Weblist 40G - June 2010

Ancient and World Coins


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We are, at least temporarily, back on schedule. June was spent closing our auction, invoicing, packaging and shipping. When we finished that we spent 5 days in hot and humid Kansas with our grand-children (and their parents) with a one day side trip for Bill going to St. Louis to purchase coins. We started off July with a very successful coin show in Colorado Springs and within a few weeks we'll be getting ready to leave for the ANA show in Boston.

This list is mostly all new purchases in all prices ranges including some high grade Roman coins, a few inexpensive Greek silver coins and a nice listing of world coins including US material. We hope to have a listing of Israeli and Palestine Currency Board Banknotes available in a few days as well

As usual there are no photos but we can send along an email image of most every item within 24 hours of your request.



52142 *Judaea. Herod I, the Great. 40 - BC. AE 4 Prutot (4.25) . Crested helmet flanked by date and monogram/Macedonian type shield with decorated rim. Ex our auction 35B#7. H-487, TJC-485, AJC-2. VF. $200

52120 ---Pontius Pilate, Procurator under Tiberius. 16-26 AD. AE Prutah (1.94) . Lituus surrounded by legend/Date LIH, year 18, 31 AD surrounded by wreath. H-650, AJC-24, TJC-334. Fine, bit o.c.. $69

52143 ---Jewish War (First Revolt). 66-70. AE Prutah (1.95) . Amphora, "Year Two"/Vine leaf, "The Freedom of Zion".. H-661. Nice aVF. Short flan, centered with very attractive green toning. $50

52144 ---Aelia Capitolina Antoninius Pius. 138-161. AE22 (10.31) . Bust right/Bust of Sarapis right CO AE CAP. Ex James Theselius collection . Mesh-12, Ros-12. F+. $100


52245 *Spain. Obulco. 120-20 BC. AE Dupondius (43.74g), 38mm . Female head right/Plow and grain-ear. Burgos-1391. F/G+, rim nick. $160

52244 *Celtic. Gaul. 1st Century BC. Potin 18mm (3.50g) . Bust left/Stylized Horse left. . EF, basically as struck. $160

52243 *Celtic. Gaul. 1st Century BC. Potin 16mm (2.16g) . Helmeted bust right ROC before/Lion leaping right, TC beneath. . EF, basically as struck. $179

52246 *Lucania. Velia. 400-350 BC. AR Nomos (7.32g) . Head of Athena left, wearing Phrygian helmet decorated with female centaur/Lion standing left, devouring piece of meat, "A" under body. SNG Cop-1566. Toned aVF. $460

52225 *Macedon. Under the Romans. 158-149 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.59) . Head of Artemis in shield right /Club in wreath, monogram above, two monograms below, thunderbolt to left.. SNG Cop-1314. Toned VF. $425

52230 *Thrace. Istros. 400-350 BC. AR Stater (4.68g) . Inverted Heads/Sea-Eagle on dolphin. SG-1669. VF, but a bit porous. $179

52062 *Attica. Athens. 449-413. AR Tetradrachm (15.64) . Head of Athena right. Obverse is rough/ Owl standing right, olive twig and crescent above and to left, AOE to right. SG-2526. F/Ch. VF+. Obv. is rough, reverse is choice. $500

52232 *Bithynia. Herakleia Pontika. 394-364 BC. AR Trihemiobol (.65 g) . Head of Hercules left/ Legend above and below club. SG-3769. VF/F, but porous. $85

52226 *Ionia. Teos. 5th Century BC. AR Tetartemorion (.31) . Griffin seated right/Incuse square. . . GVF+. Very nice!. $375

52247 *Lycia. Uncertain Dynasts.. c. 500-460 BC. AR Sater (9.12g) . Pegasus flying left, T on hind quarter/Head of Roaring Lion left in incuse square. Asyut 755-6, sim to von Aulock-4081. Fine, bit rough. $500

52227 *Cilicia. Tarsos. 4th Cent. BC. . AR 3/4 Obol (.43) . Baal seated left holding corn-ear and scepter/Forepart of wolf right. SG-5660. VF. $100

52146 *Achaemenid Empire. Under Darius I of Perisa. c. 510-486 BC. AR Siglos (5.49g) . Half-length figure of great king holding bow and arrows/Oblong punch, with a couple of banker's marks. Nice example of this early coin!. SG-3425. VF. $299

52007 *Phoenicia. Tyre. After 126 BC (31-30?. AR Shekel (13.34) . Head of Melqarth right/Eagle standing on thunderbolot, club and date to left, monogram and Phoenician letter between legs. Typically crude of late, Type I. BMC-180, Pr-1379, H-917. VF/F, bit scruffy. An inexpensive Shekel of Tyre. $425

52229 *Armenia. Tigranes II (The Great). 83-69. AE17 (5.68) . His bust right, wearing Armenian tiara/Nike adv. left, holding wreath. SG-7611. F/VG. $150

52248 *Indo-Greek. Apollodotos II. 110-80 BC. AR Drachm (2.26g) . Bust right/Athena advancing left, brandishing thunderbolt and hold shield, Karosthi legend around, monograms to either side. SG-7672. Toned EF. $175

52064 *Ptolemaic egypt. Ptolemy I. 323-283 BC. AR Tetradrachm (14.06) . Head of Alexander the Great r/Athena Alkidemos stg. right. SNG Cop-25ff. F+, bit porous . $575

52065 *Ptolemaic egypt. Ptolemy IV. 221-205 BC. AE40 (44.30) . Head of Zeus-Ammon right/Eagle standing on thunbderbolt looking right, cornucopia on shoulder. SNG Cop-228. F-VF. $69

52067 *Ptolemaic egypt. Ptolemy VI. 180-145 BC. AE29 (21.02g) . Head of Zeus-Ammon right with diadem, in dotted border/ Two eagles stg left on thunderbolt, cornucopia in front.. SNG Cop-309. Fine, porous. $50

52063 *Zeutigania. Carthage. 221-210 BC. AE22 (7.62g) . Head of Tanit left/Horse standing right, head turned, standard behind. Scarce, seldom seen reverse. SNG Cop-318. VF, flan chip.. $60

52141 *Zeutigania. Carthage . 264-241. AE 29 (14.01) of Sardinia . Head of Tanit left /Horse's head right, caduceus below head. SNG Cop-198. F/VF, bit oxidized esp on obverse. $100


52006 *Moesia Inferior. Tomis. Philip II. 247-249. AE 27 (14.53g) . Bare head of Philip right & Sarpais left, facing each other/Nemisis-Aquitas standing holding scale and cornucopia. . aVF, some flat spots. $99

