Weblist 40B - February 2010

Ancient and World Coins


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Welcome to our 2nd list of 2010 and our fifth Web Only list. As usual there are no images but we can supply images of most coins priced at $25 or more. Just ask and we'll send them to you as soon as we can. These lists are done quickly and we apologize for spelling, grammar or other mistakes. Ordering information can be found at the end of the list.

Most lists are organized as follows: Ancient Jewish, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Other Ancients (which include Greek Imperial, Islamic, Byzantine, Axumite etc.) followed by World Coins, Tokens and Medals which are listed in alphabetical order. When we have World Paper or Odd and Curious Money we will make mention of those in our introductory paragraphs. Please order by 5 digit inventory number when that is listed, otherwise use the description.

This list contains over 200 items. The majority are new purchases made this year, while some are old stock with prices reduced from their last listed price. The highlights are some rare and/or attractive ancient Judaean coins including 3 coins of Herod Antipas and two rare Jewish War coins, better world coins from our recent buying trip and a number of nice slabs or as the new politically correct method of saying slab, "professionally graded" coins. In addition there are a number of ancient and modern gold coins scattered through the list. This list should be up on our website on February 9th when we return from our California buying trip. When we return we will also begin compiling our 2010 Israel/Palestine/Judaic Stock list and then begin working on our Spring 2010 Auction.

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50620 *Judaea. Yehud Coins, Persian Rule. Before 333 BC. AR Obol (.44) . Blank obverse, but reverse is as nice as possible . Owl stg. right, head facing, small lily to left, YHD in Paleo-Hebrew. AJC-2, TJC-6av.. rev is ch. VF. Split in 2 pieces. $400

51566 *Judaea. Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BC. AE Heavy Prutah (4.81). Anchor, "Of King Alexander" in Greek. Twice normal weight/Star of eight rays surrounded by diadem, between the rays "Yehonatan the King". H-469, AJC-Ca6. Choice VF+, sharp letters!. $460

51664 *Judaea. Alexander Jannaeus (?). 103-76 BC. AE Prutah (1.64) . "Yehonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews)/Double cornucopia with pomegranate between horns. Overstruck over Lily/Anchor coin. Very possibly this was struck during reign of John Hyrcanus II. H-478, TJC-Group T. Nice VF, pretty patina, full and sharp legend. $165

51645 *Judaea. Herod I, the Great. 40-4 BC. AE 4 Prutot (5.07) . Crested helmet in profile, date to left, one cheek piece visible. Scarce variety/Shield with decorated rim. H-487, AJC-2, TJC-45b. Nice VF. $369

51646 *Judaea. Herod Antipas. 4 BC - 40 AD. AE (12.35) Full denomination . Palm branch upright, date = Year 33 =29 AD/Inscription surrounded by wreath. Very rare date, seldom seen. H-512, TJC-79. F-VF, encrustation . $850

51647 *Judaea. Herod Antipas. 4 BC-40 AD, Year 34 (30 AD). AE15 (3.32) 1/4 Denominaiton . Palm branch, date L A Herod Tetrach around/TIBE PIAC in wreath. VERY RARE. Seldom offered denomination and date.. Hen-518, AJC-11, TJC-85. VF/F. $500

51648 *Judaea. Herod Antipas. 4 BC-39 AD. AE Half Unit (6.27) 20 mm. Palm branch Year. 37-33 AD/tibe piac in wreath.. H-521, AJC-14, TJC-88. GF/VG. $700

51649 *Judaea. Agrippa I. 37044. AE Prutah (2.49) . Umbrella-like canopy with fringes, Obverse double struck!!/3 ears of barley, year 6.. H-553v, TJC-120h, AJC-11e. F-VF. $365

51650 *Judaea. Antonius Felix, Procurator under. Claudius. 52-59. AE Prutah (2.36) . Legend within wreath, "Julia Agrippina" (She was the wife of Claudius)/Incused legend from obverse. Brockage!. H-651v, AJC-33, TJC-342g. Nice VF. Much nicer than Meshore plate coin. $385

51665 *Judaea. Agrippa II, under Nero. 56-95. AE15 (3.55) 1/2 Denomination . Bust of Nero right, Large X C/M for 10th Legion in rectangle on Nero's neck and ear/"In the time of King Agrippa, (struck at:) Neronias" in 5 lines. Caesarea Paneas. Scarce with countermark. H-583, TJC-131b (this coin). VF. $699

51567 *Judaea. Jewish War (First Revolt). 66-70, Year 2. AR Shekel (14.32) . Omer Cup, "Shekel of Israel, Year Two"./3 Pomegranates on stem, "Jerusalem the Holy". H-659, AJC-8, TJC-193. Toned EF+. $4000

51525 *Judaea. Jewish War (First Revolt). 66-70, year 4. AE 1/4 Shekel (8.24) . Etrog, to the redemption of zion/2 lulavs, year four quarter. Very nice example of this rare coin.. Hen-669, TJC-213, AJC-29. Gd Fine, dusty brown patina. $4500

51651 *Judaea. Jewish War (First Revolt). 66-70. AE 1/8 Shekel (5.01) . Chalice with pearled rim, "To the Redemption of Zion"/Lulav flanked by etrog on either side, "Year Four". H-670, AJC-30a, TJC-214a. Nice VF, but small flaw from striking. $350

51652 *Judaea. Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135, year 1. Middle Bronze (923) . Vine Leaf, "Year One of the Redemption of Israel"/Palm tree, 2 bunches of dates, "Shimon, Prince of Israel" in 3 lines. Very attractive. H-678, Mild-42. VF, weak in a few spots. The first Mild-42 we've offered in 10 years & only the 2nd we can recall ever offering!. $699

51568 *Judaea. Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135, Year One. AE Middle Bronze (21mm, 9.50) . Palm Tree, "SMA"/Vine Leaf, "Year one of the redemption of Israel". H-679, Mild-47. Nice VF. $650

51524 *Judaea. Bar Kochba . 132-135, year 1. AE Middle Bronze (6.80) . Palm branch in wreath, "Shimon Prince of Israel"/Lyre of 6 strings, "Year 1 of the redemption of Israel". H-680, M-23, T-223a. F-VF, dark green patina. $500

