Auction 38C - June 5, 2008

Ancient and World Coins

Auction #38C

Closing Date and Time: Thursday, June 5, 2008 9:00 PM Mountain Time

Featuring selections from the collections of: Guido Kisch Bob Schonwalter Dr. Aubrey Joffe

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Highlights of Auction 38C
Ancient Jewish Coins (1-40)
City Coins of the Holy Land (41-66)
Ancient Greek Coins (69-93)
Ancient Roman Coins (94-135)
Other Ancients (136-157)
Numismatic Literature (158-164)
World Coins, Medals & Tokens (165-386)
World Paper Money (387-617)
Medallic Judaica & Holy Land Material (618-834)
Paper Judaica and Holy Land Material (835-908)
Holocaust Memorabilia (909-956)

TERMS OF SALE   (back to top)

1. All bids are per lot as numbered in this catalog.

2. All bids are strictly cash (cash, check, money order, bank draft, bank wire or approved credit card) in U.S. dollars. See Term #10 for credit cards terms. All checks must be written in US dollars on a US Bank. We no longer accept payment via Paypal. Bidders are responsible for any and all bank charges for bank wires etc.

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4. All materials are guaranteed genuine, unless noted otherwise, or sold "as is".

5. Bid sheets must be signed.

6. We reserve the right to reject any bid.

7. Title does not pass until lots are paid for in full.

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11. Digital photos, scans, black & white or color copies are available for most single lots in the sale. Photos, scans and black and white copies are $1 per item, while color copies are $2 per side. Payable in advance, please. In most cases digital images sent via email are free. Please do not wait until the last week to ask us for these.

12. All lots with 6 or more items are sold as is and are not returnable.

13. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt of invoices, unless arrangements are made prior to the closing of the sale. Late payers forfeit any rights of return. All invoices over 30 days overdue are subject to an interest charge of 1 1/2% per month.

14. There is a $25 charge for bad checks.

15. In case of tie bids, the earliest bid received will win the lot.

16. Phone, fax, mail and email bids are accepted, however phone bids, should be confirmed in writing. All email bids will be confirmed by a return email.

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20. All overseas packages will be shipped via registered or express mail at buyer's risk.

21. Bidders not known to us must provide us with satisfactory credit references or pay a deposit as determined by the auctioneer.

22. Prices realized will be published after the sale and will be mailed to all consignors, subscribers and competitive bidders. Others may receive a copy for $5.

23.Slabbed (Encapsulated) coins graded and certified by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS may not be returned for grading reasons.

24. The minimum acceptable bid on any lot is at least 60% of the estimate. In some cases a reserve may be higher than that, but it will never be higher than the estimate. We have made every effort to make the estimates realistic and conservative. In addition no bids on coins and medals of precious metal lots will be accepted that are below the melt value of the item. For our mailbid purposes we are defining precious metals as being of silver, gold, platinum or palladium. The price of gold as we write this is $920 per troy ounce and silver is $17.80. There is no platinum or palladium in this sale.


We will stop taking bids at 9:00 PM on June 5th or when our phone and/or Fax stops ringing for 10 minutes. Please do not wait until the last minute and get shut out. In every sale a number of bidders could not get through on the last night.

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Please keep in mind that in some cases there may be unpublished reserves set either by the consignor or the cataloger and no bids of less than 60% of estimate are considered. We do not have a call back service, but after placing your bid you may contact us as many times as you like to check on your bids. And we take seriously the commitment to reduce bids. We do not reveal the high bid of any lot, but if you have placed a bid on a lot, you may contact us after your bid has been placed and we will tell you if you are the high bidder.

Usually well over 1/3 of all successful bids are reduced and over 75% of successful bidders have at least one of their winning bids reduced. We believe that the best strategy to being a successful bidder is placing your bids early and not waiting until the last minute.

Please keep in mind that we can not guarantee who is the last bidder. If someone calls us at 9 PM, the sale will continue for at least 10 minutes after that call is completed. If someone else calls us during that 10 minutes, the sale continues for another 10 minutes. And so on.

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There has been quite a bit of discussion lately about companies that charge what some say are excessive buyer's fees. We do not charge a buyer's fees in our sales. You are charged only for the amount of your winning bid, postage and shipping charges. If you want the convenience of using your credit card we charge you a small fee to use that to help cover our costs.

LOT VIEWING SCHEDULE   (back to top)

DENVER COIN EXPO. May 15-18, National Western Complex, "Expo Hall", I-70 and Brighton Blvd., Denver CO. Thursday May 15th is dealer set up day. Public hours are Friday and Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM and Sunday 10 AM to 3 PM. We will have most lots in the sale available for viewing at our bourse tables during all show hours. There are some bulk lots which we will bring only if specifically asked to. Please contact us prior to the show to ensure that we bring the lots you want to see. We may bring some lots to the Denver Coin Club meeting on Thursday May 29th but at this time our plans are in flux for that week.

We plan to have the majority of the material in the sale in our office Monday through Friday beginning May 12th except for the show dates mentioned above, until the close of the sale if you need more detailed description of any of the lots. However, please contact us as well in advance of the close of the sale as possible in order that we can provide you with as much information as possible. We will be happy to return your call if we cannot provide you with the information you require when you call, fax or email.

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No information will be available about the results of the sale until all bids have been checked and invoices written. This should take about 4 days. We will not be answering the phone until that information is ready. We hope to be ready by Monday June 9th or Tuesday June 10th at the very latest.

Please note that this entire catalog is also up on our website at There you will find not only everything in this catalog, but also color images of all lots pictured. If the images are not up on our site when you receive this catalog they should be soon.

HIGHLIGHTS OF AUCTION 38C   (back to top)

The sale is highlighted by selections from three well known collectors: Bob Schonwalter, Guido Kisch and Dr. Aubrey Joffe. These collections form the backbone of the extensive listing of Judaic related medals as well as paper currency and tokens. Overall there are 25 consignors from every part of the United States as well as Europe and Israel. In recent years we've tried (not always successfully) to limit the number of lots in each sale to less than 1000.

Our offering of ancient coins while small in number should not be overlooked. The Jewish section contains numerous high grade Yehud coins as well as better Bar Kochba, Herodian and City Coins as well as an elusive Half Shekel of the First Revolt. The Greek listing features better Italian silver coins and a Olynthos Chaldician League Tetradrachm. The Roman section contains what is probably the most diverse offering of Judaea Capta and Jewish reference coins, most from a New England collection, that we've ever offered. This is highlighted by a rare fisci ivdaici Sestertius of Nerva and an elusive Titus IVD CAP Sestertius of Thrace. Ancients are finished off with a rare Half Drachm of Antinous (a favorite of Hadrian) as well as a Constantine IX silver Miliarsion.

Our small numismatic literature section contains all six volumes of the Encyclopedia of Chinese Coins by Arthur Coole. Among the more interesting world coin lots being offered are two early four Reales of Carlos and Johanna struck in Mexico City, a 1914 Mexican Horse Peso, 5 extremely rare Israeli Prutas in Proof, the largest selection of slabbed Palestine coins we've ever offered, numerous rare and important medals including several early 20th century US pieces, three rare British condor tokens and three rare Litzmannstadt Ghetto coins struck in silver that were purchased by Bob Schonwalter in 1954! There was simply not enough gold coins in this auction to warrant a gold section on it's own, so they are interspersed in the catalog. The gold coins and medals in this sale are Lots 151, 157, 263, 272, 274, 377-378, 729-730, 811, 815, 823-824 and 830.

The highlight of the world paper section is no doubt the complete set of Anglo-Palestine Provisional notes of 1948. We haven't offered a set in eight years and this was missing from the recent Sami Assouline auction. The Israeli paper section also has for sale numerous examples of high grade early notes from Israel as well as lots containing different series letters and runs of consecutive serial numbers. While the listing of concentration camp material is less than in some previous auctions we do offer a high grade note from Flossenburg, rare denominations of Nordhausen and Amesfoort notes and a rare lottery ticket from Litzmannstadt. In addition there are numerous high grade and rare proofs, color trials and specimens from around the world. And we would be remiss not to mention a small group of Palestine notes that have been sitting in a bank vault for the past 30+years.

We think that our Judaic and Holy Land medal section is the best and largest we've every had. We ran out of ways to say, first we've had, first we can recall having or haven't offered one in many, many years. Many of these items came from the collections of Bob Schonwalter and Guido Kisch. Items from Aubrey Joffe's collection are also interspersed throughout this catalog and others will be forthcoming in next year or so. Usually we feel fortunate to have perhaps 10 to 20 medals issued prior to 1900. In this sale there are about 50 pieces and this does not include pieces listed in Part One of this sale such as the 4 Jewish related British tokens of the late 18th and early 19th centuries as well as an early 19th century British medal concerning the 1799 Siege of Acre. These medals portray many of the more important Jews and their synagogues of pre-20th century Europe.

The 20th century has not been forgotten either as numerous medals from the past century (and a few from this!) are being offered and many are also scarce and seldom offered. The State of Israel medal section contains the best and most complete offering of the early silver medals that we have ever offered. Not only are the medals being offered individually, buyers will also have the opportunity to purchase complete runs of these medals. I can't recall them ever being offered like that in any auction anywhere!

The offerings of paper items of Judaic and Holy Land interest are no doubt highlighted by runs of small change tokens of Palestine and Israel bus lines in the 1940's and early 1950's as well as the best selection of Cooperative tokens we've ever had the pleasure of offering for sale. Actually in many cases we haven't even seen these tokens before! Many of them are the plate specimens from Judaic Tokens and Medals by Sylvia Haffner. In retrospect we think our estimates on these is very low but there are no price records to research.

As usual our sale concludes with a selection of Holocaust memorabilia. Included are 3 lots of rare items having to do with the Judenrat of Amsterdam. In addition there are listings of concentration camp and Ghetto notes and tokens as well as Holocaust related medals in other sections of the catalog.

Prof. Guido Kisch (1889-1985) was Professor of Jurisprudence and the History of Law at the Universities of Koenigsberg, Prague and Halle before emigrating to the United States in 1935. He continued his academic career in New York until after the Second World War when he returned to Basel, Switzerland. In December of 2007 the ANS acquired his collection of medals relating to the Law. His brother Bruno was a medical authority and Jewish scholar and like his brother a numismatist as well. His "Shekel Medals and False Shekel's" is still the pre-eminent work of it's kind.

Bob Schonwalter was New Jersey businessmen and collector He passed away about 9 years ago and various parts of his vast collection have been sold since then. We are fortunate to be able to offer some of his rare medals and tokens in this sale.

Aubrey Joffe was a major figure in Israel numismatics in the 1960's and early 1970's as a collector and researcher. He basically "disappeared" from the numismatic scene in the mid 1970's to pursue other opportunities. At the moment his projects include building hospitals in Africa and other places where the need for them is most urgent.

If you have any questions about any of the lots, please don't hesitate to ask us.

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ANCIENT JEWISH COINS   (back to top)

*1 yehud coinage, persian rule before 333 bc. ar hemiobol (.47). helmeted head of athena right/owl standing head right, yhd to right, lily and small crescent to left. h-426, ajc-2av. fine/choice vf. obverse a bit off-center, reverse is very nice the three letters sharp and clear! $1000

*2 ---,---ar 1/2 or 1/4 obol (.24). lily/falcon with wings spread, head right, yhd above to right. h-427, ajc-8, tjc-15. vf, centered, letters clear. some porosity but a superior example of this rare coin. $1250+

*3 ---,---ar hemi-obol (.32). head of persian king right wearing kidaris/falcon with wings spread, head right, bottom tips of two letters to right of wing. h-429v, tjc-16a. avf, moderate porosity. $500

*4 ---hellenistic period after 333 bc. ar 1/4 obol (.16). the obverse is obliterated which is quite usual for this coin. reverse eagle with wings spread standing left, yhd on left. the reverse is a nice vf with 3 clear letters. h-437, ajc-14. $350

*5 ---,---ar 1/4 obol (.19). similar, obverse is obliterated. the reverse is a choice vf with 3 clear letters. h-437, ajc-14. the eagle is an entirely different style than above $350

*6 samaria, 4th century bc. (.82). facing female head (arethusa?)/bearded male head in athenian helmet looking left, on left, "shomron". h-442v, sc-80, sh-79 (plate coin). vf $250

*7 ---4th century bc. ar hemiobol (.33). goat on hind legs left climbing plam tree o (e) to left, dalat below/helmeted male head left. obverse is exceptional. sc-111. vf/vg. ex george fisher collection $150+

*8 judah aristobulus. 104-103 bce. ae prutah. "yehuda the high priest and council of the jews"/double cornucopia. high grade. h-466, ajc jb-jc. f-vf, dark. the rare type with 3 letters in the first line. ex george fisher collection. $150

9 John Hyrcanus I 104-76 BC. AE Prutah (2.44). 4 line legend topped by "A"/ Double cornucopia. aVF, o.c. and Prutah of Alexander Jannaeus (2.39). Anchor/ Star of 8 Rays surrounded by diadem, letters between the rays. aVF. H-454 and H-469. 2 decent coins $60+

*10 mattathias antigonus. 40-37 bc. ae23 (13.71). double cornucopia/ivy wreath. tjc-36c, hen-481, ajc-u4. vf, natural flan chip. dark green patina, nicer than most. $225+

*11 ---ae prutah (1.70). cornucopia/retrograde legend. hen-483, ajc-y, tjc-40. f-vf, nice green patina. pronounced flan handle. $80

*12 herod i, the great 40-4 bc. ae 2 prutot (18mm, 2.80 gr). cross surrounded by open diadem and legend/tripod table flanked by palm branches. h-490a, tjc-49. nice vf+, green patina $125+

*13 ---ae lepton (.86). tripod table, legend around/two crossed palm branches. hen-495, ajc-14, tjc-55. vf, tad off-center. rare. i don't believe we've offered one since 1999! $350+?

*14 ---,---(1.08) cornucopia with inscription around/eagle standing right. h-501, ajc-23, tjc-66. this was the first coin issued by a jewish ruler for use by jews with a graven image upon it. choice vf. a nice example of this sought after coin. $350+?

*15 herod archelaus. 4 bc - 6 ad. ae prutah (1.69). anchor with long slender arms/inscription in 2 lines within wreath. h-507, ajc-2b, tjc-69b. ef, green patina. an exceptional example! $200

*16 herod antipas. 4 bc to 40 ad. ae 1/2 unit (ae19.5 mm, 6.13 gm). palm branch, year 33, legend/inscription surrounded by wreath. h-513, ajc-6. fine/fair. obverse is decent, date, legend & device clear but reverse is basically gone. $350

*17 herod philip. 4 bc - 34 ad. ae15 (3.27). draped bust of livia right, legend around/hand holds 3 ears of grain, legend around. struck year 34. hen-540, ajc-1, tjc-107. gd fine, reverse a bit off-center. rare. we haven't offered one this century. $600

*18 agrippa ii. year 14, 74/75 ad. ae30 (16.90). bust of vespasian right/tyche holding corn and cornucopia. h-589, ajc-7. gd fine. george fisher collection $175

*19 ---56-95, year 24. ae21 (8.65). bust of domitian right/nike advancing right with wreath and palm year 24 = 84/85 ad. hen-602, ajc-22. avf. ex george fisher collection $125+

*20 valerius gratus, procurator under tiberius. 15-26 ad. ae prutah (1.67). legend in wreath/3 lillies in bloom, flanked by date (year 3). h-642, tjc-321, ajc-12. nice vf $150

*21 ---,---(2.47). narrow-necked amphora with scroll handles, flanked by date, year 4/ vine leaf and small bunch of grapes, legend above. h-643, ajc-16, tjc-326. f-vf, bit off-center. ex george fisher collection. his holder included. $75

*22 first revolt (jewish war) 66-70. year two. ar half shekel (6.16). omer cup with pearled rim, half a shekel, year 2above/stem with pearled bottom and 3 pomegranets, jerusalem the holy. h-660, ajc-10. well centered vf. ex amphora.$1750+

*23 ---year two. ae prutah (2.42). amphora with broad rim and two handles, year two/ vine leaf on small branch, the freedom of zion. h-661, ajc-11a, tjc-196a. type two mem. aef. a very nice coin, much nicer than most seen $175+

*24 ---year three. ae prutah (2.06). amphora with broad rim, lid and two handles, year three/vine leaf on small branch, the freedom of zion. h-664v, ajc-21, tjc-206. hybrid type, the reverse is from the dies of year two (3 letters to the left of the vine leaf instead of 4). vf+. $175+

*25 ---year four. ae 1/8 shekel (5.53). chalice with pearled rim, to the redemption of zion/lulav flanked by etrog on either side, year four. h-670, ajc-30, tjc-214. choice vf, nice green patina. one of the nicest we've ever handled. $450+

*26 bar kochba revolt. 132-135. year one. ae middle bronze 22mm (8.47). palm branch in circle shimon prince of israel/lyre of 4 strings, year one of the redemption of israel. h-680v, mild-21. f-vf, smaller flan than usual. $275

*27 ---,---ae middle bronze 22 mm (9.50). as above but lyre of five strings. h-680, mild-26. choice vf-ef, nice green patina. an exceptional looking coin $1400+?

*28 ---year two. ar denarius. bunch of grapes, shimon/palm branch, year two of the freedom of israel. h-695, mild-40. gvf, traces of inscription from undercoin visible. $500+

*29 ---year two. ae middle bronze ae21 (7.71). palm branch in wreath, shimon prince of israel/lyre of five strings, year two of the freedom of israel. h-706, mild-28, ajc-46. mildenberg says lyre has four strings, but certainly pictures a lyre with five. this coin has five strings which jibes with both the picture and yaakov meshorer's description. very rare! it has probably been at least 15 years since we've offered this coin! ef. possibly overstruck over a coin of ascalon (ros-125) with phanebal partially visible. $1500

*30 ---undated, attributed to year 3. ar denarius (3.17). shimon in five letters in 2 lines in wreath/"fat" jug with long narrow neck, handle at left, palm branch at right, for the freedom of jerusalem. h-721v, mild-104. aef, traces of inscription from under coin and file marks visible on reverse. small flan flaw at bottom of obverse. this "fat" jug type (reverse 55) is much rarer than the normal style jug $500+

*31 ---,---ar denarius (2.98). bunch of grapes, shimon/3 stringed lyre, for the freedom of jerusalem. h-734, mild-172. vf/ef toned. traces of inscription from undercoin visible on reverse. die breaks $450

Please send us your bids as early as possible. If there is a tie bid, the first bid wins the lot!

*32 ---,---ae medium bronze (9.73). vine leaf for the freedom of jerusalem/palm tree, as hen-736, mild-214ff. vf. barbaric type. extremely high grade for this crude issue. $500+

*33 ---,---ae middle bronze 23 mm, (11.90). 7 branched palm tree, shimon/vine leaf, for the freedom of jerusalem. h-736. vf $200+

*34 judaea capta. titus 79-81. ae 19 (6.53) of caesarea. laureate bust right/victory stands right to left of tree, hanging shield on palm tree. h-743, ajc-2. vf. ex amphora. $150+

*35 ---domitian. 81-96. ae24 (10.45). laur. head of domitian right/nike in flowing gown advancing left. hen-747, ajc-10. choice vf, nice green patina. judaea capta coins struck in palestine are seldom found this nice. ex george fisher collection from our sale 29f, #138 $175+

*36 ---,---ae26 (10.70) of caesarea . his laureate bust left/minerva advancing left holding trophy in right hand, shield and spear in left. h-749, ajc-7. vf, pretty dark green patina. ex g fisher, from our auction 30c and before that amphora. $100+

*37 ---,---ae19 (6.03). laur. head of domitian/trophy. h-751, ajc-5, tjc-390. fine. scarce. $120

*38 ---,---ae 20-21 of caesarea (6.68). laureate head of domitian right imp domit avg germ/trophy victor avg around. h-751, tjc-390, ajc-5. heavier than most examples and a very nice vf with a few weak areas. $150+

*39 ---,---ae13 (1.43). . head of domitian r/rudder.very rare. seldom seen or offered. h-754, ajc-4, tjc-389. vg-f/f-vf. ex ed waddell. $250

*40 minima of caesarea. 1st century ad. ae half pruta (ae12, .91 grams). palm branch/vine leaf. ajc-3, tjc-370. vf/f. the nicest "minima" that we've offered. see tjc p. 183 for an explanation of these coins. rare, especially this nice. $250+


*41 abila in decapolis, faustina jr., wife of marcus. aurelius. ae21 (5.29) . her bust right/cornucopia with 3 bunches of grapes, legend, date, 162/163 ad. ros-4, mesh-211a. decent fine. ex george fisher collection, from us in april of 1989. $90+

*42 aelia capitolina in judaea, antoninus pius. 138-161. ae20 (7.87). laureate draped bust right/draped bust of faustina senior right favstina avgvsta. mesh-26, ros-22. gd fine, pretty green-brown patina. $300

*43 ---marcus aurelius 161-189, ae31 (32.49). bareheaded bust right/she wolf standing right on base, suckling romulus and remus. col aeli above cape in ex. a large and heavy medallion. mesh-43. gd f/f. green-brown dusty patina. rare. $700+?

*44 akko in phoenicia, caracalla (or cyprus). 193-211. bi tetradrachm (15.23) . bust right/eagle standing on ear of wheat. prieur-1581, bell-384. vf. ex dan friedenberg collection $200

*45 bostra in arabia petraea, marcus aurelius (caesar). 138-161. ae19 (3.29) . bareheaded bust right/bust of tyche right. exceptionally nice for issue. sp-19, ros-16. choice vf. $300

*46 caesarea in samaria. quasi-autonomous. 68 ad?. ae14 (2.81). rudder/ anchor, (year 14 of nero). very rare. kad. pl-19, 1, sng ans-745, rpc-4684. while kadman and meshorer list this as a city coin of caesarea, rpc considers this a pre-royal coin of agrippa ii. however one classifies the coin, it is rare.vf. $400+

*47 ---trajan. 98-117. ae21 (8.99). laureate slightly draped bust right/nike in gown adv. left, holding wreath and palm branch. ros-21, kad-24. nice green-brown patina. gvf/vf. very attractive coin. $250?

*48 dium in arabia petraea, geta. 209-212. ae22 (10.10). bareheaded bust right/cult figure of hadas facing, holding sceptre, surrounded by eagle & nike, hic = 268 = 204/5. ros-5, sp-6, bmc-1, sng ans-1281, h295. fine+. ex george fisher collection (with his holder), purchased from our dr. saul sugar sale of feb. 1995. dr. sugar purchased this from superior around 1980. $100+

*49 dora in phoenicia, quasi-autonomous. time of nero. ae 18 (4.81). head of turreted tyche right/astarte to front, wearing long chiton, resting right hand on standard and holding cornucopia, date lpkh (year 128) upward to left. inj-9, #18a. similar to ros-9 but for the direction of the date. vf. scarce? $150

*50 ---trajan. 98-117. (11.89). laureate bust of trajan/laureate bust of bearded doros, aphlaston in front. year 175 (111/112) ad. ros-26, hen-850. gd vf. ex george fisher collection (with his holder), $400+

*51 eleutheropolis in judaea, geta. 209-212 ae17 (3.44). bareheaded bust right/ river-god reclining left, holding reed in each hand. ros-19, sng ans-893. choice vf/vf. i don't believe we've offered this coin in many years. $350?

*52 esbus in arabia petraea, elagabalus. 218-222. ae18 (6.14). bust right/nude dionysos standing facing front, panther seated left. ros-4, sp-6. decent fine, green-black patina. ex george fisher (with his holder) collection from our spring 1998 sale. ex-superior 12/95 auction. $100

*53 gaba in trachonitas, commodus. 177-192. ae23 (11.38). laur bearded bust right/warrior standing with spear & shield, year 245 = 184/185. ros-16. gvf green patina. $175

*54 gadara in decapolis, commodus. 177-192. ae25 (10,75). bust right/laureate hercules with lion's skin around neck, right. ros-62, spike-62. vf,ex george fisher collection (with his holder) via dr. saul sugar collection. $200+

*55 medaba in arabia petraea, caracalla. 198-217. ae27 (11.29). bust right/tyche facing, head right, foot on prow of galley holding cornucopia, year 105 = 210/211 ad. ros-5. fine. ex george fisher collection via southland numismatics in february of 1994. $130

*56 neapolis in samaria, domitian. 81-96. ae15 (3.66). laureate bust of domitian right/2 ears of grain, lai = year 11 = 82.83 ad. bmc-16, sng ans-964. f/vf. uncommon type. $175

*57 ---philip sr. 244-249.ae27 (17.27). radiate bust of philip right impcmilvlphillipopfavg/mt. gerizim,with two shrines atop, supported by eagle, standing with spread wings, head right, col ivl neapo around. ros-85, bmc-117 (but much heavier than the two mentioned specimens). vf and no doubt rare in this grade. $450?

*58 ---otacilia severa wife of philip i. ae29.5 (12.76). bust right on crescent/city-goddess wearing turreted crown standing to left, foot on lion, left hand resting on spear and right hand holding mount gerizim. ros-95, bmc-136. vf and very rare. $900+

*59 ---trebonianus gallus. 251-253. ae25 (12.26). laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right/mt. gerizaim, supported by facing eagle, with wings spread. ros-113, bmc-148. vf, much nicer than published specimens. $300+

*60 petra, in arabia petraea. hadrian. 117-135. ae 21 (5.99). laureate bust right/ bust of tyche right. ros-7, sng ans-1366/1367. the reverse inscription as sng ans-1367. choice vf. quite scarce. $350?

*61 philadelphia in arabia petraea. quasi-autonomous. year 141 = 77/78 ad. ae 16 (4.44). helmeted and draped bust of athena right/et ovc amv in 3 lines. rare, only one i can recall ever offering. sp-4, ros-5. nice vf. $325+

*62 sebaste in caesarea, domitian. 81-96. ae16 (3.33). bust right/crested helmet with cheek pieces. ros-10. gd very fine. ex george fisher collection (with his holder), purchased by us for him from superior ny international sale 12/96. $200+

*63 ---geta as caesar with caracalla. 209-212. ae23 (9.59). bare head bust right/ naked ares standing r., holding spear and whip. ros-24, sgi-2902. vf. scarce, seldom seen. $250?

*64 ---julia soaemias, daugher of julia maesa. ae22 (4.56). bust right/hades in galloping quadriga right, looking back and carrying persephone in right arm, eros flying above (the rape of persephone). ros-34, bmc-18. vf, green patina. scarce, especially so nice. $350?

*65 sepphoris in galilee, trajan. ae14 (3.10). bust right/2 ears of barley, bound together by their stalks, legend to either side. ros-6, bmc-17, hen-909. gvf, ex george fisher collection, via us and ed waddell. $150+

*66 tiberias in galilee, hadrian 98-117 . ae14 (3.03). bust right/galley with oars, year 101 = 119/120. r-15. vf. ex george fisher collection (with his holder) via us, through cng. $100+

67 A group of coins. Ascalon, Vespasian. Tyche/Galley F-VF a bit grainy, Nabateans AE Prutah Aretas IV and Shaqalit/Double Cornucopia Nice VF and Constantine II AE 3 Fine. 3 decent coins. $75?

68 Group of coins. Antoninus Felix Prutah Crossed spears and shields/Palm Tree; Herod the Great Anchor/Double Cornucopia Prutah; Two Aelia Capitolina Antoninus Pius Legionary Eagle and Elagabalus Emp. riding horse right; Porcius Festus Prutah; Vespasian AE As Victoria Navalis. Gordian III AE Antoninianus with Felicity on reverse and a large bronze of possibly Adramyteum in Mysia. 8 coins, the first two VF, the others Fine, the last two not quite that nice. $125+

ANCIENT GREEK COINS   (back to top)

69 Celts, Danubian Celts. 2nd-1st Century BC. AR Drachm (5.90). Head of Philip II right/Horse prancing left. A Celtic imitation of a Philip II of Macedonian issue. cf. BMC-338, cf. Pink-200. Crude VF. Nice for issue. $150+

*70 lucania, metapontion. c. 470-440 bc. ar stater (7.95). ear of grain, retrograde meta to right/incuse of obverse, sans the legend. cf noe-234, cf sg-238. nice vf-ef, well centered and attractive. $1250+

*71 ---,---350-300 bc. ae14 (2.12). head of athena wearing corinthian helmet left/3 grains of wheat, me and cross headed torch (or rake) between grains. sng cop-1265, sng ans-581, sb-626. gvf. neat little coin $225

*72 ---poseidonia. 480-400 bc. ar nomos (8.02). poseidon advancing right, brandishing trident/bull standing left, in shallow circular incuse. sg-424, ans-647. vf, on somewhat oval flan, scratch on outer edge of reverse. $500

*73 bruttium, kroton. c. 480-430 ar stater (8.05). tripod altar, stork left standing right/incuse altar. cf. sng ans-268, sg-256. vf/ef, reverse a touch off-center. $1200+

*74 ---lokroi epizephyrioi. 280-264 bc. ae23 (8.78). head of athena right/pegasos with pointed wings flying left, caduceus above. sg-669ff, bmc-13 similar, sng-cop 1892ff. vf, nice dark green patina, obverse a bit porous. $250

75 Sicily, Gela. 420-405. AE OInka (1.14). Bull standing right, head slightly lowered, pellet below/Head of river-god Gela right. SG-1096. Weber 1336. Green patina, GVF. $225

76 ---Kamarina. 413-405 BC. AE OInka (1.48). Gorgon head facing/Owl standing left, holding lizard in claw, Gamma to right. cf. BMC-40, 41 SG-1064. VF $225

77 ---Katane. c. 212-205 BC. AE15 (2.55). Head of Apollo right/Isis standing right, holding bird. cf. BMC-69, SG-173v. VF, very pretty green patina $200

78 ---Syracuse. Time of Timoleon, 344-336 BC. AE Hemilitron (17mm, 5.57 gr). Helmeted head of Athena left/Hippocamp left. SG-1193v. aVF, bit rough. $225

*79 macedonia, olynthos. chaldician league. 379-348 bc. ar tetradrachm (13.59). laureate head of apollo left/name around lyre (apollodardi) all in incuse square. sg-1427, cf sng cop-245. vf/vf+. moderate oxidation on obverse, just a touch on reverse. rare. $1000+

80 Macedon kingdom, Perdikkas II. 454-413 BC. AR Tetrobol (1.96). Horse walking right/Helmet right in linear square, all in incuse square. BMC-6, SNG Cop-485, SG-1487. VF/F. $170

81 ---as a Roman Province. D. Junius Silanus, Praetor. 142/141 BC. AE23 (9.59). Head of Silenos facing/2 line legend within wreath, Delta above. Lind-1352, SNG Cop-1324. VF, heavy green patina. $325+

82 Thrace, Lysimachos. 323-281 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.72). Head of Alexander the Great with horn of Ammon/Athena enthroned left holding Nike and resting arm on shield, monogram on throne.. Müller-155, SG-6814. F-VF/F, toned. $325

*83 akarnania, argos amphilochikon. c. 370 bc ar stater (8.47). pegasos, with pointed wing flying right/head of athena in corinthian helmet left, javelin behind head, am above cap. cal-38. nice vf and scarce. $400?