52147 *Roman Egypt. Maximus Caesar. 235-238, Year 3. AE Tetradrachm (12.73) . Bust righ//Bust of Zeus Ammon right. Unlisted by Curtis, Koln and BMC. M-3246, Emm-3339. VF, obv. porous. $200

52099 *Roman Egypt. Diocletian. 284-305. Potin Tetradrachm (5.67) . Laureate bust right/Elpis stg left holding flower and raising skirt, Year 2. (Rare, unlisted in Curtis). Emm-4046 (2). VF. $99

52100 *Roman Egypt. Diocletian. 284-305. Potin Tetradrachm (7.89) . Laureate bust right/Eusebia standing left, sacrificing at altar, holding incense box, Year 5. C-1995, Emm-4052 (5). Fine. $25


52034 *Rome eEpublic. L. Cornelius Scipio Asiaticus. 106 BC. AR Denarius (3.93) Serrate . Laureate head of Jupiter left, L* below chin/Jupiter in quadriga right, brandishing thunderbolt, L SCIP ASIAG in ex. The variety with the letter on the obverse below the chin seems to be the scarcest of all varieties. SR-188, Cornelia-24c. Toned Vf, touch o.c.. $175

52002 *Rome Republic. L. Rubrius Dossenus. c. 87 BC. AR Denarius (3.66) . Laureate head of Jupiter right, scepter over shoulder/Empty triumphal quadriga right, wreath bearing Victory above, L. RVBRI in ex.. SR-258, Rubria-1. VF, flatly struck in places, banker's mark on cheek. $90

52001 *JULIUS CAESAR. 49-48 BC. AR Denarius (4.20) . Elephant trampling serpent, caesar/Sacrificial implements. Simpulum, sprinkler, axe and apex.. RSC-49, SR-1399. VF, bit rough, banker's mark under elephant. $600

52148 *Tiberius. 14-37. AR Denarius (3.62) . Laureate bust right/Livia, as Pax, seated right in ornate chair, holding scepter and branch. TRIBUTE PENNY. SR-1763, H-916, RIC-26. Toned VF. $400

52090 *Claudius. 41-54. AE As (11.05) . Bare head of Claudius left/Libertas stg., head right, holding pils, left hand extended. SR-1859, RIC-97. VG, harshly cleaned. $35

52036 *Vespasian. 69-79. AR Denarius (3.52) . Laureate head of Vespasian right/Vesta standing left, holding simpulum and scepter VESTA. SR-2316, RIC-50. VF+, irreg flan. $145

52149 *Vespasian. 69-79. AE Sestertius (24.75) . Burst right. Scarce JUDAEA CAPTA/Palm tree, on l., bearded Jew standing r., wearing chlamys, his hands bound behind his back; behind him, shields and spears; on r., mourning Jewess (Judaea), veiled, seated r. on cuirass, propping her head on her l. hand, with her r. hand she holds round shield, another one in front of her. . SR-2325, RIC-424,Hen-773. . Gd Very Fine, some patina flaking.. $2000

52249 *Titus. 79-81. AR Denarius (3.14g) . Laureate head right/Throne with round back, on which are corn-ears. SR-2514, RIC-24a. VF. $240

52250 *Titus. 79-81. AR Denarius (3.55g) . Laureate head right/Tall tripod surmounted by dolphin. SR-2518, RIC-27a. Nice EF. $575

52037 *Domitian. 81-96 . AR Denarius (3.30) . Laureate head of Vespasian right/Minerva stg left, holding spear IMP XIX COS XIIII CENS PPP. SR-2731ff, RSC-250. F/VG. $50

52038 *Domitian. 81-96 . AR Denarius (3.67) . Laureate head of Vespasian right/Minerva adv. right brandishing javelin and holding shield IMP XXI COS XIIII CENS PPP. SR-2734v, RSC-257. Nice Toned VF. $119

52251 *Domitian, as Caesar under Titus. 81-96. AR Denarius (3.28g) . Laureate head right/Goat standing left within laurel-wreath. SG-2675, RIC-T49. F/VF. $145

52050 *Trajan. 98-117. AR Denarius (3.30g) . Laureate bust right/Aeternitas stg left, holdings heads of Sol and Luna. SR-3116, RC-91. F, encrustation. $60

52051 *Trajan. 98-117. AR Denarius (3.11g) . Laureate bust right/Aequitas stg left, holding scales and cornucopiae. SR-3122, RSC-85. Toned VF. $90

52052 *Trajan. 98-117. AR Denarius (3.03g) . Laureate bust right/Hercules, nude, standing facing on pedestal with club and lion skin.. BMC-85, RSC 234, RIC 49. Toned F-VF. $90

52233 *Trajan. 98-117. AR Denarius (3.15g) . Laureate bust right, slight drapery on far shoulder /Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopiae.. SR-3122, RSC-85, RIC-118ff. Choice EF-AU. $450

52039 *Trajan. 98-117. AR Denarius (3.50)) . Laureate head of Trajan right/Mars advancing right carrying spear and trophy PMTRP COS VI PP SPQR. RIC-337, RSC-270. Toned F-VF. $75

52040 *Hadrian. 117-138. AR Denarius (3.30) . Bare-headed bust of Hadrian right/Moneta stg. left holding scales and cornucopia. RSC-963, RIC-256, SR-3507v. Decent F. $75

52041 *Diva Sabina. Died 136 AD, issued by Hadrian. AR Denarius (3.21) . Bust of Sabina right wearing corn-wreath/Altar-Encloser, with double panelled doors and horns visible above PIETA AVG. . SR-3896, RIC-422a. F, a few obv scr's. $150

52003 *Antoninus Pius. 138-161. AE Sestertius (26.70) . Laureate bust right/Liberalitas stg. l., holding abacus and cornucopia, CONG AVE VIII(I COS IIII) SC. . SR-4159, RIC-1043. F, some flat areas. This is an extremely rare coin and I can find no record of this being offered, in any grade, in the past 5 plus years. $149

52042 *Diva Faustina Senior. Died 141, issued by Ant. Pius. AR Denarius (3.40) . Draped bust right/Juno enthroned right, holding transverse scepter. SR-4585, RIC-363. Fine. $50

52043 *Marcus Aurelius. 161-180. AR Denarius (3.13) . Bare-headed bust right/Concordia seated left, hldg patera and resting on statuette of Spes, cornucopiae below seat. SR-4882, RIC-35. aVF, somewhat dirty. $60

52004 *Marcus Aurelius. 161-180. AE Sestertius (23.21)) . Laureate bust right/Victory standing, holding shield inscribed: VIC PAR. . RIC-931?. VG/Gd. $30