51569 *Judaea. Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135, Year 1 & 2 (Hybird). AR Zuz (3.27) or Denarius . "SMA" or "Shim" in 3 letters topped by medallion/One-handed jug, palm branch to right, "Eleazar the Priest". H-685, Mild-3, TJC-234a. Nice EF. Extremely rare Hybrid issue, only 2nd we've ever offered. $6000

51570 *Judaea. Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135, Attributed to year 3. AR Sela (13.21) . Facadeof Temple with ark and scrolls, star above, "Shimon" on two sides/Lulav with etrog, "For the Freedom of Jerusalem". Struck from very late stages of die. H-711, Mild-59, TJC-267v. VF. $3500

51571 *Judaea. Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135, Attributed to year 3. AR Zuz (2.88) or Denarius . "Shimon" within wreath/Palm branch. Traces of undercoin legend visible on both sides. H-715, Mild-103 (only 4 cited). VF. $699

51572 *Judaea. Bar Kochba Revolt. 132-135, Attributed to year 3. AR Zuz (2.97) or Denarius . Bunch of grapes, "Shimon"/Jug with palm branch at right, handle at left. H-732, Mild-156, TJC-285. VF-EF. $699

51655 *Judaea. Judaea Capta. Titus. 79-81. AE23 (11.61) . Laureate head of Titus right, rectangular C/M of emperor on neck right/Judaea sits to left of trophy mourning, hands tied behind back, shield to right of trophy. H-745v, TJC-384b, AJC-5b. Coin aF, C/M F-VF. $235

51654 *Judaea. Judaea Capta. Titus. 79-81. AE19 (8.01) . Laureate head of Titus right, Greek legend around/Nike stands r., with l. foot on helmet, writing on shield which hands from palm tree, legend around. . H-743, TJC-381, AJC-2. Choice VF. $175

51653 *Judaea. Judaea Capta. Domitian. 81-96. AE19.5 (6.46) . Laureate head of Domitian right, IMP DOMIT AVG GERM/Trophy. VICTOR AVG. H-751, AJC-5, TJC-390. Nice VF, dudty green-brown patina. $375

51656 *Judaea. Aelia Capitolina, Macrinus. 217-281. AE20 (6.50) . Laureate bearded bust of Macrinus right/Bust of Sarapis right. Mesh-104, Ros-56. VF. All Aelia coins of Macrinus are exceedingly rare with the exception of the Bi Tetradrachm which are very scarce. We can find no record of offering this coin before. $699

51666 *Judaea. Aelia Capitolina, Herennius Etruscus. as Augustus. 251 AD. AE27 (11.92). Radiate bust right, legend begins CHQ which is same as SNG ANS-631/LXF on banner of vexillum, below 2 bars, below that eagle w. closed wings holding 2 arrows (?) in beak & below that a boar. . Mesh-169v (diff obv legend). Fine. Rare.. $675

51657 *Arabia Petraea. Dium. Caracalla. 198-217. AE23 (12.04) . Laureate beardless bust right/Hexa-style temple, with pediment , eagle inside the central arch, and burning altar in center, year 271. Ros-3, Sp-3. VF. $195

51658 *Samaria. Neapolis, Philip Senior. 244-249. AE26 (11.91) . Radiate bust right/Mt. Gerizim, supported by eagle with head right, standing with spread wings, COLIVIL NEAPOL. BMC-117, Ros-85. Ch. VF. Reverse legend is full which is not the case in two cited examples.. $525

51667 *Syria. Trachnitis. Caesarea Panias. Time of Marcus. Aurelius. . AE10 (.99) . Bust of Pan left/Syrinx (Pipes of Pan). Rosenberger attributed this to time of Domitian, Meshorer to Marcus Aurelius which is the more accepted attribution . Mesh-185, Ros-8. Gd Fine. $495

51573 *Syria. Trachnitis. Caesarea Panias. Time of Marcus. Aurelius. . AE17 (5.63) . Bust of turreted Tyche right/4 line legedn in wreath, POB = 172 =168/169 AD.. Ros-14, M-184, INJ-8.1. Ch. VF. $465

51659 *Arabia Petraea. Petra. Hadrian . 117-138. AE25 (11.64) . Laureate bust right, K-O to either side/Tyche, wearing turreted crown, seated l. on rock, holding trophy, K-O to either side. Year 29 = 134/135 AD. Sp-5, Ros-5. Nice VF. $225

51661 *Arabia Petraea. Philadelphia. Hadrian . 117-138. AE17 (3.70) . Laureate bust right/Bust of Demeter right, holding 3 ears of corn. Very scarce type, 1st I can recall having!. Ros-16, Sp-15, Mesh-259. F/VF. $275

51668 *Samaria. Sebaste. Elagabalus. 218-222. AE21 (7.30) . Laureate bust right/Sphinx seated left, placing right front paw on wheel, SEBAST(E). Rosenberger's example is labeled "unpublished-important numismatics". That is a larger than this with a different spelling of the city name.. Unpublished, ef. Ros-18. Gd Fine & Rare. $425

51662 *Galilaea. Sepphoris. Trajan. 98-117. AE17 (4.26) . Laureate bust right/Large caduceus tied with bow. Uncommon type. Ros-5, H-908. VF. $175

51663 *Galilaea. Tiberias, Trajan. 98-117. AE18 (6.75) . Laureate bust right/Two crossed cornucopias with palm branch between, ET-Y = year 90 = 108/109 AD. Ros-9, Hen-913. Choice VF. $200


51575 *Spain. Beligiom, Belchite (Zaragoza). 2nd-1st Century BC. AE24 (10.02) . Beardless male head right, Iberian letter "K" behind/Horseman galloping right holding spear, legend bleow.. Burgos (1987)-166, New 394. Ch. VF. $425

51601 *Bruttium. Kroton. 5th-4th Century BC. AR Stater (7.53) . Eagle with wings spreads standing left on laurel branch/Tripod, stork on right, standing left. SNG Cop-1797. F+/F. $275