*84 ionia, ephesos. 89 bc. ar cistophoric tetradrachm (12.55). cista mystica& serpent within wreath/bowcase between serpents, me and asklepian staff above, long torch at right. year 45 = 89 ad. sg-4394, sng cop-326. vf/ef, obverse off-center. $175+

*85 caria, rhodos. 394-304 bc. ar didrachm (6.65). head of helios facing slightly to right/rose with bud in stem and gamma to right, bunch of grapes and e to left, all in incuse square. sng cop-728v, sg-5037v. vf bit of corrosion. $250+

*86 ---,---after 304 bc. ar didrachm (6.71). head of helios facing slightly to right/rose with bud on stem to left. toned vf $325

*87 pamphylia, aspendos. 385-370 bc. ar stater. 2 naked wrestlers, grasping each other, ap between them/slinger advancing right, triskeles before. sg-5390ff. icg -vf35. $295

*88 seleukid kingdom, antiochos vii. 138-129 bc. ar tetradrachm (16.58). diademed head right/athena standing left, holding nike, spear and shield. sg-7092, sng israel-1873. gd vf. $400

*89 phoenicia, byblos. 375-350 bc. ozbaal. ar dishekel (13.26). galley with 3 hoplites left, hippocamp left & letters below/bull kneeling left, being attacked by lion on it's back. sg-6013, sng cop-1321. gvf, moderate porosity. $1250+

*90 phoenicia, tyre. after 126 bc. ar tetradrachm (13.85). head of melqarth right/ eagle standing left on thunderbolt, kp above pe monogram to right, 9 between legs. year 111, 17/16 bc. hen-919. popularly known as the shekel of tyre or one of the 30 pieces of silver, this is the later type probably struck in jerusalem. nice vf.$400+

*91 nabatean kingdom, aretas iv 9 bc - 40ad. ar drachm. laureate bust of aretas right, legend around/veiled bust of huldu right, year 1 (9-8 bc). mesh-49. vf, obverse a bit off-center. very scarce this nice. $450+

*92 ptolemaic egypt, ptolemy iii. 246-221 bc. ae35 (34.14). head of zeus right/ eagle standing left on thunderbolt, delta &i between legs. sg-7814. vf $225

*93 ---ptolemy iv. 221-204 bc ae39 (50.37). head of zeus right/eagle standing on thuderbolt, head turned to right, e between legs. bmc-37, sng cop-226. nice brown vf, slightly doubled on the rev. (cop-226 doubled on the obverse!). $250?

ROMAN COINS   (back to top)

*94 a. plautius. 55 bc. ar denarius (3.77). turreted head of cybele right, a plavtivs before aed cvr sc behind/"bacchius the jew" (probably judah aristobulus) kneeling right beside camel, with palm branch in hand. bacchivs in ex, ivdaevs on right. h-741, sr-395, plautiua-13. toned vf, a bit porous in places, small dig on reverse. still a decent and well centered coin. $250


*95 julius caesar, 46-45 bc. ar denarius (3.86) of spain. head of venus right, small cupid at shoulder/trophy of gallic arms between seated male and female captives. sr-1404, rsc-13. sharply struck vf-ef, bit off-center. $350+

96 Augustus. 27 BC-14 AD. AE Dupondius (12.28). avgustvs tribvnic potest in 3 lines in wreath/Large SC, legend around. SR-1659, RIC-372. Issue of C. Asinius Gallus. F-VF, but rough. $200+

97 ---AE As (8.78). Bare head right/Legend around SC. C. Gallius Lupercus moneyer. SR-1679. VF, but rough fields. $150+

98 ---,---(9.68). Radiate head left/Eagle stg. on globe, head right, between SC. SR-1790, RIC-82. A posthumous issue of Tiberius. VF, but rough field. $150+

*99 tiberius. 14-37. ar denarius (2.77) . bust right, ti caesar divi avg f avgvstvs/livia seated right in ornate chair pontif maxim. this is the coin that is most commonly referred to as the biblical tribute penny. sr-1763, h-916, rsc-16. vg-f $225

100 Claudius. 41-54. AE As (9.78). Bare head left/Minerva advancing right brandishing javelin. SR-1861, RIC-100. Nice VF, fields a bit rough. $150

101 Nero. 54-68. AE As (9.83), Laureate head right/Victory left, holding shield inscribed SPQR. SR-1976, RIC-312. VF, rough fields, reverse flan flaw. $150

*102 vespasian. 69-79. ar denarius (3.35) of ephesos. laureate bust right/ceres enthroned left holding corn-ears and cornucopia, star in ex. sr-2269v, ric-336. choice ef. a seldom offered rarity. $350

*103 ---,---(3.38). bust right/mourning jewess right of palm tree, emperor standing left of it, to left. sr-2278, ric-363, h-763. struck at antioch. a rare judaea capta issue which we've only offered a couple of times in the past 13 years. vf. $600+

*104 ---,---(3.11). laureate head right imp caes vesp avg pm cos iiii/vespasian in triumphal quadriga right holding branch and scepter. hen-765, sr-2279, ric-364. the reverse commemorates the triumph of vespasian and titus over judaea and is the same scene as depicted on the arch of titus. toned vf $500+

*105 ---,---(3.52). head of emperor left/sow, left with 3 piglets. sr-2292, coh-213, ric-109. a jewish reference coin as the sow was the symbol of the infamous 10th legion (the main invading army of judaea). nice avf $200

*106 ---,---(3.23) . laur bust right imp caesar vespasianvs avg/jewess seated r, mourning below & right of trophy, ivdaea in ex. judaea capta. h-759, ric-15, sr-2296. gd fine. $175+

*107 ---,---(3.31), his laureate head right/draped victory advancing left, erecting trophy; weeping jewish captive sits left below. h-767, sr-2309, ric-114. vf. another scarce judaea capta coin which is seldom offered. i can't recall offering one in more than 10 years! $225

*108 ---,---(2.99) . laureate head of vespasian imp caes vesp avg pm cos iiii/victory adv r., holding palm, placing wreath on legionary standard, victoria avgvsti. h-771, sr-2317. fine. $100+

*109 --- (71 ad). ae sestertius (24,43). laureate bust right/jewess mourning seated right on right of palm tree behind which stands jew with hands bound behind back, ivdaea capta, sc in ex. h-773, sr-2325, ric-424. gd fine, chocolate brown patina. $450+

*110 ---,---(23.93). laureate bust right/mourning jewess seated left, to left of palm tree, jewish captive standing to right of tree left, arms tied behind his back, arms scattered about. hen-774, sr-2326, ric-426. vf with moderate porosity. well struck and well centered. $750

*111 ---ae quadrans (2,12). judaea capta type. palm tree/vexillium. pm tr ppp cos iii, s-c. h-784, ric-504, sr-2370, f/vf. scarce judaea capta issue. a choice vf sold for $400 in our sale of november 2007 $200

*112 titus. 79-81. ar denarius (3.16). bust right/jewish captive kneels in front of trophy. h-786v (different obverse and reverse legends), sr-2505v, ric-208. nice vf. rare judaea capta type! the obverse legend read t caesar imp vespanianvs, while the reverse reads tr pot viii cos vii. ex #376 sale 36c at $350 $350

*113 ---,---(3.39). as above, close to vf $250?

*114 ---,---(3.24). laureate bust right/2 jewish captives (man & woman) seated back to back, trophy between them. h-788, ric-21a, sr-2511. gd fine. uncommon judaea capta type. $200+

*115 ---ae sestertius (24.91 gm). judaea capta issue. thracian mint. struck 80-81 ad. imp t caes divi ves p f avg p m tr p p p cos viii, laureate head right/ivd cap and s c across fields, palm tree; to left, jewess, in attitude of mourning, seated left on shields and helmet; to right, jew standing right, head left, hands bound behind back, helmet and shield before. h.a. cahn, "an imperial mint in bithynia," inj 8 (1984-5), rpc ii 503, cf. bmcre 169, hendin - unlisted. vf, legends complete and clear. this is only the third piece i can recall being offered in recent years and by far the nicest. ex amphora fpl #82/82 at $2750! $2250+

116 Domitian. 81-96. AECAAs (10.18). Laureate bust right/Moneta standing left holding scales and cornucopia. SR-2807. VF, fields a bit rough, more so on reverse. $125+

*117 nerva. 96-98. ae sestertius (26.82). bust right/fisci ivdaici calvmnia svblata, (the insult of the jewish tax has been removed) palm tree. commemorates the abolition of method of jewish tax, not the tax itself.. sr-3044, h-797. f-vf. one of the more important jewish reference coins and very rare. devices clear, partial legend both sides. ex our sale 35d, #314 at $1750 $2000

118 Trajan. 98-117. AECASestertius (19.28). Laureate bust right/Roma enthroned left, holding victory and spear. SR-3194. VF, rough fields $150+

*119 hadrian. 117-138. ar denarius (2.46). ric-282, bmc-757, sr-3547. bust r/ victory-nemesis advancing right. this was struck in 135 ad and is regarded by some as commemorating hadrian's victory over shimon bar kochba in judaea. aef. rare. $200+

*120 ---ae brass sestertius. (22.91). laureate bust right/neptune standing right, left foot on prow, holding trident and flair, nep re s c across field. sr-3612. vf, some light porosity and a flan crack extending from hadrian's head. an uncommon coin.$175+

*121 ---ae dupondius (12.52). radiate head right/hilarities standing left, holding cornucopia and palm branch, child to either side, cos iii in ex. sr-3664, ric-974. vf, light porosity. very sharp portrait. $175+

122 Antoninus PIus. 138-161. AECASestertius (23.96). Laureate head right/Fides standing right, holding ears of grain and basket of fruit. SR-4283, RIC-546. VF, fields a bit rough. $150+

123 ---138-161. AE As (9.52). Laureate bust right/Felictas standing right, holding long scepter and robe. Cos IIII. VF, bit rough. $125+

124 Diva Faustina, Senior. wife of Antoninus PIus. Draped bust right/Juno standing left, raising right hand and holding scepter in left. SR-4605, RIC-1102. VF, just a tad of oxidation, small flan flaw at about 5 o'clock. $150+

125 Marcus Aurelius. 161-180. AE Sestertius (20.12). Laureate bust right/ Germania, in attitude of dejection, seated right at foot of trophy. SR-4973. F-VF, just a tad rough. $150+

126 Faustina, Jr., wife of Marcus Aurelius. AE Sestertius (23.42). Draped bust right/ Juno standing left, holding scepter, peacock standing by feet at left. SR-5278, RIC-1651. VF, just a tad rough $150+

127 Commodus. 177-192. AE Sestertius (17.79). Laureate head right/Naked Hercules standing, head right, hand on hip, left hand resting on club, wrapped in lion's skin, set on rock. SR-5776. VF/F, reverse rough, obverse very nice. Somewhat clipped planchet. $150+


128 Severus Alexander. 222-235. AE Sestertius (19.61). Laureate bust right/ Libertas standing left, holding pileus and cornucopia. SR-7987, RIC-391. VF, a couple of small areas of oxidation. $125+

*129 philip i. 244-249. ae sestertius (21.59). laureate, cuir., draped bust right/salus standing right feeding snake held in her arms. sr-9017, c-211. choice vf, nice green patina. $175

130 Galerius. 305-311. AE Follis (9.98) of Siscia. Bust right maximianus nob caes/ Genius standing left genio popoli romani around sis in ex, A to field at right. SR-3720. Nice VF $40+

*131 licinius i. 308-325 (312-313). ae follis (3.46) of heraclea. laureate hd right/ jupiter standing l., hldg victory & scepter, eagle at feet, a in field, smht in ex. ric-6, 73. ef. $65

*132 ---(312-313). ae follis (3.83) of thessalonica. laureate head right/jupiter standing l., hldg victory & scepter, eagle at feet ts** in ex.. . ric-6, 60. ef. $75

*133 constantine i, the great. 307-337 (307-308). ae follis (6.18) treveri. laur bust r/genius, wearing crown, stg l., hldg patera & cornucopia, s-a in field, ptr in ex. sr-3861, ric, 6, 770. ef, light porosity. $150

134 Vetranio. 350 AD. AE Centenionalis (5.36) of Siscia. Bust right/Vetranio standing holding labara, * sis*in ex. SR-4041, RIC-285. VF $250

*135 julian ii, the apostate. 360-363. ae1 (8.43) of lyons. bust right/bull standing right, 2 stars above, lvgdoffp in ex. sr-4072, ric-236. ef, green-brown patina. an exceptional example of this popular coin. $250+


136 Thrace, Odessus. Antoninus PIus. 138-161. AE23 (8.60). Laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right/Female seated left, holding branch and Lyre. BMC- VF. $225

*137 bosporus, sauromates i. 90-124. ae 25 (oval shaped, 8.80). curule chair surmounted by crown, between shield & spear on left and human headed scepter on right/mh within wreath. sgi-5457, bmc-25. nice vf. attractive and scarce. $225+?

*138 syria, antioch. nero 64-68. ar tetradrachm (14.05). laureate head right, aegis around neck/eagle standing right on thunderbolt, bip.i to left, year 112 = 63 ad. prieur-89, bmc-9. ef. an exceptional coin and rare as such. $600+

*139 phoenicia, tyre. trajan. 98-117. ar tetradrachm (14.48). laureate head right, beneath bust is eagle standing right, club to right/laureate head of melqarth right, lion' s skin around neck. prieur-1495. gd vf, a few minor flan flaws. $300+

*140 roman egypt, antinous. favorite of hadrian. died 130 ad. ae hemidrachm (13.79). draped bust left/antinous on horseback right, holding caduceus, year 21 (?). emm-1347, dat-2086ff. fine, dark green patina. extremely rare especially so with his bust left on obverse. $1750+?

141 byzantine, Justinian 527-565. AE Half Follis (10.07) of Antioch. Justinian enthroned facing holding long scepter and cross/Long cross to left, Large K to right, Officinae 3 to right. SB-225. Scarce, seldom seen. F-VF, some flat areas. $50

142 ---,---AE Decanummium (3.75) of Antioch. Facing bust of Justinian/Large I surmmounted by cross, anno to left, X over 91 to right. SB-239. Gd Fine. Uncommon. $40+

143 ---Tiberius II Constantine. 578-582. AE Decanummium. Crowned Facing bust/Large X, cross above. SB-436. aFine. A bit rough but rarely seen. $50

144 ---Heraclius. 610-641. AR Hexagram (6.43). Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine seated facing/Cross on globe above steps. SB-798, F-VF, but lower third flatly struck. $225

*145 ---,---ae half follis (5.38). heraclius and heraclius constantine standing, cross between their heads/large k, anno at left, xx at right. sb-814. avf, bt ragged flan. not bad for this scarce issue. $50

146 ---Constans II. 641-668. AE Half Follis (6.03) of Carthage. Beardless facing bust/ Large cross, X at either side, krtc in exergue. SB-1057. Struck on a thick planchet of 3+ mm. aVF/F, flan cut at 8 o'clock. $40+

*147 ---basil i, the macedonian. 867-886. ae 17-19. large b/cross on steps, pellets on each side. sb-1719. a group of 5 pieces, average vf condition. $200?

*148 ---constantine ix, monomachus. 1042-1055. ar miliarsion (2.87). the virgin orans, nimbate, standing and facing/constantine, bearded, standing and facing, holding long cross and sword in sheath. sb-134, d.o.-7. toned vf, but for flan crack. very rare. $1250+

149 ---Anonymous attributed to Constantine VIII and Basil II. 976-1025. AE Follis (8.45) Facing bust/4 line legend. SB-1813. F/GVF $50+

150 ---Anonymous attributed. to Theodora (1055-56) or Michael IV 1056-1057. AE Follis (9.61). 3/4 length standing and facing figure of Christ/Cross/iic xc ni ka. Class C.. SB-1825, Ratto-1998. GF/VF. $45

*151 ---alexius i. 1081-1118. electrum histamenon nomisma scyphate of thessalonica. (4.34). bust of christ, wearing nimbis, and holding book of gospels in both hands/ st. demetrius on left presenting cross to alexiius. sb-1905. gvf, small flan crack at about 5 o'clock. 500+

*152 ---,---ae half tetarteron (2.53). facing bust of virgin, not orans, mhv monogram to left, qv to right/crowned half-length facing bust of alexius, wearing loros, holding labarum in right hand, globus cruciger in left. sb-1934 (extremely rare), ratto-2088. attributed to thessalonica in sear but recent research suggests cyprus as a more likely mint. $400?

153 Germanic Times. Frankish Imitation. c 4th Century AD. AE 22 (3.62). Bust right/ Soldier spearing fallen horseman. VF/F. An imitation of a late Roman bronze. Obverse neatly done, reverse crudely so. $75+

*154 arab-byzantine.jerusalem. ilya filastin. c. 74-77 ah. ae fals (2.95). standing caliph/legend. walker-73-78, snat-1ff. fine. $50+

*155 ---,---(3.20) similar, but nicer. snat-3, w-23, 79. vf. exceptional condition. $325

*156 ummayad, iliaya filastin. c. 715 ad. ae small fals. 5 branch menorah/legend. snat-29, alb-163. vf, nice for type. $75+

*157 islamic, almonhad. ab9e y9esuf ya'q9eb ibn y9esuf? 580-595 h./1184-1199 ad.. gold double dinar, no mint and date. 4.64 g. good very fine $400+


158 Coole, Arthur B. Encyclopedia of Chinese Coins. Volume I. Bibliography of Far Eastern Numismatology and a Coin Index. 1967. HC. Published by the author. Excellent condition with personal dedication to the buyer and signed by Rev. Coole in English and Chinese. #70 of a limited edition. Rev. Coole was a Methodist missionary in China for many years where he also became one of the leading authorities on Chinese numismatics. After he retired he moved to Denver, Colorado where I had the pleasure of visiting with him a few times in his later years. He had a true passion for Chinese numismatics. $40+

159 ---The Early Coins of the Chou Dynasty. Vol II of the Series.1973 HC. Number 70 of a limited edition. Signed by Rev. Coole in English and Chinese on the inside front cover. Minor blemishes on cover, contents virtually as new. $40+

160 ---Spade Coin Types of the Chou Dynasty. 1972. Volume 3 of the Encyclopedia of Chinese Coins. Companion to above, #70. As new but for unfortunate bruise and tear at bottom of binding $40+

161 ---Pointed Spade Coins of the Chou Dynasty. Volume 4 of the Series. 1975 Hardcover. Basically as new. $40+

162 ---Ch'i Heavy Sword Coins and Debate Pieces of the Chou Era. Volume 5 of the Series. 1976 HC with dust jacket. With personal dedication to the buyer and signed by Coole in English and Chinese. As new but for mishandling in the first 8 to 10 pages (before the text begins). $40+

163 ---State of Ming Knife Coins and Minor Knife Coins. Volume 6 of the Series. 1976. HC with dust jacket. Dust jacket slightly soiled, book and contents as new. Inside the book is a letter sent by his daugher Mona Jean Coole Akers informing friends of the death of her father in September of 1978. The buyer, who was a fellow resident of Denver, no doubt considered this an important part of his "Coole" collection. $40+

164 ---A Trouble Shooter for God in China. 1976. HC, basically as new. A non-numismatic book but is part of the collection of Coole books as they came to us. #198 of a small number. With an inscription to the buyer and Coole's signature in English and Chinese. $30+?


165 A Group of Coins etc. Cayenne. 1782-A 2 Sous with curved based crown, probably a comptemporary forgery: French or Low Countries Jeton of 1553; Another AEJeton, possibly earlier with 4 fleur de lis in center; Prussian Medlette of Friedrich Wilhelm IV by Lauer; English 1874 small brass memento of the Duke of Edinburgh and Grand Duchess Marie of Russia marriage pierced; Bolivia Silver 1 Sol Proclamation of 1854 pierced and French Colonies 1827-H 5 Cent. 7 piece lot. Some interesting items. Mostly F-VF. Sold as is, no returns $75+

166 ---A group of coins. 28 coins. Nice lot. Some of the coins include: Algeria 50 Francs 1949 &100 Francs 1950; South Africa Penny 1898, 6 d. 1896, Shilling 1892, 1896, 1897, 2 Shilling 1892 and 2 1/2 Shilling 1894 &1896; Brazil 1862 200 Reis; Fiji 1931 &1938 6 Pence,Mexico 1911 Horse Peso, 2 Israel 1995 Golda Meir bimetallic coins, Panama 1904 25A2 and others. F to Unc, mostly VF-EF. Needs to be seen to be appreciated. Sold as is, no returns $100+

167 ---Europe. Austria 1947 1 Schilling; Germany,Prussia 1840-A Pfg, Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen 1846-A Pfg., Empire 1913-A 1 Pfg 1875-A 2 Pfg. 1886-E 1 Mark and West Germany 1 Mark 1954-D ; Greece 1926-B Drachma; Italy 1A2 1895-R, 2A2 1867-M, 10A2 1862-M, 50A2 1863-N BN; Netherlands, Holland 1738 1 Stuiver, Kingdom 1869 5A2, 10A2 1890, 25A2 1912, 2 1/2 G. 1959;Portugal 1944 2 1/2 Escudo; Spain 1 Real 1744 of Madrid, 5A2 1945, 50A2CA1949 (52); Switzerland 1895-B 1 Rappen and Papal States 1868 1 Lira. 23 coins, mostly VF to unc. Some better pieces in here with a catalog value of $150+ $120

168 ---Scandinavia.Denmark: 4 Skilling Rigsmont 1841, 5 Ore 1874 and 1957, 10 Ore 1903; Greenland 50 Ore 1926; Norway 2 Ore 1893 and 10 Ore 1894 Sweden 5 Ore 1936 and 25 Ore 1897. 9 coins, mostly VF to EF with the exception of the low grade 1841 4 skilling. $60+

169 A group of crowns. Bhutan 1974 Silver 15 Ngultrams. KM-42, FAO PL BU; Prussia 1903-A 5 Mark. KM-523 VF/EF;Philippines KM-172 1910-S Peso Nice AU but numerous small black spots and 1909-S Toned EF. 4 silver coins $100

170 Armenia. Levon I. 1198-1218. AR Tram (2.92). Levon seated, facing, on lion throne, left foot turned owtward/Cross flanked by 2 lions, dot on shaft of cross.. Nerc-288. Toned VF, ragged edge. $40+

171 ---Group of 3. Levon I 1198-1219 AE Tank F-VF; Hetoum II AE Kardez Fine and AR Tokvorin ofOsmin 1308-1320. 3 better coins (the last rare), albeit in lower grades. F-VF, Fine and VG. $200+

*172 austria, republic. joseph haydn. 1932 2 schilling. km-2848, y73. ef-au. the key to the 2 schilling commemorative series. $75+

*173 ---franz joseph. 1869. ae72mm by joseph tautenhayn. franz joseph visits the holy sepulchere in jerusalem. his bust right/mary with cross, angels flanking sepulchere. the legend refers to the fact that franz joseph was the first western emperor to visit the holy sepulchere since the crusades! in our sale 33c a similar medal sold for $150 on a $100 estimate $100+

174 ---,---Joseph Unger. ND AE 50mm by Scharef. Bust left/Latin legend. Austrian, lawyer, jurist and politician. 1828-1913. EF. $40

*175 belgium. leopold i. 1859. 2 centimes . km-4.2, cr-2. choc. brown unc. $75

*176 ---1870. herbertus goltzius ae 38mm by leopold wiener. bust right/6 pointed star and legend of the royal numismatic society of belgium. goltzius was a flemish humanist, printmaker, publisher, painter and numismatist and is known as the father of ancient numismatics in belgium. ef. guido kisch collection. $75+

*177 ---1872 (?) ae 40 mm by antione fisch. 100th anniversary of brussels masonic lodge. legend around masonic triangle, clasped hands & locomotive/jehovah in hebrew in triangle legend & rope wreath. choice ef, almost proof-like fields $50+?

178 ---Republic. 1954 French 20 Francs. KM-140.1, Y59.1. Lustrous EF $60

Also see lot Lot #194 below

179 Bolivia, Republic. 1832-JL 8 Soles. KM-97, C-55. Choice lightly toned AU, somewhat soft in centers. Nice coin $125+

*180 ---,---1833-l 8 soles. km-97, el-81. toned vf+/vf, some porosity on reverse. the rare date for this type. $300+

181 ---,---1833-LM 8 Soles. KM-97, C-55. Choice lightly toned AU, somewhat soft in centers. Nice coin $125+

182 ---,---1834-LM 8 Soles. KM-97, C-55. Choice lightly toned AU, somewhat soft in centers. Nice coin $125+

183 ---,---1835-LM 8 Soles. KM-97, C-55. Choice lightly toned AU, somewhat soft in centers. Nice coin, but flan flaw on forehead and at top of reverse. .$100

184 ---,---1836/6-LM 8 Soles. KM-97, C-55. Choice lightly toned AU, somewhat soft in centers. Nice coin. $125

185 ---,---1838-LM 8 Soles. KM-97, C-55. Choice lightly toned AU, somewhat soft in centers. Nice coin. $125

186 ---,---1853-FP 4 Soles. Y5, KM-123.1. Type without denomination. Lustrous EF, slightly soft in center $150+

*187 ---,---1859 fj 4 soles. km-123.3. lightly toned choice au. error with inverted "v" instead of "a" in bolivar under bust and period after constitution. $175?

188 ---,---1862FJ 8 Soles. KM-138.6, Y11d, EL-123. GVF, a few flat spots $60

189 ---,---1871 1 Boliviano. KM-155.3. Type with 9 stars and line under M and dot under S's in weight and fineness. Toned AU $120

190 ---,---1935 5 Centavos. KM-178, Y-57. One year type. NGC Proof-66. KM does not list a Proof striking of this coin! $200+

191 ---,---1935 5 Centavos. KM-179.1, Y-58. Two year type. NGC Proof-66. KM does not list a Proof striking of this coin! $200+

192 Brazil. Under Portugal. 1816-R 960 Reis. KM-307.3, Cr-94, EL-25. Struck over Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, traces of which are visible. Toned EF. Nice coin $60

193 ---,---1854 2000 Reis. KM-466, Y-A9, El-66. Nicely toned EF, tiny rim nick. $50+

*194 brazil and belgium. leopold ii/pedro ii. 1871. ae 78 mm by l. wiener. high relief bust of leopold right/legend around wreath & arms. for visit of pedro ii to belgium. fonr-8749, cavalcanti-51. ef $100+

*195 brazil, leper colony tokens, colonia santa teresa. 100, 200, 300, 500 & 1000 reis. nd. c.1940. km-l1-5. denomination/c.s.t. incuse. choice unc. very rare. catalogs at $2500 $1500?

*196 bulgaria, king boris iii. 1937 50 stotinki. km-46. ngc proof-66. km unlisted in proof, but ngc believes they are wrong. no doubt very rare. $400+

*197 canada. albert edward prince of wales. 1860. ae 48 mm by j. j. wyon. bust left/visit to canada, opening the victoria bridge, montreal. visited canada and inaugurated the victoria bridge 1860 around arms, welcome on banners 3 times. bhm-2669, ei-1535. ef, touch discolored. $100?

*198 central american republic, guatemala. 1824 m gm 8 reales. km-4, c-95, el-84. toned au, a fabulous looking coin. 1st year of issue. die break on obverse goes through e of centro $400+

*199 crimea, caffa. (genoese trading colony). c. 1400-1420, golden horde suzerain. ae follis (.85). tamga with star in center, dots around/castle, (c) aafav around. mwi-2357. vf/f. rare little coin, seldom offered and usually in much lower grade. $250?

200 Crusaders, Imitative Silver Dirham (2.60) of as-Salih Ismai'il. 1239-1245. Islamic legends both sides. CCS-3. SNAT-462. Probably struck at Acre in imitation of Damascus dirham. Fine $40

*201 ---(2.84) as above, but nicer. nice vf, irregular shape. $75+

202 Cuba. Group. 1943 1A2, 1916 5A2, 1915 20A2, Star Peso 1932 and 1938 ABC Peso. 5 coins, all EF-AU with the exception of the 20A2 which is VF $75

203 Danish West Indies. 1905 10 Bit/Two Cent. Y7, KM-76. Nice chocolate brown AU $50+

204 Denmark, Christian V. (1670-99). 38mm Lead Medal. Elephant left with tower atop, crowned CV in center/Cross with bows and rays above. Fine, crude. Rare? Elephant Collection. $125

205 ---Christian VIII. 1842 1/2 Rigsbankskilling. KM-725, Cr-119. One year type. Red and brown Au/Unc., couple of very tiny rim nicks. $100+

Also see lots 234 and 235

206 Egypt, Abdul Hamid II. 1293/1 (1876). 2/10 Qirsh. KM-290. Choice BU $40

207 ---ND Brass 26mm token. P.T. over 1 with cinema royal buffet around/Islamic legend and "1". aVF. We believe this is probably from Egypt, circa 1920's. VF, some discoloration on obverse. $50?

208 ---Group of coins, 10 Para 1277/6, 2/10 Qirsh 1293/12; 5/10 Qirsh 1293/21 4 coins, 2 Qirsh 1293/17W; 1 Mil 1933 H, 5 Piastres 1923 and 10 Piastres 1923. 10 coins, the first six EF to Unc, the last four VG to VF. $75

209 ---Group of Coins. 1973-AH1393 Aswan Dam 5 & 20 Piastres and 1 Pound; 1970-1972 Al Azhar Mosque 1/2 and 1 Pound; 1980Israel-Egypt Peace 10 Piastres (CN) and 1 Pound (Silver Proof). Also in this lot are two Morocco 200 Francs of AH 1372 (1953). 9 coins, 8 silver. All Unc or Proof. $60?

*210 england, charles i. 1625-1649 (1633-1634) silver shilling. bust left/oval shield, c-r at sides. portcullis mintmark (#107) from tower mint. s-2785. vf, usual flat spots. $100+

*211 ---1793 lord george gordon. 1/2 penny conder token. d&h-778, friedenberg page 58-59, 132e. gordon was probably the most prominent 18th century englishman who converted to judaism. his bust left/cain slaying abel. edge reads, london, spence, dealer in coins. fine. perhaps the rarest of all the spence gordon tokens. first we offered in quite some time. ex bob schonwalter. $175+

*212 ---david alves rebello. 1795 1/2 penny conder token. rebello was the first jew in england to issue his own private token. hackney church (near his home)/dar monogram. dh-309 (r), friedenberg page 84 &141. choice chocolate brown au/ unc. a few minor marks on obverse, reverse is choice with proof-like fields. exceptional quality for this rare token. ex bob schonwalter collection via christie's dec. 1985 sale, lot #187 $500?

*213 ---purim token. 1796 1 penny conder token. purim 1796 around leaf/cabbage society around head of cabbage. edge = course milling over, an asylum for the oppressed of all nations. d&h-227a, friedenberg, in his jewish medals (pp. 82-84), speculates that the use of purim, relates to the political nature of the maker of this token thomas spence. this could be true, but recent research indicates another likely "jewish connection" in the fact that "cabbage"was the term used for left over material of jewish tailors in london at that time and they would then use this "cabbage" to dress up for the annual purim bash. ef. 1st we've offered since 1997! ex bob schonwalter collection. see lot 215 below $350+?

