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Ancient and World Coins

Auction Sale #40J

This sale is now closed. Please see our list of prices realized.

Closing Date and Time: Monday, December 13, 2010 9:00 PM Mountain Time

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Catalog Descriptions and Research by Bill Rosenblum

Images and Layout by Rita Rosenblum

Website development by Brian Rosenblum

Help we couldn't do without by Chuck Mitton, Chuck Mattson, Ira Rezak, Alan Hurford and Simcha Kuritzky


(including David Donald collection of Russian Coins (313-373) WORLD PAPER MONEY (452-521)

TERMS OF SALE   (back to top)

1. All bids are per lot as numbered in this catalog.

2. All bids are strictly cash (cash, check, money order, bank draft, bank wire or approved credit card) in U.S. dollars. See Term #10 for credit cards terms. All checks must be written in US dollars on a US Bank. We no longer accept payment via Paypal. Bidders are responsible for any & all bank charges for bank wires etc.

3. Mailbids sales are not approval sales. The bidder must assume responsibility to pay for all lots bid on. Lots may be returned for reason of authenticity or improper description only within 3 days of receipt. Lots examined prior to the sale may not be returned for any reason except authenticity. Late payers forfeit any return privileges.

4. All materials are guaranteed genuine, unless noted otherwise.

5. Bid sheets must be signed.

6. We reserve the right to reject any bid.

7. Title does not pass until lots are paid for in full.

8. Postage, insurance & handling are extra. A minimum of $5 per shipment will be charged.

9. In some cases we may have duplicate lots of identical description and these may be substituted to under bidders.

10. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted for payment. However an additional 3% is charged for use of said card in auctions and mailbid sales. Please note if you use a credit card and are a new customer, we must be able to confirm your billing address. For those of you overseas this may be difficult so we ask that you include a numismatic reference.

11. Digital photos, scans, black & white or color copies are available for most single lots in the sale. Photos, scans and black and white copies are $1 per item, while color copies are $2 per side. Payable in advance, please. In most cases digital images sent via email are free. Please do not wait until the last week to ask us for these.

12. All lots with 6 or more items are sold as is and are not returnable.

13. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt of invoices unless arrangements are made prior to the closing of the sale. Late payers forfeit any rights of return. All invoices over 30 days overdue are subject to an interest charge of 1 1/2% per month.

14. There is a $25 charge for bad checks.

15. In case of tie bids, the earliest bid received will win the lot.

16. Phone, fax, mail and email bids are accepted, however phone bids, should be confirmed in writing. All email bids will be confirmed by a return email, otherwise no confirmation will be sent unless you ask us to.

17. Estimates are just that, estimates. Lots may and do, sell for above and below estimate. Please bid what the lot is worth to you. High bids will be reduced to 5 to 10% over the 2nd high bid when possible.

18. Bidders are responsible for errors in bidding, please check your bid sheet carefully.

19. There are no buyer's fees in our sales.

20. All overseas packages will be shipped via registered or express mail at buyer's risk.

21. Bidders not known to us must provide us with satisfactory credit references or pay a 25% deposit.

22. Prices realized will be published after the sale and will be mailed to all consignors, subscribers and competitive bidders. Others may receive a copy for $5 or check our website.

23. Slabbed (Encapsulated) coins graded and certified by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS may not be returned for grading reasons.

24. The minimum acceptable bid on any lot is at least 60% of the estimate. In some cases a reserve may be higher than that, but it will never be higher than the estimate. We have made every effort to make the estimates realistic and conservative. In addition no bids on coins and medals of precious metal lots will be accepted that are below the melt value of the item. For our auction purposes we are defining precious metals as being of silver, gold, platinum or palladium. The price of gold as we write this is $1390 per troy ounce and silver is more than $26.70 per troy ounce. As you are well aware the markets are in a state of turmoil and these prices will probably be different when you read this and then again different when the sale closes.

If viewing the catalog online is sufficient for you, please let us know so that we can cut down on the number of catalogs that we have printed and mailed out. If you are an active competitive bidder and wish to continue to receive printed catalogs we, of course, are more than happy to continue sending them to you. But please note we will be reducing our mailing list significantly before our next auction.


Our Fall Auction Catalog usually comes out about a month earlier than this and is 10 to 20% larger than the one you are holding in your hands or reading on our website. As some of you no doubt know, my wife Rita had major back surgery in early September and couldn't work for more than a month and after that for only a few hours at a time. In addition I spent at least a week away from the office and many more hours tending to Rita and doing things around the house which Rita hasn't been able to do. Family always comes before business.

As many of you know Rita is a major part (some may say the major part) of our business because she is the one who takes the photos and is in charge of the catalog layout. She took many of the images in July and August before I had even begun to write the catalog and then took some in October. Therefore we have far few photos then we usually do and it's possible that some may be out of order as well. However if there is a lot you would like to see a photograph of, please let us know and we will try to supply you with a digital photograph if at all possible.

LOT VIEWING SCHEDULE   (back to top)

We will have a bourse table at the Aurora, Colorado Show on Saturday November 27th (the Saturday after Thanksgiving) between 9 AM and 4 PM or so. The show will be held at the John Q. Hammons Convention Center which is located at the rear entrance of the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the northeast corner of I-70 and Chambers Road. We will have a great majority of the lots available for viewing there but will not be bringing large, heavy or bulky lots with us. If there is something specific you would like to see, please contact us by early Friday afternoon and we will make every effort to bring it with us.

We will also be bringing some of the lots to the December 3rd meeting of DAWN. Please contact us for details. If neither of those times or places are convenient to you we may be able to arrange a private viewing. Please contact us.


We will stop taking bids after 9:00 PM Mountain time on December 13th, 2010 or as soon as our phone and/or Fax stops ringing for 10 minutes. Please do not wait until the last minute and get shut out. In every sale a number of bidders can not get through on the last night. No matter when you call, you cannot be guaranteed to be the last bidder because the sale will extend for at least 10 minutes after your call. Once it is over we will not answer the phone at all. If time is running late and the phone is busy, I strongly suggest sending us an email or a fax with your bid or bids. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS AUCTION ENDS ON MONDAY, NOT ON THURSDAY.

We suggest you bid above estimate if you want an item as high bids will be reduced. Our bid sheets offer several bidding options that can save you money, optimize your bids and see that you get the lots that you really want. If you are unsure of how to use these options, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to explain them to you.

Please keep in mind that in some cases there may be unpublished reserves set either by the consignor or the cataloger and no bids of less than 60% of estimate are considered. In some cases the reserve is higher than 60% of estimate but it is never more than the estimate.We do not have a call back service, but after placing your bid you may contact us as many times as you like to check on your bids. And we take seriously the commitment to reduce bids. We do not reveal the high bid of any lot, but if you have placed a bid on a lot, you may contact us after your bid has been placed and we will tell you if you are the high bidder.

Usually well over 1/3 of all successful bids are reduced and over 75% of successful bidders have at least one of their winning bids reduced. We believe that the best strategy to being a successful bidder is placing your bids early and not waiting until the last minute. And because we reduce the high bid to no more than 10% over the 2nd high bid whenever possible we think it makes sense to send in your bid early with the confidence that your bid will be reduced if at all possible. It's a successful auction when everybody is satisfied with the results; the consignors, the bidders and the auctioneers.

We plan to have the majority of the material in the sale in our offic , with the exception of Thursday November 25th which is Thanksgiving, until the close of the sale if you need more detailed description of any of the lots. However, please contact us as well in advance of the close of the sale as possible in order that we can provide you with as much information as we can. We will be happy to return your call if we cannot provide you with the information you require when you call, fax or email.

We will confirm all email bids received within 24 hours of receiving the bid. If you do not receive a confirmation please contact us. We have been deluged by spam as I'm sure many of you have also, thus we ask that when sending us a bid or inquiring about the sale, please put "Bids" or "Mailbid Sale" or "Auction" in the subject line so we do not delete your email along with the junk we receive every day. We do not confirm mail or fax bids unless specifically asked to do so. Please write clearly on your bid sheet. If possible in addition to the lot # and your maximum bid a small description is most helpful.

No information will be available about the results of the sale until all bids have been checked and invoices written. This should take about 3 days. We will not be answering the phone until that information is ready. We hope to have results ready by Friday, December 17th.

Please note that this entire catalog is also up on our website or will be shortly. Our website address is There you will find not only everything in this catalog, but also color images of all lots pictured. If the images are not up on our site when you receive this catalog they should be soon.

NO BUYER'S FEE   (back to top)

There has been quite a bit of discussion lately about companies that charge what some say are excessive buyer's fees. We do not charge any buyer's fees in our sales. You are charged only for the amount of your winning bid plus postage and shipping charges. If you want the convenience of using your credit card we do charge you a small fee to help cover our costs.

HIGHLIGHTS OF AUCTION 40J   (back to top)

There are 28 lots of gold coins and medals in this catalog. Those lots are: 219-225, 244, 259, 378, 381, 409-412, 415, 433-440, 668, 692-693 and 703.

Our listing of ancient Jewish coins is probably the smallest we've offered in 20+ years but what we lose in quantity we more than make up for in quality because among the items being offered are 3 Jewish War (First Revolt) Shekels, a Bar Kochba Revolt Sela and eight Bar Kochba silver Zuzim. In addition this section contains a very nice large bronze of Herod the Great, a couple of rare city coins and numerous lower priced but desirable city issues as well. By the way we have used the new Hendin numbers (see page v for information about obtaining the book from us) along with the 4th edition numbers in parenthesis wherever possible. Many of the Jewish coins, as well as the silver Greek coins in the next section were bought in Europe in the 1970's and 1980's and their tags are included.

Ancient coins are more time consuming for Rita to photograph than world coins, medals or paper money which is one of the reasons we have so few ancient coins to offer. However there are still a number of attractive, desirable and seldom seen coins available in the Greek and Roman sections. Among the highlights are a large bronze of Obulco in Spain, 2 Celtic Potin pieces from Gaul, a rare Messina Tetradrachm, two lifetime Alexander the Great Tetradrachms, a high grade Stater of Tarsos, and a run of silver coins from Arados, Byblos and Tyre in Phoenicia. There are a handful of Roman Egyptian coins including rare issues of Augustus, Livia and Sabina as well as more offerings from the collection of "Roman Women" that we have been selling for the past 4 sales. In addition there are very high grade silver coins of Titus, Trajan, Lucius Verus, Maximinus I and Diocletian.

The major highlight of this sale is the more than 50 Russian Rubles from the David H. Donald Collection. Most of these rubles were purchased from the leading dealers in world coins by David during the 1980's. Where time and space permitted we listed the source of many of these coins and we would be happy to try to find the pedigree of others if needed. It was a pleasure cataloguing this section and noting the prices he paid for these when there were no collectors in Russia buying them.

Of course there are many other lots of coins, tokens and medals in this section from David, other consignors and even from our own inventory. Among other offerings are numerous Australian and New Zealand 19th century trade tokens, a rare 1898 Cuban Peso, a few George III "dollars" countermarked over South American 8 Reales and many type coins of the world from the Donald Collection. Two of the most interesting lots (175 & 176) are Sir Edward Thompson's Medallic Bible in the rare leather albums. Actually Lot 175 is the Medallic Bible 50 large mint medals in 5 leather covered albums, while Lot 176 is what he labeled enameled impressions, although I think they are more like colored wax. The two lots are fascinating, in addition to being extremely rare, and were part of award winning exhibit at the 1976 ANA convention in New York City.

Other world coin highlights include a nice run of Greek coins of John Capodistrias and Otto, two rare German talers, a Guatemalan Quetzal, a type set of Hawaiian coins, Israeli gold coins, a Venetian Osello, a rare and very high grade silver ducat from the Batavian Republic, two Palestine Holy Land Tokens (one of which may be a previously unknown sub-type), a Mikveh Israel 1/2 Piastre token and a complete set of Cafe Werner tokens. Rounding out this section are gold and silver coins from Switzerland, some modern, but rare coins of the Ukrainian Republic and type coins of the United States in various metals including gold and silver.

Our World Paper Money section is small as well but is not lacking in desirable items. Among the more attractive items are a number of rare and/or high grade concentration camp notes, an uncirculated Indian 2 Rupees, 8 Annas note which Pick lists as worth $6500 and a stunning large size 1000 Rupee Indian note of 1938. Our Israeli sec`A0ion is smaller than usual but among the best we've had in years and offers a high grade carpet note, an "inverted" signature note, a 1948 Anglo-Palestine Specimen set, a high grade 10 Pound note from the same series, a 50 Pound Bank Leumi note as well as two here-to-fore unknown Trial Proofs for Shekel notes. We also are offering 10 Palestine Currency Board Notes many in higher grades including a stunning 19440 10 Pound note in EF!

Part Two includes a number of rare plaques in glass frames by Boris Schatz of the Bezalel School including one of Theodore Herzl. Other highlights include two "Judenkopefgroschen" from Meissen, a run of Biblical related Jetons from Hans Krauwinkel, rare medals of Rabbi Henri Loeb, Moses Montefiore, Rabbi Adlolph Jellinek, Rabbi Simon Hevesi, Simon Flexner, Otto Lillenthal and Arthur Libert among others. The Jellinek and Loeb medals are being offered in silver! For the first time we are offering three different Jewish related medals by Harald Salomon as well as two rare Rumanian-Jewish tokens. Also numerous Holocaust related medals from three collections are listed as well as a John Kennedy JNF medal, the first I can recall offering. In our last sale we offered medals commemorting the 250th and 350th Anniversaries of Jews in America, in this sale we offer the 300th Anniversary medal.

The medal section ends with a small but nice offering of State medals, including a run of the rare 35mm silver medals, a Golda Meir Prime Minister's medal in silver, two seldom seen large size silver medals and the famous large size silver Sinai Campaign medal.

The paper and Holocaust related sections are both small but among the items worth noticing are a run of high grade and in some cases scarce to rare anti-Semitic notgeld as well as a Litzmannstadt Ghetto Children's Food Card.

TWO NEW BOOKS   (back to top)

GUIDE BOOK TO BIBLICAL COINS, FIFTH EDITION by David Hendin.. 2010. The fifth edition of the most important book on Biblical coins. This latest edition contains over 635 pages and more than 2000 illustrations and photos. He's added a tremendous number of new coins from the 5th to 3rd Centuries BC as well as numerous new Judaen Coins. The book far exceeds his previous editions and I heartily endorse it. As I mentioned in an earlier paragraph I've tried to use his new numbers as well as his fourth edition numbers in my descriptions of the coins. Normally the book is $85 plus $5 shipping, but I've extended our special through December 31. $75 postpaid (US only) which is a savings of more than 15%!

A CATALOG OF HOLOCAUST MEDALS:A History Etched in Metal by Severin Szperling, with his daughter Julie Szperling. 2010. This is a new 250 page, 7" x 10" card cover catalog of Severin Szperling's collection of Holocaust related medals and coins. There are hundreds of full-color photographs along with descriptions of each medal. While I think the book can be improved, there is no index for instance, it is by far the best book on the subject I have ever seen. I received my copy of this book just a few weeks ago and it is already shows evidence of how much I have used it. I've enclosed a leaflet about ordering the book but if you are reading this online, you can order it at, or You can also order by phone at 888-934-0888, extension 3. You can not order the book from me.

FIXED PRICE LISTS   (back to top)

As we mentioned in 2009 we no longer issue printed Fixed Price Lists of ancient and world coins and related items. However we periodically issue lists of coins, tokens, medals, banknotes and numismatic literature on our website. Originally we had hoped to have a list out every two weeks. In reality it has been more like once a month with the exception of the past few months when Rita's health issues became our number one priority. If you want to be notified of these lists please send us your email address and we will send you an email when our list is up on our website. If you would rather not receive the email I recommend that you check our website ( periodically. If you do not have access to the internet the only way you can receive these lists is to send us a number of #10 stamped, self-addressed envelopes and we will print out a list and send it to you. The only printed lists we send out are our two auction catalogs per year and our annual stock list of Israel and Palestine coins and paper money.


Just as we finished writing this catalog we took possession of thousands of pounds of African Odd and Curious Money from the collection and inventory of the late Mark Bir. Odd and Curious Money is also known as Primitive Money, Ethnographic Money, Traditional Money and "that strange stuff". But I guess plastic credit cards, Paypal and virtual on-line payments are pretty strange also.

We have no idea of when we are going to get to the collection, nor how we are going to sell it. We actually don't even know what is exactly in it ,although we know there are manillas, bracelets, Katanga crosses, throwing knives, spears, stone money among the boxes we saw labeled. Mark collected and dealt in African material so I'm guessing that is what is in the group. I would guess that some of the more unusual items will be in future auctions, others will be sold on-line, while still others will be sold at shows as I really have little desire in trying to pack and mail a 5 foot spear to Australia. Anyway if you are interested in this field, or know someone that is, please let us know and we will contact you when material becomes available.

Frankly Rita knows this field far better than I do and since her main job for the next few months is to recover it may take us awhile to go through it..

MEL STEINBERG   (back to top)

A final sad note: Mel Steinberg, a friend and a colleague for almost 40 years, and a giant in the field of World Paper Money passed away recently. Mel passed away the day after watching his and my Yankees lose in the playoffs. Our condolences to Gail, Jeremy and the rest of the family.


ANCIENT JEWISH COINS   (back to top)

*1 samaria. 4th century bc. ar obol (.66g). facing head of hercules with beard and long hair/draped male figure standing left, holding scepter. sc-115, cs-77. vf/vg. obverse of this coin is very nice. $300+

*2 samaria. 4th century bc. ar obol (.63g). head of horned mythological creature right/ forepart of bull crouching right. sc-159, cs-87. f/ch. vf. $300+

*3 yehud, persian period. before 333 bc. ar 1/2 obol or gerah (.53g). helmeted head of athena, struck from very worn obverse die/owl standing right, head facing, small lily above left, yhd in paleo-hebrew to right complete. h-1050 (426),tjc-4. fair/ef. it is not unusual to have little or no obverse visible on these tiny coins. what is unusual is to have such an extraordinary high grade reverse. $650

*4 herod i, the great. 40-4 bc. ae 8 prutot (24mm, 6.68g). frontal view of military helmet with star on top and cheek pieces and straps below, flanked by palm branches/ legend around tripod, ceremonial bowl above, flanked by year 3 and monogram. hen-1169 (486), tjc-44. vf, or nearly so, fields a bit grainy but a wonderfully centered coin with an attractive dark green patina. $350+

5 Agrippa II. 56-95. AE24 (17.13g). Bust of Vespasian right/Tyche standing left, Year 29, 89/90 AD. TJC-172, Hen-1327 (624), AJC-44. VG/aF. Very scarce. $100+

*6 jewish war (1st revolt). 66-70 ar shekel (14.18g). "shekel of israel year 2" above chalice with pearled rim, the base raised by projections at both ends/"jerusalem the holy" around staff with 3 pomegranates. hen-1358 (659), tjc-193. nice toned vf, light planchet crack. $3000+

*7 jewish war (1st revolt).ar shekel (14.13g). another year two shekel, but this is even nicer. choice lightly toned ef, small light scratch on reverse just above the first "yod". an exceptional coin. ex seaby coins with their tag included. $3750+

*8 --- ,---pair of year two prutahs. amphora with broad rim and two handles/vine leaf on small branch with tendril. hen-1360 (661), tjc-196. the first (2.90g) choice vf/vf but reverse a bit off-center, the second (2.54g) fine but reverse half off-center. both ex seaby coins with tags included. $75?

*9 --- ,---66-70 ar shekel (14.13g) of year 3. "shekel of israel year 3" above chalice with pearled rim, the base raised by projections at both ends/"jerusalem the holy" around staff with 3 pomegranates. hen-1361 (662), tjc-202. nice ef, well centered. prior to about 2000 i seemed to encounter about as many year 3 shekels as year 2 specimens, but in the past 10 years i have seen far more year 2 shekels than year 3 shekels. purchased from seaby coins with their tag included. $4000+

10 ---,---year 3. AE Prutah (3.25g) . Amphora with rim, lid & 2 handles, Year 3/Vine leaf with small branch and tendril, "Freedom of Zion". H-1363 (664), M-20, TJC-204. VF, struck on an irregular flan. $150+

*11 ---,---ae 1/8 shekel (3.72g). lulav flanked by etrog either side, "year four"/chalice with pearled rim "to the redemption of zion". h-1369 (670), t-214. vf, some flat areas. this is very light in weight for these coins. see below for a much heavier piece. $250+

*12 ---.---1/8 shekel (21mm, 7.57g). another as above, but more than twice as heavy as that coin. tjc-214. vf, brown patina. purchased from schweiz. kreditanstalt bern with their tag included. $250+

*13 bar kochba revolt. 132-135. year one middle bronze (7.52g). 7-branched palm tree, "sma" in 3 letters./vine leaf, "year one of the redemption of israel.". h-1379 (679), mild-47, tjc-257. almost vf. rare. $600

*14 ---,---middle bronze (25.5mm, 10.92g). 7-branched palm tree with two bunches of dates "shimon"/vine leaf on tendril, "year two of the freedom of israel". hen-1408a (708), mild-80 (or similar). avf, attractive reddish-green patina. purchased from schweiz. kreditanstalt bern, their tag included. $250?

*15 ---,---middle bronze (24mm, 8.17g). a second. hen-1408a (708), mild-80. vf/f. $200+

*16 ---,---middle bronze (25mm, 11.90g). a third. hen-1408a (708), mild-88. gd. fine. ex seaby coins with their tag (although wrongly identified). $150+

*17 bar kochba revolt. 132-135 ce. undated, but attributed to year 3. ar sela or tetradrachm (14.18g). temple with ark & scrolls viewed from the end, star above, shimon on 2 sides/lulav with etrog at left, "for the freedom of jerusalem". hen-1411 (711), mild-51. toned vf, inscription of under-coin partially visible at 7 - 8 o'clock on obverse. (probably a trajan tetradrachm of antioch) a classic judaean coin, always desirable. $2500+

*18 ---,---undated, but attributed to year 3. ar zuz (3.37g). "shimon" on two lines within a wreath of 8 almonds, medallion at top, tendrils at bottom/fluted jug, with handle at left, branch at right, for the freedom of jerusalem.. hen-1418 (717), mild-74. ef, traces of bust of emperor on under-coin visible. $700+

*19 ---,---ar zuz (3.12g). another, similar to above. hen-1418 (717), mild-121.toned vf, small flaw in center of obverse. ex seaby coins with their tag included. $500+

*20 ---,---ar zuz (3.22g). a third, (all from different dies). hen-1419 (718), mild-84. toned vf+, traces of under-coin (nose and jaw of emperor) visible on lyre side. purchased from seaby coins with tag included. $650+

*21 ---,--- ar zuz (3.42g). "shimon" within a wreath of eight almonds/elongated lyre for the freedom of jerusalem. h-1424 (723), mild-100. vf. ex ska zurich monetarium with their tag included. $600+

*22 ---,---ar zuz (3.20g). bunch of grapes, "shimon"/palm branch, for the freedom of jerusalem. . h-1430 (729), mild-148. toned vf. traces of the inscription of the under-coin visible under the toning. purchased from seaby coins with their tag included. $600+

*23 ---,---ar zuz (3.27g). bunch of grapes, "shimon"/two trumpets, dot between, for the freedom of jerusalem. h-1431 (730), mild-166. nice toned vf+, much of the inscription of the under-coin visible under the toning. ex seaby coins with their tag included. $650+

*24 ---,---ar zuz (3.29g). another, similar to above. h-1431 (730), mild-167. toned f-vf, some of the inscription of the under-coin visible under the toning. purchased from seaby coins with their tag included. $500+

*25 ---,---ar zuz (3.21g). another, but nicer. h-1431 (730), mild-167. toned vf, some of the inscription of the under-coin visible under the toning. purchased from schweiz. kreditanstalt bern with their tag included. $600+

*26 ---,---middle bronze (21mm, 6.48g). palm branch, for the freedom of jerusalem/ elongated lyre with three strings, "shimon". hen-1436 (735), mild-33. vf. $250

*27 ---,---middle bronze (24mm, 10.19g). 7-branched palm tree with two bunches of dates, "shimon"/vine leaf on tendril, for the freedom of jerusalem. . hen-1437 (736), mild-138. vf, tan patina. purchased from seaby coins with tag included. $200+

*28 judaea capta. titus. 81-96. ae23 (11.12g). head of titus right, with countermark of head in rectangular tablet on neck/blank. the countermark seems to be the same as tjc-381c. coin is fair/poor, the countermark is fine. $200+

29 Aelia Capitolina in Judaea, Antoninus Pius. 138-161. AE21 (7.58g). His bust right/The Dioscuri standing, eagle between them. M-22, H-812, K-22.Rough Fine. $50?

*30 ---hostilian. 251 ad. ae27 (13.98g). radiate head right, c valost mes qvintvscae/ she-wolf suckling the twins,colaelkap, commpf in exergue. type without eagle above. mesh-180, ros-, bmc-. f-vf, bit rough. very rare and among the last coins minted by rome at jerusalem. $750+

31 ---Group of 6 coins. Antoninus Pius AE17 Bust r/3 Females standing. M-29 VG/F; Antoninus Pius AE20 His bust r/Bust of Aurelius right. M-37 VG-F; Elagabalus AE23. His bust r/She-wolf standing. M-117b VG; Trajan Decius AE17. His bust r/Tyche std on throne. M-155 G-VG; Trajan Decius AE22 His bust r/Bust of Tyche r. M-158 F, chewed flan; and Herrenia Etruscilla AE19. Bust r/Bust of Tyche r. M-165 G-VG. 6 different coins. Not great condition but a decent starter set of Aelia Capitolina coins. Sold as is, no returns. $150?