51577 *Boetia. Thebes. 379-371 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.46) . Boeotian shield/BO - I either side of kantharos, club above, arrow to right all in incuse square. SG-2396ff. Gd Fine, sl. porosity. $165

51578 *Boetia. Thebes. 379-371 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.44) . Boeotian shield/BO - I either side of kantharos, thunderbolt above. SG-2395ff. Toned Fine. $165

51579 *Boetia. Thebes. 379-371 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.45) . Boeotian shield/BO - I either side of kantharos, club above, object to right all in incuse square. SG-2396ff. F, obv. o.c., porous. $139

51600 *Aigina. . 510-490 BC. AR Stater (12.34) . Turtle/Incuse square. Nice example. 1st locale in Europe to issue coins. SG-1853. aVF. $475

51582 *Phoenicia. Tyre. 380-332 BC. AR Attic Didrachm or Stater (8.62) . Melkarth, holding reins and bow, riding hippocamp right over double line of waves; below, dolphin right/Owl standing right, crook and flail over left shoulder; date to right, Year 34. BMC-39, SG-5914ff. Toned F/VF. $425

51596 *Persia. Achaemenid Kingdom. Xerxes II-. Artaxerxes II. c. 420-375 BC. AR Siglos (5.54) . Kneeling king holding dagger and bow, punch mark/Incuse punch, with several smaller punch marks which were "marks" of money changers. SG-4683v. F-VF. $95

51595 *Persia. Achaemenid Kingdom. Xerxes II-. Artaxerxes II. c. 420-375 BC. AR Siglos (5.38) . Kneeling king holding dagger and bow, intricate punch mark on bow/Incuse punch. SG-4683v. Fine. $95

51594 *Persia. Achaemenid Kingdom. Xerxes II-. Artaxerxes II. c. 420-375 BC. AR Siglos (5.52) . Kneeling king holding dagger and bow/Incuse punch. SG-4683v. Nice VF. $95

51590 *Parthia. Gotarzes I. 95-87 BC. AR Drachm (3.92) . Bust left w. medium beard wearing tiara with honr in center, stags on top, earring visible/Archer seated right on throne holding bow, legend aroud. Rhagae mint. Sell-33.5, Sh-116v, MACW-543. VF. $150

51591 *Parthia. Orodes II. 57-38 BC. AR Drachm (3.80) . Bare-headed bust left with short berd wearing diadem, crescent behind head/Archer seated right on throne, legend around, Shore monogram 27 below. His drachm's with crescent behind head but not the star seem to be much scarcer than those with both star & crescent.. Sell-46.11, Sh-233v. Gd Fine. $75

51589 *Parthia. Volgases VI. 208-228. Bi Tetradrachm (13.32) . Bust of king left with long tapered beard, "B" behind head/King std left on throne, Tyche standing right before him, giving him diadem, above. Sell-88.13, Shore-454v. Choice VF+/F. $160

51593 *Indo-Parthian. Soter Megas. 55-105 AD. AE Tetradrachm (8.32) of Taxila . Bust right, 8 rays around bust/Mounted horseman holding whip walking right, Tamgha of Soter Megas in front.. MACW-2994 sim. Decent F/VF. $35

51592 *Elymais. Orodes II. 2nd Century AD. AE Drachm (3.64) . Bearded head left, trident, anchor, crescent with dot in center behind/A grain pattern as a series of dashes. . Nice VF. $35

51576 *Hephthalites. White Huns, Napki Malik. c. 500 AD. AE Drachm (3.85) . Bare head bust right with "Brahmi" legend/Fire Altar and attendants. MACW-1510ff. GVF, nice green patina. $99

51597 *Ptolemaic Egypt. Ptolemy IV Philopator. 221-205 BC. AE38 (40.48) . Head of Zeus-Ammon right/Eagle left, looking right, on thunderbolt, on left shoulder cornucopia, E between legs. SNG Cop-225. VF/F. $75


48685 *Livia, mother of Tiberius. Died 29 AD. 22-23 AD. AE Sestertius (17.63) . Carpentum r., drawn by 2 mules SPQR IVLIAE AVGVST in 3 lines above/TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST PM TR POT XXIIII around large SC. . SR-1738, RIC-51. VG, rough. $160

51096 *Caligula. 37-41. AE Sestertius (26.28) . Laureate head right/SPQR PP OB CIVIES SERVATOS in oak-wreath. SR-1801, RIC-46. Fine, badly pitted. $250

51097 *Caligula. 37-41. AE As (11.23) . Laureate head right/Vesta seated left. SR-1803, RIC-38. Fine, pitted. $125

51584 *Plautilla. wife of Caracalla. Died 211 AD. AR Denarius (3.23) . Draped bust right/Pietas standing holding scepter and child. SR-7072, RIC-367. Ch. VF, small flan cut. $120

50262 *Gordian III. 238-244. AR Antoninianus (4.24) . Radiate head right/Concordia seated left, holding patera and double cornucopia.. SR-8604, RIC-35. EF. $65

50264 *Gordian III. 238-244. AR Antoninianus (4.05) . Radiate head right/Jupiter standing, facing, head right, resting on scepter & holding thunderbolt. SR-8615, RIC-84. EF. $65

28555 *Gallienus. 253-258. Bi Antoninianus (3.41) . Rad. bust right GALLIENVS AVG/Mars stg l, foot on helmet, hldg branch & spear, X to left VIRTVS AVGVSTI. Silvered. SR-10416. EF, bit flat. $45

50015 *Constantius I, as Caesar 302-303. 305-306. AE Follis (9.94) of Rome . Laureate bust right/Moneta stg. left, hldg scales and cornucopia, star to right, RT in ex.. RIC-VI, 104a. VF+, a few flat areas. $50

28356 *Licinius I. 308-325 (312-313). AE Follis (3.74) Thessalonica . Laurete hd right/Jupiter standing l., hldg victory/& scepter, eagle at feet •T•S•H• in ex. . RIC-6, 60. GVF+. $45

