Pricelist 38B - Spring 2008

Ancient and World Coins

Note: This list is now out of date. It is included here for informational purposes only.

Fixed Price List 38B

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INTRODUCTION (back to top)

Miracles of Miracles! It's been less than a year since our last Fixed Price List of ancient and world coins was mailed. This year we had hoped to get this list out in early February but we'll settle for just about the end of winter. As many of you no doubt know by now after 30 years of living in the foothills of Colorado we finally decided that mother nature was the winner. One too many very heavy spring snow storms and we found a house down the hill. We still have boxes and cartons that need to be unpacked but there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day for us to come close to catching up. We are beginning to write our spring auction catalog in mid-March. Lots of items from "name"collections are among the highlights of this sale which will close on 5 June.

Since last fall we have bought a large collection of world tokens and a nice collection of world railroad medals. Many of those items are being offered on this list. At first we were going to have special sections devoted to tokens and medals but instead we decided to list these items under their country of origin. In addition we bought two large collections of Israel and Palestine currency much of which is listed in our annual Israel/Palestine/Judaic stock list which is being issued at the same time as this list. Ask for a copy or just take a look at our website. And near the end of February we bought a huge collection of world coins. This collection consists of perhaps 3000-5000 coins mostly from about 1800 to 1970 or so. That's the good news. The not so good news is that there really isn't much of an order to the collection and the majority of the coins are in paper envelopes many of which are unmarked. We've listed a handful of the coins on this list, others will be offered for sale at shows, occasional lists and on our website. If you want to send us a want list by fax, email or regular mail we will certainly try to offer you those coins if we find them. We ask that you do not call us with your want list as your list will probably be lost on our desk. As we will just be going through the collection randomly we can't even give you an idea when we will run into a certain country although most countries are located in 2 to 5 places. Please note that gold and silver coins have been priced when gold is about $965 per ounce and silver at $19 or so. We reserve the right to change prices if necessary.

An asterisk * indicates that a photo of this item is on our website. Many of our most recent purchases have not been photographed. If you can't find the image please email us and we will either give you instructions on how to view the item or we will send you the image directly. We can provide images of most items worth $25 or more in this manner. In most cases the only paper photograph we can supply is a digital rendering in black and white. As you can see we've had to raise our postage rates again as the US Post Office is again raising their rates. In most cases we spend more on mailing, insurance, mailer's etc. than we charge. And our minimum shipping charge is $5 no matter how your order is shipped or how much (or little) the value of the shipment is.

The best time to reach a real person (either Bill or Rita) is between 9 AM and 6 PM Mountain time Monday through Friday although we are known to answer the phone before and after those hours and during the weekend. If we are not in, or not answering the phone, please leave a short but clear message and we will return your call. If we can't understand your phone message after two tries we will just erase it. As you can see we are continuing to use a 5 digit number (most of the time) which makes it easier for our computer to find pictures. You can use those numbers and/or a description when ordering items.

As we write this commentary to the list and look at the calendar we realize it was just about 35 years ago when we decided to bite the bullet and become a full-time coin dealer. Our daughter was less than 2 months old and Rita had already left her job when I made the decision to give this a try. 35 years later I still am not sure what I'm going to do when I grow up. Most of the time we have not regretted our decision and the times that we regretted it were not for long. We've had a few opportunities through the years to join other, larger firms and become part of "a team" but we've resisted. Just a few years ago I had a preliminary meeting with a large company which wanted to get into the world and ancient coin business but frankly when they started talking about "moving product" we didn't go much further in our discussion. Thanks to all of you who have helped make this the right decision. Some of you are receiving your first list from us and we've been dealing with some of you even before we went into this full time. A long time and lots of friends. If this sounds like retirement talk, think again. I'm having too much fun.


*48651 Ionia. Miletos?. 7th-6th Cent. BC. Electrum 1/12th (1.14). Crude Lion’s head right/Incuse punch around 5 pellets. cf. Rosen-275. F/VF. $450

*48837 Byzantine. Anastasius I. 491-518. Gold Tremissis (1.41). Bust right/ Victory advancing right, head left, holding wreath and globus crucifer, star below to right. SB-8. VF, sl. bent. $300

*48672 Bohemia. Charles VI. 1725. Gold 1/4 Ducat of Prague. Bust right/ Crowned Imperial Eagle, Lion of Prague in center of shield. KM-1505, Fr-387 (Austria). EF, spots of corrosion . $150

*48668 Crusaders. Kingdom of Acre, struck in Imitation of. al-Amir. 12th Century. Gold Dinar (3.24). Circular Islamic legends, both sides. Probably struck in either Jerusalem or Tripoli. CCS-3. VF, ragged edges. $399

*48885 Egypt. Abdul Hamid II. 1293/12 (1886). Gold 100 Qirsh. Toughra with denomination below within floral border/Date, mint within floral border. One year type.. KM-297, Y-F23, Fr-22. EF. $299

*48854 ---King Fuad I. 1923/AH1341. Gold 20 Piastres. One year type. KM-339, Y56, Fr-30. EF, light hairlines. $90

*48563 ---,---AH1341/1923. Gold 50 P, Similar. KM-340, Y57, Fr-29. Ch. AU. $150

*48564 ---,---AH1348/1929. Gold 50 Piastres. KM-353, Y71, Fr-33. BU. $175

*48566 ---Farouk. AH1357/1938. Gold 50 Piastres. Military Bust left. One year type. KM-371, Y89, Fr-37. BU. $225

48663 England. Victoria. 1876. Gold Sovereign. Young head left/St. George slaying the dragon . KM-752, Fr-388, S-3856a. EF. $249

48662 ---,---1884. Gold Half Sovereign. Young Head left/Shield. KM "1884 is much rare than the mintage figures indicate". KM-735.1, Fr-389e, S-3861. VF. $125

48660 France. Louis XVIII. 1824-W (Lille). Gold 20 Francs. Bust right/Value and shield in wreath. KM-712.9, Fr-539. GF/VF. $199

48656 ---Louis Philippe. 1834-A (Paris). Gold 20 Francs. Laureate bust left/Value and date in wreath. KM-750.1, Fr-560. VF. $200

*48951 Gambia. Republic. 1977. Gold 500 Dalasis. Conservation Series/ Sitatunga. Only 699 minted. KM-19, Fr-1. Choice BU. $975

*48568 Guinea. Republic. 1969. 2000 Fr. Lunar Landing. KM-18, Fr-3, Y-K8. Proof. $240

*48534 ---,---1970. Gold 1000 Francs. John and Robert Kennedy/10th Anniversary of Independence. KM-17, Fr-4. Proof. $100

*48536 ---,---1977. Gold 1000 Sylis . Bust of President Kwame Nkrumah/Arms. Very low mintage, only 150 pieces struck. KM-49, Fr-18. Proof. $135

*48537 ---,---1977. Gold 2000 Sylis. Bust of Ahmed Sekou Toure half left/Arms. Very rare, only 100 pieces minted.. KM-51, Fr-16. Ch. BU. $245

26433 India. Maratha Confederacy. EIC. Tanjore. ND (19th Century). Gold Fanam. Dagger/Degenerated image of goddess Kali. KM-280, Fr-1322. EF. $35

*48914 Israel. Herzl. 1960/5720. Gold 20 Lirot Fr-1, KM-30. BU. $250

*48915 ---Weizmann. 1962. 50 & 100 Lirot. KM-40, 41, Fr-2, 3. Proofs $1200

48916 Another set, as above. $1,200

*48917 ---Bank of Israel. 1964. Gold 50 Lirot. KM-44, Fr-4. BU. $400

*48918 ---Victory. 1967. Gold 100 Lirot. Western Wall in Jerusalem/Olive leaf around sword within star-like desgin. KM-50, Fr-5. Choice Proof. $825

*48919 --- 25th Anniversary. 1973. Gold 50, 100 & 200 Lirot .3 piece set. KM-72-74, Fr-9-11. Proofs. $1,375

48922 --- Dove and Cedar Trees. 1991 5752. Gold 5 New Sheqalim . Cedar Trees and Value/Dove and tree trunk. KM-222, Fr-38. Proof. $350

49032 ---,---As above but Gold 1 New Sheqel . KM-342, Fr-38a?. NGC Proof 66 Ultra Cameo. $160

49033 ---Roe and Lily. 1992/4753. Gold 1 New Sheqel . Roe standing left/Lilies . KM-343, Fr-42. NGC Proof 65 Ultra Cameo. $160

49034 ---Palm Tree and Leopard. 1994/5755. Gold 1 New Sheqel Leopard/Palm Tree. KM-260, Fr-51. NGC Proof 65 Ultra Cameo. $175

49035 ---Fox and Vineyard. 1995/5756. Gold 1 New Sheqel. Fox/Cluster of grapes. Only 837 minted. KM-275, Fr-59. NGC Proof 64 Ultra Cameo. $225

49036 ---Stork & Fir Tree. 1998/5759. Gold 1 New Sheqel . Stork standing right/Fir Tree at left. Only 553 minted. KM-321, Fr-72. NGC Proof 67 Ultra Cameo. $300

*48923 ---Burning Bush. 2004 5764. Gold 10 New Sheqalim . Burning Twig and Value/Burning Bush. Biblical Series. 555 minted. KM-388, Fr-90 (?). Proof. $775

49037 ---Jacob and Rachel. 2004/5764. Gold 1 New Sheqel. Jacob and Rachel floating in air. KM-405, Fr-. NGC Proof 67 Ultra Cameo. $89

*48924 Naomi Shemer. 2005. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. Her bust left. Only 555 minted/ Musical Score. Art and Culture Series. KM-414, Fr-90. Proof. $775

*48538 Ivory Coast. Republic. 1966. Gold 25 Francs . Bust of President Felix Houphouet Boigny/Elephant and value within wreath. KM-3, Fr-3. Proof. $240

48664 Japan. Kaheishi. (1868-1869). Gold 2 Bu. Rectangular.223 gold/.777 Silver. C-21d, Fr-22. aF. $45

*48540 Kenya. Republic. 1966. Gold 100 Shillings. Bust of President Jomo Kenyatta left/Fly whisk above value and date. KM-7, Fr-3. Unc. $229

49024 Netherlands. Wilhelmina I. 1897. Gold 10 Gulden . Head of Queen left/ Crowns arms, date below, value to left and right. Y28, KM-118. Unc. $210

*48649 Saudi Arabia. Trade Coinage. AH1370 (1950). Gold Guinea . Arabic legends both sides. KM-36, Fr-1. BU. $245

*48898 South Africa. Elizabeth II of England. 1954. 11 Piece Proof Set with gold. KM-PS29. Proof. No case.$550

*48652 United States. 1851. Gold 1 Dollar. Liberty Head Type I. Removed from Jewelry . Y19, Fr-84. . $80

*48653 ---1855. Gold 1 Dollar . Indian Head-Type 2. Removed from Jewelry . Y20, Fr-89. . $125

48671 ---Colorado. ND. 2.5 grams, 24 karat. Mountain/Pick and Shovel. BU. $85


*48833 Gaza. 4th Century BC. AR Obol (.50). Helmeted head of Athena right (off-center)/Owl stg r., head facing olive spray & crescent to l, AOE to right, Mem in between. Gitler-Tal V-21O. F+/GVF. Obv. off-center. $225

*48472 Philisto-Arabian. 4th Century BC. AR Obol (.66). Head of Athena right/ Owl standing right AOE to right. SNG ANS-19. Toned F/VF, bit o.c.. $100

*48473 ---,---AR Obol (.43) . Similar. SNG ANS-19. VG/VF. Nice reverse. $150

*48474 ---,---, ---AR Obol (.47) . A third. Crescent (?) to left of owl Square flan . SNG ANS-19. F/F-VF. $150

*21403 Yehud. After 333 BC. AR Obol (.90). Head of Ptolemy I right/Eagle, wings spread. AJC-6bff. aVF. $150

SC-159 samaria. 4th Century BC. AR Obol (.82). Head of horned mythological animal right/Forepart of bull right, traces of legend. SC-159. Toned VF$225

SC-163 ---,---AR Hemi-obol (.27). Male head right with long hair/Lion’s head facing, with open jaws and protruding tongue. SC-163. Toned F+, bit grainy.$150

28607 John Hyrcanus/Antiochus VII. 132-130 BCE. AE Prutah (2.44) . Lily of Jerusalem/anchor. 1st Macabbean coin of Jerusalem. H-451. VG/F. $35

*28613 John Hyrcanus I. 135-104 BC. AE Prutah (1.94). Yehohanan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews/Double cornucopia, pomegranate between. Greek Monogram to lower left. H-455, AJC-N. GD Fine. $30

*24726 ---,---AE Lepton or 1/2 Prutah. Palm branch flanked by 4 lines of/Hebrew/Lily, "A" monogram to left. H-458, AJC-O, TJC-C. GVF. $225

*28618 ---,---AE Prutah (2.07) . Yehohanan the High Priest and Head of the Council of the Jews/Double Cornucopia, pomegranate between, monogram of 3 dots in triangle lower left. H-459, AJC-S. Fine. $35

*28619 ---,---AE Prutah (2.61) Similar, no monogram. H-463, AJC-L. Nice VF. $50

29007 Judah Aristobulus. 104-103. AE Prutah (2.38) . Yehudah the High Priest and the Council of the Jews/Double Cornucopia, adorned with ribbosn, pomegranate between them. H-465, AJC-Ja. VG-F. $60

*49078 ---,---AE Prutah (1.63). As above but nicer F-VF$75

28973 Alexander Jannaeus. 103-76 BCE. AE Prutah (2.94). Lily, "Yehonatan the King"/Anchor within circle, "Of King Alexander". H-467. aVF/aF. $35

28972 ---,---AE Prutah (2.45) Another. H-467. Fine. $35

28975 ---,---AE Prutah (4.21). Anchor "of King Alexander"/Star of 8 rays, surrounded by diadem, between each ray a letter, Yehonatan the King. Hen-469, AJC-Ca. F/VF. Very heavy and thick!$40

29008 ---,---AE Prutah (3.02) Similar but 3 partial strikes of 8 ray star with Hebrew letters in rays reading Yehonatan the King on reverse. H-469v. F-VF. $50

*28625 ---,---AE Prutah (1.97) Similar but Brockage of the obverse. H-470ff. aVF, off center $65

28976 ---,---AE Lepton (1.16). Error. Similar, but Brockage of obverse (anchor) on reverse. H-471v. F-VF. $40

*28626 ---,---AE Prutah (1.65). Legend/Double Cornucopia, adorned with ribbons, pomegranate between horns. H-473, AJC-E. aVF. $35

28978 ---,---Lead Prutah or token. (3.28) . Anchor/Aramaic legend. Typically crude and off-center. H-476, AJC-D, TJC-M. F+ for type. $40

*48471 ---,---Another. The obverse is exceptionally nice for this very crude issue. The reverse almost blank as usual. H-479, TJC-M, AJC-D. aVF/Fair. $100

*28534 Mattathias Antigonus. 40-37. AE23 (13.95) Double Cornucopia, "Mattatayah the High Priest and Council of the Jews"/Ivy Wreath/BACI AEBDC ANTI ONOY. H-481, AJC-U7, T-36. F-VF, some flat areas. $100

*49079 ---,---AE18. Double Cornucopia, "Mattathias the High Priest"/Greek (King Antigonus) in 2 lines around ivy wreath. H-482, AJC-V2. VF/F. The cornucopia side is sharp and clear, the legend side is weak. Coin is attractive and well centered.$79

*28638 ---,---AE Prutah (1.72). Double cornucopia, ear of barley between/ Retrograde Hebrew . Usual flan handle. H-483, AJC-Y, TJC-40. VG/F. $30

*28639 ---,---AE Prutah (1.77) Another. Usual flan handles broken off. VG+. $35

*18657 ---,---AE Prutah (1.95) Cornucopia/Legend. Another but this a high grade example with two handles. H-483, AJC-Y. GVF, rev o.c.. $200

*28980 Herod I, the Great. 40-4 BC. AE 8 Prutot (5.27) . Tripod, Ceremonial bow, year 3 and monogram/Military helmet with cheek pieces and straps, flanked by 2 palm branches. Hen-486, AJC-1. VF/GF. $275

*48821 ---,---AE 8 Prutot (AE22, 6.22 gr) Similar. TJC-44c. EF, green patina. An exceptional coin!$525

28644 ---,---AE Prutah (1.27) . Cross surr by closed diadem and incomplete inscription (as usual)/Tripod Table. H-491, AJC-10. Crude VG. $30

*28981 ---,---AE Prutah (1.51). Cross, outside diadem, portions of "King Herod"/ Tripod Table. Scarce, seldom offered. H-492, M-11. Fine. $75

*28645 ---,---AE Prutah (1.27). Anchor legend/Double Cornucopia with caduceus between, dots above. H-500, AJC-17. Fine. $35

28646 ---,---AE Prutah (1.34). Another, a little less expensive. VG/F. $30

28647 ---,---AE Lepton (1.12). Cornucopia/Eagle/1st Jewish coin with graven image. H-501, M-23, TJC-66. G/VG. $25

*48820 ---,---AE Lepton (AE19, 11.4 gr) Another, but much nicer! aVF. $150

*28649 Herod Archelaus. 4 BC-6 AD. AE 2 Prutot (3.51) . Double Cornucopia/ War Galley, left, with oars & cabin, legend in 3 lines. H-503, AJC-3. F/VF. $175

*28650 ---,---AE Prutah (1.12) Similar but smaller H-504, AJC-4. F/VF. $90

*28982 ---,---AE Prutah (1.52). Similar aVF. $85

48698 ---,---AE Prutah (1.26) . Bunch of grapes on vine with small leaf/Tall helmet with crest & cheek straps caduceus below left. H-505, AJC-6. F+/F. $60

*28983 ---,---AE Prutah (2.23). Another, but nicer. VF+, nice green patina. $100

28653 ---,---AE Prutah (.94) . Prow of Galley right, HPW/EON in wreath. H-506, AJC-5. VG. $25

*27027 ---,---AE Prutah . Another, but much nicer. VF. $140

*28651 ---,--- 4 BC - 6 AD. AE Prutah (1.13) .Similar, P upside down in obverse legend. H-506, AJC-5a. F/VG. $40

*28656 ---,---AE Prutah (1.25). Anchor with long slender arms/legend in wreath. H-507, AJC-2b. GF/aF. $25

*29055 Herod Antipas. 4 BC- 39 AD. AE 24 (13.78) Unit Upright Palm branch, L = year 34 (30 AD)/TIBE PIAC in wreath. H-516, AJC-9. Fine. $500

*29056 ---,--- AE 22 (12.72) Unit. Similar but year 37 (33 AD).H -520, AJC-13. VG/F. $275

*29059 ---,--- AE 17 (6.45) 1/2 Unit. Upright palm branch, Year 43 (39 AD)/Inscription in wreath H-525, AJC-18, TJC-92. VG/aVF, bit rough. $500

*29060 ---,--- AE 14 (3.58) 1/4 Unit ( ). Bunch of grapes hanging down, year 43 (39 AD)/Inscription in wreath. H-526, AJC-19, TJC-93. VF. Rare. Ex Raphael Ellenbogen sale.$950

*28553 Agrippa I. 37-44. AE Prutah (2.58). Canopy with fringes. Brockage, incuse of obverse. H-553. GF. $90

28660 ---,---AE Prutah (2.27) . Canopy with fringes/Three ears of barley growing between 2 leaves, flanked by date H-553, AJC-11. GF. $35

*48839 ---,---AE Prutah (2.82). Another, but larger and nicer.. aVF. $60

*29066 Agrippa II, Pre-Royal Coinage. 56-95 (41-54). AE 23 (13.37) at Paneas. Laur. hd of Claudius left TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG PM TR P IMP PP/Antonia, Britannicus & Octavia (children of Claudius), each. hldg cornucopia, their names written out. H-567, RPC-4842. Nice Fine. Rare and Important $1,125