32 ---Group of 3 Marcus Aurellius & Commodus AE26 M-57 Busts of emperors confronted/Bust of Sarapis, Geta AE27 M-85 Bust left/Dionysos; and Elagabalus AE24 M-125 Bust right/Tyche standing in Temple. 3 coins all VG to Fine. Sold as is, no returns. $140

33 Akko-Ptolemais in Phoenicia. Group of coins. Syrian Era AE23 Conjoined busts of Tyche and Zeus r/Turreted Tyche standing on blade of rudder. Ros-39 VG; Claudius AE13. Bust of Zeus right/Club in wreath. Ros-45. G-VG; Trajan AE24. Bust r/Tyche std on rock. Ros-4. Fine and another but not quite as nice G/F. 4 coins, 3 different rulers. Sold as is, no returns. $75

34 Ascalon in Judaea, Trajan. 98-117. AE23 (12.43g). Laureate bust right/Turreted city-goddess resting on standard, standing on galley, altar between standard and her, dove to right, dated 216 = 112/113 AD. Ros-140. F-VF. $65+

*35 ---maximinus. 235-238. ae21(10.46g). bust right/hercules, nude, standing left, holding club. ros-235. not in bmc or ans. vg/f. rare. one of the very last coins issued in this city. $75

36 ---Group of 6 coins. Domitian AE19. Bust r/Phanebal. Ros-118. G/F; Trajan AE 24. Bust/ City Goddess, 3 coins F-VF; Hadrian AE17. Bust/Phanebal Ros-167. VG-F and Elagabalus AE24. Bust/Dekerto standing R-213. Fine. 6 coins. Sold as is, no returns. $120?

37 Bostra in Arabia, Faustina I. AE15 (4.74g). Bust right/Tyche standing left. Sp-13. Fine. $35+

38 ---Marcus Aurelius. 161-180, As Caesar 139-161. AE16 (2.40g). Bare head right/Bust of Tyche right in turreted crown. Sp-20, Ros-16. VF on an irregular flan and scarce. $50

39 ---Julia Mamaea, mother of Severus Alexander. AE19 (3.61g). Her bust r/Bust of Zeus-Ammon right, disk on top of head. Ros-47, Sp-52. VG/F. $35+

40 ---,---AE21 (4.85g). Her bust right/Bust of turreted Tyche left. Ros-46, Sp-54. VF, glossy green patina. Especially nice for these crude coins from this city. $50

41 Caesarea in Samaria, Diadumenian. 217-218. AE22 (6.82g). Bare-headed bust right/Bust of Sarapis right. Ros-67. Fine+. Rare and seldom seen. $50

*42 dora in phoenicia, trajan. 98-117. ae26 (11.89g). laureate bust of trajan right / laureate bust of bearded doros right, aphlaston in front. year 175 = 111/112. ros-26, h-850. gvf/vf. nice green-brown patina. from the george fisher collection. $250+

43 Gaba in Trachonitis, Sabina, wife of Hadrian. AE17 (4.64g). Her bust right/Men standing left holding standard. Ros-14. Dark Fine, scarce. $75?

*44 gadara in the decapolis, faustina jr. ae20 (5.78g). her bust right/bust of zeus right, year 225 (161/162). sp-49, ros-51. vf. $75?

45 ---Group of 4. Quasi-Autonomous AE21. Bust of Tyche/Cornucopia Sp-4 Fine; Lucius Verus AE24. Bust right/Bust of Hercules Sp-54 VG; Caracalla AE25. Bust right/Zeus seated in Temple. Sp-73 aVF, but a tad rough; and Gordian AE25. Bust right/War Galley. Sp-96, Ros-90 VG/F. 4 decent coins. Sold as is, no returns. $75

46 ---Group of 4 coins. Quasi-Autonomous Sp-1 and Sp-7, Lucius Verus Sp-55, and Elagabalus Sp-76. 4 different coins, the first G/VG,the last three Fine or so. Sold as is, no returns. $100?

47 GazA in judaea, Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus. 161-169. AE19 (5.80g). Their confronted busts/Male figure (Apollo?) standing left, Mem and AZA in field. R-102, BMC-97. F/F+. $40+

48 --- Group of coins. Antoninus Pius R-73 Bust of Tyche; Commodus Ros-131. Star countermark; Septemius Severus Ros-138. Io & City Goddess stg;. and Elagabalus Ros-175 or 176. City-goddess standing. 4 coins, Gd to Fine. Sold as is, no returns. $75+

49 Neapolis in Samaria, Domitian. 81-96. AE22 (12.34g). Bust right/Two cornucopia, 3 line legend within, date below (11 = 82/83 AD). Ros-3, BMC-4. Nice F/VF planchet, a bit rough. Scarce type. $100

50 ---Philip Sr. 244-249. AE28 (17.51g). Bust right/Helmeted figure seated to front, right foot on uncertain object, female figue standing left, holding scepter, male figure to right, wearing short chiton, right hand raised as though addressing another male figure who approaches him. (NEAPOLI) (NEA)CORO, COL in ex. Ros-82, BMC-123. VG, but rare. $100+?

51 ---,---AE 27 (15.24g). Radiate bust right/Two figures sacrificing over altar, the one at left holding a serpent, Mt. Gerizim above, NEAPO in ex. ANS Museum notes-29, Har-8. Gd. Fine and rare. $500+

*52 nicopolis-emmaus in judaea, elagabalus. 218-222. ae23 (8.41g). bust right/ tetrastyle temple, tyche standing within. ros-1, sng-ans-1044. good. very rare, coins from this city are seldom offered. $50+?

53 Panias. Geta. 209-212. AE14.5. Bust right/ 4 line Greek legend, 202=198/199 AD. Ros-34, BMC-, ANS-. VG. Rare. and Sebaste, Elagabalus. 218-222. AE20. Bust right/ Temple of the Capitolina Jupiter with 4 columns, Jupiter standing. Ros-28. VG/F. Scarce. 2 very difficult coins to find, albeit in low grades. $100+

*54 philadelphia in arabia, antoninus pius. 138-161. ae22 (8.60g). bust right/bust of marcus aurelius right with lion's skin. ros-18, bmc-9. fine. $60+

55 --- 2 coins. Hadrian AE23. Bust/Bust of Tyche Sp-16 and Commodus AE25. Bust r/ Domed Car. Sp-35. 2 coins both nearly Fine and both scarce. $75

56 Raphia in Judaea. Pair of coins. Commodus, Artemis, Ros-2 .AE23. (10.76g) and Philip II, Zeus seated, Ros-34. AE22 (8.72g). 2 coins, the first G/VG, the 2nd VG. Coins from Raphia are scarce. $75+

57 Sebaste in Samaria, Commodus. 177-192. AE26 (10.14g). Bust right/Demeter or Kore standing right, with torch & corn, 215 = 190/191. R13, BMC-9. VG, rough but devices and much of the legend are clear. $60+

*58 --- julia domna, wife of septemius severus. ae25 (10.05g). her bust right, ivlia domna avg/kore standing facing, holding torch and ears of grains, cista mystica to left. collse cebaste. sng ans-1079v, mesh-119v. vf. nice portrait. $200+

59 ---Elagabalus. 218-222. AE20 (7.73g). Bust right/Demeter standing holding long torch, ears of corn. Ros-29. F/VF. Nice coin, green patina. $75

60 Sepphoris in Galilee, Antoninus Pius. 138-161. AE24 (10.00g). Bust r/Tyche standing in Tetrastryle temple, holding torch & sceptre. Ros-8, BMC-25. F-VF, green brown patina. $75

61 ---.---AE14 (3.16g). Bust right/Bust of Helios (?) right. Ros-10. VF/Nice Fine. Scarce. $100?

62 Group of coins. John Hyrcanus AE Prutah H-1133b (455), AJC-NA1; Herod Archelaus AE Prutah H-1196 (505v), AJC-6b; and Valerius Gratus AE Prutah H-1333 (640), AJC-8. 3 coins F to VF. Sold as is, no returns, $75+

63 --- Mattathias Antigonus. 40-37 BC. Group of 3. AE22, AE18 and AE Prutah. H-1162-1164 (481-483), AJC-U, V and Y. The first and third Good or perhaps a bit better, the second a decent Fine. 3 coins. Sold as is, no returns. $50

64 ---Sebaste in Samaria. Group of 5. Domitian AE 23. Male Figure Ros-7. and AE14. Ros-10 .Crested Helmet; Commodus AE21. Ros-15. nude Ares; Geta AE21. Ros-26. Emperor stg left and Julia Soamais AE21. Ros-35. the rape of Persephone, with countermark on obverse. 5 coins Good to Fine, mostly Fine. Sold as is, no returns. $75

ANCIENT GREEK COINS   (back to top)

65 Spain. Obulco. 120-20 BC. AE Dupondius (43.74g), 38mm. Female head right/Plow and grain-ear. Burgos-1391. F/G+, rim nick. Scarce large bronze!. $150+

66 Celtic. Gaul. 1st Century BC. Potin 16mm (2.16g). Helmeted bust right ROC before/Lion leaping right, TC beneath. EF, basically as struck. $175

67 ---,---1st Century BC. Potin 18mm (3.50g). Bust left/Stylized Horse left. EF, basically as struck. Both of these Celtic coins are among the nicest we've handled. $150

*68 lucania. velia. 400-350 bc. ar nomos (7.32g). head of athena left, wearing phrygian helmet decorated with female centaur/lion standing left, devouring piece of meat, "a" under body. sng cop-1566. toned avf. $425

*69 sicily, messana. c.450 bc ar tetradrachm (17.30 g). charioteer, reins in both hands, driving slow biga of mules right; nike flying right above, in exergue, leaf right/messan-(i)no (ss retrograde), hare springing right, above hare. d. sng ans-337. rough f-vf, irregular flan, but all major details are there. this coin with the retrograde sigma's and the d above the hair seems to be missing from most major collections! $500+

*70 thrace, lysimachos. 305-281 bc. ar tetradrachm (16.67 g). alexandria troas mint. struck 297/6-282 bc. diademed head of the deified alexander right/athena nikephoros seated left; holding nike with right arm and resting left on shield, ap monogram and bee to inner left, thunderbolt in exergue. thompson 159; m`9fller 433. toned vf, a few scrapes. ex seaby coins in london with their tag included. $400+

*71 macedon kings. alexander iii, the great. 336-323 (327-323 bc). ar tetradrachm of tarsus (17.17g). head of alexander, as hercules, clad in lion's skin/zeus seated left holding eagle and scepter, gamma with globule under throne, plow to left. scarce lifetime issue! price-3012. ch. vf/vf. $600+

*72 ---,---ar tetradrachm (16.92g) of salamis. head of alexander, as hercules, clad in lion's skin/zeus seated left holding eagle and scepter, bow to left. price-3142v. lifetime issue, struck 332-323 bc. nice toned vf. just a touch off-center, but all devices and alexander's name on flan. $475+

73 Macedon. Under the Romans. 158-149 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.59g). Head of Artemis in shield right/Club in wreath, monogram above, two monograms below, thunderbolt to left.. SNG Cop-1314. Toned VF. Nice well-centered example. $400+

*74 ionia. teos. 5th century bc. ar tetartemorion (.31g). griffin seated right/incuse square. gvf+. very nice little coin. $275+

*75 lycia. uncertain dynasts. c. 500-460 bc. ar stater (9.12g). pegasus flying left, t on hind quarter/head of roaring lion left in incuse square. asyut 755-6, similar to von aulock-4081. fine, bit rough. very scarce. $500

*76 cilica, tarsos. mazaios. 361-333 bc. ar stater (10.93g). baal of tarsos seated left holding corn-ear with bunch of grapes and scepter, eagle in front, aramaic legend behind, symbol below chair/lion left, attacking stag, aramaic legend above. sng cop-311, bmc-42. toned aef, extremely attractive coin. $500+

77 Armenia. Tigranes II (The Great). 83-69. AE17 (5.68g). His bust right, wearing Armenian tiara/Nike adv. left, holding wreath. SG-7611. F/VG. $125+

*78 phoenicia, arados. 174-110 bc. ar attric drachm (4.16g). bee, monograms to both sides (169/168 bc)/stag standing right in front of palm-tree, legend (arados), downward, right. sg-5989 sim., bmc-152. choice vf+, reverse a touch off-center. purchased from seaby coins, their tag included. $400+

*79 ---,---ar attric drachm (3.64g). bee, monograms to both sides (157/156 bc)/stag standing right in front of palm-tree, legend (arados), downward, right. sg-5990 sim, bmc-161. toned vf, a touch of porosity. $200+

*80 ---,---137-46 bc. ar tetradrachm (15.11g). struck 61/60 bc. turreted, veiled and draped bust of tyche right/nike standing left, holding aplustre and palm, city name behind, date and monograms before, all in laurel-wreath. lightly toned avf. nice coin. ex seaby coins, their tag included. $250+

*81 ---byblos. c. 333 bc. ar dishekel (13.11g) of king ainel. galley left, containing three hoplites with round shields, beneath is a hippocamp left, above a sea-shell/bull kneeling left being attacked by lion left on his back, phoenician legend, "ainel, king of gebal". sg-6013, dewing 2662; cf. bmc phoenicia pg. 95, 6 (fraction). f+/vf, virtually full legend on reverse, thus rare. coins of ainel are much rarer than those of azbaal.

Although the city was known to natives as Gebal ("the Mountain"), the Greeks called it Byblos because of its involvement in the papyrus (byblos in Greek) export trade. The word Bible, which was originally written on papyrus sheets, is derived from Byblos. Ex Glendenings, March 5, 1970 Sale, Lot #123. Also ex-Spinks, but identified wrongly. Two tags included. $500+

*82 ---sidon abdashtart i (straton), king c. 370-358 bc. ar double shekel (25.48g). war galley left with oars, and shields, zig-zag waves below, and iii above/king of persia in horse-drawn car, with king of sidon walking left holding scepter and flower, "90" aboves. sg-5937, bmc-29. tone avf. purchased from ska z`9frich monetarium with their tag included. $700+

*83 ---,--- king tennes, c. 354-348 bc. ar double shekel (25.51g). war galley left with oars, and shields, zig-zag waves below/bearded deity in horse-drawn car, with king of sidon walking left holding scepter and flowers (?). sg-5941, bmc-63. decent fine. tennes was the king who revolted (and lost) against the persians. $400

*84 --,--- 81-80 bc. ae19.5 (6.25g). veiled, turreted and draped bust of tyche right, symbol behind head/war galley left, "year 31 of the autonomy of sidon". bmc-5962ff, bmc-135. attractive well-centered vf. this type is not encountered as often as other types of bronze coins of sidon. purchased from seaby coins, their tag included. $75

*85 phoenicia, tyre. 332-275 bc. ar attric didrachm (8.59g). melqarth riding on hippocamp right, holding bow, beneath waves and dolphin/owl standing right, heading facing, holding crook and flail, phoenician letter 0 (year 30) in field to right. sg-5915ff, bmc-36. toned avf. $250+

*86 ---,---after 126 bc. ar shekel (14.30 g). head of melqarth right/eagle standing on thunderbolt, club and date (year 20 = 107/106 bc), monograms to right and between eagle's legs. bmc-96, hen-1618 (917). choice toned vf, well centered. one of the nicest examples of the shekel of tyre (30 pieces of silver type) we've offered in many years. $850+

*87 ---,---,---ar shekel (14.16 g). a second nice example of the shekel of tyre. (year 52 = 75/74 bc). bmc-143, hen-1618 (917). nice vf, well centered. purchased from seaby coins in london, their tag included. $650

*88 ---,---ar shekel (13.34g).a third example, this struck later. 31-30 bc. typically crude of late, type i, issues. bmc-180, pr-1379, h-1618 (917). vf/f, bit scruffy. $400+

*89 parthian kings, phraates iv 38-2 bc. ar tetradrachm (14.00g) of selukus on the tigris. bearded bust of king left with royal wart prominently visible on forehead, star on shoulder/king enthroned right receiving a palm branch from tyche who also holds a cornucopia, legend around all four sides in two lines. unfortunately the date is off the flan. sellwood-51 type. toned vf. ex seaby coins, their tag included. $150+

90 Indo-Greek. Apollodotos II. 110-80 BC. AR Drachm (2.26g). Bust right/Athena advancing left, brandishing thunderbolt and holding shield, Karosthi legend around, monograms to either side. SG-7672. Toned EF. $140

*91 ptolemaic egypt. ptolemy i. 323-283 bc. ar tetradrachm (14.06g). head of alexander the great right/athena alkidemos standing. right. sng cop-25ff. f+/vf, bit porous. rare. $450+

GREEK IMPERIAL COINS   (back to top)

92 Moesia Inferior. Tomis. Philip II. 247-249. AE 27 (14.53g). Bare head of Philip right & Sarpais left, facing each other/Nemesis-Aquitas standing holding scale and cornucopia. aVF, some flat spots. $90

93 Syria, Cyrrhus. Antoninus Pius 138-161. AE23 (11.39g). Laureate bust right/Zeus Kataibates seated left, "A" behind. BMC-9, Lind-I-A-1912A, SNG Cop-45ff. F/VF, actually nice grade for this coin. $60+

*94 roman egypt. augustus. 27 bc-14 ad. ae 20 drachms (2.10g). laureate head right. "caesar" (in greek). attractive portrait/star above crescent. scarce type. e-16, m-9, bmc-8. aef. $450+

*95 ---livia, wife of augustus. ae 80 drachms (or perhaps diobol). (25.5 mm, 12.55g). bust right/double cornucopiae. as emm-50, rpc-5006, dat-72. rpc devotes a number of paragraphs in discussing the denomination of this coin and somewhat tentatively places this in the 2nd series and most likely an 80 drachm. this was purchased from alex malloy some 40 years ago as a diobol and the aellio collection had a similar piece also called a diobol that sold for $125 in 1979! vg/f and pitted, but decent portrait and cornucopia. extremely rare. $125?

*96 ---sabina, wife of hadrian.. lie = year 15, 130/131. ar tetradrachm (12.42g). sabina bust right, with hair down back cabeina cebacth/sabina, as demeter, seated left holding corn-ears and scepter. cabeina lie cebact. vf, tad rough. roman egypt tetradrachms of sabina are very rare without a portrait of hadrian $850

*97 ---marcus aurelius. 161-180, year 19. ae diobol (8.89g). laureate head right/griffin seated left. seldom offered type. emm-2236 (r5), dat-3594. f/vf, obv. tad rough. $300+

ANCIENT ROMAN COINS   (back to top)

98 L. Cornelius Scipio Asiaticus. 106 BC. AR Denarius (3.93g) Serrate. Laureate head of Jupiter left, L* below chin/Jupiter in quadriga right, brandishing thunderbolt, L SCIP ASIAG in ex.. SR-188, Cornelia-24c. Toned VF, touch o.c. This variety with the letter on the obverse below the chin seems to be the scarcest of all varieties $150+

*99 julius caesar. 49-48 bc. ar denarius (4.20g). elephant trampling serpent, caesar/sacrificial implements. simpulum, sprinkler, axe and apex. rsc-49, sr-1399. well centered vf, bit rough, banker's mark under elephant. $300?

*100 tiberius. 14-37 ad. ar denarius (3.55g). laureate head right./livia, as pax seated right in ornate chair, holding scepter & branch. sr-1763, h-1622 (916), ric-26. f-vf, flan a bit ragged. the coin most refer to as the biblical tribute penny. $250

*101 vitellius. jan-dec. 69 ad. ar denarius (3.02g). laureate head right/concordia seated left holding patera and cornucopia. sr-2196v, c18, ric-90. f/af. $300+?

*102 vespasian. 69-79. ar denarius (3.52g). laureate head of vespasian right/vesta standing left, holding simpulum and scepter vesta. sr-2316, ric-50. toned vf+, irregular flan, but very attractive. $120

*103 ---,--- ar denarius (3.24g). laureate bust right / judaea seated right on ground in attitude of mourning, hands bound behind her back with palm-tree to left, ivdaea in exergue. hen-1480 (761), c-229, ric-16, sr-2297. fine. this should not be confused with the more common type which shows judaea with hands in front of her and sitting under a trophy. this is an extremely rare type and one that we have seldom offered. $400+

*104 titus. 79-81. ar denarius (3.55g). laureate head right/tall tripod surmounted by dolphin. sr-2518, ric-27a. nice ef. $575

*105 trajan. 98-117. ar denarius (3.15g). laureate bust right, slight drapery on far shoulder/aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopiae. sr-3122, rsc-85, ric-118ff. choice ef-au. $400

*106 hadrian. 117-138. ar denarius (3.28g). laureate bust right /genius stg. left, sacrificing from patera over altar and holding cornucopia. sr-3476, ric-173. nice vf+. $100+

107 Diva Sabina. Died 136 AD, issued by Hadrian. AR Denarius (3.21g). Bust of Sabina right wearing corn-wreath/Altar-Encloser, with double panelled doors and horns visible above, PIETA AVG around. SR-3896, RIC-422a. F, a few obverse scratches. $125+

*108 antoninus pius. 138-161. ar denarius (3.30g). laureate bust right /pax stg left holding olive-branch and scepter, pax in ex, tr pt xv cos iii. sr-4095ff, c-595, ric-216a. nice vf+. $100+

*109 faustina, sr, wife of antoninus pius. died 141 ad. ae sestertius (24.94g) draped bust right/concordia seated left. sr-4673, ric-1074. avf, green patina, touch porous under patina. a very attractive, and scarce, lifetime issue. $100+

*110 diva faustina sr., wife of antoninius pius. ae sestertius (20.90g). draped and veiled bust right/juno standing left holding patera and scepter. sr-4629, ric-1143. gd. fine, light porosity. $60+

111 ---,---AE Sestertius (20.95g). Draped and veiled bust right/Juno stg, facing, head left, raising right hand and holding scepter in left. SR-4605, RIC-1102. F/VG, some porosity reverse. $50+

112---,---AE Sestertius (27.25g). Draped and veiled bust right/Pietas stg. left, sac. over candelabrum-altar and holding box of incense. SR-4631, RIC-1146a. F/VG, somewhat porous planchet. $60?

113 ---,---AE Sestertius (32.12g). Veiled and draped bust right/Aeternitas standing left, holding phoenix on globe and lifting fold of skirt. SR-4607, RIC-1105. F/VG. $60?

*114 marcus aurelius. 161-180. ar denarius (3.20g). laureate bearded right / captive armenia seated left in attitude of mourning amidst arms, armen in ex. sr-4831 (but sear omits pm at beginning of legend), ric-81, rsc-7. vf. uncommon, popular type. $225+

115 Diva Faustina Jr.,. wife of Marcus Aurelius. AE Sestertius. (23.89g). Veiled and draped bust right/Faustina seated on back of peacock flying right. SR-5227, RIC-1702. F/VG but somewhat porous planchet. $60+

*116 lucius verus. 161-169. ar denarius (3.45g). bearded bare-headed bust right/ mars standing right, resting on spear and shield. sr-5355, ric-229a. as struck! $675

*117 crispina, wife of commodus. ae sestertius (19.64g). draped bust of crispina right/concordia seated left holding patera and cornucopia. sr-6004, ric-665. fine. $75

*118 julia domna, under caracalla. ae sestertius (19.44g). bust right/vesta seated left. sr-7121. gf/af, nice portrait. $75

119 Julia Mamaea, mother of Severus Alexander. AE Sestertius (24.76g). Draped bust right/Fecunditas standing with child at feet, her right hand over child and her left holding a cornucopia. SR-8226, RIC-668. Fine, bit rough. $50

120 ---,---AE Sestertius (19.92g). Draped bust right/Felicity standing resting left arm on column and holding a caduceus with right. SR-8228 , RIC-676. Fine, bit rough. $50

*121 ---,---ae sestertius (22.40g). draped bust right/felicitas resting on column holding caduceus. sr-8228, ric-676. avf, nice portrait. $75

*122 maximinus i. 235-238. ar denarius (2.73g). laureate bust right/salus enthroned left feeding snake arising from altar. sr-8316, ric-14. choice lustrous ef+, on large flan. $325+

123 Otacillia Severa, wife of Philip I. AE Sestertius (18.46g). Diademed and draped bust right/Pudicita seated left, drawing veil from face and holding transverse scepter. SR-9169, RIC-209a. Attractive VF, very light porosity around lettering. $75+

*124 magnia urbica, wife of carinus. ae antoninianus (3.49g). diademed and draped bust right/juno standing left, holding patera and scepter, peacock at feet. sr-12418. fine, but pitted. still rare. first in any grade we've offered by either auction or fpl (fixed price list) in 10+ years! $75+

*125 diocletian. 284-305 ad (294 ad). ar argenteus (3.61g) of rome. laureate head right diocleti-anvs avg/four tetrarchs sacrificing over tripod before city enclosure with six turrets; pellet within gate. ric-6, 27a, rsc 516`a0e. superb ef+. $1150

126 Galeria Valeria, wife of Galerius. AE Follis (7.02g) of Thessalonica. Bust right/ Venus standing left, holding apple. SR-3730. VF. $100+

127 Maxentius. 306-312. AE Follis of Ostia (5.68g). Laureate bust right/The Dioscuri standing, facing each other, wolf and twins between them, MOSTB in ex. RIC-16, SR-3777. VF. $85+

128 Maximinus II, As Augustus. 309-313. AE Reduced Follis (6.28 g, 21mm). Bust right/Genius standing left holding patera from which liquor flows & cornucopiae, SMKE in ex. Cyzicus mint. Scarce long legend with CMH monogram. Choice VF. $60+

129 Decentius. 351-353. AE Centenionalis (4.45g) of Lyons. Bare-headed bust right/2 victories facing each other holding a shield, RSLG in ex., asterisk and SV above. RIC-8, 133, SR-4035. EF/aEF, small flan. $175

130 Julian II (The Apostate). 360-363. AE1 (8.12g, 27mm) of Constantinople. Bust right/Bull standing right, 2 stars above, *CONSPA & crescent in exergue. SR-4072ff, RIC-8162. VF/GVF, obverse bit porous. $120+

131 Group of 5 Sestertii: Three Diva Faustina II coins with various reverses and Julia Mamaea 2 different reverses as well. Mostly Fine. One of the Julia Mamaea coins is a "Vatican Duplicate from the St. John's College Collection". $150?

