List 36B - Spring 2006

Ancient and World Coins

Note: This list is now out of date. It is included here for informational purposes only.

World Coins: Ancient to Modern

Fixed Price List 36B (Spring 2006)

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Welcome to our first ancient and world coin list since last summer. This was suppose to be a bigger list out in early February. We've been so busy the past few months that we're already 6 weeks behind schedule and must get the list out now. Thus, many coins, tokens and medals will have to wait till next list for us to list them. Many of you are also receiving our 2006 Israel/Palestine/Judaic stock list at the same time. If you did not receive that list and want a copy, please ask for a free copy. We ran out of room and time for either more coins or more information. And ran out of time to make any more needed corrections. Many of you know that list 36B, means that this is our 36th year of issuing lists. The B indicates that this is our 2nd list of 2006. Actually both A (the aforementioned Israel stock list) and B are being mailed together. A * next to the number indicates that a picture of the item is on our website. There are many items from the George Fisher and Bill Spengler collections being offered here. Last summer we listed George's coins with a GF number which caused mass confusion for everybody, thus his coins are being incorporated into the regular listing with the same numbers. If you have not ordered from us in the past year or so your subscription has probably expired and a subscription form is included with this list. If your order you will of course receive future lists. We would much rather sell coins, tokens, medals and banknotes than subscriptions, so please order. You can guarantee receiving our lists by sending us $15 ($25 overseas) or you can access all our lists free of charge on our website. Either Rita or I are normally available by phone between 9 AM and 6 PM Monday through Friday. In many cases we will answer the phone earlier or later and on weekends. However you may leave a message 24 hours a day and we will try to return your call as soon as possible. Please leave a short, concise and understandable message. Please note that when we are writing our auction catalogs (In 2006 that will be March, April and September) we may leave the phone unattended for long periods of time. However we will return your call. Postage rates have gone up but we will try to keep or postage charges the same. (See the order blank for actual charges). However on heavy packages we will probably add actual postage costs. Overseas packages will be charged at least $10 and there is a $3 minimum shipping charge on all orders. A couple of advertisements for myself. We are running for the Board of Directors for the International Banknote Society. If you are a member we would appreciate your vote. If you are not a member, please join. Also we are scheduled to teach at the American Numismatic Association's Summer Seminar. The course is entitled "Numismatic History of the Holy Land and the Jewish People from ancient to modern times". A long title, but a fun course. Please consider enrolling. Contact me or the ANA ( for more information. Unfortunately the information about the seminar is only available on line. It seems that they think everybody is computer literate.


*g1 ionia, phokia. c. 625-600 bc. electrum 1/24 staater (1.334). seal's head/ incuse punch. sg-3450, bodenstedt-2.2. vf. $500

*g2 lesbos, mytilene. 480-450 bc. electrum hekte (2.43). ram's head right, cock below/lion's head right in intaglio, small incuse. bmc-7, bod-16. vf, scarce. $900

*g3 ---,---,---electrum hekte (2.54). head of hera right/"negro" head right. bmc-72, bod-74. vf. very scarce type. $1100

*g4 ---,---,---electrum hekte (2.55). hd of apollo right/female hd in linear square rigth. bmc-90, bod-95. vf, bit o.c. $800

*g5 axumite kings, hezool. c. 400-500 ad. gold unit. bust right with triple element crown, holding stalk/bust right, cross at top. mh-jj 82. vf+/vf. scarce $1375

G6 GERMANY. 1990 Gold 21mm medal. Fall of the Berlin Wall, Reunification of Germany. Torn apart barbed wire fence in front of Brandenburg gate /German eagle with shields of various states. .999 gold. Struck at the Hamburg mint. BU. $75

*g7 israel, kidron valley 1984 gold 5 sheqalim holyland sites, low mintage km- 142, fr-23 proof . $300

*g8 ---capernaum. 1985. gold 5 new sheqalim. km-154, fr-25. proof. $210

*g9 ---jericho 1987. gold 5 new sheqalim. km-182, fr-29. proof. $195

*g10 ---archeology. 1990 gold 10 sheqalim. km-214, fr-34. proof. $500

*g11 ---dove and cedar. 1991. gold 5 sheqalim. km-222, fr-38. proof . $210

*g12 ---law of israel. 1992 gold 10 sheqalim. km-227, fr-39. proof. $525

*g13 ---land of tourism. 1993 gold 10 sheqalim. km-242, fr-43. proof . $400

*g14 ---abraham & isaac. 1994 gold 10 sheqalim. km-258, fr-49. proof. $550

*g15 ---leopard and palm tree. 1994. gold 1 sheqel. fr-51, km-260. proof. $160

*g16 ---fox and vineyard. 1995 gold 1 sheqel. fr-59, km-275. proof. $200

*g17 ---fox & vinyard. 1995. gold 5 sheqalim. fr-58, km-277. proof. $300

*g18 ---3000 years of jerusalem, city of david. 1996. gold 10 sheqalim. fr-60, km-285. proof. $500


*1 seleukid coin of ancient israel. ar tetradrachm (15.23) of akko-

Ptolemais. Antiochus VIII. 121-96 BC. His head right/Zeus standing left, crescent above head, holding star and scepter, all in laurel wreath, legend to left and right, monogram of city (weakly) in left field. Hen-415, Ros-22, Houghton-813. VF, but light corrosion. $100

*1a ptolemaic coin of ancient israel. ptolemy ii 285-246 bc. ar tetradrachm (14.15) of gaza, year 30. head of ptolemy i right/eagle standing left on thunderbolt, monograms left, date, gaza symbol right. as h-408, svor-826. vf $240

*1b ---,---ar tetradrachm (13.97) of gaza and joppa, year 38. head of ptolemy i right/eagle standing left on thunderbolt, monograms of joppa and gaza to left, date and monogram to right. as h-409. avf . $240

*2 yehud coin, hellenistic period after 333 bc. ar obol (.09). head of ptolemy i right/eagle, wings spread, just the very bottoms of letters to right of eagle. ajc-6bff. avf. $175

*3 ---,---ar 1/4 obol (.14). head of ptolemy right, eagle with wings spread, partial legend. h-438, tjc-32. f-vf, but a bit broken. $100

*3a ---,---pair of 1/4 obols. head of ptolemy i right/eagle with wings spread, head turned left, standing on thunderbolt, yhdh (= yehudah) at left. h-438, ajc-16. the fist choice vf (.2) with 3 3/4 letters clear and sharp, the 2nd gd/vf with 2 letters clear. 2 coins, the first rare this nice. $400

*4 john hyrcanus i. 135-104 bce. Æ prutah. hebrew inscription, a above/ double cornucopia. h-454, ajc-m, ajc-a. nice vf. $60

5 ---,---Another, not as nice. VG-F. $30

6 ---,----H-455-457, AJC-B12. Nice VF. No Greek letters visible. $60

*7 judah aristobulus. 104-103 bc. Æ prutah. double cornucopia/"yehudah the high priest and the council of the jews. h-465, ajc-ja,tjc-group u. avf . $75

*8 ---,---another, a bit nicer. h-465, ajc-j, tjc-group u. vf, bit o.c. $100

9 ALEXANDER JANNAEUS. 103-76 BC. Æ Prutah. Lily, "Yehonatan the King"/Anchor, "of King Alexander". H-467. Fine. $45

10 ---,---Another. aVF/aF. $25

11 ---,---Anchor, ???????? ??????????/Star of 8 rays surrounded by diadem, between the rays. H-469, TJC-K. F-VF. $40

*12 ---,---as above but reverse shows 2 partial strikes of 8 ray star, otherwise vf $75

*13 ---,---similar, but this with obverse brockage of anchor. f-vf. $75

*14 ---,---another, this with reverse brockage of 8 rayed star. nice vf. $75

15 ---,---Similar. Anchor, legend/Star with eight pellets, instead of rays, surrounded by diadem. H-470, AJC-Cb, TJC-K15. VF. $40

16 ---,---Æ Lepton. Star/Anchor. H-471. VF, o.c. $30

17 ---,--- Æ Lepton. Upside down anchor/Star of 8 rays surrounded by border of dots and Aramaic inscription. H-471, TJC-L. 2 pieces both F-VF or so, one with pronounced flan "handles". $40

18 ---,---,---Anchor/Stars within dots. Barbaric legends. H-472. VG . $20

*19 ---,--- Æ prutah. hebrew inscription/double cornucopia. h-473, ajc-e, tjc-p. vf, the legend is very sharp and clear. $40

20 ---,---Another. VF, legend side well centered, cornucopia a bit off-center. $40

*20a ---,---similar but obverse brockage. avf, green patina. $75

21 ---,---Æ Prutah. Legend, "Yehonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews"/ Double Cornucopia, with ribbons, pomegranate between horns. H-474, AJC-F. VF, legend side well centered, cornucopia a bit off-center. $40

22 ---,---Another, not as nice. Fine. $20

23 ---,---Similar, but legend in cursive style/Double Cornucopia, with ribbons, pomegranate between horns. H-475, AJC-G. VF, both sides, mostly centered. $40

24 ---,--- Lead Prutah. Anchor/Border of dots and Aramaic inscription. H-476, AJC-D. Fine, typically only traces of the border and the legend on the reverse. $30

*25 mattathias antigonus. 40-37 bce. large bronze. double cornucopia with hebrew/ivy wreath. h-481, ajc-u7v, tjc-36. f-vf, some flat areas. $150

26 ---,---Æ20 (4 Prutot). Cornucopia/3 line legend. H-482, AJC-V, TJC-37. aF . $45

27 ---,---Æ Prutah. Double Cornucopia/Retrograde legend surrounded by wreath in border of dots. H-483, AJC-Y, TJC-40. F+/F, green patina. $30

*27a ---,---as above, but choice vf+. one of the nicest we've ever offered. $320

*27b herod the great. 40-4 bc. Æ 2 prutot. winged caduceus/poppy on branch. h-488v, tjc-46a, ajc-4. nice vf. variety without date or monogram. rare and seldom encountered. this is probably the nicest we've ever offered. $500

*28 ---,---Æ prutah. aphlaston, legend around/palm branch. tjc-47, hen-489, ajc-5. nice vf. $300

*29 ---,---Æ 2 prutot. cross surrounded by closed diadem/tripod table flanked by upright palm branches. tjc-48a, h-490, ajc-7. avf. $100

*30 ---,--- Æ prutah. anchor ??? ??c? /double cornucopia with caduceus within, all in border of dots. h-500, ajc-17d. ef/vf, very nice coin. variety with herod spelled without the £g. $125

31 ---,---Æ Lepton. Cornucopia, inscription to either side/Eagle standing right. H-501, AJC-23, TJC-66. F. 1st coin by Jewish ruler for use by Jews with graven image $40

*32 herod archelaus. 4 bc- 6 ad. Æ prutah. prow of galley/legend in wreath. h-506, ajc-5. avf/vf+. $90

*33 herod antipas. 4 bc-39 ad. Æ 1/4 unit (16mm, 4.82 grams). upright reed, lk? = year 24 = 20 ad/legend in wreath. hen-511, ajc-3. fine. $500

33a AGRIPPA I. 37-44. Æ Prutah. Canopy/3 ears of barley. H-553. Gd Fine. $37.50

*33b agrippa ii, 56-95. under nero. Æ14. turreted bust of tyche right/double cornucopia. h-584, ajc-5, tjc-132. f/vg, ragged flan. an extremely rare coin which hendin prices at $1500 to $4000. $800

*34 ---Æ 29. bust of vespasian right/tyche standing left. struck year 14, 74/75 ad. h- 589, ajc-8. f/avf. $175

*35 ---,---Æ 18. bust of domitian right/nike standing left writing on shield. struck year 14, 74/75 ad. h-592, ajc-11c. fine, reverse a bit o.c. $100

*36 ---,----Æ20. bust of domitian right/nike advancing right. h-602, ajc-22. struck year 24, 84/85 ad. nice f-vf. $125

*37 ---,---Æ18, laureate bust of domitian right/inscription in wreath. struck year 24, 83/84 ce. h-603, ajc-23, tjc-151. vf/avf. ex cng 36, 2183. $160

*38 ---,--- Æ14. laureate bust of domitian right/palm tree. struck year 25, 84/85 ce. h-607, ajc-28, tjc-156. af . $60

*39 ---,---Æ24. bust of titus right/nike advancing right, with wreath and palm branch, crescent in upper right field. struck year 26, 86/87 ad. h-612v, ajc-32av, tjc-160c. vf. very scarce with crescent in field. $250

*40 ---,--- Æ19. head of domitian right/sc within inscription. struck year 26, 86/87 ad. hen-616, ajc-36. vf, green patina. $140

*41 ---,----Æ28. bust of vespasian right/tyche standing left holding ears of corn and cornucopia, year 27 (=87/88). hen-619, ajc-38, tjc-166. f/vf. $200

*42 ---,----Æ26. head of domitian/tyche stg left. struck year 35, 95/96 ad. h-631, ajc-53. vf. scarce, 1st we've offered in 6 years! ex goldberg sale 10/01. $300

43 MARCUS AMBIBLIUS, Procurator under Augustus. 9-12 CE. Æ Prutah. Ear of barely/Palm Tree, year 39. H-636, TJC-313. Fine. $25

44 ---,----Another, nicer. aVF . $50

*45 ---,---a third and even nicer. choice vf. $80

46 VALERIUS GRATUS. Procurator under Tiberius. 15-26 AD. Æ Prutah. KAI CAP in

wreath/2 cornucopias, year 3. Hen-641, AJC-10, TJC-320. Gd Fine. $45

47 ---,---,---Inscription in wreath/3 Lilies in bloom. H-642, TJC-321. F. Uncommon. $40

48 ---,---,---Another. VG. $25

*49 ---,---,---vine leaf & small bunch of grapes/narrow necked amphora with scroll handles, flanked by date, yr 4. h-643, ajc-16, tjc-326. f-vf, touch off-center. $75

*50 ---,---,--- tib kap cai in wreath/palm branch, le = year 5. h-646, ajc-18, tjc-328. gd fine or better . $60

