Weblist 42C - March 2012

Ancient and World Coins

Weblist 42C: March 2012

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Our March list is being prepared just before we leave for 10 days in Arizona and California for some rest and relaxation. Although visiting our 2 and 5 year old grandchildren will probably be neither restful or relaxing but we are looking forward to it. We've only been able to photograph a small portion of the coins thus if you see something priced at $25 or over that is not photographed please let us know and we will make every effort to send you either a digital image or a scan.

This list contains numerous nice coins from ancient Judaea and Rome as well as modern and medieval coins from around the globe. Among the Judaean coins are new purchases plus a few items that sold in our recent auction but the winning bidder has been unable to pay for. His loss and someone else's gain. In addition the Roman section includes not only some more Antoniniani from the Antioch mint from the mid 3rd century but also a very nice and very rare Fisci Ivdaici Sestertius of Nerva. By the time this list is out the results of the Shoshana collection of ancient Jewish coins will be history and many of the coins we list will seem very cheap.

Our world section is highlighted by 10 Dutch Lion Dollars (among the first coins used in Colonial America) as well a 3 coins from the Spainish Netherlands. Throughout the list almost every coin that we have listed previously has seen it's price drastically reduced.

These lists are done quickly and aren't checked very thoroughly for spelling, punctuation or formatting errors. We do apologize for that but we are a two person firm with not enough time on our hands. This seems to be the only way we can get these lists out on a consistent basis with a mix of coins in all prices ranges.


*54159 *Judaea, herod antipas. 4 bc- 39 ad. Æ10.5 (1.13g) 1/8 unit. tc within wreath/palm branch, date year 33 (29/30 ad). h-1206 (515), ajc-8, tjc-82. vg and extremely rare. $325

54164 *Judaea. Agrippa II, as King, Under Nero. 50-95 AD. Æ 1/2 Unit (16mm, 5.66g). Laureate bust of Nero right/Legend in 5 lines." In the time of King Agrippa, Neroias", Struck at Caesarea Paneas. H-1274, TJC-130. VF, somewhat porous. $300

54165 *Judaea. Agrippa II, as King, Under Nero. 50-95 AD. Æ 1/4 Unit (14mm, 3.80). Laureate bust of Nero right/Legend in 5 lines. "In the time of King Agrippa, Neroias", Struck at Caesarea Paneas. H-1275, TJC-131. F/Ch. VF, obv. bit porous. $300

54167 *Judaea. Agrippa II, as King, Under Domitian. 50-95 AD. Æ19 (6.57g) . Laureate bust of Domitian right/Nike-Victory stg r., l. foot on helmet, writing on shield, "Year 26, King Agrippa" 94/95 . H-1285a, TJC-165a. VF, bit o.c.. $325

54166 *Judaea. Agrippa II, as King, Under Domitian. 50-95 AD. Æ15 (4.20g). Laureate bust of Domitian right/Legend and date above galley (Year 19, King Agrippa). 78/79 AD. Hen-1312, TJC-148. VF on slightly tight flan. $650

54163 *Judaea. Pontiius Pilate. 16-26 AD. Æ Prutah (1.95g) . Libation Ladle (Simpulum), LIS = 16 = 29/30 AD/3 bound ears of barley. H-1341, TJC-331. Ch.VF, rev. bit o.c.. $450

54162 *Judaea. Pontiius Pilate. 16-26 AD. Æ Prutah (2.08g). Libation Ladle (Simpulum), Legend varient TIBEII YK. Date off flan, LIS = 16 =29/30 AD/3 bound ears of barley. H-1341, TJC-331v. VF, o.c.. $400

*54161 *Judaea. jewish war (1st revolt). 66-70 ad . silver shekel (13.42g). omer cup, "shekel of israel, year two"./three pomegranates on stem, "jerusalem the holy".. h-1358 (659), ajc-8, tjc-193. toned f/vf and somewhat porous especially on the obverse. $2250

54168 *Judaea. Jewish War, 1st Revolt. 66-70. Æ 1/8 Shekel (4.45g). Year 4, lulav branch flanked by etrog on either side, palm branch divides inscription/Chalice with pearled rim, "to the redemption of Zion". Hen-1369, TJC-214a. Nice VF. $750