52252 *Lucius Verus. 161-169. AR Denarius (3.45g) . Bearded bare-headed bust right/Mars stg. r., resting on spear and shield. SR-5355, RIC-229a. As struck. $675

52044 *Commodus. 177-192. AR Denarius (3.07) . Laureate bearded bust right/Jupiter stg. l., holding thunderbolt and scepter.. SR-5664, RIC-192. F/VG. $49

52045 *Septemius Severus. 193-211. AR Denarius (3,37) . Laureate bearded bust right/Neptune standing left, foon on rock, right hand on upper leg, holding long trident in left. RSC-543, RIC-234, SR-6346ff. Toned VF+. $85

52046 *Caracalla. 198-217. AR Denarius (3.39) . Laureate bust right/Virtus standing left holding Victory and spear, VIRTUS AVGG. SR-6903, RIC-149. Toned VF, a bit encrustation on obv.. $60

52053 *Julia Domna, wife of Sept. Severus. m. of Caracalla & Elagabalus. AR Denarius (3.11g) . Draped bust right/Juno stg left with peacock at feet. SR-6588, RIC-559. Toned VF. $60

52049 *Geta. 209-211 (this as Caesar 202). AR Denarius (3.08) . Bare head right/Securitas enthroned left holding globe. SR-7200. VF, bit porous, sm. flaw. $59

52253 *Maximinus I. 235-238. AR Denarius (2.73g) . Laureate bust right/Salus enthroned left feeding snake arising from altar. SR-8316, RIC-14. Ch. lustrous EF+, on large flan. $340

52054 *Gordian III. 238-244. AR Antoninianus (4.61g) . Radiate head right/Concordia seated left, holding patera and double cornucopia. SR-8604, RIC-35. Toned VF. $50

52150 *Herennia Etruscilla, wife of Trajan Decius. AR Antoninianus (3.74) . Diademed and draped bust right/Pudicitia standing left, drawing veil from face and holding scepter.. SR-9494, RIC-58b. Choice VF/F+. $60

52091 *Gallienus. 253-268. Bi Antoninianus (3.84) of Antioch . Radiate head right/Apollo stg left, hldg laurel branch, tripod to right, PXV in ex. SR-10346, RIC-610. VF, bit rough. $25

52092 *Gallienus. 253-268. Bi Antoninianus (2,88) of Rome . Radiate head right/Antelope walking left, in ex. SR-10200. GVF, bit prous, usual ragged flan. $25

52151 *Mariniana, wife of Valerian and mother of Gallienus (probably). AE Sestertius (12.29) . Draped bust right/Peacock standing, tail in splendor, head right. Very Scarce denomination . SR-10073v, Cr-7. VG, scr's in field. $225

26324 *Tetricus I. 270-273 AD. Antoninianus . Rad bust right/Hilaritas standing left/ with wreath and anchor. SR-3177, VM-4. F-VF. $25

52098 *Tetricus I. 270-273 AD. AE Antoninianus (2.46) . Radiate head right/Laetitia stg. left, holding wreath and anchor. SR-11239. VF/F, clnd. $25

52093 *Claudius II Gothicus. 268-270. Bi Antoninianus (3.86) of Antioch . Radiate head right/Hercules stg., facing head left, resting on club, hldg lion's skin. Scarce reverse. SR-11344. VG/F, obverse pitted. $15

52101 *Quintillus. 270 AD. AE Antoninianus (2.66) . Radiate head right/Fides Militum stg left, holding standard and spear, E to right.. SR-11440. Fine. $40

52094 *Aurelian. 270-275. Bi Antoninianus (3.62) of Rome . Radiate head right/Sol stg., head left, between 2 seated captives, raising r. hand and h ldg globe in l, XXIP in ex. SR-11571. VF, rev. encrustation. $25

52059 *Probus. 272-282. Bi Antoninianus (3.89g) of Antioch . Radiate bust right/Female fig. stg r., hldg wreath in r. hand fcg Probus in milt. attire hldg globe & scepter, A in field, XXI in ex.. SR-12021, RIC-925. VF. $30

52126 *Probus. 272-282. Bi Antoninianus (3.60g) of Siscia . Radiate bust left/Female fig. stg r., hldg wreath in r. hand fcg Probus in milt. attire hldg globe & scepter, P in field, XXI in ex.. RIC-731ff (w/o star). VF+. $45

52095 *Probus. 276-282. Bi Antoninianus (3.46) of Siscia . Radiate bust left holding eagle tipped scepter/Sol in quadriage left, right hand raised, holding whipp and globe in left, XXIP below. SR-12042. VF, bit rough. $30

52096 *Probus. 276-282. Bi Antoninianus (3.43) of Siscia . Bust of helmeted Probus left/Mars adv. r., carrying ransverse spear and trophy over shoulder, XXI in ex, V in field.. SR-12071. VF, touch rough. " $30

52152 *Numerian. 283-284. AE Antoninianus (3.72g) of Cyzicus . Radiate bust right/Numerian stg r., receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter stg. l, E between them, XXI in ex. SR-12243, RIC-463. Choice VF. $90

52254 *Diocletian. 284-305 AD (294 AD. AR Argenteus (3.61) of Rome . Laureate head right DIOCLETI-ANVS AVG/four tetrarchs sacrificing over tripod before city enclosure with six turrets; pellet within gate. RIC-6, 27a, RSC 516`A0e. Superb EF+. $1150

52055 *Diocletian. 285-306. AE Antoninianus (3.51g) . Radiate bust right/Jupiter holding globe and Hercules holding Victory, facing each other B in field, XXI in ex. RIC-V,2, 223. GVF. $45

52056 *Diocletian. 285-306. AE Antoninianus (4.85) of Antioich . Radiate bust right/Jupiter holding globe and Hercules holding Victory, facing each other D in field, XXI in ex. RIC-V,2, 223. Fine. $30

52107 *Constantius I. 305-306. AE Follis (3.01) of Cyzicus . Laur. bust right/Genius stg. left, holding cornucopia and patera, SMK in ex,Z in field to right. RIC-7, 1. aVF/VF. $35

52057 *Galerius. 305-311. AE Follis (7.33) of Thessalonica . Laureate bust right/Genius stag left, holding cornucopia and patara from which liquor flows, Gamma to r, TS in ex. SR-3708v, RIC-6, 24b. VF/F. $49

52060 *Maximinus II, As Augustus. 309-313. AE Reduced Follis (6.28 g, 21mm) . Bust right/Genius stg left hldg patera from which liquor flows & cornucopiae, SMKE in ex. Cyzicus mint. Scarce long legend with CMH monogram. . VF. $75

