Weblist 42E - September 2012

Ancient and World Coins

Weblist 42E: September 2012

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Welcome to our 1st list in quite awhile. Some images are up on the site. Just click on the word image and check a new window on your browser and we can supply images of most coins priced at $50 or more as time permits These lists are done quickly and we apologize for spelling, grammar or other mistakes. Ordering information can be found at the end of the list. This list contains many new items from our recent buying trips as well as "old friends" at deep discounts.

Most lists are organized as follows: Ancient Jewish, Ancient Greek, Greek Imperial, Ancient Roman, Byzantine followed by World Coins which are listed in alphabetical order followed by a small listing of world tokens and medals. When we have World Paper or Odd and Curious Money we will make mention of those in our introductory paragraphs. Please order by 5 digit inventory number when that is listed, otherwise use the description.

This list contains 321 items many of which are new purchases. As soon as we get this list sent to our webmaster we will begin writing (hopefully) another list. Then in mid October we will begin writing our Winter auction. Please note that our office will be closed on September 26th and we plan to be awar for 10 days to 2 weeks beginning about October 6th although we will have email and mobile phone access for at least part of that time.


*48472 *Philisto-arabian. 4th century bc. ar obol (.66). head of athena right/owl standing right aoe to right. hen-1023v, sng ans-19. toned f/vf, bit o.c.. $75

*54509 *Samaria. 4th century bc. silver obol (.76g). bridled horse walking right, two letter at upper left, all in square/winged sphinx, with head of bearded persian king right, all in dotted square, letters on either side on wings. sc-27. f/vf+, obv. a bit grainy, rev. is choice. $400

*54510 *Samaria. 4th century bc. silver obol (.52g). lion crouching left, head facing in square/lion crouching left, head facing in square, two letters above right. sc-69. f/vf, rev. very nice. $250

*54511 *Samaria. 4th century bc. silver obol (.85g). helmeted head of athena facing/lion attacking bull right. sc-102. vf/f, bit grainy. $400

*54512 *Samaria. 4th century bc. silver obol (.76g). palm tree flanked by two climbing goats/helmeted male head left, legend. sc-110. avf. $475

*51354 *Samaria. 4th cent. bc. ar hemi-obol (.27). male head right with long hair/lion's head facing with open jaws and protruding tongue. sc-163. toned f+, bit grainy, minor flan chips. $100

*54513 *Yehud, persian period. before 333 bc. silver obol or gerah (.40g). helmeted head of athena right/owl standing right, looking to front, lily in field, yhd to right. tjc-7, h-1057v (426). vg/f, porous. very rare. $600

*54514 *Yehud, persian period. before 333 bc. silver 1/2 obol or 1/2 gerah (.22g). head of persian king wearing crown right/falcon, wings spread, head right, yhd retrograde. tjc-16c, h-1059d (429). vg/ch. vf, obv a bit oc, sl. porous. rev. very nice. $375

*54515 *Yehud , persian period. before 333 bc. silver 1/2 obol or 1/2 gerah (.22g). head of persian king wearing crown right/ falcon, wings spread, head right, yhd retrograde. tjc-16c, h-1059d (429). ch. vf, obv. a bit o.c.. $600

*54516 *Yehud, macedonian period. c. 333-302 bc. silver 1/2 obol or 1/2 gerah (.15g). facing head/yhzayh to r of owl standing right, head facing, feathers of the head form a beaded circle.. as h-1069, tjc-22v. vg/ch.. vf. rev nice, but bit o.c.. $475

*54640 *Judah aristobulus i. 104 bc. ae prutah (2.25g). hebrew legend in block letters yehudah the high priest & council of the jews/double cornucopia with ribbons, pomegranate between horns. h-1143, ajc-ja3. vf+/vf. complete legend! $299

54425 *Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BC. AE Prutah (2.04g). Paleo-Hebrew (Yehonatan the King) between in letters between rays/Anchor, "Of King Alexander". H-1150 (469). GVF, weak spots. $60

*54517 *Alexander jannaeus. 104-76 bc. ae prutah (1.84g. star of 8 rays, error coin, obverse double or triple struck/inverted anchor. h-1152a. fine. $75

*54519 *Herod the great. 40-4 bc. ae 8 prutot (6.23g, 22mm). military helmet, flanked by palm branches, two straps hanging down/ tripod holding ceremonial bowl, date (year 3) to left and monogram to right, "of king herod" around.. h-1169, tjc-44. vg/f+ rough planchet. $150

*54520 *Herod the great. 40-4 bc. ae prutah (1.75g). palm branch with objects (leaves?) on either side (flan flaw doesn't affect devices)/"king herod" around aphlaston, flanked by date (year 3).. h-1172, tjc-47. ch. vf, nice green patina. $300

*54521 *Herod the great. 40-4 bc. ae prutah (.93g). "king herod" in uneven lines/anchor within circle decorated with stylized lily flowers.. h-1174, tjc-61. nice vf, thus rare. $500

*54522 *Herod the great. 40-4 bc. ae 2 prutot (3.50g). "king herod" around cross with closed diadem/tripod table, flanked by palm branches.. h-1178, tjc-48. vf, nice green patina. $320

*54523 *Herod the great. 40-4 bc. ae prutah (1.53g). king herod, cross within closed diadem/tripod table in circle.. h-1180, tjc-51. f-vf, typical crude irreg. flan. $250

*54524 *Herod the great. 40-4 bc. ae prutah (1.57g). king herod in irregular lines/tripod table in circle of dots. h-1184, tjc-54. vf, usual irreg. flan. scarce. $320

*54525 *Herod the great. 40-4 bc. ae lepton or half prutah (.93g). "king herod", above and below cornucopia/eagle standing right.this is the first coin issued by a jewish ruler with a graven image which may represent the golden bird herod placed above the temple in jerusalem. h-1190, tjc-66. vf. $250

*54526 *Herod the great. 40-4 bc. ae lepton or half prutah (.92g). "king herod", above and below cornucopia/eagle standing right. as above, but nicer. h-1190, tjc-66. ch. vf+. $400

*54527 *Herod the great. 40-4 bc. ae lepton or half prutah (.99g). "king herod" around anchor/war galley sailing left within circles. h-1191, tjc-65. avf, weak in places, bit oc. $250

*54528 *Agrippa ii under nero. 50-95. ae21 (5.65) struck at caesarea paneas. temple with female figure seated/female figure stg. in temple. only coin that names claudia his daughter. from our auction 36c #81. h-1270, tjc-354, rpc-4846. vf, nice patina. bit o.c.. $400

*54529 *Agrippa ii,under nero. 50-95 ad. ae16.5 1/2 denomination 5.37g. laureate bust of nero right/5 line legend. issued to commemorate agrippa's refounding of caesarea paneas as neronias. h-1274, tjc-130. f/vf. $250

*54530 *Agrippa ii, under domitian. 50-95 ad. ae16 (4.50g). laureate bust of domitian right/nike-victory stands right, left foot on helmet, writing on shield, year 24 (83/84 ad). h-1317,tjc-152. ch.vf, nice green patina. $300

*54531 *Agrippa ii, under domitian. 50-95 ad. ae16 (2.69g). laureate bust of domitian right/palm-tree, "year 25, king agrippa". h-1320, tjc-156. ch. vf+, ragged flan. $400

*54532 *Agrippa ii, under domitian. 50-95 ad. ae19 (5.11g). laureate bust of domitian right/crossed double cornucopias, winged caduceus between them. h-1325, tjc-163v. ef. nicer than shoshana!. $1175

*54662 *Pontiius pilate, procurator under tiberius. 26-36 ad. ae prutah (1.64g). lis (retrograde z) in wreath. (year 17 = 30/31 ad)/lituus. h-1342a, tjc-33b. f.vf, one flat edge. $149

*54533 *Pontius pilate, procurator under tiberius. 16-26 ad. ae prutah (1.91g). lh (year 18) within wreath/lituus, irregular legend. (the letters between the p andy in tiberius are irregular. h-1343b, tjc-334d. fine, scarce. $200

*54535 *Jewish war (first revolt) ? unstruck prutah (17mm, 3.62g). un-struck cast flan with large central pellet. vf, uncommond. $125