*214 ---george iii 1797 two pence cartwheel w. center cut out and made into a "box coin" with very tight screw fitting. we've seen box talers and box medals but never have we seen a two pence box coin. well made and no doubt very rare. vf+$250+

*215 ---cabbage society 1814 brass two pence token. 1814 in wreath/cabbage society around head of cabbage. engrailed edge friedenberg, page 83, d&w-104. ef. as elusive, or perhaps more so, than lot# 213 above. ex bob schonwalter collection. $350+?

*216 ---(1820). 1799 siege of acre. ae 41m by mills and brenet. military bust left, admiral sir s smith/lion, within a rocky pass, protects camel from menacing tiger. acre defended, bonaparte repulsed, syria saved. bhm-476, eimer-906, see shekel xix, #2, 5. from mudie's series commemorating british victories. as struck and rather scarce. for another medal of acre, struck in 1840 see lot #636. 1st we've had in many many years. ex bob schonwalter collection $200+

*217 --- c. 1830, harrison sovereign balance scale for weighing sovereigns and 1/2 sovereigns. also to check thickness. neat item! ex davisson auction. $150+

*218 ---victoria. 1893 3 pence. y-a18, km-758. jubilee head. choice ef/au. scarce. $100+

219 ---A group of coins. Farthings: 1868, 1885, 1890, 1898, 1912 (2);Half Pennies 1864, 1886; Pennies 1862, 1884, 1922 3 d; 1900, 6d. 1851, 1897, 1900, 1911 Shilling 1836, 1885 and a 1885 "Play Counter". 19 coins VG to AU, but all but two are at least VF. Nice lot. $125

220 ---William Shakespeare by Paul Vincze. 1964 Silver 38 mm. Struck for the 400th Anniversary of his birth. His bust left/A male and a female figure hold open book, torch and masks of comedy and tragedy. Eimer-2103. As struck, some spots. $30

*221 finland, republic. 1991 p-m. 100 markaa. km-70. 70th anniversary of the autonomy of aland. choice proof-like, with an estimated mintage of only 700. $400+

*222 france, louis ix. 1226-1270. ar gros tournois (3.88). castle, legend, lilies around/cross, legend around. scmf-2451, dup-190. nice vf, flan flaw near 12 o'clock. $275+

223 ---Lorraine. Charles II. 1545-1608. AR Testone. Bust right/Arms. KM (under Germany) MB-26. F-VF $150+

224 ---First Republic. 1793-W/LAN II. 1 Sol of Lille. Cr-12, KM-619.12. GVF, weakly struck as usual. $75+

*225 ---louis pasteur. 1888 silver 37mm by oscar roty. his bust left wearing labratory coat and cap/instituvt pastevr and date next to olive spray. toned ef. scarce in silver. museum number on edge. pasteur is always remembered as the inventor of pasteurization, but he was also the inventor of a vaccine for rabies $75+

225a ---PH. Panas 1903. AE 57 x 77 by L. Bottee. Bust of Panas in upper panel, legend below/Allegorical scene with young woman and young man, mountains in background. Panas was the founder of the Ophthalmological Clinic in Paris. EF, museum number on edge. $40?

226 ---Group of coins: 2A2 1862-K. 5A2 1888-A, 25A2 1904, 50A2 1847-A, 1867-BB, 1 Fr. 1922, 2 Francs 1946-B (BU),5 Francs 1876-A and 100 Francs, 1954-B, 1955. 10 coins VG to Unc, mostly VF to EF. $60+

*227 ---1987. large irregular shaped (c. 100 x 111 mm) yellow bronze medal. aerial view of paris, lion's head in center, coins pouring out of of cornucopiae/saint-germain des pres paris l'institut le pont-neuf la monnaie in 5 lines. a most unusual medal$75+?

228 French Indo-China. ND Brass 36mm. Tri-cornered Elephants above banner indochine with snakes below/corps expeditionnaire francais d'extreme-orient around wreath. Porter page 196. Choice AU, mount broken off at top. $40+

*229 french polynesia. 1979 silver 100 francs piefort. km-p20, y8, gad-20. rare. only 250 pieces struck. $100+

*230 germany. anahlt-dessau, friedrich ii. 1914-a. 3 mark. silver wedding anniversary of friedrich & marie. km-30. toned au-unc. $90+

*231 ---baden, leopold.. 1844. kreuzer. erection of carl friedrich's statue. 90 % red. km-216. choicered unc. $100+

*232 ---brunswick-wolfenbuttel. karl i. 1765 idb. 2/3 taler as broach. bust right, carolvs dg dvx br et lvn/horse bounding left, nvm svam retror svm 1765 xx eine feine marck convent. m. idb 2/3. km-973.1, cr-75. avf. $125+

*233 ---isenburg. count ernst casimir. 1801-52 (c. 1840). snipe heller. ecfzy (ernst casimir. furst zu ysenburg) as monogram/snipe standing left. high rim. struck in frankfurt. ek-646, br-x3. ch. ef-au. much nicer than usually found $75

234 ---Schleswig-Holstein. Christian VII of Denmark. 1787 Dreiling and Sechsling. Cr. 1 & 2, Hede-46 & 47. First coin Red and brown VF-EF, 2nd is brown VF. 2 one year types. $100+

235 ---,---Friedrich VI of Denmark. 1831-IFF 16 Reichsbank Schilling. Cr-22a. EF-AU. High grade for this seldom seen coin $150

*236 ---schwarzburg-sondershausen. gunther friedrich carl ii. 1845 2 thaler (3 1/2 gulden). cr-23, dav-920. ef, lightly cleaned, a few minor rim nicks.. $250+

237 ---Weimer Republic. 1924-A (Berlin) 3 Mark. Y47, KM-43. Choice Unc. Lightly toned $75+

238 ---Russelsheim. 1922. 100 Mark Brass Token . Issued by A. Opel. Scarce so nice. Ch. Unc. $60

*239 ---federal republic (west germany). 1956-f (stuttgart) 5 mark. km-112.1. pcgs ms64. a key date and rare in this condition. $500+

240 ---,---1958-D (Munich) 5 Mark. KM-112.1, Y112. BU, some bagmarks. $60+

241 ---,---1960-G (Karlsruhe) 5 Mark. KM-112.1, Y112. BU, some bagmarks. $60+

*242 ---dedication of lutheran church in jerusalem. 1942. copper 42.5 mm by loos. minister preaching, flanked by helpers, worshippers at either side, with typical holy land landscape in background/latin legend reading, "evangelical church at jerusalem, established 1842". whiting-717. choice ef. ex guido kisch collection $75+

*243 ---1910. robert koch. silver 50mm by w. mayer. his bust, wreath below right/book, snake, olive spray. brettauer 599. toned ef. museum # on edge. $100

*244 ---karl goetz satirical medal. revolution in bavaria. 1918. cast ae 58 mm. kurt eisner seated on bavarian lion left/death breaking down doors. on the short-lived bavarian social republic after the diet passed a decree deposing of the wittelsbach dynasty. opus-214, kirschner-43. ef. probably the rarest of the 3 goetz medals depicting eisner.ex guido kisch collection $200+

*245 haiti, petion. an14 (1817) 25 centimes. km-15.2, cr-26. bust of petion left/palm tree, wagon etc. ngc ms64. fully lustrous. $100+


246 Israel. 5708 (1948) 25 Mils. Y1, KM-8, P1. F-VF $75

*247 ---1949 5 pruta with pearl. proof. km-10, p-5a. struck at the ici mint in birmingham. the majority of the proofs of the 1949 issues exhibit only some of the qualities of proof coins. however this is a true proof (as are the 4 lots to follow) and among the nicest 5 pruta proofs we have seen. a couple of very minor blemishes. we believe that this is from the ici (now imi) archives. a truly rare coin. choice proof. a similar piece sold for $850 in our sale 35d. the lots 247-251 are also rare early 1949 proofs! $600+

*248 ---1949 10 pruta with pearl. proof. km-11, p-7a. struck at the ici mint in birmingham.we believe that this is from the ici (now imi) archives. a truly rare coin. choice to gem proof. a similar specimen sold for $850 in our sale 35d $600+

*249 ---1949 50 pruta without pearl. proof. km-13,1, p-16. unlisted by either krause or haffner in proof, but this is without doubt a true proof strike. struck at the ici mint in birmingham. only the 2nd 50 pruta without pearl proof we have seen. a truly rare coin. choice to gem proof. in our spring 2006 sale we offered a similar piece which ended up selling as a group in larger lot. however the high bid on the coin was over $700 on a $500 estimate. $600+

*250 ---1949 100 pruta proof. km-14, p-20a. struck at the ici mint in birmingham. another truly rare coin. choice proof with light scratch under the word prutah. $500+

*251 ---1949 250 pruta with pearl. proof. km-15,1, p-24. unlisted by either krause or haffner in proof, but this is without doubt a true proof strike. struck at the ici mint in birmingham. only the 2nd 250 pruta proof we have seen. choice proof with a few minor blemishes. a few years ago a similar piece had a high bid of $750 on a $500 estimate. $500+

252 ---1949 250 Pruta Silver. KM-15a, Y12a, P-26. Lot of 20 BU coins $175

253 ---1949 500 Prutah. Y14, KM-16, P-27. Group of 6 Unc coins. $150

254 ---1949 500 Pruta Silver. KM-16, Y124, P-27. Lot of 20 BU coins $600+

*255 ---1950 aluminum 2 prutot bus token. darom yehudah. steering wheel/ denomination. haffner-6. during the 1940's and early 1950's there was a shortage of small change in both palestine and later israel. when bus companies raised their fares from a set 5 to 10 mils (later prutahs) to an uneven denomination, they issued small tokens to be used as change (obviously good only on their lines). all the tokens were paper, with the exception of this one issue. ef, a bit dirty. scarce. see lots.876-892 for paper issues. $50+

*256 ---1954 100 pruta "utrecht die" type. km19, p-23. nice au, almost full bark, but some field marks. far superior to most we have seen. $250+

257 ---1958-1963. Complete set of Purim Half Shekels and first six issues of the Hanukkah series. 1961 & 1962 Half Shekels and Law, Degania, Henrietta Szold, Heroism, Italian and North African Lamps in BU. Some with PVC residue which is easily removable. KM-31 (2), 22, 28,32, 34, 38 and 42, HS-1 & 2, H-1-6. 8 coins. Our retail price if bought individually is $58 $45

258 ---1958-1963. Complete set of Purim Half Shekels and first six issues of theHanukkah series. 1961 & 1962 Half Shekels and Law, Degania, Henrietta Szold, Heroism, Italian and North African Lamps in Proof. Some with PVC residue which is easily removable. KM-31 (2), 22, 28,32, 34, 38 and 42, HS-1a & 2a, H-1a-6a. 8 coins. Retail price if bought individually is $188 $140

259 ---1960/5720 Degania 1 Lira Commemorative. KM-28, H-2. A group of 250 Unc. pieces. Ex Carl Rosenblum collection. We retail these for $4 each! $?

260 ---1958 5 Lirot Menorah. KM-21. ANACS MS66. Light golden toning $25+

*261 ---1963. 5 lirot. seafaring. km-39, dav-263, a-6. the key to the israel 5 pound series. ancient galley/modern steamship. nice bu, very tiny rim nick $150+

*262 ---seafaring. km-39, dav-263, a-6a. as above, but nice proof. $175

*263 ---1964 gold 50 lirot proof. bank of israel. km-44a, fr-4a. only about 800 minted. one of israel's rarest gold coins. $2500

*264 ---1967 5 lirot. port of eilat frosted proof. km-48, a-10b. $60

265 ---1958-1967. Complete 5 Pound Anniversary Set in BU. Menorah, Exiles, Herzl, Bar Mitzvah, Negev, Seafaring, Museum, Knesset, Life and Port of Eilat. KM-21, 23, 29, 33, 35, 39, 43, 45, 46 and 48, A1-A10..Some with PVC residue which is easily removable. Our retail price if bought individually is $350. $275

266 ---1958-1967. Complete 5 Pound Anniversary Set in Proof, with the exception of the 1958 Menorah which is not Proof. Menorah, Exiles, Herzl, Bar Mitzvah, Negev, Seafaring, Museum, Knesset, Life and Port of Eilat. KM-21, 23, 29, 33, 35, 39, 43, 45,46 and 48, A1, A2a-A10a.. Some with PVC residue which is easily removable. Our retail price if bought individually is $450. $350

*267 ---1951 (with 1949 coins). 10 piece bank leumi "muffin tin"set. km-ss1. a very nice set with 10 choice coins. small print variety. a small piece of tape on set. $150

268 ---Group of 42 Miscellaneous mint sets. 1963 to 1980's. A number of the early white sets as well as the blue and white sets. Unfortunately most of the early ones are crinkled and/or torn. $60+

*269 ---commemorative collection. 1958-1969. large (c. 7 1/4 x 24") custom made plastic frame in shape of israel containing 1961 & 1962 purim half shekels, 1958-1963 1 pound hanukkah coins and silver anniversary coins from 1958 to 1969 including the scarce seafaring commemorative. 20 choice bu coins. we retail the coins themselves for $400, the custom made case (by berger) would probably cost $75 to $100 to have it made. $400?

270 ---Group of coins, plus 2 tokens and an interesting pin. 16 Agorot series coins including 1, 5 and 10 Agorot's 1962 small date types in BU, Palestine 2 Mil 1941 F, 1954 25 & 50 Pruta in BU, 2 1975 Seasons "Greatings"error tokens and perhaps the most interesting item an enameled pin in a 2 x 2 holder. The holder says, "Leah Avni's Personal Nurses Pin. Gift from Leah Avni to Claire". The Claire in question is Claire Abelson, wife of Ben Abelson, the well known Los Angeles collector. $60+

271 Ivory Coast, Republic. 1966 10 Francs. KM-1. Bust of President Boigny right/ Elephant facing in center of wreath. KM-1. Proof $60

272 Japan. Meiji. ND (1868-69) Gold 2 Bu (Nibu Kin). Cr-21d. GVF $50+

*273 ---,---year 3 (1870) silver 10 sen. y2. deep scales variety. choice toned au-unc. one year type. $100

*274 liechtenstein, prince franz i. 1930 gold 20 franken. ngc-ms63, fr-15. one year type and seldom seen this nice. $1250+

275 Madagascar, French Colony. 1943-SA 50 Centimes. KM-1, Y1. A group of 5 Red Uncirculated coins. $100+

*276 mexico, carlos & johanna. 1506-16. early series. 4 reales (13.22), p m-p. bruce-vogt 16. nice vf, somewhat porous. extremely rare. $2400+

*277 ---,---536-1562. 4 reales (13.43), assayer a (m-a) km-18, nesmith-58 (similar). late series. aef and rare as such. $2400+

278 ---Charles IV.1797 8 Reales. KM-109, Cr-81, El-113. Armoured bust of Charles IV/ Crowned arms, Pillars to each side. VF, about 4 or 5 chopmarks on each side.$50+

279 ---Ferdinand VII. 1810 Mo HJ 8 Reales. KM-110, El-141, Cr-111. Uniformed bust right/Arms between pillars. EF, but flatly struck in spots. $120

280 ---,---1811 Mo HJ 8 Reales. KM-111, El-144, Cr-121. Draped bust right/Arms between pillars. F/VF, rim bumps $100+

281 ---Republic, 1841Mo ML 1/2 Real. KM-370.9, Y-S21. Choice toned EF, tiny pin prick on Liberty cap. $60

282 ---,---1869 Ga JM 8 Reales. KM-377.6, Y-19. Lustrous BU with light toning. Unfortunate scratch through "6" of date and "R" of Reales. $200+

283 ---,---1873 Ga IC 8 Reales. KM-377.6, Y-19. Fine. Better date $65+

284 ---,---1891 Mo AM 8 Reales. KM-377.10, Y-19, El-754. Choice Toned Au-Unc. Just a hint of wear on eagle's breast. Very attractive. $45+

285 ---Estados Unidos. 1935 10 Centavos. KM-430, Y33. Brown EF. $75

286 ---,---1959 20 Centavos. KM-440, Y71. Choice Red Unc., a couple of minor spots. $75

287 ---,---1921. 50 Centavos. KM-447, Y49. Type III. Choice Au-Unc. $75+

*288 ---,---1914 horse or caballito peso. km-453, eliz-1060, y42. choice toned ef, underlying luster under old toning. very rare date. this is ex lot 717 from our auction 30f where it sold for $1000. $1250+

*289 morocco, tangiers. nd. 25 centimes. health club token, brass. 23mm, octagonal, clip as made. gad-unlisted. nice vf $175+

290 Mozambique, under Portugal. 1935 1 Escudo. KM-74, Y14. One year type. Chocolate brown with hints of red. Au-Unc. $75

*291 netherlands, holland. 1574 ae jeton. triangle or pyramid, arms below, legend around/jehovah in hebrew, rays around, legend, surrounded by circle with legend around it all. dug-2630. ef $150+

*292 ---amsterdam. 1888. ae43mm. elephant, tiger, lion/legend. issued by the amsterdam royal zoological society for their 50th anniversary. porter p. 204. choice ef, as struck! $135

293 Nicaragua, Republic. 1912-H 10 Centavos. KM-13, Y13. Nice Unc. $100+

294 Palestine, Templar Token. ND. c. 1880. 20 Para. Brass Type I. JTM CC-14a, type without "Consum Marke". Fine, cleaned with a couple of indentations on the denomination side. Also included in this lot is another piece of the same type in Fair to Gd, with a hole. $100+?

*295 ---jerusalem, hotel. jaffa. c. 1880-b. cc-15b 1/2 piaster. vf, but some discoloratoin from about 9 to 11 o'clock on obverse. rare. we last sold a 1/2 piaster jerusalem hotel token in the spring of 2006 for $600! $500+?

*296 ---love token. 1917. engraved on a egypt 10 piastres 1916 silver coin. one side has 1917 at top, greetings from palestine around the edge and in a heart at center two hands clasping and from ron to vera. vf. no doubt done by anzac soldier during a boring time of wwi. $100+

297 ---British Mandate. 1 Mil 1927. Y1, KM-1. ANACS MS62 Brown $25

298 ---,---1 Mil 1935. Y1, KM-1. ANACS MS64 Brown. $40+

*299 ---,---1 mil 1937. y1, km-1. anacs ms64 brown. scarce in unc! $100+

300 ---,---1 Mil 1939. Y1, KM-1. ANACS MS63 Brown. $30

*301 ---,---1 mil 1940. y1, km-1. nice brown ef. key date. $75

302 ---,---1 Mil 1941. Y1, KM-1. ANACS MS64 Red and Brown. Nice coin. $30

303 ---,---1 Mil. 1942. Y1, KM-1. ANACS MS62 Brown. $25+

304 ---,---1 Mil 1943. Y1, KM-1. ANACS MS63 Red and Brown. $30+

305 ---,---1 Mil 1944. ANACS MS63 Red. Another very nice coin $25+

306 ---,---1 Mil 1946. ANACS MS64 Red and Brown. $35

307 ---,---1 Mils Group. 1927, 1937 (VF), 1939, 1941, 1942, 1943 (EF), 1944 and 1946 (EF). 8 coins, most in high grade. Sold as is, no returns. $100

308 ---,---Group of 1 Mils. 1927 (10 pcs, 5 unc, 5 EF), 1935 (3 all EF), 1937 VF, 1939 (3 2 unc, 1 VF), 1940 (2 VF), 1943 VF and 1946 VF. 21 coins, many high grade and/or scarce dates. $150

*309 ---,---2 mils 1945. y2, km-2. anacs ms60 red and brown. $75+

310 ---,---Group of 2 Mils. 1927 (Four, 2 R&B unc, 2 EF), 1941 (3 VF), 1942 (3, 2 R&B unc, 1 EF), 1945 (2, F & VF) and 1946 VF. 13 coins, complete date set with many high grade coins, Y2, KM-2. $100+

*311 ---,---5 mils. 1934. y3, km-3. au, a few spots. a key date in high grade! $75

312 ---,---5 Mils. 1939. Y3, KM-3. ANACS MS63. $35+

*313 ---,---5 mils. 1942. y3a, km-3a. anacs ms65 red. very pretty coin, just some very minor tiny spots. much scarcer than the 1944. $75?

314 ---,--- 5 Mils. 1944. Y3a, KM-3a. ANACS MS64 Red. Another nice coin $50

315 ---,---5 Mils 1946. Y3, KM-3. ANACS MS64. $40

316 ---,---5 Mils 1927, 1939 and 1946. Y3, KM-3. Group of 3 BU coins $75

317 ---,---10 Mils. 1927. Y4, KM-4. ANACS MS65. $50+

318 ---,---10 Mils. 1937. Y4, KM-4. Nice Unc! $175

319 ---,---10 Mils. 1939. ANACS MS62. A couple of minor marks, but otherwise a very nice coin. Y4, KM-4 $75+

320 ---,---10 Mils. 1940. Y4, KM-4. ANACS MS63 $75+

*321 ---,---10 mils. 1941. anacs ms61. a key date! toned. y4, km-4 $150?

*322 ---,---10 mils 1942. y4, km-4. copper nickel type. lightly toned unc. $120

*323 ---,---10 mils. 1942 copper nickel type. anacs ms62. nice coin, some splotchy toning keeps this from being graded even higher. y4, km-4 $125+

324 ---,---10 Mils 1942 Bronze type. Y4a, KM-4a. ANACS MS62 Brown. $75

325 ---,---10 Mils. 1943. PCGS MS64 Brown. Y4a, KM-4a. $90+

326 ---,---10 Mils. 1946. ANACS MS64. Y4, KM-4 $65+

327 ---,---10 Mils. 1946. Y4, KM-4. Nice BU, very minor spotting. $60

*328 ---,---20 mils. 1927. y5, km-5. nice and lustrous unc, although some dirt. $90+

*329 ---,--- 20 mils. 1927 y5, km-5. anacs ms62. some light toning and some light spotting but a very nice coin and all 20 mils are at least scarce in mint state $100+

*330 ---,---20 mils 1934. ngc au50. a key date and toned. y5, km-5. $125+

*331 ---,---20 mils 1935. y5, km-5. toned au. nice coin! $150+

*332 ---,--- 20 mils. 1935. anacs ms60. light toning and very scarce this nice. $200+

*333 ---,--- 20 mils 1940. anacs ms61. y5, km-5. $150

334 ---,---Group of 20 Mils 1927, 1934 (2), 1940 and 1942. 5 VF coins. $150+

335 ---,---50 Mils. 1927. Y6, KM-6. ANACS MS64. Luster under some light toning. Very nice coin $100

*336 ---,---50 mils 1933. anacs ms65. a semi-key date and seldom seen this nice. light peripheral toning. y6, km-6. $125+

337 ---,---50 Mils. 1935. PCGS MS63. Y6, KM-6. $30

338 ---,---50 Mils 1935. Pair of BU coins. Y6, KM-6. $50+

339 ---,---50 Mils 1939. Pair of BU coins. Y6, KM-6. $50+

*340 ---,---50 mils. 1940. y6, km6. anacs ms64. light toning. a scarce date in this grade. $75+

341 ---,--- Group of 50 Mils. 1931 (2, both circulated), 1933 VF, 1935 (5 all Fine) and 1942 Fine. 9 silver coins, the first 3 scarce. Y6, KM-6. $100+

*342 ---,---100 mils. 1933 y7, km-7. anacs au 58. a scarce coin, just a tad short of being mint state. $200?

*343 ---,---100 mils. 1934 y7, km-7. anacs au 58. well above average, but not as nice as the above coin. $200+

*344 ---,---1934 100 mils, y7, km-7. nice au, luster under golden toning. should be worthy of a substantial bid. $300+

*345 ---,---1935 100 mils. y7, km-7. lightly toned unc. very attractive $90

346 ---,---100 Mils. 1935. ANACS MS63. Y7, KM-7 $60+

*347 ---,---100 mils. 1939. y7, km-7. anacs ms63. lustrous $100

348 ---,---100 Mils. 1940. Y7, KM-7. ANACS MS63. Luster underneath light even toning. Nice coin $100

*349 ---,---100 mils. 1942. anacs ms64. y7, km-7 $100+

350 ---,---Group of 100 Mils. 1927 (3, F, VF & EF), 1933 (2 Fine), 1934 (2 VG), 1935 (2, F & VF) ,1939 Fine and 1940 (2, Fine and AU). 12 silver coins, all getting difficult to find. $300+

*351 ---,---complete 59 piece set in israeli made album. 1927-1946. a very nice set. all are fine or better, the set averages vf+. some of the highlights are: 1 mil 1944 unc; 10 mil 1927 nice au; 20 mils 1934, 1941, 1944 all choice vf, 1942 choice r&b ef; 50 mils 1931 vf-ef; 100 mils 1927, 1935, 1940 all ef or better. $1200+

*352 ---,---complete set of 59 coins, many in us made dansco album. 1927-1946. most coins are vf or better, although a few of the silver coins are only fine, others are ef. a very nice set. as usual some coins have slipped into the middle of the pages. $1250

353 ---,---Group of 5 & 10 Mils. 5 Mils 1927, 1934, 1939, 1942: 10 Mils 1927 (2), 1933 (2), 1934 (5), 1937 (2), 1939 (3), 1940 (3), 1941, 1942 (Bz) and 1946 (2). 25 coins, mostly VF, one of the 1946 coins is Choice EF. $175

354 ---,---Group of coins. 2 Mils 1927 Unc, 1942, 1946; 5 Mils 1927, 1935, 1942 &1944; 10 Mils 1927 F, 1933, 1935, 1937, 1939 AU, 1940, 1942 Br., & 1943; 20 Mils 1933, 1940 & 1942; 50 Mils 1927, 1940, 1942 All AU. Most VF to EF, except where noted. $125

*355 ---spinney & sons. nd (1930's?). brass 26mm token. one piaster in trade/62421. large hole in center as issued. jtm-11. near ef. rare, 1st we've offered in many, many years. $100+

*356 ---1934. 2nd arabic exhibition. brass 27 mm. "economic arabic unit"/the 2nd arabic exhibition, 1353". jtm am-2v. choice vf. haffner lists this medal as bronze and 28 mm with a plain edge and looped. this is definitely only 27mm, brass with a reeded edge. rare? 1st i can recall offering. ex bob schonwalter collection $50+

*357 ---1938 arabic woman's committee. bronze 38mm. church of the nativity in bethlehem and dome of the rock in jerusalem, arabic legend/women's committee of jerusalem in arabic. a 50 mils donation token issued by the arabic ladies council in jerusalem to raise money for orphans. haffner am-5. vf. original loop removed. seldom offered. ex bob schonwalter collection $60+

*358 ---naval general service award 1945-1948. silver 36mm with bar at top reading palestine 1945-1948. head of king george vi left/victory in chariot of two horses holding trident and shield landing on shore. awarded to r. harvey a.b.r.n. (able bodied (seaman) royal navy)with maroon and white ribbon attached. toned ef, a couple of tiny rim nicks. this naval award medal is much rarer than the general service award medal which we've offered many times over the years. i believe this is only 2nd or 3rd i've offered. $100+?

For a related medal of the Mandate Period, see Lot #691

359 Poland, Sigismund III. 1600 3 Groschen Bust right/Eagle and shield above legend and date. As Gumowski-1102 but with star to upper right of date. VF, a few flat spots. $40+?

*360 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz ghetto). 1942 10 pfennig (.72, type ii. magnesium.) the more common, but still scarce type two. (see israel numismatic journal, i, 1963, pages 81-84). camp-4751b, km-tn5, terlecki-250, franquinet-p.63. nice fine for type. much better than most seen. $100+


*361 ---,---,---1943 5 mark. aluminum. (1.77). km-tn2, camp-4752b, f/f po-573b. thick variety. nice ef. ex bob schonwalter collection $100+

*362 ---,---,---1943 silver 5 mark trial strike (7.59). km-tn2ff, c-4752ff, f-po 573ff. the silver trial strikes are very rare and i believe it's been 25 years or more since we've offered any. both franquinet pages 67 and 75 and campbell page 117 mention the existence of silver pieces and i can verify from a conversation that i had with a relative of a person who worked in the lodz metal workshop that pieces were struck on off-metal by the order of visiting nazi officials. toned ef, small rim bruise, plain edge. of extreme rarity. bob schonwalter purchased this and the following two lots from hollander in november of 1954. $1000+

*363 ---,---,---1943silver 10 mark trial strike (12.33). km-tn3ff, c-4753ff, f-po 574ff. toned ef, a few rim nicks, plain edge. of extreme rarity. $1000+

*364 ---,---,---1943 silver 20 mark trial strike (31.53). km-tn4ff, c-4754ff, f-po 575ff. toned ef, rim bruise with hairlines, plain edge. of extreme rarity. $2000

365 ---Republic. 2004 20 Zlotych. In memory of the Victims of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto, Y498. Silver. Unc. $60

366 Portugal.850th Anniversary. 1990. AE 90 mm by Paulo Guilherme d'Eca Leal. Knights on horses left, banners behind/Symbols, legend. Struck in Antique bronze. Unc. $40

367 Russia. 1997 39 mm Silver Medal. A side view of an Elephant 1/2 left/Logo of the Capital Bank for Savings. The Bank donates money to the Zoo (thus the Elephant). Struck for the 850th Anniversary of the city of Moscow. Proof. Very attractive $85

*368 spain. ferdinand and isabella. 1474-1504 ar 4 reales (13.64). bundle of arrows pointed down at right/arms. cal-180a. vf, on usual irregular flan, some flat spots. $400+

*369 ---philip iii 1598-1621. silver 4 reales cob (14.13) of toledo. crowned arms, t with annulet above, p below/cross, with castles and lions in quarters. km-36.3. crude avf. assayer p struck coins in toldeo 1619-1621. $150+

370 ---Franco as Regent. 1966 (70). 50 Centimes. KM-795. Proof-like, but some discoloration at 3 o'clock. $75+

*371 sweden. early 19th century. 8 skilling (?) copper 24mm token. coal mining token from hogares coal mine. mining wagon in wreath/viii in wreath. crude fine. no doubt scarce. $50+?

*372 thailand. rama v (chulalongkom) cs1249 (1887) silvered bronze 30mm. burma campaign medal. bust of king left, elephants with 2 monkeys on back. this commemorates the king's participation in the campaign. porter page-205. toned ef $125

*373 togo, central african states. 2003. 6000 cfa francs. bimetallic. president gnassingbe eyadema/elephant. bu. another low mintage coin. $100+

*374 ---,---2003. 6000 cfa francs. bimetallic, km-21. bare-breasted girl/elephant, map of africa. low mintage. bu $75+

*375 tunisia. french protectorate ahmad pasha bey. ah1331/1932. 10 francs. scarce type. km-255, y49. toned ef. nice coin! $75+

turkey. For medals concerning battles and sieges at Acre see lots 216 and 636.

