Auction 40E - June 10, 2010

Ancient and World Coins

This sale is now closed. Please see our list of prices realized.

Auction #40E

Closing Date and Time: Thursday, June 10, 2010 9:00 PM Mountain Time

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Highlights of Auction 39E
PART ONE: WORLD WIDE MATERIAL Ancient Jewish Coins (1-80)
City Coins of the Holy Land (62-80)
Ancient Greek Coins (81-114)
Greek Imperial/Roman Colonial (115-124)
Ancient Roman Coins (125-176)
Other Ancients (177-182)
World Coins, Medals & Tokens (183-539)
World Paper Money (540-600)
PART TWO: JUDAIC AND HOLY LAND RELATED MATERIAL Medallic Judaica & Holy Land Material (601-781)
Paper Judaica and Holy Land Material (782-836)
Holocaust Memorabilia (837-854)

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12. All lots with 6 or more items are sold as is and are not returnable.

13. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt of invoices, unless arrangements are made prior to the closing of the sale. Late payers forfeit any rights of return. All invoices over 30 days overdue are subject to an interest charge of 1 1/2% per month.

14. There is a $25 charge for bad checks.

15. In case of tie bids, the earliest bid received will win the lot.

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17. Estimates are just that, estimates. Lots may and do, sell for above and below estimate. Please bid what the lot is worth to you. High bids will be reduced to 5 to 10% over the 2nd high bid when possible.

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21. Bidders not known to us must provide us with satisfactory credit references or pay a 25% deposit.

22. Prices realized will be published after the sale and will be mailed to all consignors, subscribers and competitive bidders. Others may receive a copy for $5 or check our website.

23. Slabbed (Encapsulated) coins graded and certified by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS may not be returned for grading reasons.

24. The minimum acceptable bid on any lot is at least 60% of the estimate. In some cases a reserve may be higher than that, but it will never be higher than the estimate. We have made every effort to make the estimates realistic and conservative. In addition no bids on coins and medals of precious metal lots will be accepted that are below the melt value of the item. For our auction purposes we are defining precious metals as being of silver, gold, platinum or palladium. The price of gold as we write this is $1182 per troy ounce and silver is more than $18.75 per troy ounce. As you are well aware the markets are in a state of turmoil and these prices will probably be different when you read this and then again different when the sale closes.

If viewing the catalog online is sufficient for you, please let us know so that we can cut down on the number of catalogs that we have printed and mailed out. If you are an active competitive bidder and wish to continue to receive printed catalogs we, of course, are more than happy to continue sending them to you. But please note we will be reducing our mailing list significantly before our next auction.


This catalog has been very difficult for us to get ready for the printer. Computer and/or software glitches, misplaced coins, photos "lost" somewhere, getting sick hours after my annual physical examination when my doctor said I was healthy and then our dog getting sick and waking Rita up 5 times two nights in a row.

Perhaps taking a week off to see a new grandson in the middle of writing the catalog and then almost a week to get back into the swing of things had something to do with it. We had planned the first week off, we were not prepared for the second.

Suffice it to say that we have missed two deadlines and we are working our fingers off to make the third deadline. Because of these problems some of the images that should be in the printed catalog will not appear. We hope to have most of the others ready for our on-line catalog but if a photo of an item that you want to see an image of is not there, please let us know and we will try to send you an image. Usually if an * precedes the Lot # it means there is a photograph. In this catalog that might not be the case.

We would like to thank a trio of new volunteer proofreaders who have helped make this catalog readable and caught mistake after mistake. I doubt if they knew what they were getting into. Chuck Mitton and Chuck Mattson are long time friends who have helped with the mailing for years while Alan Hurford is someone I knew through emails. They help was invaluable. Nevertheless mistakes will occur and for those we accept responsibility.


We will stop taking bids after 9:00 PM Mountain time on June 10th, 2010 as soon as our phone and/or Fax stops ringing for 10 minutes. Please do not wait until the last minute and get shut out. In every sale a number of bidders can not get through on the last night. No matter when you call, you cannot be guaranteed to be the last bidder because the sale will extend for at least 10 minutes after your call. But once it is over we will not answer the phone. If time is running late and the phone is busy, I strongly suggest sending us an email or a fax with your bid or bids.

We suggest you bid above estimate if you want an item as high bids will be reduced. Our bid sheets offer several bidding options that can save you money, optimize your bids and see that you get the lots that you really want. If you are unsure of how to use these options, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to explain them to you.

Please keep in mind that in some cases there may be unpublished reserves set either by the consignor or the cataloger and no bids of less than 60% of estimate are considered. In some cases the reserve is higher than 60% of estimate but in no cases is it more than the estimate.We do not have a call back service, but after placing your bid you may contact us as many times as you like to check on your bids. And we take seriously the commitment to reduce bids. We do not reveal the high bid of any lot, but if you have placed a bid on a lot, you may contact us after your bid has been placed and we will tell you if you are the high bidder.

Usually well over 1/3 of all successful bids are reduced and over 75% of successful bidders have at least one of their winning bids reduced. We believe that the best strategy to being a successful bidder is placing your bids early and not waiting until the last minute. And because we reduce the high bid to no more than 10% over the 2nd high bid whenever possible we think it makes sense to send in your bid early with the confidence that your bid will be reduced if at all possible. It's a successful auction when everybody is satisfied with the results; the consignors, the bidders and the auctioneers.

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There has been quite a bit of discussion lately about companies that charge what some say are excessive buyer's fees. We do not charge any buyer's fees in our sales. You are charged only for the amount of your winning bid plus postage and shipping charges. If you want the convenience of using your credit card we do charge you a small fee to help cover our costs.

LOT VIEWING SCHEDULE   (back to top)

DENVER COIN EXPO. May 13th-16th 2010. National Western Complex, "Expo Hall", I-70 and Brighton Blvd., Denver CO. Thursday May 13th is dealer set up day. Public hours are Friday and Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM and Sunday 10 AM to 3 PM. We will have most lots in the sale available for viewing at our bourse tables during all show hours. However you might not have this catalog in your hands by showtime due to our problems in producing the catalog.

We plan to have the majority of the material in the sale in our office Monday through Friday beginning May17th except for weekends and holidays, until the close of the sale if you need more detailed description of any of the lots. However, please contact us as well in advance of the close of the sale as possible in order that we can provide you with as much information as we can. We will be happy to return your call if we cannot provide you with the information you require when you call, fax or email.

We will confirm all email bids received within 24 hours of receiving the bid. If you do not receive a confirmation please contact us. We have been deluged by spam as I'm sure many of you have also, thus we ask that when sending us a bid or inquiring about the sale, please put "Bids" or "Mailbid Sale" or "Auction" in the subject line so we do not delete your email along with the junk we receive every day. We do not confirm mail or fax bids unless specifically asked to do so. Please write clearly on your bid sheet. If possible in addition to the lot # and your maximum bid a small description is most helpful.

No information will be available about the results of the sale until all bids have been checked and invoices written. This should take about 4 days. We will not be answering the phone until that information is ready. We hope to be ready by Monday June 14th.

Please note that this entire catalog is also up on our website or will be shortly. Our website address is There you will find not only everything in this catalog, but also color images of all lots pictured. If the images are not up on our site when you receive this catalog they should be soon.

HIGHLIGHTS OF AUCTION 40E   (back to top)

We usually have a gold coin section in our auctions but we have so few gold coins to offer the few gold coins are interspersed with the regular coins. The gold coins and medals are 179, 204, 344, 351-353, 477, 737, 743 and 756.

The Ancient Jewish Coin section leads off with some nice tiny silver coins as well as a plate coin from Coinage of Samaria. There a couple of rare Herod Antipas coins, including a 1/8 denomination, as well as brockages and a number of coins countermarked by the Roman Tenth Legion, one being a Meshorer plate coin from Treasury of Jewish Coins and another being countermarked by both the 10th and 5th legions! There is both a Shekel and a rare 1/4 Shekel of the Jewish War, also known as the First Revolt in the sale. In addition the Bar Kochba coins being offered include numerous silver pieces including two Selas and the elusive, rare and important hybrid Zuz with the name of Eleazar. As usual our city coin section is full of goodies including a number of better coins of Aelia Capitolina, a coin of Marisa and two coins from Panias just to name a few.

The Greek section is smaller than usual but does offer a rare date of the first type of Tyrian Shekel. Our Greek Imperial section lists only a handful of coins but there a couple of rare Alexandrian coins including a rare reverse type Drachm of Hadrian and another Drachm of Gallienus. Our Roman section is also smaller than usual but continues our offering of Roman women including a Sestertius of Mariniana. We are also pleased to offer one of the finest examples of a Judaea Capta Sestertius we've had in quite a number of years. The ancient coin section concludes with a nice Gold Solidus of Constans II as well as a few Arab-Byzantine coins struck in the Holy Land.

One of the highlights in the world coin section is an extremely rare 1/4 Obol or Lepton of 1821 from the Ionian Islands overstruck over a Venetian copper coin. Not only is this rare, I believe it's the finest offered, at least by auction, in many years. That of course is not the only highlight in this section. An NGC MS-66 10 Mark Prussian gold is the highest ever graded by NGC and there is a large collection of Indian States minors being offered as well. We are also offering a rare silver Osello of the Venetian Doge Marcantonio Giustinian struck as he prepared for war against Turkey as well as a Piedmont Republic silver Messo that should also elicit quite a bit of interest. A pair of certified New Zealand 3 Pence coins including the very rare the 1942 1 dot variety and a nice 40 Centavo Puerto Rican coin are also listed. As usual our Israeli and Palestine sections are full of goodies. Among the Israeli lots is a high grade 1948 25 Mils, 2 high grade 100 Pruta Utrecht Die coins, a certified Seafaring Proof and a complete (mostly unc) 27 Piece Pruta Mil Series in a Dansco Album. Our Palestine section contains an extremely rare 1/4 Piastre Jerusalem Hotel token in high grade and a 1931 100 Mil piece in EF-AU. That is the single hardest Palestine coin to find in high grade. In addition there are simply just a lot of nice coins.

Also in this section is a fantastic collection of United States Merchant tokens and Encased Cents from at least 42 of the 50 States. Most, if not all, of these tokens are from Jewish Merchants and this collection was formed by a Rabbi who approached this task like a scholar and a researcher. I was going to use the term young Rabbi but then remembered that I've known him for almost 40 years. Then we were both young. Other tokens in this collection are listed under Curacao, US Virgin Islands and in the medallic Judaica section..

Our World Paper Money section is small but contains five Palestine Currency Board notes, some high grade Israeli notes as well as Progressive Proofs of the Israeli 1955 1 Pound notes. Also listed are a number of German Konversionkasse bonds, 6 bonds from Litzmannstadt. a couple of rare WWI Russian POW notes and a rare WWII propaganda item meant for soldiers of Italian ancestry fighting for the United States which we haven't offered since the mid-1990's.

Part Two includes two rare plaques of Boris Schatz, of the Bezalel School, one of Theodore Herzl the other of "The Scribe". Also being offered are medals commemorating both the 250th and 350th Anniversary of Jewish Settlement in the US as well as seldom offered medals of Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, one from the Berlin Jewish Community, Beth Israel Hospital, Max Liebermann, Anne Frank and others. Also in this section are Jewish contribution tokens, as well as those from Jewish Merchants in France, Shanghai and other locales. Many of the medals and tokens in this section are very scarce.

In addition are large size items sold by the IGCMC in very limited quantities including Marc Chagall's 12 tribes of Israel in a lighted display case, "sculpted" banknotes and "Spinning Gates" medals.

The paper section contains bonds, shares and a rare copy of Songs of the Ghetto by Morris Rosenfeld with illustrations by E. M. Lilien. Also being offered is a fantastic collection of 29 different vouchers from a Hungarian Orthodox Community as well as numerous paper tokens from Eretz-Israel cooperatives.

As usual our sale ends with Holocaust related memorabilia which includes a Litzmannstadt Ghetto ID and Work Card of a young girl. Space does not permit us to list any more highlights.



*1 philisto-arabian, gaza. 5th-4th century bc. ar drachm (3.79g). head of athena right/owl standing right, aoe to right, olive sprig to left. sng ans-6ff. fine, but grainy. struck in imitation of athenian coins. $75+

*2 ---,---4th century bc. ar obol (0.66g). head of athena right/owl standing right, aoe to right. sng ans-19. toned f/vf, bit off-center, thus the head of the owl and the tops of the letters are off the flan on the reverse. $100+

*3 ---.---ar obol (0.43g). head of athena right/owl standing right, aoe to right, something to left. sng ans-19. vg/vf. nice reverse. $100+

*4 yehud. hellenistic period. ptolemy i. 305-282 bc. ar 1/4 obol (0.15 g). diademed head of ptolemy i right/eagle w. wings spread, half turned left, stg on thunderbolt, yhdh in paleo-hebrew. h-438, tjc-438. fair/nice vf. toned. the reverse is a nice as one can expect, the obverse is as usually seen and struck from a worn die $450

*5 ---,---,---ar hemitartemorion or 1/8 obol (.10g). head of ptolemy i right/eagle, wings spread, just the very bottoms of letters visible to right of eagle. ajc-16a. avf. a decent example of this very tiny denomination. $250

*6 samaria, 4th century bc. (0.82g). facing female head (arethusa?)/bearded male head in athenian helmet looking left, on left, "shomron". h-442v, sc-80, coinage of samaria-79 (plate coin). vf. ex vecchi sale, spring 1997. $250+

*7 ---,---ar hemi-obol (0.27g). male head right with long hair/lion's head facing with open jaws and protruding tongue. sc-163. toned f+, bit grainy, minor flan chips. $150

*8 ---,---ar obol (0.69g). head of bearded satrap right, wearing persian tiara/ bearded male head right. sc-188 (same dies). toned vf. $350

*9 judah aristobulus. 104-103. ae prutah (2.39g). yehudah the high priest and the council of the jews"/double cornucopia, adorned with ribbons, pomegranate between them. h-465, ajc-ja. nice vf, rev. bit off-center. $100

*10 alexander jannaeus. 103-76 bc. ae prutah (2.47g). lily, yehonatan the king/ anchor, "of king alexander". h-467, ajc-a, tjc-n. vf. ex our auction 34c #37. also included in this lot is another prutah (2.05g) of jannaeus, this #469. anchor/star of 8 rays with letters between rays. vf, but a few weak areas. $125+

*11 ---,---ae heavy prutah (4.81g). anchor, of king alexander in greek/star of eight rays surrounded by diadem, between the rays yehonatan the king. h-469, ajc-ca6. choice vf+, sharp letters! very heavy for type, twice normal weight. see american journal of numis-matics #21, pages 108-109, this is heavier than any of the 523 prutahs surveyed! $400+

*12 mattathias antigonus. 40-37 bc. ae24 (13.75g). double cornucopia/ivy wreath. tjc-36, hen-481, ajc-u. fine, reverse off-center. $125+

*13 ---ae prutah (1.84g). cornucopia/retrograde legend. hen-483, ajc-y, tjc-40. gvf, legend off-center, but nice for this coin and with two extended "flan handles". this example is much nicer than usually seen. $150+?

*14 herod i, the great. 40-4 bc. ae 4 prutot (4.25g). crested helmet,2 cheek pieces flanked by date and monogram/macedonian type shield with decorated rim. hen-487, tjc-45, ajc-2. vf. very nice for issue. ex wmr-35b, #7. $200+

*15 ---,---ae 4 prutot (5.07g). similar, but scarce variety with one cheek piece visible. h-487, ajc-2, tjc-45b. nice vf. $350+

*16 ---,---ae pruta (1.25g). diadem. unpublished variety with inscription in 2 lines/ tripod table. tjc-53v, h-494, ajc-13v. f+. $150+

*17 ---,---ae prutah (0.96g) or perhaps lepton. inscription in two concentric circles, king herod/ large anchor within circle surrounded by row of y design or lily flowers. h-499, tjc-61v. gvf, rev. bit off-center. $275

*18 herod antipas. 4 bc- 39 ad. ae eighth denomination 11 mm, (1.27 g) upright reed, legend, date year 24 = 20 ad/ti bc in wreath. exceptional obverse, not much reverse. very rare denomination. h-511a, tjc-78. ef/g. $750

*19 ---,---ae half unit (6.27g) 20 mm. palm branch legend, year 37 = 33 ad/tibe piac in wreath. h-521, ajc-14, tjc-88. gf/vg. $700

*20 agrippa i. 37-44. ae prutah (2.91g). canopy with fringes/3 ears of barley, year 6. h-553, ajc-11. choice vf, centered with full legends. ex george fisher collection. george purchased this from bk in january of 1999. i believe bk in this case indicates brian kritt. an exceptionally nice coin. $150+

*21 ---,---(2.49g). umbrella-like canopy with fringes/3 ears of barley, year 6. h-553v, tjc-120h, ajc-11e. f-vf. obverse double struck! a neat error coin! $350

*22 agrippa ii, pre-royal coinage. 56-95 (41-54). ae 23 (13.37g) at paneas. laur. hd of claudius left ti clavdivs caesar avg pm tr ip p imp pp/antonia, britannicus & octavia (children of claudius), each holding cornucopia, their names written out. h-567, rpc-4842. numismatic legacy of the jews #208. nice fine. ex alan levin collection who purchased it from amphora who had it listed at $2200! very rare, missing from most "name" collections. $1000+

*23 ---under nero. 56-95 ad. meshorer plate coin. ae15 (3.55g) 1/2 denomination. bust of nero right, large x c/m for 10th legion in rectangle on nero's neck and ear/"in the time of king agrippa, (struck at) neronias" in 5 lines. caesarea paneas. scarce with countermark. h-583, tjc-131b (this coin). vf. $700

*24 ---under vespasian. 56-95 ad. ae25 (17.60g). bust of vespasian right/nike standing left, crescent. struck year 26 = 86/87 ad. h-610, ajc-30a. avf. this coin has an impressive pedigree: we sold this to george fisher in may of 1999. it is from the rev. james theselius collection who purchased it from amphora. $175+

*25 ---under domitian. 56-95 ce. ae22 (3.82g). head of domitian right/large sc surrounded by inscription and date. (year 26 = 86/87 ad). h-616, ajc-36, tjc-164. gd very fine on oval flan, reverse a bit off-center. attractive portrait. $140

*26 ---,---56-95. ae19 (6.55g). laur. head of domitian right/nike right inscribing shield, year 26, 86/87 ad. tjc-165, h-617, ajc-37. choice vf. ex r. ellenbogen collection. $150

*27 antonius felix, procurator under claudius. 52-59. ae prutah (2.36g). legend within wreath, julia agrippina (she was the wife of claudius)/incused legend from obverse. brockage! h-651v, ajc-33, tjc-342g. nice vf. much nicer than meshorer plate coin. $375

*28 porcius festus, procurator under nero. 59-62. ae prutah (1.71g). legend in wreath, some retrograde letters/palm branch surrounded by date and legend, some retrograde letters. h-653v, tjc-345m. nice vf. $225

*29 ---,---ae prutah (2.25g). 3 line legend in wreath, nep/wno/c (nero)/incuse of obverse. (brockage!). h-653v, ajc-35q, tjc-345p. vf. $250

*30 1st century ad? fragment of 10th legion "jerusalem'" wall. irregular shaped c. 6 x 4 1/2 x 1/2". interesting. ex glenn schinke $75+

*31 jewish war (first revolt). 66-70, year 2. ar shekel (14.32g). omer cup, "shekel of israel, year two"/3 pomegranates on stem, jerusalem the holy. h-659, ajc-8, tjc-193. toned ef+. very attractive. from an old new england collection. $4000

*32 ---,---ae prutah (1.95g). amphora, "year 2"/vine leaf, the freedom of zion. h-661. nice avf on a short flan. centered with very attractive green toning. $50+

*33 ---,---66-70, year 3. ae prutah (2.99g). amphora with rim, lid & 2 handles, year 3/vine leaf with small branch and tendril, the freedom of zion. h-664, m-20, tjc-204. avf. year three prutahs are far scacer than year twos. $175

Please ensure that your bids arrive before the closing date

*34 ---,---66-70, year 4. ae 1/4 shekel (8.24g). etrog, to the redemption of zion/2 lulavs, year four quarter. very nice example of this rare coin. hen-669, tjc-213, ajc-29. gd fine, dusty brown patina. very rare and very attractive! $3000+

*35 ---,---ae 1/8 shekel (5.01g). chalice with pearled rim, "to the redemption of zion"/lulav flanked by etrog on either side, "year four". h-670, ajc-30a, tjc-214a. nice vf, but small flaw from striking. $350

*36 ------ae 1/8 shekel (6.67g) similar. h-670v, as tjc-241c, ajc-30c but different die. decent fine for this crudely struck variant and much heavier than most seen. well centered $200+

*37 bar kochba revolt. 132-135, year one. ae middle bronze (21mm, 9.50g). palm tree, "sma"/vine leaf, "year one of the redemption of israel". h-679, mild-47. nice vf. this is the nicest specimen i can recall offering! $600+

*38 ---.---year 1. ae middle bronze (6.80g). palm branch in wreath, "shimon prince of israel"/lyre of 6 strings, "year 1 of the redemption of israel". h-680, m-23, t-223a. f/vf, dark green patina. the only mildenberg variety with 6 strings. $400+

*39 ---,---year 1 & 2 (hybrid). ar zuz (3.27g) or denarius. "sma" or "shim" in 3 letters topped by medallion/one-handed jug, palm branch to right, "eleazar the priest". h-685, mild-3, tjc-234a. nice ef. the name eleazar only appears on a sela, a small bronze of year one and this hybrid coin (the only zuz or denarius). extremely rare and important hybrid issue, only 2nd we've ever offered. $5500+

*40 ---,---year two. middle bronze (9.90g). vine leaf/palm tree. mild-58, hen-708. head of emperor visible on palm tree side. we can see the back of the head and the chin of (perhaps) vespasian. nice vf. scarce. it's fairly common to see the undercoin on the silver coins of the bar kochba revolt, but rare on bronze coins. $450+

*41 ---,---year two. middle bronze (6.36g). vine leaf/palm tree. mild-74, hen-708. nice vf, well centered and well struck. a very nice coin. $250+

*42 ---,---year 2. ae middle bronze (12.46g). palm tree, "shimon"/vine leaf, "year two of the freedom of israel." overstruck, head of vespasian is clear to right of vine leaf. tjc-260a, h-708, mild-78. f-vf. $350+

*43 ---,---year two. medium bronze (10.24g). palm tree, "shimon"/vine leaf, "year two of the freedom of israel". mild-82, tjc-260, h-708. vf. $300

*44 ---,---middle bronze (9.61g). vine leaf/palm tree. crude, irregular type. nicer than mild plate coin. as mild-173. vf. $400

*45 ---,---attributed to year 3. ar sela (13.21g). facade of temple with ark and scrolls, star above, "shimon" on two sides/lulav with etrog, "for the freedom of jerusalem". h-711, mild-59, tjc-267v. vf. struck from very late stages of die, thus die cracks visible. $3500

*46 ---,---undated, attributed to 3rd year. ar sela or tetradrachm (14.48g). temple with ark & scrolls viewed from the end, star above, simon on 2 sides/lulav with etrog at left, "for the freedom of jerusalem". hen-711, mild-80. ef, slightly off-center on reverse. exceptionally nice. rare. we can find no record of this mildenberg type in recently. $4000+

*47 ---,---attributed to year 3. ar zuz (2.88g) or denarius. "shimon" within wreath/ palm branch. traces of undercoin legend visible on both sides. h-715, mild-103 (only 4 cited). vf. $650+

*48 ---,---attributed to year 3. ar denarius (3.11g). "shimon" within wreath/3 string lyre, "for the freedom of jerusalem". h-723, mild-96. gd vf. $650+

*49 ---,---attributed to year 3. ar zuz (2.97g) or denarius. bunch of grapes, "shimon"/jug, palm branch at r., handle at l. h-732, mild-156, tjc-285. vf-ef. $750+

*50 ---,---attributed to year 3. middle bronze (8.40g). vine leaf/palm tree. mild-74, hen-736. nice vf. our attribution to mild-74 is an educated guess. mildenberg's plate coin is poorly struck, while this is a superior example. $300+?

*51 ---,---attributed to year 3. middle bronze (9.41g). palm tree/vine leaf/clear view of undercoin, (perhaps vespasian on an ascalon coin?). mild-111, h-736. nice vf. $500+

*52 ---,---attributed to year three middle bronze (12.36g). vine leaf/palm tree. h-736, mild-137. avf/vf, attractive green patina. $200+

*53 ---,---attributed to year 3. middle bronze (8.62g). vine leaf/palm tree. mild-, hen-736. vf. obverse is mildenberg #8, reverse seems to be unpublished. $275

*54 ---,---attributed to year 3. ae small bronze (4.12g). palm tree, "shimon"/bunch of grapes, "for the freedom of jerusalem". h-739, mild-158. f-vf, green-brown patina. $125+

*55 fifth and tenth roman legions. ae 22, (12.22g), nero, 54-68 ad. head of nero right, with lvs and xf countermarks. rx: shape of seated agrippina ii. coin: hendin 579, rpc 4860. countermarks: hendin, pp. 336-41. coin worn, countermarks vf. this presumably unique coin countermarked by both the fifth (lvs) and tenth (xf) roman legions was published by stephen gerson, "a coin countermarked by two roman legions", israel numismatic journal 16, 2007-08, pp. 100-102. he concluded that "given their extended contiguous relationship, it is plausible that dual countermarking was done to support and recognize some merger of their administration, as well as a joint military mission and identity". $1250+?