*51 ---,---,--- similar, but year 11-24 ad. hen-647, ajc-19, tjc-329. avf. $60

*52 pontius pilate, procurator under tiberius. 26-36 ad. Æ prutah. 3 ears of barley/simpulum (ladle), legend and date, year 16. h-648. decent fine. $75

53 ---,---,---As above, but G-VG. $50

54 ---,---,---3 of the above. $125

*55 ---,---,---lituus inside greek inscripton/date, liz, year 17 in wreath. h-650. f $75

56 ---,---,---As above, but only Gd. Lituus is decent and clear. $40

57 ---,---,---As above, group of 3. $100

58 ANTONINUS FELIX, Procurator under Claudius. 52-59 AD. Æ Prutah. Legend in wreath/2 crossed palm branches. H-651. VG . $25

*59 ---,---,---similar to above but a barbaric example. h-651a. vf+. ex palladium #12, 195. $75

60 ---,---,---Crossed spears & shields/Palm Tree, BPIT. H-652, AJC-29, TJC-340. FVF. A nice example of a coin naming Britannicus, younger son of Claudius. $50

*61 ---,---,---another barbaric coin. 2 oblong crossed shields, with 2 uncrossed spears behind the shields (they should be crossed)/palm tree with 2 bunches of dates, but circles instead of the dates. h-652aff. vf, rare as such. $125

62 PORCIUS FESTUS, Procurator under Nero. 59-62. Æ Prutah. Legend in wreath, "N's" retrograde/Palm branch, date retrograde. H-653v. Decent Fine. $30

*63 ---,---,---as above, normal lettering. h-653. vf, small flan. $50

*64 first revolt (jewish war). 66-70. year 2, 67-68. ar shekel (13.82). omer cup with pearled rim, base raised by projections on ends, "shekel of israel, year 2"/ stem with pearled bottom and 3 pomegranates, "jerusalem the holy". h-659, tjc- 193, ajc-8. ef . $2200

*65 ----,---ar half shekel (6.89). omer cup with pearled rim, base raised by projections on ends, "half a shekel, year 2"/stem with pearled bottome and 3 pomegranates, "jerusalem the holy". h-660, tjc-195, ajc-10. toned vf, a bit rough but certainly more than decent. the half shekels are much rarer than the shekels. $1850

66 ---,---Æ Prutah. Amphora, year two/Vine Leaf. H-661. Nice F-VF. $40

*67 ---, year 3. Æ prutah. similar to above, but different date and with lid over amphora on obverse. h-664, ajc-20. vf and scarcer than above. $100

68 ---Year 4. Æ 1/8 Shekel. Lulav, with etrog on either side, "year 4"/Chalice, "to the redemption of Zion". F/VG, bit rough. $150

*69 bar kochba revolt. 132-135. year 1. small bronze (5.17). bunch of grapes/palm tree. mild-147, hen-681a. vf. $250

*70 ---,----year two. ar zuz or denarius (3.44). bunch of grapes, "shimon"/lyre 3 strings, "year 2 of the freedom of israel". h-694, mild-43. ef and an extremely rare type. $1600

*71 ---,---medium bronze (8.65). palm tree, "shimon"/vine leaf, "year two of the freedom of israel". mild-69, tjc-260, h-708. avf. $200

*72 ---,--- (12.08). similar, a heavy example of this type. h-708, mild-73. vf-ef, pretty green-brown patina. $240

*73 ---,----(9.64). similar, mild-81, hen-708. f/vf. green patina. the reverse is very sharp on this coin. rare dies. mildenberg city only one example of this coin. $250

*74 ---,--- (10.24) similar. mild-82 tpc-259a, h-708. vf, only 3 examples cited. $250

*75 ---,---(9.41). similar. mild-92, tjc-259, h-708. vf . $235

*76 ---,---(11.79). similar. mild-93, tjc-259, h-708. vf. $235

*77 ---,--- (12.75). barbaric medium bronze. hen-708 sim., mild-174. vg/f, green patina. an unusual barbaric piece, with clumsy looking tree. ex wmr, ex-superior 12/95 herbst collection. $100

*77a ---,---middle bronze (4.59). palm branch in wreath, "for the freedom of jerusalem"/lyre with 3 strings, "shimon". h-735, mild-33. fine, a bit rough. $120

*78 ---,--- undated or year three. medium bronze (9.41). vine leaf, "for the freedom of jerusalem"/palm tree, "shimon". mild-106, h-736, tjc-292a. avf/vf . $250

*79 ---,--- (9.31). similar. h-736, mild-118. vg-f/vf. $150

*80 ---,--- (8.00). similar. h-736, mild-126. f-vf/vg. $150

*81 ---,--- (10.22). similar. mild-138, hen-736. choice vf, with clear outline of (vespasian's?) head on vine leaf side. a very nice example. $485

*82 ---,--- (10.71). similar. hen-736, mild-139. nice vf+. $300

*83 ---,--- Æ small bronze. (4.05). palm tree, jerusalem/bunch of grapes. hen-738, mild-157. avf. while hendin prices both this type and the type with inscription simon at the same price it is our experience that this type appears far less frequently. $200

*84 ---,---(5.46). bunch of grapes, "for the freedom of jerusalem"/palm tree, "shimon", in five letters three to right, 2 to left. mild-158, h-739v, tjc-302. vf, a bit off-center, brown patina. $140

*85 ---,---(5.00). similar but two letters to right, 3 to left. mild-159, h-739, tjc-302a. f-vf, green brown patina. $150

86 JUDAEA CAPTA, Titus. 79-81, Æ20.5. Laureate head of Titus/Nike stg. right with foot on helmet writing on shield hanging on palm tree. H-743, TJC-32. VG-F. $40

*87 ---,---Æ25. bust of titus right/judaea sits mourning l. of trophy, shield to right. h- 745, ajc-5. fine, well centered. $75

88 ---Domitian. 81-96. Æ29. Struck at Caesarea. Head of Domitian right/Palm Tree. H-746, AJC-9, TJC-394. G-VG. Scarce issue. $60

89 ---,---Another, but nicer. $120

*90 ---,---Æ24. laur. head of domitian right/nike in flowing gown advancing left. hen- 747, ajc-10. choice vf, nice green patina. judaea capta coins struck in palestine are seldom found this nice. ex 29f, #138. $275

*91 ---,--- Æ23. head of domitian leftminerva in flowing gown adv. left, holding trophy in right hand and spear and shield in left. h-749, ajc-7, tjc-392. f-vf. $60

*92 ---,---another, but a nice vf, pretty dark greenish patina. ex wmr 30c, #131. $150

*93 ---,---head of domitian right/nike in flowing gown advancing left. h-750, ajc-8, tjc-393. fine. $60

*94 ---,---similar but with an unlisted obverse legend variant reading "caes. avg" instead of caesar. h-750v, tjc-393v. vf. $150

*95 ---,---Æ20. laur head right/trophy. nice green-brown patina. hen-751, ajc-5. vf/f, scarce. $150

*96 10th legion countermark. c. 100 ad. Æ23mm. lxf countermark on neck of domitian and another countermark of male head right. as usual the reverse of this coin is basically gone. h-806. cm avf, coin vg-f/poor. $200


*97 abila, faustina, jr., wife of marcus aurelius. Æ21. her bust right/cornucopia with 3 bunches of grapes, legend, date, 162/163 ad. ros-4. decent fine . $110

*98 ---caracalla. 198-217. Æ25. his bust right/hercules wrestling the nemean lion, year 265 = 201/202. ros-19. nice avf . $200

99 AELIA CAPITOLINA (JERUSALEM), Antoninus Pius. 138-161. Æ23. Bust right/ Bust of Tyche right. Mesh-21, Ros-11. VG/F . $40

*100 ---,---Æ20. his bust right/bust of marcus aurelius right. commemorates elevation of aurelius as caesar. mesh-37, ros-25. vf, ex wmr 29f #146. $150

*101 ---, julia domna, wife of septimius severus. Æ17. her bust right/nemesis standing left, wheel at feet. mesh-83, ros-49. gd vf, rare, esp. this nice. $325

*102 ---elagabalus. 218-222. Æ21. bust right/she-wolf suckling romulus and remus. mesh-119-121. fine. $200

103 AKKO-PTOLEMAIS. Cleopatra and Antiochus VIII. 125-121. Æ17. Radiate head of Antiochus/Head-dress of Isis, legend naming both rulers, dated year 189 (124-123 AD). BMC-9. Nice Fine . $50

104 ---2nd Century BC. Æ15. Heads of Dioscuri right, with star above each/ Cornucopia, legend to either side. Ros-29. F-VF. $30

105 ---Claudius. 40-54. Æ13. Bust of Zeus right/Club between legends and wreath. Struck 49/50. Ros-45, Kad-91. F/VF. $45

*106 ---caracalla. 198-217. Æ23. bust r/tyche stg left, holding rudder & cornucopiae being crowned by nike on column. r56, k136, bmc-. vf, nice green patina. $150

*107 ---,---ar tetradrachm (13.55). laur bust right/eagle standing with head left, between legs a figure holding harpa, flanked by 2 horned animals. bell-252 (as orthosia), ros-61v, h-820v (he describes as eagle's head left, but pictures eagle's head right). choice vf+. this type is much scarcer than the similar type with the eagle's head right. $250

*108 ---,---,---(11.62). laur bust right/eagle standing with head left, between legs caps of dioscuri. bell-260 (as tripolis), prieur-1227a. vf. both prieur and henri seyrig (see rn 1962, p. 25) have reattributed the coins with the caps of discouri to akko. ex brian kritt. $250

109 ---Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ27. Laureate bust right/Hexastyle temple with Tyche being crowned by Nike. Year 268 = 220/221 AD. Kad-171. VG/F. $100

*110 ---philip jr. 247-249. Æ27. bareheaded bust right/portable shrine with diety. ros-, kad-221. vf, a few weak areas, striations on obverse. scarce. $185

*111 anthedon, severus alexander. 222-235. Æ23. laur bust right/tyche seated left on chair, holding 1/2 round sail of galley in right hand, short scepter in left. ros-8, bmc-2. nearly vf, with green and brown patina. a rare coin from a rare city. $300

112 ASCALON. Before 104 BC, Æ15. Head of Tyche right/War Galley, AC above. Ros-48. aVF, a bit off-center. $40

113 ---Æ11. Similar, but smaller. "C" off-flan. Ros-49. VG. $20

113a ---Æ17. Bust of Tyche/Galley, "??" & date, 72/73 AD. Ros-53. F-VF. $25

113b ---Æ15. Similar, dated AKC for year 221 above. Ros-68, F/VF, rev. bit o-c. $40

114 ---Caligula. 37-41. Æ27. Bust left/Turreted Tyche standing left on galley, dove to right, Year 143 = 39/40 AD. Ros-91. VG/VG-F, off-center. $35

115 ---Nero. 54-68. Æ19. Bust of emperor right/War god Phanebal holding palm branch & shield in left hand, raising harpoon in right, year 170. Ros-100. VG-F. $25

116 ---,---Æ23. Bust right/Tyche standing on prow holding standard & aphalaston, dove at right, year 171 = 67/68. Ros-103. Fine. $40

117 ---Domitian. Æ24. Bust right/Tyche as above, 85/86 AD. R-114. VG-F. $40

118 ---,---Æ22. Bust left/Tyche sim to above, same date. R-115. Fine. $55

119 ---,---Æ19. Bust right/Phanebal stg, date=198=94/95 AD. Ros-119. F/VF. $40

120 ---Trajan. 98-117. Æ26. Bust right/Turreted city-goddess standing left, date year 215 or 111/112 AD. Ros-136. Fine. $40

121 ---,---Similar but Year 216 = 112/113 AD. Ros-140. Nice Fine + . $60

*122 --- antoninus pius. 138-161. Æ20. his bust right/turreted tyche standing left, holding standard and cornucopia, dove in field at 5:00 o'clock. dated 255 (151/152 ad). bmc-211, not in ros. nice vf and scarce. $75

*123 bostra. faustina sr. wife of antononus pius (struck after her death). Æ14- 16. her veiled draped bust right/3 ears of barley inside of laurel wreath, nt to left ob to right. r11, sp-15(2), bmc-2 (as nicopolis emmaus), kind-11. f-vf/vf. irregular flan. $75

*124 --- quasi-autonomous. year 75(?), 180-181 ad. Æ 1/2 quadrans (12mm). bust of tyche right (o)e/camel right, "bostra" above. choice vf, obverse a bit off-center. the date seems to us to look much more like a greek e than a greek z and if so this is an unlisted date. kindler-19, ros-22 and spike-3 are all similar but with the date reading oz. $150

*125 ---severus alexander 222-235. Æ21. bust right/bust of city goddess left, cornucopiae behind shoulder. ros-42, sp-50, , ans-1218, kind-36, hen-833. f-vf. $60

126 ---,---Æ20 Bust right/Bust of Zeus Ammon right. Ros-47, Sp-52. VG-F. $45

*126a ---philip jr. 247-249. Æ28.5. radiate bust of philip ii/agonistic wreath, tied below, with ornament at top and bottom. kind-46, ros-52, spike-60. nice vf, a very attractive and scarce (especially this nice) large bronze coin. ex triton i. $450

*127 ---trajan decius. 248-251 ad. Æ26. bust right/zeus ammon clasping hands with turreted tyche.ros-54,sp-63. f+ and scarce. $200

*128 caesarea, nero. 54-68. Æ23. bust of nero right/tyche standing with spear in left hand and bust in right hand, year 14 = 67/68 ad. ros-2, , hen-834. f/vf . $75

129 ---Trajan. 98-117. Æ22. Bust right/Nike adv. left. Ros-21. aF. $30

*130 --- hadrian. 117-138. Æ30. laur bust right/founder plows right ros-24, h-836. vf, well struck and centered. ex wmr, ex waddell. $300

131 ---,---Similar but not as nice. Fine +. $120

132 ---,---Æ18. Bust right/Apollo hldg serpent, left hand on tripod. R-25. aF. $25