132 Group of 4 coins. Philip I Antoninianus Liberalitas standing; Trajan Decius Antoninianus, Abundantia standing; Galeria Valeria AE2 and; Aelia Flacilla AE2. The first two VF, the 3rd VG/G, the last Fine or so. $75+


*133 australia. melbourne, annand smith & co. nd. penny token. legend/ brittania seated left on rock. this reverse is from dies prepared for 1806 soho penny. km-tn16.2, sk-24. ef, some red. a few small nicks. issued 1849, the first australian token! $300

*134 ---,---f & g. f. bullen. nd. 1/2 penny check piece (25mm). brass. legend both sides. very rare, unlisted in either km or andrew. sk-62a. vf, a few nicks, small rim bump. $300

*135 ---,---fenwick brothers. nd. penny token. legend around a flagstaff and signal station/head of queen victoria left in beaded circle. ren-130, a-120, km-tn-66. vf and rare. $400

*136 ---,---george nichols. 1862. penny token. legend within inner circle, another legend around it/australian arms, with j. t. counterstamped twice. ren-399, a-405, km-tn184.1. coin avf, countermark vf. $300

*137 ---,---james nokes. nd. half penny token. legend/seated figure of britannia with wand and olive branch. rare type, seldom seen so nice. ren-402, a-407, km-tn-186. ch. ef+. $750+

138 ---,---Hugh Peck. ND. Penny Token. Long legends both sides. The rarer of two varieties. Ren-423, A-433. KM-Tn809. VF, but small depression in center of obverse. $200

*139 ---,---robison bros. 1862. penny token 34mm. thick planchet. legend within circle, another outside of circle/vine branch, legend around. ren-455, a-463, km-tn205. vf+, some verdigris reverse. $375

*140 ---,--- t. stokes. nd. half penny token. long legend/long legend. the only stokes halfpenny. ren-507, a-517, km-tn217. nice vf & very rare. $375

*141 ---,---,--- 1862. penny token. legend in 3 lines, thomas stokes maker melbourne around/australian arms. large letters. a-508, ren-526, km-tn221.2. ef, tiny rim nicks. $250

142 ---,---Thrale & Cross. 1851. Half Penny Token. Legend around legend/Kangaroo right, Melbourne above, legend below. Ren-555, A-584, KM-Tn254. VF, a few rim nicks. $300

*143 ---,---,---nd. half penny token. legend around legend/"australia" above seated britannia left. ren-556, a-585, km-tn255. f-vf, some rim nicks. $300

144 Belgian Congo, Leopold II as Owner. Congo Free State. 1887 1 Franc. Y-6, KM-6. Lightly toned EF. $100

*145 ---,---1891 2 francs. y-7, km-7. lightly toned ef. $150

146 ---Leopold III. "Elephant Crown". 1944. 50 Francs. Elephant with 1944 below. Struck at the Pretoria (So. Africa) mint KM-27, Dav-11, Y27. EF-AU. $100+

*147 bermuda, george iii. large retro-pattern in lead of this privately minted 1808 coin depicting a sailing ship. (44 mm, 61.24 grams). rare and perhaps unique. in february of 2008 ira and larry goldberg sold a gold pattern, presumably from the same dies, for $2500 (+15%). $150+?

*148 bolivia, charles iv. 1793 p.r. 4 reales of potosi. cr-36, km-72. gd fine. $60+

149 British Caribbean Territories, Elizabeth II. 1960 2 Cents. Y-2, KM-2. Brilliant Red Proof. Evidence of light handling. Perhaps a Proof Specimen strike as our consignor purchased this from someone who used to work at the Royal mint. $125+

*150 central african republic. order of recognition. established in 1962. breast badge of a chevalier in gilt silver and silver. 50 mm, with original blue ribbon with yellow, green, white and red stripes. mint state and beautifully toned. $160+

151 Ceylon, George IV of England. 1821 Rix Dollar. Cr-38, KM-84. Toned VF+ $35

chile. See lots 169, 537 and 573 for Chilean coins and tokens.

*152 crete, prince george of greece. 1900 1 lepton. y-1, km-1. nice red and brown unc and scarce as such. $60+

*153 ---,---1901 50 lepta. y-6, km-6. one year type. ef $100

*154 ---,---1901 1 drachma. y-7, km-7. one year type. vf. $50+

*155 ---,---1901 5 drachmai y-9, km-9,. dav-118. one year type. nice fine. $150+

156 Crusaders. Antioch, Bohemond II, Minority. 1149-1163. AR Denier (.85g). Bare head right, roundish head with sharp eye/Cross pattee. CCS-23. VF+. $300

*157 cuba. republic. 1898. peso. head of liberty right/arms, un peso below. rare one year type. y-2, km-a8, el-4. f/vf. the youthful liberty head was modeled by leonor molina for philip martiny, sculptor and pupil of augustus saint gaudens. the last recorded sale of this rare coin that we can find is in the janaury 2008 stack's sale where one with "pocket piece wear" sold for $1500 (plus a buyer's fee). $1000

*158 cyprus, republic. archbishop makarios medallic coinage. 1974 3, 6 and 12 pounds, bruce xm 6, 8 & 9. all bu silver issues in original cellophane. scarce, 1st i can recall offering. all choice bu as struck by paris mint. catalog value $340. $175+

159 Czechoslovakia. 1894. AE41 mm Medal by Abraham for 1894 Industrial Exposition in Zwittau. Allegorical Figure with symbols and large column at left/6 line legend in wreath. Proof-like BU. Zwittau was the birthplace of the famed Oscar Schindler. $60

*160 denmark. christian iv. 1645. 16 skilling = 1 mark. jehovah in hebrew between justus and judex. km-136, h-149. f-vf. $175

161 East Africa. George V of England. 1912. 50 Cents. Rare this nice. KM-9, Y-13. BU, few tiny rim nicks. $250+

*162 ---,---1920-a. florin. a = ackroyd & best, morley. rare date, short type. weak a as usual. y19, km-17. f/vf. $275+

163 Egypt. Abdul Hamid. 1293/27 (1901). 5 Qirsh. KM-294, Y-20. Lustrous BU, a few small spots. $125+

164 England. Edward VI. 1547-1553. AR Shilling. Facing portrait, rose to left, XII to right, mintmark = tun. Nice portrait/Arms, long cross. Neatly pierced, otherwise decent. SP-2482. aVF. $125+

*165 ---elizabeth i. 1558-1603 shilling. bust left/arms. key mintmark (1595-98). s-2577. af/ =vf. weak bust as usual, strong reverse. $100

*166 ---anne (after union with scotland). 1709. octavo on edge. s-3604, km-525.1. toned vf. $750+

167 ---George III. Lord George Gordon. 1780 1/2 Penny Conder Token. D&H-782, Friedenberg page 58-59, 132. His bust left/LORD GEORGE, GORDON 1780 in 4 lines. Edge reads, "Spence, dealer in coins". Choice Red and Brown EF. Rare. We haven't offered this type since 1997! Gordon was probably the most prominent 18th century Englishman who converted to Judaism. $200+

*168 ---,---(1797) dollar. head of george iii countermarked on 1794 8 reales of santiago, chile. cr-38.5, s-3765a, km-627. coin and countermak vf. one of the scarcer under-coin types. $1000+

*169 ---,--- (1804) dollar. head of george iii countermarked on 1797 8 reales of mexico city. cr-38.5, s-3765a, km-656. coin and countermak vf. $350+?

*170 ---,---1804 "bank" dollar. struck over a spanish-american 8 reales, the word rex clearly visible on the reverse. cr-41, km-tn-1, dav-101, s-3768. vf. $225+

*171 ---,---enameled 1817 shilling in fancy silver mount. blue, red, gilt and white enameling. can be worn as a pin or pendent. $75+

*172 ---george iv. 1820 half crown. km-676, s-3807, cr-63. toned vf+. $65

*173 ---,---1822 crown. tertio on edge. s-3805, km-680.2, dav-104. vf, small rim bruise reverse. $150+

*174 ---,---1823 ae23 mm token. isaac earlysman sparrow around bust of man with cap left/ ironmonger bishopsgate london around hot air balloon. fine. sparrow was so taken with the idea of the hot air balloon that he spent 50 shillings (a large amount of money in the 1820's) to have someone take him up for a ride. $25+?

*175 ---william iv. 1830 the thomason medallic bible. 60 large, 73mm wm medals housed in 5 leather covered albums. the covers of each album are gold stamped with the title of the presentation and the number of the album. the obverse of each medal depicts an important biblical scene, most of which are designs from master artists (i.e. among them, rubens, raphael, da vinci, michaelangelo and rembrandt) while the reverse has a long inscription of the biblical event (about 90% are old testament related) pictured on the obverse, usually about 28 lines of script with 214 words.

The medals are all as issued, many are nicely toned from being in the original album for 170+ years. Some of the albums show considerable wear, but are still extremely attractive. BHM-1468 (Very Rare). Extremely rare as a complete set in album and should be a worthy addition to any Biblical or English medal collection. This set was part of the exhibit which took 1st Place at the 1976 American Numismatic Association Convention. Ex Lot 396 from our sale 32C where it sold for $1800. $1800+

*176 ---,---1830 the thomason medallic bible. enameled impressions of the above series. thomason received many requests for more sets of his medals, however he decided that the original issue would be the final one. he came upon the novel idea of producing a number of blue (to my eyes turquoise) wax impressions (he calls enameled) from the dies which were then mounted onto pages printed with descriptions of the medals. these impressions are bound in two albums of 30 pages each with tissue interface and covered in the same top grain leather as the original set.

The set being offered here is the one prepared for his niece "Adelaide Lucy Fenton" "To whom these 2 Vols. were bequeathed by E & A.S. Ford a presentation Copy from (her) first cousin, the author 1835". The handwritten dedication on the inside front cover is slightly different in each volume. BHM page 356 note (Rare). This is ex lot 387 from our sale 32C where it sold for $1500. $1500+

*177 ---edward vii. 1902 crown. y-54, km-803, dav-109, s-3978. toned fine, small rim bump. $50+

*178 ---,---1907. half crown. km-802, s-3980. nice au. $600

*179 --- george v. 1928 crown.y-75, km-836, dav-110, s-4036. gd vf/ef. $150+

*180 ---edward viii. 1937 coronation of king edward viii. commemorative pocket mirror, 53mm. gilt edged, full color image of the king with dominion flags around. choice au with the mirror excellent. very scarce & attractive. $125+

*181 france. louis xiv. 1650-h (larochelle). demi ecu with long curl. bust right/ crowned shield. scarce, only 14,444 struck. g-169, km-164.9. ch. toned vf+. $350+

*182 ---napoleon. 1840 silver 32mm by a. barre. his bust right/legend in wreath. bramsen-1999. ef, tiny reverse rim nick. $225+

183 ---Post WWII Provisional Government. AE 67mm by G. Bazor. 1945. Prisoner kneeling with hands tied behind back in front of cross, soldiers & citizens & deporte politique/Heads of man and woman facing each other in foreground, behind, soldiers, gallows, a couple, below la france reconnaissante and a space for a name. Struck at Paris mint to commemorate the French Politicians deported to the Mauthausen Concentration Camp during the rule of the Nazis and the Vichy government. A few nicks and a rim bruise. Scarce, only the 2nd I can recall having. $125+

184 French Cochin-china. French Colony. 1884-A. 10 Centimes. Short type. KM-4. AU, lightly wiped. $140

185 French Indo-china. French Colony. 1885-A. 50 Centimes. 1st and scarcest date of short type. KM-4, Y-8. Nice EF, cleaned long ago. $175

186 German East Africa. 1904-A 1/2 Heller. Y-6, KM-6. Choice R&B Unc. $35+

*187 germany. reuss-gera, heinrich ii. 1635. death taler. bust right, elaborate script/ 8 line legend with date in roman numerals. dav-7312, km-58. toned vf-ef, very light old tooling. $900

*188 ---saxe-old-gotha, johann ernst. 1638. taler. upper bust standing right/helmeted arms dividing date, inner & outer legends. dav-7439. vf-ef, a few old field scratches, still nice. rare with johann ernst as sole ruler $1000

For two coins of William IIIof Meissen see lots 522 &523

189 ---Empire. 1903-A. 50 Pfennig. Short and scarce type, especially difficult to find so nice. Y-15, KM-15. Choice BU, a few tiny rim nicks keep this from the gem category. $375

190 ---Weimer. 1929. Zeppelin World Flight. Bronze 36mm Oskar Glocker for Prussian State Mint. Accolated busts of Zeppelin, Eckener and Duerr/Large globe marked with key points of the voyage. Kaisar 511. EF. This actually may be rarer than the silver medal of the same type. A similar example sold for $60 in our sale 35B. $50+

191 ---,---1929. Bronze 36mm by Karl Goetz. Flight to the Orient. AE 36mm. Bust of Hugo Eckner left/Sphinx under Pyramids and Graf Zeppelin. Opus-428. EF. See Lot #577 for another Goetz flight related medal. $50+

192 ---3rd Reich 1930's-1940s. Hitler Youth Proficiency Badges. 2 metal and one cloth. Three pieces total. Scarce? $200?

*193 greece, john capodistrias. 1830 5 lepta. cr-2, km-6. phoenix in pearl circle. fine, somewhat irregular flan. $75+

194 ---,---1830 5 Lepta. Cr-2, KM-6. Phoenix in pearl circle. As above but nicer. VF, seems like an 1830/30 overdate. $125+

195 ---,---1831 1 Lepton, Cr-1, KM-9. Phoenix, head left, type without circle. VF, somewhat weakly struck around edges which is typical of almost all examples of the "without circle" types regardless of the denomination. Scarce. $100+

*196 ---otto. 1833 1/4 drachmai. cr-10, km-18. vf. $60+

*197 ---,---1833 5 lepta type i. cr-8, km-16. vf. $40

*198 ---,---1833-a 5 drachmai. cr-13, km-20, dav-115. nice fine. $100+

*199 ---,---1857 lepton. cr-6.4, km-30. ef, hints of red in devices. scarce two year type, especially this nice. $300?

*200 greenland, under denmark. 1944 5 kr. y-9, km-9. bear left. nice ef-au. $75

*201 guatemala. republic. 1925 quetzal. km-242, el-143, y-104. vf-ef and rare one-year type with an original mintage of 10,000; however, more than 7,000 pieces were withdrawn from circulation and melted. this is accompanied by an anacs photo certificate of authenticity. $750+

*202 hawaii. kamehameha iii. 1847 cent. km-1f, y-1, breen-8029. plain 4, 15 berries, 7 left, 8 right. nice chocolate-brown vf. scarce variety. $500+?

*203 ---kalakaua i. 1883 dime (10 cents). y-2, km-3. ef, once lightly wiped, a few smudge marks on reverse. $125?

*204 ---,---1883 1/4 dollar. y3, km-5. nice ef+! $100

*205 ---,---1883 half dollar. y-4, km-6. choice ef, lightly wiped long ago. $175+

*206 ---,---1883 dollar. y-5, km-7, breen-8035. ef, once lightly cleaned. over 90% of the original mintage of 500,000 were melted! $400+

*207 iceland. christian x. 1930. 2 kronur 1000 anniversary icelandic parliament. minted in dresden. bruce-xm1, y-8. unc. $75+

*208 ---,---1000th anniversary of icelandic parliament. 1930. 5 konur. standing figure/ twin dragons. y9, d-131, bruce-xm2. choice toned unc. $120

*209 ---,---1000th anniversary of icelandic parliament. 1930. 10 kronur. seated figure with two kneeling children/supported arms. y10, d-130, bruce-xm3. nice toned unc $200+

210 India and Pakistan. Assorted group of India & Pakistan Military Medals. India: 1947 Independence Medal, H/C-1070, copper-nickel, 36mm with orig. suspension, officially named on edge to Rifleman Gurung, 5th Gurkha Regiment, VF-EF; 1960 Sainya Seva Medal, with Himalaya bar, H/C-1048.103, CN, 35mm, for service in severe climate conditions, officially named on edge to Pnr. Hazan Singh, Pioneer Regt., Au-Unc. and1965 Samar Seva Star, H/C-1038, bronze, 39mm, for campaign service in the 1965 Indo-Pakistan War, officially named on reverse to Balwant Singh, B.S.F., EF; Pakistan: 1947 General Service Medal with bar for Kashmir 1948, CN, 36mm, for the earliest of the ongoing short wars with India over Kashmir, AU and1956 Republic Commemorative Medal, on the establishment of Pakistan as an Islamic Republic CN, 37mm, EF. The last two un-named as issued and all but the first on original ribbons. Lot of 5 pcs. $120

*211 ionian islands, under england. 1819. lepton. cr-22, km-32. nice vf. $50+

*212 ---,---1857 30 lepta. without period after date. cr-25, km-35. fine+. $25+

*213 ireland. james ii. gun money. august 1689. shilling. bust left. made from cannon, church bells etc./crown, legend, date written as augt 1689. s-6581c, km-24. gvf+, sl. roughness. $225

*214 israel, republic. (1948) 5708 25 mils. km-8, p1. ef, some scratches evident on this aluminum coin. israel's 1st coin! the only one dated during its first year! also included in this lot is another 1948 25 mils that is vf. two coins in lot. $300+

215 ---.---Another, but much nicer. AU. Israel's 1st coin! Rare in such a high grade! $350+?

*216 ---1949 50 pruta with pearl. y13.1, p15. bu. scarce. $30

*217 ---1954 100 pruta. scarce utrecht die. km19, p-23. ef $175+

*218 ---1960 1 agora large date. km-24.1, a1-1a.vf/ef. scarce variety, this is nicer than most seen. $250+

*219 ---bank of israel. 1964. gold 50 lirot. double cornucopia. 10th anniversary bank of israel. km-44, fr-4. choice bu. ex lot #2232. nasca's 1978 sidney olsen sale. $500+

*220 ---victory gold. 1967 100 lirot km-50, fr-5 proof. western wall/emblem of the israel defense forces around stylized star. probably the most sought after israel gold coin. ex lot #165, nasca's wayte raymond sale, part 4 december 1978. $1000+

*221 ---,---another victory gold proof, as above $1000+

*222 ---,---1968 100 lirot gold. jerusalem. km-52, fr-6. proof. among the most attractive of all israel gold coins with a city view of reunified jerusalem on one side and a view of the temple as seen on the selas of the bar kochba revolt on the other side. $925+

223 ---,---1974 25 Lirot BU & Proof silver and 500 Lirot Gold. David Ben-Gurion. KM-79 and KM-82, Fr-12. Proof. In case of issue. 3 piece set. $1150

224 ---,---1975 500 Lirot Gold. Bonds. KM-83, Fr-13. Proof. $800

225 ---,---1978 1000 Lirot Gold. Loyalty. KM-93,Fr-14.. Proof. $500+

226 ---,---1998 1 New Shekel 50th Anniversary issue. KM-310 .Proof-like. Also included Palestine 1935 100 Mil. KM-7. EF-AU, cleaned; and Gibraltar 1996 One Crown. KM-358 , with L'Chaim in Hebrew. BU in case, as issued. 3 coins in lot. $40?

*227 ---,--- 2001 education in israel anniversary coin. 2 sheqalim proof. km-345, a-44a. in case of issue. $40

228 ---,---Group of Minors. 1949 25 Mils Closed Link with some bagmarks and stains; 50 Prutah 1954 clad steel, 500 Pruta 1949; 1 Agora 1962 SD (3); 5 Agorot 1961 ICI die VF, 1962 SD (3); 10 Agorot 1962 SD (3) and 1964 Straight Shin. 14 mostly better trade coins, all Unc but where noted. Our retail price is $275. Sold as is, no returns. .$150+

*229 ---,---trade coins, agorot series, 1960- 1968. all denominations, all types and most variations, including some rarities. all are bu with only two exceptions (1960 1 agora large date is vf, the 1964 5 agorot is ef). they are attractively mounted in a custom white plastic holder measuring 9-1/2" x 16". the total number of coins is 64 and includes one type set showing the obverse of each denomination and there is one blank space for the 1962 10 agorot ici die. very difficult to duplicate, the custom made holder itself would cost well over $100. see lot below and lot 233. $350+?

*230 ---,---1969 - 1978. a companion piece to the above. all coins are bu and are mounted in a white plastic plaque measuring 9-1/2" x by 16". contains 60 bu coins. $200?

231 ---,---Hanukkah Coins. 1958 Law (2), 1960 Degania BU and Proof, 1961 Heroism Proof, 1963 North African Lamp BU and Proof and 1976 American Lamp BU and Proof. 9 coins, the last two silver. Retail value $72. Some with easily removable PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $45

232 ---,---Hanukkah Coins. 1972 Russian Lamp, 1973 Babylonian Lamp,1974 Damascus Lamp, 1975 Dutch Lamp, 1976 American Lamp, 1977 Jerusalem Lamp, 1978 French Lamp, 1980 Corfu Lamp and 1983 Prague Lamp. BU and Proof for each issue, 18 coins total, 14 silver. Over $120 retail value, most in case of issue. Some with easily removable PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $80+

*233 ---,---1968-1974. 10 pound israeli commemorative coins. jerusalem, shalom, mikva israel, science, freedom, aviation, scroll, language and ben-gurion (25£). each coins is in both bu and proof. mounted, as lots 229 &230 in a white plastic plaque, measuring 9-1/2" x 14". 20 crown-size silver coins. $300+

234 ---,---Anniversary Coins. 1968 Jerusaelm, 1969 Shalom, 1970 Mikveh Israel, 1971 Science, 1972 Aviation, 1973 Scroll, 1974 Language, 1975 Bonds, 1976 Strength, 1977 Brotherhood and 1978 Loyalty. BU and Proof all issues, the 1969 and 1971 contain all 3 issues for that year. 24 silver crowns, most in case of issue. Our retail price is $320. Some with easily removable PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $275+

235 ---,---Anniversary Coins. 1958 Menorah Unc., 1959 Exiles Unc and Proof, 1960 Herzl Unc and Proof, 1961 Bar Mitzvah Unc and Proof. 7 silver crowns. Our retail price is more than $190. Some with easily removable PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $140+

236 ---,---Anniversary Coins. 1962 Negev, 1964 Museum, 1965 Knesset 1966 Life and 1967 Eilat. BU and Proof all years, 10 silver crowns. Our retail price is more than $200. Some with easily removable PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $150

237 ---,---Large Group. 1967 Victory and 1971 Freedom 10 £ BU and Proof; 22 mints sets (1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 (both types), 1972 (both types), 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976 (2), 1977, 1978, 1979 blue, 1980 (both types), 1981 Piefort, 1982 Piefort and 1983 Unc); Beit She'an and 25th Anniversary Silver 45mm; Israel Teacher's Union, The Volunteers, and Chaim Weizmann Silver 37mm; Valour and 1961 Liberation Silver 35mm. Operation Jonathan, AINA's 10th Anniversary and "We are Here" 59mm bronze medals. Also in this lot Hatikvah Silver 38mm by Judaic Heritage Society, Bronze 59mm Moshe Dayan Shekel Co. Medal, 2 different 1 ounce 1973 Chanukah Silver bars by Mt. Everest Mint and 1975 Franklin Mint Hanukkah Sterling Silver Proof Medal. (These last 5 in cases of issue). Plus 12 miscellaneous Season's Greetings and AINA tokens. Sold as is, no returns. $100+

238 ---,---Pidyon Haben Coins. 1974 BU, 1975 Proof, 1976 and 1977 both BU and Proof. 6 silver crowns, some toned. Our retail price is over $100. Some with easily removable PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $75

*239 italian somaliland, victor emanuele iii. 1910-r rupia. y-6, km-6. ef. $200+

*240 italy. naples, robert of anjou. 1309-1343. ar gigliato. king seated robertvs dei gra ierl. et sicil rex/cross, fleur-de-lis x 4. honor regis ivdiciv diligit. bi-1635, scmf-6852. vf, sl. clipped as usual. $150

*241 ---naples & sicily. ferdinand iv. 1798 p ap. 20 grana. head right/crowned arms, date in legend, value below. cr-55. choice bu, small flan flaw. $500

242 ---Papal States, Pius VI. 1775-I. 1/2 Scudo. Papal Arms/Holy Mother and Church seated on clouds. KM-1210, Ber-2959. Cleaned VF, toned. $140

*243 ---tuscany. peter leopold. 1789 10 paoli (francescone tallero). bust right/arms. dav-1518, cr-24.3. toned vf, a few small areas of weakness on reverse. $150+

*244 ---venice, antonio venier. lxii doge. 1382-1400. gold ducat (3.51g). st. mark standing right, presenting banner to kneeling doge/christ standing facing, raising hand in benediction and holding gospels, surrounded by elliptical halo containing nine stars. fr-1229, bi-2853. nice vf. $500

*245 ---,---alvise mocenigo. 1570-77. ar 40 soldi. st. mark standing right, presenting banner to kneeling doge/st. justina, standing with dagger to chest holding palm and book. pao-68,7. vf. $$175

*246 ---,---silvestro valier, 1694-1700. osella, anno ii (1695). doge kneeling left before san marco/two eagles, each wearing a ducal crown, flying right toward heaven beneath a radiant sun. paolucci-178, cni 121. af, possible mount removal. rare. originally forming the annual tribute paid by the doge to the venetian nobles for relinquishing absolute power, oselle were once paid in the form of symbolic poultry, hence the word osella (derived from the italian word for bird). by 1361, the tribute involved partial monetary payment, and by 1521 had evolved exclusively into specially struck coins. each year, every member of the venetian grand council received one osella (thus the maximum annual osella mintage was generally 2,500 pieces). $500?

*247 ---umberto i. 1882 2 lire. y-29, km-23. choice ef, light toning. $50+

*248 ---republic. 1948 5 lire. y-97, km-89. choice bu. seldom seen this nice. $50

249 ---,---Enrico Fermi. 1977. AE 61mm by Stefano Johnson. Bust of Fermi right and his name, along with two high relief vertical lines/Modernistic design. Fermi was among the leading scientists (perhaps THE leading scientist) in nuclear physics which led to the first Atomic Bomb. After winning the Nobel Prize for his work in Nuclear physics in 1937 he and his family fled to the US because his wife Laura was Jewish and his life was being threatened by Mussolini. He died in 1954 at the age of 53 from cancer due to his exposure to radiation. In original box with certificate. For a related medal from the same medallist, see the Albert Einstein medal Lot #590. $60+

*250 japan. meiji. year 7 (1874). 1 yen. dragon, date and denomination. type 2, clockwise curl/value and denomination, surrounded by wreath. y-a25.2, oka-5a, as cummings 7b. rare date. vf, chop each side, couple of rim bruises. $350

*251 ---,---year 15 (1882). 1 yen. dragon, date and denomination/value and denomination, surrounded by wreath. y-a25.2, oka-11. au, lightly cleaned. $300

*252 ---,---year 34 (1901) 1 sen. y-20. choice red unc., only some light fingering keeps this from the gem class. $60+

*253 ---,---year 41 (1908). 1 yen. y-a25.3. toned au-unc. $300+

254 ---Showa. Year 61 (1986) 10,000 Yen. 60 Years of the Reign of Hirohito. Y-91. BU. $120

255 Korea, Emperor Kojong. Year 504 (1895) 5 Fun. Y-5, KM-1107. Mostly brown unc., with hints of red. $75

256 ---Kuang Mu. Year 10 (1906). 1 Chon. Y-14, KM-1125. Nice EF-AU. $50+

257 Liechtenstein, Prince Johann II. 1904 5 Kr.. Y-4, KM-5, Dav-216. EF. $100

258 ---,---1924 1 Frank. Y-8, KM-8. Choice AU, light toning. One year type. $75+

*259 ---franz joseph i. 1946-b (bern). gold 20 franken. bust left/crowned shield. one year type. y-14, fr-17. choice bu. $375+

*260 macao, portuguese colony. 1978 100 patacas. km-10, y-8. silver crown for 25th anniversary of grand prix with advertising on race car. choice proof, a tad cloudy. $150

261 Mauritius, Victoria. 1891 1 Cent. Y-1, KM-7. Nice 95% red unc. $50

262 ---George V. 1911 1 Cent. Y-6, KM-12. Choice fully Red Unc., a few tiny spots $75+

*263 ---,---1912. one cent. y-6, km-12. ch. r&b unc. $100

*264 mexico. philip v. nd. 1700-1746. half real. tear drop shaped flan. large p/ cross. km-24. af. $90

*265 ---ferdinand vi. 1752 mo. half real. arms/pillars. km-67.1, cr-13. ch. ef. $200

*266 ---charles iv. 1792 4 reales mo fm. cr-80, km-100. fine. $60

*267 montenegro. nicholas i, as prince. 1909 5 perpera, y-7, km-6, dav-222. vf. one year type. $125

*268 ---nicholas i, as king. 1912 5 perpera. y-17, km-15, dav-223. vf/ef, lightly wiped. $200+?