54128 *Judaea. Ascalon, Trajan. 98-117. Æ23 (12.43g) . Laureate bust right/Turreted city-goddess resting on standard, standing on galley, altar between standard and her, dove to right, dated 216 = 112/113 AD. Ros-140. F-VF. $60

54169 *Judaea. Aelia Capitolina, Hadrian. 117=138. Æ22 (8.43g) . Bust of Hadrian right/Bust of Antoninus Pius right. Mesh-9. Ch. VF, desert patina. $750

54170 *Judaea. Aelia Capitolina, Elagabalus. 218-222 AD. Æ23 (11.84g). Laureate bust right/ Emperor on horse-back right, holding sword in left hand, raising r, wine jar in ex. (barely visible). Mesh-128. F-VF, scarce. $750

54171 *Samaria. Caesarea Maritima. Trajan. 98-117. Æ22 (9.50g) . Bust right/Winged Nike advancing left, holding wreath in right hand and palm branch in left.. Ros-21, K-24. Nice F/VF. $200

*54172 *Samaria. neapolis, antoninus pius. 138-141 ad. Æ medallion 33mm, 22.31g . laureate bust right/mt. gerizim, consisting of 2 masses, ravine in center, leading to roadway. shrine at top. year 88?. ros-9, bmc-23. f/gd fine. $2350


*52245 *Spain. obulco. 120-20 bc. Æ dupondius (43.74g), 38mm. female head right/plow and grain-ear. burgos-1391. f/g+, rim nick. $145

*28283 *Epeirote republic. 238-168 bc. ar drachm (4.44) . hd of zeus dodonaios r., wreathed w. oak/eagle/stg. r. on thunderbolt in oak wreath. sg-1996, cop-119. vf. $175

*52226 *Ionia. teos. 5th century bc. ar tetartemorion (.31g) . griffin seated right/incuse square. . . gvf+. very nice!. $285

*49410 *Caria. rhodos. c.166-88 bc. ar hemidrachm (1.53) . radiate head of helios facing slightly to the right/rose with bud on right, cornucopia at left, legend above. bmc-303. nice vf. $200

*53260 *Seleukid kings. antiochus vii. 132-129 bc. ar tetradrachm (16.63g), antioch mint . head of antiochus right /athena stg. left, holding nike in right hand, monograms to left and right. spahr-1862. gd vf+. $425

*52064 *Ptolemaic egypt. ptolemy i. 323-283 bc. ar tetradrachm (14.06). head of alexander the great right/athena alkidemos stg. right. sng cop-25ff. f+, bit porous . $450

*51602 *Ionia. smyrna. gordian to valerian. mid 3rd cent. ad. Æ26 (8.83). head of senate right/ homonoia standing left holding patera and cornucopia in border of dots. bmc-14, 247. cop-1326. fine. $60

*51153 *Syria. antioch, trajan decius. 249-251 . Æ tetradrachm (9.72) . laureate bust right, 3 pellets under bust/eagle standing left on club. prieur-572a. f-vf. $50

*52147 *Roman egypt. maximus caesar. 235-238, year 3. Æ tetradrachm (12.73) . bust righ//bust of zeus ammon right. unlisted by curtis, koln and bmc. m-3246, emm-3339. vf, obv. porous. $125


*53263 *Rome republic. anonymous. c. 86 bc. ar denarius (3.66g). laureate head of apollo right, thunder-bolt below/jupiter in quadriga right. sr-266, syd-723. nice vf. $125

*53842 *Rome. nerva. 96-98 (struck 97 ad). Æ sestertius (27.02g). laureate head right/palm tree, sc, fisci ivdaici calvmnia svblata. full legend! sr-1603b, ric-82, sr-3044. nice vf, green patina, light smoothing, a tad rough on reverse. the exact meaning of this coin is still unclear. most numismatic theories say that it was struck to commemorate the "insulting method" of collecting the jewish tax. however according to some roman and talmudic sources it meant the eliminaiton of the tax itself. and still another theory says that it just meant that nerva was commemorating vespasian's decree that the jewish tax was to pay rome rather than the temple in jerusalem. ex patrick tan and stephen gerson collections. certainly an important and controversial coin. $14,500