*56 tenth roman legion. domitian, 81-96 ad. ae 27-29, (12.93g), (this coin struck 92 ad). radiate bust right; countermark of laureate head in oval (howgego 119) on his neck, and lxf in rectangle (howgego 733) at 3 to 4 o'clock near edge/palm tree of seven branches with two bunches of dates. coin: hen-746, rpc 2307. countermarks: tjc-394a, 394c. meshorer cites examples of both countermarks on separate coins, but not together as on this example. dark green patina. coin and both countermarks are vf. $1000+

*57 judaea capta. titus. 79-81. ae19 (8.01g). laureate head of titus right, greek legend around/nike stands r., with l. foot on helmet, writing on shield which hands from palm tree, legend around. h-743, tjc-381, ajc-2. ch vf. $175

*58 ---,---ae23 (11.61g). laureate head of titus right, rectangular c/m of emperor on neck right/judaea sits to left of trophy mourning, hands tied behind back, shield to right of trophy. h-745v, tjc-384b, ajc-5b. coin af, c/m f-vf. $225

*59 ---domitian. 81-96. ae18 (5.75g) of caesarea. laureate bust right/nike adv left, holding wreath in r. hand, trophy in left. "caes avg", legend not caesar. h-750v, tjc-393v. vf. ex george fisher collection via antioch in july of 2003. $100+

*60 ---,---ae19.5 (6.46g). laureate head of domitian right, imp domit avg germ/trophy. victor avg. h-751, ajc-5, tjc-390. nice vf, dusty green-brown patina. much nicer than most seen. $350+

*61 ---,---ae 24, (12.27g). judaea, c. 81-82. head of domitian laureate right, with features of vespasian as frequently seen in this issue; on back of neck oblong countermark of victory standing left holding wreath and palm/victory advancing left holding wreath and palm. a rare judaea capta bronze of domitian, known to rpc in only three specimens, with an apparently unpublished countermark. hendin 752, tjc-388, ajc-3. rpc 2302 (two specimens, a third recorded in the online supplement 2, none of these with countermark). coin good or so, countermark is vf. this coin, with or without countermarks, is exceedingly rare and i cannot recall ever offering this before! $375+


*62 aelia capitolina in judaea. antoninius pius 138-161. ae24 (13.44g). laur. bust r, impantoni no avg ppp/ dionysus stg nude, resting on thyrsos, panther at feet, colae lia cap. larger and heavier than most seen. m-24, ros-16. vf. ex alan levin collection via goldberg sale of may 1999. $300+

*63 ---,---ae22 (10.32g). bust right/bust of sarapis right/co ae cap. m-28, ros-12. fine+. ex james theselius collection. $100+

*64 ---macrinus. 217-281. ae20 (6.50g). laureate bearded bust of macrinus right/ bust of sarapis right. mesh-104, ros-56. vf. all aelia coins of macrinus are exceedingly rare with the exception of the bi tetradrachms and those are very scarce. we can find no record of offering this coin before and can only recall one other coin of macrinus we've had in at least 15 years and that was a bi tetradrachm! $650

*65 ---herennius etruscus. as augustus. 251 ad. ae27 (11.92g). radiate bust right, legend begins chq which is same as sng ans-631/lxf on banner of vexillum, below 2 bars, below that eagle w. closed wings holding 2 arrows (?) in beak & below that a boar. mesh-169v (diff obv legend). fine. rare. this is the first coin of etruscus from aelia capitolina that i can recall offering either via auction or fixed price list! $650

*66 dium in arabia petraea. caracalla. 198-217. ae23 (12.04g). laureate beardless bust right/hexa-style temple, with pediment, eagle inside the central arch, and burning altar in center, year 271. ros-3, sp-3. vf. $175+

*67 marisa in judaea, gabinus. 1st cent. bc. ae19 (5.15g). male head (gabinus?) right/palm branch. extremely rare city. h-874a, qedar-13. fine. $475

*68 neapolis in samaria, marcus aurelius. 161-180. ae25 (10.57g). draped bust right/cult statue of artemis between two stags, year 88 = 159/160 ad. ros-15, ans-969. avf, nice green patina. $200

*69 ---commodus as caesar. 166-177. ae16 (3.67g). bare head draped bust right/ horse with foreleg raised, standing right. unpublished and rare. see gemini vi, #721 @ $322. sim to r-23 obv. fine. $240

*70 ---caracalla. 198-217. bi tetradrachm (14.80g). laureate head of caracalla right/eagle, head l., wings spread, altar between legs. bell-341, price-1701 sim. ch. vf. $450+

*71 ---philip senior. 244-249. ae26 (11.91g). radiate bust right/mt. gerizim, supported by eagle with head right, standing with spread wings, colivil neapol. bmc-117, ros-85. ch. vf. reverse legend is full which is not the case in the two cited examples. $500+

*72 nysa-scythopolis (bet shean) in samaria. nero 54-68. ae19 (6.28g). bust of dionysos left wearing ivy wreath/shield & two spears, surrounded by wreath of corn. l p = 130 - 66/67 and start of jewish war. ros-10, barkay-13. ch. vf. $350

*73 panias (caesarea) in syria: trachnitis. time of marcus. aurelius. ae10 (0.99g). bust of pan left/syrinx (pipes of pan). rosenberger attributed this to time of domitian, meshorer to marcus aurelius which is now the more accepted attribution. mesh-185, ros-8. good fine and rare. $475

*74 ---plautilla. wife of caracalla. ae21 (10.83g). bust right/pan, stg nude & playing flute, tree-trunk on his right. inj- vol-8, #27a. vf. a very rare and seldom seen coin. $400

*75 petra in arabia petraea. hadrian. 117-138. ae25 (11.64g). laureate bust right, k-o to either side/tyche, wearing turreted crown, seated l. on rock, holding trophy, letters to either side. year 29 = 134/135 ad. sp-5, ros-5. nice vf. unusually nice portrait.$200+

*76 philadelphia in arabia petraea. hadrian. 117-138. ae17 (3.70g). laureate bust right/bust of demeter right, holding 3 ears of corn. ros-16, sp-15, mesh-259. f/vf. very scarce type and 1st i can recall having! $275

*77 sebaste in samaria, commodus. 177-192 (191/192). ae19 (4.29g). bearded laureate bust right/cysta mystica surrounded by 2 snakes, lcis = 216 = 191/192. ros-16, mesh-115. gd vf. this coin is associated with the cult of the underworld! $400

*78 ---elagabalus. 218-222. ae21 (7.30g). laureate bust right/sphinx seated left, placing right front paw on wheel, sebast(e). rosenberger's example is labeled "unpublished-important numismatics" and is larger than this with a different spelling of the city name. unpublished, cf. ros-18. gd fine & rare. $300+

*79 sepphoris in galilaea, trajan. 98-117. ae17 (4.26g). laureate bust right/ large caduceus tied with bow. ros-5, h-908. vf. uncommon type, the first we've offered via auction in six years. this is nicer than one we sold for $150 in our sale 30f in november of 2000! $175

*80 tiberias in galilaea, trajan. ae18 (6.75g). bust right/palm branch between 2 interlocked cornucopiae, year 90 = 108/109 ad. ros-9, bmc-17, h-913. nice vf.$175

ANCIENT GREEK COINS   (back to top)

*81 spain. beligiom, belchite (zaragoza). 2nd-1st century bc. ae24 (10.02g). beardless male head right, iberian letter "k" behind/horseman galloping right holding spear, legend below. burgos (1987)-166, new 394. ch. vf. $375

*82 ---sebobriga. 2nd-1st century bc. ar drachm (3.89g). beardless male head right, crescent behind, m beneath/horseman galloping right holding spear, large legend below. sg-38, burgos-1709. nice vf. $225

*83 campania. phistelia. 380-350 bc. ar obol (0.54g). facing head/barley-corn between dolphin and shell. sg-316. vf+. very attractive little silver coin. $125

*84 bruttium. kroton. 5th-4th century bc. ar stater (7.53g). eagle with wings spreads standing left on laurel branch/tripod, stork on right, stg left. sng cop-1797. f+/f. $225+

*85 macedon kingdom. alexander iii, the great. 336-323. ar tetradrachm of akko (17.04g). head of hercules with lion's skin right/zeus seated left, holding eagle and scepter, aramaic date to left, year 30. c. 317-316 bc). pr-3292, hen-401. vf, obv slighty off-center (as most are) with bankers mark on reverse. scarce holy land mint. $450

*86 ---,---,---ar tetradrachm of sidon (16.89g). head of hercules with lion's skin right/zeus seated left, holding eagle and scepter, p (?) to left, monogram under throne. price-3502. f-vf, obverse off center. $300+

*87 macedonia under the romans. 158-150 bc. ar tetradrachm (14.02g). head of artemis right, quiver at shoulder, all in center of macedon shield/club, legends and monograms all within oak wreath. sng cop 1315. vf, obverse a bit off-center. $150+

*88 thrace. lysimachos. 323-281 bc (288-281). ar tetradrachm (16.32g) of amphipolis. head of alexander the great right/athena seated left, holding nike and resting arm on shield, caduceus in front, monogram behind. sg-6815. vf, tooled, metal peeling, but decent portrait. $375

*89 thracian islands. thasos. 6th century bc. ar trihemiobol (0.99g). archaic satyr squatting right/incuse. bmc tentatively attributed this to lete. sg-1301, bmc-26. toned vf. $160+

*90 ---,---525-463 bc. ar stater (9.10g). ithyphallic satry ravishing nymph/incuse square. sng cop-1008, sg-1357. toned avf. $400+

*91 phokaia. phokis. 48-421 bc. ar hemidrachm (2.85g). facing head of bull/ head of artemis in shallow incuse square right. bmc-31, sg-2348. toned vf/f, light porosity. $200+

*92 boeotia, thebes. 395-338 bc. ar stater (12.15g). boeatian shield, /it-oi either side of amphora. bcd-523, sg-2395ff. nice vf. $475

*92a ---,---379-371 bc. ar hemidrachm (2.44g). boeotian shield/letters either side of kantharos, thunderbolt above. sg-2395ff. toned fine. $135 [image]

*93 ---,---379-371 bc. ar hemidrachm (2.45g). boeotian shield/bo - i either side of kantharos, club above, object to right all in incuse square. sg-2396ff. f, obverse off-center, porous. $120

*94 attica, athens. 479-403 bc. ar triobol or hemi-drachm. (2.03g). helmeted head of athena right, helmet adorned with olives leaves & flora scroll/owl facing, wings closed, standing between olive sprays. sng cop 46-47. fine, oval flan. scarce. $250+

*95 aigina. 510-490 bc. ar stater (12.34g). turtle/incuse square. nice example. 1st locale in europe to issue coins. sg-1853. avf. $425+

*96 mysia. cyzicus. 5th century bc. ar obol (0.93g). forepart of boar l., tunny fish behind/lion's head with open jaws in incuse square. bmc-15, 112ff, sng berry-943. ch vf. $150

*96a lydia. tralleis. after 133 bc (year 4, 130 bc). ar cistophoric tetradrachm (12.68g). cystia mystica containing serpent, all within ivy-wreath/2 serpents coiled around around bow-case, dionysos stg r, leaning on thyrsos and holding mask of silenos. sg-4750ff, bmc-46ff. vf. $325 [image]

*97 caria. rhodos. 394-304 bc. ar didrachm (6.71g). head of helios facing slightly to right/rose with bud on stem to right/bunch of grapes and e to left, above, all in incuse square. sng cop-728, sg-5037. af. $240+

*98 ---,---after 304 bc. ar didrachm (6.71g). head of helios facing slight to right/ rose with bud on stem to left. toned vf. $300+

*99 ---,---c.166-88 bc. ar hemidrachm (1.53g). radiate head of helios facing slightly to the right/rose with bud on right, cornucopia at left, legend above. bmc-303. nice vf.$250

*100 lycia. masikytes, lycian league. 1st century bc. ar hemidrachm (.86g). head of artemis right/quiver, letters in 4 corners, torch to left , all in shallow incuse. troxell-132, sg-5299. gvf, obv. a touch off-center. $120

*101 phoenicia. tyre. 380-332 bc. ar attic didrachm or stater (8.62g). melqarth, holding reins and bow, riding hippocamp right over double line of waves; below, dolphin right/ owl standing right, crook and flail over left shoulder; date to right, year 34. bmc-39, sg-5914ff. toned f/vf. $400

*102 ---,---after 126 bc (17-16 bc). ar shekel (13.53g). head of melqarth right/ eagle standing on thunderbolot, club & pi (110) to left, monogram to r., but no kp. this is the last date that bmc lists without the kp mintmark. prieur states that this date comes with and without the kp. rare date and the latest we've seen without the kp mark. bmc-187, h-917, pr-1392v. toned vf, well centered. $750+

*103 seleukid kings, antiochos iv epiphanes. 175-164 bc. ae21 (7.06g). radiate head of antiochos iv right/stern of galley left. quasi-municipal issue of tyre. hoover-668, spaer-1092. f/gf, nice green patina. $50?

*104 ---antiochus vii euergetes (sidetes) 138-129 bc. ar tetradrachm (16.46g) of antioch. bust right/athena stg left hldg nike & spear, hand on shield. a to left, monogram above. sma-282, sng israel - 1855-57. vf. $300+

*105 persia, achaemenid empire, under darius i of persia. c. 510-486 bc. ar siglos (5.49g). half-length figure of great king holding bow and arrows/oblong punch, with a couple of banker's marks. sg-3425. a superior example of this early coin! $300+

*106 ---,---xerxes ii to artaxerxes ii. c. 420-375 bc. ar siglos (5.52g). kneeling king holding dagger and bow/incuse punch. sg-4683v. nice vf. $75+

*107 parthia. gotarzes i. 95-87 bc. ar drachm (3.92g). bust left w. medium beard wearing tiara with horn in center, stags on top, earring visible/archer seated right on throne holding bow, legend around. rhagae mint. sell-33.5, sh-116v, macw-543. vf. $125+

*108 ---volgases vi. 208-228. bi tetradrachm (13.32g). bust of king left with long tapered beard, "b" behind head/king seated left on throne, tyche standing right before him, giving him diadem, letters above. sell-88.13, shore-454v. choice vf+/f. $135+

*109 sassanian empire. shapur i. 241-270. ar drachm (3.82g). head right with headdress and earflaps/fire altar with two attendants. much nicer than usually seen. mitchner 811-819. gvf. $140+

*110 ---khurso ii. 591-628 ar drachm (4.06g). winged bust of king right, stars in crescents around double ring around bust/fire altar and attendants, stars in crescents around triple ring. nicely toned ef. very attractive, well struck. $75+

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*111 hephthalites. white huns, napki malik. c. 500 ad. ae drachm (3.85g). bare head bust right with "brahmi" legend/fire altar and attendants. macw-1510ff. gvf, nice green patina. $85+

*112 ---,---,---c. 500 ad. ae drachm (3.31g). bare head bust right with "brahmi" legend/fire altar and attendants. mitch-1537. ef. $100+

*113 numidia. juba i. 60-46 bc. ar denarius (3.73g). bust right with pointed beard and curly hair, scepter at shoulder, rex (juba) in front/octastyle temple, neo-punic legend. sg-6607, sng cop-523. vf, rev. punch marks. father of juba ii of maruitania. $140+

*114 mauritania. juba ii. 25 bc -23 ad. ar denarius (2.74g). diademed head of king right, rex juba all in dotted border/cornucopia and scepter, but scepter at much less of an angle than usual. sgi-5981, sng cop-579ff. gvf, flat area on obv. son of juba i of numidia. $225


Also See Lots 64-80

*115 ionia. smyrna. gordian to valerian. mid 3rd cent. ad. ae26 (8.83g). head of senate right/homonoia standing left holding patera and cornucopia in border of dots. bmc-14, 247. cop-1326. fine. $75

116 Pamphylia, Perga. Salonina, wife of Gallienus. AE29 (14.09g). Zeus enthroned right, holding scepter and patera. SGI-4675, Von Aul-4744. Also an AE30 (18.04g), Tyche standing left holding cornucopia. 2 large colonial coins, both Fine or so, but rough. $65+?

*117 syria. seleucis & pierea, antioch ad orontem trajan decius. 249-251. ae tetradrachm (9.72g). laureate bust right, 3 pellets under bust/eagle standing left on club. prieur-572a. f-vf. $75+

*118 ---,---herennius etruscus 251 ad. bi tetradrachm (12.41g). barehead and draped bust right/eagle stg. & facing, hd right, wreath in beak/sc below. bmc-615, vagi-2212. vf. attractive. $100+

*119 phoenicia. tyre, gallienus. 253-268. ae27 (16.73g). radiate bust of gallienus right wearing paludamentum and cuirass/temple of astarte with six columns, astarte standing in center, palm-tree, flaming altar & shell in ex. bmc-26, 476. gf/vf. rare rev type. $400

*120 roman egypt, alexandria, hadrian. 117-138. bi tetradrachm (11.37g). laureate bust right/nilus reclining left on crocodile holding reed and cornucopia. cop-371, c-459, e-876. nice vf. $150

*121 ---,---,---ae drachm (24.69g). bust laureate, draped, cuirassed right/ alexandria, wearing elephant-skin headdress, steps right towards the emperor, grasps and kisses his right hand, and holds wheat ears and poppy in her left hand; l - i e in left and middle field. commemorates hadrian's arrival in egypt in 130 ad. emm-964, dat-1610. gvf. rare reverse type. $700+

*122 ---,---,---ae dichalkon (12mm, 0.97g). laureate bust right, drapery on left shoulder/eight-pointed star, date (lia = year 11) within rays, 126-127 ad. emm-1204 (r3), milne-1252. gf/vf, somewhat ragged flan. nicely centered. $240

*123 ---,---maximus caesar. 235-238, year 3. ae tetradrachm (12.73g). bust right/ bust of zeus ammon right. m-3246, emm-3339. unlisted by curtis, koln and bmc. vf, obv. porous. scarce. $200

*124 ---gallienus. 253-269. ae drachm (11.48g). laureate bust right/eagle standing left, head turned back. lib = year 12. milne-4112, e-3842, koln-2926. avf, bit rough. an extraordinarily rare coin. seldom offered. $1250+

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ANCIENT ROMAN COINS   (back to top)

*125 republic. l. julius bursio. 85 bc. ar denarius (3.98g). bust of young male deity right with attributes of apollo (wreath), mercury (winged head) & neptune (trident), control mark behind/victory in quadriga right, numbers above, l ivli bvrsio in ex. sr-268. toned vf. unusual type. $140

*126 ---p. sulpicius galba. 69 bc. ar denarius (3.41g). veiled head of vesta right sc behind. marks in front of head/knife, simpulum and axe, ae to left c(vr) to right, p. galb in exergue. sr-345, sulpicia-7. f-vf, bit porous. $100+

*127 ---m. aemilius scarus & p. plautius. hypsaeus. c. 58 bc. ar denarius (3.99g). king aretas kneeling r. beside camel, presenting olive branch, rex aretas in ex./jupiter in qudriga l., brandishing thunderbolt, scorpion below horses, legends above, to right and in ex. sr-379, hen-740v, aemila-8. avf. $140+

*128 octavian (later augustus). c. 36 bc. ar denarius (3.78g). bare head right/ temple of divus julius caesar. sr-1545, rsc-90, cx-540/2. vg, bankers marks. $400

*129 tiberius. 14-37 ad. ar denarius (3.62g). laureate head right./livia, as pax seated right in ornate chair, holding scepter & branch. sr-1763, h-916, ric-26. vf. the coin most refer to as the biblical tribute penny. $400+

*130 nero. 54-68 ad ar denarius (2.92g). laureate bust right/jupiter seated left, holding thunderbolt and scepter. sr-1943, ric-69, rsc-67. fine on a somewhat tight flan.$200+

*131 galba. 68-69 ad. ar denarius (3.25g). bare head right/spqr ob cs in 3 lines in oak wreath. sr-2109, ric-167, rsc-287. avf, nice portrait, good metal & centered! $385+

*132 vitellius. jan-dec. 69 ad. ar denarius (3.02g). laureate head right/ tripod with dolphin above, raven below. sr-2201, rsc-111, ric-109. vg. low grade but rare. denari of vitellius are by their nature scarce; we believe that this type is even more so. this is only the 2nd we've offered via auction (and 3rd overall) in at least 15 years! $175+?

*133 vespasian. 69-79. ar denarius (2.92g). laureate bust right/mourning jewish captive seated right below trophy, ivdaea in ex. h-759, sr-2296, ric-15. f-vf, some scratches. $125+

*134 ---ae sestertius (24.75g). laureate bust right/ivdaea -capta sc palm tree, on l., bearded jew standing r., wearing chlamys, his hands bound behind his back; behind him, shields and spears; on r., mourning jewess (judaea), veiled, seated r. on cuirass, propping her head on her l. hand, with her r. hand she holds round shield, another one in front of her. cohen-232. bmc-490. sr-2325, ric-424, hen-773. gd very fine, some patina flaking. rare. $2000?

*135 ---ar denarius (3.28g). laur. bust right/vesta standing left holding simpulum and scepter. sr-2316, ric-50. vf. also included in this lot is an antoninianus of gordian iii (pax) & probus (victory & captives) and a base kushan stater. 4 pcs, vf or better. $100+

*136 nerva. 96-98. ar denarius (3.21g). laureate bust right/fortuna seated left holding corn-ears and scepter. sr-3026, ric-17. avf, deposits on obv. $85

*137 sabina, wife of hadrian. died 137 ad. ar denarius (2.72g). draped bust right/juno stg left, hldg patera & scepter. sr-3921, rsc-43. lightly toned vf+. nice coin! $400

*138 ---ae sestertius (26.00g). draped bust right/vesta seated left holding palladium and scepter. sr-3942, ric-1036. fine/vg. decent portrait, well centered. $100?

*139 antoninus pius. 138-161. ar denarius (3.40g). laureate bust right/ annona standing left, holding corn-ears and anchor, modius at feet to left. sr-175v (tr p xii), ric-175, rsc-284. vf/f, softly struck on reverse, nice portrait. $175

*140 divus antoninus pius. issued by. marcus aurelius & lucius verus. 161 ad. ar denarius (3.07g). bare head right/eagle stg. right on altar, head left, wings open. sr-5192, ric-430-31, c-155/6. vf. $75

*141 faustina, jr. wife of marcus aurelius. ae sestertius (23.37g). bust right with circlet of pearls/ivno sc juno standing left with patera and scepter, peacock at feet to left. ric-1645, similar to sr-5276 but different obverse bust. fine $75

*142 ---ae sestertius (24.02g). diadem bust right/reverse similar to above but longer legend ivnoni reginae sc. ric-152, sr-5278. bold f-vf, ex christian blom. $75

143 Faustinas. Group of 3 Sestertii. Faustina Sr. Ceres standing VG, heavily tooled; Faustina Jr, Juno standing SR-5278, RIC-1651 Fine and Salus seated left SR-5283 VG-F. 3 coin lot. $100+

*144 lucilla. wife of lucius verus. executed 182 ad. ar denarius (3.58g). draped bust right/concordia seated left with patera and resting l. arm on statuette of spes. sr-5479, ric-758a. vf. $175+

145 ---AE Sestertius (23.54g). Draped bust right/Pietas standing beside altar, right hand extended over altar and let hand holding incense box. SR-5505, RIC-1756. F/VG, green patina, reverse rough, patina peeling, but decent obverse portrait. $75?

*146 crispina, wife of commodus. (probably died 182/183 ad). ae sestertus (18,63g). draped bust of crispina right/venus seated left holding victory and scepter. sr-6011, ric-673. af, legends a bit weak but devices clear, especially the portrait which is strong.$85+

*147 clodius albinus. (193-195). this struck as caesar, 195-196. ar denarius (2.59g). bare head right. very nice portrait/minerva stg l., hldg olive barnch & resting on shield. sr-6144. f/af, but somewhat porous. $200

*148 caracalla. 198-217. ar denarius (2.95g). youthful laureate draped bust/ minerva standing left, holding victory in right hand, spear in left; shield at feet, trophy behind. ric-25b, rsc-159a. toned vf, irreg. flan. uncommon reverse, appealing portrait. $100?

*149 plautilla, wife of caracalla. died 211 ad. ar denarius (3.23g). draped bust right/ pietas standing holding scepter and child. sr-7072, ric-367. ch. vf, small flan cut. $120+

*150 geta 209-211, as caesar 198-209. ar denarius (3.80g). bare-head of geta as a boy right/mars advancing right carrying spear and trophy. sr-7179, ric-103, c-76. decent vf, nice portrait! $100+

*151 ---,---ar denarius (3.17g). bare head bust of young man right/nobilitas holding scepter and palladium right. sr-7184, ric-13a, c-90a. nice vf. $75+

*152 julia maesa, grandmother of elagabalus & severus alexander. ar denarius (2.80g). her bust right/pudicitia seated left, holding veil w. right hand and holding scepter in left. sr-7756. gvf, nice portrait. light touch of porosity on reverse. $75

*153 severus alexander. 222-235. ar denarius (2.93g). laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right/mars standing left holding olive-branch & spear. sr-7885, ric-290, rsc-181. nice ef, a few weak spots in obv. legend. very attractive portrait. $100

*154 julia mamaea, mother of severus alexander. ae sestertius (18.80g). her diademed and draped bust right/venus enthroned left, holding cupid and scepter. sr-8233, ric-701. f+, fields a tad rough, but very nice portrait. $75?

*155 ---,---ae sestertius (23.83g). diademed and draped bust right/vesta standing left holding patera and scepter. sr-8237, ric-710. vf/f, nice portrait. $75+

156 Otacilia Severa, wife of Philip I. AE Sestertius (16.80g). Diademed and draped bust right/Pietas standing left, right hand raised and holding box of incense in left. SR-9168, RIC-208a. F/VG. Decent portrait. $50+

157 ---Group of 3 Sestertius. Concordia seated left Pudicitia seated left, Pietas standing left. VG or so. $75+?

*158 herennia etruscilla, wife of trajan decius. ar antoninianus (3.74g). diademed & draped bust right/pudicitia standing left, drawing veil from face and holding scepter. sr-9494, ric-58b. ch vf/f+. strong obverse strike, weakly struck on rev. $60+

*159 ---ae sestertius (14.04g). her diademed and draped bust right/fecunditas standing left, right hand extended out to child standing at her feet, holding cornucopia in left hand. sr-9504, ric-134 (rare). vf, somewhat short and square flan which is how her coins are almost always found. the usual reverse for her sestertii is with pudicitia seated left, this is a much scarcer type! $125+

*160 mariniana, presumably wife of valerian and mother of gallienus. ae sestertius (12.29g). draped bust right/peacock standing, tail in splendor, head right. sr-10073v, c-7. vg, scratches in field. very scarce. $225+

*161 postumus. 260-269. silvered antoninianus (3.83g). radiate bust right/pax standing left, holding olive-branch and transverse scepter. cologne 265-268. sr-10967, ric-318. ef. $75

*162 ---silvered antoninianus (4.17g). radiate bust right/postumus, in military attire, standing right holding globe & spear. cologne 265-268 ad. sr-10983, ric-325. nice ef. $85

*163 numerian. 283-284. ae antoninianus (3.72g) of cyzicus. radiate bust right/ numerian standing right receiving victory on globe from jupiter stg left. e between them, xxi in ex. sr-12243, ric-463. choice vf. $90

*164 constantius i 305-306, this as caesar 302-303. ae follis (9.94g) of rome. laureate bust right/moneta stg. left, hldg scales and cornucopia, star to right, rt in ex. ric-vi, 104a. vf+, a few flat areas. $50+

*165 galerius. 305-311 (311). ae follis (5.66g) of antioch. laureate bust right/ genius stag left, holding cornucopia and small bust, anti in ex, star to left, e over delta at right. ric-162b, sr-3718ff. ch. brown ef. $75+

*166 severus ii. 306-307. ae denarius or 1/4 follis (1.72g) of siscia. laur. head right/ genuis standing left,/sis in ex. sr-3740, ric-170a. fine. scarce $75+

*167 maximinus ii. 309-313 as caesar. ae follis (6.43g). laureate bust right/ genius stg. l, modius on head, chlamys over shoulder holding patera and cornucopia. sr-3753v, ric-vi, 55. vf+ $60+

*168 constantine i, the great. 307-337 ad (late 327 ad). ae follis (2.44g) of constantinople. rosette-diademed head right, gazing heavenwards/victory seated left on cippus, palm branch in each hand, looking right; trophy in front, at the foot of which is kneeling captive with turned head; constantini-ana dafne; s/cons in ex. ric-7, 32. see speck & huston. nice vf. this is probably the first explicitly christian coin. $100

*169 constantinopolis, commemorative. 330-346. ae 3-4 (16 mm, 1.42g) of arles. helmeted bust of constantinopolis left wearing imperial mantle / victory standing left, foot on prow, holding scepter and leaning on shield, chi rho to left, pconst" in ex. sr-3890 (type), ric-vii, 401 (r3). vf, nice green patina. rare with the chi rho symbol. $100+

*170 delmatius, caesar 335-337. ae 3/4 (17 mm, 1.63g) of siscia. laureate bust right/2 soldiers standing either side of standard, sis in ex. ric-7, 256, sr-3931v. gvf, a tad rough. scarce. $100+

*171 constantius ii. 337-361. ae centenionalis (3.23g) of aquileia. bust right, /emp., holding standard with chi-rho, two captives in front. scarce w chi-rho & vf. dramatic double strike! $100?

*172 valentinian i. 364-375. ae3 (2.31g) of siscia. bust right/emperor right, holding chi-rho on labarum, dragging captive, *asisc in ex., b to right. sr-4102v, ric-9, 14a. aef. $50+

*173 valens. 364-378. ar siliqua (1.71g). bust right vot/x/mvlt/xx in four lines within wreath; ant in ex. ric-9, 34. choice ef, obv. flan crack. perfectly centered, extraordinary portrait! $475

*174 gratian. 367-383 ad. ae4 (1.71g) of aquileia. bust right/vot/x/mvlt/x in 4 lines in wreath, smaqs in ex. ric-9, 36a. gvf. $75

*175 magnus maximus. 383-388. ae2 (4.38g) of arelate. bust right/maximus standing left raising kneeling figure, pcon in ex. ric-26a, sr-4203. nice vf, but for irregular edge at top. $90+

176 Group of coins. Julia Domna. AE Sestertius, Ceres seated left; Julia Mamaea AE Sestertius (3 coins) Vesta stg left, Venus stg. right Felictas seated left; Otacila Severa AE Sestertius Concordia seated left and Aelia Flaccilla AE2 Flaccilla standing. 6 coins, the first five Sestertii. Gd to Fine. Sold as is, no returns. $100+


*177 byzantine. justin ii. 565-578. ae follis of nicomedia (12.91g). justin & sophia seated facing/large m, year 10, officina b. sb-369. vf. very nice coin. $75

*178 ---heraclius. 610-641 ad. ae follis (6.82g). syracuse. 632-641 ad. countermarked issue. crowned busts of heraclius (long beard) and son/ monogram and sc; countermark on a constantinopolis follis of heraclius, nice green patina. sb-884. vf+ or better. $75?

*179 ---constans ii. 641-668. gold solidus (4.48g). facing bust of constans with long beard, holding cross and long mustache/cross potent on 3 steps, officina i (?) constantinople mint. sb-956. ef. $600

*180 ---,---ae follis (4.54g) of syracuse. facing bust with slight beard/large m. sb-1105. vf/f on diamond shaped planchet. very nice portrait. $50+

*181 arab-byzantine. jerusalem. c. 670-685. ae fals (3.20g). standing caliph illya filistin/large m. snat-3, walker-23, 79. vf. exceptional condition. $300+

*182 ---tiberias (tabariya). 7th century ad. ae follis 28mm (4.54g). 3 standing figures/ large m, officina c. snat-281, walker-43, album-107. gvf. rare, especially so nice and so large. $450+


*183 a map medal. nd. silver 69mm. a beautifully executed medal depicting two sides of a globe. hallmarked on edge. the inscriptions are in latin giving little clue of its origin but we believe it's from the netherlands. toned ef. $175+

184 A group of coins. Denmark 1855 1 Rigsdaler Altoona mint Fine; France 1706-AA 10 Sols VF adjustment marks; Germany, Wurtemburg 1770 Kreuzer Fine; Guatemala 1894 Peso counterstamped on 1883 Peso of Chile VF; Hungary 1870 10 Krajczar Proof Restrike; Spanish Netherlands Brabant 1619 Gigot Fine; Straits Settlements 10`A2 1900 Unc and 10`A2 1917 EF and Sweden 1573 2 Ore Fine. 9 decent collectible coins with a catalog value of over $225. Sold as is, no returns. $150+

185 A pair of coins. Austria. Leopold I, the Hogmouth. 1666. 3 Kreuzer. Bust right/ Crowned arms, crown divides date at top. KM-1169. Toned EF and Napoleon III Satirical token on a French 5 centime coin. Helmeted bust of Napoleon III smoking pipe, "Sedan" at neck "Napoleon III Le Miserable 80,000 Prisonniers"/Owl, dates, "Vampire Francais". VF. 2 better pieces. $100+?

*186 anglo-gallic. edward i of england. 1272-1307. denier au leopard, 1st type. agl across field, between 2 straight lines, leopard left above, e below/ cross pat`8ee, e in first angle. bordeaux mint. elias-18. nice vf+. $165

*187 angola. peter v of portugal. 1858. one macuta. exceptional grade! km-58. choice brown unc., hints of red. $160

188 Argentina. Railroad Medal. 1903. Bronze 52mm by Bellagambo y Rossi. Inauguration of work on Jujuy-Bolivia RR to Perico Station, Ledesma. Las Obras. Allegorical figures looking at where RR will be/Legend. EF. $50

189 Armenia. Levon I. 1198-1218. AR Tram (2.69). Levon seated, facing, on lion throne, holding cross (as dots) in r. hand & fleur-de-lis in left/Long Cross flanked by 2 lions. Nercesian-299v, Bedoukian-676. Toned aVF. $85

*190 ---hetoum i. 1226-1270. ar tram (2.69). queen zabel and king hetoum standing with cross, with elaborate crown, between them/crowned lion walking right, cross behind lion. nerc-337v, bed-982. f-vf, toned. $60+

*191 ---,---ar tram (2.84). another, similar to above. nerc-337v, bed-982. avf, a few soft spots and irregular edge. $60+

*192 ---levon ii. 1270-1289. ar tram (2.56 gm). levon on horseback; holds cross with two bars in right hand/crowned lion facing left; paw raised, cross with 2 bars above. bed-1445-49; nerc 369v. af/vf. trams of levon ii are scarce and seldom offered. $75?