*376 united states. isaac hull. 1812 ae 65mm by moritz furst. his bust left in full naval uniform/full mast naval battle ship, latin legend above and below. commemorates his valor during the war of 1812 as commander of the constitution. on august 19, 1812, the constitution encountered the british frigate hms guerriere at sea and pounded her to a wreck in an action that electrified the nation and demonstrated that the small u.s. navy was a worthy and dangerous opponent for britain's otherwise overwhelming maritime might. light brown, signifying a restirke. still an attractive medal. $40+?

*377 ---c. 1900? enameled gold badge. "r" monogram above crown, above "png" in white, blue and red enameling. hanging from crown is a 5 pointed star with gavel in center, divided into 4 segments, 2 enameled green and two violet with various symbols in each. a great gift for the png member in your family. $100+

*378 ---gold award medal. 1904. 31mm gold medal, reeded edge with attached banner, "a.p.g. co." presented to t.j. veneables, august 1904" within central circle within casting department for exceptional work. ef, hairlined. (20.78 grams) $450+?

379 ---Hudson-Fulton Celebration. 1909 51mm Silver Medal, 1909, by Emil Fuchs, for the American Numismatic Society in honor of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration. Henry Hudson with his sailors aboard ship. Rev. Three allegorical female figures, the central one holding a model of Fulton's steamboat, seated in an arcade with views of old and modern New York. Toned EF, marked Sterling on the edge, a few light scratches on edge. Rare. Also included in this lot is a 32mm copper nickel version of this medal. $150+?

*380 ---,---as above, but the larger and rarer version. toned ef, marked sterling on the edge. rare. $350+?

*381 --- nd. there is no place like home. ae70 mm by isidore konti. mother, father and two children under latin legend/allegorical woman walking right. konti was more well-known as a sculptor. however his 1905 medal commemorating the 250th anniversary of the jewish settlement in the us is probably the most important jewish medal ever made by an american jewish medalist. this medal is done in the same style as that one. vf, some nicks. #2 in the circle of friends of the medallion series $100+

*382 ---john fritz medal awarded to marchese guglielmo marconi. 1922. ae63 mm by victor david brenner. bust of fritz left/allegorical female figure holding shield displaying 1917, to the right in banner for scientific or industrial achievement. vf-ef, with heavy rim bruise on reverse. marconi was the 1922 winner! $100+

*383 ---moritz wormser. 1924. ae 51mm, his bust mostly facing, name to left/president of the american numismatic associaiton 1924 within wreath above lamp of knowledge. ef. scarce numismatic medal.ex guido kisch collection. $50+

*384 ---william james dickey & sons. 1938 ae 76mm by louis rosenthal. facing bust of william james dickey, founder with long legend (his biography) on each side/2 sheep in center, w.j. dickey & sons 1838 one century 1938 around, allegorical figures around all. see jewish minters and medalists page 98. dickey and sons were textile manufacturers. gvf $50+

*385 ---1961 silver 76mm medal by schabel. christopher colombus-augustus st. gaudens. columbus arriving on shore/home and studio of augustus saint-gaudens in cornish, new hampshire with a 1907 roman numerals 20 dollar gold piece above. over 200 grams of .999 silver (more than 6 1/2 ounces). also included in this lot is the same medal, in the same size, in bronze $150+

*386 ---1990 by alex shagin. ae 82 x 100 antique green bronze. an untitled free standing modern art medal. signed by shagin on edge. $75+?

WORLD PAPER MONEY   (back to top)

*387 afghanistan. p16c (?) 5 afghanis. nd. lilac. vf, graffiti in left margin. some glue residue from being removed from album. scarce. pick lists p16b and 16c as both green, presumably one is meant to be lilac and we think it's 16c. ex bill spengler collection. $40?

*388 ---p17 10 afghanis sh1315 (1936). block letter. unc. ex spengler collection. $75

389 ---P17A 10 Afghanis. ND. Brown. GVF, but some glue residue from being removed from album. Still a nice looking note. Ex Bill Spengler collection. $50

*390 ---p18 20 afghanis. nd, red brown.sh1315 (1936). unc. ex bill spengler collection. scarce so nice. $150

*391 ---p19a 50 afghanis. nd. blue. vf-ef, but for damage along margin due to being removed from album. still a scarce and attractive note. spengler collection. $150

*392 ---p20a 100 afghanis. nd. almost ef, but some glue residue on back margin and very small repaired margin tear due to having been removed from album. still a scarce an attractive note. ex bill spengler collection. $150+

393 Angola. P-121b. 1000 Kwanzas. 11 November 1987. Unc $50

394 ---P-124. 1000 New Kwanza overprinted on 1000 Kwanza of 11 November 1987. Unc $50

*395 argentina, el banco argentino. p-s1503. nd (1873) 50 pesos plata boliviana. uniface specimen on cardstock. ef, small portion of upper right corner torn off and small bit of roughness at lower left. rare. $475+?

*396 austria, un international refugee organization 1 unit green. c-7360, sb-182, feller/feller as-1680. nice vf $275+

*397 ---,---5 units red. c-7361, sb-183, f/f as-1681. nice vf $275+

*398 belgian congo. 1947 lottery ticket. featuring a leopard in the jungle in various shades of green, red and white. printed on both sides in french and flemish. vf-ef, easily erasable manuscript notation in pencil on back. $35+

*399 belgium. wwii special lottery ticket.under nazi occupation 1943. intended to raise funds to fight tuberculosis. 11 francs, in various shades of blue and white. printed on both sides in flemish and french. medicine related item. vf+ $40+

*400 belize. p-34ct. two dollars. nd (1974-1975). color trial specimen. unc. $225+

401 ---P-35s. Five Dollars. ND (1975-76). Specimen. Unc. $200+

402 Bolivia. P93. 5 Bolivianos. ND. Front Proof Mounted on card stock. Unc. $125+

403 ---P94. 10 Bolivianos. ND. Front Proof Mounted on card stock. Unc. $100+

404 Botswana. P-4s2. 10 Pula. ND (1976). Specimen in Unc. $75

405 ---P-12s/13s. 10 & 20 Pula. ND (1992/1993). Unc.Specimens. $175

*406 brazil. p48d. 20 mil reis nd (1931), estampa 16. specimen. choice au-unc. $125

*407 --- p141 1000 cruzeiros. nd (1943). series 82a. unc. specimen. $225

408 ---P-141. 1000 Cruzeiros. ND (1943). Front and back Proof color trialsin green mounted on card stock. EF $200+

*409 ---banco do brazil. p-s254p. 100 mil reis, series a. front and back proofs mounted on card stock. au-unc. very attractive and rare. $1500

410 ---Banco da Bahia. P-S387 25,000 Reis, 4th Series. Specimen with counterfoil at left. AU $350+

*411 ---,---p-s388 50,000 reis, 3rd series. specimen with counterfoil at left. ef $350+

*412 ---banco emissor do norte. p-s579p. 100 mil reis. 1890, estampa 1a, series 1a. front and back proofs mounted on card stock. unc. $1500

*413 ---thesouro do estado de sao paulo. p-s875 100 mil reis. 1932. series 1, estampa 2. ef-au, some minor spotting. very rare. $1000+

*414 british guiana, barclays bank (dominion, colonial and overseas).p-s101 5 dollars. 1 april 1932. specimen. manuscript notations in pencil upper front margin. au. very rare. $1900

*415 british honduras. p-30as. $5 1 october 1956. specimen. with control number and date in ink and "12345" printed in black in upper front margin. unc. $500+

*416 ---p-31s. 10 dollars. color trial specimen in green and orange. unc. rare as such. $750

417 Cambodia. P-3 10 Reales. ND (1955). Brown. Pagoda at right. Unc $50

418 Cape Verde. P-55s. 500 Escudos. 20 January 1977. Specimen. Unc. 75+ $50

*419 chile. p-124 1/2 centesimo on 5 pesos. unc. rare. unpriced in pick! $1000+?

*420 china, banque belge pour l'estranger. peking branch. p-s129a. 50 dollars = 50 piastres. ship dockside at center. front proof mounted on wide-margin card stock. impressive. $1500

*421 ---,---similar. shanghai branch. p-s138. 50 dollars = 50 piastres. ship dockside at center. front proof mounted on wide-margin card stock. impressive. $1500

*422 ---,---similar. tientsin branch. p-s148. 50 dollars = 50 piastres. ship dockside at center. front proof mounted on wide-margin card stock. impressive. $1500

423 Colombia. P-318. 100 Pesos 1910. Front trial Proof with only the black portion printed. Mounted on brown card stock. VF. $300+

424 ---P-402a. 50 Pesos. 1.1. 1958. Front color trial Proof. Mounted on brown card stock. EF $150+

*425 congo democratic republic. p-3. 5000 francs. nd (1963) uniface proofs in black on white of both the front and back. plate defects noted by circles. face is marked in pen "15046", while the back is marked "15045". ef $2000+

426 ---P-14s 5 Zaires. 24 November 1971. Specimen. Au-Unc. $85

*427 ---,---another.specimen au, couple of spots. we sold a similar note in our fall 2004 sale for $125. it now catalogs at $250! $75+

428 ---P-15s. 10 Zaires. 30 June 1971. Specimen Unc. $85

*429 cuba. p61 1 peso. 17 august 1869. vf on thin paper. small tears at edges. $275

*430 ---p76a 1000 pesos. 1944. front proof mounted on card stock. unc. $1750

*431 ---republic of cuba. bonds to liquidate current obligations of the state. 28 january 1954. 100, 500 & 1000 pesos. abnc specimens. au. attractive. $1500+

*432 Czechoslovakia, Theresienstadt. 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 & 100 Kronen. Complete set of 7 notes. C 4111-4117, F/F CZ 650-656. Au-Unc. No wear, but a few of the notes show slight evidence of minor handling. $125

433 ---,---As above but F-VF, mostly VF $75?

434 Ecuador, Banco del Azuay. P-S104p. 10 Sucres ND (1917-20). Uniface front Proof. Unc. $250+

*436 ---compania de credito agricola e. industrial. p-s272. 2 sucres nd (1921). front and bank abnc proofs mounted on card stock. unc. $450+

*437 egypt. 1934. lottery ticket. issued by the united latin societies, which consisted of the italian, french, maltese, african mission of lyon, contra turberculosis maternite, the greek catholic asylum of mansourah and others. 1 piastre in various shades of blue. printed in french, arabic and greek with vignette of she-wolf suckling twins. vf, small portion of lower margin cut off and minor graffiti on back $50+

*438 ---1936. lottery ticket. issued by the "orwa-el-woska" society of alexandria, under the patronage of king farouk, in aid of needy moslems. 1 piastre, has egyptian coat-of-arms at top and sphinx vignette at bottom. with red handstamp. printed in french and arabic. f+, a few small tears. $50+

*439 ---,---issued for the benefit of the moslem community. 1 piastre in red. sphinx vignette at center. printed in arabic and french with black handstamp. f-vf, but small left margin and tiny piece of lower left corner missing $45

*440 ---,---issued by the "society for aid to orthodox coptics" and listing 16 local coptic societies. features pyramids at upper right, nile scene and scarab at upper left. in various shades of red, printed arabic and french. f+, with several very small holes at folds. $50+

*441 ---,---issued by the al mossat society for aid to needy moslems, alexandria. 1 piastres in various shades of green and brown. printed in both sides in arabic and french. handstamped in red. fine, a couple of very small holes at folds $50+

*442 ---lottery ticket.1939. issued by the society of hellenique women in cairo and the philanthropic society of hellenique women in cairo. to raise funds in aid of needy members. 1 piastre, printed in blue on white in greek, french and arabic. vf, but for small portion cut out. $50

443 El Salvador, Banco Occidental. P-S192 1 Colon. ND (1929). Front and Back Proofs mounted on card stock. AU. $350

*444 ---,---p-s195p 5 colones. nd (1926-1929). front and back proofs mounted on card stock. au. $450+

*445 england, operation bernhard. forgery of english 5 £ note, 19 march 1935. camp-4065, p-335a, f/f ge-310. london, peppiatt signature. vf, small corners missing. operation bernhard was the nazi plan to bankrupt the bank of england. jewish prisoners at sachsenhausen concentration camp were forced to make these counterfeit notes that looked very much like the originals. $100+

*446 ---,---10 £ note, 19 april 1934. camp-4066b, p-336, f/f 311b. london, peppiatt signature. ef among the nicest we have seen. $150+

*447 ---,---10 £ note, 16 may 1935. camp-4066b, p-336, f/f 311b. london, peppiatt signature. ef but for small tape repair at upper right. still decent and attractive. $120

*448 ---pow camp. c-5015a, sb-464. 3 pence. nd. fine. this note was used in a camp for italian prisoners as can be seen by the signature on the front and the signatures on the reverse. all italian names on the back. $95

*449 ---wwii propaganda note. sb-192, arabic text on the back of a facsimile of a 1 pound english note. 10 lines of arabic text below a heading on this note made by the axis. vf, with a few small holes. scarce $125

450 Estonia, Nazi Occupied. 1 Punkt. WWII. Ration Note for Fabric. SB-1011a.2. EF, pinhole. $50+

*451 ethiopia. p-17c. 500 dollars. (1945). specimen, without overprint or serial numbers. au. $750+

*452 french indo-china. p-75a 5 piastres. nd (1951). choice au, small area of mishandling at lower left. $375

*453 french west africa. p-32p 1000 francs. 14 december 1942. front and back proofs mounted on card stock. printed in green without undertint. nice port scene with steam engine. $1250

*454 gambia. p-6ct. 10 dalasis nd (1972-1986). color trial specimen in purple-brown on multicolor underprint. unc. $175

*455 germany. 1916. numismatically related postcard depicting banknotes, a bag of gold, ration chits as well as wartime scenes. intended as morale boosting propaganda. vf, colorful. $35+

456 ---P64c. 50 Mark 20.10. 1918. Au-Unc. $170

*457 ---1920. pair of lottery tickets. 7 mark, 30 pfennig each. distributed in prussia, both have german coat-of-arms at top, 1 in light brown and black, the other in pink and black. both handstamped signed. both vf, one has a small stain $40+

*458 ---konversionkasse. konversionkasse were the notes given to the german jews, in exchange for all their property and german marks, who were lucky enough to escape germany in the early hitler years. the notes, often exhibit pinholes because refugees typically pinned them to the inside of their clothes during their journey. in almost all cases when they arrived at their destination and tried to exchange the notes at banks, they found them to be worthless. p199 5 mark 1933, series c. ef (small crease and stain upper margin) and very tiny pinhole. $60+

*459 ---konversionkasse bond. 1935 500 reichsmark 3% konversionkasse 10 year bond. similar to schwan-boling #231 (page 485-486) but unlisted date of 1 sept. 1935!. in green! series a. sb lists issue dates of 1 july 1936, 1 march 1937 and 1 june of 1937, this is the earliest of any we have seen. ef with hole punch near signature. rare. sb does not list a color perhaps signifying that they had not seen this denomination. we have only offered $1000 bonds. $150+

*460 ---,---as above but 1000 reichsmark 3% konversionkasse 10 year bond. similar to schwan-boling #232 (page 485-486) but unlisted date of 1 september 1935!. in brown! series a. sb lists issue dates of 1 july 1936, 1 march 1937 and 1 june of 1937. again, this is the earliest date of any we have seen. ef with hole punch near signature. rare. $200+

*461 --- buchenwald 0.50 reichsmark "ss ko-rottleberode" overstamp in purple. c-3947d, ps-73d, f/f ge-145a. f-vf, usual browning around edges, one tiny corner missing $60+

*462 ---,--- 0.50 reichsmark "ss ko-rottleberode" overstamp in red. c-3947c, ps-73c, f/f ge-145a. avf, usual browning around edges $60+

*463 ---,---3 reichsmark with slanted m. c-3954b, ge f/f-143b. unc. rare. $375

464 ---,---Group of Five 50 Reichsmark "SS Ko-Rottleberode" overstamp in red. C-3947c, PS-73c, F/F GE-145a. VG-F, usual browning around edges, some with small corners missing $200

465 ---,--- Group of Five 50 Reichsmark "SS Ko-Rottleberode" overstamp in purple. C-3947d, PS-73d, F/F GE-145a. As above average Fine, usual browning around edges. $200+

*466 ---flossenburg concentration camp. c-3972b (1), ps-87a, f/f ge-188a. 1 reichsmark in blue with narrow a. unc, very minor discoloration. very nice note $650

*467 ---nordhausen (mittelbau) concentration camp .01 reichsmark, series n. c-4021, f/f ge-250. au. scarce. $75

*468 ---,---.01 reichsmark, series p. c-4021, f/f ge-250. au-unc. in our opinion, series p is the scarcest of the 3 series known for this denomination. i believe that this is 1st we've offered in auction since 1996! $100?

*469 ---,---c-4026b, f/f ge-255c.1. 1 reichsmark, green, series n. ef. star with serial number on back. this should be worthy of a substantial bid. in our special list of concentration camp, dp and pow notes issued in may 2007 a similar note, but only in fine with a stain, sold for $400. it's been more than 10 years since we've offered this note in high grade. $600+

470 ---WWII Special 2 Day Ration Card for Butter, Bread and Meat. EF-AU. No doubt rare as one would have to get all their needs in two days. Usually you see these valid for two or three weeks at a time. Unused, but name is written in. $35+?

*471 ---wwii. anti-american propaganda leaflet. c. 4 x 5 1/4" printed on both sides. addressed to "american boys!" speaks that the "nice war" they were promised is much more difficult then they imagined and your greatest obstacle is in front of you and promising defeat at the hands of their enemy. vf $35+

*472 ---frankfurt. post world war ii (1946-1947) barter note. sb-611. 1 barter unit. green. fine. scarce. $200+

*473 ---federal republic. p-3a. 2 mark. 1948. nice ef-au, stain in upper margin.$225+

474 Gibraltar. P-20a 1 Pound. 20 November 1975. Unc. $45

*475 greenland. p-4b. 25 ore 1905. polar bears in shields facing left. au-unc.$300+

476 Guatemala. P-27 20 Quetzales. ND (1948). Specimen. EF.. $200+

477 ---P-39s. 20 Quetzales. ND (1963-1965). Specimen. EF-AU $175

*478 honduras, banco nactional hondureno. p-s151. 10 centavos, series a. 1889. specimen. unc. rare. $250+

*479 ---republica de honduras, billete aduanero. p-s162-165b. 1928. 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 & 100 pesos. all proofs printed in black on cardstock. the front of each denomination is present in this lot, plus one common back. 7 pieces in lot. $2500?

*480 hong kong. p-312. 1 dollar nd (1936). choice au-unc. $190+

*481 israel. anglo-palestine bank ltd., provisional issue. 16 may 1948. p-1-p4. 500 mils purple, 1 pound green, 5 pound brown & 10 pounds blue on white. the complete set of four. ef-unc. extremely rare issue which was printed but never put into circulation. the last such set we sold was in our spring 2000 auction where a set sold for $7500 on a $6000 estimate. $6000+

*482 ---fractional currency. p-6, fc-1. 50 mils orange carpet note. series a/a. f-vf. $100+

*483 ---,---p-7, fc-2. 100 mils green carpet note. series a/a.vf+, light stain. $125+

484 ---,---P10a, FC-3b. 50 Pruta. Red/Orange, Zagaggi-Kaplan signatures. Series B/0115. aEF. $75

485 ---,---P10a, FC-3b. Group of 3 50 Pruta. Red/Orange, Zagaggi-Kaplan signatures. Series B/0102, 0112, & 0117. VF-EF. $150

486 ---,---P10b, FC-3c. 50 Pruta. Red/Orange, Zagaggi-Eshkol signatures. Series B/0111. EF $75

487 ---,---P10b, FC-3c. Pair of 50 Pruta. Red/Orange, Zagaggi-Eshkol signatures. Series B/0101 & 0114. 2 notes VF $60+

*488 ---,---p-12a, fc-4a. 100 pruta, zagaggi-kaplan signatures, green/green. series b/0013. nice ef-au. $150

490 ---,---Group of 100 Pruta's. P11, FC-4 VG; P12b, FC-4b EF and P12c, FC-4c Unc. 3 Fractional notes. $50

*491 ---,---p13e, fc-5e. 250 pruta series gimel with menorah right. the menorah is visible under ultra-violet light. nice au. $100

492 ---,---Group of Three 250 Prutah Fractional notes. Series Aleph, Bet and Gimel. P13b, c, and d. 3 EF-Unc notes. $100+

493 ---,---Group of Fractionals. 50, 100 & 250 Pruta (Aleph). FC-3d, 4c & 5a. P-10c, 12c & 13b. All Unc. $50

*494 ---anglo-palestine bank. p14a, bn-1. 500 mils. series a. ef, very light center fold, counting crease and a couple of minor spots. an extremely difficult note to find in this condition $500+

495 ---,---P-14a, BN-1. 500 Mils. Group of 4 500 Mils. No Series, Series, A, B and C. The first VF, the last three VG-F. These are the only 4 series issued. A complete set! $150+

*496 ---,--- p-15a, bn-2. 1 palestine pound. without series letter. nice ef. no center fold, but a few minor creases. scarce as such. $175

497 ---,---P-15a, BN-2. 1 Palestine Pound. Pair of Notes, Series B and Series H. 2 VF notes. $75

*498 ---,---p-16a, bn-3. 5 palestine pounds. without series letter. ef-au. another very nice note. $150+

*499 ---,---p-16a, bn-3. 5 palestine pounds. series a. au-unc. a very nice note with just a minor light corner crease. $200+

500 ---,---P-16a, BN-3. 5 Palestine Pounds. Group of 3. Without Series letter, Series Y & Z. (The first series and the last two!). 3 VF notes. $150+

*501 ---,---p-17a, bn-4. 10 palestine pounds. without series letter. nice ef, thus scarce. $350+

502 ---,---P-17a, BN-4. 10 Palestine Pounds. Lot of 3. No series letter, plus Series A & B. 3 Very Fine notes. $450+

*503 ---bank leumi. p-19a, bn-6 500 prutah. series e. ef. hard to find in this grade. $350

*504 ---p-19a, bn-6. 500 prutah. series f. ex lkca memphis 2002 auction, lot #739 (@$525). nice au-unc. $500

505 ---,---P19a, BN-6. 500 Prutah. Group of 4. Series F (Stained where somebody tried to wash out graffiti), Ser. G (2 notes) and Ser. H. 4 VF notes, one with stain. $150+

*506 ---,---p-20a, bn-7. 1 pound. series p. unc. $75+

*507 ---,---p-20a, bn-7. 1 pound. group of six series t. all unc and consecutive serial numbers. t098813-18. i cannot recall ever offering a group such as this no doubt rare. $300+

*508 ---,---p-21, bn-8. 5 israel pounds. series p. choice au-unc, one very light counting crease, barely noticeable. $150+

509 ---,---P-21, BN-8. 5 Israel Pounds. Group of 3 consecutive numbers. Series P 087763-65. Choice Au-Unc, Each with one very light barely noticeable counting crease, $400

510 ---,---P-21a, BN-8. 5 Israel Pounds. Group of 3. Series R, W and V. All nice notes. The first two EF, third a nice VF-EF. $200+

511 ---,---P-22a, BN-9 10 Israel Pounds. Series M. Choice VF+. $75

*512 ---,---p-22a, bn-9 10 israel pounds. series j. choice ef. $300

*513 ---,---nd (1952). p-23a, bn-10. 50 israel pounds without series letter, which is the only way it comes. nice au-unc, no fold just very minor evidence of handling. a rare note and seldom seen this nice. $2000+

514 ---Bank of Israel. 1955. P-24a, BN-11. 500 Pruta. Group of 5 notes. Series Gimel, He, Yod, lamed and Pe. 5 notes VF-EF. Ancient synagogue. $100+

515 ---,--- P-24a, BN-11. 500 Pruta. Group of 11 notes, all different series. All are unc., a couple with minor blemishes. Super lot. $500+

*516 ---,---p-25, bn-12. 1 lira. landscape in upper galilee. unc. series pe. $75?

517 ---,---P-25, BN-12. 1 Lira. Landscape in Upper Galilee. Group of 6 Unc notes. All with different series letter.Teth, Yod, Chaph, Lamed, Ayin and Pe. A neat lot. $325+

518 ---,---P-25, BN-12. 1 Lira. Landscape in Upper Galilee. Group of 50 Series Pe notes in Unc, all with consecutive serial numbers. 328251 to 328300. Can't be very many (or any) similar lots in existence. $1700+

*519 ---,---p-26, bn-13. 5 lirot. 1955. negev landscape. series mem. unc. the 5 lirot 1955 note is among the rarest of all israel notes in unc. $125+

*520 ---,---p-26, bn-13. 5 lirot. negev landscape. series pe. unc. as above. $125+

521 ---,---P-26, BN-13. 5 Lirot. Negev Landscape. Group of 16 circulated notes, VG-VF, mostly F-VF. All with different series letters, missing only the He and Nun series notes. Very difficult to duplicate. $250+

*522 ---,--- p-27b, bn-14. 10 lirot. black serial numbers. valley of jezre'el. choice unc. series he. $50

523 ---,---P-27b, BN-14. Group of Four 10 Lirot. Black Serial Numbers. Valley of Jezre'el. Choice Unc. Series He 883609 - 883612. Consecutive serial numbers. $150+

524 ---,---P-27b, BN-14. Group of Ten 10 Lirot. Black Serial Numbers. Valley of Jezre'el. Ten different series letters. VF-EF, mostly EF. $250

*525 ---,---p-27a, bn-14a. 10 lirot. red serial numbers. valley of jezre'el. series lamed. unc. $60+

*526 ---,---p-27a, bn-14a. 10 lirot 1955. red serial numbers. valley of jezre'el. series nun. unc. $60+

527 ---,---P-27a, BN-14a. Group of Ten 10 Lirot 1955. Red Serial Numbers. Valley of Jezre'el. Series Lamed. All Unc. 331553 to 331562. Consecutive numbers. $500+

528 ---,---P-28a, BN-15. 1955. 50 Lirot. Road to Jerusalem. Black Serial Numbers. 5 consecutive numbers, all Unc. Actually the note below would make six consecutive numbers. Aleph 107752-107756 $1500+

*529 ---,---p-28a, bn-15. 1955. 50 lirot. road to jerusalem. black numbers. unc. $300

*530 ---,---p-28b, bn-15a. 1955. 50 lirot. road to jerusalem. red serial numbers. unc. $325+

*531 ---,---p-28b, bn-15a. 1955. 50 lirot. road to jerusalem. red serial numbers. unc. 5 consecutive serial numbers. (and the lot above would make 6). rare as such $1500+

532 ---Bank of Israel. 1958 P29, BN-16 1/2 Lira. Woman Soldier. Group of 100 consecutive numbers, all Unc. $125+

533 ---,---P-30c, BN-17b 1 Lira. Fisherman with brown serial numbers. Lot of 100 Uncirculated notes, with consecutive serial numbers. $125+

534 ---,---P-31, BN-28. 5 Lirot 1958. Industrial Worker. Lot of 100 Uncirculated notes, all with consecutive numbers. $125+

535 ---,---P32b, BN-19c. 10 Lirot 1958 Brown Serial numbers. Scientist. Lot of 100 Consecutive Numbers, all Unc. $250+?

536 ---,---1960. P-33a, BN-20. 50 Lirot. Black Numbers. Boy and Girl Pioneers. Group of 25 notes, Au-Unc. Almost all are unc, just a few have slight evidence of handling. Series Vav. $650

537 ---,---P-33b, BN-20A. 50 Lirot. Red Numbers. Boy and Girl Pioneers. Group of 25 notes, Au-Unc. Almost all are unc, just a few have slight evidence of handling. Series Shin. All consecutive numbers. $650

538 ---,---P-33c, BN-20B. 50 Lirot. Blue Numbers. Boy and Girl Pioneers. Group of 25 notes. Au-Unc., almost all are unc, just a few have slight evidence of handling. Series Resh. $500+

539 ---,---P-33d, BN-20C. 50 Lirot. Green Numbers. Boy and Girl Pioneers. Group of 24 notes, Au-Unc. Almost all are unc, just a few have slight evidence of handling. Series Bet. $500+

540 ---,---P-33e, BN-20D. 50 Lirot. Brown Numbers. Boy and Girl Pioneers. Group of 25 notes, Au-Unc. Almost all are unc, just a few have slight evidence of handling. Series Yod/2. All consecutive numbers. $400+

541 ---Complete 1968 Set of Notes. 5th Issue, Notable Pesonalities. All color varieties, All Unc. P34 to P37d, BN-21-24C. 5 Lirot Einstein (black and red numbers), 10 Lirot Bialik (Black, blue and green), 50 Lirot Weizmann (Black and Blue) and 100 Lirot Herzl (Large and small Black, Red and Brown). 11 Unc notes. Retail price individually is $150+. $125

*542 ---p45, bn-32. error note. 10 sheqalim, herzl note of 1978. one of the numbers in the lower right serial number has shifted upwards. unc. it is our belief that perhaps one sheet of these notes exist. $200+

543 ---1978-1983 Shekel Series. Complete type set. P 43-51, BN-30-38. 1 through 10,000 Sheqalim. Montifiore, Weizmann, Herzl, Ben-Gurion, Jabotinsky, Rothschild, Maimonides, Eshkol and Golda Meir. 9 unc notes with a value of more than $110 $75+

Lots 863-873 and 876 to 893 consist of paper tokens used in Palestine & early Israel

*544 italy, renicci internment camp. c-6556, f/f it-806. 5 lire. world war ii camp for slovaks and croats. gd vf, with manuscript notation on back. scarce, 1st we can recall seeing. $200?

*545 latvia, nazi occupied. 3 punkte. wwii. ration note for fabric. sb-1032. ef-au, a little faded. scarce. $75+

*546 ---,---wwii. ration form request for shoes. from what i (and the consignor) understand you must get permission for any foot-wear made from leather and/or rubber. f-vf, a few holes at folds. c. 81/2 x 12". $50+?

*547 libya. p-22p 10 pounds. law of 1955 (1958) ah1374. uniface front and back proofs. "plate colour no. 9. 10.6.58" typed on bottom of both front and back. the front is much larger than the back. ef. $1000+

*548 ---p-37a 10 dinars. nd (1971). unc and rare as such. $500+

*549 lithuania. p28 10 litu. 16 february 1938. 20th anniversary of independence. president smetona on front, council on back. front and black uniface proofs without underprinting. very rare. vf, a few small tears. $1500+

*550 luxembourg. p-52a 500 francs. nd (1961-1963). specimen in blue. unc. $2500

*551 ---p-52b 1000 francs. nd (1961-1963). specimen in brown. unc. $3000+

552 Macau. P-55s 10 Patacas. 7 December 1977. Specimen. Unc. $175+

553 ---P-59s. 10 Patacas. 8 August 1981. Specimen. Unc. $160

*554 maldives. p6c. 50 rupees. 1980/1400. unc. ex bill spengler collection. $50

555 Mexico. P-59k 1 Peso. Series BGA. AU. Common note, but great serial number #F000003. $125

556 ---Yucatan. L. Gutierrez, Merida. Pr-Yuc-1. 5 Pesos. 188-. VF, unissued note with vignette of overseer watching harvest scene. $250?

