List 35C - August 2005

Ancient and World Coins

This list is no longer current. It is provided here for informational purposes only.

World Coins: Ancient to Modern

Fixed Price List 35C (August 2005)

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INTRODUCTION    (back to top)

Our summer list is only a few weeks late. Not bad. A somewhat hectic July (some good things, some not so good) has delayed the list the past 2 weeks. Of course we missed having a winter or spring list. However we believe this huge list should more than make up for that. Probably over 1500 items are listed in the following 13 pages. We think it's our best Fixed Price List we've ever issued in 35 years of issuing lists. Please note that our office will be closed from August 12 through August 21st. However we plan to check our messages every day and hope to be in email contact as well. Or try us on our cell phone at 303-910-8245. Many of the items are prefaced with a GF number. Those are coins from the George Fisher collection. As we mentioned in the preface to our spring mailbid sale George passed away on March 18, 2005. George was the ultimate numismatic collector and researcher. He was known throughout the world as one of the leading experts on non-machine made Chinese coins. Museums, collectors, dealers, researchers and just plain folk throughout the world were in constant contact with George for help attributing and authenticating Chinese numismatic items. He made the 150 mile roundtrip between his home outside of Denver to the ANA museum in Colorado Springs weekly for more than 15 years to volunteer his expertise at the museum (and to invite friends and acquaintances to lunch). He also collected in numerous other numismatic fields. We are offering only a small portion of his Biblical related collection here. More of those coins as well as his Barbed Wire on coins and medals will be offered for sale in our Fall Mailbid Sale. We have left most of his coins in his original holders because he research was so meticulous. On most of his holders he would transcribe the inscription, a description of the coin, the weight, the size, the axis and sometimes other details. In addition he would sometimes add a translation as well as a transliteration of the inscription. Where we had to remove the coin to photograph it we will include the holder when at all possible. George was one of a kind and someone whom we truly miss. He would be the first to call after receiving my list, not necessarily to order, but to point out spelling errors. The past few months has not been kind to our numismatic family. Bob Kutcher of Lincoln, Nebraska died unexpectedly a month or so ago. He was one of the most important contributors to the Numismatics International journal over the years. Leonard Saunders, a coin dealer from Wisconsin, succumbed after a long fight with cancer. While Leonard dealt primarily in US coins he was one of the "good guys". He lived and worked in Denver for a number of years in the 1970's (and 80's?) and we traveled to many shows together. Just a few weeks ago Art Kagin passed away. Art was a true legend, a professional coin dealer for over 70 years and someone who truly loved coins and loved to talk about them. About 10 to 15 years ago I was in Phoenix visiting my brother. While in a buffet restaurant who do we run into, but Art. He talked for a 1/2 an hour to my brother and his family about what a great hobby coins were. Unfortunately coins were never my brother's thing, but that didn't stop Art. As some of you may know Bill Spengler of Colorado Springs is gravely ill with pancreatic cancer. Bill and George Fisher were friends, fellow members of numerous coin clubs and co-taught classes at the ANA. Ironically George had the same disease. We saw Bill a few weeks back and he is truly appreciative of all the cards, letters, emails and thoughts that have been directed his way.

This list contains numerous new items that have not been listed by us previously. In addition to over 125 coins from the George Fisher collection, there are many coins from the Bill Spengler collections as well as items from other collections we have purchased this year. Most coins that have been listed previously have had their prices reduced by 20% or more. Seldom does a coin dealer say he has too many coins, but at the moment that is the case. As usual there are no photos on the printed copy of this list but items with an asterisk should be photographed on our website. In addition we can usually supply email photos of most other items within 24 hours of the request (except when we are away of course). Please note however that your request for a photo does not reserve the coin for you. This list has something for everyone. Many very inexpensive gold coins, plus a few higher priced items including 2 Byzantine coins possibly struck in Jerusalem. Our Ancient Jewish section is our best ever featuring numerous items from stock as well as the George Fisher collection. If you don't see what you need, please send us your want list. We may very well have it. We have a very large listing of Roman coins including a great selection of Judaea Capta coins, high grade Severan Denari and numerous late Roman coins from the Spengler collection. Our world section is chopped full of goodies from A to W (no X, Y or Z) including runs of Crusaders, English, French, German, Israeli, Italian and perhaps the most complete listing of Spitzbergen ever. In addition sprinkled throughout the list are a number of medieval coins that a California collector has painstaking hand-colored with coats of arms of the issuer. Our listing ends with a small selection of Odd and Curious Money as well as a few books. Our Fall mailbid sale will contain more items from the George Fisher collection, numerous medals from the Bill Spengler collection, a large run of Swiss Talers, numerous scarce and rare Judaic medals, a group of incredibly rare Israeli patterns, proofs and specimens and many other items.

GOLD COINS OF THE WORLD    (back to top)

*1 BYZANTINE Maurice Tiberius 582-602 Gold Solidus Facing bust with plumed helmet/Angel. SB-478 VF+ $300

*2 ---Phocas 602-610 Gold Tremissis Bust right/ Cross SB-634 EF $300

*GF1 ---Heraclius. 610-641. Gold Solidus of Jerusalem. Heraclius and Heraclius Contantine facing with exurgual line below busts/Cross Potent. SB-851. EF $550

*GF2 ---, ---Gold Solidus of Jerusalem. Similar to above but without the line under the busts. SB-852. EF+ $550

*GF3 ---Romanus III. 1028-1034. Gold Stamenon Nomisma. Christ enthroned facing/ Virgin, nimbate, on right, Romanus on left, standing & facing. SB-1819. EF $450

*3 ---Manuel I. 1143-1180 Electrum Aspron Trachy (Gold) Christ stg on dais/Emp & St. Thedore SB-1959, Fr-278 Nice VF, flan crack $265

GF4 IHSIDIDENS, Abu'l-Qasim. Islamic Palestine. AH 334-349/946-961. Gold Dinar. Islamic legends both sides. SNAT-128, Album-676. VF, flat spots. $275

4 GHAZNAVID Zahir al dulah Ibrahim451-492 AH (950-9) Debased Gold Dinar (1.03). Legend both sides. Very irregular flan Alb-1637, Mitch-790. Fine $75

4a ARABIA (Tarim). AH 1352 (1933). Although struck in Vienna about 1965. Set of 6 Dinars in 6 different metals, Aluminum, Bronze or Copper, Aluminum-Bronze, Nickel, Silver and Gold. In custom Captial plastic holder named, "Ohea's Dinars". All choice Proof. Barney O'Hea had these struck for the imaginary Arabian Kingdom. Bruce X-1 to X1e (X-1c not listed in 4th ed.). These were previously listed under Arabia, now in the 4th edition of Unusual World Coins they are listed under Tarim. Rare, 1st gold coin I can recall seeing. $295

*5 BULGARIA Ferdinand I 1912 Gold 4 Dukat Holed as virtually all are, used by Gypsies. Countermark on rev. KM-M1, Fr-7 aEF $275

*GF5 CRUSADERS, Jerusalem. Amaury (Probably). Before 1167. Cut gold fragment (.43) aX/oLo. Rare, with partial legend visible. CCS-68 (XR). VF+ $450

*GF6 ---,---Baldwin IV (?). Cut gold fragment (.35). Gate type. CCS-69-81. VF $200

6 ENGLAND George V 1911 Gold Sovereign 1st year. KM-820, Fr-404 EF $110

7 GIBRALTER Elizabeth II 1999 Gold 1/25 Crown Millennium Fr-32 Proof $29

8 INDIA Maratha Confederacy. EIC. Tanjore. ND (19th Century) Gold Fanam Dagger/Degenerated image of the goddess Kali KM-280, Fr-1322 EF $25

8a---Cochin. 17-19th Century. Gold Fanam. KM-6. EF $20

8b---Malabar. Mid 19th Century. Gold Fanam. Lion walking right. M-1136. EF $23

8c---Marathas of Janjore. Anonymous. 1678-1800. Gold Fanam. M-1308v. EF $20

8d---Mysore. 1638-82. Gold Fanam. Vishnu seated. Fr.-1378. EF $20

8e---,---Tipu Sultan. 18th Century Gold Fanam. KM-128.1, Mit 982-990. EF $20

8f---Viyayanagar. Srirangaraya III. 1642-79. Gold Fanam. Mitch-930. EF $20

8g IRAN, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. SH1339 (1960) Gold 1/4 Pahlevi. KM-1160a. EF-AU. $30

*9 ISRAEL Bank of Israel 1964 Gold 50 Lirot. Rare, low mintage. Only about 800 minted. Fr-4a, KM-44a. Proof. Israel's rarest gold coin. $2500

9a---, ---Same as above, but the more common BU coin. Fr-4, KM-44 $250

9b---25th Anniversary. 1973. 50, 100 and 200 Gold Lirot coins. KM-72-74, Fr. 9-11. 3 Proof coins. $695

9c---David Ben-Gurion. 1974 500 Lirot. KM-82, Fr-12. Proof. $395

10 ---Loyalty 1978 Gold 1000 Lirot Restoration of Life 30th Anniversary KM-93, Fr-14 Proof $175

10a---Peace with Egypt. 1980 5000 Gold Lirot. KM-105, Fr-15. Proof. $250

10b---Jabotinksy. 1980 25 Gold Sheqel. KM-115, Fr-16. Proof. $250

10c---People of the Book. 1981 10 Gold Sheqalim. KM-113, Fr-17. Proof. $250

10d---Baron Rothschild. 1982 10 Gold Sheqalim. KM-120, Fr-18. Proof $250

10e---Qumran Caves. 1982 5 Gold Sheqalim. KM-125, Fr-19. Proof $155

11 ---Valour 1983 Gold 10 Sheqalim 35th Anniversary KM-133, Fr-20 Proof $330

12 ---Kinsman 1984 Gold 10 Sheqalim 36th Anniversary KM-138, Fr-22 Pf. $275

13 ---Kidron Valley 1984 Gold 5 Sheqalim Holyland sites, low mintage KM-142, Fr-23 Proof $325

14 ---Capernaum. 1985. Gold 5 New Sheqalim. KM-154, Fr-25. Proof $220

15 ---Jericho 1987. Gold 5 New Sheqalim. KM-182, Fr-29. Proof $195

15a---Archeology. 1990 Gold 10 Sheqalim. KM-214, Fr-34. Proof. $550

16 ---Dove and Cedar. 1991. Gold 5 Sheqalim. KM-222, Fr-38. Proof $230

16a---Law of Israel. 1992 Gold 10 Sheqalim. KM-227, Fr-39. Proof $625

16b---Paralympic Games. 1992 Gold 5 Sheqalim. KM-229, Fr-40. Proof $375

16c---Environment. 1994 Gold 10 Sheqalim. KM-255, Fr-47. Proof $400

17 ---Leopard and Palm Tree. 1994. Gold 1 Sheqel. Fr-51, KM-260. Proof $175

18 ---Leopard & Palm Tree. 1994. Gold 5 Sheqalim. KM-262, Fr-50. Proof $250

*19 ---Victory over Nazi Germany. 1995. Gold 10 New Sheqalim. Fr-54, KM-269. Proof $375

20 ---Fox & Vinyard. 1995. Gold 5 Sheqalim. Only 837 pieces mintedFr-58, KM-277. Proof $350

20a JAPAN, Nishu Gin. Gold 2 Shu. C-18. EF. $40

*21 KURDISTAN, Government in Exile. 2003/AH 1424. Gold 1000 Dinars. Saladin on horseback. Only 100 struck. Rare. Bruce-X4. Proof $375

22 NEPAL. Girvan Yuddha Vikrama. (1799-1816). Gold Dam or 1/128 Mohar. Uniface. One of the thinnest & lightest coins ever made. KM-535, Fr-14. VF-EF $30

*22a PALESTINE, Duke and Duchess of Windsor. 1936 Gold Sovereign. Facing busts of Duke and Duchess/6 Palestine coins. Proof. Reverse is like Bruce X-M2, a Lobel issue that is not included in new book. Rare! Also See 843a below. $150

23 SIERRA LEONE, Republic . 2002. Gold 20 Dollars. Year of the Horse. 5,000 minted. KM-258. Proof $49

23a TURKEY, Republic. 1923/43 (1966). 25 Kurush. Bust of Kemal Ataturk left. KM-852, Fr-103. Ch. BU $45

23b---Republic. 1968 Gold 25 Kurush. Monnaie de Luxe. KM-870, Fr-108. BU $40


*GF7 MACEDON COIN OF ANCIENT ISRAEL. Alexander the Great. AR Tetradrachm of Akko-Ptolemais (17.0). Hd of Hercules (modeled after Alexander) in lion's skin right/Zeus seated left, date (year 30 = 317/316 BC) to left. Hen-401v, Price 3274. VF, some obverse encrustation. $300

*GF8 PTOLEMAIC COIN OF ANCIENT ISRAEL, Ptolemy I. AR Tetradrachm (13.9) of Akko-Ptolemais. Head of Ptolemy I right/Eagle standing left on thunderbolt. Ros-10 sim, H-404. Year 34 = 254/253 BC. aVF $200

*GF9 SELEUKID COIN OF ANCIENT ISRAEL. Antiochus IX. 113-95 BC. AR Tetradrachm (14.25). Head of Antiochus right/Zeus standing left, hldg Nike. Houghton-814v, Hen-415. Toned VF, light oxidation. Ex Sugar collection. $325

GF10 YEHUD COIN. Before 333 BC. AR Obol (.8). Helmeted head of Athena/Owl stg right, lily to left, Yehud to left but indistinct. AJC-4b. VG. $300

*24 SAMARIA. 4th Century BC. AR Obol (.75). Head of Bes facing/2 owls facing. SC-53, CS-43. VG/aVF $225

*GF11 ---,---(.66). Head of Athena left/Lion on stag's back, attacking; "Shomron" in Paleo-Hebrew above. H441, SQ-5, SH-62 (plate coin). aVF, $400

*GF12 ---,---(.83). Facing female head (Arethusa?)/Bearded male head in Athenian helmet looking left, on left, "Shomron". H-442v, SQ8, SH-79 (plate coin). VF $500

*GF13 ---AR Half Obol (.26). Head of Satrap, looking left, wearing Persian tiara/Persian king walking right. SQ-4, SH-28 (Plate coin). VF $450

*GF14 ---,---(.28). Female head facing/Bearded male head in Athenian helmet looking left, on left, "Shomron". H-442, SQ-9, SH-141 (Plate coin). aVF, sim to GF12 $250

*25 PHILISTO-ARABIAN, GAZA. 4th Century BC. AR Obol (.64). Hd of Athena in helmet/Owl stg right. cf. Svoronos pl13,39-41. Very scarce. F/S#5, 294. GVF $225

*26 HASMONEAN. 1st century BCE. Æ Prutah flan sprue (handle) attached. Unstruck, one sprue attached. Rare as such. Hen-464a/b. Nice VF $360

27---J. HYRCANUS/ANTIOCHUS VII. 132-130 BCE. Æ Prutah. Lily/Anchor. Transitional coin. 1st Macabbean coin of Jerusalem. Hen-451. Gd Fine $90

GF15---,---. Similar, year 181. VG/F $60

GF16---JOHN HYRCANUS I. 135-104 BC. Æ Prutah. Hebrew legend/Double Cornucopia H-453, AJC-Pc4g. VF $75

*28 ---, ---,---Similar. Legend, topped by "A". H-454, AJC-M, AJC-A. . Ch. VF $155

*GF17 ---,---Similar. H-455, AJC-36. GVF. $110

*29 ---,---Æ Lepton or 1/2 Prutah. Palm branch flanked by 4 lines of Hebrew/Lily, "A" monogram to left. H-458, AJC-O, TJC-C. GVF $325

GF18---.---Æ Prutah. Hebrew legend/Double Cornucopia type, legend now reading "Yehohanan the High Priest and Head of the Council of the Jews. H460. F $35

GF19---,---,---Similar. H-463v. Nice F-VF $50

GF20---,---,---Similar. H-464. F-VF, cornucopia a bit off-center. $40

*30 ---JUDAH ARISTOBULUS. 104-103 BCE. Æ Prutah. Hebrew legend/Double Cornucopia. High grade. H-465, TJC-U. VF+ $185

GF21---,---Similar, but rare with 3 letters at top. H-466, AJC Jb-Jc. F-VF, dark $274

*31 ---ALEXANDER JANNAEUS. 103-76 BC. Æ Prutah. Lily, "Yehonatan the king"/ Anchor, "of King Alexander". TJC-N1, H-467, AJC-Aa. VF/F-VF, bit o.c. $100

GF22---,---Anchor, "King Alexander"/Star of 8 rays, "Yehonatan the King. H-469, AJC-Ca. F/VF, and very heavy and thick variety. 4.25 grams (15.8mm). $50

GF23---,---Similar, but smaller type. 1 gram, 13.5mm. AJC-Cb. Choice VF $80

GF24---,Æ Lepton. Anchor/Star of 8 rays. H-471. Nice VF, pronounced handle. $50


33---,---,---Similar. H-474, AJC-F. Gd Fine $25

GF25---,---Lead Prutah (Token). "King Alexander" around anchor/traces of Aramaic inscription and border of dots. H-476. F/G-VG. A bit nicer than most. $45

GF26---JOHN HYRCANUS II. 67, 63-40 BC. Æ Prutah. Inscription overstruck over earlier coin (Anchor/Lily type H-467)/Double cornuopia overstruck over Lily. H-478. Nice aVF with portions of undercoin visible on both sides. $70

*GF27 ---,---Illegible imitation of Hebrew inscripiton/Tiny Schematic double cornucopia with pomegranate between horns. H-480, AJC-H. VF+. Nice example $150

34---MATTATHIAS ANTIGONUS. 40-37 BC. Æ23 (13.71). Double Cornucipia/Ivy Wreath. Nicer than most. H-481, AJC-U4. VF, flan chip $200

35---,---Æ19. Double Cornucopia, Hebrew inscription/Greek in 2 lines around ivy wreath. H-482, AJC-V. VG $30

GF28---,---Another as above, but much nicer. VF, with nearly full legends $200

*36 ---,---Æ Prutah. Cornucopia/Legend. Great example with two handles. H-483, AJC-Y. GVF, rev o.c. $200

*GF29 HEROD THE GREAT. 40-4 BC. Æ 8 Prutot. Tripod with bowl, date and monogram around/Military Helmet with cheek pieces & straps. H-486, AJC-1. VF/GF. $375

*GF30 ---Æ 4 Prutot. Crested helmet, flanked by date and monogram/Shield. H-487, AJC-2. Choice VF $425

*37 ---Æ Prutah. Aphlaston/Palm branch. Rare this nice. H-489, AJC-5, TJC-47. VF $300

*38 ---Æ 2 Prutot. "X" surrounded by closed diadem/Tripod table flanked by upright palm branches. H-490, TJC-48, AJC-7. aVF $185

GF31---,---Similar to above open diadem. H-490a. AJC-8. Gd Fine $75

*GF32 ---Æ Prutah. Cross, outside diadem, portions of "King Herod"/Tripod Table. H-492, AJC-11. Fine, seldom offered. $125

39---,---. Anchor/Double Cornucopia w. caduceus, 4 pellets above. H-500. VG $25

*GF33 ---,---Another, but much nicer. VF $100

*GF34 ---Æ Lepton. Cornucopia with legend above and below/Eagle standing right. This is the first Jewish coin that portrays a graven image. H-501, AJC-23. VF $125

*40 ---,---Anchor, legend/War Galley surrounded by dots. Scarce. H-502, AJC-22, TJC-65. Decent VF $135

*GF35 HEROD ARCHELAUS. 4 BC - 6 AD. Æ 2 Prutot. Legend above Galley/ Double cornucopia with grapes. H-503, AJC-3. VF. Scarce type. $200

GF36---Æ Prutah. Galley/Double Cornucopia. H-504, AJC-4. VF $100

GF37---,---Bunch of grapes/Helmet. H-505, AJC-6. VF+, nice green patina. $125

*41 ---,---Prow of Galley, HPW/ΕΘΝ in wreath. H-506, AJC-5. VF $140

GF38---,---Anchor/Inscription in wreath. H-507, AJC-2c. VF/F. $90

*42 HEROD ANTIPAS. 4 BC-39 AD. Æ 1/2 Denomination. 18mm. Palm branch L λζ = yr. 37=33 AD/τιβε PIAC in wreath. H-521, AJC-14, TJC-88. F-VF $450

*43 HEROD PHILIP. 4 BC-34 AD. Æ21. Jugate Heads of Tiberius & Livia, * on hisneck/Temple on high platform. H-530v, AJC-6av, TJC-100a. VG/Gd Fine $500

44 AGRIPPA I. 37-44. Æ Prutah. Canopy with fringes. 3 ears of barley, year 6. H-553, AJC-11. aVF $75

*GF39 AGRIPPA II. 56-95. Æ23. A pre-royal coin issued under Claudius and struck at Tiberias. Palm branch, year 13/Wreath around legend. H-574, AJC-5. aVF $475

GF40 ---Æ23 of Panias. Bust of Nero right/5 line legend. Commemorates Panias as Nerinias. Hen-581, AJC-Addendum I, p. 110. Fine, a bit rough. Scarce. $250

GF41 ---Æ19 of Panias. As above but 1/2 Denomination. H-582, AJC-2. F-VF $175

*GF42 ---Æ14 of Panias. A 3rd, this a 1/4 Denomination. H-583, AJC-3. VG $110

*GF43---Æ14 of Caesarea. Ship's rudder within legend/Anchor, year 14. RPC-4684, SNG-ANS-745. VF. RPC lists this coin as a pre-Royal coin of Agrippa II, while Meshorer in the SNG ANS book lists this under Caesarea. Rare. VF $175

GF44---Year 14, 74/75 AD. Æ30. Bust of Vespasian right/Tyche holding corn and cornucopia. H-589, AJC-7. Gd Fine. $275

GF45---Year 24, 84/85 AD. Æ21. Bust of Domitian right/Nike adv. right with wreath and palm. H-602. VF, a bit off-center. $200

*45 ---yr 24, 84/85. Æ17. Bust of Domitian r/Nike writing on shield. Ex Dan Friedenberg collection. H-604, TJC-150. Choice VF $200

*GF46 ---Year 25, 85/86 AD. Æ16. Bust of Domitian right/8 branched palm tree with 2 bunches of dates. H-607, TJC-156. VF, Ex Dan-Friedenberg collection. $300

GF47---,---Æ11.5. Head of Domitain right/Cornucopia. H-609, AJC-29. VG/F+ $135

*GF48 ---Year 26, 86/87 AD. Æ25. Laur. bust of Vespasian right/Tyche holding cornucopia and ear of corn, crescent in field at top. H-610, AJC-30a. aVF. $325

GF49---,---Æ19. Bust of Domitian right/Double cornucopia, caduceus between. H-615, AJC-35. VF. $250

46---Æ22. Hd of Domitian right/SC. rev off center, Struck year 26 = 86/87 AD. H-616, AJC-36. GVF $165

*47 ---Æ19. Laur. head of Domitian right/Nike right inscribing shield, year 26, 86/87 AD. TJC-165, H-617, AJC-37. F/GF $80

*48 ---,---Another as above, but nicer. Choice VF $175

*49 ---Æ28. Bust of Vespasian right/Tyche stg left, hldg ear of corn. Year 27, H-619, AJC-8, TJC-166. Gd Fine $200

GF50---Year 29, 89/90 AD. Æ24. Laur. bust of Titus right/Nike advancing right. H-625, AJC-45b. Fine. $150

