*Mailbid Sale 37A - May 25, 2007

Ancient and World Coins



In addition please see the following gold medals: 963, 990-993, 1076-1079 and 1083 in Part Two of this catalog.

*1 ionia, phokia. c. 625-600 bc. electrum 1/24 stater (1.334). seal's head/incuse punch. sg-3450, bodenstedt em-2.2. vf $450

*2 persia, achaemenid kings. artaxerxes i to darius iii. 450-330 bc. gold daric (8.36). bearded archer (the great king) kneeling right with spear and bow/incuse punch. sg-4679. vf. $1250

*3 lesbos, mytilene. 480-450 bc. electrum hekte (2.43). ram's head right, cock belowlion's head right in intaglio, small incuse. bmc-7, bod-16. vf, scarce. $850+

*4 ---,---electrum hekte (2.54). hd of apollo right/female head in linear square right. bmc-90, bod-95. vf, bit o.c. $725

*5 thrace. lysimachus, mithradates vi. 89-72 bc, gold stater (8.37) of tomis. head of deified alexander the great right/athena enthroned left, holding nike, t on throne, trident below. sng cop-1091v, pick-2480v. ef $1000+

*6 byzantine, phocas. 602-610. gold solidus (4.41) of constantinople. facing bust/ angel standing, facing, officiana b. sb-620. vf $200+

*7 bermuda, elizabeth ii. 1977 3 piece boxed mint set. $25 silver and $50 and $100 gold, all with ships on reverse. km-msa2 (contains km 26-28). very rare set, all 3 nice bu although the large silver piece is somewhat cloudy. $600+?

*8 brazil, republic 1940. 30 mm gold medal, commemorating 100 years of independence. 18.67 grams. bust of pedro ii left/legend with dates in roman numerals around crowned arms. ef. scarce? $375

9 CANADA, Elizabeth II. 1967 Gold 20 Dollars. KM-71, Fr-5. Centennial of Canada. BU $350+?

*10 ceylon, pre-chola kings. anonymous. circa 960/980-1000 ad. gold stater or kahavanu (4.25). king seated right, raising arm to hold sankh shell/king standing right upon lotus plant, holding flower; lamps at left, annulets at right. mni-825, fr-1. ef, well centered and well struck. one of the nicest of these usually very crude issues we have seen! $250+

*11 crusaders, kings of jerusalem in imitation of al-amir. 12th century ad. gold dinar (3.86). ccs-3, mwi-2443, album-730. struck at acre. nice vf-ef. $300+

*12 germany, prussia. wilhelm i. 1877-a gold 5 marks. km-507, fr-3825, y-113. vf, a few scratches and tiny rim nicks. $125

*13 israel. 1960. theodore herzl. gold 20 lirot. km-30, fr-1. bu. in small blue presentation case which i cannot recall seeing before. the official case, has a brass menorah as the official logo of the state of israel on the outside, the symbol of israel liberata on an inside cover plus a two line hebrew legend reading "office of the prime minister, division of medals and coins" on the inside cover. no doubt presented by the prime minister's office or by david ben-gurion himself to a high ranking dignitary. $350+?

*14 ---1964 gold 50 lirot proof. bank of israel. km-44a, fr-4a. only about 800 minted. israel's rarest gold coin. $2500?

*15 ---. 1968 100 lirot gold. jerusalem. km-52, fr-6. proof. $400+

*16 ---1980 peace treaty 5000 lirot gold and 2 200 lirot silver coins. km-104 (2), 105, fr-15. 1 silver bu, the other silver and the gold coin are proof. $375+

*17 ---1990. archeology. 10 new sheqalim. km-214, fr-34. proof. another gem coin, the first "yellow" gold since the mid-1970's and in our opinion the most attractive of all israeli gold coins. only 1815 minted. $500

*18 ---1992. law. of israel. gold 10 new sheqalim. km-39, fr-227. proof $400+

*19 ---1993. land of tourism. gold 10 new sheqalim. km-242, fr-43. proof. choice to gem with a mintage of only 1,944. $400+

*20 ---1994 binding of isaac, gold 10 new sheqalim. km-258, fr-49. from the rembrandt painting. beautiful gem proof. 1,209 minted and seldom offered $500+

*21 ---1996. gold 10 sheqalim. jerusalem, city of david. km-285, fr-61. anniversary series. for the 3000th anniversary of jerusalem. choice proof. $500

*22 nepal, birendra. vs2031 (1974) 1000 rupees or asarfi. km-829a, fr-47. proof. with original case. $250+

*23 turkey, republic. nd (1992) 5,000, 50,000 & 500,000 lira, the 1st cn, 2nd a silver crown and the third gold. km-1016-1018, commemorating 500 years of jews living in turkey in "peace and harmony", ship at center. proof. 3 pieces $500+

*25 united states. 1878-s 2 1/2 dollar gold (1/4 eagle). liberty head. y-f22. ef-au, once cleaned. accompanied by an anacs photo certificate issued 07-24-81 attesting to the authenticity of the coin but stipulating that is has been "removed from jewelry". a nice attractive coin, $200


*26 red terra cotta bullae (seal). c. 650-550 bce. lyrhwq (m) - sh lg (y) in 3 lines. part of the mem and yod are un-struck but the piece is not broken or chipped. certainly a superbly preserved antiquity. extremely rare. $1650+

*27 ptolemaic coin of ancient israel. ptolemy ii. ar tetradrachm (13.72) of joppa & gaza, hd of ptolemy i right/eagle standing left on thunderbolt, mintmarks of both cities to left. h-409, ros-2 sim. vf. ex george fisher collection. $150+

*28 yehud coin, hellenistic period after 333 bc. ar obol (.09). head of ptolemy i right/eagle, wings spread, just the very bottoms of letters to right of eagle. ajc-6bff. avf. $150+

*29 ---,---ar hemiobol (or 1/4) (.225). obverse, blank, reverse as above, with all 3 letters of yehud, sharp and clear. ajc-14, hen-437. vf (rev. only). $400

30 ---,--- AR 1/4 obol (.13). Head of Ptolemy I right/Eagle with wings spread, head turned left, standing on thunderbolt, YHDH (= Yehudah) at left. H-438, AJC-16. Gd/VF with 2 letters clear. The reverse very nice. Ex Fisher collection. $100+

*31 samaria, 4th century bc. ar obol (.623). winged griffin with long horn right, 2 letters (shin, lamed)/stag with long horns right, same two letters left. sc-62. dark toned vf $150+

*32 ---,---ar obol (.68). bearded male head right/lion's scalp facing. sc-161. avf, tad rough. $150+

*33 john hyrcanus i with antiochus vii.132-130 bc. ae prutah (2.71). lily/ upside down anchor. h-451. 1st jewish bronze coin struck in jerusalem. f-vf.$100

*34 john hyrcanus i. 135-104 bc. ae prutah (2.21). hebrew legend, "yehohanan the high priest and the council of the jews"/double cornucopia. h-457, ajc-n. f-vf. struck on tight flan thus no monogram visible. well centered. $50

*35 judah aristobulus. 104-103 bce. ae prutah (1.63). "yehudah the high priest and council of the jews"/double cornucopia. h-466, ajc jb-jc. f-vf, dark. this is the rare type with 3 letters in the first line and offered much less frequently than the type with 4 letters in the first line. $150

*36 alexander jannaeus. 103-76 bce. ae prutah. anchor/star of 8 rays surrounded by diadem, hebrew letters between the rays. h-469, tjc-k. vf, well centered. $100+

*37 ---,---(3.54). another, decent, but not quite as nice vf/f, a bit o.c. $60

*38 ---ae lepton. anchor, "king alexander"/aramaic inscription, star of 8 rays. h-471. nice vf, a choice example of the "widow's mite". $50+

*39 mattathias antigonus. 40-37 bc. double cornucopia, "mattathias the high priest"/greek (king antigonus) in 2 lines around ivy wreath. h-482, ajc-v2. vf/f. the cornucopia side is sharp and clear, the legend side is weak. $125

*40 --- ae prutah. cornucopia/retrograde legend. hen-483, ajc-y, tjc-40. f-vf, nice green patina. pronounced flan handle. $100+

*41 a group of hasmoneon bronzes. 10 coins, most identified and most alexander jannaeus. among the better pieces is a lead prutah, and a prutah of judah aristobolus. 10 decent coins, not a junk lot. $200+

*42 herod the great. 40-4 bc. ae 8 prutot (5.27). tripod with bowl, date and monogram around/military helmet with cheek pieces & straps. h-486, ajc-1. vf/gf ex george fisher collection $350

*44 ---ae 2 prutot. cross surrounded by diadem/tripod table flanked by palm branches. tjc-48, h-490, ajc-7. af $75

*45 ---,--- cross surrounded by closed diadem/tripod table flanked by upright palm branches. tjc-48a, h-490, ajc-7. gd fine, pretty patina. $100

46 ---AE Lepton. Cornucopia, inscription to either side/Eagle standing right. H-501, AJC-23, TJC-66. F. 1st coin by Jewish ruler for use by Jews with graven image $40+

*47 herod archelaus. 4 bc-6 ad. ae prutah (.96). prow of galley, hpw around/ within wreath. h-506, ajc-5v, tjc-72v. unlisted variety with very tiny "p" on prow side. avf $75+

*48 herod antipas. 4 bc to 39 ad. ae 1/2 unit (6.24). palm branch/legend. year 33. minted in the new city of tiberias, named for tiberius. hen-513, ajc-6. vg/f-vf. very scarce $450

*49 agrippa i. 37-43 ad. ae prutah (1.94). canopy with fringes/3 ears of barley, date, ls = year 6. h-553, ajc-11, tjc-120. ch vf, centered with full legends! $150+

*50 agrippa ii, 56-95. under nero. ae14 (1.54). turreted bust of tyche right/double cornucopia. h-584, ajc-5, tjc-132. f/vg, ragged flan. an extremely rare coin which hendin prices at $1500 to $4000. we cannot recall the last one we have seen offered. it was missing in the abromowitz, bromberg and teddy kollak collections! ex george fisher via alex malloy in november of 1995. $600+?

*51 ---ae19 (4.58). bust of domitian right/nike standing to right resting foot on helmet and writing on shield which rests on knee, year 24 83/84 ce. h-604, ajc-24, tjc-152. f-vf/vf. nice coin $100+

*52 --- ae24 (14.45). bust of titus right/nike advancing right, with wreath and palm branch, crescent in upper right field. struck year 26, 86/87 ad. h-612v, ajc-32av, tjc-160c. vf. very scarce with crescent in field. ex george fisher collection, via us in july of 1990. $200?

*53 ---ae19 (4.04). bust of domitian right/double cornucopia, caduceus between. h-615, ajc-35. vf. ex george fisher collection via antioch. $150

*54 ---year 29, 89/90 ad. ae24 (11.96). laur. bust of titus right/nike advancing right. h-625, ajc-45b. fine. ex george fisher collection via us in march 1998. $100

*55 coponius, procurator under augustus. 6-9 ce. ae prutah (1.08). ear of barley/ palm tree, year 36. h-635, tjc-311, ajc-1. choice vf $75

*56 marcus ambiblius, procurator under augustus. 9-12 ce. ae prutah (2.03). ear of barley/palm tree, year 39. h-636, tjc-313, ajc-3. nice vf $100+

57 VALERIUS GRATUS, Procurator under Tiberius. 15-26 C.E. AE Prutah (1.72). Legend in wreath/Palm branch, year 2. H-640, AJC-8. aVF, bit o.c. $40+

*58 ---,---(2.07). kai cap in wreath/2 crossed cornucopias with caduceus between, year 3. h-641, ajc-10. choice vf, nice coin! $150

*59 ---,---(3.67). inscription in wreath/3 lilies in bloom. h-642, tjc-321. avf. $75


*60 ---,---(1.76). vine leaf and small bunch of grapes/narrow necked amphora with scroll handles, flanked by date, year 4. h-643, ajc-16, tjc-326. fine, the d in the date seems to be shifted 45 degrees. most unusual. $75?

*61 --- (2.11) tib kai cap in wreath/palm branch, le = year 5. h-646, ajc-18, tjc-328. avf. very nice coin. ex george fisher via olympus in 1982. 75

*62 ---,---(2.10) as above, year 11-24 ad. hen-647, ajc-19, tjc-329. avf. ex george fisher collection via us in august of 1985. 75

*63 pontius pilate, procurator under tiberius. 26-36 ad. ae prutah (1.99). 3 ears of barley/simpulum (ladle) surrounded by legend and date, year 16 (29 ad). h-648, ajc-v21, tjc-331. f-vf and centered! $100

*64 ---,---(1.45) littus/liz in wreath. year 17, 30 ad. h-649, ajc-23, tjc-333. unusual representation of the li in the date similar to fontanille page 59, d which he calls nz. in our example the l and the i touch and it almost looks like uz. avf $100

*65 antonius felix, procurator under claudius. 52-59 ad. ae prutah. crossed shields & spears/palm tree, bpit for brittanicus. hen-652, ajc-supp. v. 29, tjc-340. vf, pretty green patina. $100+

*66 porcius festus, procurator under nero. 52-59. ae prutah (2.46) legend in wreath/palm branch. h-653, tjc-345, ajc-35. the 5 in the date is large, sharp and clear. vf $75

*67 1st revolt. 66-70 year 3. ae prutah (1.49). amphora with lid, year three/vine leaf, the freedom of zion. h-664, ajc-20. f-vf $75

*68 ---year 4. ae 1/8 shekel. omer cup, legend around, "for the redemption of zion"/ lulav between 2 etrogs. h-670, ajc-30 tjc-214.vg-f $75?

*69 ---,---(6.00). omer cup, legend around, "for the redemption of zion"/lulav between 2 etrogs. h-670. tjc-214a, ajc-30a. f-vf. $150?

*70 ---,---omer cup, legend around, "for the redemption of zion"/lulav between 2 etrogs. h-670, ajc-30, tjc-214. avf $200

*71 bar kochba revolt. 132-135. year 1. large bronze abu jara. (20.20) 3 line legend reading "shim'on prince of israel" within a large wreath/amphora with 2 handles within inscription reading "year one of the redemption of israel". h-677, mild-8. f-vf, nice color. extremely rare, only the 2nd we've offered, the first in more than 12 years. $6000

*72 ---,---small bronze (6.98). 7 branched palm tree, "eleazar the priest"/bunch of grapes, "year one of the redemption of israel". h-681, mild-150, tjc-224. vf $400

*73 ---,---,---(5.15). bunch of grapes/palm tree. mild-147, hen-681a. vf. ex george fisher collection via us in march 1991. $250

*74 ---year 2. med. bronze (11.16). palm tree/vine leaf. h-708, mild-54. f-vf $200+

*75 ---,---,---(10.66). palm tree/vine leaf. h-708, mild-56. choice vf. $250

*76 ---,---,---(10.84). palm tree/vine leaf. h-708, mild-91. choice vf. $250

*77 ---,---small bronze (5.45). 7 branched palm tree, "jerusalem"/bunch of grapes, "year two of the freedom of israel'. h-710, mild-154. vf+. ex george fisher via d. hendin march 2003. $200

*78 ---undated, attributed to year 3. ar zuz or denarius. (3.39). "shimon" in wreath/3 stringed lyre, "for the freedom of jerusalem.". struck over a drachm of bostra. mild-97, h-718. gd very fine $550

*79 ---,---,---(2.92). bunch of grapes, "shimon"/fluted jug, palm branch, "for the freedom of jerusalem". h-732, mild-158. toned aef, portions of undercoin legend visible. ex virgil brand collection, #7, lot 226. $450+

*80 ---,---middle bronze (4.60). palm branch in wreath, "for the freedom of jerusalem"/ lyre with 3 strings, "shimon". h-735. vg/f. $150

*81 ---,---,---(9.77). crude irregular type, but very nice. mild-214, hen-735v. vf. $600+

*82 ---,---,---(12.18). vine leaf, "for the freedom of jerusalem"/palm tree, "shimon". mild-103, h-736, tjc-292a. f-vf, file marks very prevalent (from filing down the unwanted greek or roman coin), especially on vine leaf side. $200+

*83 ---,---,---(10.87). vine leaf, "for the freedom of jerusalem"/palm tree, "shimon". mild-94v, h-736.. choice vf, a bit oxidized in spots. the "waw" to the left of the tree has only two legs rather than 3. $250?

*84 ---,---,---(9.89). vine leaf, "for the freedom of jerusalem"/palm tree, "shimon". mild-115, h-736, tjc-292a. fine $200+

*85 ---,---small bronze (3.27). bunch of grapes, "for the freedom of jerusalem"/palm tree, "shimon", in five letters three to right, 2 to left. mild-158, h-739. f/vf $175

*86 ---,---,---(4.59). palm tree/bunch of grapes. h-739, mild-160. f/vf. this is the last of regular specimens listed by mildenberg and probably the scarcest of the year 3 small bronze dies. $150

*87 judaea capta, titus. ae21 (8.13). laur. head of titus right/nike stg r., writing on shield. unpub. distribution rev. legend. . h-744ff, ajc-3aff, tjc-382ff. f/vf $100+

*88 ---domitian. 81-96. ae24 (10.45). laur. head of domitian right/nike in flowing gown advancing left. hen-747, ajc-10. choice vf, nice green patina. judaea capta coins struck in palestine are seldom found this nice. ex george fisher collection from our sale 29f, #138 $225

*89 ---,---ae22 (12.11). laur bust right/minerva advancing left, with trophy, spear & shield. h-749 m-243, b-132, ajc-7. vf, with attractive brown patina. ex george fisher collection via our dr. s. sugar sale lot 119 , via superior. $140

*90 ---,---ae19 (5.75). head of domitian right/nike in flowing gown advancing left. unlisted obverse legend variant, reading caes. avg instead of caesar. h-750v, tjc-393v. vf. ex george fisher collection via antioch. $125+

*91 ---,---ae19 (6.03). laur. head of domitian/trophy. h-751, ajc-5, tjc-390. fine. scarce. $150

*92 abila, caracalla. 198-217. ae25 (6.64). his bust right/hercules wrestling the nemean lion, year 265 = 201/202. ros-19. nice avf. ex george fisher collection via antioch. $150+

*93 aelia capitolina, julia domna. wife of septimius severus. ae17 (2.92). her bust right/nemesis standing left, wheel at feet. mesh-83, ros-49. gd very fine. ex lot 116 from our sale 34e and one of the last coins george fisher purchased from us before his untimely death. a rare coin, especially this nice. $300+

*94 akko-ptoemais, caracalla. 198-217. ar tetradrachm (11.62). laur bust right/ eagle standing with head left, between legs caps of dioscuri. bell-260 (as tripolis), prieur-1227a. vf. both prieur and henri seyrig (see rn 1962, p. 25) have reattributed the coins with the caps of discouri to akko. ex george fisher collection via brian kritt. $250

*95 ---,---ae23 (11.35). bust right/tyche stg left, holding rudder & cornucopiae being crowned by nike on column. r56, k136, bmc-. vf, nice green patina. ex george fisher collection via our dr. s. sugar sale #165 via superior in 1/81. $150

*96 bostra, quasi-autonomous. year 75(?), 180-181 ad. ae 1/2 quadrans (12 mm). bust of tyche right (o)e/camel right, "bostra" above. choice vf, obverse a bit off-center. the date seems to us to look much more like a greek e than a greek z and if so this is an unlisted date. kindler-19, ros-22 and spike-3 are all similar but with the date reading oz. however none of those photos are clear enough for us to distinguish. in either case this is a very nice coin and should be highly sought after whether unpublished or not. $150

*97 ---philip jr. 247-249. ae28.5 (15.32). radiate bust of philip ii/agonistic wreath, tied below, with ornament at top and bottom. kind-46, ros-52, spike-60. nice vf, a very attractive and scarce (especially so nice) large bronze coin. ex fisher triton i. $400+

*98 caesarea, nero. 54-68. ae23 (11.44). bust of nero right/tyche standing with spear in left hand and bust in right hand, year 14 = 67/68 ad. ros-2, kad-1/3, hen-834. f/vf. ex george fisher collection, purchased from us in march 1990. $75

*99 ---hadrian. 117-138. ae30 (17.42). laur bust right/founder plows right ros-24, h-836. vf, well struck and centered. ex fisher collection via us and ed waddell. $250

*100 ---diadumenian. 217-218. ae21 (6.80). bust right/bust of sarapis right. ros-67, bmc-110. gf/vf. scarce. $100

*101 capitolias, commodus. 177-192. ae21-25 (7.47). laur. bust right/turreted tyche, standing left, wearing chiton and peplos, resting right hand on spear, with left hand holding cornucopia, date (year 93 = 190/191 in ex.). ros-1-, sp-14. vg-f. all coins from this city are rare. ex george fisher collection via southland $200

*102 charachmoba, elagabalus. 218-222. ae 20 (6.80). bust right/turreted tyche stg facing head left,with rudder & cornucopiae. ros-1, spike-1. vg/f-vf. extremely rare, this is one of the most difficult cities to find. ex george fisher collection. ex-superior december 1995 and ex our sale 28c #224 at $950! $900+?

*103 diospolis-lydda (lod), caracalla. 198-217. ae26 (12.47). bust of caracalla right/bust of turreted tyche left, date, year 10, (209/210) in field. ros-10, h-847. avf. all coins from this city are rare. this is particularly nice. ex george fisher collection via us and ex triton i $450

*104 dium, caracalla. 198-217. ae28 (15.74). his bust right/6 columned temple with eagle and flame-altar. dated year 268 = 204/205 ad. as ros-1, sp-1, but letter "p" missing after cv in upper right. vf, high grade for a coin from this city. rare. ex george fisher collection via david hendin in november of 2000. $200

*105 dora, time of nero. ae23 (11.36). laureate, bearded bust of doros right/turreted astarte, wearing long chiton, resting on a standard, holding cornucopia. dated year 128 = 64/65 ad. ros-16, as h-849, but diff. date. nice vf. ex george fisher collection via us in september 1996. $100

*106 eleutheropolis, julia domna, wife of septemius severus. ae21 (7.01). bust right/nike walking left, holding palm branch. ros-10. vf. ex george fisher collection via our sale 29c #167. $175

*107 gaba, domitian. 81-96. ae19 (8.50). laur bust right/ m90n, wearing tunic, standing, holding scepter, crescent behind head. 136 = 75/76 ad (struck under vespasian). r4, bmc-1. vg-f. ex george fisher collection from our sugar sale #245 $100

*108 gadara, marcus aurelius. 161-180. ae23 (12.01). bust right/bust of hercules right, year 224 (160/161 ad). sp-38, r-43. f. ex fisher via us june 1994. $60

*109 ---titus. 79-81. ae16 (3.43). laur bust right/bust of tyche right. year 135 = 71/72 ad. ros-33, sp-27. f-vf, although date a bit weak. ex fisher via antioch. $60

*110 medaba, septimius severus. 193-211. ae26 (13.78). bust right/helios stg in facing quadriga. ros-2, spike-2, hen-875. f-vf, green brown patina. a nice example of this scarce coin. ex george fisher from wmr 28c, #234 @$500+. $425

*111 neapolis, domitian. 81-96. ae26 (15.61). bust right/4 line legend. year 11=82/83 ad. ros-1, bmc-2, ans-961, hen-877. f-vf. ex fisher via us march 1998. $120

*112 ---volusian. 251-253. ae24 (13.53). radiate bust right/table supported by eagle with wings spread and head left, mt. gerizim above, legend on tablet. bmc-164, ros-127. nice vf and rare. volusian was the last issuer of coins from neapolis. ex george fisher collection from us september 1994. $300+

*113 panias, time of marcus aurelius. ae 15 (3.55). beardless bust of pan right/syrinx (pipes) of pan in legend, pob = 172 =169/170 ad. ros-14, h-890. vf. scarce $300

*114 pella, commodus. 177-192. ae25 (11.15). laureate head right/tyche seated right on rocks, holding grain ears in both hands, river god swimming below, year 246 (182/183). ros-8, spike-7. vf, a few areas of flatness. great portrait. ex george fisher collection from our sale 34e #162 $175

*115 petra, hadrian. ae16 (2.37). 117-138. laureate bust right/city name, in 3 lines, inside laurel wreath. ros-9, sp-16. nice vf. ex fisher from superior 9/94. $120

*116 philadelphia, hadrian. 117-138. ae23 (11.47). bust of hadrian right/bust of turreted tyche right. ros-14, sp-16. f-vf/vf, reverse just a tad off-center. a very nice coin and scarce as such. ex george fisher collection via hendin july 1995 $200

*117 rabbathmoba, septeimius severus. 193-211. ae27 (11.10). bust right/war-god ares, standing facing on a square base with 4 pilasters and on a broad plinth. ros-4, sp-8. vf. the published examples of this coin are so poor (and this is comparatively so nice) we can only guess as to the absolute attribution. ex george fisher collection from d. hendin may 2001. $225

*118 sebaste, commodus. 177-192. ae23.5. bust right/demeter or kore standing right, with torch & corn, 215 = 190/191. ros-13, bmc-9. vg. ex george fisher collection via our dr. s. sugar sale #316 $100

*119 sepphoris, trajan. 98-117. ae22. laur. bust right/palm tree, 2 bunches of dates, similar legend to above. ros-4, bmc-6, hen-907. f/vf. ex fisher $120

*120 ---,---ae14. bust right/2 ears of barley, bound together by their stalks, legend to either side. ros-6, bmc-17, hen-909. gvf. ex fisher via us and ed waddell. $200

*121 ---antoninus pius. 138-161. ae19 (4.63). laureate bust right/hera standing left, holding patara. ros-9. vf and very attractive. $150

*122 tiberias, claudius. 41-54. ae18 (8.02). legend around palm, lig=year 13=53/54 ad/legend in 2 lines. bmc-1v, ros-4v, kind-2v, sng-ans-1098v. f-vf, a bit o.c. very rare in this 3/4 ? denomination which i cannot find published all the published examples are smaller or larger. similar antipas coins were struck there. $300+

*123 ---trajan. 98-117. ae15. bust right/anchor, year 91 = 109/110. ros-11, bmc-21. vf. ex george fisher collection via david hendin november 2000. $100

124 GROUP OF PRUTAHS. Hasmoneon Double Cornucopia/Legend; Herod I Anchor/Double Cornucopia; Herod Archelaus Grapes/Helmet Agrippa I Umbrella/3 ears of barley; Valerius Gratus Legend/Palm branch, year 5 and 1st Revolt year two, Vine Leaf/Amphora. 6 coins, definitely not a junk lot. VG to VF, all but the first at least Fine $100+

125 GROUP OF PRUTAHS. Alexander Jannaeus (H-473), Agrippa I, Marcus Ambibulus (year 41), Porcius Festus and Year 2 First Revolt. Average Fine condition and all easily identifiable as to major type. 5 coins in lot. $100

ANCIENT GREEK COINS   (back to top)

*126 gaul, massalia. 2nd century bc. ar drachm (2.64). large head of artemis right, quiver at shoulder/lion left, objects below, al in ex., massa. forrer-42v. ef/gvf. a very attractive toned coin. $400+

*127 lucania, metapontin. c. 280 bc. ar stater (7.93). head of demeter right/ear of corn, meta to left, scorpion left, leaf and cornucopia to right. johnston d4, 13. toned ef. $575

*128 bruttium, kaulonia. 475-425 bc. ar nomos (8.02). naked apollo standing right, stag to right/stag standing right. kavl retrograde on both sides. sg-462,sng cop-1712. f/vf $575

*129 ---kroton. 510-480 bc. ar nomos (8.10). tripod, stork or heron standing right/ incuse tripod. sg-256, sng ans-256. vf $700

*130 sicily, syracuse. hieron ii. 275-215 bc. ar 16 litrai (13.06). head of philistis left/ walking quadriga being driven by nike right. sg-989. vf. slightly doubled reverse. very scarce. $1250

*131 macedon kingdom, alexander the great. 336-323 (125-70). ar tetradrachm (16.07) of odessos. head of hercules w. features of mithradates/zeus enthroned left, monograms below & to left. price-1193. gd vf, some obverse scratches. $250

*132 ---,---,---(16.64) of aspendos. head of young hercules right clad in lion's skin/zeus seated left on throne holding scepter and eagle, as above kb at left, countermark of anchor at right. year 22 of local era. price-2901 (w/o cmk), sg-5401ff. vf. ex george fisher collection via richard horst. $175

*133 ---,---ar drachm (3.89). head of hercules right/zeus seated left. gd fine. $110

*134 --- perseus. 179-168 bc. ar tetradrachm (15.52). his head right/eagle standing right on t-bolt, "a" monogram, legend. sg-6802, sng cop-1226v. toned vf. a rare coin of the last macedonian king. $900+

135 ---ANONYMOUS. 2nd Century BC. AE17 (5.14). Gorgon head within Macedonian shield/Elephant walking right. Fine $75

*136 macedon, roman times. gaius publilus quaestor. c. 168-167 bc. aeca22 (9.72). helmeted head of roma right/3 line legend in wreath. sng cop-1318. nice vf, pretty green patina. $100+

*137 thrace, byzantion. 416-357 bc. ar drachm (5.30). cow standing left on dolphin, monogram above/incuse square. sg-1579. avf. nice. $175

*138 ---istros. 400-350 bc. ar stater (5.65). two male heads facing, the one at left inverted/sea-eagle on dolphin, istrih above, a monogram below. bmc-6, sg-1669. nice ef. ex 34c #165. $300+

*139 ---thasos. 6th century bc. ar trihemiobol (.99). archaic satyr squatting right/ incuse square. sg-1301, bmc-26. toned vf. bmc tentatively attributed this to lete in macedonia but current research places this from thasos. $200

*140 boeotia, oarchomenos. late 5th century-364 bc. ar hemiobol (.38). half wheat grain/ wheat ear upward, e-p . sng cop-203. avf. ex bcd collection.$100

*141 ---tanagra. early to mid 4th century bc. ar obol (.91). boetian shield/forepart of horse right, ta below, iii to right, all in incuse square. sng cop-226. toned vf, minor pitting. ex bcd collection. $150

*142 ---thebes. 525-480 bc. ar obol (.96). boeotian shield/square incuse with irregular pattern. bcd-341 (this coin!). vf, mark on shield. $225

*143 ---,---425-395 bc. ar stater (12.26). boeotian shield, club across upper half/ amphora, q-e to either side, all in incuse square. sg-2374v, sng cop-285-286. choice vf and well centered. rare so nice! $925

*144 euboia, chalkis. 390-294 bc. ar drachm (3.62). hd of hera right, hair rolled/ eagle flying right carrying snake, letters below. sng cop-432. nice vf $250

*145 attica, athens. 166-157. ar "new style" tetradrachm (16.74). head of athena parthenos right wearing triple crested athenian helmet/owl standing on amphora, triptolemos standing left at right. thompson-678a, sng cop-155-156ff. vf. $350+

*146 epeirote republic. 238-168 bc. ar drachm (4.44). head of zeus dodonaios right wreathed with oak/eagle standing right on thunderbolt in oak wreath. sg-1996, sng cop-119. vf $350

*147 sikyonia, sikyon. 330-280 bc. ar triobol (2.83). chimaera standing left, i below/ dove flying left, i in front. sng cop-51. good toned vf. very attractive coin. $450

*148 mysia, kyzicus. 480-450 bc. ar trihemiobl. (.81). forepart of boar running left, tunny fish behind/lion's head left, retrograde k above. sng cop-50, sg-3846. choice vf. nice coin! $100

*149 ---pergamon. c. 310-284 bc. ar diobol (1.26). head of young hercules right, clad in lion's skin/palladium or cultus statue of athena standing and facing brandishing spear and holding shield perga to left. sg-3941, sng cop-318. gd fine. $75

*150 ionia, ephesos. 133-167 bc. ar cistophoric tetradrachm (12.73). cista mystica & serpent within wreath/bowcase between serpents, torch, "b" above. year two. sng cop-316v. aef, luster. $300+


*151 ---miletos. late 6th century bc. ar hemiobol (1.11). forepart of lion's head left, turned back/ornamental star in incuse square. sg-3533, bmc-34. vf, obverse bit off-center. $75+

152 CARIA, Kaunos. After 167 BC. AR Hemidrachm (1.09). Hd of Athena in helmet right/Sword in sheath with strap, spear-point at lower right, magistrate's name indistinct. SG-4818-19. aVF. Ex Fisher collection via Frank Robinson, via Pegasi. $100

*153 --- kindya. 510-490 bc. ar tetrobol (1.52) of samian standard. head of ketos, the sea-monster, left/stellate pattern in lattice frame in incuse. va-2340, k&k-nc-1. nice vf. scarce locale. $200+

*154 ---knidos. before 480 bc. ar drachm (6.09). forepart of lion right/archaic head of aphrodite right in incuse square. sng cop-200. avf $450

*155 pamphylia, side. 460-410 bc, ar stater (10.87). pomegranate in guilloche border/head of athena r. in corinthian helmet. cf bmc-8, sg-5425v. vf, rare $1000-

*156 ---,---2nd-1st century bc. ar tetradrachm (15.44). helmeted head of athena right/ winged nike left, pomegranate in field. a seleucid countermark of anchor on reverse.. as sg-5436, sng cop-400, cm as bmc-49. fine, bit rough.$100+

*157 cilica, tarsos. datames. 378-362 bc. ar stater (10.29). baal seated on throne right, head facing, holding eagle tipped scepter and corn-ear with grapes bltrz at left/ana and datames standing within shrine, thymiaterion between them. sg-5646, sng cop-302. ef $600

*158 seleukid kings, seleukos i nikator. 312-280 bc. ar drachm (4.29). head of hercules right/zeus seated left, anchor, a to the left, m under throne. struck in the name of alexander. nice vf, bit off-center. $250

*159 --- antiochus iv. 175-164 bc. ae15 (4.22) serrate of seleucia pieria. veiled female head right/elephant's head left, forepart of galley right field, ab monogram, border of dots. spaer-1025. a bit off-center, still very attractive and choice ef. $150+

160 --- ANTIOCHUS III AND IV. 3rd and 2nd Century BC. Group of 4 Serrated bronzes, all with elephant heads or Elephant standing. Average. Fine. Decent lot. $125

161 --- c. 2nd Century BC. Group of 4 bronzes, all with elephants. F or better.. $100

*162 syria, as roman province. 44-43 bc. ar tetradrachm (15.65). bust of philip philadelphus right/zeus seated left, holding nike and scepter. rpc-4130, sg-7214v. ef and well centered. $250+

*163 phoenicia, arados. 1st century bc. ar tetradrachm (14.90). turreted, veiled bust of tyche right/nike standing left, holding apulstre and palm, aradiwn behind, date year 181 (79/78 bc) and monograms to left. bmc-250, sg-5992. f/vf $125+

*164 ---byblos. 450-410 bc. ar 1/4 shekel (2.88) sphinx seated left, wearing crown of egypt/double lotus in circle in incuse square. f/vf, bit rough. the 1st coinage of byblos and very rare. $475+

*165 ---tyre. after 126 bc. year 112,15/14 bc. ar shekel (13.52). head of melkarth right/eagle standing left on thunderbolt, club & date to left, k(p) to right. this is the later type attributed by many to jerusalem. typical small flan, and a bit off-center. h-919, fine. "30 pieces of silver, shekel of tyre". $400

*166 ---,---,---ar shekel (13.51). head of melkarth right/eagle standing left, club and date to left, kp to right, symbol below. struck year 164, 38/39 ad. a very nice example of the jerusalem type. h-919, rpc-4688, bmc-, prieur-1428. vf/vf+ "30 pieces of silver, shekel of tyre". $450+

*167 ---,---base half shekel (6.26). head of melkarth right/eagle standing left on thunderbolt. a very rare contemporary copy of the temple tax coin. the silvering has worn off on this most unusual piece. first i can recall seeing. $550

*168 parthia, volgases vi. 208-228. bi tetradrachm. (11.87). crowned bust left with pointed beard, "b" behind/king seated before tyche, dated equivalent to 208-209 ad. sellwood-88, shore-450. vg-f, somewhat rough. $50+

*169 northern pakistan, pushkalavati. c. 185-170 bc. aeca1 1/2 karshapana (11.78). elephant standing facing right/lion in incuse square facing left. macw-4402. small chip, not affecting design, otherwise very attractive vf $65+

170 BACTRIAN KINGS, Apollodotos I. c. 160-150 BC. AR Square Drachm (1.99). Elephant/Humped Bull. As Mitch-1756. Toned VF, somewhat porous $50

171 ---,---Group of 3 AR Square Drachm (1.87, 1.05, 1.32). Elepohant/Humped Bull. As Mitch-1756. All very dark VF, somewhat debased and porous. $100+

*172 indo-scythian, azes ii. 35 bc-5 ad. ar tetradrachm (9.39). king on horse right/ zeus standing left, holding nike. macw-2360. gd vf. $150

173 SCYTHIAN KINGS. Maues 80-57 BC and Azes II 35 BC-5 AD. AE Square Hemi-Obol. Elephant walking right/King seated cross-legged. MACW-2201 and two AE Penta-Chalkons, Elephant standing right/humped bull standing right. MACW-2298. 3 coins, the first VG, other two Fine. $85

174 INDIA, Small herd of Elephants. 4 bronze (c. AE 25) each with standing figure/ Rider on elephant left VG-F and Mauryan Empire. c. 270 BC. AE 15. Elephant/Cross. Issued by Asokha. Crude Fine. 5 coins. $125

175 ---LARGER HERD OF 10 ELEPHANTS. Group of small bronzes, each with elephants. 1st to 3rd Century AD. Average Fine. Sold as is, no returns. $100

*176 ptolemaic egypt, ptolemy iv. 221-204 bc. ae 39mm (70.8 grams). diademed head of bearded zeus right/eagle standing left on thunderbolt, looking back, wings open, se between legs. sg-7842v, bmc-71, sng cop-205. large, heavy and thick (7.5mm). vf/f. $150?

*177 ---ptolemy xii neos dionysos. ar tetradrachm (11.15), bust of ptolemy i right/ eagle on thunderbolt, lkg, year 23 (59-58 bc). sg-7946, sng cop-393, bmc-46. toned avf/vf. a better date, that is seldom offered. $150?


For other GIC/RCC coins see lots 92-123 above

*178 moesia, marcianopolis. macrinus and diadumenian. ae 26 mm (11.98). laureate head of macrinus on left facing right and diadumenian, bare head, on right facing left/tyche standing left holding cornucopia and rudder, e in right field. vf, brown patina, reverse a bit off-center. $125

*179 ---,---elagabalus and julia maesa. ae 29 (11.20) elagabalus on the left facing julia maesa on the right/zeus stg left, e in field to left. f, heavy green patina. $100+

*180 thrace, odessos. gordian iii 238-244. ae 27 mm = 5 assaria (12.34). facing busts of gordian iii on left and sarpais on right/athena standing left with scepter and patera, e in field to left. vf, dark green patina. $100+

*181 ---philippopolis, caracalla. 198-217. ae30 (18.88). hd right/nude athlete adv. right. for alexandrian pythian games in 214 held for caracalla. weber-2774ff. avf $250

*182 cappadocia, caesarea. trajan. 98-117. ar tridrachm. laureate bust right/ears of grain in a bundle, with one sticking straight up. sng von aulock-6397v. vf and scarce variety of reverse. $150+?