*269 netherlands. holland. 1576. lion dollar. knight looking right behind arms. rosette mintmark/rampant lion left. dav-8838, del-831. decent vf for type. flan crack. $125

*270 ---utrecht. 1794 1 gulden. km-102, cr-f13, del-1182. nice ef. $50+

271 --- Zeeland. 1616. Lion Dollar. Standing knight looking right/Rampant Lion left. Dav-4872, KM-16, Del-839. Typical F-VF. $125

*272 ---batavian republic - napoleonic kingdom. rijksdaalder (silver ducat), 1807 (utrecht). dav-225, schulman-123b, cr-55, km-25. standing knight./crowned crest. choice uncirculated. very rare date, especially this nice. i can only recall one similar coin of this type selling in the past 5+ years. that, a more common 1807, sold for almost $1000! km prices the 1808 at $900 in bu and this at $1400 in bu. $1000+

273 ---William III. 1857. Silver 40mm medal by Samuel Cohen Elion. For the 200th Anniversary of the Orphanage in Amsterdam. Building, legend below/Seated woman with boy and girl in front of her. Brettauer 3041. EF and very scarce in silver. Probably purchased from Henry Christiansen. Interestingly, Jacque Elion, the son of Samuel Cohen Elion, produced a medal for the Jewish Orphanage in Amsterdam in 1865. They both owned a collection of coins and medals which were sold by auction in 1900. $100+

*274 new zealand. christchurch, alliance tea company. 1866. penny token. legend, y of company level with d of new zealand. type 1/legend. km-tn.1, a-7, sk-13. vf. $275

*275 ---auckland, h. ashton. 1858. half penny token. "new zealand" above seated justice, date below/legend. ashton half pennies are scarcer than pennies. sk-25, km-tn4, a-19. brown ef. $300

*276 ---,---,---1862. penny token. legend, t of tailor not over t of trimmings/equity with scales. 1862 is a much scarcer date than 1863. sk-27, km-tn-5, a-21. vf-ef, a few rim nicks. $275

*277 ---christchurch, s. clarkson. 1875. penny token. legend, use of "builder" instead of foliage. type i/seated justice, date below. seldom seen this nice. km-tn13, sk-76, an-65. mostly brown unc., couple of minor field marks. $400

*278 ---auckland, t. s. forsaith. 1858. penny token. legend/seated liberty. rarity 5. scarce. ren-138, km-tn19, a-130. vf, a few minor nicks. $375

*279 ---christchurch, t. w. gourlay & co. nd. penny token. oven (?) in center of legend/long saw in center of legend. type 2, saw handles 2 1/2 mm high. sk-156, km-tn23, a151. avf and very scarce. cud at 7 o'clock as usual for this token. $300+

*280 --- auckland, morrin & co. nd. penny token. legend around palm tree, lowest fronds about equal/justice holding scales above two standing figures clasping hands, head of justice under a. sk-383, km-tn56.2, a-387. vf, but heavy rim bruise. km catalogs this at $1500 in fine, $2500 in vf! $450+

*281 ---christchurch, edward reece. nd. penny token. long legend, w of wholesale under dw of edward/seated male figure and plant within legend. sk-439, km-tn62. nice vf, a few minor nicks. $350

*282 ---elizabeth ii. 1956. "strapless" penny. rare, especially so nice. y-29, km-24. choice red unc., a few spots. comparable to piece we sold to another dealer for $400 about a year ago. $400+

*283 niger. republic. 1968. 10 francs. lion. y-7, km-8.1, dav-521. nice frosty proof, some toning around edges. $60

*284 norway, frederick v of denmark. 1762 love token on 24 skilling. cr-11, km-236 type. two hearts overlapping with two arrows and "hr" all hand engraved on obverse. coin is ag, engraving is f-vf. $50+?

*285 palestine. mikveh israel. (1879) 1/2 para. haffner cc-4b. vf. extremely rare. according to my records, we haven't offered one this nice in more than 15 years! $500?

*286 ---1927 holy land token or souvenir mil. bruce x-tn2 (old km-tn2). type 2 (8.41g). choice au-unc., about 10% red. very attractive. $500?

*287 ---holy land token or souvenir mil. 1927. this piece uses type i dies, but is on a planchet weighing 7.37 grams. the average weight for a type 1 holy land token is about 6.80 grams and we've seen them as high as 7.25 grams but can't recall seeing them at this weight. possibly a discovery piece and we could call it type 1.5. ex lepcyzk auction #52. brown unc. we will be happy to send our information sheet about the differences between type 1 and type 2 holy land tokens. free via email or if you want a snail mail version, please send me a stamped self-addressed # 10 envelope. $700?

*288 ---british mandate. 1927. 20 mils. 1st year of type. all 20 mils are at least scarce so nice. y-5, km-5. ch. bu. light toning. one of the nicest we've handled in 40 years of specializing in palestine coins! $150+

289 ---,---1933 50 Mils. Y-6, KM-6. Gem BU. $200+

*290 ---,---error coin 1941 10 mils. y-4, km-4. uncirculated, with slightly off-center hole. $300+?

291 ---,---Group of mostly better date coins. 20 Mils 1942, 50 Mils 1931 & 1934, 100 Mils 1931, 1933 and 1934. 6 coins, the first VF, the others circulated. Most are scarce. $300+

*292 --- haifa, cafe werner. nd. c. 1935. complete set of 12 tokens, 5-50 mils in bronze and copper nickel. jtm-mt6. these were issued by tzui werner for use in his restaurant on herzl st. in haifa. vf-ef, the lower denominations being the nicest and somewhat lustrous. scarce. the last time we offered a complete 12-piece set was in our sale 32e (fall of 2002) when a similar set sold for $700 in very spirited bidding. $800+

293 ---Edward VIII Medallic Issue. 1936 (1984). Bronze 38mm. Bust left/7 coins. Richard Lobel Issue (750 pieces made). Bruce-XM1. Proof. We seldom encounter these pieces. The last we had sold for $100 in very active bidding. $100

294 ---British Mandate. 1935 50 Mil coin in 3 1/4" silver dish or ashtray. I believe we've have this or something similar once before, long ago. $50?

*295 peru. charles iii. 1769 lm jm. 8 reales of lima. crowned arms of peru/crowned pillars and globes. dots above both l's in mintmark. km-a64.1, cr-35, el-21. nice vf, numerous small chops. $275

*296 ---, ---1782 mi 4 reales of lima. cr-44, km-77. fine. $75+

*297 ---charles iv. 1801 lima ij 8 reales. bust right/crowned arms, pillar to either side. km-97, cr-76. nice vf+, flan a tad porous. $75

*298 ---ferdinand vii. 1810-jp. 8 reales. 2nd imaginary bust. km-106.2, el-76, cr-96. toned vf-ef, weak in spots. $300

*299 philippines, ferdinand vii. crowned f.7.o (round type v) countermarked on peru 1833 8 reales (cr-132.1a, km-142.3). cr-42, km-83. vf. $75

*300 ---isabella ii. crowned y.ii (round type vi) countermarked on peru 1833 8 reales (cr-132.1a, km-142.3). cr-54, km-138.2. vf. $75

*301 poland, miesco ii. 1173-1202. ar bracteat. king standing with palm-branch, "bracha" in hebrew to right. gumowski hebrew-70, jmm-12ff. vf, but for natural hole. this is the type where the "resh" and the "chaph" run together and look like an english "y". rare. $750+

*302 ---nicholas i of russia. 1836-mw 1 1/2 rubles = 10 zlotych. cr-134, dav-284. vf-ef, a few field marks $300+?

*303 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz ghetto). 1942 10 pfenning. km-tn5v, camp-4751bv. type 2. struck in nickel-silver (2.31g). we believe this is a trial strike made under order of nazi authorities. however this is a controversial issue and some think these are fantasies. red and brown unc. rare. the last we sold in our sale 37a brought $425. the previous owner of this (and the lots below) purchased them from arnold shay in october of 1993. shay was a holocaust survivor, a lecturer on the subject and a numismatist. he was the subject of hell was my home: the true story of arnold shay, survivor of the holocaust by donald grey brownlow and john eleuthere du pont. sold as is, no returns. $300+

*304 ---,---1942 10 pfenning. km-tn5v, camp-4751bv. type 2. struck in bronze (2.39g). we believe this is a trial strike made under order of nazi authorities. red and brown unc. rare. the last we sold in our sale 37a brought $375. sold as is, no returns. $300+

*305 ---,---1943 bronze 5 mark. trial strike (3.54g). km-tn2ff, c-4752ff, f-po 573ff. extremely rare. none of the standard references (franquinet, campbell, feller) mention the existence of bronze 5 mark pieces, but i can verify a conversation that i had with a relative of a person who worked in the lodz metal workshop in which it was confirmed that pieces were struck on off-metal planchets at the order of visiting nazi officials. toned unc. of extreme rarity, see lot 303 for pedigree of this piece. $1000+

*306 ---,---1943 silver 5 mark trial strike (4.20g). km-tn2ff, c-4752ff, f-po 573ff. extremely rare. both franquinet pages 67 and 75 and campbell page 117 mention the existence of silver pieces. toned unc. we sold a similar (but heavier) example in our spring 2008 sale for $3200. $1000+

*307 portugal, countermarked coinage. (1834) crowned arms countermarked on charles iv 8 reales of mexico city (c-81, km-109), cr-113, km-440.13. vf. $150

*308 ---carlos i. 1892 200 reis. y-22, km-534. bu, a few bagmarks but choice, lustrous and attractive. unpriced in km so nice. $75+

*309 ---republic. 1910 silver escudo. birth of the republic. y-47, km-560, dav-269. lustrous ef-au. while dated 1910, this commemorative was struck in 1914. $100+

*310 ---,---1916 20 centavos. y-49, km-562. bu. a nice example of this elusive high grade two year type. $75+

*311 ---,---1928 10 escudos. battle of ourique. y-56, km-579. bu, a couple of minor scratches on shield side. $50

*312 ---,---1948 10 escudos. y-59, km-582. lightly toned choice unc. last date of this type which is very elusive so nice. $175?

*313 russia, peter i (the great). (1718) ruble. dav-1672, sev-375, km-157.1. f-vf, a few flat areas. rare. purchased from bob elmen february 1985, #180 (vf+). $750+

*314 ---peter i (the great). (1719) ruble. dav-1653, sev-424, km-157.2. vf with nice surfaces and minimal field flaws. ex world wide fpl 23, #101. very attractive $1200+

*315 ---peter i (the great). (1720) ruble. dav-1654, km-157.4. nice vf. die crack about 9:30 on reverse. $600+

*316 ---peter i (the great). (1721) ruble. dav-1655, km-157.5. nice vf. ex charles wyatt fpl 25, #9247 (feb. 1985). $600+

*317 ---peter i (the great). 1722 ruble. bust right/4 crowned russian "ps" in form of cross. dav-1656, km-162.1. nice fine, with very light reverse scratches. rare one year type. ex world wide coins, fpl #23, #108, "exceptionally well struck for this date". $500+

*318 --- peter i (the great). 1723 ruble. dav-1657, km-162.2. vf, small reverse flaw, dark areas on reverse as well. ex richard l. horst. $400

*319 ---peter i (the great). 1723 ruble. dav-1657, km-162.2. another as above, nicer portrait, but a bit more wear on reverse. $400

*320 ---peter i (the great). 1723 ruble. dav-1658, sev-563, km-162.3. bust in high neckband. nice vf, minor reverse flaws. ex world wide, 12/84 fp #187. $400

*321 ---peter i (the great). 1724 ruble. dav-1660, km-162.4. one year type. vf+, minor flaws, very nice portrait. ex collector's den (bill randel). $400

*322 ---peter i (the great). 1725 "sun" ruble. dav-1661, sev-670, km-166.3. vf, light polishing in obverse field and small reverse flaws. ex world wide fpl 23, #114. rare. $500+

*323 --- peter i (the great). 1725 ruble. dav-1662, km-162.5. f-vf, nice portrait. $400+

*324 ---catherine i. 1726 ruble. moscow mint. bust left, 2 year type. dav-1664, sev-820, km-168. vf, some moderate flan flaws. $600+

*325 ---, catherine i. 1726 ruble. moscow mint. bust right, 2 year type. dav-1665, sev-823, km-177.1. vf, nice portrait. ex world wide coins fpl #23 #124. very scarce. $400+

*326 ---peter ii. 1727 ruble. bust right with imperial eagle on chest/4 crowned russian ps. "pochkoi" on edge. dav-1667, km-182.1. one year davenport type. ex world wide auction vi, #796. $400+

*327 ---peter ii. 1728 ruble. bust right with imperial eagle on chest/4 crowned russian ps. dav-1668, sev-974, km-182.2. nice vf. ex world wide coins and gothic coins (jim elmen and sam clements) joint auction of june 1981, lot 19. $400+

*328 ---peter ii. 1729 ruble. high relief bust right with sash/4 crowned russian p's. dav-1669, sev-1013, km-182.3. vf with minor flaws. scarce type. ex world wide auction vi, #802. $400+

*329 ---anna. 1732 ruble. bust right/double-headed eagle. dav-1670, km-192.1. vf. $400+

*330 ---anna. 1733 ruble. bust right/double-headed eagle. dav-1671, sev-1103, km-192.2. vf. ex world wide, vi, #807. $300+

*331 ---anna. 1734 ruble. bust right/double-headed eagle. dav-1672, sev-1169, km-192.3. vf. ex world wide, xvi, #699. a very scarce one year type which is seldom offered. $400+

*332 ---anna. 1736 ruble. bust right/double-headed eagle. dav-1673, km-197, sev-1219. avf. $400+

*333 ---anna. 1737 ruble. bust right/double-headed eagle. dav-1674, km-198. nice vf, minor flan flaw. $400+

*334 ---anna. 1738 ruble. bust right/double-headed eagle. dav-1675, km-203. vf, sm. scratch on obverse, a few reverse adjustment marks. moscow mint. seldom offered. $400+

*335 ---ivan iii. 1741-spb ruble. dav-1676, sev-1363, km-207.2. vf, small planchet flaw at 7 to 8 o'clock. extremely rare one year type. ex world wide coins undated price list (fall 1982?) #143. $2500+?

*336 ---elizabeth petrovna. 1747 chb ruble. dav-1677, cr-19b.4. vf, some minor planchet flaws. st. petersburg mint. $300+

*337 ---elizabeth petrovna. 1751 mma ruble. dav-1677, cr-19.2. nice vf. $300+

*338 ---elizabeth petrovna. 1751 chb ruble of st. petersburg. bust right/crowned double eagle. dav-1677, cr-19b.4. toned vf, some light obverse adjustment marks. $350+

*339 ---elizabeth petrovna. 1756-im ruble. dav-1679, sev-1672, cr-19c.2. choice lustrous vf+. ex world wide auction vi, #829. a rare coin in this condition! $500+

*340 ---peter iii. 1762 chb hk ruble. cr-47.2, dav-1682. fine. rare one year type of this emperor who was deposed and assassinated after 6 months of rule by a group led by his wife, catherine the great. $250+

*341 ---catherine ii. 1764 mma ruble of moscow. dav-1683, cr-67.1a. fine. moscow rubles of catherine ii seem to be scarcer than st. petersburg rubles. $150

*342 ---catherine ii. 1765 chb ri ruble of st. petersburg. dav-1683, cr-67.2a. vg-f. $50

*343 ---catherine ii. 1772 chb a-iii ruble of st. petersburg. dav-1684, cr-67a.2. vg-f. small bust variety. $75

*344 ---catherine ii. 1774 chb o-a ruble of st. petersburg. dav-1684a, cr-67a.2. vg-f. large bust variety. davenport lists the larger bust as being struck between 1766 and 1768, but this is clearly a larger bust than above. $75

*345 ---catherine ii. 1782 chb h-3 ruble of st. petersburg. dav-1685, cr-67b. nice avf. $200+

*346 ---catherine ii. 1785 chb r-a ruble of st. petersburg. dav-1686, cr-67bc nice vf. $250+

*347 ---paul i. 1800 ruble. dav-1688, cr-101a. vf, small planchet defect. $75

*348 ---paul i. 1801 ruble. dav-278, sev-2486, cr-101a. nice vf. toned, with underlying luster on reverse. ex world wide fpl 19, #283. very attractive. $500+

*349 ---alexander i. 1804 ruble of st. petersburg. dav-278, cr-125. gd fine. $60+

*350 ---alexander i. 1808 chb mk ruble. dav-280, sev-2584, c-125a. vf. ex world wide fpl 19, #294. $750?

351 --- Alexander I. 1817 Chb Ruble. Cr-130, Dav-281. aVF. small rim nick rev. $150

352 ---Nicholas I. 1829 Chb Ruble. Cr-161, Dav-282, Wings down type. VF. $125

*353 ---nicholas i. 1831 "wings down" ruble. cr-161, dav-282, sev-2985. vf. open 2 on reverse. $400+

*354 ---nicholas i. 1834 ruble. alexander i monument. dav-284, cr-169. vf+.very rare and seldom offered. $1000+

355 ---Nicholas I. 1837 Chb Ruble. Cr-168.1, Dav-283. Toned VF+. $75+

*356 ---nicholas i. 1839 ruble. battle of borodino monument. dav-288, sev-3303, cr-170. choice vf+. ex world wide auction 3, #1034. very rare, most were melted. $1000+

357 ---Nicholas I. 1855 Chb Ruble. Cr-168.1, Dav-283. Toned EF. $125

For another crown of Nicholas I, please see lot 302 under Poland.

*358 ---alexander ii. 1859 ruble. nicholas i memorial. dav-290, y-28. toned vf, some tiny rim nicks. very scarce. $500+

359 ---Alexander II. 1877 Chb HI Ruble. Y-25, Dav-289. Toned aEF. $100

360 ---Alexander III. 1883 Coronation Ruble. Y-43, Dav-291. VF/EF, dipped. $100+

361 ---Alexander III. 1893 Ruble. Y-46, Dav-292. VF/EF, once dipped. $400+

*362 ---nicholas ii. 1896 coronation ruble. y-60, dav-294, sev-4035. nice ef. $250

*363 ---nicholas ii. 1898 ruble. dav-295, y-61. dedication of alexander ii monument. proof-like ef, several rim nicks, planchet flaw obverse at 11 o'clock in field." very rare. ex joseph leypczyk, 50, #735. $1000+

*364 ---nicholas ii. 1912 ruble for the centennial of the defeat of napoleon. y-68, dav-296. dipped ef, no wear but field marks , especially on reverse. very scarce. ex joseph lepczyk auction 50, #736. $750+

365 ---Nicholas II. 1912 Ruble. Y-59.3, Dav-293. Unc. $200+

*366 ---nicholas ii. 1912 ruble. alexander iii monument. dav-297, sev-4165, y-69. gd fine. probably dipped. rare. $1000+

367 ---Nicholas II. 1913 Ruble. 300th Anniversary of Romanov Dynasty. Y-70, Dav-298. EF. $75+

368 ---Nicholas II. 1913 Ruble. 300th Anniversary of Romanov Dynasty. Y-70, Dav-298. Unc. $125+

*369 ---ussr. 1st coinage. 1921-at 1 ruble. y-84, dav-300. lustrous bu, a few tiny rim nicks. $100+?

*370 --- ussr. 1st coinage. 1922-at 50 kopeks. y-83. unc., some tiny nicks. $75+

371 ---USSR. 1924. "Workers" Ruble. Y-90.1, Dav-301. BU. $150+

*372 ---georgia. 1820-at abazi 20 kopeks. km-74, cr-85. nice vf+. $75+?

*373 ---georgia. 1830-at 2 abazi 40 kopeks. km-75, cr-86. nice vf. $100+?

*374 san marino, republic. 1898 5 lire. y-6, km-6. one year type. toned vf, some rim nicks. $100+

*375 serbia, milan obrenovich iv, as prince. 1879 5 dinar, y-9, km-12, dav-304. vf. $75

*376 sierra leone, sierra leone company. 1796 1 cent. cr-1, km-1. f/vf. $50+

*377 south africa, zuid afrikaamscje republic. 1892 5 shillings, single shaft variety. y-7, km-8.1. nice toned vf, a couple of minor rim nicks. $150+

*378 ---,---1898 1 gold pond. y-9, km-10.2, fr-2. choice ef-au. $350+

379 Spain, Charles III. Pretender Coinage. 1711 2 Reales. Crowned Arms/Crowned monogram. KM-PT5. aVF. Struck at Barcelona. $25+

380 ---Louis I. 1724-A 2 Reales. KM-327. VF. Scarce one year type, struck at Madrid. $50+

*381 ---philip v. 1744-s pj. gold 1/2 escudo of seville. bust right/crowned arms. km-361.2, fr-240. nice ef-au. $275

*382 ---alfonso xiii. 1891-pg-m (91) 1 peseta. y-80, km-691. 1st coinage. light toned ef. $75

*383 spanish netherlands. brabant. philip iv. 1636. patagon of antwerp. burgundian cross dividing date with crown above, hand (antwerp) mint-mark above/ crowned arms in order chain. d-4462, km-53.1. toned vf+, clipped flan. very attractive. $450

*384 spitzbergen. arktikugol mining company. 1946. 10 kopeks. one year type token. km-tn1.. ef. $75

*385 ---arktikugol mining company. 1946. 15 kopeks. one year type token. km-tn2. nice ef, couple of tiny rim nicks. $85

*386 ---arktikugol mining company. 1946. 20 kopeks. one year type token. km-tn3. nice ef. $85+

*387 ---arktikugol mining company. 1946. 50 kopeks. one year type token. km-tn4.1 choice ef+. large star variety. in our spring sale of 2009 a small variety in similar grade, but lightly wiped, sold for $100. $90

*388 straits settlements, victoria. 1897 large cent. reeded edge type. y-9a, km-16. mostly red au-unc. very attractive and scarce in this grade. $200+

*389 ---,---1896 50 cents. y-16, km-13. gd. fine. $75+

*390 sweden, adolf frederick. 1754 copper plate money. 1/2 daler. km-pm80, sm-151. nice vf. ex richard l. horst, via spink's (1983). $400+?

391 Sweden, Oscar II. 1897-EB 2 Kronor 25th year of reign. Y-31, KM-762. Unc. $40

*392 switzerland, confederation. 1850-a 1/2 franc. y-26, km-8. better date of scarce (a. bovy) two year type. toned vf, some light obverse porosity. $100+

*393 ---,---1851-a 1 franc. y-27, km-9. scarce (a. bovy) three year type, although the 1857 date is almost impossible to acquire. fine, but date on reverse is weak. $75+

*394 ---,---1861-b 1 franc. y-27, km-9a. toned vf, a couple of old scratches underneath toning. $50+

*395 ---,---1850-a 2 francs. y-28, km-10. scarce (a. bovy) type. toned f-vf. $150+

*396 ---,--- 1860-b 2 francs. y-28, km-10a. fine. $50

*397 ---,---1850-a 5 francs. y-29, km-11, dav-376. toned vf, some light scratches under toning. scarce. $225+

*398 ---,---shooting taler. 1881 5 francs. fribourg. city view, value, date, arms/ monument of 3 figures. y-15s, km-s15, dav-389. au-unc, light handling marks. $100+

*399 ---,---1889-b 5 francs. y-33, km-34, dav-392. f/vf. $100+

*400 ---,---1923 5 francs. y-34, km-37, dav-393. type with denomination written as fr. ef. $75+

*401 ---,---1923 5 francs. y-34a, km-38, dav-394. type with denomination written as fr. ef. $110+

*402 ---,---1934-b. 5 francs, fribourg shooting festival. km-s18, y-44. choice bu. $75

*403 ---,---1936 5 francs. y-46, km-41. armament fund commemorative. $40

*404 ---,---1939 5 francs luzern shooting taler. y-47, km-520. bu. $75+

*405 ---,---1939 5 francs. zurich exposition. y-50, km-43. unc., some handling marks. $60+

*406 ---,---1939-b 5 francs. 600th anniversary of battle of laupen commemorative. y-49, km-42. nice unc. purchased from charlie wyatt, list 11, #110 (choice bu) for $425. $250+

*407 ---,---1941 5 francs. 650th anniversary of confederation. y-51, km-44. bu. $60+

*408 ---,---1944 5 francs. y-52, km-45. 500th anniversary of the battle of st. jakob an der birs. bu. $60+

409 ---,--- 1895-B Gold 20 Francs. Y-40a, KM-31.3, Fr-495. Lustrous Unc., a few bagmarks. $240

410 ---,--- 1922-B Gold 10 Francs. Y-42, KM-36, Fr-504. Nice Unc. $120

411 ---,---. 1927-B Gold 20 Francs. Y-41, KM-35.1, Fr-499. BU, a couple of very tiny rim nicks. $240

412 ---,--- 1935-LB Gold 20 Francs. Y-41, KM-35.1, Fr-499. BU. $240

*413 thailand. 1900. silver-plated bronze medal commemorating the cremations of the five princes and princesses at thung phra mane (the royal cremation grounds). 34.45 mm; 18.60 gms. mtre-pg. 94/.5. five-tiered and three-tiered umbrellas side by side, inscription "cremations at phra mane grounds", rs119./pavilion of princess lamon phraya sudarat at centers, emblems and crowns of the princes and princesses. rare. $300?