133 ---Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. Æ21. Bust r/Eagle supp. wreath containing SPQR on spread wings. Ros-91, Kad-97. Fine. $40

*134 ---trajan decius. 248-251. Æ26. laur bust right/an altar with horns, behind it a palm tree on left & a fig tree on right. ros-129, bmc-158. af/f, green patina. $120

135 ---Herennia Etruscilla wife of Trajan Decius. Æ21. Bust right/Bust of Turreted Tyche right. Ros-134. Fine, green patina. $75

*136 capitolias, commodus. 177-192. Æ21-25. laur. bust right/turreted tyche, standing left, wearing chiton and peplos, resting right hand on spear, with left hand holding cornucopia, date (year 93 = 190/191 in ex.). ros-1-, sp-14. vg-f. all coins from this city are rare. $200

*136a charachmoba, elagabalus. 218-222. bust right/turreted tyche stg facing head left,with rudder & cornucopiae. ros-1, spike-1. vg/f-vf. extremely rare, this is one of the most difficult cities to find. ex-superior 12/95 auction,. $950

*136b diospolis-lydda (lod), caracalla. 198-217. Æ26. bust of caracalla right/bust of turreted tyche left, date, year 10, (209/210) in field. ros-10, h-847. avf. ex wmr, ex triton i. all coins from this city are rare. this is particularly nice. $500

*137 dium, caracalla. 198-217. Æ28. his bust right/6 columned temple with eagle and flame-altar. dated year 268 = 204/205 ad. as ros-1, sp-1, but letter "p" missing after cv in upper right. vf, high grade for coin from this city. $200

*138 ---,---Æ27. similar but 207/208. as r-3 but legend sl. different. gd fine . $110

*139 ---geta. 209-212. Æ22. bareheaded bust right/cult figure of hadas facing, holding sceptre, surrounded by eagle & nike, hic=268=204/5. r5, sp-6, fine+. $140

*140 ---,---Æ23. bust/war god facing holding scepter with egle atop and nike, recumbent bulls at either side 270, 206/207 ad. sp-7, ros-6. vf, dark green patina. $100

*141 dora, time of nero. Æ23. laureate, bearded bust of doros right/turreted astarte, wearing long chiton, resting on a standard, holding cornucopia. dated year 128 = 64/65 ad. ros-16, nice vf. $100

*142 --- trajan. 98-117. Æ22-26. laur bust right, star in front/bust of tyche r, poe=175=11/112 ad, all in oak-wreath. r25, bmc-33. avf. $100

*143 ---,---Æ19. bust right/astarte stg, poe = yr. 175. ex dan friedenberg collection. ros-27, bmc-24. nice vf. $120

*144 ---hadrian. 117-138. Æ23.5. his laur bust right/bust of doras right, dated year 180 116/117 ad. ros-30,, bmc-37. vf . $120

145 ELEUTHEROPOLIS, Septimius Severus. 193-211. Æ25. Bust right/Tetrastyle Temple, withing Tyche holding himan head & cornucopia, river-god swimming below. EO = Year 9 =207/208 AD. Ros-8.G/VG. $100

*146 ---julia domna, wife of severus. Æ21. nike walking left, holding palm branch. ros-10. vf. nice, coins from this city are usually found in very low grades. $175

*146a ---caracalla. 198-217. Æ23. bust right/zeus heliopolis standing facing, bulls at feet, year 8 (206/207 ad). ros-14, sng ans-892, bmc-3. gd very fine. $450

*147 gaba, domitian. 81-96. Æ19. laur bust right/ mên, wearing tunic, standing, holding sceptre, crescent behind head. 136=75/76 ad ros-4, bmc-1. vg-f. $100

*148 ---hadrian. Æ23. laur bust right/nike walking left, holding wreath & trophy, zop = 177 = 116/117. r9, ans-900.nice fine. $100

149 GADARA, Augustus. 31 BC -14 AD. Æ21. Bare headed bust right/Turreted bust of Tyche right, Year 34. Ros-9. Fine. $35

150 ---Vespasian. 69-79. Æ20. Laur bust right, c/m bust right on neck/Tyche stg l, with cornucopiae & wreath, LE AP=135=71/72 AD. R32, SP-26.1a, ANS-1301. VG. $40

*151 ---titus. 79-81. Æ16. laur bust right/bust of tyche right. year 135 = 71/72 ad. ros-33, sp-27. f-vf, although date a bit weak. $60

152 ---,---Æ16. Bust right/Double Cornucopia, year 135 = 71/72 AD. R-34.VG/F. $35

*154 --- marcus aurelius. 161-180. Æ23. bust right/bust of hercules right, year 224 (160/161 ad). sp-38, ros-43. fine. $60

155 ---,---Æ24. Similar, year 237, 173/174 AD. Ros-50.VG/F. $50

156 ---Lucius Verus. 161-169. Æ25. Similar 161/162 AD. Ros-57. VG+. $45

157 ---Commodus. 177-192. Æ20. Bust right/Tyche stg r., over river-god, holding spear & cornucopia being crowned by Nike on column, 179/180. R-66. VG. $25

*158 gaza (?), antiochus iv. Æ19. rad bust of antiochus right/nike standing left in biga, gaza monogram between horse's legs. ros-18. f-vf. the attribution to gaza is uncertain. rosenberger (and g. fisher) attribute it to gaza, while sng-israel (1141) tend toward acke-ptolemais. $40

159 GERASA, Hadrian. 117-138. Æ15. Bust right/Draped bust of Artemis-Tyche, quiver at shoulder, bow in front. Ros-9. Fine . $50

160 ---Commodus. 177-192. Æ18. Bust right/Tyche std l. on rock, holding ears of barely, half-figure of river-god below. Ros-27, Spike-22. VF, bit rough. $60

161 HIPPOS-SUSSITA, Marcus Aurelius. 161-180. Æ26 Bust right/Tyche stg. left holding reins horse beside her. Ros-10. VG . $60

*161a --- lucius verus. 161-169. Æ23. similar to above, but different reverse legend & date in ex, kc =229=165/166. r12, sp-18. choice vf+, nice green patina, a superb example of this coin. $350

162 --- Caracalla. 198-217. Æ25. Bust right/Pegasus stg left., looking back. Ros-22. G-VG, rare type. $30

*163 marisa. gabinus. 1st century bce. Æ20. male head of gabinus right/palm branch, year 3. hen-874a, qedar-inj 13, c2, pl 10 #81. vf. all coins from this city are very rare. choice vf. $500

*163a medaba, septimius severus. 193-211. Æ26. bust right/helios stg in facing quadriga. ros-2, spike-2, hen-875. f-vf, green brown patina. a nice example of this scarce coin. ex-superior 12/95 auction. ex wmr 28c, #234 @$511. $425

*164 ---elagabalus. 218-222. Æ19. bust r/tyche stg l. r-10, bmc-3. vf. $175

*165 neapolis, domitian. 81-96. Æ26. bust right/4 line legend. year 11=82/83 ad. ros-1, bmc-2, ans-961, hen-877. f-vf. $120

166 ---Antoninus Pius. 138-161. Æ20. Bust right/Mt. Gerizim surrmounted by temple of Zeus, flight of stairs. Unp.? Fine. $35

*167 ---faustina jr., wife of marcus aurelius. Æ27. bust right/tyche standing, looking left, right hand resting on rudder, left hand holding cornucopiae, year 88 = 159/160. ros-20, bmc-56, hen-880. aef. ex superior 12/96 #1516. $250

*168 ---,---similar to above, but countermark of head (commodus?) on neck of fautina jr., wife of marcus aurelius. Æ26. bust right/tyche standing, looking left, right hand resting on rudder, left hand holding cornucopia, year 89. bmc-58, sng-ans- 976 (both w/o countermark). countermark howgego-140. coin vg, c/m fine. rare, perhaps unpublished. $75

*169 ---lucius verus. 151-169. Æ23.5. bust right/cultus-statue of zeus-helipolites flanked by 2 bulls, legend around, date in field. year 90 = 161/162 ad. ros-22, bmc- 74. f-vf, small indentation in upper right reverse field. $60

170 ---Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ24. Bust right/Mt. Gerizim, left peak with temple, right peak with altar. Ros-36. VG. $35

171 --- Volusian. 251-253. Æ25. Bust right/Mt. Gerizim above eagle. R-125. G+ $25

*172 ---,---Æ24. radiate bust right/table supported by eagle with wings spread and head left, mt. gerizim above, legend on tablet. bmc-164, ros-127. nice vf . $300

*173 nysa-scythopolis, gordian iii. 238-244. Æ25. bust right/young dionysus, nude but for chlamys flying behind him, advancing right, right hand holding thyrsos placing left hand on small hermlike figure, at left, panther looking upwards. dated year 304 = 240/241 ad.ros-59, bmc-13. vg. $60

174 --- Elagabalus. 218-222. Bust right/legend in 4 lines, year 284 = 220/221. Ros- 46. Gd, but scarce. $40

175 ---,---Æ25. Bust right/Zeus std l., hldg Nike & scepter, year 282 = 218/19 AD. Sp- 39, Ros-unlisted. aF/F and rare. $100

*176 pella, commodus. 177-192. Æ25. laureate head right/tyche seated right on rocks, holding grain ears in both hands, river god swimming below, year 246 (182/183). ros-8, spike-7. vf, a few areas of flatness. great portrait. $175

*177 petra, hadrian. Æ16. 117-138. laureate bust right/city name, in 3 lines, inside laurel wreath. ros-9, sp-16. nice vf. ex-superior 9/94 sale. $120

178 ---Geta. 209-212. Æ19. Bust right, with countermark (? in circle) on back of head/ Tyche seated left in Distyle temple. Sim to Ros-29, Sp-50 (both are larger and w/o countermark). Fine. $60

*179 ---elagabalus. 218-222. Æ22. bust of emperor right/founder plowing right. sp- 56, ros-35. vf. obverse a bit off-center. $75

*180 philadelphia, hadrian. 117-138. Æ23. bust of hadrian right/bust of turreted tyche right. ros-14, sp-16. f-vf/vf, reverse just a tad off-center. $200

*181 ---marcus aurelius. 161-180. Æ21. his laureate bearded bust right/bust of hercules with lion's skin knotted around neck right. ros-26, sp-20. gd fine . . . $75

182 RABBATHMOBA, Septemius Severus. 193-211. Æ28. Laur bust right/War-god Ares standing. Ros-2. aF . $75

*183 ---,---war-god ares, standing facing on a square base with 4 pilasters and on a broad plinth. ros-4, sp-8. vf. the published examples of this coin are so poor (and this is comparatively so nice) we can only guess as to the absolute attribution. $240

184 RAPHIA, Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ25. Bust right/Apollo holding branch, resting on tripod entwined with serpent, year 278 = 218/219 AD. Ros-15. VG . $45

185 --- Severus Alexander. 222-235. Æ22. Bust right/ Zeus std left on throne, resting left hand on scepter & holding in r., Nike, eagle at feet. Ros-20, BMC-7. VG. $60

*186 sebaste, domitian. 81-96. Æ15. his laureate bust right/crested helmet with cheek piece, year 109 (84/85). ros-10, bmc-6. vf. $120

*187 --- commodus. 177-192. Æ23.5. bust right/demeter or kore standing right, with torch & corn, 215 = 190/191. ros-13, bmc-9. vg. $100

*188 sepphoris-diocaesarea, trajan. 98-117. Æ22. laur. bust right/palm tree, 2 bunches of dates, similar legend to above. ros-4, bmc-6, hen-907. f/vf. $120

189 ---,---Æ20. Bust right/Caduceus. Ros-5. Fine, green patina. $60

*190 ---,---Æ14. bust right/2 ears of barely, bound together by their stalks, legend to either side. ros-6, bmc-17, hen-909. gvf,. $200

191 ---Antoninus Pius. 138-161. Æ24. Bust right/Turreted Tyche standing in Tetrastyle temple. Ros-8v (different reverse legend). Nice Fine. $75

*192 tiberias, claudius. 41-54. Æ18 (8.02). legend around palm, li =year 13 = 53/54 ad/legend in 2 lines. bmc-1v, ros-4v, kind-2v, sng-ans-1098v. f-vf, a bit o.c. very rare in this 3/4 ? denomination which i cannot find published all the published examples are either smaller or larger. similar to the coins of herod antipas, which were struck here as well. $325

193 ---Trajan. 98-117. Æ26.Bust right/Tyche stg. on prow, year 81. R-5. F, clnd. $65

194 ---,---Æ23. Bust r/Hygeia sitting on rock, snake in r. hand, left hand feeding it,hot spring below. Ros-7. VG. The local hot springs was a well know attraction. $50

*195 ---,---Æ20. bust right/palm branch between 2 interlocked cornucopiae, year 90 = 108/109 ad. ros-9, bmc-17, h-913. nice vf. $100

*196 ---,--- Æ15. bust right/anchor, year 91 = 109/110. ros-11, bmc-21. vf. $100

ANCIENT GREEK COINS    (back to top)

197 GAUL, Massalia. After 400 BC. AR Obol (.53). Young head of Apollo left/ M-(A). Toned aVF. $75

*198 ---,---2nd century bc. ar drachm (2.65). large head of artemis right, quiver at shoulder/lion left, objects below, ?? in ex., ?????. forrer-42v. ef/gvf. $450

199 APULIA, TEATE. c. 217 BC. Æ Quincunx. Helmeted head of Athena right/Owl. SG-593. Fine, bit rough. Scarce. $100

200 SICILY, Abakainon. 450-400 BC. AR Litra. Laur. hd of Zeus r/Boar stg. right, acorn before. SG-739. Sl. chipped, a bit oxidized, but still a decent F-VF . $150

201 ---Akragas. 472-420 BC. AR Litra (.61). Eagle standing left with closed wings/ Crab. SG-746, BMC-50. F/VF. $90

202 ---,---Early 5th Century BC. Æ Hexas, toothed shaped coin. Eagle/Crab, 2 dots (weak) at bottom. SG-1020ff, Cal I, 7, 146. VF, green patina. $115