52102 *Licinius I. 308-325 (312-313). AE Follis (3.00) Thessalonica . Laureate bust right/Jupiter stg left, eagle at feet,*T*S*B in ex. SR-3799, RIC-6, 9. aVF, sl. porous. $35

52103 *Licinius I. 308-325 (c.320). AE3 (2.97) of Thessalonica . Helmeted bust right/Two captives seated at foot of trophy inscribed VOT XX, T S*A* in ex, S-F in field. SR-3808, RIC-7,76. Silvered VF, touch rough. $55

52105 *Constantine I, the Great. 307-337 (313-14). AE Follis (2.73) of Lyons . Laureate bust right/Sol standing left, chlamys across left shoulder, holding globe and raising right hand. S-F across fields. PLG in ex.. RIC-7, 3. Fine, porous. $35

52116 *Constantine I, the Great. 307-337/ Struck after his death. AE4 (.99) . Veiled head right/Constantine, veiled,stg right, VN to left, MR to right. SR-3888. Fine. $18

52112 *Commemorative Issue. 330-346. AE3/4 (1.52) of Thessalonica . Helmeted bust of Constantinopolis left/Victory stg left, r. foot on prow,hldg scepter and leaning on shield, SHTHS in ex. SR-3890. VF/F. $25

52113 *Commemorative Issue. . 330-346. AE3/4 (2.28) of Heraclea . Helmeted bust of Roma left/She-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, SMHE in ex. SR-3894. Nice VF, obv. sl. porous. $40

52106 *Crispus. 317-326. AE3 (2.75) of Heraclea . Laur. bust left, wearing imperial mantle /Camp-gate surmounted by three turrets. . SR-3923. VF, tad rough. $35

52153 *Delmatius, as Caesar. 335-337. AE 3/4 (1.63g) . Laureate bust right/2 soldiers stg either side of standard E. RIC-7,256, SR-3931v. GVF, tad rough. $100

52104 *Constantine II. 316-337. AE3 (2.81) of Siscia . Laureate bust right/Laurel wreath around VOT X, SIS. RIC-182, SR-3943. GVF, bit porous. $50

52228 *Decentius. 351-353. AE Centenionalis (4.45) of Lyons . Bare-headed bust right/2 victories facing each other holding a shield, RSLG in ex., * and SV above. RIC-8, 133, SR-4035. EF/aEF, small flan. $175

52058 *Julian II (The Apostate). 360-363. AE1 (8.12g, 27mm) of Constantinople . Bust right/Bull standing right, 2 stars above, *CONSPA & crescent in exergue.. SR-4072ff, RIC-8162. VF/GVF, obv. bit porous. $150

52114 *Valens. 364-378. AE3 (1.81) of Siscia . Bust right/Victory adv. left, SIS in ex. SR-4118. F+/VG, flan crack. $25

52115 *Theodosius I. 379-395. AE3 (1.74) of Siscia . Bust right/Emperor hldg labarum, dragging captive right, ASIS in ex.. VM-33, RIC-9, 38b. Pretty VF, nice green patina. $45

52111 *Honorius. 393-423 . AE3 (2.45) . Laur bust right/Honorius stg and being crowned by victory. VG/G, decent portrait. $25

52117 *Marcian. 450-457. AE4 (1.05) . Bust right/Monogram of Marcian in wreath. SR-4327. G-VG. $37.50


52118 *Anastasius I. 491-518. AE Follis (16.26) of Constantinople . Bust Right/Large M, cross above, stars to either side, CON in ex. Officnae E. SB-19. G/VG. $18

52154 *Heraclius. 610-641, after 632. AE Follis (6.82g) of Syracuse . Countermarked Issue. Crowned facing busts of Heraclius (l) & Heraclius Constantine (r)/Monogram and SC countermark. . SB-884. VF+, green patina. Nice.. $75

52155 *Constans II. 641-668. AE Follis (4.54g) of Syracuse . Facing bust with slight beard/Large M. SB-1105. VF/F on diamond shapped planchet. $50

52119 *Anonymous. Att. to reign of Basil II. & Constantine VIII. 976-1025. AE Follis (16.99) . Bust of Christ Facing/4 line legend. SB-1813. G/VG. $30


52156 *Armenia. Hetoum I. 1226-1270. AR Tram (2.69g) . Queen Zabel and King Hetoum standing with cross, with elaborate crown, between them/Crowned lion walking right, Cross behind lion. Nerc-337v, Bed-982. Toned F-VF. $60

52145 *Armenia. Hetoum I. 1226-1270. AR Tram (2.56) . Levon on horseback; holds cross with two bars in right hand/Crowned lion facing left; paw raised, cross with 2 bars above.. Nerc-369v, Bed 1445-1449. VFaF/VF. $75

52157 *Armenia. Levon II. 1301-1308. AR Takvorin (3.37g) . Levon on horseback; holds cross in right hand/ Lion walking right, with claws defined, cross behind him.. Nerc-425, Bed-1781. Toned VF. $100

52237 *Austria. Maria Theresa. 1763. AE31 Jeton . Bust of Maria Theresia right/Noah's Ark on waves, dove flying with olive branch to left. End of 7 years War. Neumann-13472. GVF. $125

52158 *Austria. Salzburg. Maximilian Gandolph.. 1681. 3 Kreuzer . Two shields of arms, date above, value below in inner circle/St. Rupert facing with salt box and crozier in inner circle.. KM-228, Probszt-1687. Nice AU or better. $100

52219 *Aust. Netherlands. Belgium. Leopold II. 1791. AR 39mm by Berckel . Bust of Leopold II r. On his inauguration as Duke of Brabant & Count of Flanders/Belgium lion under eye of God, MDCCXCI. . Mont-2229, Forrer-I, 72. EF, nicks. $275

52160 *Belgian Congo. Elephant Crown. 1944. 50 Francs . Elephant walking left, 1944 below/Legend. Struck at Pretoria, So. Africa mint. KM-27, D-11, Y-27. EF-AU, lightly cleaned. $125

52161 *Belgium. Leopold II. 1897. Silver 38.5mm by L. Wiener . Bust of Leopold left/Hand engraved, COURS MOYEN D'ARCHIT[ECTU]RE 1ST DIV. Bourlard Alb. Molenbeek 1897 within wreath.. . Ch, toned, as struck. $200

52140 *Belgium. Prosper Wielemans. 1911. AE49 x 62mm by Ch. Samuel . Bust of Wielemans left, name below. He was one of the major brewers in Belgium/10 line legend. Commemorates his nominaiton to be an officer in the order of King Leopold.. . As struck. $37.50