*54660 *Jewish war (first revolt). 66-70 (year 2). silver shekel (13.86g). "shekel of israel" around chalice with pearled rim, "year 2"/ "jerusalem the holy" around sprig of 3 pomegranates. top of sprig points to mem. h-1358, ajc-8. gvf. $4800

*54534 *Jewish war (first revolt). 66-70, year two. ae prutah (2.22g). amphora with broad rim and two handles, "year two"/vine leaf on small branch, "the freedom of zion". crude irregular issue. h-1360b, tjc-198v. nice vf. $250

*54658 *Jewish war (first revolt). 66-70 (year 3). silver shekel (14.19g). "shekel of israel" around chalice with pearled rim, "year 3"/ jerusalem the holy around sprig of 3 pomegranates. top of pomegrante points to yod. h-1361, ajc-18v. toned ef/ch. ef, obverse a bit o.c.. $6500

*54537 *Bar kochba revolt. 132-135, year 2. middle bronze (12.91g). palm tree, "shimon"/vine leaf, "year two of the freedom of israel". h-1408ff, mil-unp. vf, irregular issue. $725

*54538 *Bar kochba revolt. 132-135, undated, attributed. to year 3. middle bronze (11.04g). palm tree, "shimon"/vine leaf, "for the freedom of jerusalem". mild. lists only 3 (one cast) and this is nicer than plate coin. h-1437, mild-114. ch. vf. $1175

*54539 *Judaea capta, titus. 79-81. ae23 (12.65) of caesarea. laureate head of titus right/trophy, judaea sits mourning to left, shield to right. h-1449, tjc-384. vg-f (ex cng inventory). $75

54423 *Judaea Capta, Domitian. 81-96. AE27 of Caesarea (14.51g). Laureate head of Domitian right/Minerva stg r. on galley with shield and spear, trophy at left. H-1454 (748), AJC-8, 6, TJC-391. VG, scarce. $95

*54540 *Judaea capta, domitian. 81-96. ae23 (9.99g) of caesarea. laureate head of domitian left/minerva in flowing gown adv. left, holding trophy in r. hand and shield & spear in left. h-1455, tjc-392. fine. $60

54426 *Judaea Capta, Domition. 81-96. AE 23 (11.84) of Caesarea. His laureate bust left/Minerva advancing left holding trophy in right hand, shield and spear in left.. H-1455 (749), AJC-7. Fine. $70

*54541 *Aelia capitolina, antoninus pius. 138-161. ae22.5 (9.83g). laureate bust right/bust of sarapis, wearing modius right. mesh-28, ros-12. vf, scr. obv. mottled green-brown patina. $400

*52824 *Gaza, lucius verus. 161-169 (r 224 = 163/164 ad). ae21 (7.16g). laureate bearded bust right/city-goddess, turreted, standing holding scepter and cornucopia, heifer below, retrograde z. ros-1, bmc-1, hen-iv, 823. vf+, flan a bit irregular. $275

*54542 *Gaza, julia domna, wife of. septimius severus. ae20 (8.50g). bust of julia domna right/io and city-goddes stg & clasping hands, "mem" between them, year 263. ros-150. vf, heavy green patina. very scarce. $200

*54543 *Gerasa, hadrian. 117-138. ae15 (2.77g). laureate bust of hadrian right/bust of artemis-tyche right, quiver behind shoulder. sp-7, ros-9. nice vf, green-brown patina. $300

*54544 *Neapolis, domitian. 81-96 ad. ae24 (17.07g). laureate bust of domitian right/4 line legend within wreath, year 11 - 82/83 ad.. ros-1, bmc-1. nice vf. scarce. $525

*26512 *Petra, hadrian. 117-138. ae15 (3.79). bust right/3 line legend in wreath/"petra metropolis". sp-12, ros-9. fine. $160

*54545 *Sebaste, commodus. 177-192 ad. ae26 (11.97g). laureate bust right/demeter hldg torch & riding serpent-chariot of triptolemos, stg left. year 216 = 191 ad. (demeter is seeking her daughter kore-persephone in the underworld). unpublished?, ccei-44, 116 (sim rev).. vg-f. rare!. $600

*54546 *Sebaste, caracalla. 198-217 ad. ae23.5 (11.53g). laureate bust right/hades in galloping quadriga r., looking back & carrying persephone in arm, eros flying above. "the rape of persephone". ros-22. nice vf, pretty green patina. rare, especially so nice. $250

*54547 *Tiberias, trajan. 98-117 ad. ae27 (16.30g). laureate bust right/ city-goddess, stg on prow of galley, head l, holding rudder & cornucopia. year 81 = 99/100. ros-5, sng cop-1099. nice vf+, legends bit weak in spots. $575


* 51575 *Spain. beligiom, belchite (zaragoza). 2nd-1st century bc. ae24 (10.02). beardless male head right, iberian letter "k" behind/horseman galloping right holding spear, legend bleow.. burgos (1987)-166, new 394. ch. vf. $375

* 51574 *Spain. sebobriga. 2nd-1st century bc. ar drachm (3.89). beardless male head right, crescent behind, m beneath/horseman galloping right holding spear, large legend bleow.. sg-38, burgos-1709. nice vf. $220

54489 *Sicily. Gela. 430-425 BC. Silver Litra (.53g, 13mm). Bearded horseman left/Forepart of man-headed bull right. SG-797, BMC-52. G-VG/F, bit porous. $55

54550 *Sicily. Syracuse. 357-344 BC (or 405 BC). AE Trias (17mm, 3.12g). Female (Arethusa?) head left. Obv. overstruck over something/Dolphin leaping right above scallop-shell. SG-1187, SNG ANS-417. Gd Fine, bit rough. $60

54488 *Sicily. Syracuse. 357-344. AE Trias (3.03g, 16mm). Female (Arethusa?) hd left/Dolphin leaping right above scallop-shell, (EYP)A between.. SG-1187, BMC-301. Nice VF, green patina, touch porous. $75

54491 *Sicily. Syracuse. 344-336 BC. AE Trias (4.32g, 18mm). Head of Athena left wearing Corinthian helmet/Hippocamp left with curled wing. SG-1193. aVF, old tooling underneath pretty green patina. $60

54551 *Sicily. Syracuse, Reign of Hiketas. 288-279 BC. AE20 (7.51g). Head of Persephone ,wreathed with corn, left/Galloping biga right. SG-1209, LInd, II-580. VF/F, attractive. $60

54552 *Sicily. Syracuse, Reign of Hiketas. 288-279 BC. AE22 (8.98g). Laureate hd of Zeus-Hellanios left/Eagle standing l on thunderbolt, wings open. SG-1211, SNG ANS-809. F, hvy green patina, bit rough. $95

*54553 *Sicily. syracuse, roman rule. after 212 bc. ae20 (6.59g). laureate head of zeus right/tyche standing left, holding rudder & scepter, prow behind. sng ans-1061. f+, green-brown patina, porous. $140

54554 *Sicily. Syracuse, Roman Rule. After 212 BC. AE19 (6.41g). Head of Persephone right/Demeter standing left with long torch and scepter. SNG ANS-1090, Lind-II, 606. VF, bit porous. $45

*54549 *Sardinia (sardo-punic). under carthage. 3rd century bc. ae15 (5.01g). head of tanit left/horse galloping right. avf, nice green patina, somewhat porous. $60

*54636 *Macedon, aigai (aegae) alexander i. 500-480 bc. silver hemi-obol (.30g). goat"s head right, with dotted truncation/4 part incuse square. ext. rare, perhaps unpublished. see gemini, ix, #14 @$1100+. weber-1841 (sim). choice vf+. $800

*54637 *Macedon, tragilos. 450-400 bc. silver hemi-obol (.37g). ear of corn/t-r-i-a in four quarters of incuse square. weber-1983, bmc-1. choice vf+. much nicer than most seen. $375

*54417 *Macedon kings, alexander iii, the great. 336-323 bc (175-125). silver tetradrachm (16.43g). head of hercules right, wearing lion's skin head-dress. mesembria mint, broad struck./zeus seated left holding eagle and scepter, corinthian helmet above ma, monogram below. price-1082. vf, obverse double struck. somewhat crimped at top. $325

