the first document was sent to us from a consignor in israel and we must presume that bienenfeld and/or someone in his family emigrated there after the war. $75+?

*580 destruction of the krakow ghetto. 1946. issued by the central jewish committee in krakow on the 3rd anniversary of the destruction of the ghetto. 197 pages with cardcover, many illustrations. excellent condition. obviously in polish. $50+

*581 treblinka book. 1946. 32 page cardcover book, titled "hell in treblinka" (?) the 1946 polish report on the death camp by w. grosman. with illustration of two women on cover. ragged edges, pages curled. no doubt scarce. $25+

*582 bergen-belsen survivor's i.d. card. (1946) from the united jewish youth center, bergen-belsen. ca. 5 1/4 x 4 1/2" hebrew language card made to be folded. issued to arieh altman with his photo wearing the infamous "zebra" inmate's uniform. the card states the aims & targets of the organization that each member belongs to the world zionist movement, the aims: a jewish state, the hebrew language, aliyah, education, etc. with large magen david & society's logo. it should be noted that the photo is partially removed in order to read the caption on the backside. of utmost rarity and importance. this is ex lot #1491 from our sale 28c of the spring of 1998 where it sold for $200. $250+

*583 circus blumenfeld. 1946. c. 6 x 8" announcement for a special performance for the displaced allied children of unrra camps arranged & sponsored by the american joint distribution committee, berlin. the reverse describes, in english & german, arthur bluemefeld and his circus. blumenfeld was a decedent of moritz blumenfeld (born maurice levi cerf) who had founded the circus around 1810. the circus operated successfully until 1928, with the exception of world war i when most of the male blumenfeld children served in the german army. the circus was revived after the war but due to the economic crises in europe and especially germany during this time, the circus went bankrupt in 1928. most of the blumenfeld family did not survive the war and were murdered at majdanek, theresienstadt and auschwitz,. those who had originally escaped to france were returned to germany when the nazis overtook paris and they too were killed. only arthur survived, hiding in berlin through the war. this performance by a newly formed circus blumenfeld was given to surviving children at dp camps as well as children of american armed forces members in berlin. the american children had perhaps seen a circus, the children living in dp camps most likely had not. scarce. $75+

*584 raoul wallenberg 1997. first day of issue stamp and souvenir page. wallenberg was the famed swedish diploment who literally saved thousands (30,000 to 100,000) of hungarian jews by the use of protective passports. he was one of the true heroes of wwii. the soviets were as afraid of him as the nazis and he probably died in strange circumstances under their control in 1947, although as late as 50 years later there were still rumors that he was alive in a russian prison or mental hospital. for another wallenberg see lot #538. $25+?

*585 jewish ghetto in vilna. 2003. a set of 6 commemorative notes, 1, 2, 4, 20, 50 and 100 salomas commemorating the 60th anniversary of the destruction of the ghetto. grabowski ge-5. unc. $35+