52010 *Bohemia. John the Blind of Luxembourg. 1310-1346. AR Prager Groschen (3.65) of Kutna Hora . Crowned Rampant Lion left, (star) GROSSI `E1 PRAG NS S (star) (lis stop/Crown, + D I : GRATIA `E1 R X : BO MI /+ IOhANn S : PRIMVS (double annulet and trefoil stops), With old tag from P & P. Santamaria of Rome. Saurma-396. VF, some flat spots. $160

52128 *Bulgaria. Ivan Stratsimir. 1356-95. AR Grosh (.87) . Bust of Christ holding Gospels/Ivan enthroned holding scepter and mappa. Youroukova-107, CME-388. F, a few flat areas. $75

52138 *Bulgaria. Ivan Stratsimir. 1356-95. AR Grosh (.83) . Bust of Christ holding Gospels/Ivan enthroned holding scepter and mappa. Youroukova-107, CME-388. VF. $100

52122 *Cape Verde. Republic. 1976. 250 Escudos . 1st Anniversary of Independence/. KM-13, Y-11. Silver Proof. $35

52205 *Ceylon. George IV of Britain. 1821/21. Rixdollar . The 2nd 2 can be clearly seen under high magnification/. KM-84, Cr-38, Pr-82. Toned VF. $140

52135 *Crusaders. Achaea.William of Villehardouin. 1245-78. AE Denier or Obole (88) . Long Cross/Fortified gateway or castle with cross atop.. CCS-3. Rare.. a Fube. $175

52231 *Crusaders. Antioch, Bohemond II, Minority. 1149-1163. AR Denier (.85g) . Bare head right, roundish head with sharp eye/Cross pattee. CCS-23. VF+. $300

52217 *Denmark. Christian IV. 1645. 16 Skilling = 1 Mark . Jehovah in Hebrew between Justus and/Judex.. KM-136, H-149. F-VF. $200

52024 *Egypt. Abdul Hamid. 1293/27 (1901). 5 Qirsh . /. KM-294, Y-20. BU. $135

52212 *England. Anne (after Union with Scotland). 1709. . Octavo on edge/. S-3604, KM-525.1. Toned VF. $899

52022 *England. George III. 1804. Bank Dollar (5 Shillings) . Bust of George III right, "MEA" c/s in obverse field/Britannia seated left. One year type. KM-TN1, Dav-101, S-3768, Cr-41. EF, lightly clnd, some scr's. $300

52131 *England. Edward VII.1902. Silver 31mm by G. W. de Saulles . Crowned and draped bust edwardvs. viss crowned 9. august 1902/Bust r., crowned, veiled & draped, alexandra queen In banner below, consort 9. aug 1902. With original Royal mint envelope. Eim-1871b, BHM-3737. As struck. $49

52199 *England. Edward VII. 1907. Half Crown. KM-802, S-3980. Nice AU. $699

52137 *England. Patriotic, Anti-German Satirical Medal. 1914 (Mid 1916 or later). Silvered AE 35mm . Naked figure on horseback hldg torch, Paris in flames in background/"The Prussian is cruel by birth, civilization will make him ferocious, Goethe" around names of victims and events. . BHM-4112 (RR). Toned EF. $75

52068 *England. George V. 1935. Silver Crownb . Bust left/St. George slaying the dragon. KM-842, Y-76. VF, rim nicks. $15

52164 *France. Philip IV, the Fair. 1285-1314. AR Gros Tournois . Legend around ccross/Castle with 12 Fleur de lis around.. SCMF-2461, Ciani-201. Toned VF, small clip. $100

52238 *France. Henry II, also King of Poland. (1574-1589) (K?, Bordeaux mint). AR 1/4 Ecu . Cross, legend/Crowned Shield of France. Double struck both sides.. SCMF-3252, Ciani-1438. VG/F, double struck . $60

52008 *France. Louis XIV. 1650-H (LaRochelle). Demi Ecu with long curl . Bust right/Crowned shield. Scarce only/14,444 struck.. G-169, KM-164.9. Ch. toned VF+. $395

52012 *France. Louis XVI. 1788-N (Montpellier). 12 Sols (1/10 Ecu) . Bust left/Crowned Arms of France. Rare mint, only 13, 233 struck. Gad-353, KKM-568.9. BU, light rev. adj. marks. $450

52019 *France. Charles X. 1828-A. 1/4 Franc of Paris . Bare-headed bust of king left/3 Fleur de lis in crowned shield. KM-722.1, Cr-185. Light toned AU. $79

52020 *France. Louis- Napoleon. 1842-A. 50 Centimes . Bare-headed bust left/Denomination and date in wreath. KM-793, Y-11. Toned Gem BU. $525

52206 *France. Louis-Napoleon. 1852-A. 5 Francs . One year type. Only crown as Louis Napoleon/. KM-773.1, Y-13. Toned VF, a few trns. $75

52165 *France. Napoleon III. 1867-BB (Strasbourg). 50 Centimes . /. Y29.2, KM-814.2. Nice BU, touch of light toning. $100

52139 *France. Narcisse Leven. 1910. AE 59mm by E. Hannaux. . Bust of Levan, Founder and President of Alliance Israelite Universelle/Liberty Walking right, synagogue behind.. JMM-p. 60. As struck. $250

52200 *German E. Africa. Wilhelm II of Prussia. 1904-A (Berlin). 1 Rupie . 1st year of ty pe/. Y-15, KM-10. Light toned Unc. $150

52124 *Germany. Hannover, George V. 1866-B . 1 Groschen . Spring horse left/. KM-236. Choice toned unc. $24

52061 *Germany. Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm III. 1817-A. Taler . Uniformed bust left/Eagle standing right, on scrolls. KM-396, Dav-759. Toned F., rim nicks. $25

52129 *Germany. Saxony, Johann Georg III. 1691-I K (Chemnitz Mint). 3 Pfennig . Crowned oval arms, date below/Imperial Orb, denomination, IK (fo rmintmaster Johann Koch). KM-605v. Toned EF. $60

52236 *Germany. Saxony, Friedrich August III. 1767-EDC. Silver Taler . Bust right/Arms. Dav-2682, KM-983. VF. $110

52021 *Germany. Empire. 1876-F. 20 Pfennig of Stuttgart . Short silver type struck only from 1873-1877/Seldom encountered this nice. KM-5, Y-12. Gem BU. $99

52274 *Germany/England. Sinking of Lusitania. 5 May 1915. Iron 55mm (English Propaganda Copy) . Ship sinking, date as May instead of Mai/People lined up at ticket window buying tickets from "Death". Goetz had been supplied the wrong date (5th instead of the 7th) of the sinking and the British quickly claimed that the wrong date proved that the Germans had planned to sink the ship themselves. Opus-156. EF. $99

