Weblist 40D - March 2010

Ancient and World Coins


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Welcome to our 3rd list of 2010 and our sixth Web Only list. As usual there are no images but we can supply images of most coins priced at $25 or more. Just ask and we'll send them to you as soon as we can. These lists are done quickly and we apologize for spelling, grammar or other mistakes. Ordering information can be found at the end of the list. This list is smaller than our previous ones as we have been busy the past month writing our annual stock list of Israel/Palestine/Judaica which can also be found on our website.

Most lists are organized as follows: Ancient Jewish, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Other Ancients (which include Greek Imperial, Islamic, Byzantine, Axumite etc.) followed by World Coins, Tokens and Medals which are listed in alphabetical order. When we have World Paper or Odd and Curious Money we will make mention of those in our introductory paragraphs. Please order by 5 digit inventory number when that is listed, otherwise use the description.

This list contains just over 100 items. The majority are new purchases made this past month. The list is highlighted by the first listing of large Roman collection we recently bought. Most are low grade, but priced accordingly. Also many early modern European coins. As soon as we get this list sent to our webmaster we will begin writing our spring auction catalog. We still have room for some nice coins, tokens, banknotes and medals with a retail value of at least $100. Please contact us before sending us anything.

Our contact information can be found by clicking on the contact us button on our web page.

48473 *Judaea. Philisto-Arabian. 4th Century BC. AR Obol (.43). Head of Athena right/Owl standing right AOE to right, something to left. SNG ANS-19. VG/VF. Nice reverse. $100

51756 *Judaea. Judah Aristobulus. 104-103. `AE Prutah (2.39). Yehudah the High Priest and the Council of the Jews/ Double Cornucopia, adorned with ribbosn, pomegranate between them. H-465, AJC-Ja. Nice VF, rev. bit o.c.. $100

51755 *Judaea. John Hyrcanus II. 67, 63-40 BC. `AE Prutah (2.57). Yonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews in crude script/Double Cornucopia adorned with ribbons, pomegranate between horns. H-479, AJC-H. VF. Nice for crude t ype. $45

51712 *Judaea.Mattathias Antigonus.. 40-37 BC. `AE19 (7.07). Double Cornucopia, Hebrew inscription/Greek in 2 lines around ivy wreath. H-482, AJC-V. VG. $30

50486 *Judaea. Herod I, the Great. 40-4 BC. `AE Pruta (1.25). Diadem. Unpublished variety with inscription in 2 lines/Tripod Table. TJC-53v, H-494, AJC-13v. F+ $140

51708 *Judaea. Agrippa I. 37-44. `AE Prutah (2.16). Canopy with fringes/3 ears of barley, year 6. H-553, AJC-11. aVF. $90

50456 *Judaea. Marcus Ambiblius under Augustus. 9-12 AD. `AE Prutah `AE16 (2.00). Ear of barely, CAESAR. Struck with "link" that joined it with next flan. /8 branched palm tree, w. 2 bunches of dates. Year 41. 11 AD. H-638, AJC-5, TJC-315. VF. $215

48827 *Caesarea in Samaria, Volusian. 251-253. `AE23 (11.78). Slightly bearded radiate bust right/Emperor on horseback r, carrying spear. Ros-187, Kad-228. VF. $200

51720 *Gadara in Decapolis Titus. 79-81. `AE 18 (5.16). Bust right/Two interlaced cornucopiaes, Year 137 of Pompeian Era (73/74). Ex George Fisher, Saul Sugar collections. Ros-35, Sp-30. F/aVF. $69

48829 *Gaza in Judaea, Antoninus Pius. 138-161 (153/154). `AE 27 (21.53). Bearded laureate bust right/Bust of Tyche right, AZA and Mem to right, date IC to left. Year 214=153/154 AD. BMC-69, Ro-. VF $300

51802 *Thrace. Thasos. 525-463 BC. AR Stater (9.10). Ithyphallic satry ravishing nymph/Incuse square. SNG Cop-1008, SG-1357. Toned aVF. $435

51750 *Phokaia. Phokis. 48-421 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.85). Facing head of bull/Head of Artemis in shall incuse square right. BMC-31, SG-2348. Toned VF/F, light porosity. $240

