List 37C - Spring 2007

Ancient and World Coins

Note: This list is now out of date. It is included here for informational purposes only.

World Coins: Ancient to Modern

Fixed Price List 37C (Spring 2007)

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INTRODUCTION   (back to top)

It's been over a year since our last Fixed Price List went out in the mail, although we had an Internet only list our last fall. We have our excuses, including 2 1/2 feet of snow in late April, which left us without electricity for 2 days but hopefully it will not be that long between lists again. This list represents only a small portion of our inventory and includes many new purchases as well as some "old friends". On many of these we've reduced prices drastically. Lots of other coins should have been listed here but we needed to get this list out as some of you no doubt thought that we had dropped off the face of the earth. In addition we have hundreds of books, banknotes and "traditional" money items that need to be listed. We most likely will be sending out specialized lists of these in the coming months as well as listing them on our website. These lists will be sent to those who request them only.

An asterisk * indicates that a photo of this item is on our website or will be shortly. If you can't find the image please email us and we will either give you instructions on how to view the item or we will send you the image directly. We can provide images for most items on this list. It is becoming more and more difficult (as well as expensive) to provide "real" photographs of coins. After many years we've raised our shipping charges both in anticipation of the USPS rate change in May as well as the increase in mailers, envelopes and other shipping supplies. In most cases we are still not breaking even on postage.

The best time to reach a real person (either Rita or Bill) is between 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday. However in many cases we can also be reached before or after those times or on the weekend. In any event if we are not in please leave a short, but clear, message and we will return your call. We are now using a completely new numbering system to make it easier for us to "find" pictures when putting the list on the internet.

Space does not permit us to list books on this list. However there is one new book that has just been published and we highly recommend it. Written by Ray and Steve Feller it is Silent Witnesses: Civilian Camp Money of World War II. A brand new 168 page book with 775 full-color illustrations which is destined to become the "Bible" of money used in Concentration Camps, Ghettos, Internment Camps & DP Camps. $35 (plus $5 domestic shipping).

As many of you know the ANA will hold elections this spring and summer for a new Board of Governors. We usually don't get involved in numismatic politics but this year is an exception. We believe that a completely new Board is needed to restore some sanity and leadership both within the Board of Governors itself and to the leadership at the headquarters itself. Therefore we will not vote for anybody associated with the current board (even though some are our friends). Some of the people who we think deserve to be on the Board are: Ed Rochette, Walt Ostromecki, Joe Boling, Chet Krause, Cliff Mishler, Radford Stearns and Wendell Wolke. We will not be voting for any candidate running unopposed.

GOLD COINS   (back to top)

*27520 lesbos, mytilene. 480-450 bc. electrum hekte (2.60)lion's head right/calf head r in intaglio, small incuse rectangle behind. bmc-21, sg-4240. vf $600

28851 BERMUDA, Elizabeth II. 1977 3 Piece Boxed Mint Set. $25 silver and $50 and $100 Gold, all with ships on reverse. KM-MSA2 (contains KM 26-28). Very rare, all 3 BU though the large silver piece is somewhat cloudy. $450

*28716 brazil, jose i 1773 gold 2000 reis josephus id g portugu rex around "2000" and shield et brasilia dominus anno 1773 around cross. only 14, 000 minted, 2nd year of two year type. km-198, fr-7. ef, solder marks $190

28159 CANADA, Elizabeth II. 1967 Gold 20 Dollars KM-71. BU $365

28160 INDIA, George V. 1918-I. Gold Sovereign, Bust right/St. George slaying the dragon. KM-525a, Fr-1609. EF-AU $175

*28728 israel, theodore herzl. 1960/5720. gold 20 lirot. fr-1, km—30, bu $210

28161 ---25th Anniversary 1973 Gold 50 Lirot. KM-72, Fr-11. Proof $160

*28729 ---walls of jericho 1987. gold 5 new sheqalim. k-182, fr-29, pf $220

*28730 ---jaffa harbor 1989. gold 5 new sheqalim. km-204, fr-33. proof $280

*28733 ---dove and cedar. 1991. gold 1 new sheqel. wildlife series. fr-37, km-342. proof $175

*27186 ---leopard and palm tree. 1994. gold 1 sheqel. wildlife series fr-51, km-260. proof $175

*28735 ---millenium 1999. gold 10 sheqalim dove as "2000" with olive branch, and they shall beat their swords into plowshares. denomination, olive branch. 1,859 minted. km-333, fr-74. proof $500

*28711 italy. venice, michele steno. 1400-1413. gold ducat (3.31)doge kneeling before standing figure of st. mark michael sten dv smveneti/christ standing within stars sit t xpe dat q tv regis iste dvcat. fr-1230, bi-2858vf, light scrs. obv $250

28162 MEXICO, Estados Unidos. 1945. Gold 2 Pesos. KM-461. BU $43

26435 NEPAL, Girvan Yuddha Vikrama. (1799-1816) Gold Dam or 1/128 MoharUniface. One of the thinnest coins ever made.. KM-535, Fr-14. VF-EF $25

*28389 netherlands, gelderland, karel van egmond 1492-1538 gold florinknight on horse right/cross. solder spot on reverse. fr-68, vf, spot $410

28758 SOMALIA. 5th Anniversary of Independence. 1965 Gold 50 Shillings. Bust of President Osman/Arms. 6,325 minted. KM-11, Fr-4. Proof $160

28756 ---Similar. 1966. Gold 20 Shillings Fr-5, KM-10 Proof $79

28757 ---10th Anniversary of Independence. 1970 Gold 20 Shillings Stylized Atomic Symbol/Arms 8,000 minted KM-16, Fr-10 Choice Proof $85

28759 ---,---Similar 1970. Gold 50 Shillings Man holding vase/arms8,000 mintedKM-17, Fr-9 Proof $190

28760 ---,---Similar. 1970 Gold 100 Shillings Girl holding fruit/Arms8,000 mintedKM-19, Fr-8 Proof $325

28761 ---1st Anniversary of Revolution 1970 Gold 50 Shillings Crown ear/ArmsKM-18, Fr-13 Proof $175

*28762 ---,---similar gold 100 shillings hand, helmet and rifle/armskm-20, fr-12proof $325

*28763 ---,---similar. gold 200 shillings monument/arms km-22, fr-11 choice proof $620

*28764 ---10th anniversary of the republic 1979 gold 1500 shillings people with food/arms only 500 minted km-33, fr-18 choice proof $390

*28765 ---10th anniversary of the republic 1979 gold 1500 shillingscampsite/ arms only 500 minted km-34, fr-14 choice proof $390

*28766 ---10th anniversary of the republic 1979 gold 1500 shillings scientists/ arms only 500 minted km-35, fr-15choice proof $390

*28767 ---10th anniversary of the republic 1979 gold 1500 shillings women standing/arms only 500 minted km-36, fr-16 choice proof $390

*28768 ---10th anniversary of the republic 1979 gold 1500 shillingsman and woman/arms only 500 minted km-37, fr-17 choice proof $390

*28769 swaziland, independence commemoraive 1968 gold 1 lilangeni bust of sobhuza ii/arms 2,000 minted, 1450 melted, thus rarekm-6, fr-1choice proof $760

28770 ---75th birthday of Sobhuza II 1974 Gold 5 EmalangeniBust of Sobhuza II/Arms KM-15, Fr-5 Choice Proof $135

*28771 ---75th birthday of sobhuza ii 1974 gold 10 emalangeni bust of king/ maiden standing scalloped edge km-17, fr-4 choice proof $275

*28772 ---75th birthday of sobhuza ii 1974 gold 25 emalangenibusts of young king and mother/arms 15, 000 minted km-20, fr-2 choice proof $625

28773 ---75th birthday of Sobhuza II 1975 Gold 50 Emalangeni Bust of King/Greater Kudu 3,262 minted KM-26, Fr-7 Proof $115

28774 ---75th birthday of Sobhuza II 1975 Gold 50 Emalangeni Bust of King/ Greater Kudu 3,510 minted KM-26, Fr-7 Ch. BU $115

28775 ---75th birthday of Sobhuza II 1975 Gold 100 Emalangeni Bust of kings/ Swazi maiden 1,000 minted KM-27, Fr-6 Choice P-L $210

*28776 ---80th birthday of sobhuza ii 1979 gold 1 lilahgeni bust/arms 1,250 minted km-29.1, fr-10 bu $390

*28777 ---80th birthday of sobhuza ii 1979 gold 2 emalangeni. bust of king facing/bust of qeii right 1,250 minted km-30, fr-9proof $775

*28778 ---accession of king makhosetive 1986 gold 250 emalangeni. king's facing bust/bust of king's mother facing only 250 minted km-38, fr-12. proof $400

*28779 tunisia republic 1976 gold 5 dinars bust of president bourguiba left/ arms rare km-284a, fr-18 proof $450

*28780 ---international year of the child 1982 gold 75 dinarsbust of president left/two children km-317, fr-25 choice proof $350

*28781 uganda republic. visit of pope paul vi 1969 gold 500 shillingspope in front of globe/arms 1,680 total struck in 2 years km-16, fr-2 proof. huge gold coin 2+ oz. $1,575

ANCIENT JEWISH COINS   (back to top)

*28845 persian period, jerusalem 375-350 bc ar obol (.76) helmeted head of athena right/owl standing right, crescent behind, aoe & lily to right. the presence of the lily on this coin makes the argument that this coin was minted in jerusalem very persuasive ans-27, gitler-tal xii, 13o toned vf $2,250

*28602 ---prior to 333 bc ar hemi-obol (.50) helmeted head of athena r/owl stands to r, head facing, , yhd to right. h-426, ajc-4 toned g/vg $165

*28545 ---,---ar obol (.82) helmeted head of athena/owl stg right, lily to left, yehud to left but indistinct. ex george fisher collection ajc-4bvg $190

*28444 ---,---ar hemi-obol (.27) hd of persian king right/falcon with wings spread, (yhd) just bottom portion of letters visible. h-429, ajc-9 vf $400

*28603 ---,---similar ar hemi-obol (.22) hd of persian king right/falcon, head left, with wings spread, (yhd). sc. variety with head lefth-429v, ajc-9b, tjc-16e f/avf, bit grainy $225

28604 ---Hellenistic Period After 333 BC AR 1/4 Obol (.19) Head of Ptolemy I right/Eagle w wings spread, YHDH H-438, AJC-16, T—32 G/F, chipped $110

*23854 samaria 4th century bc ar obol (.75) head of bes facing/2 owls facingsc-53, cs-43 vg/avf $150

*28445 ---,---,---ar obol (..72). another, but nicer. toned vf $325

*28535 ---4th century bc. ar obol (.83) female hd facing/bearded head left, "shomron". sh-79 (this coin). ex vecchi sale spring 1997 sc-80, h-442vvf $320

*28547 ---4th century bc ar hemiobol (.28) female head (arethusa?) facing/ bearded male head right, "smryn' some flat spots. ex george fisher collection sc-81, cs-9 avf $175

*28546 ---4th century bc. ar hemiobol (.33)goat on hind legs left climbing plam tree o (e) to left, "d" below/helmeted male head left. obverse is exceptional sc-111 vf/vg $175

28608 J. HYRCANUS/ANTIOCHUS VII 132-130 BCE Æ Prutah (2.34) Lily of Jerusalem/Upside down anchor 1st Macabbean coin of Jerusalem.H-451VG $25

28606 ---,---,---Another, nicer Fine (2.45) $45

28548 ---A third, the nicest. (3.11) Ex George Fisher collection GF/VG $60

28609 JOHN HYRCANUS I 135-104 BC Æ Prutah (1.86) Yehohanan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews/Double Cornucopia with ribbons,pomegranate between horns, border of dots, H-453, AJC-P VF/F $40

28549 ---,---,---Similar (2.12) H-453, AJC-Pc4g VF $55

28611 ---,---,---Similar. Æ Prutah (2.72) H-454, AJC-M, AJC-A. aF/aVF $45

28614 ---,---,---Similar. Æ Prutah (1.75) Greek Monogram to lower left H-455, AJC-N GD Fine $45

28615 ---,---,---Similar. Æ Prutah (2.11) Ex Friedenberg collection H-456 aVF $60

28616 ---,---,---Similar Æ Prutah (2.63) H-457, AJC-NVF $85

*24726 ---,---æ lepton or 1/2 prutah palm branch flanked by 4 lines of hebrew /lily, "a" monogram to left h-458, ajc-o, tjc-c gvf $295

28617 ---,---Æ Prutah (2.00)Yehohanan the High Priest and Head of the Council of the Jews/Double Cornucopia, pomegranate between, monogram of 3 dots in triangle lower left H-459, AJC-S Fine $45

*26912 hasmonean 1st century bce æ prutah flan sprue (handle) attached. unstruck, one sprue attached. rare as such hen-464a/b nice vf $275

*25804 judah aristobulus 104-103 bce æ prutah. hebrew legend/double cornucopia high grade h-465, tjc-u vf+ $150

*28550 ---,--- (2.07) similar but rare type with 3 letters on first lineh-466, ajc-jcf-vf, dark $200

28621 ALEXANDER JANNAEUS 103-76 BCE Æ Prutah (2.72)Lily, "Yehonatan the King"/Upside down anchor within circle, "Of King Alexander" H-467, AJC-A, TJC-N F/VF, bit oc $35

28624 ---,---(2.43) Anchor "of King Alexander"/Star of 8 rays, surr by diadem, between each ray a letter, Yehonatan the King H-469, AJC-Ca VF $45

28623 ---,--- (2.03) Anchor "of King Alexander"/Star with 8 pelletss, surrounded by diadem, Hen-470, AJC-Cb F-VF $45

28627 ---,---(1.90) Yehonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews/Double Cornucopia, adorned with ribbons, pomegranate between horns H-473, AJC-E GD Fine $40

28629 ---,---(1.85) Similar H-474, AJC-F VF/F, rev. oc. $45

28630 ---,---(1.55) Similar with Cursive Style Script H-475, AJC-G VF/F $50

28631 JOHN HYRCANUS II 67, 63-40 BC Æ Prutah (2.64) Similar. H-479, AJC-H Fine $45

28633 ---,---(1.57) Similar. H-479, AJC-H. Fine. Double Struck $40

28635 MATTATHIAS ANTIGONUS 40-37 Æ23 (13.43) (8 Prutot) Double Cornucopia, "Mattatayah the High Priest and Council of the Jews/Ivy Wreath H-481, AJC-U6, T-36e VG-F $65

28637 ---Æ18 (7.77). Single Cornucopia tied with ribbons, "Mattatayah the High Priest" /Legend in 2 lines in wreath. H-482, AJC-V4 Fine. $85

28658 ---Æ Prutah (2.10) Double cornucopia, ear of barley between Retrograde Hebrew Mattatayah. Usual flan handles H-483, AJC-Y, TJC-40 VG+ $45

*28640 ---,---æ prutah (2.01) mattatayah the high priest surrounded by wreath/ double cornucopia, adorned with ribbons, pomegranate between hornsh-484, ajc-w vf, touch o.c. very rare. $350

*28475 herod i, the great 40-4 bc æ 8 prutot (7.28) tripod, ceremonial bow, year 3 and monogram. military helmet with cheek pieces and straps, flanked by 2 palm branches hen-486, ajc-1 vf $375

*28447 ---æ 4 prutot (4.08) crested helmet in profile, date to left, one cheek piece/shield with decorated rim. scarce variety with helmet in profile. h-487v, tjc-45b vf $335

*28477 ---æ prutah (2.15) aphlaston/palm branch rare this nice h-489, m-5, nm-47. vf $425

28642 ---Æ 2 Prutot (3.49) Cross surrounded by closed diadem/Tripod table flanked by upright palm branches H-490, TJC-48, AJC-7VG-F $45

