Auction 37D - November 15, 2007

Ancient and World Coins

Auction #37D

Closing Date and Time: Thursday, November 15, 2007 9:00 PM Mountain Time

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Highlights of Auction 37D
Ancient Jewish Coins
City Coins of the Holy Land Area
Ancient Greek Coins
Greek Imperial/Roman Colonial Coins
Roman Coins
Byzantine, Miscellaneous Ancients, Early Islamic and Pre-Columbian Primitive Money from the Howard Gibbs Collection
Numismatic Literature
Modern and Medieval Coins, Tokens and Medals
World Paper Money
Medallic Judaica
Israel State, Commissioned and Presentation Medals
Judaic and Holy Land Paper
The Holocaust and Anti-Semitism

Prices Realized

TERMS OF SALE   (back to top)

1. All bids are per lot as numbered in this catalog.

2. All bids are strictly cash (cash, check, money order, bank draft or approved credit card) in U.S. dollars. All checks must be written in US dollars and on a US bank.See Term #10 for credit cards and paypal terms.

3. Mailbids sales are not approval sales. The bidder must assume responsibility to pay for all lots bid on. Lots may be returned for reason of authenticity or improper description only within 3 days of receipt. Lots examined prior to the sale may not be returned for any reason except authenticity. Late payers forfeit any return privileges.

4. All materials are guaranteed genuine, unless noted otherwise, or sold “as is ”.

5. Bid sheets must be signed.

6. We reserve the right to reject any bid.

7. Title does not pass until lots are paid for in full.

8. Postage, insurance & handling are extra. A minimum of $5 per shipment will be charged. Bidders are responsible for any and all bank charges for bank wires etc.

9. In some cases we may have duplicate lots of identical description and these may be substituted to under bidders.

10. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted for payment. However an additional 3% is charged for use of said card in auction sales.Please note that if you are a new bidder we must be able to confirm your billing address if you use a credit card. For those of you overseas this may be difficult so we ask that you include a numismatic reference. A 4% charge will be added to all payments using Paypal.

11. Digital Photos, scans, black & white or color copies are available for most lots in the sale. Photos, scans and black and white copies are $1 per item, while color copies are $2 per side. Payable in advance, please. In most cases digital images sent via email are free.

12. All lots with 6 or more items are sold as is.

13. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt of the invoice,unless arrangements are made prior to the closing of the sale. Late payers forfeit any rights of return.All invoices over 30 days overdue are subject to an interest charge of 1 1/2% per month.

14. There is a $15 charge for bad checks.

15. In case of tie bids, the earliest bid received will win the lot.

16. Phone, fax, mail and email bids are accepted, however phone bids, should be confirmed in writing. All email bids will be confirmed by a return email.

17. Estimates are just that, estimates. Lots may and do, sell for above and below estimate. Please bid what the lot is worth to you. High bids will be reduced to 5 to 10% over the 2nd high bid.

18. Bidders are responsible for errors in bidding, please check your bid sheet carefully.

19. There are no buyer’s fees in our sales.

20. All overseas packages will be shipped via registered or express mail at buyer’s risk.

21. Bidders not known to us must provide us with satisfactory credit references or pay a deposit as determined by the auctioneer.

22. Prices realized will be published after the sale and will be mailed to all consignors, subscribers and competitive bidders. Others may receive a copy for $5.

23. Slabbed (Encapsulated) coins graded and certified by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS may not be returned for grading reasons.

24. The minimum acceptable bid on any lot is at least 60% of the estimate. In some cases a reserve may be higher than that, but it will never be higher than the estimate. We have made every effort to make the estimates realistic and conservative. In addition no bids on coins and medals of made of precious metal will be accepted that are below the melt value of that item. For our mailbid purposes we are defining precious metals as being of silver, gold and platinum.The price of gold as we go to print is $730+ per troy ounce, silver $13.21 and platinum $1353.

WE HAVE MOVED   (back to top)

Please note that after 30 years of living in the foothills of Colorado at 8200 feet we have declared Mother Nature the winner and have moved to what we hope will be a kinder and gentler Littleton, Colorado where the elevation is only about 5500 feet. The last late April blizzard where we received over 30 inches of snow in 12 hours was the final straw. We lost a half dozen trees, our power and water for a day and a half and nearly our sanity.

Our new address and our new phone and fax numbers are printed on the cover, on the inside cover and on the bid sheet. We will also mention it here in the event you misplace all three. Our address is P. O. Box 785, Littleton, CO 80160-0785, Our new phone is 720-981-0785 and our new Fax is 720-981-5345. And yes, the last 3 digits of our phone number is the same as our P. O. Box. And, no, we didn’t plan it that way.

The move was much more strenuous and stressful than we had thought and thus this auction is smaller than we had planned. We still have boxes and cartons of both numismatic material and literature that have yet to be unpacked. While packing to move here I had put aside two or three cartons of books and important auction catalogs that I either had more than one or found that I didn’t use. These were going to be included in a large numismatic literature section in this catalog. I have yet to find those cartons.

In addition time constraints made it necessary to limit the number of photos in the printed version of the catalog. If an item has an asterisk (*) preceding the lot number and you can’t find the picture in the “hard copy” of the catalog, please check our website at You should be able to find a color image there. If not please let us know. We do apologize for the inconvenience. We began writing this catalog a week after moving here but the writing part took twice as long as we spent half our time looking for an elusive reference book or in some cases even mundane items like coin holders.


We will stop taking bids at 9:00 PM on November 15th or when our phone and/or Fax stops ringing for 10 minutes. Please do not wait until the last minute and get shut out. In every sale a number of bidders could not get through on the last night.

We suggest you bid above estimate if you want an item as high bids will be reduced. Our bid sheets offer several bidding options that can save you money, optimize your bids and see that you get the lots that you really want. If you are unsure of how to use these options, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to explain them to you.

Please keep in mind that in some cases there may be unpublished reserves set either by the consignor or the cataloger and no bids of less than 60% of estimate are considered. We do not have a call back service, but after placing your bid you may contact us to check on your bids. We do not reveal the high bid of any lot, but if you have placed a bid on a lot, you may contact us after your bid has been placed and we will tell you if you are the high bidder.

We take seriously the commitment to reduce bids. Usually well over 1/3 of all successful bids are reduced and over 75% of successful bidders have at least one of their winning bids reduced. We believe that the best strategy to being a successful bidder is placing your bids early and not waiting until the last minute.

Please keep in mind that we can not guarantee who is the last bidder. If someone calls us at 9 PM, the sale will continue for at least 10 minutes after that call is completed. If someone else calls us during that 10 minutes, the sale continues for another 10 minutes. And so on.

When we started writing this catalog the price of gold was around $650 an ounce, today it is over $730. I have no idea if it will be higher or lower when the sale closes. Please be aware of this when bidding. If you are unsure of “melt value”, we will be happy to give you this information.

NO BUYER'S FEE   (back to top)

We do not charge a buyer's fees in our sales. You are charged only for the amount of your winning bid, plus postage and shipping charges.

LOT VIEWING SCHEDULE   (back to top)

DENVER COIN EXPO. November 1-4, National Western Complex, “Expo Hall”, I-70 and Brighton Blvd., Denver CO.Thursday November 1st is dealer set up day. Public hours are Friday and Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM and Sunday 10 AM to 3 PM. We will have most lots in the sale available for viewing at our bourse tables during all show hours. There are some bulk lots and numismatic literature which we will bring only if specifically asked to. Please call us prior to the show to ensure that we bring the lots you want to see.

We plan to have the majority of the material in the sale in our office Monday through Friday except for the show dates mentioned above, until the close of the sale if you need more detailed description of any of the lots. However, please contact us as well in advance of the close of the sale as possible in order that we can provide you with as much information as possible. We will be happy to return your call if we cannot provide you with the information you require when you call, fax or email.

We will confirm all email bids received within 24 hours of receiving the bid. If you do not receive a confirmation please contact us. We have been deluged by spam as I’m sure many of you have also. Even though our filter separates most of the junk from the “real” mail, it does not do a perfect job, thus we ask that when sending us a bid or inquiring about the sale, please put “Bid” or “Mailbid Sale” in the subject line so we do not delete your email along with the junk we receive every day. We do not confirm mail or fax bidsunless specifically asked to do so.

No information will be available about the results of the sale until all bids have been checked and invoices written. This should take about three or four days. We will not be answering the phone until that information is ready. We hope to be ready by Monday November 19th or Tuesday November 20th. Our office will be closed during the Thanksgiving Holiday from Wednesday evening until the following Monday.

Please note that this entire catalog is also up on our website at There you will find not only everything in this catalog, but also not only more pictures but pictures of all the items are in color as well. If the images are not up on our site when you receive this catalog they should be soon.

HIGHLIGHTS OF AUCTION 37D   (back to top)

I always have good intentions of writing a detailed listing of the highlights of each auction, but as I begin writing this section I realize that I have just spent six weeks writing the catalog and I don’t want to do it again. So we’ll settle for a couple a few paragraphs of highlights

The Judaean section is highlighted by selections from parts of a collection acquired this past summer which contains numerous rare and high grade Herodian coins as well as a number of better city coins. In many cases we have listed who the previous owner purchased the coin from and when he purchased the coin. In addition one of the nicest Jewish War Shekels is offered as well as a very heavy and pedigreed large Bar Kochba bronze coin.

The Greek and Greek Imperial sections are highlighted by numerous coins from the Stephen Smith collection. Steve was a serious collector of ancient coins from Idaho who was a regular participant at the ANA Summer Seminar who passed away far too early in 2002. While there are selections from throughout the Greek world his main interest was Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt and we offer our largest selection of those popular coins ever. There are also a few gold coins listed in this section so check carefully.

While the Roman and Byzantine sections don’t contain many rarities there are numerous attractive and inexpensive examples of these coins as well as a few rare and/or high grade ones thrown in. We also should mention a rare Arab-Byzantine piece from Tiberias as well as four gold items from the famous Howard Gibbs collection which we have listed at the end of the ancient section.

In the world coin section gold coins are listed throughout under the issuing country. We have many rare and low mintage modern African gold coins in this section as well as a few Israeli rarities, some rare Palestine tokens, numerous better crowns, minors and medals and even a few US coins that found their way to us.

The world paper section is highlighted by some very high grade notes from Buchenwald Concentration Camp, very rare Proofs and Trials from Israel and as perhaps the world’s finest collection of barter notes from US occupied post World War II Germany. 27 of the 31 notes listed by Schwan and Boling in World War II Remembered including all six plate notes are being offered.

Part Two, the Judaic section, as usual contains a fantastic array of Jewish related medals, tokens and paper items. In addition to some rare early medals including Weiner’s famous Cologne synagogue medal we have probably our best offering of modern medals most of which have beome quite scarce.

BIBLIOGRAPHY   (back to top)

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ANCIENT JEWISH COINS   (back to top)

*1 yehud coinage, persian rule. before 333 bc. ar obol (.82). helmeted head of athena/owl stg right, lily to left, yehud to left but indistinct. ajc-4b. vg. ex fisher collection $150+

*2 ---,---ar hemi-obol (.22). hd of persian king right/falcon, head left, wings spread, (yhd). sc. variety with head left. h-429v, ajc-9b, t-16e. f/avf, bit grainy. $200

*3 samaria. 4th century bc. ar obol (.75) head of bes facing/2 owls facing. sc-53, cs-43. vg/avf. $150

*4 john hyrcanus i with antiochus vii.132-130 bc. ae prutah (2.71). lily/upside down anchor. h-451. the 1st jewish bronze struck in jerusalem. f-vf. $80

*5 ---135-104 bc. ae prutah (2.21). hebrew legend, “yehohanan the high priest and the council of the jews”/double cornucopia. h-457, ajc-n. f-vf. struck on tight flan, thus no monogram visible. well centered. $40

*6 ---,---ae half prutah or lepton (.97). palm branch, yehohanan/lily, no monogram. hen-458, ajc-o, tjc-c. nice vf. very nice example of this scarce type. $300+

*7 judah aristobulus. 104-103 bc. ae prutah. double cornucopia/yehudah the high priest and the council of the jews. h-465, ajc-ja, tjc-u. avf $75

*8 ---,---(1.63). “yehudah the high priest and council of the jews”/double cornucopia. h-466, ajc jb-jc. f-vf, dark. this is the rare type with 3 letters in the first line and offered much less frequently than the type with 4 letters in the first line. $120

*9 alexander jannaeus. 103-76 bce. ae prutah (3.54). anchor ,legend/star of 8 rays surrounded by diadem, hebrew letters between the rays. h-469, tjc-k. vf/f, a bit o.c. $45

10 ---AE Lepton. Upside down anchor/Star of 8 rays surrounded by border of dots and Aramaic inscription. H-471, TJC-L. 2 pieces both F-VF or so, one with pronounced flan “handles”. $40

*12 john hyrcanus ii ?. 67, 63-40 bc ?. ae prutah (2.16) council of the jews, “hever hayedudim”. barbaric type w/o mention of king/double cornucopia adorned with ribbons, pomegranate between horns. h-479a, ajc-h. crude vf. $100+

*13 mattathias antigonus. 40-37 bc. ae18. single cornucopia, “mattathias the high priest”/greek “king antigonus” in 2 lines around ivy wreath. h-482, ajc-v2. vf/f. the cornucopia side is sharp and clear, the legend side is weak. coin is attractive and well centered. $100

13a ---,---Similar. Group of 3. Single Cornucopia/Greek legend. H-482, AJC-V, TJC-37.. Gd to VG. $40

14 Herod the Great. 40-4 BC. AE 8 Prutot. Tripod, bowl, date and monogram/ Military helmet. H-486, AJC-1. aF/VG. Flat on right side of obverse, but most detail clear. An opportunity to acquire a scarce & important coin at a reasonable price. $75

*15 ---ae 2 prutot. cross surrounded by closed diadem/tripod table flanked by upright palm branches. tjc-48a, h-490, ajc-7. gd fine, pretty patina. $75

*16 ---ae lepton . anchor, legend/war galley surrounded by dots/scarce. h-502, ajc-22, tjc-65. decent vf. $100

*17 herod archelaus. 4 bc-6 ad. ae 2 prutot (3.51). double cornucopia/galley, facing left, with oars & cabin, ”ethnarch” in 3 lines. h-503, ajc-3. f/vf. $200+

*18 ---,---ae prutah (2.23). bunch of grapes on vine with small leaf, “of herod”/helmet w. crest & cheek straps, caduceus below left, h-505, ajc-6. vf+, green patina. $100

*19 herod antipas. 4 bc- 39 ad. ae 14 (3.95) 1/2 unit. upright reed, l k = year 24 (20 ad)/tibe piac in wreath.. h-511, ajc-3. vf/f. ex cng 12/96 $500

*21 ---ae 24 (13.78) unit. upright palm branch, year 33 (29 ad)/tibe piac in wreath, year 34 (30 ad). h-516, ajc-9. fine. ex superior june 1997, lot #5165. $600

*22 ---ae 22 (12.72) unit similar, year 37 (33 ad). h-520, ajc-13. vg/f. $325

*23 --- ae 14 (2.88) similar, but 1/4 unit. h-522, ajc-15. vf/f & very rare. ex amphora 2/00, listed at $750 $600

*24 ---ae 22 (10.62) unit. 7 branched palm tree, year 43 (39 ad)/inscription in wreath h-524, tkc-91, ajc-17. nice f+. very rare, the only antipas type with a full palm tree, not just a branch or a reed. ex amphora 10/99 listed at $1500! $1000+

*25 --- 4 bc- 39 ad. ae 17 (6.45) 1/2 unit. upright palm branch, year 43 (39 ad)/ inscription in wreath. h-525, ajc-18, tjc-92. vg/avf, bit rough. purchased from amphora in 2/00 where it was priced at $750 $600

*26 ---ae 14 (3.58) 1/4 unit. bunch of grapes hanging down, year 43 (39 ad)/inscription in wreath. h-526, ajc-19, tjc-93. vf. rare. ex raphael ellenbogen collection. $1100

*27 herod philip. 4 bc-34 ad. ae 17 (5.01) of paneas. laur. head of augustus r., star countermark on neck/tetrastyle/temple, legend around, lis in columns (year 16 12-13 ad). h-533, ajc-5, tjc-99. vg/gf. $450

*28 ---ae 18 (4.74) of paneas. laur head of tiberius right with countermark of star in oval on neck/tetrastyle temple, stairway below year 19 = 15/16 ad. h-534, ajc-7a, tjc-101a. vf, nice coin. ex amphora via r. kalm collection. $1000

*29 ---ae 19 (7.46) of paneas. laur head of tiberius right/tetrastyle temple on low platform, dot in pediment, year 33 = 29/30 ad. h-537, ajc-10, tjc-104. vg/vf. $500

*30 agrippa i. 37-44. ae prutah (2.82). canopy with fringes/three ears of barley, year 6. h-553, ajc-11. avf. $75+

*31 ---ae 24 (11.90). laureate head of claudius right/temple containing agrippa & claudius standing & facing each other & holding circular objects, another figure kneels below, while a torso in center holds another object, lz (year 7) in pediment. commemorates treaty between rome & judaea. “agrippa friend of the great caesar”. h-554, ajc-11, tjc-. vf, some flat spots. ex owner purchased from hendin 12/97 who had it priced at $4200, and “one of best known” $3750

*32 agrippa ii, pre-royal coinage. 56-95 (41-54). ae 23 (13.37) of paneas. laur. hd of claudius left ti clavdivs caesar avg pm tr p imp pp/antonia, britannicus & octavia (children of claudius), each holding a cornucopia, their names written out, although only britannicus fully on this coin. h-567, rpc-4842. nice fine and very rare. purchased from amphora who had it listed at $2200! $1450

*33 ---,---56-95 (53/54). ae 18 (6.16) 1/2 unit. upright palm branch year 13/tibe piac in wreath. civic type. in very nice condition. struck at tiberias. h-575, ajc-6. t-348. nice vf. $600

*34 --- ,---56-95 (53/54). ae 14.36 (6.16) 1/4 unit. similar, but 1/4 unit. h-576, ajc-7, t-349. gvf. purchased from amphora in 2/00 where it was priced at $825. $750

*35 ---,---diva poppaea & claudia. 56-95, 65 or later. ae 22 (6.17) of paneas. distyle temple, poppaea (?) std l. diva poppaea avg/hexastyle temple, female figure stg l, hldg cornucopia diva clavd ner f. this is the only coin that mentions claudia nero’s daughter who died in infancy. h-578, rpc-4846. gd fine. ex amphora from r. kalm collection $325

*36 ---ae 15 (2.89). turreted bust of tyche right/double cornucopia crossed at base, winged caduceus between horns. rare. h-584, ajc-5, tjc-132. vg-f. this is the plate coin from the 3rd edition of guide to biblical coins.purchased from amphora in feb. 2000 where it was listed for $2000! $1000+

*37 ---under nero. 56-95 (67/68 ad). ae 22 (8.97) of sepphoris. wreath and circle around legend in 5 lines, yr 14 of nero claudius caesar/two cornucopiae crossed, caduceus between them, legend around. h-586, tjc-127, ajc-8. f-vf. $1000+

38 Marcus Ambiblius, Procurator under Augustus. 9-12 CE. AE Prutah. Ear of barley/Palm Tree, year 39. H-636, TJC-313. Fine. $25

*39 ---,---,---another, but nicer. nice vf $75

*40 valerius gratus, procurator under. tiberius. 15-26 ad. ae prutah (1.91) kai cap in wreath in 2 lines/double cornucopia with tib & lb (yr 2) in two lines. h-639, ajc-6, tjc-316. choice vf+. $225

41 ---,--- (1.59) . KAI CAP in wreath/Two crossed cornucopiae with caduceus between them, above, year 3 in field. H-641, AJC-10, TJC-320. F-VF. $50

*42 ---,---,---as above but tibeipoy misspelled on reverse. h-641a, t-302a. avf. $75+

*43 ---,---(3.67). inscription in wreath/three lilies in bloom. h-642, tjc-321. avf. uncommon. $50+

44 ---,---,---Another, not as nice. Fine.` $40

*45 ---,---,(2,11). tib kai cap in wreath/palm branch, le= year 4. h-646, ajc-18. aef. an exceptional coin which we sold to steve smith in march of 2001 $150+

*46 pontius pilate, procuator under tiberius. 26-36 ad. ae prutah (2.45). lituus, legend around/liz (year 17) within wreath. hen-649, ajc-23. nice avf $125+

*47 ---,---,---another, even nicer. nice vf. $200

48 Antonius Felix, Procurator under. Claudius. 52-59 AD. AE Prutah (2.73) “Julia Agrippina, wife of Claudius” in wreath/2 crossed palm branches “Tiberius Claudius Caesar Germanicus. H-651, AJC-32, TJC-342. aVF. $60

*49 ---,---(2.45) another, nicer. vf. $150

*50 1st revolt. 66-70 year 3. ar shekel (13.93). omar cup, “shekel of israel”/stem with 3 pomegranates,”jerusalem the holy.” h-662, tjc-202, ajc-18. choice ef. among the finest we’ve seen and one of the two nicest we’ve handled. should be worthy of a substantial bid. $3000

*51 bar kochba revolt. 132-135. year 1. large bronze “abu jara” (34.25). 3 line legend reading “shim’on prince of israel” within a large wreath/amphora with 2 handles within inscription reading “year one of the redemption of israel”. h-677, mild-5, ajc-3. avf with an impressive pedigree of about 100 years. ex sternberg sale 1976, #399. privately sold to pastor stahlberg by joseph hamburger in 1908. only the 3rd we’ve handled and by far the heaviest. $6750

*52 ---,---year one (or perhaps hybrid of one and two) middle bronze (7.54). 7 branched palm tree, “sma”/vine leaf, “year one of the redemption of israel.” h-679, mild-47, tjc-257. almost vf. because the legend used on the palm tree side is usually seen on coins of year two there is speculation that this coin despite the legend reading “year one” may have been issued early in year two. rare. $750

*53 ---year 2. ar zuz or denarius (2.81). “shimon” in 3 letters in wreath/fluted jug, handle at left, palm branch at right, “year 2 of the freedom of israel”. mint-made striking crack at 7 o’clock undercoin legend visible. h-692, mild-36 (7), ajc-33b, tjc-250b. ef. purchased from i.goldberg 7/98 where it was listed at $850 $550

*53a ---,---,---(3.17) bunch of grapes “shimon” around/fluted jug, handle at left, palm branch at right, “year 2” a few letters from undercoin visible on obverse.. h-696, mild-46 (7), ajc-36a, tjc-253a. vf. $450

*54 ---,---middle bronze (9.32) . palm tree, “shimon” in 3 letters/vine leaf, year two of the freedom of israel. h-708, mild-64. gvf. $275

*55 ---undated, attributed to year 3. middle bronze (4.60). palm branch in wreath, “for the freedom of jerusalem”/lyre with 3 strings, “shimon”. h-735. vg/f. $100+

*56 ---,---,---(12.18). vine leaf, “for the freedom of jerusalem”/palm tree, “shimon”. mild-103, h-736, tjc-292a. f-vf, file marks very prevalent (from filing down the unwanted greek or roman coin), especially on vine leaf side. $150

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57 ---A large collection of 71 bronze Bar Kochba coins. All are either year 2 or year 3, most are medium bronzes but there are a handful of small bronzes included also. Almost all are identified as to Mildenberg number and weight. Included are some barbaric pieces. Grades range from F to VF with the great majority being VF. A great opportunity for the specialist or for somebody who really wants to study these fascinating coins. Obviously some duplication but a very neat lot. There is (conservatively) over $20, 000 in retail in this collection. $16,000+?

*58 judaea capta, vespasian, 69-79. ae 19 (5.04) of caesarea. bust right/nike stg r, foot on helmet, writing on shield hanging from palm tree. rare. h-742, ajc-1. fine. ex y. meshorer collection, ex amphora and priced at $1200! $500+

59 ---Titus. 79-81, AE20.5. Laureate head of Titus/Nike stg. r foot on helmet writing on shield hanging from palm tree. H-743, AJC-2, TJC-32. VG-F, chipped $40

60 ---Domitian. 81-96. AE29. Struck at Caesarea. Head of Domitian right/Palm Tree. H-746, AJC-9, TJC-394. G-VG. Scarce issue. $60

*61 ---,---ae19. struck at caesarea. head of domitian right/nike in flowing gown advancing left. h-750, ajc-8, tjc-393. fine. $60

*62 ---10th legion countermark. nd. ae23. head right/reverse blank. lxf countermark in incuse square, plus a countermark with male head right. cmks vg-f, & fine. h-807a, how-117 & 733. coin poor, as usual. $150

For other Judaea Capta coins see lots 222., 223, 225, 226, 228 and 229


*63 adraain arabia petraea. elagabalus. 218-222. ae 16 (4.66). bust right/ nude hercules seated left on rock, resting on club, retrograde legend. sp-13, ros-6. fine. all coins from this city are rare. $275

*64 aelia capitolinain judaea. hadrian. 117-138. ae 21 (10.23). laur bust of hadrian right/bust of antoninus pius right. mesh-9, ros-9. f-vf. rare reverse type, which i don’t think i’ve ever offered at auction (at least not in 12 years). $250+?

*65 ---antoninus pius 138-161. ae24 (13.44). laur. bust right/dionysus stg nude, resting on thyrsos, panther at feet, larger and heavier than most seen. m-24, ros-16. vf. ex goldberg sale of may 1999. $400

*66 ---.---ae17.5 (3.89). laureate bust right/legionary eagle right, landing on thunderbolt, cac below. mesh-34. nice f-vf. this is a scarce type which we’ve only offered a couple of times in the last 12 years. $450

*67 ---marcus aurelius. 161-180. ae19.5 (7.62). laur., draped bust right imp cae (m av ant)/tyche standing 1/2 left, hldg object in extended r. hand and cornucopia in left. co lae (l)ka p. scarce, especially this nice. mesh-47, kad-45. vf, green patina. ex triton i sale at $450 + 10%. $450

*68 ---julia domna, wife of sept. severus. ae17 (4.42) . draped bust of julia domna right ivlia domna/nemesis stg left, wearing long chiton, plucking at breast, holding cornucopia, wheel at feet colaelc commpf. m-83, r-49, kad-39. ch. vf. $350

*69 ---diadumenian. 217-218. ae22 (7.19) . laur., draped & cuirassed bust r./sarapis stg. looking right, hldg scepter in left hand, raising r. hand, 2 torches in field mesh-108, ros-59. vf, repatinated. $475

*70 ---severus alexander. 222-235 ad. ae 22 (7.73) . laur., draped & cuirassed bust right/tyche std l, on throne with.high back, patara in r hand, dove above, cornucopia in l. mesh-149. vf. $375

*71 ascalonin judaea. 2nd century bc. ar hemidrachm (1.65). veiled & turreted bust of tyche right/prow of galley left, above, monogram below. obverse a bit porous in spots, reverse nice and bold. ros-1, bmc-6, h-824. vf. $250

*72 ---time of vespasian. year 176 = 72-73 ad. ae15 (3.96) . bust of tyche right, wearing turreted crown/war galley right, ros-53. vf. $50

*73 bostrain arabia petraea, julia domna. wife of. septemius severus. 193-211. ae28 (14.39). draped bust right/tyche standing right in tetrastyle temple holding cornucopia. struck 104 = 209/210 ad. sp-36, ros-29. gd fine. $275

*74 ---philip ii. 247-249. ae 27 (15.39) radiate, cuirassed bust right marcivl philippocesar/colmetroplisbostra around wreath akti a ov capia in 3 lines within wreath. ros-52, spike-60. vf. $350

*75 ---,---ae28.5. another, even nicer. nice vf, a very attractive and scarce (especially this nice) large bronze coin. ex triton i. $375

*76 caesareain samaria. trajan. 98-117. ae22 (9.76). laur. draped bust right/ winged nike adv left. ros-21, kad-24. nice vf. $175

*77 ---hadrian. 117-138. ae30.5 (22.46). laur., draped & cuirassed bust right/founder plows right with oxen, nike above, col i fl avg, caesaren in ex. popular founder type. ros-24, hen-36. nice vf and very attractive. $600

*78 canathain decapolis. commodus. 177-192. ae 20 (7.53). laur. bust right/ bust of helmeted athena right ros-7, spike-9. vf. $175

*79 capitoliasin decapolis caracalla. 198-217 (204/205). ae 28 (13.27). laur, cuir. bust right/tyche stg l. in tetrastyle temple hldg scepter & cornucopia hp=108. ros-13, sp-19. nice vf. ex amphora 12/00 listed at $650 $500+

*80 ---geta. 209-212. ae27 (10.61). bare headed bust of geta right/bust of alexander the great right hp (108 = 204/205 ad) in field. mak in reverse legend must refer to macedon and alexander the great as severus alexander was not born until 208. ros-14, sp-20. ch. vf and very large. $400

*81 dorain phoenicia, time of nero. 67-68 ad. ae 21 (10.40). laureate bust of doros right/astarte moving left, wearing crown & long chiton, holding standard in r. hand & cornucopia in left. ros-19, bmc-8, h-849. vf. $150

*82 eleutheropolis in judaea, septemius severus. 193-211. ae27 (15.66) laur draped & cuir. bust right/tyche standing l. within tetrastyle temple year 8 = 206 -207. a superb example of a very rare coin. ros-7, bmc-1. ch. vf-ef. ex amphora where it was priced at $1000 $700

*84 gadarain decapolis, lucius verus. 161-169 ad. ae32 (13.54). laur. & draped bust r/zeus std left in tetrastyle temple, ekc (225=161/2) in pediment, r. hand on spear. very rare. ros-56, sp-51. vf. $500

*85 gazain judaea. antoninus pius. 138-161. ae 28 (18.49). laur & draped bust r/ turreted bust of tyche right, mem below right. ros-74, lind-2465. f-vf. $300

*87 petrain arabia petraea. hadrian. 117-138. ae 25 (8.34). laur, cuir. bust right/ turreted tyche std l, hldg trophy, sp-4, ros-5 . vf. $90

*88 ---commodus. 177-192. ae 17 (3.86). laur. bust right/”petra metropolis” in 3 lines/in wreath. rare, 1st i’ve had?. sp-26, ros-18. af. $125

*89 philadelphiain arabia petraea. commodus. 177-192. ae 18 (6.15). laur. bust right/bust of turreted tyche right, drapery on left shoulder with bare bosom sp-38, ros-38. vf. $200

*90 philippopolisin arabia petraea. philip sr. 244-249.. ae 23 (10.30). bust r/ roma stg l, wearing chiton, hldg phiale in right hand, resting left arm over spear over shield, sp-4, ros-1v. vf. ex george fisher collection $500+

*91 sepphorisin galilee. trajan. 98-117. ae 23 (10.50). laureate bust right/palm tree, ros-4, h-907. vf. $175

*92 tiberiasin galilee, trajan.98-117. ae 27 (15.65). laur. bust r./tyche, wearing long chiton, standing left hldg rudder & cornucopia, prow at left year 81 )99-100 ad). ros-5, bmc-7, h-912. vf. $150

*93 ---hadrian. 117-138. ae 18 (6.19). laur. bust r/nike standing, holding wreath and palm branch, year 101 = 119/120. ros-14, hen-915. nice vf. ex george fisher collection $100

94 Group of 8 coins: Joint issue Prutah of Antiochus VII and John Hyrcanus IH-451 Fine; 3 unattributed Hasmonean Prutahs G, VG and aVF; Herod ArchelausPrutah Grapes/Helmet Only Gd but with very pronounced flan handle; Agrippa I Prutah Barley/Canopy Nice Fine; Pontius Pilate Prutah Barley/Ladle VG-F and Judaea Capta issue of Domitian with Nike advancing left H-747 VG. 8 coins, sold as is. A few better pieces. $125

95 Group of Prutahs. Hasmoneon Double Cornucopia/Legend; Herod I Anchor/ Double Cornucopia; Herod Archelaus Grapes/Helmet; Agrippa IUmbrella/3 ears of barley; Valerius Gratus Legend/Palm branch, year 5 and 1st Revolt year two, Vine Leaf/Amphora. 6 coins, definitely not a junk lot. VG to VF, all but the first at least Fine $75

96 City Coin Group. A group of 11 bronzes, most if not all are Holy Land City coins. While the grades aren’t great most are easily identifiable and we see coins from Caesarea, Raphia, Rabbatmoba, Neopolis and Dora in this group. Sold as is, no returns. $125

ANCIENT GREEK COINS   (back to top)

*97 calabria, tarentum. 430-380 bc. ar stater (7.83). helmeted, naked horseman left, knees bent under him, seated on horse left, right hand holding bridle, left hand holding round shield and lance behind him/taras astride dolphin left, holding large oval shield and spear behind, right arm extended holding helmet. vlasto-298. f/vf, toned. seems to be a scarce type. ex 1118 rindge coll, by malter $150

*98 lucania metapontion. 510-480 bc. ar stater (7.88). ear of corn, meta reversed/ ear of corn incuse. sng cop-1171. nice vf, minor flan crack. $350

*99 ---,---330-300 bc. ar stater. (7.82). hd of demeter 3/4 facing/ear of corn, 3/4 to l. sg-417v, sng-ans-463. vf, better type. $300+

*100 ---poseidonia. 480-400 bc. ar nomos (8.00). poseidon advancing right, brandishing trident/bull standing left, in shallow circular incuse . sg-424, ans-646. vf/gvf. $500+

*101 bruttium, kroton. 400-379 bc. ar stater. (7.92). eagle stg l., on branch, wings flapping/tripod (kpo) to left, Δ to right. sng cop-1796, sg-472. vf, reverse a touch o.c. $300+

*102 sicily, syracuse. c. 480-475 bc. ar tetradrachm (17.19). charioteer driving quadriga right, nike flying right above to crown horses/diademed head of arethusa right, 4 dolphins around. this is a scarce early type with hair unbound. dewing-701, sng ans-27. gd fine. purchased from david vagi in july of 2007. $600+

*103 ---,---after 395 bc. ae drachm (30mm, 28.40 gm). head of athena left wearing olive-wreathed corinthian helmet, eypa in front/starfish between two dolphins. sg-1189, bmc-287. nice fine. $75?