48696 *Constans. 337-350 (337-34). AE3 (1.60) of Siscia . Laureate cuirassed bust right CONSTAN SPFAVG/2 soldiers standing to either side of 1 standard with Chi-Rho at top, ASIS GLORIA EXERCITVS. RIC-98. VF, tooled. $35

51680 *Valentinian I. 364-375 AD. AE3 (2.94) of Thessalonica . Draped bust right/GLORIA ROMANORVM Emp. dragging captive and holding Chi-Rho, TES in exergue. SR-4102, RIC-9, 26A (S). EF!, some green encrustation but not "coin disease). $55

50807 *Aelia Flacilla, wife of Theodosius I. Constantinople mint. AE2 (22mm, 5.64) . Draped bust right, wearing elaborate headdress, necklace, and mantle/ Victory seated right on throne, inscribing a Christogram on a shield set on a column, CONA in ex.. RIC-9, 55, LRBC-2149, As SR-4192. Gd VF, dark olive patina. $125


49525 *Thrace. Anchialus. Septemius Severus. 193-211. AE26 (11.63) . Laureate bust right/Homonoia stg. left holding cornucopia and patara.. SNG Cop-433. VF, hard green patina. $175

51602 *Ionia. Smyrna. Gordian to Valerian. mid 3rd Cent. AD. AE26 (8.83) . Head of Senate right/Homonoia standing left holding patera and cornucopia in border of dots.. BMC-14, 247. Cop-1326. Fine. $90

51585 *Phoenicia. Tyre. Gallienus. 253-268. AE27 (16.73) . Radiate bust of Gallienus right wearing paludamentum and cuirass/Temple of Astarte with six columns, Astarte standing in center. palm-tree, lfaming altar & shell in ex.. BMC-26, 476. GF/VF. $460

50873 *Roman Egypt. Augustus. 27 BC- 14 AD. AE 20 Drachms (2.10) Dichalkon . Laureate head right. KAI AP. Attractive portrait/Star above crescent. Scarce type. E-16, M-9, BMC-8. aEF. 550

49964 *Roman Egypt. Trajan. 98-117. AE Drachm (18.59) . Laureate bust right/Nilus reclining left, leaning on hippopotamus Year 20. Koln-716, Emm-551, SNG France-1263. Rough F, patina stripped. $60

51598 *Roman Egypt. Hadrian. 117-138. Bi Tetradrachm (11.37) . Laureate bust right/Nilus reclining left on crocodile holding reed and cornucopia. Cop-371, C-459, E-876. Nice VF. $165

51586 *Roman Egypt. Hadrian. 117-138. AE Drachm (24.69) . Bust laureate, draped, cuirassed right./ Alexandria kissing the emperor's hand to welcome him in her city; he stands, left, laureate and togate, holding scepter in left hand; Alexandria, wearing elephant-skin headdress, steps right towards the emperor, grasps and kisses his right hand, and holds wheat ears and poppy in her left hand; L - I E in left and middle field. Commemorates Hadrian's arrival in Egypt in 130 AD. Emm-964, Dat-1610. GVF. $750

50874 *Roman Egypt. Sabina, wife of Hadrian. LIE = year 15, 130/131. AR tetradrachm (12.42) . Sabina bust right, with hair down back CABEINA CEBACTH. Rare without the head of Hadrian/Sabina, as Demeter, seated left holding corn-ears and scepter. CABEINA LIE CEBACTH. C-558, E-1334, M-1306. VF, tad rough. $900

50876 *Roman Egypt. Marcus Aurelius. 161-180, Year 19. AE Diobol (8.89) . Laureate head right/Griffin seated left. Seldom offered type. Emm-2236 (R5), Dat-3594. F/VF, obv. tad rough. $365

51599 *Roman Egypt. Carinus. 282-283. AE Tetradrachm (6.56) . Laureate bust right/Tyche stg. left, crowned with modius, holding rudder and cornucopiae , year 1. Cop-950, C-1929, Emm-4012. VF, touch rough. $75


51587 *Byzantine. Heraclius. 610-641. Gold Solidus (4.34) . Facing busts of Heraclius (on l.) and Heraclius Constantine. Heraclius with long beard/Cross potent on 3 steps, Officina H. Constantinople mint. SB-749. Lustrous EF, possible mt removed at top. $540

51588 *Byzantine. Constans II. 644-668. Gold Solidus (4.48) . Facing bust of Constans with long beard, holding cross and long mustache/Cross potent on 3 steps, Officina I(?) Constantinople mint. SB-956. EF. $600

49970 *Byzantine. Anonymous att. to Romanus III. 1028-1034 or Michael IV. AE Follis (14.18) . Facing bust of Christ/4 line legend/& cross. Class B. SB-1823. F, but double struck. $25

28440 *Arab-Byzantine. Jerusalem. c. 670-685. AE Fals (3.20) . Standing Caliiph/illya filistin, Large M. SNAT-3, W-23, 79. VF. $275

28437 *Arab-byzantine. Tiberias (Tabariya). 7th Century AD. AE Follis 28mm (4.54) . 3 standing figures/Large M, Officiana C/Rare, especially so nice and so large. SNAT-281, Walker-43, Album-107. GVF. $400

25561 *Tabaristan. 'Umar b. 'Ali. PYE 120-129 (mid 8th Century AD). AR Hemidrachm (1.94) . Hd of king/Fire alter w. attendants. Design similar to Sassanian types. MWI-276. VF, some encrustation. $25

48982 *Zengids of Mosul. Saif al-Din Ghazi II. AH 567, 1171/72. AE Dirham (10.94) of Mosul . Facing male bust with 2 winged beings above/4 line legend. Ex Bill Spengler collection. S/S-60.3. VF. $90


51546 *Angola. Peter V of Portugal. 1858. One Macuta . Exceptional grade!/. KM-58. Choice Brown unc.,hints of red. $160

51617 *Austria. Leopold I, the Hogmouth. 1664. 15 Kreuzer . His bust right within ornament circle and legend. KM does not list date with this type cirucle /Crowned arms, crown divides date at top. Exceptional grade, virtually as struck. KM-1198 (unl. date!). Toned Au-Unc.. $195