*29067 ---,---(53/54). AE 18 (6.16) 1/2 Unit. Upright palm branch, legend Year 13/ TIBE PIAC in wreath. Civic type. In very nice condition. Struck at Tiberias. H-575, AJC-6. T-348. Nice VF. $530

*29068 ---,---A third Pre-Royal Coin. 56-(53/54). AE 14.36 (3.36) 1/4 Unit. As above but smaller. Struck at Tiberias. H-576, AJC-7, T-349. GVF. $650

*29069 ---,---Under Nero. AE 19 (6.20) of Paneas. Agrippina (mother of Nero) std l., hldg branch & cornucopia AGRIPPIN AVG/Veiled Octavia (w of Nero) stg l hldg patera over altar OCTAVIA AVGVSTI. Decent for rare issue.. H-577, RPC-4845. VF, bit rough. $525

*28984 ---,---,---AE23 of Panias (11.79) . Bust of Nero right/5 line legend. Commemorates Panias as Nerinias. H-581, AJC-Add. I, p. 110. F, bit rough. $120

*28986 ---,---,---AE14 (1.54). Turreted bust of Tyche right, "Caesar Neronias Agrippa"/Double Cornucopia, winged caduces between. Extremely rare. H-584, AJC-5, TJC-132. F/VG, ragged flan. $650

*25788 ---,---Under Domitian. yr 24, 84/85. AE1 . Bust of Domitian r/Nike writing on shield. Ex Dan Friedenberg collection.. H-604, TJC-150. Choice VF. $200

*48608 ---,---,---AE 25 (17.60) . Bust of Vesp r/Nike stg left, crescent. Struck year 26 = 86/87 AD. Ex George Fisher collection, Ex James Theslius colleciton via Amphora. H-610, AJC-30a. aVF. $250

28989 ---,---,---AE25 (9.99). Laur bust of Titus right, AYTOKP TITOC KAICAP CEBAC/Nike adv. right, hldg wreath & palm branch, star in front ETO K. This appears to be an unpublished variety with the star on reverse and draped bust on obverse. Also, legend spacing indicates not enough room for a complete "Cebac" on obverse. H-612v, AJC-32av, T-160av. Gd F, bit o.c.. $100

*26427 ---,---,---AE22 . Hd of Domitian right/SC, Struck year 26=86/87 AD. H-616, AJC-36. GVF, reverse off-center$165

*24757 ---,---,---AE19 . Laur. head of Domitian right/Nike right inscribing shield, year 26, 86/87 AD. TJC-165, H-617, AJC-37. Choice VF. $120

*22702 ---,---,---AE28. Bust of Vespasian right//Tyche stg left, hldg ear of corn. Year 27. H-619, AJC-8, TJC-166. Gd Fine. $175

*28990 ---,---,---Year 29 88/90 AD. AE24 (11.97). Bust of Titus/Nike adv. right. H-625, AJC-45b. Fine. $90

*28991 ---,---,---AE13 (1.80) . Bust of Domitian right/Legend in two lines in wreath. Year 35, 95/96 AD. H-634 AJC-56. Nice VF. $140

28666 Marcus Ambibulus, Procurator, under Augustus 6-9 AD. AE Prutah (1.96) . Ear of barley turned to right, KAICAPOC (of Caesar)/8 branched palm tree, with 2 bunches of dates, date in field. H-635, AJC-1, TJC-311. F-VF, chipped. $40

*28930 Valerius Gratus, Procurator under. Tiberius. 15-26 AD. AE Prutah (1.91). kai cap in wreath in 2 lines/Double cornucopia with tib & lb (yr 2) in two lines. H-639, AJC-6, TJC-316. Choice VF+. $200

29011 ---,---AE Prutah (1.59) . KAI CAP in wreath/2 crossed cornucopias with caduceus between, TIBEPIOY, Year 3 in field. H-641, AJC-10, TJC-320. F-VF. $35

*48610 ---,---AE Prutah (2.07) .As above but much nicer. Ch. VF. $175

*27838 ---,---AE Prutah Similar, TIBEIPOY misspelling. H-641a, T-302a. aVF. $75

48974 ---,---AE Prutah. Inscription in wreath/3 Lilies in bloom. Hen-642, TJC-321. Fine. $42.50

*28669 ---,---AE Prutah (2.28). Another, but nicer GF. $55

*24730 ---,---AE Prutah. Vine leaf and grapes/Narrow necked amphora with scroll handles, year 4. H-643, AJC-16, TJC-326. VF, but obverse off-center. . $110

*28671 ---,---AE Prutah (2.23). tib kai caP in wreath/Palm branch, LE= Year 5 = 18 AD. TJC-328, H-646, AJC-18. aVF. $50

*48836 Pontius Pilate, Procurator under. Tiberius. 26-36 AD. AE Prutah (1.49). Lituus/LIS. An unpublished variety on a light flan with an unusual and unpublished date arrangement of yr 17. Possibly a barbaric issue. H-649v, AJC-23v, Font-unl. F-VF. $250

*48835 ---,---AE Prutah (2.33). Lituus/Wreath, date unreadable. Neat coin with "flan handles" or "strips" still remaining. Rare as such. H-649-650, See AJC-II, 186. Fine. $250

*28677 Antonius Felix, Procurator under. Claudius. 52-59 AD. AE Prutah (2.07) Legend (Julia Agrippina, wife of Claudius) in wreath/2 crossed palm branches "Tiberius Claudius Caesar Germanicus" H-651, AJC-32, TJC-342. Fine. $50

28678 ---,---AE Prutah (1.85). Crossed spears & shields/6 branched palm tree, LI KAI, Year 14 of Caesar. Rare coin which mentions Britannicus son of Claudius. H-652, AJC-29, TJC-340. F. $45

29012 ---,---AE Prutah) .As above, a tad nicer. F-VF. $49

*48803 ---,---AE Prutah (2.94) .A third and much nicer.. EF. $199

29013 Porcius Festus, Procurator under. Nero. 59-62.. AE Prutah (2.32) . Palm branch Yr 5 of Caesar/Legend in wreath. H-653, TJC-345, AJC-35. F-VF. $40

*48823 ---,---AE Prutah (16mm, 2.25 gr). Similar but reverse is an Incuse of obverse. (Brockage!). H-653v, AJC-35q, TJC-345p. VF and rare as such!$300

48600 First Revolt (Jewish War). 66-70, yr 2. AE Prutah (3.06). Amphora with wide rim & 2 handles, Year 2. Thick Amphora, 2nd type of Mem/Vine leaf with small branch and tendril, "Freedom of Zion". H-661, AJC-11a, TJC-196a. F+, green patina, bit o.c.. $25

48601 ---,---AE Prutah (2.40) Another, bit nice. F-VF. $35

48602 ---,---AE Prutah (3.74). A third, a tad nicer and heavier. aVF. $45

48603 ---,---AE Prutah (2.97) .As above. aVF. $45

*48816 ---,---Year 2. AR Shekel (13.63) . Omer Cup, "Shekel of Israel, Year Two"/3 Pomegranates on stem, "Jerusalem the Holy". . H-659, AJC-8, TJC-193. GVF. $2,600

*48815 ---,---AR Shekel (14.04) Another, but this among the finest we’ve offered!. H-659, AJC-8, TJC-193. Choice EF. . $3,350

*24779 Bar Kochba revolt. 132-135, Year 1 (or hybrid). Medium Bronze (7.54). Palm Tree, "Shma"/Vine Leaf, "Year 1 of the redemption of Israel. Hybrid years 1 and 2, palm tree is from dies of year 2.. Mild-47, H-679, TJC-257. aVF. $650

*25733 ---,---Year Two. Medium Bronze (7.00). Palm Tree, "Shimon"/Vine Leaf, "year two of the Freedom of Israel". Mild-56, TJC-260, H-708. . Choice VF. $200

*25740 ---,---Medium Bronze (8.65) Similar. Mild-69, TJC-260, H-708. aVF. $200

*24767 ---,--- Medium Bronze (9.36). Similar. Mild-72, H-708. VF, oblong flan. $220

*24361 ---,--- AE Medium Bronze (12.46). Similar with head of Vespasian visible to right of vine leaf from under coin. TJC-260a, H-708, Mil-78. F-VF. $500

*25756 ---,---Medium Bronze (9.05) Similar. Mild-80, TJC-260, H-708. . VF. $235

*25757 ---,---Medium Bronze (10.24) Similar. Mild-82, TJC-260, H-708. VF. $250

*25758 ---,---Medium Bronze (11.02). Similar. Mild-83, F-VF, bit ragged & o.c.. $175

*25964 ---,---AE Medium Bronze (11.32) .Similar. H-708, Mild-83. VF. $215

*25760 ---,---AE Medium Bronze (9.41) Mild-92, TJC-260, H-708. . VF. $225

*25761 ---,---Medium Bronze (11.79) Similar. Mild-93, TJC-260, H-708. . VF. $225

*24781 ---,--- Medium Bronze (9.61) Similar, but crude, Irregular type. Nicer than Mild plate coin. As Mild-173. VF. $325

*29014 ---,--- Medium Bronze (8.57) .Another Crude Barbaric type. Small leaf on obverse, course engraving on tree side.. H-708, Mild-194. F-VF for type. $200

*29215 ---,---Undated, attributed to. to year 3. AE Medium Bronze (8.70) Similar , reverse "For the Freedom of Jerusalem" H-736, Mild-97. aEF, but ragged flan. $200

*25764 ---,---Medium Bronze (9.41) Similar. M-103, , H-736. aF/VF. $235

*24771 ---,--- Medium Bronze (9.41. Similar. Clear view of undercoin, Vespasian (on Ascalon?). Mild-111, H-736. Nice VF. $550

*25765 ---,---Medium Bronze (10.76) Similar. M-106, H-736. aVF/VF. $250

*26449 ---,---Medium Bronze (9.31) . Similar. M-118, H-736. VG-F/VF. $175

*24563 ---,---Medium Bronze (8.00) Similar. Mil-126, H-736. F-VF/VG. $160

*27765 ---,---Medium Bronze (10.39) Similar. H-736, Mi-128, T-292a. F/VF. $250

*27766 ---,--- Medium Bronze (12.16). Similar. H-736, Mi-136, T-292a. GdFine. $190

*24783 ---,--- Medium bronze (10.22). Similar with Vespasian’s (?) head visible. Mild-138, Hen-736. Choice VF. $500

*29216 ---,---AE Medium Bronze (13.02). Similar but crude with striations and flan cracks from filing. H-736. VG-F. $100

48975 Judaea Capta, Domitian. 81-96. AE29 of Caesarea. Head of Domitian right/Palm Tree. H-746, AJC-9, TJC-394. G-VG. $49

*29104 ---,--- AE 21 (8.91) of Caesarea . His laureate bust left/Minerva advancing left holding trophy in right hand, shield and spear in left.. H-749, AJC-7. Fine. $55

48976 ---,---AE19 of Caesarea. Head of Domitian right/Nike in flowing gown advancing left.. H-750, AJC-8, TJC-393. Fine. $49

*48597 ---,---AE18 (5.75). Similar but legend reads Caes Avg, not Caesar. Ex George Fisher collection via Antioch in July of 2003. H-750v, TJC-393v. VF. $125

*48598 ---,---AE20 (5.44) of Caesarea . Laureate head of Domitian right/Trophy. Ex George Fisher collection from us in September of 2004. H-751, TJC-390. VF/F. $125

*48840 10th Legion Countermark. ND. AE23. Head right, LXF cmk in incuse square, plus and countermark with male head right. cmks VG-F, & Fine. H-807a, How-117 & 733. coin poor, as usual.$125


*48599 Abila, in Decapolis. Caracalla. 198-217. AE23 (6.65). Laureate bust of Caracalla right, retrograde "N" in legend/Hercules wrestling the Nemean lion, EIC= year 265 of Pompeian Era (201/202). Ex George Fisher collection, purchased from Antioch in March of 2000.. Ros-19. aVF & rare. $150

*29016 Aelia Capitolina in Judaea. Antoninius Pius 138-161. AE24 (13.44). Laur. bust r, impantoni no avg ppp/ Dionysus stg nude, resting on thyrsos, panther at feet, COLAE LIA CAP. Larger and heavier than most seen.. M-24, Ros-16. VF. $300

48805 ---,---AE19.5 (8.39). Bust of Antoninus Pius right/Bust of Marcus Aurelius with CAC at top. Elevation of Aurelius as Caesar. Mesh-37, Ros-25. VF, tad rough. $110

*29018 ---Marcus Aurelius. 161-180. AE19.5 (7.62).. Laur., draped bust right IMP CAE (M AV ANT)/Tyche standing 1/2 left, hldg object in extended r. hand and cornucopia in left. CO LAE (L)KA P. Scarce, esp. this nice. Mesh-47, Kad-45. VF, green patina. Ex Triton I sale.$350

48806 ---Elagabalus. 218-222. AE21 (11.60). His bust right/She-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus. Mesh-119. Gd Fine. $175

*29024 ---Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. AE 22 (7.73). Laur., draped & cuirassed bust right IMPSE AL EXANDRVSSE/Tyche std l, on throne w./high back, patara in r hand, dove above, cornucopia in l., CO ELCAC PF. Mesh-149. VF. $275

*27039 Akko-Ptolemais in Phoenicia. Hadrian. 117-138. AE22 (6.34). Laur bust r/ Hadrian as founder, plowing right/w. bull & cow, 4 standards behind. Ros-48, H-819. aVF. $90

*48808 ---Caracalla. 198-217 (213-217). Bi Tetradrachm (13.52) . Laureate bust right/Eagle stg with hd left, between legs a figure holding harpa, flanked by 2 horned animals . H-820v, Bell-252, R-61v. Choice VF+. $175

48807 ---,---198-217. AE24 (11.35). Laur. bust right/Tyche, stg left, hlding rudder in r. hand, cornucopia in left, crowned by Nike. R-46v, Kad-136v. VF, green patina. $175

*29106 Ascalon in Judaea, Domitian. 81-96. AE 21 (10.85). Laureate bust left/ Turreted city goddess, in long chiton, hldg standard & aphlaston stg. r. on galley, dove to right Year 189 (2nd issue) = 85/86 AD.. Ros-115. Fine. $45

*29107 ---Trajan. 98-117. AE 24 (13.09). Bust right/Turreted city-goddess standing left on galley, with standard and aphlaston,altar left, dove right Year 216 = 112/113 AD. Ros-140, BMC-10. Nice Fine. $45

*48809 Bostra in Arabia Petraea, Commodus. 177-192 (181-2). AE11 . Bust of Tyche right, OZE at sides (year 77)/Camel stranding right, BOCTRA around. Ros-22, Kind-19. VF. $150

*29108 ---Julia Mamaea, mother of Severus Alexander. AE 20.5 (4.53). Bust right IVLIA MAMAEA AVGVSTA/Bust of Zeus Ammon r, disk on top of head, ram’s horn on temple, COLONIA BOSTRA. Cast as made (See Kindler page 120).. R47, Sp-52, BMC-35, ANS-1238, Kind-42. VG-F. $45

*29033 ---Philip II. 247-249. AE 27 (15.39) . Radiate, cuirassed bust right MARCIVL PHILIPPOCESAR/COLMETROPLISBOSTRA around wreath AKTI A OV CAPIA in 3 lines within wreath. Ros-52, Spike-60. VF. $265

48810 ---Trajan Decius. 248-251. AE26 (16.90). Laur. bust right/Zeus Ammon clasping hands with turreted Tyche. Ros-54, Spi-63. F+. $125

*22715 Caesarea in Samaria, Diadumenian. 217-218. AE21 . Bust right/Bust of Sarapis right. Ros-67, BMC-110. GF/VF. $80

*29109 ---Severus Alexander. 222-235. AE 21 (10.26) . Laur. bust rightt (IMP CAE SEV ALEXANDER)/Eagle supp. wreath with SPQR (Senate & Roman People) on spread wings CI FAFCCA CAES METRO OPOLIS. Ros-91, Kad-97. Fine. $40

*48826 ---Trajan Decius. 248-251. AE25 (18.44) . Radiate draped bust of Decius right/Hygieia std to left on rock, feeding serpent. Very rare reverse type. Kad-142. Ro-2, ANS-, Mesh-1. F-VF, green brown patina. $575

*48811 ---,---AE27 (16.94). Laur. bust right, countermark on neck, possibly an anchor/Horned altar, palm and fig trees behind.. Ros-129, Kad-154, H-840. F. $125

*29110 ---Herennia Etruscilla. wife of Trajan Decius. AE 22 (8.87). Bust r ERENNIA ETRVSCILLA AVG/Bust of turetted Tyche, door in crown, draped l./shoulder, COL PF AVFC CAE METROP. Ros-134. Nice F, pretty green patina. $69

*48827 ---Volusian. 251-253. AE23 (11.78) . Slightly bearded radiate bust right/Emperor on horseback r, carrying spear. Ros-187, Kad-228. VF. $250

48812 Canatha in Decapolis, Domitian. 81-96 (93/4). AE11 (1.51) . Head of Domitian left/Turreted head of Tyche left. Ros-3, SGI-877. VG/F+, green patina. $59

48813 dium in Arabia Petraea, Caracalla. 198-217 (207/8). AE26 (14.46) . Bust of Caracalla right/Eagle atop flaming altar within 6 colum temple, AOC= year 271 (Pompeian era). Ros-3v. Gd Fine. $125

*48814 Eleutheropolis in Judaea. Julia Domna , wife. of Septemius Severus (206/7). AE21 (7.00) . Her bust right/Nike walking left hldg wreath and palm branch EH= year 8. Ros-9. VF. $140

*48828 ---,---Macrinus. 217-218. AE25 (12.13). Laureate & bearded bust right/ Tetrastyle temple, with pediment & central arch, Tyche standing left within, holding small bust and cornucopia, dated year 19 = 217/218 AD. Ros-21. VF. $375

*29214 Gaba in Samaria, Hadrian. 117-138. AE 23 (10.41 . Laur. bust of Hadrian right AVTKAIC (CTPAI A ) PIANOCCEB/Victory walking left with wreath in l. hand, trophy in right, K Y I ( I) ABAHNWN ZOP = 177 =116/117 AD. Ros-9. Fine. $65

*29133 Gadara Decapolis. Commodus. 177-192. AE 28 (11.80) . Laur. bust right (AVTK AVP) KOMMO ON/ Zeus seated left in tetrastryle temple. O A ( AP)IEAC (MC) A K., year 243 = 179/180. Ex Fisher and Sugar collections. Ros-63, Sp-61. aF. $75

*29041 Gaza in Judaea, Antoninus Pius 138-161. AE 28 (18.49) . Laur & draped bust r/Turreted bust of Tyche right, Mem beow right. Ros-74, Lind-2465. F-VF. $250

*48829 ---,---AE 27 (21.53). Similar.. Year 214=153/154 AD. BMC-69, Ro-. VF. $375

*48830 Neapolis in Samaria. Philip Sr.. 244-249. AE27 (13.14). Radiate bust right/Marayas on left, stg right, eagle on right, wings spread, supporting Mt. Gerizim. Ros-77, BMC-118. F/GVF, greenish patina. $550

*48819 Nysa-Scythopolis in Samaria. Gordian III. 238-244 (304 = 240/241 AD). AE23 (12.31). Laureate bust right/Dionysos, nude but for chlamys, adv. right, hldg thryos in r. hand, left on head of small figure, panther to left, Sp-59, RB-90, Ros-60. Gd VF. $400

*29046 Petra in Arabia Petraea, Commodus. 177-192. AE 17 (3.86) Laur. bust right/(Petra Metropolis) in 3 lines in wreath. Rare. Sp-26, Ros-18. aF. $90