*104 ---,---hiketas 317-289 bc. ae 19. hd of persephone left//biga right. jade green patina. sng-cop-804. vf. $75+

*105 macedon. lete. 530-480 bc. ar stater (9.37). naked satyr adv. right seizing a nymph by her wrist, she looks back at him and raises her left arm in protest/ incuse square divided in 4 triangles by x. sg-1298, sng cop-186. porous avf. $500+

*106 macedonian kingdom, philip ii. 359-336 bc. gold stater (8.57) of amphipolis. laureate head of apollo right with short hair/galloping biga right, charioteer holding goad, ivy-leaf in field below right. sng cop-523, sng ans-251. nice ef, a few light scratches on chin. $1500+

*107 ---alexander iii, the great. 336-323 bc (this struck 315-294). ar tetradrachm (17.29) of amphipollis. head of hercules, as alexander the great, right. clad in lion’s skin/zeus seated left on throne Λ above torch at left, monogram below throne. price-455. nice well centered vf. $475

*108 ---,---,---(327-323). ar tetradrachm (17.24) of tarsos head of hercules, as alexander the great, right, clad in lion’s skin/zeus seated left holding eagle and scepter, plow in field to left, globule under throne and under arm. scarce lifetime issue! price-3018. unusual reverse style with the legs of zeus straight and “Αλεξανδρου” written out along the right rim instead of straight down parallel to the scepter. aef $800+

*109 ---,---ar tetradrachm (17.15) of byblos. head of hercules as alexander right clad in lion’s skin/zeus enthroned left holding eagle and scepter, ap monogram to left. price-3424. toned vf, bit off-center. $200

*110 ---philip iii. 323-317 bc. ar tetradrachm (17.10) hd of hercules right/zeus. enthroned left. babylon mint. sg-6749ff. vf. $375

*111 ---under the romans. 158-149 bc. ar tetradrachm (16.80). head of artemis in shield right/club in wreath, monogram, thunderbolt. cop-1310. toned vf-ef. $350+

*112 thrace. istros. late 5th-4th century bc. ar 1/4 drachm (1.57). 2 male heads facing/sea-eagle on dolphin left “a” below. sg-1670, bmc-13. avf. scarce denomination as we usually see the drachm of this type. (see lot 113 below). $125+

*113 ---,---400-350 bc. ar drachm (4.39). 2 male heads facing, one at left inverted/ sea-eagle attacking dolphin left, monogram below. sg-1669v, bmc-12. f/gf. $100

*114 ---maroneia. 385-360 bc. ar 1/4 stater (2.67). forepart of horse left. avo in field around/grapes on vine, kantharos to left, ma to right in all dotted square within incuse square. sng cop-616. vf $200+?

*115 ---lysimachos. 297-281 bc. ar tetradrachm (17.03). head of alexander iii right/ athena enthroned left, holding nike. lampsakos mint.. sg-1589v, thompson-47. vf. $750

*116 illyria, epidamnos-dyrrachium. after 229 bc (roman rule). ar drachm (3.30). cow standing r, looking back at calf, which it suckles, legend above, grape cluster below, club to left, ear of corn to right/square with double stellate pattern, legend around. bmc-43, sg-1900v. vf, touch off-center. $100+

*117 thessaly, larissa. 350-325 bc. ar drachm (5.53). head of nymph larissa 3/4 left, wearing necklace/horse grazing right. gf/vg, toned. $100

*118 boetia, thebes. c. 395-338 bc. (363-348) ar stater (11.95). magistrate theoti. boetian shield/amphora, in incuse concave circle. bcd boetia-546. tnd vf $550+

*119 euboia. eretria. c. 500-465 bc. ar hemidrachm (1.69). cow stg l., hd r, scratching hd with it’s right hind foot/octopus in incuse square. sng cop says denomination may be a diobol. sng cop-472, dew-1545. toned vg/f, rough surfaces. $100+

*120 attica, athens. 454-415 bc. ar tetradrachm (17.08). helmeted head of athena right/owl standing right, head facing with uncertain countermark on wing. starr. pl, xxii, 1-8, sng cop-31ff, sg-2526/ vf $500

*121 ---,---425-404 bc. ar tetradrachm (17.14). head of athena right/owl standing right, head facing, olive spring, crescent and aΟΕ all in incuse square. bmc-62ff, dewing-1620, sg-2526, sng cop-34. choice, well struck toned vf on slightly small flan. a most attractive coin! ex davissons, auction 8, #097 $450+

*122 ---,---after 166 bc. ar “new style” tetradrachm (16.99). head of athena right, wearing triple crested attica helmet/owl standing, facing, atop amphora, magistrate’s name in field, winged caduceus to left. thompson-380b, per morkholm date is 133/132 bc. vf/aef, the reverse being extremely choice. $400+

*123 ---,---,--- (15.91). head of athena right, wearing triple crested attica helmet/owl standing, facing, atop amphora, magistrate’s name in field, pegasus grazing left at right. sng cop-198, 88-87 bc. toned avf. superior, 12/87, #368. $300+

*124 aegina. 480-431 bc. ar drachm (5.61). land tortise with segmented shell/ incuse square, 2 pellets (also decribed as double globule or astragalos) in lower left. bmc-167, sng cop-520. sg-2605. vf. $500+

*125 corinthia, corinth. 338-300 bc. ar stater (8.55). pegasus flying left/head of athena left, wearing corinthian helmet, branch behind. ravel-1041. vf $250

*126 achaia, achaian league. dyme. c. 86 bc. ar hemidrachm (2.46). laureate head of zeus right/ax monogram; monograms above and to left, fish below, all in wreath. sng cop-242-243. ex bcd collection. nice vf, toned. $225

*127 ionia, ephesos. 133-67 bc, undated. ar cistophoric tetradrachm (12.71). cista mystica with serpent in ivy wreath/bow case, serpents, eΦe cornucopia to right. sng cop-, bmc-. va-. scarce. aef, luster $400

*128 ionia. maggnesia ad maendrum. time of augustus. ae14. bust of artemis r, bow & quiver over shoulder/hd of apollo, lyre before. cop-857, rpc-2692. gvf. $150

*129 ---phokaia. 400-330 bc. electrum 1/6 stater or hekte (2.49). head of athena left wearing crested corinthian helmet/quadripartite incuse square. sear-4530v, bmc-48 sim. avf, obv, a touch o.c. ex davisson’s auction 1, lot 7. $400

*130 ---samos. 510-500 bc. ar hemidrachm (1.74) using the native samian weight standard. forepart of winged boar to left/lion head left, jaws open in dotted square all in deep incuse square. sg-3526, bmc-55. vf. ex malter 8/95 lot #504. this is much nicer than the few that have come up for auction in the past few years. $250

*131 caria, knidos. before 480 bc. ar drachm (6.12). forepart of lion right/archaic head of aphrodite right in incuse square. sng cop-200. avf $450

132 ---Rhodos. 394-304 BC. AR Didrachm (6.71). Head of Helios facing slight to right/ Rose with bud on stem to right/bunch of grapes and E to left, POΔION above, all in incuse square. SNG Cop-728, SG-5037. aF. $265

*133 ---,---,---(6.70). head of helios facing slight to right/rose with bud on stem to right, bunch of grapes and e to left, in incuse square. sng cop-728, sg-5037. vf. $425

*134 ---,---304-189 bc. ar drachm (2.71). head of helios with long flowing hair just a tad to the right/rose with bud on right. nice ef, very attractive. $250+

*135 ---,---early to mid 1st century ad. ae drachm (37mm, 25.96). wreathed head of dionysos left/nike advancing right, holding wreath and palm; (antipatros) across field. sng cop-882, rpc-2752. vf. seldom offered large bronze. $425+

*136 ---uncertain city, kindya or syngela. 510-490 bc. ar diobol (2.03) hd of griffin or ketos (sea monster) left/stellate pattern in lattice frame in incuse. va-2340, k&k nc-1, sng sweden i, 2:305. nice vf+, toned. ex davisson’s #7, 074 $150+

*137 carian satraps. hekatomnos. 395-377 bc. ar drachm (4.14). lion’s head with open jaws left, eka above/ornamental star. sg-4951, sng cop-588. vf. $240

*138 phrygia, apameia. 133-48 bc. ae22 (8.51). bust of athena right, wearing corinthian helmet/eagle flying right above meander symbol, star above and stars above dioscouri helmets to either side, legend below. bmc-56. nice vf. $50+

*139 lycia. perikle, dynast of antiphellos. c. 380-360 bc. ae13 (2.31). horned head of pan left/p pe k around triskeles. sg-5243, bmc-158ff. vf. $50

*140 cilicia, seleucia ad calycadnum. 2nd century bc. ae18 (4.01). head of apollo right/forepart of horse right, long legend around, magistrate’s initials to either side. sng levante-693 (this coin!). vf+, very choice bronze coin. in almost all published examples, the magistrate’s initials are seen above and below the horse, this is rare because the initials are to each side. ex davisson’s 7, 080. $150+

*141 coele-syria, chalkis, ptolemy tetrach. 73/72 bc, year 240. ae19. head of zeus right/the dioskouri, stg & fcg, each with a spear. sng cop-413, sg-5897ff. vf, black patina, a touch rough. $200?

*142 seleukid kings. seleukos i nikator. 312-280 bc (311-305). ar tetradrachm (17.16), seleukeia . hd of young herakles r/zeus std left, monogram ΔΙ below. sg-6828, sc-117, 1c. vf. $400

*143 ---demetrios i. 162-150 bc. ar drachm (3.98) of ecbatana. head right/ apollo seated l. on omphalos, holding bow & arrow. sng israel-1382. nice toned vf. $250

*144 ---antiochus vii euergetes. 138-129 bc. ar tetradrachm (16.38) of antioch. bust right/athena stg left hldg nike and spear, hand on shield. a to left, monogram above. sma-282, sng israel-1855-57. toned vf. $375

*145 phoenicia, tyre. 360-332 bc. ar didrachm (8.82). melqarth riding right on hippocamp, waves and dolphin below/owl standing right, with crook and flail, year 33. bmc-38, sg-5915v. vf/f+. $300

*146 ---,---after 126 bc (80/79 bc). ar half shekel (7.13). head of melqarth right/eagle standing left, club to left, mz (year 47) to left, monogram to right. used to pay temple tax in jerusalem. h-917, bmc-226v. ef. a superior example of this popular biblical type. $575

*148 nabatean kings, aretas iv. 9 bc- 40 ad. ae14. laureate bust of aretas right/ two parallel cornucopiae with palm and letter to left. mesh-61a, sng ans-1430. vf and seldom offered type. coins of aretas iv with crossed cornucopiae are relatively common, this type with parallel cornucopiae is rare. $100+

*149 ptolemaic egypt. ptolemy i. 305-283 bc. ar tetradrachm (15.71). head of alexander the great right wearing elephant’s scalp/athena alkidemos adv. r., hldg spear and shield, helmet, eagle on and k monogram to right. svo-164, bmc-, sng cop-. struck at alexandria as satrap. aef. toned and attractive. ex superior sale june 1997, #5293. $1000

*150 ---,---305-283 bc. ar tetradrachm (14.27). diademed head of ptolemy i right with Δ behind ear/eagle standing left on thunderbolt, p above monogram to left. svo-255, sng cop-70. vf, some discoloration about 2 o’clock on reverse. ex malter xxxiii, #135. $400+

*151 ---ptolemy ii. 285-246 bc. ar dekadrachm (32.53). diademed and veiled head of arsinoe right, letters behind/double cornucopia. as sng cop-135, bmc-16ff. g-vg. an affordable example of this highly sought after denomination. ex cng #41, 1010. $750

*152 ---,---ar tetradrachm (13.80) of gaza. diademed head of ptolemy i right/eagle standing left on thunderbolt, gaza mintmark and monogram to left, date and monogram to right. year 37 (249/248 bc). sng cop-459, as svo-833, hen-408. f $250+

*153 ---,---,---(14.11) of tyre. diademed head of ptolemy i right, small “k” behind ear/ eagle standing left on thunderbolt, monogram and club to left. cf. svo-644, sng cop-482 (k not mentioned). rare. nice vf, a bit weak on high spots. the “k” is an artist’s signature found on some ptolemaic coins of tyre. it is rarer than the Δ found on ptolemaic coins of alexandria. steve smith purchased this coin from david vagi in march of 2001 for $650. $500+

*154 ---ptolemy iii, euergetes. 246-221 bc. ar tetradrachm (14.08), uncertain mint. bust of ptolemy right/eagle standing left, monograms to left and between legs. vf, flan flaw near mouth gives the appearance that ptolemy is wearing braces. $125

*155 ---ptolemy iv 221-205 bc or ptolemy v 205-180 bc or ptolemy vi 180-145 bc. ar didrachm (6.29). head of ptolemy i right/eagle standing left on thunderbolt, e between legs. year 105. bmc-33 or sng cop-552. vf/f, bit rough. svornos classifies it from ptolemy iv, morkholm ptolemy v and hazzard vi. $200+

*156 ---ptolemy vi and cleopatra i 146-127 bc. ae25 (15.78) of paphos. head of cleopatra i as isis right with long curls bound with corn/eagle left on thunderbolt, monogram to left. bmc-6, sng cop-280, svo-1384. vf/f, rev. a bit rough $100

*157 ---ptolemy vi. 180-145 bc ar tetradrachm (13.30). diademed head of ptolemy i right wearing aegis/eagle standing left on thunderbolt. bmc-3, svo-1489, sng cop-264. vf, some old scratches under toning. $150+

*158 ---,---,---(13.95). diademed head of ptolemy i right wearing aegis/eagle standing left on thunderbolt. bmc-3, svo-1489, sng cop-267. nice ef, toned. $300+

*159 ---,---ae19 (5,98), head of zeus ammon right/eagle standing left on thunderbolt. svoronos-1378. nice ef, superb portrait. ex davisson’s, auction 4, #100 $150

*160 ---ptolemy viii 145-116 bc. ar tetradrachm (13.95) of salamis. diademed head of ptolemy with aegis/eagle standing left on thuderbolt, date to left (year 37 = 134/133 bc), salamis mm to right. sng cop-577ff. vf, but polished. $150+

161 ---Group of coins. Ptolemy IV AE33 Laureate head of Zeus right/Eagle standing left, cornucopia to left, between legs VF/F for wear but rough fields: Ptolemy VI. 180-145 BC. AE26 . Head of Cleopatra I as Isis right /Eagle stg l on t-bolt, monogram to left . SG-7903, Cop-281 VF and AE29 Head of Zeus right/2 eagles standing left, single cornucopia to left. SNG Cop-308 VF/F light scratches. 3 coins $100+

*162 zeutigania, carthage. 310-289 bc. electrum stater (7.43). head of tanit left, wreathed with corn, wearing earring and elaborate necklace/horse standing right on single line with two dots above line. j-l-177ff. sng cop-130ff. vf $1000?

*163 parthia, phraates iv. 38 bc-2 bc. ar drachm (3.74) of ecbatana. bearded bust left with star in crescent before and eagle holding ring in beak behind/archer seated right. sellwood-54/7, shore-297. choice ef. $125+

*164 ---volograses iii. 105-147 ad. ar drachm (3.67) of ecbatana. diademed bust left with pointed beard/archer seated right. sellwood-78/5, shore-415. ef $75+

*165 baktrian kings, demetrios i. c, 200-185 bc. ae triple unit (29, 12.46) head of elephant right, bell around neck/caduceus, monogram to inner left. sng ans 209-211, sg-7533, macw-1638. vf, dark patina, flan crack. $350

*166 ---menander. 160-145 bc. ar drachm (2.44) of pushkalavati. diademed and draped bust of menander left viewed from behind with spear/karoshi inscription. continuous legends both sides. macw-1785. vf $75+

167 Group of 4 coins. Seleukid Kingdom Antiochus IV 175-164 BC AE16 (Chalkos). Radiate head of Antiochus right/Tyche enthroned left, holding Nike, bird at her feet SR-6990ff, Parthia, Mithradates IV AR Drachm c. 140 AD, Phoenicia, Byblos AR 1/8 Shekel Galley/Lion attacking bull and AE14 of Thrace, Maronia with horse galloping right/Monogram. 4 Greek coins F-VF. $100?

168 Group Ionia, Miletos. AR Hemiobol (1.07). Head of Lion turned back/ Star VF; Mysia, Cyzicus AR Hemiobol (.37). Forepart of boar running left, tunny fish behind/Lion’s head left, star above SNG Cop-49 Toned VF, bit porous and Trihemiobol (.84) similar but without star. BMC-112 Toned Fine, a bit bent. $100+

169 Two coin lot. Sassanian AR Drachm of Xurso II 590-628 AD Choice VF and Antioch in Syria, Tiberius. AE 27. Bust right/6 line legend, the last line EM = 45 = 14 AD. RPC-4270. F-VF $50+


For other GIC/RCC see lots 63 to 93 above

*170 thrace, odessos. gordian iii 238-244. ae 27 mm = 5 assaria (12.34). facing busts of gordian iii on left and sarpais on right/athena standing left with scepter and patera, e in field to left. vf, dark green patina. $75

*171 moesia, marcianopolis. elagabalus and julia maesa. ae 29 (11.20) elagabalus on the left facing julia maesa on the right/zeus standing left, e in field to left. fine, heavy green patina. $75

*172 ---,---macrinus and diadumenian. ae 26 mm (11.98). laureate head of macrinus on left facing right and diadumenian, bare head, on right facing left/tyche standing left holding cornucopia and rudder, e in right field. vf, brown patina, reverse a bit off-center. $100

*173 crete, hadrian 117-138. ae17. bust right/altar on stand within wreath, k to either side. sng cop-586, bmc-31. fine. seldom offered. $50+

*174 mysia. cyzicus, faustina jr.. wife of marcus aurelius. ae 26 (8.97). bust of faustina ii right/tyche stg, looking left, holding rudder and cornucopia. bmc-227. nice vf. $225

*175 cilicia. anemurium. diadumenian. 217-218. ae26 (11.01). bareheaded bust right/artemis standing head right with bow and arrows, stag left at feet anemovpiebdn etb. lind-1453 sim . avf, rough fields. very scarce. $100+

*176 syria. antioch, trajan. 98-117. ae 20 (6.34) . laureate bust right/sc in wreath, b below. 2nd issue at mint. sng cop-197, bmc-270ff. nice vf+. $160

*177 ---,---herennius etruscus 251 ad. bi tetradrachm (12.41). barehead and draped bust right/eagle stg. & facing, hd right, wreath in beak/sc below. bmc-615, vagi-2212. vf. $150

*178 mesopotamia. carrhae, macrinus. 217-218. ar tetradrachm (13.39). laur. head right (ayt k) moΠ ce makpinoccef/eagle stg, hd r, wings spread, stg on long horned bull’s hd, prieur-824, bell-164. vf, bit o.c.. $125+

*179 roman egypt. claudius. 41-54. ae tetradrachm (11.44). laureate head right, year 2/bust of antonia right. curtis-9, milne-62, emm-73. toned vf. scarce. $200+

*180 ---,---,---(12.79). laureate head of claudius right/messalina standing half-left, holding two small figures (children?) in her right hand and grain-ears with left, leaning left elbow on column. curtis-24. fine, a bit grainy. $150?

*181 ---nero. 54-68. bi tetradrachm (13.40). radiate head of nero right/bust of poppaea, hair in queue, right, year 10. curtis-138, milne-217, bmc-123, emm-128. vf. $300

*182 ---galba 68-69. ae diobol (9.49). laur head of galba right/bust of sarapis right, year 2. milne-354, emm-180, bmc-201. avf. $125+

*183 ---vespasian. ae drachm (15.39). year 8 (75/76 ad). laureate head of vespasian right; l h before/laureate head of titus right. k9aln 307; dattari 351; milne 441, emm-209. avf, a few flat spots, brown patina. rare $500+

*184 ---trajan. drachm (20.94). laureate bust right/dionysos advancing left in biga of panthers. bmc-420, datt-848, emm-442. fine, patina stripped. very rare type $100+

*185 ---,---,---(23.06). laureate head right, aegis by neck/emperor in quadriga drawn by elephants right, lie (year 15) in exergue. milne-668, emm-462. vf+/f+, nice color with exceptional obverse portrait. ex cng 39, #1034 $300+

*186 ---hadrian. 117-138. ae drachm (22.89). laureate and cuirassed bust right/apis bull standing right, disk between horns, crescent on flank, altar in front. year 19. bmc-813v, datt-2011v, emm-912. vf, brownish green patina. ex cng 51, #1009. $325+

*187 ---,---,---(26.61). laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right/athena standing left, holding corn-ears and shield, liz (year 17) to left in field. milne-1361, koln-1068v, dat-1628, emm-921. nice vf, dark patina. $500+

*188 ---,---,---(25.56). another as above, although not quite as nice. f-vf $250+

*189 ---,---,---(26.25). laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right/nilus seated left on a rock-pile, holding a long reed with right hand and cornucopia with left, crocodile right on rocks, l is (year 16) to left. dattari-1794, emm-1016, milne-1329. gdvf, touch rough, spot of red encrustation on hadrian’s chin. ex cng #49, #1158. $400+

*190 ---,---,---(25.90). laureate, draped bust right/bust of sarapis right over eagle with wings spread, year 19. milne-1443, emm-1026. fine, bit rough. scarce. $200+

*191 ---,---,---(22.95). bust right/sphinx seated left, paw on wheel, li to left h to right. year 18. emm-1053, milne-1427, dat.-1996. vg/f. rare type. $375

*192 ---nome coinage of hadrian. 117-138. heracleopolites. ae diachalkon (.87). laureate head right, no legend/griffin seated right, hpa in ex, year 11. milne-1252e, emm-1302. vf, dark green patina. $100+

*193 ---antoninus pius. 138-161. ae drachm (29.41). laureate bust left/flaming altar of agathodaimon (or caesareum) with coiled snakes at corners, within which stands a statue of a female goddess sacrificing over altar, year 15. milne-2164, emm-1449. vg, cleaned., scratches in field. a rare type, especially so with the obverse bust left. $125

*194 ---,---,---(22.65). laureate bust right/helmeted head of ares right over ram leaping right, year 8. milne-1806, emm-1461. mars in aries, one of the 12 zodiac coins of antoninus pius. vg, with patina stripped, rough. an opportunity to buy a rare, albeit low grade, coin. $100+

*195 ---,---,---(22.84). laureate and cuirassed bust right/elpis standing left, holding flower and raising skirt, year 4. milne-1680, emm-1501, bmc-1064. f, rough fields. $100+

*196 ---,---,---(19.95). bust right/harpokrates mendes standing left in temple with two columns. year 5. rare missing in milne & koln. d-3031, emm-1528. vg/f. $600+

*197 ---,---,---(22.45). laureate head right/the labor of the augean stables: hercules, nude but for lion skin over shoulder, standing before the augean stables, diverting the river waters streaming from a human head [not a lion’s head, as the other references state) into the stables, year 10. koln-1540v, milne-1912v, dat-2606v, emm-1539. vg/f, chipped at about 7 o’clock. one of the labors of hercules types and the important reverse devices are clear. purchased via private treaty from cng in march of 2001. the last public sale that we can find a record of is $2100 for a similar example. $1500+

*198 ---,---,---ae drachm (25.71). laureate, cuirassed bust right/shrine having 2 columns, supporting pediment with disk within, statue of hermanubis right, wearing modius on head, holding caduceus and palm-branch, to left, at foot is jackel, l z (year 7) to either side. bmc-1197, emm-1570. vg/f a bit rough. very rare. $125+

*199 ---,---,---(26.86). laureate draped bust right/isis pharia standing right holding blowing sand with sistrum in right hand. milne-1922, emm-1590. nice f/f+. $200+

*200 ---,---,---ae drachm (23.54). laureate bust right wearing cloak/horned head of zeus ammon wearing disc right, year 18. milne-2285, koln-1736, emm-1700, avf/vf and very attractive. $600

*201 ---philip i. 244-249. bi tetradrachm (9.74). laureate and cuirassed bust right/eagle standing left, head right, wings open, ls = year 6. curtis-1997, milne-3773, dat-4939, emm-3481. nice vf, pretty green patina. $60+

*202 ---,---,---(12.18). laureate and cuirassed bust right/eagle standing left, head turned back, wreath in beak, year one. curtis-1334, milne-3520, emm-3480. nice vf, high silver content! $75+

*203 ---,---,---(13.18). laurete bust right/elpis standing left, holding flower and raising skirt.. c-1340, mil-3651, emm-3482. nice vf, highly silvered. $75+

*204 ---trajan decius. 249-251. bi tetradrachm (11.80). laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right/alexandria standing left, wearing turreted cap, raising right hand and holding long scepter in left, year 1. curtis-1410, milne-3809, emm-3630. vf $100

*205 ---valerian i. 253-260. bi tetradrachm (11.49). laureate, cuirassed bust right/eagle standing left, head right, wreath in beak, year 5. milne-3984, curtis-, koln-2868, bmc-2146. gd vf and highly silvered. old tag included. $200+

*206 ---salonina, wife of gallienus. bi tetradrachm (8.57). her bust right, draped, wearing stephane/eirene standing left, holding olive-branch in right hand, long scepter in left, palm at left, ib over l to right (year 12). curtis-1648, milne-4102, bmc-2250, emm-3855. nice vf. $60+

*207 ---claudius ii gothicus. 268-270. bi tetradrachm (10.45). laureate cuirassed bust right/nike advancing right holding wreath and palm, year 2. curtis-1711, milne-4235, emm-3889. fine and exceptionally heavy for the issue. $50?