*193 ---levon iii. 1301-1308. ar takvorin (3.37). levon on horseback; holds cross in right hand/lion walking right, with claws defined, cross behind him. nerc-425, bed-1781. toned vf. takvorins of levon iii are even scarcer than trams of levon ii. $100?

*194 austria. leopold i, the hogmouth. 1664. 15 kreuzer. his bust right within ornament circle and legend. km does not list date with this type circle/crowned arms, crown divides date at top. exceptional, virtually as struck. as km-1198 toned au-unc. $190

*195 ---joseph unger. nd ae 50mm by scharef. bust left/latin legend. austrian, lawyer, jurist and politican. 1828-1913. ef. in our sale 32e a similar one sold for $45. $40

196 ---Richard Mayr. 1928 AE 76 x 60mm uniface plaque by Josef Tautenhayn. Niggl-1284. Nice high relief portrait of this singer with the Vienna Opera. EF. Auction records indicate that one sold for $70, another for $125 in German auctions in 2005 & 2006. $60+

197 ---Julius Hochenegg. 1929. AE71 x 53mm by J. Tautenhayn. Bust left, legend. Medical Medal. 25th Anniversary as a surgeon. Wurz-3719. EF. $50

*198 ---republic. 1963. 25 schilling. prince eugen von savoyen. 5, 931 minted in proof. y-109, km-2893. proof. trends at `db100. $60+

199 ---,---1966. 25 Schilling. Death of Ferdinand Raimund. Y-115, KM-2899. Choice Proof. Trends at `DB60. $45+

*200 ---salzburg. maximilian gandolph. 1681 3 kreuzer. two shields of arms, date above, value below in inner circle/st. rupert facing with salt box and crozier in inner circle. km-228, probszt-1687. nice au or better with just a hint of wear. $100+

*201 ---,---johann ernst. 1699. 1/4 taler. madonna & child above shield/st. rupert. km-282. nicely toned aef. $160

202 Bahamas, Grand Bahama Club. c. 1950. Set of 4 C-N tokens. 4 1/2d, 9d, 1/9 and 3/6 Shilling. grand bahama club around sailfish/grand bahama Value above sailfish, with value. Byrne-27, Rulau Bms 20-23. aEF. $70

*203 barbados. pineapple token. 1788. one penny. negro head left, wearing a coronet with a plume of three feathers/a pineapple, date below. type iii. large head with wiry hair, large pineapple on reverse. km-tn-8, prid-14. nice glossy vf. $60?

*204 belgian congo. "elephant crown". 1944. 50 francs. elephant with 1944 below. struck at the pretoria mint. km-27, dav-11, y27. ef-au. but lightly cleaned. $125+

*205 belgium. antwerp. (1680). ae24 charity token. hand over jhs monogram/ypol. terrax on banner over xx above 1480. terrax had been mintmaster at antwerp. neumann-13986, ek-36. vf. struck for distribution of bread, done from 1480 annually. see hirsch 261, #1715 at $225 plus 15%. $175+

*206 ---brussels. anonymous local coinage. 1235-1280. ar denier (.53). windmill type cross of brabent/bridge or gangplank. scmf-7369, dw-98. nice vf. $175+

*206a ---liege. maximilian henry archbishop. of cologne, bavaria etc. 1674. patagon. bust r./capped eight fold arms. km-80, dav-4294. f/vg. picture on page 78. $165 [image]

*207 ---leopold ii. 1887 (flemish). one franc. bust left, "l. wiener" below bust without period in signature. der belgen/arms. 2 year type. km-29.1. ngc ms-61. $150

*208 ---,---1897 silver 38.5 mm prize medal by leopold wiener. bust of leopold left/hand engraved, cours moyen d'archit re 1st div. bourlard alb molenbeek1897 in 5 lines within wreath. choice, as struck, and beautifully toned. leopold wiener's silver medals are seldom encountered. he was the middle brother of the 3 famed wiener brothers. $200?

*209 bohemia. wenceslas (v`87clav) ii. 1278-1305. ar prager groschen of kutn`87 hora. crown within two circular lines of legend and dotted circle/crowned lion left. mec-378, smolik-2. nice vf. a slightly nicer one sold for $800 + 15% in triton's 2010 sale. $350

See Lots #209 for a Moravian related coin and #391 for a coin from Moravia

*210 bolivia. charles iii. 1789-pr. 8 reales of potosi. bust right, with merchants mark "t" handstamped on forehead/crowned arms between pillars. km-55, el-29. f+/vf, some adjustment marks obverse. $125+

*211 ---charles iv. 1808 pts pj. 4 reales of potosi. bust of charles right/crowned arms between pillars. km-72. avf/vf. $190

*212 ---republic. 1852. 1/4 sol (quartilla). llama standing right in plain field, potosi below/mountain peak. one year type. struck slightly soft in center, but much nicer than most. y1, km-111. toned unc. $145+

*213 ---,---1869 silver 24mm proclamation medal. bust of president melgarejo left/legend. struck to commemorate steam coin presses for the potosi mint. forn-9720. many of the medals of this period featuring melgarejo were also used as coins. this piece has also been referred to as a 1/3 melgarejo and is a choice light toned ef. $140?

*214 brit no borneo. brit protectorate. 1891-h. 1`a2 km-2. mostly red ch. bu. $175

*215 bulgaria. ivan alexander. 1331-1371 (after 1355). ar grosh of turnovo (1.57). emperor & saint to either side of standard/christ standing, facing forward. 2nd issue. exceptional condition. vf+. $60

*216 canada. victoria. 1858. 5 cent silver. small date. km-2. nice ef, with luster. first year of type. far superior than most seen. $100

*217 ---,---1891 1 cent. km-7, y-5. red and brown unc., with a few very minor rim nicks. attractive. $75+?

*218 ---quebec, anticosti island. 1870. 1/8 penny pattern. helmeted head of roman soldier left, date below/value in wreath, "a" at top. bruce x-pn-1. reddish brown unc. attributed to anticosti is. by scott stamp & coin co. in 1890 and seldom offered. $135+

*219 central american republic, guatemala. 1836 ng ba. 8 reales. sun over mountains/tree. km-4, el-95. nicely toned au. a high grade example of this popular coin. $500

220 Ceylon. Carey, Strachan & Co. ND (c. 1873). Plantation Token. carey strachan & co * colombo around union mills/1. Struck in England about 1873, had a value of 17`A2. The Union Mills formerly belonged to Maclachlan Mackenzie & Co. which became insolvent about 1869-1870. Pridmore-14. EF. $60

221 China, Group of coins. Kwangtung 10 and 20 Cents, Y-200 & Y-201 Unc and EF; Manchurian Provinces Y-213a.3 20 Cents EF and 2 Republic Y318.1 "Memento" Dollars, one toned EF, the other unc. 5 silver coins, the last two crowns. $75?

*222 crete. george of greece. 1901. 5 drachmai. km-9, dav-118. nice fine. only crown of country. $270

*223 crusaders. achaea, philip of tarento. 1306-1313. bi denier (.80). cross pat`8ee/ castle tournois, long spire at top, pellet to either side, fleur-de-lis below. ccs-25. vf/f. $85

224 ---Group of 3. Achaea, William of Villehardouin 1265-78 Copper tournois with some silvering remaining. As CCS-9a. A contemporary counterfeit; Achaea, Maud 1316-1318 Bi denier tournois CCs-34 but with annulet at left only and Athens, William de la Roche 1280-87. Billon denier tourncois as CCS-87b. 3 coins, all of the cross/castle type. Fine or better. $75?

*225 cuba. republic. 1897. souvenir peso. head of liberty right, star below 97 baseline/type ii, struck at providence, ri. bru-x-m2, y-1. ef, but cleaned. $150+

*226 curacao. c. 1880. 1 stuiver. jesurun & co. "j & co"/1 stuiver. km-tn1, sch-1408, rulau cur-5. jewish merchant token. toned ef. one of the nicest we've seen. $75+

*227 ---c. 1880. j. j. naer co. "j.j.n"/1 stuiver. scholten-1409, km-tn2, rulau cur-13. jewish merchant token and much scarcer than the above token. toned vf+. $75+

*228 danish west indies. friedrick vii. 1859 20 cents. km-67, cr-1. bust right/ship. choice ef and much rarer than km indicates. $200+

229 Denmark. Frederick VII. 1857-VS. 16 Skilling. Bare headed bust right/Value in wreath. KM-765. Ch. Toned AU+. Very attractive. $55

*230 ---christian ix. 1884. 10 ore. y-11, km-795.1. nice toned ef+/ef, a few reverse scratches. $125

Also see Lot 292 for a Danish related lot

*232 egypt. suez canal. borel lavalley et cie. 1865. 20 centimes. sailing ship/denomination and date. 20 sided token. km-tn5, fc-2. ch. ef, tiny nick. $375

*233 england. elizabeth i. 1580 3 pence. sp-2573. fine+, but for hole behind crown. despite the hole the portrait of the queen is very pleasing. $50+?

234 ---Charles I. 1625-1649 Six Pence. SP-2813, mintmark = tun. VG/F. $50

*235 ---james ii. 1687 half crown. 1st bust. sp-3408 (`a3200 fine), km-452. vg. $75+

*236 ---william and mary. 1689 2 pence. sp-3443, km-469. nice vf, but some planchet laminations on reverse. $65

*237 ---george ii. 1746 6 pence. older head left, "lima" below bust/shields in cruciform. km-582.3, sp-3710. choice toned au. a gorgeous coin struck from silver from lima, peru. $125+

*238 ---,---1750/40. shilling. old laureate bust left/4 crowned shields. overdate. s-3704, km-583.3. vf. attractive. $150+

*239 ---,---1754 farthing. sp-3722, km-581.2. nice chocolate brown vf. $50+

*240 ---george iii. 1787 6 pence. sp-3749 (`a385 ef), km-606.1. with hearts in hanoverian arms. choice ef/au. very nice coin. $100

*241 ---,---middlesex, lord george gordon. 1793. half penny conder token. his bust left/britannia seated right, cap of liberty falling. rouse britannia, edge "spence x...". r&b unc, some spots. d&h-775. gordon was probably the most prominent 18th century englishman who converted to judaism. this is the first of this type we've offered in auction in more than 10 years! $250

*242 ---,---1797 2 pence "cartwheel". km-619, sb-3776, cr-23. decent vf. only a couple small rim nicks, not the heavy ones usually associated with this coin. $85

*243 ---,---another. vf+, but edge nicks and one mark in obverse field. less wear than above coin, but more of the typical nicks and marks. $85

*244 ---,---1799. half penny . one year type with 5 gun ports on ship on reverse. km-647, sp-3778. ngc ms 62 brown. spink catalog price of `a3180 is $275+ at this writing. $175+

*245 ---,---1807. half penny. laureate bust right/britannia seated left. c-20, km-662, s-3781. r&b au-unc., small spot above head. $150

*246 ---,---isle of wight, newport. 1811. silver six pence token. old sailing ship, "newport isle of wight 1811"/bees in a circle above beehive, "union token sixpence" around. davis-24, dalton-28. lightly toned au, small rim bruise rev. $165

*247 ---george iv. 1822 farthing. km-17, cr-52, sp-3822. nice brown ef, barely noticeable light obverse scratch. $50

*248 ---. victoria. 1879. shilling. (fourth) head left. no die number. km-734.4, sp-3907. choice toned unc. catalogs 275`a3 in uk! (us $425) $140

*249 ---edward vii. 1910. silver 51mm prize medal. 17 different coats of arms/"city and guilds of london institute department of technology" around the outside, "honours technological examination" in the center. edge is inscribed, "john joseph kelly, woolen & worsted spinnings 2nd prize 1910". with loop as issued. toned ef, rim bruise at bottom of reverse. $150

250 ---Monarchs collections. Edward I to Elizabeth II. Edward I Penny, Edward II Penny, Edward IV 1/2 Penny, James I 1/2 Groat, Commonwealth 2 Pence, Charles II Farthing, William III 1/2 Crown, Anne 1/2 Crown, George I 1/2 Penny, George II 6 Pence, George III 1/2 Crown (2), George IV Shilling, William IV 1/2 Crown, Victoria 1/2 Crown, Florin, Shilling, 6 Pence, Edward VII 3 Pence, George V 1/2 Crown, George VI 1/2 Crown, Elizabeth II Florin 2 different types, 50 New Pence and Two Pence. 25 coins, 18 different monarchs, all different types. Grades from Fair to Unc., a few with holes, the George II 6d. with graffiti on reverse. A nice starter set for those who want to put together a collection of different monarchs. A few of the better coins from this collection are listed individually above. $300+?

*251 ---elizabeth ii. paul vincze's shakespeare's plays. a group of 11 lead uniface strikes from vincze's famous series on william shakespeare. the tempest, timon of athens, othello the moor of venice, winter's tale, taming of the shrew, merry wives of windsor, richard the third and macbeth. there are also three different ones for his 400th birthday (obverse and reverse) and one showing shakespeare and the globe and swan theaters. 11 large (c. 60mm) uniface lead pieces all signed by vincze. $250+

252 Ethiopia. EE1889 1/32 Birr. KM-11, Y17a. Average condition VF or better. 150 pieces, which catalog for about $10 each in VF. ($1500). Should be worth 30% or more of that. $450

*253 france. besancon, charles v. 1541. demi-carolus d'argent. crowned bust left/ shield in center of long cross, legend around. boud-1295, cf scmf-7004. gvf. a very attractive portrait. $135+

*254 ---normandy, richard i. 943-996. silver denier (1.26) of rouen. x ricardvs i, cross with pellets in angles /x rotomacvs, stylized temple with x and pellets. dup-16, scmf-4081ff. nice ef. $200+

*255 ---chilperic ii, king of france. 715-720. silver 34mm by armand auguste caqu`8e. crowned bust/legend. one of a series of medals by caqu`8e on french kings that he did in the 1820's & 30's. toned ef. $60

*256 ---louis iii & carloman, kings of france. 882-884. silver 34mm by armand auguste caqu`8e. crowned busts./legend. from the same series. toned ef. $60

*257 ---charles the fat, king of france. 885-887. silver 34mm by armand auguste caqu`8e. crowned busts/legend. from the same series. toned ef. $60

*258 ---raoul (rudolph), king of france. 923-936. silver 34mm by armand auguste caqu`8e. crowned bust/legend. from the same series. toned ef. $60

*259 ---lothaire, king of france. 954-986. silver 34mm by armand auguste caqu`8e. crowned busts./legend. from the same series. toned ef. $60

*260 ---philip iv, the fair. 1285-1314. ar gros tournois. legend around cross/castle, with 12 fleur-de-lis around. scmf-2461, ciani-201. toned vf, small clip. $100+

*261 ---charles vi, the foolish. 1380-1422. ar blanc guenar. cross, crowns and fleur de lis in angles/arms, with 3 fleur-de-lis, legend around. paris mint. dup-377c, scmf-2981. nice ef. $125

262 ---Henry II. 1550. AR Douzain aux croissants. + HENRICVS 2 `E1 DEI `E1 G `E1 FRANCORV `E1 REX `E1 F `E1 (lis), crowned French coat of arms; to left and right, crown above crescent; E below/+ SIT `E1 NOMEN DNI `E1 BENEDICTVM `E1, elaborate cross fleur`8Ee; H and crown alternating in quarters. Ciani-1309, SCMF-3183v. F-VF, flan a bit clipped. $75

*263 ---henry ii, as king of poland also. 1581-g (poitiers). ar franc. head of henry iii right, with henricvs iii d g franc et pol rex , with g below the bust. legend begins at top/h surrounded by four fancy fleurs, with 1581 sit nomen domini benedictvm c around. scmf-3573sim, kop-10427. toned avf, slightly doubled on obv. a scarcer mint. $300

264 ---Henry IV. 1609-A. Denier Tournois. As Ciani-1585, KM-15, but unlisted date. Ch. VF. $50+?

265 ---Louis XIII. 1619-K (Bordeaux). Double Tournois. Juvenile bust right/3 fleur-de-lis. KM-61.5. Nice VF/aVF. $45

*266 ---,---1620-a. double tournois. bust right/3 fleur-de-lis. km-61.1. vf. $45

267 ---,---1620-G (Poitiers). Double Tournois. Juvenile bust right/3 Fleur-de-lis. KM43.3. VF. $45

*268 --louis xiv. 1659-f (angers). half ecu. laureate bust right with long hair before ear/ crowned shield of france. only 25,874 minted. km-164.7, gad-169. toned vf, die break obv. $300+

*269 ---,---1701-a. 1/2 ecu bust right/crowned shield of france, crossed scepters and hand of justice behind. km-325.1, gad-185. lightly toned vf, struck over another coin. $200+

*270 ---republic. l'an4 (1794-5)-a. 5 centimes. 5th finest graded by ngc. km-635.1. uncirculated. ngc ms61 brown. $175+

*271 ---louis philippe. 1846. eugene sue. ae 46mm by emile rogat. his bust left/winged statue in front of building surrounded by mountains, more statues & clouds. ef, a few spots. sue was a french novelist of the first part of the 19th century. two of his best known works were the mysteries of paris and the wandering jew. $50

*272 ---napoleon iii. 1867-bb (strasbourg) 50 centimes. y29.2, km-814.2. nice bu, touch of toning. $100+

*273 french colonies. louis philippe i. 1844-a 5 centimes. km-12, cr-13. a couple of tiny rim nicks, otherwise a choice chocolate brown ef. $75

*274 germany. anhalt, duchy. friedrich ii. 1914-a (berlin). 3 mark. silver wedding anniversary. little wear but perhaps once lightly wiped. km-30, j-24, y-10. au. $65

*275 ---baden. frederick i. 1906 2 mark. golden wedding anniversary of friedrich and luise. km-276, y-22. choice toned au-unc. $50+

*276 ---bavaria, karl theodore. 1784. madonna taler. bust of karl theodore right, i. sch on shoulder/madonna and child. some light adjustment marks on reverse. km-260.3, dav-1965. lightly toned ef-au. this is a common coin in vf or less, usually seen with many adjustment marks. it's far scarcer this nice with only a few light adjustment marks. $400+

*277 ---brunswick-luneburg-calenberg. johann friedrich. 1673. 1/3 taler. bust right/ palm tree, 2 ships to either side in sea behind. km-146, welter-1756. vf. $220

*278 ---cologne. conrad. 1238-1261. ar denar (1.68). +sancta colonia, church facade/+chvonradvs imp, cross with pi/li/gr/im in the quarters. ch. vf+, sm. rim clip. $325

Remember, there are no buyer's fees in our sales

*279 ---frankfurt. free city. 1848. 2 gulden. eagle, wings spread, head left/6 line legend commemorating goethe's 100th birthday. one year type. km-343, dav-646. p-l bu, a few sm. rim nicks. $175

*280 ---halberstadt. gero von schermbke. 1160-1177. ar large bracteate (.86). st. stephen seated facing on throne. bonhoff-475. as struck. gorgeous toning, large size. the bonhoff example sold for 800 dm in 1977! $350

*281 ---nassau. friedrich wilhelm. 1813. thaler. bare-headed bust right/arms. cr-33c, dav-736. lustrous au, but nasty rim bruise at 11:30. seldom offered in any grade! $425

*282 ---pommerania, garz. bogislaus x. 1492. ar shilling. shield on cross, "92" / griffin. struck in columbus discovery year. frey-378, lev-i, 289a. f. seldom offered type.$200+

*283 ---prussia. friedrich wilhelm iv. 1859-a. taler. bust right/arms. cr-152, km-471, dav-775. lightly toned ef. $60+

*284 ---,---wilhelm i. 1874-a. gold 10 mark. km-504, fr-3822, y-114a. ngc ms-66. highest graded by ngc! $600+

*285 ---,---wilhelm ii. 1898. 35mm silver gedenkthaler. busts of royal couple/church in jerusalem. struck during their visit to palestine in 1898. meshorer-2 (israel numismatic journal #14 2000-2002). toned ef-au, but hairlines. gedenkthalers are commemorative medals. a series of these were struck to commemorate wilhelm's visit to jerusalem where he met theodore herzl and first discussed the possibility of a jewish state there. dr. meshorer listed 14 of them in his article plus some varieties struck in different metals and/or with other subtle differences. they are becoming more difficult to find. see lot #789 for a related item. $150

*286 ---saxe-gota-altenburg. friedrich iii. 1755. groschen. 200th anniversary of religious peace of augsburg. shield/legend. c-17. bu, rev. lightly brushed. $140

*287 ---saxe-weimer-eisenach. karl august. under regency of anna amalia. 1764-fs. 2/3 thaler. bust of anna amalia (his mother) left/crowned arms. cr-46a. nice toned ef/au. this is a rare type which is seldom seen. $375

*288 ---saxony, ernst, wilhem, albrecht & margarete (14)75. ar half groschen or spitzgroschen. shield with lion, date as arabic 7 & western 7/arms. leipzig mint (6 pointed star). unlisted by frey. levinson-i, 148, saurma-4396. ch. vf. nice example of an early dated european coin. $230

*289 ---,---ernst and albrecht. (14)82. f`9frstengroschen. shield with lion and arms of landsberg "82"/shield of chur-sachsen. fr-232, saurma-4400, lev-i-185. nice vf. $350?

*290 ---,---christian ii, johann georg & august. 1593 taler 3 facing 1/2 figures with divided date above, christian iohan: georg et avgvstvs/ helmeted arms, hb at upper right, frat: et. dv-ces. saxon. dav-9820vf, "x" on rim, possible mt. removed. $275

*291 ---,---johann george iv. 1693. 2/3 thaler. bust right. 2 year type/arms. km-628. toned vf-ef, rough edge. $175

*292 ---schlewig-holstein-gottorp. frederick iv of denmark. 1695. 4 schilling. crowned monogram/crowned arms. sch`9an-1. vf, small mark reverse. $100

*293 ---trier. johann hugo von orsbeck. 1679. 4 pfennig = 1/2 albus. standing figure of st. peter with key, date in legend/round arms topped by elector's cap. km-138. ef. $75+

*294 ---empire. badge of honor. nd. silver 86mm (50.37). a five arm cross with elaborate top and hook for wearing. my guess is germany but this could also be from german-speaking switzerland or austria. with a center medallion (28mm) of a standing woman leaning against a shield, holding a bird nest full of hatchlinga. a city view in the background and the german legend "menschen n`9ftzen v`9agel sch`9ftzen" which roughly translates "people benefit when birds are protected". the reverse has the engraved legend "dem verdienste" which means that this is a medal of merit. no mention of who the group that issued the medal is nor who the recipient was. nice ef and very attractive. $150

*295 ---,---dr. ernst v. bergmann. 1836-1907. ae 38 x 50mm. his bust/uniface. ef. bergmann was an important german surgeon and medical professor of the 19th and early 20th century. $50+

*296 ---,---1909-e (muldenhutten). 1 mark. scarce date. y-18, km-14, j-17. au-unc. once lightly cleaned, tiny rim nick. $100+?

*297 ---,---edward von steinle. 1910 ae 51mm by a.r. weinberger. his bust left/ allegorical woman and banner commemorating his 100th birthday. von steinle was an historical painter and member of the nazarene movement. as struck. $45+

*298 ---meissen. 1921 20 mark white porcelain notgeld token. 40mm. woman clutching numerous children to her breast, legend refers to bread shortage. upton 6-2, scheuch-188n. as made, minute spot of dirt. $50?

*299 ---berlin. 1922 brown 50mm 30 mark porcelain notgeld. for aid to german students/nude male. scheuch-456, upton-6-16. upton (1970) priced this at $40 and listed the mintage as only 100 pieces! $50?

300 ---Anna Liebetrau 1922 AE 60mm by A.L. (possibly Anita Letzen or Lehzen). Her bust right/8 line legend. Toned EF. Along with her husband Otto they donated a large portion of their wealth to for the museum of local history in Gotha, Thuringia. A similar medal sold for $135 (+ buyer's fee) in a WAG auction in September of 2005. Scarce? $80+

*301 ---1923. set of 3 ae32mm medals in original purple case. each medal depicts a mourning family on the obverse with a legend concerning the suffering of the german people. the reverse of the medals list the cost of certain items on november 1, november 15 and december 1st 1923. for instance, the 3 prices of bread are 3 million marks, 80 million marks and 260 million marks. 3 medals, as made, with , somewhat tattered, case. $100+?

*302 german new guinea. german protectorate. 1894-a. 1 pfennig. one year type. y-1, km-1. anacs ms 63 red brown. $350+

*303 greece, george i. 1869-bb (strassbourg) 5 lepta. y3, km-42. brown au. $75+?

*304 ---,---1883-a. 50 lepta. short type in high grade. y-6, km-37. nice, light toned au. this has a catalog price of $800 in unc. and it is very close to unc! $220

*305 guadeloupe, french colony. 1903 50 centimes. 22 sided coin. y-1, km-45. toned ef, much nicer than usually seen. $75+

*306 ---,---1921 1 franc. 20 sided coin. y-2, km-46. toned au, much nicer than usually seen. $85+

*307 guatemala. ferdinand vii. 1819-ng m. 4 reales. bust right/crowned shield between pillars. km-68. toned f/vf. ex mark bir collection. $175+

308 HaitI, Group of 3 coins. AN15 (1818) 25 Centimes, KM-18 Crude Fine; AN43/1846 6 1/4 Centimes. KM-29 Fine and 1882 50 Centimes KM-47 EF. 3 nice coins. $50+

*309 hong kong. british colony. 1865. 1 mil. square holed coin, without hyphen between hong kong/one wen. one year type. y-1, km-2. 75% red unc. $125+

310 ---Victoria. Group of coins. 10 Cents (4 coins VF to Unc) 1866 doubled date; 1889, 1893 and 1897 plus an 1895 5 Cents AU. 5 silver coins, the first scarce. $60+

*311 iceland. 1000th anniversary of icelandic parliament. 1930. 5 kronur. standing figure/twin dragons. y9, dav-131, br-xm2. ngc au-55. $95

*312 ---1000th anniversary of icelandic parliament. 1930. 10 kronur. seated figure with two kneeling children/supported arms. y10, dav-130, br-xm3. ngc ms-61. $200

313 India, Collection of 82 coins, mostly different and from at least 60 different issuing entities. Mostly 18th and 19th centuries, but some ancient India and a few 20th century coins. This collection was purchased from World Wide Coins of Atlanta in the early 1980's and includes 68 of the original World Wide tags. Those alone total more than $1000. Obviously should be worth much more now. Sold as is, no returns. Almost all identified. $1200+?

*314 ionian islands. british administration. 1821. ae lepton or 1/4 obol. winged lion above date/seated britannia above "4". locally produced, overstruck on dalmatia et albania ii soldi. km-30, prid-22. cr. vf+. this is an extremely rare coin and our example is the finest that has been offered at auction for many years! $2350

315 Ireland. Republic. 1947. Six Pence. Irish Wolfhound. Y-13a, KM-13a. Toned Unc. This trends at `DB80 in Unc. and obviously higher in Choice Unc. $75

*316 isle of man. onchan wwii internment camp. nd. 1 pence. triquetra at center. campbell-5542, km-tn24, f/f im-1421. nice ef, very tiny rim nick above m in "interment". $175

*317 ---,---another as above. nice ef, very tiny rim nick above c in "camp". $175

*318 israel. (1948) 5708 25 mils. km-8, p1. au. israel's 1st coin! the only one dated during its first year! rare in such a high grade! $400

*319 ---1949 1/2 link 25 mils p-2c. only the upper crescent or link is visible, the bottom link is missing. choice ef-au and rare. $75+

*320 ---1949 25 pruta with pearl. proof. km-12, p-12a. struck at the ici mint in birmingham. the majority of the proofs of the 1949 issues exhibit only some of the qualities of proof coins. this is a true proof and probably the nicest 25 pruta proof we have seen. a truly rare coin. choice to gem proof with high relief wire edge. km values this coin at $1000! $750+

*321 ---utrecht die. 5714 (1954). 100 pruta. scarce variety with wreath away from rim. km-19, p23. ngc au-58. a nice high grade. $400

*322 ---,---another utrecht die, almost as nice. choice ef. $275+

*323 ---spectacular error. 1974. 1 agora. 50% off center strike. km-24.1. au. $50+

*324 ---error coin. 1974. 10 agorot. clipped planchet. km-26. bu. $50+

*325 ---1951 (with 1949 coins). 10 piece bank leumi "muffin tin" set. km-ss1. a very nice set with 10 choice coins. small print variety. just a small piece of tape on set. it is our belief, based more on recollection than on objective research, that the small print variety is probably scarcer and most likely older than the large print variety. $150+

*326 ---1948-1957. complete 27 piece pruta set in dansco album. contains the following coins: 25 mils 1948 vf; 1949 25 mils closed link cleaned ef; 1 pruta 1949 w/p and w/o/p; 5 pruta 1949 w/p and w/o/p; 10 pruta 1949 w/p and w/o/p, 1952 scalloped, 1947 aluminum and 1957 anodized aluminum; 25 pruta 1949 w/p, w/o/p and 1954; 50 pruta 1949 w/p, w/o/p, 1954 reeded edge, smooth edge c-n and smooth edge steel; 100 pruta 1949, 1954 berne, 1954 utrecht au and 1955: 250 pruta 1949 w/p, w/o/p and heaton mint silver and 500 pruta 1949. 27 coins, 24 unc, the other as noted. our retail price for these coins if bought individually is about $875. $700+?