*48934 Philadelphia in Arabia Petraea. Time of Marcus Aurelius (163/164 AD). AE16 (4.04). Veiled bust of Demeter right/Wicker basket with grain-ears and serpents ETOYC ZKC = Year 227. Z is reversed. Sp-3a, Ros-28, M-257. aEF. $350

*29047 ---Commodus. 177-192. AE 18 (6.15). Laur. bust right AVTK AIC KOM/Bust of turreted Tyche r, drapery on left shoulder with bare bosum Sp-38, Ros-38. VF. $160

*48832 Rabbatmoba in Arabia Petraea, Caracalla. 198-217 (210/211). AE31 (17.42). Laureate bust right/War-god Ares, wearing helmet, cuirass and boots, standing on podium with flaming altars to either side. Holding spear and shield. PE = 105 = 210/211. Much nicer than Ros or Sp examples. Ros-16, Sp-27. Gd VF. Larger and much nicer than other published examples$750

*48831 Sebaste in Samaria, Commodus. 177-192 (191/192). AE19 (4.29) . Bearded laureate bust right/Cysta,Mystica surrounded by 2 snakes, LCIS - 216 - 191/192. Ros-16, Mesh-115. GD VF. The cult of the underworld!$400

*28934 ---Julia Domna. Wife of. Septemius Severus. AE25 (10.05). Bust right/Kore standing facing, hldg torch and ears of grains, cista mystica to l. SNG ANS-1079v, Mesh-119v. VF. $300

*21365 Tiberias in Galilaea, Claudius. 41-54, year 13. AE18 ( 8.01). Legend around palm, year 13/Legend. RARE 3/4 denomination!. Ros-4v, Kind-2v. F-VF.$375


*27616 Campania. Phistelia. 380-350 BC. AR Obol (.54) . Facing head/Barley-Corn between dolphin and shell. SG-316. VF+. $100

*29094 Calabria. Tarentum. 380-355 BC. AR Nomos (7.63) . Horseman right, crowning himself, symbol below, left foreleg of horse raised/Boy on dolphin left, TARA below.. F-B 493. . VF. $475

*28315 Lucania. Metapontion. c. 280 BC. AR Stater (7.93) . Head of Demeter right/Ear of corn, meta to l., scorpion left, leaf and cornucopia to right. Johnston D4.13. Toned EF. $450

*28313 bruttium. Kaulonia. 475-425 BC. AR Nomos (8.02). Naked Apollo r, stag to right/Stag right. KAV retrograde on both sides. SG-462, Cop-1712. F/VF. $425

20695 Sicily. Kamarina. 413-405 BC. AE Trias . Gorgon Head/Owl stg left, holding lizard in claw, 3 pellets in ex.. Cop-168, SG-1062v. Nice VF. $90

24694 ---,---,---Another, obverse as nice, reverse not quite. VF/F. $70

*20279 ---Syracuse. 485-478. AR Obol . Head of Artemis-Arethusa right/Wheel of 4 spokes. SG-919. VF. $75

*48981 ---,---After 395 BC. AE Drachm (30 mm, 28.40 gm). Head of Athena left wearing olive-wreathed Corinthian helmet EYPA in front/Starfish between two dolphis. SG-1189, BMC-287. Nice Fine. Very attractive.$150

24496 ---,---Timoleon. 344-336 BC. AE Litra . Head of Zeus right/thundrbolt, eagle. SG-1192v. VF, tooled. $60

*28563 Macedon. Lete. 530-480 BC. AR Stater (9.37). Naked satyr adv. right seizing a nymph by her right wrist, she looks back at him, raises her left arm in protest/ Incuse squre divided in 4 triangles by X. SG-1298, SNG Cop-186. Porous aVF. $500

*49028 Macedon Kingdom Alexander III, the Great. 336-323 (315-294) BC. AR Tetradrachm (17.29) of Amphipolis. Head of Hercules, as Alexander the Great, right. clad in lion’s skin/Zeus seated left on throne, torch at left, monogram below throne.. Price-455. Nice well centered VF. $425

*23610 ---,---AR Drachm (3.91). Head of Hercules right/Zeus seated left. Fine. $100

25951 ---Antigonas Gonatas. 277-239. AE18. Athena in Corinthian helmet right/ Pan erecting trophy, monograms to left and right. SG-3786. F-VF, green patina. $65

*28348 ---Roman Times. Gaius Publilus Qaestor. c. 168-167 BC. AE 22 (9.72) . Helmeted hd of Roma r/3 line legend in oak wreath. SNG Cop-1318. VF, green patina. $90

*27666 Thrace. Byzantion. 416-357 BC. AR Drachm (5.31). Cow standing left on dolphin, monogram above/Incuse. SG-1579. aVF. $150

*28581 ---Istros. Late 5th-4th Century BC. AR 1/4 Drachm (1.57) . 2 male heads facing/Sea-eagle on dolphin left "A" below.. SG-1670, BMC-13. aVF. $95

*24497 ---,---400-350 BC. AR Drachm (4.39). 2 male heads facing, one at right inverted/Sea-eagle attacking dolphin left. SG-1669v, BMC-12. F/GF. $70

*28589 ---Odessus. Late 3rd Cent. BC. AE20 (6.98). Laureate bust of Zeus right/ Horseman wearing kausia riding right. AMNG-I, 2207. VF, dark. $96

*28574 ---Pantikapaion. c. 310-303 BC. AE11 (.70) . Head of young Pan right/Bull’s head left . BMC-16, SG-1699. GVF, nice green patina. $50

*28576 ---,---200-150 BC. AE12 (1.55) . Head of bull right/Grain-ear and plow. Scarce late type. MacDonald-140. F/VF. $45

*28319 ---Thasos. 6th Century BC. AR Trihemiobol (.99). Archaic satyr squatting right/Incuse. BMC tentatively attributed this to Lete, but more recent research places this from Thasos. SG-1301, BMC-26. Toned VF. $160

*28422 ---Lysimachos. 297-281 BC. AR Tetradrachm (17.03) . Head of Alexander III right/Athena enthroned left, holding Nike. Lampsakos mint.. SG-1589v, Thompson-47. VF. $700

*28283 Epeirote Republic. 238-168 BC. AR Drachm (4.44). Hd of Zeus Dodonaios r., wreathed w. oak/Eagle/stg. r. on thunderbolt in oak wreath. SG-1996, Cop-119. VF. $240

*48704 Thessaly. Thessalian League. 196-146 BC. AR Double Victoriatus (5.62). Laur. hd of Zeus r/Athena stg r, brandishing a spear & shield. Superb portrait, rev oxidized. . SG-2231ff.. EF/VF. $175

*48938 Boetia, Thebes. c. 395-338 BC. (363-348) AR Stater (11.95). Magistrate Theoti. Boetian shield/Amphora, legend across field, all in incuse concave circle. BCD Boetia-546. Toned VF$475

*27462 Euboia. Chalkis. 390-294 BC. AR Drachm (3.65). Hd of Hera, hair rolled/ Eagle flying right carrying snake. SNG Cop-432. VF. $180

*49030 Attica. Athens. 454-415 BC. AR Tetradrachm (17.08) . Helmeted head of Athena right/Owl standing right, head facing with uncertain countermark on wing. SNG Cop-31ff, SG-2526, Starr pl, XXII, 1-8, . VF. $449

*48576 ---,---AR Tetradrachm (17.19) . Head of Athena right wearing crested helmet ornamented with olive-leaves/Owl standing right, AOE to right, olive twig & crescent behind. Banker’s cut between eyes.. SG-2526, SNG Cop-33ff. GVF+. $550

*49029 ACHAIA. Achaian League, Dyme. c. 86 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.46). Laureate head of Zeus right/AX monogram; monograms above and to left, fish below, all in wreath. . SNG Cop-242-243. Ex BCD collection (LHS 96, 5/06 #489), this coin. Nice toned VF. $200

28541 Mysia. Pergamum. 440-350 BC. AR Hemiobol (.36) . Forepart of bull left/ Forepart of two bulls facing each other. Weber-5156. VF. $110

28886 ---,--- c. 310-284 BC. AR Diobol (1.26) . Head of young Hercules right, clad in lion’s skin/Palladaium or Cultus statue of Athena stg & fcg brandishing spear & holding shield. SG-3941, SNG Cop-318. GF. $50

*27548 Ionia. Ephesos. 133-67 BC, year 2. AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm (12.78) . Cista mystica with serpent in ivy wreath/Bow case, serpents, torch, "B" above. SNG Cop-316v. aEF, luster. $335

*23304 ---Maggnesia ad Maendrum. Time of Augustus. AE14 . Bust of Artemis right, bow & quiver over shoulder/Head of Apollo, lyre before. Cop-857, RPC-2692. GVF. $150

*28971 Caria. Kaunos. After 167 BC. AR Hemidrachm (1.09) . Athena in crested Corinthian helmet right/Sword in sheath with strap, spear-point at lower right, magistrate’s name at top (indistinct). K-X. BMC-14v. F-VF. $90

*28344 ---Kindya. 510-490 BC. AR Tetrobol (1.52) Samian standard . Hd of Ketos (sea monster) left/Stellate pattern in latice frame in incuse. VA-2340, K&K NC-1. Nice VF. $140

*25465 ---Knidos. Before 480 BC. AR Drachm (6.12) . Forepart of lion right/Archaic head of Aphrodite right in incuse square. SNG Cop-200. aVF. $400

*48578 ---Mylasa. 170-130 BC. AR Drachm (1.91) . Head of Helios facing, eagle standing right, at lower left/Rose with bud, Pseudo-Rhodian type. SNG Cop-924 (Rhodian Dependencies) . GVF. $175

*28462 ---Rhodos. 394-304 BC. AR Didrachm (6.70) . Head of Helios facing slight to right/Rose with bud on stem to right bunch of grapes and E to left, above, all in incuse square. SNG Cop-728, SG-5037. VF. $425

*28461 ---,---AR Didrachm (6.75) As above, almost as nice. aVF. $325

*28464 ---,---AR Didrachm (6.71). A third. aFine.#215

*28570 ---Uncertain Mint. c. 400-340 BC. AR Hemiobol (.42). Ram’s head right/ Male head right. SNG Keckman-873, Kayhan 996. Toned VF, obv. bit o.c.. $90

*28569 ---,---AR Hemiobol (.53) . Another, as above. VF, typ. light porosity . $90

*25178 Carian Satraps. Hekatomnos. 395-377 BC. AR Drachm (4.14). Lion’s head w open jaws l., EKA above/Ornamental star. SG-4951, SNG Cop-588. VF. $210

*23309 Coele-Syria. Chalkis, Ptolemy Tetrach. Year 240, 73/72 BC. AE19. Head of Zeus/The Dioskouri, standing and facing, each with a spear. Cop-413. VF, black patina, bit rough. $175

*48939 Seleukid Kings. Antiochus II. 261-246 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.98) . Head of Antiochus I right/Apollo seated left on omphalos, monograms to either side. Seleucia on the Tigris mint. . SNG Israel-385. VF/F. $325

*28929 ---Demetrios I. 162-150 BC. AR Drachm (3.98) of Ecbatana. Diademed head right/Apollo seated left on omphalos, holding bow and arrow. SNG Israel-1382. Nice toned VF. $220

*28415 ---Antiochus VII Euergetes. 138-129 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.38) of Antioch. Bust right/Athena stg left hldg Nike & spear, hand on shield. A to left, monogram above.. SMA-282, SNG Israel - 1855-57. Toned VF. $325

*48834 Phoenicia. Sidon. 1st Cent BC. 85-84 BC. AE14.5 (2.31) . Bust of Tyche right/Prow left, Astarte wearing long chiton and crown stg. left, LZK = 27 = 85/84 to left, Greek & Phoenician legends. BMC-129. Ch. VF. $200

*48699 ---Tyre. After 126 BC. AR Shekel (12.76). Head of Melqarth right/Eagle, club to left, year 31 (96/95 BC). Biblical 30 Pieces of silver, Shekel of Tyre. H-917, BMC-119. VF, light porosity . $395

*28700 ---,---19/20 AD = year 145. AR Shekel (13.74). Head of Melkarth right/Eagle stg left, club, & date left, KP right. Jerusalem type H-919, RPC-4658. VG/F. $275

*48469 ---,---(79/78 BC). AR Half Shekel (7.09) . Head of Melqarth right/Eagle standing left, club to left, HM (year 48) to left, monogram to right. Used to pay Temple Tax in Jerusalem. H-917, BMC-227. Ch. EF, but a touch of oxidation at bottom of reverse. $650

*27453 ---,---After 126 BC. Base Half Shekel. Rare Contemporary copy of the Temple Tax Coin.. VF. $400

*48817 Nabatean Kings. Aretas IV, with Shaqilat. 9 BC-40 AD. AE17 (2.71). Aretas in military attire, stg, head left, hldg spear and hilt of sword, palm in front/Shaqilat, veiled, stg, head left, raising r. hand, wreath to l, "Shaqilat" in 3 Aramaic letters to r.. Mesh-97. EF, green patina. $300

*28701 ---Rabbel II. c. 71-106. AR Drachm (3.04) of Petra . His laureate bust right, "Rabbel the King, King of Nabatea"/Veiled & draped bust of Queen Gamilath, "Gamilath, his sister, Queen of Nabatea". Mesh-153, SGI-5705. VF. $125

*48579 Persia. Achaemenid Empire, Xerxes-. Artaxeres I. c. 486-450 BC. AR Siglos (5.61). Bearded king kneeling right holding spear and bow/Oblong Punch. Nice early piece. SG-4678, BMC-pl. XXV. GVF. $295

*48705 Baktrian Kings. Menander. c. 160-145 BC. AR Drachm (2.47) . Bust of Menander right wearing crested helmet/Athena stg left, hdlg shield & preparing to hurl thunderbolt, Karosthi legend around. SG-7601. EF and very attractive. $125

*48703 Parthian Kings. Orodes II. 57-38 BC. AR Drachm (3.98 . Bust left, star in front, crescent behind. Kings were called brothers of the sun and moon, thus star & crescent/Archer std r on throne hldg bow, legend around, monogram 30 below.. Shore-241, Sell-47.9. VF. $75

*48846 ---Volograses III. 105-147 AD. AR Drachm (3.67) of Ecbatana. Diademed bust left with pointed beard/Archer seated right. Sellwood-78/5, Shore-415. EF$60

28157 Sassanian Kings. Peroz. 459-484. AR Drachm of Art. Bearded head of king right/Fire Altar. Sell-49, Gobl 174-75. Ch. VF+. $55

*27465 Indo-scythian. Azes II. 35 BC-5 AD. AR Tetradrachm (9.44). King on horse right/Zeus stg left, holding Nike.. MACW-2360. GVF. $125

*48706 Ptolemaic Egypt. Ptolemy II. 285-246 BC (255-4). AR Tetradrachm (14.00) of Sidon. Diademed head of Ptolemy I right/Eagle stg left on thunderbolt (Year 31) to right. BMC-64, SNG Cp-513. VF. $150

*48845 ---,---285-246 BC. AR Tetradrachm (14.11) of Tyre. Diademed head of Ptolemy I right, small "K" behind ear/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, monogram and club to left. cf. Svo-644, SNG Cop-482 (K not mentioned). Rare. Nice VF, a bit weak on high spots. The "K" is an artist’s signature found on some Ptolemaic coins of Tyre. It is rarer than the delta found on Ptolemaic coins of Alexandria..$500


See pages 3 & 4 for coins of Judaea, Arabia, Samaria and Phoenicia

*21321 Syria. Antioch, Elagablus. 218-222. Bi Tetradrachm (12.25). Head right/ Eagle stg head left, star between legs. Bell-44, Cop-237. VF. $65

27569 ---Gabala, Caracalla. 198-217. AE21 . Bust r/Tyche stg l., w. rudder & cornucopia. Lind-2056, BMC-14. GF. $35

*28846 Mesopotamia. Carrhae, Macrinus. 2170218. AR Tetradrachm (13.39) . Laur. head right/Eagle stg, hd r, wings spread, stg on long horned bull’s hd. Prieur-824, Bell-164. VF, bit o.c.. $100

*20936 Moesia Inferior. Nicopolis ad Istrum. Septimius Severus. 193-211. AE19. Laur head right/Tripod w. serpent entwined around 1 leg, head rising above. AMNG-1424v. VF, green patina. $110

*28404 Roman Egypt. Vespasian. 69-79. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/Nike flying left hldg palm and wreath. Year 2.. C-262, Emm-205. VF. $230

*28587 ---,---AE Diobol (5.92). Laureate head right/Draped bust of Alexandria wearing elephant headdress LENAT = year 9. Emm-215, RIC-2, 2459. F/VF. $65

*28272 ---Hadrian. 117-135. Year 8. AE Drachm (17.44). Head right/Euthenia recling left, LH. Milne-1066, Emm-969. VG-F. $120

*28136 ---,---(130/131). AE Drachm (26.07). Head right/Emp stg l, Alexandria kissing hand, yr 15. M-1315, E-964, Koln-1034, Cop-361, Dat-1610, SR-3761. Fine. $160

*48868 ---Antoninus Pius. 138-161. AE Drachm (22.84). Laureate and cuirassed bust right/Elpis standing left, holding flower and raising skirt, Year 4. Milne-1680, Emm-1501, BMC-1064. Fine, rough fields.$90


*48977 Republic. Gargonius and Vergilus. c. 86 BC. AR Denarius (3.71). Head of young Jupiter right/Jupiter in Quadriga right. SR-266, Sy-723, Bab-226. VF, rev. a bit o.c.. $60

*28274 ---A. Postumius A.f. S.n. Albinus. 81 BC. AR Denarius Serrate (3.80) . Bust of Diana r., bow & quiver, Bucranium above/Rock surmounted by togate figure stg l., before altar, hldg sprinkler over sacrificial bull. SR-296, Postumia-7, Syd-745. VF, light obv scr.. $135

*48675 Marc Antony and Octavian. 41 BC. AR Denarius (3.56) of Ephesus. Bare head r of Antony M ANT IMP AVG III VIR RPCM BARBAT QP. 2nd Triumvirate/Bare head right of Octavian (Augustus) CAESAR IMP PONT III VIR RPC, . SR-1504, RSC-8. aF. $325

*48677 Octavian (later Augustus). 36 BC. AR Denarius (3.64). Bare head of Octavian r. IMP CAESAR DIVI F IIIVIR ITER RPC/Tetrastyle temple of Divius Julius Caesar, statue within COS ITER ET TER DESIG. SR-1545, RSC-90. VG-F. $220

*48676 --- 30-29 BC. AR Denarius (2.98) . Bare head of Octavian right/Triumphal arch surmounted by large statue of Octavian in facing quadriga (Imp Caesar). SR-1558, RSC-123, RIC-267. aF. $275

*48678 Augustus. 27 BC-14 AD (19-18). AR Denarius (3.36) of Caesaraugusta . His head right wearing oak-wreath CAESAR AVGVSTVS/8 rayed comet DIVVS IVLIVS. "Julian star" was comet that appeared shortly after his death.. SR-1067, RSC-98, RIC-37b. VG/F, bnkrs marks, scr.. $250

*48680 ---(2 BC-4AD). AR Denarius (3.69) of Lugdunum. Laur. hd r., CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI F PATER PATRIAE/Gaius and Lucius Caesars stg. fcg, shields & spears between them CL CAESARES AVGVSTI F COS DESIG PRINC IVVENT. SR-1597, RIC-207, C-43. F-VF. $190

*48682 ---(16 BC). AE Sestertius (21.76). OB CIVIS SERVATOS in 3 lines, oak-wreath flanked by 2 laurel branches/C ASINIVS CF GALLVS III VIR AAAFF around large SC. Very early use of AE Sestertius. SR-1644, RIC-370. Fine, porous. $150