*54655 *Macedonian kings. alexander iii, the great. 336-323 (c. 310-301). silver drachm (4.20g). head of hercules (as alexander) right, clad in lion's skin/zeus enthroned left, holding eagle & scepter, crescent at l., pi below. colophon mint. price-1813, cop-919. ch. toned vf+. $475

*54656 *Macedonian kings. alexander iii, the great. 336-323 (c.310-301). silver drachm (4.06g). head of hercules (as alexander) right, clad in lion's skin./zeus enthroned left, holding eagle & scepter, monogram at l., crescent below. colophon mint. price-1825, m`9fller-275. toned ef. $475

*54664 *Sarmatia, olbia. 400-350 bc. ae (1.54g) "dolphin" coin. eye, fin and spine/. sg-1084, opitz-p.227. vf. $45

*54638 *Thrace, thasos. 411-350 bc. silver trihemiobol (.72g). satyr kneeling right carrying kantharos. satyr is usually seen kneeling left/ legend on either side of amphora with handles. sng cop-1031. avf, some porosity. $200

*54657 *Corinthia, corinth. 345-307 bc. silver stater (8.59g). pegasos flying left, symbol below/laureate & helmeted head of athena left, astragalos (knuckle bone) behind. ravel-1039d, sng cop-58v. nice toned vf. $775

54654 *Pontos. Amisos ? 130-100 BC. AE32 (19.33g). Male head left wearing leather cap/Star of 8 rays, "K" between two of the rays. SNG Stancomb 646-650. F, but harshly cleaned and pitted. $120

* 54639 *Caria, rhodes. 203-190 bc. silver drachm (2.74g). head of helios 3/4 face right. high relief head with perhaps a flaw on cheek/p-o either side of rose, with bud, legend above, box in case at lower left. sg-5052, bmc-164-168. nice vf+. $300

* 54555 *Seleukid kings , antiohcus iv. 175-164 bc. ae27 (14.80g) of antioch. head of isis right/eagle standing right, legends to either side.. sng israel-981, hoov-644, sg-6986. gd fine. $75

* 54556 *Phoenicia, tyre. after 126 bc. fourr`8ee shekel (silver-plated copper) 10.55g. bust of melkarth right/eagle standing on thunderbolt left. crude vf. silver plating peeeling from reverse. $425

* 54628 *Phoenicia, tyre. after 126 bc (after 19 bc). ar half shekel (6.21g). laureate head of melkarth right. "jerusalem type"/eagle standing left on thunderbolt, club to left,date unreadable, but kp monogram clear. "inexpensive" temple tax coin. h-1621. af. $475

* 54697 *Persia, successors of darius i. c. 450-330 bc. ar siglos (5.39g). half-length figure of great king holding spear and bow , punch mark behind/oblong punch, with a couple of banker's marks. sg-4682. fine, well centered. $79

* 54627 *Nabatean kings, aretas iv. 9 bc- 40 ad. ae20 (4.42g). jugate busts of aretas and queen shaqilath/crossed cornucopias.. mesh-114. ch. vf+, nice green-brown desert patina. $150

54676 *Sassanian Empire Khusru II. 590-628 AD. AR Drachm (3.55g). Hd of king right/Fire altar, 2 attendants. Sellwood-62. VF. $47.50

54490 *Indo-Scythians. Azes I. 58-2 BC. Silver Tetradrachm (8.53g). King on horseback right/Athena standing left ,control marks to either side.. aVF, bit rough. $75

54665 *India. Gupta Dynasty, Chadvagupta. 375-414 AD. Silver Drachm (2.40g). Bust of king right/Peacock standing facing with wings spread. MACW-4821. Nice VF. $60

*54704 *Roman egypt. agrippina jr. sister of caligula, 4th. wife of claudius, mother of nero. ae diobol (25mm, 12.85g). bust of agrippina jr., right/bust of euthenia right. date is unclear, but presumably year 13. emm-103, milne-124. g/vg, rare. $119

54607 *Roman Egypt, Aurelian and Vabalathus. 271-272. Potin Tetradrchm (8.20g). Laureate bust of Aurelian, year 1/Diademed bust of Vabalathus, year 4. Emm-3914, Cur-1738. VF, rough in spots. $45


54362 *Republic. Anonymous. 211-206 BC. Silver Victoriatus (2.59g). Laureate head of Jupiter right/Victory standing right crowning trophy, ROMA in ex.. RSC-9. Toned F+/VG, rev. a bit rough. $69

54492 *Republic, Anonymous. 211-206 BC. AE Uncia (5.78g). Helmeted head of Roma right, pellet behind/Prow, ROMA and corn-grain above, pellet below. SR-1310, Cr-72/9. Fine. $60

*54620 *Republic. l. cassius longinus. 63 bc. silver denarius (3.90g). veiled head of vesta left, 2 handed cup behind, control letter a in front/togate citizen stg. l., depositing ballet in voting box, longin iii v behind. unusual type. cassia-10, sr-364. toned gvf/vf, rev. bit o.c.. $330

*54621 *Republic. m. cipius m.f. 115-114 bc. silver denarius (3.85g). helmeted head of roma right, x behind/victory in biga right, holding palm-branch, rudder below. this type is almost always seen on a small flan.. cipia-1, sr-166. ch. toned vf. $219

*54626 *Republic. mn. aemilius lepidus. 114-113 bc. silver denarius (3.84g). laur and diadmed head of roma right, star behind, roma before/equestrian statue right, horseman holding spear, on base formed by triple arch l-e-p. sr-168, aemilia-7. choice vf+. $499

*54623 *Republic. c. sulpicius c.f. galba. 106 bc. silver denarius (3.68g) serrate. cojoined head of the dei penates left/the 2 dei penates stg., facing each other, sow between them. unusual type. sr-189, sulpicia-1. vf, bit grainy. $219

*54624 *Republic. l. thorius balbus. 105 bc. silver denarius (4.19g). head of juno sospita right, clad in goat's skin, ismr behind/bull charging right, control letter o above, l. thorivs below, balbvs in ex. sr-192, thoria-1. ch. toned vf+. $219

*54618 *Republic. anonymous. c. 86 bc. silver denarius (4.03g). head of apollo right, wreathed with oak, thunderbolt below/jupiter in quadriga right, no legend. very late anonymous issue!. sr-266, syd-723. gvf. $230

*54619 *Republic. m. aemilius scarus & p. platius. hypsaeus. 58 bc. silver denarius (3.93g). king aretas kneeling right beside camel, presenting olive-branch/jupiter in quadriga l., brandishing thunderbolt, scorpion below. having to do with the battles between hyrcanus ii and aristobulus ii.. sr-378, aemilia-9, hen-1441. ch. toned ef. much nicer than most. $499

*54617 *Republic. q. sicinius & c. coponius. c.49 bc. silver denarius (3.84g). diademed of apollo right, star below/club draped with lion's skin, between arrow & bow. struck to help pay pompey's fleet in the east. sr-413, sicinia-1. ch. toned ef. $1075

*54625 *Republic. c. vibius c.f. c.n. pansa. 48 bc. silver denarius (3.91g). mask of bearded pan right, pansa below, pedum (staff of apollo) behind/jupiter anxurus seated left holding patera and scepter. vibia-19, sr-420. ch. toned vf+, tad o.c.. $450

*54364 *Octavian. c. 30-29 bc. silver denarius (3.38). bare head of octavian right, no legend/imp caesar on actian arch, surmounted by large statue of octavian in facing quadriga. sr-1558, rsc-123. toned fine, rough. $375

*54653 *Augustus & agrippa. c. 12 bc. ae halved dupondius (7.15g). head of agrippa left wearing crown. struck at neumausus/ crocodile right, palm tree behind. halved in ancient times.. sr-1730ff. vf+, but some deposits. $75

*54632 *Vespasian. 69-79 ad. ephesus mint. silver denarius (3.30g). laureate bust right/turreted and draped female bust right paci orb terr avg. rare provincial series coin. sr-2274, ric-334, rpc-821. ef, with excess metal from mis-strike. $750

54631 *Vespasian. 69-79 AD. Silver Denarius (3.14g). Laureate bust right/Eagle standing facing on altar, head left. SR-2287 type. VG/F. $45