*GF51 ---Year 35, 95/96 AD. Æ13.5. Bust of Domitian right/Legend in wreath. H-634, AJC-56. Nice VF, cute little coin. $225

*GF52 COPONIUS, Procurator under Augustus. 6-9 CE. Æ Prutah. Ear of barely/Palm Tree, year 36. H-635, TJC-311, AJC-1. Choice VF. Ex WMR 34E#55 $120

*50 MARCUS AMBIBLIUS, Procurator under Augustus. 9-12 C.E. Æ Prutah. Ear of barley/. Palm Tree, Year 39. H-636, AJC- 3, TJC-313. VF, green patina $125

*51 ---,---,---Another, but even nicer. Ch. VF+ $180

GF53,---,,---Similar, but year 40. H-637, AJC-4. a Fine $35

GF54 VALERIUS GRATUS, Procurator under Tiberius. 15-26 C.E. Æ Prutah Legend in wreath/Palm branch, year 2. H-640, AJC-8. aVF, bit o.c. $50

GF55---,---KAI CAP in wreath/2 crossed cornucopias with caduceus between, year 3. H-641, AJC-10. F-VF. $65

GF56---,---Similar to above, but with misspelling of emperor's name. H-641a, TJC-320a. aVF $115

*52 ---,---,ιοψ λια in 2 lines in wreath/3 lilies in bloom, Year 3. H-642, TJC-321, AJC-12. VF $135

GF57---,---As above but obverse legend is KAI CAP instead. H-642a, AJC-14.F. $100

53---,---Vine leaf and grapes/Narrow necked amphora with scroll handles, year 4. H-643, AJC-16, TJC-326. VF, but obverse off-center. $110

54---,---τιβ και CAP in wreath/Palm branch, LE= Year 4. H-646, AJC-18, TJC-328. VF $50

55---,---,---Similar but Year 11=24 AD. H-647, AJC-Supp V. 19. Fine $25

*GF58 PONTIUS PILATE, Procurator under Tiberius. 26-36 AD. Æ Prutah. 3 ears of barleyt/Simpulum (ladle) surrounded by legend and date, year 16 (29 AD). H-648, AJC-V21. Nice VF $150

*56 ---Littus/HZ in legend. Scarce variety with unusual date, full obverse legend! H-649v, TJC-333d, AJC-23d. Nice VF $375

*57 ANTONIUS FELIX, Procurator under Tiberius. 26-36 AD. Æ Prutah/ Legend in wreath/crossed palm branches. Unlisted? ιου very small. H-651v, TJC-342v, AJC-32vVF $110

*58 ---,---Crossed spears & shields/Palm Tree, BPIT. A nice example of a coin naming Britannicus, younger son of Claudius. H-652, AJC-29, TJC-340. GVF $190

*59 1ST REVOLT. 66-70, year 2. AR Shekel (14.24). Omer Cup, "Shekel of Israel" "Year 2"/3 Pomegranates with stem, "Jerusalem the Holy". H-659, AJC-8, TJC-193. EF. A nice example at a very desirable price. $2100

*59a ---,---AR Half Shekel (6.84). As above, but obverse legend reads, "Half a Shekel" and "Year 2". H-660, AJC-10. VF, a tad rough, but not bad. Half-Shekels are much rarer than the full Shekel (and actually a more important coin because that was the price of the Temple Tax), but sell for about the same price. This is the least expensive piece we've offered in a number of years. $1750

*GF59 ---,---Æ Prutah. Amphora without lid, "Year 2"/Vine Leaf, "The Freedom of Zion". H-661, AJC-11a. EF/Gd VF. The obverse is close to perfect. $250

*GF60 ---Year 3. AR Shekel. (13.85). Description as #59 above but for date. H-662, AJC-18. Lightly toned EF. A beauty. $2250

60---year three. Æ Prutah. Amphora, with lid "year three"/Vine Leaf, "Freedom of Zion". TJC-204, H-664. aF $35

61---,---,---Another, but nicer. VF $100

62---Year 4.. Æ 1/8 Shekel. Chalice/Lulav flanked by etrog. H-670, AJC-30, TJC-214. VG $90

*GF61 ---,---,---Another, as above but nicer. Nice VF. $300

*63 BAR KOCHBA REVOLT. 132-135, year 1. Middle Bronze (9.29). Palm tree, "Shimon, Prince of Israel"/Vine Leaf, "Yr 1 of the redemption of Israel"H-678, Mild-43, TJC-222. F-VF, bit crude $360

*GF62 ---,---Similar and nicer. Different dist. of letters. Mild-46. EF/VF $600

*64 --- Year 1 (or hybrid). Middle Bronze (7.54). Palm Tree, "Shma"/Vine Leaf, "Year 1of the redemption of Israel. Hybrid years 1 and 2, palm tree is from dies of year 2.Mild-47, H-679, TJC-257, aVF $750

*GF63 ---,---Year 1 Middle Bronze. Palm branch in wreath, "Shimon, Prince of Israel"/ 5 stringed lyre, "Year 1 of the redemption of Israel". H-680, Mild-26. F-VF, nice $450

*65 ---year 1. Small Bronze (7.00). Palm tree, "Eleazar the Priest". Grapes, "Yr 1 of the redemption of Israel". Mild-150, H-681, TJC-224. VF $350

*66 ---Year two. Medium Bronze (9.13). Palm Tree, "Simon"/Vine Leaf, "Year 2 of the freedom of Israel". Mil-54, H-708. aFine $175

*67 ---,---Similar. (7.00). Mild-56. Choice VF $225

*68 ---,---Similar. (9.41). Mild-57. F-VF $200

*69 ---,---Similar. (9.91) Back of head & chin visible on under coin..Mild-58, Nice VF $525

*70 ---,---Similar. (12.26). Mild-60, GF, large flan $200

*70a ---,---Similar. (9.32). Mild-64. GVF $300

*71---,---Similar (9.36). Mild-72, VF, oblong flan $250

*71a ---,---Similar (10.21). Mild-74. VF, reverse a bit off-center $235

*72 ---,---Similar (7.79) Mild-78. VF $250

*73 ---,---Similar (11.02) Mild-83, F-VF, bit ragged $200

*74 ---,---Similar(9.61) but crude, Irregular type. Nicer than Mildenburg plate coinAs Mild-173. VF $375

GF64---Æ Small bronze. 7 branched palm tree, "Jerusalem"/Bunch of grapes, "Year two of the freedom of Israel'. H-710, Mild-154. VF+ $275

*GF65 ---Year 3. AR Sela or Tetradrachm (14.7). Temple in Jerusalem with ark and scrolls, "Shimon" at sides, star above/Lulav with etrog at left, "For the freedom of Jerusalem". H-711, Mild-77. VF. (Ex Waddell 5/86 ay GVF). $2250

*75 ---,---AR Zuz or Denarius (2.98) "Shimon" in 2 lines/Fluted jug, handle, "for the Freedom of Jerusalem", planchet cracks from overstrike. H-717, Mild-73. Sharp EF $660

*GF66 ---,---(3.2). Bunch of grapes, "Shimon"/Palm branch, "For the freedom of Jerusalem". H-729, Mild-145. VF, overstruck over a denarius of Nerva. $500

*GF67 ---,---(3.3). Bunch of grapes, "Shimon"/Fluted jug, palm branch, "For the freedom of Jerusalem". H-732, Mild-156. Toned VF. $500

*GF68 ---,---(3.27). Bunch of grapes, "Shimon"/3 stringed lyre, "For the freedom of Jerusalem". H-734, Mild-218. Toned GVF $550

*GF69 ---,---Medium Bronze. Palm branch in wreath, "For the freedom of Jerusalem"/ 3 stringed lyre, "Shimon". H-735, Mild-32. aVF $275

*76 ---,---,---(13.51) Palm Tree, "Shimon"/Vine Leaf, "For the Freedom of Jerusalem". M-98, TJC-292b, H-736. F-VF/aVF $250

*77 ---,---Similar (9.41) M-103. aF/VF $250

*78 ---,--- Similar. Clear view of undercoin, Vespasian (on Ascalon?). Mild-111, Nice VF $650

*79 ---,---Similar. (6.59). Mild-115, VF $275

*80 ---,--- Similar (10.81) Mild-139. Fine $200

*81 ---,--- att. to year 3. Small bronze (6.26) Palm Tree, "Shimon"/Bunch of grapes,"FOR THE FREEDOM OF JERUSALEM." M-159, TJC-302a, H-739. F-VF $175

*GF69a JUDAEA CAPTA, Titus 79-81.Æ20, His bust right/Nike, foot on helmet, writing on shield, hanging from palm tree. H-743. F-VF $110

*82 ---,--- Æ21. Laur. head of Titus right/Nike stg r., writing on shield. Unpub. distribution rev. legend. ιουδαιασεα λωκυιασ. H-744ff, AJC-3aff, TJC-382ff. F/VF $120

*GF69b ---,---Æ25. His bust right/Judaea sits left, left of trophy, arms to right. H-745, AJC-5. Fine. $90

*GF69c ---Domitian. Æ27 (or Dupondius). Bust right/Palm Tree. H-746, AJC-9. Gd Fine/VF, nice green patina.. The most attractive of the Casarea Judaea Capta's $350

83---,---Æ23 of Caesarea Bust left/Minerva adv l., hldg trophy in right hand, spear & shield in left. H-749, TJC-392, AJC-7. GF, nice patina $50

GF70---,---Æ19. Laur. head of Domitian/Trophy. H-751. Fine. Scarce. $250

*84 ---,---Struck at Caesarea Æ13. Head of Domitian r/Rudder. Very rare. Seldom seen or offered. H-754, AJC-4. VG-F/F-VF $300

*85 10TH LEGION COUNTERMARK c.100 AD. Æ 20 mm. Hd right, C/M of Head (Nerva?) right. C/M of Galley. H-805. C/M F-VF, coin poor $175

GF69d ABILA, Lucius Verus. 161-169. Æ23. Æ23.Bust of Verus right/Bust of Tyche right, year 225 (161/162 AD). Ros-7. aF $80

86 AELIA CAPITOLINA. Antonius Pius, 138-161 Æ22 Bust right/Draped bust of Tyche right. Mesh-21. F/VF $160

87---,---Æ20 Laur bust right/Dioscuri, Eagle between them. Ros-14, Mesh-22. Fine $75

GF69e ---,---Æ12. Bust right/War Galley with prow, oars and ram (symbol of the 10th Legion), KA above, C below. Mesh-32v. Fine, green patina, a bit rough. Rare. $160

88---Marcus Aurelius & Lucius Verus. Æ25. Confronted busts/Turreted Tyche seated left on throne, holding cornucopia & wreath. Mesh-55, Ros-34 Fine $110

*GF69f ---,---Æ23. Confronted busts/Bust of Sarapis left, wearing modium. Mesh-56, Ros-35. VF $275

89---Julia Domna, wife of Sept. Severus. Æ20 Bust right/Tyche std left on throne. Mesh-82, Kad-88. VG/F $75

*90 ---Elagabalus 218-222 Æ22. Bust right/Bust of Sarapis right. Pretty green patina. M-134, R70. GVF $300

91 AKKO-PTOLEMAIS. Hadrian 117-138 Æ22. Laur bust right/Hadrian as founder, plowing right w. bull & cow, 4 standards behind. Ros-48, H-819. aVF $100

*92 ---,---Æ 18.5. Bust right/Tyche stg l, hldg rudder & cornucopia. Ros-49, Kad-107. VF $75

*93 ---Caracalla 193-211 Bi Tetradrachm (15.23). Bust right/Eagle standing on ear of wheat. Ex Dan Friedenberg collection. Prier-1581, Bell-384. VF $250

GF71---Diadumenian. 218 AD. Æ23. Bust of Diadumenian right/Winged Caduceus, COLO PTOL and unlisted as such. Similar to Ros-65 and Kadman-156 but both list the reverse legend as COL PTOL. We can find no listing of this coin! Fine $175

*GF71a ANTHEDON, Severus Alexander. 222-235. Æ25. Bust of Emperor right/ Tyche seated left on stern of galley hldsg scepter. Ros-8, Mesh-68. Fine $250

*GF71b ANTIPATRIS, Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ21. Bust right/Tyche standing in Temple. Ros-1, Hen-823. aF/F, on irregular flan. Rare city! $250

94 ASCALON. 85/86 AD Æ14 of Antiochus IV. Bust of Tyche r/Prow of ship, ΟΠΡ Year 189. Ros-56, BMC-56. VF $50

95---Hadrian 117-138 Æ20. Bust right/City-goddess standing on galley. Year 223=119/120 AD. Ros-152. VG-F $30

*96 BOSTRA, Trajan 98-117 (112-114). AR Drachm (3.53). Laur. & Draped bust right/Arabia stg, head left, camel at feet. Kind 6-9, ANS-1156. VF $85

GF71c---Time of Commodus. Æ11.5. Bust of Tyche, date (year 77 + 181/182)/Camel right. Ros-22. VF. $175

*97 CAESAREA, Trajan. 98-117 Æ 31mm. Laur head right/Tyche stg in Temple, holding human bust, altar behind. H-835, Ros-19, BMC-39. VF $700

98---Hadrian 117-138 Æ29. Bust right/Founder plows right, City name clear. H-836, Ros-24. VG $50

*99 ---,---Æ28. Laur bust right/Founder plows right. Ex Dan Friedenberg collection. Ros-24, H-836. VF, cleaned, but not harshly so. $225

100 ---,---Æ23. Bust r/Bust of Sarapis right. Ros-29. VG $30

*GF71d ---Caracalla. 198-217. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/Eagle stg wreath in beak, serpent-entwined torch between eagle's legs. Ros-62, Bell-373. VF $275

101---,Diadumenian. 217-218 Æ21. Bust right/Bust of Sarapis right. Ros-67, BMC-110. GF/VF $100

GF71e CANATHA, Domitian. 81-96. Æ11. Bust left/Head of Tyche left, Year 157 = 93/94 AD. Ros3. VG/F+. $75

*GF72 CAPITOLIAS, Caracalla. 198-217. Æ28. Bust right/City-goddess standing left in hexastyle temple, Year 108. Ros-13, Spi-18. Choice VF $450

*102 DIOSPOLIS-LYDDA (LOD). Julia Domna, w. of Sept. Severus. Æ22. Her bust right/Veiled bust of Demeter left, hldg torch to light the underworld. R-3, Mesh-156. Nice Fine $350

*103 DIUM. Geta. 209-212. Æ27. Bareheaded bust r/Zeus-Helioplitas (Hadad) facing, holding scepter. HIC = 268 = 205/206. R-5, Sp-6. Very large, F+/VF $200

*104 DORA, Trajan. 98-117. Æ19. Bust right/Astarte stg, POE = yr. 175. Ex Dan Friedenberg collection..Ros-27, BMC-24. Nice VF $200

*GF73---,---Æ27. Laureate bust of Trajan/Laureate bust of bearded Doros, aphlaston in front. Year 175. Ros-26, Hen-850. Gd VF. $500

105 ELEUTHEROPOLIS Caracalla. 198-217. Æ21. Bust right/Bust of Sarapis right, year 3. (201/2). Ros-17. aVF, dark patina $100

*GF73a ---Macrinus. 217-218. Æ24. Bust right/Tyche standing in Tetrastyle Temple, river gold below. Ros-21. F-VF. Rare. $300

GF73b ESBUS, Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ18. Bust right/Nude Dionysos standing facing front, panther seated left. Ros-4, Sp-6. Nice Fine. $135

*106 GABA, Hadrian 117-138. Æ23 of Year 116/117. Laureate bust right/Nike walking left, holding wreath and trophy. Ros-9, SNG ANS 900. Fine $140

*107 ---Commodus. 177-192. Æ23. Laur. bust right/Warrior stg with spear & shield year 245. Ros-16. GVF, nice patina $130

108 GADARA, Claudius. 41-54. Æ 18. Bust of Claudius right/Veiled bust of Tyche right, Year 44/45 AD. Ros-21, ANS-1294. VF $100

GF73c---Titus. 79-81. Bust right/Double Cornucopiae. R-35v, Sp-30v. F/aVF $60

109---Marcus Aurelius. 161-180. Æ23. Bust right/Bust of Hercules right. Year 224 = 160/161 AD. Ros-43, Sp-38. F/VF $100

110---Commodus. 177-192. Yr 243 = 178/179. Æ18. Bust r/Tyche stg r., foot on prow, holds cornucopia & scepter, Nike on column. R-66, Sp-65. Decent Fine $45

111---,---Æ21. Bust right/Tyche stg hldg cornucopia, foot on prow. Ros-66, Sp-65VF $75

112 GAZA, Antoninus Pius 138-161. Æ18. Bust r/Herakles stg w. club & lions skin. ΓC = 203 = 142-143 AD. Ros-81. aVF $65

*GF73d ---Commodus. 177-192. Æ23. Bust right/Io and city-goddess standing and clasping hands, year 204 = 183/184. Ros-124 VF $150

GF73e GERASA, HADRIAN. 117-118. Æ16. Bust right/Draped bust of Artemis-Tyche right, quiver at shoulder, bow in front. Ros-9. VF $135

*113 HIPPPS-SUSSITA, Lucius Verus. 161-169. Æ22. Laur bust r/Tyche stg l, hldg cornucopia & small horse.. Sp-17, R-15. aVF, green patian, some encrustation $125

GF74 JOPPA, Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ24. Bust of emperor right/Tyche, standing left, flanked by 2 small figures in Tetrastyle Temple. Ros-7. aF and very rare. $450

*114 MARISA, Gabinus. 1st Cent. BCE. Æ20. Male head (Gabinus?) right, Palm branch. Extremely rare city. H-874a, Qedar-13. VF $550

*GF74a MEDABA, Geta. 209-212. Æ22. Bust right/4 column temple, with pellet in pediment, altar inside. Ros-7, Spi-8.F-VF and rare. $325

*115 NEAPOLIS, Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD. Æ19. Bust right/Mt. Gerizim. Nice greenish patina, R-69v, ANS-1008. VF $215

*116 ---Trebonianus Gallus. 251-253. Æ25. His laur bust r/Eagle, supp. on wings Mt. Gerazim surmounted by temple & altar, stairway leading to temple, colonade on base of mountain. Ros-113. F/F+ $150

*GF75 NICOPOLIS (EMMAUS), Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ21. Bust of emperor right/ Zeus-Heliopolites standing between 2 bulls, hldg whip and ears of grain. Ros-3, Mesh-160. Fine+ and extremely rare. (Ex Amphora 83 #88) $900

*GF75a NYSA-SCYTHOPOLIS, Marcus Aurelius. 161-180 AD. Æ25. Bust right/ Nude Dionysos standing left, holding thyros, pouring wine from oinochoe to panther at lower left. Ros-14 (sim). Choice VF. $275

GF75b PANIAS, Caracalla. 198-217. Æ24. Bust right/Tyche standing right, foot on prow, holding cornucopia. Ros-27. Fine. $110

*117 PELLA, Domitian. 81-96. Æ15 of year 145 (82/83). Bust right/Palm tree, 2 bunches of fruit. Rare type from rare city. R-2, Sp-4. aVF/VF $250

*GF76 ---Caracalla. 198-217. Æ20. Bust of Commodus right/Hercules standing with golden apples and club, Year 246 (182-183 AD). Spij-10 and unlisted in other sources. Choice VF and very rare. Ex WMR from Herb Kreindler 1995. $1000

118 PETRA, Hadrian. 117-138. Æ15. Bust right/3 line legend in wreath "Petra Metropolis" . Sp-12, Ros-9. Fine $135

GF76a---Geta. 209-212. Æ28. Bust right/Tyche in distyle Temple, seated left and holding trophy. Ros-30v, Sp-54v. Fine. Scarce $100

119---Elagabalus. 218-222. Æ26. Laureate bust right/Tyche seated left on rock. Ros-33, Sp-unl. Fine $125

*120 ---,---Æ19. Bust r/Founder plowing right. Somewhat cramped flan. Sp-56, Ros-35. F-VF $65

GF76b---,---Æ19. Similar, but reverse much nicer. F/VF $90

*GF76c PHILADELPHIA, Lucius Verus. 161-169. Æ32. Bust right/4 horses pulling car with domed canopy. Ros-31, Sp-29. F-Vf, rough. Modern day Ammon! $175

*GF76d ---,---Æ21. Bust right/Bust of Hercules right. Ros-32, Sp-27. VF/aEF $300

*GF77 PHILIPPOPOLIS, Philip I. 244-249. Æ23.5 mm. Laur. bust right/Roma stnding holding phiale in right hand, resting left arm on spear over shield. Ros-1v (diff. obverse legend), Spij-4. Nice VF. $700

GF77a RABBATMOBA, Geta. 209-212. Æ29. Bust right/Ares standing and facing holding sword, shield and spear. Ros-20, Sp-32. VG. Ex S. Sugar collection. $90

GF77b RAPHIA, Severus Alexander. 218-222. Æ23. Bust right/Dionysos standing left, holding thyrsos in left hand and vexillim in right, panther at right foot. Ros-26. VG/F. Ex Saul Sugar collecton. $135

*GF77c SEBASTE, Domitian. 81-96. Æ16. Bust right/Crested helmet with cheek pieces. Ros-10. Gd Very Fine. Ex Superior NY International Sale 12/96. $300

*121 SEPPHORIS, Trajan. 98-117. Æ27. Bust right/2 line legend in wreath. Ex Dan Friedenberg collection. Ros-3, BMC-1, H-906. F-VF, bit grainy $135

*122 ---Antoninus Pius. 138-161. Æ22. Bust right/Tyche standing in Tetrastryle temple, holding torch & sceptre. Ros-8, BMC-25. F-VF $90

*123 TIBERIAS, Hadrian. 117-138. Æ18. His laureate bust right/Nike standing looking l., hldg wreath and palm branch, year 101 = 119/120. Ros-14. Ch. VF $140

*GF77d ---,---Æ14. Bust right/Galley with oars, year 101 = 119/120. R-15. VF $160

ANCIENT GREEK COINAGE    (back to top)

*124 SPAIN, Numantia (The Aregoradenses) 2nd Century BC. AR Drachm (3.75)Beardless male head right, θ behind/Horseman galloping right holding spear, legend above ex. Cop-345, SG-34. Toned aEF $350

124a GAUL, The Remi. 1st Century BC. Potin 21mm. Warrior with wnd-blown hair advancing right,holding spear & torque/Animal walking right/Animal walking right. cf. De la Tour-8124. SG-136. GVF/F. $115

124b---The Veliocasses. 1st Century BC. Potin 17mm. Abstract human head/ Animal (horse?) standing left, 3 dots around. cf. De la Tour-7417. Nice VF $125

125 CELTIC, Danubian Celts. c. 3rd Cent. BC. AR Drachm (3.77). Imitation of Alex. the Great Drachm. Bust right/Zeus enthroned. SG-211, Pink-591. VF/F $110

126 LUCANIA, Thurium. 350-281 BC. AR 1/12 Stater. (.77).Head of Athena right/Bull stg right. Legend above & in ex, also flying owl. SNG ANS-1167 GF. $35

127 BRUTTIUM, Rhegion. 466-415 BC. AR Litra (.70). Lion's scalp facing/RECI within wreath. SG-500, BMC-21. VF/F $80

*128 Sicily, Akragas. 472-420 BC. AR Litra (.63). Eagle standing left, AK behind, RA before/Crab, ΔΙ below. SG-746, BMC-50. aVF $125