*28878 ---AE As of Ephesus (9.66) . Bare head of Augustus right/Augustus in one line in laurel wreath. Struck about 25 BC. RIC-486. Fine. $45

*48684 ---AE Semis (3.79) of Lugdunum. Laur. head right CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVE F PATER PATRAIAE/Altar at Lyons, ROM ET AVG. Rare denomination under Augustus. SR-1692, BMC-569, RIC-cf-234. aVF/VF, obv. tad rough. $125

*48683 ---(5 BC). AE Quadrans (3.09). Legend around altar/Legend around SC. Apronius, Galus, Messalla and Sisenna.. SR-1699v, RIC-453. Fine. $60

*48685 Livia, mother of Tiberius. Died 29 AD. 22-23 AD. AE Sestertius (17.63) . Carpentum r., drawn by 2 mules SPQR IVLIAE AVGVST in 3 lines above/TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST PM TR POT XXIIII around large SC. . SR-1738, RIC-51. VG, rough. $200

29220 Nero. 54-68. AE As (11.02) . Laur bust left, NERO CAESAR AVG GERM IMP/Temple of Janus with lattice window l, and double doors to right PACE RR UBIQ PRTA IANUM CLVSIT SC. RIC-310 (R). aF. $100

*28278 Vitellius. 69 AD. AR Denarius (3.16) . Laureate hd r/Vesta std. r., hldg scepter and patera.. SR-2200, RIC-107, C-72. Fine. $395

*48625 Vespasian. 69-79. AR Denarius (3.24) . Laureate head of Vespasian right IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG/Jewess seated mourning to right of trophy IVDAEA in ex. Judaea Capta issue. SR-2296, RIC-15, H-759. Fine. $199

*48686 ---AR Denarius (3.21). Another as above.. Gd Fine/aF. $160

*28554 ---AE As (6.53) . Laur bust r., IMP CAESAR VESP AVG COS V CENS/Victory stg r. on prow, hldg wreath & palm. VICTORIA AVGVST SC. For victory over Judaea in First Revolt (Jewish War). RIC-2, 562, H-780v. F-VF, bit rough. $100

*48464 Nerva. 96-98 AD. AR Denarius (3.14) . Laureate head right imp nerva caes aug pm tr p cos iii pp/Clasped hands holding legionary eagle set on prow concordia exercitvvm. SR-3021v, RIC-15, C29. F/VG, obv. scr.. $75

*48687 ---AE Dupondius (12.68) . Radiate head right IMP NERVA CAES AVG PM TR P COS III PP/Libertas stg left hldg cap and scepter LIBERTAS PVBLICA SC. SR-3059, RIC-87. aF. $90

*48627 Trajan. 98-117. AR Denarius (3.38). Laur. bust right IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GER DAC/Naked Genius or Bonus Eventus stg l., holding patera and corn-ears pm trp cos vi ppspqr. SR-3149, RIC-347. Gd VF. $135

*48432 Hadrian. 117-138. AR Denarius (3.16). Bust right/Victory-Nemesis advancing right. Commemorates Hadrian’s victory over Bar Kochba in Judaea. . RIC-282, SR-3547. VF. $200

*48628 ---AR Denarius (3.21). Laureate bust right HADRIANVS AVG COS III PP/ Moneta standing left holding scales and cornucopia MONETA AVG. SR-3507, RIC-256. GVF. $140

*48870 Antoninus Pius. 138-161. AR Denarius Bare head right/Simpulum, lituus, jug, sprinkler and knife. SR-4060, RIC-39, RSC-101. F-VF, well centered.$59

*48465 Marcus Aurelius, as Caesar. 161-180 (151-152). AR Denarius 3.18 . Bareheaded bust right/Genius of the Army stg left, sacrificing over altar and holding legionary eagle. SR-4790, RIC-453a. Nice VF. $90

*48689 ---Aurelius (By Commodus). 138-161 (180). AE Sestertius (22.85). Bare head right/Funeral Pyre, topped by quadriga. Posthumously issued. SR-5986 RIC-662. Fine. $120

*48688 Lucilla. wife of Lucius Verus. AE Sestertius (19.65) . Bust right/Fecunditas std right, nursing child, 2 children on ground. SR-, RIC-1736. Fine. $60

*48690 Commodus. 177-192 (189). AR Denarius (2.83). Laureate bust right/ Jupiter stg l., hldg thunderbolt and scepter. SR-5664, RIC-192, C-387. VF. $110

*48646 Plautilla, wife of Caracalla. Died 211 AD. AR Denarius (3.55). Bust right/ Pietas standing right holding scepter and child.. SR-7072, RIC-367. Choice VF. $85

25950 Geta. 209-212. BASE Denarius . Bust right/Victory stg l. Refers to success in Britain, when he was elevated to Augustus. SR-7254. Fine, pitted. This is base metal, not silver!. $25

28747 Julia Maesa, grandmother of. Elagabalus & Sev. Alexander, died c. 225 AD. AR Denarius (3.56) . Bust right/Pudicitia seated l., holding scepter, veil over r. shoulder. SR-7756, RIC-268. VF+. $50

*48691 Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD (225). AR Denarius (2.38). Laureate bust r/Fides Militum stg left hldg standard in each hand. SR-7864, RIC-139. EF. $75

*48692 ---AR Denarius (2.69) . Laureate bust right/Mars, naked except for cloak, walking r., carrying spear & trophy. RSC-260, RC-45, SR-7898ff. VF. $55

*49080 ---AR Denarius (2.40). Laureate bust right/Liberalitas standing left, holding abacus and cornucopia. SR-7876, RIC-153. Nice, lightly toned EF.$69

*28280 Orbiana, wife of Severus Alexander. Exiled 227 AD. AR Denarius (2.32) . Bust r/Concordia std left, hldg patera/and cornucopia. RARE. SR-8191, RIC-319, C-1. VF. $350

*48694 Maximinus. 235-238 (236). AE Sestertius (21.79). His laureate & draped bust r/Maximinus in milt. dress w. 2 standards on left & one on right. RIC-33, SR-8336 sim. Nice VF. $200

*49081 Gordian III. 238-244. AR Antoninianus (4.40). Radiate bust right/Jupiter standing and facing, head right, resting on scepter and holding thunderbolt. SR-8615, RIC-84. Choice EF/EF.$45

48969 Philip I. 244-249. AR Antoninianus (3.93). Radiate bust right/Aequitas standing left, hldg scales and cornucopia. SR-8978, Cr-9. EF. $40

*28326 Volusian, son of Trebonianus. Gallus. 251-253. AR Antoninianus (3.12) . Radiate bust right/Pax stg. l., hldg/olive-branch and scepter, star in field. SR-9758, RIC-179. EF. $150

*49082 Postumus. 260-269. AR Antoninianus (3.42) of Cologne. Radiate bust right/Moneta standing left, holding scales and cornucopia. SR-10962, RIC-75. VF+/F-VF. Nice portrait, weakly struck on reverse. $4025900 Probus. 276-282. AE Antoninianus. Rad bust r/Two captives at base of trophy, xxi in ex.. SR-3375, RIC-821. Fine. $30

25901 Crispus. 317-326. AE3 of London. Helmeted bust r/2 captives at foot /of standard, PLN in ex.. RIC-VII, 195. VF. $55

*48695 Constans. 337-350 (337-34). AE3 (1.75) of Siscia. Laureate cuirassed bust right/2 soldiers standing to either side of 1 standard with Chi-Rho at top. RIC-98. Ch. EF. $60

48696 ---,---Another. VF, tooled. $45

27561 Constantius II. 337-361. AE Centenionalis of Alexandria. Bust r., behind/Soldier adv. left, spearing fallen horseman, alea in ex, 2nd group, 1st series. SR-4003, RIC-75. VF. $39

27565 ---AE Centenionalis of Antioch. Bust r./Soldier adv. left, spearing fallen horseman, in left field. ani ex. . RIC-132. VF. $35

27562 ---AE 3 of Alexandria . Bust r./Soldier adv. left, spearing fallen horseman, •s• to l., alea in ex, 2nd group, 2nd series. SR-4003, RIC-78. VF. $49

27563 ---AE 4 of Alexandria . Bust r./Soldier adv. left, spearing fallen horseman. RIC-82. VF. $25

27564 ---,---Another. aVF. $25

27558 Constantius Gallus. 351-354. AE3 (Half Centenionalis). Bust r/ Soldier spearing fallen horseman. SR-4056. F-VF, irreg. flan. $25

*48940 Procopius. 365-366 AD. AE3 (18mm, 2.37 gr) . Bust of Procopius left, DN PROCOPIVS PF AVG. Constantinople mint/Emp. stg, fcg, head r., hlg labarum & shield,sm. object at feet left. REPARTIO FEL. TEMP.. SR-4124, RIC-17a. Fine. $199

*49083 Arcadius 383-408. AE Follis (19 mm, 2.25) of Siscia. Bust right/Emperor advancing right, dragging captive in right hand and holding labarum in left, ASISC in ex. RIC-9, 38c. GVF$35


48978 Byzantine. Anastasius I. 491-518. AE Half Follis of Constantinoples . Bust right/Large K, cross at left, to right.. SB-25. VG/GF. $35

*48838 ---Justinian I. 527-565. AE Follis of Theoupolis (18.03) . Justinian enthroned facing/Large M between star and crescent, cross above. Very large and choice. SB-214, DO-206. Ch. VF+. $250

28385 ---Justin II. 565-578. AE Follis (12.55) Constantinople. Justin on l., Sophia on r., seated facing/Large M, Off B., year XI. with find dirt, but nice. SB-360. aEF, irreg flan. $90

28386 ---,---AE Follis (12.45) Cyzicus. Justin on l., Sophia on r., seated facing/Large M. Find dirt, but still a very nice coin. SB-372. EF. $125

28596 ---Heraclius. 610-641, Catania. AE Decanummium (4.64) . Facing bust with short beard, D.N HERACLI PP AVG/Large I, ANNO to left, X (Year 10) to right, CAT in ex.. SB-885. VF. $50

28597 ---,---Another, this year Xiii (Year 13) SB-885. Fine. $35

*48708 ---,--- AR Hexagram (6.71) . Heraclius and his son, seated and facing in double throne/Cross potent on globe above 3 steps, K in field to right. SB-798. aVF, better than most. $190

28598 ---Constans. 641-668, Syracuse. AE Follis (5.87) . Facing bust holding globe on cross, palm to right/KTW monogram, ANNO to left, I to right (year 10). 651-652 AD. Overstruck over earlier Follis. SB-1113. F-VF for type. $50

28584 ---Justinian II. 685-695. AE Follis (3.92) of Syracuse . Justinian standing and facing, wearing crown, hldg cross potent on 2 steps/Large M, monogram (38) above, star and SCL below. SB-1300. VF for type. $50

48980 ---Constantine VII & Romanus I. 931-944. AE Follis . Facing bust of Romanus I/Four line legend. SB-1760. Fine. $35

28020 ---Alexius I. 1081-1118. AE Tetarteron . Patriarchal cross on 2 steps/Facing bust. Ex Chris Connell collection. SB-1932. Nice VF. $80

*28021 ---Andronicus II. 1282-1328. AE Trachy . Flower or 6 pointed star/ Andronicus stg., hldg large B in each hand, one which is reversed. Ex Chris Connell collection. SB-2393. VF, ragged flan. $250

*27458 ---Andronicus II & Michael IX. 1295-1320. AR Basilkon. Christ enthroned/ Andronicus l. & Michael r, stg hldg labarum between them.. SB-2402. VF, flat spots. $120

28561 ---,---AE Assarion (2.10). Bust of Archangel Michael facing, holding scepter & globe/Andronicus and Michael standing and facing being crowned by Christ who stands between them. SB-2435. Decent Fine. $60

*48935 Arab-Byzantine. Jerusalem. c. 670-685. AE Fals (3.30). Standing Caliiph, illya filistin/Large M. SNAT-1, Walker-73. VF. $425

*28437 ---Tiberias (Tabariya). 7th Century AD. AE Follis 28mm (4.54) . 3 standing figures/Large M, Officiana C/Rare, especially so nice and so large. SNAT-281, Walker-43, Album-107. GVF. $450

*28439 ARAB PALESTINE, Ummayed, Jerusaelm. c. 715 AD. AE Fals (33.7) . 5 branched Menorah/Legend. See D. Baraq, INJ Vol X. page 40. SNAT 27-29. VF, thus much nicer than most seen!$250

48982 Zengids of Mosul. Saif al-Din Ghazi II. AH 567, 1171/72. AE Dirham (10.94) of Mosul . Facing male bust with 2 winged beings above/4 line legend. Ex Bill Spengler collection. S?S-60.3. VF. $100

48983 ---Badr al-Din Lu’Lu. AH 631, 1233/34. AE Dirham (7.52) of Al-Mawsil . Diademed head left in dotted square/4 line legend. Ex Bill Spengler collection. Overstruck. S/S-68 (over S/S-67). F/VF. $100


49064 Afghanistan. Habibullah. AH1334 (1916). 1 Rupee . Mosque within sunburst/Legend. Y30, KM-853. Nice toned EF. $15

*48927 Anglo-Gallic. Aquitaine. Richard the Lion Heart. 1172-1185. AR Denier of Bordeaux. RICA RDVS in two lines across field, cross above, W below/AGVITANIE around Cross Patee within inner circle. Elias-4. VF+. $180

48928 ---,---Another, as above.$180

48863 Angola. Under Portugal. 1923. 10 Centavos . /. KM-63, Y15. AU. $29

49061 Antigua. East Caribbean Territories. 1970. 4 Dollars . FAO issue. Sugar cane and banana tree branch/Arms. KM-1 (Y1 ECT). Nice unc. $18

*48630 Argentina. Confederation Argentina. 1854. 4 Centavos in Copper . Sunface, date and legend/Denomination. Coin alignment . KM-25, Cr-33. EF. $125

*48789 ---Railroad Medal. 1866. Copper 59mm by Bordes. Figure of Argentina with tools of agriculture and industry stands before locomotive/Legend. For Opening of RR line from Buenos Aries to Chivilcoy. Moy-455. Ch. EF. $100

*48731 ---,---Inauguration of the Andino RR. 1885. Bronze 41mm by Domingo . Train in front of mountains, legend around/Shields in center. Interprovincial Exhibition in Mendoza.. . Ch. glossy EF. $69

48730 ---,---Inauguration of train to Magdalena. 1887. Copper 35mm by Grande Steam Engine, legend around/3 line legend "AL VECINDARIO ABRIL 1887". VF+. $30

*48772 ---,---1903. Silverplated AE 58mm. Train emerging from tunnel, shields of Argentina & Chile/Inscription concerning goal of better relations between Buenos Aires and Chilean Govt.. . EF. $45

*48773 ---,---1903. Bronze 52mm by Bellagambo y Rossi. Inauguration of work on Jujuy-Bolivia RR to Perico Station, Ledesma. Las Obras. Allegorical figures looking at where RR will be/Legend. . EF. $50

48724 ---,---San Juan to Serrezyeka. 1904. Bz 40mm by J. Gottuzzo. Seated female figure left, train, caduceus in background/legend. Official medal . . EF. $35

*48725 ---,---Anatuya to Chaco Industrial RR. 1904. Silvered AE 45mm by J. Gottuzzo. Female figure left, steam engine and cars behind it, legend below/Legend. Struck for the Completion of this section of the railroad. EF. $60

48726 ---,---Inauguration of Oeste RR. 1904. Copper 31 x 32mm, irregular, holed as made. Train, legend above, "27 Julio de 1904" below/Legend. Commemorating service at Catamarca. . EF. $30

*48790 ---,---1906. Silver plated 66mm by Bellagamba y Rossi . For the Trans-Andean RR. Standing female with proclamation, legend around/Trains heading toward tunnel in mountains, arms of Argentina and Chile. . Toned EF. $55

*48722 ---,---50th Anniv., 1st RR Parque to. Floresta, 1907. Silvered AE31mm, looped as made. Steam engine in center, legend around/Allegorical figures, train in background, legend around. . EF. $45

48723 ---,---Midland Railroad. 1909. WM c. 33 x 34 mm, looped as made . Train at center, legend/11 line legend. Inauguration of the 1st section between Buenos Aires & Avellaneda Y Chivilcoy. . EF. $30

*48791 ---,---1910. AR 73 x 55 by J. Tottuzo & Co. . 1st So. American RR Congress. Male figure with torch, train in background/8 line inscription in wreath. Top edge curved. Very attractive.. Swan-361. EF, tiny nick. $100

48721 ---,---100th Anniversary of Casilda. 1970. WM 27mm, looped as made . Steam engine in frame in circle & legend. By Gailo/5 line legend, 1870-1970. EF. $18

*48433 Australia. Hide and De Carle, Melbourne. 1858. Copper Penny Token . Lion left, Elizabeth Street, Grocers and Wine Merchants /Seated Justice. Better date of two year type. KM-TN104. VF. $110

48428 ---George V of England. 1920. Penny. No dots. KM-23, Y6. F-VF. $22.50

48429 ---,---1933/2. Penny . Scarce overdate/. KM-23, Y6. GF. $10

*27532 Austria. Salzburg, Leonard Keutschach. 1500. AR Batzen or R9Fbener. Quartered armorial shield, 1500 above/St. Rupert stg. Frey-534, Pr-99. VF. $200

*27525 ---Trier, Colbentz mint. 1444. AR Groschen . St. Peter seated CCCC XLIIII/ Arms of Mainz, Trier & the Palatinate. Frey-65, Saurma-2628. aVF. $300

48484 ---Franz II, HRE. 1806-C (Prague). 20 Kreuzer . Bust right/Denomination under crowned arms, legend begins D Loth. Ven. Sal. KM-2140. F/VF. $10

*48749 ---Ferdinand I. Railroad Medal. 1837. AE 41mm . Locomotive. on the opening of the emperor Ferdinand Northern Railroad/The new Northern Station in Vienna. Moyaux-275. EF. $150

48459 ---,---1838-B (Kremnitz). 3 Kr. Scarce mint/. KM-2191, C188a. F/VF. $15

48458 ---Franz Joseph. 1851-G (G9Fnzburg). 3 Kreuzer . Scarce mint. KM-2193, C-201.4. VF, once clnd. $19

48460 ---,---1858-A. 10 Kreuzer . 1st year of type KM-2204, Y10.1. AU. $25

48482 ---,---1859-M (Milan). 5 Kreuzer . Bust right/Denomination and date below crown. KM-2197, Y9. VF, cleaned. $12

48483 ---,---1860-V (Venice). 10 Kreuzer . Bust right/Denomination and date below crown. KM-2204, Y10. GF. $12

48456 ---,---1892. 20 Heller . Key date. KM-2083, Y30. VF. $15

48462 ---,---1909. 20 Heller . Better date. KM-2803. Ch. EF. $12

*26679 ---,---Edward v. Steinle. 1910. AE 51 mm by A. R. Weinberger . Struck for his 100th birthday. Forrer 6, 426. EF. $45

49009 ---,---1908. 5 Coruna. Bare head right/Running Figure of Fame left. Struck for 60th anniversary of his reign. Y40, KM-2809. EF, once cleaned. $29

48463 ---,---1914. 20 H. Key date. A couple of "pin pricks". KM-2803, Y30. BU. $19

28872 ---Kenyemezo Prisoner or War Token. 1915. 10 Heller Brass. C-1686. AU. $17

*28247 --- Republic. 1957. 5 Schilling. Rare date of 2 year type. KM-2879, Y94. EF-AU. $375