557 ---Riggs National Bank. 19 April 1911. Check signed by Francisco Leon De La Barra when he was Foreign Affairs Minister under Diaz and just before he become President (in May of that year). For 12.54 to Woodward Lothrop. EF $125

*558 moroccop-32, sb-1506.. 5000 francs. color trial proofs of front and back with main design in green. each mounted on card stock. ef. rare wwii notes. $1700

559 Nepal. P-21. 1000 Rupees. ND (1972). Unc. $175

*560 netherlands, amersfoort. 10a2 1.1. 1944. with six pointed star after serial number & w/o watermark. c-4146b, ps-36, f/f ne-440. unc. scarce $300+

*561 ---,---1.1.1944 25 cent. camp-4147b, ps-37, f/f ne-441. type 2, six pointed star following serial number. unc. rare $450+

*562 ---,---c-4148b, ps-38, f/f ne-4429. 1 gulden. 1 jan 1944. type two with 6 pointed star after the serial number. in our spring 2003 sale we offered this type but only vg-f. that one sold for $475. our estimate on this is low. $600

*563 ---westerbork concentration camp. type set in uncirculated. 10a2 series aa, 25a2 series bb, 50a2 series aa and 100a2 series cc, the first 3 without watermark, the last with a nice "half" watermark. campbell 4171b, 4172b, 4173b and 4174a f/f ne-470a, 471a, 472a & 473b, it's been many years since we've offered a set such as this. $300+

564 ---,--- Circulated type set. 10A2 Series AA, 25A2 Series AA, 50A2 Series AA and 100A2 Series BB, the first 3 without watermark, the last with a partial watermark. Campbell 4171b, 4172b, 4173b and 4174a F/F NE-470a, 471a, 472a & 473b. Average VF condition, so not bad. $100+

565 ---,---Another set but some different series letters. 10A2 Series BB, 25A2 Series AA, 50A2 Series AA and 100A2 Series AA, the first 3 without watermark, the last with a partial watermark. Campbell 4171b, 4172b, 4173b and 4174a F/F NE-470a, 471a, 472a & 473b. average F-VF $85+

566 Pakistan. P19a 500 Rupees. ND (1964). With Dhaka overprint. AU-Unc, thus very high grade. With 2 staple holes, as issued, at left. $40

*567 palestine.palestine currency board. p6c 500 mils 20 april 1939. series f. good, graffiti in guilloche. limp, holes at folds. has not been repaired. $200+

*568 ---,---p6c 500 mils 20 april 1939. series f. vg, light graffiti in guilloche. a few small holes at folds, but a bit nicer than the above lot. $250+

*569 ---,---p-7c. 1 pound 20 april 1939, series l. nice vf, original green color. scarce series, i can only recall offering one in the past 12+ years. $600+

*570 ---,---p-7c. 1 pound 20 april 1939, series m. vf, original green color. another scarce series. $500+


*571 ---,---p-7c. 1 pound 20 april 1939, series x. vf+ with original green color, but a few brown stains. still scarce note in nice conditon. $500+

*572 ---,--- p9c 10 pounds 7 september ,1939. series a. nice avf, a little faded in places. may have been washed many years ago. (it's been sitting in a bank vault for 30 years!). series a is rare for the 1939 notes. this is at least as nice as the note that sold in our special paper list in december for $2000 $2000?

*573 ---1941. lottery ticket. issued by the "orwa el woska society for insurance and savings". "registered in the palestine government". vignettes of the pyramdis and sphinx and printed in arabic and english. has red overprinted seal at center "orwas-el-woska society jerusalem". the back has pencil notations in hebrew. issued in egypt for distribution in jerusalem? f-vf, but small piece missing at upper left. for other related lottery tickets, see lots 437-442 under egypt. $40+

Lots 863-873 and 876 to 893 consist of paper tokens used in Palestine & early Israel

574 Paraguay. P-191a. 1000 Guaranies. Law of 1951 (1959). AU.Specimen without signatures, punched Cancelled. $150

*575 ---banco del paraguay y rio de la plata. p-s166. 50 pesos. 1889, series a. front proof. au-unc. on very thin paper. $650+

576 Philippines, Emergency Circulating Note. P-S312. 2 Pesos. 1942. aFine $60

577 ---Culion Leper Colony. P-S245. 1 Peso. 1942. Fine, some tears. $50+

*578 poland, general government ration stamps. a group of 10 "stamp" coupons. 5 x 1 punkt in blue (4 of which are attached) and 5 x 2 punkt in brown (4 of which are attached). 10 pieces,all very nice, except one is stained. see schwan-boling page 780. $50+?

*579 ---litzmannstadt (lodz) ghetto.5 mark, red serial numbers, 4 mm. 15-5-1940. c-4204a(1), f/f po-563a. vf, a few light stains. $50

*580 ---,---10 mark, red serial number. without watermark. c-4205a(1)a, f/f po-564a. vg, small hole. $75

581 ---,---Group of Three. 50 Pfennig, red serial numbers. C-4201a, F/F PO-560a, 1 Mark C-4202b, F/F PO-561 with prefix and 20 Mark C-4206-1, F/F PO-565a. 3 notes, all Unc! $75+

*582 ---,---lottery ticket june 1944. in yiddish, printed in hebrew letters. issued by the "hettel macher resort" which was a hat makers plant (and not a place in the catskills.) lottery ticket no. ...2,50 mark. all proceeds will be donated to the ill members of our plant. raffle will be held on 16 january 1944...aid committee for the sick..litzmannstadt ghetto. 3 line boxed handstamp at lower right which says that the ticket was printed at the official ghetto printing and hand-stamp plant. much different than two we offered in 2007 and the one pictured in the feller/feller book. the only similar piece we can recall seeing, also in yiddish, was offered by matsa of tel-aviv in their may 1985 sale (lot #2977 and pictured on page 69). ef-au and extremely rare. $600+

583 Portugal. P-178s. 100 Escudos. SPECIMEN. Unc. $175

583a Russia, Atschinsk WWI POW Money. Camp-6828 50 Kopek. Atschinsk was located in Siberia. F-VF and scarce. 1st I can recall seeing. $175+?

584 ---1944. Kaluga County.Ration card for Fats. VF. Scarce. $35+?

585 Rwanda. P-18 100 Francs. 1 August 1982. Specimen. Unc. $75+

586 Saint Helena. P-6a. 1 Pound ND (1976) Unc. $55

587 Serbia. P10. 2 January 1893. EF-AU $150+

588 Sierra Leone. P9-13, 50A2, 1, 2,5 & 10 Leones. 1 July 1980. Set of 5 Unc notes. $90

*589 singapore. p-7 500 dollars nd (1972). unc. very rare as are all high denomination singapore notes especially in high grade. $1100+

590 ---P-11a. 10 Dollars ND (1976) Unc. $60+

591 Sri Lanka. P-88 100 Rupees. 26 March 1979. Unc. Very colorful note $140+

592 Sudan. Pair of uncirculated notes. P-13a 1 Pound 1970 and P-14a 5 Pounds 1970. Two piece lot. $300+

593 Tahiti. P-1b 5 Francs. 14 March 1914. VG, pinholes, rough edges. Scarce. $125

*594 timor. p-4. 20 patacas. 1.1.1910. gd, small hole. extremely rare. $600+

595 Turkey, Ottoman Empire. P-86. 2 1/2 Piastres 23 May 1332 (1916-1917). Group of 13 with consecutive serial numbers. T 978152-64. VF to Unc., most EF or better. $60+?

*596 united states. 1976. two dollar 1976 bicentennial note with centennial (wyo?) 92055 special cancellation of july 4, 1976 and israeli 200th us anniversary stamp in red, white and blue (also gold). interesting, first i've seen. au-unc $30?

597 Uruguay. P35. 1 Peso Law of 1939. Uncut Pair of First Stage Specimens. Unc., with pencil manuscript notation on large bottom margin. $100+

598 Uruguay, Banco Oriental. P-S383 1 Peso, 1 August 1867. Gaucho pouring drink at left, woman at right. Issued and signed. Choice Au-Unc. Thin paper. $250+

599 ---Banco del Salto. P-S403. 480 Centesimos. 1 October 1858 (Law of 17 July 1858). VF-EF. Counterfoil at left. Thin pa $125+

600 Vietnam (North). P-13b 20 Xu. ND (1948). Nice EF-AU $75+

601 ---,---P-14b. 50 Xu. ND (1948). Red Serial numbers. EF $75+

602 ---,---P15 1 Dong ND (1948). VF+ $85+

603 ---,---P34a 200 Dong 1950. EF $50

604 ---,---P-35. 100 Dong ND (1951). AU $65

605 ---,---P-59. 10 Dong. ND (1951). Unc., but for small imperfection in lower margin. $100+

606 ---,---P-61a 50 Dong. 1951. Green. Au-Unc. $65

607 ---,---P-62a 100 Dong, Green. 1951. EF-AU $50

608 ---,---P-66. 5000 Dong. 1953. Unc. $125

609 ---(South). P-9 200 Dong ND (1958). AU $45

*610 yemen arab republic. p-3b 10 rials. nd (1967). 2nd signature. unc. $250+?

611 ---P-8a. 10 Rials. ND (1969). Virtually unc., one slight hint of mishandling in upper margin. $140

612 ---P-10. 50 Rials. ND (1971). Au-Unc., just a hint of some possible mishandling. $140

613 ---P-16 100 Rials. ND (1976). Unc. $140+?

614 Yemen Democratic Republic. P-4b 5 Dinars, ND (1965), Signature 2. Unc. $75

615 ---P-6, 7 & 8a, ND (1984), 3 notes all with signature 4 and Unc. $100

*616 yugoslavia. p-67i 10 dinar. 1951. au-unc. (just a couple of very minor corner creases). $300

617 Zaire. Group of Specimens. P-47, 48, 52, 54, 59, 61, 62 and 64. 1 & 5 Nouveux Likuta and 1, 5,10, 50, 200 and 500 Nouveux Zaires. 1993-1996. 8 colorful uncirculated speciments. $275?

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about bidding strategy or more information about a particular lot than our description and photo may have given you. We only ask that you do not wait until the last day or so before the close of the sale to do so. We are extremely busy on those days and may not have the time to help you that we would in the weeks earlier.


MEDALLIC JUDAICA   (back to top)

In addition to the lots listed below please see the following lots in Part One which have a Jewish and/or Holy Land connection and very easily could have been listed here: 1-68, 90, 91, 94, 99, 103-115, 117, 119, 154-156, 173-174, 176-177, 200-201, 211-213, 220, 242, 244, 247-270, 291, 294-358, 360-365, 376, 382-384, 386, 396-397, 432-433, 445-449, 458-472, 481-544,560-573, 579-582 and 595-596.

*618 christian kabalist amulet. after 1518 c. 38mm cast brass or perhaps gilt bronze. various names of jesus around his picture and biblical quotes. the back has the names of archangels and permutations of the tetragrammaton. schrire's hebrew magic amulets #42. a similar one sold for $100 in our spring 2003 sale. af with loop as made. ex guido kisch collection. $100+

*619 judaea capta jeton by hans krauwinkel of nürnberg. nd (c. 1600). ae28. based on the roman judaea capta coin. bust of vespasian left/captive jewess weeping to right of palm tree, emperor stands to left, ivdaea capta above. see friedenberg page 94. fine, the last we had which was slightly nicer, sold for $150. ex guido kisch collection $100+

*620 abraham reis and veit prod mint lessees. 1615-1621. these two "court freed" jews issued a number of coins for paul sixtus count of trautson in falkenstein, austria. silver 3 krezuer. bust right/arms. jewish minters and medalists page 24, km-5, saurma-2113. ef, tiny clip, small lamination reverse. ex bob schoenwalter collection. $60+

621 Moses Medal. ND (16th-17th century) Brass 32mm, 19.61 grams. High relief bust of Moses with horns facing left with "Moshe" on collar/2nd commandment, "Thou shall have no other Gods before me". With loop soldered on. Cast F-VF. Ex Guido Kisch collection $40

*622 moses medal. nd (16th-17th century) silvered brass 34 mm, 21.68 grams. as above but nicer. cast. choice vf, with most of the silvering gone. this is one of the nicest of these enigmatic medals we have seen. $75+

*623 korn jude medal. 1694 silver 35mm, 11.19 grams by christian wermuth. jewish grain peddler walking right with grain sack in which a devil is opening the mouth/horizontal grains sifter, biblical quote,"he that wilthholdeth corn, the people shall curse him. but blessing shall be upon the head of him that selleth it." among the most infamous anti-semitic medals ever made. in 1694 heavy rains and a grasshopper plague swept through germany. as food prices increased, speculation rose and the starving people blamed the jews. kirschner-18, friedenberg page 3 & 109. vf, cast. ex guido kisch collection $250

*624 korn jude medal. 1694 white metal 36 mm, 12.02 grams by christian wermuth. as above. fine, cast. ex guido kisch collection $150+?

*625 moses mendelssohn. c. 1774.silver 43 mm. bust of mendelssohn to left/ butterfly perched on skull. the medal was issued to honor mendelssohn, the great german-jewish leader of the haskalah. friedenberg page 54, calls this one of the dozen most important jewish medals ever issued, as does the encylopedia judaica. hoffmann-251. the medal was a joint effort by the famous father-son team of sculptors jacob and abraham abramson. struck silver! toned vf, a few nicks in field. in our fall 2000 auction we offered a cast version of this medal and it sold for $450. i can't recall when, or if, i have offered this in struck silver and it is very rare as such. ex bob schonwalter collection. $750+

*626 ---c. 1774. ae42mm. as above cast, as made. f-vf. $200


*627 ---c. 1774.silvered bronze 43mm. a third. struck. vf+, a few rim nicks. ex guido kisch collection. it's been 15 years since i've offered a silvered bronze version of this medal. $300+?

*628 lyon's fanciful shekel. wm 47.5mm. one of the more unusual and scarce of the false shekel types. a large cast medal. kisch plate xi, pages 30-31. the name lyon comes from s. lyon a jewish teacher of hebrew who thought it was a genuine ancient shekel. fine, porous but rare. 1st i can recall offering. for other false shekels see lots 641-643. ex guido kisch collection $100+

*629 english anti-semitic medal. (1809). wm 38mm by vp. "this is the jew, which shakespeare drew". male head left, with long ears, like horns, around the outer edge, yet blush we must for 'tis a nations shame - av'rice and tilted lust, alone we blame, around the inner rim this is the jew, which shakespeare drew, beneath no private boxes/the dramas laws, the dramas patrons give. and he who lives to please, should please to live around wreath. within the wreath what d'ye want op ob & dpo. struck as an anti-semitic piece. the op on the reverse stands for old prices and refers to the old prices riots of 1809. when the new covent garden theater opened in september of 1809, riots broke out and to help quell the riots, the manager of the theater, john philip kemble, had daniel mendoza and "dutch sam", two famous jewish boxers of the day bring their friends and help quell the riots. see friedenberg page 22-25. considered the only major english anti-semitic medal. vf, a few nicks and scratches and rare. 1st we've offered in more than 10 years! $300+

*630 rothschild & mocatta. bull and bear advertising token of john ashby, stockbroker. 1820's. ae35mm. bull with face of nathan mayer rothschild, legend/ bear, with face of moses mocatta, list of fixed holidays (most likely including jewish holidays). neumann-26474, see friedenberg page 50. while some might consider this anti-semitic, friedenberg believes that it is a tribute to the financial genius of the english jews. vf, some rim nicks, a bit of light oxidation. $200+

*631 ten commandment silver jeton. nd silver 26mm. "honor your mother and father" in german on tablet/three potted plants, 3 line german legend in exergue. vf, some scratches. i believe this is one of a series of 10 silver jetons made for each of the 10 commandments. $50?

*632 birmingham hebrew social club. 19th century. brass 26mm 1 penny token. birmingham hebrew social club. scarce to rare. vf.ex bob schonwalter collection $150+

*633 king david. 1827, paris. brass 33mm by barre. bust of king david wearing crown/harp, and in hebrew, a rod to rule, i will open my ears to the secret of my harp, (5)587 (1827). see the shekel vol 24, 4, 8-10. edge marked paris 1827. nice vf, neatly pierced at top. ex bob schonwalter collection $75+

*634 homage to gabriel riesser. 1836. ae 59mm by loos and held (designed by mortiz oppenheim). mother nursing two babies, two female figures sit below her. one personifies christianity, the other judaism/6 line legend. listed by the encyclopedia judaica as one of the most important jewish emancipation medals ever struck, as well as on the jewish encyclopedia list of jewish medals. riesser was one of the most important early and mid-19th century champions of jewish rights. unlike some of his contemporaries he believed that jews could and should be able to practice their religion and still obtain equal rights in germany. rare, seldom offered. ef. see the shekel vol. xxii, #3, page 18. museum number added in indian ink below last line of reverse legend.guido kisch collection. $200+?

*635 homage to gabriel riesser. as above, but without museum numbers.. $250

*636 acre citadel medal. abdul mejid i. ah1256 (1840).ae29.5 mm. the citadel/ toughra. np-1089, jtm-am-1. gd vf, holed as made. issued for turkish troops under the rank of officer who took acre from the egyptian occupation forces who had occupied acre since 1832. the medal was also issued in silver to officers and gold for top rank officers. the last we had in 2004 sold for $150. this is nicer. for a related medal, see lot #216 ex bob schonwalter collection $150+

*637 felix mendelssohn. 1841. bronze 63 mm by pfeuffer. very high relief bust of sophocles, greek legend around/female at altar, with small inset circular medallions with portrait of mendelssohn at left, ludwig tieck at right, a mask on top and a lyre at bottom. niggl-1303. as struck and very impressive. $100+

*638 25th anniversary of israel loan institute hamburg. 1841. ae 45mm by hans friedrich alsing. one of the two jewish medals of hamburg that alsing did in 1841. bee hive, legend/legend. coins reveal-151. vf, a few scratches and many rim bumps. ex guido kisch collection. $150+?

*639 jewish home for aged, hamburg. 1841. ae45 by hans friedrich alsing. the 2nd jewish medal of hamburg that alsing did in 1841. bust of salomon heine left/ view of the home. heine, was not only the principal benefactor in getting this hospital built, he was the uncle of heinrich heine. coins reveal-150. nice ef, a few tiny rim nicks. very rare in this size, usually seen in 22 mm. the only other 45 mm piece that i can recall offering was only in fine. ex guido kisch collection $125

*640 maastricht (netherlands) synagogue. 1841 ae 41mm by jacques weiner. facing view of the new synagogue/11 line inscription which says dedicated to king william ii in gratitude for his tolerance to jews. polak-24, see the shekel xii, 4, brown ef, a few tiny rim nicks. a very rare and important medal by one of the most prolific and important jewish medalists of the 19th century. this is the first time i can recall offering this medal. ex bob schonwalter collection. $500+

*641 false shekel. nd. brass 31mm (12.99). smoking urn with conical base/branch with leaves. bruno kisch b4 type, ex guido kisch collection. vf $45

*642 ---nd. wm 31mm (10.75). smoking chalice with two handles/branch with leaves. bruno kisch d11 type, ex guido kisch collection. f-vf $45

*643 ---nd. wm 31mm (12.30). smoking chalice with two handles/branch with leaves. bruno kisch d3 type, ex guido kisch collection. vf, but nicks. $45

See Lot #628 for a rare False Shekel type.

*644 dr. henri loeb. 1859 ae 59mm by leopold weiner. his bust left/hebrew legend within wreath all within french legend. struck to commemorate his 25th anniversary as grand rabbi of belgium and done by one of the 19th century's most important medallic sculptors (who also happened to be jewish). jmm-52, bjm-12, pem-3, belgium jewish museum page 33. one of the rarest and most important of 19th century jewish medals, only the 2nd i can recall offering. vf+, some nicks and scratches. ex bob schonwalter collection. $550+

*645 i.n. mannheimer. 1863 50mm. his bust left/hebrew and german legends. struck to commemorate the famed rabbi's 70th birthday. mannheimer was born in copenhagen, but spent most of his years as one of vienna's leading rabbis. pem-9. ef, some marks in the field. see the shekel vol. 29, 5, 28-29. rare, first we've offered in quite some time. ex bob schonwalter collection $400?

*646 sir moses and lady judith montefiore .silver 68mm. 1864. by charles wiener. high relief conjoined busts left/6 line hebrew legend in wreath, which names cities that he has visited (and helped alleviate persecution of jews) see jewish medalists page 53 and jtm-pem 4c (but this in silver). according to the encyclopedia judaica, this is one of most important jewish emancipation medals issued. montefiore is considered the most important anglo-judaic figure of the 19th century. this medal (by a jewish medalist) is a most impressive medallic portrait of him (and his wife).vf, rim bruise and very rare. what is strange about this medal is that someone has tried to scratch out the reverse legend. why? most of the inscription is still visible. was there a political motive? or perhaps in the anticipation of adding their own legend. see lot #654 for another montefiore medal. $350+

*647 opening of the new building of the jewish orphanage for boys in amsterdam, april 30, 1865. building/woman & 2 orphans. white metal 69 mm. by. j. elion. polak-37, coin reveal-149. ef, a few minor nicks, some oxidation. extremely rare and important medal. it's been more than 10 years since we've offered this medal. ex guido kisch collection. see lot below $450+?

*648 opening of the new building of the jewish orphanage for boys in amsterdam, as above but bronze 69 mm. vf, numerous rim bumps. see lot above. ex guido kisch collection. $200?

649 "Chai" Cutout coin. On a French 50 Centimes of Napoleon III, the Hebrew Chai is nicely cut out. With an additional piercing for a chain. Might make a nice companion piece to the medal honoring Napoleon III. Coin G-VG. See below $50?

*650 homage to napoleon iii. 1870 gilt silver 50.5mm unsigned. bust of napoleon iii left, hebrew legend around/7 line french legend with 5660 below, all in wreath. great jewish portraits in metal page 137. issued by french jews in honor of napoleon iii of france during the franco-prussian war of 1870. vf, but nicks, scratches and hole started, but not completed, on both sides. obviously not in great condition but very rare. i may have offered one of these 25 years or so ago.ex guido kisch collection. see lot above for a related item. $300+?

*651 huge plaque of rabbi. nd (19th century?). iron c. 8 x 11 1/2 inches with tabs at top and bottom. bearded high relief bust wearing yamika right. probably from eastern or central europe. the piece is not only very large, it is striking and most impressive. $600+

*652 amsterdam synagogue. 1875. ae 35mm by j. d. posthumus. struck for the 200th anniversary of the portuguese-israelite synagogue. coat of arms of synagogue featuring a pelican feeding her young and the name of the synagogue in dutch/legend. polak-38, coins reveal 156. vf, some nicks. another rare medal which i cannot recall offering before. ex guido kisch collection $400+?

*653 salomon hermann von mosenthal. 1877 ae 58mm by a. scharff. his bust left/allegorical figure, presumably a character in one of his plays or poems. mosenthal was a german-austrian dramatist and poet born in hesse-cassel but received most of his acclaim in vienna. born in 1821, this was struck on his death in 1877. rare, first i can recall offering. as struck with a few spots. $125+

*654 moses montefiore. 1884. bronze 41mm a. d. loewenstark & sons. his bust right surrounded by hebrew legend happy are all who fear god and walk in his ways, year 5645/long legend on reverse. struck as a 100th birthday medallic tribute for moses montefiore from his friends around the world. see great jewish portraits in metal page 85, eimer-1707, bhm-3106 this is one of the more important jewish medals of the 19th century. see the shekel vol. xviii, #3, page 31. while this medal is scarce in white metal and rare in silver, it is even rarer in bronze. we cannot recall the last time we had the medal in bronze but it has been many many years. ef, a few rim nicks. for another montefiore medal see lot 646. ex bob schonwalter collection via richard margolis. $500

*655 french jewish (?) agricultural fair medal. 1891 silver 36mm by a desaide. from a town called baigneux-des-juifs in burgandy where jews had settled in the 13th century which had given the town it's name. the town kept it's name although jews had been expelled from there in the 14th century. high relief head of liberty left. in the center in a inset medallion comice agricole de baigneux les juifs - concours de 1891 around 1r prix. around this is a circle of various farm animals and implements. nicely toned ef. $100+

*656 max von wilmersdoerffer. 1891 ae 48mm by max gube. bust right/helmet over shield. von wilmersdoerffer was a banker, a philanthropist, a numismatist and served as president of the munich synagogue in 1864 and 1865. forrer vii, 402. this was struck to commemorate von wilmersdoerffer's jubilee with the firm of kgl sachs. he was born april 8, 1824 and died on december 26, 1903. extremely rare medal which we cannot recall ever seeing before. ef, light scratch behind head, small reverse rim bruise. ex bob schonwalter collection. $400+?

*657 talmud torah medal. nd (1890's?). ahavat shalom in the bronx. brass 33mm the school building with legend around/scroll, magen david above, legend all around. choice choice au. $90

*658 theodor gomperz. 1892 ae 46mm by a. scharff. his high relief bust left/ allegorical scene with lake and mountains in the background. gomperz was an austrian scholar & professor who was born in brno (brunn) now part of the czech republic. struck for his 60th birthday. listed in the jewish encyclopedia listing, i cannot recall ever offering this medal before. ef, a few tiny nicks. ex kisch $250+?

*659 rabbi adolph jellinek. 1893 ae55mm death medal. facing bust/legend in wreath. jellinek was the head rabbi in vienna and was among the most important and influential rabbis in 2nd part of the 19th century. nice ef, a few nicks. it's been quite some time since i've offered this rare medal which is listed in the jewish encyclopedia list of medals, ex bob schonwalter collection $500+?

*660 heinrich heine. 1897 51 mm white metal. his bust left in wreath/monument in new york. great jewish portraits in metal page 110-111. ef, rim nicks. unknown artist. rare and seldom offered. heine was a famed poet and essayist who was born in düsseldorf and lived the last 25 years of his life in paris. he was also the nephew of salomon heine (lot #639). see lots 663 & 664 &739. kisch collection $150+

*661 moritz pollak. 1897. ae66 by a. scharff. his bust left/arms above legend, legend around. pollak was an austrian financier, banker, diplomat and politician who was also very active in jewish affairs including a year and a half as president of the vienna jewish community. in 1883 he was honored with the title "ritter von borkenau", the title of this medal which was struck in 1897 to commemorate his 70th birthday. he died in 1904. ef, a few spots, first i can recall seeing. ex-guido kisch collection $100+

*662 2nd zionist conference in basel. 1898. brass 28mm. theodore herzl (in center) gaster, mandlestadt, lazar & nordau. herzl was president of the congress, others were vice-presidents/jewish star, legend in hebrew around, and in hebrew in the center, i will take the sons of israel from amongst the people and take them to their land. see the shekel xvii, 5, 18. vf, a few rim nicks. original loop has been removed. rare, seldom offered. the last we offered, and the only other we've had in at least 13 years sold for $300 in our sale 30g. $250+

*663 heinrich heine. 1899? ae 61 x 104 mm plaque by heinrich kautsch. heine seated right, hands in lap, name below, 1799-1856 to right/woman holding wreath, 5 line german legend. we have had a similar medal previously but always in the smaller version (see lot below). listed in forrer iii, 129 but without date. it obviously was made after heine's death since kautsch was born in 1859 and he was most prolific at the time of the centenary of heine's birth. gvf. $100+

664 ---As above but smaller. AE 50 x 76mm mm plaque by Heinrich Kautsch. EF $60+

*665 aleppo syria jewish community charity token. nd (c. 1900) ae18mm brass bracteate token. "101" flanked by a "bet &kaf " and in righteousness shall thou be established above, all in hebrew. see the shekel vol viii, #4 for an article by meshorer on these. crude vf+. scarce. $40+

666 ---As above but a group of 10 pieces. Crude F or better. $200

*667 hebrew school medal? nd (c.1900) silver 25mm. wreath with lyre at bottom around engraved hebrew legend/monogram which may be is tc. large hole at top, otherwise vf. i don't think i've seen this before $60+?

*668 synagogue at the high holidays. nd ae 115 x 116 mm plaque by m. farbmann. men at pulpit holding torah, blowing shofar, reading, other men and boys gathered around. signed by farbmann in both western letters and hebrew. reminds me of my grandfather's little shul in brooklyn. $75+?

669 the jewish religious educational board. c. 1900. WM 38mm. Awarded to J. Kosminsky for regular attendance. Menorah/Scroll, legend, wreath. Holed at top with small loop added. Fine discolored with nicks and bumps. Young Mr. Kominsky must have been proud of his award and probably wore it. $25+

*670 alfred grünfeld. 1902. ae 50 x 72mm uniface plaque by j. tautenhayn. his bust right. niggl-771. also see lot 680. $40

*671 sigmund freud. 1902 ae 59mm by schwerdtner. bust right/woman seated left looking right, nude man at right, standing with stick, looking (and pondering?) left. great jewish portraits page 99. ef. $60+

672 --- As above but this is silvered bronze. Can't recall seeing it like this, Museum number on edge $70?

*673 adolf sonnenthal. nd (1904). ae 44 x 68 by telcs. his bust right in panel, 5 line legend below. sonnenthal was an austrian actor and director who had risen to great prominence in the viennese theatrical community as the son of a jewish tailor. in 1896 he was given the title of nobility by the emperor but was not allowed the freedom of the city by the anti-semitic city council. telcs, a hungarian jew who converted to christianity, nevertheless was so proud of this (and other works) that he personally presented them to the budapest jewish museum. scarce. i cannot recall offering this medal before and have only seen it offered for sale a few times. ex guido kisch colleciton $100+

*674 dr. karl lueger. 1904. ae 60mm by r. marschall. his bust right. legend next to branch of leaves. as struck, but for small rim bump at about 1 o'clock. lueger was an austrian and viennese political leader who grew prominent and powerful at least in part due to his anti-semitic positions. while he claimed he was not anti-semitic, he was the leader of the clerical anti-semitic party, gave numerous anti-semitic speeches and his ideas were greatly influential in forming the views of a young hitler. ex gudio kisch collection $100+?

*675 paul ehrlich. 1904 ae 56 x 81 mm by owarzik of frankfurt. bust of ehrlich right, his name at left, date of birth (14 marz 1854) to right, 2 line legend in ex. struck on his 50th birthday. museum number on back.. $100+

*676 bucharest romanian israelite society for charity. 1906. ae 65mm by carniol, long legend in center surrounded by long legend around concerning the 50th anniversary of the gemiluth hasadim charitable society with a mention of prince carol i/hebrew legend around tablets and two hands clasping. ef (most gilding worn off), a few rim nicks. a large and extremely rare medal which we were not even aware of until seeing this earlier this year. despite (or perhaps because) of the large jewish population in romania during this time there are very few numismatic relics to attest to that. should be worthy of a substantial bid. $1250

*677 dreyfus prosecutor. 1906 ae50mm by baffier. bust of general mercier left/ long legend. mercier was the french prosecutor in the infamous dreyfus trial. this medal pays homage to him as it is mentions the "traitor dreyfus" on the obverse and the reverse legend refers to the trial. scarce we haven't offered this medal in quite some time. ef. ex guido kisch collection $100+

*678 abraham lippman. 1908. ae 34mm. his bust slightly to the left/in honor of his seventieth birthday pittsburgh pa. fine, rim bumps. lippman was a prominent member of the pittsburgh jewish community during the later part of the 19th and early 20th century being the president of rodeph shalom congregation for many years. probably minted in a very small number. $50+?