*327 ---1962. 16 piece presentation set in velvet holder. ms-1, igcmc #83016006. this is a scarcer set than the 18 piece set listed below. (this is probably km ms-2 which they list with 17 coins. that is a mistake as there were no 17 coin sets issued). $75

*328 ---1963 18 piece presentation set in velvet holder with metal clasp. km-unlisted, kagan ms-2, igcmc- 83015157. all 18 coins unc. $65

*329 ---henrietta szold. 1960. 1 lira. the key to the hanukkah series. km-32, h-3a, y-27. proof. $75

*330 ---henrietta szold proofs. 1960 1 lira. group of 4 of these key coins. km-32, y-27. retail value $340. $260+

331 ---Group of Purim Half-Shekels. 1961 BU (4), 1962 Proof (4), 1962 BU (4) and 1962 Proof (3). KM-31, Y-29. 15 coins, all as struck. Retail value. $80+. All as issued, some with PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $60+

Remember, there are no buyer's fees in our sales

332 ---Group of 1 Pound Hanukkah coins. 1961 Heroism & Sacrifice BU (3) and Proof (3); 1962 Italian Lamp BU (3) & Proof (3) and 1963 North African Lamp BU (2) & Proof (3). 17 coins. Our retail price if bought individually is $200+. Some may have light handling or PVC remnants, easily removable. Sold as is, no returns. $140

333 ---Group of Commemoratives. 1961, 1962 Half Shekel Proofs, 1958 1 Lira Law BU, 1976 American Lamp Proof, 1977 Jerusalem Lamp BU, 1967 Victory BU and 1971 Freedom BU and Proof. 8 coins, sold as is, no returns. $50+

334 ---Group of Hanukkah 1 Lira coins. 1958 Law BU (6), 1960 Degania BU (3), Proof (4) and 1960 Henrietta Szold BU (7). KM-22, 28 & 32, Y-17, 19 & 27. 20 coins, all as issued, some with PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. Retail value $150. $110+

335 ---Group of Hanukkah Lamps. 1962 & 1963. Italian Lamp BU (3), Proof (3), North African Lamp BU (8) and Proof (4). KM-38 & 42, Y-34 & 38. Retail price is $250+. 18 coins. All as issued some with PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $175+

336 ---Group of Heroism & Sacrifice 1 Lira coins. 1961. 12 BU's and 6 Proofs. KM-34, Y-30. 18 total coins. All as issued some with PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. Retail value $110+. $85

*337 ---havdalah spice box. 1993. 1 and 2 sheqalim. judaica series. km-250/ 251, h-28/28a. bu & proof. 2 choice coins. $45

*338 ---music and drama 2001/5761. 1 sheqel and 2 sheqalim art and culture series commemorative coins in case as issued. km-351 pl bu and km-352 proof. seldom offered for sale. $75+

*339 ---2004/5764 architecture and design 1 sheqel and 2 sheqalim art and culture series commemorative coins in case as issued. km-377 pl bu and km-378 proof. seldom offered for sale. $75+

*340 ---biblical art coins. 1998 noah's ark 1 sheqel prooflike bu and 1999 abraham and the stars 2 sheqalim proof. km-316 & 334. our retail price for these two coins is $120 and both are elusive. $100+

*341 ---menorah. 1958 5 lirot. y-16, km-21, a-1a. lightly toned proof, a few minor handling marks. sold to our consignor by the late jj van grover in january 2003. $150-

*342 ---another. proof. choice, with light golden toning. $200

*343 ---seafaring. 1963 / 5723. 5 lirot. key date in high grade. y35, km-39. choice bu. pcgs ms64. after years of dormancy the price of these coins is slowly inching up. $200+

*344 ---1968 100 lirot gold. jerusalem. km-52, fr-6. proof. this coin, which contains almost 2/3 of an ounce of gold, is among the most attractive of all israel gold coins with a city view of reunified jerusalem on one side and a view of the temple as seen on the selas of the bar kochba revolt on the other. $850

*345 ---1996. 3000 years of jerusaelm, city of david. 30 new sheqalim. huge proof. km-286, a-39a. the largest israeli coin! in original case with certificate of authenticity. $160+

346 ---1998 50th Anniversary 2 Sheqalim Anniversary Coin. KM-311 Proof. Also included in this lot is the Jerusalem City Coin Medal of 1966 in 45mm Silver (CCM-9a) and the 2003 Everyone Has a Name Silver 50mm medal. 3 item lot. $75+

347 ---1959-1967. Group of silver 5 Lirot Anniversary commemorative crowns. 1959 Exiles BU & Proof, 1960 Herzl BU & Proof, 1961 Bar Mitzvah BU & Proof, 1962 Negev BU & Proof, 1964 Museum BU & Proof and 1967 Eilat Frosted Proof. KM-23, 29, 33, 35, 43 & 48. Y-18, 20, 28, 31, 39 & 43. 11 coins. All as issued, some with light fingering. Sold as is, no returns. Retail price is $360. $275+

348 ---Group of anniversary commemoratives. 1958 Menorah BU, 1959 Exiles Proof, 1966 Life BU, 1958 Jerusalem Proof (2) and 1969 Shalom Proof (2). 7 choice crown size silver coins. $100

349 ---Group of anniversary commemoratives. 1973 Scroll Proof, 1974 Language BU & Proof, 1975 Bonds BU & proof, 1977 Brotherhood Proof, 1978 Loyalty Proof, 1981 People of the Book BU & Proof, 1984 Kinsman Proof and 1988 40th Anniversary Proof. 11 Silver commemoratives, all choice to gem. Sold as is, no returns. $165+

350 ---1977 Set of 5 Pidyon Haben Proof coins in olivewood case. (No certificate nor outer box.) KM-89, PH-8a. Some beautifully toned due to the case. The olivewood cases for the Pidyon Haben sets are becoming increasingly rare. $100+

*351 ---1984 kidron valley. 5 gold sheqalim. km142, fr-23. proof. gem. the key to the holyland gold series. contains virtually a 1/4 ounce of gold. $350

*352 ---1986 akko. 5 gold sheqalim. km-170, fr-27. proof. gem. contains virtually a 1/4 ounce of gold. $325

*353 ---walls of jericho. 1987. gold 5 new sheqalim. k-182, fr-29, g-29. proof. contains almost a 1/4 ounce of gold. $325

*354 ---palm tree and leopard. 1994. 1 and 2 sheqalim. wildlife series. km-259/261, hlw-4/4a. bu and proof. 2 choice coins. $75

*355 ---exiles silver cut necklace. handcut 5 lirot silver commemorative with chain for wearing. a beautiful rendering from the actual coin. 11 dancers and the legend: "the children shall come again to their own border". $50?

356 ---Group of 4. 1949 25 Mils Open Link Fine, 1949 25 Mils Closed Link VF-EF, 1954 50 Pruta reeded edge BU and (1975) "Season's Greatings" Token error. SG-12, Type I. 4 piece lot, the last two as struck. The last ex NASCA 1978 Weiss Sale #707. $40

357 ---Group of coins. 1949 250 Pruta with pearl Unc; 1959 Exiles unc, 1970 Mikva Israel unc and 1978 5 Lirot "Lion". 4 uncirculated coins, 2 silver, slightly toned. $40

358 ---Group of Commemoratives. 1972 Pidyon Habens BU No Star, BU Star (3), Proof, 1987 Jericho BU and Proof, 1990 Sea of Galilee BU and 1997 Lion & Pomegranate P-L BU. 9 silver coins, the last scarce. $100+?

359 ---Group. 1978 French Lamp BU and Proof (2); 1979 Egyptian Lamp BU (2) and Proof (2); 1980 Corfu Lamp BU; 1977 Brotherhood BU (3) and Proof (3); 1978 Loyalty BU (3) and Proof (2); 1979 Mother & Child BU & Proof (2) and 1971 Let My People Go (both with pins) BU. 24 coins, all but the first 3 silver. Our retail price is over $200. Most in original holders, many with PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $150+

360 ---Group of Mint Sets. 1949-1957. 14 piece privately issued "Coins of Israel" set in blue cardboard holder, MS-2 18 piece Trade coin set in black holder, MS-23, MS-23a and MS-24a similar but our example is brown and just over 6" high and 4" wide, rather than the listed blue 5 3/4" x 4" and the 7 coins have the Star of David mintmark Also in this lot are MS-30a 1987/1988 double mint set, MS-39b 1996 Russian Jews Hanukka set and MS-45b 2002 Polish Lamp Hanukka set. 8 sets, a few scarce, one unlisted and one privately made. All are nice and as issued but for the private set which has choice coins but the outside cellophane is partially missing. $75+

361 ---Group of silver commemoratives: 1983 Herodian Ruins 1 Sheqel Proof, 1990 Archeology BU and Proof, 1995 Medicine Proof, 1998 50th Anniversary BU, 2000 Love thy Neighbor Proof, 2001 Education Proof and 2002 Volunteers BU and Proof. 9 silver coins, the later ones especially difficult to find. $200+

*362 italy, aquileia. giovanni di moravia. 1387-1397. ar denaro (.80). eagle looking left johanes+patriaricha+aqvi/hermagoras on lion throne with floriated staff and blessing hand, s.hermachoras. biaggi-187. fine+. $75+?

*363 ---,---antionia ii panciera di poroguaro. 1402-1411. ar denaro (.72). arms antonius + patriaca/eagle, head left,.aqv.ile.gen.sis. biagg-191. f-vf, slightly irregular flan. $75+?

364 ---,---(Kingdom of Naples, Louis XII of France). 1501-1503. AE Cavallo (1.60). Cross with Fleur-de-lis at each end/Arms. MEC-14, 1087. F/VG. $50?

365 ---Chieti. (Kingdom of Naples, Charles VIII of France), 1495-1496. AE Cavallo (1.18). Legend around crown shield of France/Legend around cross. MEC-14, 1048, Biaggi-608. VG/F, somewhat rough but rare. $50?

*366 ---fosdinovo. maria maddalena. centurioni-malaspina. 1667. silver luigino. draped bust right/crowned coat-of-arms; rosette above; *a* below. cammarano 71. ef. $250

*367 ---piedmont republic. anno vii (1799). mezzo (1/2) scudo. legend around wreath, value in wreath/standing figure with hand on fasces with liberty cap. old tag included. cr-2, gig-1, var-1006 (r). toned avf, but rough edges. the last auction record we can find for this coin is a lightly polished vf that sold for $460 5 years ago! $450

368 ---Roman Senate. 12th-14th Centuries. AE Denaro Provisino. Cross, legend around/ Comb, "S" above, crescent to left. Biaggi-2119, Berman-94. Fair/Fine. $50?

*369 ---sicily, charles iii of bourbon. 1735-fn. 3 tari. laureate head right/cross with crown at ends of top three arms, f-n to either side of bottom cross, date below. 1 year type. cr-8, varesi-557 (r). vf. $200

*370 ---venice. marcantonio giustinian doge cvii, 1684-1688 anno 1 (1684). ar osella (9.57) `e1s`e1m`e1v`e1m`e1 ant`e1iustinianvs`e1venetv. enthroned san marco offers venice's banner to the kneeling doge. in exergue: `e1anno`e1i/ deo dvcta dvce. bird's-eye view of san marco square, two standing figures and three galleons. above the square an angel, pointing at heaven with the right arm, moves from palazzo ducale to calle giustinian, bringing to the new elected doge the doge's hat. rays of light between the words deo and ducta. cni 76, paolucci 167. struck for the impending naval war against turkey. gvf, but tooled. numismatik lanz sold an aef example for $5000 (+ buyer's fee) in january of 2009. that is the only other example of this rare coin that i can find of record of in recent times. our estimate is considerably less. $750+?

371 ---Victor Emanuel II. 1902-R. 25 Centesimi. Two year type. Y-37, KM-36. Choice EF, but for reverse scratch. $85+

*372 ---,---1928-r. 10 centesimi. key date. y-62, km-60. red unc. $50

*373 ---nd. medieval silver (?). decorative appliqu`91. 16mm, (3.1) grams. shield, ragged edge. vf. $50?

*374 jamaica. william smith. nd (1829). 1 penny token. payable in kingston/ indian supported jamaica arms. jam-37, prid-132. nice vf. scarce. $100+

375 Japan. Tempo. (1837-54). Bu, Ichibu. With two small countermarks to either side of larger one on reverse. Cr-16v. Toned VF+. $75

*376 ---meiji. year 4 (1871). 5 sen. 53 rays, late variety. y6.2. toned gvf. $75

*377 ---,---another, this nicer than above. ef. nicely toned. $100+?

*378 - --,---year 36 (1903). 1 yen. dragon, date and denomination./value and denomination, surrounded by wreath. y-a25.3 nice unc., some bagmarks on reverse. $100-

*379 jersey, british dependancy. victoria. 1851. 1/26 shilling. km-2. choice glossy brown bu. fantastic eye appeal. $250+

*380 kenya. republic. 1991. 1000 shilling. bust of president daniel toroitich arap moi right/arms, silver jubilee of central bank. km-26. proof. large scarce commemorative. $400+

*381 korea. kwang mu. year 10 (1906). 1/2 chon. 1 year type. km-1124, y13. brown ef. $50

*382 ---,---year 9 (1905). 5 chon.y-15, km-2226. toned ef. $60+

*383 ---,---year 11 (1907). 5 chon. y-15, km-1126. ef. $75

384 Liberia, Republic. 1847 Two Cents. KM-2, Y2. Two stars on reverse edge. Choice chocolate brown EF, with a few areas of red peeking through. Very attractive coin. $100

*385 liechtenstein. prince john ii. 1924. one frank. head left/crowned shield. 60,000 minted, 45,345 were melted. y8. ef. one year type. (catalogs at `db160 in money trends, which is $200+.) $100

*386 luxembourg, charlotte. nd (1946) 50 and 100 francs. y29 & 30, km-48 & 49. 600th anniv of the death of john the blind. 2 nice unc coins, the crown toned. $85+

*387 mexico. charles iii. 1777 mo ff. 8 reales. bust right/crowned arms flanked by pillars. tiny chops on each side. km-106.2. ef/au. scarce assayer. $200+

*387a ---ferdinand vii. 1810 mo hj. half real. armoured bust right/pillars and arms. km-73, cr-107. nice toned unc. $200+ [image]

*388 ---1820 mo j. 2 reales. bust right/crowned arms between pillars. km-93. f, obv. scratches, some weakness, but decent. an extremely rare date which is priced at $175 in vg in krause and is unpriced in any other grade. $150+

*389 ---estados unidos. 1906 20`a2. km-435, y-40. bu. type i. first year of type. $60+

*390 ---,---1912. caballito or horse peso. y-42, km-453. ngc ms-62. $250+

*391 moravia. otto i, the handsome. 1061-1087. ar denar (.71). hand facing down/ cross with small head or irreg. triangles in each angle. cach-371. nice ef. scarce. baldwin had a similar coin, not as nice, for $350+ in 2008. $275

See Lot 209 for a coin from Bohemia and 362 for a Moravian related coin

*392 netherlands. deventer. 1471. ar gros. quartered arms on long cross, cccc lxxi/eagle over shield of deventer. frey-141a, vdc-17-18, lev-iii, 54. af/f. slightly double struck. $350+

*393 ---holland. nd (1693). 28 stuivers. hol countermarkd on reverse of 28 stuivers of kampen (km-76). arms/crowned double headed eagle. km-69.11. coin f, c/m vf. $325

*394 ---maastricht. obsidional siege coin. 1579. 16 sols. arms, date/4 line legend divided by sword held by hand below, xvi in exergue. dm-597,lapa-150 nice f, small. edge split. very nice for type. a seldom offered siege coin. maastricht was besieged by the spaniards under alessandro farnese the duke of parma. $350

*395 ---west friesland. 1647 (?) lion dollar. standing knight looking right/ rampant lion left, lily mintmark after date. last digit of date weak due to overdate? dav-4870, km14.2, del-836. type. f-vf. $125+

396 ---Group of 2 1/2 Guldens. William III 1869 Toned VF, 1874 Cleaned EF, Wilhelmina 1933 Choice EF and 1937 Nice VF. 4 silver crowns. $75+

*397 new zealand. nd 1881. penny token. 34mm. native supporting shield in front of palm tree, mountains in background, "new zealand"/"advance new zealand" around maori warrior 3/4 to right holding spear. km-tn49. brown unc., no wear, some marks in field. attractive and scarce as such. $150+

*398 ---george vi. 1942. 3 pence dot variety set. 2 coins in one ngc holder. 1 dot (very rare) ms-63, 2 dots ms-64. km-7. 2 choice bu coins. $475+

*399 niger, republic. 1960 pair of essais. 500 and 1000 francs. y-5 & 6. km-e-5 & 6. 2 choice proof essais. only 1000 each of these one year types. 2 gorgeous coins. $100+

*400 norway. oscar ii. 1878. 2 kroner. 1st year of issue. km-355, y27. toned vf. $250

*401 palestine. jerusalem, hotel. jaffa. c. 1880. cc-15c 1/4 piaster. ef, small cud about 8 o'clcok. as with most of the palestine tokens, the smaller the denomination in a series the scarcer, or in this case the rarer, the token. "av" below the word "jaffa". haffner states that there should be a "b" below jaffa but all the pieces i have seen (and there have been only a few) have had the "av" below that so we can presume that haffner's description was in error. we sold a slightly nicer (choice ef) piece in our sale 33e (november 2003) for $1700 and another one a few years back for the same. of extreme rarity, perhaps the rarest of all 19th century palestine tokens. $1000+

*402 ---templar token. nd c. 1880. 20 para brass. type 1 without "consummark". haffner cc-13a. nice vf. $120

*403 ---holyland token. 1927 (or 1967). 8.40 grams. souvenir 1 mil, type 2. 7 leafed olive branch one mil and historical holyland coin (1927)/"palestine" in english, hebrew and arabic, 1927 (1967 in arabic), "souvenir of the holyland & struck in 1927" in arabic. haffner (1970) p. 270-271, bruce-x-tn2. red & brown unc. although haffner and bruce believe that this was struck in 1967 we have found no record of this being offered or written about until 1968 at the earliest. if one reads the arabic date under the western date of 1927, the arabic date reads 1967 not 1927. however the arabic date in the outer legend does read 1927. could this just be an engraver's error or was this token stuck in 1967 rather than 1927? nicer than the ef which sold for $480 in our fall auction. $475+

*404 ---spinney & sons. nd (1930's?). brass 26mm token. one piaster in trade/62421. large hole in center as issued. jtm-11. near ef. rare. $100+

*405 ---british mandate. 1934. 5 mils. high grade key date. anacs ms63. y3, km-3. bu. $220

*406 ---,---1933. 10 mils. high grade key date. very elusive so nice. ngc ms-62. y-4, km-4. bu. mint state 10 mil coins of 1933, 1934 and 1935 are very elusive. $400+

*407 ---,---1941. 10 mils. underlying luster with light toning. key date. k4, y4. ch. unc. $200

*408 ---,---another, even nicer. ngc ms-63. bu. seldom seen this nice. $325

*409 ---,---20 mils. 1934. y-5, km-5. vf. one of the key dates of the entire palestine mandate coin series. $95

*410 ---,---another, as above vf. $95

*411 ---,---1934. a third, but nicer. ef. scarce in high grade. slightly toned. $200

*412 ---,---1940 20 mils. km-5, y-5. lightly toned au. all 20 mils are scarce in anything nicer than vf. $200

*413 ---,---20 mils. 1941. y-5, km-5. toned vf. this is the lowest minted coin of all in the entire palestine mandate coin series. $120+

*414 ---,---another. vf, small rim nick on reverse. $100+

*415 ---,---1942. 20 mils. 2 year wwii type. km-5a, y5a. au, light brown. lots of eye appeal. $100+

*416 ---,---1927. 50 mils. y6, km-6. choice bu. $100

*417 ---,---50 mils. 1934. y-6, km-6. gd. fine, one of the keys to the entire series. $50

*418 ---,---1935. 50 mils. y6, km-6. choice bu. $50+

*419 ---,---1942. 50 mils. y6, km-6. choice bu. $50+

*420 ---,---100 mils. 1931. y-7, km-7. fine. while this is not the lowest mintage of the 59-coin series, it is the most difficult to find even in this grade. $110

*421 ---,---1931. 100 mils y-7, km-7. another, but a hair nicer. $120+

*422 ---,---a third. 1931 100 mils. y7. ef-au. this is the hardest date of all 59 palestine coins to find and it's exceedingly rare in such nice grade. we haven't offered one in this grade since sometime in the 1990's! $2000+?

*423 ---,---100 mils. 1934. y-7, km-7. f+. lowest mintage of all 100 mils. $110+

*424 ---,---another. 1934. 100 mils. key date in high grade. some underlying luster under toning. y-7, km-7. ngc au-58. $375

*425 ---,---1940. 100 mils. scarce this nice. y7, km-7. bu. $140

426 ---,---Complete run of 1 mils, all 10 dates. Fine to EF, the key 1940 is VF, but has 3 small depressions in field. $50?

427 ---,---Group of coins. 1 Mils 1927, 1935, 1939, 1941, 1942 & 1943 mostly F-VF, the 1927 R&B Unc., the 1935 EF; 20 Mils 1940 (2) both VF and 50 Mils 1933, 1934 and 1935 Fine or so. 11 coins, some difficult to find. Retail value $220+. $175+

*428 ---1948. ae35mm medal. showing map of palestine (in shape of blade), with 1948 to left and filastin to right (both in arabic) with enameled green wreath around crossed swords above, church with cross atop and crescent above, all with red ribbon with two black stripes attached. presumably issued by syria. $50

429 ---Green Israeli Made Album for 59-piece set. Cover shows some aging, but pages and insides as new. Scarce as such. Probably made in the late 1960's or early 1970's. $50

430 Panama, Republic. 1904 2 1/2 Centesimos KM-1, Y-5, "Panama Pill" Unc and 1934 1/4 Balboa KM-11, Y-14 Choice AU. 2 high grade silver coins. $75

431 Peru. Charles IV. 1791-IJ. 8 Reales of Lima. Bust of Charles right/Pillars and arms. KM-97, El-52. Toned VF. $120

*432 ---republic. 1835 l mm. 8 reales. nice, with lots of lots of original luster. km-142.3, el-122. lightly toned au/unc. one flan flaw as made. $300+

*433 ---,---1885-jm. 1/2 escudo of cuzco. rare variety with "s" in wreath and designer's initials to left of seated liberty. km-189a. fine, a few die breaks. scarce, catalogs at $225. $150+

*434 ---,---1940. 10 centavos. 1st we've had! km-214.2, y32. proof. extremely rare issue in proof. see the lot below for a companion piece. $250

*435 ---,---1940. 20 centavos. another extremely rare issue in proof. 1st we've had! km-215.2, y33. proof. a great companion to the above lot. $250

436 Poland. Danzig, Sigismund III. 1624/35. Orte = 1/4 Taler. Bust of Sigismund III right in ruffled collar divides 1-6/Lions flank shield 24 above. Gum-1392, KM-15.2. VF. $65

437 ---Republic. 1991 Bronze 70mm by Ewa Olszewska-Borys. Pope John Paul II and Bishop Ignacy Jez clasping shoulders/Two churches. Jez was Bishop of Koszalin-Kokobrezeg for 30+ years. He had been imprisoned in Dachau during WWII. $50

For another Polish related coin, see Lot #263 above

*438 ---litzmannstadt (lodz ghetto). 1942 10 pfennig (.78), type ii. magnesium. type 2. camp-4751b, km-tn5, terlecki-250, franquinet-p.63. typical vg with usual corrosion. ex wmr 36c #627. $75+

*439 ---,---1943. 5 mark magnesium. 1.02 grams. magnesium pieces are much scarcer than aluminum examples. km-tn2a, c-4752a. aef, just a touch of encrustation. in our sale 35d we sold one in similar condition for $200 . $175+

440 PUERTO RICO. Alfonso XIII of Spain. 1896. 10 Centavos. Bust right/Pillars and Arms. 1 year type. Y-2, KM-21. VF. $70

*441 ---,---1896. 40 centavos. bust left/pillars and arms. very scarce one year type. seen far fewer times than the peso. km-23. nicely toned vf+. $600

*442 russia. peter ii. 1728. kopeck. st. george slaying dragon/date (reading upward) and value. scarce type. km-185.2. nice vf. $220

*443 ---catherine ii, the great. 1771-em. 5 kopeks of ekaterinburg. crowned monogram divides date/crowned double headed eagle, initials below. cr-59.3. nice vf. $50

*444 ---nicholas i. 1828. ae 38mm medal by gube. bust right. on the declaration of war against turkey/russia crowns nicholas, clad in armor, with cross as he gets ready for war. diakov-470.1. vf, nicks, rim bumps. scarce. $75+?

*445 ---,---1830 chb. rouble. eagle with wings down and short ribbon "rouble coin"/ legend "fine silver 4 zolotniks 21 dolyas" & mm in wreath. j-v, 1040, cr-161, dav-282. vf. $225

*446 san marino. republic. 1938-r. 5 lire. bust left within beaded circle/plant divides value above plow. last year of type. y-9, km-9. choice toned unc. $50+

*447 south africa, thaba'nchu free state token. wm 20mm. "m. hersch thaba'nchu" within horseshoe wreath/"good for 6 d" in horseshoe wreath. hern-276d, unlisted in maynard or theron. vf, cast as made. 1st i can recall seeing. $50?

*448 spain. barcelona, peter i. 1213-1276. ar obol. long cross, annulets in angles, petr rex/small cross, barcinona. c&c (1978)-775. toned ef. $90

449 ---Catalonia, Pedro II (the Catholic). 1196-1213. AR Obol (.69) Barcelona. Cross with annulets in angles/Small cross, dot in center. Crusafonte-301. GVF. $110

450 ---Philip V. 1719. 4 Marvedis. Crowned arms, PHILIPP V DG HISPAN REX/Crowned, reclining lion holding globe & sword VTRVMQ VIRT PROTEGO. KM-304. Nice VF for type. $50+

*451 ---ferdinand vii. 1813-c cj. 8 reales of cadiz. bust right/crowned shield of castile and leon. km-466.2, dav-323. gd. very fine. $275

*452 ---isabella ii. 1852 - seville. 1 real. 7 pointed star mm = seville/arms without pillars on reverse. km-598.3, y-19. gem, lightly toned bu. $175

*453 ---alfonso xiii. 1898 (98) sg-v. 5 pesetas. young head left/arms between pillars. very attractive mint state coin. km-707, dav-344. ngc ms-63. $140

*454 ---,---1899 (99) sg-v. 5 pesetas. y89, d-344, km-707. au/unc., bit baggy on obverse. $120

*455 spanish netherlands. gelderland, philip ii. 1564. 1/2 philipsdaalder. his bust left, date below divided by symbol/crowned arms on cross, crowns at sides. gh-2116b, del-62. toned fine. very attractive toning. $275

*456 ---brussels, philip iv. 1638 ae jeton. the variable fortunes of war. king mounted on horseback, galloping to right/a ship with torn sails, tossed in stormy sea. mitch-2630, dug-3929. nice vf. $60+

*457 sweden. frederick i. 1722-lc. silver 1 ore. crowned "f" within sprigs/3 crowns, divided date, initials and date. km-382, sm-157a. light toned unc. very attractive. $200

*458 ---oscar ii. 1876/5 st krona. km-741, y-22. toned vf. $75

*459 ---,---1907-eb. 2 kronor. two year type. seldom encountered in mint state. ngc ms-62. km-773. bu. $250

*460 ---,---nd silver prize medal for horse breeding by a. lindberg and lea ahlborn. head of the king gustaf v. to the left/horse to the left standing. lindberg forrer iii, 441, vii 556, ahlborn forrer- i, 142, vii 8. toned ef, some nicks. i recently saw a reference to this medal as being from 1936. since both medalists died many years before that, we can probably dismiss that. $75+

*461 switzerland. basel. nd (c. 1700). half taler. city view/oval city arms surrounded by 8 shields. km-123, hmz-100a. lightly toned vf+. seldom offered. $250+

462 ---,---1809 5 Batzen. CR-106, KM-199. Nicely toned VF. 2 year type. $50

*463 ---bern. 1679 half "jehovah" taler. bear on shield left, legend around/legend including "jehovah" in latin. km-44. vf. scarce. there are numerous examples of coins using "jehovah" in hebrew on european coins of the 17th century but very few using latin or western letters. this is the first we've had. $300+

*464 ---,---1734. medallic 2/3 thaler. psalm pfenning. king david facing left playing the harp/4 line legend in wreath. leu-669, haller-860. toned ef+. it's been 10 years since we've offered this biblically-related piece. $350

*465 ---zurich. 1673. 1/2 taler. lion with sword left, leg on shield, denomination below/3 line legend with date below. toned vf, couple of flan flaws. sim. to km-102v but the reverse is slightly different with facing head above the 3 legend and no "36" at the bottom. $300+

*466 ---roman history medal by jean dassier. 18th century ae31mm. depicts "caesar's fortune". forrer, vol i, p. 340. vf. one of a series of medals depicting the early history of rome through the end of the republic. $75+

*467 tannu tuva, republic. 1934 20 kopejek. y7, km-7. toned gvf. one year type. a bit rough but decent and, like all coins from tannu tuva, very scarce. i cannot recall the last time i had a coin from this country. $150+

*468 thailand hmong/lisa hill tribes silver ring money or bracelet. 17th century? 203.4 grams, 77 mm wide. this type is among the most attractive of all se asia silver bracelets. the entire outside of the bracelet is an intricate design as well as near the edges. lewis, p. 41, opitz page 282 (listed under ring money). this is much heavier than any we have seen offered in many years. it was common, in societies without locks or pockets, for men to store wealth on their person, thus the silver bracelets, rings and colors of se asia and similarly copper in africa. nice vf. $400+

*469 ---rama iv. phra chom klao. nd (c. 1865). 1/2 fuang. thin flan type. y4, km-4. vf, moderate porosity. $50?

*470 ---rama v (phra mahah chulaongkorn). rs 127 (1908). salung = 1/4 baht. bust left/ national arms, date at bottom. scarce type, better date, rare so nice. y-33a. bu. $375

*471 turkey, abdul aziz. 1277/4 (c.1866) 20 para. km-701, y6. one year type. ngc ms-63rb. a very attractive and choice coin seldom seen anywhere this nice. $100?