*208 ---numerian. 283-294. ae tetradrachm (8.50). laureate bust right/athena seated left on high-backed throne wearing crested helmet, resting left hand on scepter and holding nike (facing inward) in right, year 2. curtis-1935, milne-4699, emm-4013. choice ef, exceptionally nice for this issue. $75+

209 Roman Egypt Lot of 6 coins, the first 5 Drachms. Domitian in quadriga of elephants Emm-252; Trajan Emperor in centaur drawn Biga Emm-464 (2 coins), Emperor in quadriga Emm-459, Nilus reclining left, leaning on small elephant (?) and Probus Tetradrachm Eirene standing left C-1878. 6 coins, the first 5 scarce to rare and F-VF but porous and/or rough, some with patina stripped. The last coin is a choice VF. $250+

ROMAN COINS   (back to top)

Unless noted otherwise, coins should be presumed from the Rome mint

*210 furius purpurio. 169-157 bc. ar denarius (3.91). head of roma right, x behind/diana or luna in biga right, pvr below horses, murex-shell above, roma in ex. sr-75, fura-13, cr-187/1. f-vf, round banker’s mark (or countermark) on obverse. $60+

*211 m. tullius. 119 bc. ar denarius (3.96). head of roma right, roma behind/ victory driving quadriga right, wreath above, x (mark of value) below, m. tvlli in ex. sr-155, craw-280/1, tullia-1. lightly toned vf. both the mark of value and the wreath above the horses are unusual features of this coin. $150+

*212 l. flaminius cilo. 109-108 bc. ar denarius (3.91). helmeted head of roma right, x below chin, roma behind/victory in biga right holding wreath, l. famini below, cilo in ex. sr-179, flaminia-1, cr-302/1. toned ef. $150+

*213 m. herennius 108-107 bc ar denarius (3.52) hd of pietas right, “•a” under chin/ amphinomus carrying his father right, sideways. sr-185, herennia-1, syd-567. toned fine, obverse field scratch and “p” countermark on chin. $75+

*214 lucious appuleius saturninus. 104 bc. ar denarius (3.88). helmeted head of roma left/saturn driving quadrga right, n above. sr-193, appuleia-1v. gd vf, lightly toned $195

*215 gargonius (or gargilius) ogulnius and vergilus (or verginius). c. 86 bc ar denarius (3.71) head of young jupiter right/jupiter in quadriga right. sr-266, syd-723, bab-226. vf/avf, reverse a bit off-center. $75

216 Two coins. Anonymous Quinarius (1.69). c. 81 BC. Head of Apollo right/Victory stg. right crowning trophy “B” between them. SR-305, Bab-227a Toned F-VF and Denarius (3.73) Head of young Jupiter right/Jupiter in Quadriga right. SR-266, Syd-723, Bab-226. F-VF, banker’s mark on cheek.See lot 215 . 2 silver coins $100+

*217 q. cassius longinus. 78 bc. ar denarius (3.82). head of bacchus right, wearing ivy wreath, thyrsus over shoulder/head of libera left, wearing vine leaf l cassia qf behind. sr-317, cr-386/1. vf, with planchet flaw rev, obv bit o.c $100+

*218 p. clodius m.f. turrinus. 42 bc. ar denarius (3.77). laureate head of apollo right, lyre behind/diana lucifera standing holding long lighted torch in each hand. sr-492, claudia-15, cr-494/23. nicely toned f-vf, though hole started at eye of apollo. $75+

*219 mark antony, triumvir & imperator, commited suicide 30 bc. ar denarius (3.61). his bare head r., lituus behind/radiate head of sol right m. antonivs iii vir rpc. rsc-68, cr-496/2, syd-1170. vg-f. light scratches & light graffiti on this very rare coin. $500+?

*220 tiberius. 14-37. ar denarius (3.48). bust right, ti caesar divi avg f avgvstvs/livia seated right in ornate chair pontif maxim. biblical tribute penny. sr-1763, h-916, rsc-16. gf, but rev. flan crack. $200+

*221 ---,---(3.69). as above, but much nicer. choice vf, perfectly centered. this is the coin most commonly thought of as the biblical tribute penny. $325+

*222 vespasian. 69-79 ad. ar denarius (3.41) of antioch. laureate bust right, imp caes vesp avg pm cos iiii/vespasian stg in quadriga right, holds branch in r. hand and scepter in left. struck 72-73. hen-765, sr-2279, ric-364. nice vf, typ. ragged flan. scarce judaea capta type. ex george fisher collection via palladium. $300+

*223 ---,---,---(3.36). laur bust right imp caesar vespasianvs avg/jewess seated right, mourning below & right of trophy, ivdaea in ex. judaea capta. h-759, ric-15, sr-2296. f-vf. $225

*224 ---,---,---(2.87), laureate bust of vespasian right/vespasian seated right holding scepter and laurel branch. ric-77, c-364. sr-2300 (diff. obv. legend). gd fine, nicely centered, light toning. $60+

*225 ---,---ae judaea capta sestertius. bust right/mourning jewess to right of palm tree, emperor with spear in military dress behind. h-775, ric-733, sr-2327. af, device clear, legend almost all there on obv, partially on rev.. $450

*226 ---,---ae quadrans (1.93), judaea capta type. palm tree/vexillium. pm tr ppp cos iii, s-c. h-784, ric-504, brin-72. ch. vf, green patina $400

*227 titus. 79-81. ar denarius . laur bust r/venus stg. r, leaning on cippus holding spear and helmet. sr-2507, ric-9. avf. $200

*228 ---,---ae sestertius (24.34). this struck 73 as caesar. laureate head right/titus in triumphal quadriga right holding branch & scepter. on side of chariot, nike stands to right holding wreath in outstretched arm. sr-2461, h-790v (different obv. legend), ric-645. vf. one of the true rarities of the judaea capta series, this depicts the scene that is shown on the arch of titus commemorating the victory over the jews. i cannot recall offering this coin for at least 20 years! $2500

*229 ---,---a paduan cast copy of a titus judaea capta sestertius. laur head of titus left/ jewess sits mourning r of palm tree, male captive is to left of tree and to left of him is helmet and shield. as klawans-3, as h-792a. vf. this is ex lot 213 from our sale 27c $100+

*230 domitian. 81-96. ar denarius (3.07) . laureate bust right/clasped hands holding legionary eagle on prow. sr-2643, ric-246, c-393. vf. $200

*231 hadrian. 117-138. ar denarius (3.35). laureate bust right/abundantia standing left, foot on modius, holding hook and cornucopia. ric-169, c-381. vf-ef, seldom offered. $100+

*232 antoninus pius. 138-161. ar denarius. bare head right/simpulum, lituus, jug, sprinkler and knife. sr-4060, ric-39, rsc-101. f-vf and well centered. $50+

*233 divus antoninus pius, died 161 ad. ar denarius (3.35). bare head right/ pyramidal crematorium of 4 stories. sr-5193, ric-438. nice toned vf. $75

*234 ---,---(3.25). bare head right/column of antoninus pius surmounted by statue of emperor standing left. sr-5195, ric-439. vf $50

*235 marcus aurelius. 161-180. ar denarius (3.30). laureate bearded bust right/ victory alighting left on globe holding wreath and trophy. ric-411, c-975, as sr-4952. nice ef and one of the last dated issues of aurelius. $100+

*236 faustina jr., wife of marcus aurelius. ae as (13.40). bust right/fecunditas standing right with scepter and holding small child. sr-5295, ric-1639. vf $75

*237 septimius severus. 193-211. ar denarius (2.74). laureate bust right/two captives seated, back to back, under trophy. rsc-365, ric-63. toned vf/f. $50+

*238 ---,---(2,76). bearded laureate bust right/jupiter standing left, holding thunderbolt and scepter. ric-233, as sr-6345. nice toned ef, the portrait choice. “x” in reverse legend is very weak. nice coin. $75

*239 julia domna, wife of septemius severus. ar denarius (3.74). bust right/ceres seated left, holding corn-ears and long torch. sr-6576, ric-546. ef $75

*240 caracalla 198-217. ar denarius (3.38). laureate and draped bust right/ caracalla, naked, standing and facing, head left, holding globe and resting on spear. sr-6857, ric-30a. ef, great portrait, a few flan cracks from strike. $75

*241 geta. 209-211, as caesar 198-208. ar denarius (3.21). bare head right/nobilitas standing right holding palladium and scepter. sr-7184, ric-13a. ef, lightly toned. $75

*242 elagabalus. 218-222. ar denarius (3.15). laureate bust right/annona standing left, holding corn-ears and resting left arm on rudder set on globe, modius at feet to left. sr-7503, ric-59. ef with exceptional portrait, obverse a touch off-center. $75

*243 julia soaemias, mother of elagabalus. ar denarius (3.53). bust right/venus standing left, holding apple and scepter, star in left field. sr-7719, ric-241. aef and scarce. $100+

*244 julia maesa, grandmother of elagablaus and severus alexander. ar denarius (3.24). bust right/felicitas sacrificing at altar holding caduceus, star in field at left. sr-7757v, ric-272. ef $60+

*245 severus alexander. 222-235 ad. ar denarius. (3.28) laureate bust right/ aequitas stading left, holding scales and cornucopia. ric-127, sr-7856v. this without the star in the field, thus struck at rome. ef/vf, nice portrait. $60+

*246 ---,---(4.02). laureate bust right/jupiter enthroned left, holding victory and spear. sr-7873, ric-144. scarce reverse legend of iovi vltori. choice ef-au/ef, reverse a bit weak in spots. a very nice portrait and a very heavy denarius. $60+

*247 ---,---(2.40). laureate bust right/liberalitas standing left, holding abacus and cornucopia. sr-7876, ric-153. nice, lightly toned ef. $60+

*248 ---,---(2.53). laureate bust right/mars in military attire advancing right carrying spear and trophy. ric-61, c-304. gd vf. $60+

*249 ---,---laureate bust right/alexander, in military attire, standing left, holding globe and spear. sr-7897, ric-44. gvf $60+

*250 ---,---laureate bust right/salus enthroned left, feeding snake arising from altar. sr-7925, ric-178. choice ef+, with a touch of toning. $60+

*251 ---,---(3.04). laureate bust right/spes advancing left, holding flower and lifting foot. sr-7927, ric-254. ef $60+

*252 julia maema, mother of severus alexander. ar denarius (2.81). bust right/ fecunditas seated left and extending right hand over child standing at her feet. sr-8208, ric-332. choice ef, a few light flan cracks. very attractive. $60+

*253 maximinus i 235-238. ar denarius (2.77). laureate bust right/providentia standing left holding rod and cornucopia, globe at feet. sr-8315, ric-13. ef $75

*254 ---ae sestertius . laureate bust right/victory advancing right holding wreath and palm. sr-8339, ric-67. nice vf, bold portrait. $175+

*255 gordian iii. 238-244. ar antoninianus (4.40). radiate bust right/jupiter standing and facing, head right, resting on scepter and holding thunderbolt. sr-8615, ric-84. choice ef/ef. $50

256 ---3 coins. AR Antoninianus Providentia standing left holding globe and transverse scepter, AR Denarius Security seated left and Constantine Era AE Commemorativewith Victory standing left on prow. 3 nice coins, the first EF/VF, the 2nd Choice EF/VF and the 3rd GVF. $75

*257 ---ae sestertius . bust right with mustache!/laetitia stg l. hldg wreath and anchor. sr-8712, ric-300a. ch. ef. $450

*258 ---,---(17.65). laureate bust right/gordian in military attire, standing right, holding transverse scepter and globe. sr-8731, ric-306a. nice fine, ex nfa. $50+

259 Philip I. 244-249. AR Antoninianus. Radiate bust right/Aequitas standing left holding scales and cornucopia. SR-8918, C-9. EF $40

*260 volusian, son of trebonianus. gallus. 251-253. ar antoninianus (3.12) . radiate bust right/pax standing left holding olive-branch and scepter, star in field. sr-9758, ric-179. ef. $160

*261 ---ar antoninianus (4.70). radiate bust right/virtus standing right resting on spear and shield. sr-9776, ric-206. ef $65

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*262 gallienus 253-268. bi antoninianus (4.41) of milan. radiate bust right/salus standing left feeding snake arising from altar and holding scepter. sr-10352, ric-397. ef, silvered. $50+

*263 postumus. 260-269. ar antoninianus (3.42) of cologne. radiate bust right/ moneta standing left, holding scales and cornucopia. sr-10962, ric-75. vf+/f-vf. nice portrait, weakly struck on reverse. the reverse indicates postumus’ concern for his coinage. $40

*264 tetricus i. 271-274. bi antoninianus (2.33) of cologne. radiate bust right/mars or virtus standing left, resting on shield and spear. sr-11258, ric-148. ef/aef, as usual the flan is a bit ragged, but the portrait is outstanding! $60

*265 tetricus ii 274 ad, as caesar under tetricus i 273-274. bi antoninianus (2.57). mainz or trier mint. radiate bust right/spes advancing left, holding flower and lifting skirt. sr-11292, ric-270. gd vf, reverse a bit off-center but obverse depicts a wonderful portrait. $60

*266 claudius ii gothicus. 268-270. pair of bi antoninianii. both with radiate bust right. 1) (2.72). jupiter standing and facing, head right, resting on scepter and holding thunderbolt. sr-11341, ric-52. 2) (3.51) mars, naked, advancing right, carrying spear and trophy, p in ex. 2 coins, the first ef but on ragged flan, the 2nd ef/avf and porous, struck at milan. $50

*267 vabalathus 271-272. bi antoninianus (3.63) of antioch, a joint issue with aurelian. laureate bust right/radiate bust of aurelian right, “h” below. sr-11718, rc-381. nice vf and scarce. $60

*268 tacitus 275-276. bi antoninianus (4.19) of lyons. radiate bust right/felicity standing left, holding long caduceus and cornucopia, Δ to left and star to right. sr-11817, ric-65. choice ef, well centered with an exceptional portrait. $60

*269 probus. 276-282 bi antoninianus (4.00) of antioch. radiate bust right/female figure right, holding wreath facing probus left holding globe and scepter, h in field, xxi in ex. sr=12021, ric-925. ef/vf $40

*270 diocletian. 284-305. bi antoninianus (5.08) of cyzicus. radiate bust right/ diocletian standing right, receiving victory on globe from jupiter standing left, a between them, xxi in ex. sr-3510, ric-289. well centered ef, with a goodly portion of silvering intact. $60

*271 maximianus. 286-305 ad (295). ar argenteus (3.40) of rome. laur head right/ four princes sacrificing over tripod,before gate. virtvs - militvm. flan crack. sr-3606, ric-28. vf, somewhat porous. $300

*272 maximinus ii. 309-313. ae follis (4.98) of antioch. laureate bust right/jupiter standing left, cloak spread behind, right hand holding victory on globe, left a scepter. star to left, s to right, ant in ex. ric-6, 166b. choice ef. this is a rare reverse which is seldom offered. $60+

*273 constantine i, the great. 307-337. struck after his death. ae 4 (1.61) of alexandria. veiled head right/constantine, veiled, standing right. vn to left, mr to right, smala in ex. sr-3888, ric-32. vf. $40

*274 constantine the great era commemorative. c. 330-346. ae3 (3.25) of antioch. helmeted bust of roma left, wearing imperial mantle urbs roma/she-wolf standing left, suckling romulus and remus, smano in ex. ric-91. choice brown ef. $60+

*275 ---,---(2.09) of antioch. helmeted head of constantinopolis left, wearing imperial mantle and holding scepter/victory standing left, right foot on prow, holding scepter and leaning on shield, smani in ex. ric-92. choice brown ef $60+

*276 fausta, daughter of maximianus and wife of constantine. ae follis (2.96) of cyzicus. bust right/fausta standing facing, head left, holding two children, smkz• in ex. sr-3905ff, ric-7, 40. ef/vf, very nice coin. $100+

*277 crispus 317-326. ae follis (20 mm, 3.55) of london. helmeted bust left/altar inscribed vot is xx, 3 stars above, plon in ex. sr-3916, ric-7, 280. gvf-ef, nice dark patina. $60

*278 arcadius. 383-408. ae follis (19 mm, 2.25) of siscia. bust right/emperor advancing right, dragging captive in right hand and holding labarum in left, asisc in ex. ric-9, 38c. gvf $40

279 Group of coins. Hadrian AR Denarius Crescent moon with 7 stars; Diocletian AE Follis Moneta holding scales; Maxentius AE Follis Roma stag left with globe in temple of 6 columns and Crispus AE3 Camp Gate surmounted by 2 turrets. 4 decent coins, the first VF but a bit rough, the last three nice VF or better. $100+

280 Group of 4. Philip I AR Antoninianus Felicitas standing left VF; Trajan Decius Bi Antoninianus (heavy 5.46 grams!) Genius of the Army of Illyricum standing left F/VF; Postumus Bi Antoninianus Fides Militum standing left VF and Follis of Constantius I as Caesar with Genius standing left Fine. 4 coins $100+


281 Anastasius I. 491-518. AE Half Follis (7.90). Bust right/Large K, cross to left, Δ to right. VG/GF. Purchased from F. Knobloch in 1965. $40

282 Justinian I. 527-565. AE Follis (39.5 mm, 22.80 gr) of Constantinople. Facing bust/ Large M, Officina Δ, Year 12. SB-163. GF/F, rough fields. One of the largest Byzantium coins we have encountered. $40

*283 heraclius. 610-641. gold solidus (4.43) of constantinople. facing busts of heraclius and heraclius constantine each wearing a simple crown with cross at top/ cross potent on 3 steps, conob below, pellet in field to right, officina e. sb-738. ef/vf, exceptional obverse. ex davisson’s #7, 6. $300+

*284 ---ar hexagram or double miliaresion (5.27). heraclius and his son, seated and facing in double throne/cross potent on globe above 3 steps, k in field to right. sb-798. fine, but flat spot in on obverse at left. scarce type. $100+?

*285 leo iv, the khazar. 775-780. ae follis of syracuse. bust of leo iv and constantine vi facing/facing busts of leo iii & constantine v b-a to either side, large m below between x-n, ma below. sb-1586. af. scarce type $60+?

*286 nicephorus i. 802-811. ae follis. facing bust/large m between xxx and nnn, cross above, a monogram below. sb-1606. gd fine, fields a bit rough. rare type that is seldom offered. purchased from baldwin’s 7/74. $100?

*287 leo v, the armenian. 813-820. ae follis. facing busts of leo v (on left) and his son constantine/large m between xxx and nnn, cross above, a monogram below. sb-1630. choice vf, scarce as such. leo’s coins from constantinople are much scarcer than those from syracuse. nicer than the one that sold for $90 in 37a $75+*

*288 theophilus. 828-848. ae follis. half length facing bust/legend in 4 lines. sb-1167. like the coins of leo v, coins of theophilus from constantinople are much scarcer than those from syracuse. f/vf. from s rubinger in april of 1976. $60+

289 Constantine VII and Romanus I. 931-944. AE Follis. Facing bust of Romanus I/4 line legend. SB-1760. Gd Fine. Anonymous issue $40

*290 nicephorus ii. 963-969. ae follis. facing bust/legend in 4 lines. sb-1782. f/f+, ragged edge. another type that is seldom offered. 1st we’ve had in 12 years. $75?

*291 trebizond empire, manuel i. 1238-1263. ar asper. st. eugenius standing holding long cross/manuel standing. sb-2601. vf, but small obv. flaw. $60

292 Group. Maurice Tiberius582-602 AE Follis of Cyzicus Facing bust/Large M Officina A, year 9 SB-518 and two Anonymous Follis (attributed to Romanus III 1028-1034) each depicting a bust of Christ on the obverse and a cross and legend on the reverse SR-1823. 3 coins, the first nearly VF, the other two Fine $100

*293 vandals, semi-autonomous. 480-533. ae 4 nummi = 1/1000. male head left/ mark of value, n above iiii. mec-52, bmc-14, hahn-20. vf, obv o.c.. $100

*294 arab-byzantine. tiberias (tabariya). 7th century ad. ae follis 28mm (4.54). three standing figures/large m, officina c/rare, especially so nice and so large. snat-281, walker-43, album-107. gvf. $575

295 Zengids of Mosul, Saif al-Din Ghazi II. (1170-80). AE Dirham (10.94) of Mosul. AH 567 (1171/72). Facing male bust with two winged beings above/4 line legend. S/S-60.3, VF. This is lot 1282 from CNG Sale 38 and is from the Bill Spengler collection. $70+

296 ---Badr al-Din Lu’Lu’. (1234-1259). AE Dirham (7.52) of Al-Mawsil. AH 631 (1233/34). Diademed head left in dotted square/4 line legend. S/S-68, F/VF and overstruck over S/S-67. This is lot 1320 from CNG Sale 38 and is from the Bill Spengler collection. $70+

*297 peru, inca period before 1533. gold leaf money. rectangular shape, c. 35 mm x 18mm, wafer thin with markings. part of lot #51 howard gibbs collection #1 (sold by hans schulman) october 1970 and superior june 1987 lot #6440. rare and unusual. $100+

*298 ---gold leaf money. c.16mm circle, wafer thin with markings. part of lot #51 howard gibbs collection #1 (sold by hans schulman) october 1970 and superior june 1987 lot #6440. rare and unusual. $100+

*299 ---gold leaf money.c 37 x 16mm in the shape of fire, wafer thin. part of lot #51 howard gibbs collection #1 (sold by hans schulman) october 1970 and superior june 1987 lot #6440. rare and unusual. $100+

*300 ---gold leaf money. c 32 x 12mm in the shape of an axe, wafer thin.. part of lot #51 howard gibbs collection #1 (sold by hans schulman) october 1970 and superior june 1987 lot #6440. rare and unusual. $100+


301 American Numismatic Society. American Journal of Numismatics 3-4. 1992. Second Series, continuing The American Numismatic Society Museum notes. Card cover. Virtually as new. $15?

302 Berlin Howard M. The Coins and Banknotes of Palestine Under the British Mandate,1927-1947 2001 HC New $45

303 Boulanger, Al. A Checklist of Topical Coins. 1995 1st edition. New. Spiral bound Card Cover. Release price 17.95 $15

304 Daniel III, Howard. Democratic Republic of Vietnam: Coins and Currency. Dunn Loring. 1995. HC New $30

305 De Mey, Jean and Bernard Poindessault. Repertoire de la Numismatique Fran8Daise Contemporaine. Brussels-Paris. 1972. HC. 2nd ed. Slightly used. $30?

306 Dratwa, Daniel. Jewish Museum of Belgium. Medailles a theme juif de Belgique or Joodse Penningen in Belgie. (Jewish Medals in Belgium). 1997. CC $39

307 Fontanille Jean-Philippe & Sheldon Lee Gosline The Coins of Pontius Pilate 2001 CC Warren Center New but some handling. $25

308 Haffner, Sylvia. The History of Modern Israel’s Money. 1967. HC, 1st Edition. Signed “Best Regards, Sylvia Haffner”. Some wear, but decent condition. $20

309 Haffner, Sylvia. Judaic Tokens and Medals. 1978, New York. HC, 402 pages. Out of print, rare and very useful. #169 of 1000 copies. Signed, “Shalom Sylvia Haffner” in two lines on title page. A couple of minor marks on cover, but basically new and unused. $125+?

310 Hendin, David. Guide to Ancient Jewish Coins. 1976 HC 1st edition with dj (a few small tears). With, “10-6-76, Best Wishes, David Hendin”. $20

311 ---Guide to Biblical Coins. 4th Edition. 2001. HC with dj. New York. The most up to date of all the books on the subject. New $75

312 ---Not Kosher. Forgeries of Ancient Jewish and Biblical Coins. 2005, New York. An important book which can save you thousands of dollars, Euros or Shekels $50

313 Kindler, Arie. Coins of the Land of Israel. 1974, Jerusalem. 139 pages which describes & illustrates the ancient coin collection of the Bank of Israel. The English edition of the 1971 Hebrew work. Torn dust jacket, contents ok. $35

314 Krause, Chester and Clifford Mishler. Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins, 4th edition. Senior editor Colin Bruce. Telephone book size HC with valuations of coins from 1601 to 2000. Almost as new. $25?

315 Meshorer, Y. Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum: The Collection of the American Numismatic Society, Part 6: Palestine-South Arabia HC. As new $25

316 ---Coins Reveal: The Samuel and Daniel M. Friedenberg Collection of Coins and Medals, The Jewish Museum Collection Handbooks, Volume I. 1983 Card Cover but in decent usable condition. I believe this is the first time I’ve offered this book. My own office copy is well used, falling apart but indispensable to me. If this lot doesn’t sell, I’ll probably put it in my library. $25+

317 Pridmore, Fred. The Coins of The British Commonwealth of Nations: Part 1 European Territories. 1960. HC. Used, but very usable. $15+

318 Probszt, G9Fnther. Die M9Fnzen Salzburgs. Basel. 1975. HC. 2nd edition. Published by the IAPN with forward by Jacques Schulman. Still the standard work on the subject. Cover a bit soiled, contents ok. $40

319 Rawlings Gertrude B. Ancient, Medieval and Modern Coins and How to Know Them. 1966 1st American Edition. Hard Cover with dust jacket. Getting difficult to find. Slightly used, small tears in dust jacket. $20+

320 Rogers, Rev. E. A Handy Guide to Jewish Coins. 1914, London. 108 pages, 9 plates. Original 1st edition hardcover with modern dust cover to protect it. I believe that this is the first time we’ve offered a well preserved and nice first edition of this elusive and important work. We’ve had poor copies that were falling apart. This was “Bible” of Biblical numismatics until Reifenberg published his work in the early 1940’s. If one were grading this book on coin standards it would be nice VF $50+

321 Romanoff Paul Jewish Symbols on Ancient Jewish Coins. 1971 HC Reprint of 1944 edition. New York. New, dj a bit scuffed as are all we have seen $25

322 Rulau, Russell. Standard Catalog of United States Tokens 1700-1900. 2nd edition. Telephone book size card cover. Only slightly used. $15?

323 Vagi, David. Coinage and History Roman Empire. 1999. Outstanding and award winning two volume work by Vagi. As New. Volume I is signed by the author. $100

324 Wirgin, Wolf and Siegried Mandel, The History of Coins and Symbols in Ancient Israel. 1958 HC with dust jacket. A scarce seldom offered book. Slightly used, dj torn. The last we offered in 1998 sold for $20 $20

325 A group of books. Tenth Anniversary Edition of The Shekel, Special HC edition; A Handy Guide to Jewish Coins by Rogers, 1977 Durst reprint HC; Ancient Jewish Coins by A. Reifenberg 1969 5th edition HC; Israel’s Money by Leo Kadman, both the first and 2nd edition, both cc; Israel’s Money and Medals, ed. by Sylvia Haffner, 1979 Third edition HC and 2nd edition loose-leaf HC; Banknotes and Coins of Israel: Catalogue CC by Bank of Israel Currency Department 1990 and Israel’s 20 Year Catalog of Coins and Currency by Fred Bertram and Robert Weber HC. 9 books, slightly used to New. $100+

Please make sure that your bid sheet arrives on or before the closing date of 15 November 2007. You may mail, email, fax or phone your bids. Please use our new mailing address and/or new phone or fax numbers. Remember there are no buyer’s fees in our sale!


327 A Group of Coins and Medals. Austria 25 Schilling 1969 Roseger, 1970 Lehar, 1973 Max Reinhardt and 1975 100 Schilling Strauss (Pf); West Germany 5 Mark 1984 Mendelssohn and 10 Mark 1972 Olympics; East Germany 20 Mark 1971 Ernst Thalmann (2); Albrecht Durer Silver 36mm Proof medal; 1978 38 mm Silver UN Proof Medal; ND Silver 35mm Proof Medal of “Finkenstein Karnten” and Germany. WWI. 1916 41 mm Iron Patriotic Medal by Hosagus. 12 piece lot, all but 4 are silver. In album page $75

328 --- United States 1962 AE 76mm Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Medal awarded to EA Uehlinger, 1967 US Virgin Islands AE76 Semi-Centennial Medal, Italy 1892 Columbus Medal WM 50mm, Swiss 1969 Grutli Neumunster 49mm silvered medal, Ghana 1965 Penny, 3 d., Shilling, 2 Shilling and 10 Shilling (2). All 6 pieces Proof and designed by Paul Vincze. A bronze bar marked “Repentance”, part of the Judaic Heritage “Chai” series and two booklets, Shakespeare in Medallic Art, a record of Paul Vincze’s Shakespeare Medals. 13 piece lot. $50?