*48895 ---,---Grillparzer Error. 1964. 25 Schilling . Bust of Franz Grillparzer right. 19th century Austrian playwright /9 shields (instead of 10) around denomination. Rare Error. Y112a, K-2985.2. Proof. $250

*48719 ---,---70th Anniversary Zillertal Railroad. 1970. Silver 33mm. Steam engine, hallmark & designer (Grupp) below/Locomotive in Alpine valley, legend above and below. . Ch. EF. $50

48770 ---,---Another, as above.$50

*48434 Barbados. Pineapple Token. 1788. One Penny. Negro Head left, wearing a coronet with a plume of three feathers/A pineapple, date below. Pridmore-11, KM-TN5. VF-EF. $125

48862 Belgian Congo. Congo Free State, Leopold II as owner. 1888. 5 Centimes. KM-3, Y3. Nice R&B AU. $50

48858 ---Albert I, as King. 1910. 20 Centimes. Better date of two year type. KM-19, Y19. Toned Unc, sm spot. $60

48733 Belgium. Railroad Medal. 1843. Brass 27mm. Steam Engine. Inauguration of the RR Verviers to Aux La Chappelle/Arms of Germany and Belgium, clasped hands above, all within wreath. VF, rim nicks. $25

*48435 ---Antwerp Token. ND. 5 Centime = 1/2 Portion Soup . Square, Hexagon hole cutout. 5 Centime = 1/2 Portion Soep/Antwersche Gaarkeukens Samenwerkence Maatschappij. From the original Eklund collection. With envelope. . F+, bumps. $55

48437 ---Delhaize Brothers. ND. Token. Good for 10 Stamps. In French and Flemish/Lion. . . F-VF. $15

*48774 ---Railroad Medal. 1935. Silver 50 mm by G. Devreese . International Assn. of Railroad Congress. 2 women on front of locomotive greeting each other/Seated female figure. Signed by Devreese on both sides. . EF. $75

48547 Benin. Republic. 1992. 500 Francs. World Cup Soccer. Arms, denomination below/Soccer goalie, large date in legend, small date below. KM-3. Unc. $42

48550 ---,---1992. 1000 Francs. National Arms, denomination below/Barcelona Olympics, Gymnast, date at right. KM-4. Proof. $25

48551 ---,---1992. 1000 Francs . National Arms, denomination below/1992 World Cup Soccer, player kicking ball. KM-5. Proof. $32

48571 ---,---1993. 1000 Francs . Arms, denomination below/Sailing ship, preussen, date below. KM-7. Proof. $30

*19404 Bohemia. Joachimstahal. (1545-1568). 40mm Medal AR, cast by Nickel Miliez . Holy Trinity/Apostles/Old loop. Katz-412. VF. $300

*48734 Bolivia. Railroad Medal. 1908. Silver 23mm. Steam Engine. For Inauguration of railroad, La Paz to Oruro/Bolivian arms, "16 de Julio de 1908". Toned aEF. $60

*48735 ---,---1910. Silver 29.5 by M.G., looped as made . Thoughtful allegorical figure sitting with caduceus, railroad and mountains behind/Legend around pillars and arms. Potosi Railroad Centennial. 1810-1910. VF, scr’s, rim bump. $40

48737 ---,---1917. Silver 30mm, looped as made . Seated Allegorical female seated left in front of train and mountains/Legend. Inauguration of the Cochabamba Railroad, July 1917. VF, a few rim nicks. $40

48572 Botswana. Republic. 1976. 5 Pula . Bust of Sir Seretse Khama left 10th Anniversary of Independence /National Assembly Building. This is the .925 silver version. KM-9a, Y9a. Toned Proof. $20

48573 ---,---1988. 5 Pula . 1988 Summer Olympics/Runners. KM-21a. Proof. $23

*48631 Br. North Borneo. 1891-H. 1/2 Cent. KM-1, Y1. EF, touch of red. $50

48859 Br. West Africa. George VI of England. 1951-H. 2 Shillings . Short nickel-brass type/. KM-29, Y34. AU, some bagmarks. $42

48738 Brazil. Railroad Token or Medal?. ND. Brass 24mm. Female holding staff & shield, tools to left, locomotive to right. European style diework?/"100" in center "Pinto Ferranco & Cia Livramento" around. VF. $25

25905 Cameroon. Central African States. 2003. 6000 CFA Francs . Bimetallic. President Paul Biya//Elephant, Map of Africa. Only 500 Minted. Rare.. BU. $80

48997 Canada. Province of Upper Canada. 1857. Half Penny Token. St. George slaying a dragon/Legend around arms. Exceptional condition . KM-Tn2, PC-5d, Cr-17. R&B Unc. $160

48998 ---,---1857. One Penny Token. Design, as above, another choice coin. KM-Tn3, PC-6d, C-18. Ch. chocolate brown unc. $275

48739 ---Railroad Medal. 1904. Silver 39mm by PW Ellis & Co . Locomotive facing, Wooded countryside. Ocean to Ocean. Toronto Industrial Exhibition Assn. Transportation and Progress.. . . $125

CS-1 ---1963 6 Piece P-L set in Capital Plastic Holder. KM-PL14 (1.11 asw)$22

CS-2 ---1965 PL Set in envelope. KM-PL16. Also 1.11 ounces of actual silver $22

48971 Cayman Is. Santa Maria. 1991. Silver 42mm . Islands, turtles/Santa Maria ship. . Toned Proof. $25

*28940 Central African Republic. Essai. 1978. 100 Francs.. 1,900 minted/. KM-E5, Gad-8. Ch. BU. $150

28942 Central African States. Essai. 1973. 5 Francs . Only 1,550 minted/. KM-E1, Gad-26. Ch. BU. $15

28941 ---Essai. 1976. 50 Francs . C for use in Congo/Mint sealed at Paris mint. KM-E8, Gad-29. Ch. BU. $15

28943 ---Essai. 1976. 500 Francs . A= Chad. KM-E8, Gad-30. Ch. BU. $25

28944 ---,---Another as above. Ch. BU. $25

27919 Ceylon. George III. ND (1814-15). Silver Fanam token. fanam without dot in center/token with dot in center. KM-83. EF. $20

48436 ---,---Another, as above. EF. $20

49051 ---British Commonwealth . 1957. 5 Rupees . 2500 Years of Buddhism. Flowers and date at center/2500 in inner circle of flower, circle of animals around. All within circle of ducks. KM-126, Y41. Nice lightly toned BU. $30

*48442 ---Carey, Strachan & Co.. ND (c. 1873). Plantation Token . carey strachan & co * colombo around union mills/1. Struck in England about 1873, had a value of 17A2. The Union Mills formerly belonged to Maclachlan Mackenzie & Co. who became insolvent about 1869-1870.. Pridmore-14. EF. $69

*48438 ---Ceylon Company Limited. ND (c. 1866). 9 Pence . Elephant left within plain circle, ceylon company limited */A larage C within plain circle st. sebastian mills *. Pridmore-17. VF. $49

*48440 ---Coffee Picker’s Chit. ND, before 1869. 2 1/4 Pence rectangle token . Uncrowned head of Queen Victoria to left, coffee picker’s chit/2 1/4 pilo fernando * colombo * The Pilo Fernando mills were at Slave Island, Colombo and were pulled down about 1872.. Pridmore-33. EF. $75

49000 ---Colombo, Upland Mils Mutwal. ND (c. 1866). Brass 26mm (4 1/2 d) Token. K D & Co. monogram (Keir, Dundas & Co)/Turtle facing left. Always occurs pireced. Prid-54. Nice, pierced as always. $120

*48441 ---G & W. Leechman, Hultsdorf Mills. ND (1872). (25A2) Black Vulcanite . G & WL monogram/A catarman under sail. hultsdorf mills + colombo ceylon +. Pridmore-64. EF, sm. rb. $99

*48439 ---Plantation Token. ND, before 1869. 4 1/2 Pence Token . M. D. D. & Co./4 1/2 D.. Pridmore-72. Nice EF. $90

*48445 ---A & B Scott & Co.. 1859. Brass 29mm token 6 Pence. A stags head left, a & b scott & co colombo/Elephant facing left coffee store 1859. Struck at Heaton Mint, Birmingham.. Pridmore-88. VF, tiny nicks. $49

48444 ---George Steuart & Co.. 1843 (1881). AE (19 mils) token. george steuart & co * ceylon */2 woman at work. wekande mills. Legends in Sinhalese & Tamil which Pridmore states are incorrect.. Prid-96. EF. $45

28945 Chad. Essai. 1985. 500 Francs . 1,700 minted. Mint sealed at Paris Mint. KM (2007) has wrong picture. KM-E6, Gad-15. BU. $60

48742 Chile. Visit of Argentinean President. 1910. Silver 35mm scalloped shaped. Train emerging from tunnel in mountains, Centennial of Argentina and Chile/Andean Condor, with Chilean shield on breast. Legend about visit of Arg. President. EF. $6

48741 ---Railroad Medal. 1913. Shield shaped Silver 37 x 38, loop as made . Train heading left. Santiago Watt Federation. Machinists and Fireman of the Chilean RR/ Section AA, Inscribed to G. Sierra.. VF-EF, scratch in field. $30

*48743 ---,---1913. Silver 32mm . Train heading straight toward viewer, figures at left and right, one with caduceus/Long legend concerning Longitudinal Railroad at La Rilles. EF. $60

*48775 ---,---1929. Bronze 45mm by J.R. Witte. Int. RR Expo, Santiago. Train emerging from tunnel in mountains/8 line legend over geometric design. . EF. $55

49065 China. Yunnan. ND (1908). 50A2. Side View of dragon Y-257. Tnd EF. $15

48744 Colombia. Railroad Medal. ND. Copper 22mm . Locomotive left, EXPRESO RIBON COLOMBIANO/Uniface. . GVF, r.n.. $10

48792 ---,---1941. Bronze 60mm by Gottuzzo and Piano . VI So. American RR Congress. Steam Passenger train crossing high bridge/Map of South America. Congress held in Bogota, Colombia. . . EF$30

49010 ---Republic. 1956 (Mo). Peso . Mint Door/Arms. Struck for the 200th anniversary of Popayan mint. Ironically struck at Mexico City. Y72, KM-216. BU. $25

28946 Comores Is. Essai. 1975. 50 Francs. KM-E6, Gad-18. BU. $22

48574 Congo. People’s Republic. 1991. 500 Francs . Old Ships Series/Spanish galleon . KM-5. Proof. $30

48575 ---,---1991. 500 Francs . Olympics/Hurdler. KM-9a. Proof. $25

28947 ---,---Essai. 1985. 500 Francs . Mint sealed at Paris Mint KM-E5, Gad-11. Ch. BU. $30

*27703 Crusaders. Lord of Mytilene, Frances II Gatilleo. 1384-1403. Bi Denaro . Lamb/Cross with B’s. Very rare, although low grade. . VG. $150

49011 Cuba. Republic. 1953. One Peso . Bust of Jose Marti left/Radiant sun rising above water. Centennial of Marti.. Y23, KM-29. BU. $55

*48804 ---,---As above but a few bagmarks. KM-29. BU. $39

49054 ---Cubans in Exile. 1965. Souvenir Peso . Head of Liberty right/Legend around arms. Lettered edge type, rarest of all. In case of issue. Br XM6. Proof. $70

*48448 Czechoslovakia. Bread Token from Pardubice. ND. Aluminum 35mm. Building surrounded by rolnicke druzstvo pardubice (Pardubice Agricultural Community)/5 kg. Chelba (Bread). . Ch. EF-AU. $25

48745 ---Railroad Medal. 1931. Bronze 40mm. Locomotive emerging from TG Marsaryka tunnel 20 December 1931/Legend around map with train route. EF. $50

49066 Danzig. Free City. 1932. 10 Pfg . Codfish. 1 yr type. K-152, Y14. EF. $6

28952 Djibouti. Essai. 1977. 10 Francs . KM-E4, Gad-49. Ch. BU. $15

28953 ---Essai. 1977. 20 Francs KM-E5, Gad-50. Ch. BU. $15

28954 ---Essai. 1977. 50 Francs. KM-E6, Gad-51. Ch. BU. $17.50

28955 ---Essai. 1977. 100 Francs. KM-E7, Gad-51. Ch. BU. $25

49012 Dominican Republic Under Trujillo. 1939. Peso. Head of Native Princess left/Arms. Y20, KM-22. GVF, bit baggy obv. a few rim nicks. $44

*48860 East Africa. George V of England. 1920. Florin . 2 year type. KM-17, Y19. VF/VF+. $69

48965 Ecuador. Republic. 1944-Mo. 2 Sucres . One year type. Scarce this nice. Y55, KM-80. Choice BU. $15

28165 Egypt. Abdul Aziz. 1277/4 (1864). 4 Para . High grade One year type. KM-240. Red Unc. $50

49013 ---Muhammad V. 1327/3-H (1911). Silver 1 Qirsh. Toughra & denomination/ Date and "Misr" (Egypt). Y29, KM-305. Nice Unc., rev. rn. $29

27935 ---British Protectorate. 1916 1335AH. 5 Piastres . /. K-318.1, Y40, H20. Choice BU. $30

48643 ---,---1916. 20 Piastres . /. KM-321. VF. $23

*48449 ---NAAFI Token. ND (1951-1954). Green 26mm Plastic (1/4 Piastre). navy, army & air force institutes around naafi and anchor, Latin legend below/valid in naafi egypt only. For use by British troops. SB-347 (p.173). VF+. $35

48594 ---First Republic. 1375/1956. 25 Piastres . Nationalization of the Suez Canal/Headquarters building in Port Said. KM-385. BU. $19

48595 ---,---1376/1957. 25 Piastres . National Assembly Inauguration /National Assembly building, radiant sun behind. KM-389. BU. $17

48596 ---United Arab Republic. 1380/1960. 25 Piastres . 3rd year of National Assembly/National Assembly building, radiant sun behind, hand on book in front. KM-400. BU. $18

48604 ---Arab Republic. 1980/AH 1400. 1 Pound . Egypt-Israeli Peace Treaty/ Hand of Anwar Sadat, with dove of peace. KM-508. Proof. $14

48605 ---,---As above but circulation strike in BU. $9

*48707 England. Early Anglo-Saxons. 695-740 AD. AR Sceatta (1.27). Bust right, pseudo-runes in front/Plain cross with pellets in angles. Series D, Type 2c. High grade and heavy specimen. S-839, M-162v.. Toned VF+ . $240

*28286 ---Anglo-Saxons, Northumbrian Kings. Aethelred II 844-850, 2nd reign. AE Sceat (.81) 12mm . Pellet, EDILRED REX/Pellet, moneyer’s name, EARDVULE. MEC-1264, S-868. Nice VF. $165

*48711 ---Charles I. 1625-49 (1641-43). AR Half Crown, Tower mint . King on horseback left with raised sword, mane before chest, tail between legs/Shield. MM = 119b, Triangle in circle. Irregular flan as usual for late Tower 1/2 crowns. S-2775. F/VF. $300

*48710 ---,---(1629-30). AR Shilling, Tower mint . Crowned draped bust left, heart i.m./Plume over shield. S-2781. F-VF. $150

*48712 ---George III. 1787. Six Pence . Laur and draped bust right/Legend around shields and crowns. With hearts in Hanoverian shield. S-3749, 606.2. EF. $75

28194 ---,---1797. 2 Pence . Good Rims. KM-619, S-3376. Fine. $35

*48892 ---,---1799. Halfpenny. Laureate bust right/Briittania seated left. KM-647, C-19, S-3778. Proof-like, chocolate brown. $200

*48894 ---Victoria. 1853. Halfpenny Young head of Victoria left/Briittania seated left. KM-726, S-3949, Y2. Mostly red Unc. $125

*48883 ---,---1885. Half Crown. Young head left. 2nd young head type. KM-756, Y9.2. Ch. lite toned unc. $550

49006 ---,---1887. Double Florin. Jubilee Head left/Arms. Type with Arabic "1" in date. Y25, KM-763. VF+. $29

48716 ---George V 1911-B (Bombay). Trade Dollar .KM-T5, Y-T1. Au, rn’s. $35

*48896 ---George VI. 1937. Crown . Bust left/Arms. Rare VIP Proof. Seldom offered. KM-857, Y92, S-4079. Ch. VIP Proof. $500

*27745 --- Arthur, Duke of Wellington. 1813. AE41 by Mudie, Droz & Brenet . The taking of Pamplonia. Female figure surr. keys to equestrian figure in Roman Dress. Mudie Series. BHM-765, Ei-30a. EF. $150

*27409 ---,---1815. AE40mm by Brenet . Bust right/Colonade of the Louvre. Comm. entry of Eng. Army into Paris. Eim-77b, BHM-889, Eiimer 1077. EF. $75

48753 ---,---Marriage of Prince Albert. 1840. WM 27mm by Allen and Moore . Uniformed bust of Prince Albert left, legend w. dates of birth and marriage/Steam locomotive, shovel, lyre and other products above, "England’s Pride". BHM-1947. VF, some nicks. $15

48752 ---Ship and Railroad Medal. 1877. WM38mm . Locomotive, shield above with "Fleetwood", sailing ship above that/Locomotive atop shield, "First dock at Fleetwood opened 8th October 1877.. . GVF. $25

*48776 ---Railroad Medal. 1881. WM 45mm by TR Chapman . Bust of George Stephenson left, legend. On the Centenary of his birth/Locomotive pulling wagon left, legend around,"The Rocket 1830" below. Ei-1681A, Moy038, BHM-3097. GVF. $45

*48754 ---,---1925. WM 38.5 , holed . Bust of George Stephehson, "Presented by L. Ropner. Mayor of Stockton-on-Tess/Train under bridge, "Railway Centenary" 1825-1925. Ch. EF. $45

*48793 ---,---1925. AE 77mm by G. Bayes . Stockton & Darlington RR Centenial. Their conjoined busts l., between shields./Vulcan left, hdlg model of engine #1 "1825", "1015" and modern engine above.. Eimer-2001. EF. $100

48755 ---,---ND (1929?). WM44mm. Rocket Old Steam Engine, legend below/ Liverpool and Manchester Railway Company around two sheilds. . EF. $30

*48491 ---Middlesex. 1794. Halfpenny Token . Front view of prison. newgate above, mdccxciv (1794) in ex./payable at the residence of messrs symonds winterbotham ridgway & holt in 8 lines. Milled edge. D&H-391. EF. $45

*48487 ---,---Pidcock’s. ND. Half Penny Token. Two headed cow standing right exeter change * strand london */A toucan to the curious observers of natural phaenomena. . D&H-454. EF. $49

48751 ---Great Central Railway Pay Check. Before 1923. Brass oval 45 x 31mm . 481 GCR above, Per-Way Dept below. GCR was absorbed by LNER in 1923/Slashes. F-VF, rough from slashing. $18

48493 ---Hop Picker’s Token. ND. 1 (Bushel?). I over S/"1". WM 17mm. VF. $30

*48492 ---Wintercott. ND. 1 Bushel brass oval token . phil. s. bach 1 bushel wintercott in four lines/Uniface c. 21 x 28mm. . AU. $40

*48970 ---900th Anniv. Coronation of Wm I.. 1966. Silver 44mm . St. Peter’s Church and Westminster Abbey/Coronation Scene. by Paul Vincze. . Proof. $42

ENG-1 ---1897 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. AE 56mm by de Saykkes, Her crowned, draped and veiled bust left/Young head of Queen left. The official Roayl Mint issue in case as issued. Eimer-1817, BHM-3506. Attractive$49

48586 Equatorial Guinea. Republic. 1980. 2000 Ekuele . Bank Building/ Impalas. KM-56. Proof. $29

48553 Ethiopia. Menelik II. EE1187-A (1894). 1/8 Birr . Head of king right/Lion standing left, left foreleg raised. KM-2, Y6. VF. $40