*679 emil rathenau. 1908. silver 39 x 59mm medal with original loop. struck to commemorate the 70th birthday of this famous german-jewish industrialist (founder of aeg). his son walther, who took over the company in 1915, was a minister under german chancellor josef wirth and was murdered by nazi hooligans in 1922. this is an original silver medal (.990 on edge) and seldom offered as such. choice lightly toned ef. see lot 686. $150+

*680 alfred grünfeld. nd (1910) ae 45 x 51mm rectangle uniface by f. joseph drouot. grünfeld at the piano right. niggl-768. grünfeld was a pianist and composer who was born in prague in 1852 and died in vienna in 1924. he was one of the first pianists to have his work recorded for phonograph records. see lot 670 $50+

*681 gustav mahler. c. 1910 ae50mm by alfred rothberger. his bust left in high relief/flowers, meine zeit wird noch kommen. nice portrait of the famed composer. niggl-1236. $60+

*682 bamberger's. 1912. silvered 74mm medal. view of building/legend. struck for this famed newark, nj department store as it began its 20th year in business, it became one of america's largest and eventually was bought out by macy's. vf, some nicks & rim bumps with most of the silvering worn off. seldom offered, the last that we sold was in 1999 when a piece in similar condition sold for $100. this should be worth at least that. ex bob shonwalter collection. $100+

*683 paul ehrlich. nd (1912). ae65 by brett. ehrlich and his assitant hata working in lab/hercules strangling hydra. ehrlich was a noted serologist and bacteriologist. ef. museum number on edge $125

*684 dr. ludwig zamenhof. nd. ae41 by f. magdelaine. his bust facing turned slightly to right, legend around/allegorical figures looking leftward to esperanto in the sky. dr. zamenhof, a polish jew, was the founder of the international language of esperanto. ef and most likely scarce. $75+?

*685 south american jewish merchant token. colombia. nd. cn16mm. i. e. rubinstein & son. r.c. san andres/good for 5 cents. nice vf. rulau-sap-12, bernal-222. very rare, jewish related numismatic items from colombia are few and far between. we've had this medal twice before, they have sold for $300 and $400 respectively and neither was as nice as this $350+

*686 walter rathenau. 1922. ae 67 x 49 mm uniface plaque by mayer& wihlem. his facing bust, legend around. rathenau was a writer, statesman and industrialist who was killed by the nazis in an anti-semitic riot in 1922. his father, the industrialist, emil is also a subject of a well known medal. see lot #679. rare and as struck. $275

*687 paul strauss. 1924 ae 53 x 75mm by paulin. his bust right, name above, 5 lines of accomplishments below/banner in front of tree branches. strauss was a french senator who became the minister of hygiene and was very influential in helping pregnant and homeless women. rare, i've never seen this medal previously. ex guido kisch collection. $200+?

*688 congregation b'nai jeshurun. 1925. ae101mm. struck for the 100th anniversary of one of new york city's most important synagogues. large and impressive front view of synagogue, with legend around/small inset view of the 1st synagogue on elm street. coins reveal-159, great jewish portraits in metal page 136. ef, a few rim nicks. $350?

*689 the university. 1925. c. 65 x 90mm copper repousse by bezalel, jerusalem. set in a frame that is part of a pad or easel. a neat item from the leading school of jewish art in eretz-israel. $60+?

*690 eduard rosenthal. 1926? ae 60mm. (unsigned). his bust right/eduard rosenthal geboren 6.ix.1843 gest in 4 lines in circle of dots within wreath. rosenthal was a jurist, professor and scholar. see jewish encyclopedia medal list. ef. scarce. 1st i can recall offering. ex guido kisch collection. $75+?

*691 palestine exhibition and fair 1929. ae60.5 mm by m. murro. farmer plowing with two oxen left, cogwheel in front, palm tree behind/palestine exhibition & fair 1929 in english, hebrew and arabic/tel-aviv 1909-1929 in english. hebrew and arabic within wreath. cast, as made. in (presumably) original case. there were a number of fairs and exhibitions held in eretz-israel prior to this, but this fair, held near the railroad station, was the first to have a large number of international exhibitors. rare. i vaguely remember seeing this before but cannot remember where or when. $100+

*692 carl steinberg. 1932 ae 70 x 51mm by j. tautenhayn. uniface. his bust left, signature. scarce and seldom seen medal of this austrian doctor. only the 2nd i can recall seeing $40+

*693 arthur von weinberg. 1933. ae85mm by hartwig. bust right/legend. commemorates 50 years in german industry and science. weinberg, brother of carl, also a well known scientist, died at theresienstadt in 1943. see encyclopedia judaica v, 376. vf. $250

*694 franklin roosevelt. 1933. gilt 30mm. his bust right/health, wealth, prosperity around star of david, mazel in hebrew. ef.ex guido kisch collection $25+

*695 b'nai b'rith. 1935 ae 36mm. allegorical woman holding scales and open book, for the cause of humanity, 1935 at bottom/tablets & instituted 1863 5624 in the center and grand lodge no.4 b'nai brith districtaround. vf, a few nicks $50+?

696 National B'nai B'rith Bowling Association. ND 106 mm Uniface. Bowler bowling right national b'nai b'rith bowling association around, small hole at bottom. Brown felt on back leading to the assumption that this was used on an award or something similar. EF, a few small rim bruises. See above & #'s 745 &789 $50+

697 Cohn-Hall-Marx Company. 1938. AE 76mm. Struck for 25th anniversary of this company which manufactured various textiles. cohn-hall-marx company twenty-fifth anniversary around various vignettes of their business, chm logo and 1912-1937/legend on banner, between trees. As struck with plush purple display backing. Uncommon. $35+

*698 rabbi joseph herman hertz. 1938. ae34mm. bust of the rabbi left, within hebrew legend/menorah, star of david above, english legend above and below. commemorates the 25th anniversary of his reign as chief rabbi of great britain. hertz was also the first graduate of the jewish theological seminary in the usa. by bruno elkan. see the shekel vox xi, #1, page 23. ef. $175+

*699 union of faiths medal. 1938 by louis rosenthal. ae57 x 88mm. weeping old man reading book dated 1938, facing bust of man/in the union of faiths we are fortified to serve mankind, 3 hands grasping torch. see jmm page 98. ef. issued as jews, and others, worldwide were trying to make sense of the terror yet to come in europe. $50?

*700 chaim weizmann. nd. ae116mm by j.a. murmann. this "shell" off a larger object is untitled but the portrait does certainly look like him and the medalist is a contemporary of weizmann. gvf. $125+

701 Max Reinhardt. ND AE60mm by Jaray. His bust left, his facsimile signature below. Uniface. Reinhardt (born Goldmann) was a major figure in theater as both a producer and director during the first part of the 20th century. He was forced to leave Germany in 1934 and he emigrated to the US where he continued his work until his death in 1943. $35

*702 anne frank gold medal. 26mm 7.95 grams. facing bust of anne frank/ flower and open book (her diary!), .900. ef, some bagmarks. rare, this is the first i can recall seeing. $325+

*703 georges mandel. 1940's. ae 69 by francois cogne (died 1952). his high relief bust left/name, 1885-1944. born jeroboam rothchild. minister of interior and held various other posts. arrested and executed by vichy government scarce. $250+?

*704 belgian children's holocaust medal. 1945 ae 60 mm by josine souweine. jewish museum of belgium #36 (page 53). woman and 3 children around table, happy is he who is kind to the poor (afflicted) proverbs 14:21, "1942-1944" below/magen david, les enfants juifs. these medals were presented to those gentiles who had hidden jewish children during the holocaust. this one does not have a name engraved at bottom! in our last sale we offered one which had been presented which sold for $400. this should be worth at least half of that. $200+

*705 italian holocaust medal. 1945. 32mm cn. celebrating the defeat of nazis, struck by jewish community of milan. menorah/streak of lightning splitting axe with swastika. jtm ho-4. unc. $35

*706 jacques schulman. 1945. ae 60mm by constance wibaut. conjoined busts of the famed numismatist and his wife left/12 line legend. issued by jacques schulman and his wife helena smits for help they received at the time of their evacuation from the hague and their marriage. polak-86. one of the scarcer 20th century numismatic medals in addition to being a holocaust related medal. ex guido kisch collection $60+

*707 israel spoon. small "demi-tasse" style spoon with enameled white, blue and black "israel" and magen david at top. at the top of the handle on back is stamped "s" which we presume means silver. only the 2nd i can recall seeing. $40+

*708 revisionist's etzel medal. 1948. 28mm cn medal with original loop. hand holding rifle/tower & stockade with barbed wire. struck to honor those members of the irgun who survived british internment in kenya during the war of independence. most of the interned were concentration camp survivors. scarce. ef. $75+

*709 leon blum. (1950). gilt silver 68mm by george lay. his bust right, name above, dates in roman numerals (1872-1950)/4 line french legend within box of dots. scarce. this is not the more common bronze medal. see lot 927 $300+

710 Rabbi Rubin Amulet. 1950. CN 15mm. zion in center of Magen David, Hebrew legend around/7 branched Menorah, rabbi rubin 1950. VF-EF, neatly pierced at top. Scarce? Ex Bob Schoenwalter collection $25+

*711 memory of 6 million medal. 1952. ae59mm by monti. in high relief a male figure rising from a heap of corpses in a concentration camp, lifting the 10 commandments/2 hands, clutching a menorah, in the background a cemetery. unc, scarce only 500 pieces minted. ho-6a. the last we offered sold for $80 in very heavy and close bidding $75

*712 silver hadassah pin. nd. 40mm silver filgree star of david with 3 line hebrew legend (for your continued support of hadassah) in the center, wreath of 6 pointed star flowers around and in a hanger below vvv. $40+

*713 albert einstein. 1955. ae 68mm by revol. his bust in 3/4 profile/a spiral nebula. flower-9. rare and seldom offered. unc. plain edge. in our spring 1999 sale a similar piece sold for $140 (reduced bid) on a $75 estimate. $100

*714 reopening of the jewish museum london. 1959. ae c. 8 1/4 inch plaque by paul vincze of the reverse of this famous meal. depicts the interior view of the bevis marks spanish and portuguese synagogue, london. jmm- page 79. as made, with red felt background made for hanging. no doubt very rare. $175

*715 chaim bialik school. nd bronze 31mm by kretschmer. bust of bialik as on lot #716 below/view of the bialik school. ef. i can't recall seeing this before. $40+?

*716 chaim bialik.nd. silver 45mm by kretschmer. his mostly facing bust. one of a series of medals on important jewish personalities of the 20th century. see the lot above and the next four lots as well as lot 731 for a related medal. $50

*717 chaim weizmann. nd. silvered 45mm by kretschmer. his bust left. uniface. one of the more unusual medals in this series because it has very high rims on both sides and in addition to his name in hebrew at left has his name in english (as dr. h. weizman) to the right. $50

*718 shalom aleichem. nd. silver 45mm by kretschmer. his pensive bust facing. uniface. fairly common in bronze, much scarcer in silver. $50

*719 zeev jabotinsky. nd (1965?) silver 45mm by kretschmer. his bust left/tomb, where he was buried on mt. herzl in 1965, 25 years after death. $50+

*720 theodore herzl. nd. silver 45mm by kretschmer. his bust left. uniface. $50

*721 herzlia gymnasium. nd. ae 35 x 70 mm by kretschmer. an impressive view of the front of the herzlia gymnasium (high school) in tel-aviv. uniface. 1st i can recall seeing since the 1979 nasca stanley yulish sale where one sold for $75. $75+

*722 bruno walter. nd ae 60 x 46mm uniface plaque by geienhauer. his bust right, name and 1876-1962 below. walter was one of the great conductors of the 1st half of the 20th century and was conductor at major orchestras and operas in numerous cities including cologne, hamburg, riga, vienna, munich, leipzig and new york. niggl-2289 $40+

723 Hadassah 1965-1966 Award Badge in bronze. At top a blue and gold enamel circle with hadassah in Hebrew within Star of David, 1965-1966 to either side and hadassah oversubscription in two lines below. Hanger below hadassah md award in 3 lines. Scarce? $25+

*724 shalom asch. (szalom asz). 1967. silvered bronze 69mm medal. bust of the famed yiddish writer, polish legend around/hebrew, polish legends. he was born in the city kutno. $40+

*725 shalom asch. (szalom asz). 1967. as above but in bronze. $40+

*726 (sir) ernst boris chain. nd. ae78 mm uniface medal. his facing bust, name on left, 1906 (date of birth on right). chain was a british biochemist and nobel laureate for his role in the discovery of penicillin. he was also an ardent zionist and became a member of the executive of the world jewish congress in 1967. $50

*727 the frankenhuis collection medal. 1967 ae 76 mm by elizabeth weistrop. in extremely high relief, a mother hugging 2 children, both wearing badges, before being herded into a cattle car/legend. ho-2, see the shekel 2, #3, 16. the last we offered in 2002 sold for $275. a most impressive medal commissioned by maurice frankenhuis who built two huge collections of war memorabilia, one for wwi and one for wwii both of which he donated to museums in israel. he was a collector and a medalist himself and his grandson is also a collector. $300

*728 david and goliath. 1968. silver 38 mm by paul vincze. david slaying the giant/ israel's 20th anniversary showing map of israel after the 6 day war. proof-like fields. a similar piece sold for $65 in our sale 36c $60+

*729 german private bar mitzvah medal. 23mm (.900) . bar mitzvah boy left in german legend/3 line hebrew legend, magen david. "personal momento". unc. $325+

*730 theodore herzl. 1968. gold 26mm. .900 fine. bust of herzl left/menorah, magen david to each side. one of a series of medals struck in holland to commemorate the 20th anniversary of israel. p-l bu. $225+

*731 yitzhak mangan. 1969 (?) silver 45mm by kretschmer. his bust facing 1/2 left, name in hebrew at left, 30.5.1901-20.2.1969 to right/the golden peacock facing right, legend below. mangin was a poet, dramatist and novelist and the golden peacock was among his most famous works. scarce. i cannot recall offering this medal previously.see 715 to 720 for other medals by kretschmer. $75+?

*732 100th anniversary of emancipation of roman jews. 1970. ae 51mm. oval vignette in center with magen david, menorah, etc, hebrew legend around outside/italian legend, 1870-1970 around the edge. in the center: old synagogue, crowned 10 commandments and she-wolf suckling the twins (the ancient symbol of rome). as struck. i cannot recall offering this medal before! $75+

*733 king solomon. nd ae101 mm uniface by tobiass. modernistic facing head, king solomon in english & hebrew. a most unusual piece. $100+

*734 david ben-gurion by paul vincze. 1973. silver shell c. 114 x 161 mm. his portrait slightly to the right, his name and dates of birth and death (1996-1973) above in hebrew, below in english, in exergue are two menorahs flanking a city view of the old city of jerusalem. mounted on attractive base to sit on shelf $140+

*735 stamps in silver. 1973. a set of 9 silver medal's, all depicting the early stamps of israel, which depicted coins from the 1st revolt or the bar kochba revolt. each proof medal contains approximately one oz. of silver. issued by doar ivri of israel, in album of issue. #188 of only 1000 issued (and no doubt many were melted in the silver boom of 1980 (& 2008!)). $200

*736 twelve tribes of israel. nd (1973?). by e. weistrop for medallic art co. each medal shares a common reverse; a magen david, the twelve tribes of israel in the center and symbols of each tribe and their name around the edge and in the angles of the star. the obverse of each medal shows a scene associated with each tribe. we've photographed one of the medals. 1st we've offered in many years. each medal comes in it's own cardboard box. the last set we had, that in an elaborate case, sold for $275. twelve 44mm bronze medals. $125+

*737 yom kippur war medal. 1973. 60mm silvered bronze. a combination of a "mirage" and a "skyhawk" fighter in flight within wreath, part of which is the emblem of the israel air force/hebrew legend from isaiah, emblem of the squadron, date. ef. scarce. presented to members of the squadron who stopped the syrian army just short of the jordan river. see the shekel vii, #3, page 20. a similar medal in our sale 36c sold for $55 $50

*738 albert einstein. 1974 50 x 26mm gold-plated silver ingot by adolph block for the hamilton mint. a 3/4 facing portrait of einstein, his name and four of his formulas/legend. part of the 50 piece series our greatest americans. flower-33. proof-like and rare. a similar piece sold for $50 in our spring 1981 sale. $45

*739 heinrich heine. 1974. ae 60mm. his bust right/banner and 3 lines of russian legend. made in russia. ef. scarce? also see lots 639, 660, 663 and 664. $80

*740 menachem begin. 1974 82 mm by g. varbanov. stylized portrait right. rare mostly uniface medal. on the reverse in incuse is the following 005/300 with the two outside 0's being very tiny, the two others being about halfway between the size of the tiny 0's and the 5 and 3. this is the only one i can recall seeing. $135

*741 ford motor co. 1975. ae 60mm. 5 line hebrew legend which says something like, "to abrasha (russian style diminutive of abraham). on your departure from 'mem het yod lamed" (the initials of an organization which the recipient likely was leaving) with affection and respect from your friends at work, tel-aviv 31 march 1975). all in wreath, with "ford" in circle at top center/blank, but for two line hebrew legend at bottom. as struck but a couple of rim nicks. probably part of a retirement gift for an employee at some company which had some kind of working relationship (at the very least) with the ford motor company. given henry j. ford's anti-semitic feelings in the 1920's-1940's, this is an ironic medal. $50+?

*742 b'nai b'rith of england. 1976. ae 45mm. struck for the golden jubilee of the b'nai b'rith hillel house in london. view of the building/menorah, topped by "50" and legend. ef. a very scarce modern medal. for four other b'nai b'rith medals, see lots 695, 696, 745 and 789. $50+

*743 alexander boris goldenweiser. 1976 ae60 mm by i. s. komschilow bust right/dates, legend piano, struck for his 100th birthday. director of moscow conservatory. niggl-2980 $125+

744 jewish national fund. 1976. Brass 40mm. Struck by Jewish National Fund of Germany for the 75th Anniversary of the JNF. Hebrew and German legends with symbols and logos/Jerusalem mountains & settlement, inscribed "Zor'a Israel". Scarce. $40

745 B'nai B'rith. 1977 Brass 39mm. b'nai b'rith home and hospital memphis, tenn. above and below building with trees in front/Magen David honor thy father and thy mother 1927-1977 above and below.. Choice BU. Scarce? I don't believe I've seen this before. For four other B'nai B'rith medals, see lots 695, 696 , 742 & 789. $30+


*746 paul vincze by paul vincze. 1977 artist model. huge 9 1/2 inch uniface self portrait showing artist in studio working on his own self portrait. made for his 70th birthday. $175+

*747 albert einstein. 1978 49 x 30mm gold-plated silver ingot by ernest lauser for the franklin mint as part of their "great events of the 20th century". einstein in front of a blackboard full of equations and "einstein develops theory of relativity"/legend, etc. flower-43. scarce. in card of issue. $50

*748 hadassah convention. 1978. bronze 40mm. modernistic statue of people balancing on each other/...and see thou the good of jersaelm.. hadassah national convention 1978. ef. scarce? i can find no record of offering this since at least 1995. in december of 1979 moshe preger offered a pair (one in tombac, one in silverplate) with an estimate of $200-up. presumably scarce. $75+?

*749 yigdal allon private medal. 1979. ae59 mm. presented by the city of hadara to allon. symbol in the center surrounded by wreath/7 line hand engraved inscription. possibly unique. $125+

*750 gratitude medal of jews of belgium to jewish members of resistance after wwii. 1980. ae 59 mm by i. janchelevici. 3 birds flying over landscape/legend around 1940-1945. jewish museum of belgium #57 (page 59). rare, 1st i can recall seeing. $200+

751 Henrietta Szold. 1980. AE 51mm. Her bust facing 1860 henrietta szold 1945 founder of hadassah/Olive sprig at right, 120th anniversary ...there is no ending that is not a beginning... Struck on the 120th anniversary of the birth of the founder of Hadassah. EF, mottled toning. Scarce, 1st I can recall seeing. $40+

752 JONAS SALK 1980 Bronze Trapezoid Medal by Hal Reed. The 12th in the Magnus Museum's Jewish American Hall of Fame Series. Salk with microscope/2 boys playing ball, a third with crutches, holds balloon and looks on. Lot of two medals, one with museum number on edge. $40

*753 jewish national fund. 1981. wm35mm. struck for 80th anniversary of jnf in germany. ancient shekel design, german legend on both sides. as struck. $35

754 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. 1983. 40th Anniversary. Bronze 69 mm designed by Adam Wlodardzyk and made by Ptain. Barbed wire below city view/Barbed wire above "Getto" above fighters. $30

*755 ---, as above but silvered bronze 69 mm $40

*756 ---1983. ae69mm by k. danielewicz. in memory of the jewish fighters who perished in the warsaw ghetto uprising. group of defiant citizens, polish legend either side/ rifle, flag, wall. scarce. $40+

*757 abraham stern. nd. bronze 69.5 mm medal. stern sitting at desk working at machine/facing bull, legend around. stern was a mathematician and inventor. among his greatest works was the improvement of the mechanical workings of the watch, a threshing machine and in 1812 a calculating machine. he was also a orthodox jewish scholar. 500 struck in bronze and only the 2nd i can recall offering. $40+

*758 janusz korczak. nd. 32mm. his almost facing bust, name to left and right/ child's hand inside adult's hand. set of 4: bronze, matte silver-plated, "shiny" silver-plated and gilded. 4 medals, a few with nicks. korczak was the educator who accompanied his students to the nazi death camps even though he had the option of escaping by himself. $90

*759 worms synagogue medal. 1984. silver 39.5 mm. proof. view of synagogue and the raschi chapel, 1034-1984/hebrew & german legends. the synagogue was built in 1034 and desecreted in 1615. in 1624 the building was restored and the raschi chapel was added by david joshua oppenheim. the entire building was destroyed during kristallnacht but was rebuilt by the germans in 1961. a stunningly beautiful medal $50

760 George and Ira Gershwin. 1985 AE 76mm by EZS. Conjoined busts of the brothers, legend and dates/medal of the congress 1985 and of thee we sing above and below two bars of music. As struck. I can't recall offering this medal before. $50+

761 Papal Visit to Synagogue. 1986. Silver 35mm. St. Peters and Synagogue/ Symbols of Israel and the Vatican. EF, a few small nicks. Struck to commemorate the Popes visit to a synagogue in Rome. Scarce. $50

*762 adas israel synagogue nürnberg. 1988? copper 59mm. view of the synagogue, german & hebrew legend above/hebrew and german legend concerning the destruction of the synagogue of kirstallnacht in 1938. presumably issued for the 50th anniversary of the destruction of the synagogue. $30+?

763 Museum of the KL Auscwitz-Birkenau. ND. Bronze 27mm. View of barbed wire fence/miasto above, oswiecim below, symbol in center (which looks like two people either side of a flame). Unc $18?

*764 prague synagogue. 1990 700th anniversary of old-new synagogue in prague. ae60mm. view of synagogue/magen david in front of cemetary. as struck $35

*765 mordechai anielewicz. 50th anniversary warsaw ghetto uprising. 1993. ae70mm. bust of mordechai anielewicz, commander of the ghetto uprising, with menorah, magen david, 1919-1943 to the left/a ghetto fighter. the w's in the legends are the hebrew letter "shin"! scarce only the 2nd i can recall offering. that sold in sale 33c for $75. $60+

*766 warsaw ghetto uprising. 1993 50th anniversary. silvered bronze 69mm designed by anna januszkiwicz. determined family with baby/legend in hebrew, english and polish, union of jewish combatants in poland. scarce, only the 2nd i can recall offering. $40+

*767 50th anniv. of the liberation of the concentration camps. 1995. bronze 42 mm by gyorgy kiss. bp mintmark (budapest, hungary). in memory of the liberation of concentration camps 1945-1995. hungarian auschwitz foundation in english and hungarian with broken barbed wire fence in center/candles of remembrance. a similar medal sold for $100 in sale 37a $100?

*768 four sephardic synagogues in old jerusalem. nd. tombac 59mm. stylized views and listings of 4 synagogues/man sits and prays in front of a synagogue. praise the lord o jerusalem. as struck $30+?

*769 in memory of the warsaw jews in the warsaw ghetto. 27mm. menorah/magen david. set of four medals, bronze, shiny silver-plated, dull silver plated and gold-plated. $65

*770 shoah. nd ae58 x 55 by marika somogyi, high relief uniface medal depicting a woman crying in front of 2 candles, shoah above. rare. #17 of 100 made by this famed hungarian sculptress. $200

*771 theodore herzl. 1997, bronze 180 mm by alex shagin. his name flanks this life-like portrait of herzl 3/4 left. inscribed on edge 3/100 alex shagin 1997 and mounted on a 272 x 227 mm artificial stone backing. 1st we've seen and like all of shagin's work, very impressive. $250?

*772 oskar schindler. 1999 100 mm bronze medal by marika somogyi. his bust partially to the left, his name at left edge/outstretched arm in front of jewish victims of the holocaust. the hungarian, somogyi, was herself a holocaust survivor. no doubt of very limited mintage. as struck but for small ding on forehead. $100+

*773 a night of museums in cracow, poland. nd. 32mm. 2 stylized lions under menorah/magen david in style of yellow badge. set of 4: bronze, matte silver-plated, "shiny" silver-plated and gilded. 4 medals. $80

*774 jedwabne. 2001 silvered bronze 70mm. struck in the memory of the jews from jedwabne and the area, 60 years after. fire, people, magen david, legend/flames, corpses, etc. a private issue by the nissenbaum family foundation and struck by the polish state mint. scarce. we've only had this medal twice before (4 and 5 years ago). both times it sold for $120. $100+

*775 60th anniversary of the liberation of the westerbork concentration camp. 2002. 34.5mm. gravestones (?) with magen david on top, 1942-2002/legend, 15 july 1942. unc. set of 2 medals, bronze and silver. struck by begeer of the netherlands. $150+

*776 60th anniversary of the liquidation of the lodz ghetto. 2004. issued by the lodz branch numismatic association and minted by the polish state mint. set of 5 medals. all 38.6mm. depicts a replica of the original 20 mark ghetto coin with an outer ring/logo, 1944-2004, 60th anniversary of the liquidation lodz ghetto-polish numismatic association, branch in lodz in polish. silver, bronze, silver-plated, gold-plated and aluminum. see the shekel xxxvii, #6, p. 14-16, no doubt scarce. $350+?

*777 60th anniversary of the liberation of kl auschwitz-birkenau. 2005 64 x 49 mm rectangle. view of barbed wire fence 27.01-1945 - 27.01. 2005/ man walking on train track towards camp building, legend below. set of 3: bronze, silver-plated and gold-plated. rare! i cannot recall seeing this set before. $330+

*778 60 years of the auschwitz-birkenau state museum. 2007. 1947-2207. silverplated 38mm. view of camp gate and wall of auschwitz/legend concering the auschwitz-birkenau state museum. $45+

779 Group of City, Municipality and Settlement Medals. 28 - 35mm base metal medals, from Afikim, Ashkelon, Bat Yam, Beersheva, Beit Shemesh, Dimona, Hadera, Hanita, Holon, Jerusalem, Karkur, Kfar Yehoshua, Kirat Motzkin, Mitzpe Ramon, Nazareth, Netivot, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Yavne, Yeroham and Youth Village. As listed in Haffner's Judaic Tokens and Medals. JTM 1-3, 7-9, 11, 13. 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23-30. Also included in this lot is a special variety of CM-P8 (usually 59mm). This medal for the District Council of Menashe is 36mm. 22 medal lot, many seldom offered. $75+

780 Group of Israel Walking, Marching and Sporting Medals. Listed in Haffner's Judaic Tokens and Medals as General Sporting Medals, this and the following lots, are the largest offering of identified Marching Medals (we'll use that term) offered, at least in the US, for almost 30 years. 67 different medals including some unlisted varieties. All the medals are identified by both catalog number and the name of the event. $225+

781 Group of Israel Walking, Marching and Sporting Medals. As above. 42 different medals. All the medals are identified by both catalog number and the name of the event. $150+

782 Group of medals listed in Judaic Tokens and Medals. Israel Numismatic Society, Jerusalem Elections, Mikva Israel, Ramat Gan Youth Orchestra, 3 different Paratrooper's Ramat Gan Medals. 7 medals, all 32-35mm. JTM EP31a, 32, 46v (this 35mm CN), 50 and MM-18b, 18c and 18d. $50+

783 Group of medals. 8th Hapoel Games 1966 Bronze 35mm, 9th Hapoel Games, SP35mm, Bronze 35mm, 7th Macciabiah games Silver 35mm, Keren Hayesod 1959-1960 Calendar medal AE 35mm and 1967 Herzl/Western Wall Gilt 28mm. 6 medals, the first four listed in Judaic Tokens and medals as SM-5c, 6b. 6c amd 15b. $50+


The following listing is one of our best ever in offering the scarce silver medals of the early 1960's. In addition to the individual medals being offered we present a rare opportunity to buy runs of small, medium and large silver medals. See lots 812-814, And we lead off with a great rarity. A large size 1958 Pattern of Israel's first medal.