52275 *Germany/England. Sinking of Lusitania. 5 May 1915. Iron 55mm (English Propaganda Copy) . Ship sinking, date as May instead of Mai. In original (but somewhat damaged) box/People lined up at ticket window buying tickets from "Death". Goetz had been supplied the wrong date (5th instead of the 7th) of the sinking and the British quickly claimed that the wrong date proved that the Germans had planned to sink the ship themselves. Opus-156. EF. $115

52276 *Germany. Refusal of German Peace Overtures . 1916. AE57 mm by Karl Goetz . Armoured hand with peace dove/sentation of a note by the Central powers to the Entente containing peace proposals which were not accepted by the Allies. Opus-187. EF. $190

52072 *Germany. Federal Republic (West). 1958-J. 1 Mark of Hamburg . Scarce date/. KM-110, Y-110. EF. $15

52108 *Germany. Federal Republic (West). 1958-J (Hamburg). 1 Mark . /. KM-110, Y-110. EF. $22.50

52125 *India. Indore, Shah Alam II. 1289. Rupee . Date, legend/Sun-face mint mark. Mahlarnagar mint. Y-10, KM-76. GVF. $22.50

52087 *IRAN. Muhammad Reza Shah. SH1344 (1955/56). Silver 37mm Medal . Bust of Shah left/Legend and date within wreath, crown at top. For the 40th anniversary of his reign. . Light toned Unc. $35

52166 *Isle of Man. WWII Internment Camp. ND. 1 Pence . Triquetra at center/. Camp-5542, KM-TN24, F IM-1421. Nice EF, very tiny rn above c in camp. $175

52080 *Israel. Closed Link Variety. 1949/5709. 25 Mils . Cluster of Grapes, based on design from Bronze coin of Bar Kochba Revolt/Much nicer than usual as most seen, appear to have been harshly cleaned. Y-1, KM-8, P-2a. BU. $40

52081 *Israel. With Pearl Variety. 1949/5709. 10 Pruta . /. KM-11, P-7, Y-4. Toned Unc. $18

52167 *Israel. 1949. 25 Pruta with Pearl . The majority of the Proofs of the 1949 issues exhibit only some of the qualities of Proof coins. This is a true Proof and probably the nicest 25 Pruta Proof we have seen.. KM-12, P-12a. Ch. - Gem Proof. $975

52077 *Israel. . 1949-H/5709-H. 250 Pruta . Silver variety, struck at Heaton/. P-26, KM-15a, Y-12a. Toned Unc. $12.50

52089 *Israel. Error Coin. Edge clip. 1962/5722. 1 Agora . /Small date variety. KM-24,1, Y-22. EF. $25

52078 *Israel. Purim. 1961/5721. Half Shekel . Design of ancient Jewish War (First Revolt) Half Shekel/. KM-31, HS-1, Y-29. Toned Unc. $8

52079 *Israel. Heroism and Sacrifice. 1961/5722. 1 Lira . Hanukkah Series/. KM-34, H-4a, Y-30. Proof. $7

52263 *Israel. Samson and the Lion . 2009/5769. 1 New Sheqel . Biblical Arts Series/Samson wrestling with lion, stylized palm tree symbolizing Land of Israel on both sides. H-42. Proof-like BU. $55

52264 *Israel. Samson and the Lion . 2009/5769. 2 New Sheqalim . Biblical Arts Series/Samson wrestling with lion, stylized palm tree symbolizing Land of Israel on both sides. H-42a. Proof. $85

52262 *Israel. Music in Israel. 2001. 1 Sheqel . Art and Culture Series/Musical Instruments. KM-351, AC01. Proof-like BU. $30

52258 *Israel. Architecture & Design. 2004. 1 New Sheqel . Art and Culture Series/. KM-377, AC-2. Proof-like. $25

52259 *Israel. Architecture & Design. 2004. 2 New Sheqalim . Art and Culture Series/Designed by Yarom Vardimon and by using geometric shapes he depicts the letter Aleph. AC-2a, KM-378. Proof. $55

52261 *Israel. Naomi Shemer. 2005/5765. 1 New Sheqel . Art and Culture Series/1,800 minted. KM-412, AC-3. PL BU. $30

52260 *Israel. Naomi Shemer. 2005. 2 New Sheqalim . Art and Culture Series/Her bust left. AC-3a, KM-413. Proof. $55

52168 *Israel. Menorah. 1958. 5 Lirot . 10th Anniversary Coin/. KM-21, A-1a. Lightly toned Proof. $150

52076 *Israel. Seafaring. 1963/5723. 5 Lirot . 15th Anniversary./Key to the series. Ships on both sides. KM-39, A-6a, Y-35. Toned Proof. $215

52075 *Israel. Knesset. 1965/5725. 5 Lirot . 17th Anniversary/. KM-45, A-8, Y-41. BU. $16

52073 *Israel. Life. 1966/5726. 5 Lirot . Anniversary/BMEA. KM-46, A-9, Y-42. BU. $16

52074 *Israel. Port of Eilat. 1967/5727. 5 Lirot . 19th Anniversary/. KM-48, A-10a, Y-43. Proof. $16

52201 *Israel. 3000 Years of Jerusalem. 1996. 30 New Sheqalim . City of David/Large Silver Proof. KM-286, A-39a. Proof. $175

52265 *Israel. High-Tech in Israel. 1999/5759. 1 New Sheqel . Anniversary Series /51st Anniversary. KM-325, A-42`. Proof-like BU. $30

52266 *Israel. Love Thy Neighbor. 2000/5760. 1 New Sheqel . Anniversary Series /52nd Anniversary. KM-336, A-43. Proof-like BU. $30

52267 *Israel. The Golden Years. 2005/5765. 1 New Sheqel . Anniversary Series /57th Anniversary. KM-402, A-48. Proof-like BU. $35

52268 *Israel. Higher Education. 2006/5766. 1 New Sheqel . Anniversary Series /58th Anniversary . KM-416, A-49. Proof-like BU. $45

52269 *Israel. Performing Arts. 2007/5767. 1 New Sheqel . Anniversary Series /59th Anniversary . KM-423, A-50. Proof-like BU. $50

52270 *Israel. 60th Anniversary. 2008/5768. 1 New Sheqel . Anniversary Series /60th Anniversary . KM-441, A-51. Proof-like BU. $60

52271 *Israel. Birds of Israel. 2009/5769. 1 New Sheqel . Anniversary Series /61st Anniversary. KM-, A-52. Proof-like BU. $60