This sale closed July 12, 2012. The following prices realized are provided as a courtesy to our bidders and customers. All prices are in US Dollars. We are not responsible for typing, layout or display errors. Please see the Auction #42F page for full item descriptions and images. * Denotes tie bid
Lot#   -   Price Realized
1   --  $300
10   --  $950
12   --  $1200
13   --  $60
14   --  $100
19   --  $190
20   --  $100
34   --  $500
42   --  $5000
43   --  $3500
46   --  $5000
47   --  $4000
48   --  $210
49   --  $240
51   --  $800
53   --  $225
55   --  $500
56   --  $850
57   --  $240
58   --  $350
60   --  $225
69   --  $200
72   --  $55
74   --  $220
77   --  $75
89   --  $190
96   --  $325
98   --  $375
101   --  $125
102   --  $120
104   --  $120
105   --  $175
106   --  $175
107   --  $85
108   --  $125
109   --  $320
110   --  $300
113   --  $150
114   --  $140
115   --  $16500
120   --  $140
121   --  $240
122   --  $80
123   --  $100
124   --  $135
126   --  $140
127   --  $140
128   --  $140
130   --  $110
136   --  $75
139   --  $150
144   --  $325
145   --  $120
146   --  $90
147   --  $90
148   --  $175
149   --  $175
150   --  $60
151   --  $90
152   --  $80
153   --  $110
155   --  $40
156   --  $90
157   --  $75
158   --  $60
159   --  $500
160   --  $220
161   --  $80
162   --  $275
163   --  $65
164   --  $65
165   --  $65
168   --  $70
170   --  $80
171   --  $150
173   --  $75
177   --  $150
179   --  $275
180   --  $70
182   --  $475
186   --  $100
187   --  $50
188   --  $110
189   --  $425
190   --  $165
Lot#   -   Price Realized
191   --  $250
192   --  $11,500
200   --  $125
201   --  $150
206   --  $750
207   --  $625
208   --  $80
210   --  $100
212   --  $45
213   --  $80
214   --  $225
215   --  $140
216   --  $175
217   --  $120
219   --  $200
220   --  $175
221   --  $225
222   --  $200
223   --  $850
225   --  $120
227   --  $48
229   --  $47
230   --  $70
231   --  $47
232   --  $48
233   --  $70
234   --  $53
237   --  $65
239   --  $300
240   --  $100
241   --  $110
244   --  $33
245   --  $80
246   --  $50
247   --  $75
248   --  $125
249   --  $250
251   --  $100
252   --  $200
253   --  $140
254   --  $60
255   --  $110
257   --  $165
259   --  $60
260   --  $70
261   --  $90
266   --  $240
271   --  $1675
272   --  $1675
273   --  $950
274   --  $2700
276   --  $170
277   --  $145
278   --  $130
281   --  $70
282   --  $240
283   --  $120
285   --  $35
287   --  $150
288   --  $100
289   --  $45
290   --  $250
291   --  $120
292   --  $225
293   --  $60
294   --  $200
295   --  $200
298   --  $100
299   --  $60
300   --  $85
301   --  $60
302   --  $110
303   --  $65
306   --  $625
307   --  $100
308   --  $165
309   --  $20
310   --  $55
311   --  $85
312   --  $8500
313   --  $4500
314   --  $75
317   --  $125
318   --  $125
319   --  $250
Lot#   -   Price Realized
320   --  $250
321   --  $180
324   --  $100
325   --  $120
326   --  $140
329   --  $175
330   --  $175
334   --  $60
335   --  $600
336   --  $750
337   --  $300
339   --  $1600
340   --  $4500
341   --  $1315
342   --  $4000
343   --  $1500
345   --  $1750
346   --  $70
347   --  $1850
348   --  $450
349   --  $750
350   --  $1750
351   --  $825
352   --  $300
353   --  $400
354   --  $635
355   --  $1450
356   --  $1300
357   --  $2200
358   --  $1400
359   --  $600
360   --  $750
361   --  $1100
362   --  $1100
365   --  $150
366   --  $150
367   --  $140
368   --  $120
369   --  $1100
370   --  $1100
371   --  $800
372   --  $850
373   --  $900
374   --  $815
375   --  $815
393   --  $1550
394   --  $85
398   --  $425
403   --  $145
404   --  $285
405   --  $750
406   --  $420
407   --  $300
408   --  $125
409   --  $1100
410   --  $1300
411   --  $4500
412   --  $130
414   --  $80
415   --  $75
416   --  $875
417   --  $4000
418   --  $4000
419   --  $1100
420   --  $3500
421   --  $3500
422   --  $400
423   --  $750
424   --  $250
425   --  $400
426   --  $80
427   --  $145
428   --  $300
429   --  $900
430   --  $500
431   --  $500
432   --  $5500
433   --  $625
435   --  $120
436   --  $80
437   --  $300
438   --  $225
439   --  $275
440   --  $520
441   --  $600
Lot#   -   Price Realized
442   --  $220
445   --  $35
446   --  $275
447   --  $50
449   --  $115
451   --  $40
452   --  $65
454   --  $350
455   --  $125
456   --  $70
457   --  $75
458   --  $130
459   --  $50
461   --  $175
462   --  $50
463   --  $35
464   --  $30
466   --  $150
468   --  $375
469   --  $1900
470   --  $40
471   --  $45
472   --  $50
473   --  $25
474   --  $65
475   --  $1000
476   --  $45
478   --  $60
479   --  $75
480   --  $150
481   --  $110
482   --  $100
483   --  $35
485   --  $290
486   --  $50
487   --  $75
488   --  $75
489   --  $35
490   --  $190
491   --  $50
493   --  $60
497   --  $40
498   --  $50
500   --  $55
501   --  $120
502   --  $75
503   --  $40
504   --  $45
505   --  $120
506   --  $40
507   --  $290
508   --  $950
522   --  $200
531   --  $75
532   --  $250
533   --  $750
535   --  $140
538   --  $65
539   --  $200
541   --  $250
542   --  $1875
550   --  $150
551   --  $175
552   --  $150
553   --  $170
554   --  $450
556   --  $100
557   --  $200
558   --  $465
560   --  $600
561   --  $95
563   --  $100
566   --  $800
567   --  $275
569   --  $25
571   --  $120
573   --  $110
574   --  $65
578   --  $250
580   --  $110
581   --  $40
582   --  $400
583   --  $75
584   --  $35
585   --  $21