203 ---,---,---Æ Oinka, almond shaped. Eagle's head/Crab's craw. SG-1021. Crude VG, possibly a weight rather than an actual coin (as above is also). $30

204 ---,---405-392 BC. Æ Hemilitron. Hd of young Hercules right, wearing lion's all in countermarked incuse circle. SG-1026, SNG Cop-88. F-VF, pretty green patina $120

205 ---,---338-287 BC. Æ Hemilitron. Hd of River-god left/Eagle on column, crab left, pellets above. SNG Cop-93, SG-1027. F-VF, green patina. $170

206 ---,---241-210 BC. Æ21. Æ21. Hd of Zeus right/Eagle standing and facing. SG- 1037, SNG ANS-1147. GVF, greenish patina. $90

209 ---Alasia. c. 340 BC. Æ21. Griffin springing left/Horse prancing left, exerguel line below. SG-1048v, SNG Cop-133. Fine. $35

210 ---Entella. 343-339 BC. Æ17. Campanian helmet/Horse r. Cal I,14. aVF/F. $40

*211 ---eryx. 400-340 bc. Æ9. hd of hercules right/octupus. cal 1, 24a, page 287. f/gf. cute little coin, unpublished obverse. $175

*211a ---galaria. c. 460 bc. ar obol (.33). zeus enthroned left, retrograde legend/ dionysos stg l., hldg kantharos & vine branch. sg-784, sng ans-1. toned f-vf, but chipped. still most of design there. extremely rare locale, 1st we've offered. $400

212 ---Gela. 480-470 BC. AR Obol (.57), Forepart of man-headed bull right/Wheel with 4 spokes. SG-787. F-VF, slight oxidation. $90

213 ---,---465-450 BC. AR Litra. Horse standing right/Forepart of man-headed bull right. SG-791. Fine, grainly. $90

214 ---,---430-425 BC. AR Litra (.44). Horseman with spear and shield on horse pracing left/Forepart of man-headed bull r. SG-797. Fine, although a bit bent. $60

215 ---,---420-405 BC. Æ Trias. Bull stg left, 5 pellets below/Head of river-god with horns right. SG1095v. VF, bull side a bit off-center. $70

*216 ---himera. 465-415 bc. ar litra. (.63). winged monster with bearded human head, goat's horn etc/younth on goat left. sg-816, ans-172. toned avf . $150

217 ---Kamarina. 460-450 BC. AR Litra (.50). Athena standing left/Nike flying right, swan below. SG-757. VG, a bit bent . $50

218 ---,---413-405 BC. Æ Oinka. Gorgon's head/Owl stg l., hldg lizard in claw,1 pellet in ex. SG-1064, BMC-41. VF, touch off-center. $65

219 ---Katane. Before 476 BC. AR Litra (.66). Hd of Selenus right/Winged thunderbolt. As BMC-11?. Scarce reverse type. aF . $150

220 ---,---Under the Romans. After 212 BC. Æ22. Janiform head of Sarapis/Demeter standing left. SG-1076. F-VF, bit rough. $75

221 ---Kelphaloidion. 344-336 BC. Æ14. Head of Hercules right/Pegusus flying right. Cal 1, 371, 3. Choice VF, bit off-center. Nice green patina. $100

222 ---Menainon, Roman Rule. After 210 BC. Æ Tetra. Hd of Demeter right/2 torches, pellets below. SG-1129, SNG Cop 383. Fine . $30

223 ---Naxos. 465-430 BC. AR 1/2 Litra (.16) Grapes/Cup or Vase. F, chipped. $150

*224 ---panormus, under the romans. after 240 bc. Æ11. head of demter left/prow of ship ??? mongram above. sg-1165, bmc-23. choice vf. $100

*225 ---,---or romano-sicily. after 212 bc. Æ13. head of hercules in lion's skin left/ na so in 2 lines in wreath. reverse as sng cop-1042. vf. rare and perhaps unpublished. . $200

226 ---Selinus. 466-415 BC. AR Litra (.57) Nymph std left on rock, with serpent/Manheaded bull stg right. As SG-909, but legend above seems to be Punic!. F, clpd$250

227 ---Solus. Late 4th Century BC. Æ14. Hippodcamp right with curled wing/Hd of young Hercules right. SG-1180, Cal 1, 2,309. VF, irreg. flan, thus bit o.c. Nice . $80

228 ---,---300-241 BC. Æ14. Bearded hd of Hercules right/Horse r. Cal-311. VF $100

229 ---Syracuse. 485-478 BC. AR Obol. Hd of Artemis-Arethusa right/Wheel of 4 spokes. SG-919. VF. $75

230 ---,---475-450 BC. AR Litra.. Hd of Artemis-Arethusa right/Cuttle fish. SG-929. Toned VF . $60

231 ---,---440-425 BC. Æ Trias. Hd of Arethusa right/Cuttle fish. SG-1184. VF. $70

*232 ---,---409-395 bc. time of elder. Æ hemilitron (Æ18, 8.11 grams). head of athena wearing helmet left/hippocamp left with bridle. sng ans-438, cal, ii, 41, p. 86. choice vf, very pretty. $140

233 ---,---344-336, Timoleon. Æ Litra. Head of Zeus right/Ealge, Thunderbolt. SG- 1192. VF, but tooled. $75

234 ---,---317-289. Agathokles. Æ18. Young male head right/Lion right, club above. SG-1201. Dark VF, light tooling, still a very decent coin. $75

235 ---,--- 275-215. Hieron II. Æ27. Head of Hieron left/Horseman right. SG-1221. VF, green patina, tad rough. $60

236 ---,---Under the Romans.After 212 BC. Æ19. Hd of Sarapis right/Isis standing left. SG-1231. VF/F. $35

*237 ---siculo-punic. 370-340 bc. Æ9. young male head left/horse running right. cal-3, 8, 381 similar. vf and rare as a tiny coin such as this. $120

238 ---Thermai. After 252 BC. Æ13. Female head right, border of dots/Goat lying right. BMC-8. VF. $50

*239 thrace, byzantion. 416-357 bc. ar drachm (5.31). cow standing left on dolphin, ?y above/incuse "mill-sail" pattern. sg-1579. vf . $180

*240 --- thasos. 550-463 bc. ar stater (8.24). satyr and nymph/incuse square. sng cop-1010. vf. $275

*241 macedon kings, alexander iii, the great. 336-323. bc. ar tetradrachm (16.90). head of hercules as alexander the great right/zeus std left, holding eagle and thunderbolt, "a" or perhaps a monogram of "a" to left. lightly toned ef. $400

*241a ---,--- ar tetradrachm (16.71) of aspendos (probably). head of young hercules right clad in lion's skin/zeus seated left on throne holding scepter and eagle, a£u above kb at left, countermark of anchor at right. year 22 of local era. price-2901 (w/o cmk), sg-5401ff. vf. $200

*241b ---,---ar tetradrachm (16.13) of odessos. head of hercules w. features of mithradates/zeus enthroned left, legends below & to left. price-1193. gd vf, some obverse scratches. $250

*242 ---perseus. 179-168 bc. ar tetradrachm (15.59). his head right/eagle standing right on t-bolt, "a" mongram, legend. sg-6802, sng cop-1226v. vf. $925

243 THESSALY, Crannon. Thessaly, 400-344 BC. Æ17. Hd of Zeus right/Horseman galloping right, KP A above, IN below. BMC-7ff, Rog 185. VF/GF, green patina. $50

244 ---Larissa. 400-344 BC. Æ14. Hd of nymph r., hair rolled/Horse grazing left. Rogers-295. VF, pretty green patina. $60

245 ---,---,---Æ11. Hd of nymph left/Horse grazing right. SNG Cop 145. GVF. $60

*246 ---metropolis. 300-190 bc. Æ20. laur. head of apollo right/aphrodite castnia stg l, hldg dove, eros in field before her. bmc-7, 4, cop-174. fine . $75

*247 euboia, chalkis. 390-294 bc. ar drachm (3.65). hd of hera right, hair rolled/ eagle flying right carrying snake. sng cop-432. nice vf . $240

*248 aigina. 510-490 bc. ar stater (12.00). smooth-shelled turtle, banker's mark/ incuse square. sng cop-501-3, sg-1851. nice fine. $250

*249 paphlagonia, sinope. 415-365 bc. ar drachm (4.96). head of sinope left in border of dots/sea-eagle left on dolphn, £h£l£p£[ below, £d£f to upper right. bmc-11, sg-3962. ef. $300

*250 ionia, ephesos. 133-67 bc, year 2. ar cistophoric tetradrachm(12.73). cista mystica w. serpent in ivy wreath/bow case, serpents ??? torch, "b". sng cop- 316v. aef, luster . $350

*251 ---,----as above, this example weighs 12.75 grams. $350

*252 ---,---similar at 12.75, undated w. stature of artemis-ephesia at right on reverse. sng von auluck-1852, bmc-144. aef, luster. $385

252a ---,---350-288 BC. Æ15. Bee/Stag kneeling left, looking back, astragalos above, magistrate's name to left. SG-4402 sim, As BMC 63-67. Fine. $25

252b ---Magnesia. 4th-3rd Centry BC. Æ13. Hd of Apollo left/Forepart of bull rushing r., meander pattern above. SG-4489v, SNG Cop=804. VF. $40

*253 ---miletos. 350-300 bc. ar hemidrachm (1.73). head of laureate apollo left/lion walking left, head back, star above. sng cop-967ff. ch. vf. $190

253a CARIA, Halikarnassos. 3rd-1st Century BC. Æ17. Bearded hd of Poseidon r/Tri dent head with dolphins between tines. SG-4881v. F. $35

253b ---Kaunos. 309-189 BC. Æ12. Hd of Apollo r/"K" & cornucopia bound with fillet, all in incuse squre. Lind-628ff. F/VG . $25

253c ---,---2nd Century BC. Æ15. Hd of Apollo right/Nude figure holding transverse scepter with snake on lower end. SNG Von Auluck-8103. VF, bit grainy. $40

*254 ---knidos. before 480 bc. ar drachm (6.20). forepart of lion right/ archaic head of aphrodite right in incuse square. sng cop-200. f/vf . $375

254a PAMPHYLIA, Attaleia. Æ16. Hd of Poseidon right/Poseidon stg l., holding trident, dolphin below. SG-5408. VF. $45

254b---,---Æ12. Dolphin left/Rudder. SG-5411, SNG VA-4613. VG-F. $40

*255 ---side. 460-410 bc, ar stater (10.93). pomegranate in guilloche border/head of athena r. in corinthian helmet. cf bmc-8, sg-5425v. vf, rare . $1000

*256 seleukid kingdom, demetrius i, soter. 162-150 bc. ar tetradrachm (16.63). head of demetrius i r/tyche std. l on throne, holding scepter & cornucopia, mongrams to left, date below (158 = 155/4 bc). sng israel-1269, sg-7015. vf$250

*257 phoenicia, tyre. after 126 bc. year 29, 98/97 bc. ar shekel (14.34). head of melkarth right/ eagle standing left on thunderbolt, club & date to left, mongram to right. hen-917, bmc-114v. choice ef. the famous coin of the bible, "30 pieces of silver" or the "shekel of tyre". this is a high grade specimen on a large and broad planchet. $725

*258 ---,---,---year 112, 15/14 bc. (13.56). as above but the later type attributed by many to jerusalem. typical small flan, and a bit off-center. h-919, fine. $400

*259 ---,---,---another as above (13.7). year 145, 19/20 ad. rpc-4658, vg/f. $300

260 NABATEAN KINGS, Aretas IV. 9 BC - 40 AD. Æ18. Aretas & Shugailat/Double Cornucopia. M-112-114. aF/F+. $35

261 PARTHIA, Orodes II. 57-38 BC. AR Drachm (3.62). Bare-headed bust left, royal wart on forehead/Archer on throne. Shore-261. VF, stained. $40

262 INDO-PARTHIAN, Soter Megas. 55-105 AD. Æ Tetradrachm. Bust of King Tamgha r., with 11 rays above/Horseman right. Decent VF. $45

*263 indo-greek, apollodotos i. 180-160 bc. bilingual. series iv. ar square drachm (2.35). elephant standing right, an monogram/humped bull standing right, a monogram. macw-1751. vf-ef. $135

*264 indo-scythian, azes ii. 35 bc-5 ad. ar tetradrachm (9.44). king on horse right/zeus standing left, holding nike. macw-2360. gd vf. $155

265 KUSHANS, Soter Megas. 55.105 AD. Æ Tetradrachm. Bust of King right/ Horseman/ MACW-2928ff. aVF, obv. a bit o.c. $30

266 ---Kanishka. 130-158 AD. Æ Unit. King standing facing altar/Radiate Helios stg left. MACW-3098-99. With shaft of Siva's trident showing, OHPO rev. Bold VF . $40

267 ---,---Similar but Æ 1/4 Unit. MIIPO on rev. MACW-3158ff. VF. $40

268 WESTERN KSHATRAPAS, Vijayasena as Mahakshatrapa. 238-250 AD. AR Drachm. Bust r/3 arched hill w. moon & sun, year 164 Saka. MACW-2706. VF . $20

269 ---Rudrasena II as Mahakshatrapa. 256-278 AD. AR Drachm. Design as above. Dated 189 Saka. MACW-2734-35,BMC-600. VF . $20

*270 ptolemaic egypt, ptolemy iv. 205-180 bc.Æ25. head of isis right in curls. bound in corn/eagle standing left on thunderbolt. sng cop-248. ef, rare thus. $500


*271 thrace, philippopolis, caracalla. 198-217. Æ30. hd right/nude athlete adv. right. for alexandrian pythian games in 214 ad. weber-2774ff. avf. $225

272 MACEDON, Thessalonica. Tiberius. 14-37 AD. Æ21. Head left/Legend in 2 lines. Fine+. Scarce with head left. $75

273 CARIA, Aphrodisias, c. 3rd Cent. AD. Æ26/ Youthful head of Demos right, with countermark of a radiate head looking right on neck/Aphrodite standing left, holding apple and resting on scepter. BMC-25, Lind-612 (this coin). VG. Lindgren does not mention the countermark but it certainly is apparent on the coin and in the plate. $40