*183 phoenicia, tyre, caracalla. 198-217 (213-217). bi tetradrachm (12.29). bust right, cuirass seen from front/eagle standing left, shell between legs. bellinger-307, prier-1549. vf. ex george fisher collection. $150+

*184 roman egypt, tiberius 14-37. ar tetradrachm. laureate head of tiberius right, lk (year 20) below/radiate head of augustus left. bmc-46, curtis-6, emm-61. nice vf, ex john quincy adams collection. scarce. $250+?

*185 ---nero. 54-68 bi tetradrachm (12.94). laureate bust right/bust of nilus right, flower and right behind, cornucopia in front. curtis-132, em-126. f-vf, toned. rare $300t.

*186 ---vespasian. 69-79. billon tetradrachm. laureate head of vespasian right/ laureate head of titus right. bmc-225, curtis-269, emm-207. year 8. fine. the date can't be seen, but the reverse legend is only found on year 8 coins. $75

*187 --- hadrian. 117-138. bi tetradrachm (13.04). bust right/tyche standing left, modius on head with cornucopia and rudder and reverse legend variety. curtis-553v, emm-901. nice vf and scarce. $350

*188 ---,---ae drachm (22.02)head right/nilus reclining left, holding reed, crocodile below. struck year 12. 16 in field refers to amount of flooding needed for ideal growing of crops. milne-1264, emm-1014. vf, with heavy green patina. a very popular and important type. ex hans schulman (october 1972, lot 674) $200+

*189 ---commodus. 177-192, year 29. bi tetradrachm (10.31). laureate head right/ galley sailing right, past pharos lighthouse. curtis-825, emm-2542. fine and a bit rough. a scarce type depicting one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. $475

*190 ---maximinus. 235-238. ae tetradrachm (11.87). laureate bust right/nilus reclining left, wears lotus-bud crown, holds cornucopiae, resting on hippo. year 4. curtis-1170, emm-3293. good very fine, flan chip reverse. rare. $400

*191 ---maximus, caesar. 235-238. ae tetradrachm (12.72). bare-headed bust right/ bust of zeus ammon right, year 3. milne-3246, emm-3359. rare, unlisted by curtis, koln, bmc. vf, obverse porous. $200+

ROMAN COINS   (back to top)

Unless noted otherwise, coins should be presumed from Rome mint

*192 anonymous. 211-206 bc. ar victoriatus (2.75). laureate head of jupiter right/ victory standing right, crowning trophy, roma in ex., in relief. sr-49, syd-83, rsc-9. toned f-vf/f. $75

*193 ---c. 157-155 bc. ar denarius (3.25). head of roma right, x behind/victory in biga right, roma in ex. toned vf. $75+

*194 ---c. 128 bc. ar denarius (3.84). helmeted head right, xvi monogram behind/ goddess in biga right, holding branch and scepter, elephant head right, roma below. sr-138, cr-262/1, syd-496. toned vf. $125+

*195 l. memmius. c. 109 bc ar denarius (3.61). male head right/the dioscuri, standing and facing, holding their horses. memmia-1, sr-181, syd-558. dark fine. scarce, the first we've offered in more than 10 years. $75+

*196 m. herennius 108-107 bc ar denarius (3.94) hd of pietas right/amphinomus carrying his father right, sideways "s" in field. sr-185, cr-308/1b. aef $250+

*197 c. vibius c.f. pansa. c. 90 bc. ar denarius (3.86). laureate head of apollo right (pansa) behind, ii below chin/minerva in quadriga right. sr-242, syd-684a. dark f-vf, a bit off-center. $75+

*198 c. mamilius c.f. limetanus. c. 82 bc. ar denarius serrate. head of mercury right, m behind, caduceus to left/ulysses being welcomed home by his dog argos. mamilia-6, sr-282. nice toned vf. a famous and in demand in coin. $400

*199 a. postumius a.f. s.n. albinus. 81 bc. ar denarius serrate (3.80). bust of diana right, bow and quiver, bucranium behind/rock surmounted by togate figure standing left. sr-296, postumia-7, syd-745. vf, light scratch obverse. $225

*200 m. volteius mf. c. 78 bc. ar denarius. (3.98). ivy wreathed head of liber or bacchus right/ceres in biga of snakes right, torch in each hand, l behind. sr-314, volteia-3, cr-385/3. vf $250

*201 c. hodifius c.f. geta. 68 bc ar denarius (4.15). bust of diana right, bow and quiver over shoulder, geta before, iii vir behind/wild boar right being attacked by hound and being pierced in shoulder by spear, c hosidi cf in ex. sr-346, cr. 407/2. choice ef+. $500

*202 m. nonius sufenas 59 bc ar denarius (3.94). hd of saturn r., harpa, stone, sc behind/roma seated left being crowned by victory who stands behind. sr-377, cr-421/1. ch. lightly toned vf+ $300+

*203 m. aemilius scarus & p. plautius hypsaeus c. 58 bc ar denarius aretas kneeling beside camel/jupiter in quadriga, scorpion below. hen-740, sr-379. fine, but well centered. a jewish reference coin having to do with the battles between the brothers hyracanus and aristobulus. $100

*204 ---,---(4.01) another, but nicer. a well centered vf. $175+

*205 a. plautius. 55 bc. ar denarius (3.91). turreted head of cybelle right/bacchius kneeling right beside camel, palm branch in hand. bacchius ivdaevs below and to right. sr-395, plautia-13, h-741a. vf, but somewhat weak in center. still a centered & attractive coin. a jewish reference coin scarcer than the above $200+

*206 d. junius brutus albinus. c. 48 bc. ar denarius (3.75). head of young mars wearing crested helmet right/two carnyces in saltire, oval shield above, round shield below. sr-426, postumia-11. vf/f, cleaned. reverse refers to caesar's campaign in gaul, where he was one of caesar's trusted soldiers. he is much more famous for being one of the assassins of julius caesar on the ides of march 44 bc. $100+

*207 julius caesar. 47-46 bc. ar denarius. head of venus right/aeneas left, carrying his father anchises and palladium, caesar to right. sr-1402, craw-448/1. vg-f, obverse 20% off flan. $100

*208 ---46-45 bc. ar denarius (3.81) of spain. head of venus right, cupid at shoulder/ trophy between 2 captives. sr-1404, cr-469/1. toned vf, bit off-center. $395

*209 augustus. 27 bc-14 ad. ae as of ephesus (9.66). c. 25 bc. bare head of augustus right/augustus in one line in laurel-wreath. ric-486. fine. $60+

*210 augustus and agrippa. c. 12 bc. ae dupondius (12.17) of neumausus. laureate head of augustus left, bare head of agrippa right/crocodile right, palm tree beyond. sr-1731, rpc-525. vf, although some flaws in field. $200

*211 caligula. 37-41. ae quadrans (2.69). legend around sc divided by cap of liberty/legend around rcc. sr-1804, ric-52. nice vf. $75+

*212 germanicus. died 19 ad. ae as (10.75). bare head of germanicus left/vesta seated left. sr-1803,ric-38. avf, very light oxidation. nice portrait, centered. $175

*213 nero. 54-68. ar denarius. laureate bust right/salus seated left. sr-1945, ric-67. af/vg. $150+

*214 vitellius. 69 ad. ar denarius. laureate head right/vesta seated right, holding scepter and patera. sr-2200, ric-107, rsc-72. fine $395

*215 vespasian. 69-79 ad. ar denarius (3.52). head of emperor right/sow, left with 3 piglets. sr-2292, coh-213, ric-109. a jewish reference coin as the sow was the symbol of the 10th legion (the main invading army of judaea). nice avf $250+

*216 ---,---(3.18). laureate head right/judaea sits right, to right of trophy mourning. judaea capta issue. hen-759, ric-15, rsc-226, sr-2296. decent fine. $150

*217 ---,--- (3.41). another, much nicer. gvf+, well centered and very attractive. ex cng 3/86. very nice classic judaea capta denarius. ex george fisher collection. $350+

*218 ---,---(3.45). laureate bust right/vespasian seated right holding scepter and branch. sr-2305, ric-65. gvf and uncommon. the reverse of this is very similar to the assumed tribute penny coin of tiberius. $100+

*219 ---,--- bust right/victory adv. right placing wreath on trophy. sr-2317. rsc-618, h-771. a judaea capta type. fine+/f $75

*220 ---.ae sesterius. laureate head right/jewess mourning sits right on right beneath palm tree, behind palm stands the emperor, ivdaea capta. ric-427, sr-2327. hen-775. vf/f, but pitted. a slightly scarcer type $450+

*221 ---ae as (10.75). laureate bust right/draped victory advances right on ship's prow, holding wreath in right hand and palm branch over shoulder in left, victoria navalis around, sc in field. hen-779 (but this is as), ric-503. superb. it is arguable that this is a judaea capta type. it is certainly the finest of these we have seen. choice ef, but a few scratches. ex george fisher, elsen 9/01 #410, $650

*222 ---ae quadrans (2.8) of 71 ad. trophy, imp vespasian avg/vexillum, pmtrp pp cos iii sc. ric-507. c-344. ef, just a tad rough. an extremely rare judaea capta type which we can not recall offering before. one encounters the type with the palm tree (see below) occasionally but seldom this type. $300+?

*223 ---,---(2.04). palm tree/vexillum. hen-784ff, ric-530. similar to the hendin example but with cos iiii legend indicating it was struck 72-73 ad. f-vf, oxidized. $100

*224 divus vespasian. issued by titus. ar denarius (3.27). bust right/victory strides left, with both hands places round shield on trophy, a mourning jewess sits left below, across field ex sc. h-772a, sr-2565. nice vf. a scarce judaea capta type. $300+

*225 titus. 79-81. ar denarius (3.22). bust right/jewish captive kneels in front of trophy, reverse legend reads trp viiii imp xiiii cos vii.ric-unlisted, h-786v, sr-2505v. a rare variant, a scarce type. gd fine $200+

*226 ---,---(2.63). laureate bust right/triumphal quadriga left with corn-ears. reverse legend ends in pp. sr-2506v, ric-12, rsc-278. gd fine. $200

*227 ---ae sestertius (23.43). bust right/jewess mourning to left of palm tree on pile of arms, mourning jew to right of tree, ivd cap to either side, sc in ex. as hen-792 but obverse facing different. ric-91. porous fine and very rare. ex george fisher collection. $400

*228 domitian. 81-96. ar denarius (3.41). laureate bust right/minerva standing right, feet on prow, owl at feet. struck 86 ad. ric-80, c-204. vf $125

*229 ---,---(3.39). laureate bust right/minerva standing left holding spear. sr-2736, ric-174. ef/gvf, very choice portrait. $150+

*230 trajan. 98-117. ar denarius (3.37). laureate bust right/justitia (or abundantia) seated left on chair formed by two crossed cornucopiae, holding scepter. sr-3144v (cos ii), ric-1. nice ef $150+

*231 hadrian. 117-138. ar denarius (3.35). laureate bust right/abundantia standing left, foot on modius, holding hook and cornucopia. ric-169, c-381. vf-ef. $150+?

*232 ---,---(3.16). bust right/victory-nemesis advancing right. sr-3547. vf. the reverse was struck, at least in some eyes, as a commemorative of the victory over bar kochba and the jews. (see triton x, #625 and berk, 89, #557). $225

*233 sabina, wife of hadrian. died 136 ad. ar denarius (3.49). bust right/vesta enthroned left, holding palladium and scepter. sr-3925, ric-410. vf $100+

*234 antoninus pius. 138-161. ae sestertius (22.39). laureate bust right/italia seated on globe right, holding cornucopia and scepter, italia in ex. sr-4185, ric-746a. fine. $175+

*235 faustina sr., wife of antoninus pius, died 141 ad. ar denarius (3.06). bust right/concordia seated left, holding patera and resting left arm on cornucopia. ric-ric-1374, as sr-4667 but different obverse legend. a scarce issue. ef. $100+

*236 divus antoninus pius, died 161 ad. ar denarius (3.35). bare head right/ pyramidal crematorium of 4 stories. sr-5193, ric-438. nice toned vf. $100+

*237 ---,---(3.25). bare head right/column of antoninus pius surmounted by statue of emperor standing left. sr-5195, ric-439. vf $75

*238 diva faustina, issued by her husband antoninus pius. ar denarius (3.33). bust right/aeternitas standing left, raising right hand and holding scepter in left. sr-4574, ric-344. choice ef $175

*239 marcus aurelius. 161-180. ar denarius (3.30). laureate bearded bust right/ victory alighting left on globe holding wreath and trophy. ric-411, c-975, as sr-4952. nice ef and one of the last dated issues of aurelius. $150+

*240 lucius verus. 161-169. ar denarius (3.07). bearded bare head right/mars standing right, resting on spear and shield. ric-528, sr-5355 but reverse legendbegins tr p v. nice toned ef. "armeniacvs" refers to his success in armenia.$275+

*241 lucilla, wife of lucius verus. died 182 bc (?). ae sestertius (24.87). bust right/ venus standing left holding apple and scepter. sr-5506, ric-1763. f-vf/af $125+

*242 commodus. 177-192. ar denarius (2.54). head right, clad in lion's skin (as hercules)/her-cvl/ro-man/av gv in 3 lines divided by vertical club, all in laurel wreath. sr-5444, ric-251. f-vf, bit rough. commodus as hercules! $75

243 SEPTEMIUS SEVERUS. 193-211. AR Denarius (2.66). Laureate bust right/Elephant walking right. SR-6317, RIC-82. F-VF/VG-F, short flan. Uncommon reverse . $75

*244 ---,---(2,76). bearded laureate bust right/jupiter standing left, holding thunderbolt and scepter. ric-233, as sr-6345. nice toned ef, the portrait choice. reverse "x" is very weak. nice coin. $100+

*245 julia domna, wife of septemius severus. ar denarius (3.74). bust right/ceres seated left, holding corn-ears and long torch. sr-6576, ric-546. ef $100

*246 caracalla 198-217. ar denarius (3.38). laureate and draped bust right/ caracalla, naked, standing and facing, head left, holding globe and resting on spear. sr-6857, ric-30a. ef, great portrait, a few flan cracks from strike. $100+

*247 plautilla, wife of caracalla. ar denarius (3.43). bust right/concordia standing left, holding patera and scepter. sr-7065, ric-363. gd very fine. $75+

*248 geta. 209-211, as caesar 198-208. ar denarius (3.21). bare head right/nobilitas standing right holding palladium & scepter. sr-7184, ric-13a. lite toned. ef $125

*249 elagabalus. 218-222. ar denarius (3.15). laureate bust right/annona standing left, holding corn-ears and resting left arm on rudder set on globe, modius at feet to left. sr-7503, ric-59. ef exceptional portrait, obverse a touch off-center. $100+

*250 julia paula, 1st wife of elagabalus. ar denarius (2.46). bust right/concorida enthroned left, holding patera and resting left arm on throne, star in left field. sr-7655, ric-211. ef/gvf, lightly toned. $150

*251 julia soaemias, mother of elagabalus. ar denarius (3.53). bust right/venus standing left, holding apple and scepter, star in left field. sr-7719, ric-241. aef and scarce. $150+

*252 julia maesa, grandmother of elagablaus and severus alexander. ar denarius (3.24). bust right/felicitas sacrificing at altar holding caduceus, star in field at left. sr-7757v, ric-272. ef $100+

*253 severus alexander. 222-235 ad. ar denarius. (3.28) laureate bust right/ aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia. ric-127, sr-7856v. this without the star in the field, thus struck at rome. ef/vf, nice portrait. $100+

*254 ---,---(2.45). laureate bust right/fides militum standing left holding standard in each hand. sr-7864, ric-139. vf $50+

*255 ---,---.(4.02). laureate bust right/jupiter enthroned left, holding victory and spear. sr-7873, ric-144. scarce reverse legend of iovi vltori. choice ef-au/ef, reverse a bit weak in spots. a very nice portrait. $100+

*256 ---,---(2.40). laureate bust right/liberalitas standing left, holding abacus and cornucopia. sr-7876, ric-153. nice, lightly toned ef. $100

*257 ---,---(2.53). laureate bust right/mars in military attire advancing right carrying spear and trophy. ric-61, c-304. gd vf. $75+

*258 ---,---(2.65). laureate bust right/salus enthroned left, feeding snake arising from altar. sr-7925, ric-178. choice ef+, with a touch of toning. $100+

*259 ---,---(3.04). laureate bust right/spes advancing left, holding flower and lifting skirt. sr-7927, ric-254. ef $75+

*260 ---,---(2.95). laureate bust right/alexander, in military attire, standing left, holding globe and spear. sr-7897, ric-44. gvf $75

261 ---Pair of AR Denarius. 1) (2.66) Bust right/Annona stg left, holding corn-ears and cornucopia, modius at feet. SR-7857, RIC-133. 2) (3.48). Alexander togate, standing left, sacrificing over altar. As SR-7899, but reverse is TRP VII. 2 coins, the first EF, the 2nd VF. $100+

*262 orbiana, wife of severus alexander. exiled 227 ad. ar denarius (2.32). bust right/concordia seated left, holding patera and cornucopia. sr-8191, ric-319,c-1. vf and rare empress. $550

*263 julia maema, mother of severus alexander. ar denarius (2.81). bust right/ fecunditas seated left and extending right hand over child standing at her feet. sr-8208, ric-332. choice ef, a few light flan cracks. very attractive. $100+

*264 maximinus i 235-238. ar denarius (2.77). laureate bust right/providentia standing left holding rod and cornucopia,globe at feet. sr-8315, ric-13. ef $100

*265 gordian iii. 238-244. ar antoninianus (3.82) of antioch. bust right/aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia. sr-8600, ric-177a. nice ef. $65+?

*266 ---,---(4.20). bust right/sol standing left, raising right hand and holding globe in left. sr-8603, ric-83. ef. $50

*267 ---,---(4.57). bust right/fortuna seated left, holding rudder and cornucopia, wheel below seat. sr-8612, ric-143. choice ef+, with lots of original luster. $65+?

*268 ---,---(4.40). radiate bust right/jupiter standing and facing, head right, resting on scepter and holding thunderbolt. sr-8615, ric-84. choice ef/ef. $60

*269 ---,---(4.10) of an eastern mint. radiate bust right/pax running left, holding olive branch and transverse scepter. sr-8629, ric-214. ef, scarce, $75

*270 ---,---(3.39). gordian standing right in military attire holding transverse spear and globe. sr-8646, ric-88. ef $50

271 ---GROUP OF 3 SILVER ANTONINIANII. Felicitas standing holding long caduceus and cornucopia, Providentia standing holding rod and scepter, globe at feet and Roma seated left holding victory and scepter, shield at side. 3 nice coins. EF $120

272 ---,---Fides Militum holding standard and scepter, Apollo seated left holding olive branch and Victory standing left, resting on shield set on captive and holding palm. 3 nice coins. EF $120

273 ---,---Jupiter standing with scepter and thunderbolt, Liberty standing with abacus and cornucopia and Virtus standing with olive branch and spear. 3 nice coins. EF. $120

274 ---,---Jupiter standing with thunderbolt and scepter, small child at feet, Mars advancing right and Pax standing left. 3 nice coins. First two EF, the last nearly so. $120

275 ---3 coins. AR Antoninianus Providentia standing left holding globe and transverse scepter, AR Denarius Security seated left and Constantine Era AE Commemorative with Victory standing left on prow. 3 nice coins, the first EF/VF, the 2nd Choice EF/VF and the 3rd GVF. $120

*276 philip i. 244-249. ar antoninianus (4.19). radiate bust right/aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia. sr-8918, ric-57. fully silvered, choice ef. $60+

*277 ---,---(3.51). radiate bust right/elephant walking left, ridden by mahout who guides it with goad and rod. sr-8921, ric-58. toned vf $75

*278 otacila severa, wife of philip i. ar antoninianus (4.57). bust right, crescent behind shoulders/concordia seated left holding patera and cornucopia, altar at her feet. sr-9149, ric-126. nice ef on broad flan. $75+

*279 philip ii. 247-249. ar antoninianus (3.73). radiate bust right/philip ii, in military attire, standing left, holding globe and resting on spear. sr-9240, ric-218d. nice ef, exceptional portait. $65

*280 trajan decius. 249-251. ar antoninianus (4.10). radiate bust right/dacia standing left, holding dacian standard. sr-9368, ric-12b. nice ef, fully centered, on a somewhat (typical) ragged flan. $60+

*281 herennia etruscilla, wife of trajan decius. ar antoninianus (4.34). bust right/pudicita seated left, drawing veil from face and holding transverse scepter. sr-9495, ric-59b. ef, struck on exceptionally broad flan. $100

*282 herennius etruscus, 251 ad. as caesar 250-251 under trajan decius. ar antoninianus (4.30). radiate bust right/herennius etruscus, in military, attire, standing left, holding baton and transverse spear. sr-9523, ric-147c. nice ef. $125

*283 trebonianus gallus. 251-253. ar antoninianus (3.63). rad. bust r/ annona stg right, foot on prow, holding rudder and corn-ears. sr-9626, ric-31. ch ef. $75

*284 ---,---(4,18). radiate bust right/libertas standing left holding pileus and transverse scepter. sr-9636, ric-70. vf $50

*285 volusian 251-253. ar antoninianus (4.70). radiate bust right/virtus standing right resting on spear and shield. sr-9776, ric-206. ef $100+

*286 valerian. 253-260. ar antoninianus (3.65) of milan. radiate bust right/fides militum standing and facing, head right, holding vexillum and transverse scepter. sr-9939, ric-241. ef, light golden tone. $75+

*287 gallienus 253-268. bi antoninianus (4.41) of milan. radiate bust right/salus standing left feeding snake arising from altar and holding scepter. sr-10352, ric-397. ef, silvered. $75+

288 SALONINA, wife of Gallienus. Bi Antoninianus (3.14). Bust right/Fecunditas standing left, extending right hand to child standing at her feet and holding cornucopia in left, D in field. SR-10633v (obv. legend begins COR not CORN), RIC-5. Toned EF, a few flan cracks. $50+

*289 valerian ii. 256-258, caesar under valerian i and gallienus. bi antoninianus (2.89). radiate bust right/infant jupter seated on goat standing right, his right hand raised. sr-10731, ric-3. vf. uncommon. $50

*290 postumus. 260-269. ar antoninianus (3.42) of cologne. radiate bust right/ moneta standing left, holding scales and cornucopia. sr-10962, ric-75. vf+/f-vf. nice portrait, weakly struck on reverse. the reverse indicates postumus' concern for his coinage. $50+

*291 victorinus. 269-271. bi antoninianus (3.52) of cologne? radiate bust right/ salus standing left, feeding snake arising from altar and holding scepter. sr-11181, ric-71. toned choice ef/vf on irregular flan. the obverse is spectacular. $75+

*292 tetricus i. 171-274. bi antoninianus (2.33) of cologne. radiate bust right/mars or virtus standing left, resting on shield and spear. sr-11258, ric-148. ef/aef, as usual the flan is a bit ragged, but the portrait is outstanding! $75

*293 tetricus ii 274 ad, as caesar under tetricus i 273-274. bi antoninianus (2.57). mainz or trier mint. radiate bust right/spes advancing left, holding flower and lifting skirt. sr-11292, ric-270. gvf, reverse a bit off-center, but wonderful portrait.$75+

294 CLAUDIUS II GOTHICUS. 268-270. Pair of Bi Antoninianii. Both with radiate bust right. 1) (2.72). Jupiter standing and facing, head right, resting on scepter and holding thunderbolt. SR-11341, RIC-52. 2) (3.51) Mars, naked, advancing right, carrying spear and trophy, P in ex. 2 coins, the first EF but on ragged flan, the 2nd EF/aVF and porous, struck at Milan. $75

*295 aurelian. 270-275. bi antoninianus (4.55) of ticinum. radiate bust right/fides militum standing right holding standard in each hand, facing sol standing left, raising right hand and holding globe in left, s xx t in ex. sr-11587, ric-152. choice ef with lots of silvering. $75+

*296 severina, wife of aurelian. bi antoninianus (3.83) of serdica. bust right, crescent behind shoulders/severina standing left, clasping hands with togate figure (genius of the senate?) standing right, star in field, kag in ex. sr-11703, ric-16. toned ef, lots of silvering. $100+

*297 vabalathus 271-272. bi antoninianus (3.63) of antioch, a joint issue with aurelian. laureate bust right/radiate bust of aurelian right, "h" below. sr-11718, ric-381. nice vf and scarce. $100+

*298 tacitus 275-276. bi antoninianus (4.19) of lyons. radiate bust right/felicity standing left, holding long caduceus and cornucopia, d to left and star to right. sr-11817, ric-65. choice ef, well centered with an exceptional portrait. $75+

*299 probus. 276-282 bi antoninianus (4.00) of antioch. radiate bust right/female figure right, holding wreath facing probus left holding globe and scepter, h in field, xxi in ex. sr-12021, ric-925. ef/vf $60+

*300 divo carus, died 283. issued by carinus and numerian. bi antoninianus (3.47). radiate bust right/eagle standing with wings spread, head left, kab in ex. sr-12395, ric-47. vf, not often offered. $50

*301 diocletian, 284-305 (295). ar argenterus (3.22) of nicomedia. laureate head right/camp-gate topped by 4 turrets, smng in ex. sr-3504, ric-22a. choice ef/vf, a bit porous on reverse. $450

*302 ---bi antoninianus (5.08) of cyzicus. radiate bust right/diocletian standing right, receiving victory on globe from jupiter standing left, a between them, xxi in ex. sr-3510, ric-289. well centered ef, with a goodly portion of silvering intact. $75?

*303 ---ae follis (11.45) of cyzicus, stuck after his abdication in early 307. his bust right holding branch and mappa/providentia stg right extending right hand to quies standing left leaning on scepter, s to left, f to right, ks in ex. sr-3543ff, ric-6, 23b. nice vf and scarce. $150+

*304 maximianus. 286-305 (295). ar argenteus (3.41) of rome. laureate head right/4 princes sacrificing over altar before gate, virtvs miltvm. sr-3606, ric-28.vf, somewhat porous, a few light flan crack's $300+

*305 ---bi antoninianus (4.50) of antioch. pre-reform coinage. radiate bust right/ maximianus standing right receiving victory on globe from jupiter standing left, s in field between them, xxi in exergue. as sr-3611, ric-621. choice ef with some silvering, virtually fdc. $75+

*306 galeria valeria, daughter of diocletian and 2nd wife of galerius. ae follis (6.42) of heraclea. draped bust right/venus standing left, holding apple and raising drapery over left shoulder, htb in ex. sr-3730ff, ric-6, 43. ef. $150?

*307 maximinus ii. 309-313. ae follis (4.98) of antioch. laureate bust right/jupiter standing left, cloak spread behind, right hand holding victory on globe, left a scepter. star to left, s to right, ant in ex. ric-6, 166b. choice ef. this is a rare reverse which is seldom offered. $100+

*308 licinius i 308-324. ae follis (20 mm, 3.43) of nicomedia. laureate bust right/ jupiter standing left, holding victory on globe, leaning on scepter, eagle at feet, g in field to right, smn in ex. ric-6, 69a, sr-3798v. choice ef. $75

*309 constantine i, the great. 307-337. ae follis (8.61) of trier. laur. bust right/ genius standing left, head towered, loins draped, right hand holding patera, left a cornucopia, s to left, a to right, ptr in exergue. sr-3861, ric-6, 771. ef $100+

*310 ---struck after his death. ae 4 (1.61) of alexandria. veiled head right/constantine, veiled, standing right. vn left, mr right, smala in ex. sr-3888, ric-32. vf. $50+

*311 ---ae follis (3.81) of trier. radiate bust left/captives seated to either side of trophy, star to left, ptr in exergue. ric-7, 253. vf $50+

*312 commemorative coin of constantine period. 330-346. ae follis (19 mm, 2.28) of siscia. helmeted bust of roma left, wearing imperial mantle urbs roma/she-wolf suckling romulus and remus, 2 stars above, gsis in ex. ric-7, 222, sr-3894v. choice well centered ef. $60+

*313 fausta, daughter of maximianus and wife of constantine. ae follis (2.96) of cyzicus. bust right/fausta standing facing, head left, holding two children, smka• in ex. sr-3905ff, ric-7, 40. ef/vf, very nice coin. $150?

*314 helena, first wife of constantius and mother of constantine. ae follis (3.39) of thessalonica. bust right/helena standing left, lowering branch and raising robe, smtsa in exergue. ric-7, 159, as sr-3908. ef. another very nice coin. $100+

*315 crispus 317-326. ae follis (20 mm, 3.55) of london. helmeted bust left/altar inscribed vot is xx, 3 stars above, plon in ex. sr-3916, ric-7, 280. gvf-ef, nice dark patina. $75+

*316 delmatius, caesar 335-337. ae follis (17 mm, 1.63) of siscia. laureate bust right/2 soldiers standing either side of standard, qsis in ex. ric-7, 256, sr-3931v. gvf, a tad rough. scarce. $100

*317 constantine ii 337-340, as caesar under constantine i 317-337. ae follis (20 mm, 3.72) of trier. laureate bust left holding globe surmounted by victory/globe set on altar inscribed votis xx, 3 stars above, str• in ex. sr-3942v, ric-7, 353. ef! especially nice obverse. $60+

*318 constans 337-350. ae follis (17 mm, 1.67) of siscia. laureate bust right/2 soldiers either side of standard with chi-rho at top, esisu in ex. sr-3970ff, ric-8, 100. a glorious coin, virtually mint state, dark patina, perfectly centered. $75+

*319 constaintius ii 337-361, as caesar 324-337 under constantine i. ae3 (1.99) of antioch. laureate head left, no legend/constan tivs caesar in 3 lines, star above, shants below. sr-3893, ric-7, 55, gvf. $75

*320 ---,--- ae follis (19 mm, 3.22) of trier. laureate bust left/camp gate with two turrets, star above, ptre in ex. sr-3984v, ric-7, 506. choice ef, black patina, $75+

*321 magnentius. 350-353. ae centenionalis (4.73) of amiens. bare headed bust right, "a" behind bust/two victories facing each other. between them wreath inscribed vot v mvlt x, chi-rho on top of wreath. ambu in ex. sr-4024v, ric-8, 23. scarce mint which was only operational between 350-353. gd vf+. $150+

*322 julian ii. 360-363. ar siliqua (2.15) of lyons. bust right/victory walking left, holding wreath and palm, lv• in ex.. ric-8, 214. choice toned ef+. $200+

*323 ---,---(2.14) of arelate. laureate head right/votis v mvltis x in 4 lines in laurel wreath pcon in ex. sr-4071, ric-295. aef on slightly small flan. $150+

*324 jovian 363-364. ae follis (19.5 mm, 2.73) of sirmium. bust right/vot v mvlt x in laurel wreath, asirm in ex. sr-4087v, ric-8, 118. ef/vf, nice portrait. uncommon coin. $75

*325 valentinian i. 364-365. ae follis (18.5 mm, 2.17) of siscia. bust right/valentinian advancing right, dragging captive and holding labarum •asisc in ex. sr-4102v, ric-14. choice ef, green-brown patina. $50+

*326 valens. 364-378. ar siliqua (1.78). bust right/roma seated left, holding victory and scepter rq in ex. rome mint. ric-11b, sr-4113. f-vf. $150+

*327 gratian. 367-383. ar siliqua (2.23) of trier. bust right/roma seated left on throne, holding victory on globe and scepter, trps• in ex. sr-4133, ric-27f, rsc-86a. toned ef. $150

*328 magnus maximus. ad 383-388. ar siliqua (1.98).of trier. struck ad 383-388. pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right/roma enthroned facing, head left, holding globe and scepter; trps in ex. ric ix 84b, sr-4201. ef/vf. $175 +

*329 arcadius 383-408. ae follis (19 mm, 2.25) of siscia. bust right/emperor advancing right, dragging captive in right hand and holding labarum in left, asisc in ex. ric-9, 38c. gvf $50+

*330 eudoxia, wife of arcadius. ae follis (18 mm, 2.75). bust right/victory seated right, inscribing christogram on shield set on cippus. sr-4241ff. gd fine, somewhat short flan which cuts off mint-mark. $75


Byzantine coins are from the mint of Constantinople unless noted. See also Lot #350

331 BYZANTINE, Justin II. 565-578. AE Decanummium of Carthage (4.01). Justin and Sophia seated and facing/Large I between N and M. Struck over coin of Justin I. SB-400, Berk-347. F/GVF. Ex Chris Connell collection. $100

*332 ---leo iii. 717-741. ar miliaresion. cross potent/legend. sb-1512. overstruck on chipped umaayed dirham. avf $175

*333 ---leo iv, the khazar. ae follis (5.67). busts of leo iv and constantine vi facing, cross above between their heads/bust of leo iii and constantine v facing, large m between x and n below. sb-1586. well centered vf, seldom offered. $100+

*334 ---constantine vi and irene. 780-797. ae follis (2.64). facing bust of irene/facing bust of constantine vi, large m between x and n below. sb-1598. gd fine and rare. $100+

*335 ---leo v, the armenian. 813-820. ae follis (5.72). busts of leo v and his son constantine facing/large m, xxx to left, nnn to right, a monogram below. sb-1630. vf, a touch off-center, with minor flattening. leo's coins from constantinople are much scarcer than those from syracuse. $100+

*336 ---michael ii, the amorian. 820-829. ae follis (8.01). facing busts of michael, on left, and his son theophilus/large m, xxx to left, nnn to right, cross above, below. sb-1642. vf, though a bit rough. seldom seen. $75+

*337 ---leo vi. 886-912. ae follis (5.72). facing bust of leo/4 line legend. sb-1729. nice vf+. while this is not a rare coin, it is certainly scarce this nice. $75+

*338 ---,---,---(5.42). facing bust of leo on the left and his brother alexander on the right/4 line legend. sb-1730. vf and thus scarce. $100

*339 ---anonymous. time of basil ii. 976-1025 ad. ae follis (17.58). facing bust of christ/inscription in wreath, jesus christ, king of kings". sb-1813, class a2. f-vf. a large and heavy example of this coin. $60+

*340 ---andronicus ii. 1282-1328. ae trachy. flower or 6 pointed star/andronicus standing, large "b" in each hand. sb-2393. vf on ragged flan. ex chris connell collection. david sear suggests that this is a 6 pointed star, but chris connell describes it as a 6 petalled flower and i concur. $300

*341 ---andronicus ii & michael ix. 1295-1320. ar basilkon (1.74). chirst enthroned/.andronicus on left, michael on right hldg labarum. sb-2402. vf, flat spots. $125

342 ---PAIR OF BYZANTINE COINS. Constans II 641-668. AE Follis (4.44). Facing bust/ Large M. SB-1013 and Michael VII 1071-1079 AE Follis (8.96). Facing bust of Christ/ Bust of Michael, overstruck over a Anonymous Follis of Romanus IV. SB-1878. 2 coins, both Fine. $75

*343 arab-byzantine. umayyad, jerusalem. ilya filastin. c. 74-77 ah. ae fals (2.95). standing caliph/m & legend. walker-73-78, snat-1ff. fine. $75

*344 islamic palestine, bayt-gabrin (eleutheropolis). umayyad. c.699 ad. ae fals. kalima both sides. snat-41. f, clipped. very rare. ex george fisher . $100?

*345 ---al ramla. umayyad. 8th century ad. ae fals. palm tree, bismallah around/dot in crescent all in circle, bismallah around. snat-67, walker-863. gd fine. ex george fisher collection, via jean elsen july 2000. $50+

*346 axumite, ouazebas. c. 400 ad. ae unit (18mm, 2.15 gm). bust right, corn-ears on sides/small bust right in circle. mh-54, bmc-245, macw-391. f-vf $150+


347 A GROUP OF SILVER COINS. British Virgin Islands 1993 $25 KM-144; Cook Island 1990 $50 KM-53: Guinea-Bissau 1993 10, 000 Pesos KM-31: France 1996 10 Francs = 1 1/2 Euros KM-1123 and Tanzania 1986 100 Shilingi KM-18a. 5 silver coins, the first with a Gorilla, the others with Elephants. The Cook Island Matte Unc., the other 4 Proofs. $150

349 A GROUP. Vatican City 1942 (4 piece) and 1963 (8) mint sets, plus 4 Copper Nickel Crowns; Gibraltar, Liberia, Isle of Man all 1993 Preserve Planet Earth and 1997 Sierra Leone Dragon. $50+?

350 A GROUP. Venice Pietro Loredano (1567-70) AE Quattrino. Ek-1133; Malta, Anton de Paula. 1628 AE Gramo. KM-50 and Crusader issue of Anonymous Byzantine Follis of Edessa. Ratto-2495, SB-1889, Class I (2 pieces). 4 uncommon coins. VG to VF, mostly Fine. $100+

351 A HUGE LOT OF ELEPHANT TOKENS; Casino, Political, Zoo, Circus, Mardi Gras etc. Most dollar size in various metals, such as bronze, silver, aluminum, brass and even plastic (some multicolored). Mostly EF to Unc. 125 pieces. $625?

*352 algeria, mahmud ii. ah 1239 (1823) 2 budju. km-75, cr-120, dav-1. ngc ms-62. some toning, a very attractive coin. $250

*353 anglo-gallic. henry vi. 1422-1453. ar grand blanc aux ecus of rouen. english and french shields, henricvs/latin cross, fleur de lis and leopard. elias-287. vf, a few reverse scratches. $300

354 ARGENTINA, Republic. 1883 50 Centavos. KM-3, Y5. EF $45

355 AUSTRALIA, George V. 1926 3 Pence. KM-24, Y9. AU. $50

356 ---,---1927 Florin. Opening of Parliament House, Canberra. KM-31, Y7. BU. $45

357 ---,---1931 Florin. KM-27, Y12. VF-EF. $50

358 ---GEORGE VI. 1938 Crown. Key date of a 2 year type. KM-34, Y20. EF/AU $75

*359 austria, carinthia. maximilian. 1518 batzen. 3 shields/st.leopold standing. saurma-759. vf $100+

*360 ---olmutz. wolfgang, count of schrattenbach. 1736 taler. bust right/three oval arms, date divided at top by cardinal's hat. dav-1220, km-141. lightly toned au, with underlying luster. one year type. $300+

*361 ---salzburg. leonard keutschach. 1500 ar batzen or r9fbener. quartered armorial shield, "1500" above/st. rupert stg. frey-534, pr-99. vf. early dated coin. $250

*362 ---,---max gandolf. 1682 1/2 taler. struck for the 1100th year of bishopric. 5 saints standing/eye of god above hatted arms. pr-1651, km-232. ef. a scarce commemorative which is encountered as a taler many more times than as half taler. $400

*363 ---trier, colbentz. jacob i v. sierk. 1444 ar groschen. st peter std, cccc lxiiii/arms of mainz, trier & the palantine. frey-65, sa-2628. avf. early dated.. $375

*364 ---archduke leopold 1632 taler. half armored bust right/arms. hall mint. dav-3335, km-692.2. ef, a few stains, otherwise very nice. $250+

*365 ---maria theresa. 1780 s.f. thaler. km-23, dav-1150. golden toned ef/au. an early strike of this famous coin. $75

*366 ---joseph ii. 1781 silver 27mm proclamation. his bust within legend/4 line legend in wreath. lustrous ef, some adjustment marks. $60+

367 --- FRANZ JOSEPH I. 1859-M (Milan) 1 Florin. KM-2219, Y15. EF. $50

*368 ---republic. 1957 5 schilling. km-2879, y94. lustrous ef-au, small scratch to left of "5" in denomination. one of the rarest mid-20th century aluminum coins. $475

*369 ---,---1996. silver 75 mm by herbert wahner. struck for the 1000th anniversary of austria. austria shield at center with views of people, buildings, churches, armies, even coins/shields of provinces. as struck. $75

*370 avram, prince john, duke of avram. royal bank coinage. 2005, 1, 3, 7, 30, 75, 150 and 250 ducals. 7 coins, all goldine-plated brass with enamel. bruce x 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14. complete date set of 7 coins, all bu and seldom seen. $100+?