*472 ---muhammad v. 1327/3 (1911). 2 kurush of salonika. mint visit coin. luster under toning. scarce as such. km-808. ch. toned unc. $175

*473 united states. civil war token. illinois. bronze 20mm. "freedman, goodkind & co. dry goods 171 lake st, chicago, ill"/"business card" within wreath. fuld il150w-1a (r2). reverse die 1368. $50?

*474 ---,---new york. copper 24mm. "s. steinfeld sole agent for the u.s." around elaborate coat of arms with "e. sigel" in small letters below arms/"principal depot 1863 of the french cognac bitters 70 nassau st.". fuld ny-630bu-1a. nice vf. $40?

*475 ---golden brass masonic jewel. engraved level, worn by senior warden. c. 4 1/4 x 3 1/2". $50+

*476 ---st. charles borromeo seminary medal, philadelphia. silver 38mm. latin legends in wreath on both sides. toned aef, rim nicks. the seminary was chartered in 1838 and was named for st. charles borromeo (1518-84), cardinal-archbishop of milan, founder of obates of st. ambrose, defender of milan from the plague, and counter-reformation theologian, noted for his humility in a time of excess by the catholic hierarchy. $75

477 ---ND. (c.1900?). Gold Medal. c. 28 x 42mm, Hand Engraved Oratorical Award, 1st Prize. Very elaborate. "Oratorical Prize" in written script. $150

478 ---1912. Mauritz Leefson by Adam Pietz. AE`CA49 x 76 mm. His bust left, name below. Forrer Vol. 8, p. 129. Not in Niggl. Leefson was a well known pianist of the time, Pietz was a prolific medallic sculptor, engraver and die-sinker. This scarce medal was exhibited at both the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Panama-Pacific Exposition. VF-EF. $75+

*479 ---alaska. (1935). 8 sided aluminum token 20mm. "good for one cent a.r.r.c" around "1" on both sides. alaska rural rehabilitation corp. only denomination not in standard size. known as bingles. used for only about 6 months, then redeemed for us money and destroyed. 5,000 minted. au-unc. $195

480 ---FIDEM Medal. 1986. Copper 79.5 mm by Guy-Charles Revol. Various impressions of medals from earlier Fidem Congresses in Europe/Legend commemorating the 50th Congress held in Colorado Springs in 1987 with Garden of the Gods to either side. Revol is from Portugal. #303 of 500. As struck. $50

The following 58 lots are part of a collection consisting tokens of mostly Jewish Merchants from 42 of the 50 States formed by a Rabbi over the past 35+ years. The consignor is a long time client who has acquired, studied and resarched these (and other items) on a limited budget for quite a number of years. Ibelieve we first met him in 1972.

*481 ---jewish merchant token. alabama. cohn & goldberg, elmore al. bronze 32 mm. "only at cohn & goldberg l. co. elmore ala."/ "good for 50`a2 in merchandise". nm-106. rarity 9. fine. alabama trade tokens are notoriously rare, this one from a jewish merchant even more so. $400?

*482 ---,---alaska. aluminum 24mm. "louis rotman selavik, alaska"/"good for 25`a2 in trade". au. scarce. $50

*483 ---,---arizona. brass 21mm, with cut-out triangle (as made) in center. "sam cohen, mesa az"/ "good for 5`a2 in trade". vf+. $50

*484 ---,---arkansas. brass 20mm. "gus kohn groceries, cigars & tobacco, magnolia ark"/"good for 10`a2 in trade". vf, some dark areas. $50

*485 ---,---arkansas. brass 21mm. "feinberg & buerkle pine bluff ark."/"good for 5`a2 in merchandise". f/vg, scratch and encrustation. very scarce. $30+?

*486 ---,---california. brass 21mm. "the cottonwood & hotel nevillo, l.s. rosenthal, prop. jamestown cal."/ "good for 10`a2 drink". kappen jamestown #9. vf, a few dark areas on reverse. $50+

*487 ---,---colorado. brass 22mm. "marker & goldman 1860 curtis st."/"good for 5`a2 in trade". wright de-5665, pritchett de-4980. vf, holed. rare? wright said that 1 was known when he wrote his book in 1977. $50+

*488 ---,---connecticut. brass 32mm. "open an account pay weekely hyman's inc. clothing outfitters for man, woman and child" in 7 lines/"hyman's inc. 18-22 church st. new haven, conn. good for $1 on $10 purchase or more". vf, but some nicks and discoloration. $75?

*489 ---,---delaware. aluminum 24mm. "l.a. levy, dover del"/ "rye whiskies". fine, discoloration and uneven planchet with nicks. not particularly nice, but very rare. $40+?

*490 ---,---district of columbia. aluminum 28mm. "e.s. levy & co. boys' shop" around "10 premium tokens"/ view of us. capitol, "united states capitol" in 2 lines below. ef. nice pictorial token. $150+

*491 ---,---idaho. aluminum 25mm. "david & ely co. ltd. dependable merchandise 1913 moscow, idaho" / "good for 10`a2 in merchandise". pinnock, rarity 3 (uncommon). vf+/vf, scratch to left of "1" in denomination. $25?

*492 ---,---illinois. 1903. bronze 31mm. "chicago centennial sept. 30., 1903 stock yard day". with "1803 1903" in two lines in circle/"schwarzschild & sulzberger co. souvenir packers. new york, chicago, kansas city usa" all around an s&s monogram in center. vf, neatly holed (as made?) at top. "ana" scratched in obverse field. $75+?

493 ---Illinois. Goldblatt Bros. (Chicago) 1/2`A2 redeemable in cash. Brass 16mm; Barney Ross (Famous Boxer) Cocktail Lounge "Good for 5`A2 in Drinks". Brass round 22mm; Cohen Foods, Granite City , ILL. Good for 1`A2 in Trade. Aluminum 15mm. 3 tokens, the first two VF, the last lustrous choice AU. $60+?

*494 ---,---indiana. bronze 32mm. "two little tailors, eph. levin, prop. 115 so. illinois street indianapolis, ind"/ "we will accept this for $1.00 to your credit on any suit or overcoat except on semi-annual sales. one only accepted on each sale." vf. $40+

*495 ---,---iowa. aluminum. 22mm. "elkin & raskin, hornick, ia."/"good for 1`a2 in merchandise". nice au. $30+?

*496 ---,---kansas. brass 32mm octagonal. "john a. levin gen'l mdse. lindsborg, kans."/"good for 1.00 in merchandise" with a small good luck type swastika above the first "0". ef, a bit soiled. $40?

Remember, there are no buyer's fees in our sales

*497 ---,---kansas. brass octagonal 22mm. "john a. levin general merchandise lindsborg, kans"/"good for 10`a2 in merchandise". ef, a few dark areas. $40+?

*498 ---,---kentucky. wm 35mm. "finklemans store $1.00 newport, ky"/ "good for $1.00 in merchandise. orco pat. pending, the osborne register co. cinc. o. usa". vf, with cut-out "f". $40+?

*499 ---,---louisiana. aluminum 35mm (wide) encased cent (1972-d) horse shore shaped. "keep me and never go broke" /"al. epstein inc. 1226 st. thomas st. n.o. la. surplus marine supplies 581-9363 p.o. box 50171". vf+. $35?

*500 ---,---louisiana. brass 35mm with 11 lobes. "mervine kahn company produce rayne, la."/"good for $5.00 in merchandise". nice vf. #7119-o-500. $35+?

*501 ---,---maine. brass 38mm. "good at silverman's. 235 middle st. portland, me. your credit is good with us"/ "good for $1.00 on any mens suit or overcoat or ladies suit or cloak". vf. $50+

*502 ---,---massachusetts. brass 32mm. "benj. goldstein inc. 17 elm st. springfield. this coin is worth $1.00 on purchase of $20.00 or more" /"we invite you to open a charge account. good luck" around a swastika. f-vf, some field marks. $75?

*503 ---,---michigan. aluminum 22mm. "sol. rosenthal. haberdasher 3202 w. jefferson river rouge, mich"/"good for 10`a2 in merchandise". vf, some luster, a scratch. $40?

*504 ---,---minnesota. aluminum 32mm. "use your credit at goodman's jewelers 94 e. 7th st. st. paul. minn."/"this coin worth $2.50 on $25 purchase or 10% on any other purchases". vf-ef, but discoloration. $40?

*505 ---,---mississippi. aluminum 38mm. "one of each order gordon mostkoff & co. we save you $ dollars $ all we ask is a trial gunnison, miss"/"good for $1.00 on each cash purchase of $20.00 or over". vg, has been bent and straightened, with nicks and scratches. however all legend is very clear and readable. rare. gunnison is a very small town in northwestern mississippi. $40?

*506 ---,---missouri. aluminum 35mm. "gouldman & meyer montgomery city, mo." / "good for $1.00 in merchandise". vf, but holed not quite in the center of the token. $35?

*507 ---,---montana. wm 24mm. "cosmopolitan hotel bar. schwab and zimmerman proprietors helena, montana"/"good for 12 1/2`a2 in trade". gould-416r (very desirable). vf, but for ding at 11:00 on reverse. interestingly the one image of this token we can find has the exact same ding. we're guessing that this is the same token. $100?

*508 ---,---montana. brass 21mm. "julius fried butte, montana"/"good for 12 1/2`a2 cigar". ef. high grade, scarce locale. $60+?

*509 ---,---nebraska. brass scalloped 28mm. "j.w. rothenburger genl. mdse. creighton neb." "good for 25`a2 in trade". unlisted in nebraska trade token book? f-vf. $35?

*510 ---,---nevada. brass 21mm. "sam goldstein reno nev."/"good for 12 1/2`a2 in trade". gvf. $50+?

*511 ---,---new mexico. brass 21mm. "morris a. abraham silver city, n.m."/"good for 12 1/2`a2 in trade". kiser nm-1000. vf-ef, but a number of little marks in field. still very scarce. $60+?

*512 ---,---new mexico. brass 21mm. "rothenberg & schloss albuquerque n.m."/"good for 5`a2 in trade." nm-106. vf+, but cleaned. $75?

*513 ---,---new york. brass 28mm. (1848-1851). "boarding & lodging no.10" around liberty head with "d.h. gould" on coronet/"goulds saloon 10 fulton st. n.y" around eagle. made as imitation of us. $10 gold coin. miller ny-287. choice ef. $75+?

*514 ---,---new york. wm 33mm. "nathan & rose goldberg's prospect theater, prospect ave & 161 st. n.y.c." around conjoined busts of man and woman right/"worth 50 cents" part of a long legend. a rare pictorial token. vf,a few nicks. $50+

*515 ---,---ohio. brass 24mm. "r. rotschild's sons. makers of saloon fixtures & billard tables. cin'ti,o."/ "good for 5`a2 in trade, p.s. egan". ef. a pictorial token with an image of a pool table. $100?

*516 ---,---oklahoma. brass 21mm. "jack b. morris guthrie, okla,"/"good for 5`a2 in trade". vf, cut out central square. $35?

*517 ---,---pennsylvania. aluminum 35mm. "jos. e. levy "your classy tailor" 3151 frankford ave. phila. next door to allegheny theatere"/"good for $2.00 on suit or overcoat". nice ef. $75?

*518 ---,---pennsylvania. bronze 32mm. "harry c. kahn & son. 802 edgemont ave chester pa" around central bust of benjamin franklin left with "b. franklin" and "1932" below/ "$5 gold value during kahn's golds days july 1932-august on any furniture purchase of $50 or more". vf, rim nicks. $40?

*519 ---,---pennsylvania/new york. copper 28mm. samuel hart & co. (1854-57) playing card advertising token. nyc & philadelphia. queen of diamonds/jack of clubs. miller pa 197a, rulau sny-7a. ef, hint of red. $35?

*520 ---,---south dakota. aluminum 28mm. "silverberg merc. co. elk point, so. dak."/"good for 25`a2 in trade". vf, with a slight wave. $40?

*521 ---,---texas. aluminum 23mm octagonal. "o. eichler carmine texas"/"good for 10`a2 in trade". vf, but for notch about 8 o'clock. $35+?

*522 ---,---utah. brass 21mm. "frumkin's 139 main st. salt lake city"/"good for 12 1/2`a2 cigar". vf, but corrosion. perhaps buried in dirt for a time. uncommon. $50+?

*523 ---,---virginia. aluminum 38mm. "marcus cohen outfitter for the whole family. ready-to-wear garments a specialty. herndon, va"/"good for $1.00 on a cash purchase of $15.00". vf, small rim bump, somewhat discolored. very scarce. $75+?

*524 ---,---virginia. aluminum 38mm. "absolutely dependable is our kind. oak hall. m. rosenberg & sons "thru-the-block" $1.00. roanoke, virginia"/"good for $1.00$ on a purchase of ten dollars or more.". vf, but for small attempted piercing on obverse and some light scratches on reverse. $60?

*525 ---,---washington. brass 35mm. "souvenir of wein's clothing house. jos. w. wein. prop. 515 sprague ave. spokane, wash."/"in wein we trust 1909" around indian head left. vf, possibly cleaned at one time. very scarce. $75+?

*526 ---,---west virginia. f.k. lowe's meat market. monongah, west virgina. bi-metallic (aluminum (?) inside brass). good for 10 cents. vf. schenkman-160-10a. $35+?

*527 ---,---west virginia. brass 31mm. "heyman bros. wheeling clothiers and furnishers" around an ornate flying horse and monogram/"good as gold one price to all" around "worth 50`a2 with every $5.00 purchase heyman bros. outfitters". nice vf/f, but softly struck in center of reverse. $60+?

*528 ---,---wisconsin. brass 21mm. "j.f. seidell 1100 villa st. racine, wis."/"good for 5`a2 in trade". vf. $25+?

*529 ---,---wyoming. brass 21mm. "a. r. lichstein, rawlins, wyo."/"good for 5`a2 in trade". handmade 8mm central hole. rw-131. rarity 8, 4 to 6 known. ef. $50?

530 ---,---A group of tokens (most, if not all Jewish merchants). Royal Coin Co. New York & Reverse Mass 1942-1952 S. Albert Eisenberg, President, Jerome M. Eisenberg, Manager with facsimile of Mass. Shilling on reverse; Feltman's Coney Island "25"; Jerome Wolk and Brother Fur Mart, Pittsburgh PA; Morris Greenstein, Wilkes-Barre PA Pharmacist Good for 5`A2 in Merchandise; Dreyfus Hotel, Providence RI "For Servicemen Only 50`A2 Discount"; Abe Goldman Monarch Buffet 630 W. Madison St. (Chicago)"This check and 10`A2 good for a 15`A2 Whiskey". Aluminum Oval; Halperin Bros. Co. Good at Cigar Counter & Restaurant "Good for 50`A2 in Trade" (Chicago); Stein's, Maplelawn, Alex. KY 5`A2. Scalloped Aluminum. 8 different tokens, some scarce. VF-AU, most EF or better. $100+

531 ---,---A group of tokens. California. Moise Klinker Co, San Francisco & Market St. Ry. Co. Samuel Kahn President Good for One Fare San Francisco; Idaho - Bouquet Cigar Store, Boise Good for 5`A2 and Pitkin & Rowland, Nampa "Good for 10`A2; Silber & Steiner's Mankato, Minn "Good for 25`A2"; Nebraska, Burr. Genzlinger & Klein "Good for 5`A2" (Fiber), Deshler, Boyer & Koerwitz "Good for 5`A2" and Fremont, Gumpert's "Good for 5`A2; Washington Olympia, Weidner's Rummy Club "Good for 5`A2" holed and Seattle Keiter & Bernbaum "Good for 5`A2 in Trade" holed as made. 11 tokens, mostly VF or better.$100+

532 ---,---A group of tokens. Liebsohn's Department Store Hartley, IA "Good for $1.00 in Merchandise"; Gouldman & Myer Mongomery City, Mo. "Good for 10`A2 in Merchandise"; Sam Goldstein, Reno, Nevada "Good for 12 1/2`A2 in Trade"; A. A. Wiesner Hays, KS "Good for 1.00 in Trade" plus 4 Idaho pieces, Mayer Bros, Kellogg "25`A2 in Trade"; Nugget, Weiser "Good for 5`A2 in Trade"; Osdiek & Spiesman, St. Maries "Good for 5`A2 in Trade" and Weiser 1963 Centennial Souvenir Token. 8 pieces, VG to Unc. The Missouri token with small hole in center, the Goldstein with corrosion. $100+

533 ---,---North and South Dakota. Schatz, Red & White Store, New England, ND Good for 10`A2 in Trade Aluminum 21mm, Berg Bros. Genl Mdse, Cooperstown ND Good for 25`A2 in Trade Aluminum 25mm and E. Wieland & Son General Merchandise, Delmost SD Good for 50`A2 in Merchandise Aluminum 31mm. 3 better tokens, EF or better, the middle one somewhat oxideized. $50+

*534 ---,---oregon. brass 21mm. "j. e. eckman hammond, ore" around a large central "e"/ "good for 5`a2 in trade" around a large central "e". vf. this is the variety with a crossbar on `a2, $35?

535 ---,---"Good Luck" Tokens. New Jersey. The "New" I.W. Goldberg Furniture Store,114 Broad St. Bridgeton, NJ. Encased 1946 Cent and Morris's Women's Wearing Apparel & Furs, 364 Springfield Ave, Newark NJ. with 1927 Encased Cent. Both Keep Me and Never Go Broke horseshoe type encasement. VF-EF and VF. 2 scarce pieces. $50+?

536 ---,---"Good Luck" Tokens. New York. Mendelsohn Diamond Jewelry Watches Silverware 613 8th Ave. NY with encased 1935 Cent and Leo H. Waldman "Good Luck is a Wish - Insurance is a Fact" Chelsea 2-4785 128 West 23rd St. N.Y.C. with an encased 1953-D cent. 2 items, the first F but very scarce, the 2nd high grade EF-AU. 128 W. 23rd St. is now Gallery 23, a custom framing store .$60+

537 ---Encased Cent Group. Most, if not all, issued by Jewish Merchants. Morton Feldmans 1984 Cent, Chicago IL. Hugo Lowenstern Co. 1956-D Cent (Omaha, NE); Wm. Fox Steinberg Rare Coins NYC 1963-D ("Foxy" Steinberg's son Bob is still in the coin business); Strauss Clothing Valley City, Fargo Grand Forks (ND) 1958-D; Dr. Noah Ortman Bone and Nerve Specialist, Canistota SD 1937 and J.M. Baumgarten & Sons, Co. Washington DC 1946. 6 pieces mostly EF, a few probably rare $100+

*538 ---"good luck" encasement. (tucson) either arizona or arizona territory. issued by julius goldbaum inc, "call for jules whiskey". encased is a 1901 indian head cent. "keep me and never go broke i bring good luck". in birt's 1988 work, this token is listed as "unique". encasement is vf, a few minor nicks, the coin is ef. very desirable. $100+

*539 united states virgin islands, st. thomas, g. leviti. nd (1880's). 5`a2 19mm cn token. "g. leviti st. thomas" around "5`a2 mexic"/star, labor improbus omnia vincit (from virgil: "tireless work wins all"). sieg-31, higgie-432. ef and scarce. $150+

WORLD PAPER MONEY   (back to top)

540 China. Military issue for Japan. ND (1940) 1 Yen and 10 Yen. P-M15a and P-M20a. 2 uncirculated notes, the first with Onagadori cock at left, the 2nd with a dragon at left. $40

*541 congo democratic republic. p-14s. five zaires. 24 november 1971. specimen. choice au. $75+?

542 Costa Rica. P-241 5 Colones. Overprinted on P-236b commemorating the 150th anniversary of Independence. 2 Uncirculated notes. $60+

543 Egypt. Group of checks. Banque Zilkha, Le Caire with handstamp of Albert Filus Et. Co.; Credit Lyonnais, Agence d' Alexandrie with stamp of TH. Cozzika (2); Comptoir National d'Escompte de Paris, Alexandria branch with stamp of TH. Cozzika; Banque de L'Union Commerciale, Cairo and Arab Bank Ltd. 6 checks, the first four blank, the last two in Arabic and filled in. VG to EF. Neat lot. $60+?

*544 england, movie prop note of operation bernhard forgery from the german movie "die f`8alscher" or as known in the us "the counterfeiters" which was about "life" in sachenshausen and the production of the fake banknotes by the jewish prisoners. 5 pounds, 6 june 1930 with catterns signature. there is no text difference between this and either the real note or the "real" forgery but printed on wrong paper and without watermark. ef. $50+?

*545 germany, nordhausen (mittelbau).01 reichsmark, series n. c-4021, f/f ge-250. au scarce. no wear just a little wavy indicating it was probably stored in a humid climate for many years. $75

*546 ---,---01 reichsmark, series p. c-4021, f/f ge-250. ef. scarce. as above but different series. i believe series p is scacer than series n although we have only incidental evidence to confirm that. $65

*547 ---konversionkasse bonds in british sterling. `a320, 50 & 100 . 1 june 1935. ef. hole punched on embossed seal near signature. 3 line german handstamp on back. with orange british eight shilling overprint on front. in english and german. 3 bonds. in our sale 39e we sold 3 individual bonds for $430! not mentioned in schwan-boling. $300+

*548 ---konversionkasse bonds in guldens. series 1. 100, 250 and 1000 dutch florins 1.1.1935. light blue, green and brown. in dutch and german. 3 bonds. in sale 39e, 3 similar bonds sold individually for a total of $750! not mentioned in schwan-boling. $500+?

*549 ---konversionkasse bond in swiss francs. series 1a. 200, 500 & 1000 swiss francs 1.7.1935. 4% interest. light blue, green and brown. ef. in german and french. mentioned in schwan-boling. scarce. $300+?

*550 ---konversionkasse bond in swiss francs. series 1b. 200, 500 & 1000 swiss francs 1.7.1935. 4% interest. light blue, green and brown. ef. in german and french. mentioned in schwan-boling. scarce. $300+?

*551 israel, fractional currency p-12a, bn-4a 100 pruta, zagaggi-kaplan signatures, green/green. ef $150

*552 ---,---p-12b, bn-4ab100 pruta, zagaggi-eshkol signatures, blue/green. ef-au. $100

*553 ---,---p13a, fc-5b. 250 pruta, aleph series, with menorah right (under ultra-violet light). unc. scarce. $100+?

*554 ---,---p-13b, fc-5a. 250 pruta, aleph series as above, but without menorah. nice unc. $75

*555 ---bank leumi (1952) p-20a, 21a, 22a, bn-7, 8 & 9. 1 pound series x, 5 pounds series m & 10 pounds. 3 vf-ef notes, but all show evidence of having been pressed. $500?

*556 ---,---p21a, bn-8. 5 pounds. series p. nice unc. 5 pound bank leumi notes are scarce in this grade. $250+

*557 ---,---as above but series r. nice unc. from our incomplete research we believe that series r is scarcer than series p in this grade. $275+

*558 ---,---p22a, bn-9 10 israel pounds. series j. nice au, no folds or wear just some counting creases. a similar note, with the same series sold for $300 in our last auction. $250

*559 ---,---p-22a, bn-9. 10 pounds, series m. nice ef. $250?

*560 ---shoham maritime services ltd-haifa. 1950's. 10 & 20 pruta paper ship tokens. see haffner (1970) p. 368. the 10 beige pruta token with a black box before the serial #, while the light green 20 pruta has no. before the number. both virtually as issued and much scarcer than the plastic tokens. $40+

*561 ---bank of israel, landscape series. p-24a, p-11 500 pruta 1955. series nun, 3 uncirculated notes with consecutive serial numbers 503957 to 530959. $200+

*562 ---,---,---p-24a, p-11 500 pruta 1955. series ayin, 3 uncirculated notes with consecutive serial numbers 463318 to 463320. $200+

*563 ---,---,---p-25, bn-12. 1 lira. 1955. series pe, 5 consecutive numbers, all unc. 328325 to 328329. $200+

*564 ---,---,---p-26, bn-13. 5 lirot. 1955. negev landscape. unc. while not the most expensive, this is the hardest note of the 1955 series to find in unc. $150

*565 ---,---,---p27-a, bn-14a. group of three 10 lirot 1955. red serial numbers. valley of jezre'el. consecutive serial numbers, lamad series 331538-331540. 3 unc. notes. the red numbers are scarcer than the black numbers. $175

*566 ---,---,---p-28a, bn-15. 1955. 50 lirot. road to jerusalem. black serial numbers. nice ef. $150

*567 ---,---,---progressive proofs of 1955 1 pound note. this impressive lot contains the following: 1) underprint of the face showing the flowers, the sky at left and the fields, with the back showing the accepted background color. some of the accepted colors are different than they are on this note. 2) the underprint of the back showing the accepted colors. 3) basically the accepted note but on large size paper without serial numbers, dates or signatures, with "12 colour shts" in handwritten pencil manuscript in margin below. 4) the back as almost accepted although the colors are slightly different than the issued note, the face depicts the underprint similar to the first note. the first note is almost the correct size, the other 3 have large bottom margins for any notations that need to be made. all the notes are on watermarked paper indicating that even at this early stage security was an important part of the proces. 4 notes, the first with a heavy fold, the others some evidence of handling. a rare and important lot. $1000+

*568 ---p-45, bn-32. error note. 10 sheqalim, herzl note of 1978. one of the numbers in the lower right serial number has shifted upwards. unc. it is our belief that perhaps one sheet of these notes were printed before the error was noticed. $175

*569 ---uncut sheet of 3 10,000 sheqalim golda meir notes. bns-8, p-51b. in folder of issue. all unc. $65

*570 ---bns-16. visionaries of israel. 7 unc notes in folder of issue. last we offered brought $70! $50

*571 ---bns-17 (84015856). people of thought and deed. set of 6 banknotes in folder of issue as released by the igcmc. we very seldom offer this via auction. $75

*572 ---trio of varieties (errors?). p-60c, bn-47b. 50 new sheqalim 2007. shmuel yosef agnon. three banknotes, featuring 3 different shifts in watermarks which in turn causes 3 the different distances from margins for agnon's head and 3 different locations of the serial numbers in relation to the watermarks. we're unable to photograph the watermarks but we can provide photocopies of the face of the note which will show the differences in agnon's head. vf-ef. a neat item for the specialist! $200+?

See Lots 732-735 for "Sculpted" Metal Banknotes of Israel

*573 italy, sardinia. regie finanzae-torina. p-s118r. 50 lira. large size unissued remainder. ef. $60+?

*574 ---wwii propaganda note. see schwan-boling page 397-398. on a facsimilie of a "$10 federal reserve note", obverse like #411, but unlisted reverse, which contains 3 paragraphs of pro-fascist, anti-american propaganda in italian. the propaganda message was aimed at italian-american soldiers who were fighting against mussolini's troops in italy. vf, but for stain in right margin. very rare. we can recall offering this note only once. in our sale 26a (feb. 1996) a slightly nicer example sold for $500! $400+

*575 ---pow world war ii postcards. 1943-1944. a group of 4. sent by italian soldiers back to families at home. with u.s. army censorship hand stamps. printed in german (?) and italian. 4 cards in lot. f-vf. $75+?

*576 japan. group of 3 han-satsu types. 1) pink 5 1/4 x 1 1/2" with round red-stamp; 2) brown 6 1/4 x 1 1/2", round red handstamp (faint) and 3) yellow about same size above with both red and blue hands stamps. fine to nice vf, some stains. $50+?

*577 libya, british occupation - world war ii. p-m2, 3 & 4. 2, 5 and 10 lire. vf, the 5 probably nicer. the 2 lire is scarce but has been washed. $60+

*578 palestine, palestine currency board. p-6b. 500 mils 30 september 1929. series c. vg, some small holes at folds. scarce series, the first series c 500 mil we've offered since 2003. $500+

*579 ---palestine currency board. p-6c. 500 mils 20 april 1939. series f. nice ef. never washed or pressed, some slight discoloration above the word "board". all pcb notes are rare this nice. $3500?

*580 ---palestine currency board. p-7b. 1 palestine pound. 30 september 1929. series b. nice vf. very scarce series. i believe this is only the 3rd series b 1929 one pound note i've offered in more than 15 years! $2000+

*581 ---palestine currency board. p-7c. 1 palestine pound. 20 april 1939. series l. nice vf, very minor staining on back. we sold a similar series l in our sale 38c for $1150. $1250+

*582 ---palestine currency board. p-8d. 5 pounds. 1 january 1944. series f. vg, but very rough bottom margin and a few tears at top. series f is a very rare series for the 5 pound 1944 and i believe this is only the 2nd we've offered since we started recording series letters in the mid-1990's. $2000+

583 Philippines, WWII Emergency and Guerrilla Currency. Group of notes. Cagayan, P-S190 2 Pesos (2); Negros , P-S668b 1 Peso, with narrow "A" & serial #9999, P-S681 1 Peso and P-S684 20 Pesos 1945 (15). 19 piece group lot, Fine to EF, mostly VF which is high grade for these crude notes. $75+?

584 Philippines. P-157 100 Piso. Overprinted "ANG BAGONG LIPUANAN" (New Society). Group of 7 uncirculated notes which catalog at $30 each. $120+

*585 poland, litzmannstadt. 17 december 1941 bond for 9000 reichsmark titled "industriewerke emil eisert und gebr`9fder schweikert, aktiengesellschaft litzmannstadt". printed by giesecke & devrient of leipzig and berlin. ef, with hole punched at upper right. this and the following 5 lots are the first of these that i can recall seeing. they are apparently part of private fundraising projects for various businesses in litzmannstadt. interestingly there are no "ss" or 3rd reich markings on any of these. $250+

*586 ---litzmannstadt. march 1942. bond for 1000 reichsmark titled "lebrecht m`9fllers erben. aktiengesellschaft". ef or better. $250+

*587 ---litzmannstadt. march 1942. bond for 1000 reichsmark titled "lebrecht m`9fllers erben. aktiengesellschaft". ef or better. $250+

*588 ---litzmannstadt. april 1942. bond for 1000 reichsmark titled "deutsche genossenschaftsbank aktiengesellschaft litzmannstadt". ef or better. $250+

*589 ---litzmannstadt. april 1942. bond for 1000 reichsmark titled "j. john, maschinenfabrik und eisengiefserei aktiengesellschaft litzmannstadt". ef or better. $250+

*590 ---litzmannstadt. april 1943. bond for 1000 reichsmark titled "textilwerke theodor stegert aktiengesellschaft litzmannstadt". ef or better. $250+

*591 russia, batarejnaja. post wwi pow camp. 50 kopeks, without signature or serial number. camp spelled batarejnaia. campbell-6855b. unc. rare. $500+

*592 ---,---post wwi pow camp. 50 kopeks, with signatures and serial numbers. camp spelled batarenaia. campbell-6855c. ef. rare. $500+

*593 san marino. 1907 bond or large lottery receipt. for charitable societies. pink and black, with nice vignettes. c. 12 x 9" in italian, french, spanish and german. very attractive, some tape repairs on back. $50?