51641 *Austria. Salzburg, Johann Ernst. 1699 . 1/4 Taler . Madonna & Child above shield /St. Rupert. KM-282. Nicely toned aEF. $160

51604 *Belgium. Brussels. Anonymous Local Coinage. 1235-1280. AR Denier (.53) . Windmill type Cross of Brabent/Bridge or gangplank. SCMF-7369, dw-98. Nice VF. $190

51603 *Belgium. Antwerp. (1680). AE24 Charity Token . Hand over JhS R-S monogram. Struck for distribution of bread, done from 1480 annually /YPOL. TERRAX on banner over XX above 1480. Terrax had been mintmaster at Antwerp. Neu-13986, Ek-36. VF. $190

51618 *Belgium. Liege. Maximilian Henry Archbishop. of Cologne, Bavaria etc. 1674. Patagon . Bust right/Capped eight fold arms. KM-80, Dav-4294. F/VG. $165

51547 *Belgium. Leopold II. 1887 (Flemish_. One Franc . Bust left, "L. Wiener" below bust without period in signature. Der Belgen/Arms. Two year type. KM-29.1. NGC MS-61. $150

51557 *Bohemia. Wenceslas (V`87clav) II. 1278-1305. AR Prager Groschen of Kutn`87 Hora . Crown within two circular lines of legend and dotted circle/Crowned lion left.. MEC-378, Smolik-2. Nice VF. $350

51532 *Bohemia. Leopold the Hogmouth. 1662. 3 Kreuzer of Kuttenberg . His bust right/Double-headed eagle, lion on breast,hand holding anvil at bottom, = mm = Georg Hackl. Diet-856, Her-1478, KM-487. Fine. $35

51629 *Bolivia. Charles IV. 1808 PTS PJ. 4 Reales of Potosi . Bust of Charles right/Crowned Arms between pillars. KM-72. aVF/VF. $190

51630 *British north Borneo. British Protectorate . 1891-H. 1 Cent . /. KM-2. Mostly red Ch. BU. $175

51642 *Crete. George of Greece. 1901. 5 Drachmai . /. KM-9. Nice Fine. $270

51634 *Danish West Indies. C. A. Daniel & Co.. ND (1880's). 1`A2 19mm Brass token . "C.A. Daniel & Co, " "1" in center/"One Cent Mexican Token", "1" in center. . F+, a few nicks. $145

51635 *Danish West Indies. St. Thomas, G. Leviti. ND (1880's). 5`A2 19mm CN token . "G. Leviti St. Thomas" around "5`A2 Mexic"/Star, LABOR IMPROBUS OMNIA VINCIT (from Virgil: "Tireless work wins all". Sieg-31, Higgie-432. EF and scarce. $165

51631 *Denmark. Frederick VII. 1857-VS. 16 Skilling . Bare headed bust right/Value in wreathKM-765. Ch. Toned AU+. $59

51545 *Egypt. Fuad I. 1923 - AH1343. Gold 50 Piastres . Bust right/One year t ype. KM-340, . Choice BU. $175

51553 *England. George III. 1799. Half Penny . One year type/5 gun ports on ship on reverse. KM-647, Sp-3777. NGC MS 62 Brown. $175

51670 *England. Isle of Wight, Newport. 1811. Silver Six Pence Token . Old sailing ship, "Newport Isle of Wight 1811"/Bees in a circle above beehive, "Union Token Sixpence" around. Davis-24, Dalton-28. Lightly toned AU, sm. rb rev. $169

51526 *England. Victoria. 1893. 3 Pence . Jubilee head left/Closed 3 in date. Last year of Jubilee type. KM-758, Sp-3931. Ch. EF, die break above 2nd T in Britt. $75

51607 *France. Normandy, Richard I. 943-996. AR Denier (1.26) of Rouen . X RICARDVS I, cross with pellets in angles /X ROTOMACVS, Stylized temple with X and pellets. Dup-16, SCMF-4081ff. Nice EF. $235

51606 *France. Cahors, Anonymous Bishops. 12th-13th Centuries. AR Denier (.67) . Three crosses, "A" below "+CIVITAS"/Large Central cross "+CATVRS" . Boud-782, SCMF-4316v. EF, a few flat areas. $75

51608 *France. Henry II. 1550. AR Douzain aux croissants . + HENRICVS 2 `E1 DEI `E1 G `E1 FRANCORV `E1 REX `E1 F `E1 (lis), crowned French coat of arms; to left and right, crown above crescent; E below/+ SIT `E1 NOMEN DNI `E1 BENEDICTVM `E1, elaborate cross fleur`8Ee; H and crown alternating in quarters. Ciani-1309, SCMF-3183v. F-VF. $80

51609 *France. Henry II, King of Poland also. 1581-G (Poitiers). AR Franc . Head of Henry III right, with HENRICVS III D G FRANC ET POL REX , with G below the bust. Legend begins at top. Scarcer mint/H surrounded by four fancy fleurs, with 1581 SIT NOMEN DOMINI BENEDICTVM C around. SCMF-3573sim, Kop-10427. Toned aVF, slightly doubled on obv.. $300

51537 *France . Henry III, King of France & Poland. 1586-C (St. Lo). Double Tournois . Bust right in circle.henri iii r de fran et pol c/3 Fleur de lis double tournois. symbols to either side of date. . . Fine, somewhat irreg. flan. $49

51619 *France. Louis XIV. 1659-F (Angers). Half Ecu . Laureate bust right with long hair before ear/Crowned shield of France. Only 25, 874 minted. KM-164.7, Gad-169. Toned VF, die break obv. $325

51625 *France. Louis XIV. 1701-A. 1/2 Ecu . Bust right/Crowned shield of France, crossed scepters and hand of Justice behind. KM-325.1, Gad-185. Lightly toned VF, struck over another coin. $210

51683 *France. Republic. L'AN4 (1794-5)-A. 5 Centimes . 5th finest graded by NGC. KM-635.1. NGC MS61 Brown. $175