*371 bahamas, grand bahama club. c. 1950. set of 4 c-n tokens. 4 1/2d, 9d, 1/9 and 3/6 shilling. grand bahama club around sailfish/grand bahama value above sailfish, with value. byrne-27. aef $50+

372 BELGIAN CONGO. 1944 50 Francs. KM-27, Dav-11. The famous "Elephant" Crown. Toned EF.. Also see Lot # 393 $95

*373 belgium, leopold i. 1833 5 centimes. km-5.1. choice unc., touch of red. early date in high grade! $250+

374 ---,---1847/37. 10 Centimes. Overdate! KM-2.1. F-VF, rim bumps $45

*375 ---leopold ii. 1886/61 50 centimes. french legend, overdate. km-26, y5. pretty light toned ef, small rim nick. designed by leopold wiener. see #385 $100+

*376 ---albert. 1910 2 francs. french legend. km-74, y18. beautiful choice lightly toned bu $70

*377 ---nd (c. 1930's). ae plaque c. 66 x 53mm by debremaecker. nude woman right seated on wire frame/torch and tribute to the glory of the telegraph with names of the inventors. ef, as made. $60

*378 benin, central african states. 2003. 6000 cfa francs. scarce bimetallic coins. president mathiew kerekou/elephant, map of africa. only 500 minted. $80

379 BERMUDA, Elizabeth II. 1975 25 Dollar large silver Crown. KM-23a in original case of issue. Proof. Commemorates the Royal Visit. $25

380 BOLIVIA, Charles III. 1774 JR. 2 Reales. 2 digs on reverse. KM-53. Fine $60

*381 ---republic. 1870-er un boliviano. km-155.3, y36a, el-144. ef-au $75

382 ---,---1889 FE 5 Centavos. KM-157.2, Y47a. BU. $50

383 BRAZIL, Pedro II. 1853 1000 Reis. KM-476, Y-A8. AU $30+

*384 ---republic. 1905 centennial of the santa casa de misericordia hospital at para. ar 50 mm by am wolff. bishop/view of the hospital. forrer-6, 527. toned ef $50

*385 brazil and belgium. leopold ii/pedro ii. 1871. ae 78 mm by l. wiener. high relief bust of leo r/legend around wreath & arms. for visit of pedro ii to belgium. fonr-8749, cavalcanti-51. ef $125+

*386 cameroon, french mandate. 1924 50 centimes. km-1, y11. aluminum-bronze. unc. 1st year of type, very difficult to find in this grade. $85+

*387 canada. elizabeth ii. 1959 silver and bronze 58 mm. montcalm and wolfe/three workers building wall, "1759-1959". "canada" below. by paul vincze. $50+?

*388 ceylon, british colonial. 1809 48 stuiver. km-77. a few light scratches, otherwise very nice. ef+. elephant. $150

*389 ceylon, ceylon company ltd., st. sebastion mills. nd (c. 1866) set of 3 tokens, 2 1/4, 4 1/2 and 9 pence. all with elephant standing left and a, b or c on the other side. pridmore 17, 18, 19. 3 nice ef, bronze tokens. $135

390 CHILE. ND. Large Vulcanite Token. 50mm tan. "5" in center circle, "Oficina Properidad"/Monogram, legend. Les-50. EF. $35?

391 CHINA, Republic. Year 3 (1914). Fatman Dollar. Y-329. Reeded edge, but unlisted variety with a very thick rim. EF-AU, with small digs on bust. $45

*392 comoros, grande comore sultanate. ah 1308-a (1890) 10 centimes, with torch privy mark. km-2.2, y2. nice red and brown unc. $200?

*393 congo free state (belgian congo). leopold ii. 1894 2 francs. km-7, y7. nice vf. also see lot #372 $75

*394 crusader, imitation of al-salih ismai'il of damascus. 1239-1245. ar dirham. islamic legends both sides. ccs-9, bates v. vf, very rare. ticket of andy singer included. $175+

*395 ---christian arabic imitative half dirham. 1251 ad. ar half dirham (1.46). around a cross, the legend (in arabic), "the father and the son"/"and the holy spirit". ccs-14. vf or nearly so and very rare. this is the first i can recall in many years. with andy singer's old ticket included. $450?

396 ---ACHAEA. WILLIAM OF VILLAHARDOUN. 1245-1275. Bi Denier (.89). Inscription around cross/Castle with spire and cross atop. CCS-9a. VF $100

*397 ---,---,---1245-1278. bi denier (.92) of corinth. cross/d+v either side of cross at top of castle. ccs-10a, gv-224. vf. ex alistair lilburn collection. $110

*398 ---,---philip of tarento. 1306-1313. bi denier (.82), corinth mint? cross pattee/ castle, f to either side.ccs-28. vf. ex alistair lilburn collection. $110

*399 ---,---maud of hainaut. 1316=1318. bi denier (.76). cross/castle, c to left, annulet to right. ccs-40. vf. ex alistair lilburn collection. $125

*400 ---antioch. bohemond iii, the majority. (1163-1201). bi denier (.99). bust left., star and crescent in field/cross, crescent in 2nd angle. ccs-66. vf. ex lilburn $125

*401 ---,---,---or iv (1201-32). ar denier (1.04). helmeted head left, crescent in front, star behind/cross, crescent in angle, trefoil at bottom. ccs-67b. nice vf-ef. $100

*402 ---cyprus. hugh iv. 1324-1359. ar gros (4.57). king enthroned facing, b and annulet to left/cross of jerusalem. ccs-71, schl. vi, 24. nice toned vf+ $125+

*403 ---jerusalem. henry of champagne. 1192-1197. ae pougeoise. cross with 4 annulets/fleur de lis in circle. ccs-33. f-vf $150+

*404 ---tripoli, bohemond vii. 1275-1287. ar gros. cross within 12 arcs/triple arched gateway of 2 stories. ccs-26. nice vf, but large flan crack. scarce. $125

*405 cuba, santiago de cuba. cocina economica. 1897 1 centavo brass 24mm token. cross divides date/denomination. rulau ori-100.unc.. $65

*406 ---republic. 1939 "abc" peso. km-22, el-15. lightly toned unc $100+

*407 cyprus, famagusta. 1570 venetian siege coin. copper bezant. venetian lion, legend around/4 line legend. vf/f+ a bit rough on reverse. scarce, 1st i can recall offering in many years. $100+

408 DENMARK, Christian V. 1670-1699. Lead 38mm medal. Cross with bow and rays above/Elephant, tower above, crowned C5 in center. VG-F and crude. Rare. $95

409 ---ND. 25mm brass medalet with integral hanger. Carslberg Grundlagt (Founded) 1847/Two Elephants flanking building. Porter page162. EF $45

*410 ---christian ix. 1876 1 krone. km-797.1. vf. toned $100

411 ---,---1878. 1 Ore. Scarce date. KM-792.1. VF $75+

412 ---1993 10 Ecu Copper Nickel Pattern. Castle on Elephant, legends. P-L Unc. $45?

*413 dominican republic. 1939 1 peso. km-22, y20, el-3. ef/au-unc. rare this nice. struck at philadelphia. $350

*414 egypt, muhammad sa'id pasha. ah 1279 (c. 1866). 20 para pattern, struck in europe. km-pn12. r&b au and very rare $700

*415 ---muhammad v. 1327/6h 20 qirsh. km-310, haffner-40, y33. lustrous au, a few rim nicks. $100+

416 ---COLLECTON OF MUHAMMAD V 1327 coins. The collection consists of the following coins: 1/40 Qirsh Year 4H; 1/20 Qirsh years 2H, 3H (2), 4H & 6H; 1/10 Qirsh Years 2H, 3, 4H & 6H; 2/10 Qirsh Years 2H & 4H; 5/10 Qirsh Years 2H, 4H and 6H; 1 Qirsh silver Years 2H & 3H; 1 Qirsh Copper-nickel Years 2H, 4H & 6H; 5 Qirsh Years 3H, 4H & 6H; 10 Qirsh Years 3H, 4H & 6H and 20 Qirsh Years 3H & 4H. 28 coins (27 different) out of 40 coins in the entire series. F to AU, mostly VF or better. Sold as is, no returns. $250+

417 ---BRITISH PROTECTORATE. 1917-H 10 Piastres. KM-32, Haffner-27. BU $100

418 ---BRITISH OCCUPATION. 1916 & 1917 Collection of coins. Contains 1/2 Mil 1917, 1 Mil 1917, 1917H; 2 Mils 1916H, 1917, 1917H; 5 Mils 1916, 1916H, 1917, 1917H; 10 Mils 1917, 1917H, 1917KN; 2 Piastres, 1917, 1917H; 5 Piastres 1916 (2), 1917, 1917H; 10 Piastres 1916, 1917, 1917H (2), 20 Piastres 1916, 1917 & 1917H. 26 coins, 24 different. Fine to Unc, mostly VF to EF. Sold as is, no returns. $200

419 ---,---WITH FUAD I. 1920-H Group of 3 coins 2 Piastres VG-F, 5 Piastres F-VF and 10 Piastres VF. 3 one year type coins. KM 325-327, Y44-46, Haff 19, 23 & 27. $100+

*420 england, anglo-saxons, northumbrian kings. aethelred ii. 844-850, 2nd reign. ae sceat (.81) 12 mm. pellet, edilred rex/pellet, moneyer's name, eardvule. mec-1264, s-868. nice vf. old tag included. $200+

421 ---HENRY III. 1216-1272. AR Long Cross Penny. Class 3b without scepter. London Mint. S-1363. VF $75

*422 ---edward iv, 1st reign. 1461-83. ar groat. crown mm (1466-7). light coinage, 2.98 grams. s-2000. vf $250+

*423 ---mary. 1553-1554. ar groat. bust left/arms. s-2492. decent avf $360

*424 ---anne. 1707 silver 26 mm medal commemorating the union of scotland and england. bust left/british shield in garter on pedestal supported by lion and unicorn. eimer-424, mi, ii, 298/15. f-vf. $125

*425 ---george iii. yorkshire, york. 1793 1/2 penny conder token. view of church/ clifford's tower on hilltop. d&h-63. choice au, mostly brown touch of red. $75?

*426 ---,---daniel mendoza.1796. spence 1/2 penny conder token. bust of daniel mendoza left with d. mendoza above/a well dressed shepherd with crook. d&h-788, friedenberg page 133 (b). au-unc., with hints of red on both sides, a small black spot near left star on obverse. a scarce and desirable jewish related conder token. we sold this piece in the 1980's and can't recall offering it since. $350+

*427 ---,---1797 2 pence. cartwheel. km-619, sby-3776. nice chocolate brown ef, small bump near date. $200

428 ---,---1790's. 3 Conder tokens, all with elephants. Middlesex, Pidcock's Exhibition. Farthing D&H-1067a & 1/2 Penny D&H-422, plus Warwick Coventry 1793 1/2 Penny with Lady Godiva on horseback/Castle on elephant. D&H-319e. 3 VF tokens. $110

*429 ---,---arthur, duke of wellington. 1813 ae 41mm by mudie, droz and brenet. bust of wellington right/female surrendering to equestrian figure in roman dress. commemorates the taking of pamplonia. bhm765, eimer-30a. ef $175

*430 ---,---1815 ae 40mm by brenet. duke of wellington. bust of duke right/colonade of the louvre. eimer-77b, bhm-889. this nice ef medal commemorates the entry of the english army into paris. ex bill spengler collection via glen schinke $90

431 ---WILLIAM IV. Pair of AE Tokens. 1833 32mm Visitors check for Liverpool Zoological Gardens. Elephant standing left/Legend. Porter p. 175, DW-139. Reddish EF and ND 30mm token of Hommerson Amusment with an elephant on both sides. Porter-167. EF. 2 nice tokens, the first scarce. $85

*432 ---victoria. 1841. return of the conservative parliament members for shorshire. 57 mm wm by halliday. sword, scepter and crown upon a cushion and ribbon, "god save the queen". list of 12 conservative parliament members who returned to parliament in the fall of 1841 including benjamin d'isreali/view of the wrekin. eimer-1358. bhm unlisted. ef, some nicks. scarce. $15

433 ---,---ND (Late 1800's). AE 35mm. Farm scene with farmer with plow, cow, sheep and farm implements, AGRICULTURAL REWARD above/Crown above, shield being supported by griffin and elephant. Attractive EF. $75

*434 --- edward vii. 1902 silver 64 mm by emil fuchs. conjoined busts of edward and his queen alexandra/britannia seated with shield gazing at westminster abbey. the date on the shield is 26 june 1902 which was the date originally intended for the coronation. bhm-3772, eimer-1870, jewish minters and medalists page 95. toned ef, a few rim nicks. scarce. $100+

*435 ---edward viii. 1936 ae35mm. abdication medal. his bust right/legend in wreath. by pinches. choice ef. ex bill spengler collection. $75

*436 ---elizabeth ii. 1953 ae 35 mm coronation medal struck by jewish orphanage, norwood in her honor. bust r, coronation of elizabeth ii, jewish orphanage norwood 6/2/53 patron hm the queen. by pinches. in original box which is a bit broken. $75

*438 ---,--- the merchant of venice by paul vincze. nd (1964?). silver 57mm. facing bust of shakespeare in medallion at center/scene of the play. one of a series of 15 medals that vincze did in conjunction with the above medal. $75+?

439 ---,--- WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE BY PAUL VINCZE. 1964 Silver 38 mm. Struck for the 400th Anniversary of his birth. His bust left/A male and a female figure hold open book, torch and masks of comedy and tragedy. Eimer-2103. A few spots. $40

*440 ---,---william shakespeare by paul vincze. 1964 silver 57 mm.as above, but larger. $100+

*441 ---,---h. r. h. charles, prince of wales. 1969 silver 57mm by paul vince. his bust right/view of caernarvon castle, legend, arms, date. scarce. $75?

*442 ---,---sir henry j. wood. 1969 silver 57 mm by paul vincze. commemorating the 100th birthday of wood, the founder and conductor of the promenade concerts. his bust left/wood (?) teaching two children, "1869-1969". scarce. $75?

*443 ---,---1986. royal numismatic society 150th anniversary. ae 57mm by robert elderton. very attractive. $50?

*444 france, flanders, louis ii, de male. ar gros compagnon or lion groot. lion stg. l., +moneta/cross, legends. low countries type. scmf-6696. af, rare $100

*445 ---hainault, margeret of constantinople. ar gros or groot of valenciennes. knight on horseback r/cross w. crescents, legend . scmf-8402. ch. vf $375

*446 ---orange, anonymous princes. 13th century. ar denier. hunting horn (coronet)/cross. scmf-6532, boud-977. vf $200+

*447 ---louis viii or louis ix. 1223-26, 1226-1270. denier tournois. cross, lvdovicvs rex/castle, tvronvs civit. the last t in civit is rare and we cannot find another example with this spelling. scmf-2206ff. vf. $125

*448 --- philip iv (the fair). 1284-1314 (before 1290). ar gros tournois. castle, 12 fleur de lis, round o in tournois/cross. scmf-2461, dup-213. vf $100+

449 ---FIRST REPUBLIC. 1793-W/LAN II. 1 Sol of Lille. Cr-12, KM-619.12. GVF, weakly struck as usual. $125

*450 ---,--- an v (1797). nicolae poussin by r. dumarest. ae56 mm. struck at monnaie de paris. bust r/star in wreath, all in legend. original strike. vf, some nicks. $50+

451 ---NAPOLEONIC ERA. 1800 Joseph Hayden. AE54 mm by N. Gatteaux. Bust left/ Lyre. Opening of Schopfung at Paris Opera. Niggel-863.Cast. EF/VF, grainy $40

*452 ---napoleon i 1801. ae 41mm restrike medal. helmeted bust right, lion atop/ bellica, arms. d'ess-906. vf-ef, lightly cleaned. $75+

See Lots 926 and 927 for Grand Sanhedrin medals including an original strike in silver!

*453 ---,---1806 ae41 by denon and andrieu. his bust right/stephanie napoleon and louis de bade. commemorating their marriage. original strike. bram-522, pde-1130, laskey-70. choice ef $175

*454 --- henry v, pretender coinage. 1833 half franc. km-pt23, bruce-x23. toned unc. scarce and seldom offered. $500?

*455 ---napoleon iii. box coin. made from an 1857-a 10 centimes. when opening the coin up there is a picture of king george v inside. coin vg, picture vf. $150+

*456 ---republic. late 19th century/ ae 49 x 65mm uniface plaque. seated lion with castle in background. by frederic-auguste bartholdi, the designer of the statue of liberty. ef, as made. $95

*457 ---,---1969. ae 70mm by jacques birr. full facing bust of chimpanzee/full bodied chimpanzee facing. as struck. $50+

*458---,---1974. 100 x 120 ornate uniface art plaque. standing naked youthful male figure (adam?) walking in garden with animals, birds, monkeys, snakes, etc. by ray delamunde. very attractive. $200

459 FRENCH ASIA. 1931 Brass 32mm medal. Facing bust of Asian girl/Elephant standing left. Struck for the Exposition Colonial International in Paris. Porter p. 182 EF and French Indo China. ND Brass 36mm. Facing bust of Elephant with snakes below/ Wreath, legend, For the French Oriental Expeditionary Forces. EF. 2 medals $90

*460 french guiana, louis xviii. 1818 10 centimes. km-a1 (km-1), gad-8, cr-4. toned au. $250

*461 french indo-china. 1896-a . 20 centimes. km-3a, y7. fasces privy mark. scarce date and type. vf-ef. $350

462 ---1920 20 Centimes. KM-15, Y15a Lustrous AU. One year type without fineness indicated. $75

*463 ---1931 1 cent. km-12.1, y4. red unc, wing privy mark. very rare. $800?

*464 germany, anhalt-bernburg-schaumburg-hoym. karl ludwig. 1774 taler. mining scene/legend. km-2, dav-1907. au, lightly cleaned. rare and seldom offered. $1200

*465 ---breisgau. anonymous markgrafen von baden-hacberg. brakteat edkige pfennig c. 1360. elephant left with three towered howdah on back. bonhoff 1786-87 avf a few light flan cracks. also included with this lot are 15 miscellaneous tokens and spiel marks, all with elephants. most vf or better. $100+

*466 ---bremen. 1499 ar 4 grote. a large key, date/st. peter seated on throne, holding key & book, shield below. fr-497, sa-3370. vf, small oxidized area. a scarce early dated coin. $400

*467 ---hamburg? nd 1(c. 1620-1640). silver 48 mm (55.42). marriage medal. christ in center marrying couple, angel above/christ and others seated at table enjoying a feast, wine jugs below. legends on similar medals are usually seen in german, they are in latin on this medal. vf $85+?

*468 ---meissen. wilhlem iii the brave, 1428-1482. ar judenkopfgroashen. bearded head with pointed beard leftarms. saurma-4386. the obverse portrait was taken by the populace as depicting a "typical jew" thus the name of the coin. very rare, i cannot recall offering this coin at auction previously. $600

*469 ---n9fremberg, frederick i. 1152-1190. ar large bracteate. king enthroned/comet (or rose), indistinct hebrew letters. ober-26, reichmann-2277. fine and rare. long pedigree. ex bob schoenwalter who purchased this from edward gans, 2/24/56. ex cahn-65, 1229. $300+

*470 ---pommerania, garz, bogislaus x. 1492 ar schilling. shield on cross, "92"/ griffin. frey-368. fine. the year of the discovery of america by columbus. $225

*471 ---prussia. friedrich wilhelm ii. 1796 copper pattern for gold frederick d'or. as km-349, fr-2417 but for designer's name below bust. vf. rare? $175?

472 ---,---FRIEDRICH WILHELM IV. 1861-A Coronation Taler of Wilhelm and Augusta. D-778, KM-488 Toned AU & Wilhelm II 1908-A 5 Mark. KM-523 VF/VF+. 2 coins. $95

473 ---,---WILHELM II 1913-A 2 and 3 Marks. KM-532 & 534. 2 silver coins commemorating the 100th anniversary of the defeat of Napoleon. The first EF, the 2nd AU-Unc, but with rim nick. Both nicely toned. $85

*474 ---saxony. ernst, wilhelm iii, albrecht & margarete. 1475 ar spitzgroschen (1.54). shield w lion/arms. frey-162, saurma-4396. choice vf. early dated $250

*475 ---,---johann. 1855-f taler. bust left/legend. commemorates visit to dresden mint by king. km-1187, dav-885, cr-267. nice ef, toning over old cleaning. $100+

*476 ---wurttenberg-oels, sylvius friedrich. 1679 3 kreuzer or groschen. bust right/ eagle ch vf. scarce locale, binder/ebner-14. $125

477 ---WURTTENBERG. KARL I. 1871 Thaler commemorating the Victory at the end of the Franco-Prusian War. KM-620, Dav-962. AU, but cleaned. $95

478 ---NURNBERG-FURTH. ND. A set of 46 uncirculated 20 Pfennig Aluminum street car tokens including two varieties of the Staditsche Sparkase. U4-1. A nice set. Ex Bill Spengler collection, from our sale 31C in May of 2001 at $200. $200?

*479 ---karl goetz satirical medal. the watch on the rhine (black shame). 1920 (1986 restrike of only 200 pieces). ae 58 mm. head of black soldier/nude woman tied to phallus. to protest the sending of black colonial french troops to occupy the rhine territory and their alleged sexual excesses. opus-262. this is among the more infamous medals by goetz because of it's racial & sexual stereotypes. even as a restrike, this is still a stunning medal. $100+?

*480 ---julius hochenegg. 1929. ae71 x 53mm by j. tautenhayn. bust left, legend. medical medal. 25th anniversary as a surgeon. wurz-3719. ef $75

*481 ---weimer republic. 1925-a 5 reichsmark, 1000th year of rhineland. km-47, y51. ef $100+

*482 ---,---1931. dog society medal. ae65mm by p. diller. bust of dr. roesebeck right in high relief/25 in wreath, legend around. ef. $50+

*483 ---3rd reich. 1932. aluminum 33mm. nazi party political token. naked warrior with sword ready to chop off head of 3 headed snake/legend. bu $50+?

484 ---,---1932. Aluminum 33mm. Another, as above but AU, a few marks. $40

*485 ---,---1933 ae 36mm. conjoined busts of hitler and hinderburg left, names above, dates below/4 line legend below clasped hands. h-c33. ef. $50?

*486 ---,---1934. silver 35mm . bust of hitler left/building. h-c72. toned vf+, holed at top. scarce. $60+

*487 ---,---1945. silver 35mm. bust of hitler right, his name, dates of birth and death/nazi eagle, legend. p-l bu, some toning. $50?

*488 ---,---nd (1935) silver 26 mm. 1 mark opferspende f9fr hitler. his bust left/legend around denomination. h-c25. ef, a few nicks. rare. $60

*489 ---,---nd (1935) bronze 18mm. 50 opferpfennige f9fr hitler. similar to above, considered rarer, even in bronze. ef $75?

490 ---,---Group. Aluminum 30 mm. Bust of Hitler left/Nazi eagle, "Freiheit und Brot"; Aluminum with similar obverse and legend about youth; 50 Groschen 23 mm Aluminum Nazi token (Austria) for Hitler movement; 1935 23 mm Aluminum token concerning Saarland and 20 (pfg?) 23mm token from K9Aln-Aachen with swastika. 5 pieces Fine to Unc, most VF or better. $100+

*491 ---east germany, dresden. 1986. brown porcelain medals, 42, 43 and 78mm for the 125th anniversary of the zoological garden. 3 gorillas on obverse, the 2 smaller ones with legend on the reverse, the 3rd with a view of dresden. $100

492 ---WEST GERMANY. 1970. Four Zoological related medals. 1974 35mm silver. Monkey/Baboons. M9Fnster Zoo; Silver 33mm 3 attractive elephant heads; 40 mm bronze Gorilla and 40 mm bronze Hippos. The last three from Wilhelma in Stuttgart. All Proof, the first toned, the gorilla dull. $60

*493 ---,---c. 1970. albert schwitzer. silver 40mm by holl. his bust right/4 line legend. an attractive portrait of this missionary, physician and musician. ef $50

494 GREENLAND, Danish Colony. 1925 50 Ore. KM-7, Y7. One year type. BU $50

*495 ---nd. c. 1960?. kantinen narssarssuaq. a set of four aluminum restaurant tokens, all about 30 x 40 mm uniface with hole at center. morgenmad = breakfast, middag = midday meal, frokost = lunch and kaffe m/brod = coffee, bread. all unc and as issued. $240

*496 guatemala, ferdinand vii. 1821-ng m. 8 reales. km-69, el-82. nicely toned and choice. ngc au-55. $325

497 GUERNSEY. 1834 8 Doubles. KM-3. Nice EF. Gilt, with the gilding most likely done outside the mint. Still attractive. $70+?

*498 honduras, republic. 1892/0, actually the 8 is overstruck over another 8 also. peso, km-52, el-23v. lightly toned ef. softly struck on reverse as usual. $135

*499 hungary, stephen v. 1270-72. ar denar. bust right/hebrew alef in wreath. hus-357, rethy-297, jmm page 17. nice vf, a few flat areas. $60

*500 ---resurget. nd. 56 x 80 mm plaque named resurget. probably for the restoration of the hungarian monarchy. liberty handing a warrior a helmet, cross behind. i think "resurget" is from the latin infinitive "resurgere" which means to revive, to resurge, or to rise up again. in a small wooden frame with hanger. $75+?

*501 ---franz liszt. 1961. silver and bronze 57 mm by paul vincze. his bust left/"1811-1866", angel flying with lyre, musical score. struck to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the great composer. niggl-1188. $75+?

502 INDIA, Bombay Pres. EIC. 1138/8 AR Rupee. Muh'd Shah. KM-163, Prid-41. VF. Ex Bill Spengler collection $60

*503 ---hyderbad, duncan, stratton & co, bombay. ae1/8 rupee or 2 annas (15.5mm). lion/greenwood & batley, ltd, albion works, leeds. nice ef. ex bill spengler collection via karl stephens in february of 1994 $50?


504 ---MYSORE. THE RAJAS, 1782-1799. AECAPaisa. Elephant right/Inscription. MNI-1001ff VF, 1810-1868 AE 20 Cash, Elephant/legend, denomination. C-177 VF, but corr. plus AE Paisa Fine and 2 AE 1/2 Paisa Gd, VG. 5 coins, all with elephants, the first one better. $85

*505 --- st. john of jerusalem. 1932. silver 38mm. bust of queen victoria right within legend/arms, surrounded by latin legend. choice ef, with elaborate clasp. awarded for faithful service to sgt. f. chand in 1932. the st. john ambulance association operated in india from at least the early 20th century. ex bill spengler. ` $50

506 INDIA AND SRI LANKA. Group of 4 "Elephant" medals. Mysore 1936 AE28 mm, Elephant with boy on top/Camera on tripod, "London Film Productions Ltd, 'Elephant Boy': 24mm thick medalet Elephant /Inscription. ND(1970's) Elephant wearing blanket left/legend and Sri Lanka 1933 38 mm silver Proof, two elephants/Legend. 4 medals. $125

*507 ireland, james ii. 1690, may. gun money half crown. small size, type with fr•a on reverse. s-6580bb, ef, with some usual oxidation and crudeness, but much nicer than 95% of the gun money coins seen. $250

508 ---CANNOCK, WHITE & COMPANY, DRAPERS. DUBLIN AND CORK. (1847) Farthing token. Bell-5. Head of Victoria left/legend. Nice VF. $40

509 ISRAEL. (1948) 5708 25 Mils. KM-8, P1. VF. Israel's 1st coin! The only one dated during it's first year! $75

*510 ---(1948) 5708 25 mils. km-8, p1. au. as above, but nicer, thus rare $300+

*511 ---specimen coin in copper-nickel. (2.80 grams). 1949 25 pruta.with pearl under the bar and the word specimen in captial letters between the denomination and the date. bu. extremely rare. see haffner (1970) page 70 and magnus (1988) page pr-5. about 20 pieces exist. unc. rare! $2750

*512 ---1954 100 pruta. scarce utrecht die, wreath away from rim. km19, p-23. ef.$300+

513 ---1949 500 Pruta. KM-16, Y14. A pair of UNC coins. Israel's first silver crown. $65

*514 ---1950 aluminum 2 prutot bus token. darom yehudah. steering wheel/ denomination. haffner-6. during the 1940's and early 1950's there was a shortage of small change in both palestine and later israel. when bus companies raised their fares from a set 5 to 10 mils (later prutahs) to an uneven denomination, they issued to small tokens to be used as change (obviously good only on their lines). all the tokens, were paper, with the exception of this one issue. ef. scarce $50

*515 ---1 agora 1960 large date. km-24.1, a1-1a .vf+. scarce variety, this is nicer than most seen. $250+

*516 ---1961 1 agora. thick date. km-24.1, a1-2a. bu $90

*517 ---1961 1 agora. wide date. km-24.1, a1-2b. bu $75

*518 ---1964 5 agorot. km-25, a5-5. bu. rare date, seldom seen this nice. this is the rarest of all regular date agorot issues. $200+

519 ---1960-76. Group of Agorot-Pound coins. 1 Agorot 25 coins 1960-1970 including 1962 Small date unc; 5 Agorot 1970-1976 20 coins including 1960 Unc, 1961 ICI BU, 1962-SD BU and 1964 EF; 10 Agorot 1960-1976 27 coins including 1960 BU and 1964 SD VF; 25 Agorot 1960-1978 13 coins including 1960 & 1963 BU; 1/2 Lira 1963-1970 15 coins including 1 1963 BU and 1 Lira 1963-1970 12 coins including 4 1963 large animals, 1 small animal all BU. Over 110 coins. most BU, obviously some duplication. Well worth our estimate and more. Sold as is, no returns. $250+

520 ---Group of Trade Coins: Some of the highlights are 25 Mils 1949 Open Link (VF), closed link; 1 Pruta w/o/p unc.; 5 Pruta 1949 w/o/p BU; 10 Pruta 1949 w/p R&B unc.; 25 Pruta 1949 w/o/p VF 2, BU 1; 2 1949 50 Pruta w/p uncs, 1954 Reeded edge unc; 250 Pruta 1949 w/p EF and BU, 1949-H silver 4 pieces and 1949 500 Pruta silver crown. 74 coins, including 25 of the 27 Mil-Pruta coins, most in unc. Just the key coins, sell for more than $350 $300

*521 ---set of commemorative in capital plastics holder. 1958-1968. 20 coins, 1/2 lira, 1, 5 and 10 lirot. all nice and all but the 1958 5 lirot in proof. $500+

*522 ---set of commemorative in capital plastics holder. another, as above $500+

*523 ---1960 1 lira henrietta szold proof. km-32, h-3a. toned $90

524 ---1987. ENGLISH LAMP Hanukkah Coins. 1 Sheqel BU and 2 Sheqalim Proof. KM-183/814, HS-22/22a. $50

525 ---1988 TUNSIAN LAMP 1 Sheqel BU and 2 Sheqalim Proof. KM-191/192, HS-23/23a. $50

526 ---1989 PERSIAN LAMP 1 Sheqel BU and 2 Sheqalim Proof. KM-205/206, HS-24/24A. 2 very nice coins $55

*527 ---1990 cochin lamp hanukkah coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-215/216, hs-25/25a. the last issue of the hanukkah series which started in 1958. both scarce, $70

528 ---1972-1990 Hanukkah Series BU Starter Set. 15 different coins, all as issued. Contains 1972, 1974-80, 1982-95, 1988-90. The later issues especially difficult to find. Our retail price if bought individually is over $160 $125

529 ---1972-1990 Hanukkah Series Proof Starter Set. 15 different coins, all as issued. Contains 1973-80, 1982-95, 1988-90. The later issues especially difficult to find. Our retail price if bought individually is over $265 $200+

530 ---Group of Mostly Hanukkah coins; 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979 and 1980. All BU and Proof, plus 1982, 1984, 1985 and 1989 BU. In addition 1991 Kiddish Cup BU & Proof and 1994 Binding of Isaac BU and Proof. 22 mostly silver commemoratives. Retail Value $300+ $225

*531 ---1991 kiddish cup judaica coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-223, hs-26/26a. the first issue of this short-lived series. $50

*532 ---1992 shabbat candles judaica coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-238/239, hs-26/26a. the 2nd issue of this series. $60

*533 ---1993. havdalah spicebox judaica coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-250/251, hs-28/28a. the last issue of this short lived series. $50

534 ---1991-1993. Judaica Coins, complete set of 3 BU 1 Sheqel coins, Kiddish Cup, Shabbat Candles & Spice Box. KM-223, 238 and 250, HS-26, 27, 28. $60

535 ---1991-1993. Judaica Coins, complete set of 3 Proof 2 Sheqalim coins, Kiddish Cup, Shabbat Candles and Havdalah Spice Box. KM-224, 239 & 251, HS-26a, 27a, 28a. $85

*536 ---1994. binding of isaac biblical art coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-256/257, hs-29/28a. the 1st of the series, based on rembrandt's work. $75

*537 ---1995 solomon's judgement biblical art coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-281/282, hs-30a/30a. $75

*538 ---1996. miriam and the woman biblical art coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-294/295, hs-31/31a. $75

*539 ---1998. noah's ark biblical art coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-316/317, hs-32/32a. $75

*540 ---2000 joseph and his brothers biblical art coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-339/340, hs-33/34a. $65

541 ---2006 ABRAHAM AND THE ANGELS 1 New Sheqel. New Biblical Art Coin. KM-, H-39. Proof-like BU. $45

*542 ---2006 abraham and the angels 2 new sheqalim. new biblical art coin. km-, h-39a. proof. $65

543 ---2001 MUSIC IN ISRAEL Art and Culture Series Coins. 1 Sheqel BU, 2 Sheqalim Proof. KM-351/352, AC-1/1a. The first issue in the series and seldom seen $70

*544 ---1958 5 lirot menorah. km-21, a-1a. anacs proof 64. a very nice coin. $200

*545 ---,---another as above. $200+

546 ---1959 Group of 10. INGATHERING OF THE EXILES. KM-23, A-2. 10 Choice Coins, all Nice Uncs. Sold as is, no returns. $125

547 ---1960 Group of 10 THEODORE HERZL Anniversary coins. KM-29, A-3. 10 Choice Coins, all Nice Uncs. Sold as is, no returns. $125

548 ---1961 BAR MITZVAH 5 Lirot. KM-33, A-4a. Choice Proof $60

549 ---1961 BAR MITZVAH 5 Lirot. KM-33, A-4a. Choice Proof $60

550 ---1961 Group of 10 BAR MITZVAH Anniversary coins. KM-33, A-4. 10 Choice Coins, all Nice Uncs. Sold as is, no returns. $200+

551 ---,---Another lot of 10 Uncirculated BAR MITZVAH coins as above. $200+

552 ---1962 5 Lirot. NEGEV. KM-35, A-5a. A pair of choice Proof coins. $60

553 ---1962 Group of 8 NEGEV DEVELOPMENT Anniversary coins. KM-35, A-5. 10 Choice Coins, all Nice Uncs. Sold as is, no returns. $150+

*554 ---1963. 5 lirot. seafaring. km-39, dav-263. the key to the israel 5 pound series. ancient galley/modern steamship. nice bu $190

*555 ---1963. 5 lirot. seafaring. km-39, dav-263. the key to the israel 5 pound series. ancient galley/modern steamship. nice proof, some peripheral toning. $215

556 ---1964 5 Lirot MUSEUM. KM-43, A-7. Pair of choice BU coins $60

557 ---1964 5 Lirot MUSEUM. KM-43, A-7a. Pair of choice Proof coins $75

558 ---1965 Group of 10 KNESSET Anniversary coins. KM-43, A-8. 10 Choice Coins, all Nice Uncs. Sold as is, no returns. $125

559 ---1966 Group of 10 LIFE Anniversary coins. KM-46, A-9. 10 Choice Coins, all Nice Uncs. Sold as is, no returns. $125

560 ---1967 Group of 10 PORT OF EILAT Anniversary coins. KM-48, A-10. 10 Choice Coins, all Nice Uncs. All in original plastic holder of issue. Sold as is, no returns. $125

*561 ---1990 archeology anniversary coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-212/213, a-33/33a. among the most attractive of all israel commemoratives. $60

*562 ---1992 israeli law anniversary coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-225/226, a-335/35a. $60

*563 ---1993 tourism anniversary coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-240/241, a-36/36a. $60

*564 ---1994 environment anniversary coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-252/253, a-37/37a. $60

*565 ---1995 medicine in israel anniversary coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-263/264, a-38/38a. $60+

*566 ---1996 3000th anniversary of jerusalem (city of david) anniversary coins. 1 sheqel bu and 30 sheqalim proof. km-284/286, a-39/39a. the 30 sheqalim proof is israel's largest coin containing 5 ounces of silver. $200?