48552 ---,---EE1891 (1898). 1 Gersh . Head of king right/Lion standing left, left foreleg raised. KM-12, Y5. Ch. Toned Unc. $22

48588 ---People’s Dem. Republic. EE1972 (1980). 20 Birr. Year of the Child. Silhouette of child/Children. KM-54, Y45. Proof. $20

48450 ---Addis Ababa P. P. Trohalis Token. ND. 1 Piastre = 1/16 Thaler CN 23mm . bon pour 1 piastre 16 au thaler/paleologos p. trohalis addis abeba around epicerie international . Gill-Tk3, KM-Tn2. F/VF. $12.50

*28382 France. Counts of Angouleme, La Marche. 12-13th Centuries. AR denier (.73) . Cross, in the name of Louis IV/3 annulets & crescent around small cross. SCMF-4361. Gd VF. $60

*27492 ---Hainault. Jeanne de Constantinople. 1205-1244. Petit Denier of Valenciennes. Monogram or Gangplank/Cross w. lozenges Low Country type. . SCMF-7505. VF. $65

*26424 ---Navarre, Henri of Albret. (1515-55). Bi Liard . Small cross w. dot in center/Crowned H, with dip, dot in center. Mule. SCMF-5856/55. Fine. $35

*27491 ---Orange. Anonymous Princes. 13th Century. AR Denier . Hunting horn (Coronet). +avrasice/Cross, +princeps. SCMF-6532, B-977. VF. $160

*48876 ---Napoleon. AN-13A (1805). 1 Franc . Bare headed bust right, Napoleon as Emperor/Value in wreath. KM-656.1. Tnd EF, a few marks. $375

48877 ---,---1811-H (La Rochelle). 5 Francs . Laureate headed bust right, Napoleon as Emperor/Value in wreath, Scarce mint. KM 694.6. F-VF. $59

*48946 ---,---1815-I (Limoges). 5 Francs. Scarce. 100 days issue, 20 March to 22 June. Elba to St. Helena. K-704.5, C-172, D85a. F-VF. $375

*28302 ---Henry V, Pretender Coinage. 1833. Half Franc . Scarce and seldom offered. KM-Pt23, Br-X23. Toned Unc. $350

*48882 ---Napoleon III (2nd Empire). 1869-BB (Strasbourg). 5 Francs . Laureate bust left/Crowned and mantled arms, divide denomination, date below. Dav-95, KM-799.2. BU. $250

48887 ---Third Republic. 1873-A. 5 Francs . 3 standing figures, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity Y52, KM-820.1. BU, typical bag marks. $25

48888 ---Another, as above. BU, a few typ bagmarks. $30

*48985 ---Clotaire III. 650-668. Silver 34mm by Armand Auguste Caqu8E . Crowned bust/ Legend. This and the following nine are from a series of medals by Caqu8E on French kings that he did in the 1820’s & 30’s. . Toned EF. $50

*48994 ---Pepin, King of France. 714-768. Pepin the Short. Silver 34mm by Armand Auguste Caqu8E . Crowned bust/Legend. Toned EF. $60

*48989 ---Charlemagne, King of France. 742-814 (HRE from 800). Silver 34mm by Armand Auguste Caqu8E . Crowned bust/Legend. Toned EF. $85

*48993 ---Charles II, King of France. 823-877 (Charles the Bald). Silver 34mm by Armand Auguste Caqu8E . Crowned bust/Legend. Toned EF. $50

*48988 ---Robert, King of France. 970-1031. Silver 34mm by Armand Auguste Caqu8E . Crowned bust/Legend. Toned EF. $50

*48986 ---Louis VII, King of France. 1120-1180. Silver 34mm by Armand Auguste Caqu8E . Crowned bust/Legend. Toned EF. $50

*48990 ---Louis IX, King of France. 1226-1270 (St. Louis). Silver 34mm by Armand Auguste Caqu8E . Crowned bust/Legend. Toned EF. $50

*48987 ---Louis X, King of France & Navarre. 1289-1316. Silver 34mm by Armand Auguste Caqu8E . Crowned bust/Legend. Toned EF. $50

*48991 ---Philip VI, King of France. 1293-1350. Silver 34mm by Armand Auguste Caqu8E . Crowned bust/Legend. Toned EF. $50

*48992 ---Jean II, King of France . 1309-1364 (John II, the Good). Silver 34mm by Armand Auguste Caqu8E . Crowned bust/Legend. Toned EF. $50

We have 40+ more of these French King medals in stock!

*23640 ---Marshal Andre Massena. 1818. AE 40mm . Bust left/Legend in wreath. General under Napoleon. VF, mank rim niks. $60

*48615 ---Napoleon. ND (1804). AE 34 by Andrieu & Denon . Laureate head of Napoleon right/Saloon of the Apollo, various statues, and stature of Napoleon’s head at top.. Edwards-67, D’Ess-1046. VF nicks. $60

*25894 ---Joseph Haydn. 1800. AE 54 mm Cast by N. Gatteaux . Bust left/Legend around Lyre. For the opening of Schopfung at Paris Opera House, performed for Napoleon. Unsigned. As Niggl-863. EF/VF, very grainy reverse. $40

*48777 ---Railroad Medal. 1842. AE 52mm by VM Borral . Railway Laws of 1842. High relief bust of Louis Philippe I/Steam engine with cars right, Topless winged angel flying r. w. caduceus and horn. Mayaux-120. Ch. EF. $250

*26672 ---Duke of Orleans. 1845. AE 52 mm by V. M. Borrel . Bust right/St. Ferdinand Chapel/. Forrer I, 108. EF. $75

*27880 ---3rd Republic. ND WWI. AE45 by Rene Baudischon. Officer greeting soldier, nurse with linens/military hosptal in background/Cross, tree, space. . EF. $60

48747 ---Railroad Medal. 1917. Brass 26 x 28 mm with loop in medal . Locomotive. Struck WWI era/Paris 1917 National Federation of RR Travelers. Group of people. . VF+/VF. $30

*48746 ---,---1926. Silver 33mm by Oscar Roty with loop . Head of Liberty left/ Locomotive center in wreath, legend around, Inscribed to Freeric Mager. EF. $75

*48794 ---Railroad Ticket in Metal. ND. AE 82 x 67mm, one side silvered . "Ticket" showing days and valid lines. Very unusual with impressive pedigree. Schulman’s 10/70 (#1115) of Howard Gibbs collection, Ex King Farouk Collection. VF. $250

28867 ---British Expeditionary Forces. WW I. 10 Centimes Iron . P. O. W. token for use in British Prisoner of War Camps in France. C-5531. F-VF. $20

28869 ---,---1 Franc Iron . P. O. W. token for use in British Prisoner of War Camps in France. C-5534. F-VF. $25

*48890 French Colonies. Charles X. 1825-A. 5 Centimes. Intended for use in the West Indies, including Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti and French Canada. Cr-11, KM-10.1. PL R&B. $320

*48889 ---,---1825-A. 10 Centimes. Cr-12, KM-11.1. PL R&B. $320

*48891 ---Louis Philippe. 1839-A. 5 Centimes Cr-13, KM-12. Proof. $350

FC-1 ---1964 5 Piece FDC sets of Reunion & Comores (2 diff sets) in one gray box of issue. Coins are all choice and box is better than average w. some niks$30

48593 Gambia. Republic. 1977. 40 Dalasis . Aardvark. KM-18. BU. $24

48544 ---,---1977. 40 Dalasis . President’s bust left/Aardvark divides denomination. Conservation series. KM-18a. Proof. $35

48589 ---,---1981. 20 Dalasis . World Food Day/Field worker, grow more cotton . KM-20, Y20. Proof. $42.50

48591 ---,---1987. 20 Dalasis . World Wildlife Fund/Temminck’s colobus monkey. KM24, Y24. Proof. $25

48592 ---,---1993. 20 Dalasis . Barcelona Olympics/Wrestlers. KM-33. Proof. $20

49026 Germany. Bavaria, Maximilian III Joseph. 1756. Thaler . His bust right/ Madonna and child with rays around. D-1952, K-223.2, C-35. Toned VF, just a few light adj. marks on rev.. $75

*28915 ---Bavaria-Landshut. Heinrich IV. 1393-1450. AR Pfennig (.48 ). Helmet/H between 2 annulets. On a squarish flan. Saurma example is between 2 flowers. Saurma-967 sim. VF. $50

49001 ---Brandenburg, Friedrich III. 1693-LCS (Lorenz Christoph Schneider). AR 1/12 Taler. Friedrich III monogram around eagle/date, value around arms. KM-580, Sch-2. aVF. $50

28230 ---Brunswick-Luneburg-Calenberg. Hannover. George Ludwig 1710-HB. 6 Mariengroschen . Legend/Andreas with cross/. KM-60, Sch-43. VF. $50

*48865 ---Brunswick-Luneburg-Celle. Friedrich V. 1639. Taler . Bust right, long legend around/Helmeted Arms, date and HS below. D-6494, KM-146.2. VF. $200

27600 ---Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel. Karl I. 1735. 6 Mariengroschen . Wildman/. KM-872. aVF. $35

*28902 ---Emden, Free City. ND (1619-37). Gulden of 28 Stubers . flor. argen. cvitat emp around crowned arms with (28) below/ferdinan ii rom imp sem avgv around double headed eagle with 28 on breast. Dav-507, KM-10. Crude Fine. $69

28911 ---Hamburg, Free City. 1846. Schilling . Castle/denomination and date/. C-69, KM-266. Lt. toned BU. $45

28837 ---,---1914-J. 3 Mark. KM-296. AU. $30

*28916 ---Hanau Lichtenburg. Philip IV. 1538-90. AR Schussel-Pfennig (.26 ). P over 3 shields. Uniface. Saurma-2195. Toned VF. $44

*26941 ---L9Fneburg.Wilhlem I. 1195-1213. AR Bracteate, 23 mm. Heraldic lion left. Reich-828, Bon-76. GVF. $140

*28928 ---Nurnberg. Joseph II. 1768. Taler. City View, x eine feine marck1768 nurnberg sr /Crowned double headed eagle, wings spread, sword in talon iosephvs ii dg rom imp semp avg. Dav-2494, KM-350. Toned EF, nat. flan flaw. $475

25920 ---,---1806. Bi Uniface Pfennig . State Shield in front of altar, value/and date below. KM-409. BU. $35

26801 ---Prussia, Wilhelm II. 1913-A. 2 Mark. 1 year type. 25th Anniversary of reign. KM-533. AU. $25

*27665 ---Pommerania, Garz. Bogislaus X. 1492. AR Shilling. Shield on cross, "92"/ Griffin. This was Columbus Discovery Year. Frey-368. Fine. $200

*28906 ---Saxe-Gota-Altenburg. Friedrich III. 1755. Groschen. 200th Anniversary of Religious Peace of Augsburg/Shield/Legend. C-17. BU, rev. lightly brushed. $120

*28254 ---Saxe-Weimer-Eisenach. Wilhelm Ernst. 1908. 2 Mark. 350th Anniversary of Jena University. 1 year type. Y-174. EF. $100

*27529 ---Saxony, Ernst, Wilhem, Albrecht & Margarete (14)75. AR Half Groschen. Shield with lion, date/Arms. Unlisted by Frey in this denomination . Saurma-4396. Ch. VF. $225

*27530 ---,---Ernst and Albrecht. (14)82. F9Frstengroschen . Shield with lion and arms of Landsberg 82/Shield of Chur-Sachsen. Frey-232, Saurma-4400, Lev-I-185. Nice VF. $350

27086 ---,---Friedrich August. 1792/1. 2 Groschen = 1/12 Thaler. Clear overdate, one year type. KM-1031. EF. $40

27091 ---,---Friedrich August II. 1842-G. 1/6 Taler = 5 New Groschen . Bust right/Arms. KM-1161, C-228. Ch. Toned Unc. $70

*27094 ---,---George. 1904-E. 2 Mark . short type. KM-1257. Au/Unc. $100

*27667 ---Wurttemberg-Oels. Sylvius Friedrich. 1675. 3 Kreuzer or Groschen . Bust right/Eagle. Scarce locale. Binder/Ebner-14. Ch VF. $100

*48967 ---Weimer Republic. 1929-E. 3 Reichsmarks. 1000th Anniversary of Meissen. KM-65, Y67. Choice Toned Unc. $90

28876 ---3rd Reich. 1932. Aluminum 33mm Token . Naked warrior ready to chop off heads of 3 headed snake/Legend. . AU, a few marks. $30

49057 ---Federal Republic (West Germany). 1955-D (Munich). 1 Mark. Scarce date and mm combination. . KM-110, J-385, Y110. EF+. $85

49058 ---,---,---1955-G (Karlsruhe). 1 Mark. KM-110, J-385, Y110. VF. $25

*48750 ---Railroad Medal. 1844. Silver 44mm by Loos and Lorenz. Seated Germania left. For Industrial Exhbition in Berlin/Locomotive in center, 5 small vigneets and wreath around, all in legend. Wurzb:685. VF+, bit rough. Rare in Silver!$75

*25970 ---Dr. Ernst v. Bergmann. 1836-1907. AE 38 x 50mm . His bust/ Uniface. He was a German scientist and professor. . EF. $40

*27881 ---WWI Box Taler, 2 sides open. 1915. Tin 51 mm by Schwerdtner of Vienna. 2 soldiers w rifles/2 hands clasping. About 15 circular tickets, some in color. German-Austrian Army Brotherhood. Neat. GVF. $250

48748 ---Railroad Medal. ND. Brass 28mm with loop as made. Train crossing bridge, legend around/Legend around German eagle. By G.B Wiesb. . EF. $18

*48778 ---Malt Racketeers Medal. 1916. Bronze 58mm Karl Goetz Cast. "Big rackateers" moving large loads with official assistance. Railroad Medal/"Little Hoarder" being frisked at railway station. To castigate the doctrine that the small thieves are hanged and the big ones get away free. Kienast-182. EF. $150

*48779 ---Railroad Medal. 1920. Bronze 58mm Karl Goetz Cast. Unification of German Transport System. Minister Bell putting trains in sack/Bavaria postilion who now loses his job. Bell, the Minister of Transportation, unified the German transportation system.. Kienast-Opus-254. EF. $200

*20545 ---Dusiberg. Daniel Eberhard Gunther. AE41mm by C. Pfeuffer . Bust left/ Latin legend. Struck to commemorate Dr. Gunther, a Doctor of Medicine. EF, some spots. $75

48795 ---Railroad Medal. 1980. c.57.5 x 60 WM, silver tint at banners . BSW Kreuztal 1980 Lok Baereihe 93 above and below view of locomotive/Uniface, looped for wearing. By Carl Poellath, Schrobenhausen. As made. $18

48796 ---,---1983. c.57.5 x 60 WM, gold tint at banners. BSW Kreuztal 1983 Lok Baereihe 051 Similar to above As made. $18

48494 ---Beer Token. ND. Brass 20mm . Goat left over barrel, gut fur ein glas bier/Wreath. AU. $12.50

48451 ---Elberfeld. 1847. AE 21mm Bread Token. Lion left, elberfeld above, 1847 below/1 Brod.. . VF. $15

48452 --- Saxony. 1921. 2 Mark Brown Porcelain. Dresden crossed swords hallmark at bottom below eagle . Unc. $25

*48878 Greece. Otto of Bavaria. 1833-A. 5 Drachmai. Bare head right/Large crowned shield between wreaths, denomination and date in ex., star below. D-115, KM-20. VF, but many rim bumps. $250

*48756 ---Railroad Jeton. 1892. WM 24mm by CH. Marey . Locomotive, crane on dock, ship behind, implements in front/"1". VF, scr’s rev.. $40

48758 Guatemala. Railroad Medal. 1907. Silver plated (?) 31 mm with loop . Allegorical female figure, bust of Pres. to l, book to right, two trains behind/Long legend, commemorating the termination of the Atlantic RR under the administration of President Carrera. . . EF. $35

48759 ---,---1908. Silver 27mm, looped as made . Bust of Manuel Estrada left (looks like Teddy Roosevelt) /Locomotive Recuerdo del dep. del Quiche. . VG. $25

48542 Guinea. Republic. 1970. 500 Francs . Chephren. Head with parrot right/ Arms. KM-23. Proof. $32.50

48543 ---,---1970. 500 Francs . Cleopatra. Head left/Arms. KM-24. Proof. $35

48522 ---,---1970. 500 Francs . Rames III. KM-26. Proof. $33

48523 Guinea-Bissau. Republic. 1990. 10, 000 Pesos. Discover of Guinea-Bissau/Ships Landing. KM-27. Proof. $33

48524 ---,---1992. 10, 000 Pesos . 25th Olympics in Barcelona/Floor Excercise. KM-30. Proof. $23

48525 ---,---1993. 10, 000 Pesos . Prehistoric Life/Stegosarus. KM-32. Proof. $28

*48715 Hawaii. Kalakaua I. 1883. Dime KM-3, Y2. F/VF. $75

49008 ---,---,---Another even nicer. VF. $119 49007 ---,---1883. 1/4 Dollar or Hapaha . Bust right/Arms. KM-5, Y3. VG. $49

*28628 Hungary. Bela IV. 1235-1270. AR Denar (.49). Tower of Bastion between two lilies, with half moon below/Hebrew Chet in circle of flowers. H-306, R-241, Fr-p. 17. VF. $100

27386 ---Stephen V. 1270-72. AR Denar . Bust right/Hebrew Alef in wreath. Hus-357, Rethy-297. VG-F. $29

27387 ---,---Another, as above. VG-F. $29

*48780 ---Railroad Medal. 1897. Silver 40mm. Construction of the Lonjathal Railway. D, Marshall Collection, ex Baldwin 11/45/View of the Jlovski bridge, legends in Hungarian & Serbo-Croat. Old Tag included. Moyaux-307. Toned EF. $150

28814 ---Regency. St. Stephen. 1938. 5 Pengo . Y48, KM-516. BU. $20

*48921 Iceland. Millennium of Icelandic Parliament. 1930. 2, 5 and 10 Kroner. Seated figure w. 2 kneeling children, standing figure & Std female. In original boxes of issue (Rare). Denomination on edge. Two largest are silver.. D130-131, Y8-10, Br-XM1-3. Nice Uncs. $439

49045 India. Jaipur. Ram Singh. Yr 29 (1864). 1/4 Rupee .Y4, KM-111. VF. $18

49044 ---,---,---Year 27 (1862). 1/2 Rupee . /. Y5, KM-115. VF. $25

49048 ---Rajkot. 1945 (1964). 1 Mohur . Sun rising over water/Deer left, Said to be pattern, but more likely a restirke circa 1964. Y1a, Br-X1a . Ch. toned Unc. $35

48495 ---Automatic Machine Co. (India). ND. "1" 19mm CN Token. Elephant standing left, automatic machine co. (india) around/india burma & ceylon around "1" in diamond, j.h. somerville below. . VF. $20

49014 Iran. Reza Shah Pahlavi. AH1311 (1932). 5 Rials. Value in crowned wreath, date below/Radiant Lion holding sword.. Y115, KM-1131. BU. $45

49025 Iraq. Medallic Coinage. 1959 AH 1379. 500 Fils .Bust of General Abdul Karim Kassem. 1st Anniv of the Republic. Y30, Br-X1 Unc, some toning. $40

*48454 Ireland. Dublin, Thomasan & Co.. ND. c. 1846. AE 22mm "Farthing" Token. the porter barm bakery in four lines & 38 stephens green north dublin/south king street between ornaments cork bakery dublin around. A branch bakery. Bell-35, Batty-1513. VF, rn. $40

israel- The following is only a tiny sliver of our huge inventory. Our 2008 stock list is now available. Or see it on our website.