*784 medal of liberation pattern. 1958. as sm-1, copper 43 mm, 62.4 grams, plain edge and very thick at 5mm. choice ef, only a few minor rim nicks and extremely rare. only the 3rd or 4th we can recall seeing in 38 years of specializing in israel material. see the shekel vol iv, #3, 26 for a short article on this medal (however the wrong picture is shown with the medal) as well as the vol. 12, #2, p. 14 which has the correct picture but the wrong description. a classic israeli rarity and of utmost importance. ex bob schonwalter collection. the two similar pieces we've offered, both almost 10 years ago, sold for $485 and $525. $400+

*785 sm-1. judaea capta-israel liberata. 1958 gold 27mm. design taken from ancient judaea capta coin on obverse and israel liberated on reverse. choice bu $350+

*786 sm-1c. medal of liberation. 1961 silver 61mm. "sterling" on edge, presumably zechovoy mint. $85

*787 sm-1e. medal of liberation with plugs. 1961, bronze 61 mm. both kagan and the igcmc catalog list this medal as 59mm. i believe they are both wrong as everyone that i have been able to track has been 61mm. this only makes sense as both the regular copper issue and the silver issue are also 61mm. $60+

*788 sm-2a valour. 1962. silver 59mm. type i, "shiny" amanograph mint. this is the scarcer of the two mints for the silver 59mm medals. $75+

*789 sm-3a. b'nai brith.1961 silver 35mm. low mintage early medal. zechovey mint (sterling on edge). the last we offered in one of our auctions sold for $125 $110+

*790 sm-5a. 1960. hadassah without inscription. silver 35mm. rare. nice unc., light toning. $250

*791 sm-5b. 1960. hadassah with inscription. silver 35mm. rare. $250

*792 sm-7a. 1961. congress of local authorities. silver 35mm. very scarce. unc. $150

*793 sm-8. 1959. 1st harp competition. silver 35mm. unc $150

*794 sm-9v. pentecostal conference. 1961 silver-plated bronze 59mm and unlisted as such $50+

*795 sm-12b. bar mitzvah. silver 59mm. 1961. bar mitzvah boy reading from torah/ emblem of the state surrounded by the symbols of the 12 tribes of israel. $75+

*796 sm-13a. pablo casals. 1961. silver 59mm. scarce. unc. light toning. $175

*797 sm-13b. 1961. pablo casals. silver 35mm. nice unc. $150

*798 sm-14a. 2nd bible contest. 1962. silver 59mm. scarce. nice unc. $175

*799 sm-14b. 2nd bible contest. 1962. silver 35mm. scarce. as struck. $150

*800 sm-15a shavit 1962. silver 59mm. another scarce early large size silver medal. $150+

*801 sm-15b shavit 1962. silver 35 mm. another low mintage, scarce early silver medal. as struck. $125

*802 sm-16a. 1962. kadman numismatic museum. silver 35mm. unc. $100

*803 sm-21a. liberation (3rd). 1962. silver 59mm. the famous judaea capta/israel liberata medal which depicts the roman judaea capta sestertius on one side and the liberation scene on the other. $75+

*804 sm-22a. united jewish appeal (uja). 1963. silver 59mm. this is among israel's rarest of all state medals, with a mintage of only 764 and depicts immigrants disembarking from a ship. lightly toned. the last we offered at auction sold for $300 $275

*805 sm-24a. ghetto uprising. 1965. silver 59mm. kretschmer mint. $75+

*806 sm-28a. first settlers years. 1963. silver 59mm. man planting in swamp. kretschmer mint. $75+


*807 sm-29a. 1963 terra sancta medal. silver 59mm. a relief of the holyland in the style of ancient maps/love thy neighbor as thyself in hebrew, english and latin. also known as the pilgrim medal. unc. $75+

*808 sm-30a s.s. shalom 1964.silver 59mm. modern ship/ancient ship. one of israel's most attractive, scarce and desirable silver medals. amanograph mint $200

808a SM-30b S.S. Shalom 1964.Silver 35mm. As above but in different size. $150

*809 sm-31a. immigrant blockade runners 1964. silver 59mm. map showing course of blockade runners through the mediterranean/ship, with immigrants, breaking though barbed-wire fence. kretschmer mint. $75+

*810 sm-40a. 1967. jewish legion (first judeans) 50th anniversary. silver 45mm. an increasingly difficult medal to locate and very popular. in our last sale, one sold for $90! $75

*811 sm-43b. keren hayesod 1970 gold 35mm medal. choice unc $800

812 Set of 19 Silver 35 mm Medals. 1961-1965. Liberation-1, Valour, B'nai B'rith, Tel Aviv Jubilee, Hadassah Hospital without inscription, Hadassah Hospital with Inscription, Bar Kochba, Local Authorities, 1st Harp, Bar Mitzvah, Casals, 2nd Bible, Shavit, Kadman Numismatic Museum, Liberation-2, Terra Sancta, S. S. Shalom, Immigrant Blockade Runners and Masada. 19 early silver medals, many scarce to rare. Our retail price if bought individually is almost $1800 (and they are good sellers at those prices).I don't think we've ever offered a lot such as this. $1500

813 Set of medium size silver medals. 1958-1971. Includes Judaea Capta (38mm), Bar Mitzvah, Museum, Rothschild, Sinai, Jewish Legion, Balfour, El Al, complete 9 piece city-coin medal set and Israel-Canada 39m CN medal. 18 medals, 17 of which are silver, 16 are 45mm and the Jewish Legion is scarce. Our retail price is about $600. $500+

814 Set of 14 Silver 59mm Medals. 1961-1964. Liberation-1, Valour, Bar Kochba, Bar Mitzvah, Casals, 2nd Bible, Shavit, Liberation-2, UJA, Ghetto Uprising, First Settlers, Terra Sancta, S. S. Shalom and Immigrant Blockade Runners. 14 early large and heavy silver medals, many scarce to rare. Our retail price if bought individually is more than $1600 $1400

*815 complete city coin set including gold in green album. contains nine 45mm silver medals, nine 45mm bronze medals and one 35mm gold medal in green album of issue. each medal depicts a scene of the city on one side and a replica of an ancient coin on the other.we cannot recall ever seeing an official album made specifically for all 19 coins including the jerusalem gold issue. of course we've only been doing this since 1971! no doubt rare. medals and album are in as issued condition. $1100+

*816 city coin medals in custom made display case. large blue and white display holder (c. 10 1/2 x 22 1/2") with the complete set of 9 city coin medals on outline of map of israel and coin medals featuring historical cities in israel in gold. $100?

*817 cm-2a. 1st harp. 1959. copper 61mm. only 200 of these were struck. as with most early commissioned medals, this "looks" like it has been cleaned. scarce. inscription is crude and flat. $100

*818 cm-2a (unlisted variety) 1st harp 1959. copper 61mm. this is an extraordinary medal. the reverse is engraved to el al airlines in hebrew. it is 61mm, like cm-2a but is struck with sharp and narrow legends as seen on cm-2b. (see lot above for the listed variety of cm-2a). there is no edge inscription on this medal. small rim bump at about 2 o'clock on the obverse. somewhat splotchy toning. presumably unique! $200?

*819 cm-2b. 1st harp. 1960. bronze 59mm. 1,362 minted. as struck. $50

*820 cm-2c. 1st harp. 1960. unlisted by icgmc. tombac 59mm. unknown mintage, but scarce. as struck. $100+

*821 cm-6. pablo casals. 1962 bronze 59mm. this medal was presented to participants & guests and not offered for sale. weighs c. 113 grams and thus is one of only 150 medals struck as such. kagan did not distinguish between the bronze and tombac issues of this medal, but the igcmc did and this is the rarer of the two! nice medal! $120

*822 cm-8, tourism award. 1962 bronze 59mm. only 505 of these medals were struck, they were never offered for sale, but presented by the government tourist corporation. $75+

*823 cm-8a. 1962 gold tourism award medal. 19mm milled edge. only 380 pieces of this medal were struck in gold. 4.94 grams $200+

*824 ---another gold medal as above but weighs 5 grams. $200+

*825 cm-11a. remembrance day. 1963. bronze 59mm. $25

*826 the gideonim. cm-16b, 16017594. 1968 tombac 59mm. the gideonim is the name given to haganah members who organized the illegal immigration to palestine after wwii. this medal was issued in conjunction with the publication of the "book of gideonites". very rare, (haffner lists as 850 minted & igcmc only 200). $150+

*827 cm-18b. masada. 1965, copper 35mm. presented to igcmc employees, very rare, only 200 struck. virtually as struck. the last we sold in 2005 brought $150. $125+

*828 cm-25. 3rd harp. 1965 tombac 49mm. only 415 of these were issued and presented to participants. as issued. the last we offered, five years ago, sold for $100 $100

*829 cm-72d. yitzhak rabin prime minister medal. 1975. bronze 35mm in gilt bezel. view of jerusalem/with compliments "y. rabin"prime minister of israel. rare, only 108 minted. bezel has bruise. $250

*830 sm-141b. in memory of the concentration and death camps. 1992 gold 30 mm (15 grams, 18 k.). figure of 6 children (symbolizing the 6 million who were murdered)/electrified barbed wire fence, names of 6 death camps. bu. rare and low mintage $350+

*831 aina tour medal. ant-2, . jerusalem-city coin. 1970, copper (23.36 grams) 35mm. a total of 100 pieces were struck for aina's 2nd tour, some in copper and some in bronze (see igcmc i, 128). this is the heavy copper type. $60+

*832 aina tour medal. ant-3. valour. 1971, tombac 35mm. 100 pieces were struck for aina's 3rd tour. (24.60 grams). haffner lists the weight at 27 grams, the igcmc catalog lists the weight as between 27 and 33 grams, this is the fourth that we have recorded with a weight of around 24 1/2 grams $50+

833 Season's Greeting Tokens. 1975 "Greatings" error, The scarcest token in the series issued after the late 1960's. Group of 17 pieces. SG-12. We retail for $10 each. $100?

834 Group of Medals. Large lot of silver and base metal medals, mostly all State of Israel issues. Silver Medals (13) Operation Jonathan, 2 different Armoured Corps Tanks issues, Teacher's Union, Mt. Scoupus, Zim Lines, Lottery, Numismatic Conference, Rehovot Weizmann, Balfour, Rubinstein 1974 & 1977 and INS Dakur. Among the bronze medals are: Tel-Aviv Yafo, Capernaum Gates of Jerusaelm, Rosh Hashanah, Purim, 2 different Armoured Corps issues and Tribe of Reuben. Among the other items is a 1988 90mm Aluminum medal for 40th anniversary of Israel, a set of Israeli Flora/Fauna medals in album and 56th Battalion bronze medal of 1973-194. Total of 64 items. Sold as is, no returns. Easily worth our estimate. $250+

We are always happy to provide more information about any lot and bidding advice. We do suggest that you ask your questions as soon as possible. During the last few days prior to closing we are extremely busy and may not be able to help as much as we would like to.


We have divided this section into financial, historical and graphic paper and these categories are at least somewhat arbitrary. We end with Holocaust related memorabilia, most of which is paper. We call your attention to Lots 863 to 873 which, we believe, is the finest selection of 1940's era Cooperative tokens ever offered (many of which are Haffner plate items) and Lots 876-893 for a fine run of Palestine and early Israel bus tokens and small change chits. For other paper items of Judaic or Holy Land interest in the main part of the catalog, please see the following lots: 396-397, 432-433, 445-449, 458-472, 481-544, 560-573, 579-582 and 595-596.

*835 szaia goldberga. 1861 promissory note. poland, 1861. 10 kopeks. extremely rare. fine, tape repair. overprints and manuscript notations. $125+

*836 anglo-palestine bank check. c. 1902. blank check with ottoman fiscal revenue stamp attached. bank account of thenathan strauss relief fund. unused with counterfoil stub attached. strauss was the strauss of the famous abraham and strauss (a&s) department stores and a major benefactor of the city of netanyah. ef+, virtually as issued, slight aging visible at upper right.. $40+?

837 ---Jaffa. 17 September 1903. APB Check for 133 Francs to Kaminitz and signed by M(enashe) Meerovitch. Meerovitch was among the early members of BILU and an important settler in Eretz-Israel and a writer about life at that time. Ottoman revenue stamp. VF $25

838 ---Jaffa. 20 August 1903. APB Check for 3000 Francs from J. Litwinsky to himself. With Ottoman revenue stamp. VF, but for small edge tears and stain at left. $25?

*839 ---jaffa. 13 sept. 1903. abp cancelled check for 1000 francs, signed by e, saphir, shimon rokach and s. stampfer all key leaders of the jewish community in eretz-israel in pre wwii times. made out to baruch levy with his handstamp on back. ottoman revenue stamp. vf, slightly dirty. no doubt scarce. $40+

840 ---APB Early 20th Century check for 660 Francs from Tel Aviv Committee (hand stamps so attests), seems to be signed by Meir Dizengoff, Mayor of Tel-Aviv. With Ottoman handstamp. VF, but unfortunately about 10-15% of check torn off. Still an important piece of Eretz-Israel history. $25+

*841 kollel note. early 20th century. austro-hungarian jerusalem kottel. for 270 grush. handstamp at lower left. vf, but tape repaired on back as note is torn at vertical fold. a scarcer style kollel note. $50

842 German Palestine Bank Savings Book. 1913. Hard black leatherette cover with gilt lettering on outside. Inside the offices of the bank are listed (Berlin, Hamburg, Beirut, Damascus, Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem and Tripoli with agent located in Nazareth). There is also an Ottoman revenue stamp and the details of the account of S. Osininsky (?). VF+. Neat. $25+

*843 s. friedman, haifa. 15 july 1914. a check for 500 francs, payable to j. pross and signed by friedman a private banker in haifa. with ottoman revenue. vf, a couple of minor tears and two filing hole punches at left. another scarce item. $40+?

*844 eretz-israel palestine foundation fund. keren hayesod. ltd. 1921. a large brown receipt certificate to müller of pinsky poland for 4 pounds, 10 shillings. brown on beige, with map of eretz-israel in blue-green in background. somewhat stained but scarce and important. interestingly it seems that mr. muller made his contribution in 1921 but the receipt is dated 1 january. 1924. attractive and suitable for framing. $75+

*845 jewish popular friendly coop. (bulgaria). 1922 sofia. share certificate for 10 shares. four vignettes in corners of life in palestine, plus other vignettes of 12 tribes in fancy border. text in hebrew and bulgarian. vf. rare. $175+

*846 the anglo-egyptian bank, ltd., jerusalem. 10 january 1923 to dr. (moshe) wallach, founder of the shaare zedak hosptial for 4120 piastres. two palestine revenue adhesives on face, overstamped with round hand cancel of the bank. attractive vignette of sphinx, pyramid at left. nice vf-ef pencil manuscript notations on back $35+

*847 workers'bank. 1924. share warrent for 3 shares. blue on brown with red seal, and underprint of map of eretz-israel. nice vf & scarce. $110+

848 Anglo-Egyptian Bank, Ltd. Jaffa. 30 June, 1924. A check for 3321 7/10 Piastres to (perhaps) Yousef Chabet. With two Mandate revenues and a bank handstamp. non-negotiable across face. F-VF $25

*849 the anglo-egyptian bank, ltd., jerusalem. 25 march 1925. to the credit of the palestine central of aguadas israel with bank officers goldschmidt of frankfurt and japhet of london for 291,937 5/10 piastres. no stamps of any kind! ef $35+

*850 jewish colonial trust, london. nd (1926?). this was the forerunner of the jewish national fund. an unused check. au-unc, a few stains. $35

*851 palestine land development company. 1926. hebrew (and some english) printed financial form stating that 3 egyptian pounds were paid by the committee of neve shanan through yehoshua auerbuch. the land had been purchased in 1920 by the famed "land redeemer" joshua hankin on behalf the palestine land development co. 2 adhesive stamps, opda-eef for 5 mils in red and hzj-eef for 5 mils in green. vf $35+

*852 jewish community of cairo. 1932 lottery ticket. features a menorah in magen david at upper left and a handstamp with a menorah at center. 1 piastre, for the benefit of the jewish institutions in cairo and printed in blue on white. in french, arabic and greek (but not hebrew!). vf, but small tape repair on back. scarce. $80+

*853 new york achooza aleph. 1932 share certificate for 1/2 unit of real estate in roanana, palestine. issued to joseph thaler and signed by hyman rosenberg as vice president and issachar levin as president. vf, some stains, left edge miscut.. $50+

*854 antwerp, belgium jewish community bonds. 1930's. the first issued by beth israel, the other by moriyah. each for 1000 belgian francs, interest to be paid starting in 1938. 5 coupons missing from each bond. declaration slips attached to the bonds indicate they were held in the bank of brussels and delivered in 1947. interesting and rare. $200+

*855 ozar mif'alei yam beeravon mogbal. 1937. share warrant for one share. with stub at left attached and 10 coupons attached at right. scarce? $50+

*856 romanian kollel. 1937. halukka note of this kollel for funds received from the central committee in ny through rabbi nachum ethrog of saffad. #71, dated tishrei 5698 (rosh hashanah). 270 mils given to menachem neuman for his family of 6. printed in black on off-white. vf. $45

*857 pal-america-africa. 1942. palestine-america-africa trade co. blue 1 £ share certificate for monthly benefits of the credit foncier egyptien. blue on white hebrew/english document. scarce. only the 2nd i can recall offering. $50+

*858 bank leumi credit certificate. green. 1948. for five years. specimen. with 10 coupons attached at bottom. the signatures of two people are on both the upper portion of the certificate as well as each coupon. one of the signers is elizer kaplan a signer of many of israel's early notes. unfortunately we cannot make out the other signature. the underprint of the entire document depicts facsimiles of ancient jewish coins. due to the color and kaplan's signature this certificate somewhat resembles the 100 mil carpet note. unc., but bottom is a bit ruffled. a major rarity! $400+

*859 kofer hayishuv. july 1948. "eretz-israel fund for mutual insurance for damages during emergency times". printed renewal form issued to an agro-chemical plant, located on yehuda halevi st in the heart of tel-aviv which had already been bombed by egyptian aircraft. the plant owner was either confident that the danger from the air would soon be over or that he just could not pay the high premiums as this policy was only in effect for two weeks! (july 16th to august 1). policy shows a 50 mil kofer hayisuv stamp. fine, with filing holes. $50+?

*860 pair of checks. 1948. drawn on the bank of the manhattan company (brooklyn), each for $10 to rabbi david drobkin and rabbi eliahu drobkin both in jerusalem. both with handstamps, adhesives, signatures etc. included is an english two paragraph "story" of eliahu drobkin about his consultation with the famed chazon ish, the noted talmudic scholar abraham yeshayahu karelitz who disagreed with a decision that drobkin had recently made. $40+?

861 Medinat Israel Treasury Bond. 1949 Public Loan. Half-Share or 10 Pounds, the full share being 20 Pounds. Facsimile signatures by Zagaggi and Kaplan who were signers of Israel Fractional notes. VF. Blue & White. $25

*862 government of israel, treasury checks. 1960's. a collection of 17 different unused checks, 0.20 prutot to 12 lirot which were to be used as postal money orders. certainly the largest and most diverse group of these we've offered and probably difficult to duplicate. $75

*863 cooperative restaurant ltd. - tel-aviv. co-5. 100 mils (the 2nd zero in 100 has been added by hand!). due to lack of small change please use this token as substitute... possessor...may recive food or cash if available.... f-vf, this is the haffner plate example! $50+

*864 employees cooperative. tel-aviv. co-8. 1940's. complete set of tokens, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 mils. all tokens have 3 printed signatures plus a handstamp on the face and a serial number on the back. 7 tokens, mostly ef, the 100 has a small stain, $100?

*865 gan-yavne, ltd. cooperative. co-10. issued by the consumer manufacturing coop. society of gan yavne in the 1940's. 5, 100 and 250 mils. each has a handstamp on the back which repeats the upper part of the printed legend on the front consumer manufacturing coop. society of gan yavne. two signatures and a third (either initials or another signature) on front. the 5 mil token is the haffner plate example. $50+

*866 jewish teacher union of tel-aviv. co-14. 1940's. complete set of 4 tokens 5, 20, 50 and 100 mils for use in the grocery store run by the union. signed by a. tal and jacob fish. the 50 mil token is the haffner plate example. ef or better and rare. $75+

*867 kfar bitzaron cooperative. co-15. issued by the consumer cooperative of kfar bitzaron in the 1940's. 100 mils. haffner plate specimen. vf, spots. this is the only denomination known and like most of the cooperative tokens in this section is rare. $50+

*868 ramot meir-rehovot cooperative. co-27c. 500 prutot with overprint 29 feb. 1954 and overprint and signature on the back. i cannot recall ever having one of these before! the only one that i can recall being offered for sale was in the rafael ellenbogen sale of 1976 where a similar piece sold for $30 (32 years ago!). vf $50?

*869 rehovot ltd. cooperative. co-28. issued by the consumer cooperative of rehovot in the 1940's. complete set of 1, 5, 10, 20 (2), 50 & 100 mils (2) (thus mandate period). includes both varieties of the 20 and 100 mils. all chits have a serial number and asterisk to the right but the two varieties have no. before the serial number and no asterisk. missing from ellenbogen. the 5 mil token is the haffner plate note. vg to vf and rare. $100?

*870 sanhedriya ltd. cooperative. co-29. another mandate era complete set of tokens which we've never seen before. 1, 3, 5, 10, 50 & 100 mils. set of 6, the 100 mils being the haffner plate note. vg-ef. all with #13 in manuscript on back and two line overstamp which repeats the company name (as on the front) ending with jerusalem. rare, not in ellenbogen. $100?

*871 shelev united transportation cooperative. co-30 50 mils 1948. ef+. this is the haffner plate note! ellenbogen (which was the most comprehensive collection of it's kind ever offered in the us) did not have an example! $50?

*872 tsarchania borochova quarter cooperative. co-34. .500, 1.000, 2.000 and 5.000 lirot, two of each denomination. yellow, green, blue and red stamps. $50?

*873 workers' hostels cooperative. co-35. this series of tokens was issued in 1947 by the consumer cooperative workers' hostel in jerusalem. complete set of five, 3, 5, 10, 50 & 100 mils. each overprinted"double the value, as printed 1948", very rare, another set we've never seen or offered before. the 100 mils token is the haffner plate example. gd-vg. $100?

874 Group of three. 1) Anglo-Palestine Co. Ltd. Unused check of Dr. Wallach Au-Unc from the first decade of the 20th century. 2) Anglo-Palestine Co. Ltd. unused check from the 1920's and 3) a 1948 Palestine Postal Money Order for One Pound with postmarks from Tel-Aviv (27 Feb. 1948) and Jerusalem (can't read date). In English, Hebrew and Arabic. 3 items. $50?

875 Miscellaneous Group. Includes 3 blank unused Israel Money orders, all overstamped for September 29, 1980, a cancelled envelope with a large portrait of Herzl at right with his famous "If I forget thee, O Jersualem..." quote sent to Ginzburg in Tel-Aviv in 1949? (no stamp), a well used WWI era receipt for a 30 Franc donation, a Postal Money order from 1968, an Iranian 200 Rial note that has Stars of David on the back (and was quickly withdrawn) and 11 different pieces of notgeld from Austria, mainly EF or better, except for the envelope which is VG and torn . $25+

876 Dan Bus. Company. Tel-Aviv. 1953-. The united emergency issue of the combined Ihud-Regev and Hamaavir Coop. Society. 5 Prutot's. Group of 22 pieces. H5 & 5a, P/S-66 & 67. Wide and Narrow Shield types. All or almost all different. Nine wide shield tokens, but most are on beige paper which is unlisted by Haffner VF to unc., mostly VF, the scarcer narrow shield tokens (13 pieces) are F to unc., most being EF to Unc. Pick and Siemsen do a very good job in cataloging these elusive chits. A rudimentary knowledge of German helps to use this catalog. $125+

*877 darom yehuda. (1950) h6a, ps-47, 1 pruta beige with red print, serial numbers red on reverse. unc. 1st i can recall offering in a number of years, for a metal token from this company, see lot #255. $50+

*878 darom yehuda. (1950) h6b, ps-48, 1 pruta beige with blue print, serial numbers blue on reverse. unc. 1st i can recall offering in a number of years, $50+

*879 hamaavir, tel-aviv. 1942-. 1 mil tokens, haffner #9, pick/siemsen 32-34. a collection of 11 seemingly different pieces f to unc., mostly ef or better. $200+

*880 hamkasher-jerusalem. 1942. 1st issue. 1 mil. group of 6 tokens. at least 4 different colors including an unlisted orange with black print plus one that looks (and we're a bit color blind) blue rather than purple or black. vg to unc., a few unc. h #10, p/s 24-27. a neat lot. these are rare in high grade. $250+

*881 hamkasher-jerusalem. 1942. 1st issue. 2 mil. group of 11 tokens. varimous colors and shades of colors and different reverses. vg to unc., five of which are unc. h #10a, p/s 28-32. mostly different. these are rare in high grade. $250+

*882 hamkasher-jerusalem. 1942. 2nd issue. 5 prutot. group of 13 pieces. haffner #10b, p/s-56-59. 13 different pieces, either different colors, different reverses or different series. at least one is purple which is unlisted and others are in various shades of the listed color. vg to au, mostly vf-ef. another neat lot. $250+

*883 hamkasher-jerusaelm. 1953. 3rd issue. 5 prutot. group of 10 pieces, yellow, pink, white and green. all different. haffner #10c, p/s-. vf to unc., most very high grade. another neat lot. $200+?

*884 hever cooperative society, ltd.-haifa. 1942-. 1 mil. white on black or gray. group of 6 tokens. all with different reverses. haffner #11, p/s-3. vg to au, mostly vf. unlike most of the paper tokens that both haffner and p/s list, these were used as actual bus tokens rather than for making small change. $150+?

*885 hever coop. society, ltd. - haifa. 1942-. group of 3 proofs, all cancelled. two 1 mil, one two mils. h-11, 11a, p/s-3-5. the serial numbers of these tokens are 0, 7000, 80000. ef-unc. a very neat lot. $75?

*886 hever coop. society, ltd. - haifa. 1942-. 2 mils, group of five. 4 are pink with black print, one is almost a pale orange in color. fine to unc, mostly better grade. all different, one hole punched cancelled. haffner #11a, p/s-5. a good lot, the 2 mil tokens are much scarcer than the 1 mil pieces. $150+?

887 Ihud-Regev, Ltd. Tel-Aviv. 1942. Group of 5 pieces. H-12, PS-37e 2 Mils White-dark blue circle, Gimel series with line under o in No and H-12a, PS-39 3 Mils beige-red circle Alef series, 2 pieces same color without series letter & 6 pointed star to right (these VF) and orange-black circle Dalat series with 6 pointed star to right (EF). 5 chits, unc, where not noted, the two VF chits are unlisted as to both color variety and reverse type. $100?

*888 ihud-regev, ltd. tel-aviv. 1942. 2 mils. group of 5, all at least slightly different including a rare blue paper, dark blue circle. h #12, p/s -37. vf to unc., all but one ef or better. $200+

*889 ihud-regev, ltd. tel-aviv. 1942. 3 mils. group of 15, most, at least slightly different including 3 unlisted beige, black circle tokens. h #12a, p/s 39-46. vg to unc., mostly ef or better. $350+?

*890 mt. carmel and ahuza, haifa 1942. as h15, ps-2b 2 mils, but orange with black print. vf, a few stains. haffner lists this as a yellow token, but we believe she is mistaken as all that we can recall seeing are orange, while pick & simesen call it roter (perhaps reddish). scarce, 1st we've offered since about 2001. this has a different reverse than haffner shows, one with a fancy no. $50+

891 Shahar-Haifa. 1949, 2nd issue without Center Hole H-16c 1 Pruta White black print and H16d 2 Prutot tan-red print. Both Fine or better and uncommon. $35+?

892 Shekim Army Store. 1956. H17 5 Prutot. Green with black print. Pair of Unc chits with consecutive serial numbers. $50+

893 Shoham Maritime Services Ltd-Haifa. 10 & 20 Pruta paper ship tokens. See Haffner (1970) p. 368. The 10 Pruta token with a black box before the serial #, while the 20 Pruta has No. before the number. Both Au-unc and much scarcer than the plastic tokens. It's been quite some time since I've offered these. $50?

*894 yeshiva shel mala. nd (early 20th century?). attractive and interesting "bond" in yiddish and hebrew which refers to new year blessing, with personal insurance policy for 120 happy years, (#365), series "chai". multi-colored with signatures and printed seal. not filled-in. clever use of numerology. vf, some tears at edges. neat item. $100+?

*895 riga, latvia. 1920's. form in yiddish. perhaps for "volunteers" to help-out at the "old workers home". the form asks about literary and/or musical abilities, personal information etc. two forms. 1 complete, 1 trimmed down, both shabby, dirty and torn. $50+?

*896 kofer hayishuv. 1940. two page circular letter issued by the kofer hayishuv national secretariat & the defense committee of the national council for the 5th anniversary of the arab riots of 1936. discusses the mass murder happening in poland along with hundreds of other civilians and fighters who had given their lives defending their land. also talks about the "tower and stockade" programs, jewish labor, hebrew youth, zionism and more along with the importance of the kofer hayishuv to all these movements. two long pages, mimeographed on printed watermarked forms. entirely in hebrew. vf, some staining and some tears. important and scarce. $85+?

*897 jewish brigade newspaper. 1945. lahayal. daily newspaper for jewish soldiers in europe. c. 11 1/2 x 17" printed on both sides. headlines read, "churchill on reich's just occupied". also with reports on the advance of the 1st us army up to the banks of the rhine and "the real solution for the problem of the people and the land". issued in italy by the "jewish chaplain's office, raac (british), cmf (central mediterranean forces)." f-vf, some fading. $55+

*898 zionist shekel draft proposals. march 15,1951. a four page typed (entirely in hebrew) report of the entire zionist shekel project with suggestions on changes needed to increase income, make the system more efficient and prevent clashes with other zionist fundraising institutions. among the proposals was "to allow the usa, canada, argentina, brazil and israel a bi-annual zionist shekel" and listing the thinking behind this as well as other thoughts including doubling the increase of the cost of the shekel and the election for the zionist congress. intended for use at the upcoming zionist congress in israel (the first there). fine+, filing holes, a few stains, minor tears. rare. $100+

*899 political propaganda $100 banknote. late 1980's. religious zionists (mafdal/mizrachi) against agudat israel. a us style $100 bill featuring the image of rabbi moshe zeev feldman, chair of the finance committee of the 12th knesset and a member of agudat israel. inscribed in hebrew caution...special money..this is illegal tender in israel. issued by the religious zionist party. with another political message on the back addressed to their own supporters. printed in green and black. ef $40+

*900 anti ehud olmert propaganda $1 banknote. 1992. a facsimile of a us $1 banknote with the smiling picture of olmert in the center and "ehudollar" in hebrew below. titled ehud olmert likes the dollar and lists 6 "smelly" financial cases handled by olmert as a lawyer and a knesset member. "joined the knesset with a "young couple's flat" moved a few years later to a $1, 500, 000 house...enough of likud corruptness". issued by professor yoram lass, a prominent physician and medical lecturer who was soon elected to the knesset. and the labor party, under yitzchak rabin won the election. printed in green and black at front and black and red on back. olmert later became the prime minister after ariel sharon was forced to step down. see 902 &902. a similar note sold for $90 in our 37a sale.$45+

*901 --- 2006. two items. the first is approximately the size of a real us $100 note but no serial number. depicts a masked hamas terrorist at center holding a rocket launcher, captioned on the back "250 million new shekels. olmert granted 250 million nis as a gift to finance hamas government of terror...we shall pay for it dearly" issued by the likud as part of netanyahu's political campaign of 2006. the 2nd is similar, but with serial number and enlarged, c. 9 1/2 x 4". both vf-ef. $50+

*902 labor party $1000 propaganda banknote. 2006. $1000 note with president grover cleveland at center. the back says, "this $1000 bill is not a campaign is the minimum wage that a full time worker should bring home at the end of the, we shall not be printing banknotes...yet we intend to change the state's priorities". also included in this lot is a small political leaflet showing photos of 10 prominent labor party leaders, captioned, today we shall vote for the best team in israel. two items, both ef. $50+

*903 rothschild's family house. 1901. german real photo postcard featuring the impressive five story building which had one time been rothschild's headquarters in frankfurt. postally used, with short message on front. sent from frankfurt to hamburg. vf $35+


*904 postcard. 1911? depicts a colored view of the ecce homo arch in jerusalem. postally used and sent to hingham, mass. with two ottoman postal stamps. mailed from a & j morcos, grand new hotel in jerusalem. the language of the handwriting on the card is strange and it has been suggested that it may be some form of basque spanish. fine. $20

*905 jewish bukoviner relief, jerusalem, palestine. unused decorative share warrant in blue and red with green vignette as background. very attractive. $50+

*906 israel commemorative silk handkerchief. c. 10 x 10". yellow, red and black on beige. most likely made in south america as legends are in spanish and came to us from a south america friend. depicts map of eretz-israel and the dates of the balfour declaration and the un vote to partition palestine and thus give the gift of life to israel. symbols of the 12 tribes, as well as a menorah, the tablets and lions of judaea. rare? $250+

*907 jewish national fund. golden book certificate. 1955. c. 12 1/2" x 17". one of the most attractive jnf items we have offered. 3 stunning vignettes, signed. presented to max thalman on his 70th birthday. some tape on back. $60+

*908 bank ha-doar postal bank. nd, but prior to 1986. unused check for chai (18 lirot). very attractive with counterfoil attached and israeli 20 agorot tel dan stamp on back. one of the few i can recall seeing. au-unc $30+


Why do people collect this stuff? Obviously people collect for different reasons, but most people seem to collect these items as teaching tools for use at home, in schools, synagogues and churches. Many people donate them to national or local museums. There are people who deny the existence or magnitude of the Holocaust. These items are a weapon against them.