129---,---Early 5th Cent. BC. Æ Trias, Toothed shaped. Eagle/Crab/3 pellets. SG-1020, Cop-62. Nice VF $125

130---,---,---Æ Hexas, Tooth Shaped. Eagle/Crab/2 pellets. Scarce denomination Cop-62, Cal.I,7. VG $65

131---,---413-406 BC. AR Hemidrachm. Eagle/Crab. SG-751. aF $99

*132 ---Himera. 465-415 BC. AR Litra (.71). Forepart of monster l, with bearded human head/Naked youth on goat prancing left. SG-816, BMC-41. Fine/GF, a bit porous $100

*133 ---Kamarina. 450-420 BC. AR Litra (.60). Head of nymph right/Swan swimming r. over waves. Rare var. w. swan and nymph right.. ANS-1210v. Unpub.? F-VF, o.c. $125

134---Kelphaloedium. 344-336 BC. Æ14. Head of Hercules right/Pegasus flying right. Bit o.c., nice patina. Cal-I, 371, 3. VF $60

135---Leontinoi. 475-466 BC. AR Obol or Litra (.76). Lion's head facing/Corn-grain, LE NO. Last 2 letters reversed, rare as such. Web-1380. GVF $125

*136 ---,---466-425 BC. AR Tetradrachm (17.17). Hd of Apollo l/Lion hd l, 4 corn-grains around (l)eontinoi in 1 line above hd. Both the heads of Apollo and the lion are left which is rare. BMC-37, Fiz-1050. VF $1250

137---Messina. 461-396 BC. AR Litra (.71). Hare bounding right, shell below/MES in wreath. SNG Cop-413, SG-849. GVF, Toned $110

138---,---under the Mamertini. 288-279 BC. Æ 28.5 (16.96). Laur. hd of Ares r., spearhead to left/Eagle, wings spread, stg. l., on thunderbolt. ANS-405, SG-1139. aVF, tooled $110

*139 ---Morgantina, As Hispani. After 211 BC. Æ20. Head of Athena, ram's hd above, Γ to l/Warrior carrying spear, HISPANORUM below. SNG ANS-20. Ch VF, heavy patina $200

*140 ---Panormus Under Romans. After 210 BC. Æ30 or Sestertius. Head of Athena right/Head of Kore left. Cal I, 12, 33, ANS-557. F, heavy green patina $200

*140a ---Selinus. 435-415 BC. Æ Trias. Gorgon head/Celery leaf, 3 pellets. Cal-I, 235, 3. Crude Fine. $125

141---Syracuse. c. 400 BC. Æ19. Hd of Athena left/Sea-horse. Barbarous imitation in nice style. Cal II, 36/2, p. 85. VF $110

142---,---Reign of Hiketas. 288-279. Æ21Youthful head of Zeus Hellaniois to left/Eagle stg to left on t-bolt, star to left. ANS-818ff. aVF $110

143---,---Reign of Hieron II. 275-215. Æ 27. Head of Hieron left/Horseman prancing right holding spear. SG-1221. aVF $110

144---,---Under the Romans.. After 212 BC. Æ20. Helmeted hd of Athena r/Nike facing, wings open, at her left foot, ram right. ANS-1088, Cal II, 430, 233. Ch. VF, green patina $190

145---,---,---Æ15. Head of Persephone left/ευρακοσιων in wreath of grain ears. ANS-1097, SG-1035. F-VF $65

146---,---,---Æ19. Head of Zeus right/Biga right. Green Patina. SG-1229, BMC-691Fine $55

147---Siculo-Punic. 4th Century BC. Æ16Palm Tree/Pegasus flying left, Punic letter B below. SNG Cop-1019. VF $90

148 THRACE, Abdera. 512-478 BC. AR Obol (.51). Griffin seated/Incuse. SG-1342, Cop-352ff. VG/F $35

149---,---385-375 BC. AR Drachm (2.60). Griffin left/Stag standing left. A bit porousMay-452. aVF $55

150---Byzantium. 357-340 BC. AR Hemidrachm (1.85). Forepart of bull left, dolphin, monograms /Ornamental Trident. BMC-23, SG-1583. VF $55

151---Istros. 400-350 BC. AR Drachm (4.39). 2 male heads facing, one at right inverted/Sea-eagle attacking dolphin left, ΙΤΡΙΗ above & monogram below. SG-1669v, BMC-12. . F/GF $100

152---Maroneia. 398-305 BC. AR Triobol (2.34). Forepart of horse/Bunch of grapes. SG-1633. GF $40

152a---,---400-350 BC. Æ15. Horse running right/Grapevine around square. SG-1636. aVF. $30

*153 ---Oliba. 6th-5th Century BC. Æ44mm Arrowhead. Large size piece. green patina. Moneti Gordon Plate 6a. Nice VF, $60

154 ---,---5th-4th Century BC. Æ24 (1.49) Dolphin coin, FV. SNG Cop-69-70. Opitz 145, SG-1084v. VF+ $75

155 MACEDON, Akanthos. 510-480 BC. AR obol (.33). Bull's head right/Incuse. SNG Cop-9. aVF $45

*156 MACEDON KINGS, Philip II. 359-336 BC (348-342). AR Tetradrachm (14.05) of Amphipolis. Laur head of Zeus right/Boy on horseback right, bunch of grapes below. SG-6682ff, LeRider 254. GVF $300

*157 ---Alexander the Great. 336-323 (125-70). AR Tetradrachm (15.83) of Odessos. Head of Hercules w. features of Mithradates/Zeus enthroned left, legends below & to left. Price-1193. VF $260

158---,---,---AR Tetradrachm (15.78) of Odessos. Similar. Price-1200. VF $275

159---,---,---Fouree Tetradrachm (14.39) of Sardes. More traditional bust (features of Hercules) right/Zeus sitting left, torch to l, A under throne. As Price-2635. aVF $125

*160 ---,---,---.AR Drachm (3.91). Similar but the smaller size. Fine $100

160a---,---,---Æ16. Young head of Hercules right/αλεξανδρου in center, club above, bow in case, thunderbolt at top. SNG Cop-1034. Nice VF $45

160b---,---,---,---Similar, symbol above, "K" below. aVF. From the collection of William Turner, a British diplomat of the the early 19th century who wrote a Journal of a Tour in the Levant describing his adventures. He obtained this coin then. $50

161---Antigonas Gonatas. 277-239. Æ18. Athena in Corinthian helmet right/Pan erecting trophy, monograms to left and right. SG-3786. F-VF, green patina $75

162---Philip V. 221-179 BC. Æ16. Head of Hercules/Horseman. c/m arrowhead?, letters? SNG Cop-1252. Fine $30

*163 MACEDON, UNDER THE ROMANS. 158-149 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.63). Hd of Artemis in shield right, quiver & bow at shoulder/club in wreath of oak leaves, 2 line legend, t-bolt to left. Cop-1310, BMC-2. VF $300

*164 EPEIROS, Epeirote Republic. 234-168 BC. Æ22. Laur head of Zeus left/T-bolt in wreath, απει−πωταν. Cop-128. GVF, pretty green patina $190

165 THESSALY, Cierium. 400-344 BC. Æ22. Hd of Apollo right/Zeus hurling t-bolt, & hldg eagle, on r, Arne kneeling. SNG Cop-37, BMC-3. Fine, green patina $60

166---Crannon. 400-344 BC. Æ17. Head of Zeus right/Horseman galloping right, KP A above, IN below.. BMC-7ff, Rogers 185. VF/GF, pretty green patina $40

167---Gyrton. 300-196. Æ16. Young male head right/Horse running right. Very rare. BMC-, Cop-, Weber-2808, Rogers-237. F/aF $60

168---Orthe. 350-200 BC. Æ15. Hd of Athena right/Forepart of horse springing right. Cop-183. F/VF, obv. o.c. $80

169 ---Phalanna. 400-344 BC. Æ14. Young male head right/Head of nymp r., ΦΑΛΑ to l & above . Rogers-453, Cop-207ff. GVF and rare $85

*170 ---Scotussa. 360-344 BC. Æ22. Nymph facing/Vine-branch with grapes. Rare. Cop-256, Rogers-543. F/F-VF $150

171 EUBOIA, Histiaia. 3rd Cent BC. AR Tetrobol (1.77). Hd of nymph Histiaia r./ Histiaia std r. on prow. SG-2496ff, Cop-517ff. Fine $25

*172 ATTICA, Athens. 449-413 BC. AR Tetradrachm (17.27). Head of Athena right/Owl standing right. Nicely struck on oval flan. SG-2526. Choice VF $900

*173 ---,---393-300 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.64). Head of Athena right wearing crested helmet/Owl standing r., olive twig & crescent.. SG-2537, Cop-64. Fine $360

174 ---,---2nd-1st BC. New Style Fouree Tetradrachm (11.83). Head of Athena/Owl, twins, etc. Interesting plated coin. SG-2555ff. Fine $90

*175 AIGINA. 510-490 BC. AR Stater (11.87). Turtle/Incuse square. SG-1851.F. $225

*176 CORINTHA, Corinth. 350-306 BC. AR Stater (8.60). Pegasus flying l, Q below/Hd of Athena l, A-P, Athena Promachos or Palladium to right.. BMC-256, Ravel-1014. VF $300

176a PONTOS, Amisos. 300-250 BC. Æ20. Aegis, with Gorgon's head at center/ Nike advancing right, carrying palm branch. SG-3642. aVF $35

*177 PAPHLAGONIA, Sinope. 415-365 BC. AR Drachm (4.90). Head of Sinope left in border of dots/Sea eagle l. on dolphin ΕΙΝΩ below, ΑΓΠΕΩ beneath wing. BMC-11, SG-3962. VF/EF, short flan $300

GF78 MYSIA, Pergamum. 440-350 BC. AR Hemi-obol (.3). Front head of bull facing left/Forepart of two bulls confronting each other. Weber-5156. VF $135

GF79---, ---190-133 BC. AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm. Bow in case between 2 serpents, monogram to left, torch to right/Cista Mystica containing serpent within ivy wreath. SG-3945. Toned VF $135

*GF80 ---,---After 133 BC. AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm. Similar to above but snake-entwined staff to right and monogram above on obverse. SG-3949. Toned VF $150

GF81---,---2nd century BC. Æ21. Trophy/Athena in helmet. SG-3960. VG $45

*178 TROAS, Assos. 440-241 BC. Æ10. Head of Athena in helmet right/Bucranium, Α−Ι. Cop-243v, BMC-8. EF, black patina $190

179 IONIA, Ephesos. 387-295 BC. AR Diobol (1.01). Bee/2 Stags face to face. SNG Cop-242. F-VF $75

*GF82 ---,---. 133-67 BC. AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm (12.5). Bow-case between snakes, club to right, double cornucopia with branch above, date (Year 66 = c. 67 BC)/ Cista Mystica containing snake, all in wreath. As SG-4394. EF, bit o.c. $185

180 ---Maggnesia ad Maendrum. Time of Augustus. Æ14. Bust of Artemis right, bow & quiver over shoulder/Hd of Apollo, lyre before. SNG Cop-857, RPC-2692. GVF $150

180A LYDIA, Persia. Artaxerxes I-Darius III. 450-330 BC. AR Siglos. King kneeling right, holding spear & bow/punch.Order as a) 5.66, b) 5.58, c) 5.20. Each. $75

180b---,---,---Simiar, but king holding dagger. F-VF (5.58) $80

GF83 CARIA, Kaunos. After 167 BC. AR Hemidrachm (1.1). Hd of Athena in helmet right/Sword in sheath with strap, spear-point at lower right, magistrate's name indistinct. SG-4818-19. aVF $100

*181 ---Knidos. Before 480 BC. AR Drachm (6.15). Forepart of lion right/ Archaic dotted head of Aphrodite right in incuse square. SNG Cop-208. F/VF $450

*182 ---Myndos. 2nd-1st Centuries. AR Drachm (3.87). Head of Zeus right/Head-dress of Isis, symbol below. SG-4915ff, BMC-8ff. VF $175

*183 CARIAN SATRAPS, Hekatomnos. 395-377 BC. AR Drachm (4.14). Lion's head with open jaws left, ΕΚΑ above/Ornamental star. SG-4951, SNG Cop-588. VF $285

GF84 PHRYGIA, APAMEIA. 133-48 BC. Æ23. Athena wearing helmet right/Eagle flying over meander pattern between caps of the Discuri. SNG Cop-164. EF $135

*GF85 PAMPHYLIA, ASPENDOS. 370-333 BC. AR Stater (11.01). Two wrestlers, FN (backwards N) between, legend in ex./Slinger right with triskles, all in dotted squre. SG-5398ff, SNG Von Aulock-4568. Nice EF, natural edge flaw.. $450

*GF86 ---Side. 2nd-1st Century BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.25). Athena in Corinthian helmet right/Nike holding wreath, pomegranate in front. SG-5436, BMC-43. VF $350

184 CILICIA, Hieroplis-Kastabla.. 2nd - 1st Cent. BC. Æ23.Turreted head of Tyche right/City-goddess entroned left. SNG Lev-1563v. aVF, nice patina $55

*185 ---Tarsus, Mazaeus. 378-372 BC. AR Stater (10.81). Baal seated left/Lion attacking bull upon walls (of Jerusalem?). SG-5651, Hen-450. VF, very light oxidation $900

186 SYRIA. Antioch, Seleucia and Pieria. 1st Cent. BC. Æ26. Head of Zeus right, border of dots/Zeus, seated left. holding Nike and scepter. BMC-31, RPC-4222. VF $45

187---,---1st Cent. BC. Æ16. Turreted bust of Tyche right/Tripod, Year 224 (c.84 BC). BMC-19ff. VF $45

GF87 ---,---c. 55/56 AD. Æ19. Turreted bust of Tyche right/Ram leaping right, looking back at crescent and star above. SG-5187, Hen-934. The reverse may be a reference to the "Biblical Star of Bethlehem. See M. Molnar's article in The Celator, December 1991. Gd Fine. $100

*188 COELE-SYRIA. Chalkis, Ptolemy Tetrach. Year 240, 73/72 BC. Æ19. Head of Zeus/The Dioskouri, stg & fcg, each with a spear. Cop-413. VF, black patina, bit rough $190

189 SELEUKID KINGDOM, Demitrios I. 162-150. Æ15 Serrate. Horse's head left, βασιλεωε/Elephant's head right, δηματριου. SNG-Is-1302, SG-7028. F/VF $50

190---Demetrius II, Nikator. 1st reign. 145-140 BC. Æ20. Head of king right bound with taenia/Cornucopia.. Lind-1832. VF/F, rough field $40

190a ---Tigranes II of Armenia. 95-56 BC. Æ18. His bust right wearing Armenian Tiara/Nike advancing left, holding wreath. SG-7211. Fine. $65

191 PHOENICIA, Byblos. c. 333 BC. AR 1/8 Shekel. Galley left, 2 hoplites above, hippocamp left below/Lion attacking bull. BMC-9, SG-6014. VF $40

*GF88---Tyre. After 126 BC (this year 80, 47-46 BC). AR Tetradrachm (14.1). Head of Melquarth right/Eagle standing left on prow, club and monogram to left, date to right. H-917, BMC-168. VF/EF. A superior example of The Shekel of Tyre, 30 pieces of silver Biblical coin. Struck on a large flan (28-29mm). Very nice. $475

*GF89---,---AR Didrachm (7.07). Struck year 40, 87/86 BC. As above but the smaller half shekel type which was the actual price of the Temple Tax in Jerusalem. Hen-918, BMC-224. Choice EF, one of the nicest we've seen. $550

*192---,---47/48 AD. AR Shekel (13.93). Similar to GF88. Year 173. Late type, struck in Jerusalem (?). Rare date? Unlisted in BMC and RPC. H-919, BMC-, RPC-. Crude VF $425

*192a---,---50/51 AD. AR Shekel (13.84). As above, Year 176. Date unlisted in BMC and RPC. Nice VF. $475

193 NABATEAN KINGS, Aretas II. 110-96 BC. Æ17 (4.16) Heavy Example. Head of Aretas right/Winged Nike stg left, "A" in field. Mesh-1. F-VF $45

194---Aretas IV. 9 BC-40AD (7/8 AD). AR Drachm (3.63). Laur bust or Aretas r/ Draped bust of Huldu right. Mesh-96, SGI-5694v. VG $125

195---,---Æ17. Jugate busts of Aretas & Shuqalat r/Double Cornucopia. M-112, H-932. aVF/VF $50

196---,---Æ14. Laureate bust of Aretas r/2 parallel cornucopias with palm & letters to l. Very rare reverse type. SNG ANS-1430. VF $150

*GF90---Rabbel II. 71-106 AD. AR Drachm (3.05). Bust of King right, legend around/ Veiled and draped bust of Queen Gamilath, wife and sister of king, legend around. Mesh-153, SGI-5705. VF for issue. $225

*196a BALUCHISTAN, Seleukus I. c. 300 BC. AR Hemiobol (.34). Helmeted head of Seleukus I right/Nike placing wreath on trophy. Rare coin from this Seleucid Satrapay. See Newell ESM page 159 and Plate LVI, 7. VF $150

197 PARTHIA, Gotarzes I. 95-87 BC. AR Drachm (4.19). Head of King left/Arsakes I seated right. Shore-110ff, Sell-33.1. VF+ $110

198---Vardnes I. 40-45 AD. Bi Tetradrachm (13.30). Bare headed bust left with short somewhat pointed beard, royal wart on forehead/King seated right on throne, Tyche standing left before, ΔΕΤ above palm. Shore 350-352, MACW-63, Sell-64. VF, bit debased $99

199---Vologases IV. 147-191 AD. Bi Tetradrachm (11.77). Head of King left/King seated left on throne, Tyche stg right before him. Sh-430v, Sell-94.70-79. Toned VF $75

200 SASSANIAN KINGS, Hormazd IV. 579-590 AD (year 9). AR Drachm. Bust/Fire altar, 2 attendants. MACW-1099, Göbl #202, pl.12, 197v. VF $45

201---Khruso II. 590-628 AD. AR Drachm (4.16). Head of king right/Fire altar, 2 attendants. GVF $30

201a INDO-GREEK, Menander I. c. 160-145 BC. AR Drachm (2.47). Bust right/ Pallas standing left, holding shield and thunderbolt. MACW-1771ff, MIIC-215. Nice VF, the reverse shows the "bumps" for alignment. $60

201b---Apollodotos II. 110-80 BC. AR Drachm. Bust of king right with long legend/ Pallas standing left with shield & thunderbolt. MACW-2054-6. Toned VF/EF $69

201c MAURYAN EMPIRE (INDIA). 3rd-2nd Century BC. AR Square Karshapana. Various countermarks of sun, moon, others. MACW-4173ff. VF $35


*202 SPAIN, Julia Traducta, Augustus. 27 BC-14 AD. Æ Semis. Bare head left/ IVLIA TRAD in wreath. SNG Cop-459, RPC-108. F+ $35

*203 MOESIA INFERIOR, Nicopolis ad Istrum. Septimius Severus. 193-211Æ19Laur head right/Tripod w. serpent entwined around 1 leg, hd rising above. AMNG-1424v. VF, green patina $140

*204 THESSALY, Thessalian Confederacy , Caracalla. 211-217. Æ25 or Four Asses (?). Bust right/Athena Itonia right. Scarce type. Rogers-107v. GVF, pretty green patina $75

GF91 LYCIA, Myra. Gordian III. 238-244. Æ32. Bust of Emperor right/Cult statue of Aretmis Eleuthera. SNG Von Aulock-4368. Rough Fine. $225

GF92 PAMPLYLIA, Side. Gallienus. 253-268. Æ 12 Assaria (c. 29 mm). Bust of emperor right, IB (denomination) in front/Bust of city-goddess. SNG Von Aulock 4845/4843. F+/aVF and rare. $150

204a CAPPADOCIA, Caesarea. Trajan. 98-117. AR Drachm. His bust right/Head of Zeus-Ammon right. As SGI-1068, but diff. denomination. aVF/VG, rev. bit rough $45

*205 ---Tyana. Hadrian 117-138 AD. Æ23. Laur. head right/Tyche seated left. SNG Cop-316. VG $20

*206 SYRIA, Antioch, Elagablus. 218-222. Bi Tetradrachm (12.25). Head right/ Eagle stg head left, star between legs. Bell-44, Cop-237. VF $75

*207 ---Chalcis, Trajan, 98-117. Æ24. Bust right/Legend. Scarce locale. BMC-1, SGI-1076. Fine $29

*208 ---Laodicea-ad-Mare, Caracalla, 198-217 (213-17). Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/Eagle, Star between legs. Bell-72. F-VF, small flan flaw $33

209 COELE-SYRIA, Damascus. Caracalla. 198-217 BC. Æ24. Bust right/Bust of Tyche left. Ex Triton V. Ros-25, BMC-14-15. VF $200

*210 MESOPOTAMIA, Edessa. Macrinus,217-218 AD. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/ Eagle, Shrine with pediment twixt legs. Bell-147. Fine $50

210a ROMAN EGYPT, Nero. AR Tetradrachm His head right/Bust of Poppaea right. year 10. Curtis-138, Emm-128, SR-2002. Fine. $69

*211 ---Vespasian. 69-79 (Year 2). Bi Tetradrachm. Laureate head right/Alexandria stg left, holding wreath. C-247, E-202, K-273. F+ $55

*212---Aelius, as Caesar . 136-138 AD. Æ Drachm. Bare-headed bust right/ Homonoia std left on throne, hldg patera, cornucopia below. M-1547, Emm-1351. VF $850

*213 ---Antoninus Pius. 138-161. AR Tetradrachm. Bust right/Canopus of Osiris right, Year two. C-589, E-1373. VF $250

*214 ---Valerian I. 253-260. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/Elpis standing holding flowerYear 3. C-1509, E-3709. VF/F $60

*215 ---Gallienus. 253-360. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust r/Elpis standing left, raising skirt & holding flower. Year 2.. Em-3732 (R4). VF, bit rough $45

*216 ---,---,---Bust right/Eagle stg left, palm on wing, wreath in beak. C-1582, E-3802. F/aVF $40

*217 ---Salonina, wife of Gallienus. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/Eagle stg left, Year 14.C-1640, E-3852. Fine $50

*218 ---,---,---Bust Right/Eirene stg l hldg olive branch & long scepter, palm branch to left. C-1647, E-3855. EF, pit on face $75

*219 ---Claudius II Gothicus. 268-270. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/Eagle standing, year two. C-1676, Emm-3878. VF, but small flaw $40

*220 ---,---,---Bust right/Eagle standing, year two.. C-1676, Emm-3878. VF/EF $60

*221 ---,---,---Another, not quite as nice. VF $40

222---,---,---Similar, year three. C-1695, E-3878. VF, but small flaw $40

223---Aurelian & Vabalathus. 271-272 AD. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust of Aurelian, year two/Bust of Vabalathus, year 5. C-1741, Emm-3914. VF, small flaw $40

224---Aurelian. 270-275. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/Eagle. Year 4. C-1767, E-3933F-VF $35

225---,---,---Similar year 5. C-1770ff, Emm-3923. aVF $35

226---,---,---Eagle standing between vexilla, Year 4. C-1789, E-3926. Fine $25

*227 ---Severina, wife of Aurelian. Year 7 (275 AD). Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/Eagle stg l, with closed wings, head to right, wreath in beak. C-1822, E-3965. VF $75

228---Probus. 276-282. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust Right/Eagle standing, head right, year 6. C-1863, E-3982. VF $40

229---,---,---Another, but nicer. EF $50

230---,---,---Similar, year 7. C-1873, E-3982. VF $40

231---,---,---Elpis standing holding flower and raising skirt. Year two. C-1881, Em-3987. VF $45

232---,---,---Bust right/Nike flying right, year Five. C-1886,E-3991. GVF $40

*233 ---Cariinus, as Caesar. 283-285. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/Tyche standing holding rudder & cornucopia. Year one of Carus (his father) 282-283. C-1929, E-4012. VF, bit rough $75

*234 ---Numerian, as Augustus. 283-285 AD (year 2). Bi Tetradrachm. Bust r/Athena std left, with Nike and scepter, year two. C-1934, Emm-4013. VF/GVF $100

235---Diocletian. 284-305 (year 3). Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/Eagle standing left, head turned back, wreath in beak. Curtis-1969. VF $25

236---,---,---Bust right/Tyche standing left, modius on head holds cornucopia & rudder, star, year 3 to right. C-2027, Emm-4082. GF/VF $40

237 ---Maximianus. 286-305 AD. Bi Tetradrachm. Bust right/Nike flying right. Nice type, but date off flan on reverse. C2096ff, E-4147. Ch. VF, bit o.c. $25

238---,---,---Bust right/Tyche standing , year 8. Curtis-2111, Emmett-4160 (8). aEF, nice green patina $30

ROMAN COINS    (back to top)

239 REPUBLIC, Anonymous.. 211-207 BC. AR Sestertius. Head of Roma right, ps behind /The Discuri galloping right ROMA below. SR-46, Cr-44/7. Dark aVF $110

240---,---211-207. AR Victoriatus (1.67). Hd of Jupiter r/Victory crowning trophy. Overstruck over Greek drachm. SR-49, Cr-44/1. Fine, rough $55

241---,---206-195 BC. AE As. Janus head/Prow right, dog above. Scarce symbol. Nice green patina. SRM-656, Cr-122/3. aVF/GF. $75

242---,---211-210 BC. Æ Semunica. Hd of Mercury right/Prow right, ROMA, corn-ear (=Sicily). Cr-72, SRM-1361. VF $100

243---,---217-215 BC. Æ Semunica. Similar. SR-620. Fine $60

244---,---217-215 BC. Æ Semuncia. Female head right/Horseman gallopingright, ROMA below. Nice green patina. SR-619, Cr-39/5. VF, bit rough $100

245---Matienus. 179-169. Æ Dupondius. Laur head of Janus, i above/Prow of galley right, MA monogram, ROMA in ex. SR-684, Cr-172/2. GF, nice patina $110

*GF92 ---Scarus & Hypsaeus. c. 58 BC. AR Denarius. Aretas kneeling besides camel/Jupiter in quadriga, scorpion below. Hen-740, SR-379. Nice VF. A Jewish reference coin having to do with the battles between the brothers Hyracanus and Aristobulus. $200

246 IMPERATORIAL, Sextus Pompey. Executed 35 BC. Æ 1/2 As or Semis. Laur. head of Janus with features of Pompey/Prow. Cut in Antiquity. As S-1394. aVF $89

247 DOG TRACK TOKEN. 1st Century AD. Lead 15mm Tessera . Dog right/Rabbit right. F-VF, encrustation $50

Roman Imperial coins listed below will have head or bust of the ruler or his wife right on obverse unless mentioned otherwise.