*27033 Israel. 3000 Years of Jerusalem. 1996. 30 New Sheqalim . City of David/ Large Silver Proof. KM-286, A-39a. Proof. $150

48421 ---Golda Meir. 1996. 5 Euro Copper Nickel . Listed in silver only. Bruce-X-21 sim. Ch. BU. $20

48797 ---Railroad Medal. 1965. AE 59mm Union of Int. Public Transportation Conf. RR train and Bus/Camels, longitude and latitude degrees, emblem.. CM-23. $5

48801 ---,---1979. AE 59mm Israe’s Railways. Ottoman era locomotive to left, modern Israel diesel to right/Emblems, tracks, legend. CM-103. As made. $5

*48760 ---,---1992?. Silver 37mm. First train in Israel and modern train. Commemorates Jaffa to Jerusaelm in 1892/Train Tracks. SM-166a. PL. $25

48930 Italy. Genoa. 1139-1339. AR Denaro . Castle/Cross. Biaggi-835 (R3). Ch. EF. $35

48931 ---,---Another, as above. Ch. EF. $35

48932 ---,---A third! Ch. EF. $35

*48879 .Kingdom of Napoleon. 1809-M (Milan). 5 Lire. Bare head bust right/ Crowned Arms. Only crown of this kingdom & first date of issue. Dav-202, KM-10.4. VF. $299

*48880 ---Lucca, Elisa (Bonaparte) & Felix. 1807. Franco . Conjoined busts right/ Value in wreath. KM-23. Toned EF. $300

48995 ---Milan, Charles III (VI) Duke of Milan. 1707. AE Quattrino . Bust right, legend around/Crown above MLNI DVX in 2 lines, all in wreath. Struck on small square flan. Varesi-424, CNI-22. GVF. $275

*48941 ---Naples, Philip IV of Spain. 1722. AE Publica = 4 Tornese. Crowned bust left/PVBLI CA COMMO DITAS in 4 lines in wreath. Ek-384. F/VF. Obverse doubled, reverse very nice$150

*48943 ---,---Neopolitan Republic. Anno 7 (1799). Sei (6) Tornesi. Fasces REPUBLICANA NAPOLITANA/TOR NESI SEI in 3 lines in wreath, legend around.. C-82.1. aVF. $99

*48947 ---Naples & Sicily, Joachim Murat. 1913. Mezza (Half Lira) . Bare headed bust of Joachim Murat i.e. Gioacchino Napoleone right/Value in wreath. Cr-108. Toned EF+. $375

*48893 ---Piacenza, Philip of Bourban. ND (1748-65). AE Sesino . Crowned 5-field arms/Floriated Cross. Philip reigned as Duke of Parma and Piacenza. Cr-3, Var-1187. EF. $150

VC-1 ---Vatican City. 1958 500 Lire. Y57. Sede Vacante. Ch. BU in folder$35

VC-2 ---,---1963 500 Lire. Y75. Sede Vacante. Ch. BU in folder$15

VC-3 ---,---1965 8 piece mint set in red card of issue. KM-MS-69. All Ch BU$25

48996 .---Venice, Lodovico Manin. 1795. Tallero . Bust right/Seated winged lion with gospel above date. D-1575, C-137, Pao-866. EF. $375

49005 ---Victor Emannuel II. 1872-M BN. 5 Lire . Bust Right/Arms. KM-8.3, Y14. VF, very lightly cleaned long ago. $18

28041 ---,---1876-R. 5 Lire .KM-8.4, Y14. VF. $20

27973 .--- Republic. 1954. 10 Lire . Low mintage/ KM-93. BU. $49

48761 ---Railroad Medal. ND. Brass 25mm. Train in front of restaurant and station in Vetta, legend around/Mt. Generoso, train leaving mountains and going down tracks, legend around. . GVF. $15

*28174 Japan. Meiji. Year 4 (1871). 5 Sen . Better date. Y6.2. EF. $100

*48637 ---,---Year 34 (1901). 10 Sen . Scarce key date. Dragon. Y23. Toned Au-Unc. $300

49069 ---,---Year 38 (1905). 50 Sen . Dragon. Y25. EF. $18

*48897 ---,---Meiji. M36 (1903). One Yen . Dragon. Y-A25. Nice Toned Unc. $125

28039 ---,---Meiji. Year 38 (1905). 1 Yen . Dragon/. Y-A25. Toned EF. $35

49015 ---Taisho. Year 3 (1914). 1 Yen . Dragon/Value within wreath, chrysanthemum at top. Y38. BU, a few rev bagmarks. $175

26607 ---Showa Year 39 1964 Olympics. 1964. 1000 Yen . Y80. BU. $30

*48446 Keeling Cocos Is. J.S.Clunies Ross. 1910/1913. 25A2 Ivory or Bone Token. Crest of Arms resting on a scroll, keeling cocos islands 1910. Red. Scroll inscribed pro patria (For our country)/2313 c. 25 j.r. clunies ross 1913. KM-TN3, Prid-5. VF. $165

*48447 ---,---1910/1913. 5 Rupees Ivory or Bone Token K-TN7, Prid-1. aEF. $200

*48480 Kenya. Republic. ND (1988). 500 Shilling. Bust of President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi r/Arms, 25th Anniversary of Independence. KM-25. Proof. $375

*48481 ---,---1991. 1000 Shilling . Bust of President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi right/ Arms, Silver Jubilee of Central Bank. KM-26. Proof. $500

49060 Kiau Chau. German enclave in China. 109. 10 Cents . German Imperial Eagle/Inscription in wreath. One year type.. Y2. aEF. $90

49049 Laos. Kingdom. Sisavang Vong. 1952. 10, 20 & 50 Cents . Head right/ Central flower design. Holed in center as made. Y1-3, KM 4-6. BU. $7.50

28290 Lithuania. Sigismund III of Poland. 1627. 1 Groschen . Crowned bust right/Vytis on horseback left/. Gum-1325, KM-32. VF/F. $40

49070 ---1st Republic. 1925. 50 Centu One year type. KM-75, Y5. Nice VF. $10

49071 ---,---1925. 5 Litai. One year type. U8, KM-78. EF, lightly cleaned. $15

48968 ---Riga. Sigismund III of Poland. 1590. 3 Groschen. Bust right/Value, date, etc.. Gum-1450. aVF. $30

*48498 Luxembourg. Cafe R. Dondelinger. ND. Aluminum 24mm auguste nimax BON luxembourg/cafe r. dondelinger el 225-33 luxembourg. . EF. $25

49072 Macao. under Portugal 1952. 5 Avos. One year type. Y1, KM-1. EF. $25

49073 ---,---1952. 10 Avos . One year type. Y2, KM-2. R&B unc. $10

49074 ---,---1952. 50 Avos . One year type. Y3, KM-3. EF. $5

49075 ---,---1952. 1 Pataca . One year type. Y4, KM-4. EF. $24

49076 ---,---1952. 5 Patacas . One year type. Y5, KM-5. BU. $24

*28904 Malta. Alof de Wignacourt. (1601-22). Lion Dollar (26.85 ). Fleur de lis in shield countermarked on Holland Lion Dollar (1575-98). Host coin is Del-831, Dav-8838. Rare. Fine. $575

48856 Mauritius. George V of England. 1912. 2 Cents . Key date of type/. KM-13, Y7. Brown EF+, spot. $39

*48857 ---,---1921. 5 Cents . Key date of type. KM-14, Y8. EF+, trn. $79

*28922 Mexico. Philip IV (1621-65). MoP struck 1636 or after. AR 4 Reales (13.49). Crowned Arms, mintmark and Assayer to left/Cross, lions and castles. Devices nice, no legend. KM-38. . $190

26164 ---Ferdinand VI. 1752 MoM. 1/2 Real . Pillar type. A few digs in field. KM-67.1. VF. $29

26169 ---,---1756 MoM. 1/2 Real . Pillar type.. KM-67.1. VF. $35

49062 ---Charles III. 1761 Mo MM. 8 Reales of Mexico City . Crowned globes flanked by pillars/Legend around crowned Shield. Cross between H and I. KM-105, C035. VF+, but heavily tooled. $180

48961 ---,---1780 Mo FF. Half Real . Bust right/Arms. Scrape at top of reverse. KM-69.2. aVF. $25

*28331 ---Ferdinand VII. 1809 Mo-TH. 1/2 Real . Bust right/Pillars. Once cleaned. KM-73. AU. $95

*28999 ---,---1811 Mo HJ. 8 Reales. Imaginary bust/Arms. KM-110, EL-143. AU. $200

26224 ---,---1813 MoJJ. 2 Reales . Bust type. KM-93. VG-F. $30

*48948 ---Agustin Iturbide. 1822 Mo IM. 8 Reales . Bust right/Small eagle on small cactus. KM-304, El-163. Nice EF for crude type. $550

49046 ---Empire of Maximilian. 1866 Mo. Peso . Bust right/Arms. KM-388.1, Y-S36. VF, rim niks, a few scr’s. $40

25934 ---Republic. 1851 Mo-GC. Half Real . Weakly struck on eagle’s breast, /but choice semi proof-like. KM-370.9. Unc. $50

48960 ---,---1889-Mo. One Centavo . KM-391.6. R&B AU. $25

49031 ---,---1894 Go RS. 8 Reales of Guanajato . Cap and Rays/Eagle. KM-377.8, Y19. EF-AU, some field marks. $30

49052 ---,---1909 Mo GV. 8 Reales of Mexico City . Cap and Rays/Eagle. Last date of issue. . KM-409.2, Y20. EF. $18

25949 ---,---Decimal type. 1901 MoM. 10 Centavos . Restyled eagle. KM-404.2. Lightly toned Unc. $30

28256 ---Estados Unidos. 1905. 50 Centavos . 1st year of type. Type I. KM-445, Y41. VF. $20

*28913 ---,---1910. Peso. Caballito Horse Peso. K-453, El-1054. Lt. toned AU. $110

48763 ---,---Railroad Medal. 1950. Silver 50mm . Pan-American RR Congress. Train, mountains behind, cactus in front/Eagle atop globe showing western hemisphere, flags above, legend around. Grove-570av. Proof. $45

*48952 ---Oaxaca. 1915. 50A2 Very nice for issue. KM-735. Au-Unc. $59

49016 Morocco. Abd al-Hafiz. AH 1329 Pa (1911). Rial or 10 Dirhams . Star above inscription, wreath around/Mint, name and dae within doubled tri-lobe star. Y25. aEF, some rim nicks. $25

49053 Muscat & Oman. Sa’id bin Talmur. AH1378 (1959). 1 Riyal . Arms within circle/Value and date. Y12, KM-31, D-283. Nice Unc. $18

27794 Nepal. Patan, Yoga Narendra Malla. NS 820 (1700). AR Mohar . Sword w. wreath on pedestal, flower, crescent above/Trident on lotus, legend in 5 lines on columns, date below. KM-320, Walsh 67,59. VF. $40

*27528 Netherlands. Deventer. 1471. AR Gros . Quartered arms on long cross, cccc lxxi/Eagle over shield of Devener. Frey-141, vdC-17. aF/F. $375

*27498 ---Gelderland. Charles d’Egmond. 1492-1538. AR Snaphaan . Knight on horseback right/Lion arms, Ornate cross. Escalin au Cavalier. Scarce denomination. . Del-516. VF. $325

*48709 ---,---1651 (?). Lion Dollar of 48 Stuivers . Standing knight MO ARG PRO CO F OE BEL GEL/Rampant lion left lily, CONFIDENS DNO NON MOVETRVR 16(5)1. Well above average. D-4849, KM-15.2, Del-825. VF+ for type. $150

49063 ---Holland. 1760. 1 Stuiver (Broom) . Bundle of arrows divides value within wreath/HOL LAN DIA in 3 lines over date. KM-91, Cr-4. Lite toned ch. Unc. $45

49021 ---Wilhelmina I. 1892. 10 Cents . Head of Queen left/Value and date in wreath. Y20, KM-116. Nice toned Unc. $150

49022 ---,---1892. 25 Cents . Head of Queen left/Value and date in wreath. Y21, KM-115. Lightly toned AU-unc, lite scr’s on rev.. $200

49023 ---,---1892. 1 Gulden . Head of Queen left/Value and date in wreath. Y22, KM-117. BU, peripheral golden toning. A few bagmarks on obv.. $175

*48929 ---Devastation of Luxembourg. 1602. AE Jeton . Jehovah in radiant sun/Long Legend.. Dug-3541, Mi-2522. VF+. $150

*48781 ---Railroad Medal. 1889. AE44mm by W. Schammer . 50th Anniversary of Dutch Train Service. Locomotive/3 line legend with Roman numeral dates in wreath of Dutch shields. . EF. $100

NA-1 netherlands antilles. 1964 7 piece mint set (privately issued). 1A2 to 2 1/2 Gulden, all nice BU, case is decent but a bit dusty.$20

*48942 Netherlands East Indies. Batavia, VOC Emergency Coinage. 1644. AE 1/2 Stuiver . Arms of Batavia in inner circle, date at top in legend/Value above VOC monogram. Authorized 19 Aug 1644, prohibited after 21 Sept. 1644. KM-31, Scho-18. Crude aF. $175

*48944 ---Java, United East India Co.. 1766. Silver Rupee . Arabic legends both sides. mm = 9. Nice for issue. KM-175.1, Scholton-458e. Gd VF. $220

*48798 ---Railroad Medal. 1913. AE 76mm by J.C. Wienecke . 50th Anniv of Dutch E. Indies RR. allegorical figure w corn sheaf and tree, standing on the front of a locomotive,/Javanese symbol of prosperity above inscription 50 - jarig bestaan - 1863-1913. Moy-536A. EF. $150

*48972 Palestine. . 1948. AE35mm, enameled with red/black ribbon . Showing map of Palestine (in shape of blade), with 1948 to left and Filastin to right (both in Arabic) with enameled green wreath around crossed swords above, church with cross atop and crescent above, all with red ribbon with two black stripes attached. Presumably issued by Syria. . EF. $50

PAL-1 ---British Mandate. 1927 50 Mils. Y6, KM-6. BU$90

We have a huge stock of Palestine. Our 2008 list is now ready or check it out on our website.

48962 Panama. Republic. 1904. 5A2 . Bust left/Arms. KM-2, Y6. VF-EF. $10

48963 ---,---1904. 25 Centesimos . Bust left/Arms. Y8, KM-4. VF. $12.50

48964 ---,---1907. 2 1/2 Centesimos . One year type. Scarce this nice. Y2, KM-7.a. Lightly toned AU. $30

PAN-1 ---,--. Almost complete type set 1904-1961 in blue Whitman album missing only 50 Centesimos of 1904-1905. Coins F to Unc, mostly EF or better. Catalog value $200+...$150

49050 Paraguay. Republic. 1968. 300 Guarani. Head of President Stroessner left/Seated lion with liberty camp on pole. KM-29. Ch. Toned Unc. $12.5

*25755 ---,---Abraham Lincoln. 1974. 150 Guaranies. Low mintage. KM-107. Proof. $50

48955 Peru. Republic. 1836-B. 4 Reales of Cuzco. Arms/Standing Liberty. KM-151.1. GVF, softly struck at center as usual. $35

48999 ---,---Another, but nicer. Nice AU/Ch. AU, softly struck at center. $110

48959 ---,---Transitional Coinage. 1860 Y.B.. Half Real of Lima . Arms/Seated Liberty. KM-180, Y3. Nicely toned VF. $25

48958 ---,---1864. 2 Centavos. 1st and scarcest date. Y10, KM-188.1a. Pretty brown AU. $40

*48956 ---,---1885-JM. 1/2 Escudo of Cuzco . Rare variety with "S" in wreath and designer’s initials to left of seated liberty. A few die breaks. KM-189a. F. $175

26141 ---,---1874 YJ. Un Sol KM-196.3, EL-199. Unc. $23

26142 ---,---1883 FN. Un Sol . Type VII. FD on left side below liberty. KM-196.19, EL-208. Lustrous AU. $25

48957 ---,---1889 TF. 1 Sol . Type XI. Y18, KM-196.24. Ch. BU. $30

*48765 ---Railroad Medal. 1869. Silver 34mm by CE Bryant . Pisco to Yca. Locomotive in front of mountains, with ship, cargo and plants/Long inscription. Ex Wayte Raymond, Sale 2, #3434. Fonrobert-9250. Nice EF. $125

*48782 ---,---1870. Bronze 50mm by CE Bryant, Lima . Arequipa to Puna. Train crossing bridge over river, mountains in background/Long legend. . Fonr-9177, Moy-601. EF, nicks. $125

*48783 ---,---1870. Silverplated 50mm by CE Bryant, Lima . Callao-La Oroya section of Andean RR. Train entering town, mountains behind/Long legend. . Fonr-9200, Moy-601. EF, test cut. $125

*48784 ---,---As above, but Bronze 50mm EF. $125

48764 ---,---1871. Silver 23mm . Mollendo to Arequipa Inauguration. Train, legend around/Legend. . EF, but hole started each side. $30

*48488 ---,---1871. Silver 23.5 . Steam locomotive in central circle/Legend. Issued to honor opening of railway from Mollendo, a port city to the department capital 60 miles inland.. Rulau Aqp-1, Moy-438. Toned EF. $65

*48785 Philippines. Railroad Medal. 1938. Bronze 44mm by C.Z. Manila-Legaspi RR Inaugurated. Train, volcano in background/Legend and hanging garden. . Basso-839. EF, touch of verdigris. $60

28289 Poland. Sigismund III. 1624. 3 Polker . Crowned Shield/24 in orb dividing date. Gum-974, KM-41. VG-F. $17

*48767 ---Railroad Medal. 1845. Bronzed 26mm by I. Maynert . Opening of the Warsaw-Vienna Iron Railway. Old locomotive, legend above/Polish legend and date. . VF. $55

*48872 ---Lodz Ghetto (Litzmannstadt). 1943. 10 Mark (3.13) . Star of David, Aluminum issue. Thick, heavy example . KM-TN3, C-4753b. Choice EF-AU. $120

49017 Portugal. Republic. 1910 (1914). Escudo . Bust of woman holding torch facing left/Arms. Birth of the Republic commemorative on Oct. 5, 1910. Y47, KM-560. EF, lightly cleaned. $119

49018 ---,---1915. Escudo . Liberty head left/Arms. Y51, KM-564. AU, chatter marks on face. $59

49077 Puerto Rico. Alfonso XIII of Spain. 1896. 10 Centavos . Bust left/Arms. One year type. No plugs, holes, mounts!. Y2, KM-21. Gd Fine. $49

49055 Qatar & Dubai. Ahmad II. British Protectorate. AH1386/1966. 25 Dirhems . Value/Gazelle prancing right. KM-4. Unc. $10

49056 ---,---AH1386/1966. 50 Dirhems .KM-5. Unc. $12.50

*28917 Ragusa. Dubruvnik. 15th Century. AE Follis. Bust left, MONETA RAGVSII/ City gate with 3 towers . Very scarce. EK-1025, Rengjeo-1780ff. VF for issue. $110

48521 Russia. 300th Anniversary of Romanoffs. 1913. Brass 28mm . Nicholas II and Michael Romanoff facing/5 line legend. Looped as made. . VF. $35

RU-1 ---Alexander III. 1886 Ruble. Y46. Toned VF, some nicks.$110

*48489 St. Lucia. James Burness & Sons. ND (1896-1944). Brass 30mm Token. james burness & sons in four lines, neal. london below (Manufacturer) /Uniface. A Day rate coaling token. Prid-6, Rul SL-10. VF, a few nicks. $35

*48638 Sarawak. Rajah Charles J. Brooke. 1896-H. 1/4 Cent . Bust left/ Denomination in wreath, date below, SARAWAK above. KM-4, Y5. R&B AU. $175