51746 *Boeotia.Thebes. 395-338 BC. AR Stater (12.15). Boeatian shield,/IT-OI either side of amphora. BCD-523, SG-2395ff. Nice VF. $475

51749 *Attica. Athens. 449-413 BC. AR Tetradrachm (17.02). Helmeted head of Athena right in creseted helmet. Small test mark and punch on cheek/Owl standing right. SG-2526. VF/F. $400

51751 *Lydia. Tralleis. After 133 BC (year 4, 130 BC). AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm (12.68). Cystia Mystica containing serpent, all within ivy-wreath/2 serpents coiled around around bow-case, Dionysos stg r, leaning on thyrsos and holding mask of Silenos. SG-4750ff, BMC-46ff. VF. $325

51752 *Seleukid King.Antiochus VII Euergetes. 138-129 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.46) of Antioch. Bust right/Athena stg left hldg Nike/& spear, hand on shield. A to left, monogram above.. SMA-282, SNG Israel - 1855-57. VF. $325

51748 *Mauritania. Juba II. 25 BC -23 AD. AR Denarius (2.74). Diademed head of king ring, REX JUBA all in dotted border/ Cornucopia and scepter, but scepter at much less of an angle than usual. SNG Cop-579ff. GVF, flat area on obv. $240

51747 *Numidia.Juba I. 60-46 BC. AR Denarius (3.73). Bust right with pointed beard and curly hair, scepter at shoulder, REC (JUBA) in front/Octastyle temple, Neo-Punic legend.. SG-6607, SNG Cop-523. VF, rev. punch marks. $145

51729 *Moesia Inferior. Marcianopolis, Elagabalus & Julia Maesa. `AE29 (11.20) 5 Assaria. Confronted busts/Zeus standing left, E (for 5 Assaria) to left... Gd Fine, heavy green patina. $69

51714 *Roman Egypt. Otho. 69 AD. Bi Tetradrachm (11.30). Laureate bust right, LA (year 1) in front/Kratesis stg left, holding Nike and trophy. Not particularly nice but rare and almost all that are seen are in lower states of preservation.. C-240a, Emm-185, SR-2169. F/VG, porous.. $90

51699 *Roman Egypt. Alexandria, Hadrian. 117-138. `AE Dichalkon (12mm, .97g). Laureate bust right, drapery on left shoulder/Eight-pointed star, date (LIA year 11) within rays, 126=127 AD. Emm-1204 (R3), Milne-1252. GF/VF, somewhat ragged flan. $240

51713 *Rome, Republic. P. Sulpicius Galba. 69 BC. AR Denarius (3.41). Veiled head of Vesta righ`A0 SC behind. Marks in front of head/Knife, simpulum & axe `AE to left C(VR) to r., P. Galb in exergue. SR-345, Sulpicia-7. F-VF, bit porous. $125

51711 *Pompey executed 35 BC. `AE 1/2 As or Semis (10.30). Pompey/Prow/Cut in Antiquity. As S-1394. aVF. $75

51710 *Julius Caesar. Dictator 49 BC, assassinated 44 BC. AR Denarius (3.86). Head of Venus right, cupid at shoulder/Trophy of Gallic arms between seated male and female captives, CAESAR in ex.. SR-1404, RSC-1404. Toned VG/F, "X" scr behind head.. $200

51709 *Mark Antony. Restitution issue by Marcus Aurelius & Lucius Verus 161-169. AR Denarius (2.18). Galley left/Legionary Eagle.. RSC-83, SR-5236, RIC-443. Rough G-VG, scarce. $90

51707 *Tiberius. 14-37 AD. AR Denarius (3.55). Laureate head right. The coin most refer to as the BIBLICAL TRIBUTE PENNY/Livia, as Pax saeted right in ornate chair, holding scepter & branch.. SR-1763v, RSC-16b, Hen-916. F-VF, flan a bit ragged. $250

51753 *Tiberius. 14-37 AD. AR Denarius (3.71). Another tribute Penny but quite a bit nicer. VF. $425

51715 *Vitellius. Jan-Dec. 69 AD. AR Denarius (3.02). Laureate head right/Concordia seated left holding patera and cornucopia.. SR-2196v, C18, RIC-90. F/aF. $300