*54365 *Vespasian. 69-79 ad. silver denarius (3.40g). laureate bust right/captive judaea sitting and mourning to right of trophy, ivdaea in ex.. sr-2296, h-1479. choice vf/vf+, beautifully toned. $475

*54616 *Titus (as augustus). 79-81. silver denarius (3.37g). laureate bust right/winged thunderbolt on draped seat or table, pulvinar (throne) of jupiter and juno. sr-2513, rsc-316, ric-23a. ch. ef+, bit o.c.. $575

*54633 *Nerva. 96-98. silver denarius (3.62g). laureate bust right/ salus enthroned left, holding corn-ears. sr-3035, ric-20, c-134. vf/f, weakly struck on reverse. $175

*54366 *Trajan. 98-117 ad. silver denarius (3.08g). laureate bust right/mars advancing right holding spear & trophy. rsc-271, ric-340. toned f, bit grainy. $90

*54318 *Trajan. 98-117. ar denariius. his laureate bust right/victory, naked to waist, standing left, leaning on column, holding wreath and palm. bmc-227, rsc-425, ric-194. choice ef+. scarce reverse type. in specially designed colored case with pictures statues of trajan and plotina to either side by $300

*54419 *Trajan. 98-117 ad. ae sestertius (27.25g). laureate and draped bust right/trajan galloping right, brandishing spear at dacian warrior who is being trampled by horse. sr-3204, ric-434. f+/vg. $119

*54367 *Trajan. 98-117 ad. ae as (9.44g). laureate bust right/winged victory advancing left with shield. sr03242, ric-417. vf/f, a touch porous. $90

*54635 *Hadrian. 117-138. silver denarius (3.16g). laureate bust right/ victory alighting right, holding trophy with both hands. scarce reverse. sr-3527, ric-101, c-1131. ch. vf. $339

*54557 *Sabina, wife of hadrian. silver denarius (2.78g). draped bust right/venus standing right, dfawing out fold of drapery from shoulder and holding apple. sr-3924, rsc-73. toned vf, sl. irreg. flan. $140

*54368 *Faustina junior, wife of m. aurelius. 161 ad. silver denarius (3.13g). diademed and draped bust right/twin sons (commodus & antoninus) seated on throne, saecvli felicit. sr-5260, ric-712, c-191. vf. uncommon. $150

*54369 *Diva faustina , deified wife of m. aurelius. ae sestertius (26.08g). veiled draped bust right/diana stg. r., holding torch, crescent behind neck, sideribvs recepta sc. ric-1715, sr-5233v. vg, rough. scarce. $150

*54634 *Septimiius severus. 193-211. silver denarius (3.07g). laureate bust right/victory seated left on shield, resting another shield on knee and holding palm in left. commemorates roman success in northern britain, although he died in york in 211. sr-6385, ric-335, c-731. ch. ef+, lightly toned. $460

*54370 *Septimius severus 193-211. silver denarius (2.28g). laureate bust right/pudicitia seated left holding two spears. ric-524, rsc-595. rare!. toned fine. $275

*54371 *Elagabalus. 218-222. silver denarius (3.20g). laureate bust right, with horn on top of his head, signifying divine power/elagabalus, in priestly robes, stg. r., sac. over altar and holding cypress branch, star in field. sr-7542, ric-131. toned vf. $125

*54318 *Julia maesa, grandmother of elagabalus and severus alexander. ar denariius. her draped bust right/pietas standing left, sacrificing over altar and holding box of incense.. sr-7754, ric-263. choice toned ef+. in specially designed colored case with pictures statues ofher grandsons to either side by capital plastics. $250

*54705 *Julia mamaea, mother of severus. alexander. silver denarius (3.05g). bust right/vesta standing left, holding palladium and scepter.. sr-8217, ric-360. ef. $120

54373 *Gordian III. 238-244. Silver Antoninianus (3.99g). Radiate bust right/Sol standing left, raising right hand and holding globe in left. SR-8603, RIC-83. Toned aVF, sm. hole started rev. $35

54372 *Gordian III. 238-244. Silver Antoninianus (3.91g). Radiate bust right/Providentia stg. l., holding globe and transverse scepter. SR-8634, RIC-18, RSC-196. Choice EF. $95

54374 *Gordian III. 238-244. Bronze Sestertius (22.96g). Laureate bust right/Apollo seated left holding laurel branch and resting l. arm on lyre. SR-8730ff. F/VG, scratches. $49

54375 *Gordian III. 238-244. Bronze As (15.09g). Laureate bust right/ Jupiter standing facing, head right, resting on scepter & holding thunderbolt. SR-8780, RIC-298b. Fine, nice portrait. $69

*54466 *Philip i. 244-249 ad. silver antoninianus (4.09g). radiate bust right/victory standing left, holding wreath and palm. sr-8972, rsc-235. choice ef+, broad flan. $149

54465 *Philip I. 244-249 AD. Silver Antoninianus (4.49g). Radiate bust right/Roma seated left, holding Victory and scepter, shield at side. SR-8952, RSC-169. Ch. EF, minor flan crack. $75

*54463 *Philip i. 244-249 ad. silver antoninianus (4.82g) of antioch. radiate bust right (pm in obv. legend indicates persicus maximus!/pax stg. left, holding olive-branch & scepter. commemorates peace treaty with persia. sr-8941, rsc-113. vf, but oxidized. $149

*54462 *Philip i. 244-249 ad. silver antoninianus (3.92g). radiate bust right/fides exercitvs, 4 standards. sr-8930, rsc-50. nice ef, on broad flan. $95

*54456 *Philip i. 244-249 ad. silver antoninianus (4.22g) of antioch. radiate bust right/felictas standing left holding long caduceus and cornucopia. rsc-130a, ric-75a. ch. ef, but obv. flaw. $99

54377 *Philip I. 244-249. Silver Antoninianus (3.83g). Radiate bust right/Four standards, FIDES EXERCITVS. SR-8930, RIC-62. VF. $60

54376 *Philip I. 244-249. Silver Antoninianus (3.27g). Radiate bust right/Annona standing left holding corn-ears and cornucopia, prow below corn-ears. RIC-59, RSC-33, SR-8923v. F/aVF, rev. double struck. $49

*54464 *Philip i. 244-249 ad (249). silver antoninianus (3.83g) of antioch. radiate bust right/felictas standing left holding long caduceus and cornucopia. sr-8950, rsc-155. vf-ef, flan cracks. this type struck in 249 is usually seen with philip ii. thus scarce! $149

54467 *Otacilia Severa. Wife of Philip I. Silver Antoninianus (4.49g). Bust of Otacilia Severa right, crescent behind shoulders/Pudicitia seated left, drawing veil from face and holding transverse scepter. SR-9159, RSC053. VF. $60

*54470 *Philip ii. 247-249. silver antoninianus (3.66g) of antioch. radiate bust right/aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia, legend ends avgg. sr-9259, rsc-1, ric-240a. ch. ef, a touch porous. $149

*54471 *Philip ii. 247-249. silver antoninianus (4.30g) of antioch. radiate bust right/roma seated left, holding victory and spear, shield at side. sr-, rsc-70, ric-251. ef, broad flan. $299

*54468 *Philip ii, as caesar 245-246. 247-249. silver antoninianus (4.33g) of antioch (?). radiate bust right/jupiter standing left, holding thunderbolt & scepter, legends ends conservatori indicating branch mint, most likely antioch. sr-9238ff, rsc-13a. ric-214. nice ef, minor porosity. $299

*54469 *Philip ii, as caesar 245-246. 247-249. silver antoninianus (3.93g). radiate bust right/philip ii, in military attire, standing left, holding globe and spear. sr-9240, rsc-48. ef. $149

*54457 *Philip ii. 247-249. silver antoninianus (3.59g). radiate bust right/mars advancing right, carrying spear and trophy over shoulder, gamma in field to right. sr-9277, rsc-88, ric-223. ch. ef on broad flan. $175

*54460 *Trajan decius. 249-251. silver antoninianus (4.62g) of antioch ? radiate bust right/trajan decius on horsebacck pacing left, right hand raised, scepter in left. sr-9366, ric-11bv, rsc-4v. ef, bit porous. $119