*567 ---1997 100th anniversary of zionism anniversary coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-300/301, a-40/40a. depicts the famous scene of herzl leaning over a balcony in basel. $60+

*568 ---1998. 50th anniversary coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-310/311, a-41/41a. $60+

*569 ---2001 education in israel anniversary coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-344/345, a-44/44a. $60+

570 ---GROUP OF ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATIVES. 1975-1981, 1985, 1988, 1993, 1997. All BU and Proof with the exception of 1980 BU and 1981 Proof. 20 Silver Commemoratives, some better pieces. Retail value $325+ $25-

571 ---GROUP OF SILVER ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATIVES. 1958 Menorah (2), 1959 Exiles (2), 1960 Herzl (2) and Proof, 1961 Bar Mitzvah (3), 1966 Life Proof (2), 1968 Jerusalem Proof and 1969 Shalom (2). 15 coins, all BU, except where noted as Proof. Sold as is, no returns. $200

572 ---,---1958 Menorah BU, 1959 Exiles BU & Proof, 1960 Herzl BU & Proof, 1961 Bar Mitzvah BU, 1965 Knesset BU & Proof, 1966 Life BU, 1967 Eilat BU, 1968 Jerusalem BU & Proof and 1969 Shalom BU. 13 silver coins, some toned. $150

573 ---GROUP OF HOLY LAND SITES COMMEMORATIVES. 1982-1985: Qumran Caves, Herodian Ruins, Kidron Valley and Capernaum. BU and Proof for each. 8 silver coins. Retail $130+ $100

*574 ---1990 sea of galilee holy land sites coins. 1/2 sheqel bu and 1 sheqel proof. km-209/210, si-14/14a $50

*575 ---1992 b'nai b'rith special issue coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-234/235, si-16a/16a. $60

*576 ---1993 revolt and heroism special issue coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-247/248, si-17/17a. $50

*577 ---1995 fao special issue coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-271/272, si-19/19a. $60+

*578 ---1996 yitzhak rabin special issue coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-297/298, si-22/22a. $70

*579 ---1999 millennium special issue coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-328/329, 24/24a. $60

*580 ---1991 dove & cedar tree holy land wildlife coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-220/221, hlw-1/1a. $60

*581 ---1992 roe & lily holy land wildlife coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-231/232, hlw-2/2a. $65

*582 ---1993 hart and appletree holy land wildlife coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-243/245, hlw-3/3a. $65

*583 ---1994 palm tree and leopard holy land wildlife coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-259/261, hlw-4/4a. $65

*584 ---1995 fox and vineyard holy land wildlife coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-274/276, hlw-5/5a. $65

*585 ---1996 nightingale and fig holy land wildlife coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-290/292, hlw-6/6a. $65

*586 ---1997 lion and pomegranate holy land wildlife coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-307/308, hlw-7/7a. $60

*587 ---1998 stork and fir tree holy land wildlife coins. 1 sheqel bu and 2 sheqalim proof. km-321/322, hlw-8/8a. $65

588 ---1975 5 Piece PIDYON HABEN SET in Olivewood Box of Issue. All coins choice and toned. PHB sets in any cases, especially olivewood, are becoming very difficult to locate. $100+

589 ---1977 5 Piece PIDYON HABEN SET in blue vinyl case. PHB sets in cases are becoming difficult to find. $75

590 ---PIDYON HABEN COINS. 1973 BU, 1974, 1975 and 1976 BU and Proof and 1977 Proof. 8 silver crown size coins. All in original cases. $80+

591 ---MINT SETS 1965-2000. Group of 43 different official sets including mint sets, piefort sets and Hanukkah sets. Many e scarce. Sold as is, no returns. $225+

592 ---MINT SETS. 1975-2000. Huge lot of sets. 19 different sets, 157 total sets. Obviously much duplication, lot includes scarcer later issues. Sold as is, no returns. $350+

593 ---1986-1990. Group of BU Commemoratives in plastic holders as issued. Contains Anniversary coins 1987, 1989-1990; 1985 Oniyahu (P-L), Holyland Sites 1986, 1988-1900 and 1991 Dove and Cedar Tree. 9 BU coins. Our retail $165 $125

594 ---1986-1991 Group of Proof Commemoratives. Anniversary Coins, 1987, 1989-1991; 1985 Oniyahu (P-L); Holyland Sites, 1986, 1988-1990 and 1991 Dove and Cedar Tree. 10 choice Proof coins in original plastic holders. Retail is $300+ $225

595 ---GROUP OF COMMEMORATIVES. 1961 and 1962 Purim Half-Shekels, 1958, 1960 Degania, 1961-1963 Hanukkah coins, plus 1959, 1960, 1965, 1966, 1968 and 1972 Anniversary coins. 13 Proof coins, the last 6 silver crowns. $150

596 ---,---1961 1/2 Shekel BU, Proof (2), 1962 1/2 Shekel BU (5), Proof (3), 1958 Law BU, 1960 Degania BU (2) and Proof, 1961 Hero BU (5) and 1963 North African Lamp BU (6). 26 Copper Nickel commemoratives, some toned. Sold as is, no returns. $150

597 ---,---1961 and 1962 Purim Half-Shekels, 1958-1961 & 1963 1 Lira Hanukkah coins, plus 1958-1961, 1965, 1967-1969 (both mints) and 1973 Anniversary coins, as well as 1971 Freedom and 1972 Pidyon Haben issues. 19 BU coins, some toned, the last 12 silver crowns. Sold as is, no returns. $150

598 ---,---1965-1993. 50 coins, some duplication. Contains Hanukkah, Anniversary, Pidyon Haben and Special Issue coins. A neat lot, 19 in original holders. $700+?

599 ---,---Hanukkah coins Heroism Pf, Yemen Lamp BU and Algerian Lamp BU, Negev BU (1), Proof (2) and 1991 Kiddish Cup BU. 7 commemorative coins, 6 of which are silver. Our retail price almost $150. $100+

600 ---,---1974-1999. Ben Gurion BU, Jabotinsky BU & Proof, Paraolympic P-L, Bnai Brith BU & Proof, Revolt & Heroism BU and Proof and Millenium BU and Proof. Plus Wildlife Series 1992 & 1993 Roe and Lily, Hart and Appletree BU & Proof. 14 silver commemoratives, some scarce. Retail over $375 $275

601 ---,--- almost all in original boxes or cases of issue. Hanukkah coins- 1972 BU 3, Proof 1, 1973 BU 4, Proof 1, 1974 1 each, 1976 BU 2, Proof 1, 1977 BU 3, Proof 2, 1978 BU 3, Proof 1979, 1981 & 1982 1 each, 1980 BU 2, Proof 1; Anniversary Coins 1968 BU, 1969 Proof, 1970 1 each, 1972 5 BU, 2 Proof, 1973 Proof, 1974 2 BU, 1 Proof, 1975, 1976, 1977 1 each BU & Proof, 1978 2 BU, 2 Proof, 1983 and 1984 Proofs; Special Issues 1967 Victory Proof, 1971 Freedom 2 BU, 2 Proof, 1974 Ben-Gurion 4 BU, 2 Proof; Pidyon Habens 1970 1 each, 1971 Proof, 1972 BU, 1973 1 each, 1974 4 BU, 1 Proof, 1975 BU and 1977 2 each. About $800 retail value (March 2006). Sold as is, no returns. $600+?

*602 italy, milan. gian galeazzo visconti. 1395-1420. ar grosso or pegione (2.42). ornate cross in quadrilobe/st. ambrose std & facing. bi-1477, crippa-7. vf $150

*603 ---modena. cesare d'este, 1597-1628. ar giorgino. bust right/saint germinano standing with crozier, below at his feet is 6 pointed star (magen david). cni-161v, var-693 (r). g-vg. there is no doubt that jews were part of the minting process in at least some of northern italy including modena. we can only surmise that those coins that depict the jewish star were struck by unknown jewish mintmasters. we sold this particular coin in the 1980's and have had only one similar one since.$150+

*604 ---naples and sicily. charles of bourbon. 1735 piastra of 120 grana. arms/ seated river-god right, pouring water from a jar, erupting volcano behind. dav-1397, cr-23. fine+ $185

*605 ---,---ferdinand ii. 1856. piastra of 120 grana. dav-175, km-153c. a few light adjustment marks on the reverse, otherwise a choice and lustrous au. $150

*606 ---papal states. benedict xiv. 1744 ar grosso. arms/legend in wreath. berman-2754. vf+, slight oxidation. toned. $125

*607 ---republic. 1985. silver 50mm fao medal by giese. bust right/building. $30+

608 JAPAN, Meiji. Year 3 (1870) 5 Sen. Y1. Toned F-VF, scr's on dragon side. $140

*609 ---,---year 25 (1892). 10 sen. y23. choice unc. $145

*610 ---,---yr 34 (1901) 50 sen. y25. unc., a few bagmarks rev. scarce so nice. $350+

*611 ---,---year 9 (1876) trade dollar. y-14. ef/vf, with 3 sharp chopmarks, 2 on obverse, one on reverse. $400

*612 jordan. 1969 3 piece proof set. 1/2, 3/4 & 1 dinar, the last depicts a view of jerusalem. km-ps5. all choice proofs. we haven't offered a set in a number of years. $100+

*613 latvia, first republic. 1937 2 santimi. km-11.1, y11. red and brown unc. the key coin of the entire country and undervalued in krause. $100+

614 LIBERIA. 1997 Set of 6 Copper-Nickel Crowns. Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Zebra and Tiger. KM-496, 579-582 and 600. 6 Unc coins. $50

*615 liechtenstein, johann. 1910. silver 30mm struck for his 60th birthday by the austrian numismatic society. loop as made. toned ef. only 150 pieces were struck in silver and bronze. $60+?

*616 mexico, philip v. 1739 mo mf 8 reales, pillar dollar. km-103, el-16. toned au. somewhat oxidized from being sea-salvaged, still a nice and attractive coin. $395

*617 ---charles iii. 1782 mo ff. 8 reales. km-106.1. avf, with many interesting chop marks $75

*618 ---ferdinand vii. 1821- zs rg 8 reales of zacatacas. km-111.5, el-mx97. au, once lightly cleaned, irregular flan typical of this branch mint. $160+

619 ---ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1910 1A2 Wide Date. KM-415. Ch. Mostly red Unc. $80

*620 ---,---1921 2 pesos. km-462, el-1061. centennial of independence. nice au, pretty and lustrous $125

621 ---GROUP. 1881 Go SB 8 Reales, 1897 Go RS 8 Reales, Chihuahua 1915 5 Cent and 1967 37 mm silver medal for the 50th Anniversary of the National Marina, with ships on both sides. 4 pieces, the two crowns are Choice lustrous Au-Unc, the 5A2 coin is red unc, the medal a beautiful toned unc. Nice group. $110

*622 montenegro, king nicholas i. 1914. 1 perper. 2 year type. km-14, y-15. lightly toned unc $70

*623 mozambique, portuguese colony. 1936 50 centavos. km-65, y3. choice bu, light toning, tiny rim nick. a scarce one year type, rare in this grade. $200+

*624 nejd, kingdom. nd (c. 1918) struck over a 1293/20 (1895) 20 piastres with nejd countermark on egyptian crown (km-296). km-12v, both coin & countermark fine. km does not list this undercoin. however there is little doubt that ottoman crowns, from both egypt and turkey circulated there during the ottoman reign. $300+

*625 nepal, patan, yoga narendra malla. ns805 (1685) ar mohar. legend in central group of frames.. km-337, mnis-2292, walsh 66, 56 sim. but diff date au. $100+

*626 ---bhatgaon, ranajit malla. ns 842 (1722). ar mohar (5.23). as km-71 but different date. walsh 55,5. gd fine and rare. $150

*627 netherlands, deventer. 1471 ar gros. arms on long cross, ccc lxxi/eagle over shield. frey-141. a rare early date coin. af/f $425

*628 ---gelderland. charles d'egmond. 1498-1538. ar snaphaan. knight on r/lion, arms. escalin au cavalier. scarce denomination. del-516, vdc-38. vf $425

*629 ---kampen. 1648 lion dollar. lily mint mark. km-35.2, d-4879. crude vf for type. planchet not bad. amongst the earliest trade dollars of america. $100+

*630 ---stevenswwert. nd 17th cent. lion on shield left/legend in three lines. newman 12719. fine.scarce $175

*631 ---utrecht. 1622 rijksdaalder. knight/lion in shield. d-4836, k-14. vf on slightly irregular flan. double struck a touch on lion side. $125+

632 ---WILLIAM III. 1886 1/2A2. KM-109. Key date. Choice EF $75

*633 ---,---1888. ae43mm. elephant, tiger, lion/legend. issued by the amsterdam royal zoological society for their 50th anniversary. porter p. 204. as struck! $120

634 NICARAGUA, Republic. 1929 50 Centavos. KM-15, Y15. The better date of a two year type. Nice EF $90

*635 ---,---1943 25 centavos. km-23, y24. one year world war ii type. brass, bu $50

636 PALAU, 1999 5 Dollars. KM-23. Struck to Commemorate German Southwest Africa. Bust of Wilhelm II right/German colonial trooper seated on camel right. Choice Proof. $50

*637 palestine, b & c templar token. breisch & co. 1/4 piastre. haffner cc-14b. vf, a few rim nicks. rare. $300+

*638 ---templar token, centralcasse. 10 para. type i. brass without consummark. haffner jtm-cc-13a. vf $100+

*639 ---,---20 para. type i. brass without consummark. haffner jtm-cc-13a. vf $100+

*640 ---,---20 para. type 2. brass with consummark. haffner jtm-cc-13b. fine, harshly cleaned. $80+

*641 ---,---40 para. type 2. brass with consummark. haffner jtm-cc-13b. fine, cleaned. scarce denomination. $100+

*642 ---,---40 para. type 3. nickel-lead, with consummark. haffner jtm-cc-13c. fine, usual light corrosion. $100+

643 ---TOKEN GROUP. Templar Token 20 Para Type I Brass VF, 40 Para Nickel-Lead Type 3 (1 Fair, the other Poor) and 1938 Haganah Defense 1/2 Mil EF. 4 pieces. $150+

*644 ---palestine/egypt love token. 1917. on egypt 5 piastres. hand engraved "t/4 246645 j. davas palestine c-e. asc" with pyramids. toned vf. this, like the piece above, was most likely made by an anzac troop stationed in palestine during and after wwi. scarce $75?

*645 ---1927 holyland or souvenir token. km-tn1n. 1 mil. type 2. vf-ef. krause, in it's infinite wisdom (?), does not list in their 2007 edition. $200+?

646 ---BRITISH MANDATE. 5 Mils 1935. Y3, KM-3. Unc, lightly toned. $40

*647 ---,---5 mils 1941. y3, km-3. nice unc., very light rim bruise. key date. $100

*648 ---,---10 mils 1941. y4, km-4. choice and lustrous au-unc. just a hair away from being mint state. a key date, in high grade. $100+

*649 ---,---10 mils 1942. y4, km-4. copper nickel type. lightly toned unc. $150+

*650 ---,---20 mils 1927. y5, km-5. nice unc. this is the hardest denomination to find in unc. $100+

*651 ---,---20 mils. 1935. y5, km-5. nice bu. anacs ms62. lightly toned, fully lustrous underneath. anacs isn't known for under grading but they did in this case. if i knew how to break it out of the holder without damaging the coin i would. a very nice coin. this is nicer than the berlin specimen which sold for $350 a few years back. $400+

*652 ---,---50 mils 1927. y6, km-7. bu. $100

*653 ---,--- 50 mils. 1931. y6, km-6. key date. nice ef, light toning. another key date in high grade. seldom seen this nice. $150+

*654 ---,---50 mils. 1933. y6, km-6. bu. nice coin! $125

*655 ---,---100 mils. 1927. y7, km-7. bu. a real beauty! $100+

*656 ---,---100 mils 1931. y7, km-7. vf. scarce in any grade above fine. $185

*657 ---,---100 mils. 1934. y7, km-7. ef, light toning over some luster. a very nice example of this rare date. $200?

*658 ---,---100 mils. 1940. y7, km-7. bu $100+

659 ---,---1927-1946. COMPLETE SET OF 59 COINS, many in higher grades. Some of the highlights include 1 Mil 1940 VF; 2 Mils 1927 Unc, 1945 EF; 5 Mils 1934, 1941 both VF; 20 Mils 1934 VF, 1941 F-VF; 50 Mils 1931 F-VF, 1934 AU, 1935 Unc, 1939, 1940 & 1942 BU; 100 Mils 1931 & 1934 Fine, 1940 AU and 1942 Unc. Most VF or better, only a handful less than that. Obviously much nicer than most sets we've seen. $1125-

*660 ---,---1927-1946. complete set of 59 coins, in israeli made green album. coins are basically fine or better, but mostly vf with many high grade coins included such as 1 mils 1941 to 1946 all ef or better, the 1934 and 1941 20 mils are gvf and the 1939 100 mil ef.a very attractive set. $1250

661 ---,---1942 5 Mils and 1943 10 Mils. Y3 and 4, KM-3 and 4. Two 2 year bronze World War II types. Both nice EF-AU. $125

662 ---,---Group of key date coins. 1 Mil 1940; 5 Mils 1934 & 1941; 10 Mils 1934; 20 Mils 1934, 1941 and 1944; 50 Mils 1934 and 100 Mils 1931. 9 better date coins, the last Fine, the other VF or better. $400+

663 ---,---group of coins. 1 Mil 1927, 1939, 1941; 2 Mils 1942; 5 Mils 1927, 1942; 10 Mils 1927; 20 Mils 1942 and 50 Mils 1927. 9 coins, most EF, only a few not. $70+

664 ---,---Group of coins. 1 Mil 1927 (2), 1935, 2 Mils 1927, 5 Mils 1939, 10 Mils 1927, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1937, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942 (both types), 1943 and 1946, 20 Mils 1927 & 1942 (2), 50 Mils 1927, 100 Mils 1935 (2), 1939 and 1942. Also included in this lot is a Hagnah Defense Token of 1937-1938. 26 piece lot. Circ. to Unc., most coins VF or better. Our retail price is $350+ $225

665 ---,---Group of coins. 1 Mil 1927, 2 Mils 1927, 5 Mils 1927 & 1942, 10 Mils 1942, 20 Mils 1927 and 1935 and 100 Mils 1927 and 1935. 9 coins, most F-VF, a few nicer, the 2 silver pieces a bit less. Sold as is, no returns. Our retail price is $90 $70+

666 ---,---Group of coins. 1 Mil 1927; 2 Mils 1942; 5 Mils 1927; 10 Mils 1927 EF; 20 Mils 1927 VF; 50 Mils 1927 Toned EF; 1935 2 Choice Au's, 1942 EF; 100 Mils 1927, 1940 both Fine. Plus two Haganah Defense Tokens, both EF, one of which has been harshly cleaned. 13 coins and tokens, unc., where not noted. $100+

*667 poland, litzmannstadt (lodz ghetto). 1942 10 pfenning. km-tn5v, camp-4751bv. type 2. (2.39) struck in nickel-silver. toned au. we believe this is a trial strike made under order of nazi authorities. however this is a controversial issue and some think these are fantasies. we do know that inmates who worked at the ghetto mint were forced more than once to make coins in off-metals for visiting nazi dignitaries. $175

*668 ---,---,---another similar to above but nicer. (2.47) toned unc. $200+

*669 ---,---as above but this in bronze. 1942 10 pfenning. km-tn5v, camp-4751bv. type 2. struck in bronze. r&b unc. rare, 1st we've offered in more than 8 years. $200

*670 ---,---1943 20 mark aluminum (6.60). km-tn4, camp-4754, sb-1026. toned vf-ef, very attractive, although a few old scratches on denomination side. $125+

671 POLAND. 1991. John Paul II. AECA69mm by Ewa Olszewska-Borys. The Pope in full clerical garb left/Mary with child. As struck. Scarce? $40+

*672 ---lech walesa. 1991 ae 70mm by ewa olszewska-borys. his facing bust with group of people behind him/polish eagle. as struck amd rather thick. $75

673 PORTUGAL. Carlos I. 1899 1000 Reis. KM-540, Dav-267. Choice Toned EF. $100

*674 puerto rico, alfonso xiii of spain. 1895-pgv peso or 5 pesetas. km-24, y5, el-1. vf+ but for mount remnants on edge. a scarce and popular one year type. despite the remnants this is a very attractive coin. the mounts at 3 and 9 o'clock do not affect either the obverse or reverse of the coin. $625

675 SCOTLAND, James III. 1460-88. AE Penny. Orb Tilted down/Latin cross in quatrefoil . Issued by Bishop James Kennedy of St. Andrews. S-5307. Fine $120

*676 ---1959. robert burns. silver and bronze 57 mm by paul vincze. his bust 1/2 left/ books, flowers, quill. struck on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the poet's birth. scarce. $60+

677 SENEGAL, Central African States. 2003. 3000 CFA Francs. Bush Baby/Elephant, Map of Africa. Low Mintage. KM-11. BU $50

678 SLAVONIA, Pakrac (now in Croatia). ND. Late 19th Century? AE20 Token of S.A. des Bois de Slavonie Pakrac for 10 Sagewerk. Fine, bit rough. Rare. $40+

679 SOUTH AFRICA. Pair of Medals. 1892 45mm. Miner with shovel and pick and mining scene behind him/Wreath and Shield, center blank for a name. This struck at Birmingham for the South African and International Exhibition. Kimberly 1892. Also included is an African Service medal in silver with an antelope and a map of Africa. With hanger and ribbon, awarded to C. Smith. Two EF medals. $95

*680 ---paul kruger. 1895 ae44 mm medal by j.p.m. menger. bust of kruger left/winged wheel with arrows. struck to commemorate the opening of the delagoa bay railroad.esterhuysen page 25. nice chocolate brown ef. $150

*681 ---,---1900. ae 39 mm medal by schraff. bust of paul kruger facing slightly left/tree. esterhuysen page 129. struck for his 75th birthday. ef. $85

*682 ---boer war. defence of ladysmith award badge. ar36 mm medal w. bar "defence of ladysmith" & yellow, blue and red ribbon. bust of queen victoria left/britannia stg right, "south africa". award to private m. cohen of the liverpool regiment. $250+?

*683 ---boer war medals. a set of 19 2 ounce gilt silver medals of various generals who participated in this infamous war around the turn of the 20th century. each medal has a portrait of a general on the obverse as well as a war scene on the reverse. some of the legends are in english "anglo-boer war 1899-1902", while others are in dutch "anglo-boere oorlog 1899-1902". each medal is in it's own red, felt-lined, custom case and is toned. over 38 ounces of silver! $500?

*684 southern rhodesia, edward viii. 1936 (1984) fantasy silver crown. bust left/sable antelope standing left. bruce x-4b. lobel issue, only 165 minted. ngc proof-67 ultra cameo. $125

*685 spain, barcelona, pedro i (ii of aragon). 1196-1213. bi denier. petr rex, large cross annulets in 4 quarters /barcinona, small cross. cc-774. ch. ef. nice $75

*686 ---,---catalonia. pedro ii, the catholic. 1196-1213. ar obol (.69) of barcelona. cross with annulets in angles/small cross, dot in center. crus-301. gvf. $150

*687 ---castile & leon. enrique ii. 1368-1379. ar real (2.95) of seville. crowned monogram/arms, "s" below, star above. cc-334. gd very fine. $400+

*688 ---,---juan i. 1379-1390. ar real (3.37) of seville. crown iohn/royal coat of arms; roses above and s mintmark below. cc-440. vf, bit rough. $375

*689 ---alfonso xiii. 1902 1 peseta. km-706, y88. lightly toned vf+. key date. $85

*690 ---1954. spanish numismatic association. ae 69mm by fernando calico. head left in ancient coin, legend around/hercules wrestling with lion. cast as made, thick and heavy. very attractive. $100+

691 STRAITS SETTLEMENTS, Victoria. 1887 & 1901 50 Cents. KM-13. the first Fine, the 2nd VF with marks in the field. 2 better coins. $160

*692 sudan, abdullah. 1311/11 (c.1896) bronze 5 piastres (8.44). km-5.2. sharp well-centered ef. it's hard to imagine finding a better example! $550

693 SWEDEN, Karl XI. 1676 1 Ore. Large 46mm copper coin. KM-264a. Crudely struck, but VF for issue. $90

694 SWITZERLAND, Confederation. 1850 5 Rappen. KM-5, Y20. aG, very rare without mintmark. Date is clear, as is lack of mintmark. $75

*695 ---,---600th anniversary of battle of laupen. 1939-b 5 francs. y-49, km-42. nice toned unc. scarce. $425+

*696 ---shooting taler. 1872 5 francs. zurich. arms/standing female figure. y-11s, km-s11, dav-385. nice toned unc. $250

*697 ---shooting taler. 1879. basel. 5 francs. arms, 22 surrounding shields/standing figure. y-14s, km-s14, dav-388. unc., lightly toned and very pretty. $150

*698 ---shooting taler. 1883 5 francs. lugano. city view on lake/2 figures seated on tunnel, value. y-16s, km-s16. dav-390. toned unc. nicer than the hairlined unc. that brought $180 in our sale 35d. $150+

*699 ---1956-1973. 3 silver medals. basel 1956 33mm, rhinoceros standing right, 1748 in ex./legend; zurich 1969 32 mm stylized head of elephant left/legend and 1973 lucerne 33 mm elephant on glacier. 3 medals, the first two dealing with zoos, the first ef (and rare), the other two as struck. $90

*700 tibet, chinese issue kuang hsu. nd (1904-1905) silver 1/2 rupee, struck at szechuan. y2. ef $125

*701 togo, central african states. 2003. 6000 cfa francs. bimetallic, bare-breasted girl/elephant, map of africa. low mintage. bu $75

*702 ---,---2003. 6000 cfa francs. bimetallic. elephants in love. bu. low mintage $100

*703 ---,---2003. 6000 cfa francs. bimetallic. pres. left of map. bu. low mintage $100

*704 tunisia, mahmud ii. ah1249 (1833) piastre. km-90, cr-78. 2nd standard, uncommon date. choice ef-au. $100

*705 ---sultan abdul aziz with muhammad al-sadiq bey. ah 1283 (c. 1868) 4 kharub. km-158, cr-165. ef for type which is usually very crude. 2 year type. $90

*706 ---french protectorate, ali bey. ah 1310/1893-a. 10 centimes. km-222, y14. nice vf. key date. $75

707 TURKEY, Muhammad V. 1327/7 (1915) 5 Para. El Ghazi to right of Toughra. KM-767, Haffner-7. Nice VF+, one year type. $50+

*708 ---,---1327/7 (1915) 2 kurush el-ghazi to right of toughra. km-770, haffner-36. nice uncirculated, light toning. scarce so nice, $125+

*709 ---,---1327/3 (1911). 2 piastres. mint visit to kosovo in serbia. km-796, js-4133. nice toned unc., rare this nice. $175

710 ---,---1327/1 (1909) 10 Kurush. KM-751, Haffner-49. F+. $40

*711 ---,---1327/2 (1910) 10 kurush. km-751, haffner-50. vf+. $65

712 ---,---1327 Group of coins. 5 Para years 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6; 10 Para years 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (both types), 8; 20 Para years 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 40 Para, years 3, 4, 5, 8 & 9. 23 coins, average grade VF-EF. Sold as is, no returns. $75

713 ---,---1327 group of coins. 1 Kurush years 1, 2, 3; 2 Kurush years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. 9 coins VF to Unc., mostly EF or better. $75

714 ---,---1327 Group of 5 Kurush coins. Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (both types) and 8. 9 silver coins, VF to EF. Sold as is, no returns. $75

715 ---,---1327 Group of 10 Kurush coins. Years 4, 6. 7 (El Ghazi), 8, 9 & 10. 6 silver coins, F to EF, mostly VF or better. Sold as is, no returns. $175

716 ---,---1327 Group of 3 20 Kurush silver crowns. Years 8, 9 & 10. The first and 3rd VF, the 2nd EF. $60

*717 united states, french colonies. 1767 sou, counterstamped rf. breen-701. cr-2, km-1 both listed under guadeloupe. however this also circulated in louisiana as well as the caribbean. see both breen and the red book. ef, for type, $300?

*718 ---colonial. north american token. 1781 copper "half penny" seated hibernia/ ship. struck in ireland at a later date. "1781" possibly commemorates cornwallis surrender. breen-1144, km-tn30. f-vf for type. $200

*719 ---foresters of america badge. san diego, california. c. 78 x 60 mm. red, white, blue and black enamel on silver with plate on top "court san diego no. 28" and eagle above. elaborate and no doubt scarce. $50?

*720 ---enameled masonic (?) badge for los angeles convention in 1906 (?). c 90mm tall and features an african-american woman wearing a hat and holding a sword. on her upper body "me", the sword named "dinah" and at the bottom "gwine to los angles may 1906". attached via a loop at top is another sword labeled "chicago" with masonic crescent and star nearby. in red, green and gold enameling. i would guess that this is either a badge for a delegate from chicago to to the 1906 convention in la or a badge from the chicago convention to somebody promoting the la convention. most unusual! $100+?

721 ---1933. A CENTURY OF PROGRESS. AE57 by Zettler. Research and Industry. Full male figure in lion cloth/Relief map of the Exposition grounds. HK-463. As struck. $35+

*722 ---1951 bronze and silver 76 mm. tribute to victor david brenner by schabel. his rendition of mercury/lincoln's log cabin and busts of abraham lincoln and victor david brenner. $100+?

723 ---JAMES SMITHSON BY PAUL VINCZE. 1965 AE63 mm. Bust of Smithson left, name above, "1765-1829" below/View of the Smithsonian Institute. Struck for the 200th anniversary of his birth. 1st we've seen. No doubt uncommon. $35+

*724 ---society of medalists. 1968. ae73 mm by nina winkel. #77. children, hope of the world. girls dancing/boys building. with issuing leaflet. 924 minted. $50+

*725 ---john f. kennedy. 1973 by paul vincze. lead uniface plaque c. 115 x 160mm signed on the back by vincze. $75+

*726 ---bicentennial medals. 1975. bronze and silver 64mm proof medals by gilroy roberts for the franklin mint. 30 sculptured portraits of americans from every period of it's history beginning with george washington at top and is a who's who of american history. (albert einstein is 8th near the designers initials)/the first part of the preamble to the us constitution in a spiral around the dates 1776-1976. flower-35. in the original box of with accompanying brochure, matched serial numbers. the only previous time we've offered this was in our sale 31c where a similar set sold for $150 (reduced) on a $100 estimate. $100+

*727 ---albert einstein hobo nickel by j. allen. a piece missing in the harry flower collection. scarce? $25?

*728 ---1986.. pablo picasso by alex shagin. ae 101 mm. his facing bust. back is uniface with the exception of shagin's name and 1986 both etched by the artist.$100+

*729 ---society of medalists. 1987 ae73mm by robert cronbach. #116 in the series. sunrise and moonrise. nude reclining woman under sun/nude reclining woman under moon. as issued. the last we offered, in the fall of 1998, sold for $85 $90?

See 724 and 1043 for two other Society of Medalists Medals.

*730 ---society of medalists. 1987. cat and mouse. som #115 by robert a. weinman. c. 66 x 54mm unusual shaped medal. cat and mouse/cat behind cheese. one of the more popular and in demand of the modern som medals. $100+

*731 ---charlie chaplin by marika somogyi. 1989?. silver 46mm, chaplin stepping through the center hole from his famous character. #15 of 300 made for the judah magnes museum. very unusual. $90

*732 ---1990. salvador dali by alex shagin. ae 75 mm. facing bust/dali, scene from one of his works. with green patina as made. certainly a strange medal, but certainly a strange subject. $75+

*733 ---1991. georgia o'keefe by alex shagin. 71 x 70 mm cast heavy thick bronze medal. her bust in pensive mood facing half right/tree. very impressive medal by one of america's most prolific medallic sculpters. signed and dated on edge by the artist. $100+

734 ---Group of 10 miscellaneous tokens and exonumia, all with elephants. 1930's to 1970's. 9 different. VF to Unc. $50+

WORLD PAPER MONEY   (back to top)

735 A GROUP OF NOTES. Egypt P47 25 Piastres 1974 ERROR note, the face double printed Unc; a Blank check from Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas) Cairo branch from the account of Mrs. C. Eid EF, with counterfoil; Iraq P76 100 Dinars Unc; Syria P93 1 Pound 1963 EF (2 pieces); Yemen Arab Republic P7a 5 Rials VF, stains and P13b 10 Rials (1973) signature 7, 4 AU notes. 10 items in lot, most high grade, some scarce. Sold as is, no returns. $125?

736 A GROUP OF NOTES. Hungary PS-117 10 Forint 1848. VF, a few rust stains; Spain P59a 100 Pesetas 30 June 1906 aF and Vietnam P60a 20 Dong 1951 Unc. 3 notes. $120

*737 afghanistan. p16c?. 5 afghanis nd. lilac. ef but lightly removed from album along left edge, top margin is uneven. pick does not list this note but we believe the description of p16c as a green note is incorrect. ex bill spengler collection. $150+

*738 ---p17 10 afghanis sh1315 (1936). block letter. unc. ex spengler . $125+

739 ---P17A 10 Afghanis. ND. Brown. GVF, but removed from album. Still a nice looking note. Ex Bill Spengler collection. $75

*740 ---p18 20 afghanis. nd, red brown. sh1315 (1936). unc. scarce so nice. ex bill spengler collection $200+

741 ---P18A 20 Afghanis. ND, Red brown. EF, but for small (repaired) tear in lower right margin and purple handstamps (?) in each corner on front. Has been removed from album. Ex Bill Spengler collection. $50+

742 ---,---Another, as above. Ex Bill Spengler collection. $50+

*743 ---p19a 50 afghanis. nd. blue. vf-ef, but for damage along margin due to being removed from album. still a scarce and attractive note. ex spengler . $200+

*744 ---p20a 100 afghanis. nd. almost ef, but some damage on back margin and very small repaired margin tear due to having been removed from album. still a scarce an attractive note. ex bill spengler collection. $250+?

745 ---P26 100 Afghanis. SH1318. AU-Unc. Large and impressive note. Ex Bill Spengler collection. $50+

746 ---P40a. 500 Afghanis. SH1340 (1961). Choice AU, a tiny nick upper margin and some spots on right margin $60+

747 ---P45. 500 Afghanis. SH1346 (1967). EF $40

748 ---P46. 1000 Afghanis. SH 1346 (1967). Au-Unc. Ex Bill Spengler collection. $50

*749 ---p53a 20 afghanis. sh 1357 (1978). specimen note in unc. this is the pick plate note! ex bill spengler collection. $150+

*750 austria, united nations, international refugee organization (iro). 1 unit, green. camp-7360, sb-182. ef+. nicer than most we've seen. $200+

751 CANADA. P11b 25 Cents. 2 July 1923. McCavour-Saunders signature combination. EF. $50

*752 czechoslovakia, theresienstadt. 1-100 kronen, a complete set of 7 notes. camp-4111-4117, ps-29-35. au-unc. $100+

753 ---,---Another but all circulated, which is actually rarer than high grade sets. $50+

*754 east caribbean states. p14e 5 dollars. nd (1965) signature 6. graded by pmg (paper money guaranty) as gem unci 66 on exceptional paper quality. $70?

*755 egypt. p19c. 5 pounds. 20 november 1940. early nixon signature. gd very fine. $100+

756 ---P19c. 5 Pounds. 5 January 1945. Nixon signature. Fine. $40

*757 --- p24b. 1 pound. 1950. saad signature. farouk portrait at right. arabic serial numbers only. aef $40+

*758 ---1936. lottery ticket. issued by the moslem community. decorated title in arabic around all four sides, nice vignette of sphinx at center. in arabic & french. $50

*759 ---lottery ticket. 1936. issued by the chaldeene catholique du caire society. depicts a nile scene, boats and fortuna at left. in arabic, french & greek! $50

*760 --- lottery ticket. 1936. issued by the united latin societies, which consisted of the italian, french, maltese, the african mission of lyon & tanta, the orphanage of st. joseph and the catholic armenia society. held under the patronage of lady cromer of alexandria. illustration shows the she-wolf feeding the twins romulus and remus. handstamp shows the same image. in arabic, french and greek! $50

761 ---1937. EGYPTIAN STATE TELEGRAPH. An English-Arabic printed form which originated in Tel-Aviv and was wired to Egypt. Requests somebody named Ibrahim to phone Albert Rosenthal in 8 hours and gives phone number. Included with this lot is the Telegram "window" envelope. Interesting. $35?

*762 england, operation bernhard. forgery of english 5 a3 note, made by jewish inmates of sachsenhausen. 23 august 1935. camp-4065, p-335a. london, peppiatt signature. ef, but for upper right corner missing. $125

*763 ---,--- 5 a3. 21 january, 1937. camp-4065, p-335a. london, peppiatt signature. ef, thus much nicer than usually seen. $150

*764 ---,---10 a3 16 march 1935. camp-4066b, p-336. london, peppiatt signature. nice vf, a few rust spots and foxing along top and bottom edges. not bad at all. $150

*765 ---,---10 a3, 19 august 1936. camp-4066b, p-336. london, peppiatt signature. nice vf, some rust stains and foxing along edges. $135

*766 ---,---10 a3, 16 february 1937. camp-4066b, p-336. london, peppiatt signature. nice vf, a few light stains, a tiny pinhole and light foxing along right edge. all of these minor defects are usual on this very thin paper. $150

*767 ---,---20 a3, 20 november 1930. london, catterns signature. camp-4067a, p-330v (unlisted as forgery). fine, repaired (very efficiently) on back. a very early date for an operation bernhard note. our friend lance campbell lists both the peppiatt and catterns signatures with the same value. however based on our 36+ years of handling these notes that should not be. we see perhaps one catterns note for every 20 to 25 peppiatt note. should that make this note 20 to 25 times the value of a similar peppiatt note? probably not, but it should be worth at least 20 %+ more. $200+

*768 ---,---20 a3 , 15 august 1935. london, peppiatt signature. camp-4067b, p-337a. nice vf+, slight foxing along top edge. $250+

*769 ---pow camp. c-5015a, sb-464. 3 pence. nd. fine. this note was used in a camp for italian prisoners as can be seen by the signature on the front and the signatures on the reverse. all italian names. $125

*770 ---,---c-5017a, sb-466. 1 shilling, without prefix. overstamped on face june 1943. no. 10 pow camp. on the back there are 6 "circles" for handstamped dates, 6 of which are stamped dating from 18 dec. 1943 to 9 june 1945. vg, some tears.$50+?

*771 ---wwii propaganda note. sb-192, arabic text on the back of a facsimile of a 1 pound english note. 10 lines of arabic text below a heading on this note made by the axis. vf, with a few small holes. scarce. $150+

*772 france, franco-prussian war. decrombecque, pas de calais. 1 and 5 francs, 15 october 1870. au-unc, with just minimal signs of aging. scarce. $50+

*773 french north africa. 5 francs nd. wwii pow & concentration camp. campbell-2339, sb-301. fine, edge tears. $150?

774 FRENCH WEST AFRICA. P23. 1000 Francs. 10 September 1941. Fine $50

*775 ---p43. 5000 francs. 22 december 1950. vg. a few edge tears. large note $200?

*776 germany. 1791. financial ordinance. issued by wilhelm ix of hesse- kassel, regarding new regulations concerning a rather free competition for mortgage loans. this also applied to other areas of his rule including hersfeld, katzneinbogen, ziegenhayna, nidda, schaumburg and hanau. c. 7 3/4 x 14" on watermarked paper. an interesting early "free enterprise" document. $65+?

*777 ---prussia. 1901. 200th anniversary commemorative postcard. franked and mailed in berlin on date of issue, 18 january 1901. magnificent and mulitcolored with embossed images of royal couple. $40+

*778 ---1906. royal couple's silver wedding anniversary postcard by tuck. their busts left in medallion with german eagle on both sides. postally used, a few corner nicks, still decent $35+

*779 ---1910 kaiser wilhelm photo. a real photo of the kaiser and three of his generals, all in army dress, taken during the special "kaiser maneuver" of the 1st and 17th armies. photo by oscar tellgmann, the official photographer of the kaiser and his court. the back of the card lists the numerous awards that the photographer had received and depicts 4 different coats of arms. very impressive and scarce. $60+

*780 ---1913. postcard commemorating the 25th anniversary of kaiser wilhelm's reign. depicts kaiser at center, along with battle ship, airplanes, zeppelin, cavalry and mobile artillery with wreath at top. unused. vf $40

*781 ---1913-1914 patriotic postcards. 1) real photo card showing kaiser wilhelm in center surrounded by 19 photos of leaders of other german states, all in full army dress with "deutschland, deutschland 86ber alles" in banner above and 2) photo of kaiser wilhelm within wreath made out of various tree branches, tropical fruits etc, to symbolize the german overseas colonies. 2 cards, the first postally used in 1914, the 2nd unused. vf $50+

*782 ---1914. commemorative wwi postcard depicting zeppelin, cavalry, troops and general emmich. commemorates the battle of fort luttich in 1914. unused. vf or nearly so. $40

*783 ---kaiser wilhelm with his sons. 1914. depicts wilhelm ii, crown prince friedrich wilhelm and his other five sons. all in full army dress, with swords and military badges and decorations. postally used. impressive. vf $35

*784 ---bielefeld. 1000 mark. green, black and red on white cloth notgeld. 1922. au-unc. $50?