*28479 ---,---æ 2 prutot (3.89). similar with unusual legend beginning hb instead of hp. h-490v, m-7v, nm-48v f/vf, irreg. flan $335

28643 ---Æ Prutah (1.75) Cross surr by closed diadem and incomplete inscription (as usual)/Tripod Table H-491, AJC-10 Crude Fine $40

*28478 ---æ prutah (1.28)cross, outside diadem, portions of "king herod"/tripod table scarce, seldom offered h-492, m-11 vf $145

*28533 ---æ prutah (2.04). anchor hpw baci/double cornucopia with caduceus between horns. scarce variety. h-500, ajc-17d, t-59c ef/vf $135

*28480 ---æ lepton (1.11) cornucopia/eagle. 1st jewish coin with graven imageh-501, m-23, nm-66 vf $165

28648 ---Æ Lepton (1.06). Another, only G/VG $25

*24727 ---æ lepton anchor, legend/war galley surrounded by dots scarce. h-502, ajc-22, tjc-65 decent vf $100

*28649 herod archelaus 4 bc-6 ad æ 2 prutot (3.51). double cornucopia war galley, facing left, with oars and cabin/legend in 3 linesh-503, ajc-3f/vf $225

*28449 ---æ 2 prutot (3.00). similar scarce variety hen-503v, ajc-3a/3b vf $335

*28482 ---æ prutah (1.54) double cornucopia/war galley unusual inscriptionh-504, ajc-4c avf $140

28654 ---Æ Prutah (2.44) Bunch of grapes on vine with small leaf/Tall helmet with crest & cheek straps caduceus below left, H-505, AJC-6 G-VG/VG-F $30

*28483 ---æ prutah (1.17)prow of galley, hpw/eon in wreath h-506, ajc-5nice vf $155

28652 ---Æ Prutah (1.35). Another GF $35

28655 ---Æ Prutah (1.44) Anchor with long slender arms/Legend in wreath H-507, AJC-2b GF/aF $30

28657 ---Æ Prutah (1.01) Anchor/Double Cornucopia, caduceus between horns, E N around, N between horns H-508, AJC-1b aF, chpped flan $35

*28841 herod antipas 4 bc - 40 ad æ 1/4 unit (5.17)upright reed lk=year 24 (20 ad)/tibe piac in wreath h-511, ajc-3a, tjc-77a. avf. struck on small but thick flan $475

*28448 ---æ1/2 unit (6.13) palm branch, year 33 (29 ad)/inscription in wreathreverse basically blank, still scarce hen-513, ajc-6 gf/poor $450

*28842 herod philip 4 bc -34 ad æ17 (3.94) head of augustus left/temple, lib between pediments (year 12 = 8/9 ad) nice green patinah-532, tjc-98, ajc-4 f, decent & well centered $475

*28450 ---æ20 (5.70) laureate head of tiberius right, branch in field to right/temple on low platform, date between pediments. year 37 = 33/34 ad. h-542, ajc-14, tjc-109 vg-f $440

*28451 agrippa i 37-44 ad æ 13 (2.11) bust of young agrippa ii left/double cornucopia, crossed at bases.. extremely rare hen-552, ajc-4, tjc-119 vg $950

*28452 ---,---æ prutah (2.29) canopy with fringes/3 ears of barley, year 6 high grade example tjc-120, ajc-11, hen-553. choice vf $185

*28553 ---æ prutah (2.58). similar, brockage, incuse of obverse h-553 gf $140

*28510 agrippa ii under claudius c. 50 ad æ21 (7.72)bust right/anchor in wreath. caesarea maritima extremely rare h-571, tjc-356, rpc-4848vg-f $360

*28511 ---,---æ24 (12.68) laureate head of claudius right/ob-cs in 2 lines in wreath. another extremely rare coin of caesarea maritima h-572, tjc-357, rpc-4858 af $725

*28454 ---æ 24 (12.46) of caesarea maritima. laur. bust of nero right/agrippina jr., std left hldg branch and cornucopia. extremely rare hen-579, nm-359 f/vf $725

*28485 ---,---(12.96) another, perhaps a bit nicer. f/vf $775

*28486 ---æ 1/2 unit (20mm, 6.56)bust of nero right/in the time of king agrippa, neronias. commemorates agrippa's refounding of caesarea panias as neronias. h-582, ajc-2, tjc-130 gd fine $325

28662 ---Æ 1/4 Unit (3.53) Bust of Nero righ/Legend H-583, AJC-3 Fair $55

*28843 ---æ24 (11.79) of sepphoris wreath and circle around legend in 5 lines, year 14 of nero claudius caesar/two cornucopias crossed, caduceus between them, legend around h-586, tjc-127, ajc-8 avf, dusty green-brown patina. rare, especially this nice $1,250

*28530 ---year 14, 74/75 ad æ30 (16.90) bust of vespasian right/tyche stg l., on platform, hldg cornucopia and ears of grain h -589, jc-7 gd fine $225

*28487 ---æ 17 (4.03)laureate bust of domitian right/galley with oars sailing left, year 19 = 79/80 ad h-599, m-20a, tjc-148a gf/vf $325

28531 ---Year 24 Æ21 (8.65) Bust of Domitain right /Nike advancing right with wreath and palm Hen-602, AJC-22 aVF $135

*28453 ---æ 26 (10.38) laureate bust of domitian right/square altar, inscription around in latin & greek! ke=year 25, 85/86 ad. scarce reverse typeh-606, m-26, nm-154 f-vf, tad rough $550

28532 ---Year 25 Æ11.5 (1.66)Bust of Domitian right/Single Cornucopia, ET KE-BA A Uncommon type Hen-609, AJC-29 VG/F+ $80

28663 ---Year 26 86/87 AD Æ24 (11.14) Laur bust of Titus right/Nike adv. right, hldg wreath & palm branch, star in front H-612, AJC-32a, T-160a. aF/F, bit rough $55

28664 ---Year 26 86/87 AD Æ19 (6.28) Laur. bust of Domitian r. Nike stg r., left foot on helmet, writing on shield resting on knee H-617, AJC-37, T-165F, bit rough obv $69

*28484 ---year 34 æ13 (1.74) bust of tyche right/cornucopiae very scarce typeh-630, ajc-52vf $325

28665 ---Æ14 (3.31) Bust of Domitian right/Legend in two lines in wreath. Year 35, 95/96 AD H-634 AJC-56 G-VG $40

28666 MARCUS AMBIBULUS, Procurator under Augustus 6-9 AD Æ Prutah (1.96) Ear of barley turned to right, KAICAPOC (of Caesar)/8 branched palm tree, with two bunches of dates, date in field H-635, AJC-1, TJC-311F-VF, chipped $45

*28489 ---æ prutah (2.17). similar year 39 h-636, ajc- 3, tjc-313 vf $140

*28490 ---æ prutah (2.18). a brockage showing a palm tree on both sidesscarce as such h-636v, ajc- 3v, tjc-313v vf $250

*28491 ---æ prutah (1.46) ear of barley/palm tree lm = year 40 = 10 adh-637, ajc-4, tjc-314 vf $140

*28492 ---æ prutah (2.22) similar year 41 h-638, ajc-5, tjc-315 gvf $150

*28493 valerius gratus, procurator under tiberius. 15-26 ad æ prutah (1.70) kai cap in wreath in 2 lines/double cornucopia with tib & lb (yr 2) in two lines h-639, ajc-6, tjc-316 vf $165

*28494 ---æ prutah (2.11) legend in wreath/lb (year 2 -15 ad) in wreathh-640, ajc-8, tjc-317 vf $150

*28495 ---æ prutah (2.09) kai cap in wreath/two crossed cornucopias with caduceus between them h-641, ajc-10, tjc-320 gvf $225

*27838 ---æ prutah. similar but tibeipoy misspelling h-641a, t-302a avf $85

28668 ---Æ Prutah (2.02) Legend in 2 lines in wreath/3 lilies in bloom, flanked by date (Year 3 = 16 AD) H-642, TJC-321, AJC-12 Fine $40

28670 ---Æ Prutah (2.10) TIB KAI CAP in wreath, Small letters/Palm branch, LE= Year 5 = 18 AD TJC-328a, H-646, AJC-18a Fine $35

28672 ---Æ Prutah (2.10) TIB KAI CAP in wreath/Palm branch, Year 11 = 24 ADH-647, AJC-19 TJC-329 Fine $35

*28496 ---æ prutah (2.28). as above but variety with small letters. h-647v, ajc-18a. fine $125

28673 PONTIUS PILATE, Procurator under Tiberius. 16-26 AD Æ Prutah (2.14) 3 bound ears of barley/Ladle, Year 16, 29 AD H-648, AJC-21, TJC-331. VG-F $75

*28503 ---æ prutah (2.48). similar, but legend varient tiberius spelled tibepoyh-648v, ajc-21v, tjc-331v vf $350

28674 ---Æ Prutah (1.91) Lituus/LIZ, year 17, 30 AD surrounded by wreath H-649, AJC-23, T-333 VG $60

28675 ---Æ Prutah (1.73) Lituus/LIH, year 18, 31 AD surrounded by wreath H-650, AJC-24, TJC-334 VG $60

28676 ANTONIUS FELIX, Procurator under Claudius. 52-59 AD Æ Prutah (2.73). Legendin wreath/2 crossed palm branches H-651, AJC-32, TJC-342 aVF $65

28679 ---Æ Prutah (2.17) Crossed spears & shields/6 branched palm tree, H-652, AJC-29, TJC-340 F/VG $35

*28417 jewish war (first revolt) 66-70, year 2 ar shekel (14.18). omer cup, "shekel of israel, year two/3 pomegranates on stem, "jerusalem the holy" h-659, ajc-8 toned ef $2,400

28680 ---,---Æ Prutah (2.87) Amphora with wide rim & 2 handles, Year 2. Thin Amphora, 1st type of Mem Vine leaf with small branch and tendril, "Freedom of Zion" H-661, AJC-11, TJC-196 Fine $40

28820 ---,---Æ Prutah (3.83) Similar, 2nd type of Mem H-661, AJC-11a, TJC-196aNice F-VF $55

28499 ---,---Æ Prutah (2.76) Similar " H-661, AJC-11a, TJC-196a GVF $165

28498 ---,---Æ Prutah (2.60) Similar H-661, AJC-11a, TJC-196a Ch. VF+ $175

28497 ---,---Æ Prutah (2.91) Similar H-661, AJC-11, TJC-196 Ch. VF $225

28685 ---year 3 Æ Prutah (2.79). Amphora with lid H-664, M-20, TJC-204 F/VG $40

28684 ---,---Æ Prutah (2.53) Similar H-664, M-20, TJC-204 VF/F $65

*28501 ---,---æ prutah (2.72) similar h-664, m-20, tjc-204 vf $265

*28456 ---,---æ prutah (2.80) similar h-666, m-20 ch. vf+ $300

26264 ---Year 4. Æ 1/8 Shekel Chalice/Lulav flanked by etrog. H-670, AJC-30, TJC-214 VG $75

28821 ---,---(4.31) Another, H-670, AJC-30, TJC-214 Fine, bit rough $99

*28686 bar kochba revolt 132-135, year 1 middle bronze (10.37). vine leaf, "year one of the redemption of israel"/palm tree, 2 bunches of dates, "shimon, prince of israel" in 3 lines. great reverse h-678, mild-46vf/ef, green brown patina $385

*24779 ---year 1 (or hybrid) middle bronze (7.54). palm tree, "shma"/vine leaf, "year 1 of the redemption of israel." hybrid years 1 and 2, palm tree is from dies of year 2. mild-47, h-679, tjc-257 avf $750

*28457 ---year 1 æ middle bronze (10.11). palm branch in wreath, "shimon, prince of israel"/ lyre of 6 strings, "year one of the redemption of israel" h-680, mild-26 nice vf+ $900

*28458 ---small bronze (5.87) bunch of grapes, "year one of the redemption of israel"/palm tree with two bunches of dates, "eleazar the priest". hen-681a, mild-148 ef $850

*28459 ---,---small bronze (7.67) on extremely large flan hen-681c, mild-149. gvf $725

*28460 ---,---similar hen-681, mild-150 ef $825

*28426 --- ar sela (12.54) or tetradrachmfacade of temple with ark and scrolls, star above "jerusalem"/lulav with etrog at left, "year two of the freedom of israel" h-689, mild-45 vf, flan crack. rare $2,500

*24562 ---,---medium bronze (9.13) palm tree, "simon"/vine leaf, ‘year 2 of the freedom of israel" mil-54, h-708a. fine $175

*24539 ---,---,---(10.46). similar mild-56, tjc-260a, h-708 f-vf $225

*24780 ---,---,---(9.91). similar back of head & chin visible on under coin.mild-58, h-708 nice vf $500

*25735 ---,---,---(12.26) similar mild-60, tjc-260, h-708. gd f, large flan $175

*25261 ---,---,---(9.32) similar h-708, mild-64. gvf $275

28822 ---,---,--- (12.03) Similar Zayin "9" added in field H-708, Mild-73 VF-EF, pretty patina $225

28824 ---,---,--- (10.19). Similar Touch off center on reverse, very pretty green patina with hints of red-brown H-708, MIld-74VF $250

*28504 ---,---æ small bronze (5.97) palm tree, jerusalem/grapes, "year 2 of the freedom of israel h-710, mild-153, tjc-266 avf $275

*25763 ---(year three) medium bronze (13.51) palm tree, "shimon"/vine leaf, "for the freedom of jerusalem". m-98, tjc-292b, h-736 f-vf/avf $250

*24770 ---,---,---(11.73) similar mild-100, h-736 f/vf $225

*28687 ---,---,--- (10.36) similar file marks on reverse to obliterate previous coin h-736, mild-104. obverse inscription gone, reverse sharp f/vf $190

*27767 ---,---,--- (9.40) similar. h-736, mi-143, t-292a f/vf $210

*27768 ---,---,--- (8.34) similar. h-736, mi-146, t-292a f/vf $250

28823 ---,---Æ Small bronze (5.43) Palm Tree, 2 bunches of dates, "Shimon"/ Bunch of grapes, "For the Freedom of Jerusalem" H-739, Mild-158, TJC-302 VF, bit o.c., brown patina $125

*28505 ---,---,---(4.84). similar scarest of 3 types of this coinh-739, mil-160, tjc-302b vf $250

*28588 judaea capta, titus 79-81 æ21 (7.73) of caesarea laur head right/ nike stg r, foot on helmet, inscribing shield set on palm tree h -743, tjc-381a vf, green patina $175

*28506 ---,---æ 19 (7.61) bust right/nike stands r, foot on helmet, writing on shield, with two countermarks obverse: figure holding spear, reverse: war galley. unpublished as such. ajc-2v, tjc-381v fine $325

28690 ---,---Æ24 (11.26). Laureate head of Titus/Judaea sits mourning left of trophy, hands behind back, shield to r, H-745, AJC-5, RPC-2313 F $60

*28509 ---domitian 81-96. struck in caesarea æ dupondius (28mm 13.90) rad bust r/palm tree scarce this nice h-746, tjc-394, ajc-9. nice vf $725

28691 ---,---Æ23 (9.96)Laureate hd of Domitan left, DOMITIANVS CAES AVG GERMANICVS/Minerva in flowing gown adv. left, hdlg trophy in right hand, spear and shield in left. H-749, AJC-7, TJC-392 VF, nice green patina $90

28825 ---,---,---(10.70) Another, but a bit nicer Nice VF, pretty green patina $125

28826 ---,---Æ19 (6.21) of Caesarea Laureate head right/Trophy Nice green-brown patina H-751, AJC-5, TJC-390. Nice Fine $200