51632 *France. 3rd Republic . 1873-A. 5 Francs . Liberty, Equality, Fraternity /. KM-820.1. Ch. BU. $59

51548 *French Cochin-china. French Colony. 1884-A. 10 Centimes . Short type/. KM-4. AU, lightly clnd. $140

51643 *French Indo-China. French Colony. 1928-A. Piastre . /. KM-5a.1. Ch. AU-Unc, bit scuffy. $139

51626 *Germany. Bavaria, Karl Theodore. 1784. Madonna Taler . Bust of Karl Theodore right, I. Sch on shoulder/Madonna & child. Some light adjustment marks on reverse. KM-260.3, Dav-1965. Lightly toned EF-AU. $425

51562 *Germany. Brunswick-Luneburg-Calenberg. Johann Friedrich. 1673. 1/3 Taler . Bust right/Palm tree, 2 ships to either side in sea behind. KM-146,Welter-1756. VF. $220

51610 *Germany. Cologne. Conrad. 1238-1261. AR Denar (1.68) . +SANCTA COLONIA, church facade/+CHVONRADVS IMP, cross with PI/LI/GR/IM in the quarters. . . Ch. VF+, sm. rim clip. $340

51550 *Germany. Frankfurt. Free City. 1848. 2 Gulden . Eagle, wings spread, head left/6 line legend commemorating Goethe's 100th birthday. One year type. KM-343, Dav-646. P-L BU, a few sm. rim nicks. $175

51531 *Germany. Hamburg. Free City. 1728. 4 Schilling. . Crowned imperial double-headed eagle, orb on breast/Castle within branches above value within circle. KM-162.1. Toned EF. $47.50

51549 *Germany. Nassau. Friedrich Wilhelm. 1813. Thaler . Bare-headed bust right/Arms. . Cr-33c, Dav-736. Lustrous AU, but nasty rim bruise at 11:30. $425

51685 *Germany. Prussia, Wilhelm I. 1874-A. Gold 10 Mark . Highest graded by NGC!/. KM-504, Fr-3822. NGC MS-66. $550

51620 *Germany. Schlewig-Holstein-Gottorp.. Frederick IV of Denmark. 1695. 4 Schilling . Crowned monogram/Crowned Arms. Sch`9An-1. VF, sm mk rev.. $100

51621 *Germany. Trier. Johann Hugo von Orsbeck. 1679. 4 Pfennig = 1/2 Albus . Standing figure of St. Peter with key, date in legend/Round arms topped by elector's cap. KM-138. EF. $80

25970 *Germany. Dr. Ernst v. Bergmann. 1836-1907. AE 38 x 50mm . His bust/Uniface/German scientist and professor. . EF. 40

51684 *German New Guinea. German Protectorate. 1894-A. 1 Pfennig . One year type/. KM-1. ANACS MS 63 Red Brown. $300

51534 *Greece. George I. 1869-BB. 10 Lepta. KM-43. F-VF. $12.50

51543 *Iceland. 1000th Anniversary of Icelandic Parliament. 1930. 5 Konur . Standing Figure/Twin Dragons. Y9, D-131, Br-SM2. NGC-AU 55. $99

51544 *Iceland. 1000th Anniversary of Icelandic Parliament. 1930. 10 Kronur . Seated figure with two kneeling children/Supported Arms. Y10, D-130, Br-SM3. NGC MS-61. $200

51551 *India. East India Co., William IV. 1835-B. Rupee . Bust right without initials on truncation/Denomination in wreath, "East India Company 1835" around. KM-450.1. VF, lightly clnd. $55

51671 *Iran. Nasir as-Din Shah. AH1274 (1858). AR 1/2 Kran or 10 Shahis . Bust of Shah (?) left/Legend and date. Tehran mint. KM-528.3, cf Mitch-2167. Nice EF for this crudely struck coin. $59

51678 *Iran. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. SH 1350 (1972). Silver (or silvered) 32mm Medal . Conjoined busts of Shah and Empress left/Polo player on horse right in wreath, building behind. . EF, light toned. $49

51644 *Israel. First coin!. 1948/5708. 25 Mils . 1st coin of country, only coin dated (1948)/Made from aluminum sheet metal from Bridgeport, CT. Y-1, KM-8, P1. EF, cleaned. $150

51681 *Israel. Utrecht Die. 5714 (1954). 100 Pruta . Scarce variety with wreath away from rim/. KM-19, P23. EF. $325

51682 Israel. Utrecht Die. 5714 (1954). 100 Pruta . Scarce variety with wreath away from rim/. KM-19, P23. NGC AU-58. $475

51527 *Israel. Israel Liberation/Judaea Capta. 1958. Silver 38mm . Israel Liberation/Judaea Capta/Israel's first medal. SM-1a. Nice Unc. $24

51523 *Israel. Seafaring. 1963 / 5723. 5 Lirot . Key date in high grade. PCGS MS64. Y35, KM-39. Choice BU. $210

24199 *Israel. Scarce date. 1964. 5 Agorot . /. KM-25, A5-5. PCGS-AU53. $90

48922 Israel. Dove and Cedar Trees. 1991 5752. Gold 5 New Sheqalim . Cedar Trees and Value/Dove and tree trunk. Holyland Flora and Fauna Series. KM-222, Fr-38. Proof. 325

48924 *Israel. Naomi Shemer. 2005. Gold 10 New Sheqalim . Her bust left. Only 555 minted/Musical Score. Art and Culture Series. KM-414, Fr-90. Proof. 675

51533 *Italy. Naples & Sicily. Ferdinand IV. 1797P/R C. 8 Torneis . Bust right/Value and date. Cr-49. Fine, clnd. $15

51555 *Italy. Piedmont Republic. Anno VII (1799). Mezzo (1/2) Scudo . Legend around wreath, value in wreath/Standing figure with hand on fasces with liberty cap. Old tag included. Cr-2, Gig-1, Var-1006 (R). Toned aVF, but rough edges. $450

51530 *Italy. Venice, Antonio Venier. LXII Doge. 1382-1400. AR Grosso . Saint mark and the Doge anto venerio' sm veneti dvx/Christ enthroned. + tibi lavs 3. gloria. Bi-2855. aVF, but clipped. $75