274 PHRYGIA, Hierapolis. Augustus. 27 BC-14 AD. Æ19. Bare head of Augustus right/Tripod with laurel branch in bowl at top, legend to either side. RPC-2945, BMC- 100. VF. $40

275 PAMPHYLIA, Perga. Caracalla. 198-217. Æ18. Bust right/Artemis stg. right holding bow and arrow. SNG Cop-325. aF. $40

276 ---,---Gallienus. 253-268. Æ 10 Assaria. Bust right, "I" below/Tyche facing left hldg ship's rudder and cornucopia. BMC-76. Fine+, bit rough. $50

276a ROMAN EGYPT, Trajan. Bi Tetradrachm. Laur. hd. right/Serpent with caduceus, year 15. Curtis-314, Emm-369, Milne-649. Gd Very Fine. $140

*277 ---hadrian. 117-138. Æ drachm. laur bust right/sarapis and emperor standing in temple, year 17. milne-1377, emm-1042. f-vf and rare. $650

*278 ---quietus. 260-261 ad. bi tetradrachm. bust right/eagle standing left, year 1. curtis-1566, emm-3788. gd vf and another rare coins. $725

*279 ---gallienus. 253-268. bi tetradrachm. bust right/4 line legend in wreath, year 10. c-1625, emm-3839. gd vf. scarce, unusual reverse type. $225

280 ---Claudius II Gothicus. 268-270. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/Eagle standing, year 2. C-1683, Emm-3877. VF. $35

281 ---Aurelian. 270-275. Bi Tetradrachm. Similar, yr. 4. C-1767, E-3933. F-VF. $30

282 ---Tacitus. 275-276. Bi Tetradrachm Bust r/Elpis stg. left, hldg flower & raising skirt. C=1840, E-3975. VF. Uncommon. $65

ROMAN COINS    (back to top)

*283 republic, m. herennius 108-107 bc ar denarius (3.94) hd of pietas r/ amphinomus carrying his father right, "s" in field. sr-185, cr-308/1b. aef. $250

284 ---P. Vettius Sabinus. 99 BC. AR Quinarius. Hd of Jupiter r/Victory crowning rrophy, "H" to right. SR-211, Vettia-1. F-VF . $59

285 ---M. Nonius Sufenas 59 BC AR Denarius (3.94). Hd of Saturn r., harpa, stone, SC behind/Roma seated right behind crowned by victory. SR-377, Cr-421/1. Ch. lightly toned VF+ . $250

286 ---A. Plautius. 55-54 BC. AR Denarius. Turreted head of Cybelle right/Bacchius kneeling right beside camel, palm branch in hand. BACCHIUS IVDAEVS below and to right. Plautia-13, Hendin-741. aF. A very scarce Jewish reference coin. This is much scarcer than the related Roman Republic Jewish reference coin (Aretas). $140

*287 tiberius 14-37 ad ar denarius. livia seated right in chair. new testament biblical tribute penny. sr-1763, h-916. toned f-vf, a few minor marks in field. $200

*288 vespasian. 69-79 ar denarius. bust right/judaea sits to right of trophy. h-759, c-226. a decent fine, a very affordable judaea capta silver coin. $160

*289 ---,--as above, but much nicer. toned ef/gvf, george fisher purchased this from victor england in march of 1986. $400

*290 ---Æ sestertius. bust right/mourning jew standing right to left of palm tree, mourning jewess sits to right, sc below, arms scattered about on ground. sr-2325, ric-424, hen-773. fine tooling. still decent, devices clear, "ivdaea" sharp on reverse. $300

*291 ---,---laureate bust right/jewess mourning sits to right of palm tree, emperor stands to left. h-775, sr-2327. vg, devices clear, partial legend on obverse, none on reverse. an affordable judaea capta sestertius. $175

*292 ---Æ as. laureate bust right/draped victory advances right on ship's prow, holding wreath in right hand and palm branch over shoulder in left, victoria navalis around, sc in field. hen-779 (but as), ric-503. elsen 9/01 #410, superb. certainly the finest of these we have seen. choice ef. $800

293 ---,---Another, more typical. Fine. $100

*294 ---Æ quadrans. palm tree, caes/vexillium, pm tr ppp cos iii, sc. a scarce judaea capta issue. hen-784v, ric-506, brin-72v. vf, brown patina. $225

*295 titus. 79-81. Æ sestertius. bust right/jewess mourning to left of palm tree on pile of arms, mourning jew to right of tree, ivd cap to either side, sc in ex. as hen- 792 but obverse bust facing different. ric91. porous fine and very rare. $450

296 TRAJAN. 98-117. AR Denarius. Bust r/Danube seated on rocks.SR-3138, RIC- 100. Fine, chipped. Rare. $75

297 CARACALLA. 198-217. AR Denarius. Bust right/Dea Caelestis,hldg thunderbolt and scepter, std on lion, leaping over water which gushes from rock. SR-6806, RIC- 130a. Lightly toned EF/VF. $75

298 ---,---Annona std left, hldg corn-ears & cornucopia, modius at feet. SR-6825, RIC- 195. Nice EF . $90

299 JULIA DOMNA, under Caracalla. AR Denarius. Bust r/Vesta stg left, holding Palladium and scepter. SR-7108, RIC-390. EF . $100

300 JULIA MAESA, Sister of Julia Domna. Died 225 AD?. AR Denarius. Pudicita std left, drawing out veil from shoulder, scepter in l. hand. SR-7756. EF. $100

301 ---,---Felicitas stg. left, sacrificing at altar. SR-7757v. Nice EF . $100

302 SEVERUS ALEXANDER. 222-235. AR Denarius. Bust r/Alexander sacrificing over Tripod-Altar. RIC-55, SR-7899. $100

303 ---,---Annona standing left, hldg caduces & cornucopia. SR-7922. Toned VF. $50

303a VICTORINUS. Æ Antoninianus. Rad. bust right/Pax stg. l., hldg olive-branch & scepter, star in field to right. SR-11175. Fine, bit rough. $15

304 TETRICUS II. 270-272. Æ Antoninianus. Radiate bust r/Spes adv left, hldg & raising skirt. SR-11292. F-VF, typically crude. $15

305 AURELIAN. 270-275. Æ Antoninianus. Female & Aurelian. SR-11592. VF . $30

305a ---,---Sol stg hldg globe, captive below. Siscia mint. SR-11564. VF-EF. $25

305b---,---Similar. Tripolis mint? SR-11609. VF. $40

306 CARUS. 282-293. Æ Antoninianus. Bust right/Eagle. Posthumous issue. SR- 12396. VG/F. $40

*307 diocletian. 284-305. ar argenteus of nicomedia. laur. hd right/camp-gate topped by 4 turrets, smn? in ex. ric-22a, sr-3504. ch ef/vf, rev bit porous . $500

*308 maximianus. 286-305. ar argenteus of rome. laur hd r/4 princes sac. over tripod before gate. vf, porous, small flan crack. $325

309 ---Æ Follis of Treveri. Bust r/Genius stg l., hldg patara & cornucopia, PTR in ex, S-F in field. RIC-596. aVF/VF. $30

309a ---Æ Antoninianus. Bust left/Salus feeding serpent, C in ex. Struck at Clausentum, rare mint in Britain. SR-3621, RIC-422. aVF, pierced. $30

*310 galerius, as caesar. 293-305. ar argentius of cyzicus. laur. hd right/4 princes sac. over tripod before gate, cm in ex. sr-3699v, ric-6. ef . $500

*311 constantius, as caesar. 305-306. ar argentius of rome. similar to above. choice ef, very small flan crack. ric-29a, sr-3662v. $550

312 ---Æ Radiate of Carthage. Bust r/Constantius on right receiving victory on globe from Jupiter, KB between them. SB-3678. Fine. $20

313 GALERIUS, as Caesar. 305-311. Æ Antoninianus of Antioch. Bust r/Jupiter stg r., hldg globe, facing Hercules with club & lion's skin. RIC-719, SR-3702. VF . $30

314 GALERIUA VALERIA, wife of Galerius. Æ Follis of Antioch. Bust right/Venus stg. left., hldg apple, ANT in ex. SR-3730, RIC-107. aVF, a bit rough. $35

315 MAXENTIUS. 306-312. Æ Follis. Bust/Roma std oin Temple. SR-3779. VF+ 440 316 LICINIUS I. 308-324. Æ Follis of London. Genius stg l., hldg patera & cornucopia, PLN in ex, SF in field. RIC-117b, SR-3797. VF, old tag & envelope from Seaby. $35

317 ---,---of Alexandria. Jupiter stg l., eagle at feet, ALE in ex. RIC-7, SR-3798 VF $35

318 CONSTANTINE I, THE GREAT. 307-337. Æ Follis of Thessalonica. Bust r/Jupiter stg l., hldg victory, leaning on scepter. RIC-1. F-Vf, green patina. $25

319 ---,--of Trier. Helmeted bust r/Altar inscribed VOTIS XX. RIC-368. VF, bit corr. $20

320 ---Memorial Issue. Æ4 of Antioch. Veiled head right/Emperor stg right, SMANS in ex. Struck 347-348. RIC-112, SR-3888. Nice VF . $35

321 COMMEMORATIVE. 330-346. Æ3/4. Helmeted bust of Constantinoplis l/Victory standing left, foot on prow. SR-3890, RIC-107. Cyzicus mint. GD VF. $25

322 ---,---As above, but Siscia mint. Gd VF. $25

323 ---,---Bust of Roma l/She-wolf, suckling twins. SR-3894.Siscia mint. VF. $25

324 FAUSTA, wife of Constantine. Æ3. Bust r/Fausta hldg childrent. SR-3905 G$19

325 HELENA, wife of Constantius I, mother of Constantine. Æ3 of Cyzicus. Bust right/Security stg holding branch. RIC-49, SR-3908. VF, reverse porous. $30

326 ---,---of Thessalonica. As above. RIC-159. VF/F . $30

327 CONSTANS. 337-350.Æ Centenionalis of Siscia. Bust r/Emperor on galley hldg phoenix & labarum. SR-3973, RIC-8, 198. VF. $30

328 CONSTANTIUS II. 337-361. Æ Centenionalis of Alexandria. Bust r/Soldier adv l., spearing fallen horseman. ALEA in ex,£F in l., field. SR-4003, RIC-72. VF. $50

329 ---Similar, but Antioch mint, ? left, ANB in ex. RIC-132. aVF . $30

*330 magnentius. 350-353. Æ centenionalis of lyons. bare head right/2 victorites standing shield between them, rplg in ex, sp in field. sr-4024, ric-126. fine. $50

331 VETRANIO. 350 AD. Æ Centenionalis. Bust r/Emp. stg l., hldg. 2 labara. G $40

332 CONSTANTIUS GALLUS. 351-354. Æ Half Centenionalis. Bust r/Soldier spear fallen horseman. SR-4056. F-VF, irregular flan. $25

333 JULIAN II. 360-363. Æ1 of Sirmium. Bust r/Bull stg r., 2 stars in field, NSIRMin ex SR-4072. Fine. $35

334 ARCADIUS. 383-408 AD. Æ3 of Antioch. Arcacius stg. . SR-4233. VF/F . $25

A FEW BYZANTINE COINS    (back to top)

335 ANASTASIUS I. 491-518 Æ Nummus. Bust r/Monogram. SB-13. VG . $20

336 JUSTINIAN I. 527-565. Æ Follis of Constantinople. SB-163. Facing bust/Large M. Nice F-VF, nice large size coin. $45

337 JUSTIN II. 565-578. Æ Follis of Nikomedia. Facing busts of Justin II and Sophia, year 10. SB-369. F/VF. $35

*338 leo iii. 717-741. ar miliaresion of constantinople. cross potent/legend. sb- 1512. overstruck on chipped umaayed dirham. avf. $180

339 LEO VI. 886-912. Æ Follis. Leo Facing/Legend. SB-1729. F-VF. $30

340 ANONYMOUS, Attributed to Romaus III. Æ Follis. Facing head of Christ/Cross & legend. SB-1823. F-VF . $45

*341 andronicus ii & michael ix. 1295-1320. ar basilkon. chirst enthroned/ andronicus on left, michael on right hldg labarum. sb-2402. vf, flat spots. $140


342 ALGERIA, Mahmud II. AH1244 *1828) 1/4 Budju. KM-67 Ch. VF . $32

343 ---Oran. 1921 10¢ KM-TN E2. Choice BU. $30

344 ---,---1922 257. KM TN E5. EF. $40

345 ARMENIA, Levon I. 1198-1219. Æ Tank. Head facing/Cross. N-301 VG. $25

346 ---Hetoum I. 1226-1270. Hd facing/Cross. Bed-1394. G-VG. $30

347 ---,---Æ Tank. King enthroned/Cross. Nerc-351. G-VG/VG. $30

348 ---Hetoum II. 1289-1296. Æ Kardez. Hd facing/Cross. Nerc-398. VG. $20

349 ---,---,---King std on pillow/Cross. Nerc-400. aF . $35

350 ---Republic. 1996 10 Dram. KM-69. BU. 23rd Chess Olympics . $8

*351 austria, archduke leopold. 1632 taler. d-3335, km-692.2. ef . $275

352 ---Maria Theresia. 1759 1 Pfennig. KM-1979. F-VF . $13.50

353 ---Leopold II. 1790 AR 20mm Jeton, Homage of Tirol to king. Crowned lion/Crown above 9 line legend. Mont-2194, Lang XIV/1979. BU. $95