52272 *Israel. F.A.O. Issue. 1995/5755. 1 New Sheqel . Special Issue Commemorative /Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN. KM-271, SI-19. Proof-like BU. $28

52273 *Israel. Fox and Vineyard. 1995/5726. 1 New Sheqel . Wildlife Series/Flora and Fauna. KM-274, HLW-5. BU. $40

52169 *Italy. Aquileia. Giovanni di Moravia.. 1387-97. AR Denaro (.81g) . Eagle looking left johanes+patriaricha+aqvi./ Hermagoras on lion throne with floriated staff and blessing hand, ,s,hermachoras. Biaggi-187. Fine+. $75

52110 *Italy. Aquileia, Antonio II Panciera di Portoguaro. 1402-1411. AR Denaro (.70) . Coat of Arms/Eagle, wings spread, head left. Bi-191. VF. $60

52170 *Italy. Aquileia, Antonio II Panciera di Portoguaro. 1402-1411. AR Denaro (.72g) . Coat of Arms antonius + patriaca/Eagle, wings spread, head left antonius + patriaca. Biaggi-191. F-VF, sl. irreg flan. $69

52171 *Italy. Aquileia, Kingdom of Naples, Louis. XII, of France. 1501-03. AE Cavlallo (1.60g) . Cros with Fleur de lis at each end/Arms. MEC-1087. F/VG. $49

52172 *Italy. Chieti, Kingdom of Naples. Charles. VIII of France. 1495-96. AE Cavlallo (1.18g) . Legend around crowned shield of France/Legend around Cross. Rare. MEC-14-1048, Bi-608. VG/F, somewhat rough. . $49

52234 *Italy. Fosdinovo. Maria Maddalena Centurioni-Malaspina. 1667. Silver Luigino (1.85g) . Draped bust right/Crowned coat-of-arms; rosette above; *A* below. Cammarano 71. Toned VF. $100

52208 *Italy. Kingdom of Napoleon. 1810-B (Bologna). 3 Centesimi . Bare head left. Unlisted overdate, 2nd "1" over "0"/Crown. Cr.-2.1. VF. $60

52013 *Italy. Naples & Sicily. Ferdinand IV. 1798 P AP . 20 Grana . Head Right/Crowned arms, date in legend, value below. Cr-55, . Choice BU, small flan flaw. $525

52173 *Italy. Roman Senate. 12th-14th Century. AE Denaro Provisino . Cross, legend around/Comb, "S" above, crescent to left. Biaggi-2119, Berman-94. Fair/fine. $49

52213 *Italy. Papal States, Pius VI. 1775-I. 1/2 Scudo . Papal Arms/Holy Mother and Church seaated on clouds. KM-1210, Ber-2959. Cleaned VF, toned. $140

52235 *Italy. Tassarolo. Livia Centurioni . Oltremarini. 1666. AR Luigino (1.94g) . Her bust (wife of Philip Spinola)/Crowned arms with fleur de lis. Var-995. GVF. $125

52222 *ITALY. Venice. Jacopo Contarini (1275-1280). AR Grosso . St. Marco & Doge Standing/Christ standing. Bi-2783, Pao-1. Toned VF+. $90

52221 *Italy. Venice, Antonio Venier. LXII Doge. 1382-1400. Gold Ducat (3.51) . St. Mark standing right, presenting banner to kneeling Doge/Christ standing facing, raising hand in benediction and holding Gospels, surrounded by elliptical halo containing nine stars. Fr-1229, Bi-2853. VF. $500

52223 *Italy. Venice. Alvise Mocenigo. 1570-77. AR 40 Soldi . St. Mark standing right, presenting banner to kneeling Doge/St. Justina, standing with dagger to chest holding palm and book. Pao-68,7. VF. $175

52240 *Japan. Meiji. Year 25 (1892). 1 Yen . Dragon/Type 2. Y-A25.3, Oka-21. EF-AU, lightly wiped. $49

52174 *Korea. Kwang Mu. Year 11 (1907). 5 Chon . /. Y-15, KM-1126. EF. $75

52175 *Liberia. Republic. 1847. Two Cents . Three stars on obverse edge, two stars on reverse/. Y-2, KM-2. Ch. Choc Brn EF. $95

52025 *Liechtenstein. Franz Joseph I. 1946-B (Bern). Gold 20 Franken . Bust left/Crowned shield. One year type. . Y-14, Fr-17. Ch. BU. $399

52011 *Lithuania. Sigismund I of Poland. (15)13. AR Half Groschen (1.22) . Knight charging left/Eagle. Gum-507. Ch. toned EF-AU, somewhat softly struck. $90

52014 *Mexico. Philip V. ND. 1700-1746. Half Real . Tear Drop shaped flan. Large P,/Cross. KM-24. aF. $90

52214 *Mexico. Ferdinand VI. 1752 Mo. Half Real . Crowned Arms/Pillars. KM-67.1, Cr-13. Ch. EF. $200

52176 *Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1906. 20 Centavos . Type I/. KM-435, Y-40. BU. $60

52202 *Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1912. Peso . Caballito or Horse Pesos/Better date. Y-42, KM-453; Eliz-1057. Ch. AU. $325

52241 *Mexico. Estados Unidos. 1921. 2 Pesos . Centennial of Independence /. KM-462, Y-51. EF, rim nicks. $49

52121 *Palestine. Templar Token. ND c. 1880. 20 Para Brass . Type 1 without "consummark"/ . CC-13a. VG, corrosion . $49

52082 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1939. 1 Mil . /. Y-1, KM-1. Ch. Red Unc. $55

52026 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1927. 5 Mils . 1st year of type. Y-3, KM-3. Ch. BU, tiny spot. $45

52027 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1927. 10 Mils . 1st year of type/. Y-4, KM-4. BU. $75

52028 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1942. 10 Mils . 2 year WWII type in bronze/. Y-4a, KM-4a. EF. $22

52029 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1927. 20 Mils . 1st year of type/All 20 Mils are at least scarce so nice. Y-5, KM-5. Ch. BU. $175

52177 *Palestine. British Mandaye. 1934. 20 Mils . Scarce date/High grade for date. Y-5, KM-5. EF, slightly toned. $200

52083 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1927. 50 Mils . /. Y-6, KM-6. EF, some toning. $45

52084 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1927. 100 Mils . /. Y-7, KM-7. Toned VF. $35

52178 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1931. 100 Mils . This is the hardest date of all 59 Palestine coins to find and it's exceedingly rare in such nice grade. Y-7, KM-7. EF-AU. $2000