329 A Group of coins. Austria 1796-F 20 Kreuzer VF, 1859-V 10 Kreuzer EF; Congo 1888/7 5A2 R&B unc; France 1869-A 5 Francs Toned F; Wurttemburg 1913-F 5 Mark VF; Germany 1905-A 10 Pfennig Unc; Switzerland 1887-B 5 Rappen F, 1881-B 10 Rappen EF-AU and 1912-B 5 Rappen Unc. 9 coins, all nice collectible grades. $125+

330 --- Canada 1937 Silver Dollar Light toned AU+; India 1862-B 1/4 Rupie Unc. Bikanir State 1892 1 Rupee EF; Ireland 3 d. 1934 EF, 6 Pence 1934, Half Crown 1931 VF; Palestine 1927 2 Mils Fine; South Africa 1892 Penny Ch. R&B EF, 1894 Shilling F and 1947 5 Shilling EF. 10 decent coins $150

331 ---Cuba 1953 25A2 VF; Ecuador 1944-Mo 2 Sucres Choice BU; Mexico 1780 1/2 Real VF, 1889-Mo 1A2 Nice R&B unc; Panama 1907 2 1/2A2 AU, 1904 5A2 VF, 1904 25A2 VF; Peru 1864 2A2 Nice EF, 1860 YB 1/2 Real Toned EF, 1889 TF 1 Sol Choice BU, 1916 1 Sol VF and Venezuela 1926 5 Bolivares EF.12 nice Latin American coins. $150+

332 ---England 1926 1/2 Crown Nice EF; Guernsey 1859 2 Doubles VF, 1858 8 Doubles EF; Netherlands1/2A2 1885 VF, 1902 1A2, 1894 2 1/2A2 aEF; New Zealand1942 Half Crown EF; Norway 1869 3 Skilling Fine: Sweden 2 Ore 1919 EF, 10 Ore 1904 Toned EF and 25 Ore 1907 EF. 11 coins $175+

333 ---Spain 1702 Charles III Pretender Coinage 2 Reales F, 1789 2 Reales Proclamation of Charles IV Silver 27mm Legend/Arms VF, 1808 8 Maravedis F, 1/2A2 1866-OM (4 ptd star) EF, 1865 20A2 F; Papal States 1868-$ 10 Soldi EF; Italy 1863 M-NB 50A2 EF, 1893 B/I 10A2 EF and 1911 10A2 Choice R&B EF+. 9 coins $150+

334 A Group of Medals. 1986 Coin World 27th Anniversary ANA convention Al. 39mm, 44mm 1986 Stature of Liberty Medal silver and gilt silver, Pope John XXIII Silverplated 50mm by Asser and 3 Russian 59mm bronze medals. 7 seldom seen medals. In album page. $75

335 Armenia. Levon I. 1198-1218. AR Tram (2.92) . Levon seated, facing, on lion throne, left foot turned owtward/Cross flanked by 2 lions, dot on shaft of cross. Nerc-288. Toned VF, ragged edge. $50

*336 australia, internment camp token. wwii. nd 3 pence token. camp-1262, km-tn2.1, f/f-971a. very attractive reddish-brown unc. scarce so nice. $175+

*337 austria. tirol. sigismund. 1439-96. ar sechser. half length bust right/long cross with shield. saurma-818. f/vf. $55

*338 ---leopold ii. 1790. silver 20mm jeton. homage of tirol to king crowned lion/ crown above/9 line legend. mon-2194, lang xiv/19379. bu. $100

*339 ---franz i, emp. of austria. 1816-a. kreuzer. mostly red. cr-177, km-2113. nice unc. $45

*340 belgian congo. 1937 5 francs. km-24, y36. unc. $100+

*341 --- “elephant crown”. 1944. 50 francs . elephant with 1944 below. struck at the pretoria (so. africa) mint. km-27, dav-11, y27. au and one of the nicest we’ve had in many years. $120

*342 bermuda, elizabeth ii. 1977 3 piece boxed mint set. $25 silver and $50 and $100 gold, all with ships on reverse. km-msa2 (contains km 26-28). very rare set, all 3 nice bu although the large silver piece is somewhat cloudy. $400+

*343 bolivia, republic. 1863-pts fp 8 soles. km-138.6, el-125. lustrous ef+, although struck from soft dies. still a very attractive coin. $60+

*344 ---,---1859 -pts f.j. 8 soles. km-138.3, el-113. gvf. $100+

*345 botswana. republic. 1966. gold 10 thebe. bust of president seretse khama/arms. km-2, fr-1. bu. $250

*346 ---,---1989. gold 5 pula. save the children fund. km-23, fr-5. choice proof. $285+

347 Brazil. Pedro II. 1889. 2000 Reis. Last year of type. KM-485, EL-84. Toned AU/Unc. $65

348 British west Africa. George V of England. 1927. Two Shillings. Bust of King left/Palm Tree. KM-13b, Y17a. Nice EF. $55

*349 cameroon, under france. 1925 50 centimes. km-1, y1. bu, a very attractive brass coin. $120

*350 ---central african states. 2003. 6000 cfa francs. scarce bimetallic coins. president paul biya/elephant, map of africa. only 500 minted. $100+

*351 canada, george v. 1913 5a2 silver. km-22. nice bu $50

*352 ---elizabeth ii.1959. quebec gold 57mm by paul vincze. busts of montcalm & wolfe with ships below in harbor/3 men lifting column, canada below. commemorates the 200th anniversary of the capture of quebec. #13 of a no doubt very low mintage. 18 karat. $2000

353 ---,---1967 Gold 20 Dollars. KM-71, Fr-5. Centennial of Canada. BU $400

*354 ---newfoundland. victoria. 1882-h gold 2 dollars. fr-1, km-5. nice ef $200+

*355 central african republic. essai. 1978. 100 francs. 1,900 minted. km-e5, gad-8. ch. bu. $175+

356 Ceylon, George Steuart & Co. 1843 (1881) AE (19 mils) token Legends in Sinhalese & Tamil/2 woman at work. Coffee Token Prid-96, MNI-2246 Mostly red unc. According to Pridmore both of the Native scripts are wrong! $65

357 ---Victoria of England. 1900. 25 Cents. Better date. KM-95. Ch. Au/Unc. $50

358 Chad. Essai. 1985. 500 Francs. 1,700 minted. Mint sealed at Paris Mint. KM (2007) has wrong picture. KM-E6, Gad-15. BU. $75

359 Chile, Republic. 1851 2 Reales. KM-100.2. Nicely toned EF $50

*360 ---,---1883 peso. km-142.1, el-130. round top 3. lustrous bu. $100

*361 china, albert einstein. 1991 10 yuan silver proof. y349, flower-109. einstein at blackboard with his equations/emblem. scarce. $35

*362 colombia. republic of nueva granada. 1842-rs. 8 reales of bogota. republica de la nueva granada, date, condor with banner libertad y orden. cornucopia/vale ocho reales bogota outside of wreath & lei ocho dineros within wreath. e-27, km-98. vf, sl. weak at centers as usual. $175

*363 congo. democratic republic. 1970. gold 25 makutas. bust of president joseph desire mobutu/arms. 5th year of motubu presidency. km-11, fr-8. proof. $190

*364 crusaders, achaea. mathilde de hainaut. 1316-1321. glarentza mint. bi denier tournois (.85). cross/castle tournois, annulet to left, pheon below, another annulet at end of legend. ccs-32 (although the annulet is called a pellet), metcalf-999-1002. toned vf. ex alistair lilburn collection. $100

*365 ---antioch. tancred as regent 1101-1103, 1104-1112. ae follis (19mm, 3.16). nimbate bust of st. peter facing, holding scroll and long cross/ke(b)oi-( )hto-av- ocov t-(a)nkpi in 5 lines. ccs-3b, metcalf-54. vf, a few usual flat spots but well struck for issue. ex alistair lilburn collection. $190+

366 ---,---Bohemond III 1163-1201 Bi Denier Helmeted head left/Cross, crescent in 2nd angle CCS-59 VF $65

367 ---,---Bohemond III or IV. 1163-1201 or 1201-03. Bi Denier. Helmeted bust left, crescent left, star to right/Cross, crescent in 2nd angle. . F-VF. $50

*368 cuba, republic. 1915 gold 20 pesos. fr-1, km-21. bust of marti right. ef/au a few typical bagmarks. $800+

*369 denmark, christian iv. 1645 4 skilling. jehovah in hebrew, between justus and judex. km-133, hede-150. fine $125

*370 ---,---1645. 2 mark . jehovah in hebrew between justus and judex.. km-137. avf $175+

*371 ---gluckstadt. christian iv. 1588-1648, c. 1619. 2 skilling lybsk. wire money type. mm = albert dionis or samuel jachim of marrano comm. of hamburg. km-8. vg. $150

*372 ---,---,---1623. 3 skilling. stg figure/monogram. mm = albert dionis or samuel jachim of marrano comm. of hamburg. h-170. f-vf. $140

*373 ---,---,---1624. skilling lybsk. crowned monogram/legend.. h-171. fine. $100

*374 egypt, abdul mejid. 1255/15 (c. 1853) gold 50 qirsh. km-234.2, cr-214, fr-6. nice vf $200

*375 ---,---1255/5 (c. 1843) gold 100 qirsh. km-235.1, cr-215, fr-5. nice ef $350

*376 ---abdul hamid ii. 1293/12 (c. 1886) gold 100 qirsh. km-297, y-f22, fr-23. one year type. choice lustrous au $300

377 ---Fuad I, As Sultan. 1920-H. 2 Piastres. 1 year type. Scarce. KM-325, Y44. VF, very light scratch. $55

*378 ---uar. 1968/1388. gold 5 pounds. 1400th anniversary of koran. km-416, fr-48. au/unc. $600

*379 ---arab republic. 1980/1400. gold 1 pound. egypt-israel peace treaty. head of anwar sadat left with dove of peace. km-509, fr-67. choice proof. only 500 minted. $225

*380 ---,---1980/1400. gold 5 pounds. egypt-israel peace treaty.similar, but the crown size gold coin km-517, fr-66. proof. only 125 minted. 1st we’ve offered in many years. $775

381 England. Edward III. 1327-1377. AR Long Cross Penny. 5th Issue, London, Class C. 1351-52/. S-1584, E31D-100. aVF, bit clipped. $85

*382 ---richard ii. 1377-1399. ar half penny. crown facing bust/long cross. intermediate type. s-1699, r2hd-1010. nice vf on oval flan, slightly clipped. $250

*383 ---henry vi 1422-61 (22-27) ar half groat of calais henric di gra rex angl z franc, crowned facing bust mm=cross/long cross patonce posvi devm adivtore mevm, villa caliesie s-1840, h62d-010 vf $125

*384 ---charles ii. 1665 pattern farthing in silver. bust of king left with curly long hair/ brittania seated left. peck-422. toned vf. (km lists two pattern farthings in gold, but none in silver). this is similar to km-pn133. $200+?

*385 ---,---1660-1685, 3rd issue. ar 2 pence (.99). crowned bust left, ii to right/long cross over royal coat of arms. s-3326. toned vf, some areas of flatness $50

386 ---1755, 1786 and 1825 calendar medals, each about 38mm. F to VF. $50?

*387 ---middlesex, halls. 1795. 1/2 penny conder token. kangaroo, amaradillo, rhino/“t. hall, citty road, london.” d&h-313. r&b au. $85

*388 ---e. moses & sons. 1855, calendar medal. wm 41mm. calendar/13 line legend about the company. ef, slightly soiled with tiny hole at top. moses and sons were jewish merchant tailors in london in the mid 19th century and issued a series of calendar medals and tokens during that time. most have a portrait of the duke of wellington, this rare variety does not! $45+

*389 ---b. hyam, clothiers(1890’s?). half penny token. bust left, ”b. haym, 63 lord st. liverpool”/”manufacturing clothiers, half penny token” three garments. todd-page 20. brass 30mm. f-vf. scarce. haym was a jewish merchant. $40

390 ---British Expeditionary Forces. WW II. 50 Centimes Iron . P. O. W. token for use in British Prisoner of War Camps in France. Rare denomination. C-5533. F. $50

*391 ---elizabeth ii.1953. coronation of elizabeth ii by paul vincze. silver 58mm. her crowned bust right, the facade of westminster abbey in the background/the queen enthroned left, about to be crowned. eimer-2085, jmm page 78. as made, but for tiny nick on chin. very scarce. $125+

*392 ---,---1966 900th anniversary of coronation of william i by paul vincze. silver 44mm proof and 1991 cayman islands 42mm silver proof depicting the santa maria ship and a view of the islands and turtles. 2 nice proof silver medals $50?

*393 ---,---1988? silver 63mm. defeat of the spanish armada. the spanish fleet dispersed and wrecked “flavit et disssipati svnt (he blew and they were scattered) 1588” with jehovah in hebrew above in clouds/arms, surrounded by “royal mint centenary medal”. almost 5 ounces of silver in this huge medal. the obverse is taken from the contemporary medal mib-112. unc. $75+

*394 equatorial guinea. republic. 1970. gold 750 pesetas. centennial of the capital rome/athena standing. km-28, fr-11. ch. proof. $250+

395 ---,---1979 Gold 5000 Bipkwele. King Juan Carlos. Br-XM7, Fr-19 Ch Proof $100+

396 ---,---1979 Gold 10,000 Bipkwele. Similar. Bruce-XM8, Fr-18 Choice Proof $185+

*397 eritrea, umberto i of italy. 1896-r 2 lire. km-3, y3. ef, lightly cleaned. the better date of a scarce 2 year type. $250

*398 ethiopia. haile selassie i. 1966-ee1958. gold 50 dollars. his bust 1/2 left/ arms. 75th birthday, 50th jubilee of his reign. km-40, fr-32. ch. proof. $450

*399 ---,---1966-ee1958. gold 100 dollars. similar to above. km-41, fr-31. ch. proof. a very large gold coin containing over 1 ounce of gold. $875

*400 ---people’s democratic republic. 1984 ee1976. gold 200 birr. decade for women. only 209 minted. km-72, fr-44. choice proof. $350

401 Europa, European Economic Community. Group of 4 Crowns. 1979 Silver Ecu Bruce-X31, plus Gilt Bronze Ecus of 1979 and 1980 Bruce X33a, X36 and 1982 Bronze Ecu Br. X42. Four Proof-like coins. $75+?

*402 france. counts of angouleme, la marche. 12-13th centuries. ar denier (.73) cross, in the name of louis iv/3 annulets & crescent around small cross. scmf-4361. gd vf. $75

*403 ---hainault. jeanne de constantinople. 1205-1244. petit denier of valenciennes monogram or more likely a gangplank/cross w. lozenges. low country type. scmf-7505. vf. $70

404 ---Lorraine, Francois I. 1544-45. AR Sword Dinar or 1/4 Plaque. Nancy mint. Arms/ Sword. SCMF-9441. VF. $45

*405 ---,---(lothringen). charles iiii. 1628. teston. small obv. flan flaw. km lists under germany. km-45. vf $150+

*406 ---louix xiv1702-k (bordeaux) ecu with insignia struck over 1694 eight l’s type dav-1316, sobin type 11. vf/ef the under coin is very visible underneath the obverse and visible under the inscription of the reverse. rare and seldom offered. ex lot 647 north american rare coin auctions, november 1985. $400+?

407 ---1846. Eugene Sue. AE 46mm by Emile Rogat. His bust left/Winged statue in front of building surrounded by mountains, more statues & clouds. Choice EF, marked Cuivere on edge. Sue was a French novelist of the first part of the 19th century. Two of his best known works were The Mysteries of Paris and The Wandering Jew. $50

408 ---2nd Republic. 1850-BB. 5 Francs. Last date of short type. KM-761.2, Y6. EF, cleaned, rim nick $75

409 ---Napoleon III. 1857-A Gold 50 Francs. Fr-571, KM-785.1. Bare head type. AU, with rim bruise at about 8 o’clock on obverse. $450

*410 ---3rd republic. 1878-k (bordeaux) 5 francs. km-820.2, y52, dav-92. toned vf $100

411 ---,---1895-A. 50 Centimes . KM-834.1, Y48. Unc.. $45

*412 gambia, republic. 1977 gold 500 dalasis. km-19, fr-1. conservation series. sitatunga. only 699 minted. choice bu $775

*413 ---,---1983 gold 250 dalasis. km-22, fr-2, y21. the year of the scout. unc. $400

414 ---,---1987 Gold1000 Dalasis. KM-25, Fr-3. Proof. World Wildlife Fund, Gambian Puffback bird. Proof. $225

*415 german east africa, wilhelm ii of prussia. 1899 1/4 rupee. km-3, y2. choice toned au. a barely noticeable light scratch disturbs the toning only. $135

*416 ---,---1913-j (hamburg) 1 rupie. km-10, y-13. choice lustrous au-unc $100

*417 germany, anahlt-dessau, friedrich ii. 1914-a. 3 mark. silver wedding anniversary of friedrich /& marie. km-30. toned au-unc. $120

418 ---Baden. Grand Duke Friedrich I. 1876-G Gold 10 Mark. KM-264, Fr-3756. VF-EF $175

419 ---,---,---1901-G (Karlsruhe). 2 Mark. KM-269, Y12a. VF. $75

*420 ---bavaria-landshut. heinrich iv. 1393-1450. ar pfennig (.48). helmet/h between 2 annulets. squarish flan. saurma example is between 2 flowers. saurma-967 sim. vf. $55

*421 ---beeskow. 1621. kipper pfenning. arms of biberstein (stag antler) & strele (3 scythe blades) 1621 above, b below/uniface. scarce, only coin issued by this town. km-1, barhfeldt-713. vf, grainy. $120

*422 ---bremen, archbishop johann friedrich. 1596-1634. ar 4 schilling lubsch (1619-22) . wire money type. knight on horse right/legend. scarce. behrens-791, jungh-316. f/vf. $150

*423 ---,---free city. 1904-j 2 mark 1 year type km-250. au-unc, a few niks $110

*424 ---breslau (city). sigismund, nd(1419-1458), ar heller. head of st. john slightly to the left/lion rampant. saurma-67. nice vf. scarce little coin $75+

425 ---Brunswick-Luneburg-Calenberg-Hannover. George Ludwig 1710-HB. 6 Mariengroschen. Legend/Andreas with cross. KM-60, Sch-43. VF. $55

*426 ---cologne, walram v. julich. 1332-1349. ar turnose deuz. facing bust with triangular hat/cross. saurma-1399. vf. $450

*427 ---emden, free city. nd (1619-37). gulden of 28 stubers. flor. argen. cvitat emp around crowned arms with (28) below/ferdinan ii rom imp sem avgv around double headed eagle with 28 on breast. dav-507, km-10. vf. very nice for issue. $125+

*428 ---lubeck. free city. 1629. taler of 32 schilling. st. john with lamb and city arms mone nova 1629 lvbecens/2 headed eagle ferdinand ii dg ro imp semp av. d-5449, km-a61. vf. $400

*429 ---l9fneburg. wilhlem i. 1195-1213. ar bracteate, 23 mm. heraldic lion left. reich-828, bon-76. gvf $150+

*430 ---mansfeld-bornstedt. franz maximillian & heinz franz. 1672 abv. 1/3 taler (1/2 gulden). st. george slaying the dragon/arms divide date & mm initials. km-125. f/vf. $85

431 ---Prussia. Wilhelm I. Gold 20 Mark. 1877-A. Fr-3816, KM-505. VF, some scratches. $160

432 ---,---Wilhelm II Gold 20 Mark. 1913-A. Fr-3833, KM-537. EF $180

*433 ---,---,---1898. 35mm silver gedenkthaler. busts of royal couple/church in jerusalem. struck during their visit to palestine in 1898. toned ef, some niks. $90+

*434 ---saxe-gotha-altenburg. friedrich iii. 1755. groschen. 200th anniversary of religious peace of augsburg. shield/legend. c-17. bu, rev. lightly brushed. $140

*435 ---saxe-weimer-eisenach. wilhelm ernst. 1908. 2 mark. 350th anniversary of jena university. one year type. y-174. ef. $100+

*436 ---saxony, ernst with dukes albrecht & wilhelm iii (14)75. ar spitzgroschen of leipzig (1.60) . shield of duke of saxony w. 6 ptd star at start of legend e w a d g dvcs sx tv l ha hs/shield in trefoil w. 6 ptd star (leipzig mm) grossvs novvs march hs Λ7 (75). lev-i-148, fr-162v. vf, slight crease & scratch. $125+

*437 ---,---,---(14)82 f9frstengroschen. shield with lion and arms of landsberg, “82”/ shield of chur-sachsen. lev i-184, frey-232, saurma-4400. nice vf. $400

*438 ---,---christian ii, johann georg & august. 1593 taler 3 facing 1/2 figures with divided date above/helmeted arms, hb at upper right. dav-9820. vf, possible mount removed, if so it was done very expertly. $200

439 ---,---Friedrich August. 1792/1. 2 Groschen = 1/12 Thaler. Clear overdate, one year type. KM-1031. EF. $50

440 ---,---Friedrich August II. 1842-G 1/6 Taler = 5 New Groschen. Bust right/Arms. KM-1161, Cr-228. Ch. Toned Unc. $85

*441 ---,---george 1904-e. 2 mark. km-1257. short type. au/unc. $125

*442 ---weimer republic. albrecht durer. 1928-d. 3 reichsmark . 400th anniversary of his death. km-58. anacs ms-63. nice bu coin. $600+

*443 ---,---1000th anniversary of meissen. 1929-e 3 mark. kkm-65. choice toned unc. $100+

444 ---Federal Republic. 2005-J (Hamburg) Albert Einstein 10 Euros. KM-238. Proof. This commemorates the 100th anniversary of his Theory of Relativity. $20

*445 ghana, republic. 1960 gold2 pounds. struck for “republic day”. bruce-x1. proof. somewhat cloudy, seldom offered. $350

*446 ---,---1975 gold 2 pounds. km-m8. “operation feed yourself”. proof. $350

*447 ---,---1977 gold 2 pounds. km-m9. 20th anniversary of independence”. choice proof. $450+

*448 ---,---nd (1984) gold 500 cedis. km-23, fr-3, y23. proof. the year of the scout. $375+

*449 guatemala, ferdinand vii of spain. 1819 ng-m 8 reales. km-69, el-80. attractive toned vf/ef. $120+

*450 guinea, republic. 1970 gold 5000 francs. struck for the munich olympics and depicts medals from 5 previous olympics. km-32, fr-2. proof. $475

*451 hungary, bela iv. 1235-1270. ar denar. half moon with castle between two lillies/hebrew “tsadi” in center of wreath. hus-306, rethy-241, friedenberg page 17. avf, a few flat areas. one of a series of medieval hungarian coins struck by jewish mintmasters. $50+

*452 ---franz lehar by hans schaefer. ae 50 x 30mm uniface plaque. bust of opera composer right above score and legend. lehar was best known for the opera the merry widow and this medal commemorates the opening of this famous work. niggl-1057. ef $50+

453 Iraq. Faisal II. 1953. 100 Fils. KM-115. BU. $50

*454 ireland, 50th anniversary of easter rising. 1966 silver 38mm by paul vincze. bust right, “padraig h. pearse” above, 1879-1916 below, shamrocks to either side/a male and a female figure with flags on either side of a pledge, “we pledge our lives and the lives of our comrades-in-arms to the cause of its freedom of its welfare and its exaltation among the nations”. eimer-2109b. unc, but lightly cleaned. a scarce vincze medal that we’ve never offered. $40+?

Also see Lot 569 for another Irish related coin.

455 Isle de France &. Bourbon. 1781-A. 3 Sous. 1 year type. KM has pictures switched. Traces of undercoin and original silvering visible. C-2a, KM-2. Fine, slight mint clip. $60

*456 israel. 1948 / 5708. 25 mils. p-1, km-8. bu. israel’s first coin and the only coin dated in her first year. among the nicest we’ve seen. $600+

*457 ---utrecht die. 5714 (1954). 100 pruta. scarce variety with wreath away from rim, reduced size. as struck! the nicest we’ve seen (perhaps the finest known), thus very rare. km-19, p23. bu, hint of toning. $2000

*458 ---1949 250 pruta without pearl. proof. km-15,1, p-24. unlisted by either krause or haffner in proof, but this is without doubt a true proof strike. probably struck at the mbl (heaton) mint in birmingham.. the majority of the proofs of the 1949 issues exhibit only some of the qualities of proof coins. the only 250 pruta without pearl we can recall seeing. choice to gem proof and very rare.. a few years ago we sold a run of israel proof trade coins which included a 250 pruta with pearl, but not one without pearl. this is the only piece that we have seen. $750+

459 ---1964 5 Agorot. KM-25, A5-5. PCGS-AU-53. Scarce date in high grade. $100

460 ---1948-1967. Collection of Prutahs (29 coins) and Agorots (54) plus a “1949 Israel Mint Set 1 Prutoh in Proof” in manila envelope, which isn’t a Mint set, (nor is the 1 Prutah a Proof). The Prutah coins include all but the 100 Prutah Utrecht coin. Most are unc, a couple of exceptions being the 1948 25 Mils in nice VF and a 10 Pruta with near Pearl (rare) in VF also. The agorot coins include most major varieties with the exception of the 1960 1 Agora LD and the large animals 1963 1 Lira type. Most are unc except the 1964 5 Agorot. A neat lot containing a number of rare varieties. Sold as is, no returns. $250+

461 ---1987. English Lamp Hanukkah Coins. 1 Sheqel BU and 2 Sheqalim Proof. KM-183/814, HS-22/22a. $35+

462 ---1988 Tunsian Lamp 1 Sheqel BU and 2 Sheqalim Proof. KM-191/192, HS-23/23a. $35+

463 ---1989 Persian Lamp 1 Sheqel BU and 2 Sheqalim Proof. KM-205/206, HS-24/24A. 2 very nice coins $40+

*464 ---1990 cochin lamp hanukkah coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-215/216, hs-25/25a. the last issue of the hanukkah series which started in 1958. both scarce, $50

465 ---1991-1993. Judaica Coins, complete set of 3 BU 1 Sheqel coins, Kiddish Cup, Shabbat Candlesand Havdalah Spice Box. KM-223, 238 and 250, HS-26, 27, 28. $45

466 ---1994. 2 Sheqalim. Binding of Isaac. Biblical Art Coin. KM-257, H-29a. Proof. The Biblical Art Series Proofs are becoming very difficult to find. $50

467 ---1995. 2 Sheqalim. Solomon’s Judgement. Biblical Art Coin. KM-282, H-30a. Proof. $50

468 ---1998 50th Anniversary 1 Sheqel Silver BU KM-310 in special cache and cover with 50 Sheqalim Commemorative note P43c. Also in this lot is the 1963 18 piece Set in very well used holder (but contains 1949 250 and 500 Prutah in silver) and PNC cache with a 70 mm Jerusalem Reunited Medal, a 5 Lirot 1973 banknote and a 1997 FDC cover. $75+?

469 ---1977 5 Piece Pidyon Haben Setin blue vinyl case. PHB sets in cases are becoming difficult to find. $50

*470 ---walls of jericho. 1987. gold 5 new sheqalim. menorah, flanked by lulav and shofar, 2 palm trees to r., pillars to left, jericho in english & hebrew, peace in israel in arabic/date, denominaton. 12 sided. k-182, fr-29, g-29. proof. $225

*471 ---millennium. 1999. gold 10 sheqalim. dove as “2000” with olive branch, and they shall beat their swords into plowshares/denomination, olive branch. 1,859 minted. km-333, fr-74. proof $500

472 ---Golda Meir. 1996 5 Euros. Her portrait facing half right, with Menorah and globe, her name in English and Hebrew/Denomination, date, flags, legend. Bruce-X19 (similar). Ch. BU. Bruce lists X19 as a 50 Euro, This is a copper-nickel coin. $20+

473 ---Group of Coins. Lion and Pomegranate, Binding of Isaac, DutchLamp Pf, FrenchLamp Pf, Knesset Pf, Damascus Lamp Pf, Egyptian Lamp, Jerusalem Lamp Pf, Russian Lamp Pf, Syrian Lamp Pf, Promised Land, Loyalty Pf, Motherhood Pf, Brotherhood Pf and Life Pf. 15 Israel Commemoratives, 13 silver. BU where not marked Pf, a few scarcer ones included. $100

474 ---,---1965-2000. 43 different official sets including mint sets, piefort sets and Hanukkah sets. Many of the late sets are scarce. Sold as is, no returns. $150+

475 ---,---1968 Jerusalem, 1995 Bonds, 1959 Exiles BU, 1996 Miriam & the Women, 1995 Israel-Jordan Peace and 1975 PHB. Also 6 State of Israel Bronze medals Ingathering of Exiles, Graduation, Temple Tunnel Offeq Satellite, Tomb of Racheland Happy Children by Chaim Gross. 6 silver coins, all proof but where noted and 6 bronze medals, the last 70mm, the others 59mm. $100+

476 ---,---BU Commemoratives in plastic holders as issued. Contains Anniversary coins 1987, 1989-1990; 1985 B (P-L), Holyland Sites 1986, 1988-1990 and 1991 Dove and Cedar Tree. 9 BU coins. Our retail $165 $100

477 ---,---1975 Pidyon Haben Pf, 1972 Aviation Pf, 1970 Mikva Proof, 1981 People of the Book Pf, 1967 Victory Proof and 1972 Pidyon Haben BU. Plus the following 38mm silver Exodus, Ammunition Hill,Temple Mount, Bethlehem, Shema Israeland 35mm Herzlmedal. 12 pieces, all silver except possibly the last. $125+

478 ---,---4 better sets. MS-36 1993 Jerusalem Piefort Set; MS-36b Jewish Leaders set; MS-37 1994 Environmental Piefort Set and MS-41 1998 50th Anniversary Piefort set. Our retail on these scarce sets is $83+ $60+

479 ---,--- Commemoratives. 1965-1993. 50 coins, some duplication. Contains Hanukkah, Anniversary, Pidyon Haben and Special Issue coins. A neat lot, some in original holders. $500+

480 ---,---Silver commemoratives. 1980 Peace BU, 1974 Language (2), 1971 Science, 1989 Promised Land Pf,, 1976 Strength BU, 1973 PHB, 1973 Scroll (2), 1970 PHB BU, 1969 Shalom BU and 1968 Jerusalem. 12 Silver crowns, all Proof, except where noted BU. $125

481 Italy, Aquileia. Marquardo di Randeck. Patriarch 1368-1381. AR Denaro (.65). Semi-reticulate globe seated on reticulated cushion, large M below/Cross pattee over large cross pattee. Biaggi-183. VF $100

*482 ---milan, gian galeazzo vicsonti. 1395-1402. ar grosso or pegione (2.51) . ornate cross within quadrilobe/st. ambrose seated facing, holding flagellum & crozier. bi-1477, crippa-7. vf. $125+

*483 ---papal states. pius ix. 1862-r, anno 17. gold 2 1/2 scudi. km-1117, fr-273, berman-3306. ef-au. $250+

*484 ---,---vatican city. pius xi. 1929, anno viii. gold 100 lire. y9, fr-283. nice unc., some reddish toning. $400+

*485 ---venice. 1848 5 lire. revolutionary issue. cr-186, dav-207. vf $125

486 ---Christopher Colombus. 1846 AE57 by Giuseppe Girometti. Bust of Columbus right/Legend. VF, nicks, spots. One of a series of medals that Girometti did on Italian scientists. $40+

487 ---Republic. 1954. 10 Lire. Low mintage. KM-93. BU. $60

487a ---L’ Antico Testamento di Monti (The Old Testament by Monti). 24 44mm Silver Medals each depicting a famous event from the Old Testament from The Creation to Queen Esther. In album of issue. Each medal contains over 1.63 ounces of pure silver (they are sterling). Lot 481 from sale 27C , the only one we’ve offered. $500

*488 ivory coast. republic. 1966 gold 100 francs. km-5, fr-1, y5. bust of president felix houphouet boigny. $775

*489 japan. meiji. year 4 (1871). 5 sen . better date. y6.2. ef. $120

*490 kenya, republic. 1966 gold250 shillings. km-8, y-b1, fr-2. proof. rooster with axe. struck for the 75th birthday of president jomo kenyatta. $450+

*491 ---,---1966 gold500 shillings. km-9, y-c1, fr-1. mountain. struck for the 75th birthday of president jomo kenyatta. proof, slightly cloudy on reverse. $900

492 Lesotho, King Moshoeshoe II. 1981 Gold 250 Maloti. Royal Wedding. A Piefort Striking. Over 31 grams of .917 gold and no doubt very rare. KM-P2 (K31). $750+

493 Lithuania. Sigismund III of Poland. 1627. 1 Groschen . Crowned bust right/Vytis on horseback left. Gum-1325, KM-32. VF/F. $45

494 ---Riga. Under Sigismund III of Poland. 1590 3 Groschen. Bust right/ Denomination, date, legend GE at bottom. Gum-1450. aVF $45+

495 Luxembourg. Charlotte. 1946. 100 Francs. 600th Anniversary John the Blind/. KM-49, D-218. Ch. BU. $50

*496 malta. alof de wignacourt. (1601-22). lion dollar (26.85 ). fleur de lis in shield countermarked on holland lion dollar (1575-98). host coin is del-831, dav-8838. rare. fine. $650

*497 mexico. carlos & johanna. 1506-1516. ar 2 reales (6.50). crowned coat of arms, m to left, l to right/crowned pillars set on waves, 2 pellets between them. struck in mexico city. vogt-12. avf/f, porous. $75+

*498 ---philip iv (1621-65). mop struck (1634 or later) ar 4 reales (13.49). crowned arms, mintmark and assayer to left/cross, lions and castles. devices nice, no legend. km-38, sedwick m19. gd f for type. the name of assayer is unknown. $225

499 ---Charles IIII of Spain. 1808 Mo TH. 8 Reales. Armoured bust right carolus iiii dei gratia 1808/hispan et ind rex mo 8 r th crowned bust of arms dividing pillars. Dl-134, KM-109,C-81. GVF. $90

*500 ---ferdinand vii. 1809 mo-th. 1/2 real. bust right/pillars. once cleaned. km-73. au. $100

*501 ---,---1811 mo hj. 8 reales. imaginary bust/arms. km-110, el-143. au. $200

*502 ---augustin iturbide. 1822. silver proclamation. eagle on cactus/7 line legend. grove-54. vf. $350+

503 ---Republic. 1851 Mo-GC. Half Real. Weakly struck on eagle’s breast, but choice semi proof-like. KM-370.9. Unc. $60

504 ---,---1875 Go FR. 8 Reales of Guanajuarto. KM-377.8, EL-596. Ch.-Gem BU. $140

*505 ---empire of maximilian. 1866-mo 50 centavos. km-387. toned ef, lightly polished. $150+?