*414 --- rama v. rs124 (1905). silver baht. y-34a. vf/ef, a few minor rim nicks. $50+

*415 turkey. republic. 1992. 5000, 50,000 & 500,000 lira. 500 years of jews living in turkey in peace and harmony. original presentation case (rare). only 485 pieces of the gold coin were minted. km-1016. 1017 & 1018, fr-138. proof. only the 2nd we've seen, the first with a case. also see lot #577 for another turkish related item. $750?

*416 ukraine, republic. 1996 10 kryven. km-34. archbishop petr s. mohyla. sterling silver proof in plastic capsule and case with certificate as issued. km catalogs at $1250! $900+?

*417 ---,---1997 2 hryvni. km-39. facing bust of yuri kondratiuk. proof-like bu in plastic capsule as issued. kondratiuk was a ukrainian pioneer of astronautics and space flight. scarce, catalogs at $100. $90?

418 ---,---1998 10 Hryven. KM-70. Kylv-Pechersk Assumption Cathedral. Silver Proof in plastic capsule as issued. Reeded edge. $75+

419 ---,---1998 20 Hryven. KM-58. 350th Anniversary of Cossack Revolt. National Arms supported by St. Michael and lion/Cossacks attacking Polish cavalryman. Reeded edge. In plastic capsule as issued. $60+

*420 ---,---2003 20 hryven. km-188. 60th anniversary of the liberation of kiev. holographic eternal flame/battle scene and map. reeded edge in plastic capsule and case with certificate as issued. only 2000 issued with a catalog price of $350. 1st we've seen. 2 ounces of sterling silver. choice proof. $250+

*421 ---,---2004 10 hryven. km-225. whit sunday. sterling silver choice proof. in capsule and case with certificate as issued. $150+

*422 united states, republic. 1864 two cents. large motto. y-3, km-94. nice brown ef. $45

*423 ---,---1851 3 cent silver. type i. y-4, km-75. vf. $50

424 ---,---1876 3 Cent Nickel. Y-5, KM-95. Slightly better date. VF. $35

*425 ---,---1855 half dime, arrows at date. y-7b, km-76. short type. nice ef, a couple of minor rim nicks. $50+

*426 ---,---1835 capped bust 10 cents. cr-26. vg. $60+

427 ---,---1876-S Seated Liberty Dime. Y-8c, KM-91. Fine. $30

*428 ---,---1875-s seated liberty 20`a2. y-12, km-109. vg/f. a very short-lived type.$120+

*429 ---,---1823 liberty cap half dollar, "50 c." reverse. nice vf. $100+

*430 ---,---1877 trade dollar. y-13, km-108. vf. $150+

*431 ---,---1885 morgan dollar. y-18, km-110. choice lustrous bu. $50

*432 ---,---1922 peace dollar. y-31, km-150. choice to gem bu. fully lustrous. $40

*433 ---,---1879 gold 1/4 eagle (2 1/2 dollars). y-22, km-72, fr-114. au. $275

*434 ---,---1910 indian head gold quarter eagle (2 1/2 dollars). y-32, km-128, fr-120. nice unc. $275

*435 ---,---1885 gold liberty head half eagle (5 dollars). with motto. y-23a, km-101, fr-143. choice bu, a few marks in field. $500+

*436 ---,---1908 indian head gold half eagle (5 dollars). y-33, km-129, fr-166. nice au-unc. $400+

*437 ---,--- 1894 $10 liberty head with motto. gold (eagle). y-24a, km-102, fr-158. ef-au. no real wear but some handling and bag marks. $675+

*438 ---,---1912 $10 indian head gold (eagle). y-34, km-125, fr-166. nice au. $700+

*439 ---,---1904 liberty head with motto $20 gold. (double eagle). reverse "twenty dollars" y-25b, km-74.3, fr-177. ef/ch. au. $1350

*440 ---,---1928 st. gaudens with motto "in god we trust". $20 gold. (double eagle). perhaps the most beautiful large size gold coin ever minted. y-35b, km-131, fr-185.choice au/unc. $1375

*441 ---feuchtwanger token. 1837 one cent, eagle. ht-268. nice ef and scarce as such. these tokens were made of nickel, copper and some zinc. $200+?

*442 ---new york. 1863 civil war token of geo. d. schmidt. rare variety struck over felix kosher kitchen token. ny-630bn-1ao. vf+, but some marks in field. the die cutter for this token must have failed spelling as the last name of the proprietor seems to be spelled scumt. $150+

*443 ---sutler token. nd (1860's). ohio. brass 22mm. a. hirsch good for 5 cents in goods. 47th regiment. curto-113, sch-5b. (r7). vf, slightly clipped at about 5 o'clock. sutlers were civilian merchants appointed by the government to provide necessary and luxury items to soldiers during the civil war. every military post and regiment had a sutler. they are the rarest of all the civil war tokens. $250+

444 ---Sutler Token. ND (1860's). Virginia. Brass 19mm. A. Kohn 5th Regiment. 5 Cents. Curto-159a, Sch-G5Bc. (R9). VF and very rare. $500?

445 ---1963. Dimitri Mitropoulos AE 57mm by William Zorach. Facing bust of the famed Greek born conductor with his name and dates 1896-1960 below/"The Dimitri-Mitropoulos International Music Competition Award____New York City". Niggl-3326. $40+

446 --- California. Jewish Merchant Token. ND. Aluminum 24mm. Good for 12 1/2`A2 in Trade. Bennie Jacobs, 226 E. Main St., Stockton, Calif. Kappen-178. VG/F. Scarce? $25+?

447 ---Kansas. 1920. Eugenics Prize Medal in box of issue. Seated allegorical woman of presumably good breeding stock. The reverse has the ten line inscription: "PRESENTED TO // blank name space // BY ARTHUR CAPPER // FOR // EXCELLENT // EUGENIC SHOWING // '' GRADE A ''// KANSAS FREE FAIR // 1920 " With red, white and blue ribbon as issued. Made by Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark, NJ. Eugenics is the "applied science or the biosocial movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population," usually referring to human populations. The Nazis were the most prominent proponent of the theory. One just wonders what display won this award. $75+

448 ---Victor David Brenner/Abraham Lincoln.1971 AE 64 x 48mm medal commemorating the centennial of the famous sculptor's birth. Bust of Lincoln right from his plaque of 1907/Bust of Brenner left, legend below. Unsigned but we believe this was done by R. Beck. A similar medal in our Sale 28C (Spring 1998) sold for $50. Smedley-24. For another Brenner medal see Lot #545. $50+

449 ---Hobo Nickels. Group of 3, all with "Hobo" facing right with hat. Two nicely executed etchings with perhaps exaggerated Jewish features, the 3rd an imitation in White Metal (22mm, nickels are 21mm) with definite "Jewish" features and Pawn Broker symbol on reverse. VF $50+?

450 --- Group of 3 counterfeit coin.1937 Buffalo Nickel, 1875 Liberty Seated Dime and 1918 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. All circulated. $?

*451 yugoslavia, alexander i. 1932 50 dinar. y-9, km-16, dav-408. gd vf, a few rim nicks. without designer's name. $30+

WORLD PAPER MONEY   (back to top)

*452 congo. p-4. 20 francs. 15 august 1962. unc. $75

*453 costa rica, banco anglo-costarricense. p-s122s3 to p-s124s3. 5, 10 and 20 colones. 1 jan---. all au-unc, unsigned specimens. with staple holes at upper left. attractive and colorful. 3 notes in lot. $100+

*454 czechoslovakia, theresienstadt. 1- 100 kronen. complete set of 7 unc notes. c 4111-4117, feller cz 650-656. moses holding the 10 commandments. $125+

*455 czechoslovakia. 1943 ration card for use in german occupied eger in the sudetenland. this is a weekly ration card for bread, sugar, meat, margarine etc., good from 30 august to 5 september. it was for use by foreign civilians, i.e. slave laborers. one hole punched in one coupon. was this card only used once? it seems that way. no doubt a scarce locale. $50+?

*456 england, operation bernhard forgery. p-329a, feller-311a, c-4066v. 10 pounds, london. 19, august 1932. catterns signature. vf-ef, a few pinholes. operation bernhard notes were made by jewish inmates at sachsenhausen concentration camp, as part of the nazi effort to bankrupt the bank of england. the early notes with catterns signature are much rare than those with peppiatt's signature. campbell does not list catterns signature on the 10£ notes as being among the bernhard forgeries, instead listing mahon. i believe this is in error and i suspect he meant catterns instead. i have no record of offering a 10£ catterns forgery for at least 10 years. $200+

*457 ---,---p-336, c-4066b, ge-311b. £10 19 august 1936. ef+. at first glance this note has the appearance of a genuine note because the watermark seems to be in the "correct" location. however another important feature of a real note, the "nipple" at the bottom of the wreath" was not done correctly. perhaps this was among the last notes produced before the counterfeits became even better. very high grade for an operation bernhard note. $225+?

*458 ---,---p-337a, camp-4067b, feller ge-312b. £20 7 june 1937, london with signature of k. o. peppiatt. vf. small hole above "r" of cashier at lower right and notch (as made) at right. $250+

*459 ---,---p-338a, camp-4068b, feller ge-313b. £50 20 june 1934, london with signature of k. o. peppiatt. ef. nice grade. the 20 and 50 pound notes are the two scarcest denominations of operation bernhard notes. $250+

*460 ---p-371a. 5 pounds nd (157-67). unc. signature of l. k. o'brien. $150

*461 estonia. p-51a 200 marka. 1923. avf. attractive note with bank building at center. $100?

*462 --- p-53a 10 marka. 1922. group of 4, consecutive serial numbers. vf-ef .$150+

*463 germany. p-unl. gutschein des kreigschffes "hindenburg". 50 pfenning, 1 & 5 mark. 23 february 1919. 3 au-unc notes with round handstamp at lower left. scarce. $200+?

464 ---Konversionkasse. 5 Marks. 28 August 1933, with overprint 1934 at left. P-207. Complete set of 5 known series letters, A, B, C, D & E. Series A VF+, Series D EF with pinholes, others Au-Unc without pinholes. $150+

465 ---Konversionkasse. P-199 5 Reichsmarks. 28 August 1933. Complete set of the 5 known series. A, B, C, D & E. All AU-Unc, without pinholes! Scarce as such. $200

*466 ---konversionkasse. 10 reichsmark. 1934/1933. p-208. ef, without pinholes.$75+

467 ---Konversionkasse. 10 Reichsmark 28 August 1933 overprinted 1934. Complete set of 5 series letters, A, B, C, D & E. All grade EF or better with usual pinholes. $250+

*468 ---konversionkasse. 50 reichsmark 28 august 1933, overprint 1934 at left. p-211. series c. nice grade. unc., with a couple of usual pinholes.this is lot #796 from sale 37a where it sold for $180 $100+

*469 ---occupied territories reich's credit treasury notes. nd (1939). pr-135 to pr-140, sb 185-190. 50 reichspfennig, 1, 2, 5, 20 and 50 reichsmarks. 5 rm ef, 20 & 50 rm au, others unc. these notes were used when nazi armed forces entered a foreign country and were legal tender only in occupied areas. $75+

*470 ---buchenwald concentration camp. 2 reichsmark. straight legged m. c-3953a, feller ge-142a. choice au-unc (just very light evidence of handling). rare so nice. $300

*471 ---buchenwald. 3 reichsmark, vertical "m" in "rm". c-3954a, feller ge-143a. choice au-unc. the 3 reichsmark is the scarcest of all the buchenwald denomations! $300

*472 ---buchenwald. 3 reichsmark with slanted m. c-3954b, feller ge-143b. the 3 reichsmark is the scarcest of all buchenwald denominations and is especially so in this grade. au-unc. $300

*473 ---dachau. unlisted type. 1 reichsmark. feller ge-181a, similar to c-3962, but printers mark is ii/100 xi. 43 1285. hole punched (cancelled), issued to prisoner #49036 (seyfarth?). au. this is the feller plate note (page 33) and ex david frank collection. $1000+

*474 ---nordhausen (mittelbau). c-4026b (1), f/f ge-255c.1. 1 reichsmark, green, series n, with asterisk before serial number on back. vf. rare and should be worthy of a substantial bid. $750+

*475 greenland, wwii ration card. for bread, fat and sugar. c. 4 1/4 x 3/ 3/4" green and tan. ef. no doubt scarce, perhaps rare. 1st world war ii ration coupon from greenland that i can recall seeing. $50+?

*476 india. p-2. 2 rupees, 8 annas nd (1917). series c/1. uncirculated. signature of m.m.s. gubbay. extremely rare in this condition. (pick at $6500!). the last auction record i can find for this note is £2500 for a vf note with annotation on the back in september of 2006. $4500+

*477 ---p-16b. 10 rupees nd (1935). j. w. kelly signature. nice ef. $300+

*478 ---p-21a 1000 rupees. nd (1937). ef, very light annotation in watermark area. staple holes as issued. seldom seen this nice. beautiful large size note! $1500+

*479 iran. p-103a and p-103b 200 rials nd (1974-1979). shah on face, shahyad square with 6 pointed stars on back plus the note that replaced it with 12 pointed stars on back. the 6 pointed star was replaced because it resembled the jewish magen david. 2 unc notes. $50+

*480 israel, fractional currency. p-6, fc-1. 50 mils orange carpet note. series a/a. ef-au. light horizontal crease and a couple of corners "thumbed". very nice bright note. $300+

*481 ---fractional currency. p-8, fc-3. 50 pruta blue/black. zagaggi-kaplan signatures. light stain in upper margin, perhaps from sunlight, otherwise ef-au. we sold an ef in our sale 38d for $425. $350+

*482 ---fractional currency. p-11, fc-4 100 pruta (1952). zagaggi-kaplan. green/ black. a very light stain, otherwise ef. scarce. $50+

*483 ---fractional currency. "error note" p-12d, fc-4d. 100 pruta. neeman/eshkol. the extremely rare "inverted signature" note which is israel's rarest note. the signature of neeman on the left is upside down. g-vg, small holes, tears, light stains. the last we offered, avf stains, sold for $795 five years ago. $475?

*484 ---anglo-palestine bank. p14s-18s. bn1-5. specimen set. (1948). 500 mils, 1, 5, 10 & 50 pounds. 5 uncirculated notes. all notes with 000000 serial number, specimen across the face and back twice and with two holes punched. this is the only way to get a high grade 50 pound note. all from the american bank note company archives thus with abnc handstamp or manuscript notations in upper margin. the last set we offered was in the spring of 2006 a specimen set sold for $4000 on a $2500 estimate. $3500+

*485 ---, anglo-palestine bank. nd (1948). p-14, bn-1. 500 mils, series b. fine $100+

*486 ---, anglo-palestine bank nd (1948). p-15a, bn-2. 1 palestine pound. series a. choice ef. $175

*487 ---. anglo-palestine bank. p-17a, bn-4. 10 pounds, series a. ef! nice original color. scarce in this grade. $600+

*488 ---, bank leumi. nd (1952).p-21a, bn-8. 5 pounds, series s. vf+ $100

*489 ---. bank leumi. p-22a, bn-9. 10 pounds, series k. choice au-unc. $350+

*490 ---, bank leumi. nd (1952). p-23a, bn-10. 50 israel pounds without series letter, which is the only way it comes. vf. we recently listed a vf for $1750 on a special internet paper money list and had multiple orders for it. $1750

*491 ---. error note. p-38, bn-25. 5 lirot 1973 szold, with misplaced digit in lower right serial number. the next to last digit is an 8 and it's much higher than the other numbers. vf. this is the first of these errors that i can recall seeing. $300+

*492 ---. late 1970's. trial stage proofs for shekel notes. there were numerous proposed ideas that were sent to the bank of israel as they prepared for the change over from the lira system which had been in use since 1960 to the shekel system which was to go into effect in february of 1980. this lot consists of two proposals on cardboard sent to the special committee at the bank of israel. the first measures about 170 x 75 mm and is black on white showing a central motif of a seven branched menorah at the center with 7 magen-david stars above which was herzlidea for a jewish national flag. each corner has a stylized magen david, a large "1" is at left and the denomination is written out in the center. the blank back has a couple of dots on it. the 2nd note is obviously a color trial for the same note. ita bit smaller and is in various shades of blue, white and black. the back of this note has black paper stuck to each corner as it apparently was removed from an album and a couple of light water marks on the left face. these proposals were not accepted and we presume few or any others exist. of extreme rarity and a must in any collection of israel trials, proofs, specimens or other paper rarieties. unlisted by tepper! $1000+

*493 ---. p-46c, bn-33a. 50 sheqalim ben-gurion. 1978. 2 green bars on back. ef. rare. 1st we've offered at auction in 5+ years. $300+

*494 ---. p-46d, bn-30b. 50 sheqalim. 1978. david ben-gurion/mercy gate. scarce variety with 4 black bars on back. unc. very seldom seen this nice. $175+

*495 ---. p47b, bn-34a. 100 sheqalim. ze'ev jabotinsky/herod's gate. 2 maroon bars on back. unc. $125

496 ---. Gates of Jerusalem. A glass-framed set of 5 Israel banknotes (1, 5, 10, 50 & 100 Sheqalim) of 1978 with a vignette of the Citadel and David's Tower. $50+?

497 Libya. P-6. 10 Piastres. Law of 1951. Nice Unc. Seldom seen this nice. $50+

*498 ---. p-19b. half pound. law of 1955 (1959). fine. rare in any grade. $350+

*499 ---. p-20. 1 pound. law of 1955 (1959) fine. $50+

*500 palestine, palestine currency board. p-6c 500 mils 20 april 1939. series h. choice ef. vivid purple color. $2000+

*501 ---palestine currency board. p-7b 1 pound 30 sept. 1929, series c. fine+, tiny hole, light graffiti in watermark. in our sale 39f we sold a similar note for $1200. $1000

*502 ---palestine currency board. p-7b 1 pound 30 sept. 1929, series g. vf, very scarce series. $1250+

*503 ---palestine currency board. p-7-c 1 pound 20 april 1939. series t. fine, very minor tears at creases. i believe that series t is rare. i can find no record of my selling one in at least 15 years. $300+

*504 ---palestine currency board. p-7c 1 pound 20 april 1939, series u. ef, light stain in top margin. a rare series in high grade! $2000+

*505 ---palestine currency board. p-7c 1 pound 20 april 1939, series y. f-vf, right edge bit rough, light stains, scarce series. $800+

*506 ---palestine currency board. p-7d. 1 pound. 1 january 1944, series b/1. vf, better date. $1250+

*507 ---palestine currency board. p-8d. 5 pounds, 1 january 1944. series e. vf, a few minor stains. scarce date. $3500+

*508 ---palestine currency board. p-9b 10 pounds 30 september 1929 series a. vg, bottom right, corner missing, frayed edges. very scarce date. $1750

*509 ---palestine currency board. p-9d 10 pounds 1 january 1944. series c. ef, very small area of discoloration on back. a better date in exceptional condition! $6000+

*510 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz ghetto). campbell-4237a, feller po-620a. script, "good for one additional lunch" (1 zus-mittag). specimen issue (muster). series 16. unc. i haven't offered one in a number of years. $75+

*511 saudi arabia. p-7b. 1 riyal ah 1379. signature #2. vf. $125


*513 switzerand, fribourg. cr`8edit agricole et industriel de la broye. p-s261. 10 francs. 1 december 1866. unissued remainder. ef. off-white with black print. $125+?

*514 ---,---,---p-s262. 20 francs. 1 december 1866. unissued remainder. ef-au. orange with black print, although pick lists as red. $125+?

*515 ---,---,---p-s263. 100 francs. 1 december 1866. unissued remainder. ef-au. blue on white paper. $125+?

*516 ---,---,---p-s264. 50 francs. 1 december 1866. unissued remainder. ef-au. green on white paper. $125+?

*517 ---banco populaire de la broye. p-s572. 20 francs. 19 november 1879. unsigned remainder. ef-au. green, black print. $200+

*518 ---swiss national bank. p-33a. 20 francs. 1 may 1923. fine. $150?

519 United States, Fractional Currency. 5`A2 3.3. 1863. George Washington at center. 2nd issue. P-101a, Fr-1232. Fine+. $25

520 ---Silver Certificate. One Dollar, Series 1928. Tate-Mellon signatures. P-372, Fr-1600. VG. $20

*521 yemen dem republic. p9a 10 dinars. nd (1984) signatures #3. unc. $60+


MEDALLIC JUDAICA   (back to top)

There are a great number of coins, tokens, medals and banknotes listed in Part One that could have just as easily been listed in this section. Please see the following lots: 81, 86-88, 100, 103, 156, 159-160, 163, 167, 175-176, 183, 192, 214-239, 249, 273, 285-294, 301, 303-306, 415, 442-444, 446-449, 454-459, 464-476, 479-496 and 500-510.

*522 judenkopfgroschen. meissen. wilhlem iii the brave, 1428-1482. ar judenkopfgroschen. head with pointed beard left/arms. saurma-4386, krug 1215/1. the obverse portrait was taken by the populace as depicting a "typical jew", thus the name of the coin. vf and very rare, $250+

*523 judenkopfgroschen. meissen. wilhelm iii the brave, 1428-1482. ar judenkopfgroschen. saurma-4386, krug 1218/4. similar to above with slight differences, a bit nicer. vf. $275+

524 David and Goliath. 1578 Dutch Jeton. AE29.5. David with sling, attacking the armed figure of Goliath. A rose in the Latin legend indicates this was struck at Dodrecht/The Dutch lion attacking a boar (Spain). 1578 in exergue. The Jeton was struck during the 3rd Dutch revolt against Spain. The lion and David refer to the Dutch, the boar and Goliath refer to Spain. Mitch-2419, Dug-2743. VF and the 1st I can recall offering in many years. $150

525 10 Commandments. ND (1590's?), Hans Krauwinkel Jeton. Brass 28 mm (4.36g). Two tablets, in front a raised sword held by a hand emerging from a cloud at right/ Valor as an armed warrior standing and facing Honor as a woman standing on a dolphin, H.K. in exergue. Mitch-1632, Neuman-32288. VF. One of the rarest of all Krauwinkel Biblical Jetons. I can't recall offering this before. $150

526 David and Jonathan. c. 1590 By Hans Krauwinkel. AE28. King David standing on left with harp; facing towards Jonathan who has a bow, Latin legend between them and around/Amasa embracing Joab, who is about to stab him, legend in field and around. Mitch-1628, Neumann 32276-7. VF, light porosity. We've only handled this rare Jeton a few times. A similar piece (perhaps not quite as nice) sold for $200 in our sale 39D. $150

527 Daniel in the Lion's Den. Jeton. Copper 28 mm by Hans Krauwinkel from his Biblical series. Daniel in the lion's den, being attacked, dead captive below, angel above, accosted by 2 faces of God/Daniel in the lion's den, lions now fawning on him, flying angel above. Mitch-1630, Neuman-32978. Nice Brown EF. This is in an ICG slab, graded AU50. $175+

*528 judaea capta jeton by hans krauwinkel of n`9frnberg. nd (c. 1600). ae28. based on the roman judaea capta coin. bust of vespasian left/captive jewess weeping to right of palm tree, emperor stands to left, ivdaea capta above. see friedenberg page 94. avf and rare. this is ex-lot 920 from our sale 37a where it sold for $150. we've sold two similar pieces for well over $225 since them. $200?

*529 jewish mintmaster? italy, modena. cesare d'este, 1597-1628. ar giorgino. bust right/saint germinano standing with crozier, below at his feet is a 6 pointed star (magen david). cni-161v, var-693 (r). vg-f. there is no doubt that jews were part of the minting process in at least some of northern italy including modena at this time. (see jmm page 11). we can only surmise that those coins that depict the jewish star were struck by unknown jewish mintmasters. a similar coin in our sale 37d sold for $150. this coin is nicer than that one but the magen david is weaker. this is only the 2nd i can recall offering. both this specimen and the one sold in 37d were coins previously sold by us in the 1980's or 90's and consigned to us as the previous owners have begun to dispose of their collections. $150+?

530 Jewish Priest with High Altar. 1737 French Jeton. Bust of Louis XV right/ Jewish Priest to left of Smoking Altar. Mitch-3515, Feu-2495. Choice EF+, some red in devices. $50+

531 Birmingham Hebrew Social Club. 19th Century. Brass 26mm 1 Penny token. Birmingham Hebrew Social Club/"1 D" in wreath. Scarce to rare. Nice VF. $125+

532 King David. 1827, Paris Silver 34 mm by Barre. Bust of King David wearing helmet/Harp, and in Hebrew, "A rod to rule, I will open my ears to the secret of my harp, (5)587. See The Shekel Vol 24, 4, 8-10.Choice EF. Very rare this nice in silver. We can only remember offering a cast copy in silver. $150+

*533 false shekel. "silver shekel copy". nd 19th century 33mm. in wood box of issue which reads, "copie from a genuine jerusalem silver shekel, for 30 of which our saviour jesus christ was sold. medals to be had at a. b`9fhrer's 46, skinner street, london." ef. very unusual to find one in original box. ef. $50+?