354 ---Franz I, Austrian Emp. 1811-B. 20 Kreuzer. KM-2142. EF. $30

355 ---,---As above, but 1815-A. EF-AU . $30

356 ---,---Similar. 1831-V 20 Kreuzer. KM-2147. Scarce. EF. $35

357 ---Republic. 1959 50 Schilling. KM-2888. Liberation of Tirol. BU . $6.50

358 ---,---1963 50 Schilling. Union with Tirol. KM-2896. BU. $6.50

359 ---, ---1971 50 Schilling. Julius Raab. KM-2911. BU. $6.50

360 ---,---1974 50 Schilling. Garden Expo. KM-2919. BU . $6.50

361 ---,---1974 50 Schilling. Salzburg Cathedral. KM-2921. BU. $6.50

362 ---,---1975 100 Schilling. State Treaty. KM-2924. BU . $6.50

*363 ---salzburg. leonard keutschach. 1500 ar batzen or rübener. quartered armorial shield, "1500" above/st. rupert stg. frey-534, pr-99. vf . $250

364 ---,---Hieronymus. 1801-M 20 Kreuzer. KM-460. VF+. $22

365 ---Silesia. Leopold I. 1662 GH (Breslau) 15 Kreuzer. KM-1143. VF. $55

366 ---Tirol. Sigismund. 1439-96. AR Sechser. Bust/Cross. Sa-818. F/VF . $60

367 ---Trautson, Paul Sixtus. 1619 3 Kreuzer. Bust right/Arms. KM-5, Saurma-2113. EF, tiny clip, small lamination reverse. Ex Bob Schoenwalter collection. $75

*368 ---trier, colbentz. jacob i v. sierk. 1444 ar groschen. st peter std, cccc lxiiii arms of mainz, trier & the palantine. frey-65, sa-2628. avf. scarce. $350

*369 ---medal. edward v. steinle. 1910 Æ 51 mm by a. r. weinberger. struck for his 100th birthday. bust left/allegorical woman. forrer 6, page 426. ef. $35

*370 ---,---bruno walter. nd Æ 60 x 46mm uniface plaque by geienhauer. his bust right, name and 1876-1962 below.. niggl-2289. ef . $40

371 AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS, Leopold II. 1791-B 1 Lirard. KM-52. Brn EF. $45

*372 bahamas, grand bahama club. c. 1950. set of 4 c-n tokens. 4 1/2d, 9d, 1/9 and 3/6 shilling. grand bahama club around sailfish/grand bahamas value above sailfish, with value. byrne-27. aef. $55

*373 belgium, liege. 1653 Æ 20mm token of church of st. lambret. skull & crossed bones/crossed bones. ek-83. vf. used in funeral services, looks like an early anti-smoking tokenb. scarce, 1st we've had in 5+ years. $160

*374 --- leopold i. 1846 2¢. km-4.2. choice unc., with a nice touch of red. $80

374a ---,---1855 2 Centimes. KM-4.2. Choice Brown EF . $22

*375 ---,---1833 5 centimes. km-5.1. choice unc., touch of red. $250

375a ---,---1844 1/2 Franc. KM-6. VG. Scarce type. $18

375b ---Leopold II. 1901/801 Centime. KM-33.1. Red Unc. Near 1 . $15

375c ---,---Similar, but Far 1. Red Unc. $15

375d ---,---1876 5 Francs. KM-24, Dav-53. aEF/EF . $30

*376 ---,---and brazil. leopold ii/pedro ii. 1871. Æ 78 mm by l. wiener. high relief bust of leo r/legend around wreath & arms. for visit of pedro ii to belgium. fonr- 8749, cavalcanti-51. ef . $125

*377 ---,---leopold ii & philip of flanders. 1888. silvered 70mm. conjoined busts 1/2 right/l'union fait la force. 1888 bruxelles" around wreath, inscribed e. chwenk ulm a.d. silberne medaille. ef, rim bump reverse. $40

*378 bohemia, ferdinand ii. 1622 kipper taler (150 kreuzer) of prague. bust r/ double headed eagle, legend, star & crescent. vf, w. old tags. nice for kipper $350

378a BOLIVIA, Charles III. 1776-PR 2 Reales. KM-53. VG . $20

379 ---Republic. 1854-MJ. 4 Soles. KM-123.2. Toned EF. Potosi. $60

379a ---,---1849-FM 8 Soles of Potosi. KM-109. VF, cleaned. $36

379b BRAZIL, Joao, Prince Regent. 1816-B 960 R. KM-307.1. VF,portions of undercoin visible on reverse. $35

380 ---Pedro II. 1888 2000 Reis. KM-485. EF. $28


381 ---Republic. 1889 40 Reis. KM-491. Mostly red Unc. $17

382 ---,---1905 Silvered 50mm Medical Medal by A. M. Wolff. Bishop/Hospital. Struck for 100th Anniversary of hospital. Nice VF. $40

382aa BRITISH HONDURAS, Victoria. 1885 Large Cent. KM-6, Y1. Brown AU, touch of red. $50

382a BURMA, Sriksheta. c. 759-835. AR Bracteate. Temple/Blundered legend. Mitch 548-552. F-VF. $10

382b ---,---,---Quatrefoil w. pellets. Mitch-565-571. F-Vf . $10

382c CAMEROON, French Mandate. 1925 2 Francs. KM-3. Gd VF. $25

382d CANADA, Wellington Token. 1814 1/2 Penny. Bust l., button on uniform/ Female figure std. Eimer-248a, WE 8A2. VF . $17.50

383 CEYLON, Kandy Kings. 11th-13th Centuries. Æ. Std King/Stg. King. VF . $20

383a ---George III. ND (1814-15). AR Fanam Token. "Fanam" w. dot in center/"token" w/o dot. KM-83. EF. $25

383b ---,---,---Similar, but with dot on "token" side, no dot on "Fanam" side EF . $25

383c ---Victoria. 1901 1/4 Cent. KM-90. Choice Red BU. $10

383d ---,---1893 10¢. KM-94. BU . $19

383e CHILE, Republic. 1853 1¢. KM-127, Y4a. Coin Rotation. VF, nicks. $12.50

383f ---,---1898 2 1/2¢. KM-150, Y13. EF. Last year of issue. $20

383g CHINA, Republic. Year 28 (1939) 20 Cash. Y-354. VF. $12.50

384 COLOMBIA, Nueva Grande Republic. 1844 RS 8 Reales of Bogota.. KM-98, Eliz-29. VF+ . $115

384a ---Estados Unidos. 1882 5 Decimos. KM-161.1. VF. $16

384b ---Republic. 1918 50 Cent. KM-193.1. VF . $10

385 CRUSADERS, Achaea. Isabelle of Villehardouin. 1297-1301. Bi Denier. Cross/ Castle Tournois. CCS-15a. VF. $75

386 ---Antioch. Bohemund III. 1163-1201. Bi Denier. Helmeted bust left/Cross, crescent in 2nd angle. VF . $75

387 ---,---,---Similar but crescent left and star to right of bust on obv. F-VF . $60

388 ---,---Bohemond V. 1233-1252. Æ Pougeoise. Fleur de lis/Cross. CCS-118ff. Decent a VF, and scarce. $135

389 ---Cyprus, Hugh IV. 1324-1359. AR Half Gros. King seated on chair, lion at feet/ Cross of Jerusalem. CCS-68. aVF, clipped a bit. Uncommon. $150

*390 ---,---peter i. 1359-1369. ar gros. king on throne, gothic arc in throne, lion in shield r/cross of jerusalem. ccs-79. vf, bit clippped. $230

*391 ---imitation of al-salih ismai'il of damascus. 1239-1245. ar dirham (2.61). islamic legends both sides. ccs-9.. f-vf, very rare. $100

392 ---,---Similar to above but 1/4 Dirham? (.9 grams). aEF . $40

*393 ---jerusalem. 7th century. token of the true cross. in the first part of the 7th century ad khurso ii captured jerusalem and took the true cross back to persia as part of the spoils of war. later heraclius regained it, took it to constantinople and eventually back to jerusalem. the story goes that during its return trip part of the cross was taken and burned and the ashes mixed with clay and tokens were made commemorating the return of the cross. (see staffordshire university's flaxman gallery "a pilgrim's clay token from the holyland, 1995-1996). baked clay 17mm. type, with saints peter and paul and x's in upper quadrants of the true cross/blank. scarcest of the three known types? vg-f. $225

394 ---,---Baldwin III. 1143-1163. AR Denier. Bi Denier. Cross/Tower of David. CCS- 20. Toned virtually VF. $110

395 ---,---Henry of Champagne. 1192-1197. Æ Pougeoise. Cross with 4 annulets/ Fleur de lis in circle. CCS-33. F-VF . $160

396 ---,---,---Anothter, as nice but for some green crud on obverse. $120

397 ---,---Lead 10mm token. Large X with annulets at each end/3 irregular shaped objects. See Metcalf 1229 for similar items. VG . $30

398 ---Tripoli, Bohemond VII. 1275-1287. AR Gros. Cross within 12 arcs/Triple arched gateway of 2 stories. CCS-26. Nice VF, but large flan crack. Scarce. $125

399 CZECHOSLOVAKIA, Socialist Republic. 1989 100 Korun. KM-135. 50th Anniv. of Student Uprising against Nazis. Barbed Wire Coin BU. $12.50

400 ---,---,---Another as above, but this in Proof . $20

401 ---Czech & Slovak Federation. 1992 100 Korun. KM-161. 50th Anniversary of Nazi Massacres at Lidice & Lezaky. Barbed Wire Coin. BU . $10

402 ---,---,---As above, but this in Proof. $18

*402a denmark, christian iv. 1645 ar 4 skilling god's name in hebrew, justus, judex/denomination. km-133. vf, flan crack. $150

402b ---,---Similar to above but a larger 2 Mark. This a silvered counterfeit. GF $100

402c ---Frederick VI. 1811 2 Skilling. KM-670. VF-EF. $20

403 ---Frederick VII. 1853. Rigsbanksilling. KM-756. EF/aEF. $13

403a ---Christian IX. 1876 1 Krone. KM-797.1. VF. $100

404 ---Dag Hammarskjld. 1961. Æ 69mm by Philip Kraczkowski. Bust 1/ right/ Legend. Scarce? EF. $40

405 ECUADOR, Republic. 1848/7 GJ. 2 Reales. KM-33. Fine . $18

406 ---,---1851 GJ 2 Reales. KM-33. VG-F, holed. $10

407 ---,---1852 GJ 2 Reales. KM-33. Gd Fine. $25

408 EGYPT, Abdul Aziz. 1277/7. AR 20 Para. KM-243, Y5. BU, ch. little coin . $50

409 ---Abdul Hamid II. 1293/33H 1/40 Qirsh. KM-287. Red Unc. $15

410 ---,---1293/11. 5/10 Qirsh. KM-291, Y16. BU. $19

411 ---Mohammed V. 1327/2H 1/10 Qirsh. KM-302, Haffner-9. Nice Unc. $22

412 ---,---1327/3. 1 Qirsh. KM-306, Haffner-22. VF. Scarce. $40

413 ---British Protectorate. 1917 1/2 Mil. KM-312, Haffner-1. Ch. Red Unc. $25

414 ---,---1917-H 1 Mil. KM-313, Haffner-3. BU. $13

415 ---,---1916-H 2 Mils. KM-314, Haffner-4. BU. $32

416 ---,---1916 5 Mils. KM-315, Haffner-7. Gem BU . $25

417 ---,---1917-KN 10 Mils. KM-316, Haffner-15. BU . $22

418 ---,---1917-H 2 Piastres. KM-317.2, Haffner 18. BU . $18

419 ---,---1916 5 Piastres. KM-318.1, Haffner-20. Choice BU. $40

420 ---,---1917-H 10 Piastres. KM-320, Haffner-27. BU . $95

421 ---UAR. 1960/AD 1380. 20 Piastres. KM-399. BU. $22.50

422 ENGLAND, Medieval Ecclesiastical Seal. 10th-15th Century? c, 17mm. Uniface with elaborate monogram. VF. $20

423 ---York, Archbishop Wigmunc. 837-849. Æ Styca. Phase II. COENRED. SB-870. Decent VF. $95

*424 ---edward iii. 1327-77. ar long cross penny. "florin" or 3rd issue (1344-51). edwa. lombardic n. s-1544, e31d-035. nice vf. $165

425 ---,---,---5th issue (1351-52). London, Class C. S-1584, aVF, bit clipped. $95

*426 ---henry vi, 1422-61. ar groat of london. s-1917, leaf on neck. f-vf . $235

427 ---Henry VII. 1485-1509. AR Groat. Facing bust. Type IVb,mm = cross-crosslet (1504-5). S-2201, H74d-050. VF, with a scratch and flan crack, still decent and reasonably priced. $165

*428 ---,---ar 1/2 groat of york. profile issue, martlet mm (1502-44). keys below arms = york. s-2262, h72d-090. vf, trace of crease. $300

429 ---Edwrd IV, 1st Reign. 1461-83. AR Groat. Crown mm (1466-7). Light coinage, 2.99 grams. S-2000. VF . $255

*430 ---mary. 1553-1554. ar groat. bust left/arms. s-2492. decent avf . $360

431 ---George III. 1797 2 Pence Carthwheel. KM-619, S-2776. VF, a few rim dings & scratches. Matthew Boulton's coin, nicknamed because of it's large size. $45

432 ---,---1799. Æ 41mm by Mills, Brenet (Mudie). Capture of Serinapatam. Bust of Wellesley l/2 British soldiers, 1 attacking a native, the other holding a flag. BHM-478, Pud-799.1 VF, nicks. Seldom offered India related medal. Ex-Spengler . $90

433 ---,---1815 Æ 40mm by Brenet. Duke of Wellington. Bust of Duke right/ Colonade of the Louvre. Eimer-77b, BHM-889. This nice EF medal comemorates the entry of the English Army into Paris. Ex Bill Spengler. $90

434 ---George IV. 1829 WM52mm by Thomason. Commemorates Peroxide coating of his bronze vase BHM-1359. EF. $20

435 ---William IV. 1831. Æ29. Opening of London Bridge. Long legend/View of the Bridge & St. Paul's Cathedral, legend above & below. BHM-1547. VF. $10

436 ---,---1837. 38mm WM by T. Halliday. Bare head of king right/Funeral Urn & palm branch on plinth. BHM-1720. EF. Bill Spengler bought this from us in 1988!. $40