506 ---Republic. 1894 Gold 1 Peso. 1894 MoM. KM-410.5, Fr-157. EF $75+

*507 mongolia, people’s republic. 1980 gold 750 tugrik. km-40, fr-2. international year of the child depicting children dancing on the reverse. proof. $375+

*508 nepal. bhatgaon, ranajit malla. ns 842 (1722). ar mohar. similar to km-71, but dated 842. km-71v, walsh 55,4. gd fine. $150

*509 ---katmandu, jaya prakash malla. ns873 (1753). ar mohar. buddhist symbols around frame, date & legend around/small triangle, dot inside, 8 characters around. km-261, mnis-2289. toned au. $90

*510 netherlands. gelderland, karel van egmond. 1492-1538. gold florin . knight on horse right/cross. fr-68. vf, tiny solder spot on reverse. $400+

*511 ---,---1639. lion dollar of 48 stuivers . standing knight/lion. some flan flaws by knight’s head. d-4849, km-15.2, del-825. vf for type. $125

512 Norway. Oscar II. 1878. 1 Ore . Better date. KM-352, Y19. Gd EF. $50

*513 palestine. templar token. nd (c. 1880). 10 para . type 1. brass without “consummarke”/a plow, centralcasse des tempels around rim. jtm-cc-13a. vf. $150+

*514 ---templar’s. breisch & company. nd c. 1880. 1/4 piastre ( 2.47). “b & c”/“1/4”. very rare this nice. haffner jtm cc-14b. nice ef. unusual style ampersand looking like an 8 with two tails. the nicest b&c token we can recall offering $600+

*515 ---zichron yakov. (1885). 1/4 piastre token. haffner cc-17c. choice ef. a very rare denominaton for this settlement. we have not offered one for sale by auction in many years (at least 12 and perhaps many more that that). $1000+

*516 ---british mandate.1 mil 1937. y1, km-1. mostly red unc, with a few minor spots. a very rare coin in this grade! $200

517 ---,---1 Mil 1940. Y1, KM-1. Au-Unc, mostly brown with touches of red $100

518 ---,---1 Mil 1941. Y1, KM-1 Choice Mostly red unc. Ex Meshorer collection $25

519 ---,---2 Mils. 1927. Y2, KM-2. Choice BU, almost fully red! $40

520 ---,---2 Mils. 1942. Y2, KM-2. Choice R&B Unc. $30

*521 ---,---2 mils 1945. km-2. mostly red unc. $100

522 ---,---2 Mils. 1946. Y2, KM-2. R&B EF-AU. Key date $60

523 ---,---5 Mils. 1942. Y3a, KM-3a. Choice Red and brown Unc. $50

*524 ---,---10 mils 1933. scarce date, rare this nice. km-4, y4. au. $150

525 ---,---10 Mils. 1937. Y4, KM-4. Choice BU. $150

526 ---,---10 Mils. 1941. Y4, KM-4. Choice unc. Luster under a hint of toning. Key date in high grade! $200

*527 ---,---20 mils. 1927. hardest denomination to find in unc. y5, km-5. nice unc. $125

*528 ---,---20 mils. 1933. y5, km-5. lightly toned au. a super coin. $225+

529 ---,---20 Mils 1934. Key date. KM-5, Y5. VF. $75

530 ---,---50 Mils. 1931. Y6, KM-6. EF. Key date. $175+

531 ---,---50 Mils. 1935. Y6, KM-6. Choice BU $40+

532 ---,---50 Mils. 1939. Y6, KM-6. Choice BU $30

*533 ---,---100 mils.1934. y7, km-7. vf-ef. key date. $200

*534 ---,---another, but much nicer. 100 mils 1934. km-7, y-7. choice au-unc. a rare date in high grade. lightly toned and lustrous. $400+?

535 ---,---1927-1946. Complete set of 59 coins, in US made Dansco Album. Most coins are VF or better, although a few of the silver coins are only Fine, others are EF. A very nice set, but as usual a few coins slipping between the pages $1350+

*536 ---1948. ae35mm medal. showing map of palestine (in shape of blade), with 1948 to left and filastin to right (both in arabic) with enameled green wreath around crossed swords above, church with cross atop and crescent above, all with red ribbon with two black stripes attached. presumably issued by syria, we offered one in our auction 33c (may 2003) and it sold for $55 $40+

*537 peru. charles iii. 1781 lima. 8 reales. km-78, el-39. ef. $175

*538 ---republic. 1885 1/2 dinero of cuzco. km-189a. “s” in wreath on obverse. fine, a few die breaks on obverse. rare and seldom offered. $200?

539 Poland, 1993 30,000 Zlotych. KM-245 Proof. Struck for the 50th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. $30

*540 ragusa. dubruvnik. 15th century. ae follis. bust left, moneta ragvsii/city gate with 3 towers . very scarce. ek-1025, rengjeo-1780ff. vf for issue. $125

541 Romania. Carol II. 1939. 250 Lei. 1st year of two year type. KM-57, Y64. BU, A few bagmarks. $50

542 Russia, Nicholas II. 1903 Gold 5 Rubles. Y62, Fr-180 . Unc. $125

543 ---,---1899 Gold 10 Rubles. Y64, Fr-179. EF-AU $225

544 ---,---another, but VF and harshly cleaned $175

*545 san marino. republic. 1931. 20 lire.. k-11, y32, d-303. bu. $225

*546 serbia, milan i as prince. 1879-a. gold 20 dinara. km-14, fr-3. ef/au. $350

*547 ---milan i, as king. 1882-v. gold 10 dinara. km-16, fr-5. vf-ef $150+

*548 ---,---1882-v. gold 20 dinara. km-17, fr-4. au-unc. $300

549 Slovakia. Republic. 1940. 50 Halierov. Key date of two year type. Rare and seldom seen. KM-5, Y-S22. EF. $50

*550 spain. ferdinand v and isabella i. 1479-1504. ar 2 reales (6.52) of seville . crowned royal coat of arms, s to left, ii to right/yoke and bundle of 6 arrows. c&c-2635. avf, bit porous. $150

*551 ---,---ar 4 reales of seville. bundle of arrows/arms. a few flat spots, but well above average! choice vf+. $700

*552 ---philip v. 1708-y. 2 reales of segovia. rare one year type with crowned pv monogram on reverse. km-275. choice vf+. $240

*553 ---,---1718 sm. 8 reales . crowned spanish shield, phillipvs v dei grai/arms of castile & leon, hispaniarvm rex 1718. km-10, dav-1696. vf, but holed. $250+

*554 ---alfonso xii. 1878-dem gold 25 pesetas. km-673, fr-342. nice au. $200

555 Spanish Netherlands. Brabant, Philip IV. 1658. Ducaton of Brussels (32.26). Bust right in ruffled collar, head mintmark divides date/Arms. Usual crude strike with flatness in spots. Coins from Brussels are much scarcer than those of Antwerp. Dav-4454, GH 327-3, KM-72. Crude F-VF. $175

*556 ---tournai, siege coinage. nd (1709). ar 20 sols. uniface klippe, value above head of marshall de surville left. scarce siege coin. km-8, del-363. ch. vf+. $650

*557 straits settlements, victoria. 1876-h 5 cents. km-10, y13. af/gd fine. key date and lowest mintage of the entire type. $500+

*558 swaziland. accession of king makhosetive. 1986. gold 250 emalangeni. king’s facing bust/bust of king’s mother facing. only 250 minted. km-38, fr-12. proof. $400

*559 ---80th birthday of sobhuza ii. 1979. gold 1 lilahgeni. bust/arms. 1,250 minted. km-29.1, fr-10. bu. $390

*560 sweden. charles xi. 1686 1 ore of avesta. km-264b, sm-355. nice vf for this huge copper coin, small flaw on reverse. $100+

*561 ---carl xiv johan. 1835-cb. ar 1/16 riksdaler. km-644. ch. toned unc. $110

*562 switzerland, basel 1623 taler baselik/eagle. d-4604 k-79.2. vf $250

563 ---Confederation. 1914-B Gold 20 Francs. KM-35.1, Fr-499. BU, a few tiny rim nicks. $150+

*564 ---,---battle of laupen. 1939-b. 5 francs. km-41, y49. ef-au. $225+

*565 tunisia. republic. 1976. gold 5 dinars . bust of president bourguiba left/arms. rare. km-284a, fr-18. proof. $500

566 Turkey (Ottoman Empire) 100+ Paras, Akces, Egyptian Medini etc. Some are dated and attributed, others aren’t. A great lot for the specialist. Should easily be worth our low estimate. Sold as is, no returns. $200+

567 ---,---Akces. 16 coins. Brockages, double strikes, etc. Another neat lot for the Ottoman specialist. $100+?

568 ---Republic. 1923/44 Gold 50 Kurush. KM-853, Fr-102. Proof-like BU. $100+

*569 united states, william wood’s hibernia coinage. 1724 halfpenny with stop after date. breen-166, s-6601, vg-f, a few minor obv. flaws. scarce. $100

*570 ---republic.1885 “v” liberty nickel. 5 cents. y-14a. good. low grade but extremely rare date. $500

*571 ---,---liberty head. 1890-s. gold double eagle ($20). motto above eagle, “twenty dollars” spelled out. y25b, fr-178. ef, some usual bagmarks $700+

*572 ---,---wwi “love token” on french 5 franc of 1831-b. sgt. ben koferts. 3081062. u.s. army. left. u.s. 4 sept.1918. around la baule france in 2 lines. interesting love token on silver crown. $50+?

573 ---,---James Smithson by Paul Vincze. 1965 AE63 mm. Bust of Smithson left, name above, “1765-1829” below/View of the Smithsonian Institute. Struck for the 200th anniversary of his birth. A similar piece sold for $55 on a $35 estimate in our last sale. $40

*574 ---,---1969. dwight d. eisenhower silver 32mm by paul vincze for bob mcnamara’s hearaldic art of cleveland ohio. bust of eisenhower/a female figure on her left knee, a large quill in her left hand and an open scroll supported with her right arm, the white house in the background in the upper left and his family home in the upper right. swoger sp-6. choice bu. in original envelope #0859. $50?

*575 ---,---the thomason medallic bible, franklin mint version. 60 bronze proof medals, taken from sir edward thomason’s 19th century edition. in album of issue. a stunningly beautiful set. $150+

*576 ---,---,---as of above but 60 sterling silver proof medals (each 41.2 grams), almost 80 ozs. of sterling silver. in album of issue. unfortunately the medals are better produced than the album and the album is falling apart with some of the medals falling out. $750+

*577 ---,---paul vincze original cast artists model 1976. american bicentennial celebration. revolutionary soldier with flat 1976-1976. huge 11” bronze uniface medal $250+

*578 ---,---1978 countermark on 1924 unc peace dollar. struck for the camp david agreements. the countermark consists of a peace symbol, carter, begin, sadat, symbols of the 3 countries and “camp david peace summit sept 5-17, 1978.” rare, only 978 pieces struck. see the shekel vol xi, #6, page 24. the first i can recall offering since the spring of 2000! $60+

*579 ---,---1992. christopher columbus quincentennial. silver 57mm by paul vincze. bust of columbus 1/2 right in circle, legends above and below/columbus meeting indians in “new world”. toned ef. struck for the magnes museum, berkeley ca. $50+

580 ---,---A group of Medals. 4 silver American Revolutionary Bicentennial medals: John Adams, Sam Adams & Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and Paul Revere; George Washington AE 38, George Washington AE 34, 2 different Revolutionary War 38mm CN restrikes, Silver 38mm 200th Anniversary of US Constitution, Denver Colo, AE Bordello token Fantasy, Curacao 1944 2 1/2 Gulden and 34 mm silver German medals for 75th Anniversary of “Jungfrau Bahn” (Young Women’s Train?). 12 items, 7 of which are silver $100?

*581 yugoslavia, alexander i. 1931 gold dukat. km-12.1, fr-5. small letter variety with sword countermark on obverse. choice bu $200

WORLD PAPER MONEY   (back to top)

*582 afghanistan. p-15 2 afghanis. sh1315 (1936). unc. $50

583 ---P-16B 5 Afghanis. ND. Green. VF, trace of glue remnants on back. $40?

584 ---P-34a 100 Afghanis. SH 1327 (1948) Nice AU $45

*585 ---p-72 1000 afghanis. sh1381 (2002). nice unc. $45

586 Algeria, Bone. Chamber of Commerce Issue. 4 different 50A2 notes, 2 different 1 Franc issues. J. P-1, 3, 4, 6, 8 & 9. 6 notes, the first 3 EF-AU, the fourth EF, the last two VG. All with hinge remnants. All different, some scarce. $75+

587 ---Bougie, Setif. Chamber of Commerce Issues. 50A2 and 1 Franc. 17 April 1915. J/ P? 1 & 2. The first EF, the 2nd Unc., both with hinge marks. $25

588 ---Constantine. Chamber of Commerce Issues. 50A2, 1 France, .05 France and .10 Franc. The first two 1 May 1915 Series B, the last two ND blue and red “tickets”. JP 1, 2, 38 & 39. The first two unc., but for hinge remnants, the 3rd Fine, hinged and soiled, the last EF, but hinged and reverse damage. 4 notes. $50

589 ---,---,---JP-6. 50 Centimes. 7 November 1916. SPECEMEN. Unc., but for hinge marks. $50

*590 ---,---,---jp-7. 1 franc. 7 november 1916. specemen. unc., but for hinge marks. rare? $50

591 ---Oran. Chamber of Commerce Issues. 50A2 (Au-Unc), 1 (VF) and 2 Francs (Unc). JP-2, 3 and 4. The 50A2 dated 10 Nov. 1915, the other two 12 May 1915. Plus .05 & .10 Fr ND tan and orange “Tickets”. EF-AU. All 5 hinged, the 2 Franc scarce. $75+

592 ---Philippville. Chamber of Commerce Issue. JP-3 and 4. 50A2 and 1 Franc. 10 November 1914. Both Unc, with hinge remnants. $30

*593 austria, international refugee organization. 1 unit green, 5 units red, 10 units blue. camp-7360-7362, feller as-1680-1682, sb-182-184. vf-ef. the international refuge organization used these notes when they took over the refugee camps from the united nations. while we have had individual notes in the past 10 years, it’s been quite awhile since we’ve offered a complete set! $900+

*594 canada, world war ii pow camp #23. 1 cent “expires on dec. 31st”. black on buff. similar to c-1833 and f/f ca-1031 but an unlisted variety as those notes say expires sept. 30th. fine and no doubt extremely rare. $600+?

*595 confederate states of america. 5th issue. p50a 2 dollars 2 dec. 1862, with portrait of judah benjamin at right. 1st series. fine $75

*596 czecholsovakia, holleischen (holysov). a forced labor sub-camp of flossenburg located near prague. 16 chits, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 40, & 50 rpf and 1 and 2 reichsmarks. c-4081-4106, ps 102-117, f/f cz 190-205.16 unc chits missing only 5 rm $200?

*597 ---theresienstadt. 1- 100 kronen. complete set of 7 notes. c 4111-4117, f/f cz 650-656. au-unc. $100+

*598 egypt. lottery ticket.1914. issued by the armenian society of cairo, which had been approved by the government in 1909. 1 piastre blue on thin beige paper, in arabic, french and armenian. handstamped on both sides. vg-f, some holes at folds. $40

*599 ---,---1936. issued by the international society for urgent medical aid in alexandria. 1 piastre, red on tan paper. in arabic, italian and greek. vf-ef. $50

*600 ---,---1936. egyptian charity society. 1 piastres. pink on tan. in arabic and french. vf-ef $50

*601 ---,---1936. for the benefit of the moslem community. 1 piastres. pink on tan. in arabic and french. vf $45

*602 ---operation bernhard. forgery of english 5 a3 note with peppiatt signature, made by jewish inmates of sachsenhausen. 21 september 1937. camp-4065, p-335a, feller ge-310. ef, with a tiny piece at upper right missing. these notes were made as part of the nazi effort to bankrupt the bank of england. $125

*603 ---,---forgery of 10 a3 note with peppiatt signature, 16 october 1935. camp-4066b, p-336, feller ge-311b. vf $125

*604 ---,---forgery of english 20 a3 note with peppiatt signature, 20 september 1930. camp-4067b, p-337a, feller ge-312b. vf. scarce. $225

*605 ---,---forgery of english 50 a3 note with catterns signature, 20 june 1930. camp-4068, p-338a, feller ge-313a. ef, with small “notch” at right. rare denomination. $250?

*606 ---,---forgery of english 50 a3 note with peppiatt signature, 20 september 1930. camp-4068b, p-338a, feller ge-313b. aef, left edge a bit rough. scarce. $250

*607 ---pair of operation bernhard notes. 10 pounds 19 april 1934 peppiatt signature as p-336, camp-4066, f/f-ge-311 and 20 pounds 15 august 1933 catterns signature as p-337a, camp-4067a, f/f-ge-312. 2 decent vf notes, the first probably trimmed along right edge, the 2nd with slight repair. minor faults as usual. $250+

608 ---WWII Short Snorter. 10 Shilling British note signed by US soldiers. VG-F, numeorus signatures on one note. $25

*609 france. 1943 wwii “collection sheet” of food stamps. from a grocer in lille, 59 “stamps” on both sides of the sheet. the stamps were from ration card books issued by the nazis to the general population (northern department of food). vf. stamps are marked vin $45

*610 ---similar but 130+ stamps of a different series as the stamps are marked df and mar, 46 above and j3 or m below. vf+ $45

611 Germany, Konversionkasse. P199. 5 Reichsmark. 1933. Series B. Konversionkasse. 1st series. Au-Unc, but with usual pinholes. $50+

*612 ---,---p-207. 5 reichsmark. 1934, series e. unc. without pinholes, thus rare. $65

*613 ---,---p-211 50 reichsmark 1934. series c. choice au-unc, a couple of usual pinholes. an unusually nice note, which other than the pinholes has seen no wear. we haven’t offered a series c since 1999! $150+?

*614 ---buchenwald concentration camp. .50 reichsmark, “m” of “rm” with vertical legs. c-3951a, feller ge-140a. nice vf. according to our records, the .50 rm note with a vertical m is encountered with far less frequency than the similar note with slanted m. $150?

*615 ---,---,---as above, but “m” of “rm” with slanted legs. c-3951b, feller ge-140b. choice au-unc. the two bottom corners are not quite at a right angle which is the only blemish keeping this from being a true unc. $200+?

*616 ---,---2 reichsmark. straight legged m. c-3953a, f/f ge-142a. unc. rare so nice. i can’t recall offering this note in this grade. in our sale 35d we sold an ef for $180. $275?

*617 ---,---,---as above but m with slanted legs. c-3953b, f/f ge-142b. choice au-unc. the last i can recall having in this condition sold for $180 9 years ago!. $275?

*618 ---,---3 reichsmark, vertical “m” in “rm”. c-3954a, ge-143a. f-vf, with small tape repairs on left edge and a few small thinning spots and tears. this is the scarcest of all buchenwald denominations and looks nicer than it sounds. $100+

*619 ---,---,---as above but much nicer. choice unc. the rarest denomination, in the highest grade! $375+

*620 ---,---,---as above but slanted “m” in “rm”. c-3954b, ge-143b. unc. the rarest denomination, in the highest grade and a companion to the above lot. $375+

*621 ---flossenburg concentration camp. c-3972b (2), ps-87a, f/f ge-188b. 1 reichsmark in blue with wide a. type 2. vf-ef, a couple of light stains on back, otherwise would be ef. rare. $450+

*622 ---sachsenhausen concentration camp. c-4061a(1), p/s-158, f/f ge-290. .50 mark. white or tan, type 1 star (6 pointed). prisoner’s name and number on face, printer’s name italic. fine and very rare. $450+

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*623 ---german army gutschein. 1944 good for 1/5 cubic meter of firewood. valid in the occupied territories in the east (red cross) and ukraine. large red “w” in center, for use by wermacht troops. with serial number and marked places to be punched after being used. this punched at bottom left corner. russian and ukrainian text on back suggests that it may have been meant to be supplied to local collaborators or to local civil institutions who participated in the german war effort. ef. and rare. a similar piece sold for $150 in our sale #35b $140

*624 ---oflag vii-a. wwii pow camp. set of 6 notes: 1 fenig-5 mark. complete set. c-3811-3816, sb page 483. camp was located near murnau in southern germany. vf to unc, all but one ef or better. all have “m. kalwaski” handstamped on back of the note and all but the two mark have “jan z. k. berek” handstamped above that. 6 notes, the last two especially scarce. $300+

625 ---Wermacht notes.. “Clearing Notes for German Armed Forces”. (MPC for German troops). 2nd issue 15 September 1944. P-M38-40. 1, 5 and 10 Reichsmark. All Au-Unc $35+

*626 ---wwii bread ration card (reichsbrotkarte) for jews. good 28 june to 25 july 1943 in munich. orange with black print and overprinted many times in blue “jude”. there are 13 chits for 500 grams of bread and 22 for 50 grams of bread. unused (and probably unissued) with right edge tear. 12 of the chits are overprinted invalid, and 11 others are marked jude. interesting item $50+

*627 ---,---fat ration card.good 6 march 1944 to 2 april 1944 in munich. tan with black print and overprinted many times in red “jude”. similar in design to the above card. most chits are for margarine, some for butter, almost all are stamped jude, a few marked invalid and the card itself is marked “ungultig” (invalid) and “jude”. unused, small tear at top $50+

*628 ---,---,---good 3 april 1944 to 30 april 1944 in munich. tan with black print and overprinted many times in red “jude”. similar in design to the above card, but a few of the chits are not overstamped. $50+

629 ---WWII German Occupied Territories. Reich’s Credit Treasury Notes. ND (1940-45). Set of 6 notes, 50 Pfenning, 1, 2, 5, 20 and 50 Reichsmark. P-R135, 136b, 137a, 138a, 139 and 140. All Au-Unc. A nice group of high grade notes $75+

630 ---Group of WWII related issues. P-185 20 Reichsmark Unc; Kreigswinterhilfswerk S/B-363a 5 Mark EF; Occupation of the Baltics 500 grams ration for sugar VF and 1 Ruble Port Kunda, Estonia note S/B-1101 Fine. 4 decent and uncommon notes. $100+

631 ---1) German occupied Lithuania “delivery card” issued to farmers detailing the amount of their product that must be delivered to the State; 2) Germany Occupied Baltics Premium Ration Sheet allowing bearer to acquire rationed items; 3) Germany Early Winterhilfswerk coupon for 1/2 Reichsmark. These early coupons are rare and worked like the US food stamp program and 4) German occupied Holland Petrol Ration for 30 liters with handwritten English translation included. 4 uncommon items. $150?


*660 israel p6 50 mils blue carpet note. color trial, signed by designer otto wallish. the “note” is printed on white-tan extra large paper. rare. this is not the issued color. $2750+

*661 ---p6 50 mils brown carpet note. color trial, signed by designer otto wallish, printed on white-tan extra large paper. rare. this is not the issued color, but is much closer to the issued orange than the above lot. $2750+

*662 ---p6 50 mils orange carpet note. color trial, signed by designer otto wallish, handstamped “sample” in hebrew and printed on c. 5 x 7” white to tan cardboard. a similar item sold for $2600 in our sale 32e of november 2002. $2750+

*663 ---p7 100 mils green carpet note. color trial, signed by designer otto wallish, handstamped “sample” in hebrew and printed on c. 5 x 7” white to tan cardboard. a companion to the above note. a similar note sold for #2600 in our sale 32e of november 2002. $2750+

*664 ---1948. tel aviv waad note. 50 mils brown. these notes were used as change by the city of tel aviv when collecting taxes during a shortage of small change. haffner (1970) p. 361-362. nice vf and becoming increasingly difficult to find. it’s been 5 years since i have offered a 50 mils which is scarcer than the 100 mils $150+

*665 ---anglo-palestine bank. 1948 emergency note. p-1 500 mils proof. serial number 000000, black on white, with “sample” in hebrew handstamped. c. 4 x 5 1/2”. unc and extremely rare. $4000+

*666 ---,---p- 2. 1 pound proof. serial number 000000, series b. black on white, with “sample” in hebrew handstamped. c. 3 3/4 x 6 1/2”. unc and extremely rare. $4000+

*667 ---,---.p- 3. 5 pound proof. serial number 000000, black on white, with “sample” in hebrew handstamped. c, 4 1/4 x 7”. unc and extremely rare. $4000+

*668 ---,---p- 4. 10 pound proof. serial number 000000, black on white, with “sample” in hebrew handstamped. c. 4 1/4 x 7 1/2”. unc and extremely rare. $4000+

*669 ---p- 5. 50 pound proof. serial number 000000, black on white, with “sample” in hebrew handstamped. c. 4 1/2 x 8”. unc and extremely rare. $6500+

*670 ---anglo-palestine bank. 1948 color proof note on cardboard. p-14. 500 mils face colored in gray which became the accepted color. c. 6 x 10 1/2” and very rare $4250+

*671 ---,---anglo-palestine bank1948 color proof note on cardboard. p-15. 1 pound face colored in blue which is a lighter blue than the accepted color. c. 6 1/2 x 10 3/4” and very rare $4250+

*672 ---,---anglo-palestine bank1948 color proof note on cardboard. p-15. 1 pound face without underprint, black on white. c. 6 1/4 x 10 1/2” and very rare $5000+

*673 ---,---anglo-palestine bank1948 color proof note on cardboard. p-16. 5 pound face colored in brown which became the accepted color. c. 6 1/2 x 11” and very rare $4250+

*674 ---,---anglo-palestine bank1948 color proof note on cardboard. p-17. 10 pound back without underprint, black on white. c. 6 3/4 x 11” and very rare $3800

*675 ---,---anglo-palestine bank1948 color proof note on cardboard. p-17. 10 pound face colored in red which became the accepted color. c. 6 1/2 x 11” and very rare $4250+

*676 ---,---anglo-palestine bank1948 color proof note on cardboard. p-18. 50 pound face colored in violet which became the accepted color. c. 6 3/4 x 11 1/4” and very rare $6500+

*677 ---anglo-palestine bank nd (1948). p14a, bn-1. 500 mils. series a. choice ef. one of the nicest we’ve offered in many years $750

678 ---Anglo-Palestine Bank ND (1948). P14a, BN-1. 500 Mils. Series A. Decent Fine, minor stain. $50

*679 ---anglo-palestine bank. p15a, bn-2 1 palestine pd (1948). series b. ch ef. $175

*680 ---anglo-palestine bank. p16a, bn-3 5 palestine pds (1948). series a. ef. $150

*681 ---anglo-palestine bank p17a, bn-4. 10 palestine pounds. nd (1948). without series letter. choice vf and scarce this nice without problems. $250+?

682 ---Fractional Currency.P13b, FC-5a 260 Pruta Aleph Series. Unc. A similar note sold for $95 in our last sale. $75

*683 ---bank leumi. nd (1952). p20a, bn-7. 1 pound. series t. au. a rare series letter. $60

*684 ---,---p-21a, bn-8. 5 pounds. series v. nice au-unc. just some very minor evidence of handling. another rare series letter. $150+

*685 ---,---p22a, bn-9. 10 pounds. (1952). series f. nice ef. $125

*686 ---1955 specimen set. bank of israel. p24s-30s, bn11-15. 500 prutah, 1, 5, 10 & 50 pound. all notes with 000000 serial number twice, and specimen across the face and back. in two corners of the front and back an oval overstamp “specimen de la rue & co. no value” and in the bottom margin of each note “specimen no. 64”. all 5 notes unc. a rare set of israel’s most attractive notes. a similar set sold for $1750 in our sale 34e $1750

687 ---P26a, BN-13. 5 Lirot 1955. Negev farm scene. EF, thus scarce $95

688 ---P27b, BN-14. 10 Lirot Black Serial numbers. 1955. Valley of Jezre’el. Unc $50

689 ---1960 Group of 50 Lirot. 2 each of Black, blue, green and brown. Each color consists of 2 consecutive numbers. 8 notes, Au-Unc. $125

690 ---1968. Group of notes. 5 Pound Einstein Red (5), black (2); 10 Pounds Bialik Black (5), blue (2), green (7); 50 Pounds Weizmann Black (4), Blue (2); 100 Pounds Herzl Red (2), small black and brown 1 each. 31 notes, all but one serial color variety, most unc., a few with bent corner. $100+

691 ---P42, BN-29. 500 Lirot. 1975. David Ben-Gurion. Unc $45

692 ---P50, BN-37. 5000 Sheqalim. 1984. Levi Eshkol. Unc. $45

*693 ---p55a, bn-43. 50 new sheqalim. 1985. s. y. agnon. nice unc. $90

694 ---BNS-2. 1968 4 Piece Set in Red Plastic Wallet. 5, 10, 50 & 100 Lirot. Seldom seen set, especially compared to the 1958-60 set. Word of caution: the wallet is plastic based with PVC inherent, notes may exhibit some oiliness. $35

695 ---BNS-3. 1978-1982 4 Piece Set in Brown Plastic Wallet. 50, 100, 500 and 1000 Sheqalim notes. Seldom seen set, especially compared to the 1958-60 set. Word of caution: the wallet is plastic based with PVC inherent, notes may exhibit some oiliness. $30+

696 ---BNS-16. Visionaries of Israel. 7 Unc notes in folder of issue. . $35+

697 ---Two sets Visionaries of Israel. as above and BNS-17. People of Thought and Deed. Set of 6 Banknotes in folder of issue. 2 sets issued by the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation, the 2nd seldom seen. $100?