785 ---,---1000 Mark. Yellow, black and red on white Cloth notgeld. 1922. Au-Unc. $50?

*786 ---nd (1920's). zeppelin, railroad combination postcard. a real photo sepia card featuring a zeppelin in flight over elberfeld. captioned in front. unused, but some signs of aging. fine $35

*787 ---first zeppelin flight to america. 1924. a group of 3 colorful illustrated perforated labels. each depicts one of columbus's ships and are inscribed in german, "columbus 1492 - 8 weeks, zr iii 1924 70 hours". 1 pfg brown, 2 pfg green, 3 pfg red. all with original gum and have been hinged. attractive vf or better. $50+?

*788 ---konversionkasse. p199. 5 reichsmark. 1933. series b. konversionkasse. 1st series. unc and without pinholes, thus scarce. $90?

789 ---,---P199. 5 Mark. 1933. Series C, punched "Entwertet" (= Cancelled.) AU-Unc $30

790 ---,---P200. 10 Mark. 1933. Series B, punched "Entwertet". AU-Unc $45

791 ---,---P207. 5 Mark. 1934. Series E, punched "Entwertet" Au-Unc. $30

*792 ---,---p208. 10 reichsmark. 1934. series c. nice ef, with usual pinholes. $50

793 ---,---P208. 10 Mark. 1934. Series E, punched "Entwertet" Au-Unc. $45

*794 ---,---p-211, sb-215. 50 reichsmark. 1934, series a. ef, but without pinholes! $90

*795 ---,---p-211, sb-215. 50 reichsmark. 1934, series a. ef, pinholes, foxing. $75+

*796 ---,---p211. 50 reichsmark. 1934. series c . nice grade. unc., with a couple of usual pinholes. $125

*797 ---,---p211. 50 mark. 1934. series c, punched "entwertet". au-unc and seldom seen as such. rare denomination. $250

*798 ---1937 $1000 3% konversionkasse 10 year bond. similar to schwan-boling #224 (page 485), but unlisted date. 1 june 1937. au-unc. the first undamaged one we've offered since 1999! $150+

*799 ---cigarette card album. 1936. large format, c. 10 1/4 x 13", album containing 270 multicolored cigarette cards showing the german armed forces, hitler, etc. the cards are all mounted in a cardstock album (a few have fallen out but are present). the cover depicts 5 soldiers and an anti-aircraft cannon. album and cards are vf or better. we've seen german cigarette card albums before but i can't recall a similar one so military related. and well before the war! $225+?

*800 ---buchenwald concentration camp. 50 rm, with ss-ko-rottleberode overprint in red. c-3947c, ps-73c. vf, with usual burned edges and one corner missing. $75

*801 ---,---c-3947d, ps-73d. .50 reichsmark with "ss ko. rottleberode" overprint in blue. fine $100

*802 ---,--- c-3949a, ps75a. 2 reichsmark without overprint. unc., but for (usual) browning around edges. i can't recall offering this note for over 7 years! $150+

*803 ---,---c-3949e, ps75e 2 reichsmark with "ss ko rottleberode a/5" overprint in red. fine, a few edge tears and a few dark areas, overprint is weak. scarce.. $75+

*804 ---,---c-3949g, ps-75, sb-1003i. 2 reichsmark, with "schwerte (ruhr)" overstamped in purple. vf, edges browned, a couple of tiny corners missing. rare, the last we offered which was not as nice sold for $225 in the fall of 2004. $200

*805 ---,---c-3949g, ps-75, sb-1003i. another virtually as above, serial numbers are only 43 numbers apart and both must have been in the same pack! $200

*806 ---,---50 rm, type two with slanted m. c-3951b, ps-69. au. we have not offered this note in high grade in almost 9 years. see the lot below as this and the note below are consecutive numbers. $125+

*807 ---,---,---another as above. this and the above are consecutive numbers. $125+

*808 ---,---a third, au, but there is a pencil notation on back which is a person's name. easily removable by eraser if desired. $100+

*809 ---,--- c-3952a (1), ps-66, sb-1012a. 1 reichsmark, "m" with straight legs. vg, some edge tears, scarce. $85

*810 ---,--- c-3952a (2), ps-70, sb-1012b. 1 reichsmark, "m" with straight legs. vg, tape repairs on back, scarce. $65

*811 ---,--- 2 rm. type 2. slanted m. c-3953b, ps-71. f-vf, a few tears at folds, plus the following written in ink on face of note, "this was given to the s. s. they knocked of (sic) so many people they got more tobacco wine and what have you", plus a line from the ss symbol, where below is written, "s.s. insignia". $50+?

*812 ---,---c-3954b, ps-72, sb-1014b. 3 reichsmarks. m with slanted legs. the 3 mark is the scarcest denomination from buchenwald . vf, but tears at vertical fold, plus pencil graffiti on back, which is easily erasable. $100+

*813 ---flossenb9frg concentration camp. c-3972a, ps-86. 1 reichsmark, tan. type i. vg-f. scarce. tan is much scarcer than the blue issue. $300+

*814 ---,---,---another but note is poor with tape repairs. on the back is an interesting handwritten notation in pencil, "this is a months pay from a concentration camp, this was their money". $100+?

*815 ---holleischen (holysov). a flossenburg subcamp located near prague. camp 4091-4096, 4100, ps-102-107 & 111. 1 pfennig to 6 pfennig and 10 pfennig. 7 unc chits. $50

*816 ---nordhausen (mittelbau). nd .01 reichsmark, series n. camp, 4021, ps-135, sb-1031. ef $50

*817 ---,---nd .01 reichsmark, series o. camp, 4021, ps-135, sb-1031. unc.. $75?

*818 ---,---nd. .05 reichmark in black, series m. camp-4022, ps-136. vf. a very rare denomination and a unlisted series letter. thus exceedingly rare $1500+?

*819 ---,---nd. .10 reichsmark, green. series f. camp-4023, p/s-137. fine. scarce. a search of my records since 1995 indicates this is only the 2nd series f note we have offered. $250+

*820 ---,---nd. 1 mark.c-4026b (1), ps-140b. series p. fine, but right edge (about 20-25%%) is burnt off. very scarce series $100+?

*821 ---ravensbruck. 1 reichsmark with type 2 (triangle) overprint. c-4053b, ps-153. vf. rare! it's been 6 years since we've offered this note in any condition. $400+?

*822 ---winterhelp coupons.kreigswinterhilfswerk. 1940. pair of 5 mark notes, series i and ii. the first in green, the 2nd in brown. as sb-363 and 373 but the colors seem different then described. both au. scarce. $75+

823 ---REICHSKREDTITKASSEN. Occupation notes. SB 185-190 50 Pfenning, 1, 2, 5, 20 and 50 Mark. Set of all 6 denominations Au-Unc. $60

*824 ---oflag ii-c. wwii pow camp. c-3766b.(2). 50 fenigow series aiii. pow camp near woldenberg, germany. sb page 483. au. the last we offered, the spring 2004, sold for $235! $175+

*825 ---oflag ii-d. wwii pow camp near grossborn. c-3791, sb page 483. 10 groszy. au $100

*826 ---oflag vii-a. wwii pow camp. c-3812, sb page 483. camp was located near murnau in southern germany. 10 fenig 1944. red on off-white. unc $60+

*827 ---,---,---another, almost as nice. au $50+

*828 ---,---c-3814, sb page 483.1 mark 1944. violet on off-white. au $75+

829 ---1940. RATION COUPONS. For butter and fat. 2 Pieces, 1 used, 1 unused. $25?

*830 ---goebbels certificate of thanks. 1941. c. 8 1/4 x 5 3/4" with german soldier at right and a proud and happy family at left looking through items to donate. "certificate of thanks. in the name of the f9fhrer i thank you 'wilhelm kutsch' for the donation and collection of wool, fur and winter items for the front" dr. gobbels, reich propaganda leader and reich minister for public enlightenment and propaganda, weilhachten 1941. name and address of erwin kutsch on the back in manuscript. vg, tears. i cannot recall seeing this before. accompanying this lot is a 4 paragraph biography in english about goebbels. $75?

*831 ---wochenspruch der nsdap: 1941. offical receipt for a year's worth of anti-allied and anti-semitic stickers, posters and propaganda published by the propaganda wing of the nazi party "reichspropagandaletung der nsdap. the chief editor was goebbels himself. vf, punched at far left affecting nothing. first we've seen. $50+?

*832 ---ration cards for the baltic states. an interesting group. estonia for dry goods (food) 1942; baltic states in general (most in 3 languages, estonian, latvian and lithuanian) 500 grams of sugar 1944; premium point rations 2 different ones. a farmer who gave a certain amount a food from his harvest would be able to get petrol, sugar, salt, tobacco, alcohol etc. in essence the farmer would trade his produce for these items; latvia, unused ration for potatoes; ration for soap 1944-1945 unused with a handwritten pencil manuscript on the back; an unused lithuanian 1944-1945 ration for food for "citizens"; food ration card in 4 languages (russian added) for 2 days, used near pskov. unused; 3 latvian rations 1944, marked "j" for children 6-18, mb for children under 3 and n for adults. the coupons are unused but due to the shortage of paper, the backs were all used, one for algebraic calculations which is certainly beyond what i remember from algebra, the other two form a letter in latvian by a pro communist saying that the red banner flies proudly over civic buildings etc. an interesting group of 10 ration coupons. scarce as such.$150? [image b] [image c] [image d]

*833 ---1942. german railraod travel card. issued by the deutsche reichsbahn to gretl herrmann, daughter of wagenmeister hermann. has her photo attached and adhesive revenue stamp, both tied with german railway handstamps. also included in this lot is the lower part of a ration card with 3 coupons attached. a rare pair $70?

*834 ---wwii. 10 page pamphlet aimed at russian soldiers urging them to surrender. plenty of black and white photographs depicting how happy other russian prisoners were. printed in black, red and white, a few pages torn, a few have fallen out of book. scarce? $50+?

835 ---WWII. NAZI SAFE CONDUCT FOR RUSSIAN SOLDIERS. Photo shows a group of "happy" Russian POWS. Aged with "burn" marks. $40?

836 ---RATION CARD. 1943-1944. Issued in Karlsruhe, yellow card. For clothing such as, shirts, sweaters, stockings, socks, etc. Some coupons detached, issued to Walher Deicher. $25+

*837 ---organization todt. 1945 medical pass. this was germany's largest organization for large scale construction projects. in 1944 there were over 1.35 million workers in this program, with over one million of them being either pow's or foreign forced laborers. this is a printed medical pass issued to 64 year old forced laborer maria jauowska, dated 13 january 1945 and signed in hand by dr. gugel, the chief of the ot medical state. officially handstamped, with handwritten notation on back. scarce. f-vf $45

*838 ---help card. 1945. for use in upper silesia, good for 50 pfenning for mother and child. unc. scarce? $60+?

*839 ---1945. ration cards for clothes. 3 different ones, all issued to frau liesbeth westermann of westerode-harzburg. 1) for a child up to one year old, printed on a rather thick gray card, many coupons attached. 2) additional clothing for a pregnant woman with over 20 coupons attached and 3) an unusual local card distributed by the mayor to be added to the other two cards for winter clothing. all the cards have various official eagle and swastika handstamps. scarce. vg to fine $55

*840 ireland. 1937. irish free state hospitals' sweepstake. two items both for the 1937 derby. a 10 shilling ticket, plus a 10 shilling receipt, but with different serial numbers. both feature the same attractive vignette, the 1st in english, the 2nd in english and irish. $65?

841 ISRAEL. P13b, FC-5a 260 Pruta Aleph Series. Unc. $75

*842 --- p13a, fc-5b. 250 pruta series aleph with menorah left. the menorah is visible under u-v light. unc. $125

*843 ---p13d, fc-5d. 250 pruta series gimel with menorah left. the menorah is visible with the naked eye! unc. $125

844 ---P13e, FC-5e. 250 Pruta Series Gimel with Menorah right. The Menorah is visible under U-V light. Nice AU. $100

845 ---Fractional Currency. (1952). P-10c, 12c & 13c. FC-3d, 4c, 5c. 50, 100 & 250 Pruta. 3 unc notes. $50

*846 ---p16a, bn-3. 5 pounds. anglo-palestine bank. nd. (1948). series y. ef! $175

847 ---P17a, BN-4. 10 Palestine Pounds. Anglo-Palestine Bank. ND (1948). Without series letter. F-VF, with a bit of graffiti on back. Scarce. $150?

*848 ---p19a, bn-6. 500 prutah. bank leumi.nd. (1952). series h. aef (only one fold, with original crispness, faint soiling). decent note. $100+

849 ---P20a, BN-7. 1 Pound. Bank Leumi. ND (1952). Series Q. Au-Unc. I don't believe I offered another Series Q note since 1999! $75+

*850 ---p21a, bn-8. 5 pounds. bank leumi. nd (1952). series r. au $200

*851 ---p-23s, bn10. 50 pounds bank leumi in specimen. nd (1952). with serial numbers 000000 in red across the face twice, specimen in red twice across the face and back and two hole punches. au-unc. this is, i believe, the first time i've offered this note in specimen as a single note. rare and in demand. $900+

852 ---P24a, BN-11. 500 Prutah. 1955, Series Dalat. Ancient Synagogue near Bir'aim. Choice EF $50

*853 ---p25a, bn-12. 1 pound. 1955, series yod. landscape in upper galilee. unc. $75

*854 ---1958-1960. bank of israel specimen set. p29s-33s, bn16-20. 1/2, 1, 5, 10 & 50 lirot. the first four 1958, the last 1960. all with black 000000 serial numbers twice on the reverse and specimen in red on both the front and back of the notes. we sold a similar set in the spring of 2001 for $1750. that is the last set we have offered. obviously rare and desirable. $1750

855 ---RADAR NOTE. P30c, BN-17b. 1 Pound 1958 Brown numbers. Series Lamad 8, 1148411 $30

*856 ---error note. p31, bn-18. 5 pound 1958. the last digit in the bottom set of numbers has shifted upwards. unc. $150

857 ---FANCY NUMBERS, One Radar notes and three Fancy numbers. 1 Pd. 1958 Brown numbers 1112113, plus three 5 Pound 1958 Hey/1 Series notes, 444999, 426624 and 426666. All unc. Neat lot $55+

858 ---FANCY NUMBERS. A group of banknnotes which only contain 2 different digits. 2 1958 1 Pound Brown (2) 0777077. 1112121, 5 Pound 1958 (4), 777444, 46666, 202200, 660606,10 Pound 1958 Black 777577, Red 669996 and 50 Pound Brown 655555. 9 notes, 2 are circulated, the other 7 are unc or nearly so. Neat lot. $95+

859 ---FANCY NUMBERS. Another group of notes with unusual numbers. 1/2 Pd. 1958 747147, 1 Pd 1958 Black (2) 222113, 785858, 1 Pd Red (4). 881133 ,800330, 1115599, 1477714,10 Pound brown 679999, 10 Pd Bialik blue 00000643, 100 Pd 1968 Herzl small black 0040040046 and 1 New Sheqel Rambum 3770770707. 11 notes, some circulated, but most nice. Another neat lot for the specialist. $75

*860 ---1967 six day war. prisoner of war note. camp canteen, military command for prisoners of war. in hebrew with overstamp in arabic. green, good for waffles at the camp canteen. campbell-5565. unc and very rare. this and the note below are part of a group of 8 pieces that we purchased and sold this summer. the buyer paid about $250 per note and has consigned two pieces to this sale. thus our estimate is very modest. while campbell says that some researchers believe that the overstamp was applied after the war we have never seen or offered these notes before. $200+

*861 ---1967 six day war. prisoner of war note. camp canteen, military command for prisoners of war. in hebrew with overstamp in arabic. similar, but yellow, good for bottle of juice at the camp canteen. campbell-5565. unc and very rare. $200+

*862 ---p34a, bn-21. 5 pound 1968 einstein with red numbers. the last number in the serial number at the upper right has shifted ever so slightly down. unc. $110

863 ---,---Another as above. Unc. $110

864 ---BNS-2. 1968 4 Piece Set in Red Plastic Wallet. 5, 10, 50 & 100 Lirot. Seldom seen set, especially compared to the 1958-60 set. Word of caution: the wallet is plastic based with PVC inherent, notes may exhibit some oiliness. $50?

*865 ---p38, bn-25. error notes. the next to last number on the bottom series number has shifted upwards. 2 consecutive unc notes. in this series the first four digits are for the series, the next 5 are ordinal numbers and the last digit is for inspection. so in this case 8501621688 and 8501621697 are consecutive numbers. $300

*866 ---p38, bn-25. error notes. the next to last number on the bottom series number has shifted upwards. 1 note. as above. au-unc $150

867 ---BNS-3. 1978-1982 4 Piece Set in green Plastic Wallet. 50, 100, 500 and 1000 Sheqalim notes. Word of caution: the wallet is plastic based with PVC inherent, notes may exhibit some oiliness. $40

*868 --- p45, bn-32. error note. 10 sheqalim, herzl note of 1978. one of the numbers in the lower right serial number has shifted upwards. unc. perhaps one sheet of these notes exist. a similar one sold a few years ago for $250 $250+?

869 --- 3 Uncut sheets of the 1978 50 Sheqalim David Ben Gurion notes in original tube and 4 Israel Souvenir Bank Note Sheet depicting the 1958 5A3 note. This lot was donated to AINA and all proceeds will be sent to them. $60

*870 ---p47b, bn-34a. 100 sheqalim jabotinsky. 1979 with two red bars on reverse. unc. $100+

871 ---BANK OF ISRAEL. COLLECTOR SERIES. 1990 Issue. Pick CS-1, BNS-14. 1-50 New Sheqalim all with matching serial number in special folder. Only 2000 issued and seldom offered for sale. The last we had sold for $125 $100+

872 ---BNS-16. VISIONARIES OF ISRAEL. 7 Unc notes in folder of issue. Seldom offered set. $50

*873 italy, rieti concentration camp. 2, 5, and 10 lire. campbell 6568-6572. au-unc. most researchers consider these fantasies and they are sold with that warning. even as fantasies they catalog $100+ in unc. sold as is no returns. $75+

*874 jordan. p12a 10 dinars. law of 1959, signature 10. nice au $150

875 KEELING-COCOS ISLANDS. P-S128. 1902. 5 Rupees. Unc. $50

876 KYRGYZSTAN. P7-1. 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Som. ND. (1994). A set of 6 colorful uncirculated notes. $45

877 MALDIVES. P6b 50 Rupees. 1960/1379. Unc. Ex Bill Spengler collection. $50

*878 --- p6c. 50 rupees. 1980/1400. unc. ex bill spengler collection. $70

*879 netherlands, westerbork concentration camp. c-4172 (b) 1, sb-1152a, ps-169. 25a2 series bb, without watermark. filled "0" in no. unc., thus scarce. $100

*880 ---,--- complete denomination set of 4 notes. c-4171b 10a2 ser. cc, c-4172b (1) 25a2 series aa, c-4173b 50a2 series aa and c-4174 100a2 series cc. 4 notes, vf+ or better. a high grade set. $125+

881 PAKISTAN. P-1 One Rupee (ND) 1948. VF. All Pakistan notes have 2 staple holes at left as issued. Scarce. $40

882 ---P19a 500 Rupees. ND (1964). With Dhaka overprint. AU-Unc, thus very high grade. With 2 staple holes, as issued, at left. $50

883 POLAND, Litzmannstadt (Lodz Ghetto). 50 Pfennig, both red and orange serial number varieties and 20 Mark without watermark, with one line under o in No. Camp 4201a, 4201b and 4206a(1). 3 unc notes. $60

*884 ---,---ps-12, camp-4204. 5 mark with red serial number. unc. $75

885 ---,---PS-13, Camp-4205 (b) 10 Marks. Orange Serial Number. Fine. Type with watermark $40+

886 ---warsaw ghetto. nd. 5- 50 groszy. camp. 4246-4251, ps page 25 note. 6 unc notes. blue notes printed from hand-engraved wood or linoleum plates, the large denomination has 18 stars (18 meaning life), a barbed wire fence and an ss symbol. this is a somewhat controversial issue due to it's crudeness but we believe they were an issue produced in the ghetto post office but never released. the complete set and the first we've offered via auction in amost 6 years. $450+

*887 russia, ukraine. p1b 100 karbovtsiv. 1917. ef-au, but for small repair. the note is printed in polish, russian & yiddish!. much nicer than most seen. $100+

888 ---GROUP OF BANKNOTES 1918-1947. Includes issues from East Siberia, Transcausia and South Russia plus 3 1947 notes in special folder issued by The Bank For Foreign Trade of the USSR. Fine to Unc, mostly VF or better, the last 3 unc. Some better notes in this collection and most identified. $100+

*889 ---1927. lottery for air defense and to bolster chemical production. vignettes of airplane, farm equipment. the back lists the prizes, a travel tour or a tractor, or farm implements or a breeding foal (among others). entirely in russian, blue and red on white. vf. $40+?

890 ---1934. PROPAGANDA BONDS. These represented "work credits" for days of obligatory public service. Script in Cyrillic and Phonetic Tartar. 2 different bonds, 2 different series. EF $50

*891 ---front illustrierte. july 1943. magazine supplied to german pow's in russian hands.this one says that a million foreigners are in germany, while soldiers are away and their wives are shacked up with foreigners! $50

892 ---,---June 1943. Magazine supplied to German POW's in Russian Hands. This copy shows the POWS are eating well, farming and getting lots of free time to do whatever they want. $50

*893 ---,---october 1943. magazine supplied to german pow's in russian hands which shows how well the russians are treating their prisoners compared to the germans. the front cover has a picture of them having a good time fishing! $50

894 ---KROKODIL. July 1942 Issued by Pravda for soldiers with lots of anti-Hitler caricatures and a cartoon on the back cover with Mussolini chasing geese, he's asking them to save Rome, but they reply they are going to Germany. Most pages loose and frayed. $40

*895 ---,---july 1942 issued by pravda for soldiers with lots of anti-hitler caricatures including one with hitler in a chariot being drawn by other axis leaders. interesting, even if you don't read russian (which i don't). some graffiti and tape repairs, but not bad $40

896 SAUDI ARABIA. P8b. 10 Riyals. AH1379. VF, but back a bit soiled. Sailboat on front. $50

*897 spitzbergen. p-unlisted. 1 ruble. 1957. issued by the arcticugol mining company. f-vf, with small ink graffiti at upper right. very scarce. ex bill spengler collection. $90

898 SURINAM P105c. 1 Gulden. 30 April 1942. Nice F-VF. Scarce. $40

*899 united states, continental currency. issued by the continental congress. november 2, 1776. $7, sn# 40806. signed by b(enjamin) levy and b(enjamin) brannan. vf nice, although signs of aging. levy was one of only two jewish signers of continental notes. friedberg cc-52, p-s152. ex pine tree's walter breen sale, september 1985, lot 126. $150+

*900 ---ouray, colorado, bank of ouray. 1904 check for 16.75 with portrait of chief ouray who is also on the us mpc $20, series 692. ouray known as "the switzerland of america" is one of the most picturesque towns in colorado. ef.$100

*901 ---waco, texas. 1938. $1, $5 and $10 from the bank of palestina, mt. carmel center. signed by v.t. kounteff. plus 4 paper coins issued by the same group: 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents. the group that issued these notes eventually became the infamous branch davidian cult. see the numismatist may 2003. 3 notes, the lower denomination vg, the other two au-unc. we've had the notes before, but have never seen the "coins". $60+

902 YEMEN ARAB REPUBLIC. P1a 1 Rial (1964), Signature 1. Unc. $90

*903 ---p3a 10 rials nd (1964), signature 1. vf, stained. still decent and scarce. $50+

904 ---P6a 1 Rial ND (1969), Signature 4. AU. $50+

*905 --- p16a 100 rials, nd (1976), signature 5. au-unc. $75+

*906 yemen democratic republic, south arabian currency authority. p4b 5 dinars nd (1965) signature 2. au. $85

*907 ---people dem. rep. p9a 10 dinars. nd (1984) signatures #3. nice unc. $100

908 ---P9B 10 Dinars. ND (1984) Signatures #4. EF $40

*909 yugoslavia, zemun. wwii pow issues. set of 6 notes, 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 & 100 dinar. campbell 9151-9156. au-unc. campbell states that it is possible that the signatures were added to lower denominations sometime after the war. while he also lists as common, we've never handled these previously. sold as is, no returns.$50?


910 Berlin, Howard M. THE COINS AND BANKNOTES OF PALESTINE UNDER THE BRITISH MANDATE, 1927-1947 2001 Hard Cover. New $45

911 Haffner, Sylvia. THE HISTORY OF MODERN ISRAEL'S MONEY. 1967 1st Edition, card cover. Cover shows wear, contents ok. Also in this lot is an empty DANSCO 27 space brown album for the Pruta Mil coins. $35

912 Levy, Dr. M. A. GESCHICHTE DER J9FDISCHEN M9FNZEN. 1862. HISTORY OF JEWISH MONEY. 163 pages, published in Leipzig. Cover has been repaired, contents Fine or better. Entirely in German. We've never offered this book before. I would think it should be worth our low estimate. $50?

*913 kindler, arie. the coins of tiberias. 1961. cardcover. covers coins issued in that city from herod antipas to the umaayads and fatamids. rare, i've offered this less than 5 times. kroh 3 stars and $150-$200. the last two i've sold have both been at $150, this is nicer than either of those. binding sl. damaged, otherwise nice. $125+

914 Kirschner, Bruno. DEUTSCHE SPOTT-MEDAILLEN AUF JUDEN. 1968, HC with dust jacket (just a bit foxed).Text in German, on anti-semitic medals. By far the most informative work on the subject. Excellent condition. $50+

*915 pearlman, david. postcards of palestine. 1986-1990, london. a long out of date publication which has more information about palestine postcards than anything else of which i am aware. i believe that there are 31 issues included in this lot which is self-published and mimeographed. sold as is, no doubt of great value to the palestine postcard collector. $100+

916 Stahl, Zvi. JEWISH GHETTO' AND CONCENTRATION CAMPS' MONEY (1933-1945). London 1990. HC. New. English translation by Rebecca Sternberg. $40

*917 theilhaber, felix. jewish flyers in war. 1924. german book entitled j9fdische flieger im weltkrieg published in berlin with addendum from 1932 laid in. 123 pages with photos of pilots, planes and even funeral services. somewhat aged, binding could use repair. scarce? $50+

918 GROUP OF BOOKS. A Handy Guide to Jewish Coins, Rev. E. Rogers, 1914 1st edition well used; Coins of the Bible Days, Florence Aiken Banks 1955, with dust jacket, dj stains, some wear, contents ok; Geographic Lexicon of Greek Coin Inscriptions by Dr. A. Florance. 1966 English reprint. Dust Jacket torn, contents ok; Money of the Bible by William C. Prime. 1906 24 page card cover pamphlet published by the Sunday School Times Company, with ANS book plate inside. Some signs of aging on cover, but contents more than ok and a Picture Book of Ancient Coins a 1963 64 page card cover Primer by Fred Reinfeld and Burt Hobson. A good introduction to ancient coins. Card cover shows wear, contents ok. A nice lot of uncommon books. $60+?

919 GROUP OF BOOKS. Catalogue of the Jewish National Fund Stamps 1902-1950 by Simon; Hebrew Letter Censor Marks by D. Simmons and I. Pearl; Basic Israel Philately by D. Simmons; Stamps of Palestine Mandate 1978 by Bale; AINA Guide Book of Israel Coins and Medals and The Stamps & Postal History of Palestine Mandate 2001 by Bale. 6 small booklets, all card cover but the last. The first soiled with pencil notations, the 2nd and 3rd published by SIP. $35+?


MEDALLIC JUDAICA   (back to top)

In addition to the items below there are numerous items listed in section I of this catalog which could just as easily have been in this section: 11, 15-21, 23, 165-167, 203-205, 215, 217-223, 225, 227, 232, 343-345, 350, 375, 385, 395-404, 414-419, 426, 432, 434, 436, 438-442, 468-469, 483-490, 500, 509-601, 637-664, 667-670, 676, 682, 707-716, 722-723, 725-728, 731-733 plus lots of items in paper section.

*920 judaea capta jeton by hans krauwinkel of n9frnberg. nd (c. 1600). ae28. . based on the roman judaea capta coin. bust of vespasian left/captive jewess weeping to right of palm tree, emperor stands to left, ivdaea capta above. see friedenberg page 94. avf and rare. we've only handled a few of these pieces over the years. $100+

*921 korn jude. 1694 tin 36mm (11.40). jewish grain peddler walking right with grain sack in which a devil is opening the mouth/horizontal grains sifter, biblical quote, "he that withholdeth corn, the people shall curse him. but blessing shall be upon the head of him that selleth it. among the most infamous anti-semitic medals ever made. in 1694 heavy rains and a grasshopper plague swept through germany. as food prices increased, speculation rose and the starving people blamed the jews. kirschner-18, friedenberg page 3. choice ef and one of the nicest cast specimens of this medal we have ever seen. $350+?

*922 pilgrim's token. nd (probably 18th century). silver 37 mm (23.78). head of jesus left/5 line hebrew legend. vf+, nicer than most that we have seen. holed and plugged. we believe that these pieces were used by christian pilgrims to jerusalem as good luck talisman tokens. this is probably a fairly early piece as the shin to the left of the head of jesus on the obverse is clear. on later pieces the shin actually looks more like his hand as the "artists" that copied the earlier pieces were most likely unfamiliar with hebrew. very seldom seen in silver. $100+

*923 dutch kosher seal. c. 18th century. lead 16mm, with kosher in hebrew and a "n" on reverse. nearly vf. our seal "maven" believes that they were probably used for wine or cheese and not for meat. a bit rusty but nice. a bit off-center. $50

*924 moses mendelssohn. c. 1774. ae42mm. bust of mendelssohn to left/butterfly perched on skull. medal was issued to honor mendelssohn, the great german-jewish leader of the haskalah. friedenberg page 54, calls this one of the dozen most important jewish medals ever issued, as does the encyclopedia judaica. hoffmann-251. the medal was a joint effort by the famous father-son team of jewish sculptors jacob and abraham abramson. cast, as made. f-vf. the last time we offered this medal in bronze was in our sale 25h of september 1995 where an inferior specimen sold for $210. for related medals see # 925 & 936. $250

*925 gotthold ephraim lessing. 1781. silver 42 by abramson. bust of lessing right/funeral urn, mourning figures, "nathan der weise" on tablet below. this refers to lessing's last play, a plea for toleration, in which the nathan der weise is in reality his friend moses mendelssohn. hoffmann-240, jewish minters and medalists page 39. toned vf (possibly removed from mount). scarce, 1st we've offered.$150+

*926 napoleon's grand sanhedrin medal. 1806 original strike. 41mm (33.30) medal which friedenberg calls, "the most important jewish medal ever struck.". bust of napoleon right/moses right bowing before napoleon holding the 10 commandments. by droz and brenet. bramson-527, d' ess-1138. plain edge. vf with edge nicks and some scratches. extremely rare. we can only remember offering one other original silver medal in the past 25+ years. $1100+

*927 grand sanhedrin. as above but cast ae 40 mm. vf, but numerous casting bubbles. still an affordable early example of this most important medal $75

*928 homage to gabriel riesser. 1836. ae 59mm by loos and held (and designed by mortiz oppenheim). mother nursing two babies, two female figures sit below her. one personifies christianity, the other judaism/6 line legend. listed by the encyclopedia judaica as one of the most important jewish emancipation medals ever struck. riesser was one of the most important early and mid-19th century champions of jewish rights. unlike some of his contemporaries he believed that jews could and should be able to practice their religion and still obtain equal rights in germany. very rare, seldom offered. ef. see the shekel . xxii, #3, p 18. $250

*929 false shekel. nd. early unusual type. wm 30mm. as kisch-c5. vf $40?

*930 false shekels. collection of 12 pieces, most different. gd (with hole) to ef, most vf. various metals, including a few which are silver. a few types that we can't recall seeing before. $200+? [image a reverse]

*931 jewish home for aged, hamburg. 1841. ae45. bust of salomon heine left/ view of the home. heine, was not only the principal benefactor in getting this hospital built, he was the uncle of heinrich heine. fine, rim nicks. very rare in this size, usually seen in 22mm. $75+

*932 rare holy shekel of jerusalem. ae 27mm (16.48). in hebrew "holy shekel" with star of david in center/jerusalem. the origin & the exact meaning of this rare piece is in question. meshorer speculated that it could be similar to false shekels although kisch does not picture one similar to this, while kindler thought that even though it was bronze it may have been used in pidyon haben ceremonies. this is an extremely rare piece that we have offered perhaps twice in 35+ years, the last more than 10 years ago. the piece we are offering now comes in a tattered felt lined cardboard box along with a ribbon saying "holy shekel of jerusalem". (see the shekel vol xii, #4, pp.3-5 for a wonderful article by bernie hoenig on his grandfather's shekel) $125+

*933 samuel hart & co. (1854-57) playing card advertising token. nyc & philadelphia. ae 28mm. queen of diamonds/jack of clubs. miller pa 197a. ef, hint of red. scarce, 1st we've offered via auction in more than 8 years! $30

*934 e. moses & sons. 1855, calendar medal. wm 41mm. head of wellington left/ calendar. moses & sons were jewish merchant tailors in london and issued a series of calendar medals in the early and mid-1850's. eimer-183v. eimer lists 1853 and 1856 but does not list this date. it, obviously, exists. vf, holed. $60

*935 sir moses and lady judith montefiore silver 68mm. 1864. by charles wiener. high relief conjoined busts left/6 line hebrew legend in wreath, which names cities that he had visited (and helped alleviate persecution of jews) see jewish medalists page 53 and jtm-pem 4c (but in silver). according to the encyclopedia judaica, this is one of most important jewish emancipation medals issued. montefiore is considered the most important anglo-judaic figure of the 19th century. this medal (by a jewish medalist) is a most impressive medallic portrait of him (and his wife). vf, rim bruise and very rare. what is strange about this medal is that someone has tried to scratch out the reverse legend. but for what reason? most of the inscription is still visible. did somebody do this for political reasons? or perhaps in the hope of adding their own legend. whatever the case this is an extremely rare medal in silver and i can't recall the last time we have offered one for sale. $500+

*936 moses mendelssohn. ae64mm. nd. c. 1886? his high relief bust left/moses mendelssohn 1729-1786 in 3 lines. struck by robert ball. for the 100th anniversary of his death? ef and scarce. for another mendelssohn medal see #924 $225

*937 venetian jewish merchant token. 1889. ae 36mm. struck by m. jesurum & co, venice for the 1889 paris exposition. choice ef. $40+

*938 rectangle charity token. nd. late 19th century. 3 line hebrew inscription which translates "righeousness (or charity, the word is zedakah") saves (you) from death". ef and much rarer than above. rare $75?

*939 british jewish merchant. nd (1890's?) b. hyam, clothiers. half penny token. bust left/"b. haym, 63 lord st. liverpool"/"manufacturing clothiers, half penny token" three garments. todd-page 20. brass 30mm. vf. scarce. $50?

*940 philippe duc d' orleans (philip viii). 1899 brass 30 mm anti-dreyfus token. his bearded bust left/legend. philip became the claimant to the french throne on the death of his father louis philippe ii in 1894. this token was issued for the dual purposes of advertising his claim to the throne and expressing his views concerning his homeland during the period of the dreyfus affair. the legend refers to "injuries made to the fatherland" (referring to the supporters of dreyfus and "urais francais" i.e. "true french" which obviously excluded supporters of dreyfus and jews in general. see the shekel vol. 20, #2, page 9. ef+ and scarce. $50+

*941 russian zionist button. nd (late 19th century). silver 19mm. farmer plowing field left, with hebrew legend around. russian hallmarks on the back. similar in look to the rishon le-zion medal of 1882. vf and first i can recall seeing. $250+

*942 palestine, chevra kadisha (charity) token. nd. late 19th century thin brass token. "sade-dalet, koph-hey" bracteate type. jtm-cc-16. vf, a bit crude, but much nicer than most. $40?

*943 aleppo syria jewish community charity token. nd (c. 1900) ae18mm brass bracteate token. "101" flanked by a "bet & kaf " and "in righteousness shall thou be established" above, all in hebrew. see the shekel vol viii, #4 for an article by meshorer on these. crude vf+. scarce. ex y. meshorer $50+

*944 felix mendelssohn bartholdy. nd ae 110 mm plaque by m. wittmann. uniface with hook for hanger on reverse. rare, not in niggl and the medalist is unlisted by forrer. $250+

*945 keren kayemeth (jnf) medal. c. 1902 ae26.5 mm by n glicenstein with original loop attached. woman in field with sheep/boy playing flute under tree. toned ef. a pendant given to contributors to the jnf. coins reveal #170. scarce. $65?

*946 beirut charity token. 1904. brass 23mm. in hebrew, charity for the poor, the visiting of the ill, below 5664 (1904)/in hebrew, "beirut". a token for admittance to visit a sick friend or a relative at the jewish hospital in beirut. the fee was then used to assist the charity patients at the hospital. cc-1. vf and rare. the last we offered in the fall of 2000 sold for $300 (reduced) on an estimate of $100. $200+

*947 250th anniversary of the jewish settlement in the us. 1905. ae76mm by isadore konti. perhaps the most important american-jewish medal ever struck. liberty & justice triumph over intolerence/history standing. only 284 pieces were struck in bronze (along with 2 gold and 36 silver). all were given to dignitaries, none were offered for sale to the public. ef, but a few rim nicks which is normal on this huge medal. jewish minters and medalists, page 70, judaic tokens and medals pem-8. also see the numismatist, may 1976 and the shekel, vol 9, #6. rare, the last we had in 2003 sold for $460. $400+

948 FRED KARNO'S COMEDIANS. 1905-1906. Brass 26mm. Issued by Moses & Son. Bust, legend around/Crowned Shield with Moses & Son 1905-1906 in center, "Fred Karno's Grand New Production" around. EF, holed at top. $25

*949 enameled paper clip. 1908? germany. c. 63mm x 63mm, for ross batteries owned by felix israel of the israel bros. firm of berlin. in red, black, blue, gilt with emblem of lion and a typewriter in a triangle. most unusual. $100?

*950 brith abraham delegate badges. 1) 1911, oba (order of brith abraham) blue ribbon with badge; 2) 1929 ioba (independent order of brith abraham) red, white and blue ribbon with badge and 3) 1937 ioba light blue ribbon. in addition a 1918 ioba medal without ribbon. 4 neat items in this lot. the original brith abraham was a fraternal organization founded in 1859, while in 1887 27 dissatisfied delegates broke away and formed the independent order of brith abraham. items from either organization are scarce, this is only the 2nd time in at least 11+ years that we've offered anything from either one. $100+?

*951 czenstochower aid society. organized dec. 1914. ribbon with badge, although they have separated. the cas was organized by former residents of this town in poland to help residents of their former town. scarce. $50?