*28508 ---,---,---æ 20 (6.46) another, nicer. vf, dusty green patina $350

*28507 ---,---æ 26 (12.96) laureate head right/roman soldier facing hldg spear in r. hand, other object in left. divos t avg. extremely rare in any grade, this is (by far) the nicest we've ever offered! h-753, ajc-2, tjc-387 fine $725

*21656 ---,---æ13. head of domitian r/rudder.very rare. seldom seen or offered.h-754, ajc-4. vg-f/f-vf $275

*26506 10th legion countermark c.100 ad æ 20 mmhd right, c/m of head (nerva?) right c/m of galley. h-805. c/m f-vf, coin poor $150

*28512 ---æ23 (11.25)3 countermarks on coin of sebaste under domitian. lxf, male head to right and standing figure. coin is basically gone. very rsre with 3 countermarks! h-806a c/m fine, coin poor $450

*27843 minima of caesarea 1st century ad æ12 (.91) half prutah palm branch/vine leaf ajc-3, tjc-370 vf/f $300

*28844 --- (13mm, .64 gr) another, even nicer than above cr. vf $375


28827 ABILA, Faustina Jr., wife of Marcus Aurelius Æ21 (5.29) Her bust right/ Cornucopia with 3 bunches of grapes, legend, date, 162/163 AD. Ros-4, Mesh-211a Decent Fine $99

*28515 aelia capitolina, hadrian 117-138 æ 23 (9.08)laureate draped bust right/hadrian as founder plowing right with bull and ox mesh-2, r-1, h-810vg/f $445

*24776 ---antonius pius, 138-161 æ22 bust right/draped bust of tyche right mesh-21 f/vf $130

11026 ---,---Æ20. Laur bust right/Dioscuri, Eagle between them.Ros-14, Mesh-22Fine $75

*28516 ---,---æ21 (7.86) his laureate draped bust right, imp caes had antoninvs avgpp/bust of faustina sr., right faustina avguvsta mesh-26, ros-22 avf, green-brown patina $385

*26509 ---elagabalus 218-222 æ22 bust right/bust of sarapis right pretty green patina m-134, r70gvf $225

*28517 akko-ptolemais nero. 54-68 æ 23.5 (12.45) laur bust of nero left, nero caes avg cos imp xiiii pp/founder plowing right with 2 oxen, r-46, rpc-4749 vf/gvf $450

27039 ---Hadrian 117-138 Æ22Laur bust right/Hadrian as founder, plowing rightw. bull & cow, 4 standards behind Ros-48, H-819 aVF $90

*25796 ---caracalla 193-211 bi tetradrachm (15.23)bust right/eagle standing on ear of wheat ex dan friedenberg collection. hendin-p. 355 note. prier-1581, bell-384 vf. later two references tentatively attribute this to cyprus, but both note that this was only conjecture $200

28828 ANTIPATRIS, Elagabalus 218-222 Æ18 (6.40) Bust right/Tyche stg in Temple. Irregular Flan Ros-1, Hen-823 aF/F $150

27032 ASCALON 85/86 AD Æ14 of Antiochus IV Bust of Tyche r/Prow of ship, Year 189. Ros-56, BMC-56VF $50

*27139 bostra, trajan 98-117 (112-114) ar drachm (3.53) laur. & draped bust right/arabia stg, head left, camel at feet. kind 6-9, ans-1156 vf $65

*28425 caesarea. quasi-autonomous 68 ad? æ14 (2.81)rudder/ anchor, (year 14). very rare kad. pl-19, 1, ans-745vf $525

*24805 ---trajan 98-117 æ 31mm laur head right/tyche stg in temple, holding human bust, altar behind h-835, ros-19, bmc-39 vf $550

*28518 dium, caracalla 198-217 æ23 (12.05) laureate draped bust right/hexa-style temple, with pediment, eagle inside, altar inside central arch aoc = 271 - 207/208 ros-3, sp-3 fine $300

*28522 dora, quasi-autonmous year 128 (64/65 ad) æ17 (5.46) bust of tyche right, laureate and veiled/ tyche stg., looking r., hldg cornucopia & standard, inj-9, 18 (mesh) gvf $195

*25800 ---trajan 98-117 æ19 bust right/astarte stg, poe = yr. 175 ex dan friedenberg collection. ros-27, bmc-24 nice vf $150

*28523 eleutheroplis, geta 209-212 æ17 (3.60) bust of geta right/river-god std., l., hldg reed & cornucopia, "lucia septmia severa eleutheropolisr-19, mesh-180 f-vf $165

*28519 esbus, elagablaus 218-222 æ22 (8.43) laur. bust right, avtcmavrantoninvs/temple with central arch, flat roof to wings,tyche stg. l, left arm on spear, standing over river-god, ecboyc ros-3, sp-3 fine $195

*27255 gaba, hadrian 117-138 æ23 of year 116/117 laureate bust right/nike walking left, holding wreath and trophy ros-9, sng ans 900 fine $125

*22724 ---commodus. 177-192 æ23 laur. bust right/warrior stg with spear & shield year 245, ros-16 gvf, nice patina $125

20599 GADARA, Claudius. 41-54 Æ 18 Bust of Claudius right/Veiled bust of Tyche right, Year 44/45 AD Ros-21, ANS-1294 VF $75

22730 ---Commodus. 177-192 Æ21 Bust right/Tyche stg hldg cornucopia, foot on prow Ros-66, Sp-65 VF $50

*28524 gaza, antoninus pius 138-161 æ17 (5.04) laureate head of antoninus pius r/hercules standing nude to right, holding club and lion's skin, dated 208 = 147/148 ad ros-85 sim avf $165

28829 GERASA, Hadrian 117-138 Æ 16 (2.64) Laur bust of Hadrian right/Bust of Artemis right Ros-9 VF $75

28830 MEDABA, Caracalla 198-,217 Æ27 (11.29) Bust right/Tyche facing, head right, foot on prow of galley holding cornucopia, year 105 = 210/211 ADRos-5, Sp-5, Mesh-269 Fine $150

*28525 neapolis, antoninus pius 138-161 æ34 (23.04) medallion? laur. bust right/mt. gerizim, consisting of 2 masses, sep. by a ravine. on left mass isstairway leading past shrines, mass on right has branch at right, roadway leads to altar. ros-8v. af. a spectacular medallic sculpture $1,400

*27042 ---trebonianus gallus 251-253 æ25 his laur bust r/eagle, supp. on wings mt. gerazim surmounted by temple & altar, stairway leading to temple, colonade on base of mountain ros-113 f/f+ $150

*28526 nysa-scythopolis. nero 54-68 æ23 (10.03) laur. bust right/turreted tyche stg l, hldg wreath, resting on spear or scepter, year 130 =66/67 ros-7, barkay-12 vf $250

*28527 ---antoninus pius. 138-161æ23 (9.75) laureate bust right/dionysos, stg left, legs crossed hand resting on thyrsos, pouring wine to panther at left, ros-11, barkay-15 nice vf $250

*28520 petra, hadrian 117-138 æ21 (5.99) laureate bust of hadrian r/bust of tyche right. obverse has much smaller letters than sp example. spike-7v, ros-5v choice vf $335

*26512 ---,---æ15 bust right/3 line legend in wreath "petra metropolis" sp-12, ros-9 fine $110

26513 ---Elagabalus 218-222 Æ26Laureate bust right/Tyche seated left on rockRos-33, Sp-unl. Fine $110

27043 ---,---Æ19 Bust r/Founder plowing right. Somewhat cramped flan Sp-56, Ros-35 F-VF $55

*27044 ---,---æ22 similar, but nicer. sp-56, ros-35. vf $100

*28420 philidelphia. quasi-autonomous 441 (?) = 77/78 ad æ 16 (4.44) helmeted and draped bust of athena right/legend in 3 lines. rare, 1st we've had! sp-4, ros-5 nice vf $325

*28521 ---lucius verus 161-169. æ25.5 (12.64) laur. bearded bust right/bust of asteria right, draped & veiled, star above. spike-30 gd fine $325

*28528 philippopolis, philip sr. 244-249. æ 23 (10.30) bust r/roma stg l, wearing chiton, hldg phiale in rhand, resting l arm over spear over shield, sp-4, ros-1v vf $550

28831 RABBATHMOBA. Geta 209-212 Æ29 (13.60) Slightly bearded laur bust right/Ares, standing, facing, holding sword & round shield & spear Ros-20, Sp-32 VG $50

28832 RAPHIA, Severus Alexander 222-235Æ23 (12.44) Bust right/Dionysos standing holding thyrsus & vexillum, panther at feet, year 290 Ros-26 VG/F $75

*25802 sepphoris trajan. 98-117 æ27 bust right/2 line legend in wreath.ex dan friedenberg collection. ros-3, bmc-1, h-906 f-vf, bit grainy $120

ANCIENT GREEK COINS   (back to top)

*27855 gaul, the veliocasses 1st century bc potin 17mm abstract human head right/animal (horse?) stg l, 3 dots around de la tour 7417ff nice vf $110

*27616 campania, phistelia 380-350 bc ar obol (.54) facing head/barley-corn between dolphin and shell sg-316 vf+ $120

*28314 calabria, tarentum 500-480 bc ar nomos (8.01) taras std r., on dolphin, holding cuttle fish/hippocamp right, scallop shell below. sg-224v, sng-cop-774 avf $890

*28281 lucania, metapontion 510-480 bc ar stater (7.95)ear of corn/same, but incuse flan flaw sg-238, sng cop-1170 fine $225

*28312 lucania, poseidonia 480-400 bc ar nomos (8.03) poseidon advancing right, brandishing trident/bull standing left, in shallow circular incuse sg-424, ans-647 vf, scr. on reverse $550

*28421 ---,---ar nomos (8.00) another, but a bit nicer. vf/gvf $575

*19122 macedon kings, philip ii 359-336 bc (348-342) ar tetradrachm (14.05) of amphipolis laur head of zeus right/boy on horseback right, bunch of grapes below sg-6682ff, lerider 254 gvf $275

*28423 ---alexander iii, the great 336-323 bc (319-305 bc) ar tetradrachm (17.05) head of alexander as hercules right/zeus enthroned left, star to left, monogram below sardes mint. price-2667v. vf $450

21604 ---,---Fouree Tetradrachm (14.39) of Sardes.Bust right/Zeus sitting left, torch to l, A under throne As Price-2635. aVF $100

28186 ---,---Æ16.5 (5.92)Young hd of Hercules r/Bow in case, symbol above, K below Ex William Turner collection, Ex Spengler coll. aVF $30

*28320 ---philip iii 323-317 bc ar tetradrachm (17.10) hd of hercules right/zeus enthroned left babylon mint sg-6749ff vf $385

25951 ---Antigonas Gonatas 277-239 Æ18 Athena in Corinthian helmet r/Pan erecting trophy, monograms to l & r SG-3786 F-VF, green patina $75

*28563 macedon, lete 530-480 bc ar stater (9.37)naked satyr adv. right seizing a nymph by her right wrist, she looks back at him and raises her left arm in protest/incuse squre divided in 4 triangles by, sng cop-186porous avf $699

*28422 thrace, lysimachos 297-281 bc ar tetradrachm (17.03) head of alexander iii right/athena enthroned left, holding nike. lampsakos, thompson-47vf $825

22668 ---Abdera 385-375 BC AR Drachm (2.60) Griffin left/Stag standing left. A bit porous May-452 aVF $55

*28581 ---istros late 5th-4th century bc ar 1/4 drachm (1.57) 2 male heads facing/sea-eagle on dolphin left, above, pellet between, "a", bmc-13. avf $150

*24497 ---,---400-350 bc ar drachm (4.39) similar, monogram on reverse. sg-1669v, bmc-12. f/gf $100

*28589 ---odessus late 3rd cent. bc æ20 (6.98)laureate bust of zeus right/horseman wearing kausia riding right amng-i, 2207 vf, dark $110

*28574 ---pantikapaion c. 310-303 bc æ11 (.70) head of young pan right/bull's head left. bmc-16, sg-1699 gvf, nice green patina $65

*28575 ---,---,---æ12 (1.54) head of pan right/bow in case bmc-24. nice vf $55

*28576 ---,---200-150 bc æ12 (1.55) head of bull right/grain-ear and plow. scarce late type macdonald-140 f/vf $55

25722 THESSALY, Gyrton 300-196 Æ16. Young male head right/Horse running right. Very rare. BMC-, Cop-, Weber-2808, Rogers-237 F/aF $45

25723 ---Metropolis 300-190 BC Æ20 Laur. head of Apollo right/Aphrodite Castnia stg l, hldg dove, Eros in field before her BMC-7, 4, Cop-174 F $65

*28424 boeotia, tanagra c. 375 bc ar obol (.90)boeotian shield/forepart of horse right, t-a ex bcd collection, #277 sg-2453, dew-1499 vf $185

*28577 euboia, eretria c. 500-465 bc ar hemidrachm (1.69) cow standing left, head right, scratching head with it's right hind foot/octopus in incuse square. sng copenhagen says denomination could be a diobol. sng cop-472, dew-1545 toned vg/f, rough surfaces $110

*28565 elis, olympia, time of 108th-110th olympiad. c. 340 bc ar hemidrachm (2.93) head of nymph olympia right/eagle standing left, wings spread, head turned to right, fa behind. bcd collection, leu #90, lot 336.5 bcd-186f/vf $185

*28850 bithynia, kalchedon c. 340-320 bc ar siglos or drachm (5.36) bull stg. left on grain-ear ka above/granulated "mill-sail" incuse, sng cop-348 nice vf $175

*27550 ionia, ephesos 133-67 bc, year 2 ar cistophoric tetradrachm (12.75)cista mystica with serpent in ivy wreath/bow case, serpents, torch, "b" above sng cop-316v aef, lustrous $335

*27552 ---,---undated ar cistophoric tetradrachm (12.77). similar to above without the date. bmc-,cop-, va--. aef, lustrous $410

*28539 ---magnesia 4th-3rd century bc æ13 (2.37)laureate head of apollo left, hair rolled/forepart of bull rushing r, meander pattern behind. city sits on meander river, which gave us the word meander sng cop-804, sg-4489vvf $35

*23304 ---magnesia ad maendrum, time of augustus æ14 bust of artemis right, bow & quiver over shoulder/hd of apollo, lyre beforecop-857, rpc-2692 gvf $150

*28540 caria, kaunos 2nd century bc æ15 (2.33) head of apollo right/nude figure holding transverse scepter with snake on lower end, sng von aul-8103vf, bit grainy $35

*25467 ---knidos before 480 bc ar drachm (6.20)forepart of lion right/archaic dotted head of aphrodite right in incuse square sng cop-208 f/vf $375

28464 ---Rhodos 394-304 BC AR Didrachm (6.71) Head of Helios facing slight to right/Rose with bud on stem to right bunch of grapes and E to left, above, all in incuse square SNG Cop-728, SG-5037 aF $275

*28462 ---,---,---(6.70) another but nicer. vf $475

*28463 ---,---(6.71) a third, and the nicest gvf $500

*28469 ---after 304 bc ar didrachm (6.61) head of helios facing slight to right/ rose with bud on stem to right symbol, p-o to either side and magistrate's name above sng va-2840ff, cop-761 avf $360

28468 ---,---,--- (6.57) Similar with E to left of rose. SNG Cop-761v GF $225

*28569 ---uncertain mint c. 400-340 bc ar hemiobol (.53) ram's head right/male head right sng keckman-873, kayhan 996 vf, typ. light porosity $90

*28570 ---,---,---(.42). another, but nicer. toned vf, obv. bit o.c. $110

*25178 carian satraps, hekatomnos 395-377 bc ar drachm (4.14) lion's head with open jaws left, eka above/ornamental star. sg-4951, sng cop-588 vf $240