698 ---Group of 1958 Bank of Israel notes. 1/2 Pound (1), 1 Pound black (4), 1 Pound Red (3), 1 Pound Brown (10), 5 Pound (3), 10 Pound black, red and blue 2 each. 27 notes, mostly unc, a few show minor signs of handling. Retail about $170. $75+

699 ---Group of 8 Unc notes, 50, 100, 250 Pruta Fractional notes P-10c, 12c & 13c. FC-3d, 4c, 5c and 958 -60 Type Set. 1/2, 1 (brown), 5, 10 (brown) & 50 (brown). 8 notes, all Unc. $75

700 ---Group of notes. 100 Mil Waad note Gd tape repair on back; Anglo-Palestine 500 Mils and 1 Pound Gd; 10 Pound 1955 Black numbers nice AU-Unc, tiny speck of dirt and pencil graffiti, 5 Pound 1973 (10), 10 Pounds 1973 (19) and 50 Pounds 1973 (4). 37 notes, all but the first 4 Unc or nearly so. $75

*701 italy, cremona concentration camp. campbell 6459-6465, 1/2 to 50 lire. complete set of 7 notes, vf to au, all overprint with star of david and unsigned. the use of the star of david on these notes, is the ultimate catch 22. jews were issued these notes in exchange for their belongings etc., however to be used in the camp canteens, they had to be signed and the notes that had the star of david on them, were never signed. it should be noted that some researchers believe that these are fantasies. it is the opinion of others, including us, that the reason that the notes were “not remembered” was because they did not circulate as we mentioned above.we haven’t offered a complete set in 2 1/2 years or so. $325

*702 ---rieti concentration camp. 1, 2, 5, 10 & 20 lire. complete set of 5 notes. c 6568-6572, f/f it-810-814. ef, a bit water stained. possible fantasies. $175

703 Kenya. P-8b 20 Shillings. 1 July 1971. VF $25

*704 latvia, under nazi occupation. sb-1031 (page 798) 1 punkt. good until april 1945 to be used to buy scarce textiles, clothing etc. vf. 1st we’ve offered in quite a long time. $35+

*705 netherlands, westerbork concentration camp. 10a2 series cc, 25a2 ser. aa, 50a2 ser. aa and 100a2 ser. cc, all without watermark. camp-4171a-4174a, feller ne-470a-473a. all vf. $100+

There are no buyer’s fees in our sales!

*706 ---,---10a2 series aa, 25a2 ser. aa, 50a2 ser. aa and 100a2 ser. aa, all with watermark. camp-4171b-4174b, feller ne-470b-473b. f-vf to ef, 100 has bit of graffiti on the back. a desirable set as the 3 smaller denominations have almost full watermarks and all are series aa. i cannot recall the last time i offered a set of watermarked notes all from the same series. $200+

*707 pakistan. p8 1 rupee. nd (1951). choice au, usual pinholes (as issued). $40

*708 palestine, anglo-palestine co. registered check. nd 20 francs 19 august 1914. at the beginning of wwi, the crumbling ottoman empire was in economic shambles. in order to raise money for the war effort taxes were raised throughout the empire. the towns of tel-aviv and jaffa were especially hard hit and circulating money was in short supply. therefore the outlawed anglo-palestine company had leading members of the community sign and personally back “circulating checks”. type with denomination as “francs. handstamped jewish colonization association on the front and the back with the same signature on both sides and handstamped paid twice. haffner cc-12g, see the shekel vol 23, #6, page 3ff. vf. scarce, especially so with the jca handstamp as the guarantee. narcisse leven was president of the jca during this time. see lot #768 $250+

*709 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz ghetto). chit for 10 marks worth of turnips. 7 december 1943. feller po-607b, camp-4225b. ef, but tear at left, probably when ripped out of booklet. $50?

*710 ---,---chit for sabbath stew from bakery #12. ef-au, printed on “waste” magazine paper. feller po-609a, campbell-4227. $50?

*711 ---,---chit for 10 dkg of yeast. (hefe). feller po-618, campbell-4235. vf. i presume dkg is a measurement of some kind. i doubt if it’s kilograms because 20 plus pounds of yeast seems to be quite a bit. $50?

*712 ---,---chit for additional lunch. tan, series i/n. feller po-620b, c-4327a. vf $50+

*713 ---,---chit for additional lunch. tan, series i/ii?e. feller po-620b, campbell-4327a. ef, faint handstamp of the aelsteste der juden on back. $75+

*714 ---,---chit for additional lunch with nachtarbeit (night work) over stamped in red & muster (specimen) in blue. feller po-620f, camp-4237f. vf, series xxiv $50?

*715 ---,---sheet of 2 chits for additional lunch with nachtarbeit (night work) over stamped in red & muster (specimen) in blue. feller po-620f, camp-4237f. ef+, series xxii $75+

*716 ---,---lottery ticket june 1944. issued by the “committee in aid of the ill members of the sewing workshop on rembrandt st. #10” for 2 marks, with further details on the prizes as well as a note that all proceeds will be donated to the sick. has circular violet handstamp as well as serial number on the counterfoil. as feller-po-622. ef-au with the exception of the left edge of the counterfoil where it seems likely that the ticket was ripped from a booklet. (the feller example (page 77) shows a similar tear. rare, 1st i can recall offering. $500+

*717 ---,---receipt for 10 marks for turnip ration. dated 7 december 1943 with handstamp of the eldest of the jews in litzmannstadt along with the printed signature of mordachi rumkowski. two lines of print underneath say that the note must be backstamped, but on the back no handstamp. unlisted by steve and ray feller as well as lance campbell and sam simon. vf-ef and no doubt very rare. somewhat similar to f/f po-624. $400?

*718 ---,---chit. nd (1941-42). for use at the general store at #10 steinmetzg. unspecified goods should be given against payment. a general merchandise chit issued by rumkowski. vf and scarce. unlisted by feller. $140+?

*719 ---,---nd (1941-1942?). chit for an allocation of a special diet food from the store at 18 hanseaten st. has handstamped serial number at lower left and perforated underneath. i would presume that the detached part was kept by the storekeeper. ef+. another rare item that is unlisted in feller. $150+

*720 ---warsaw ghetto. 10 groszy blue on tan chit. feller po-680, camp-4246. printed from a wood or linoleum plate as are the three lots following this. star of david between rzww (jewish postal authorities) and spdz (jewish council in warsaw) au. $150+

*721 ---,---15 groszy blue on tan chit. similar to above. feller po-681, camp-4247. unc $150+

*722 ---,---25 groszy blue on tan chit. similar to above, but instead of the rzww and spdz, the words are spelled out. feller po-684, camp-4250. unc., but for unfortunate tear at lower right margin. faded. $200

*723 ---,---50 groszy blue on tan chit. the design on this note is very symbolic. a barbed wire fence separates 18 stars of david (for chai or life) and an ss symbol within flames. feller po-685, camp-4251. au-unc, small flaw near right bottom $250+

*724 russia, irkntsk. 3 rubel (1919). wwi pow money. hand-stamped “lager-tabori bon irkntsk” in circle and 02668 below, plus 2 manuscript notations which look official. camp-6913 ef. scarce $200+

*725 ---russian-jewish self help cooperative. 1919, merv, russia. 1 rouble from central asia, mostly in cyrillic, with arabic legend at bottom and 2 hebrew alefs at bottom. on thin paper, vf, but for tape repairs. denis-1045, unlisted in jewish paper money in russia. ex lot 653 from our feb. 1987 sale. $60+?

*726 ---ukraine bread coupons. 1919. issued to julia sparkovska by the committee for socialist labor. text in russian and yiddish. well torn with tape repairs on back. rare? $40?

727 ---1945. 200 Rouble Bond to help finance the war effort. In blue and red on white paper. c. 6 x 8”. Depicts fighter jets, ground troops and a factory scene. F. $50?

728 south africa, Boer War. 1 Shilling in red-brown on white. C-4851b. AU with small tape repair on back. Most likely an unissued remainder $25+

*729 turkey. 2 bank seals. osmanli bankasi banque ottomane 1863 and banka komerciyale italyana (istanbul sube merezi). the first 1863, the 2nd probably from the same time period. for related bank seals see lots 730 and 933 $50+?

*730 ---ottoman bank seals for jerusaelm (2), tel aviv (3) and haifa. all different. all round, red and black. while the ottoman empire was basically finished by wwi the imperial ottoman bank became the ottoman bank in 1924. we believe these seals are from the palestine british mandate period from after wwi to 1948. for related bank seals see lots 729 and 933 $100+?

731 Ukraine, German Occupation. P-53 20 Karbowanez 10 March 1942. Unc. $35+

*732 united states. nevada state warrant. 1877. $275 payable to the order of gabriel cohn. vignette of mining scene at left and train at upper right. endorsed by cohn on back. ef. $50+?

*733 ---1936? anti franklin roosevelt banknote. presumably from the 1936 election against alf langdon titled “new deal sound mazuma. (mazuma is yiddish slang for money) at top and “gold content 0,000,000,000 grs. per billion”. 6 vignettes with captions, attacking fdr’s “planned economy”. unc. scarce? $40?

*734 ---pow chits. camp campbell, kentucky. 1,5 & 10 cents. c-7628-7630. $100+

*735 ---,--- ft. niagara, ny. 1a2 peach, blue print. c-8145a, unc $45

*736 ---,---,---5a2 buff, blue print. c-8146a, unc $45

*737 ---,---,---10a2 gray, blue print. c-8147a, unc $60

*738 ---,---port terminals, ny port of entry, ft. hamilton. 1a2. c-8671. unc $40

*739 zambia. p9a 50 ngwee. nd (1969). nice unc. $65

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about a particular lot or bidding strategy. We suggest that you don’t wait until the last day for this as we may not be able to help then.


MEDALLIC JUDAICA   (back to top)

In addition to the lots below please see the following lots in Part One, many of which could have been listed here and have Judaic connection: 1-96, 146, 147, 152, 220-223, 225-226, 228-229, 294, 302, 306-313, 315-316, 320-321, 324-326, 328, 336, 352, 361, 364-367, 369-373, 377, 379-380, 399-392, 407, 433, 444, 451, 454, 456-480, 513-536, 539, 573-579, 593-597, 602-702, 704-706, 708-723, 725-727 &729-738.

*740 korn jude. 1694 silver 35mm (12.14). jewish grain peddler walking right with grain sack in which a devil is opening the sack/horizontal grain sifter, biblical quote, “he that wilthholdeth corn, the people shall curse him. but blessing shall be upon the head of him that selleth it.” among the most infamous anti-semitic medals ever made. in 1694 heavy rains and a grasshopper plague swept through germany. as food prices increased, speculation rose and the starving people blamed the jews. kirschner-18, friedenberg page 3. vf, loop removed. $350+

*741 moses and the 10 commandments. 18th century? silver 38mm. moses kneeling right, receiving commandments, 3 cherub faces before him, trumpets projecting from clouds above, hebrew camp in background/the tablets, legend in german, serpent and apple below, hebrew above. cast, f-vf. scarce. $75+

742 Kettle token. “God Protects the Just” around bust of George right/”Fear God Honour the King” around a crown with the 4 letter Hebrew name for G-D (very very faint) above. $50+?

*743 moses tolanto token. nd (1st 1/2 of 19th century). ae 29mm (9.13 grams, heavy variety). a bale marked mt, moses tolanto barbadoes around/a cask marked mt, freedom without slavery. pridmore-27. a 1/2 penny token issued by this jewish merchant. his actual name was tolano as the bridgetown synagogue records indicate. vf but “cancellation” slash marks across obverse. it’s been many years since i can recall offering one of these. $45+?

744 Jewish Home for Aged, Hamburg. 1841. AE22. Bust of Salomon Heine left/ View of the Home. Heine, was the principal benefactor in getting this hospital built (and the uncle of Heinrich). VF+, rim nicks, some scratches. An an important Jewish medal of the first part of 19th century. Coins Reveal page 150. $40+

*745 false shekel. nd. probably 19th century. silvered 31mm and heavy and thick (19.83 grams, 3mm thick). unusual type. we can’t find a match in kisch. vf $50?

*746 cologne synagogue, grand opening. 1861 ae59.5 mm by j. wiener. exterior view of synagogue/interior view of synagogue. this magnificent synagogue was designed by the noted architect ernst zwirner and completed on the 29th of august 1861. it was heavily damaged by the nazis during kristallnacht. jmm page 50, coins reveal-154, great jewish portraits, p. 136.choice ef. one of the most important and famous jewish medals of the 19th century. extremely rare. only the 2nd i can recall offering! $850+?

*747 samson oberndoeffer. 1861. tin 41mm by drentwett. bust left/legend. struck to commemorate his 70th birthday. he was a jewish coin dealer in germany in the 19th century. see adolph cahn’s 1931 sale of judaica. lot #1906. as struck, but a few abrasions and spots. $125

*748 united states civil war token. crossed flags/magen david. a die marriage of fuld 189 and 399. choice brown. ef $35+?

*749 ferdinand lassalle. nd. ae76 mm. his very high relief bust left with the reverse being an incuse of his bust. lassalle was an orator and pamphleteer who was instrumental in the 1848 revolution as well as the founding of the first successful socialist party in germany. ef and scarce. i don’t believe i’ve ever offered this in auction before. $200?

*750 rishon le-zion colony. 1882. ae28. magen david & below that a torah scroll, the left frame showing people at prayer at the western wall, while the right frame shows a farmer sowing seeds, if i forget thee o jerusalem let my right hand forget its cunning/a panoramic view of the colony. jtm-ep-53, see the shekel vol. v, #4, p. 18. vf, but light porosity (probably from lying in dirt for 50+ years!) $175+

*751 hebrew school award on trade dollar. 1882-83. “hebrew sabbath school for good deportment and diligent attendance 5642 columbus oh” around 10 commandments hand engraved on obverse of u.s. trade dollar. no doubt extremely rare. elaborate design around rim, loop attached for wearing $300+

*752 moses montefiore. 1884. wm 41mm by a. d. loewenstark & sons. his bust right surrounded by hebrew legend/long legend on reverse. struck as a 100th birthday medallic tribute for moses montefiore from his friends around the world. see great jewish portraits in metal page 85. this is one of the more important jewish medals of the 19th century. ex daniel friedenberg collection. choice p-l ef, with glue spot on reverse (which should probably come off easily). see the shekel vol. xviii, #3, page 31. $325+

*753 rabbi abraham alexander wolff. 1888 ae37mm by f. schmahfeld. bust/4 line legend. struck to commemorate his 60th year as chief rabbi of copenhagen (he died in 1891). he was a most influential spokesman for jews in denmark for those many years. choice p-l bu and very rare. the last we offered was in the spring of 1999 when an example, not as nice as this, sold for $500. we believe the mintage to be only 100 for this rare medal. $400+

*754 chevra kadisha (charity) token. nd. late 19th century thin brass token. “sade-dalet, koph-hey” bracteate type. jtm-cc-16. vf, a bit crude, but much nicer than most. $35+

*755 rectangle charity token. nd. probably from same time period. 3 line hebrew inscription which translates “righeousness (or charity, the word is zedkah”) saves (you) from death”. ef and much rarer than above. $75

*756 rabbi issac elhanan spektor. 1896. ae 28.5 mm.. facing bust/his gravesite. famous lithuanian rabbi was among the most influential jews of his time in helping influence the russian government to better their treatment of jews. fine with original loop. extremely rare. see the shekel xviii, #3, 29. the last two we had, in similar grade, sold for $175 and $185 $175+

*757 ---,---another. $175+

*758 opening of the new synagogue in strassburg. 1899 50mm. a view of the magnificent synagogue/7 line legend, wreath. ef. a few tiny rim nicks. rare! 1st i can recall offering. $400?

*759 early 20th century 18 karat gold pocket watch. when opening the back it is inscribed “presented by the committee of the vine court synagogue to master myer englander on his confirmation march 7th, 1908 examined by j. durden, 21 fenchurch st., london ee” (the last few lines are in flowery script and i may not be reading it correctly). across from that is a magen david with zion in hebrew above it, an 18 k. hallmark, 670920 and jerusalem in hebrew. very attractive. i doubt if the watch works. i’m not sure how the picture will come out. $700?

*760 early jewish advertising mirror. meyer m. levy, bangor, maine. nd (c. 1900?) 48mm. “you will always look genteel by buying your clothing of the popular clothier meyer m. levy, 1919 exchange st. bangor me”. the 7 line inscription is printed on beige heavy paper thus our belief that this is an early mirror as later ones were celluloid. $175+

*761 hungarian-romanian kosher butcher token. nd (early 20th century?). zinc (?) 20mm. “gabela” in yiddish surrounded by “orth. izr. hitkozseg kolozsvar” around it/”10”. gabela comes from the latin for tax and when used in connection with eastern and central europen jews meant almost exclusively the tax on shehitah (kosher butchering). the legend around it translaes into “orthodox israel organization kolozsvar”. kolozsvar is the hungarian term for the city of club-napoca which is in romania. f-vf but some areas of corrosion. exceedingly rare, a similar piece (but different denomination) sold for $290 in ark auction of april 1980. that’s the last i can recall being offered. also see lot 912 a related item. $500+

*762 jehovah token. nd (c. 1900?). silver 16mm with “jehovah” in hebrew. made by robins co., attleboro, mass. gvf $50+?

*763 torah shield. c. 1900 russia. elaborate and attractive silver shield c. 8 3/4 x 11” with two lions on either side of the tablets, russian imperial eagle at top. hallmarks 84 and a fish (?). according to the guide to russian silver hallmarks by paulson the fish hallmark is from the town of narva in very northeast estonia on the border with russia and during this time period in the st. petersburg district. rare and in excellent condition. $1250+?

*764 250th anniversary of the jewish settlement in the us. 1905. silver 76mm by isadore konti. perhaps the most important american-jewish medal ever struck. liberty & justice triumph over intolerence/history standing. only 36 pieces were struck in silver (along with 2 gold and 284 bronze). all were given to dignitaries, none were offered for sale to the public. jmm, page 70, jtm pem-8. also see the numismatist, may 1976 and the shekel, vol 9, #6. rarely offered in silver. toned ef. $750+

*765 jewish national fund medal. nd. gilt (or brass) ae27 mm. palm tree, hebrew legend, 7 stars of david in field/menorah, legend, star of david, feather. while this is an undated and unsigned medal, it is likely made in vienna soon after the jnf was founded in 1902. our medal maven says, “it’s a scarce medal in very beautiful style and to my mind evocative of early zionism and therefore “significant.”” we’ve offered this medal previously but always in bronze. this is either gilt bronze or brass. gd fine with original loop attached. $200+

*766 emil rathenau. 1908. silver 39 x 59mm medal with original loop. struck to commemorate the 70th birthday of this famous german-jewish industrialist (founder of aeg). his son walter, who took over the company in 1915, was a minister under german chancellor josef wirth and was murdered by nazi hooligans in 1922. this is an original silver medal (990 on edge) and seldom offered as such. choice lightly toned ef, edge bruise. $125+

*767 dreyfus affair. c. 1910? ae28. probably struck in sympathy for alfred dreyfus. busts of dreyfus, zola and labori/busts of esterhazy & du’paty de clan. ef, a few rim nicks with original loop attached. scarce, first i’ve offered since 1995! $200?

*768 narcisse leven. 1910 silvered 59mm by e. hannavx l’alliance israelite universelle. his bust left/liberty, synagogue, alliance israelite universelle 1860-1910. ef. rare and seldom offered early 20th century jewish medal. jewish minters and medalists page 60. struck for the 50th anniversary of the aiu. the medalist was also jewish. the aiu were the issuers of the mikva israel tokens. see lot #708 for a related item of the jewish colonization association of which leven was president from 1896-1919. $325+

769 Jewish Legion Medals. The British Service and Victory medals from WWI presented to Private A. Weiner #-J-4461 and R. Fus (Royal Fusiliers). Jewish Legion members were organized under the Royal Fusiliers. A. Weiner is listed as a member of the Jewish Legion in the British Jewry Book of Honour (1922) page 274 on the “Embarkation for the 40th (S) Battalion Royal Fusiliers (”Judaens”)”. (Copy of the relevant pages included). The service medal depicts George V and a legend on the obverse and a British soldier on horseback stomping on the German Imperial shield with the dates 1914-1918, the Victory medal depicts a winged Victory on the obverse and the legend “The Great War for Civilisation 1914-1919” in 4 lines on the reverse. Both have the original ribbons attached, both a bit tattered. A scarce pair of related medals which we feel is important to keep together. $100+

770 Jewish Merchant Token from Kansas. “Wm. J. Schwartz Hanover, Kans”/”Good for 25A2 in Merchandise Not Transferable”. Brass 24mm. VF. Presumably before 1930. $25

*770a herzl pocket knife. c. 1920? germany. raised gilt portrait of herzl with his name in hebrew below, magen david in blue, white and gold above. maker’s name on the larger of two blades. a similar knife sold for $150 in our last sale. $100+

771 Jewish Merchant tokens. 1921. Red-brown Porcelain notgeld of Henry Seligmann of Hannover. 25 and 50 Pfg. It’s been many years since we offered these items. $40+?

*772 alfred gr9fnfeld. 1922 ae64.5 mm by josef prinz. his bust right/harp, musical score, legend. struck for his 70th birthday. niggl-769. gr9fnfeld was a pianist and composer who was born in prague in 1852 and died in vienna in 1924. he was one of the first pianists to have his work recorded for phonograph records (remember those?). $120

*773 esther de boer-van rijk. 1923 ae41mm. unsigned. high relief bust of the actress/high relief bust of her as kniertje in heijermans’ play “op hoop van zegen” (hope of blessing). polek-69. this was struck on the 50th anniversary of her first portrayal in this dutch play. she ended up playing this role over a thousand times. rare. $150+

*774 welsh jewish token. nd brass 32mm. “jewish institute cardiff” around 1/uniface. cox-291. f-vf, some nicks. rare. 1st we’ve seen. the jewish institute of cardiff occupied 3 premises between about 1900 and 1950 where the tokens were used as meal tickets. cardiff had a considerable jewish population (about 1000 in 1890) which rose in the next 30 years mostly from russia and eastern europe. these were poor immigrants, thus the need for a charitable institute. the three recorded addresses for the institute are: 1911: station terrace, 1932: 29 high street and 1949: 202 newport road. $100+

*775 philadelphia jewish community center. 1927. 32mm brass token . building west philadelphia jewish community center/a center for all jewish activities dedicated june 12-19 1927, sivan 12-19 5687. au-unc. rare, i can’t recall offering this token before. $100?

*776 arnold mendelssohn. 1929 bronze oval c. 54 x 64mm by? his portrait slightly to the right/11 line legend with loop and string as made. niggl-3305 (ii). mendelsohn, a composer, conductor and music teacher was the grand-nephew of felix mendelssoh. this is the only medal that that was made for him. rare. $150+

*777 jewish community of mannheim silver box medal. nd c. 31mm. magen david surrounded by “isr. gemeinde mannheim with silver ring holding obverse and reverse together. inside the “box” is a us standing liberty quarter of 1928 or 1929. most unusual. we have no idea if the medal is contemporary with the coin or if the coin was just added later. $200?

*778 national federation jewish men’s clubs. 1930’s? sterling silver c. 23 x 30 mm oval with blue and white ribbon attached. legend around menorah and scrolls. the national federation jewish men’s clubs was part of the conservative movement and was established in 1929. $75?

*779 jewish community in berlin. 1930’s. ae 81mm by f9fnst (?). mother holding baby in her arms, german legend which loosely translates to “promote the jewish welfare, the berlin jewish community”/incuse legend dated 2 september 1936. scarce and seldom offered medal issued by the berlin jewish community in the attempt to stem the tide of the nazis. first i’ve offered in many years. $250+

*780 beatrice ephrussi de rothschild. 1934 (1972) ae67mm by belmaimdo. her bust left/villa. an homage medal from the institute de france-academie des beaux-arts, foundation ephrussi de rothschild. a similar piece sold for $300 in our fall 2002 sale. $200+

*781 belgian children’s holocaust medal. 1945 ae 60 mm by josine souweine. jewish museum of belgium #36 (page 53). woman and 3 children around table, “happy is he who is kind to the poor (afflicted) proverbs 14:21”, “1942-1944” below/magen david, “les enfants juifs a mme nelly lameere” (the name in incuse). these medals were presented to those gentiles who had hidden jewish children during the holocaust and each had the names of the recipient engraved on the reverse. very rare, 1st we can recall seeing or offering. $250+

782 Pair of Medals. Sir Richard Burbidge Bart, Chairman of Harrods 1945-1959 Bronze 57mm by Paul Vincze and 1967 Dutch Israeli Silver Solidarity Medal. 22 mm. Israeli flag atop the Western Wall/Emblems of Netherlands and Israel surrounded by Dutch and Hebrew legends. Serial #27 on edge. 2 medals, both as struck the silver piece in Proof. $35+?

*783 1948 war of liberation. silver 38mm. 3 women with rifles, man with binoculars guarding temple, etc/menorah, 2 stars of david. toned unc. one of the scarcer israel liberation medals. this ex lot 1192 26g where it sold for $75. $75

*784 david davidson. 1951 silver 31 mm prize medal. his bust slightly right/beehive, wreath and legend. davidson was a swedish scientist. scarce. ef $125+

*785 memory of 6 million medal. 1952. ae59mm by monti. in high relief a male figure rising from a heap of corpses in a concentration camp, lifting the 10 command-ments/2 hands, clutching a menorah, in the background a cemetery. unc, scarce only 500 pieces minted. ho-6a. the last we offered sold for $75. $75+

*786 albert einstein. 1955. antique bronze 60mm by jean ramseier for huguenin freres & co of switzerland. portrait of einstein to right/uniface. flower-6. $75+

787 300th Anniversary of the Resettlement of Jews in Great Britain. 1956. AE 57 mm by Paul Vincze. Portraits of Oliver Cromwell & Menasseh Ben Israel between a Menorah & a seal of the 1st “new” Jewish Community/Female figure, holding scroll & legend around. Unc, rare & important. Jewish Minters & Medalists, page 77-78 and The Shekel Vol. XIV, #3 page 30ff. JTM-EP64a. As struck $75+

*788 ---as above but silver 57mm. scarce, especially in this large size. in our sale 37a we offered a similar piece that sold for $150 on a greatly reduced bid. $150

*789 ---as above but gold 57 mm. this 9 karat gold medal is unlisted in any references but presumably will be listed in ed rochette’s book on paul vincze when it eventually is published. we’ve offered a 38mm in gold, but i don’t believe we’ve ever offered this 57mm gold medal before. $850+

790 ---As above but Gold, Silver & Bronze 38mm medals in case of issue. The bronze and silver medals are well known, although uncommon, the 9 karat gold medal is very rare and is only the 2nd we can recall offering, the other more than 10 years ago. $350+

791 ---Private Mint Sets. 3 different Sets. 1958 in Brown leatherette holder with fancy metal clasp, 10 Pruta series coins 1949-1958, all but one unc. This by Matebon. Another set with the same coins, these all BU, this in a red leatherette box and by the same manufacturer. The third set is entitled “Coins of Israel” and contains six Agorot Series coins dated from 1972 to 1975. The set is plastic with the coins at left and short paragraph about Israel on the right. Plastic is cracked on back. $30?

*792 herbert viscount samuel. 1960. silver 57mm by paul vincze. bust of samuel left, legend and “90” below/an elderly man seated inscribing a book, latin legend around. eimer-2100. sir herbert louis samuel, 1st viscount samuel was a politician and administrator. in 1920 he became the first british high commissioner for palestine, thus the first jew to rule jerusalem in 2000 years! scarce. $125+

*793 bar kochba. 1965? silver 57 mm by paul vincze. warrior blowing shofar, inset of temple side of bar kochba tetradrachm/beitar fortress, lulav side of bar kochba tetradrachm. scarce, a similar medal sold for $165 in our last sale. $125+

*795 david ben gurion. c. 1966. gold medal by paul vincze. 38mm. his bust left, his name in english and hebrew/man at study,with tree and pick, the vision and the way. virtually one ounce of gold. rare and seldom offered. bu. 21 karat. coins reveal-173. seldom offered. $750

*796 ---c. 1966. silver 57 mm by paul vincze. his bust left/figure of a man as a scholar and laborer. coins reveal-173. scarce, only the 2nd i can recall offering in silver in this size. $75

797 Sir Francis Chichester by Paul Vincze. 1967. Silver 57mm. Bust left/ Neptune kneeling left before a globe on which are two boats, legends. Chichester was the first to sail around the world single handed. Proof. Produced by Spink. Eimer-2113 $50+

*798 paul vincze’s , exodus medal. 1967?. silver 38 mm. people unloading at shore off ship/immigrants arriving, “the people which thou hast redeemed”. this is ex #1161 from our sale 28f. $50

*799 the frankenhuis collection medal. 1967 ae 76 mm by elizabeth weistrop. in extremely high relief, a mother hugging 2 children (both wearing) jude badges before being herded into a cattle car/ legend. ho-2, see the shekel 2, #3, 16. a most impressive large medal commissioned by maurice frankenhuis who built two huge collections of war memorabilia, one for wwi and one for wwii both of which he donated to museums in israel. $250+

800 The Israel Heroism Medals. A set of 6 medals all of which which were done by Paul Vincze. 1) & 2) In Bondage in Jerusalem/In Freedom Israel. 3) David & Goliath/Israel’s 20th Anniversary. 4) Beitar Fortress/Bar Kochba. 5) Exodus and 6) Masada/Year 5 Shekel. The first 5 are 57mm, the 6th is 50mm. Hallmarked on edge, but without an indication of fineness. $150+?