594 Vietnam (South). P-37s, 38s & 39s. 10, 20 and 50 XU SPECIMENS. Dated 1966, but not issued until 1975 for use in South Vietnam until the economic system was merged with the North. 3 Uncirculated notes. $50

595 ---Democratic Republic. Group of 4 SPECIMEN notes. P-70s 5 Hao. 1958, P-71s 1 Dong 1958, P-74s 10 Dong 1958 and P-99s 500 Dong 1985. 4 notes, Au-Unc. $65+

*596 ---,---group of ration coupons. each coupon contains a number of smaller coupons for a certain amount of goods. since the smaller denominational pieces have no perforations i would think that they would be hole-punched when they were used. 1979 for men's clothes in green (6); 1979 similar but in red (10); 1981 ration coupons for cloth (3) and 1985 for rice (19). the last of a different style. 38 pieces, the first 19 mostly vf-ef, the last vg-vf, some water damaged. a neat lot. $100+

597 --Foreign Exchange Certificates. P FX1-7. 10 to 5000 Dong notes. 7 Unc notes.$50

*598 zaire. p-30s. 500 za`95res. 14 october 1985, specimen. unc. scarce. i can't remember ever offering this note before. $75+

*599 ---p-42s. 200,000 za`95res. 1 march 1992. specimen. unc. another note that i can't remember ever offering. $50+

600 Zimbabwe, Large denomination bank notes. P-64 100 Billion Dollars 1 July 2008, P-90 50 Trillion Dollars 2008 and P-91 100 Trillion Dollars 2008. 3 large denomination high grade notes. Unc. $50?


There are a great number of coins, tokens, medals and paper money that could have been listed here instead. This is especially true of the large collection of tokens issued by American Jewish merchants in lots 471-539.

Please see the following lots: 1-80, 85, 102, 127, 129, 133-134, 181-182, 190-193, 195, 208, 223-224, 226-227, 232, 241, 251, 271, 285, 316-361, 401-429, 437-439, 447, 463-464 and 471-539. In addition the following lots under World Paper Money should be of interest: 543-572, 578-582 and 585 to 592.

MEDALLIC JUDAICA   (back to top)

*601 daniel in the lion's den. jeton. brass 28 mm (3.95 gm). daniel in the lion's den, being attacked, dead captive below, angel above, accosted by 2 faces of god / daniel in the lion's den, lion's now fawning on him, flying angel above. mitch-1631. f-vf. while this jeton is unsigned, mitchner (and others) believe it is part of hans krauwinkel's series of biblical pieces. unlike ones we've offered before, this is the smaller brass issue rather than the larger copper one. $125?

*602 dutch kosher seal. c. 18th century. lead 16mm, with kosher in hebrew and a "n" on reverse. nearly vf. our seal "maven" believes that they were probably used for wine or cheese and not for meat. a bit rusty but nice. a bit off-center. $50

*603 biblical medal. germany nd. silver 30.8 mm. "on the manly virtues." tobias and samuel/ joseph and daniel. goppel-1059. vf. $120

*604 pilgrim's token with descriptive sheet. nd. probably 19th century? 35 mm (16.20 gms). bust of jesus left / 5 line hebrew legend. vf. nicer than usual. what makes this lot different is the "information" sheet that comes with this medal saying that this "medal is a facsimile of a remarkable coin made in the first century..." and that it "was used as a token to admit (early christians) their meetings in the catacombs...". interestingly, the information uses british english rather than american english (the use of saviour rather than savior), thus we can gather that the medal (and the sheet) were made in the uk or at the very least intended for the british. highly unusual $60+?

*605 rothschild & mocatta. bull and bear advertising token of john ashby, stockbroker. 1820's. ae35mm. bull with face of nathan mayer rothschild, legend/bear, with face of moses mocata, list of fixed holidays (most likely including jewish holidays). neumann-26474, see friedenberg page 50. while some might consider this an anti-semitic token, friedenberg believes that it is a tribute to the financial genius of the english jews. vf, a few nicks. scarce. only the 4th we've offered since 1995. $300

*606 false shekel. early 19th century? kisch d-3 variation. cast lead (?) 32 mm, 14.60. fine, heavy nicks. ex guido kisch collection. rare? $40?

*607 false shekel. early 19th century? seems to be a kisch d-4 variation. cast white brass (?) 32 mm, 13.33. fine. ex guido kisch collection. rare? $40?

*608 false shekel. mid 19th century? kisch b-34 variation, with "die break" on chalice. cast white metal (?) 34 mm, 17.30 gr. toned ef. ex guido kisch collection. rare? $45+?

*609 false shekel. mid 19th century? similar to above but thinner lettering. kisch b-34 variation, with "die break" on chalice. struck white metal (?) 34.5 mm, 11.12 gr. choice toned ef, some underlying luster. ex guido kisch collection. rare? $50?

*610 false shekel. mid 19th century? as kisch b-8. struck white metal (?) 34.5 mm, 11.93 gr. choice toned ef, some underlying luster. ex guido kisch collection. $50?

*611 australian jewish merchant. lewis abrahams, draper, liverpool street, hobart town, tasmania. 1855 1/2 penny. km-tn6, rennik-2. vf, sm. rim bruise. 1st we've offered in auction since 2001! $50+?

*612 jerusalem. nd (19th century). gilt bronze 67mm by johnson. "jerusalem" in banner over city view/joan of arc on horse leading troops, "esposition universelle du merite. musee de jeanne darc.". ef, but rim bruise and discoloration from gilding peeling away. very attractive. $300

*613 heinrich heine. nd ae 107 x 94 mm medal by paul siegert. his bust incuse right/12 lines of verse from heine. as made. $150+

*614 venetian jewish merchant token. 1889. brass 36mm. struck by m. jesurum & co, venice for the 1889 paris exposition. one of the more attractive pictorial tokens of the time. choice ef. a similar example sold for $110 in our sale 38d. $75

*615 jewish merchnat token. liverpool, england. nd (1890's?) b. hyam, clothiers. half penny token. bust left/"b. haym, 63 lord st. liverpool"/"manufacturing clothiers, half penny token" three garments. todd-page 20. brass 30mm. vg-f. scarce. $50?

*616 british jewish merchant. nd (1890's?). brass 24mm. "louis silberberg, london, 194 fleet street &19 st. martin's le-grand"/"sole agent for schreckenstein's bremen cigars & tobacco. cigars tobacco & fancy snuffs, wholesale & retail". bell (1994)- supplement 2800 (1st ed. 232, 3). nice au. the last we offered, in the spring of 2005, sold for $50. $60?

*617 talmud torah medal. nd (1890's?). ahavat shalom in the bronx. brass 33mm. the school building with legend around/scroll, magen david above, legend all around. choice choice au. scarce, the last we offered sold for $125! $75+

*618 aleppo syria jewish community charity token. nd (c. 1900) ae18mm brass bracteate token. "101" flanked by a "bet" and a "kaf" and "in righteousness shall thou be established" above, all in hebrew. see the shekel vol viii, #4 for an article by meshorer on these. crude vf+. scarce. $50+?

*619 silver amulet. 44mm, 5.38 grams with loop as made. on thin planchet with 6 lines of hebrew text. we'll call this the large letters variety compared to the lot below. toned vf. $200?

*620 silver amulet. 45 mm, 5.05 grams with loop as made. on thin planchet with 6 lines of hebrew text. we'll call this the small letters variety compared to the lot above. $200?

*621 rectangle charity token. nd. circa 1900. 3 line hebrew inscription which translates "righeousness (or charity, the word is "zedekah") saves (you) from death". ef and much rarer than above. see alon, april 1974. rare. a similar piece in our last sale sold for $65. $60

*622 kabbalistic amulet. nd. brass 32mm. hebrew legend with "mrs. josephine forman" hand engraved/"rabbi solomon emanuel" around tetragrammaton, 4 additional circles of latin legend around. vf, holed. i can't recall seeing this before. $40+

*623 theordor herzl. c. 1903 by boris schatz. cast bronze uniface c. 70 x 58mm. bust of herzl facing left, on right moses looking towards the promised land, below in hebrew if you will it, it is no legend. see the shekel vol xvii, #2, page 27-28. boris scahtz was the founder of the bezalel school, the art school closely aligned with zionism, and this is, in our opinion, his most spectacular and important work. ef and very rare. he died on a fund-raising trip to the us in denver, colorado in 1932.we can recall offering this medal only once before in 1998 when an example sold for $385. the demand for quality jewish related medals has increased dramatically since then and this should be worth at least twice that. see lot #636 for another medal by schatz. $700+

*624 jewish national fund medal. nd. ae 27mm. palm tree, hebrew legend, 7 stars of david in field/menorah, legend, star of david, feather. while this is an undated and unsigned medal, it is likely made in vienna soon after the jnf was founded in 1902. our medal maven says, "it's a scarce medal in very beautiful style and to my mind evocative of early zionism and therefore "significant.". vf, a few areas of corrosion, loop removed. in our sale 33e a similar piece with a loop sold for $250 on a very much reduced bid. this is lot 746 from our sale 35b where it sold for $180 on a reduced bid. we've offered similar pieces (with loops attached) since that have sold for $220 and $280 respectively. $200+

*625 250th anniversary of the jewish settlement in the us. 1905. ae 76mm by isadore konti. jewish minters and medalists, page 70, judaic tokens and medals pem-8. also see the numismatist, may 1976 and the shekel, vol 9, #6. perhaps the most important american-jewish medal ever struck. (in my opinion, at the very least the most important american-jewish medal of the 20th century). liberty & justice triumph over intolerence/ history standing. only 284 pieces were struck in bronze (along with 2 gold and 36 silver). all were given to dignitaries, none were offered for sale to the public. ef, but a few minor nicks which is normal on this huge medal. rare, the last we had in 2007 sold for $500. a similar example in stack's coin galleries sale of december 2006 sold for $560 (+15%). $500+

*626 jewish religious education board. 39mm wm. awarded to mordechai milyen. with blue ribbon (a bit tattered) and gilt hanger "1905 july 5695" with pinback above. choice lustrous ef. we've offered these medals before but i can't recall seeing one this nice. young mr. milyen was either a collector or just happened to keep the medal well preserved. $150?

*627 kaufmann jacob nordheim. 1905 ae 42mm. his bust right, legend around/ allegorical woman to left of house, legend. presumably his home when he was born in memmelsdorf. struck for his 80th birthday. he died in late 1908. his family was an important family in bavarian business and in jewish charitable affairs. he was a major benefactor in the building of the synagogue in memelsdorf. first we can recall seeing. $200?

*628 man blowing shofar, nd, perhaps early 20th century. cast bronze (or brass) 74mm. "israel" in hebrew below. unsigned, but somewhat reminiscent of the bezalel school. i know i've seen it before but can't recall where or when. $150+

*629 emil rathenau. 1908. silver 39 x 59mm medal with original loop. struck to commemorate the 70th birthday of this famous german-jewish industrialist (founder of aeg). his son walther, who took over the company in 1915, was a minister under german chancellor josef wirth and was murdered by nazi hooligans in 1922. this is an original silver medal (990 on edge, as well as a small test mark) and scarce as such. choice lightly toned ef. a similar one sold for $200 in our sale 38c. $125+

630 Paul Ehrlich. ND (1912). AE 65mm by Brett. Ehrlich and his assitant Hata working in lab/Hercules strangling Hydra. Ehrlich was a noted Serologist and Bacteriologist. EF. A similar medal with a museum number on the edge sold for $125 in our Spring 2008 sale.$90

*631 raphael meldola award medal.1915? by f. bowcher. ae c. 50 x 76mm. bust of meldola left, "meldola" below/16 line legend. the meldola medal was awarded by the institute of chemistry and the maccabaens in honor of meldola (1848-1915). meldola was the grandson of raphael meldola who was chief rabbi of the sephardic jews of great britain in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. the maccabaeans (in full, the ancient order of maccabaeans) is an anglo-jewish charity of professionals, founded in 1891. all persons "of the jewish faith who declare themselves adherents to the zionist movement" could become members. bowcher was a well-known and prolific british medalist who did a number of award and prize medals. this one seems to be among the scarcest and is seldom seen. $200+

*632 theodore herzl. c. 1915. pair of cuff links, long lapel pin. all 3 pieces have small (c. 9 x 12mm) plaquette of a bust of herzl left, with his name in hebrew below. $125+

*633 german jewish merchant token. c. 1915. hermann tietz. 1 wertmarke. zinc 18mm, octagonal. ef. scarce, especially this nice. it's been more than 15 years since we've offered one in auction! $40+

*634 chaim weizmann. nd. ae 116mm by j.a. murmann. this "shell" off a larger object is untitled but the portrait does certainly look like him and the medalist is a contemporary of weizmann. gvf. $125

*635 jewish old folks home, toronto nd (1918). 25`a2 contribution token. copper 35mm. building, legend/"keep me and you will have good luck", elderly man and woman looking on from either side. choice ef. randolph-3. scarce, the last we had in the spring of 2004 sold for $50. $50

*636 the scribe by boris schatz. c. 1920? c. 2 x 2 1/4" bronze plaque titled "sofer" in hebrew or scribe in c. 8 x 6 1/4" copper and glass frame suitable for hanging. schatz was the founder of bezalel school of art and prolific sculptor in eretz-israel. this is one of his most well-known works. he was born in what is now lithuania in 1866 or 1867 (different sources give different dates) and died on a fund-raising trip to the us in denver, colorado in 1932. please see #623. $100+

637 Women's League for Palestine. Pinback celluloid button, attached to a blue and white ribbon, "Executive Member" printed in gold. We can find no record of this group but believe it may have been in Philadelphia. $140

*638 herzl/balfour declaration pin. 1920. 15.5 blue, silver & white enameled silver pin. depicts herzl at center facing left, inscribed in hebrew "eyyar 10, 5680" (1920) (his memorial day) in center and "fulfillment of balfour's declaration" and 2 magen davids around the outer edge, the top of which is blue enamel while the bottom is white. nice portrait and a rare early zionist piece. enamel a bit faded, pin back has been removed. this is ex lot #1068 from our sale 35d (@$70) and is the only piece i can recall seeing $70+

*639 french jewish merchant token. paris, france. nd. wm 23mm. "j. kaufmann paris"/"valeur en consommation". avf, but for scratch on obverse. scarce. i can't recall offering this before. $50?

*640 canadian jewish merchant token. f. levy's ltd., mitchell, ontario, canada. good for 25`a2. aluminum 10 sided token. scarce. ef. this is ex lot 953 from our sale 32e where it sold for $55 and is the only one i can recall offering. $50+

*641 austria jewish merchant advertising token. brass 24mm. jacob rothberger. nd. vienna. building/legend. choice au. while the legend mentions "kleider magazin" or "dress magazine" the company was a clothing manufacturer and the reference to magazine may have meant a catalog. for many years it was the leading clothing manufactuer in vienna. it was "aryanized" in 1938, although the building was heavily damaged during the war. in the mid-1890's some members of the vienna city council had objected to this large "jewish fortress" being directly across from st. stephen's church. scarce, 1st we've offered in 10 years! $60?

*642 contribution dollar. 1922. iron 38mm. medal given to donors to the federation for the support of jewish philanthropic societies in new york city. head of liberty as on us peace dollar, divided into sections showing the allocation of monies raised/menorah, legends around. coins reveal #139. scarce. ef, some rust stains. $50?

*643 emil hirsch. 1923. ae32mm. emil g. hirsch, within hebrew legend/"the united drive for 2,500,000. if you won't who will" around large ?. vf, scarce. this is more than just a contribution token as rabbi hirsch died that year and no doubt the uja drive was in his memory. see the shekel, vol. xxx, #2, p. 13-15. $50+?

644 Contribution token. ND CN 27mm. Brooklyn Hebrew Home & Hospital for the Aged. Building, legend, address/"Fifty Cents will buy one meal for an aged couple." Choice lustrous EF-AU. We've had this token before, but never this nice. $25+

*645 jewish home for the aged, portland, maine. nd. ae34mm charity token. legend around building, 25`a2/"keep me-good luck". faces of elderly man and woman, english & hebrew legends. aef. scarce locale for a jewish charity token. randolph-1. a similar piece sold for $55 in our sale 31c which is the only other example i can recall offering. $40

*646 montreal jewish contribution token. nd brass 33mm. "the great dollar drive for the montefiore h o home 4650 jeanne mance st. montreal" around building/"contribution one dollar help us and god will help you " facing busts of man and woman. ef. scarce locale. randolph-2. see canadian paper money newsletter march 2010 $40+

*647 beth tefillah congregation. 1926. silvered bronze 32mm. synagogue building/10 commandments. nicely toned ef. scarce? 1st i can recall seeing. all legends in hebrew. $50+

*648 philadelphia jewish community center. 1927. 32mm brass token. building west philadelphia jewish community center/a center for all jewish activities dedicated june 12-19 1927, sivan 12-19 5687. ef. rare, only the 2nd i can recall offering. a nicer example sold in our sale 37d for $165! $75+?

649 High School of Rabbi Jacob Joseph School. 1928. Brass 32mm. Commemorates laying of the corner stone. English legend/Hebrew legend around 10 Commandments. EF. Not often seen. $25+

650 Rabbi Chaim Berlin High School. 1928. Brass 32mm. "Help Build the First Jewish High School Brownsville & East New York" around building/Hebrew and English legends around building. $1.00. Toned EF, a few scratches. Scarce. $25+

*651 beth israel hospital. 1928 ae 75mm by j. swanson. a view of the hospital with magen david (with jehovah in hebrew in center) above and "beth israel hospital - newark, new jersey - february 1928" in 3 lines below / allegorical woman giving suffering man a drink. coins reveal #152. ef as made. prior to november of 2009 we hadn't offered one in more than 15 years. that example sold for $320. now we have another which is at least as nice. $275+

*652 shanghai jewish merchant token. nd ae 20 mm. "abraham's"/"10`a2 in trade. e.t.r." (e.t. riley). vf and rare. ex our sale 30c #1045 @$60. while there is no mention of either shanghai or china on this token, many years ago we purchased a similar piece from bruce smith, one of the leading experts in chinese tokens in the world. $75+

*653 rotterdam jewish orphanage. 1933. ae 80 x 60mm uniface plaque by m.p.j. fleur. for the centenary of the jewish orphanage in rotterdam. front view of the orphanage with dutch and hebrew legend above and dutch legend in exergue. polak-82. as made. i cannot recall offering this medal before. $150+?

*654 beatrice ephrussi de rothschild. 1934. (1972) ae 67mm by belmaimdo. bust left/villa. an homage medal from the institute de france-academie des beaux-arts, foundation ephrussi de rothschild. $120

*655 berlin jewish community. (1935) 5696. ae60mm. woman helping young child walk, legend around (help needed for jewish community of berlin), 5696 below/german legend within magen david, hebrew legend around. a very scarce and seldom offered medal issued by the berlin jewish community in the attempt to stem the tide of the nazis. (i think we may have had one of these long before we were computerized). we assume that this was issued around the time of the high holidays in 1935. in our fall 2007 sale we offered another medal with the same theme from the berlin jewish community dated a year later. that medal sold for $850 on a $250+ estimate. cast as made and of extreme rarity and importance. $300+

656 Hebrew Sheltering Home for the Aging, 1936. CN 30mm, for 25th Anniversary of the Home. Moses with tablets, legend/Legend around blue enameled Magen David. EF and not often encountered. $25

*657 memphis, tn. 1937 ae31mm. 10th anniversary b'nai b'rith home for aged memphis, tenn, 1927-1937 around building/menorah, 3 stars of david, english, hebrew inscriptions. ef-au. scarce, the last we offered sold for $30 in our sale 28f. i believe that this is that example. $30+

*658 rabbi joseph herman hertz. 1938. ae34mm. bust of the rabbi left, within hebrew legend/menorah, star of david above, english legend above and below. commemorates the 25th anniversary of his reign as chief rabbi of great britain. hertz was also the first graduate of the jewish theological seminary in the usa. by bruno elkan. see the shekel vox xi, #1, page 23. a couple of very tiny nicks, otherwise as struck. $250+

*659 sigmund freud. 1939? ae90mm by r. duboc. his bust right/legend in french & his signature. part of a series entitled the great discoveries in psychoanalysis by robert laffont and claude tchou. cast as made. ef, a few minor rim nicks. rare, this is only the 2nd i can recall offering. $300+

*660 jewish home for wayfarers 1940. ae 37mm, 127 s. boyle ave, los angeles, tenth anniversary 1930-1940, building/similar legend in hebrew around magen david. vf a few nicks, holed. rare, only the 2nd i can recall. larger than most of this type. $40+

*661 palestine police lot. a pair of red and blue enameled silver cufflinks with "pp" in circle palestine police below and o.c.a. in red below, crown above. also in this lot is a palestine police id card of shlomo wygodski from 1941. the card has his photo stapled inside and has the signatures and handstamps of the tel-aviv division of the palestine police. the fourth item in this lot is a work booklet of a tel-aviv special constabulary which is unused. the last two items have leatherette black covers. 4 piece lot $500+?

*662 yeshiva chaim berlin. ae 29mm. hebrew legend around "1899 prospect pl., brooklyn, n.y." all this around a round center hole. a most unusual style token. seldom seen. ef. $40+

*663 venice, california synagogue token. 1941. brass 34mm. view of synagogue, "bay cities cong. mishkon tephilo and center - venice, calif."/legend. most likely a contribution token as the new synagogue (still operating) was not opened until 1948. choice ef. scarce. i believe i've had this only once or twice before $50+

*664 jewish air raid precaution pin. wwii. with raised pointed magen david, plus arp initials in english and 'hga" in hebrew among the ribs of the magen david. green background and hebrew letters for eretz israel. no doubt only for jewish arp members. made by kretchmer (makers name on reverse). $40+

*665 karl marx. 1948. ae 40 mm. his facing bearded bust/his birth house in trier. struck for his 130th birthday. ef. $50+

*666 revisionist's etzel medal. 1948. 28mm cn medal with original loop. hand holding rifle/tower & stockade with barbed wire. struck to honor those members of the irgun who survived british internment in kenya during the war of independence. most of the interned were concentration camp survivors. scarce. ef. $75

*667 leon blum. (1950). gilt silver 68mm by george lay. his bust right, name above, dates in roman numerals (1872-1950)/4 line french legend within box of dots. blum was the first jew to be prime minister of france, serving in that position in the 1930's and again briefly after the war. during the war he was imprisoned in both buchenwald and dachau. scarce. this is not the more common bronze medal. $250

*668 silver pidyon haben "amulet" shekel. (1955) by deveer of london. silver 35mm. "hands", legend around/legend. scarce. we've been told that they sell for $100 per medal when they show up. $100?

*669 naomi lehman memorial foundation. (1959) bronze c. 92 x 107 oval by nancy proskauer dryfoos. this huge award medal was struck to be presented to those active in jewish child care services. it features a 1/2 bust of lehman to the left and name of the award around it. i cannot recall ever seeing this medal before. dryfoos was a well-known sculptor who did only two other medals, both jewish related. one was of her father "joseph meyer proskauer" a uja award medal, and her most famous was for the 300th anniversary of jewish settlement in the america for the american jewish tercentennial committee. see ira rezak's a century of medals, and still counting: anniversaries of jews in america in the american jewish archives. $75+

*670 david, king of israel. gold-plated silver 42mm, 34.10 grams. high relief bust of bearded crowned david, "david, king of israel" in hebrew and english above and below/ menorah, with lions flanking commandments above, "100 shekels" below. as struck but for some light handling marks and a small rim bruise (possibly a test mark) at about 3:30 on obverse. probably made in mexico around 1960 as we know of a very similar one with spanish on the reverse. scarce. $50+?

*671 herzlia gymnasium. nd. ae 35 x 70 mm by kretschmer. an impressive view of the front of the herzlia gymnasium (high school) in tel aviv. uniface. $50+

*672 max liebermann. 1960. ae73mm by w. fitzenreiter. his bust right, 7 line legend. struck to commemorate his term as president of the prussian academy for culture. cast as made. liebermann was a german painter who was ousted in 1933 from his position as president of the academy when the nazis came to power. he died two years later. scarce, 1st i can recall having. $250?

*673 advertising medal. nd. 1960's-1970's? cn35mm. "mealia israel" hebrew above and below for atza or etza metal works ltd/ "mia" above "resh vav ayin", presumably an acronym in english and hebrew for the company. ef, holed (as issued?). $35?

*674 elkan r. myers. 1963. ae76mm by hcs. his bust facing, 1894-1963 to either side, his name above/"elkan r. myers memorial award presented to____for dedicated leadership and devotion to the highest ideals of communal service." myers was called the "conscience of the baltimore jewish community." the award perpetuates the memory of him and recognizes the accomplishments of those who dedicate their time and efforts to serving the baltimore community. he was also a prominent figure in the american jewish committee. ef and no doubt scarce. $75+

*675 telephone token. 1964 brass 19mm. see haffner (1970) page 327. this token was only in use for 2 years unlike the very common 1966 copper-nickel token. 1st we've had in auction in many, many years. vf. $25+

*676 felix m. warburg memorial award. ae80mm. presented to mr. leonard h. bernheim for 50 years of devoted service to federation, community and humanity. with loop attached. presented by the federation of jewish philanthropies of new york. name of the award around a center image of the logo of the organization which featured a menorah/long legend. by it's very nature this medal when awarded is rare. how many people can be actively contributing service for that many years? only the 2nd awarded warburg medal we've had. $100+?

*677 albert einstein plaque. 1965 c. 11 x 15" on larger wooden frame (c. 14 x 18"). "awarded to dr. and mrs. howard g. rapaport founder...who helped create....albert einstein college of medicine, yeshiva university. " large and impressive, ready for hanging (you need a strong wall). unlisted by flower and unsigned, although perhaps by gilroy roberts. rare. $350+

678 Israel Numismatic Society. 1965. AE31mm. Struck for the 20th anniversary of the first INS in Israel. Depicts Bar Kochba Revolt coin. EP-31A. Only 300 pieces struck. Unc. $25+

*679 7th maccabiah olympics. 1965. silver 35mm. a long jumper, "israel" in english & hebrew 1965/hand holding torch, world globe behind it, "maccabiah" in hebrew & english. haffner sm-15b. toned unc. scarce. $40+?

*680 s.y. agnon stockholm 1966. society of the founders. 90mm gilt award medal. open book in center, "the advancement of learning is the highest commandment maimonidies" in english and hebrew, "s.y. agnon stockholm 1966. society of the founders" around that and all within "may the earth be filled with knowledge and eternal joy for all who dwell therein". uniface, two holes on reverse indicate this was removed from a larger plaque. scarce award medal that i cannot recall offering before. agnon, a nobel laureate in literature, was among the central figures in modern hebrew fiction. $75

*681 so-called "victory" medal. iraq or syria? 1967. ae40mm, enameled in blue, green, black, red and gold. soldier with rifle, map of israel/for victory over israel, 6 day war. with black, green and red ribbon. $65

*682 paul vincze, 6 day war medal. 1967. silver 38 mm. soldier standing guard over walled city/sword & olive-branch, i have set watchmen upon thy walls o jerusalem. we offered a similar one in our sale 36c that sold for $45. $45

*683 the frankenhuis collection medal. 1967. ae 76 mm by elizabeth weistrop. in extremely high relief, a mother hugging 2 children, both wearing stars, before being herded into a cattle car/legend. ho-2, see the shekel 2, #3, 16. a large and impressive medal. the last we offered in 2002 sold for $275. commissioned by maurice frankenhuis who built two huge collections of war memorabilia, one for wwi and the other for wwii, both of which he donated to museums in israel. $250?