GF93 AUGUSTUS, 27 BC-14 AD. AR Denarius. Bust right/Caius and Lucius Caesars standing & facing, shields & spears between them. SR-1597, RSC-43. aVF. An alternate choice (see 249) for the Biblical Tribute Penny. $150

248--- Æ As. Bare headed bust right/Legend around large SC. Nice portrait . SRM-1677, RIC-373. F+, bit o.c., pretty patina $85

248a---Æ Quadrans. Altar/SC. C. NAEVIVS CAPELLA. SR-1704. VF, bit o.c. $50

*249 TIBERIUS. 14-37 AD. AR Denarius. Livia seated right in plain chair. New Testament Biblical Tribute Penny . SR-1763, H-916. aVF $250

250---Æ As of Commagene. Laur. head right/Caduceus between Crossed Cornucopias .RIC-89-90. VG $75

*251 GERMANICUS, died 19 AD, Issued by his son Caligula. Æ Dupondius. Germanicus in quadriga right/ Germanicus standing left . RIC-57, SR-1820 V-512. Fine+, patina peeling a bit $210

*252---Æ As. Bare hed of Germanicus left/Legend around large SC. SR-1821, RIC-35. Glossy aVF $175

253 NERO. 54-68. Æ As. Bare head right/Victory flying left holding shield. Nice portrait. SR-1976. Rough F+ $99

254---Æ Semis. Bust right/Gaming Table. SR-1979v, RIC-247. VG, rough. Not pretty, but cheap $22

255 VESPASIAN, 69-79. AR Denarius. Bust right/Mourning Judaea sits to right of trophy. Hen-759, C-226. VG. An inexpensive, but decent Judaea Capta coin. $90

*256---,---,---A 2nd example and nicer than above. Fine $160

*257---,---,---A third example. Nice portrait, choice reverse. VF, obv touch o.c. $270

*GF94 ---,---Bust right/Mourning Jewess right of palm tree, emperor standing below it to left. H-763. Struck at Antioch. A much rarer Judaea Capta issue. aVF $675

*GF95---,---A third Judaea Capta silver type. Bust right/Emperor standing in quadriga, holding branch in right hand and scepter in left. H-765. VF, ragged flan. $325

GF96---,---Still another Judaea Capta type. Bust right/Victory adv. right placing wreath on trophy. H-771. VF $175

*258 ---Æ Judaea Capta Sestertius. Mourning Jewess to right of palm tree emperor with spear in military dress behind. H-775, RIC-733, SR-2327. aF, device clear, legend almost all there on obv, partially on rev. $500

*GF97---Another Judaea Capta type Sestertius. Victory standing right, foot on helmet, writing on shield which hangs from palm tree. H-778, SR-244. VF, minor pitting. $400

GF98---Æ As/ Bust right/Victory advancing right on ship's prow, VICTORIA NAVALIS. As H-779a, and SR-2355 but this is an As (laureate bust) not a Dupondius. VF $200

*259 ---Æ Quadrans, Judaea Capta. Palm Tree/Vexillium. PM TR PPP COS III, S-C. H-784, RIC-504, B-72. Choice VF, green patina $395

*GF99 Divus Vespasian (by Titus). 79-81. AR Denarius. Vespasian/ Victory adv l, putting shield on trophy, Jewish captive to left, ex-sc SR-2565, Hen-772a, VF $300.

*260 TITUS. 79-81. AR Denarius. Bust r/2 Jewish captives seated back to back, under trophy. Scarce Judaea Capta issue. H-788, SR-2511. Choice VF+ $400

*261 ---Æ Sestertius of Thrace! Bust r/IVD CAP SC, palm tree, to l. mourning Jewessto right male Jew. Rare Judaea Capta from a Balkan mint.. RPC-503. F-VF $2500

GF100 DOMITIAN. 81-96. AR Quinarius. Laureate bust right/Victory standing right and holding wreath and plam branch. RIC-52, SR-2758v. Nice VF. Scarce $300

262 Æ As. Bust right//Virtus standing with spear. SR-2817v. rough F-VF $60

263 TRAJAN. 98-117. AR Denarius. Abundantia seated left, with cornucopia holding scepter. RIC-11, C-301. Toned VF $75

264---,---Laur. & Draped bust right/Genius stg l., hldg patara and corn-ears. RIC-275, SR-3160v. Nice VF $125

265 HADRIAN. 117-138 (125-132). AR Denarius (3.39). Laureate bust right/Victory seated left. RIC-345, C-362. Nice VF $95

266---Æ Uncia. Laur bust r., no legend/SC in wreath. Unusual denomination SR-3705, RIC-629b. F-VF, green patina $22

267 SABINA, wife of Hadrian, died 137 AD. AR Denarius. Bust right/Concordia seated left. light scratches under old toning.. Cr-12, RIC-398. Good VF $125

268---Æ Sestertius. Bust right/Concordia stg left. Obverse pitted, reverse less so. Brown Patina. RIC-1026, SR-3933. aVF/VF $100

269---,---Bust right/Ceres std l. on basket. Overstruck over earlier Sestertius. SR-3939, RIC-1019. aF $60

270---,---Bust r/Vesta std l, hldg sceptre. Light pitting. SR-3940, RIC-1020. aF $55

271---,---Venus standing right holding apple. Light pitting. RIC-1035, SR-1195. VF. $150

272---Æ As. Bust right/Concordia std left. RIC-1037, SR-3944. aF $50

273 ANTONINUS PIUS. 138-161. Æ Sestertius. Bust right/Temple of Divus Augustus with statues of Augusts and Livia. RIC-1004, SR-4235. F/GF $125

273a---Æ Dupondius. Radiate head right/Annona standing left. RIC-993. VF $65

274 FAUSTINA, SR, Wife of Antoninus Pius. Æ Dupondius. Bust right/Juno stg leftsome encrustation. SR-1367, RIC-1155. VF $50

275 FAUSTINA JR., wife of M. Aurelius. 161-175. AR Denarius (3.36). Draped bust/ Fecunditas stg l., between 2 children holding 2 infants. SR-5251, RIC-676. GVF $65

276 COMMODUS. 177-192. Æ As. Elephant standing right, COS IIII PP. Scarce. RIC-432, C-378. VG $75

277 SEPTEMIUS SEVERUS. 193-211. AR Denarius. Dea Caelestis std facing on lion spring right. On building an aqueduct in Carthage. SR-6285, RIC-266. VF $65

277a---,---Bust r/Jupiter stg l. between 2 children. SR-6345.EF. $110

*278---,---Laureate bust right/Victory advancing left, VICT PART MAX. Struck to commemorate the victory over Parthia. SR-6372, RIC-295. EF $110

279 JULIA DOMNA, wife of Sept. Severus. AR Denarius. Ceres seated left holding corn-ears and long torch.SR-6576, RIC-546. EF $110

280---,---Fortuna stg. l., hldg out-turned cornucopia & resting on rudder. SR-6583, RIC-552. Choice EF $110

For 3 other coins of Julia Domna, issued under her son Caracalla, see 289, 289a, 290.

281 CARACALLA. 198-217. AR Denarius. Moneta standing left holding scales and cornucopia.. RIC-236, C-166. Ch. EF+ $110

*282---,---Liberty standing left holding abacus and cornucopia. SR-6815, C-128. Ch. EF, flan crack $110

283---,---Mars advancing left, holding spear and trophy. SR-6819, RIC-223. Ch. EF+ $110

*284 ---,---Salus seated left feeding snake arising from altar. SR-6826, C-206. Ch. EF+/VF+ $110

285---,---Bearded laur. bust ri/Liberty stg. left hldg. pileius and scepter. SR-6830, RIC-209a. Ch.AU $110

286---,---Bearded laur. bust right/Fides Militum stg. l., hldg. standard in each hand. SR-6840, RIC-266. Ch.AU $110

287---,---Providentia standing left, holding rod and scepter, globe at feet. SR-6879, RIC-227. Ch. EF+ $110

287a---,---Securitas std r., at ease, on throne with cornucopia. SR-884. EF. $120

287b---,---Virtus or Toma stg. l., hldg Victory & spear. SR-6903. Choice EF $120

*288 PLAUTILLA, wife of Caracalla, died 211. AR Denarius. Bust right/Venus holding apple, leaning on shield, cupid at feet. Uncertain object on shield. SR-7074, RIC-369v. EF $125

288a---,---Pietas stg r., hldg scepter and child. SR-7072. VF-EF. $110

289 JULIA DOMNA, under Caracalla. AR Antoninianus (Early use). Bust r on crescent/Venus enthroned left, holding sceptre. SR-7098, RIC-388a, C-211. Nice VF, a few spots $135

289a---AR Denarius. Diana stg l., hldg torch w. both hands. SR-7100. EF $110

*290 ---,---Vesta standing left holding Palladium and scepter. SR-7108, RIC-390. Ch. EF+ $110

*291 GETA. 209-212. AR Denarius. Bust r/Providentia stg. l., hldg rod & scepter, globe at feet. SR-7197, RIC-51. EF $110

292---,---Bust right/Victory stg l. Refers to success in Britain,when he was elevated to Augustus. SR-7254. Fine, pitted. This is base metal, not silver! $30

*293 ELAGABALUS. 218-222. AR Denarius. Bust r/Liberty stg l, hldg abacus & cornucopia, star in field. Weakly struck on reverse. SR-7523, C-92a. EF $100

293a---,---Legionary eagle twixt 2 standards, shields at bases. SR-7514. EF. $110

294 JULIA MAESA, Sister of Julia Domna. Prob. died. 225 AD. AR Denarius. Juno stg.left, hldg patara and scepter. SR-7750, RIC-254. EF $110

*295 ---,---Pudicita std l., drawing out veil from shoulder w. r. hand & holding scepter in left. SR-7756, RIC-268. EF $110

*295a---Felicitas stg. l., sacrificing at altar, hldg long caduceus star in field. to left. SR-7757v, RIC-272. Nice EF $125

296 SEVERUS ALEXANDER. 222-235 . AR Denarius. Jupiter stg. left, hldg thunderbolt & scepter. SR-7891, RIC-5. Ch. AU/EF $110

*297 ---,---Bust r/Mars stg. l, hldg olive-branch and spear. SR-7895, RIC-23. EF $100

298---,---Aquitas standing left, hldg scales and and cornucopia. SR-7902, RIC-64. Choice EF-AU $110

*299---,---Laur. bust right/Salus seated l. feeding snake arising from altar PMTRIP II COS PP. RIC-32, C-239. Choice EF $125

300 JULIA MAMAEA, mother of Sev. Alexander. Died 235 AD. AR Denarius. Fecunditas stg. left, extending right hand over child stg r. at her feet and cornucopia in left. SR-8207, RIC-331. EF $110

*301---,---Juno stg. half-left, hldg patera and scepter, peacock at feet. SR-8212, RIC-343. EF $125

302---,---Vesta standing left, holding patera and transverse scepter. SR-8218, RIC-362. EF $110

303 PHILIP I. 244-249. AR Antoninianus. Spes advancing left. Good silver. SR-2578, C-221. GVF $30

303a---,---Roma seated left. RIC-44b, C-169. Nice VF-EF. $40

304 OTACILIA SEVERA, wife of Philip I. Æ Sestertius. Bust right/Pietas stg left, holding box of perfumes. SR-2643. aVF/F $60

305 TREBONIANUS GALLUS. 251-253. Æ Sestertius. Bust right/Roma std l, hldg cornucopiae & victory. Usual squarish flan. RIC-120 (rare). F/G-VG rough field $75

305a VALERIAN I. 253-268. Bi Antoninianus. Rad. bust right/Valerian and Gallienus standing, facing each other. SR-2905, C-276. F+/Fine. $40

306 POSTUMUS. 259-268. Æ Antoninianus. Rad bust right/Jupiter. Full silvering, ragged flan. RIC-309, C-159a. FDC $45

306a---,---Mars standing r. hldg spear & leaning on shield. SR-3133. Nice VF $35

307 TETRICUS I. 270-273 AD. Antoninianus. Rad bust right/Hilaritas standing left with wreath and anchor. SR-3177, VM-4. F-VF $35

308 TETRICUS II. 270-273. Æ Antoninianus. Rad bust right/Sacrificial ImplementsSR-3188, VM-3. Crude VF $35

309 AURELIAN. 270-275. Æ Antoninianus of Serdica. Rad bust r./Woman stg r. presenting wreath to emp. stg. l., hldg scepter, * in field, KA•δ• in ex. RIC-V, I, 292aEF, some weak spots $40

310---Æ Antoninianus of Siscia. Radiate bust right/Sol stg., holding globe, hand raised, captive below, T in ex.. RIC-V, I, 250. VF-EF $35

311 TACITUS. 275-276. Æ Antoninianus of Siscia. Rad. bust r/Victory stg r., hldg palm & giving wreath to emp. stgl l, T in ex. Unlisted as such in RICRIC-V, I, 167ffNice VF $40

312 PROBUS. 276-282. Æ Antoninianus. Rad bust r/Two captives at base of trophy, XXI in ex. SR-3375, RIC-821. Fine $39

312a---,---Probus receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter, S, between them, XXS in ex. Antioch mint. RIC-920, SR-3344. VF $40

312b NUMERIAN 283-284. As Augustus. Æ Antoninianus of Tripolis. Numerian receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter, TR in field, xxi in ex.. RIC-470. VF. $49

312c DIOCLETIAN. 284-305. Æ Antoninianus of Rome. Rad bust right/Jupiter hurling thunderbolt. RIC-167. VF $30

313 MAXIMIANUS. 286-305 AD. Æ Antoninianus of Heraclea. Emperor receiving victory on globe from Jupiter, XXI in ex, δ in field. RIC-595, C-54. EF $40

313a---,---Another, similar E in field, but even nicer. Choice EF. $45

313b CONSTANTIUS I. 305-306. As Caesar 293-305. Æ Antoninianus of Antoich. Jupter stg right, hldg globe, facing Hercules w. club & lion's skin. RIC-673. VF $40

314 ---(Memorial Issue). 305-306, after 306. Æ4 of Rome. Bust right/ Eagle, RP in ex. SR-3694. Fine $60

315 GALERIUS, as Caesar. 305-311, this 293-305. Æ Antoninianus of Antioch. Jupiter stg r hldg globe, facing Hercules with club & lion's, skin, XXI• in ex., γ in fieldRIC-719, SR-3702. VF $30

*316 SEVERUS II. 306-307. Æ Denarius or 1/4 Follis. Laur head right/Genuis standing left, SIS in ex, Siscia mint. SR-3740, RIC-170a. Fine $100

316a LICINIUS I. 308-324. Æ Follis (17mm). Bust right/Jupiter standing left, eagle at feet. SR-3798 sim. F-VF, bit rough. Found in Deccan, India. $25

316b---,---(22 mm). Similar. As SR-3799.VF. $30

316c LICINIUS II. 317-324. Æ3 of Heraclea. Bust right/Camp-gate with 3 turrets, Sμηγ in ex, λ in field to right. RIC-49, As SR-3819. EF. $45

317 CONSTANTINE I, THE GREAT. 307-337. Æ Follis of Trier. Helmeted bust right/ Altar inscribed VOTIS XX,•STR in ex, BEATA TRAN-QVILLITAS around. RIC-7, 389. VF $35

318---Æ Follis of Ticinum. Laur. bust r/Sol standing r., looking l., raising right hand, globe in left, TT in ex. RIC-VII, 64 (R4). VF $40

319---Æ Follis of Cyzicus. Bust r/Jupiter stg l, hldg scepter, victory on globe in r. hand, eagle on ground, SMK in ex, B to right. RIC-VI, 3. aEF $40

320---Æ Reduced Follis of London. Bust r/Sol stg left, PLN in ex. As SR-3868. VF, tooled $30

320a---Æ3 of Ticinum. Head right/VOT XX in wreath. SR-3873v. Choice VF. $35

321---Æ3 of Cyzicus. Laur. bust looking up/Vot XXX, surr by legend, SMKB in exAs SR-3874. VF $35

322---Æ3 of Lyons. Bust right/Victory and captive, PLG in ex. Defeat of Slavs. SR-3880v, RIC-214. VF $40

323---Æ3/4 of Siscia. Bust r/2 soldiers around 1 standard with Chi-Rho on top, ESIS in ex. crescent to right. SR-3887, RIC-8. 90. Glossy Ch. EF+ $40

324 ---Æ3 of Ticinum. Bust r/Camp gate with 2 turrets, star above PT, crescent between, unusual rev. legend. RIC-VII, 198. Choice VF+ $50

324 URBS ROMA. 330-346. Æ3/4 of Nicomedia. Bust of Roma left/She-wolf suckling twins. As 3894. Nice VF. $30

325 POP. ROMANUS COMMEMORATIVE. 330-346. Æ4 of Constantinople. Bust of Roman People left/Star and CONSS in wreath. "Father of Rome". SR-3901, RIC-22VG/F $40

326---,---,---Another, but nicer. VF, green patina $80

327 HELENA. Wife of Constantine. Æ Follis of Siscia. Bust right/Security stg l, holding branch, SIS in exergue. SR-3908. VF $40

327a---Æ4 of Treveri. Bust right/Pax stg left, hldg branch and scepter, TRP in ex. SR-3910, RIC-63. EF, bit off-center. $50

328 CRISPUS. 317-326. Æ3 of Siscia. Bust r/VOT X in wreath, γSIS in ex. plus symbol to right. SR-3918, RIC-181. VF $40

329---Æ3 of Trier. Laur. head left/Alar inscribed VOTIS XX, STR• in ex. RIC-348. Nice VF $50

329a---Æ3 of Crispus. Helmeted bust right/2 captives at foot of standard, PLN in ex. RIC-VII, 195. Nice VF. $65

330 CONSTANTINE II, as Caesar 337-340. Æ3 of London. Radiate bust left/Altar, inscribed VOTIS XX, PLON in ex. SR-3941v. VF $40

330a ---,---,---Another, similar. RIC-255. aEF $50

331 ---,---Æ3 of Arles. Bust r/VOT X in laurel wreath, Q*AR in ex. SR-3943. Ch. VF $40

332---,---Æ3/4 of Constantinople. Bust r/2 soldiers around 2 standards, CONSγ in ex. SR-3951. VF $30

333---,---Æ3/4 of Lugdunom. Bust r/2 soldiers around 1 standard, with Chi-Rho, PLG in ex. SR-3952. EF $40

333a---,---Æ3 of Trier. Bust left/Campgate with 2 turrets and star above, PTR & crescent in ex. RIXC-479. EF $40

334 CONSTANS, as Caesar. 337-350. Æ3/4 of Siscia. Bust r, FL. CONSTANTIS BEAC/2 soldiers, 1 standard with Chi-Rho, δSIS in ex. VM-48, LRBC-762. VF $60

335---,---Æ4 of Nicomedia. Bust r/VOT XX MVLT XXX in wreath, SMNγA in ex. VM-60. Nice VF $40

336---As Augustus. Æ Centenionalis. Bust l., with globe/Emp dragging barbarian from hut. Constantinople. SR-3976v. VF $35

336a---,---Æ Centenionalis of Rome. Bust r/Emperor on galley holding phoneix and labaruum, E to left, RP in ex. SR-3873. Nice VF. $40

336b---,---Æ Cententionalis of Thessalonica. Bust right/Constans stg left, hldg labarum, two captives at feet, TSγ* in ex. SR-3975v. Nice VF. $40

337 CONSTANTIUS II, as Caesar 337-361. Æ3 of Antioch. Bust left, no legend/3 line legend, star above, SMANTS in ex. SR-3983. F-VF/F $50

338---As Augustus. Æ4 of Antioch. Bust right/2 soldiers either side of 1 standard, SMANγI in ex. SR-3998. EF $30

339---,---Æ4 of Cyzicus. Bust right/VOT XX MVLT XXX in wreath, SMKγ in ex. SR-4000VF $30

339a---,---Æ Centenionalis of Thessalonica. Bust right/Emperor stg. left on galley hldg phoenix. SR-4002v, *TSE* in ex. Nice VF $40