*534 dr. henri loeb. 1859 silver 59mm by leopold wiener. his bust left/hebrew legend within wreath all within french legend. struck to commemorate his 25th anniversary as grand rabbi of belgium and done by one of the 19th century's most important medallic sculptors (who also happened to be jewish). jmm-52, bjm-page 33, pem-3, lightly toned ef. one of the rarest and most important of 19th century jewish medals, we've offered this medal in bronze only twice in the last 15 years but i cannot recall ever offering it in silver! as a side note the sculptor's brother, charles, executed a medal for his successor elie-aristide astruc in 1880. and see lot below for a medal by charles wiener. $500+

*535 sir moses and lady judith montefiore. bronze 68mm. 1864. by charles wiener. high relief cojoined busts left/6 line hebrew legend in wreath, which names cities that he had visited and helped alleviate persecution of jews. see jewish medalists page 53 and jtm-pem 4c. also, british historical medals 2802a and eimer-1569. according to the encyclopedia judaica, this is one of most important jewish emancipation medals issued. montefiore is considered the most important anglo-judaic figure of the 19th century. this medal (by a jewish medalist) is a most impressive medallic portrait of him (and his wife). ef, but for rim dent at 5:30 and very rare. it is the first bronze we've offered in more than 5 years. that one sold for $675 $600

536 Adolph Sonnenthal. 1881 AE 61mm by Johann Schwerdtner. His bust left/View of the Burg Theater in Vienna. Sonnenthal was a famed Austrian actor, probably the most famous of all Jewish actors of the 19th century, and this was struck to commemorate his 25th anniversary at the Burg Theater. There are at least two other medals honoring Sonnenthal, all are scarce. This is the first time I can recall offering this one. Wurzbach-8479. See The Shekel, 39, 3, 14. $75+

537 Chilean Jewish Merchant Token. ND. Tan Vulcanite 26mm. For Isaacs y Montealegre, Despachos or Mejillones del Sur. 20 Centavos. Good, with nicks and two holes through center. The low condition of the token and the lack of contrast make this difficult to photograph. Extremely rare, unlisted by Rulau. We rarely have any Jewish related items from Chile, this sale contains two! See lot 573. $50+?

538 Sir David Salomons' Medal. 1890 AE 67mm. Allegorical scene of women at port, "Seek Truth in All Things" in two lines in exergue/"Sir David Salomons' Medal" above, "Founded 1888" below and hand engraving in center within wreath. This was presented for Photography. Sir David Salomons was one of the most important Jewish figures in Britain in the 19th century. He was the first Jewish Lord Mayor, served in Parliament and among the first Jews to participate in stock banking. This was no doubt an award that he had endowed. I believe we've had one of these previously but certainly not in the last 15 years at least. $100+?

*539 rabbi adolph jellinek. 1893 silver 55mm death medal. facing bust/laurel encloses 4-line hebrew quotation from the prophet zechariah, "not through strength and not through power says the lord of hosts.". jellinek was the head rabbi in vienna and was among the most important and influential rabbis in 2nd part of the 19th century. he succeeded i.n. mannheimer as chief rabbi in vienna and the jewish encyclopedia called him "the greatest, most gifted jewish preacher that modern judaism has produced". this medal is rare in bronze (in our sale 39e a bronze specimen sold $525) and excessively so in silver. we have never seen one before this. ef, but lightly wiped. we know of two previous specimens that have sold. one in a european auction where it sold for more than $4000 and a ny sale where it brought $1000 (plus buyer's fees!). ex jay j. van grover. $850+

*540 bronze amulet. 40mm. the third seal of venus per the key of solomon, a judeo-christian magic book from medieval times but translated and made popular around 1900 by the order of the golden dawn founder mathers. that's supposed to be yhvh and adonai on either side of the triangles (you can see how bad the hebrew lettering is). the surrounding inscription is supposed to be genesis 1:28 which includes the famous "be fruitful and multiply" quote. vf, same design both sides, one side somewhat encrusted. $50+

*541 karl marx/ferdinand lassalle. nd (c.1900). ae 22mm. facing bust of marx, with his dates of birth and death/bust of lassalle left. lassalle (who was also jewish) was the founder and first president of the adav (general german workers assn. ) which eventually became the german social democratic party. presumably karl marx is more well known. vf+, lightly polished. original loop attached. we've had a few other lassalle items in the past but can't recall seeing this before. . $120?

*542 "kosher" token. aluminum 25mm. "kosher" in hebrew/"jewish quarter" above pawn broker symbol and "in hoc s.v." if we assume that the s.v. is signo vincas in latin, the legend reads "with this sign you shall conquer" which is what constantine saw in the sky along with a cross while in battle which made him convert to christianity and win. here it's probably being used sarcastically as if to say, "with this (pawn broker) sign you (jews) shall conquer" and hoc is being used as pun here. as for the "jewish quarter", do they mean a neighborhood or a coin? vf, some light scratches and a rim bruise. a most unusual "anti-semitic" piece .i've never seen this before. $50?

*543 shahar-hashomayim synagogue. nd. montreal, quebec, canada. c. 5 1/2" wedgewood, plate with illustration of synagogue in center and floral design around edge. multicolored and attractive. $50+?

*544 victor adler. nd. ae 73 x 88mm plaque. unsigned. bust of adler facing in circle above 4 line legend about the struggle of the proletariat. adler was an austrian socialist. the plaque never mentions his name but this is clearly adler. i believe i've had this before but can not find it in my data base so if i have had it, its been more than 15 years. cased $50+

*545 wedding anniversary medal by victor david brenner. gilt ae63 x 44mm. busts of william and mina openhym within allegorical setting "aug.5th 1852-1902"/"in loving tribute to the founders of william openhym & sons" in 3 lines. openhym was a new york city silk merchant. ironically his son adolph committed suicide less than a year after this medal was made. smedley-44. rare? for another brenner medal see lot #448 $50+

*546 100th anniversary of frankfurt philanthropins (jewish high school). 1904 ae63 by leo horovitz. farmer sowing field/legend. jewish minters & medalists, page 87. cast. probably a copy of the original struck version. still rare. we've offered the medal (presumably a struck piece) just once before in the past 15 years. in our sale 27f a vf example with a few corrosion spots sold for $225. $150?

*547 theordor herzl. c. 1903 by boris schatz. silver plaque c. 70 x 58 mm in 8 1/2 x 9" glass frame. bust of herzl facing left, on right moses looking towards the promised land, below in hebrew. boris schatz was the founder of the bezallel school, the art school closely alinged with zionism, and this is, in our opinion, his most spectacular and important work. he was born in what is now lithuania in 1866 or 1867 (different sources give different dates) and died on a fund-raising trip to the us in denver, colorado in 1932. see the next two lots also. ef and very rare. see the shekel vol xvii, #2, page 27-28. $250+

548 Boris Schatz Silver Plaques. Pair of plaques in 12 x 12" gilt frame. Havdalah and man reading Siddur. Two attractive and toned plaques by the most important Jewish medallic sculptor of the early part of the 20th century. $150+

*549 jeremiah by boris schatz. sterling silver plaque. c 70 x 50mm. in glass frame (c 8 1/2 x 9") ready to be hung. i don't believe we've ever offered this before. this is one of his most well-known works. $100+?

*550 dreyfus affair. c. 1910? ae28. probably struck in sympathy for dreyfus. busts of dreyfus, zola and labori/busts of esterhazy & du'paty de clan. ef, with original loop attached. scarce. only the 3rd i've offered in at least 15 years. $175+?

*551 the american jewish committee. 1906. 76mm. appeal for human relations. legend around shield, star of david atop, date below. uniface, taken from wood (?) plaque as there is a screw in the back. i believe we've had this once before. $100+?

*552 otto hirschfeld.1913. ae 79 x 67 mm plaque by sturm. his bust left/hirschfeld at stand, lecturing students. cast for his 70th birthday. hirschfeld was german historian who specialized in roman history. wurz-3713. aef. a similar piece sold in a lanz auction for $200+ in 2002. this is the first i can recall offering. $150+

*553 julius hirschberg. 1913. ae 60 x 80mm by e. herter. his bust right/allegorical scene. hirschberg was among the most important and famous ophthalmologists of the 19th and early 20th century. he was the first to use a hand magnet for extracting foreign bodies from the eye and wrote a 9 volume history of ophthalmology. this medal was struck for his 70th birthday. hirschberg was never elevated to his rightful place as a full and honored professor because of his refusal to deny his jewishness. 1st i can recall offering. $150+

*554 shalom aleichem funeral. 1916?. a pair of 9" bronze plaques suitable for hanging. one with a bust of the famed writer left, the other showing a nude man holding gravestone of shalom aleichem with legend around. i don't recall seeing these before and i have no idea of their value. aleichem was a famed yiddish author. see lot #600 $100+?

*555 schiff & company. (chicago, ill) 1917. 36mm watch fob shekel in white metal. year 4 shekel design/ "25th anniversary schiff and compnay state bank 12th street near halsted 1892-1917" in two circular lines around "success" and bank building in center. ef. i can't recall seeing this medal before. no doubt scarce. $50+

*556 mendele mocher sforim. ae c. 19 x 28mm oval medallion with original loop, his bust partially right, name in hebrew and dates 1836-1917 to left. ef. scarce, only the 2nd i can recall having. sforim was another famous yiddish writer. $75+

557 Jewish Legion. Royal Fusilier World War I Silver Service Medal, awarded to Jewish Legion Member Private M. Bailin, H-2304, 39th Battalion. The standard 36mm silver award medal with bust of King George V left on the obverse and on the reverse a British soldier on horseback stomping on the German Imperial shield with the dates 1914-1918. The edge reads "J-2304 Pte M. Bailin R.Fus". Orange, blue, white and black original ribbon attached by bar at top. Toned EF, a few nicks as no doubt Private Bailin proudly wore his medal. A xerox copy of page 261 of British Jewry Book of Honour accompanies this lot. We've only rarely had the opportunity to offer these sought after medals. $125+

*558 pair of british ww i military medals to a jewish recipient. 1) british war medal 1914-1918; george v, silver, 36 mm. and 2) ww i victory medal 1914-1919; type with uk reverse, brass, 36mm. both officially named on the edge with incuse lettering to "1228 pte. a. goldman. 1-cape c.l.r.", i.e., a british army private in the first cape (colony, so. africa) coloured labor regiment, a scarce and interesting unit. private goldman was likely british, as had he been south african, he would have received the bi-lingual reverse victory medal issued to south african forces. bwm lightly toned ef; the victory with two areas of oxidation either side of allegorical standing victory, otherwise au; both with original ribbons. no doubt scarce $200?

*559 world war i american jewish medal. ae51mm. by j. kilenyi of argentina. american jewish relief committee for suffering from the war, 1914-1918. children huddled near mother, magen david's and menorah's in background/legend. as made and very scarce. jewish related medals from world war i are rarely encountered. the medal was presented to non-jews who aided the jewish relief effort. see the shekel 10, 2, 82. we've only sold this medal once before. in 2002 we sold a not as nice example sold for $200. $350?

*560 society david vicur choulim. 1919. brass mirror. commemorating the 50th anniversary of this society. c. 69 x 105mm. "society david vicur choulim march 25, 1919 fiftieth anniversary" around magen david, with column at bottom. mirror side has spot at right but otherwise in decent condition. $50?

*561 romanian jewish token. nd (c. 1920?). 1 leu. silver 25mm. "jsak focsaner bucuresci" around magen david with zion (in hebrew) in center/"1 leu". vf+ and extremely rare. i believe that this is from a coffee and tea house in bucuresci as a similar token has a legend referring to this being a coffee and tea house. from what we have discovered this is from bucuresci in transylvania not to be confused with the capital city of romania, bucharest. a similar token is being offered in israel for $800! that seems high, but this and the token below are the first i can recall seeing and a romanian butcher token (in lesser grade) sold in our sale 37d for $725! thus, perhaps our estimate is very low. see lot below. $200+

*562 romanian jewish token. nd (c. 1920?). 50 bani. brass 25mm. "jsak focsaner bucuresci" around magen david with zion (in hebrew) in center/50. vg-f and extremely rare. see the lot above for a similar token. $100+

563 San Remo Conference Medal. 1920 Bronze 93 mm by C.J. van der Hoef. Commissioned by the Dutch Zionist Assn. to commemorate the San Remo decision which called for a Jewish State. A rabbi and a laborer facing each other, dates 3830-5680 (70-1920 AD) below/Legend around Star of David with Zion in Hebrew in center, emblems of the 12 tribes. EP-13a, Polak-66. Cast as made. Scarce and seldom offered. $150+

*564 jewish merchant token. kasner & co. nd (1920's) brass 32mm "brooklyn's leading tailors 459 fulton st." and legend around/swastika, good luck symbol and legend. ef. i cannot recall seeing this token before. i would presume that this was struck in the 1920's before the swastika symbol was taken over by the nazis. $25+

*565 dr. rabbi simon hevesi. 1925 silver 71 x 61 mm by istvan (stephan) sillag. hevesi was the chief rabbi of budapest at the huge dohany street synagogue from 1925 until his death in 1943. his high relief bust holding book left/uniface. jmm-page 92. the hungarian medalist was also jewish. see the shekel 32, 6, 32. in original case. this medal is extremely rare and i can only recall offering a somewhat damaged bronze example 10 years ago. see lots 656-658 for related items. $400+

*566 enameled sports medal. 1927. silver 24mm. "order achei brith and shield of abraham" in english and hebrew around "loyalty, fidelity, benevolence" around magen david with "sports" in center. enameling is in dark and light blue and white/"ladies lodge relay race first m. da costa 1927" in 4 lines (engraved) with 4 hallmarks and l. simpson & co., london below. the medal has a large silver crown and 5 smaller ones around in a long silver necklace. $75+

*567 south african award medal. 1929. royal order of buffalos. grand primo breast badge. awarded to l. goldstein by the district grand lodge of transvaal. facing head of a buffalo in center of this badge which reads grand lodge g.c., and africa at top. no doubt very scarce as an award medal to a jew. perhaps rare. with original, albeit damaged, case. $100?

*568 south african award medal. 1930. royal order of buffalos. roll of honor breast badge. awarded to l. goldstein by the district grand lodge of transvaal. impressive 14 karat gold badge with blue, white red and gilt enameling, latin legend, topped by "africa" purple ribbon and roll of honor on top. in original case which exhibits some wear but much nicer than above. no doubt very scarce as an award medal to a jew. perhaps rare. $150+?

569 Sports Medals. Boxing Medal. Silver 27 x 36 mm with loop as made. Boxer at left, "Morris Weisen" in banner at right,"B5" or "G5" engraved in oval below. Back is blank except for "Sterling" engraved and Basketball 1972 Maccabi hand-engraved brass medal from Argentina. Brass 30mm. Two players/9 line legend $50+?

*570 franklin d. roosevelt. 1933. bronze 30mm. his bust right/"health, wealth, prosperity around star of david, mazel in hebrew. au-unc. the last we offered, in our spring sale of 2008, sold for $50 $35+

*571 dr. simon flexner. 1935 ae 82 x 67 mm plaque by bashka paef. bust left, "simon flexner" below/a view of the entrance to the rockefeller institute. "from the member of the rockefeller institute 1935" in two lines. jmm-page 98. flexner was a us pathologist and was director of the institute from 1903 until 1935. this was probably made to commemorate his retirement. 1st i can recall seeing. $300+

572 Union of Faiths Medal. 1938 by Louis Rosenthal. AE57 x 88mm. Weeping old man reading book dated 1938, Facing bust of man/in the union of faiths we are fortified to serve mankind, 3 hands grasping torch. See JMM page 98. EF. Issued as Jews, and others, worldwide were trying to make sense of the terror yet to come in Europe. $35+

*573 chile zionist federation. 1939. 28mm cn holed with loop. as made? struck for their 20th anniversary. legend around magen david/1919-1939 above logo and hebrew legend, all within wreath, jp monogram below. i can recall offering only one other chilean jewish related piece in my 40 years of auctions. no doubt very scarce. ef. see also lot 437 for another jewish related item from chile. $75+

574 Jewish War Veterans. 1936. Philadelphia. Medal in shape of the Liberty Bell, "Second Annual State Dep. Encampment March 27-29, 1936 Phila. Pa" in 3 lines. Tattered wide ribbons between medal and name plate of "Goldie Gluckman #77". $50?

*575 jewish war veterans. 1940. new york. irregular shaped watch fob type. building above legend and banner around logo/uniface, but for "benj. harris co. inc, 228 bowery, ny". made for annual convention in monticello. i can't recall seeing this previously. $50?

*576 jewish war veterans. nd. brass 29mm with loop as made. blessing around magen david and zion in hebrew/log on top, and legend about postage guaranteed by jewish war vets of massachusetts. ef, 1st i can recall seeing. unlisted by federbush, as are the above two items also. $50?

577 Otto Lilienthal. 1941. AE97mm by Karl Goetz. His bust 1/2 left/Lilienthal flying double deckers in space. Opus-594, Kaiser-688.5. Lilienthal, a German-Jewish inventor and aeronaut, was one of the prime movers in the late 19th century on the path to the invention of the airplane. He made over 2000 flights with gliders but was killed in 1896 in flight by a sudden gust of wind. Lilienthal's Jewish origin has been disputed but both the Jewish Encyclopedia (published in the early part of the 20th century) and the Encyclopedia Judaica published some 70 years later in 1971 list him as a Jew. Ironically this medal was made by Karl Goetz, at that time Hitler's favorite, when realities of Hitler's final solution was beginning to take shape. See Lot #191 for another Goetz flight related medal $250+?

578 Group of tokens and exonumia. Mt. Sinai Hospital encased 1946 Cent, Leon & Eddies Entertainment Token (NYC), Passover Relief Fund from the Arion Lodge and Arion Temple, Fantasy Brothel Token from Madame Ruth Jacobs, Denver Co,, Coblenz (Germany) 1920 10 Pfennig notgeld (facing face which at least one person thinks is possibly anti-Semitc) and small silver charm depicting a hanging Hitler. 6 piece lot. $40?

*579 arthur liebert. 1946. ae119 by w. k. his bust right, name and dates 1873-1946 around/quote from goethe around three torches. liebert (born levy) was a german philospher who was co-editor of the publication of the kant society and from 1925-1933 professor of philosphy in berlin. when the nazis came to power he moved to belgrade and edited an anti-nazi philosophic journal. he moved to london in 1938 and returned to berlin after the war and died shortly thereafter. i don't believe we've ever seen this medal. $500?

*580 menachem begin. 1948 lead 63mm trial strike by adam pietz. bust of begin half left "menachem beigin" above and 1948 below/ "he won back for the jews their promised land, j.m.s." magen david above. pietz, who was born in offenbach, germany emigrated to the us in 1889 at the age of 16 and was a well-known and respected medallic sculptor and and for many years was the assistant chief engraver at the philadelphia mint. i do not believe that this medal was ever issued. rare. $100+

*581 award medal for hebrew. 1950. ae 51mm. presented by the jewish club to "hyman silverman herman ridder jr. h.s. june 1950" with magen davids at 3 and 9 o'clock/for merit in hebrew around menorah magen davids as reverse. scarce hand-engraved award medal to this student at a bronx ny junior high school. $40+?

*582 mt. carmel lodge, #44, haifa. large (c. 40 x 45 mm) silverplated masonic badge with blue enamel in center. haffner ma-7. see lot 588 for related badges. $25+

*583 los angeles jewish community building. 1951. ae 28 x 39 mm irregular shaped oval. building in center, legend above, "dedicated dec. 9, 1951 in smaller oval below/quote from isaiah. ef, with hole to lower left, presumable as made. i cannot recall ever offering this medal before. $35+?

584 Federation of Jewish Philanthropies Award of Honor Medal. ND. Gilt AE75mm. "Federation of Jewish Philanthropies" around legend and logos in center/ Legend around space for name to be engraved. EF, a few nicks. I can't recall offering this medal before and now we have two! $50+

*585 federation of jewish philanthropies award of honor medal. nd. gilt ae75mm. "federation of jewish philanthropies" around legend and logos in center/ legend around space for name to be engraved. ef, a few nicks. i can't recall offering this medal before and now we have two! $50+

*586 federation of jewish philanthropies of new york. 1953 ae63mm. legend around 7-branched menorah with zadakah (charity) in hebrew below menorah. uniface. 1st of this type we can recall. $50+?

*587 federation of jewish philanthropies of new york. 1953 ae63mm. legend around 7 branched menorah/furniture industries division november 28, 1956 around banner reading "nathan s. sachs commemorative dinner". as struck $40+

*588 masonic badges of israel. 135 pieces. a great collection of these badges and medals mostly from the 1950's and 60's. all or almost all different (a few unlisted varieties). some very elaborate with enameling and/or gilding. we normally retail the common plain medals for $17.50 each and 25% or more are fancy ones that should sell for at least twice that. many are identified by haffner's judaic tokens and medals' numbers. sold as is, no returns. i don't think we've ever sold a lot of masonic medals as large as this. $1000+?

589 American Jewish Tercentenary. 1954 AE 75mm by Nancy Dryfoos. Menorah, "American Jewish Tercentenary 1654-1954"/Man,woman and child in front of map of USA, "Man's opportunities and responsibilities under freedom". See The Shekel 37, 2, 43 and Ira Rezak's A Century of Medals, and Still Counting: Anniversaries of Jews in America in the American Jewish Archives. We've encountered this medal fewer times than the famous 1905 250th Anniversary of Jews in America. $100+

590 Albert Einstein. 1955. Bronze 60 mm by Umberto Rimondini for Stefano Johnson of Milan, Italy. Bust of Einstein left/Dragon devouring its own tail. Flower-8. Very high relief. In original box with certificate. One of the more attractive of all Einstein medals. For a related medal by the same artist see Lot #249 $60+

591 Albert Einstein. (1968) Silver 38mm by Joseph Boulton for the National Commemorative Society. Bust left, legend and dates around. (The date of Einstein's birth is erroneously listed as 1875 when in actuality it was 1879.)/A squat Tree of Knowledge with an open and spread branches from which two hands emerge to hold up the earth. Legend in two circular lines around. Struck by the Franklin Mint. Flower-22. Gem Proof in original octagonal plastic holder. $35+

592 Albert Einstein. 1979 Silver 40mm. Issued by the City of Ulm, Germany for his 100th birthday. Ulm was the city of Einstein's birth. 3/4 portrait of Einstein facing right/City view of Ulm on the Danube. Flower-85 (94). Rare. There are 15 varieties of this medal, all scarce and some were only made by special order. Harry Flower's collection which was the most complete and comprehensive collection of Einstein medals, which we sold in our auction 31C, only contained a smaller gold-plated version. I don't believe we've offered another, before or since. $100+?

593 Albert Einstein. 1979. Bronze 40mm by Rudolf Triebel for BH Mayer of Germany. Einstein's portrait facing just slightly to the right/Einstein Turm, his formula in exergue. The Einstein Turm, in Potsdam, was erected in 1921 as a tribute to him. Flower-54. Scarce. We've only had one other specimen of this medal. That was Harry Flower's own medal which we sold in our sale 31C for $55 and resold 6 years later for $75. $60+?

*594 basel jewish community. 1955? bronze and silver 31mm pins commemorating the 150th anniversary of the jewish community of basel. view of jewish community building and legend below. the reverse is uniface except for the pin (safety pin clasp) and the maker's name "huguenin locle", the silver pin is also hall-marked .925. scarce, seldom seen. basel was, of course, the location of the first zionist congress in 1897. $75+?

595 Shalom Asch. (Szalom Asz). 1957. Silvered bronze 69mm medal. Bust of the famed Yiddish writer, Polish legend around/Hebrew and Polish legends. He was born in the city of Kutno. $40

596 United Jewish Appeal. 1958. Copper 73mm. A replica of the Pomegranate side of a 1st Revolt Shekel/7 line legend. Presented to participants in the 1958 UJA convention in Jerusalem. JTM-EP-60. Scarce. Haffner priced this at $250 in 1978. This is the 2nd we can recall offering. In our sale 31C (Spring 2001) a similar example sold for $200 $200+

597 Chaim Weizmann-Daniel Sieff Research Center. 1959. Gold Plated Silver 50mm. Obverse as above, reverse depicts building and Hebrew & English legends and the dates 1934-1959. 1959 was the 25th Anniversary of the Weizmann Institute and the Sieff Research Center was it's first building. 1st I can recall offering. $75?

598 Chaim Weizmann. ND. Silver 50mm. His almost facing bust, 1874-1952 to either side and "Weizman below. Around the outside "Weizmann Institute of Science" in Hebrew and English. Similar in style to the Weisgal medal below, but this is uniface with red felt on the back. Coins Reveal #172 $50+

599 Meyer Weisgal, Weizmann Institute of Science. 1974. Silver 51mm. His bust almost fully facing in cupped shaped medal with legend around/A view of the Institute. This was issued to commemorate Weisgal as the first chancellor of the Institute. He was a close friend and associate of Chaim Weisman. I cannot recall offering this medal before. See lots 597 and 598 above. $75+

*600 jewish school in mexico. 1959 silver 38mm. facing high relief bust of shalom aleichem flanked to either side by dates 1849-1959/view of school surrounded by hebrew legend. ef, with some handling marks, and rim bruises. scarce and seldom seen. struck for his 100th birthday. for related items see #554 & the two lots below. $50+?

*601 jewish school in mexico. 1960. silver 37mm. bust of theodore herzl left/ view of school surrounded by hebrew legend.the school has added a banner which reads cim followed by a magen david. choice ef, but a couple of rim bumps. struck for his 100th birthday. $50+?

*602 jewish school in mexico. 1963. silver 36mm. conjoined busts of male and female students wearing graduation caps, 1948-1963 below and "15 anniversaria de la preparatoria " in spanish and hebrew around/school with banner as above and "coleigio israelita de mexico" in spanish and hebrew around. a few handling marks, otherwise as struck. $50+?

*603 matyas seiber. 1960. ae 57mm by paul vincze. seiber was a hungarian born jewish composer who in 1928, became director of the jazz department at the hoch conservatory in frankfurt, which offered the first academic jazz courses anywhere. after they were closed by the nazis in 1933, seiber left germany and settled in london. this was the case of one hungarian jew (vincze) doing a medal of another. niggl-1877 (and the only medal of seiber that niggl lists). 1st we've seen. $50+?

604 Maya Plisetskaya (sometimes Plisetzkaya). ND. AE 62mm. Her bust left/The great ballerina dancing, Russian legend around. Maya Plisetskaya was (born 1925, still living) one of the 20th century's greatest ballerinas who danced with the Bolshoi Ballet from 1943 until her retirment in 1990 and was the lead solo dancer for many of those years despite the anti-Semitic climate and harassment she endured. Her father was executed in 1938 during one of Stalin's purges and her mother spent a number of years in a Soviet gulag. 1st I can recall seeing. $40+?