*54558 *Trajan decius. 249-251 (antioch). silver antoninianus (3.96). radiate bust right/aequitas stg. left with scales and cornucopia, legend ends avgg. sr-9367, ric-4, 45, rsc-9b. aef, oval flan, some flat areas.. $125

*54472 *Herennia etruscilla, wife of trajan decius. silver antoninianus (4.07g) of antioch . bust right on crescent/uberitas standing left, holding cow's udder and cornucopia, vberitas avg. sr-9499, ric-68, rsc-31. vf, weakly struck in spots. $90

*54461 *Herennius etruscus. 251 ad. silver antoninianus (3.21g). radiate bust right/apollo seated left, holding laurel-brnach and resting left arm on lyre. sr-9522, rsc-24a. ef-vf, weakly struck rev.. $119

*54473 *Herennius etruscus. 251 ad. silver antoninianus (4.56g) of antioch. radiate bust right, 4 dots below bust/pudicitia seated left, drawing veil from face and holding transverse scepter. sr-9525, rsc-35a, ric-159b. vf, some weak areas. $149

*54474 *Herennius etruscus. 251 ad. silver antoninianus (4.88g). radiate bust right/spes advancing left, holding flower and lifting skirt.. sr-9526,ric-149, rsc-38. nice vf. $119

*54454 *Hostilian, as augustus. 251 ad. silver antoninianus (4.35g) of antioch. radiate bust right, dot below bust/roma seated left, holding victory and spear, shield at side.. sr-9583, sr-45a, ric-204. ef, touch porous on reverse. $349

*54455 *Trebonianus gallus. 251-253. silver antoninianus (4.58g) of antioch. radiate head right, 3 dots below bust/juno seated left, holding corn-ears and transverse scepter, 3 dots in ex.. rsc-47f, rsc-83. ef, some porosity. $99

*54458 *Trebonianus gallus. 251-253. silver antoninianus (4.70g) of antioch . radiate bust right, iiv below bust/hexa-style temple contained seated statue of rome, iiv in ex, saecvllvm variety. rsc-111a, sr-9648. toned ef, bit porous. $119

*54459 *Trebonianus gallus. 251-253. silver antoninianus (3.81g) of antioch. radiate bust right/treb. gallus on horsebacck pacing left, right hand raised, scepter in left. sr-9622, rsc-2. ef, lightly porous. $119

*54475 *Trebonianus gallus. 251-253. silver antoninianus (4.13g) of antioch. radiate bust right, pellet below bust/pudicitia seated left, drawing veil from face and holding transverse scepter. sr-9646, rsc-104av, ric-88. ef, couple of flaws. $119

*54476 *Trebonianus gallus. 251-253. silver antoninianus (4.03g) of antioch. radiate bust right/uberitas standing left, holding purse and cornucopia, iv in ex.. sr-9652, rsc-125e, ric-92. ef, some obv. porosity. $149

*54559 *Volusian. 251-253 (antioch). silver antoninianus (3.59g). radiate bust right, dot below bust/victory standing right on globe holding wreath and palm. sr-9774, ric-4, 238a (r), rsc-126b. gd vf, tad porous. $100

*52151 *Mariniana, wife of valerian and (probably) mother of gallienus ae sestertius (12.29g). draped bust right/peacock standing, tail in splendor, head right. very scarce denomination. sr-10073v, cr-7. vg, scr's in field. $175

54378 *Gallienus. 253-268. Bi Antoninianus (2.18g). Radiate bust right/Stag standing right, "X" in ex.. SR-10201. Nice VF. $49

54675 *Galerius, as Augustus. 305-311. AE Follis of Heraclea. Laureate bust right/Genius, wearing modius, stg. l., holding patera and cornucopia, star in field, HTG in ex.. SR-14514. aVF. $37.50

54380 *Licinius. 308-324. Bi Follis (3.30g). Laur. bust right/Jupiter stg. left holding Victory on globe and scepter, eagle at feet ANT in ex., Z in field. SR-15253. EF. $75

54389 *Constantine the Great. 307-337. AE Centenionalis (2.82g). Laureate bust right, wearing robes & holding eagle tipped scepter/Altar inscribed VOT IS XX in 3 lines, globe on top, PTR in ex. Trier mint. SR-16174, RIC-7, 305. Gd VF. $60

54388 *Helena, mother of Constantine the Great. AE Centenionalis (2.99g). Her bust right/Helena standing left, holding branch in r. hand & supporting dress in left. AMALA Alexandria mint. SR-16629, RIC7, 38. GVF, bit porous. $69

*52153 *Delmatius, as caesar. 335-337. ae 3/4 (1.63g). laureate bust right/2 soldiers stg either side of standard e. ric-7, 256, sr-3931v. gvf, tad rough. $125

54381 *Constantiius II. 334-361. AE3 (3.37g). Laureate draped & cuirassed bust left. (As Caesar 324-337 AD)/Camp-gate surmounted , star above, *Gamma SIS* in ex.. RIC-VII, 203v. VF. $37.50

*51392 *Valens. 364-378. ar siliqua (1.71). bust right/vot/x/mvlt/xx in four lines within wreath; a ant in ex.. ric-9, 34. ch ef, obv. flan crack. perfectly centered, extraordinary portrait!. $475

54663 *Theodosius I. 379-394 AD. AE3 (1.74g) of Siscia. Bust right/ Emperor standing right, head left, dragging catpive & holding Chi-Rho banner.. VF, green patina. $59

*54560 *Byzantine leo v. 813-820. ae follis (4.25g) of syracuse. facing busts of leo (left) and constantine/large ak with pellet between and cross above. sb-1635. nice vf, bit o.c., slightly porous. $75

54493 *Byzantine. Anonymous (Basil II & Constantine VIII). (976-1028). AE Follis (9.03g). Facing bust of Christ. With old Baldwin's tag/4 line legend with winged apparatus above and below JESUS CHRIST KING OF KINGS. SB-1818. aVF, bit grainy. $60

*54706 *Byzantine. anonymous, attributed to nicephorus. iii. c. 1078-1081. ae follis (5.36g). nimbate bust of christ facing, raising right hand and holding gospels/ornate cross on floral ornaments. sb-1189, class 1. vf and much nicer than usual. $90


*54666 *Argentina, republic . 1896. gold argentino = 5 pesos. fr-14, km-31. unc., a few bagarmks and nicks. $410

54434 *Austria, Ferdinand Charles. 1643. 3 Kreuzer. Crowned bust right/2 shields, value below, Hall mint. KM-852. EF. $59

54359 *Austria. Franz II (I). 1831-A. 20 Kreuzer. One year type with ribbons forward across neck. Cr-506, KM-2146. VF/VF+. $75

54360 *Austria. Republic. 1935. 2 Schilling. 25th Anniversary of death of Dr. Lueger. Y-76, KM-2855. VF/EF. $18

54357 *Austria. Republic. 1936. 2 Schilling. 200th Anniversary of the death of Princ Eugen of Savoy. Y-77, KM-2858. Lightly toned EF, once lightly cleaned. $15

54358 *Austria. 125th Anniversary of Police Force. 1974. 50 Schilling. KM-2920. Proof. $15

54354 *Austria. 50th Anniversary of Austria. Broadcasting. 1974. 50 Schilling. KM-2922. Proof. $17

*54698 *Austria. salzburg. johann ernst. 1689. 3 kreuzer = 1 groschen. st. rupert facing with salt box and crozier/date above, 2 shields, value below all in inner circle surrounded by legend. km-249, prbst-1858. ch. pl bu!. $149

*51604 *Belgium. brussels. anonymous local coinage. 1235-1280. ar denier (.53). windmill type cross of brabent/bridge or gangplank. scmf-7369, dw-98. nice vf. $175

*54667 *Belgium. baudouin i. 1954-fr. 20 francs. y-59.1, km-140.1. bu. $90

54677 *Bulgaria. Boris III. 1930. 50 Leva. One year type. Y-39, KM-42. Ch. AU/Unc. $25

*54591 *Canada , victoria. 1901. large cent. last year of issue. very light scratch across cheek. y-5, km-7. r&b unc. $75

*54592 *Canada, victoria. 1901. large cent. last year of issue. y-5, km-7. choice r&b unc. $99