339b---,---Æ Centenionalis of Antioch. Bust right/Soldier spearing fallen horseman, γ in field to l., ANB in ex. As SR-4003. aEF $50

339c---,---,---Similar, * in field to left and ANT in ex. Nice VF $40

339d MAGNENTIUS. 350-353. Æ Centenionalis of Rome. Bust right/Emp. standing right, left foot on captive, hldg standard & branch. RIC-8, 177, SR-4025. F-VF. $70

339e DECENTIUS. 351-353. Æ Centenionalis of Lyons. Bust right/2 Victories facing each other, hldg shield, RSLC in ex, SP in field. RIC-8, 146, SR-4305. Nice VF $75

339f VETRANIO. 350 AD. Æ Centenionalis of Siscia. Bust right/Vetranio stg., hldg 2 standards, each with Chi Rho on banner, •γSIS in ex. RIC-274, SR-4041. F/VG $75

340 CONSTANTIUS GALLUS. 351-354. Æ3 of Alexandria. Bust r/Soldier adv left., spearing fallen horseman, ALEB in ex. SR-4054v. Fine $40

340a---Æ3 of Cyzicus. Similar. Fine. $30

341---Æ Centenionalis of Siscia. Bust r/Soldier adv left., spearing fallen horseman, SMSIS in ex. SR-4056. VF/F $50

341a---Æ3 (1/2 Centenionalis) of Alexanderia. Sim to above, ALEδ in ex. Fine $40

342 JOVIAN. 363-364. Æ3. Bust right/VOT V in wreath. SR-4086. Fine $40

343 VALENTINIAN I. 364-375. Æ3 of Siscia. Bust right/Emp. dragging captive & holding labarum with chi-rho, BSISCV in ex.. SR-4102. VF, bit porous $30

343a---Æ3 of Constantinople, CON* in ex. Vf, nice patina. $35

344 VALENS. 364-378. AR Siliqua. Bust right/Roma seated left, VRBS ROMA. Slightly clipped. As SR-4113. Ch VF $60

345---Æ3 of Siscia. Bust r/Emp. dragging captive and holding labarum topped by Chi-Rho, •BSISC in ex. SR-4117. VF $35

*345a PROCOPIUS. 365-366.Æ3 of Constantinople. Bust left/Procopius stg & facing, hd r. hldg labarum & leaning on shield. At foot l., a small indeterminate object, above in field to right a chi-rho. RIC-IX, 17a, As SR-4124. aVF bit grainy. $150

346 VALENTINIAN II. 375-392. Æ2 of Antioch. Valentinian stg on galley traveling left, Victory at helm, ANTC & crescent in ex. SR-4161. VF $50

347 AELIA FLACCILLA, wife of Theodosius, mother of Arcadius and Honoriius. Æ2 of Antioch. Bust r/Flaccilla stg, hd right, arms folded on breast, ANTE in ex. RIC-62 (s), SR-4193v. Fine $50

348 ---Æ2 of Heraclea. Head right/ Flaccilla seated right inscribing Chi-Rho on shield, SMHN in ex. SR-4192. Fine $60

348a MAGNUS MAXIMUS. 383-388. Æ2 of Arelate. Bust right/Maximus standing left raising kneeling figure, PCON in ex. RIc-26a, SR-4203. F/VG. Nice portrait. $75

*348b EUDOXIA, wife of Arcadius (and virtual ruler of Eastern Empire from 400-404 AD). Æ3 of Nicomedia. Bust right/Victory std right on cuirass, with a shield inscribed with a chi-rho, to which she points. RIC-X 102, LRBC-2445. VF/F+. . $100

349 HONORIUS. 393-423 AD. Æ2 of Antioch. Bust right/Honorius standing and facing, ANTγ in ex. SR-4252. Fine $35

350---Æ3 of Antioch. Helmeted facing bust/Constantinopolis seated and facing, ANTγ in ex. . SR-4253. VF/F $40

351 THEODOSIUS II. 408-450. Æ4 of Constantinople. Bust Right/Cross. SR-4297VG/F $50

352 VALENTINIAN III. 425-455. Æ4. Bust Right/Cross. VM-14, G-VG $50

353 MARCIAN. 450-457. Æ4. Bust/Monogram. SR-4327. G-VG/aVF $60

354 LEO. 457-475 AD. Æ4. Bust/Lion crouching l. Cleaned. SR-4341. Fr/VG $40

355 ZENO. 474-491. Æ4. Bust r/Monogram. Pit obverse. SR-4393. VG/F $40

OTHER ANCIENT COINS    (back to top)

*356 VANDALS, Semi-Autonomous. 480-533. Æ 4 Nummi = 1/1000. Male head left/ Mark of value, IIII. MEC 51-56. F/VF. Nice for type $100

357 BYZANTINE, Justinian I. 527-565 AD. Æ Decanummium. Bust/Cross with star in each angle, all in wreath. Uncertain mint. SB-333. F/VF $50

357a ---Maurice Tiberius. 582-602. Æ Follis of Nicomedia. SB-512. G/F. $20

357b---Heraclius. 610-641. Æ Follis of Nikomedia. 3 standing figures crowned/ Large M, Officinae A/ SB-935. Fine. $25

358---,---610-641. AR 1/2 Siliqua of Carthage. Facing bust of Heraclius/ Facing busts of Heraclius & Martina. SB-871, MIB-149. F/VG, chippped. scarce. $35

359---,---Æ 12 Nummi of Alexandria. Heraclius & Hera. Const/IB, Cross Potent, ALEX in ex. SB-857. aVF $30

360---Leo VI. 886-912. Æ Follis of Constantinople. Leo on left, Alexander on right std & facing/Legend in 4 lines. SB-1730. F-VF $40

360a---Anonymous (Att. to Romanus IiI). 1028-1034. Æ Follis. Facing bust of Christ/Cross, with legend in 3 lines. SR-1823. F/VF. $45

361 ---Alexius III. 1195-1203. Bi Aspron Trachy. Bust of Christ facing/Alexius & St. Constantine. SB-2011ff. VG/F-VF, crude $20

*362 ARAB-BYZANTINE, Anonymous. ND. Æ Fals of Hims. Facing Imperial Bust/Large M. Walker, p. 20, 57. Gd Fine $80

363---,---,---Similar. Walker, p. 21, 66. G/VG $40

364 ARTUQIDS, Qutb al-Din II-Ghazi II. 1176-1184, 572-580. Æ Dirham. Head right, looking upward in beaded square/5 line legend. S/S-31, MWI-1031/2. Fine, hole started $25

365---Husam-al-Din Yuluq Arslan. 1184-1201 AD. Æ Dirhem. Large Roman style hd l., smaller Byz. head facing/4 line legend. S/S-34, MWI-1036. F/VF $40

366 ZENGIDS, Badr al-Din Lu'Lu'. 1234-1259. Æ Dirhem. Head left in dotted square w. mint & date al-Mawsil, 631 AH/legend. S/S-68, MWI-1131. F-VF $40

367---Atabegs of Aleppo (Halab) Al-Salih Isma'il AH 569-577. Æ Dirham (1184-1181 AD). Roman Style bust r/5 line legend. S/S-76. F-VF, o.c. $30

368 ILKHANS, Abu Sa'id. 716-736 AH/1316-1335 AD. Silver Dirham. Islamic legend both sides. Some flat spots. F-VF $25

369 TABARISTAN, 'Umar b. 'Ali. PYE 120-129 (mid 8th Century AD). AR Hemidrachm (1.94). Hd of king/Fire alter w. attendants . Design similar to Sassanian types. MWI-276. VF, some encrustation $28

370---Anonymous Type. PYE 130-142 (late 8th Century AD). AR Hemidrachm (1.69). Similar to above. MWI-286-291. VF. reverse stained $28

GF100 UMAYYAD, Illiya Filistin. 8th Century AD. Æ Fals. Islamic legends both sides, palm branch to r. on obv. SNAT-18, A-179. Crude VF, irregular flan. $60

GF101---,---c. 695 AD. Æ Small Fals. SNAT-21. Legends. Choice Fine $60

*GF102---,---c. 715 AD. Æ Small Fals. 5 branch Menorah/Legend. SNAT-29, Alb-163. VF, nice for t ype. $150

GF103---,---Another, but not as nice. VG. $90

GF104---Al-Ramla (Ramleh). Æ Fals. Legends.. SNAT-59, A-185. F $45

GF105---Akka. c. 80 AH. Æ Fals. Legends. SNAT-405, A-165. Nice Fine $60

GF106---Yubna (Joppa). Æ Fals. Similar to above. SNAT-525, A-191. GF $75


370a AFGHANISTAN, Abir Abdur Rahman. AH1313 Milled Abbasi. KM-810, date over toughra. 1 year type. BU. $25

371 ALGERIA, Mustafa IV. AH 1239. 5 Aspers. Brockage, holed in center. KM-71, Cr-90. VG $25

372---Alger Chamber of Commerce. 1918. 10¢ Token. KM-TnA5. BU $25

372a ARABIA (TARIM), Barney O'Hea. AH 1952 (1933). Actually struck in Vienna in 1965. 1 Dinar Aluminum. Bruce -X1. Proof. This and the pieces below are now listed under Tarim in the 4th ed of Unusual World Coins. Also see 4a. $8

372b---,---As above but in Aluminum Bronze. Bruce X1a. Proof. $10

372c---,---As above but in Copper or Bronze. Br-X1b. Proof $10

372d---,---As above but in Copper-Nickel. Br-X1c (not in 4th ed.!). Proof. $12

372e---,---As above but in Silver. Br-X1d. Proof. $25

372f---,---Similar, but 38mm Silver. Bruce-X2, Dav-501. Proof. $60

373 ARMENIA, Levon I. 1198-1219. AR Tram. Seated King facing/Lion with cross left. VF $65

374---Hetoum I and Zabel. 1226-1270. AR Tram. King and Queen standing/Lion walking right. VF $65

375---,---,---Another similar coin. VF $65

376---Hetoum II. 1289-1305. Æ Kardez. Head of King facing/Long cross w. 2 barsDecent but for flat areas. N-398, B-1592. G-VG $12.50

377---,---,---King seated hldg staff and cross/Cross with long flared ends, no dots. B-1621/40. Gd Fine $45

378---Smpad. 1296-1298. Æ Pogh. King on horseback right/Cross with four doves in flight in 4 quadrants. Nec-412. Fine $65

379 AUSTRALIA, H. Marsh & Brother. ND (19th Century) Penny Token Iron Mongers, Murry and Collins St.. Hobart Town. KM-Tn156, R-338 (R3). VF, a few spots $65

380---George V. 1930. Half Penny KM-22. VF+ $15

381---,---1927. Penny. KM-23. EF, bit discolored $15

382---,---1911 (L). Six Pence. 1st year of type. KM-25. Lightly toned EF-AU/Au-Unc., light fingering $140

383---,---1926. 6 Pence. KM-25. Toned Unc $75

384---,---1917-M. Shilling, small scr. behind head, otherwise choice and lustrous. KM-26. Ch. EF $20

384a---Edward VIII. 1936 (1984). Crown. Bust/Kangaroo. Bruce-X-M3a. Proof $15

384a AUSTRIA, Olmutz. Karl II Graf of Lichtenstein. 1668. AR 3 Kreuzer. Small Bust right/Arms. KM-65.1. EF $30

384b---Similar but different date and larger obverse bust. 1670. KM-65.2. EF $30

384bb---Salzburg. Matthaüs Lang von Wellenburg. 1524 Uniface Pfennig. 3 fold arms, date below. Pr-305. GVF. $40

*384c---,---, Paris von Lodron. 1644. 1/9 Klippetaler. Pr-1312, KM-150. Ch. Toned EF $310

384d---Trautson, Paul Sixtus. 1619 3 Kreuzer. Bust right/Arms. KM-5, Saurma-2113. VF. $75

385---Archduke Ferdinand.. 1566-95. AR 3 Kreuzer. Hall mint. Bust/Arms. aVF/VF $30

386---,---Silver Taler of Hall. Legend around crowned half length bust/Crowned armsDav-8097. VF, mt. removed $150

387---Archduke Leopold. ND (1619-25). AR 3 Kreuzer. Bust right/3 shields of arms in circle. Hall mint. KM-790. VF+ $30

*388---,---1624. Taler. Bust right/Arms. Dav-3330, KM-264.2. VF $250

389---Ferdinand II. 1630. AR 3 Kreuzer. Bust right/3 shields of arms in circle. Graz mint. KM-352. EF, small flan chip $35

390---Leopold I. 1668 - SHS. AR 3 Kreuzer. Bust right/Crown divides date. Breslau mint. KM-79. Gd EF $35

391---,---,---Similar, but 1669 - SHS. GEF $35

391a---Maria Theresia. 1780. Taler. KM-71. Proof Restrike. $10

391b---,---As above, but obverse colorized. $20

392---Franz Joseph I. 1878. Florin. Lettered edge. KM-2222. Nice Unc. $22

393 Austria, Republic, Schubert. 1928. 2 Schilling. KM-2843. Unc $12.50

394---,---100th Birthday of Billroth. 1929. 2 Schilling. KM-2844, Y70. Unc $23

395---,---Vogelweide. 1930. 2 Schilling. KM-2845. BU $15

396---,---Birth of Mozart. 1931. 2 Schilling. KM-2847. Unc $35

397---,---Joseph Hayden. 1932. 2 Schilling. KM-2848. Nice Unc $125

398---,---Dr. Seipel. ND (1933). 2 Schilling. KM-2849, Y74. Unc $35

399---,---Dr. Dollfuss. 1934. 2 Schilling. KM-2852, Y75. BU $25

400---,---Madonna of Mariazell1935. 5 Schilling. KM-2853, Y79. EF $22

401---,---Death of Dr. Lueger. 1935. 2 Schilling. KM-2855. BU $35

402---,---1936. 2 Schilling. Prince Eugen von Savoyen. KM-2858, Y77. BU $23

403---,---St. Charles Church. 1937. 2 Schilling. KM-2859. Unc $22

404---New Republic. National Theater 1956 25 Schilling. KM-2880. BU $15

405---,---Prince Eugen von Savoyen 1963. 25 Schilling. KM-2893. Proof $55

406---,---Innsbruck Olympics. 1964. 50 Schilling. KM-2896. Proof $15

407---,---Vienna Tech School. 1965 25 Schilling. KM-2897. Proof $10

408---,---600th Anniv. Vienna University. 1965. 50 Schilling. KM-2898. Proof $22

409---,---Birth of von Hildebradt. 1968. 25 Schilling. KM-2903. Proof $15

410---,---1982. 500 Schilling. 500 Years of Austrian Printing. KM-2957. Proof $35

41---AUST. NETHERLANDS, Belgium. 1790. 2 Liards. Insurrection Coinage. KM-45. Choice EF $45

412 BELGIUM, Leopold I, 1858. 1 Centime. KM-1.2. VF $45

413---,---1847/37. 10 Centimes. Overdate! KM-2.1. F-VF, rim bumps $50

414---Leopold II. 1895 FL. 10 Centimes. KM-43. Choice EF $12

415---,---1868. 5 Francs. Position "A". KM-24, D-53. EF, clnd $18

416---,---1873. 5 Francs. Position "A". KM-24, D-53, AU $22

417 BENIN, Central African States 2003. 1500 CFA Francs. Water Buffalo and Bird/Elephant, Map of Africa. Low mintage. 1200. KM-40. BU $30

*418---,---2003. 6000 CFA Francs. Bimetallic. President Mathieu Kerekou/Elephant, Map of Africa. Only 500 Minted. . KM-41. BU $70

419 BOHEMIA, Wenceslas II. 1278-1305. AR Prague Groschen. Crown/Lion of Bohemia. Clipped and neatly plugged. CME-378. VF $60

420---Johann I of Luxembourg .1310-46. AR Groschen of Prague. Crown/LionSaurma-396. Fine $55

421---Wadislas II 1471-1516. AR Groschen. 2 lines of legend around crown/Lion w. 2 tails. In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. aF $35

422 BOLIVIA, Charles III. 1774 JR. 2 Reales. Bust type. 2 digs on reverse. KM-53. Fine $65

423---,---1776 JR. 1/2 Real. Bust type. KM-51. VG/F $30

424---,---1776 JR 2 Reales. Bust type. Scarce assayer for date. KM-53. Fine $75

425 BRAZIL, Pedro II of Portugal. 1865. 500 Reis. K-464. Lightly toned Unc $30

426---,---1889. 2000 Reis. Last year of type. KM-485, EL-84. Nice AU $50

427---,---Another as above, a bit nicer. Toned AU/Unc $65

428 BRITISH GUIANA, Trade & Navigation. 1838. 1 Stiver Token. Pure Copper is preferable to Paper. Type I. KM—TN1, Prid-60. Nice VF $40

429 BRITISH HONDURAS, Victoria. 1894. 5 Cents. 1 year type. KM-7. GVF $14

430 BRITISH NO. BORNEO, Victoria. 1884-H. One Cent. KM-2. EF $15

431 BRITISH WEST INDIES, Anchor Money. 1822 1/16 Dollar, Used in Mauritius, Canada & Caribbean. C-1, KM-1. VF+, but digs $20

432 BULGARIA, Ivan Shishman. 1371-96. AR Gros. King Standing/Facing bust of Christ. VF $45

433---Prince Ferdinand I. 1891. 2 Leva. 1 year type. KM-14, Y14. EF $20

434---King Ferdinand I. 1910. 2 Leva. Lustrous. KM-29, Y26. Ch. AU $30

435---Boris III. 1930-BP. 100 Leva. One year type. KM-43, Dav-62. BU $25

436 CAMEROON, Central African States. 2003. 6000 CFA Francs. Bimetallic. President Paul Biya/Elephant, Map of Africa. Only 500 Minted. Rare. BU $90

437 CANADA, George VI. 1947. 25 Cents. Scarce with dot after 7. KM-35. GF $22

438---Imitation. c. 1820. Bust & Harp type. 10 strings on harp. LC-60E1. VF $20

439---,---Similar. 9 strings on harp. LC-60E2. VF $20

440---Bank of Montreal. 1844. 1/2 Penny Token. Medium Trees, long nose beaver. Carl PC-1B4. VF $15

441---Newfoundland. George V. 1917-C. 50 Cents. KM-12. EF $15

442 CEYLON, Victoria of England. 1900. 25 Cents. KM-95. Ch. Au/Unc $40

443 CHINA, Chou Dynasty. c. 255 BC. Yi Tao = 1 Knife. Early round coin, with square hole. Sch-77/78, FD-382. VF $15

*444 ---Shanghai. 1930"s?. 1, 5 & 10 Cents (Fen). Aluminum tokens. VF $20

444a COLOMBIA, Estados Unidos. 1868 Bogota 5 Decimos. KM-153.1. F. $50

445 ---,Republic. 1880. 50¢, Bogota mint. KM-177.1. Toned VF $22

446---,---1938/1. 20 Centavos. Unpriced in KM as such. Restrepo-205. Last .900 silver type. KM-197, Y48. BU $25

447 CRUSADERS, Achaea. Wm of Villahardoun. 1245-78. Bi Denier. Cross/ Castle. CCS-10a. Ugly $10

448---,---Charles I of Anjou. 1278-1285. Bi Denier Tournois. Cross pattée/Castle. CCS-11. VF/F $65

449---,---,---Similar. In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. CCS-12. aVF $55

450---,---,---Another. CCS-12. VF, bit irreg. flan $65

450a---,---Philip of Tarento. 1306-13. Bi Denier. Cross pattée/Castle Tournois. CCS-26. aVF $40

451---Antioch, Tancred. 1101-1112. Æ Follis. Tancred with turban & sword/CrossCCS-4a. Gd $65

452---,---Bohemond III. 1162-1201. Bi Denier. Bare head right/Cross pattée. Flan a bit irregular as usual. CCS-22. F/VF $75

453---,---,---Helmeted bust l, wearing helmet/Cross. In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. . Metcalf-Class D. aVF $50

454---,---,---,---Bare hd r, crescent on neck/Cross Pattee. CCS-41 (Rare). F. $50

455---,---Bohemond IV. 1215-1250. Æ Pougeise. Fleur de lis, 2 pellets/Cross, 4 pellets. CCS-107v. VG-F $65

*456---Athens, Guy II de la Roche, Regency of Hughes de Brienne 1292-1294Bi Denier Tournois. Cross pattee, gv10t/Castle. Ex. Woodhead,blunt, Lockett, Grantley, Lambros collections, most tags included. CCS-91, Sch XIII, 7. Fine $225

457---Cyprus, James I. (Jacques). 1392-98. Bi Denier. Lion of Cyprus l., IAQVE ROI DE/Short Cross IERV3ALEM Ch. CCS-113a. VF $80

458---,---Cross of Jerusalem/Lion of Cyprus left. Seldom seen. CCS-122, S. VII, 13. VG-F, some flatness $30

459---Epirus. John II Orsini. 1323-1335. Denier. Cross/Castle. CCS-115. G-VG $55

460---,---,---Another. VG, ragged flan $65

461---Tripoli, Raymond III. 1152-1187. Æ Pougeoise. Crescent and small star/ Cross Pommetee. CCS-11 . G-VG $65

462---,---Bohemond V, 1233-51. Æ Pougeoise. CIVITAS, Cross Pommetee/TRIPOLIS, Tower, Ugly but scarce. CCS-21, Met-407. VG $45

GF107---Jerusalem, Amaury. 1163-1174. Bi Deniear. Holy Sepulchre/Cross Pattee. Rare type. Met. 111-114. F-VF $175

GF108---,---John of Brienee. After 1219. Bi Denier of Acre (?). Head of King facing/Cross Pattee. Met-122. VF/aVG. $125

463---Tripoli or Uncertain Syria. c. 1250-68. Æ Pougeoise. 6 rayed Chrismon pommeté/Cross pommeté. CCS-33-35 (VR). Fr/VG $65

464---Imitation of Ayyubid, in name of al-Zahir of Aleppo, 1193-1216. AR Half Dirhem. Brockage of reverse. Legend in hexagram. CCS-2 (S). Fine $40

465 CUBA, Republic. 1915. 5 Centavos. KM-11.1. AU $12

466---,---1915. 20¢. High Relief Star, Course reeding. Scarce. KM-13.1. aVF $110

467---,---1916. 40 Centavos. Low relief star. KM-14.3. F/VF $20

467a---,---1920 1 Centavo. KM-9.1 Toned AU $25

*468 CURACAO. Cut, Countermarked coinage. c. 1810. 3 Reaal. 5 petalled rosace c/m on 1/5 cut Spanish or Sp. Colonial 8 Reales. Scholten-1370, By-206. VF $300

*469---,---c. 1816. 3 Reaal, "3" with long tail c/m on 1/5 cut Spanish or Sp. Colonial 8 Reales. Sch-1387. VF $300

470 DANZIG, Free City. 1923. 5 Pfennig. Short Copper-Nickel Type. KM-142, Y5Ch. AU $10

471---,---1932. 5 Pfennig. 1 year bronze type. Turbot. KM-151, Y13. EF $7

472 DENMARK, Schleswig-Holstein. Christian VII. 1807. Speciedaler of AltoonaBust right/Arms. Cr-9, Dav-70. Toned aVF $140