53888 *Rome. Otacilia Severa. Wife of Philip I. Silver Antoninianus (3.79g) of Antioch. Bust of Otacilia Severa right, crescent behind shoulders/Juno standing left, holding patera and scepter. SR-9152, RIC-127, RSC-20. Ch. toned EF. $119

53258 *Rome. Trajan Decius. 249-251. AR Antoninianus (4.17g) . Radiate bust right/Abundantia emptying cornucopia held in two hands. SR-9364, RIC-10b. VF. $30

53884 *Rome. Herennia Etruscilla. wife of Trajan Decius. Silver Antoninianus (4.34g) of Antioch . Bust right on crescent , 4 dots below bust. (Dots not mentioned in RIC or RSC)/Pudicitia seated left drawing veil from face and holding transverse scepter. SR-9496v, RIC-65a, RSC-19a. Choice EF. $299

53887 *Rome. Herennius Etruscus. 251 AD. Silver Antoninianus (4.41g) of Antioch . Radiate bust right, 2 dots below bust. (Presumably 1 dot missing from weak die)/Uberitas standing left, holding cow's udder (or purse) and cornucopia.. SR-9527, RIC-160bv (R), RSC-40b. EF, touch of porosity. $240

53910 *Rome. Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253. Silver Antoninianus (3.46g) of Antioch. Radiate bust right, II V (?) dots below bust/Felictas standing left holding long caduceus and cornucopia, IIV in ex. SR-9628, RIC-82 )S), RSC-34k. EF, minor porosity. $175

53880 *Rome. Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253. Silver Antoninianus (4.17g) of Antioch . Radiate bust right, 3 dots below bust/Mars hurrying left, holding olive-branch and spear, 3 dots below. SR-9638v, RSC-72c, RIC-85. EF and scarce. $140

53909 *Rome. Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253. Silver Antoninianus (3.99g) of Antioch . Radiate bust right, dot below bust/Pax standing left, holding olive-branch and scepter., dot below. SR-9641, RIC-86 (s), RSC-90a. Ch. toned EF/VF, rev weakly struck. $150

53879 *Rome. Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253. Silver Antoninianus (3.87g) of Antioch . Radiate bust right/Hexa-style temple contained seated statue of Rome. SR-9648, RIC-90, RSC-110. aEF. $110

53873 *Rome. Volusian. 251-253. Silver Antoninianus (3.89g) of Antioch . Radiate bust right, two dots below bust/Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia, 2 dots in exergue. SR-9739, RIC-225, RSC-5ff. Nice toned EF. $119

53876 *Rome. Volusian. 251-253. Silver Antoninianus (4.00g) of Antioch . Radiate bust right, VII below bust/Uberitas stg. left, holding cow's udder (or purse) and cornucopia. . SR-9772, RIC-237b, RSC-125a. Choice EF+, light flan crack. $175

53877 *Rome. Volusian. 251-253. Silver Antoninianus (3.25g) of Antioch . Radiate bust right, 2 dots below bust/Victoria standing left, holding wreath and palm, 2 dots in ex.. SR-9775, RSC-131, RIC-194. GVF/VF, weakly struck reverse.. $95

53868 *Rome. Gallienus. 253-268. Silver Antoninianus (3.66g) of Antioch . Radiate bust right/Diana advancing right, holding torch with both hands, crescent above head. SR-10209, RIC-291, RSC-206. Toned VF/EF, minor porosity. $89

51098 *Rome. Postumus. 260-269. Silvered Antoninianus (3.80) . Radiate bust right/Moneta standing $40

*51347 *Rome. valentinian i. 364-375. Æ3 (2.42g) of cyzicus . bust right/emp. stg., facing head right, holding standard and victory on globe, smka in ex. . ric-9, 10a (rare). nice vf. $40