*684 jewish ex-policeman in israel. 1967. iron 35mm with tab at top. "association jewish ex-policemen in israel" around circle 1917-1967 in 2 lines in center / "pp" logo (palestine police) and same obverse legend but in hebrew around. vf-ef and scarce $40+

685 Florence G. Heller Professional Award. 1968. AE76mm by Medallic Art Co. Her high relief bust facing, name of the award around/"National Jewish Welfare Board" "Presented to" with Magen David, 10 commandments and other symbols. The award is presented by the Jewish Community Center Associations of North America on a biennial basis. As issued, a few minor nicks. 1st I can recall seeing. $75+

686 The Israel Heroism Medals. A set of 6 medals all of which were done by Paul Vincze. 1) In Bondage in Jerusalem/In Freedom Israel. 2) Six Day War. 3) David & Goliath/Israel's 20th Anniversary. 4) Beitar Fortress/Bar Kochba. 5) Exodus and 6) Masada/Year 5 Shekel. The first 5 are 57mm, the 6th is 50mm. In blue album of issue by Isnumat of Jerusalem. Cover has a few minor flaws. $75+

*687 theodore herzl. nd. silvered 45mm by kretschmer. his bust left. uniface. scarce as a silvered piece. one of a series of medals on important jewish personalities of the 20th century. $60+

*688 shalom aleichem. nd. silvered 45mm by kretschmer. pensive facing bust. scarce as a silvered piece. another in the same series. $60+

689 Shalom Aleichem. ND. Bronze 45mm by Kretschmer. As above but not silvered. $35

*690 yitzhak mangen. 1969?. silvered 45mm by kretschmer. facing bust, name and dates/golden peacock facing r., legend. similar to above, but this has a reverse. he was a poet, dramatist and novelist. scarce. toned. $60

691 Jerusalem Elections Medal. 1969. Copper-Nickel 32mm. Struck to commemorate the 1st election in reunified Jerusalem, given to election workers. JTM-EP-32. Unc. $25+

*692 israel navy presentation medal. nd (c. 1970). ae 59mm. emblem of israeli navy with roped border/5 smaller emblems, presumably of various naval divisions. all in blue and gilt box of issue with olivewood stand. the box has the same navy emblem with "israel navy" in english above. i would think that this was presented to us naval forces by israeli navy forces after a joint exercise of some sort. i can't recall seeing this before.$50+

*693 genesis. nd (1972). ae57mm by brian watkins. in stylized form, the shaping of the land masses floating in the ocean, below in a concave portion, in hebrew "genesis"/very stylized, symbolizing the formation of the waters. jtm-bm-1a. scarce. one of only two medals issued by the maccabi mint. the first we've offered in 4 years! $60+

*694 dr. nahum goldmann. 1972. ae 41mm. by heinz peter. his bust left/his name above and below his facsimile signature. goldman was a long-time prominent zionist and president and the founder of the world jewish congress. i can't recall seeing this medal before. as struck. $200+

*695 haifa city special presentation plaque. 1973. copper c. 90 x 115mm. "for the great worker". presented by the mayor of haifa "to ___an employee who worked for the benefit of the city from the inception of the state in 1948" to today". with mayor's name below and official 25th anniversary emblem at right. rare. first i can recall seeing.$150?

*696 lead die trial for the exodus medal. by brian watkins. c. 73 mm. uniface trial of the obverse on irregular planchet with glossy surface, this is a very modernistic stylized version of the 10 commandments with the hebrew legend, "we will do, and we will listen". jtm-bm-2. $50+

*697 solel boneh 30th anniversary?, 1973. ae59mm. stylized 30, brick wall, legend and symbols/building. since solel boneh, jewish workers cooperative of histadrut originated in about 1921, this is the 30th anniversary of something but not the founding. scarce. $40+?

*698 hadassah university hospital rededication. 1975. copper 39mm. the hospital/symbol of the hospital. we have seen auction records of well over $100 for this medal. i don't think it's that rare, but not often offered. $40+?

*699 yamit medal. 1977. ae44mm. map of area, legend in hebrew and english/logo and hebrew legend. struck for the 3rd anniversary of this israeli settlement in the northern part of the sinai, south of the gaza strip. yamit was established after the six-day war. the town was then handed over to the egyptians in 1982 as a result of terms of the 1979 israel-egypt peace treaty. the removal of the jewish citizens, by the government of menachem begin, was long and contentious and is still remembered. this is the first medal from here that i can recall seeing. $50+?

*700 hadassah convention. 1978. bronze 40mm. modernistic statue of people balancing on each other/"...and see thou the good of jerusaelm. hadassah national convention" 1978. ef. uncommon. $40+

701 Group of tokens. Piser Memorial Chapel Parking, Milwaukee Jewish Community Center, Milwaukee Jewish Community Complex (these are two different parking tokens), Jewish Community Center, Albany NY "Good for one towel", "Wolke's Free Parking While Shopping", Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach FL, Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital (Chicago) and Wolke & Kotler "Free Parking". 8 tokens, the last two of the same design depicting a toll gate on both sides and issued by PARCOA (Parking Company of America). VF or better. $40?

702 Large Group of False Shekels, Masonic Shekels, Charity tokens and medlets. 58 total pieces, a few duplicates, but mostly different. Some better pieces in this lot. We can provide a list (and perhaps a scan) of the contents. Should be of interest to both the beginner and veteran collector. $150+?

*703 atomic research center. c. 1970. silver plated bronze 59mm. negev atomic center, camel in foreground/atom symbol, cactus, hebrew legend. jtm-ep3v. haffner lists this as tombac. however, almost all i can recall seeing of this scarce medal have been silver-plated. $50

704 Group of City, Municipality and Settlement Medals. 28-35mm base metal medals, from Afikim, Ashkelon, Bat Yam, Beersheva, Beit Shemesh, Dimona, Hadera, Hanita, Holon, Jerusalem, Karkur, Kfar Yehoshua, Kirat Motzkin, Mitzpe Ramon, Nazareth, Netivot, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Yavne, Yeroham and Youth Village. JTM 1-3, 7-9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23-30. Also included is a special variety of CM-P8 (usually 59mm). This medal for the District Council of Menashe is 36mm. 22 medal lot, some scarce. $60

705 Group. A group of medals, most listed in Haffner's Judaic Tokens & Medals. EP-31 20th Anniversary of Israel Numismatic Society, EP-32 1969 Jerusalem Elections, EP-46a Mikva Israel Variety (CN-35mm), EP-50 Ramat-Gan Orchestra, MM-18b, c & d all Paratroopers, MM-25 Zahal, SM-5c, SM-6c both Hapoel Games. Also included is a 1959-60 36mm calendar medal and a Gilt AE medal of Herzl with Western Wall on reverse. 12 small medals, some scarce. Some with PVC residue, sold as is, no returns. $125+

706 group of large 59mm Events and Public Affairs Medals as listed by Haffner in JTM. EP-4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 15, 22, 25, 26A, 26B, 27, 30, 33, 35, 44A, 44B and 44C. Bat Yam City Hall, Biblical Prophecy, B'nai B'rith, Building Workers, Bulgarian Circus, Haifa Flower Show, Haifa Traders Assn., Holon Veterans, 2 different Israel Cancer Assn. medals, Israel Aviation, Fire Fighting Service, Jerusalem Merit, JNF President's Medal and 3 different Mekorot Water Company Medals. 17 different medals. Some with PVC residue, sold as is, no returns. $250+

707 Group of 5 Unlisted medals. Income & Property Tax Office, B'nai Brith Martyrs Forest, Government Employees-Federation of Labour, 1967 Jewish Legion-Jabotinsky and 1976 Grand Commanders-Jerusalem. Five 59mm all tombac, the last silvered. These medals were offered in 1979 by NASCA for $150! Some with PVC residue, sold as is, no returns. $100

708 Group of large size city medals as listed by Haffner in JTM. CM-P1, P-2, P-4, P-5, P-6, P-7, P-8, P-9, P-10 and P-11. Afula, Akko, Gvataim Haifa, Herzilya, Kiryat Ono, Menashe, Migdal Ha'emek, Natanya and Petah Tikva. 10 medals. Some with PVC residue, sold as is, no returns $50+

709 Group of medals. JTM MM-8 Hagana Honor Guard, MM-18A & MM-18E Paratrooper, EP-61 Volcani Institute, Air Force 25th Anniversary, B'nai B'rith, Palmach 1973 and 1973 Memorial Day. Eight 45mm medals, the first 7 bronze or tombac, the last copper-nickel. Some with PVC residue, sold as is, no returns $75+

710 Group of 59mm Military Medals. MM-3 Haifa Disabled Veterans, MM-21 Shekem Army Supply Dept., MM-22 Shekem Officers School, 1973 Yom Kippur War and 1974-1975 56th Battalion Occupation of Sinai Medal. 5 medals, the first three listed in Haffner's Judaic Tokens and Medals, two unlisted. Some with PVC residue, sold as is, no returns $75+

*711 trio of military plaques. 1) 1975 58th battalion occupation force; 2) 1976 60th battalion occupation force and 3) 1976 62nd battalion occupation force. all 3 copper c. 75 x 100 and showing the route of travel for each battalion. $100+

712 Group of Sporting Badges. All as listed in Haffner's Judaic Tokens and Medals. GSM-3a, 10b, 17, 19a, 20, 22, 24, 26, 27a ( 2 different silver-plate & gold-plate), 35, 36, 46. 54, 55, 65, 70a, 76, 77, 78, 84, 87, 113, 114, 116, 118, 122, 124, 126, 130, 134 and 135. 32 different medals. All looped as made as these were given to participants in various sporting events. These retail at $5+ each. Some with PVC residue, sold as is, no returns. $90+

713 A group of Sporting Badges given to Participants. GSM-17, 43, 49v, 55, 61, 68, 72, 75a, 104, 107, 110, 114, 135 plus an unlisted one from the 1972 King David March. 14 piece lot. Some with PVC residue, sold as is, no returns. $50?

714 Group of Sporting Medals. SM-5A & 5B 8th Hapoel Games, SM-6a 9th Hapoel Games, SM-8 Hapoel Annual Championship, SM-13 5th Maccabiah Games, SM-15a 7th Maccabiah Games and 1976 Sports Federation of Israel Vollyball. 7 medals.. Some with PVC residue, sold as is, no returns. $100?

*715 group of sports medals. high school athletics champion of israel 59mm five hapoel annual championship medals. sm-8, all 40 x 55mm with gilt inlay depicting wrestling, handball, ping pong, yachting and basketball. 6 medals, the first very scarce. i've only seen this offered once before. that was in nasca fixed price list of 1979 where it was listed for $70! some with pvc residue, sold as is, no returns. $100+

716 A collection of 113 Sporting Medals. These date from the late 1960's and early 1970's and are mostly 35mm or smaller. Most of these are for swimming or marching. A list identifying each medal is included in this large lot. Some with PVC residue, sold as is, no returns. $200?

*717 anne frank. nd. ae 79 mm by w. g`9fnzel. her bust right/legend around the outside, 8 line legend within. cast as made. rare and i would presume of very low mintage as most of the works of this artist were produced in very low quantities. see lot #723 for another medal by this artist. $200+

*718 binding of isaac. nd. bronze sculpture c. 5 1/2 x 10", #10 of only 100 made. very high relief image of abraham holding isaac, with "do not lay your hand upon the boy" in hebrew below from genesis 22:12. perhaps by "atriel" $150+

*719 arthur miller 2000 jewish american hall of fame medal. silver trapezoid by marika somogyi. bust of miller facing, his signature in lower right/willy loman walking with two cases, "attention must be paid". low mintage (65 minted) and scarce, the scene is from miller's "death of a salesman", recently voted america's most important play of the 20th century. $100?

*720 leopold karpeles 2002 jewish american hall of fame medal. silver trapezoid by alex shagin. karpeles in army uniform holding flag of massachusetts volunteers/tallit from congregation mikveh israel, philadelphia and quote from abraham lincoln. karpeles was a medal of honor recipient. low mintage (65 minted) and scarce. $100?

*721 350th anniversary jewish life in america. 2004. ae76 mm by dana krinsky. ny skyline like a menorah and george washingtons's quote "gives to bigotry no sanction...."/a group of men, women & children on a journey to liberation, "proclaim liberty....". jahf offers this for $150 on their website. with certificate of authenticity and in elaborate case. this is the first time i've seen the case! $125+

*722 350th anniversary jewish life in america. 2004. gold-plated silver 76 mm by dana krinsky. as above, but in gold-plated silver as made with certificate of authenticity and in original pouch. only 100 were struck this is the first i can recall even seeing this in gold-plated silver and it's obviously very rare. $350?

*723 albert einstein. 2009 (?). 100 x 88 mm by w. g`9fnzel. bust of einstein left, e=mc2 at upper left, 1879-1955 albert einstein below. the reverse of this plaque has the same design but it is incused. cast as made. harry flower passed away in may of 2000 (has it really been 10 years!), so obviously unlisted by flower. 1st we've seen. see lot #717 for another medal by g`9fnzel. $200+

*724 chagall's tribes of israel stained glass window set of 12 medals in lighted case. 2003. an incredibly beautiful set which incorporates a colored transparency of each of the 12 stained glass windows depicting the twelve tribes of israel, designed by marc chagall for the hadassah hospital synagogue in jerusalem. each medal is approximately 59mm gold-plated silver with the edge being a gold-plated steel band. the medals were authorized by adagp of paris. the case is designed to be hung on a wall with lights lit behind the medals. it is very impressive but bidders should be aware that the shipping cost of this will be substantial. it cost $70 to ship it to us from california. $500+?

*725 spinning gates of jerusalem. lion's gate. 1st in a series, the creation of artist miki karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. in this series, the picture is printed on stone and then handpainted and signed by the artist. the first in the series is lion's gate through which the paratroopers entered the old city during the six day war. on the back is a lion's gate medal in pewter plated with pure silver. the stone is mounted on a wooden column that spins, enabling you to enjoy both sides at once. each one comes with a metal plaque with the serial number, and the artist's signature. the medal is about 68mm, the entire work of art is about 5.9 x 5.9". issued at $161 per work of art. only 360 pieces made. $120+

*726 spinning gates of jerusalem. dung gate. 2nd in a series, the creation of artist miki karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. dung gate, the closest gate to the western wall and the temple mount. see lot above for details of the entire series. $120+

*727 spinning gates of jerusalem. zion gate. 3rd in a series, the creation of artist miki karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. zion gate is also known as david's gate due to it's proximity to david's tomb. see lot #725 above for details of the entire series. $120+

*728 spinning gates of jerusalem. herod's gate. 4th or 7th in a series, the creation of artist miki karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. herod's gate was named for herod the great because he was thought to be buried near there. it is the entrance to the muslim quarter. this, and the lot below, are no longer being offered by the igcmc and can only be found in the secondary market. see lot #725 above for details of the entire series. $120+

*729 spinning gates of jerusalem. new gate. 5th in a series, the creation of artist miki karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. new gate is so named because it is the newest gate to the city. see lot #725 above for details of the entire series. $120+

*730 spinning gates of jerusalem. damascus gate. 6th in a series, the creation of artist miki karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. damascus gate is the largest of the gates to the city and is so named because it is the road to nablus and then to damascus. see lot #725 above for details of the entire series. $120+

*731 spinning gates of jerusalem. jaffa gate. 4th or 7th in a series, the creation of artist miki karni, combines a painting with a sculptural medal. jaffa gate is the main entrance to the old city and begins the road to jaffa. see lot # above for details of the entire series. this, and lot 728 above, are no longer being offered by the igcmc and can only be found in the secondary market. $120+

732 Golda Meir Sculpted Banknote. Bronze c. 93 x 160mm by Misha Zaltsman. From the 10 New Israel Sheqalim note. The first in the series. Very high relief bust of Golda Meir at right, with wooden stand as issued. #62 of only 180 made. All were issued at $158 (or more?). $120+

*733 moshe sharrett sculpted banknote. bronze c. 93 x 160mm by misha zaltsman. from the 20 new israel sheqalim note. #25 of only 180 made. (or more?).$120+

734 Shmuel Yosef Agnon Sculpted Banknote. Bronze c. 93 x 160mm by Misha Zaltsman. From the 50 New Israel Sheqalim note. #4 of only 180 made. $120+

735 Yitzhak Ben-Zvi Sculpted Banknote. Bronze c. 93 x 160mm by Misha Zaltsman. From the 100 New Israel Sheqalim note. #4 of only 180 made. $120

736 Zalman Shazar Sculpted Banknote. Bronze c. 93 x 160mm by Misha Zaltsman. From the 200 New Israel Sheqalim note. #18 of only 180 made. $120+

*737 sm-1. judaea capta-israel liberata. 1958 gold 27mm. man, woman and child planting tree / inset of roman judaea capta coin. choice bu. this medal has 15 grams of .916 gold, thus .4418 of an ounce of actual gold weight. with leatherette purse of issue and very scarce as such. the actual gold value as we write this is $520+. $575?

*738 sm-1c. medal of liberation. 1961 silver 61mm. "sterling" on edge, presumably zechovoy mint. golden toned. $75?

739 SM-12. Bar Mitzvah medal embedded in Lucite. 1961 Bronze 59 mm Large Tribes. In official IGCMC box. $50

740 SM-12c. Bar Mitzvah medal embedded in Lucite. 1961 Silver 35mm. In official IGCMC box. $30

741 SM-14a. 2nd Bible Contest. 1962. Silver 59mm. Scarce. Nice Unc. $175

*742 sm-15b shavit. 1962. silver 35 mm. low mintage. israel's first rocket. $100

*743 sm-21e. gold liberation medal. 1971. 27mm. man, woman and child planting tree/inset of roman judaea capta coin. choice bu. very attractive and symbolic medal. 15 grams of 22 karat gold! $520 of gold in this medal as we write this. $575+

744 SM-35c. Masada Embedded in lucite. Silver 45mm. In official IGCMC box.$30

*745 sm-105a. anne frank. 1988. silver 27 mm. her face behind door/hand, barbed wire. choice bu. also included is a pin issued by the igcmc for the 3000th anniversary of jerusalem. the silver medal has become increasingly difficult to find in recent years.$50?

*746 sm-?. jerusalem. nd. 2007? silver 50mm proof. city view of reunited jerusalem showing various sites/"jerusalem" in twenty different languages. the reverse is similar to that on sm-77 and cm-123. this is an official state medal of israel. however, i cannot find it listed in their catalog. scarce. $50+

*747 sm-?. idf-air force series. 2001. bronze 50mm. auster airplane over old city of jerusalem (from 1948 war of independence)/"his wings shall fill the breadth of the land" in hebrew and english. eagle and air force emblem. proof as struck. $40+

*748 sm-? mazel.1989 silver 24mm state "adillion". the medal, which contains the 12 signs of the zodiac, is encased in a locket with a loop. the locket "mazal" in english and hebrew. igcmc #64258851. issued at $49 and the first i can recall seeing. $50?

749 CCM-8a. Lod City-Coin Medal Embedded in lucite. Silver 45mm. In original IGCMC box. $30

750 CCM-9a. Jerusalem City-Coin Medal Embedded in lucite. Silver 45mm. In original IGCMC box. $30

*751 3 scarce modern medals. teddy kollek, the twin towers and hurva synagogue. all tombac 70mm, the first two 2001, the last 2006. seldom offered. $100+?

*752 women in art. a group of six 75 x 60mm art medals. tarkay, rembrandt, modigliani, pissarro, pamm and delecroix. all six with silk-screening of famous works featuring women. seldom offered for sale, all are low mintage and attractive. $150+

753 CM-2c. 1st Harp. 1960. Unlisted by ICGMC. Tombac 59mm. Unknown mintage, but scarce. As struck. $100

754 CM-5. Press Institute. 1961 Bronze 59mm. Only 500 of these medals were struck and they are seldom offered for sale. $120

755 CM-6. Pablo Casals. 1962 Bronze 59mm. This medal was presented to participants & guests and not offered for sale. As struck. $120

*756 cm-8a. gold tourism award medal. 1962. 19mm milled edge. only 380 pieces of this medal were struck in gold. $200

757 CM-8b. Tourism. 1966. Tombac 59mm. Rare, only 400 pieces minted. $80+

758 CM-9. Hebrew Union College. 1963 Bronze 59mm. Never offered for sale by IGCMC, this was presented to those who attended the final construction meeting for the Archaeological School. Only 496 minted. $70

759 CM-19. Terra Sancta. IGCMC unlisted. 1964, Bronze 59mm. As the regular issue (SM29) but with the added incuse legend "visite de s.s. le pape paul vi 5.1.1964." 620 minted. $75+

760 CM-25. 3rd Harp. 1965 Tombac 49mm. Only 415 of these were issued and presented to participants. As issued. $100

761 CM-69. Bank of Israel. 1974, Tombac 59mm. Issued for the Bank, never offered for sale to the public. $60+

*762 pm-3 and pm-3b. tsva hagana l'israel. 1961. silver and bronze 38mm. haffner states that the bronze medal is 40mm but she is mistaken. however the bronze medal is thicker (3.41 to 3.09) than the silver medal and is much scarcer! $50+

763 PM-3. TSVA Hagana L'Israel. 1961. Silver 38mm.A group of 4 silver medals. Emblem of the Hagana, a sword entwined with an olive-branch/Emblems of the 4 branches of the Defense Forces. Choice toned Unc., very attractive. $60+

*764 pm-4. medical society of israel. 1962, bronze 59mm. rare, issued upon the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the society. haffner lists the mintage at 500. only the 4th we offered since at least 1995, the last sold for $175. as struck, one tiny rim nick.$150+

*765 pm-7. petroleum institute. 1966. bronze 59mm. only 500 minted. $50

*766 ant-1. aina tour medal. masada. 1969, tombac 35mm (23.14 grams). 100 pieces were struck for aina's 1st tour. haffner lists the weight at 27 grams but igcmc lists at the correct 23 grams. $60

*767 ant-3. aina tour medal. valour. 1971, tombac 35mm. 100 pieces were struck for aina's 3rd tour. (32.96 grams). rare as such. haffner lists the weight at 27 grams, while the igcmc catalog lists the weight as between 27 and 33 grams. the heavier variety seems to be scarcer than the lighter one. $60

*768 ant-13. aina tour medal. 1981. silver 38mm. medal of liberation. only 90 pieces struck. $50

769 Everyone Has a Home. 2003. Bronze 70mm In Memory of Holocaust Victims. In elaborate large presentation case with heavy ebony stand. While we've had this medal before, I have never seen this stand and case for any Israeli medal. $100?

*770 hurva synagogue. 2006. silver 50mm. a view of the synagogue in ruins/the new synagogue. the hurva (literally the "ruins" synagogue, built in the 16th century, was mostly ruined by jordanian troops in 1948. after many years of planning, the new rebuilt synagogue opened in mid-march of 2010. only 360 silver pieces minted and 1st i've seen. in original case. $100+

771 FOUR 45mm Silver Medals. SM-37a Israel Museum 1966, SM-41a Balfour Declaration 1967, SM-60a Albert Einstein 1979 and SM-62a Pilgrims 1979. 4 popular silver medals. Over 5 1/2 ounces of pure silver. $100+

772 FOUR 50mm Silver Medals. SM-90b Everlasting Love 1986, SM-189a Hatikvah 1995, CM-144a Paris and Jerusalem 1990 and SM-? In Memory of Holocaust Victims 2003. 4 silver medals, all but one with color silk screening. $100+

773 A group of 3. SM-21a Liberation-2, SM-54a Operation Jonathan and AM-1 (unlisted variety) Levi Eshkol. three 59mm silver medals, the last by The Shekel Company, otherwise as AM-1a but for unlisted size. Over 9 ounces of actual silver. $150+?

*774 life begins at forty. 2002 aluminum 90mm. city view of jerusalem, "jerusalem" english and hebrew/"40", the zero also a stylized menorah, "life begins at forty" in english and hebrew. reeded edge, as struck. made for the 40th anniversary of the igcmc and probably only made available to subscribers who had been buying for many (all 40?) years. first we've seen. $50?

*775 agam silver medals. sm-87b "and there was light" 50mm 1985 and sm-138a "everlasting covenant" 26mm 1991. 2 scarce silver medals. $75+?

776 Group of bronze and tombac medals. UJA (1976), 5th Bible, Haifa, The Revolt, Archeology, Offeq-1, Rishon Le Zion, Gush Etzion, Shavit, Warsaw Ghetto, Joint Israel Appeal, Polish Jewry and Levi Eshkol. 13 medals, all 59mm except the last which is 50mm. $50+

777 Group of Medals & a coin in folder with first Day Cover. Each medal comes with a FDC cover, a descriptive brochure and in a nice folder. They were all issued at $25 to $30 each. Bar Mitzvah (59mm), Menachem Begin (70mm), First Israel Railways (70mm), Stork & Narcissus CN-30 and Revolt & Heroism 2 Sheqalim Silver Proof Coin. $100+

778 Group of Medals. Complete 9 piece set of bronze City -Coin Medals, SM-53 Technion, SM-61 Israel-Egypt Peace (2, both Hecht), 1983, 2001 & 2002 (2) IGCMC Greeting's tokens, purse (in German) for SM-1 gold medal and a complete set of 6 Prime Ministers of Israel 23mm bi-metallic medals in olive-wood case. 23 piecesin all, some with PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $75+?

779 Group of silver medals. Shema, Precious Stones, The People of Israel Lives, Temple Mount, Exodus, Gates of Jerusalem, Israel's 55th Anniversary, Bar Mitzvah (37mm), Auster (Air Force Series), The Volunteers (2), 30th Anniversary of Yom Kippur War and Ammunition Hill. 13 silver medals, 34 to 37mm, mostly the larger size. Some scarce. A few with very light PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns $225+

780 Group of silver Medals. SM-49a Volunteers (2), SM-50a Chaim Weizman, SM-51a Mt. Scopus (2), SM-52a Hebrew University (2), SM-53a Technion (2), HLM-5a Bethlehem & David, CM-68c Diamond Industry (2) and CM-98a Israel-Mexico. 13 silver medals about half in original boxes, the last an olivewood box. Our retail price is over $300. A few with PVC residue. Sold as is, no returns. $200+

781 Season's Greeting Tokens. 1975 "Greatings" error, The scarcest token in the series issued after the late 1960's. Group of 17 pieces. SG-12. Retail value $10 each.$85+


We have divided this section into literature, graphic, historical and financial paper although some lots could just as well have been listed in another category. Please also see 543-572, 578-582 and 585-592 under World Paper Money, as well as the Holocaust listing which follows, beginning with lot 837.

782 Kindler, Arie. Coins of the Land of Israel. 1974, Jerusalem. 139 pages which describe & illustrate the ancient coin collection of the Bank of Israel. The English edition of the 1971 Hebrew work. Torn dust jacket, contents ok with ex-owner's name handstamped inside. $30

783 Magnus, Sylvia Haffner (ed.). Israel's Money & Medals.1988. 4th and Final edition. In loose-leaf album and looks like it's barely used. Long out of print. $35+

784 Meshorer, Y. Jewish Coins of the Second Temple Period. The first of the "modern" books on the subject. Long out of print. Dust jacket protected by covering, thus in almost new condition. Signed by the author in English and Hebrew "L.A. 2.1.75". $45+?

785 Group of Books. Israel's Catalog of 20 Years Coins and Currency by Bertram and Weber (2); Banknotes and Coins of Israel 1990 Catalog of Bank of Israel (card cover); IGCMC Israel's Coins and Medals Catalog Volumes 1 and 2; Jewish Medals by Friedenberg and Take Notes: People and Places on Banknotes of Israel by Yigal Arkin. 7 books, all but one hardcover, some with owner's name inside. $50+

786 The Old Testament in World Music. 1976. Based on an exhibit at the Haifa Music Museum in conjunction with the Amli Library. c. 9 x 8 " card cover with color photos. The book has 125+ pages of mostly black and white photos but perhaps 10-15% are in color. Decent condition, cover shows some wears and folds. $25+?

*787 femme juive, fille juive, in environs of jerusalem with arab prince. 19th century by lalaisse, paris. black & white. c. 4 1/4 x 7 1/2". matted & ready to frame. $50+

*788 canaan & tribes map. c. 1880, c. 10 x 14". black and white. london by c. virtue. some tears and aging on edges, but a nice frame would hide this. $50?

*789 palestine map postcard. 1898. issued for kaiser wilhelm's visit to jerusalem. multicolored, title "panorama of jerusalem" with map of the mediterranean and showing the major cities of palestine, egypt, the sinai and turkey, plus a smaller inset map of palestine. posted in germany in 1898 (during the kaiser's visit), all captions in german. it was during this visit that the kaiser met with herzl to discuss possibility of a jewish state. very attractive. vf $75+

*790 yiddish musical score. 1899. k`9anig ahasverus opera by a. goldfaden, with goldfaden's picture at left. we offered similar items in the past but always in poor condition. this lot, and the lot below, are much nicer than we've ever seen. ef, but a few small tears along edge published by hebrew publishing co. $40+

*791 yiddish sheet music. brausch haschonoh, arranged by rev. joachim kurantmann. ef. also published by hebrew publishing co. $30+

*792 flowers and views of the holyland. c. 1900? title jerusalem on front about 3 1/2 x 5 1/2". a very nice olive-wood album (english, french and italian) with 10 colored scenes and pressed flowers from the holy land. insides are somewhat aged and frayed but still decent. nice view of dome of the rock on cover. $100?

*793 songs of the ghetto. 1902. by morris rosenfeld, illustrations by e.m. lilien with a forward by berthold feiwel. german translation published by hermann geemann of berlin. a famed work by three leading luminaries of the zionist movement of the early 20th century. rosenfeld was a famed yiddish socialist poet who was a delegate to at least one zionist congress. lilien was among the most important artists and photographers of the art nouveau style, particularly noted for his jewish and zionist themes, and is sometimes called the "first zionist artist." feiwel was an important writer of his own, and he and lilien, along with martin buber and chaim weizmann, were among the founders of juedischer verlag. lilien and boris schatz (see lot 623 & 636) were the most prominent founders of the bezalel school of art. the cover of this book is terrible and is falling apart and the book certainly needs to be rebound. however the contents are mostly fine although showing aging at the edges. a rare and important book. $100+

*794 palestine photo cards. 10 different photo cards issued by judische zeitung of vienna. (photographer of the zionist movement) (10 c. 6 x 4 1/2" and 17 c. 6 1/2 x 8"). life in early 20th century holy land including one of a bezalel workshop and others of various colonies. an extraordinary group. we've sold individual cards such as these for $35 and up. some with light stains, but a nice group. $200+

*795 postcards. 1) 1910 black and white showing jewish colonies in palestine by the zionist organization of mannheim and 2) a card from a jewish youth group in germany. 2 cards, the first nice with an interesting map (pre tel aviv), the 2nd with small corner missing and a few small tears. $40+?

*796 post wwii rosh hashanah tag. 5706 (1945). c 4 x 2" blue on green tag issued by the jewish soldier's welfare committee and depicting a male and female soldier with magen david behind them. inscribed in hebrew, "brought as a gift for the soldier, rosh hashanah 5706". has two tiny rusty pinholes at upper left which shows that this was actually used. otherwise ef. $35+

*797 israel reborn. 1948. jewish national fund tag in blue and white. c. 1 x 4", inscribed in hebrew "this is the day we hoped for - the establishment of a jewish state, 15. may, 1948" with israeli flag about "the lamed" in kkl. ef. 1st i can recall seeing. $45

798 EL AL Playing Cards. 1950's-60's? Two sets of playing cards in one box issued by El Al airlines and designed by Jean David for El Al. Many Biblical heroes are portrayed including Queen Esther, King David and King Solomon. The cards are in excellent condition, the box show a great deal of wear but is still attractive. $40+?