For a related coin, see #604

473---Christian IV. 1625. 16 Skilling. 2 year type. KM-92, aF $75

*473a ---,---1624 Krone. KM-97, H-127. Standing knight/Crown. Nice VF $250

474---Frederick VI. 1808. 1 Skilling. 1st year of type. KM-662, Cr-104.GVF $12

475---Christian VIII, 1842-FF. 1 Rigsbankskilling. KM-726.1, Cr-120. EF $20

476---,---1847-VS. Rigsbankdaler. Small ding behind neck. KM-735.1. VF $50

477---Frederik VII. 1848. Speciedaler. His accession and Death of Christian VIII. KM-742, Dav-75. VF $165

*478---Christian IX. 1878. 1 Ore. Scarce date. KM-792.1. VF $90

479---,---1883. 2 Ore. KM–793.1. VF $13

480---Frederick IX. 1953. 2 Kroner. Greenland Commemorative. A few minor bagmarks. KM-844. BU $25

481 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. 1888-HH. 2 1/2¢. Large date. KM7.3. EF $10

482---1891-A. 50 Centesimos. 1 year type. KM-10. VF $18

483 EAST AFRICA, George VI 1937-H. Shilling. KM-27. Ch. Toned Unc $10

484 EGYPT, Abdul Hamid. 1293/2. 20 Para. Locally struck. Scarce. Y-B17, KM-277. F-VF $35

484a---Muhmammad V. 1327/6H 20 Qirsh. KM-310. VF $20

485---Fuad I, As Sultan. 1920H. 5 Piastres. 1 year type. KM-325. VF $35

486---,---As King. 1924 AH1342. 10 Milliemes. 1 year type. Y51, KM-334. BU $40

487---First Republic. 1958/AH 1377. 10 Milliemes. KM-381. BU $10

488---Maspero Freres Ltd., Cairo. ND (c. 1920). Æ23 Token. Head right/LegendCigarette token. VF, rim nicks $35

489 EL SALVADOR, Republic. 1892. 20 Centavos. KM-111. VF+ $20

*490 ENGLAND, John. 1199-1216. AR short Cross Penny of London. Crowned bust w. scepter/Short Cross, Abel on Lvnd. S-1353, 6a. Gd fine $160

491---Henry III. 1216-72 . AR Long Cross Penny. Class 3b without scepter. Canterbury Mint. S-1363. F-VF $65

492---,---,---Similar, London. S-1363. VF $80

493---,---,---Sim., Class 5b with scepter. London. S-1368. VF, bit weak in spots $65

494---,---,---Similar. Penny, Willem on Cant. In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. . S-1373, 5g. F-VF $110

495---Edward I. 1272-1307. AR Penny. Long cross Penny, Newcstle on Tyne. In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. S-1408, 9b. F-VF, nat. holes $60

495a---,---Long Cross Penny. Canterbury Mint. VG/F $25

*496---Richard II. 1377-1399. AR Half Penny. Crowned Facing bust, RICARD REX ANGL/Long Cross CIVITAS LONDON. Intermediate type. S-1699, R2HD-010. Nice VF, oval flan $275

497---Henry VI. 1422-61 (22-27). AR Half Groat of CalaisHENRIC DI GRA REX ANGL Z FRANC, Crowned facing bust/mm=plain cross POSVI DEVM ADIVTORE MEVM, VILLA CALIESIES-1840, H62D-010. VF $140

*498---,---,---Another. VF $140

*499---Henry VIII. 1509-1547 (26-32). AR Groat of London. HENRIC VIII DGR ANG Z FRANC. Crowned bust r, 2nd bust/mm=Lis, POSVI DEV ADIVTORE MEV, Crossed arms. S-2337E, H84D-035. Nice VF $285

499a---Elizabeth I. 1567 6 Pence.3rd issue. SB-2562. Crown mm. G-VG/VG-F $25

500---,---1571. 6 Pence. 3rd issue, Ermine mm. SB-2562. VG/F, small clip $55

501---Charles I. 1625-49 (32-33). AR Shilling. Bust left with lace collar. Tower mint, mm = Harp. Normal weak obverse, nice reverse. S-2785. aF/aVF $55

501a---,---Rose Farthing. Sp-3204. VG-F. $25

*502---Charles II. (1660-62). Silver Two Pence, Type III, with inner circles and crown on both sides. SB-3326, KM-401. Crude VF $110

*503---William III. 1696 Crown, 1st bust. S-3470, K-486, D-3781. aF-F/F $110

504---George II. 1757. 6 Pence. Old head of George II. KM-582.2, S-3711. F $13

505---George III. 1772. Maundy Penny. Old envelope included. K-594, Sp-3759. Toned AU $45

505a---,---Conder Token. Middllesex, Halls. 1795 1/2 Penny. Kangaroo, Amaradillo, Rhino/"T. Hall, Citty Road, London". D&H-313. R&B AU $99

506---,---1797. 2 Pence Cartwheel. Matthew Boulton's 2 Pence, nicknamed Cartwheel due to it's size. Only "real" coin of denomination. K-619, Sp-3776. VF, a few rim dings $65

506a---,---1806 Farthing. KMK-661, Sp-3782. Brown EF $25

507---,---1817. Half Crown. Two year type. KM-667, S-3788. Fine $22

508---George IV. 1825. Half Crown. KM-695, S-3809. VG $17

509---William IV. 1835. Half Crown. KM-714.2, S-3834. VG $27

510---Victoria. 1882-H. Farthing. KM-753, Sp-3958. EF $17

511---,---1859. 6 Pence. KM-733.1, Sp-3908. EF $55

512---,---1901. Shilling. Old Head. Last year of issue. Nicely toned. KM-780, SP-3040A. Choice Unc $70

512a---,---1893 Florin. KM-781. aEF $20

512b---,---1900 Half Crown. KM-782. BU $135

513---Edward VII. 1906. Shilling. KM-800. Lightly toned EF $30

514---George V.1913. 1/3 Farthing. One year typeHomeland style struck for MaltaKM-823, Sb-4062. Ch. Red Unc. $25

515---,---,---Another, as above. $25

*516---,---1918-H. Penny. Scarce date. KM-810, Sp-4052. R&B AU $250

516a---Elizabeth II. 1987 1 Pound, Oak Tree. KM-P7, Piefort Proof. $25

517---,---.1990. 5 Pence. Silver Piefort. KM-P12. Proof $19

518---,---1990. 5 Pence (2 Pieces). 2 Piece Silver Proof Set. KM-PS71. Proof $27

518a---,---1990 1 Pound. Welsh Leak. KM-941a. Proof. $25

518b---,---1991 1 Pound. No. Ireland Bloomling Flax. KM-946a. Proof. $25

519---,---1992. 10 Pence. Silver Piefort. KM-P13. Proof $40

520---,---1992. 10 Pence (2 Pieces). 2 Piece Silver Proof Set. KM-PS82. Proof $33

521---,---ND (1992). 50 Pence. Silver Piefort. European Council of Ministers. KM-P15. Proof $50

522---,---ND (1992). 50 Pence. Silver. KM-963a. Proof $22

523---,---1992. One Pound. Silver. KM-948a. Proof $27

524 ESSEQUIBO & DEMERARY. (Br. Guiana)., George III. 1813. Half Stiver. 1 year type. KM-9, Prid-30. aEF $55

525 ESTONIA, Livonia, Reval. Anonymous. c. 1400. AR Schilling.Shield/Cross. MEC-376 sim.. F-VF $55

526---,---Johann III. 1568-92. Æ Schilling. 3 lions rampant left/Crowned IR. Struck under Sweden. Ahl (1967)- 44. Gd VF $65

526a EUROPA, Europeon Economic Community. 1983 Bronze Ecu. Europa std/ 10 Currencies. Bruce X43, but in bronze. BU $30

526b---,---1985 Bronze Ecu. Heroic bust left/10 Currencies. B-X51. BU $20

527 FINLAND, Nicholas II of Russia. 1896. 5 Pennia. 1st year of type, some dirt. in "5". KM-15, Y14. Brown EF $20

528---,---1897. 10 Pennia. KM-14, Y15. Ch. Brown EF $28

529---Republic. 1960. 100 Markkaa. KM-41. Ch. BU $15

530---,---1964. 5 Pennia. Key date of type. KM-45. Ch. Red BU $9

531---,---Another as above. $9

532 FRANCE Burgundy, Dijon. Hugh IV. 1218-1242. Æ Denier. Monogram/Cross. In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. Fine $45

532a---,---,---Similar. VG-F, light oxidation. $25

533---,---,---Hugh V. 1305-1315. Bi Denier. DVX in monogram/Bar, pellet, cross. In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. SCMF-5784. Fine $45

534---,---Charles the Bold. 1467-77. AR Double Patard. Quartered Shield/Foliate cross.. Bit clipped. SCMF-7884. VF $50

*535---Cambrai, Louis de Berlaimont. (1570-96) 1573. Ecu. Helmeted Arms/ Crowned double eagle. Scarce locale. Flan crack reverse. D-8215, Del-411. VF $300

535a---Le Puy, Bishopric. 12th-14th Century. AR Denier. Cross/6 armed Cross, no legends. SCMF-4435. Fine. $30

535b---Lorraine, Francois I. 1544-45. Sword Denier or 1/4 Plaque of Nancy. Arms/ Sword. SCMF-9441. VF $65

536---,---(Lothringen). Charles IIII. 1628. Teston. Small obv. flan flaw. KM lists under German. KM-45. VF $190

537---Mainz. 1793. 5 Sols. Siege Coinage by General Doyre. Ex Wayte Raymond Sale #1. K-603, Cr-3. VF, irreg edge $50

538---Navarre, Henri of Albret. (1515-55). Bi Liard. Small cross w. dot in center/ Crowned H, with dip, dot in center. Mule. SCMF-5856/55. Fine $50

539---Nevers, William IV. 1161-1168. AR Denier. Sickle & Cross/Cross. In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. SCMF-4165. F+, but holes from striking $39

540---Provins, Henry II of Champagne. 1180-97. AR Denier. Cross/Comb. In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. SCMF-4727. VG-F $45

540a---Strasbourg,Anonymous. 15th-16th Century. AR Kreuzer or 2 Deniers. Fleur de lis both sides, MONETA ARGEN/GLA IN EXELS DO. SCMF-9070, B-1335. VF $30

540b---Valance, Bishopric. 12th-13th Centuries. Bi Denier. Cross, annulet in one angle/Eagle. Legends both sides. VG-F $20

*541---Carolingian, Charles the Bald. 840-877. AR Denier of Courcessin CARLVS REX FR around monogram/HCVRTISLSNIEN around cross. MEC-860, SCMF-1355ff. Nice VF $199

*541a---Philip I. 1060-1108. AR Denier. AR Denier of Macon. Large S with pellet to either side. SCMF-2246, Dup-81. Nice VF. $160

*542---Louis VII. 1137-1180. AR Denier Parisis. Cross/FRA NCO in 2 lines. D-145, MACW-2551v. VF $100

*542a---Louis VIII or Louis IX. 1223-26, 1226-1270. Denier Tournois. Cross, Lvdovicvs Rex/Castle, Tvronvs Civit. The last T in Civit is rare and we cannot find another example with this spelling. SCMF-2206ff. VF. $125

543---Charles IV, the Fair. 1322-1328. Bi Double Parisis. Crown/Cross. In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. SCMF-2664. Fine, clipped $45

544---Charles VI, the Mad. 1380-1422. AR Guénar. Cross w. lis & crowns/Arms of France In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. . SCMF-2981. F-VF, bit clipped $85

545---Francis I. 1515-1544. AR Douzian. Cross, lis & crowns/Arms of France in 3 overlapping circles. Cross and Lis. In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. SCMF-3142. VG-F $40

*545a--- Henry II. 1554/53-M. Silver Teston. of Toulouse. Bare head right/Crowned Arms, with crowned H's to either side. Duplessy-983, SCMF-3502ff. Similar but without dotted circle inside obverse and reverse legends. Toned VF. $250

546---Louis XV. 1759-A. Ecu with Bandeau. D-1331, KM-512.1. F-VF, some adj marks $65

547---m---1767-L (Bayonne). Ecu. Very light adjustment marks. K-512.12, D-1331VF $100

548---,---1774-Q (Perpignan) Ecu. Short four year type. K-551.13, D-1332. VF $140

549---First Republic. L'AN 8 -W (Lille). 5 Centimes. KM-640.11. F-VF $12

550---Napoleon. 1809-A. Demi (Half) Franc. Laureate head right/Light toning, veryfaint adj. marks on obverse. C-162, Km-691.1. Au-Unc $220

551---,---1815-I (Limoges). 5 Francs. Scarce 100 days issue, 20 March to 22 JuneK-704.5, C-172, D85a. F-VF $275

552---Francis I of Austria. 1814. Æ Restrike Medal by Gayrard & Denon. Mint Visit Medal of the Napoleonic Era. VF-EF, lite clnd $40

553---Louis Philippe I. 1836-A. 1/4 Franc. KM-740.1, Cr-196. Toned Unc $40

554---,---1847-BB (Strasbourg). 5 Francs. KM-749.3, D-91. EF $40

555---2nd Republic. 1851-A. 20 Centimes. Y2, K-758.1. Ch. Toned Unc $40

556---Napoleon III. 1863-BB. 5 Centimes. Key date. KM-797.2. VF $33

557---,---1864-A. 50 Centimes. Laureate head type. Y29, KM-814.1. BU $40

558---3rd Republic. 1871-A. 2 Francs. Light toning over luster. KM-817.1. BU $150

558a---,---1871-K 2 Francs. KM-817.2 F/VG, rim knock rev. Small K. $10

558b---,---1881-A 5 Centimes. KM-821.1. Unc. $15

559---,---1898 (Paris). 50 Centimes. KM-854, Y62. Ch. Toned Unc. $22

559a---5th Republic. 1986 100 Fr, Statue of Liberty. KM-P972. Silver Piefort Pf. $15

560 FRENCH COLONIES, Louis Philippe I. 1839. 5 Centimes. Choice but for one large obv. scr. 2 smaller rev. scratches. KM-12, Cr-13. EF $30

561 FRENCH INDO-CHINA. 1945-B. 20 Centimes. Scarce from Beaumont-le-Roger mint. KM-24.2. Ch. BU $25

562 GERMAN EAST AFRICA. Issued by GEA Company. 1890. Pesa. First year of Issue. KM-1. Nice R&B Unc $27

563---1905-J (Hamburg). 1/2 Heller. KM-6. Nice AU $17

564---1908-J (Hamburg). 1 Heller. KM-7. AU $13

*565 GERMANY. Aachen, Free City. 1420. AR Short Cross Groschen. Cross in inner legend, outer legend, CCCC XX/Bust of Charlemagne. Early dated coinFrey-18. Fine $200

566---Anahlt-Dessau, Friedrich II. 1914-A. 3 Mark. Silver Wedding Anniversary of Friedrich & Marie. KM-30. Toned Au-Unc $120

*567---Baden, Leopold. 1844. Kreuzer. Erection of Carl Friedrich's statue. 90 % redKM-216. Choice Unc $125

568---,---1852. 1 Kreuzer. Type with period after Baden. KM-218.2, C-102a. Ch. R&B Unc $45

568a---Bavaria, Maximilian I. 16251/2 Batzen = 2 Kreuzer. KM-31.aVF $17

568b ---Maximilian III Josef. 1764 Madonna Taler. Dav-1954, KM-234.2. F/F+ $35

569---,---Ludwig II. 1869. Taler. Removed from jewelry. Better date. KM-489, Dav-611. VF $35

570---,---Otto. 1903-D. 2 Mark. KM-511.1. F-VF $13

571---,---,---1909-D. 3 Marks. KM-515. VF, tiny rim nick $20

572---,---,---1911-D. 3 Mark. KM-515. Nice VF $20

573---Bremen. 1904-J. 2 Mark. 1 yr type. K-250. AU-Unc, a few light rim niks $130

*574---Brunswick-Luneburg-Calenberg, Ernst August. 1689. Thaler. D-6640, K-320.2. VF, mt. removed $225

575---Brunswick-Luneburg-Celle, Geo II Wilhelm. 1704 III. 4 Mariengroschen. Horse left. Scarce type. KM-364, Sch-11. VF $75

576 ---Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, Anton Ulrich. 1704. 2 Mariengroschen. Wildman with tree to his left. One year type after death of Rudolf August. KM-649, Sch-45 (s)VF, flat on face $28

577---,---August Wilhelm. 1720 HCH. 1/12 Taler = 2 Groschen. Horse leaping leftKM-732, Sch-113. VF $40

*578---Constance. Heinrich II von Klingenberg. 1293-1306. AR Bracteate, 18 mm. Facing bust of Bishop between crescent and star. Small crack at 6 o'clcok. Bon-1815, Reich-2080. Ch. VF $165

579---Corvey, Abby. Theodore of Berinhausen. 1614. AR Groschen. Imperial Orb, date divided at top/Arms. KM-12. Nice VF $50

580---Frankfurt. 1820 F. 1 Heller. KM-301, Cr-2. Fine $4

581---,---1821 F. 1 Heller. KM-301, Cr-2. VF/F $5

582---,---ND (1839). Kreuzer. City View. KM-317. Toned AU $15

583---Hall. c. 1275. AR Handsheller. Hand/Cross. Nice grade for these. Saurma-1365. GVF $30

583a---,---Similar, but more typical condition. F-VF $20

584---Hohenlohe-Neuenstein-Oehringen. Ludwig Friedrich Karl. 1774 SNR. Bi Kreuzer. Monogram/Arms. One year type. K-54, Sch-13. Ch. Au-Unc $135

585---Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. Carl. 1846. 6 Krr. KM-18, Cr-4. Toned EF $35

*586---Lüneburg.Wilhlem I. 1195-1213. AR Bracteate, 23 mm. Heraldic lion left. Reich-828, Bon-76. GVF $195

587---Mainz. Johann Friedrich Karl, Graf von Ostein. 1760 3 Pfennig. Bust right with titles/Value & date in cartouche. clip at top . KM-324, Cr-12b. VF, light scr's $16

588---,---Friedrich Karl Josef. 1795 IA. 14 Kreuzer. Bust right/Value, date and legend. 1 year type. KM-402, Cr-77. Nice VF+ $45

589---Nurnberg. 1806. Bi Uniface Pfennig. State Shield in front of altar, value and date below. KM-409. BU $40

590---Pfalz-Neuburg. Otto Heinrich & Philip the Warlike. 1533. AR Batzen. Lion/2 shields, date above In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. Saurma-1107. F+ $85

*591---Prussia, Wilhelm II. 1898. 35mm Silver Gedenkthaler. Bust of Kaiser right/ Holy Sepulchure church in Jerusalem. The Kaiser met with Herzl to discuss a potential Jewish state. JTM PEM2v. PL, usual hairlines $140

592---,---,---1901-A. 2 Mark 200 Years Kingdom of Prussia, a few Very light hairlines . KM-525. BU $17

593---,---,---1901-A. 5 Mark. 200 Years of Prussian Kingdom. KM-526, Dav-790. Lite toned Unc $110

594---,---,---1911-A. 3 Mark. Conjoined busts left. 100th Anniversary of Breslau University. KM-531. Toned AU $65

595---,---,---1913-A. 2 M. 1 year type. 25th Anniversary of reign. KM-533. AU $33

596---Regensburg. Konrad III 1186-1204 or Konrad IV. 1204-1227. AR Dickpfennig. Facing bust w. curved staff & book/St. Peter. Bon-2319ff. VF+/F+ $65

596a---Rostock. 1843-BS. 3 Pfennig. C10a. VF $18

597---Regensburg. Heinrich II von Roteneck. 1277-96. AR Dickpfennig. Facing bust/Shield. Beierlein-35, Bon-2320. F/VG $45

*598 ---Saxe-Weimer-Eisenach. Wilhelm Ernst. 1910-A. 3 Mark. Grand Duke's 2nd Marriage. Y-176. BU $100

599 ---Saxony, Friedrich August. 1792/1. 2 Groschen = 1/12 Thaler. Clear overdate, one year type. KM-1031. EF $55

600---,---Friedrich August II. 1842-G. 1/6 Taler = 5 New Groschen. Bust right/Arms. KM-1161, C-228. Ch. Toned Unc $110

601 ---Saxony, Johann. 1871. Thaler. Victory over France. D-898, KM-1230. Ch. BU $180

602---,---Georg. 1904-E. 2 Mark. Short type. KM-1257. Au/Unc $150

603---,---Friedrich August III. 1909. 2 Mark. 500th Anniversary of Leipzig University. KM-1268. Toned Unc $80

*604 ---Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg. Johann the Younger. 1621/0. 2 Schilling Lybsk. Unusual coat of arms/Legend. Unlisted Overdate!. KM-11, L-542. VF $110

For a related coin, see lot 472

605---Strassburg. 1500-25. AR Bracteate (Lily Heller). 3 Part Lily in pearl circle. Saurma-1981. aEF $45

606---Teutonic Order. Paul von Russdorf. 1422-1441. AR Schilling. MALST PAULUS PRIM Shield/moneta drorum purl. Arms. Saurma-5024. VF $55

607---Waldeck. Karl August Friedrich. 1730. 4 Pfennig. 1 year type. Cr-6. VF, ding in center $40

608---Wurttemberg, Wilhelm II. 1906-F. 2 Mark. KM-631. VF $19

609---,---,---1909-F. 3 Mark. KM-635. VF+ $22

610---,---,---1911-F. 3 Mark. Silver wedding anniversary of Wilhelm & Charlotte. Normal bar in H of Charlotte. KM-636. Unc $50

611---Wurzburg. George Karl. 1795 RF MM. 20 Kreuzer. Bust r/Arms, Legend Pro Patria. Mount removed. KM-449. Fine $33

612---Weimer Republic. 1930-A. 3 Mark. 700th Anniversary death of Vogelweide. KM-69. Unc $100

*613---,---Dusiberg. Daniel Eberhard Gunther. Æ41mm by C. Pfeuffer. Bust left/ Latin legend. Gunther was a Doctor of Medicine. EF, some spots $90

614---3rd Reich. 1933-A. 1 Reichsmark. 1st date of type. KM-78. Unc $22

615---,---1935-J (Hamburg). 50 Reichspfennig. KM-87, Y-80. BU $45

616---Federal Republic. Albert Einstein. 1964. Silver 30mm/ His bust 3/4 facing/ World globe. Struck at the Karlsruhe State Mint. Famous Men Series. Very rare. Pure Silver. Flower-13. Unc $50

617 GIBRALTER, Richard Cattons. 1813. 1 Quart Token. KM-Tn5. VF $30

618 GREECE, George I. 1878-K. Lepton. 2 year type. KM-52. VF $12

618a GREENLAND, Under Denmark. 1926 25 Ore. Polar Bear. KM-6. VF $35

618b---,---Another as above but a bit nicer. VF+ $40

619 GUADELOUPE, Under France. 1921. 1 Franc. Many sided coin . KM-46, Y2VF+ $33

620 GUATEMALA, Charles IIII. 1791 NG M. 1/2 Real. Bust type. This has a diff bust than later dates of this type and in reality should be a different type. KM-50. aF/F $45

621 GUERNSEY, Channel is.. 1889. 8 Doubles. KM-7. Mostly red unc $10

622 HAITI, Alexandre Petion. AN14 (1817). 25 Centimes. Obverse (bust) like KM-15.2, reverse (tree) like KM-15.1. But without mm. Mule?. KM- 15.2/15.1. VF? $75