53556 *Byzantine. Anonymous att. to Basil II &. Constantine VIII. (976-1028). Æ Follis (15.86g) . Facing bust of Christ/"Jesus Christ, King of Kings" in 4 lines. SB-1813. VG-F. $40


54110 *Angola. Portuguese Colony. 1948. 20 Centavos . /. KM-71, Y-23. Ch. Red BU. $24

51789 *Austria. Tirol, Leopold I (the Hogmouth). 1692. 3 Kreuzer (Groschen) of Hall . Bust right/ Crowned ornamental shields, date divided by crown. KM-1356, Her-1436. Choice EF. $45

*51617 *Austria. leopold i, the hogmouth. 1664. 15 kreuzer . his bust right within ornament circle and legend. km does not list date with this type cirucle/crowned arms, crown divides date at top. exceptional grade, virtually as struck. km-1198 (unl. date!). toned au-unc.. $180

54150 *Austria. Franz II. 1795-A (Vienna). 12 Kreützer . Crowned imperial double eagle/Legend. KM-2137, Cr-156. GVF, rim niks. $18

*51865 *Belgium. leopold ii. 1886-fr.. 50 centimes . nice "white" coin/. km-26, y-5. bu. $100

54149 *Belgium. Albert. 1911 (FL). 2 Frank . Two year type/. KM-75, Y-35. Choice EF, toned. $22.50

54126 *British Honduras. Victoria. 1885. Cent . /. Y-1, KM-6. VF/aVF. $12.50

*50179 *Cuba. republic. 1952. 40 centavos . 50th year of republic/. y19, km-25. nice unc. $25

54124 *Cyprus. George V of GB. 1927. Half Piastre. Y-14, KM-17. VF. $24

52691 *Denmark. Christian IX. 1888. 2 Kroner . 25th Anniversary of reign/. Y-15, KM-799. BU. $100

54119 *East Africa. George V of GB. 1920-H. Florin . Bust left. Basically a one year type, struck at 3 mints/Lion walking right with mountains in background. Weakly struck obverse as usual. Y-19, KM-17. G/VF+. $45

*52747 *Egypt. occupation of napoleon. 1203/14 (c.1800). ar para (billon silver) . scarce type/. km-145, cr-63a. vf for type. $110

54151 *Ethiopia. Menelik II. EE1889-A. Birr . Crowned bust right/Crowned lion left, left leg raised. KM-5, Y-9. Fine, nicks. $45

51492 *France. Auxerre. Anonymous Counts. c. 970. AR Denier . +AVTSIOCERR CI around Cross/Cross without legend, pellets at top. Boud-1730,, SCMF-4451. Fine. $35

53216 *France. First Republic. Decimal Coinage. L'AN7-A (1798-99). 1 Centime of Paris . Head of Liberty left/Very well struck for this typically not so well struck coin. Cr-134, KM-646. Nice VF. $45

54125 *French Indo-China. 1923-A. 20 Cent . Seated Liberty/. KM-17.1, Y-17. Nice Unc. $24

*51626 *Germany. bavaria, karl theodore. 1784. madonna taler . bust of karl theodore right, i. sch on shoulder/madonna and child. some light adjustment marks on reverse. km-260.3, dav-1965. lightly toned ef-au. much nicer than usually seen. $310

54145 *Germany. East Friesland. Friedich II. 1772-A. Stuber. Better date/Obverse scratches. Berlin mint. Cr-7, KM-245. VF (but for scr's). $59

54144 *Germany. Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Adolph Friedrich IV. 1764-IHL. 1/6 Thaler (1/4 Gulden) . Bust right/Arms. Cr-23, KM-62. Toned VF, some flaws. $55

*50881 *Germany. saxony, christian ii, johann georg. & august. 1593. taler . 3 facing 1/2 figures with divided date above, christian iohan: georg et avgvstvs/helmeted arms, hb at upper right, frat: et. dv-ces. saxon.. dav-9820. vf, poss. mt rmvd. $225

*53211 *Germany. schweinfurt. 1622. 1 kipper pfennig . eagle on shield, s-m, 16-22 to either side, monogram/above/uniface. very rare, unlisted in most catalogs. km-, ek-, kr-, neu-. ch. au. $115