51716 *Vespasian. 69-79. AR Denarius (3.38. Laureate bust right imp caesar vespasians avg beginning at neck counter clockwise/Pax seated left holding branch PON MAX TRP COS VI. RIC-90, RSC-366. Fine+, on broad flan. $75

51718 *Nerva. 96-98. AR Denarius (3.21). Laureate bust right/Fortuna seated left holding corn-ears and scepter. SR-3026, RIC-17. aVF, some deposits on obv. $100

51719 *Nerva. 96-98. `AE As (8.46). Laureate bust right imp nerva caes avg p m tr p cos iii pp/Aequitas stg l. hldg scales and cornucopia aeqvitas avgvst sc. SR-3060, RIC-77. Fine but porous. $45

51754 *Sabina, wife of Hadrian. died 137 AD. AR Denarius (2.72). Draped bust right/Juno stg left, holding patera and scepter. SR-3921, RSC-43. Lightly toned VF+. Nice coin!. $400

51721 *Divus Antoninus Pius. Issued by Marcus Aurelius & Lucius Verus. 161 AD. AR Denarius (3.07). Bare head right/Eagle stg. right on altar, head left, wings open. SR-5192, RIC-430-31, C-155/6. VF. $85

51757 *Lucilla. wife of Lucius Verus. AR Denarius (3.58). Draped bust right/Concordia seated left with patera and resting l. arm on statuette of Spes. SR-5479, RIC-758a,. VF. $200

51723 *Crispina. wife of Commodus. AR Denarius (3.37). Her bust right /Juno stg left, holding patera and scepter,. SR-6001. F, porous & tooled. $45

51725 *Clodius Albinus, as Caesar (193-195). 195-196. AR Denarius (2.59). Bare head right. Very nice portrait/ Minerva stg l., hldg olive barnch & resting on shield. SR-6144. F/aF, but somewhat porous. $240

51724 *Julia Domna. wife of Septemius Severus. AR Denarius (2.62). Bust right/Diana standing left holding long torch with both hands. SR-6758. Fine, on irregular flan. $45

51726 *Caracalla. 198-217. AR Denarius (2.95). Laureate draped bust as a youth right/Minerva standing left, holding Victory in right hand, spear in left; shield at feet, trophy behind.. RIC-25b, RSC-159a. Toned VF, irreg. flan. $100

51727 *Geta, as Caesar (198-209). 209-212. AR Denarius (3.17). Bare head bust of young man right/Nobilitas holding scepter and palladium right. SR-7184, RIC-13a, C-90a. Nice VF. $90

51730 *Julia Maesa, grandmother of Elagabalus & Sev Alexander. AR Denarius (2.80). Her bust right/Pudicitia seated left, holding veil with r. hand and holding scepter in left. SR-7756. GVF, nice portrait. Very light touch of porosity on rev.. $75

51728 *Severus Alexander. 222-235. AR Denarius (2.93). Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right/Mars standing left holding olive-brach & spear. SR-7885, RIC-290, RSC-181. Nice EF, a few weak spots in obv. legend. $100

51702 *Anglo-Gallic. Richard I, the Lion Hearted. 1189-1199. Denier of Poitou. Cross Pat`8Ee within inner circle, +RICARDVSREX/PIC TAVIE NSIS in 3 lines. Elias-8. Porous aVF. $115

51701 *Anglo-Gallic. Edward I of England. 1272-1307. Denier au Leopard, 1st type. AGL across field, twixt 2 straight lines, leopard left above, E below/Cross pat`8Ee, E in first angle. Bordeaux mint. Elias-18. Nice VF+. $169

48725 *Argentina. Anatuya to Chaco Industrial RR. 1904. Silvered `AE 45mm by J. Gottuzzo. Female fgure left, steam engine and cars behind it, legend below/Legend. Struck for the Completion of this section of the railroad... EF $50

51799 *Austria.Salzburg, Leonhard von Keutschach. 1516. Batzen. Half-Length bust of St. Rupert facing slightly left, holding salt cellar and crozier./Date above conjoined coats-of-arms of Salzburg and Keutschach. Probszt-111. F-VF. $60

51783 *Austria. Salzburg. Hieronymus. 1784. 5 Kreuzer (F`9Fnfer). Crowed shield/4 line legend,date above, value in sprigs below. C-962, KM-438, Pr-2533. Nice VF. $49