*799 theodore herzl commemorative card. 1958. made for the 10th anniversary of the state of israel. blue on white, showing a plaque image of herzl with a magen david and his name in english and hebrew below. "born 1869, died 1904" in hebrew. issued in austria, with austria stamp and special austrian handstamp inscribed, "israel's 10th year" (in german). ef. $55+

*800 theodore herzl commemorative card. 1958. a different type of card, this showing his face half right along with the same handstamp on a different stamp. ef. $60?

*801 theodore herzl commemorative folder. similar to above but the back has the same special postmark, although on a different stamp. $55+

*802 theodor herzl memorial card. 1980. made for the 120th anniversary of his birth. issued in austria and shows a city view of vienna and jerusalem. in light blue, white brown, and gilt. the back has a 9-line german inscription. produced by entwurf and stich of vienna. vf. $55

*803 lubavitcher chabad envelope. 1927. on an official envelope in hebrew and english, franked with a 3 mil stamp and postmarked jerusalem 27 feb. 1927. printed "congregation colel chabad..jerusalem, palestine" in english and hebrew and mailed to chicago. fine. $40?

*804 masonic lodge of jerusalem. a group of documents. includes the agenda of a 1928 meeting on the cover of which there is a logo of david's tower & citadel in jerusalem (as seen on palestine currency board notes) and the names of the officers, the executive being moise valero. the lot also includes two letters and two tickets for a benefit on february 29, 1928. 5 documents all in french. valero is from the valero family which interestingly has been in the news in jerusalem claiming that they are the rightful owner of land located by the damascus gate in the old city. they have said that the state never compensated them for the land seized after the six day war, land that, they say, aharon valero purchased in 1921. see ha'aretz 17 april 2008. $60+?

805 Documents of a Pharmacist. 1920's-1940's. Hirsch & Zvi Rapoport (or perhaps they are one and the same). Includes insurance policies, checks, official letters with embossed and adhesive revenue stamps, Pharmacist graduation certificate, postcrds, letters and receipts. Interesting look at an early 20th century businessman. 60+ items. $100+?

*806 palestine police letter. july 1934. sent to litwinksy brothers of tel aviv and signed by the acting district supt. of police, southern district requesting them to produce their commercial vehicle for inspection so that a permit could be issued to carry their workman subject to certain conditions. in our fall 2009 sale (lot 788) we sold a similar letter which denied a request to carry "settlers and visitors" to a settlement in a commercial vehicle and suggesting that they apply for permission to license an omnibus. this would give them permission to carry workers, but does not mention "settlers and visitors". interestingly while the same person signed the letter (i can't make out the name), in may he was the district supt., by july he was only the acting district supt. entirely in english, hand-stamped and signed. fine $45?

*807 irgun membership card. c. 1935. c. 4 1/4 x 3 1/2" pale green card, with the irgun symbol of hand holding a rifle in front of map of "greater israel" and handstamp at lower left.the reverse has a handstamp for the details of the cardholder and it's all filled out, in written hebrew. well used. rare. perhaps the only one i've seen since 1980> $90+?

Please ensure that your bids arrive before the sale closes.

*808 union of hebrew barbers. 1935. haifa. ticket for gathering of members to take place on saturday evening, 23 feb. 1935 at 9 pm in hotel sterner on brosh street. hand stamp in hebrew and english with "eretz israel" in hebrew only. vf+, small stain. presumably very scarce. $30

*809 special presentation album. 1949. issued by ma'ariv newspaper, depicting members of the 1st knesset. entirely in hebrew, with a short biography below each photo, plus other photos. a few of the notables pictured include ben-gurion, weizmann, rabin and golda meir. impressive. $40+

*810 canadian jewish colonial trust share club. nd. early 1900's. 10`a2, label in light blue on white, inscribed in english "issued by the federation of zionist societies of canada". has large magen david in center with "zion" and "otzar hityashvut ha-hehudim" in hebrew. perforated at top and at left, but without any gum. vf and first i can recall seeing. $35+

*811 warsaw kollel. 1914 for 60 piastres (?). with elaborate handstamp at lower left and hand stamp signatures below. there are (at least) two types of warsaw kollel notes, this seems to be the scarcest. ef, a few minor stains. ellenbogen-197, mesh-15. $100+

812 Danzig Synagogue Receipt. 1 July 1915. Large (c 6 1/2 x 8") receipt for a 300 Mark donation signed by Jerzy Hirschberg. Nice VF, staples holes at upper left. $40+?

*813 south american jewish financial document. levy & company, sao paulo. brazil. 1916. a 1st of exchange for 250 bags of coffee. some tape repairs on back. a scarce locale for a wwi-era jewish-related financial document. $50+

*814 aid to starving workers. wwi. pair of polish 5 kopek contribution coupons, issued in lodz, then under russian occupation. has two line purple hand-stamp in yiddish, "fund for starving workers/home of the jewish workers in lodz". the two coupons are attached with perforations between and underneath. f-vf, stains on back. scarce. $60+

*815 polish jewish grocery chit. nd. wwi era? 10 halerzy. perforated all around this small (c. 30 x 36mm) coupon. issued by the "jewish trader's aid society in stanislaw" in yiddish and polish, with globe at center around which in german "our field is the world". printed by ringelheim, tarnow. in blue on white. vf, but back has piece of paper as this has been removed from a document. scarce? $65+

*816 jewish popular friendly coop. (bulgaria). 1922 (5683) sofia. share certificate for 5 shares. four vignettes in corners of life in palestine, plus other vignettes of 12 tribes in fancy border. text in hebrew and bulgarian. mostly in light green and blue with a light green background. round handstamp with magen david at right. vf, with a few small holes at folds. a similar certificate, for 10 shares, sold in our last auction for $100. also see lot #819 for a later certificate. $100+

*817 workers' bank. 1924. share warrant for 3 shares. blue on brown with red seal, and under-print of map of eretz-israel. mesh-49. nice vf, tear at fold and scarce.$125

*818 hungarian orthodox jewish ration chits or vouchers. 29 different pieces. all have a series # at left, and a serial # at right and the round red handstamp of the miskolczi jewish community in the center. group consisting of the following chits: 1 1/2 filler 1927; 3 filler 1931, 1938; 6 filler 1927, 1930, 1933, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1938; 12 filler 1927, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1939; 24 filler 1927; 30 filler 1940; 40 filler 1942; 48 filler 1941; 80 filler 1942 + an undated one; 150 koruna 1926; 300 koruna 1926 plus an undated one; 600 koruna 1926; 1200 koruna 1926; 2400 koruna 1926; 4800 koruna 1926 and an undated 7500 koruna. 29 different chits, vf-unc. in a previous sale we sold a lot of 11 different for $675, this should be worth quite a bit more. issued by the orthodox jewish community of miskolczi (or miskolc). in 1941 there were 15, 000 jews in this city, one of the more important jewish centers in hungary other then budapest. about 90% of the city's jews were murdered during the war. $800+

*819 jewish popular friendly coop. (bulgaria). 1931 (568-) sofia. share certificate for 2 shares. similar to above in orange and blue on a light orange background, but slightly different and a later date. vg, edge tears and some at folds. also see lot #816 for a similar but earlier item. $50+

*820 jewish colonial trust. share warrant. 1936. a bearer warrant #56634 with 24 coupons, not attached but stapled on a separate sheet. with 4 vignettes of life in eretz-israel for jews around the turn of the century. this is a warrant, rather than a certificate. a few corner tears, but much nicer than most we've seen. meshorer-34 $150

*821 otzar mif'alei yam ltd. nd (mid 1930's) 100 mil harbor token. jtm-mt-19ff. used in tel-aviv harbour as small change. otzar mif'alei yam (marine trust ltd) were the owners of this harbor on behalf of the jewish people in palestine. this token is regarded as the first "jewish government" issue. "otzar" (just visible) "will be paid against this ticket the sum of 100 mils". this is serial #732 and, as opposed to the haffner example, the rubber stamp signature of this token is near the top center. the token is printed on secondhand cardboard. f-vf and very rare. unlisted denomination which should be worthy of a substantial bid. this company is still in existence running the tel aviv port. $100+

*822 in memory of joseph trumpeldor. nd. (late 1930's). a revisionist tel-hai fund contribution note for 30 mei (for eretz israel mils, the term used by the revisionists instead of palestine mils). "in memory of joseph trumpeldor" below his portrait. perforated at top. vf. $45+

*823 tel aviv municipal arp services booklet. 1942. in english, hebrew and arabic. the holder had enlisted in the corps of air raid wardens and fire watchers. with his signature. orange. well used indicating that the holder had carried this with him for quite a long time. dated 28 august 1942. interesting. $35

*824 pal-americ-africa. 1943. palestine-america-africa trade co. pair of share certificates. blue `a32 and red `a35 share certificates for monthly benefits. hebrew/english document. vf, a few tears at folds. scarce. we've offered 1 pound shares in blue before (they've sold for $50 each) but i can't recall seeing them in these denominations. $60+

*825 enterprise for emergencies in time of war. 1940's, either during wwii or 1947-1948 period. issued by jerusalem religious organization. 2 small chits. blue for one loaf of bread, and orange for 2 loaves of bread. vf. scarce. $50

*826 kfar bitzaron cooperative. co-15. issued by the consumer coop. of kfar bitzaron in the 1940's. 100 mils. decent f-vf. this is the only denomination known and like most of the cooperative tokens in this section is rare. $40

*827 malal village cooperative. co-17b. 5, 10, 30 and 50 mils. this village in the sharon valley was the first settlement on keren kayemeth land in 1914 and was named "ein-hai". it was abandoned in 1921, but resettled a year later as malal. these pre-state tokens are au-unc. $40+

*828 bursa co. 1940's. mt-5. good for 50 mils and issued by the bursa israel co., a seller of fruits and vegetables. black on washed out orange. f-vf, with two signatures. this is the haffner plate note and is rare. the first we can recall seeing. $50+

*829 h. levy grocery supplies. mt-14. 20 mils. 1940's. green with black print. "grocery store supplies - h. levy, yehuda ha'leyvi - allenby corner 115b/ good for 20 mils in merchandise". signed on back with "3" twice. fine, some stains. another rare token, this is the haffner plate note and i have never seen another. the famed ellenbogen collection lacked this piece! $50+

*830 miran and goldberg. mt-16. 1940's. 50 and 100 mils grocery tokens for use in this tel-aviv store. the 50 mils is buff, the 100 mils is greenish and is the haffner plate specimen. both with goldberg's signature at bottom and vf. scarce. also missing from the ellenbogen collection. $50+

*831 group of 3 cooperative tokens. 1) alonei abba 10 lirot with hole in center as made. this was a moshav coop. for agricultural settlement near tivon and was named for the hagana and wwii hero abba berdiczew who perished in slovakia in wwii. the hole is for stacking the tokens on a metal spike. ef; 2) tnuva, good for one bottle of milk, issued by abutbul yehosue (name of agent). g-vg, soiled and 3) electric corporation coop society workers kitchen for 1 bottle of milk, with notation on back "transferring this coupon loses its value" f-vf. 3 scarce tokens, the last pre-1948. $50

*832 ramat hasharon medical clinic. 5, 10 and 20 mils in buff, pink and green. rubber stamped on the back, "city of peace" in hebrew. basically as issued with the 5 mils somewhat stained. scarce pre-1949 issue. $50

*833 bursa co. 1949. 500 mils. unlisted token from same company as above. printed on both sides of c. 2 1/2 x 2 1/4" gray paper. 500 pruta good only until sunday 6.11.49 (nov. 6, 1949) with 3 signatures on bottom. back "will be paid instead of this coupon together with packing the sum of 500 prutah". vg-f and rare. unlisted in haffner. $50+

*834 general zionist organization. 1952. central party people's factory. 2 lirot in light and dark blue on white. c 4 3/4 x 3 3/4" on thin paper, perforated at left edge. fine. $30

*835 tene, ltd. tel-aviv. 1950's. paper token for 2 bags worth 900 prutot, with an additional 50 prutot for each bag. these bags were empty sacks that could be reused. red on beige thin paper, perforated on 3 sides. vf. $30

*836 natanya cooperative. haffner jtm co-19a. 50, 100, 250 & 500 pruta and 1 and 2 lira. also co-19b, these overprinted added "workers" 250 pruta, 500 pruta and 1 lira. these are scarce tokens and i can't recall offering these in many years. 9 cardboard tokens, ef or better. $50+


Why do people collect this stuff? Obviously people collect for different reasons, but most people seem to collect these items as teaching tools for use at home, in schools, synagogues and churches. Many people donate them to national or local museums. There are people who deny the existence or magnitude of the Holocaust. These items are a weapon against them.

In addition to these lots, please see the following lots earlier in the catalog: 316-317, 437-439, 544-550, 574-575, 577, 585-592, 641, 665, 666-667, 672, 684 and 818.

*837 anti-semitic trade card. nd. (c. 1900?), multicolored lithograph card advertising "kern spool cotton" and features new york stock exchange with two stereotypical jewish types at left. vf, with some soiling and two hinge marks on back. $55+?

*838 austrian anti-semitic notgeld. linz und wels. 1920. 80 heller issued by the party administration of the german freedom and order party of upper austria. shows an armed soldier pointing at a black bearded jewish type kneeling on the ground near a large sack. captioned "i tell you, and i mean it - isaac schlerich is your worst enemy." (schlerich = sneak). in various colors but the main color is red, 1st issue on reverse. ef. see the shekel, xviii,#4, page 27. $60+

*839 arnstadt anti-semitic notgeld. 1921 10 pfennig. a set of 6 different notes all with anti-semitic renditions on the back. jewish peddler with sack, jew taking coins out of rear of bird, 2 jewish woman arguing about money, jewish businessman and his "victim", 2 jewish businessmen celebrating after a deal and a jew as a devil. all choice au-unc. $75

*840 anti-semitic rothschild notgeld. 25 pfennig 1921. "stage coach" in front of house, titled nagelschmied rotschild. for years there has been some debate as to whether this note belongs in the "anti-semitic" category or jewish-related. it has recently been brought to my attention that the the bildarchiv foto marburg with approx. 1.7 million images and is one of the largest image archives on european art and architecture have cataloged this piece under "anti-semitism" and "enmity between the races". unc. $30+?

*841 pre-nazi german passport. 1933. issued to anton schwarz on 24 april 1933 and good for 5 years. he traveled to palestine and by september this passport gave him a "registered immigrant" status. it then seems like it was unused till the summer of 1937 when he traveled to alexandria, austria and italy among other places. photo removed, well used and cover tape repaired, otherwise intact. $75+?

*842 anti-semitic pin. 1933/34. 30mm aluminum pin, which asks the question "peaceful nation or jewish dictatorship?" it depicts a handsome german with a sword and spade facing a wicked malicious jewish type. ef, rare. this ex lot #1069 from our sale 34c where it brought $150. a similar piece sold for $200 in our sale 31c. $150+

*843 anti-semitic label. about 2 x 2", red on black. a skull, "dehors les juifs" above, "de joden buiten" below. probably used in belgium. a similar lot sold for $50 in our sale 30f in the fall of 2000. $50+

*844 fremdenpass. 1939. nazi issued foreign passport to a jew named bernard fenster. issued in vienna in july of 1939 and good for one year. with heavy black stripe on cover to make this more noticeable by the ss. has his picture in which his left ear is prominently shown as this was part of the nazi propaganda that jews could be distinguished by their left ear. with various handstamps, one swedish adhesive revenue and finally entry into the us in early 1940. in excellent condition. i believe it's been 10 years since i've offered a fremdenpass such as this and never one this nice. $200+

*845 nazi "j" passport. 1939. issued to kurt willy (israel) fre`9fndlich, 29 june 1939. front page has a large red "j" indicating that the holder was jewish along with his photo. numerous nazi handstamps as well as other handstamps indicating he left germany and entered china (probably shanghai) as kurt willy freundlich via naples and the port of colombo (ceylon). the cover is detached but included in this lot. $150+

*846 war time troubles of hospitalized jews. august, 1940. double postal card, with reply part intact from paulina gartner to frieda mirapolski (her sister-in-law?) in new york. "paul is hospitalized in a swiss sanitarium...his condition is worse...has been there for 2 first i managed to pay for his care, later heinz sent me money from cape town, but due to war he is unable to send funds (south africa was part of the british commonwealth at war with nazi germany)...poor paul is penniless...please send him money now and then...he does not know i am not let him know you are aware of his condition...alice is in australia (escaped in time)...lily is staying with me, her husband is also abroad..." an interesting message which sheds light on the war time problem of financing and supporting elderly and sick jews in europe, while their families had escaped. card has nazi german okw censor in red on front and high bridge ny receiving (2 months later!) on back. vf. $75?

*847 holocuast group. contains a leather pouch inside of which is black handwritten script in hebrew and polish indicating this was from the litzmannstadt ghetto in 1941, 4 litzmannstadt notes (50 pfg, 1, 2 & 5 mark) all in fair condition or so, the last three taped repaired, although the two larger denominations are scarce, a pendent which depicts a menorah on one side and a 1923 polish 2 groze coin on the other side and a magen david hat pin. this 7 piece lot which came to us as one group no doubt was a possession of a litzmannstadt ghetto survivor. $250+?

848 Nazi Stickpin of SS. c 25 x 18mm. Silver and black proclaiming "Thanks to the SS for loyal help in Wartime" with "SS" on Swastika in center flanked by F and M. Interesting. $50+?

849 Nazi Uniform Patch. c. 3 x 2". Silver on black cloth patch of the Deaths Head Squad. I know little about this but the consignor has had it for 35 years or so. $50+?

*850 litzmannstadt ghetto id and work card. 1943. an official ghetto id & work card issued to a very young ita marien kaltman, born 10 june, 1931 and living at 16/38 holz street for her job as a trainee at the chemical laundry #57 and has permission to be out during curfew hours (presumably the laundry was open through the night), signature of z. goldine the supervisor at lower right. on the left side is her photo, along with an official litzmannstadt ghetto handstamp and signed yadza (or jadza) kaltman, probably her polish name and signature in green ink below that. the back has more details about her, "profession-trainee,.gender-female. age at 1.1.1943...12...started work 24.3.1942" (this may be a typographical error and perhaps should be 1943). the remainder of the card has warnings that she shouldn't lose the card and what to do if she does. the card was not transferable and any self-made changes are forbidden and will be punished.

The message is from Hans Biebow of the Ghetto management. Biebow was the administrator of Lodz and got rich by stealing almost all of the possessions of the Jewish residents and paying them virtually nothing for their work. He sent most of the residents to their death in Auschwitz and escaped to Germany in 1945 but was recognized by a survivor and stood trial in April of 1947 when he was found guilty and executed. According to the Yad VaShem Central Datebase of Shoah, Ita Kaltman perished in the Ghetto. It is worth noting that according to this database she was born in June of 1933, not 1931, thus young Ida forged her age on the ID so that she would be able to work. (This information is included with this lot). VF, some minor staining and no doubt of extreme rarity and importance. $1250+

*851 italian holocaust medal. 1945. 32mm cn. commemorating defeat of nazis, struck by jewish community of milan. menorah/streak of lightning splitting axe with swastika. jtm ho-4. unc. i've always thought of this as copper-nickel. the consignor had it labeled silver on brass. $45

*852 mein kampf movie poster. 1961. 5 different (mostly black and white, except for the title) 11 x 14" lobby advertising posters for this 1961 swedish documentary which was a well done work on the horrors of nazi germany. ef. $60+

*853 "nazi hunter" chaviv kanaan business card. kanaan was born lieber "bibi" krumholz in 1913 in the small polish village of podorodze near levov. in his youth he became a friend of a dutch businessman pieter menten (1899-1987) who was from a wealthy family and arrived in poland and became even wealthier from numerous business dealings, some of which were shady or out and out fraudulent. before and during the war menten served as a nazi collaborator and participated in the execution of hundreds of jews in the area where he used to live. he became known as the "looting dutchman" because he robbed the jews of their property and had it shipped to holland.

Meanwhile in 1935 Bibi Krumhoz emigrated to Palestine, changed his name to Chaviv Kanaan and served as a policeman for the British. Up until 1939 Kanaan and Menten regularly corresponded by letter. Five years later he met Jacob Loebel, a survivor from the area who had just arrived in Palestine. Kanaan asked for news of his family and was told that "Menten has murdered them! Your parents, your brother and almost all all of your relatives who lived in Lemberg".

After the war Kanaan became a journalist for the Haaretz newspaper and spent 30 years chasing down Menten to bring him to trial. Finally in 1976 when Menten tried to sell "his" art collection (which consisted mostly of items stolen from his Jewish victims) he was caught, arrested and finally brought to trial which was became a long and drawn out affair. He was eventually sentenced by the Dutch to 10 years for war crimes. He served six and tried to settle in his mansion in Ireland after his release but was not allowed to enter the country. This lot is Kanaan's business card, in English and Hebrew, with a 1956 signed handwritten note to a female soldier on the back who just completed her military service. VF, minor stains. Scarce. With comprehensive data about Kaanan and Menten in English and Hebrew included. $120+?

*854 holocaust memorial postcard. 1985. front depicts a raised fist with number tattooed on it breaking through barbed wire and a photo of the ruins of yivo institute in vilna. on the other side are stamps from both argentina and israeli as well as 2 handstamps from argentina. inscribed in yiddish and spanish. issued by the jewish scientific institute of buenos aires. vf. $50


This sale closed June 10, 2010. The following prices realized are provided as a courtesy to our bidders and customers. All prices are in US Dollars. We are not responsible for typing, layout or display errors. Please see the Auction #40E page for full item descriptions and images. * Denotes tie bid
Lot#   -   Price Realized
1   --   $75
6   --   $350
8   --   $375
9   --   $120
11   --   $475
12   --   $125
20   --   $200
23   --   $700
26   --   $110
37   --   $900
38   --   $285
40   --   $600
41   --   $350
43   --   $240
45   --   $2400
46   --   $3800
47   --   $625
48   --   $675
52   --   $130
53   --   $210
55   --   $1250
56   --   $1100
61   --   $325
65   --   $400
66   --   $135
68   --   $140
71   --   $350
74   --   $450
77   --   $450
78   --   $215
79   --   $250
80   --   $135
83   --   $125
85   --   $425
86   --   $240
87   --   $140 92A   --   $175
95   --   $350
100   --   $110
102   --   $850
103   --   $65
104   --   $275
106   --   $55
107   --   $110
108   --   $150
109   --   $85
113   --   $125
114   --   $210
118   --   $60
120   --   $110
130   --   $210
135   --   $140
136   --   $70
138   --   $110
140   --   $65
141   --   $55
142   --   $75
143   --   $75
145   --   $55
146   --   $65
150   --   $120
151   --   $60
152   --   $60
154   --   $60
155   --   $75
156   --   $40
157   --   $55
159   --   $100
161   --   $65
162   --   $55
164   --   $31
165   --   $65
166   --   $55
167   --   $65
168   --   $60
169   --   $60
172   --   $35
175   --   $75
176   --   $80
177   --   $100
181   --   $240
182   --   $350
183   --   $1200
184   --   $135
185   --   $65
186   --   $165
187   --   $150
191   --   $60
203   --   $70
211   --   $155
214   --   $140
216   --   $80
217   --   $100
218   --   $135
219   --   $675
220   --   $45
221   --   $110
223   --   $65
224   --   $51
225   --   $95
226   --   $110
227   --   $140
228   --   $225
229   --   $35
230   --   $125
232   --   $300
233   --   $35
234   --   $32
235   --   $48
236   --   $41
237   --   $150
239   --   $30
240   --   $75
241   --   $250
242   --   $52
243   --   $100
246   --   $120
248   --   $140
Lot#   -   Price Realized
249   --   $140
251   --   $300
252   --   $300
253   --   $110
261   --   $120
262   --   $75
263   --   $250
264   --   $30
265   --   $35
266   --   $30
267   --   $30
269   --   $130
270   --   $150
274   --   $51
275   --   $31
277   --   $200
279   --   $140
280   --   $280
281   --   $260
283   --   $45
285   --   $125
292   --   $100
294   --   $150
297   --   $45
298   --   $35
299   --   $35
300   --   $55
301   --   $90
303   --   $75
305   --   $70
306   --   $65
307   --   $150
308   --   $50
309   --   $90
311   --   $110
312   --   $225
314   --   $2000
316   --   $125
318   --   $375
322   --   $275
323   --   $40
325   --   $140
326   --   $700
328   --   $65
329   --   $55
330   --   $220
333   --   $42
337   --   $45
338   --   $60
339   --   $65
340   --   $70
344   --   $875
345   --   $225
347   --   $230
348   --   $95
350   --   $60
351   --   $375
352   --   $330
354   --   $70
355   --   $45
356   --   $35
357   --   $24
358   --   $12
359   --   $101
360   --   $85
370   --   $625
371   --   $52
372   --   $35
374   --   $112
378   --   $110
385   --   $100
386   --   $52
387   --   $220
388   --   $125
393   --   $300
396   --   $51
399   --   $70
400   --   $260
401   --   $3500
403   --   $660
404   --   $80
405   --   $175
406   --   $320
407   --   $140
408   --   $310
409   --   $120
410   --   $120
412   --   $200
413   --   $145
414   --   $120
415   --   $80
417   --   $55
420   --   $140
421   --   $150
423   --   $125
424   --   $340
425   --   $115
427   --   $140
428   --   $60
433   --   $90
440   --   $80
441   --   $675
443   --   $32
444   --   $75
447   --   $40
450   --   $30
451   --   $225
453   --   $150
454   --   $85
457   --   $200
459   --   $150
462   --   $35
464   --   $275
467   --   $200
471   --   $75
475   --   $50
481   --   $400
482   --   $80
Lot#   -   Price Realized
483   --   $75
484   --   $60
485   --   $50
486   --   $85
487   --   $70
488   --   $80
489   --   $40
490   --   $150
491   --   $30
492   --   $75
493   --   $60
494   --   $45
495   --   $30
496   --   $50
497   --   $35
498   --   $60
499   --   $35
500   --   $40
501   --   $80
502   --   $90
503   --   $55
504   --   $40
505   --   $40
506   --   $35
507   --   $165
508   --   $60
509   --   $35
510   --   $45
511   --   $120
512   --   $125
513   --   $120
514   --   $60
515   --   $100
516   --   $50
517   --   $75
518   --   $75
520   --   $40
521   --   $35
522   --   $50
523   --   $100
524   --   $60
525   --   $125
526   --   $35
527   --   $60
529   --   $75
530   --   $220
531   --   $170
532   --   $140
533   --   $50
535   --   $80
536   --   $60
537   --   $75
538   --   $175
539   --   $170
540   --   $60
542   --   $50
543   --   $50
544   --   $60
546   --   $50
553   --   $100
556   --   $300
557   --   $350
558   --   $275
559   --   $250
560   --   $30
561   --   $280
562   --   $280
563   --   $340
564   --   $180
565   --   $220
567   --   $1500
570   --   $50
571   --   $75
574   --   $450
575   --   $90
577   --   $60
583   --   $70
585   --   $200
592   --   $325
594   --   $40
595   --   $55
597   --   $40
601   --   $110
602   --   $40
603   --   $100
604   --   $90
605   --   $390
606   --   $30
607   --   $40
608   --   $60
609   --   $50
610   --   $50
611   --   $50
612   --   $525
614   --   $100
615   --   $100
616   --   $66
617   --   $90
618   --   $35
622   --   $70
623   --   $770
624   --   $300
625   --   $651
627   --   $210
628   --   $175
629   --   $175
631   --   $250
632   --   $145
633   --   $40
634   --   $140
635   --   $50
636   --   $145
638   --   $100
639   --   $45
640   --   $45
641   --   $60
642   --   $75
643   --   $50
Lot#   -   Price Realized
644   --   $25
645   --   $75
646   --   $140
647   --   $120
648   --   $60
649   --   $45
650   --   $50
651   --   $350
652   --   $75
653   --   $350
654   --   $110
655   --   $950
656   --   $38
657   --   $50
658   --   $340
659   --   $300
660   --   $140
662   --   $140
663   --   $240
664   --   $25
665   --   $50
666   --   $75
670   --   $110
671   --   $60
673   --   $30
674   --   $75
675   --   $45
676   --   $110
677   --   $350
678   --   $22
680   --   $80
682   --   $60
683   --   $275
684   --   $26
687   --   $75
693   --   $125
694   --   $400
695   --   $150
699   --   $55
702   --   $100
703   --   $55
711   --   $75
716   --   $200
717   --   $225
719   --   $115
720   --   $115
722   --   $300
723   --   $290
724   --   $775
732   --   $120
733   --   $120
735   --   $120
736   --   $120
737   --   $575
738   --   $60
741   --   $145
742   --   $85
743   --   $550
746   --   $50
747   --   $40
752   --   $165
762   --   $50
764   --   $150
768   --   $45
770   --   $95
771   --   $80
772   --   $105
773   --   $100
774   --   $50
775   --   $55
776   --   $30
777   --   $75
792   --   $150
793   --   $200
795   --   $110
806   --   $40
807   --   $90
809   --   $50
810   --   $60
814   --   $36
815   --   $75
816   --   $70
818   --   $510
819   --   $50
821   --   $130
824   --   $60
825   --   $35
826   --   $65
827   --   $75
828   --   $45
829   --   $65
830   --   $80
831   --   $50
832   --   $50
833   --   $75
834   --   $30
835   --   $30
836   --   $385
837   --   $60
839   --   $75
842   --   $180
844   --   $175
845   --   $165
847   --   $250
848   --   $60
849   --   $50
850   --   $2400
851   --   $65
852   --   $75