*53601 *Germany. karl goetz pattern. 1927-d. 5 mark medallic issue . von hindenburg. br-x1, km-m! (386). proof. $80

54114 *Germany (West). Raiffeisen. 1968-J. 5 Mark . Silver commemorative. 150th Anniversary of Birth. KM-121, Y-121. Ch. BU. $11

*50579 *Germany. ddr (east germany). 1984-a (berlin). 5 mark . 150th anniversary death of von lutzow. km-98. bu. $45

54109 *Great Britain. Charles II. 1673. Farhing. Laureate bust left/Brittania seated left. Copper type. KM-436.1, S-3394. Nice Fine. $89

*52212 *Great britain. anne (after union with scotland). 1709. octavo on edge. s-3604, km-525.1. toned vf. $550

54146 *Great Britain. George III. Comptemporary. Counterfeit. 1775. Half Penny . Comptemporary counterfeits circulated along with genuine examples in the 1770's in GB and Colonial America. 6.81g. KM-602, Cr-18. VG-F. $175

*53599 *Greece. republic. 1978. 100 drachmai . 50th annivesary bank of greece/athena seated right. very scarce. y-82, km-121. proof, some marks in field. $100

54136 *India. Bengal Presidency. (1829) -"37". Pice . /. Cr-58, KM-56. aEF. $30

54137 *India. Bengal Presidency. (1829) -"37". Pice . Calcutta mint/. Cr-706e, KM-57. EF. $24

54135 *India. Madras Presidency. 1803. 1 Cash . Lion rampant left above date/Original strike, not a modern fantasy. Cr-431, KM-315. Nice R&B EF, sm nik. $18

54134 *India. Alwar. Victoria. 1877. Rupee . /. Y-5, KM-45. VF. $18

54138 *Iran. Nasir al-din Shah. AH1296 (1878). 1 Kran (1000 Dinars) . Crown above lion and sun, all within wreath. Y-11, KM-899. VF. $15

54139 *Iran. Reza Shah. SH-1305 (1926). 1 Kran (1000 Dinars) . Crown above lion and sun, all within wreath. Y-101, KM-1095. VF. $18

54147 *Ireland. George II. 1746. Half Penny . Bust left/Harp. Cr-2.2, KM-130.1. Fine. $15

*53359 *Israel. israel's first coin. 5708 (1948). 25 mils . only coin dated during israel's first year, a few areas of oxidation and a couple of nicks. y-1, p-1, km-8. au. $350

*53567 *Israel. henrietta szold. 1960/5721. 1 lira . key coin of hanukkah series/. km-32, h-3a. proof. $80

51909 *Israel. Abraham and the Stars. 1999/5759. 2 New Sheqalim. Biblical Art Series/. KM-334. Proof. $75

54089 *Israel. Isaiah - The Wolf with the Lamb. 2007/5767. 1 New Sheqel. Wolf with the Lamb. Biblical Arts Series. KM-429, H-40. Proof-like. $55

*53570 *Israel. seafaring. 1963/5723. 5 lirot . anniversary series/key coin of series. a-6a, km-39. ch. proof, tiny nick. $175

54113 *Israel. People of the Book. 1981/5741. 2 Sheqalim . Anniversary Issue. KM-112, A-24. BU. $35

54112 *Israel. Jabotinsky. 1980/5741. 25 Sheqalim. Special Issue Commemorative. KM-114, SI-4a. Proof. $40

52318 *Israel. Oninyahu. 195/5745. 1 Sheqel. Ancient Merchant ship. Y-146, KM-155. Ch. Proof-like. $18

*54093 *Israel. wild goat & acacia tree. 2000/5761. 1 sheqel. holyland wildlife series. km-347, hlw-9. pl. $35

54094 *Israel. Wild Goat & Acacia Tree. 2000/5761. 2 New Sheqalim. Holyland Wildlife Series. KM-349, HLW-9a. Proof. $60

54129 *Italy. Lombardy-Venetia, (Hapsburg). 1852-V. 5 Centesimi . Cr-31.2. GVF. $12.50