52017 *Peru. Charles III. 1769 LM JM. 8 Reales of Lima . Crowned Arms of Peru/Crowend pillars and globes. Double Dots. . KM-A64.1, Cr-35, El-21. Nice VF, small chops. $275

52015 *Peru. Charles IV. 1792-IJ. 2 Reales of Lima . Laureate bust right/Crowned Arms. KM-95, Cr-74. Ch. EF, very light adj. marks. $119

52209 *Peru. Ferdinand VII. 1810-JP. 8 Reales . 2nd Imaginary bust/. KM-106.2, El-76, Cr-96. Toned VF-EF, weak in spots. $300

52023 *Peru. Republic. 1842 MB. 8 Reales of Lima . Arms/Liberty stnding. KM-142.10. F+, but softly struck in centers, legends strong. $49

52239 *Poland. Sigismund I. 1509. Half Groschen . Crown, legend and date around/Eagle, legend around. Gum-480. F-VF, some weak spots. $75

52179 *Poland. Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 1942. 10 Pfenning (.78g) . Type 2/. KM-TN5, Camp-4751b, . VG, usual corr. $75

52085 *Qatar & Dubai. British Protectorate. AH1386/1966. 10 Dirhems . Goitered Gazelle/Scarce. KM-3, Y-3. Red Unc. $35

52086 *Qatar & Dubai. British Protectorate. AH1386/1966. 10 Dirhems . Goitered Gazelle/Scarce. KM-3, Y-3. R&B Unc. $25

52220 *Russia. Pskov. 19th Century. Wire Money, AE Puls . Eagle/Legend. Sp 67-8. VF. $100

52210 *Russia. Nicholas I. 1841/3. Rouble . Overdate/. Cr-168.1, D-283. Toned VF+. $175

52203 *Russia. Nicholas II. 1913. Rouble . 300th Anniversary of Romanov Dynasty/. Y-70. BU, lightly wiped. $300

52030 *San Marino. Republic. 1931. 20 Lire . /. KM-11, Y-32, Dav-303. BU. $210

52069 *South Africa. Union. George VI. 1952. 5 Shillings . Bust left/Shi. Struck for the 300th Anniversary of the Founding of Capetown.. KM-41, Y-56. EF, rim nicks. $10

52070 *South Africa. Republic. 1966. Rand . Head of Jan van Riebeeck right/Springbok. English legends. KM-71.1. AU, trns. $8.50

52071 *South Africa. Republic. 1967. Rand . Bust of Dr. Verwoerd right/Springbok. English legends. 1st Anniversary of Verwoerd's death. KM-72.1. Unc. $8.50

52216 *Sp. Netherlands. Brabant. Philip IV. 1636. Patagon of Antwerp . Burgundian cross dividing date with crown above, hand (Antwerp) mm above/Crowed arms in order chain. D-4462, KM-53.1. Toned VF+, clipped flan. $475

52180 *Sp. Netherlands. Philip IV. 1638. AE Jeton . The Variable Fortunes of War. King mounted on horseback, galloping to right/A ship with torn sails, tossed in story sea. Struck in Brussels. Dug-3929, Mitch-2630. Nice VF. $60

52016 *Spain. Philip V. 1744-S PJ. Gold 1/2 Escudo of Seville . Bust right/Crowned Arms. KM-361.2, Fr-240. Nice EF-AU. $299

52242 *St Settlements. Edward VII. 1904. Dollar . Toned/Pretty. KM-25, Dav-303, Y-25. VF/EF, tiny rn. $59

52182 *Switzerland. Roman History Medal. 18th Century. AE 31mm by Jean Dassier. . Caesar's Fortune/One of a series of medals depicting the early history of Rome through the end of the Republic.. Forrer, I, 340. VF. $75

52215 *Turkey. Mustafa III. 1171/(11)87 (1774). Piastre of Istanbul . /. KM-321, Cr-46. EF. $75

52204 *Turkey. Republic. 1992. 5000, 50,000 & 500,000 Lira . 500 years of Jews living in Turkey in Peace and Harmony/In original case (rare). Only 485 pieces of gold coin were minted. KM 1016-1018, Fr-138. Proof. $750

52190 *United States. Morgan. 1878-S. Silver dollar . /. Y-18, KM-110. Unc. $39

52191 *United States. Morgan. 1880. Silver dollar . /. Y-18, KM-110. EF. $22

52192 *United States. Morgan. 1886. Silver dollar . /. Y-18, KM-110. EF-AU. $22

52195 *United States. Morgan. 1902-O. Silver dollar . /. Y-18, KM-110. EF+, rn. $22

52196 *United States. Peace. 1926-D. Silver dollar . /. Y-31, KM-150. GVF. $22

52197 *United States. Peace. 1926-S. Silver dollar . /. Y-31, KM-150. Toned VF. $22

52198 *United States. Peace. 1927-D. Silver dollar . /. Y-31, KM-150. AU. $55

52189 *United States. Indian head. 1910-S. Gold 10 Dollars (Eagle) . Motto added/. Y-34a, KM-130. VF-35, nicks. $700

52183 *United States. Civil War Token. Illinois. Bronz 20mm . "Freedman, Goodkind & Co. Dry Goods 171 Lake St, Chicago, Ill"/Business Card within wreath. Rev. Die 1368. Fuld IL150W-1a (R2).. VF, some scr's. $50

52184 *United States. Civil War Token. New York. Copper 24mm . "S. Steinfeld Sole Agent for the U.S." around elaborate coat of arms with "E. Sigel" in small letters below arms/Principal Depot 1863 of the French Cognac Bitters 70 Nassau St.. Fuld NY-630BU-1a. Nice VF. $40

52188 *United States. Oregon. ND. Brass 21mm . J. E. Eckman Hammond, Ore" around a large central "E"/"Good for 5`A2 in trade" around a large central "E". Variety with a crossbar on `A2. . VF. $30

52186 *United States. Pennsylvania/New York. (1854-57). Samuel Hart & Co. Cop. 28mm . Playing Card Advertising Token. NYC & Philadelphia.Queen of Diamonds/Jack of Clubs. Miler PA 197a, Rulau Sny-7a. EF, hint of red. $30

52009 $75

52187 *United States. Wisconsin. ND. Brass 21mm . "J.F. Seidell 1100 Villa St. Racine, Wis."/"Good for 5`A2 in trade". . VF. $25

52123 *United States. 1958-D. Quarter Dollar . George Washington/. KM-164, Y-39. BU. $18

52130 *United States. American Jewish Committee. 1906---. AE 76mm . Shield with 6 pointed star atop, Human Rights Award 1907 The American Jewish Committee/Uniface. . EF, rim bruise at 2 o'clock. $120

End of List.