51613 *Italy. Venice. Anonymous Coinage. After 1570. AR 2 Gazzetta . Lion of St. Mark with leg on the Gospel/Justice seated between two lions with sword and balance in hand. Paolucci-720. aVF/F. $60

51612 *Italy. Venice. Anonymous Coinage. After 1570. AR 4 Gazetta (2.79 . Lion of St. Mark with leg on the Gospel/Justice seated between two lions with sword and balance in hand. Paolucci-723. aVF. $85

51538 *Italy. Victor Emanuel III. 1915-R. 5 Centesmim . Bust left/Female standing on prow. KM-42. Ch VF. $30

51633 *Jersey. British Dependancy . Victoria. 1851. 1/26 Shilling. KM-2. Choice Glossy Brown BU. $260

51539 *Korea. Kwang Mu. Year 10 (1906). 1/2 Chon . 1 year type/. KM-1124, Y13. Brown EF. $49

51540 *Korea. Kwang Mu. Year 10 (1906). 1 Chon . Imperial Eagle facing left/. KM-1125. Brown EF. $49

51611 *Mexico. Carlos & Johanna. 1506-1572 (Late Series after 1536_. AR 2 Reales . Crowned Pillars/Crowned Arms. Vogt-9. Fine. $145

51627 *Mexico. Ferdinand VI. 1752 Mo M. 1/2 Real . Crowned Arms/Pillars to either side of crowned globe. KM-67.1. Toned aEF. $110

51616 *Mongols of Persia. Ilkhans, Abu Sa'id. 716-736AH/1316-1335. AR 6 Dirhems (11.68) . 2nd standard, looped square. Album Type B. Mitch-1626, Alb-2195 (S). Toned VF. $80

51605 *Moravia. Otto I, the Handsome. 1061-1087. AR Denar (.71) . Hand facing down/Cross with small head or irreg. triangles in each angle.. Cach-371. Nice EF. $275

51559 *Netherlands. Holland. 1576. Lion Dollar . Knight looking right behind arms. Rosette mintmark/Rampant lion left. Dav-8838, Del-831. Decent VF for type. Flan crack. $140

51560 *Netherlands. Holland. 1576. Lion Dollar . Knight looking right behind arms. Rosette mintmark/Rampant lion left. Dav-8838, Del-831. Decent Fine for type. Flan crack. $120

51622 *Netherlands. Holland. ND (1693). 28 Stuivers . HOL countermarkd on reverse of 28 Stuivers of Kampen (KM-76). Arms/Crowned double headed eagle. KM-69.11. Coin F, c/m VF. $340

51558 *Netherlands. Maastrcht . Obsidional Siege Coin. 1579. 16 Sols . Arms, date. Besieged by the Spaniards under Alessandro Farnese, Duke of Parma/4 line legend divided by sword held by hand below, XVI in exergue. dm-597. Nice F, sm. edge split. Very nice for type. $375

51623 *Netherlands. Zeeland. 1616. Lion Dollar . Standing knight/Lion walking left. KM-16, Dav-4872. F-VF, flatly struck in places. $125

51541 *New Zealand. George VI. 1942. 3 Pence Dot Variety Set . 2 coins in one NGC holder. 1 Dot (Very rare) MS-63, 2 dots MS-64. KM-7. BU. $475

51536 *Norway. Oscar II. 1884. 2 Ore . /. KM-353. Brown EF. $18

51689 *Norway. Haakon VII. 1911. 2 Ore . Scarce this nice/. KM-371. Brown unc., spot near G in Norge. $250

51672 *Palestine. 1939. 1 Mil . One of the nicest we've seen. Y1, KM-1. Gem Red Unc, a few minor spots. $59

51520 *Palestine. 1934. 5 Mils . High grade key date. ANACS MS63. Y3, KM-3. BU. $220

51522 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1933. 10 Mils . High grade key date. Very elusive so nice. . NGC MS-62. . Yr, KM-4. BU. $475

51521 *Palestine. 1941. 10 Mils . High grade key date. NGC MS-63. Yr, KM-4. BU. $325

51686 *Palestine. 1933. 50 Mils . Semi-key date, lightly toned. Y-6, KM-6. NGC MS-61. $200

51688 *Palestine. British Mandate. 1927. 20 Mils . An exceptionally choice coin/All 20 Mils are very scarce this nice. Y-5, KM-5. NGC MS-63. $235

51687 *Palestine. 1934. 50 Mils . Key date/Scarce, so nice. Y-6, KM-6. NGC MS-63. $320

51640 *Peru. Republic. 1835 L MM. 8 Reales . Nice, natural flan flaw/Lots of original luster. KM-142.3, El-122. Lightly toned Au/Unc.. $345

51673 *Peru. Republic. 1940. 10 Centavos . Extremely rare issue in Proof/1st we've had!. KM-214.2, Y32. Proof. $250

51674 *Peru. Republic. 1940. 20 Centavos . Extremely rare issue in Proof/1st we've had!. KM-215.2, Y33. Proof. $250

51675 *Poland. Lodz Ghetto (Litzmannstadt). 1943. 5 Mark Magnesium . 1.02 grams/Magnesium pieces are much scarcer than aluminum examples. KM-TN2a, C-4752a. aEF, just a touch of encru station. $200

51615 *Spain. Barcelona, Peter I. 1213-1276. AR Obol . Long cross, annulets in angles, PETR REX/Small Cross, BARCINONA. C&C (1978)-775. Toned EF. $90

51669 *Spain. Alfonso XIII. 1896 (96) PG-V. 5 Pesetas . Youthful head right/Crowned arms between pillars. Y-89, KM-707. EF, lightly toned. $99

51552 *Spain. Alfonso XIII. 1898 (98) SG-V. 5 Pesetas . Young head left/Arms between two pillars. Very attractive mint state coin. KM-707, Dav-344. NGC MS-63. $145