54130 *Italy. Lombardy-Venetia, (Hapsburg). 1852-V. 10 Centesimi . Cr-32. VF. $18

*52013 *Italy. naples & sicily. ferdinand iv. 1798 p ap . 20 grana. head right/crowned arms, date in legend, value below. cr-55, . choice bu, small flan flaw. $400

54153 *Italy. Papal Sates, Pius IX. 1865-XXR. 20 Baiocchi . Bust left/Value and date within wreath. KM-1360. VF+. $24

54154 *Italy. Papal Sates, Pius IX. 1866-XXIR. 1 Lira . Bust left/Value and date within wreath. KM-1378. VF. $18

54131 *Italy. Sardinia. Carlos Felix. 1827-P. 1 Lira . Bust right/Crowned Arms, Anchor mint mark. Cr-103.2. F/VF, rim nick. $30

54132 *Italy. Sardinia. Carlos Felix. 1827-L. 2 Lire . Bust right/Crowned Arms, Eagle head mint mark. Cr-104.1. Toned aF/F. $30

*50816 *Italy. sicily william i. palermo mint. 1154-1166. ar kharruba (.37) . cufic legend/8 pointed star within circle. var-436, bi-1774. f/vf. $75

54133 *Italy. Tuscany, 2nd Provisional Govt. 1859. 5 Centesimi . One year type with name of Victor Emmanuel/. Cr-83. Nice brown EF. $24

53499 *Jordan. Wildlife Conservation Series. 1977. 2 1/2 Dinars . Rhim Gazelle. Y-23, KM-31. Proof. $40

*52011 *Lithuania. sigismund i of poland. (15)13. ar half groschen (1.22) . knight charging left/eagle. gum-507. ch. toned ef-au, somewhat softly struck. $69

*53717 *Mexico. philip v. 1737. half real . overdate/. cr-1, km-65. fine. $45

*52214 *Mexico. ferdinand vi. 1752 mo. half real . crowned arms/pillars. km-67.1, cr-13. ch. ef. $150

*54098 *Netherlands. gelderland. 1643. lion dollar . standing knight left/rampant lion left. dav-4849, km-15.5. toned vf. nice for type. $150

*54100 *Netherlands. holland. 1589. lion dollar . standing knight left/rampant lion left, flower above, x-x to either side. dav-8838. nice vf for type. $185

*54099 *Netherlands. kampen. 1652. lion dollar . standing knight left/rampant lion left, lily above. dav-4879, km-35.2. avf, some porosity, not completely round. $150

*54104 *Netherlands. overijssel. 1608. lion dollar . standing knight left/rampant lion left, without mintmark. dav-4860, km-12. typically crude vf, bit toned. $170

*54105 *Netherlands. overijssel. 1617. lion dollar . standing knight left/rampant lion left, without mintmark, better date. dav-4860, km-12. typically crude fine+. $130

*54107 *Netherlands. overijssel, william iii. 1622. rijks dollar . laureate half figure right holding sword, with small arms to lower right/crowned arms with lions holding sword and arms, rosette at top. possible variety with rosette on reverse!. dav-4832, km-13, del-948v. crude fine. $145

*54106 *Netherlands. overijssel. 1643/2. lion dollar . standing knight left/rampant lion left, without mintmark,overdate. dav-4860, km-12. typically crude vf/f. $130

*54102 *Netherlands. west friesland. 1622. lion dollar . standing knight left/rampant lion left, without mintmark. km-14.1, dav-4870. typically crude vf. $150

*54103 *Netherlands. west friesland. 1642. lion dollar . standing knight left/rampant lion left, lily mintmark. km-14.2, dav-4870. typically crude vf. $160

*54101 *Netherlands. zwolle. 1649. lion dollar . standing knight left/rampant lion left,. dav-4885, km-46. vf/f, some flat areas. $135

51484 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1931. 50 Mils . Scarce date. /. KM-6, Y6. Nice VF. $90

53745 *Peru. Charles III. 1782-MI. 2 Reales of Lima . Bust right/Arms. Cr-43, KM-76. VG/F. $40

*53454 *Peru. republic. 1827-jm lima. 8 reales . /. cr-132, km-142.1. gd fine. $100