48639 ---Rajah Charles V. Brooke. 1920-H. 1 Cent. Bust right/Value within wreath, date below, One year type.. KM-12, Y15. Au-Unc. $19

48640 ---,---1920-H. 1 Cent . Bust right/Value within wreath, date below, One year type. Die flaw near W of SARAWAK. KM-12, Y15. Au-Unc. $12.50

*27008 Scotland. James III. 1460-88. AE Penny . Orb Tilted down/Latin cross in quatrefoil Issued by Bishop James Kennedy of St. Andrews. S-5307. Fine. $100

48864 Seychelles. George VI. 1943. 25 Cents . /. KM-2, Y2. EF. $29

SA-1 south africa, ZAR. 1898 Penny. KM-2, Y1. VF$7

SA-2 ---,---1897 Shilling. KM-5, Y4. F/VF$7

SA-3 ---,---1896 2 Shillings. KM-6, Y5. aVF, rim bump rev., scr’s obv.$13

48855 South Africa. George VI. 1945. Shilling . KM-28, Y36. EF. $39

SA-4 ---George VI. 1948 5 Shillings KM-40.1, Y48. Nice EF. $13.50

SA-5 ---,---1951 5 Shillings. KM-40.2, Y53. Au-Unc, 1 year type$12

SA-6 ---,---1952 5 Shillings. KM-41, Y56. VF-EF. 1 year type.$10

also see 48898 under gold for an 11 piece 1954 proof set

*48504 ---Cape Province, Montague. Divisional Council ND . 1/4 Day work 18mm brass token . a.r. 1/4 dag m in three lines/Uniface. In use between 1944-1946. Maynard C-497. VF. $55

*48505 ---,---Somerset East. ND (1938-56). 27mm Brown Fiber token . s.e.m. kaffier beer 3d. Beer token for use in municipal beerhall. Maynard C-524. VF. $35

*48503 ---Kimberley, De Beers Mines Ltd.. ND, Early 20th Cent. 1 Shilling Brass 24mm token. bult diamonds around 1/-/Bultfontein Diamond Mine token. Maynard C-407. Choice EF. $55

*48499 ---Natal. ND (1920’s). 1 Shilling Brass 24mm token . d.n.c. d & k good for. (Durban Navigation Compnay, Duchen & Kleinman)/1/-. Maynard N-17. GVF. $49

*48500 ---,---,---3 Pence Brass 18mm token Sim to above.. Maynard N-19. VF. $45

*48501 ---,---,---6 Pence Brass 22 mm token. Similar. Maynard N-18. VF. $45

*48506 ---,---Glencoe Mine Stores. ND (c. 1930). 22 mm Green celluloid token . MS monogram. Similar to Maynard example but this is green, he mentions a beige or red token. Maynard N-68 sim.. EF. $55

*48507 ---Orange Free State, Jagersfontein. ND(1913-26). Brass 36mm token . A coat of arms, surrounded by jagersfontein municipality/water 3 gallons in 3 lines. dings and nicks which seem usual for issue. For use at street pumps. Maynard O-49. Fine. $35

*48768 ---Railroad Medal. ND. Silver 23mm with loop . African Steam Railway Society. Train thru tunnel. ASRS S. AFRICA/2 hands clasped, UNITED TO HELP EACH OTHER. . Toned EF. $30

48850 So. Rhodesia. George V of England. 1934. 2 Shillings . Bust left/Deer standing left. KM-4, Y6. aEF, clnd. $40

*48852 ---,---1934. Half Crown . Bust left/Arms. KM-5. EF, original luster. $90

48532 ---,---1935. 6 Pence . Crowned bust left/Crosses, axes divide date and value. KM-2, Y4. Nice VF+. $33

27583 ---Edward VIII. 1937. 5 Shilling . Lobel 1984 type. Gilt Bronze. as Bruce-X1a-. Proof-like BU. $35

48851 ---George VI. 1940. 2 Shillings . Bust left/Deer standing left. KM-19, Y20. VF+, rim niks. $55

*48853 ---,---1946. Half Crown . Bust left/Arms. Better date of short two year type. KM-15a, Y21b. Au/Unc. $110

*28370 Spain. Catalonia, Pedro II (the Catholic). 1196-1213. AR Obol (.69) Barcelona. Cross with annulets in angles/Small cross, dot in center. Crusafonte-301. GVF. $125

*28371 ---Castile, Alfonso XI. 1312-1350. AR Cornado (.76) of Coruna . Crowned bust left/Castle, scallop below. Cay-1193, CC-286. F-VF. $55

*28367 ---Castile & Leon, Enrique II. 1368-79. AR Real (2.95) of Seville . Crowned Monogram/Arms, S below/star above. CC-334. GVF. $350

*28368 ---,---Juan I. 1379-90. AR Real (3.37) of Seville . Crowned iohn/Royal coat-of-arms in quatrelobe; roses and S (mintmark) . CC-440. VF, bit rough. $325

*21065 ---Ferdinand & Isabella. 1474-1504. AR 1/2 Real . S*=Seville. Thicker than usual. Bit clipped. . F-VF. $75

27319 ---,---AR Real of Burgos . Royal Arms/Yoke (King’s device) & bundle of arrows (Queen’s device), B. . Fine, clipped a bit. $75

27320 ---,---AR Real of Seville . Royal Arms/Yoke (King’s device) & bundle of arrows (Queen’s device), S. . Fine, clipped a bit. $75

*28392 ---,---AR 4 Reales of Seville . Bundle of Arrows/Arms. A few flat spots, but well above average!. Choice VF+. $560

*48945 ---Charles III. 1772 PJ. 2 Reales of Madrid . Bust right. KM-41`2.1. Ch. Toned EF. $250

SP-1 ---Isabella II. 1855 10 Reales of Seville. KM-595.3, Y22. VG/F+$20

SP-2 ---,---1863 4 Reales of Madrid. KM-608.2, Y29. aVF/VF$20

SP-3 ---,---1868 (68) 40A2 of Madrid. KM-628.2, Y42. VF, a few rim nicks$115

SP-4 ---,---1868 (68) 1 Escudo of Madrid. KM-626.1, Y43. VG/GF$33

SP-5 ---Provisional Coinage. 1870 50A2. KM-651, Y56. VG, light scratches$25

SP-6 ---,---1870 (74) DEM 2 Pesetas. KM-654, Y59. Nice VF+$75

SP-7 ---Amadeo I. 1871 (74) DE-M. 5 Pesetas. KM-666, Y61. Clnd EF, rb$75

SP-8 ---Alfonso XII. 1876 (76). 5 Pesetas. KM-671, Y74. EF, cleaned$75

SP-9 ---,---1885 (86) Peseta. KM-686, Y-B76. F/F+, scr. on neck$25

SP10 ---,---1885 (87) MS-M. 5 Pesetas. KM-688, Y-76. Lustrous AU, lightly cleaned a few tiny rim nicks. Very attractive.$200

SP11 ---Alfonso XIII. 1st coinage. 1891. 2 Pesetas. KM-692, Y81. F. Sc$95

49004 ---Alfonso XIII. 2nd Coinage. 1893 (93) PG-L. 5 Pesetas . Young head left/ Arms. Usual bagmarks on obverse, just a few on reverse.. KM-700, Y-86. Nice Unc., couple minute rim nicks. $250

SP12 --,---3rd coinage. 1899. 1 Peseta. KM-706, Y88. VF$19

SP13 ---,---4th coinage. 1905 2 Pesetas. KM-725, Y95. Au-Unc, dipped$22

49019 ---,---6th coinage. 1926 PC-S. 50 Centimos . Bare head left/Crowned Arms. One year type. Seldom seen so nice. Y102, KM-741. Choice BU. $25

SP14 ---Republic. 1933 Peseta. KM-750, Y108. 1 year type. Lite toned AU$20

SP15 ---Nationalist. 1940 PLVS 5 Centimos. KM-765, Y110. BU$49

SP16 ---Franco as Regent. 1949 (51) 50A2 Arrows down. K-776, Y115. BU$29

SP17 ---,---1953 (61) 1 Peseta. KM-775, Y113. BU$69

SP18 ---,---1949 (49) 5 Pesetas. KM-778, Y117. EF/AU$10

SP19 ---,---1957 (61). 5 Pesetas. KM-786, Y118. Nice Unc$39

*48799 ---Railroad Medal. 1881. AE 47mm by Padro and Salo. Villanueva to Barcelona RR. Catalonia hldg shields of Barcelona and Villanueva/Mercury and Vulcan stg by locomotive. Moy-267, Swan-340, Forr IV, 364. EF, rim bumps. $60

*49041 ---Spanish Numismatic Association. 1954. AE 69mm by Fernando Calico. Head left in ancient coin, legend around/Hercules wrestling with lion. Cast as made, thick and heavy. Very attractive. $90

48509 ---Gambling Token. ND. Brass 25 Centimos . Lion standing right, upright tail/25 Centimos. 25.5 mm. GC 51-25. VF. $18

48512 ---,---ND. WM 21mm token . Rampant bull left/Star. No place name, nor denomination.. Rulau unlisted. GVF. $15

VR1 euzkadi, viscayan republic. 1937 1 Peseta. Y1, K1. Unc$10

VF2 ---,---1937 2 Pesetas. Y2, KM-2. EF-AU$8

*28905 Spanish Netherlands. Tournai, Siege Coinage. ND (1709). AR 20 Sols (6.69 ). Uniface Klippe, value above head of Marshall/De Surville left. Scarce Siege coin. KM-8, Del-363. Ch. VF+. $550

*48949 St. Settlements. Victoria. 1876-H. 5 Cents . Bust left/Key date and lowest mintage of entire type. KM-10, Y13. aF/Gd Fine. $400

48641 ---Edward VII of GB. 1910-B. 20 Cents . Crowned bust right/Value in circle. KM-22a, Y22. EF, a bit cloudy. $24

27582 Sweden. Gustav II Adolf. 1631 Sater. AE 1 Ore . Crowned Arms/Crossed Arrows. Type III, MDCXXX1,Type 1 crown?. SM-139, K-115. VF, rough flan. $120

49007 ---Oscar II. 1875 ST. 25 Ore . /. KM-738, Y20. F/VF. $45

*48786 ---Railroad Medal. 1909. Silver 44mm by Sven Kulle . Train going left, smokestacks behind/Winged Wheel, legend. . EF. $85

48769 ---,---1941. Copper 45mm . Train going through farmland, legend below and around/Map,, shields, legend. . EF. $30

28242 Switzerland. Geneva. 1839. 2 Centimes . Billon type/. KM-126, Cr-64. Nice Unc. $30

48802 ---,---1896. 10 Veyrier. 22 mm brass scalloped check. Locomotive. EF. $24

48424 ---St. Gallen. City Coinage. ND (c.1715). Bi. Kreuzer . Bear standing left, 1 K/Arms. KM-50. EF. $12.50

*26943 ---Zoefingen. Albrecht III. 1382-95. AR Bracteate, 19 mm . Plant growing out of helmet. Square. Hapsburg city in Aargau. Chipped a bit. Reich-2230. aVF. $69

*48629 ---Zurich. 1783. Taler . 1st and scarcest year of 3 year type/. D-1798, K-175, C-38. Toned VF. $300

*48884 ---,---1813. 40 Batzen . Shield with wreath above. Small date which seems to be rarest type. Dav-366, KM-190. Toned Unc., light adj marks under toning. $350

28073 ---Confederation. 1884. 1 Rappen . /. KM-3.1, Y18. Brown EF. $32

*48787 ---Railroad Medal. 1858. AE48mm by Bovy . Opening of the Lyon to Geneva Railway, Arms of Geneva/Locomotive to left, adorned with flags of France and Switzerland. Moy-162, Leu-1566. Ch., glossy EF. $110

*20027 Thailand. Rama V. RS-123 (1904). Fuang or 1/8 Baht . Bust left/Pagdoa. Y-32a. BU. $90

49002 Tunisia. Tunis, Mahmud II. AH 1167 (1743). Bi 1 Kharub . Short type. Very nice for local issue. KM-49. EF. $47

48848 ---Muh’d al-Nasir Bey with French. AH1334/1915. 50 Centimes. KM-237, Y29. BU. $32

48849 ---,---AH1334/1916A. 50 Centimes. KM-237, Y29. BU. $29

28787 ---,---AH1334/1916-A. 2 Francs .KM-239, Y31. AU. $30

*48847 ---Ahmad Pasah Bey with French. AH1353/1934. 10 Francs . Uncommon type. KM-255, Y49. Nicely toned EF+. $80

*48950 United States. Liberty Head "V" Nickel. 1885. 5 Cents. Low grade but date clear. Extremely rare date. Y14a. Gd. $325

48881 ---Colombian Exposition. 1893. Half Dollar . Bust of Columbus right/ Sailing ship above globes showing western and eastern Hemispheres EF-AU. $15

48717 ---Barber Series. 1908-O (New Orleans). Half Dollar . Some scratches on head. Y-17. Fine. $28

*48925 ---Standing Liberty 1917. Quarter Dollar . Type I. Right breast exposed. Small stars. Y29. EF. $99

*48926 ---Standing Liberty 1917. Quarter Dollar . Type II, right breast covered. Large stars, rearrangement of stars, eagle higher. Y29a. Ch. AU. $99

49020 ---1922. Peace Dollar . Head of Liberty left/Eagle standing right on rock, PEACE below. Y31, KM-150. Choice BU. $45

*24639 ---Sports medal. 1888. Silver 45mm with loop as made . US AAU medal for 440 yard outdoor swim/Toned, "TEE" (?) scratched on reverse. . Toned VF. $100

*16841 ---Masonic Jewel. 70mm. Silver. Engraved Sword/Worn by Pursevant (Innerguard). EF. (Possibly from England)$100

*49040 ---Foresters of America Badge. ND. San Diego, California. c. 78 x 60 mm. . Red, white, blue and black enamel on silver with plate on top "Court Sand Diego No. 28" and eagle above. Elaborate and no doubt scarce.. . . $35

*16999 ---Society of Medalists. May 1968. AE73mm by Nina Winkel . Children, Hope of the World, Girls Dancing/Boys Building. Brochure. 924 minted. EF-Unc. $50

*49038 ---FIDEM Medal. 1986. Copper 79.5 mm by Guy-Charles Revol. Various impressions of medals from earlier Fidem Congresses in Europe/Legend commemorating the 50th Congress held in Colorado Springs in 1987 with Garden of the Gods to either side. Revol is from Portugal. #303 of 500. As struck. $49

*49039 ---1991. Georgia O’Keefe by Alex Shagin. 71 x 70 mm cast heavy thick bronze medal. Her bust in pensive mood facing half right/Tree. Very impressive medal by one of America’s most prolific medallic sculptors . Signed and dated on edge by the artist. . $90

*48478 U.S. Virgin Is.. St. Thomas. ND (1915-1930). Brass 35mm Ice Token . raven & co good for 1 lb. ice st. thomas. Uniface with hole, as made.. Rulau-Vrg-52, Ek-2049. VF. $65

48476 Uruguay. Cerveceria del Uruguay . ND. Aluminum 27.5 . cervecerias del uruguay s dad a ml around montevideo/vale por "1" barril vacio. 1 Empty barrel.. Rulau-unlisted . Unc. $30

*48477 ---Hs. Villegas. ND (c.1900?). Brass 23.5 mm . vinedo villegas hs carmelo (r.o). Venedo = Vinyard/"10", bellagamba y rossi (very small). Struck by Bellagamba and Rossi, Buenos Aires.. Rulau Cln-8. GVF. $35

*48788 ---Railroad Medal. 1901. Silvered AE 56mm by J. Welker . Inauguration of RR from Las Obras to Port of Montevideo. Train and harbor scene/Legend around wreath, within which is shield. . Toned EF, nicks. $69

*48771 ---,---1905. Bronze 37mm with loop . Central RR of Uruguay. Train at center, mountains, animals, scale around/1st place at Mineral Exposition. . EF. $40

48800 ---,---1946. AE 61 mm by Tarmado . 5th Pan-American RR Congress, Montevideo Standing figure with torch, RR in background/Map of Western Hemisphere . . EF. $30

48966 Venezuela. Republic. 1936. 5 Bolivares. Bust/Arms. Y24.2. EF. $16..50

49059 Vietnam. South Vietnam. 1968. 20 Dong . 12 sided FAO issue. Farmer in rice paddy. KM-11. BU. $10

*48486 Wales. Carartenshire, Carmarthen. 1811. Silver Shilling . Crest, a crowing cock between sprigs of a laurel. morris & sons. h on first laurel at left, three berries at right/carmarthen token xii pence 1811 with sprig of palm on either side.. Davis-1. Toned VF. $110


These notes were made by Jewish inmates of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp as part of a plan by the Nazis to bankrupt the Bank of England and is one of the more fascinating stories of 20th century counterfeiting we know of. These were made on very thin paper and were meant to pass with a little notice as possible, thus most have small faults which may not be mentioned. The P number is from Albert Pick’s Standard Catalog of World Paper Money Volume II while the F/F numbers are from the excellent book by the father and daughter team of Steve and Ray Feller Silent Witnessess: Civilian Camp Money of World War IIwhich is available from us for $35 plus shipping.

*OB1 5 Pounds 12 October 1934. P-335a, F/F GE-310. F-VF, rough edges. some stains$99

*OB2 ---As above 28 Aug. 1935. VF, tiny corner missing$110

*OB3 ---As above 29 April 1937. VF, small corner missing$110

*OB4 ---As above 4 May 1938. VF, small notch at righ.$110

*OB5 10 Pounds 16 October 1935. P336, F/F GE-311b. Ch. VF, notch$135

*OB6 ---As above 18 August 1936. aVF, ruffled edge, small notch at right$110

*OB7 ---As above, same date. Similar condition$110

*OB8 ---As above 19 November 1936. EF, notch at right$135

*OB9 ---As above. a VF, touch of grafitti on back, bottom edge a tad rough$110

*OB10 ---As above 20 June 1938. VF+, notch at right, small rust hole$110

LATE ADDITIONS (back to top)

*49084 LUCIOUS APPULEIUS SATURNINUS. 104 BC. AR Denarius (3.88). Helmeted head of Roma left/Saturn driving quadrga right, N above. SR-193, Appuleia-1v. Gd VF, lightly toned $165

*28035 Titus. 79-81. AR Denarius . Laur bust r/Venus stg. r, leaning on cippus/hldg spear and helmet. SR-2507, RIC-9. aVF. $175

*49085 Titus. 79-81. This struck 73 as Caesar. Æ Sestertius 24.34. Laureate head right/Titus in triumphal quadriga right holding branch & scepter. On side of charito, Nike stands to right holding wreath in outstretched arm. SR-2461, H-790v (different obv. legend), RIC-645. VF. One of the true rarities of the Judaea Capta series, this depicts the scene that is shown on the arch of Titus commemorating the victory over the Jews $2250

*48871 Septemius Severus. 193-211. AR Denarius (2.74) . Laureate bust right/Two captives seated, back to back, under trophy.. RSC-365, RIC-63.. Toned VF/F. $50

*49086 Crusaders, Antioch. Tancred as Regent. 1101-1103, 1104-1112. Æ Follis (19mm, 3.16). Nimbate bust of St. Peter facing, holding scroll and long cross/KE(B)OI-( )HTO-AV- OCOV T-(A)NKPI in 5 lines. CCS-3b, Metcalf-54. VF, a few usual flat spots but well struck for issue. Ex Alistair Lilburn collection. $159

*49087 Crusaders, Achaea. Mathilde de Hainaut. 1316-1321. Perhaps Clarentza mint. Bi Denier Tournois (.85). Cross/Castle tournois, annulet to left, pheon below, another annulet at end of legend. CCS-32 (although the annulet is called a pellet), Metcalf-999-1002. Toned VF. Ex Alistair Lilburn collection. $190

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