*952 buenos aires jewish hospital. 1916. scalloped edge, brass 30 mm with integral loop. view of the hospital, 2 lines of spanish legend above and 3 below/ magen david, spanish legend around. no doubt given to those in attendance at the opening of the hospital on october 29, 1916. ef. scarce. the last argentinean judaic item we had sold for $180 2 or 3 years ago. $175+

*953 jewish welfare board. enameled uniface 22mm ae medalet. gold jwb and magen david in center on white background, around the edge in gold on dark blue background, "national association of jewish community centers" above and "serving jews in the armed forces". ef. may have been part of a larger object. scarce. $50?

*954 herzl pocket knife. c. 1920? germany. raised gilt portrait of herzl with his name in hebrew below, magen david in blue, white and gold above. maker's name on the larger of two blades. $50?

955 J. H. HIRSCH & CO. CHICAGO. 1922. AE30mm. Crest, legend/Horseshoe, "Convention" above "Toronto" below "May 1922" to either side. VF. Scarce? $50

*956 korn jude medal. 1923 aluminum 38 mm. the modern day korn jude piece by fritz hornlein. kirschner-30. a "fat" man sitting on bushel of corn. proof-like, with some very light marks in field. see lot below for a similar piece in bronze as well as #921 for a much earlier korn jude medal. $35

*957 ---similar but bronze 38 mm.choice almost proof-like red and brown with luster.$35

*958 congregation b'nai jeshurun. 1925. ae101mm. struck for the 100th anniversary of one on new york city's most important synagogues. large and impressive front view of synagogue with legend around/small inset view of the 1st synagogue on elm street. coins reveal-159, fr-p.136. a rare and seldom offered american jewish medal. the last we offered, in our sale 30f in november of 2000, sold for $400. $400+

959 JEWISH MERCHANT TOKEN. ND. AE 28mm. "W.E. Rosenbaum" in two lines within pellet border/Plain but for similar border. VF. Rare? $20

*960 chaim weizmann. nd. ae116mm by j.a. murmann. this "shell" off a larger object is untitled and thus our attribution is somewhat uncertain but the portrait does certainly look like him and the medalist is a contemporary of weizmann. gvf. $150+

*961 eduard gerzon 1932 ae 85 mm by j. j. van goor. his bust left/a list of accomplishments. struck to commemorate his 70th birthday. gerzon was a well known international businessman in the netherlands whose small shop blossomed into a vast business with many branches in both the netherlands and the dutch east indies. he was also very active in both general local affairs as well as jewish activities in his homeland. polak-78. ef and rare. 1st i can recall offering. i can only recall seeing one being offered in the recent past and that was $595! $400?

*962 arthur von weinberg. 1933. ae85mm by hartwig. bust right/legend. commemorates 50 years in german industry and science. weinberg, brother of carl, also a well known scientist, died at theresienstadt in 1943. see encyclopedia judaica v, 376. vf. $350

*963 shin/tet gold medal. nd. 34mm (17.73). shin in center of magen david surrounded by star of rays similar to that found on lepton of alexander jannaeus all within 3 circles of dots/as the other side but with tet in center. highly stylized and well made, most likely few if any others were made. perhaps an amulet or a wedding medal. vf+. very rare. $750?

*964 hebrew sheltering home for the aging, 1936. cn 30mm, for 25th anniversary of the home. moses with tablets, legend/legend around blue enameled magen david. ef and not often encountered. $25

*965 keren hayesod. 1937 silvered ae calendar medal. a worker in center with 3 calendars & major holidays in 4 corners, hebrew & german/4 calendars around menorah. haffner ep-38 @$125. toned ef. probably of austrian or german origin. and no doubt scarce considering the time and place of origin. first we offered in almost 10 years. $75+

*966 jewish national fund. 1937 brass 32mm. 35th anniversary/kkl in hebrew, awarded for meritorious service in the cause of geulath harretz. vf. scarce. $50?

*967 kofer ha'yishuv ransom ring. see judaic tokens and medals mm-14 for a similar type. during the late 1930's the hagana (jewish defense forces in palestine) were supported by a tax levied on various parts of the jewish community. this was called the kofer ha'yishuv or fund of the jewish community or sometimes the "people's ransom fund" as costs grew, in 1938 more funds were needed and leaders of the fund appealed to all jewish wives to donate their gold wedding rings to the cause. the woman who responded were than given a nickel-brass ring bearing two simple words, kofer ha'yishuv. this piece has a cut (on the opposite side of the lettering) and we can only assume that owner had grown somewhat by the time she took off the ring and it had to be cut off her. we sold a kofer hay'yishuv ransom ring in our fall 2004 sale for $450 on a greatly reduced bid. $350

*968 jewish national fund. nd (1941). enameled blue, white and gold pin back. stylized "tsadi" with "for zion" in lower bar, "40th year jewish nat'l fund" in 3 lines below. scarce. $50

*969 italian holocaust medal. 1945. 32mm brass. celebrating the defeat of nazis, struck by jewish community of milan. menorah/streak of lightning splitting axe with swastika. haffner ho-4v. ef-unc. with loop as issued. it is our experience that the brass variety is scarcer than the listed copper nickel type. this is the first i can recall offering via auction in close to 10 years. we've offered about 6 cn pieces during that time period. $50?

*970 revisionist's etzel medal. 1948. 28mm cn medal with original loop. hand holding rifle/tower & stockade with barbed wire. struck to honor those members of the irgun who survived british internment in kenya during the war of independence. most of the interned were concentration camp survivors. scarce. ef. $100+

*971 large auschwitz medal by mieczyslaw stobierski. c 95 x 123 mm. two childrent waiting at railroad station, "27 1 1945 kl auschwitz" below/"27 1 1945 kl auschwitz" legend in numerous languages, "liberty". the date most likely refers to the death march as the nazis began to empty auschwitz of it's prisoner's and march them to other camps to be murdered. we had understood that the day the march began was january 17, 1945 so perhaps the january 27 has another significance. scarce, 1st we've seen. $250+?

*972 300th anniversary of the resettlement of jews in great britain. 1956. two 8 1/2 inch large uniface plaques by paul vincze. portraits of oliver cromwell & menasseh ben israel between & menorah & a seal of the 1st "new" jewish community/female figure, holding scroll & legend around. unc, rare & important. jewish minters & medalists, page 77-78 and the shekel vol. xiv, #3 page 30ff. jtm-ep64a. as made. both are in large red felt "beds" which would be suitable for hanging. with a signed certificate by vincze certifying that this large bronze cast is #8 of only 35 made and personally chased by vincze. rare and impressive. $500+

*973 ---as above but one silver 57 mm by paul vincze. scarce especially in this large size. the last we offered in 2003 sold for $120! $100+

974 TELEPHONE TOKENS. Group of 3 different. 1955 Copper 26mm, 1964 Brass 19mm and 1966 Copper-Nickel 19mm. VF-EF. The 1964 token, used only for two years, is scarce and seldom offered. See Haffner (1970) page 326-327. $40?

*975 club banco palestino. 1956. gilt ae looped medal. a uruguayan basketball medal given to r. kociak on 25 august 1956. basketball players/legend. ef and undoubtedly scarce. $75?

*976 reopening of the jewish museum london. 1959. ae c. 8 1/4 inch plaque by paul vincze of the reverse of this famous meal. depicts the interior view of the bevis marks spanish and portuguese synagogue, london. jmm- page 79.as made, with red felt background made for hanging. no doubt very rare. $200+?

*977 ---the issued medal silver 57mm by paul vincze. jewish museum, london #1187. reverse as above, obverse depicts a bust of wilfred sampson samuel r. scarce, seldom offered, the 2nd i can recall offering in silver in more than 10 years. $100+

*978 sommerfin ship tokens. (1959-60). a set of 24 bakelite tokens. 5, 25, 50 & 100 agorot in red, yellow, light blue, dark green, lighter green and white. see sylvia haffner page 360. haffner says that there are 6 different colors, however we have seen at least 9 colors including 2 different shades of red, light blue, dark blue, violet, 2 different shades of green, yellow and white. we've only offered a set like this a few times in the past. $100+

979 ---A group of 14 different Sommerfin tokens in various colors. $40

*980 theodore herzl. mexico tribute to herzl. 1960 silver 34mm. struck by the mexico jnf to commemorate the centennial of his birth. the obverse looks like the 1960 5 lirot commemorative. ef the first we've offered in about 5 years. $50?

*981 ashtray and matchbox holder. c. 1960. made by a soldier using an old tank shell casing as a base. bronze, flower shaped. hand made and undoubtedly unique. along with this is a bronze israeli made ashtray in the shape of a leaf $100?

*982 remember the days of awe. silver 57 mm by paul vincze. uniface medal made for american jewish historical society. unc. #10 of a limited number minted in silver. $60

983 ISRAEL HEROISM MEDALS by Paul Vincze. 5 57mm medals. 1) Beitar Fortress/ Tetradrachm of Bar Kochba; 2) 6 Day War Victory medal (2, one is gilt); 3) David and Goliath and 4) Immigrants embarking on ship to Eretz Israel. All CN or gilt. $75+?

*984 in bondage judaea, 1965 57 mm by paul vincze. in freedom israel. view of arch of titus showing romans carrying spoils of war, and cameos of judaea among vincze's most famous works, 1st we've offered in silver 57mm in years! $100+

*985 bar kochba. 1965? silver 57 mm by paul vincze. warrior blowing shofar, inset of temple side of bar kochba tetradrachm/beitar fortress, lulav side of bar kochba tetradrachm. seldom offered in this size in silver. $100+

*986 jewish youth athletic award. 1966. c. 40mm, england. irregular shaped, enameled blue and gold in center, "association for jewish youth" around swimmers in center. in a 5 line engraved legend on back, "g.g.j.y.c. 2nd ladies relay 1966 k. kamlet". someone who is more familiar with the uk might be able to place this more precisely. greater "something" jewish youth center. $40?

*987 gold and silver medals in a capital plastic type holder with spaces for 15 items and contains 14 items, all struck in holland in the 1960's. this contains the following silver 35 mm medals pax (2), weizmann, jabotinski, ben-gurion, anne frank and thedore herzl. it also contains the following 35mm gold medals, ben-gurion, anne frank and herzl, plus 2 each of anne frank and david ben gurion 26mm gold medals. we've never seen holder before. the empty space is for a 20mm medal. $500+

*988 senior auditor's medal. 1965. silver 31 mm. only 150 pieces were made to be given to participants at the international convention in jerusalem. haffner jtm-ep62. $75+

*989 iraq or syria 6 day war 1967 ae40mm. enamelled with ribbon. soldier with rifle and map of israel. inscription on reverse. unc. issued to celebrate "victory" in the 1967 war. we have offered these in the past and had thought that iraq had issued these, however new research indicates that they were struck in syria. $60

*990 moshe dayan gold medal. 1967 34 mm. facing bust of dayan in front of western wall/lion's gate. reeded edge. 20.03 grams. p-l and scarce. this is the first i can recall offering in many years. $450+

*991 thedore herzl. nd (1967?) gold medal. 34mm. (19.89) his bust partially left/ the knesset building, flag of israel, "and i will restore the judges as they were before and the counsellors as of old" in english and hebrew. reeded edge. proof-like unc., with very light obverse hairlines. ist i can recall seeing. $450+

*992 moshe dayan gold medal. nd (1967) 36mm (21.74). his helmeted bust left in front of western wall/citadel. unc., with light hairlines. $450+

*993 paul vincze, 6 day war gold medal. 1967. 26 mm (9.79). soldier standing guard over walled city/sword & olive-branch, i have set watchmen upon thy walls o jerusalem. rare in gold, 1st i've offered in more than 15 years? $400

994 STAMPS IN SILVER. 1967. As produced by the Shekel Company, 3 different Israel 6 Day War Victory stamps, with tabs, in .999 silver. The stamps are in a vinyl case as issued, thus they probably have some easily removable.PVC residue $60+

*995 basel week. 1968. 32mm .900 silver proof medal. pomegranate (as the 500 prutah silver coin) surrounded by shalom & israel/israel woche basel 1968. incuse 197. franklin mint. a rare israel related medal. $30+

996 DAVID BEN-GURION. 1968. Silver 50mm. Head of Ben-Gurion right/Menorah, "1948-1968", English, Hebrew quote from Numbers, Herzl quote in German. Toned Proof. $35

*997 berlin jewish community. 1971. silver 32 mm. struck to commemorate the 300th year of berlin's jewish community. view of community building/legend. unc. scarce, this is the first i can recall offering since 1999. $75

*998 benjamin disraeli. 1971. silver 38mm. his bust partially to left/6 lions. unc, scarce. 1st i can recall offering since 1999. $35?

*999 louis brandeis. 1971 silver trapezoid medal by gerta weiner. the 3rd in the judah magnus series. bust of the jurist right/make real the brotherhood of man in 4 lines. $60

*1000 salvador dali's 25th anniversary. 12 tribes of israel set. 1973 12 silver medals, each portraying a scene associated with a particular tribe on one side and the name of the tribe along with the date 1948 - 1973 to either side of the 25th anniversary logo and his signature above. each medal is 52mm and weighs over 2.6 ounces with .999 fine silver, thus there is over 31 ounces of silver in this set of 12 medals with matched numbers in this leatherette topped brown wood box. at the time of this writing the set contains over $400 in silver. rare. the last such set we offered sold for $385 when there was about $240 of silver in the set. aina will receive all proceeds from this lot. $500?

*1001 ---,---as above but this is 12 bronze medals. no case. $100+

*1002 david ben gurion. 1973. silver (and gold plated) 39mm. his facing bust (in gold!), magen david to left, menorah to right, legend around/legend. struck to commemorate his death. p-l bu $30+

*1003 ---1973. silver 40mm. his bust left, name in english and hebrew/legend, "the great leader of israel in memoriam". proof in pure silver. a few handling marks. i can't recall offering this medal before. $50+?

*1004 franz kafka. nd. ae 78mm by jose de moura. facing view of kafka with his name to right and "1883-1924" to left/his facsimile signature and a modernistic design. a scarce medal of this czech-jewish writer. $40+

1005 GOLDA MEIR. 1970's? Lapel Pin. Gold on silver? Her bust facing. By the Golda Meir Club, Woman of Valour, signed by Michael Ende, Jerusalem. EF $25

*1006 bat-yam anniversary. 1976 ae 59 mm. struck for the 50th anniversary of this municipality just south of tel-aviv. english and hebrew legend around city symbol/ large 50, dates and wreath. scarce. in box of issue. $40?

*1007 jnf. 1976. brass 40mm. struck by jewish national fund of germany for the 75th anniversary of the jnf. hebrew and german legends with symbols and logos/ jerusalem mountains & settlement, inscribed "zor'a israel". choice &lovely $40

*1008 alexander boris goldenweiser. 1976 ae60 mm by i. s. komschilow bust right/dates, legend piano, struck for his 100th birthday. he was the director of the moscow conservatory. niggl-2980 $140

*1009 saul bellow. 1978. silvered 74mm by a. krol. head slightly to the right/"the dangling man" seated at table. #6 of only 100 made. ex daniel friedenberg collection. krol is (was?) born into a polish hassidic family and escaped to france in 1938 where he survived the nazi period. he is well known as an engraver of high quality book illustrations, thus this medal of bellow is right up his line. $70

1010 MENAHEM BEGIN. 1977 Silver 45mm. Commemorates Begin being elected Prime Minister. Portraits of Begin and Shimon Peres with hand putting ballot in box/ Legend. Proof. $30

*1011 journey to jerusalem. 1977 silver 38mm. begin & sadat in front of flags/ legend. judaic heritage society. seldom offered. $30

*1012 israel memorial day. 1978 bronze 59mm. these were given out for fallen soldiers from defense minister e. weitzman. scarce, seldom offered. $50+

*1013 israel-egypt peace treaty 1979. by the judaic heritage society silver 38mm. lion of israel, menorah, sphinx and pyramids/legend. randolph-23. uncommon. $35

*1014 anne frank. 1979. silver 31mm by karen worth. struck for the judaic heritage society. her facing bust, dates of her birth and death (this taken from a work by zamy stenovitz)/legend. struck on the 50th anniversary of her birth. a scarce medal which is seldom offered. $40+?

*1015 holocaust remembrance. 1980 ae 82 x 82. struck in poland for the 35th anniversary of the end of hitler's death camps. eternal flame (?) above 3 line polish legend/xxxv coming out of light house. we've never seen this before. no doubt very scarce. $150

*1016 raoul wallenberg. 1980 silver 38mm. 1980 by karen worth. his bust, wallenberg with his arms outstretched protecting jews, magen david/legend, judaic heritage society. scarce. wallenberg was the famed swedish diploment who literally saved thousands (33,000+) of hungarian jews by the use of protective passports. he was one of the true heroes of wwii. the soviets were as afraid of him as the nazis and he died in strange circumstances under their control. scarce, the last we offered sold for $100 $85+

*1017 jewish national fund. 1981. wm 35mm. struck for 80th anniversary of jnf in germany. ancient shekel design, german legend on both sides. as struck. $35

*1018 bruno kreisky. 1981 silver 40mm. his bust right/legend. struck for his 70th birthday. dr. kreisky was an austrian statesman, born in vienna, arrested by the nazis he spent two years in prison but emigrated to sweden in 1938. he returned to austria after the war and became active in politics and in 1970 become the first jewish chancellor of austria. proof, some discoloration. $40

*1019 king solomon. nd ae101 mm by tobiass. modernistic facing head,"king solomon" in english & hebrew/uniface. most unusual and very large piece. $140

*1020 jews who helped columbus 1986 silver 57mm medal by paul viincze. struck for the magnus museum. busts of abraham zacuto, luis de santangel and don isaac abravanel above sailing ship and 1492/columbus pleading his case in front of isabella and ferdinand. scarce 1st we can recall offering in silver. $100+

1021 CHAIM HERZOG VISIT TO AUSTRALIA. 1986 AE 50mm by Michael Meszaros. Legend/Menorah, stars. Scarce. $35+

*1022 spanish concentration camp medal. 1987 (?) ae 118 x 96mm by bas. "s" in triangle, names of numerous concentration camps, barbed wire/barbed wire, "s" in triangle. this is the only spanish medal that we know of that refers to the holocaust. no doubt very scarce. $150

*1023 weizmann-balfour 1987. 60th anniversary commemorative coins of palestine. in a lucite like display holder a type set of 7 palestine coins (mixed dates and circulated), a judaic heritage society bronze medal of weizmann and a facsimile of the balfour declaration. attractive. only the 2nd i can recall offering.$50+?

*1024 jerusalem. c. 1990. by alex shagin. ae c. 170 x 100 mm irregular shaped with green patina as made. city view of the old city/king david playing the harp, sheep and deer in background. as usual shagin's work is most unusual and most impressive. $125

*1025 50th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps. ae42 mm by gyorgy kiss. bp mintmark (budapest, hungary). "in memory of the liberation of concentration camps 1945-1995. hungarian auschwitz foundation" in english and hungarian with broken barbed wire fence in center/candles. cast as made. scarce. ex george fisher collection via coin and currency institute. in the fall of 2004 a similar medal sold for $110! $50+

*1026 babi yar memorial medal. 1996 87mm in red clay. by nataly domonvitskikh of ukraine. babi yar was a ravine on the outskirts of kiev where more than 100,000 people, mostly jews were murdered in 778 days beginning in september of 1941. after the war the soviet government tried to downplay the event as part of their program to eliminate jewish consciousness. the russian poet yevgeni yevtushenko kept the issue in the public's mind with his poem "babi yar" published in 1961. the medal has what i assume is a mass grave and a tree trunk without branches at center and a legend below. we've never seen it before. there's not much contrast in this medal so i hope the photo does it justice. $150+?

1027 A POTPOURRI OF COINS, MEDALS, TOKENS AND MINT SETS. Among the items included are Levi Eshkol Silver 45mm medal, Natures Reserve Silver 45mm, Masada Silver 27mm, Egoz Ship bronze, Armageddon Silver 37mm, Linked Life Insurance Silver, Rabin medal and FDC cover, Jewish Leaders Mint Set, 39 IGCMC and AINA tokens and other miscellaneous coins, medals, sets and brochures. An interesting lot. $100+

1028 HUGE GROUP OF ITEMS. Well over 1000 pins, the great majority of which are identified and except for 3 or 4 groups of perhaps 50 each, most seem to be different. Included many military items. Also another 70+ items including medals, ribbons, celluloid buttons, chits, a cloth patch, wooden shekels, dog tags and "Kosher clasps" Plus one 1 gram gold bar. For someone who has the time to sort this lot, it is a bonanza. Sold, as is no returns. $1250+?

1029 MISCELLANEOUS GROUP OF ITEMS. Abba Eban Franklin Mint Silver and Gold-plated silver 38mm; Franklin Mint 1968 Chanukah medal bronze and silver, Rabin silver Proof 38mm, 2 pieces Moshe Dayan 38 mm Proofs; 2 50 mm Moshe Dayan silver Proof medals minted in the Netherlands; Masada medal by Dr. Morris Cerillo; Levi Eshkol 45mm silver medal; Silver state medals: Bat Mitzvah, El Al, Israel-Egypt Peace, Am Israeli Chai and Honor thy Elders all cased; Bronze state medals Remembrance, 1st Settlers, Tower & Stockade, Immigrant Runners, Liberation, Bar Kochba, Sinai, Jerusalem, Masada and Valour; 19 Mint sets 1972-1979, some duplication, some boxes frayed plus about 45 miscellenous coins and tokens including 5 Israel telephone tokens, 1 Putt Putt token (US) and a Hasmoneon Prutah. Neat lot, some better pieces here. Sold as is, no returns. $250+

1030 ---1981 WM 34mm JNF 80th Anniversary in Germany; Dayan 6 Day War 35mm, 6 Day War AE 37mm "The War for Peace"; 1973 Jerusalem of Gold Silvered 35mm; Brooklyn Hebrew Home for the Aged; Masada and Acre 45mm bronze medals; Pidyon Haben Silver 27mm; 2 1984 Germany Mendelssohn coins; 19mm Brass Liberation medal, what looks like a 27 mm brass Israel Postal Service badge and 1996 silver and 1997 bronze subscriber medals from IGCMC. 14 items,the first the best. The last we had of that sold for $30!. $60+

1031 GROUP OF MEDALS. 12 pieces all 40mm or smaller. Dove of Peace/Western Wall (2 pieces, one CN, the other gilt), 2 pieces Hear O'Israel, Fred Waring, George Gershwin, Ira and George Gershwin, Aaron Copeland, Max Reinhard, Felix Mendelsohn, Fritz Wunderlich (Silver 40mm) and Max Reinhardt 1973 Austrian 25 Schilling. The first 10 are in various base metals, the last two are silver. $50?

1032 GROUP OF MEDALS. Samuel Gompers, Camp David, Nathyana, Private Issue Shavit, David Ben-Gurion by Paul Vincze, Chanukah 1971, Morris Bram, The Rothschilds, Mark Spitz, Israel-Canada Friendship, Western Wall and Chanukah Prayer. 12 small size medals (35 to 40mm), the first 8 silver. $75?

1033 GROUP OF PAUL VINCZE MEDALS. The Rothschilds (2 pieces, one dark bronze, one light bronze), Beitar Fortress Gilt, David and Goliath Gilt, Shakespeare American Bicentennial, Christopher Columbus, Haym Salomon and Belfour Declaration. The first 7 bronze or gilt and 57 to 60mm, the last 45mm silver. $75+


Please also see lots 726 and 727 earlier in the catalog for more from this collection. This is the largest selection of Einstein material we've offered since the landmark Harry Flower Collection offered in May of 2001.

1034 ALBERT EINSTEIN. 1966. Gold Plated bronze 40mm by Geoffrey Colley for Johnson Matthey & Co. His bust 3/4 facing to left/"E = MC2", over an atom. Flower 16. The last we offered, in the Harry Flower sale, brought $40 $35

*1035 ---1968. silver 39mm by joseph boulton for the national commemorative society. his bust left/globe. flower 22. this is the first type which in error lists einsteins' birth year as 1875. proof. $25+

*1036 ---1968. silver 39mm by joseph boulton for the national commemorative society. his bust left/globe. flower 22. this is the 2nd type which corrects the birth year to 1879. it has a mintage of under 3000. proof. $35+

1037 ---1970. Silver 39mm by Caesar Rufa for the Gallery of Great Americans. Bust/ Shield & legend. Proof. Flower 23. $40

1038 ---As above, but in silver and bronze. 2 better medals, both a bit smudged. $60

1039 ---1971. Bronze 45mm trapezoid by Robert Russin for the Magnus Museum. Fl-25. High relief bust/Universal peace symbol. Unc, only 810 pieces struck. Similar pieces sold for $60 in our sales 25H & 27C and 31C. Probably the most in demand of all the Magnus Museum medals $50+

1040 ---1971 Sterling Silver 40mm by Joseph DiLorenzo for the Longines Symphonette Society. His bust, his formula, the Sun, stars, etc./Legend. Flower-26. Great American Triumphs Series. Unc. Scarce $35

*1041 ---as above but .999 silver. flower does not list the respective mintages of this and the above sterling medal. however this is much rarer than above. $50+

*1042 ---,---similar, but gold plated bronze. unlsited by flower (he lists a gold-plated sterling). his example, the only other we've seen, sold for $95! $75?

*1043 ---1971 ae 72mm. unleashing the atom. society of medallists, 83rd issue by hal reed. busts of einstein, rutherford, bohr and hahn/man unshackling another man. flower-27. in original box of issue, with brochure. scarce. $50+

1044 ---1973. AE38mm by Oscar Harris for the Judaic Heritage Society. Flower 31. Einstein in 3/4 profile smoking a pipe/Legend. Proof. $30

*1045 ---,---another, but this is silver proof. $40+

*1046 ---1974. flower 32. 50 x 29mm silver bar. depicting an open page of a book with einstein's portrait on the left page, on the right his formula and a legend struck by united states silver corporation. scarce. $35

1047 ---1974 50 x 26mm silver ingot by Adolph Block for the Hamilton Mint. A 3/4 facing portrait of Einstein, his name and four of his formulas/Legend. Part of the 50 piece series Our Greatest Americans. Flower-33. Proof-like and scarce. $25

*1048 ---1977. silver 39mm by the franklin mint germany as part of the 10 medal series, the genius of the german intellectuals. flower-39. proof. rare, only the 2nd i can recall offering. $50+

*1049 ---1978 49 x 30mm gold-plated silver ingot by ernest lauser for the franklin mint as part of their "great events of the 20th century". einstein in front of a blackboard full of equations and "einstein develops theory of relativity"/legend, etc. flower-43. scarce. in card of issue. $60+

*1050 ---1979 bronze 59mm by max leognany for unesco. his bust slightly to the left/3 of einstein's equations overlay an outline of his bust. flower-48. the 4th in the unesco series of "anniversaries of great men", the first 3 being, michelangelo, rubens and aristotle. scarce. with box and certificate. $40+

1051 ---SM-60 and 60a. 1979 Bronze 59mm and Silver 45mm. His bust/Formula. Unc. Flower-49. Two Israel State Medals. $40+

*1052 ---1979 silver 39mm. flower-52. postmasters of america 1979. the proof medal depicts einstein smoking a pipe and vignettes of him teaching and playing the violin behind. this is a commemorative philatelic-numismatic first day cover, postmarked on march 4, 1979 from princeton, nj. scarce. we've only had this medal twice in the past 11+ years, and neither time in this cover. $60+?

*1053 ---1979. bronze 40mm by rudolf triebel for bh mayer of germany. einstein's portrait facing just slightly to the right/einstein turm, his formula in exergue. the einstein turm, in potsdam, was erected in 1921 as a tribute to him. flower-54. ex lot 76 from our flower sale (31c) and the only one we can recall offfering. $50+

*1054 ---1978 bronze 80mm by jose de moura for gravarte in lisbon, portugal. a high relief facing portrait of einstein/a spiral nebula in the heavens with a portuguese legend. flower-64. numbered edge. scarce, i can only recall offering this once or twice in the past. $75

*1055 ---1981 bronze 60mm by i.c. for the russian mint, leningrad. einstein's portrait 3/4 to left/a representation of an atom, 1879-1955, einstein in cyrillic. flower-69. scarce. flower listed this medal and had one when we sold his collection 6 years ago. however he had no photograph of the medal. $75+?

*1056 ---1982 silver 54 x 27mm silver ingot by jaki katz for the franklin mint as part of the 100 greatest americans series. a portrait of einstein in an oval at left, at right he is shown at his desk/legend. flower-72. proof, less than 1700 minted. $35+?

*1057 ---1972 gold-plated bronze 38mm by raphael maklouf as part of the medallic treasury of science history by the medical heritage society of chicago. einstein reading, with lamp, teacup, bookshelves, plant etc/montage of items, legend. flower-83, very rare, flower was only aware of this medal in stilver which sold for well over $100 in our flower sale. $75+

*1058 ---1979 silver-plated copper-nickel 59 x 50mm with loop by carl poellath of schrobenhausen, germany. right facing portrait of einstein/pebble-like pattern. flower-88. very scarce. attached to the suspension loop is a chain, a rectangle badge with us and german flags and a ribbon which is part red, white and blue and part, black, red and yellow. we've had this medal only once ($100 in the flower sale), but never with the suspension ribbon etc., attached. $100+

*1059 ---1981 silver 40mm. part of a series entitled great germans of our century. 3/4 portrait of einstein right/legend in wreath. proof. flower-89 (93). very scarce. i can only recall offering this once previously where a similar piece brought $75 in the harry flower sale. $60+

*1060 ---china 1991 10 yuan silver proof. y349, flower-109. einstein at blackboard with his equations/emblem. scarce. $40

*1061 ---albert einstein medical center. 1965 ae 75mm uniface plaque. "albert einstein medical center 1865-1965" around symbol in center. $40+?

*1062 ---silver spoon. handle has a full length facing bust of einstein at top and his name vertically below, while the scoop has "e = mc2", an atom and "greatest physicist" and "father of atomic age" around. the back has the makers name, hallmarks, an american eagle and "distinguished americans". scarce. $40+?

*1063 ---1979 silver 40mm. (.999 silver). his facing bust, german legend around/9 line legend in german which includes "e = mc2". proof. i can not recall seeing this medal before. unlisted by flower? $60+?

*1064 ---1993. silver 40mm. half length bust of einstein with "e = mc2", name above, dates 1879-1955 below/"deutschland" "1993" and german eagle. choice proof. 1st i can recall seeing and unlisted by flower. $35+?

*1065 --- israel. silver 50 mm and bronze 59 mm. part of a series issued by the israel government coins and medals corp on jewish contributors to world culture. the others being george gershwin, franz kafka, sigmund freud, martin buber and leon blum. his bust 1/2 left/legends, view of the wise observatory in tel-aviv. both with original cases of issue. scarce. $60+

*1066 ---nd. aeca91mm by coudray. facing bust of einstein/uniface. unlisted by flower and one we've never seen before. $250

*1067 ---1999 1000 shilling silver uganda coin. his facing bust, "millennium" above, "2000" below, his signature to left/uganda coat of arms, legend, date and denomination. choice proof. unlisted by km or flower. we sold this coin in our fixed price list 31a and this is still the only one i can recall seeing. $40+

*1068 ---2006? 40 mm silver medal. his bust 3/4 facing, german legend around, "1906"/"deutsches museum m9fnchen" around german eagle. choice proof. presumably struck for the einstein year of 2006, not struck in 1906. $35+?

*1069 ---balance of albert einstein collection. included are 2 different israel state bronze medals, numerous silver and bronze coins, medals and tokens. also an einstein hobo nickel, a squarish medal with hanger and ribbon depicting einstein smoking a pipe, a white porcelain medal, the 2006 einstein 1 sheqel coin from israel. 2 silver bars and 58 einstein related mardi gras doubloons, mostly in aluminum, but at least one large silver piece, some bronze pieces as well as some enameled bronze. a quick count gives us 99 pieces. obviously some duplication, but still a neat and hard to duplicate lot. almost all einstein related. $250+


*1070 1958 10th anniversary pattern brass medal 27mm. similar to the gold medal of the same size but in brass with plain edge. i believe i've sold one of these in the past but if so i can't recall where, when or for how much. very rare. $500?

*1071 sm-1e, medal of liberation with plugs. 1961, bronze 59mm. this is the extremely rare "high relief" or unpolished "plugs". rare and seldom offered. choice. only the 3rd we've offered since at least 1996. $300+

*1072 sm-1f. medal of liberation with plugs. igcmc unlisted. 1961, silver 61mm. plugs, only 386 minted. nice as issued. probably from type i zechovoy dies, but without either sterling or silver on edge. "polished" plugs. scarce $150+

*1073 sm-14b. 2nd bible contest. 1962. silver 35mm. scarce. sold for $190 in our sale 36c but the bidder reneged on his bid, the 2nd high bid was $175 $175

*1074 sm-15b shavit 1962. silver 35 mm. another scarce early silver medal. sold for $190 in our sale 36c but the same bidder reneged. $175

*1075 sm-30b 1964. s.s. shalom. silver 35mm. ships on both sides. this medal is toned and is accompanied by a vip olivewood presentation box from the zim company. the medal is scarce and popular, we've never seen the box before $150+

*1076 sm-43b. keren hayesod 1970 gold 35mm medal. choice unc $550+

*1077 sm104b. 40th anniversary gold 22 mm. only, 1615 minted. 1st i can recall offering at auction. $100?

*1078 sm-109a. a star born out of jacob. offeq-1. gold 18mm struck to commemorate israel's first satellite. choice bu $90

*1079 sm-?, 2003. in memory of holocaust victims. gold 30mm. english, hebrew and french legends above and around barbed wire/"remember...never forget" in hebrew and english around "jude" badge and eternal flame. 6 stars on each side. #0024 of no more than 999. choice bu. $225+

1080 CM-50. ORT, SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING. 1972 Tombac 59mm. designed by Karen Worth. This is the scarce numbered edge variety $35

*1081 cm-72d. yitzhak rabin prime minister medal. 1975. bronze 35mm in key ring. view of jerusalem/with compliments "y. rabin" prime minister of israel. rare, only 108 minted. the first we've offered in more than 3 years. $350+

*1082 cm-73. ben-gurion-university of the negev. 1973. officially commissioned by the university of the negev to honor david ben-gurion, this is exceedingly rare and only the second i can recall offering. minor spotting obverse. $300+

*1083 cm-79e.1975 gold hobby medal. 22mm. scarce. bu. 22 karat gold, almost 1/4 ounce of gold. $175+

*1084 in her mouth was an olive leaf by e. weishoff. 82mm three dimensional medal. dove plucking olive leaf from ship on the seas. the medal is on a wood stand and swivels. most unusual. #158 of not very many. in box as issued. $60+?

1085 A POTPOURRI OF ITEMS. 3 Cased Sets of the 1976 AINA Bicentennial Medals in bronze and silver (AM-3 & 3b); 1 AINA Bicentennial silver without rim (AM-3c), Cased; 3 Piece AINA Luncheon Medal in bronze (AM-3), 2 of which are cased; 2 10 coin Jabotinksy sets in card MS-29c; 1 SM-46D Jerusalem-Knesset Bronze 70mm 1981, a 1973 embedded mint set from the 1973 AINA Tour to Israel and a collection of 60 Israeli pins, most of which seem to be from the 1960's and we think are all different. This lot was donated to AINA and all proceeds will sent to them. $200

1086 GROUP OF 10 ISRAEL STATE MEDALS. All 59mm (except where noted). Matah Yehudah, 5th Bible Contest, Jabotinsky (70mm), 4th ZOA, Gates of Jerusalem, Diamond Industry, Fashion Industry, Rubinstein 1980 and Operation Jonathan. (2, one silver). All bronze except the last, all in original boxes as issued. A box or two frayed. 10 pieces in lot. $75+

1087 ---All 59mm. Rose Pilgrimage, Jerusalem-Knesset, Shema Israel, Food Industry, Metal Working, AINA's 10th Anniversary, Wedding, Bat Mitzvah, Peace (2, one silver). All bronze except the last, all in original boxes as issued. 10 pieces $75+

1088 --- All bronze and all in original cases as issued. The first five 59mm, the last five 70mm. Ingathering, Tomb of Rachel, 40th Anniversary, Springtime, National Council of Jewish Women, Discovery of America, Jerusalem City of David, Seoul Olympics, Victory over Nazis and Egoz ship. A case or two may be frayed. 10 pieces $65+

1089 ---All bronze and all in original cases as issued. The first three 59mm, the rest 70mm. Shabbat Shalom, Polish Jewry, Tomb of Rachel, Jerusalem Reunified, Jerusalem City of David, Barcelona Olympics, Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty, Supreme Court, Reuven Rubin and Jonah and the Whale. A case or two may be frayed. 10 pieces in lot. $65+

1090 --- All bronze 59mm (except where noted) and all in original boxes as issued. Freud, Holocaust Survivors, Israel-Mexico, Bar Mitzvah, Albert Einstein, Gush Ezion, Liberation (45mm), Rotary International (45mm), Masada (45mm CN) and Peace (Silver 45mm). 10 pieces in lot. $65

1091 ---All bronze 59mm (except where noted) and all in original boxes or cases as issued. Samaria Settlement, Israel-Mexico, Avraham Stern, Jordan River, Succot, Temple Tunnel, Thank You (70mm), Elijah in the Whirlwind (70 mm), Canada Park (45mm) and Jewish Resistance (45mm CN). A case or two may be frayed. 10 pieces in lot. $50+

1092 ---All bronze 59mm (except where noted) and all in original boxes or cases as issued. Diaspora Museum, Hadassah Univ. Hospital, Chess 1976, Weizmann, Israel-Egypt Peace, Discount Bank, Tower and Stockade 50th Anniversary, Holon, Tower of David and Ben-Gurion (70 mm). 10 pieces in lot. $50+

1093 ---All bronze 59mm (except where noted) and all in original cases as issued. Shabbat Shalom, Tower of David, 14th Maccabiah Games, Shavuot, Jewish Resistance (45mm CN), Jordan River, Menachem Begin, Jerusalem City of David, Paris and Jerusalem, and Exodus (the last 4 are 70mm). A case or two may be frayed. 10 pieces in lot. $50+

1094 ---All bronze 59mm, all in original boxes as issued. Export Industry, Oil Refineries, Pilgrims, 11th Hapoel Games, AINA's 10th Anniversary, De Sola Pool, Am Israel Chai, 10th Zimriya, For Meritorious Service and UJA 1976. 10 pieces $50+

1095 ---All bronze 59mm and all in original boxes as issued. Hebrew University, Jewish Agency, Technion, Teachers Union, Joint Israel Appeal, Shaare Zedak, 1st Rubinstein, Jewish Communities Conference, 9th Zimriya and Volunteers. 10 pieces in lot. $50+

1096 ---All bronze 59mm and all in original boxes as issued. Petah Tikva, Dybbuk, Keren Hayesod 1980, Zim, Nathanya, Nautical College, Israel Lottery, Dagon Silo, 11th Maccabiah Games and Israel Railways. 10 pieces in lot. $50+


*1097 magnificent torah shield, with 12 colored gems, one for each of the 12 tribes. probably c. 1900. c. 7 1/2 x 7 1/2". our consignor bought it in 1979 from a man who found it in his grandfather's attic in 1954. (the attic was in use from 1848!). legends in english, so most likely of us or british origin, an outstanding item.$500?