54588 *Chile. Republic. 1880/70. 2 Centavos. Overdate. KM-147a, Y-12a. EF. $12.50

*54561 *Colombia, republic. 1827-ru. gold escudo. fr-72, km-81.2. f/vf, obv scr's. $175

54420 *Crusaders. Achaea, William of Villehardouin. 1245-78. Bi Denier Tournois (.51g). Cross pattee/Castle Tournois. CCS-10. VG-F. $55

54499 *Crusaders Achaea, Maud of Hainaut. 1316-18. Bi Denier Tournois (.79g). Cross pattee/Castle, "C" to left. CCS-41. VG. $50

54500 *Crusaders Achaea, John of Gravina. 1318-33. Bi Denier Tournois (.79g). Cross patt`8Ee/Castle, cross below castle. CCS-45. F-VF, some flat places. $55

54498 *Crusaders, Antioch, Tancred (Regent). 1101-1112. AE Follis (4.66g, 21mm). Bust of St. Peter, cross in left hand/"Lord, Help your servant Tancred". CCS-3a. VG. $60

54384 *Crusaders, Antioch. Bohemond III. 1163-1201. Bi Denier (1.10g). Elongated helmeted head right, 5 pointed star/Cross pattee, crescent pointing downwards in second angle. CCS-53. F-VF. $95

*54614 *Crusaders, jerusalem, baldwin iii. 1143-63. silver obol (.35g). cross pattee/tower of david. exceptionally nice! obols are far scarcer than deniers. ccs-21. choice vf. $220

*54562 *Cyprus, under girelamo pruiuli of venice. 1559-1567. bi carzia. cross hiefrom prioli dux/rampant lion, s marcus venetus. with old tag. paolucci-914 (r). fine. $70

54707 *Cyprus. Republic. 1986. 1 Pound. World Wildlife Fund/Wild Sheep. Y-62, KM-59. BU. $15

54352 *Czechoslovakia Republic. 1955. 50 Korun. 10th Anniv. of Liberation from Germany. Y-57, KM-44. BU. $30

*54699 *Denmark. christian iv. 1645. 4 skilling. "jehovah" in hebrew between justus and judex/crowned c4 monogram, value in legend around. km-133.1, hede-150. avf, trace of fold. $249

54708 *East Carribean States. Elizabeth II. 1981. Ten Dollars. World Food Day. KM-16, Y-17. BU. $15

*54485 *Germany. brandenburg, george wilhelm. 1624 (z). 1/4 taler. half-length figure in robe right, cross on heart mm (ernst pfaler as warden) in legend/crowned shield, 2-4 to either side on shield. "2" is overstruck over a zero or another 2. km-86.7. vf. $90

*54486 *Germany, brunswick-luneburg-calenburg-hanover. ernst august. 1690 h-b. 1/4 taler. since 1662 he was also bishop of osnabruck. arms/st. andreas. welter-2000, km-unl. ch. toned ef, underlying luster. ex bowers & merena, sept 1990 robert w. rusbar collection, lot #5133. $1050

*54479 *Great britain. henry iii. 1247-72. silver penny (1.50g). facing bust with pointed chin/long cross. s-1364. fine, some flat spots. $75

54494 *Great Britain. Edward I. 1272-1307 (after 1279). Silver Penny (1.42g). Facing bust/Long Cross. Canterbury Mint. S-1419. Toned F, bit bent. $50

54495 *Great Britain. Charles I. 1625-1649. Silver Penny. Bust right, I behind head/Arms. Unevenly struck, some places flat, some nice.. Fine. $50

54484 *Great Britain. Charles II. 1679. Silver Two Pence. Bust right/ Crowned pair of linked C;s. S-3388, KM-429. VF, holed & plugged. $49

*54427 *Great britain. contemporary counterfeit. 1771. 1/2 penny. 6.26 grams, 96.604 grains/flatly struck but decent.. fine. $75

*54428 *Great britain. contemporary counterfeit. 1771. 1/2 penny. 9.37 grams, 144.600 grains. well centered fine. $90

*54429 *Great britain. contemporary counterfeit. j772. 1/2 penny. 8.84 grams, 136.421 grains. dot after georgivs "floating", somewhat doubled head of britannia on reverse.. f-vf. $120

*54430 *Great britain. contemporary counterfeit. 1773. 1/2 penny 8.68 grams, 133.952 grains. probably a colonial american "bungtown" copper rather than a british evasion piece. very distinctive reverse, brittania seems. fine. $120

54353 *Great Britain. George V. 1919. Silver 3 Pence. Y-65, KM-813. Ch. toned unc.. $37.50

*54563 *Hungary. bela iii or stephan iv. 1162-63 or 1172-96. ae bracteate follis (2.50g). kings bela & stephan enthroned (imitative of justin & sophia byz. coins)/seated madonna with child.. an unusual type which was probably struck during time of manuel i's invasion of hungary. rethy-98, hus-72. ef, green patina. $75

54355 *India, Bengal Presidency. 1195/22 (c.1717). Half Anna. 1 Year (small type). KM-127. Nice VF. $24

54431 *India, Bengal Presidency. 1798-1813. Silver Rupee. Fixed date, year 19. Murshidebad, oblique milling. KM-99. Toned VF. $37.50

54440 *Ireland. Irish Free State. 1928. Half Crown. Horse/Harp. Y-8, KM-8. Ch. Au-Unc., toning over old light wiping. $44

54437 *Ireland. Irish Republic. 1942. 3 Pence. Rabbit/Harp. Y-12a, KM-12a. BU, a few bagmarks. $25

54438 *Ireland. Irish Republic. 1955. 6 Pence. Irish Wolfhound /Harp. Y-13a, KM-13a. BU, tiny spot. $22.50

54443 *Isle of Man. British Dependency. 1839. 1/4 Penny. Head of Victory left/Triskeles. Cr-7, KM-12. VF, a few field marks. $37.50

54444 *Isle of Man. British Dependency. 1839. 1/2 Penny. Cr-8, KM-13. F-VF. $37.50

54445 *Isle of Man. British. 1976. Silver Crown. Bust of George Washington left/Bicentennial of American Independence. KM-37a. Unc. $32.50

*54567 *Israel. 1st coin!. 5708 (1948). 25 mils. only coin dated in it's first year. y-1, p-1, km-8. ef, a few light scr's. $225

54678 *Israel. 1962. 1 Agora. Small date. Y-24.1, A1-3a. BU. $15

54348 *Israel. Purim . 1962. Half Shekel. KM-31, HS-2. BU. $6

54347 *Israel. Law is Light. 1958/5719. 1 Lira. 1st Hanukkah series coin. H-1a, KM-22. Proof. $15

*54422 *Israel. henrietta szold. 1960/5721. 1 lira. the key to the hanukka series. km-32, h-3a. proof. $80

54421 *Israel Italian Lamp. 5723/1962. 1 Lira H-5/KM-38. Ch. BU. $15

54681 *Israel. Greek Lamp. 1980/5741. 1 Shekel. Hanukkah Series. KM-110, H-15. BU. $14

54569 *Israel. Mikveh Israel (Double Struck). 1970. 10 Lirot. Obverse double struck, especially apparent on "10" of denomination. KM-55, A-13b. BU. $65

54570 *Israel. Roe and Lily. 1992. 1 & 2 New Sheqalim. Silver Wildlife Series. KM-231-2, HLW-2/2a. BU/Proof. $75

54351 *Israel. Nightingale and Fig. 1996. 1 Sheqel. Silver Wildlife Series. KM-290, HLW-6. BU. $30

54350 *Israel. Nightingale & Fig. 1996. 2 New Sheqalim. Silver Holy Land Wildlife & Fauna Series. KM-292, HLM-6a. Proof. $60

53203 *Israel. Lion and Pomegranate. 1997. 1 New Sheqel. Wildlife Series. KM-307, HLW-7. PL BU. $35

50971 *Israel. Stork and Fir Tree. 1998/5759. 1 Sheqel. Stork and Fir Tree. Silver Wildlife Series. KM-320, HLW-8. Proof-like. $35

24586 *Israel. Stork and Fir Tree. 1998. 2 Sheqalim. Holyland Wildlife Series. KM-322, HLW-8a. Proof. $55