623---Republic . 1894. 20 Centimes. Obverse hairlines. KM-45. EF/AU $18

624 HAWAII, Hickam AFB. ND. 50 Cents. Hickam AFP NCO Open Mess/Shield. Medcalf (1978) TM-16. AU $25

625 HONG KONG, Edward VIII. (1936) 1984 Medallic Crown. Richard Lobel Series. Scarce, Ship on reverse. Bruce X7b. Proof $40

626 HUNGARY, Koloman. 1095-1116. AR Denar. Short Cross, +COLUMBANVS RE/ Cross with diamonds. Huz-37, Rethy-45. EF+. Choice $85

627---Bela II. 1131-41. AR Denar. Crowned facing bust of Bela II, REX BELA/Small Cross. Huz-50, Rethy-59. Toned Unc $55

628---Stephan IV (Imitative of Justin & Sophia Byzantine coins). 1162-1163. Æ Bracteate Follis. Seated Madonna w. child/2 std figures. Very unusual type. Prob. struck during time of Manuel I's invasion of Hungary. Rethy-98, Hus-72. EF $65

629---Stephan V. 1270-1272. AR Denar. Head of King left/Hebrew Alef t in wreath. Hus-357, Rethy-297. VF $50

630---Louis I (the Great), Polish King 1342-82 (70-82). AR Denar. Negro head left, MONETA LODOVICI/Double Cross, REGIS HUNGARIE. Huz-547, Rethy-89A. VF $35

630a---,---Another, but not as nice. VG-F/ $20

631---Malcontents under Rakoczy. 1706. 10 Poltura. Crowned Arms/Legend above X In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. KM-264.1. VG $50

*632 ---People's Republic. 1961-BP. 50 Forint (Otven). 150th Anniversary of Birth of Liszt. KM-559. Ch. Proof $17

*633 ---,---1961-BP. 50 Forint (Otven). 50th Anniv. birth of Bela Bartok. KM-560. Ch. Proof $17

634 INDIA, Victoria. 1862. Half Anna. Calcutta mint, 31.3 mm, A/1. A few rim nicksKM-468. Brown EF $27

635---,---1862, A, I, 0/0. Rupee. KM-473.1. EF $10

636---,---1893-B. Rupee. KM-492. BU $22

637---George V. 1912-B. 1 Rupee. B = dot bottom of rev. KM-524. Ch. BU $22

*638 INDONESIA. Madura Is, Sumenep. ND AR Real Batu c/m 5 Petaled flower w. circular center on Lima, Peru 8 Reales of 1737. KM-197 sim. Coin F, C/M VF $225

639---Malaysia. Atjeh. AH 1260. Tin Keping, BANDAR ATJEH DAR ES SALLAM, CITY OF ATCHEN, ABODE OF PEACE. Listed in 3rd ed., disappeared in 4th! KM-1. Nice VF $50

640 IRAN, Reza Shah, SH1315 (1936). 10 Dinars. KM-1139. Unc $20

*640a IRELAND, John. 1199-1216. AR Penny of Dublin. S-6228. Roberd on Dive. 3rd coinage (c. 1207-11). aVF. $185

641---Henry III. 1216-1272. AR Penny of Dublin. Bust/Long cross, DAVI ON DIVEL In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. S-6235. VF $275

642---James I. 1603-1626. Farthing Token. Type III, Lennox issue. S-6522, KM-22aVF $55

643---,---1603-26 (03-04). AR Shilling. 1st coinage, mm = bell. S-6512, KM-12. Fine $100

*644---James II, Gunmoney. Feb: 1689. Half Crown.. S-6579K, KM-95. VF or almost so $110

645---William & Mary. 1694. Half Penny. KM-109, S-6597. VG $30

646---Republic. 1948. 3 Pence. KM-12a. Nice EF $27

647 ISLE DE FRANCE & BOURBON. 1781-A. 3 Sous. 1 year type. KM has pictures switched. Traces of undercoin and original silvering visible. C-2a, KM-2. F, slight mint clip $65

ISRAEL-Only a small portion of the world's best inventory.

648---Darom Yehudah. c. 1950. 2 Prutot. Only metal bus token of period. Tel Aviv and vicinity. Haffner 6. EF, a few nicks $50

649---Closed Link 1949 25 Mils. Typical "baggy" look. P2a, KM-8. EF-AU $20650---5709 (1949). 10 Prutot. With Pearl. Amphora. K-11, P7. Unc $20

651---Rare Date. 1949 w/o/p. 25 Pruta. KM-12, P13. PL $29

652---Reeded Edge type. (1954). 50 Pruta. Scarce. P-17, KM-13.1. Unc $35

653---Utrecht Die. 1954. 100 Pruta. Scarce variety, wreath away from edge. P-23, KM-19. VF $200

654---(1949-H) 5709. 250 Pruta Silver. KM-15a, P-26. BU $10

655---Thick Date. 1961. 1 Agora. Scarce variety, especially so nice. KM-24.1, A1-2a. Choice BU $70

656---Wide Date. 1961. 1 Agora. Scarce variety, especially so nice. KM-24.1, A-1-2b. Choice BU $60

657---Different Die. 1962. 1 Agora. Seldom seen type. A-13b, KM-24.1. Unc $40

658---Inverted Reverse 1963. 1 Agora. A1-4a, KM-24.1. AU $10

659---Off-center error. 1966. 1 Agora. Struck 5% off center. KM-24.1. BU $12

660---ICI Die. 1961. 5 Agorot. A-5-2A, KM-25. BU $33

661---1964. 5 Agorot. Scarce date. A-5-4, KM-25. VF-EF $55

662---Blank Planchet. 1960-1978. 5 Agorot. 2.30 grams, correct weight. K-25 $50

663---Small Frame. 1960. 10 Agorot. Seldom offered. A10-1a, KM-26. BU $12

664---Patcha or Fatha, 1961. 10 Agorot. Extra ' in Israel in Arabic. KM-26, A10-2aVF $30

665---Error Coin. 1974. 10 Agorot. Clipped Planchet. KM-26. BU $50

666---Flat One. 1963. 1 Lira. 1st year of issue. A100-1b, KM-37. Unc $12

667---Golda Meir. 1995. 10 New Sheqalim, bimetallic . Scarce little coin. KM-273EF $15

668---Hanukkah Coin. Law is Light. 1958. 1 Lira. KM-22, H-1a. Proof $18

668a---,---Degania. 1960 1 Lira. BU. KM-28. BU $4

668b---,---As above but in Proof. $15

669---,---Henrietta Szold. 1960. 1 Lira. KM-32. BU $10

670---,---Heroism. 1961. 1 Lira . K-34, H-4a. Proof $8

670a---,---North African Lamp. 1963.1 Lira. KM-42, H-6. BU $10

671---,---North African Lamp. 1963. 1 Lira. K-42, H-6a. Proof $25

672---,---Algerian Lamp. 1986/5747. 1 New Sheqel. KM-175. BU $15

673---,---English Lamp. 1987. 1 New Sheqel. KM-183. BU $20

674---,---English Lamp. 1987. 2 New Sheqalim. KM-184. Proof $30

675---,---Tunisian Lamp. 1988. 1 New Sheqel. KM-191. BU $20

675a---,---Persian Lamp. 1989. 2 New Sheqalim. KM-206. Proof $33

675b---Biblical Art. Miriam & the Woman. 1996 1 New Sheqel. KM-294. BU $30

676---,---Joseph and His Brothers. 2000. 1 Sheqel. KM-339. BU $22

677---Annivesary Coins. Menorah. 1958. 5 Lirot. 10th Anniversary. KM-21, A-1aToned Proof $225

678---,---Bar Mitzvah. 1961. 5 Lirot. KM-33, A-4. BU $33

679---Rothschild. 1982. 2 Sheqalim. KM-117, A-25. BU $15

679a---,---As above but in Proof. $22

680---40th Anniversary. 1988/5748. 1 New Sheqel. KM-185. BU $12.50

681---,---Promised Land. 1989/5749. 2 New Sheqalim. KM-200. Proof $30

681a---,---Archeology. 1990 1 New Sheqel. KM-212. BU $22

682---,---Law. 1992. 2 New Sheqalim. KM-226. Proof $45

682a---,---As above but 1 New Sheqel in BU. KM-225. $35

683---,---Space in Israel. 2003. KM-371. 1 New Sheqel. BU $25

683a---Special Issue. 1967 10 Lirot. KM-49a. Victory Proof.12.50

*684---,---Let My People Go/Freedom. Berne Die, Open Mem. 1971. 10 Lirot. Extremely rare, only 70-80 minted. Special price!. KM-59.2 . Proof $600

685---,---Kidron Valley. 1984. 1 Sheqel. KM-141, SI-7a. Proof $27

686---,---Oniyahu. 1985/5745. 1 Sheqel. Ancient Ship. KM-155, SI-9. P-L $20

687---,---Sea of Galilee. 1990/5750. 1 New Sheqel. KM-210. Proof $35

687a---,---Paraolympic. 1992 2 New Sheqalim. KM-228. Proof. $40

688---,---Peace Treaty with Jordan. 1995. 1 New Sheqel. KM-278, SI-20. BU $25

689---,---Peace Treaty with Jordan. 1995. 2 New Sheqalim. KM-279, Proof $40

690 ITALY, L' Aquila. Ludovico II of Naples. Bi Quattrino. Cross, Fleur de lis in 1st angle/Lion left. Bi-100. F/VG $25

691---,---Ferd I of Aragon (of Ferd. & Isabella) (1485). Æ Cavallo Bust r/Horse, eagle. Rebellion issue . Bi-120. VF, soft strike $45

692---Brindisi. Henry IV. 1194-97. Æ Denaro. Eagle/Cross. Nice for issue. Bi-431 (RR). VF/F $30

693---,---,---,---Eagle/Cross.Marriage commem to Constanza D'Altavilla. Bi-432 (R)VF/F $35

694---,---,---,---Similar. Marriage commem Bi-433 (R). Nice VF $60

695---,---,---,---Cross, stars in 1st & 3rd angles/AP monogram, with Constanza. Bi-434, MEC-456. VF $35

696---,--- Henry VI & Frederick II (1196). AR Denaro. Facing bust of Frederick (as aboy)/Eagle. Bi-436 (R2). Rough, aF $40

697---,---Frederick II with Constanza d'Aragon. c. 1209. Bi Denaro. Cross with circles & lis/ Eagle. A bit discolored . Bi-437, MEC-507. VF $30

698---,---Frederick II. 1197-1250. Bi Denaro. Cross/Eagle. Struck 1221. Bi-444 (R)VF/F $25

699 ---,---,---AR Denaro (1225). Bust left/Cross. Bi-450, MEC-545. Choice VF, flan crack $50

700---,---,---c. 1243. Bi Denaro. Bust right/Eagle. Biaggi-460. F/VF $40

701---,---,---,---c. 1245. IP Monogram/Cross. Bi-466. VF $40

702---,---,---AR Denaro (1246). IP monogram/Cross. Scarce. Bi-468. VF $40

703---,---Conrad I. 1250-54. Æ Denaro. C.O.R./Cross. Bi-476, MEC-577. VG $25

704 ---,---,---,---RX/Cross. Nice. Bi-477, MEC-579. aVF $25

705---,---,---,---Eagle/Cross on Cross. Slightly bent. Bi-481, MEC-591. F-VF $30

706---,---,---,---C & crescents/Cross & crescents. Slightly bent. Bi-484, MEC-597. F+ $35

707---,---Manfred. 1258-1266. Æ Denaro. AP/Cross. Bi-485 (R). F/VF $40

708---,---Charles I of Anjou. 1266-1285. Æ Denaro of 1276. KAR/Cross with Fleur di lis, Bi-498. GF $30

709---,---,---,---K & lis to r/Cross, pellet at each end. Bi-500, MEC-653. aF $30

710---Genoa, Republic. 1139-1339. AR Denaro. Castle/Cross. Privy Mark below X of REX. Bi-835. GVF $30

*711 ---,---,---,---AR Half Denaro. Castle/Cross. Biaggi-836. VF $60

712---,---Governo Ghibellino 1334-1339. Æ Denaro Minuto or 1/4 Denaro. Castle/ Cross. First type. Bi-850. G-VG $15

713---,---,---,---Griffin/Cross. Nice green patina. 2nd type. Bi-851. Fine $25

714---,---,---,---Griffin Rampant/Cross. Biaggi-852. Fine $20

715---,---Simone Boccanegra 1339-1344. AR Denaro. Bi-858. F-VF $25

716---,---Charles VI of France. 1386-1409. Æ Minuto. Castle/Cross, with lis. Scarce denomination. Bi-884. VG $25

717---,---Charles VII of France 1458-61. Æ Minuto . Castle/Cross. Bi-928, Var-100. aF $25

718---Lombardy-Venetia (under Austria). 1852-V (Venice). Centesimo. One year type. C29.2. aEF $20

719---Lucca, In the name of Henry II. 1002-1024. AR Denaro. Legend around large H/Legend around LUCA. In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. Biaggi-1056. GF $39

719a---,---,---Similar, not in special holder. Fine $25

720---,---in the name of Henry IV-V. 1039-1125. Bi Denaro. "H" in legend/LV CA in center of +ENRICVS. Crude. Bi-1058. F-VF $25

721---Manfredonia, Manfred. 1263-66. Æ Denaro. M/Cross, with pellets. Flan crack. Bi-1111 (R). aVF $25

*722 ---Milan. Carlo III as Charles VI. 1726. Æ Quattrino Square. Bust right/Crowned legend in chain. Unusually nice. Var-411, KM-4 (Savoy). EF, bit o.c. $100

723---Naples, Charles II. 1285-1309. Æ Denaro-Gherardino. 4 Lis/Cross Poten. Bi-1633, MEC-693. aF $25

724---,---Robert the Wise. 1309-43. Æ Denaro-Gherardino. 4 Lis/Cross Potent. Nice green patina. Bi-1637, MEC-718. F+ $30

725---,---Giovanna I of Anjou. 1343-47. Æ Denaro. 7 Lis/Cross with lis in each angle. Crude irregular flan. Bi-1641, MEC-720. VG-F $25

726---,---,---,---Arms of Jerusalem and Anjou/Cross, with lis in each angleBi-1645, MEC-722. F, crude flan $30

727---,---Ferd I of Aragon (of Ferd & Isabella) 1458-94. Æ Cavallo. Bust right/ Horse, "A" in field. Bi-1688. F+ $35

728---,---Charles V (HRE) 1516-56. AR Testone. Bust/Arms. Fine $125

*729 ---,--- Charles II of Spain. 1684-AGA. AR Tari or 1/8 Escudo. Arms/Globe. Light adj. marks on globe side. Otherwise choic. CC-10867, Type 38. EF-AU $100

*730 ---,---,---1685-AGA. As above but diff. date. EF $100

731---Naples & Sicily. Ferdinand II. 1836. 10 Grana. Young head right/Arms. Choice and lightly toned. Exceptional condition, by far the nicest we have seen. C-150a. BU $125

732---Papal States, Senate Issue. 1184-1250. Bi Denaro. Cross/Comb. Group of 10 pieces. Bi-2119, Berman-94. VG or so $125

*733 ---,---Pius VI. 1796. 2 1/2 Baiocchi. Bust of St. Peter left. 2 year type. KM-1240, Ber-2990. VF $75

*734 ---,---,---1797. 5 Baiocchi. Madonna. KM-1245, Ber-2987. VF $75

GF109---Vatican City, John Paul II. 1990 1000 Lire. Fall of the Iron Curtain. John Paul II walking over destroyed barbed wire fence. Y226. BU $14

735---Pavia, Otto I. 962-973. AR Denaro. Otto/PAP IA . Scarce. Bi-1825. Fine $55

736---,--- Otto III. 983-1002. AR Denaro. Otto/PAPAI, somewhat crude. Bi-1827. F-VF $33

*737 ---,---Henry II or III. 1046-56 (56-1106?). AR Denaro. H RIC N in 3 lines/PA PA CI in 3 lines. Mule. Obv as H3, rev as H2. Bi-1834/33. VF $110

738---Perugia. Law of 1471. Æ Quattrino of 4 Denari.P with stars/Cross. Bi-1866Fine $30

*739 ---Sardinia. Chas II of Spain 1695. AR Real. Bust/Ornate Cross. Cagliari mint. Better date. Varesi-88/6. Fine $60

740---Savona. Republic. 1350-96. Æ Obol. Eagle left/Cross. Rare. Bi-2518, Var-529/530. VG-F $45

*741 ---Savoy. Carlo I. 1482-1490. Æ Obol di Viennese. Arms of Savoy/Cross. Scarce, catalogs at 450 Euros.. Cudazzo-266. VF $150

742---,---Emanuel Filberto. 1559-80. AR Soldo or Grosso. Arms/Cross. Slightly clipped. VG-F $20

743---Sicily, Roger II. 1105-1154. Æ Trifollaro. Roger seated on throne/Bust of Christ. Scyphate type. Bi-1214, MEC-156. GF $65

*744 ---,---,---Æ Double Follaro. Roger standing/Christ seated. Bi-1216, MEC-162Ch. VF $125

*745 ---,---,---Æ Follaro. Roger standing/Christ seated. MEC-164v (diff dies). F+ $125

746---,---,---,---Roger Stg. w. cross on staff/Cross, triangle & letters in angles. B-1217, MEC-165, V-20. VF $80

747---,---,---,---Bust of Christ/4 line Arabic legend. Flat in spots but rare.. B-1219, MEC-197. Fine $60

*748 ---,---,---Æ 1/2 Follaro. King on Throne/Cross, IC XC NI KA. Not in MEC?. B-1222, Sp-77. VF, bit o.c. $75

749---,---,---Æ Follaro. Star in cross in octagon in Arabic legend/Arabic in spoke around circle, 540AH (in words). B-1224, M-221. F $40

750---,---William I (the Bad). 1154-1166. Æ Fraction of a Follaro. Rex W in circle of Arabic legend/Virgin and child. Concave flan, as struck. Bi-1226, MEC-286. VF, green patina $60

*751 ---,---William. II (the Good). 1166-1189. Æ Trifollaro. Facing head of Lion/Palm Tree. A superior example of one of our favorite coins. B-1231, MEC-425. VF $90

752---,---Æ Follaro. REX W SCYS/3 line Arabic legend. B-1233, MEC-401. F-VF $50

*753 ---,---Tancred. 1189-1194. AR 1/4 Tercenario. TACD REX SICILIE in 3 lines/Similar Cufic legend. Bi-1235 (R). Ch. Toned EF $125

754---,---,---Æ Follaro. Rex in center, Roger around/2 line Arabic legend. Names his son Roger, struck 1191-93. B-1237v, MEC-449. Fine (R3) $80

755---,---Charles of Anjou. 1266-1282. Bi Denaro. Cross/SICIL, lis above, cross below.. 2 pieces, one a brockage of the reverse. Bi-1287. Fine or so $60

*756 ---,---,---,---Palm branch/Cross.. Very rare. Bi-1299 (R4). Fine $190

757---,---Charles V (HRE). 1515-1556. AR Half Tari. "Bobbed" hair bust l/Eagle stg r., hd left, "P" below. Var-278 sim (R3). VG/F $60

758---,---Victor Amedeo II of Sardenia. 1717-CP. Grano. Uncommon type. Cudazzo-901h. Fine $45

758a---Venice, Francesco Dandalo, 52nd Doge. 1328-1329. AR Soldino. Doge kneeling left, hldg long object/Nimbate lion left hldg long object. B-2810ff. aVF $60

*759---,---Antonio Venier. 62nd Doge. 1382-1400. AR Grosso ANTO. VENIERO'.S.M.VENETI DVX, Doge & St. Mark/+ TIBI.LAVS.3.GLORIA Christ Enthroned. Bi-2855. Nice VF $140

760---Victor Emmanuel III. 1919-R. 50 Centesimi. Reeded edge type, 1st year of issue. KM-61.2. VF $18

761---,---1911. 2 Lira. 50th Anniversary of Kingdom. Heavily toned. KM-52. Toned VF/EF $65

762---Republic. 1959. 50 Lire. rare in high grade. KM-95. BU $70

*763 ---,---1959. 100 Lire. rare in high grade. KM-96. BU $100

764 IVORY COAST, Central African States. 2003. 1500 CFA Francs. Elephants in love. Elephant, Map of Africa. Low Mintage. KM-6. BU $28

*765 ---,---2003. 6000 CFA Francs. Bimetallic. President Laurent Gbagbo/Elephant, Map of Africa. Low Mintage. 500 KM-7. BU $70

766 JAPAN, Kaei (1853-65). Shu, Isshu Gin. Cr-12. Toned EF $30

767---,---Another, a bit nicer. Choice AU $35

768---Meiji. Year 9 (1876). 5 Sen. Type II, Characters connected. Y-A22. EF $40

769---,---Year 39 (1906). 10 Sen. Last year of type, Y23. Unc $30

770---,---Year 4 (1871). 20 Sen. Y3. VF+ $25

771---,---Year 43 (1910). 50 Sen. Y31. EF $15

772---,---Year 37 (1904). 1 Yen. Dragon. A few minor marks on reverse. Y-A25.3Nice Toned AU $45

773---Taisho. Year 5 (1916). 50 Sen. Y37.2. EF-AU $17

774---Showa. Year 27 (1952). 10 Yen. Y73. Nice red unc $20

775---,---1964 Olympics 1000 Yen. Y80. Ch. Toned Unc $35

776 JERSEY, Victoria. 1858. 1/26th Shilling. First type. KM-2. EF, a few niks $30

777---,---Another. EF+, a few sm. scr's $30

778 KEELING COCOS IS., J. S. Cluinies Ross. 1913. 5 Cents. Oval Plastic Ivory Token Coinage. Very Scarce. KM-TN1. aVF $175

*779---,---. 1913. 50 Cent Token. Octagonal Key denomination. KM-Tn4, VF $200

*780 KIAU CHAU, German Enclave in China. 1909. 10 Cents. One year type. Y2aEF $90

781 KURDISTAN, Government in Exile. 2003. 1 Dinar. Saladin on horseback. Low mintage. Bruce-X1.2. BU $11

782---,---2003. 10 Dinar. Fallow Deer. Bruce-X-2.2. BU $15

783---,---2003. 100 Dinar. Kestral. 800 minted. Bruce-X3. P-L $25

783a MEXICO, Charles and Johanna. (1536-72). Silver Real. Late series, among the first coins issued in New World. Vogt-9. M-O. F-VF, strong at centers, wk ed. $75

784 MEXICO, Ferdinand VI. 1749 MoM. 1/2 Real. Pillar type. Somewhat rough fieldKM-67.1. aVF $25

785---,---1752 MoM. 1/2 Real. Pillar type. A few digs in field. KM-67.1. VF $33

786---,---1753 MoM. 1/2 Real. Pillar type, KM-67.1. Fine $20

787---,---1755 MoM. 1/2 Real. Pillar type. Touch rough. KM-67.1. VF $33

*788---,---1756 MoM. 1/2 Real. Pillar type. KM-67.1. VF $37

789---Charles III. 1768 MoM. 1/2 Real. Pillar type. KM-68. aF $15

790---,---1769 MoM. 1/2 Real. Pillar type. Scratches. KM-68. F-VF $25

791---,---1787 MoFM. 1/2 Real. Bust t ype. 2 scr's in front of face. KM-69.2a. EF, but for scr's $30

793---,---1771 MoF. 2 Reales. Pillar Type. Last year of Pillars. KM-87. Tnd VF $65