437 ---Victoria. 1844 1/2 Farthing. KM-738, S-3951. Choice R&B Unc. $55

438 ---,---1860 Penny. Beaded border obverse, toothed border reverse. KM-749.2. Fine. Scarce variety. $40

439 ---,---1900 Penny. KM-790. Red Unc. Nice coin!. $35

440 ---,---1887 Double Florin. KM-763, S-3923. Arabic 1. VF. $20

441 ---Exonumia. 1837 Æ24.5mm. Commemorates the birth and the accession to the thorne of HRH Alex. Victoria. Bust/Wreath. Fine . $19

*442 ---return of the conservative parliament members for shorshire. 57 mm wm by halliday. sword, scepter and crown upon a cushion and ribbon, "god save the queen". list of 12 conservative parliament members who returned to parliament in the fall of 1841 including benjamin d'isreali/view of the wrekin. eimer-1358. bhm unlisted. ef, some nicks. scarce. $100

443 ---,---Death of Wellilngton. WM64 mm. Bust left in field marhsall's uniform with medals/Inscriptions & funeral urn. BHM-2474, Eimer-137A. EF, a few scr;s . $40

444 ---,---,---1856 WM 40mm Calendar Medal issued by E. Moses & Sons. Bust of Wellington left/Calendr, advertising uniforms & liveries. Eimer-184. EF, spots. $60

445 ---,---Chrystal Palace Medal. 1851 WM 38.5mm. Bust of Victoria left/The Exhibition Hall. BHM-2425. EF. $20

446 ---,---,--1851 WM 29.5. Bust of Queen left/The Palace & its measurements. Allen HP-B395 (RRR). Nice EF. Rare. $45

447 ---,---,---1851 Æ Token of Alfred Light Kent Grocer. Allen HPC105, Bell-1, Bathy-88. VF. Scarce to rare. $40

448 ---,---,----1854. WM 41.5mm. Commemorates reconstruction at the Chrystal Palace. Sydenham Hall/Statistics. BHM-2868. VF, holed, nicks. $35

449 ---George V. 1911. AR 29mm Coronation Medal. Bust of King left/Bust of Queen left. EF. $25

450 ---Edward, Prince of Wales. 1925. Commemorating visit to Capetown. Æ32mm. Bust left/Sailing ship. EF, some red on reverse. $32

451 ---,---1925. Visit to Natal. Bust left/Crest. VF-EF, loop removed. $27

452 ---,---1925 Vicit to Transvaal. Bust left/Fasces. EF, loop removed. $30

453 ---Edward VIII. 1936 Æ35mm. Abdication Medal. His bust right/Legend in wreath. By Pinches. Choice EF. $65

454 ---George VI. 1951 Crown. KM-880. Pf, light handling. In original Box . $20

455 ---Elizabeth. 1953. AR 32mm Coronation medal. Her bust left/Crown above mongram, legend around. Nicely toned EF, with original loop still attached. $25

456 ---,---1954. Gilded Aluminum 38mm. Busts of Elizabeth & Phillip left/Crane stg left. Commemorates visit to Uganda. VF, loop with ribbon attached. Obviously worn. $20

457 ---,--- Edward Duke of Windsor. 1972. Silver 38mm by G. A. Holman. His youthful portrait left/Crown upon a full-blown rose. Choice Toned Proof. Commemorating his life upon his death. Ex Bil Spengler colleciton. $40

458 ---,---1981. Wedding of Charles & Diana. Gilt Æ 38mm. Facing busts of Prince & Princess in wreath/St. Paul's Cathedral. As issued. $22.50

459 ---,---1989. Silver 2 Pounds Piefort. Tercentenary of "Claim of Right" P-11 Pf $40

460 FINLAND, Nicholas II of Russia. 1916 10 Pennia. K-14. Pretty reddish unc$13

461 ---Republic. 1960. 100 Markkaa. KM-41. Choice BU. $15

462 FRANCE, Albi, Raymond or Anonymous Viscounts. 12th-13th Century. AR Denier. Cross/Backward ? in legend. SCMF-4253, P'da-87.4. VF. $95

463 ---Flanders, Louis II, de Male. AR Gros Compagnon or Lion Groot. Lion stg. l., +MONETA/Cross,legends. Low Countries type. SCMF-6696. aF, rare. $110

464 ---Hainault, Jeanne de Constantinople. 1205-1244. AR Petit Denier of Valen - ciennes. Monogram or Gangplank/Cross with lozenges. SCMF-7505 VF. $75

*465 ---,---margeret of constantinople. ar gros or groot of valenciennes. knight on horseback r/crescents in angles of cross, legend around. scmf-8402. ch. vf $350

466 ---Orange, Anonymous Princes. 13th Century. AR Denier. Hunting horn (Coronet)/Cross. SCMF-6532, Boud-977. VF. $205

467 ---Provence, Robert d' Anjou. 1309-1343 (after 1337). AR Sol Coronat. Crown with 5 rosettes on band/Cross, Fleur de lis in each angle. B-833. VF . $150

*468 ---,---,---ar gigliato. seated king holding staff with fleur de lis & globe w. cross/ cross, fleur de lis in each angle. scmf-6856. gd very fine. $235

469 ---Philip IV (the Fair). 1284-1314 (before 1290). AR Gros Tournois. Castle, 12 Fleur de lis, round o in Tournois/Cross. SCMF-2461, Dup-213. VF . $110

*470 ---louis xv, john law's coinage. 1720-a 1/6 ecu (20 sols). bust r/double "l" monogram, "livre de la compagie des indes". km-453, gad-296. gvf. $450

471 ---Napoelonic Era. 1800 Joseph Hayden. Æ54mm by N. Gatteaux. Bust left/ Lyre. Opening of Schopfung at Paris Oprea. Niggel-863.Cast. EF/VF, grainy. $40

472 ---,---Æ 42mm. Helmeted bust r, lion atop/Bellica, arms. d'Ess-906. EF. $60

473 ---,---1812-W (Lille) 5 Francs. KM-694.16, Dav-85. VG . $50

474 ---,---1814-R. Anvers (Antwerp) Siege Coin. 10¢, Minted from captured cannons. KM-5.3. F-VF, flat spots. Acutally not bad for this usually crude issue. $95

475 ---,---ND (1821)Tin 14mm. Death of Napoleon I. Greek lettering. B-1834, EF$50

476 ---1820's. 69mm Electrotype of Statue in Geneva. Fine . $10

477 ---Louis Philippe. 1846-A 5 Francs. KM-749.1. VG-F. $9

478 ---Eugene Sue. Æ 46mm by Emile Rogat. His bust left/Winged statue in front of building surrounded by mountains, more statues & clouds. EF, a few spots. Sue was a French novelist of the first part of the 19th century. Probably his best known work was The Wandering Jew. $35

479 ---2nd Republic. 1851-A 1 Franc. KM-759.1. Key date. VF. $80

480 ---Napoleon III. 1857-D (Large D). 5 Centimes. KM-777.4. VF . $35

481 ---3rd Republic. 1895-A 50 Centimes. KM-834.1. Unc . $50

482 ---,---1926 1 Franc. KM-876. BU. Key date. $35

483 ---5th Republic. Heinrich Schutz. 1968. Æ 67mm by Longuet. Bust/Hands. Niggl-3667b. Composer medal. Paris mint restrike. $30

484 ---Georges Friedmann. 1976. Æ 76mm by G. Ch. Revol. Bust half left/Nude Athlete over a quote. #6 of 100 made. Seldom seen. Ex Daniel Friedenberg collection. Friedmann was a noted French sociologist. $100

485 ---Jean Bodin. 1984 Æ75mm by Revol. Bust/Fisherman,etc around map of France. #8 of 100. A 16th Century French historian, econominst & jurist. EF. $30

486 FRENCH INDIA (Pondichery). Doudou. KM-52. VF, date off flan. $25

487 GERMANY, Aachen, Free City. 1420 Short Cross Groschen. Cross in inner legend, out legend CCCC XX/Bust of Charlemagne. Scarce Early date coin. Frey-18, Saurma-2810. F-Vf, bit stained See 2 lots below, & 363, 368, 495-498 & more. $275

488 ---,---As above, 1421, CCCC XXI. Frey-19, S-2811. aVF, bit clipped & bent . $250

489 ---,---Similar. 1422 CCCC XXII. Fr-20, S-2812. Fine, flan crack. $225

490 ---,---Siege Coinage. 1597 Double Bauchen. Mail-Sup. P4.2. Cr. F-VF. $325

*491 ---augsburg. udalschalk v. eschelohe. 1184-1202. ar 25mm bracteate. facing bust, 2 annulets in field in a gear frme, in circle, surrounded by crescents and annulets. reich-205a, bon-1900. gvf. rare. a large bracteate. $350

492 ---Baden, Friedrich I. 1902-G. 2 Mark. KM-271. Unc. $45

493 ---Bavaria, Ludwig II. (1865) Madonna Taler. KM-489. VF . $36

494 ---,---,---1871 Taler. Victory in Franco-Prussian War. KM-496. Toned EF. $65

*495 ---bremen. 1499 ar 4 grote. a large key, date/st. peter std on throne, hldg key & book, shield below. fr-497, sa-3370. vf, small oxidized area. early dated. . $375

496 ----,---1771 DB Half Grote. Legend around crowned key/date, value. Silver or billon, both of which are unlisted for this date. Rare? Unc, flan flaw. $95

*497 ---cologne. ditrich ii of mors. 1446 ar groschen of riehl. christ std on throne, mccccxlvi/arms. frey-73, s-2717. vf. scarce early dated coin. . . . . . . . . . . .$375

498 ---,---,---Same but 1447, MCCCCXLVII. Fr-75, S-2718. Fine. $250

498a ---Garz in Pommerania, Bogislaus X. 1492 AR Schilling. Shield on cross, "92"/ Griffin. Frey-368. Fine. Discovery of America by Columbus. . $225

499 ---Julich-Berg, Wolfgang v. Pfalz-Neuburg. 1629. 8 Heller. KM-7. Nice VF $80

500 ---Lauenburg, Erich I or II. 1285-1361 or 1361-1368. AR 1.2 Pfennig Bracteate. Shield. Reich-856, F-VF, cracked. Scarce. $40

501 ---Saxe-Meiningen. Bernhard I. 1863 Taler. KM-167. VF, harsly cleaned . $49

502 ---Saxony. Ernst, Wilhelm III, Albrecht & Margarete. 1475 AR Spitz Groschen. Shield with lion/ Arms. As Frey-162, Saurma-4396. Choice VF. Early Dated . $250

503 ---Wurttenberg-Oels, Sylvius Friedrich. 1679 Gros. Bust/Eagle Ch VF . $115

504 ---Wurttemberg, Wilhelm II. 1913-F 3 Mark. KM-635. EF, rim nicks. $22

505 ---,--,---1914-F 3 Mark. KM-635. VF+, a few rim nicks. $15

506 ---,---,---Another, as above but nicer. Choice EF. $25

507 ---,---,--- 1892-F 5 Mark. KM-632, D-964. F+, better date, 1st year of type . $25

508 ---Federal Republic. 1951-F. 2 Mark. KM-111. EF. $20

509 ---Jetons. Clausthal. Johan Wilhelm. 1758-90. Goddess stg., hldg balance, pouring coins from cornucopia/Fortune stg on wheel. M-2222ff, N-31823ff. EF . $40

510 ---,---Nürnberg, Han Krauwinckel. 1586-1635. Biblical Series. Scarlet woman on many headed beast/Fictitious shield of Babylon. M-1663, N-32275. VG . $30

511 ---,---Nurnberg-Furth. ND. A set of 46 unciruclated 20 Pfennig Aluminum street car tokens including two varieties of the Staditsche Sparkase. U4-1. A nice set. $200

512 ---,---Russelsheim. 1922. 100 Mark Token of A. Opel. Choice Unc. $60

513 ---Medals. 1815. Silver 15mm. Victory left/9 line legend. Commemorates the alliance between Wellington & Blücher. Toned EF, mt. removed. $30

514 ---,---Dr. Ernst Bergmann. 1907 Æ 38 x 50. His bust/Uniface. Dr. Bergmann was a German scientist and professer who lived between 1836-1907. EF. $45

515 ---,---Anna Liebetrau. 1922 Æ60mm. Her bust right/Legend. EF. $60

516 ---,---Hugo Eckener. Silvered 35mm. His bust/Zeppelin. EF. $19

*517 ---,---julius hochenegg. 1929. Æ71 x 53mm by j. tautenhayn. bust left, legend. medical medal. 25th anniversary as a surgeon. wurz-3719. ef. $75

518 ---,---1931. Dog Society Medal. Æ65mm by P. Diller. Bust of Dr. Roesebeck right in high relief/25 in wreath,legend around. EF. $75

519 ---,---Albert Schweitzer. 1965. Silver 22.5. Bust/Legend. EF. $15

520 ---,---Opening of the Berlin Wall. 1990 Silver 38mm. Dove flying left/Crowd of people moving through wall that has been broken. By B. H. Mayer. EF. $35

521 ---,---,---40mm CN. Brandenburg Gate/German eagle & arms. Unc. $10

522 ---,---,--As above, but this Proof-like . $15

523 ---,---,--A third but this in .999 Silver. Only 10,000 minted. Choice Unc . $30

524 GUATEMALA, Charles IIII. 1790 NG-M. 2 Reales. KM-51. Gd. $10

525 HUNGARY, Bela IV. 1235-1270. AR Denar. Facing bust/Eagle. R-246. VF. $40

526 ---Regency. 1938 5 Pengo. St. Stephan. KM-516. BU. $22.50

527 ---,---1939 5 Pengo. Admiral Horothy. KM-517. Toned Unc. $22.50

528 INDIA, Awadh State. Amjd Ali Shah. 1262 AH AR Rupee. KM-330. EF. $35

529 ---Baroda. Muh'd Akbar II. 1226/6 AH. AR Rupee. Cr-27. VF . $18

530 ---Bengel Pres. ND (1831) 1 Pice. KM-57, Prid-209. Ch. R&B Unc. $50

531 ---,---ND AR 1/4 Rupee of Farrukhabad. KM-67, C-852a. aEF. Ex Bill Spengler & purportedly the Krause plate coin. However the KM picture is so dark who knows$35