51789 *Austria. Tirol, Leopold I (the Hogmouth). 1692. 3 Kreuzer (Groschen) of Hall. Bust right/Crowned ornamental shields, date divided by crown. KM-1356, Her-1436. Choice EF. $69

51791 *Bohemia. Prague, Leopold I, the Hogmouth. 1698-GE. 3 Kreuzer (Groschen) of Prag. Bust right/Crowned double eagle, BO for Bohemia in legend. KM-590, Her-1465. Toned VF, small ed. cut at 6 o'clock. $55

51781 *Bolivia. Charles III. 1789-PR. 8 Reales of Potosi. Bust right, with Merchants mark "T" handstamped on forehead/Crowned arms between pillars. KM-55, El-29. F+/VF, numerous adj. marks obverse. $150

51758 *Bolivia. Republic. 1852. 1/4 Sol (Quartilla). Llama standing right in plain field, POTOSI below/Mountain peak. One year type. Struck slightly soft in center, but much nicer than most. Y1, KM-111. Toned Unc.. $145

51694 *Crusaders. Achaea, Florent of Hainaut. 1289-1297. Bi Denier. Cross Pat`8Ee/Castle tournois, horned "A"s, triangle over towen. CCS-14. Fine, scarce. $90

51692 *Crusaders.Achaea, Philip of Tarento. 1306-1313. Bi Denier. Cross Pat`8Ee/Castle tournois, long spire at top, pellet to either side, fleur-de-lis below. CCS-25. VF/F. $95

51697 *Crusaders. Achaea, John of Gravina. 1318-33. Bi Denier Tournois. Cross patt`8Ee/Castle, pellet on each side of castle, nothing below.. CCS-53. Fine. $75

51696 *Crusaders. Achaea, John of Gravina. 1318-33. Bi Denier Tournois. Cross patt`8Ee/Castle, pellet on each side of castle, M below it.. CCS-56. Fine. $75

51706 *Cyprus under Venice. Gerolamio Priuli. 1559-1567. `AE Carzia per Cipra. Lion left/Cross with elongated pellets in each angle. Paolucci-17. F-VF. $69

51744 *Egypt. Suez Canal. Borel Lavalley et Cie. 1865. 20 Centimes. Sailing ship/Denomination and date. 20 sided token. KM-Tn5, FC-2. Ch. EF, tiny nick. $375

51703 *England.Edward I. 1272-1307. AR Penny of London. Facing bust /Long Cross. SP-1397, Class IVd. F-VF. $49

51704 *England. Edward I. 1272-1307. AR Penny of Durham. Facing bust /Long Cross. SP-1421, Cl IXb. VG/F. $45

51700 *England. Edward VI. 1547-1553. AR Shilling. Facing portrait, rose to left, XII to right, mm= tun. Nice portrait/Arms, long cross. Neatly pierced, otherwise decent. SP-2482. aVF. $145

51705 *England. Victoria. 1879. Shilling. (Fourth) head left/No die number. KM-734.4, Sp-3907. Nice toned Unc. $140

51800 *France. Alsace, Strasbourg. 14th-16th Century. Bi Kreuzer. Fleur de lis GLA IN EXCELS DO/Fleur de liS, MONETA ARGEN. Boud-1335, SCMF-9070. Toned VF, minor weak spots. $45

51801 *France.Besancon, Charles V. 1541. Demi-Carolus D'Argent. Crowned bust left/Shield in center of long cross, legend around. Boud-1295, cf SCMF-7004. GVF. $135

51759 *France. 3rd Republic. 1873-A. 5 Francs. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. KM-820.1, Dav-92. Ch. BU. $49

51732 *France.3rd Republic. 1934. 20 Francs. KM-879. Gem BU. $59

51760 *Germany. Bavaria, Ludwig II. 1871. 1 Kreuzer. KM-487, Cr-252. BU. $17.50

51761 *Germany. Bremen. 1840. Groten. One year type. KM-230, Cr-11. EF/AU, lustrous. $39

51762 *Germany. Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel. George IV. of England 1820-MC. 1/12 Thlaer. Leaping Horse/Legend. One year type. KM-1090, Cr-189. Lustrous AU, typical light flecking $49