605 Presidential Related Medals. 1) George Washington, 63mm His bust right, "...To Bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance" from his famous letter in 1790 to Touro Synagogue/Synagogue: 2) Franklin Roosevelt 31mm. His bust right/"Mazel" in Hebrew within Star of David, "Health, Wealth, Prosperity"; 3) Harry S Truman 41mm. His bust left, name above, "Man of the Century" below/Menorah, legend. Israel Bonds Medal and 4). Lyndon B. Johnson 57mm by Ralph Menconi High relief bust/Legend. Struck for Anti-Defamation League "Dinner with the President". 4 diverse bronze medals $60+

*606 john f. kennedy jewish national fund peace award. 1965. bronze 76mm by joseph kislewski. bust of jfk right, legend around and dates of birth and death 1917-1963/"presented to (engraved) the winer family by the jewish national fund of america for exemplary service to peace - democracy and the historical friendship between the united states and israel" in english and hebrew and then engraved below that "baltimore, md april 14, 1965" in 2 lines. rare. this is the first i can recall offering! $300

*608 pidyon haben silver "amulet" medal. nd silver 39mm. hamsa (hand), "redeem from one hand holding 5 sheqalim"/menorah with two fish, "god will bless you". the design is taken from a synagogue in djerba, tunisia. hand-engraved and first i can recall seeing. vf-ef, a few rim bruises. $50?

609 Silver Pidyon Haben "Amulet" Shekel. (1967?). A complete set of 5 "Shekels" in deluxe case by De Vere by London. Silver 35mm. "Hands", legend around/ Legend. With official certificate and translation. Our consignor purchased this from us in July of 1990 for $90. I believe that's the only time we've had a complete cased set. $150+

610 Zahal-Turkey. 1967. Bronze 59mm. Presented to Turkish dignitaries before 6 Day War. Star of David, with emblem of the Zahal and Israeli and Turkish flags crossed. Uniface. MM-24. Scarce. This is only the 2nd that I can recall offering, the last in our sale 30F where one sold for $75. For another Jewish related Turkish item see Lot #415 $75+

611 Lieutenant-Colonel Amichai Levy. 1967. Gilt bronze 66mm by B. Duvivier. French Superior War School Medal. Large building, clouds above, Latin legends/Levy's name, title and dates engraved in center tablet, eagle and torch above. $50?

612 Felix M. Warburg Memorial Award. AE80mm. "Presented to Mrs. Frederic Bierhoff for 50 Years of Devoted Service to Federation, The Community and Humanity". Her name engraved in tablet. With loop and blue ribbon attached. Presented by the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York. Name of the Award around a center image of the logo of the organization which featured a Menorah/Long legend. This medal, when awarded to someone, for fifty years of service is very scarce. $100+

*613 dutch-israel solidarity medal. 1968 dark bronze 70mm by theresia van der pant. tree/atoms, by the dutch numismatic society. large and impressive high relief medal. jtm ep-12. scarce. $50

*614 dutch-israel solidarity medal. 1968 red copper? 70mm. as above, but red, not the dark bronze which we've always seen before. possibly, an aftercast? $75?

*615 complete jewish-american hall of fame series in bronze. 1969-2010. 42 medals (actually 44 because 2 issues are "double" medals). 38 of the issues are the well-known and attention getting trapezoid shape, while 4 (1973 haym salomon, 1986 jews who helped columbus, 1992 columbus/torres and 2004 350 anniversary of jews in american) are round. this set honors (mostly) american jews whose achievement reflected glory not only with their fellow jews but with americans in general and come from the fields of the arts, the sciences, sports, politics, business, etc. some of the greatest medallic sculptors had a hand in designing these great works of art. while we have offered most of these medals individually in the past, some we have never seen or offered until now. this is the first time that we have ever offered a complete set of these important medals before.

The JAHF website lists only 22 medals, barely over half, and the retail price for those is over $1600. We can assume that most of the others are scarcer than the ones listed. I believe that only 95 sets could every be assembled although in reality the number is far smaller as some of the rarer medals are probably in the hands of people who have interest in only that one person. (Mel Wacks the president of the JAHF doubts that there are more than 10 complete sets) A complete list of all medals is available on request. Free via email or if a snail mail copy is required please enclose a stamped self-addressed #10 envelope. Our estimate is no doubt very low. See also lots 638, 668 & 673 for a few individual medals. $2500+

*616 david ben-gurion. 1970 ae103 mm by harald salomon. bust of ben-gurion 3/4 to right, his name in hebrew/menorah. cast, as made. cased. $150+

*617 efrem kurtz by harald salomon. 1970 ae 92mm. bust of kurtz 3/4 left/bird on branch. kurtz was a musical conductor. see jmm p. 73, 77, niggl-3186. cast as made. cased. $150+

*618 harald salomon. 1970 ae98 mm by harald salomon. his self-portrait medal. bust right/left hand holding medal and right hand sculpting medal and fancy 1970 date. salomon was the medalist at the danish royal mint from 1933 until 1968 and executed all danish money and medals during that period. he was one of the most important medalists of the 20th century. these 3 medals (lots 616-618) are the first salomon medals that i can recall ever offering! see jewish minters and medalists p. 70, 73. cast, as made. cased. included with this lot is a small booklet containing a short biography (in danish) and a list of 135 medallic works of salomon. $150+

619 Pair of Medals. Henry Kissinger, AE 63mm by Jos. De Lorenzo (?) His bust 1/2 right/Eagle over a globe, "Statesman for World Peace" and Dr. Karl Landsteiner. 1931. AE 50mm. His bust left/Eagle. Polek-77a. Landsteiner was the first to type blood and was awarded the Nobel Prize. This medal was presented by the Dutch Red Cross to those who donated blood 5 times or more $50+

620 East German Buchenwald Monument Commemorative coin. 1972 10 Mark. Depicts part of the monument. Szperling-10 (page 46), EF $25

621 Genesis. ND (1972) AE57mm by Brian Watkins. In stylized form, the shaping of the land masses floating in the ocean, below in a concave portion, in Hebrew "Genesis"/Very stylized design symbolizing the formation of the waters. JTM-BM-1a. Scarce. One of only two medals issued by the Maccabi Mint. $75+

622 Israel Defense Forces - Distinguished Service Medal. 1973 CN 41 mm. A balanced torch between sword and olive branch symbolizing controlled strength. The ribbon is blue as in the national colors. See IGCMC Cat page 298, #25920209. Awarded by the Chief of Staff for deeds of courage. The catalog says that the medal is silver but this is copper-nickel. Rare $200

623 Israel Defense Forces - Medal of Courage. 1973 CN 42 mm. Sword entwined by an olive branch forming the silhouette of a candelabra. The ribbon is red, symbolizing fire and blood and battle. Awarded by the Chief of Staff for deeds of valour while on combat duty, at the risk of life. The catalog says that the medal is silver but this is copper-nickel. Rare $200

*624 rabbi jacob joseph school. 1973 ae 63mm. "rabbi jacob joseph school brookdale institute of talmudic studies educating our youth for over seven decades" around bust of boy wearing yarmulke 1/2 left/"steven. d. haymes man of the year 1973" in 3 lines. scarce, i can't recall offering this before $50+

*625 regensburg synagogue. nd. wm. 82mm. beautiful interior view of synagogue. large and impressive uniface medal with loop and red cord. the last we offered, in the fall of 1999, sold for $140 $100+

626 Sigmund Freud. 1973. Bronze 44mm by Abram Belski. Bust of Freud 1/2 right/ Nude man and woman, "The Manifestation is today. The Cause lies in Yesteryear". Uncommon. $40?

627 South African Zionist Federation. 1973. 32mm Cast CN. Made for Israel's 25th Anniversary. Legend and dates 1948-1973 around Menorah and 25/"Presented by the S.A. Zionist Federation" in Hebrew, English, and Afrikaans. EF and scarce. $50+

628 Chai Ingots. A pair of silver bars from the Judaic Heritage Society Series, The Messiah and The Repentance. Both almost 2 ounces each of pure silver. $75

629 Group of Judaic Heritage issues. Henry Jackson Silver, Daniel Moynihan, Henry Kissinger, Russian Exodus The Ghetto. 5 medals, one in silver. $35+

630 Group of Medals. Lillian Wald Hall of Fame of Great Americans, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson US Mint Medal, Immortals of Magic (including Houdini), Bernard Baruch, Emmanuel Lasker, Louis Brandeis Centennial, Hershfeld the cartoonist and Paul Ehrlich. 8 medals, all bronze, except where noted. $40+?

631 Group. 1) Yitzhak Rabin Silver Bicentennial Visit Medal. 50 grams of Sterling Silver Franklin Mint Issue in case of Issue; 2) AINA's 25th Anniversary Silver Medal. 30mm; 3) Bronze 40mm "Tree of Life" by Jacques Lipchitz which was given to particpants in the 1978 Hadassah convention in Jerusalem; 4) Congregation Emanu-el of the City of New York, enameled blue and white paperweight. 38mm set in marble like block and 5) small (c. 2 x 3") Memo calendar for 1947-1948 issued by Hoschild Kohn & Co. to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. 5 seldom seen items $76+

*632 havdalah saucer. pewter 141mm. a replica of an early 20th century havdalah saucer from tabat, morocco. sold by the israel museum in jerusalem. with star of david in center and beautiful hebrew calligraphy around it. $50?

633 Key Chain. 34mm brass chain with smaller swivel center in blue and gilt, "Compliments of the Prime Minister's Office Israel" and Menorah on the alternate side. In box of issue. We're guessing this is from the 1970's. See also Lot #703 $?

*634 sterling silver yad with shema medal. the yad, including the finger is about 5 3/4" long, the medal is about 14mm in diameter and says "shema israel" in english on one side and hebrew on the other. in plush case of issue $30+?

635 Harvey Prize Medal. 1976 AE 59mm. Awarded to Saul Lieberman. The Harvey Prize is awarded annually by the Technion in Haifa, Israel. It is awarded in different disciplines of Science, Technology, Human Health, and Contributions to Peace in the Middle East. Two awards - each of $75,000 - are given away annually. The winners are selected by experts in the field. Saul Lieberman won his "For investigations into the civilizations of the peoples of the Middle East in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, and for his great and profound commentaries on the sources of Talmudic literature." This award medal is engraved on a 1974 Technion medal with a loop and a blue and white ribbon added. $40+?

*636 tel-aviv - philadelphia 1976 silver medal. 38mm. legend around philadelphia landmark/legend around shield of tel aviv-yafo. struck to commemorate us bicentennial and these two sister cities as birthplaces of independence. bu $25+

*637 reopening of mishkenot shaanachim. 1977. jerusalem. ae 66 x 99 plaque. depicts lion holding a banner reading "jerusalem" in hebrew. uniface with the back a printed legend in hebrew and english. in original box. $40?

638 Golda Meir Uniface Trial Medal. 1978 Jewish-American Hall of Fame (Magnus Museum)Trapezoid. As the issued piece by Greta Wiener but this medal is redder than that and is possibly copper rather than bronze. It's a little thinner (4mm to 5mm) and lighter (59.29g to 64.69g). Also somewhat cruder. No doubt scarce, 1st I've heard of. However in our sale 31C we sold a number of "stage" medals of the Einstein medal from this series. $50+

639 Key to the City of Miami Beach, FL. Presented by Dr. Leonard Haber, Mayor. c. 60 x 30mm with his business card in addition to the key. In original Green case. Haber was elected Mayor in November of 1977 and served one term as Mayor. He was a member of the City Council both before and after. $25+?

*640 holocaust plaque. the deportation. 1980 ae 89 x 59mm by arbit blatas. group of jews leaving their village. blatas, a lithuanian born jew, did a series of 7 bas-relief sculptures on the holocaust for the city of venice. his mother died at bergen-belsen, his father survived dachau and this work was very special for him. i believe only 500 of these small size replicas were made. in somewhat used box with leaflet in english and italian.i don't believe this is listed by szperling. $100+?

*641 o.r.t. 1980 ae 50mm by j. salme. struck for the 100th anniversary of this famed jewish educational and training organization. ort logo, 1880-1980 below/french legend. struck in france. first i can recall seeing. $35+?

*642 simon wiesenthal. 1980 ae76mm by frank gasparro and sandra walker. facing bust/torch of liberty divides maps of the amercas and europe, asia and africa. "keeper of the flame to the conscience of the world". 7 mm thick medal. the last we offered, in 2008, sold for $45. szperling-1, page 245. $40

*643 mikve israel emanuel synagogue. nd (1982?). ae45mm. view of this famous synagogue in curacao built in 1732. uniface. scarce. probably struck for the 150th anniversary of the founding of this synagogue. the last we offered was in the fall of 2005 where a similar example sold for $75 $65

644 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. 1983. 40th Anniversary. Bronze 69 mm designed by Adam Wlodardzyk and made by Ptain. Barbed wire below city view/Barbed wire above "Getto: above fighters. Szperling-7, page page 11.. $40

645 Monuments of the Concentration Camps. (1984). 35mm CN Medals. 3 official East German medals with a monument of a concentration camp on the obverse and a name and portrait of a pre-World War II German Communist Party member who was killed at that camp. 1) Sachesenhausen/Heinz Bartsch; 2) Buchenwald/Ernst Thalmann and 3) Ravensburck/Olga Benario-Prestes. Szperling-32, page 68 note. Struck at William Pieck. 3 medals, BU, Unc and EF. 1st we've seen. $75+

*646 40th anniversary of the liberation of auscwhitz. 1985. c. 95 x 70mm cast sculpture. emblem of the city of auschwitz with "oswiecim" (auschwitz) among blooming flowers in field and "40 years of prl (polish people's republic) to the right/fence of concrete with high-voltage barbed wire. szperling-42, page 78. very scarce. $200+

*647 liberation of auschwitz. 1985. ae60mm. a veiw of the city of auschwitz, polish legend 40th anniversary, liberation of auschwitz/a triangular prisoner's badge and a broken flower against a background of barbed wire. struck in poland for the 40th anniversary of the liberation of the town and camp. szperling-37, page 13. slightly porous looking as made. we sold a similar piece last year for $55 $55

648 Group of 3 medals. Abba Eban. 1967. Silver 38mm. His bust left/UN Building , "not backward to belligerency, but foward to peace": Moshe Dayan. 1969. Silver 37mm. His bust/Symbols of 12 Tribes. Minted in Holland. and ANT-10 AINA Tour Medal Mosaic Floor/ AINA Logo 1978, Tombac 35 mm. 3 medals, the first two crown size silver proofs $50

*649 avital & natan shcharansky. 1986 ae 76mm. their busts/wailing wall," let my people go" in english, hebrew and russian. official us mint medal and the first i can recall offering. $40

*650 mikveh israel synagogue. 1990 silver 38mm. 1 oz of .999 silver. "synagogue of the american revolution" and "250th anniversary" above and below views of the modern synagogue and the original one/a view of 15 or so torahs within an ark, "k.k. mikveh israel" above and "1740-1990"below. struck for the 250th anniversary of this famed sephardic synagogue in philadelphia. choice bu and scarce. 1st i can recall offering. $40+

651 Miscellaneous Group. Miracle of the Soviet Exodus 1990 Silver 38mm Hanukkah medal in Proof, "Good for One Exit" Silver 32mm Proof medal by A. Lerner, Prisoner of Conscience Badge, Morris Bram (former President of AINA), Bronze Medal, Arthur Rubinstein 59mm State Medal, 1998 Bronze 38mm 50th Anniversary State Medal and Edward Janis Bronze issued for his term as President of the New York Numismatic Club. (Ed was also a Board Member of AINA for many, many years). 7 medals. $50+?

652 Prague Synagogue. 1990 700th Anniversary of Old-New Synagogue in Prague. AE60mm. View of Synagogue/Magen David in front of cemetary. As struck $40+?

653 Purim Groger. ND. c. 7". #203 of 999 made by somebody. Silver decorations on olive-wood. Attractive and noisy! $25+?

*654 silver plates. a group of 5. 3 are approximately 5 1/4" with a menorah in the center and "zion" in hebrew in the center of a magen david, the other two are about 4" and have various designs including two magen davids. all are hall-marked on the back. $50+?

655 Liberation of Forced Labor Camps. 1990 Silver-Plated bronze 65mm by Phillippe Laine for Pichard-Balme. Monument of the victims with German inscription "Cemordet Karfreitag 1945" (They killed on Good Friday (?)) against a background of barbed wire and the date 1945-1990/French legend in 4 lines, "45th Annivesary of the Liberation of the Nazi Germany Forced Labor Camps". Szperling-45, page 81. Scarce? 1st I can recall seeing. $150+

656 Dohany Street Synagogue, Budapest. ND. AE 68 x 101 Plaque. Front view of the synagogue/ Legend in Hebrew, Hungarian and English/"In Rememberance of Your Donation for the Renewal of the Synagogue at Dohany Utca, Budapest, Hungary" in 5 lines in English. Given to contributors. Attractive, 1st I can recall seeing. $50+

*657 dohany street synagogue. nd silver 42mm. view of the synagogue/menorah, flanked by stars of david, hungarian legend above and below. as struck, in original case. the dohany street synagogue, also known as the great synagogue, is the largest in europe and the 2nd largest in the world. next door is the hungarian jewish museum (mentioned on the reverse) which was also the birthplace of theodore herzl. i cannot recall offering this medal before in either auction or on a fixed price list. proof. in original case. $50+

*658 dohany street synagogue. nd. ae42mm. as above, but bronze. unc, as struck, in original case. $35+?

*659 charleston sc synagogue. 1991. ae47 mm struck for the 250th anniversary of the kahal kadosh beth-elohim synagogue. synagogue, legend and dates/10 commandments, hebrew, english legends. proof. scarce. the only other one i offered was in our fall sale of 2005. see the shekel 33, 4, 24. $35+

660 Charleston SC Synagogue. 1991. Bronze and Silver 47 mm As above but both the bronze and silver issues. Proofs. See The Shekel #33, 4, 24. $60+

*661 david schwartz. 1991. ae71 x 71 by a. shagin. his bust slightly left/air ship. unc, #9 of only 500 made. schwartz was a successful business man from zagreb who gave up his business to fulfill his life long dream, building a rigid airship from aluminum. in the 1890's he finally succeeded but spent years trying to get a government to financially back him. finally in 1897 the german government said yes, and schwartz was so surprised he died immediately from shock. later his widow sold the plans and rights to count zeppelin. otherwise the airship may have been known as the schwartz. only the 2nd we can recall offering, the first was back in 1997. in original box. see the shekel 24, 6, 25. $100+

662 7 silver banknote replicas. c. 4 1/4 x 2" Sterling silver "banknotes". Official issue of State of Israel, depicting 1/2, 1 & 10 Pound 1958, 50 Pound 1960 and 5, 10 and 50 Pound 1968. Each "note" contains between 1.60 and 1.75 of actual silver weight. (more than 11.50 ounces of actual silver). $200+

*663 theresienstadt. 1991. ae 70mm. 50th anniversary medalby lumir sindelar of the czech republic. facing bust, with 7 candles and shalom and pax below, terezinske to left, and barbed wire to right, 1941-1991/mass of people, barbed wire and terezin. szperling-47, page 83. rare, only 200 pieces struck.i can't recall seeing this medal before. $75+?

664 IDF - Special Commendation Medal. Early 1990's?. CN 41mm with white & blue ribbon, olive branch entwined sword superimposed on flag and Star of David. Most likely awarded to a soldier by the commander in chief or a general. Unlisted. As made. $175

665 IDF Special Commendation Medal. ND (Probably 1990's). CN 35mm with olive branch entwined sword superimposed on the right side of a Star of David with a white ribbon with two blue stripes on each side. Most likely awarded to a soldier by the commander in chief or a general. $175

666 Warsaw Ghetto. 1993 Silver-plated bronze 70mm by Zbigniew Stasik. An Israeli postage stamp depicting an armed Warsaw Ghetto rebel/Symbols of the Polish and Israeli Philatelic Association's and Polish and Hebrew legends. The rebel on the stamp is part of the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes Memorial in Warsaw, the stamp was issued in 1968 on the 25th anniversary of the Uprising, the Philatelic Exhibit (for which this medal was issued) was held on the 50th Anniversary of the Uprising. Szperling-8, page 12. Rare, only 100 medals struck. I can't recall ever offering this one. $150+?

667 Raoul Wallenberg. ND Silver 42.5mm (31g) by Gyorgy Bognar. His bust slightly to the right/Emblem of the Kingdom of Hungary, Latin legend, "Not by might nor by power, but by my spirit". Wallenberg was the famed Swedish diploment who literally saved thousands (33,000+) of Hungarian Jews by the use of protective passports. He was one of the true heroes of WWII. The Soviets were as afraid of him as the Nazis and he died in strange circumstances under their control. Szperling-11, page 235. Proof, obverse with some light hairlines. Scarce, 1st we've seen. $125+

*668 elie wiesel. 1995 ae trapezoid medal by alex shagin for the jewish-american hall of fame (magnes museum). wiesel in deep thought facing left, his name to left, shagin's to right/"never shall i forget" in 3 lines. the v of "never" is also a star of david. only 200 of these were stuck and it is one of the more difficult of the jahf medals to acquire. the jahf website is out of stock of these and i don't believe i've ever offered one for sale. $50+?

*669 gibraltar l'chaim crowns. qeii. 1996 pair of one crowns, commemorating the nefusot yehuda synagogue restoration. km-358 and km-358a bu and silver proof, the bust of queen right, hebrew letter chai, which means "to life" rock and synagogue behind. the proof coin is scare with original case. $35+?

*670 jewish community of kassel lives. (1997) 5757.bronze 55mm concave medal. torah schrolls, "rosh ha shana 5757"/ an artistic star of david with view of the synagogue in kassel destroyed in 1938". as made. no doubt very scarce. see below for companion piece. $75+

*671 jewish community of kassel lives. as above, but in silver. no doubt very scarce. see above for companion piece. $75+

*672 magen david sephardic congregation. 1997. .999 silver 51mm. view of new synagogue building, "cornerstone april 20, 1997 magen david sephardic congregation" around/"13 nissan 5757 rockville, maryland" around torah. this is the first i've seen of this silver medal. $60+

*673 sinking of the titanic isidor and ida strauss/david sarnoff. 1998 jewish american hall of fame medal. bronze trapezoid by alex shagin and mel wack. the couple arm in arm, "where you go, i go" & david sarnoff listening to radio broadcasts from ship/titanic sinking in background, some escapees in row boat in foreground. low mintage and scarce, $40?

674 Janusz Korczak. ND (2002). 32mm. His facing bust, name to left and right/ Child's hand inside adult's hand. Set of 4: bronze, matte silver-plated, "shiny" silver-plated and gilded. 4 medals, a few with nicks. Korczak was the educator who accompanied his students to the Nazi Death camps even though he had the option of escaping by himself. Szperling-19, page 215. Only the 2nd set I can recall offering. $90

*675 gratitude medal of jews of belgium to jewish members of resistance after wwii. 2004. silver-plated bronze 59 mm by i. janchelevici. 3 birds flying over landscape/legend around 1940-1945. jewish museum of belgium #57 (page 59, szperling-2, page 128). only the second (in any metal, any issue) i can recall having, this is a 2004 official restrike by fibru europ medailles $175+

676 Group of 4. Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. 2005. 27mm. Silver-plated bronze. Szperling-76, page 112 and 3 pieces of Poland 2008 2 Zlotych commemorating the 65th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Szperling-17, p. 22 (3) and Y-633. 4 pieces, all as struck. $40?

*677 jewish museum, belmonte, portugal. 2005. ae79mm. view of the museum, menorah, legend and date/seal of the city of belmonte. belmonte is a small town in central portugal and is believed to be the home of crypto-jews for 400+ years. scarce? 1st we've seen. in original case. $50+

*678 liberation of auschwitz-birkenau. 2005. 27mm. in polish, "60th anniversary of the liberation of kl auschwitz-birkenau", barbed wire above and below / prisoner's striped garment, 27.01.1945 - 27.01.2005 in two lines. set of 4 medals. silver, bronze, gilt, silver-plated. scarce. szperling-76, page 112. $60+

679 60 Years of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. 2007. 1947-2007. Silver-plated 38mm. View of camp gate and wall of Auschwitz/Legend "Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.". Szperling-81, page 117. $50?


680 SM-3a. B'nai Brith.1961 Silver 35mm. Low mintage early medal. Zechovey mint (Sterling on edge). As struck. $100

681 SM-5a. 1960. Hadassah without inscription. Silver 35mm. Zechovoy mint without either "silver" or "sterling" on edge. According to Sedaka (IGCMC catalog #1) only 250 were stuck like this. Very rare. $250

682 SM-7a. 1961. Congress of Local Authorities (ICLA). Silver 35mm. Very scarce. Unc. $175

683 SM-8. 1959. 1st Harp Competition. Silver 35mm. As struck. Rare variety without either "silver" or "sterling" on edge. Unmentioned by either Haffner or Sedaka. $175

684 SM-13b. 1961. Pablo Casals. Silver 35mm. "Sterling" on edge. As struck, lightly toned. $150+

685 SM-14b. 2nd Bible Contest. 1962. Silver 35mm. Scarce."Sterling" on edge. $150+

686 SM-15b Shavit 1962. Silver 35 mm. Low mintage. Commemorating Israel's first rocket. "Sterling" on edge. $100

687 SM-16a. 1962. Kadman Numismatic Museum. Silver 35mm. "Sterling" on edge. $100

*688 sm-21e, f & g. liberation gold medals set of 3. 1971 19, 22 & 27 mm. man, woman and child planting tree/inset of roman judaea capta coin. choice bu. 1st set we've offered in five years! $1100+

689 SM-30b S.S. Shalom 1964. Silver 35mm. Modern Ship/Ancient Ship. One of Israel's most attractive, scarce and desirable silver medals. Toned. $175

*690 sm-35e. masada. 1977 silver 59mm. scarce large size silver medal. this is the first we offered since the fall of 2003. $100+

*691 sm-42c el al. 1977. silver 59mm. designed by ben shahn, this is one of the most attractive of all israel medals. dove of peace/stylized hebrew alphabet. scarce in the large silver size especially this variety as it is one of the less than 400 without the dates 5738-1977 on the edge. $100+

*692 sm-48b. arthur rubinstein gold medal. 1974. rubinstein piano competition with design by pablo picasso. with rubinstein signature on edge. 35mm. this is the rare variety. $1100+

693 SM-54b. 1976. Entebbe (Operation Jonathan) Gold Medal. BU. Jet Fighter/Legend. Operation Jonathan was named after the commanding officer of the daring raid Jonathan Netanyahu. His brother, Benjamin, later became Prime Minister of Israel. $1100+

*694 anne frank fdc cover with silver medal and descriptive (in english and hebrew) insert. all in original case. the 27mm official state medal silver medal (sm-105a) is always in demand. this is an official combined issue of the igcmc and israel postal authority. $40+?