*28567 lycia, perikle, dynast of antiphellos c. 380-360 bc æ13 (2.31) horned head of pan left/p pe k around triskeles sg-5243, bmc-158ff vf $45

*28578 ---,---.---æ13 (2.10). another. vf $45

26998 CILICIA, Hieroplis-Kastabla. 2nd - 1st Cent. BC Æ23 Turreted head of Tyche right/City-goddess entroned l. SNG Lev-1563v aVF, nice patina $45

*28571 ---kelenderis c. 425-400 bc ar obol (.83). bridled horse right/kneeling goat left with head revesed, ke. sng fr-116, lev-29 vf, touch porous $90

26428 SYRIA, Antioch, Seleucia and Pieria 1st Cent. BC Æ16 Turreted bust of Tyche right/Tripod Year 224 (c.84 BC) BMC-19ff VF $40

*23309 coele-syria, chalkis, ptolemy tetrach year 240, 73/72 bc æ19 head of zeus/the dioskouri, stg & fcg, each with a spear cop-413 vf, black patina, bit rough $175

*28345 seleukid kings, seleukos i nikator 312-280 bc (311-305) ar tetradrachmn (17.16), seleukeia mint. hd of young herakles r/zeus std left, monogram below sg-6828, sc-117, 1c vf $410

24866 ---Demitrios I 162-150 Æ15 Serrate Horse's head left/Elephant's head right, SNG-Is-1302, SG-7028 F/VF $50

26897 ---Demetrius II, Nikator. 1st reign 145-140 BC Æ20 Head of king right bound with taenia/Cornucopia. Lind-1832 VF/F, rough field $35

*28415 ---antiochus vii euergetes 138-129 bc ar tetradrachm (16.38) of antioch. bust right/athena stg left hldg nike & spear, hand on shield. a to left, monogram above. sma-282, sng israel 1855-57 toned vf $375

*28751 phoenicia, tyre after 126 bc (87/86 bc) ar half shekel (7.13) head of melqarth r/eagle standing l, club to l, lm (year 40) to left, monogram to right. used to pay temple tax in jerusalem h-917, bmc-225v nice ef $650

*28752 ---,---(80/79 bc). another. mz (year 47) to left, monogram to right. h-917, bmc-226v ef $575

*28430 ---,---after 126 bc (21/20 bc) ar shekel (14.00) hd of melkarth right/eagle stg l., date ps and club to left, monogram to right. 30 pieces of silver. shekel of tyre. year 106. scarce year prieur-1388, h-917vf, scr. behind head $450

28700 ---,---19/20 AD + year 145 AR Shekel (13.74) Another this with KP at right on reverse, thus the Jerusalem type H-919, RPC-4658 VG/F $275

*28431 ---,---,ar shekel (14.01). another jerusalem type, date off flan prob. struck after 49 ad. h-919, bmc-210ff vf, rev. o.c. $335

28188 NABATEAN KINGS, Aretas IV 9 BC-40 AD Æ18 Conjoined busts of Aretas & Queen Shugailat/Crossed cornucopias, legend, date = 39/40 ADMesh 112-114 Gd Fine $30

*27047 ---,---æ14 laureate bust of aretas r/2 parallel cornucopias w. palm & letters to l. very rare reverse type sng ans-1430 vf $135

28701 ---Rabbel II c. 71-106 AR Drachm (3.04) of Petra His laureate bust right, "Rabbel the King, King of Nabatea"/Veiled & draped bust of Queen Gamilath, Mesh-153, SGI-5705 VF $165

27774 ELYMAIS, Phraates 2nd Cent AD Æ Drachm. Bearded bust left, crescent behind/Artemis r with bow, quiver & arrow SGI-5899, BMC-272, 1 F $40

*25559 parthia, vardnes i 40-45 ad bi tetradrachm (13.30) bare headed bust left with short somewhat pointed beard, royal wart on forehead/king seated right on throne, tyche standing left before. shore 350-352, macw-63, sell-64. vf, bit debased $90

28156 SASSANIAN KINGS, Varahran IV 388-399 AD AR Drachm of Herat, Bearded head of king right/Fire Altar Sellwood-39 VF, flan crack $75

28157 ---Peroz 459-484 AR Drachm of Art Bearded head of king right/Fire AltarSell-49, Gobl 174-75 Ch. VF+ $65

26900 ---Hormazd IV 579-590 AD (year 9) AR Drachm of Abarshahr. Bust right/Fire altar, 2 attendants MACW-1099, Göbl #202, pl.12, 197v. VF $40

27770 WESTERN KSHATRAPAS, Rudrasena II 256-279 AR Drachm Bust r/3 arched hill w. moon and sun, year 188=266 AD. Incomplete obverse legendMACW-2729 VF $22.5

*28544 ptolemaic egypt, ptolemy ii 254-253 bc ar tetradrachm (13.90) of akko-ptolemais. hd of ptolemy i r./eagle standing left, monograms to left, (yr 34 254-253 bc) ex fisher collection. bmc-6, 112v. r-10v vf $135

28556 ---Ptolemy XIII Auletes 81-50 BC Æ23 (6.72), Cyprus?. Diad. hd of Zeus Ammon right/Eagle stg left on thunderbolt, aphlaston in left field. Rough brown surfaces. Uncertain mint in Cyprus SNG Cop-676,Svo-1813 F $85

18862 ZEUTIGANIA, Carthage (Siculo-Punic) 4th Century BC Æ14 Male head left/Prancing horse right SNG Cop-97. F/aVF $45

18863 ---,---,---Another. aVF $45

20818 ---,---,---Æ 14 Palm Tree with dates/Pegasus flying left. Nice green patinaCop-107 aVF $45

*28317 ---,---213-209 bc ar 1/4 shekel or hemidrachm (1.47) hd of persephone-tanit l/horse stg right. sng cop-1010 nice ef $385


Also see city coins of ancient Israel on page 4

*20936 moesia inferior, nicopolis ad istrum septimius severus. 193-211æ19 laur head right/tripod w. serpent entwined around 1 leg, hd rising above amng-1424v vf, green patina $125

*28566 ---,---elagabalus 218-222 æ15 (2.53) laureate draped bust right/ bunch of grapes bmc-73 dark vf, touch porous $69

*28436 mysia, cyzicus, faustina jr. wife of marcus aurelius æ 26 (8.97). bust of faustina ii right/tyche stg, looking left, holding rudder and cornucopia.bmc-227 nice vf $225

28543 PAMPHYLIA, Perga, Caracalla 198-217 Æ17 (4.13). Bust of Caraclla right/ Artemis standing right, holding bow and arrow, SNG Cop-325 aF $35

*28438 syria, seleucis & piera, antioch ad orontem, trajan 98-117 æ 20 (6.34) laureate bust right/sc in wreath, b below. 2nd issue at mint.bmc-270ff nice vf+ $165

*28433 ---,---herennius etruscus 251 ad bi tetradrachm (12.41) bare head and draped bust right/eagle stg. & facing, hd right, wreath in beak, sc belowbmc-615, vagi-2212 vf $140

23314 COELE-SYRIA, Damascus. Caracalla. 198-217 BC Æ24 Bust right/Bust of Tyche left. Ex Triton V. Ros-25, BMC-14-15 VF $185

*28846 mesopotamia, carrhae, macrinus 217-218 ar tetradrachm (13.39). laur. head right/eagle stg, hd r, wings spread, stg on long horned bull's hd, prieur-824, bell-164 vf, bit o.c. $150

*28418 roman egypt, tiberius 14-37 ad ar tetradrachm laureate head of tiberius left, year 14/radiate head of augustus right. date unlisted by curtis. c-, m-56, emm-60 vf, light porosity $325

*28404 ---vespasian 69-79 bi tetradrachm bust right/nike flying left hldg palm and wreath. year 2. c-262, emm-205 vf $275

*28587 ---,---æ diobol (5.92) laureate head right/draped bust of alexandria wearing elephant headdress, year 9 emm-215, ric-2, 2459 f/vf $90

*28411 ---hadrian 117-138 æ drachm. bust right/2 serpents face column with vase. year 21/ emm-907 vg/f $420

*28272 ---,---,---(17.44) head right/euthenia recling left, lh, year 8 milne-1066, emm-969 vg-f $140

*28409 ---,---,---æ drachm bust right/sphinx seated left, year 10? unlisted!emm-1053v vg/f $350

*28406 ---antoninus pius 117-138, year 5 æ drachm bust right/harpokrates mendes standing l. in temple with two columns. rare type missing in milne and koln. d-3031, emm-1528 vg/f $599

ROMAN COINS   (back to top)

17361 REPUBLIC, Anonymous 241-235 BC.Æ Litra. Helmeted head of Mars left/ Horses head right SR-594 F-VF $45

16888 ---,---211-207 BC AR Quinarius (1.75) Head of Roma right/Discouri rightSR-42 VF, rough $40

17362 ---,---,---,---Another. VG $35

28212 ---,---,---AR Sestertius (.89) Hd of Roma right/Discouri right. Rare, early use of Sestertius in silver. SR-46. Cr/ 44/7. VG $50

18866 ---,---,---Another. Dark aVF $99

24680 ---,---,---AR Victoriatus (1.67) Hd of Jupiter r/Victory crowning trophy. Overstruck over Greek drachm. SR-49, Cr-44/1 Fine, rough $45

16890 ---,---206-195 BC Æ Quadrans Head of Hercules right/Prow right SR-127vVF $45

28211 ---,---217-215 BC Æ Uncia. Head of Roma left, pellet behind/Prow right, pellet below. SR-615 F/VG $50

24684 ---,---,---Æ Semuncia. Female head right/Horseman galloping right, ROMA below. Nice green patina SR-619, Cr-39/5 VF, bit rough $90

23139 ---,---206-195 BC AE As Janus head/Prow right, dog above. Scarce symbol. Nice green patina SR-656, Cr-122/3. aVF/GF. $65

18531 ---,---211-207 BC Æ Sextans Head of Mercury right/Prow, 2 PelletsCr-72, SR-1209 VF/F $70

17369 ---,---211-210 BC` Æ Semunica Hd of Mercury right/Prow right, ROMA, corn-ear (=Sicily) Cr-72, SR-1361 VF $90

*28558 ---a. postumius sp.f. albinus 96 bc ar denarius (3.92) draped bust of diana r., bow and quiver over shoulder/three horseman galloping left, fallen warrior before, a albinvs sf in ex. sr-218, cr-335/9 f-vf $110

*28557 ---q. cassius longinus 78 bc ar denarius (3.82) head of bacchus r., wearing ivy wreath, thyrsus over shoulder/head of libera left, wearing vine leaf l cassia qf behind. planchet flaw sr-317, cr-386/1. vf. $135

*28213 ---brutus 54 bc ar denarius hd of libertas right/brutus walking in procession, brutus below. chewed up flan, strike not bad. sr-397, cr-433/1vf for the portion that is there $110

22747 IMPERATORIAL M. Cato 47-46 BC AR Quinarius Hd of Apollo right/Victory seated right Porica-11, SRM-1383, Cr-462/2 VF, rev a bit o.c. $90

27707 ---Pompey the Great, Murdered 48 BC Æ As Laur. hd of Janus with features of Pompey/Prow right, pius above, IMP below SR-1394 VG, nice green patina $90

*28432 ---mark antony, committed suicide 30 bc. ar denarius (3.48) lituus and jub, m anton imp avg iii vir r p c/tall jug between thunderbolt and caduceus plancvs imp iter sr-1470, cr-522/4 fine, bit rough $350

23118 IMPERIAL, Augustus 27BC-14 AD Æ As Bare headed bust rightl/Legend around SC. Nice portrait SR-1677, RIC-373. F+, bit o.c., pretty patina $75

28214 ---,---Æ As Radiate bust left/Altar of the Province of Augustus, 2 panel door, horns of altar above SR-1789, RIC-81 F, but rough $45

28215 ---,---,---,---Another. Gd Fine $60

27708 ---,---Æ Quadrans Clasped hands/Large SC SR-1693, RIC-420 VF, nice patina $60

*28750 tiberius 14-37 ar denarius (2.77) bust right ti caesar divi avg f avgvstvs/livia seated right in ornate chair pontif maxim biblical tribute penny sr-1763, h-916, rsc-16 vg-f $225

28833 ---,---,---(3.48) Another Tribute Penny. GF, but rev. flan crack $275

*28748 ---,---,---(3.55) a third tribute penny. f/vf $400

*28749 ---,---,---(3.72) a fourth tribute penny. the nicest of the group. vf $500

*27275 germanicus died 19 ad, issued by his son caligula æ dupondius. germanicus in quadriga right/germanicus standing left ric-57, sr-1820 v-512. f+, patina peeling a bit $165

27669 ---struck by his brother Claudius. Æ As Bare head of Germanicus right/ Large SC Moderate porosity SR-1905, RIC-106. VG $60

27668 CLAUDIUS 41-54 (41-42) Æ Dupondius Bare head left/Ceres std left.Tiber Patina, corrosion SR-1855, RIC-94 VG $60

17117 NERO 54-68 Æ As Bare head right/Victory flying lholding shield. Nice portrait SR-1976 Rough F+ $75

16908 ---,---Æ Semis Bust right/Gaming Table SR-1979v, RIC-247VG, rough. Not pretty, but cheap $15

27710 GALBA 68-69 Æ As Laur hd right/Liberty standing left. Low grade, but rare and inexpensive SR-2134 Rough G-VG $35

*28694 vespasian 69-79 ar denarius (3.23)laur bust right imp caesar vespasianvs avg/jewess seated r, mourning below & right of trophy, ivdaea in ex. judaea capta h-759, ric-15, sr-2296 gd fine $190

*28693 ---,--- (3.36). another judaea capta and nicer. f-vf $225

*28692 ---,---(3.24). a 3rd judaea capta denarius,and the nicest. vf $275

*28705 ---,---(3.41) of antioch laureate bust right, imp caes vesp avg pm cos iiii/vespasian stg in quadriga right, holds branch in r. hand and scepter in left. struck 72-73 hen-765, sr-2279, ric-364. nice vf, typ. ragged flan. a scarcer judaea capta type. $335

28696 ---,---AR Denarius (3.21). Laureate head of Vespasian IMP CAES VESP AVG PM COS IIII/Victory adv r., hldg palm, placing wreath on legionary standard, VICTORIA AVGVSTI H-771, SR-2317. Fine. Judaea Capta $110

*28695 ---,---(2.99). another, as above. fine $110

*26321 ---æ sestertius. bust right/mourning jewess to right of palm treeemperor with spear in military dress behind h-775, ric-733, sr-2327. af, device clear, legend almost all there on obv, partially on rev. $450

28834 ---,---(26.29) Similar. H-775v, RIC-427v, Brin-44v. F-VF, light rev. tooling, $675

28835 ---Æ As (10.83) Bust r/Victory adv r on galley VICTORIA NAVALIS. Judaea Capta type H-779v, RIC-503v VF, green patina, some of it peeling $150

*28554 ---,---æ as (6.53) laur bust r., imp caesar vesp avg cos v cens/victory stg r. on prow, hldg wreath& palm. victoria avgvst sc. for victory over judaea in first revolt (jewish war)ric-2, 562, h-780vf-vf, bit rough $110

*25314 ---æ quadrans, judaea capta. palm tree/vexillium pm tr ppp cos iii, s-ch-784, ric-504, b-72 choice vf, green patina $395

*28035 titus 79-81 ar denarius laur bust r/venus stg. r, leaning on cippushldg spear and helmet sr-2507, ric-9 avf $195

28745 NERVA 96-98 Æ As (8.46) Laureate bust right IMP NERVA CAES AVG P M TR P COS III PP/Aequitas stg l. hldg scales and cornucopia AEQVITAS AVGVST SC. SR-3060, RIC-77 Fine but porous $45