*54565 *Israel. wild goat and acacia tree. 2000. gold 1 & 2 new sheqalim. holy land wildlife series. low mintage. (probably 600, not the 700 that km lists). km-348/350, fr-80-81. proofs. $900

*54564 *Israel. 50th anniversary. 1998. gold 10 & 20 new sheqalim. large flag. 2 scarce coins. km-312/313, fr-69-70. proofs. $3250

54566 *Israel. Biblical Art "Mini" Gold Coins. 2007-2008. Gold 1 New Sheqel. 2007 Moses & 10 Commandments & Abraham and the Angels , 2008 Isaiah with Wolf & Lamb. KM-437-8, 440, Fr-102, 103, 107. Proofs. $350

54415 *Italy. Aquileia, Antonio II Panciera di Portoguaro. 1402-1411. AR Denaro (.69g). Coat of Arms antonius + patriaca/Eagle, wings spread, head left aqv.ile.gen.sis. Biaggi-191. F-VF, sl. irreg flan. $50

54416 *Italy. Aquileia, Antonio II Panciera di Portoguaro. 1402-1411. AR Denaro (.74g. Another, as above, a bit nicer. aVF. $60

54496 *Italy. Arezzo, Republic. 13th-14th Century. Silver Denaro (.46g). Facing bust of St. Donato/Cross. Biaggi-199 (rare), Varesi-3. VG-F. $50

54497 *Italy. Brindisi, Conrad II as King of Sicily. 1254-1258. AE Denaro (.70g). CVR monogram/Cross, +IER ET SICIL +. Biaggi-484 (R), MEC-594. F-VF, weak places. $60

*54641 *Italy. camerino, popular government. 1434-1444. ae picciolo (.50g). civic coat of arms/cross fleuree. biaggi-531. gd vf (thus scarce). $350

*54571 *Italy. campobasso, nicholas ii of. monforte (11459-63?). ae denier tornese (1.05g). castle between two rosettes (or two lis?)/cross. (biaggi dates this to 1422). mec-940-1, biaggi-537 (r3). fine (rare). $149

54346 *Italy. Lombardy-Veneita. 1852-V. 3 Centesimi. One year Venice Mint type. Under Austrian rule. Cr-30.2. Brown EF. $18

54572 *Italy. Naples, Charles VIII of France. 1495-96. AE Cavalo (1.17g). Crowned Shield/Cross. MEC-1047, Biaggi-1286. VG-F, bit porous. $95

54446 *Italy. Victor Emannuel II. 1867 M-BN. 50 Centesimi. Y-16, KM-14.1. Toned VF+. $24

54447 *Italy. Victor Emannuel II. 1867 M-BN. 50 Centesimi. Y-16, KM-14.1. EF-AU. $30

54451 *Italy. Victor Emannuel III. 1920-R. 10 Centesimi. Y-62, KM-60. Red Unc. $24

54450 *Italy. Victor Emannuel III. 1910-R. 20 Centesimi. Y-47, KM-44. BU. $49

54448 *Italy. Victor Emannuel III. 1920-R. 50 Centesimi. Reeded Edge type. Y-64a, KM-61.2. VF+. $25

54449 *Italy. Victor Emannuel III. 1925-R. 50 Centesimi. Plain edge type. Y-64, KM-61.1. EF. $55

54452 *Italy. Victor Emannuel III. 1927-R. 5 Lire. ** FERT **. Y-67, KM-67.2. BU. $48

54453 *Italy. Victor Emannuel III. 1927-R. 10 Lire. * FERT *. Y-68, KM-68.1. VF. $25

54501 *Italy. Republic. 1949-R. 1 Lira. /. Y-95, KM-87. BU. $30

54502 *Italy. Republic. 1952-R. 1 Lira. /. Y-99, KM-91. BU. $37.50

54503 *Italy. Republic. 1950-R. 2 Lire. Last year of type. Y-96, KM-88. BU. $35

54504 *Italy. Republic. 1949-R. 10 Lire. Y-98, KM-90. Nice Unc. $30

54506 *Japan. Meiji. Year 4 (1871). 5 Sen. Late variety (53 rays, 65 beads). Y-6.2. F-VF. $40

*54507 *Japan. meiji. year 31 (1898). 5 sen. y-21. ch. au-unc. $75

54505 *Korea. Japanese Protectorate, Kuang Mu. Year 9 (1905). 5 Chon. Y-15, KM-1126. VF+. $35

*54584 *Korea. japanese protectorate, kuang mu. year 11 (1907). half won. dragon. one year type. y-e22, km-1135. toned ch. vf. $290

*54700 *Mexico. philip v. 1735/3. 2 reales, pillar type. pillars to either side of crowned globe/crowned shield. overdate. km-84. vf+, a few scrapes over globe, small edge flaw above h in hispania. $149

*54661 *Mexico. philip v. 1745 momf. 8 reales. crowned globes between crowned pillars. pillar dollar/crowned shield. km-103, el-23. toned vf/ef, bit cloudy. $475

*54668 *Mexico. republic. 1904-zs fz. un peso. liberty cap. y-20, km-409.3. toned au-unc.. $87.50

*54669 *Mexico. estados unidos. 1921. 2 pesos. 100th anniversary of independence from spain. y-51, km-462. toned ef. $75

54683 *Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1947. 5 Pesos. Cuauhtemoc. Two Year type. Y-54, KM-465. Toned Au-Unc. $30

54682 *Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1948. 5 Pesos. Cuauhtemoc. Two Year type. Y-54, KM-465. Unc. $30

54684 *Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1955. 10 Pesos. Hildago. Y-74, KM-474. BU. $30

54685 *Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1957. 10 Pesos. Juarez. Constitution Centennial. Y-77, KM-475. EF-AU. $30

54686 *Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1957. 10 Pesos. Juarez. Constitution Centennial. Y-77, KM-475. Au-Unc. $45

54687 *Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1949. "Troy Onza". The first bullion coin of Mexico. KM-M49a. BU. $47.50

*54670 *Netherlands. wilhelmina. 1938. 2 1/2 gulden. deep hair grooves. y-47, km-165. ef. $165

54709 *Netherlands. Juliana. 1970. 10 Gulden. 25th Anniversary of Liberation. KM-195, Y-64. PL BU. $35

54642 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1940. 1 Mil. Key date. Y-1, KM-1. VF. $40

*54643 *Palestine. british mandate. 1940. 1 mil. key date. y-1, km-1. ef. $75

*54671 *Palestine. british mandate. 1945. 2 mils. semi-key date. high grade. y-2, km-2. r&b unc. $125

54396 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1927. 20 Mils. Scarce denomination. Y-5, KM-5. F, a bit porous. $15

54644 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1927. 20 Mils. Y-5, KM-5. VF. $25

54645 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1933. 20 Mils. Semi-key date. Y-5, KM-5. VF. $45

54646 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1933. 20 Mils. Semi-key date. Y-5, KM-5. VF+. $55

*54629 *Palestine. british mandate. 1940. 20 mils. semi-key date. scarce so nice. y-5, km-5. bu, but some verdigris. $425

54647 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1940. 20 Mils. Semi-key date. Y-5, KM-5. VF+. $85

*54672 *Palestine. british mandate. 1944. 20 mils. key date of 2 year world war ii type. y-5a, km-5a. ef+. $275

54648 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1927. 50 Mils. Y-6, KM-6. Lite toned AU. $75

54400 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1933. 50 Mils. Semi-key date. Once lightly cleaned, small rim nick. Y-6, KM-6. Toned EF. $60

54401 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1934. 50 Mils. Key date. Y-6, KM-6. Fine. $60

54649 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1934. 50 Mils. Key date. Y-6, KM-6. Gd Fine. $75

54402 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1940. 50 Mils. Y-6, KM-6. VF+, toning over old light scratch. $18

54483 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1940. 50 Mils. Scarce in high grade. Y-6, KM-6. AU, lightly cleaned. $49

*54615 *Palestine. british mandate. 1927. 100 mils. y-7, km-7. toned au. $110

*54630 *Palestine. british mandate. 1931. 100 mils. the single hardest palestine coin to find. y-7, km-7. f+. $300