*1098 yad (torah pointer). russian/polish, probably late 19th century. the cuff is hallmarked with a russian double eagle, "84" and the maker's name, "i. perlman". "84" is for the silver content, 84/90 zalatnicks, over 93%. the consignor had this beautiful piece of judaica cleaned recently "to remove accumulated grunge". $500?

*1099 copper hamsa. i950's, israel. very nice symbols and design, attractive, but something probably removed from palm of hand.. $50?

*1100 persian jewish table cover. c. 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 feet (plus fringe). very colorful and attractive. certainly not modern. $100

*1101 bronze menorah. italy early 20th century. a very attractive and no doubt rare piece, made to hang on a wall. $200?

*1102 moroccan hanukkah menorah. early 20th century. bronze. very attractive. $200?

*1103 israeli hanukkah menorah. 1950's, brass, made in holon. $35+

*1104 copper pitcher. c. 1900. c. 6 1/2" tall and 3" in diameter. used for keeping herbal oils for healing (medicinal use). with 4 line aramaic inscription. $100?

*1105 bronze kiddish cup. c. 1900 poland. embossed with blessing in hebrew, grapes and design. probably silver plated at one time but the plating has worn off except on the bottom. $100?

*1106 silver kiddish cup. 1893, russia. dated at the bottom, along with "84" hallmark, initials ac, plus hp in russian. $75+?

*1107 3 silver kiddish cups. all 3 different, with different hallmarks at bottom. israeli made and at least 30 years old. $75+?

*1108 5 medium silver kiddish cups. each marked "sterling", each with a magen david. at least 30+ years old. $100+?

*1109 6 medium silver kiddish cups. various designs, all marked sterling or hallmarked and from the early 1970's at the latest. $125

*1110 4 small silver kiddish cups. each marked sterling, with various designs, one with magen david.. $65

*1111 3 large silver kiddish cups. all hall-marked. 2 have the russian double-eagle hallmark with "84" and are pre-1917, the 3rd has "84" and "sterling" and is probably from that time period also. $100+?

*1112 ornate silver kiddish set with bottle and tray. all hallmarked " l. g. silver;' 833" and beautifully ornamented. tray titled, "eretz israel" with map depicting 10+ cities of israel. the wine bottle shows the walls of the old city, labeled "jerusalem" and an insert of the tower of david. each of the four cups shows different jewish holy sites: western wall, temple place, cave of the patriarchs and yad avshalom. each decorated with flowers and labeled accordingly. the tray is 8 inches in diameter and the bottle and 4 cups fit on the tray. a magnificent set. $250+



In addition see the following lots in the World Paper Section which will have at least some Judaic connection: 750, 752-753, 762-771, 773, 778-839, 845-869, 873, 880, 883-887, 891-896, 899-901 & 909. Our categories in this section are very arbitrary.

*1113 maps of palestine. one side) birds-eye-view of the holy land. from a. j. marks' large chromo lithograph. hand colored. with more than 200 places identified on key below map, the other side has a colored map of palestine. nd, we're guessing late 19th century. pages 183/184 from some book. very attractive, certainly worthy of being matted and framed. $75+?

*1114 group. pair of small advertising cards issued for 1876 us centennial expo in philadelphia both about 2 1/4 x 1" issued by "h. weischselbaum, the hatter", both removed from album with stains to show for it; british ministry of food, ottoman bank jaffa, blank check in palestine pounds vf, but top edge rough and denmark 1932 5 kroner note of arbejde with magen david. 4 interesting items $150+?

*1115 russia, cherson bank, crimea. 1896. bond for 1000 rubles with one coupon date 1905 attached. the back of the bond has instructions in greek, german, french and hebrew!. most unusual and rare. with a two paragraph xerox explanation of the bond and the jewish history of cherson (or kherson). $85+

*1116 theodore herzl photograph, signed by mrs. herzl. nd. c. 1900. c. 5 1/4 x 8 1/2" photograph on hard cardboard by c. pietzner. a somber herzl with arms folded. the back has a two line inscription to jacob de haan and his wife from mrs. herzl. this is an official card of the famed pietzner photographers and the back lists the addresses of his studios in various places in austria and germany. the back has tape and tape removal remnants, rare? de haan was a dutch banker to the 1st zionist conference in basel. this photo was found in a book on herzl's life that was purchased by the consignor in a toronto used book store in the 1970's and interestingly the two de haan daughters who survived wwii settled in toronto after the war. it is probable, although we have no other proof, that this photograph came from one of those two sisters. $100+

1117 MISCELLANEOUS GROUP. Contains 4 Turn of the (20th) Century New Year's Cards, 3 of which were published in Warsaw, the other in Warsaw and New York. (Most of these cards that we have seen were published in Germany and/or NY). 5 sheets of Israeli Food Chits from 1949. Each chit has 30 numbers to be punched and each is of a different series, blue numbers on thin pink paper, 1 Pound (1948) Anglo Palestine Bank w/o series letter Fine and 1/2 Lira 1958 Unc. 9 items. Postcards have translations included though into German! $75?

*1118 flowers of the holyland. a small booklet within an olivewood cover that shows two camels on one side and "jerusalem" on the other. inside are 12 black and white photos of the holyland with pressed and dried flowers on the back of each photo. the inscription under each flower is "flowers of the holyland" in english and french. scarce. $75

*1119 postcard. 1911? depicts a colored view of the ecce homo arch in jerusalem and postally used and sent to hingham, mass. with two ottoman postal stamps. mailed from a & j morcos, grand new hotel in jerusalem. the language of the handwriting on the card is strange and it has been suggested that it may be some form of basque spanish. fine. $25?

*1120 bezalel postcard. nd (c. 1918-1919). real photo card by the famed j. bendov, jerusalem depicting a street scene in this famous "jewish colony". the back has an imprinted box featuring jerusalem and the tower of david and a rising sun. zichron jacob has a strong numismatic connection as they issued a series of tokens around 1880. vf $35+

1121 JEWISH RELATED NOTGELD. Bernstadt in Schiesien 25 and 50 Pfennig each with 5 Magen Davids (2 large and 3 small); Bremen 3 Marks 1922 Waitress carrying tray with food in front of Magen David, two more Jewish Stars on back. This is perhaps for a Jewish or Kosher hotel or restaurant; Melle November 1921, 2 each 10, 25 and 50 Pfennig. Each note has a caricature on the back, two of which certainly look like similar likenesses of Jews and Strelitz February 1921 25 and 50 Pfennig. The 50 Pfennig note has a "fat banker" counting his money which on some other notgeld pieces are certainly meant to be Jewish. 11 uncirculated notgeld pieces. All possibly could have Jewish connotations. However none have been published as such and further research is needed. Sold as is, no returns. $60+

*1122 pictures of famous men. a group of 3 small booklets 60 x72 mm each showing photos of 10 famous jews or "friends of jews". among the people pictured are usishkin, disengoff, nordau, weizman, rothschild, balfour, herzl, montefiore, alechem, ash, ravnizki, bialik, ben yehuda, a.d. gordon, & pinsker. $40+?

*1123 theodor herzl, a memorial. 1929. edited by meyer w. weisgal. a 300 page cardcover book published under the auspices of the new palestine, the official organ of the zoa on the 25th anniversary of herzl's death. numerous short articles by some leading figures of the time including chaim weizmann, martin buber, louis zangwill, mm ussishkin, max brod, stephen wise, gershon agronsky, dr. abba hillel silver and ferdinand i, king of bulgaria. plus 70 pages of herzl's own writings. many pictures within text. graffiti on cover page, cover falling off, contents ok. $50?

*1124 russian postcard. 1931 by girshenberg? shows group of jews fleeing pogrom. manuscript message in russian but not postally used. vf $35+?

*1125 portrait of a rabbi. nd. signed oil painting in frame. by s. weil. about 6 1/2 x 7" which includes the frame. certainly attractive and colorful. $75?

*1126 jewish hospital telegram 1940. bikur cholm, belgium. title dispensaire juif, which translates to outpatient or dispensary. dated 31 march 1940, has vignette of hospital at center and i believe it's a "mazal tav" type telegram. $40+?

*1127 2 cigarette card albums with photo-cards put out by kedem and maspara. the kedem album seems complete with an array of interesting people from the 19th and first half of the 20th century while the maspara album is probably 80-90% complete. these are undated but i would guess prior to 1950. $100?

1128 LOT OF 100 OR SO PALESTINE MANDATE POSTAL RECEIPTS. Mostly for registered mail. $50?

*1129 sanoker relief fund. 1946. an envelope and letter sent from poland to the transatlantic gift co on beaver st. in nyc for the sanoker relief committee requesting help for passover. the envelope had some handwritten messages that seem to have been added after the envelope arrived in ny. i have been unable to find out anything about this organization and it is likely that it was a small group, perhaps consisting of a few people who were from sokor, poland. fine $25?

*1130 shana tova postcard. (1948-1949). beautifully illustrated postcard in black, red, gray and white inscribed in hebrew "happy new year...a new generation which never knew a yoke of diaspora will come to the land". features the walls of jerusalem, the tower of david, an israeli banner, a soldier blowing a horn and children playing while a ship, with immigrants, sails toward israel. published by d. marcadis of jerusalem. vf $40

*1131 israel covers. 1950-1951. about 98 used covers from the early days of the state. many interesting senders, including hebrew teachers union, hamashbir hamerkazi and the jewish agency to name just a few. neat lot. $100+

1132 LOT OF ABOUT 100 ISRAEL STAMPED COVERS. Most early. $75?

1133 LOT OF ABOUT 100 STAMPLESS ISRAEL COVERS, many registered. Late 1950's to early 1980's, although most are mid 1960's. Many registered, most to or from Insurance companies, $50?

*1134 israel map, el al postcard. 1958. israel's 10th anniversary. multicolored card depicting a map of israel, an el al plane and the el al logo. franked with an austrian stamp and tied to the card by a special hebrew-austrian postmark commemorating israel's 10th anniversary. very attractive and scarce. $40+

1135 ABOUT 125 ISRAEL FIRST DAY COVERS. 1960's. All cacheted, many topics, many with multiple stamps or souvenir sheets. Neat Lot $75?

1136 LOT OF HUNDREDS OF REGISTRY AND OTHER ISRAELI LABELS, also censor marks. Many places. A neat lot of Israel Postal History. $50+?

*1137 six day war, greater israel map, shana tova postcard. 1967. multicolored showing a map of israel along with all captured territories and four of the idf's most prominent commandersl dayan, rabin, weizmann and bar-lev. unused, marked "editions de luxe" in french on back. vf $35

*1138 idf covers. about 57 stampless covers all bearing idf censor marks and presumably from israeli soldiers. most seem to be from the time of the 1973 war, some are older. many hand made envelopes. $75+?

1139 ABOUT 170 ISRAEL FIRST DAY COVERS. 1970's. All cacheted, many topics, many with multiple stamps or souvenir sheets. Neat Lot $100?

*1140 miscellaneous group. includes 3 blank unused israel money orders, all overstamped for september 29, 1980, a cancelled envelope with a large portion of herzl at right with his famous "if i forget thee, o jersualem..." quote sent to ginzburg in tel aviv in 1949? (no stamp), a well used wwi era receipt for a 30 franc donation, a postal money order from 1968 and 11 different pieces of notgeld from austria, mainly ef or better. $25?

*1141 israel first day covers. 1980-1992. about 130 pieces. a great variety of topics, many with multiple stamps, some with souvenir sheets. $100+

*1142 shana tova israel map card. 2003. depicts a multicolored map of the "kingdom of israel", captioned "...to your descendants i will give this land". the back shows the knesset logo, dated jerusalem, rosh hashanah eve 5764, from knesset member aryeh eldad, son of israel eldad, one of the "stern gang" leaders. captioned, "a year of...revival of the kingdom of israel and building of the temple". has a two line notation, " a map of the kingdom of israel was first printed 50 years ago by sulam...and published by my late father, dr. israel eldad". signed by aryeh eldad. most impressive and most likely scarce. $60+?


*1143 german world i jewish passes. 1917-1918. small id booklet with photo of the person in center and numerous handstamps etc. the front has pass in german and hebrew. 3 booklets, a man, a woman and a young girl. i don't believe that this was a family. 3 books. $100?

1144 HEBREW INVENTORS' SOCIETY OF THE PALESTINIAN TERRITORY 1932. A Hebrew manuscript message from the Society's Chairman M. Eisenstadt, to advocate Phillip Joseph, brother of Bernard Dov Joseph a member of the 1st Knesset. The message is about a copy of the Palestine Offical Gazette sought by one of the society members. Punched at far left. A relic from a long forgotten organization. $30

1145 RUSSIAN-YIDDISH POSTCARDS. 1930's. 2 Postcards sent from Mogilev via Leningrad to Abraham Yeneson in the Bronx. Both written in Yiddish! Well used.$25

*1146 palestine passport. 1936. issued to mr. yosef shlomovitz, thirty years old of tel-aviv. he was entitled to travel to "all countries in europe, egypt, syria, cyprus, trans-jordan, turkey, iraq, uk and usa". certainly a tall order for someone who listed his occupation as "clerk". passport issued, but unused! $50

*1147 medical certificate. 1936-1937. issued by the central zionist palestine office in warsaw to a person named roth of lubaczowie, signed by dr. d. goldreich of lubaczowie. trilingual in english, polish and hebrew. vg, aged with tape repair on the back. still a decent example of this scarce item. $40+?

*1148 palestine police. 1937 letter on the palestine police letterhead. entirely in english sent to mr. sh. rezinokov by the deputy district superintendent of police, tel aviv district concerning the subject of debts contracted by british constable douglas. informs mr. rezinokov he is "ill advised to grant credit to police personnel" and no action will be taken by the police without the receipt of a court order. however he does inform mr. rezinokov that douglas was now serving in tiberias. unusual document. $35+?

*1149 begin's irgun broadside. 1938. about shlomo ben yosef, the 1st jew hanged by the british. printed in hebrew with logo of "greater israel" and hand holding rifle, with "rak kach" (the sole solution) on either side. two holes punched at right. see lot #1161 for a related lot. $75?

*1150 jewish national fund "israel map" telegram. 1939. hebrew printed telegram with map of eretz-israel at left and nice jnf monogram at center, inscribed, "income...dedicated for the redemption of the land". used, with greetings for a wedding on 29 december 1939. vf+, two holes punched at right. $35+

*1151 chief rabbinate verdict. 1941. on the letterhead (this is in hebrew and english, the letter in hebrew only) of "the chief rabbinate of petah-tiqva district" concerning a certificate of inheritance issued to an orphan maid. signed in hand by rabbis yitzchak ben menachem, israel aryeh sapir and ovadysa hadaya, who was an important member of the jerusalem cabalists. both a revenue adhesive and a bilingual round chief rabbinate handstamp. neat item. $45+

*1152 lehi underground newspaper. may 1944 issue of "hachazit" (the front). issue #10, 24 pages from this armed undergound fighting unit also known as lohamei herut israel or the stern group. entirely in hebrew, some signs of aging. no doubt rare. $75+?

*1153 palestine police, letter of recommendation. 1946. issued by the palestine police inspector general and sent to the attorney general concerning mr. israel dov zobel. said that mr. zobel had been employed by the palestine police since 1934 where his conduct was exemplary, he had received 3 good conduct badges and had passed both the higher standard language exam in english and the lower colloquial language exam in arabic and his "application for employment in your department is recommended." vf, a few filing holes. $35+

*1154 begin's irgun, holocaust related broadside. nd (1946). printed in hebrew with logo of greater israel and hand holding rifle, inscribed rak koch at top. addressed to the entire jewish yeshuv on a day of fast and mourning for the holocaust martyrs: "remember; millions of our murdered brethren would have been alive among us in a free homeland...if not for the policy of betrayal...remember: in spite of this huge disaster, our homeland's borders are still locked...endless litigation about the quota of aliyah certificates, on the account of our suffering brethren...no fast, no afternoon's strike will end our duty...the hebrew youth raised the banner of war, fighting our people's war, your war. your help is a must...use your force. fight!." c. 5 1/2 x 10" on one side of a sheet. light stain and a fold. very scarce. $125

*1155 begin's irgun broadside. 1946 december and dated in hebrew tevet 5707. printed in hebrew with logo of greater israel and hand holding rifle, inscribed rak kach at top issued after the "humiliating" punishment of flogging approved by general baker for a member of the irgun captured by the british. in reaction irgun fighters captured a british major and 3 sergeants who were also flogged with 18 strokes as had been the irgun fighter. "in case our enslavers will ever dare to hurt the body or human and national dignity of any hebrew youth, we shall not react with a lash: we shall react with gun fire. israel's dignity will no more be disrespected in eretz-israel. a hebrew soldier's honor will no longer be humiliated...out with the british barbarism in the holy land" c. 5 1/2 x 10". minor fold. $150+

*1156 war of independence, a search for mia soldier. 1948. a certificate, typed entirely in hebrew, issued by "dan district" to chaim tischler, a member of the knesset from that district. his son, shalom, had been missing in action for the past 5 weeks. civilian and military authorities were requested to assist in any manner possible. on may 26, 1948 his unit participated in a bitter battle in and around laturn trying to open the road to besieged jerusalem. his unit had to pull back and tischler volunteered to cover them where he managed to hold his position and stop the arabs for one critical hour. his fellow soldiers were saved, but he was killed. his remains were located in late 1949 and he was buried early in 1950. included with this lot is hebrew data about idf fallen soldiers. rare. $80+

*1157 war of independence, letter from israeli pow in syria. 1948. hebrew typed letter from township of nathanya to jewish farmers federation, tel-aviv. "we have received a letter from soldier aryeh guttman, a pow in syrian captivity, requesting...on behalf of his fellow pow's captured in mishmar ha-yarden (the only jewish settlement captured by the syrians during the war)...to send a record player, records, books etc. to their pow camp...these things are much needed and might lighten our feelings of emptiness in captivity...kindly help them". the letter was signed by m. arkin, council secretary. presumably guttman was from nathana. unusual and scarce. $60

*1158 the saga of aron friedman. 1946-1954. group of 11 documents (8 from 1946-1948, the others 1954) in regard to friedman, a jewish palestinian volunteer, who was wounded and suffered disabilities related to his service with his majesty's forces during wwii. various documents, only one not in english, depicting his struggle to be recognized as disabled. eventually in 1954 he was recognized as such, with a degree of incapacitation of 30% as per a certificate from the british consul general in haifa. furthermore he was also recognized by the idf as hebrew yishuv wounded volunteer and thus qualified for medical and social rights. $100+

*1159 sinai war. 1956-1957. weapons for israel trio. a keren hamagen (defense fund) advertising card depicting an idf tank in battle, titled "time is short, contribute your full share for keren hamagen" with a longer message in manuscript hebrew which said that the public needed to contribute 25 million pounds to the effort. also included in this lot is "weapons for israel" reminder with the official logo, shaped like a tank at top and a signed exemption (?) form with the same logo. $55

*1160 idf call up poster. 1959. with idf symbol and listing code-name for units needed for this call up. interesting. $40+?

*1161 begin's irgun "the sole solution" map and label sheet. 1963, a souvenir sheet with four perforated labels in memory of the first irgun member, shlomo ben-josef, executed by the british in eretz-israel. the center has a large irgun logo of greater israel with a raised hand holding a rifle, cased in a shield, the top of which is shaped like walls of jerusalem and rak kach below. two of the labels have images of ben-yosef, while the other two depict a menorah. ef, with original gum, light stain at upper right. very scarce. also see lot #1149. . $90

*1162 menachem begin. 1976. signed and dated invitation for a joint meeting of the idf disabled veterans and the municipality of bat-yam for the 50th anniversary of the city. the guest of honor was begin, the host yitzchak volker, the major of bat yam, who had been an active member of the irgun. signed and dedicted by begin at lower left, "kol hakavod!" (well done) and by the mayor at lower right. a vertical fold as this was no doubt put in someone's shirt pocket, still vf and rare. $75+

*1163 alon moreh broadside. 1976. the first jewish settlement in the west bank, this broadside advertised a celebration of it's first anniversary. this settlement became a symbol for all other settlers, due to the continuous struggle. issued by "gus emunim, rehovat branch". a pictorial logo of alon moreh is captioned, "...to your descendants i will give this land" (genesis). light foxing, otherwise vf. $80+


*1164 jewish colonial trust. 1902 share certificate (# 57212). in each corner are vignettes of life in palestine at the turn of the century. the most beautiful of all palestine certificates and the most important financial instrument of the zionist organization. issued to alexander ben zion fridmann of germany. 34 years later he fled to poland (presumably from the nazis) and deposited the share as a loan guarantee in "bank polski of bielsk" as per a 4 line bank handstamp, dated 16 november 1936. later he must have been able to repay the loan and received his certificate back. on the back are more handstamps, two saying "cancelled under scheme of arrangement 23 may 1980" and two "29 janaury 1989". also included in this lot is a sheet of 21 coupons from the same certificate (not attached). $85

*1165 jewish colonial trust. 1903 share certificate (# 80420).similar to above. issued to benjamin levias of capetown, south africa. shares 17 to 36 are enclosed, although not attached. cancelled as above with same two dates. $85

*1166 jewish national fund debenture 1908/ (# 284) for deposit of 1,000 francs in the anglo-palestine co. ltd. which was set up by the world zionist org. includes 36 coupons for interest payments, 1909-1926. very elaborate border with pictures of ancient jewish coins. handwritten message above top border dated 31/12/19. unused. rare. $100+

*1167 kollel sh'arei torah of krementchug (ukraine) 1913. a note, in hebrew with some russian, of this central ukrainian kollel which had strong ties to the chabad lubavitchers. dated adar 5674 for 45 kopeks. text states that the income from the sale of ethrogs was for the financial support of the local yeshiva and the purchaser would enjoy the merits of tzedekah. see the shekel, 18, #1, page 22 for a similar note. however this note has a circular handstamp of the kollel at lower left. krenentchug was captured by the nazis on 9 september 1941 and more than 8000 jews from the city were murdered. vf. $50

*1168 kollel shomere hachomot. 1913 austria-hungary. for 60 ghrush to be paid by the kollel to jechiel mayer not later than the summer of 1915. handstamps on both sides. the note was not paid, perhaps due to wwi, until the mid 1920's. eventually after 13 years he received 57 ghrush and not 60 ghrush. mr. mayer was evidently a very patient man. $80+

*1169 bread card. 1916. lida, lithuania. pink on black card. in german, polish and hebrew. good between december 17th and december 30th, 1916 and issued by the german b9frgermeister of the city of lida. vf $50

*1170 matzoh money. 1916. warsaw poland/ good for 225 gross or 17 1/2 pounds of matzoh. used to raise funds for the jewish community, with vignette of school or community building at center. green on off-white paper. unused and uncirculated with just minimal signs of aging. ex pine tree's walter breen sale, september 1985, lot 590. $75+

*1171 rabbinical iou from tiberias. written in sephardic/hebrew manuscript with 10 para ottoman fiscal stamp tied by oval hebrew/latin handstamp of rabbi haymin issachar abolafia, rabbincal court, tiberias. also seen are the handstamps of rabbi jacob waeknin of tiberias as well as the central committee of the sephardic jewish community of tiberias, plus two more faint handstamps that we can not make out. two numbers are present at top, "94" and "25". perhaps one is the date, the other the amount due. certainly this is from well before 1925 as the ottoman empire was no longer in existence at that time. fine. scarce. $60?

*1172 in memory of fallen hebrew soldiers, wwi. one dollar "foundation brick" note in english, yiddish & hebrew, inscribed on both sides. the picture side features a view of the temple, a graveyard, a magen david, a lyre and more. issued by the jewish memorial conservatory of music in palestine. ef. interesting. 1st i can recall seeing. $50+

*1173 judenau austrian notgeld set. 1921. 10, 20 and 50 heller, each in a different color and each the same attractive view of the city, which was named after it's past prosperous jewish community . see the israel philatelist april 2003, pages 69-72 for a fine article by harold salzmann about this and similar notes. ef $35?

*1174 ---1921. 10, 20 and 50 heller, as above but overprinted "sonder=auflate!". i.e. special issue in red. presumably scarcer than above. ef $45+?

*1175 encased postage. rubinstein, inh s. freund. 10 pfennig. scarce. yellow and black on bright orange. unc. germany. post wwi era. i sold a similar piece for $50 in our sale 29f. $40+

*1176 jewish popular friendly coop. (bulgaria). 1922 sofia. share certificate for 10 shares. four vignettes in corners of life in palestine, plus other vignettes of 12 tribes in fancy border. text in hebrew and bulgarian. vf. rare, $200+

1177 PAIR OF CHECKS. 1920's. 1) 1921, Preprinted Check of Marco Cohen of Alexandria for 35,290 Piastres payable to Litwinsky Brothers of Alexandria. Has Bank of British West Africa handstamps on both face and back. 2) 1929, Large Imprinted note of Polack and Schwarz, Zanndam, Holland for 9.4 Pound Sterling to be paid to Albert and Aron Sides of Jerusalem. Dutch handstamp on face. Two interesting items $35+

1178 TEMPLAR'S CHECK. 1922. German/English printed check with counterfoil attached. "Bank of the Temple Society Limited, Jaffa Branch. Has revenue stamps of OPDA-EEF (Ottoman Public Debt Administration and Egyptian Expeditionary Forces) as well as HJZ EEF (Hejaz Railway). Both stamps tied with linear handstamp of "Joseph Freeman". Also see # 637-643, 1188 &1194. $30

*1179 american jewish relief fund. 1922. a hebrew and english printed note for 25 egyptian ghursh received by chaim gershon wilner. printed by zuckerman of jerusalem. the note is entitled, "balance of the jewish relief fund (through consul dr. otis a. glazebrook). counterfoil attached. vf and quite scarce, small tape repair on back. $55+?

1180 ANGLO-PALESTINE COMPANY. 1920's. Pair of Documents. 1) Hebrew/English printed Collection Notice addressed to the APC Board from the Collection Department, Jerusalem branch concerning 46 Egyptian Pounds. 2) 1928 Hebrew/ English form concerning a bill for 36,000+ Pounds from Aden that must be presented to the court due to a bankruputcy. $40

*1181 workers' bank. 1924. share warrent for 3 shares. blue on brown with red seal, and underprirnt of map of eretz-israel. nice vf & scarce. $125?

*1182 early mizrachi note. 1926. an attractive voucher in various shades of blue on white. for 5 egyptian grush for annual dues from a mizrachi member in rosh pina. at the upper right, "eretz israel to the people of israel, by the torah of israel" and on the back in hebrew, english and yiddish the aims of mizrachi. the face of the note is entirely in hebrew. a couple of punched holes, otherwise vf. $40

*1183 anglo-palestine co. 1927. a ledger page in hebrew and english, dated 14 july 1927. with handstamp over opda - eef revenue adhesive stamp. for marcus kutcher. a neat piece of jewish palestine financial history. vf. $150+?

*1184 hungarian orthodox chits? 1928-1931. a group of three. 1 1/2 filler 1929 in green, 3 filler 1928 in blue and 1 pengo nd in violet, but overstamp dated 1931. all for the miskolczi orthodox community or synagogue which it says at back, plus date in red handstamp at center. possibly used for a congregation apparatus such as aid, kashering, synagogue, mikveh etc. 3 unused chits, no folds, some signs of aging. $50+?

*1185 palestine railways "specimen" receipt. 1920's-1930's. an official, obviously unused and blank, receipt in english, hebrew and arabic. handstamped specimen in purple across face, vf, some signs of aging. $45

*1186 palestine railways, sundry goods receipt. titled, "to pay". in english, hebrew and arabic for 115 mils. the original, "to be given to payer" printed in red on off-white paper. $45

*1187 general motors, automobile related documents. 1927-1936. 1) promissory note in english for 1228.5 egyptian piastres to be paid after 11 months for "hire of a chevrolet touring car". the purchaser was mohamed shaheen of hebron. with revenue stamps, handstamps and fingerprint. 2) 1936. a hebrew english printed form for 6.150 l.p. to be paid after 14 months for the hiring of a gmc truck. with revenue and handstamps. a pair of transportation related items. $35

1188 TEMPLAR RELATED INSURANCE POLICY. 1930. "Nordstar" of Germany, policy for 37 Kilograms machine parts and 97 Kilograms of chemicals with a stated value of 700 Reichsmarks. The goods were to be sent from Hertlong Bros., Berlin, via Trieste and Jaffa to Jerusalem. The Palestine agent in charge was Jonah Kuebler P. O. Box 549 Jaffa The Kueblers were long associated with the Templars. Signed by all parties concerned. Goods were sent to the JNF Head Office in Jerusalem, with it's archival handstamp at upper right. Interesting. $30+

1189 INSURANCE POLICY FOR JEWISH NATIONAL FUND SHIPMENT. 1931. The Transatlantic Marine Insurance Co. of Berlin, Ltd. For two cases of documents and printer matter of the JNF, valued at 60 Pounds Sterling. Cargo was to be shipped from Jaffa to Basel, via Marseille on the SS Mariette Pacha. Signed and handstamped in various places. Interesting document. $30

1190 ANGLO-PALESTINE BANK PAIR. 1930-1932. Both related to cargo on a ship. 1). Hebrew-English Bank Postal Depatch Notes/Bill of Lading per S. S., filled out by Nur Safety Match Co., Acre to APB Haifa, about a shipment of sulfur. Handstamped "Steamer Arrived" in English and Hebrew and notation on back in Hebrew, "We hereby confirm that documents above were redeemed for L. P. 14.305. "2) APB Letter of Guarantee printed in Hebrew only, concerning 150 L.P. paid as guarantee for ship cargo received from Turkey. With Palestine revenue adhesive. $35+

*1191 revisionist contribution note. 1930's. 1 french franc. inscribed in yiddish, "for the arrested zionist in eretz-israel/tel-hai fund"/ these were funds collected in france in aid of the irgun underground fighters that were captured by the british. unc. $60

*1192 bezalel designed certificate. general bicur cholm hospital elaborate receipt signed, "gur-arie/raban, bezalel". 1930's, unused with 3 attractive vignettes. the back lists some of the famous people who had visited the hospital including, herzl, a number of the rothschilds, moses monefiore and jacob schiff. attractive $50

1193 TRANSPORTATION RELATED INSURANCE POLICY. 1937. Printed in Hebrew by the Yehuda Insurance Co. in accordance to a Communal Insurance contract made with Hamaavir Transportation Coop.Society. 250 Palestine Pounds would be paid to the wife and daughter of Hamaavir bus driver Avraham Landschaft upon his death. With both an embossed Palestine revenue stamp as well as a gold leaf seal of the company. $25

*1194 templar bank iou from jaffa to cairo. 1938. for 25 palestine pounds to be paid by j. rises of ramat gan to kunzler & co. of cairo. has german/english (scarce?) handstamp of bank of the temple society ltd., jaffa on face and various other handstamps (and one adhesive) on both sides. $50+

*1195 kofer hayshuv, haganah self taxation. 1938-1943. a group of 12 pieces. contains a) two different import taxation, certificate of payments featuring the famed shield logo, "kofer hayishuv, shield for village and frontier"; b) debit notice, which was a different kind of import taxation. c) yeshuv committee of the national council, kofer hayishuv, national secretariat; d) eight small stamps and e) 2 larger stamps. all stamps feature tower and stockade. a neat group. $55

*1196 the zionist shekel and the zionist board's budget for 1944. 5 page document date 8 feb, 1944 submitted by the budget committee. listing all current financial commitments, as well as estimation of all income for 1944. the zionist shekel printing, distribution and advertising costs at 550 palestine pounds, the estimated income from the shekels was 32,000 pounds. all other income received from both the jewish foundation fund and jewish agency was 11,850 lp. the shekel was the main financial instrument of the zionist board, thus we see the importance of these small purchases. mimeographed, in hebrew. rare & important. f $90+

*1197 rishon le-zion factory insurance policy. 1945. attractive large size (c. 11.25 x 18") policy of the western assurance company of london. printed in english with typed details added in english also. issued to namer ltd match factory of rishon le-zion. with revenue adhesive and handstamps as well as signature of herz goldenberg for the insurance company. vf, with filing holes. $35+

*1198 kupat ashrai. 1946. share certificate. signed and dated, all coupons attached. in english and hebrew. nice vf or better. $120

*1199 palestine brewing ltd. 1946. rishon le-zion. barclays bank check paid to y. goldenson, l.p. 32.350. endorsed on back, "to be paid to the apb ltd" etc. neat check. $40

1200 ANGLO-PALESTINE BANK. 1947-1951. Group of 4 items, 3 in Hebrew and English, one in Hebrew only. All to the same customer. Interesting lot. $45

*1201 zionist shekel survey. 1951. distributed to delegates to the 23rd congress. a 5 page draft of an historical survey of the zionist shekel given to delegates of the first congress held in jerusalem. perhaps the final draft as there are only a few corrections and a small note attached. a fascinating history, all in hebrew, of the distribution of the shekels, the history, etc. etc. with hebrew notation in blue ink at upper left. fine and important. $90+

1202 GROUP OF RECEIPTS AND ONE ISRAEL BOND. 18 miscellenous receipts most from 1940's or early 1950's. Most with handstamps. Among the more interesting receipts, "Society for Mental Rehabilitation, Tel-Aviv", Registered Mail Receipt from 1940 and "British War Imports Fund of Tel-Aviv. The $100 Bond was issued in September of 1962. An interesting lot for the researcher. $50+?

*1203 group of small change tokens. darom yehudah h6b 2 pruta, beige with blue serial numbers on back ef; hamaavir. h9 1 pruta. efl shahar-haifa h-16a 2 pruta vf, red on beige and 5 pruta blue on green vf-ef, both first issue. 4 better tokens, all listed by sylvia haffner in her 1970 book. $100+

*1204 shekel related trio. 1960's-1973. 1) 25 lirot half shekel for purim and passover on behalf of grand rabbi ai kook's yeshivah, with his image at upper right; 2) yom kippur, torah and teaching yeshiva, which features an illustration of a shekel and 3) german cover showing a bronze half shekel of the first revolt (a palm tree surrounded by two baskets of fruit), which was sent via express mail from munich to tel-aviv in 1973. $35 [image c]

*1205 politcal protest note. facsimile of 50 sheqalim note of agnon, printed in hebrew, "kibbush tarbut" in gold orange letters. apparently a left wing "intellectual" protest against the "occupation" of gaza and the west bank. vf. $50+

*1206 anti ehud olmert propaganda $1 banknote. 1992. a facsimile of a us $1 banknote with the smiling picture of olmert in the center and "ehudollar" in hebrew below. titled ehud olmert likes the dollar and lists 6 "smelly" financial cases handled by olmert as a lawyer and a knesset member. "joined the knesset with a "young couple's flat" moved a few years later to a $1,500,000 house...enough of likud corruptees". issued by professor yoram lass, a prominent physician and medical lecturer who was soon elected to the knesset. the labor party, under yitzchak rabin won the election. 1st i can recall seeing. olmert later became the prime minister after ariel sharon was forced to step down. see lot below. $45

*1207 anti prime minister olmert propaganda $100 note. 2006. group of 3. 1) in actual size of a us $100 note with serial number removed, features a masked hamas terrorist at center holding a rocket launcher, captioned on the back, "250 million new shekels. olmert granted 250 million as gift, to finance hamas government of terror...we shall pay for it dearly..." issued by the likud. 2) similar but this greatly enlarged with serial number. 3) a rectangle (bumper?) sticker which shows benj. netanyahu looking straight ahead, inscribed, "strong against hamas/ likud, netanyahu only". a neat trio of items. $45

*1208 labor party $1000 propaganda banknote. 2006. $1000 note with president grover cleveland at center. the back says, "this $1000 bill is not an electioneering bribe...it is the minimum wage that a full time worker should bring home at the end of the month...no, we shall not be printing banknotes...yet we intend to change the state's priorities". also included in this lot is a bumper sticker depicting amir peretz, the labor party leader, captioned, "fighting against terror....overcoming poverty..." another neat lot. $30


WHY DO PEOPLE COLLECT THIS STUFF. Obviously people collect for different reasons, but most people seem to collect these items as teaching tools for use at home, in schools, synagogues and churches. Many people donate them to national or local museums. There are people who deny the existence or magnitude of the Holocaust and in some parts of the world (see Iran) this "idea" is growing. These items are a weapon against them.

In addition to these lots, there are many lots earlier in the catalog which just as easily could be here including a large selection of concentration camp notes and some rare and interesting Holocaust related medals. Please look at the following lots: 483-490, 667-670. 750, 752-753, 762-771, 773, 788-839, 873, 880, 883-886, 891-895, 909, 916, 921, 940, 956-957, 969-971, 1014-1016, 1022, 1025-1026 and 1054.

1209 ANTI-SEMITIC "FINE CHINA" BY ALFRED MEAKIN, "Stoke-on-Trent" England. c. 1930's. Colored plated about 8 x 8". "Fagin" standing next to laundry hanging inside. From a series of Dicken's characters by Stanmore. Fagin was the Jewish villain of Oliver Twist. Meakin made fine China from about 1875 until after WW II. $100+

*1210 french anti-semitic postcard. 1902. multicolored card titled, "france, here is the enemy, the jew!" (in 2 lines, partially covered by handwritten message), depicts a bearded crowned jew riding a huge monster who is labeled "talmud". the jew has a masonic pendant around his neck and is surrounded by sacks of money labeled with different categories the jews had profiteered from during various french-german wars. at left we see representations of the french people pointing at thecamonster (as their enemy). postally used, mailed from cullins-rhon and received in geneva.stamp removed. fine, somewhat stained. very rare! $150+

*1211 german anti-semitic postcard. 1917. a cartoon type card, featuring 8 jewish stereotypes, 7 of which are pushing and pulling a coach, while the eighth is gleefully adding up figures on his pad. the coach has the firm's name, "malz schieber & comp., furniture movers of munich". according to my german maven there are two puns here, schieber = crooked, hence, "malz the crook" as the firm's name. titled at top, "push as long as you can", i.e. cheat & trick as long as you can. postally used. vf $80+?

*1212 anti-semitic notgeld? austria 1919 30 heller. issued by a hunting society. depicts a hunting dog on front and a 4 line rhyming "jingle" on back, "the jews control the trade, the hunt is in our blood." unc. a similar piece sold for $101 in our sale 34c. $100+

*1213 ---50 heller. similar to above, but with a different dog and a different 4 line jingle on the back, "along with the townsmen, the farmers, the jews and the deacons, god created the hunter". ef+ $100+

*1214 austrian anti-semitic notgeld. linz und wels. 1920. 80 heller. depicts jewish peddler on his knees in front of armed solder. issued by the party administration of the german freedman and order party of upper austria. ef. very scarce. the last we had in 2005 sold for $80! $65+

*1215 austrian anti-semitic notes. 1920 set of 3. 10, 20 & 50 heller. issued by the anti-semitic league of austria. all with burning newspapers on the obverse and anti-semitic quotes on reverse. 3 au-unc notes. $50+

*1216 austrian anti-semitic notgeld. 1920. loich 50 heller. 14 notes. depicts an austrian householder dismissing a jewish peddler (with long nose) from his house. at the left are thorns, at the right a snake with a caption, "out with loan sharks and illegal hawkers" perhaps meaning thorn should be uprooted and snakes be killed. this lot contains 14 of the 16 different series issued, missing only series 7 and 12. au-unc. certainly a lot very difficult to duplicate. we've sold individual notes for $65 to $90 each! $600+?