*27138 trajan 98-117 (112-117) ar denarius (3.35) laur. & draped bust r/ genius stg l., hldg patara and corn-ears.ric-275, sr-3160v nice vf $110

28697 ---Æ As (4.43) of Antioch? Rad. bust r, IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GERM/SC in wreath DAC PARTHICO PM TR POT XX COS VI PP. The War of Quietus against Jews of Syria H-938, SR-3243, BMC-1093VF, bit rough $90

28746 HADRIAN 117-138 (134-138) Æ As (12.69) Laureate bust right HADRIANVS AVG COS II PP/Fortuna stg l. hldg patera and cornucopia FORTVNA AVG SC RIC-812, SR-unlisted F, tooled $45

25899 ---Æ Uncia Laur bust r., no legend/SC in wreath. Uncommon denomination. SR-3705, RIC-629b. F-VF, green patina $19

20486 SABINA, wife of Hadrian. Died 137 AD Æ Sestertius Bust right/Concordia stg left. Obverse pitted, reverse less so. Brown Patina RIC-1026, SR-3933aVF/VF $80

*28472 aelius, as caesar 136-138. brass sestertius (28.56). bare headed bust right/salus seated left, feeding snake arising from altar. sr-3983cleaned vg-f $140

25187 ANTONINUS PIUS 138-161 Æ Sestertius Bust right/Temple of Divus Augustus with statues of Augusts & Livia. RIC-1004, SR-4235 F/GF $90

*28481 diva faustina senior, wife of antoninus pius ar denarius (3.28) bust r./pietas stg at altar "augusta" sr-4589, ric-373 vf, some scr's $70

17494 ---,---Æ Dupondius Bust right/Juno stg left. SR-4636, RIC-1155 VF, some encrustation. $50

28267 FAUSTINA JR., wife of Aurelius, daughter of Antoninus Pius Æ Sestertius Bust right/Hilaritas stg left, hldg cornucopia and long palm.SR-5275, RIC-1642. Good/Fair $30

*28474 ---,---(24.08) bust right/laetitia standing left holding wreath and sceptersr-5279 fine $85

*28471 commodus 177-192. brass sestertius (24.62) laur bust right/pile of arms, de sarmatis below. sr-5742 vg/f+, cleaned $110

*27347 caracalla 198-217 ar denarius. bust r/liberty standing left holding abacus and cornucopia. sr-6815, c-128 ch. ef, flan crack $110

27335 JULIA DOMNA, wife of Sept. Severus 193-217 AR Denarius. Bust r/ Fortuna hldg out-turned cornucopia & resting on rudder.SR-6583, RIC-552Choice EF $100

*27370 ---under her son caracalla. ar denarius. bustvesta standing left holding palladium and scepter. sr-7108, ric-390 ch. ef+ $100

*28327 geta, son of septemius severus 209-211, as caesar 199 ad ar denarius (3.39). bare head right/nobilitas stg. right, hldg palladium and scepter. sr-7184, ric-13a gvf/f+ $80

28847 ---,---(3,31) Bare head right, P SEPT GETA CAES PONT/Geta stg l., hldg branch and spear PRINC IVVENT SR-7194, RIC-159a Toned VF+ $50

*27325 ---,---bust r/providentia stg. l., hldg rod & scepter, globe at, ric-51 ef $100

*27324 elagabalus 218-222 ar denarius. bust r/liberty stg l,hldg abacus & cornucopia star in field. weakly struck reverse sr-7523, c-92a ef $90

28747 JULIA MAESA, grandmother of Elagabalus & Sev. Alexander, died c. 225 AD AR Denarius (3.56). Bust right IVLIA MAESA AVG/Pudicitia seated l., hldg scepter, veil over r. shoulder PVDICITIA SR-7756, RIC-268 VF+ $55

*27712 ---,---,---another, nicer. ef $100

*27713 severus alexander 222-235 ad ar denarius. laur. bust right/salus seated l. feeding snake arising from altar pm trip iii cos pp ric-42, sr-7894v ch. ef+ $100

*26823 ---,---bust r/mars stg. l, hldg olive-branch and spear sr-7895, ric-23ef $90

27345 JULIA MAMAEA, mother of Sev.Alexander. Died 235 AD AR Denarius. Bust r/Fecunditas stg. left., extending right hand over child stg r. at her feet and cornucopia in left. SR-8207, RIC-331 EF $100

*27366 ---,---juno stg. half-left, hldg patera and scepter, peacock at feet sr-8212, ric-343 choice ef $110

28473 ---Brass Sestertius (22.12) Bust right/Fecunditas standing left holding cornucopia, child at her feet SR-8226 Cleaned F-VF $45

*28434 maximinus i 235-138 æ sestertius laureate bust right/victory advancing right holding wreath and palm sr-8339, ric-67 vf $175

*28435 maximus 235-138 æ sestertius. bare head right/lituus, knife, patera, jug, simpulum and sprinkler. reverse depicts emblems of priestly colleges. sr-8408, ric-8. gvf $275

*28401 gordian iii 238-244 æ sestertius bust right with mustache!/laetitia stg l. hldg wreath and anchor. sr-8712, ric-300a ch. ef $499

*28265 herennia etruscilla, wife of trajan decius, ar antoninianus (3.84). bust r. on crescent/juno stg l., hldg patara and scepter, peacock at, ric-57, c-14 ef $90

11073 TREBONIANUS GALLUS 251-253 Æ Sestertius Laur bust right/Roma std l, hldg cornucopiae & victory. Usual squarish flan. Scarce. RIC-120 (rare)F/G-VG rough field $60

*28326 volusian, son of trebonianus gallus. 251-253. ar antoninianus (3.12)radiate bust right/pax stg. l., hldg olive-branch and scepter, star in fieldsr-9758, ric-179 ef $165

28266 VALERIAN 253-360 Æ Sestertius Bust right/Fides Militum standing left, hldg 2 standards. SR-10012, RIC-160 Fair $25

28555 GALLIENUS 253-258 Bi Antoninianus (3.41) Rad. bust right GALLIENVS AVG/Mars stg l, foot on helmet, hldg branch & spear, X to left VIRTVS AVGVSTI. Silvered SR-10416 EF, bit flat $50

28586 AURELIAN 270-275 Bi (silvered) Antoninianus (4.25) Radiate bust right IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG/Female figure stg left, hldg wreath facing Aurelian in military attire, RESTITIVT ORBIS, B SR-11592ff aEF $40

*28351 ---,--- (3.68) cyzicus radiate bust r/victory stg l., hldg palm, giving wreath to aurelian, a in field, xxi in ex. sr-11598, ric-v, 369 ef $75

23323 ---Æ Antoninianus. Similar SR-3265 (old). GVF/VF $25

28559 TACITUS. 275-276. Æ Antoninianus (3.21) of Ticinum. Radiate bust r/, Victory standing l, hldg wreath and palm. VICTORIA GOTTHI. Struck to commemorate victory over Gothic invaders. SR-11821, RIC-5, 172 GF $45

28098 CARINUS, as Augustus 283-285 Bi Antoninianus of Ticinum Rad. bust r/ Felicity stg, leaning on column T XXI in ex. SR-12343, C24 Ch. VF $37

28102 CARAUSIUS 287-393 Æ Antoninianus Rad. bust right/Pax stg left. Clausentum mint SR-3568 VF, bit rough $33

*28354 licinius i 308-325 (312-313) æ follis (3.52) of thessalonica. laureate hd right/jupiter standing l., hldg victory& scepter, eagle at feet •t•s• • in ex.. ric-6, 60 nice vf+ $55

*28355 ---,---(3.83) another. ef $65

*28356 ---,--- (3.74) similar •t•s•h• in ex. ric-6, 60 gvf+ $55

*28353 ---,---(3.46) heraclea. similar a in field, smht in ex. ric-6, 73 ef $65

*28357 constantine i, the great 307-337 (307-308) æ follis (6.18) treverilaur bust r/genius, wearing crown, stg l. hldg patera & cornucopia, s-a in field, ptr in ex sr-3861, ric, 6, 770 ef, light porosity $140

25626 ---,---Helmeted bust right/Altar inscribed votis xx *STR in ex, BEATA TRAN-QVILLITAS around RIC-7, 389 VF $25

26454 ---Æ Reduced Follis of London Bust r/Sol stg left, PLN in ex As SR-3868VF, tooled $30

26460 ---Æ3/4 of Siscia Bust r/2 soldiers around 1 standard with Chi-Rho on top, ESIS in ex. crescent to right SR-3887, RIC-8. 90 Glossy Ch. EF+ $35

27559 CONSTANTIUS II 337-361 Æ Centenionalis of Alexandria Bust r/Soldier adv. left, spearing fallen horseman, ALEA in ex, in left field. 1st group SR-4003, RIC-72 VF $45

27566 ---Æ Centenionalis of Antioch Bust r./Soldier adv. left, spearing fallen horseman, ANB in ex. RIC-132 aVF $33

28801 MAGNENTIUS 350-353 Æ Centenionalis (5.73) of Rome Bust right/ Emperor standing right, left foot on captive, holding standard and branchRP in ex. RIC-8, 177, SR-4025 F-VF, some corr. $65

28599 ---Æ Centenionalis (5.98) Bare-heded draped bust right/Large Christogram A-W across field, SPAR ? in ex Arles Mint is probable not certainRIC-8, 198, SR-4022v F-VF $65

28572 THEODOSIUS I 379-395 Æ15 (.99) of CyzicusBust right D.N. THEODOSIVS P. F. AVG VOT X MVLT XX in 4 lines in wreath, SM (K?) in exe gue. Probably Cyzicus but uncertain RIC-9, 21c, LRBC-2557 Nice VF $40

25611 ARCADIUS 383-408 AD Æ3 of Antioch Bust right/Arcadius stg, facing, head right crowned by Victory SR-4233 VF/F $25


28808 BYZANTINE, Anonymous att. to John I 969-976 Æ Follis (5.66) Facing bust of Christ/4 line legend Class A1 SB-1793 VG-F, green patina $30

28809 ---,---Æ Follis (5.24). Another. aF, brown patina $40

28387 ---Anonymous Follis, att. to Constantine VIII & Basil II. Æ Follis (8.45)Facing bust of Christ/4 line legend SB-1813. F/GVF $60

28810 ---Anonymous att. to Romanus III. 1028-1034 or Michael IV Æ Follis (13.10) Bust of Christ/4 line legend & cross. Class B SB-1823 F-VF $35

28811 ---,---Æ Follis (13.36). Another, as above F/VF $35

28812 ---,---(8.51) 3/4 length standing and facing figure of Christ/Cross IC XC NI KA. Class C. SB-1825 VG/F $30

28813 ---,---,--- (10.97). Another, as above.aF/F $35

*28440 arab-byzantine, jerusalem c. 670-685 æ fals (3.20) stg caliiph/illya filistin, large m snat-3, w-23, 79 vf and rare $330

*28437 ---tiberias (tabariya) 7th century ad æ follis 28mm (4.54) 3 standing figures/large m, officiana c rare, especially so nice and so large snat-281, walker-43, album-107 gvf $550

*28439 arab palestine, ummayed, jerusalem c. 715 ad æ fals (33.7) 5 branched menorah/legend see d. baraq, inj vol x. page 40 snat 27-29vf $275

*28580 axum, anonymous 340-425 ad æ unit (1.02) bust right/cross in circle "may this please the country" mh-51avf this is nicer than all mh plated examples! $110

28573 ---,---Æ Unit (.57). Crowned and draped bust right/Greek cross, inlay of gold. "May this please the country" MH-76 Crude VF $69

27632 KUSHAN EMPIRE Vima Takho 1st Century AD Æ Di-chalkon Humped bull/ Camel MACW-2895-96 aVF $25

27633 -- ,---,---A 2nd as above. aVF $25

27634 ---,---,---Another, as above. aVF $25

27773 ---,-- ,---aVF $25


*28163 africa, paris int'l colonial expo 1931 æ32mm by l. desvignesnorth african head left/buildings at expo ef $65

28790 ALGERIA, Mahmud II AH1240 (1824) 1/4 Budju or 6 Mazuna KM-67, Cr-110 VF $33

28791 ---,---AH1241 (1825) 1 Budju KM-68, Cr-115 Toned VF, rim nick $42

27912 ---Oran 1922 25¢ Aluminum Token Chamber of Commerce Issue KM-Tn5EF $30

28789 ANGOLA Portuguese Colony 1814 1/2 Macuta. Only "affordable" date of 3 year type KM-45, C-34 VF $44

28788 ---,---Countermarked Coinage ND (1837) 1 Macuta. Countermarked on 1/2 Macuta of 1786 (KM-28) KM-50.2, C-15a C/M VF, Coin F-VF $28

27914 ARABIA (Tarim. Barney O'Hea Issue AH 1352 (1933)1 Dinar in Silver Fantasy, struck in Vienna in 1965 Bruce-X1d Proof $20

28585 ARMENIA, Levon I 1198-1218 AR Tram (2.92) Levon seated, facing, on lion throne, left foot turned outward/Cross flanked by 2 lions, dot on shaft of cross.Nerc-288 Toned VF, ragged edge $55

*24463 austria, salzburg, paris von lodron 1644 1/9 klippetaler pr-1312, km-150 ch. toned ef $325

27968 ---Tirol. Sigismund 1439-96 AR Sechser 1/2 length bust right/Long cross with shield Saurma-818 F/VF $57

*27969 ---traustson, paul sixtus 1619 3 kreuzer bust right/arms. bob schoenwalter collection abraham reis and veit prod mint lessees. k-5, sarma-2113 ef, small clip $60

23814 ---Archduke Ferdinand. 1566-95 AR 3 Kreuzer Hall mint. Bust/Arms aVF/VF $25

23816 ---Leopold I 1669 - SHS AR 3 Kreuzer Bust right/Crown divides date Breslau mint KM-79 GEF $37

*27604 ---leopold ii 1790 silver 20mm jeton. homage of tirol to king. crowned lion/crown above 9 line legend mon-2194, lang xiv/19379 bu $85

*28299 ---franz i, emp. of austria 1816-a kreuzer mostly red cr-177, km-2113nice unc $45

28233 ---Franz Joseph I 1897 1 Coruna Semi-key date KM-2804, Y35 EF+ $69

28246 ---Republic 1934 50 Groschen 1 year type KM-2850, Y64 VF+ $40

27101 ---,---100th Birthday of Billroth 1929 2 Schilling Bust left Arms KM-2844, Y70 Unc $18

27108 ---,---Death of Vogelweide 1930 2 Schilling KM-2845 BU $10

27110 ---,---Birth of Mozart 1931 2 Schilling KM-2847. Unc $25

*27106 ---,---joseph hayden 1932 2 schilling km-2848 nice unc $100

27104 ---,---ND (1933). Dr. Seipel 2 Schilling KM-2849, Y74 Unc $27

27103 ---,---1934 2 Schilling Dr. Dollfuss KM-2852, Y75 BU $20

27109 ---,---1935 Death of Dr. Lueger 2 Schilling KM-2855 BU $25

27102 ---,---1936 2 Schilling Prince Eugen von Savoyen KM-2858, Y77 BU $18

27105 ---,---St. Charles Church 1937 2 Schilling KM-2859 Unc $18

27111 ---,---National Theater 1956 25 Schilling KM-2880 BU $12

27114 ---,---Vienna Tech School 1965 25 Schilling KM-2897 Proof $8

27116 ---,---Birth of von Hildebradt 1968 25 Schilling KM-2903 Proof $12

28792 BELGIAN CONGO, Congo Free State 1896 50¢ KM-5, Y5 VF $42

*28725 ---"elephant crown" 1944 50 francs km-27, dav-11, y27 au $120

27704 BELGIUM, Leopold I 1849 5 Francs. Wreath type with raised letter edgeLast date of type KM-3.2, Dav-50 VF, a few rim nicks $45