*801 david ben gurion 1968. gold 26mm. .900 fine. bust of ben gurion left/ menorah, magen david to each side. struck in the netherlands and the same series as a similar medal for theodore herzl, but this is much scarcer. pl bu $200+

*802 dutch-israel solidarity medal. 1968 ae70mm by theresia van der pant. tree/atoms, by the dutch numismatic society. large and impressive. jtm ep-12. scarce. $60+

*803 israel war veterans league. silver 60mm. nd (1969?). uniface. at the top league’s insignia featuring a menorah (symbol of wwi jewish brigade) and magen david (symbol of wwii jewish brigade) with lion of judaea at center. has hebrew letters ihy at top for “igud hayalim yehudyim” (union of jewish soldiers). inscribed in english “with compliments israel war veterans league”. scarce, 1st i can recall seeing. $100+

*804 jewish brigade-2nd regiment. 1969 silver-plated 59mm. jtm-mm-13. in hebrew the fighting jewish brigade, 2nd regiment in the center 1939-1969 surround in blue, white & yellow enamel a 2, on a magen david, which is the emblem of the brigade. toned ef, according to new information we recently became aware of this medal was awarded to former members of the brigade only and not sold to the general public. if this is true, the medal is far rarer and more significant than we had previously thought. $50+

*805 max reinhardt (born max goldmann). 1970 silvered bronze 60 mm by welz. his bust right, legend around/struck for the 50th anniversary of a festival in salzburg. reinhardt was a major figure in theater, as a producer and director, during the first part of the 20th century . he was forced to leave germany in 1934 and he emigrated to the us where he continued his work until his death in 1943. there are a few common medals of reinhardt, but this is not one of them. $125+

*806 moses and the 10 commandments by paul vincze. silver shell c. 114 x 161 mm. moses standing left holding two tablets. $100+

*807 ---as above but mounted on attractive plastic base to sit on a shelf. $125+

*808 ---,---another as above. (these are not common, it is just a coincidence that we have three in this sale). $125

*809 the golden calf by paul vincze. silver shell c. 116 x 60 mm plaque in wood frame. 8 naked men and women cavorting in front of golden calf. scarce. $100+

*810 a dream fulfilled. 1973 ar 63 mm by elizabeth jones. facing portraits of herzl, weizmann, ben-gurion and meir and wanderers no more/2 hands holding 3 pomegranates and israel (in english & hebrew) a dream fulfilled. unc. (160 grams of .999 silver). ex lot #1148, 28c. $100

*811 haym salomon 1973 59mm silver & bronze medals by paul vincze. the fifth in the magnes museum’s jewish american hall of fame series and the only round medal. bust of salomon right/soldier with rifle penning letter, horses behind. in case of issue. both numbered. very scarce as a set. ex 28c, #1149. $100+

*812 david ben-gurion by paul vincze. 1973. silver shell c. 114 x 161 mm. his portrait slightly to the right, his name and dates of birth and death (1896-1973) above in hebrew below in english, in exergue are two menorahs flanking a city view of the old city of jerusalem. mounted on attractive base to sit on shelf $125+

*813 king david playing the harp by paul vincze. 1973. silver shell c. 114 x 161 mm. king david playing the harp sitting right, ‘israel’s 25th anniversary 1948-1973” below. $100+

*814 ---,---another. this one mounted on attractive base to sit on shelf $125

*815 ---,---,---another as above $125

*816 salvador dali’s 25th anniversary. 12 tribes of israel set. 1973 12 silver medals, each portraying a scene associated with a particular tribe on one side and the name of the tribe along with the date 1948 - 1973 to either side of the 25th anniversary logo and his signature above. each medal is 52 mm and weighs over 2.6 ounces with .999 fine silver, thus there is over 31 ounces of silver in this set of 12 medals with matched numbers in this leatherette topped brown wood box. matched number set, this is ex lot 1205 from our sale 26g of 1996. $500+?

*817 ---,---as above matched number set, but case shows some misuse. $500+?

818 Stamps in Siiver. 1973. A set of 9 silver medal’s, all depicting the early stamps of Israel, which depicted coins from the 1st Revolt or the Bar Kochba revolt. Each Proof medal contains approximately one oz. of silver. Issued by Doar Ivri of Israel, in album of issue. #312 of only 1000 issued (and no doubt many were melted in the silver boom of 1980). $125+

*819 herbert lehman. 1974 silver medal by jacques schnier (his only previous numismatic work was the us bay bridge 50a2 commemorative of 1936). the 6th in the magnes museum’s jewish american hall of fame series high relief bust of lehman/to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy god: around a high relief star of david and tzaddik in hebrew. ex lot #1079 from our sale27c $75+

820 Peace Medal. 1974 Bronze 64mm. By Nat Sobel & Joe Di Lorenzo. The patriach Abraham in stylized form, the two eyes form the face of modern day Ishmael and Isaac (Arabs & Israelis), legend around/The word peace in 64 languages. JTM PM-1a. Scarce. Struck by the Magnes Mint. 1st we’ve offered in a number of years. $35+

821 Medallic History of the Jewish People. 1970’s. Set of 120 proof bronze medals in two albums consisting of 5 pages of 12 medals in each album. The Judaic Heritage Society produced this set in the early 1970’s and this is in my opinion the most desirable of all privately produced modern Judaic medals. Each medal is 38 mm. $400+

*822 ---as above but a set of 120 sterling silver proof medals. with most, if not all, “historical notes” for each medal in black case as issued. we haven’t counted the brochures but it looks like all are there. $1250

823 ---,---Another silver set, but without the Historical notes. $1250

*824 the medallic history of the jews in america. 120 sterling silver medals depicting jewish history in america from the arrival of 23 immigrants from brazil in 1654 through the early 1970’s. all proof in 2 albums of issue. we have offered this set far fewer times than the the medallic history of the jewish people. both were minted by the franklin mint for the judaic heritage society. with most, if not all, “historical notes” for each medal in black case as issued. we haven’t counted the brochures but it looks like all are there. $1250

825 Gershom Seixas 1975 Jewish American Hall of Fame Medal. Silver trapezoid by Gerta Wiener. Bust of the “Patriotic Rabbi”/Jewish patriots marching with menorah and Torah. This is ex Lot #1080 from our sale 27c. $75

*826 chai ingot set ii. 18 silver bars, all c. 60.5 grams of .999 silver (virtually 35 ounces of silver in the set). each silver bar depicts a symbol of judaism. ram’s horn, synagogue, torah, hebrew, mysticism, lunar calendar, menorah, minyan, prayer, charity, 10 commandments, phyllacteries, mezzuzah, repentance, star of david, kashruth, creation and the messiah. in a velvet lined wood frame in vinyl cover. (cover shows some wear). the bars fit snugly in the frame and this would look good on a wall. produced by the judaic heritage society. $400+?

*827 georges friedmann. 1976. ae 76mm by g. ch. revol. bust half left/nude athlete over a quote. #6 of 100 made. seldom seen. ex daniel friedenberg collection. friedman was a noted french sociologist. $100

*828 israel-egypt peace treaty. 1977. ae 38 x 35 cast private issue. portraits of begin and sadat/in the center shalom and saalom in hebrew and arabic. legend designed to wrap around from obverse and continue on the reverse. “may god guide our steps toward peace, israel nov. 1977 sadat meets begin”. a fish (maker’s mark?). a most unusual medal this item sold in our sale 36c for $50 but the bidder returned it saying he bid on the wrong item. (?) $40+

*829 paul vincze by paul vincze. 1977 artist model. huge 9 1/2 inch uniface self portrait showing artist in studio working on his own self portrait. made for his 70th birthday. a most impressive work. $250+

*830 agam’s star of love medal. 1978 silver 59mm. elaborate modern “agam” design/menorah, his signature, 30 years state of israel. struck in .999 silver. in plush olive-wood case of issue. only the 2nd i can recall offering. $100

*831 israel memorial day. 1978 bronze 59mm. these were given out for fallen soldiers from defense minister e. weitzman. scarce, a similar medal sold for $85 in our march 2007 sale. for a related medal, see lot #890 $75

831a Jerusalem Reunited. ND (1997?). 50 mm .999 Silver Proof. Israeli soldier in front of stylized Western Wall/Jerusalem Reunited, Stronger than Lions in Hebrew and English. Struck for the 30th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem. $60+

*832 irgun’s 25th anniversary. 1979. ae 59mm. irgun’s symbol (“greater israel” and hand holding rifle, with “rak kach” (the sole solution)) above wreath, hebrew legend and dates around/state of israel menorah and anceint menorah between legends. as struck. rare? 1st i can recall seeing. $50+

*833 karl goldmark. 1980. ae c. 75 x 80 mm by g. peternak. cast, irregular in shape. for the 150th birthday of the hungarian opera composer. his bust/cherub above his birthplace. niggl-2981. ef. rare, only the 2nd i can recall seeing. $125

834 Albert Einstein. 1983. Bronze 39mm by Frans Kleimer for the German-American Tricentennial. A montage of 12 Americans of German origin or descent, including Babe Ruth (batting right handed!), Dwight Eisenhower, Marlene Dietrich and the most prominnently displayed, being Albert Einstein/Legend around a sailing ship. Flower-75. $35+

835 Group of INS overstrikes on Israel trade coins (usually 5 Lirot) and INS or ICGMC tokens. 17 pieces, most (if not all) different. As struck. We sell these for $3 to $5 each when bought individually. Sold as is, no returns. $40+

*836 jews who helped columbus 1986 silver 57mm medal by paul vincze. struck for the magnes museum. busts of abraham zacuto, luis de santangel and don isaac abravanel above sailing ship and 1492/columbus pleading his case in front of isabella and ferdinand. scarce one sold for $100 in our last sale. $100

*837 president george bush (h.w.) the architect of peace. 1991 ae59mm. his bust half left, legend in english and hebrew/”desert storm, the war for peace” in english, hebrew and arabic around a globe with a band of flags (those of the coalition) around the globe. scarce? i’ve never seen this medal! $50?

*838 leonard bernstein1993 jewish american hall of fame medal. silver trapezoid by marika somogyi. his bust left with his signature and dates 1918-1990 below/ bernstein at piano explaining to children. low mintage and scarce, 1st we’ve offered. toned $75+

*839 ernestine rose 1994 jewish american hall of fame medal. silver trapezoid by gerta wiener. portrait of rose, legend to left/a view of rose from behind addressing a crowd. low mintage and scarce, 1st we’ve offered. ernestine rose was among the leaders of the woman’s movement for equal rights in the 19th century. $75+

*840 albert einstein. nd. aeca91mm by coudray. facing bust of einstein/uniface. unlisted by flower, the only one we’ve seen. $225+

*841 50th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps. silver 42 mm by gyorgy kiss. bp mintmark (budapest, hungary). “in memory of the liberation of concentration camps 1945-1995. hungarian auschwitz foundation” in english and hungarian with broken barbed wire fence in center/ candles of remembrance. choice proof. $125+

*842 israel banknotes in silver. 500 mils, 1, 5, 10 and 50 pound anglo-palestine notes in .925 silver. each “banknote” is c. 110 x 55 mm. 5 “notes”, the complete set in case as issued by the igcmc. #1095 of 1200 sets made. scarce. $125

*843 warsaw ghetto uprising. cn27mm. “getto warszawskie” stylized wall with magen david/7 branched menorah. toned. i can’t recall seeing this before. $30+

*844 barbra streisand. 1997 jewish american hall of fame medal. silver trapezoid by alex shagin. bust of streisand facing half left/streisand in gown on stage. this, and the following six lots, are low mintage & scarce and the first i can recall offering of each. $75+

*845 sinking of the titanic: isidor and ida strauss/david sarnoff. 1998 jewish american hall of fame medal. silver trapezoid by alex shagin and mel wack. the couple arm in arm, “where you go, i go” & david sarnoff listening to radio broadcasts from ship/titanic sinking in background, some escapees in row boat in foreground. $75+

*846 asser levy 1999 jewish american hall of fame medal. silver trapezoid by alex shagin? levy with quill and rifle as others leave ship/legend. $75+

*847 arthur miller 2000 jewish american hall of fame medal. silver trapezoid by marika somogyi. bust of miller facing, his signature in lower right/willy loman walking with two cases, “attention must be paid”. $75+

*848 earliest synagogues jewish american hall of fame medal. silver trapezoid by alex shagin?. outside view of the 1st shearith israel building on mill street, the first synagogue in nyc/inside view of the new synagogue from 1834. low mintage and scarce, $75+

*849 bess myerson 2001 jewish american hall of fame medal. silver trapezoid by alex shagin. facing bust of her, quotation at left/myerson in swimsuit with crown after being named miss america. $75+

*850 leopold karpeles 2002 jewish american hall of fame medal. silver trapezoid by alex shagin. karpeles in army uniform holding flag of massachusetts volunteers/tallit from congregation mikveh israel, philadelphia and quote from abraham lincoln. $75+

851 A Group of Medals and coins. East German 1972 Buchenwald 10 Mk Commemorative (3), 1968 David Ben-Gurion silver medals from Netherlands (18, 22, 30 mm), Ben-Gurion silver 30mm from the series Political Leaders of the World (scarce); West Germany 5 Mk 1981 Lessing and 10 Mk 1972 Olympics; JFK Memorial Silver 23mm by Noy, Sigmund Freud AE 30mm, Papal Visit to Israel by Vincze AE 22mm, 1986 Vatican-Israel AE 35mm Friendship medal and Golda Meir-Knesset Silver 32mm Proof by Coufal. 14 coins and medals, some scarce. $75+

*852 a group of medals by paul vincze. 1981 ana’s new orleans convention ae, balfour declaration ae, 6 day war victory cn, shekel of israel-masada cn (3); cecil harmsworth king, chairman of the daily mirror and harold mattingly on his retirement as keeper of the coins at the british museum. 8 medals 50 to 59mm, the last the smallest and “looks” and “sounds” silver but is unmarked. neat lot, some scarce. $100+

*853 a group of medals by paul vincze. exodus, shakespeare’s a midsummer night’s dream, magyar birko uniface, ae51 uniface (model or pattern?) of bearded man right, elizabeth ii coronation 38mm, jacobus kennedy episcopalian bishop, six day war victory medal and 750th anniversary of the magna carta. 8 medals, all 57 to 59 and bronze or copper-nickel except where noted. the last “looks” and “sounds” silver. some scarce medals in this lot. $125

854 A Group of Medals. A nice and eclectic grouping of Israel and Jewish related medals. Dayan 39mm, Rabin, Hanukkah in key chain. another not in key chain, a different Hanukkah in case, Abba Eban in case, David Ben-Gurion (2 50mm), a silver 38mm private issue Bar Mitzvah medal, Silver Israel-Egypt Peace medal (Randolph 21), Begin-Carter-Sadat silver Peace medal, Irving Berlin Proof, Hear o Israel/Lion of Judaea, Chaim Weizmann, Golda Meir 50 Euro Silver Proof, 1922 Peace Dollar in “Jerusalem” key chain, 25th Anniversary 1 oz. silver bar, and Moshe Dayan 50mm (2). All of the above 19 are silver. Also in this lot an iron 17th-18th Century Pilgrim medal with Jesus and Hebrew legend, a simialr era bronze medal depicting Moses with horns, a 20th century bronze restrike of the famous and rare Grand Sandhedrin medal of Napoleon, a Haym Salomon medal, a Judah Benjamin medal and a large Golda Meir Shekel Co. medal. 25 miscellaneous medals, very little duplication. $200+

855 ---AE45 mm 25th Anniversary of Israel, David Ben-Gurion AE 45mm Uniface and Shalom Aleichem AE45mm Uniface (both of these cast medals are from the same series), Moses AE 45mm, Columbus AE 45, Six Day War Silver 45mm by Vincze, Silver 38mm Proof of Rabbi Stephen Wise and Ramat-Gan Paratroopers 1963 Medal AE 32mm JTM-MM18c. 8 medal some scarce. $100

856 --- Silver 59mm Pray for the Peace with view of old city behind walls, Silver 50mm Proof Dutch David Ben-Gurion, Israel-Egypt Peace Medal Silver 59mm. This is Randolph #21 (See The Shekel 38, 2, 32) but in silver which he does not mention (most likely very scarce), M. Begin - 30th Anniversary of Israel Silver 59m, Pope Paul VI visit to Israel by the Shekel Co. AE, Uniface bronze medal with antelope, 1973 gilt “personal” military medal and AE38 Columbus medal. 8 medals, a few seldom seen, all 50 mm or larger except tthe last. $100?

857 ---Theodor Herzl 1968 Dutch, Golda Meir 1969 Canadian, Shakespeare by Vincze 35mm, Einstein Gallery of Great Americans Pf,, Ben-Gurion gold on silver, Pope Paul VI visit to Jerusalem by Vincze S38, Wandering Jew, Einstein for National Commemorative Society (2), Uniface Capricorn medal by Vincze 31mm, ANA 1981 Conv. in New Orleans by Vincze AE 38mm and In Freedom Israel 25mm by Vincze. 12 medals all silver except where marked. $125+

858 A Group of Paul Vincze Medals, all about 57 mm. Bar Kochba/Beitar Fortress Gilt and CN; David and Goliath Gilt and CN; In Bondage Judaea-In Freedom Israel CN and Silverplated; and Exodus CN and gilt. 8 large Vincze medals. Neat lot. $75+

859 Jewish-American Hall of Fame, Magnes Museum Medals. Uriah P. Levy, Benny Goodman, Gershom Seixas, Rebecca Graetz, Bela Schick and Levi Strauss. 6 silver trapezoid medals in case (space for four more). All of these are scarce. $400+

860 Jewish-American Hall of Fame. 10 medals in case. (Gershom Seixas, Henrietta Szold, Touro Synagogue, Golda Meir, Jonas Salk, Isaac Stern, Emma Lazarus, Isaac B. Singer, Adolph Ochs and Benjamin Cardoza). Velvet and plastic case. 10 silver medals. $700+

861 Jewish-American Hall of Fame. Six medals (Albert Einstein, Louis Brandeis, George Gershwin, Haym Solomon, Herbert Lehman and Rebecca Graetz) in case. Plush wood and velvet case for 5 trapezoid medals and one round medal. 6 bronze medals, 5 of which have matched serial numbers, the Graetz medal is not matched. $100+

862 Jewish-American Hall of Fame. Six medals (Albert Einstein, Louis Brandeis, George Gershwin, Haym Solomon, Herbert Lehman and Touro Synagogue) in case. Plush wood and velvet case for 5 trapezoid medals and one round medal. 6 bronze medals, 5 of which have matched serial numbers, the Touro synagogue medal is not matched. $100+

*863 jewish-american hall of fame. the first six medals (judah magnes, albert einstein, louis brandeis, george gershwin, haym solomon and herbert lehman) in case. plush wood and velvet case for 5 trapezoid medals and one round medal. 6 silver medals, all with matched serial numbers. i don’t believe i’ve ever offered a set of 6 with matched numbers in a case before. very scarce. $450

864 Miscellaneous Group. 11 piece lot of interesting material. Money clip from the Jewish Home for Convalescents, Grand View on-the Hudson NY: JNF Herzl lapel clip depicting the famous scene of Herzl leaning over balcony; Celluloid stick pin for an Offical of the “Jewish Relief Campaign”; Elaborate tie clip with 3 Magen David’s; Brass 25mm medalette with Zion in Hebrew in center of Magen David and prayer on reverse; a small Mezzuzah, a and small Torah both with loops for wearing; Military cap badge (?) with oval medallion in center which includes “Zion in Magen David” and 10 commandments’; 33mm medal of the Hakoah Sports Club of Vienna in 1922 and a 15 mm brass button from a “Jew Hospital MI(—)” F-VF, but corroded. Lodz Ghetto 5 Mark aluminum from 1943. G-VG, heavily corodded. 11 interesting items, most VF to EF with the exception of the last two. $100+

865 Miscellaneous .Six wristwatches, all either made in Israel or have Hebrew letters for the numbers, a silver ball point pen “made in Israel” circa 1950 and a silvered “Yad” which is undated. I don’t believe the watches or the pen work. The entire lot is sold as is. $100?

866 Group of tokens etc. Ben Goldstein, Springfield (Mass?); Home for Incurable Invalids; National Jewish Hospital Denver; Frankfurt Jew Pfenning; Rosenblum’s We Clothe the Family, Cleveland; Homes of the Sons and Daughters of Israel; Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum and a JNF Jubilee stick pin. 8 interesting items. Sold as is, no returns. $50+

867 ---Mostly store cards and advertising tokens. A. Wise NYC; Moses Klinker Rubber Stamps, SF, CA; Carmel Wine Encased 25 Pruta; S. Steinfeld, NYC; Spiegal’s Credit Deposit; Max M. Schwartz, Miami Fl; Stewart Warner; Chicago’s Century of Progress “Jewish Day” and W. A. Herzog (VA?). 9 pieces, some seldom offered. Sold as is, no returns. $35

868 ---Elongated Cent Happy Passover, Elongated Dime Jewish-American, Jewish Palestine Pavilion pin (pin off), 2 different 20th Century False Shekels and 4 Masonic tokens, 3 with “Shekel” design, one from Glen Cove, NY with Hebrew. 9 piece lot. Sold as is, no returns. $50


*870 sm-1c.. medal of liberation. 1961 silver 61mm. type ii or the hecht mint type. dull finish, “silver” on edge $60+

871 SM-9v. Pentecostal Conference 1961. Silverplated 59mm. I have never seen or heard of this medal being silver plated. Rare? $50?

*872 sm-12b. bar mitzvah. silver 59mm. 1961. bar mitzvah boy reading from torah/ emblem of the state surrounded by the symbols of the 12 tribes of israel. $75

*873 sm-12g. 1961 bar mitzvah medal. 27 mm, 18 karat gold. bar mitzvah boy/12 tribes of israel around a menorah. unc. $375

*874 sm-13b. 1961. pablo casals. silver 35mm. nice unc. and getting hard to find. edge marked sterling .935. $150+

*875 sm-14a. 2nd bible contest. 1962. silver 59mm. scarce. toned unc. scarce, 1st we’ve offered in 2 1/2 years. $175

*876 sm-15b shavit 1962. silver 35 mm. a low mintage, scarce early silver medal. $150+

*877 sm-21e, liberation. 27mm gold medal . 1971. man, woman and child planting tree/inset of roman judaea capta coin. choice bu $350

*878 sm-30b. 1964. s.s. shalom. silver 35mm. ships on both sides. the edge reads sterling .935 in english and silver in hebrew. haffner erroneously states that the edge reads silver. $150+

*879 sm-40a. 1967. jewish legion. silver 45mm. an increasingly difficult medal to locate. $75+

*880 sm-87b and there was light. silver 50 mm by ya’akov agam. 1985. agam’s magnificant medallic work. 1st i can recall offering in auction. with case $60+

881 SET OF 12 bronze 59 mm HOLIDAY MEDALS: Shabbat, Rosh Hashnah, Yom Kippur, Succot, Simchat Torah, Hanukkah,Tu’b’shevat, Purim, Pesach, Lag B’Omer, Shavuot and Tisha B’av in 2 album pages. The pages are labeled with the names of each holiday. $125

882 ---As above but 12 Silver 38mm Holiday medals in silver! $200+

*883 salvador dali. tribes of israel. sm 159, 160, 162, 181, 185 and 186. six 60 x 48mm oval medals with a colored silk-screen drawing on the obverse and a menorah on the reverse. tribes of napthali, gad, zebulin, reuven, asher and simeon. in case of issue. companion to above. $150

*884 ---as above the other 12 tribes sm 161, 163, 164, 182, 183 & 184. tribes of joseph, dan, levi, benjamin, judah and issachar. in case of issue. $150

885 CM-11A. Remembrance Day. 1963. Bronze 59mm. $35

*886 cm-39. jerusalem restoration. 1969 tombac 59mm. also known as “the mayor’s medal for official awards. this is the variety that says, with “compliments of teddy kollek” in hebrew, with his hebrew signature. $100

*887 ---,---similar.but the inscription in english. $100

*888 ---,---similar but silver 59mm. this is among israel’s rarest medals. sylvia haffner priced this at $600 in 1988, that’s a bit high, but it should be worth half that at least. $300

*889 cm-49, munich synagogue. 1972 silver 45mm. a surprisingly difficult medal to locate, this medal was issued when a new synagogue was dedicated in munich on the site of the central synagogue which was burned down by the nazis in 1938. this is the first we’ve offered in four years. $100+

*890 cm-62a. remembrance day. 1973. tombac 59mm. very few of these medals have made the way to collectors as they were awarded to families of slain israeli military. also see lot #831 for a related medal issued 5 years later. $100

*891 sinai campaign. pm-1c. 1957. silver 80 mm, 222 grams. very rare large medal which was awarded to french generals by david ben gurion to express the gratitude of israel for their help during the 1956 sinai campaign. a few minor nicks. this is the silver type, not the silver plated version. the last silver we offered was in our sale 32e where a similar piece sold for $500. $500

*892 aina tour medal. ant-3. valour. 1971, tombac 35mm. 100 pieces were struck for aina’s 3rd tour. (24.57 grams). haffner lists the weight at 27 grams, the igcmc catalog lists the weight as between 27 and 33 grams, this is the third that we have recorded with a weight of around 24 1/2 grams. $50+

893 City-Coin Medal Lot. Acre, Advat, Caesarea and Lod in silver and Jerusalem in Bronze. 5 45mm medals. $50

894 City-Coin Medals. Complete set of 9 silver & 9 bronze 45mm medals in green album, as issued. One side of each medal shows an ancient coin used in that city and the other side a modern (1965-66) scene of the city. All as issued. CCM 1-9. & CCM-1a to 9a. Medals and album are nice. $200+

895 Holyland Sites Medals. 12 Silver 37 mm medals in plastic sleeve as issued by IGCMC. Includes the following: Jerusalem of Gold, Temple Mount, Jerusalem Gates, The Western Wall, Bethlehem, Mt. Tabor, Capernaum and the Sea of Galilee, Armageddon (Megiddo), The Jordan River, Tomb of Rachel, Masada and Nazareth. A neat and attractive item. $200

*896 in her mouth was an olive leafby e. weishoff. 82mm three dimensional medal. dove plucking olive leaf from ship on the seas. the medal is on a wood stand and it swivels. most unusual #158 of no doubt not very many. in cylindrical box as issued. $45

897 A Group of medals. David Yellin Teachers College, Sigmund Freud, AMAL Network, Rishon Le-Zion, Youth Aliyah, We are Here and Moshe Dayan. 7 bronze medals, the first five IGCMC Commissioned Medals, the 6th an AINA medal, the last made in the Netherlands to celebrate victory in Six Day War. $50

898 ---5 large silver medals. Bar Kochba, Jerusalem-Knesset, Israel-Egypt Peace, Remember the Days of Old and David Ben-Gurion. The first three Israel state medals, the Days of Old by Paul Vincze, the last by Sendik for The Shekel Co. 5 large silver medals. $200

899 ---6 70 mm bronze medals the first four color Lithograph art medals, Blossom of Galilee, Elijah in the Whirlwind, Reuven Rubin and Jonah and the Whale. Also Jewish Fighters against the Nazis and Concentration Camps. 6 better medals. $100+

900 ---8 bronze 59 mm medals. Banias/Jordan River, Temple Tunnel, 50th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto uprising, Hatikva, Valour, Jerusalem-Knesset, Pentecostal and Biblical Prophecy. The first seven Israel state medals, the last a private medal listed in Haffner’s Judaic Tokens and Medals (EP-5). $60

901 ---8 bronze 59 mm medals. May You Go Safe, Ammunition Hill, Rishon Le-Zion, Petah-Tikva, Albert Einstein, Israel Liberata (1962), Balfour Declaration and Dayan-Rabin at the Western Wall. The first 7 are Israel state medals, the last from the Shekel Company $60

902 ---8 bronze 59mm medals. Mt. Tabor, Capernaum, Gates of Jerusalem, Temple Mount, Nazareth, Tomb of Rachel, Jerusalem City of Gold and Joint Israel Appeal. All are Israel State medals, the first 6 from the Holy Land Sites Series. $70+

903 ---8 Bronze 59mm medals. Resettlement in Samaria, Gates of Jerusalem, Masada, 5th Bible Contest, Shema Israel, Blessed be the Healer, Bethlehem and 3rd Bible Contest. All 8 are Israel State medals. $60

*904 ---a group of medals. 6 50 mm silver color lithograph art medals, blossom of galilee, everlasting love, elijah in the whirlwind, reuven rubin, jonah the whale and king david playing the harp. $200

905 ---Balfour and Rothschild by Paul Vincze. 3 bronze 59mm and one silver 45 mm Balfour Declaration (SM-41 and SM-41a). The three bronze medals are all different colors of bronze and have slightly different weights (88, 89 and 91 grams). 4 Rothschild bronzes, all slightly different colors and different weights (75, 77, 97 and 98.5 grams). A neat lot for the Vincze and/or the Israel medal specialist. $70+

906 ---Bar Mitzvah, 1st Settler, Terra Sancta, Israel Liberata (1962), Levi Eshkol, David Ben-Gurion, In Freedom Israel and Dutch medal honoring Moshe Dayan. 8 large silver medals, the 1st 4 Israel State Medals, the next two Shekel Co. products, the Freedom of Israel medal is by Vincze for Isnamut. 8 large silver medals $300+

907 ---Israel Museum silver and Bronze, Liberation T45 (1981), Pilgrims, Masada, Israel-Egypt Peace, Liberation S38 (1958), Sinai Campaign, Keren Kayemeth (JNF), Habimah Theater, Diaspora and Albert Einstein. 12 medals, all but 2 silver and all but one 45mm. Nice lot. $150

908 ---Jerusalem: City of David, Israel-Vatican Establishment of Relations, Jerusalem Reunited, Yitzhak Rabin, Jerusalem-Knesset, Israel Liberata (1). 6 bronze state medals the first five 70mm, the last 61mm (and copper). $60+

909 ---Tsva Haganah, Petah Tikva, Bar Mitzvah and Liberation 19mm key chains, AINA’s 13th Anniversary, 1958 Judaea Capta/Israel Liberata (2), Masada 35mm in key chain, 100 Years of Zionism silver and bronze, Chaim Weizmann 1st President, Rothschild (2), Mazel Tav Boy, Mazel Tav Girl, Priestly Blessing, Shavuat, Blessed Be the Healers, 100 Years of Settlements, Jewish and Christian Leaders, Rachel’s Tomb and 1961 Judaea Capta/Israel Liberata. 21 medals, all but 1 silver. $200

910 ---Valour, Shavit, Masada, Blockade Runners, Bat Mitzvah, Ghetto Uprising, Bar Kochba and Diaspora all 8 bronze or tombac 59mm. Also two 1977 AINA’s bookmarks (one damaged), Israel-Canada Friendship, 13 AINA and IGCMC tokens, General Israel Orphan’s Home for Girls and Judaic Heritage Silver 45mm Anniversary Medal. 26 medals and tokens, the last silver. Sold as is, no returns. $50


In addition to the following paper lots, please lots 593-597, 602-702, 704-706, 708-723, 725-727 &729-738 in the World paper section for Jewish related paper items.