52239 *Poland. Sigismund I. 1509. Half Groschen . Crown, legend and date around/Eagle, legend around. Gum-480. F-VF, some weak spots. $45

53026 *Portugal. Republic. 1916. 20 Centavos . 2 year t ype/. Y-49, KM-562. BU, lightly wiped. $65

53060 *Portugal. Republic. 1825. 10 Centavos. Y-40, KM-573. 90% Red BU. $45

53752 *Portugal. Republic. 1925. 20 Centavos . 2 year type/. Y-41, KM-574. Ch. R&B Unc. $45

54155 *Russia. Alexander II. 1862. 15 Kopeks . /. Y-21. Ch. AU. $55

54156 *Russia. Alexander II. 1863. 20 Kopeks . /. Y-22.2. Unc. $47.50

54157 *Russia. Alexander III. 1894. 50 Kopeks . Last date of type /. Y-45. VF. $69

53767 *Russia. USSR. 1926. 50 Kopeks . Wide obverse rim!/. Y-89.2. Unc. $60

54117 *Russia. USSR. 1980. 1 Rouble . Olympics, Torch/. Y-178. Proof. $30

53628 *Russia. Siberia, Catherine II. 1768. 2 Kopecks . /. Cr-4. VF, but scr's on obv. field. $60

53773 *St. Thomas & Prince. Portuguese Colonial. 1929. 10 Centavos . Scarce 1 yr type/. Y-1, KM-2. BU. $59

51433 *SAN MARINO. Republic. 1938-R. 5 Lire . Bust left within beaded circle/Plant divides value above plow. Last year of type. Y-9, KM-9. Choice toned unc. $40

53635 *Serbia. Peter I. 1915 (a). 2 Dinara . Designer's name under bust, with coin alignment. Scarce, unpriced in Krause. Y-21, KM-25.3. Toned EF-AU. $60

53509 *Seychelles. Wildlife Conservation Series. 1978. 50 Rupees. Squirrel Fish. Y-39, KM-39. Proof. $40

53510 *Seychelles. Wildlife Conservation Series. 1978. 100 Rupees. White-tailed tropical bird. Y-40, KM-40. Proof. $50

54090 *South Africa. ZAR. 1894. 2 Shillings . Bust left/Arms. KM-6. Fine. $15

54091 *South Africa. ZAR. 1896. 2 Shillings . Bust left/Arms. KM-6. Fine. $15

54092 *South Africa. ZAR. 1896. 2 1/2 Shillings. KM-7. F/VF. $22.50

53366 *Southern Rhodesia. George VI. 1940. 2 Shillings. Y-20, KM-19. EF, lightly wiped. $75

*28368 *Spain. castile & leon, juan i. 1379-90. ar real (3.37) of seville crowned iohn/royal coat-of-arms in /quatrelobe; roses and s (mintmark) . cc-440. vf, bit rough. $225

50529 *Spain. Charles VII, Pretender. 1875. 5 Centimos . Bust right/Arms.One year type. KM-669, Y66. VF+, dipped so color is orange. $50

*53369 *Spain. alfonso xiii. 1891-pgm (91). 1 peseta. y-89, km-691 . nice toned ef. $75

*54095 *Spanish netherlands. gelders, phillipp ii of spain. 1557. phillips daalder . bust of phillip left, date under bust/crowned arms on cross, crowns at sides. dav-8491, del-12, gh-210-1c. af, a few usual flat spots and not completely round. $249

*54096 *Spanish netherlands. tournai, albert & isabelle. nd (1598-1621). patagon without date . burgandian cross with crown, crowned monograms to l. & r., fleece below/crowned arms in order chain. dav-4438, del-260, gh-311-7a. toned, only a few weak spots. $150

*54097 *Spanish netherlands. tournai, albert & isabelle. nd (1598-1621). patagon without date . burgandian cross with crown, crowned monograms to left & right, fleece below/crowned arms in order chain. dav-4438, del-260, gh-311-7a. f-vf. $130