532 ---Kutch. 1898 AD, 1954 VS. 5 Kori Y37.5. EF . $20

533 ---,---1936 AD, 1993 VS. 5 Kori. Y67. King Edward VIII issue. Ch.EF . $25

534 ---,---Mysore, Tippu Sultan 1215 AM Æ Paisa. KM-73. Elephant. aVF. $20

535 ---Dutch India (Pulicat). (1646) Æ Cash KM-35.2. P-VOC, retro. P. F/VF . $20

For a coin of French India See Lot #486

536 ---Bomby Pres. EIC. 1138/8 AR Rupee. Muh'd Shah. KM-163, Prid-41. VF. $60

537 ---EIC. 1835 1/4 Anna. KM-447.1. Brown EF. $12

538 ---Victoria. 1877(b), B/II. Æ 1/2 Anna. KM-487. Nice VF, Ex Spengler. $22.50

539 ---,---1862 1/2 Rupee. B/II. KM-472. BU. $40

540 ---,---1862 Rupee. B/III, 0/0 (1863-C). KM-473. aVF. Scarce. $25

541 ---,---1862 Rupee. B/II, 1/0 (1863-B). KM-473.1.VF-EF . $25

542 ---,---1862 Rupee. B/II, 2/0 (1864-B). KM-473.1. AU. $60

543 ---,---1877 Rupee. A/II w/o dot. KM-492. Unc. $25

544 ---.---1886-B 1 Rupee. KM-492. Nice Unc. $25

545 ---,---1892-B Rupee. A/I. KM-492. Lightly toned Unc. $25

546 ---George V. 1936 Æ 1/4 Anna. KM-512. Bombay. Proof-like Restrike. $20

547 ---George VI. 1940-C. Anna. KM-537. Choice Proof Restrike. $25

548 ---Tokens. Hyderbad, Duncan, Stratton & Co, Bombay. Æ1/8 Rupee or 2 Annas (15.5mm). Lion/Greenwood & Batley, Ltd, Albion Works, Leeds. Nice EF. $50

549 ---,---Similar but Æ 1/2 Rupee size. 23.5mm. Choice Brown EF. $60

550 ---,---EIC. Mid 19th Century. Æ 20mm Recruting Token. "Horse Artillery" Soldier on horse left/Legend. Prid-4, 398, Batty-170, Bell-300 (Rare). GVF . $50

551 ---Medals. Robert Clive, Baron of Passey. 1766 Iron 41mm. Bust 3/4 left/Fame pointing at obelisk w. achievements of Clive. Pudd-766.1, BHM-95. VF . $75

552 ---,--- 1857. Defenders of India. WM 63mm by Pinches. Victory standing, with kneeling prisoner at left, prostrate tiger at right"Justice"/"Dedicated to the Brave Defenders of our Indian Empire" around wreath, "During the Sepoy Mutinies AD. MDCCCLVII" in 3 line within wreath. Puddester 857.1, BHM-2601. GVF. $125

553 ---,---1869-1888. Silver 38mm School Medal. For the Alexandra NGE Institution of Bombay. Veiled bust right/Legend in wreath. Choice Toned EF . $50

554 ---,---1911. Delhi Durbar Coronation. WM37. Busts l/Building. VF,holed. $20

555 ---,---Aga Khan. 1935 Golden Jubilee. Gilt Bronze 32.5mm. Uniform bust facing slightly left/Persian legend. EF. $60

556 ---,---,---As above but reverse is blank. EF. $40

557 ---,---,---As #555 but in Bronze. GVF. $45

558 ---,---,---Similar, but Æ32mm, enameled in green and red, with elaborate loop on crown. Translation of reverse legend included. $35

559 ---,---,---1951. Silver 34mm with original loop. Bust of Aga Khan left/Legend in wreath. Medal of the Ismailla Ass'n for India, Awarded for Social Services. EF . $40

560 ---,---,---1967. Silver 31.5 mm. Bust of Aga Khan (the younger) left/Crown, emblem, legend. Commemorating 10th Anniversary of his reign. Toned EF . $30

561 IRAN, Reza Shah. SH 1306-L (1927) 5000 Dinars. KM-1106, D-294. VF-EF$50

562 ---,---SH 1313 (1934) 5 Rials. KM-1131. BU . $25

563 IRAQ, Faisal II. 1953 100 Fils.KM-115. BU . $55

564 ISLE OF MAN. 1999 1 Crown.KM-920. WWI Armistace. Barbed Wire. BU. $7

565 ---,---As above but in Silver. KM-920a. Choce Proof. $45

ISRAEL. Just a few of the world's best stock of Israel coins, medals, tokens, etc. Also see our 2006 Israel/Palestine/Judaic stock list elsewhere on this website.

566 ---1958 5 Lirot Menorah. KM-21, A-1a. ANCACS Proof 64. Very choice . $225

567 ---1996 50 Euros. Golda Meir Silver Proof. Bruce X19. $35

568 ---2005 1 Shekel. Moses & Ten Commandments. Proof-like. $35

569 --.2005 As above, but this larger. 2 Sheqalim in Proof. $65

570 --2005 1 Shekel. Naomi Shemer. 1 Shekel. Proof-like . $32

571 ---2005. As above, but this larger. 2 Sheqalim in Proof. $50

572 ---2005 1 Shekel. The Golden Years. 1 Shekel Proof-like. Anniversary coin $32

573 ---2005. As above, but this larger. 2 Sheqalim in Proof. $50

574 ---2005 1 Shekel. Albert Einstein's Year. 1 Shekel Proof-like . $35

575 ---2005 As above, but Albert Einstein in Proof. 2 Sheqalim. Larger. $65

576 ITALY, Norman Sicily. Roger II. 1105-1154. Æ Follaro. Roger stg/Christ std. MEC-164, Var-119 (R2).F-VF, bit. o.c. $110

577 ---,---William I (the Bad). 1154-1166. Æ Fraction of a Follaro. REX W in circle of Arabic legend/Virgin & child. Bi-1226, MEC-286. F-VF, on concave flan as struck$40

We hope to issue a list in 2006, on request only, of medieval Italy. Ask for a copy.

578 ---Tuscany. Ferdinand III. 1792 Quatrino. C-29. Choice EF. Scarce. $60

579 ---,---Leoold II. 1853 1/2 Paolo. C-68a. Toned EF+ . $60

580 ---Papal States, Civitavecchia, Pius VI. 1797 Emergency Coinage. 2 1/2 Baicchi. KM-5, Ber-3088. GVF, nice grade for these. Scarce locale. $150

581 ---,---Leo XII. 1824-B 1/2 Baiocco. KM-1295. VF-EF, small flaw. $25

582 ---Victor Emanuel II. 1861-M 2 Centesimi. KM-2.1. Nice R&B Unc. $27

583 ---,---18610M 5 Centesimi. KM-3.2. Another nice R&B Unc. $50

584 ---Umberto I. 1897 2 Centesimi. KM-30. Glossy R&B Unc. $20

585 ---Victor Emanuel III. 1908 1 Centesimo. KM-35. R&B Unc. $13.50

586 ---,---1903 2 Centesimi. KM-38. R&B Unc. $20

587 ---,---1919-R 50 Centesimi. KM-61.1 Nice EF. Key date. $30

588 ---,---1920-R 50 Centesimi. KM-61.1. Nice Unc. $25

589 ---Republic. 1954 10 Lire. KM-93. BU. $75

590 JAPAN, Meiji. Year 6. 5 Sen. KM-22. Type II, Characters connected. GVF. $75

591 ---,---Year 8. 5 Sen. KM-22. Toned EF. $45

*592 keeling cocos is., j. s. cluinies ross. 1913 5¢ 1913 oval, plastic ivory token. km-tn1. avf and scarce. $185

593 MADEIRA IS., Portuguese Colony. 1994 14 Ecus. Br-X11. Silver Proof. $35

*594 malacca. c. 1600 turtle money (gambar). medium size, 17.60 grams, c. 22.5 x 29.5. opitz page 147-148. (ex john barton of owl ltd). vf . $250

595 MEXICO, Ferdinand VI. 1770 FM 8 Reale Pillar. KM-105. Nice VF with 6 nice chips. $199

596 ---Charles IV. 1803 1/2 Real. KM-72. NGC-MS63. Nice slabbed BU coin . $199

597 ---,---1801-FM 8 R. KM-109. Chop marks and small X scr. if field. VG-F. $27

598 ---Estados Unidos. 1910 1¢ Wide Date. KM-415. Ch. Mostly red Unc. $80

599 ---,---1910 Peso. KM-453. 1st year of issue for the Horse Peso. VF. $25

600 ---,---1933 Peso with stickered ad for Tijuana track from1950 on obv. VF. $15

*601 morocco, tangiers. nd 25¢ token. octagonal clip as made. nice vf $175

602 NEPAL, Royal Mint Token. SE1824 (1902). Æ 12 Paisa. KM-TN1, Bruce X-TN1 VF-EF, holed as issued. $20

603 ---,---As above but Æ 14 Paisa. KM-Tn2, Bruce X- TN2. EF. $25

604 ---,---As above, but Æ 16 Paisa, KM-Tn3, Bruce X - TN3. Choice EF. $35

605 NETHERLANDS, Deventer. 1471 AR Gros. Arms on long cross, CCC LXXI/ Eagle over shield. Frey-141. A rare early date coin. aF/F. $400

606 ---Kampen. 1648 Lion Dollar. Lily mint mark. KM-35.2, D-4879. Cr. VF. $110

607 ---Gelderland. 1607 Lion Dollar. KM-15.1, D-4849. Cr. VF., Ornate Cross. $99

608 ---,---1638 Lion Dollar. KM-15.2, D-4849. VF, better than average planchet. $99

609 ---,---1643 Lion Dollar. KM-15.2, D-4849. F-VF, crude as usual. Not bad. $95

610 ---,---1647 Lion Dollar. KM-15.2, D-4849. Fine for type. $85

*611 ---,---charles d'egmond. 1498-1538. ar snaphaan. knight on horseback r/ lion, arms. escalin au cavalier. scarce denomination. del-516, vdc-38. vf, . $400

612 ---Holland. 1589 Lion Dollar. Dav-8838, Del-831. Nice VF for type. $115

613 ---,---1791 2 Stuivers. KM-48. Lion/4 line legend. VF. $10

614 ---Overijssl. 1617 Lion Dollar. Dav-4860, Del-856. F-VF. Unlisted in KM. $90

*615 ---stevenswwert. nd 17th cent. lion/legend. new-12719. scarce. $160

616 ---Utrecht. 1622 Rijksdaalder. Knight/Lion in shield. D-4836, K-14. VF. $140

617 ---William III. 1886 1/2¢. KM-109. Key date. Choice EF. $75

618 ---Wilhelminia. 1905 10 Cents. KM-138. VF. Best date of 3 year type. $15

619 ---,--- 1913 25¢, KM-146. VF. Key date. $15

620 ---,---1916 1 Gulden. KM-148. VF. $45

621 NORWAY, Oscar II of Sweden. 1878 1 Ore. KM-352. Gd EF. Key date. $60

PALESTINE. Our 2006 stock list has a huge listing of Palestine coins, just ask.

622 British Mandate. 1944 1 Mil. KM-1. Nice Red Unc . $18

623 ---1935 20 Mils. KM-5. Choice Unc. ANACS-MS-62. At least that nice. $375

624 ---1939 50 Mils. KM-6. Nice Unc. $25

625 PARAGUAY, Republic. 1974 150 Guaranies. Abraham Lincoln. KM-107 Pf$50

626 POLAND, Lodz Ghetto (Litzmannstadt). 1943 5 Mark. VF, some niks. $75

627 RUSSIA, Nicholas II. Russian Geology Conv. 1897 23mm Iron medal with orig. loop. Pick & Hammer/Fish. VF-EF. $50

628 SOUTH AFRICA, George VI. 1949 5 Shillings. KM-40.1. Choice P-L. $30

629 SO. RHODESIA, Edward VIII. 1937 5 Shilling Brass or gilt bronze. P-L. $45

630 ---,---,---1936 5 Shilling. Silver. Different bust. NGC Pf 67 Ultra Cameo . $110

631 SPANISH NETH. Brabant, Albert & Elizabeth. 1598-1621. AR Patagon. Cross, crown, monograms/Crowned Arms. Dav-4432. VF . $115

632 SWEDEN, Gustav II Adolf. 1631 Sater. 1 Ore. K-115, SM-139. VF for type$180

633 ---Oscar II. 1875/4 25 Ore. KM-738, Overdate. aVF. $60

634 ---,---1878 1 Ore. KM-745. aEF. $55

635 ---,---1898 1 Krone. KM-760. Toned VF . $25

636 SWITZERLAND, Basel. 1623 Taler. KM-79.2, Dav-4604. VF . $275

637 ---,---(1779) AR 24mm School Award. Minerva presenting Genius with wreath/3 line legend in wreath. Ewig-922. Choice BU . $75

638 ---St. Gallen. 1620 Taler. D-4677, KM-61. Bear. VF. $200

639 THAILAND, Rama V. ND 1 Baht. Y34. almost EF. Nice for type. $39

640 ---,---RS123 (1904) 1 Baht. Y-34a. EF. $65

641 TURKEY, Abdul Hamid I. 1187/13 (c. 1786). 2 Zolota. K-401, D-331. Choice Unc., as struck. As nice as you can expect to find. $220

641a ---Republic. 39mm Bronze Meda commemorating 300th anniversary of Suleiman the Great. His bust w. turban left/Palace. Unc. Ex-Spengler coll. $20

642 UNITED STATES, Trade Dollar. 1874-S. Y13. aVF, but cleaned. $100

643 ---,---1877. Y13. VF, rim bumps, surface marks. Still ok. $100

644 ---1973 Universal Trade Unit. The International. 1st date of issue. Tnd Unc. $22