In addition to these lots, also see the following lots earlier in the catalog: 244, 360-365, 396-397, 432-433, 445-449, 458-472, 544, 560-565, 579-582, 621-624, 629, 674, 677, 686, 693, 699, 702, 704-706, 708, 711, 727, 750, 754-759, 762-767, 769-770, 772-778 and 830.

*909 anti-semitic postcard. 1898. multi-colored card featuring a scene from the leipzig fair. depicts 3 orthodox jewish peddlers dressed in layers of mismatched clothing, with their typical cases of merchandise hanging at front and part of their goods shown in a rack above. they are consulting on how to survive the hostile fair. captioned below using the yiddish term jüd'n (pronounced yiden) "we are righteous jews, we are an ancient race, a gentle race which even precedes abraham". the other scene shows a mighty lion, named "antisemit" surrounded by five jews, captioned, "let the lord perform his miracle, while we stay put and calm". let's ignore the danger, by not attracting too much attention, and continue to trust the lord. a most unusual card, using yiddish terms, well aware of anti-semitic feelings, yet of jewish fear of it. mailed from leipzig to hamburg. vf and rare. $150+

*910 hungarian anti-semitic postcard. 1904. depicts 4 jewish minstrels playing their instruments while a hunter drags his animal past them. titled marsz chopina. vf, stains. postally used. rare? $40

*911 german anti-semitic postcard. nd. early 20th century. depicts a stereotypical jewish type eating a pig labeled kosher in hebrew. ef $40+?

*912 anti-semitic postcard. 1918. multicolored and slightly numismatically related. depicts a barn being used as a "guest house" during the leipzig fair. two "well dressed" wealthy jewish traders (?) are trying to convince the woman owner to let them stay for the night even though the place looks full. they offer her a choice of one of the shiny rings one of them is wearing or a (gold?) coin both probably far above the asking price of 8 marks. the gentile guests loudly protest, one of them pointing the way out while a banner below him proclaims, judenrrraus which soon enough became a nazi calling card. the card was mailed as the accusations of the jews as causing germany's defeat in wwi were beginning. fine+ and no doubt rare. $140+

*913 austrian anti-semitic notgeld. 1920 set of 3. 10, 20 & 50 heller. issued by the anti-semitic bund of austria. all with burning newspapers on the obverse and anti-semitic quotes on reverse. 3 au-unc notes. $50

*914 anti-semitic notgeld. brakel. 1921 2 mark in brown, depiciting a jewish "profiteer" chained to a pillar. the reverse shows a jewish man holding a baby out the window who defecates on a passerby. this is the 2nd issue which replaced the very controversial 1st issue. au-unc. see the shekel xviii, #4, page 23. the last (in au-unc) we offered sold for $50 $40

*915 anti-semitic notgeld. bremen. 1921 1 mark. issued on german day, this note is known as the elders of zion and features 5 jewish businessmen sitting around a table, "conspiring to gain control of global economics", nice ef-au and one of the scarcer of all german anti-semitic notgeld pieces. see the shekel vol. xviii, #4, page 21. scarce denomination as more often than not the 2 mark note is seen $200+

*916 hamburg anti-semitic notgeld. 1920 50 pfennig. issued by the merkur institute of art. shows a well dressed aristocratic jew wearing a top hat, smoking a cigarette in a long holder while reading a newspaper. the message at left reads, "the polish jews, oy vay, oy vay, are all present as one man. he is reading in the paper that michel is the cure-all. now they want everything from germany for the new poland". the reference to michel is germany as michel always represented germany and became a symbol for the poor long suffering german who was not going to take it anymore. in addition to the mockery of the cartoon and the text, the grammar also butchers the german language (or so i am told by more than one source). is this to make fun of the bad germans or the jews? or perhaps it shows that the makers of the notes were rabble. see the shekel vol xviii, #4, page 26 where this note is listed but not pictured. one of the rarest of all german anti-semitic notgeld. vf+, small pinhole. we've offered this note only twice previously which we sold at $200 and $240. $200+

*917 handsestadt lemgo anti-semitic notgeld. 1921 50 pfennig. depicts soldier at right reading from proclamation which refers to jews and christ. au-unc, with pencil mark pointing to "jud". scarce, only the 2nd i can recall offering. the first, 12 years ago, we sold to the late charlton meyers. 50?

*918 anti-semitic notgeld. horneburg. 75 pfenning. 1921. features "a jew" peeking out of a window. unc. $30

*919 loich anti-semitic notgeld 1920. 50 heller. depicts an austrian householder dismissing a jewish peddler (with long nose) from his house. at the left are thorns, at the right a snake with a caption, "out with loan sharks and illegal hawkers" perhaps meaning thorn should be uprooted and snakes be killed. unc $50+

*920 group of mostly anti-semitic notgeld. ribnitz 50 pfg. depicting a goat butting a jew; 3 mark note of landesgruppe in saxony depicting jewish types dancing around a column; 25 pfg. note of weimer which mentions bethlehem in judaea; austria 1 krone and two 2 krone uniface notes with anti-semitic legend on back and golem 50 pfg note of frankfurt. 7 notes, all unc or nearly so (some have pencil notations), either jewish related or anti-semitic. $100?

*921 german pre-nazi passport. 1933. issued to arthur alexander (a professor and doctor of medicine?) in july of 1933. this is a pre-nazi passport and makes a companion piece to nazi era passport offered in lot 933. dr. alexander was granted his passport in july of 1933 and arrived in palestine the next month. he has visas stamped from both france and great britain. interesting document for a man who got out of germany just before the horror was to begin. he traveled through strasbourg and marsailles on his way to palestine. $50+?

*922 german pre-nazi fremden pass. 1933. passport for foreigners. issued to alexander rosensweig who traveled through austria and italy on his way to the promised land. entirely different passport than one for a german citizen. $50+?

*923 german anti-semitic broadside. (1933). germany awake. issued by joseph garibaldi huch of berlin who two months earlier had publised a booklet titled "justice! the solution to the jewish problem". this little sheet (c. 5 1/2 x 8") says "germany awoke!. after 14 years of contempt, suffering, misery and international humiliation...a real fuhrer has a storm he united our people, he has said...the german jews will receive their appropriate treatment according to their attitude towards the national socialist regime." the publisher's conclusion is that hitler's approach toward german jewry is much better than his own suggestion. vf, small stain. $140+?

*924 american anti-nazi postcard. 1934. hitler chasing einstein out of germany. an anti-nazi card by m. califano, the ignominy of the xxth century, with "neither hatred nor persecution can stay the progress of science and civilzation". ef+. rare, only the 2nd i can recall seeing. $75+?

*925 early haavara document. 1934. sent from tel-aviv to the famed jewish banker dr. siegfried saalheimer in frankfurt. at the time saalheimer was manager of the darmstaeder and national bank in berlin, vienna and cologne (1920-1934). that same year he was appointed to serve under siegfried hoofien in the anglo-palestine bank. this letter says that they will give him a preferred rate to transfer his funds to the anglo-palestine bank. signatures and handstamp. saalheimer was very influential in the growth of banking and the founding of the stock exchange in tel-aviv. the haavara (transfer) company was established in 1933 and was designed to facilitate jewish immigration from nazi germany to palestine. though the nazis had ordered jewish immigrants to surrender most of their property before leaving germany, the haavara agreement let them retain some of their assests by transferring them to palestine as german export goods. there was considerable opposition by jewish groups, especially those who were advocating a boycott of german products, to this plan. however the zionist congress in their 1935 meeting in lucerne overwhelmingly approved the plan and asked the jewish agency to run it. it is estimated that over 60,000 german jews immigrated to palestine via this method. see lot #929 for another haavara doucment. $80+

*926 french anti-semitic postcard. nd. 1930's? black on white card depicting a jewish capitalist trying to control the entire world and in caption below saying out of 100 jews, 80 are capitalists, while out of 100,000 french only 1 is a capitalist. scarce. ef $40+

*927 french"anti-semitic" propaganda check. 1936. features leon blum's signature under "i am a traitor". the other side shows a picture of blum and 3 pictures of the destruction caused by wwi. c. 10 1/2 x 4". vf. no doubt rare. for a medal of leon blum see lot #709. $100+

*928 der ewige jude-the eternal jew. 1937 postcard from this infamous nazi anti-semitic exposition originally held in munich in november of 1937 and later in vienna in august of 1938. unused and virtually mint state. scarce. see the shekel vol xvii, #4, page 33. scarce. $50+

*929 haavara certificate.1937. hebrew/english printed certificate concerning 9.10 reichsmarks transferred by order to a. saslawsky, jerusalem who received .770 palestine pounds. signed and handstamped by the bank der tempelgesellscht (bank of the templars). most documents of the haavara that have survived are from the anglo-palestine bank, this from the templar bank is rare. a similar item in our may 2005 sale brought $150.also see lot #925. $150

*930 last minute aliya certificate. 1938. for one of the last jews to leave vienna on their own terms. with 1 schilling austrian adhesive and many handstamps. vf, a small tear or two. $100+

*931 kristallnacht. a week later. 1938. an issue of reichswort (the reich's watchman), a nazi weekly organ, this issued a week after kristallnacht. the paper was edited by graf ernst reventlow, founder of the german national people's party (dnvp) who left it in 1927 and joined the nsdap. lead article is titled (in german of course) "all israel is responsible for each other" using the traditional jewish tenet to stress his argument, that "all murders committed by jews evolve from the same principal, hence, based on this argument, all germans must also identify with the murdered german...jews lack all sense of justice...they only seek their own interests... grynspan tried to sabotage the peace between germany and france..." hersche grynspan, a polish jew who at 15 had escaped to paris and two years later he heard that his parents had been deported from germany to a concentration camp for polish jews living in germany, shot a member of the german embassy in paris. he immediately surrendered to explain his deed as an act of protest and a warning to the world of the impeding nazis plans. the nazis, instead, called him a tool of world jewry and used their propaganda tools to justify their increasing public anti-jewish campaign, which culminated less than 2 weeks later with kristallnacht (the night of broken glass) the infamous night when jewish owned businesses and synagogues were attacked, burnt and destroyed, the paper is full of many other vicious anti-semitic accusations and the usual drivel associated with the nazis. 8 pages with red swastika at top. the first we've offered in years. f-vf. rare. $300+

*932 "j" stamped id card. 1939. gray cloth, with photo (showing left ear prominently displayed), fingerprints and the new middle name of israel. these special gray fabric id cards were printed and used after the nazi law forced all jews to add israel or sara as their middle names. there is a large j both on the front cover and on the inside front cover. c. 8 1/4 x 5 3/4" to be folded once to fit in a large pocket. the card issued to mayer was good until january 1944, five years after it was issued. in this case it seems to have worked because it seems that the bearer survived and lived in or near yonkers, ny. see lot #939. we offered a similar piece in our sale of march 2007 and it sold for $1100 on an estimate of $500. $500+

*933 j. "jude" passport. issued to moritz israel vogel on 16 september 1939 who had been born in june of 1877. war had been declared only a few weeks earlier. he received his visa for italy on november 8th and arrived there 5 days later. a day later he obtained his visa for palestine and he left italy from trieste on the 16th of november arriving in haifa on november 21. his belongs cleared customs on the 4th of december in tel-aviv and on march 7,1940 one lift (a wooden crate?) was cleared. this is a remarkable passport of a jew who saw the writing on the wall soon after the nazis began their attack on poland and as soon as he received his visa (2 months later) he was off and running. the photo (of course) shows his left ear prominently as per the nazi belief that one could tell a jew by his left ear. numerous nazi handstamps as well as adhesives and handstamps. rare. $250+

*934 very early lodz (litzmannstadt) ghetto document. issued late 1939 or early 1940. german printed form with control part intact (perforated in between) and issued by the eldest of the jews in the city of lodz. a special form that enabled a jewish bearer to get a work permit issued, "per instructions of the lodz city kommissar", published on 5 october 1939. the upper part has spaces to be filled out with the name, date, gathering place etc., while the lower part has more details to be filled out including the address in lodz of where the bearer would work. more than a third of the population of lodz was jewish and more than 50% of those jews earned their living from industry. their work was needed for the german war effort and thus this form was issued 5 weeks after the nazi invasion of poland. i think that this must be the earliest lodz document of the eldest of the jews i've seen. the 1st public notice about the formation of the ghetto was issued on 8 february 1940 and the ghetto walls closed on 30 april 1940, while the city did not change it's name to litzmannstadt until 11 april 1940. this form predates all of those events. vf, some minor light folds. of extreme rarity. $275+

*935 metal stamp or die. 1940's. brass 51mm. for printing on documents for passage from poland to palestine going through (or perhaps also leaving from) hungary, czechoslovakia and yugoslavia. certainly a rare item. we've never seen another. $75+?

*936 jud suss, nazi anti-semitic film brochure. c. 1940. 8 page illustrated film program (c. 8.7 x 11.3") by the infamous director veit harla. the film shows, in detail, how rootless the jews are and their endless attempts to penetrate the aryan society. jews are presented as filthy, grimy and repulsive. a single german actor played three jewish figures, creating a continuity and a sense of a "common eternal jewish nature". with full page stills, a brief survey, listing the cast and so forth. in dark brown, printed in berlin. ef $65+

*937 jud suss, nazi anti-semitic film brochure. c. 1940. another, as above. ef $65+

*938 death certificate. july 1940. auguste "sara" bluementhal who died in k.l. #1079 (concentration camp #1079). it looks like she died in july of 1940 but this certificate wasn't issued until november 30th of that year. with nazi handstamp of the commander in breslau. rare. 100+?

*939 non-enemy declaration. june, 1941. for bernhard mayer who had been living in zurich the previous two years. showing a list of his assets as he attempts to immigrate to the us. along with this is an official form from the british consulate in zurich with handstamps, signatures and adhesive stamps most unusual. possibly related (father?) to the mayer in lot #932. $50+

*940 payment document to inmate in camp des milles. 1941. 12.15 swiss francs were transferred from rabb. j. stern to inmate marius kanarek. two pages stapled together. 1st i can recall seeing. $50?

*941 lisbon scheme. 1941. invoice for various food stuffs sent from lisbon through switzerland to inmates in german concentration camps. scarce. $50+?

*942 after mein kampf? 1941. movie poster. see the picture hitler fears..../wanted for murder, adolf schicklgruber (alias hitler). philadelphia. the reverse depicts hitler's "fingerprints", all with a swastika. scarce. numerous tears at corners and along edges. for a related item, see lot #956. $40+

*943 unsuitable slave laborer. 1942. official nazi german certificate issued to andrij deuczeuko, a 21 year old polish slave laborer upon his arrival in durchgagagslager przemysl, bakonczyce which was a transit camp in przemysl. following his medical examination he was described as "unsuitable for labor in the reich territory..." signed with official nazi handstamp of the "labor bureau of richshof" which is more well known as rzeszow where a ghetto was founded in january 1942. interesting 5 line manuscript notation on the back stating stolen cloths were found in his possession, hence he should be watched at all times. vg-f and rather flimsy. $75

*944 dutch jewish id card. 1942. official id card issued by the joosche raad voor amsterdam to its member dr. david hausdorff of rotterdam. printed in dutch and german with holder's photo tied to card by the official handstamp of the amsterdam judenrat. certfies that hausdorff, born 2 nov. 1901 is employed by the judenrat as a "medical advisor and a member of the financial committee." signed by the holder as well as both chairman of the dutch judenrat, abraham ascher and dr. david cohen. issued 24 july 1942 and has printed notation "to be submitted to the authorities when requested", i.e. to be carried by dr. hausdorff at all times. printed in black on thick dull orange card, to be folded once to fit in a pocket. both ascher and cohen were sent to westerbork concentration camp in september of 1943 and upon their arrival they were informed that the dutch judenrat no longer existed. both survived and after the war they were blamed by both dutch jewish survivors as well as by the dutch authorities for collaboration with the nazis. both were arrested in order to be put on trial but discharged as investigation showed massive collaboration by dutch authorities. in 1947 they were charged before a jewish community tribunal of the same charges. despite a passionate defense of their policy they were found guilty and barred from holding office in any jewish institution. included with this lot is a complete translation of the document as well as a short biography of dr. cohen. f-vf and of utmost rarity. $1800+?

*945 dutch judenrat letter. 1942. on the official letterhead of the joodsche raad voor amsterdam which features the names of a. asscher and dr. d. cohen at upper right. dated 27 december 1942 from a. wolfsberger of the rotterdam judenrat, who was in charge of the central information office to the director of the roman catholic hospital in gorinchem in regard to 78 year old jewess elisabeth soesman and her daughter johanna. the letter says that the two women were given 90 minute warning to leave their home (they were evicted by the nazis) and in their haste and hurry did not bring their medical letters and records which were needed immediately. could they be sent as soon as possible to the israel hospital in rotterdam. this document gives us a contemporary description of the evacuation of jews from their homes during the holocaust. 90 minutes of hectic horror, fear and unbelievable haste. regardless of age, health and mental state they had to be gone in 90 minutes. signed by wolfsberger with recipient's dated notation. vf and very rare. translation included. $900+

*946 dutch special travel certificate. 1943. issued to dr. david hausdorff (see lot #944) on19 april 1943 allowing him to travel to south holland and return to amsterdam the same day. printed in german and dutch and issued by the central bureau for jewish immigration, amsterdam. the bureau was under the supervision of the ss and in reality an appendage of the nazi secret police and was part of their plan to deport dutch jews to the death camps in the east which had been established by reinhard heydrich in february of 1942. with official handstamps and signatures. a similar certificate issued to dr. hausdorff's female partner, was offered by us (37c, #1252 @$750), it showed a serial number of #633, this is number 634. obviously they traveled together. folded once to be carried in a pocket. vf. the third of three extremely rare dutch holocaust items. translation included. $750+

*947 hungarian jewish soldiers id booklet. front marked with zs signifying jew in hungarian. this well used booklet also refers to the religion of bela katoma (or katona) as isr. (or jewish). it comes with a partial translation some of which is difficult to read. the back cover has general rules for all soldiers. rare. 1st i can recall seeing. $200+?

*948 "p" yellow badge. c. 3 1/4 x 3 1/4". black p and black border on yellow cloth background. worn by jewish polish inmate of labor camp. rare. 1st i've seen. however we have seen a picture of an inmate wearing a similar item and we would be happy to send along a picture if you would like. $200+

*949 stutthof. prisoner work camp tag. cn 55 x 33 mm oval with two holes as made. lagerkommandaator gef. nr. 400 stutthofin 3 lines. stutthof was where the v1 rockets were made. scarce. $100+?

*950 theresienstadt package receipt. 1944. sent to c.p.a.j.r. (a jewish relief organization) in lisbon upon receipt of a package sent to chmiel charlotte in theresienstadt. lisbon was the clearinghouse for mail to the occupied jewish world and where jewish relief organizations sent goods to concentration camps and ghettos from. this return receipt has a blue streak running through the card which was a chemical wash used to detect any invisible ink and secret messages. scarce. 1st we've had in many years. see lot #941 for a related item $50+?

951 Anti-Semitic Leaflet. WWII. Air Dropped over France 1944. Depicting French Allied Military Currency and blaming Jews for the French Financial Problems which were ruining the French Franc. VF, stains. c. 7 1/4 x 10" $40?

*952 in aid of jewish survivors in bergen-belsen. 1946. two items issued to private weisbrott serving in the polish forces, british army. 1) mimeographed army form giving weisbrott permission to be absent from his unit which was issued by allied missions camp ccg (be) bad oeyhausen and signed by camp commandant and 2) troop movement pass issued on the same date. apparently private weisbrott was transferred to bergen-belsen camp as he could (possibly) communicate with survivors in both polish and yiddish. a scarce pair. fine $75

*953 berlin jewish community token. nd (1946?). "10" paper token. mogen david within circle reading judische gemeinde with a 10 in each corner of chit. orange on beige paper, with westmark hand stamped across chit.. vf. scarce. perforated at left and on bottom. vf. $120+

*954 begin's irgun broadside. 3 november 1946. printed in hebrew with logo of greater israel and hand holding rifle, inscribed rak koch (the sole solution) at top. titled voice of fighting zion and addressed to the jewish youth of eretz-israel. "it is not the time of demonstrations, it is the time to fight". this was in direct contrast with the self restraint policy of the jewish agency. "our brethren are being deported, the gates of our land are locked and our own motherland is being robbed...a demonstration is nothing but a diaspora's weapon...remember the eldest of the jews in the ghettos or europe- learn the lesson- freedom or extinction...join us, our war for liberation will continue...till victory..." until 12 august 1946 all holocaust survivors who arrived in clandestine ships were interned in palestine, but rage increased when the survivors were sent to detention camps in cyprus. this broadside was broadcast by the underground radio station of the irgun. nice vf and rare. $140

*955 sanoker relief fund. 1946. an envelope and letter sent from poland to the transatlantic gift co on beaver st. in nyc for the sanoker relief committee requesting help for passover. the envelope had some handwritten messages that seem to have been added after the envelope arrived in ny. i have been unable to find out anything about this organization and it is likely that it was a small group, perhaps consisting of one person or one family who were from sokor, poland. fine $20+

*956 mein kampf movie poster. 1961. 5 different (mostly black and white, except for the title) 11 x 14" lobby advertising posters for this 1961 swedish documentary which was a well done work on the horrors of nazi germany. ef. for a related item, see lot #942. $75+


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26   -   $250
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30   -   $625
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68   -   $137
69   -   $150
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72   -   $300
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76   -   $160
79   -   $600
83   -   $260
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107   -   $175
109   -   $350
110   -   $950
111   -   $200
112   -   $440
114   -   $145
115   -   $3500
119   -   $180
120   -   $200
129   -   $150
130   -   $35
131   -   $40
135   -   $175
137   -   $195
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147   -   $160
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157   -   $480
158   -   $45
159   -   $45
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161   -   $45
162   -   $45
163   -   $45
164   -   $22
166   -   $200
167   -   $132
168   -   $50
169   -   $85
170   -   $30
177   -   $60
181   -   $130
182   -   $130
183   -   $95
184   -   $130
185   -   $130
188   -   $39
189   -   $85
190   -   $180
191   -   $180
192   -   $65
193   -   $30
198   -   $725
201   -   $75
202   -   $59
205   -   $60
206   -   $40
207   -   $45
208   -   $70
209   -   $50
210   -   $120
211   -   $170
213   -   $450
214   -   $375
215   -   $285
216   -   $450
217   -   $125
218   -   $65
219   -   $120
222   -   $190
223   -   $120
224   -   $75
225a   -   $65
229   -   $150
230   -   $85
231   -   $100
233   -   $85
234   -   $85
236   -   $250
240   -   $38
241   -   $38
242   -   $80
243   -   $110
244   -   $225
245   -   $90
247   -   $1100
248   -   $1100
249   -   $1100
250   -   $1050
251   -   $1050
252   -   $175
253   -   $150
254   -   $650
255   -   $50
256   -   $165
259   -   $100
260   -   $25
261   -   $125
262   -   $150
265   -   $190
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267   -   $130
268   -   $75
269   -   $425
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272   -   $55
274   -   $1050
278   -   $55
279   -   $85
283   -   $75
284   -   $50
288   -   $1200
291   -   $150
293   -   $85
295   -   $400
296   -   $210
298   -   $45
299   -   $220
300   -   $38
301   -   $45
302   -   $30
303   -   $20
304   -   $35
305   -   $45
306   -   $55
308   -   $115
312   -   $55
313   -   $165
314   -   $105
315   -   $45
316   -   $75
317   -   $165
318   -   $135
319   -   $55
320   -   $85
321   -   $150
322   -   $150
323   -   $80
324   -   $90
325   -   $150
326   -   $90
327   -   $45
328   -   $70
329   -   $100
330   -   $165
332   -   $200
333   -   $200
334   -   $145
335   -   $85
336   -   $350
337   -   $60
338   -   $65
339   -   $85
340   -   $65
341   -   $130
342   -   $225
343   -   $160
344   -   $300
345   -   $150
346   -   $75
347   -   $150
348   -   $100
349   -   $125
350   -   $300
351   -   $1350
352   -   $1200
353   -   $130
355   -   $85
356   -   $135
357   -   $140
358   -   $210
359   -   $30
360   -   $75
362   -   $3200
363   -   $3200
364   -   $5250
367   -   $55
368   -   $355
369   -   $175
371   -   $120
372   -   $100
375   -   $90
376   -   $30
383   -   $70
385   -   $150
386   -   $90
387   -   $75
389   -   $65
392   -   $165
398   -   $45
399   -   $40
433   -   $75
437   -   $30
445   -   $125
446   -   $235
447   -   $100
448   -   $110
449   -   $110
455   -   $40
456   -   $115
459   -   $250
460   -   $300
461   -   $60
462   -   $130
463   -   $325
464   -   $200
465   -   $250
466   -   $650
467   -   $100
468   -   $185
469   -   $1200
471   -   $45
472   -   $235
474   -   $30
475   -   $200
480   -   $125
481   -   $7500
482   -   $120
483   -   $200
484   -   $75
486   -   $75
488   -   $150
493   -   $50
494   -   $550
495   -   $110
496   -   $108
497   -   $90
498   -   $140
499   -   $270
500   -   $145
501   -   $525
502   -   $450
503   -   $350
504   -   $490
505   -   $150
506   -   $100
507   -   $450
508   -   $150
509   -   $450
512   -   $300
513   -   $3850
Lot #   -   Price Realized
515   -   $500
518   -   $1600
523   -   $200
527   -   $500
528   -   $1600
530   -   $255
531   -   $2200
*532   -   $125
534   -   $125
535   -   $350
537   -   $500
541   -   $110
542   -   $140
543   -   $75
544   -   $200
545   -   $75
546   -   $50
554   -   $60
555   -   $100
558   -   $1200
560   -   $450
561   -   $350
563   -   $350
564   -   $100
567   -   $180
568   -   $300
569   -   $1150
570   -   $850
571   -   $550
572   -   $2800
578   -   $70
579   -   $75
580   -   $105
581   -   $105
587   -   $130
593   -   $135
595   -   $90
596   -   $33
598   -   $225
607   -   $35
610   -   $250
616   -   $250
619   -   $210
620   -   $36
621   -   $35
622   -   $90
623   -   $275
624   -   $190
627   -   $225
628   -   $130
629   -   $450
630   -   $200
633   -   $75
634   -   $240
635   -   $250
636   -   $350
637   -   $135
638   -   $110
639   -   $250
640   -   $900
641   -   $65
642   -   $65
643   -   $65
644   -   $440
645   -   $300
646   -   $400
647   -   $500
649   -   $140
650   -   $575
652   -   $800
653   -   $160
654   -   $600
656   -   $400
657   -   $125
658   -   $150
659   -   $385
660   -   $120
661   -   $140
662   -   $700
663   -   $75
664   -   $40
665   -   $50
666   -   $200
667   -   $150
668   -   $80
670   -   $40
671   -   $110
672   -   $120
673   -   $80
674   -   $150
675   -   $80
676   -   $1200
677   -   $225
678   -   $110
679   -   $200
680   -   $50
*681   -   $80
682   -   $165
683   -   $125
684   -   $175
685   -   $350
686   -   $285
687   -   $225
689   -   $75
690   -   $100
691   -   $850
692   -   $40
694   -   $50
702   -   $250
703   -   $240
704   -   $240
705   -   $45
706   -   $100
707   -   $30
*708   -   $90
710   -   $15
711   -   $75
712   -   $75
714   -   $130
715   -   $50
716   -   $100
717   -   $50
718   -   $120
719   -   $60
720   -   $40
728   -   $75
730   -   $240
731   -   $65
732   -   $245
733   -   $75
734   -   $95
735   -   $265
736   -   $115
737   -   $60
738   -   $50
740   -   $220
746   -   $115
747   -   $80
750   -   $150
751   -   $110
Lot #   -   Price Realized
753   -   $45
756   -   $30
757   -   $65
758   -   $65
759   -   $55
761   -   $60
762   -   $60
764   -   $25
766   -   $30
768   -   $20
769   -   $50
771   -   $225
773   -   $80
774   -   $120
776   -   $250
777   -   $450
778   -   $45
784   -   $675
785   -   $365
786   -   $85
787   -   $70
788   -   $70
789   -   $100
790   -   $225
791   -   $225
792   -   $180
793   -   $180
795   -   $60
796   -   $160
797   -   $140
798   -   $160
799   -   $140
800   -   $150
801   -   $110
802   -   $100
*803   -   $75
804   -   $240
805   -   $75
806   -   $75
808   -   $180
808a   -   $145
809   -   $75
810   -   $85
812   -   $1750
813   -   $380
814   -   $1400
816   -   $75
818   -   $125
819   -   $40
821   -   $100
822   -   $65
823   -   $180
824   -   $180
825   -   $25
826   -   $150
830   -   $340
831   -   $40
832   -   $35
834   -   $350
835   -   $100
837   -   $40
838   -   $35
839   -   $50
843   -   $48
844   -   $75
846   -   $55
848   -   $25
852   -   $80
853   -   $50
855   -   $100
857   -   $50
861   -   $25
863   -   $40
864   -   $90
865   -   $50
866   -   $70
867   -   $40
868   -   $40
869   -   $100
870   -   $100
871   -   $40
872   -   $40
873   -   $90
875   -   $25
876   -   $100
877   -   $65
879   -   $150
880   -   $175
881   -   $185
882   -   $180
883   -   $175
884   -   $110
885   -   $60
886   -   $110
887   -   $60
888   -   $120
890   -   $40
*892   -   $40
893   -   $40
894   -   $120
898   -   $100
899   -   $50
900   -   $50
901   -   $40
902   -   $40
903   -   $50
908   -   $30
909   -   $200
910   -   $30
911   -   $70
912   -   $175
913   -   $55
915   -   $150
916   -   $310
917   -   $75
919   -   $65
920   -   $70
921   -   $50
922   -   $80
924   -   $150
925   -   $65
926   -   $200
928   -   $140
929   -   $135
930   -   $135
932   -   $450
933   -   $950
936   -   $75
938   -   $350
940   -   $45
943   -   $75
944   -   $1500
945   -   $900
946   -   $750
948   -   $150
949   -   $120
950   -   $80
951   -   $30
952   -   $75
954   -   $120
955   -   $25