53511 *Sudan. Wildlife Conservation Series. 1976/1396. 2 1/2 Pounds . Shoebill Stork. Y55, KM-70. PL BU. $40

53512 *Sudan. Wildlife Conservation Series. 1976/1396. 5 Pounds . Hippopotamus. Y-56, KM-71. PL BU. $45

54152 *Switzerland. Graubunden. 1807. Batzen. 3 Oval shields, date in exergue/Value within wreath. KM-7, Cr-4. VF. $55

54127 *Switzerland. St. Gallen. 1732. VI (6) Kreuzer. Rampant Bear left/Vaalue and date within wreath. KM-89, Cr-38. Fine. $24

52855 *Switzerland. Confederation. 1996. 20 Francs . Giant Boy. KM-76. Ch. BU. $25

54120 *Timor. Portuguese Colony. 1958. 3 Escudos . One year type. KM-14, Y-8. Ch. BU. $32.50

54122 *Timor. Portuguese Colony. 1958. 6 Escudos . One year type. Y-9, KM-15. BU, light toning. $35

54121 *Timor. Portuguese Colony. 1970. 1 Escudo . One year type. KM-19, Y-14. Ch. Red Unc. $18

54118 *Timor. Portuguese Colony. 1970. 2 1/2 Escudos . One year type. KM-20, Y-15. BU. $12.50

*50161 *Turkey. republic. 1960. 2 1/2 lira . scarce in unc./stainless steel. y115, km-893.1. bu. $50

53514 *Venezuela. Wildlife Conservation Series. 1975. 50 Bolivares. Giant Armadillo Y-47. PL BU. $50

53637 *Venezuela. Republic. 1983. 100 Bolivares . 200th Anniversary of Birth of Simon Bolivar. Y-58. Proof. $40

53515 *Zaire. Wildlife Conservation Series. 1975. 2 1/2 Zaires . Mountain Gorillas. Y-8, KM-9. PL BU. $40

53516 *Zaire. Wildlife Conservation Series. 1975. 5 Zaires . Okapi. Y9, KM-10. PL BU. $50

53517 *Zambia. Wildlife Conservation Series. 1979. 5 Kwacha. Kafue Lechwe. Y-18, KM-18a. Proof. $45

53527 *Zambia. Wildlife Conservation Series. 1979. 10 Kwacha . Taita Falcon. Y-19, KM-19a. Proof. $55


54123 *Belgium. Ghent. German Occupation. 1915. Franken. Brass Plated Iron/WWI token coinage. KM-Tn2. EF. $24

54116 *Great Britain. Apothecaries Weight. 1847. Two Drams, Bronze 21 . "Apothecaries Weight Registered Marcch 16, 1847 W & T A" aorund crown/"Two 3 ij Drams" in 3 lines. (W & T A = W & T Avery). . VF. $30

54140 *Ireland. George III. 1813. 10 Pence Bank Token . Laureate bust of George III right/. Cr-9, KM-TN5. VG/F. $12.50

51853 *Peru. Token Coinage. 1932. Un Sol . National Defense. Inca Warrior attacking with war club. One year type. KM Tn-4. BU. $30

54142 *Sumatra. Merchant Token. 1219 (1804). 1 Keping . "P"/Lions supporting shield. KM-TN1. VF. $15

54115 *Sweden. Hotel Christiania. ND. 5 Ore Token . Bronze 28mm. "Hotel Christitnia" around "5 Ore"/"C.C. Sporrong & Co. , Stockholm" around Central hole. . GVF, some red remains. $48

*53636 *Thailand. cremations at phra mane. rs 119 (1900). silvered 34mm medal . 5 tiered umbrella at left, 3 tired umbrella at right, "cremations at phra mane grounds, rs119"/shields of the prince & princesses.1) upper left, a coronet with plume, emblem of the prince; 2) in center, a pavilion, the emblem of princess lamom phraya sudarat; ) at upper right a "chada" the emblem of price jaturonrasmi; 4) lower left, a sunburst with crown, emblem of prince somotivongvarothai and 5) lower right, a "chada", emblem of princess siraphorn sophon. mtre-pg.94/.5. ef. $250

End of Sale.


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