51614 *Spanish Netherlands. Gelderland, Philip II. 1564. 1/2 Philipsdaalder . His bust left, date below divided by symbol/Crowned Arms on cross, crowns at sides. GH-2116b, Del-62. Toned Fine. $275

51528 *Sweden. Carl IX. 1606. Silver 4 Ore or 1/2 Mark . Crown above shield with 3 crowns/Hebrew Jehovah in center, date in outer circle. Hebrew very strong.. KM-17, SM-59, Needleman-55. VG-F , (actually probably better but because the flan is crinkled, there is uneven wear). $185

51542 *Sweden. Oscar II. 1970-EB. 2 Kronor . Two year type. Seldom encountered in mint state. NGC Slabbed MS-62. KM-773. BU. $240

51628 *Switzerland. Basel. ND (c. 1700). Half Taler . City View/Oval city arms surrounded by 8 shields. KM-123, HMZ-100a. Lightly toned VF+. $265

51624 *Switzerland. Zurich. 1673. 1/2 Taler . Lion with sword left, leg on shield, denomination below/3 line legend with date below. KM-102v (no 36 on rev). Toned VF, couple of flan flaws. $350

51676 *Thailand. Rama V (Phra Mahah Chulaongkorn). RS 127 (1908). Salung = 1/4 Baht . Bust left/National arms, date at bottom. Scarce type, better date, rare so nice. Y-33a. BU. $395

49159 *Timor. Portuguese Colony. 1951. 10 Avos . last year of type. Y1, KM-5. Unc., a few spots. $12

50384 *Timor. Portuguese Colony. 1958. 60 Centavos . One year type. Y6, KM-12. BU. $30

51202 *Togo. French Mandate, League of Nations. 1925. 50 Centimes . 3 year type/Aluminum-Bronze. Y-1, KM-1. VF. $20

51201 *Togo. French Mandate, League of Nations. 1924. 1 Franc . Two year type. Key date/Aluminum-Bronze. Y-2, KM-2. VF-EF. $40

49162 *Togo. French Mandate, League of Nations. 1924. 2 Francs . 1st year of two year type/. Y3, KM-3. VF. $25

51200 *Togo. French Mandate,. 1925. 2 Francs . 2 year type. Aluminum-bronze. Y3, KM-3. GVF. $28

25908 *Togo. Central African States. 2003. 6000 CFA Francs . Bimetallic, Bare-breasted girl/Elephant, Map of Africa. Low mintage. KM-21. BU. $70

25914 *Togo. Central African States. 2003. 6000 CFA Francs . Bimetallic. Pres. Gnassingbe Eyadema//Elephant, Map of Africa. Low Mintage. . KM-22. BU. $90

28785 *Tunisia. Muhammad al-Nasir Bey AH 1329/1911-A. 1 Franc . /. KM-238, Y30. Unc. $22

49759 *Tunisia . Muhammad al-Nasir Bey. AH1334 (1915). 1 Franc . /. Y30, KM-238. Unc. $18

49757 *Tunisia . Muhammad al-Nasir Bey. AH1335 (1916). 50 Centimes . /. Y29, KM-237. BU. $23

48849 *Tunisia. Muhammad al-Nasir Bey AH1334/1916A. 50 Centimes . /. KM-237, Y29. BU. $25

49758 *Tunisia . Muhammad al-Nasir Bey. AH1335 (1916). 1 Franc . /. Y30, KM-238. Unc. $18

28787 *Tunisia. Muhammad al-Nasir Bey. AH1334/1916-A. 2 Francs . /. KM-239, Y31. AU. $25

28799 *Tunisia. Muhammad al-Nasir Bey. AH1337/1919. 25 Centimes . Short type/. KM-244, Y-36. Choice BU. $30

50388 *Tunisia. Ahmed Bey. 1942. 10 Centimes . Zinc/. Y58, KM-267. Unc. $15

50389 *Tunisia. Ahmed Bey. 1942. 20 Centimes . Zinc/One year type. Y59, KM-268. Toned Unc.. $35

51677 *Turkey. Muhammad V. 1327/3 (1911). 2 Kurush of Salonika . Mint Visit coin/Luster under toning. Scarce as such. KM-808. Ch. toned Unc. $180

50159 *Turkey. Republic. 1951. 2 1/2 Kuras . Key date/. Y94, KM-885. VF+. $20

50160 *Turkey. Republic. 1960. 1 Lira . Scarce in unc./Stainless Steel. Y114, KM-889a. Unc. $15

50161 *Turkey. Republic. 1960. 2 1/2 Lira . Scarce in unc./Stainless Steel. Y115, KM-893.1. BU. $70

49169 *Turkey. Republic. 1960. 10 Lire . Head of Ataturk left/Commemorates revolution . Y116, KM-894. BU. $8

49923 *United States?. PNG?. c. 1900?. Enameled gold badge . /. . EF. 90

50685 $50

51679 *United States. Alaska. (1935). 8 sided Alum token 20mm . "Good for One Cent A.R.R.C" around 1 on both sides. Known as bingles/Alaska Rural Rehabilitation Corp. Only denomination not in standard size. Used for only about 6 months, then redeemed for US money and destroyed. 5,000 minted. Au-Unc. $195

49170 *Uruguay. Republic. 1961. 10 Pesos . Bust of M.G. Rizzello right/Sesquicentennial of 1811 revolution against Spain.. Y39, KM-43. BU. $8

48476 *Uruguay. Cerveceria del Uruguay . ND. Aluminum 27.5 . cervecerias del uruguay s dad a ml around montevideo/vale por "1" barril vacio. 1 Empty barrel.. Rulau-unlisted . Unc. 25

48477 *Uruguay. Hs. Villegas. ND (c.1900?). Brass 23.5 mm . vinedo villegas hs carmelo (r.o). Venedo = Vinyard/"10", bellagamba y rossi (very small). Struck by Bellagamba y Rossi, Buenos Aires.. Rulau Cln-8. GVF. $30

50378 *Vietnam (South). Republic. 1968. 20 Dong. KM-10. BU. $7

50432 *Vietnam (South). Republic. 1968. 20 Dong . Another as above. KM-10. BU. $7

End of List.