54404 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1933. 100 Mils. Highest denomination. Semi-key date. Y-7, KM-7. VG, full rims. $75

54405 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1935. 100 Mils. Highest denomination/. Y-7, KM-7. VG, full rims. $18

54480 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1935. 100 Mils. Y-7, KM-7. EF-AU. $60

54406 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1939. 100 Mils. Highest denomination. Y-7, KM-7. Toned VF+, old light scratches under toning. $25

54407 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1940. 100 Mils. Highest denomination. Y-7, KM-7. Toned EF+, a few light scratches. $65

54408 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1942. 100 Mils. Highest denomination. Y-7, KM-7. Nice VF+, lightly toned. $50

*54674 *Palestine. british mandate. 1942. 100 mils. y-7, km-7. light toned unc.. $125

54688 *Panama. Republic. 1931. Balboa. 1st year of type. Y-16, KM-13. VF. $35

54689 *Panama. Republic. 1931. Balboa. 1st year of type. Y-16, KM-13. VF. $35

54690 *Panama. Republic. 1934. Balboa. Y-16, KM-13. VF. $35

54691 *Panama. Republic. 1947. Balboa. Y-16, KM-13. EF-AU. $35

54692 *Panama. Rep. 1947. Balboa. Y-16, KM-13. Nice Unc. $42.50

54693 *Panama. Republic. 1953. Balboa. 50th Anniversary of Republic. Y-21, KM-21. Nice Unc. $42.50

54694 *Panama. REP. 1967. Balboa. Y-27. KM-27. Choice Proof. $35

54695 *Peru. Republic. 1903/803 JF. 1/2 Dinero. Y-14, KM-206.2. Ch. Toned Unc. Overdate. $15

*54477 *Philippines. republic. 1982. 25 piso. busts of ronald reagan and ferdinand marcos right/arms. y-91, km-235. pl bu. $49

54411 *Pitcairn Islands. British Colony. 1990. Dollar. 200th Anniversary of Establishment of Settlement. KM-7. BU. $15

*54385 *Poland. east prussia, friedrich ii of prussia. 1780-a. 3 groschen. laureate bust right/eagle. this is also silesia km-1023. cr-21.1. bu, weakly struck in parts. $150

54410 *Poland. Republic. 1994. 2 & 5 Zlotych. Bi-Metallic. Aluminum-bronze center in CN ring/. Y-283 & 284. Ch. BU. $15

*54651 *Poland. republic. lodz ghetto commem. 2004-mw. 20 zlotych. silhouette on wall/child with pot. y-498. ch. matte unc.. $59

*54652 *Poland. republic. 2008-mw. 20 zlotych. flames, shattered wall. 65th anniversary of warsaw ghetto /tree, star of david, wall in background. y-636. proof. $59

54432 *Portuguese India. Port. Administration. 1947. Tanga. One year type. Y-26, KM-24. Mostly red unc, a few spots. $30

54433 *Portuguese India. Port. Administration. 1952. Tanga. One year type. Y-26a, KM-28. Ch. R & B unc. $22.50

*54576 *Russia. siberia, catherine the great. 1771-km. 2 kopeks. cr-4. f/vf, struck on rusty dies. $95

*54696 *Slovakia. republic. 2012. 10 euro. 250th anniversary of the the birth of chatam sofer, the chief rabbi of what is now bratislava from 1806 until 1839.. ch. bu. $60

54344 *South Africa. George VI of GB. 1952. 2 1/2 Shillings. Two year type. KM-39.2. Au/Unc, dipped. $12.50

54412 *Spain. Juan Carlos I. 1995. 200 Pesetas. Murillo and Del Greco Paintings. KM-951. Unc., somewhat baggy. $20

54413 *Spain. Juan Carlos I. 1987. 500 Pesetas. Juan Carlos and Sofia. Aluminum-bronze. KM-831. Unc. $10

54585 *Straits Settlements. EIC, Victoria. 1845. 1/4 Cent. One year type. KM-1, Y-1. aVF. $30

54594 *Sweden. Oscar I. 1852-AG. 1/16 Riksdaler. Bust right/ Crowned arms. Cr-173, KM-665. Nice VF+. $22.50

54595 *Sweden. Oscar II. 1876 ST. 25 Ore. Y-20, KM-738. aVF. $22.50

54596 *Sweden. Carl XVI Gustaf. 1975-U. Silver 50 Kr. Constitutional Reform. Y-97, KM-948. BU. $37.50

54597 *Sweden. Carl XVI Gustaf. 1976-U. Silver 50 Kronor. Wedding of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Y-98, KM-854. BU. $37.50

54599 *Switzerland. Confederation. 1963. Silver 5 Francs. Centennial of Red Cross. Y-56, KM-511. Choice BU. $25

54598 *Switzerland. Confederation. 1964-B. 1/2 Franc. Y-30, KM-23. Gem BU. $24

54600 *Switzerland, Confederation. 1976. 5 Francs. 500th Anniversary of Battle of Murten/"Spotted Armor" Variety. Y-59, KM-54. Choice. $22.50

54601 *Switzerland, Confederation. 1978. 5 Francs. Birth of Henry Dunan, Founder or Red Cross. Y-61, KM-56. Choice. $18

54602 *Switzerland, Confederation. 1980. 5 Francs. Ferdinand Holder. Y-64, KM-59. Choice. $18

54679 *Turkey. Muhammad V. 1327/1 (c.1910). 1 Piastre. Y-47, KM-748. Lightly toned AU-Unc. $15

54680 *Turkey. Muhammad V. 1327/6 (c.1914). 2 Piastres. Y-48, KM-749. Nice Unc. $18


54487 *Belgium. Brussels. 1691. Copper 29mm Jeton. Crowned Shield of William van Hamme , 56th Intendant of the Brussels Canal/Sailing Ship. The crown above the shield indicates that he was a Baron. Mit-2798, Dug-4577, Neumann-35094. VF for wear, but porous. $49

54703 *Bolivia. Cochabamba Dept. (1876). 5 Centavos. Daniel M. Quiroga/Eagle topped Fountain. Exceptional condition. Coc-11. Choice BU. $35

*54580 *Canada. nova scotia. 1813. one penny token. pure copper "preferable to paper"/trade and navigation. round knob, small letters. ns-20a4, br-962a. r&b unc. $450

*54701 *Ethiopia. menelik ii. ee 1895 (1903). bronze 32mm medal. bust of menelik right/steam locomotive. with original loop as made. paris mint product. gill-m41. matte proof as made.. $119

54702 *Europa Federation. Europino Coinage. 1952-HM (Ham-burg). 2 1/2 Europinos (= 1/2 Dollar). Bust of Dwight D. Eisenhower right/Torch. Bruce-X11, Kenny-19. PL BU. $30

54356 *France. Battle of Verdun. 1917. Bronze 27mm by SE Vernier. Helmeted bust of Maryanne right holding sword/The Porte Chausee in Verdun with fronds on either side, legend above and below... EF, looped as made. $30

*54409 *Great britain. edward i, king of england. 1731. bronze 41mm by j. dassier. bust of edward i left/a decorated circular temple, flanked by history and two figures. eimer-10, mi-i 5/2. ef, a few minor marks. $90

54435 *Ireland. Bank Token. 1805. 5 Pence. 2 year type. KM-Tn2, Cr-7. Toned GF/VF. $44

*54418 *Italy. venetian jewish merchant token. 1889. brass 36mm. struck by m. jesurum & co., for the 1889 paris exposition. attractive pictorial advertising token. ef-au. $119

*54673 *Sweden. gustav vi adloph. 1952. silver 31mm prize medal. bust of david davidson 3/4 right. he was sweden's first economic professor/beehive, wreath and legend.. ef. $60

*54579 *Switzerland. geneva, pacification of geneva. 1738. ae55mm by j. dassier. two allegorical females in front of building/two allegorical figures around arms.. nice ef. $149

*54593 *United states. t.l. kingsley & son. nd (1858-60). 24mm brass advertising token. t.l. kingsley & son 112 genesee st., utica ny around great wardrobe clothing/branches at 109 genesee st. aburun, 63 dominick st. rome. reeded edge type. miller-ny-1064. ch. unc. $99

End of Sale.