*911 riga, lativa synagogue donation receipts. three 19th century receipts, 2 in yiddish, 1 in german. f-vf. scarce. $150+

*912 romanian “charity” chits or receipts? 10, 20, 25 and 50 bani. nd c. 1900? “zaddakah bilet” (charity tickets) above the denomination on behalf of a talmud torah. likely to support the room and/or board of students in a yeshiva. the back of each has a round circular handstamp that says society for talmud torah of the holy community of “pelce” there were numerous shtetls in romania that might be a fit. ie. peles, bals, feleas among others. all the chits are serial numbered in red. i seem to recollect seeing something similar many years ago well before i kept my records on computers. f-vf and no doubt scarce to rare. for a few other romanian jewish related items, see lots 761 and 917-918. $200+?

*913 pair of charity tokens. nd, probably c. 1900. titled “sown for charity”, “jerusalem” below aleph - heh to either side and “half peh” below both pinned to a piece of paper with the following notation “jewish bank notes given to beggar. i bought these from a beggar at the wall of wailing jerusalem”. half peh could mean half prutah but more likely means half para as that was the smallest ottoman denomination. while these could have been a charitable receipt for a minimal amount if the “story” on the attached piece of paper is true it may be more likely a circulating token like the usual brass ones (see lots 754 & 755). we’ve decided to list these two tokens together along with the paper as they seem more interesting as such. both fine with pinholes. rare? see the following item for a related token $200+?

*914 paper charity token or receipt. c. 1908. in 3 lines, “charity to thousands- het of the small counting” and the end of the expression “jerusalem may it be rebuilt speedily, in our days - of the hungarian community”. on the back, part of a handstamp, gemilat hesed,”the lords will fulfill he who is gracious to the unfortunate”. this is most likely a receipt for a contribution to the hungarian kollel in jerusalem in 1908. fine. rare? this came to us along with the above lot. $150+?

*915 holy land postcard collection. a group of 190+ postcards covering various topics and scenes. most are from early part of the 20th century (probably 90%) although some are later but probably nothing after the 1960’s. about 75 in color, the rest black and white to color tinted. at least two “flowers from the holy land easter greetings,” among the publishers are gulef, lehnert, attallah, levy & neurdein, scripture gift mission, weltpost-verein cairo postcards and jamal bros, some used, some new. vg to ef, mostly vf. a super lot of postcards for the beginner as well as the veteran collector. sold as is, no returns. $500

*916 talmud torah etz-chaijm”. 1912. short term iou note for 3 gold napoleons, dated 25 kislev 5672, to be paid by the bearer on 1 sivan 5672 (less than 6 months). in hebrew, yiddish and german, signed by three officials including rabbi yizhak eliezer charlap (see the shekel, 18, 1, 20). has the handstamp of the yeshiva and two “paid” stamps as well. $65

*917 kollel zibenbirgen and siladi (romania) jerusalem. 1912. unusual use of an old type (see the lot below for the current type). dated 15 kislev 5672. iou for 700 ottoman gursh to be paid no later than 28 elul 2674 (summer 1974). signed by three kollel officials and handstamped twice with the zibenbirgen hebrew/english seal with kotel at center. payment was delayed due to wwi. the note was in circulation for over 20 years (1912-1933, through turkish, egyptian and palestine monetary systems). the back shows the 1st payment made in 1915 and the last in late 1932. rare note. $120

*918 ---,---,---1913. regular and current type note used for this iou dated 25 heshvan 5673 for 1150 ghrush to be paid no later than 28 elul 5675 (summer of 1915). due to wwi, payment was delayed until 1932. signed, sealed and handstamped on both sides. $90

*919 post wwi special id booklet 1918. issued by the jewish committee to assist war refugees of poltava gobernia (ukraine). issued to meyer mendelson now living in poltava with his wife hanna and 4 young daughters. with a photo of mendelson. with handstamps and manuscript notations confirming his continued residency in poltava. russian and yiddish text. red fabric cover, pages have been repaired. one encounters id booklets for axis powers but this is a rare item issued by a jewish organization which was probably given to refugees in order for them to get benefits they were entitled to. 1st i can recall seeing. $350+?

*920 hamburg culture and sports week. 1921. a complete set of 8 notes (3 different series), all with 2 stars of david on top of the hamburg castle in the background. unc. $50+?

*921 jewish colonial trust. 1928. british check for 150 pounds sterling issued by the brook house, walbrook, london branch to be paid to the barclays bank. printed in various shades of black and gray, on grayish paper. has two pence british embossed revenue on right. vf $40+?

*922 zionist shekel. 1937. czechoslovakia. light blue on off-white, “czechoslovakia” at lower right. purchased in bratislava (now slovakia) for 10 kr. on 21 may 1937. hebrew/yiddish/english text on both sides, blue serial number at lower left. a similar piece sold for $65 in our sale 35b. $55

*923 zionist shekel. 1938. czechoslovakia. similar to above, but in black on greenish paper. purchased in nitra (now slovakia) for 10 kronen. black serial number at lower left. a similar piece sold for $75 in our sale 35b. also see lot 934 $55

*924 kofer hayishuv, haganah self taxation pair. 1938-1948. 1) 1938. early official receipt issued by “the national secretariat, presidency of the defense committee”. issued to “keem bank” for 33 “rings and jewelry” donated by the public and collected by the bank. (each donor, of course, received the kofer hayishuv ring as a token of appreciation). 2) 1948. check issued by the loan & saving society of hapoel hamizrachi, tel-aviv for 100 palestine pounds. has rare circular “kofer hayishuv duty paid” handstamp on face and anglo-palestine bank handstamp on both sides. dated 12 may 1948 just before israel declared itself a state. both documents entirely in hebrew. $60

*925 beiti (my house) palestine saving and building co., ltd. 1941 saving certificate for 1 palestine pound. features two bezalel vignettes at upper center. in english, arabic and hebrew and issued to mrs. esther szyk. 25 coupons, each for 10 mils on back. scarce, the last we can recall offering was in 1996! $100

*926 kofer hayishuv. 1941. hebrew/english check of the halvaa verisachon cooperative society (savings and loan society) for 12,200 palestine pounds to be paid by the jewish agency to the labor office of predess hanna. with various handstamps and a rare kofer hayishuv 2 mils over 3 mil adhesive revenue, tied to the check by a handstamp of the zichron yaakov savings and loan society. $55

*927 palestine national cinemas ltd. 1945. share certificate for 25 shares at 1 pound each. purchased by a citizen of jaffa. printed in english and arabic. presumably an arab company. $75?

*928 birobidzian, russia chits. nd. a group of four small chits (c. 1 3/4 x 2”) for an industrial stock company in birobidzian. the reverse has a handstamp (hope for financial and monetary committee?) and 2 of them are signed underneath. 1, 2, 5 & 10 rubles, the fronts are all different colors. birobidzian was the region in the soviet union which was designated as the “jewish autonomous region” which was an attempt at a planned mass jewish settlement. the attempt failed as have most if not all except for the state of israel. these may have been issued after one of the stalinist purges (1936-37 and 1948-49) as the script is in russian not yiddish. rare, 1st we’ve seen. $150+?

*929 deposit certificates. 3 different small size (c. 2 x 2 inches), all in palestine pounds. 2 from the standard bank of palestine, the 3rd from bank haolim, the palestine-poland ltd. $60?

*930 irgun. revisionist contribution receipt for pounds. irgun’s symbol (“greater israel” and hand holding rifle, with “rak kach” (the sole solution)) and legend on greenish paper. ef $50+

*931 kofer hayishuv. 1946. check of the hadera laborers society savings and loan coop for 100 palestine pounds to be paid to solel boneh (the large construction firm of the histadrut). has unusual 10 mils palestine postage stamp (?) and kofer hayishuv 2 mils revenue. signed and handstamped by solel boneh. $45

*932 national committee for the zionist shekel. 1946. a mimeographed letter on an officially printed letterhead addressed to a local school. announces that a national assembly will be held in each school on “shabbat shekalim” (when the weekly biblical reading will be about the shekalim). all 6th to 8th graders were required to attend and the sole issue will be the zionist shekel. with handstamp and signature and imprinted jnf “israel” map. $75

*933 palestine and israel bank seals. ellern’s bank natanya, palestine kupat am bank, jerusalem ,the workers’ bank ltd (hapolim) tel aviv palestine and another from the workers’ bank ltd (hapolim) tel aviv israel. 4 seals, the first three red and black, the last blue and white. see lots 729 & 730 . $70+?

*934 zionist shekel. 1948 czechoslovakia. purchased for 20 kronen on 1 december 1948. also see lots 922 and 923 $55

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*935 special presentation album. 1949. issued by ma’ariv newspaper, depicting members of the 1st knesset. entirely in hebrew, with a small bio below each photo, plus other photos. a few of the notables pictured, include, ben-gurion, weizmann, rabin and golda meir. impressive $50

*936 jewish symbols and ceremonies. 25 colorful cards (ea. c. 1 3/4 x 2 1/2”) showing symbols and ceremonies of judaism. on the back of each is a biblical quote and a small explanation of the picture. the set is supposed contain 50 cards. very colorful $50+

*937 haifa youth absorption center. receipt in orange for contribution. building in center of brick wall. vf-ef, staple holes, perforated at left as probably taken from booklet. $50

*938 shoham sherutey hayam consumption voucher. 100, 200 and 250 prutah, all series hay #7891. ht-4b, c, & d. the first two have, “remember your family and friends! postcards obtainable at the bar cables-acceptance in purser’s office” and the 250 pruta has “your favourite tune will be played by the band. ask for it!” 3 au-unc chits, with matched serial numbers. rare as such. for more information on this and the following 2 lots see sylvia haffner’s judaic tokens and medals pages 266 and 267. $250

*939 ---50 prutah, bet 13638. hire your deck-chair and pay with consumption vouchers. jtm ht-4a. vf. $75+

*940 ---500 prutah, “for crew only”. reverse blank. ht-4e variety. nice vf $75+?

*941 group of 12 advertising or political messages on facsimiles of israel notes, all different except for two (and they are different colors). not your typical group, i am familiar with less than half. $50


why do people collect this stuff.Obviously people collect for different reasons, but most people seem to collect these items as teaching tools for use at home, in schools, synagogues and churches. Many people donate them to national or local museums. There are people who deny the existence or magnitude of the Holocaust. These items are a weapon against them.

In addition to these lots, also see the following lots earlier in the catalog: 390, 539, 593-594, 596-597, 602-659, 701-702, 704-706, 709-723, 727, 731, 733-738, 740, 779, 781, 785, 799, 841 and 843.

*942 numismatic related anti-semitic postcard. 1900. a multi-colored german new year card, featuring various stereotypes including a jewish “money lender” with a notice in his hand marked “prima” = splendid and a table with coins and banknotes below labeled “interest receipts.” issued in leipzig, franked and mailed in leiden, netherlands. scarce? $100

*943 numismatic related anti-semitic postcard. 1911. black and white “comic” like captioned scenes, one of which features a jewish peddler counting his coins. written in german, franked and mailed. $110+?

*944 anti-semitic notgeld austria1919 30 heller. issued by a hunting society. depicts a hunting dog on front and a 4 line rhyming “jingle” on back, “the jews control the trade, the hunt is in our blood.”. unc. a similar piece sold for $108 in our last sale. $100

*945 ---1919 50 heller. issued by a hunting society. similar to above, with a different dog and a different 4 line jingle on the back, “along with the townsmen, the farmers, the jews and the deacons, god created the hunter”. a similar piece sold for $100 in our last sale. $100

*946 --- germany, finsterwalde. 1921, 75 pfennig. depicts four jewish bankers, smirking after a deal. au-unc. scarce, seldom seen. $40+

*947 ---bockenem im ambergau. complete set of 10 pieces of notgeld issued by heinrich rehman, each piece depicts a swastika and two of them contain anti-semitic text. see the shekel vol. xviii, #4, page 23. unc. rare. i can’t recall offering a complete set before. (the shekel article says that the two larger denomination notes are 2 mark. that is incorrect. they are one mark notes.) $120+

*948 ---brakel. 1922. 2 mark anti-semitic notgeld. this blue (or perhaps black) note depicts a man chained to a pillory which, according to the sexually psychopathic streicher (who published the primitive anti-semitic die stuermer) personifies jewry. the notes were received with so much disfavor that they were quickly withdrawn and replaced by a note with a row of houses in the background, which was seemingly less disgusting. choice ef, with corners bumped. see the shekel xviii, #4 $60+

*949 ---czechoslovakian anti-semitic notgeld. nd. 20 and 50 halara. each portrays a man at left carrying a huge bag (perhaps a group of foreigners or one foreigner) while at right another person kicks a jew into palestine. at top center is a portrait of a stern looking man with the inscription meaning “birds of a feather flock together”, under the denomination the text reads, “national taxes paid off” while the line of text at the bottom roughly translates into “everyone do you own duty “. we’ve never seen or heard of any anti-semitic notgeld from czechoslovakia. 2 unc notes. $250+?

*950 ---ribnitz. 1922. set of 3 anti-semitic notgeld. 10, 25 and 50 pfennig. a young jewish man, the devil as a jew and a goat butting a well dressed jewish businessman. 3 unc notes. $50+?

*951 anti-semitic overprint on german 1000 mark of 1923. 6 line overprint accusing the jews of hoarding and holding the gold and silver while the “real” germans are left with the “dreck”. vf and scarce. $125+

*952 anti-semitic pin. 1933/34. 30mm aluminum pin, which asks the question “peaceful nation or jewish dictatorship?” it depicts a handsome german with a sword & spade facing a wicked malicious jewish type. ef, rare. a similar piece sold for $200 in our sale 31c. $150

*953 extraordinary nazi germany “j” jude id card. 1939. the special gray fabric id cards were printed after the nazi law that forced all jews to add israel or sara as their middle names. the law was passed on 17 august 1938. this card was issued to 67 year old therese sara lehr on 30 may 1939. she had been born in 1872 and was now living in vienna. it was valid for 5 years. her photo seems to depict an expression of both pride and contempt presumably what an decent elderly lady would feel after being subjected to this experience which included prominently exposing her left ear as part of the nazi racial theory that jews could be recognized because their left ear is markedly different from the left ear of aryans. the card shows her fingerprints, numerous handstamps and her signature which includes her new middle name. issued by the vienna police and signed and handstamped on their behalf. there is a large j imprinted both on the front cover as well as the inside front cover. since this therese lehr was 67 and was of no use to the nazi war effort, she was chosen to be an early evacuee to the east. her card shows a large 2 line handstamp ‘evakuiert am 23 okt. 1941”. another handstamp (perhaps too faint to be seen in the scan, but definitely visible to the naked eye) reads “gestorben (died) litzmannstadt getto” as well as 2 numbers “9131” and “42” in red ink. the outer front cover has a boxed red handstamp reading archive in hebrew and arch. no. in latin letters. vf and exceedingly rare. a “non evacuated” card sold for $1100 in our march sale!. this is no doubt much scarcer! $1000+

*954 sheet of 8 yellow “jude” stars or badges. in some areas of nazi control jews were required to make their own armband or badge, while in other areas mass produced yellow badges were made by the authorities and given to the jewish community with orders that they be distributed immediately. we sold this sheet to the consignor in the fall of 1995. if i remember correctly the person that i purchased the sheet of badges from had made a very large donation to yad vashem and was given the opportunity to take this sheet for his contribution. extremely rare, it has been more than 10 years since i’ve seen a sheet of stars. $2500+

*955 drohobycz ghetto judenrat extraordinary document. nd (1943). a listing of 29 pieces of property in the jewish ghetto of drohobycz, on the official letterhead of the judenrat, which require the removal of debris of the ruined or damaged houses. this document shows (on both sides) the names and addresses of the new owners of the stolen property which included poles, ukrainians and city officials. the galician city (now in the ukraine) was annexed to the ussr following the 1939 nazi-soviet pact that partitioned poland. in early july 1941 it was captured by the nazis and the first pogrom was held almost immediately. more than 300 jews were murdered followed by a mass kidnap of jews for forced labor. the local ghetto was founded in the fall of 1942 included about 10,000 jews many from nearby towns as well as drohobycz, the liquidation of the ghetto started the next spring and thousands were murdered either in the nearby bronica forest or after being sent to the extermination camp at belzec. the document itself has rust stains, pencil and pen notations and wear and tear. it is an unusual example of the “official” takeover of jewish properties after the rightful owners were evacuated. included with this lot is article about the ghetto and letter from a ghetto survivor from an internet site. $850+

*956 dutch holocaust rarity. november 1941. offical amsterdam joodsche raad (dutch judenrat) document certifying that dr. d. hausdorff had paid his required taxes. issued by the department for support and social welfare work. with circular handstamp of the judenrat, second provisional levy commission for monetary management. the various taxes, fees and levies imposed by the judenrat were used to finance its large apparatus and a certificate such as this had to be presented before any service was given. a few repaired tears, otherwise vf. full english translation included. a rare early document. english translation included. $500

*957 ---july 1942. on official amsterdam judenrat stationary (watermarked paper!) of the jewish center for job training issued to the same dr. david hausdorff as mentioned in the above document. this declares that dr. hausdorff was a member of the judenrat staff and is signed by a.m. cohen, the director of the center. a work certificate was essential as unemployed jews were sent by the nazis to special “labor camps”. a full english translation is included. $550+

*958 ---august 1942. on official amsterdam judenrat stationary a typed document given to dr. hausdorff stating that “he, as a co-worker of the jewish council...has permission of the (nazi) security move freely outside your home...and in the streets...” presumably a pass to be out after curfew. signed by dr. hk. cohen, with a nazi handstamp of the security police and sd (the infamous ss of himmler) at left. a jew found out after curfew was usually shot on the spot so these were highly prized. with full english translation included! $650+

*959 ---september 1942. an official printed document, in both german and dutch, issued by the center for jewish emigration, amsterdam. this document orders dr. hausdorff to appear before the center on october 8th, along with his wife and children, to attest that he is exempt from work. he is ordered to bring his (and his family’s) passport, id card, marriage license, birth certificates and other documents to support his exemption from work. the letter also serves as a travel permit for that day. this document was part of the nazi deportation plan to extradite all unemployed jews to westerbork, on route to the death camps in the east. with english translation included. in our sale 36c (lot #1251) we sold a later version of this document for $850. $850

*960 ---july 1943. official international red cross inquiry form with message sent from the jewish agency in jerusalem to dr. hausdorff and his family in amsterdam. the typed message on this form letter (in english!) states that “you have been registered on the exchange list for immigration in palestine”. a pencil manuscript notes that the letter (?) has been redirected upon arrival. this is a rare example of the continuous attempt by the jewish agency to try to rescue prominent jewish leaders by placing their names on a list of exchange to try to “trade” them for german templars and other german civilians interned by the british. in more than a few cases being placed on this “exchange list” prevented the deportation to the death camps in the east. highly unusual and rare. and dr. hausdorff survived! $180+

*961 litzmannstadt receipt. an unused and blank receipt with space for the receipt number, name and address and on the right, the amount in marks and pfennigs, issued by the der aelteste der juden in litzmannstadt abt. f9fr die eingesiedelten. also included in this lot is a 50 pfg notgeld from licthenstein-lassenberg with an image of a jew as the devil. two items, the first likely rare. $50+

*962 ajdc food card. 1945-1946. a food ration card issued by the jewish committee of the american joint distribution comm, bad kissingen. on rather thick white-beige paper has space for bearer’s name and shows two oblong rows, each with seven boxes (a weekly card) marked ” for abendessen (supper) and “m” for mittagssen (lunch). these cards were issued to jewish survivors of the jewish dp camp at bad kissingen. scarce. a similar card sold for $70 in our sale 37a. $70?

*963 nazi hunter’s successful chase. 1971. a typed letter signed by the famed nazi hunger tuvia friedman (who tracked down eichmann) on the official letterhead of institute of documentation in israel for the investigation of nazi war crimes: the world jewish federation of victims of the nazi regime. this letter, addressed to a researcher of the ministry of education is in regard to the nazi war criminal helmut rauca who worked in the kaunas (lithuania) ghetto. friedman reports about their interest in rauca and about being denied access to the finding from the tel aviv police, war crimes department. the case against rauca was overwhelming. he was the first canadian citizen to be charged with war crimes during the holocaust. he had arrived in canada in 1950 and misspelled his name as rauak, apparently enough to not raise a red flag for many years. he was eventually captured in toronto in 1982 and was charged with the murder of 11, 584 jewish men, women and children. after a series of appeals he was extradited to frankfurt where he died in october 1963 while awaiting trial. the letter comes with the original envelope as well as comprehensive data about friedman and rauca in hebrew and english from various websites. $150+


PRICES REALIZED   (back to top)

This sale closed November 15, 2007. The following prices realized are provided as a courtesy to our bidders and customers. All prices are in US Dollars. Asterisk indicates tie bid. We are not responsible for typing, layout or display errors.

* Denotes tie bid

Lot #   -   Price Realized
4   -   $115
9   -   $40
15   -   $45
16   -   $65
23   -   $600
24   -   $700
27   -   $335
28   -   $700
31   -   $2300
39   -   $50
45   -   $175
46   -   $75
47   -   $200
49   -   $110
50   -   $3000
51   -   $5250
55   -   $70
58   -   $500
68   -   $225
69   -   $325
71   -   $150
73   -   $165
76   -   $110
77   -   $360
79   -   $500
80   -   $240
81   -   $100
82   -   $500
87   -   $75
90   -   $320
91   -   $130
92   -   $90
93   -   $70
95   -   $45
97   -   $160
98   -   $221
99   -   $275
100   -   $300
102   -   $600
103   -   $150
104   -   $65
106   -   $2000
108   -   $650
109   -   $125
114   -   $180
116   -   $150
121   -   $375
122   -   $325
123   -   $260
124   -   $425
125   -   $175
127   -   $390
130   -   $220
134   -   $260
136   -   $91
138   -   $60
139   -   $55
140   -   $110
142   -   $250
145   -   $360
146   -   $550
149   -   $1000
150   -   $375
151   -   $1250
152   -   $150
154   -   $80
155   -   $125
156   -   $90
157   -   $165
159   -   $125
160   -   $140
161   -   $100
162   -   $1450
163   -   $110
165   -   $300
166   -   $90
167   -   $95
168   -   $65
169   -   $45
170   -   $60
171   -   $50
172   -   $90
173   -   $60
175   -   $180
176   -   $90
177   -   $90
179   -   $120
180   -   $120
182   -   $110
183   -   $500
184   -   $75
185   -   $185
186   -   $350
187   -   $525
189   -   $475
190   -   $190
191   -   $250
194   -   $150
196   -   $450
197   -   $2600
198   -   $100
200   -   $450
202   -   $75
203   -   $125
204   -   $125
205   -   $160
206   -   $60
207   -   $50
208   -   $70
210   -   $45
211   -   $110
212   -   $110
213   -   $75
216   -   $70
218   -   $50
221   -   $325
222   -   $600
226   -   $400
229   -   $210
231   -   $100
233   -   $75
234   -   $50
235   -   $130
236   -   $48
238   -   $60
239   -   $45
240   -   $55
241   -   $55
242   -   $60
Lot #   -   Price Realized
243   -   $75
244   -   $40
245   -   $60
246   -   $90
248   -   $45
249   -   $45
250   -   $41
251   -   $45
252   -   $55
253   -   $60
256   -   $70
257   -   $410
262   -   $50
264   -   $70
265   -   $55
267   -   $60
268   -   $90
269   -   $27
270   -   $45
271   -   $180
272   -   $60
276   -   $65
277   -   $57
279   -   $85
283   -   $270
284   -   $70
285   -   $60
286   -   $70
287   -   $110
288   -   $44
290   -   $54
291   -   $55
295   -   $100
296   -   $100
*297   -   $130
298   -   $130
299   -   $150
300   -   $130
301   -   $15
309   -   $75
310   -   $21
*311   -   $75
313   -   $25
316   -   $35
317   -   $20
318   -   $40
319   -   $15
320   -   $60
321   -   $20
322   -   $12
323   -   $95
325   -   $75
327   -   $75
328   -   $37
329   -   $80
330   -   $115
332   -   $125
333   -   $115
336   -   $220
338   -   $65
340   -   $150
341   -   $115
343   -   $50
346   -   $240
349   -   $75
351   -   $35
354   -   $275
357   -   $35
359   -   $37
360   -   $125
361   -   $40
362   -   $110
363   -   $170
366   -   $40
368   -   $855
369   -   $90
370   -   $275
374   -   $125
375   -   $225
376   -   $300
377   -   $35
379   -   $230
380   -   $635
382   -   $200
383   -   $85
384   -   $300
387   -   $55
388   -   $35
391   -   $130
392   -   $45
393   -   $125
397   -   $225
398   -   $560
399   -   $925
400   -   $325
404   -   $30
405   -   $90
406   -   $375
415   -   $100
416   -   $115
418   -   $150
421   -   $110
422   -   $95
423   -   $70
424   -   $85
427   -   $80
430   -   $51
433   -   $85
436   -   $105
438   -   $175
442   -   $500
*444   -   $18
449   -   $175
451   -   $55
452   -   $40
453   -   $35
454   -   $125
455   -   $55
456   -   $475
458   -   $1650
464   -   $40
468   -   $65
469   -   $60
470   -   $225
471   -   $450
473   -   $110
475   -   $90
477   -   $100
479   -   $325
480   -   $100
Lot #   -   Price Realized
483   -   $250
484   -   $325
485   -   $160
486   -   $30
487a   -   $540
495   -   $45
497   -   $90
499   -   $120
502   -   $300
504   -   $150
505   -   $95
506   -   $75
509   -   $75
511   -   $100
513   -   $130
514   -   $575
515   -   $2500
516   -   $140
518   -   $35
519   -   $30
520   -   $25
521   -   $100
527   -   $150
528   -   $250
531   -   $30
536   -   $40
537   -   $130
539   -   $25
541   -   $50
542   -   $175
543   -   $250
545   -   $175
546   -   $485
547   -   $150
548   -   $300
549   -   $45
552   -   $250
554   -   $225
560   -   $175
561   -   $90
562   -   $160
564   -   $135
566   -   $130
567   -   $80
569   -   $125
570   -   $315
571   -   $795
572   -   $145
573   -   $60
575   -   $250
576   -   $850
578   -   $175
579   -   $48
581   -   $200
584   -   $30
593   -   $1050
595   -   $80
597   -   $140
598   -   $65
599   -   $65
600   -   $65
601   -   $60
602   -   $130
603   -   $95
604   -   $165
605   -   $200
606   -   $250
607   -   $220
608   -   $15
611   -   $100
612   -   $90
613   -   $150
614   -   $375
615   -   $180
617   -   $250
618   -   $65
619   -   $325
621   -   $700
622   -   $475
625   -   $30
626   -   $200
627   -   $200
628   -   $220
664   -   $150
677   -   $850
678   -   $60
680   -   $220
681   -   $220
683   -   $40
684   -   $175
685   -   $175
689   -   $75
690   -   $125
698   -   $75
700   -   $75
*701   -   $450
702   -   $105
704   -   $70
705   -   $110
706   -   $425
709   -   $180
*710   -   $75
711   -   $65
712   -   $125
713   -   $100
714   -   $125
715   -   $110
716   -   $650
717   -   $425
718   -   $230
719   -   $230
720   -   $225
721   -   $100
722   -   $375
723   -   $575
724   -   $165
725   -   $40
726   -   $45
728   -   $25
729   -   $75
730   -   $110
731   -   $30
732   -   $65
733   -   $50
734   -   $135
735   -   $50
736   -   $50
737   -   $60
738   -   $40
740   -   $280
Lot #   -   Price Realized
741   -   $75
742   -   $33
743   -   $40
744   -   $30
745   -   $100
746   -   $1350
748   -   $45
750   -   $160
751   -   $1350
752   -   $250
753   -   $320
754   -   $40
*755   -   $55
756   -   $140
757   -   $150
758   -   $1250
759   -   $875
761   -   $725
762   -   $115
764   -   $1100
765   -   $280
767   -   $175
769   -   $240
770   -   $33
770a   -   $140
771   -   $55
774   -   $325
775   -   $165
777   -   $300
779   -   $850
781   -   $400
783   -   $90
785   -   $80
786   -   $85
789   -   $925
790   -   $350
791   -   $20
792   -   $100
797   -   $40
800   -   $125
804   -   $38
805   -   $160
806   -   $110
808   -   $150
809   -   $175
810   -   $80
811   -   $85
813   -   $100
814   -   $150
815   -   $125
816   -   $535
817   -   $500
818   -   $100
821   -   $240
822   -   $1250
824   -   $1800
825   -   $46
826   -   $550
828   -   $50
830   -   $80
832   -   $70
836   -   $85
838   -   $65
840   -   $135
842   -   $200
843   -   $22
845   -   $45
847   -   $65
848   -   $100
850   -   $46
851   -   $75
852   -   $75
853   -   $125
854   -   $125
856   -   $69
857   -   $100
858   -   $70
859   -   $251
861   -   $115
862   -   $115
863   -   $300
864   -   $75
866   -   $60
868   -   $40
870   -   $85
872   -   $65
874   -   $150
875   -   $145
878   -   $145
879   -   $90
880   -   $55
881   -   $80
882   -   $125
884   -   $110
885   -   $35
896   -   $45
898   -   $160
899   -   $75
900   -   $50
901   -   $50
902   -   $50
903   -   $50
904   -   $150
910   -   $40
911   -   $150
912   -   $160
913   -   $200
915   -   $500
922   -   $50
923   -   $40
924   -   $40
927   -   $50
932   -   $50
934   -   $40
936   -   $40
938   -   $150
939   -   $50
942   -   $90
943   -   $90
944   -   $100
947   -   $125
949   -   $350
950   -   $35
951   -   $190
952   -   $170
953   -   $1100
954   -   $2500
955   -   $1000
958   -   $725
959   -   $850
960   -   $225
962   -   $75
963   -   $180