28234 ---,---1859 2 Centimes KM-4.2, Cr-2 R&B Unc $79

26103 ---Leopold II 1876 5 Francs KM-24, Dav-53 aEF/EF $26

26073 ---,---1901/801 Centime Far 1 KM-33.1 Red Unc $15

28248 ---Baudouin 1954-Fr 50 Francs KM-136.1. Unc $25

*28712 bolivia, charles ii of spain (16)83 (p)v 1 real (3.65) cross of jerusalem/pillars. 2 dates, bold centers, weak edges, about 60% struck upkm-23 vf for type $115

26114 BRAZIL, Pedro II 1865 500 Reis KM-464 Lightly toned Unc $22

26030 ---,---1889 2000 Reis Last year of type KM-485, EL-84 Toned AU/Unc $60

27288 BRITISH GUIANA, Trade & Navigation 1838 1 Stiver Token Pure Copper is preferable to Paper Type I KM-TN1, Prid-60 Nice VF $28

28782 BRITISH WEST AFRICA, George V of England 1927 Two Shillings Bust of king left/Palm Tree KM-13b, Y17a Nice EF $55

27093 BULGARIA, Boris III 1930-BP 100 Leva One year type KM-43, Dav-6 BU $23

27918 CEYLON, George III ND (1814-15) Silver Fanam token. Fanam, with dot in center/Token without dot in center KM-83 EF $22

27919 ---,---Similar. Fanam without dot in center/Token with dot in centerKM-83EF $22

27873 ---George Steuart & Co. 1843 (1881) Æ (19 mils) token Legends in Sinhalese & Tamil (wrong) /2 woman at work. Coffee Token Prid-96, MNI-2246 Mostly red unc $65

26117 ---Victoria of England 1900 25 Cents Better date KM-95 Ch. Au/Unc $35

27920 CHINA, Republic Year 28 (1939) 20 Cash Y-354 VF $10

*28720 colombia, republic of nueva granada 1842-rs 8 reales of bogotarepublica de la nueva granada, date, condor with banner libertad y orden. cornucopia/vale ocho reales bogota outside of wreath & lei ocho dineros within wreath e-27, km-98 vf, sl. weak at centers as usual $165

27923 CRUSADERS, Antoich, Bohemond III 1163-1201 Bi Denier Helmeted head left/Cross, crescent in 2nd angle CCS-59 VF $65

27924 ---,---Bohemond III or IV 1163-1201 or 1201-03 Bi Denier Helmeted bust left, crescent left, star to right/Cross, crescent in 2nd angle F-VF $50

28708 ---Jerusalem, Baldwin III 1143-1163 Bi Denier (.93) Short Cross, +BALSVINVS REX/Tower of David, + IERVSALEM CCS 16-20 F+, irreg flan $55

26632 ---Tripoli, Bohemond V, 1233-51 Æ Pougeoise. CIVITAS, Cross Pommetee/ TRIPOLIS, Tower, Ugly but scarce. CCS-21, Met-407 VG $35

28306 CUBA, Republic 1915 20 Centavos Low Relief Star, Course reedingKM-13.2 Nice Unc $45

*28395 denmark, christian iv. 1645 4 skilling jehovah in hebrew between justus and judex. km-133 vg $85

27925 ---Frederik VI 1811 2 Skilling KM-670 VF-EF $17

*28393 ---gluckstadt. christian iv 1588-1648, c. 1619 2 skilling lybsk wire money type. mm = albert dionis or samuel jachim of marrano comm. of hamburg km-8 vg $140

*28394 ---,---,--- 1623 3 skilling stg figure/monogram. mm = albert dionis or samuel jachim of marrano comm. of hamburg h-170 f-vf $140

*28402 ---,---,---1624 skilling lybsk crowned monogram. mm = albert dionis or samuel jachim of marrano comm. of hamburg h-171 fine $110

28783 EAST AFRICA, E. Africa and Uganda Protectorates 1914-H 25¢ Bust of George V/Lion walking r in front of mountains KM-10, Y12 VF/VF+ $42

28793 EGYPT, Mahmud II 1223/29 (1834) 1 Qirsh 2 year type KM-182, Cr-146F-VF $45

28794 ---,---1223/29 (1834) 1 Qirsh 1st year of type KM-183, Cr-165 Fine $36

28795 ---Abdul Mejid 1255/6 (1844) 20 Para KM-227, Cr-206 EF $65

28796 ---,---1255/15 (1852) 1 Qirsh KM-228, Cr-207 Nice toned VF $45

28165 ---Abdul Aziz 1277/4 (1864) 4 Para High grade One year type KM-240Red Unc $50

27926 ---Abdul Hamid II 1293/33H (1907) 1/40 Qirsh KM-287, Y12 Red Unc $12

25877 ---,--- 1293/11 c. 1887 5/10 Qirsh KM-291, Y-16 BU $17

27927 ---Mohammed V 1327/2H (1911) 1/10 Qirsh K-302, Y25. Nice Unc $20

27929 ---,---1327/3 (1911) 1 Qirsh Scarce date K-306, Y28, H-22 VF $35

27928 ---British Protectorate With Sultan Hussein Kamil 1917 1335AH 1/2 Millieme One year type K-312, Y34, H-1 Mostly red unc $22

27930 ---,---,---1917-H 1335AH 1 Millieme K-313, Y35, H-3 BU $12

27931 ---,---,---1916-H 1335AH 2 Milliemes K-314, Y36, H4 Ch. BU $28

27933 ---,---,---1917-KN 1335AH 10 Milliemes K-316, Y38, H-15 BU $20

27934 ---,---,---1917-H 1335AH 2 Piastres K-317.2, Y39, H-18 BU $15

27935 ---,---,---1916 1335AH 5 Piastres K-318.1, Y40, H-20 Choice BU $35

28250 ---,--- with Fuad I, As Sultan 1920-H 2 Piastres 1 year type ScarceKM-325, Y44 VF, scratch $55

27936 ---UAR 1960 1380AH 20 Piastres Eagle KM-399, Y116 Choice BU $20

28726 EL SALVADOR, Republic 1925 Colon, 400th Anniv. of San Salvador KM-131, El-15 VF $100

26968 ENGLAND, Henry III 1216-72 AR Long Cross Penny. Class 5b with scepter London S-1368 VF, bit weak in spots $55

*28296 ---,---ar cut penny (farthing) short voided cross with crosslets scarce as cut farthing s-1356a-ff fine $45

27501 ---Edward III 1327-1377 AR Long Cross Penny 5th Issue, London, Class C. 1351-52 S-1584, E31D-100 aVF, bit clipped $85

*27243 ---richard ii 1377-1399 ar half penny crowned facing bust, ricard rex angl/long cross civitas london. intermediate type s-1699, r2hd-010nice vf, oval flan $240

*27245 ---henry vi 1422-61 (22-27) ar half groat of calais henric di gra rex angl z franc, crowned facing bust mm=cross/long cross patonce posvi devm adivtore mevm, villa caliesie s-1840, h62d-010 vf $120

*28564 ---charles ii 1660-1685, 3rd issue ar 2 pence (.99) crowned bust left, ii in right field/long cross over royal coat of arms areas of flatness s-3326toned vf $55

*28167 ---george ii 1749 farthing die crack obverse km-581.2 vf-ef $150

27938 ---Yorkshire, Hull 1791 1/2 Penny Conder Token William III on horse/Arms D&H-18 VF $25

*27937 ---middlesex, halls 1795 1/2 penny conder token kangaroo, amaradillo, rhino "t. hall, citty road, london. d&h-313 r&b au $85

28194 ---George III 1797 2 Pence Good Rims KM-619, S-3376 Fine $40

28195 ---,---Another Usual Rim dings and surface marks VF $50

27438 ---,---Capture of Seringapatam 1799 Æ 40.5 by Mills, Brenet (Mudie) Bust of Marq.Wellesley left/2 British soldiers, one attacking a native, other holds a standard BHM-478, Pud-799.1 VF, nicks $80

27940 ---,---William IV 1837 WM 37mm by T. Halliday Bare head of king r, date of birth/Urn & palm branch, MARRIED, ASCENDED, DIED BHM-1720 EF $35

27573 ---Victoria 1844 1/2 Farthing KM-738, S-3951 R&B Unc $49

27947 ---,---Alfred Light, Crystal Palace Exhib. 1851 Æ Token. A grocer in Brompton, Kent/Exhibition Hall HP-C105, Bell-1 VF. Scarce to Rare $35

27941 ---,---Crystal Palace Medal 1851 WM 38 by Taylor Bust of Prince Albert left/ Crowned arms supported by two lions HP-B340, BHM-2439 EF $25

27943 ---,---,---Another as above. EF $25

27946 ---,---,---1851 WM 29.5, unsigned. Hd of Victoria left/The palace & measurements Very rare HP-B395 (RRR) EF $40

*27945 ---,---wellington medal. e moses & son 1856 wm 41mm bust left/ calendar medal for 1856 uniforms, liveries & ladies' habit makers eimer-184 ef, some spots $50

28744 ---,---Albert Edward Prince of Wales 1860 Æ 48 mm by J. J. Wyon Bust left/Visit ot Canada, OPENING THE VICTORIA BRIDGE, MONTREAL. VISITED CANADA AND INAUGURATED THE VICTORIA BRIDGE 1860 around arms, WELCOME on banners 3 times BHM-2669, Ei-1535 EF, touch discolored $100

27948 ---,---Crystal Palace Medal 1866 WM41.5 mmView of the Palace & terraces/Inscription in linear circle,10 tablets in form of rose B-2868, SY-1866/001 VF, holed, niks $30

28198 ---,---1887 Double Florin Arabic Style "1" KM-763 EF $30

28199 ---,---1888 Double Florin Much scarcer date than 1887 KM-763 VF $50

27944 ---,---1900 Penny Very nice coin Old head KM-790, S-3961 Red Unc. $30

26613 ---George V 1913 1/3 Farthing One year type Homeland style struck for Malta KM-823, Sb-4062 Ch. Red Unc. $20

27949 ---,---Edward, Prince of Wales 1925 Æ 32 mm Bust left/Sailing ship. Visit to Capetown, South Africa Some red on rev EF $25

27950 ---,---,---1925 Æ 27.5 mm Bust left/Natal crest. Visit to Natal in Africa Loop removed VF-EF $25

27951 ---,---,---1925 Æ 27.5 mm Bust left/Fasces. Visit to Transvaal, Africa Loop removed EF $25

27442 ---,---St. Thomas More, St. John Fisher 1935 Æ 32m Facing busts of 2 saints, legend around/"Martyred Tower Hill 1535" in 3 lines EF $10

*27876 ---elizabeth ii. 200th anniv of stratford jubilee 1966 gilt silver 35mm by p. vincze shakespeare in oval, flanked by actor & actress/david garrick in circle, legend as struck $40

28203 ---,---1989 2 Pounds Silver Piefort Tercentenary of "Claim of Right KM-P11Choice Proof $40

27490 FRANCE, Albi. Raymond or Anon. Viscounts 12th-13th Century AR Denier Cross/I? in legend. SCMF-4253, Pda 87.4 VF $95

*28382 ---counts of angouleme, la marche 12-13th centuries ar denier (.73)cross, in the name of louis iv/3 annulets & crescent around small crossscmf-4361 gd vf $75

27492 ---Hainault. Jeanne de Constantinople 1205-1244 Petit Denier of Valenciennes. Monogram or Gangplank/Cross w. lozenges Low Country type. SCMF-7505 VF $70

27596 ---Lorraine, Nancy, Ferri III 1251-1303 AR Denier Horseman/Sword SCMF-9251 Fine $20

27957 ---Lorraine, Francois I 1544-45 AR Sword Dinar or 1/4 Plaque Nancy mint. Arms/Sword SCMF-9441 VF $49

27213 ---,---(Lothringen), Charles IIII. 1628 Teston Small obv. flan flawKM lists under Germany KM-45 VF $170

*26424 ---navarre, henri of albret (1515-55) bi liard small cross w. dot in center/ crowned h, with dip, dot in center. mule scmf-5856/55 fine $50

*27411 ---philip i 1060-11108 ar denier of macon. large s with pellet to either side scmf-2246, dup-81 gvf $165

*23810 ---napoleon nd (1821) tin 14mm death of napoleon i. greek letteringb01834, j-3700 ef $50

*18188 ---,---francis i of austria 1814 æ restrike medal by gayrard & denonmint visit medal napoleonic era vf-ef, lite clnd $65

23640 ---,---Marshal Andre Massena 1818 Æ 40mm. Bust left/Legend in wreathGeneral under Napoleon VF, many rim niks $60

28042 ---2nd Republic 1850-BB 5 Francs Last date of short type KM-761.2, Y6EF, cleaned, rim nick $75

28235 ---Napoleon III 1868-BB 50 Centimes Key date KM-814.2, Y29 VG/F $35

28046 ---,---1868-A (Paris) 5 Francs KM-799.1, D-96 VF, once clnd $15

28047 ---,---1869-BB (Strasbourg) 5 Francs KM-799.2, D-96 VF+ $15

27960 ---3rd Republic 1895-A 50 Centimes KM-834.1, Y48 Unc. $45

28802 ---5th Republic. Saint Anselme 1983 Æ 82 mm Medal by Fontalavie. St. Anselme and other figures standing, French legend around/Standing figure, French legend Unc $35

27598 FRENCH INDIA, Pondichery c. 1837 Doudou. Doudou bird left date off flan KM-52 VF $20

*26796 germany, anahlt-dessau, friedrich ii 1914-a 3 mark silver wedding anniversary of friedrich & marie km-30 toned au-unc $90

*25244 ---baden, leopold. 1844 kreuzer erection of carl friedrich's statue 90% red km-216 choice unc $90

27285 ---,---,---1852 1 Kreuzer Type with period after Baden KM-218.2, C-102aCh. R&B Unc $35

28252 ---,---Friedrich I, as Grand Duke 1901-G (Karlsruhe) 2 Mark KM-269, Y12a VF $75

26080 ---,---,---1902-G 2 Mark 50th Year of reign KM-271 Unc $40

25510 ---Bavaria. Otto 1909-D 3 Marks KM-515 VF, tiny rim nick $15

26794 ---,---,---1911-D 3 Mark KM-515 Nice VF $18

*28714 ---beeskow 1621 kipper pfenning arms of biberstein (stag antler) & strele (3 scythe blades) 1621 above, b below. uniface. scarce, only coin issued by this town km-1, barhfeldt-713 vf, grainy $120

*28396 ---bremen, archbishop johann friedrich 1596-1634 ar 4 schilling lubsch (1619-22) wire money type behrens-791, jungh-316 f/vf $140

*26798 ---,---free city. 1904-j 2 mark 1 year type km-250. au-unc, a few light rim niks $110

28229 ---Brunswick-Luneburg-Calenberg-Hannover. George Ludwig 1699-HB 1/3 Taler Horse left/Andreas with cross KM-27, Sch-19 VF, scr's $59

28230 ---,---,---1710-HB 6 Mariengroschen Legend/Andreas with cross KM-60, Sch-43 VF $59

*24935 ---brunswick-luneburg-celle. geo ii wilhelm. 1704 iii 4 mariengroschen. horse left. scarce type km-364, sch-11 vf $75

27600 ---Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel. Karl I 1735 6 Mariengroschen Wildman KM-872 aVF $35