*1217 anti-semitic notgeld. bremen. 1921 50 pfennig. issued on german day, this note is known as the elders of zion and features 5 jewish businessmen sitting around a table, "conspiring to gain control of global economics", nice ef and one of the scarcer of all german anti-semitic notgeld pieces. see the shekel vol. xviii, #4, page 21. scarce denomination. see the lots below for the complete set! $200?

*1218 ---as above but 1 mark. au-unc. scarce denomination. $200?

*1219 ---as above but 2 marks. nice ef, but not centered $200?

*1220 ---as above but 5 marks. nice ef. $200?

1221 ---BREMEN, THE COMPLETE SET! The above 4 notes as a complete set. If the bid for this lot exceeds the total of the 4 lots above, the high bidder will get the 4 lots. We've never offered a complete set before! $800+?

*1222 anti-semitic notgeld. lichtenstein-laffoberg. 1 april 1921. a devil with a hook-nosed caricature of a jew. 50 pfenning. i can't recall offering this note in many years. also included in this lot an undated wwii nazi ration card for one week for bread, meat, margarine, bacon and eggs. $50+?

*1223 ---thale in harz. 1921. 8 different 50 pfenning notes, all with devil and a jew on the front. there are two series of notes, one with scenery on the back, the other with buildings. we have 4 different notes from each series. au. a word of caution should be added here: there are some who are not convinced that the 2nd figure is a jew. $40+?

*1224 ---,---1921 4 different 50 pfennigs pieces, plus a 1 mark note. all with scenery on the back. the 4 50 pfenning notes have a scene with a devil and a jew on the front. the scarce one mark note does not. the five each have a letter in the lower left corner which when put in order, spell the town name t-h-a-l-e. 5 au-unc notes and scarce with the 1 mark included. $50+

*1225 ---meggenhofen 1921 set of 3 austrian notes, 30, 40 and 80 heller in black. on the left we see an old jew walking with a bag labeled "hargeld" (gold and silver coins) in the direction of switzerland. above we see the dates 1914-1919 and "ursache" and "folgen". cause and consequences. on the right side we see a plane dumping out lots of paper money over towns and cities and the year 1921. the meaning of this note is certainly clear. jews absconded with the hard money during wwi from austria and the result is the hyper inflation now infecting austria. 3 au-unc to unc notes. rare. $125?


*1226 ---freiburg in brisgau. 1 mark 1922. an interesting note which we haven't offered before. not listed in any of the standard anti-semitic notgeld listings yet it certainly has some of the characteristics. on the front of the note we see 3 characters with jesus at the center and an evil looking jewish caricature of judas iscariot at left. the back shows a passion play at center with a quotation about judas at left. scarce? $50+?

*1227 ---sternberg. 1922. the infamous set of 3 notes, which depicts the supposed destruction of the holy wafer by jews. unc. see the shekel vol xvii #4 (an error on the cover says vol xviii, this is july-august 1984). with envelope of issue (rare as such). $100

1228 AUSTRIAN ANTI-SEMITIC OVERPRINTS on the the reverse of 1 and 2 Kronen notes of 2 January 1922. Both with the following overprint in German, "The gold is in the Jewish Bank, the "crap" is in your hands". 2 unc notes. $50?

*1229 arnstadt anti-semitic notgeld. set of 6 different 10 pfennig notes which have jewish stereotypes crudely depicted. very unusual as a group. 6 au-unc. notes. in our last sale a similar set sold for $85. $60+?

*1230 anti-semitic notgeld. a group of 9 notes, some scarce. bremen protocols of zion 50 pfg vf, brakel (2) (both kinds of 2 marks including the scarce 1st type), tostedt, horneburg, beverungn, arnstadt, bruef in pinzgau and ribnitz. the first vf, others, au-unc, most with easily erasable pencil graffiti. $200+

*1231 early haavara document. 1935. official german printed form of the "palastina treuhand-stelle zur beratung deutscher juden g.m. b.h." of berlin. addressed to bernhard warensleven of cologne about payment made directly to the haavara of palestine. the haavara (transfer) company was established in 1933 and was designed to facilitate jewish immigration from nazi germany to palestine. though the nazis had ordered jewish immigrants to surrender most of their property before leaving germany, the haavara agreement let them retain some of their assets by transferring them to palestine as german export goods. there was considerable opposition by jewish groups, especially those who were advocating a boycott of german products, to this plan. however the zionist congress in their 1935 meeting in lucerne overwhelmingly approved the plan and asked the jewish agency to run it. it is estimated that over 60,000 german jews immigrated to palestine via this method. vf $60

*1232 union of austrian jewish soldiers. 1936. a card franked with 3 austrian stamps, each cancelled by a special postmark for the "2nd congress of jewish front soldiers, vienna, 4 july 1936". former german and austrian soldiers were obviously deeply frustrated by the events taking place in germany and austria during this period. they had laid their lives on the line for their country and now they were facing realities of the nazis. card was mailed from vienna to klagenfurt. also included with this lot is a translation of a letter sent from the chairman of the reich union of jewish veterans for the co-opting of the former jewish front soldiers for duties in the german reich. the letter conveys their loyalty to the reich and unfortunately their naivety. $50+?

*1233 der ewige jude-the eternal jew. 1937 postcard from this infamous nazi anti-semitic exposition held in munich in november of 1937. unused and virtually mint state. scarce. see the shekel vol xvii, #4, page 33. the last we offered sold for $120 about 3 years ago. see the following 3 lots also. $100

*1234 eternal jew related postcard. view of museum/ while unused this has a handstamp dated november 13, 1937 from munich, entitled "der ewige jude". no doubt this postcard was purchased at the museum during the exhibit. unused, but one corner folded. $40

*1235 der ewige jude-the eternal jew. 1938 postcard from this exhbit when it was moved to vienna in august of 1938. unused. virtually mint state. scarce. this has a 3 pfg. german stamp and a postmark and handstamp from the exhibit. $75+

*1236 ---,---1938 postcard from same event. this has a 6 pfg. german stamp & a postmark and handstamp from the exhibit.vf, corner bent. $40

*1237 "fagin" thimble in fine bone china made by birchcroft in england. handpainted and colored portrait of an evil fagin. no doubt scarce $60+

*1238 "fagin" on a china dish. about 4 3/4" in diameter depicting fagin and some boys, with the inscription on the back reading, "oliver's reception by fagin and the boys". no maker's name, but colorful and well-made. $50+

*1239 ahnenepass booklets. 1930's. a genealogy which shows holder to be of pure blood. \ a group of 3 different books. 1) shows ancestors back to the 18th century with pictures of husband and wife and obituaries of relatives pasted in. probably the most thorough of all such booklets we have seen. 2) a partially filled out book going back to the 19th century but without pictures. 3) an unused and basically new booklet with a cardcover. (the first 2 books are hardcover). also included with this is a xerox copy of the nurnberg race laws in english. in this copy the book has the justification for and the actual racial laws in the front of the back we had ahnenpass booklets that have sold for $150 and more per book! $200?

*1240 death notification from jewish hospital. 1938. an official postcard of the "hospital of the jewish community, berlin" sent to mathilde rosenberg of tel aviv stating that "we are very sorry to report that mrs. bertha gross has passed away, following a severe attack...please accept our condolences..." signed on behalf of the hospital. has recipient's notation that she received the card. presumably mrs. rosenberg had been a former resident of berlin and either a close friend or relative of mrs. gross. vf, a few stains. $50

*1241 early dachau cover. 1938. a preprinted dachau formula envelope with rules and regulations printed in 5 clauses sent from felix fursth (?) to his wife sofie in vienna. felix was 33 years old and a resident of block 20, cell 2. censor mark, sent 19 july 1938 and postmarked two days later, presumably the delay was caused by the censors. 1500 jewish citizens of the reich were arrested and sent to dachau on 15 june 1938. apparently felix was among them. roughly opened at left. very scarce. simon page 11, type 3 instructions and page 13, type 3 censor cancel. top left corner missing, signs of handling. $140

*1242 nazi propaganda postcard. 1938. titled, "it's time to run away. "a group of undesirable running scared through a forest of nazi flags, with the jewish type carrying his box of money. with graz and stuttgart cancels. ef+ $150+?

*1243 late aliyah from germany. 1939. a hebrew-english printed invoice of palestine and egypt lloyd, ltd of haifa to kibbutz kinneret for newcomer erich schein (apparently a youth) who had just arrived from germany. invoice lists his cargo as "one bag" shipped 15 june, arrived 7 august with a "newcomer reduction" applied. most likely young mr. schein was an example of a "last minute youth aliyah" from germany. fine $35

*1244 nazi german "j" jude id card. 1939. these special gray fabric id cards were printed and used after the nazi law forced all jews to add israel or sara as their middle names. the law was passed on 17 august 1938, but this was not issued until august of 1939. issued to 31 year old elizabeth sara schacter, a widow, born in hungary in 1908 and currently a businesswoman in vienna. valid for 5 years. her photo depicts a most unhappy and humiliated expression, caused no doubt by the scene itself as well as from the fact that she was forced to prominently expose her left ear as part of the nazi racial theory that jews could be recognized because their left ear is markedly different from the left ear of an aryan. numerous handstamps and signatures, with her full name, including sara included as well as two clear fingerprints. there is a large j on both the front cover as well as on the inside front cover. c. 8 1/4 x 5 3/4" to be folded once to fit in a large pocket, as this must be carried with the bearer at all times. nice vf and extremely rare. in our sale 29f, a much poorer example with a far less dramatic photo, sold for $550! $500+

*1245 holocaust related postcard. may 1939. czech postcard with 3 additional stamps sent from prague, already under nazi occupation for more than 2 months, to a brother in tel aviv. entirely in english! "your card... reached me somewhat delayed...thankful for your willingness to procure needed documents of entering p. (the required aliyah papers for "p"alestine) but for the present i can remain here and shall apply to you for them in case of emergency..." later the writer talks about the upcoming shavout holidays. a sad case of the self confidence which brought disaster to so many innocent and naive european jews. when the emergency came, it would be too late to apply for the necessary papers. fine, some stains $60+?

*1246 message from occupied poland 1939. 23 october 1939, less than 2 months after the invasion of poland by the nazis. a danish postcard airmailed from copenhagen to a brother in tel-aviv. "will use airmail as it is much faster...no news from the family (in occupied warsaw)...have sent many letters, but no reply; others here, received news from lodz and katowtiz...who knows what is going on in warsaw, is it possible to send them money?...rumours here that they are in a bad situation...people were killed and those alive have lots of trouble..a most reliable source said that professor schorr was killed...do the best you can to get aliya certificates. " it should be noted that professor rabbi moshe schorr was not killed in warsaw. he was a famed scholar, teacher and orator and chief jewish representative to the polish senate where he did his best to fight anti-semitism. following the nazi occupation he did manage to reach wohlin where he was captured and imprisoned by the russians and died in jail in uzbekistan in 1941. the card, almost all in hebrew, has a palestine censor mark on the front. vf $50

*1247 jewish birth certificate. 1939. vienna. issued by the jewish cultural society with their handstamp.the n9frnberg laws were already in effect in austria at this time, thus these are scarce and seldom seen. $50?

*1248 austrian jewish refugee and kladavo sabec affair. 1940. two different nazi german postal cards, (the reply part used by the addressee gone.) both cards mailed from vienna to dr. franze steiner who had escaped from the nazis and reached china and then san francisco. 1) 8 january 1940, sent to dr. steiner in shanghai via siberia. with separate messages from both his father and mother about his plans to reach the us, "in case of a problem, do not hesitate to write uncle karl, ask him to contact the firm". also, "letter received from hannie, sent from the way of budapest, they are advancing slowly, as people are joining them all the time, yet they will reach their destination..." 2) posted 31 august 1940 to dr. steiner who was now on webster street in san francisco. message written by his mother, with a single line from his grandmother. "your card from honolulu and the first two cards from san francisco arrived this week...happy to know that you are well...hans is healthy, confectionery flourishes, has new address; kladavo, vanesenska, 10." our consignor, who is much more fluent in german than we are, says that this reference as well as the reference to budapest in the earlier card are in code and refer to the story of kladovo-sabec group and their attempt to escape the nazis and reach palestine. this is an extremely rare combination of a refugee who reached the us (via shanghai) while his relatives were trying to leave the reich by ship. extremely rare and important. included with this lot is a 3 page summary about the kaldavo experience (in english) from the jewish museum in vienna. vf $300+?

*1249 nazi anti-jewish ordinances, france 1941. 4 page pamphlet printed in german and french issued by the german military government about a year after capturing paris. jews and jewish businesses are not allowed to work, without having a special license. they are not allowed to get any means of payment, securities or credit without a license. a jewish business, without a license, will not be able to conduct any business, offenders will be punished with a fine of 15,000 francs per month. with large nazi eagle and swastika on front. vf $250+

*1250 the rothschilds anti-semitic film program. c. 1940. illustrated 8 page brochure (c. 8.7 x 11.3") for this anti-semitic propaganda film directed by erich wascneck. the film featured the devious cunning of the rothschild family in gaining their fortune and wealth, "by sucking the blood of germany during the napoleonic wars", etc.. with full page stills, a brief survey, listing the cast and so forth. in dark brown, printed in berlin. vf $55+?

*1251 jud suss, nazi anti-semitic film brochure. c. 1940. 8 page illustrated film program (c. 8.7 x 11.3") by the infamous director veit harla. the film shows, in detail, how rootless the jews are and their endless attempts to penetrate the aryan society. jews are presented as filthy, grim and repulsive. a single german actor played three jewish figures, creating a continuity and a sense of a "common eternal jewish nature". with full page stills, a brief survey, listing the cast and so forth. in dark brown, printed in berlin. vf $55+?

*1252 riga ghetto "life saving" labor certificate. 1942. issued to benjamin joffe who resided in riga ghetto. issued on 28 april 1942 certifying that the "holder is our employee since 16 march 1942...and he should not be sent to another work place." issued by the railways reparation plant of libau, riga branch, department of administration. the printer's legend at lower left reads, "printed by latvian railways, riga. 200. order 6723. 1942" which i believe means that only 200 of these were printed. with handstamp of nazi eagle and swastika. the main part of the riga ghetto was liquidated in december of 1941 and over 25,000 jews were murdered. the smaller ghetto contained about 4,000 (mainly young working men). some stains and tape removal marks, mainly on back. very rare. $450+

*1253 dutch holocaust rarity. 1942. an official nacht ausweisweig or night pass allowing the holder access to the streets at night. issued by the central bureau for jewish immigration, amsterdam. dated july 3, 1942, valid for physicians/midwives only in rotterdam. officially handstamped by the central bureau for jewish immigration, amsterdam with nazi eagle and swastika and signed by the nazi ss-hauptsturmfuher. the ss-hauptsturmfuher which supervised the office of jewish immigration was in reality an appendage of the nazi secret police and was part of their plan to deport dutch jews to the death camps in the east. it had been established by reinhard heydrich in february of 1942. this document is vf and was folded to fit in one's pocket. specific passes such as this are rare. $500+

*1254 jewish pow's group picture postcard. 1942. a real photo postcard featuring a platoon of jewish prisoners of war, along with their staff sergeant (in all 21 prisoners), apparently of hut #20. sent by sergeant avraham lederman, pow #4369, inmate of stalag viiib to j. nemerovski of tel-aviv. with numeorus handstamps and censor marks. most of the palestine jewish prisoners of war captured by the nazis in greece and libya were held in stalag viiib. pow's were sent to various labor camps or for "special short term missions" such as digging dikes, paving roads, etc. conditions were more or less similar to other allied pow's. has red philatelic arrow stuck on address side. a fascinating card, the picture of 21 glum young men, the other side no doubt highly desirable to the philatelist and postal history specialist. vf $140+

*1255 anti-semitic label or sticker. 1942. issued weekly by the nazis to be pasted on your mail, your books, your house, where ever. this contains a message from hitler. also see lot #831 for a related document. $40

*1256 anti-semitic labels. each about 2 x 2", red on black. a skull, with dehors les juifs and/or de joden buiten below. probably used in belgium. 3 different. $75+

*1257 jewish community of budapest. 1943. 5 pengo note issued by the pesti izraelita hitkozeg. with 2 imprinted signatures of the community's directors & 2 line handstamp on bottom. vf, but for small tear at lower right which has been repaired.. scarce and seldom offered. $100

*1258 laikmets. july 1943. a latvian nazi anti-semitic rag. one of the back page cartons shows a jew about to place a noose around the neck of an english aristocrat with the caption saying, "they lent money to russians for war, the jew is paying them back". $40

1259 ---,---August 1943. Back cover cartoon shows Jewish butcher with English lion, saying lion is scrawny but in war even the devil eats flies, while another shows Stalin dancing in blood while a Jew plays a flute. $40

*1260 polish red cross letter. june 1943. sent to a person seeking information on sending parcels to inmates of majdenek concentration camp. advises that parcels being taken to lublin with red cross acting as intermediaries take place no more than twice a week. the rules and regulations were clear and precise, they should weigh between 2 and 5 kilograms and list all the contents. some repairs, entirely in polish. rare. $150?

*1261 kladderadatch, october 1943. nazi political commentary magazine with stories and cartoons. the center double spread shows jews surviving a journey though the red sea going back to egypt to do business. some tears, certainly rare.$100+?

*1262 dutch anti-semitic propaganda. wwii era. c. 2 1/2 x 3 1/2". in black and red on buff, depicts portraits of jewish businessman (in background) along with fdr, joseph stalin and winston churchill with the legend (in dutch) "yankee - englishman - bolshevik - dancing to (the pipes) the tune of the jewish clique." same image and words on back. vf, light corner tear. scarce. a similar piece sold for $84 in our sale 35d. $75

*1263 anti-semitic leaflet. satirical drawing of churchill with polish anti-semitic text below. ef. $50

*1264 german anti-semitic leaflet in russian. dropped on russian troops during world war ii. depicts a russian soldier in center and 3 "jewish" types talking on phones. legend, "you are perishing while the kikes are doing their business". c. 5 1/2 x 8 3/4, very poor condition, virtually falling apart.. $40+?

*1265 litzmannstadt ghetto lottery ticket. 1944. in german with counterfoil attached. "sorting and managing waste site plant # 68075, sulzfelder st. 15" at top, below that in a box in 2 lines, "by purchasing this lottery ticket, you are helping the sick and might win, thousand thanks". serial # 7992 on both parts, "lottery of the aid committee for the sick, one ticket, price 2.50 marks, over 1000 valuable winning prizes, all income dedicated to the sick". the counterfoil has "litzm. g ___1944" for litzmanstadt ghetto. the back has a round handstamp of litzmannstadt ghetto works department. a most unusual and rare piece. vf, with bit of lower right corner missing and poor left edge. $600+?

*1266 anti-nazi postcard. 1944-1945. multicolored french card depicting german goddess of war armed and dressed with swastika cloth and her bleeding broken sword. facing french lady marked allies dressed in the tricolors of france (red, white and blue) pointing to a sheet, legend below, "hello goebels! here is your indictment: germany is guilty of devastation, extermination, deportation, violence etc..". ef and colorful. a similar card sold for $65 in our sale 33c. $55+

*1267 ajdc food card. 1945-1946. a food ration card issued by the jewish committee of the american joint distribution comm, bad kissingen. on rather thick white-beige paper has space for bearer's name and shows two oblong rows, each with seven boxes (a weekly card) marked " for abendessen (supper) and "m" for mittagssen (lunch). these cards were issued to jewish survivors of the jewish dp camp at bad kissingen. a similar card sold for $90 in our sale 36c. $70+

*1268 ---another lot, as above. $70+

1269 HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR'S ENVELOPE VIA AMERICAN RED CROSS. 1 July 1945. Offical "American Red Cross" printed envelope, franked and posted from a Holocaust survivor in Marseilles to Mrs. R. Heligman-Rim of Bene Beraq, Palestine. Opened and sealed by French censor with his strip tied to cover by handstamp on both sides. Also shows a triangular censor mark as well as a Bene Beraq receiving postmark. Just the envelope, no contents. $45?

*1270 bureau in aid of immigration. 1946-1947. a group of 4 different receipts, each with the bureau's illustrated logo of a young tree in front and a huge old tree in back which has been uprooted. the point being that european jewry has almost been exterminated, yet the jewish people will survive and bloom. each receipt shows that 1 palestine pound. has been paid by dr. mazur of tel aviv, later the vice grand president of bnai brith in israel. $40

*1271 in aid of holocaust surviving children. 1947. a letter, on the letterhead of institute for the protection of jewish children (o.p.e.j.) of paris, affiliated with the american jewish distribution committee (ajdc). a typed message in french to leon erman of lugano, switzerland concerning a young boy, who probably had been hosted by mr. erman during the war. "the kollwitz boy has yet to celebrate his bar mitzvah, preparations will be staring soon...he is in good health, an intelligent boy of good character..." signed by both the director and service administrator of the paris opej with an official handstamp. vf, two filing holes punched at left. $70?

*1272 survivor's tragedy, italian and cyprus camps. 1947. a hebrew typed sheet with two bilingual handstamps. issued by the religious committee south (in bari, southern italy) addressed to chief rabbi herzog of eretz-israel. "...a refugee of our dp camp, michael weissbach...took his own life...he left a widow in cyprus (detention camp) who might already be in eretz-israel...she must be informed to get a widow's certificate...he also left a young boy in the salvino children's institute in northern italy...and may have another child who is with the mother." other copies of this letter were sent to the jewish agency, the chief rabbinate of tel aviv and haifa as well as 6 different major newspapers. two different religious committee south handstamps. written by chairman baruch duvdevania and secretary reuven dorfberger. two filing holes at right. certainly a tragic ending to someone who had survived the horrors of world war ii. fine+ and very scarce. $125

*1273 cyprus camp. cover and two yiddish letters. 1947. two letters, handwritten in yiddish from two polish holocaust survivors, a teenage girl and an adult woman both detained in "camp special 62, melf 3, cyprus" (melf = middle east land forces). this was one of five camps in karalos, near famagusta, where detainess lived in tents. thus the sardonic nickname, "summer camp". the cover, with the stamp off, shows a partial postmark from karalos dated 21 july 1947 and was addressed to mietek spievak of tel aviv. 6 pages with full text in yiddish. the young girl, maly werzberger, writes about her coming aliyah. $70+?

*1274 holocaust survivor children. 1947. group photo of 19 children and their teacher at the wetzlar displaced personscacamp. the back shows a manuscript inscription in hebrew, "6608 (summer 1947), wetzlar 3rd grade", plus a 3 line handstamped legend in "bela ferenczy, wetzlar" by the photographer. children were placed in various grades according to their previous learning rather than their age. wetzlar was a dp camp in the frankfurt area of the american occupied zone and existed from september 1946 through march 1949. somewhatcaagedca& stained.$50

*1275 wwii jewish soldier postcard. 1948. multicolored czech card issued for the "fourth congress of czech-jewish legionaries" (those that volunteered to serve in the free czechoslovakian brigade) under british army control. the congress was held in luhacvice in july of 1948. the illustration at center shows a czech banner combined with a sword and a light blue magen david. very impressive. unused but the card has been handled. vf. $80+?

*1276 dr. mark wischnitzer, aid committee for german jews. 1949. an unusual holocaust related typed letter signed by dr. mark wischnitzer, the well known american historian and communal worker, who helped organize the emigration of jews from nazi germany. he served on the ajdc committee in paris and with the outbreak of wwii he moved to the dominican republic and in 1941 to the us. in 1948 he published a large scale work on jewish migration. this unusual letter on his own stationary was written to moshe smilansky of rehovot concerning the agricultural secondary school in pardes hannah. "as secretary general of the hilfsverein der deutsche juden (aid committee for german jews) i was instrumental in obtaining the decision to loan 2000 pounds to the school". he now would be interested in knowing about the history and activities of the school and whether any interest had been paid on the loan (and to what institution?). an interesting and historical letter from a key figure in the fight to aid german jews. $70

*1277 chinese refugee, aliyah certificate. 1949. in hebrew and english, c. 7 1/4 x 11 3/4". titled "state of israel - ministry of immigration, representative in china". given in shanghai on 10 december 1949 to 48 year old tatijana manevitch who had been born in merinsk, russia in 1902. the certificate was good for one year. with her photo and embossed handstamp. vg, bit shabby, rare. $160+?

*1278 anti-semitic (?) bossons head. 1964 "fagin" ceramic figurine by bossons. bossons company made heads and figurines in gypsum plaster and produced in high detail. all models were hand painted and are highly collectible. they shut their doors in 1996. this is signed and dated on the back. a few small chips. $100+

1279 JEWISH GHETTO IN VILNA. 2003. A set of 6 commemorative notes, 1, 2, 4, 20, 50 and 100 Salomas commemorating the 60th anniversary of the destruction of the Ghetto. Unc. $25

LATE ADDITIONS (Ancient Jewish)   (back to top)

These 5 coins came to us too late to be included in our regular catalog but we felt they deserved to be in this auction.

*1280 persian period. jerusalem. 375-350 bc. ar obol (.76). helmeted head of athena right/owl standing right, crescent behind, aoe nd lily to right. sng ans-27, gitler-tal xii.13o. toned vf and extremely rare. the presence of the lily on this coin makes the argument that this coin was minted in jerusalem very persuasive. see meshorer ajc pages 29 & 30 and tjc pages 34-35. a similar piece sold for 3900 swiss francs (including buyer's fee) in the leu sale of may 2004. $2500

*1281 herod antipas. 4 bc-40 ad. Æ 1/4 unit (5.17). upright reed, lk =year 24=20 ad/tibe piac in wreath. hen-511, ajc-3a, tjc-77a. avf. struck on a small, but thick, flan. rare. $500?

*1282 herod philip. 4 bc-34 ad. Æ17 (3.94). head of augustus left/temple, lib between pediments (year 12 = 8/9 ad). tjc-98, hen-532, ajc-4. decent well centered fine, nice green patina. we've had this a coin a few times in the past, but this is the nicest we've offered $500?

*1283 agrippa ii. 56-95. Æ24 (11.79) of sepphoris struck under nero in 67/68 ad. wreath and circle around legend in 5 lines, year 14 of nero claudius caesar/two cornucopias crossed, caduceus between them, legend around. hen-586, ajc-8, tjc-127. avf, dusty green-brown patina. a very rare coin, the last (and only?) we offered was in the spring of 1999. $1400?

*1284 minima of caesarea. 1st century ad. Æ half pruta (Æ13, .64 grams). palm branch/vine leaf. ajc-3, tjc-370. crude vf. see tjc page 183 for an explanation of this. rare, especially this nice. $425


PRICES REALIZED   (back to top)

This sale closed March 1, 2007. The following prices realized are provided as a courtesy to our bidders and customers. All prices are in US Dollars. Asterisk indicates tie bid. We are not responsible for typing, layout or display errors.

Lot #   -   Price Realized
1   -   $385
2   -   $850
3   -   $515
4   -   $415
5   -   $1325
6   -   $250
8   -   $350
10   -   $230
11   -   $500
12   -   $90
14   -   $2000
15   -   $450
16   -   $350
17   -   $370
18   -   $350
19   -   $350
20   -   $389
21   -   $475
22   -   $200
23   -   $300
25   -   $160
27   -   $150
30   -   $175
31   -   $175
32   -   $95
36   -   $65
38   -   $50
41   -   $150
47   -   $65
49   -   $165
51   -   $60
52   -   $165
55   -   $75
57   -   $30
60   -   $110
63   -   $70
64   -   $95
65   -   $110
66   -   $110
67   -   $75
69   -   $250
70   -   $220
71   -   $6000
72   -   $365
73   -   $175
77   -   $200
79   -   $500
87   -   $75
89   -   $125
93   -   $300
94   -   $175
96   -   $135
98   -   $75
101   -   $135
103   -   $290
104   -   $135
110   -   $285
111   -   $125
113   -   $280
114   -   $150
121   -   $160
123   -   $80
130   -   $1200
131   -   $150
132   -   $175
134   -   $635
135   -   $50
138   -   $200
143   -   $725
145   -   $475
147   -   $475
148   -   $100
155   -   $600
156   -   $110
158   -   $200
162   -   $150
163   -   $145
166   -   $350
171   -   $62
175   -   $75
176   -   $190
177   -   $95
181   -   $225
182   -   $135
183   -   $92
191   -   $150
195   -   $75
197   -   $75
200   -   $225
203   -   $65
204   -   $175
206   -   $90
207   -   $120
210   -   $200
211   -   $45
212   -   $130
216   -   $100
217   -   $375
218   -   $90
222   -   $300
223   -   $70
224   -   $250
225   -   $220
227   -   $500
229   -   $90
230   -   $150
233   -   $125
234   -   $125
235   -   $65
242   -   $50
247   -   $50
250   -   $140
254   -   $45
261   -   $80
265   -   $50
267   -   $65
269   -   $70
270   -   $35
271   -   $75
272   -   $75
273   -   $75
274   -   $72
276   -   $50
278   -   $75
279   -   $55
280   -   $55
281   -   $85
282   -   $80
283   -   $45
284   -   $32
286   -   $50
288   -   $40
289   -   $50
291   -   $70
295   -   $75
296   -   $65
300   -   $35
301   -   $280
303   -   $140
305   -   $70
306   -   $170
308   -   $55
309   -   $125
311   -   $60
312   -   $90
314   -   $60
316   -   $70
317   -   $60
318   -   $45
319   -   $75
320   -   $45
321   -   $150
322   -   $225
324   -   $55
325   -   $30
327   -   $125
328   -   $175
330   -   $45
332   -   $165
333   -   $95
334   -   $600
335   -   $90
338   -   $75
339   -   $90
341   -   $90
342   -   $55
344   -   $70
347   -   $105
349   -   $50
350   -   $75
352   -   $165
356   -   $45
358   -   $80
359   -   $65
360   -   $200
362   -   $270
Lot #   -   Price Realized
365   -   $50
366   -   $175
369   -   $110
370   -   $80
372   -   $95
373   -   $200
376   -   $60
377   -   $60
378   -   $60
379   -   $25
380   -   $35
387   -   $65
392   -   $130
393   -   $90
394   -   $125
395   -   $35
396   -   $75
397   -   $80
398   -   $80
399   -   $90
400   -   $90
401   -   $75
402   -   $130
403   -   $150
404   -   $90
406   -   $135
407   -   $180
414   -   $550
415   -   $80
416   -   $200
417   -   $80
418   -   $200
419   -   $80
421   -   $65
423   -   $300
425   -   $55
427   -   $165
434   -   $80
435   -   $110
436   -   $60
438   -   $65
441   -   $75
442   -   $70
444   -   $85
445   -   $275
448   -   $85
450   -   $50
452   -   $75
453   -   $160
456   -   $110
458   -   $140
462   -   $50
463   -   $510
465   -   $140
466   -   $325
467   -   $100
469   -   $210
473   -   $55
475   -   $100
477   -   $75
479   -   $150
481   -   $70
483   -   $40
485   -   $90
486   -   $45
487   -   $100
488   -   $100
489   -   $50
493   -   $50
495   -   $160
496   -   $250
499   -   $55
500   -   $145
501   -   $110
502   -   $60
503   -   $75
509   -   $75
511   -   $5200
514   -   $55
521   -   $400
522   -   $325
523   -   $60
528   -   $75
529   -   $120
530   -   $225
531   -   $50
532   -   $55
533   -   $50
535   -   $60
536   -   $50
537   -   $50
538   -   $75
539   -   $75
540   -   $50
542   -   $50
543   -   $50
544   -   $170
545   -   $170
546   -   $85
547   -   $85
548   -   $40
549   -   $40
550   -   $135
551   -   $135
552   -   $41
553   -   $110
554   -   $140
555   -   $165
556   -   $40
557   -   $51
558   -   $85
559   -   $85
560   -   $85
561   -   $90
562   -   $36
563   -   $36
564   -   $36
565   -   $36
566   -   $120
567   -   $36
568   -   $60
569   -   $60
570   -   $220
571   -   $135
572   -   $103
573   -   $60
574   -   $40
575   -   $36
576   -   $30
577   -   $36
578   -   $42
579   -   $36
580   -   $55
581   -   $55
582   -   $55
583   -   $55
584   -   $50
585   -   $55
586   -   $60
587   -   $55
588   -   $100
590   -   $55
592   -   $210
594   -   $135
595   -   $103
597   -   $95
599   -   $65
600   -   $170
601   -   $375
602   -   $110
603   -   $150
606   -   $100
607   -   $100
608   -   $175
609   -   $145
610   -   $350
611   -   $275
612   -   $125
613   -   $70
615   -   $60
617   -   $105
618   -   $130
619   -   $65
620   -   $125
621   -   $95
622   -   $50
624   -   $180
625   -   $90
629   -   $120
631   -   $125
633   -   $120
637   -   $300
638   -   $110
639   -   $110
640   -   $90
641   -   $110
642   -   $120
643   -   $150
Lot #   -   Price Realized
644   -   $125
645   -   $350
648   -   $70
650   -   $110
651   -   $320
653   -   $95
654   -   $87
655   -   $100
658   -   $80
660   -   $1000
662   -   $400
664   -   $200
667   -   $220
668   -   $425
669   -   $375
670   -   $125
671   -   $30
672   -   $50
673   -   $100
676   -   $100
677   -   $60
678   -   $45
680   -   $120
682   -   $250
683   -   $500
684   -   $150
685   -   $ 75
693   -   $125
694   -   $90
695   -   $260
696   -   $160
697   -   $120
698   -   $100
700   -   $90
703   -   $60
708   -   $115
709   -   $150
710   -   $40
711   -   $40
712   -   $50
713   -   $50
714   -   $50
715   -   $105
716   -   $50
718   -   $135
720   -   $75
721   -   $30
723   -   $55
725   -   $125
727   -   $55
729   -   $90
730   -   $150
737   -   $150
745   -   $55
746   -   $40
747   -   $25
748   -   $55
750   -   $200
751   -   $40
752   -   $100
753   -   $50
755   -   $120
756   -   $25
757   -   $55
758   -   $40
759   -   $50
760   -   $40
762   -   $110
763   -   $140
764   -   $150
765   -   $100
766   -   $150
767   -   $220
768   -   $220
772   -   $50
773   -   $110
774   -   $60
780   -   $40
781   -   $75
782   -   $40
786   -   $35
789   -   $40
790   -   $40
791   -   $40
792   -   $35
793   -   $40
794   -   $70
796   -   $180
798   -   $240
799   -   $225
800   -   $175
801   -   $110
802   -   $325
803   -   $150
804   -   $275
805   -   $225
806   -   $200
807   -   $110
808   -   $100
809   -   $135
810   -   $75
811   -   $120
812   -   $200
813   -   $475
814   -   $200
815   -   $100
816   -   $90
817   -   $165
818   -   $2300
819   -   $425
820   -   $100
821   -   $700
824   -   $140
825   -   $135
826   -   $90
827   -   $50
828   -   $180
829   -   $25
833   -   $60
841   -   $95
843   -   $125
844   -   $100
848   -   $110
849   -   $60
851   -   $1300
852   -   $40
854   -   $1900
858   -   $60
859   -   $50
870   -   $125
871   -   $100
873   -   $60
874   -   $100
875   -   $30
877   -   $35
879   -   $160
880   -   $260
883   -   $150
884   -   $180
885   -   $110
886   -   $1000
887   -   $75
888   -   $100
889   -   $75
896   -   $45
897   -   $75
898   -   $28
899   -   $210
900   -   $115
901   -   $65
910   -   $40
912   -   $75
914   -   $50
915   -   $200
916   -   $45
917   -   $90
919   -   $60
920   -   $150
921   -   $400
922   -   $125
926   -   $1200
927   -   $125
929   -   $85
930   -   $290
931   -   $60
932   -   $125
937   -   $80
938   -   $55
939   -   $50
940   -   $35
941   -   $250
942   -   $30
944   -   $200
945   -   $90
946   -   $350
Lot #   -   Price Realized
947   -   $500
950   -   $85
951   -   $65
952   -   $300
954   -   $150
956   -   $25
957   -   $25
963   -   $600
965   -   $75
966   -   $90
969   -   $60
971   -   $275
972   -   $850
973   -   $150
977   -   $80
978   -   $160
979   -   $30
980   -   $50
982   -   $75
983   -   $65
984   -   $160
985   -   $165
987   -   $1200
989   -   $60
990   -   $450
991   -   $400
992   -   $450
993   -   $350
997   -   $100
999   -   $45
1000   -   $1000
1001   -   $180
1003   -   $50
1006   -   $40
1007   -   $40
1009   -   $55
1012   -   $85
1013   -   $25
1014   -   $50
1015   -   $160
1017   -   $35
1018   -   $45
1020   -   $100
1022   -   $325
1023   -   $85
1025   -   $100
1026   -   $150
1027   -   $110
1033   -   $125
1035   -   $25
1036   -   $35
1039   -   $40
1040   -   $30
1043   -   $75
1044   -   $25
1047   -   $25
1048   -   $40
1050   -   $50
1051   -   $25
1053   -   $75
1054   -   $75
1055   -   $50
1057   -   $75
1058   -   $100
1059   -   $65
1060   -   $35
1061   -   $50
1063   -   $60
1064   -   $40
1065   -   $50
1067   -   $50
1068   -   $40
1070   -   $375
1071   -   $220
1072   -   $110
1073   -   $160
1075   -   $145
1079   -   $300
1082   -   $220
1083   -   $160
1086   -   $60
1087   -   $70
1088   -   $52
1089   -   $52
1090   -   $52
1091   -   $50
1092   -   $50
1093   -   $50
1094   -   $50
1095   -   $50
1096   -   $50
1097   -   $425
1098   -   $500
1100   -   $60
1103   -   $40
1104   -   $100
1106   -   $165
1107   -   $110
1108   -   $100
1109   -   $100
1110   -   $100
1111   -   $225
1112   -   $180
1116   -   $80
1117   -   $60
1118   -   $275
1121   -   $90
1122   -   $24
1124   -   $25
1126   -   $30
1134   -   $45
1135   -   $125
1138   -   $75
1139   -   $125
1141   -   $125
1142   -   $75
1146   -   $75
1148   -   $50
1149   -   $56
1153   -   $40
1155   -   $150
1156   -   $60
1159   -   $50
1160   -   $30
1161   -   $75
1162   -   $50
1163   -   $75
1164   -   $120
1165   -   $120
1166   -   $100
1168   -   $55
1169   -   $40
1170   -   $120
1171   -   $70
1172   -   $40
1173   -   $40
1175   -   $40
1177   -   $25
1178   -   $25
1184   -   $40
1187   -   $25
1191   -   $40
1192   -   $40
1195   -   $75
1196   -   $55
1201   -   $55
1203   -   $75
1204   -   $40
1206   -   $90
1207   -   $90
1208   -   $90
1212   -   $108
1213   -   $100
1216   -   $360
1221   -   $610
1222   -   $50
1226   -   $55
1227   -   $70
1231   -   $90
1233   -   $100
1235   -   $95
1236   -   $50
1242   -   $150
1244   -   $1100
1247   -   $75
1249   -   $225
1250   -   $60
1251   -   $70
1252   -   $850
1253   -   $850
1254   -   $100
1256   -   $65
1257   -   $110
1260   -   $100
1261   -   $100
1262   -   $75
1263   -   $65
1267   -   $70
1268   -   $70
1275   -   $70
1277   -   $150
1279   -   $20