51790 *Germany. Silesia, Leopold I, the Hogmouth. 1695-MMW. 3 Kreuzer (Groschen) of Breslau. Bust right/Crowned double eagle, MMW (for M. Mv. Wackerl) below. KM-471?, Herinek-1543. VF-EF. $69

51803 *Germany.Silesia. 1847. WM 43.5 mm. Famine of 1847. Woman with children reaching out to angel/List of various foods and their prices, legend around. Bretlauer-2056, FuS-4641. VF, with loop as made. Many scratches.. $45

51733 *Guinea. Republic. 1969. 50 Francs. One year type, not released for circulation , yet many did circulate. KM-8. BU. $85

51745 *Hawaii. Kalakaua. 1883/1383. 1/4 Dollar (Hapaha). One year type. KM-5, Y3. Ch. toned EF?AU. $275

51792 *Hungary. Leopold I, the Hogmouth. 1694-KB. 3 Krajczar (Groschen) of Kremnitz. Bust right/Radiant Madonna and child divide K-B in inner circle. KM-162, Hus-1466. Lightly toned nice VF. $35

51782 *India. Bengel Presidency. AH1204/19 (Frozen date). 1/4 Rupee. Calcutta mint. Milled edge. KM-104. Toned Unc. $55

51763 *Italy.Papal States, Pius VII. mdcccii (1802-IIR. Baiocco. KM-1267. GVF. $25

51786 *Italy. Sicily, Charles of Bourbon. 1735-FN. 3 Tari. Laureate head right/Cross with crown at ends of top three arms, F-N to either side of bottom cross, date below. 1 year t ype. Cr-8, Varesi-557 (R). VF. $200

51793 *Italy. Tassarolo. Livia Centurioni Oltremarini. 1666. AR Luigino. Her bust (wife of Philip Spinola). Obv legend begins LIV MA./Crowned arms with fleur de lis. Var-995.1, KM-52.1. Toned VF, touch of porosity. $60

51794 *Italy. Tassarolo. Livia Centurioni Oltremarini. 1666. AR Luigino. Her bust (wife of Philip Spinola). Obv legend begins LIV MA./Crowned arms with fleur de lis. Var-995.1, KM-52.1. Toned EF, touch of porosity. $85

51764 *Japan. Komei. ND (1853-65). Shu (Isshu Gin). C-12. Toned EF. $37.50

51765 *Japan.Meiji. ND (1868-69). Shu (Isshu Gin). C-12a. Toned EF. $42.50

51768 *Japan. Tempo. (1837-54). Bu, Ichibu. Cr-16. GVF. $45

51769 *Japan. Tempo. (1837-54). Bu, Ichibu. Cr-16. EF. $55

51770 *Japan. Tempo. (1837-54). Bu, Ichibu. With two small countermarks to either side of larger one on reverse. Cr-16v. Toned VF+. $75

51767 *Japan. Tempo. (1832-68). Gold 2 Shu. .298 gold/.702 silver. Cr-18, Fr-34. GVF. $65

51766 *Japan.Tempo. (1832-68). Gold 2 Shu. .298 gold/.702 silver Cr-18, Fr-34. GVF. $65

51734 *Liechtenstein. Prince John II. 1924. One Frank. Head left/Crowned shield. 60,000 minted, 45, 345 were melted. Y8. EF. $100

51735 *Luxembourg. Charlotte. ND (1946). 100 Francs. 600th Anniversary of John the Blind. Head left flanked by crowned shields/Armed knight on horse right. KM-49, Y30, D-218. PL-BU. $55

51771 *Mexico. Ferdinand VII. 1810 Mo HJ. Half Real. Armoured bust right/Pillars and arms. KM-73, Cr-107. Nice toned Unc. $210

51772 *Mexico. Republic. 1892 Do JP. 8 Reales of Durango. Cap and rays/Eagle. KM-377.4, Y19. Light toned Unc. $60

51736 *Monaco.Principality. 1966. 10 Franc. 10th Wedding Anniversary of Prince Rainer and Queen Grace (Kelly). Conjoined busts left/Crowned Arms.. Br-S-M1. PL-BU. $49