28717 ---,---,---1765 IDB 2/3 Taler as broach Bust right, CAROLVS DG DVX BR ET LVN/ Horse bounding left, NVM SVAM RETROR SVM 1765 XX EINE FEINE MARCK CONVENT. M. IDB 2/3 KM-973.1, Cr-75 aVF $135

27963 ---Clausthal. Johann Wilhelm 1758-90 Æ Jeton Goddess stg hldg balance, pouring coins from cornucopia/Fortune stg on wheel Mi-1663, New-32275 EF $35

*28390 ---cologne, walram v. julich 1332-1349 ar turnose deuz facing bust with triangular hat/cross saurma-1399 vf $500

*26938 ---constance. heinrich ii von klingenberg. 1293-1306ar bracteate, 18 mm facing bust of bishop between crescent and star. small crack at 6 o'clock bon-1815, reich-2080 ch. vf $150

*20545 ---dusiberg, daniel eberhard gunther æ41mm by c. pfeuffer bust left/ latin legend. struck to commemorate dr. gunther, a doctor of medicineef, some spots $90

27020 ---Hall c. 1275 AR Handsheller. Hand/Cross Nice grade for these Saurma-1365 GVF $20

28391 ---Hamburg, Witten. Before 1379 Pre-Hanseatic League AR Kreuzer Castle/Cross Jesse-308 Toned VF $95

28838 ---,---Free City 1903-J 5 Mark KM-293 VF $30

28837 ---,---,---1914-J 3 Mark KM-296 AU $40

*25398 ---hohenlohe-neuenstein-oehringen. ludwig friedrich karl. 1774 snr bi kreuzer monogram/arms 1 year type k-54, sch-13 ch. au-unc $125

28721 ---Isenburg. Count Ernst Casimir 1801-52 (c. 1840) Snipe Heller ECFZY (Ernst Casimir. Furst zu Ysenburg) as monogram/Snipe standing left. High rim. Struck in Frankfurt Ek-646, Br-X3 Ch. EF-AU $85

27482 ---Jülich-Berg. Wolfgang Wilhlem v. Pflaz-Neuburg. 1629 VIII Heller of Dusseldorf Unusual type with denomination on both sides 1/74 Taler KM-7Nice VF $65

*26941 ---lüneburg.wilhlem i. 1195-1213 ar bracteate, 23 mm heraldic lion left.reich-828, bon-76 gvf $155

24942 ---Mainz. Friedrich Karl Josef. 1795 IA 14 Kreuzer Bust right/Value, date and legend. 1 year type KM-402, Cr-77 Nice VF+ $35

*28399 ---nürnberg. hans krauwinkel c.1590 æ purim jeton mordechai, in king's clothing on royal horse l, being led by wicked hamen, esther vi below, hk in ex/haman hanging in courtyard of his house, "das havs haman in ex. mi-1626, neu-33278 vf $150

25920 ---,---1806 Bi Uniface Pfennig State Shield in front of altar, value and date below KM-409 BU $35

*28310 ---prussia, wilhelm ii 1898 35mm silver gedenkthaler busts of royal couple/church in jerusalem struck during their visit to palestine in 1898ef, some niks $90

28839 ---,---,---1901-A 2 Mark 200th Anniversary of Prussia KM-525 Nice AU $25

28816 ---,---,---1911-A 3 Mark Breslau University A few tiny rim nicks KM-531. VF/Ch. EF $40

26801 ---,---,---1913-A 2 Mark 25th Anniversary of reign. KM-533 AU $27

28817 ---,---,---1914-A 5 Mark Last year of short type A few tiny rim nicks KM-536, Dav-791 EF, once lightly wiped $25

27016 ---Regensburg. Konrad III 1186-1204 or Konrad IV. 1204-1227 AR Dickpfennig. Facing sitting bust with curved staff & book/St. Peter. Bon-2319ff VF+/F+ $50

27017 ---,---Heinrich II von Roteneck. 1277-96 AR Dickpfennig Facing bust/ Shield Beierlein-35, Bon-2320 F/VG $35

27578 ---Russelsheim 1922 100 Mark Token. Issued by A. Opel. Scarce so niceCh. Unc $50

*28253 ---saxe-meiningen. bernhard iii 1915 2 mark death of george ii. 1 year type km-206, y166 ef $150

*28254 ---saxe-weimer-eisenach. wilhelm ernst. 1908 2 mark 350th anniversary of jena university y-174 ef $125

28707 ---Saxony, Ernst with Dukes Albrecht & Wilhelm III (14)75 AR Spitzgroschen of Leipzig (1.60) Shield of Duke of Saxony w. 6 ptd star at start of legend E W A D G DVCS SX TV L HA HS/Shield in trefoil w. 6 ptd star (Leipzig mm) GROSSVS NOVVS MARCH HS 75 Lev-I-148, Fr-162v VF, sl. crease & scr. Scarce Early dated coin $125

*27530 ---,---ernst and albrecht (14)82 fürstengroschen shield with lion and arms of landsberg 82/shield of chur-sachsen frey-232, saurma-4400, lev-i-185 nice vf. another scarce early date coin $400

*28710 ---saxony, christian ii, johann georg & august. 1593 taler 3 facing 1/2 figures with divided date above, christian iohan: georg et avgvstvs/ helmeted arms, hb at upper right, frat: et. dv-ces. saxon. dav-9820vf, poss. mt rmvd $210

27086 ---,---Friedrich August 1792/1 2 Groschen = 1/12 Thaler Clear overdate, one year type KM-1031 EF $50

27091 ---,---Saxony, Friedrich August II 1842-G 1/6 Taler = 5 New Groschen Bust right/Arms KM-1161, C-228 Ch. Toned Unc $85

*27094 ---,---george 1904-e 2 mark short type km-1257 au/unc $125

28840 ---Friedrich August III 1913-E 3 Mark Battle of Leipzig Centennial KM-1275 EF $22

27307 ---Strassburg 1500-25 AR Bracteate (Lily Heller) 3 Part Lily in pearl circle Saurma-1981 aEF $35

27329 ---Teutonic Order. Paul von Russdorf 1422-1441 AR Schilling MALST PAULUS PRIM Shield/MONETA DRORUM PURL. Arms Saurma-5024 VF $45

26082 ---Wurttemberg. Wilhelm II 1914-F 3 Mark Last date of type KM-635 VF+, a few rim nicks $13

26044 ---,---,---Another, but nicer Ch. EF $20

28255 ---Weimer Republic 1929-A (Berlin) 3 Reichsmark 10th Anniversary of Weimer Constitution. 1 year type KM-63, Y65 EF-AU $55

27358 ---3rd Reich 1935-J (Hamburg) 50 Reichspfennig KM-87, Y-80 BU $35

28093 ---,---1945-E (Muldenhutten) 10 Reichspfennig KM-101, Y-C92 GVF $30

27882 ---East Germany. Albert Einstein 19795 Mark 100th Anniversary of his birth KM-72, Flower-47 Unc $50

*28259 ghurfah, quaiti state of hadhramaut ah1344 (1926) 4 khumsi or chomsih 1 year type km-101 (1), y4 ef $69

26241 HUNGARY, Stephan IV (Imitative of Justin & Sophia Byzantine coins) 1162-1163 Æ Bracteate Follis Seated Madonna w. child/2 std figures Very unusual type. Prob. struck during time of Manuel I's invasion of Hungary.Rethy-98, Hus-73 EF $75

28131 ---Bela IV 1235-1270 AR Denar Half moon with castle between two lillies/ Hebrew "Tsadi" in center of wreath Hus-306, R-241 Toned EF $90

*28715 ---leopold i (the hogmouth) 1660 k-b taler of kremnitz. bust right/1660, crowned double eagle with arms on breast separating k-b. lightly clnd, poss. mt. removal d-3254, km-148 vf+ $200

28814 ---Regency, St. Stephen 1938 5 Pengo Y48, KM-516 BU $25

ISRAEL. This is only a tiny portion of our huge inventory. Write for our annual stock list, or see it on our website. Or send us your want list.

21989 ---Negev 1962 5 Lirot Choice and lustrous KM-35, A-5a Proof $25

*26711 ---seafaring 1963 5 lirot anniversary series. ancient galley/modern steamship. km-39, a-6 bu $185

28805 ---Persian Lamp 1989 2 New Sheqalim KM-206 Proof $33

*24611 ---archeology 1990/5750 2 new sheqalim km-213 proof $45

28734 ---Dove and Cedar Tree 1991 2 Sheqalim KM-221, HLW-1a Proof $40

28815 ---Port of Caesarea 1995 1 New Sheqel Ancient Ship/Anchor Special Issue coin KM-287 BU $25

20855 ITALY, L' Aquila. Ludovico II of Naples Bi Quattrino. Cross, Fleur de lis in 1st angle/Lion left Bi-100 F/VG $25

17371 ---,---Ferd I of Aragon (of Ferdinand & Isabella fame) (1485)Æ Cavallo Bust r/ Horse, eagle Rebellion issue Bi-120 F, corr. $35

17370 ---,---,---Another. VF, soft strike $45

*28222 ---capua. pandolfo i, capo di ferro (ironhead) 961-981 æ fraction of a follaro stg saint/cufic legend. rare locale, rare ruler! cni-2, vecchi, 7, 1729 fine $155

*28221 -- sicily c. 1100? 24mm lead seal (9.10) nico stra tit,in 3 lines, cross above/n-c, elaborate cross. rare? af. during norman period $125

*27734 ---,---capua, anfusus? 1130-1140 æ follaro or fraction standing figure, (oan) w. sword/pseudo cufic legend, cross below mec-188 f+ $170

27736 ---,---Brindisi, Frederick II 1197-1250 Bi 1/2 Denaro (1248) FR in center +ROM IMPERATOR/Cross, stars in 2 angles, +R IERSL ET SICIL MEC-569v, B-472 (R) GVF, flan chips $125

*24834 ---,---charles of anjou. 1266-82 bi denaro palm branch/cross. very rarebi-1299 (r4) fine $170

*28359 ---,---messina, frederick the simple. 1355-1377 ar pierreale (3.14) eagle/arms, m to either side bi-1321, var-194/17 vf, slight bend $175

*13750 ---,---,---similar eagle/arms-g-z bi-1322, sp-41 vf+, clipped $110

24708 ---,---Charles V of HRE 1548 Half Tari Bust/Eagle Varesi-305/12, Sp-401VG/G $45

*28225 ---,---philip iv of spain 1654 ip pp ar 4 tari bust w. ruffled collar right/ eagle with wings spread crude flan as usual, but decent strikevar-355/30cr. vf $160

27737 ---,---17th Century? Silver Ring F. E. VF $125

*28364 ---milan, gian galeazzo vicsonti 1395-1402 ar grosso or pegione (2.51) ornate cross within quadrilobe/st. ambrose std fcg, hldg flagellum & crozierbi-1477, crippa-7 vf $140

28718 ---Pisa, Cosimo III de'Medici 1721 AR 1/2 Guillio Pisan cross, PISAS ASPICE 1721/Bust of Madonna right SVPOMNLS SPECIOSADIG at rim above Madonna's head KM-40 aVF, dig $55

27701 ---Tassarolo. Livia Centurioni Oltremarini. 1666 AR Luigino Bust (wife of Philip Spinola)/Crowned arms with fleur de lis Var-995 VF, clip, corr. $40

27702 ---,---,---Similar 1667 Date not listed in Varesi. Var-995v, KM-52VF $60

27700 ---Venice, Giovanni Dandolo, 48th Doge 1280-1289 Æ Quartarolo VNCE/Cross with 4 fleur de lis Bi-2792 (R4) Fr/VG $80

22009 ---,---Antonio Venier. 62nd Doge. 1382-1400 AR Tornesello Cross/LionB-2857, Pao-7 VF $40

27975 ---Victor Emanuel II 1861M 2 Centesimi KM-2.1, Y7 R&B Unc $20

28041 ---,---1876-R 5 Lire KM-8.4, Y14 VF $22

27977 ---Victor Emanuel III 1903-R 2¢ 1st year of type KM-38, 36 R&B Unc $16

27976 ---,---1908-R 1 Centesimo Last year of issue KM-35, Y35 R&B Unc $10

27973 ---Republic 1954 10 Lire Low mintage KM-93 BU $60

*27692 jamaica, edward vii of england 1905 1 penny km-22 choice bu $75

28848 JAPAN, Meiji Year 3 (1870) 5 Sen Scarce Y1. VG $55

*28174 ---,---year 4 (1871) 5 sen better date y6.2 ef $120

27980 ---,---Year 6 (1873) 5 Sen Type II, characters connected Y-A22 GVF $60

*28176 ---.---year 30 (1897) 50 sen scarce date y25 vf $110

28038 ---,---Year 37 (1904) 1 Yen Dragon Y-A25 Toned EF $38

27302 ---Taisho Year 5 (1916) 50 Sen Y37.2 EF-AU $12

27054 ---Showa Year 39 1964 Olympics 1000 Yen Y80 Ch. Toned Unc $25

*28727 kiau chau german enclave in china 1909 10 cents one year type scarce grade, probably nicest we've ever had y2 nice unc $225

28288 LITHUANIA, Sigismund August of Poland 1550 AR Half Groschen King on horseback l., star & date below/Imperial Eagle Gum-598 Ch EF $65

28290 ---Sigismund III of Poland 1627 1 Groschen. Crowned bust right/Vytis on horseback left Gum-1325, KM-32 VF/F $45

28307 ---Republic 1936 1¢ 1 year type. Vitas on horseback KM-79 Unc $25

27421 MADEIRA ISLANDS, Portuguese Colony 1994 14 Ecus Silver. Pobjoy mint Bruce-X11 Proof $30

28595 MEXICO, Carlos & Johanna 1506-1516 AR 2 Reales (6.50) Crowned coat of arms, M to left, L to right/Crowned pillars set on waves, 2 pellets between them. Struck in Mexico City Vogt-12 aVF/F, porous $90

26189 ---Charles III 1771 MoF 2 Reales Last year of Pillar type KM-87Toned VF $50

28722 ---Charles IIII 1808 Mo TH 8 Reales Dl-134, KM-109, C-81 GVF $95

*28331 ---ferdinand vii 1809 mo-th 1/2 real bust right/pillars once cleaned km-73 au $105

*28400 ---augustin iturbide 1822 silver proclamation eagle on cactus/7 line legend grove-54 vf $375

25934 ---Republic 1851 Mo-GC Half Real Weakly struck on eagle's breast, but choice semi proof-like KM-370.9 Unc $50

28723 ---,---1877 Ca EA 8 Reales of Chihuahua K-377.2, E-275 EF $82

25935 ---,---Decimal type 1891 Ga-S 5¢ Guadalajara Mint KM-398.4 Ch Unc $40

25937 ---,---,---1889 Ga-S 10 Centavos KM-403.4 Ch. lightly toned BU $50

28703 ---Estados Unidos 1911 Horse Peso (Caballito) Liberty on horse left, long ray type KM-453 Cleaned EF $55

*22466 morocco tangiers nd 25 centimes health club token, brass 23mm, octagonal, clip as made. gad-unlisted nice vf $150

27798 NEPAL, Patan, Yoga Narendra Malla NS 805 (1685) AR Mohar 2 intersecting swastikas/Legend in central group of frames, Walsh 66, 56 sim but diff date KM-337, MNIS-2292EF $60

27794 ---,---,---NS 820 (1700) AR Mohar Sword w. wreath on pedestal, flower, crescent above/Trident on lotus, legend in 5 lines on columns, date belowKM-320, Walsh 67,59 VF $40

27806 ---Rana Bahadur 1710 (1785) AR Mohar. Trident in center, square with date below/3 lines of legend in circle within 8 petals KM-502.1, MNIS-2304v EF-AU $35