794---,---1780 MOFF. 2 Reales. Bust type. KM-88.2. VG-F $12

794a---Charles IIII. 1795 MoFM. 1/2 Real. Bust type. KM-72. F/VF rim nicks $16

795---,---1801 MoFT. 1/2 Real. Bust type. Double struck obverse. KM-72. G-VG $5

796---,---1807 MoTH 1/2 Real. Bust type. KM-72. Gd $5

797---,---,---Another, a bit nicer. VG $8

798---,---1801 MoFM. 2 Reales. Bust type. Key date. KM-91. VG-F $25

799---Ferdinand VII. 1813 MoJJ. 2 Reales. Bust type. KM-93. VG-F $30

800---,---1814 MoJJ. 2 Reales. Bust type. Graffiti in front of bust. KM-93. VG $12

801---Republic. 1851 Mo-GC. Half Real. Weakly struck on eagle's breast, but choice semi proof-like. KM-370.9. Unc $60

802---,---Decimal type. 1891 Ga-S. 5¢. Guadalajara Mint. KM-398. Ch. Unc $50

803---,---,---1889 Ga-S. 10¢. Guadalajara Mint. KM-403.4. Ch. lightly toned BU $60

804---,---,---1901 MoM. 10¢. Restyled eagle. KM-404.2. Lightly toned Unc $30

805---Estados Unidos. 1924. 5 Centavos. Type 2. A key date. KM-422. VG $20

806 MOLDAVIA & WALLACHIA. Catherine II. 1772. 2 Para/3 Kopeks. Siege. Gun Money. Long and thick line under PARA. Cr-3, B15. F for type $30

807---,---Similar. Short and thin line under PARA. Cr-3, B16. F for type $30

808 MONTENEGRO. Nicholas I, as Prince. 1909. 1 Perper. 1 year type. Y5, KM-5. EF/AU $30

809---,---1914. 1 Perper. 2 year type. KM-14, Y-15. Lightly toned Unc $60

*810 MOROCCO, Tangiers. ND. 25 Centimes. Health club token, Brass. 23mm, Octagonal, clip as made.. Gad-unlisted. Nice VF $220

811 NEPAL. Rana Bahadur. 1777-1799. AR 1/32 Mohur. Scarce 1 year type tiny uniface silver coin. SE1699-1720. KM-492. Toned AU $33

812---Girvan Yuddha Vikrama. (1799-1816). Silver Dam. Uniface. One of the thinnest lightest coins ever made. KM-518. VF-EF $12

812a---Birendra Bir Bikram. VS2036 (1979). AR 50 Rupees. Education for Village Woman.KM-842. BU. A gift from Princess Bhupat Singhji to W. Spengler 4/86 $12

813 NETHERLANDS, Deventer. 1685. 6 Stuivers (Ridershilling). Sitting dog mintmark and coins from this province are usually dogs. Ver-156.1, KM-78. VF, but usual corr and clipped $49

814---Groningen, City Coinage. 1690. Stuiver or 8 Plagkken. Crowned arms, date and vallue/CIV GRONIN GA in 3 lines. Scarce 2 year type. KM-47. EF $165

815---Groningen & Ommeland. 1770. 1 Duit. Crowned Arms in branches/legendLarge letters. KM-66. VF-EF $30

816---Overijssl. 1679. Lion Daalder. Knight supporting arms and holding banner/ Lion left. D-4861, KM-42.1. Nice VF for type $110

*817 ---Dodrecht, Dangers of the Perpetual Edict. 1577. Æ jijh Jeton. Daniel std r in den of lions/Prophet Elijah std l, receiving bread from hand of Jehovah. Jehovah in Hebrew on both sides. M-2415, D-2721, Need-266.36. VF $65

*818 ---,---Divine retribution on Spanish Mercenaries. 1598. Æ jijh Jeton of Dodrecht. 3 naked males stirring coulds with sticks/Same 3 men being struck by fire from Jehovah above. M-2510, Need-276, 70, Dug-3445. Lacquered ch. EF $90

819---James I, English related. 1605. Æ Jeton. Jehovah in Hebrew/Snake. DMIIIICI = MDC IIIII =1605. Gunpowder plot. Mit-2539, Dug-3599. G-VG $30

820---Middleberg. 1598. Æ jijh Jeton of Middleberg. Jehovah above two standing figures/Arms, tower in legend is mintmark of Middleberg. Dug-3444. VF, bent $50

*821 ---Siege of Rhinbock. 1601. Æ jijh Jeton of Dodrecht. Army of the Count of Berns in battle with Jehovahin Hebrew above/Battle Scene. Dug-3517, Need-278, 78. EF $90

*821a---Utrecht. 1772 Silver Ducat. Standing Knight/Arms. KM-93, Dav-1845. Nice Au-Unc., virtually as struck. KM lists mingage as 1,196 which we think is low $320

822---William II. 1848 .1/2 Gulden. Short type. KM-73.1, C-90. aVF $40

823---,---1847. 1 Gulden. KM-66, Cr-91. VF $20

824 ---Beatrix. 1987. 50 Gulden. Golden Wedding Anniversary. Case of Issue. KM-209. Proof $25

825 NEW GUINEA, Under Britain 1935. 3d.. 1 year type. KM-3. Unc., lite scr. $22

826---,---1943. 6 Pence. One year type. KM-9. AU $22

827 NIGER, Central African States. 2003. 3000 CFA Francs. Lion/Elephant, Map of Africa. Only 1200 Minted. KM-12. Unc $40

*828 ---,---2003. 6000 CFA Francs. Bimetallic. President Mamadou Tandja/Elephant, Map of Africa. Low Mintage. 500 KM-14. BU $70

*829 NORWAY, Christian IV. 1644. 8 Skillings. Rare type with mintmark on both obv & rev.. KM-26.2, NM-124b(R). Fine $200

829a PAKISTAN, Islamic Republic. 1976 100 Rupees. KM-40. Pheasant. Pf $30

829b---,---1976 1150 Rupees. KM-42. Crocodile. Proof. $35

PALESTINE-Just a portion of our huge stock. Please send want list.

*830---Templar Token. ND (c. 1880). 10 Para. Type 1. Brass without "Consum marke". Ex Yaakov Meshorer Collection. Haffner JTM-CC-13A. VF+ $165

831---,---ND (c. 1880). 20 Para. Type II, Brass with "Consumarke". JTM-CC-13B. Fine, harshly cleaned $90

*832---,---ND (c. 1880). 40 Para. Type II, Brass with "Consumarke". Scarce denomination . JTM-CC-13B. F, cleaned $110

833---British Mandate. 1944. 1 Mil. Y1, K-1. Choice Red Unc $25

834---,---1942. 2 Mils. Mostly red. Y2, KM-2. Unc $25

835---,---1945. 2 Mils. Semi-Key date.. Mostly red. Y2, KM-2. AU $45

836---,---1927. 5 Mils. Y3, KM-3. BU $25

837---,---1939. 5 Mils. a few minor spots. Y3, KM-3. BU $25

838---,---1942. 5 Mils. 2 year WWII type. KM-3a, Y3a. Choice mostly red unc $50

839---,---1940. 10 Mils. KM-4, Y4. BU $90

840---,---1927 20 Mils. Y5, KM-5. Nice Unc $125

841---,---1934. 20 Mils. Key date. Y5, KM-5. VF $75

842---,---1944. 20 Mils. 2 year World War II Type. Y5a, KM-5a. VF+, a few rbs $65

843---,---1934. 100 Mils. Key date. Once cleaned, now retoning. Y7, KM-7.VF $125

843a---Medallic Coinage. 1936 (1984) Silver Crown. Bust of Esward VIII left/6 Palestine coins. Bruce-XM1b (250 minted). Proof. (Also See 22a above). $125

843b PANAMA, Republic. 1904 2 1/2¢. KM-1. EF. The Panama Pill $18

*844 PARAGUAY. Republic. 1889. 1 Peso. Lion. KM-5. VF+, sm rb $125

845---,---Albert Einstein. 1974. 150 Guaranies. Rare and seldom offered. KM-110, Flower-34. Proof $100

846 PERU, Republic. 1880-B Peseta, dot next to B. One year type. KM-200.2. EF, rim nick $30

846a PHILIPPINES, Countermarked Coinage. ND 8 Reales, Crowned F7o on Lima, Peru 8 Reales of 1830. KM-83. Both coin and C/M at least VF $75

847 POLAND, Republic. 2004. 20 Zlotych. In Memory of Lodz Ghetto. KM-unlBU $50

848---Lodz Ghetto (Litzmannstadt).1943. 5 Mark (1.24). Aluminum. Nice. KM-TN2, Camp-4752b. VF+ $80

849---,---1943. 10 Mark (3.14). Aluminum issue. Nice high grade for type. KM-TN3, C-4753b. VF+ $90

850 PORTUGAL, Denis the Farmer. 1279-1323. Bi Dinheiro. Cross w. stars & crescents/Cross of 5 shields In custom 2 x 2 with coat of arms hand colored. CME-327VG $40

*851 ---Manuel I. (1495-1521). AR Half Tostão of Lisbon. Legend around 5 shields/Cross, annulets all in legend. Vaz E1.19. Nice Fine $200

852---Republic. 1944.10 Centavos. KM-583. EF $10

853---,---1964. 2 1/2 Escudos. Better date, ship coin. KM-590. EF $15

854 PUERTO RICO, Alfonso XIII of Spain. 1896-PGV. 10 Centavos. Scarce and Popular 1 year type. Nice grade. KM-21, Y2. VF+ $110

*855---,---1896-PGV. 40 Centavos. Rare and Popular 1 year type. A bit stained. KM-23, Y4. VG/F $440

856 RUSSIA, Catherine II. 1769 EM. 5 Kopecks. Cr. 59.3 VG-F $10

857---,---Another, but nicer $12

858---Siberia, Catherine II, the Great. 1778-KM (Kolyvan). 2 Kopecks. Cr-4, Br-444. F-VF $50

859---Soviet Union Nicholo-Pavdinsk Coop. Ural. 1922. 5 Kopecks. HPO 22, Clasped Hands/Value in legend. Spaskey, Fig 202. VF-EF $45

860---,---,---As above, but 10 Kopecks. VF-EF $45

861---,---,---A third, but 1 Rouble. VF-EF $45

862 SAN MARINO, Republic. 1936-R. 5 Lire. KM-9. BU $18

863---,---1937-R. 10 Lire. KM-10. AU $40

864 SANTO DOMINGO, Carlos I. 1516-1556. Æ 4 Maravdis. Crowned Columns, S-P/Monogram. 1st coin struck in New world. Crude VF, plan. clip $60

884a---,---Another, but not as nice. VG, planchet clip. $25

884b SCOTLAND, Alexander III. 1280-86. AR Penny. Crowned bust left/Long cross, 4 stars. Sp-5050. VF $160

865 SCOTLAND, James III. 1460-88. Æ Penny. Orb Tilted down/Latin cross in quatrefoil . Issued by Bishop James Kennedy of St. Andrews. S-5307. Fine $125

*866---James VI. 1602. Half Thistle Mark. Thistle, date/Crowned arms, containing Scottish lion. A few flat spos. KM-15, S-5498. aVF, clipped a bit $225

867---William & Mary. 1694. 2 Pence or Bodle. Crowned WM monogram/Crowned Thistle. S-5674, KM-130. VF $95

868 SENEGAL, Central African States. 2003. 3000 CFA Francs. Galego/Elephant, Map of Africa. Low Mintage. KM-11. BU $40

869 SEYCHELLES, George VI. 1951. 25¢. One year type. KM-9. Nice Unc. $30

870---,---,---Another, as above. $30

871---Elizabeth II. 1967. One Rupee. KM-13. Unc., a few marks $20

872 SOUTH AFRICA, ZAR. 1897. 2 Shillings, a couple of scr's under light toning. KM-6. Ch. EF $20

873---George V. 1928. Shilling. KM-17.2. VF $20

874 SPAIN, Alfonso I of Aragon. 1109-1126. Bi Dinero of Toledo. Bust left, ANFVS REX/Cross, stars in 2nd & 3rd quarters, TOLETA .C&C-18, Type 2. VG/F $35

875---Barcelona, Pedro I (II of Aragon). 1196-1213. Bi Denier. PETR REX, large cross annulets in 4 quarters /BARCINONA, Small cross. CC-774. Ch. EF $65

876---Castille. Alfonso X. 1252-84. Bi Denero. ALFONSVS REX CASTELLE ET LEGIONIS in 6 lines/4 quartered arms. C&C-7. VF $65

876a---,---Sancho IV. 1284-95. Bi Cornado of Cuenca. Bust left, SANCII REX/Castle, bowl to left, star to right CASTELLE LEGIONIS. CC-227. Nice VF $50

877---Ferdinand & Isabella. 1479-1504. Bi Blanca of Segovia. Crowned monograms, "P". Not clipped!. C&C-1954. F-VF $50

878---,---AR 1/2 Real. S*=Seville. Thicker than usual. Bit clipped. F-VF $75

879---,---AR Real of Burgos. Royal Arms/Yoke (King's device) & bundle of arrows (Queen's device), B. Fine, clipped a bit $85

880---,---,---AR Real of Seville. Royal Arms/Yoke (King's device) & bundle of arrows (Queen's device), S. Fine, clipped a bit $85

881---Isabella II. 1845-Ja. 4 Maravedis. KM-530.3, C-169. VF $20

882---,---1857. 1 Real of Barcelona. 8 pointed star. 1st year of type. KM-606.1, Y27. EF $30

882a---Alfonso XII. 1882 (82) 5 Pesetas. KM-688. Toned VF $25

883---Franco. 1957 (58). 5 Pesetas. Scarce date. KM-786. $40

884 SPANISH NETHERLANDS. Brabant, Albert & Isabella. 1618. AR 3 PatardsCrowned Shield/Cross Fleuree. G&H-315.4. VF, bit clipped $55

885---Flanders, Albert & Isabella. 1620. Silver 3 Tournois. Shield/Cross. G&H-315.1. VF, clipped $50

885a SPITZBERGEN, Norwegian Territory. Arktikugol. 1946. 10 Kopek. KM-Tn1. EF,once cleaned. $40

885b---,---,---As above but nicer. AU, tiny nick $75

885c---,---,---15 Kopeks. KM-TN2. EF+, once cleaned. $40

885d---,---,---As above but nicer. AU $75

885e---,---,---20 Kopeks. KM-Tn3. EF+, perhaps cleaned long ago. $60

885f---,---,---As above, but nicer. Lightly toned Au-Unc. $95

885g---,---50 Kopeks.KM-Tn4. (Small Star?). EF+, cleaned long ago $75

885h---,---,---Another, but nice. Nicely toned AU $95

885i---,---,---1993 10 Roubles. KM-Tn3. BU $5

885j---,---,---1993 25 Roubles. KM-Tn6. BU $6

885k---,---,---1993 50 Roubles. KM-Tn7. BU $7

885L---,---,---1993 100 Roubles. KM-Tn8. BU $10

885m---,---,---1998 10 Kopeks (0.1 Rouble). KM-TN9 (old KM9). BU $5

885n---,---,---1998 25 Kopeks (0.25 Roubles). KM-TN10 (old KM10). BU $5

885o---,---,---1998 50 Kopeks (0.50) Roubles). KM-TN11 (old KM11). BU $5

885p---,---,---1998 1 Rouble KM-TN12 (old KM12). BU $7

885q---,---,---1998 2 Roubles. KM-TN13 (old KM13). BU $10

885r---,---,---1998 5 Roubles. KM-TN14 (old KM14). BU $10

886 STRAITS SETTLEMENTS, East India Co. Victoria. 1845. Half Cent. Without ww on truncation . KM-2, Y2. Nice VF $30

887---Colonial. Victoria. 1884. Bronze 1/2 Cent. One year type. KM-8a. VF+ $20

888---,---,---1897. One Cent. KM-16. R&B EF $25

889---,---1887. 50 Cents. KM-13. Fine $45

889a---,---1888 50 Cents. KM-13. VF $125

889b SUDAN, Time of Anglo-Egyptian Condominium. Omdurman. AH1315-8 20 Piastes. KM-15. Choice Chocolate Brown EF, probably the nicest we've seen. $80

890 SWEDEN. Reval, Eric XIV. 1562. Bi Schilling. Crowned E, 62, ERIC XIIII DG REX/ Cross in Shield. Ahl (67)-22, S-2750ff. GF, light oxidation $55

891---Gustav II Adolf (1611-32). 1615. AR Öre. Sheaf of wheat/Lion walking left, Ahlstrom Type II. Flat in spots. 1st year of type. Ahl-68, KM-71.1. VF $110

892---Charles XII, Emergency Coinage 1716. Gørtz Daler. Faith of the People. Thin Flan. Publica Fide, Seated Figure of Svea. K-354, Ting-30. F-VF $20

893---,---,---1717. Gørtz Daler. Wett Och Wapen. Warrior with sword & shield. KM-355, Ting-31. VF-EF, sm. flaw $35

894---,---,---1718. Gørtz Daler. Saturn, Father time holding baby & scythe. KM-358, Ting-34. F-VF $30

895---Gustav IV Adloph. 1804. 1/6 Riksdaler. Bust right/3 crowns in shield. Lowest mintage of type. KM-560, Cr-86.. Ch. EF-AU $110

896---Oscar I. 1851. 1/16 Riksdaler. KM-665. Toned EF $25

897---Oscar II. 1882. 10 Ore. Better date. KM-530. Toned AU $40

898---,---1883. 50 Ore. KM-740. EF $60

899---,---1907 2 Kronor. Golden Wedding Anniv.. KM-776, Y40. PL BU $25

*900---B. B. von Platen. ND. Silver 31mm by Lea Ahlborn. High relief bust left/ Standing portrait pointing to map(?). Toned EF $65

SWITZERLAND-Our Fall Mailbid sale will offer an extensive Swiss Taler collection.

901---Luzern. 1813. 5 Batzen. 2 year type. KM-108. VF $23

902---Neuchatel. Prussian Administration. 1792. 1/2 Kr. KM-45, Cr-10. EF $25

903---Zoefingen. Albrecht III. 1382-95. AR Bracteate, 19 mm. Plant growing out of helmet. Square as made. Hapsburg city in Aargau. Bit chipped. Reich-2230 aVF $90

904---Confederation. 1909. 1 Rappen (Centime). A real beauty. KM-3.2, Y18. Ch. BU $45

905 THAILAND, Rama V. RS-123 (1904). Fuang or 1/8 Baht. Bust left/Pagdoa. Y-32a. BU $90

906 TOGO. Central African States. 2003. 6000 CFA Francs. Bimetallic. Elephants in love/Elephant, Map of Africa. Low Mintage. KM-20. BU $90

907---,---2003. 6000 CFA Francs. Bimetallic, Bare-breasted girl/Elephant, Map of Africa. Low mintage. KM-21. BU $70

908---,---2003. 6000 CFA Francs. Bimetallic. Pres. Gnassingbe Eyadema/Elephant, Map of Africa. Low Mintage. KM-22. BU $90

909 TURKEY, Abdul Aziz. 1277/6 20 Kurush. KM-693. VF+ $25

910 United States. Hard Times Token. (1834-35). Boston, Mass. Wm. H. Milton & Co.. Hole started center of rev., Cud. HT165. Fine, flaws $15

911---Civil War Token. 1864. Albany, NY. P. V. Fort & Co. Dealers in Fruits and Nuts. CWT10B01a. GVF $17

*912---Masonic Jewel. 40mm. Silver. Engraved Broad Axe. For Deacon? EF $50

913---American Legion. 1969. Silver 38.5mm. 50th Anniversary of American Legion. 35 grams .999. Unc $18

914---Morgan Dollar 1921 (P). Dollar. A few bagmarks. Y47. AU $11.50

915---Chicago World's Fair. 1933. Elongated Cent. World's Largest Fountain. Scarce. AU. $15

916---,---1933. Elongated Cent. Egyptian Pavilion AU $15

GF110 1994 National Prisonor of War Museum. Dollar. KM-251. BU $70

GF111---,---As above but in Proof. $60

GF112---,---Another, as above. $60

917 URUGUAY, Oriental Republic. 1857-D. 40 Centesimos. Large Copper. KM-10EF $35

918---,---1869-A 2 Centesimos Scarce type. KM-12 .Reddish brn unc $40

919 WALLACHIA, Radu I. 1377-1383. Æ Ban. Legend around star/Cross, stars in angles. B-78a. F-VF $75


Just a small portion of our large inventory. One of these days we'll have another large listing and we plan to offer some in our fall mailbid sale. In the meantime the following, in no particular order, will have to suffice or send us your want list.

920 ANT-NOSE MONEY. China, c. 770-476 BC. A bronze substitue for shell cowrie, these are also called Ghost face money. Opitz-149/48. $35

921 MING KNIFE MONEY. China. 400-350 BC. Nice green patina. $35

922 SQUARE FOOT SPADE MONEY. China 600-250 BC. Nice green patina $45

923 CARNELIAN BEAD RING MONEY. Orange triangle shaped, with large hole. c. 3000-1500 BC from the middle east. Rare. $45

924 TOBACCO. TWISTED STICK. New Guinea. About 6 inches. Scarce. $35

925 CHEVRON BEAD, Africa. Large red, white and blue bead. A few casting defects and a bit discolored but seldom offered these days. $50

926 IRON GUN BALL. Indonesia/Borneao, N.E. Sultanates. c. 1650-1850. Etched designs. See Mitchner World of Islam 3986-3995. Scarce $35

927 DOG TOOTH MONEY. New Guinea. Pierced. Opitz 132 $20

928 FISH GAMBLING TOKEN, Siam. Made from Bone, c. 65mm long. $30

929 OPIUM WEIGHT. SE ASIA. Duck, c. 16.30 grams $39

930 OPIUM WEIGHT. SE ASIA. Dog. c. 30.66 grams. $50931 OPIUM WEIGHT. SE ASIA. Bird. c. 78 grams. $55

932 OPIUM WEIGHT. SE ASIA. Lion. c. 80 grams. $55

*933 OPIUM WEIGHT. SE ASIA. Ox. c. 68.2 grams. Very unusual $150

*934 OPIUM WEIGHT. SE ASIA. "Shan" Lion. c.76.8 gr. Another rare type $150

935 OPIUM WEIGHT. SE ASIA. "Big" Bird. c. 165 grams. $75

A FEW BOOKS    (back to top)

B1 Album, Stephen. A Checklist of Islamic Coins, 2nd edition. SC $20

B2 Ballarini, Roberto. Black Africa's Traditional Arms. SC. English and Italian $57

B3 Berlin, Howard M. Coins & Banknotes of Palestine 1927-1947 $45

B4 Emmett, Keith. Alexandrian Coins. $45

B5 Fontanille, J-P & S.L. Gosline. The Coins of Pontius Pilate. SC $25

B6 Friedenberg, Daniel. Jewish Medals, Renaissance to the Fall of Napoleon $45

B7 Hendin, David. Guide to Biblical Coins. 2001, 4th edition. $75

B8 Hendin, David. Not Kosher, Forgeries of Ancient Jewish & Biblical Coins $50

B9 Meshorer, Y. SNG-ANS Part 6 Palestine-South Arabia. 1981. Reduced! $50

B10 Meshorer, Y. Testimoney. An introduction to coins in the Holy Land $25

B11 Meshorer, Y. A Treasury of Jewish Coins. Perhaps his best book. $95

B12 Opitz, Charles. An Ethnographic Study of Traditional Money. Great! $75

B13 Samuels, Rynearson & Meshorer .The Numismatic Legacy of the Jews. $90

End of List 35c