51798 *Netherlands. Holland, Philip the Fair. 1499. Stuiver. Shield of Austria-Burgandy/Ornamented long cross in qutrefoil, mm in center, date. Ex David Cervin collection, via Schulman. Lev-III-271a, Fr-, GH-120-6. VG-F, weak in spots, date is clear.. $175

51784 *Netherlands. Zeeland. 1773. 6 Stuivers (Scheepsjesschelling). Crowned Arms/Sailing Ship. KM-90, C-H11. Nice VF. $60

51785 *Netherlands. Zeeland. 1780/70. 6 Stuivers (Scheepsjesschelling). Crowned Arms/Sailing Ship. Overdate. KM-90, C-H11. GVF, tiny clip. $60

51795 *Netherlands. Zwolle. Mathias II. ND (Early 17th Cent). Florin of 28 Stuivers. Crowned and quartered armns/Crowned double headed eagle. Del-1114, KM-17. Crude F-VF. $55

51773 *Norway.Oscar II. 1893. 1 Krone. KM-357, Y26. VF. $149

51774 *Norway. Oscar II. 1878. 2 Kroner. 1st year of issue. KM-355, Y27. Toned VF. $250

51741 *Panama. Republic. 1904. 2 1/2 Centesimos. The Panama Pill. Y5, KM-1. Ch. BU. $40

51742 *Panama. Republic. 1904. 2 1/2 Centesimos. The Panama Pill. Y5, KM-1. Ch. BU. $40

51780 *Peru. Charles IV. 1791-IJ. 8 Reales of Lima. Bust of Charles right/Pillars and arms. KM-97, El-52. VF. $125

51796 *Poland.Danzig, Sigismund III. 1624/35. Orte = 1/4 Taler. Bust of Sigismund III right in ruffled collar divides 1-6/Lions flank shield 24 above.. Gum-1392, KM-15.2. VF. $65

51797 *Poland. Danzig, Sigismund III. 1625. Orte = 1/4 Taler. Bust of Sigismund III right in ruffled collar divides 1-6/Lions flank shield 25 above.. Gum-1393, KM-15.2. VF, but for some flat areas. $65

51787 *Russia. Peter II. 1728. Kopeck. St. George slaying dragon/(date reading upward). Scarce type. KM-185.2. Nice VF. $220

51804 *Russia. Nicholas I. 1828. `AE 38mm Medal by Gube. Bust right. On the declaration of War against Turkey/Russia crowns Nicholas, clad in armor, with cross as he girds for war. Diakov-470.1. VF, nicks, rim bumps. $75

51779 *Seiyun & Tarim. Kathiri State under British Protectorate. AH1315H (1897). 6 Chomish or Khumsi. 1 year type/ Seldom offered. Now part of Yemen. KM-15, Y1. EF. 37.50

51737 *South Africa. George VI of England. 1949. 6 Pence. Y44, KM-36.1. Gem toned PL BU. $30

51738 *South Africa. George VI of England. 1948. Shilling. Short type. Y45, KM-37.1. Gem PL BU. $69

51739 *South Africa.George VI of England. 1948. 2 Shillings. Short type. Y46, KM-38.1. Gem Toned BU. $89

51775 *Spain. Alfonso XIII. 1892 (92) PG-M. 50 Centimos. Baby Head 1st coinage. Y79, KM-690. Pretty AU. $33

51776 *Spain. Alfonso XIII. 1899 (99) SG-V. 1 Peseta. Youthful head. 3rd coinage. Y88, KM-706. AU. Full star date. $60

51740 *Spain. Alfonso XIII. 1905. 2 Pesetas of Madrid. Bare head left. 4th coinage/Crowed shield flanked by pillers. Y95, KM-725. Unc., lightly clnd. $39

51777 *Spain. Alfonso XIII. 1899 (99) SG-V. 5 Pesetas. Youthful head. 3rd coinage. Y89, D-344, KM-707. AU/Unc., bit gaggy on obv.. $120

51788 *Sweden.Frederick I. 1722-LC. 1 Ore. Crowned "F" within sprigs/3 crowns, divided date, initials and date. KM-382, SM-157a. light toned unc. $200

51778 *Sweden. Gustav IV Adolf. 1802. 1/12 Skilling. Monogram/Crossed Arrows. C-78,KM-563, SM-63. Red Unc. $65

End of List.