27813 ---Katmandu, Jyoti Prakash Malla NS 866 (1746) AR Mohar In circle, trident and legend/In octagon, sword & wreath, Arabic characters aroundKM-281, Walsh 63, 49 F/VF $25

*27776 ---.---jaya prakash malla ns873 (1753) ar mohar buddhist symbols around frame, date & legend around/small triangle dot inside, 8 characters around km-261, mnis-2289 toned au $90

27815 ---Surendra Vikrama 1801 (1879) AR 2 Mohars Trident in square w. projection, date below/Circle KM-603, C-155 VF, irreg. edge $32

27819 ---Trivhuvana Vira Vikrama VS2011 (1954) 2 Paisa Scarce type KM-735, Y59 Unc $45

27989 ---Royal Nepal Mint ND c. 1902 Æ 12 Paisa Token Holed in center, as issued KM-Tn1, Br-X-TN1 VF-EF $17

27990 ---,---Similar Æ 14 Paisa Token KM-Tn2, Br- X-TN2 EF $20

27991 ---,---Siimilar Æ 16 Paisa Token KM-Tn3, Br-X-TN3 Ch. EF $30

24737 NETHERLANDS, Deventer 1685 6 Stuivers (Ridershilling) Sitting dog mm and coins from this prov. are usually dogs. Ver-156.1, KM-78 VF, but usual corr and clipped $35

*27992 ---dodercht 1604 æ jeton "jehovah" in rays, date in chronogram/serpentgunpowder plot against james i m-2539, need-282, 91 ef $50

27543 ---Holland. 1791 2 Stuivers Lion on shield, under crown/4 line legend with date K-48 VF $10

28239 ---William III 1883 2 1/2 Cents Key date KM-108, Y5 GVF $25

27993 ---Wilhelmina 1916 1 Gulden KM-148, Y42 VF $40

27706 NEW ZEALAND Cosmopolitan Club 1905 3d brass token 24mm EF $25

28088 ---George V 1934 Florin Kiwi Bird KM-4, Y4 Toned EF $13

27995 NORWAY Oscar II 1878 1 Ore Better date KM-352, Y19 Gd EF $55

PALESTINE. Write for our stock list, check our website or send us your want list

28740 ---Templar Token. ND (c. 1880) 10 Para Type 1. Brass w/o "Consummarke" JTM-CC-13A VF $175

*27887 ---british mandate 1935 1 mil choice and lustrous, one of the nicest we've offered. km-1, y1 r&b unc $100

*27477 ---,---1937 1 mil nice red and brown unc., but for scratch by date y1, km-1 r&b unc $100

27655 ---,---1940 1 Mil Key date Y1, KM-1EF $75

26304 ---,---1944 1 Mil Y1, K-1 Choice Red Unc $25

28149 ---,---1927 2 Mils KM-2, Y2 Nice R&B unc $20

27996 ---,---1941 2 Mils Scarce this nice KM-2, Y2 Ch. R&B Unc $45

26382 ---,---1942 2 Mils Mostly red Y2, KM-2. Unc $25

*12138 ---,---1945 2 mils km-2 mostly red unc $100

26027 ---,---1927 5 Mils Y3, KM-3. BU $25

27656 ---,---1934 5 Mil Key date Y3, KM-3 Au, a few spots $65

26268 ---,---1939 5 Mils a few minor spots Y3, KM-3 BU $25

*25075 ---,---1941 5 mils ex walter breen sale, pine tree 9/85 key date y3, km-3. toned au $75

27998 ---,---1934 10 Mils Key date Y4, KM-4 EF $65

27999 ---,---1935 10 Mils Scarce this nice, seldom found better than VF Y4, KM-4EF $50

*27052 ---,---1937 10 mils minor spotting, y4, km-4 nice unc $175

28731 ---,---1941 10 Mils Scarce date, high grade K4, Y4 Au-Unc $180

*27888 ---,---1927 20 mils hardest denomination to find in unc. y5, k-5 unc $125

26021 ---,---1934 20 Mils Key date Y5, KM-5 VF $75

*27267 ---,---1941 20 mils key date y5, km-5 vf $100

*27889 ---,---1942 20 mils 2 year type nice coin km-5a, y5a au, light brown. $120

28002 ---,---1935 50 Mils Y6, KM-6 Nice Unc $30

26854 ---,---1934 100 Mils Once cleaned, now retoning Y7, KM-7 VF $150

27657 ---,---1942 10 Mils Y4, KM-4 Au-Unc $90

28806 PANAMA, Republic 1904 50 Centesimos 2 year type KM-5 Toned VF $40

*28737 ---,---1916 5 centesimos. key date km-2, y6 ef, lightly toned $140

28076 ---,---1940 1 1/4 Centesimos 1 year type KM-15, Y11 Ch. R&B Unc $12.5

*25755 paraguay abraham lincoln 1974 150 guaranies km-107 proof $50

26141 PERU, Republic 1874 YJ Un Sol KM-196.3, EL-199 Unc $25

26142 ---,---1883 FN Un Sol Type 7. FD. KM-196.19, EL-208 Lustrous AU $30

28228 PHILIPPINES, Victory at Jolo 1879 Brass 24mm Legend in wreath, legend around wreath/Legend in 4 lines. EF $125

28226 POLAND, Alexander I 1501-06 AR 1/2 Groschen Crown/Eagle Scarce ruler. Gum-469, Saurma-5283 VG-F $65

28289 ---Sigismund III 1624 3 Polker Shield/24 Gum-974, KM-41 VG-F $19

28007 ---John Casimir 1660 Æ Solidus Bust r/Eagle Gum-1639, KM-110 VF $22

28009 ---,---1661 Æ Solidus Bust right/Eagle Gum-1640, KM-110 VF-EF $25

28818 ---Xawery Liske 1986 Æ 70mm by Ewa Olszewska-Borys. 3/4 facing bust of the Polish Historian On the centennial of his birth Unc $40

28819 ---Lexzycki Pulk Piechoty 1987Æ 70mm by Ewa Olszewska-BorysBust of army officer 3/4 to right/Arms, legend, 1921-1939 Unc $40

*28724 portugal, joao as prince regent 1816 400 reis of lisbon km-331, cr-106 ef-au, some planchet flaking $100

28804 ---850th Anniversary 1990 Æ 90 mm by Paulo Guilherme d'Eca Leal Knights on horses left/Symbols, legend. Antique bronze Unc $40

28719 RAGUSA in Croatia. 1759 GB Tallero Rettorale Bust (San Biagio?) left/ Crowned arms, G-B below D-1639, KM-18 VF, hvy adj mks rev $47

27680 ROMANIA Carol II 1939 250 Lei 1st year of two year type A few bagmarks KM-57, Y64 Unc $50

25888 RUSSIA, Siberia, Catherine II, the Great 1778-KM (Kolyvan) 2 KopecksCr-4, Br-444 F-VF $45

*28538 san marino republic 1931 20 lire k-11, y32, d-303 bu $225

28560 SCOTLAND, James III. 1460-1488 "Crosraguel" Ecclesiastical issue Æ Penny Banded Orb, Rosette in center/Latin cross, pellets around. Type III; Bishop James Kennedy of St. Andrews (?) S-5311 Rough VG-F $75

28582 ---James IV 1488-1513 Bi Penny (.52) of Edinburgh Facing bust/Long cross with 3 pellets in each angle Bit clipped as usual S-5358 Toned VG-F $75

26621 SEYCHELLES, George VI 1951 25¢ 1 year type KM-9. Nice Unc. $22

*28800 sierra leone 1796 1 cent better date km-1, cr-1, vice-10 f-vf $55

28257 SLOVAKIA, Republic 1940 50 Halierov Key date of two year type Rare and seldom seen KM-5, Y-S22 EF $50

28803 ---Universitas Agriculturae Nitra 1996 Æ 80 mm medal. Female head left, legend around/Allegorical figure Unc $45

28010 SOUTH AFRICA George VI 1949 5 Shillings KM-40.1, Y48 Proof-like $27

27583 SOUTHERN RHODESIA, Edward VIII 1937 5 Shilling Lobel 1984 type Gilt Bronze Bruce-unlisted.-Proof-like BU $40

27316 SPAIN, Alfonso I of Aragon 1109-1126 Bi Dinero of Toledo Bust left/Cross, stars in 2nd & 3rd quarters C&C-18, Type 2 VG/F $30

*28369 ---catalonia, pedro ii (the catholic) 1196-1213 ar denero (.97) barcelona cross/cross crusafonte-300 gvf $115

28011 ---Kings of Aragon, Pedro II 1196-1213 Bi Obol Bust left/Cross & monogram CC-732 VF-EF, broken edge $20

*28366 ---castile, alfonso x 1252-1284 ar noven (.69) of seville castle, s below/ heraldic lion left cayon-1111, cc-205 avf $65

*28371 ---,---alfonso xi 1312-1350 ar cornado (.76) of coruna crowned bust left/ castle, scallop below cay-1193, cc-286 f-vf $65

25768 ---Leon & Castile, Henry II 1369-1379 Bi Noven of Burgos Castle, "B" below/Rampant lion left Scarce denomination. CC-399 Crude VG $25

*28392 ---ferdinand and isabella 1474-1504 ar 4 reales of seville bundle of arrows/arms a few flat spots, well above average! choice vf+ $725

*28594 ---,---ar 2 reales (6.52) of seville crowned royal coat of arms, s to left, ii to right/yoke and bundle of 6 arrows c&c-2635 avf, bit porous $165

28583 ---,---AR Real (3.51) of Granada Crowned royal coat of arms, R-G/Yoke and bundle of 6 arrows. CC-2518 aVF, clipped as usual $90

*28592 ---,---ar real (3.17) of seville crowned royal coat of arms, s/yoke and bundle of 6 arrows. cc-2561 avf, ragged flan $90

*21065 ---,---ar 1/2 real similar. s*=seville thick flan. bit clipped f-vf $90

28151 ---Philip IV 1621-65 4 Maraveids Castle/Lion Type 26 Fine $20

*28398 ---philip v 1708-y 2 reales of segovia rare one year type with crownedpv monogram on reverse km-275 choice vf+ $265

28071 ---Isabella II 1849 4 Reales of Madrid Y29.2, KM-608.2 VF $20

27061 ---Franco 1957 (58) 5 Pesetas Scarce date KM-786 $33

25068 SPANISH NETHERLANDS, Brabant, Albert & Isabella 1618 AR 3 Patards. Crowned Shield/Cross Fleuree G&H-315.4 VF, bit clipped $45

28807 ---,---Philip IV 1658 Ducaton of Brussels Bust/Arms. These coins are scarcer than those of Antwerp D-4454, GH 327-3, KM-72 Cr F-VF $175

25072 ---Flanders, Albert & Isabella 1620 Silver 3 Tournois Shield/Cross. G&H-315.1 VF, clipped $45

26869 SWEDEN Reval, Eric XIV 1562 Bi Schilling Crowned E, 62/Cross in Shield. Ahl (67)-22, S-2750ff GF, light oxidation $45

*28397 ---carl ix 1607 1 1/2 mark or 1/8 daler largesse money for coronation. bust with hebrew above sm-77, km-m1 vf+. very rare. $1,650

27582 ---Gustav II Adolf 1631 Sater Æ 1 Ore Crowned Arms/Crossed Arrows Type 3, MDCXXX1,Type 1 crown? SM-139, K-115 VF, rough flan $150

28069 ---Kristina 1634 Nykoping or Satar 1/4 Ore 3 crowns, CRS/Sheaf on shield below crown, date above. KM-152.1, SM-122 Fine $30

28068 ---,---1637 Satar 1/4 Ore 3 crowns, CRS/Sheaf on shield below crown, date above. A bit o.c. rev KM-160, SM-125 F, bit rough $22

28070 ---,---1641 Satar 1/4 Ore. Similar. K-160, SM-128 Fine $30

26926 ---Gustav IV Adolph 1804 1/6 Riksdaler. Bust right/3 crowns in shield. Lowest mintage of type KM-560, Cr-86. Ch. EF-AU $90

*28333 ---carl xiv johan 1835-cb ar 1/16 riksdaler k-644 ch. toned unc $120

28152 ---Oscar I 1858/7 5 Öre Overdate KM-690 VF, cleaned $8

28015 ---Oscar II 1875/4 25 Ore Overdate KM-738, Y20 aVF $50

28014 ---,---1878 1 Ore KM-745, Y-14a aEF $50

28153 ---,---1898 1 Krona KM-760 Toned VF $20

26346 ---B. B. von Platen ND Silver 31mm by Lea Ahlborn High relief bust left/ Standing portrait pointing to map(?) Toned EF $50

*27584 switzerland, basel 1623 taler baselik/eagle d-4604 k-79.2 vf $250

28242 ---Geneva 1839 2 Centimes Billon type KM-126, Cr-64 Nice Unc $35

*26943 ---zoefingen. albrecht iii 1382-95 ar bracteate, 19 mm plant growing out of helmet. hapsburg city in aargau. chipped a bit reich-2230 avf $75

28244 ---Confederation 1873-B 10 Rappen or Centimes KM-6, Y21 EF $40

28243 ---,---1888-B 2 Rappen or Centimes Thick Cross, Lowest mintage of typeKM-4.1, Y19 Nice VF, trn's $30

*28181 ---,---battle of laupen 1939-b 5 francs. km-41, y49 ef-au $225

20027 THAILAND, Rama V RS-123 (1904) Fuang or 1/8 Baht Bust left/PagdoaY-32a BU $90

28797 TUNISIA, Mahmud II AH1253 (1837) 1 Kharub K-91, C-70 Toned EF $45

28798 ---Sultan Abdul Aziz w. Muh'd Al-Sadi Bey. AH1289 (1872) 8 Kharub Scarce type KM-160a, Cr-176 VF $47

28785 ---Fr. Protectorate Muh'd al-Nasir Bey AH 1329/1911-A 1 Franc KM-238, Y30 Unc $29

28787 ---,---,---AH1334/1916-A 2 Francs KM-239, Y31 AU $33

28799 ---,---,---AH1337/1919 25¢ Short type KM-244, Y-36 Choice BU $40

28786 ---,---Ahmad Pasha Bey AH1331/1932 10 Fr. KM-255, Y49 Toned EF $72

22037 TURKEY, Mehmet Chelebi 806-816AH/1403-1413 AR Akce dated 806 Album-1294 (S) NP-27, JS-310 VF $25

22043 ---Suleyman I 926-974 AH/1520-66 AR Akce Constantinople AH 92 (6) Album-A1321 NP-203, JS-1088 Fine $15

24655 ---Murad III 982-1003 AH (1574-95) AR Akce 982 AH NP-299 Fine $25

22033 ---Ahmed III 1115/17031/2 1/2 Zolota KM-150 aVF $25

22050 ---Abdul Aziz 1277/3 1864 2 Kurush Holed JS-3590 Y10, KM-690 VF $35

22052 ---Abdul Hamid II 1293/3 1879 10 Kurush Flower to right of Toughra 2 year type. Y30, KM-721 F/VF $25

23435 ---Muhammad V 1327/3 1 Kurush Scarce Y47, KM-748, H-29 AU $10

22059 ---,---1327/1 1909 10 Kurush Mount removed. Y50, KM-751 F-VF $25

22060 ---,---1327/2 1910 10 Kurush Y50, KM-751 VF $25

22062 ---,--- 1327/5 1913 10 Kurush Large date Y50, KM-751 VF, sm flaw $25

22067 ---,---1327/9 1917 10 Kurush Y-C50, KM772 VF $20

28258 ---Republic 1934 100 Kurus (Lira) Low Star. President Ataturk KM-860.2, Y82 VF $33

27629 UNITED STATES, Pageant of Progress, Los Angeles 1922 Æ 34 mm Colosseum in center/Hellman Commerical Bank, Eagle EF $20