*695 bar mitzvah. 2005. new state medal. bronze 50mm. boy facing right with scrolls rolled out "mazel tav" in hebrew and "give us peace and joy" above and below in hebrew and english/star and "your star will shine" in english and hebrew. proof in case of issue with certificate of authenticity. $40+

*696 bar mitzvah. 2005. new state medal. as above but in silver. proof in case of issue with certificate of authenticity. 1st we've seen in silver. $75+?

697 Bar Mitzvah. 2005. New State Medal. Silver 50mm. As above but in case with FDC cover dated 1994! $75+?

698 Large Copper Hatikvah Modelia. In the center of a 14 x 14" frame, a 185 mm modelia (the IGCMC's term for these huge framed medals) with the blue and white enameled flag of Israel in the center. Interestingly on the back IGCMC guarantees the size to be 150 mm, but it is much larger. Ready for hanging. $50+?

699 City-Coin Medals. Complete set of 9 silver 45mm medals as issued. One side of each medal shows an ancient coin used in that city and the other side a modern (1965-66) scene of the city. All as issued. CCM-1a to 9a. Virtually 13 ounces of silver. As issued $250+

700 CM-49 Munich Synagogue. 1972 Silver 45mm. A surprisingly difficult medal to locate, this medal was issued when a new synagogue was dedicated in Munich on the site of the Central Synagogue burned down by the Nazis in 1938. The last we offered, in the fall of 2008, sold for $110! $100?

*701 cm-54. international society of anesthetic plastic surgery. 1973. tombac 59mm. only 1000 minted $60

702 CM-72c. Prime Minister's Medal. Golda Meir Silver 35mm in bezel and with key-chain as issued. English version. "With Compliments Golda Meir Prime Minister of Israel"/Terra Sancta medal. IGCMC pag 270. This was either used as a key chain or the medal itself had been lightly cleaned before being put in the bezel. We would presume the later to be the case as the key-chain part exhibits no wear. Rare. Only 100 of these were issued and this is the first we can recall offering. $350+?

703 CM-79a, c, & e. Hobby Medals. Tombac 59mm, Silver 45mm and Gold 22mm. 1st we've offered as a set in many years. Ex Lot #230 from Nasca's Wayte Raymond Sale, Part 4, December 1978. $300+

704 CM-87. Rare variety of Bank Leumi Le-Israel 75th Anniversary. 1977 Tombac 59mm. Originally formed as the Anglo-Palestine Company it was an important and vital cog in Eretz-Israel and was the issuing authority of the first two issues of State of Israel Banknotes. While almost 30,000 medals were minted Haffner states that only "a few were struck" with the inscription , "State of Israel" on the edge in English and Hebrew, instead of just "Israel". The IGCMC catalog only mentions the common variety. The only other one we offered for sale sold for $175 in our Auction 38D. $100

705 CM-88. Iraqi Jewish Cultural Center. 1977. Tombac 59mm. A view of the Culture Center in Or-Yehuda/Panorama of Iraq. Scarce and seldom offered $100+

706 PM-1c. Sinai Campaign. 1957. Silver 80 mm, 212.2 grams. Very rare large medal which was awarded to French Generals by David Ben Gurion to express the gratitude of Israel for their help during the 1956 Sinai Campaign. The silver type is rarer than the silver-plated bronze version and there is not bronze showing through, thus this must be the silver version. Toned and very rare. See Also Great Jewish Portraits in Metal, page 139. $350+

707 PM-5. Dentistry School. 1964, Bronze 38mm. Struck for the dedication of the school. Unc, but some light handling marks on reverse. Please note that Haffner wrongly lists this medal as 33mm (it is 38mm) and that the correct weight is almost 21 grams rather than 30 grams. Scarce $75+

708 ANT-1. AINA TOUR MEDAL, MASADA. Copper 35mm (20.16g). Haffner lists this medal as Tombac but mentions that some were also issued in bronze and copper. This is certainly one of the rare red copperor bronze issues and the first we've can recall seeing in more than 10 years. $75+

709 ANT-2, AINA Tour Medal. Jerusalem-City Coin. 1970, Bronze (20.52 grams) 35mm. A total of 100 Pieces were struck for AINA's 2nd Tour, some in copper and some in bronze (See IGCMC I, 128) Some light handling marks. Haffner lists the weight as 27 grams which is entirely inaccurate. IGCMC lists the bronze at 20 (this piece) and the copper at 23. Since we started tracking weights about 12 years ago we have also had specimens weighing in the neighborhood of 16 grams. $60+

710 ANT-3, AINA Tour Medal. Valour. 1971, Tombac 35mm (24.63). 100 Pieces were struck for AINA's 3rd Tour. As issued. Haffner lists the weight at 27 grams, the IGCMC catalog lists the weight as between 27 and 33 grams. However we have seen at least five with the weight in the neighborhood of this medal $60+

711 ANT-4, AINA Tour Medal. Jerusalem-Knesset. 1972, Tombac 35mm. 100 Pieces were struck for AINA's 4th Tour. 23.25 grams. This is similar to the IGCMC weight of 23 grams. Haffner states the weight is 27 grams. I believe that this is the first we've offered by auction in 10 years! $60+

712 Group of 5 silver medals. All 35mm. SM-1b, 2b, 3a, 6b, and 21b. Liberation (2), Valour, Tel-Aviv Jubilee, Bar Kochba and Liberation (3). 5 silver medals $100+

713 group of 3 59mm silver medals. SM-46a, SM-54a and CM-21a. Jerusalem-Knesset, Operation Jonathan and 40th Anniversary of the Hebrew University. $200+

714 Group of 4 Bronze Medals. David Ben-Gurion 70 mm, Jewish Fighters Against the Nazis 70 mm, Valour 59mm and Theodore Herzl 59mm. The first 3 Israel State Medals, the last a Shekel Company issue. $25+

715 Group of State and Commissioned Medals. 10 Silver 45mm Hadassah Hospital, Hebrew University (1965), Zim, Lottery, Rubinstein (1), Diamond Industry, Technion, Diaspora, AINA's 10th Anniversary and Hebrew University (1975). $250?


This section is much smaller than usual due to the time constraints placed on us. and lack of consignments. However there are some banknotes that are listed in Part One of this catalog that could have been listed here as well. Please see lots 454-459, 464-476, 479-496 and 500-510.

*716 jewish colonial trust. 1899 postcard. early us postal card with full backside printed in yiddish (hebrew letters!), plus a few words in english. mailed to a shareholder in philadelphia informing him that the 2nd part of his payment for the jewish colonial trust share was due. the holder was asked to send the funds to s. jarmulowsky, 54 canal st., new york. vf. scarce? $65

*717 jerusalem storecard. nd (c. 1900?). c.f. spittler & co, jerusalem. the reverse depicts a judaea capta sestertius. cardboard 44mm. vf, various shades of brown and gray. scarce. we sold this to the consignor 20+ years ago. $75+

*718 canadian jewish colonial trust share club. nd. early 1900's. 10`a2, label in light blue on white, inscribed in english "issued by the federation of zionist societies of canada" has large magen david in center with "zion" and "otzar hityashvut ha-hehudim" in hebrew. perforated at top and at left, but without any gum. vf. a similar piece sold for $60 in our last sale. $40+

*719 vilna great synagogue charity concert. 1908. c. 6 x 2 3/4" pinkish ticket or charity note. the ticket (almost all in russian) says "due to drastic increase in poverty, the somech nophlim (this in hebrew) society, to aid needy jews in vilna has organized a special prayer at the vilna great synagogue on shabbat, 1 march 1908..a choir and the famed cantor sheinberg will preform." the note is in two parts, separated by perforation, the total price was 25 kopeks, plus 2 kopeks in local tax and was "not valid without stamp" and is thus handstamped twice on the back. presumably this was sold prior to the concert so that no money would change hands on the sabbath. a very scarce judaica piece which we have never seen. vilna is also known as wilna and vilnius. $75+

*720 polish ration chit. early 20th century. for fuel. perhaps coal, as this is for "steinkohlen". issued by the jewish community board of podgorze, poland which is just outside the city krakow. perforated on two margins, with "krakow" in manuscript on back. nice vf. 1st i can recall seeing. during the nazi occupation podgorze became the official ghetto of krakow so that krakow could be judenfrei. in the movie schindler's list this is the ghetto that the jews of krakow were moved to. i don't believe we've ever offered an item from here. $40+

*721 sugar coupon. 1916. warsaw. for 275 grams of sugar. good in the 14th district of warsaw. in german, polish and yiddish and issued by the jewish community of warsaw presumably sometime after the germans entered warsaw. hand written endorsement on back, manuscript notation at left, probably was "pasted" in ledger at one time and some adhesive is seen on back. f-vf. a similar chit sold for $75 in our sale 38d $50+

*722 miskolic, hungary. receipt. 1930's? unused for hen (tyuk) or cock (kakas) issued by the orthodox jewish rabbinate. this was sent to us as a voucher for food. however the presence of the hebrew (and hungarian) word trief for non-ritual food seemed out of place. it most likely is a tag or a receipt for non-kosher poultry that was sold to a non-kosher butcher or market. scarce and the 1st that we have seen. $50+

*723 jewish central bank of kaunas. lithuania, 1940. light and dark blue check printed for 172.09 litai in lithuanian with logo of the bank at left in lithuanian with hebrew letters in the center. signed and dated "18.10. 1940". check has a perforated yellow "receipt" stuck on back and the other half of the coupon is included with this lot which says, "the bank will not be responsible for the loss of this coupon" in lithuanian and yiddish (hebrew letters!). lithuania was under soviet occupation at the time this check was printed, then the nazis occupied it and after the war the russians returned. amazingly this check survived! $65+

724 Chaim Weizmann, First President of the State of Israel. 1950, edited by I. Klinov. A remarkable album of photos and text in English, Hebrew and French of the life of Weizmann from his birthplace in Motille, Russia, through his work as a Zionist and a scientist to his accession to the presidency of Israel. With his bust as a copper plaque on the outside front cover. $50+?

*725 mission to the jews. 1967. check for 800£ payable to "the secretary of the mission to the jews". 29 march 1967 on an account of michael buggy & co., solicitors on a hibernian bank ltd. check. the back of the check is handstamped, church of ireland jews society, molesworth street, dublin. unusual, 1st i've seen. ef $35+?


Why do people collect this stuff? Obviously people collect for different reasons, but most people seem to collect these items as teaching tools for use at home, in schools, synagogues and churches. Many people donate them to national or local museums. There are people who deny the existence or magnitude of the Holocaust. These items are a weapon against them.

In addition to these lots, please see the following lots listed earlier in the catalog: 159, 183, 192, 249, 447, 449, 454-459, 464-476, 479, 510, 542, 550, 595, 613-614, 620, 640, 642, 644-647, 649, 655, 663, 666-667, 670-671, 674-676, 678-679, 694, 700, 720 and 723.

*726 austrian anti-semitic notes. 1920 set of 3. 10, 20 & 50 heller. issued by the anti-semitic league of austria. all with burning newspapers on the obverse and anti-semitic quotes on reverse. 3 unc notes. $50

*727 austrian anti-semitic notgeld. loich 1920. 48 notes. the 50 heller depicts an austrian householder dismissing a jewish peddler (with long nose) from his house. at the left are thorns, at the right a snake with a caption, "out with loans sharks and illegal hawkers" perhaps meaning thorn should be uprooted and snakes be killed or get rid of the practice of usury and sneaking. the lot contains a complete collection of series 1 thorugh 16 containing 3 notes each. the 30 and 80 heller notes are not anti-semitic while the 50 is, thus this contains 16 different series of the 50 heller. we've sold one 50 heller between $40 and $95 each, usually at about $65 to $75, thus our estimate is on the low side. $500+

*728 austrian anti-semitic notgeld. linz und wels. 1920. 50 & 80 hellerand 1 krone. issued by the party administration of the german freedom and order party of upper austria. the 80 heller shows an armed soldier pointing at a black bearded jewish type kneeling on the ground near a large sack. captioned "i tell you, and i mean it - isaac schlerich is your worst enemy." (schleich = sneak) and is well known although not common. i don't believe that the 1 krone has been published as an anti-semitic note but it certainly has an anti-semitic theme as it depicts jews pulling cattle away from a crying austrian family. all unc, series iii, green and gray $100+?

*729 anti-semitic notgeld. austria, gottsdorf. 1921, 10, 20 & 50 heller. depicts a pair of jews with loaded sacks, "accept these notes as small change...the real coins were already taken by the jews". unc. see the shekel vol. xvii, #4, p. 27. we've occasionally offered single notes of this series but to my recollection this is only the 2nd time in at least 15 years (and probably much longer) that we've offered a complete set! the last single note we offered sold for $75 by itself. $125+

*730 arnstadt anti-semitic notgeld. 1921 10 pfennig. a set of 6 different notes all with anti-semitic renditions on the back. jewish peddler with sack, a jew taking coins out of rear of bird, 2 jewish woman arguing about money, a jewish businessman and his "victim", 2 jewish businessmen celebrating after a deal and a jew as a devil. unc. the last set we offered sold for $75 $60+

*731 bruck in pinzgau. austrian anti-semitic notgeld. 1921. complete set of six notes. 40, 50, 75, 80, 90 heller and 1/2 krone. both the 40 and 80 heller notes depict a jewish type handcuffed to a devil. 6 unc notes. $50+

*732 meggenhofen anti-semitic notgeld. 1921 set of 3 austrian notes, 30, 40 and 80 heller in blue. on the left we see an old jew walking with a bag labeled "hargeld" (gold and silver coins) in the direction of switzerland. above are the dates 1914-1919 and "ursache" and "folgen". cause and consequences. on the right side is a plane dumping out worthless paper money over towns and cities and the year 1921. the meaning of this note is certainly clear. jews absconded with the hard money during wwi from austria and the result is the hyper inflation now infecting austria. set of 3 unc. notes. scarce. i don't believe we've ever offered the set in blue before. we've only offered this set in any color 4 times in in the past 15+ years. $100+

*733 meggenhofen anti-semitic notgeld. 1921 set of 3 as above but in green. set of 3 unc. notes. scarce. we've only offered one green note (not a complete set) before. previously to this auction we can only recall seeing these notes in brown and black. $100+

*734 rudolstadt anti-semitic notgeld. 1922 50 pfennig issued by the schutz-und-trutzbund ortsgruppe rudolstadt (defense and attack alliance of rudolstadt) which was a forerunner of the nazi party. this depicts a figure with pronounced jewish "features" hiding in a tree on one side and a swastika on the other. unc. one of the rarest of all german anti-semiitc notgeld issues. see the shekel vol. 17, #4, p. 26. the text mentions the note but there is no picture. $100+

*735 "cloth" anti-semitic notgeld. bielefeld, 50 mark. various images along with quotations from the new testament. one of the images (above and to the left of the "50" depicts a man with exaggerated jewish "features" hanging from gallows. the quotations from matthew are thought by many to be anti-semitic as well. unc. $40+?

*736 warsaw ghetto police badge. jrw rwz around magen david, around which is ordnungsdienst seuzba porzadkowa. blue enamel on brass. some of the blue peeling off. these badges were worn together with the yellow felt star of david badges. "ordnungsdienst" roughtly translates to "official order keepers". very scarce. $250+

*737 litzmannstadt ghetto children's food card. 1944. yiddish printed card in hebrew letters, issued by mordechai chaim rumkowsky, the eldest of the jews", date eiyyar 5704 (april to may 1944). the text reads, "you are being requested to arrive at the shop at #10 cegana (probably a workshop) on tuesday to bring food....and a sack and a large pot". a 3 line german hand stamp, says, "der aeteste der juden in litzmannstadt / arbeits-ressort / druckerei, stempelbabrik u schildermacherie". (labor department, printing, handstamp and shield making factory). aef on green cardboard. very rare. $350+

*738 bergen-belsen. 1955. 10th anniversary of liberation. postcard in black and white showing an image of the just freed inmates at left; hands toward eretz-israel which is represented by a palm-tree and a rising sun. on the right is a tombstone with "jude", banners and the infamous bergen-belsen barbed wire. in the center is a memorial stone on which is written a memorial prayer. one of the earliest memorials to survivors issued by a survivors organization. ef. $55

739 Anti-Semitic Pamphlets. 1960's. By Rev. Gordon Winrod, DD. Mysterious Jew Power and Who Helps Communism Most? The first is a 6 page (2nd printing April 1963) fold out pamphlet saying that the Jews control everything including Christian Churches and the US is a Jewish dictatorship. The 2nd, a four page, pamphlet says that not only is Communism a Jewish plot and a front for Jews but any anti-Communist group that is not anti-Jewish is also a Jewish plot. Our consignor worked undercover for the ADL in the 1960's and acquired these at neo-Nazi meetings he attended. $25+?


This sale closed December 12, 2010. The following prices realized are provided as a courtesy to our bidders and customers. All prices are in US Dollars. We are not responsible for typing, layout or display errors. Please see the Auction #40J page for full item descriptions and images. * Denotes tie bid
Lot#   -   Price Realized
4   --   $225
6   --   $4300
7   --   $4600
8   --   $125
9   --   $5000
11   --   $175
12   --   $325
13   --   $600
14   --   $250
15   --   $200
16   --   $225
17   --   $5000
18   --   $875
19   --   $700
20   --   $600
21   --   $600
22   --   $700
23   --   $810
24   --   $600
25   --   $650
26   --   $300
27   --   $250
32   --   $110
35   --   $75
38   --   $50
40   --   $50
41   --   $40
43   --   $50
45   --   $45
47   --   $40
49   --   $75
50   --   $150
52   --   $90
56   --   $75
59   --   $50
*60   --   $55
61   --   $100
63   --   $35
64   --   $75
66   --   $200
67   --   $175
69   --   $500
70   --   $275
71   --   $400
72   --   $425
73   --   $245
75   --   $375
76   --   $525
78   --   $430
79   --   $175
80   --   $165
81   --   $500
82   --   $800
83   --   $500
84   --   $120
85   --   $200
86   --   $900
87   --   $750
88   --   $275
89   --   $110
94   --   $400
95   --   $125
96   --   $950
97   --   $220
98   --   $125
99   --   $450
100   --   $250
107   --   $90
108   --   $65
110   --   $75
117   --   $70
118   --   $70
120   --   $50
121   --   $70
123   --   $65
124   --   $75
131   --   $165
144   --   $100
145   --   $175
146   --   $70
147   --   $150
148   --   $70
149   --   $150
151   --   $125
152   --   $85
153   --   $165
154   --   $75
155   --   $125
157   --   $650
158   --   $200
160   --   $180
161   --   $250
162   --   $185
163   --   $199
164   --   $90
165   --   $110
167   --   $375
168   --   $1500
169   --   $600
170   --   $225
171   --   $75
172   --   $51
173   --   $160
174   --   $25
175   --   $3800
176   --   $1100
177   --   $65
178   --   $400
179   --   $200
180   --   $90
182   --   $150
183   --   $165
184   --   $150
185   --   $175
186   --   $36
187   --   $1000
188   --   $800
189   --   $275
190   --   $50
191   --   $90
193   --   $85
194   --   $175
195   --   $150
196   --   $75
197   --   $47
198   --   $200
199   --   $350
200   --   $100
201   --   $1150
202   --   $500
203   --   $125
204   --   $110
205   --   $350
206   --   $800
207   --   $80
208   --   $100
209   --   $250
211   --   $65
212   --   $53
215   --   $250
Lot#   -   Price Realized
217   --   $165
218   --   $200
219   --   $550
220   --   $1100
221   --   $1100
222   --   $975
224   --   $820
225   --   $500
226   --   $35
227   --   $35
229   --   $350
230   --   $200
231   --   $40
233   --   $280
234   --   $300
235   --   $101
236   --   $115
237   --   $250
238   --   $75
239   --   $195
240   --   $95
242   --   $140
243   --   $130
244   --   $350
245   --   $140
247   --   $60
248   --   $40
250   --   $320
251   --   $180
252   --   $70
253   --   $300
254   --   $100
255   --   $500
256   --   $70
257   --   $147
258   --   $90
259   --   $325
261   --   $50
266   --   $100
267   --   $285
268   --   $240
269   --   $100
270   --   $32
271   --   $100
272   --   $950
273   --   $90
282   --   $350
283   --   $60
285   --   $850
286   --   $675
287   --   $650
288   --   $170
291   --   $450
292   --   $975
293   --   $100
294   --   $60
295   --   $240
296   --   $85
297   --   $120
298   --   $210
299   --   $150
300   --   $175
301   --   $500
302   --   $285
303   --   $250
304   --   $250
307   --   $200
308   --   $70
309   --   $100
310   --   $65
311   --   $50
313   --   $1400
314   --   $1150
315   --   $900
316   --   $800
317   --   $1200
*318   --   $360
319   --   $525
320   --   $875
321   --   $850
322   --   $2200
323   --   $360
324   --   $820
325   --   $1300
326   --   $575
327   --   $680
328   --   $460
329   --   $420
330   --   $470
331   --   $1050
332   --   $360
333   --   $400
334   --   $400
335   --   $6000
336   --   $350
337   --   $430
338   --   $450
339   --   $1050
340   --   $440
341   --   $140
342   --   $60
343   --   $85
344   --   $100
345   --   $400
346   --   $415
347   --   $170
348   --   $750
349   --   $165
350   --   $950
351   --   $90
352   --   $135
353   --   $550
*354   --   $1280
355   --   $82
356   --   $1500
357   --   $130
358   --   $900
359   --   $125
360   --   $150
361   --   $252
362   --   $400
363   --   $2400
364   --   $1500
365   --   $380
366   --   $2750
367   --   $61
368   --   $180
369   --   $150
370   --   $50
371   --   $100
372   --   $350
373   --   $200
374   --   $180
375   --   $60
376   --   $65
377   --   $275
378   --   $460
379   --   $25
380   --   $65
Lot#   -   Price Realized
381   --   $250
387   --   $75
388   --   $200
389   --   $60
390   --   $650
392   --   $65
394   --   $60
395   --   $135
396   --   $65
397   --   $175
398   --   $112
399   --   $100
400   --   $60
401   --   $115
402   --   $55
403   --   $40
404   --   $50
405   --   $60
406   --   $260
*407   --   $45
408   --   $65
409   --   $265
410   --   $135
411   --   $265
412   --   $265
414   --   $30
415   --   $500
418   --   $60
419   --   $55
420   --   $160
421   --   $175
422   --   $65
423   --   $65
424   --   $45
425   --   $75
426   --   $42
427   --   $24
428   --   $150
429   --   $115
430   --   $150
431   --   $50
432   --   $35
433   --   $300
434   --   $320
436   --   $460
437   --   $682
438   --   $775
439   --   $1375
440   --   $1375
441   --   $225
443   --   $225
444   --   $750
446   --   $20
447   --   $60
448   --   $50
450   --   $20
451   --   $60
452   --   $60
454   --   $148
455   --   $75
456   --   $250
457   --   $175
459   --   $155
460   --   $150
461   --   $80
462   --   $100
465   --   $120
469   --   $110
470   --   $240
471   --   $240
473   --   $2300
475   --   $40
476   --   $8250
477   --   $375
478   --   $4250
479   --   $30
480   --   $250
481   --   $350
482   --   $65
484   --   $8500
485   --   $150
486   --   $200
487   --   $500
488   --   $150
489   --   $305
490   --   $2750
492   --   $1400
494   --   $175
495   --   $125
498   --   $210
499   --   $100
500   --   $2600
501   --   $700
502   --   $900
503   --   $440
504   --   $1200
505   --   $550
506   --   $1400
507   --   $3250
508   --   $1500
509   --   $6500
510   --   $75
511   --   $90
513   --   $125
514   --   $125
515   --   $125
516   --   $125
517   --   $200
519   --   $30
520   --   $23
522   --   $325
523   --   $385
524   --   $90
525   --   $150
527   --   $175
529   --   $120
530   --   $35
531   --   $100
532   --   $325
533   --   $140
534   --   $2500
535   --   $1400
536   --   $60
537   --   $50
538   --   $375
539   --   $1000
540   --   $75
542   --   $150
543   --   $135
544   --   $50
545   --   $130
546   --   $300
547   --   $400
548   --   $250
549   --   $330
550   --   $220
551   --   $85
552   --   $150
553   --   $200
Lot#   -   Price Realized
554   --   $200
555   --   $55
556   --   $100
557   --   $220
559   --   $425
560   --   $75
561   --   $350
562   --   $200
564   --   $40
565   --   $1100
566   --   $120
570   --   $50
571   --   $195
573   --   $140
574   --   $40
575   --   $60
576   --   $55
577   --   $250
578   --   $65
580   --   $250
581   --   $55
582   --   $35
583   --   $22
585   --   $50
586   --   $50
587   --   $60
589   --   $280
590   --   $75
591   --   $35
592   --   $100
593   --   $60
594   --   $75
595   --   $30
597   --   $95
598   --   $75
599   --   $120
600   --   $150
601   --   $120
602   --   $120
603   --   $125
605   --   $95
606   --   $220
608   --   $135
609   --   $125
610   --   $110
613   --   $45
615   --   $2200
616   --   $250
617   --   $250
618   --   $150
624   --   $65
625   --   $70
628   --   $55
630   --   $50
631   --   $75
634   --   $55
635   --   $75
636   --   $25
637   --   $65
638   --   $75
640   --   $140
641   --   $55
643   --   $110
644   --   $80
645   --   $165
646   --   $160
647   --   $65
648   --   $45
650   --   $28
653   --   $30
654   --   $60
656   --   $75
657   --   $50
658   --   $60
659   --   $50
660   --   $47
661   --   $100
662   --   $260
663   --   $100
667   --   $160
668   --   $45
669   --   $80
670   --   $125
671   --   $120
672   --   $185
673   --   $40
675   --   $140
677   --   $120
680   --   $75
681   --   $250
682   --   $165
683   --   $195
684   --   $150
685   --   $150
686   --   $80
687   --   $75
689   --   $185
690   --   $102
691   --   $140
694   --   $40
696   --   $60
698   --   $55
701   --   $50
702   --   $250
704   --   $100
705   --   $100
706   --   $350
711   --   $60
*712   --   $100
713   --   $220
714   --   $15
715   --   $300
716   --   $90
717   --   $75
718   --   $50
721   --   $35
726   --   $75
727   --   $400
728   --   $110
729   --   $110
734   --   $100
735   --   $50
736   --   $300
737   --   $300
738   --   $50